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Circle K Stores Inc

1130 W Warner Rd
Tempe, AZ
Geoff Haxel
(602) 728-8000
(602) 728-5348
Annual Sales Est
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Clean up - 7 h 21 m ago

I live in Louisville KY on South 3rd Street. There is Circle K Shell gas station located in the area. There is a lot prostitution and drug transactions being made at this gas station. Today I count ten prostitute picking up customers and changing clothes at the gas station. This is terrifying when you have young children seeing these type things happen why you are purschase gas.

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Bacon - 18 h 13 m ago


I have tried several times to contact Circle K store Corporate offices with no luck. The Albuquerque office number doesnt work and the nearest, Tempe AZ doesnt answer their phone.

Ignoring the issue that your employee in Albuquerque protected her store, YOUR ASSETS, her life and others around her while stopping a crime in its tracks and demonizing her by suspending her without pay is not only wrong morally, But violates her Constitutional right to remain healthy , happy , and restricting her ability to pursue happiness. As a daily customer, I WILL not shop at your stores until this situation has been remedied.

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Coco - 1 d ago

Probably the worst thing this corporation can make in Albuq, is to fire the lady that shot the robber. If that happens you can count on that being an advertisement to the criminal, go to Circle K. They won't stop you.The day is coming when you won't be able to find good people, if they can not protect themselves. Very alarming.

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Cathi Newman - 1 d 4 h ago


If your company fires that lady shot the robber in Albuquerque New Mexico I will start a protest and make sure nobody shops in that store and maybe some of the other circle k's this i can promise you

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Anonymous - 1 d 4 h ago

I am a former employee of Circle K. I was in the store in Highlands Ranch Colorado, store number 270-9892 8663 S Quebec on Sunday morning September 17 and I was treated very very very well by Devin O. He gave excellent customer service.

thank you so much

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Huey P - 1 d 7 h ago


The circle k in shreveport in the 5700 block of youree drive, 71105

the employees working at 7:57 pm would not sign on to the lotto machine to sell tickets, they both said it was off line, yea it's off line if you don't sign on

they both had an attitude, they really should not be working with the public

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PISSED OFF - 1 d 7 h ago


The store in Tallahassee on w Tennessee St has a cashier there that is so racist. She is a black girl and she refuses to wait on white people. If that was a white person that said she wasn't gonna ring someone up because of their skin color, there would be a whole bunch of blacks coming out of the woodworks to hurt the white chic. That is not acceptable at all. I can promise you that you will loose your job and it will happen tomorrow. I PROMISE YOU THAT!!!!!!!!!

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Diana - 1 d 9 h ago


The Circle K store in Claypool Az is the dirtiest store I have seen. Used the restroom and it was filthy. Soda machine and everything around it was awfull. This store was remodeled about a year ago and was very nice. No more

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Cierra - 1 d 15 h ago


The young girl working in the food area at circle k on john Dodd rd is very rude she told me that I couldn't have chicken livers because she wasn't cooking anymore and that I had to get what was already up and then I asked for legs and she said that she had told me 2 times that I have to get what she had I just don't understand why she could cook more chicken at almost 1 in the day .... and then when I ask for corporates number she told me that she is not going to give it to me and slammed the doors while she was making my food ...I will not spend my money at this place no more .... she has short black hair and looks young she would not give me her name but I am very unset about the way I was treated at this location

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Anonymous - 1 d 14 h ago

I just came out of Circle K office of Santa Anna Street and 19th St. in Newport Beach I couldn't believe my eyes I bought something for six dollars and I gave her a $50 bill cause I didn't have much to that many one dollar bills and she decide to give me back 23 and some change if I would not of counted it she would've just kept that money because she had it in her hand when I looked I could not believe it I said you shortchange me $20 oh she handed it right to me didn't even get it out of the register so make sure everybody counts the money at Circle K

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Steve - 1 d 17 h ago


The store on flowing wells and roger, is gross. All the fountain machines have mold growing from spouts. Dusty, dirty. The icee machine has so much visible mold you have to be blind not to notice and clean it. Whatever the policy is, isn't working. A surprise visit would do good. I am going there tomorrow, if it is the same, I will take pictures and turn you in for health violations. Your going to get people sick.

