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999 Lake Drive
Issaquah, WA
W. Craig Jelinek
Chairman, President and CEO
(425) 313-8100
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Andy - 4 d 23 h ago

Really liked working for the company until we got new management. Was bullied and forced to work in a department I didn't want to work in. Was even written up for getting injured by assistant manager jim Flaherty at the dedham ma location which i'm pretty sure isn't legal. The other managers realized this and said I didn't have to sign off on the write up because even they realized Jim was in the wrong. Asked the store manager Shannon for a transfer to a different department several times but she wouldn't ok it. They also would never give me weekends off. I eventually couldn't take it anymore and ended up cussing out jim and leaving even tho I should've done the right thing and gave my two weeks or asked for a transfer to another store instead. I had warned shannon 2 days before that I was going to leave and that I had another job lined up at lowes if jim didn't lay off but I think she just thought I was having a bad day or something and took it like I was bluffing or venting. Needless to say I went to Lowe's. It's a shame because I really liked most of the people and I loved the benefits and the pay raises. Sometimes it just takes two bad apples to spoil the bunch. This was a year ago I really hope things have improved since then but I doubt it.

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Anonymous - 2 h ago

I never liked working there. That place is like a giant high school. Too much drama. They think because the pay is good for what you do, and the benefits are good they can treat people like garbage. Supervisors only make $1 more than the cashiers and they expect us to work ridiculous hours. As managers 12 hour days are expected...pass. I work way less for WAY more money now at a place I LOVE. I would never go back.

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Poppy - 2 d ago


I was at Costco today and for the first time received very unfriendly service. It was at the self service check out. I don't care for them but lines were long so I walked over, my Cart was grabbed and shoved over to an open register. The employee did not greet me or look at me. Another employee stood watch , did not greet or even look at me even when I needed help.. If I wanted to be treated this way I would shop at Amazon. Costco has always been the best at what they do but today the employees looked stressed and pressured. I will never use self check out again.

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To, po - 1 d 20 h ago

Hey Poppy, why didn't you deal with the situation right then and there? No, you waited till it was convenient for you to complain. That's the problem with some people today, they're treated badly ( so they say ) then go home and complain on the internet. I hate to tell you this but you wasted your time, I seriously doubt that Costco monitors this site. Don't you think you would have gotten a result if you grabbed a manager and advised them of your experience? Some people just want to avoid confrontation. Me, I say bring it on, if I were treated the way you were, I would have said something to the person that shoved your cart and asked them if they were happy working there. Depending on the answer, I may have gotten a manager and apprised them of the situation. More people need to speak up when you feel someone is not treating you as a customer who helps pay the salary of that employee.

Enjoy your day.

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Anonymous - 2 h 10 m ago

Also, the employee that was standing watch, was not watching you most likely. Those people are there to make sure there is nothing missed through self check out. Most stores have done away with it because that is where they get the most theft, not necessarily on purpose, but those people are "loss prevention." He/she probably didn't see anyone move your cart because that's not what they are told to look for. Also, it's "self check-out" at a Costco. Those places are super hectic. You went through that line to get through quickly. Did you want them to coddle you and hold your hand the whole time? They moved you to the next available lane, and scanned whatever item you probably were not supposed to take through self-check out in the first place, but did because you didn't want to wait in line like every one else. Did you stop and think about the people who were waiting behind you, or perhaps the employee that they put there that had to deal with whatever issue you caused? The employees put over there are usually injured and are put there because it is not supposed to require as much lifting...until someone impatient comes through and doesn't want to lift something themselves. Or that's how the stores are supposed to function when you get one being run properly.

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Penny S. - 1 d 20 h ago

HI I waited for a few days before I decided to let you know this ...Your Bakery Products ( Mainly the bread and buns) pls your fresh fruit DOES NOT last more then a day or maybe two ...Buns have GREEN SPOILED SPOTSs all of them and the fruit is OVER RIPE!!! NOT Able to eat.. What a waste of hard earn money.... There are two Costco stores we go to ,,it happens in both.. Vacaville Ca and Fairfield/ Ca.. This has been happening almost 6 months or longer..Please improve these departments ... We are happy with the rest of the store...But we don't buy fresh fruit/vegs. plus bakery any more from there..

