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Circle K Stores Inc

1130 W Warner Rd
Tempe, AZ
Geoff Haxel
(602) 728-8000
(602) 728-5348
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Anonymous - 14 h 1 m ago

Contact your so called manager Englewood fla n

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Anonymous - 14 h 10 m ago

Englewood fla better look at manager Dawn will not sell or get cigarettes that i been buying there for many years 30 pulse. They are truly off the chain in this store. Don't address this issues I will go forth to higher power

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Anonymous - 15 h 27 m ago

Englewood fla. Would like you to know we live here on the beach my mom has been buying her brand of cigarettes for like 30 years from your store now all of a sudden they can't get them anymore? Dauwn the manager of this store refused to compile cause of personal related issues she needs to be looked at. And others to. Margie

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Tyler - 17 h 44 m ago


I was at the circle k in grovetown GA today an the girl working there was talking about how she hated white people. Saying fuck all these crackers. I will never go to that store again.

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U know - 3 d 46 m ago


I was at the store on I 10 and Litchfield their employee was outside with a shopping cart and hit my car. The employee would not give me his info or any of the store info pretty bad I had to call goodyear police to get this info. Nobody has tried to contact me in regards to the damage to my car and I even have called corporate and they won't return my calls..... do not shop at circle k

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Carol - 4 d 33 m ago


I have shopped at the Circle K store located at 10770 Dyer St, El Paso, TX since it first opened many years ago so you can imagine how excited one would be that they were building a larger, more modern store just across the street from the current location. Truth be told the old store was good enough for me but it did need more room to maneuver while getting gas and parking. I was more excited for the manager and employees and watched, waited, held my breath and generally was disappointed they the opening of the store was delayed. This past week they finally opened the new location! Wow, what can I say, awesome store! I'm taking shots with my cell to post on Facebook and let everyone know if they were running late and didn't make a lunch for work they could stop here and get a smorgasbord of goodies, way to go Circle K.

First day in, all new people, second day, same thing, third day I finally asked, "what did you do, lock Scott and the old employees in the cooler" to be told they were no longer there. WHAT? Whose insane idea was that? I felt like I stepped into THE TWILIGHT ZONE! I watched for months the building of the store and as I said it was NOT for myself but for the manager and employees to have a nice place to work.

I have shopped Circle K since the mid 60's and basically stay within my neighborhood when doing so and at present I live farther out Dyer so yes, the store in usually on the way of my drive home but there are times I am not taking that way home and go out of my way to shop at that store. I drive in to the store when I need certain things by passing a Dollar General (that I am also thankful for) that I could purchase from saving me from driving 3 miles to Circle K. Why? Because the manager, Scott and the employees make me feel welcome and it is more than that. It's hard to figure the words I want to use so the easiest way is to say every house is just a house until family is together and it then becomes home.

I will not be posting photos on Facebook, nor will I shop this new store unless your corporate office comes to their senses and bring the old crew back. My lack of shopping there won't make a difference to you because I do have a store a block from work that I also purchase from and I will go 5-7 miles out of my way to shop at the store on 10567 Rushing Scott and his employees are at. One wish is that everyone who is not happy would also write to you. While there is nothing wrong with the new employees there is also not the feeling of longevity with them nor a "welcome to my home" feeling.

Did you ever hear the saying "If it ain't broke don't try to fix it?" You took something and someone that wasn't broke and changed it and the resulting change ruined it. I heard that Scott did not want the responsibility of the new store but I also heard it wasn't offered to him, if it is the latter I certainly hope you come to your senses and reward the man with the store that should have been his to begin with. Those of us that shop at this store had the option of shopping at a 7-11 that is not far from this store but choose to go to Circle K and that was due to the workers.

Five star review was for the old employees not the new store

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joker - 4 d ago


they didnt want to work at the new store... they saw it and got scared of it... too much for them to keep clean... #bunchoflazypeople....

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Rudely treated East Alton Illinois - 5 d ago


The Circle K in East Alton Illinois is filthy the attendants are rude and smell like marijuana

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Anonymous - 5 d 4 h ago


The store manager at circle k in Louisville,ky at Dixie hwy and and Garrs Ln her name is Kathy is very rude and racist and uses profanity in front of employees this is issue needs to get handle real quick are else I will take it futher

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Anonymous - 6 d 20 h ago


I know someone working at your Akron, Ohio store on Manchester Rd. They work eight hours shifts. They are told no half hour lunches. I think Ohio Wage and Hour will be contacted. You have a female manager her screams at workers in front of customers also. After witnessing this for the third time I will not go there again.

