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Jen - 1 d 7 h ago

We just left the Denny's location in Sunrise, FL (Sunrise Blvd and Flamingo Rd). We were seated right away, but quickly realized we were seated at a table that had not been assigned to someone. I spoke with the manager who's response was "oh, I know we have someone that's running late". I asked her why then were we seated at a table that was not assigned to a waiter/waitress then. She had no clue. She asked us to stay and she would "find someone to help us". The 2 waitresses that had kept passing us by (and making eye contact with us no less) both exclaimed "that's not my table". Then one waitress said "ok I'll help them, but it's jot my table". We should've left after that, but we didn't. Big mistake. The manager took our drink and food order to help out the waitress that was supposedly going to help us. 20 minutes later, and no food, no one checking in on our drinks, that were now empty. So we left. I was too livid to say anything at that point, and honestly it wouldn't have mattered. We were there 45 minutes in total. I honestly doubt if they've even noticed we left and our food is probably sitting on the counter waiting to be picked up. What a joke.

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Server at Dennys - 2 d 16 h ago

As an employee at Dennys in Traverse City Michigan, I was treated very porely. I had an order for 2 sirloin steaks, 1 was medium and rhe other was medium well. When i took them to the table they were both rare. The manager Kirt yelled and me. In the mean time Ashley, another server was yelling at the kitchen because it was taking so long for another one of my tables food ( which took 55 minutes) When the steaks were corrected, Kirt yelled at me again telling me which was which. I took the food to the table and the table next to them said they were leaving because all the commotion was too much for them. I apologized to them and they assured me that it was not my fault and even left me a tip When i went to another table to take their order they were debating on whether to stay or leave as well. I talked them into staying and they were happy they did. Another table of mine, after getting their food asked me if there were new cooks or if they were playing because her Nachos had very little meat on in. I have been a waitress at many different places, but this has to be the worse place to work.

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Tara - 3 d 11 h ago

Your half star rating says everything's no!!!!!

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Judie Hemmerich - 3 d 18 h ago


This evening we went to the Denny's in Wilson,NC. When we arrived there were maybe 8 tables occupied. We were seated and given menus. We then proceeded to wait 15 minutes before our order was taken. After placing our order we then sat and waited another 30 minutes. The waitress never approached us to say I, sorry your order is taking so long. Instead of worrying about our order she was busy trying to do things that I imagine were things that had to be done before her shift was over. We had ordered the value meal but after waiting the 30 minutes we decided it wasn't such a value after all. The cook, manager and a waitress were so busy standing around talking that they never even saw that we were leaving even though we walked right pass the window to the kitchen. It's a shame that the service is getting this bad after a Denny's just spent a lot of money to renovate this restaurant. Maybe they should have put the money into better training their employees first. I'm afraid they just lost two frequent customers. A couple that we eat with often had a very bad experience there last week but we wanted to still give it another try. It will probably be the last try

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Not happy - 8 d ago


Very disappointed -Denny's in carle place,ny

Waiters were nice and the manager Marcus should have been the general manager

We have been patrons of Denny's since 1994 , since this new general mgr. took over it keeps getting worse , took my daughter for her birthday .

We had to wait over 2-3 hours for breakfast ,then the orders were wrong, no refill on coffee,receipt placed on top of food

The main problem was the General manager ,Shanta Monte ,she was screaming at her staff,slamming pots/plates, very disruptive behavior , we could her ranting and shouting in the dinning room. I thought since it was busy she should have been more helpful I the front. Her employees seemed uncomfortable ,it was not the same happy /family atmosphere we are used to This lady needs training and placed elsewhere , she is not fit for the place we having been enjoying for over 24yrs . .

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Misti C. - 8 d ago


Dennis in Joplin, mo is horrible. 25 min for two salads to go and both of them were screwed up too. Every Dennys restaurant seems to be a joke. We drive a truck so we are always on the road. Not one Dennys restaurant has been worth the money. All of these restaurants should have to drug test employees and teach them to stop playing grab ass with people and do their jobs.

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Lindsay Housand - 8 d 5 h ago


One of the worst breakfasts I have ever had. Sausage was mush, almost like it was left out in the Arizona sun mixed with rain for a day. Bacon was cooked too long in a microwave apparently. Hash Browns were under cooked and country fried steak was cooked but very chewy. Manager Gloria sucks at being a manager; show could not manager her way out of a phone booth!

