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Days Inn Worldwide, Inc.

1 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 753-6000
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Anonymous - 1 d 40 s ago

On Monday April 22, 2019 at 11:00 am, four employees at Days Inn by Wyndham Montreal East

tried to pull a scam on me and charge me my deposit of $ 200 as a fine for false accusation that we smoked in room-202. At first they said that we smoked cigarettes and the entire room smells. We don't smoke at all so I demanded to go up to the room again and check for myself. I went up and the head cleaning lady did not let me check for myself. I heard them speaking in French while I was waiting outside the room and agreeing to say that there is "a smell of pot in the bathroom" and I "smoked and flushed the joint in the toilet". I told them that I am willing to take this to the next level and bring the police with dogs to judge as it was all false accusations- no smell or whatsoever and I was positive that it was a scam else they would've let me check the smell for myself! They got scared and gave me back my $ 200 deposit. I demand from the Days Inn Management to open an investigation with those four employees including the receptionist as she said that she has smelled it herself and also refused to let me check! I don't know the names of those employees but you can pull this whole incident from CCTV to identify them: 1 man- the first one who checked according to the receptionist, the receptionist- who also went up to check, and 2 cleaning ladies including the head who didn't let me go inside the room and check.

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Rita - 1 d 4 h ago


Get rid of manager at DaysInn in Norofolk, VA. I hope that hate is not one of your amenities. #DaysInn

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E Williams - 1 d 5 h ago

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Anonymous - 1 d 14 h ago

615 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102-3601

David (white male, short, bald) at the front desk was verbally abusive during my check-in. He sold my room before I arrived. As I pulled up my reservation for a confirmation number, he became more hostile and put his fists up in the air then pounded the counter. He could have hit me! I was refused service and demoralized. The female manager onsite ignored my pleas for assistance. I had to call the cops for help. David is a public safety threat.

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Terrible stay! At 10:26 PM maintenance was working on air conditioner. Roaches dirty carpet at 10:37 pm front desk called to switch room if you clean the room or check room then you can the air conditioner signs like a freight train. Please don't stay here it's terrible run down dirty abs stink smell old. So disappointed. - 2 d 16 h ago

Michelle Tobler

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Please don't stay here this place was awful roaches, air conditioner knocked and was very old unit.. Rooms smelled awful old carpets stank. Oh and the room itself was not cleaned properly no microwave, iron, to be complete please don't stay! I want again and will not recommend to anyone. - 2 d 16 h ago


Tony Tobler

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Neveragaindaysinn - 3 d ago


NEVER will I ever use any of your facilities ever again! It is my job to set up corporate rates at hotels in our area - your establishment is off my list since you allow employees to act in such a HATEFUL DISGUSTING DISRESPECTFUL manner!

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Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago

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Cathy S. - 5 d ago


I stayed at Days Inn in Terre Haute, Indiana on April 13th. My room was not safe and was very dirty. It was a nightmare!! The door would not lock because the door jam was broken. There was a big hole about 3 inches wide and 10 inches long where the door should have locked into. The wood on the inside of the door was pulling off the wall. Anyone could push their way through the door. I put a chair and table up against the inside of the door for my own safety. The where was a big hole in the baseboard that a rat could get into so I stuffed it with a wash cloth. The bathtub was filthy, didn't use it. Lamp shades were askew and dirty. I could sleep on one half of the bed, the other half was collapsed. The floor was filthy and looked like it had not been vacuumed in six months. I went to the front desk to complain that evening and was told they don't normally rent out that room. I was not offered another room because they were booked full. But, a man walked in after me and was given one of the themed suites for the cost of a regular room because no other rooms were available. They didn't offer that to me, but instead put me in a room that was not safe! I complained to the manager, Mr. V., the next day and asked for a full refund, he could not understand my complaint and gave me $21 off my price of $84. This room wasn't worth $10 dollars. l will never ever use Days Inn again. I took pictures of everything, but there is no way to post those on here. I would love to share them on here.

