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Citigroup Inc.

Citi Bank
399 Park Ave.
New York, NY
Vikram Pandit
CEO and Director
(212) 559-1000
Twitter IDs
@Citigroup, @Citi
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Brad - 4 d 14 h ago

By far the worst bank ever. I am contacting BBB tomorrow. When my plasma center had them the had fees for everything. And with mtbstaples reward card theyre late fees are rediculouse. If bill is not paid on or before the date its a 27.00 late fee. The 1st email they sent me went to my junk mail. Looking at the date they sent the email it was day before the bill was do. There cuttomer service is terrable. The reps dont care. I would not be upset if this bank goes out.of buisnes.

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RhinoSD - 6 d 15 h ago


Michael Corbat / CEO CitiGroup

I just noticed a press release on Reuters saying Citigroup is no longer going to provide service to "gun dealers/ mfg. ;(

That being the case i will NO LONGER be using my Citi Visa except as entry into Costco here in San Diego, where i shop several times a week....

Why are you blaming these guys ?

Have you stopped to think about the fact that the United States NEVER had school shootings prior to 1970 (perhaps maybe even into the 80s) \

*PS I just gave you a 5 Star rating DESPITE the fact that i went thru HELL with a recent experience getting my card replaced when i was in Bangkok Thailand

** it was canceled due to a fraudulent issue..

Adios Amigo, Roberto

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Farzana Arshad - 7 d ago


Dear Mr. Pandit

We have been very satisfied using credit card in my wife's name. Interest charges are quite reasonable compared to other banks. But recently we have suffered a huge ID theft and forgery. We have not been able tp pay the current installment.

Kindly help us please in assisting us. Thanks.

Farzana Arshad

Muhammad Arshad

Credit Card # ...........6421

8100, Pinebrook Dr. Apt # 1002

San Antonio, Tx 78230


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Anonymous - 7 d 4 h ago


I lost citi diamond card replacement asap to New address is 37 steig ave Richmond.NY 10308 please send asap

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Paul - 9 d ago


18 May 2018 re: (hidden)841975 dispute Appliances Connection 1/21/18 To Citibank Customer Service and Corporate I am in receipt of the letter date May 4, 2018. I am stunned by the content of this letter. I will NEVER pay this difference and would rather chop up my two Citi credit cards and use another bank. I am a good customer who uses his credit card a lotand generates plenty of income for Citi. This order was never shipped. I NEVER received anything! The order was cancelled long before the fake date of shipment. The FedEx tracking number they sent me was FAKE and FedEx will tell you it was so and that nothing was shipped. I sent in that documentation several times. Further, shipping on the merchant's site is listed as free. So how can I be charged a non refundable shipping fee. If you go to and look at their website, shipping is FREE. Here is from the shipping page of their website: Free In-Home Nationwide Delivery (7-14 Business Days): Free delivery is automatically included on all orders over $99. Some exclusions may apply. To find out if you qualify, please input your shipping zip code in your cart. Threshold delivery is a fully insured type of shipping which includes delivery to the threshold of your front door or garage. Upon delivery, the delivery men will unload the merchandise from the truck, bring it to the threshold of your front door or garage so you can inspect the merchandise. No stairs are included. Please note that this service will not be peformed if the unit does not fit through the main door or entrance. Additional fees will be applied if the door must be taken off of the hinges. Additional fees will apply if you have stairs. This service does not include installation. Installation services are sold separately. For additional delivery services and installation questions, please call our sales department at (hidden) option 1. This service may not be available in some remote or rural areas. Read what to expect below. I am deeply disappointed that it took four months to tell me you cannot guarantee misuse of my credit card. I will never pay the difference of $475.00 If this dispute is not resolved in an intelligent way, I will be destroying my Citi credit cards and using another bank who will stand behind their customers. I have sent in extensive documentation that nothing was shipped, nothing was received and shipping is stated all over their website as free.

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Randy Goodman - 36 d ago

There is no real "customer service" with your bank, especially on the week-end. The worst banking institution I have ever worked with or dealt with. I will be moving to another bank on Monday morning.

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David - 10 d ago

I completely agree Citibank customer service is the worst their employees ability to speak English is so poor it is hard to understand them not mention they are very poorly trained if at all!

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deceptive pratices - 37 d 16 h ago


I have proof your citi bank bestbuy card committed fraud against my account this illegal late charges I have been trying to contact someone to resolve this issue you may want to take this matter seriously before I move forward with claims against your company. brief disclosure I ordered pay off thru my private bank on February. pay off was issued nest statement I did not receive was for 40.31 interest the because this should have been paid off a late charge in 2/9/18 how is this even possible when this is when pay off was transferred. then one in 3/9/18 I contacted citi bank on 3/26/18 and requested they remove 1 late charge and I would make payment they did not. however your billing dept. claims they did. on 4/9/18 another late charge of 37.00 and a 2.00 fee for what I don't even know. all this because when you have a lat payment you are locked out of your online account I can prove this. this prevents one from even checking online statements because you prefer paperless this is an unfair and deceptive business practice. all this amounts to a payment were you over charged me 2 late charges claiming you removed 1 because that was in the same month you received a payment.

