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Cold Stone Creamery Inc

9311 E Via DE Ventura
Scottsdale, AZ
Doug Ducey
(480) 362-4800
(480) 348-1718
Annual Sales Est
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Latasha - 1 d ago


I was discriminated against because I'm black. The white kid asked me to pay before he could make my ice cream but the white customers paid after being handed their ice cream. I made a complaint with the corporate office and no one every contacted me to address it or show any concern for the matter.

This happened in Novi, MI on September 20, 2019 @ 10:30 PM.

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Savanah - 29 d 35 m ago

I was discriminated against because I am a high school student. I have a work permit allowing me 24 hours and I was told I work 48 or none. Karmeen was very rude when she had told me I had to work till close every day and that she would not abide by the work permit. She told me I was not to be hired because my education interferes with the work schedule she was trying to make. I was also told I had to work 7 days a week. My permit allows 6, I was told no days off and no way to get off before closing. Curfew is earlier than I would be let out of work.

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L Marie - 87 d 5 h ago


I live in 29 palms California. I also worked for one of your stores. Not only was I harassed by a coworker my boyfriend was sexually harassed by a coworker. I told my boss about it and not only did he not do anything. I got fired a few weeks after.

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Revoke Food Handling License - 95 d ago


Visited the Corona Ca store at the Crossings with my daughter today. Upon entering the store, we discovered no employee inside. Shortly afterwards, a guy comes in and goes behind the counter. Turns out, he's the owner and the guy we passed outside the store talking to a young women. He proceeds to pick up utensils to serve us. We simply asked him to wash his hands and that's when our visit turned sour. He said it wasn't necessary because he was just outside talking. I pointed out the fact that he touched the door handle to re-enter the store as well as exiting it. Therefore, there was contamination which may not have been of any significance to him but it was to us. That should have been reason enough to make the effort to wash his hands and show his customers that he cares about their safety. Instead, he continued to defend his position. Moreover, his tone became more aggressive and that's when we left. STAY AWAY!!!!

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Discrimination - 116 d ago

Tucson store on Tanque Verde/Sabino Canyon

My daughter was an employee. She was hired as a full time employee. She never got more than 14 hours a week. She asked multiple times for more hours and instead they hired more employees.

They fired her over an email and didn't give a reason.

It is very clear she was victim of discrimination and this will not be taken lightly.

I certainly hope Coldstone Corporate office doesn't take it lightly the fact they're hiring managers that discriminate against their employees.

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Highly dissatisfied - 134 d 1 h ago

Ft Wayne IN Illinois Rd Ice Cream cooler is NOT working and the friendly workers CANNOT blend in the ingredients due to the softness of the ice cream. I was told the issue began TUESDAY...ITS SUNDAY! I was also advised that "corporate" is not responding as a reputable company should. Not only are we paying FULL Price for mediocre product but no coupons no nothing. FIX IT...The frontline workers are feeling the heat that YOU should be getting...TOTALLY UNFAIR. FIX IT!!!!!

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Otavia Martin - 147 d 3 h ago


So i decided to go to cold stone in south field and evergreen, in South field Michigan, so they had the worst attitude and was very nasty they didn't use tongs to pick up the brownies and they were out of just about all the ice cream. The brownies was hard af and the ice cream was melting and the ice cream they did have out look freezer brunt. I would never ever go bk to that cold stone ever on my life or daughter life.

The best cold stone is on ford rd in dearborn Michigan, the one in south field need to b shut the hell down...... Sign otavia

