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Days Inn Worldwide, Inc.

1 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 753-6000
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Teena Thomas - 9 d 9 h ago

I stay at the Days Inn 5100 Linwood Kansas City Missouri. The employee named Derrick is very rude. I owed and he just going to walk in the room without knocking. Then he going to keep knocking on the door. We paid and he still knocking talking about"what are you still doing here. You haven't paid". How is he just going to assume without asking anyone. He wasn't even working. I will be calling corporate off I e.

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James - 20 d 17 h ago


I was in A Day's Inn in Tucumcari, New Mexico. I was given a non smoking room but when I opened the door all you smell

is someone left over smoking smell in it. I have Asthma and the smoke smell all over the room expecially on the pillows. I

called the front desk and told them but the lady there didn't care. I also told the other lady sunday morning and she told me she was going to look into it for me.

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Lourdes rosado - 27 d 10 h ago


The staff is amazing this is the second time i stay here with my husband i always tell family and freinds to stay here its clean kissimmee florida

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Anonymous - 28 d 5 h ago

Services are awful. All handicap accessible rooms are occupied by individuals that are not disabled and thotthat are disabled cannot get a room unless upstairs with no elevators. Costumer service for wyndom hotels are awful. Change price of rooms in the process of making a reservation. Charge credit cards and don't want to refund your money. Awful Awful service.

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Bill A - 28 d 8 h ago


Days Inn, located in San Marcos California. Stayed there three nights, paid in advance Hotel contacted me to pay for the third night I explained it was paid showed them my credit card statement they kept telling me that can't happen that I needed to pay treated me like I was a criminal I was probably the only well-dressed person in the entire Hotel. Very rude very accusatory that I had done something wrong and was trying to get away with something I kept showing them that I did nothing and here's my credit card statement shows it's paid they said that can't be because we don't see it on our side. Never finally got a call from the manager at another facility saying that they figured out there's something wrong with the system, barely even got an apology from him went up to the front desk again upon their request and signed another set of documents and again the jerk at the front desk barely said he was sorry but he was the one that treated me totally like I was trying to get away with something. Worst treatment I have ever had I'm a very mellow nice guy jovial and I would have loved to punch this guy's lights out but I was afraid I hurt my my knuckles. There's this old saying that the customer pays the bills somebody forgot the people that run this facility that customers are supposed to be treated with a little bit of respect which I was not at all. I suggested that they need to comp me on something just for the rude treatment, they almost snickered like I thought they thought it was just a joke that I'd even say something like that. Horrible experience will never stay at a Days Inn ever and most likely never a Wyndham. I plan on complaining as far up as a listen to me.

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Doris Fyler - 30 d 10 h ago


We stayed at Days Inn in Spokane, WA. on Division St. Old and rundown. Booked on while traveling. At check-in there was a new girl training, very confused, there was a young man, Manager that answered her questions, every minute. We paid cash for the room, she ran my card for the security deposit. The deposit wasn't credited back to me, yet. That was 9/22/2018. My name Doris Fyler. Room booked under Robert LeBow. I have called 8 times and got promises to back off the charges, each time, it never happens....we think the Manager pocketed the money. My credit rating is going down while waiting for this to be handled. I am very angry. My email is (hidden). Please look into this for me.

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J. Lewis - 30 d 12 h ago


Days inn 2809 n lee hwy Lexington va (hidden) 10/25/18 thru 6:30 am10/26/18 Problems with service MOLD IN COFFE POT, TOILET ATTACHED WITH ONE SCREW,FAN IN BATHRROOM FELL EVERYTIME YOU SWITCHTED THE LIGHT ON THE ELECTRICIAN SHOULD BE SUSPENDED FOR THE BARE WIRES oh And no TRASHCAN, And 14 hours driving I didn't realize it until morning, I left after taking the coffee pot to the desk and left a message for boss to call me. Well after not hearing from boss I called the customer service they said I would receive a call back 11/15/18, I received a call back I was offered a 30 percent coupon. I know you can get that online. I am totally offended ,,,,,,

my husband suffered two strokes that day. I know he was very very upset when we left I am sure that didn't help.

