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Days Inn Worldwide, Inc.

1 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 753-6000
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Jenn - 4 d 11 m ago


We recently book a days inn Hotel in Groton Ct. When we arrived the entire hotel, room and all halls smelled like mildew and cigarettes. My entire family has asthma and began reacting to the smell shortly after we arrived. In the room there was a tissue hanging from a hole in the ceiling, the curtain was stained with a black or red stains on the green curtains and the bathroom sink looked like it had been glued and was dirty. We left immediately. This hotel needs serious renovations. It is a health hazard. We will be fighting the fee since we could not stay. I would like to be contacted by corporate.

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Days Inn, Kinder, La. - 11 d 3 h ago


We refused to accept our rooms. This motel should be torn down immediately! Reeks of mold and mildew! Furniture, windows, drapes all were covered in mildew and dust. It is hazardous to your health to stay there! Booked thru and am still waiting on reply from Days Inn manager. The smell was horrible!

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Do Not Book here - 4 d ago

Horrible hotel!! I had a recent stay, there was lots of blood on the sheets and comforter & the telephones don't work in the rooms either. Horrible establishment and manager is refusing to speak with me.

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Linda - 5 d 12 h ago


Days Inn North Miami Florida is a dump!! The worst place on earth. Unprofessional unorganized rudeless careless animals. Dogs get treated better. Stay away. Unsanitary

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Shocked - 7 d 4 h ago


During a recent visit to a family member's room at the Days Inn on Baltimore pk, Springfield, PA very questionable activity was observed throughout this location. I was even approached and solicited by a young female in a courtyard room! I relocated my relatives to another hotel for their safety. There is no way the management there doesn't know what is occurring, it is very obvious. This place needs to be cleaned up! I have encouraged my relatives to take pictures and use their social media platforms to expose this location. Horrible.

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Jason Walker - 12 d 13 h ago


Jason Walker

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Anonymous - 16 d 16 h ago


The company I work for supports individuals with developmental disabilities, two of the clients we support planned an overnight trip and two of our staff accompanied our clients. We reserved two rooms one in which was supposed to be a handicap accessible room due one of our clients being in a wheelchair and unable to walk and/or transfer himself. Our clients were attending a concert in the area, one of our clients and his staff were dropped off earlier at the concert while the other client and staff went to check in to their room. The hotel manager was present, he was rude, yelled at the staff and there were no handicap rooms available for our client. After they got checked in to their room they headed to the concert, when the concert was over both clients and staff returned to the hotel and the client and staff who had went straight to the concert headed to the desk to check in. The hotel staff told our client he stunk and needed to take a shower. I was completely appalled by the customer service and we will never again book another room for our staff or our clients.

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Anonymous - 17 d 8 h ago


I made a reservation for the Days Inn and Suites in Warren, Mi for Myself, daughter and two granddaughters. Granddaughters were there for the Jr. Gold Bowling Tournament. I had previously made a few reservations to ensure a best deal and location for the girls bowling lanes for which they each bowled at four different lanes in the area. So I chose this Days Inn and canceled the rest. I printed the confirmations of the cancelations and the confirmation of this hotel. We stayed from July 12 through the 19. Once we started checking into the hotel we were told that we only reserved to the 14th, told them they were wrong and showed them what I had printed. After much arguing with them we final settled the matter and was checked in. We were told that the pool was closed for the summer and when I asked why this wasn't listed in the hotel description they said that they had tried for over a year to have this fixed and I said that was why we chose the hotel was because of the pool so the girls could relax before and after their games. The rug in the room was filthy, are feet were black after just walking on it a few minutes after we got out of the shower and the paper roll holder was broken and the room darkening shade was duct taped to fix it instead of replacing the shade.We had to ask them to change the sheets because they were dirty and the bathroom floor was never cleaned. I have stayed at Days Inns before and never had an issue which is another reason I chose this chain of hotel. I weekend front desk clerk also harassed my one granddaughter, who chose to stay behind and rest while we went to the local beach. Saying we had to leave the hotel because we were booked only till Sunday. Told him to stop or we were calling the police. We cut our event early to go back to the hotel and take of this matter which was taken care of when we checked in. He kept insisting we check out. We plan on going to Las Vegas next year for the Jr. Gold Bowling Tournament and I hope we don't run into this problem again. Not sure I want to stay at another Days Inn again because of this experience.

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Teresa Johnson - 22 d 9 h ago


Days inn Cuba Missouri. Called ahead and made reservations for 2 connecting rooms. Got there and they had down for one room only. Have 9 people they didn't have two rooms together so 1 group upstairs and the other downstairs. Breakfast was terrible, toilet didn't flush right. Was not a good experience at all.

