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Days Inn Worldwide, Inc.

1 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 753-6000
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Jeffrey peterson - 9 d 3 h ago



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Jeffrey peterson - 9 d ago


Maybe you guys should take a good hard look at your reviews, you might be able to learn something.....

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Jeffrey peterson - 9 d ago


My name is jeff peterson ...on new years eve 2019 we reserved a room at the days in hinckley minnesota and were at grand casino hinckley we stayed at casino all night into morning decided we didn't need the room called at around 5 am and cancelled our reservation was told by employee that was fine and my credit card would not get charged ....four days later my card gets charged full amount of room(242.00) and they tell me they won't refund absolutely horseshit business practice, even on the ads it says free cancellation will never book a room at a days in and will make sure it goes on social media.....days in you should be ashamed of yourselfs not even trying to understand

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Olaf - 21 d ago


I made a reservation yesterday, and then 10 minutes later, I found out I could not check in until 4 hours after I wanted to, so I tried to get a refund, and they refused to give me my money back. This was an innocent mistake . With other companies in the past, I was always able to get my money back within 24 hours or so,. Well, this was within less than 24 minutes, and they refused to return my money. That is unethical, iimmoral, to keep your money when you call back immediately, after making a mistake.

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Summer - 22 d ago

Days inn Colorado springs on rusina Rd is terrible .The heater doesnt work.everytime we used the microwave the lights would go out and I would have to go find circut breaker box .The staff was really really rude . Kicked us off property for no reason .

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Mrs. Wiltrout - 26 d 6 h ago

Your Days Inn in White House, Tenn. 1000 Hwy. 76 is awful. If inspectors were to check room 113 they would close you down. Everything needs a good cleaning. There are holes in the bathroom door, no drain plug in the sink. Around the bottom of the toilet is filthy. The hair dryer dies not work. Please check this out. I would appreciate a response. Thank you. Mrs. Wiltrout.

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Joan Williams - 42 d ago







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Anonymous - 47 d 17 h ago


Visit to ATL, 90 y/o aunt and her 92 y/o husband and I escorted out by police, and hotel never gave an explanation as to why!! See pictures attached

EXTREMELY LOUD KNOCKING NOISE coming from their pipes kept us up ALL addition to the loud noise that was above us. Finally at 3am we called the front desk to inquire about the noise. we were told it's their old pipes it happens when people shower and there's nothing they can do about it. We called again, between the noise above us and the the pipes we couldn't take it anymore, a guy( I was told his name was Don) said we could switch rooms..After hauling all our things to a new room, only to enter into a room that was DISGUSTING, Dirty, flying insects, sink and floors nasty. Spiders, I killed one on the lamp shade, stain I'm sure still there..It is now, 8/9:00am and we are still without any sleep. We just to decided to just go eat and come back to room and sleep, again disgusted by some type of bug crawling on counter, near waffle station, they have cameras everywhere so it will show I killed it and throw away the waffle.. went to our room, my uncle sat on the nasty chair( please see pictures), he wanted coffee, we called asking where is it and noticed it in the BATHROOM! we called again asking for cream, at this point the man on the phone went CRAZY! Yelling , rude, disrespectful .. all because we asked where was the coffee and cream, I informed him not to talk to us like that, we've been up all night dealing with the noise, nasty place and you're yelling at me! I'm told by the front desk his name is Don Patel. Shortly after we complained, they sent the police..we were shocked! The police?? We asked several times, " what is the reason " they said there isn't one, only that the owner wanted us out.. after we've paid in advance?? Without a refund? Unheard of...After all, we have been up all night not able to sleep, because of the NOISE. there were no complaints of noise about us, we didn't destroy the place, nothing! We complained about our room and they sent the police to escort us out! We were there less than 24 hours. I prepaid for 2 nights and they stated they will not refund my money. my 90 year old aunt and her husband and I were escorted out the building without an explanation as to why.. other than us complaining about the room, the noise and no sugar or cream with the coffee, we did nothing wrong. Police said, they did not give a reason, they just wanted us out..This will not end here, thanks to the police for their great advice. Beware if you pay, they can call police and simply say they want you out, without an explanation and keep your money. Sounds like a SCAM!!

