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Citizen's Bank

RBS Citizens Financial Group
1 Citizens Plaza
Providence, RI
Ellen Alemany
Chairman, President and CEO
(401) 456-7000
(401) 456-7819
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Walter Perez - 3 d ago


My name is WALTER Perez I've been banking with yall going on 2 years a gentle man called me from PA he said he's some kind of MANAGER for the bank we talk for awhile June 1st of this year there was a arm robber at the bank in Boardman ohio well this guy rob the bank while i was there i went heads up with this punk iam a ex POLICEMEN and deputy well i stop and talked to the guy from shooting at anybody well of course to my best of knowledge they haven't caught the robber yet well i got a call this Tuesday explaining the situation to this manager of the citizens bank he told me that HE'LL talked with the lady who does the loans well had my appointment today of course my credit isn't great i try getting a car loan and was DENIED now why couldn't they told me this over the phone thats not go business the way the guy was talking to me I'd believe i was getting a small loan thats not right at all had my hopes up thinking iam getting the loan i believe its time to go to a different bank i was treated to my best of knowledge like shit. My num is (hidden) you have a wonderful day ma'am

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Long time no see - 3 d 6 h ago


Well you can contact them through Email

Citizen's Bank "complaintsandhelp@"

Citizen's Bank Headquarters email complaintsandhelp@

Contact now

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Al Thomas - 3 d 8 h ago


Citizens Bank student loan multi year is a lie we were denied second year due to lower BNI score not Credit Score have asked over and over what caused this drop and lied to. Only new thing on Hard credit report is last years loan which is deferred so no one can explain why, so what a joke for all complaints get your paperwork together and file on line at Consumer Federal Protection Bureau They have to ans to this complaint it is Federal Agency nice people.

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Anonymous - 5 d 12 h ago

Worst bank ever in history. My daughter closed her account in June of 2018. Took all her money out after her account was hacked 5 times. Now this socalled bank is taking more money out of the closed account due to recurring preauthorized debits and billing her. HOW??? The account is closed. Now they want to investigate. They state they have been trying to call her and state her voicemail is full. This bank and their employees are full of crap. Her voicemail is NEVER full. They need to be shut down permanently!!!!!

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Courtney Willims - 7 d 7 h ago


in April I went to the castle Village branch and had a complaint that I am always having overdraft fees/etc. The women who I am now aware of her name was Joyce I believe. she said If I stayed with the company they currently have a promotion where you have to have direct deposit of $500.00 or more and in 60days you will receive this $200.00 My fianc has an acct and I am an authorized user, but she assured me it would be fine, and told me not to add Jeremy to my account so there would be no confusion. so we did so. well, about a month ago I called because have not received the money yet, and was advised by customer service that it had to have the deposit in by 60days, and then would receive the $200.00 90 days from that. called the branch to advise them that i was mislead, and the branch manager at the time advised me she would take care of it, and looked up my account and advised we would receive in 90days. May 18th was the day we deposited the money in the acct, which was very quickly after opening the account.

Here we are August. I called customer service to be assure we would get the deposit in August- August 4th the exact date customer service told me I spoken with someone. she said she needed to contact rebate team to see when I would receive rebate. She told me May 18th was my direct deposit date and they advised I would receive it at the end of the month, I asked for a more precise date and she told me 15th-20th.

I happen to be in a citizen bank today for work, because this is who we bank with. I asked if there was a more of date. she told me there are batches released, but let me get into your account to se.. she then advised me " you do not qualify because you are not considered a NEW patient". I told her a brief run down, and she says to call the branch who set the account up, bc if it was promised they should have to grant it.

I called the bank at 11:15am, sat on hold for 22 mins, but the young women who answered the phone was new and could not help me. At the point the assistant branch manager got on the phone and told me he had to call the rebate team, and would call me back. when he called me back he than told me what the other agent at the other citizen bank told me. I told him I did not feel that was ethical, being I have had complaints with this since the beginning. he says " sorry but you got the flyer didn't you and it says it in fine print"." I think this was a miscommunication and there is nothing I can do". I explained to him I have TWO kids under two and I have been patiently waiting for this money. he told me he could not give me corp and all he could do was make a " complaint for me and tell his supervisor whenever she gets back.

I want this to be taken care of asap, this is not fair as I was mislead to stay with the company and did not get what I was promised.

