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Christina - 4 d ago

Odessa,texas Dennys has the worst service ever. Please hire people who are not rude and dont mind doing their job. I walked in 6/17/2018 at about 1230 ,in the morning had to sit myself, then after about 15 min had to get up and get my menu (fyi there was only 2 other customers so it wasnt busy) I continued to wait about another 15 min so after being there about 30 I sat myself got my own menu and when I finally told the waitress can you at least get my drink order taking she went off on me and of course I went off I just left if you cant handle what you're being paid to do which is wait on customers then dont be there (fyi not the first experience I've had at dennys ) I won't be going back and will make it point to let everyone I know or come into contact with about the service there and they need to go else where for better service and food I found my place POJOS I was seated upon walking in had my drink order taking within minutes and my food order very pleased with POJOS that's where I'll be going Denny service sucks

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Mike - 1 d 6 h ago


Smh tell me about it I'm down in eureka ca and just had the worst experience ever but like you said not my first and probably not my last

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BRIAN ABBOTT - 2 d 10 h ago


edgewood Maryland this dennys is the worse place to go after 45 min still nothing the ordered and later thay said thay don't do it anymore roast beef over potatos and gravey had to go to another place to eat to late will finish tomorrow.

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Anonymous - 3 d 8 h ago


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Patricia - 4 d 3 h ago

I'am writing these review because my family has been a loyal customer for years and love your restaurants , unfortunately we had a terrible experience these weekend, at one of your locations here at the town where I live in Santa Maria Ca , (Dennys restaurant #8066, located at 1019 E. Main St Santa Maria California 93454)

As usual my family of 14 guests gather over for dinner, and the server was disruptly rude, my kids were scared of how he talked back to my husband arguing of why we try to accommodate ourselves better to fit ,bacause he didn't had enough seating for all of our party . He slammed the rag on the table and said we were supposed to wait, he didn't care of other customers noticing his reaction. He was very inpatient and just was raging , His Name on his Name tag was : Juan L. This was extremely embarrassing for my family and my kids didn't wanted to stay for dinner anymore because we had waited like 20 min just to get our drinks . We unfortunately had to leave and just pay for our drinks . Checking out we spotted the manager of these location and couldn't even had a decent conversation with her because she was high as a kite , she could hardly keep her eyes open talking to us and didn't seem to be there . She said ok , and not even an apologize for the inconvenience. I'am taking these time to write these just because it's the Only Dennys in our town and it's sadly ruining your business name and customers by not having the right personal. Hopefully you have cameras so you could see ,everything that happens with your employees. For a safe environment.

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Laura McGivney - 5 d 20 s ago


The Denny's restaurant in Bonney Lake wa manager is extremely rude, she embarrassed me and completely flat out told me it wasn't going to happen in regards to changing my order. Then she charged me extra for what I originally ordered as well as the order I wanted. She then said she didn't understand. I will be speaking to the corporate office and demand her resignation.

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Tashikaa Perry - 5 d ago


Well my name is Tashikaa Perry I worked at this Dennis at north freeway when I was 19 I got laid off because a girl lied on me and I got fired so when I thought I can come back and get a job there boy was I so wrong they said no because of the group I worked with but I did work and did it even on off days they told me that I am eligible to come back they did not want me to be there because the people did not work but I did my hostess job plus theirs now I don't complain as much but when I went back to do it a second time thinking they would finally change they mind she comes out the manager rolls her eyes and says with an attitude and says that I thought I told you we were not using you I say ok she say yea cause you just applied less than 60 days ago I say ok again she say what you say with an extremely bad attitude I said I said ok I have never been the one to complain but her customer service to someone who actually wants a job and can be rehireable is crazy I loved Woking at dennys but if the managers are like that I can not work here the location is 11320 north freeway Houston Texas 77037

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Anonymous - 5 d 8 h ago

Denny's on Lanai st and tully the service very bad i call to order food 2 ,3 days nobody answer the phone, when I go into the restaurant i tell them and nobody care about that no good the service is terrible

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Latrese Kuyateh - 5 d 13 h ago