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Edwin L Gwin - 30 d 13 h ago


I spent 3 days at your location at 3350 Rosecrans san diego. I was appalled at the staff that walked in on me as I was starting to get dressed to leave. She taped on the door once then entered my room I feel that this was VERY VERY Improper I had NO time to respond she didnt wait to see if someone would respond. I went down to the manager on duty at that time and tried to make a complaint . He seemed that what I said was totally ok ! What if I was the employee and walked in on a female ? what would have been done to me? probable fired!!!!! Hes a total idiot!!!!! I dont suggest that any one would use this motel for your stay.

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Patrea Strow - 30 d 15 h ago


State of the days inn at Folly Alabama was very horrible the gentleman walked in on my three key is changing clothes check out was post be at 11 I had a check late checkout for 12 he walked in at 10:45 I was very upset went to the front spoke to a young lady that was working there get dressed and left immediately went out front to check out ask her cause she go check the room she came back saying nothing was wrong with the room asked her could she find the business card she had handed to me said she couldn't she just work for the front desk she want to get the same gentleman that had walked in on my key is the best I was on follow complaint against him in another gym and went in the room time at they smell smoke remind you I have never smoke and they won't give my money back I'm not letting this go because I've never smoked a day in my life and I'm not gonna give you $150 for something I did not do I'm very upset with their corporate to because what is a person post to do the stays in the hotel when you say you don't step in $450 cleaning fee for what for staying at the hotel I'm paying you $150 I don't think so I don't smoke never smoked in that and pay $150 for a room to be clean that's not being complete this is horrible Daisy and socks the carpets thanked him they allow grown man to walking on kids this is despicable

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Thomas Hess - 31 d ago


Days Inn, Cullman Alabama.

Sad place. Was shown on Comdata motel app as being CLC available, went to check in, and was told my Comdata card was not accepted at that location, even though I had stayed at, and my card had been accepted at 3 previous Days Inns. Paid on personal Visa. Got to room, back to office to get key reprogrammed. Got in, went to bed, checked out a couple hours later due to being eaten and bitten by bugs. Killed 4 in 5 minutes before leaving. Will not stop here ever again. Front desk staff nice, but technically disadvantaged. Both people I dealt with made multiple errors on the computer, both at checkin and checkout. Our company has the option with Comdata that has our CLC card and Comdata card as 1, and I have to constantly coach the desk clerks that you have to go through the portal and enter the Comdata card numbers as you would the CLC card. Very disappointing and exhausting to do that EVERY NIGHT.

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Jennifer Douglas - 32 d 15 h ago


Im currently staying at the days inn on 2500 West 33rd street Orlando, Fl. 32839. I am very unhappy I am booked for 6 days at this hotel and my grandmother is staying in the next room. She had to check out this morning and was waiting in my room until 3 pm so she could re book the room next door. I sent her to the office to get a plunger for me because the toilet was stopped up the manager told her very rudely she was not allowed to be in my room then proceeded to call me in my room and tell me i needed to get out of the room i was not allowed to be here i have my 2 year old with me and no car. I told her i have this room booked until friday morning checkout and she argued with me and kept telling me i did not and needed to leave. I have 3 different documents stating when im supposed to check out and she did apologize . I think its very unprofessional of a manager to harass a guest before they check their facts. I know i paid alot of money to stay here when i didnt have it and i will not recommend this place to anyone and i will not ever stay here again. Everyone else here has been very nice but the manager needs to be fired you shouldnt have people like this running a place of business. I have no other place to stay right now because im moving out of state and have a small child with me and i dont appreciate being asked to get out of a room i paid for. Now i feel like i have to worry from day to day til my paid in full till check out day if me and my 2 yr old will have to sleep outside until we move. Very dissatisfied. My name is jennifer douglas and you know your guest if they arent treated right your place loses business cause people talk.

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Edwin L Gwin - 32 d 16 h ago


Hello, I'm staying right now at the Days Inn 3350 on Rosecrans Street in San Diego. I want to make a complaint about This complex. #1. the elevator 0n the side of the office NEEDS WORK. If sounds and FEELS like were in a EARTH QUACK. #2. The Jacuzzi doesnt do any thing more than circulate water . Its no Jacuzzi !!!! # 3. 2 of the 4 washers are not working. #4, The fan in the bath room of room 320 is very loud and disturbing.

