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Ruth - 3 d 9 h ago

We just ate at Denny's in millersport Ohio my 3 yr old grandson had chicken tender about 10 minutes after we left he started throwing up all over the car we were there at 6:09 pm it's 7:55;he is still very sick still throwing up and dirreha now I called them and told them I think they had bad grease or the chicken is spoiled please call me it cost us 60.00 to eat there we have all experience sick stomach s Ruth dumolt (hidden).

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Diane - 3 d 10 h ago


New better than to get anything from Denny's . Ate at one yrs ago nasty . Tried a meal from Denny's at a Flying J . The top of the mash potatoes was like they had been baking for hrs..COULD NOT EAT THEM ,Green Beans were hard, COULD NOT CHEW THEM, Skin on Chicken was Hard , bloody on inside, and pockets of slimy fat . It's really a shame DENNYS expects people to pay the price for food like this. My promise to Wendy's is I swear I will NEVER EVER EAT AT YOU PLACES AGAIN . I PITY THE TRUCK DRIVERS THAT HAVE TO.

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She'd - 5 d 4 h ago


I worked there before but never was treated so bad with raceusim and they had people there to eat but they wouldn't let me they had people try to run me over and had people there that a cool with my ex who said she would kill me and dad we have the text messages I m looking for a lawer

General profile image - 5 d 8 h ago


I stopped at the flying j in Greensboro ga store #633 if has a Denny's In it. I go to Denny's all the wait staff is sitting down on the front bench no one at the podium someone says sit where you want to ok went to three different tables there all dirty.go to another table and sit down a young man comes to the table on the phone and ask can I get you something to drink now remind you he's on the phone with a wave cap on his head and his pants hanging off his ass..and I asked did he work here no uniform shirt had on a nike wind breaker.i thought it was a joke.. I asked for water he got the water and proceeds back up front with the rest of the wait staff and sat down and comes back ten mins later and ask am I ready to order.. I tried to order they were out of chicken steaks and fish and a few other things etc etc. just unprofessional all around.. THE BBB WILL BE GETTING A CALL FROM ME!!

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Anonymous - 5 d 17 h ago


I was recently in the Denny s on watson rd and hwy 10 in buckeye az .they were short on staff. The waitress on duty was taking care of her area and plus seating and hostessing .the manager on duty was seating the back also not helping her at all. The cook that was on duty,came out,and apologized for the,wait on our food. The manager said nothing to us. In my opinion this Denny,s has gone down hill. I also noticed the they had up was torn and shredded .and in my opinion needs to replace or don't hang up this flag at all

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Anonymous - 6 d 6 h ago


The store Northampton st holyoke MA ...the employee maria has a lot actitud and not respect uber driver .

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Liam - 6 d 17 h ago


We love Denny's. But we're trying to eat healthier. We order the 55+ egg white omelettes and get our toast without butter. However the eggs are cooked on the greasy grill with butter. This defeats the whole healthy Attempt. Is there anything you can do about this. Can it be cooked with olive oil in a separate area or pan?

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Barry Roberts - 7 d 12 h ago


I was in the Panama City restaurant today and it was extremely busy. Me and my family waited patiently after seeing everyone working hard to accommodate us. We got on the list and requested our favorite server, Jamie. We waited longer just so we could have her. We eat herd 4-5 times a week and she gives exceptional service so it's worth the wait. Once we were seated she asked if we'd give her a minute so she could help the host. We were in no hurry. She ran around seating multiple tables n then hurried back to us. Got our drinks n gave us another minute. The table right behind us, who was sat after us was clearly not so patient. Once the server got back to the other table she was berated n cussed at. Totally uncalled for!!! I'm so sad an ashamed that someone could treat someone working so hard so badly. We will continue to eat here mainly for our amazing server Jamie... But also the amazing staff and manager and the hot delicious food. Keep doing what you're doing. We love it herd and hate to see one bad person ruin it.

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Julie - 9 d 3 h ago


Hubby and I I went to the Geneseo, NY Denny's tonight for dinner. It's an older store, needs some work outside - peeling paint, fresh flowers would be nice. But, the people who work there are local.Usually, they employ some college kids and that's admirable. Folks are nice, even if the service is traditionally a little slow. We just plan for a little extra time. The food is pretty good and that's what really counts. Tonight, I could not finish my meal. I got a look at the two guys who were cooking through the open window to the kitchen. That was it. I pushed my plate away. At 7pm, Cook 1 looked as if he'd been at it for 10 hours. Greasy, scraggly hair, scruffy beard, sweaty. I know it's hot back there, but take 30 seconds, step away and wipe your face with a towel. Cook 2 had chin whiskers that were about 8 inches long with no net or tie in place. When I voiced my dissatisfaction to the manager, and asked what Denny's policy is about facial hair, he admitted Cook 2 was not in compliance and apologized for the appearance of Cook 1. Cook 2 evidently had forgotten his hairnet. You might want to note that in a shipment next time corporate sends out supplies Geneseo needs some extra hairnets. It's hard to believe a restaurant doesn't have extras and runs the risk of not only offending customers but violating health regulations over such a simple item.It will be a long time before I go back. And,believe me, I'll check to see who is cooking before I sit down.

