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999 Lake Drive
Issaquah, WA
W. Craig Jelinek
Chairman, President and CEO
(425) 313-8100
(425) 313-8103
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dt - 4 d 15 h ago

any chance you will carry cadet duck jerky in the northwest area I can get it in NV and CA but not Oregon whay??

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Silvia - 6 d 12 h ago

We are looking to relocate to Pensacola Florida. I am very disappointed that there is no Costco in the area. The closes store is Mobile which is still about one hour away.Why is there no Costco in Pensacola and are there any plans in the future to build one there?

Thank you

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Streamliner - 7 d 11 h ago


Over the years, I have purchased MANY 1.75L bottles of Crown Royal Canadian Whisky. I am very disappointed in myself for waiting so long to say this, but for this product to STILL be packaged in a fancy, cloth pouch and a cardboard "gift" box, is just plain NUTS! The bottle by itself would be just fine for most anyone. In addition, the bottles by themselves are much easier to handle, whereas the box always feels like it is ready to fall apart. PLEASE Costco: Tell the Crown Royal Distilling Company that your customers DO NOT WANT and DO NOT NEED the idiotic fancy, cloth pouch and the crummy "gift" box. I will happily pay the exact same price for the product without these things, so somebody (hint-hint-Costco) will be making more money on the sale of the product. In addition, you will be saving our landfills from more TRASH! My idea is a win-win for EVERYONE!

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Sad Customer - 8 d 16 h ago


May 1st 2019,Wednesday evening I was parked by A1 parking. Carriages were placed into the carriage carrel in a J shape not a straight line. I back up, it was dark, my camera suddenly show carriages behind me. Again it was dark, the damage did not look much until I got home. I called the West Springfield Massachusetts store, spoke to the manager to go out and look how the carriages were placed. Someone did not want to walk the the carriages to the next carrel. My car is now devaluation and when I put a claim into Costco, a lady said it was my fault for not looking in the back. I am beside my self for employees not doing the right thing and a customer is to be at fault. Accountability is needed

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Anonymous - 9 d 12 h ago


I have been waiting for my check for my for my 2% for months.

I have now called four times. I was now just told and hung up on that I will not get a check from nov to feb bc I didn't renew. I was never told to renew or got my check from nov nor did I have any idea I had to renew in feb or I wouldn't get my money or did I even know I got a check bc they sent it to my drivers license instead of home address. Which I gave them.

I was told I was getting 50 something dollars back and I could use it to renew once I got my re sent check.

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Jeffrey - 9 d 18 h ago


I had a bad experience at a Costco and I felt trented I just wanted to talk to the owner I'm a family man not a bad person but how I was treated was not good my number is (hidden) thanks for your time have a good day

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G Timberlake - 32 d 14 h ago


Have been applying for the last two years or so, and no one ever gets back with me but yet the advertise for employment positions. What's up with that?

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Anonymous - 10 d 8 h ago

You have to be sleeping with a costco employee .Are you doing that? If not that's why you're not getting the job here in Yakima, Washington

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Anonymous - 11 d 18 h ago


No one seems to acknowledge my concerns with this retail chain. Very disappointed.

Mbr# (hidden)74

Dear Costco Executive Team,

I usually do not write reviews and or complain. But I have been noticing how customer service at your City of Industry, CA is poor that I would avoid coming back and even discontinue my membership and advise all my friends/family to take business elsewhere. The people who are employed with your company at this location does not seem to be very customer centric. From my multiple trips to this location since it's close to my house, 90%of the time they have failed in serving there most prized assets, and that is us customers. No one or a company would have a job if it wasn't for us folks shopping at Costco. A particularly bad experience was when I was checking out and the cashier guy named Ruben A Op#17 crushed my eggs, and had a very snarky attitude, with no apology for his mistake. No greeting and was not very happy with his job. I have to say if you are not happy with your job, feel free to quit as others are waiting to take your role. I would recommend the General Manager or Regional VP for this region take a good look at this store to improve the customer service experience and make staffing changes. We customer do not need to be treated disrespectfully and with rudeness. Kindness goes a long way in any work anyone does. Please take this concern to your team to improve on basic customer service skills...

Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S9.

