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Cox Cable Phoenix

1550 W EER Valley Rd
Phoenix, AZ
James Robbins
(623) 594-0505
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Anonymous - 36 d 4 h ago

You sent me an email 1/16/2018 saying i have to update my security settings which I will not do and you threaten to close down my email service the 25th if i do not do it. YOU CAN BE SURE OF THIS, IF YOU SCREW WITH MY ACCOUNT AL ALL I WILL CANCEL OUR BUNDLE SERVICE with Cox and go with another carrier ON EVERYTHING .

John Mc Ginn

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Jack C - 36 d 16 h ago


I have been having problems with my email service for at least the past 6 months. Several months ago when the agent could not fix my problem which I thought might have been my Chrome browser, he had me try Explorer 10 and Edge, also to no avail. Cox took away Enhanced which I liked and that left me with Classic, which is terrible. He told me to be patient because it's not the browsers, it's Cox. I was told a new email system was in the works and I should have it by the years end, 2017.

Yesterday I asked why I still didn't have the new system in a chat situation and a pop up was sent to me to click on for the new system. I did that and took the tour. It was filled with emails from December 2017 and I cleared them out and thought I was good to go. Next morning I go to and click on the email icon and I'm back to Classic, but the enhanced button has returned. It was gone for at least a couple of months. So maybe that's how I get the new system. Click on Enhanced and the same old mistaken info states that I can't access the Enhanced system because I don't have Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher. Bunk. Is Flash Player 28 high enough?

So I get on the phone for help and the agent has me trying Chrome, Edge and Explorer 10. Same old problem. I have the Cox Protection Plan for $6.99 a month, yet the agent told me that it doesn't cover my email problem because it's the browsers. Wants another $3 per month to be connected to someone else. Two months ago as previously mentioned, I was told it was a Cox problem. That's why a new system was being created. Internet service already costs $67.99, plus an increase is right around the corner.

In fairness to the agents. They are always polite and try to help, but they are also limited to Cox's parameters and that's the problem.

Time to check out alternatives. I left them before and I can do it again.

By the way, I found a way to access the new Enhanced system, so I bookmarked it, but it's not receiving my emails. Though there is a couple of last December's emails in my trash. How did that happen?

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Dirk - 65 d 16 h ago


It looks like COX will pay McAfee to provide Security for customers with internet access but don't care that the service is not being provided. McAfee has serious problems with their software not working and even worst customer support. I have called Cox Customer Support have also got an I DIN'T GIVE A SHIT ATTITUDE! Since the people that received this message have done nothing I am going to send a copy to Cox Communications Executive Office. Maybe they can motivate the people that are being paid to support customers. From: Dirk Sent: Friday, December 15, 2017 1:23 PM To: (hidden) Subject: Support is not! Below is the email I sent to McAfee. You need to be aware that the security package you provide your internet customers by McAfee has little or no support. The support people do not have a clue how to solve a problem and refuse to escalate problems to qualified technicians. They strictly work from scripted menus on their workstations. I had to force the issue I was having and the technician that was helping me was cut off. For that reason I have removed McAfee from my computers and have installed anti virus software from another company. I was not sure the McAfee Security Suite was working properly and it had corrupt files causing issues. It appears the McAfee support people don't really care! Call center people only care about how many calls they complete and how long they took. That is how their performance is reacted. Even if you have reinstalled programs before and it did not fix the problem, they close the record so they get credit for a complete call. I had a subscription to McAfee from Cox Communications. I have had problems for over a year and had contacted support numerous times. I still had the problem today but I fixed it! I got messages that my my updates were out of date. I would check using the desktop link and it said I was up to date. Support told me to uninstall McAfee and Reinstall it. Then I started getting 2 updates every dsay. I still got the messages that my my updates were out of date. I would check using the desktop link and it said I was up to date. Support told me to uninstall McAfee, run the MCRU program, then reinstall McAfee. Then I started getting 3 updates every dsay. I still got the messages that my my updates were out of date. I called support and asked for a supervisor. I was told there was no supervisor. I told the support person that she was lying to me and I wanted a supervisor. Then someone that claimed to be s supervisor said that the problem could not be escalated and that the support people would take care of it. I searched the internet and found a number of email addresses. I sent an email explaining the problem. I was put in contact with a technician. He logged into my system and manually deleted the folder, files, and registry entries left behind by the uninstall and cleanup programs. I was given an email address to contact the technician if the problem came back. It came back and I tried to send an email. It was returned. I called support and was told that they could not contact the technician for me. They wanted to go through the same routine of uninstalling and installing McAfee again. Today I got the same messages again that the updates were out of date and got the update message 3 times. I did a chat with someone (I saved the chat log) and this person could not read and comprehend at a 3rd grade level. I had to repeat several times the same information and he would not understand. He could have looked at the log and see what I said! I told this person that I would be contacting McAfee support and McAfee Executive Office. I am putting together a letter that will be faxed to the Executive Office. This is to let McAfee that I will be posting my information on social media like Facebook, online blogs, and letters ot editors of computer publications. I want as many people as possible to know how McAfee support DOES NOT WORK! I asm also going to fax the same information to Cox Communications because they supply McAfee to all of their Internet customers.