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Anonymous. - 35 d 6 h ago


Someone from corporate really needs to do a tour of the

Days Inn in Brantford Ontario. I just can't believe they charge 160 dollars Canadian for a room that has

Ripped curtains, loose sink, broken toilet seat, stained sheets and towels, 2 outlets in my room.

Wondering if you ever inspect this Hotel? Or do you just look at one or two rooms.

Pretty sad and disappointing Hotel. If I ever have to do business in Brantford again, I will not be staying at

this Hotel.

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L Yates - 35 d 12 h ago


The Days Inn Benbrook TX has a wonderful staff from the front desk, cleaning crew and maintenance person. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.

The room on the other hand could be described as disgusting. The sofa was old with holes and stains. The comforter and shower curtain were just as disgusting. The refrigerator leaked water and the carpet was wet. I am surprised at the level of disrepair the room was in. The sign taped above our room door concerning customer complaints was misspelled (gueet instead of guest). I hope I never have to stay here again.

One star only for the staff.

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Anonymous - 36 d 16 h ago

Lasta.a the worst hotel experience of my life.


I will never recommend to no one to stay in the hotel.

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sabra maynard - 37 d 12 h ago

the worst experience in a motel I have ever had. The address was 1901 SW 13th. St Gainesville Fl. That place is running a homeless shelter for men on house arrest. So dirty I slept on the bed sheets with my clothes on. DO NOT STAY IN THIS PLACE!!

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Jennifer P. - 40 d 15 h ago


The worst hotel experience of my life. let a complete stranger check into my assigned room, under my name and debit card number ,I was holding the room with. I was charged for this persons room and my room on a different credit card. Amanda Berry the GM, told me there was nothing they could do, since it was a computer error. Rude, immature, and fraudulent is the GM Amanda Berry. I have contacted my credit card and bank card companies.

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Love - 40 d 18 h ago


Good Morning,

I made several complaints to the local Days Inn in Collierville, TN. And nothing was resolved by complaints. So I have decided to make contact with corporate office. It all stated on Oct 15th. I checked into the hotel with my family and I was informed that since I made reservation with a security hold of $100.00 will still have be authorized. I understood the only problem was shortly after checking in. We checked out. Everything was wrong. The room was awful, none of the electrical sockets worked, and when turning on the heater it smell like something was burning. In which caused the smoked dector to go off. I went to the front desk the only suggestion was to open the door t allow the smoke smell to leave the room. Now this day it was raining and cold. I immediately packed my things and go my kids together and left. I return to front desk to checkout. All she stated was okay. I also asked for a checkout sheet and she stated that she couldn't give me one. Then I asked about my security hold and money return for room. She stated that I lost that when I booked it. So now I am tired of complaining and I am needing this to be resolved. Help me

(hidden) or (hidden).

Mrs. Love

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Larry L. - 42 d 10 h ago


The Days Inn Mount Vernon Kentucky should in my estimation Not be allowed to operate. The facility has a phone in every room non of which have worked for many months and the feeble excuse is that they were hit by lightening many months ago and phones have been out ever since. The cable feed in our room was terrible at best and as such watching TV was a non starter. No indication from the receptionist that there was a 3 mile detour required to get to the hotel due to construction or that a pile driver pounded away reletlesley until midnight right across the road. Our concerns were greeted with a flippant attitude and having been in the service industry for decades I was appalled with their treatment. NEVER AGAIN WOULD I STAY AT A DAYS INN.

General profile image - 45 d 14 h ago


I had a reservation for two night stay, I walked into the room it smelled like urine and was not clean at all!!! I went to get my money back. They told me I had to Cancel trough However when I talked to booking they told me it's the property that is suppose to refund me. Called the property and they are claiming that I stayed there the two nights. When I did not!!! They are refusing to give my money back. I have a confirmation email that I CANCELLED the reservation and I know they have cameras that can see that I did not stay there. I am in the process of contacting an attorney because I should not be charged for time that I did not stay In the hotel.

