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203 E. Main St.
Spartanburg, SC
John Miller
CEO and Director
(864) 597-8000
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Eduardo Arrellano - 1 d 38 s ago


To whom ever, me and my son visited your Dennys in Baytown Tx on 11/17/17, we went in to have dinner sat ourselfs and waited to be waited on, we went in at 7:00 p.m. all this while thier were people that were seated and waited on and nobody bothered to ask if we jad been waited on, th e manager and another waitress went outside to smoke a cigarette and both had passed by our table several times and I asked anotjer waitress for some sevice and all I got was I will be with you in a minute but never returned, I hope you or some one can do some thing about this situation, this is very unacceptable

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Clare N. - 1 d 6 h ago


I just returned from a visit to you store on White Lane in Bakersfield Ca; My experience was less than pleasant. I ordered a Moon over my hammy sandwich with fries not hashbrowns. The sandwich was less than satisfactory but acceptable. Not hot just warm. The fries were barely luke warm. The waitress offered another order of fries which arrived even colder than the originals. Totally not edible. I was then offered a rebate for the fries (.59 cents) seriously? We had a coupon which was presented at bill paying time but was not deducted. We waited 10 minutes to get this sorted out while other customers were waiting behind us to pay. Really is this the best you can do.? Needless to say this is the last time we will go into Dennys.

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Anonymous - 1 d 13 h ago


To whom it may concern!

Writing to express some extreme dissatisfaction with the services I encountered over the phone with an alleged "manager" of your location in Phoenix. Address, 2717 W Bell Rd Phoenix, AZ 85053.

I placed an order online, through the Denny's "On Demand" ordering option, chose delivery, put in my address and then placed my order. Once finished I put in my payment to finalize my order; however, it informed me my PICKUP would be ready in 27 minutes. So I attempt to modify the order or cancel it, but since I checked out as a guest, it wouldn't allow me to do such. I then called the store location. At first the lovely gal who originally answered seemed as though she was going to be able to assist and get my order delivered, but then her manager got on the phone and said since the order was made online through the "On Demand" app, there wouldn't be anything else she could do to assist me, other than tell me to go in and cancel my order repeatedly. This was an awful customer experience. And probably be the last time I look to Denny's to satisfy my appetite. I'm out $23.00, it's not the money that is the issue, it's the principal of the matter at hand.

Yours truly,

One pissed off and dissatisfied customer!

Contact info:


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Bob - 4 d 23 h ago


Dear Sir i am writting this in reguards to an iniccident at your Dennys located on the south side of San Angelo, Tx. A woman who is the District manager told me there were fifteen cameras at that location recording all that takes place twenty four hours a day. I was waiting for the lady Tammy who is supposed to get back to me via phone. and three days later no phone call nothing. the incident is the folowing i could not sleep so i went to that lockation to eat some pan cakes. there were soom young people away from my table. I got my order and then they looked like they were leaving. So i went ahead and just was just starting to eat. When one of these druken women who appeared to be under age said the following , I can not wait to get your my mouth when we leave here. Then she said I would like you to do me up my b..ft H0lle I put down my fork and by they are into position near me. I said i do not like my dinner to be interupted by that vile crap. Now the leader of these ding dongs says to me Say what Cowboy we are bout to F...k Y.. up. I held my ground and now i was ready to karate flip at least two of the som bitches at the ripe old age of seventy. Well three of his male buddies took off . Now it is crunch time the coward said i am going to cut you but i never saw a kifne or any thing but his hand in his pocket. The he bailed and the two goofy girls did not do anything. So i go again to the place where i was eating and out side the woman looney proceeded to give me a finger from right in front of my plate i put my fork down and went to the front door. they had a red pick up truck and gave two hundred curses and fingers as they left. I wouuld suggest your management team fire the whole lot of managers district and store. tjey did make an offer to call i think then took the phone off of the cradle all i get is a bsy signal the phone is inopporable has this number is 303-255 2879 the oldest trick in the book is to do so and they can say he did not return our calls. Please contact me asap

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Customer - 4 d 9 h ago


Centerville ill location is crap I'm a driver come through all the time.wait on average 30 minutes for food staff is rude.they don't say hi or look you in the eye.they say yep or alright then ONLY.aleast on average their are ten tables not cleaned off just sitting dirty.

