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Circle K Stores Inc

1130 W Warner Rd
Tempe, AZ
Geoff Haxel
(602) 728-8000
(602) 728-5348
Annual Sales Est
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Wayne Cuyler - 1 d 3 h ago


Never, ever go to the Circle K at Ft. Lowell and 1st....absolutely disgustingly filthy.... Food and trash all over the place. Food in the fountain drink spill trays, cups and lids all over. I usually will pick up a stray cup, lid or straw when I go to a place like Circle K, QT, or McDonald's, but to do so here..... The employees were there to get paid to socialize, not work. I'm not ever going there again.

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Anonymous - 1 d 13 h ago


AC NJ 618 am, why is your 24 hour store closed??? the door is unlocked and you let me walk in before you tell me youre closed?? still pumping gas, door unlocked lights on. Tells me he wont be done counting unitl 640. is it at the stores discretion to close?? Mind you they are the only convenience store/ gas station in this area. Thanks, I really just needed a coffee. But your guys behind the counter need 30 mins to count money.

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beth - 2 d 4 m ago


had trouble with a cirkle k in corbin ky on gordon hill tried to get them to set gas pump 3 times then was told by the faty dark haired mng to leave when i asked again for them to set pump. i left but was refused my money back. im glad im a nurse and i have lawyers in my family.And i recorded everything on my phone so i can show it in court.

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Anonymous - 2 d 4 h ago


I have been in your store and have seen customers be happy with the service but there was a day the manager was very rude to customers. I do believe you should do more training on how to be decent with customers. This is not the first time it has happened at this store and have lost dedicated customers to this store all because of the MANAGER in Star Lake NY...

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Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago


I've asked to managers three employees for 3 weeks to order the vuse vibe vapor tank system refill the original the original refill not another flavor and I'm told to call tomorrow and ask for the manager to ask him order it ridiculous do you want my money or not 1075 Duval Street Key West Florida

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Never Going To a Circle K - 4 d 11 h ago


I have been overcharged at 1 of your TN stores and have tries calling and getting my money back. I have called 4 different numbers and have to leave a message. When I need my money I want to talk to a human not leave no message that won't get returned. I have gotten my gas here for years but I will not no more. I will also let everyone else know not to bc if they have a problem and need to talk to someone that they won't get no one but a message machine.Not everyone in this world are rich on oil profits and can afford to miss their money. Alot of us live week to week

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Anonymous - 5 d 4 h ago


My second time in the store on E 95th on Stony Island has been unpleasant twice, the young lady is thin frame and dark skinned. She is very rude and unprofessional and always on her cell phone

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A upset customer feeling scared - 6 d 5 h ago

I live in My pleasant SC. I currently go to your store on longrove drive. I've been trying to. Contact someone at Circle k corp. Guess what a no go! I'm being harassed by one of your male employees averytime I go into the store. I just go in and get a beverage before work. And he's always flirting and throwing hints. Black male about 5/7 or 5/8 hair in little braids and lots of tattoos on his arm. I'm really upset by this and looking into getting a lawyer seeing no-one will contact me back. I work a corp place also and harassment is Not!! Allowed. Maybe someone will contact me by the time I see my lawyer tomorrow...

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disgrunteled - 6 d 12 h ago


Circle K in erlanger ky, has an issue with their crew. could use a do over with that crew. will go across the street to thorton's at least you can get in and out quickly.

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Lisa Bingham - 7 d 23 h ago


Just thought you would like to know your station off Tomahawk and the 60 freeway in Apache Junction around 3:40pm today sold gas to 2 minors about the age of 12, who pumped the gas into a water bottle and a large QT cup which they pulled out of the trash. Check your security cameras.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago


Clerk at Circle K in Charlotte, Nc on Charlottetowne Ave was high, rung up my items and they all smelt like weed. Smh ridiculous.

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Shakayla williams - 8 d 9 h ago


I am at the Circle K location Atlanta Highway and I've came to the store and off the top I saw that the customer service was horrible you had managers store managers assistant managers outside taking smoke breaks while your store is not being ran functionally I tried to fix some coffee for myself and of course I made a mess and then she had to come in and fix it and she got very upset with it then Chloe stated that she doesn't have any help which is just horrible you can see that and I kind of think that the stories you know racist because she is the only black employee that I see around here I don't think that that should hinder her from doing her job and everybody pulling together to work as a team furthermore the manager and the store manager and the assistant manager got an attitude with me and their service wasn't very pleasing I will never come back to the store again not to mention they treated the girl as if we was in slarvery days I will never come back to the store to spend any money and I don't advise anybody else to come in the store to spend any money thank you and I hope you all get to the bottom of this situation.

