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Debbie - 4 d 19 h ago

My husband and I went to the Denny's in Clifton Colorado and was very very disappointed. I have a broken foot and haven't been out to eat in months and when we got our food it was floating in grease. We complained to our server and he told the Manager never came out to table touch. Both my husband and I are sick to our stomachs. I used to be a General Manager at Denny's and this was totally unexceptionable

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Vera Bascom - 5 d 19 h ago


You need to put training cooks back into your locations. I was one for several years and know the are needed again. Example ordered fresh scrambled eggs soft and got eggs cooked into an omelet.My husband ordered eggs over medium and got over very easy. The gravy is so thick with pepper it has no taste other than pepper. Red potatoes cooked black. Vera Bascom (626) (hidden)

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State hopper - 6 d ago


Restaurant #7826. My parents stopped into the restaurant two weeks ago. They told me they were late because they had stopped for breakfast. They were understaffed and service was slow. I have worked in the resturant field before and I understand some times people call out and you are short handed. Saturday on my way back from my mothers home we stopped at the same resturant. We were five tables of customers and we were seated at a table with no silverware by the manager who was seldom seen. One waitress who seemed fairly new. And a free loudly joking cooks in the back. Another couple came in ordered two appetizers his was delivered and eaten and she had not received hers. They left very unhappy. They were told that one takes longer to prepare than the other. All of our three orders arrived at one time but we asked for refills and the waitress never made it back. Except with the check.

I think an undercover boss or a secret shopper trip is in order. The food at Denny's is awesome but with this quality of service it will be closed because of lack of patrons. What a shame. Good food, understaffed or poorly managed.

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Anonymous - 6 d 19 h ago

I went to the one 5825 NW 36 st Miami ,Fl 33166 service was horrible , food was nasty , customer service very unprofesional no napkins, no utilities to eat , floor was a mess and all the tables dirty. I got pictures in case that the corporation need it . I dont recommend that place to nobody my name is grethel in case that you want contact me (hidden)

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Anonymous - 6 d 19 h ago


Went to Denny's order a salad and it was fine. Next day ordered the same thing,4 pieces of chicken. Day after that ordered without the chicken totally different salad it doesn't say that on the menu. You guys are truly f***** up I'm not wasting my money there anymore!

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Anonymous - 8 d ago


So there's a General manager at the Kissimmee FL Denny's across from Old Town name Callie McClellan whos been stealing from the company voiding check and putting the money in her pocket and taking all kinds of food home for herself and friends and have been smoking weed and doing cocaine for the longest and just would like to know how she is still employed by you guys herd she's even sleeping with employees

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 8 d ago

And make sure when you guys test her for drugs she doesn't bring fake urine to pass her test again

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Harry - 11 d 40 m ago


Denny's restaurant on 198 semoran Blvd., Casselebary, fl 32707...needs help. Oct. 8, 2019, my husband and I visited this Denny's location for lunch. We are Denny's customers for years. This location was filthy, poor management, poor service. We were served raw chicken,and burned old potatoes. The tables we're dirty, no pepper shakers, salt was hard an dirty, empty bottle of ketchup. We asked to speak to the Manager which stated she was also the cook. Was shocked that this location has not been closed. Please investigate this location. They are giving Denny's a bad reputation. A concerned customer.

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Angelica1453 - 19 d ago


My husband went to Denny's here in Carson,California for a breakfast:( I'm crippled so it was a take out. I hate the way you get rushed and not the same treatment as if you were eating in! French toast looked like bread toasted with only butter on it...and could barely see a couple of dots of powdered sugar...hash browns weren't well done like I asked but half raw and both of my sausage links I could not eat as they were also uncooked inside...very pink!!! You spend $4 for a smoothie and it's one inch from the top or more unfilled? Waste of my money:( People who work there and Manager...

I'll give them a "D" and the food an "F"

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Dr - 20 d ago


Sept. 29 @ 1:00 pm stop @ Denny's near Kirkersville, Ohio off I70 in flying j truck stop after being seated & placing order 3 other orders takin near us & served including a party of 9. After 40 minutes still didn't get served ask waitress what problem was with no explanation we left paying for cup of coffee & ice tea. This a order of waffle & omelette not that difficult customer service didn't exist.

