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999 Lake Drive
Issaquah, WA
W. Craig Jelinek
Chairman, President and CEO
(425) 313-8100
(425) 313-8103
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Tina A. - 2 h 13 s ago


I love, love Costco but was very disappointed to see one your drivers roll down his window this morning on the 91 freeway in Anaheim and throw out trash.

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Paulette W - 1 d 18 h ago


Very disappointed in Costco's technical support I called on a Friday through the concierge number front line support Regina she could not help said they thought it was my mother board. That the technical dept would call in 24-48 to tell me how to mail it in for repairs.efore No one called and when I called back again I was

told by batch number 4202668 that tech dept closed for another 48 hours before any could call me he didn't know why. So why is it taking 4 days just to get the information to send a mailing slip? I'm going to be without a computer for at least a month st this rate. This is not the first time I had a computer problem when I first bought it crashed after 2 days. I will certainly think twice before spending almost a $900.00 for s computer at Costco. Now I know why they give 2 year warranty...

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Lisa - 2 h 24 m ago

We are having the same issue with the Concierge department! They tell us that we will be contacted within 48 hours, and then we never receive a phone call. It has happened three times now, and it seems like we are just wasting our time. Maybe there isn't really a 2 year warranty?? This is so baffling.

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jingo - 3 h ago



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Lisa - 4 h ago


It seems that we have fallen through the cracks in the Costco Concierge program. This is so disappointing since we hold Costco in the highest regard where customer service is concerned. As of November 27th, we have not gotten ONE phone call back from Costco Concierge. The only way we know that our TV is being covered is when we called back on 11/30 after waiting for 3 days for the promised contact from the service. We have been promised 2 more subsequent calls and have never materialized. If you say you are going to call someone back--how is there zero follow through in this department? I am so sad that my TV no longer works, but I am more sad about the lack of customer service from Costco. What is our next course of action?

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Anonymous - 8 h 24 m ago

Why don't you open a store in Vero Beach Florida

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Anonymous - 17 h 23 m ago


First of all I would like to say that I have never had a good experience with customer service at Costco! Prime example here being that there isn't an e-mail address to send a formal complaint!

The location that I'm a member at is the one in Kennesaw, Georgia (Town center warehouse). As soon as you walk in the door you're boarderline harassed to show your membership card! I know that this is a policy that applies to all Costcos, but it's terribly inconvenient especially for mothers or grandmothers with one child on the hip another holding her hand and a purse and diaper bag on her shoulder! The greeter makes you stop, dig out your wallet to show the stupid card! Sam's Club does not harass their customers like this! No business should! As a matter of fact, during one visit to Sam's, as I was walking in with my 2 year old granddaughter I saw the greeter and started searching for my card. He told me there's no need for that. They don't do that there. Then proceeded to HELP me get a shopping cart because he could see I had my hands full. That's how customers should be treated upon entering your place of business!

But none of that is what actually prompted me to write this review. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if no one from your corporate office actually reads these.. nevertheless, here I am.

Me, my husband and daughter were checking out. [Our cashier's name was Trevor W. Op#13. A wallet chain dangling from his pants and tatoos covering both arms. I'm in the medical field so, for me, this is very unprofessional looking]

Anyway, for tax and personal reason, we had two separate purchases. No big deal, right? No! After the first round was rang up, my daughter proceeded to pay for the items WITH A CARD USING AN ACCOUNT THAT I'M ON and was rudely stopped and told she couldn't do that. Obviously she asked why? The cashier just said, "it's just our policy" and then, very loudly, called for a manager. So loud it caused other paying customers to look our way. The manager by the name of David came over and in a very condescending tone told us that it was Costco's policy but would let it slide this one time.

(Side note:)We would obviously just add her to the membership but there can only be two on there and my husband shops there just as often as I do.

