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Circle K Stores Inc

1130 W Warner Rd
Tempe, AZ
Geoff Haxel
(602) 728-8000
(602) 728-5348
Annual Sales Est
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Tara - 8 h 50 m ago


I'm a mom of a 7 month old daughter. I walked into a store on 59th ave and camelback rd in Phoenix AZ. I had my daughter in a stroller, my diaper bag, and my purse. I went straight to the bathroom to change my daughter and a woman stopped me and told me I had to leave my bags upfront. I told her it was my purse and my diaper bag. She said it doesn't matter I had to leave both of them upfront. I asked how am I supposed to change her diaper without my diaper bag. She told me to leave them upfront or get the fuck out of the store. As a regular customer and a mom I am horrified that she would say this to me. It's not like I was walking around the store. I was stopped as I was opening the bathroom door. Not only did she make me leave but the language and attitude she had was not ok. I get that people come in and steal stuff with big bags. But this was a diaper bag and purse and I was obviously going into the bathroom. I don't understand how a company can permit their employees to treat a mom and child this way!

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Paj - 15 h 41 m ago

Good Day,

I am writing about the signs displayed at your pumps.

At Circle K #2707642 on the pumps on both ends of the island of pumps you carry three types of fuel. The two pumps are numbered differently. When getting out of the passenger side to go pay for the fuel for our boat I looked up and the pump read 18. So that was the number I told the cashier. I come back and our fuel is on the wrong pump. So I had to go back in to have it changed to pump 16.

In the best interests of your clientele you should have both numbers displayed from both sides. Right now18 is displayed on the south side of the sign and 16 on the North.

Thank you.

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Store #3619 night shift ex customer - 1 d 7 h ago


This company is so fucking nasty and uncontacted you can never get ahold to anyone I'll never go to any of the stores they own ever circle k needs to be robbed every minute on the hour so they could shut down

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Joe - 3 d 9 h ago

Im at your store #4688 in Austin, TX and It never ceases to amaze me how FILTHY your exterior of this store is!!! There is ALWAYS trash spread throughout your outdoors. It's nasty!!!! Don't you you have a manager or someone responsible for this to be checked and maintained. It's gross!!! Not sure why I get fuel here.

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You lost money circle k - 3 d 17 h ago

I called the circle k 851 Legarde Ave, Anniston, AL 36201. I dont know if their phone is down but i called and it rang for about 25 to 30 seconds and then i heard a really loud beep. Called again and it rang once and it did the beep again and it sounded like someone was on the other line and i said "hello" but no one answered. So i got my gas at mapco instead.

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Not My Bad - 4 d 2 h ago


Keshia at the Circle K on Michigan Ave in Dearborn Heights Michigan snapped at me when I couldn't hear her abd,I asked what. I told her she,doesn't need to snap at people because they didn't hear her and,she denied then tried to dimiss me. I kept trying to say something appropriate about myself.....she repeatedly interrupted me... trying to dismiss me. I finally she what I had....several times tried to say....and she kept repeating the same thing.....which at that time she knew she was doing the opposite of what she was saying, intentionally making me upset, and harassing me.... then she got more aggressive and then cried like she was,the victim. I am worried about her and even though the way she treated me was,wrong.. I Really hope she gets the help she,needs. I won't be back to that obe....if any.

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Citizen - 4 d 10 h ago


there's a Circle K in Murrieta California on California Oaks Road. There's an employee that works there by the name Jennifer that discriminates against homeless people on her shift. She locks the door for hours at a time and what not open it for homeless people but will open the door for other people that is not homeless. One time I had to use the restroom she would not open the door I have to go across the street to 7-Eleven. A second time I had to use the restroom and she stood in front of the door and blocked me from coming in when I was finally able to get in she called the police on me. The police said I did not break any laws so I was not given a ticket or arrested. There is also an employee named Judy that discriminates against blacks Mexicans homeless people and people that use EBT cards. Judy whispers about people when you come into the store, which is very unprofessional. I have tried contacting the corporate office about this matter but have not received a call back

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Geni Borland - 4 d 20 h ago


I was in your store at 2425 Adobe Rd, Bullhead City, AZ 86442 on April 3, 2018. At that time, I was getting a cup of hot tea. The machine that dispenses the water was not all the way on the counter and the tray at the bottom was not attached. As my cup filled the tray was off balance and the tray fell causing hot water to spill all of my hand and leg. The hot water caused a large burn on my hand and a couple small burns on my leg. I reported this to the store cashier who apologized and gave me my tea for free for the inconvenience. I went to work that day and the burn got worse as the day went on. I went into the store to report the incident so that this would not happen to another customer. The gentleman working at the time told me to come back the next day and report it to a manager. I went back the next day and explained what happened and told him that my hand was still in pain and really did not want this to happen to someone else. I showed him how the incident happened and what they should do to correct it. He assured me that they would correct it and also said that they would forward this info on to Phoenix. I did receive a call from Bret Friedrich who assured me that it would be taken care of and offered me a gift card for passing on my concerns. My goal was to ensure that this problem was fixed because had I had a small child with me, that hot water would have been all over their face. Bret assured me that this would fixed. Since that day I have gone into that sore location 6 times and the problem is still NOT fixed. All they had to do is push the machines back so that they are fully on the counter. It would take 5 minutes. I am very discouraged that my injury was not enough to get this done. I hope that no one else will have to endure this before they fix this situation.

