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Citizen's Bank

RBS Citizens Financial Group
1 Citizens Plaza
Providence, RI
Ellen Alemany
Chairman, President and CEO
(401) 456-7000
(401) 456-7819
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Steven - 20 h 14 m ago


Received a phone call as a follow-up to the info below from a "Brandy" at (hidden). Left 1 voice mail during the day I work. Called her back and left three voice mails. Finally received a phone call back today 2/21/18. Long story I am out of luck. She had no additional answers. I'm stuck hoping that the USPS delivers the second form or that they sent it it in the first palce. Maybe she said "I could give you the information."

Called accountant. Not good enough for the Federal government. Require the 1098 hard copy. So much for appealing to Citizens moral responsibility. Offered outright to pay for overnight delivery. REFUSED!

Don't ever do business with this Bank. If you have an issue I wish you all the best! If you have an issue with the Federal government and tax forms from this bank go and pray!!

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Steven - 7 d 18 h ago


The absolute worst Customer Service. I have been waiting since the end of January 2018 for my Federal Tax 1098 forms. They were never delivered by the USPs. I called and spoke today with a first line customer service rep. She was almost no help whatsoever. She knew very little about resolving this issue. At 4:15 PM I and was told that there was no way that I would be able to obtain that form necessary to abide by the all of the Tax laws. I was then Transferred to an individual who added insult to injury. She indicated that she was a manager. Said that her name was "SHAWNIECE KNIGHT". She stated that Citizens had no way of providing me with a duplicate 1098 form rom their web site other than to mail another copy to my home address. She stated at first that it would take anywhere from seven to 10 "BUSINESS" working days. In other words, 3 to 4 weeks. I asked why I was unable to utilize their online banking and was not provided with sufficient information other than it was not possible. I then asked if I could pick up my form at a Branch office that was 1.7 miles from my home. I was told probably but with no guarantee. I was then informed "NO". I asked if they could overnight my 1098 and they/she refused!!! All this person would do was to provide me with the ability to leave a voice mail for her superior but with no guarantee that he/she would ever return my call. Then I asked for details so I could file a formal complaint with the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and all I received was a case number from Citizens (#CFG06134356)). I then asked for the name and phone number of the CEO of the company. Ms. SHAWNIECE REFUSED!!!! So here I am with no documents to file my Federal, State, Local and Municipal Taxes all because this employee did not care. She did not care what type of reputation she provided to me and the public and was as rude and as obnoxious as I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. She was someone who didn't care one iota about their company's reputation. When I asked her if I could record our conversation from my end she said YES! Unfortunately it was too late.

I only hope that Ms. Alemany (the President/CEO has the opportunity to read this review. If this is the type of employee that her company hires to deal with the customer, then I'm afraid she has a rude awakening. The icing on the cake was when this Ms. SHAWNIECE refused to send my tax forms overnight delivery. I would have gladly paid for that service out of my own pocket. I will tell you this. Ms. SHAWNIECE is the perfect example of who not to hire. No empathy, no remorse, no customer service, ZERO concern!

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not available - 5 d 5 h ago

this is the number for the Office of the Chairman (hidden) her name is Christie Good luck !!!!!

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not available - 4 d 4 h ago


I would also try to contact the IRS and let them know what you are going through see what they say!!!!!!!

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Denise - 5 d 2 h ago


I HATE citizens. They took $132 out of my account putting me in the negative. They 're claiming it was from an account that was in the negative and closed in 2013. An account I never had and was never contacted about!!

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Roman - 7 d ago


I opened a HELOC account with your bank. All documents were signed and an account was opened in early January. It is now middle of February and there has been no notification of status. Through multiple calls I finally got my account number. But no one knows where my checks are and I've made multiple calls to customer service. Everyone promises to investigate and get back to me but no one does. I have no way to access my line, my checks may be in someone else's hand and be used fraudulently, yet no one at Citizens seems to have a sens of urgency about the situation.

