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Citigroup Inc.

Citi Bank
399 Park Ave.
New York, NY
Vikram Pandit
CEO and Director
(212) 559-1000
Twitter IDs
@Citigroup, @Citi
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Infuriated Don in Miami - 6 d 10 h ago


My wallet was stolen and the thief tried to use my Citi card it at Walmart. Took a month to finally talk to the Miami detective. Then the Detective gave Walmart security the wrong date of the charge so again more time has slipped by with no progress. Now Walmart can't find the incident on tape and needs the credit card number. I made numerous calls to Citi trying to get the account number of my account (The account I CLOSED) to give to Walmart security who trying to get the tape before it is over written if not already. I called the customer service (?) number and the agent and the agents supervisors would not give it to me.... company policy


I called Citi corporate which was another exercise in stupidity as they do everything to block callers from customers. On my last call I waited for 20 min to get an answer at the switchboard with no luck. CITI is glad to take my money but do not call them.....THEY DON'T WANT TO BE BOTHERED WITH CUSTOMER CALLS.

Wasted hours on the phone with CIti which was an exercise to total stupidity and did nothing but infuriate me and raise my blood pressure....all because Citi would NOT give me my old account number.... They said for my my security???? Because of their 'Security" policy not go give the customer his old, closed account number, the guy that stole my wallet and tried to fraudulently use my credit card will walk free to steal again.... thank's to Citi's concern for my security ?

Well for security I will CANCEL my Citi credit card and also my Costco membership card and send letters to their CEO's telling them my story and telling them where they can stick my canceled cards.

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Anonymous - 7 d 16 h ago


I can not believe they they will not work with me on late payment option, I do not hold any balance and always made payments on time. we had 3 card with them and when i said i will not like to keep them , they said ok we can close them. My credit is excellent and i can's imagine they will loose 3 accounts over late payment. LOL. never going back with them. customer service was very poor and rude.

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Anonymous - 13 d 16 h ago


They are annoying when it comes to talking to a bank rep on the telephone. They list a phone number to call your branch and then you get a recording asking you for information to contact a specific person, which is not available to you. They give you a business card with their number on it and they never answer. I live and work in Washington, DC. In order for me to even verbally communicate with my branch (only because it is closet to my home) I have to call another DC branch and they in turn call the branch I need to speak with and they still do not call you. I am trying to get a refund for a lost cashier's check the 2nd of October 2017. I was told the next week, upon discovering it never reached the hands of the intended recipient, that it would be refunded to my account the following week, which would have been the week of October 14th. Weekly I am being told "tomorrow" and it never comes. This past Friday I was told by a rep, whose name I won't share, that if I call his direct line, he will answer and he assured me that it would be posted to my account by this Monday. It has not and I am still not able to reach him at the number he gave me on November 3rd. He even had to nerve to tell me that is their policy to refunds a payment in 60 days! It old him, that was wrong because the rep that did the paperwork never told me this. I am beginning to think these banks that are based outside the US are stealing our money and being deceitful in their practices. I know they are a big bank, but working class citizens are being taken for a ride and we are left with little choices if we want to get paid, especially when big agencies force us to do direct deposit for our pay.

Amazing that the Feds let them get away with this kind of practice.

Not Happy With CitiBank in Washington DC!!!!!

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Cynergy Egbert - 25 d 5 h ago


I have been banking at your Key Biscayne branch for 14 years and no one ever answers the phone

You have had 25 different managers and I never see the same people twice

I just need to change a savings account number and the branch manager says he has to go thru boxesupstairs to find original paperwork because accounts are not computerised!!!

I have waited over a week and even your call center can not get the branch to answer phone

Manager has bee there three months and has no idea what past 25 managers did with files and boxes

I just need to change account number

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Jan Herman - 36 d 9 h ago


I was denied the $500 promotion amount for opening a checking account. Details are as follows: Opened a new Citi checking account on 4/24 with $50,000 On 4/25 requested that federal retirement benefits be direct deposited into new account Received a confirmation that the direct deposit would start on 6/1 (monthly benefits) I was denied the $500 for the following reason: "The required direct deposits were not made within the stated timeframe" The promotion states: "One qualifying direct deposit must post to the new checking account each month for two consecutive calendar months after opening the new account." The direct deposits started on June 1 and have been direct deposited on the first of each month (June, July, August, September, October). When looking at this promotion online today, the qualifications are the same with one addition: "the direct deposit must post within 60 days after account opening". Since the promotion that I was in was "silent" on the timeframe for the direct deposit, it is open to interpretation.

