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Citizen's Bank

RBS Citizens Financial Group
1 Citizens Plaza
Providence, RI
Ellen Alemany
Chairman, President and CEO
(401) 456-7000
(401) 456-7819
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Rochester Hills, MI - 5 d 6 h ago


This bank has gone above and beyond to help me and provide excellent customer service. I have been a customer for years and most of my accounts are with this bank. The website is user-friendly and I can move my money around very easily.

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Barbara - 6 d ago


Citizens Bank is one of the worst banks out there. Before you sign on the dotted line I hope you read all complaints about this bank and look at all Class Actions against them. They can change the name but its all the same. Stupid Stupid people!

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Irked - 6 d ago


I opened up a account with Citizens Bank because of a "New to the Neighborhood" promo in which I would receive $150 within 90 days of my first direct deposit. First time I called I was told that it would be 90 days of my deposit the following month. Second time I called I was told that I qualify for the bonus but I would need to call back with my promo code (I honestly think they assumed I disposed of it or lost it because it was 3 months ago lol). The third time i called with the promo code and I was told that I would have to wait 3-4 days for them to see why I didn't receive my money. Needless to say I will be closing this account.

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Disappointed - 14 d 8 h ago

I received a check from Citizens Bank made out to a business that I have since closed a couple of years ago. The check was sent due to a discrepancy/mistake on their part from years ago. Citizens must have been audited by the government and was being held accountable for these mistakes and needed to let the customers know and compensate them. I brought the check to my local Citizens bank and they told me I needed to call an #888 number and they would help me get the check changed to my name instead of the businesses name. When I called the #888 I was informed the phone call itself was going to cost me $5.00. What? Has anyone else had this problem?

I have reached out to John Rosenfeld and I am hoping he gets back to me with an answer that is not going to cost me any money. How can they charge people money to cash a check or change the name on a check that was their fault in the first place?

I do not usually have issues with this bank but this situation seems odd to me.

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Anonymous - 15 d 3 h ago

Boston MA manager very very rude also Martha and Suzanne at ST. Albans Vermont location also very rude and not helpful!!!! They need to be replaced immediately....

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Ano - 15 d 16 h ago



Hello, I love my citizens bank and regular branch inside Latrobe, PA Giant Eagle but while I was there the other day I was making a deposit and over heard the new branch manager VERY loudly talking and laughing VERY LOUD about a bra size and boobs which I thought was very unprofessional. The teller was very distracted but remained professional. This needs to be addressed immediately!

Flagged for review. 
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Steven Washington - 19 d 9 h ago


I have been receiving poor customer service in Delaware. I am very upset with your customer service support team (phones) My account has been compromised, I submitted a request to put my money bach in the account, they are making me wait up to 45 days. My direct deposit went into the account today and the bank absorbed my money leaving me with $-70. The customer service supervisor (Vicki) did not help me at all, telling me there is nothing she can do. I did not make the charges as I explained and she did and will not offer me a provisional credit until the investigation is complete. I DID NOT MAKE THE CHARGES and you all should fix my account or close. I have to leave town and I depend on my hard earned money. It is important that I use the money in the account or I will lose. This isn't fair.

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Debbie N - 22 d 15 h ago


I am so DISGUSTED with this bank!!!! Mrs. Ellen Alemany, the President & CEO I do expect a phone call back for I have left several messages for you specifically & have yet to receive a call back. My father, who is 70yrs old has been banking with your bank for over 26yrs...back when you were Mellon PSFS...yes that long. I am his POA and have handled all of his finances for a very long time. He had excellent credit, he has SBA loans, mortgages, credit cards & lines of credit with your bank....and each & every person that I have spoke with & dealt with in every department of your bank....including two of your so called "professional" assistance in your Chairman office are just down right uneducated, irresponsible & rude!!!! I will be calling again & again. I would even like to go to our local news channel to express how poorly your bank has treated my father. If this site is even worth having then I am going to assume I could get a call back from you. My fathers situation has down spiraled for over two years & it is time for the mess that all of your employees created to get so so many mistakes & I have every single document & phone call to prove it. Actually do too, all CALL ARE RECORDED. Horrific what your company has put my father thru...sickening. I am so angry & upset I can't even write anymore. Please do your job and kindly return my phone call Mrs. Alemany.

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Nancy - 21 d 11 h ago


I couldn't agree more Debbie N. They have done the same to my 85 year old dad. Be carful with this bank as they seem to think it is ok to cash a 5 1/2 yo check for over 10,000.00 and told me we should have been putting a stop payment on it every 6 months!!! I wondered why 6 months -- isn't that the amount of time you should have to cash a check! If you go to the local news I'M IN.

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Melanie - 73 d ago


My significant other and I had a terrible experience with the Branch Manager, Anthony Bianchini at the Newark, NY branch. We have never in our life been treated with so much disrespect and rudeness. He was aggressive and intimidating in his actions when we were simply trying to clear a banking issue. We will be calling the corporate office to discuss this matter further.

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Spartagon - 72 d 18 h ago


Hi Melanie:

I have called the corporate office about my issue and let me tell you: the fish stinks from the head down. They do not care. We need to all get together and do something.

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Regretting Citizens Bank: - 35 d 14 h ago


Please do something; then tell us what it is so that we might duplicate it.

