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Days Inn Worldwide, Inc.

1 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 753-6000
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B & S - 17 h 51 m ago


I recently stayed at the Days Inn in Hagerstown, MD. I chose it because of the coupon rate advertised in one of those brochures found at rest areas. It was late at night and I went out of my way to find the motel. Upon walking up to the desk I was told that they did not accept this coupon on Saturday nights but sensing that he was about to lose a customer the register stated he would make an exception for me. Now, there was nothing written on the coupon ad that placed a restriction on the day of use. I later discovered that the motel manager admonished this employee for not charging me an increased rate. This smacks of a bait and switch scenario. Even if a customer is holding onto a discount coupon they know many will pay more rather than waste their time searching and driving to another motel late at night when they are tired. Looking at other motel ads, those that had a restriction or a fee increase let you know in their ad. Why does not Haggerstown follow suit?

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J Ely - 3 d 24 h ago


I stayed in a days in in Lubbock Texas this past weekend, it was a horrible experience. First they gave me keys to an occupied room then they said they didn't have any ground floor rooms so I had to take a second floor room. Then the room was not very clean there was hair in the tub drain, then it took me 20 minutes to get the hair dryer to work. I spoke with someone in the office when we checked out and all she could say was "sorry". I will not stay at days inn again and will not recommend it to anyone.

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Tara - 3 d 4 h ago


The Days Inn at Seaside Heights/Toms River NJ wasn't TOO bad....upon returning home my daughter realized she had left her wallet. The hotel was emailed and I asked for them to call me, there is NO WAY to get anyone on the phone at that place, it's RIDICULOUS!! They did call and said they would mail her wallet. It has been 3 weeks, no wallet, no response to the emails now, and still no way to get them on the phone.....How can you run a business if no one can get a hold of you!?!? Now my daughter has to go through the process of replacing her license, cancelling all of her cards and ordering new ones. Is communication from a hotel too much to ask???

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Patrick - 4 d ago


We stayed at a Days Inn in Va Beach Va this was my Anniversary trip and it was disgusting there was a roach trap in our room the bathroom was nasty the bath tub was dirty the faucet was rusted out the coffee machine they had in there someone left the filter in it and it had turned to mold they don't know how to clean and whoever is the CEO should be ashamed of themselves they should be made to shut down and fix them and get New MANAGERS that care about their guest if I ran a business like that I would not run it like they do...SHAME on them.. It may have only be 55.00 a night but still CLEAN and FIX the place..

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Deborah Heun - 4 d 16 h ago

Staying at the days in Falstaff as and I'm so disappointed with this room.The beds are hard but my big complaint is I was charged 149.00 for a room that on its best day should go for under 100.00 .I had a error with and wasbtoldif I didn't stay I would still be charged .I made a error a booked for tomorrow when I need it tonight .the front desk told me if I didn't stay tonight I would have to pay a cancellation fee of 59.the room listed for 69.00 so I didn't expect it to be almost a 100. More but that's my fault .I'm really upset about the room maintenance my room has a big hole over the tub with ceiling in the tub .The front office said nothing they could do really 149.00 room and the ceiling is falling in I feel like I should be refunded some of my money or I won't ever stay hear again.I thought days in took pride in their properties .

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Francis Fell - 5 d ago


We were booked at Days inn Sharonville, 11775 Lebanon rd Sharonville,Ohio. For 4 double bed rooms an the one reason we booked here was because of the pool. We get there and the pool was down we asked the man at the desk why the pool was down. And next thing we know this man started being real rude and cancelled all of our rooms. Then says we can have your rooms sold for more money and this town is booked up so good luck finding some where to stay. When I asked him why he cancelled our rooms, he said you wouldn't be happy here cause no pool so I don't want to deal with asked to speak to his boss. He yells he is the boss. So we asked for a letter stating he cancelled our rooms. Instead he says we cancelled when we did not. I have never meet anyone so rude at a hotel like he has been. Then asked him for corporate number an his name an wouldn't give either one. This vacation was for my wife to spend time with our children an grandkids before her cancer takes her life. I will so tell everyone about how this man represented Day Inn and how he acted in front of children.

