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Cricket Communications, Inc.

Leap Wireless
5887 Copley Dr.
San Diego, CA
Stewart Hutcheson
President and CEO
(858) 882-6000
(858) 882-6010
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Shawn Potts - 8 d 15 h ago


I'm down if anybody wants to get a class action suit started. There holding my numbers and won't unlock my phones after 6 months of service. Contact me at shaahjale@gmail. ALSO EVERYBODY GO FILE A BBB COMPLAINT ONLINE.

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Mr.Beee - 8 d 15 h ago


Wow..Shawn you are talking about Cricket Because cricket wireless is holding my number hostage and want me to pay fees to release it. They can go pound sand up their balloon knot.

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molina - 5 d 21 h ago

what is a bbb complaint and how do I do that?

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Rita Kenney - 10 h 48 m ago

BBB Complaint is

The Better Business Bureau

That's who you call to see if company is fony or real

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Rita Kenney - 11 h ago


Hello Mr Hutcheson

As you No Dickinson Tx was one of most diester area hit by Hurricane Harvey I live in this area most of my Life. I have been with your Company since you've broke ground here. The RedCrossDiesaster Releif had those who were affected to apply so I did and was approved so a text was sent for me to do to receive any funds unfortunately there has been an issue with HACKERS! Well on 10/16/17 around the noon time here I call the 611 for cricket to see they could look into my phone system or I'd have get in contact Yahoo so Mrs,Miss, or Ms Bonnie about this matter then I asked her what does SYNC mean on my phone and she told me I started telling my issue she then told it sounds like I may have a problem with my Yahoo I ask if she could give numbers she said she'll give me yahoo and Google yahoo-1(hidden) I then called this number spoke with a Ms Rosie she then stared to look into my problem she informed me that my account has been HACKED! I ask when this start she said yesterday just a little of my issue I received this number from A Bonnie that work the 611 for cricket I gave this Roise my Credit Card number to fixed the issue I was having so unfortunately the money she was asking for witch was $99 and I did have it so it sounds funny I contact my Credit Card Company and explain what just happened they looked into it and found that it had been HACKED I called Cricket 611 spoke A Patrick I then spoke with A Supervisor name Chris and this how I came you I hope I get A response from this

Thank You Rita Kenney

My address is 3906 Video St.Apt D

Dickinson,Tx 76539

Email: (hidden)

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Louis - 1 d 7 h ago


So I got in the phone today to set up a bridge pay and after trying to navigate the automated service and finding no way to get a live person on the phone and then pressing 0 30 times (no exaggeration) to get someone on the phone, the customer service person I spoke to was rude and inconsiderate and kept interrupting me. Realizing that I was getting nothing done with this lady I asked to speak with a supervisor. I had to ask at least 8 times to get a supervisor on the phone because she rufused to. After finally getting one on the phone, the supervisor was just as rude and inconsiderate, interrupting me just as much. Realizing I was in the same situation with this person, I asked to speak with a manager. Also having to ask several times and being turned down. After finally getting one on the phone ( at this point I've been on the phone for over an hour simply trying to set up a bridge pay) it seemed as if I was finally getting something done. She was very nice and apologetic and said she was going to get the bridge pay set up and apologized for the other two individuals and that she was going to coach them. At this point she hung up and I was under the assumption that everything was fine and i just needed to make my payment for the bridge pay. Several hours later after getting my finances situated, I sent went online to make my first bridge installment. I then checked my account to make sure everything was current, and surprise surprize it was not. So I called again and went thru the many zeros to get someone on the phone, I spoke to an associate and asked if the bridge pay was set up and explained to whole situation that happened earlier. She said that the bridge pay was not set up and she would take care of it now. After taking care of the bridge pay, I asked to speak to a manager to file a complaint about the fact that I was on the phone for over an hour and nothing got done. The lady told me that at I didn't need to speak with a manager that she already dealt with it. I told I needed to speak with a manager to make a complaint. After arguing with her to get one on the phone she hung up on me. NeedlNeedless to say I had to go thru the whole process to get someone on the phone again. After getting someone on the phone, I asked to speak with a manager again and explained the situation. The gentleman refused several times to get a manager on the phone. Finally he decided to get a manager and put me on hold. After being on hold for half an hour without anyone getting back on the line, I got frustrated and used my wife's phone and went thru everything AGAIN to get someone on the phine, meanwhile leaving my phone on hold waiting to a manager. When I finally got someone on my wife's phone, I explained again the situation and that I was still on hold on the other phone. Having to ask this gentlemAn also many times to speak with a manager, he then Put me hold where I waited ten minutes and a manager for on the phone. Meanwhile, still on hold on my phone waiting to see if someone was going to pick it up, I spoke to a supervisor ( not a manager) and he was immediately rude and interrupting. I explained the situation ( again) and told him that if I had to deal with this much longer I would take my service elsewhere. Not taking my complaint seriously, he then suggested I take my business elsewhere. I then escalated it to the manager, again having to ask severAl timeS. After waiting again the manager got on the phone, I explained the whole situation again from beginning to end. This is now the 8th person I have spoken to today. Basically she told me that there was nothing she was going to do and to pay my bridge pay and move on. She told me there was no compilation that she was willing to give me because I was in bridge pay. When askin to speak with another manager, I was told to call back and speak with someone else. Still on hold on my phone, I gave her a peice of my mind and hung up, still waiting to speak with someone on my phone. After being on hold on my phone for an hour and 25 minutes, the line just hung up with no-one ever getting on the line. Needless to say I am quite pissed off.