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Marie Leto - 49 d ago


I just witnessed an atrocity in Nanuet store. The checker at the front ridiculed a woman so badly because she wanted to shop in your store with her emotional support dog which was in a dog carriage. This scene was despicable!!! Your employee was a short female who carried on terribly. The dog had his harness on that said emotional support dog. I am appalled at the treatment this woman with a disability experienced. Please rectify this situation.

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D.Pennington - 37 d ago


There is no excuse for that! I too have a Support dog. I have been a Sam' member for many years and NEVER have had a problem. We recently moved over to Costco and experienced aa similar response. Don't know is this membership is worth it at all! Have noticed other deficiencies as well.

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Anonymous - 37 d 1 h ago

@ Marie Leto,

What does an "emotional support dog" do for the emotional person?

And why a dog? Why not other animals or birds or insects?

For example, a cricket or a small song bird or a butterfly.

Furthermore,why doesn't the "emotional" person have an emotional support human?

* In my opinion it's all a con.

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George Ramsey - 9 d 44 m ago


Not for a 100% disabled Vet it isn't a con. My dogs keep me sane, unlike idiots like you.

You are ignorant and poorly informed. So sad that your poor education didn't make you a better human being

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Anonymouly - 4 d 8 h ago


George Ramsey,

100% disabled Vet ??? Really??

Now that is what I call a 100% con.

To me a 100% disabled vet is a DEAD vet and not what some mason quack at the VA said.

* Enjoy your big checks, con boy.

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PTSD with emotional support animal - 5 d 37 s ago


You are correct. An emotional support pet is also NOT covered under the ADA, unless for two reasons, for federal housing and federal air travel. An emotional support pet does NOT provide a service like a service animal such as seeing, hearing, smelling. I work in the field and know all of the excuses. I actually do have an prescribed emotional support animal for my military PTSD, however my cat stays home where it belongs. I did not buy any "fake" credentials on-line like most people do.

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Anonymous - 8 d 19 h ago

This is not a review, it is a suggestion. Many of your Maryville Indiana customers would love to see a Costco in Crete IL. We would not have to travel out of state to patronize your warehouse. There is a growing business community in Crete, plenty of space, currently anchored by Kohl's. The community and its surrounding areas can more than support a Costco.

Eunice Collins

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Karen Rice - 9 d ago


What a wonderful store in Raleigh NC! My 94 year old neighbor and I visit twice a month for pizza and when I called today to let them know a special person was celebrating there, Kimberly took over and had a great welcoming with a Happy Birthday song when we entered and gave Mimi a cupcake with 94 on it. At checkout the ladies were all saying Happy Birthday. What a wonderful visit.

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D.Pennington - 37 d ago


I have attempted repeatedly to utilize your "Chat"'s terrible! I've also attempted to contact through your Customer Service success either! We recently moved our membership from Sam's to you. We have not ever had this much trouble contacting Member Services or the 24 Hr Credit Number. My purpose for wanting to contact you is simply this... why are there so few checkouts at the Lubbock,TX., location? More importantly, why isn't there a 'Scan & Go' APP to expedite the checkout process? We are hoping you will respond to these deficiencies as soon as possible. The holidays are upon us and we are not looking forward to this being an issue. Thank you for your kind consideration of my inquiry.

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George Ramsey - 9 d ago


Same here on the chat.

Funny how Wal-Mart employees are overall more pleasant and helpful. Some Costco people, especially management are extremely rude, constantly interrupting one when speaki g.

Nasty, rotten,excuses for human beings

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George W Ramsey - 9 d 2 h ago


Tried to let company know about issues with their dog food making dogs sick.

Chat does not work, called store in Spokane Valley WA, was rudely interrupted TWICE.



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Raleigh Myhren - 10 d 20 h ago


We purchased 4 new Michelin premier LTX tires on 01/08/18 with 51,282 miles on our Lexus 2011 rx350 vehicle. Yesterday we brought the vehicle in with 67,458 miles because the ties were worn after 16,000 miles. The Costco technician agreed that the tires needed to be replaced but denied the warranty because we did not rotate the tires every 5,000 miles. I was unaware of this warranty requirement but was still shocked that the tires should ware so fast irrespective of the rotation stipulation. Surely there must be some remedy we are entitled to based on extreme and unusual wear. The tires were alined shortly after the purchased. I would appreciate a response or a notice to Michelin regarding this issue. We have been a loyal Costco customer since 1992, Raleigh Myhren (hidden)00.