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Kc - 23 d 6 h ago


Just left the one in bellflower, CA Store#8749

Worst experience ever. Went in late at night and only one person was working the floor, the manager decided to pop out at the end to give us a "discount". Which was really their neighborhood welcome bullshit. $3.60 off for all the mistakes. She really looked like she didn't care. Not going back!

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JL Newell - 24 d 21 h ago


Sorry it seems that everyone is having a rough time with Dennys. However, ours in Richland, WA is great! We eat there about once a week and the food is always good. Also, if I ask for a takeaway box, they give out these quality paper ones that are recyclable. I do not like styrofoam. So if you are even in Richland, stop by and give it a try.

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Anonymous - 25 d 17 h ago

Denny's in Longveiw Tx is the worse one I've seen. It's crazy how the servers be talking about what the manager are supposed to keep inside there office. They do it every time I'm there in front of guess. You have Mr. Big Shoot Ray thats over that store all he does is criticize the whole crew and never gets his hands dirty cause he thinks he is to good to help. Ray is very Racist, he don't like black people. He has never liked black people. I been known him for years and worked with him in the pass. Ray let's pull your pass up cause your not a good manager at all. Anyone that they fire from down there can go collect unemployment as well as sue them. I'll leave my contact email so I can help y'all get your money. Nikki stop acting like your for people and you care cause the truth is you only care about DRUGS. Don't make me pull your pass up either. Take this as a warning. Denny's was ran better before you 2 came along. I'm the new sheriff in town so take heat I want stop till y'all unprofessional want to be GM & Operator are gonna. Nikki you so gonna on Drugs you can't see he using you as bait than he'll fire smh.

Contact Me if they fire you


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Jamie - 24 d 11 h ago


I am a dennys customer the location at flying j in Joplin mo is keeping beta scores I don't know much about them but you have adistrict mgr as well as a store mgr that promote deceiving customers because as I have heard from an unnamed source the pros out weigh the cons as well as servers entering things in the computer that help the scores as well the store always runs out ou things coffee and things like that I have read

Denny's code of conduct and it states you will never deceive customers or missreprisent the company but most people won't report it because they were doomed you have a mage assistant Fred he is great as well as a waitress Belinda at that store I've never had issues with them but precilla I have and some others I have gone out of my way to find out as well as you can on occasion smell weed outside your store I would appreciate this being addressed thank you

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Becky Tippen - 27 d 19 h ago


My husband and I used to frequent the restaurant 2210 S East Loop 410 SE, San Antonio, TX 78220 often and was just discussing how we should eat here once a week.

Sitting outside minding our own business when the police showed up, telling us we were banned from this location. The reason that was given was the owner did not want us there. This was a lie! The owner doesn't even know who we are.

Nikki Fontenot, a waitress who works evening shift, told the Filipino night manager Facebook had wanted posters of us.

If we were wante,d why were we not arrested when the police showed up to kick us off the property? They did run our names through the system.

A few days later we were at the Circle K that is next door to this Denny's, when Nikki Fontenot walked in. We left the store and were sitting outside when the police once again pulled up, and told us the owner of circle k did not want us on the property.

This waitress told the young man who works nights that the owner of Denny's owns Circle K, and did not want us on the property.

It doesn't take a genius to know the same person doesn't own that Denny's and that Circle K.

Nikki Fontenot is mean and also high at work and all day.

Maybe she did not score her weed and wanted to take it out on us.

I can almost guarantee as soon as she sees this review she will retaliate.

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Lois Collingwood - 28 d ago


Denny's Tumwater: excellent food, service and staff! Becky, Nichole, Konrad, Justin. In Olympia for the weekend for a brother's 86th birthday. Found this Denny's the first morning and ate every meal out there. Highly recommend!

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Lynne - 28 d 23 h ago


Absolutely horrible. Waited 45 minutes for breakfast that came out cold.!!!

