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Dell Computer

1 Dell Way
Roundrock, TX
(512) 338-4400
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@DellCares, @Dell
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will poyer - 3 h ago


I've spent more than 10 hours, and 45 days trying to get a refund on a computer. I'm all for a class action lawsuit. Comtact me: @ (hidden)

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Frank Gabriel - 1 d 40 s ago


Dell, you should be ashamed of yourself. Your customer service is atrocious.I have just bought a 3655 Inspiron and that is the last purchase I will ever make from Dell. I have been on the phone for an hour trying to resolve a problem.I was transferred ;three different times to people in the Phillipines whom I could not understand. I have tried to call your corporate office to talk to someone and all the numbers you give on line are not workable. I have ordered computers direct from Dell in the past; however now your service with your foreign answering people is not satisfactory. You might be better off not selling direct anymore.

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Colleen - 35 d 3 h ago


I say all of us start a class action law suit against Dell

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Tammy - 35 d ago

Yes. I'm in.

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Sonia - 16 d 4 h ago


For sure

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Bushbaby - 15 d 10 h ago

I'm so in to sue the crap out of them. My computer is 16mos old. Warranty good until 2019. My computer was hacked?? Aren't they supposed to protect against this?? Now they want to sell me a device to prevent hacking for 600$. POS COMPANY !!!

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Valer Perez - 12 d ago


Deel has the most terrible service I've ever experienced in my life and I'm 48 years old. I cannot get a hold of a corporate office by phone after trying with great effort. Instead I'm consistently being led back to India where I'm given every assurance that I'll be taken care of and nothing is ever done. I've been out over $1560.00 for a mistake made by them with no compensation, only more time spent on the phone getting nowhere. I'm extremely frustrated and I find it impossible that no one employee that I've been transferred to cannot patch me through to the corporate office by phone.

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Kat - 11 d 18 h ago


Yes! Dell is a nightmare to deal with and their website is unreal.

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dexter - 6 d ago


did yall start it

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Linda - 1 d 5 h ago


I'm also in. Dell has got to be one of the absolute worst computer companies in existence. Let's sue!!

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Brian Wilknson - 7 d 11 h ago



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Brad U - 6 d 51 s ago


LOL! Go figure.

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Linda - 1 d 6 h ago


it probably broke from all the unhappy, unsatisfied customers! I say we go with the above mentioned idea, class action lawsuit. I know i have wasted way too much time trying to resolve, what appears to be an unsolvable issue b/c dell has a bunch of morons working for them.

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Steven Givot - 3 d 9 h ago


I am truly disgusted at the way Dell has handled me over the past few weeks. I initially called on a Sunday with a problem. The problem was not resolved, so we agreed that the call would be resumed with your technician calling me the following day - Monday - at 7 PM Central Time in the US. That call was never made by Dell. On Tuesday, at 4 PM, I received a call to continue to try to resolve the problem. I explained that (1) my computer is at home and at 4 PM I was still at work, and (2) a called had been scheduled for 7 PM the prior day and that call was never made. The technician apologized. We rescheduled the call for Wednesday at 7 PM when I would be home from work. That call was also never made by Dell. I explained that this was the second time Dell had made and appointment to call and had ignored that appointment. I escalated the call to a supervisor. The supervisor scheduled a third call from Dell. I asked for an email confirmation, which I got. I told the supervisor that if this third call was not made, I would be writing to Dell's headquarters to let them know that their outsourced customer support vendor was performing badly at the expense of me - their customer. The third call was made - although late - and the problem was resolved. I all, it took four calls from Dell - two of them on the wrong days - and one week of elapsed time for Dell to provide support. By any reasonable measure, that is horrible performance. A few days later, I got a phone call from Dell saying that my Dell Concierge service had lapsed and I needed to make a payment to continue the service. To be frank, I was very angry about the call, because I had renewed the service already. The Dell representative looked up my records and confirmed that (1) I had already renewed the service and (2) the call never should have been made. My "take away" from these experiences is that Dell has outsourced it Concierge to an offshore organization that is incompetent, unprofessional, and rude. Hours of my valuable time have been wasted because Dell - in the process of trying to save some money - has chosen an poor vendor, and Dell does not monitor the performance and insist on competent, professional behavior by this vendor. I am sending copies of this email to various Dell corporate email sites to make sure that the people in Texas understand the damage being done to Dell and its customers by this vendor. Steven Givot

