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Ward B. Buckingham, M.D. - 3 h 15 m ago


As a longtime Costco member I am disappointed in your decision to feature large inventory of the current controversial book by Omarosa. You should be well aware that many false statements have been identified. There is every reason to believe that other groups besides the person of Omarosa were behind supplying her with know-how, financial support, equipment and motivation to strive for a political take-down of our current President just before midterm elections. Perhaps Costco supports that goal and providing publicity for Omarosa's diatribe is its way of indirectly supporting an increasingly liberal agenda and political system.

For other published authors like myself, your example is a travesty. Your Kirkland brand features quality consistently. Why not be consistent and do likewise with your book department operation?

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Christina Theresa B. - 3 d ago


Costco Willowbrook, Manager Steve does RACIAL PROFILING TO CUSTOMERS deciding who gets real customer service. He treats the customers according to COLOR, even when he admitted that his employees were wrong for there outbursts stressful behavior. My friend who is Caucasian was rewarded with a $50 gift CARD for her stress suffered at this location. They purposely humiliated me with no kind of remorse because of my skin color. Very unprofessional...

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Anonymous - 4 h 22 m ago

It just seems like costco manager's and assistant manager's are just doing whatever the hell they feel like without having to deal with any real consequences from upper management. They single out, slave drive, verbally abuse, and micromanage workers and get away with it!! I was written for tearing my hamstring lifting an air conditioner at the dedham ma location. Disgusting!!

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No censorship!!! - 1 d ago


Really disappointed my costco has chosn to censor #1 best selling non fiction book. I dont care what your political ideology is you should give people the freedom to decide for themselves what to read. The book section is over stocked with books on obe side of the spectrum that are not even in top 5. I.had to drive out of my area to find it at another costco. Same goes for walmart and Target.

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Connie - 5 d 4 h ago


I am getting sick of your repeated calls to give me a fabulous chance to win. I keep pressing 2, but there you are again in a couple of days. Who ever came up with this stupid idea needs a new job in stocking. I am going to ask nicely Quit Calling me. You get a good review on all but this. Please leave us alone.

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Is this really Costco advertising? - 5 d ago


I have been getting these for weeks now. You block the number, and it dials from a different number. The most recent was (hidden). Is this corporate sponsored Costco advertising?

On a side note, a judge recently issued a hefty fine against a telemarketer for illegal practices (such as this).

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Red Sox - 3 d 7 h ago


And you really think this is Costco calling you?

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Janet - 2 d 24 h ago

These guys are scammers. It isn't Cisco calling

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Janet - 2 d 24 h ago

I called Cisco about this and it is not Cisco calling but a scam. Cisco is doing what they can to handle, but isn't successful yet.

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Very disappointed By COSTCO INSURANCE (AMERIPRISE) - 2 d 4 h ago



They snuck in my renewal a new deductible of roughly $8500.00 in my home owners policy changing my policy. No separate warning was given before renewal. Unfortunately I had a claim for Hail damage and found that My new deductible is $8500.00 not $500.00 .

This is wrong a written registered letter should be issued to policy holders for such Drastic Changes with a requirement of signature. Getting insurance holder on recorded line and explain them of their deductible increase and having insured approve it before making these Huge Changes.

I bought insurance because It is titled as Costco insurance and is done by Ameriprise. I feel cheated by Costco Insurance.

Costco needs to protect. their members not let their partners mess up their members..

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Xiola Moon - 2 d 6 h ago



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Kalene - 2 d 5 h ago

Xiola Moon is correct.

Roundup is typically sprayed on grain crops to make for easier harvesting. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup.

Last week a cancer victim won a lawsuit against Monsanto and their product Roundup.

People are finally realizing the hazards.

Costco can take a leadership role, and help vet products.

Here is a scientific study on it.

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Mary - 2 d 6 h ago

I saw one of your employee's on TV representing and receiving a Five Star Award for Customer Service Excellent from the Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas for Costco In Summerlin. I went in to Costco and mentioned it to a manager at the store and all he said was really! I hope they reward this individual for his dedication in customer service. They need to recognize him! How many people at your store have received an award for this service?

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Jesse R. Cano - 2 d 8 h ago


Hello my name is Jesse R.Cano

on 8/15/2018 I went to Costco to purchase some things, I have been a member for over 20 years and more. as I was leaving the person at the door counted all of my items one by one.said she had to do it, never had I had this experience. so after I went out the door I looked back and she was letting everyone go without counting the items. I believe because we are American born Mexicans she was profiling. she was an older white female. this took place in Henderson, NV between 12 and 1 P,M. the ones behind us were white people. this is not acceptable, so I am thinking of sending Fox a complain so they can tell their costumers what is going on in Costco's .please advice before I go public.

Jesse R. Cano

575 E. Lake Mead Pkwy #2315 Henderson, NV 89015

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Sad in Bako - 3 d ago

I am sadly very disappointed in the pharmacy activity at the RosedaleBakersfield location...we are clearly being resisted every cahance they get...sorry for troubling you...but are you in charge of the Pharmacy?

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Christina Theresa Bautista - 3 d 9 s ago


Costco Willowbrook first the cashier gave me a difficult time yelling and refusing to check out our order. My 8yr old autistic non-verbal son had to witness the immature behavior of your cashier name LYNDA. PATRICK the supervisor pretended to help us and intern was telling me that my card was not good and that I needed too contact the bank, hoping that I would just leave the store. He made us get back on a very long line in order to get checked out, my card did work. I have the receipt as proof of him waisting our time. Joyce from the customer service desk was witness to all of this bad behavior from Costco employees. I had asked to speak to the Management and was referred to Steve, who was racially profiling us as too how he would handle this situation. He said too me, what do you want from me, which interpretation means why are you bothering me. He made it clear that he treats customers according to the color of the skin. RACISTS...