So on Monday 06/11/2018 at approximately 6:30 pm. I decided since seeing a commercial for Denny's Grand Slam being on sale for $5.99 I'll take my 8 year old daughter and 5 year old son for Dinner. Now from the moment I walked in I knew it was going to be a problem, but I'm greedy and wanted some pancakes. I had to return my coffee 3 times because the mug was filthy to the point of just not drinking the coffee. So fast forward to when food comes out. I get the grand slam. My daughter ordered pancakes from the Kids's meal and son gets the kids meal burger. I cut his burger and take a bite. He takes bite. He goes to take another bite and says " mommy it's a bug in here. I'm thinking he saying a bug inside Denny's. So I'm tell to eat his food. He says MOMMY ITS IN MY FOOD I take the burger and it's a WHOLE COOKED BUG INSIDE MY BABY FOOD. I have yet to hear from Denny's to say sorry or anything. My son has barely eaten anything since Monday out of fear that it's bugs in his food

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Dawn - 5 d 16 h ago


I don't normally do this but our visit to Denny's in Millville NJ was horrible and that's putting it nice. First the waitress dropped our drink and glass went everywhere(it was an accident)but the guy cleaning up the mess didn't wipe off the chairs or tables in the area and they all had small chips on them,then I told the waitress my husbands leg was cut from the glass and my pancakes were burnt and the hash browns were not done.They only took my husband's breakfast off the bill for cutting his leg. We will never go back.

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Betty - 6 d 6 h ago


I'm not one to normally complain, but my family and I had a terrible experience at Dennys (409 Bypass Road, Williamsburg, VA). There was a gentleman sitting at the counter barking out orders very rudely to the staff who were very busy. I came to find out he is the General Manager - Jonathan. He was extremely rude to the staff and I over heard him talking about smoking pot. It wasn't an appropriate conversation to be having up front. Our server was fantastic - very attentive and helpful. I'm disappointed this she has to rely on someone like Jonathan as a GM.

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CMG - 6 d 13 h ago

Hi, I am appalled that my Denny's restaurant in Arizona allowed a couple with a mini poodle as a service dog in our restaurant.. That was ridiculous and people were not happy watching this couple come right in no questions asked no proof that the dog was indeed a service dog!!! Seems like people are just so politically correct and are afraid of speaking out about things that are wrong anymore.. Well I'm not and we need to voice our opinion!,I love animals but they don't belong in restaurants and or kitchens!!! Corporations need to stop this or people are going to get sick and tired of it and stop patronizing their restaurants...

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israel puerto - 6 d 18 h ago


Hello, i touching base with you you guys cause i have a really bad experience yesterday, & it's not because of me it's because involve my whole family. My family really enjoyed Denny's for many years until yesterday.!! after few hrs on the road we decide to stop to get some food my oldest daughter ask me if I can drive to the next rest area because it was a Denny's on the map. ( I-5 Hwy 46, Lost Hills, CA 93249) OK why not everybody love it. when we entrance to the restaurant the waitress took us at the very hidden end of restaurant when the restaurant was almost empty, so maybe they are cleaning I thought, wait for probably 10 min for same person ask us for drinks.! another 10 min to drinks came we placed a order & me we have been waiting for more than 50min for food. my wife & me decide for paid for the drinks & heading up. so I was intrigue I try ask to somebody if it was an specific reason for the long wait. when we start walking i notice there it was people eating already when the place was almost empty when we arrive, so that's mean they came after us. i ask the waitress why and not answer. I asked the cashier for the manager when I explain the situation to him the waitress finally response, arguing because I requested a welldone tbone (really 1hr to cook a steak??) & that was it no more words from manager or others team members around him. the manager was totally indifferent to this. He only said i won't charge to you for food that you didn't eat. At the end after 1:20min I took my family & leave the place with not food and not even an apology.! its not about the time i never feel humiliated on this way on my entire life. even worst My 2 little girls were witness the kind of discrimination that is arising at CA. What kind of answer or explain I have to give to them.??? Thanks Make America Great Again.