So now you're probably wondering why I'm even writing this since in the end, things worked out and my daughter was able to pay using the debit card we needed to use for those certain products. Well this is just one of times we were treated poorly at this location. Your customers are paying to shop with this company! You shouldn't throw your "policies" in your loyal members faces every chance you can! Sometimes even embarrassing your customers! How ridiculous! And you should seriously think about sending your employees through customer service classes before they are hired because the majority of them that I've encountered are terrible with customers!

I'm assuming your "policies" are to get more people to join. Well you're doing the opposite! Now my daughter will never consider getting a membership at Costco and I will not be renewing mine! So your stupid policies have cost you memberships! And regarding your policy about the debit/ credit cards, what about cash paying customers? Are they just exempt from that stupid policy?! Or will a rude cashier tell them about some other ridiculous "policy" about paying with cash? *insert eyeroll*

Customers don't get treated this way at Sam's! Their employees are always helpful, curtious and UNDERSTANDING! They dont harass people at the door, and they never make a scene at the register!

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tom - 19 h 41 m ago


Their call center sucks, 85 minute wait time

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Coach - 1 d ago



FOX seeks actors to be Los Angeles Rams fans for Eagles game

Fox News is saying that no one shows up for the Rams, so they need actors to act as fans. DOUBT IT. More probable: The NFL has taken such a hit that they have to pay people to act excited at some of the games.

This is not a joke or fake news. The report tries to explain it away well, but there is an unavoidable reality in it all: If a venue draws even 500 people, you will have an enthusiastic group in it somewhere. Actually paying actors to be excited is what Kim Jong does (maybe not even him for a sports game!!!) This report is in the Philly Voice and is not a hoax.

"First it was Fake News, and now it's Fake Fans. Might as well, since some of the players are Fake Americans."

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Frances Cary - 1 d 43 m ago


On December 1 st in your Mall Dr, Richmond Va location your Cashier Junior, don't know last name, Said fuck you to me in I Italian. I was having a conversation with someone else and said that the that person. He replied fuck you too. I went to the manager, hid name was Bill, again no last name, and reported the incident. I asked for his termination and he said that he would not do that. I can't tell you how upset I was that he insinuated himself into my conversation and said that to me. Is this how your cashiers are allowed to behave. I pay to shop at Costco. This is what I'm paying for??

Would like your reply

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Anonymous - 1 d 24 h ago


On 12/10/17 at approximately 2:15pm , I took my Lexus to the Costco tires center in Kalamazoo to get my winter tires mounted on my factory wheels for the winter season. As I was being checked in I removed my key fob from my key ring and place the fob on the counter with the valet key still in the fob. I was checked in (2:34pm) and given the #21 marker to put in my car and they would call me when my car was complete. I received a call that my car was complete at 4:30pm. My wife and I arrived to pick up my car and when they representative set my key on the counter the valet key was not in the fob. I asked the manager what happened to my key and he said it wasn't with the fob when I gave it to them. I looked him square in the eyes and let him know that it was there and that was how it attaches to my key ring. The manager tells me he will have the security footage reviewed to see if the key was in the fob. I had to get the sheriff department involved ...results pending

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Matt - 1 d ago


What is a "fob"??????

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Mildred T. - 1 d 16 m ago


On December 10th I had the worst customer service experience in my life at store #187 Duluth, GA. My husband and I went into the warehouse store to purchase hearing aid batteries. Ben the associate in that area was wonderful we purchased the batteries from him. Upon leaving the store is where our visit turned unforgettable. The store was packed and I understand that with the time of year. We tried to make our way to the exit area to no avail there were just too many carts and people in the way and my husband is disabled and walks with a cane. We decided to exit through the entrance, less people and carts and he was apply to walk without getting bumped. We get stopped by an employee (I'm assuming the door greeter) who was rude and hateful with both words and actions. I don't know this woman's name she had a jacket on covering her name badge. She stated very loudly that this was an entrance not an EXIT and we could not go out this way, she kept cutting us off when we tried to explain he is disabled and could not get through the crowd. She loudly repeated again that this wasn't an exit as she rolled her eyes and exhaled loudly. After five minutes of this and being told not to do it again, she looked at the receipt and batteries and let us exit. I will NEVER step foot in another Costco and I would like my membership refunded for the poor customer service I had to endure.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

some people are sadistic and cruel and don't even know it. it's very common. the worst kind.

