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Not cool with Costco right now - 15 h ago


Dear Costco, I have been a member for a very long time and I have always been satisfied with the service and quality of products offered, until two days ago.

I decided to return something to the Costco location in Antioch, CA this week, something I've done several times, for many years (when not satisfied), since I started shopping at Costco as a teenager in the 80's in San Diego, CA. I walk in, walk up to the counter, I explain to the customer service representative why I'm making my return. Not only do I explain why I'm making the return (which I really don't have to), I present her with the original receipt showing I paid cash. She then tells me that she will need to speak to her Supervisor. I shrug my shoulders and say, "no problem." While the two, huddle over a computer monitor and whisper (kind of) about what to do next, I Google the same Costco return policy I read before I left the house so I can share it with them.

The supervisor on duty, finally comes over to me and says, "I need to get a manager to discuss your return, because you purchased this a while ago." My response: "No problem, but just so you know, you can save my time and everybody else's by reading your own store return policy, here it is on my phone if you'd like me to read it to you, or you can visit and read it yourself. I know this item was purchased on 11.23.2011 at 7:52p, and because I'm not satisfied with it and it is does not fall into the category of an electronics or appliance purchase, I am eligible for a refund in the form of my original payment."

After the two of them stare at me for a moment like a deer in headlights, the store manager, Delores Smith, is summoned over, she then huddles behind the computer with the other two women to "discuss the matter." The manager then comes over to me, parts her lips and says.....wait for it. "We will return this item for you just this one time." I proceed to tell her that she wasn't doing me a favor and to review the return policy herself. She then runs off somewhere leaving the other two there with me.

The first customer service person then says, "Ok, I will issue you a Costco cash card." I said, "No, you will be giving me cash, the same form of payment I used 7 years ago." I then politely asked to speak to the Manager, who for some reason is standing behind me, unbeknownst to me. I turn around and ask her why my option for refund isn't cash and she says.................wait for it, "we'll give you cash, just this one time." I lost it. It seemed as though I understood your policy better than your employees. I am also challenged NOT to bring race into this. Yes I am an African-American woman and these three women were Caucasian.

My family is made up of every color of the rainbow and none of my Caucasian relatives has ever had this experience. It's very disappointing, it was shocking and totally unwarranted. This experience should have never happened and I hope no one else is treated with such disrespect.

Maybe Mr. Jelinek should meet with Mr. Kevin Johnson.......soon. Mr. Johnson may have some advice on how to treat people who shop at Costco.

Again, the manager's name at that Costco (on duty at the time) was Delores Smith, the supervisor's name was Sharyn and the other person turned her badge over.

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Blame-the-Customer Game - 14 h ago

I feel your frustration. I have had this same "we'll do it for you just this one time" treatment on many occasions, with many different companies...and I AM caucasian. Here is just one example: About six months ago at Walmart Porter Ranch, I was refused a return based on a reason not in keeping with that store's corporate policy. I called and asked to speak a store manager; Lorena was put on the line. Over the phone, she agreed to approve the return "just this one time, as a favor." I informed her that NO, she would not do it just that one time, but she would do it again in the future as many times as necessary since it was the store's fault, not mine, that it happened in the first place. Apparently, Lorena did not like being put in her place, because when I got to the store, she was not working and the other manager on duty was told by her only to approve HALF the return that Lorena told me she'd approve over the phone. In other words, she was a coward and this was her way of getting revenge. I then called the corporate office and complained about what Lorena had done. They said it would be investigated and someone would reach out to me, which they did, leaving a voicemail because I wasn't in. The message said they would try me again, but they never did, and both matters still haven't been resolved. I have been given a similar runaround, as I said, at numerous different stores and companies, and I estimate it has cost me many thousands of dollars over the years. Bravo to you for refusing to put up with this nonsense whereby company employees insinuate that the customer is the problem for merely wanting to take advantage of an establishment's own policy.

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Florence - 17 h ago


Very upset anout discontinuing chocolate yogurt. Very popular flavor. Replaced it with a more expensive item. I will buy the vanilla yogurt. Every time i come into costco theres an item that you no longer have. Gorgonzola cheese is no longer available but your store in naples carries it doesnt make any sense.