Geni Borland

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Brian - 5 d ago


To: Mr. Haxel or whom it may concern:

I have been a patron of Circle K every morning for years located at 4205 Hwy 41, Valdosta, GA. I wanted to make you aware that there is an employee named Yolanda in the kitchen area that does not get along with your customers nor co-employees. She has been at the location for the a few months and I thought she would eventually settle in, but it has only gotten worse. I feel certain I'm not the only customer who has complained in reference to Yolanda since she has become sort of the joke around the store with customers and other employees. Thank you in advance for considering transferring Yolanda to another location.

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Pam Mendes - 6 d ago


There's a store on 83rd ave and van buren who at one time had the best employee named Jessie who no longer works there,while she was employed the store was always clean a great place to visit I loved it there!!!!

NOW the store always looks so horrible and nasty dirty since she left y'all should fine a way to get her back there somehow!! Y'all losing customer's!!


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Anonymous - 9 d 9 h ago

D-I went to the store located at 7905 South Blvd

Charlotte,NC 28210 Store#8804 On April 10,2018 at 8:00:50 PM The cashier G.LATOYA was very unprofessional I was in line she was trying to help vendor that was there,when should have been assisting me ,she exchanged words with me ,I have worked in a retail &foodservice one thing I learned over the 25+years of dealing with people is you never get rude and talk to customers any kinda way..I have been visiting lthis store regularly for many years. I have never had such a bad experience ..I returned to the store on April12,2018 G.LATOYA was there it I didn't make purchase because of her as I was leaving out she made a comment to the customers in line and the other clerk about what had happened on APRIL 10,2018..Being very unprofessional! I know for a fact when you give a person bad service that person will tell another person and it causes your sales to decline..I am at the point now that if she's there I will not patronize this location and I will advise my family &Friends to do the same

.She is just rude...

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G - 9 d 12 h ago

On Highway 44 and 473 and Lake county is a circle came. Usually the store is nice and clean. However this evening at 6 p.m. the floors were filthy the drink bar was dirty and there was no food to buy meaning like hot dogs and stuff. Very very unimpressed with this place. The usual staff was not there the assistant manager Charlene did not speak did not say anything was on her phone behind the counter drinking and iced coffee from another company. The young lady running the register Alex was doing her best. Shop the store a lot very very unimpressed

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Dan - 9 d 14 h ago

I was in the store in Hilliard oh to buy saomething for lunch. I got a boritto from the little refrigerator, paid for my stuff and returned to my truck. When I got in I opened the borrito and took a bit only to realize that the inside was full of mold. It was the worst thing I've seen a place try to sell. When I went back inside to return it the manager told me that this wasn't the first one. He refunded my money and went on about his busines.

Just wanted to let you guys know as I will not be returning. I was a regular customer , but will be going elsewhere from now on

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Anonymous - 10 d 22 s ago


I'm at a Circle K store in Forsyth Georgia store number I'm not sure what is the right store number but the address is 306 h g Clark Parkway Forsyth Georgia there's a c k number 270-6716 I'm complaining about this store the employee in there has a nasty attitude when I asked her to play lottery numbers every time I come in here they say that their machines and not working they're down mind you I just bought fuel from them but I would never want to stop here again by the way my name is Thurman Thomas and if you'd like to contact me and my number is (hidden)

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Anonymous - 10 d 13 h ago

I go to the store at least 4 times a week and in the past two weeks the store is not stocked like it use to be they had no cigarettes and the icee machine has been broken for over two week and that's the main reason I go to that store is for the icee it would be nice if you could send someone to fix it and please put back the big red icee store #0992 in San Antonio, Texas

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Fuming Customer - 10 d 18 h ago


Just getting out of a Circle K on 401 Alvernon Tucson Az.9:20 am 4/11/18. Lady at the cash register was texting and ignoring me. I start to pay for my items and her phone rings. She starts talking to a family member asking to get picked up after her shift ignoring me again. Its a wonder Quick Trip is kicking the K in the butt! Their customer service is impeccable. This woman should be fired!!!!

