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Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA
Neil Smit
(215) 665-1700
(215) 981-7790
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Jim - 7 h 30 m ago


WARNING: Customers,

You are never talking with a live person located in the USA. Comcast has removed and possible way for the customers to make contact with them. All contact methods, phone, email, text, chat, etc to their incompetent overseas minions. They only want to hear from the customer, when the customer can resolve the issue themselves, be harassed by their overseas minions via phone, text, chat. The minions refuse to send messages to corporate, transfer back to the USA, but demand your personal information, which has already been electronically provided. This is where the customer has his/her personal information stolen.

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Jennifer/ Scott Horvath - 3 d 4 h ago


On Friday 5/29/2020 I changed my cable/internet plan because my old plan had expired. I did this on the Xfinity website through "My Account" I reviewed all of the packages and found the one that was the closest to what I already had, it has all of the channels on it that we watch on a regular basis and even some extra so it was a great deal, or so I thought. I scheduled the "drop off" of our new equipment, as recommended by xfinity due to the coronavirus, for Tuesday 6/2/2020. Our scheduled "drop off" time was 1p-3p. At 3:19 p a technician pulled into my driveway, texted me that he was here and that any work that needed to be done outside would be and the boxes would be dropped off. I went outside to meet the tech because I also had questions regarding the return of my old boxes, I stood in my driveway, waiting, he never got out of the vehicle, he never even looked at me. He put his van in reverse backed out and left!!! He drove around the block and parked at the end of my street where he sat for 30 minutes. I reached out to Xfinity and was told (at 4pm)he would be back "shortly", with no explanation as to why he left in the first place. At 5:30 he still was not back so I chatted Xfinity online and after being bounced from the billing department to the internet department 4 different times nobody knew what was going on. FINALLY the dispatch department called me around 7 pm to tell me that the tech reported "no response from residence" .... I informed the Brian that was not true, I explained to him what had happened..Brian was very apologetic and extremely helpful. He scheduled me for the 1st appointment the following morning (6/3/2020) he also said he would note that information for the tech manager and have him call me back (he has not called me back). I was the 1st stop this morning as promised, thank you Brian for being the ONLY person at this company that is kind, considerate and follows through on their word, now the problem I have with today's appointment.... Like I said,my previous package has all of the exact same channels that this package has this one offers a few more, better right?? WRONG!! While I waited for the technician this morning I drank my morning coffee and watched my favorite channel ID, the tech arrives switched out the boxes and now my new package starts. Guess what, I now do not have ID available to me unless I "subscribe" to it. So, I check my package again, review the channel line up and yep i'm supposed to have it. I get back online and start an online chat and I am told "this channel does not exist in your package" I tell the man it does, I am looking at it in my line up right now as we speak. He now tells me, ID no longer has a contract with Xfinity. I explained to this man that I was literally just watching it 15 minutes ago and then the minute my package switched it was gone BUT my package shows it as a channel on my line up. He continues to tell me over and over again this channel is not available. I asked for his manager and went through all of the same with him. I get passed over to his manager and still I am being told this channel isn't available. Only this man tells me I can't even get it if I pay for it because ID doesn't work with Xfinity anymore. I switch my tv to ID and tell him it says right here "available with subscription, please to to to shop/upgrade" he said why would I lie to you, you cannot buy it and I cannot give it to you if I could I would. I told him that he is lying I am looking at it on my tv and I am looking at it on my channel line up, I want what I am paying for... well here I am, being scammed by Xfinity again. I have tried calling to speak with someone and it's IMPOSSIBLE!!! I demand to hear from someone at a corporate level I am beyond frustrated at this point!

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Lisa - 2 d 17 h ago

I feel your pain. I have been chatting with "customer care" people via social media for the past 2 weeks. I have had 44 conversations (yes I just counted them) these people don't give a damn about anymore

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Larry Perkins zanette Perkins - 3 d 7 h ago


I am going though problem with the mobile phone since 2019 they are trying to charge me for a Phone I never received when contacted Management and File a claim they they told me it Valid charge because fedex said they delivered to my home but the funny thing I have ring door bell and drive was never there and on top of The Who ever signs package sign Z Powell know one in my home is name Powell

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Smiff - 3 d 19 h ago


I was considering returning to Comcast after cancelling my services, When I contacted the customer service office to inquire about the rates, the lady ran my credit report without my knowledge and approval. I contacted the company after noticing a hard pull on my credit which affected my overall score. The managers NRVER returned my call to resolve the issue, I went on line to obtain the number and address to their corporate office. Awaiting response.