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James from Brooklyn - 28 d 15 h ago

Went to Denny's in Brooklyn NY 805 Pennsylvania Avenue My son and I ordered the T-Bone Steak and eggs with hash browns. we waited 30 minutes for our order to come and when it arrived Both our steaks looked like they cut off half the steak. When l inquired about it I was told buy the Manager that this is how the Corporate office buy there steaks so we should take it up with Corporate. When l returned home. I wanted to see the reviews on Denny's. I'm in shock about what I read about Denny's and vowed never to step foot in another one. It ashame how a restaurant can have so many bad reviews and there employees and restaurants are operated in that manner. So if you're reading this review I would not recommend Denny's to anyone. Take your money some were else. Please take time to read all the reviews and decide for yourself Before going. Should have done this myself.

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Anonymous - 29 d ago


Me and my family went to Denny's on Saturday, 21 September and have the worst experience of our life with the service from this restaurant we waited for about 20 minutes to even get serve drinks then we put our order in in an hour and a half went by and still did not receive our food with no one telling us if there was a problem but yet there were a line of people waiting to be seated when someone from the restaurant came up and must've told them that there was a problem because those people were leaving yet we were still sitting there not being told anything finally we had enough and got up and left this will be the last time that we will go to any Denny's they are a terrible place to eat evidently if there was a problem they should've told us instead of letting us sit there for an hour and a half with three kids that were not happy .

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Mary Jo Thieman - 29 d 6 s ago


To whom it may concern. I live in southern oregon there is one dennys in grants pass oregon we went there a few tears ago vowed to never go back's dirty the waiters look homeless service terrible. A couple weeks ago some family came to oregon from California they went to Denny's for breakfast thinking it was a good place to eat. They were shocked had I known they were going there I would of told them not a good place for any meal. They vowed they would never go back. Just don't understand how they stay open I know it's all management something so be addressed to whom ever that is. Sincerely Mary Jo Thieman

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Clechelle Waller - 29 d ago


I ordered online to the dennys at 4601 hulen st in ft worth tx i waited 30min i got there no food i asked for a refund i was told the general manager would be in at 7am i called no answer i get there no manager my card was charged $16.22.

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Pam - 33 d 13 h ago


I went to our newest Dennys in Tumwater Wa. I ordered a cobb salad. The photo showed steak pieces on it. I asked the waitress is I could have chicken instead, she said yes but failed to tell me there was an additional $4.00 charge. the manager showed me the FINE PRINT written under the photo, The FINE PRINT was so small that the average senior would not be able to see it. basically Dennys doesn't want the customer to know about this extra charge upfront. They should make the picture look exactly like what the salad is supposed to look like, not some fake photo to fool customers. or at least write in larger letters stating there is an extra charge if you want to add meat.

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Hungry - 34 d ago

I am in the Dennys in Dallas on 75 Central, 9::30am , 9/16. I am leaving because of the complaining between the employees.. Paid for my coffee, left it. Will eat somewhere else.

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Denny's - 33 d 17 h ago


ZM....A garbage dump exhibits diversity.

Disasters waiting to happen: Low tech people operating high tech equipment.

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Sue H - 35 d 19 s ago

Went to Denny's on Catasauqua Rd. In Allentown Pa Saturday eve ( 8 pm). Server D'Zyer. Store number 8675. The restaurant was very empty. We were seated in booth by young girl calling us love and Mama. Ordered a soup and sandwich. Server had to check on soup. Stayed oh.. no.. you wouldn't want the soup. Finally, decided on omelette and coffee. Coffee was cold.. brought to server attention and told us that coffee had been sitting for awhile. When I asked for warm cup she rambled on excuses about others not doing there job. Mean while she was on phone the majority of time or sweeping around us with dust pan and broom. Food brought out! Awful! Cold and warm hash browns. Egg look pre made where cheese slice was placed and crumbled bacon. Think someone forgot to place in microwave to make omelette appear to be made fresh. My husband paid for what he ate.. which there where problems with his meal, too long to drag out. Paid for my coffee. So sad it was such a bad experience. We had not been to Denny's in awhile but we always loved going.

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