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Cricket Communications, Inc.

Leap Wireless
5887 Copley Dr.
San Diego, CA
Stewart Hutcheson
President and CEO
(858) 882-6000
(858) 882-6010
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Joshua W Sanders - 1 d 12 h ago


I never recieved or saw my package and driver gave it to wrong person saying she was my sister and she was not and then they refused the package now its lost and cricket won't refund my money until they get it back it's been over two weeks and once they do get the phone its gonna be another 3 -to 10 business days before I get my money i have hills and everything else I need to pay this is ridiculous I need my money asap please thankyou!

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Anonymous - 2 d ago


Worst customer service ever. My daughter got a new phone a month ago. Cricket updated her apps and it caught a virus. Went to the store she purchased it from and they would not give her a loaner or new phone. This store is in Houston, TX. at w43rd and 290. They said to mail the phone back and we did. They sent us back 1/2 a phone. Ridiculous. Called the store and they said they couldn't do anything about it and hung up on me. Cricket needs to do some serious training with their franchisees.

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Anonymous - 12 d 8 h ago


Cricket customer service in cullman alabama is terrible they dont have a clue what they are doing and they are extremely rude and when you ask for a manager they refuse to connect you with one

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Marcia Smith - 26 d 7 h ago

I purchased a Styleo 5 not even 2 months ago. I have had to return it, got a "new" one and am still having problems with it. While in the store i frequented, 2 more people were having issues with the same phone. The staff is great, but the phone is horrible. I am tired of going back and forth and am checking into different companies. The only way you can speak with a human is at the store. Never had a problem with my Blade XTE, BUT they discontinued it. Service area is diminishing also.

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Larry - 34 d 13 h ago

You all have a cricket employee name Jamilia Brown in your Landover store that keeps harassing me. I have asked her numerous of times to stop texting me and calling me. She constantly text or calling from a private number or just different numbers. I'm going file a peace order and harassment charges against her. She showed at my house late one night uninvited beeping her horn drunk trying to get me to let her in and kepted calling my phone. I will file something against cricket if nothing else is done about it.

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Jessica Shepard - 89 d 21 m ago



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Nikki - 85 d 2 h ago


4 cricket employees hacked my phone n got in my bank n took $2000.00 I think a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT

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?????huh - 59 d 6 h ago

Nicking & dining me.....

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balinda - 40 d ago

thats bullshit and fucked up.... shaking my head how is that possible??? and im asking cause i hear alot bad about cricket my phone is the shit as far as the phone itself. this damn thing has follwed me in the shower everything lol... but what you mean when you say they got in your bank account?? do you know how? thats exactly why iv never made any.... the one i have ever made my whole life has been closed forever thank god. never again have i made one cause of that reason.

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Kati Martin - 45 d 5 h ago


Cricket customer service is terrible they dont have a clue what they are doing and they are extremely rude and when you ask for a manager they refuse to connect you with one

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Gleason - 48 d 4 h ago


How do I file a compliant against cricket wireless?

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Paul - 85 d 14 h ago


Very, very poor customer service and very, very disappointing after all the money I've spent with this company. They should be ashamed!!

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??? Abuse is not good in any form. - 59 d 6 h ago

Been hung up on 6 answer on other end...they just press all the keys like infants trying to ....?....bad customer service....even in these times....

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Anonymous - 148 d 16 h ago


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Rekha - 139 d 17 h ago

They start early in the morning and .. other quiet times. I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer for over 12 years. I pay on time and never has for a extension. I purchased many phones through T-Mobile and enjoyed the service. My friends with T- mobile are considering leaving. Because bill text reminders are needed for us. We believe anyone with a excellent payment history that, received this bill text reminders are being harassed. It places a bad mark on our creditability. It labels us as bad customers, when we are the best customers

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Anonymous - 130 d 16 h ago

I went to a hicksville store to get the thank u tumbler cup. They didn't have it so I called the Broadway mall the girl said they had 3 more left . I told her I was across the street . .I went to a hicksville store to get the thank u tumbler cup. They didn't have it so I called the Broadway mall the girl said they had 3 more left . I told her I was across the street . She said ok hurry when I got there they said they had just given out the last One. Well don't tell me you have them if your telling to come get one .