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Dormetra - 9 d 18 h ago


I just had the worst experience ever at Denny's here in Houston near the Reliant Stadium 3332 South Loop West. The manager Moyad was just horrible and did not even attempt to make the problem right. I brought my son there to celebrate his birthday and enjoy the free grand slam. The waiter Kan was nice and did the best he could. The food arrived in many different pieces and my son had to wait for quite a bit while everyone else had their food. My food was barley okay and the hash browns were like straw. The waiter was very busy and did not get to come back to the table until we were about ready to leave and he asked if everything was okay and I told him no because the hash browns were as hard as straw. Well, the ticket came and the breakfast was not comped but my card run for the amount. The waiter stated that the manager Moyad said there was nothing he could do because the card was already swiped. I asked to speak with him and that was a complete waste of my time. I asked him if he was going to do anything to make it right and he said he was not allowed to. Not allowed to? What???!!! I asked if he could put the amount on a gift card, again, we are not allowed. He told me to write down my credit card number and leave it with him and sometime tomorrow he would try to refund the amount. What??? I am going to give you my credit card number on a piece of paper so you can just walk around with it? This is beyond crazy. Then he tells me that I need to call someone in the morning named Sam and gives me a piece of paper with the name Sam on it and nothing else. I had to ask for a phone number. I am so frustrated and wish that I had taken my boy to Ihop instead. But from now on, that is where we will be. I will make it a point to pass Denny's by each and every time. Now, I know that you all could care less about me and what I am saying, but I needed to say my piece and be done with it. If this manager was this sorry, I am not going to waste my time trying to call Sam because I am sure he will give me the run around as well. Just pathetic!!! Dormetra Henry

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Totally Disgusted!!!! - 10 d 6 h ago


Please, please, please find a new manager for your store in Eureka, MO. We went in after the restaurant was remodeled and reopened looking forward to a wonderful breakfast Denny's is known for! We were seated quickly. We sat there for 30 minutes before getting our drinks. Another hour before we received our food order!!! We were very stressed because I am diabetic with low sugar at this point and we had things we needed to do. While waiting for our food we saw a number of people walk out angry!!!

We thought it was probably due to just reopening. So after a couple months we tried the restaurant again! Same thing!

So six months later we thought hopefully they would have things ironed out! To our dismay, NOTHING HAD CHANGED!!!!! To top it all off, my husband had iced tea. He hadn't payed any attention to his glass. After his third glass of tea, he saw caked on food in the glass! Trust me that was our limit!!! He told the manager about it and said he would never be back again!!! That it was the worst place he had ever been!!! This truly gives Denny's a bad name even though we know they are not all that way....HELP HELP HELP. Please read other reviews on their Facebook page.

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Tami Vaughn - 10 d 7 h ago


Ordered on line...was charged twice for it. Called the General Magager Becky here in Lansing...she didn't seem to care. So, I called my bank and then called them back and was told she was too busy to talk to me and I was not to call them about this!!! The bank was. Excuse me, this is my account and you charged me twice for crappy food to begin with! Y'all seriously need to get some ppl that know customer service and know how to cook!!!

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Donnie - 11 d 17 h ago


Got hash browns they were called

Everything hash browns false

There was barely any hash browns

No cheese a little gravy and some onions

My wife slam didn't get any hash browns at all

So I called a nice woman said we could

Be put in a book but I called back to say we were

On are way the guy who claimed to be manager was rude hung up on me three times

I asked to speak to his boss he said he was the boss than hang up on me again and would not answer when I called back

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Milton Webb - 12 d 12 h ago


I went to Denny's in Virgina order steak/ gravy

About 5 am I woke up throwing up the food .

I was traveling back. Home on a truck with my husband I was sick all the way back to Augusta Ga. Later that day I went to Aiken Hospital I was Dehydrated from being so sick they gave me fluids told me a possibility of food posin.I just went back home over looked like a stupid.

Well today I'm on the truck again with my husband we're In Hope Hull ALa. At a truck stop

900tyson Rd has a Denny's here I told my husband I would never eat at Denny's again .

He wanted a pancake ok we go in start to set down the waitress says I'll seat y'all. Ok set was seated at a wobbly table terrible, so she takes us to another table we laid our silverware down a dam Routh Bug came out my husband's silverware. Top this the waitress said we could not watch the news for she could not change channls how true is this.

We did not get a sorry or appology.

I think all Denny's should be shut down or remolded. And reported to health inv.

This is Tuesday oct 11 2018.

