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Cricket Communications, Inc.

Leap Wireless
5887 Copley Dr.
San Diego, CA
Stewart Hutcheson
President and CEO
(858) 882-6000
(858) 882-6010
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Mykeylea Jackson - 1 d 3 h ago


My Name is Mykeylea Jackson & my family persuaded me to pay attention to your recent commercial which we can see it's a girl on there that looks exactly like me and I don't remember giving consent to have my face on TV so please email me at (hidden) to discuss further.

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Ethan - 7 d 6 h ago


It's Ethan please return my call & release my I phone 8 plus it has been 8 days cricket said 24 hours I called back you said 2 r 5 days cricket said to call at&t to have the phone release at&t said cricket has it locked. Cricket said to call apple to have the phone released apple said cricket has the phone locked cricket said to hook it to iTunes I did at Best buy $40.00 Dollars for that still not working cricket said to Buy a new Sims card I did $ 20.00 More Dollars the iPhones # ends in 9794 please release the phone r send me a new one plus $60.00 Dollars it was a BRING YOUR PHONE DEAL it's NOT a cricket phone I had cricket for 9 months I paid my bill on time release the phone thank you

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Deborah A Henry - 11 d ago


This is not about phone service

But the events at the Louisville Palace that's presented by CRICKET WIRELESS. I called about tickets for the Farewell Madea Stage play.. Was told it was sold out for both shows. Show I keep checking online. It said tickets went fast and you have not been able to find anymore right now. As if to say you may have more to come available. I called back to the palace and was told they had 2 tickets for 189.00 ea. Why would they be selling tickets for that much at the palace where do they think they are at. I didn't realize it was a stage play. Have not heard it advertised. Was looking for something else when I ran across it

I would really like to attend. My MOMS BIRTHDAY March 31. I just need 2 tickets. Wherever they can sat us. We have not been to a good play in so long. Please help. Thanks.

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Beth - 11 d 11 h ago

Head of cricket wireless

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Thomas - 13 d ago


They have the worst customer service in the world i.only been with them 10 days im.leaving on the 25.oct the agents i n the stores are rude worst phone company in the business a waste of money don't be a fool cricket. Is full of shit please don't do business with them

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CHANEL - 14 d 5 h ago




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Tammy - 18 d 7 h ago


I have never been so fustrated in my life. I'm in Bluffton, Indiana. I went to cricket because a friend referred me to you. I was going to do the 4 lines for 100. which I thought was a good deal til I found out that if you didnt have a phone or a phone number to transfer over it started to get very expensive. plus the employee's didn't seem to know how to transfer phone numbers over so we sat there for two hours on friday until i had to leave so I could go to work. We showed up saturday and again after three hours not one line was transferred over, plus because my son didnt have minutes on his phone we were told he would not be able to transfer over so I would have to pay for two phones, plus 25 dollars activation fee. so lets see that is 100 + 120 + 75 for activation fees= 295.00 just to get started on cricket. your customers need more training on how to tranfer the phone numbers. when we finally after 3 hours of being there, we had not been transfered over and we are still on totalwireless

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Abby Whittinghill - 19 d 15 s ago


I have been with Cricket for 2 or 3 years and for the most part been happy with the service. Until now. I bought a new phone a year ago and was happy with it. When I bought the phone last year the old one I had wasn't worth keeping or selling so I just chucked it in a drawer and forgot about it. This year I just wanted something new and with more storage. So when I bought my new phone the one I was replacing was in really great shape. They wanted to buy it back for nearly nothing and I told them no I'd rather give it to my sister-in-law that desperately needed a new phone. They told me that as long as it has been active for 6 months then they will unlock the phone so my sis can put her number at AT&T on it. When I called customer service they told me that this Sims card had only been in the old phone for one day. That was a lie. I had that phone for about a year. Way more than 6 month for sure and they pretty much said I was lying. I have not used another phone besides this one all year. I just want my old phone to be unlocked like I was told they would do. I paid for the stupid thing it is my right. Thinking of moving to another company.

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Anonymous - 18 d 13 h ago

Yeah I moved and I was with them since they first started. I hate how they do their upgrades where everybody else you can just trade in or whatever but with cricket you have to purchase a whole new phone. Crazy!!!!!

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sylvia - 21 d 7 h ago

what do the tsl tax and the sped tax on my receipt for and who do it go to

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Anonymous - 22 d 8 h ago


Cricket wireless are crooks They tell you a bunch of lies Now we are stuck with 2 phones that don't work right and we don't like Sure regret ever coming to Cricket wireless

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an - 28 d ago


I hope Cricket gets all the negative attention the so much deserve. All they had to do was provide the service they advertised. Hello?! They don't even support employing Americans.

