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Spartanburg, SC
John Miller
CEO and Director
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TSweet - 2 d 7 h ago

I just wanted to tell you. I have no clue on what the staff was on yesterday but they messed our order up 5 times yesterday. Very unprofessional.

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LaTanya Passley - 8 d 4 h ago

I'm am very dissatisfied with the service I received today! I called to place an order and was hung up on...called back the 2nd time and was placed on hold without being told, for 15 minutes. I decided to go to the Denny's. which is located in Concord NC near the Corncord Mills Mall. The phone was still off the hook, upon my arrival. The cashier I placed my order with order wrong. I called and spoke to.the same cashier before driving back and told him that I was missing 2 pancake stacks, which he said he'd have ready when I arrived back....I get there and he forgets one of my pancake stacks!! Today will be the LAST day I ever order or eat at this Denny's.!!

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timothy parks - 8 d 10 h ago


your hiring practices also suck, twice ihave been contacted by email to respond to setup an interview, twice they blew me off, great hiring practices, your loss, not mine!

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She get fired - 8 d 16 h ago


This is for Denny's on 47TH in Palmdale very poor service we were setted and wasn't even offered water was looked at many times the waitress didn't even come to our table after being there 45 minutes with menus in hand she went to a table that just got there to take there order after we were there before them and she had the nerve to be rude her name is brionna

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John Boheman - 9 d 45 m ago


This is about the store in Sioux Falls, SD. We sat for 45MINUTES after our order was placed (another couple had just their order a few minutes before the same waitress took our order) and the waitress brought their food out and then came over to us and apologized saying she forgot to place our order. She passed our table more than a few times during this 45 MINUTES and never once asked for refills on our drinks or to see if things were going good.

General profile image - 15 d 14 h ago

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Kittykat Bell - 10 d ago


I sure do after working at Denny's West Broad St Richmond Va. I need my own business it was a absolute disaster working for Dennys the cooks don't wear gloves, the waitress that fix milkshakes and salads don't wear gloves either, they have no night shift manager because the one they had quit for a IHOP manager position. The employees are trained by other employees that have no training themselves and they don't know where half of anything is located. I'm the only one that cleans up looks like it and when the phone rings for doordash and uber eats nobody answers because no one wants to take the orders. When it was payday, I didn't have my check setup to even get paid because they never put it in the system so I could setup my pay card. The establishment is disorganized and has POOR MANAGEMENT PERIOD!!! Food served to customers like it came out of a backyard garbage. The customers aren't attended to by staff and manager leaves front drawer card with anyone who is staff. Employees have to stay on their shift until some else shows up and the turn over rate for employment is astoundingly high for a family restaurant. I want my pay I'm going to legal aide for lost wages and discriminating against me to get another employee fired. Nobody should eat Denny's their a step away from contaminating guests and regular customers. I was warned but I was looking to be an asset to a company and generate a high revenue of profit based on great service and food quality and presentation but I found out that Denny's Foundation is not based on any of the factors I've mentioned.

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Cheryl - 10 d 10 h ago


My husband and I went to Denny's Sunday 12/1/19 and we ended up walking out . The bus boy took our drink orders and brought them out to us . We wait over 25 mins and still no sign of a waitress to take our order . We watched as one fooled around stacking coffee packets , one that had a child that was probably less than a year old she was carrying her all behind where the food is cooked and sitting the child on the counter . And one was just wandering around . Finally the young bus boy came over and said " I am sorry it is taking so long , I can try to take your order ". At this time I was so angry . I told him to forget it we were leaving . I offered to pay for our coke and tea , but the bus boy said he would take care of it .There has to be some kind of policy about having a child back where the food is prepared and sitting it on the counter .I wish I could have got the bus boys name , he was the only one that cared that we were there . My first clue should have been the lady standing at the register trying to pay , she told me good luck that her food and service was awful . She did not even have a ticket and the cashier ask her if she remembered what she had . It will be a long time if ever I step foot in Denny's again . You would think with only about 7 customers in the who place , someone could take the time to wait on us . !!!!!

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Anonymous - 10 d 19 h ago

I went to Doredask to order food at cullman alabama and the Denny's is all ways closed could you please have some one look at it and see what the problem is....I love your restants by the wAy...

