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Citizen's Bank

RBS Citizens Financial Group
1 Citizens Plaza
Providence, RI
Ellen Alemany
Chairman, President and CEO
(401) 456-7000
(401) 456-7819
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Madeline Thornton - 2 h 15 m ago


I am writing to inform you that your 7th & Market branch needs to go through formal training. The first time I went to open up a safety deposit, I was told that someone would be with me shortly. Shortly meant 2 hours later, and, to only be told that the key was lost. So I had to go back and this time around things went more smoothly and I was finally issued a key to my safety deposit box. Now I have never been one to complain about a bank (you see this is where I started also) but your bank is in need of some formal training. They need to cater to the customer, not give them dirty looks. And the manager just sits there on his cell phone, he could care less..

Please, some of these girls are very nice but if you don't give them proper training they will continue rolling their eyes on their customers.

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Happy customer - 2 d 43 m ago


I had a fantastic experience with Treena, who is a Relationship Banker. I believe in old fashioned terms, a teller. But she was too much more! I was preparing to deposit a check into a trust account and she noticed that it had been charged monthly fees and was designated as a checking act when I opened it. Months earlier, Edson Marko was the Mortgage Loan Officer who took charge and opened this account for me. It is for one of my children for college, given to them by their grandparents. I was being charged $13.00 monthly. that may not sound like much but it adds up and, frankly, unexplained fees are like literally throwing money in the trash. Banks can rob but their associates should keep customers in their best interest. That is exactly what Treena Griffin did for me. because of her, I not only did not move this account to a different bank but she was so inviting for me to return that I am rethinking of moving my business account to this location. It is currently at a competitor.

Treena helped by earning my trust. That says wonders considering how concerned I was for the charges. She has impeccable social/customer relation skills. They have a gem of an employee and I hope she is valued in the corporation. Treena was great and set me up for the perfect account where my childs money willl not whither away because of a man who was eager to get out to the golf course the day I was in. Granted I should have checked this somehow and looked at various statements, but I mistakenly trusted he was doing what I had asked for. I had asked him to ensure there would be no hidden or obvious fees and he assured me. this is a mortgage loan officer. Quite concerning.

If you're in the Giant supermarket - Pottstown, PA area (north of Philadelphia, ask for her!! she is superior. she also did not speak ill toward Edson Marko which also showed her professionalism.

I'm hoping she gets promotions as she works hard. This is not the first time she's been helpful!!

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Peggie - 2 d 4 h ago


Checks stolen from mailbox. They were cashed and altered (over 2000.00) This happened over 2 1/2 months ago.

Cashed with no endorsements and still waiting for Citizens to reimburse me. I entrusted them with my money and they literally gave it away to a stranger.

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Anonymous - 58 d 49 m ago

Got hit with two overdraft fees! I'm going to the division of banks and filing a complaint I hope you read this Ellen Alemeny Citizens bank is going to get a big lawsuit you will rebating millions of dollars to your customers and the customer service is AWFUL! It's coming

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Jackson - 57 d 12 h ago


If you think you are going to be getting millions of dollars from a "big lawsuit" for your own mistake resulting in overdraft fees, you really are insane.

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Marios - 55 d 5 h ago

There is a rules and regulations the bank has to follow

No one needs a big lawsuit but we all need to be treated fairly

I have overdrafted my account for $ 2.45

My fees are $129.00

Do you think this fees are equal to the overdraft amount?

Did you think how long someone would have to work to save $129.00 ?

Did you think how long and how hard bank had to work to get $129.00 ?

Just think about it

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Tommy - 15 d ago

So go to a bank that doesn't charge over draft fees. Some banks like mine give you a 24 hour grace to cover the overdraft and they will not charge you. This is a free choice. If you don't like doing business with a company, you can always go elsewhere. There's a lot of competition out there. Just my humble thoughts.

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Nunya - 7 d ago


Citizens is still the WORST bank out there.. they will be bought out by a more competent and "for the people" bank

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Chef E. - 48 d ago


I just had my first contact with Citizen's Bank, specifically the branch in Madison, CT. I was so impressed by the the manager Tanner and the whole staff.

They were efficient and professional and went the extra mile to make sure I did never again will have to run to the bank with a last minute payment. They got me enrolled in auto pay while I was there, rather than just giving me the forms to fill out and send myself. Kudos!

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Nunya - 7 d 10 s ago



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Anonymous - 9 d ago

Worse customer service.

