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Circle K Stores Inc

1130 W Warner Rd
Tempe, AZ
Geoff Haxel
(602) 728-8000
(602) 728-5348
Annual Sales Est
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Person with a heart - 5 h 22 m ago


I am so sad and mad that one of your store manager at the Newport Kentucky store on Tenth Street would go to Walmart and be wearing her circle k shirt and be acting physically and mentally handicapped !!!!!!! Riding around in a handicap chair !!!!!! Then actually have the BALL'S YES THE BALL'S to post it on facebook. Shame on the company that allows this behavior !!! I will never shop there again and believe you me every person i know will see this post of Ms. Kelly Duncan. As a company i would advise you to not allow your employee's to wear your logo out in public and conduct themselves in the manner your manager did. I will also be sending an E- MAIL to the Americans with Disabilities, United States Department of Labor and The American Association of People with Disabilities. Please tell me that this is not acceptable .

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Who gives a damn - 1 d ago


I was in one of your circle K's, and the young man behind the counter with a rookie police officer wanted to arrest me. I think you don't know how to hire employees. In other words I will never go to that Circle K ever again. You want a review the review is this, your people are too young they don't know what they're doing and I don't care.

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Anonymous - 1 d 3 h ago


You're company has a store in Orangeburg, SC on North Road, that has a staff of complete idiot's! The cashier that I dealt with could not follow simple instructions. I was trying to pay for gas along with my other items and she was too busy talking to 3 other customers, while waiting on me, that she obviously couldn't understand English. I went to pump my gas, and the pump would never come on. So I walked back in the store to ask her to turn the pump on, and she informed me that she didn't ring up any gas! So needless to say I went across the road to Wal-Mart for my gas. I do alot of business in you're store and it's always problems when I am there. I believe that you need to invest more time in the quality of the employees that you hire and train them to be more vigil to waiting on the present customer and not customers that are still in line. How can a cashier correctly do their job when they are carrying on conversations with everybody-else in the store? Bad business!

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Former employee CRICKET - 2 d ago


They took so much of my life when I got hurt there I went through 5 years 3 surgeries and lost so much I so much time with my little grandbabies it was I can't hold you and yet they just don't care very sad

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Candace - 2 d 7 h ago


I have tried to reach management and corporate offices to return money back to my account and have yet to be successful. They always send to voicemail and it's during business hours. How can you run a business like that?? I only want my money back. Never again will I return to any of your places of business. It is going on a week now with no response. This was located in Melbourne, Fla

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Former employee - 2 d 26 m ago


They've made billions of dollars in America they came from Canada and you can't get a little bit of money back from them very sad they don't care

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Shanna Beach - 2 d ago


Was checking out. I politly asked cashier if he knew the display screen was not working to which he replied "Do you think you're the first person to tell me that? I've been here since 1:00" I had my daughter with me and did not appreciate being addressed as if I was the one being rude.

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Former employee - 2 d ago

Circle K truly does not care

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Disrespected Loyalty - 3 d ago

Circle K market manager Sam Ceesay is a fraud and very disrespectful market manager who asked a elderly employee while off the clock on their off day texted them to clean up a white female employees vomit on Jan 27, 2017 then later fired the elderly veteran employee and accused her of fraud without proof. How ignorant

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Bob H. - 6 d ago


Circle K in Central Florida recently switched from Marathon Gas to Shell Gas. They installed all new Shell pumps in Central Florida. I noticed that they were not putting security seals over the locks on the pumps. The pump locks appear to be standard 3-pin locks which are mostly used on desk drawers.I sent them an email 6 weeks ago asking about the security seals or lack thereof. I have never received a reply. I have a credit card I use for gas. About 95% of my purchases were at Circle K. I had ten (10) fraud transactions on my card last month. They were made with a counterfeit credit card. The information had to come from Circle K. I am contacting the SE Grocers who are part of the Shell Rewards Program in this area advising them that they are setting their customers up for fraud by using the rewards program. I'm also contacting the local television networks investigation department. I will no longer buy anything from Circle K.

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Anonymous - 5 d 3 h ago


Is empty because I have nothing to say about the place get the hint

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Ron McKee - 5 d 11 h ago


On 3/15 I stopped at the Circle K/Shell at 11161 Tamiami Trail in Punta Gorda. The sign out front said diesel was $2.49 a gallon. But when I got to the pump it was $2.57. Normally wouldn't complain but then the stop on the nozzle was missing; so I had to stand and hold the handle the entire time (instead of being able to wash my windows). But I couldn't wash my windows anyway because there was no window washing squeegee (or window washing fluid) in the holder. I did finally find one of the holders on another island with a squeegee and a very small amount of fluid. All the while; the store clerk was standing outside the store, with a friend, having a smoke. Sometimes it is the little things that count!