Thank you for the time

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Waffleman - 10 d 20 h ago


Hi Folks...I guess most people write in with negative comments. Not so here. There is a Dennys in Augusta, Maine that we have been going to for over 15 years. In all that time we might have had a couple of overdone meals, but have never had to send anything back,and they are as reasonably priced as anything around. If a customer is unhappy, they are more than pleased to accomodate. Waiters and waitresses are kind, considerate, and efficient . Many have been there a long time. That says something in itself. The property is immaculate and monitored by the owners inside and out. The managers and their assistants are attentive and efficient in all areas. Dennys supports local charities and has AARP and military discounts up to 15%.....20% on occasion with online coupons. Had a sirloin steak and egg dinner today and with a $5.00 coupon, it was $3.99. Not bad, eh?

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JMS - 11 d 6 h ago


Ordered Togo breakfast at a Fort Lauderdale location and my pancake had a brown object( looks like a roach egg or small seed) cooked inside of it. My husband ordered everything hash brown and got more then he bargain fir when we found a piece of collard green inside of it ! Just calling customer service alone was a headache! They were RUDE and DISMISSIVE of my concerns. I love love love dennys but I'll never go back. I'll try to find that love in IHOP before I ever go to Denny's again!

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Anonymous - 13 d 6 h ago

Went to Denny's in Oneida n y got grand slam came with 4 pieces of bacon, they literally took a piece and broke it up to get 4 pieces so I really got 1 slice and 3 broken pieces grandaughter got grapes they were rotten this was the worst breakfast I ever had

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Janice - 13 d 17 h ago


Was at Denny's on Osceola Parkway Kissimmee,FL for a Thanksgiving dinner. Was the worse I ever had. One tablespoon of stuffing covered with plenty of turkey but was out of veg and had to ask 3 times for cranberry sauce had a slice of dry bread. Came home to find something to eat. Most Thanksgiving meals come with a slice of pumpkin pie no pie. We eat at the diner every Saturday..Diner is always sooooo!!!! Cold asked why and was told she could not answer that. Others said they were cold also. Went to car to get sweater like others did.

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marianne moss - 14 d ago


Purchased two thanksgiving dinners from Denny's here in West Mifflin Pa @ 1:00 pm on 12/28 2019..The food was putrid and the 2 pieces of turkey were thrown on top of dry stuffing gravy was absent...potatoes were mashed and like glue plus 5 pieces of squash which were cooked to mush...Called the manager and he was just plain rude....Told him they should stick with what they do best breakfast...The dinners were for my family members in a nursing home...I have a picture of what they sent and DO intend to show it on facebook...I and my family do eat at Denny's here in West Mifflin BUT no more...Marianne Moss

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marianne moss - 14 d ago


Purchased two thanksgiving dinners from Denny's here in West Mifflin Pa @ 1:00 pm on 12/28 2019..The food was putrid and the 2 pieces of turkey were thrown on top of dry stuffing gravy was absent...potatoes were mashed and like glue plus 5 pieces of squash which were cooked to mush...Called the manager and he was just plain rude....Told him they should stick with what they do best breakfast...The dinners were for my family members in a nursing home...I have a picture of what they sent and DO intend to show it on facebook...I and my family do eat at Denny's here in West Mifflin BUT no more...Marianne Moss

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Anonymous - 15 d 3 h ago

you have good food BUT WAY TO MUCH SALT ON GRAVY have mentioned to managers several times

i use salt but your gravy is so salty imposable to eat. NOT just my opion

gus ramona calif.


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Unhappy customers - 15 d 20 h ago

Had the worst experience ever at the Denny's located in Hickory Creek Texas. Came for supper and was seated by Lilly. She said a server would be with us shortly. Around 5 minutes later Lilly came back to our table and took our drink order. Almost 20 minutes later we hadn't gotten our drinks and I let another server know. A different server came to our table and asked for our drink order. We let them know that we already put in our drink order but gave it to them again anyway. Another 15 minutes had passed and still no drinks delivered to our table. I went to the front and asked to speak to a manager and Lilly said she was a manager. I let her know that we had been waiting over 30 minutes for our drinks and she went off on me. I told her that I was going to call corporate and she told me that she didn't care and they can watch the cameras. I sure hope they watch the cameras. We came in right after 7 and left around 7:40 today unserved. Will be contacting the GM tomorrow.

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Lourdes - 25 d 17 h ago


My son and I have visited your Denny's restaurant on on several occasions. The restaurante is located on Wade Hampton in Greenville, South Carolina

Horrible, horrible service.

The restaurante needs your help urgently!!!

They are short staffed therefore the service needs attention.

