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Coleman American Companies

P.O. BOX 960
Midland City, AL
Jeff Coleman
(334) 983-6505
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Stringbean - 98 d ago


I bough a Coleman cooler Marine 5day extream. Coleman advertising says it holds ice for 5days. In reality it holds ice for a whopping 36 hrs. at 75deg F. Cheap junk that doesn't work as advertised. Coleman quality sure isn't what it used to be

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Johnny Johnston - 185 d 10 h ago


I bought a Coleman refrigerator 4 months later the motor burned up on it I paid over $200 for it I think Coleman has went downhill a lot over the years Coleman used to be the best now I'm second-guessing that now I have to throw away my refrigerator very depressing on top of that I bought one two years ago get it done the same thing had to throw it away I don't think I want to buy from Coleman or Coleman products anymore

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Ray allan - 196 d 5 h ago


I ordered a Coleman air mattress

They sent the two g one and charged a higher price

After calling 7 times for over two hours and talking to three supervisors they offered me a 14.00 roller refund

I talked to some of the most unintelegent rude personal I have ever met

They Told me to spend more time and look incorporate myself to complain

How sad is it that a company that large treats customers like this


And I will be shure to tell all my friends and family about tgere customer service


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Anonymous - 1 y ago


I want a resolution and response to my review from Mr Jeff Coleman I'm not putting my name because of fear my loved ones may be fired after I say what needs to be said your location at 10020 palafox St Pensacola FL is very poorly ran from the Warehouse manager all the way to your sales rep that quotes the jobs that are done your manager does not know how to run a business he on many counts gets jobs mixed up does not inform employees of what jobs have priority which in turn gets those employees in trouble trying to cover his own hide he makes countless mistakes that have had customers calling corporate and giving bad scores when it's not the employees fault but goes against them and not him now please remember I'm speaking because I have a loved one who works for you and has for sometime not only does he lack simple communication skills that are vital but also the understanding of how to handle situations that come up there is more times than not when these workers are sent to jobs with not enough material or equipment to do the job at hand and the shippers notice that and treat the employees like it's their fault when it's all management like a good example which happens all the time a pack and load ok it's 10,000lbs the management is so poor that instead of having people go pack than the next day load they except only two people to pack and load that same day so the employees get off 10-11 at night drive home than expected to be back at work 7am and give it their all the body gets so much wear on it how can you except that from someone my family is military my grandfather was master Chief which in case you don't know is the highest you can go in the Navy so I have seen both sides the moving where y'all have moved us to now where someone I love works for you and to see both sides has really opened my eyes and with this poor management you are losing money and in not talking a little but alot since I still have friends and family that are military and also civilian that have or where going to use your company but no longer will and these so called cash jobs $80 for 8,000lbs and the manager sends two people there are stairs and one of the two are not very physically fit to do that job so it really falls on the other person sent it takes let's say 10-12hrs to accomplish that is just above min wage so that's what your employees are worth for their blood sweat and tears because trust me my loved one I have seen in all three states after a long day to be told by your management is still not good enough when and all perspective it's the manager him self a manager is the roots and the base for your company and your employees are like thriving apples so you have a bad manager or management than your roots and base are bad which in turn ruins those good employees your apples I'm highly educated and have been in every line of work you can think I have been working since I was 15 so I know what it takes to run and how to run a functional business and your management does not know what it takes or how to at all and for them to have to leave jobs or even finish at later date do to shortage of supplies it's a multi million dollar company and your telling me you run out of tape things of this nature are again poor management it's sad that I have to write a review as anonymous because the fear of my loved one being fired of the truth that is going on I fully except a reply to this from Jeff Coleman that's the least that can be done and if I don't hear from you than I know what your company and employees truly mean to you Sir

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Continue I ask Ryan dingler for all my weekly pay sheets and hour I have heard nothing from him

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Ryan dingler and jad tadwater - 1 y ago

Yes my name is Roderick Bibb I was fired by Ryan dingler dispatch in Belton TX.the mangement team is the worry's and don't no what he is doing I worked there two years one write up and Ryan fired me because I didn't finish a job assignment according to there handbook they rigged up to say what they wanted it to say they denied my vacation and my unemployment benefits because he said I quit but he fired me in there conference room in Ryan doesn't give a dam about the employee all he cares about is getting the job done.(he fired a employee name Rebecca Harris after her mom passed because she didn't pick up a motorcycle and going to check to see if she got her benefits because if she did that wrong Jason is Rebecca wife the warehouse manager. I witnessed so much underhanded stuff when I was there that I'm going to expose

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Debbie Riner - 1 y 55 d ago


We have used Coleman coolers to operate out mobile pet clinic for at least the last 5 years. We, in the past, bought them at Walmart but have had to rely on Amazon and other internet connections to purchase your product. I have a picture of (5) lined up in my office right now that do not operate. The last purchase was less than (6) months ago and it already is no longer cooling to any acceptable temperature. Space is an issue for us when we travel and that is why we liked your coolers. We do pet clinics every weekend and they are to be ready for surprise inspection at any one of our locations. So yesterday, after returning from our weekend run, we purchased an Igloo cooler. We are praying for the results we get at first with your product and hope that they will work longer than a couple months. We also have been buying your portable camping sink. Same exact problem. Not sure if the battery packs or the motors are the problem but it is more that agitating not to have a dependable piece of equipment when on site, I do have the receipts and photos. Is there any resolution to this on-going issue we are having with your products? Please contact me at (hidden).

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Anonymous - 1 y 69 d ago

Hey sir or ma'am my name is Roderick bibb i worked for Coleman American in Belton,tx ryan was my dispatcher the time i been with your company was pure hell i don't see how ryan still have a job i been was writer up one time since i was there he sent on a job to Austin halfwAy there he re routes us to go help a crew with four people on the job never said what we were getting paid so worked to rearrange the truck then i sit in the truck im glad im gone i put in for my before i left and they rejected it all the hard and time i gave it company and that the thanks i get wish the best but ryan don't care about his employees all he cares about is getting the job done no people skills thanks for the time i worked for you wish y'all the best

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