Please contact me or I will pursue a law suit

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Jennifer noakes - 49 d 18 h ago


I need someone to contact me immediately in regards to my last stay at the days inn on joppa rd. My daughter was bit by a bed bug. I took pictures and actually saved the bug and showed them. They told me it was a roach. I know the difference between a bed bug and a roach. However i did kill a roach in the bathroom and showed them that as well. The manager told me she couldnt do anything about it. I want my money back. I stay there at least 3 times a month and never had any problems. Please contact me asap. (hidden)

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Niknac39 - 46 d 6 h ago


Omg I was there in September. The roaches were horrible. Well the next room was just as bad but the mold n mildew in the tub. All the cats being fed all over the place they live in the supply. I went 9/10/18 to 9/12/18....., couldn't find the a hotel. It was the first hurricane, I wasn't on vacation. My point is from sept 16 until oct 20 I have been in the emergency room 4 times. 3 times I was admitted- 1-5 day stay 2- 3 day stays. And n overnite in the er. I was so I'll n in so much pain. There was some kind of infection in the bowels and caused a blockage. They don't kno I got sick but they will

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Zed Foxx - 54 d ago


Morning all, I stayed at the days in Orlando property at 9990 intentional drive in June 2017. While there i encountered a situation with a peeping tom and called for security assistance. I was informed by the front desk that there was no security personal assigned to the property though the hotel already had reports made by other guest and other hotels in the nearby area of the same nature. I addressed the peeping tom in the parking-lot of your hotel just below my room where a fight started between he and i, this fight continued across into the lobby of an adjacent hotel. I was left bleeding and returned to the days inn property where the front desk personal on stated that there was no night manager and there wasn't a first aid kit at your front desk and i was offered nasal tissue to cover my bleeding hand. The police were called I was almost arrested had it not been for the cellphone video i recorded of the man on his hands and knees looking into my room and showed to the police. There was about three request made to speak to the manager when one came on for that morning shift but there wasn't even so much as a call from a manager up to ten o'clock the next morning when i went to the front desk to again complain. At that time i spoke with the morning manager miss. Jumari Mendez who informed me that she would inform the necessary parties in reference to my incident the night before which she was not briefed on by the leaving night staff. I wrote several letters and still to this day there hasn't been a response of any kind. Is this the standards by which your company conducts business unprofessionally and unethically?

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Reverend Ei - 54 d 18 h ago


Days inn Selma, NC- the housekeeper stole one piece of our luggage and the contents while we were eating breakfast. When confronted, she denied she had taken it until the front desk clerk told her to give it back, low and behold, she magically pull it out from the bottom of the dirty laundry pile filled with God knows what kind of bodily fluids! I should have called the police immediately, but we were told that they would reimburse the cost of the night stay plus a night at any days inn so we may continue our travels from CT to FL. Then a couple days later, we received an email saying it was our fault that they will do no such thing. My luggage and it's contents are garbage, I will not touch them and have been in the plastic garbage bag the cleck have me to put it all in so it did not touch any of my other belongings.

On top of that, the first room the linens were not changed and was told it was a new housekeeper and she did that with all the rooms she cleaned. So before bringing my belongings into the hotel, I asked for a clean room. They charged me more money to be moved to another room that was exactly the same, but clean! The coupon I had also started that the rooms were newly remodeled, that was fails advertising as the rooms were exactly the same from when I stopped there 6 years prior!

I found there is no level of trust with this days inn and would not recommending anyone to stop there!

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Brandy - 54 d 19 h ago


Days Inn in Salem IL. I asked for a non smoking room. Do to my mothers health. Who has Alpha 1, copd and Asthma. You could smell the smoke in the room. I live with a smoker. It has never gave me trouble. How ever my smoker smokes outside. I woke up so sick. I went to the front desk. I told him he did not give me a smoke free room. He said he would credit me back $15. It was the best he could do. I just checked my band statement he took out $95 for the room plus and extra $15 charge. Plus the do not serve breakfast in the lobby. They servie it from one of the rooms.

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