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Cricket Communications, Inc.

Leap Wireless
5887 Copley Dr.
San Diego, CA
Stewart Hutcheson
President and CEO
(858) 882-6000
(858) 882-6010
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Popaloc - 13 h 32 m ago


After cricket wireless mistakenly placed my phone on the international block list rather than placing my service on hold, I have been misinformed daily by numerous reprentatives as to their policies and procedures in rectifying there error I am still without service after 2 weeks. To make matters worse, I have been paying my bill on-line with monies remaining on prepaid gift cards, then discarding the cards thereafter as had a zero balance as they were non reloadable cards. After advising Cricket Wireless that I no longer have possession of the cards so there is no use to refund the cards yet offered them a single card that they can refund the fund to... They advised me "that is not there policy". I have a current credit with Cricket Wireless exceeding $1,200.00. I asked the rep to create a ticket due to the extenuating circumstances and hope that they will acquiesce in good faith. After all, it would be the only ethical choice rather than their suffering the consequences of yet another mistake of a poor decision.

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Antoine Hoffman - 18 h ago


my name is antoine hoffman. i am a podcaster with run it back radio, a podcast under the wbgr sports and entertainment outlet where lionel green is the founder and ceo. yesterday, i went to your crofton, maryland location, route 3, where i had the dismay of dealing with renald cantanella. he was rude, dismissive, unattentive and condenscending. i warned him from the very beginning that i wanted to give him a great review and i'm not sure what it is about me, but he was out to make me be incompetent. i chose to walk out of the store and post a horrible review on my podcast's instagram page, @runitbackradio. he did not care and continued to shout at me when i walked out of the store. renald's number, if you would like to reach him, is (hidden). this was such an unfortunate experience. i still want to do business with cricket, but as long as he's with your organization with a lack of regard for customer service, i refuse to visit this specific location. again, my name is antoine hoffman, i am with run it back radio and i will gladly discuss the incident with you further. my cell is (hidden). thank you for lending an eye & eye to my concern. respectfully,


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Jury. Reef - 2 d 18 h ago


I got them last week I can not text or get data on my phone I was told it a good one it's been 7days now. That I was told it will fixed but when it started going on I was told 24 to 48 hours it will fixed.

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Anonymous - 4 d 16 h ago

I need important text messages from all people on my plan for court how can I go about getting these texts messages?

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Shelly - 3 d 8 h ago


I do to and cricket keeps telling me they don't do that. I told them the hell you don't and I told them I will have my attorney subpoena you and you will have to give them. There all a bunch of idiots and lazy as hell no one at any cricket does there job there just there to get a pay check. I'm pissed.

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Donna Perkins fed up and ready to fight - 3 d 9 h ago

If there any out there who received tearable service form cricket write me at (hidden). Let's get together and bring cricket down. Pass this message on to anyone who has been treated like we have been

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Amy L - 3 d 10 h ago


I transferred my phone service from sprint to cricket on June 4, 2017. At this time, I asked for my new cricket account to be merged with my son's and daughter's accounts. The staff at the cricket store in Rockledge FL (1866 US Hwy 1) said they merged the accounts, and the receipts reflected this change. However, based on my bills for the past few months, the merging never occurred. I called the 800 number today and spent FOREVER talking to the rep and a supervisor, who told me they could merge the accounts but I need to drive to the store to ask for a credit to my account, since I've been overpaying. I drove to the store, and they said they couldn't help me, I need to call the 800 number. I did, stated my case, and got disconnected. Called again, stated my case, and got disconnected. No one at the store could help me - they have terrible customer service there. Ivylyanne was more concerned about who was going to bring her some food because she was so hungry, then she was about my problems. Another issue was that my son's phone number was the primary number on the account, not mine, so I could not log in. The cricket website kept stating that my account was canceled. I left the store very frustrated and upset, since they can't do anything but take your money - no customer service at all. I called the 800 number again and finally got a good supervisor, Sam, who I think finally fixed everything and put in for a credit to be issued to my account for the amount i've been overpaying. My question is - why could no one but Sam figure this out? And why can't the local store help with issues? Even they agreed it's terrible customer service that they can't call your office and help a customer