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Fred - 1 d 18 h ago


The store in fredericton on the nevers road is very dirty you should go there and not let them no you are coming if they no then they will clean the store but not every day

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Charles - 7 d 16 h ago


Circle K at 32 and bell,,One of the worse stores i have ever been to. They wait till morning to stock,and do other things that should have been done at have 30 customers standing in line and one cashier,,while other workers are doing other things that should have been done at night.or whenever not during the busy morning rush.I thought the customer came first.At least they did in my store..POOR POOR MANAGEMENT! Funny Quik trip right up the street doesnt have this problem.Maybe i need to get with the neighbors and boycott this damn store and maybe they will get someone to manage it who knows how......charles in phoenix az.

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Sarah. - 3 d 9 h ago


I was an employee for Circle K for 2 years. The Customers tgat shop circle k IS THE WORST!!!! Yu all are never satisfied. If they lock the door overnight during slow hours. Yall call and Complaint. That Company does not give the MANAGER enough oayroll hours to successfully run those store for 24 hrs 7 days a week. Why dont yall apply to work there. And see if it change ur mind about ur oetty complaint. No matter how clean the store is, how good the employees are with the customer its NEVER ENOUGH. Before they tell yu great job. They will tell yu the floor looks horrible bc there is a small peice of gum stuck on the floor. The employees of circle k is treated like crap. All bc the customer wants the ROYAL treatment for spending .79. On a drink. Did yu know. That Circle k makes their employees pay for drinks and Roller grill items even though those employees DON'T get a break????? Did yu know that. Did yu Know that Store managers are under paid and over worked. Did yu know that If the employees get fed up and dont show up. The Manager has to Stay there. Be it 12 hrs or 24 hrs. They make them Stay!!! So please until yu walk in their shoes. Drop ur attitude. Bc thise people go thru Hell just to keep their job for that company. I couldnt take it anymore. I had to let it go although I loved my boss. Customers. I couldnt stay and watch the way they treated my Manager.

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X - 1 d 19 h ago


Not all managers do this. Some make excuses just to leave. They are always on their phones, or away from their place of employment.

I refuse to shop at any circle k to pay their salaries for doing nothing but talk on their phonies all day.

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Sam - 1 d 19 h ago


I haven't been to a Circle K in over 2 years because of staff, especially a manager, the dirtiness and because they say they'll be thought back with a hand written note on door but they take longer than the note says.

Customer service is nasty. They are rude at some of the stores. There are to many robberies, shootings, and homeless hanging out around them. Pretty much unsafe no matter what time of day.

The manager had told this guy when she was doing money drops to the bank, constantly calling him when she should be working but her excuse was that she was using the bathroom.

She would schedule herself certain times so that she would be off when he got off of work. She'd go get her nails done last couple off hours of her shift.

She'd take longer brakes to walk around Wal-Mart with this guy instead of going directly back to work.

She was upset that they transferred her from the training store to what is known as the "Ghetto Store of the NW"

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Katerit65765 - 2 d 11 h ago


Sept.17 9:45pm Circle K

107 Jefferson Dr, Lake Charles, LA 70605

I had a very unpleasant interaction with two female workers. First I walk in and the two ladies are behind the counter talking loud and cutting up not paying any mind to any of the customers even while checking them out. I get my two drinks and I go over to get nachos and chilli and cheese the cheese comes out in one big glob and then slows to a very slow drip I kept trying but at one point it came to a complete stop so I assume that the dispenser ran out of cheese I called to the woman behind the counter when I said "ma'am it's out of cheese" they barley acknowledge me and one looks at the other and Huffs and puffs and tells her "it's out of cheese" so the other lady comes over and while she was over by me I asked "do yall sell headphones" the lady completely ignores what I said and pics my container of chili and cheese up and shoves it at me. So I stay calm and just leave her alone. She opens the container and it's full of cheese which I can see but I had no idea because of the container wasn't open the second go. She very rudely says to me "it's full of cheese" as if I knew and lied to her the other lady shouts over and says "we just changed it there no reason it would be empty" and the lady say very annoyed sounding yeah its completely full"and she walks away without even finding out the problem. I saI'd to her "ma'am it's not working right" I show her that it only let's out a coulpleasure drips at a time she rolled her eyes huffed and puffed and said "yeah its working that how it works" and turned to walk away so she could go back and chit chat with her friend behind counter.