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not available - 5 d 5 h ago


your HELOC should be linked to your other accounts if you go on line you willl see it if not you need to create it to show it there!! I had no problem with my HELOC with Citizens. When it it linked to your other accounts you can transfer from HELOC to checking account if that is the way you want to set it up

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L Stevnson - 7 d 2 m ago


Citizens Bank. Worst bank that exists. Can't beleive they still have customers. They steal. They lie. They say your in the wrong area. Call here. Lie lie lie. I give them -5 stars.

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Anonymous - 8 d 17 h ago


Terrible bank. Poor customer service. I had a very bad experience at one of the branch locations: 500 Paradise Road, Swampscott, MA. Teller was extremely rude and disrespectful. Manager when called, instead of apologizing for the teller's unprofessional behavior and make a minor attempt to diffuse the situation, did everything possible to escalate the issue and make me feel belittled. I ended up closing my account that I had with this bank for 14 years and was forced to file an official complaint.

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Anonymous - 12 d 20 h ago

Citizens bank closed on 2 9 2018 on a Friday due to weather what people need cash thanks for your lousy customer service employees were there to in dearborn and dearborn heights

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Mj - 15 d 22 h ago


I looked at my account this morning, my balance was negative due to my error, I deposited 100.00 cash and it was again positive...I went on at lunch, it was again negative, they are charging me overdraft fees on things that are pending and haven't been paid, even though I deposited cash to cover everything.....this is not the first time!! Never knew you could charge fees that were still pending. Totally disgusted at this point!

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Deb - 17 d ago

I will be closing all my accounts with Citizens. Thank you Chris O'Connor for your condescending tone ... "have a nice day!"

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Anonymous - 17 d ago


I don't know who to contact to actually help me or one who knows what to correctly tell me! My checking was hacked in December. I am just now 2 months later able to use it. I received a new debit card with the pin being sent separately , I went in and used the pin sent then changed it to what I want , this weekend , it was declined 4 individual times. I called the main office, was "promised " that I would receive a new pin that would be FedEx to me this AM, it never arrived. I have been on the phone with the main office all morning . The original person who I spoke with told me he corrected it but I don't have a pin #! Seriously WTH? Now after the 3rd call this AM, I won't receive another pin till Wednesday! TALK ABOUT GETTING THE RUN AROUND!! I have friends here who are retired from the government, who worked at the Whitehouse, they obviously receive very good pensions monthly. I am talking very HUGE amounts.. Well, their son gave them a check for $28.00 to cash in their name but the check was through a different bank - they refused to cash it!!! So, they withdrew their $$ except for $2, and no longer deal with this Citizens bank. Not sure if it is just this particular bank or all of them that are incompetent or nation wide but it certainly needs to be addressed!!! So spread the word- don't choose Citizens unless you have time and money to waste!!

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rita coriani - 21 d 20 h ago


On 1/30/18 i spoke with james hennessey at 212 elm st., somerville, ma. I told him a cashed a check that i received from citizens bank within the past four weeks. I wanted to know what it was for and the exact amount of the check. He responded that if i couldn't give him the exact date that i cashed it at his branch, that he could not help me. It would be too much work for him to research the past four weeks. I told him i could not remember the exact date, and he responded that it would be too much work for him to research the past four weeks.

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Roman - 23 d ago


I opened a HELOC with Citizens. I signed all notarized documents on December 11, 2017. And then dead silence. I e-mailed the person I was dealing with and she provided me with my account number and advised to call Customer Service. I called the number - they couldn't help and gave me another number to call. I called that number. They couldn't help and gave the the original number to call. You obviously do not have your act together. How do I access my account?

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Nancy - 30 d ago


I am having trouble getting my money out. This is frightening.

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Troy C. - 30 d 18 h ago


Bank is terrible. I have had them overdraft my accounts on nearly 20 occasions for an account that has been closed 2 years. At one point they have tried to charge me for overdrafts that their online bill pay made in error even though that has been closed for 2 years and now today I get a letter for 4 overdraft fees for $150 for overdrafts from their credit line dept. for a credit line that has been closed for 2 years as well. I have talked to them on 5 occasions trying to clear it up but like clock work every few months I get a letter saying something new has happened, they have reopened my account and want to assess me fees. DO NOT DO BUSINESS HERE!!

