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Cold Stone Creamery Inc

9311 E Via DE Ventura
Scottsdale, AZ
Doug Ducey
(480) 362-4800
(480) 348-1718
Annual Sales Est
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TOM MILLER - 13 d 25 m ago


tried to check gift card balance,found to be rediculous,obvious that the company wants unused cards to not be used for their profit carryover.i will never patronize such a greedy company,in any manner.

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Bradford Inglsbee - 49 d 4 h ago


In regards to the Facebook post 6/4/17. I think the whole crew from the Manager down should either be taught some race relation skills or terminated. This incident was poorly managed. I can't believe the Manager allowed this incident to escalate the way did. Shame on all involved including the customer who was just as much to blame. Name calling is "never" right.

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dani - 54 d 17 h ago


Cold Stone is yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm n the service is soooooo good bit over priced but that's ok

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Janice - 54 d 17 h ago


Fucking love cold stone. Get their ice cream cakes every year on my birthday <3

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Brittany - 54 d 17 h ago


Went to a Cold Stone on a swing through New Jersey. The manager, Steve, was a great guy. Would totally go again.

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Greg - 54 d 17 h ago


Coldstone is 10/10 great stuff

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Anonymous - 54 d 18 h ago


Cold Stone is soooooooooooooooooooooo good

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Dina - 55 d 2 h ago


I ordred a chocolate cake for my son's 3rd birthday. We cut the cake and I realized that hey did not make it with chocolate, rather coffee ice cream. What 3 year old kid wants coffee ice-cream? I called the store and they said they would refund me my money. It was a large cake and I paid $74. I went to the store today to get my refund and they only refunded 50% of what I paid. I did not order a coffee cake and yet I had to pay for it. Over half of the cake was thrown away. I am a franchise owner and I would never treat my customers in this manner. If my business made a mistake, I would have refunded the client 100%. The gentleman I spoke to communicated to me that I should have brought in the remaining cake to attain an additional refund. Absolutely ridiculous! I will never step foot in this store and will communicate to all to do the same as well.

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Jean - 60 d 15 h ago


Experienced very unprofessional verbal abuse by management to their employees. This occurred at the Baseline and Stapley location in Mesa, AZ.

I will NEVER go to any Cold Stone store again.

I hope that you will hire better management who will treat their employees with respect!

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Debbie - 62 d 17 h ago


Very unsanitary store in San Diego .CA went in to buy ice cream the young ladies had the good things on the counter where it was dusty and food particles all over the counter. I ask her to get a clean tong and she gets bothered and tells the other girl. Then she hands me my ice cream and goes to ring up the ice cream handles the money. Doesn't wash her hands and goes back to serving ice cream. I work in the medical field and this is how eople get sick. I am going to report this place.

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S Morgan - 63 d ago


I patronized your College Park by the University of Maryland store yesterday and thd service I received made me physically ill. First when I ordered I notice the gentleman that helped me did not proceed to retrieve gloves before preparation. Secondly, he had sunglasses on the top of his head which kept falling down, and he proceeded to push them up with his ungloved hands. Third once my ice cream was prepared the ice cream that leaked out on the sides he didnt even bother to clean it up. Finally he licked his fingers before he packaged up my ice cream. These are unacceptable practices for an establishment that services customers. They hadnt even filled the napkins or spoons. Just a terrible waste of time and money spent.

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N Malik - 64 d ago


I want to let u know u guys need to close Maridan ct shop, when ever u go most of time they donot carry chocolate, vanilla & always some ruff excuse they do not have in stock , we drove 40 minutes with family same happen today, this is almost 4/6 time . We go to ice cream shop frequently every week . We move here from New York we love to eat cold stone ice cream . Last whole year there sell losse ice cream , we went holocke mass, we went buckland ct , this shop have poorest ratting , kindly check out , Do no let them your ice cream company down from these irresponsible franchises owner. Thank u

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Nelly - 64 d ago


I was at the location on 120th & Blondo In Omaha , NE & the manager is just very rude to the customers , the employees just everybody i didn't appreciate how she acted towards me something has to stop

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Eve Price - 95 d 17 h ago


On Easter Sunday approximately 5 pm, I ordered a hand packed quart of ice cream at your White Plains office in NY. I watched the only male on this shift packthe quart size container and became concerned that he did not fill it properly. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, because I was unable to see (due to the crowd) his entire packing effort. That evening, I opened te quart to see that the container was poorly packed with ice cream. I received the equivalent of a couple of scoops. There were huge gaps of air. I am very disappointed. The employees was either poorly trained or incompetent.

