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Cold Stone Creamery Inc

9311 E Via DE Ventura
Scottsdale, AZ
Doug Ducey
(480) 362-4800
(480) 348-1718
Annual Sales Est
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Mrs. Mills - 11 d 50 s ago


My family and I have patronized this location for quite sometime. I enjoyed it because of the excellent customer service and the family friendly environment. Well on Aug 6th 2018, we went to the location in Pikesville Md (Woodholme Center), when we entered there was a sour smell like an old wet mop. While there was a line, all 3 employees went into the back of the store and then all of a sudden, over the PA system, the music of 50 cent was playing. Not acceptable for a business and an atmosphere that suppose to be family friendly and with young children. After getting my order, the young lady wrapped some of the orders in clear wrap because of the amount of ice cream could not be contained my the lid. Well my daughter's order of Watermelon Sorbet was not wrapped. I assumed the old fit. The lady bagged the order and I left the store. As soon as I got in my truck, the bag tore because the top came off and made the bag wet. As I got out of the vehicle to go back in the store, the sorbet fell out of the bag on to the ground and splashed all over my brand new white leggings and a brand new top. I went back and the young lady remade the order, wrapped it and placed in a new bag. While I was standing there, the same young lady stopped serving a customer to remake my order. She never asked the lady to excuse her or apologized. The woman didnt even know why the lady stopped servicing her. The floor behind the counter was dirty and dangerous. Slippery where an employee could fall and be injured. The counter was dirty. I could tell the environment and the demographics of the customers had changed. Because of my dissatifaction, I will not visit this location. And this is the closest one to my residence.

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Hispanics matter too - 53 d ago


I can say i love cold stone but pleaces like this one (Cold Stone Creamery, 3 Sloan St, South Orange, NJ 07079)need to be reviewed and ticketed for por performance they give the franchise a bad name .. looks questionable and also the bathroom been out for about a month or so i come here with my kids and they cant use the bathroom ,and customer service is a lil rude you never talk back to a paying customer and even more if is a store related issue... a lil disappointed...

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Anonymous - 57 d ago

To whom this may concern, as a business person myself I was appalled to walk into the Vallejo, Ca. Cold Stone icecream store to see filthyness everywhere I looked...I couldn't believe how dirty and gross that store was. It appeared to look as if NO ONE ever cleaned daily...I am calling the health department because that store has NO BUSINESS being open for business under these dirty circumstances...thank you for listening that is if you really care...

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Shannon Wood - 90 d 20 h ago


Tonight (5/17/18) we visited the store on Power and McKellips in Mesa. There was only one girl working in the store. There were people in line going clear out the door. The store countertops were a mess, she was out of milk and many of the ice cream bins were empty. There is no reason that poor girl should've been working alone on a Saturday night. Kudos to her though. as she was working her tail off. She was still polite and professional to each customer in spite of the fact it was way too much for one person to handle. That young woman should be recognized for her good attitude and determination in a situation that never should have been put upon her! I have to wonder where her manager was?! That young girl working alone is a sign of very poor management. None of the customers who waited at least 15 minutes to get their treats complained or got rude. most likely because like myself, we all felt so sorry for her and admired her tenacity. Your company is fortunate to have such a devoted employee, as in the same scenario, I most likely woul have locked the doors and gone home.

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Unhappy mom - 145 d 43 s ago


