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Citigroup Inc.

Citi Bank
399 Park Ave.
New York, NY
Vikram Pandit
CEO and Director
(212) 559-1000
Twitter IDs
@Citigroup, @Citi
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CITI ARE THIEVES!!! We closed our credit card account in December 02 and paid $10,500.00 in FULL because Citi us IMPOSSIBLE TO WORK WITH THEY ARE UNETHICAL... Yesterday I get an email that my payment was past due, I called today February 16 with a $12.21 past due, I called and they said it was accrued interest, I said WHAT INTEREST I PAID IN FULL, (I Spoke to Michael-Supervisor #130259052 Client Team Focus out of Florida (so he said). After a heated conversation Mr. Micheal gives me a credit for $11.71, when I cleaned that it was $12.21 he said he could not give me that credit that I owed $0.50... I was OUTRAGED not over the $0.50 but because they do that to keep the account open, charge interest charge late fees and eventually inter the amount as a late payment on the credit and hurt the client!!! CITI IS UNETHICAL.... On I am going first thing in the morning t Citi if I get no satisfaction I will call the and send a written complaint to the following government department:

Regulator: Florida Office of Financial Regulation

Address: Division of Securities and Finance, 200 E. Gaines Street Tallahassee FL 32399

Phone: (hidden)

Fax: (hidden)


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Santa di Trapani - 1 d ago

I hate Citibank . I have taken my money out once before and I will do it again. I have never spent less than 40 minutes on hold on the phone to speak to a person. If it is not 9 to 5 no one comes to the . Especially when dealing with Manila Philippines service is disgusting I recommend that people stay away from Citibank.

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Anonymous - 2 d 3 h ago

Yeah I am a customer at Citibank I have the $20,000 in the bank I want to go withdraw some money you may want to charge me eight dollars for withdraw my money or cashiers check and less I take cash which I thought was ridiculous and then I had to use the bathroom so badly so we don't let customers use the bathroom only for employees only I said to myself I will never go to city Bank again this branch was on Haven Avenue in Rancho Cucamonga

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Jack Edmund - 2 d 9 h ago


horrible customer service, terrible service by almost everyone that's answers the phone, as a stockholder and portfolio manager i am appalled and disappointed by the lack of concern displayed by those who answer Citigroup's phone, I was scammed as a customer , called on numerous occasion and still no one will help and basically they say the hell with you, the people were rude, nasty and condescending, I am moving my banking relationship selling my 1300 shares and telling my clients how horrible citibank is offer this info to them as to whether they want to hold a company who doesnt care about its stockholders or customers, I am closing all cittibank accounts, horrible customer service, i gto scammed and they still paid out the money and allowed the fraudster to get away with it,

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John - 3 d 5 h ago


I got my card number stolen and there were some charges on it. I called and canceled my card and got a new card. 4 weeks later I finally got a hold of some lady in India and she investigated it. The charges did not come off and I had great concerns. Two days later they canceled my credit card and the second card I had with them that was not a business account. I called the Citicards and they said that you cannot talk to anyone only have to write them a letter. Are you serious!! a LETTER! This company and process is a joke.

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I Hate Citibank - 30 d 9 h ago


This sounds insane but it has happened often enough that I know its real. On certain debit card transactions, it seems any or some transactions that are done remotely, Citibank deducts the amount of the transaction from my account when it is presented, then, presumably when the merchant actually collects the funds, deducts it again. The date changes on the transaction as well. I have had Citibank employees tell me that the first date the transaction is posted is the date of the purchase, the second date is the date the merchant collects it -- but they deduct the same amount twice! And with the date change they pull you cannot prove they already took the same amount for the same transaction out once. I have also had Citi employees play word games around this issue -- "I cannot find where it was deducted before" because once the date is changed the first post is gone -- I need to get a new bank but until then i need to print off my account pages any time i make a transaction that may be subject to this practice. The merchant gets paid once. The bank gets paid once - they take the funds for the same transaction out twice -- once for the merchant and apparently once for themselves. Then play dumb when you questions them. Again, this sounds nuts, but it definitely happens. It has happened enough to me that i cannot doubt it. After Wells Fargo committed blanket fraud -- opening fake accounts under real people's information -- and got away with it I might add -- I realize banks can well practice routine fraud. I hate Citibank. I have to close out my account and go to a different bank ASAP. I have put up with their chicanery for way too long. Dian Larkin, Bayshore, NY

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Fred - 17 d 10 h ago


Citibank on line statements change without any traceability. Print your on line daily to catch Citibank in unauthorized charge manipulation and disputed transactions. They remove transactions and add them back with no traceability of the actual history.

