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Cox Cable Phoenix

1550 W EER Valley Rd
Phoenix, AZ
James Robbins
(623) 594-0505
Annual Sales Est
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kim maynard-dennis - 13 d ago


i have been trying to pay my bill. i got a text yesterday. but even their corporate phone hangs up on me...won't let me sign in i am sure they are going to try and charge me some kind of fee, but this company is a joke...i have nothing but trouble since they hooked me up and that was in April...i honestly don't know how they stay in business. oh, and my whole system was compromised by them. i was locked out of Facebook and had to change security codes i had since 2009 for Microsoft.......

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Anonymous - 112 d ago


I am asking nicely and would like an answer from someone with authority. I spent much of my time on the phone with technical and other people in other departments that either can't help me or don't know how to. I have been hung up on twice either because they didn't care or my Wifi went out,but either way no one called me back. All I am asking is please read my file that you record when I call and call me back with an answer to my problem with Cox. My name is Nathan Nankin @ (hidden) or (hidden) preferred or (hidden). I pay on time for a service I am not getting. Word of mouth is important in today's world. In my days customer service was everything. Please get back to me.


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debbie S - 153 d ago


On the phone for a couple hours - oh make it 3 hrs .. I found out they are having a Southwestern email outage! But they couldn't tell me that. Just keep transferring me all around, and telling me to call this 1800 number if you have prob. only to get back to the same place. All games.

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MARK ULRICH - 175 d 17 h ago


Spent the whole day waiting for a service tech, I had an appt for between 10 and noon, nobody ever showed up after at least 6 calls to Customer service. They all assured me the tech would be ther within a half hour, that never happened. my last call talking to a supervisor said that because the tech had received 2 HIGH PRIORITY text he would have to respond within 15 mins. Never happened. By now the call center is closed and I am without a tech.My theory is that a tech was never assigned to my job and they kept stringing me along hoping I would ask to reschedule.

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Willis - 1 y 113 d ago


SOooo I am the chat line with Sand S. This rep has kept me on the line for over 45 minutes plus with no resolution and tried to pass me off to the business department. When I told her I am a resident and have email only issues for the last 6 months. I report them over and over, asked for credits and cox has never responded. I now see why if all employees are like this....I want to know how many times I log on to my internet and never get connected. It has now become daily. Because I have do my paperwork through email for my job. It is imperative that I have it everyday. So I paid for the highest speed and I still can not log onto my email on the 1st try. I have kept my receipts where I have leave my home and go to fedex office to use their email to finish my reports for my job. 6 months later and no resolution, no credits, no refunds, no longing on to my email from home. I have lost trust now and will go to the media and BBB

cause I know this is happening to others. I will stand for those who won't. Cox you have got to do better!

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DS - 1 y 95 d ago

I am happy to join you in your complaint. You are absolutely correct that you are not alone with your frustrations with Cox, you can just read this page & it is riddled with complaints. You are also right they just don't care.There is no such thing as CS anymore. We should start a class action suite against them. There is no shortage of people.

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Annie Laure - 1 y ago


I would like to be included in your complaint. is there a way?

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Joe - 191 d ago


Field techs are not like "this"

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


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Joe - 191 d ago


Cox field techs are very trained

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Moving On - 221 d 18 h ago



I agree with all of the complaints an very disappointed loyal COX Customer who have been taken advantaged of an lied too. Cox Cable Problems appear to be at the Corporate Level of Management. ---Very Sad way to run what was once a very good Company.

I also have been a loyal customer for over 25 years , AN NOW LOOKING AT OTHER SERVICE PROVIDER. Price increases an getting the run around are not worth the service.

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Riley O'Connor - 263 d 18 h ago

I am a snowbird from Canada. I have been a Cox customer for over 10 years. Unlike a new customer, I must call the loyalty department each year and beg for promotions to get a realistic price. In March, our bill (acct # 001 8(hidden)03) was $205.15. Now that we are back in AZ, our November bill was quoted at $332.70 - a 62% increase. When we called loyalty we were offered $45 off, getting us just below $300. We were also told that nothing else could be done for us and that we might have to change to a different carrier like Direct TV if you don't like our price. Obviously they don't care one bit about their long-term customers. I realize that some people in AZ don't like us Canadians coming down for the winter but we do lots for your economy, just walk into Fry's in November and May to notice how much.