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Sue C - 5 d 7 h ago

Went to Denny's on Saturday, 11/11/17 Veteran's Day for my husband to have breakfast on Denny's in honor of Veteran's Day as advertised. Unfortunately, Denny's celebrated on 11/10 (not Veteran's Day). We stayed because it was our plan to eat out and go to a Veteran's Day Celebration. However, I would strongly suggest that in the future you honor our Veterans on the actual Day instead of a day early. We were disappointed to be told we were there on the wrong day. It was not very honorable of Denny's.

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Bravewave - 5 d 9 h ago


Also leave a review at

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Anonymous - 6 d ago


Denny's at San Leandro has bad customer service. Been calling for half an hour and was only answered once but only heard background noises.

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Anonymous - 6 d 9 h ago

Bad experience at the counter.I asked a question to Innocence ,she was so rude, I am not coming back to Denny's never again.

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BraveWave - 6 d 17 h ago


I went to Denny's for Veterans Day and they had a sign on their door saying "Not today Sorry". I decided to eat anyway because the palm coast fl site besides advertising Veterans Day free meals also said vets get 10-20% discount. I learned at the register that vets get 10% discount even on Veterans Day, and AARP members get 15% discount every day. What?? It also takes 22 minutes to be served after 10 minutes of waiting to be seated.

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Beth - 7 d 7 h ago

My husband and I went to Denny's in Fargo nd. I ordered a Caesar salad. The waitress broke back to me a salad with very brown and wilted lettuce. I got the manager and asked him if he would eat that. He said no and took it back. What he brought back to me was the same thing! I was livid. He said do you want to order something else. I said no. My husband was almost done eating at that point and I was not willing to wait again for my food so I scraped through the salad and ate what I could. Today, I am sick from eating that salad! I am still furious over this and will never eat at a Denny's again. This restaurant isn't even worthy of 1 star!!

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Susan - 7 d 8 h ago


Has to be the sloeest worst customer service ever wait time up to 40 mintues another 35 for food. Just aweful

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Yvonne - 7 d 10 h ago


Husband and I went to two Denny's on Veterans Day. The first one was in Portland Oregon, which we left right after we were seated. There was a homeless man selling wooden Christmas reindeers right next to the entrance. We informed the host who seated us and he stated "it's ok, he is there all the time". Then he served me cold coffee and we sat for 15 min waiting for our orders to be taken. We decided to leave. As we were leaving, there was another homeless person sleeping in the waiting area! So we drove to another Denny's located in clackamas oregon. Everything was fine until we received our ticket to pay. We brought it up to the cashier and stated we both were Veterans. We even showed ID. The cashier told us that she could only use one military discount on the order. So we paid ended up paying for one meal even though the advertisement for Veterans Day breakfast grand slam stated it is free? After all of this, we will not eat at Denny's ever and will not go for Veterans Day again.

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Oscar - 7 d 12 h ago


11 November,2017, Here "WE" are early hours at "Denny's on Congress street in Portland,Maine 04101 and these left wing right wing employees don't actknowledge "VETERANS of Foreign Wars" here at "DENNY"S that was renovated too serve citizens and people from out of State and Foreign countries and local residents?? "VETERANS DAY" does not take or accepted here in or at "DENNY"S in PORTLAND

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Paula Russo - 7 d 17 h ago


Went to the Denys restruant in Staten Island New York, order breakfast which came out cold., silverwear was dirty, table dirty, The manger of the restruant was sitting at the counter drinking a coffee from a paper cup, he would not even drink from the cups that come out of the kitchen. For a restruant that.not even a year old its a disgrace. Will never go back

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Douglas - 7 d 19 h ago


Dear Mr Miller.

On 11/11/17 at about 12am i visited your Denny restraunt at 7676 Friars RD. In San Diego, CA. When I entered I stood in front to be seated for approximately 10 min. With both weight staff walking by me and not even acknowledging me. Eventually I was seated without even asking if I wanted anything to drink. I continued to wait for another 10 to 15 min.with no service, while the wait staff attended to the other 5 tables in restraunt. Both wait staff then went to register because I am assuming it takes two people to run the this point after waiting approximately 20 min to be seated and waited on,I again assumed that my business was not needed there. Therefore I left restraunt and will never be returning again...I know losing one customer doesn't mean a whole lot to you people, but remember wired of mouth travel quickly....

Thank you

Douglas Sharp

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Laurie Edwards - 8 d 24 h ago


We've been dining at the Denny's on the corner of 12th and Washington in Ogden, UT, for several years. We've seen servers, cooks, and managers come and go, and only a few really stand out, good or bad. After a long, long time, it's time to give props to one particular server, Amie Peterson; she's the biggest reason we go to Denny's. Her service is ALWAYS outstanding -- I don't know how she does it, but she's always good to us, fast and funny, and she always remembers just how we like our orders. We don't even have to ask for things just so, she just knows, and she always gets it right.

