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Cox Cable Phoenix

1550 W EER Valley Rd
Phoenix, AZ
James Robbins
(623) 594-0505
Annual Sales Est
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Junie - 32 d 13 h ago


Pulling the plug on Cox my bill just went up 100.00 for cable, land line and internet shopping for other options next week if they are so confident because of government contract that they ignore their customers I suggest everyone call your Congress rep and Senator and complain about the service and price gauging

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Anonymous - 56 d 15 h ago


The services is totally crappy the internet constantly times out. We use Hulu and Netflix for television services and the internet but the service constantly times out and doesn't download most of the time. Also since they converted to Digital we are now receiving bills for services, a few days ago they cut off the internet and cable TV for non payment of the bill. When the conversion happened I had to call for boxes in which I was told the apartment would be responsible for the billings of the monthly box fees, then I started getting bills in which I ignored because cable and internet was suppose to be included in the rent then our service was disconnected a few nights ago in which I had to call and pay them over $35 to get the service back on. Ive tried to call them about the internet service constantly drops which also is dropping my home phone because it to runs off internet but they refuse to discuss the internet problems because the services belongs to Retreat.

I just finally am so tired of the poor services so I decided I would buy my own via Centurylink and was just informed they can connect services for me but it would only be at 3mbs because Cox is the main service for the building. Please advise what can be done, I'm totally dissatisfied with Cox and having to now pay for services that are totally unacceptable. The cable and internet is included in our rent with Retreat Apartments. These days internet is a necessary just like being able to dial 911 in an emergency.

Retreat at the Raven Apartments, Phoenix Arizona 85042

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Torqued - 62 d ago


Cox has taken upon itself to block individual emails from Gmail. Who do they think they are? Blocking emails is the height or arrogance, and corporate censoring. They should take the customer out of service, and replace it with Cox service. They seem more preoccupied on what they want, and "to hell" with the customer.

I guess when you get get as big as Cox you can afford to act like "God" and censor the delivery of emails. After all there is still "snail mail".

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Torqued - 64 d 17 h ago


I am in a position where I need to send emails to a large group from gmail. Several of these recipients are on, and I keep getting the emails blocked by Cox. I was told there is a "rate limit" from Gmail because of Spam. So I as a legitimate user get penalized for what other people.

It took over a week and nearly a half dozen calls to Cox to be told this. At least three reps. said they would call back, which they did not do, which meant I had to call over and over to be given excuses, rationalizations, and reps. not willing to help.

Cox has a bogus email system that punishes for using the system. Or maybe it is a ploy to try and get one to use the email to charge more money.

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Gill - 64 d 1 s ago

I am in the UK, i am with gmail. My friend in Arizona is with Cox. Around a a month ago any mails i sent that had been sent to me by someone else, eg I was forwarding on to her, started coming back with delivery fail notices, or notices to say I didn't need to resend, it would eventually go through etc. They never did. After contacting them via Twitter as their webpage doesnt cater to non Cox customers, i went onto their Twitter page. Long story short, they end up saying it's not their fault, it,s gmails for sending to. much spam. (No other server seems to have this problem btw). I the. Tried on theor chat line amd got dobbed pff there too. Basically Cox couldnt care less about their customers who are unable to receive mail from other servers unless it is just a straightforward, text only, email.

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Torqued - 62 d ago


The emails I am sending are straight text. And now Cox is blocking individual emails from Gmail. They must think they need to play God when it comes to Gmail.

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Ziad - 74 d 15 h ago


Yes, agree with all of Viewers this company should reduce its rate as the guy said below, from 39$ to 32 or 29

as it was, the speed is good and affordable, as the connection provide, but the cost getting high, it cant be this modern connection with this high cost

Reduce the cost

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Joe D - 81 d 14 h ago


Well, I started Cox internet service in 2009. Hasn't been terrible untile recently. TONIGHT I received my bill & it was raised without notice of any kind from $32.99 to $38.99... SO I called the local office at approximately 850 pm... I KNOW that the offices close at 9pm.... Believe it or not, whenever my call went thru after pressing 1/2 dozen required options to choose I WAS HUNG UP ON instantly ... I KNOW it was because the workers don't want to take any calls just before closing unless it's a sales call & mine was a bill question call. This is completely unacceptable... increase rates without notice, without reason, and frequent hangups when calling in for non sales calls.

COX is getting pretty cocky... nobody else to choose here so stuck with this piss poor shitty service.. and NO customer service... I WILL find a way to cancel this shit service

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Anonymous - 85 d 17 h ago

We are first time Cox customers and have had the absolute worst experience with this company hat we have ever had. VWe have requested a sleep telephone bland line for my 90 something parents. After Cox got thru with us my parents lost all connections to heir TV and we have been saddled with services we never requested. I have had at least 5 or 6contacts with customer service and IT and our problem still is not addressed eve though customer service assured me that the problems were fixed. Wrong the problems are still not fixed.vvi am ready to cancel our service and contact the Better Business Bureau to see if they can get our problems addressed. If anyone cares they should contact me at (hidden). Carol Bernstein

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Teri - 98 d 4 h ago


The service is outstanding. I have never had internet so reliable. The new Contour system where I can talk to the remote is amazing. Cox thank you and keep up the outstanding service.

