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Days Inn Worldwide, Inc.

1 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 753-6000
General profile image - 1 d 10 h ago


I had a reservation at Days Inn Chester Pa.after coming in at Phila Airport. I was given a room that was not cleaned, the toilet had overflow with urine all over the floor. I went to the front desk and was advised there was no one to clean it up and all the rooms were sold out. I was advised I could not stay in the room and sleep on the floor due to health regulations and was denied a room. I want a refund.

Contact me via this email and advise me regarding a refund. I was told by the front desk that because I left(since there was no where to sleep) that there would be no refund, it was my problem.

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Jennifer - 2 d 6 h ago


Please avoid days inn located in Melbourne fl, it is a rat's hole. Dirty, filthy, old, stained, tub was supposed to be cleaned it was never cleaned, there were hairs hanging and dirt on the tub. Dust under the toilet seat, cigarette holes al over the sheets, shower and window curtains dirty, spider webs, roaches...and the manager has not called me back. I have been trying to speak with him for the past 3 days, from the moment I checked in and I checked out already and he has not called me. I called the hotel and every time I call I get a he is not in, so that place has no manager on site. I need a call back... I had to clean the bathroom myself, need my money back.

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Torres - 1 d 14 h ago


Welcome to the Turd world el Norte.

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Tiffany - 3 d 11 h ago


I checked in the days inn north in Clarksville TN on 2/15 I paid for 2 days when I checked my in I didn't go to the room so when I got back to the room it's was around 4pm as I lay on the bed I felt something on me it was a bed bugs so I went to the office and asked for my money back they said they only can refund one day I don't understand why I wasn't refund the hold thing which I'm still waiting on the refund for the one I just want all my money back

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alisa - 4 d 2 h ago


Please contact me.This was the worst stay I have ever had at a hotel My debit card was charged before my check-in time and my reservation was canceled. There was a one hundred dollar deposited that I wasn't inform of, the hallways were filthy had mold on the rails. The elevators were old and outdate smelled of Urine and had exposed wiring. The room had smelled of smoke had stains on sheets, broken fixtures and ROACHES. I have video proof

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Bridget Adkins-Martin - 8 d ago

This is not the first time I have complained about a ,Days Inn. This time, I'm at Bullhead City AZ. 10 PM at night, I'm tired, ready for bed and notice my room is cold. I go to the bathroom to turn only the hot water on and the shower head. Well, more water is flooding from the faucet than the shower head and I will not be able to rinse the shampoo out of my hair. The front desk clerk ask me to move rooms, after I have unpacked all my things and ready for bed. The kicker to all is $110 per night here! I'm so sick of getting screwed by all of these damn DOT HEAD OWNERS! IM THEOUGH WITH WYNDHAM AND THEIR CHEAP ASS MOTELS WITH A HIGH ASS PRICE!

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Joe - 9 d 6 h ago


Stayed at thermopolis wy days inn and was asked to switch rooms. I did with no questions asked. I just happened to be in the lounge and over heard another guest saying they were switched also. Upon further discussion we found that there are a min of 5 rooms infested with bed bugs!!!!! This is disgusting and I do not recommend staying there!

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Mark - 12 d 8 h ago


Worst place ever... tried to stay a days inn located in Lincoln NH.... checked in used pool which was disgusting, then went to shower found bathroom had finger nail clippings all over sink and poop all around base of toilet. Packed up my 3 year old son and wife, told desk why I was leaving and left keys to drive 2 hours back home. Was called by owner and called every name in the boom swearing and screaming at me saying we messed up the room and were slobs, said we were to poor onafdord the already paid for room. Called me several times saying vulgar language while I was in my car with my son, totally disrespectful and rude. Called costumer care to file complaint and they said there's nothing they can do that the are neutral. Complete joke ruined my whole weekend and trip and it's just disgusting. Do not stay!!!!! Sad that people can be treated like this and nothing is done basically ruined my trip and tossed 200 dollars out the window! Sad !

