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Days Inn Worldwide, Inc.

1 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 753-6000
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Chris - 18 h 42 m ago


I stayed at the days inn in St. Cloud minn on 6/20/2017 I was disgusted with ciggerette smell in my room and through out my room was very dirty hair all over my bed and sinks I had to open my window and the window was gross to I'm upset with the entire stay and I'm out 95.00 my son could not stop sneezing in there we left early

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Rene - 1 d 8 h ago


Worst hotel woke up 2am to bed bugs,had a flight for 8:10 am I didn't sleep headed st8 to the airport after seeing them! I couldn't stay 1 min more there,called the hotel when I got back to NY they answered the first time when I stated what happened the guy told me hold on only 2 mins later he hung up the phone,called back multiple times,they never answered...

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Anonymous - 1 d 14 h ago


Agree worst company ever. I had to cancel my reservation due to family emergency two weeks before, instead of refunding me my money they charged my card a second time , $500 and will not give me my money back. They have no idea the problems they have caused my house hold, ridiculous. Even the managers don't care, they all probably split my money between each other. I will never stay in a days Inn and hopefully one day I will see my money. DONT EVER PRE PAY!!!!!

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Disappointed customer - 2 d 16 s ago


Worst company ever I reached out a few time due to being over charged & due to the cleanliness of there property & since this hotel doesn't stand by what they claim to off I would never recommend them especially since they told me when I got there 10 mins to plunge my own toilet I just got in the ro I was over charged & told that's how much the room cost but there was no view it wasn't a king size room & the staff very rude this hotel needs closed down or call the health department oc days in needs closed down

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Karen from toledo ohio - 2 d 45 m ago

We rented a room during our vaction to fort meyers florida it was great a teeky bar next to t pool ehich was also great t staff was so so the visit was so great we decided to stay again on our way back to ohio. Bad decision we were awaken to bed bugs chewing on us. The did give us a room NEXT door and again bed bugs. He couldnt do anything for ue at 3am. They are independent ly owned so they would pay for a stay at another hotel so at 3am we were on the road l would stsy at another it seems like bugs and dirty linen but it was a pretty place but that doesnt give u rest. Karen from toledo ohio

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William - 3 d ago


DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!! Days Inn off Skibo rd in Favetyeville NC. This place is obviously used to deal drugs out of! The maintenece guy was soo obviously a crack head tweeked out of his mind! This place was also infested with roaches from the lobby to the room! There was 2 roaches inside the picture frame on the wall in the room that's just what I could see I'm sure there were more in hiding.. and to top it all off there was a heroin needle with herion still in the needle on the back of the bathroom door semi hiding I wish I could post pictures of how discusting this place was when I told the front desk about the needle all she said was throw it away oh and let's not forget the lady at the front desk had hickies all over her neck .. should have known right then it was gonna be a crappy place to stay this place does NOT care about anything or anybody total dump and should be condemned ASAP!!!!

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Ellen fedorchik - 3 d 13 h ago


Thank you for losing our reservations to stay at the days in at Denver int airport. I booked through and get to the hotel only to learn you don't have my reservation. This cannot be blamed on because as I sit here trying to find a room somewhere 1 caller and 2 other people coming to check in were told the same thing I was. You guys suck.

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Ruth Bertholf - 5 d 9 h ago


I rented a room and took my grandkids to go swimming for 2 days. The first day was great so we decided to get the room another day.went and payed for the room.And shortly after i paid with card they called and said we had leave because we had to many kids .i explained to the front office that all the kids was not staying all night and they were only there to swim for a little while she said no and if wewould leave right away we could get our money back on the credit card with in 7 and my husband travel and will not stay at another days inn they are not kid friendly and they have no idea what customer service is about..