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Anonymous - 10 d 16 h ago


Well, too whomever it may concern" your store's in stark county Ohio are in dire need of management that know what they are doing" and one's who care about the job at hand!! They don't have a clue of what they are doing or how to operate the business!!!

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James Duckworth - 11 d 20 h ago


Just went into Circle K gas station to get pizza at Atwater Ohio at 11 you would think in the morning they would have pizza. No all they have is three slices of their breakfast pizza and I was told when that's gone they'll make more very displeased with your employees I don't think I will go back

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Strangethingareafoot - 12 d 13 h ago


Circle K is a shit place to work most not all but most of the managers have a superiority complex and demand dumb shit from you that they have no right asking for in the first place and the corporate managers don't appreciate anything at all my Market Manager said to me after I told him they should get a digital banner outside to advertise the deals instead of us climbing a old broken down ladder to put up a laminate one every month he said and I quote "I'm not putting a thousand dollar sign on this run down store" well if that's your attitude then why should any of us give a fuck about this place I could go on for days but I won't

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Bianca Gonzales - 13 d 11 h ago


I went into circle K in saint peters MO (harvester rd location) for a drink and some snacks. It was about 11:30pm, with someone in front of me in line I patiently waited. I wasnt apart of the confusion between the cashier and the customer in front, there was some issues about sales and the customer told the cashier to get his math right since there were people in line. The cashier blantely looks at me and says "yeah shes probably bipolar". Obviously shocked by what he said my response was "excuse me? Did you just say Im bipolar?" He response was " well I just assume every other person is bipolar" Fact, I am NOT bipolar but my husband along with my family were not happy about what happened; not as unhappy as I was. I did not get his name; but he was an older looking guy with no front teeth and glasses. I hope someone contacts me asap.

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Deanne - 13 d 14 h ago


Today I went to Circle K on 6709-6717 Wales Ave NW, Jackson Township, OH. I used their ATM. I told the ATM I wanted a $100.00. The machine gave me $80.00. So I went to cashier, asked if she could do anything. First I had to wait while she contacted a Manager. Then the Manager states to take out the Atm drawer make sure the $20.00 is not Stuck. Of course, it is not. So now the Manager tell her to count what is in the ATM and if there is extra Money give it to me. IF not take my name and number and she will call me when she has time. First of, I am a Customer, so to be treated like I was lying was extremely annoying. I had receipts and even pulled up my account information on my phone. I have called my Bank to dispute this. But I will never ever use an ATM in there store again. Also the employees that DO help should be trained better. While the cashier was nice, she had no idea what to do. Now I am out $20 for god knows how long. It's not really the money its the principal.

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Wtf - 13 d 19 h ago


I stopped in for some drinks. The cashier TJ was talking about how you can't trust what people say...ect ect. He was using the N word while talking and trying to involve a patron that was in front if me. It shouldn't matter that the cashier is black and was so the patron in front if me , but it did. When I got up to the counter, he turned away and picked up the phone and ignored me. He did finally ring up the drink, took the money and then be fire he gave change award bagged the drinks , he decided to check his work schedule. He not once acknowledged me wit so much as awards hello. Was it because I'm white? You so not need anybody working for you with this kind of racist attitude in the public eye.

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Anonymous - 15 d ago


I live walking distance from a Circle K and this store is horrible..I will go out of my way normally to avoid it but today I was running late and stopped in the Circle K by me for a drink..I walked into a store with very nasty music being played very loud and so nasty (p word f work) I left. What if I had my 7 yr old daughter coming in with me?? They are open 24/7 ..if you go late at night is like a club..loud music ppl hanging out in store in parking lot. They have 2 cashiers That are very sweet but the one there this morning has an attiture, every time I see her working she's in her cell phone while waiting on customers..always!.That store is the worst business I have ever had to encounter.

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Tim paananen - 16 d 12 h ago


My daughter works at circle k in the harbor in Ashtabula Ohio 44004. They been working her more then she should with out a long enough time between shifts and being sexually harassed and the guy is still working there I don't think that is no way to appreciate a business u should not have to work in that condition. If something is not done I will contact some one else

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Dissatisfied - 16 d 14 h ago


Circle K location 4505 Hylas Lane Huntersville, NC. I'm very displeased with several interactions at this location. Today April 05, 2018 my mother attempted to get gas w/her card with no success. After two attempts a hold for $200.00 was placed on her bank card. April 3, 2018, I went to purchase lottery tickets. The clerk was not very knowledgeable. I asked for a set of numbers to play on four draws. He gave me four sets of the same numbers playing on the same day. I didn't discover until I had paid and he handed me the tickets. The error was the clerks and he and the store manager, that was not on site, refuse to rectify. About a week ago I went to purchase gas and NONE of the pumps were work. So I was forced to spend my money at another gas station. If you care anything about your business you might want to pay closer attention to some things that are going on!!!

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