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Cricket Communications, Inc.

Leap Wireless
5887 Copley Dr.
San Diego, CA
Stewart Hutcheson
President and CEO
(858) 882-6000
(858) 882-6010
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Anonymous - 1 h 23 m ago


You guys have representers in the local stores who steal your money Ang over charge you and they pocket the money

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Debbie Sherington - 1 d ago


Went to the store to buy a phone in mt dora fla manger lied said zte phone work an are the same as a lg phone they are junk wouldnt even download a song an they charged 198 out of store had less then 24 hours retured it would only refund 114 of my money an paid cash but i have to wait 5 to 7 days to get my money back its bull shit cricket is making lot of people not good busines

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Anonymous - 2 d ago


I have purchased 2 alcatel idol phones in the last 6 months due to the fact that the phone has shut down due to a melted flex on both phones!!! Cricket will NOT return my money on either phone but instead, insist I take 2 MORE phones of the same make and model!!! This is

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Cindy Dominguez - 3 d 15 h ago


To Cricket President!

You require customers to pay in advance, the penalized them if they cancel early!! How do yo expect customers to return with that kind of Customer Service!! I cancelled on 11/24/17 and ur customer service refuses to refund me! I only used a week of ur service! I am asking if you will refund me, I've made several attempts to get my refund m continue to get hung up on or keep be transferred back into customer service loop!!! Please refund my acct!

Cindy Dominguez

3605 Brisbane Dr

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920


17692 E Kenyon Dr

Aurora, Colorado. 80013


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Anonymous - 4 d ago


I like your store but each time i add a line y'all make a mistake and I wind up paying more than the what your store charge me they cut my phone every time I add a line I got cheated out off 200 dollars the first time I add two line then a week ago I added two more line again and y all cut my phone off again it make me mad because if your employees don't know how to charge and then cut the phone off on me each time I add a line it seem like y all like to cheated me I always thought your company was a good one I left metro I was with them for about 12by war then i went i switch to go with y all and each time your employees make a mistake I wind up paying more money then. I was promise even though y all rip me off twice I still stuck by y all but the only thing I don't like is the the people that work for y all I always get rip off each time I add a line but I'm going to give y all another chance I hope y'all don't rip me off again Thank u

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Frustrated Customer - 5 d ago


Baltimore, Maryland - Cricket phone service is the worse! My children and I (3 children) have been with cricket for more than 5 years. Yes the phones are a good price and the plans are great, however, it's not worth it. Every year you have to buy a new phone because your current phone will run slow, get hot or just start malfunctioning. November of this year (2017) my phone starting sending 20 or more text messages when I text someone. I put a ticket in and have called on 5 different occasions to check the status and everytime I called they read back the wrong information on the ticket, so as of today, 12/6/17 my phone has not been fixed. I spoke to a supervisor for a solution and he said they can resubmit the ticket or for me to go online to upgrade the phone. So I have to pay for an upgrade when the phone malfunctioned and it's not user error. The money I have paid for phones over the years from Cricket is equivalent to the price of 2 or more IPhone 10s. PLEASE DO NOT BUY A PHONE FROM CRICKET!!!!

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Lee - 7 d ago


Upgrade phones as presents. I will say as a 25 year At&T wireless user, your quality of call has impressed me. I went into your store on Black Friday to purchase a new upgraded phone for my son who is your customer. He has a very basic phone and needs upgrading. I wanted to buy the phone and wrap it as a Christmas present. I was told I could not do that because the phone had to be activated before Christmas. My only option was to wait for his billing period to end 12/6 and buy him the phone after that. I was assured the phone would still be on sale. I happened to check today and the phone is not only not listed but the closest one to it is $even higher and not as good. It would seem foolish that your company is missing an entire market opportunity for parents and loved ones to upgrade their kids for Christmas since you have no policy that would allow this. Since you market to a lower budget client base this would seem like a great way to get additional sales during the holidays. Now I am not sure what I'll do for my son except possibly bring him over to my AT&T plan and get him a real phone. You're missing the boat Cricket.

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901-270-4225 - 7 d 6 s ago

My name is Mary Smith I was in your store today 12-04-17 at 10:45 cricket wireless 202 Winchester Rd Memphis,Tn Memphis Tn United States 38115-4336 I was told by two of your staff member that the Corporate office Discontinue the use of restroom For customers, I am on medication that when I have to use the restroom I really have to go right then, so I think this is not fair for customers that are in your store for business.