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Lewis - 48 d 12 h ago


I had a Citibank Card paid in full and closed 2008. I refinanced my home this year and unfortunately credit report showed both paid in full and a remaining balance >$4K for this 2008 Citibank Account. The mortgage refinance company said had to make checks out to payoff any debtors listed. A check for this remaining balance was mailed to Citibank over a month ago and cashed. Despite ongoing communication with Citibank customer service, payment managers, and their payment investigations department by phone, fax, and in writing; no funds have been returned. The attorney for the mortgage refinance company has also assisted me; trying to make contact with the appropriate depts./persons. It has not been possible to consistently speak to any one person so scenario must be repeated each time....very time consuming, frustrating with no results; just empty promises.

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dhpeter - 54 d 18 h ago


someone charged my card without authorization. i disputed the charge.talked with so called executive one isfriendly, no one has knowledge. i am a very good customer and sharehilder. i charge on average 5k a month and pay off every cent monthly.

their loss. i canceled my account

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Paula Info at 21:10, Sep 26: Welcome A Citi representative will help you in approximately 0 minutes 57 seconds. Info at 21:11, Sep 26: Within this chat window, do not share such information as your security word or expiration date. To help safeguard your account, we may send you a secure, electronic form you can use for sensitive information. This chat may be recorded or monitored. You are now chatting with Paula. Welcome to Citi Live Chat. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. How may I help you? You at 21:11, Sep 26: PLEASE SEND APPLICATION TO OPEN A NEW CREDIT CARD ...MY ADDRESS IS 2230 LAKE PARK DR 21 SAN JACINTO CA 92583 Paula at 21:12, Sep 26: Hello Lui. Paula at 21:12, Sep 26: Great to hear that you are interested in opening a new credit card account. You at 21:12, Sep 26: 8041 ARE THE LAST #S OF MY OLD CREDIT CARD Paula at 21:12, Sep 26: I will be glad to help you with the online link to apply for a new credit card. You at 21:13, Sep 26: I NEVER CLOSED MY ACCT You at 21:14, Sep 26: I'VE BEING G A LOYAL CUSTOMER FOR A LONG TIME. I WOULD LIKE THE SAME RATE OF 7. 99 Paula at 21:15, Sep 26: Yes, I understand, Lui. Paula at 21:16, Sep 26: We do not have an option to send application form. However, you can apply for a new card online anytime. Paula at 21:17, Sep 26: Let me help you with the online link. You at 21:17, Sep 26: YOSERVICES ARE TERRIBLE INCLUDING THE ONE WHO CLOSED MY ACCOUNT SINCE 2015...I NEVER KNEW IT WAS CLOSED. IY WAS VERY LATE TO RE-OPEN IT. ...ACCORDING TO YOUR CO. REGULATIONS. I THINK THAT IS NOT THE CASE..REALLY. THIS IS ANOUT CONSIDERATION. You at 21:18, Sep 26: CITI BANK HAS BEING KILLING ME LITTLE BY LITTLE ...MAKING FEEL BROKEN AND DESVASTATED You at 21:19, Sep 26: SEND A NEW APPLICATION WITH SAME PERCENTAGE Paula at 21:19, Sep 26: I am really sorry about this. I understand your situation. You at 21:20, Sep 26: IT WAS NEGLIGENCE INCLUDING THE ATTITUDE FROM MANGER SUZANNE...THE ONE WHO CLOSED MY ACCT Paula at 21:21, Sep 26: I am really sorry, we do not have an option to send new application form for applying for a new card. However, let me help you with a online link to apply for a new card. Paula at 21:21, Sep 26: Please visit to apply for a new card. You at 21:22, Sep 26: DO YOU HAVE ANY OPTIONS WITH A LITTLE OF HAPPINESS FOR A NEW ACCOUNT? OTHERWISE ... CITIBANK CLOSED IT'S DOORS FOR ME FOR EVER? You at 21:23, Sep 26: MY CREDIT IS VERY GOOD...PERHAPS IT IS A LITTLE EXTRA BETTER THAN BEFORE WITH NO