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Cold Stone Creamery Inc

9311 E Via DE Ventura
Scottsdale, AZ
Doug Ducey
(480) 362-4800
(480) 348-1718
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Joey Homan - 14 d ago


Hi my name is Joey Homan and I was a employee at the schuamberg location in Woodfield mall. All of a sudden the managers Dave and Bela were not answering my texts asking why I wasn't on the schedule for last week and this week. Bela left me on Read and I feel like I don't deserve to be treated that way in anyway. Hopefully I get my last check if I have one at all. I can call as well. No response from them ever since for about 4 days.

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Paulette green - 16 d 20 h ago


Just left store #1201 ...the store is very filthy ,the icecream is if the temp is on an incorrect setting...the employees uniform are disgusting,filthy , where they mix the icecream was so dirty the scopers were thrown down ,the store was not busy at the time ,whats really embarassing is my friend spend $20 on icecream and it melted before we got home....someone please check on this store YUCK!!!

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Linda Cunningham - 94 d 19 h ago


Coldstone at Honolulu airport refused my brand new gift card purchased at Costco. She said they don't take those. I asked why but she had no explanation.

Can someone explain?

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Dan - 25 d 7 h ago

Likely cause its an airport franchise rather than stand alone store.

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JP - 31 d ago


Not run as a business should, failure at delivering pre paid order. I pre-ordered a cake early Friday morning. I paid for the cake and received notice. Someone from the store called on Friday to confirm both the selection and the wording. I was to pick up the cake at 3 pm on Saturday. I just received a call from the store, (2 pm Sarurday) and was informed that my cake would not be ready. And of course, that they "most of the time" need 2 days for a custom cake (This was not that custom, we needed a larger rectangle cake). So I have now been told at 2 pm, that my cake will not be ready at 3 pm, and that I can talk to the manager who comes in later tonite. Every time I get tricked into dealing with Coldstone and their climatized manner of running their franchises, I, or my family, get burned. I have not been back to purchase anything from coldstone for 1 year. I only tried once again after my wife truly wanting this cake from Coldstone. And now we have this latest fiasco. I will not be back as a customer. Not even taking in my granddaughters soccer team for an after game snack. Done. I hope the degenerative manner that this business model operates within catches up with them. The Fremont California store continues to assist in this spiral.

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Fred - 30 d ago


It is the same attitude in Maryland

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Keller - 30 d ago


STORE 21173 : I bought some cupcakes over the summer and loved them. So I decided to stop by for Valentine's Day and purchase cupcakes, but the girl said oh you have to order them a day ahead of time if you want to purchase cupcakes. Who has time for that! You also cannot buy one cookie ice cream sandwich, you have to buy 4.

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KTM - 36 d ago


We ordered a Fudge Truffle Decadence heart-shaped cake this past weekend. It clearly is advertised on the Cold Stone Creamery website as $29.99, yet when we picked up the cake, we were charged $42.00. I would like an explanation of this overcharge, and also I expect a refund to our credit card, but I am not getting any answers when I call the store. The young man in the store told my husband that different stores charge different amounts for the cakes. That cannot be true, since the main website advertises the cake at a certain price.

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Ali - 48 d 17 h ago


Brother works at the Menlo Park, California location and has been treated unfair by the manager lady there. She doesn't seem to know how to run her location at all. The employees there are good at what they do but they need someone willing to hear them out and help them. Anyone in Cold Stone Headquarters care for their employees enough to address this situation??

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Anonymous - 50 d ago

Unable to redeem my birthday club. Please explain

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Courtney - 72 d ago


Disgusted with the establishment on 7th st and bell rd in Phoenix AZ poor management. I can never get in contact with the manager because he is never there!!! They also have a cockroach infestation!!!!! I'm sickened!!! I will never be back!!!! Somebody hold this management responsible!!!!!!!!

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Disappointed Customer - 134 d 10 h ago

Corpoarate - Just making sure you are aware the correct store# #20356

5545 Wadsworth Byp, Ste D

Arvada CO 80002

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Disappointed Customer - 134 d 10 h ago


Corp Headquarters. I will NEVER step foot in another Cold Stone Creamery again. I will notify the local news and contact the labor board for what I saw at your Arvada, Co store last night. I entered the store to have a relaxing ice cream to find one young woman working feverishly by herself with a line out the door. She was working to accomadate every customer and provided excellent customer service. She had red stains in her jeans because she was unable to take a 3 minute break to care for herslef in the ladies room. I sat and watched her fight back the tears and handle 15 customers before a repreave. After the rush I asked her how long she had been working at the store and she said 4 weeks. She had not recieved ample training. She is a college graduate and over qualified for this position. She looks and acts with more expeince, heart and integrity than anyone of your employees. She realy took pride in her work. I take my children to many of the area stores. You should be ashamed to treat any employee like this. Do you run store reports to identify your weekend evening staffing needs? One employee? Really? I will help this young lady find another job in CO. She will truley be an asset to any company she works for. Her name is Jenny in the Arvada store. I think she could teach your company a little about customer service and hard work.

