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Cricket Communications, Inc.

Leap Wireless
5887 Copley Dr.
San Diego, CA
Stewart Hutcheson
President and CEO
(858) 882-6000
(858) 882-6010
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Devyn - 1 d 17 h ago


Albuquerque, NM

The single most garbage customer service I've ever had!

I spoke with the following people:

Jenifer - CSR

Cindy - Store Manager

Luis - District Manager

None of these guys give a rats @$$ about their customers. I just activated a phone the very same day which didn't work and it took an act of god just to get it fixed... Save yourself the trouble and go to Metro or even Verizon no contract... Anything is better than Cricket!

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Jacquelyn Pounds - 1 d 5 h ago


I agree! 5 minutes after the CSR tried filing a claim for my cracked phone, and then selling me a new phone, phone case, screen saver, and more memory, I discovered that my phone was not cracked- -only the screen saver was cracked. Don't you think that she would have known that before charging me $262.13 for a new phone? She said that she could take the phone back but none of the other items for the Samsung. My phone is a LG. I am trying to recover $90 with no success thus far.

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Anonymous - 5 d 16 m ago

Cricket clains i did nor pay them although the company was paid for my debit The lack of concern was very disturbing.I am out of time gas money and phones contacting BBB and changibg carriers

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Ashley and Brandon Draeger - 9 d 1 h ago


My husband and I have been Cricket customers for 3 to 4 years now our billing cycle is almost coming to an end and we paid the bill as usual. After paying the bill we decided to go with a different wireless provider so we called and asked if our money could be refunded because The billing cycle has started over yet so we felt that we deserve to have our money by considering we were going to another wireless provider. When my husband called to cancel his phone they were very nice about it and it decided to change my husbands area code from 336-2332 and he was on able to use his phone for two days. He was also recently in a head on collision in the breaking his neck and right now is in the bed and cannot move for a month so having a phone right now it is very important to both of us. We called back to speak with a girl named Olivia who told us after we hadSpoken on the phone to different times once with a three-way call with the bank another time to another provider who both on a recorded line agreed to give us back the four $90 refund. When we called back and ended up speaking with Olivia she told us that she would only be able to provide us with $25 of the $90 for a refund. And which she's telling us that it will cost us $65 for one day of service when we paid $90 for two lines for one day and which my husband was able to use his phone for two days so the phones were never even use that being said the $90 that should not have been a problem to be refunded. The girl Got very snotty. She refused to give us her last name so when we called to speak to somebody over her we could not give them her last name she also refused to give us the corporate number to where we could call and talk to someone else about the situation and what started all of it was that she refused to go and listen to the recording of my husband and the other two conversations. She was telling us that she felt that it was fair for my husband and I only received $25 out of the $90 that we had paid and not use their service as far as the next billing cycle had gone I will never go back to Cricket again and unfortunately for Olivia I Ended up finding the corporate number anyway and on top of that the president and CEO's name she wouldn't connect us to her boss over her it was just an all-around very rude and an adult conversation on her end.

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Get Money - 9 d 6 h ago


I have been trying to make a payment since Saturday from 10:30pm until 2 am Sunday eastern standard time. Now they want to add 20 to my account and will not work with me. When I tried to login app, website and call there was a system update and will be down for a couple of hours. If us ad customers don't know about this how are supposed to make a payment without be charged extra I spoke with 3 supervisor today and they were no help at all. The ID # I69333579 and Supervisor Samsia told me that there was not a higher supervisor above her. Just because I have a Latin name does not mean I don't have knowledge about how the supervisor chain goes. If tis is the case I will be better off going to a different carrier.

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Anonymous - 19 d 20 h ago


I am writing about Cricket Wireless in Cleveland Georgia. I have been trying to get satisfactory help from this store for 2 years. There management and sales personell a

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AARON THOMPSON - 22 d 38 m ago


I'm not receiving my phone calls, I don't make enough money working to pay all of my bills so I buy and sell and trade on the side so I can get my trading company open. Please stop blocking my calls if this is happening or I will go to another service and at least tell me you're doing it and don't waste my time so I can move onto another service. (hidden)


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Cyndi S. - 29 d 18 h ago


Cricket screwed me over by giving me false information about my online order. Charged me TWICE after claiming the first order was voided. Then a manager in customer service told me they would send a UPS truck to send it back and they would foot the bill. Even gave me a number to call. They lied. Then I had a condescending guy (another manager) say it was wrong and if I wasn't professional he was going to hang up on me. Heck no. Horrible service!