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James lucas - 8 d 11 h ago

Women hates white guys with tattoos at circle k on oak St in Seymour Indiana she is a manger. Wow really

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Anonymous - 10 d ago


Circle K is my favorite convenience store in the Phoenix East Valley area.

Employees are polite and professional.

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George Williams - 10 d 7 h ago

ON 11-6-2017 I purchased $33.50 in gas and swiped my card outside at the pump to find out that CIRCLE K TAPPED my debit card for $76.00 and as of right has not refunded my funds it's been almost four days I've made several calls to your office and haven't received any response which has led me to seek legal counsel to get my money back as well as punitive damages. CIRCLE K is stealing from their customers and I will never shop there again nor will I recommend anyone to do business with CIRCLE K .

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Don - 10 d 12 h ago


The store at Lee Circle in New Orleans has employees that are rude and an attitude. I will never go back there.

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Disappointing - 10 d 14 h ago

Circle K in Clifton Arizona needs help ASAP roaches old building dirty place disappointing

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Judy - 11 d 8 h ago

have been filling up a 64oz thermos at a couple Circle K's in Florida.

They charged me a refill price of $1. One day last week, I stopped in to the one down the street (BELLEVIEW FLORIDA) to ask them and they said it would be $1.29, which is still very fair. Dont use any cream or anything. I was there for gas today and took it inside to fill it, and they charged me $4. I wasnt prepared for that. I told them they had told me $1.29 just the other day, and they said I was told wrong. IT WAS THE SAME PEOPLE.

I wont go back ever, for Shell gas or anything.

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Bart - 12 d 11 h ago


Done with Circle K, 2nd day in a row they have no coffee, manager tells me, sorry we only have two people. WHAT, does the manager not know how to make coffee. My new store for coffee and gas is QT!!!!

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Unsatisfied - 13 d 7 m ago


Just stoped at Circle K to put gas in my BMW. Had to take care of a feminine obstacle that I incurred before making another stop. Was told that I had to drop my bookbag at the front door. However the clerk was coincidentally serving someone else, a black male with a bookbag who had just gotten off a bicycle. Just did not seem right to me. I felt targeted. The profiling just did not seem to fit.

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CHRIS L. - 13 d ago


Made the mistake of getting gas at a local circle k tonight and paid $2.499 a gallon! Gas station next door was $2.21! Wish I'd seen the sign before paying $56.88! Went on line when I got home and found I'd picked the most expensive gas in town:-( won't make that mistake again.

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Lonnie daniels - 13 d 9 h ago


The circle k in galion ohio wont allow patrons to use their restroom.keeps saying someone stole the key.

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Lynelle - 15 d 45 m ago


I am a faithful. Customer at circle k at Florence and Pottebaum. I will no longer be and if I can all my friends will go to other convenience. Stores here in town I believe. The lady's name is Taylor she is working now 6:00 p.m. on Saturday. The 4th of November. I was .52 cents short on my purchase and I asked they guy who was checking out next to me for it and very loudly. She said " for future reference you can't ask someone next to you for change" the line was long and felt very ashamed I was crying when I left that store, you know maybe in the future the clerks will be a little. More discrete. When addressing a customer.

Former customer

Lynelle M.

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Leigh K - 16 d 12 h ago


The store located on business 17 and 707 has lost a valuable employee. Taylor usually worked the 3 to 11 shift and was always friendly, helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Very busy store especially between 5pm and 9pm but she handled it with no extra help at all. Murrells Inlet, SC can be a busy town and I will try another store since management let her go. This store has went through 4 managers, unlimited turnover and she has been there with it all. Very unfair

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Paul - 16 d 17 h ago


Are you aware of your Butler Street store located in pgh pa is horribly managed? Everyday i see pisspoor conditions such as

: coffee stations with supply of cups condiments. Your atm machines left unsafely open. Hot food is limited. It's very sad that you hired good employees. Store management is horrible.

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