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Cox Cable TV

1440 E 15th St
Tucson, AZ
Lisa Cervantes
(520) 884-0133
(520) 624-5918
Annual Sales Est
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Tim Anderson - 98 d ago


Your service sucks. I had an install done and the installer did a horrible job. I can't get anyone to do anything about it. I've called 15 time and just get the run around. There is no link for install issues let alone quality issue. I can get any further then a supervisor and they do nothing. Who is going to fix this horrible install ? Who is going to fix the damage to my house? Who cares at cox?

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Anonymous - 248 d 4 h ago

Lisa Cervantes, President Dear Ms Cervantes, I watch the channel me tv, which channel 111 in Roanoke, VA. On Sunday nights at 11:00, I looked forward to watching the Honey Mooners. Well, the show is not on now, instead there are about five shows of the same old thing. This show is still being announced as if it is going to be on at the same time. WHY do we need the same old shows one right after another and another? No, I cannot afford to update my cable bill. I just want my one old show back. There are other companies as you well knoow. Thank you. Brenda Goldberg

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Judy Foster - 1 y ago


Cox actually owe me some free years of cable, the cable wires were never cut from the other tenant above me.

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Judy Foster - 1 y ago


For years I have had Cox cable since it first came available in Louisiana as Cablevision/TCI/ COX when it was 9.95 for basic cable which included all channels that you have broken or removed and placed on expanded basic which also included BET. You only paid for Showtime/ HBO/CINEAMAX. Sports channels were also included ad basic. Cox has blocked my built in guide in my television and they don't have that right to do so. Technicians have came out and found cable being stolen from other tenants above me in the apartment complex and did nothing for years. I finally didn't pay my last cable bill because COX lied and said they wired me alone and everytime they hooked up to the cable it knocks my television off as though the power has gone off.

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ken - 2 y ago


After 6 days of service calls by 9 technicians and two no shows (without the courtesy of a call to say they would not come out at scheduled times). I am STILL having problems with my telephone. I just got off the a long distance call with my mother (during which I heard noises in the background) and my son just dropped by because he had just called me and all he got was a ring, ring no busy signal. Since I was switched from analog to digital all I have had is PROBLEMS. Is the digital age beyond Cox's expertise??? A very UNHAPPY camper. Three of those days I had my special needs grandson here and though all the techs were very nice and very professional this has been very disruptive to him. Please give one reason why I should continue to expose myself and my family to this nonsense? Would you continue using Cox if this were you? I would love to hear your answer. ken

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