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Kathy - 10 d ago

Wow Obviously Citibank uses creative accounting like false made up charges to cheat their customers out of their money

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Grace Ernewin - 10 d 23 m ago


WARNING Citibank Charges $22 every time you try to set up and make auto payments from a bank account! Their policy is payments can not be made by anyone else except cardholder and if you try they pretend to accept the payment then they suddenly refuse the payment and charge your account the $22 return fee! They ignore the Fact that the monthly is already paid and always paid on time

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Vikram Pandit - 16 d ago


Dear Mr. Vikram Pandit,

My name is Paul Notley & I have a few accounts at Citibank. Now the branch in Florida in Boca Raton on 4055 North Federal Hwy ,zip code is 33431 ,is absolutely atrocious at customer relations & customer service. My representative in this bank is Patrick D. Campbell who I can't believe is a branch manager. He is terrible at doing his job but great at not doing his job. I needed a few things handled so my wife & I went in last Saturday May 5, 2018. We sat & spoke with him, he was supposed to add my name to an already existing account and unlink the 2 accounts. He made me sign a few papers said he would have all this taken care of by Tuesday May 8, 2018 & I would recieve my debit card by Wednesday. Well after 17 phone calls & numerous messages I have not even RECIEVED a phone call back, also no debit card, & no the accounts have not been unlinked yet. So I will now have to remove my money, all of it, which is a significant amount from your bank & look elsewhere . My son also has a lot of money in this bank just as much as I do & I will have him remove it & go elsewhere with me. All because of the incompetence of Patrick D. Campbell the branch managaer at Citibank in Boca Raton Florida. There needs to be a swift resolution to this matter I await your response if there is no response in 24hrs I will remove all money & my sons also & close all accounts. I also want something done reguarding Mr Campbell's lackadaisical attitude & his disrespect to Citibank customers

Thank you

Paul Notley

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Fast Eddie - 40 d 27 m ago

Because of Citigroup's position on lawful gun ownership/manufacture, I will be cancelling our cards. J.P. Morgan Chase has joined Citi today so my Chase card is toast, too. They will make excellent 200 yard targets for my AR-15. :)

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john - 17 d 5 m ago

as a veteran i can tell you automatic firearms are for the military. They use these weapons to KILL. I guess you and the NRA still believe that there is an indian behind every tree who wants you hair. Or maybe the redcoats are going to march up your main st. and take your country. Or the north and south will fight again. No one wants to take all your guns. Automatic weapons yes. Keep your hunting guns if you must kill animals. But if you say you need an automatic weapon to hunt, think about it. Shoot a deer and spend the rest of the day digging out those bullets. Want to fire automatic weapons JOIN THE MILITARY

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Samuel katz - 17 d 15 h ago


Assholes liars and cheatsthey should all be locked up

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Nautica C Ratliff - 18 d 16 h ago


I'm tired of talking to over seas customer service Reps this is ridiculous hardly can understand what they are saying and my account been breached I need to talk to someone

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Anonymous - 30 d 4 h ago


I have paid my debt to Citi Bank Credit card back in 2012.

They still have me on my Clerck of Courts Web site showing how much I owed them, but nothing about

that I had paid every penny back.

They refuse to clear my name and take it off the Web-site which is hurting my business and worst of all my credit score.

Please Citi Bank don't be such a bully and think about the case that has been charged against you for $23 billion dollars against defrauding every of your credit card holders including myself.

Shame on you and I do hope to also participate in the lawsuit against you.


J. Trimpe

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Yeah Been There - 24 d ago


Dear J. Trimpe - Did you ever ask them to provide a "Letter of Satisfaction" to prove that your debt was paid? Personally I have never paid a debt without asking for a letter of satisfaction eg. car loans or personal loans or the like. If you have the ability to pay a small fee each month - there are credit cleaning companies that will help you clean your credit. Visit the Clerk of the Court's office and carry your proof of last payment with you (like a statement that came back showing the debt was paid or a copy of that "final payment" check and proof of all other payments that meet the total listed) with you, ask them how they can help in getting this debt notation removed or can you add a statement that is official for the record to mitigate the effect of this wrongful listing. If you take my advice and ask for a Letter of Satisfaction or PAID OFF letter or a final statement showing a zero balance, I would suggest that you keep this paperwork for a lifetime (in a fireproof safe) - I have successfully fought creditors who came back more than 7 years after the fact claiming non-payment - such as hospitals! It seems in this day and age of electronic everything - that nothing beats paper when it comes to getting records corrected!