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Molina - 5 d 21 h ago


We have been loyal costumers for over 5 years now and this is the first time I ever had to use a bridgepay and I was under the assumption they lasted a full week. it was for 6 days (not even enough time to get to our next payday mind you) I was 1 day late and tried to pay the rest of my bill along with the reactivation fee and any late fees if there were any, they refused to let me pay and wanted me to pay a full month service and lose my $ I just paid. I tried to talk to a supervisor and they would not let me. I asked for corporate number and they only had an address to give me. I am currently looking for another phone service provider. I refuse to go back to them if they treat there long time customers or any of their customers like this. All I wanted to do was pay the remainder of my bill and move on. My son has a medical condition the requires us to have a phone at all times. I am thankful we have a home phone.

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Romeo - 6 d 14 h ago


My husband has been a customer for 1-1/2 yrs. For the last 2 months he didn't use his phone, but they kept taking $45 from his account. His phone was broken and he was sick. I asked them for a refund cuz they can check their records n verify he never made any phone calls those 2 months but they refuse. He didn't get the service for what they took...ROBBERS!!!

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Angel - 9 d 9 h ago

Why don't you have deal's for current customers? I have been a loyal customer for years and so have so many people but we don't get any special offers all your offers are for new customers

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Ed Lawrence - 9 d 15 h ago

bought a cube i-phone holder from the store at 1240 n. milwaukee ave. in chicago less than 6 weeks ago. belt clip broke today . went to store and first was told they had no more in stock. When I offered to buy a new one, was shown exact same holder but in a different color. Manager Betty told me she couldnt replace mine because the different color was a different sku#. When I asked for corporate phone # ,Iwas told that store didn't work for corporate. Store was supposed to open at noon, but when I got there at 12:15 ,there was an employee standing outside who explained to me that the manager wasn't there yet. Manager Betty arrived at 1:45 pm. I hope that Cricket can see their way clear to exchange the defective phone case that I bought from them and I also hope that they could better train their managers so this kind of subtrifuge won't continue. I am Edward Lawrence, Engineer for Esperanza Community services. My email address is (hidden). My company phone 312 243-6097 x116. I still need a replacement for the defective case.

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Becka - 11 d 19 h ago

Would not recommend the webb city store. Melissa was very rude and unprofessional to fellow coworkers in front of myself children and other other customers. She exhibits no customer service skills what so ever.

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Anonymous - 22 d 40 m ago


I am down for a class action lawsuit this company is run by clowns.

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Anonymous - 21 d 19 h ago


I agree i got fired but it had nothing to do with my job . its cause they hired a felon and i asked how cause the manager is a felon for stealing money.

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????????????? - 13 d 16 h ago


where is this store located?

