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Dell Computer

1 Dell Way
Roundrock, TX
(512) 338-4400
Twitter IDs
@DellCares, @Dell
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Tonnette Collier/Sweet Vine Inc. - 25 m 43 s ago


I should have researched deeper. Worse experience ever. We purchased nearly $9000 in computers for our after school program (non-profit organization). The checks dated 9/27/2016; cleared our bank 10/6/2016. Its 10/27/2016 and our children do not have their computers. I have been told every story under the sun by Dell representatives. "Payment have not been received," "your order was cancelled," "we can reorder it for you. you must make a payment." I have been transferred to more people than the law allows; been placed on hold 5-10-15 minutes at a time. I am so very frustrated, we owe it to our children. They need their computers. These are poor kids without internet services at home, without computers at home. They rely on our after school program to complete homework, special assignments and learn. Promise that when we get this matter resolved, I WILL NEVER purchase another computer from Dell. Please or visit us on facebook, Vine Inc


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Joel - 132 d 36 s ago


Dell computers were the worst purchases that i ever made. They have poor customer service. They rarely return phone calls. They replace their defective units with refurbished ones. The tech support. ....well let's put it this way.....if your problem is not on a flow chart you will never get a resolution. Avoid this company completely if you want a quality product. To put it in the vernacular. .....they stink real baf

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Sophie Jacklyn - 4 y 65 d ago


My mother has used Dell for as long as she has used a computer. Her first one lasted years without having any problems...

It crashed.

She has had her new Dell for about 2 years, and it has been nothing but trouble! It seems like it is always in need of a trip to our computer store. Just when we think we have solved the problem, something else happens! It is "faster" in terms of specs than her old computer, but it is so slow! Just booting it up can take upwards of ten minutes! So far, we have added ram, replaced the power supply, and restored it several times. What happened to these guys? They used to have a reputation for being one of the best computers you could get for the money. Now, they are just garbage! And don't even ask me about their customer service. We sat on the phone for almost an hour- most of that time on hold- without getting anything solved!

We definitely need to get something else, but my mom is not into the idea of just throwing it out for a different brand. With all the money we are putting into it, we could easily get an HP or Toshiba or something.

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LionelatDell - 4 y 68 d ago

@Tanner_Andrews Saw your @Dell tweet. Sorry to see that support has not been helpful. Have you reached out to @DellCares?

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cdmh - 4 y 68 d ago

@Dell @DellCares -- the phone number for Customer Service Queries on your website is listed as 01 204 4014 - this isn't a valid UK number??

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cdmh - 4 y 68 d ago

@Dell @DellCares @MichaelDell No courier - You have now failed FOUR TIMES to collect these laptops. You are a useless organisation

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wernerhp - 4 y 68 d ago

@Dell next business day on-site support breaks my XPS even futher and now takes more than a week to process a #refund @DellCares #frustrated

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hello_krissy11 - 4 y 68 d ago

@Dell fixed my problem so I am a happy customer again :) @DellCares

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LionelatDell - 4 y 68 d ago

@Pau1ey Sorry for the trouble. Were you able to get your @Dell machine back online after McAfee trouble? If not, try @DellCares on Twitter.

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LionelatDell - 4 y 68 d ago

@Mashtatatoz Saw your @Dell tweet. Sorry for the trouble. If you still need help with her system, please reach out to @DellCares.

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LionelatDell - 4 y 68 d ago

Hey @hello_krissy11: sorry for the troubles with your @Dell system. Can you please reach out to the @DellCares team on Twitter?

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HalLevy - 4 y 68 d ago

@DellCares @DellHomeUS @Dell I need a special on Alienware!! help a shopper out...

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