And there's a story I want to share that shows how much effort Amie is willing to make for her customers: My mom was dying of pancreatic cancer in August 2016. (She died in early September.) She was sick as a dog and didn't want to go out, but we begged her to make the effort, and of course the only place she wanted to go was Denny's so she could have a pancake. We managed to get her into the restaurant, and Amie immediately found a way to make my mom as comfortable as possible. She got her soft stuff, cooled the coffee some so my mom could drink it, and just went wayyyy out of her way to make the visit nice. When my mom started to feel nauseated, Amie ran and got a bucket and helped us gently get my mom out the front door so she didn't barf all over and shame herself on what would be her last trip out of the house. We were so grateful for all her time and effort! (When I went back in to pay, two other tables, whom I didn't know, spoke up about what fantastic service Amie was giving.) Denny's was my mom's last time out, and Amie did her very best to make it a decent time.

I know it's been a year since this happened, but we go into Denny's when Amie's working at least once a week -- and we spend a lot, just because Denny's is one of the places we'll just ALWAYS go....and it's because Amie Peterson is the best server I've ever had, bar none. From the cheapest Mickey Dees all the way up to the finest dining, she's the best.

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Anonymous - 10 d 11 h ago


Store location Margate Florida, 33063 store number #1039 I have been coming to this location for many years with my business and Associates and it's always been a horrible manager and staff that was working there but since you hired a new manager by the name of Christal she's phenomenal she is the best manager the best people person she takes care of problems immediately she keeps the store spotlessly clean she runs her staff professionally and orderly. I tried going on Denny's but my home computer won't let me download. So better yet I put a phone call into the corporate office in South Carolina and left a message for John Miller who happens to be the CEO and director to compliment and praise this new manager Christal! There are too many people today that take the time out of their busy schedules to call up and complain about people but there's not many people that take the time to compliment and praise certain individuals that need it I'm one of those people that like to take the time and pray somebody if they're doing a great job thank you John Galante Margate, Fl ___I GIVE A 5 STAR RATING!

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Becca - 11 d 9 h ago


Walked in to Denny's in dening New Mexico and victoriana was filing her nails at the register we told her we were kind of in a hurry and she said she had 5 waitresses and 2 cooks so we decided we Wood sit anyway. 15 minutes later no one had even asked if we wanted anything to drink. We looked back she is still filing her nails but now the other waitresses are gathered around her gosipping got up and walked out. Horrible service and horrible way to represent a francise

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M Hancock - 11 d 12 h ago


Lubbock, Tx Slide Road location was having problems with heating; temp INSIDE was probably in the 50's, very uncomfortable. Food was delayed due to large number of customers that arrived AFTER we ordered. They were served first. Our order sat on the counter for approx 15 minutes. When we were finally served, food was cold, meat was dangerously under-cooked. Will not return to this location. VERY DIS-SATISFIED

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Anonymous - 12 d 10 h ago



We went to Denny's in Missoula Mt for lunch/breakfast. The service was so slow. We waited on drinks for over 1 hour. And took food almost 2 hours to get to the table. The food was good. But the service was very terrible with the wait time. It was 10:45am when we got to the place. Then it was almost 1pm when we left.

Very dissatisfied with the time.

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Frank Acevedo - 14 d 3 h ago


For the past 20 years I and my two sisters have gone to Denny's at 5603 Rosemead Blvd. in Temple City CA 91780 after Church. We went about every third Sunday. We never had any problems with the food or the servers. They were white, Hispanic and Asian. They always were professional and friendly. A few months ago the restaurant had a fire. Until now 4 November 2017, it has not been rebuilt. We miss that restaurant. Please re-open it as soon as possible!