K Webb. PO box 7392 N Augusta SC

Mr. John Miller

This needs to be addressed with Denny's

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Anomous - 12 d 13 h ago


Denny's on foothill in roseville California has improved so much with new management, I love seeing the care that goes into how we get checked on, and the store was clean and beautiful.. I have dinner there very often and I say if you want the best most caring manager to wait on you ask for Elise.. I was so proud to hear she was promoted to assistant general manager.. she is excellent

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Deja james - 13 d 6 h ago


Ordered food from the one in Maricopa and it tasted super old eggs weren mad egos I asked them to be omelette was cooked so hard

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BettySeney - 13 d 7 h ago


Hi I just wrote you guys if you need to con at me my name is Betty Seney and my number is (hidden)

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Gen Segura - 13 d 16 h ago


the worst customer service/ food quality @

1150 S 7th Ave, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

Manger Mia Ferrari, horrible customer service/ attitude ..

Our food was terrible. As I address this to her, she had a look as if she could care less. She did not apologize for the inconvenience as well as the horrible customer service that we received from our server who never checked up on us. The manager walked away. Never resolved anything. She should not be working in this field.

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Katrina - 14 d 21 h ago

I went to a Denny's here today with my husband and baby in Deltona Florida. We put our name down for a table and they said 10 minute wait. After about 25 minutes everyone that came in before and after us for 2 and 3 seat tables got called. We said wait did you skip us. The two workers looked at us and walked away. And another worker continues to call everyone else. We left . We always loved Denny's even growing up but now we will go to Perkins . Our Sunday breakfast as a family was ruined . We are very upset

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Amy - 14 d ago


I ate at the Denny's on 81st and bell in Phoenix. I got the nachos which came cold. The general manager, who was the one cooking, told me they measured the temp back there. She said nobody ever complained about her nachos. It doesn't matter if a million before me got hot nachos, that makes it even worse because I didn't. When I said I didn't want them because they were cold, she touched the sauce and said, well it's warm here and here, did I ask for warm in a few spots?. If it isn't hot everywhere, I don't want it and I don't like to be argued with at a restaurant where you're trying to get my money.

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Anonymous - 14 d 19 h ago

The Nashua nh Denny's sucked tonight waited 20 min for the server to come

Ordered an app of nacho it came out less then half the plate full

Been without a refill now for 40 min and ordered potatoes and got hash browns

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Raymond Arroyo - 15 d 8 h ago


I eat breakfast everyday at denny's even when it was called sambos. I love vanilla creamer in my coffee you've been using Coffee-Mate which is not the same as it used to be it's very watery and does not taste like vanilla yesterday I had my coffee with vanilla from Delight now that is a 110 percent better please continue sending your restaurants the Delight brand

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Enid - 17 d 40 m ago


I want to know why you give AARP members a discount and not AMAC members. AARP now has members as young as 50 years. They have had do lower the membership age to keep there membership from decreasing. Many of their members do not approve of what they do. This is why I am no longer a member. They do not care about their members' opinions.

AARP is an extreme left-wing organization which NEVER canvases their members about any issues. When Newt Gingrich wanted to slow the growth in the Medicare hospital to 4% a year they were up in arms. 1997, $136,010 million, 1998, $135,209 million,

1999, $129,286 million, 2000, $127, 698 million. AARP strongly approved these cuts. Every year, the number of people on Medicare increases. In 2001, there was a much need increase to $139,082 million. I do not know if AARP approved the increase.

Members of AMAC, The Association of Mature American Citizens, is an organization that cares about their members opinions. Most of their members are probably conservative. Unlike AARP, Their magazine covers only those issues retirees care about.

Enid F. Rocourt


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Myron Knighton - 17 d 14 h ago

I just finished eating at Denny's and I got the worst service I've ever gotten in any restaurant ever they didn't give me silverware for my coffee then they brought out my food they charge me full price and only give me half the food didn't never even offered me another cuppa coffee so I ate my whole meal with nothing to drink no water no nothing this place sucks I will never come back here

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Devonna - 19 d 4 h ago


Just got back from eating at Denny's in Joplin MO by flying J it was really bad. Had to ask to be moved from the booth we were sitting in. Smelled like urine. Then my fork was disgustingly dirty. Food was awful never experienced anything like this at Denny's will not go back to any Denny's restaurant. Waitress didn't keep our coffee filled got our drinks messed up. The person that I paid was rude.

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sandra` Trano - 20 d 47 s ago


We eat breakfast at Denny's and always thought the food was pretty good. The regular menu for lunch and dinner food is not very good. We had breakfast on my birthday 9/30/18 on Power Avenue in Mesa, AZ. We waited a half hour and finally when we got it I was surprised at the bacon. 2 pieces 5 inches long and real thin and soggy. What has happened at Denny's. It used to be our favorite place to go but I don't think that's going to happen anymore. I read all the complaints and your star rating is zilch. Aren't you going to do anything about it or just let it go downhill even further.

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Anonymous - 20 d 4 h ago

If you aren't gonna read this page or do anything about your stores, please hire me and I'll do it. This is pathetic

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