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Anonymous - 7 d 6 s ago

I am employed by circle k in Washington Basically have documented lots of things going on that shouldn't be . I work hard no matter what I'm doing or where I'm working I have very good work ethics , but after awhile when you see that even the manager doesn't set examples and by that I mean as a manager setting a good example for your employees is important I feel it is anyway. Because how can you expect an employee to have good work ethics for you if they don't ever see you gaveling them as a manager. Example the manager is logged into a register during the day and more than 10. Times I have been working day shift and the manager leaves and when swing shift gets there the can't log in for there shift because the manager still hasn't been back to count out her register. And even if she is there she tells the next employee coming on to do it for her. And I've heard her laugh and say oh man I could get into trouble for this it's an automatic write up. But still does it. I have came to work and inventory stacked sky hi and asked has anything been checked in? No the manager says haven't had time just put it away they've been being pretty good about getting orders right but don't say anything ok And then she will leave be back at one ok? And bam left running the register putting away inventory doing the roller grill making coffee helping customers and putting away core mart stocking deli it's pretty kaotically crazy for me on those days. It's also in nessesary why would a manager do that every week? I don't mind doing work that's why I have a job but the work doesn't have to be placed on just one person whether they can handle it or not it's not right and something should change because nothing is and it makes me want to not do anything like others who work there. Then what?

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

I'm an employee at the circle k in Ellensburg wa. I love the job but was promised so many things from the manager that never happened. I work xtra hard to try and prove to her what a great employee I am. But for some reason I feel like I am being used more than rewarded. Most of the other employees have been there longer than me but there are a few that don't do shit and yet have no problem bossing others around the customers complain about one employee on a daily basis and they complain to the manager but stil nothing has been done. I have been working hard my whole life and I am ready for a position of leadership yet every time I ask the manager if she could start training me for a management position she tells me that corporate won't let her yet or she has to learn the new system first. Yet she manages to take the time to train another employee there during work hours. The manager also told another employee that it was ok for her to study during her shift instead of doing other work but only until another employee complained about it. There's a couple co workers I work with who are extremely rude and if you even ask one of them to explain anything the one is very defensive and rude about it and the other one just gets freaked out and cries, The bonus assistant wears her pajamas to work sometimes and I've seen the manager wearing a tank top and running the register. Pretty sure managers are suppose to set an example right? Inventory comes on tuesedays and Friday's normally there are two people there during the day m-f 9-3:30 the manager and the bonus assistant well I've came to work at 3 on inventory day and none of the inventory was put away how come? Managers ? Ok something is definitely not right?. Anyway the company I like working for I just think that if corporate actually knew exactly what is going on where I work they absolutley would check more into this store and how management plays favorites or keeps people there just so she doesn't have to work for them . And I feel Even though I've only been there a year I am the hardest worker there and am feeling like it's all for nothing because I'm not being heard that's why I felt I needed to write this thanks

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Pissed off - 7 d 15 s ago

I know what you mean? And I feel like nothing is being done the good workers should be rewarded. And get days off they want at least not treated like shit. And that's exactly whats not happening

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Current employee - 7 d ago


Management unfair favors employees she likes uses ones that are hard workers and leaves all the time during the day mainly on tuesedays and fridays inventory day she and the bonus assistant smoke outside together at least every20 min all day long. Or everytime one of there friends come in out they go again. One employee running the register checking in inventory and core mart and doing all the side duties while two management positions are out smoking that's just not right?

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Brent - 7 d 12 h ago


Just got treated as a coffee thief. Seems the clerk in Boulder, CO thought I look like the kind of person who would pay for a large and steal the extra 2 ounces of coffee to make it an extra large. The only qualification for working for this company is that you must be extremely rude and ignorant.

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Anonymous - 7 d 17 h ago


To whom it may concern Kathy the store manager at the location In Louisville, ky at Dixie hwy and Garrs Ln she is very rasict she don't like black folks at all numerous of customers done said she had called them niggas this issue needs to get resolve also she has an ex employee who comes in the store and takes out garbage he had been fired for calling a customer a black baby Kathy is very unprofessional she use profanity in front of customers another employee by the name of shelby also use profanity in front of customers and stays on her cell phone shelby and Kathy both steals clock time because Kathy leaves and shelby clocks her out at a certain time so it can seem like she has been there the fulltime also her third shift employee Mike smokes weed on the clock Kathy shows her interest in white folks and that is discrimination

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Mike - 8 d 5 h ago

Hears one for false advertisement let's just start with the coffe got a sign right by coffe the highest dollar amount is 1.69 get to counter 2.25 for coffe the when you get gas watch the screen it says all coffe 1.49 ok now bcs all other stores are less than 2.00 for 6 pack circle k 3.00 it all comes from same company so all prices should be the same Circle k is ripping people off . I forgot to interduse myself my name is mike I leave in Tallahassee fl and all off circle Kat are get worse

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lora - 9 d 6 h ago

I went to circle k in lakeland fl on memorial blvd I went to a gentleman who I paid 81.70 to off my debit card. It would not let me pump my gas so I hung up the handle he told me since I didnt pump it would not come off my card in fact it.did come off my card for gas I never got. I go back in the store pay for another 40 for gas and that came off too so why was I charged 80 for gas when I.only got 40. I have my recipts and bank.statements.

