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999 Lake Drive
Issaquah, WA
W. Craig Jelinek
Chairman, President and CEO
(425) 313-8100
(425) 313-8103
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Unhappy customer - 3 h 35 m ago


My name is Cindy Kendrick and I have a complaint, I bought a gazebo 2 and a half years ago, and it is still

under warranty but I called 2 times in two days and the only thing I was told is that it would cost me $125.00 in shipping charges and was promised a phone call back each time. No one has bothered to call me back, so I want you to know if and when the panels come, I am going to take them to the UPS office and see exactly how much

it would cost to send them back to you! this is the second time I have had to have new panels sent out, by your mistake.

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Vic and Katie, members for 40 years! - 2 d 23 h ago


Please remember, changes are tricky and often not wanted or

Needed...inquire from customers on prospective change!

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Sarah - 2 y 137 d ago


Chris in the sales dept at milford,ct tried to touch me and I was very scared and still don't know what to do. I think one of the manager said his last name is miller. I left my mother for about a min an he made a forward advance at me. He asked for my number and I refused to give it to him. He then proceeded to ask me more questions that I was uncomfortable with and was forced to run, I don't think this company does background checks. Sounds like a total pervert

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Jim Fitzgerald - 2 d 23 h ago


What number? How old are you?

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Paula Brown - 1 y 276 d ago

My name is Paula Brown, email (hidden) . I have a complain to submit. I have been a Costco member foe some years now and I have been buying the KOH Coconut 100% water in the 6 large box packages. Now they have stopped carrying it and I am really truly upset and disappointed. I see where you are carrying the Kirkland brand of Coconut Water and I purchased a case of the 11.1fld oz and honestly that is the worst coconut water I have ever drank. It actually taste like kerosene water. I am from the islands and never tasted anything as horrible as that. Please either bring back the KOH coconut water or something else in its stead. I bought that case and I wish I could return it for something else or get my money back. Thanks for acknowledging my complaint. Paula Brwn

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Helen - 2 d ago

Well, explain this one!

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Vic and Katie, seniors in Redding Ca. - 2 d ago


Your vender supplying Trail Mix has improved by using smaller

Biteable almonds, but improvement would be to ask vender to

Use a machine slicer for them, or to add more M and Ms to the

Mix since they really add class to the batch!

Thank you for caring for feedback from customers..

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Johnny Draco - 15 d 5 h ago


EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA.....Is manager Gary Rheing-ass a transvestite??

Stay tuned for more.


We are calling for a World wide BOYCOTT of Michelin corporation aka robber baron purveyors of defective tires and fraudulent warranty.

Annual sales: $701,000,000 (2015) (North America only)

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Crystal - 15 d 9 h ago

I am very concerned about the Costco on century Blvd in ingelwood CA I was just there Tuesday January 2.2017 . The the produce section needs Improvement the vegetable packages were very soggy and wet not acceptable for purchase and also the fruit and such as the apples especially the Pink Ladies they were all soggy inside as well. I also purchased a sushi pack for 1399 I had to drive 6 628 miles back to Costco to return it due to the fact that it had expired and it was very old tasting the rice was hard as a brick I appreciate your return policy but that Costco needs a lot of improvement as far as keeping items fresh because I shop at a number of Costco and I haven't had that problem with as much as I've had it at the Costco on Century just a heads up thank you so much.

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Sammy - 17 d 8 h ago


Love Costco, loved your American Express credit card, hate the new Citi visa credit card.

I can't get in touch with them, I can't download or up load to quicken, they keep,you waiting on the phone for 30 minutes and then tell you their system I down and call back and wait another 30 minutes for them to give you no information. They charged me a $43.37 for something that said interest charged to standard purchase. I don't know what this is and can't reach to ask. Needless to say I will never use this card and will get a different Visa card,to use at Costco

Your are so a great store but this card is not helping your image.


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Franchesca - 31 d 7 h ago


I have been buying Pacific brand Organic Vegetable broth for many years. I see the brand has now switched at it is terrible. Please bring the Pacific brand back to Green Oak Twp, (Brighton) MI store. Thank you so much!

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Anonymous - 33 d 5 h ago


md I love costco we shop at the store a lot. What i do not like is your Ameriprise Insurance they are close on saturday. The agent are hard to reach. They do help you or defend you when you get into accidents. They failed to collect money on my daugther accident. She was hit T bone and other insurance did not pay anything at all.

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Rich P - 38 d ago


I live in the Glendale AZ area and basically utilize one of two stores in my area. Thru gas buddy I always check the cost of gas. Today I had to use the gas station at the Glendale location. I have to use premium 91% octane in my car and I noticed that the cost of premium gas was .50 a gallon more than regular. Sure, higher octane gas has always cost more but never that much more. So I checked at the other local Costco and the price difference there was only .34 per gallon. I've complained to Costco before but only to get BS rhetoric about local competition. Costco should standardize their gas prices so consumers don't get screwed out of their hard earned money like all big business tries to do. Costco, you should be ashamed of the price differences in your close proximity locations.

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Bruce Fish - 52 d ago


I am an avid golfer and would like to know when and if you intend to restock the Kirkland brand golf balls soon.

