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Dell Computer

1 Dell Way
Roundrock, TX
(512) 338-4400
Twitter IDs
@DellCares, @Dell
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20 yr computer tech - 6 d 9 h ago


Appears to be a commonality here.,Dell has lost touch with customer service,

Years ago when I was contracted as a tech for the XPSS line of computers, the first words out of the customers mouth was thank you for not having an accent.

Well fast forward 9 years and I am now the one calling Dell support and now I understand the struggle I have been dealing with company computers purchased from dell and 7 out of 10 times I get the runaround to get a warranty service technician to come out.

On one occasion I spent 3 weeks fighting with Dell due to the service tag, the web site stated it was invalid I spoke to 4\5 dell technicians every day for three weeks.

Then one day after about 6 transfers I spoke to a Dell representative and he said oh yes here I see it let me help you.

I had a Dell technician mistype a service tag and refused to fix it when the technician came out to fix my laptop it was one number off and left, I got an email from the Dell Rep stating the ticket was complete and he was closing the call with out verifying it was indeed completed to customer satisfaction.

The V.P. of operations is so fed up with Dell he has decided to go with Lenovo due to all the issues we have had with Dell.

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Nach - 7 d 11 h ago


We have been customers of Dell since the 1980's and have purchased hundreds of computer and other Dell products thru our various companies..I am shocked at the lack of care for customers and lack of responsiveness..

Wanted to confirm cancellation or adjustment of existing order and place an new order of an XPS 13 .. I am very unhappy with the treatment and behavior of your salesperson ..Inside Sales Account Manager Dell US small Business M-F 8 am to p.m. CST Office: (hidden) (hidden) .. I have since tried to contact the supervisor but have been blocked from doing so.. At last I spoke with another salesperson (who gave his name as Casey) who promised he would have the manager (who he claimed was Mike White) would call be back shortly (which has not occurred).


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Sheila at - 43 d 11 h ago


. I bought my son a new dell laptop, a few weeks ago. Since then, two hard drives went bad. They sent someone down to install first one, laptop was banged around, and he had to call them a few days later. Not only,second hard drive, but other problems. After many hours of e mails and phone calls, they say they will fix it if he pays for the damages. He took it on himself to send them pictures. HE did not,damage it they did. We are taking out a summons tomorrow. Never again dell. When you do speak to them., accents are so thick, they cant be understood.

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Cathy - 35 d ago


I have started a class action suit against Dell. If you want in go to Class Action Suits.

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George comadena - 10 d ago


Yes, I want to join suit.

Flagged for review. 
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MICHAEL LEE - 210 d 1 h ago





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Cecilia Doll - 202 d 10 h ago

Definitely interested!

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AB - 202 d 7 h ago

Definitely...we are so frustrated

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Ray Carney - 193 d 11 h ago


Very interested. I purchased a Dell Computer to replace my old and tired one which had XP. This one has been nothing but problems and when they sent me a bad update (Dell) not Microsoft, My computer crashed, no rescue disk, no USB disk nothing. Called customer service in spot head land, wanted to charge me $200 to up for service,F#@K THAT. Now I sit with a computer that barely works. I used to like Dell with my previous computer but now..... I am disabled, triple bypass and need my laptop for survival, thank god for Android otherwise I'd be screwed. Thinking about suing them in California (lower court) (hidden)

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Bonnie Holford - 148 d 4 m ago


My computer messed up too. And when I tried to get someone to help me I kept getting people from India..Well heck I don't understand them so me being frustrated I hang up ..Happened at least 10 times or more. Never once recived a call from Dell to check and see if I was satisfied or not.

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Ray - 160 d 7 h ago


What can I do? XPS purchased last May, randomly freezes from the start, tech sent 3 times, still defective. I've spent at least 60 hours on the phone, reloading software. The have lied over and over. Finally contacted BBB and this got their attn. After another several weeks they offer a refurbished computer. Sent me the specs on the replacement and it did not have a 512 GB SSD. They tried to tell me that the unit I bought did not have one while I'm looking at the invoice! I am convinced I could not get worse service if someone was paid to do so. Dell sucks!!

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THERESA - 151 d ago



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debajean - 150 d 9 h ago


interested -- (hidden)

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Beth - 96 d ago


Very interested. I am so tired with dealing with Dell. They are terrible computers.

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Carol - 69 d ago


Yes, very much!!

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JR - 59 d 9 h ago

Definitely interested long story but because of Dell & their lies I probably wasted around $30000 in college tuition

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Rod - 58 d 10 h ago



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Rod - 58 d 10 h ago


I am interested. Dell has an obligation to provide driver support in perpetuity. Since that seems to be beyond their understanding I need a new printer.

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Ajay Singh thakur - 55 d 4 h ago

I have been a employee of Dell, to be honest my manager sent me a fake resignation acceptance letter and post they never contacted me to return their ID card or their belonging. And I am never going to recommend Dell to any one whom I know is seriously looking for a job.

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Anonymous - 48 d 13 h ago

very interested !!!

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Kenny Kreutzer - 25 d 11 h ago


Yes I am

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Steve Turnblom, Kingman AZ - 20 d 11 h ago


Yes! I ordered a Dell "on sale" and they pulled the old "Bait and switch", the computer I received was not the same specs as the one advertised. .

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Karyn Panitch - 25 d 10 h ago

Wow. I have spent about an hour trying to find an email or phone number to contact with Dell's corporate offices. They really have done an incredible job of making that almost impossible. I really don't think "Dell cares," as there twitter id says. If a company has made it almost impossible to contact those in charge, they must really be afraid of the public.

I want to leave a message for the CEO to urge him to leave Trump's Strategic Policy Council as Musk and Iger did in the wake of Trump backing out of the Paris Accord. It's in business' best interests to go with 99% of the world and the fast majority of Americans in believing we need to protect the earth. Does anyone with half a brain really think coal is the future and not renewables? Does Dell want to be associated with this level of greed and stupidity? And, please consider my email representative 1,000's of people in light of the fact that most don't have the time or where-with-all to find a way to contact your company!!

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Anonymous - 25 d 4 h ago


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capojim1 - 27 d 4 h ago


Tried ordering 43 inch Dell monitor. Ordered on the 23rd, shipped (supposedly) on the 24th. Finally, on the 31st I stopped my credit card payment. If they subtract anything from that charge I will take them to small claims in California. They cannot be represented by a lawyer. They promised day after day after day that it was "shipped". It never was. I will NEVER purchase anything from Dell again.

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