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Brenda Madison-Cosby - 13 d 11 h ago


I stayed at Days Inn in Lake Bluff IL I went there to attend my granddaughters Navy graduation I was over charged and not give the Navy discount for 2 rooms during our stay the toilet was leaking in one room so my daughter had to use our room to shower these complaints were told to the day supervisor/manager who stated she would have the plumber come it never got repaired during our stay

I have tried to reach out to hotel on serveral times No reponse

My understanding is the Navy will no longer recommend this hotel to visiting familys

I travel a lot I have stayed at Days Inn before but because this hotel never reach out or knowledge any of my concerns or complaints I will never stay at a Days Inn again

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Anonymous - 14 d 13 h ago


to whom this concerns, we staying in Glasgow KY days inn , Im moving from out of state to glasgow, i booked four rooms two have pets so more money. these people you have Mr Jayanti Caudhary is general manager is the rude, i spent 2000.00 for two week stay . they try changing the price after agreeing too the price before we got here. they don't have enough breakfast for everyone, they come into your room after they clean it. i have never been treated like this, Im proud business and is moving my life down here. i left rudeness in the state i came from. i will not be using days inn ever again. Im telling everyone i come in contact with about how rude these people are, its call bate and switch. which is against the law you people should take pride in who represents you. you clearly don't care. which is sad. a very disappointed customer.

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Kimberley D - 19 d 49 m ago


My parents, sister and I came to Dee Moines for American Legion Conference. When I call to reserve the room for two nights, they didn't tell me that there was a deposit for hotel. When we showed up the cashier was rude and very slow. My parents was going to pay cash. He was like it would be $364. My mother was like what the heck for. He was like it is for deposit because you are using cash, not debit or credit card. So I had to pay for it on my debit card until Monday when I can add the money back to my account.

General profile image

cody - 23 d 13 h ago


days inn is crooked as can be i was asualted by my ex they had called the cops after i had been in the er with my head split open my ex smoked in a non smoking room i told them i would pay for the issue due to the blizzard i could on get 60 dollars of the 250 dollars last night offerd it to them they demanded it right then and there the hotel was the only place me and my dogs had tostay due to jones lease property and there chancellors doing same day eviction notice after they filed bankruptcy and der investigation by atf for the i 80 equipment fire where people that worked for him and stood up to the man collected there rent mowney and still evicted them such as a woman and her children

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Nancy - 26 d ago


This is the worst Days Inn ever.. Wyndham should be ashamed to have there name on the motel in Norman Ok. Whoever answered the phone could not give us a correct exit. He told us exit 119 om Main. We drove around over 30 min. After stopping to ask for directions. It was exit 109. I think the clerks should be able to give an exit number. The first room they gave us was supposed to be non smoking, the smell was so strong from smoking as soon as you opened the door. We had to change rooms, move all are things again. The second room was sufficientl but needed work. You could not hardly close the bathroom door because the door edging has come loose and hanging down over 18". This place is very old and needs a lot of attention. We will never stay here again.

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Jessica - 27 d 19 s ago

I would never stay at daysinn in Vineland they hired a felon as manager,who stole money from poor old disabled sick people,now she working at daysinn probably doing the same thing. People watch out when you stay there.

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That one not to play with - 28 d 9 h ago

I will never stay at a Days Inn ever again. They find reasons to charge you after you leave extra money. They waited 8 hours after I checked out and charged my card more money. When I called to speak with manager she wouldn't get on the phone and when I finally acted like someone else it got her on the phone. Once she realized it was me she immediately got an attitude and said theirs nothing I can do. What she dont realize is I may have an ID that shows I live in another state but that hotel is in my hometown where I go to stay all the time. She was taunting me like because I'm gone out of state there's nothing I can do and I asked for corporate number and she hung up.

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A former customer - 32 d 4 h ago


The days inn in the town of Stockton California is the worst hotel. Nothing but prostitution,drugs and gang violence. Not only that but you can find blood stains and urine everywhere

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Mrs. Mitchell - 36 d ago


The Days Inn in Warren, Mi... is Horrible, I requested a non-smoking room and as soon as you walk in the door, you smell nothing but marijuana. The nightstands and the table have not been wiped off you can see old cup stains that have not been cleaned. Omg and the Toilet wasn't clean. It was absolutely horrible it was even pubic hairs on the toilet... The carpet was nasty...

I had to leave and go and get some Lysol and bleach to clean the room because if this room was not clean I'm pretty sure none of the other ones are . I was better off going to Motel 6. And when I got home in took a shower in saw I have bedbugs bites on both my arms.... I will never ever stay at the days Inn in my life...I didn't pay my money to stay at a disgusting room, where I have been Attack by bedbugs and I had to clean the room myself. On top of me being 7 months pregnant. I just want my money back because The condition of that room is unacceptable.

