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Dell Computer

1 Dell Way
Roundrock, TX
(512) 338-4400
Twitter IDs
@DellCares, @Dell
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arlindo Powelle - 3 d 18 h ago


Well you can contact them through Email

Dell Computer Headquarters email complaintsandhelp@

Contact now....

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Skyman - 4 d ago

I believe in posting positive things as well as negative. After creatively locating an effective email address, I actually sent an email depicting my issues. Within 1 hour I received a call back with an offer to send a tech out to replace the motherboard tomorrow morning! Wow, we shall see but I thought it was only fair to post an unbiased review. I wont rate this post as we shall see but a welcome surprise. I suggest creatively locating a contact rather than wasting time calling the 800 numbers as they are worthless.....

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skyman - 4 d ago


customer service is the worst, I will NEVER buy another Dell again nor will I recommend them to my customers. Nothing but idiots in CS, always trying to get out of the obligations.

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sgf - 216 d 23 h ago


Dells customer service is absolutely terrible. I received my laptop on December 1, 2017. It's stopped working December 31, 2017. Of course after 30 days. It was sent in for repairs on January 2, 2018 after I called Dell. They replaced the mother board. I just got it back Jan 11, 2018, a Thursday. It has stopped working properly again and I had to call dell back Sunday, Jan 14, 2018. I have requested to have a replacement but they are refusing because of the 30 day policy. I have talked to customer service, tech suppprt multiple times, the warranty department and the return/exchange department. Not getting anywhere. So at what point does Dell take care of their customers and say "you have a lemon computer and we are goin to send you a new replacement". I have yet to be able to use my laptop for anything other than internet purposes. Dell strives on customer service yet I'm not seeing it. Now I have to mail my laptop on for a second time and wait even longer to be able to use it.

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Extremely Disappointed!!!! - 209 d 19 h ago


Disapointed! same problem with mother board, not working again now saying out of warrenty for two weeks, transferred over and over, you can pay to get it fixed I am told. The computer is 13 months old and a good paperweight. Can't get any number for complaints or money back or computer replaced, NOTHING! I want someone who speaks English to resolve these issues but it wont happen because they don't care as my money is a drop in thier bucket.

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Karen Brier - 208 d 20 h ago


(hidden) as I am collecting data for a class action lawsuit.

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Sylvia - 191 d 18 h ago


Would be interested in class action lawsuit.

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Horrible company - 177 d ago


so would I

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Anonymous - 107 d 17 h ago

Horrible is an understatement.

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Anonymous - 107 d 17 h ago

Yes. (hidden)

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Anonymous - 55 d 2 h ago

We would be interested in a class action lawsuit as well. Same exact problem. The computer is a lemon. Dell attempted to fix it and then had a tech come out to fix it. Computer has the same issues and Dell refuses to replace the computer. Horrible people to deal with. Never buying Dell again.

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Texas red - 48 d 37 m ago


ill join your suit

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Anonymous - 184 d ago

How can I get it on the I would like to file one also

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Let's sue them - 178 d 10 s ago


I am most interested in participating in a class action lawsuit. Since Dec 7, 2017, I have had 2 out of box failures on the Dell XPS 13" laptop, both times a motherboard/hard drive failure. I have spent over 100 hours waiting on hold and dealing with their ineffective overseas support staff. I still don't have a working system. I'm over it...let's sue them.

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I agree - 132 d 22 h ago

Add me - I am tired of this. (hidden)

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anthony parker - 124 d 41 m ago


i am also interested this company is ripping people off

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Richard Tee - 136 d ago


I am interested in participating in a class action law suit. I have a notebook that has a warranty that is about to expire but I see no reason to renew it because their (almost can speak English ???) technical support that is transferred everywhere but in the USA. I have had technical problems with the software and was told that the software is not covered by my warranty.I purchased my notebook as a totally refurbished product with a new computer warranty. I'm totally PO'd with the Dell computer corporation.

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Carol, Tucson Arizona - 124 d ago


I ordered 2 student computers on March 31, 2018. They were ordered over the phone. It would have been my 4th and 5th Dells. I received an email with tracking numbers when they shipped. Each computer had a different Fedex tracking number. The day they were to be delivered, I got an email from a Helen Hernandez asking me to verify the address. I emailed back stating the address was wrong and gave Helen the correct address. One computer was delivered. The other was returned to Dell.

