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Days Inn Worldwide, Inc.

1 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 753-6000
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AM Genotti - 8 h ago


First: I've had many great stays with Days Inns facilities in Florida for years.

Now: Yesterday I booked a suite for family in St Louis, Mo (1970 Craig Rd) that has been nonstop 24hrs at my grandfather's bedside at Mercy Hospital for days. Within minutes of booking the room I found out they planned to stay bedside in the hospital that night and thus called the hotel to adjust the reservation with delay of arrival by1 day & depart 1 day later than the original booking. The desk staff was friendly and accommodating, said it was no problem and confirmed the change. Some time in the middle of the night another hotel staff member ("Tony") called & left a voice message that the change was made not possible on their part, but required adjustment through the booking agent (Orbitz) to make the change, his message NEVER said there was going to be a penalty/cancellation "No Show" if I didn't resolve immediately overnight.

When I woke up in the morning and got the voice message, I called (0700 am my local time) and was informed the Days Inn night staff had already marked me as a "No Show"; charged me 1 nights stay and cancelled the entire reservation; despite TWO Days Inn staff members knowing I would not arrive.

Later today I used the "right" way, trying to make the desired adjustment to add 1 day; while I waited for customer service, I found I could book the same room, as a new reservation; for $90.01;

When they came back from hold with the Westport Plaza Days Inn -staff had quoted price was over $120 for the "additional night". Exceptionally disappointing to say the least.

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Lois O - 16 h 43 m ago


Days Inn by Wyndham Arlington, TX 1901 West Pleasant Ridge Road

Our experience was the worst we've had in a very long time. My husband and I had just run a 4 mile Spartan race and was exhausted when we checked in. After a couple of hours of thinking the people next to us would settle down (which they didn't) I called the front desk to ask them to do something about the noise in the hallway & room. There was kids running the hallway, screaming and loud talking on a cellphone right outside our room. I finally had to turn the TV up (which had no back on it and the batteries kept falling out) to try and drown out the noise. Needless to say, I was livid. The next morning about 7 am, we were awakened by the noisy kids and they were kicking the wall or throwing something at the wall. When I checked out I told the desk clerk what had transpired and I'm sure there won't be anything done, I mean, what could he do then? They should have done something the night before. Now I check my credit card statement and they've charged my card TWICE. Here we go with disputing a charge, what a nightmare! The property is run down, smelled of stale cigarettes and I expected more from Days Inn. STEER CLEAR OF THIS PLACE!

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NEVER STAY HERE - 19 h 37 m ago


Worst hotel stay ever. I expected a lot more after paying $115 a night (plus a $50 charge for incidentals which is laughable given the condition of the rooms)

First impression was horrible, dirty windows, peeling paint, doorway filled with carts, cleaning supplies sitting in front of the front desk, dirty floors. Concierge was nice tho. Very helpful except being on a personal call via speaker phone the whole time I was checking in. No help with directions to the room since she was busy with her phone call. We find the elevator although when we step onto it, it smells like we're walking into a urinal/ashtray and sounded like it was in need of some maintenance. Our room was on the third floor. Paint is peeling all around the door and the key card doesn't work. We try a couple times and it does make the little light green but the handle doesn't open on the first try. Needless to say the doors are in need of repair. Finally gain access to the room and it looks nice although the lampshades are crushed and two of the three lightbulbs are burnt out. I go to turn the air conditioner on and notice a big clump of hair sitting on top of the controls. The beds were made nicely and the floors looked clean but as the was only one small light it would have been hard to tell. It was a long day so I headed for the bathroom to soak in a hot bath before getting to the bathroom I notice the closet with the mirrored door, which was off its hinges and rattled every time a door closed. The bathroom was filthy. The walls were caked in a white hue which I can only assume is soap scum or lime buildup, and hasn't looked like they've been cleaned down in months. The caulking around the tub looks moldy and when I filled the tub, they're were hair and particles floating around in the water and what looked like a greasy layer of scum on the top. I emptied and cleaned the tub and filled it again. Sitting in the tub with the door closed I noticed that the base boards behind the door were completely caked with dust and debris. I wrap myself in a towel and head to the bed. They're stains on the top comforter folded at the foot of the bed and the pillows are tiny squares that barely fit a head on them that feel like they're filled with old lumps of cotton. The beds make odd noises when you roll around on them like the frame has been replaced with sheet metal. All in all the hotel looks like it used to be worth the money to stay here but has not been maintained or taken care of for a while now. I've gotten much better impressions from places that charge a lot less.

