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Dell Computer

1 Dell Way
Roundrock, TX
(512) 338-4400
Twitter IDs
@DellCares, @Dell
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L.Lee - 5 d 7 h ago


Your so called Customer Service Department located out of my country does not care if the product your company puts out is crap. They don't care if you have taken your computer to the store it was sold for repairs. They plain just don't care about the Dell customer. Shame on the person that pushed your Customer Service and the United States customers out to sea. People tell me your product is quality but I have yet to see that. No one at the 800 Customer Service Center even cares. You failed with your product, the retailer failed by not servicing your product correctly. My Dell is not worth the money to buy a new battery and a cord for $150. The computer is only $300. Your product should last longer than a year. That means it is low quality and worthless especially if it only lasts 12 1/2 months. Did you plan it to break down that way to get your customer to pay more?

I completely disappointed in your company and its lack of quality of customer service and warranty.

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Angry Customer - 2 d 12 h ago

I'm so with you on this!!!

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Angry Cystomer - 2 d 12 h ago


I bought a computer 2monitors and a camcorder everything came but the computer and now they said they need to verify my account...they delivered monitors and camcorder same place and no computer. So I called customer service and have been transferred talked over and basically told off and I don't have my computer.

There customer service stinks I should have went with a MAC they really have better customer service and products. This is it for me...I'm returning everything after this is cleared up.

Horrible experience.

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HadEnough - 5 d ago


Dell Small Business has been sending me junk mail since I bought a desktop 17 years ago! My address is now obsolete, and the PO Box will soon be closed. But they just keep sending it despite me asking at least a half-dozen times that they stop.

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Jeff - 5 d 7 h ago


Does anyone have a US based customer service numbers? Been earching and all I get is asia,


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Patrick D. - 5 d 9 h ago


For what it's worth - I've always had good results from Dell Computers, and I was a day or two away from buying another desktop - when I read that Michael Dell wasn't going to follow the lead of other business leader and resign from Mr. Trump's advisory council

I wont' be buying a Dell computer. I'm going to order an HP desktop instead.

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Skip Stein - 7 d 12 h ago


Intel leaving Trump's Advisory Council We have to realize that most of these high-tech companies are based in the crazy left coast of California. Just being there must somehow contaminate their brains with liberal idiocy and propaganda. Because Dell is based in Texas might explain the common sense that Dell expresses by sticking with Trump. Bet we see some major tech purchases for Government from Dell!

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Anonymous - 7 d 11 h ago

I guess that would be pay to play.

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Tammy Bernard!!! - 7 d 12 h ago

I will never buy another computer from Dell!!! I received my computer in s timely manner. But when I got everything hooked up missing USB for my wireless keyboard and mouse. Well it has been over a month and I still have not received my USB!!! I wanted to return computer they say I can't because it's been mor than 30days?!?!?

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Leslee - 7 d 12 h ago

I am a long-standing and loyal Dell customer. However, I promise you that unless Mr. Dell resigns from trump's forum, I will never purchase another Dell product. His continued presence indicates tacit acceptance of hateful racist ideology.

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Tracy Owens - 7 d 13 h ago

Silence equals acceptance. Please, Michael Dell, step down from the president's manufacturing council. Do not stand alongside trump's blatant support of racism, hatred, xenophobia and bigotry.

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Tara McAndrew - 7 d 13 h ago

As a Dell customer, I implore Michael Dell to step down from the president's manufacturing council. Take a firm stand against racism. Not stepping down is equivalent to supporting the president's views. Mr. Dell's actions -- or lack thereof, could determine whether or not I ever buy a Dell product again.

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Roslyn - 7 d 14 h ago

Michale Dell must show his decency by resigning from the president's mfg. advisory council. The president has come out as a full fledged Nazi supporter and anyone who stands with him is tarred with the same brush. Resign immediately in solidarity with decent people everywhere.

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Tina - 7 d 13 h ago

I agree. I tried to call his office but can't get through. I am asking that Michael Dell resign from his post as a council member to Potus American Manufacturing Council. Please stand up, Mr. Dell and stand against POTUS and his awful remarks. The red line must be drawn today. Stand up Mr. Dell for the sake of America and what it stands for. God Bless the USA.

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Craig Vale - 7 d 14 h ago


In light of Pesident Trump's recent remarks re: the events in Charlottesville , I would strongly urge Mr. Dell to remove himself from the Manufacturer's council. For me

Mike's continued participation would be untenable and sends the wrong message. Resign Now !

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Craig Vale - 7 d 14 h ago


In light of Pesident Trump's recent remarks re: the events in Charlottesville , I would strongly urge Mr. Dell to remove himself from the Manufacturer's council. For me Mikel's continued participation would be untenable and sends the wrong message. Resign Now !

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michael dell is a supporter of racism - 7 d 15 h ago

Tell Michael Dell that his his support of racist and anti-semitism by remaining on the presidents mfg. council is despicable. I will NEVER buy a Dell product again. What a prick.

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Sallie - 8 d 3 h ago


I have spent the last two days getting the Dell care department run around. You are willing to sale your laptops, but you do not stand behind them or care about the customer. Your whole plan is to jerk the customer around until the warranty runs out.

General profile image - 7 d 16 h ago


Every time I call I get some one in another country and the phone number say us that's bull shit I feel if I buy American my right as American I want to speak to American person people need to stop buying from dell.

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MICHAEL LEE - 267 d ago





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Cecilia Doll - 259 d 11 h ago

Definitely interested!

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AB - 259 d 8 h ago

Definitely...we are so frustrated

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Ray Carney - 250 d 12 h ago


Very interested. I purchased a Dell Computer to replace my old and tired one which had XP. This one has been nothing but problems and when they sent me a bad update (Dell) not Microsoft, My computer crashed, no rescue disk, no USB disk nothing. Called customer service in spot head land, wanted to charge me $200 to up for service,F#@K THAT. Now I sit with a computer that barely works. I used to like Dell with my previous computer but now..... I am disabled, triple bypass and need my laptop for survival, thank god for Android otherwise I'd be screwed. Thinking about suing them in California (lower court) (hidden)

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Bonnie Holford - 205 d ago


My computer messed up too. And when I tried to get someone to help me I kept getting people from India..Well heck I don't understand them so me being frustrated I hang up ..Happened at least 10 times or more. Never once recived a call from Dell to check and see if I was satisfied or not.

General profile image - 33 d 9 h ago


Me, too. It is not discrimination; consumers have an entitlement to intelligent, knowledgeable and trained employees in "Customer Service;" DELL calls to mind what are referred to as "Towel Heads!" They don't worry about being "trained," or even "literate!"

Flagged for review. 
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Ray - 217 d 8 h ago


What can I do? XPS purchased last May, randomly freezes from the start, tech sent 3 times, still defective. I've spent at least 60 hours on the phone, reloading software. The have lied over and over. Finally contacted BBB and this got their attn. After another several weeks they offer a refurbished computer. Sent me the specs on the replacement and it did not have a 512 GB SSD. They tried to tell me that the unit I bought did not have one while I'm looking at the invoice! I am convinced I could not get worse service if someone was paid to do so. Dell sucks!!

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