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Circle K Stores Inc

1130 W Warner Rd
Tempe, AZ
Geoff Haxel
(602) 728-8000
(602) 728-5348
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Chrissy - 3 h 25 m ago

When i.walk k.each mother the asst lead pulls my.hand puts me on my.knees makes me suck his penis each day.he works

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Anonymous - 1 d 4 h ago


I used the mhq Marlboro cigarette coupons of which I get 2 a week...I also use my phone number and am able to get your discount as well...they told me yesterday they dont take the mhq coupons because that's "double couponing"?...I have been using them for 6 months why is it now no longer allowed?

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Anonymous - 6 h 22 m ago

I work for circle k, use can use one coupon or another, with the 3 pack discount or package marked $ amount off

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Anonymous - 1 d 8 h ago


I parked my car at the circle k at I77& Sunset Rd (the bigger Circle K) in Charlotte NC, went inside and asked if it was ok to park there that I was riding to SC with a friend and would be back that night to get my car. It's about 2pm I came back at 10pm and my car was gone. I asked the employee that was working if he knows what happen to my car . He told me no his shift just started so I called 911to report it stolen and they informed me that my car was towed from the Circle K. So I called to tow company and asked why I was towed an they told me the MGT. of Circle K had it towed. I don't understand why I was towed it was not even there 24 hours and has cost me over get my car back. That is just wrong. I even looked for signs saying it would be towed and there is not one anywhere I could see. This is just wrong and should illegal.

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Anonymous - 2 d 12 h ago


I am irate will never shop a circle K again

For anything. Ever.

I attempted to buy a phone card there. I say attempted bc it didn't work, that was Friday morning. Let me explain it didn't work bc the cashier put in wrong number. It's now Sunday. Still without phone service they said a manager would be there this morning to help me.. lie... Was told again manager will be there Tomorrow... How many days am I going to get blower off? You all have my 42.00. And it will be the last penny you will ever see of mine. I live in a small town Utica, Ohio. I use to go there Dailey. Gas ciggs pop. Not after this. I have been a good customer. I am appalled that any company wouldn't right their wrong.

Sickened ex customer

Tina Coburn

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Kelly Riley - 3 d ago


Circle K on Bethany Home and 7th Ave in Phoenix decided to clean/mop floors at 7p on a Saturday night. Its 7p on Saturday in August. It's hot. I am wearing flip flops,as are most of customers in Phoenix. Guess what doesn't mix? Wet floors and flip flops. I feel really lucky that that I didn't tear/break/sprain anything when I hit the ground. Not one employee was the least bit concerned that a customer had fallen. That's the second bad experience I've had at that particular Cirlce K and it will be my last. I have lots of choices for convinence stores and Circle K just came off that list of options. I work retail and would be horrified if I saw a customer go to down. And I would never allow floors to be mopped at a high retail hour.

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Kathy - 3 d ago

We just went to the restroom in the Circke K in Mathis, Texas on Hwy 37 at exit #36. All of the women's stall were disgusting. Only one stall was barely useable and even that one had the toilet paper on the floor (one roll was on the back of the toilet). There was blood in one of the toilets and clogged with toilet paper. Another had sand all over the toilet. Yet another had the toilet paper roll in the trash can. There was sand and rocks all over the floor. Get you act together, Circle K!

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Kim Foster - 3 d ago


Just visited the Foothill Ranch Ca. Circle K store. I purchased a 6-pack of beer with an advertised price list of $7.99 but was charged $8.99 at the register. When I asked for the price adjustment, I was told rudely by Giovanni the manager on duty, that was the computer price and he couldn't or wouldn't do anything for me. Plain and simple "False Advertisment". I'm reaching out to Corporate at this time. Beware customers of this kind of practice

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Darrell - 5 d 12 h ago


The circle k on the corner of hwy.51 and Mississippi valley since Kevin the past manager is no longer there has went to crap there's never coffee there in the morning , people working there is smart asses and the new manager tells everyone one if they don't like it they can leave and don't come back I have been getting my gas and goods from every circle k in every state I go but if nothing is done in Southaven Ms I will take my business elsewhere there are others who have said the same thing