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Xoxo - 5 d 19 h ago


I worked at Days Inn in Fulton,Ms. The owners are rude and and unkind. They have lied on me in the workplace. Accused me of breaking open the new packages of sheets and towels / wash clothes. When I tried to tell them I didn't do it and who it was the owners wife would not even let me explain. Everytime I tried to talk she would rudely interrupt me and wouldn't let me say anything. She told me she liked her other girls there in housekeeping that she did not like me nor care about me or anything g I had to say. Housekeeping does not change bed linens like they are suppose to. The main housekeeping lady will not clean the room if a person has just rented the room and sat on bed so to speak. Housekeeping main woman is the one whom broke open the new sheets and ect...but refused to tell the truth when she stood there and watched the owners wife accuse me of taking them out of their packaging.

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Sharekia - 7 d 20 h ago


I just visited Days Inn in Swainsboro this past weekend and was very disappointed. We thought that the kids would be able to swim, but the pool was dirty and green. We were told the pool does not open until May. There was nothing on the website that stated that the pool was not avaliable. The rooms were half cleaned and the towels hand spots. The microwave was not working properly. The hotel offers continetal breakfast, but when we went down the lady working told us that she over slept and therefore breakfast would be late. I will never again stay at this hotel. After the reading the reviews it appears that most of the Days Inns are like this.

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Crowder - 8 d 17 h ago


Location: 135 Miracle Strip Pkwy SW, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548 - Reserved non smoking room and was given a room that smelled like smoke. Asked to be moved or refunded our money and was told by "Darren" that he could go spray our room with air freshener but that was it. Terrible Customer Service!

The room did not feel clean. Would not stay here even if it was free.

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Some guy - 9 d 4 h ago


Some one . We have been staying at the days inn in Ogden Utah and had nothing but problem after problem rude manager employees that are doing the remodeling drink alcohol when working and the manager knows and send it's ok. But the beer bottles are not going in the trash there going in front of are room and there is so much stuff in the hall ways if there was a fire you could trip the keys don't work for the doors you can let manager know but they will get to it when they get to it or forget about it so someone allways needs to be in the room so your not locked out. I've stayed in the past it was a lot better.

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Carlos gonzalez - 9 d 9 h ago


Im a former employee for 4767 nw 36 st miami springs hotel. I worked at the bar paid under travelers inc. few things. Cc tips were never paid overtime was never paid. Most of all the place was a laundering scheme. They supplied us woth no liquor or mot enough and pretty much expected us to keep up stock out of pocket. Also had a 800000 dollar income according to end of day report. Was laid off with no chance of being placed in other hotel work. George martinek manager. Also in cohoots with david preston from comfort suites next door. (hidden). I have documents to prove foul play.

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Judith ARMENTO - 10 d 22 h ago

TO: Customer Relations Department


I am writing this piece as a well-traveled 82 year old consumer who has become desperate for help in hoping to continue to travel! I am married to an 87 year old husband for 52+ years. We have traveled much of the world and enjoyed every minute of it, but as SENIOR CITIZENS find ourselves in a place where it has become IMPOSSIBLE to travel comfortably BECAUSE my husband, who suffers from degenerative arthritis in back, hips, knees and shoulders, CANNOT lie in a bed at all anymore. He has been sleeping in an electronic recliner chair since August, 2012.

We have been given to understand by Home Health Care Nurses that a solid percentage of their senior clientele find themselves in the exact same situation. They say this can start as early as the early 50s and progresses increasingly as people continue to age.

I have chosen to send a letter to ALL the major hotel chains and apprise them of this FACT as the senior population is increasing in size and I do believe that many of us gray heads would continue traveling IF there was a way to find comfortable sleeping in a motel/hotel. May I hasten to say the bed mattresses and blanketing motels/hotels provide are usually quite adequate for the "average" person, but there is this increasing senior population to be addressed with NEEDS met.

My respectful suggestion is that the same as each motel/hotel has several handicapped rooms for those who are physically challenged, the same might be done with a number of rooms that also supplied ELECTRONIC recliner chairs. (I stress ELECTRONIC as all too often, operating a chair with a manual lift bar is NOT possible by the arthritic and 'strength' limitations too many find themselves encumbered with; personally, we wound up changing out two sofas which had a manual lift bar for recliners at either end for ones which have the electronic control.)

It would be oh, so easy to have several rooms which had a double-ended sofa with electronic recliners for an older couple who NEEDED two, and then several rooms with the comfortable recliner chair with electronic controls. I DO think you would find a far greater number of seniors enjoying travel and spending their hard-earned money to enjoy their later years in doing so.