We went in and waited 15 minutes before anyone greeted us then we waited another 20 minutes before we were seated, and another 10 minutes to take our order.

The kitchen was short on several items and so we shorted on the food.

There was only 1 waitress doing the job of the hostess, the bus boy, management,

On our third visit, we waited 15 minutes and no one greeted us and so I went to the waitress and asked to be seated and she said that there were 2 waitresses and we had to wait. That was it, we turned around and left never to return to that place.

We went to I Hop and the service was obviously above excellence.

Please help staff at that restaurant

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LOURDES - 25 d 17 h ago


To whom it may concern: my son and

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still hungry - 28 d 23 h ago


Yesterday morning we went to the Denny's restaurant in Ontario Oregon, we have frequented this place for many years. Unfortunately this will probably be our last visit there. Our first dilemna occured when we order our coffee, I asked for some plain creamer and was politely told that they were out of plain creamer. WHAT ??? How can a restaurant that serves breakfast be out of creamer?? Come on now. The next surprise was when I ordered pancakes and wanted to upgrade to the pumpkin flavor.... guessed it no pumpkin flavor for the pancakes. Unbelievable!! The server apologized for the shortages. During our entire visit she was apologizing to every customer. This isn't the first time we have had crappy meals there, we keep hoping that the next time will be better, won't be a next time for us. TERRIBLE MANAGEMENT AT THIS PLACE. Should have the franchise taken away, Restaurant #6753.

Stay away

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Anonymous - 28 d 13 h ago


I have been working at the Dennys for quite a while. From my experience, I have seen that this Dennys has its own rules and does nothing by the corporate standards (or maybe I am wrong and it is the whole Dennys corporation that is full of crooks). While working at the Dennys in Carle Place and Queens village (same manager/owner), I have seen over 100 employees come and go. This high turnover rate is due to the discrimination and horrible work practices committed here. Not only that, but this location steals from the government and employees by changing clock in times. Nobody gets paid overtime, and if they do it is cash in a TD envelope. They don't pay overtime rate because they are "giving you cash" and they have also said many times that this is to be a secret. They do this so their taxes will be less. Now from my time working here, I have seen many complaints but the Dennys Corporate has failed to do anything about it other than call the crooked manager (shanta) or owner (Paul) and ask them what happened, and they would lie to corporate and corporate will just say ok and go about their day. This is horrible and no longer will this be accepted. Many employees are rounding up for a mass lawsuit against wages and discrimination committed. The last employee who wanted to sue Dennys over wages, shortly committed suicide a few days after he was fired. The manager (shanta) who claims to have connections to CIA and other ranking officials said that she got the boy killed and that if any body messes with her, they would get the same fate. It seems like the Owner Paul knows that Shanta is one of the main problems in his restaurant, but is too scared to fire her due to her knowing all the illegal activities he does in this establishment. I am bringing this to the Corporate's attention because it is not fair for the hardworking people to be cheated like this. But like I have said before, I worked with Dennys for a while and I have seen how Complaints are handled. Corporate doesn't care and takes the minimum of disciplinary actions. Therefore we will be taking this to as high as we can go. Cheating from the employees is one thing, but Dennys withholds money from the government. You may be able to swindle the employees, but not the government. Dennys in Carle Place long Island, and Queens Village. General Managed by Shanta Motie and owned by Paul.

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Anonymous - 29 d 5 h ago

To whom it my concern : i'm a military veteran your Denny's restaurant in moses lake wa ,they had a free beckfest for veterans. I was totaly disappointed do to the fact I was chard for the meal and the employee behind the counter was so disrpecful to me and my wife. And said to us do you want to fight about it. If this is the kind of compeny your runny I will NEVER eat there again and will pass this on to my friends and fellow veterans. Thank you for your time and hope this matter never happens to an other person or me again. Signed Bill Athias U.S army special forces Viet Nam retire.

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Anonymous - 29 d 4 h ago

So they charged you for your meal on Veteran's Day?

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Anonymous - 29 d 40 m ago

I am seriously wanting to make sure I understand your post correctly because I was touched when I would see their commercial about Veteran's Day and if it was just a sham I will no longer be a customer there.

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Shirley Crockett - 29 d 28 s ago

I placed a order from location#7671 in Las Vegas pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns toast and orange juice. My order came with no napkins, syrup, salt or pepper for the eggs my food was cold my toast was smooshed I called the manager and he said the driver wasn't going to come back to bring me what I need so I'm stuck with cold dry food which I paid 18.90 for. I want my money back

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