Mt Laurel NJ

I recently purchased a cake at your store in Mt laurel NJ for my daughters 30th birthday party on March 25, 2018. During her party that night we cut open the cake to find it did not have ingredients that it was suppose to have inside. The cake was labeled cookie and cream and was decorated with Oreo cookies on the outside but had cookie dough and yellow cake inside. We packed up the remaining cake and the other half which was sliced open went into the trash. We do not eat cookie dough in our family. Sad to say it was very disappointing for my daughter on her special day. The next day I called the corporate headquarters and left a message with customer service and called the store in my laurel NJ where I purchased the cake. I was offered no apologies from the store was rudely told to return the cake for another. I told them I did not want another and will return the half of the cake for a full refund and they refused told me I already ate half so that is all they will do. I than called the corporate number again for no one after 4 hours bothered to return my call. I talked to the receptionist who then told me she would get me someone in customer service. A young man answered the phone I proceeded to explain the problem and he kindly told me that he was from the IT department but knew the woman in customer service and they were enjoying a hamburger tasting event but they will contact me when they are done. Half hour later no return call from customer service so I called Corp back and talked to the receptionist once again who gave me Mr Miller phone number was told he was manager for that region where I purchased the cake. Talked to Mr Miller who informed me that since that store is a franchise it it managed by the owners and he has no control over their decisions. I kindly told him that they are selling a product mislabeled from a company he represents and therefore he should have some control over the store. If the store is selling cold stone products and are not watching the quality of the product being sold than that is very dangerous. I don't need to tell you how serious mislabeling of a food product is. I did not go to a mom and pop local ice cream shop I went to a store with a sign that said Coldstone Creamery in it. I expected that product would be of the proper taste and quality which would represent the reputation that Coldstone is or should I say was know for. As a company in the United States it is very and I mean very important that the food product be properly labeled due to food allergies. Not one person seem to care. I have seen numerous recalls on food when the product labeled did not matched what is inside. Apparently you company does not feel that that is important. I will be filing a complaint with the food and drug administration

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Troll who trolls trolls - 119 d 19 h ago


You really had nothing better to do than post this stupid complain,t bitchy soccer moms are the worst customers

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Your mom - 101 d 17 h ago


I disagree, I would say twats that troll for the sake of trolling are worthless employees of SCC Inc.

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Dianne - 137 d 23 h ago


Pinole, CA

I visited your store today because I really love your ice cream. When I arrived there was one couple ahead of me in the store and one employee only on site. The really, really slow employee took over 25 minutes to fill an order ($11.99) carton with six different flavors. I patiently waited. Meantime, three more families came in behind me. While the employee was attempting to complete the order, a woman walked in and yelled at him, "where are the red velvet cakes". He stopped what he was doing and answered her. Finally it was my turn and while I was waiting to give him my order, the woman with the cake walked to the register and he went to wait on her. Not only did she want the cake, she wanted candles. Then she got a little upset because your clerk told her he didn't have a bag so she told him to go find a cardboard box for her completely sealed and covered cake. This time he was gone over five minutes. She was mouthy, she was truly going to be more of a problem and then, when every single person in the store started yelling at her, she said, "now I'm going to take my time signing my receipt." She almost got attacked because of her attitude. My turn, I asked your employee to step aside so I could talk to him and didn't want to embarrass him. I told him I was just going to tell him why, after waiting for now 45 minutes, I wasn't going to make a purchase. I asked if it was his first day on the job and he said no. I asked him why he would wait on this woman instead of having her stand in line and take her turn like everyone else. He claimed it was company policy. I told him when he was the only employee that perhaps policy needs to be changed. At this point the store erupted and everyone was screaming at him. Now before I finish I need to tell you that I never saw this young man wash his hands, even though he took money and went back to scooping ice cream. Finally, I will not be back. If your company is so concerned about staffing your store and you can't train your employees properly in scooping and cleanliness, I'll go to the yogurt store.

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Anonymous - 119 d 19 h ago


Oh God I would not want to be serving you

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Defender - 101 d 17 h ago


She's got a ligit bitch...bitch!

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Anonymous - 102 d ago

Hi I was just at the south orange location in nj and the Spanish girl that was there tonight was very rude towards me . She was bad talking me while I was standing right in front of her . WHAT KIND OF EMPLOYEE DO YOU HIRE. On top of that her friends were there and she gave them free ice cream and only told the cashier to charger her for 2 items and she had 5 . That's so crazy

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Joan - 107 d ago


It is not encouraging to see such negative reviews and I am not going to help much!! Was told that the Cold Stone store in Fig Garden Village would have FUDGE TRUFFLE year around....and you did for a few months. Now I am told it is available around Valentine's Day!! I suppose I should have called. Your product is good but poor service and the perception that you really don't care will be the downfall.