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Anonymous - 32 d ago


I went to the cricket store on Menaul across from the mall in Albuquerque, NM and the Employees there are allowed to have their children with them at work isn't this against hippa, oscha not to mention a liability

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Aj. - 33 d 4 h ago

I worked for this company only for them the screw with my check and screw me out of commission numerous times. the current district manager Named Theresa Roach is absolutely awful and gave me an attitude harshly even after I left, which doesn't look good on the cricket name. They tried to force us add things to the customers account without letting the customer know.

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Ann Enloe - 33 d 15 h ago

Good evening, to you My Name is Ann Enloe and I have A very disheartening matter to discuss with you. I'm in Chicago Illinois and The Cricket wireless store in my state has done something very criminal. TO myself and my account. When I called to get some answers. All I recieved was the run around. (hidden) and (hidden) are the New phone numbers. The old number is (hidden) . I will send an email to you Tomorrow with more Information. Sincerely Ann Enloe.

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Anonymous - 37 d 24 h ago


I worked for this company and the whole time my "manager" was having herself clocked in, clocked out, and would do so for another employee. This is why I left this company. My manager would "work from home" and allow a brand new employee who had only been there a week to work the store ALONE. The employee who was clocked in and out by the manager was only supposed to be part time, but due to being clocked in all the time and not actually being at the store, she would reach 100 hours a week. Then she would go over to the managers house and practically live with her. The manager would also use HER CREDIT CARD AND PERSONAL INFORMATION to get a sale or a new customer.

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Anonymous - 37 d ago

Oh by the way, this is at the Webb City MO store. Melissa Chambers is the manager. She is very racist, and her son who is in middle school will come to the store and call black people names and she will do it too. She fired an employee for being EXTREMELY sick EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD A DOCTORS NOTE FOR THE TIME THEY WERE GONE

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R.D. - 37 d ago

They charge me an extra 3 dollars to pay my bill.whether I pay auto or with a customer service operator.that's 36 dollars they get every year from me.I hate their service it sucks! Talked to someone their that could care less about helping you.will be finding a different phone co soon.

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Anonymous - 40 d ago


I hate this company they allowed someone that is not on my account make changes to my account without my permission and i didn't even know anything about it until i got a text message about my phones being turned off.

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Cathy - 43 d ago


My daughter added me to her plan and we wanted to purchase a new iphone, the store tried to sell a DEMO which they couldn't sell. Then my daughter was on the phone with customer service for over 8 hours on Sunday and even more on Monday. They do not have employees who are willing to help resolve issues, she was lied to several times by customer service and then nothing was done by the actual store either.


I ended up with a SIM card and old phone, really disappointed my Cricket Communications.

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susan - 43 d 21 s ago



purchased phone on a Friday, did not use it. Returned on Monday and they want to keep the $55.000 monthly service charge.

not good policy


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Kellie Hutchings - 44 d 22 m ago


The cricket store in Bonham tx is very very rude. They do not have good communication between other stores. Instead of them trying to resovle an issue professionally the would rather call and cuss people out. This store need to be checked and restaffed. They are running customers away.

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Aileen Ulich - 44 d 19 h ago


The manager that you hired lead the team at the Cricket store on 29th street I'm San Angelo, TX is a horrible person and boss. She's rude to the customers she's rude and yells at her team. It's discusting the type of people you hire. The store was my favorite to go to, until she came in. Venessa Hernandez needs to be fired. She's been the same way every time I've gone in there. I felt so bad for the employees when they looked at me with fear and despair I felt helpless and walked out. I've never felt so vulnerable for a person before in my life. Please Im begging. Fire her. She's not the right person to work for cricket. She needs to be gone. Venessa Hernandez. Please feel free to contact me via email (hidden) anytime. I'll do anything to help those poor employees get into a better work environment. Thanks. I know you'll make the right decision.