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Not a fan of Comcast - 7 d 19 h ago


Worst provider EVER!!! I have left over 25 messages for someone at the corporate office to give me a call. Not once has anyone called me or solved our problems. It's now been 6 months an I refuse to pay our bill. Billing over 200/mth for internet only. Not what I signed for and I refused to be taken advantage of.

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J. Marz - 8 d ago


I really hate trying to reach a live person, it took 5 different numbers to get a agent, then I was told in February there are no more contacts, and I was told a price we agreed on . Not 5 months latter my bill went up $30 to $193. And was told I can get it cheaper if I take a2 yr. plan. I'm getting the feeling Comcast/ xfinity could care less about their customers. Maybe a call to the FCC might make a difference, but I doubt it!

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CA - 8 d 19 h ago


I am dealing with constant intermittend internet loss since August of 2019. .Also paying for the high internet speed but am not able to get more than 47 in my house. Took my computer to my neighbor who is also on Comcast. Speed was 220 over there.For the past 9 month I had techs and supervisors here and they are not abet to fix it. I was told the problem is outside of my modem.Whatever that means To me all is Comcast and it should be fixed.To top it all off they just raised my monthly free again for the pleasure of not having the service I should have and paying for

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KMA - 9 d 9 s ago


I contacted Comcast for service. Spoke to a nice lady named Kristin who set me up for an install of internet and phone service for Tuesday May 26. The person ,named Sheperd, came out with a used modem and then told me after walking around outside that he could not do the connection and would have to send someone else. I then received a text message saying they would have to bury my cable. I contacted the office after going through Kiera, Corretta, Gnkale, and Homer I get Kevin who tells me that his records indicate they need to bury the cable line. I told him I had aerial utilities was once a Comcast subscriber and can see the amplifiers across the street. The line needed to come from across the street to the pole in my yard and then to the box on the side of the house. After he chatted with someone they agreed I had aerial utilities. I was still waiting to get an install date and Kevin told me to call him back at 2pm. I called back, I emailed and called again no response. During this process, I reached out to a friend who works for your company to see if she could assist me and let her know I had not gotten any feedback as to when I could expect an install. Kevin sends me an email telling me he will know the next day, 5/27/20. On 5/27/20 no email or phone call from Comcast, I speak to my IT person at work because I am severely frustrated and he tells me that I need to check back with my current provider because if all this is the case, my phone will be getting ported over to the other company and disconnected. I get a call from the other companies corporate office who confirms that my phone is set to be shut off. I was advised to contact Comcast. I call immediately and after being put on hold by Alicia, the next voice I hear is that of Emmanuel who says he will help me. I told him I donot want my phone disconnected. After convincing him that my phone was in jeopardy of being disconnected because it was supposed to be ported over however, because of problems the install can't be done now, I do not want it ported over. He puts in an order to cancel my service and assures me that the phone will not be disconnected. Well, guess what, my phone was disconnected!!! I am trying to work from home. On the merry go round I go again trying to speak to someone from Comcast. I get Marcus and tell him after a few minutes that I need to speak to a supervisor. I need to escalate this call. Andrea got on the line and she is going to see if she can assist me. Right now I have no service and I am not happy. I see you have a one star rating. I probably should have come to this site first. If I give you a star, it will be for Andrea.

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A.Lay - 10 d 19 h ago


We moved to Tennessee three years ago and once we bought a home in Cordova our service took a nose dive. Customer service has been mediocre at best. I grew up on cable we had Time Warner, Spectrum, Charter, and now Comcast/Xfinity. I am disappointed to say this is the worst service we have ever experienced. I have called Corporate Leadership team but they keep telling me something different. We are paying for services and not receiving them and your prices for services are ridiculous. For example we pay for your so called best internet service which is supposed to provide 300 Mbps but we are receiving 25 to 0 Mbps. We have been complaining for the last 6 months or more but still no resolution. So guy for the Leadership team (James -256) do not EVER allow him to call our home he is condescending, does not listen, poor overall communicator, refused to escalate our issue to higher management in a timely manner. I am so beside myself with this company. I honestly feel like we need a lawyer to help us.

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M stapel - 14 d 5 h ago


Please bring back Investigation Discovery. I have watched that channel for years. I can't believe you don't carry it anymore. Please reconsider your decision. Please make a new deal with Discovery. BRING BACK INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY.