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Steven P Nogueira - 13 d 6 h ago


Worse bank I have ever dealt with. I finally left them. There is no way to reach a real person without being on hold for up to an hour. Be careful if you are thinking of joining. They will not provide anything close to good service. They are atrocious.

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Terasa Harris - 17 d 7 h ago


In Rochester, NY @the Tops West Avenue location, Citizen bank employees are misrepresenting customers. I was told IF my account is overdrawn by 5 bucks or LESS no overdraft fee would be incurred. Well, that was a LIE. There was an overdraft for 2.45 and I put 5.00 to cover it. They came the next day and charged 35 bucks, then several days later another 30 dollars and ANOTHER a few days later. I spoke to customer service and they took away 2 overdraft charges and left one. I will NOT be paying this fee. STOP MISREPRESENTING PEOPLE. SHAME ON YOU CITIZEN BANK.

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Furious - 17 d 8 h ago

Worst bank. Totally unprofessional and unresponsive. Misapplied my home equity line payments and took money out of my checking account to pay a line that I had already paid. Re fuse to give me my money back. They are outrageous and dishonest!

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Kim - 18 d 7 h ago


WORST BANK! Don't use!!!! Had home equity line with them, switched to 30 yr fixed mortgage with them. Went thru a closing and they lost check to pay off home equity line and now say WE owe them money!!! Have all documentation that we don't. Nobody wants to help....they just keep passing us thru departments!!!!

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Stephen G. Zavoritis,George J.Zavoritis Attorney at Law - 19 d ago

The assistant mgr. @ the branch inside stop & shop super market in Swampscott ma. Named kelviyn Lugo refused to cash my citizen's bank check. From my lawyers iolta account Susan a.bernstein attorney at law account # (hidden),I've apprised her of this incident,he displayed an excessive amount of hostility towards me legal action will be initiated Thursday 8/2 if you don't transact our check

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Marilyn A - 19 d 9 h ago

I recently had my identity stolen by someone that opened a credit and account in my name. I live in New York, no Citizen's branch here.

The person opened with an ID, according to Branch Manager, at the Wellesely Branch in MA. He declined to give further information.

I asked how can someone deposit a check for $5000 and you all not ask for ID, and made the person withdraw?

Something fishy.

After the investigation, I received a letter informing me that the accounts was indeed a product of fradulent.

Why is Citizen's bank still sending me letters that the account was Overdrawn and they will be taking further action?

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Anonymous - 23 d 9 h ago

When something is going on with someone account they should be notified immediately not when they go to use there card and it's not working. What kind of customer service is this? This is the second time something bad happened to my account and instead of being notified about it they completely turn my card off. That's unacceptable I have bills to pay just like everyone else and this is messing up my payments

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Anonymous - 32 d 5 h ago


I have had all my accounts hacked into continually for the past month, every time citizens put the money back someone steals it again even after the accounts are closed, as of now my account is -$7,000, due to someone stealing from citizens themselves on a closed account. I am not getting any answers as to how this is happening all I'm told is the fraud department is aware and looking into it, well that's not good enough anymore, once twice but FOUR TIMES nope, I have now contacted my local news channel maybe then I will get answers and Citizens will step up!!!!!!!

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Very irate and annoyed customer - 31 d 10 h ago


Going through the same thing right now. I watched as it was happening to my account because I had email alert set up. Someone signed me up to Zelle and started transferring money out. It's been 8 days and I am yet to get through to talk to someone. I am locked out of my account. How crazy is it that the hacker is free to do what they want and I cant even access it!

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Trying not to be a Citizens Customer Anymore-BUT THEY WONT CLOSE MY ACCOUNTS! - 24 d 6 h ago


Going through this as well!! Citizens is continually letting this happen. Even after I received all of my money back, I went to withdraw all of money from Citizens and close the account. They didn't close it and they let more charges come out, only this time with no money in there they want to pile on fees. Right now they have it showing that I owe citizens $165 in fees. Unbelievable. You have caused me so much lost time at work, stress, and aggravation and then you want to put assess fees???? I've been dealing with this for a month now. I just want to be done dealing with Citizens bank. Absolutely horrible experience and customer service. I had over $14,000 taken. They also wouldn't give me a dime until exactly ten days. They wouldn't let me close the accounts either until their "investigation" was complete. And now still won't let me close them!!

