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Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA
Neil Smit
(215) 665-1700
(215) 981-7790
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NJ Marinaro - 2 d 14 h ago


Our cable box over heated and melted. My wife now has blisters on her fingers. WE attempted to call several times only to be put on hold and be told "We'll call you back." The fact that the box melted and burned a customer was not significant. I'm betting a letter to Lynn Charytan will get a result.

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Ray bisbano - 2 d 15 h ago


I've had a problem with xfinity for 6 months now. I'm paying for gig speed but lucky to get 200. Every nite it drops to 60. A far cry for what I'm paying for. The service to my condo is horrible as at nite when everyone is home the service stinks. You can't call anyone who cares. Never again!!! Especially if your in a condo. There are literally no phones to call and complain unless you go thrthe computer calls that lead you to someone over seas.

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You suck - 3 d ago

Worst ever. Keeps flipping defaulting to Spanish.

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Connie Wiesendanger - 3 d 20 h ago


I have been a customer for over 10 years. Never a problem until a couple of months ago. I have gotten nothing but the dang run around by you all. I cannot get anyone to listen nor can I talk to anyone other than robots and folks who have little command of the English language. I am so disappointed in your service and customer care. However today I did talk to a sweet girl who tried very hard to help me out. Now get off your executive butts and do a better. I will never recommend this company to anyone until this problem is fixed.

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a customer service rep - 3 d 1 h ago


you should forget this company, it is horrible. they refuse to take care of not only their regular customers but businesses too. They think they are entitled to whatever the customer has but provide crappy service and customer recovery. I have worked in customer service my whole life and this just makes me sick to my stomach. They don't care about you nor your money because they think they have billions more gullible people to fool and treat like crap.

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Sanford - 9 d ago


Your customers service is beyond terrible. Wait times for 1-1/2 hours. Prompts don't allow you to get to a customer service employee without going through many, many questions and still difficult to talk to a live person. Scheduled appointments aren't kept as promised. Thinking of switching to AT&T.

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a customer service rep - 3 d 1 h ago

you should this company is horrible. they refuse to take care of not only their regular customers but businesses too. They think they are entitled to whatever the customer has but provide crappy service and customer recovery. I have worked in customer service my whole life and this just makes me sick to my stomach. They don't care about you nor your money because they think they have billions more gullible people to fool and treat like crap.

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David Dansky, Ridgefield, WA - 4 d 11 h ago


I should just add a ditto mark to the comments below that show inferior service for a so-called first class company. I give Xfinity one five star rating: the employees that have actually come to my home over the last 25 years (yes, company has changed hands and names). They have been universally competent and polite. I have read many many comments below and have seen that this is not always the case. My biggest issue these days with Xfinity is the lack of customer service personnel who speak English as a primary language. I am not xenophobic. Me gusto mucho mi Mexicano amigos. BUT, the ones I have been unfortunate to reach (finally) on the phone were seriously lacking in English speaking skills. Working from home during the pandemic, phone clarity has been awful as well...not the fault of the service rep but of Xfinity corporate which does not seem to care. I think it is time to look for another provider, but I keep wondering if Xfinity is supposed to be the best, what must Direct and Frontier be like? Once upon a time before the company was known as Xfinity, a senior citizen discount was offered. Now it is gouge gouge gouge with no respect shown for loyal customer participation for over 25 years. The fact is that Neil Smit , the current president of Xfinity (?) will never see this post, nor will anyone high up in the corporate food chain read it or care. Teddy Roosevelt was so right about busting up the conglomerates and monopolies.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 6 d 20 h ago

Comcast has the worst customer, internet and cable service ever. I'm not sure where to start, this is so frustraing. I've been having issues with my service for months, they run the same system checks each time and nothing changes. I was without service for 3 weeks phone, internet and cable before a technician was able to come out. The technician comes out and drills extra holes in 2 newly renovated rooms without permission only to say the problem is the equipment. After standing in line for 2 hours to exchange the equipment got home connected it, still not working. Another technician came out a week later and stated the previous technician failed to connect an adapter that plugs in for the services to run. I was also informed at this time that I was being charged for a cable box that I did not have and was told to call, give the representative the serial number given to my husband by the technician so that box could be removed from my bill. Still having issues with my internet and 1 of my cable boxes, I called comcast and was told by this representative that my out dated modem was the problem. She told me they were sending me a new modem and box to replace the 1 that wasn't and still not working. I've connected the new modem, sevice is still slow when it works. I called again today for like the 100th time and was told that a technician could not be scheduled to come out again until I restart everything and they troubleshoot on their end again for the 100th time, lol. Still no resolution to my issues.

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William Jones - 8 d ago

Mr. Smit,

This IS NOT A COMPLAINT Rather it is a suggestion I truly hope you will consider.

