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Anonymous - 13 h 18 m ago


Service @ Carmel Church is atrocious. Manager no where to be found. Customers walking in sitting a long time, then leave. 9PM. Tables not busted, loss of a lot of business. Hostess having to bust tables while seating guests. The worst Denny's I've visited so far.

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Steve - 1 d ago


Valdosta, GA

No longer can get 2 eggs, toast, and hashbrowns. I have to order 4 items. Server not willing to work with me.

I walked out. Shame after many years of frequenting. I went across street to Cracker Barrel who made me what i wanted.

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Customers - 1 d 4 h ago


Why am I being taxed for to go with no beverages in Parma Heights, Ohio.

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Jodee Simon - 2 d ago


Denny's in Austinburg Ohio is a travesty - there was No up side to our dining experience and the Corporation should be ashamed to have that establishment representing them . I travel quite a bit for doctor appointments and stop for lunch or dinner a bunch - I have enjoyed Denny's in other locations for years but the atmosphere, attitudes of employees and the food was down right awful - the beacon on my drivers burger was one small step above raw and my Tbone steak tasted like canned cat food smells - the special is a dollar milkshake with a burger and from reading the posts here you've been slacking across the country - was extremely disheartening to me to hear comments from your employees about my meal and watching them high five one another over my disgust - will be a Very long time before I enter or recommend a Denny's Restaurant - guessing the Corporation needs a management change from the top down to bring integrity back to this iconic Restaurant

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Robert smitg - 2 d 22 h ago


The scandal in dennys of lake city florida w the so called black preacher not being served ...on a friday nite should know hes taken to social media blasting and threatening dennys .nvr obce does he mention he has 25 ppl with him as well. He makes it all about race. Which it wasnt and hes wrong ...i have a copy of his rant if intrested .my email robertchickensmith63

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Dennis Abbott - 3 d 37 m ago


Wonder why Denny's gives 15% discount to AARP members but only 10% to military.

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David Johnson - 3 d 10 h ago


why dose Denny's in Albuquerque New mexico get away with hiring Illegal Mexicans and use false social security numbers, and regional mgr gets to hire her daughter and pay her more than others when others have gotten awards and have been there longer, why are they using false social security numbers for illegals

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Anonymous - 3 d 19 h ago

Just want to know WHEN Denny's started allowing pets ( NOT SERVICE ANIMALS) in the restaurant? Post Falls Idaho does. Not going there Anymore

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Anonymous - 4 d 18 h ago


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Stacy Gagne - 5 d 20 h ago


Just a heads up The Denny's in Kenly Nc absolutely awful service may wanna check it out have never experienced that. When we got there stood there for 10 mins before seated 1 server for 10 tables I counted I asked if there was a wait she said no so we proceeded to the table then we waited 15 min before anyone came back to get drink order as we were getting up to go ahead and leave another waitress cam out and we asked if they were shot staffed The lady ignored us and just asked what we wanted to order and my husband said were you upset because of us and she said no it just got busy at that point we had been ther a half hr. we noticed 2 people got up and left at that point we went ahead and gave her our order then we noticed another family left just crazy we are Denny's People have never been to that one we'll never go back there. Smithfield NC and Raleigh NC excellent service always!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 5 d 20 h ago


My friend and I visited the Dennys location at 440 N. Semoran blvd. In Orlando on 8/12/2018 at 5:30am...the waitress was very rude walked past us and served other guest and was very rude to my friend and I while we were waiting on our food she never asked if we needed anything she kept serving the other guests that came in after us...when I finally got my food she put the ti let down as if to pay but I never started eating my food she was very rude when i asked her why did she give me my ticket if i havent eaten yet....she responded rudely and ignored I asked for a manger and was told there isn't one a Employee advised me as she walked by me that the manager on duty is my waitresses husband so when he came out he started talking rudely and masde me feel uneasy so I decidedto record him because I knew he was being he told us rudely we don't need to pay just get out...all because I was recording as we were leaving another employee that was talking to them called the police on as I was leaving the dennys the police pulled me over and said we didnt pay for our food...but lucky me I had it all on video and the cops seen the video and said I did nothi g wrong they let us go....i just think these people at this location are very unprofessional and I'm calling corporate first thing in the morning because there closed today is Sunday I have recording and I will be taking 100% action on how these employees can continue to work there but do such a thing to us for no reason....i will NEVER visit Dennys in my life....especially if the police were called on me for noooooo reason....

