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Cricket Communications, Inc.

Leap Wireless
5887 Copley Dr.
San Diego, CA
Stewart Hutcheson
President and CEO
(858) 882-6000
(858) 882-6010
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AC - 1 d 10 h ago


Cricket Wireless is a prepaid wireless service provider in the United States. Cricket Wireless offers voice, text, and data and is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T. Cricket Wireless was founded in 1999 by Leap Wireless International, Inc. On July 12, 2013, AT&T Inc. agreed to acquire Cricket's parent company Leap Wireless International for $1.2 billion. The merger was approved by the Federal Communications Commission on March 13, 2014,[1] and later that same day, Leap Wireless announced the completion of its acquisition by AT&T.

HERE'S WHERE TO COMPLAIN AND BE HEARD: The Federal Communications Commission regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. An independent U.S. government agency overseen by Congress, the commission is the United States' primary authority for communications law, regulation and technological innovation.

ALSO, The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) can help you file a complaint against a utility company. This will usually get the attention of any utility company. These two commissions are who approve/allow the utility companies to make money. Google them for the complaint process.

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Anderson - 1 d 11 h ago


This is a good place to let everyone know about your experiences with AT & T. So that buyers are aware, but don't stop here. File a complaint with the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). This is who regulates them and other utility companies. This is where the buck stops

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AA - 18 d 5 h ago


I Love cricket i think you people just have the wrong stores your going to!

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disapointed! - 8 d 23 h ago

Cricket is Cricket. It should not matter where you go, the store brand is Cricket which means people should get the same quality service as all the other Cricket stores that carry your brand logo. No other stores carry your name unless that store represents you.

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A.C. - 1 d 11 h ago


How stupid! What the hell...."the wrong store" Cricket is Cricket all stores should be providing good customer service.

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Bate and Switch - 2 d 6 h ago


Worst experience ever!!!!!!!! Was shopping online to decide which phone to get and decided to go to my local cricket store to purchase what I wanted because I do not like buying online due to security issues. First of all I was charged an extra $25 as an upgrade fee, which I wasnt told about until i was paying, just for shopping in the store. i was toldb by customer service if i didn't want to pay the "upgrade fee" I should have bought online. So basically i am being charged an extra fee,which they will not refund, for shopping in a retail location,which is a cricket authorities dealer but they claim they are separate from cricket.

As for the bait and switch, I was given 3 different prices for the case I wanted for the new phone. Online the case goes for $25 (with which the store will not honor even though they are a representative of cricket), the store marked it up to $30, and because I "bundled" accessories they raised the price again to $35 to cover the cost of the free item that you get as part of the bundle. That does not sound like good business to me. When I went to the store to demand a refund the district manager of the lake wales florida store, 2026 Sam Walton way, 33898 only argued with and threatened me as I was leaving the store. He should be fired for that and the fact he is willing to lose cricket a $1200+/year customer over a $35 refund.

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Anonymous - 3 d 48 m ago


Money grubbing extortionists!!! They (Cricket) want YOU (The Customer) to for PAY for THEIR mistakes..They refused to "man up" and admit that their Customer No Care Reps screwed up royally!! So,after a day and 3 hours of arguing with their so called Customer No Care,they lost 4 paying customers. STAY AWAY FROM CRICKET!!! You'll only have headaches & stress!..if, you don't NOW then you will LATER....

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anonymous - 4 d 13 h ago


The new Cricket Store in Arab, Al. had open house - could registry for a TV - Dates for give away was changed.

The of open house registration was thrown and tickets was handed out - they invited people from off the street, stores from around, including Wal-Mart people. Very few if any of these people new Cricket customers. I think this is poor management.

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Danny gideon - 5 d 9 m ago


I live in Joplin Missouri I am a cricket customer for now I went to the Joplin store 420 north rangline Rd. I bought a cable to connect my phone to my tv be first of all I talked to the manager on phone asking what I needed she told me and so today I went in told the guy what I needed he showed me I said are you sure he said yes be but there are no refunds, so I took it home and it doesn't work so I called the store and told him it's not working he said well you need to go to Best buy and get this other cable I said so you told me this would work best knowing it wuldnt he said yes be so I called customer service she said that I have 7 days to return it she was going to put it on my account so I can have manager look at it and call her so I called the store back I talked to the manager she said no refunds and nothing on account from customer service I told her I asked you yesterday what I needed to get to hook my phone to my tv and said what would work she said I showed you yesterday when you came what you needed well I told her I didn't come in I called she said well sorry no refunds and I said so you sold me something nowing it wouldn't work she said sorry when my month is over you have lost a customer and several more that I have told I don't understand why I can't be refunded!