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amyjohn850 - 157 d 11 h ago


Last night I had a horrible experience at Stone Cold Creamery. I ordered 4 "Love It's" for myself, my husband and my kids. Stacey rang me up and the total was over $44 for four ice creams then I handed her a coupon (BOGO) that brought the total down to $36. I asked her to explain and she said that each time we got extras she charged. Meaning... One Ice cream had extra, extra, extra so she had to charge each time (3 times) for each ice cream (still don't know how the total was that much bc it sounds off). I said that that should have been explained to me before that each ice cream was going to be about $12 and I have been to Stone Cold many times and that is not the policy and I did not want to pay for it. She said "I already made it, so you have to". I pulled another $20 to get ready to pay ($40 total) and said "Fine, I want your managers name and number/email". She then offered to call the manger (possibly the owner) right now. I said "okay". While she was on the phone with the manger, a fly went right into one of the ice creams lying on the counter top where Stacey had set it during our discussion. I exclaimed, "Now I am really not going to pay for it". She hung up the phone and said the manager said I must pay. I said "nope, I am REALLY not eating something that a fly has landed in". She continued trying to make the argument about me initially upset because she did not tell me that she would charge for each time we said "extra" and even said that I was stealing if I did not pay for the ice cream with a fly in it. As I stood their swatting the flies around me while she continued to argue the people behind me were also getting upset at her (and grossed out). I decided to run to Firehouse Subs next door since I saw a State Trooper to see if he could help. He said he could radio a Sheriff because I should not be forced to pay. I walked back shortly after and the Sheriff made Stacey not charge me for the ice cream with a fly in it and left. The whole situation was ridiculous and I still cannot believe that first, she tried charging me that much without explaining that each time we said "extra" we were charged times the ice creams, second that she would get so mad that she would demand me to pay for ice cream with a fly in it, and third, she would accuse me of trying to steal and forth, I paid $22.44 for the three ice creams and ONLY because a Sheriff was sent out so I was not forced to pay for ice cream with the fly in it. Worst experience ever!

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S. Martin - 202 d 4 h ago


Went to CS on Western Blvd. in Jacksonville, NC. I want to recognize an incredible experience with an employee named Emma last week. We were having a rough day and stopped in to cheer ourselves up. Kids were a bit grumpy and indecisive and shop was getting busy. Emma went out of her way to talk to the kids, ask them questions and offer a smile. She listened intently to them, though they didn't say anything that was pertinent to the ice cream order, and she gave them her entire attention. Not only did she demonstrate saint-like patience, but she managed to turn their moods around before she even scooped their ice creams. I was very appreciative of her caring manor and time that she dedicated to giving all of us a good experience. Her kindness is uncommon in todays world. The young woman deserves kudos and a big, fat raise! They need more employees just like her, as she is a rare gem. Thanks again Emma!

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Boycott Cold Stone Creamery Bangladesh - 258 d 17 h ago


Dear Cold Stone Creamery, I don't know how much you're able to monitor your international outlets, but I'd like to put Cold Stone Creamery Bangladesh on your radar for a grossly sexist campaign they're running. They are currently running a competition that says "Apparently women can do anything, name things women CAN'T do" and are offering free ice cream for the best answer. Please take action as it is the name of Cold Stone getting tainted and labeled as sexist.


One of many Bangladeshi customers boycotting Cold Stone Creamery Bangladesh

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Poway - 275 d 24 h ago

I ordered a large ice cream in a cup. I believe The amount of ice cream that was served to me was a medium size. I suggest that cold stone employees start weighing oout the ice cream so I know what I ordered and paid for.

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Charisse - 304 d 4 h ago


Ordered a cake for my sons baptism from the Horizon Ridge location in Las Vegas. The customer service was absolutely horrible and my cake looked like a child wrote on it. The name was spelled wrong and instead of two names they added an & sign as if it was two separate children... When this was addressed employee (Olivea) went in the back and erased it, so not only was cake still spelled incorrectly, There were finger prints on the cake. All around was not happy or satisfied

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John husky - 1 y ago


Water leaking from ice cream coolers

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Mom - 1 y ago


I went there with my special needs child who alwaya orders a like it vanilla and strawberry mixed together. He has ordered this on several locations and also at the fm 1960 lp cation prior to today. The lady said she was the manager and tells her staff not to mix two flavors when they order a like it. I pretty much begged to make it for my son and told her he always orders this and was special needs. No remorse from her and she did do it but with an attitude and she charged me two extra dollars. She should nott be allowed to treat people this way

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Nanjosy - 1 y ago


I went to my local Cold Stone Creamery in Centereach, NY.

The server that waited on me was clearly inexperienced. She got my order wrong and when her colleague corrected my order from a "Like It" to the "Love It" that I had ordered. She swore then basically scrapped the rest of the ice cream left on the stone into the correct size cup instead of just apologizing and starting over. My cup was short the size requested and another coworker made my daughter's, which was the same size. The difference between the two ice creams was staggering, not only in size, but in presentation. I paid for it took it home and tossed it.

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Solomon - 1 y ago

5 name is solomon looking for a job at coldstones.i have more then 5 yrs of experience. I used to be a shift good with people.great customer service.i want to relocate to another location because the store i used to work at was really not the only one that tried to work clean.ill mail you my resume.if theres a opening in state of California let me know please.ill bring in alot of business.i promise.

