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Days Inn Worldwide, Inc.

1 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 753-6000
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Crystal Fairchild - 15 h 26 m ago


Horrible place beeping smoke alarm hair on bathroom floor housekeeping comes to door 2 1/2 hours early to ask you if your leaving .Front desk clerk rushes you . Horrible New Florence Missouri

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Horrible!!!! Breakfast a joke. Pea colored coffee and just crappy cheap white bread and fake orange juice. Asked the desk clerk if Best Wedterm was cheaper ($90) than Days Inn, she said no but a much better experience. Fredonia, NY. Just highway robbery! Shame, I will never ever stay in a Days Inn again. - 2 d 18 h ago



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Jennifer Kuhn - 3 d 10 h ago


We want to compliment Shafi from Days Inn 1700 Clara St. Columbus, Ohio for going out of his way to locate and mail the stuffed animal my granddaughter had left in the motel room. He was so considerate and caring over the phone over our granddaughters special stuffed animal. Thank you so much!!

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Wayne Cerra - 4 d 16 h ago

Days inn Ocala E Silver Springs. Checked in at 10:30 last night. Room DISGUSTING. No other rooms. Issues? No clean sheets, not changed. Cabinet broke. Fridge missing, lamp shade damaged and trashed. Cob webs in all corners. Toilet tank leaking, tub leaking. Comforter and blankets have blood stains and burn marks. Room smell disgusting, but its a smoke free? Ice machine, one working other side of complex. Complimentary breakfast, NOT! Room closed. As I was complaining at front desk, 2 workers in office were yapping their traps saying we only paid 85 bucks, its not the Hilton, and didnt they see the shit hole when the pulled up? NO, it was 10:30 @ night. NOT FIT FOR A PIG PEN! And, NO concessions, guess they dont want repeat customers. Rant over but I am not stopping here, can you say Corporate!

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Ahmed 2022979461 - 5 d 8 h ago

You have a resolution today In eastern Maryland When we get there they said the room is dirty and AnAnd they told us is no one dick clean now they're coming tomorrow morning 8 o'clock I don't know what kind of services

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I am the rep for Mobile mini Storage containers and offices please have your Manager in Columbus OH reach out to myself as we can help with the fire at this Brice Rd location last night. Thank you Best regards, Joe Rocha Inside Sales Representative OFFICE: (hidden) ,,7682 Cell(hidden) FAX: (hidden) EMAIL: (hidden) 871 Buckeye Park Road Columbus, OH 43207

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 6 d 16 h ago


Yes. I. Would. Agree. To. All. That. Complain. I. Never. Hated. This. Place. But.on. The third. I. Really. Really. Has. Been. Pushed. To. The. Limited. God. Fearing. But. We. All. Get. Tired. Of. Situation. That. Could. Have. Been. Handled. Better 1was. Told. Oh. There. A. 30. Dollar. Fee. But. Then. Says. O. Because. We. Don't. Have. The. Room. Ready. Then. Have. Me. Wait. Like. Four hours. Put. It. N. Mind. Now. I'. Caught. A. Cab. So. I'm. (Like. OK.). N. The. Meantime. This. GurL. Comes. Up. N. He tells. Well. There. A. Wait. OK. I'm. Like. OK. But. Really. Burns. Me. Up. Is. She was. Sitting. Outside. But. Decided. To. Come. Back. N. It. WS. Really. Hot. He. Tells. Her. Oh. If. U. Not. Chief. N. We. Can't. Have. U. N. Here. Wtf. First. Of. All. It's. Your. Fault there's. No. Rooms. Avail. Cause. Of. Lack. Of. Housekeeping. The. One. In. Maine. Tollgate. Dr. Now. She. Wasn't. Hurting. No. One. That. Might. Right. There. Make. A. Person. Commit. Suicide. Fr. Fr.

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Unhappy - 7 d 18 h ago


Never stay at Days inn...from all reviews they all are a are unable to reach anyone on the number available...we stayed in Oklahoma days inn and it was filthy..falling apart..smelled..if there was a rating below a 0..that would be theirs..service was horrible ..the pool..cloudy..not clean at all.people in and out hanging around hotel that were very questionable for your safety.this corporation is raking in the money..period..the rating on this place was 7..should have been minus made it look nice..NOT..