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Erin - 5 d 4 h ago


Myself and 7 children stayed at the Days Inn in Scranton, PA and woke up covered in bites. I pulled off the sheets and there were bedbugs! I put all of our bwlongings in garbage bags but still run the risk of beinging them home. The kids are itching very badly, my oldest daughter is now sick. I will be contacting a lawyer! I do have pics of beds, bugs, and bites! Also, the place was filthy and smelled horrible. Unfortunately, I could not hold my eyes open to drive any further.

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Aaron H. Millet - 11 d 11 h ago


I'm currently staying at the Days Inn in Ann Arbor Michigan. We are in town for the AAU Jr. Olympics 2017 .The condition and cleanliness of the hotel is aweful for the rate we paid. My wife and I were bitten by bed bugs !!! I actually took pics and videos of the living and moving bedbug's to document the activity at 2:00 am on 8-6-17 . After taking my issues to the front desk clerk" Ty " we were switched to room # 253 from our original room # 149 . After moving all of our belongings to room # 253 we tried to settle in for the night only to be awakened by another hotel guest who entered our room with a key card as the front desk employee " Ty " checked another arriving guest into room # 253 which he just sent us to this room due to the bedbugs in room # 149. Imagine my disgust upon being awakened by bedbugs , then to be switched to another room only to be awakened by another hotel guest at 3:00 am due to your staff's error. After going back down to the front desk to get information as to the managers name and # employee " Ty " began to become combative and loud telling me " you didn't have to stay here , you could have went to the Hilton ,Hamton Inn etc etc. I have never been treated this way while staying at any hotel chain and I will never stay at any Wyndom Hotel owned property again!!. I plan on taking my complaints and issues all the way up the corporate ladder as no guest should ever be subject to the verbal discharge given to me by your front desk clerk " Ty " . For the rate we were charged the cleanliness issues and the bedbugs along with the unprofessional staff issues guaranteed that I will never stay at a Days Inn or Comfort Inn Again. This place is a total dump with many staff members who need to be replaced in my humble opinion. ( not all employees were rude ) Eric was quite nice.

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Panela - 7 d 23 h ago


We also had a nightmare here in July. Please share how you handled this and if you recieved any justice. We have had a horrible time trying to work with the manager- Travis Savaya.

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K . Brown - 6 d 4 h ago


With the exception of Eric, all of the staff, management, and housekeepers were rude, insulting, disrespectful and plain nasty. My stay here was my first experience with bedbugs which was a living hell. With this issue staff was still very nasty already knowing they had bedbugs with evidence of box springs and mattresses outside in the dumpster of which I do have photos. Our room as well as the grounds were dirty, smelly and moldy. This location needs to be fumigated, renovated and restaffed or torn down!

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KWatson - 9 d 12 h ago


Stayed here the other night and used my debit card. Apparently the manager thinks it is perfectly fine to steal my money. Every night since I have been gone he has hit up my debit card. Now 450$ but he thinks it funny or something when I called and asked him about it. Don't go there its god awful and unsafe.

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Anonymous - 9 d 19 h ago


Sux bad.worst place ever pool is green a.c. don't work no tissue pubic hair in tub coffee opened

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Mark - 10 d 15 s ago

Days Inn Fredonia New York is a joke. Do not stay here. over priced, breakfast is a joke with very limited selections, building in disrepair. rooms are terrible and front desk staff unhelpful. expected refrigerator in room.. there was none and no microwave. they said they would bring me one which they did and they charged me $20.00 owner says he cant help me until wednesday that i have to wait for that clerk to return.. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jenn - 11 d ago