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John Dwyer, President of CRICKET Wireless - 20 d ago


To all my CRICKET customers: As we have trained our "Customer Service" staff to remind you every time you contact us, we here at Cricket Wireless and our partner AT&T Mobility, including my peer Glenn Lurie, President and CEO, AT&T Mobility, do NOT want to hear your complaints or feedback about our service. We do NOT need you. We will continue to make BILLIONS and my management colleagues will continue to each be paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year in SALARY, BONUSES and other perks (golf, 1st class travel, a variety of sexy high-paid escorts ) from the PROFITS we make by ignoring you and only hiring indentured-servant-like, abusive , non-American workers to work in our stores and on our phones. We train them to lie, cheat, scam you out of your money and hold your ported phone number hostage so you can't leave without loosing the phone numbers you have had your entire lives. You proved you are idiots for coming to Cricket so I don't want to hear your idiotic whining about wanting us to give you what you paid for. Go away and say "good bye" forever to your phone number because we don't let you have it back and we will recycle it to another customer unless you continue to pay us full price. No you will get no service and no phone for paying us for service and a Phone!! And even if you do abandon your phone numbers, and leave, we will s continue to make BILLIONS from the millions of NEW idiots we lure to us with our highly effective Bait & Switch marketing schemes and highly profitable business model of promising Phone service and taking your money but then giving you $0 with of service and NO phone in return for you money. Then never allowing your feedback to be heard by anyone but the bullies we hire to shut you up and shut off your ability to call for help and protection from our consistently lying, conning, abusive staff. As we train our CRICKET and AT&T representatives to say to you (and as they ALL consistently say they speak on behalf of the President and CEO of our companies and therefore they refuse to escalate major issues to anyone and refuse to every fix any problems and only hold your phone number hostage and demand full payment for NOTHING except not giving your numbers away, and As the President and CEO of Cricket and, with my colleague, Glenn Lurie, President and CEO, AT&T Mobility, we want our customers to know that: We refuse to listen We refuse to give you what you paid for We refuse to allow you to speak to a manager It's "not MY job" Go ask someone else You are the loser who believes our marketing scam so you do NOT deserve our time and our service But you better pay us in full every month for no service and no phone or else we WILL give your phone numbers away. As our phone our phone and Store staff keep saying: no you can NOT leave us and take back your phone number back to your previous carrier and you better keep paying us $140a month for NOTHING or we will give your numbers away. No you can NOT get a refund for the THOUSANDS we have forced you to pay us for NO service and NO phones. SUCKERS!!! You are jealous we are profitable and YOU are still a loser except how you are a loser with no phone service so you can't even call for help!!! We get the last laugh. So complain away. There are plenty of new suckers we can Lure into cricket and AT&T and force them to pay us thousands each in pure profit. We will still be billionaires and we will each continue to bully our loyal customers into paying us for nothing and we will continue to collect MILLIONS each in salary and performance bonuses month after month, year after year. And you all will still be a losers and suckers!! Do NOT ever call (ha ha ha) us again !!

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 19 d 11 h ago


I know now that I'm not switching to cricket.

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Jennifer - 14 d 20 s ago


My email is (hidden) - I was ripped off by your company on Nov 24.2017!!!!!!!!! Plus ur so kindly speaking customer service told me to look for an ATT Tower?!??!?!?!? Really... if this is the way you do business you want succeed in this word. Please contact me thru email in regards to ur company keeping 150.00 of my money!!! Sorry but I am NOT like the comment among others you have made in this post such as

"""You proved you are idiots for coming to Cricket so I don't want to hear your idiotic whining about wanting us to give you what you paid for. Go away and say "good bye" forever to your phone number because we don't let you have it back and we will recycle it to another customer unless you continue to pay us full price.""""

I also have a phone with Bluegrass so THIS CUSTOMER should've never walked thru Crickets DOORS. OHHH BTW You use ATT Towers, Here's the kicker ATT has credited accounts plus gave credit back on prepaid bills for the last cpl mths due to poor service from ATT Towers.

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fucked over from Colorado - 14 d ago

I was fucked over. Can't find anyone to help. Phillipino woman from Customer Service told me to call my local office. Local office says call Customer Service, Customer Support says call Corporate Office. There is not a working number for them. FUCK.

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Christy McCune - 13 d 2 h ago


Crickett has stuck me with a malfunctioning phone twice but never again. Poor service and after buying a phone on the 24th and not able to receive incoming calls they would not honor their 7 day return. Asked for corporate number but manager said she didn't have access to it. What company is this that has no corporate number. I have had a family plan with them for over two years but will be making changes. Don't let them lure you into their unfair policies.