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Nadia - 16 d 20 h ago

Citizens banks is THE worst bank I have a bank with they are horrible liars and I'll professional I'm about to cut my card. It's a piece of shit bank

General profile image - 48 d 13 s ago


As of today I will no longer bank with your bank, on 6/26 a transaction was completed when I did not have sufficient funds I was short $16.70 and the bank wants to charge me $35. I spoke with one of your agents on the 26th he advised me that as long as i deposit $100(which was the only negative amount showing on my on line transactions) before 10 pm that i would not be charged a $35 fee.....and I was not aware that because of this $35 not being paid withing whatever days it was pending u now want to charge me $30(also something your agent could have included when he advised me of my possible late fee). Bye Goodbye please forward all imaginary fees to whomever will comply to such bogus charges., I will not consent to such charges.

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Nadia - 16 d 20 h ago

Yes I wish I read y'all comment before I got me a card with citizen bank sucks

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Disappointed Business Owner - 27 d 3 h ago


Absolutely horrible! Deceptive business practices to say the least. I was looking to consolidate high interest credit card debt and brought in every bit of information needed for an honest business banker to give me an honest opinion. (Copy of credit record, 2 years taxes, both of my business registrations, bank statements, etc..) First banker, Kevin made a big show of bringing in his boss Matt, who together sold me on the idea that I had many options and there were no problems. Again, I was only looking to consolidate for a payoff and had mid 700s credit score. They wanted to run my credit right away and even "fast track" me in the month of July only. I did not let them do that, because I had just paid off a car and wanted the credit record to update and reflect that. I even asked if I should pay off one or more of my cards first since I had the cash. "No, you're good" is the the only thing I got. Well apparently that wasn't the case. I was denied and the bankers "did everything they could", and their word meant nothing. Matt is nowhere to be found and not even the decency of an apology for all the b.s. he spun me. Beware of the hype and promises this bank will sell you. They only see you as a number.

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Charles B. - 28 d ago


Be prepared to send final loan payment via snail mail or walk it into a branch personally. 59 payments accepted by electronic check but they won't take electronic payment for final payment. I had to hunt for a paper check. It is hard to believe a major bank is still stuck in the 60's. I choose to use a more modern bank!!

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Janis - 30 d 42 s ago


My landlord experienced an issue with my June rent I paid with a money order from my bank that was due to a banking error code from Citizens bank in Upper Darby, in Delaware Co. Branch. 3 times my landlord tried to resolve this issue and I, the tenant, went with her on the third time and explained to them what was the problem while manager or regional manager was there. He agreed it was an error and this money order, which was returned 3 times and declared NSF, which anyone know that money orders are paid up front, also the landlord was charged 3 times. The fourth time this money order was returned because the error was not correct as the senior teller did not instruct the teller at the window on what should be done so the money order would go through. I tried to get a letter at this point from this branch manager, who would not talk to me and never called me back. I had to resort to going to my bank, who has helped me, the purchaser of the money order, through all of this. This has gone on for 2 months. I will never open an account with Citizen and ever do business with you especially after I have been proactive with trying to resolve this issue. Upper Darby branch is very, very unprofessional.

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Bill - 29 d 4 h ago

This branch sucks. Manager is rude N ignorant. He doesn't care about customer. I had similar issues with this branch.

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Anonymous - 33 d ago


Ive been banking with this bank for quite some time now. I went into the bank last week to talk to my banker about my balance and was assured that over draft transactions under 5 dollars will not have an over draft fee. I thought... Great ill buy some lunch. My transaction was under 3 dollars. A few days later i had a medical emergency and had to over draft 40 dollars. I knew that would hold a fee of 35 dollars. No big deal. I checked my account today.. Im 119 in the hole. 2 over draft fees of 35 dollars. I called the 1800 number and was told that my lunch... That was under 3 dollars.. Came with a fee of 35. I asked to speak to a supervisor and qas transferred to hiedi. Hiedi then tried to dumb it down for me.. I am in no way learning disabled ... So i explained that i am responsible for the 40 dollar debit with the 35 fee but was qestioning why i was being charged 35 dollars for an over draft of 2 dollars and some change. She kept repeating her self like i was dumb and when i had asked to be transferred to a different supervisor... One that would speak to me like a person. Not a child. She told me that she is unable to transfer me but would make notes that i had already spoken with a supervisor and was told what a transaction is. So now i have my laptop open on the website and read to her... " overdraft transactions of $5 or under will not have a $35 overdaft fee" she laughed at me and said.. Mam ive explained what a transaction is i will not reverse the fee. By now im angry. Im not stupid. I know what a transaction is. I am wondering why i am being charged for a over draft transaction that is less than $3 dollars. She then hung up on me. I will be closing my account with them monday afternoon. I will never recommend this mank to anyone. They over charge and add on fees. I work hard for my money and ill be damned if some bank snakes it out of my account again.

