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Cricket Communications, Inc.

Leap Wireless
5887 Copley Dr.
San Diego, CA
Stewart Hutcheson
President and CEO
(858) 882-6000
(858) 882-6010
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Odalys robles - 15 m 15 s ago


Please if the ceo or somebody contact me im a proud employee but curently going to be fired unfairly bc im pregnant and he doesnt want to pay maternity leave the boss cusses at me not properly talking to me like a boss should has me working about 5 hrs but recently notice he only has me on the books for 15 hrs and i tried to explain that after maternity leave i will deff be back to work thanks to daycare and he doesnt want to hear it ive been working for him for almost a year breaking my back standing outside in the summer sense 9am to 8pm getting customers to come in also been opening early for him got my whole family to get with cricket the customer love me and i love my customers i dont think its fair what hes doing to me i shouldnt be getting treated like this unfairly he also already hired someone elase to take my spot im not due till may and he wants me to leave by april my family wants me to sue im young this is my first child i have bills to pay without this job i will loose everything i dont want to sue cricket i love cricket so i decided ro come to you guys first please help he also always ask me about my sexual life bc hes fat and always talks about how his girlfriend wont give him oral sex i told him pleanty of times i feel uncomfterble but he continues i herd by corporate that there ready to close this store down bc its not doing good but also ive been working here for almost a year and im still officially with cricket so everytime corporate comes to visit i jave to wear someone elses name tagg please help

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Odalys robles - 13 m 35 s ago

Sorry i ment i work 35 hrs

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Christina Cevallos - 1 d 24 h ago


Back in December i called to get one line off my account because Cricket did do anything to fix the problem on my phone, they ended up turning off two of my lines and they didnt turn it back on until i paid the 15.00 for their mistake. Anyway after i paid for their mistake they connected the phone now i have random people calling my husbands phone and harrasing him while hes at work or late at night when we are sleeping. I called to see if they change the number and waive the fee (its the least they can do after i paid for their mistake) and they said they are not allowed to change it until i paid the 15.00...

I know now that Cricket wireless does NOT care about their customers and all they want is money.

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Tiffany Steele - 1 d ago


I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S7 online on Friday. I was told that I would get it on Tuesday after 5:00 PM. When I called to find out why was there a delivery attempt made at 9:30 AM, I was transferred from one representative to another pretending to be managers. My issue was never resolved meanwhile I have paid my $728.99 for a phone that I will not receive. There was contract made between Cricket and me; however, Cricket has not honored that contract. All elements are present for this contract to be legally enforceable. Please rest assured that I will file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission, the Consumer Protection Agency, the Better Business Bureau and my State Attorney General.

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DisgustedCustomer - 2 d ago


This company has the absolute worse customer service I have ever experienced! I've had Sprint and AT&T and have never had problems with customer service. I left Sprint a couple months ago after being with them for 5 years. The service in my area kept dropping my calls. After switching to Cricket, I will gladly go back to Sprint. I had an issue with my payment that required I deal with a supervisor. The supervisor ends up hanging up the phone on me because I asked for the corporate number. I called back and was told that they would credit my account $10. I had to go to work and told them I would call back to make a payment and will this $10 credit show when I call back. They assured me everything was in the notes. I called back, nothing was in the notes. Not the conversation with the supervisor that hung up on me, not the $10 credit and now, my bill jumped up another $5 dollars somehow. I just tried to call the corporate office and it's not operational. I have never dealt with such terrible customer service and I'm getting the sense that this company is doing some shady business. I'm terribly disappointed and disgusted. I will definitely make sure no one I know uses this service and I will report this situation to the better business bureau. All I have is an address for this company since the phone number conveniently doesn't work, I will send multiple letters to their headquarters.

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Terri ramirez - 2 d 34 m ago

Can you get with me to discuss some statement on calls at (hidden),if I do not answer please leave a msg to call u back

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Dawn williams - 3 d 3 h ago


I went into one of your stores the other day and also day before switch from metro to Cricket. For one it took us the first time over 3 hours to even get one phone switched over and i left with mine still not done. The night night my finacee and i go back, same store different clwrk and she gets it done way faster and gives us the free $25 activation that goes with it.i look on the receipt from that first one and that clerk had over charged us the $25 dollars...soon as i saw ot, next day i called left. Messages and no call back of course to fix the sitiation...and to find out the woman wno did all this that first time is the Manager of that Clovis ca. Sierra vista mall lot and im veru disappointed and still looking for my refund.thanks.

