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Sam111 - 1 d ago

Hello, my name is Sam. I came into the Denny's in Evansville Indiana today zip. 47714 with my family. We had a fabulous waitress. I think her name was Cat. She was very polite and great with my grandchildren. We had hot food and never had to ask for refills on our beverages But the problem came when we were leaving. A gentleman Waiter was talking to another waitress and starting cursing, and loudly. He was very rude and his attitude in general was just terrible. We have been to this Denny's before and had the same experience . This isn't something I want my grandchildren to hear while they are eating in a family establishment. We may not be back

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Johnathan Moore 531** - 13 h 35 m ago


I think I know who you are talking about. I have been to that Denny's before and the male Waiter was very short with me and my family. He proceeded to take our order did not write anything down got our entire order wrong and we had to wait to get everything replaced and it still was not correct he ran around the building like a crazy person yelling at Cooks in other waitresses if I'm correct his name is Terrance because of this Waiter we will never be back to the Denny on Green River road

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Not a happy Texan in Forest Hill - 18 h 31 m ago

Denny's in Forest Hill Texas. #7263 (hidden). There were 5 of us on 4/20/2018 time around 10:38' I had day off my handicap friend and went to park. My other 3 friends were In another vehicle and they went on in. They were greated and was told to sit any where. And did not receive any menus. All the large tables were full so the sat at a table for four. Then a wait staff female came over to get are drinks and I asked to move a table over fro all 5 of us could sit together. Then she got are drinks and came back later. In the mean time I noticed people were leaving looking very upset. Being in a family restaurant myself I know they left because they couldn't get waited on. My handicap friend joined us in thet mean time from going to the bathroom and ordered a coffee caupicino. A man from from the kitchen came out and said he didn't have any. Then a young man came to wait on us and we all noticed he had been smocking that skunk weed illegal drug and his eyes were very red so we knew he was high. That was 45 minutes after we had sat down. In the mean time more people had walked out because they couldn't get waited on. Finally we got are food a hour and ten minutes later. Food was all wrong and cold. We finished are food and not once did anyone come over to give us refills on our drinks or see if we need any thing else. I counted 25 tables that walked out with no service within the 2 hours we spent in there that should have only taken a hour. The date on are ticket went to 4/21 and time 12:38:49. Server was Jakart C. We will never go back to that Denny's ever again or probably any other

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jaycee562 - 2 d 7 h ago


We love Denny's. Whenever we travel to unknown area we always looks for a Denny's to eat at because we always know what to expect and always know the food will be good and homey. Unfortunately, today was the first time it was really bad. We were at Denny's #6708 I ordered the Country Fried Steak and the Gravy was awful. It was flour and water and salt and pepper, or so it tasted. The mashed potatoes tasted like the just came out of the box. Both were uneatable. My husband ordered the Meat Loaf dinner. He didn't finish it although he was going in for a blood test the next day and this was his final food for the rest of the day. This is a man

Who never complains but he said the sauce on top of the meat loaf was way too sweet. We were there on a Thursday approximately 4:30 pm. There were only about 3 or 4 other tables with customers. Now we know why. The waitress said she allergies and didn't feel well. I hope it was allergies. All and all, I am so sorry to be writing this letter because we Really love Denny's. If there is anything you can do to help this location and this cook, please do so. I hate to have the fine Denny's reputation ruined. Thank You.

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sharon - 2 d 14 h ago


Took my 5 year old granddaughter to the dennys in Royal Palm Beach Florida 2 days ago. She wanted a milkshake and we were told that the milkshake machine was broken. We ordered our supper. After 5 minutes the waitress came back and said that she couldnt find any lettuce anywhere to make my salad. She offered me the only soup they had which I could not eat because of the contents. I finally said whatever just take money off of my bill. She brought my granddaughters meal out and she was almost finished with it before mine came out. I asked her about the rolls that were included on the menu that came with the meal and she stated the didnt have any. We should have left and went somewhere else after we were told no milkshake. Will not go back there.

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Anonymous - 2 d 18 h ago

Kenneth McDaniel (kmcdanield12 black family refuse service at a Denny's in blyth cal. On November 2017, reported it to corporate was told it's not a corporate restaurant, would notify owners, they did regardless its has your name,feel as if swept under the rug, did not want to make a scene, same thing would of happen like the Starbucks incident.

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Jessica Parrott - 3 d ago


Hello my name is Jessica Parrott and I would like to make a complaint about Warrenton Denny's with one of the employees at

Dennys Restaurant #8809

#1 Camp Branch Rd.

