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Issaquah, WA
W. Craig Jelinek
Chairman, President and CEO
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Anonymous - 12 d 17 h ago

Used to live Costco!!! However, they have become very racist in certain parts of southern CA! It'd disappointing. The Mexican manager in my area has recently started only hiring Latinos. I have known other races, but are rejected. I guess that diversity means get rid of all whites and blacks, just hire mexicans!!!

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Anonymous - 12 d 21 h ago

they are dangerous if they are in power.

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Anonymous - 2 d 17 h ago

agree !!

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Karen - 5 d 17 h ago


Despite the fact that it is racist, it is not just Costco in California, many other companies in California have that mentality also. Did you not realize that California is becoming more Latino every day. When I left Central Valley California over 8 years ago, I looked up the race statistics for that area. It was listed as over 75 percent Latino. I am sure it is much higher by now. As illegal as it may sound, after the 2008 economy crash, I could not get another job. Every job I applied for stated that if I did not know how to speak Spanish, there was no need to apply. Last time I checked, English was the American language, apparently that has changed. I have friends that are Latino, american citizens, and very nice people, I am not racist at all.

Although, many Latino in California are racist. Many of them are illegals. I left California in 2010.

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Alexander - 2 d 14 h ago

Good riddens. Btw, California was Hispanic way before immigrants from Europe and Asia arrived. Your ancestors escaped the very ideas you pretentiously espouse. I'm not Hispanic. Just a human being. Good luck with your views.

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Ray - 13 h 40 m ago

I have researched the language issue and English is not mentioned as the official language, as a matter of fact there exists no language at all. Check the congressional library. Good luck

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Concerned - 15 h ago


I am currently witnessing the same treatment, it's so bad that they do it in front of customers. It has now transferred to being harassed sexually and the store manager does nothing about it. I have seen and been victim to the unfair treatment because I am not the same race. I have had customers complain on my behalf because they had heard or witnessed the treatment I have received, only for the store manager to continue to let her be Abe the way she does.

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Walter - 18 h 30 m ago


I live in Davie, Fl and I am a member of the 1890 S University Dr, Davie, Florida 33324 store. I am tired of been harassed by the cashiers there asking me if my wife has membership, when we are both present at the cashier with my membership card and she is trying to pay with a credit card under her name. We are both part of the membership and the outdated computer system they have can not tell who is part of my membership. It is 2017 and your computer system should be able to tell that my wife is the second person in my membership even though we are using my card. The company makes enough money to be able to have a better system and provide better customer service. On top of that the employees there and the manager want to argue the they are right. This happened to me twice in the last couple of month.

General profile image - 18 h 38 m ago

Ada path is block with cart at Harbour blvd California store manger did not took any action after his attention Handicaps person had hard time to go in store Violation of A DA law not clear pathif not corrected next time I will call Ca ADA

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Im living in the SLC area and shop in different Costcos. We see an abundance of dogs in your stores... they are not service dogs. I've seen a women hanging over the meat counter with her dog in her hand. According to the UtAh health department only service dogs are allowed in stores who sell groceries. Many of us customers are kind of fed up with that. One of my friends eben got attacked by a little dog. Please do not let dogs in your store...

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K.C. Sekander - 2 d 14 h ago


Costco Vista, CA consistently offers for sale substandard produce, specifically pomegranates, grapes, honey dew and yellow melons, white and yellow peaches, strawberries, blueberries, among other seasonal fruits. And we live in California where expectations for ripeness and freshness are unequivocal. What the heck is going on with merchandise / produce managers at that location? For instance, it is currently pomegranate season and they offer for sale the worst of the lot. They are sour with hard seeds, and are presumably grown in state. They will not ripen with time. This is a huge disappointment. Please ensure the mgrs. at that location are aware of consumer complaints on this and other matters, including the lack of samples until way after 1:00pm. Rethinking our membership.

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John C. Telotte - 3 d ago


I am at my wits 14 month old LG refrigerator stopped working completely (probably compressor). Fortunately, this was purchased through COSTCO online for a 2 year warranty. Unfortunately, I have now been living out of ice chests for 9 days now. I have been trying to resolve this since 9 Oct using both LG.COM tech support and the COSTCO warranty facilitation service. This has been a horrible experience. Nothing but the runaround from both LG and COSTCO. Failure to follow up as promised. Buyer beware...

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Beacher - 2 d 16 h ago


My reply to you. LG refrigerator as I have one has been a nightmare. And also my LG dryer. Don't buy!

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Vlcak - 3 d ago


The following Tire Center at this location installed the tires and I strongly urge that you do not ignore this feedback:

Warehouse # 6

400 Costco Dr Ste 150

Tukwila, WA 98188-4808

Initially installed three tires and it took another week to locate missing tire and install it. I am already on record that a third tire should not have been installed since that axle had a different type of tire on an all-wheel drive vehicle.