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BIll - 6 d 14 h ago


So I ported over to Cricket Wireless from a local Cricket store I choose a ALCATEL idol on recommendation of the associate right from the get go I had issues with BT so I went back to the store and was told that I have to go through Cricket directly. I was told from Cricket that I had 2 choices I could send the phone back and they would send a replacement within 5 business days or I could put a hold of $200 on my credit card and would have a replacement with in 2 business days. The phone is on line and in the store for $99 so why they needed a $200 hold on my card I don't understand. So I chose the 2 day replacement and received the replacement and now the replacement I have is getting so hot that I can't even hold it in my pocket. I saw that Walmart as the iPhone 6 for $199 and asked Cricket if I could just get the idol replaced with the iphone for the same price and was told there was no way they could do this so I told them that I was switching to Straight talk and was told basically good luck. I can't believe that a customer with 3 lines is that unimportant to Cricket. I hope that someone in corporate will see this and realize how crazy loosing a customer over $99 dollars is. I even offered to send back the piece of crap idol but they would not even give me any credit for it. If you ask me the 4 hours of time on the phone with people who can't understand or speak English is unacceptable.

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Totally fed up Donna - 4 d 13 h ago


Having a issue with my phone I just got 3weeks ago and they told me the same thing. Having surgery Monday and can't do without a phone. And then you can buy it again for over,$200 when I paid$79 for it. On the phone for over almost 2hrs. Put on hold time and time again finally talked to a manager told I wouldn't have to pay for phone again transferred to warranty and told him did not know anything about it. Oh he put me on hold again said he talked to his manager and they could not do it. Again sent to customer service because I asked for corporate phone and they don't have it which is a load of crap. Customer service said they don't have it. I was pushed to the point I was swearing put on hold again for s manager and left there no one ever came back. Finding corporate phone number is like pulling teeth. Like you they're going to lose a long time customer. Ready to sue

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Anonymous - 5 d 5 h ago

To all who have posted, please, if you have a situation, message Cricket on one of their social media sites. I had an issue, that while small to some, was profound to us. We attempted the customer service line and chat line with no results. We contacted Cricket via Twitter and a corporate representative contacted me and very kindly, and politely, resolved the issue.

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Barry Nelson Stacey - 6 d 15 h ago


Cricket wireless is the most fucked up company the store people r rude i ported over to them i have had my phone three days no service cant make a call or get a call the phone frizes up shut down dont let them take ur money couse u wont get it back sorry asss company they need to be shut down

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C Silva - 7 d 9 h ago


Every single time I have had to occasion to deal with the stores, the managers, or Cricket customer service, it is a nightmare. How can one company be so widely inept is beyond me.

1. Terrible customer service

2. Crappy phones

3. Ambiguous and invisible "terms"

4. Lousy phone service in my area - just about blacked out on the Cricket service area map

5. Went in to a Medford store to buy a new iphone and walked out with a POS Android LG Power with a bluetooth and accessories. Spent $180 for a six dollar phone.

6. Walked into the other Cricket store in Medford mall just today and saw the exact same phone for HALF THE PRICE.

7. Nobody likes being ripped off.

8. Best to not go with Cricket because you can be sure to get manipulated in one way or another as every dealing with them promises to be really stressful and you can be sure to face costs you do not expect.

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Sabrina Madrid - 7 d 14 h ago


Im having trouble with my phone i bought from you. I bought it thinkimg it was brand new. It was defective. I have insurance and warranty bit what good is it. When all you do is replace it with is a refurbishex phobe. Im filing a law suit if i dont get a new phone which is what i thought i brought. Your ripping people off.

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Linh Dinh - 9 d 5 h ago


Stealing money from customers.

I came in a Cricket store (at Corpus Christi, TX) today and asked them to port my number to Cricket. I gave them all the information like account number and PIN number. At first, the lady tried to insert a Cricket SIM card into my phone to see if my phone was unlocked. Then because of some reasons, my phone did not accept that SIM card and she asked me to buy a new phone from Cricket. I told her to try another SIM card because I bought my phone from T-mobile so it should be unlocked. She was unhappy but still tried to insert another SIM card and it worked this time.