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Jason - 1 y ago

Horrible Experience at Cold Stone Creamery (Woodbridge Mall, NJ) I was at the Woodbridge mall in New Jersey on 09/18/18. On that day, it just so happen to be my son's birthday, and we both saw a "Cold Stone" so I immediately said to my son, how about we go get some "Cold Stone" ice cream. My son was happy and over joy with excitement, because he's been to "Cold Stone" many times before. I've been to Woodbridge Mall quite a few times, but I don't think I ever noticed that there was a "Cold Stone" located in the mall. When I got to Cold Stone ice cream, I notice two people there, an older male about 50 or older and a younger female. I noticed they were having a conversation, so I waited for them to finish. I overheard some of aspects of their conversation and so I made the assumption the younger female was a new hire and the older gentlemen was likely a manager or owner. The older gentlemen asked if he can help me, and I proceeded to make sure he was aware my son had peanut allergy because in the past with other Cold Stones I noticed the server would take the precaution of using an unused utensil to serve my son his ice cream. The older gentlemen got my son the chocolate ice cream in a waffle dish with color sprinkles as requested, I didn't see him take a clean unused utensil when he scoped the ice cream for my son, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I myself got the strawberry ice cream. After paying for the ice cream, my son and I left the store to find his mom and she was sitting not too far from where the "Cold Stone" was located. When my son and I got to his Mom, we sat down next to his Mom and began to enjoy the ice cream. About 10 minutes later, my son began to complaint about tingling sensation in his several locations in his mouth. The tingling feeling indicate the initial reaction my son gets when he eats peanut, then he would start to get hives and feeling of itchiness all over his body. His immediate thought was there was likely some traces of peanut in the ice cream he was eating. I discussed the situation with his mother and we both thought the ice cream likely had traces of peanut. I told his mom, that I made sure to tell the people working in "Cold Stone" that my son had peanut allergy. My son and I went back to the "Cold Stone" with the ice cream we believe likely had trace amounts of peanut. . As I got to the store, I notice that there were now 3 people. The third person was younger male. I told the older gentlemen my son was feeling some tingling sensation in his mouth and his body began to feel itchy because I believe there were likely trace amount of peanut in his ice cream. The older gentlemen said he took all appropriate precaution and there was no way there would be peanut. Then they both started to tell me am I sure that he's allergic to peanut or maybe tree nuts. I told the both of them my son has been allergic to peanut since he was young and so obviously I know for a fact he's allergic to peanut. I emphasize that he needed to be very careful especially when I had made him aware of my son's peanut allergy. As I proceeded to leave the store, I heard the older gentlemen CURSING at me. That's when I stopped and turn to both older gentlemen and younger mal, and told them why are you CURSING at me when you put peanut in my son's ice cream. The older gentlemen RAN AFTER ME LIKE HE WAS GOING TO FIGHT ME, but the younger male held him back. The younger male then told me to LEAVE OR I'LL CALL SECURITY TO ARREST YOU. I told the young male, please call security. I finally left and located the Woodbridge Center Management office office and reported the incident to the General Manager Amy. I'VE BEEN IN TOUCH WITH AMY VIA E-MAIL AND I FOUND OUT THE OLDER GENTLEMEN I'VE BEEN REFERENCE WAS THE OWNER MR. ZIMMERMAN. The Woodbridge Center (Woodbridge Mall) is located at 250 WOODBRIDGE CENTER DRIVE, WOODBRIDGE, NEW JERSEY 07095. Now, I had time to think about the incident that had transpired and there are 3 things which occurred that truly concerns me about Mr. Zimmerman and the Cold Stone store he operates. First, as I was going to walk out of the store to leave the matter as is, Mr. Zimmerman got my attention when I was in the process of walking out of his store, by CURSING at me with the intent for me to hear so he can escalate the situation. Now maybe Mr. Zimmerman thinks it's OK to curse in front of a child, but I certainly do not condone this type of language in front of my son. The second concern I have is that Mr. Zimmerman actually ran towards me as though to fight me, while his employee held him back. I was with my son and he's acting like a street thug that bullies people because they complaint. I was pretty shocked at his action and so now I know the true nature of Mr. Zimmerman. Last, MR. ZIMMERMAN'S EMPLOYEE HAD THREATENED ME WITH ARREST because I was concern that my son's ice cream could have been potentially exposed to fragments of unseen peanut. I find it so unbelievable that this actually happened at a "Cold Stone".