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Mike West - 23 d 2 m ago


As a member of an eight-person team staying at Merced Day's Inn, we had planned to stay in our rooms or the lobby to complete five hours of Internet training. We had a deadline to meet! Unfortunately, the Wifi was not working in everyone's room. We decided to use the lobby, where the wifi was working. We were ejected from the lobby because they were having a "team meeting" which they hold only every six months! We certainly don't care that they have meetings, or how often. We only care that we are, who are paying the rental fee for our use of the facility, and we were denied access so that we could not meet our deadline. Local management put a priority on their "team meeting" at the expense of offering guests use of the facilities that they have a legal right to use!. It was necessary to move to the local library to complete the treining. My room was not cleaned because the cleaning staff was attending the "team meeting" took precedence over the cleaning of guest rooms. Local management has no interest in caring for guests, they are meeting goals set by upper management at the cost of customer satisfaction,

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Concerned long time resident of Oil City - 25 d ago


Oil city pa. Attended wedding for niece on their conference slash Ball room on the fifth floor. Upon entering the ball room we were greeted with wrinkled table cloths. The chair covers were also unironed. The ballroom itself now has the old musty building smell. The only positive about the reception was the staff. The room was very hot and they brought up an industrial fan to help move the little cool air coming from the ac system. The building now has many places where concrete and or plaster has fallen off and not been repaired. This could once again be a beautiful place to stay, but needs corporate to come in and manage the updates and repairs correctly. Please do not let this only hotel in Oil City to fall in even more disrepair.

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Nicole - 25 d ago


We stayed at the Days Inn when we were in Ames two weeks ago. Our bathroom door did not move freely and I was not able to get out once I finally was able to shut it. Luckily for me my husband was on the other side and pushed with all his might to get me out. Because of this we were not able to shut the door to take a shower or while in the restroom. I mentioned this upon checkout and she said she would let management know. We have not heard from anyone since. We wanted to be compensated for this inconvenience but she did not have authority. Very disappointed with this stay.

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Dionne - 28 d ago


I was traveling from PA to SC with my two sons aged 15 and 14. I reserved a room at Days Inn on Orange Ave in Roanoke VA. When we arrived we were told that the pool was empty and not working. I looked as it had not been working for some time. We then went to the room but as we walked to our room we noticed a lot of Agra age, filth and even dog BM in the walkway. The elevator had many wires hanging and looked very unsafe. Once we got to the room, I noticed we had only o e towel that had blood and makeup on it. I brought it to the front desk and was told that is all they had. My boys, while I was trying to get towels, pulled the sheets back and found bugs, pee and BM on the sheets, cookie wrappers, black mold in the tub and stains on all the furniture. But the last straw was that two men tried to get me into the broken elevator. That is when I took my boys, took pictures of the room and demanded my money back. I was told that it could not be refunded until the manager came in in the morning. I found another room and came back the best day, traveling 20 miles out of my way. When I got to the hotel I was told the woman I delt with was the manage. I was refunded my money but you should be ashamed.

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Anonymous - 34 d 10 h ago


Your Days Inn in Asheville NC on Tunnel rd is a disgrace. We had to wake up with no HOT water to shower and there were six people in my group. Admin. offered no help except to say the boilers are down and a shrug. A partial refund would have been nice. Your rooms are filthy with carpets that hold mold and moisture. This stay was a disaster!!! 3/20/19

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Anonymous - 37 d 9 h ago


I was very displeased with my stay at the boardman hotel . Left with a headache from the pot smell then there was mildew on the window seals and shower curtain . There was cob webs everywhere and the ac blew out dust from how dirty the filters was . There was jelly beans all over the floor from the guest before me and my son got scratched from a piece of the door frame being broken. July 16 -17 2019 have pictures to prove it and never got reimbursed