DEBTS WHATSOEVER Paula at 21:24, Sep 26: You are our valued client, we do not want to lose our client. Paula at 21:24, Sep 26: You can certainly click the above link and apply for a new credit card. You can find multiple credit cards with different offers. You at 21:25, Sep 26: IT IS INCREDIBLE I WAS EXCLUDED FROM YOUR CREDIT LINE EVEN WHEN I WANTED TO MAKE A BALANCE TRANSFER (WITH MGR SUZANNE) WITH AN OFFER RECEIVED BY MAIL IN 2014 You at 21:26, Sep 26: THE RATE I USED TO HAVE INCLUDIN G IN MY OFFER ...WAS 6.99 Paula at 21:26, Sep 26: Yes, I understand, Lui. You at 21:27, Sep 26: SUZANNE GAVE A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AND I COULDN'T STAND HER BY PHONE. SHE WAS SHOUTING AT ME. I'M DISABLE Paula at 21:27, Sep 26: I am really sorry about the previous experience. You at 21:27, Sep 26: NO PATIENCE AND COMPASSION Paula at 21:28, Sep 26: I can understand how frustrating this must be. I apologize for the inconvenience. You at 21:28, Sep 26: WAS MY ACCT CLOSED IN APRIL 2015 ...OR FEBRUARY? Paula at 21:28, Sep 26: I see that your account was closed on 02/17/2016. Paula at 21:30, Sep 26: I am sorry, are we still connected? You at 22:39, Sep 26: NO IT WAS NOT CLOSED THAT YEAR You at 22:39, Sep 26: ANOTHER MANAGER TODAY GAVE ME ANOTHER DATE You at 22:41, Sep 26: IT IS INCREDIBLE HOW CITI KEEP ON MISLEADING ME...I HAVE THE OFFER LETTER RECEIVED BY MAIL REGARDING THE BALANCE TRNSFER WITH NO INTEREST BAK IN 2014 You at 22:42, Sep 26: THIS A MATTER OF LEGAL ASSISTANCE AND OR A SUBPOENA Paula at 21:34, Sep 26: I am sorry, as per our end I see the closed date as 02/17/2016. Paula at 21:34, Sep 26: I am sorry for the miscommunication from previous person. You at 22:43, Sep 26: LET THE COURT HOUSE FINDING A BETTER HAPPY RESOLUTION FOR ME....JUSTIFICATION IS NEEDED Paula at 21:35, Sep 26: We will certainly route it through our internal communication. You at 22:44, Sep 26: A CREDIT CARD IS PART OF OUR LIFE....MAKING PURCHASES, PAYING BILLS, EMERGENCIES, ETC You at 22:44, Sep 26: IT IS NOT FAIR You at 22:44, Sep 26: I KEEP ON MAKING PAYMENTS..IT IS NOT FAIR You at 22:45, Sep 26: PLEASE SEND A NEW APPLICATION Paula at 21:37, Sep 26: Yes, I really understand, Lui. Paula at 21:37, Sep 26: I am sorry, we do not have an option to send new application form. However please visit to apply for a new card. You at 22:45, Sep 26: EXAMPLE: You at 22:47, Sep 26: IF I'M DIAGNOSED WITH A REMINAL ILLNESS AND I AM IN THE HOSPITAL (BEING IN A COMA, ETC) ...MISSING PAYMENTS...OR MY MY CARD BEING CLOSED (FOR ANY REASON) .....IS YOUR COMPANY GOING TO CLOSE THE DOORS FOR mE? ANY CONDIDERATION? You at 22:48, Sep 26: COMPASSION? You at 22:48, Sep 26: ARE YOU GOING TO SEND NEW APPLICATION? You at 22:49, Sep 26: WOW. HOW HORRIFIC You at 22:49, Sep 26: INCREDIBLE Paula at 21:41, Sep 26: I really understand. I would have really helped you with the form. But, due to chat limitation, we are unable to send an application form. Paula at 21:42, Sep 26: However, you can visit the online link to apply for a new card. Paula at 21:42, Sep 26: We also have a separate department on this, let me help you with the contact number. You at 22:50, Sep 26: AND THE LADY GOT AWAY WITH IT...AFTER MANIPULATING THE SYSTEM....BRAKING UP THE CO. RULES ...DISCRIMINATING ME... You at 22:52, Sep 26: I GOT THE NUMBER...THANK YOU....PLEASE TAKE THIS CONVERSATION TO ESCALATING DEPARTMENT ...THE CASE NEEDS TO BE RE=VIEWED AND RE-OPENED...THIS IS NOT TO BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED You at 22:53, Sep 26: EVER SICE I WAS TAKEN FOR GRANTED Paula at 21:45, Sep 26: I am sorry, we do not have an option to send application form due to chat limitations. You can contact our specialist at 1-(hidden). TDD/TTY: 1-(hidden) . You at 22:54, Sep 26: PLEASE THIS IS EVIDENCE OF MY HONESTY AND HUMBLENESS...THIS IS A DOCUMENT