Warrenton, MO 63383

Will anyway the employee Emily R had used the restroom and didn't wash her hands after she used the restroom and served my family and I food without washing her hands. I am not to happy at all, was there other. 4/17/2018 at 5:51:50pm table 11.

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Gia - 3 d 15 h ago


I recently moved from NJ to AZ. I went to the Denny's in Tempe AZ with my daughter for dinner. After having our meal we saw a COCK ROACH crawling right onto our table !!! I was so disgusted & disappointed as we did enjoy our meal; and this Denny's was so close to my house. I complained to the manager and all she said was " I'm sorry". I WILL NEVER VISIT DENNY'S AGAIN !!!

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The reverend Grantham - 5 d 7 h ago

Took 45 min to get a club sandwich then waitress came with the salad was supposed to be 2 of them then waitress said they were out of lettuce never refilled drinks or ask if we needed anything else very dirty place cook was manager gave out cold frys all in all would never recommend this place to anyone and we won't go there again had to wait 15 minutes to pay bill sad!!!!

This is in Prescott Arizona beware

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The reverend Grantham - 5 d 7 h ago


Took 45 min to get a club sandwich then waitress came with the salad was supposed to be 2 of them then waitress said they were out of lettuce never refilled drinks or ask if we needed anything else very dirty place cook was manager gave out cold frys all in all would never recommend this place to anyone and we won't go there again had to wait 15 minutes to pay bill sad!!!!

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Gina M Gonzalez - 5 d 15 h ago


Lake Point UTAH Denny's: A group of us (3-5 at a time, all 48-65 years of age) pass through Lake Point on our way out and back from wendover Nevada, at least 2x per month. We typically stop at the Tooele exit and eat at Denny's. There's always some little glitchy thing going on, but never enough to write in about UNTIL YESTERDAY. Holy hell. Up front: The acting manager, Jaci, was great. This is not a reflection of her. I think she was filling in for someone else, as she said she normally had the morning crowd. She was horrified and mortified by this situation... sigh. We had 3 of us there April 15, around 530 PM (or so). I ordered a simple Alaska salmon, and asked for the "lite" skinned mashed potatoes and broccoli, no bread. The waitress was quite young (Michal?) and obviously new, but she was nice and took our orders, and wrote down "lite". When the food was ready, she brought it out promptly, and there on the plate, next to the plate of bread that shouldnt have come out, was a pile of chunky style fried potatoes (like mini steak fries), covered with WAAAAAAAY too much salt (as was the fish and broccoli). OK. no biggy. I said," hon, I asked for the red skin mashed potatoes." She looked right at us and exclaimed 'But those ARE mashed potatoes!" (this is not the issue btw...keep gets amazingly weird)...My friends and I laughed, and the other lady at the table said, "Nope, mashed potatoes are mashed honey, and these are definitely not mashed". Poor waitress got all flustered and went and got ANOTHER waitress to help. Never saw the young original one again. i took a picture of the plate of fried up potatoes, thinking I would do a funny facebook post about how this denny's in utah thinks these are mashed. We thought it was funny...until things started to unfold... OK now the real fun begins. 2nd waitress comes to the table. No idea of her name as I couldnt see a badge, or maybe she had one and I just didnt notice it. Anyway, she comes over with an attitude as if I am annoying her by asking for my actual order, and says, "was it you who asked for the mashed potatoes?" Yup. "Well give me your plate and I will go get them" ...???what???. So I said, "no....I am eating right now, this is fish and if you take it the fish and broccoli will come back cold. Can you just go get a plate of mashed potatoes?" So off she went in a big huff. 8 minutes meal would have been ice cold if she had taken the plate...she comes rushing by and literally throws the single scoop glob of luke warm mashed potatoes onto the table, on top of another plate and runs off. No comment, no "sorry ma'am" nothing..just hucked the plate at me and took off. So I said..."ummm no need to be rude about it". And now...wait for it...this was actually said and I cannot believe it.. She yells FROM THE REGISTER AREA back to the table: "I have better things to do with my time than stop and say anything to YOU" Let me add...I am a real estate broker with multiple businesses and a growing team. I pick a central location to meet clients and vendors, and denny's is the perfect right off the freeway location for all of Tooele county. My business is growing in that direction. I know 1000s of people... Do you think I will bring any of them to this location? Are you kidding? Nope.Not until this new younger generation is trained to be courteous and knows what customer service IS. this was incredibly uncalled for and I am still angry today. I mentioned to the manager that she had a table of 3 New Yorkers there (us), and only because of OUR restraint did that whole thing not go 100% sideways for the restaurant. We are realllly loud people and could have made a huge scene. Instead am writing here. And probably facebook and other locations. Highly recommend that with the new millennial generation that they are more customer service trained. Spending all of their lives talking on social media and then reacting with "likes" and "frowns" seems to have made them unable to actually connect with their customers and create a nice atmosphere for all. it really was an awful situation, and unless things change, she gets fired, or gets properly trained...I will not be going back.And my clients and friends will know this has happened.