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William. And AND NOLONGER A PATRON! - 8 d 9 h ago

Horseheads N.Y. Dennys had a patron injured in the ladies room from a faulty toilet mounting that BROKE AND SLAMES HER TO THE HANDICAP SUPPORT BAR. This caused sholder injury and lost wages. Your General Manager and Manager of said Dennys REFUSE TO COOPERATE in reimbursement of Er and lost wages. This is Spreading on Facebook and I am no longer a customer for the Abusive remarks that ARE REPUSLIVE.

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Donald Craver - 8 d 12 h ago


Denny's in Bastrop Texas. I did a review on Google as well. I was there around 11 with my family today. The food all came out of the kitchen cold. The kitchen refused to remake our food. The manager Allen ended up remaking our food for us without loosing a smile. I was very disappointed in the way the kitchen was treating the manager. Thank you to the manager and our server for taking care of us. (hidden)

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Chrystal Drake - 11 d ago


I was there on Sunday.I used the restroom and the toilet broke and dumped me to the right. I smashed my right shoulder off of the metal bar and then fell to the floor. I went to the ER and now my shoulder is sprained, swollen and my arm is in a sling. I am out of work for the next couple days because of it. I'm furious. The manager took down my information the day of the incident, and I was told by another manager that the GM would call me the next day. Still no call from the GM. This Denny's will be held responsible for my ER bill and lost wages. Very angry. Denny's won't call me back, the manager at the Horseheads site threatened me with Corporate lawyers, and I'm getting no where with calling the customer service number. This was the Denny's in Horseheads, NY.

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Ex-Denny's Emp. - 11 d 6 h ago


Denny's Hanford CA. I used to work for Denny's unit #644 in Santa Nella for a few years. I was an and 066 (if those still exist). Which meant I worked as a dishwasher, busperson, waitperson, host/cashier, and cook. So knowing how a restaurant works is nothing new to me. Today, my friends and I went to Denny's in Hanford CA for lunch. They greeted me promptly, offered a table within a minute. Sat down and we were presented with menu's and asked if we'd like a drink (2 minutes in). We received our drinks and were told our waitress would be with us shortly. I had ordered coffee and noticed there wasn't a spoon available (Looking around, I noticed none of the tables had silverware). After waiting for awhile, I finally asked the hostess who seated us for a spoon..she brought it over and apologized. A few minutes when by and our waitress arrived at our table. I ordered Zesty Nachos, one of my friends ordered a side of strawberry pancakes that were supposed to come with "Pop Rocks," on the side?...waitress forgot the candy which was fine but I believe should have been put on the plate before getting served. The Zesty Nacho's that I ordered were a long way of being presentable and should never have made it to the window. What I thought was some type of runny salsa was nothing but a pile of grease ladled in with about (If that), a Tablespoon of ground meat. It took me a moment to figure out if I should say anything because I knew it wasn't the waitresses fault for making them but it was something that should have been looked at by the waitress before presenting it at the table. The Zesty Nachos were nothing like the picture on the menu. The waitress apologized and took them away while offering me another fresh batch, to which I declined..and offered me something else from the menu...again, I declined. One of the younger managers came out to the table (Leaning, directly in my personal space), and asked me what was wrong with the Zesty Nachos. I politely said, did you see them? Manager: Yes. That's the way they always come out. Me. There was less than a Tablespoon of meat if that and the chips were swimming in grease. Manager: It's because of the mix that the cooks use for the meat. I then explained to the manager that I had worked for Denny's in the past, and I had never seen nachos come out of the kitchen that way. Manager: Well, I've been working for Denny's a long time and I can tell you that they've never changed since I've worked with Denny's. Me: I worked at Denny's back in 1982-89, and I can tell you, they've changed. Never did we serve anything like that to our customers...I would have personally been embarrassed. And by no means should you take offense of this, as I know you nor the waitress prepare them, I just feel you need to be aware that what was presented was not acceptable for consumption. Manager: Well, I go take another look at them and see what went wrong. We stayed and ate the rest of our meal. Although we were never asked if any of the other food was okay. Never was I offered another cup of coffee, nor did we ever see the first manager again. After we received our check, the waitress apologized again. Then another older woman (I believe was a manager), apologized for the meal. She agreed that it was the cooks' fault and should have been prepared better. Though all this, neither manager ladies that came to the table, who I believe were managers introduced themselves. I have no idea who I was speaking. For all, I know it could have been a friend of the someones in the restaurant. Neither lady (From what I can recall), had on a badge, that would identify them as a manager/representative of your establishment. My friends and I have all worked in the restaurant industry in the past and now we all work for the state of CA. I wanted to make this clear so you and those reading this would not think we were trying to get a free meal. As for compensation, I do hope that Denny's will train management to be more aware of food and portion quality As well as how to better approach customers when sensitive situations such as this one come up. And please bring back the Super Nachos, as they used to be.

