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Cricket Communications, Inc.

Leap Wireless
5887 Copley Dr.
San Diego, CA
Stewart Hutcheson
President and CEO
(858) 882-6000
(858) 882-6010
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Lisa wilson - 10 h 25 m ago


Went to my local cricket store in Moundsville wv. Was going to buy a new phone full price of 698.00 the phone I wanted to look at someone put a pattern lock on it. So I asked the lady to unlock it and she said well someone like you put it on. Hello I'm a tier 3 tech support for a wireless carrier. She refused to even get a phone out for me to see if it had the features my mom may like. She told me so well your out of luck. Didn't even bother walking out from behind d her little counter to help me look for a phone. What a waste of air. I've worked in retail and customer service for 10 years and the that is not how you treat customers.

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Davis 129 - 1 d 10 h ago


Cricket customer service agents are horrible

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Mary Elswick - 3 d 20 h ago


I went to my local Cricket store to buy a sim card. The manager changed my phone number to my son's number and now my son has no phone and he needs it for his job. The manager was very rude to me and my son when we both called about what happened and she said nothing can be done about it. I will not recommend Cricket to anyone. The manager of the cricket store which I assume is a franchise needs a lesson in good customer service or she needs to be terminated in talking to customers the way she does.

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brenda - 4 d 9 h ago


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yep - 4 d 10 h ago


I have been with cricket off and off for several years. i cant afford insurance and have had a few incidents as to where my phone was stolen i went into the store with an old cricket phone and they told me that i had to pay for a sims cars just to have my number that was already activated reactivated because when i called to tell them it had been stolen they immediately told me to suspend my phone. i took that advice then went to the cricket store to have them turn on another sim card paying and some change. I am a single mother with two kids trying to take care of my father and havent been able to work as much as i need to. i asked them for hr or someone in corporate phone number and they refused to help me in that area! i asked if they had any refurbished phones because i had once before had a manager tell me about the refurbished phones in case of an incident like this. they said no they do not offer that and refused to help me in anway they told me also there was no way to find my phone throiugh there systems unless i had downloaded and app prior to doing so. i am very sickened by this company and feel like they are no t accomidating to the customers needs. They also started charging a 3+ fee to already paying customers who come into the store to to pay there bill! but they say its free online! how ridiciuouls is this and nothing more than a scam cricket is a hoak and sammers!

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It. Was. Bad. Refund my. 77.00 dollars. Never. Used your phone. Tks. God. Bless. Mrs. PatriciaPatricia - 6 d 8 h ago

Attention. Mr. Hutcheson....I. Am writing. To you. On. Behalf of. An incident. That happened. In. Hammond. LA. At. One of your. Walk in. Stores. I. Am. Very. Upset. Actually. Sick of what. Happened. Here. I am. A. Senior. Citizen. Almost. 70 years of age. And. What took place. As. The. Officer and. A young man who works also in the office. Said should not have taken place by the 2. Girl. Employees. For starters. I had been with. W. Company. For. Several. Months. And I saw your ad. Offering a. Phone plus. A. 50. Credit. So I went to. Talk. To. Your. Worker. She. Lied to me. Telling. Me. That. Metro. PCs. Sends. All. Their. Customers. To. Your. Company. Cricket. For better. Service. Well. That. Wasent. True I. Got a phone on. 5tth. And. Had to go back to store. Everyday. For. I. Had no service at all. I could not even receive or. Make a call at all. I live alone and. I stayed awake. All night long. Because I. Had no. Phone. Service. Could not even call. S. Police. If need help. Or. Medical. Help. I am disable. And lice alone. I went back. To store. Two. Or. Three. Different. People. Tried to help. But. Nothing. Helped. Two. Girls. Were. Rude. Told me off. Refused. To. Help or talk to me I. Had. Chest. Pains. So. Trai. A. Young guy there told me. Contact u all. And. Go back to my regular. Service. Noe I called. The. Card. I. Putt. 77/00. Dollars on to get this. I. Stopped. And cancelled. This on. 6. The. Day. But had no service since. Day. 1. I. Need. My. Refund put back on. My. American. Express. Card. Asap. And. I need. A. RMA. Return label. Number. Sent. Or. Emailed. To. Me. I. Have. Original. Package. Phone complete. As. Was. Ready. To. Return. To. You. I. Will. Never. Do. Business. Nor. Refer. Any one. Else. To. You. All. Due to. The. Behavior. Conduct. Lues. Of. This. Young women. J. J. And. The. Other. I. Can't spell her name. I expect this to be. Handled. Fairly. In. A. Timely. Manner. God. Bless you. And thanks. For. Time and. Help. You should see. My. Card number. By. The. Receipt. Waiting for. RMA. Number. And return address. Or I will. Take. Package. To. Hammond and leave. At desk. Will call. Police. Again if need. Too. Hopefully. I won't have to. Have a. Blessed. Sunday. Mrs. Patricia. Winget. (hidden)9.