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Leslie J. Davis - 26 d ago


Good Morning Vikram Pandit, I have a complaint of a very serious nature. My name is Leslie J. Davis. I have been banking with Citibank for 35-40 years, maybe more. Recently, I have been the victim of elderly abuse/exploitation. I am 77 years old and disabled. I am completely blind in one eye and partially blind in the other. Due to criminal activity, I was lost-missing for 3 days, from April 11, 2018 to April 14, 2018. There is an going criminal investigation being headed by Chief Ron Baggot of the Grove Hill Sherrif's department. An arrest has been made. My complaint with Citibank is that my daughters, Shawnel C. Love and Bridget Archie and Investigator Baggot have all called to file a fraud complaint. They have made at least 4 phone calls to Citibank. Besides having to be re-routed several times and having to file a new investigation each time, my daughter Shawnel C. Love who has my permission to handle my affairs with this account, has requested to speak with an American representative who's first language is English. Because of that request not having been honored, she has had to call again and repeat the nature of the complaint several times. There is a language gap which is delaying my compliant being filed accurately. The person who has been arrested for this abuse against me, used my Citibank card to make several unauthorized ATM withdrawals and purchases. He stole my card again when I was missing from April 11-14th of this year. He has misused my card since at least December, maybe even as far back as October. I don't understand why Citibank didn't catch this and put a block on my card and follow protocol for suspicious activity. 10's of thousands of dollars haven been stolen from my account by this Harold Davis. My statements show the highly irregular activity that is completely inconsistent with my banking activity throughout my history with Citibank. I am sorely disappointed and frustrated at the negligence of your company and the mishandling of this complaint, namely the number of times calls have had to be made to the fraud department. I am seriously considering litigation in this matter. I would like this matter expedited and forms sent to my daughter to be signed so that she can handle my business with Citibank. I look forward to your timely response. I can be reached at (hidden) or through my daughter, Shawnel Love at (hidden). (hidden) Thank you sincerely, Leslie J. Davis

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Mike Moss - 26 d 18 h ago


(Mike Moss) After reviewing the top 10 credit cards. I went with citibank simplicity. On a promo deal, a 1 year deal. I understood that after a year. The interest rate would change. And would be roughly 14 and 1/2 percent. To roughly 24 and 1/2 percent. Depending on your credit standings and history. I never really paid much attention to the percentage rate. I was being charged, after the promo had ended. A few days ago, I was looking at other credit cards. And what they offer, out of curiosity. I looked at my last statement. I'm being charged, and have been being charged. Their highest interest rate, I was shocked. Because my credit score is so high. It's considered excelent, I mean gold status. In my opinion, they have broken their agreement. That your credit score, and history. Would determine your rate of interest. Shame on you citibank. And after calling the customer service number. On the back of the card. The first person couldn't answer a simple question. That question, why am I being charged the highest rate. So was transfered to a second person. I was told that they could help me. All I got was the same run around. And once again, I was transfered to a third person. Because I was told, they could better help me. I got the same run around as the first two people. All of them said, they didn't have access. To the information of, why is this going on ?? I was eventually given another number to call. But the selections, given are based on. press 1 for this, or press 2 for that. None of the selectin catagories. Were based on giving me a simple answer. Because it appears to me, in my opinion. There system is set up, to make me give up. On getting my simple question answered. I've spent a couple of decades. And then some, to build perfect credit. I should been getting charged. At the bottom of their interest rates. I would never recomend this bank. To anybody at all, period.

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APWU - 31 d ago


I had an issue with our account and went to the North Babylon Branch #812 and was helped by Assistant Branch Manager Evelyn Wertheimer. Not only was she courteous and extremely helpful she made my stress level go down to zero. I was confident she knew her job and she was very patient with all the questions I had for her. P.S. she had the answers too! Thank You Evelyn and thank you Citibank for all your help in solving our problem!

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Anonymous - 33 d 15 h ago


I would not recommend citi anything their customer service is terrible even though you could have all of their phone calls recorded they will still lie to your face promise you the world and hold your money they do not care about anyone but themselves and their outsourcing is even worse they barely speak any English and their form of customer service is the worst defamation of character I have ever seen City promise me the world and in return gave me feet after fee that I was promised I would not receive and then on top of that my account shows that I'm below my Limit and yet I'm $40 over my credit limit how is that possible

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Mark Hallock - 38 d 7 s ago


I have been a customer since 1984 and used to work with Mike Corbat at Salomon Brothers.I applaud Citigroup's new restrictions on the sale of firearms. This decision is thoughtful and shows that Citi is showing leadership in the corporate community and in our society.

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Latina Girl - 39 d ago


We the citizens will be boycotting your bank. You have no right telling people what to do. Stop boycotting NRA!

General profile image

Concerned Citizen - 39 d ago


Please stay away from politics and stop boycotting NRA. Your bank has too many foreclosures to deal with and right now one of your foreclosures in our neighborhood is in deplorable shape and is lowering the value of our homes the grass is over 15inches high and you need to cut the grass. That's what you should be doing. We will boycott CitiBank for getting political just do your job and clean up this house in our neighborhood

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Debbie J Wade - 41 d 28 s ago


I am done with Citibank and ANY relationship I have had with them due to their choices regarding GUN manufacturers. Stupid move!!!

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