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Hani Makkar - 20 d 16 h ago


I write this complaint because I have reasons to believe that I have been harassed and discriminated against from 2 employees at the Costco warehouse located at 13463 Washington blvd, Marina Del Ray, CA, 90292 because of my ethnicity as an Arab

Incident number 1 : At the cashier I requested to add 140 dollar to my Costco cash card to use it to pay for my merchandise , the cashier added it to my cash card but demanded that I go to the back of the line again in order to pay and she took the merchandise back against my will making fun of me in front of a large crowd of shoppers

Incident # 2 : An employee unrelated to my cashier volunteered to ask me if I am " even a costco member " in her own words , despite the fact that I am holding costco membership in my hand and despite the fact that I already finished the first transaction, making fun of me and humiliating me again in front a large number of people and extremely stressing my brother who has heart failure

I made the incident known to the store assistant manager Monica Langford

We have been a Costco member for the last 18 years and we don't deserve this treatment

Video Clips of the incident available upon request

Hani Makkar

T # (hidden)

Member (hidden)12

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Bob Stephan - 24 d 11 h ago


Incredibly poor customer service. We purchased a TV a year ago. TCL, Rocky TV. 7 days manufacturer warranty left. Had to contact the Philippines and language barrier plus 'no rush' attitude. Tried talking with local Costco in Baxter, MN where we purchased item and they said we had to go through their warranty...even though we had purchased extended warranty with you. TCL kept insisting we need refurbished model or repair and gave us numbers for repair person. He just came today and his refurbished TV did not work. Now 16 days without a TV and tensions are sky high at home. We've been loyal executive club members since the store opened. Why wasn't a replacement just offered? Have big questions about why you would choose to do business with this company. The Technician indicated this was a repetitive problem with this company. I thought Costco should be the one playing interference for their customers. One gentleman in the store tried to get authorization from management to just replace but hit a wall in store too. What good is the warranty we purchased? (hidden). Call ASAP!

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RMS - 24 d 15 h ago


Hello Mr. Jelinek: I am writing to ask your consideration of a new store here in Bedford, New Hampshire. I relocated from Connecticut 3 years ago and have been traveling to your wonderful store in Nashua. Last year the Sams store closed in nearby Manchester and B/J's moved into the building. Now our Walmart store here in Bedford is closing at month end. It is located on Colby Ct. right off Rt. 3. Our town is is growing rapidly since the Macy store was raised 3 years ago. A new shopping. plaza is in place and two stores are already open. Trader Joes and Friendly Toast. A movie theater and other stores are scheduled to open in the coming year. Bed Bath and Beyond just opened in the same plaza as the present Walmart. There is great potential for a Costco store in this area since we are off Rts. 293, 93, 101 ad 3. Please consider sending a scout to look at the property. There is no Costco store north of Bedford. Costco provides top quality shopping, appeal and service, but I have to travel a half hour to Nashua. We are a vibrant community of many young professional people with families, and the best school system. Costco would be a wonderful added attraction for this area. Our only grocery stores are Market Basket, Whole Foods, Hannaford, and a Harvest Market IGA store. In addition we have many fine dining restaurants. The La Belle Winery hosts fine dining, weddings and an outdoor garden and ceremony area. The expanding Bedford Village Inn also services all occasions including weddings, entertainment, functions, and logging and they are looking to add a hotel to the present building area. Thank you and hope you will consider this area for another wonderful Costco store. Mrs. Rosalie Staar

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Faith - 25 d ago



I left COSTCO as an employee because your pharmacy manager at 742 likes to counsel other employees for her short comings. Your store manager, Alan P. Backs her up by telling the employees:" This is just a verbal counseling, if you do not comply, I have no choice but to make it in writing."

Pharmacy manager forgets to sign hazmat, manifest= counseling for the staff pharmacists

Pharmacy manager, not signing CII invoices= it is because the staff pharmacist filed it away before the manager had a chance to file it= counseling.

No one wants to hear that it was always filed away then she went to the cabinet and signed it!

A few months later, she is complaining why are you leaving all documents on the desk for me to sign? File them away, I will go to the cabinet to sign it.

Last month she made a Costco member very upset by screaming at me in front of the customer, why did you promise him that his prescription will be ready in 20 minutes? I had already walked towards her to let her know that the Rx is in DV. The customer called the corporate and complained about her. On May 16, I was called to the office for a verbal counseling because I made the pharmacy manager look bad by trying to give customer service to a member.

Again Alan P. made the same threat that if I don't accept responsibility for making her look bad, it will turn in to a written counseling!!!!

I had to quit my job, that day. Circumstances at pharmacy 742 are unbearable.

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Regimey - 27 d 7 h ago

This is the worst day of my Life. The day I have to Let The Proprietor of a business Know that he has to take a real Good Look at his Staff. And Ask himself Do I Like African American People. I purchased a membership there and the Minute something went wrong with it They Cancelled my membership. Costco is Know different then a night in Peeksville illinois in the 40's. There definitely Not a picnic For African-American People. I know people of all races, I was adopted by a Caucasian Family. But there is know rye bread at Costco,That's all arian I was expecting to see Valkyrie to walk down the isle. (and sow my OATS)!