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Nafeesah Swain - 5 d ago


I'm having problems with my cricket wireless service account.When,I went into the cricket wireless store in Alabama, I wasn't told if, I don't pay my wireless service on my first account that my second cellphone will be suspend and, I just start my second service on my account and it haven't been thirty days and my second services is suspend. And when the young man in the store told me when, I come in to pay my bill that, I've to pay fifty toward my account not sixty-six dollars and that's what, I was trying to tell the customer service supervisor and he didn't want to hear what,I had to say about my account and what, I was told so, I need for u to call me back so we can discuss my account to you this is my second problem that, I had with cricket wireless the first one was the young lady told me that cricket don't carry insurance on there cellphone.I need for you to call me at this number (hidden).And,I need my phone back on now because,I already put them fifty dollars toward my account and that's what, I was told,I had to pay toward my account

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Mustafa rue Pugh #862 238 9994 - 6 d 3 m ago

Hello my name is mustafa rue Pugh I ordered a phone online it got delivered an as I was about to sign the ups guy said that the company ask for the phone to be returned. I called customer service an they said that they sent the wrong phone. Said that I would have to wait till next Friday for my money to be refuned go me. I said you can keep the money just send the right phone they said I can order again once I get the refund. I even asked if they can send a confirmation number to the store down the street from me an they said no. Cricket didn't have to wait to get its money but I have to wait longer then the two days I agreed to. I am outraged!!! I have business I have to attend to this week coming up an I need that phone. They could have let me keep the wrong phone until I got the right phone and then I could have sent them the wrong phone back. If I'm telling y'all on recorded records that yall can keep the money just some how let me get my phone that I ordered. The money is still in the account. Order #122908263 Can someone please get back to me as soon as possible. I would really be grateful.

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BC - 6 d 23 s ago

Don't you all know ATT bought "Cricket" over two years ?

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LAREN - 18 d ago

Cricket phone comm. is the worst. I would NEVER recommend their service to anyone. Their cooperate office will do nothing to address the cleints phone problems. NEVER BUY CRICKET SERVICE. A serious class action suit is coming for cricket and their lawyers will NOT be able to defend or will, there will be NO legal loopholes I PROMISE.

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Anonymous - 18 d 21 h ago

Calm down they are a corporation you have 1 lawyer they have ten

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David - 14 d ago


Better Business Bureau is the way to go go online fill out the application and send it in we are all having problems with Cricket customer service I thought it was just me but it's not I switched over from another company that I was with for over 10 years I'd only been with Cricket for 3 months and I regret switching over to them what kind of Cricket customer service do they have they are all Hindus you cannot understand them and they play games like one time they weren't answering any of my questions when I asked hello hello no one answered and then I go are you there then the technician answered and said yes I said what's going on he said I cannot hear you if you cannot hear me how was he able to answer my questions

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Anonymous - 14 d ago


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David - 14 d ago


That's because you are an American and they come from a terrorist country and it makes their day to make an American unhappy their technicians are like in the movie Slumdog Millionaire once they leave the office they go back to their slum neighborhood laughing and telling their friends how they pissed off an American that's the truth if the technicians came from America I think we would have better and proper customer service I don't understand Punjabi language but they seem to use their accent it's called American Punjabi language hello my friend please come again they talk like that to piss you off so it's not that they're speaking English to you but they put their accent in it to piss you off

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Anonymous - 6 d 7 h ago

They took mine too I have filed a complaint with BBB and am writing the corporate office as well

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Lovie Griffin - 8 d 19 h ago


My phone was broken . I was return a new phone through warranty. I was told to keep the sim card and the SD card and return the phone only. When I call to placed the Sim Card and sd card into the phone it does not work. Those asian from another country wants me to purchase another Sim card because this card is activated in which you and I both know. The service is paid up until March 1, 2017. I have paid for service on a know you all enat me pay for another service to use my phone. It sound lije you all are thieves. Trying swaddle folks out of money. You all have the poorest phone service and corrupted company person can deal with.

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Michael Moncrief - 10 d ago


I am getting harass everyday for crimes that i havent committ my phones as been fraudulent wire tapped i have been falsely accused being a islamic muslim terrorist a serial rapist,molesting little boys,girls,robbing people banks,stores;sexual predator,child porn watcher,for years these fabricated lies has destroyed my football career,boxing career my college education my life i have been discriminated against treated unfairly by the cleveland police,f.b.i. cuyagoga county officers,community police,They trying to keep me silent so they can keep on harassing punishing me abusing me they have been controlling my phones my life like iam a rag doll they trying to kill me with there tactics domestic abuse and terrorism they have me under 24/7 surveillance i fell like iam cage in like a animal iam very stress out emotional stress my blood pressure is so high like iam about to have a stroke and die everyday abuse.