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Luia - 106 d 6 h ago


This toll free # doesn't work. It takes you to a different company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Luis - 106 d 6 h ago



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????HAH...NO RESPONSE? - 59 d 6 h ago

Did anyone get letter with increase of $up for services & bank account deductions non authorized?

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Miguel manzano +1(619) 451-3582 call SOS - 95 d 45 m ago



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Anonymous - 88 d 17 h ago

I purchased an HP Pavilion x360 lap top approximately a year ago to include the extended warranty at the Best Buy on Iron Point in Folsom,Ca. The lap top hard drive is now dead and the lap top is not responding. A call was made to the Best Buy in Folsom on Monday 3/30 to inquire on the next steps of the warranty as \I purchased an HP Pavilion x360 lap top approximately a year ago to include the extended warranty at the Best Buy on Iron Point in Folsom,Ca. The lap top hard drive is now dead and the lap top is not responding. A call was made to the Best Buy in Folsom on Monday 3/30 to inquire on the next steps of the warranty as I have a son on independent study due to a school closure as well as my husband who is in law enforcement and works from home from time to time, both due to COVID19. Both require a workable lap top, which after a year later I would think that I could still rely on the aforementioned lap top to still work.

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Anonymous - 64 d 17 h ago

Fox News Network, LLC 4 Anonymous: I will not be surprised if the Democrats are using Joe Bide ... The Wendy's Company Esmeralda: Worst experience just ordered small order was second car in ... Facebook lou gil: your app WATCH why I'm getting Spanish when my Facebook say ... Papa Johns Kitty: I went in the Amelia, Ohio Store #1097 today to place Carry ... Ashley Furniture Very angry!: Ordered a furniture set 4 weeks ago. I since had to move un ... Kohls Scott De Groot: I lost kohl's charge card Cablevision Systems Corporation Madashell: Yes that's the gangster part of optimum you can't get anyth ... Food Network Keenah Whisnant: What happened to all the show's Food Network use to have on ... Dollar General

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In happy customer - 60 d 14 h ago


So I've been with boost Mobile for 12 years I walk in to a cricket store the guy and girl working there were real good to making me go with them I had never had a problem with boost 5 months later I was doing a good deed helping someone who feel in to deep water I had to jump in and rescue him well drop my phone in there while in the process of helping him went to cricket store next day just to find out the guy who help me there wasn't no longer working there but the girl still was all she was worried about was selling me another phone because the guy who sold me the phone I had didn't even put the insurance on the phone so I'm like really she didn't even care to try to help me then when the other girl working there ask what's was wrong she told her I had a f!k attitude so I'm like wow I told her just sell me the phone so I could leave then right before I paid her and the other girl were whispering something to each other and she came back and told me I also have to pay a 25 dollar upgrade fee which I told her I'm just buying a phone I'm not upgrading nothing what it is so I just paid for it and left I did not know if you lost your phone and didn't have insurance because the person who sold you the phone did nothing but lie and hustle you computer so you can buy the phone then I had to end up buying one and I was charged the phone Price plus $25 to upgrade I give cricket a no-star for bad customer service supposedly employees only worry about selling phones to make commission their money or commission sad sad I should have stayed with boost

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Brandy - 61 d 13 h ago


Cricket is selling protection plans to customers that doesn't cover all their phones. I pay for a screen replacement plan. That i just found out only covers apple and Samsung devices sold by cricket. I am the first customer in area to try and make a claim and i had to call ythe store that sold me the plan after being told my phone was not eligible for screen replacement. The store manager had to call the main headquarters to try and find out what was going on . that is when he was told the device they sold me the plan on wasn't covered by the plan. Cricket should be repla cing my phonee at no cost for selling me a plan tgat they had not informed the stores didnt cover all devices and that i still have to have covered.

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Anonymous - 62 d 14 h ago

Calling my attorney

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