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digruntled customer - 75 d 11 h ago


Today I tried to understand exactly what type of television signal is generated by a Contour2 system.

This is a pretty simple request, and after being bounced around four different places, no one was able to tell me the details of what Cox is delivering to me. Is the signal 720P, 1080P, 1080i, or "4K". If Cox can't deliver 4K, why spend the money for a 4K TV?

The same is true for the quality of the Audio output from the Contour2 box. No one I talked to was able to tell me what the audio output was. Is it mono. Dolby, DTS, THX, Stereo, or what?

I asked for a pointer to a web page that would tell me, because I know that most Cox people are not well trained on the product they sell. No info was provided. Only an 800 phone number which turned out to be a fax line.

If I call Direct TV, they can tell me. Why won't Cox?

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budela - 161 d 10 h ago


I canceled my Cox account in Tucson last July with an end date in late August as established by their own agent. My surprise that a bill collector was asking for additional payment that was never billed to me by Cox one year later. That's how they do business folks. I am writing a letter to the state and federal consumer complaint divisions but they will probably take no action because of big $'s.

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sad customer - 141 d 15 h ago


Wow so this is how cox do their customers? I was thinking of doing the same to cancel my cox account being that i have not been with them that long. Meanwhile I had gotten five different price to pay before my due date and this is crazy! I'm please at all with the service that cox is giving out.

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furious customer - 77 d 15 h ago


It is crazy, my NEW yearly contract began in Oct but the rate had already gone up before the first bill arrived, less than two weeks after setting it up. I've been trying to get it rectified ever since An agent on the com line agreed that I was misled. That's fraud. No wonder why Cox has such dismal rating. I'm not letting go of this. I think that the Consumer Fraud devisions at both the state and federal levels must have numerous complaints and can't easily dismiss them. Complaints to your Congressional representatives, Senate and House might help. They're usually happy to help constituents.Contact with local TV is an option, too.I Letters to the Board members of CoxEnterprises should raise lots of questions about the company they're connected to.

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charliebadger - 85 d 13 h ago


Difficult to top Cheryl Thomas Stewart except to agree service quality, consideration for the customer and lack of knowledgeable technicians have been our experience. Last year has been the worst. Fortunately our experience of poor quality products, terrible service, increasing prices for less product and service has been over 11 not 35 years. Currently awaiting a late technician-have had no shows, delays etc with no warning calls. Customer's time has absolutely no value to Cox that should invest in scheduling software with all theses issues that guarantees a competent service representative will arrive within a 30 minute window or they will credit the customer for a month of cable service. If the AZ Corporation Commission or FCC would impose reasonable requirements that protect the consumer either the situation would change or Cox AZ would be bankrupt ! Terrible corporate irresponsibility ignoring the needs of the consumer.