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S.C. - 138 d 8 h ago


to whom it may concern.. its a shame that you hire kids / college students and pay them less than min wage. You guys should be reported to the labor department! Perhaps that's why you have revolving door and employees do not stick around. Try paying them a decent salary and perhaps you wont need to hire people every week!

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Kristal J - 213 d ago


Went to cold stone franchise store on Court St in Flint MI. We usually have very slow service so we knew we would be there for awhile. After waitin 15 minutes the employee made 1 kids ice cream with sprinkles and one very runny shake. The next person in our group wanted a shake also. The employee left for over five minutes. I was beginning to think she wasn't coming back. Finally she returned and started making the second shake. During this time the managers daughter came up to the counter and asked her to make her a shake. She stopped waiting on the rest of my family and instead started making her shake. I asked is she was seriously waiting on her and after staring at me for a few seconds she stated she had called her and pre ordered, which was not true as she was talking to other employees at the tim Horton that is joined with cold stone. Asked for owners number and would not give out. Asked for managers number to which the girl said I can't give her my moms number. Told them we were never coming back and she stated that was fine. Doesn't care for paying customers or repeat business and I still had to pay for the 2 shakes and kids ice cream even though it was sub par and they never finished our order.

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Miss IV Coldstone - 221 d ago

Coming from California to McAllen Tx coldstone is by far horrible. Our Imperial Valley Coldstone is a small yet friendly and awesome experience everytime you walk in. I gave this Coldstone a second chance wishing I had not wasted my money again. This used to be my go to place for Ice Cream not anymore. The first time was on my bday. Lets just say I should have taken a picture of my love it sized ice cream in a Like it size portion... What does it take to get your money worth here. Than second time I bring my daughter she orders her like it and gets served a Love it... Than I get my usual chocolate with heath candy. Lets just say I had powder in my chocolate ice cream. They grind the candy down so much that what candy is even in my ice cream cup... so I ask for a little more get charged a 1.00 for more powder... horrible never again. I just unsubscribed from email and wont be returning which was honestly a 3-4 month visit for me and family. NOT HAPPY MCALLEN SERVICE IS HORRIBLE AND YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY MESS UP ORDERS AND QUALITY IS HORRIBLE. LESSON LEARNED LAST $35 IM SPENDING IN THAT STORE.

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Sunday - 229 d ago

Terrible owners and bad customer service. Experienced very unprofessional verbal abuse by the actual owner of the Newberg, Or franchise. I ordered an ice cream cake and did not look anywhere near the picture they provide. It was sloppy and tasteless. For $34.99 I could've made a better cake. I complained to the owner and she said i'd get a refund but instead she charged me $34.99 again. I went in to the store and showed her my bank statement and she refused to believe she did a withdrawl. She ran it again with a snotty attitude and I immediately called my bank while in the store and it was a charge so now I paid $139.96 for a crappy cake. I asked to see the owner again and they employees lied and said she left. Within 2 min of talking to her - really! No one at the Newberg Oregon location knows what they are doing.

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Lois Brozina - 239 d 9 h ago


This company does nothing if you complain about a problem! Will never set foot in another store again! We were given a milkshake with sour milk and didn't realize to miles down the road while traveling to vacation. Wrote a complaint and received Sorry!!! That's it ! What about a refund!!!!!

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TOM MILLER - 253 d 5 h ago


tried to check gift card balance,found to be rediculous,obvious that the company wants unused cards to not be used for their profit carryover.i will never patronize such a greedy company,in any manner.

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Bradford Inglsbee - 289 d 7 h ago


In regards to the Facebook post 6/4/17. I think the whole crew from the Manager down should either be taught some race relation skills or terminated. This incident was poorly managed. I can't believe the Manager allowed this incident to escalate the way did. Shame on all involved including the customer who was just as much to blame. Name calling is "never" right.

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dani - 295 d ago


Cold Stone is yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm n the service is soooooo good bit over priced but that's ok

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Janice - 295 d 18 s ago


Fucking love cold stone. Get their ice cream cakes every year on my birthday <3

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Brittany - 295 d ago


Went to a Cold Stone on a swing through New Jersey. The manager, Steve, was a great guy. Would totally go again.

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Greg - 295 d 20 s ago


Coldstone is 10/10 great stuff

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Anonymous - 295 d ago


Cold Stone is soooooooooooooooooooooo good

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