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Travelingangel - 6 d ago

The service was ok, but not what I needed to communicate with my family ! When I went to Georgia I found my mom had lung cancer, so I decided to go to cricket and get a phone . I paid in cash for the whole year $480 and have only used my phone for 6 months. I called into customer service to cancel my phone because It wasn't what I needed to communicate with my family during family emergencies concerning my mom. So customer service tells me they can't issue a return over the phone because I paid cash and that I would have to go into a store to get my money back. So here I am sitting outside a store because they tell me they can't return my $240 because it was a personal decision to stop my service. The plan is $40 a month and I have only used 6 it's a month to month so I paid for 12 months and

I understand them not giving me my money back for the used months, but it is very bad business to keep My $240

When no one took a minute and said hey if you pay all of this we won't refund your money if you decide to cancel service. How is this right especially during a family crisis such as cancer. Not fair cricket and I will be calling channel 9 news and making a consumer complaint . It would be nice if someone up the totem pole took a minute and responded back to me .

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Dallas - 6 d 6 h ago


My phone has always worked fine until one night could no longer receive text messages ,everything else worked great I google the problem & tried every fix I could find I even did a factory reset & restore nothing would work .I finally broke down & went to a cricket store in south Jordan ut at the District I went prepared to buy a new phone .I explained to the guy at the desk Austin was his name ,he said humm that's weird ,he said it sounded like a one of a kind problem well let's take a look he said he began testing the problem . And no more then 15 min my phone was going crazy 42 messages came in he handed me my phone & said problem fixed this man had no idea how pleased I was. I offered to pay for his time ,another employee & himself both explained they are not allowed to accept tips . Well on my way happy customer .thank you Austin cricket store southJordan ut at the District

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Mills - 7 d ago


The Jarupa Valley Cricket Wireless bldg on Mission Blvd in Ca needs a minor uplift on the exterior. It's rundown and old looking. Thx.

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Disappointment - 9 d ago


AVON PARK FLORIDA cricket we went in to see if they could help us with a phone we bought from them (only 1 month old) because it never worked right. We asked if we could exchange it for a flip in not a smart phone she told us no and she would give us $3.00 for the phone. She said it was are problem not hers. She was so rude to us and NO customer service I guess she looked at us like to OLD ladies but the other 3 men in there just sat there and looked on. REALLY looks like a consumer affairs problem. We maybe be elderly but we pay for service we did not get. DO NOT GO THERE!

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Tina - 10 d ago

Terrible took my don to get services and he was porting his number over from another provider and once we found out his phone was locked they wouldn't give him a refund nor a free phone that wasn't even offered to us at all. Called customer service and they said could go back up their and get the free phone since it was same day and once I got up there the lady who was there started to talk Spanish to her manager over the phone then they said no we couldn't get the phone. I can honestly say I have never been so unhappy as a customer and then to top it off they didnt care that they took my sons money and wouldn't give back or a phone. Try to call corporate number and always busy. Someone needs to call me (hidden) soon or Im calling a lawyer

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Disgusted - 10 d 36 m ago


Last year our 2 phone service international call stopped working. We enquired into this and visited our local store and were advised a credit would be issued. It's not a big credit x 2 phones, but nonetheless it was a fair request.

We visited the local store today as we had voicemail issues - an upgrade had occurred, but this was resolved quickly. I asked about the international credit and was told to "call 611" as the local store could not "do anything, even if they wanted too". I called 611 and was transferred to a supervisor. This is where the story REALLY begins. I am NOT concerned about $20. I am concerned that this supervisor has denigrated Cricket in our eyes. We've NEVER had a problem. I do have a BIG problem with a supervisor not listening to me, talking over me and then HANGING UP ON ME! A shame on you, Cricket. You've been sterling up 'til now. Now I have to find another phone provider. Thanks!!

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Debbie Smith - 10 d ago

We bought 2 phones from the store in Miami okla We were told that the phones we compatable with a headset my husband already had. He is a truck driver and needs his phone. We switch from atand tto you all. When things wouldn't work we went back. In a nut shell we are wanting our money back for the phones and one months service. We have gone back to our original provider and do not want cricket. The girls you have in your employ here in the miami store is a joke. They laugh,carry on and ignore the customers and don't want to try and really help solve the problem at hand.

