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Anonymous - 18 h 20 m ago


Was repeatedly micromanged, bullied and harassed by assistant manager jim flaherty at dedham ma store location. Ended up getting injured with a torn hamstring along with several other associates. When I finally came back after two weeks not only did jim not ask how I was doing but I come to find out that he had written me up on the same day that I got injured for not getting done on time even though they knew I was working with a bad leg and didn't even take my MANADATORY 30 min break. Asked a few of the managers and even the store manager herself several times for a transfer out of the department but was told no. When I asked why they said jim wouldn't allow it!! Ended up walking out and taking another job from another employer. It sucks because costco as a company itself is actually a great company to work for but it comes to show that even the best companies can have problems due to toxic management.

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anonymous - 11 h ago


You are right about that, I worked at Costco, Rancho Mirage 19 years ago, I love Costco products, and I love costco company,

When I was working there, some co-workers profiled me that I was from the Middle East," I am Egyptian American" that I must be a terrorist, one of them he even called me " Saddam Hussein" ,, that co-worker is now a General Manager " Dan".. and now I am retired " 60 years old" .. , and I can afford now what I couldn't afford when I was working at Costco,, so I go to Costco at least 3 times a week, I love to buy their fresh fish, and some of the best wines. I spend easily 2000 to 3000 dollar a month, all the cashiers likes me, some of the hug me every time to see me, Only Mr. Dan, the general manager, doesn't look like He had a good faith in me, every time I go to the store he follows me around, underestimating me , still the unfriendly look and the nose on the air, I tried to smile many times, but he rejected my smiles. Today I was walking out of Costco, 2 bottles of wines, and some tomatoes, purchase $65.00 , shortly after I checked out, I found a police cop, from Palm Desert Station.. asking me if I was yelling 20 minutes ago, and Mr. Dan was accusing of it, and I was just talking to my friend who has parkinson and hard time hearing, I hope A costco Corp Office, would take an initial attention to this, and train their employees and Mr. Dan the General Manager at Palm Desert LOcation for more LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE AND EQUALITY.. LET US LIVE TOGETHER IN LOVE AND HARMONY. WOULD PLEASE GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU TO HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND ALL OF THIS. I HOPE TO SEE THE TIME THAT COME < WHEN WE ALL UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER< AND LOVE EACH, LOVE IS ALWAYS GOOD, I HOPE MR. DAN THAT YOU FILL YOUR HEART WITH LOVE.

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Anonymous - 12 h ago


Very sad by the way people are treated because of Tattoes.. I had surgery they told my husband he brought in a fake prescription because they did want to fill it..once the doctors office verified it they still had and issue.. it was then sent in by another doctor then the floor managers told my husband they would not fill my pain medication after I had surgery's... worse experience I have ever had and I've been a member for 20 years now I really and thinking of canceling out credit card membership and change my medication elsewhere.. very sad since Costco was a great place to go.. I have never been so disgusted by the treatment we received

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N - 17 h 31 m ago

Costco employee took me out of the store because I was speaking in Spanish that is discrimination that happened today in the store of signal hill ca

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Jesse Vance - 1 d ago


I have learned that Costco does not continue to get the good products that are continually requested by many customers. You just stop carrying them and totally ignore all the requests forms. Therefore the request form area is a fraud. This would be a good store if you would just listen to your customers. Please consider this issue.

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Ravi Narine - 1 d 9 h ago

I purchased a trip for my family to visit Hawaii on June 1st, 2018. I specifically asked if I would be eligible for a price drop. I was told that they would accommodate it. Just a week before my trip, I saw the price drop about 2 thousand dollars cheaper. Costco wouldn't help me because they claim that they can't get their vendors to waive the change fees from the airline and hotel. After contacting several Costco representatives without any luck. I'm now forced to go on a trip knowing that I could have had tremendous amount of savings. I thought booking through Costco travel was a safe and cost effective. But they turned out to be just another greedy company out to get the little people.

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an employee at Costco 337 - 1 d 16 h ago

I'm an employee at costco 337 in leesburg. I don't know what else to do but, I have been working for costco for 5 years. Finally I have a Family a 2 years old and a newborn. My mom got sick so she won't be able to take care of my kids. I'm doing daycare and the the managers Mindy and Atal the senior manager don't want to work with my daycare hours. Is so sad every time Costco needed me when I was of tell to stay longer was there always doing my best and now that I need help won't even try

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Margaret and Duane Hope - 1 d 16 h ago


Hello, I would like to tell you about our experience at your Hearind Aid Center in Novato California. My husband needed a hearing aid. He is 87 years old. When we went to Costco we met Johan Van Der Meer, the Senior Hearing Aid Dispenser and Carl A. Larin, the Hearing Aid Dispenser Apprentice. We received a gracious welcome from Johan who then introduced us to Carl who was also very gracious. Carl had just begun to work with Johan and they were very respectful of each other and toward us. Their knowledge was amazing and their patience was admirable. We couldn't beleive how confident and comfortable we felt with them. They are an incredible asset to Costco. All your workers are very nice but they are the Best. Sincerely, Margaret and Duane Hope.