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Raw chicken served - 9 d 6 h ago


Denny's in St George served raw chicken and hamburger to my wife and I tonight. We asked the waitress to have the manager come over to talk with us about the raw meat but the manager decided to talk to an off duty employee after she finished with another customer complaint and made us wait. Serving raw or under cooked chicken is against every rule of cooking and even the manager said the cooks were supposed to temp the chicken before they served it but after my wife took a bite and swallowed it she said the texture was weird then looked at the chicken to find it raw. The manager I felt had no care in the world about what had happened. So we ask to make a bill for the appetizer and the coffee we had and we did not trust the cooks to do it right so we did not want the food. That was the only thing the manager did was comp those items.

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Tate - 10 d 4 h ago


Please allow your Denny's stores in Texas to put something in their salt shakers to deal with the humidity, the shakers are unusable during the summer

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John Schranz - 12 d 10 h ago


Denny's in Santa Nella California is a franchise near my home, the air conditioning has been out for 2 years and this owner refuses to fix it, I feel this is an unsafe working condition for employees as it is 100 degrees outside and very hot inside building, this is the 2nd complaint I have filed with denny's Corp, I realized it is a franchise but this is ridiculous and I will be filing a complaint on both denny's Corp and this particular denny's for unsafe working conditions , I actually stopped coming to this denny's because of this and only figured I would try again since it is close to my home and I do like the menu but will have to stop again

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Anonymous - 13 d 18 h ago


Here at Denny's on Hwy 90 and Military Rd in San Antonio. Came just for the new well advertised Crepes. Guess what? They are out. How do you let your store run out of something new and that's been sooo advertised everywhere, run out? Totally disappointed.

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Suzanne - 14 d 7 h ago

I don't know how else to do this in this day and age of technology, but I want to let the corporate office of Denny's know that one of their stores is giving their name a blackeye. It's the Truman store off of Truman and Maclay in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. I travel a lot and make Denny's my home, I've visited so many stores I can't count. I've always been welcomed anytime day or night and I have never been told that I could not use the restroom unless I bought something. Fast food places in poor neighborhoods are guilty of that I thought Denny's was better than that. Somebody with some authority should do something about it.

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Mad Customer - 17 d 7 h ago


I have a complaint I would like to make regarding the termination of an amazing and dedicated employee, Tiley Jones from the Ocoee, FL restaurant. Recently, Tiley was terminated due to false accusations and Denny's does NOT stand by her. She has been a waitress at Denny's for over ten years and she is the best thing that has ever happened to Denny's. All restaurants need a Tiley as their waitress. Denny's is lucky to have her. Tiley is very well known in Ocoee and is often requested to have her as a server. She is the ONLY reason I go to that Denny's or any Denny's in general. Anytime I have been to this Denny's, it has ALWAYS been at some point during Tiley's shift and I have often had a party between 4 - 8 people. Prepare to lose a lot of business because of this. It's EXTREMELY unfair that she was terminated for some sort of false accusation without her employer coming to her defense and backing her up. It's such a bad move on Denny's part to do this to an amazing woman like her. It's appalling and sickening. Denny's may not have her back, but those of us that have been dedicated customers of HER'S for so long support her.

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Anonymous - 19 d 12 h ago


I am a frequent diner at Denny's Blue Heron in Fl. It is unbelievable how this restaurant has gone down the tubes. The manager there is NOT manager material. Very rude! Won't talk with customers when they request to talk with her. Refuses to come out front hides in office in back. Never ever is there enough help working. Customers walk out all the time!! Plan on staying a while if you choose to dine there. Oh and don't worry you won't burn your mouth cause the food is always cold.

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Fer - 19 d 12 h ago

Hi mister Miller my name is Fernando Garcia i work for Dennys the last 8 years the grave in portland oregon the store is in stark st zip 97216 the general manager is Rosario Talavera she fireme but the problem here is they moved the program in my aplication in paycom for i cant see nothing.i have 120 hours the vacactions but the dont want payme that i tell district manager he name is peter but they always do something out the roules for make the employment dont have the benefits and the money whit need received for work hard that years

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ed - 22 d 15 h ago


i went for dinner at weslaco tx restaurant after 1hour they bring the food. Then after 30 min waitress came ask everthing ok i said no i didnt order this she went talk to the Cook then she came back and said They give me the round order but manager said that the plate you order cost the same so for me manager and waitress shoud bit ne there working They both dont know nothing about customer service

