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203 E. Main St.
Spartanburg, SC
John Miller
CEO and Director
(864) 597-8000
(864) 597-8780
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Anonymous - 17 h 48 m ago


To the Denny's training team of Key west Florida,

You will be missed. Thanks you from the Denny's Denny's crew.

Five stars to all the trainers.

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Daisy - 5 d ago


Service is awful every time i come here... Server wrote down our order and came back a few time to ask what we ordered... Recently waited 15mins to order another 15 for our drinks and another+15 on our food i ordered biscuts and the meet and gravy was cold server was rude..

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Samantha R. El Reno, Ok - 6 d ago


We pastor a church in Oklahoma and we AND several of our church members go to Denny's after services at least once a week. My husband and I personally, average about $75 - $100 a week at Denny's. I am 72 and my husband is 67. We go to other restaurants and they AUTOMATICALLY give us a SENIOR DISCOUNT. I am AMAZED that Denny's REQUIRES an AARP card to receive a senior discount. First of all, I REFUSE TO PURCHASE AN AARP CARD ... the reason being that we do not agree with their very liberal political view. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO PURCHASE A CARD TO PROVE I AM OVER 55??????? As much as we have loved the staff at the Denny's we go to...we are seriously considering going other places...not because we can't pay the regular amount but for discriminatory practice you have instituted of requiring people to purchase an AARP in order to receive a discount.

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Myla - 83 d 15 h ago


After church yesterday 3/5/2017 we went to Denny's in Everett WA on Pacific. I can't believe what we experienced. A homeless man in a wheelchair was seated. Yes he did look bad and he had an order. No one ever came over to help the man. The bus boy was the only one to help the man, and the manager put a stop to that. The manager told the man that he had gotten a lot of complaints and he had to leave. The manager put the homeless man out with a cup of coffee. I had tears in my eyes. So me and my husband went outside to see if we could offer the man something to eat. He told us he just wanted a sandwich, and he had the money to pay for it. So my husband and I went back into Dennys to order the sandwhich. Dennys would not sale us the sandwhich and told us it would take 30 to 40 minutes to make the sandwhich. So I ask for our bill and a to go box. We paid our bill, I loaded up our food and gave it to the man. We will not be visiting Dennys in Downtown Everett on Pacific ever again. I have posted our story on social media, on Dennys web page. I also have contacted our local news who is very interested in the story. I know it will not make a difference to Dennys, but at least I got a lot of ears listening and willing to make this story go global.

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CyCoe - 73 d 18 h ago


You should have taken the bum home with you, fed him, cleaned him up, bought him new clothes and give him money for a motel if he made you so "teary eyed". Nobody wants to go to a family restaurant and eat with a stinking, disheveled person. We could just go eat at a soup kitchen for that type of "atmosphere". He's a grown man and made his own lot in life...I save my compassion for those who've had bad things happen to them through no fault of their own, not those who just give up on themselves and resort to pity from others in order to survive. I applaud this store manager!

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Katie - 73 d ago


Your a disgusting human being an I curse you an your family into poverty you snob

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Anonymous - 37 d 18 h ago

Omg..what a horrible thing to say about have no idea what happened to that sound heartless. KARMA.

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Joy - 35 d 25 m ago

CyCoe, You don't know why this man is homeless!! Until you walk a mile in his shoes you shouldn't judge!

Shame on you!

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KuriousKat - 34 d ago

You don't know what kinds of downfalls a person may have had in life. You may have to eat out of a soup kitchen one day!

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Bbwlady in owensboro - 24 d 19 h ago

I hope it happens to you, you do not know what can happen in a heartbeat to change your life. You are the worthless one.

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Outraged - 8 d 10 h ago

What is your malfunction?

Obviously English isn't your first language. Nowhere does it say that this man was begging for food. It says he had ordered a sandwich and HAD THE MONEY TO PAY FOR IT.

How do you know this man was a "bum" that he "made his own lot in life?" How do you know that he isn't one of the tens of thousands of displaced military veterans made homeless by the previous Administration?

The restaurant wouldn't even let the people place the man's sandwich order, you know, the one HE COULD PAY FOR. Real nice. So instead, they bought a meal, got a to-go box, and gave the meal to the man. The restaurant made a sale and the homeless man got a meal. Win-win.

Karma has a way of biting you in the ass when you least expect it. When it does, hopefully there will be some kindhearted soul who will be willing to help a "bum" like you.

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Anonymous - 8 d 21 h ago

People that have disabilities in a wheel chair need someone to help them. They NEED HELP! Need to find a family member. Need someone to help that man. What is our United States of America if they don't help a man in a wheelchair .. People dirty on there lunch break go out to eat every day. He needed to eat a decent meal. He didn't have transportation I am sure.

It isn't like he went into Olive Garden or a very large fancy restaurant. He just wanted a senior sandwich. My goodness. Maybe you all should attend CHURCH next Sunday!!!!

Heartless people in our society. Move away from him. Or the restaurant could place him away from people. Goodness.

Find help for him. Don't turn your back. Is he slow and lost? Maybe his family misses him.

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M/Sgt - 7 d 18 h ago



You are a asshole when comes to homeless people. Not everybody is as perfect like u.