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GatoKar - 14 d 8 h ago


Hi I was an employee of Dennys for over 2 years. I originally started in atascasita with manager Harry, he was a great manager and I wish I had stayed with him, I was asked by another assistant manager Brian to move yo Kurkendah and work day shift, I hated it there, after rejecting sexual advances from him I started getting greeted with good morning bitch as I walked in the door, another store asked to borrow a couple servers. I then went to Wilson Road, it was great at first and I asked for a transfer yo this store. After getting fully switched to this store I began to notice unfair things happening based on the fact that I am white and all the other employees are Hispanic, I noticed tips being stolen from my tables and the managers all 3 that imo went to did nothing, I saw him take them and I went to the manager and he said that the camera was not pointed at that table, the Hispanic servers always get the best tables and more of them, I would always get seated the tables that were known to be complicated or did not tip, I worked hard and made little money because the manager Gloria would cater to her own kind, I was constantly being rammed into from one server Rosa, I would be in pain at the end of the day because of her, a lot more things have been going on, this is just brief, I had said I was going to the EEOC, and a few days later we had a new manager, I am not sure if the two things are related. Things started getting better and then they got terribly worse. I started my period for the second time in one month, it was unexpected so I was not prepared for it, I went to every female employee and asked for hygiene products and no one had any, I then asked the manager Mr Bill if I could run to the store right behind us real quick and he told me no. I had blood in my pants already and with out protection it was worse. It was 5 hours later and he still would not let me go, he said that I would get fired if I left to get them, so I kept going into the bathroom to check and put toilet paper in which shifts around. I had to make sure that I didn't get blood on everything, it was the most uncomfortable day I have ever had, one of my customers started yelling at me as did the manager, I was so stressed out that I messed up an order, this manager would yell at me so much that I began to mess up quite often when prior to him I did not have mistakes. I ended up walking out and refusing to come back in until I could get cleaned up, I was to bloody by this point to walk around a store so I asked my boyfriend just to quit so he could take me and get stuff, the manager kept asking us to come back. I always can I just go change and I will come back.i was crying at this point. I have never been so humiliated in my life, I am 41 years old and this is the first time anyone has treated me with such disrespect. The next day at work was fine until the end of the day when my customers found thick black hairs in their food. They returned it and I thought it was an accident, the next day my first two orders had hair in the food, at that point I realized the cooks were getting their revenge and had found a new way to mess with me, before the hair my tickets were getting pushed to the back and it would take 30 to 45 minutes for my table to get their food but the Hispanic servers got their food immediately. So after the 3rd hairs in my food I decided to take myself off the floor. I did not want to have to serve hairy food to my guest. Mr Bill told me I could not do that he said he would fire me if I clocked out, I told him fine then give me my termination papers, he then said he never said that. I have a witness saying he did. He told me that he read the note I wrote him and he was trying to fix things and to give him time. I asked if I could at least use a different number so the cooks would not mess with my food orders, who knows what they would have my guest eating, I don't even want to think about it. During the day all the Hispanic servers were again talking about me making fun of me and laughing at me, about 3 or 4 of those times the manager Mr.Bill was involved in it too. I did not want to go back to work. Every time I work it takes me hours to calm down from how badly I got treated. On this day I could not calm down. I should not have to come home from work in tears everyday because I am white and work at a store with Hispanic employees and a boss. I am filing against Dennys. I plan on sewing for discrimination and sexual harassment.

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William carouth - 15 d 16 h ago

Bill Carouth. Nov 3, 2017 6:30-7:00 am

I am a daily Denny customer who primarily visits #8585. This morning I witnessed an apalling mgt disaster. Around 6:30 a group of approx 12 men came in to breakfast. There were 4 customers seated and already served with 2 super wait staff. Mgr Gloria refused to seat the group and allow the on duty servers to serve them.

She had the group wait until after 7:00 to be seated as she called to have additional staff come in.

If I were with that group I would never darken a Denny doorway again. This was a business group having a breakfast meeting prior to go out on their respective jobs.

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JC - 16 d 7 h ago


I am not sure who this may reach, but it is for corporate. A friend and I visited Denny's in Evansville, IN on Green River Road location. A lady by the name of Ann was serving as a cashier and hostess. My friend and I along with other customers waited for some time to be seated. I don't know if they were short of staff, it seemed as so. Before we were seated she wiped off the table, I asked her to wipe off the seat as well, because it was dirty, she responded with a little sigh, leaving the work half done. That's not even a big issue at all, I am sending in this message to compliment a well done satisfactory waitress by the name Jessica at the Green River Road location. She seen that I had a napkin to wipe off the half done request I asked of Anne, she intervened and cleaned the seats off for me. Her service was great, from taking our orders to checking if we needed anything else, to the end when she brought the bill. This is what disturbed me, because she was in tears for the reason of Ann had fired her for asking her something, while smoking her sticks in the back. I don't know what actually transpired, all I know is that Jessica did a fantastic job, and considering the number of staff she was needed. She was doing her job and taking care of the customers, like a good customer service worker should.

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