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Amy clay shopping center - 116 d 8 h ago


Karen hill, I'm calling in reference to your Coalstone store in Bel Air Maryland the address is 1200 D Amy clay shopping centerit is now 1120 our time and the store says it will be open at 10 it is never opened at 10 and you're going to lose customers I was here to buy a lot of ice cream for certain people but it looks like you guys don't need business

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Heather Coppel - 145 d ago


My family went to the #22440 restaurant and the service was very slow. They weren't even busy but the lady who was trying to serve us had no idea what she was doing. She was literally walking like she was confused or lost before she would start preparing anything. We got so upset that only two of us out of the four were served before we left. That was after being there waiting for about 10 minutes to even be acknowledged. This store never has all their ingredients or even ice cream. Every time we have tried going there we haven't been able to get what we want because they are out of something. It is the worst and poorest managed Coldstone we have ever been too. Someone from corporate needs to check out this store because the business is ridiculous.

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Joey Homan - 165 d 29 m ago


Hi my name is Joey Homan and I was a employee at the schuamberg location in Woodfield mall. All of a sudden the managers Dave and Bela were not answering my texts asking why I wasn't on the schedule for last week and this week. Bela left me on Read and I feel like I don't deserve to be treated that way in anyway. Hopefully I get my last check if I have one at all. I can call as well. No response from them ever since for about 4 days.

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Paulette green - 167 d 20 h ago


Just left store #1201 ...the store is very filthy ,the icecream is if the temp is on an incorrect setting...the employees uniform are disgusting,filthy , where they mix the icecream was so dirty the scopers were thrown down ,the store was not busy at the time ,whats really embarassing is my friend spend $20 on icecream and it melted before we got home....someone please check on this store YUCK!!!

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Linda Cunningham - 245 d 19 h ago


Coldstone at Honolulu airport refused my brand new gift card purchased at Costco. She said they don't take those. I asked why but she had no explanation.

Can someone explain?

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Dan - 176 d 7 h ago

Likely cause its an airport franchise rather than stand alone store.

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JP - 182 d ago


Not run as a business should, failure at delivering pre paid order. I pre-ordered a cake early Friday morning. I paid for the cake and received notice. Someone from the store called on Friday to confirm both the selection and the wording. I was to pick up the cake at 3 pm on Saturday. I just received a call from the store, (2 pm Sarurday) and was informed that my cake would not be ready. And of course, that they "most of the time" need 2 days for a custom cake (This was not that custom, we needed a larger rectangle cake). So I have now been told at 2 pm, that my cake will not be ready at 3 pm, and that I can talk to the manager who comes in later tonite. Every time I get tricked into dealing with Coldstone and their climatized manner of running their franchises, I, or my family, get burned. I have not been back to purchase anything from coldstone for 1 year. I only tried once again after my wife truly wanting this cake from Coldstone. And now we have this latest fiasco. I will not be back as a customer. Not even taking in my granddaughters soccer team for an after game snack. Done. I hope the degenerative manner that this business model operates within catches up with them. The Fremont California store continues to assist in this spiral.

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Fred - 181 d ago


It is the same attitude in Maryland

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Keller - 181 d ago


STORE 21173 : I bought some cupcakes over the summer and loved them. So I decided to stop by for Valentine's Day and purchase cupcakes, but the girl said oh you have to order them a day ahead of time if you want to purchase cupcakes. Who has time for that! You also cannot buy one cookie ice cream sandwich, you have to buy 4.

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KTM - 187 d ago


We ordered a Fudge Truffle Decadence heart-shaped cake this past weekend. It clearly is advertised on the Cold Stone Creamery website as $29.99, yet when we picked up the cake, we were charged $42.00. I would like an explanation of this overcharge, and also I expect a refund to our credit card, but I am not getting any answers when I call the store. The young man in the store told my husband that different stores charge different amounts for the cakes. That cannot be true, since the main website advertises the cake at a certain price.

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Ali - 199 d 17 h ago


Brother works at the Menlo Park, California location and has been treated unfair by the manager lady there. She doesn't seem to know how to run her location at all. The employees there are good at what they do but they need someone willing to hear them out and help them. Anyone in Cold Stone Headquarters care for their employees enough to address this situation??

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Anonymous - 201 d ago

Unable to redeem my birthday club. Please explain

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Courtney - 223 d ago


Disgusted with the establishment on 7th st and bell rd in Phoenix AZ poor management. I can never get in contact with the manager because he is never there!!! They also have a cockroach infestation!!!!! I'm sickened!!! I will never be back!!!! Somebody hold this management responsible!!!!!!!!

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