Print the online statements daily and watch for items being added and dates changing.

They are not to be trusted!

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Fred - 21 d 19 h ago


I Love COSTCO customer service. However I consider the Citi Visa customer service non existent.

A hotel in London charged my account without authorization. The charges were disputed immediately. After at least 7 phone calls with their dispute department, the last call I was told not to worry about the charge because it pending and would not post to may account. The charge was posted to my account on 12/28/2018 after being pending from 11/25/2018. The charge was from the South Place Hotel Front Olondon, in London. After three emails to the hotel they responded and said it was a system error after I posted the unauthorized charge on Trip Advisor. COSTCO has great customer service and Citi VISA is the worst!

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K Granados - 64 d 11 h ago


I need to speak to a corporate escalation manager.

An authorization on 11/30/18 for $1,183.00 authorization on my Citi AAdvantage card has EXPIRED with my merchant. Because the authorization has expired, they CAN NOT settle the transaction. Because Citi does a 30 day hold on the funds, we had to allow Simply Southern to charge our other account at BB&T. YOUR credit card department refuses to remove the hold for 30 days. I spoke with Ryan (mgr) in Florence KY. Ryan REFUSED to call my merchant to verify the hold can be released or provide an authorization hold release form for them to complete.

I will be sending a formal complaint to the NC Attorney General and the Federal Banking Commission.

Your credit card department isn't even properly trained to know that a merchant can NOT settle on an expired authorization. The standard authorization hold for Visa/MC is only 5 business days NOT 30 calendar days.

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Buckdancer - 23 d 9 h ago

If that doesn't work, The State Banking Commission in the that state will make them remember real quick. Just disgraceful.

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Terry Wilcox - 59 d 5 h ago


My credit card was hacked and your fraud department took care and closed the account. That's when the problem started. I saw that whoever hacked the account also scheduled a payment on the same day for $5000.00 I called customer service. After an hour of explaining I did not authorize any payment they told me sorry it's after 5 and nothing we can do. Put me in negative called customer service next day . Told me it was closed account don't worry about it. Today 12/19 they put it through again. Again it is negative balance. I was told nothing they can do. I now have 2 insufficient fund charges. They told me today it will be pulled again and nothing they can do... I DID NOT SCHEDULE THIS OR AUTHORIZE IT But I'm stuck with bounced ACH from other payments scheduled. I'm here going into Christmas with no access to my money because checking shows negative. No one has done anything to help fix this

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Sandra E - 49 d 15 h ago

Write a letter and including a CC (car on copy) to your CONGRESSPERSON! That's what I'm doing... these guys are TOO BIG TO HANDLE BY YOURSELF! THESE ISSUES NEED TO BE ADDRESSED BY SOMEONE AS BIG AS THEM... TIME TO HAVE THEM INVESTIGATED.

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Buckdancer - 23 d 9 h ago

Completely agree!!! I had to get corporate Citi involved on a mortgage payment (for Citimortgage) mind you that they didn't even let Citimortgage deposit the payment! Citibank, issued a stop payment without my consent and they would not honor the payment, enough though there was more than enough money in my account. They are still investigating but meanwhile, my mortgage payment was reported to the credit bureaus because of them! They had not right to issue a stop payment without my authorization, causing my mortgage to be past due. I was on the phone for almost 4 hours between speaking with out-sourced c/s agents from Citibank and Citimortgage. In total, I spoke to 8 people!! Didn't get anyone with knowledge until I spoke to someone in corporate. And they tell me it will take up to 2 weeks to "research" what went wrong. I'm just so angry and disappointed in their lack of knowledge and caring. It's ok, just ruin my credit.

