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Days Inn Worldwide, Inc.

1 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 753-6000
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James Pope - 1 d 24 h ago


I went to the Day's Inn, in Norman, Ok and was going to stay there. But thank God, I checked the room, before I rented it. I found 2 bedbugs under the matress and sheets. I reported it to the manager and his reaction was, " Did you mess up the sheets and mattress? " He never acted a bit surprised. Just concerned about did I mess up the room. I am quite disappointed and concerned for the next person, who might not think to check first. Because I doubt that he will fix the problem. This is unacceptable

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Anonymous - 4 h 50 m ago

I stayed at the Days Inn in Boardman Ohio and unfortunately I didn't find the bedbugs until after I had been bitten all over. The night clerk was very helpful she got me bags to put all my stuff in even call the manager. He actually wanted her to move us into another room. Obviously I refused and packed up my stuff in those plastic bags and left. He was supposed to call me the next morning and he never did nor did he ever return my phone calls. Fortunately, his email is on the paperwork and I sent him an email with the pictures of the bed bugs and the bites on me. I told him I do not expect to be charged for this. It was a very horrible experience and I had to go to the doctor's office to get something to help with all these bites because they itch like crazy. So be where they're not just on the mattresses they are on the bed skirts also so be very careful and diligent checking before you stay.

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Rick from SC - 10 h 29 m ago


I stayed at Days Inn in Lexington Kentucky from October 12th to October 16th and while there I had my Hand Gun taken from the night stand. Please be aware if you're planing on a stay there, employees can't be trusted. Would be best to look at other motels in the Area for your stays.

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I rent a king size room in October 11 tru October 18 at the days inn hotel at minuet ,spring Valley, ny on 367 West Route 59 nunuet ,ny 10954-2232 and on October 14 2017 I came in my room and smell marijuana in my room like someone came in my room when I was out all day so I call the front desk and a gentleman pick up the phone and I told that I smell marijuana in my room and that I think that someone came in my room and he told that no one came in when I was not home that's in my room plus last night when I came in my room my window locks were open so last a lock them but when I returned tonight my window locks were open again, this is the last time that I will stay in this Days inn hotel because it's real lord people steaming you hear people yelling i spent to much money to stay here and this hotel is the worst hotel that I stood in newyork so when I leave I will never comtback to this property ... - 3 d ago


This hotel is the worst among all

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Anonymous - 3 d 11 h ago


Stayed at days inn east in kingman az they put me in a handicap room when I pulled back sheets blood stains on sheets in several places burned holes in bed spread pillow case dirty front desk would not move me slep on top bedspread will report to health department and and shut this place down

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Anonymous - 4 d 12 h ago


Stayed at nashville airport. Staff was nice, but i should have asked for $ back but couldnt find somewhere else with such sorry notice. Our room smelled, had to keep door open to air out. Couch was stained so bad i cant imagine why they would keep it in room. Toilet paper holder was off wall resting on toilet. There was hair in shower from last guest. The building outside was falling apart. I choose days inn because of name...a decent hotel at affordable price. Far from that! I feel like the franchise owners need to massivly update and work on better cleaning or go independent. Makes me rethink staying with days inn again!

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Anonymous - 5 d 43 s ago

Days Inn Darien Ga. Off I95 horrible ,don't waste your $.

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Anonymous - 7 d 50 s ago

I stayed in your at the Davenport Iowa Days Inn the room was unsafe because the door would not lock when leaving the room my friend was in the room taking a shower and I went out to take a swim then when I came back the door wasn't even locked because it didn't lock behind me. When we first arrived I had to go to the person who is at the desk to have us figure out how to get into the room when she seen that it was difficult and the door would not lock why didn't she give me a new room. The manager of this Days Inn sent me a message saying that they contacted the corporate office and all they could do was give me upgrade on the next time I'm there for a room. There will be no next time for me to be in Davenport Iowa or to stay at your Days Inn and I do not want to upgrade I want compensation and you need to get back to that manager and tell him he straight up lied tellind the guy he talked to at This manager guy lied this is very unacceptable!

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Andie W. - 9 d 9 h ago


Days Inn Orland near Millenial Mall: THE WORST HOTEL I've ever stayed at. FILTHY, NOISY, HORRIBLE customer service, and unsafe! Hotel lobby was a disaster with luggage strewn about. Lobby clerk spent 20 mins on the phone with a customer's credit card company. Woman who had been living in the hotel harassing clerk and customers, causing a gigantic scene. All customers in the lobby felt unsafe! Clerk had terrible manners and took an incredible amount of time checking us in. Gave LITTLE info on hotel except shoving a hotel map. Entire hotel FILTHY. Elevator broken with masking tape over it. Outside halls and corridor reeked of BODY ODOR and trashed. Didn't feel safe sleeping because there was continual dogs barking, banging and screaming throughout the night.

