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Citizen's Bank

RBS Citizens Financial Group
1 Citizens Plaza
Providence, RI
Ellen Alemany
Chairman, President and CEO
(401) 456-7000
(401) 456-7819
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Dom - 3 d 18 h ago


A BAD BANK! I have been on the phone for 3 hours and STILL getting all the wrong answers. I have spoken with 12 associates and am STILL getting horrible answers. I did a mobile deposit of my pay roll check this morning. This check is drawn on a Citizens account with plenty of funds available. But, online is saying that the check will be held for 3 days. WHY?! On their website under "Ask a Citizen", a customer asks how long does it take for a mobile deposit to process? A CITIZEN'S BANK EMPLOYEE responded, "Great news, mobile deposits process just like a normal check deposit. If you are depositing a check written out of a Citizens Bank account, the funds will be available the same business day that it is deposited. If the checking being deposited is a non-Citizens Bank check, the funds will be available the next business day." THIS IS ON THEIR COMPANY SITE. SO WHY IS MY CHECK BEING HELD? WHY AM I GETTING 3 DIFFERENT ANSWERS FROM EMPLOYEES WHO WORK AT THE SAME COMPANY. I told them that I was at work in desperate need of gas money and they declined to give a provisional credit. One rep from the corp office line advised me to swipe and overdraft my account and IF the check is a good check the funds will clear, and no over drafting fee will occur. YEA RIGHT. Then another employee advised me to overdraft and just pay the $35 fee! What the heck is wrong with these employees? Mind you, this happened to me 2 weeks ago and I was PROMISED that this would never occur again. So, it is pay day...and I am broke, and it's my banks fault. They have POOR customer service, inconsistent policies and do overall bad business. There is NO WAY I should be going through all of this for over 3 hours. I've called my home branch, a 800 number, a 877 number, the corp office and spoken to half of the employees and NO ONE CAN HELP ME. WHY IS THAT?!

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Nyla - 4 d 18 h ago


Sonya supervisor was very condescending with her answer's to my questions. She came on the phone without introducing herself and said she did, why would I ask her name? She and phone representatives are the reason I will cancel my account. They don't listen its like they are robots. I'm very disappointed as my husband opened the account.

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Ellen Allemany is incompetent - 12 d ago


A Citizens Manager did not check the endorsement on a check (business vs. my name). The check was not processed even though it was a certified check.

The bank has been BEYOND AWFUL. They told me that the check would come back to me within 10 business days. It did not.

Now, the issue was escalated to the Chairman's Office. It's been two days. Noone will call me back.

I can't believe that Citizens could cause this problem and then, leave me holding the bag.

Do NOT bank with them. They are great at causing problems and then, not addressing them. From bad to worse...

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Charles - 17 d 15 h ago


This bank mortgage process was AWFUL.

I was called and asked if I wanted to refinance my mortgage that I already had with them for a lower rate. I agreed if I was assured that the process would not be cumbersome. I paid for an appraisal and title search after which the nightmare began.

The processors would ask for information and when I responded they would clearly not read what I had sent. The were unresponsive and difficult to work with. At one point I was asked to explain an alleged $2.00 (yes two dollar) past due account. The past due did not exist. I repeatedly responded yet they continued to ask me about the same questions.

They asked for ridiculous information and even after responding over and over, I was asked again.

I finally told them I was withdrawing the application. A month later they had the audacity to send me a notice that I was denied a loan for not responding to requests for information. THIS BANK and its procedures are awful - Do not start the process, Go to a local credit union it will be less expensive and more customer oriented. When I did complain, they did not care

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Anonymous - 23 d ago


Extremely rude worker at the Giant Eagle location Kennedy township.

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LaTeshia - 126 d ago


I recently was going through an FHA Loan until recently I had to withdraw my request due to Stephen Persaud Loan Processor sending me someone else Uniform Appraisal Report paperwork to not only my email address which is sent to me secured meaning I have to log in with personal information to receive documentation to then turn around and also receive the documents of Shallond and Eric Daniels was very shell shocking. Regardless if these documents are public records I still have someone else information in my hands of all their property details and photo's taken of their property. Yes, these folks are located in another county however they unaware of what happened this was a terrible leak at Citizens Bank in their Home Loan Department. I consider this kind of work to be unprofessional and should not be tolerated from NO company what so ever! I am now seeking for my $600 dollars to be returned back to me due to their sloppy work ethics. No one seems to care their all saying I will put the request in to see if it gets approved. I will look into other options since we all have rights! I will be closing my account with them as well I only did business with this bank for the loan and loan payment plus my APR was going to be at a rate of 3.75% for having the account open with them, but after dealing with the headaches from these unorganized people I prefer to simply move and I suggest you do the same as well!