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Koda - 1 y ago


I have a huge complaint that my bill went from $54.99 to $82.99 from last month to this month. No warning, no nothing. I am on paperless bills and happened to look at the email as soon as I got the bill. Glad I did! A $28 increase is ridiculous. When I called and asked about it, they explained after having the $54.99 promotion for almost a year they could not offer that price any longer, but would be willing to see what they could do. I explained I wanted to cancel the account. The associate placed me on hold and came back with the offer of $59.99. If they can give these offers, why not continue the $54.99 in the first place or offer the $59.99 instead of jumping it all the way to $82.99? I asked why I was not told my bill would be increasing and was explained it is not policy. This could be extremely stressful for families who live paycheck to paycheck or who could not afford to pay this kind of difference and hadn't noticed the increase in time. For me, it caused me to cancel my service with Cox and you to lose a customer. My payments were always on time. Why punish and increase the bills of those loyal customers? I would think you would want to reward them instead. Now that we know how the business works, I cannot say we will be ever returning and will be highly recommending those we know with Cox to consider switching companies. Instead of focusing on the increasing of payments and screwing over loyal customers, you should focus on making the services we are already paying for better and with less outages.

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Pissed off - 1 y ago


Every month the sales representative makes an excuse about the 48 extra dollars tacked on my bill. Last month they said it would be Credited to this months bill making this payment Cheaper. But I look at my bill and no credit. Not only that I didn't even get the Countour tier I was promised and the rep on the phone can never send me a email on the promises they make. No integrity whatsoever

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D.H. - 1 y 90 d ago


We have been without a good picture for over two weeks. A tec came and checked everything in my home and gave us an update box. When he left it continued having the same problem of broken up pictures and voices, tiles, lines, etc. We called again, reset the cable box, which each call is at least 30 minutes of our time, and told they would send some one to check the lines outside and further. The last time we had this problem it was found 3 MILES from my home! We have now called a total of 9 times now for this problem and still nothing is fixed! All they want to do is reset the cable box, that obviously is not the problem or i wouldn't have to keep calling ! This is the poorest service, and what makes matters worse is they don't even try to fix it! We are told someone will call to let us know they are working on it or leave a note on our door! Neither has happened! Such lies! What a joke! Time to move to a different provider!

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EJ - 1 y 124 d ago


Cox Cable MINI BOX is much too limited. I am a confined senior who purchased a television with sleep timer option which cost extra SPECIFICALLY which would allow me to set a timer for TV viewing before falling asleep.

Your MINI BOX ELIMINATED the sleep timer option on my TV so now I am playing the television all night long which is disruptive and wakes me up all night long. As an elderly senior watching TV is pretty much my only entertainment. Please -- PLEASE change your mini box function to include a sleep timer as well.

I am spending between $139 and $156 monthly (this changes constantly as well), you can imagine this expense is a HUGE amount coming out of my Social Security check. I am trying so hard to stay with you but your company has done nothing but try to discourage me from staying. I am rating you only FAIR. This would have been horrific to my company as well as myself when I was Corporate Director of Customer Services. Is it HORRIFIC TO COX?


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BW - 1 y 107 d ago


No they don't.

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BW - 1 y 107 d ago


If only Cox employees could all be trained correctly.

I was on the chat line with Crystal M a couple of days ago. Delightful person.

I asked if Cox offered any Senior Discounts, she replied "I am glad to inform you that in fact we do give senior discounts. We will be able to assist you gladly at your nearest Cox local stores. You just have to go with your ID.

I thanked her and ended the conversation but printed out the conversation.

Yesterday, I went to my local store and asked the same question. The person who was assigned to me had no personality, and just said No. OK I produced the print out of the conversation and her attitude, I don't know anything about it and we don't offer senior discounts. I was also told that I already had a good rate, to which I replied,"I don't think $180/month for basic services is a good rate." I just wish there was another smaller company for t.v. internet and phone and appreciate customers. We really don't have a choice because the other company is just as bad!