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dss - 37 d 10 h ago

Subject: Hotel Accommodations Critique, for 5-6 July 2019 I was extremely displeased at the state of my room during my accommodations and services at Day Inn by Wyndham Chester Philadelphia Airport. Moreover, my recent experience has had a negative effect upon my perception of the hotel. I would like to file a complaint against the receptionist at the time of my arrival/check in on July 5. I stayed at the hotel on July 5-6 in room # 522. The reception was very rude towards me and my wife. When we tried to check at approximately 6:15 pm, the receptionist at the front desk did not tend to us right away. Instead, he was sitting down, talking on the phone (he didn't say one moment pleased be right with you) .We stood there a while before he tended to our needs. When I asked him a question regarding my military status he abruptly and rudely cut me down, stating, "Your bill is already paid and no adjustment will be made as it's too late". His attitude was not customer friendly and he treated us as though we were an interruption instead of a valued quest. This lack of courtesy and helpfulness has left me and my wife very dissatisfied with the level of service. Being military and being on many vacations we stayed at several hotels numerous times and have never received such poor service. It made for a very unwelcome stay that has dampened our vacation. I hope that you take this matter into consideration. Once we were reluctantly checked in we proceeded to our room and upon getting off the elevator to the fifth floor, we were greeted with an awful smell in the hallway. Moreover, we walked into our bedroom suite to be greeted by an extremely awful and overwhelming smell. The smell was enough to make you ill. We requested a non-smoking room, however the smell of cigarette smoke was evident that someone was smoking in the room. The carpets were very dirty and covered in dark stains and appeared to be not vacuumed or cleaned. The microwave in the room was dirty and filled with some smelly water. The bathroom was nasty, there was a chunk missing out of the bathroom tile and you could see through the missing title. The bathtub, was stained and dirty, I didn't even want to touch anything because everything was so dirty. I pulled the covers back from the bed and it was obvious the bed covers on the mattress had not been changed, there were stains of bodily fluid on the bed linen. The pillows had dark yellow stains. The mattress was dirty and looked as though it had been in the room for several years, I was afraid to sleep on the bed. The receptionist on duty (the same one that checked us in, and wearing no name tag was unapproachable and rude, so we felt if we had asked him for another room that he would just be rude to us and find some reason to ignore our request. Therefore, we waited until the next day. My wife wanted to complain but she indicated that she went to the front desk but saw the receptionist get onto the elevator as she was coming off. We both felt that we would not get any satisfaction going back to the same rude and unapproachable receptionist Therefore, my wife refused to sleep in the bed, instead she slept on top of a desk in the room with a blanket and head pillow that she brought with us to the room. Neither she nor I used the bathroom sink or bathtub. The next day, we gather our luggage and personal items to check out early of the hotel. We advised the day receptionist that we were checking out early because the room was very filly and we advised him of the issues. I advised him that my wife did not sleep in the bed but slept on top of the hard desk all night. He made the comment, Did you tell the receptionist". We said no, because he was rude and very unapproachable. We said how can you complain to someone that is part of the problem. I said he should have been more approachable and attentive to his guest needs. The receptionist indicated that he was the general manager and that he could not do anything because I did not tell them the same day. Then he said that he has had complaints about the receptionist on duty that night and apologized for our inconvenience. We said that his apology did not fix the problem. He said that he wrote down our complaint and that he sent the supervisor to the room to take pictures of the issues that we brought to his attention. He indicated that they were short staff and had a new cleaning person. He again said he was sorry and asked if we wanted to see another room. We opted to see another room and it was better than the initial room with a new mattresses but cleanliness isn't one of the biggest priorities for this hotel. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone. After I check out of the Hotel I requested a receipt, I was told that he could not give me one because my reservation was done on line. We should receive one night refunded or have a portion of our monies returned to us for our inconvenience and having my wife sleep on top of a desk for one full night. Please be aware that this hotel is nasty and dirty from the initial entrance to the rooms, hallways, and restaurant in the hotel. Please do not recommend this nasty dirty hotel to other folks. DSS

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Erik Zaple-Colafranceschi - 37 d 18 h ago


July 15, 2019

Outdated Motel, Off Highway , Very Dull and dismal, Entire Motel smelt of alcohol and ciggerets, 1 staff member running the reception area, Needs new management big time. They need experienced housekeeping and laundery staff! we stayed in room 112, The sheets on both bed's and cot were very dirty with coffee or tea stains as well as hair and brown speck's which left us to wonder if they had been cleaned at all, My 83 year old mother, My son, and myself stayed in this room on our trip out to New Brunswick after 14 1/2 hour drive, we did need a place to sleep before we could continue our trip. Futher, The coffee machine was filthy and had coffee grounds in it still, The fridge was unplugged and useless, The carpet in the room was dirty with food as well as stains all over it as was the carpeting in the hall. The free continental breakfast was good , and lots to choose from the staff do speak english and it is close to the highway, But I would pass on staying here the next trip out unless the above issues are resolved . . I guess when one is exhausted they will stay where they can to get some sleep , But id suggest you sleep ontop of the bed in your cloths and shower well in the morn. The motel was the day's Inn at 410 Rue Couture Sainte-Helene -De- Bagot Quebec JoH-IMO