General profile image - 6 d ago


I had a rude management lady and called The Who I think was the DM, they promised to talk to her and send me coupons, neither happened! A few mtgs.later our group had 2-5yr olds, 2-2yr olds, a 1yr old, 2nteenagers and 2 adults. We ordered our food, then my teenage daughter joined us 15 minutes later and ordered her food. Her came 15 minuets later and the rest of ours still hadn't came(now 1/2 hr.after we ordered) so 45 after we ordered I said to the male manager "it's been 45 mins. since we ordered and the children are hungry and getting restless. He could have cared less!! Made some fake excuse and walked away!! When the food arrived some was missing and some was made incorrect or cold and had to be sent back!! No apologies!!! Yesterday my niece and I went in with her 3 lil ones and I was sitting there and I feel water on my back, the ceiling vent was leaking from the air conditioning we were told, SO WHY WOULD YOU SIT US THERE?!?! The vent was dirty and dripping this filth on me!!! Can we say mold?!?! As we sat we watch where they made extra pancakes and sat them there until someone ordered them, which is so gross!! Our food took forever BUT was good!! Today my cousin and I went in for breakfast the staff was so friendly, especially a 14 yr. old worked named Jaile!! He was great!!! I thought it was so rude the staff speaking Spanish in fromt of customers, a few said they wondered if they were being talked about since they didn't speak Spanish. As you see by name I'm not being prejudice!!! Our food again took forever!! Pancakes were barely warm!! Restaurant is SO VERY DIRTY!! We took pictures if you want to see them!!! Please don't have anyone call me, it doesn't do any good to hear their lies and I have said everything I want to say!! Don't promise coupons like before and because it's a lie also!! I want results!!! My children like the menu and food but so sick of the wait and dirty place!!

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Michelle - 13 d 16 h ago


We had prerecorded our food online order # 161140250 store number 7102 in Poinciana Florida. because we only had an hour for lunch & wanted to be time efficient. The order took an over an hour to be finished. I asked the manager why did it take so long and was thier any corporate discount policy for having such a long wait.. He rudely said No & said it happens sometimes there was a glitch in the system then walked away..

A few moments later a waitress comes up to us and hands me the food as if she already knew our case when I asked to see the receipt to check if we have everything she said No this is our copy.. after insisting to have a copy of the receipt she finally complied, later I figured she didn't want me to have a copy of the receipt so I wouldn't file a compliant.. which initially I wasn't but after getting back to office and realizing all of or food was horrible, causing stomach aces.. some of it was ice cold and others just made but grossly under cooked with small portions we are not even sure if they did not "do something" to our food. I am extremely upset & absolutely discussed and we feel violated by the quality of food and horrible service..

I request that someone contact me from corporate and reimburse my money or some how compensate for this blatant neglect of service professionalism.. I will never return to another Denny's anywhere ever again & go out of way to post bad reviews and deter others from ever eating a such a circus of a restaurant if I don't get reimbursed immediately. Please have some call or email as soon as possible regarding this compliant. & when I went to the website to file a complaint it wouldn't register in the typing 7102 in the field for the store number so it wouldn't not allow me to press submit with out putting the that filed of information so I had to leave my compliant here.. Sad.. smh

Thank you for your understanding on this matter imagine if It was you and your co workers.

I expect a contact somehow from someone with verification that my card has been refunded and this matter has been taken care of Thank you.

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

I work at the Dennys in California.

Even though I don't work in Florida

..I feel I should apologize for your bad experience..

I think you should contact Florida Corporate by phone.

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Anonymous - 6 d 33 s ago

On my way to work and decided to eat breakfast at Dennys in Gastonia NC. Sunday morning 8/12/18. Noone in line for a table. Cashier and waitress laughing and gossiping totally ignoring me. After standing there for a minute I walked out. Will never return to that location. Had gone to this same Dennys twice before. Had a call in order. Got to work, items missing, and order wrong. Went at 4am, no service, waitress outside building with cook. Phone rang twice for 2 minutes each. Probably call-in orders that never got filled. No refills. Shelby NC location has fast service, good food, good service, been going there for years. Everyone please stay away from the Dennys in Gastonia NC. Staff doesn't care about customers, extremely poor service.

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mark quinton - 10 d 19 h ago


3602 S. RANGELINE ROAD JOPLIN, MO 64804 visited this location today 8/7/18 at about 1100 when we visited this location it was not our first visit , we were a party of three . as i first started to write this review it was a solid one star . but after talking with the manager for about 15 minutes . i raised it to a 1.5 stars. 1. food was served cold 2. one order was a skillet , skillet was cool enough to hold barehanded . 3. side of hash browns and eggs served with pancakes were lukewarm. 4. sirloin steak was overcooked closer to medium rather than med.rare .eggs were ordered over easy and served on the hard side of men . 5. all three of us ordered coffee getting a refill proved to be a task init self . almost to the point of getting up myself to refill our cups. 6. servers were few and far between . 7. servers never made eye contact with the people at the tables . 8. servers were not working both ways . IE. bringing items out to customers and returning to the kitchen area with used dishes . 9 . had to ask for silverware . 10. our server appeared to be offended ,or at best acted like she did not really care ,when she asked how our meal was and we informed her about the problems with the food . 11. overall cleanliness of the restaurant was good as was the condition of the restrooms. 12. lack of proper number of staff. 13. short handed in the kitchen to the point the manager on duty was cooking. 14. watched other customers getting up to get a menu so they could order their food. 15. people were having to seat themselves because of a lack of hostess even when posted sign said wait to be seated by hostess . 16. on the good side had a good talk with duty manager before we left . standard answers to the lack of quality , short handed and new people ect. we did receive a discount for our problems with our meal . 17. funny thing was while talking with the manager i mentioned to him a couple times about the refills on coffee and he started to get up to get it but i stopped him to see if the server would ever notice our empty cups . took over five minutes for the server to bring us a second cup . so i will go with a lol on that because she was worried about our nice long talk with the manager . so in closing Thank you Josh for doing what you could with what you had available to work with . not the quality but the lack of staff at the time of our visit Mark Thirdlife wood products