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Anonymous - 49 d 7 h ago


Do NOT ever stay at Days Inn by Wyndham Orlando Florida Mall. Within 5 minutes of being in the room, the ROACHES showed up and showed out... Needless to say we got up out of there and the front desk folks swear they never heard there were roaches and she is a dang lie...too many for them not to know. They had to know because they were too willing to cancel the reservation and issue refunds. Never again!

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Anonymous - 50 d 7 h ago


Days inn Lavonia Ga....the lady who said she was the Mang was the sweetest lady...but as for our room...a huge hole in the wall like someone body was knocked into it....but we was willing to look past that since we was so tired from a long road trip ...had to go ask for pillow cases since they forgot to put them on..while at office my spouse noticed and big spider web behind door with lots of dead bugs in then we pulled sheets back and found a live spider in our bed...and room smelled like someone just smoked a whole pack of cigarettes in our non smoking had to ask for new room was a little better but shower wall was coming off wall because it was broken and water was getting into wall...couch had stains I could tell what it was...this was by far the worst and nastiest place we have ever stayed

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Jill - 50 d 8 h ago


Days in Fargo on 14th street

Staff unhelpful and unfriendly

I asked if the pool

Was working

Staff said yes


And hot tub were not working

Furnace did not work In the room. Way to hot

No toitlet lapped

No tissues

Fridge did not work

I am

For a lifetime completely done with days I

My stay was miserable

And staff. Was horrible

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Anonymous - 53 d 19 h ago


Days Inn Downtown Milwaukee 1840 N 6th St.

This was one of the worst hotels I have ever stayed at.

The people were not friendly. Our TV did not work and was not fixed even after complaining three times. Only after complaining to the manager and maintenance man as we were about to check out did I get any results. My car was broken into and my computer and camera was stolen in downtown Milwaukee and they did not have another computer that we could be used to secure my accounts with. The breakfast was stale and old uncovered dried out. The whole place was not clean with lots of damage everywhere. No tub in the room. But they would not change rooms because we used things in the room and cleaned up. Refrigerator was noisy and kept us up. The room we so small you could hardly walk at the end of the bad with out hitting the TV or get the desk chair out from under the desk to sit in or get past the other chair to get in the bed. The room was belt for a full bed not a queen bed.

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Sarah Carr - 57 d 4 h ago


I reserved a room at Days Inn in Statesville, North Carolina on September 6, 2019, I was scheduled to check in at 3. I asked could I check in earlier and no was the reply. I arrived around 3, and my room wasn't ready until around 5. But at the front desk I was told that a 100 dollar fee for damages will be deducted from my card, and then I'll get refunded until I left okay. I headed off to work because I had a ten hour shift at 6 o'clock. My shift ended I arrived back to the room and went to sleep. I woke up it was a little after 11 so I checked out and left. A few days later I was told I wasn't getting my refund back due to that I checked out late. I also had to wait to get into the room way after check in time. I talked to a few representatives but no response at all. I called to the days inn myself and the lady that was working cursed at me. I feel as though I can at least get part of my refund back because I had to sit in my car and wait. That's not fair to me, and to be honest I will never get a room there again. The rooms aren't that clean, the front desks very disrespectful.

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Rege Harwell - 57 d 7 h ago


I had a reservation at the Days Inn for November 8th, 2019. I was issued room #250. Once in the room I noticed a small bug crawling on the desk chair, no biggie. I smashed and killed it. About an hour later I took a shower and got bed. I was awakened by a much needed scratch on my leg only to see that the bed was infested with bed bugs. I went to the front desk and the staff gave me another room on the 3rd floor. I was not very happy with the first room. Not only that, I had to have my home exterminated because I noticed a few bed bugs coming from the back pack that I took with me to the Hotel.

Unsatisfied customer, I am. This can become problematic in the area in which the hotel stands. 7455 Convention Blvd. Warren MI My Name is Reginald Harwell. I can be contacted via email (hidden). Please do something about this situation. I plan on hosting my Family Reunion at this establishment in July 2020 but not with this situation at hand.

