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Circle K Stores Inc

1130 W Warner Rd
Tempe, AZ
Geoff Haxel
(602) 728-8000
(602) 728-5348
Annual Sales Est
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Angry Parent - 10 d 17 h ago


i will be starting a social media campaign to hopefully cause every circle k in the cleveland oh. the circle k in berea ohio regionally managed by ann (330) 696-6282 seems to think it is appropriate to leave hourly employees to work for 16 hours strait on christmas day. she also appologizes profusely and a 2 weeks later fires said employee for some bogus scam call. great company. i will use my freedom of speech to ensure everyone i know understands how bad of an organization this is in dealing with those 14500 employees listed above.

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19andworkinghard - 5 d 19 h ago


I work for circle k as a CSR and life is life. I worked 12hrs on Halloween which also happens to be my wedding anniversary and I was still on my 90d so I did not receive holiday pay. And about the scam, Everyone know NEVER to do ANY transactions over the phone. You are warned that transactions over the phone will result in an automatic termination.

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Realist - 5 d 3 s ago

That's ain't no real holiday...can't believe fix mouth say have no life...

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Have some pride - 17 h 37 m ago

Can't know that if not told management should make clear u have 1/2 star rating seams like would want to improve

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Have some pride - 17 h 30 m ago

What was the scam could u elaborate please would really like to know if similar to what happen to my wife

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pissed customer - 10 d 14 h ago


today was enough im in louisiana and i go to the circlek on the corner of williams blvd ans veterans highway ive been going in this store faithfully 3 times a day 7 days a week for 8 years i went in to purchase a pack of cigarrets i had a dollar bill and 15 quarters it was 4.35 she counted it and then look at me stupid and asked me how much this was i did not answer it because if you counted it you knew how much was there shes a caucasion female with a black attitude i had my card just in case but im in there so much i know what everything cost my experience is always beautiful its when you hire jackasses anc young ones thats looking for the next come up they dont care imits not the first time this has happen and then they speak to you like they are going to beat your ass this time i was done im a older woman and i be damm if im going to let them treat me that way i know things are over-priced in there but i spend my money anyway not one time circlek has given me anything nor i expect them to now if nothing is done about it my word of mouth travels all of my co-workers and myself that goes there everyday we can go right down the street and spend our money why be ghetto in a place of business thats stupid to me and call the customer service number for what they fix it where you wont talk to anyone im done with this store until this asshole apologize

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Former CSR - 1 d 12 h ago

Actually it's 4.75 so now i see why you wanted her to count it because obviously you cant. You wont impact on 2+ billion dollars in sales.

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Renee - 1 d 17 h ago


I will keep complaining and complaining AND complaining. The store in question is Circle K Line Avenue and Olive Shreveport. It is a filthy store. The help are lazy and extremely rude. I was just told off in front of the manager for not speaking load enough while she talked on her phone. I have had it. The prostitutes, the homeless begging, the lack of total respect for customers. I will o longer go to any of the Circle K's. I will take myself and my company business as we get all of our company vehicle gas there as well from another station. THE VERY LAST STRAW>

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IJason - 2 d 7 h ago


It is now 10:30 on 1/14/2017 . I stopped at the circle k, on Alexandria Pike (south Alexandria ky) rout 27 in Alexandria ky, about 20 min ago. Wife wanted some chocolate and some movies, as this store has a red box, located just around the side of the front door. Get there, get movies, go into store. Wife gets about $15 in chocolate, I saw some beer in the cooler that I thought would go good with watching a movie. The lady behind the counter said, I needed a bag for the beer. OK! It was a 6 pack of bottled beer. She said it again. That the beer needed to put into a bag, and she doesn't have one for the beer. Then she takes out these bags that's really small and wanted to put each of the bottles into each bag. Serious! I said Mam, I'm not carrying 6 individual bags of beer out to my truck. She said then she couldn't sell them. Serious! I think you need to teach your workers, either the law or get them some bigger bags to accommodate a 6 pack f beer. I said screw it. Went across the road to UDF. Got the same beer, ask cashier if I needed a bag for the 6 pack of beer. He said NO. and it was a pleasure to do business with UDF. Since they seem to know the LAW!!!

