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Jennifer Hensley - 17 h 18 m ago


I am writing as a very dissatisfied long-time customer of Denny's. My son and I used to frequent the Denny's in Spring Hill on a fairly regular basis as well as the Denny's at Bayonet Point because it was one of my son's two favorite restaurants (the other being Long John Silvers). My son is autistic and is nonverbal and, as such, there are only a certain number of foods he likes to eat. His favorite meal at Denny's has always been Fish & Chips and we would always start with an appetizer of Smothered Cheese Fries. So, of course, when I asked him where he wanted to go for his 22nd birthday dinner, he said Denny's. He was looking forward to getting his standard Fish & Chips and Smothered Cheese Fries.

When you first did the remodel of Denny's we were in awe of how classy it looked and were very impressed with the menu; however, unfortunately, our awe was short-lived when we learned that two of my son's favorite dishes were no longer on the menu.

Imagine his (and my) disappointment and disbelief when our family arrived at Denny's to celebrate his 22nd birthday and saw that BOTH of these items are no longer on your menu. In fact, the ONLY fish dishes you now serve are salmon and tilapia, both of which are GRILLED and there are no battered and fried fish on the menu whatsoever. I have to ask what the hell you were thinking taking off two customer favorites to replace them with a fish that is known for being the most disgusting and tasteless fish in the sea (I'm referring to tilapia)??? I happen to know that both of these items were customer favorites so you must not care about your customers to just take them off the menu and replace them with a lower quality fish. Are you kidding??? Fish & Chips is a standard Friday dinner item and I can't imagine you didn't have other customers asking for it since its removal as it was a customer favorite. The only reason I can possibly imagine taking Fish & Chips off the menu is money, possibly that tilapia is a cheaper fish and, thus, you are protecting your bottom line by using a cheaper fish and removing one that costs a little more. I can't imagine you have more customers ordering disgusting tilapia rather an old-time favorite that has been on the menu for over a decade like Fish & Chips which is, again, a Friday night favorite.

I just want to thank you for disappointing an autistic nonverbal young man on his birthday by having two of his favorite dishes taken off the menu. I also want to let you know that, rather than having him settle for something he didn't really want or like very much, me and my family got up and walked OUT of your restaurant and took our business down the street to Applebee's who does have Fish & Chips on their menu. And, in fact, even though "cheese fries" are not specifically on the menu, our waiter was kind enough to order up a plate for cheese fries smothered in two different kinds of cheeses and bacon as a special order so as to satisfy their customers. Why wasn't this offered to us from YOUR restaurant???

My question to you is how could you just decide to remove not one but two customer favorites? Do you even care about your customers and what they like, or is money and cost-savings the ultimate bottom line? Well, until you decide to come to your senses and put Fish & Chips and the Smothered Cheese Fries back on your menu, you can count on this family not being one of your regular customers anymore. We will take our business elsewhere.

A very dissatisfied & disappointed customer

In the past, I would've rated Denny's as 5 stars because we have always had good food, good service, and had a great time at your restaurant; however, due to having to leave based on utter disappointment that not one, but two, of the dishes that my son was looking forward to eating were no longer on the menu.

P.S. I don't have a store number as I don't have a receipt because, as stated above, rather than having my son settle for something he didn't want, we left the restaurant shortly after being seated and, instead, went down the street to Applebee's where he was able to get his Fish & Chips for his birthday.

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Michael firmo - 8 d 8 h ago

Well at the dennys in Worcester ma 01604

I saw the maneger dumping oil outside on the grass behind the store

Also a few times that I go there I see the girls smoking weed outside in the back and drinking alcohol that's crazy.... plus they all racist.... every time I got my meal they always forget something and I end up paying double

Watch out is you go there ... they have little mouses

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Amy - 1 d 5 h ago


North Babylon NY

I have been to this Dennys a number of times . The service there is terrible . We had to wait each tim about 10 just to get our drinks . Getting g out food it's about 30-40 minute .

I asked to soak to a manage one time I was told she is to busy. Food is good but not worth the longgg wait .

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RJ - 1 d 17 h ago


Denny's did not put a lot of thought into the promotional t-shirts they make their waitresses wear. Whatever, Whenever and Wherever alone on the back of the shirt is an open door to sexual harassment. Especially at restaurants located at truck stops. I have inquired about the shirts and was told I wouldn't believe the crude remarks they receive constantly. Apparently the women feel more secure to take the harassment opposed to complaining about the shirt or person doing the harassment. Denny's might want to revisit their shirt design or at least inquire about any problems their employees might be receiving. Just my observation.

