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Aziz Benamar - 2 d ago


I had the worst experience at the Costco store located in Houston, Texas ( centre at Bunker Hill).

The store manager was very disrespectful and I couldn't imagine that a successful organization as Costco would promote and encourage this kind of behavior.

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Michael J Hietpas - 2 d 29 m ago


I rented a car from Budget at the Fort Lauderdale airport on 4-13-19. I rented through Costco Travel. I rented from Budget because they were the least expensive. I stood in line from 11pm until after 1am. they were understaffed and were short on some vehicles. it was particularly frustrating to see two people leave and go home at midnight leaving only 2 people left at the counter, with 30 customers in line. I seemed to me that the counter people had to go out back to clean cars before they could rent them. It was taking 20 minuted or more for some customers. it was absolutely the most frustrating car rental experience. I would never book with Budget again. I will spend the extra $10 and go with another company.

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Richard Clark Jr. - 2 d 16 h ago


Can stock of costco be bought at a discount? At the store? I have two product ideas or more. Would like percentage gor use.

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James Bronson - 5 d ago


The Tustin store phone sucks. When you try to call they pick up the line and hang up. Corporate is no better. Some piss poor customer service.

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Ryan - 4 d 6 h ago


that's right i am also trying to get in touch with a manager but can get the information

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Ann Finger - 6 d 11 h ago


As a 71 year old woman disabled barely walking with a cane, I needed to use your restroom, due to reconstruction on your store in Your Danville, Ca location, found your temporary restroom Above ground!?!? So I had to walk up switch back ramp to The bathroom! I thought I might pass out! You paid a lot of money To put it above ground and much more money for the crazy ramp!! Why in the heck would you not have built it on the ground us beyond me!!! Then with difficulty I walked up to the store entry and could not find An electric chair!! Was told they put them around the corner way away by the tire Department!!! So, my blood pressure rising, nobody said geez mam Can I get one for you??? NO, he told me where they were!! So I slid across all the way around, could barely breathe by then, shaking From the horrible pain in my lower back!! My legs giving out! I am Appalled!!! Thank goodness I got the only electric chair there! So little room to come Around the building due to the huge abundance of shopping carts And the speed bump ,I almost fell over with the cart!!!! So, you can imagine my upset and anger by then!!! I asked for the manager I believe in his 20's who really could not Possibly understand my situation! I doubt that he or anyone else Has contacted anyone above, hence this lengthy letter to you! I hope you will have the heart and care to speak to someone! He saud construction Was almost over lol, this is April 17th! Then someone else Told me would be finished sometimes in July! That is not almost Done! I am begging you for a portable potty on the ground! Not too much to Ask for! And your electric carts by your doors ! I am waiting for a reply on this matter! Hope thus will go to the appropriate Department head! Thanking you in Advance! Ann Finger 18208 Judy St Castro Valley, Ca 94546 (hidden)

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Anonymous - 10 d 8 s ago


You suck! I signed online to get a membership price of 22.99 but when I got to the Columbus Ohio the same shoes were 19.99 and the store won't adjust my purchase

I got 3 prs and now you lost a sale and a customer

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Mary Ann Klaus - 12 d ago


I live upstate NY near Saratoga in a very small town called Edinburg. Northville is one of our next door neighbors, our town is so small we use their post office (zip code).

To shop we have to travel at least 1/2 hour to go to Aldi's, Hannaford or Price Chopper. All they have up here is BJ's which when I lived on L.I. visited twice. On Long Island we had Costco which is miss terribly, we certainly could use a Costco up here. Saratoga would be nice, there must be some realty that you could look into. I know people up here would be thrilled to have a Costco here.

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Cecile Eistrup - 13 d 31 m ago

I generally purchase all my hearing aids at Costco. The recent Kirkland batch has proven to be defective. They do not work for more than a day or day and a half. I though the problem might be my hearing aids which is one of the very best and took it to my audiologist at Cleveland Clinic. She confirmed that my aid was not the problem and gave me Power One batteries as a test. In contrast to your aids, Power One batteries last for 4 days. I have kept the faulty Kirkland batteries, which should last until 7/01/2022, #(hidden). They are unusable and should be checked.

I am, of course, very disappointed, having spent money on faulty batteries.

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JZP - 13 d ago


Citi Bank offers a "Virtual" credit card number on many of their credit cards except the Costco Card. The virtual number can be used for periodic billing of many online and other services. I recently lost my Costco Visa card and had to spend half a day resetting up these accounts for the new replacement card number. Can you pass the request to the correct group and ask that they ask Citi to add this feature to the Costco Credit Card by Citi. Its strange that this wonderful card is missing a feature on the other Citi cards.

My wife and I thank you and would use this with our two current cards.

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Anonymous - 13 d 16 s ago


For 3 weeks been trying to buy groceries online, as I have been doing for years

My Visa Debit card is denied. I have used the same card to buy clothing online and had no problem

Been calling Costco almost once a day, the agents do not know how to solve the problem.

A requested to speak with the Manager, I am still waiting for her, his call

Today I called the Corporate office, been hours on the phone with no solution, then I was transferred to Instacart, with no solution. Hope this issue will be escalated to Management

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Anonymous - 14 d ago

Why is your Palm Desert and La Qunita store allowing non service dogs into the stores. It clearly states NO dogs allowed except service dogs. I know for a fact that in both stores dogs have had accidents and employees have had to clean up. Many times the customers are dragging the dogs through the store as they try to eat off the floors or place the dogs in the cart and feed them. Isn't this a health issue, what happen with rules. Please take action with these stores. I have a dog, it stays home where it belong when I'm shopping.

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Anonymous - 14 d ago

How did you find out that those customers didn't have mental issues? Service dogs are not just for the blind. The dogs were probably cleaner than half the little kids that are in there. Do you feel they should be left at home too?