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Ma Su - 3 d 9 h ago


I attempted to check in at the Days Inn, Hilton Head Island, SC. The customer service rep, Lisa treated me like a 2nd class citizen. It has convinced me to stay at one of the many other hotels on the island that has a higher customer rating.

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Steven Redd - 3 d 14 h ago


Days Inn Archdale North Carolina. All I wanted was a single room period. First room the door wouldn't open told me to try harder, still didnt work.. The second room the TV diidnt work. The third room the key wouldn't work.

Finally get a room in the tower.

This will be my first and last time for Days Inn.

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Lizmar - 7 d 7 h ago

I stayed at the Days inn at Wydenham in Greenville MS. Never have I ever stayed in a dirtier place. First room had a toilet problem, didn't flush second room had hairdryer that lit up when you went to use it, but no air coming out of it, health hazard and fire hazard. Safe was jammed close. Armchair was torn in two places. No ice making machine. Drinks dispenser no words to explain what it was like. Laundry room filthy machines rusty and not working. And swimming pool closed and the surrounding area a health hazard. Breakfast was no hot water no fruit no tea no butter everything was taken away at 9 sharp asked for milk and it was nearly thrown at me as it had been put away at 9. We arrived for 'breakfast' at 8.40 and we we horrified to see what was being offered. I have stayed in Days Inn before and they were really nice and pleasant. Would ask whoever owns runs Days Inn Greenville take a trip down and see what your offering. I'm not over the shock. Did I complain no one to complain to. Seemed a lot of friends running the place.

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Kathie - 7 d 15 h ago


We reserved the Days Inn Wyndham in Destin for 6/10 - 6/15. When we arrived the room was filthy, the couch that was supposed to be a sleeper sofa and wasn't was black with filth. The barstools were black with filth. There was a 220 watt cord running in the living area around to a hole in the wall running outside. The refrigerator was plugged into an extension cord instead of the wall. The hairdryer looked like someone with greasy hands had used it. The entire kitchen area was filthy. When I requested the room be cleaned while we were out it was NOT. The employees were parked in the spots closest to our room taking up 2 spots and washing their cars. We immediately went and found a much nicer hotel, when I came back and told them they said I had to pay for 1 night at $136.00. The staff/manager Abhi Chauhan showed no remorse or shame. I am going to complain so high up that I plan on getting this back. I have been a Wyndham Reward member since 2016, and stayed in many Days Inns but this is the last time I will stay in one of their motels.

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JRB13 - 11 d 8 h ago


My boyfriend came to town from Utah on 6/1 and stayed through Monday, the staff was great so we booked another stay on 6/8 and he stayed through Monday. I called on 6/11 to see if there was a room for the nights of 6/11- 6/15, the rate wasnt the same so I asked what it would be for just Friday 6/14-6/16. We weren't getting the same rate as previous, my boyfriend is also military. I asked her if she could hold it and I would call right back, she very clearly said "NO, I cannot we only have 2 rooms let, so you will just have to call back and see if it's still available" i responded with okay thank you. I then received a very nasty message from her yesterday stating that I was a NO show and they would never rent to me again. 1st I am in customer service and even if it was a no show, you should try and clarify the situation 1st not just assume things. Big called back today after I had calmed down a little bit, got the same front desk lady and explained to her that there was a misunderstanding, because she told me very clearly she was NOT holding the room. Her response was well I did it anyway so you no showed and we cannot ever come back, I said excuse me but you did that after telling me you wouldnt, so that would have been an error on her part, she then persisted to say I no showed and she wasnt going to deal with this, I asked for manager above her, she said NO you can call back and hung up on me. This is very unprofessional, rude., and has now lost a great customer. I also plan on making reviews on this location and letting everyone I know to never stay there. We even signed up fir Wyndham rewards and this is the treatment we get