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Turned off - 127 d 48 m ago


The bathroom was disgusting at the Westminster md store. We I approached the girl at the counter she immediately took care of it. A customer shouldn't have to bring it to their attention. The tables were sticky, we were there for about 30 minutes and never seen any of the girls come and wipe down the tables. It turned my stomach and I through my ice cream away. Everyone else ate their ice creams. After seeing the bathroom I couldn't even eat mine.

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Debby - 187 d ago


I ordered my son a cake this past week. We requested blue frosting. We were given white. The whipped topping was off 1/4 of the cake. Not sure if I will order again. For the amount of money I paid, a simple request should have been granted. If there was an issue, a phone call should have been made.

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MICHELLE - 287 d 1 h ago


Hi, I am a frequent customer at your location on Utopia and Union Turnpike in Flushing, N.Y. This was the first time I had a very bad experience . Employee took down wrong order when I give specific instructions. When it was time to pick up my order 2 days after my order was placed, the cake wasn't what I expected to be

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


So I really wish I could post a picture. I recently bought a cake from Cold Stones and it will be my first and last never purchasing something like that from there. After picking up my cake I went to cut the cake and there was a inside out rubber glove inside my cake. INSIDE THE CAKE like how does that even I gave them a call they say OK we can fix it for you but but there was trying to tell me to come the next day but the birthday wasn't the next day it was that night. Then when I got there they just looked at me and couldn't explain how the glove got into cake worst experience ever will never buy another cake from Coldstone you never know what may end up in there

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Stew Golderg - 1 y ago


I guess seeing that Cold Stone Creamery is comprised of franchised locations, should I assume they don't have to follow Cold Stone's protocol.

I have frequented the store in Palm Harbor , FL. 34684. They are located on US 19 N.

My family preferably me frequent this location on an average of once a week without fail. I went there on Mon. 9/12/016 with a coupon my wife printed from our computer. The person who was waiting on me has waited on me numerous times. This time I was told that the coupon was not good. It did explicitly say where it could be used in microscopic letters. They put the code in and it didn't take. I asked if he could get in touch with the owner. It just so happened that the owner was in the back. The server came out and said the owner said no and I asked him if he told his boss that we are always there. He said he did but to the owner it didn't mean anything.

WELL it sure does for me and anyone else that feels that the owner should learn to run a business and the customer is always right. OR is it that corporate puts these coupons out to be accessed on the computer. Why the hell I wrote this was just to vent, because I don't believe that that they even look at the complaints only the good comments.

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charlie - 1 y ago

Worked for ColdStone and the entire store seemed to be ran by highschool kids. The boss was never there, just posted lots of notes and rules on the wall. Also, I'm not quite sure how they passed health inspections due to yhe fact that behind the Cold Stone was covered in toppings and fudge and sticky ice cream like it had never been cleaned and the back had sticky ice cream and chocolate stick all over the floor. Also was uncomfortable with the way that they do not use gloves while mixing ice cream. That seems very unsanitary. Also had to wait a long time for paystubs. I do not recommend this job to anyone with even the slightest of kitchen experience.

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Mardie - 1 y ago


Bought at overpriced cake which had absolutely no raspberry pure is to come with it but also we found three hairs in the cake when I called and spoke to the manager her response was that I would need to bring the cake in what he give me a refund I am formed her I live 25 minutes away as it is inconvenient to drive a cake and 90 weather back to the store she said that was store policy and nothing to be done. I find it highly disappointing and will never shop at cold Stone again

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joann - 2 y 102 d ago


overpriced and overrated. customer service is non existent. i filed a complaint with the corporate headquarters and the employee form the store that i filed on called me at home to ask me to retract my complaint so she did not loose her job, she continues to call my home phone no. i have made corporate hq. aware and they apparently have done nothing about it, she continues to call me. very overpriced and overrated.

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Alan - 2 y 158 d ago


Store 391 Sunday 2/15/2015 I was in line for 20 minutes with my family the employee said he quit told all customers to leave he was locking the door we left in shock as did about six other customers are you aware

From Alan Davis (hidden) Newport news VA

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Robert Bruce - 2 y 158 d ago


Same problem

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