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Dell Computer

1 Dell Way
Roundrock, TX
(512) 338-4400
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@DellCares, @Dell
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Kieran Mayo (Northern Ireland) - 3 d 19 h ago


Bought Dell XPS 8900 desktop. Contacted Dell August 2015 as PC keeps freezing or will not wake from sleep mode. Dell is on with me approx once every week and still can't fix the pc will new drivers etc. Refused to replace system. They are still poking around the PC different tech people but obviously no one knows what they are doing as the system has got worse.


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Anonymous - 4 d ago


Bought a insprion 3000 in October. It's January and the WiFi adapter needs to be reconfigured. A 10 to 15 minute fix, but they don't have a software warranty, unless you pay for it. Both are more than both of our car payments the 2 years almost 300 while the 3 year is well over 300. Calling headquaters. This is piss poor customer service. Dell you suck and have lost a long time customer. 5th dell and the last.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

I am furious and pissed with Dell-I have spent 80 min on my phone talking to 6 different people. I ordered and paid for a new 6 function laser mouse and multi keyboard for a Dell 8300, and they sent the wrong items. Now then want me to spend another $70.00 to try and get the right items. First of allwith all due respect, hire some people who can speak some dam ENGLISH!!!

I talked with at least 6 people and 5 of them didn't know their ass from a hole in the groundyour customer service is the worst in the history of computers. I'm a U.S. Veteran and outsourcing jobs to another country to save money and to make another $billion dollarsis total disrespect to our country's Red, White, and Blue. I will never, ever buy another product from Dell. GW

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Ellen Kaczmarek - 6 d 19 h ago


I am furious with Dell-I have spent a useless 60 min on the phone , talking to 10 different people in at least 3 departments.I had to repeat my story every time I spoke to someone else. And the upshot was I got no satisfaction !!

The gist is I had ordered a laptop in early Dec 2016 for delivery 12/ date comes and goes.

Call placed, they don't have the part to build the machine.But no one had apprised me of any changes.

They order another machine which they swear has been built and will ship by 1/5/17..No show.

A call today - the machine first is not built, then it is built ans will ship then they have discontinued the machine .

I am so angry at the run-around.

Have had Dells for years .


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Marvin mathia - 12 d 14 h ago


I would like to say thank you for your smart and practical work practices, allowing my daughter to work from home on friday the 6th of January when the roads will be dangerous gives me pride in the people she works for.Not all are smart enough or care for there work force, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Marvin mathia oklahoma city oklahoma

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Brad - 14 d 41 m ago


well I guess I'm not the only sucker, have been with dell since 2009 and did not have to many problems, but had to pay for repairs. bought a new I-17 in april 2016 with win 10, suckkie, and no role back to win 7. tech support can't even get windows update to work. 6 times with tech support and just left hanging, with no results.NO one wants to hear anything about any problem. what a waste ,still owe a small amount but now realize I was duked. DELL CORP you can be sure I will never do business with you ever again nor will I recommend any of your products or services to ANYONE. So much for being a Perferred custormer. Astalavesta babby, I won't be back. there are better products and prices out there and I hope others follow suit.

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John - 15 d ago


dell computers

about three months ago I ordered "quicken 2016" software online using my rewards points; once the order was placed a message was displayed stating that it would be sent and I would receive the product in 3-5 days.

About 2 weeks later still had not received the software

I called and spent more than an hour on the phone being transferred back and forth between support, sale and other departments. and tried to down load to my "locker"

nothing worked. Over the next 3 months this exercise in futility was repeated at least 4 times wasting several hours of my time. Finally received an email from Sharon Mary asking me to call 1(hidden). I called and spoke to someone and she transferred the call to an automated service. It is a wonder that dell is still in business because appears that you employee many incompetent people or you have set up this way to just discourage the customer.

I was able to check on my reward points; total =0

and none were used. Should 1300 reward points

Dell corporation et all are nothing more than incompetent thieves!

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Hendo - 19 d 13 h ago


Has anyone been able to contact a person at Dell who lives in the states and who cares about your issue? I purhcased a brand new computer in August that had an issue where the pressure on the left palm rest makes the mouse click. I have exchanged it once, sent it in for servicing three times, and two days ago received a new computer. But it was not new, they had sent me refurbished one with the exact same problem.

The customer service is so bad for the regular, non business customer.

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Lisa Hinson - - 21 d ago


I am asking for a corporate officer to respond to my complaint. I had a 1 year old Dell laptop, had never had any trouble with it until Nov 27th, when I had a problem connecting to the Wi-fi. I called Dell Technical Service, where they forced me to buy a $240 service warranty before the would help me, which I did. Since then my laptop has never worked properly again. I have spoken with Dell Techs almost everyday, I have be told the problem was at least 10 different things. Now they have completely destroyed the laptop, it won't even come on. So they refunded my service and said, too bad, you're on your own. They completely destroyed my computer and now want to tell me it's my problem. Absolutely not. I demand that my computer be replaced, Dell Techs destroyed it and Dell is going to replace it. I will be expecting a response immediately.

Lisa Hinson

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Malibu - 26 d ago


Dell is the worst company ever I would never purchased anything from this company ever again they have really inconvenience me for Christmas I purchased a computer they delivered it, they cancelled it on their end with no email telling me about this. They said that it was a payment issue but the money was taken out of my account, now they are saying I have to wait 10 to 15 days in order to get the refund back when I could have just went through another company to buy another computer I would never recommend this company to anybody and the customer service was horrible I asked him could they give me a computer out today knowing that the money is taken out of my account and they said no I have to wait 10 to 15 days, I am a very unsatisfied unhappy and pissed off customer

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Novella White - 27 d 13 h ago


On 12/21/2016 at 11:59am, I received an email form Dell stating that they cannot fix my laptop, because it is not cover under warranty. I contacted Dell to inform them that I do have warranty and it do not end until Sept. 2017.