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David Montgomery - 10 d 10 h ago


Staying at the Days Inn Harvey Illinois. No hot water for the 2 Day.

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Mold dirty sheets very unprofessional - 11 d 9 h ago

I stayed in one of your your hotels yesterday the room was Dusty it was disgusting best was nasty it was mold in the bathroom black mold in the bathroom my number is area code my name is Patricia

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Rebecca Cook - 15 d ago


Days Inn, In Bellemont, AZ 12380 I-40 Bellemont, AZ 86015

Driving through northern Arizona July 8, 2017 every hotel I tried was booked so I went through I am disabled and am wheelchair bound, so I explained that I had to have a wheelchair handicapped accessible room would prefer 2 beds. They guaranteed me it was handicapped accessible 2-bed room for $128.00 at Days Inn Bellemont, AZ. When we got there they said that they just gave their only handicapped room away. They went and talked to the two ladies and they agreed to take a different room. Then then checked us is gave us our key and from that point on it went down hill. There was a wheelchair sign right out side the door, we opened the door and I could roll in to the bed and that was it. There was no room for my wheelchair to get in between the bed and the cabinet the tv was on. The room was the most ugly filthy room I have ever seen. There were dead bugs in the drawers, the 20 year old AC unit was broken. The mattress on a black board was about 20 years old and smelled. The fold down shower chair was so urine stained there was 1 so called double bad and a cushion so dirty on shelf under the window they called the second bed. I called instantly and told them it was not a handicapped room it was so dirty that they couldn't pay me to sleep there. A couple of minutes later the manager knocked on my door " Do we have a problem here" I explained yes and showed him it was not a wheelchair accessible room at which time he got an attitude and tried shoving the cabinet up tighter against the wall. It didn't do anything he then turns and starts out the door saying its only a couple of inches. At this time I got a little louder and said "Hey what wheel do you want me to take of my wheel chair so that I can get those extra inches I needed to get into the room. Hotels.Com worked magic they not only got us into a really nice hotel but the also paid the hundreds dollar difference because of all the problems we had with Days Inn. I would sleep in an alley before I would ever sleep in this dump and if you are handicapped they are not ADA compliant.

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Palmer Nelson - 15 d 7 h ago


I stayed at the Days Inn Rochester, Minnesota (South). I forgot and left a shirt. I called back and an employee had my shirt. I told her that I would be back to pick it up in three days. She put it in the employee only area in a room behind the desk. Before I could get back to the hotel, one of the employees stole my shirt. Never had an experience of a hotel having thieves until I stayed at the Days Inn Rochester Minnesota (South). I wouldn't stay there. ...but, if you must stay there, I would insist that no employees be allowed to enter your room for cleaning or anything else unless you were in the room.

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Anonymous - 15 d 14 h ago


Orangeburg SC Route 601 Carpet not vaccummed, dirty baseboards and dusty next to mini fridge

Chipped paint in bathroom and dead roach behind bathroom door (have pics)

15 mins refund policy (discovered after 20 when I actually went in room)

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Anonymous - 23 d 11 h ago



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Korrie B - 23 d 13 h ago


Days Inn in Lawrence KS was so bad. For what I paid I expected better. Rooms where nasty dirty and nothing worked. Outlets didn't work. Bathroom had so much dirt and grim build up. The TV only had a few channels that worked and worst of all we had breakfast there and ended up with diarrhea and vomiting. My kids where very disappointed because the pool was full of green slim and so dirty. Y'all should be ashamed of how you let these places get runned!!! I'll never stay at a date inn again this was a awful experience.

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Anonymous - 25 d 23 h ago


U suck- phone numbers that go to no where and disconnect me , can't leave a message- no live body available to handle an issue like no hot water hotel wide- flying out tomorrow with not even a shower and you consider your self a a hotel- what a joke

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Dawn - 25 d 7 h ago

Im staying at the days inn here in Sulphur Springs tx the manager had talked to me like a child and belittle me in front of his staff and customer s

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Days Inn Boycotter - 28 d ago


We stayed at the Days Inn Vancouver Airport. This place is a dive. The lobby is dirty and rooms smell awful. Other rooms were no better. I felt dirty when I left! The gal at the front desk was extremely rude not only to me but other customers waiting in line and on the phone. Ever get the feeling you're not wanted! To make matters worse, they claimed we took a pillow and charged us nearly $35 for it! II'll sleep in my car before I pay for a room at Days Inn again.