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Becka - 11 d 19 h ago

They have one in webb city however i would not recommend it. The manager is absolutely rude and unprofessional

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Anonymous - 21 d 15 h ago

Yes it is...... They take your money and run. Wonder what it is like working for them with no training or responsibility!

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Douglas Behrens - 12 d ago



Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 13 d 11 h ago

I have been paying my cell phone bill in the past three months, but for the month of October 4, 2017, a representative from Cricket Wireless did not accept my monthly payment I was trying to pay in behalf of one of my loved ones. I'm sure robots would do a better job.

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Anonymous - 17 d 15 h ago


I would like to have somebody contact me regarding my account I think it is a very wrong what you guys just did to my daughter she did not even have the phone for a week it did not work at her job it did not work at her apartment she was returning it the lady told her the phone was scratched there was no scratch on it she spent over almost $200 to get a phone and turned on and you didn't give her a penny back what kind of company is this please contact me

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Kim - 14 d 10 h ago


I bought an lg phone sept.6 nine days later i tried to take the phone back for exchange. The phone gets extremely hot to the point of burning my ear. I receive over heating alerts.i was told because i had it nine days nothing they could do about after seven days. My point being if my phone battery blows up my house burns cricket will have a huge law suit. Why not exchange the phone like any other carrier would do and save us both a huge headache..I also contacted lg and was told this was bs and u had to have more than a seven day warranty on the phone. Please contact me.

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VERY ANGRY RIGHT NOW - 16 d 13 h ago


Everybody that is having problems with cricket call your attorney generals office and thing will happen very quickly. I am having problems getting good all my money back so I am fed up with cricket. I talked to three different agents within fifteen minutes test and got hung up on every time. I am really disgusted now. I am not going to sit back and let them take advantage of anymore. It's only 23.00 but it's the point of it all. If corporate would like to email me my address is (hidden) I am waiting to hear zone thing if I ever do.

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Barbara - 16 d 14 h ago


I still am having too many stupid pop up ads .. They are annoying and I think this is crazy we have to have them.

You were the best but now this is just crazy..

Your service was fine before all ads..

I know my pass word but even that doesn't stop the ads

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Shelia - 17 d 20 h ago

I cancelled my account the day after my account was debited for $83. but before I cancelled I asked the cricket representative will I get a refund and he said sure just call your bank so I switched to another wireless company and my bank put the money back in my account ;well cricket didn't honor it so the bank took the money back out my account.I have made several calls to cricket and each representative that I spoke with told me the same thing ;call your bank ' why do they tell people to call the bank when they already know we won't get our money back had I known that I would have stayed with cricket another month since I had already paid .I paid for service I did not receive.After talking to at least 6 different Representatives I was finally told I wouldn't be getting my money back.i was totally mislead by cricket and I'm sure I not the only one. It seems cricket has a way of scamming people out of money and this type of service needs to stop.

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Ronald Williams - 18 d 15 h ago


I need someone to contact me today or as soon as possible about my insurance I pay to cricket wireless, not some off Brand insurer...My phone is broken today and I do not have $75.00 to purchase a new phone???

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Nicole martinez - 19 d 12 h ago


I have had cricket since 2014. I decided to switch companies do to poor service in my area. I made a full payment on Saturday and discontinued my service on Tuesday. I understand that I don't get my money back but, I thought I had my service all transfered over so as a courtesy I called cricket to disconnect my service with them. My phone was working great unting Thursday when I find out I can't receive calls so I called cricket and they said that my service was discontinued during the transfer process and in order to release my3 lines/ home numbers I have to pay210.00 dollars to reconnect and a months payment. I have had my phone number for 16 years and cricket is not willing towels me out. I talked to one floor manager that said no problem and that she was working on 2 line but the 3rd one she was having issues so she needed to re start her computer and call me back in 5 mins. She never did so l called back and told my story yet to another person. I was placed on hold for 24 minutes before I hung up. I called back a 3rd time and told my story again and then I talked to another manager and told my story again. She went on to tell me there was no notes that I had talked to the 1st manager and that she could help me, but she told me I would have to pay money again. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME???

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