I am writing in regards to my experience while staying at the Days Inn located in Boardman, Ohio 44512. Upon check in there was guest complaining that their shower was broke and they was tired and just wanted to shower but couldn't because the shower was broken so they had to switch their room. Then another guest complaining there air didn't work and they wanted to change rooms so I was already a little concerned but decided to stay anyways. We check in

and get to our room and I drop my hair brush unpacking and bend down there was a condom lying on the floor and a used condom at that. We was horrified and immediately went to the Front desk and told the lady. She said how gross and she would be up to clean it up after she takes care of the noice complaint down the hall. She did come pick it up and all but I just felt like I was sleeping in a dirty room after that. I feel the house keeping needs to do a better job and ensure all rooms are fully clean. Upon check out we also told the guy in the morning our discomfort of what we found in our room and he stated that's not my fault and was pretty rude. I stay at many hotels and never voiced a complaint but then again I never found such a nasty thing in a room before. If a house keeper can't even clean up a condom how can I know she/he changed the sheets. I felt they should of at least offered us a nights stay or refund but nothing. I have a picture but I don't see a place on your site I can upload it. I hope in the future the house keepers do their job because Days Inn can be a very nice hotel but finding that on my first time staying at your hotels left a bad impression on me.


Jennifer L. Markovich

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Daniel Pope - 11 d 2 h ago


Hello my name is Daniel Pope me and my family had the opportunity to stayed in your Days Inn and Toledo Ohio it was the worst day that me and my family has ever had I took a video of the room because it was that nasty that disgusting it was unsecured and the only reason why we did not check out this because it was late at night after 11 when we checked in and I was too tired to go anywhere else I really would like to have somebody contact me or give me the email address so that I can send you a video of my stay hopefully I get an email back about this stay at your Toledo Ohio Days Inn

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Larry - 11 d 4 h ago


I stayed at the Days Inn-Rockingham NC 408 w. Broad Ave will not stay in another Days Inn. The room smelled bad, the toilet would not flush and the blanket was soiled. I told the clerk when I left and she said the Manager would call me, no one has called. I was told the room was being worked on, why rent something in this condition.

Larry 352 609 2431

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Bear - 12 d 9 h ago


I am staying at the Days Inn in Colorado Springs, CO address 2409 E. Pikes Peak ave. Me and my family are currently in a room with no people' everything was ok for the day but when the power went out, there was not response nor help from the night manager, and he seemed to not even care, I want a full refund, its not like I have the money to waist on hotel rooms when me and my family at looking for a home to call our own. again I want a full refund of my room price, this is not fair to my family. I need somone to contact me in the next 24 to 48 hours, with some answers 719 330 8864

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Jeanne Herold - 13 d 16 h ago


We're staying at a Day's Inn in Port Angeles and it is a dump. This is a very busy town in the summer and i'm stunned to see the poor confition of the inn and the high nightly rate. The grounds are dirty, dead and dying plants, area around pool is dirty, paint near roof pealing and lobby. Area rug needed shsmpooing. WHY? Just doesn't make sense. The rooms needed attention also. Corporate needs to send a rep to onserve this plsce and it needs a new manager.

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Bring Cleaning Supplies - 15 d 17 s ago


Days Inn on West Tropicana Blvd. July 24 2017

We don't go to Las Vegas to gamble, but this place was a big gamble and a big loss!!! After changing rooms because the first room dresser draws were non operable (needed for an 8 day stay), we were given a 'much better room' on the second floor. What a disaster!

Filthy everything!!! Carpet was filthy. Bottom on our feet were black within 5 minutes after taking a shower. Never heard a vacuum cleaner being used when house keepers serviced adjoining rooms.

Toilet and toilet seat has stuff on them. Shower stall was slimy. Small bar of used soap left behind in shower stall by the last room guest. Shower diverter stuck in the half way position so that half of the water went out the spout and half went out the shower head in a dribble. TV remote didn't work. Lights on the mirror hung too low where you couldn't see to comb your hair or put on makeup. No in-room coffee, refrigerator or microwave. Fire/ smoke detector appeared to not work even when pressing the 'press to test button.'

We would have left this place after the first night, but all the other hotels in Las Vegas were booked solid unless we wanted to pay $200+ per night. Why were we in LV? We were in LV to watch our granddaughters participate in a basketball tournament. Perhaps because of the basketball tournaments is why every hotel was booked.

