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Citizen's Bank

RBS Citizens Financial Group
1 Citizens Plaza
Providence, RI
Ellen Alemany
Chairman, President and CEO
(401) 456-7000
(401) 456-7819
Twitter IDs
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Rachael Moyer Flite - 6 d 11 h ago

The worse Bank in the world! I stayed with them for so long because of the difficulty in transferring all of my accounts but when i finally did, it was well worth it! They are scam artists and rip offs!

Switch to another bank! You will find out that other banks really appreciate you being their customer!

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Todd Shoemaker - 7 d ago


This is the worse bank, DO NOT DUE BUSINESS WITH THEM! THEY over charged me for my Iphone when I paid it off they gave me the wrong payoff and then afterwards they kept charging me and then said they would not refund me the money when they made the mistake by overcharging me after the payoff.

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Fuck the banks - 7 d 18 h ago

My accout is constantly in the negative for no reason getting enrolled in online banking at citizens bank is to difficult i get carged for statments i never asked all banks are worthless and just find ways to steal your money

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Melanie - 102 d 15 h ago


My significant other and I had a terrible experience with the Branch Manager, Anthony Bianchini at the Newark, NY branch. We have never in our life been treated with so much disrespect and rudeness. He was aggressive and intimidating in his actions when we were simply trying to clear a banking issue. We will be calling the corporate office to discuss this matter further.

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Spartagon - 102 d 8 h ago


Hi Melanie:

I have called the corporate office about my issue and let me tell you: the fish stinks from the head down. They do not care. We need to all get together and do something.

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Regretting Citizens Bank: - 65 d 4 h ago


Please do something; then tell us what it is so that we might duplicate it.

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Rv - 51 d 17 h ago


What the phone number

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DISGUSTED - 10 d 18 h ago


I know that here in upstate NY, we have a newscaster, John Grey, who takes these stories and investigates them...perhaps you have the same person in your local area, give them a call...I am glad I saw Melanie's comment, I was going to call but now I will get a lawyer.

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Anonymous: - 65 d 4 h ago


Your call will bring you more frustration but a clearer realization of why Citizens must be taken into court on a class action type of a suit. Must be something we can do? Have you read these other complaints? You just found out the truth. Truth is-God is good. Move on to another, the quicker the netter.

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Irked - 35 d 15 h ago


I opened up a account with Citizens Bank because of a "New to the Neighborhood" promo in which I would receive $150 within 90 days of my first direct deposit. First time I called I was told that it would be 90 days of my deposit the following month. Second time I called I was told that I qualify for the bonus but I would need to call back with my promo code (I honestly think they assumed I disposed of it or lost it because it was 3 months ago lol). The third time i called with the promo code and I was told that I would have to wait 3-4 days for them to see why I didn't receive my money. Needless to say I will be closing this account.

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DISGUSTED - 10 d 18 h ago


If you close account, read my comment aboive...disgusted

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Fed Up And Ready To Go Elsewhere - 16 d 18 h ago


I have been dealing with error after error regarding my account since November of 2016. I make payments to my regular payment and principal only to review my account later to see that all payments have been applied incorrectly. I have spoken with 17 different people as of March 7, 2017 just for them to tell me that they will have my account corrected. I am very disappointed and really thinking about moving my services elsewhere. I just made a payment to my account and AGAIN it was misapplied incorrectly. Upon speaking with the 17th persons this morning I was told to make my payments on-line which was my original payment method in the first place, but because they don't have whether or not you can split your payments (regular payment/principal payment) everything goes to my regular payment. I've even went as far as writing a letter along with my January payment explaining what was happening but still no resolution. I was also told to make two separate checks (regular payment and principal payment) only to have the entire payments applied to my regular payment and not split between the two not to mention that I was sent to collections for an error that was made because of this and charged a fee.

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DISGUSTED. - 10 d 18 h ago


I too had to deal with Citizens for over two years. I told them to close my account, and they kept it open , charging me fee after fee. I finally had to get a lawyer and thought all was done. When I opened my account, I had my daughter sign to be on my checking account, if something happened to me. That was over 4 years ago. She now tells me Citizens has her on her credit reports as delinquent.. This will probably take another 2 years to fix..!!! THIS IS THE WORST BANK EVER.....