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Joe - 1 y 70 d ago

Had the worst experience in my life not only did the manager lie to cops after the people threatened us in the establishment they chased us threatened my boy 17 yrs old me my wife all over the manager letting someone cut us we said something about it being f uped and left after sitting online for twenty mins at min and after the situation the lady wouldn't give us info cops came and they lied and said we said racist stuff to them which all we said was it was messed up they let them go ahead of us while we was being patient then the manager lied to cops and told the cop we said something racist to the people because we wanted corporate number and they wouldn't give us info I want someone to watch video as well as what she said to cops she was being racist towards me as well as the people we had issue with about cutting us after all the time we waited

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Not impressed - 1 y 84 d ago


The help at the cold stone in Edwardsville Illinois is less than desirable. They are not happy you are there and take their time to wait on you. Look for help that cares.

A friend of my son's worked there and felt the same about the co-workers on how they treated him. Sounds like corporate needs to re-examine that place

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Mrs. Mills - 1 y 103 d ago


My family and I have patronized this location for quite sometime. I enjoyed it because of the excellent customer service and the family friendly environment. Well on Aug 6th 2018, we went to the location in Pikesville Md (Woodholme Center), when we entered there was a sour smell like an old wet mop. While there was a line, all 3 employees went into the back of the store and then all of a sudden, over the PA system, the music of 50 cent was playing. Not acceptable for a business and an atmosphere that suppose to be family friendly and with young children. After getting my order, the young lady wrapped some of the orders in clear wrap because of the amount of ice cream could not be contained my the lid. Well my daughter's order of Watermelon Sorbet was not wrapped. I assumed the old fit. The lady bagged the order and I left the store. As soon as I got in my truck, the bag tore because the top came off and made the bag wet. As I got out of the vehicle to go back in the store, the sorbet fell out of the bag on to the ground and splashed all over my brand new white leggings and a brand new top. I went back and the young lady remade the order, wrapped it and placed in a new bag. While I was standing there, the same young lady stopped serving a customer to remake my order. She never asked the lady to excuse her or apologized. The woman didnt even know why the lady stopped servicing her. The floor behind the counter was dirty and dangerous. Slippery where an employee could fall and be injured. The counter was dirty. I could tell the environment and the demographics of the customers had changed. Because of my dissatifaction, I will not visit this location. And this is the closest one to my residence.

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Hispanics matter too - 1 y 145 d ago


I can say i love cold stone but pleaces like this one (Cold Stone Creamery, 3 Sloan St, South Orange, NJ 07079)need to be reviewed and ticketed for por performance they give the franchise a bad name .. looks questionable and also the bathroom been out for about a month or so i come here with my kids and they cant use the bathroom ,and customer service is a lil rude you never talk back to a paying customer and even more if is a store related issue... a lil disappointed...

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Anonymous - 1 y 149 d ago

To whom this may concern, as a business person myself I was appalled to walk into the Vallejo, Ca. Cold Stone icecream store to see filthyness everywhere I looked...I couldn't believe how dirty and gross that store was. It appeared to look as if NO ONE ever cleaned daily...I am calling the health department because that store has NO BUSINESS being open for business under these dirty circumstances...thank you for listening that is if you really care...

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Shannon Wood - 1 y 183 d ago


Tonight (5/17/18) we visited the store on Power and McKellips in Mesa. There was only one girl working in the store. There were people in line going clear out the door. The store countertops were a mess, she was out of milk and many of the ice cream bins were empty. There is no reason that poor girl should've been working alone on a Saturday night. Kudos to her though. as she was working her tail off. She was still polite and professional to each customer in spite of the fact it was way too much for one person to handle. That young woman should be recognized for her good attitude and determination in a situation that never should have been put upon her! I have to wonder where her manager was?! That young girl working alone is a sign of very poor management. None of the customers who waited at least 15 minutes to get their treats complained or got rude. most likely because like myself, we all felt so sorry for her and admired her tenacity. Your company is fortunate to have such a devoted employee, as in the same scenario, I most likely woul have locked the doors and gone home.

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Unhappy mom - 1 y 237 d ago



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Troll who trolls trolls - 1 y 212 d ago


You really had nothing better to do than post this stupid complain,t bitchy soccer moms are the worst customers

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Your mom - 1 y 193 d ago


I disagree, I would say twats that troll for the sake of trolling are worthless employees of SCC Inc.

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