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Justin Betts - 5 d 18 h ago


I just recently bought a tobacco product form this store and one of the managers was rude to me.. Every time I get off work and go to get a black and mild she doesn't ask for my ID but when I'm not in my work close then she askes. Now I understand that I need it if asked but there was a guy in front of me that bought cigarettes and she didn't ask for his ID. When I asked why does she do that to just me she made up some lame excuse. I don't like to be disrespected and I would like something done about this problem with her please. The store was in pineville Louisiana across from walgreens

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Debbie - 6 d 36 m ago


Hey, I worked at circle k 1184 where the night shift deals drugs and no one in management seems to care. Several customers complaianed about it but the manager died nothing about it. I was released because of a scam call that had happened to another employee , but we were never warned about. I was working with a new person to, so we did not it was a scam. Since it had happened before , how did managers never warn us about it.

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Debbie - 6 d 37 s ago

I also have an attorneys looking into this .

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Rhonda - 6 d 4 h ago

I and a co worker were at at circle k in Pasco Wa, on Rd. 100 I was trying to fill up my soda cup and the machines were sputtering, I was told by a cashier in a sarcastic tone that it is obviously not working, so I stopped. My co worker and I had to use the nacho trays for a couple of hot dogs because they we out of hot dog trays. And out of onions, any ways when we got to the checkout another employee supposedly the manager told us rudely that we were not to use the naco trays for hot dogs and I told her they we out. She said that now they were going to run out of the nacho trays too. I told her that they have some very rude people working there her including. As my co worker handed her the money she ripped it out of his hand. I stop there daily for a drink and full up my gas tanks for both vehicles. It is the last time I will ever go there.

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Ag - 6 d 6 h ago


Well this place is horrible you put in $10 worth of gas and they take a $76 hold on your money from a debit card I never heard of that they did it three times to me you're holding over $150 on my debit card never go to this place again

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Becky - 7 d 12 h ago


I would like to praise a worker at the Circle K in Elyria Ohio - Corner of Lagrange Road and Elyria-Oberlin Road - his name is S. Marcus - at least that's what is on the receipt. He was SO PLEASANT - very friendly - smiled - made my early morning "going to work" day start with a smile. KUDOS!! I don't know who to send this to so would you please it gets to his manager. Sincerely, a loyal Circle K customer!

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Stanley; regular customer - 7 d 17 h ago

You guys have a store located in Gainesville Florida right on the corner of Waldo Rd and 53rd Avenue. I got to the location at 3am, after my 12 hour work shift at performance food group. Your employee was outside socializing and didn't feel like going in the store so she told me the store was closed. I am a dissatisfied customer and feel that I deserve better customer service and not to be lied to about business hours.

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Antonia - 9 d 5 h ago


Can't believe these bathrooms, store on Angora Loop and Dyer in El Paso TX... no toilet paper or towels, discussting toilets as if the daily maintenance is missing...unable to upload pictures but send me an email and I would love to share (hidden).

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Jeff - 10 d ago


Over a month ago I made a complaint to the Texas office about the store down here and Laredo Texas when I buy $50 worth of stuff I should have at least get a plastic bag to put the stuff in to carry it out of the store I'm at back in the same store today and I still had the same problem today but I didn't buy $50 worth of stuff cuz I knew what to expect Circle K lost my business

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Jeff - 10 d ago


After reading all these reviews it seems like the money that Circle K is making they can afford a plastic bag or they could afford to upgrade and keep their stores clean you show an annual gross income of what you guys make just think if you had a nice or people working there decent customer service cleaner facilities you could damn near triple that

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James Swindle - 10 d 9 h ago


I like how they treat their Disabled Veterans they come in all the time and buy gas and other items been going there for years and no they have a girl working at the one at Horn Lake Rd and Goodman Rd in Horn Lake MS by the name of Kasey who made fun of a disability and when I turned my back cause I did not mean to drop the money on the counter made fun of me with the next customer and then I sent the wife and kid in to get a drink and she was still making fun of me behind my back just hoping to here from you on this matter and take care of it at a corporate level and go after her for the full effects she put on me and fire her and send her packing cause if I do not hear from you in the next day I'm going to my attorney with the matter so this never happens again to any other person and by the way all Kasey said I have you on camera my email is (hidden)

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Dev369 - 10 d 14 h ago


It seems Circle K doesn't care about their rating or how their stores are doing. I've seen so many bad reviews for a local Circle K and there's been no improvement. People read the reviews and they don't want to go there because it sounds really bad because it is. the local store I'm talking about has a drive-through car wash and it's horrible there are so many bad things that have happened in compliance and they don't do anything about it, nothing.