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Robyn w - 14 d 11 h ago


I app.ied for a home equity loan at citizens bank. I am in florida for the winter but told I could do it all online. There is no citizens bank in florida. After 6 weeks of form after form and conversation after conversation I was told the money would be deposited I to my ck. Acct. But I have no access to that money in florida! I asked for a wire transfer to my bank in florida and they said no. They insist that I have to be in RI to do the wire transfer. After hours on the phone for days I finally found an intelligent employee in my local r.i. office who agreed to help me get the money. Never ever again will I apply for any loan from citizens bank

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Ray - 16 d 16 h ago


had to deal with the claims department I live in Detroit Michigan the were such a bunch of dummies or they just act like they could care less about my money the were to credit back in my account. they act as if they don't want to talk to me about my money. just telling me anything. like i am stupid. so if the bank thinks they are not going to put my money back in my account I go news for them.

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Harold Wallace Sr - 17 d 14 h ago


Went into a small branch with only a hand full of attendees. On Transit Rd. East Amherst N.Y. I couldn't believe a unprofessional attendee asked could she be of assistance. I answered yes you may I continued on with the transaction. I was appalled that a woman with a badge displaying. Senior Teller and represents such a great bank. Display unprofessional customer service. She's got no right to blurt out my balance. I'm gonna consult an attorney about this incident. Embarrassing and appalled my wife stood there indisbelief. That the teller convey the balance in secret. It's nobody's concern but the teller an patron. She had no right to disclose any denominations. I told her it should be transferred to paper. She said that say it like that to everyone and get no complaints. I told her every Citizens bank never did like that. I told her if I had millions in you would you blurt that my balance is $3.500,000 she said yes. My wife and I live in the Clarence area. we will be collecting $2M settlement coming. That has already been won. And we were looking for a bank that we both felt comfortable with the services. we need trusted accounts for our children. My wife has changed her mind and I would make the same transferred decision into a new bank. H. D. Wallace Sr

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Disappointed in Rhode Island - 17 d 19 h ago


What a horrible experience I am having with this bank. I have logged over 10 hours of my own time dealing with mistakes initiated by your call center. To date it has been three weeks with no answers, no resolution, and nothing but excuses and corporate strong arming. The fact that I am told that if I want to escalate my case further I have to write a letter and see what happens is comical. The more big business tries to hide from their responsibilities related to their own errors the more I look to move my business elsewhere. Your bank made an error and now is offering me no answers as to why the mistake occurred, no assistance is resolving the issue, and now has the audacity to try and take credit for offering up solutions!

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Mr Thomas Larkin Conn office loan office - 23 d 6 h ago


To Sean Cunningham.. pls I have and still a customer of the bank spoke and felt with Mr Larkin inyour office location ..He said you where the VP of loan process.. if you or your assistance would call me I haveamy concerns withy experience with the bank pls call(hidden) or email gailb1188@gmail.

Com pls contact with your address info

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Mr Sean Cunningham - 20 d 16 h ago


mr Sean Cunningham... i have been dealing with mr Thomas Larkin he said he was in the cincinnati ohio office i have been working on getting a loan home equity line of credit from your bank. now the end of Feb i finally called him i own my home which was valed at 140,000.00 and owe nothing on it i have a 2002 lexus which i own also a 1982 merz 380 sl .. when asking about how many more month this loan would take he said that my loan was denied i said r u kidding me if i did nit call you would u have notified me... i was told by my local branch i was appoved for 66,000.00 but if i wanted to try for 100,000.00 it would bring my intrest rate to the lowest amount.. i said sure after 2 wks my local bank said mr larkintook over the loan... he had me call ms smith who never returned my call. 4 months and if i did not call he would of tossed it under the carpet...when i asked mr larkin your email or mailing address he said he did not know it.. with employees like those ur bank is not going to get any busn i hope this message does get to u and not fall on deaf ears..they had no problem giving me 10,000.00 credit on the card the had me open which i will be cancelling and they had me travel to raymond nh over 138 miles one way so they could appraise my house i am truely upset and very disappointed with the was mr larkin handled my loan request.. thank you Gail brown (hidden)

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Barbara - 35 d 12 h ago


Citizens Bank is one of the worst banks out there. Before you sign on the dotted line I hope you read all complaints about this bank and look at all Class Actions against them. They can change the name but its all the same. Stupid Stupid people!