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Rizzo - 10 d 10 h ago


@ Raleigh Myhren,



* Also Costco has a fraudulent warranty on their tires.

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Roberto Filacchione - 28 d 14 m ago



My name is Roberto Filacchione. I am writing to ask that you remove GreenWise Organic Milk from your shelves because of the documented cruelty of cows which produce the dairy in this product.

As a consumer, I deserve transparency. Recent reports have revealed that Natural Prairie Dairy, a supplier of GreenWise Organic Milk has practiced systematic abuse of dairy cows at their facility. As a consumer, I am outraged about the abuse, torment and squalid living conditions the cows endure.

In stocking GreenWise Organic Milk products, you are protecting this supplier and its abusive practices. These include: ripping calves away from mothers at the time of birth, burning cow udders when they are most sensitive, kicking and hitting cows with shovels, stabbing cows with screwdrivers and the force-feeding of sick cows through metal tubes in their sides.

You are empowered with the capacity and privilege to make a difference. I urge you to take the necessary steps and remove GreenWise Organic Milk from your shelves in order to reinforce the message that abuse and torture on dairy farms will not be tolerated.

You can learn more about the findings of this investigation by visiting

Thank you for your time. I hope that I can count on you for your support.


Roberto Filacchione

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Anonymous - 12 d 19 s ago

Dear Roberto,

You do know this is a Costco site and not Target, correct?

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Naomi Velazquez - 12 d ago


Executive Business Member aggravation....

If we pay for a Business membership you should get the same pricing in the store or Business Center. This whole multiple flyer and different pricing coupons is getting super irritating already to know I can get $3.00 off an item if I have it shipped but I can't get the same item in my local store and get the $3.00 off. VERY IRRITATING ALREADY.

We pay for a Business Executive Membership and should get the same pricing across the board. Please put in a complaint on this matter !!!!!

Now if I want to save the $3.00 I will return my item back to my local store and order it online but I will just make sure I have the minimum requirements and if not I won't order, that is how aggravated I am already this keeps happening. It's getting to that point already, why can't the business coupons for business membership just come up automatically like all your other coupons within a store already? I can't be the only one having this confusion and think "oh I just pick that up since I am going their anyway"; seriously Costco you need to fix this already. We spend plenty with you, no need to confuse the situation anymore.

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Cindy Rowlands - 12 d 8 h ago

Good Morning.

I work for Comunale Fire Protection and per the request of the manager at the Lawrenceville, NJ warehouse I dispatched an alarm technician to investigate that fire alarm panel that was struck by lightning. The nationally contracted alarm account was there the same day to do a fire alarm inspection. She tagged the fire alarm panel with an inspection sticker indicating that it passed inspection. I felt like I needed to bring this to your attention as it is a life safety issue. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I have a photo of the inspection tag and it is dated 8/8/19.

Cindy Rowlands S.A. Comunale Co., Inc (hidden) or mobile (hidden)

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Erica V. Hernandez - 16 d ago


Yesterday I went to Costco in West Springfield Ma. I went there for some groceries. I paid my stuff and walked straight across to order some food and ice cream. As my husband is paying the food order I grabbed the meals and went off to find our seat. I went to sit in their food court and I put our food down as I turned and walked to grab ketchup and condiments... All I could remember was me being in the air!!! Yes, I have never slipped so horribly and terrified at that. I tried holding on to anything but the only thing that was there was a bench you sit to eat. As I look to the floor there was a huge puddle of soda or water not sure. I was in so much pain... I call for help no one comes. I go back to my husband in line crying and telling the ladies at the food register that I fell. They start calling for management no one responded so my husband went and grab someone to help. The store manager ask what happened, gave me a incident report and left. The other employee ask if I wanted ice or the ambulance to be called. I said I'll tell my husband to bring me to the hospital and they were not very pleasant at all.

I sprained my hand and thumb and bruised my whole arm. #SoPissedOff if you have a food court you should be monitoring it for safety reasons. Floors and tables must be supervised and cleansed.

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ELMER SHAPIRO - 19 d 5 h ago




ELMER SHAPIRO 98 years "young."

elmer (hidden)

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