General profile image

Matt - 37 d ago


Days inn Bay City Texas is disgusting! I will be reporting to the state health office! First room had mold growing out of the ceiling, tv remote and alarm clock next to the beds, a small fan was left on the ground to cover up a smell or dry the floor up. Bathroom was disgusting! Second room bathroom was also disgusting, tv didnt work and ac unit stopped working over all. I pulled plug for the power to try and reset it and it pulled the whole outlet out of the wall i have pictures for all of this. All pictures for this hotel are out of date, and are nothing lime the photos! Please do not waste your money at this place. Its stupid cheap and tou get what you pay for. Absolute shit!

General profile image

Nicole - 39 d ago


Days in Orlando near millennium mall has very poor professionalism I checked in last night January 11 the room that I was put in the expedition face was hanging off you had it on the noise was loud you sit on it the toilet to use it you are about to hit the floor and the toilet is coming behind you because that is coming up from the wall. They move me to another room after I came down to complain about that when this second room was infested with roaches in the bathroom area around the sink area at first I thought it was you know just a couple here and there because you have big ones crawling on the wall around the television which I ended up killing them but then when I went in the bathroom to use the bathroom you had baby Welches or a teenager just wear one color around the bathroom to which I killed a couple of them so then I left out and then my 12-year-old when in there and they were more Welches and has made of it there was one swimming in the toilet.I immediately grabbed our things and took them and put them back in the car and because I went back downstairs in the hotel claim they did not have any more ones they had all of these rooms blocked off because something was wrong with him or renovation that was pretty much it for the night so me and my kids slept in the bed tight like we were in a camp like a can of sardines. The next day I had my daughter spoke with the manager ?Atis? He told her he was going to move us to another room in the Inn that is that mom had issues or if we didn't like the room we can just check out and leave and to make a comment like that to her I was very distraught. He denied he made that comment to her he claimed that he say he was going to take care of her is we need like a witch try to find something else but when I arrived at the room the issue with this room is that when you flush the toilet it leaks from the bottom water juice comes from the bottom of the toilet so you have to put towels down around the toilet when you flush which is ridiculous so is like we've been in three different rooms in less than 24 hours and every single room has an issue yes this is the cleanest room we did in that smells like housekeeping has been in there because the other room smell ridiculous the owner was insane but again Issues still remain I requested a refund for a check if checking out early or either be accommodated for a free night or something of the case and to be moved to another room in the morning since they are still claiming there are no more room. Front Dess is also saying I have to wait for the manager to come back in the morning just my luck

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Sherryn Frazier - 46 d 6 h ago