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Sonja Jeneen ( D-dah) Pritchett - 57 d 14 h ago


Illegal US attorney's have been stealing myself and all 8 of my children's Trusts funds. My name is Sonja Jensen Pritchett 52768 1513, I have 7sons & 1 daughter. Steven Thompson 92387, Samona Drink 51789, Sedrick Holcomb 3191, Slone Wofford 3994, Sergio Bridges 3695, Syrus Jackson 81697, twins Seth Chapman & Syed Chapman 112299. They've illegally placed people over the accounts leaving myself and children homeless since 2014. They pay everyone that I come into contact with. They've been filing lawsuits since 2011, leaving us to squat in abandoned buildings in inhuame conditions& or double up ( with others) while they live good off of our funds. No one has done anything to help us or has given us our funds. Whenever I go to the different banks they lie to me right after I've provided them with everything that they need. Google Syed Chapman. Reasearch Micheal Jackson vs FDIC. That's my money that they stole, by placing my social security number under this illegal person that committed perjury in the court of law and they paid off the judge and clerks.

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Allan Provost - 67 d 19 h ago


Citi Bank has the worst "Contact us" number ever put on the back of a credit card. The voice prompt immediately starts yacking away, tellling you your balance, recent payment, credit limit, etc. when you called for a completely different reason. It is nearly impossible to get this mechanical moron to provide you any other service connection.

I called today to cancel a purchase I made less than an hour ago. It seems the bank has no ability to do that. The purchase must be processed, posted and charged. Only then can you issue a complaint, What an incompetent bank.

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Betty - 172 d 14 h ago


All we can do is rate them. They are

too big and powerful.

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Trevor - 101 d 16 h ago


WRONG! Go to your attorney generals office and file a complaint. They are stealing from the consumer.

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Trevor - 101 d 16 h ago


An additional $350 was removed from my checking account and all I received is a sucks to be you notice from a cust. service rep. THIS IS THEFT! It appears my attorney general will be investigating Citibank on my behalf however I'm the one screwed and out $350. My wife worked at Citibank in Hagerstown, MD and stated this happens all the time. I can't wait to read how big their fine will be.

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Grove City Ohio - 105 d 15 h ago


Citibank dba Searscard charged my credit card $20.27 for a June 6 2017 purchase from merchant Walmart. I did not recognize and formally disputed the charge, specifically asking for a copy of the charge. Citibank Searscard responded with a letter stating that it "had requested a copy of the sales receipt for the disputed transaction from the merchant....they have not sent a copy of the charge to us." Despite the lack of documentation, Citibank Searscard wrote "we consider this charge to be valid", offering no proof whatsoever. And, Citibank threatened to "report (my) account as past due to the consumer reporting agencies". This is collusion between Citibank and Walmart. It is against the public interest for a bank ad its credit card subsidiary to seek payment without any documentation of a charge...Citibank must reverse the charge.