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Shawntoya Burks - 38 d 13 h ago


This is my second time staying at the the Fresno South locations. The first time was lovely from check in to check out. This time i am here as im writing this and this is my 2nd night the first night i checked in the room they gave me the ac didn't work well i went back to the office to let him know that. He offered another room walked over to that room and opened the door the room smelt straight like cigarettes and if my son came he wouldn't be able to stay in there because he has asthma. Went back told him that's not going to work. He gave me another room key to check out and told me to call him from the room phone to let him know if that one would work i said ok and went to the room the room was no better by the ac when turned on it made a weird noise that i wouldn't even feel comfortable to leave on while sleeping...after going thru all that it was already pass 12 something i just was so tired and said ill just stay in that room and go get a fan from someone and that i did...It is the second night i am sitting here watching tv and had to go to the bathroom and there's a huge roach crawling on the shower curtain and one crawling behind the toilet and another one dead I found dead on the floor as looking to see if there were any others going to pop out from anywhere....Im highly upset told and showed the same man from my first night the pictures of all the roaches and all could say was oh I'm sorry....LIKE what do you mean your sorry that's all you have to say not wanting to over explode i go back to my room and what's there on the bathroom door another huge roach i yelled in anger Oh my f*#kin God this doesn't make no sense i didn't pay for this s#*t!!!!!

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Michael - 41 d ago


I was treated rudely by the staff a days inn Wyndham in St Petersburg I had a question about my booking and a booking date and they argued with me they told me the person that I spoke to didn't exist they took a credit card number they took my credit card they build me they also called the police because after I signed and checked in they had me trespassedthe two women working the desk I had asked to speak to the manager and they informed me there was no manager and then she did call the manager and then had me trespassed after I signed and went in to the room and tried to book online another date. Very rude very disrespectful all I was trying to do is straighten out of error at yourat your hotel it is on video tape the whole thing and I hope that somebody will review the videotape the worst hotel experience I've ever had unbelievably rude from beginning to end was not treated like a customer did everything I could to try to explain what was going on or what the problem was and how we could resolve it one lady with the cigarette in her mouth while she standing behind the counter was rude obnoxious and very threatening I told them that I would just go to my room and deal with it later that is when why the lady said just go to your room and we'll take care of it later 10 minutes later they had called the sheriff's department have me trespass this is never happened in my life if you do not contact the resolve this issue with me and the money that I lost because of this I will climb the ladder of your corporate offices to find somebody that will resolve a very disrespectful very rude experience to one of your guests is the first time I've ever stayed at one of your resorts or hotels and I guarantee you will be the last and I will tell everyone I know about this experience I will post it on every social media possible this was so rude I don't even know how to put it in weird words

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M. M. - 41 d 19 h ago


Stayed at Days Inn by Wyndham Redwood City 7/10/19. The Health Dpt. should shut them down. Booked 1 room with 2 queen beds for 3 adults online over 6 weeks in advance. Go to check in and I'm asked "you booked 2 queens, do you want to 2 queens or 1 king?" Uh, I want what I booked? I'm told they don't have any available so instead I'm getting 2 separate rooms, each with a king. No upcharge for their mistake. We walk to the rooms and the door to one of them is open. It's being cleaned so we can't use the room yet (we're now 2 hours past the beginning of check-in so knowing they didn't have what I booked, the additional room should've been ready before check-in). We all go into the other room and wait until the cleaning is done. The room we walk into is HOT. Like, we all immediately begin sweating and rush to find the AC level of hot. The slider door curtains are open so the sun has been shining directly into the room and burning it up, and the AC was not turned on in anticipation of guests while it's over 90 outside. The "AC" is a tiny window unit near the ceiling and takes forever to cool the room down. The switch in the room was a dial with the numbers missing, so we just turned it way down to make sure the air stayed on. It was inconsistent in putting out cool air, but after 5.5 hours and opening the slider after it got dark and closing it at 10:30pm, the room was finally cooled down. While we're in one room waiting for the other to be cleaned, my dad goes to check to see if they're done with the other room and as he walks toward the door it is opened by a man who has his own key to the room and is equally confused by the situation. Keep in mind, had this happened a few hours later than it did, I, a mid-20's female, would have been alone in that room while a male customer was given a working key to the room I had to sleep alone in thanks to the hotel's initial mistake. Unacceptable. At this point the other room was finally done being cleaned. We go in to turn the AC on in there since we expect it to be as hot as the other room, and the AC "control" is a light switch on the wall with no actual temperature control. We go to the lobby and my dad goes inside, understandably furious, and the guy who had our room key had already been in and was given a different room. Guy at the front desk says he was interrupted by a phone call while marking the rooms as occupied and skipped that one, giving the other guy the room by mistake. He was apologetic and said it was all fixed and wouldn't happen again. We're getting ready to go to dinner and my dad goes to the original room and he can't get in - when the other guy's key to the room was deactivated, so was ours. That gets fixed and we can get back into the room. Other issues include: - Within minutes of walking into the initial room for the first time, we learn that the floors are so dirty they turn a tissue dark brown. - Bugs are all over the bathroom. Literally, multiple bugs of multiple kinds crawling around the floor, toilet, and counter. Disgusting. - Broken floor tiles in the bathroom that scrape and wobble when you step on them, which can't be avoided. - A slightly "patched up" hole in the wall. - A brown stain on the white bedspread. - Large scrapes all over the floor, presumably from them dragging the furniture around on it. - Severely broken latch on the slider door to the patio, which had to be manipulated for minutes before finally getting it to re-lock securely to close the door after cooling the room down. Issues that my family felt we needed to take pictures of in case they tried to claim we did the damage, insufficient AC, incorrect rooms, dirt, stains, bugs, giving my room key to someone else, deactivating my room key, not having a room ready after booking me into the wrong room. If I could give this place 0 stars, I would. Will NEVER stay at a Days Inn by Wyndham again.

