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Citigroup Inc.

Citi Bank
399 Park Ave.
New York, NY
Vikram Pandit
CEO and Director
(212) 559-1000
Twitter IDs
@Citigroup, @Citi
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soni pujari - 6 d ago


citi bank such funny bank this bank just grabing money for overdraft .. system never update account immedately once account money less immedately they charged $34.00 customer service totaly fools and unqualifed fools. citi bank totaly corrupated bank in the world

wire fees $35 fooling customer again . I am going to close my account .

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Dave Hil - 14 d ago


I am David ,

I have been with Citi for over ten year off and on , everyone I have been dealing with regard to customer service are great people until I got a call from Mariah Jordan from citi security according to her , with her phone number (hidden) Mariah called me with question about the fraudulent charge on my account as of the time she called I told her yes I am driving but I can still answer your question . As the question go on I did not understand what she was actually asking when she ask me if had done business with a particular company and said yes though the amount was know specify by Mariah Jordan right she said' I am placed all the fraudulent charges back to your account " just like that and I ask why? she said" A chip card cant be duplicated" please somebody should tell her it is possible , she became Rude and arrogant over the phone and hang up me , then I called with the number she called me from and request for Supervisor she said " a supervisor will call you back till today no one has call me back

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Raymond Santos - 15 d ago


So much to say and yet what I might say will not reflect the grief this bank has caused me.

I've been in business 58 years, the last 12 years with Citi Bank with I believe a near perfect accounts.

However, they decided to withhold payment for 7 checks I wrote this month.

I did open a new account but did not close the old one. It still remains open with more than sufficient funds.

Called a customer service agent who indicated a call back...none received..

They are blaming my lack of response, however why should I respond to a phone call to a number that

is on Google as a scam number...Is that in Nigeria?? Totally unprofessional. Certainly lacks any consideration for my safety and security protection.

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James Muhindi - 18 d 21 h ago


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drakkarmn - 18 d ago


Well I have been trying since 02 September 2018 to get my checking account reinstated as my payment source. It tells me account all exists yet I can not online access it to make a pymt. I have spent 7 hrs between flunkies to supervisor and no one seems to know WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE DOING

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Roxzy - 49 d ago


Definitely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. No one knows how to do anything; the supervisors are idiots; the service reps are from the PhIllippines and don't even know their service hours; you can barely understand what they are saying and the don't comprehend well what you are saying (NO OFFENSE TO PHILLIPPINOS AT ALL) They are confused and they all say something different no matter how many times you call in one day. I am changing my bank; I am sure they don't care cause i am just a little guy; working paycheck to pay check. This service is atrocious and CITIBANk should be shame of themselves.

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Anonymous - 47 d 17 h ago

Yes were having the same problem might get evicted by we can't even get into our own acct citi card IS THE WORST BANK IVE EVER DEALT WITH. SHAME ON YOU GUYS

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Jim Goodwin - 23 d ago

All customer service does is nothing normally. I'm told 24/7 banking. What a joke. My accounts are shut down at 10 pm to 6 am for tech difaculties daily. Customer service says updating my account.... 8 hours !!!... just another lie among many from c s. This new app format is horrible. The former app was perfect for years... now just broken promises and lies from customer service. Wow... bad news!!!

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Ellen MA - 30 d 19 h ago

Why has customer service been outsourced to the Philippines? Are there none in the U.S.A.? That's why we are having so much difficulty, just ask where your representative where they are from they'll answer you.

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Janis - 26 d 18 h ago


I have the same problem with Citi Bank, you'll excuse the expression, customer service, The customer reps. from the Philippines have very thick accents. I can't understand them and they have trouble understanding me. The reps. are not customer service oriented. They sound like they're reading from a script and if you ask a question that isn't covered by that script they have no idea what to do. I just applied for a CITI card. For some reason I can't seem to get my card sent by the company. Ever time I call I get a different excuse. Not sure I even want the card anymore. Will be contacting the corporate office in NY. Wish me luck.

