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Days Inn Worldwide, Inc.

1 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 753-6000
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Pissed - 1 d 4 h ago


As per the conversation I had with Marisa where I explained upon check-in my mother and I were advised the hotel was at capacity and they were no longer excepting walk-ins.

When we got into our hotel room 205 to our surprise it was a hole in the wall and literally had hole's in the walls, roaches, broken furniture, broken light fixtures, pulled up carpet, chettos in the AC vent and even a rusty towel rack

just overall a disappointment.

Much to the disappointment of my mother and myself every hotel seemed to be booked due to the presidents holiday weekend in which point we were forced to stay at this hotel after purchasing raid and keeping the lights ON.

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Janette rivera - 1 d 3 h ago


I am trying to get in contact with the higher up some money please give me a call (hidden)4I need to file a complaint against stays in Saint Augustine 16 and 95

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Mike - 1 d 9 h ago


I stayed in the days Inn located in summerton SC and it was, the most unpleasant stay,. There was a, dirty toilet and tub. Floss stick in corner of room and a, bottle of pills left in a chair in the corner of the, room when I went to front desk the woman, was pleasant and I asked, for a, refund, she, declined, and offered us another room. When I complained, to the day manager she told, me she could, not do nothing about it and gathered the, head maid and another maid they said that the room was cleaned, and that's it when I expressed the, concerns about the dirty room and pills the maid said that I put them in the, room and as, white people we trying to get, a, free night NOW, I am a, retired, contractor I travel all over the, east coast I don't need,a,free , rooms, I pay for everything I get I don't ask for charity when, t talked to the manager in the morning she, told me she can not help me since. I contacted corporate and expressed I leave the property ASAP or she would call the police I asked her why would you call the police when I have not said or did anything out of control I was very pleasant and nice to her and the staff even, when I was called racist and, rude, and, when I was mistreated DO NOT STAY AT, THE AYS INN LOCATED IN SUMMERTON SC OFF 95 SOUTH EXIT 108

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Bev - 1 d 9 h ago

We stayed at Days Inn in Myrtle Beach last night and it is totally disgusting

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Anonymous - 2 d ago


I tried to use my card. Deck I ed.

Then I paid cash.

Then checked my bank and 125 was taken out. I asked the desk clerk on Feb 19 2018.

She said I was wrong g. Asked her to phone manager. She refused.

Horrible customer server.




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Toni - 3 d 9 h ago


Hello WHG a few weeks ago I emailed you a letter to you about my stay at one of your establishments Days Inn in Colorado Springs. I reported to you the conditions to which I stayed. There were guns, drugs, police/swat team and people who were begging me to pay for their room these couples were in the lobby and one of them were sleeping in a corner. There were people climbing in and out of the lower bedroom windows (they pushed out the screens and the Swat Team came to the hotel because a man had drugs and guns and jumped out of the second floor window would just like to say not only was I uncomfortable in staying there but I feel like I was being taken advantaged of by your establishment. I gave one of the employees there $10 for that refrigerator because I needed to keep my medications cold. I was promised many times that it worked as I kept complaining that I didn't think it did. The employees kept telling me it would take time to get cold, I feel asleep and in the morning the fridge was still warm and I didn't trust to take my medicine for my diabetic issues. I paid for that fridge and yes it was replaced the next day but by then it was too late.

I filed a complaint with BBB and this was their reply to me.. I feel like this was so unfair, uncaring, callus and cold of The Days Inn to do to me.

Thank you for listening to me.


I have enclosed my results from the BBB

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Mary carter - 4 d 20 h ago


In late January driving from London Ontario to Florida we stayed at the days inn in Richmond Ky. We left a speaker there, and when we realized this we called spoke with Mia and she assured us it was safe. I asked whether it could be sent to us in Florida, Mia helped greatly, on her own time shipped via UPS to us, got the best rate for us, and when we were worried about the arrival date, followed up with us and ensured the speaker made it to us safe and sound. Her help, customer support and great attention to the customer was outstanding. Please ensure this help is recognized. Regards Mary Carter

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Bryon - 5 d ago


Do not stay at the days inn. These owners do not like to fix anything, they put me in a room that the heat did not work , however I call front desk to advice them and instead of a partial refund for the inconvenience or a change of room, they bought me a small heater which did not do anything. The day manager is obnoxious and rude.

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Larry Ground - 5 d 6 h ago

I was in west yellow stone Montana last week, under the name of Sheldon Carlson. My name is Larry Ground, I am handicap and had a real hard time parking in disabled parking. Due to snowmobiles being parked in handicap parking. I complained they said they would have them removed but never did. The next day I managed to get a handicap place to park, but there were still snowmobiles in the other parking spots i told the manager they were reserved for handicap and he said, do you have a place to park. I said yes but those are reserved for handicap. ,he said as long as I had a place it didn't really matter. I hope something is done about this I'm a war veteran, and don't deserve this please help. My name is Larry Ground. (hidden)

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Greg connor - 13 d ago

Days inn pontoon beach Illinois refuses to give my daughters last check to her.the manager fired her for refusing to rent a room with bed daughters name is Juliana Connor.I can be emailed at (hidden)

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Darlene - 7 d 6 h ago


We stayed at the days inn and had bed bugs in our bed. We went to the hospital and they confirmed that the bites all over us were bed bugs. They have yet to pay our hospital bill. We have pictures of the bugs and r going to show them on line

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I.M Done - 9 d 6 h ago


The Days Inn in Willoughby OH is horrible! No heat in first room, non working TV in second. Lingering odor of smoke everywhere. I could have bought a loaf of bread and that would have been pretty close to the breakfast that was served. My Days Inn days are done!