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Trucker Bob - 6 d 12 h ago


Denny's Aurora - Sunday 4/15/2018 3pm Cashier Barbara

That old biddie need to stay at home, if she's pissed off for having to work in her OLD AGE!

I complained about my waitress not giving me a water refill when she looked at my EMPTY

GLASS and said she would bring it right back! Never came back, and she didn not even

give me a bill!

Then, when I complained to "HER" about it, she told me I had to "CHANGE MY ATTITUDE"

or get out and don't come back!

Anybody got a bottle of PRUNES?

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Rodney K. - 6 d 14 h ago


I and my wife are return customers at the LaSalle-Peru, IL Denny's. As of today, we are done with Denny's. They have messed up with our dining one too many times. I have gave them plenty of chances, but this time was the final straw. This time we were seated and it was busy. I understand that, but it took over 20 minutes for someone to just come over and ask if anyone had been with us yet. Then she did come back after a bit and took our order, because by this time we did know what we wanted. Then she did come back with my coffee and my wife's oj, but she did not leave my wife a straw and there was no silverware on our table for me to stir my coffee. So after waiting a bit to see if the waitress came around to ask her for silverware and a straw, no one came. I eventually got up and found our waitress and asked her for the straw and silverware. She did give me a straw right then, but said it would be a minute to get us our silverware. She did eventually bring the silverware. We ordered an appetizer and we waited over an hour just for our appetizer to arrive. The appetizers were a little overdone(some of them, not all), but by this time we were hungry and ate them. Then our food arrived and my order was messed up. I had bacon and I ordered sausage and I did not get my toast. So I waited and the manager Mary brought out my toast after a bit and it was cold and I let her know that I received bacon, but I ordered sausage. So she went back and got my sausage and brought it out to me and told me to put the bacon on the plate that the sausage she brought out to me on. She was kind of rude about it, and it was not my mess up, it was there's. I never did get a last cup of coffee that I wanted because I was afraid it was going to be another half hour to get it. In total, we were there just short of an hour and 45 minutes. We have gone to this same restaurant before and had the waitress take our drink order and watched her go out and smoke a cigarette without getting our drinks first and another waitress that was not our waitress ended up getting our drinks for us. That other waitress also ended up taking our dinner order and brought our food out to us and this was not even at a busy time. Our original waitress ended up showing up and asked how everything was and asked if we needed another drink refill and I said yes, and I am drinking tea. She never did come back with my drink or the bill. The other waitress that was not our waitress got me a to go cup and we ended up going to the register to pay without our bill since our waitress did not bring that. The other waitress ended up bringing it, so I let the shift manager that was cashing us out that the other waitress needed to get the tip since our waitress did nothing but ask how everything was. When we have gone there in the past( other than a couple times) the shift manager that is on duty, Josh that has been working during these other times we have gone, there is never any issue when he is there. He always make sure that everything is good with the customers and if it isn't he will apologize and do what he can to fix it. This other manager, Mary on the other hand did not even ever apologize for anything with the mix up with my order, she actually made me feel like it was my fault or I was an inconvenience to her. Not very good customer service and very disappointing! Just wish Josh would have been working.

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Mrs. C - 6 d 14 h ago


The best Denny's around is in Lancaster, Ca. Ave K. And 20th.West. The staff is incredible starting with the Manager Carrie. Staff members Tabitha and waitress Sylvia are the best! Watching The staff work together is like a beautiful song down to the busboys.... No matter how busy it gets and it has a steady crowd, they treat us as if we had. Reservation s. Thank you Dennys

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Anonymous - 6 d 16 h ago


The Dennys in Fowler, CA is by far the worse place ever! Rude customer service they rather gossip about other co workers and add their own tip (without asking) orders are never right, they run out of literally everything from certain food items to go to boxes. Very unprofessional all around! I'd rather starve then to give them one penny, completely making all Dennys look bad!