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Katie - 28 d ago


Citibank is literally going downhill fast. I used to like this bank. Over the past 2 years, everything has gotten worse and each phone call or visit to a branch further solidifies the drastic lows in customer service I see people complaining about across the Internet. However, my main complaint is not the outsourcing of customer service to other countries, the ridiculous automate system I have to sit through on the phone, or the refusal to open a business account for me with no reason, but the fact that I can no longer deposit checks over the phone. Your app is too difficult to use for mobile deposit! It never takes the picture, no matter how much light or how close I get to the check. It's obnoxious and just one more reason I am beginning to hate the corporation. Please fix your app! I will likely be moving all of my account from CitiBank the further this goes on.

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MNA - 29 d 10 h ago


After 12 years with Citi, I finally closed both of my credit card accounts on the back of one horrible hour I spent on the phone with Ayush and then his supervisor, Mohit. I recorded the latter portion of the call during which I grew increasingly frustrated and told the supervisor that I was recording the call and was leaning toward closing both of my accounts and forwarding a copy of the recording to Citi Corporate. His response: "Well, sir, that's not really a threat to me." Everything that came after was down hill. I'm done with this miserable corporation. I will be opening new accounts with one of my local credit union come Monday.

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Sara - 28 d ago


Absolutely terribly! I spoke with all Americans right here in America- out west- they have zero compassion zero customer service skills- I was made to feel like complete trash!

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Sara Waite - 28 d ago


WORST WORST WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE! I have a Home Depot Credit card and it is through Citibank.. I have been a customer for over 3 years have always paid on time, have never had an issue... Recently I did a balance transfer to pay my Home Depot card in full... It took 2 weeks for the balance transfer to go through and my promo interest expired and I got charged 150 dollars... I was also due for a payment or I would get a late fee, I spent 2 hours on the phone getting transferred to many different representatives (ALL IN THE US ALL AMERICAN) Not one single person would help me, they wouldn't change the bill due date even thought they could see the pending payment for the entire credit card balance. I had no choice to pay $50 to the account to avoid a late payment and a late fee, and the manager that I spoke with told me that the interest promo wouldn't be extended but would be adjusted after the payment actually posted. I at that point would have to call back in and get the adjustment. I finally after finding the Home Depot corporate phone number spoke with someone who advised that the credit card company is a separate entity, and thats when I realized it was Citibank (its not advertised on the card) She got me in to citibank with a female representative (all the other reps were men who treated me like trash) by the way I am a nurse who just lost my job due to facility closure... The woman I spoke with looked at the account promised to set a reminder and adjust my bill for the interest and any other fees once the payment processed in full. Well It has been 3 weeks, the payment posted in full 3 weeks ago, I still have not received my credit and I was charge 29 dollars in interest on the 150 dollar interest charge that is remaining on the account ( it says interest on purchases but I haven't used the card in months) I just spoke with another representative who told me that it hadnt been adjusted yet and she had to call to another department who had to process it... She told me she took care of it and I would see the credits for all interest charges adjusted within 72 hours... We will see if that happens... This is by far the worst customer service experience I have ever encountered in my life... Choose a different credit card company they dont appreciate their customers and they're very demeaning and derogatory!

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Anonymous - 30 d 3 h ago


My name is domingo rivera Citibank is the worst customer service they hung up on me do you believe that they bounced a check I got charged 82 dollar fee from the people I paid with the balance transfer now I tell them it was their fault and they hung up I will never bank with them or use their credit cards again

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Anonymous - 32 d ago


This company has the worst customer service I have ever dealt worth. After one hour of trying to speak with a human in any Boca Branch I have given up. I call NYC and ask for Vikram Pandit and am sent to the Philippines after 5 minutes she transfer me and disconnects me. I call again and get sent to Philippines and told the person all I want to do is ask a question about opening an account and he asks me for my account number.