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Rv - 22 d ago


What the phone number

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Anonymous: - 35 d 14 h ago


Your call will bring you more frustration but a clearer realization of why Citizens must be taken into court on a class action type of a suit. Must be something we can do? Have you read these other complaints? You just found out the truth. Truth is-God is good. Move on to another, the quicker the netter.

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mailing bombardment - 25 d 18 h ago


I like to get credit card offers, like sign up and get a $100 bonus, but I don't like to get offers for loans. Citizen's Bank refuses to stop sending me mailings to my home and office, and they said unless I use the company your website directs me to to stop all loan, etc. mailings from all companies at once, but that company has no options to just stop getting mail from Citizen's. They will therefore keep bombarding me w/mail unless I take on of their officers at which point they said I can set mailing preferences! Can you help at all?

Sam Schaperow, MSMFT, LMFT

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William R. - 29 d ago


A horrible bank. Will not work with u about their outrageous overdraft fee practices. I beg everyone to never use them for any banking. Their bottom line is what matters. They seem to handle ur bank account in a way that will get them the fees. I'm closing my account and going to a bank that cares about their customers

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Anonymous - 26 d 20 h ago

I have the same problem

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Anonymous - 26 d 20 h ago

I would like to say I am very upset with this bank . I open my account online not even 2 weeks or so your company closed all banks here in columbus ohio . Leaving the closes bank and atm 2 1/2 hours away from Columbus. I have overdraft protection on my account. My account went intoa overdraft for 22.00 and I was charged 35.00 thats fine . I has the money to make my account upto date. But because the closes bank or atm is over 2 hours away I was unable to make my account up to date befor my check deposit. So I was charged 30 .00 two more times in a total of 60.00 more cause I had no means to get to a atm or bank to deposit the cash to make my account clear. This is very bad for people living in columbus . I didn't ask to have a online total banking when I open this account. I have ask 3 different times to be refunded the additional 60.00 . I had a supervisor get very rude with me and tell me it will never happen . And I had 2 other customer service people be very understanding and tried to get me the 60.00 refunded but was told NO. Not cool and I have to wait till my check on friday January 27 2017 is deposit and a few other deposits before I can close this account. I feel I should get my.60.00 refunded . I didn't closes the banks and atms in columbus . This id not how you treat customers. Its bad banking.

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A Charity Care-Giver - 32 d 18 h ago


1000 Haynes St, Birmingham, MI 48009......... is my bank.

They are wonderful, wonderful.

They go out of their way to help me in every way.

Service, attitudes, knowledge, trust, honesty ....and that extra feeling of greatly being

appreciated as their customer.

I am with the best.....Citizens Bank is proudly " my bank."

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...they know - 33 d 10 h ago


Citizens bank is awful! They don't care for their employees and treat rhem like nothing. I just had a baby girl 6 months ago and everyone in my branch and managers on multi sites have seen and are aware, sone of whuch even held her. On Friday the 13th I was BLINDLY fired and wasnt even given my last pay check which is today, I was told I was terminated for reasons I have never done. I'm a single father and currently have to move in with my mother until I find somewhere for me and my daughter.

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ROBERT FLEMING - 33 d 20 h ago


The worst bank

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Anonymous - 34 d 4 h ago


What the heck is going on with bank by phone. I used to call to get my balance, deposits, etc.

Now you have to sit through ad after ad after ad pitches. After the 7th one , I hung up

This is the 1800 9229991 toll free number.

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Mary - 34 d 6 h ago


Hello my name is Mary Bracy and I've been banking with citizens bank for some time now on January 12 and again on January 19th 2017 I had the worst banking experience at your Southfield location located on Southfield rd...Tonja the branch manager was rude and very condescending and really considering banking with a different bank

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Kathleen Gilroy - 35 d 8 h ago


In August of 2016, I called the Commercial Card division and asked to pay off and close out my account. I was given a payoff amount and the account was closed. Today I discovered that $7 was left in the account and that I have incurred four overdraft charges of $39 a month. The phone reps said that these charges cannot be forgiven without "proof" of bank error. This is absurd. Why would I leave $7 and close an account only to incur what I consider illegal and fraudulent charges. I was also being billed at the usurious rate of 27.24%. I plan to file a 93A consumer fraud complaint unless this is dealt with immediately.

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Kerri Emery - 89 d 6 h ago


Citizens just lost a long time customer. I had a fraud issue on my account and not only did it take me 2 phone calls to get this situated, but was told it would be 7-10 business days before they even decided if I should get my money back. And, it will take at least that long to get a new debit card. REALLY?? Its 2016, how can you have such an outdated way to handle fraud. I spoke to many people about this and all of them said that their banks take only 2 days to handle a situation like this. When I called to check on my claim, the customer service reps acted like they didnt care and were reading from a script. I was actually told "well we have a lot of claims ahead of yours". I am definitely switching banks and told everyone I know never to do business with Citizens.

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Nancy Sceery - 84 d 18 h ago


I had a very similar incident occur over the weekend:

The bank put a 6 day "hold" on a check that had already cleared and been confirmed cleared in writing by my bank : Citizens now is holding cash that legally belongs to a customer and refusing to release it. This is nothing less than pilferage on the part of the bank . It is fraudelent, unethical and just plain bad business. Why any one does business with Citizens is beyond belief

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NY-er - 35 d 14 h ago


May actually be under the umbrella of misappropriation of funds; a crime.

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