I booked a reservation from December 31st 2018 to January 2nd 2019 I have done this for the last 4 years I enjoy visiting the hotel Days Inn Seatac Airport I have made friends with the people that work there so I've always felt safe and happy until this year When I checked in this year I always pay for my room in full everyone that knows me and is with me know that we can't do anything not even have a snack until our room is paid for the whole week which is what I did the evening of January 1st I was going to dinner and then young lady at the counter said that I hadn't paid from my room I informed her that I have paid for the whole week and I informed her that we will deal with this when I come back from dinner now I am 60 years old and I have medicine I have to take so I must eat as I left to go to dinner I had an eerie feeling that I was going to have problems when I returned but I felt because I've been at this hotel for so many years for New Year's whatever problem there was we could always fix it my Social Security with be on my social security card in the morning But of course that's not how it went when I returned to Days Inn I was told that if I didn't pay for the room that I would be put out at 60 years old a grandma would be put out that has been there every New Year's I was upset I was hurt and I was mad because I always pay my room for the time I'm going to be there so I knew it was a mistake a computer mistake but she kept insisting that if I didn't take care of it I would be put out She was a new person so she didn't understand why I was so upset nor respect why I was so upset she wasn't aware that my brother had been hit by a car and had passed away I kept explaining to her that we could take care of in the morning I'm not going anywhere without my bill being paid because this is the place that I come every year and I always want to be in good standards she still continue to harass me and threatened me So I end up calling my mother who taught 40 years second grade students she has two broken legs and she is in a nursing facility I had to wake up the nursing facility to take care of this issue the first nurse had to go into my mother's room and let her know what was going on then the second nurse had to go in and get credit cards so my mother could pay for the room my mother's car Decline and Bank of America called and said your mother is in a nursing home with two broken legs and someone is trying to charge a room at Days Inn and I had to explain to her it was me her daughter she was doing it so they make sure that she was able to use her discovery card and everything was taken care of Many of the people that stayed in Days Inn with me started texting me and telling me how they felt about the young lady at the front desk and they also was treated wrong yes I kept there texts messages even one of the employees from the Days Inn who always checked me in and he checked me in this time called me and told me the way she was treating me was wrong He said he gave her instructions on how to charge my card and she must cleared something out of the computer because when I left everything was ready for her to swipe your card I could not sleep all night long she also charged me the wrong price for the room she charged me $80 when I'm Diamond Wyndham membership which should have been $60 and they refused to credit or fix it The next morning I informed the young lady that treated me so badly I said to her I make more money in one day than you make in a week and how I make this money is because of my customer service skills and my college degree customer service is very important and it hurt because I've been here for so many years but you didn't respect that Because I made that statement to her days in felt I was very disrespectful to her and told me I never can come to the hotel or be on their property again now I don't know if that covers all the Days Inn since I stay in many of Days Inn and I will hope that I can reach someone in corporate to help me I was so upset I left the pair of slippers in the room and I've never left anything at days in that they did not retrieve and make sure I got my property back they are saying they don't have my slippers and I know they're saying that because they don't want me to come back but I would not be the one coming back to get my slippers a friend of mine's will be the one coming back if they locate my slippers which I doubt I don't want to stop using Days Inn Hotels because I've used them for so many years I have to head out in a couple of days. To take care of my brother that has passed away once again Wyndham will be making my reservations and I hope this trip everything will work out very fine I am very emotional this is my first death that I've had to deal with I hope someone and Daisy and Corporation can understand and respect how I feel because this was a tradition for me to be at Days Inn and it hurts more than you can know

General profile image

Anonymous - 47 d 9 h ago

NASTY! By the looks of it, Ill get no reply. I have already contacted (left message) with the legal division. I wish it would let me post pictures! Little River, S.C. black mold, black mold, urine that is like jelly at the bottom of toilet! No smoke detector....just a mount for one! AC/heat outlet coming out of wall with exposed wires, just wonderful for a child to play with (sarcastic). Management wouldnt be in until Monday. Front desk clerk laughed when showed all the pictures, their comment to us was, they had been having problems with the housekeeping department! sounds like there is management problems! Manager needs to get off your @$$!!! Refrigerator has black mold on the INSIDE, hadnt been wiped out in a very long time. Stains all over furniture! You would be better off staying in a hog pin!!! Didnt stay, we left but got told there is a $15.00 because we walked in the room! I will be contacting the right people. Very UNSAFE!!!!

General profile image

Ernie Taylor - 48 d 29 m ago

You have a flag flying in front of your hotel in Wallaceburg Ont that is "half" Canada and USA. What a total disgrace to both Flags !!!

Please folllow proper protocol when flying Flags on Canada soil and US soil

General profile image

Brittany - 48 d 4 h ago

Short version: On Saturday, Dec. 15th, 2018. My friend and I arrived at Days Inn Hotel in OKC near Northwest Expressway at around 1:30pm and within 30 minutes we were kicked out by GM for "complaining" about disgusting bathroom conditions. We were also refused refund solely because we wouldn't delete video recordings of the incident!! Contacted corporate to explain the situation and still haven't received my money.

Full story : So I went to visit my friend in OKC on 12/15 and chose to stay at the Days Inn on NW Expressway as I had done a few times before with no major problems at all! (She's stayed there a few times herself in the past with no issues and good service). With the hotel's permission, I checked in early for a king non-smoke room at 1:30pm. My friend helped me bring my bags up and before settling in , I looked around the room to check to ensure everything was good to go. At around 1:35pm, I saw long dark hairs in the tub and was immediately disgusted and went back to the front desk and as calmly as possible explained things. The guy, who later identified himself as the general manager , told me he'd put me in a new room.