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sunil Patil - 34 d 11 h ago


I appled for personnel loan and education loan for my child from vikhroli Br. i am old coustomer with good credit record with bank!! but yet no proper respose form bank!!!!!

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JCM - 38 d ago


I applied for a personal loan and they promised me many things. I went ahead with the loan and I got the money. On my first call, the associate told me that if I open a Citizens Bank checking, they will reduce my interest for a o.25% and I did open the account. The associate told me to call again once the account was open to update the system but that I could open the personal loan. Once my account was open the customer service Christina (no last name - stated I don't need that) and her supervisor Marcy Thompson stated that once the loan is disbursed they cannot apply the discount and that not I have to stick to it. When I asked for the supervisor of the supervisor she stated a name "Melissa Aversa" as being her supervisor but she could not give me her contact. I told them since all call are recorded then I would like them to pull it and see all the things the personal loan associate promised me but the supervisor said it was too late and I will not get the interest discount as I was told. I have been trying to get to the headquarters but not luck.


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crm - 41 d 12 m ago


So were do I start, I have been with this bank for a good 3 years now have had no issues. I just moved to another city 20 min away form my old place. I go into the bank and they tell me they can't update my address until i have proof the new New York State Issued licensed with the address dose not help they are demanding a utlitie bill. sorry all Utilities are paid so screw it ill close the bank account. not going to fight with a company that wants to play this game. There are many other banks around i can use i orginal opened up one for the connivance of Sunday banking.

General profile image - 48 d ago

I have been a customer since 2013.

I called and spoke with one of your Cust Srvc Rep on June 26th I wanted to see what was the latest

I could make a deposit to avoid a $35 fee, mind you as of 2-19-2013 I specifically opt out of overdraft enrollment.

So I do not understand although i do appreciate I did not authorize your bank to cover my transaction, but you did. Again going back to the 26th my phone call with your rep whom advised me as longer as I deposit $100 before 10 pm, I would not get a $35 fee(he never mentioned hey in the event you do get a fee there's also additional fees if the $35 is not paid within certain amount of days.

I deposit $115(the only cash on me), because I was told $100 was all I was short. I get it you can't control when transactions go through, however my account was set up so that NO transactions be processed if there is insufficient funds on my account(at least that's what I was told back in 2-19-2013 when I opt out of DEBIT CARD OVERDRAFT COVERAGE

As of today I will no longer bank with your bank, unless you fix this mess and issue an apology for going behind my back and doing what I asked your bank not to on 2-19-2013 and charging me for your mistake.

I am forwarding a copy to my attorney

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Djb - 54 d 20 h ago

Let me tell you a story about franklin ky citizen bank. First I took 120,000 away from them. Because they say one thing then do another. Now they have charged me $15.00 charge for my checking being under 5,000. Then charge another for .25 cents$4999.75 how chicken dodo. Called manager brown. Told him to close checking acct. Of 5,000. Also write a check for IRA don't know how you stay in business. So you lost 150,000. From me.

You could sent a notice or told me when I just renewed IRA in there a week ago.That when I just renewed IRA. Not impressed.but Regions loves me. Djb look at all your bad reviews!!!

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Ken Klinvex - 70 d 19 h ago


I am very disappointed in your customer service. I sent Tamara Terrell the required loan information she asked for on May 19. She sat on it until June 5. She would still be sitting on it if I hadn't reached out to her. That is 18 days! What's worse is she never accepted responsibility for her error and never apologized. Instead, she tried to blame me for not sending her the information. I had to waste my time going through my emails to prove her wrong.

My current loan expired on May 31st, so this delay has been a disaster for my wife and I. I reached out to Tamara's manager Holly Cohen and left two messages and she never called me back.

This is no way to treat a loyal customer. I am going to PNC and I hope everyone follows me there!

General profile image

c - 64 d 4 h ago


If I saw this complaint, I would never apply my HECL here. Left two message and sent two emails and the loan originator didn't reply. WHAT KIND OF BANK IS THIS????

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