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IntFF - 8 d ago


A FRAUD by Days Inn Austin at 3105 North I-35. I made a reservation and cancelled. They charged my credit card. I disputed with Chase. They sent Chase a Registration form with my signature forged and a Folio of Charge Details that I confirmed the charge. With my signature forged Again.

Luckily, I was NOT in the USA during these 4 days, and I can prove it.

Any ideas where to report this FRAUD will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Tc - 8 d ago


Pretty sad when you have a employee, Amy Knight) telling people to come get some and the address of 5858 International dr. on Facebook. Not very professional in any way. Show lack of judgement and professionalism for the tourist industry. shame on you days inn

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Kimberly - 8 d 5 h ago

We attempted to stay at a days inn in Soiux Lookout Canada. Rudest folks ever. Booked because there was nothing posted about no pets and when we tried to come in, we were stopped at the door and not allowed in. They told us our dog had to stay in our vehicle. So far they have not reimbursed us. Our friends with us stayed so they would not loose their money. Turned out their room had dirty sheets and stained matresses. Will never recommend

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DjNettles - 9 d 9 h ago

Yes I stayed at the Days Inn and I guess is same clairville Ohio and I I stay one night I couldn't take another night but your hotel is trying to charge me for another night they keep putting me on hold to keep telling me they don't call back nobody's calling back the rules wasn't all that good and I just want them to stop taking money out my account

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DjNettles - 9 d 9 h ago

Yes I stayed at the Days Inn and I guess is same clairville Ohio and I I stay one night I couldn't take another night but your hotel is trying to charge me for another night they keep putting me on hold to keep telling me they don't call back nobody's calling back the rules wasn't all that good and I just want them to stop taking money out my account

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Liz - 9 d 11 h ago


We stayed in Days Inn Savanna Ga !! This place needs to be shut done before someone gets hurt or sick!! I will not stop until this place get SHUTS DOWN !!! Roaches everywhere also horrible musty mold smell makes ur eyes burn gas was leaking in our room we could smell the propane !!! ALSO HEY LEFT A OLD DRESSER IN TBE HALLWAY WITH NAILS STICKING OUT OF IT!!! Someone could have easily stuck a nail thru there hand especially a child !!! We told front desk they act like they were going to move it next day it was stil there I should have stuck my hand Thur it and sued the shit out you guys!! I'm calling the better business burea the news station everyone is going to see what a disgusting place this is and it will get shut down !!!!

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UPSET - 9 d 17 h ago


I stayed at the Days Inn in Arkansa Monticello and it wa the worst stay evvvvvveeer. First I checked to the room to enroll my son into college, I thought because the school referred it was a good ideal. NOOOOOOOOOO! I checked in and there where people hanging outside around the room. I checked into my room with my husband and son and what I thought my so was about to sit on was a piece of lent, NOPE it was a spider if it wasnt for my husband my son would have sat on it. After killing the FIRST SPIDER I went to pick up the phone (that didnt work) to report what I saw and there was a SECOND SPIDER crawling on the phone... right above the phone there was a THIRD SPIDER!! I get to the off ice to report and asked could I switch rooms the youndg lady was very unconcered as if this happens alot!! I w switched rooms,BUTTTT of course this room was no better. A big gap in the door where you can see directly in the room. The bed was so hard i couldnt belive that it was a real mattress, the towels were stained, someone had clearly used the shampoo, and they put back for the next people to use. THE SHOWER CURTIAN.... the all caps should be enough to see that it was DISGUSTING!!! After driving 6 hours and moving my son into his dorm and switching rooms I was just ready to lay down.....I guess what ever bit me in the bed was ready for me to lay as well cause I woke up with a huge bite on my arm!!!!!! By this time its 2 am , Im annoyed and I have to use the restroom ...I guess the the SPIDER did too, I walk in the restroom and ther was another dam SPIDER!!!!!! So now Im up all night knowing I have a six hour drive ahead of me, It was the worst experience ever and I will NEVER stay at another days inn!!!