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DAVID.P - 15 d 14 h ago


Days Inn Detroit Metro Airport charged my card for smoking in the room for 300.00 but there is one problem I or my fianc don't smoke and we stayed there on a Saturday and I just got charged the following Tuesday they are committing fraud DO NOT STAY AT DAYS INN THEY WILL SCAM YOU AND STEAL YOUR MONEY ! BEWARE OF DAYS INN DETROIT METRO AIRPORT ARE NOTHING BUT SCAMERS AND CORPRATE DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT................SCAME BEWARE

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OLA - 15 d 18 h ago


I had a very bad experience at the Days inn on central avenue in Albany New York on 1606 Central Avenue Albany New York. I was there from the 07/23/17 to 07/27/17. My toilet was blocked with toilet paper I requested for help from the desk clerk he said it was going to take two hours . I went to the reception to ask for a plunger because I could not wait. The desk clerk opened the toilet at the reception for me and said I should go and pick the plunger which I felt was rude. At the end of the day he did not help me it was some customers at the reception that appealed to him to help me before he sought the help of one of his associates to go to my room to solve the problem. I discussed this with the manager of the hotel who I do not know her name but was a female who knows the desk clerk I was referring to. In my opinion the manager was in a way defending him it was as if she was blowing hot and cold. I think the corporate office should investigate this and bring the employer to book. My email address is (hidden)

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Jennifer Johnson - 16 d 18 h ago


I booked a room at the Days Inn Neenah,Wi. For my husband and my 1 year anniversary. Paid for it right away online. We get to the hotel and the lady asks for a 100 deposit. Never stated any were in booking that I needed a deposit. All we wanted to do was rent a hotel room away from our kids. Had a baby sitter and a little money saved to have a nice dinner. I left there crying. The lady told me to call the booking company to get refund. I called and they cancelled the room and waived the cancellation fee.All was documented in my booking notes. The lady said she processed the order back on the card.

Agent that i spoke to said of it doesnt get put back in my bank in 24 hours to call back.

24 hours go by and no money. We had to use the money we saved to go out to eat to rent another hotel room. I call booking company again. Agent calls hotel and manager says there no record of cancellation being cancelled (even though agent has the notes from day before saying it has been) and says they are not refunding money. I now i am not crazy. The booking agent even said he has notes that say it was waived and i have an email saying the cancellation charge has been waived. I never thought in years that we would have such a bad experience on our 1 year wedding anniversary. We are both recovering alcoholics and both have worked hard at being honest trust worthy people. Being 8 month pregnant and left crying. I would never recommend this place to anyone. Or shall i ever return. Its a shame to see such bad management in a place that could be a beautiful place.

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Amber - 16 d 19 h ago


I recently stayed in a Days Inn hotel in Greenville, TX. I have never been so disappointed before that I cried due to being so uncomfortable. I realize $56.60 is an good price for a hotel....but I also understand that regardless of the price, there is no excuse for it being filthy.

When I arrived no one at the front desk spoke English very well at all, but I was so tired and could not continue driving so I gave it a chance. After swiping my card, I collected my things and went to my room. At first site, ,everything was okay, but as I started settling in, I became upset. I refused to take a shower because the water would not get even remotely warm and the curtain had mold on it. I then went down to the lobby and asked about a washer and dryer, they then told me (as well as they could) that there was a washer, but the dryer was broken. Again, I understand things I shrugged it off and asked for laundry soap. When I asked they shook their heads, which leads me to wonder how they wash the sheets I would be sleeping in!! I went back to my room and called the Days Inn customer service number, the woman i spoke to was extremely sweet and understanding. She gave me two options. I could either be refunded all my money and leave, or file a report and possibly be refunded half.

Now, I had already spent half of the money I had in the bank on this room, and she told me it would take 3-5 business days for it to return onto my that option was out. I was staying.

I chose to file a report and she sent it off to the general manager. I still have not heard back.

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Blanca Cooper - 17 d 22 s ago


We stayed at the Days Inn in Hamilton, AL and there was BED BUGS in 7 of the rooms, the manager refused to refund out money. There was blood on the mattress. This was was disgusting.

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Anonymous - 17 d ago

We stayed at the Days Inn Alexandria, MN. July 31. It was not good. The shower hardly worked very little water. Shower needs replaced. We won't be staying at a days inn Again.

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