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Michele - 3 d 13 h ago


I just stayed at Days Inn at Virginia Beach and their sheets had blood or do do stains and pee stains on them both times

Management is a joke and they want to refund me 10% That is disrespect to my character and my trip I had to take back. Did not feel safe sleeping in that room especially on their filthy sheets and bed spreads

I came from Raleigh NC and ended up leaving Hotel because they claim they had a room for me and when I came back from Dinner, they said all rooms were reserved.

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elysa - 3 d 18 h ago


I stayed at the Days Inn in Elmsford, NY... I will never stay there again!! I was going to check in on Tuesdays after 3pm and stay until Friday. My mother in law was staying at the same hotel and they ran out of rooms and she forgot to book for Tuesday night so she went to the front desk and told them her daughter in law would be checking in later in the afternoon and that we would share a room. so the front desk gave her a key to the room that I would be staying in even thought I did not check in and they did not even ask me if that was ok. they just put her in my room. how do they know if she was really my mother in law we do not have the same last name nor do we live in the same state so our ids are different. what gives the hotel the right to allow someone who states they are my mother in law a key to the room that I have not even checked into yet.

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Anonymous - 6 d 4 h ago


Disappointed pete

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Anonymous - 6 d 4 h ago

Your Days Inn in Charlotte needs condemned.

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Clarence steplight - 6 d 5 h ago


Days inn

6100 Richmond highway

Alexandria VA 22303

Very disappoint in the room. Linen was not changed. Glass shards was found on & in the bed linen. There was also food crumbs on the linen

We called the front desk. They did apologize, brought us more linen. They didn't make the bed. We had to change our own linen. The days inn is a disgrace!!!! I will never stay at this location again.

I'm a rewards member. Very disappoint.

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jeannieb61 - 6 d 18 h ago

Does corporate ever read these comments?

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Russ - 6 d 20 h ago


June in San Antonio Texas and the Days Inn in Poteet has their pool closed, water in it, water fall working......I have a bad back and find relief in water.

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Rebecca - 7 d ago


I booked 2 nights in Hardy, AR. Days Inn BECAUSE they're a well known chain hotel that have somewhat normally been good if not better. But this one had bad reviews to begin with. I tried NOT to book with it but was stuck with it when i went thru (NEVER USE THEM!) my niece & nephew were VERY UPSET when the POOL wasn't in working order! This is June people! Vacation time!! I booked 2 days BECAUSE of the POOL!!! With nothing to do, we stayed ONE night then left. Thanks Days Inn! Get your pool FIXED!

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debbie larrick - 7 d 6 h ago


i got to the room it had not been cleaned there was water all over the floor in the bathroom, i almost slipped on the floor cleaning it up. and i went to turn on the shower the handle almost fell off the screw was out . i ask for screwdriver to fix it didn,t get one couldnt turn off the shower more water went onto the bathroom floor. so they moved us across the hall at 1130pm. then nthe miiror on the wall by the televesion wouldnt turn on and the light where the sink was before yo go ito the bathroom didnt work no wifi connection in either rooms.

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Michael patrick - 8 d 17 h ago


Sunday, June 11, 2017 I stayed at Days inn west, on illiff st , in Albuquerque nm. The clerk gave correct information. Her attitude was rude and uncaring, she didn't care if you stayed there or not. She is not someone I would have greating guest! I will say the room was very clean. The safety lock was broken and you had to slam the door as hard as you could to get it to close. The lady at the desk wrote it down but would not give me another room. The hallways were filthy. The pool water was so merkey you could hardly see the underwater lighting. The indoor pool area was under lit. Most of the lights were broken or missing. To top it off the next morning at breakfast there were roaches in the food. We went to McDonald's. I was concerned about the pool and hallway filth so I contacted the health department and the mayors office.

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Marva Thomas - 8 d 19 h ago


Days Inn, Jackson, TN. First they charge your card as soon as you get there and do not tell you. Then I get a room with bed bugs, running toilet and filth everywhere. Go to service desk and they are rude and say here is another room. So I go to look and this room was no better but even worse. Fresh blood all over mattresses. Not to mention public hair and other miscellaneous hair in first room. They obviously do not clean the sheets either. Worst stay ever in a hotel. Don't worry, as I left within of an hour checking in or so, as I had to go eat. Hotel did not even care and I was given the attitude that I was in the wrong. Never again at a days inn.