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cml - 28 d ago


I have only been with Cricket for 7 months. They sold me a phone that only holds a charge for no more than 3 hours. Under my "warranty" I must pay to have my phone replaced or wait a minimum of a week for them to send me a new phone. In the meantime be without a phone.Im on call with my job. I cant be one hour without a phone. If they had told me upfront about any of this I would never have done business with them. No literature was given to me about these conditions.."Cricket is a very unethical company .I will do my best to spread the word so no one else gets screwed over by them. Cricket has the three 6's on their head! They are evil.

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Ben Clark - 28 d 6 h ago


Dear Mr. Hutcheson,

I received a Christmas gift of a cell phone that my wife had purchased from the Cricket store located Rockledge, FL, franchised to SunCom LLC. Three days after Christmas and within the designated return date I brought the phone back (un-opened) expecting a full refund. (Approximately $70.00) . I was given back the cash minus $25.00. When I asked about the $25, I was told it was an "Upgrade Fee" and that it could not be returned, despite the fact that no lines on my account had been upgraded. I do not have a new phone, and I was charged $25...

I have been a long time customer and I truly do like your service, but I do not understand how I can be charged this fee when I do not have an upgrade on my account. Can you please refund my $25?

It was not a restocking fee, it literally says on my receipt "Upgrade Fee". Also there is nothing posted in the store that states anything about this fee especially about this fee being non refundable. (Even though I do not have any new phones upgraded on my account).

Thank you for your attention and help in this matter.

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Ron B - 28 d 9 h ago


My wife and 11 year old son just went to you Ireland Road office in South Bend, Indiana. They went there to purchase another iPhone for my son and then switch the service onto that new phone. We have been your customers for at least 10 years also. Your employees were basically talking very aggressively at each other and cursing heavily in front of my wife and 11 year old. Because they were so caught up in their drama of quacking Cricket as they were saying "because this is such a shitty MF place to work, give me a cigarette cause I'm walking and F this place", they completely screwed up what they were doing and changed my sons phone service and number into MY service and number. Then they said they could not do anything about it and gave my wife a new sim card for her to give to me. So she had to drive to my out of town office an hour because I use my cell phone in my medical practice and have patients calling me on it, which then caused me a big huge hassle because of your super unprofessional, and horrible employees. I don't want anything from you by telling you these problems. I'm telling you so other good customers may not have to go through it. We have noticed over the last several years that you hire people who hate their job, do not know what they are doing literally. I have had to go to another town because Cricket employees have point blank told me they can not help me do a simple task of changing something or buying a phone or even adding another phone to my service. And, no one cares in the least because you are either shielded, or don't care yourselves. Take some pride in who you hire and maybe do a little training, because your company is looking like a huge unprofessional joke.

Thank you for having that nasty situation happen in front of my family, your should all be ashamed how your own people disrespected your company. I pay for 6 different phones for my family and have spent a ton of money on phones and services through you. I will be looking for a new professional company who will respect us and our business.

BTW, I used to refer many of my warm market and patients to use you or switch over to you, but I had to stop over the past few years because your retail store employees are a joke. Go walk around in an Apple store then model what you see there going on.

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Kimberly D - 32 d 23 h ago


THIS IS SO WRONG. Ive have been trying to pay my bridge payment which has to be paid by midnight tonite 01/19/2019 or i have to then pay the full amount of service. And I cant pay it i tried the APP, i tried 611, i tried the 800 customer service number and nothing. I cant even send them an email. This is the only way i can prove i tried to make my payment hopefully this post is timestamped. When i tried to pay and log on to my account they say they're busy doing an update and to call back tomorrow Sunday 1/20/2019 . I can sure bet that even thought there doing an update and cant take my payment i bet they will be able to SHUT MY PHONE OFF AT MIDNIGHT!!!!!!! even though there doing an update. I dont understand how a technology company can be so incompetent and unprofessional.

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Adam - 33 d 11 h ago

My wife had Cricket for about 3 months then she switched over to my account which we had for about another 11 months. Well we brought my wife a phone at the cricket store ,so it was paid for. After about the 11 months we canceled Cricket and brought phones and joined a better cell carrier. Well I went to connect her phone that she purchased through Cricket and it is locked so I called them and after over 2 and 1/2 hours on phone and speaking to 4 different people ( I am guessing India or Indonesia they said they can't unlock her phone that she paid for because she only had service through Cricket for 20 days . Now she brought the phone 7/2017 and we canceled 6/2018 ,hmm I do think that equals more than 20 days but maybe over there in India or Indonesia their calendars are different (hahaha) so they won't unlock the phone that she owns. So Cricket claims there is no contract but it's lies if you purchase a phone through cricket you have to have service with them for 6 months and if you turn it off before that they will lock the phone that you paid for so then they do have a contract if you buy there phone. So be aware read all fine print of all their paperwork and dam sure save all records of payments so you have written documentation on your service with them . When I called them they said we only had service for 30 days lmfao. They are "Theft by Deception "