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Lola - 10 d 21 s ago


Your sales rep are horrable service sucks

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Anonymous - 10 d 7 h ago


Morning these people never answer if have a real problem which they created dont try to contact them as they will not respond. 611 from my phone nothing all they do is give u the run around bout what they r not allowed to do ...they added my. Phone to my husbands acct. Without my permission n now they wont switch it back...thats not legal for them to do that! !!!!!! I may have to go to different company......u truely r lacking in customer service!!!!!! FYI dont care if ur attorneys r listening they probably crooked as well....

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They'll find out soon enough - 10 d 6 h ago


Call the FCC. That is what I am about to do. A company as large as Cricket should not be permitted to ignore people and lie to people and charge your account like they do. Something has to be done!! I am going to try to contact them one more time and if I don't get somewhere I am calling the FCC myself!!

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Tinajo - 14 d 19 h ago


I hate the fact that I left T-Mobile for Cricket. Since I had the service my calls are dropped, I barely have Internet which I was told was better then T-Mobile. In fact is not even close to T-Mobile data. I called customer service they was suppose to call back but to not avail nothing. I missed two job interviews this week because the service and was lost in downtown Indianapolis for four hours because There was an outage I new nothing about oh let me mention I upgraded my plan that day because of my service. You would think they would tell me that when I was having trouble maybe I could have used a better GPS. This service lied to get me to switch and causes me too lose Job opportunities that I truly needed. I advise anyone to get reliable service cricket should be crooked. I can't wait til my month is up. I will never get this service again and discourage anyone who runs business or looking to better your life don't use Cricket

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I too say F*** Cricket - 15 d 17 h ago


Do yourself a favor, and run the hell away from these guys. Here's why: Odessa, TX Music City Mall. Black salesman said my phone was old version, and sold me a new version, with the latest and greatest of everything. Had for 4 days of phone trouble. Called manufacture who told me to take phone back to Cricket. Manager said this phone was discontinued. I asked for my money back. She gave me my money back minus the $25.00 activation fee on the bad phone, and the $10.00 she charged me to re activate my old phone. I disagreed with her decisions, so she laid the cash on the table, took my receipt. She would NOT give me back my original receipt, would not tell me her name, and would not tell me her boss' name. The mall gave me the dist managers number, after 3 days of unanswered calls, and constant busy signals from the corp phone number. I am done. After 15 years as a customer, apparently, things have gotten worse, and continue to do so. If you are looking at Cricket, do yourself a favor, and run as fast as you can. Customer service is not a word they understand. Hey Cricket, a holes like this are going to continue to bleed your company to death. You might try to answer your phone, too!

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Anhry consumer - 16 d ago


Cricket sucks call center is in india they refuse to get a manager i was trying to make a bridge payment and they thought it was funny i had to biry my father. Def changing service next paycheck

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Anonymous - 15 d 20 h ago

True I put 10 days the phone put 108 day stupid phone it's no good all the way around!!

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Tial Norwood - 15 d 20 h ago


I Bought a LG X Power. On March 28,2017That's Defected. I personally took in 3116 Ross Clark Cue Dothan Al United States 36303-3038 (334)699-5035. To Show The Phone Was Frozen And Would Not Turn Off. I Was Told I Had To Deal With It Cause I Was Pass The 7days Mark? on The 108th day of using the slowest phone I have ever had nothing works fully no YouTube it stop an play and I paid for unlimited plus 10$more for hotspot on the Same day of the phone frozen please reimburse me a new phone my address is 588E.Selma St.apt.1 Dothan Al,36301 I waited a while and took my time choosen the best phone I thought it was the worst phone everything slow talking from it and all my invoice ;20258IN172. Email (hidden)

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Fuckcricket - 16 d 5 h ago


I have had cricket for over 15 years. Normally the the service is good (I am NOT talking about there customers service) There customer service is hands down the absolute worst. They lie to you they don't do there job properly. Since almost ALL THERE CALL CENTERS ARE OUT OF THE U.S AN IN OTHER COUNTRY'S you very rarely get anyone that that can speak an understanding English.

I live in an area that is " covered " but I Never have a signal. Why is it they can have All of Cuba covered but can't cover a town outside of Tulsa? There maps say it's covered an the tech will say there is an outrage in your area. Really !? So for the past 7 months my area has had an outage Without any one fixing it or crediting my account since I still have to pay my bill..

They refuse to refund me for them over charging me for a year for my long distance. I later learned I have unlimited long distance on my plane. They offered me a $5.00 credit when I called an told them they had been over charging me for A whole YEAR !

once I found out about it Since They no longer give paper bills breaking down your payment's an now they will be charging Even more Money to pay your bill ( convenience fee) Well it's not convenient in the lest. This company is one of the worth. They ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY.

I am switching to a nother company.

A huge Middle finger to Cricket..

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