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Fed up in Minnesota - 1 d 35 s ago


Citi bank is a joke! I don't understand why a company the size of Costco only offers one credit card to their members. All their competitors do. I'm thinking seriously about switching over to Sams club!

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Frustrated Michelle - 1 d 1 h ago


Very disappointed! Do not order floral products from Costco as they do not stand behind their name or quality. When I attempted to call customer service, the CEO Craig Jelinek has a pre-recorded message apologizing for the long wait times on the phones and that they have increased staff to take care it. However, I was then told the wait time was "63 minutes" with no option to receive a return call when it was my turn. I was on hold for 1 hour and 13 minutes and finally gave up and hung up. I did the online chat but even had to wait for a chat person. I ordered a wreath and centerpiece to be delivered on 12/5 as a present. My delivery sat in a box for 12 days before finally being delivered but it was wilted. Although I understand that Costco has no control over UPS, I believe they should stand behind their name and products sold online. Who wants to receive a wilted wreath or centerpiece as their gift that doesn't last until Christmas? I believe Costco should have resent the product to the recipient and offered me a refund. I will not order online floral again and will cancel my membership.

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BOB - 1 d ago

Ever try the "Sunbeam heated throw" sold at Costco? DON'T. Last year (Silly me) I bought 3 different ones thinking somehow maybe I did something wrong. This being so I was very careful not to bend the coils or damage the cord in anyway but it still stopped working (heating). This year I tried again (silly me) and the same thing happened. This time it tried to communicate with Sunbeam directly 3 different times about what was going on how to get it to heat again or what was going on and was ignored they will not help tried to blame me and I know better. Maybe I was the one who continued to get the bad ones but I can not believe I am the only one this has happened to just probably not worth the effort for so many, me too now. Checked their (SUNBEAM) website and the made for Costco version is cheap that's probably why.

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dissapointed Darlene - 1 d ago

Why has Costco not placed an order for Dark chocolate walnuts from superior nut and candy store in Chicago. They are nutritious low sugar and Excellent tasting.

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Rude Beyond Belief, Mind-boggling!!! - 2 d ago


Hello Craig,

Today I was greeted by one of the most disturbing experiences I've ever been through in my life at your Optical department in Silverdale. It was 11:10 in the morning when my girlfriend and I went there to place an order for some eye glasses. I drew #89 and waited for 4 customers before it was my turn to be helped. When it was my turn coming up, I asked a young lady named "Shae" if she could help me. Her reply was; "I'm not helping you"? "I have nothing to say to you"? I told her she had helped me and my girlfriend months ago pick out some frames and that she was incredibly helpful by writing down a couple frame styles she thought would be a good fit.

I didn't have the card she wrote down the style numbers on with my prescription, thus the reason I asked if she could help. She then followed up her insult by saying,"I'm not talking to you ! I'm having nothing to do with you". I asked the gentleman working with her, a middle aged guy with glasses if he knew what was going on and that she must have me mixed up with someone else. He said: "there's nothing I can do". I told him I had no idea where this attitude was coming from. Shae, my girlfriend and I got along extremely well months ago trying on frames and I haven't been back since.

Here's the problem, I've been a loyal customer longer than this young lady has been alive. I too own a company which has even submitted product to your corporate office. A friend in Silverdale who's a close friend of one of your corporate officers helped me do so. I'm in the middle of an expansion with my company and was intending to outfit a commercial space with all new office equipment. My girlfriend and I were looking at a new 55" 4K television and possibly a recliner for the holidays. In terms of the new lap top and office equipment, BestBuy was appreciative of our business. If you'd like verification, I explained my disbelief with a couple of your managers, one being Jeff Gagliardi.