Dell stated that my warranty does not cover damages (liquid spill & dropping). In 2014, I brought additional 4year warranty that was supposed to cover over thing (software, hardware, and damages). Their representative at that time assure me that the warranty I purchase for over $400 dollars would cover everything.

According to Dell, they will not repair my laptop, unless I paid $300 or more to have it repair. I spoke with a representative (Mr. Sahil) and supervisor (Mr. Kunal). I asked Mr. Kunal for Dell Corporate Office contact information. He refused to give it to me. Mr. Kunal stated that he will report it to the Corporate Office.

I do not believe that I should have to pay for my laptop because when I renew my warranty, I trusted in Dell to honor it and provided me with the coverage I requested. Dell should not be allowed to treat their customer like this. I have been a customer with Dell for over 12 years. I brought all my systems with Dell.

Now, I am told that it was not cover for damages. I feel that I have been ripped off.

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Jody Forrest - 29 d 49 m ago


Bought a laptop august 2015. It has blown up 4 times they are now saying they will do nothing. They have had it more than we have used it. This is for my grandson to do school work. This has been a total inconvenience and many hours before and after school and at the library. It is time they send me a new one. It is hard to believe that when you call that you can not get a person here in the states. India tells me they can not get corporate here and to write them. This is the worst excuse for customer service I have ever been involved with. I want some results. This computer is obviously a lemon. There should be laws like when you buy a car. I have a Dell that is 15 years old that still works.

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Anonymous - 30 d 19 h ago

when my laptop computer suddenly stop working I contacted Dell TechSupp and told them the problem as to shorten the details they send a self address box and send my PC back to Dell Depot last June of this year. When they returned my PC and after a few close and open of my laptop I have notice that the right hinge of my PC is broken. For a brand new laptop will not be broken that fast. I called DELL TechSupp and told about it and they never listened to my complain but keep on telling me that I need to pay. I am not the one who break it by simply closing and opening the unit!? So, up until now I am not using my laptop because the right hinge is still broken and I do not want to make the issue worsen.

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MICHAEL LEE - 49 d 15 h ago





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Cecilia Doll - 42 d ago

Definitely interested!

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AB - 42 d ago

Definitely...we are so frustrated

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Ray Carney - 33 d ago


Very interested. I purchased a Dell Computer to replace my old and tired one which had XP. This one has been nothing but problems and when they sent me a bad update (Dell) not Microsoft, My computer crashed, no rescue disk, no USB disk nothing. Called customer service in spot head land, wanted to charge me $200 to up for service,F#@K THAT. Now I sit with a computer that barely works. I used to like Dell with my previous computer but now..... I am disabled, triple bypass and need my laptop for survival, thank god for Android otherwise I'd be screwed. Thinking about suing them in California (lower court) (hidden)

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AB - 42 d 49 s ago


The worst customer service I have ever encountered which is not expected from a private company.

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ajacoby - 43 d 23 h ago


Dell you have the worst customer service set up!! i have been on the phone for 2 hours straight and have been hung up on 12 times because they didn't want to help me with my problem. I placed an order 11/15/2016 for a Dell Inspiron 3655 for $279.99 and i never heard from dell after that. When i called they informed my that the order had been canceled and they could not tell me a reason. When i asked to have the order reinstated i was then transferred and hung up on over and over. I asked numerous times to speak with a manager and was just transferred to a new person and hung up on again. Now i am being told that i have too pay an additional 120 for a computer i have already paid for. Such a shady system dell is running here.

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Cecilia doll - 42 d 33 m ago

We are having the same issue. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with!!!

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cynde - 43 d ago


Never buy a Dell - they will not help you other than to say, "I am sorry about your problem" and then keep you on the phone for several hours. My high-end laptop didn't work from the first day and has multiple issues. They have verified the issues and will not replace the system. They sent out a technician that made the computer totally unusable. If you want to deal with a company who doesn't care - Dell is for you.

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Anonymous - 44 d ago


I purchased an alienware gaming laptop for my son from dell on the 18th of nov. They put an initial hold of 1062 dollars while they built it. Once shipped they charged my credit card and the laptop was paid for. Now it is dec 5 and they have not released the original hold of 1062 dollars. Multiple calls to release my funds and still no help. What a Christmas gift from dell. It has reached the point where our phone numbers are flagged and they cut our calls off. I am starting a report with the BBB. please be aware of this double charging scam.

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S Lee - 75 d 3 h ago


Don't believe everything Dell tells you, it isn't true. They tell you, you can make payments over the phone, no problem. Well there is a problem, they won't. They will refuse payments, then they will turn around and sue you for those refused payment,. Isn't there a law about that. Dell is the worst company I have ever dealt with, and they have ruined my credit and helped me become another homeless statistic. Please don't ever purchase anything from them. This companies lies, cheats and steals. They won't work with you, they won't return calls, but they will destroy you. Please if you are thinking about purchasing anything from this company... DON'T.

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pmf - 75 d 4 h ago


worst customer service i have every experienced. NO ONE will answer questions and help with a Dell errpr

would be nice if SOMEONE would assist

Flagged for review. 
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ekaette - 83 d ago

please l want to repair my dell laptop. am in abuja, nigeria. line +(hidden)407, or (hidden).

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