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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Phillip Kolb - 13 d 18 h ago

On the 11th of May this year we stayed in Mooresville N. C. On the way home from Florida. In the evening i decided to take a shower, as i was rinsing off i slipped & fell on to the floor & received head & back injuries & was hospitalized for a short time. I would like to suggest that all your bath tubs install non-skid strips to prevent slipping by customers & could result in more injuries. Thank You, Phillip Kolb

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Kebw19 - 14 d 5 h ago

To Whom it May Concern,

Doesn't Days In have any type of standards for quality control? I was supposed to stay at Days Inn Wyndham in Sturbridge , Mass between 6/7/19- 6/9/19, but because Of the filth / sanitary conditions of the hotel I didn't .

I do not consider myself a fussy person, but the filth that I encountered was disgusting.

The room I stayed in smelled like weed, in fact the whole hotel smelled like weed and cigarettes, there were blood stains all over the floor , the stairs, my bed , the tub was dirty, the toilet was stained brown, and the pool was not cleaned ( I know the board of health has been made aware of the pool condition back in May) I would be very surprised if you have not been aware or contacted in regards to these conditions in the past by other frequent travelers. Surely, I am not the only frequent travel guest that you have heard complaints from, about the conditions of the room.

I hope this letter will encourage you to expeditiously investigate the cleanliness of the rooms you offer to your travel guests. There is really no excuse for a less than perfect room, never mind the filth that was evident in the room that I was given. Raise your quality control standards and procedures, or find a new business.

I would like to hear your thoughts about my complaint and the steps that you are willing to take to prevent such incidents in the future.

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Tee - 14 d 13 h ago


This hotel is filthy bathroom has holes in wall.Nasty walls,sheets on bed also nasty.The Manager wanted to only give a $5.00 discount to aid in this kind of unsanitary living.Plus this area looks unsafe for human that wants to be safe while out of town.

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Mr. Dwon Grant & Cynthia Pringle-Grant - 15 d 11 h ago


I would like for someone to contact me or my husband who ya a employer of Wyndham. My family check in a Days Inn At 7300 Garners Ferry Rd in Columbia SC. We laid down about 11:30 pm by 1o'clock am my husband whole left arm was but up by bed buds. There was walking all over the bed, pillows and our thing. We quickly checked out. The front desk guy say they are aware of the bed bugs. How can a company destroy family trips as well as they bugs travel in our cloths, our car and homes.

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Joshua P Hendrick - 16 d 7 h ago


I would like to know a contact number for this corporation. I have plenty of horrible pictures I would like to share with them. Thanks for ruining what was supposed to be a great time for the family. If you do not respond I will be applying a highly targeted online campaign to share the experience.

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Joshua P Hendrick - 16 d 7 h ago


Everything from baby roaches crawling around, to holes puched into walls, to taped toilet seats, to out of commision pools and of course cigarette burnes in sheets and matress pads. Contact me at (hidden) for more info.

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Rat hater - 16 d 15 h ago

OMG, me and my wife checked into our room and something smelled horrible. Found a dead rat in the bathroom. Must of been there for days. Called my bank to stop payment on that purchase and found a better motel. Clerk at desk was very rude also.

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Steve - 16 d 15 h ago


Warn, days inn in Texas is a ripoff. I called about booking a room for 2 nights. Was told 206$. Called back an hour later it cost 245$. Arab operators are racist to American whites.

