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Conair Corp

7475 N Glen Harbor Blvd
Glendale, AZ
Jeff Glassman
(623) 872-8750
Annual Sales Est
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Laura - 16 d 33 s ago


I would to let you know how dissatisfied i am with your product. I purchased coffee maker serial # 00915c from the kitchen store in Lebanon MO . I got it home and the top of the pot was broken, i took it back. I thought ok things happen. Six months later it will not brew a full pot of coffee. Go to the store, they tell me i have to go through you. Get my paper work out ,call they tell me i have to send them $10.00 and coffee maker back to have it repaired. IT IS 6 MONTHS OLD!! I don't see me sending it back NOR BUYING your product again. We as consumers vote with our money, you will not be getting any more of mine.

Laura Foland

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Sheila - 33 d 10 h ago


My $15 Conair hair dryer that has a 2 year warranty just stopped working after 6 months. When I called your customer service department, I was told I would have to pay for shipping it back to you ($5) and also would need to include a $5 check to pay for shipping another hair dryer back to me. Why would I want to pay a total of $25 for a $15 hair dryer ($15 for original hair dryer plus $10 shipping) ?? As far as I'm concerned, you do not have a warranty on your products. I'm better off throwing it away and going out and purchasing a new hair dryer. But, I will no longer purchase any Conair products after this experience.

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Karen Wilson - 16 d 7 h ago

Figures! Conair president went to prison

for tax evasion. Their products are cheap crap.

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Stephanie - 99 d ago


I was given as a gift recently a set of 3 frying pans, all 3 are destroyed and can no longer be used. They have only been used on what I can only explain as a "normal" basis. I called the company back in December, they told me to send pictures and write an email to Dina and AnnMarie which I did. I did not hear anything back for a week so I called back, I was told to email again which I did. I just got a response yesterday, 2 months later saying the damage is from overheating. How can a frying pan be overheated????? I went back and fourth with a few emails with no success, so I called back again to find out my claim was denied and there was nothing else that can be done, unless I want to write a letter to Dina and AnnMarie. I am disgusted with this company and will definitely never purchase their products again.

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They can stick there Customer Service where the sun does not shine - 49 d 16 h ago


Oh my gosh!!!! my husband and I took the pictures they wanted of our sauce pan... sent them to AnnMarie and Dina; were issued a case # and after 2 months they want us to resend the pics to Frank the Supervisor of Customer Service. Shame on Cuisinart!!! That set cost us plenty of $$$. I'm positive another Company would be more than happy to acquire us as the new LOYAL CUSTOMERS we used to be with Cuisinart.

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SayNoToConair - 57 d 6 h ago


The Amazon email concerning the supposed recall on the Infinity Pro hair dryer (we bought in Dec. '17) that went out on 4-22-18 has caused no end of trouble and been a fiasco, and a nightmare thanks in large part to inept Customer Service (CS) reps. Long and short, my hair dryer was NOT part of the recall. Amazon later sent a 2nd email saying ignore the 1st, but I had already contacted CS. If only the 1st CS rep knew what she was doing, she would have known my model # was OK- according to CS rep #2 when I called in about the non-recall. I ended up talking w/ 5 CS reps over several days & got conflicting / wrong info. When the new dryer arrived, rep #5 told me I could keep it, and send the old one back. I thought OK - BUT - while I was on hold, I opened the box and saw the new dryer was defective. The fan cover fell off right out of out of the box, and would not stay on securely. When the woman came back on the line, she was VERY annoyed that I changed my mind about keeping the new dryer. She tried to cut me off when I tried to explain it was defective, but I was like nope, you're gonna listen! Ended up taking the package back to the post office marked refused, and drew a line thru my name & address so P.O. wouldn't re-deliver to me. Was then screamed at by the clerk for "tampering w/ US mail property" by drawing the lines thru my info, and threatened with me w/ a possible fine and/ or arrest. Well, I took care of complaining about him, complained to Amazon, and am now letting Conair know that you're dead to me - thanks to your lousy customer service reps!

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Worse Employee Customer Service & Supervisor - 81 d ago

Received 8-Cup Food Processor as Christmas gift Dec 2017 & did a motor test with Cuisinart (hidden) & motor not good & I had to pay $26 for shipping!! It was returned to me lie& still not working ! Worse Customer Service Center ever Jasmine & Her Supervisor, Mack decided there is nothing they can do since their Repair Center tested the food processor & it was working fine. Cuisinart company is a joke& it's employees are well trained not to help you or believe you that their products don't work & it is I that don't know how to assemble the food processor ! I told them you have a U.Tube tutorial showing how to assemble so it does not work ! Sorry sorry employees & so insulting towards me. Jasmine & her Boss Mack give pathetic customer service ! Bad employees working for a bad company!

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Not Satisfied - 96 d 15 h ago


Your coffee maker is garbage. I tried to register it via text as instructed twice and it froze my phone up. The "thermal" pot does not keep the coffee hot. I would think something that cost 70$ would work proper.