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Anonymous - 12 d ago


3210 S.Zarzamora. Horrible customer service. Sale on shelf says one thing but when i tell the clerk she tells me I'm wrong and yells away me. Will never return to this location again.

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CHERYL M - 12 d 3 h ago


This is TOTALLY unacceptable. I was told by Miss Sarah Heilig (Assistan Manager) that I would get my car fixed. IT LOOKS AWFUL. Just because a car or two that may have had nothing happen to theirs does not mean it did not happen to mine. I DO NOT LIE. I went through your carwash had damage to my car. Again I have 2 witnesses. Obviously I need to go up the Chain Of Command to get this taken care of. I also do not appreciate the way in which you spoke to me the other day when I asked for an apology because of the way CIRCLE K is handling this. Three times I asked for an apology because You Ms. Mangin said You personally did not say my car would not get fixed. You (represent CIRCLE K) and Ms Sarah Heilig (the Assistant Manager) told me to get two estimates I did You spoke over me several times and said YOU were not going to give me an apology for what Ms. Heilig said as YOU were the one that should have made the call to whether or not to get estimates. YOU took that out on me... I have two witnesses to this conversation as well as two witnesses that were there after my car had the stripping RIPPED OFF MY CAR. This is ludicrous to have to go through this when I had to wait 17 days before anyone even contacted me (hoping I would let it go ) as I had to call 12 times to the store and different locations to finally get someone to assist me to get to the proper person to assist me. I am disabled I have a heart condition and this has caused me panic and anxiety. I told you that I am starting a new job working a few hours a week working with a person with disabilities and my car should not have to look like this just because I WENT THROUGH A CAR WASH. I do not deserve to be treated with such disrespect or dismissed like the situation did not happen when IT DID. I was told to get two estimates by Ms Sarah Heilig (Assistant Manager) and I did. I was then LIED too by Ms.Angela Benton Manager) that corporate was going to contact my insurance company WHATTTTT???? I called my insurance company (as I did give this information to Ms. Sarah Heilig) they said no one from Circle K ever called. AGAIN just away to LIE to the consumer ME and cause me PANIC AND ANXIETY!!!!! Which trust me you have Ms. Mangin. I went through your car wash have pictures of damages and have witnesses and there numbers. I have contacted THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU what more do I need to do. They saw what I did the stripping lying in the middle of the car wash as the left top stripping was ripped off the top of my car. THERE WAS NO SIGN SAYING ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am going to contact the president immediately and tell him of the humiliation, carelessness, and down right disrespect of a consumer trying to get what was promised on July 10, 2018 at 4:42 pm by Ms. Sarah Heilig (Assistant Manager) at 3294 Telegraph Rd St. Louis, Mo 63125. I nor any customer should have to be LIED too or be put through an emotional turmoil like you have put me through when the right thing to do since I was PROMISED BY YOUR EMPLOYEE is to fix my car..... I have witnesses and the car wash damaged my car going through your car wash due to your dryer ripping off my stripping.

WHY WOULD YOU DENY TODAY (after 23 days later only talking to me twice) TO FIX MY CAR WHEN I WAS PROMISED TO HAVE IT FIXED?

Outraged Consumer,

Cheryl M

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Anonymous - 14 d 13 h ago


Circle K store Tallahassee Florida North Monroe Lake Jackson. Customer service is awful at the store. Drink Machine is always nasty no cups everything's run-down looking in the store. I have complained several times and the cashier looks at me with a blank look. Spoke with someone servicing the drink machines and they say it's the management issues in the store. Well then I suggest someone doing something about the manager at this location. Cashiers behind the cash register are always on their cell phones I have video them sitting in the parking lot as my husband waited in line to pay. They are in no hurry to wait on anyone.

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Kim - 12 d 5 h ago


And You are sorughtabour the fountain drinks being nasty, and time I get fountain drink and I had lizard in my cup , I drunk the cold drink until I got to the I and seen a lizard in it could've died. I got no respond yet I were so sick after that.

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