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Sherri - 69 d 3 h ago


After having used this chain for as many times as I have, I've can safely say that the previous stay was worse than anything and everything that I've ever experienced while on the road with ever hotel that I've ever stayed with combined. The young lady at the front desk was extremely rude as if she didn't want to rent to a mixed couple, or she just didn't want to be at work herself. The House Keeping ladies walked in to my room with their own keys shortly after my unpacking. And after my stay I was charged $250 for smoking in the room where there was no smoking. We smoked on the balcony while the door was open while loading my vehicle. I've used this place at least a dozen times or more this year, in different location, but this by very far, was the worse experience that I've even had with a hotel, and I've ended up with a broken foot at one before!

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Jodie - 70 d ago


This Days Inn in Savannah Ga was the ABSOLUTE worst accommodation EVER! Dirt crusted in every corner of the bathroom and all corners visible in living/bedroom. Tub dirty looking unclean. Burgundy sofa with several large White spots as well as the top bed cover. Sheets worn with dark spots possibly unclean, not sure. Front attendant seemed unconcerned to these reports. No phone in our room. Refused a refund, due to " website booking policy" I was Stuck! 1 night only! Ceiling showed visible signs of leakages. Wyndham Hotels should be ASHAMED TO ALLOW SUCH! I thought Wyndham was a honorable establishment with budget friendly facilities BUT , they have Lost my business and respect. I will never recommend or utilize them again. $79.00 per night is reasonable for a "Motel" out side entrance for passing through a town I thought but I was totally wrong on this one. Points or not bad BUSINESS.

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Mark Hall - 74 d 7 h ago

Stayed at the Days Inn in Dayton Ohio and I would be embarrassed to have this place associated with your company. Really old furniture, burns and holes in the carpet and bathroom cabinets falling apart

At breakfast the milk was sour and almost threw up

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Grand Make You LLC - 77 d 17 h ago


It is conveniently located to grocery stores, convenience stores, and expessway. The rooms are decent looking, compared to nearby hotel rooms. Unfortunately, housekeeping is absolute horrible for the rooms. The floors aren't cleaned, washrooms are not kept with tissue or washtowels. The beds are not "changed" with new sheets And house keeping certainly does not come when scheduled, stating housekeeping staff is short. Continental breakfast is available, but does not have items at all times. Staff is pleasant enough.

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Jen - 78 d 1 h ago


I been a great client coming to days inn in miami springs,fl using my wynham rewards. a new supervisor started working in this hotel .someone had an arguement in their room she came to my room to kick me out because i say hi to do them so she says im involved in their problems how is that possible .left the people in their room and wanted to kick me out for no they left it alone and let me keep my room and made me quit my job from another hotel i worked at .today she acted nasty withme kicking me out shehad the nerve to charge my room for two days 180 when my rate with wynham rewards is 46.67 she trashed myroom while i was going to take money out of a atm to pay .she disrespected me and my husband saying she can do w.e she wants .mind you she sells drugs in this hotel and have a room for her boyfriend to sell cocaine and everything and she told me shea manager so nobody gonna believe me she said so i wanna report her and let everyone know and corporate she doing illegal activitys in these properties.kicking peopleout withno reason

And i exposed her and made sure i can rent nowhere.

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Cynthia - 82 d 28 s ago


Days Inn & Suites Galveston 8712 Seawall Blvd., Galveston TX 77554 We arrived on Thursday October 24, 2019 went to our room turned on the lights and guess what, lights not working, nor did the plugs in the room. Tried to contact the from desk, oh wait the phone did not work either. I had to go down the front desk, they called maintenance come up to the room. Waited 45 minutes and no one showed up, so back down to the front desk I go. They we shocked that he did not show up. So they moved me to another room, at lest this room the phone worked and the plugs but the light lay our door was burnt out. Went for breakfast on Friday Morning juice machine was broke, coffee also stated the it was broke. Could not find anyone to talk to, looked behind the door and there sat a lady playing with her cell phone. She acted like she could not be bother. Also the ceiling was leaking water from all the rain that we had. We were gone all day on Friday, came back at around 8 pm and no one had bothered to clean the room, make the beds or have fresh linens. Tried to contact the from desk, but no one would pick up. So down I go the the front again and there sits the girl playing on her phone. Told her about how no one from housekeeping came to take care of the room. She handed me clean towels and blankets and said she didn't know why now one showed up. Saturday morning went to breakfast again, hmmmm guess what, no cups for coffee or lids no coffee either. Guess where the girl was who was working the breakfast areas? In the back on her cell phone. Had to ask her again for items that were not out there at the breakfast bar. Checked out on Sunday morning @ 4 am front desk person was hanging, very unsociable and acted like he couldn't be bothered with us. Very unfriendly staff working the front desk. They act like they can't be bothered with us. Let alone say hello, welcome to Days Inn etc.