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Displeased - 6 d 18 h ago


Denny's 2025 S 900 W Salt Lake City 84104

I called to tell them my boyfriend who works there broke his phone and that the ride I had for him to get to work fell through and to ask if there was any way anybody there could give him a ride to work because I was not with him at the time. The girl I talked to on the phone first I believe her name is Erin, would not listen to me and kept making me repeat myself and she had a terrible attitude. After her not being nice and keeping the attitude up and not listening to what I was trying to tell her i got frustrated and gave her some attitude back and she hung up on me. I then called back and asked to talk to the manager. I talked to a manager named Andrea and I was super nice and respectful to her and she also would not listen to what I was saying and hung up on me again! After I finally got my boyfriend a ride to work my boyfriend called me and said the minute he got there 3 girls were bad mouthing me and Erin told my boyfriend to tell me to go there and fight her when she was off work! That is so unprofessional. The management is unprofessional. Erin has TERRIBLE customer service let alone trying to fight an employees girlfriend who is 20 years younger than her! Not to mention my boyfriend wasn't even scheduled and they couldn't have even told me that while I was on the phone with them. So I also ended up wasting money on 2 taxis! They need some professionals with GOOD customer service at this location. Not ex prisoners with trashy neck tattoos and attitude problems. Please get this management and employees under control. I was simply trying to ask if anybody there could give my boyfriend a ride to work. And it escalated to me being disrespected, hung up on, and bad mouthed by multiple employees. I did eat at this restaurant, but not anymore that's for sure.

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Melissa - 7 d 11 h ago


99th and Camelback Glendale, AZ

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Momsbear - 7 d 14 h ago


Dennys 25026 West Dorris Ave

Coalinga,CA 93210

I am writing to you because of two reasons! One being fantastic service by a server named Franco! He went above and beyond to make sure my grandsons meal was quickly delivered! He was starving! He then was so very kind waiting for us to wait to order! There needs to be more kind people like him in this


Now for the other part! When we arrived we were told we needed to wait until a table could be cleared for us to sitv down! Mind you the restaurant was not very busy at all! There were many many stables that were clean! This young lady named ALEX Was so extremely LAZY it was ridiculous! I understand that there are sections that you may not want people seated in because there may not be a server for that particular area! I get that! But, these tables sat and sat while she talked with people, got her phone out, laughed with co workers, all while we were waiting to be seated! It was only US! FINALLY WE GOT SEATED! In this section, again she was obvious supposed to do these tables. She was to busy, checking herself out! Making sure she looked good instead of doing her job! 5 tables sat piled high! She left the tables whole as another waitress ended up doing for her! The worst part was to look at all the garbage on the FLOOR , NO ONE WOULD PICK UP WHILE WE WERE EATING! IT WAS VERY DISGUSTING! In all this, I would hope to not see much more respect and cleanliness!

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In disbelief - 7 d 19 h ago

The service in the Fall River mass Denny's is unbelievable. It is horrible. They are out of supplies constantly such as milk, lemons, lettuce. If I hear sorry one more time.... they won't stay open long. Horrible experience three times. Will never go back

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Confused - 8 d 11 h ago


I have never heard of ordering nachos and if u want salsa you have to pay extra for it. The manager at the StClairsville Ohio store said if you want sauce for nachos It don't come with it you have to pay extra for it. WTH?

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Albert perich - 10 d 12 h ago

I would like to know who was the brain that decided to have one soup per day well I think you should be fired the soup was part of the reason I eat at Denny's bad decision my email is (hidden) if you want to contact me

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Shanna Noggler - 11 d 43 s ago


They was very rude and called the cops for no reason at all and rushed us eating. Our waitress body oder was horrible.

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Not very satisfied - 13 d 9 h ago


Our church always goes to the Denny's in Independence Missouri on 291 we always go there and spend a great deal of money and time there every time we go there we always have problems with either a waiter or manager today my cousin was confronted saying that she was not allowed to say Hallelujah or praise the Lord in the restaurant by one of the managers they also clamed they we also end up leaving not paying a ticket we are Christian's and would never step out of a place without paying we also felt disrespected because we should be able to say praise the Lord if we want the manger then continued to tell me I had to leave because my cousin said something and I said praise the Lord not knowing what was going on she was gonna throw me out then she continued to argue with another person in our group this lady was very rude and disrespect and honestly does not deserve to be a manager very argument with customers.

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DL - 13 d 14 h ago


Just went into Denny's in Long IslandNY.

The guy in the front told us to just heading into the dinning area, we stand there for a while, the Indian guy just point us to go to the front section so I thought just find a seat ourselves. Then the same Indian guy came over and said" I told you to go up front to wait" he was so impolite so I told him " you told me to go up and I will never come back again!

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Amber - 13 d 17 h ago


Stop by the Dennys located on Cole Rd. In Calexico, Ca. Asked for a manager after my order was wrong and cold and our server never came back. The manager never showed up to our table after waiting 15 mi ites we went to pay and asked again for the manager and was told he's too busy, how is a manager too busy to handle a customer complaint. Will never visit that location again.

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