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Jennifer Prevost - 31 d 6 h ago


I am repulsed by the manner in which Citibank has handled a loan we have. We are 75 days later and they still can not find a 3000.00 payment...even with a trace identification number and federal reserve number provided by the federal reserve. Zero accountability towards their customers. They are costing us interest and have no desire to help us other than tell us to contact the other bank and pull it back. Shame on them!!!! Do not do business with these people unless you plan to use what they give you then file bankruptcy For shame.

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Monica Staples - 38 d 8 h ago


I have been a customer of Citi for a few years and I am truly regretting my decision and will soon rectify the problem. My latest issue with them would be that I on January 3rd I called you in to have a new card sent out to me. This was after an extensive conversation that lasted from 7 in the morning periodically until almost 4 in the afternoon dealing with customer service is truly a headache. On the 3rd I requested a new card in on the 4th there were charges charged to my account. On January 4th when I noticed the charges I called you in to have the money reimbursed and to again request the card that was supposed to been sent out the day before. When I called in they inform me that I would have to wait 10 days in order to receive my money to make sure that the Chargers were fraudulent but considering that I had called in on the 3rd to request a new card they already knew that the charges were fraudulent. It took me calling in to the corporate office in filing a formal complaint in order for me to have anything done. I will be leaving Citibank as soon as possible due to this. They have cost me money this year and last year with a similar problem. I am a person that receives a monthly check I cannot afford for my money to be tampered with and I cannot afford to incur late fees and issues that I have to verify due to someone else's mistake. Citibank needs to train their customer service more thoroughly. On my conversation on the 3rd I spoke to at least seven different people and each person gave me a different answer for the same problem. If your practices continue as they are going you will lose more than just me as a customer no one wants their money tampered with and I definitely cannot afford to stay

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SC - 39 d 3 h ago


So... where to start? sorry in advance for the rant but people should be WARNED this is the worst bank I have ever dealt with, beyond incompetent !! I've been a loyal Citibank customer for 19 years... my business Bca line of credit was hacked and the thieves used it for 2 months to pay their bills and racked up approx. $25,000.00 over 2 months - it didn't show up right away - I had NEVER USED this line of credit and thought it wasn't even active anymore, it didn't show up when I sign in online- it weirdly showed up on the Atm machine -and even after I called to report/ stop the account immediately they couldn't even do that properly ,so the thieves had a few more days to keep stealing until I went into the bank physically to block it and file a report and then Citibank started taking monthly payments from my checking account to pay for the fraudulent charges !!! even after I reported it and blocked it I'm so done with citibank , the inefficiency, apathetic response and the time its taken!!- IVE SPENT (up to 4-6hrs ) HOURS AT A TIME EVERY WEEK AT MY BRANCH FOR 11 MONTHS and on the phone FOR HOURS at a time - its been nearly a hear I've spent disputing these fraudulent charges with many signed affidavits , police report, Identity theft report witnessed by the police ! and citibank has the names of the fraudsters on the charges !! its NOT mine I fought to have almost all / about $22,000 cleared but it took 10 months and re-opening investigations numerous times - its now down to about $3,400.00 - 4 charges they wont clear , first they said it was my responsibility to contact the merchants and get the back money myself?? and now they are saying its been too long !!! But THEY took too long -the first investigation and affidavit I filed/faxed feb/march 2018 from the citibank fax machine, mind you - they lost/didn't receive ?! so I sent it again at end of march- it took them over 2 -3 months to "investigate" denying half the charges and clearing only half - THEN I filed investigations again in June , August , October, and December !! This is a lot of money to me and I run a very small business ,its gone to collections and is affecting my once very good credit score - it has totally affected my state of mind ,constantly waking up everyday with anxiety no one on the outside understands... they ask doesn't citibank have insurance to cover this kind of fraud? and no one at citibank cares.... I feel I have done my due diligence ,tried to be patient , tried to remain calm, civil, especially with my personal bankers who have tried but seem unable to really do anything I've been totally shafted, given the run around, transferred from department to department and its been escalated a hundred times !!??? I have been spoken to very rudely and patronizingly- especially from this one man,John Dulles a vp/ executive at San Antonio fraud depart who spoke to me in such a condescending derogatory manner its hard to believe and SO hard to get anyone on the phone at Citibank - 51 minutes today - no result-nothing ! and they said they would call me back - huh no chance of that! I loathe Citibank !! I have told everyone I know to ABOSULTELY WITHOUT DOUBT STAY AWAY FROM CITIBANK !!!