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Kevin - 5 d 7 h ago


denny's is nacogdoches is dirty,service is bad and the managers are trash. this place should be shut down immediately

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Stier's - 6 d ago

We live in Shakopee Mn any growing by leaps and bounds

We only have one family restaurant in town all others fast food

We want a restaurant that we can get breakfast anytime and have a family to enjoy get together or out of town people and not have to drive to other town to go eat

Please look at all new businesses that has opened here

A lot of night shifts would love to get off and have breakfast but not st a fast food

Or after weddings etc

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Bronetta Beasley - 7 d 3 h ago


Worst sevice ever. I wish i could send you pictures of the tables and food i was served that they call the lumberjack. I have a picture but have no way to send it.

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Pb1234red - 9 d 4 h ago


Your upstate New York stores are a mess....why are they replacing long standing management with under qualified twits? Natasha?

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PC Customer - 10 d ago


My husband was treated extremely rudely by the staff and the manager at the Denny's located in Palm Coast, FL. I filed a complaint with corporate and was told they would get back with me. Here it is two months later, and have not heard anything. Really dissapointed as I have been a customer with Denny's for years. I will be sure to spread the word.

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Taja - 10 d 18 h ago


When there is a special or a deal from 4-10 and you've been seated and ordered you should still get the deal. I'm so irritated that I was charged full price for an appitizer. I'll be avoiding Dennys for a while over 3 dollars I should of had off my check. It's not that I ordered a little or I didn't have the extra money but it just took my waitresses tip wayyyyy down and I tip always at least 30% knowing they make very little.

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Anonymous - 11 d 21 m ago


The Denny's in Springfield, IL, on Wabash, has had no A/C for 3 weeks now. Owners give excuses, i.e., "it's so hot outside, a/c can't keep up, waiting on part, etc." It's balony! Every other restaurant in town has GREAT COOL A/C! And that is where I've been eating. Also, they have NO A/C in the cooks line....and haven't in the 10+ years I've been eating here. They give same excuses. The poor cooks almost suffocate back their, and owner was seen to be in distress when leaving the area after helping with lunch hour. I've witnessed many people turn around and walk out because it's too hot to eat in there. There are MANY FAITHFUL REGULARS and even they aren't in there like they used to be. The food is pretty good, but if you see the cooks sweating while's not appetizing! Is there anything you can do to help these employees have a better working establishment? The flies in there are awful due to heat and the employees having back door open for air flow! It's a wonderful place to eat due to price and location for us mall employees. HELP!!

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yabsley - 13 d ago


can not use the online complaint form, the date and time fields do not work, so it will not let you submit a complaint

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Mark McClain - 14 d ago


Denny's in OFallon Missouri I believe in highway k and highway 40 is very clean, the servers are nice and food was good, HOWEVER I will say that their girl manager (not sure her name) she has blonde hair and pregnant is very loud and obnoxious, I was eating with my family and she kept telling her servers how she's proud to be a bitch, mind you my young children heard all of that. She was complaining and rude the entire time. I feel sorry for her employees

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Anna - 14 d 8 s ago

Greetings. I want to tell you about a wonderful, fantastic server at Dennys in Glendale, AZ, #6356, named Jewelle G. I did complete the phone survey, but when i was given the opportunity to record my compliment on Jewelle, it cut off short, so I'm sending it here.

I arrived at Dennys on 43rd avenue & Peoria avenue last night, June 8th, to talk some important, personal business with a friend; Jewelle was our waitress and she was absolutely fantastic with her stellar smile and engaging personality! She helped us with the menu, she was very knowledgeable, friendly and attentive.

I also observed how she interacted with customers at two other tables; she was just as friendly, personable and attentive with these other customers as she was at my table. She also interacted good with co-workers.

Next time I'm at Dennys... i hope to see Jewelle again. Excellent waitresses need to be acknowledged when they serve and interact with customers so well.

I also want to mention that our food was good, but as you can see from my compliment... Jewelle is the one who caught our attention. I wish her well and lots of success in life.

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A - 15 d 21 h ago

I just ate at the denny's on daniel payne Birmingham alabama. I had to send back my food because it was raw, what I got back was simply disgusting. The wait staff got in a fight in front of us and the manager just kept on with an interview while the staff is screaming and throwing dishes. I got food poison. These people should be embarrassed to run a business that serves the public.


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Anonymous - 17 d ago

My complaint is for the Denny's in lake jackson, Texas. The had ordered a pizza from where I work and I delivered it. Two waitresses there were very rude to me (especially the one with tattoos) and refused to pay for the pizza. I had to take their order back and they were laughing and saying how pissed I was. They even called my manager and lied and said I threw the pizzas down and that I was the one being rude. It was highly unprofessional and uncalled for. I would think they would have the same respect for someone else that works in the food industry.