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EM - 14 d ago


One of the reasons I remain a loyal customer of Costco is the extraordinary customer service here in our MN Costco. I had a conversation with the Produce Manager, Kevin, at the St. Louis Park store. He was quick to explain the signage on an end cap and when my final purchase was surprisingly higher than the posted price (the per pound price was not clear) he quickly remedied the situation. I appreciate his understanding and superb listening.

Thank you, Kevin, for your professionalism and customer care!

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O H - 14 d 17 h ago


Costco tire center in Richmond CA. Vinnie really needs to get some customer service training. Here's why....

1. When a customer walks up to you and asks how your doing first, say something back. Maybe "good thanks." Perhaps initiate the conversation instead of waiting for the customer to say something to you.

2. Words like "big ass" shouldn't be said in front of customers.

3. Don't ask the customers to do your job and place the cones on the car and also grab information such as odometer for you. That is not the customers job.

4. Don't call drinks "asian drinks" when they are called tea or boba. Especially not in front of customers who are ASIAN. That comes off as highly offensive and ignorant.

5. When a customer is waiting for their more than 2 1/2 hrs for their vehicle. When the vehicle has been sitting there for 30 minutes without anyone else touching it, give them back their vehicle instead of talking to co workers.

6. Don't answer the phone as another person named Darrel. You are not Darrel, you are vinnie. This shows you are not taking the job seriously or professionally.

Costco, if your reading this, I hope you do something about this as I was pretty upset for tolerating this type of childish and unprofessional behavior.

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Sean matheny - 15 d 5 h ago


My mother works for Costco and loved her job until she found out she had diabetes and couldnt push carts. The company found it by the way. Now her bosses are bullying her into signing paperwork. She has continually tried to leave the department but has been denied. Susan Gus Gustavo is making old women with medical issues push carts and this could kill them. I'm very upset by this and if you people don't fix this issue I'm going to pay for a lawyer myself and sue of behalf of all these older women

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B Milina - 16 d 4 h ago

I just had a very frustrating experience with Costco's delivery company that they use Innovel Solutions. After looking them up out of curiosity I've seen it there have been nothing but bad experiences. Now I'm a little nervous to have my appliances delivered through them to where am actually considering canceling my Costco order. I love Cosco but I'm not quite sure why they are using a company that has such a bad reputation.

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Lola Hultman - 18 d ago

Just a request Coctco has helped so many afford hearing aids, could you possibly find a way to help this country get teeth back in there mouth. Dental work cost more than brain surgery. You can just how this problem just defeats people. Thank you

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Malik - 19 d 6 h ago

This morning I poured milk which said sell by April 8 and warm it up . And to my shock it was all rotten with clotted milk in it . I smelled milk bottle it was all good then I pour in glass again it looked all normal . I am so grossed by this as my kids don't drink warm milk and it only happened when I warm it up. What is going on? Why you're groceries are getting so many complains now a days . Other day I bought chicken and it smelled so bad when I opened it's sealed packages.i did not complain then but this is disgusting.Attached is video and pictures

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Debbie Mayfield - 20 d 1 h ago


I'm very disappointed with Costco. I've voiced my bad customer review here on this website as well as on face book. The only contact I've had is a standard message that looks like it goes out to anyone who has a compliant. What happened to good customer service? As I stated earlier in my compliant. We are huge Costco shoppers and spend thousands of $$ each year. Shopping weekly, travel and many of your other services. I can tell you in the future this will not happen any longer. I will be sending a written letter to your corporate office.

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Adrienne - 23 d 17 h ago


Very disappointed tried to go in with an emotional support dog to calm my nerves while shopping and was turned away. They said only service animals were allowed. Which I believe my pet falls under that category. This is in the Merced store. Very disappointed. Am letting everyone know they are not supported

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M. Poppins - 20 d ago


First off, thank you COSTCO for protecting our food from people just like this with no reasoning ability, nor degree of what used to be 'common' sense. Your "emotional support animal" is NOT by any stretch of the imagination a "Service Dog". COSTCO is a grocery store as well that serves FOOD. You are abusing the rules/laws, not to mention making the case for more laws/regulations, (aka "Big Brother handholding and idiotproofing") and certainly making it harder on those who have legitimate "Service Animals". You appear to be suffering only from spoiled rotten "victimitis". You're 'opening the door' for others with their 'emotional support' skunks, pigs, parrots, wolverines, dolphins and/or poo slinging monkeys.

Flagged for review. 
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JOHN P HOLZMAN - 23 d 4 h ago


Monday April 1

For the record. Your guys at Waterstone Blvd - in the tire department are the BEST !!

I have been on the road since I was 19 - I am 77 now. UBER driver everyday - I have been through hundreds of tire buys and tire service over the years, The service I received at your store was far and away the best ever.

I destroyed a almost new Michelin tire and your guys replaced it and had me back on the road quickly.. Very important when you are a ride share driver !!

I will continue to tell my everyone about your service, and that they should only buy tires ar Costco.

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Cat D. - 20 d ago


Ok, you sold me. I will only buy my rubbers from COSTCO from now on. Now, let me recommend their pizza from the foodcourt. Makes me sympathize with mice.

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Rand Paul (aka "woodstock") - 20 d 3 h ago


We are in desperate need of a Costco in Bowling Green, Ky. (Home of the Corvette) Contrary to most of the rest of the country BG is booming, thus BG is growing, and because of it being the third largest city without a costco, and Tn having 9.25% sales tax on everything including food, and Ky having no tax on food, there are herds of people from Tn, and Nashville in particular rushing here to shop, this makes it the next logical choice for costco to locate here. Besides, SAM's Club is out/sucks.

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