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Kimontae Thomas - 45 d ago


I filed a report that my internet service has not been working about 6 months ago. Over and over, I've brought this to Cricket's attention and all they say is "I'm sorry, I'll file a report". When this happens they call you back a week or 2 later and request to turn the device off for five minutes and back on. This trend has happened 5 or 6 times in the last 6 months. I pay for the fully unlimited but on day 3 or 4 of my billing cycle, I'm getting buffering signals on youtube, mobile apps like prime video and netflix does the same. I recently set up bridge pay, and they told me i have until midnight on the date specified to pay the rest. When I attempted to pay the rest, it was 11:45 pm, but my bill did not reflect bridge pay so i attempted to call for clarification. Customer service was closed at 11:45 pm and my phone was ultimately disconnected at 11:50, ten minutes early and i have a screenshot to prove the billing discrepancy. When i called the next day to explain this, they said it doesnt matter because they close at midnight cst which is 11pm local time. I attempted to explain that i've have have reported service issues that could have played a roll in me not receiving a text about cst time zone differences. I was simply told i have to pay another $60 on top of the $25 i paid. Even with the poor phone services, they made zero effort to help me. I was simply shut down and told i have to pay $85 within 1 monthly cycle to ensure my phone is on. I wanted to file a formal complaint with their corporate office, but my phone is not in service due to this issue. For this, after 10+ years, i am no longer a Cricket Wireless customer

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R. Graham - 46 d 22 h ago


SHAME ON YOU. I bought 2 phones and lines totaling more than $400 and from day one had problems. Couldn't make calls, spotty service, couldn't send a text, send pictures etc. I had the phones for 6 days so I returned them and only got a refund for the actual phones not the service I paid for. Customer service was Not helpful, just robotic idiots repeating themselves. When I asked for the corporate number he said he didn't have one the only option was to snail mail them. I literally laughed out loud and said sure....SHAME ON YOU CRICKET for not giving me a FULL refund on stuff I couldn't use. SHAMmmme! I give you zero stars and will blast bad reviews every

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MizGail - 48 d ago

I happen to like my Cricket phone and service plan. My concern, however, is with the store located in Southern Pines, NC. I went in to buy a charger and found the employee in the back room SICK AS EVERYTHING with the flu. Yes, she had on a mask and yes, there was another "trainee" who came out and waited on me UNMASKED and had not washed her hands. I am 63 years old and do not need to be exposed to the flu this way. The flu, for me, is very debilitating at my age, especially with my cough variant asthma!! I was told the employee's supervisor WOULD NOT let her go home and would not accept a Dr's note as an excuse. My husband contracted Guillan-Barre' several years ago (from a flu episode) and was paralyzed from his feet to his eyebrows, had to be on a ventilator for two weeks, spent 3 weeks in ICU, another 2 weeks on a regular floor and 3 months in rehab to regain the use and strength of his muscles and another year recuperating with therapy at home. HE DOES NOT NEED FLU EXPOSURE. I tried to handle this with the owner of the store, Merrick Harris, but he would never call me. My next step is to report this store and the people involved to the Moore County Health Department or higher if I have to. The flu is NOTHING to mess with, especially unnecessarily !!

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Angry Senior citizen. - 49 d 21 m ago


Cricket is a Money hungry organization that have to take your money 2 days in advance because they want it fast if you are on Auto pay. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. i switched to auto pay last month because my health sometimes makes me not able to leave home. they charged me two days early on my bill as it has sent me into over draft because my deposit only gets there on the sixth of the month and its not officially due till the 8th they personally told me. So i get a charge of $20 from my bank . i live on 655 a month. i have been with cricket for like 10 years but i am changing my service this coming month and they can do without my money.

General profile image - 60 d 13 h ago


Flagged for review. 
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Swanny1977 - 54 d 4 h ago

Hi how's that work I've been looking everywhere for a loan

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