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Salina Major - 19 h 23 m ago


To Whom it may concern,

I am super excited about the new Costco in North Spokane that will be opening this year. I love Costco and it is my favorite store. I love it that I don't have to do the research on quality items when I am in the market for something new. I have heard though that the new store may not have a photo center. This is extremely distressing to me as I am a very frequent user of that service. There are things that you can do on the Kiosk in the store that you are not able to do on line and it would be a super inconvenience to have to go to the valley store to use the photo service. I do hope that this is not true and you will in fact have a photo service at the new store.

Anxiously waiting your reply,

Salina Major

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Hilo Hawaii - 1 d 8 h ago


When will Costco open a new store in Hilo Hawaii? There is only 1 Costco on the Big Island of Hawaii in Kona. We travel 2.5 hours to Costco to take advantage of the great deals offer and another 2.5 hours to return home. The Kona store is usually very busy compared to the 3 stores on Oahu Island. A Hilo Costco will be greatly welcome to the Hilo community.

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Tired of company boycotts - 1 d 14 h ago

Extremely unhappy with CitiVisa's decision to politicize the firearms discussion. You do not speak for all Americans. We are cancelling our cards immediately.

Costco - go back to AMEX!!!!

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unhappy - 1 d 14 h ago


Please open a Costco in McDonough Ga....I drive 2.5 hours to Cummings Ga. Costco...Yes there are closer stores but they are Business Costco's which I don't like...There is plenty of property close to Sam's in McDonough,,Which would really put the HURTS on Sam's...We need that store to be a full grocery..not business.. Thank You

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Sue - 1 d 19 h ago


This is not a review but a QUESTION. When I was shopping last week I saw an employee opening bags of lettuce and throwing them in the dumpster. I went back there and asked if they composted at all and he said that they do. Is this true? or were they opening the bags so they are not taken from the dumpsters?

I am aware that many stores do not want to donate food due to liability (I do not agree with that, but I am aware) but if the employee is taking the time to open the plastic bag couldn't they put it into a composte or allow those of use that garden and look for materials to compost use it.

If someone could answer I would appreciate that. Also if I should contact the local store I would be happy to. The store I am referring to is in St Charles, IL and I LOVE SHOPPING there for the two of us :)

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sue - 1 d 19 h ago


I should mention it is not just the lettuce. Any fruit and vegetable would make great compost. I would save Costco on refuse cost and would benefit the environment. Great time to start this program....EARTH DAY is coming!

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Haukur Hauksson - 2 d ago


Wen Costco came to Iceland a year ago, almost everybody was exited and came a customer from the first day (we are 330 thousand altogether). It started o.k although we got our Costco from England. That was a disappointment I can tell you. But the prices were alright to start with but soon, say after five months it started to raise from 20% up to 100%. Although the dollar in beginning of last year when Costco opened costed 120 icel. krona, but now it is around 100 krona. So the prices should have lowered about 20% instead of raising. The Icelanders are great spenders but this is too much and everybody is talking about this and if this is going to keep on, Costco ca close the shop within a short time. And another thing. The shop is out of date. Look at the optical department. It look like an optical store 30 years ago. What about the bakery. Every cace far too sweet, tasteless bread. The customer never asked how he like the things or what they could make better.

So my wise is, get rid of the Chairman and president otherwise Costco is going to end like the Kodak company.

Your former friend - Haukur

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P. Brooke - 1 d 19 h ago

@ Haukur Hauksson ,

Greed is an incurable contagious disease of the brain like kuru.

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Mehal - 7 d 15 h ago


Well Costco did it again. Another nice treat gone. Earlier they took away the mocha freeze for 1.58 and replaced it with a home brew coffee drink for $3. Not happening. Yesterday I noticed they took away the very berry soft ice cream treat which was around $1.60. This got replaced with something for $5. When is Costco going to get it thru their heads that these are the things that draw the customers in. If I want to pay $5 for soft ice cream I will go to Dairy Queen or somewhere else. It just keeps getting worse. Wait until the 22nd when they close the photo center. Costco keeps getting worse each passing day.

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P. Lonzo - 7 d ago

That's Costco way of not breaking their promise to "not raise" prices at the food court by coming in thru the back door. Take away something for $1.58 and replacing it with something else for $3.00. Or $1.60 and replacing it with a $5.00 item.