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Don't Go!! - 9 d 9 h ago


Horrible Horrible! No Professionalism, Rude, Bed Bugs, Nast Attitude! Half Clean Restrooms! In Prattville, Al.36067

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Anonymous - 9 d 12 h ago


Days inn in pontoon beach Illinois is a joke. Sells rooms with bed bugs the breakfast is crap the boss treats his employees like crap. I don't recommend this place at all.

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Charles V - 13 d 4 h ago


Days Inn in Lawton, OK...DISGUSTING!!! Dead bugs on the floor, dirty carpet, stained bedding, TV and phone didn't work, gap under the door let wonderful cold air in, hair dryer plug broken with bare wires showing and shower faucet backwards so H was cold and C was hot...and that's just my room! My Dad's room had cockroaches, dirt in the bathtub, bloodstains on the bathroom floor and another TV and phone that didn't work. Safety and health issues galore and never mind the smell!! Avoid DAYS INN AT ALL COSTS! We will be contacting the local health department and finding another place to stay. We will NEVER use Days Inn again.

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Anonymous - 14 d 9 h ago


Days inn kissimmee fl. They dont give employees Lunch break.the owner leaves his incompetant cocane snorting fiance in charge while he takes luxurious trips to other countries.front desk Lady stinks like cheap cigarretes,has a trailer mouth she exploits all the employees,threatens to fire them everyday,violate employee rights,rents out rooms in secret takes the money and Asks ilegal employees to clean the rooms at 3 a.m. before the mnager gets there.and sells clients s.s to mexicans who r willing to pay. They hide employees in rooms during inspeccin cause they dont have there promised uniforms. They are pur trash and if days inn central office does nothing about this they are trashy as well.

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Charles - 14 d 17 h ago

On January 18, 2018, my daughter, brother in law, and self stayed in at the Days Inn Motel in Tupelo, Mississippi. They were under reconstruction at the time, but at first all was ok. It was 20 degrees out that night also. Keeping this in mind, the heater was not clicking on at all. So My brother in law reported it, but next thing I see is the head desk lady, came by with 2 blankets, one for each bed. She said she had called the manager, and talked to him, and he said that the heater kicks on and off by itself, and would should start back soon. (we knew how a furnace works, what did he think we were morons?) So, all we could do was take the blankets and PRAY!!! The heater NEVER KICKED ON AT ALL. The room got colder than ice, but they would NOT refund our money, of $71.01, nor offer to give us a different room. They had quite a few rooms empty, and I can't see why they did not even offer a different room where the heater at least worked. It was very late, and COLD ALL NIGHT LONG. Couldn't wait to leave that place. I feel that I was cheated of my money, and the respect I got as a customer was just plain terrible, and disgusting. I always enjoyed going to Days Inn on vacations and outings out of state, but after this trip and this motel, I would never ever recommend this place to anyone at all. They take your money, and let you freeze just about to death, with just another blanket. Give be a break. We are human beings, with blood running thru our veins, not another piece of furniture. Very very unhappy and disgusted with Days Inn in Tupelo, Mississippi.

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Disgusted - 44 d 13 h ago


I'm going to have to call way to much to text... absolutely the most nastiest, roach infested, mice in room, housekeepers are loud, front desk looked like hair was greased to their head, nasty obnoxious breakfast hostess. West Memphis, Ark

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TOP rated - 14 d 17 h ago

Outside of that, how was your stay?

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cockroach - 33 d 11 h ago


why does it seem like im play a cat and mouse game trying to get my refund im not to blame for your rooms having roaches in them and running all over the place

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Dance! - 14 d 17 h ago

Teach them to dance la cockaroacha!!

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Customer 1 - 15 d ago


This is regarding Days inn Gretna New orleans .. This was THE WORST hotel stay I've ever experienced! This was very poor standard, dingy bed sheets, towels and smelly room with moldy smell. Work desk and the centre table have some sticky stuff on the edge. wall paint and Carpet was dirty. The hotel advertises free breakfast which they don't provide. The restaurant inside the hotel was under construction as well.

Furniture needed replaced, TV was wobbly and not straightly placed. Had trouble with accessing the internet. You could hear the other room noises as well as people around. The room itself was dirty and old. The whole idealogy behind a national chain is that you can expect a certain quality without having to read a review. A big mac is a big mac no matter where you are; that is the beauty of a national chain. Not so with this place.

This is the kind of hotel they make horror movies about where no one survives the night. So, take our advice and stay far away!

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Anonymous - 15 d ago

I'm looking for the number to the corporate office for open Lenka didn't apartments I can't seem to find corporate number please can you assist me

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Anonymous - 15 d ago

That was supposed to be Overlan Gardens apartment and I need the corporate office number to put in a complaint

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Lynn Stevens - 15 d 8 h ago


I stayed at the days inn orlando/ international dr were I was mistreated because I had roaches under the cover n on the bathroom floor , i tried spoking to a manager on duty but the person who was at the front desk acting like he can't speak English . 2 hours past me n my kids didn't sleep on the with corporate office at 1145 p.m n we just checked in on that day I ask for my refund back because we didn't sleep or stay in the room . Staff was so nasty n disrespectful . I check my card card to see if I was refunded back days inn gave n 4.95 as a refund . My check in was 02/2/18-02/04/18 I ask for a full refund

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