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Jim in Maricopa - 28 d 4 h ago


On 8/23/2017 I entered the Circle K at the intersection of Smith Enke Road and John Wayne Parkway to purchase a lotto ticket. The store ran out of forms for the power ball and would not input numbers manually. A FAT BLOND who was quite RUDE to me, told me to go to BASHA'S OR FRY'S FOOD STORE to purchase the tickets. This FAT BLOND, could have been more polite but no. It appeared to me that she was blaming me for the short coming's of the store by not having any forms for the POWER BALL. If any employee of the store would have any BRAINS, they would have put a sign up at the door telling people that there were no more POWER BALL FORMS. However, this store would rather have people stand in line to get pushed to another store for purchase. I am a business owner and if an employee told any customer to go to another store, I WOULD FIRE HER ON THE SPOT. This will be the last time i go to this CIRCLE K LOCATION. A word of warning to the Corporate Office: By reading some of the other post and my experience at this location, IT MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEA TO START HIRING PEOPLE WHO APPRECIATE A JOB RATHER THAN PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY ARE A GIFT TO MANKIND and can treat people LIKE DIRT. Just my opinion. .

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Employee - 19 d 11 h ago

You don't have any brains miss I believe you are a woman or a person that just doesn't understand how hard it is to work for this company

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A higher up - 12 d ago

You listen here no employees representing my brand or who work for my company will verbally assault any customers you will be tracked down and fired and will not be rehireable.You think our company is so hard to work for then why are you here many people are looking for jobs.I can and will demote you to customer never know who is reading these comments and I am sorry to all off you who have complaints I can not fix all the problems at once but I will try and fix as many as possible one by one as each one is a unique situation please I ask that you have some patience while I address each issue on behalf of circle k I apologize to any and all of you and im here to let you know your concerns are heard and something is being done.To all employees read your handbook over that you signed off on you are not allowed to comment on any situations or at all on any technology or social media outlet under the bylaws this is a fireable offense and it will be traced tobwhom it has come from thanks to all our customers and I apologize for any and all issues you may have results to follow.

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Sarah - 3 d 9 h ago

Former Employee here. Did yu know that if she key it in WRONG. AND YU DONT BUY IT ANYWAY she has to pay for it??? It makes her Till short. You CAN NOT CANCEL LOTTO, powerball, MEGA MILLION. TICKETS. Did yu know that They cant be short more than a Dollar a Day???? Yall Complain about everything but she was following policy. And Protecting her Job.

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Anonymous - 11 d 3 h ago


Stopped at a store in dallas TX to grab gas at 2am after work was waiting in line on my phone. All of a sudden the man in front of me started yelling at me to get to the back of the store. That he and the cashier had business to handle. He was a customer and the cashier thought it was funny. This man was over 200lbs and got in my face. Mind you I don't know him and it was 2am. He scared me! I thought he was robbing the store. He was very serious! Acted as if he was going to shoot me if I didn't listen immediately! It was insane. I can't believe the cashier thought it was a joke. What if I had my child with me??

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Sarah. - 3 d 9 h ago

So its the cashiers fault Right!!!! How do yu control a Grown ass man???? They laughed bc they was orolly scared too. And playing it off. If Circle k is that Bad. STOP FUCKING SHOPPING THERE. Go to Racetrack.

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I'm not a thief - 9 d 16 h ago


Was at your Tatum & Greenway store in Phoenix, which I have been going to for years. The cashiers know me and know that my usual purchase is a carton of cigarettes powerball ticket. This morning, the cashier got my carton and placed it on the countertop and was processing the lotto ticket when the manager came up and grabbed the carton off the counter and told the cashier " Never leave a carton on the counter until it's been paid for". Now this may be your procedure but, her action not only chastised & embarrassed the casher, it also was an insult to me by implying by her comment, that I was a thief. Perhaps this incident should be a opportunity for the manager to learn how to treat her employees and customers better. She easily could have waited to instruct the employee on his error and watched the cigarettes on the counter until I paid for them or was gone without the rude action to both the cashier and myself.

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Sarah. - 3 d 9 h ago

Ok. Do yu know why???? Im a Former employee. She did that to SAVE HER AND HER EMPLOYEES JOB. Bc Had yu Snatched the carton and run. They would have written uo the Manager for Not Properly training employee and Fired the Cashier. For Losing Money on a carton of Cigs.

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