Yesterday I was doing some maintenance on my transfer case and replacing front differential axle shafts. To summarize my issue is that the wheels were torqued to well over 150 foot-pounds. I had to use a breaker bar with extension to get them loose. The factory specifications are 80-110 foot-pounds per wheel lug nut. There is no way a normal person could change the spare wheel if the need arose. Either the torque wrench is defective or the person using it is not qualified. This could have broken a stud in the hub costing me additional expense as a result of this defective install.

I would strongly recommend that the Tire Center recalls all the vehicles and have the wheel lugs torque re-checked. Whether this is due to defective tools or workmanship.

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Ruth - 3 d 24 h ago


Would there be a future not to far , to have a costco store in North West Cape Coral in Florida.

The one that you have in South Fort Myers is to far for our community to travel.

Please inform me if you could

I like costco wholesale store.

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Michael Garber - 3 d 15 h ago



I'd like to say first and foremost my family has been a Costco member since we lived in Oregon and Seattle many years ago. Most of the time I buy my tires from Costco. The last two times I've experience poor installation service from your Santee, CA location and last week on Monday from your Mission Valley location. Most new cars come with expensive wheels as an option and owners expect service people to appreciate this added cost and clean the wheels when they've completed tire installation. I know the tire business is messy. But returning a car with grease all over the optional, expensive wheels is not appreciated. I just spend 30 minutes degreasing the back two wheels on my wife's C230 Mercedes.

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Mariel1951 - 4 d ago


Have been a Costco member since they first opened their doors in north Texas. Amazon and Costco have been my only stores. But now Costco is coming last when it comes to paying and standing in line. They are so far behind recent technology that I prefer to shop at Walmart with Walmart-pay or even better at Sams club with their scan & go. Best service EVER!

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Dot - 4 d 20 h ago

I want to inform you that on facebook their Is a coupon for hours saying that you are celebrating 41 Years come and spend $50 get $41 off I went to Costco today to find out that this is not true please contact with Facebook about this matter thank This needs to be stopped

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KM - 5 d ago


Dear Costco Buyers,

One of the products that would be wonderful to see at Costco is the spray atomizers of hand sanitizer. You do carry the liquid as a refill, however, this spay version is extremely handy as well as easy to use in both the car and to carry on your person. The product that I have been using is: Qore.24 Antimicrobial Hand Purifier 1.6 FL OZ Manufactured by CSI, Inc. for Qore Systems, LLC; distributed by Qore Systems, LLC Tempe, AZ 85281,1-(hidden), While I am sure there are other products available, this one is great! It certainly would be nice, as Flu season looms, to have Costco sell atomizers that we could place in every car, back pack, brief case, suitcase and purse. Thank you for your time and attention.

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Disgusted in Sonoma - 5 d 17 h ago


Trust me when I tell you that I will long remember that Costco cut off business deliveries during the Sonoma Fire disaster to small businesses and people in need. WTF are you thinking? Cut off when we need your services the most? Nice going...hope you are feeling nice and safe!

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Julie Perez - 5 d 18 h ago


Attention to the Corporate level.

I love, love, love Costco, BUT I went to buy a product you have advertised in this month's coupon book. It's the Night Owl 8 Channel DVR Security System. Price is great, concept is excellent, however, I thought I would go home and call their customer service to find out the experience it would take to install it. I am a single woman so this was extremely important. Customer service gave me a toll free number to Installer Allnet so I could find out what it would cost to have someone come out and physically install it for me. I've been sitting on hold now for 55 mins. waiting for someone to come on the line, and I suspect they will NEVER answer the call. You should call it to see how you like the abusive recording they play on their end at 1 (hidden), and you will understand what a dis-service you are offering to your customers. This is not an easy system to set up and requires a good deal of tech. savy to get it working. There is quite a lot of complaints with the phone app. and installation and being able to get someone at the customer service number at Night Owl.

I'm only telling you this because I know Costco strives to offer the very best for the very best pricing. This one doesn't cut it folks.

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Judith Cloutier - 6 d ago


I am as usual waiting over a half an hour to get a handicapped cart I'm at your Lantana store. It would seem with the particular population in Florida that you would have more than 6 cards. Once again I have to go home without shopping anywhere please reconsider your list for 6 carts that's not enough thank

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Gigi - 11 d 13 h ago


I want to thank Costco and the staff in Brookfield CT for the wonderful service while Mrs Hillary Clinton book signing event.Was organized and the employee gave excellent service like always.Hope the headquarters can read this comment.I was very happy to be able to be part of this magnificent event.Your products are fresh great quality and good price I do my shopping in trips to the supermarket are very limited now.Keep up the good job! Hopefully you can recognize the workers in that location,they do a great job!.

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B. Moss - 11 d 27 m ago


Gigi, Gigi, get back on your medication!

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MaysW_24 - 6 d ago


Best thing was that the line for Hillary signing books was non-existent and never posed an inconvenience for regular shoppers!

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