I phoned Dell to find out when I could expect the other computer. I was told I would have to reorder the computer and was transferred to the order department . When they took the order, I was told the special no longer was available and would have to pay $100.00 more for the same computer. I asked to speak to someone in customer service. That person was worse than the person I was ordering from - foreign - very hard to understand. I asked to speak to someone in the USA. The customer service kept telling me there was nothing anyone could do that they couldn't do. I then asked for a number to Dell's corporate office and I was told they were NOT allowed to give the number out.

I feel they are very dishonest now and they did not used to be.

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Debbie - 124 d 23 h ago

I am in on the lawsuit. My sons computer is only 8 months old and mother board along with 5 other parts have been replaced 2x and computer came back damaged 2x

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JOYCE ELLIS - 118 d ago


I am having a horrible time with them too. It started 4/14/18. I wanted them to set u a yahoo acct for me. They messed up my system.

They had me purchase 2,500 in debit cads saying I had to pay them . They were to deposit $300.00 into my acct and they put in $3,000.

Because they told me get Target debit cards which now I was told they couldn't use, it's costing me more money than I have, since they wiped out my checking and savings account. Now I have to wait for MY social security money to pay them before they will refund my $3,000.

I am corresponding with Alexander in INDIA of all places.

I want my money put back in it's original acct status and they won't do it.

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icenfire63 - 117 d 1 h ago


Karen I would like to be in that class action since I purchase a dell laptop last June and it's been back in for repairs two times I ask since the computer was within the 30 day return for a refund and I let them talk me into a new install of the OS. September and November the same. March had to send to Texas for repairs. The replaced the fan, heatsink, hard drive and OS again. I got that back April 4 2018 and on the 19th the problem of locking up started again. Got it going and after a few hours the laptop shut down and would not turn back on. Out to Texas on the 20th and the received it today the 24th.

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sean maddox - 107 d 17 h ago


Please add my name to your class action suit: (hidden). Twice in in two months I am being forced to send my PC back to Dell in Texas for repairs. A brand new PC. Unbelievable. My HP laptop lasted 10 years without incident. 10 YEARS. Before that, my used HP deskto0p lasted 5 years. DELL PC WORKS FOR A MONTH AT A TIME IN BETWEEN REPAIRS IN TEXAS.

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Daniel Pereyda - 89 d 13 h ago

Please put me on that list. My experience with Dell has been a laptop that doesn't really work well,freezes up, and other issues. However, that is nothing compared to the idiots that have working at their service center. Twice my computer has been at their service center, twice it came worse than when I sent; in fact, I got in back and plugged it in and nothing. They sent an out sourced tech to my home and I got to see first hand the incompetence of the Dell service center. The Dell service center fid more damage than repair to my laptop. I recommend sending written letters to the corporate office in Texas. You cannot reach them via phone or email. Write them at: Dell One Dell Way, Round Rock TX 78682. Good luck and patience.

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jacmap - 25 d 20 h ago


I would be interested in joining this lawsuit. Have you initiated it yet?

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Anthony - 23 d ago


please include me in this lawsuit

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Clara - 16 d 19 h ago


Would be interested in a class action lawsuit.

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Heather M - 6 d 50 m ago


At least most of yours worked for more than a few hours. I had mine work for less than 3 hrs. Had Tech Support tell me that it was my fault and wanted me to send it out for repairs for over 2 weeks. I refused and wanted to speak with someone that could do something for me. All I got was a run around that they could send me a new laptop which they could not give me a time of delivery or send out a tech to replace the hard drive in a couple of days. I chose the latter with a deadline for the service to be done or to get my money back. Then did not get a call to schedule until the day of the appt at which point I was told they didn't have any techs available to service. Spent more than 6 hours trying to reach the resolution team person I was working with to get the shipping label to mail back my laptop only to get them to call me back after 3 phone calls one which was a hang up 3 separate emails asking for a call back. Finally several hours later I get the call back saying a label will be set up. Could not get them to expedite the shipping for a fast return and didn't get it until less than 5 minutes before UPS closed. They refused to give me a US Corp number and said they were the highest that I could get to speak to someone about their customer service. I asked if there was a way to speak to someone in the US and was told no. 15 years as a loyal Dell customer not any more.

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Lois - 5 d ago


Would be interested in class action

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