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Anonymous - 11 d 18 h ago


Days in in chula vista ca was dirty room smelled bad trash all over place bed was broken down that was in a king suit

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Robert and Cappy - 12 d 10 h ago


We stayed July 31, 2018, at Alexandria, Minnesota, at the Days Inn. I had thought that the Days Inn brand by Wyndham was a safe and very good place to stay but I couldn't have been more incorrect. The people that staffed the front desk were very courteous and friendly but that is where the good ended. The interior of the hotel and rooms had not been updated since about the 1980's and was all too well worn. The interior paint jobs were horrid with paint splashed everywhere and slopped onto fixtures and places it shouldn't have been. Tiles in bathroom were crumbling and grout falling apart and stained. Robert woke up with horrid back ache from an old and bad mattress. The "hot" breakfast consisted of Eggo waffles, toast, yogurt, juice and coffee from a machine. What has happened to the brand? We are telling all of our friends, most of whom travel a great deal, and will not likely ever stay at a Wyndham hotel again in the future.

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Mary C - 12 d 17 h ago


As I sit here in the dark at Days Inn in Mrytle Beach at 1403 S Ocean Blvd.. it's because the lamps between the bed is missing the switch and the lamp by the door did not work nor the one above the table! Luckily the bathroom sink light comes on... the place is so old looking and I just went into the bathroom ... I will not be taking a shower here today, that's for sure. There's water build up everywhere as if someone just took a shower in a hot room... the toilet is missing a piece of it's seat and there's water ( again as if someone stepped out of the shower) on the floor... the toilet paper is in the tub because the holder is broken .. and it looks like someone out silly putty around the tub nozzle to " fix" whatever is going on... I won't even try the breakfast. I am just going to brush my teeth, ( hopefully water isnt black?!) get dressed and out of here! Now that I am done, I must add that I see no replies from this company... sad really but you can bet my recommendation or lack of, will go on other sites such as YELP and If it wasn't so late checking in , I would have left... so actually my money was stolen from Days Inn because they did not deliver !

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Anonymous - 13 d 16 h ago


worst hotel ever. We found a crack pipe next to the night stand. Drug deals going on at the room across the parking lot. Never again.

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Kristen - 13 d 16 h ago


We have always stayed in your hotel we have in Idaho and Utah thats why we made our reservations with you again. We arrived in N.C on Thursday we had to cancel our stay with you. The hotel was dirty, i wouldn't let me dogs sleep in a place like that, there was no dead bolt (was broken off could see the door had been kicked in) the toilet wasn't screwed into the floor, there was a can of spray paint primer on the counter by the microwave and blood splatters on the back of the door. It was something out of a horror movie and we thought you should know. We wont be staying at anymore Days Inn because we see how you manage your hotel here and how much you care about your guests.

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Rene Solis - 38 d 15 h ago

Hello I live in bakersfield I stood at one of your locations on real rd. And I wanted to inform of the investigation of bed bugs over the bed in between the sheets too my 6 years old daughter and 4 month old son had bites all over them and my wife killed a couple of them on the bed and there was a smear of blood on the sheet but you can see them big and small ones every where it's unsanitary conditions and I would like to be reimbursed for one nights stay and have some one from your Corp please come check it out I stood in room 272 right by the front desk clerks office July 08 2018 its the worst

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Jo Ann Ward - 14 d 15 h ago

Did they take care of you?

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Anonymous - 15 d 16 h ago

I travel and use about 30 hotels a year for 2-7 days. I will never use the Days Inn ever again. My room was not clean, had a horrible smell, and the breakfast was a disgrace. My key cards had to be reset every day, and I was told not to keep in my pocket, or in my wallet, or near my phone. Where should I have kept them!!!. You should be ashamed that the location in Seaford, DE is open to the public. I was the worst hotel experience of my life. ......

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Antonio Arambula - 17 d 15 m ago


Really bad service, have infestation of bugs

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SeSe - 19 d 10 h ago


Days Inn IS THE WORST!!!!!!!! hotel ever. Would never recommend it to anyone.

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