Greed is a mental disease.

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Sara - 2 d 12 h ago

Some of us actually like real ingredients and like giving our children real ingredients.. OH NO IT'S REAL COFFEE NOW AND REAL FRUIT!! not a cup of sugar with purple food coloring and fake coffee syrup in the latte! Most intelligent human beings REQUEST better ingredients which is why costco delivers. Thanks for costco for listening to us who care and aren't going to cry about 1.50 difference.. Go shop at Sam's club if you want to eat shit for 1$

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Kohlson - 2 d 37 s ago

@ Sara,

"Some of us..."

Get it?

Got it?

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Salomon gonzalez - 2 d 17 h ago

I want sausage dogs back in the stores

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Dave Toth - 6 d 10 s ago


My husband was in line at Costco gas station on April 6th when a shopping cart blew into the back of our car and caused major damage. We filled out paper work with Costco and their insurance company called us. They state that they are not responsible for loose carts that cause damage to their PAYING customers. So went went to the Costco store (Madison Heights Michigan) and spoke to their management and they will not do anything for us and we have to take it up with the insurance company. My husband ask for their Corporate office phone number and that management gave us the customer service number which is nothing. I am canceling my Costco Membership. I will be taking Costco to small claims court. I should not be responsible for having to pay for the damages to my car. Any good company would take care of their PAYING customers. This Costco does not hire enough Cart Staff as we always see lots of carts piled up in the parking lot.

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Gee - 3 d 23 h ago


How about an employee in Memphis hit me in my bk with a cart or carts and I am paralyzed upper bk and nerve damage on both sides! I have been fighting since 2012 and my lawyer misteriously dropped me. How can you be so low in integrity!

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Tim - 3 d ago


With all due respect, in order to avoid this, Costco (and every other similar company) would need to hire a person to follow every single customer back to their car in order to properly secure the shopping cart. Companies provide receptacles to return carts. People need to use them and not litter the parking lot with rolling shopping carts. This wasn't your fault, but it wasn't Costco's either. It has happened to me.

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Does costco care? - 4 d ago


Graber window coverings. Two days ago i emailed costco customer service re this vendor and indicated i did not want to be contacted by vendor. Costco way of dealing with my complaint was to provide my personal info to vendor. A clear violation of my privacy. The vendor rep statedhe failled to respond to my earlier request due to being over whelmed with work and being out sick. Why would costco promote to members a vendor so ill equipped to deal with members? Why did costco violate my privacy by disclosing my info to a vendor when i clearly indicated i would not do business with them. It is time for members to ensure costco only promotes vendors that provide outstanding service.

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Anonymous - 4 d 16 h ago

Why are the Biscoff cookies not in the Katy Texas Sugar Land Texas stores my item number in Katy was 549797. Please get them back in the stores.

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Kenneth Durrin - 4 d 16 h ago

My name is Kenneth Durrin and I have been an executive member for many years. I ordered new checks plus 2 extra check registers from Harland Clarke. The checks arrived last Friday in good shape. However, the 2 extra check registers have not arrived. I believe I have already paid for them as my total bill on my credit card is $30.97. My call to Harland Clarke resulted only in a referral to my bank and no help from Harland Clarke. What do I do?

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bobkrell - 5 d 22 h ago


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Shannon son - 7 d 11 h ago


Yesterday I used my ebt card to make a purchase the total was $ 111.something i paid and $31 of it was not allowed so after the transaction was already done and I couldn't pay for the item i didn't want it so they voided the transaction but then rescaned all my items again and I was charged again so the total that came off my EBT card was $160.22 all my items totally was$80.11 when I said something I was told by ROB the manager i must of made another purchase for the same amount somewhere else and there was nothing anyone could do about it.I never made a different purchase anywhere else and the way I was treated was totally out of line my him I never left the Costco parking lot before I was back in the store to try to get it corrected the checker her self said he didn't know what he was doing if my membership was up right now I would never go back in Costco again we spend over$2000 a month in that store in Redding c

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Mikeson - 7 d ago

You SPEND $2000 a MONTH in Costco alone and you have a EBT card mooching off the tax payers?

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Mitch28 - 5 d 20 m ago

Mooching off the tax payer and emboldened entitlement mentality.

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