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A Manager - 12 d ago


You are clearly a very disgruntled customer, who somewhere along the lines thought it was clever to impersonate a corporate official and do a quick google search for Cricket Wireless and AT&T's corporate structure, which is very open. So you're not impressing anyone by giving out readily available and well known names for fake "name-dropping" credibility. One thing I would like to note is our policy is very clear on porting of numbers, we legally cannot hold your phone numbers as they are yours under Title II and we simply provide service for said numbers. Now if you were trying to take a device purchased through Cricket to another carrier without having read our unlock policies you may have lost your number, but only because you didn't take the time request your account number, pin, and billing zip code to transfer the mobile number with literally no hassle whatsoever to any carrier of your choice. Also our service polices and refund policies are clearly stated on every form, most advertisements (those in which service plans appear), and will be read to you out loud if you're incapable of reading. So if the last things to concern you are customer experience and rate plan cost, you can always contact corporate and give your review and complaints with the employee name and store location and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken immediately; for rate plans I encourage you to take a look at the long term costs of other contract and pay-as-you-go carriers, our rates are the most consistent and reasonably priced in the business.

Sincerely, a manager who works very hard to give the best service to every customer, and refuses to believe allegations that our employees are "abusive" and "indentured servant like."

P.S. We employee American Citizens and all those with appropriate and valid work Visas. If you have a problem with one of my employee's skin color, ethnicity, religion, or anything else you can kindly take your bigoted money elsewhere.

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

You outsource your customer service employees. They are located in Central America not the US. The language barrier is the least of the issues with this network.

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Ms. Smith - 10 d ago


My service has be horrible since September 28 when I ported my number to cricket. I called the Allentown Rd location ( where I opened the account) to see what could be to to stop dropping calls, not able to place calls after 3-4 attempts, and never having more than two bars of reception. The female on duty told me that all could be done was to replace the SIM card. Customer svc was ridiculous because the language barrier was the major issue. Then they aren't trained. The female ( at the store) hung up on me when I asked her name. Upon 2 attempts to call back she did NOT answer. Thanks a lot for treating me as a valued customer (not)! I guess I'll be porting my number right back out.

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Anonymous - 10 d 49 s ago

I need to speak to someone about promoting your business in The Villages, Florida. I am a cricket customer and went to my local store to explain how they can help grow their business in the local area. I ham helping and Organization called Christian 12 step Ministry, Inc. located in Ocala, Fl. They are having a golf Tournament on Monday, December 11 at Harbor Hills Country Club. I originally spoke to the manager at that store in October and she was going to pass it on to her superior but was very interested so I left a brochure with all the information. A week later I went to the store and the Manager had left. So I was very disappointed and then the current assistant manager told me to call the area manager, Sherri Fox. When I spoke with her she too seemed very interested, said she was to visit that store soon and would get back to me. She did not and time is slipping away. I talked with her today and she told me she was having a staffing problem and maybe next year would be better. What can you do to help me with promoting your company?

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Anonymous - 10 d 4 h ago


I have been trying to contact your customer service and all I get is a computer program. You need to throw out those computer programs in the trash and put a real person to do customer service.

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Sm0key - 11 d 17 h ago


Hi Stewart,

Just got off the chat line with one of your operators on the chat line and was sorely disappointed. She didn't seem to have a grip on the software, and was sorta rude, albeit I am pretty scratchy myself. Anyway, left a nasty taste in my mouth, so there we are. Not going to reveal her name as I said, no matter how lousy I consider others manners are, realize mine are probably worse.

One suggestion, don't load your phones with junkware, learning about your phone makes for better, longer staying customers. IMNSHO :)

Take care


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Anonymous - 12 d 43 m ago

I just have a question about your policy on being a employee at one of your stores

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Anonymous - 22 d 4 h ago

My phone service was interrupted after my bridge payment was made. I have had the service for some years and iam going to swing to a different carrier

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Desiree Camacho - 13 d ago


I had that same problem and couldn't pay through thier website or thru phone and they say I missed my payment and took my money and charged me more money because they said I needed to pay in full cause bridge pay was missed that's stupid I don't have money to be throwing away! They owe me money and can't seem to get anyone from corporate or anyone to help me!

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Christy McCune - 13 d ago


Your service is crap!! Making money off crappy phones and not backing them up. I wouldn't suggest your service to anyone and plan to remove my service from you. I bought a phone on the 24th of November and cannot receive one call on it. I call today 11/28 to complain and nothing is done. Ask for a corporate number but manager claim they don't have one. Really!!! I am done at this point. I will tell everyone I come in contact with what poor service you offer. Hope I see cricket going under how do you sleep at night working for such a rip off company.

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Michael welter - 16 d ago


I have a problem with ur manager at the searcy office.. He threatened to kick my butt in the store and would not help me with my phone bc he messed is up and i want his job bc im never going into that office again... Until this is fixed im not paying my phone bill untill u give me a call back at 501 593 2816 thank you have a great day

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T.m - 17 d 22 m ago


Cricket has the worst customer service. Metro pcs is soo much better . Its time to switch to Metro.

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