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Jan Cogen - 99 d 8 h ago


This is my fourth day of interruption out of 8 days. Why? Tonight, once again, I spent 1:15 mins on hold waiting for technical support to answer. If you are having outages or maintenance, why not post on FaceBook, Twitter, etc. When the customer finally gets through to a representative, you receive the most inane responses from your reps. That includes your supervisors. I really could go into great detail about the frustrations I (and most of the Phoenix area) have experienced lately. This is terrible customer service. You need to consult with another company regarding this problem. Your representatives have sent a technician to my house only later to discover you were having outages. Come on, I've been a business owner, this costs you money and frustrates your customers. Because of the inordinate interruptions in service in last two weeks, I am requesting a refund to cover lost revenue from no internet and loss of entertainment due to no television. You can reach me at 732) 939-6298 or (hidden). Thank you, Jan Cogen

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 99 d 10 h ago



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Susan - 113 d ago


This company has the worse customer service and we would not recommend using APS for anything.

Where is there an employee who can resolve our major problem since customer service is useless.


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Eva Arellano - 115 d ago

This is the worse company ever...dysfunctional customer support. ..they don't care about customers....

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David - Gilbert AZ - 118 d 1 h ago


Absolutely the most dysfunctional customer support team I have ever experienced. No communication between departments, ironic that COX claims to be a communication leader.

The leadership team needs to look at their operations and seek professional consulting......fore there is no logical thought put into how to handle customer complaints. Every rep hides behind their corporate return calls when promised. Impossible to speak with anyone of authority!!!

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JC - 222 d ago


this is the worse company, who do not care about the customer. It is very sad, that they have Government contract, and yet, they are rude to the Veterans, as well as the Military members. I been with that company for 9 years, and I am going to let them go. I wish all the customers would just close the account with Cox.

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DEE - 130 d 30 m ago


JC do you know of any recours we can take against this Comppany. Seems as thogh were all experience horrible Service with no concerwith anyone regardless of how many years been with them. We need to find someone in Higher Management, or is there a way to contact Federal Government regarding Cox?

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Kim - 203 d 36 s ago


I have read the many complaints from dissatisfied, and in most cases, long term customers below and concluded my experiences with COX are common occurrences with their customers. I am beyond disgusted with the complete lack of concern for customers and no sense of urgency to remedy and help resolve issues. There is an obvious need for improved customer service, training, and simple knowledge of the business. Over the years, I had several problems with equipment and services. However, of late, I had to deal with total ineptness from customer service representatives, supervisors, and corporate office solutions employees.

I will not go into the recent horror story of my attempts to correct once again, another one of Cox's errors. However, I will attest that after 12 years of being a loyal customer, I am actually going to Direct TV. I can no longer deal with a company that will not stand behind the customer, take accountability for their mistakes, and commit to a fast and fair remedy. I have taken my complaint further and beyond the BBB and corporate offices.

Dear Cox,

In an industry inundated with better and less expensive competition, I would strongly recommend you focus on the logistics of complaint handling, re-train your frontline with effective communication skills and critical thinking skills, and link your department systems. I can no longer be a loyal customer when you are not committed to doing the "right" thing and putting the customer first.

P.S. The scripts the frontline use to speak with the customer are ineffective when the customer service is rude and the rep is unknowledgeable.

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DEE - 130 d ago


Hi Kim, what kind of a plan can you get from Direct TV. Do they do internet?

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Tabitha Campbell - 258 d ago



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DEE - 130 d 5 h ago



I was told basically have only three options, decrease service, cancel service or downgrade. The error was made by the company employee, however, tthey do not care one bit.

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Anonymous - 130 d 5 h ago


I need to speak with a Manager in Retention Customer Service. not outside another state only Scottsdale/Phoenix

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James Robbins - 130 d 16 h ago

I want to call corporation in charge, of coc management

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Manager customer retention - 130 d 17 h ago

I was told today even though cox employee did not mention if I go on vacation 1 month I would have an increase of 40.00 dollars

Yhe supervisor told my only option is decrease sevice I stpp all together

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Lou Parker - 146 d ago


Same issues as Scott's only I have been through 4 supervisors on 4 occasions and still no resolution about getting our Contour system upgraded with new equipment we ordered. "Customer Service" is a real oxymoron -- what is about Customer Service that Cox does not understand. Apparently Cox doesn't want our business and if this problem is not resolved in the next couple of days I will be ending our 17-plus year relationship with Cox.

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