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999 Lake Drive
Issaquah, WA
W. Craig Jelinek
Chairman, President and CEO
(425) 313-8100
(425) 313-8103
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Anonymous - 1 h 44 m ago

My family shops at COSTCO, Brick, NJ and today I met Jason S. in Member Services. We have been customers at Costco for a very long time and recently signed up for the Citi Visa. I was asking Jason S.about the benefits of the Citi Visa and he was very helpful, which is the norm for employees at Costco. Helpful, caring and professional is how I would describe Jason S. My son has Down Syndrome and he was in the cart shopping with me. He uses sign language to communicate and Jason started to sign with our son. It was the sweetest thing. We love Costco and especially because of its people!!!! Thank you.

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J Eddy - 2 d 5 h ago


We shop at COSTCO. it fulfills some needs well. However, your Vodka, while an excellent deal, should be packaged in shorter, fatter, bottles. Most shoppers do not own a bar. The bottle needs to fit in a cabinet. Your sales should increase with a better designed bottle.

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John - 6 h 3 m ago


Hi J Eddy, I'm just a customer like you, but I agree with you but Costco is not the one that can correct that issue, it's the liquor companies that make the vodka that makes those decisions. Chives regal is a smaller bottle in height , and a few other Liquors come in smaller bottles. I think you would have to call the liquor companies directly, like Empire or Southern wines and Liquors . I use to own restaurant and that's who I dealt with.good luck, have a great day

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Percy - 1 d ago



Your Pharmacy in Nanaimo, BC. Canada Sucks.It is probably of the smaller stores within your group but the Pharmacy

staff need an electric charge or a total is why.

You join a queue to hand in a prescription where already there are 4 customers ahead of you waiting to hand in their prescriptions.

On careful notice, you see no one of Costco pharmacy staff to receive all of our prescriptions.Customers are getting

disgruntled and 24 mins later and lady arrives I am now being served 35 mins later. I am given a yellow ticket with a

time on it for a 2-hour wait. I join the cue once again for another 25 mins wait whilst 6 customers are ahead of me to

collect my prescription.

I do not call this service and the rudeness of the cashier who stated if you don't like our service go elsewhere.

Yes I intend to move on to Amazon and I hope they start filling prescriptions

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T. Patton - 1 d 6 h ago

Stop with all your "organic" B.S.

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Bobbyv - 2 d 13 h ago


I am an enthusiastic Cosco member. I just learned that Citi Bank continues to invest BILLIONS of dollars into the fossil fuel industry. This is contrary to Cosco buisness philosophy, is against the interests of most of your members, and is BAD for America. Please consider using pressure to get Citi to redirect these investments to sustainable energy sources such as wind or solar. or if necessary, change banks. Please respond with something of substance

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An occasional customer and EBT recipient. - 3 d ago


I would like Mr. Jelinek to incorporate the EBT system at all of the Costco retail centers.

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Christie Wells - 3 d 7 h ago

I love Costco. I am disappointed in the Spa Finder gift cards. I went to use mine and I was told that it was already used. When I contacted Spa finder they told me it had been used in New York City. I live in Chicago and I have not been to New York City. I have the card so I am not sure whats going on. Long story short they told me that there is nothing that they can do, which to me is unbelievably bad customer service!!! I think this is something that is very serious and needs to be looked into.

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THE LONE RANGER - 3 d 7 h ago








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Absolutely no customer service lip service only - 4 d 4 h ago


After going to the website to try to find out if something was in stock and finding that the website for Costco is useless totally useless I was then directed to Sam's Club in San Diego in in in and told that Sam's Club Santee doesn't exist which technically it doesn't I guess so long story short two and a half hours later just trying to call and find out if they had a product that they said that they were on sale and talking to corporate for Sam's Club and two different other people that were as rude as could be I come to the Santee store and the manager here is as useless as all of them only wants to do is just you know justify the fact that the website is useless justify the fact that you know neither places to save and oh by the way even if the Sip the website was useful he says that there is nothing you can check on the website so what the fuck do you have a website for the website doesn't give you any information he said but of course after two and a half hours now I'm here and of course you don't have what I wanted so what good are you you going on you haven't eyes you have a deal but yeah you don't have the deal and there's no way to know that lets you drive down here and find out from the root fucking manager so basically I'm cutting my card up have been with you guys for 30 years I think forever but you know customer service is fucking pathetic everybody wants to be fucking rude and fucking customer service like I say is just non-existent you know and then why would you even send an ad out if they're not going to be any good and what's the website for nothing just to piss people off you guys really are that fucking arrogant The Audacity Of you fuckers to think everybody's times as useless it goes to jail because your fucking place is useless you're fucking useless good luck my new campaign now is to make sure that I make sure everybody understands that Sam's Club Zoe place to go fuck Costco and even if that you're fucking bait-and-switch that's all you do bait and switch you don't have anything you fucking say yeah and if you want to know I'm all the way down to the fucking job and their sites you're a failure

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marsky555 - 5 d 4 h ago


To whom it may concern:

Re: Optical Department 517 E117th Street NY, NY

I want to compliment Costco for the assistance given to me by Tomasz, the manager of your Manhattan optical department. His knowledge as it related to my difficult vision issues, and his willingness to be helpful, raised my good feelings about Costco to great feelings about Costco.