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ST - 39 d 5 h ago


Purchased a restaurant gift card (Chili's) against citi rewards , but it got declined when tried to use at the restaurant, i had to use for my credit card for payment. I called to your customer service to inquire further details & the lady confirmed me that i have the balance & I need to contact citi's gift card providers for the resolution , which is weird for me. I requested her , since i paid it through my credit card, the e-gift card would be of no use for me & please refund those points & cancel the e-gift card for me, but it was informed that Citi doesn't has any process to refund those points & cancel the issued card .

Doing further researched on chili's site to check status of my e-gift card , i figured that the card was issued on Jan 7 2018 around 9:22pm (est) , but the date showing on the chili's site is Jan 8 2018 . So, if that's the case, i should have been informed about it through email that the card can only be used the next day after issuance.

All i request you to cancel the card & return the points, since i am not going to use that card .

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K Scott - 40 d 15 s ago


Received notice in the mail today that my Citi Bank card was cancelled because they believed there was fraudulent activity on the card. Not a problem. When I called to verify the transactions and gave them all my security information, Citi Bank stated they would not review my account because I did not give my cell phone number. I told them that I wouldn't, and I was denied information about my account. The representative for Citi Bank was more concerned about a cell phone number rather than reviewing my account for fraudulent activity. I went online to review the account and the automatic response stated Citi Bank closed out my current account and sent out a new card. I did not authorize a new account to be opened and why would Citi Bank open a new account if they believed my account had been hacked. When I called to speak to the supervisor, he refused to go over my account because I wouldn't give him my cell phone number. If they are so concerned about fraudulent activity then why would they refuse to review my account after I had given all the security information. I will pay off the account (minus any illegal use of my card), and close the account. What they fail to understand is that I do not have to use their services and allow them to sale my cell phone information to the highest bidder. I can open an account with another company if I chose. This review is more for documentation for legal reasons.

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UNDECIDED SQUIRREL! - 42 d 6 h ago

Got a credit card with citi and it was cancelled the day I received it in a mail without any warning. It escalated into an even a bigger problem later as i used their cash in advance checks. It will take me 5 hours to explain what happened. But no thanks citi! You already took enough of my time. Useless customer service! Never get a credit card with citi, go with Capital One or Chase! Save yourself some time and nerves and more important YOUR money! Because in the end citi cleaned me out, its okey citi, YOU NEED THE MONEY MORE THAN I DO!

PS my issue never got resolved! Zero stars!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 43 d 7 h ago

citi bank is terriable dont use them

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MPA - 71 d 9 h ago


They are the absolute worst! Customer service is either offshore and not at all able to help with anything that you wouldn't be able to handle online and when you do get a US representative, they treat you like a pariah. You can't get anything accomplished regardless of the amount of time spent from department to department. The frustration they cause is not worth it.

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Sandra E - 49 d 15 h ago

Having same problem... Write a letter.... including a CC (car on copy) to your CONGRESSPERSON! That's what I'm doing... these guys are TOO BIG TO HANDLE BY YOURSELF! THESE ISSUES NEED TO BE ADDRESSED BY SOMEONE AS BIG AS THEM... TIME TO HAVE THEM INVESTIGATED!

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Citi bank 2001 N Halsed Chicago Illinois 60614 - 71 d 6 h ago


The customer service is really bad at the citi bank located on 2001 N Halsed.. they say that don't take paper ids I don't by that at all. The lady at the desk got loud with me that is not good customer service at all.. I would not bank with them..

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Sandra E - 49 d 15 h ago

Write a letter and include a CC (car on copy) to your CONGRESSPERSON! That's what I'm doing... these guys are TOO BIG TO HANDLE BY YOURSELF! THESE ISSUES NEED TO BE ADDRESSED BY SOMEONE AS BIG AS THEM... TIME TO HAVE THEM INVESTIGATED.

General profile image - 61 d ago

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Sandra E - 49 d 15 h ago


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