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Disappointed - 103 d 4 h ago


I bought a set of ceramic cookware. When it started stir, I contacted customer service and received a case number and email address where I could send model numbers and photos of my sticking cookware. The rep said I would hear from the company in 10-15 days. After 25 days I emailed and asked for a status report on my case. No response. Now it's 40 days and still no communication from the company. They have not honored their LIFETIME WARRANTY agreement and won't respond to email. I am totally disgusted with this company.

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Patty Harrison - 127 d 9 h ago


I know one I use too but your hair brushes and hair dryers and clippers and now one big ass lawsuit is going to be something your going too be getting your hair brushes are junk I have bought 2 of those and the glue came off the back off of it there junk and so is your clippers there not worth a shit.

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Nika - 131 d 4 h ago


I bought a ladies shaver a few months ago. I never got to use it because the thing wouldn't work without me holding the battery in which is an inconvience for a rechargeable shaver. I called customer service and was told I could send it to the warehouse and can get a replacement. The thing about that is, I have to pay for shipping to and from the warehouse which is costing me more money from having a faulty product of theirs. I don't think it is fair that I need to pay for something that is wrong with their product after I have spent enough money on the actual product itself. Rather i am outside of the warrenty period or not, it's still not right for the customer to pay for their mistake. I have never dealt with a company such as this one. I definitely wouldn't recommend buying anything from them.

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Richard N Scott - 131 d 4 h ago


I recently bought a Cuisinart AirFryer Toaster Oven. Even though the dials do not indicate Convection Bake or Broil the word Convection is used a lot in my instruction and recipe booklet and it is very confusing to me as how to cook and make hamburgers in my oven. I sure doesn't help when I try to follow directions and the directions do not match what the dials say. This to me indicates that this instruction booklet is suppose to cover two different machines and just trying to save money but confuse the consumer. I have never used anything like this before and I have come to the point that I wish I wouldn't have purchased it.

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Cuisinart far from what it used to be - 153 d 4 h ago


I have sent my food processor back to be repaired 3 times and each time they send it back with no explanation and the problem still exists. The blade flies off the stem. There is no way to contact the repair facility. Each time the shipping is paid for by Conair. One would think that they could communicate with the customer. I will be sending it back again. This food processor is less than a year old. I have had older cuisinarts and they were wonderful. Not so now.

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Judy - 169 d 5 h ago


Well, I won't be buying any Cuisinart products! Purchased toaster oven-broiler model TOB-40N. It decided to turn the toaster on all by itself. I called Cuisinart and they sent a replacement. The new one arrived today; and it is damaged. I called them and it is MY responsibility to file a claim with UPS. It is not their policy to handle this. So now I put a claim with UPS. UPS told me it is now between them and Cuisinart and I have to stay in contact with Cuisinart. Cuisinart had the tracking number and all they had to do is issue a claim. They do not care enough to keep a customer and are too LAZY to carry out their responsibilities. Don't buy this product if you don't want a possible house fire. Their customer service just wants you to get off phone.

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Bob - 177 d 9 h ago


December 28, 2017 RE: Cuisinart Coffee Center SS-15 To Whom It May Concern: We purchased the Cuisinart Coffee Center as a Christmas present with the expectation that we would enhance our morning coffee enjoyment with options, a full pot or a single cup. We were upgrading a Cuisinart product we have had for years, one that was starting to experience clogging once in a while but was still producing an enjoyable product daily. Our disappointment at paying over $160 (a discounted $199 suggested retail price) began when the first cup of water was brewed through the single-cup side during initial cleaning. As water ran through the cup and into the mug (a standard 4 inch high mug) it started splashing onto the counter top and kitchen floor. On the second try, this one with a k-cup in place, we used a six inch mug and still the splashing continued. On the third attempt we resolved it by HOLDING the mug up three inches off the engineered surface to keep the splash inside the mug. I called the Cuisinart call center on December 26. I asked if there was a solution to the splash, if perhaps engineering had designed a replacement drip tray that would elevat the mug three inches or so. The respondent said Cuisinart would replace the defective Coffee Center if I paid for the shipping and included $10 in check or money order to cover the return postage. Since getting another version of the machine wouldn't resolve the issue, I asked to be transferred to a tech center or a design center to discuss the problem. I was told I could speak to someone in the warehouse but there were no other numbers available. I asked for a contact at Cuisinart headquarters in Glendale, AZ and was again told there was no one to discuss the issue with beyond replacing the machine. FYI to anyone at Cuisinart who might care about the most expensive product they are selling, I measured the space between the k-cup dispenser and the drip pad on their competitors, in particular the category leading Keurig, the space on all others is three inches less than the Cuisinart.the space when I held my mug up in fact kept the splashed droplets from rising and assaulting our counter tops and floor. Until this product is re-engineered, it shouldn't be sold.