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Cindy - 4 d 11 h ago


I visited your station located in Cedar Hill, MO on Jan 12, 2016 at about 5:00 pm.

I paid at the pump but when I requested a receipt it said to see the attendant for a receipt. I went inside and requested a receipt and told the cashier that it is very fustrating to pay at the pump but still have to go inside, wait in line to get a receipt. The cashier was extremely rude saying "oh well", I said it seems to happen often here, her rude reply, "yes it sure does". This will be my last time stopping at this station. Which is really a shame as I pass it twice a day!

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Meltayl - 12 d ago


Circle K Bayou Blvd., Pensacola, FL

01/05/2017 6:18am

Bathroom had blood smeared on wall. The bathroom reeked of urine with evidence on the floor. The toilet sink paper towel dispenser all needed to be cleaned. It had a thick film on it. Out in the store the cooler where the. Yogurt is camped there is purple sticky substance on the display case on the bottom of the cups. The bananas were all spotted and needed to be thrown out or replaced. I came out of the store feeling like I needed a bath . There were three workers behind the counter just talking one was sitting on the floor which look like to be the manager.

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Employee - 5 d 19 h ago

I was going to say sometimes it takes a while for someone to clean the restroom because I always work alone and it's hard to find time with customers. But there were multiple so no excuse there. But the Bananas are changed out by a vendor not circle k employees

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Norri - 6 d 7 h ago


I'm been tired of the poor excuse of "Customer Service" from any of the Inc. That get tax payers hard earned money then the cashier's act as if our fault for their inexperienced service, it's not fair for the company to never contact US back and to address the on going action of their employees just because they go to the job on time just to lust after a woman or man, that makes them have a better day. This have to be stopped, before the wrong person get harassed by the manager that at the store in Hoover, Al. 35216 3813 by James is the guy real name but he likes to be called jamie, so he can approach you after you look at the name tag, and think I called the wrong name then, he walks harrasse them as he follow them out the door, as many as he choose, to keep them feeling comfortable, and after that he hire them and promise them a job to get a GREAT, chance to pick the on a comfort day to approach them, and guide them to his advances. I have major information about the unpleased in comfort action from this manager, James/JamiE

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Carl-victim of a Circle K store robbery - 6 d 12 h ago


Being Cheated At The Pump! Went to store #5151, 8110 Hwy 64 Bartlett, TN 38133, and paid for 87 octane, pumped 87 octane, but was charged for 93 octane. I spoke with the Assistant Store Manager and she called the Store Manager and he told me -YOU GET WHAT YOU GET! Wow**Really** THIS IS WHAT I CALL HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!

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Connie-pissed off Grandma - 7 d 19 h ago


I just stopped at your store#147 at 13006 County Line Rd, Hudson, FL 34667. prepaid inside for $10.00 after taking my grand-baby out into the cold only because i was low on gas and will not leave her in the car alone. I went out to pump the gas after putting the baby back in the car. I pushed the 87 octane button which should have charged $2.39 per gallon. After finished it asked if i wanted a receipt which i did. They preset the prepay to charged me for $2.99 for premium.I took the baby back out into the cold and confronted the cashier. He claims that he has no control over selecting the grade of gas that i must have pushed the wrong button. Ignorant people should not work with the public. I have worked in convenience stores so i know he is full of it.I have posted a copy of the receipt and photos of this store on social media and can guarantee my friends and family will make it go viral. I hate rip off liars. Just thought you would like to know. They also told me that all Circle K's are franchised and there was no corporate number when I asked for it.

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Circle K Avenger - 8 d 6 h ago


The manager has been slotting hours but not working them fully, taking refunds from cigarette cartons and using the cash from them to buy lotto tickets. Clocks in at 6, but really does not enter the premises until after 10. Treats her customers and employees poorly. And kicked out a 72 year old woman for tripping over her shoelace at the door. This is not a manager. Pays outside people to work in the store.