After that, she activated a new SIM card for me, it costs $77.87 (plan + activation fee + tax) and asked me to swipe my credit card. I swiped it and she gave me a receipt, the new SIM card and said this is your new phone number. I was frustrated because I told her to keep my old phone number. I asked her "why do I have to use this new number, I already told you that I have account number and PIN number right here and I want to keep my old number". She said "Because your account number and PIN number are not correct, so you can not use your old number anymore. You have to use this new number". It is ridiculous, if the information were not accurate, she would tell me before she charged me $77.87. Then I said "I want to keep my old number, so can you refund me my money?" she said "no, you have to use that new number for 1 month because you already paid for that, and that is non refundable".

The thing is, she did not use my account number and PIN number at all when she was activating the new SIM card, so how she knew that they were not accurate. She lied to me and stole money from my pocket.

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Rhiannon McDowell - 9 d 9 h ago


Worst phone company. Untrained customer service people and supervisors. Phones are cheap and made to break. Supervisors are nothing but a scam.

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Anonymous - 9 d 9 h ago

I've been a Cricket Wireless customer for years and am currently being harassed by an ex boyfriend's baby's mother who has cracked into my account try to change my security code for my account as well as done nothing but sent me harassing threatening text messages and phone calls and I call Cricket to get help and the only thing that they can tell me is that they would waive the fee for me to get my phone number changed here therefore I'm the victim but yet I have to change my phone number and then call every doctor school and let them know that my number has been changed because Cricket can not block a call or block a person from calling me but she has now gotten my personal information my address where me and my children live and yet Cricket still wants to do nothing to help please get in touch with me someone from corporate I will not talk to customer care service they do nothing but argue and have no answers for anything and they talk over the top of you

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laren - 9 d 15 h ago

The worst service. Never use their service or purchase the phones. They suck.this a cheat and beat company.

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Hector Reyes - 10 d 13 h ago


I am actually extremely unhappy and fustrated with the service I have recieved from Cricket within the last 3 months. No one provides a clear answer to my concern and situation. I have spoken to so many respresentative and received NO assistance of what so ever and finally , yesterday was the worst when my call was hung up on and my phone was DISCONNECTED , NOT BY me but by the supposedly supervisor who took it upon himself to disconnect my service even when i still had time remaining for service which was already paid for.. I cant beleive you treat people in this way and still expect to be in business.... I am still to this day waiting for a manager to call me back and this never happened.

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Mswhite - 10 d 5 h ago

They stol money out of my account and told me no refunds.told me to call corporate

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Mswhite - 10 d 5 h ago

After being with cricket or over 6 years im done customer service is trash and they stole money out of my account and told me they dont do refunds!! Reaching out to head quarters is out of the question they line is always busy

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mark - 11 d 4 h ago


i would like to submit a formal complaint. how do i do that?

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Anonymous - 11 d 10 h ago

My name is Randy Howard. Would some be so kind to contact me from Cricket. Its not my mission to blast Cricket via this review. My cell number is 765 686-1963.

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Judy Rincon - 12 d 8 h ago


I'm so upset wit this company this is twice I get screwed on paying an extra 25 dollars I'm disabled and do bridge payments all the time I tried making a payment the night of the grace period and the automated machine tells me I cant so i I have to wait till morning well now they want there full payment and they say to bad I jus have to pay it we have no proof u helpless ...yall set me back when I'm already majorally depressed ..

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wilson robert - 12 d 9 h ago


Yes my name is Robert Wilson i am customers at Cricket I'm here in Joplin and Mary Beth manager at your store here on Rangeline she did inform me of a $5 fee and I'm very disappointed I'm unsatisfied customer so could someone please give me a call at area code (hidden) or 314-8873 4964 thank you

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Kmob - 12 d 20 h ago


Let me just start with the pros. I like the service, phones are priced reasonable, in store customer service is great.

The cons is lack of communication. I have been trying to get a referral for 3 people I referred to cricket and I do not have the refer link. I called customer service and I get "Sara", who is from another country, who does not understand and I have to repeat myself 7 times before she gets. "Sara" then submit a ticket for me and advise me I would get an email from someone who can help me. Fast forward the email came in 24 hours or less,but "Mark" who I'm emailing is no help. I swear to God I been emailing Mark for 2 weeks and I have no resolution. Its ridiculous. Cricket hates to give credit. They need to get more staff in the US to answer phones and emails. I'm piss

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