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Anonymous - 6 d 1 h ago

Mr Quinton, WOW.. I'm a server at a Dennys in California. So I understand the type of service customers get when the house is UNDER STAFFED. BUT..sounds to me like you unfortunately got a LAZY server. I USETO be a Bartender... So I try to make my customers experience FUN and MEMERABLE. We have a CLAW STUFFED ANAMIAL game... I ALWAYS win. So I have a garbage FULL of stuffed animals in the back. And I give them to the little kids that come in. I apologize for your bad experience..

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Ms. Annoyed - 10 d 43 m ago

North Versailles Pennsylvania store. All I know is every time I go into the restaurant it smells more and more like a bathroom. They must be mopping the floor with the same mop that is used on the toilet and wiping the tables with the same rag because we walked in and turned around and walked back back out. The smell is getting worse and worse. As for the help, the staff is usually very nice but later in the evening on the weekends some of the customers are obnoxious loud and extremely rude. They lack any respect for the restaurant or the management. The manager seems very intimidated and is hesitant to call the police. I see Denny's eventually closing at 11 because of these unfortunate incidences.

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

I work at a Dennys in California..Graveyard shift.

Im the only server after 11pm.-6am.

And I have GANG MEMBERS comming in ALL the time.

Even Rival Gag Members at the same time.

90% of them.. Dine And Dash !!

Its against the law for us to ask customers to pay first at a sit down restront.

I have NO PROBLEM calling the cops.

But by the time cops get there..

Everyone's gone.


...the gangs and being ROBBED TWICE..

I've asked my boss to change my schedule to days.

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Mrs Susan Suba - 6 d 14 h ago


I bet I won't hear from you but I'm writing about visit tonight at store on 7 Old King Hwy in Palm Coast FL 32137. Phone # (hidden). We sat at counter nice young black man took our order, then he was behind in back cooking to keep the flow going. Some one else served us. we never saw or heard from any of the three employees in the store. No refills or drinks emptied during dinner. Food wasn't cooked the way I asked but no one asked us anything. No regular employees there any more all new to us. Have been eating at that location for 16 years. It wasn't going smoothly they needed more help. Server were greeting customer and taking money and just running around. Not happy people. Bill was 35.00 but no one gave us the bill finally I asked for the bill. Items were off menu and it was't fun to be there. thank you for listening. Mrs. Susan Suba

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

Mrs Susan Suba,

Regrettably.. I know first hand what you experienced.

I've been working at the Dennys in California for a year now.

In fact..I just got off work at 4:00am..

...and it being a Saturday night...

... We busted our butts last night.


I've come close to quiting more than once because there's not enough servers in the house.

I just wanted to apologize for THEIR (FL.) bad service.

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Unhappy driver - 8 d 9 h ago


I am an uber driver and every time I come to the bolingbrook Illinois location I have to wait for 45-1hour . They are unprofessional either they forget to start cooking the uber order or they make me wait 45 min just to tell me the order was sitting on their counter the whole time ! They need to get a better night staff or learn to do their job .

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Anonymous - 8 d 17 h ago

Merle fawcett (hidden) I was at the Danny's at the flying j truck stop in beaverdam,in at 5pm on 8/9/18 I was seated and Sat for over 5 min and was not served then another costumer came in and Sat down and was served Wright away. If this is how Danny's is going to be doing business I guess I won't be stopping anymore.

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Don Wilson very unhappy customer - 9 d 7 h ago


Yes my name is Dawn from California would like to comment on the Denny's that is located on Monterey Highway which is in San Jose California I thought that Denny's was open 24 hours and this establishment numerous times that I've been there after midnight games that I work at night when's there to eat and there's a sign on the door saying closed will be back at 6 a.m. that's quite a drag I really enjoy Denny's but this is BS thank you and have a nice day Donald Wilson California (hidden)

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Zach - 10 d 6 h ago


Hey. Love the food & your restaurant but asked for my burger a certain way n they goofed it up by putting mayo on it. I was very nice n polite n didnt mone the wait. When I got the 2nd burger the bottom seemed like it was over cook n hard. So it made my meal hard to enjoy. Even though I was polite n tipped. I am a server myself so I know how it goes

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