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Charles Branan - 3 d ago

We bought a television on March 10 from Costco and have dealing with Costco and Samsung since July 9.

We have been told that they would replace the tv but as of now we have nothing. They have even called us with a new serial number of the tv but still nothing. We have tried working with Samsung but are getting no where. We have also been working with the concierge of Costco and are still getting no where. We bought the tv from Costco and we feel we have done everything in our power but we still have nothing. Now its time for you to replace the tv. I left all our information about our attempts at the Costco in Spartanburg. We have been working with the concierge at Costco named Mendy. She has tried to help but nothing. PLEASE HELP US

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Aurea - 3 d ago


Hello, I'm currently a member under my husband's business and find myself very frustrated with the odd hours of operation at one of the locations in Tucson, AZ. This is the store located on Grant near Tanque Verde Rd. I can list a dozen schools near this location where a typical school day starts at 8am. Also, there are many in Tucson who start their day at 5am due to the intense heat of living in the desert. I, being a parent who has just dropped off my child at a nearby school at 7:45am when it's 90 degrees, I am forced to wait till 10am to shop at this Costco location? Really? It's so hot! I strongly believe that it would make good business sense to open the doors at least at 8am. I find myself often opting out of shopping at Cosco all together due to the incredibly inconvenient opening time. I live way too far to go home and drive all the way back just to pick up a few things?! Not doing it, thus may not be renewing our membership. Just too inconvenient.

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James Lees - 3 d 5 h ago


I am very disappointed in your order filling. I have be trying to schedule a TV delivery for more than a week. Ceva has failed in everyway. They post wrong delivery windows on there website. They have no flexibility. They don't make their appointments even with a 4 hour window, an d when I rescheduled the delivery, they failed to make that appointment. Finally, they said they would get in touch with me today to reschedule and they failed to call.

This is without question the worst service I have ever had, and to date Costco has not helped at all with the problem. If you are going to have a website to sell items, you have to assume responsibility to help the customer receive his merchandise.

Please elevate my concern to your corporate headquarters.


James Lees (hidden)

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Disappointed - 3 d 7 h ago


Novato, Calif Costco is so under par! Please make this store comparable and food safe. Spoiled milk, produce that is old or wilted, very crabby nasty check outs. Please I miss my Washington state wonderful Costco! My last misadventure? Food poisoning from lime shrimp. I used to buy this regularly, but as of 8/12/18, not anymore. It looked ok, smelled ok, but 1 hr later I had all the symptoms of bad shell fish. I have seen spoiled milk in the case with exploded tops, wilted food, so my guess this store does not refrig. and not properly. Ugh! As for the attitude of the check out employees? Ugh, no eye contact, snarls and if you want a box to carry home items, you risk a nasty look or some crazy box thrown in your basket. A tiny box and all other items thrown in the basket. I pay for hot dogs at the check out- yes I am disappointed no more Polish, but the delight smirk when the cashier rudely told me "only hot dogs", gave me the chills. Please visit this store and hire nice employees. Not all customers are bad, not all customers will put up with the nasty either! Member since 1986, original member of Price club.

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Madeline - 5 d 20 s ago

I was at the new Costco in Central Point, Or today for the first time. I need an electric scooter to shop in such a big store. Come to find out the store only has 4 scooters there. Are you nuts. All those people and only 4 scooters. Get a grip and step up your game or you'll be losing customers left and right.

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Red Sox - 3 d 7 h ago


Four scooters isn't enough? Maybe Costco needs to reserve them for disabled, and not obese, people! Then there would be enough!

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Angry daughter - 3 d 10 h ago


Mount Laurel NJ COSTCO ... I have been a member since the store opened. I shop there twice a week more or less. The other day I went there with my 93 yr old mother . 3 year old grandson and Daughter. Mother was in the electric scooter. After checking out and eating at the food court we proceeded to the check out point and saw it was down pouring very strong. After waiting in the car section for it to subside, my mother wasn't feeling well so I went to get the suv so we could get her home.

The store had "coned off" the entire front of the store so no one could pull up ... which is not conducive to people who have disabilities and may need to have assisted aide. Once I moved the cone to pull my passenger side door of my suv so my daughter and I could get her in, he check in lady came over and started yelling at me because I loved the cone and she tried to stop me from loving the electric cart over to the door of my suv.

Disgusting behavior! She is 93 years old and I was not doing anything wrong but attempting to get her in my vehicle to leave.

I did not argue with her and I did what I needed to do to get mom in the vehicle and left.

NEVER AGAIN! How your store employees treated disabled and elderly shoppers and their families is a disgrace! Never had this problem at Sams club so it's time to switch back. Shame on you Costco!

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Julie Dutcher - 4 d ago


I bought a TV from Costco online for my mom. I received the TV, took it to my mom's and they charged my credit card. Last month they said I returned the TV and credited my account. I figured my mom returned the TV. Today I have an email "Upon reviewing your order, we have found that you have received a refund for this item(s); however, the item(s) has not been returned." All this is OK, and my mom did not return the TV.

But I'm very concerned that Costco is making credits and debits against my card whenever they fell the need. I'm worried and this complete access to my credit card is not acceptable. I work full time, my mom is 92 and I spend every Saturday with her. I also have two grandchildren I spend ever Sunday with. I have to admit I don't review my credit card statement monthly. So this turn of events is troubeling. And I found the most recient email offensive. You made the mistake and you owe me a big apology. I am trying to call to resolve the issue and I've been put on a 20 minute hold.

I've been a Costco member for a long time and I deserve better customer service than this.

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Mary w - 4 d ago


Stop calling me with a computer that tellsebi have been selected for a $ 500 gift card. Wky are you selling my contact information. You are about to lose a long term member.

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