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Bill Masters - 107 d 21 h ago


To whom it may concern Citi credit cards have the worst reputation and I can see why I have spent several months presenting documentation that shows Shenandoah Ford missed diagnosed a problem with my vehicle at a cost of $2,700 they signed a document after paying that money that they would find the problem for nothing and give me 10 hours at no charge to repair it yet Citi Visa refused to address the issue and walk away suggesting that they had no adequate documentation this is a bold-faced lie and a waste of a great deal of my time documenting the dealers error. It is a sad day good Citi Visa lacks Integrity to address this issue. I will further contact Costco who now Associates with Citi Visa cards.

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Vicki - 109 d 19 h ago


This bank is the WORST! I have been trying to resolve a double charge on my credit card and did everything the disputes department asked me to do and they still haven't resolved it! It's a simple fix but they keep giving us the run around... will never do business with them again! Talked to a supervisor and got no where plus she was rude.

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PAMELA - 174 d 9 h ago


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Y.Denson - 183 d 48 m ago

My credit card I stolen IN PA and used at a CITI ATM 35-51Queens NY location. Called CITI customer service to inquire how it could happen. NO help. The fraudulent transaction has to be processed by a CITI employee.

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J.M. - 187 d 13 h ago


Gross incompetence.

Own a small business and have been using Citi for nine years. Got a letter stating they are going to close my account because I haven't gotten in touch with them to update my info. Turns out they had the wrong email address.

Then, I fill out the "beneficial ownership declaration" and send it in. The genius that received it claimed I didn't put two pieces of info in - revenue and description of services/products. I directed her attention to where I filled it in and she saw it.

Three days later, she said I didn't write in what country I'm a citizen of - I did - I checked the box U.S. citizen and faxed it again with United States handwritten in BIG letters in the boxes.

Just got another email from Courtney saying those boxes did not show what country I'm a citizen of. Oh. My. God.

No wonder this bank had to have its ass bailed out.

This is pathetic.

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JM - 187 d 13 h ago


So why is old Vikram's name on this site? He's going to read these complaints?! Ha. "Too big to fail and too big to give a shit" about its customers.

Oh and zero stars. Like this rating system does anything.

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Fraud alert I have been had. - 203 d 16 h ago

Fraud is the best way to describe the Citi double cash card. A security person needs to contact me asap about the activity on my account.


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Gloria J. Lee - 218 d 16 h ago


I was a customer from 2002. I tried to switch from Thank You rewards card to the new promotion offering double cashback. Once when you charge and once when you pay. I no longer have an account with your company due to the obnoxious supervisor in Florida that took the call from the routine customer service rep I was speaking with. I was told when I asked about the promotion 2 weeks back that it would be approximately 3 days. In reality, it is more like 10 business days. This was not said to me. The Florida supervisor had an edge to her voice when I said just close this account. She said "you are going to throw this credit card away after being with us for 15 years? You understand you can never reopen this account." I said I understand. Her respone. "Fine. As of this minute this account is closed." My question to you is, how could you allow a well paying customer like myself get away? Is this the state of business today? I expected better. I will find another credit card company. Maybe with more concern. Maybe not. It won't be Citibank or Citicard.

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Markjr - 221 d 19 h ago


CEO Barbara J. Desoer


Asst. Roz

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Susan Turner - 1 y ago

I have not been unhappy with my service by my Citi Bank credit card, but I am very unhappy with the fact that citigroup is helping to fund the oil pipeline at Standing Rock. I would assume you've heard from many people about this, asking you to stop your part in the funding of this pipeline. We must stop NOW in our abuse of the Native Americans, and this is the place to begin. I will be cancelling my account of over 20 years if I don't hear Citibank is pulling their funding. Just as PNC Bank stopped funding the removal of mountain tops in West VA. - I want Citibank to stop funding this pipeline.

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della - 1 y ago

Here here aligning with you there.

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della - 1 y ago

Here's another one

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