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Cheryl Thomas-Stewart - 86 d ago


We have been a Cox Cable customer for the past 35 years. The last 2 years have been the worst. We have to call Cox at least once a week for internet, telephone or cable most of the time it's all 3 at once that's inoperable. Every time I call, they want to reset my modem (which is a total waste of time) but they always end with "there is no signal coming thru to your address, we will have to send someone out". Well, sending someone out is the least of my worries. Someone is always at my house repairing our services. They have told us on several t occasions it has to be rewired..well the person before that also claimed they rewired it. How many times can you rewire the same house and still have poor or no service? When they come out everything works fine.for about 2 or 3 days. We pay Cox almost $300 per month and for what? You can't watch TV when you want to, you can be in the middle of conservation on the phone and it just cuts out, internet spins around and around until you just get disgusted and walk away. I have had it with Cox and since they are not doing anything to resolve the problem my next resource was the BBB.

I have repeatly asked for Cox to send out a Supervisor or Senior Field Tech and they keep sending either contractors or inexperienced Cox Employees. It's like talking to a robot when you call Cox. They are very polite & apologizes for my inconvenience but I'm not looking for either of those statements. I want the services I pay every month to work. I don't think that's asking too much. They want their payments on time but could care less about customer satisfaction.

Here is just an example of one week dealing with Cox:

11/21/2017 - 2 techs came out and said somebody would be out between 24-72 hours because it was a "Plant issue". Well it has been 192 hours and no one has come or called.

11/25/2017 - no internet, no cable, no telephone, no Cox

11/27/2017 - called Cox @5pm spoke with "Kiana" explained my issues questioned why the "Plant issue" had not been resolved. Well she was a very nice lady, (they always are, they just don't help) and she said she would call me back in one hour with an update as to when someone would be out. Well it has been 14 hours and no return call.

One month our internet, telephone and cable was out for 4 days straight, they credited us a mere $34!!!!

I don't need nice right now, I need RESULTS!!!!

Their rates go up but not their service they provide. By the way, I have their Contour System in my home and their commercials are always on TV claiming it's their best service. That hasn't been my experience in over a year. As a matter of fact it's the worst service as far as I'm concerned!!!

Any questions contact my daughter Cheryl Thomas-Stewart (who is also listed on the account) @(hidden) (if it's working) or (hidden).

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martin katz - 121 d 18 h ago


martin katz (hidden) been with cox 20 yrs. signed up for something two yrs ago, got a discount my bill went down to 167.00 a month. then it went up about a yr later to a little over 180.00 a month. then this most recent bill went up to 221.00, i called loyalty department, very nice guy but said there is nothing he can do. I am asking as a loyal customer, can you assist me. this 30.00 a month increase really hurts, i may have to leave cox and i dont want i love your company.

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Anonymous - 107 d 22 h ago

Mine is 340 a month...i don't feel helped either

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Patricia Reinhart - 109 d 5 h ago

Today once again I called Cox and told them I can no longer afford their service for cable and internet. I was told that I had a contract and that it was as cheap as that package could go. This is what I am told each time. When I got my package over a year and a half ago it started out at about $80 a month now it is nearly $160.00 a month. I have internet and basic cable nothing fancy. For the past few months I've called and said that I can no longer afford this. Today they told me that I could bring it down to an economy cable with internet. But I would have to unhook the box and take it to a cable store to exchange it for some other box. First off, there was nothing said about if this new box handles HD TVs or how to disconnect this. Will I need to take back whatever cable it is attached to? Remote? This would then run $120.00 a month. Better but still not good enough. I asked about going to just the internet service alone and was told that I would have to pay an early contract cancellation penalty. And the internet alone would be $99.00 a month. This is totally unacceptable. My budget has taken a hard hit this year and I have had to adjust many things. This is the first company that is so inflexible and seems to not care the hardship of this high of a bill. My contract with Cox is not up until April of 2018. When it is I will be looking elsewhere for service. I am a widow trying to make ends meet with only what I make. Less than a third of what was brought in when my husband was alive. I am very frustrated by Cox lack of understanding and willingness to accommodate my situation. I also tried to make a payment plan and was told that I'd have to call back on the 11th to do that. Really? There is something seriously lacking omg the customer service of Cox. I truly could not in good conscience recommend this company even though I have had no issues with the internet or cable until now. So tonight after guests left, I can't get the cable box to turn on. Though I still have internet. I guess it will be another call in the morning. I have no idea what they did.