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Dirk Howard - 5 d 7 h ago


Costco Hearing Aid Department is a ripoff. They want me to sign a statement that the FDA has determined that it is in my best interest would be served if I had a medical evaluation..

The FDA has no knowledge of me, mt state of heath, or any contact with me to determine if I need an evaluation by a licensed doctor.

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Debra Denise Pace - 5 d 9 h ago


dear Jelinek (CEO) you don't have NO concerns about the Costco in Kansas City,Mo on Linwood. some of the staff is very ruded and disrespectful to the members. the general manager; Peter it seem like he doesn't care about the situation at the Costco on Linwood in Kansas City,Mo. I pray and hope you will have someone to investigative the situation with the rude Lawyer told me that I have an excellent case against your company for the mistreatment I had endure with your store general manager :Peter and the assistant general manager: Ryan they are still mistreating me at the Costco store on Linwood in Kansas City,Mo. But I have taken them to prayer room an God will prick their hearts for the bad mistreatment I have endure from two managers.

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Fran - 6 d 10 h ago


I agree with some of these comments that these customers are expressing. I had went to Costco in Hazlet, NJ yesterday where I do my shopping. I had two items that I was purchasing and the cashier told me after she punched my Costco card in the register that my membership had lapsed. So she proceeded to ask me if I wanted her to add it on to my bill. I politely told her I didn't have the $60.00 and then she called the manager over and he told me the same thing. Again, I politely told the manager I didn't have the $60.00 and then another employee came over and told me the same thing. I want to know why it took 3 people to tell me that they couldn't do anything until I paid the $60.00. I was so upset and didn't like how I was treated as a customer. I have been dealing with this store for 11 years and you are telling me they couldn't let me go through with 2 items. Costco is making hand over fist with money but how about some of these employees learning to take a Customer Service Course how to treat the customer that pays their salaries. At that time the store is packed because it was a Saturday and then you get the nasty attitude of people that are behind you getting upset. No customer should be made to feel like that especially when if the customer didn't come into their store they wouldn't have jobs. These employees need to learn respect towards the customer and try to accomodate them to best of their ability.

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Johnny/ Shirley - 7 d 8 h ago



We go to the Hawthorn CA store. And recently we bought a hearing aid for Johnny. AND LET ME TELL YOU... SUSIE the Licensed hearing aid dispenser is AMAZING! We love her. The sad part is she's ALWAYS ALONE! I know she's AMAZING but come on,she's competing with Wonder Women. She does manage the customers VERY POLITELY and with great care, BUT COME ON ... she needs help. She is so dedicated one day we went w/o an appt. and it was somewhat urgent, but AGAIN, she was ALL ALONE, rude people were getting obnoxious with her (but she handled Very professionally), well we left... We said: Susie we'll call and make an appointment. We felt so bad for her. She did offer for us to wait awhile, but we said it's OK.

Well... like 2 hrs later SHE CALLED US, and said her appointment NO SHOWED! SO...we rushed over. As swamped as she was , any other person would of enjoyed a well deserved break ( during the empty appt. slot) BUT BLESS HER HEART. She called us.

PLEASE ... Get her a qualified assistant & PROMOTE HER, she TRULY DESERVES IT! We LOVE U SUSIE!

Johnny Rubio & Shirley

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Mrs. Morgan Evitts - 7 d 9 h ago


My mother recently went to your Gig Harbor store. My father dropped her off at the front doir to shop. Mom realuzed she didnt have her card so she had to wait for dad. Dad is suffering from dementia. He never came back to pick her up. My mother told me she waited 2 hours, worrying the entire time. But the woman at the front door named "Townie" was very kind to her. She kept checking on my mother to make sure was okay. Your employess let my mother use the phone to try to reach my father, to no avail. I just wanted you to know how compassionate and kind that woman was to my mother. Kudos Townie and the rest of your team. My father did finally remember where he'd left her right as you closed thankfully

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Anonymous - 7 d 14 h ago


Andrea Hovey

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DONNY TRUMP - 8 d 7 h ago


Please build a store in Lake Havasu City AZ.