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George lighthall - 17 d 7 h ago


Horrible here idk if I would use again here in Columbus ohio I went to take shower and spout flew off and almost hit me the floors and woodwork dirty the fire alarm was hanging on wall not working mirror on floor fell off wall

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Pat - 20 d 16 h ago


Recently on a trip to Tennessee we made reservations at the Days Inn off I-75 in Kennesaw Ga. It was awful. They sent us to a room that they thought was ready. It wasn't. Sent to room 2 the same. Ended up next door because it finally was ready. Advertisers breakfast included. It was awful. So many besides us complained. Never will I stay there again. We are Wyhdam members and stay at Days inn all the time. Oh yes for the grand finally we paid more reserving on line than the people just coming in with no reservations

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Never darken the doors again! - 21 d ago


Trying to get length of stay charges rectified to no success. Contact with a live, warm body at any Corporate office ( Wyndham or here ) to no avail re BENTONVILLE ARKANSAS, Moberly Ln. establishment. MANY things not good with our stay ... May 11/14 2019

1. a piece of green chewing gum attached to the bedside lampshade (window side of the bed );

2. desk drawer had VERY personal papers and hygiene items from a previous occupant -- check book, legal papers, newspaper article relating to the legal papers.

3. water restriction device on shower and sink faucet so effective as to be laughable ... I can URINATE with more force that the water coming from the faucets.

4. floor not vacuumed on second day of stay ( after bringing the chewing gum to the attention of the Manager ), nor was the gum removed! and

5. was told on Tuesday the 14th May upon informing the desk clerk that we were 'checking out' ( had reserved the room for 7 nights) that " YOU CAN'T DO THAT'' ??? I asked to speak with the Manager, 'He's not here, will be back before noon.I'm not authorized to do that."

How can he leave someone in CHARGE that is NOT AUTHORIZED to CHECK ANYONE OUT???

I understand a penalty for early check out .. but to be told I CAN'T CHECK OUT??? This was NOT a Disney Ride!!!

I have tried to contact him by phone on 2 other occasions after having left the establishment on May 14th, never to return, and have had NO contact, no satisfaction of the charges on our Card, NO NOTHING -- not from Wyndham -- in fact, when I call THEM, they simply put me thru to the Motel in Bentonville ... I WANT TO SPEAK WITH or CONTACT FROM someone in AUTHORITY with DaysInn / Wyndham Inns

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Disgusted Guest - 21 d 6 h ago


I have NEVER been so disgusted with a room in my entire life!!! My husband and I travel quiet extensively and upon our arrival, we overheard the owners stating that they were alright with people smoking pot in their rooms. Upon arrival in our room, we found rusted bolts holding the door frame, the latch missing, no shower curtain, chips all around the mirror, the vent in the bathroom hanging way down, carpet pulled away from the walls and the worst was when we were leaving and I found a bag of used female pads in the closet. We informed the manager/owner and he didn't even offer an apology. We will NEVER stay here again!!!

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ThisHotelForReal? - 21 d 12 h ago


Why does your call center have confirmations for my 3 rooms at Days Inn Conn. Ave in D.C. but the hotel does not have the reservations? What kind of an operation to you run?

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Shirley Perry - 23 d 3 h ago


My stay at Days Inn located at 201 Sandalwood Avenue Louisburg, NC was awful. Lights were out about4-5 hours due to a storm. Had to use my cellphone flashlight. No generator backup. Saw a bug under my pillow, showed it to the manager and he ducked me. Never received a receipt. At checkout, he was no where to be found. I will never stay there again.

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Donna - 23 d 20 h ago

To whom it may concern:

We went to St Augustine Florida and was going to stay 5 nights at the Days Inn at 1300 Ponce De Leon. May aunt and her husband had room 129 and we had room 121. It had bugs in the room, the bathtub was nasty and the floors were nasty. They complained 4 times and was promised to do something. They did nothing. My room had roaches in it. The outside of the hotel was nasty also. The only thing I can say is the pool was nice until I saw all the bird poop in it. Not an appealing hotel and I would not suggest anyone stay there.

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Anonymous - 24 d 13 h ago


how do i post pics and videos of desapointment stay at my hotel orlando days innairport. claudio.blueeyes thank you

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Anonymous - 24 d 14 h ago


days inn orlando airport. i had mold mildew and dirty room i was transfer to another room with an atitude and desrespect because i had issues when i went to my new room i was also desapointed with the room cleningness light cover falling down and shower bar colapsing i reported problems and was treated eaven worst. she told me we are very bussy property and we get to you when we can

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