If I decide to follow through with eyewear, I'll go down to your Gig Harbor store and visit with a friend name Alan who I've known for years and met at your Silverdale store quite sometime ago. I originally got my eyes tested at your Silverdale store, obviously I'm not limited to Costco for eyewear but Alan is a great guy. I have 10 character references at your Silverdale store and can assure you, I've never experienced anything like this in my life. Just imagine you being my shoes. On top of all this, it's the Holidays. Unbelievable !! If I'd ever experience such behavior by one of my venders or independent contractors, they'd be let go. I'll call you tomorrow morning and explain in further detail. Troubling! experience given customer service is directly related to a company's bottom-line. Thanks for your time.

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Runover customer - 2 d 26 m ago


Please put some "traffic lanes" inside your stores at the exit doors where one shows their receipt. Suppoesdly it's two lines, but people in a hurry cut through and around and make it an unpleasant and sometimes hazardous situation. I've had my foot run over. Yellow lines on the floor would help a lot, in my opinion.

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Brenda - 2 d ago

Out of curiosity, when did Costco start the policy of looking inside someone's purse as they leave the store? I was asked to open my purse as I left the store. The staff member stated it was a new policy to search bags. Is this true?

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Anne - 2 d ago


The late Costco toilet rolls are not as good as the ones you have up to a few months ago. They are very ruff. Maybe you changed your seller.

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Kathryn Nelson - 3 d 3 h ago

This is terrible. I have problems with my order. I call and get the message of a 60 min wait then a 45 min wait then a 50 min wait. Finally there is an option for leaving a call back number. I get the call back and am told I am next in queue. Then I am put on hold now at 20 min as I write this. I get to the website and now there is the option to Live Chat. I figure maybe that would work. For 15 min it keeps circling saying they are searching for an agent, the whole time I am listening to music on the hold for the phone agent to answer. I keep hoping someone will respond. This is not the customer service I am used to. The recording from the chairman apologizing is nice but it does not cut it when it continues this bad for as long. Someone needs to get this solved.

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Bea Llerena - 3 d 17 h ago


We truly enjoy being members of Costco and our friends benefit from the large wholesale quantities and quality of our purchases. We are members in the Miami area but plan to move to Western NC. Our neighbors and friends in NC are also loyal customers but we are all sorry to say that we must travel 1 h 30 minutes to the nearest store. It seems like Western NC deserves it's own Costco location just like Winston-Salem and Spartanburg. There are many colleges and retirees in the area who would welcome the shopping and employment opportunities. In particular, the Nebo area has many excellent locations/sites suites for a Costco. One such plot of land is for sale at Exit 86 on I-40 with excellent access and visible in both directions of this main highway, near McDowell Technical College. This area is 45 min from Asheville & Brevard, 30 min from Black Mountain and 15 min from Nebo, Morganton, Marion and Old Fort. So many wonderful folks in this area who would joyfully join Costco to share in all the wonderful services and products. I hope you will consider our growing area to make the investment in all of our futures.

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Dennis in Ann Arbor - 4 d ago


I just spoke to a manager at your Costco in Ann Arbor, MI and explained I will not bring another prescription to your store. It has been a relentless story of delays and failures for the last six months. Either one of many things has become a pattern as I try to pick up a prescription: we do not have your prescription, please have it resent; we have not filled your prescription yet, just sit for 20 mi utes and we will get it for you; we do. It have enough of your medication, let us give you a few pills and you can come back in another day to pick up the rest; we are working on it now, please wait as we fill it; etc.. Other pharmacies in our area fill prescriptions accurately, completely and within one hour. Costco has become second rate in quality, timeliness and efficiency to the public. No more second rate pharmacy for us.

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