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

Your an idiot

Everyone deserves to go into a place and eat whether homeless or not

Your what's wrong with this world

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Katie - 73 d ago


This is no surprise Denny has gone down hill not only with how they treat customers but the fact that they treat the workers like crap as well. I hope they close them all an he goes bankrupt

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Anonymous - 72 d 18 h ago

Yes I actually work for Denny's and it's true the management does not treat their employees right I'm a 46 year old woman have bills to pay I opened a store with Denny's a new store I was working 40 hours for like the first 2 months they would hold me down to 5 hours a week now I'm on call I hope the corporate office will help me with my situation but if not then we all know what's really going on there

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Joy - 35 d ago

I was thinking of going to Denny's in Nashua NH to try it!! I will not be trying Denny's!! Thank you Myla I believe all Humans deserve to be treated with kindness!

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Denise - 31 d 19 h ago


Wow! It's sooooo nice to hear that there are awesome human beings like you in the world! This is a great lesson to be told. Maybe this will make some people stop and think about the less fortunate people out there. God bless! Denny's Corp. You need to train your management to be decent human beings!!

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Wendy Bailes - 6 d 5 h ago


I have never in my life had a late night Waiter. Be as rude to me. I am not rude nor do I ever even go to use the restroom at that store when I need to out of respect for were I live.

I am a sum what of a homeless person so at2:30am I could understand. I have been going there a long time an There are other wait staff I even tip. At that same location I mostly would of tipped him. But in stead of me doing that your company lost all of the profit. In the middle of the night? Oh he did not get my tip and needs to be shown some better skills .

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Debbie Pierson - 6 d 14 h ago


I wouldn't want my name Dennys on the one in Denton texas food is cold, never got my meal, staff was rude and talked back to my Manger on duty. Staff was telling customers how bad the cooks are, can't get ARP becomes no Manger there. List goes on and on

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Matthew Chambers - 7 d 13 h ago


I'm currently sitting at Dennis in on Hy 58 and copperfoster rd in Lorain Ohio ..I was told 10 min ago at home they would not take my pick up order on the phone I had to come in the store ...very discouraging because as I wAlked in the door I was told to wait they were taking a pick up order ????? Ok as matters get worse the waitress Lisa was helping a man at the counter who was upset because he was told the exact same thing after asking Lisa to take his order she promptly told him to leave if he doesn't like the way she took his order and then LOUDLY STATED the the customer is not always right that that was bullshit and I quote ..then she proceeded to go to a table of customers and talk about the man how he was upset with her because they got their food first and came in after he did ...Lisa is a short white female older mid 50s where's glasses ...I found the entire experience unpleasant and very rude childish and immature ..if been coming here for years ordering pick ups after I get off work what you will about this complaint I never do this sort of thing ...I love the new look and remodeling done here ..however I'm no longer a customer as of tonight ..I'm picking up my last pick up ...thanks for all the good service before now .

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Ermelinda - 8 d ago

My daughter went to the Denny's location on White Bear Ave in St. Paul, MN after prom. The staff kept laughing and pointing at them making fun of them. When they asked what was so funny. The night time manager was rude and trying to argue. She even squared up like she was going to fight. Totally unprofessional. I usually take my clients a group of ten monthly. We will not be returning and I will never recommend to anyone. Ruined my daughters whole prom experience.

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Ron Rawlings - 8 d 18 h ago


Belleville Illinois store what are terrible terrible lunch breakfast I asked for scrambled eggs they came to my table very very scorched I sent them back and ask for fluffy scrambled eggs again they came back scorched again I do have a picture. Also I asked for a Coca-Cola I received one the glass was chipped all the hell I do have a pitch for that one. What is wrong with your store I can see having one mistake but three to the same I'm never going to Denny's again ! And And when I'm on the radio it just might come up in a conversation it will be played on here maybe this is a terrible terrible business you guys got now I understand why everybod is down on your company can't even cook eggs twice and get them right sad day for you guys in South Carolina I just might call the CEO and the chat wedding oh yeah what's his name John Miller just my

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Anonymous - 11 d 12 h ago


Pissed. 1 hr 20 min to get my cold food with an incomplete order. All the waitresses disappeared numerous times behind the wall 5 -7 min at a time. 1 extremely heavy waitress played game in foyer, got and ate her food behind the regester, then sat down with 2 ladies and their babies to BS while your customers just sat. The flying J in Pecos TX is not a place I will ever stop at again. They would not give me a receipt because I told them that they would not be getting a good review of

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Fran Miller - 11 d 14 h ago


The worst experience I've ever had in a restaurant. I got seated within 15 minutes Thought that was great The waiter came to take the order about 1/2 hr later. It took 2 full hours to get our meal. It's a day later I'm still waiting for my water and soda. I ordered sirloin steak which came with 2 pieces of zucchini, My husband ordered T Bone steak which was overcooked. I was in the restaurant from 6:30-8:40.. The food was definitely not worth the money or my wasted time.

I got gift cards which I probably can't get rid of. I can't imagine this restaurant doing business. I WILL DEFINITELY SPREAD THE WORD FOR CUSTOMERS TO GO TO A FAST FOOD PLACE INSTEAD.

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