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Thumbs Up!! 5 stars!! You are appreciated - 5 d 20 h ago


Hello my name Staci. I just wanted to come online and give a BIG thumb up to the worker at circle k in Kent Ohio store number 5599! I stop by to get a drink and gas my son went into the store with me and he left behind his baseball cards by the drink machine he left behind 20 cards that was worth $200 . I called the store and one of the employees said they do have them and that he would put them up for me to come get them. We I returned to get them the next day it was only 15 cards there. I was so upset I talked to the employee and ask them if they could look on the camera for to see if they could see who hado stolen 5 cards! The Manger Tracy came out and talk to me with all respects and very very professional and she went to look on camera after she came out she told she found 3 of them that they had fell in between the corners! I was SO SO relieved and happy that she cared enough to check!! She also gave me the money for the ones I couldn't find!! NOWE SOME BUSINESSES NEED TO TAKE CUSTOMERS SERVICES CLASSES from the employee at circle k!! I thank you guys so much for helping me and my son!! The cards is for a fund raising for the team to get there baseball stuff for the season!!

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Anonymous - 5 d 20 h ago


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Rod - 6 d 10 h ago


I live in Bullhead City, AZ and have always used the Circle K on Adobe and the Parkway in Bullhead City for most of my gas, lotto and beer purchases. A couple of months ago the store posted it would be checking all IDs for restricted purchases regardless of age. I thought this was a good idea and showed my ID on my next purchase of a lotto ticket.

Then the next time I went into the store, the clerk told me he had to scan my ID into the system to copy my personal information from my Driver's License. I refused to have my ID scanned, left my purchase on the counter and left. I went down the street to another store to make my purchase.

Saturday, I went into the store to buy some beer, the clerk asked to check my ID and I handed it to him. I next thing I hear is the sound of my ID being scanned. I asked the clerk if he had scanned my ID and he told he had because the store management wanted the info from the IDs in their system and management did not want the clerks to press the "over 30" button on the cash register.

Needless to say, I will not shop at Circle K any longer. I consider my information private and not to be scanned into any store computer for their later use. I will also to telling people of this scanning operation occurring at the Circle K on Adobe in Bullhead City. And I will not shop there myself; rather I will drive the four miles to the other end of the Parkway and make my purchases from the Maverick Store.

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Prefer not to say - 7 d ago


Your circle k in Casa Grande's manager is horrible. Works some employees double shifts, like three in a couple of weeks,then when he asked you to do it again and you say you can't he gives you a week off abvouisly with no pay. He is gonna have a lot of complaints against him when employees get fed up with it. Did he give everyone a week off for saying no?

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Your managers must be totally iliterate. - 11 d 5 h ago


Just left circle k at 2900 n.e. adams peoria il. waited 7 minutes with no one else at pumps. pump was never cleared to pump gas. drove off with not one drop of gas being pumped. will advise everyone in area to avoid this gas station!! R. D. Landers Have seen better organization in Guantanimo Bay, Cuba in 1972.

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Anonymous - 11 d 9 h ago


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Anonymous - 11 d 9 h ago


please call me asap about an employee situation my name is kathy bishop (hidden)

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didi - 13 d ago

Assistant manager no uniform lmao. Store in Bucyrus.. Bums

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Dr.drew - 14 d ago all are some cry baby pieces of shit that need to grow the fuck up. How pathetic can you people be ?!

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Donna Libby - 15 d ago


I have been a customer of kangaroo for over 15 years in the workforce I come to this store twice a day in the morning and the afternoon I have never seen it in such deplorable conditions since it became Circle K on Friday night at 10:30 p.m. you have one young lady with a mop bucket the water she is using to mop the floor is blacker than the road outside wearing her socks around the store to do this the other young cashier Joanne behind the counter is also wearing socks to work her job she does not care what order you are in line nor does she care to hear your comments so I pour my heart into this little box on my smart phone in hopes that you will take attention and try to clean up the store some on Waldo Road and University Avenue in Gainesville Florida also maybe tighten up on your employees and the standards they need to go by

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Kathy - 15 d 10 h ago


Your corporation bought Cumberland farms in the NJ area, the store located on Rte 72, Manahawkin, NJ, the original owner

did a wonderful job. The store was clean and offered everything corporate set them up with.

It was a great store. The store was sold to a new owner and they have done to address any problems that occur. The fountain drink machine is broken, no ice is available for the iced coffee. The cappuccino machine doesn't work. The hot water in the sink doesn't

work. The slushy machine doesn't work. The credit card machine was down for over a week and only cash was taken. It's a shame.

Does your corporation have any standards for these stores or is it up to the owners to decide what they want to sell? I go to the store every day for coffee and it seems that every time I walk in something else no longer works. The employee that is there during the week in the mornings is a very hard working, nice person. My rating when the company was owned by the last owner was poor. I hope this store can be brought back to the original condition.

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insider@off - 15 d 10 h ago


for all drug dealers,cocane ,meth, herion or pain killer. see the street slaught white van @praireview road I74 Mahomet, Ill

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Ms, offended - 15 d 10 h ago


The circle k on Highland Ave store 5334 plays disrespectful music a lot of cursing bit__h words the nigg___ word all manner of bad words I use to go to this store all the time but lately when I go in this is what I hear.... VERY VERY BAD BUSINESS.... This will be my last time I'm telling everyone I know don't take your kids in that store bad influence music...

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