I got to the new room at around 1:45pm and I logically I again checked the room. Crazy enough, I was again greeted with hairs in the tub but this time I just cleaned them up to avoid making a scene. But then I opened the toilet and saw what looked to be short hairs (possibly pubic hairs) covering the entire toilet bowl hole!! So a bit annoyed, I immediately called the front desk and told him the situation and instead of offering to have it cleaned or setting up a different room, he told me in a hostile tone to come get my money and find somewhere else to go because he couldn't "please me". Then he hung up on me. Me and my friend were shocked but started gathering up my bags and a couple minutes later he was knocking at the door! He said he wanted us out immediately and I understandably stated my confusion as to why he was kicking me out. I asked if he could at least come look at the toilet and see the issue. He angrily refused and demanded we leave immediately or he would call the cops. Also he said there were no other rooms available in any size and if we weren't down at the office within 15 minutes , we would receive no refund! That is when my friend started recording the altercation.

He then saw me and my friend recording on our phones and demanded we stop because "it was illegal " which my friend informed him was not the case. He repeated himself on camera this time and my friend then told him he did have the right to make us leave the property but not to make us delete the videos. Then we proceeded to ask him why we were being kicked out and he didn't give an answer. We asked him a couple times for his name and for corporate's number and he refused to give either!

We went down to the office within 5 minutes still stunned, because he said if we took longer then 15 minutes, we wouldn't receive our refund which is insane! We had only been in both rooms for less then an 30 minutes combined at this point. By the time we got to the office, my friend was still recording and he said he changed his mind. He said that if we didn't delete the video recordings immediately, we wouldn't get our money back at all. He wouldn't even give me my receipt when I asked. He was raising his voice, belittling, and mocking us. We tried to stay calm but his behavior was very shocking and infuriating. He kept yelling that he had a law degree so he knew what he was talking about. My friend kept explaining that he couldn't keep our money because he didn't provide the service we paid for and we had it only been there 30 minutes. We also explained to him that he was giving bad service.

He kept threatening to call the cops on us the entire time so I decided to do just that. I called the cops and not going to lie I was noticeably shaken and irate but tried my best to maintain my composure. Also I never raised my voice or cussed at him but I was very firm. I told him the way he was treating paying customers was absolutely TERRIBLE and I'd upload the videos for people to see how he was treating us. They looked at him like he was insane and were nice to us. He tried to lie about not giving the refund and refusing his name and corporate info. He also tried to lie and say we were there for 2 hours but we pointed out that everything was recorded and time stamped. The cops were empathetic with us the entire time but explained we should send all the evidence to corporate because their hands were tied. He flipped out on them a little when they didn't make us delete our footage. We left shortly after WITHOUT OUR money.

I called corporate about 2 weeks ago and explained what had happened. l even included that everything was recorded and offered to send in the footage for them to see their employee's behavior. The lady on the phone apologized for the inconvenience and assured me that I would be compensated. Sadly, I have yet to receive my refund or anything else. I'm very disappointed and thinking of taking other avenues to at least get my HARD EARNED money back. And to think my experiences with this hotel chain has been nothing but positive in the past.

General profile image

Disappointed John - 48 d 8 h ago


We spent 3 nights at the Days Inn in Madisonville, Kentucky. I booked 2 rooms and the first two rooms we were given were filthy. The carpet had many stains. There were burn holes in the blankets. There was an empty cereal box behind the refrigerator. The front desk clerk Joanne was not shocked by our findings. These rooms were on the second floor. She gave us two rooms in the first floor which was much better. Laminated floors and a upgraded bathroom. All rooms should be like that. Someone from HQ should visit this property and see what the employees are wearing for work. I was shocked to see this man in ratty looking jeans and a woolen hat cleaning up the breakfast area. I thought he was a guest.

One other worker had an awful sweatshirt on. This is not a good way to represent your hotel. I am a Marriott employee and we all wear some professional business attire at least a company shirt. If someone made a surprise visit from HQ, I don't think that you would spend more then a night there until major changes were made.

General profile image - 59 d 9 h ago

We booked a room on route to Gallop New Mexico. We requested a non smoking room and were gauranreed a room that has never been smoked in As we were traveling with my 83 year old mother with a lung condition this was very important. After checking in we went to the room , it had overwelming smell of vanella air freshener tryig to hide the smell of smoke. There were burn holes in the carpet and on some pieces of furniture. We emediatly checked out and went to a different hotel. The front desk atendant at Days Inn said for a refund we would have to speak to the manager. The next morning we returned to the Days Inn the manager assured us we would recieve a full refund. We are presently in a dispute with the Days Inn and have not recieved a refund. The hotel was discusting and filthy we will never stay at a Days Inn

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