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Michael Freeland - 22 d 17 h ago


I was one of the WINNING Class action suits against RBS/Citizens; They shut off HELOC accounts to 2500 + Customers in the midwest, charged then $285.00 each for a 'Reappraisal Fee"....

and reactivated NONE of them. It was a scam, they paid back the class, but still did not agree to change policies long term.

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Gail Arkin - 24 d 21 h ago


My name is Gail Arkin and I work for First American Title Company of Ny.I have been trying to reclaim a fed ex package sent to your mail drop in Rhode Island, in error, since last Friday. I have been on the phone for at least four hours over the last few days. I can't speak with a human at this address and have been trying to contact Ellen Alemany by email or phone to no avail. I have spoken with various people in Panama, Oklahoma,

Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, none of whom could help me. The package was delivered on Friday morning.

It was suggested by one of your employees that I visit a branch. I just phoned the closest branch at 200 Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains, NY and the phone rang over thirty times with no answer. I hung up and called again with the same result.

The documents in the package must be filed in a timely manner or penalties will accrue.

Please, could someone assist me in locating and returning this package.

Thank you.

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Pat - 26 d 20 h ago

Discourteous assistant manager at Nashua 1 Trefalger S. Bank. Went in walking with a cane, twice he expected me to do business standing up in aisle each time, I asked to sit.with a little privacy. There was no one else waiting. Seemed impatient to deal with an elderly lady.

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Andrew C. Featherman, Esq. - 28 d 14 h ago


I pulled more than $500,000 of business in loans and deposits out of the Bank because of one and only one issue - refusal of the Bank to use ANY OTHER IDENTIFIER than the social security number of the customer for identification purposes. Every other major bank I deal with (TD, Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.) provides for an alternate form of identification or alternate "points of identification" for the customer not including or using social security numbers or parts of the same. I only kept my credit cards, and withdrew or moved all other business over this issue. When I tried to activate my replacement credit card today, I was refused, even though I answered five (5) other points of identification - account number, security code of card, billing address, name, and password. However, without the last four digits of a social security number, they said "no activation" and were unyielding. So Am I. I have brought seven (7) actions before the federal regulators about this issue in the past, six of which replied that the Bank cannot force this information (but does not have to do business with me, either) which is a poor way to retain customers. (The seventh referred me to another agency for review, which stated I had this right but they could not force the Bank to comply.) I'd rather bank with Wells Fargo (which I do) where at least they allow me to identify without being relegated to a nine-digit number. I am a person, not a number. I resent the Bank and their unyielding policy. I'll also be happy to use my 3 cards from Bank of America, my Amex, or cards from Chase, Citibank, Barclays, and so forth that do not require social security number information to verify identity or activate cards. SHAME ON YOU, UN-CITIZENS!!!

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Steven Washington - 49 d ago


I have been receiving poor customer service in Delaware. I am very upset with your customer service support team (phones) My account has been compromised, I submitted a request to put my money bach in the account, they are making me wait up to 45 days. My direct deposit went into the account today and the bank absorbed my money leaving me with $-70. The customer service supervisor (Vicki) did not help me at all, telling me there is nothing she can do. I did not make the charges as I explained and she did and will not offer me a provisional credit until the investigation is complete. I DID NOT MAKE THE CHARGES and you all should fix my account or close. I have to leave town and I depend on my hard earned money. It is important that I use the money in the account or I will lose. This isn't fair.

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Anonymous - 29 d 13 h ago

Hello Mr. Steven Washington, my name is Nathaniel Canady and Yes I HAVE Experienced the Same THING with Citizens Bank. I'm located in Philadelphia, PA. And Yes I am still experiencing rudeness, DELAY in replacing MY MONEY BACK into My ACCOUNT. I've been TOLD that My Account & or Claims Have Been reported to the office of the Chairman. That's Been OVER a Month AGO. I've yet to HEAR From any Citizens Bank Staff & Personnel. But From What I've Determined this is considered a RICO(Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization) Violation. And Citizens Bank Corporate Personnel is Very Aware of what's Going on. I'll See What U.S. District COURT Has to say about this cover up by Citizens Bank Corporate Personnel.

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