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Joann - 43 d ago


Stayed at the Days Inn Corpus Cristie Beach hotel on 7/7/19. The hotel was a complete dump. The room was filthy dirty, carpet soiled, shower and shower curtain had mold, room was dusty, sheets seem to be cleaned, but the bed spread smelled. The exterior of the complex wasn't much better, the place definitely needs maintenance. There was an outdoor pool that absolutely know on was swimming in it because it was so cloudy and dirty that you couldn't see the bottom. I feel like I was robbed! I paid $185.00 when the day after the rate went down to $60 where it should've been to begin with. I am completely disappointed that Days Inn would even allow this hotel to bear its name.

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Lesley Koble - 44 d 6 h ago


We stayed at Days Inn in Seaford DE. We asked for a non smoking room. Our room, hallway, and elevator located right next to our room smelled strongly of pot.

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Evelyn - 45 d 9 h ago


We stayed at 3926 us. Hey 17 richmond Hill ga 31324.. We booked 2 rooms (132 and 133). I could go on about how there was an odor to the non smoking rooms we had the sheets the floors the leaking air condition the released water under the floors how hard it was to open and close doors the pool wasnt clean but the most important thing in all this filth was it has BED BUGS.. YES WE TOOK PICTURES IN ROOM 132...when we asked to speak to owner they would not respond to clerk so we left and called them and the clerk told us we would only be refunded the room 132 where we visibly saw a BED BUG AND TOOK IT TO THE FRONT OFFICE BECAUSE NONE WAS FOUND IN ROOM 133 BUT MY MOTHER AND 2 YR CHILD HAS BITE MARKS ON THEM AND THERE WAS BLOOD STAINS ON THE WHITE SHEETS FROM WHERE THE BED BUGS WAS BITING THEM. THIS MOTEL NEED TO BE CLOSED DOWN INDEFINITELY. TRIED TO CALL CORPORATE AND NOONE ANSWERS PHONE. PLEAS BE ADVISED THIS IS A TRUE EXPERIENCE. 7/8/2019

Flagged for review. 
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Robert linker - 46 d 16 m ago


We stayed in days inn on July 6th. The one located at 1603 s. Adams st. MS. There was no guides in the room for the tv's. And we were put with the side with construction workers who sounded like they were moving furniture half the night. Then breakfast was the worst breakfast ever. We don't like ice cold sausage gravy and really hard biscuits for breakfast also cold. At least the orange juice was cold. I can not believe how badly you serve your customers at this location. Out of 5 stars u get 0.

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Tyler - 49 d ago


I stayed at the days inn at ocean shores, Wa. I paid 126.00 a night. I was told it had queen beds showed up and had full size bed. Carpet coming up, half the lights didnt work! And had water damage in the bathroom no screen on the window whuch was 2nd story room. 2 out of the 6 pillows had black marks on them. Was not a pleasant stay and i will not stay again and i have told my car club not to stay at this location also. Just nasty!! Honestly it should have been a 50.00 night not 126.00 i feel i should get a refund and i did try talking to staff but no one was at desk and i waited 10min for someone to show up. No one did!

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