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Dave - 1 d 17 h ago


As a regular shopper at the Glen Mills,Pa Costco, I was dismayed to find out on my visit today that this location no longer refills printer ink cartridges. An employee stated it was a corporate decision since it was not cost effective for the store. I have to disagree with this decision. The ink refill "service" was simply that...a service that brings shoppers like me to spend more than I intended while roaming the store waiting for the refills. Hope corporate will rethink this one.

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L glass - 1 d 17 h ago

I just tried calling and I got a beep beep beep for a disconnected number so here I am wasting my time I bought tires there six months ago got a flat from the nail they refused to admit there was a punk sure they said it was just the weather so goes flat again and I have to take it back now they say the puncture can't be fixed and they have to replace the whole tire and then my warranty is only covered by how much tread is left on the tires not by how much mileage it has been driven on like every other tire place I've heard of does it this is a scam your I just tried calling and I got a beep beep beep for a disconnected number so here I am wasting my time I bought tires there six months ago got a flat from the nail they refused to admit there was a punk sure they said it was just the weather so goes flat again and I have to take it back now they say the puncture can't be fixed and they have to replace the whole tire and then my warranty is only covered by how much tread is left on the tires not by how much mileage it has been driven on like every other tire place I've heard of does it this is a scam you're tires are garbage and so is your tire dept staff.

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john - 2 d 7 h ago

canadian living in palm springs ...COMPLAIN I took my tire rotation to PALM DESERT COSTCO tire shop

were they damage my vehicle and made $2500.00 WORTH OF DAMAGE.They did not adjust the lift properly

I gaught them red handed and showed the right position on where lift should be , They let the vehicle down and corrected the position of the lift BUT damage was already done..What happen next THEY DENIED everything

that they didn't do any damage ..Other words they lied . one other thing they say owners manual wasn't with a vehicle , that is not true..... owner's manual been always with vehicle glove compartment . SEveral people exsamined the vehicle and lift marks were noticeable. I made claim but man named Taylor belived the costco technician. One of the supervisors say there is video but they never let me see that

one course of action i have to go to court

Two GM dealers examined the damage and concluded same as me , they damage my vehicle at tire change

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LYDIA THERIAULT - 2 d 12 h ago


Your food stand has been severely down graded. You have eliminated the polish dogs. You have eliminated the chocolate. It is a travesty to eliminate chocolate. It was bad enough you eliminated the hand dip ice cream. NOW WE HAVE NO REASON TO EAT AT YOUR FOOD COURT. YOU MIGHT AS WELL CLOSE IT

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John Beck - 2 d 13 h ago


John Beck


I have been a member of Costco since 1998 and up until now i''ve put up with the Sophomoric Marketing/Sales technique of moving products on an almost daily basis because Costco assumes that the customers don't know what they want so in

an effort to find what they are looking for, they will see something else that they may want. Costco presumes that the customer is so undisciplined that they will buy on impulse. It's an irritant to be sure.

Last week I went to the Costco Warehouse in Roseville,Ca looking to buy a 4 pack of Kirkland Regular, Uncooked bacon. There was none on the shelf. I called around to nearby Costco stores and found out that Costco no longer carries this bacon. Only low sodium. I don't need Costco to look out for my health concerns. Another irritant. Yesterday I went to Costco to buy Tropicana Orange Juice. None on the shelf.Another irritant.When I checked ou the Checker asked me if I found everything that I needed. I told her no, I couldn't find the Orange Juice that I was looking for. The Checker's response told me that that was a habitual problem at that Costco store. Between the Costco management. at Costco headquarters and the sorry purchasing practices at this Costco store. I had to go to Walmart to get the products that I needed. Costco has performed a miracle, they have turned a loyal customer into a Sams Club member. Good show guys. I challenge management to reply to my review and assure me that my experiences are isolated events. John Beck (hidden)

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Wayne Levie - 2 d 15 h ago


A I have been an avid COSTCO customer for many years now and have always trusted your products implicitly... until now ... we decided to switch our Television Service and Internet to Direct tv and att internet (after all we have always had great service from COSTCO products) We had the service installed and sadly found that the att internet was too slow to operate direct tv and even downloading anything on the internet was impossible , they only have 7 Mbps in my area... so two days later we cancelled service direct tv cancelled but now att wants $408.47 for early disconnect fee.. My wife and I are on SS and pretty much fixed income and $408.47 is a major hit to us... I have contacted att a number of times and direct tv a number of times and even my local Costco manager and no one can help ...I must pay $408.47 for a service that didn't work...