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Lora Z - 34 d 23 m ago


This Bank is the WORST, WORST WORST!!! I get being charged the 7 $ to cash a check because im not a customer, but refusing to give me a Hundred dollar bill after you took my fee , because Im not a customer !..What is the problem here!!!!!!!!

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Ugennie - 34 d ago


These people are repulsive and they're thieves they hold transactions to get overdraft fees

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oner - 34 d 30 s ago


These assholes stole my safe deposit refund. Despite repeated requests, they refuse my refund, which they had promised to do.

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Jason brang - 35 d ago

Long standing customer with citizens bank! Very disapointed to see all the branches in syracuse ny closing this spring. At the grocery stores! The whole reason I was banking with citizens bank is because they were open 7 days a week and open late during the week so I could actually go to the bank after my working hours and not be rushed! Due to the decision of corporate I have decided to close my bank and business accounts with your bank. Because the convience is coming to an end! Guess I just go with my union credit union from now on... bad move on corporate management decisions! Very disappointed!!! Sincerly jason brang. Long standing bank account holder! The relationship is over! Due to corporate decisions!

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Shelby - 35 d 13 h ago


On 12/28/17 I wired $14000 through Citizens Bank to Tanzania. The woman in the wiring office made an error, and as a result the money NEVER reached Tanzania. On 1/10/18 my local bank officer contacted the bank's wiring department to find out the whereabouts of my money. He was told that the money would be returned to my account in two days. By 1/16/18 the money was still not in my account, and my bank representative contacted Citizens wire department again. The employee there stated that the money was sitting in intermediary bank City Bank, and that her email to that bank had gone unanswered. She said she could not say when the money would be returned to my account.

Of equal concern is the fact that the money was transferred in Tanzanian shillings. When I examined the exchange rate on my receipt to the official exchange rate listed on a website for that day, I discovered a serious discrepancy. The exchange rate that Citizens Bank used left the amount to be sent (when converted back to dollars) far short of the $14000. In fact, it was $13,392 - a whopping $608 less than I had wired.

I still have not had my original $14000 restored to my account.

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Sharon Wyman - 36 d ago


I am an elderly, handicapped woman, and, hence, use the ATM machine for convenience. Last Thursday, January 11, 2018, I tried to deposit $20 in my local, West Concord, MA, machine. However, the machine ate my $20 and did not reflect my deposit. The message on the screen was that they couldn't process my transaction (letters in red). I then went into the bank and was told that the teller had put a claim in, and I would have my money in a day or two. The next day, I received a call telling me that his claim was not honored, and that I would have to call a number to put in a claim. I did so (requiring over half an hour). As of today, 1/17/18, no reimbursement. Other automatic funds have been taken out, and now my rent check will bounce. I called the bank, and received no help, but a phone #, which turned out to be the wrong #! Eventually, I was transferred to the claims dept. - another long wait. When I finally got the right claims person, she began to help me, but then put me on "hold" which ultimately ended up in my being hung up on. All of this has required over two hours of my time, and a lot of frustration. I still have no satisfaction. This used to be a very friendly and helpful bank. No longer! Your service is now terrible. Not user friendly. Obviously, you care nothing for the time and needs of your customers. I am very disappointed in lowering of your standards of service.

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Dave B - 40 d 14 h ago


I am not getting any service from either my financial advisor or premier banker.

Apparently my premier banker left the bank 6 weeks ago and no one let me know.

Had very difficult time finding replacement. You had done this before and it is a most Poor practice.

Also I had a query in 4 days ago for my financial advisor. No response so far. Was he replaced too.

I need service!

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Jacquelyn Anderson - 43 d 3 s ago


I just wanted to let you know that my experience at Citizens Bank has been absolutely delightful thanks to a wonderful teller by the name of Barbara Jeffers she's a senior customer service teller and I have to say she's the best one out of the whole Westerly branch and she just makes the experience wonderful I hope that this teller continues as Citizens Bank and is easily moved up because she really deserves that and I just want to say that if it wasn't for this particular tell her I don't even think I would be going to Citizens Bank sincerely Jacqueline Anderson

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