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Tim - 8 d 13 h ago


Service stinks! Just want information on a Brunswick pool table. No one responds when messages are left for Brunswick. (These are numbers and extensions provided by Costco)

When you call Costco Customer Service long holds and if you choose call back it will call back and then hang up on you. Guess Costco is not interested in selling High Dollar Items!

General profile image - 12 d 9 h ago

I've been scammed by a co who was representing Costco , the name is Bella at Home based out of Henderson Nev. I was very lucky to discover it was a scam sent the product back alerted my bank to stop my credit card and they found one of the charges and denied it, this am I found another offer on my e mail saying they were Costco offering a 100.00 gift card.

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Syed Ahmed - 12 d 10 h ago


I have 20 Acre Industrial Vacant land on Morro Road in Apple Valley California

Close to I-15 Freeway Easy In-Out available for the long term lease call me (949) 910-4953


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John Coff - 12 d 14 h ago


I purchased 2 tires at the Costco in Naples Florida. It was such a horrible experience that I will forgo the $70 I saved over the 2 I bought last year locally In Marco Island and buy locally again when I need tires.

When I went in to order the tires there were 3 people ahead of me, it took about 15 minutes for the single clerk to process the orders of each person, including going out to check the tires on the car, going to the back and picking the tires for the mechanics coming back and processing the payment.

We were standing in line all this time.

When it was my turn I ordered my tires and was told they had to be ordered it would be a few days, I would receive a call when they were in. I was given a card with the number to call with any questions. When I called the phone rang 13 times then I got a recording I had reach a non working number.

I went to the store the day after the call to have the tires installed. I was 5th on line there were 2 clerks handling the orders with about the same 15 minute time schedule. I chose not to wait the 3 hours for the tires to be installed and made an appointment for the next day at 6PM.

Luckily that day It only took 1/2 hour to reach the one clerk, it was now 6PM my scheduled time.

We walked the store for an hour or so then sat and waited for the call the car was ready. At 7:45 I walked back outside the car bays and my car was still on the lift, the tires were off and no one was working on the car. I went inside to talk to the clerk, eventually talking to Patrick McGowan the Assistant General manager. He checked and explained to me they were short handed, he was not notified someone had been called away and it would be about another 45 minutes to finish my car.

Later I was told the clerk, the only other person working in the shop with one other installer, was working on my car when he had to stop and wait on 3 members ordering tires. I finally got my car about 8:25.

Your system in the tire shop needs help, the wait time is too long for ordering, standing in line is a poor way to treat customers you keep waiting for any length of time. After ordering tires there should be a quick way for someone to drop off a car when an appointment has been made not wait on the line for such a long time.

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Hope - 15 d 10 h ago


Mr Jelinek,

I love Costco! I love that you have for years stood behind the theory that quality products can be provided at affordable prices. However, I can see your store running into some serious reputation problems, if your managers do not sincerely step up and address the problems of poor customer service.

Why do the Costco staff, who are dispensing free samples, display such resentment towards customers for taking the free samples? This is common to a number of Costco stores, but store #623 seems to be particularly egregious. A number of employees seem to begrudge customer sampling: This is evidenced, not only by their grumpy demeanor, but by their stalling tactics in putting the samples under the safety guards. Sometimes, when customers make jokes about such unwilling behaviors, it is quite amusing, but mostly it is annoying. (Lynn, at #623, is especially discourteous in providing this service, but she is certainly not the only offending employee).

There are products in your stores that I have only purchased because of sampling. Perhaps corporate needs to look into this unpleasantness, because not only do these employees forget that the samples are not their personal property, but it may behoove them to remember we do not go into these stores to be insulted by peevish employees for doing exactly what Costco has invited us to do.

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Anonymous - 14 d 28 m ago

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the people who do samples aren't Costco employees! They work for a company called CDS which works with Costco, but not for.

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Zack - 15 d 10 h ago


Dear CEO,

I'm sure you trying to do the best you can. However cotsco services has been terrible and customer sercivce is declining and getting worse. What happen with customer first. Your online customer service is very poor and needs definit improvment. Long wait with no results. I'm sure you have your challenges staying in business as other Giant retaliers offering delivery service for food and etc. However you core bass is customer satisfaction,. From all these reviews it sounds like you need to get that togather. Customer service at both levels stores and online is nasty and quite frankly shity. Your managers run around with no help to offer. Return desk staff act like zombies and have to regards to customers. Don't get me started on your fake organic food line. What is happining to Cotsco. I been customer for over 17 years and never seen this before. Is it the heat or what ? I hope you take a good look at your staff and managment and fix this miss. It doesn't matter which Cotsco I'm refering to. If one is horribile that means all is as well.

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