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Susie Alvarez - 6 d 9 h ago

Hello am a metro customer and I try to go to cricket and I had a big disagreement with cricket and misunderstanding my phone is cut off due to an miss communication please I need to speak or email me at stephenalvarez (hidden)

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crystal Richardson - 7 d 10 h ago


Poor about to leave charging way to much for service and bridge pay..

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Daisy - 10 d ago

Hello I have been a customer of Cricket since 2013. My phone has been hacked and now hijacked. I would like to know how to stop this from happening going forward. This phone is my personal phone not something my employer pays for or provided a discount for. I work for a software company an employee was given a directive to hack my phone by pinging it. Since then this developer has been able to root malware or software on my phone that allows them to emulate my phone. I have reset my phone to factory settings. This is not the only phone they have done this to since 2014. I was told by developers they only have to have your phone number. Since 2014 they have learned how to manipulate your software where it allows them to control my phone. I really need this to stop but want to help Cricket become aware they have a potential problem. I'm not sure how isolated this is with your software only you can determine that. I have multiple phones I can provide you so you can do your research.

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Anonymous - 10 d 14 h ago


Cricket has screwed customers once again

This is the 3rd month in a row we have had trouble with cricket. This was the final straw. We enrolled in bridgepay which is supposed to give u 7 days of service. Which since we paid it on 6-1 we should have had until 6-8 to pay the remainder of our bill but we received a text on 6-6 saying the remainder had to be paid by 6-7. I called 611 to find out what was going on and was told that if it was not paid by 6-7 it would be suspended. I asked how this was possible if it gives us 7 days how it could be due on 6-7 when 6-8 would be 7 days, i was told i didnt know how to count and that again if it was not paid by 6-7 our account would be suspended i then asked to speak to a supervisor, after waiting on hold for over an hour i had to hang up because i had an appt. I called again the next day and finally spoke to a supervisor and was told there was nothing they could do to help i asked for a corporate phone number and the one i was given and the only one i could find is always busy. I told the supervisor i spoke with that they would probably be losing a customer and was asked if i really thought the loss of one customer would break a company as big as cricket. I was told that the loss of my business would be incinsequential.