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Anonymous - 23 d ago


Went to the Denny's in royal palm beach Florida last night at 3am to get takeout and remember holding my red "juul" electronic cigarette in my hand as I was waiting for my food. I got my food (handed to me by a waitress in her early 20's) but as soon as I pull out the plaza I realize it's missing keeping in mind there wasn't any customers walking in after me or really in the restaurant at all I go back expecting to find it where I was sitting but it wasn't there. So I go ask the older lady at the counter and she says no haven't seen anything then I asked her if anyone else might of found it and she said NO she would of turned it in! She sounded so hostile while I was so calm I just decided to leave. I come to this Denny's all the time but won't be coming back if I can't leave anything without one of your employees stealing it and the other one looking out for her and trying to get me out the door ASAP. Terrible customer service and a thief is the only thing you'll find at the Denny's in royal palm beach Florida

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Cstivers - 23 d 8 h ago


We have been going to the Denny's here in Shepherdsville KY for years until the last 6 months or so it had been wonderful. It has steadily gotten worse but tonight was horrific. It wasn't busy maybe 8 to 9 tables occupied. The reason we went was our pregnant daughter in law was craving a club sandwich. First off when we arrived we were seated quickly however we waited 15 minutes before the bus boy asked if anyone had gotten our drinks we still hadn't seen our waitress. We could handle that. She finally made her appearance for what it's worth. She was about as anti social as they come and we don't expect them to have conversations with us but a hi my name is would be nice. She comes to the table and says well what do you want. EXCUSE me??? I over look her attitude we all have bad days. Until the older gentleman behinds us makes a statement to the lady who finally brought their meals that he was starting to think he just needed to go make their food. No the lady who brought their food wasn't their waitress either. The couple beside us ask if the waitress got fired or quit it has been so long she they had seen her. My son had to get up and ask for drinks. My chicken philly had 3 bite size pieces of chicken and absolutely no cheese. My daughter in laws bread was soggy. The waitress complained to the couple beside us how she had been there all day. He simply replied yeah I worked all day today as well. This waitress (sorry I didn't get her name) has no business working there. The entire staff were slow however there were a couple ladies that kept trying to smooth things over with costomers. There was no manager to be seen. I am in management with a consumer based company and if one of our staff members reacted towards our customers the way she was they would be let go. I dont want to see any one lose their job. She needs to be retrained and get an attitude adjustment or she needs to find a new profession. I wanted to pass this information along because I am sure that this is not the image that Denny's wants.

General profile image - 24 d 16 h ago


Dear Denny's Corporate Office.. Here in Tempe Az your restaurant at 4403 S. Rural Rd. Tempe Az 85283 store # 8553.....My family always comes to this particular store, we are always met with a smile, clean, friendly and our favorite server Jessica she knows what our favorites are my special qureks like whip cream for my coffee, my hashbrowns extra crispy, she knows Everytime what our wants and needs are, the cooks go all out in making the food so hot and so fast and very delicious...We we're met by Mr.Cesor Real the general mgr. He was so friendly very up beat he is so down to earth he is very proud of how his store is run we love talking to him.. Denny's thank you for such a amazing family restaurant. We are customers for life.Kathleen Dodge and Denise Custance..

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Del Tinsley - 25 d 15 h ago


We live in no Denny's. Last month going to JAX we found a Denny's. I will never eat ina Cracker Barrel again. Last week we went to Fairiew and found a Denny's. I should stop drooling right here. PLEASE, PLEASE put a Denny's up in West Nashville. A Shonney's building is vacant. So is a Jack's. We've no "decent place to eat breakfast...unless you think...crystal???

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Dennis - 25 d 20 h ago

I have been going to this Denny's restaurant on route 16 in Saint Augustine Florida for many many years. You now have a new general manager at that restaurant. What a difference it has made to the morale of the staff! I have family coming in on June 9. I was planning to have breakfast with 25 of my family members but not at this Denniy's. That changed with the new general manager. We will now have breakfast at that Denny's because of him. For over two years the general manager never came out to meet and greet myself or other customers. He has come out to meet and greet me personally three times, and hr actually had a smile on his face. I just wanted to let Denny no what a good general manager can do for a restaurant .

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Jason Cook - 26 d 12 h ago


One more thing , since when is canned chili dog sauce worth $ 10.29 . That's how much they are charging for the zesty nachos . Which should be called fake meat nachos .

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Jason Cook - 26 d 12 h ago


Last night I ate at your restaurant on grand ave in Surprise Arizona . I lived in Arizona for 3 years now & last night was the 4th time I've ate their because every time I do I have a bad experience . I dear one of the owners to go to this restaurant & order the zesty nachos . That's what I had last night . In your menu it describes them as cooked to order tortilla chips covered in " taco flavored meat " with white melted cheese topped with pico de gallo and sour cream . What I got for meat was canned chili dog sauce , 5 tomatoes , chips that were socked with grease & about 7 scoops of sour cream . In what universe is canned chili dog sauce taco flavored meat ?

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