Without a doubt the most irritating and most often thing to happen to a comcast costumer is to misplace the remote!!

I know you have done it too! lol It is not the losing that is the trouble it is the having to find it that is so frustrating!

Comcast can help and make a new image for it self. Make the remote plastic YELLOW or ORANGE or another color

that is of a contrast color. The dark grey of the current remote is easily lost in plain sight. Comcast/xfinity could

have advertising that would rival GEICO's lizard.

Respectfully submitted

William Jones

League City, Texas

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countrykat1967 - 8 d ago


You make it too difficult to speak with a actual person!! I am extremely unhappy with this company! I upgraded my service 2 months ago, but they sent me a downgraded box. Monday they said they were sending a new box, but still hasn't even been shipped out. I try calling customer service, but the stupid automated answering service doesn't understand what I want and will not put me through to a person!!!!!

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M. A. Lindsey - 13 d 18 h ago


Worst customer service ever!! They say they will text e then never follow through. Can not get a technician out to the house

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Angry customer - 15 d 18 h ago


No phone service for over 4 days.Comcast tech hever showed up. Can't reach a real person.No phone service for over 4 days...totally unacceptable service.Will cancel all Comcast abd will tell friends to do same

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Displeased Customer - 17 d ago


This is the worst service ever. I have two homes and am forced to have two separate email accounts and everything. I'm about 10 minutes from cancelling all services with Comcast. And last time I called they just hung up on me.

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Anonymous - 17 d ago


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John - 19 d ago


I need help with getting a box set up, there are issues, the customer service is terrible , had me crawling around trying figure out all the cables, I had a hip replacement and cant do that anymore. need a someone to come to house for this. Chicago area

due to covid they wont send anyone out, I will request a credit for every day this is not fixed.

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Ada - 21 d ago


Horrible customer service & appalling company without morals. We've been trying to get service at our house (new construction) for over a month. We've been lied to time and time again. People don't show up for scheduled appointments, they reschedule appointments without telling us, and no one seems to care to help us. My husband is a small business owner. His office is at our house. We're losing money each day we don't have service. Oh, and we've already received a bill for service we DON'T have. I've spent collectively over 7 hours in the phone with her on hold or trying to schedule appointments.

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A pissed customer - 21 d 13 h ago


Comcast suck. I called to get service and had to wait a week for them to come and install the cable and Internet. The first tech that came out just dropped the equipment off but never installed anything. They rescheduled me 3 times every time the cable and Internet still wasn't installed. I had an appointment today to get my service on and the tech never came even though i received a text saying the tech was on his way. I called them over and over again and still was told they are on the way but like i said never showed. I called them back at 9:30 pm and was told they have to reschedule me a 4 time. I have this sorry equipment but no service because my service never got installed and it's been almost 2 weeks now. The workers and company sucks. You get the workers that make a company suck. Be careful who you hire because they give your company bad service and if the owner allows this they suck also and should lose their company just like the employees who don't want to do their jobs

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Charlie - 51 d 16 h ago


I cancelled my account, but they continue to charge my credit card. Each month I call them, and am told "you owe just 1 more month", and they continue to bill.

DON'T USE XFINITY MOBILE! They will fill your credit account with more charges then you want to deal with.

Customer support help line is a 3 hour wait............

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Katie angry customer - 22 d 25 s ago


I'm going trough this problem as well. They took 2 payments at once. My bank says they can stop the payment with it still pending, but Xfinity refuses saying it has to pass through their accounts firat which is BS.

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Anonymous - 22 d ago

Comcast SUCKS!!!! THEY HAVE NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AKILLS AT ALL AND DO NOTHING BUT FIVE YOU THE RUN AROUND. For the 2nd time they've charged me twice on a bill in one montg. I was told by my bank "Regions" that if they will fax a letter head over to requeast a stop payment they can stop it with ot pending. They tryimg to they can't until my money goes through their acct. First. BS my bank said this is the dirst time they have ran into this problem. When I receive my money back i will be deopping Comcast and will never ever look back. And the BBB will be getting a call along with the "President"!!

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the truth - 29 d ago


comcast just gave burn, loot and murder a 100 million dollars .blm is a Marxist hate group

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Anonymous - 26 d 23 h ago

You mean like the KKK?!

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I have not been able to get any assistance with my problem here at home with my TV I've been with this company over 30 years with my son and myself I'm been trying to settle this problem since Wednesday today is Monday I am looking at a TV with no sound that to me - 26 d 11 s ago

I have not been able to get any assistance with my problem here at home with my TV I've been with this company over 30 years with my son and myself I'm been trying to settle this problem since Wednesday today is Monday I am looking at a TV with no sound that to me is a priority. Email address MA Jackie (hidden)

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