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Anonymous - 130 d 6 h ago

Horrible..I spoke with. Andrew 23116 claims he's a supervisor. This man call me a bit%%. When I asked him to hold on while I grabbed a pen. He didn't think I was listening. I will cancel Immed. And I will climb to the top Mr Andrew to make sure everyone knows your the reason I switched to AT&T

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Anonymous - 142 d 11 h ago


worst phone answering system in the world. On hold for 35 minutes and still waiting.gram

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Anonymous - 167 d 7 h ago


Hahaha...this is not what i expected from cox communications...i thought centurylink was worse...but yet i've been waiting for three days now just to have my internet turned back on...after a past due that i calls after phone i paid and they cant even restore my services on time...even the chat person said we cancelled the installation,which we never did...and the technician never even drop by the way cox technicians are a bunch pf no shows or reporting back to there office when they never even set foot on my property...

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Former Call center representative! - 1 y ago

They have people in Houston taking Arizona and Vegas calls. They only hire 100% black people. And I tell you they are very disrespectful! I cud never go to bathroom because it was always filthy! Pee sprinkled on seat, business in toilet always, never flushed. The way they dressed was shocking. Walking around in house shoes, flip flops, socks!!! I'm not black, but I guess they have to hire a White or Mexican once in a while. I only know since that Houston office opened in 2014 the company been loosing a lot of money! I wonder why. Look who the customers account information hands its in. Now I simply couldn't take it, I mean the job was good, but the environment and surrounding of people was disgusting. Was very unprofessional, to think when I got hired the way they enforced me to be in dress code, after seeing how they allow they're own kind to wear socks and jogging suites walking around. And grown women not being as women should with bathroom the way it is. Its not the janitor, its the people. I left that job! And no regrets!

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MORGAN - 309 d 11 h ago


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Anonymous - 201 d 17 h ago

Please don't put race in this. Majority of the people who works for Cox are disrespectful and not all of them are BLACK.

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Joesa - 1 y ago


You all need to understand that Janis (James) Robbins is a transvestite.

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Eva Arellano - 1 y 149 d ago

This is the worse company ever...dysfunctional customer support. ..they don't care about customers....

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Former employee - 1 y ago

Unless you're Africa, they don't care!!! They have billing dept in new office in Houston, Tx. And being the majority of community is Mexican, I don't know how it is they only hire black people! I know I'm a former employee. They are extremely racist!

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Just Me - 1 y ago


Same as everyone else wrote, different issues, same lack of responsiveness or any respect for customers.

However, make sure you call corporate customer service at (hidden) (at Atlanta GA headquarters) and politely tell them what the problem is. They solve it pretty much instantly. Anything below that level is pointless, useless and a total waste of time! Even local customer retention departments, their supervisors and managers are useless and, most often, plain rude.

Hope this helps other Cox victims!

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Been a customer over a year the service is so poor i would like to get a class action law suit going against cox for poor connection to the internet as well as all the other issues they refuse to fix and on top of it all they want to try and scare you into not having them check out the issues by saying they are going to charge for a tech to come out. Well if your service was up to par in the beginning no one would need to come out!!!!COX SUX

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De - 1 y ago



We're in Louisiana been fighting 8 + yrs same issues as you.

We been turned off because they out ruled house sent to plant they want 1854.00

For service we not received.

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Just Me - 1 y ago


Yes to class action lawsuit!

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