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bill fornek - 38 d 6 h ago


Cricket told me the cell tower has been down since September, 2018 in my area and that they are scheduled to fix it in two weeks. I have been told this same thing every time I call them and complain that I have no service. I am going on 4 months of the exact same story from them. I can not make or receive calls on any of the 3 phones that are all in the same household and on the same plan. I am only able to use the phone if I drive 10+ miles away to a Starbuck and then I am able to make and receive calls. To me that is not providing me with service. If I am unable to use the phone at home then I do not have service. I have called many times and wasted a lot of time on hold with this problem. On 1/8/2019 I called them to fine out what is being done. I also told them that I did not want them to take out $90 from my account via autopay and not to turn off my service. The next day they suspended my account on all three phones even after talking with them the day before. I called them and finally talked with a floor manager and she said that I would have to pay the $90.00 inorder for them to turn my account back on. She insisted that I pay for service that she knows they are not providing me with. That sounds illegal to me !!!!!!

I want a full refund of $90.00 for each month the service has been down since September. I also want to know when the problem will be fixed. It has been escalated three times by the companies managers and still nothing is being done.

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Anonymous - 49 d ago

I had cricket service for almost Five yrs, and have never had a complaint, but the experience I had Today was Horrific!! I had talk to a Service Representive about changing over to cricked on my new Motorola phone, once my T Mobile contract was done. She said that would be no problem. I even asked her if I had to go

to a cricket store( which is far) She just said to call Cricket by the 1/14/19. I called today and spent my entire morning with THREE different reps to no avail. I have a confirmation number of 1 of the conversation that took place #10322374 . Now niether phone numbers I have work!! The # thru T Mobile (hidden) or the cricket # (hidden)... My email is: (hidden). PLEASE help me with this problem!!

Sincerely, Dianne Evenson

T Mobile)

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Dianne - 48 d 4 h ago

Dianne, Yes I wrote the above review, "ANONYMOUS" I also wanted Cricket Corporate Offices to be aware, that they say "Of Course, we will sign you up with Cricket, no problem. We need to charge your credit card 1st. Once the charged cc they could not help me sign up with Cricket. I told them I had Motorola phone (no problem) Since they couldn't help me, I asked them to cxl my cc. They said I had to,Never been told that by ANY company. So now I have a charge on my card FOR CRICKET, FOR ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!!!!;

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Dianne - 45 d 1 h ago

Dianne, Here I am again, more upset then ever!!! I called cricket again on Saturday and YOUR EMPLOYEES ate very rude. For some reason they still won't cancel my credit card & the better not charge my card for again for service I haven't received. I bought my Motorola on november 14, 2018 & 1 of your .Professional employee said I won't be charged anymore!! But my bank noted I was charged for December as will.l sure wish someone from Cricket will PLEASE HELP ME!!

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Diane - 42 d 8 h ago

After making a complaint, does ANYONE from Cricket ever get back to you??? Or is this site just for complaints, that no one in Corporate never answers?????

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claudio diaz - 44 d ago


was told today at eh santa monica/bronson location in los angeles to get my black ass the F out the store. and was told several times after that to get the F out the store when i was simple trying to end my service because of my experience at that store. i came there to a close store at 4:30 pm was told all 4 of the members i saw wokring were on break. and that sometimes they liked to take breaks together. i dont know of any store managaer who allows for their store to be closed during business hours to allow all employees to take a break together.

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Anonymous - 46 d 12 h ago


I use to love cricket but not anymore. I paid for a number that's marked as spam .. didn't have the number for two weeks. They refused to change it.. rude and disrespectful. I'd rather pay a high bill with Verizon or someone. At least the service is better.

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Michael Walford - 49 d 9 h ago


Been with Cricket since March of 2018, then in August, my husband could not hear anyone on the other end. He sent it in back in August, he received another phone. 3 days later it started to act up again. He uses his phone for work and his time clock is on the phone. He took it to the local cricket store and it was discovered that the charge port is bad mood He called customer service and they informed him that there was nothing they could do but send it in. December 25, the phone completely stopped working. He called the next day and was told to send it back into Warranty in which he did. However, he hasn't received his replacement phone and since his time clock is on his phone his boss told him he can't go to work unless he clocks in and out. Now he was told this, morning that if he doesn't have his phone with the same number that's associated with the time clock he will be terminated. He has been on the phone with them, all day. Looks like Cricket is going to be going to court to recoup the wages he has lost from his job.

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