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BRIAN WILKINSON - 7 d 11 h ago


worst customer service ever. I comes down to India where the ignorant people claim to speak English and don't understand. Not even a phone number. The lap top I bought in June they have failed to repair the software, and now the hardware has gone both hard drive and windows. Result they want to transfer the ownership from myself to myself. then they can try to repair it. MADNESS

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Mistified - 8 d ago

Purchase a computer 2 years ago even though it's out if warranty I went ahead and paid for my hard drive to be replaced. They reinstalled Microsoft windows, when I got back my computer it was unable to update windows 10 so I sent it back for them to check what's up. Today 12/4/17 someone from India (Dell) called telling me I will need to pay over $300 to replace motherboard and lcd screen. Can someone answer me this why they didn't detect that issue when the replacing the hard drive and reinstalled windows.

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MZ - 10 d 16 h ago


Dell's service is the worst I have ever experienced. If it's true that they sold this component to an India based company, this explains it. Americans are paying FIRST WORLD PRICES FOR OUR DEVICES, EXTENDED WARRANTYS AND SERVICE. However we receiving THIRD WORLD SERVICES FOR OUR AMERICAN DOLLARS.

This is so the Executives can't keep making their fat paychecks and they sold us out to people who are earning a fraction of the pay in India and The Phillipines.

American are the victims in this equation. It is all about the mighty dollar and not at all about the best service.


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Michael W. Smith - 9 d ago

Please support the California Bail Initiative that prohibits companies doing business in California from "outsourcing" any of their business outside of the USA. Watch for the website - keep watching for California initiatives website. For any info, email to: (hidden)

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Gia - 15 d 4 h ago



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Faith - 11 d 17 h ago


Well ours is only 4 months is having same issue twice .....been on with them 3 times ! They need code from computer which I don't have BEcaUSE they have my computer ! My son waited until college to buy a computer ! What a joke ! NEVER again will be buying this junk product ! Finals approaching papers to write oh my ! So irritated !

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Anonymous - 12 d 13 h ago


I spoke to Muhadem(sic) ON Monday. asked if he would be getting credit/mission and he was optimistic. I've always believed in salesmanship and he tried very hard. We are talking about a very large, and ongoing order. Please contact me as soon as possible. My cell phone is not with me now, but you can leave word at the Harrisburg Hilton, The front desk folfs will gladly take your message, I will be back in Harrisburg by Monday morning. Please call at your earliest convenience. Plan to fly down to discuss the purchase with you. I've always enjoyed working with Headquarters, if you get my drift So looking forward to doing business with you, God Bless Dell, America, And ,all those who gave something and THOSE WHO GAVE ALL

sincerely, Philip E Ramsey Esq




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Kat - 11 d 18 h ago

LOL Hilarious!!

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Merry Christmas Dell - 11 d 18 h ago


Unbelievable...I double ordered a Black Friday Doorbuster Bundle because of their high traffic loading glitch. I immediately called them and spoke with a gentleman in another country who assured me that he cancelled one order. He even went so far as to give me a "new order number" which doesn't exist....Of course they shipped me 2--$300 bundles, 6 I have "initiated returns" for 3 of the 6 items online which was horrifically difficult to the waiting game for a freaking CRA number??? I too must wait for contact and labels from UPS??? So where is it all??? The BBB will hear about this after i get through it all and of course returns are on their timeline. NEVER EVER AGAIN!!! What in the hell would I do with 2 Thrustmaster steering wheels with pedals and 2 racing games times two?

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JOHN - 42 d 4 h ago


The number shown on this page for Dell corporate HQ is no 'longer in service" . NO HELP!!!

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DELL - 14 d ago


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Anonymous - 14 d ago


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