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Anonymous - 126 d ago

So I just learned from the Lawyer that the documents I hold are not public records anyone intrest in a Class Law Suite?

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Aaron Brown - 118 d 19 h ago


Yes, the manager was very rude and this bank has extorted me for fees as well as put a 2 week hold on money orders that I recently deposited after they told me 2 days. I been at this bank over ten years and was basically accused of fraud and never had any fraudulent activity in my account, but they refused to give me my money orders back or my money and I showed receipts for the money orders I might add. These people are discriminating on me cause they said I never deposited this much before!!? So I am not entitled to have money?

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Anonymous - 54 d 48 s ago


Aaron Brown, Citizens Bank did the same thing to me. I deposit a check after the manager who opened up my account told me that there's only a 2-day hold on all checks deposited, turned out Citizens Bank held my check for 15 days.. Citizens Bank does not follow their own corporate policies that they put in place and if anyone is interested in a class action suit please contact me at (hidden)

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Missy - 32 d 17 h ago


Happyhomemakersnh gmail please ket me know i dint trust cituzens.

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QT - 42 d 15 h ago


I read your review, I empathize with you and your plight. I too have a somewhat similar situation but paid money to a third source and I filed a claim and this bank sided with the other side . Who actually does that? They don't bank here but I have since 2013. Did you have any results in your favor as of yet

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Pissed - 95 d ago


I would be more than glad to

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Anonymous - 59 d 20 h ago

Over here! I'm all about a class action against these scum bags

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Anonymous - 54 d ago

I'm interested!!! Please contact me back at (hidden)

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Rahul - 41 d 12 h ago



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Rudud - 42 d 4 s ago



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Disabled AMERICAN Veteran - 51 d 18 h ago


, That's ALOTTA , HUH??!!

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Disgusted - 103 d 15 h ago


Customer service is horrid. Hold times are outrageous. This CEO should be ashamed. So should the head of Consumer Banking and Consumer Lending. I cannot believe they go to sleep at night or take a paycheck with a clear mind. I wouldn't recommend this bank to my worst enemy. Wow. This bank needs revamping and an overhaul.

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Anonymous - 59 d 20 h ago

Report to the attorney general, BBB and local news outlets in philadelphia.

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Disgusted - 54 d ago


I completely agree with you

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Joe Hartigan - 54 d ago


I have had an account at Citizens Bank at the 19 Mile and Hayes location and Sterling Heights for approximately 2. 5 months now. I've had nothing but problems with the bank especially with employees not knowing how to give out correct information. on January 1st 2020 at approximately 3: 24 p. M. I tried to use my debit card at a gas station and it said I had insufficient funds. So I called Citizens Bank and spoke to representative and the representative informed me that all my funds in my account or put on hold. When I asked the representative why didn't Citizens Bank or anybody from Citizens Bank contact me via phone email text anyting the representative replied with I don't know. So my funds are currently on hold and I don't know why and nobody from the bank and tell me why. I will be contacting a lawyer about this. Nobody should have Citizens Bank for the worst bank in the world. I'm letting everybody on Facebook know about my situation and everything that I've gone through I've also tweeted about it. Citizens Bank is the worst bank ever!

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Charles DiVita - 102 d 18 h ago


To who it may concern My complaint is based on a Fraudulent withdrawal from my Checking account and it also affected my Savings account. I visited my local Branch and had the proper Paperwork fax over to the Corporate office and i was told it would be fixed i 3 to 10 Business days. And i am still waiting on a response from your Fraud Department also this has compromised my Checking account and i also would like to add that i am on Social Security Disability so my income is very important to my way of life.

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Anonymous - 59 d 20 h ago

Total crooks. We all need to file with the local attorney generals office regarding their shady grifting theft procedures.

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Hugh Sansom - 92 d 11 s ago


This is not a customer friendly bank. Their business model is based on how much money they can steal from their customers. Recently I closed a company and subsequently, this bank closed my business account. They sent me a check for the money in the account. That's good process right? Well not really, as the check was made out to the company owning the account they closed. So the account no longer exists. And the check can not be cashed unless I open the business again with the IRS and open another account. So Citizens Bank keeps the money left in my account. Worse the bank accused me of being a dishonest person after over 10 years of using this bank for my business. Citizens Bank earns a ZERO.

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Carlson - 59 d 20 h ago

You are 100% correct, they are have stolen thousands from my minor child to date, $3,000 in bullshit fees and holding deposits to ensure checks or debit purchases bounce. I'm contacting my local attorney general as well as the BBB to file this complaint. Additionally, my local FBI where my cousin works. This bank is a scam and the most unprofessional group of crooks out there. Stay away from citizens bank at all costs.

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