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Annette Kenner - 59 d ago


To whom this may concern

I write this letter in complaint of service in the pizza department. This is the third consecutive time that I had gone through the line and ordered a pizza and it I had to wait at least 45 minutes or longer. Others has been called all around my number and when I inquired about my pizza I was told either they had to make it over again because they dropped it or it wasn't ready yet. On 11-21-16, not only did I wait for approximately 45 minutes or so the lady handling it has a serious attitude with all of the customers. There have been times I had to get my money back due to the wait. You will get through the lines in Costco faster than you get your pizza. A very not pleased costumer. Happening too many times.

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Arlene Resetar - 90 d 9 h ago


When is your corporation going to put a costco on the west side of El Paso Tx I just moved to New Mexico from Tucson Az and I have to travel all the way to east el paso to shop.I can't understand tucson is a lot smaller city and they have three in the tucson area. I hate going to Sam's which has four in El Paso I know your co would benefit if you put one on west would have people coming from Las Cruces and surrounding area that is close to El paso as well as a high income demographic to support it. I hope you consider my suggestion from your #1 fan.


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Linda - 137 d ago

Please bring back the Koh Coconut water to the stores.

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Katherine - 2 y 73 d ago

I recently received a renewal notice to join Costco and the notice stated that a Costco near me was located in Tallahasee, Florida. Well, I happen to live in Panama City Beach, Florida, and Tallahasee is 2-1/2 hours away. So when you build a wholesale store closer, I would be glad to rejoin. By the way, everyone I have talked to in this area would love to have a Costco. Panama City Beach is a growing community with over 10,000 tourists every year; spring breakers; Canadians in the winter months; as well as retiree residents. PCB has Pier Park North and South for shopping with many desirable shops and restaurants. A Pier Park West is also scheduled for construction in the near future. Please give us a look. Thank you.

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CH - 181 d 2 h ago

Agreed! I live in Destin and have actually traveled the 2 hour trip to Tallahassee's Costco. Not an ideal adventure. Would love to see one in Pier Park!

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murl - 192 d 27 s ago



I tried to get past statements this year that formerly with American Express. Got the message would take 48 to 72 hours.

I tried call and talk to a person on Saturday 7/9/2016. I was put on hold and listened to the stupid repeated message " I'm sorry to keep you waiting blah, blah, blah, blah for 26 minutes and finally gave up.

Tonight 7/11/2016 I tried calling again. GOT THE SAME STUPID MESSAGE. I HUNG UP AFTER 24 MINUTES.

YOU MADE A HORRIBLE MISTAKE WHEN YOU CHANGED CREDIT CARD COMPANYS.. I have a different feeling about Costco now. Horrible customer service.

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Citibank zero service - 183 d 20 h ago

I have the same response. Cannot log on to Citi. The agent could not help me and put in "tech support". I waited 38 min and finally hung up. I tried again and waited another 30 minutes. I have only received ONE letter from Citi giving me a PIN number. Nothing giving me my balance etc. I think I have missed my due date and I am NOT happy. AMEX service was unbelievable.... this is a pile of crap.... I am calling corporate Costco tomorrow......

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tony - 1 y 243 d ago


don't buy the smoked atlantic salmon. it isn't smoked,it's shellaced. the crust is like wood. maybe Costco buyers should taste their products before they try to foist them on their members. if you want to taste real smoked salmon try seabear. maybe Costco will carry it.

General profile image - 2 y ago


Graig PLEASE come back to AUBURN,CA

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Former Customer - 2 y 196 d ago

Pulling D'Souza's book IS censorship.

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Career site a mess - 2 y 275 d ago


I am looking for a warehouse job and start working asap however trying to apply for a warehouse/management position to support my family and the online application is a joke the site is more concerned about selling car insurance or some company offering education. I did not sign on to for that I want to see a list of jobs and be able to apply the 3rd party vendor you managing your career site is doing you no justice. Your are missing out on having excellent workers. Please review your online career site. I will try to apply again, wish me luck

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jrios68 - 4 y 152 d ago

@CostcoTweets @Palermos_Pizza Tell #MPD one of their convicts for drug possession and domestic violence @OdysseasKing is a #wiunion goon

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BetterHalfMommy - 4 y 152 d ago

Attention people! The cilantro jalapeno hummus from @CostcoTweets is pretty freaking bomb.

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aaR4 - 4 y 152 d ago

@costcotweets No Wifi in your stores?? Major #Fail. Waiting on Tire Change. Wasting time on work w/out Wifi. @samsclub have #WiFI :(

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VeryGoodPoints - 4 y 152 d ago

@johnmoorenow @CostcoTweets @HyattPR will have to look into the Costco discounts!

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johnmoorenow - 4 y 152 d ago

@VeryGoodPoints @CostcoTweets and @AAA_Travel have discounts with @HyattPR - Congrats on Platinum via @milepoint Premium!

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TheRecipeClub - 4 y 152 d ago

I know @MelissadArabian is excited for her @CostcoTweets #booksigning in Issaquah, WA tomorrow at 11am -- she used to live in the area!

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fragile118 - 4 y 152 d ago

Im craving @CostcoTweets poutine #food #montreal #Quebec

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Rochelletrack03 - 4 y 152 d ago

@CostcoTweets Do any of your laptops come with built-in virus protection programs?

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DaynaKalakau - 4 y 153 d ago

Does anyone know what the eligibility req's are to become a Costco member? Their Web site is very vague. cc: @CostcoTweets

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