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I hate being lied to and at my expence!!! - 1 y 124 d ago

Spent HOURS on phone and went to location. Told new install Bill 122.73. Then called because chanels missing and told Bill would be 240.00 + Lied to each call except last when I said pick up your stuff. By the way...I'm a loyalty customer.

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No name - 1 y 146 d ago


I called last weekend in regards of my account that I wasn't able to watch free movies on demand and spoke to 3 different customer service reps, all 3 reps said I shouldn't have a problem watching free movies and they reset my box 3 times. It didn't work so they put in a ticket to get this worked on and get this resolved within the next 72 hours. I checked on it today a week later and still not working. So I called customer service spoke to manager Noel the only manager on duty and she said that the reps I spoke to gave me wrongful information which I'm very upset cause its not the first time Cox reps give wrongful information and according to her she couldn't do anything about my situation and she was very sorry that was said on their behalf. This is bull theirs something that has to give, these employees have no knowledge of their service and always give wrong info I mean really!!!! Why do we customers have to suffer when this happens. You guys need to do something about it. I had another incident before that and also was informed wrong again and they couldn't do anything about but just say sorry!!!! This is very frustrating as a customer to go through.

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Anonymous - 1 y 185 d ago

You sent me an email 1/16/2018 saying i have to update my security settings which I will not do and you threaten to close down my email service the 25th if i do not do it. YOU CAN BE SURE OF THIS, IF YOU SCREW WITH MY ACCOUNT AL ALL I WILL CANCEL OUR BUNDLE SERVICE with Cox and go with another carrier ON EVERYTHING .

John Mc Ginn

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Jack C - 1 y 186 d ago


I have been having problems with my email service for at least the past 6 months. Several months ago when the agent could not fix my problem which I thought might have been my Chrome browser, he had me try Explorer 10 and Edge, also to no avail. Cox took away Enhanced which I liked and that left me with Classic, which is terrible. He told me to be patient because it's not the browsers, it's Cox. I was told a new email system was in the works and I should have it by the years end, 2017.

Yesterday I asked why I still didn't have the new system in a chat situation and a pop up was sent to me to click on for the new system. I did that and took the tour. It was filled with emails from December 2017 and I cleared them out and thought I was good to go. Next morning I go to and click on the email icon and I'm back to Classic, but the enhanced button has returned. It was gone for at least a couple of months. So maybe that's how I get the new system. Click on Enhanced and the same old mistaken info states that I can't access the Enhanced system because I don't have Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher. Bunk. Is Flash Player 28 high enough?

So I get on the phone for help and the agent has me trying Chrome, Edge and Explorer 10. Same old problem. I have the Cox Protection Plan for $6.99 a month, yet the agent told me that it doesn't cover my email problem because it's the browsers. Wants another $3 per month to be connected to someone else. Two months ago as previously mentioned, I was told it was a Cox problem. That's why a new system was being created. Internet service already costs $67.99, plus an increase is right around the corner.

In fairness to the agents. They are always polite and try to help, but they are also limited to Cox's parameters and that's the problem.

Time to check out alternatives. I left them before and I can do it again.

By the way, I found a way to access the new Enhanced system, so I bookmarked it, but it's not receiving my emails. Though there is a couple of last December's emails in my trash. How did that happen?