They were more worried about there cell phones then the customers that stay at there hotel. I called the hotel this afternoon to speak to a manager. They told me she just left, came in to pick up some paper work and was gone. I asked what time she would be in tomorrow, the girl at the desk did not know when she would be back. Most places have schedules of when people work, how do you not know the the manager will be back.

Hotel was dirty, door to the balcony did not shut properly, rooms need to be update. I have stayed at Days Inn before and have never had this kind of service. I will never stay at a Days Inn again when I travel. They need to train there employees on customer service and if they want to keep customers coming to there hotel.

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Nicole - 173 d ago


We stayed at the Days Inn when we were in Ames two weeks ago. Our bathroom door did not move freely and I was not able to get out once I finally was able to shut it. Luckily for me my husband was on the other side and pushed with all his might to get me out. Because of this we were not able to shut the door to take a shower or while in the restroom. I mentioned this upon checkout and she said she would let management know. We have not heard from anyone since. We wanted to be compensated for this inconvenience but she did not have authority. Very disappointed with this stay.

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Anonymous - 135 d 3 h ago

Did you really think they would refund you because you couldn't shut the bathroom door all the way? It's probably been like that for a long time, and they have always known; they don't care. If you wanted a refund, you should have said something before you paid, not after. They already have your money...

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Anonymous - 105 d 18 h ago

Safety hazard. There has to be a code violation for that. If you had a fire, you wouldn't want the door being jammed.

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Anonymous - 83 d 15 h ago


I remember this. As the front desk person you told: I'm required to respond to all complaints with "I'll let management know!" Our owner flat WILL NOT let us refund money so tbh you could have said anything and not gotten your money back.

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Alondra Hines - 83 d 17 h ago


I wish I could give this hotel a zero but as that's impossible so I'd like to share my experience to help others save their time and money. My husband and I are driving cross country and we stopped tonight at 2 am at this location because we had a reservation. Unfortunately the location is sketchy was its surrounded by factories. It seems like the surrounding area is unsafe as everyone needs to be buzzed inside from the parking lot. The parking lot is not secure as anyone can park and hang out there, I saw a few people do so. The first room we were given were on the 3rd floor and the front desk staff told us a party was going on next door and that if they were too loud to call her and she's have them quiet down. Once we entered the elevator we saw the floor was stained and it smelled old and musky. When we entered the room we realized there was no way we could sleep there because it was too loud and we have a two month old. After phoning the front desk we were told we'd get a suite upgrade on the second floor. Once we entered the room we discovered that it was in a deplorable state. The floors were stained , the restroom was dirty with dirt and pee on the toilet. There was a bullet hole on the restroom mirror and signs that it had hit the other walls inside the room. The ironing board was so dirty and stained it looked beyond repair. The refrigerator, stove, microwave were dirty and unkept. The light switches were dirty and sticky. The walls were dirty and stained. The couch had large stains and what looked like a cum stain. There were also blood on the walls. I was shocked at the deplorable state of the room which should not be booked at all. I felt disgusting just being in the room for ten minutes. There was no way I'd let my baby sleep or touch anything in that room. Sadly I don't think management will care because the parking lot was full so it seems they cater to the type of clientele that does not care about bloody, cum stained, dirty furniture. It is not safe to stay in this hotel as management wasn't even aware of the bullet holes or blood present in the room we were rented.

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