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Bob R. - 28 d 9 h ago


jut spent 46 minutes on a call with "customer service" , 39 of those on hold after 4 transfers. cant reach anyone at corporate level. misinformed three times on issue. combination of incompetence and raw ignorance, plus attitude. rethinking my relationship.and my previous referrals to this institution, this odyssey started 3 hours ago with on line banking failing.

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Al N - 29 d ago


My landlord was to transfer my security deposit to my account in the same way that I transferred the rent to theirs. The bank withdrew the money from the account that they had it in and deposited it to mine. That is not an issue because I had to do that with my first rent payment to them with this bank. When I deposited to them, I got a receipt that simply stated my deposit amount. When they deposited to me, the bank gave them a receipt with my info and account balance! This is illegal as that is confidential information and they are not authorized to receive my information. I will be closing my account immediately.

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Mary A - 29 d 5 h ago


Quite incensed when just a few days ago tried to close out a CD, (as need to apply to a down payment for a little better car) not that much and was told there was a penalty of $50. I'm a senior citizen! While a few weeks after the so called renewal time of the CD, I find this high way robbery by this bank. More like they are stealing my money. NO more CD's with them. And closing out my checking account next trip! I suppose they will want to penalize me for that, too!

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RALPH E PLECHNER - 30 d 7 h ago

Have the same problem with 4 of my accounts at Citizens Bank-started around 6/22-(1)account-other three accounts July 1-July6,still not squared away.It appears it is starting again-7/18/18

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I want all my money back - 36 d 9 h ago


Im from Delaware and i have a account with Citizens bank at the Chestnut hill branch. I recently had someone get into my account and spend almost 20k total. From the the very begining the bank rep seem to be very rude. My girlfriend and i have a joint acoount and on 2 different occasions he took it upon hisself to ask my girlfriend did she trust me and to think about taking me off our account. When the problem was presented to him about the fraud going on, this man gave his opinion about what he thought and said he didnt believe what my girlfriend and i discused with him. Not only did he give his unwanted opinion he also would not give us information about a puschase that was fraudly made on our account. He told my girlfriend and i he didnt have the time, he had other things he had to do. We filed claims and also made a police report. When the dust settles i will give everyone here a update with the results of the investigation. RED FLAGS ARE FLYING HIGH IN DELAWARE.

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Angry - 39 d 9 h ago

Today I went to Citizens bank located at 25700 Goodard in Taylor, MI. I live in Ohio but work in Michigan. 2-3 times a year I may forget my ID and debit card at home. So today I went into the bank with my work ID as I had done twice before and was turned away. I explained to the rep that It was an emergency and that I knew my Driver's license #, my account number and my current balance. I was still turned away. How is it that twice before, I had no problem and today I was turned away in need of gas and food.

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William C Morgan - 52 d 5 h ago


No one from Citizens Bank will call me back. they said they would fix the problem but now they will not take my call

William C Morgan


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John Deater - 42 d 4 h ago


I'm having the same problem. I was given a case number was told the office of the chairman would contract me in 2-4 days. That was June 25. Two weeks later and still waiting.

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everyone withdraw your account citizens sucks - 46 d ago


Everyone on here should just take your business else where. What kind of business does not care about their customers? To make a long story short they basically pre approved me for a mortgage loan then after i found a house put down money and PAID for an apprasial (555) then they tell me i have been denied and will not give my money back for something that should of never happened. Now I can unpack all my stuff and be out $555 because CITIZENS BANK ARE ASSHOLES WHO DONT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. I say lets hit them hard by switching banks and maybe they will realize the customer is the one keeping them in business.

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Bpgh - 49 d 11 h ago


I always thought Citizens Bank was great until what just happened. I received a letter stating a check I cashed from another bank had insufficient funds and about $300 was being deducted from my account, including the service fee. The copy of the check was from someone I didn't know and the signature on the back wasn't mine. I thought it was fraud. Upon checking with the local branch of Citizens, the said they had a customer IN ANOTHER STATE with the same name as mine and cashed about 5 checks against my account (holding cash in my account unavailable to me, until these checks cleared). One check bounced for insufficient funds and they deducted the money from my account. Citizens said I will get the money back, but it will take 3 days. HOW COULD A TELLER PULL UP AN ACCOUNT FROM ANOTHER STATE? BE CAREFUL ABOUT BANKING AT CITIZENS IF YOU'RE LAST NAME IS COMMON LIKE JONES, SMITH, ETC


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