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Anne - 1 y ago


A few months ago, I purchased a Conair Weight Watcher bathroom scale (model WW 400GD) and was very pleased with results. Recently, when I step on it I get the weight, step off, clear it and step back on and get s totally different number. I can do this over and over and get same weight three times in a row, then the 4th, 5th , 6th time, it might be 3 lbs higher or 2 lbs less. We changed batteries (fresh from the store) and the exact same thing happened.

Is anyone else having these problems? Do you stand behind your products? Will you replace this scale?

You may contact me at (hidden) by phone or text. (hidden). Anne

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Andy - 201 d 5 h ago

Yes, I have had the same problem with four scales. I get a different reading each time I step on the scale even if I just stepped off and got on again I returned two of the scales and they sent me two more but they are also defective.

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sherry - 177 d 9 h ago


Well at least yours gave you a weight number. We bought ours Sept 11 and the weight just stopped two weeks ago. The customer service experience we have had with Conair is abysmal. The only reason I found this blog is I am looking for the name of the company president as I am going to write him personally, enough with their "customer service" department that does not know the meaning of the word!

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UPSET - 179 d 7 h ago


I am writing with complete frustration with Cuisinart. I bought my coffee maker from Amazon on May 4th 2017. It stopped working on the 21st of December. I went back to Amazon/The Seller, and they would not take it back because it was out of the Warranty Policy on Amazon. I did buy and extended Warranty through Square Trade, they could not help me because, it was still under the Manufacturing Warranty. This morning I called Cuisinart, and I have never had such awful Customer Service, than I got from Cuisinart. First of all, I told them I would like to exchange for a more expensive model, they told me NO, it could only be the same product. I said, this model takes 4 hours to descale, after descaling , the brew function would not work, and I am getting the Descale displayed over and over again, even after I have done it. I did it twice, 120 ozs of white vinegar total, the descale is still displayed, and the coffee will only give you a couple of drops when you brew, then nothing. Customer Service told me, it would be at least 21 days, maybe longer before I get my Coffee Maker. I will NEVER buy another Cuisinart Product again in life. How could you treat your customers like this? The worst part about is, they acted like this was the norm for them. They told me I could purchase another Coffee Maker until mines came. I really wanted to get this message to Ronald Diamond The CEO, this is how upset I am. I hope someone that really cares, contacts me.

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Chris Long - 222 d 7 h ago


Refund promised eight weeks and one day ago to arrive in 6-8 weeks ago never materialized. It was for a defective Waring Pro Hotdog Griller. Really starting to get the feeling it's easy for Conair to blow off Little People. I have a pitifully small fixed income so I am not going away...

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Barb.. - 224 d 20 h ago


I bought a Cuisinart coffee maker and after less than one year it stopped working, still under warranty I called and Conair Corp sent me another, after 10 days of waiting, I plugged it in and started to make coffee and water and coffee starting spewing out all over, I had to jump back to keep from getting burned by the hot water, nothing went into the pot , just spewed all over, I called and again customer service said send that one back and they will send a new one in 5-7 days, well the old one was received by Conair on Nov 2 and I still don't have a replacement.. So unhappy and dissatisfied with customer service, talked to Ebony after being on hold for 20 min and she could care less if I had a coffee maker or not,, she says it was ordered and will be mailed, no tracking number or nothing... Well this is the last Cuisinart or Conair product my family or I will ever buy. We are done with this company... Thier products are no good and their customer service is worse....

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me, leslie - 233 d 5 h ago


i just bought the 6-inch hair cutting scissors expecti8ng them to be good ya no way better than around the pad scissors, then I trimmed my friend's hair and terri8bloe! thinking I was a BAD friend, .so today I tried to cut open a bag of bird seed and wow ty couldn't even come close to putting a slit in the bag

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Denise - 238 d ago


I bought 2 Conair combs and compared them to the old Conair combs I bought 2 years ago. They have really cheapened up on the newer combs and have put much less plastic in the newer ones. (But they charge a higher price for them!) The handles and tines on the new combs are not nearly as thick, and the new combs actually scratch my scalp when I comb my hair because the thinner plastic is so sharp. DO NOT BUY THE NEW CONAIR COMBS--you will pay more and be disappointed!

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Elaine - 267 d 9 h ago


This is one of the best companies out there. I had a problem with a scale that I bought and I called the company and spoke to Rachel and her Supervisor. They immediately sent me a new one that works properly. I am so plesed with the response I got and the time from my phone call to a satisfactory conclusion. BUY BUY BUY from this comapny

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shannon siggers - 274 d 4 h ago


i had a conair heating pad it burned me 3rd degree burns dorn right hip and thigh they are huge life long scars i go weekly to debri them and conair doesnt want to help financiallyfor pain suggering lifetime scars so sad i advise evryone donot buy conair heatingpads cause if u have a injury they dont take resposibility for the product

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