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Dirk - 1 y 215 d ago


It looks like COX will pay McAfee to provide Security for customers with internet access but don't care that the service is not being provided. McAfee has serious problems with their software not working and even worst customer support. I have called Cox Customer Support have also got an I DIN'T GIVE A SHIT ATTITUDE! Since the people that received this message have done nothing I am going to send a copy to Cox Communications Executive Office. Maybe they can motivate the people that are being paid to support customers. From: Dirk Sent: Friday, December 15, 2017 1:23 PM To: (hidden) Subject: Support is not! Below is the email I sent to McAfee. You need to be aware that the security package you provide your internet customers by McAfee has little or no support. The support people do not have a clue how to solve a problem and refuse to escalate problems to qualified technicians. They strictly work from scripted menus on their workstations. I had to force the issue I was having and the technician that was helping me was cut off. For that reason I have removed McAfee from my computers and have installed anti virus software from another company. I was not sure the McAfee Security Suite was working properly and it had corrupt files causing issues. It appears the McAfee support people don't really care! Call center people only care about how many calls they complete and how long they took. That is how their performance is reacted. Even if you have reinstalled programs before and it did not fix the problem, they close the record so they get credit for a complete call. I had a subscription to McAfee from Cox Communications. I have had problems for over a year and had contacted support numerous times. I still had the problem today but I fixed it! I got messages that my my updates were out of date. I would check using the desktop link and it said I was up to date. Support told me to uninstall McAfee and Reinstall it. Then I started getting 2 updates every dsay. I still got the messages that my my updates were out of date. I would check using the desktop link and it said I was up to date. Support told me to uninstall McAfee, run the MCRU program, then reinstall McAfee. Then I started getting 3 updates every dsay. I still got the messages that my my updates were out of date. I called support and asked for a supervisor. I was told there was no supervisor. I told the support person that she was lying to me and I wanted a supervisor. Then someone that claimed to be s supervisor said that the problem could not be escalated and that the support people would take care of it. I searched the internet and found a number of email addresses. I sent an email explaining the problem. I was put in contact with a technician. He logged into my system and manually deleted the folder, files, and registry entries left behind by the uninstall and cleanup programs. I was given an email address to contact the technician if the problem came back. It came back and I tried to send an email. It was returned. I called support and was told that they could not contact the technician for me. They wanted to go through the same routine of uninstalling and installing McAfee again. Today I got the same messages again that the updates were out of date and got the update message 3 times. I did a chat with someone (I saved the chat log) and this person could not read and comprehend at a 3rd grade level. I had to repeat several times the same information and he would not understand. He could have looked at the log and see what I said! I told this person that I would be contacting McAfee support and McAfee Executive Office. I am putting together a letter that will be faxed to the Executive Office. This is to let McAfee that I will be posting my information on social media like Facebook, online blogs, and letters ot editors of computer publications. I want as many people as possible to know how McAfee support DOES NOT WORK! I asm also going to fax the same information to Cox Communications because they supply McAfee to all of their Internet customers.

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digruntled customer - 1 y 224 d ago


Today I tried to understand exactly what type of television signal is generated by a Contour2 system.

This is a pretty simple request, and after being bounced around four different places, no one was able to tell me the details of what Cox is delivering to me. Is the signal 720P, 1080P, 1080i, or "4K". If Cox can't deliver 4K, why spend the money for a 4K TV?

The same is true for the quality of the Audio output from the Contour2 box. No one I talked to was able to tell me what the audio output was. Is it mono. Dolby, DTS, THX, Stereo, or what?

I asked for a pointer to a web page that would tell me, because I know that most Cox people are not well trained on the product they sell. No info was provided. Only an 800 phone number which turned out to be a fax line.

If I call Direct TV, they can tell me. Why won't Cox?

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budela - 2 y ago


I canceled my Cox account in Tucson last July with an end date in late August as established by their own agent. My surprise that a bill collector was asking for additional payment that was never billed to me by Cox one year later. That's how they do business folks. I am writing a letter to the state and federal consumer complaint divisions but they will probably take no action because of big $'s.

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sad customer - 1 y 291 d ago


Wow so this is how cox do their customers? I was thinking of doing the same to cancel my cox account being that i have not been with them that long. Meanwhile I had gotten five different price to pay before my due date and this is crazy! I'm please at all with the service that cox is giving out.

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furious customer - 1 y 227 d ago


It is crazy, my NEW yearly contract began in Oct but the rate had already gone up before the first bill arrived, less than two weeks after setting it up. I've been trying to get it rectified ever since An agent on the com line agreed that I was misled. That's fraud. No wonder why Cox has such dismal rating. I'm not letting go of this. I think that the Consumer Fraud devisions at both the state and federal levels must have numerous complaints and can't easily dismiss them. Complaints to your Congressional representatives, Senate and House might help. They're usually happy to help constituents.Contact with local TV is an option, too.I Letters to the Board members of CoxEnterprises should raise lots of questions about the company they're connected to.

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