As an alternative, it might be considered to keep several chairs in the hotel's storage

room to meet the needs of gray heads in this situation, simply placing the chair in the room for the time the client was at the motel/hotel. Making it known you are offering this possibility would be a true BOON, and I am MOST confident you would find an increase in the numbers of persons traveling!

As a personal aside, we have had three great grandchildren enlarge our extended family in the last two years and have been unable to travel to see or visit them because of this problem. The tremendous gift to furthering family closeness would truly be a treasure for so many in this situation!! [Stairs in the homes of family make staying WITH one's family impossible as well!]

It is my sincere hope this suggestion shall be given very careful scrutiny by your marketing/sales force and that it will greatly enlarge your traveling clientele. (Both my husband and I worked in direct sales for most of our professional careers and did a GREAT deal of traveling.)

Thank you for your time and may DAYS INN continue to supply the traveling public with the fine services to which we had become accustomed.

Judith H. Armento

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Brian - 11 d 17 h ago


Days Inn exit 22 on I-20 in Aiken South Carolina poor and nasty place to stay.Do not stay here!!!

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Kgib - 12 d 15 h ago


I started working for days inn in commerce ga. At first the manager and everyone was great. The manager is about to have a baby within the next few weeks and has a 10 month old now. She didn't have my hours on the schedule so I was unsure of what time to be in one day. It was around dinner time and knowing she had a family and a life outside of work I didn't want to intrude on her so I sent a quick text asking if I needed to be there at 9. Keep in mind I had been sick and out of work that day and was recovering all day that's why it was later on that I ask her. She proceeds to call me as I'm putting my child to bed and raise Cain at me for texting her and not calling her. I mean she did all but curse me out. So I quit because I couldn't deal with that. Well pay day is tomorrow and I have no clue when the checks are supposed to come or when to get them. So in honor of not texting her like she ask I called her asking when to get them. I will be first to admit I didn't realize how late it was it was about 9 when I called. I was in the wrong there and I did apologize but however she proceeded to curse me out then put her HUSBAND who is also an employee at the same location on the phone and he cursed me out and called me a bitch. I hung up without response. They called me twice back to back after and I ignored them but I did send a message asking them to please stop calling me and apologized for calling so late that I didn't realize what time it was when I called that it had been a busy day but that I wouldn't call or text her anymore or have anything else to do with her where she then said if I bothered her again she would have me arrested for harassment. All I wanted to know was when to get my check. She takes her 10 month old to work with her and has him with her as she's training others and cleaning rooms but I never said anything. She doesn't have hardly any employees and I didn't know why at first but I guess I do now. I don't even want to get my check now because she has made it seem like I'm some kind of crazy person when in reality I was just trying to do what she asked.

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Unsatisfied - 13 d ago


Days Inn 1440 S Craycroft Tuscon AZ-

This place is beyond a disgrace!!! Blood all over the room in various places, hair between the bed sheets and the comforter, "bodily fluid" stains all over the place, beer spilled in the fridge, graffiti all over the mirror. A drug dealers ledger in the night stand. I could go on but the pictures I am sending to the board of health in my complaint says it all!

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Ms - 13 d ago


This place is beyond a disgrace!!! Blood all over the room in various places, hair between the bed sheets and the comforter, "bodily fluid" stains all over the place, beer spilled in the fridge, graffiti all over the mirror. A drug dealers ledger in the night stand. I could go on but the pictures I am sending to the board of health in my complaint says it all!

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Susan - 15 d 23 h ago


I stayed at a days inn in Columbia South Carolina. We arrived late and were given a room on the second floor. The key did not work so the manager let us in and we were not given another key. The room was run down and not the cleanest. In the morning there was nothing for the continental. We just check out and left. Upon stopping 14 hours later I realized I had left my C-pap breathing machin I called but the person did not understand me and asked me to call back in the morning. I did not the same person and said she would ask housekeeping to call back. I did and the y had it. I explained best I could I needed it mailed to me as I was on my way home. She said to call back to speak with the manager. I did and then the person said the manajor was not in. I called 3 more times until I was told the manager said he would not mail it. I explained I lived 23 hours away and unable to drive back as a family member had driven me and I needed the device for medical reasons. They still refused. I called customer service and they said it was up to individual hotels and their policies but give them 5 more days to resolve the issue. I am waiting but meanwhile I have to rent a c-pap. I find this ridiculous. As I am more than willing to pay the fee to mail the machine. The cost to replace could be as much as $600.