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JC from BOCA - 32 d 20 h ago

I thought CITI was great back in March when I was approved for a CITI card thru Costgo and received a $3,000 line of credit. I have spent over $17,500 and paid over $15,600 on time. It appears that CITI has a link to Home Depot CC and that because I was late on paying $100.00 on a $500.00 line my limit was reduced by $650.00..... which in turn put me over the limit by $0.75 which means that you loose instant availability because you are over the limit. What I do not understand is how people can make statements on the phone without proper information. I was told by Customer Service that the hold was placed on the payment because I had to many payments in the cycle. Well it was the first payment in the cycle that is what one will call bad BS.... Now I have to wait 30 days to be reinstated which is when maybe Home depot will report the payment and my account in good standing which in order to remove all doubt I will be paying to zero and closing so not to have a conflict again. A real good way to reduce people using your credit cards....In the process I have talked with several different people in the Customer Service and Line Management teams. Some are very good understanding and helpful to the situation others need training because they make statements that sound powerful but do not hold water when you know the situation. Yes I was late making a payment to a CITI CARD so lets put it in perspective.....$3,000 plus $500 line equaling $3500 credit available.... $100 late payment or 2% of the credit limits and no one called or sent an email or text which you want but do not use to HELP your Customers. A Text or email please pay your Home Depot this will help keep your Credit Line established with CITI CARD. Hey I would have put the payment on the CITI CARD So I would not be effected, that is what I call VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.....The part that will be missed in this conversation is there are others being impacted by this kind of behavior and they do not respond or make a statement or send an email they just finish paying off the card and get a new one with another company because of a bad experience.

I do know this will fall on deaf ears because it sounds like BLAH BLAH BLAH.....

One think I have learned this year social media is very strong and just maybe someone will start a # CITI BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE and the Social Media frenzy on Twitter Facebook will bring about a change. Does anyone know what a phone is and how to use it..... Should be part of Training

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Texan - 46 d 12 h ago


I called to redeem my rewards by having a check mailed to me, but it did not happen. First, someone from a third world country answered. I told them at least three times that I wanted a check sent. She kept asking me to stay with her. During that time she informed me that I could have the check direct deposited into my account. I told her I wanted a check mailed to me. After about 6 minutes of nothing happening, I asked to be transferred to someone in the United States. That representative spoke English well, however she told me that I had no rewards to redeem. I told her that could not be as my statement showed rewards of $109.68 and the last reward check was issued on July 6, 2018 in the amount of $95.07 and that I routinely, after making my payment, ask for my reward check to be mailed. She told me that I would need to wait until my next statement for any rewards as I had none. Knowing that the third world people did not take care of my request, and this lady told me I had no rewards contrary to what was on my statement, I asked to speak with her supervisor. I was connected to a Maurilio Rilio. I learned from him that just minutes before that my account had been given a credit of $109.68. I am assuming this was by the third world company that CitiDouble Cash card outsources with. I told him that I requested a check, had been on the phone for 20 minutes, and he needed to reverse the credit and issue a check. He refused to do that and said shouldn't I be happy with the credit, to which I said no as I wanted the cash. He said he couldn't reverse it and all that all he could do was to file a dispute to the transaction, and wait 7 to 10 days to see what the investigation uncovers and decides to do about t. This is not satisfactory to me as I depend on these cash reward checks. I asked him for the escalation team number, and he told me he was it. He later told me he was an Account Manager and in Escalations, in Arizona. I do not know what the truth is, but in my opinion he should have apologized for the other representatives mistake, said that he would personally make certain that the credit was reversed and a check issued. I spend over $65,000 a year on this credit card. So CitiBank makes money off of my charges from the vendors. I have paid my account on time for years, and I expect good customer service. I received terrible service which was riddled with mistakes. Each person I spoke with should be retrained.

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Lynne VA - New York City - 46 d 16 h ago


To whomever selects and OK's advertising:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the "Oh it Must be Love" TV commercial with the father posing as a "monster" walking his kids, holding onto his legs, throughout his living room! The way the visual is presented, Daddy behind the kitchen counter making faces, then he walks, then we see his kids So precious! Each and every adult watching this has probably done it with their dad as a kid! And oh the music! Catchy tune right up there with the California Raisins campaign using "Heard it Through the Grapevine"! Notice that I said California Raisins! Not Marvin Gaye's my mortgage is with Citi as well as credit cards! Well done!....a Baby Boomer!

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ARMEN - 47 d 16 h ago

Very bad customer service, these past few days I've been going in there to open a new account and all the workers were too busy gossiping or playing on their phones. I sat down waiting to be helped for half an hour, but no one approached me.

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Dennis Voglesong - 47 d 19 h ago


My Citi personal credit card account has been active in excess of 20 years. I have decided to close it after being told by S. Carter, of the Executive Response Unit that I had exhausted all remedies concerning a dispute.