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No longer a customer - 8 d 12 h ago

store at 12th n Fulton in canton Ohio I have a problem with the same girl every time once I ordered 2 polor pops n couple bottles of pop when she cam back to the window couldn't remember what one was diet so she told us to taste them n figure it out for one I can't have suger pop n for another I would not drink after the person with me today I go in n order 3 items at the drive thru she brought me back one item n looked at me really mean n said what else did u won't real cocky I just pulled a way won't b talked to like that there a getgo rite up the street will never step foot n a circle k again management will do nothing with here yes circle k is a bizzy store but just think how much more they would make with employees that gave good service

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Disappointed customer - 8 d 14 h ago


I am a regular customer at the Circle k located at Bardstown rd. In Eastland shopping center in Louisville,Kentucky. There is a very nasty cashier named Matt, he is a bald black man and he has a terrible attitude. I witnessed this man cause a female customer break out in tears because she sat her cigarette down before entering the store and picked it back up and smoked it upon leaving. When she returned after pumping gas he proceeded to tell her how nasty an disgusting this was. I have never seen anything so rude in my life. This is not the only time i have seen him this act hateful to a customer ,although it was the last time.He needs to be fired. I will not continue shopping at circle k as long as he is working there.

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Anry customer - 8 d 19 h ago


I have been going in your store at 3201 in paris ky I always get my orders there but for the last 4months!!!!! their money order machine has been down. I just want to know why? If they can't fix it take it out. Angry customer

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Tiffany - 9 d 8 m ago


Good Morning, I stop by the one in baton rouge, la by memorial stadium on plank rd @ 6:24am. to use the ATM machine and a cup of hot coffee. The door was still locked and the cashier tried serving me threw a window. When the doors are supposed to be open.. I've live in this area for over 26years and it's always the same with the service horrible! Where do y'all get these dum ass cashiers from? They always change the store hours and do what they want..remind y'all that it's cold outside and y'all cashier won't let me in because her relief is not there yet.You suppose to run this business till your relief come not keep the door lock and sit on the counter .I'm very pissed off, Now I have to drive to Exxon on the get the things I need, because y'all hire dum ass drop out to run your business with no customer service skills they changes the store open and close hours like it's really there store. THIS IS A BUSINESS!!!! YOUR CASHIERS NEED TO REALIZE THAT..Y'ALL JUST LOST A GREAT CUSTOMER.. I WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER DIME OF MY HARD EARN MONEY AT Y'ALL ghetto ass gas station...

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customer X - 10 d 5 h ago


We bought bread from Circle K,twice in a month and both times "they" were full of mold. Other than that

the workers seem to be nice (at times). Stay away from BREAD and Snacks! Always check

the expiration dates. STORE LOCATION: Fort Jesse Rd & Veterans Parkway in Normal,


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Employee - 11 d ago


I currently work for circle k. Worked when it was Handy Way, Pantry, Kangaroo & now it's unfortunately Circle K. I love my manager, co-workers & customers. Disappointing that I can't afford to keep my job. Working alone is difficult enough, then they throw in the "mystery shoppers". I challenge upper management to run a shift alone on a Friday, Saturday & Sunday and see how it is to work for themselves, along with only being paid minimum wage. I read all the valid complaints that have been posted. This is a company that doesn't seem to care about customers or employees, only $$. Truth is nothing will change unless there's a boycott.

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Previous Employee - 10 d 13 h ago


I worked at one in Tucson Az. My first week i was left alone and i had to call the cops because of a drunk man threatening me. The cops had to take a report and i was punished by getting my hours cut because while the police were there i had to shut down the store being as i was the only one there. It was my first week and i am a 20 year old mother of two....the cutting my hours made it so i lost my place to live. I couldnt afford my rent. Circle k is not a job i would work at again for minimum wage.

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Disgruntled customer who's going elsewhere. - 21 d 9 h ago


Ann is the stupidious manager I've seen. Lets see, everyone orders strawberry lemonade 4 LOCO so let's order watermelon that everyone hates. And apple and whatever the flavor is...No one likes it so let's order more of the flavor no one likes. And let's not order the flavor of cigarettes that everyone orders, let's order what they don't want so you're out several weeks. The level of intelligence is staggering. It's more if this is what people like let's not do it. Let's do what they hate. You're idiots.

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Employee - 11 d ago

Sales reps do the beer orders.

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