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Anonymous - 9 d 15 h ago


This is by far the worst experience I've ever had while traveling. We booked the Days Inn in San Antonio by the river walk. When we entered our room, it smelled of cigarettes and mothballs. My fiancee sat on the bed and it broke. While waiting to get the bed repaired I called the front desk and was told they didn't have another room like the one we had. So we got our stuff and checked out. This was a span of 20 minutes. Now we are being charged almost $400 for a 20 minute stay in this awful place. The pictures are nothing like what we were given. I could have dealt with the broken bed but the smell is something I could not bear. I'm still trying to get my money back. DO NOT STAY HERE. Spend a few extra bucks and get a nicer place that doesn't stink, have bugs or loud people running around that makes you pay for parking. Ridiculous!

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April - 12 d 5 h ago


My parents, husband and I reserved a room in Jamestown, ND. My mom has seriously bad allergies. She lost her voice the minute she walked in the room and could not breathe. Mold, mildew smell. She reserved through and they could not help because we couldn't give 24 hours notice???? How were we to know 24 hours earlier that their rooms were so dirty that someone with allergies couldn't stay in their raunchy hotel? We could not get our money back.....not one dime!! Do NOT.....EVER stay at this (or any other) Days Inn for that matter.

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Days in sucks - 12 d 5 h ago


I had stayed in a days inn in Englewood colorado. Reserved a room through Wyndham rewards program and the first night went great the blonde at the front desk was very welcoming and up the next morning and reserved another night through wyndam rewards and the manager of the place had been the one who checked me in and it all went good or so I thought I was already checked in and back in my room when I got a call from the front desk and it was an employee other than the manager that was stating that I couldn't use the same card that I had used the prior night because it was a prepay card not a credit card now keep in mind I have been using this same card at not only this place but every place I had been staying in for the last year or two..and on top of that now I had needed a deposit of one hundred dollars. So now I pointed out that the manager had ok it. And then they both got irate with me and said I was not welcome anymore.

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Jonathan Jackson - 12 d 18 h ago


I made reservations online on June 9, 2017 for June 16, 2017 which was a mistake. I wanted to stay on June 9, 2017 at Days Inn on North Broadway in Lexington, Kentucky. I call the reservation line as well as the site but they would not allow me to switch the date. I'm very disappointed and now since they couldn't accommodate me fir June 9th I will lose my money. At the time I made the reservation I only wanted to switch the date. Now I'm headed back to my hometown. Thank you for your prompt response. Jonathan Jackson itinerary # R807544242. (hidden)

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charles smith - 12 d 18 h ago


well we are at white house tn dayinn worse stay ever food in are fridge is bas power is out toilet foll over water everwhere they fixed it now we get up and watee everwhere again cant even go out side with out 5 guys bugging my wife its a low life place none smoking room and maintenance man worked on room after we left smoked in room and it stinks and wake up every day to some one getting high or smoking that why we want a smoke free room not to deal with that so for being a 4 star its bull should be half star or shut down

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Charles copelan - 13 d ago


I booked a reservation through priceline .com to stay at the Days Inn , in Scarborough Toronto, on Friday June, 2nd. Alisa, the sales rep . Assured me that my request for early arrival will be o.k. Upon arrival at 4. Am in the morning the desk clerk told me they were over booked and no room was available. I drove around to view niagra falls to kill time to await my 3pm reservation . However when I contacted Days Inn I was informed that I have no reservation my plans for attending a very important family wedding was totally ruin. I tried contacting Priceline their system was down , they could not get in touch with a manager at Days Inn, finally I was told that Days inn was already bill and they are not able to do a refund. This his totally despicable and absurd my only recourse is seeking the help of help me Howard

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