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sylvie H Campeau - 15 d ago


I stayed in your Days in Lumberton NC on March 29 2019 it was the worst motels they were flooded out prior to my stay and they rented me there last room that's what the son owner said .THE TOILET COULD ONLY FLUSH EVERY 2 HRS, COLD FLOORS , THE SMELL WAS UNBELIEVABLE,NOT ONE LIGHT IN ANY OF THE LAMPS ,THEY GAVE ME THE TO BAD YOU SHOULD OF COMPLAIN THAT NIGHT NOT IN THE MORNING they did nothing to make my stay enjoyable I always stay at days Inn when I travel which I have to do again shortly.I'm very disappointed this was the worst one I ever stayed at.I give you a big 0 and they were not going to do anything about when your driving 12 hrs got there around 10 PM and could not wait to leave.Sylvie H Campeau

General profile image - 15 d 24 s ago


My Husband and I have been staying at your Days Inn in Ormand Beach, Florida on Hwy and 95 We have been staying here for the past four years and there is always something going on.. Police are always here, druggies are in and out, boyfriend's are beating their girlfriend and tearing up the rooms. No one is ever prosecuted. The Owner never keeps anything up to date. We stay at other Days Inn and they are always nice. His only concern is money in his pocket. There is a room a car went through and it is still boarded off. Been that way for for almost a year.. he is cheap. Rooms have mold, floors are coming up they are a mess. He will wait till last minute to update to your specs, if he decides to do so.. TVs are always being stolen. It is a great location but you need to do something about the condition. Even when you do inspection s he hides things. Sorry state of affairs. Will probably find somewhere else to go. Disappointed

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Lynn - 16 d 24 h ago


I stayed at your days inn airport greensboro 501 south regional road. You need to send someone from your office to check this hotel .it does not stand up to the daysinn standards the bed clothes are all spotty and look like they haven't been changed .we had prositutes hanging outside our doors and people walking up and asking if we sold drugs there even was a drug overdose in front of one of the rooms this place does not deserve to hold your company name

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OLGA VAZQUEZ - 23 d 8 s ago


We stayed at the Days Inn located at 215 W. 94th St, in New York. This has been by far the worst experience ever at a hotel. Please beware of this hotel. There are bed bugs, at least in our room, we did. I should've know the next morning when I got up, but didn't want to believe they were bed bugs. Instead, I wanted to believe in my head that they were bumps caused by stress. Stupid me!!! After three days, I got up and had a ton of bites on my neck, face and legs. I called the front desk and expressed my ANGER and demanded my money back and the guy said "you'll need to wait for the manager to come in". We packed our bags and headed to the lobby, where you could imagine the scene I made in front of guests that were coming in and out of the hotel. If only I could post pictures of what the bed bugs did to me, We ended up having to book another hotel. WHAT AN INCONVENIENCE!!!! Oh, and another thing. Our neighbors from across the hall, smoked (drugs) in their room every day and NOBODY did anything about it. I reported this 4 times. One time, I actually spoke to the manager and she said "I'm going to fine them AGAIN and have them escorted out of the hotel". Well, I'm not sure who she escorted out, because those people were still there. They had a party one night and kept me up. Oh, and an APPLE charger was taken from our room. :(((((( By the way, I ended up at the doctor's office on Monday, because the bites were getting worse and the doctor confirmed that they were bites and that I'm having an allergic reaction to them. WHAT???? BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OUR vacation was ruined by this horrific hotel and I would NEVER recommend it to anyone.

We ended up at the Watson Hotel, for $150 night, where we had the best experience ever. 440 W. 57th St, Midtown West.

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Anonymous - 26 d 2 h ago

Stayed at a hotel in Mariana Florida, my money and check were stolen from this room and no one offered to make this right. We had to file a police report according to the police office this was the 3rd report of theft for that hotel on that day. DAYS INN, Mariana Florida stay away from it.

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