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Anonymous - 9 d 11 h ago

I was at the Circle K on u.s. Augusta highway West Columbia on yesterday when to unemployment help me and the other one beat me in the head ripped up my shirt I got a cut on my ear my hand this is all messed up from trying to defend myself a guy helped me and she was beating me on my head ripped up my shirt I got injuries on my face my ear my shirt was completely ripped up and then she took my phone and threw it outside and busted up on the ground I called the police and ask them to look at the tape cuz everything should have been on that camera cuz there's a camera right up above my head so I will be getting in touch with my County Counseling and I will be making a week because the owner told me to leave he don't want my business there no more and didn't even look at the tape himself if he had seen it he would have sold his employees did to me I have already met her report WIS WIS TV news I suggest that you investigate this because I will be making a lawsuit

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Dawn - 10 d 15 h ago


Circle k on Us1 north Saint Augustine Fl try to enter store said they was locking the doors for shift change at 9:10 pm alot of homeless people and drug dealers hanging out front of store really poor conditions at the store really went down hill their very dirty coffee pots not being clean, food equipment dirty bathrooms nasty lost my business need improvements Thank you

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Scott horn - 11 d ago


Second time in a row there was no receipt paper at the pump. I go inside and there's no receipt paper at the register either. You always seem to have time for people for lottery tickets though. Tried posting a complaint on your website, and I couldn't do that either. Definitely won't forget to avoid you in the future.

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Anonymous - 11 d ago

In globe az I reported a complaint I had and wanted corp. number. They called my work stating I wad cussing, I was only reporting what I heard from the workers. I fact it was the cashier that pointed out what they ad said. Typical globe people. I'm glad I'm better than they are. Just won't do business with any circle k again.

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Anonymous - 11 d 4 h ago

My name is Rick mazzzei in Brunswick Ohio store number 5337 at 521 Pearl Road Brunswick Ohio I have a major complaint regarding them ripping off the customer they gave me a wrong product would not let me return it and or give me my money back and or my coupon so your store it be off for $8 I'd like my money back I have the receipt my address is 208 Hemlock Avenue Brunswick Ohio 44212 unit 207 if not I will file complaint with the Better Business Bureau

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Janice - 11 d 5 h ago


Well I can under stand why the employee's at your Atkins store are so very lazy.They are either. Out side smoking or like this morning 2 of them standing up front.Both talking to the subway employee.Then when I go to fill my coffee both girls went to the back.And left me standing at the counter?I do not know who the manager is.But

I am assuming it's the heavy set gal with the light brown hair.Because when it is busy she will let the coffee pots run out.and the cashier will have to leave the register to make coffee.I would think? That if the coffee was running out she would help make it.And every time u go in.There are older men sitting at the table drinking coffee and just get up and not pay for the coffee.I would emagin that if the manager let them drink free coffee she could help the girls make coffee also.I under stand now why every time u go in and there are different girls on the register.They all quit because apparently they get no help. U can go in when it's busy and the 2nd register is never open.I can see why your manager is so lazy.Because your district manager call's before he comes to the store.I have heard them say John is on his way.And they are shuffling to get things organized. My question is why would he call before he comes.I can see why customers go across the road to the Exxon.I think I will have to do the same.

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Circle K store 2722805, corporate policy forces customers to shop elsewhere - 12 d 4 h ago


Circle K Corporate makes decisions that completely go against what their customer base wants. I go out of my way and spend more money than I have to to buy cold Diet Coke at my local Circle K store number 2722805. First corporate tells them they aren't allowed to put any more 12 packs in any cooler to get cold. So I've been buying warm 20 pack and switching out just a couple cold 12oz. cans with couple warm cans from the 20 pack. Now I go in there today and I'm told they're not allowed to chill anymore 12 ounce cans of soda only the large 16-ounce cans. There's no reason for me to shop at Circle K anymore, I'm finished. I can get gas anywhere. I won't give Circle K my business anymore if they don't care about me I don't care about their success.

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