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Bernice - 33 d 5 s ago


I have been trying to get assistance since April 15,2020 for correcting a problem with my cable box, my remote and my tv channels. I can only get an automated message as well as unable to correctly connect to the chat line. I am strongly considering discontinuing my account with your company.

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Anonymous - 23 d 21 h ago

Do it, you won't go to jail, canceling the service you're not getting from the money you pay. And you don't even n Ed to pay the penalty. The problem is in their end, not yours.

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Anonymous - 15 d ago

Same for me. I am done with them.

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Martha P Harvey - 15 d 19 h ago


I live in LA " Lovely Augusta" GA . I have been a loyal customer since 12/20/2009. I really I'm very disappointed with Comcast Cable Service & Customer Service. I called today to report for the 10th time that the Epix channels aren't working correctly. I have 3 Epix channels showing the same movie & 3 channels with no picture. This is ludicrous! I young man answered said he will get it sorted out & will help me , but never returned to the phone. I held on 17 minutes & he never came back to update the call or give me a resolution. Of course I had to call back. The young lady I spoke with apologized for the poor service I experienced & tried to upsell me at the wrong time. Does anyone know what EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE MEANS ANYMORE IN THIS COUNTRY?

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James Darch - 16 d ago


I live in Fort Myers Florida and have never had service such as this the internet loses signals all the time and the service is crap.

I asked for economical service and got phone, TV basic cable (10 channels) and very slow internet. Now with the outages all hours I find this company in serious breech of contract. The free movies are a sham because out of 5000 movies a lot of them repeat the same Title.

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Csunday - 19 d ago

I am so sad, reading all these reviews. I've had just the opposite experience. Keep in mind. I just signed up for service. But my two tecs were so good. It took them awhile. Because all the wiring was bad. So they had to change it all out. And we had a rediculus amount of old wiring, Just hanging. They cleaned it all up. Now I'm worried for future dealings with this company. I'm so sorry for all of your bad experiences.

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Grandma4 - 21 d 1 h ago

I am completely appalled at Xfinity raising their rates during this time of millions of people being unemployed and living from day to day... I know the increase was coming but with other companies giving discounts or delays in raising rates I feel this is a situation of true American Greed... just FYI I'm one of those people not working... I just wonder why you feel the need to go ahead with this with the country the way is and the financial situation of many families including mine.. I am so done with you guys...

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Grandpa2 - 19 d ago

SO SAD!! I think I'll change my mind about getting this service.

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Concerned customer - 21 d 10 h ago


I've been with this company for a lot of years,but it's by far the worst company ever! A total rip off! And the employee s are not knowledgeable at all! Ridiculous!

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Stand Up and Raise - 36 d 23 h ago


Now it's my turn to have a voice. I don't even know this company, never had there services and I don't even live in any state in which this company states I did and yet this Comcast company has the balls to send me a bill and put it on my credit report cause there to stupid to realize that it's somebody else's bill. There trying to say I lived in another state and want me to prove I didn't live there, but yet they have never never given me the bill that has my name, signature or were they said I lived but yet they put it in collections. This company is a ripoff. Pretty sad that they think they have right to make up a bill and send it to people that didn't even have there service. For me, I'm not letting them get away with this. I'm filing a court action, and yes I'll win cause and it will cost them.

I hope the rest of you on here don't let this company get away with treating you badly.

File with the courts.....

Stay safe.

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Anonymous - 23 d 21 h ago

I agree with you hundred %100

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Anonymous - 31 d 4 h ago

You, Comcast billed me $400 for not returning my equipment because I was moving. Covid-19 hit Chicago about a month before I moved. They shutdown Chicago. I am a senior with Asthma, when I called to tell you I was not going out under any conditions your response was and I quote " Take it to UPS if I cant get to a Comcast Store. Can you please explain to me how this makes sense?????

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Anonymous - 23 d 21 h ago

Well, if I were you I am not even put a minute of stress charging me with the equipment that still in your position, send it whenever you're able to. Never let these greedy people steal your peace.

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Michael Moodie - 29 d 7 h ago


Nothing has worked for 3 weeks after spending hours talking to the most incompetent set of representatives. 3 technicians later and no service. I would NEVER do business with this lot again and would encourage anyone else to avoid them at all cost. I would rather have DirectV and a thousand thunder storms than another day speaking with COMCAST...

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Anonymous - 23 d 21 h ago

I can't blame you, I walking out the door dealing with them.

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