Citi was the vendor of my Best Buy Visa Platinum acct. I opened it at Best Buy when I purchased a computor. I cancelled the transaction almost immediately when they could not install software in a timely manner. Unbeknownst to me Best Buy had charged me $1.00 which they then billed me for thru my Visa Best Buy card. I thought subsequent mail was advertising having been advised by Best Buy that my acct. was credited.

In July 2018, I was made aware that Citi had turned my account to the credit reporting agencies. At that point I turned to Citi for help and because "...we are obligated to report account history based on factual account data ."

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Melissa decarlo - 52 d ago


Worst customer Care a member for 20 years and spoke 19 people and can't get a duplicate card

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Luis - 52 d 14 h ago


Customer service is absolutely horrible. My account has been locked according to one rep, another supposedly unlocked it only to have Mark with operator id yy8 hang up on me because I wanted a supervisor. I called back extremely frustrated and upset and Jessica was able to get me supervisor Beth who only told me that she could not help and I could not use the card for the next 30 days so I'm out of luck if I want to useit, tough luck. Needles to say that they are not willing to help when a customer is in need of help only "sorry for the inconvenience " no above and beyond for the client who takes care of their account. Whatever you do don't open the Home Depot card if you want to receive remarkable service.

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Pablo G - 56 d 11 h ago

My ordeal started on July 6 (2018), when, in anticipation of a vacation trip, we decided to order an ATM card for an account I did not have a card for. I had been warned about the inefficiency of your telephone customer service (Yes. It's legendary), so we decided instead to order the card at the branch (Adam Clayton Powel & 125th Street). There, a smiling and polite teller ordered a card that, of course, never arrived. Fourteen days later, we contacted Citi over the phone (we are martyrs) to find out the whereabouts of the card. That is when things became interesting. It took us 30 minutes on the phone just to clear the truck load of security procedures required to talk to me. When I initiated the call, I was driving. I had time to: find parking; Get out of the car; Order breakfast (to go); eat breakfast in the car; and continue driving. After the calvary, finally the Rep. apologized because the card had not been ordered and reordered a new card, to arrive in 3 business days (expedited). Of course you can guess that card did not make it either (I would not be writing to you otherwise). On July 28th, we called again, attempting to track the card. Citi fully met the expectation. We had to endure an incredibly abundant list of security questions required just to have a normal conversation with the Rep. (Check on Claire - MSUP01 for a transcript of that conversation. You are going to have fun! at my expense..). This time the amount of security checks became so ridiculous that I dropped the call. Now, I no longer care about the card. It's ok. Don't give it to me. I am closing all my accounts (After 23 years) and live happy ever-after, knowing I do not have to endure you guys anymore. Thus, I am quite concerned about keeping money with you. Unless you are all paranoid, your inoperational procedures hint that the entire roll of crooks in the planet may be targeting you. So better keep my money at other banks, where I don't have to provide 6 security check points to get service (hopefully). Bye!!!

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Elke Ortiz - 64 d 19 h ago


Mr. Vikram Pandit Ceo of Citigroup

I am very disappointed at your decision to get rid of every person in the Big Bear Lake office, I have lived in Big Bear for 18 years, At one time in my life I did work for Cal Fed, and I have never seen anyone get rid of the entire office. This is a small community and I have heard nothing but what you and your employees have done. I am only one person, who is complaining. Sure hope that you competitor comes to Big Bear Lake, I then think you will say I think we made a mistake. Janis is a wonderful asset in our community. Thank you for listing, you will probably not get this but at least I let you know how I felt Elke Ortiz


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Jaime Cuartas - 56 d 15 h ago


Seems to be a tendency to blame on the great people doing the work at the branches, for some obscure reasons at managers level.

My experience in Florida, more and more is terrible.

With more than sufficient funds and an impecable credit history, they harass me announcing crossing of my accounts, as the did it one time without advising me.

One bounced automatic payment account (with more than sufficient funds) then a charge for late payment.

If this is the people I am keeping my retirement money with, I am safer keeping it under the mattress or somewhere else.

Something smell fishy at Citicorp.

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