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adel shannrb - 2 d 16 h ago


I am so disappointed about Costco travel package. I accidentally booked a flight late I'm losing one day from my vacation and they can not wavies the fees and want pay another 1000 and being customer ,i always booking my vacation with them with and to pay this much different to change the flight no reason use Costco travel anymore very disappointed about the service for been member since 1997

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Anonymous - 2 d 16 h ago


i am writing regrding costco

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Rita Phenix - 2 d 20 h ago

Bought new tires there 3 months ago. Had a flat tire as going on freeway close to Costco. Drove there informed them tires were new and I was on my way to work. Well you will have to wait 1 or 2 hours. They informed me that tire must have gotten hot to go flat that fast. No nail or puncture. Hello are these tires safe. They had to order tire. 3to 4 days they don't even carry the tires they sell. Then inform me the spare can only go 50 miles an hour. I drive freeway 4 days a week. Customer service is poor to say the least. Next set of tires will be bought somewhere else where they care about customer service

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Juanito - 3 d 10 h ago


Very disappointed to learn that Costco dropped the Crme Brulee by Marie Morin. Purchased it at Costco in Irvine, CA ~ 10 days ago, loved it and tried to purchase more today only to be told Costco dropped it. I'm sure that this was a very popular item. Why did you drop it?

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Mark - 3 d 12 h ago


I'm shopping Costco since ( then Price Club). The membership was $10 a year, and the prices where chipper than anywhere else. Now it $60 buks, Prices vent up and most of them is the same as in the supermarkets. I vent there 3 weeks ago and got drinking water in gallon bottles for $3.89 for 6, last Sunday price vent up almost 30% to $4.99. If I have pay the same price as in the regular market, I don't have to came to Costco and get big package (plus$60 a year) of something, i'll go and buy fresh stuff every few days.

Plus a lot of items I use to buy for years, just disappear from shelves. I didn't stop buying them , I just go to another market.

The only thing left the same is baked chicken (and it is good), and if it will go - I'll go with them (to look for new rooster)

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Stefanie - 3 d 13 h ago


If Donovan Hamilton, your Corporate Fuel Purchaser for the COUNTRY continues to do what he is doing in regards to his wife (that he is divorcing) and children, it is not going to look good on Costco and I promise IT WILL MAKE THE NATIONAL NEWS. I am her sister, she has no idea I am stating this on her behalf, we have not spoken in over 5 years. I had watched him and his actions towards her made me sick. But we all have free will, BUT NOTHING COULD PREPARE ME FOR HIS CURRENT ACTIONS. Somebody better look into it before you have a very horrific scandal on your hands. If ANYTHING happens to my sister. I am one loud and will not stop until I am heard individual. I am a very vocal political activist, I pray that this does not end up being one of my causes.

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Anonymous - 3 d 14 h ago

Have been a member since 12/2000. Joined in Chicagoland area. Overjoyed to learn of opening in Montgomery, Al. For the past three years, the floral section has steadily declined to the point I've had to return flowers a day after purchase. I have spoken with warehouse management and even the woman who works with the flowers to no avail. The flowers are OLD, many with brown dying curling petals, and soft spoiling feel to them. Called corporate, waited (my choice) for ten minutes, spoke with Alan, who will forward feedback! Never once apologized for experiences. How's that for caring ; wonder why I'm not surprised.

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J Montalvo - 3 d 20 h ago


I had my glasses prescription filled at Costco in so. Orlando for 15 yrs, this year I went to have them made in Millenia ,Orlando,the service was horrible, people were rude, they did not offer me tinting or coating for my new glasses and when I pick them up they did not even made sure that were the correct prescription or that they fit properly !!!!!!

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JAMIE J DOMINGUEZ - 4 d 6 h ago


I love costco and currently work at Costco in colorado but it is very hard and frustrating I have been trying to transfer to florida costco with no luck it has been a year and no response I have faxed my transfer paper to every costco in florida literally many times and so has my costco in colorado and they can never find them or have no idea what I'm talking about !!!!!! I can almost do any position In store back door,merch,bakery,tire center,forklift,front door,front end can anyone help me I wI'll do part time or full time I just need my foot in front door

Thank you

David Dominguez (hidden)


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Concerned Customer - 4 d 19 h ago


Sunday, June 17th at 11:30 a.m. I was in the checkout line at the Sugar Land TX location Whse 1146, when a customer behind me started giving me grief because while my cart was on the correct side of the counter it was alittle pushed back from the line. I thought that since there was 2 employees on the opposite side of the counter that they pull the carts up as they are checking them out. You can imagine how embarrassed I was when neither the cashier Eric B. or his assistant did anything regarding either moving up the cart or to the other customer regarding the process. BOTH EMPLOYEES ignored me and while I was being checked out the second employee continued to speak to the man who was berating me!!! DID NOT APPRECIATE THAT I WAS PUT IN THAT POSITION. Called the local manager Sid and he said that he would take care of it. My question is why are there 2 employees at same register if not to continue to pull up the carts and asses the products being purchased. This is not my first experience at your warehouse and in the past that was what ALWAYS OCCURRED in the lane. One checks the other PULLS UP THE CARTS AND ORGANIZES THE PRODUCT. VERY DISSAPOINTED IN WHAT OCCURRED, IT STAYED WITH ME THE REST OF THE WEEKEND AND SPOILED IT FOR ME!!!

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Rich S - 5 d 16 h ago


I really miss the Kirkland brand American Cheese. You now only carry The Kraft individually sliced "processed cheese food". The Kirkland was real cheese the Kraft is not. Why only give your members the one option?

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