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Dawn Onley York Pa - 30 d ago


I am very disappointed with the Days Inn in York Pa. The man at the front dest put me and my husband in danger. A man knocked on our doir at 10:30 at night and knocked on our door and said he stayind inthe same room 140 the day before and he lefted his wallet in the room and the man at the front desk told him to knock on iur diir to ask for it. Frist of all the man at the front desk should of never told him to knock on our door. Second of all if you lefted your wallet why would you come back at 10:30 at night when he would if checked out at 11:00am. The man at the front desk that told him to knock on our door we could of got robbed or killed. This is not acceptable at all. So I couldn't sleep all night because I was affraid that that man that knocked on our door might come back. I need a number or a email address of whom I can get in contact with about this situation. I will not let this go until I talk or here from someone.

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Punta Gorda, FL + 3 - 30 d 8 h ago


THANK YOU, ANITA, at Days Inn Troy, 1260 US 231, Troy, Alabama!!!

YOUR KINDNESS will never be forgotten, Anita. Your compassion and assistance while we were over 500 miles from home with our 3 "furkids" was THE bright spot in an otherwise terrifying and stressful Hurricane Irma evacuation. You are above and beyond the expected front desk treatment. THANK YOU.

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Joseph Nesi - 32 d 9 h ago


Days In Sturbridge,

If filth is your aim you hit the mark

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S. Tims - 33 d 10 h ago


Never again-- was lied to---if you cannot admit you are wrong you have no business being in this line of work. Telling me you evacuated everyone on a Monday when I know it was Sunday. Find another reason for no refund when you evacuated the building. Lying to my face does not cut it. Sunday you stood face to face with me An said everyone will get credited for Sunday since you evacuated. Was not Monday I was at work Monday!!!!

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Evalyn and Don VerHey - 33 d 13 h ago


We checked in to the Days Inn in Lake City, FL on 9/6 and checked out on 9/12/17. We were evacuating from our manufactured home in central Florida. The management--Eric--the breakfast woman--Treena--the maintenance man and the cleaning staff were wonderful to us. We were without electricity for 24 hours. The room was clean and nice. The staff checked with us often to see what we needed. Eric, the manager, went out of his way to extend our stay, since we had only booked for 9/6 and 9/7. Everything within at least 50 miles around was booked solid, as was the Days Inn. He had a cancellation which he held for us which was very, very nice. We were so stressed out thinking we had no where to go with our two little dogs. Everybody there should get a big raise!

Thank you!

Evalyn and Don VerHey

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Madonna99 - 34 d 12 s ago


I evacuated from Florida with my 86 year old Dad and my cat. We drove 16 hours to get out of the State of Florida and arrived in Kingsland, Georgia on Thursday, September 7th, 2017. I took a room at the Days Inn in Kingsland, Georgia. (912) 330-6444. 1353 GA-40, Kingsland, GA.

I was told the rooms were $89.00. I asked for a Handicap room for my Dad. I had inspected several rooms as they had Queen Beds and finally I was given a room with a King Bed. I told the Desk clerk that I had a Cat. He did not advise me that evening that the room would be $120.00.

The room was totally filthy. There was dust and filth at the edge of the garbage mattresses. The refrigerator has filth and black mold marks at the top of the Fridge. The room was the most disgusting room that I ever been in and I was just praying that we would not get bed bugs nor my cat get any filth from the carpet. Go and inspect that crappy, filthy Motel.

When I checked out in the morning, I gave the keys to the lady. She gave me a bill for $120.00. I did not have time to argue over it as I was in a rush to leave and get back on the road. So, I thought that I got screwed due to the Hurricane Evacuation.

Now, a few days later, I took a look at my Bank Statement and saw that I was not only charged $120.00 but an additional $15.00 charge was added to my Credit Card after I left.

First of all, this is ugly to not advise the customer what the charge would be, then gouge the customer another fee after they leave? I had a reservation across the street at the Comfort Inn for $105.00 which I did not take as I was tired after a 16 hour drive and did not feel like lugging our things up and down an elevator to the 5th floor. But, very sorry that I did not do this as the room would have been much more cleaner.

Secondly, there is The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act (PETS) which is a FEMA assistance to accommodate pets and service animals. He had no right under the FEMA Act and also not to tell me that he was going to use my Credit Card after I left.

He is a filthy human being and I want my $15.00 back. He can keep the stinking $120.00 and hope it helps for the scumbags that are staying at his hotel because I will never go there or recommend anyone to go over there. I have friends that live in Kingsland and St. Marys, Georgia and I will be sure to tell them about this event as well as putting this up on the Internet.

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