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River - 18 d ago

I placed an order to-go over the phone and was told it would be ready in ten minutes. I drove over to Denny's and told the hostess that I was picking up an order to-go. She went to the kitchen and asked if my order was ready. She came back and told me that my order would be ready soon and to have a seat. I waited and waited a good half hour and thought it was unusual that it took a half hour for an order I placed 40 minutes ago to not be ready yet. I went back to the counter, spoke with the same hostess and she checked again on the order. Instead, whom may have been the manager at the time, came and asked about my order details and asked me who did I speak with and what did I order and what the total was. I told her everything and she said that they had no order placed for me. Frustrated, I asked how long would it take to have a new order for me fixed. The woman said maybe 20 minutes at the earliest. Annoyingly, I would think I would be prioritized since I waited 40 minutes at least for the order and they could have me out the door ASAP but apparently I had to wait with other customers that had just ordered, those customers could have waited. I would think they would offer to whip up my order immediately and at least give me a discount of some sort just to keep my business but apparently they don't strive for the customer here or care to earn business. Admmittingly after I left annoyed and a little upset, my order was at another location, after I had checked to see if I was at the right location. Two Denny's in the same town? That's unheard of around here. BUT the main thing that bugged me was WHY would you tell a customer their order would be ready if you weren't sure if it was placed to begin with? Had the hostess told me that they don't have an order by that name or an order with these specific meals, I could have saved myself a good half hour and not have had my time wasted.

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Anonymous - 20 d ago

att I just want to give special praise and thanks to the manager at the dalles Denny's'we left our phone and I had to do the worst thing band ask herb to ship it back to me on a day when they were slammrd-no problem she said very friendly and very pleasant to talk to a special thank you and the person who turned it in great to have that kind of service very rare nowadays'you have a great leader I would hold onto her at any cost'. regards Mitch n Mary W.

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Michaud - 20 d 10 h ago


I have reached out the local restaurant and filed an online complaint with no response from any kind of management. My family ate at the Auburn Maine location on July 1st at approximately 830am. It took a long time for the food to even get to the table. We paid the bill around 920am, by 950 my two youngest kids were throwing up and having massive stomach cramps. By 1030am the rest of my party (4 other people) were in the same boat. It is now Monday July 3rd and we are all just starting to feel better. We went to the emergency room for my younger two and were told it was food poisoning. It is horrible customer service to ignore a situation like this. I will be contacting my local health inspection about the issue since Dennys can't acknowledge and respond on their own accord. I will be filing with the BBB as well for a refund of my entire bill ($70 is a lot to pay for spoiled food)

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Anonymous - 20 d 14 h ago

greag a gm made my family us sick the way he treated his server her name was terri , she was very helpful always will respectful . note that he should have not to have done that to her we will not return because of this,

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Myla - 139 d ago


After church yesterday 3/5/2017 we went to Denny's in Everett WA on Pacific. I can't believe what we experienced. A homeless man in a wheelchair was seated. Yes he did look bad and he had an order. No one ever came over to help the man. The bus boy was the only one to help the man, and the manager put a stop to that. The manager told the man that he had gotten a lot of complaints and he had to leave. The manager put the homeless man out with a cup of coffee. I had tears in my eyes. So me and my husband went outside to see if we could offer the man something to eat. He told us he just wanted a sandwich, and he had the money to pay for it. So my husband and I went back into Dennys to order the sandwhich. Dennys would not sale us the sandwhich and told us it would take 30 to 40 minutes to make the sandwhich. So I ask for our bill and a to go box. We paid our bill, I loaded up our food and gave it to the man. We will not be visiting Dennys in Downtown Everett on Pacific ever again. I have posted our story on social media, on Dennys web page. I also have contacted our local news who is very interested in the story. I know it will not make a difference to Dennys, but at least I got a lot of ears listening and willing to make this story go global.

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CyCoe - 129 d ago


You should have taken the bum home with you, fed him, cleaned him up, bought him new clothes and give him money for a motel if he made you so "teary eyed". Nobody wants to go to a family restaurant and eat with a stinking, disheveled person. We could just go eat at a soup kitchen for that type of "atmosphere". He's a grown man and made his own lot in life...I save my compassion for those who've had bad things happen to them through no fault of their own, not those who just give up on themselves and resort to pity from others in order to survive. I applaud this store manager!

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Katie - 128 d 4 h ago


Your a disgusting human being an I curse you an your family into poverty you snob

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 93 d ago

Omg..what a horrible thing to say about have no idea what happened to that sound heartless. KARMA.

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Joy - 90 d 5 h ago

CyCoe, You don't know why this man is homeless!! Until you walk a mile in his shoes you shouldn't judge!

Shame on you!

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KuriousKat - 89 d 7 h ago

You don't know what kinds of downfalls a person may have had in life. You may have to eat out of a soup kitchen one day!

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Bbwlady in owensboro - 80 d ago

I hope it happens to you, you do not know what can happen in a heartbeat to change your life. You are the worthless one.

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