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Anonymous - 27 d 10 h ago

Hi I have applied for a job in your Ogden and Bountiful Utah stores . I called the ogden store earlier in May and they told me that they did summer hiring at the end of May because a transfer had came in and to call back at the end of the month. I waited two weeks and called back to talk to a manager and they took my number. I called back today and asked for a manager. I was told that they had no positions open and they only hire in October. Could you please clarify which is the correct answer since they all said they were hiring managers and work at the same store. What is the proper procedure to get hired at Costco? I'm confused. I have an application in online , but can't get a solid answer from a store manager. What do I need to do do reach the right contact ? Who does the actual hiring in your stores ? I am a. recently retired Flight Attendant who recently retired tired with 29 years of service. Mainly in customer service. I am in my early 50's. I feel that I could be an asset to your company.

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Anonymous - 31 d 13 h ago

An employee in your Hazlet office has been posting anti-Semitic remarks on facebook. Thought you might be interested.

Jeanine Galvan

Conversation Starter 2 hrs

Are the Orthodox Jews taking over Keyport like they did in Lakewood and Toms river? They bought and restored two houses on Cedar &1st now rentals. They are restoring an old house on Waverly as I type. What next folks? Beware the subtle take happened in Monroe NY and other small communities over the last 45 yrs. peace

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Clenched Buttocks - 31 d 11 h ago


@ Anonymoass,

Oy Vey, Oi veh, Oy vey.

Where is Stalin when you need him/her?

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Steve - 29 d 19 h ago

Your a fucking idiot!

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Anonymous - 29 d 13 h ago

Steve -

Do you know that should have been you're, not your. Proofreading is vital when calling someone an idiot, idiot. But great job on your spelling of the f word.

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Ray, front office manager, Van Nuys store - 29 d 13 h ago


Recently I went to the Costco Warehouse in Van Nuys, California to purchase toner for my computer. The salesperson told me that you did not stock the one I needed and suggested I have the old one refilled.

I ordered the refill and picked up the cartridges a few hours later. However, when I got home and opened the package I discovered that they were not the correct cartridges. I called the store and the salesgirl told me to bring them back and they would exchange them. I explained to her that I am 80 years old and another trip to Costco, dealing with the enormous parking lot and waiting on lines, was to stressfull for me. She then transferred me to a manager who offered to deliver the toner to my home and pick up the others in exchange. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed by this amazing customer service.

My son was visiting from Denver and he installed the toner for me, but a couple of days later, when I attempted to print something, I discovered that the cartridges were empty. I called Costco and spoke to the same manager. I explained that the cartridges were empty, but the problem was more complicated because I did not know how to remove and replace them. Once again, Ray offered to come to my house, pick up the cartridges, take them to the store for refill and come back to replace them.

I must say that in all my 80 years, I have never experienced such excellent customer service. Therefore, I felt it was my duty to tell you how your manager went over and above the call to duty to resolve my problem.

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Anonymous - 30 d 16 h ago

First time going to Costco and I was not allowed to enter the store if I did not get a membership, I wanted to see what costco had different from Sam's. I was treated very rude by an employee (She said this is not sams you can't go in if you don't get a memebership I told her I will just take my business to Sam's then, she said ok and I left and called the store manager, new location in Oklahoma city. I will not be going back with rude people like that, how can i become a member if never been to a costco unlease treat people nice.

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Steve - 29 d 19 h ago


How about you fix the problem of Canadian outlets, especially Sakatoon to stop displaying the wrong fucking price on its products. Fucking piss me off!

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david gear - 34 d 8 h ago


i have been with the costco for almost 8 years at 251 in calgary i love working for them just in the last two years my mom passed away and i have been very depressed and trying to just servive but its hard to when you have a manager thats miss useing her powers to get me write ups and change the time clock to sute her agenda iam not the best employee but i dont deserve the way i have been treated all the times i have been written up if she has done it the two times that i have proof of.and now my little girl and my grandkid need me to move back to toronto to help them out and i have been denied the trancfer because of all the write ups i was denied and will have to quit and thats not fair.

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Anonymous - 46 d 7 h ago


I have work at Costco for almost a year & the management and supervisors are beyond ridiculous. No one communicates well with employees about schedules or anything about the position. There are workers who giving their family members special treatment while everyone else struggles with their hours and pay, especially taking away Sundays from people who want to work on Sunday with no hesitation . It's ridiculous

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Anonymous - 35 d 16 h ago

Is this the one in dedham ma because it wouldn't surprise me.

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