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SCALOSSO - 10 d 14 h ago


To Whom it may concern, well although I've not seen such negativity for any place, ever - at least not one that is still in business - I'm going to take the plunge and see if anything is done to right my wrong. I actually feel horrible for all of the customers whose reviews I've read. Honestly, don't think I have a snowball's chance in hell of obtaining relief. So, here is my mini saga: Our phone bills (my husband and myself) were due on the 9th of this month. Oddly enough, we had the funds early AND we remembered to pay it two days prior to disconnection. So, into the local office my spouse goes. He pays the fee for both our phones ($70). Upon arriving back at home however, he realized his internet was still running slowly. Having a desire to speed up his services, my husband then upgraded his plan. This involved an additional $10. Paid in full via card to a customer service representative over the phone. All is well unti that dreaded midnight hour on our original due date of the 9th. At which time, much to my dismay, our services were halted. Nothing. No internet, no phone service. Just a whole lotta empty air. Ironically, midnight is also just a little too late to get a live person at Cricket who may be of some assistance to their customers. Odd, I thought, but surely it must just be that the confirmation number which was texted to our phones upon receipt of payment needed to be entered. It must be something silly such as that. Oh no, but it was not. And how off the mark I had been. "Your Cricket phone service was disconnected due to an overdue amount of ------------------------ONE DOLLAR----------------------- Oh, surely there's been an error, this can't be correct!!! No, there had been no error. Seems that Steve and Sarah (also known as BONNIE AND CLYDE) owed $1.00. One hundred pennies. We paid the dollar bill, shaking our heads and chuckling in disbelief all the while. But pay it we did. The following morning, and you probably can already guess this part, I contacted the customer service center. Now, I know that logically speaking, I'm sure that I've become angrier in my life. I'm certain my blood pressure has been higher. I'm even close to positive that I've been treated worse. But, I cannot for the life of me, name that time. You see, it seems that with the upgrade my husband purchased, and because he did so two days prior to our actual due date, it caused a small gap. A hiccup, if you will. And for those two days, those two amazingly, fabulously, majestically speedy days of service, it seems that we were in the red with cricket for that dollar. Now, as if this wasn't bad enough, i then had a twenty minute conversation (first with Bairon, then with his supervisor). Now, in all fairness Bairon was very professional and conducted himself very well, even in the face of adversity, (and I am admitting to you now, reader, as I did to Bairon at the time of the call, this was not his fault. Bairon listened to my complaints, my concerns and my anger. He was appropriately sympathetic, but could offer me a $5 credit for my troubles. Well, Bairon, as much as I appreciate your listening skills, $5 just is not going to cut it. Bairon understood and subsequently, obtained his supervisor, NEYDI CHAVEZ, to assist me. Ms. Chavez, along with the initial disconnect issue, is the reason for this letter being written. Upon taking over the call, Ms. Chavez asked what the issue was. This part of the conversation almost began pleasantly, however simply trying to determine if Ms. Chavez had been apprised of the reason for the call. Argumentative from the moment she opened her mouth, the conversation went from bad to very bad, and very rapidly escalated to worse. Having finally answered me regarding whether or not she had been informed as to the reason I was calling, Ms. Chavez had me explain my situation. Of course, this was to be expected, and I went about the explanation as thoroughly as possible. Ms. Chavez seemed to be listening, the sound of computer keys clicking in the background. Then she proceeded to repeat back to me what I had told her. She, at one moment, sounded as though she would almost certainly be considered for the Nobel peace prize as she stated that the one dollar fee had occurred because there had been a two day gap before our bill was due. My, she was a proud peacock at that moment. I, again, informed Ms. Chavez that it had not been the additional charge that was the issue. Nor was it the ridiculous amount of the charge. It was the fact that we not only paid our bill IN FULL and EARLY, but that we upgraded our service and PAID ADDITIONAL FUNDS. Ms. Chavez, (could it have been on purpose?), stated the issue again. And once again explained that it was simply the gap that caused the fee, therefore causing the disconnection. It was at this point however, that Ms. Chavez and I went onto completely separate levels. She then said to me, "So, because of the gap, you owed $1. But, I see here where you paid it and your service was turned back on. So, there is no issue". Nope!!!! Wrong answer Ms. Chavez. There's an issue. Big, big issue. Our phone service was DISCONNECTED FOR A DOLLAR!!! That's a problem. Nobody to speak to until 7 hours later - another problem. What if, Ms. Chavez, i had been on my way to work, (I actually walk to work)? What if something had happened? And i couldn't reach my husband? That's a very, very big problem Ms. Chavez. And to my husband, that 'issue' as you call it, would not have been beyond repair. Ms. Chavez, although I didn't think it possible, then made the conversation worse. She then stated, "Well, you have to remember that whenever you make changes to your service, by upgrading etc., that there may be a gap period which you'll be responsible for as well." I then began my argument related to this ridiculous statement. Explaining, once again, it wasn't the gap, the fee, or the dollar. THE PHONES WERE SHUT OFF. She then repeated the stupidity. "You have to remember......" At this point, she got cut off. With my voice and blood pressure now both raising at a dangerous rate, i explained that "No, I DO NOT HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT INFORMATION. Not at all. Not ever. Do you know why i don't have to remember that, Ms. Chavez? Because I am not employed by your company. The employee who took the payment for the upgrade should have remembered it. That probably should have happened. Because it would have prevented all of this. ALL OF IT". Ms. Chavez then stated her boss does not take calls. Refusing to give me an employee identification number, I could only get her name. Ms. Chavez made it a point, however, to inform me that the call was being recorded. I hope she was right about ONE THING. I hope the call was recorded. And i hope, sincerely hope, that SOMEONE AT THE CORPORATE OFFICE steps up. Do the right thing, Cricket. Sarah Calosso

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Anonymous - 11 d 9 h ago


To whom this may concern,

I wanted to let you know that your staff on 3868 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53704 are fantastic. I have had problems with my phone a couple of times. The staff was very helpful. They were very patient with me and explained what I needed to do. Thank you for having such great management and team. Please keep up the great employees.


Dawn C.

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Michal darden - 11 d 12 h ago


this might(hidden) Darden

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michaeldarden - 11 d 12 h ago


One of the store I was at are telling me that I have to buy phone insurance.that's you are the pushing this on your customers.if I don't here from you soon.I will report this week too better business and the media outlets.thanks Mr Darden

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Masood - 11 d 14 h ago


We have excellent location in Norcross, GA 30071).

At the Junction of Buford Hwy & Langford Road, (30071), good Visibility, Opposite to CVS.

If anyone is interested in opening Cricket sales office please call; (hidden) or (hidden).