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Totally disappointed in your product and customers service - 13 d 9 m ago

This is the worst experience I have ever had!!!! This is completely ridiculous. You need to be banned and reported. The claims department is a complete joke. Headed to SPRINT, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!! 3YRS of my time and money gone to waste. Taking advantage of folks who'd like to have prepaid services.

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David - 14 d ago


Cricket customer service are terrorist Punjabi terrorist it's not my fault that they are living in a slum they're like in that movie Slumdog Millionaire where he find his brother from working as a customer service technician and when he was done working he had to go back to his slum neighborhood you know the one word everybody is watching him on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire what kind of country is that they're terrorists telling you terrorist they are mad because they are living in a slum and they get happy by making us Americans getting ripped off by pujabi people like in the movie there so scandalous they would melt out the little kids eyes so he can see and Panhandle for money that's what kind of country is handling our customer service crooked as hell terrorist terrorist terrorist thank God for Donald Trump trump is going to kick them in the bump

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David - 14 d ago


Your customer service is it adequate technicians are racial against Americans that is the reason why you guys give us such bad customer service because whatever country your technicians are at are probably a terrorist country and does not like Americans that is the reason why you guys have half a star on customer service because your racial terrorist customer service team makes it hard for Americans to get proper customercare I am so glad Donald Trump is going to put a stop to you guys going out of country to get technicians why can't you guys hire in America why you're selling your phone's here but yet you won't hire nobody to be a technician here you have to go to a terrorist country we are never going to get proper care until Donald Trump finalizes the law I asked to speak to somebody in America because I could not understand Punjabi or whatever country Afghanistan or whatever country they were from and they speak terrible English have you ever seen that movie Slumdog Millionaire where there's hundreds of thousands of people standing in front of a computer doing customer service that's what's going on today people that are coming from the slums giving Americans problems when they get off of work they go back to their slums talking about how they pissed off an American and how they would not help them

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Anonymous - 14 d 39 s ago

I've made two Debit card payments over the phone (713) 397:8982 THE cricket company told me that only one PAYMENT went through but when I called again they told me that both went through and a refund was ordered to get my money back. I called my Bank they told me the same thing,I'm MISSING 60 dollars out of my account and I truly BELIEVE SOMEONE AT CRICKET STOLE MY MONEY I WANT EVER MAKE A PAYMENT WITH MY CARD AGAIN, I WANT MY MONEY AND IF NOT I'M GOING TO CONTACT THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE AND TELL THEM WHAT'S GOING ON IN YOUR COMPANY JAMES GREENHOUSE.

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Anonymous - 14 d 26 s ago


all i have to say is that your customer service is horrible i spoke to someone on the phone and was told something and when i went to store i was told something else i was given a 5 dls credit on my account which in all reality is crap i i hate the customer service people because they dont understand when i call and i asked to speak to a supervisor and spoke to and instead of understanding just treated me like crap i asked for a manager and there was none i need to email mr. hutcheson but there is no email for him

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Anonymous - 14 d 5 s ago


Your customer service is inadequate to handle any situation they cannot go out of their own system and check out their own promotions or to assist the customer in any situation that occurs not one Cricket customer care technician has helped me and my family since we join with Cricket we were with our last phone carrier for 11 years and now we've been with Cricket for 3 months we have a phone that was defected and we sent it back the warranty department is not honoring the warranty they are claiming that there was internal damage which that is false then they want us to write letters to the corporate to explain our situation that is little too much and if we have to buy another phone it is cheaper for us to leave cricket and go to another carrier we will probably get free phones and better customer service

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mayra torres - 16 d 21 h ago


My name is mayra torres had a very bad experience with customer care at this moment im without a phone due to their negligence I am asking for some one to get in touch with me as soon as possible my next step is to sue CRICKET WIIRELESS SO PLEASE CALL ME AT 860 230 4491 THANK YOU

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Tee - 14 d ago


This may be your best bet. I tried calling corporate office and the number does not work I've been to customer service several times no help at all. Go to Ask Kurtis. He deals with this stuff. It will be on the news. Go to better business bureau file a report.

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