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Victoria - 13 d 6 h ago


I am a cricket user and I have been screwed one way after another this phone they sold me is substandard everything is wrong with this xlg I paid cash for it it's a piece of crap I called Cricket after having it for 10 days I have called them close to 20 times I have called LG 4 times I have been told by LG and Cricket that I need the phone replaced but now they tell me well you'll have to send it back to us first I'm not sending you back a damn thing with all my personal information on it and now you want me to go out and buy an SD card cuz your lousy phones don't have them you're a bunch of idiots you're the worst scumbag company on the face of the planet everything is wrong with this LG phone I mean everything everything that is possible is wrong with this lousy cell phone and all I get is a lot of excuses from your call center that is not even in the United States of America

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Anonymous - 13 d 17 h ago

Wow, sounds like Cricket is a real shit place. I quit them after they wanted $3 more to take my cash Payment. Charging me to take my payment, what bullshit. Cricket would rather lose $600 a year to try and get $36. I am amazed they are still in business

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Kineen00 - 13 d 20 h ago

Totally sucks when it comes to customer service, complete language barrier, they don't listen to what you are saying, the language barrier make it impossible for them to understand what you are saying to them.

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Tyson Jones - 14 d 12 h ago


Worst customer service ever these people are incompetent don't know how to run a company recently I enrolled in bridge pay due to a rough month with finances when I went to pay the full bill they wanted to charge me the full cost instead of the remaining amount of my bill as agreed I could not believe my ears so I called customer service the office I went to did not enroll me in Bridgeway and they said they had sent me out many text messages to alert me that my account was coming do I have not received any of those text messages or any alerts on my cricket account I will now be removing all of my phones from cricket and signing on to the parent company AT&T who has impeccable customer service

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Shauna - 17 d 16 h ago


I bought my son a Galaxy prime amp 2 less than 2 weeks ago the store had no screen protectors or cases for that phone needless to say now his screen is cracked. Why sell phones that u have no accessories for

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Anonymous - 17 d 19 h ago


Bought a phone from Cricket, had issues with it from the first day. After spending 3 days with tec support who was not able to fix the problem. I spent the next few days trying to get back to the store. Since I am unable to drive this was not easy. The store was closed after a week of calling the store and getting no answer I was able to get a ride to another store which was also closed. I finally find a store open in Miller Place which was open and get a ride there. This is where I met Tom who was the manager. He told me that if I was not there to buy a phone from his store he could not help me and sent me on my way. Since the store closed with in the 7 days of the warranty I am out of luck. I called customer service to be left on hold for 56 minutes. I am a senior and do not have a house phone. My only option is to buy another phone or mail this one back and have no phone for 3 weeks. Shame on you Cricket. ...

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Anonymous - 18 d 17 h ago



Problems with the phone from start to finish.

Supervisor offered a credit for $15 since phone

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Lorenzo D - 18 d 18 h ago


Cricket wireless authorized retailer store in Waldorf MD, 11750 Business Park Dr is absolutely one of the worst stores I have worked for. The management team is absolutely horrible. I started working there in February 2017 and from the beginning my supervisor told me to not expect any help from anybody and expect money to be missing from my check. He went on to tell me they have been taking money from his check since he started years ago and sure enough when my first check came, I was missing $100 and when i asked higher up management why my check was missing money they gave me some bullshit excuse saying I paid the wrong bill. Keep in mind, when i joined no one told me the rules or how things worked. I went through a week long training course on how to basically work the register and that was it. I was not informed of the company policy or anything. The store needed coverage because people were quitting non stop and so they just hired me on a whim. Anyways, ever since my first terrible check the rest of my checks were no different. Finally I started demanding why they were taking money out and I asked even the district manager and when I started asking TOO much, they fired me! I requested documentation as to why I am being fired and documents explaining why all that money was taken out my check, I was met with silence. Currently looking into legal action because this is simply not right. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AND HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT. I will never recommend cricket to anyone I know and will forever tell people about the horrible management AND horrible customer service!

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Tre - 19 d ago


I have been with Cricket for a number of years and they are not the best but the customer service at this specific location on 88th and Wadsworth in Westminster, Colorado has always been amazing!! Unfortunately, I had an encounter with the (I am assuming he is new) Manager Matt who was extremely unprofessional! He basically called me a thief and scam artist for wanting to exchange my brand new phone that was faulty (which I had a valid receipt for). He refused to help me all while yelling at me and clapping his hands in my face! He is a big man and there were no customers in the store and I really felt threatened. I asked for his managers name and number and he refused to give it to me by stating " I emailed him and he is with his family and said he don't have time for you right now so you have to deal with me and I'm not giving you s#!&". He continued to scream at me saying "I was lucky we weren't at his other job" (not too sure what that meant or what type of other work he does). Very unprofessional, threatening, no customer service skills whatsoever, and a flat out BULLY! I will never NEVER do business at this location due to this unfortunate experience! I really hope moving forward Cricket has a better customer service training program for new managers because they completely failed with this incompetent person! Very dissatisfied!!

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Im from India - 19 d 9 h ago


Store on Arizona Ave n freeway;

Cricket Wireless

Southern Sunset Plaza

4.2 mi Mesa, AZ

Manager is fucking employee Pricilla. It is the most unprofessional environment!

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