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Anonymous - 11 d 9 h ago


I work at Denny's in Missouri City, TX. This store is ridiculous. All the coffee cups are nasty, we have to sit her and hand clean them before we can serve any coffee. Then no one is required to have a food handlers permit, which is against the law. Silverware comes out gross. All the manager says is oh, the dish guy forgot to bleach the cups. No that's not a bleach issue, that's a dish washer issue. Management is lazy. Stand around not helping to run food. This store is a joke.

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Cory roan - 11 d 10 h ago


We had a party of 12 at the Redding ca Denny's we got our food and my wife's burger had plastic and hair in it sent it back, then I went to open silver ware had blood on napkins asked for another one same thing omg so go to my son he's already eating his has blood as well !!!! Go to manager she acted like it was our blood at first and we persisted on that it was not , so she pulled the bin and she said o my god like 75 percent was wrapped with blood on them !!! I'm like what our family was using these she pulled them and paid for meals but couldn't eat after knowing this !!!! I hope everything is ok with everyone after this blood was found am worried though !!! So sickening

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Anonymous - 11 d 14 h ago

Denny's in Ocean Springs MS, on Washington Ave. and I-110, has this in it's window: clearly visible from the outside; and I have the email from Corporate, yet, when I go to order it; YOU tell me, that special is over with: it was your Grand opening special....hmmmm. What? You've been here for the whole thirteen years that I've been here! Nevertheless, if this is so, why upon leaving; when I asked several patrons if they had ordered the "Super Slam", they said yes; and when asked did they get it for $5.99: they said yes? And after all the years of me standing up for you all when the negativity hit! Now, I'm slapped in the face with the prejudice and racist attitude too! Unbelievable! Racism is sooo unacceptable! ALL of my family, friends, associates and Church affiliations will be made aware of your bigotry... Sincerely disgusted, Donna Polk P. O. Box 996 Biloxi, MS 39533

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Anonymous - 11 d 14 h ago


Denny's in Ocean Springs MS, on Washington Ave. and I-110, has this in it's window: clearly visible from the outside; and I have the email from Corporate, yet, when I go to order it; YOU tell me, that special is over with: it was your Grand opening special....hmmmm.

What? You've been here for the whole thirteen years that I've been here!

Nevertheless, if this is so, why upon leaving; when I asked several patrons if they had ordered the "Super Slam", they said yes; and when asked did they get it for $5.99: they said yes?

Racism is sooo unacceptable!

ALL of my family, friends, associates and Church affiliations will be made aware of your bigotry...

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Anonymous - 11 d 19 h ago


Denny's Elko, Nevada. We were just there for 1/2 hour and 7 families left without being helped. All but 1 didn't have water. Fortunately, we have alternate, aka better, options here, so good luck with this particular Denny's.

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Keli - 12 d 19 h ago


In Portland Oregon the Lloyd Center/Convention Center.

Ever since you people have changed the restrooms to single seat has everyone standing in line waiting sometimes for 3 to 4 people. Too long waiting line. Men using Women's and Women using Men's. Is optionable but not preferable. Better the way it was with 2 seats for the womens Rr.

The staff and sevice is really good here. No complaint from me and others

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Paparick63 - 12 d 19 h ago

I just sat at your Ortorf and IH 35 location in Austin Texas, I'm a Denny's Dinner but I have to say I'm very disappointed there's people waiting to get in and I counted 15 tables empty but dirty. Then I'm sat at a table I would say is less than clean food on the seat etc. the manager is just walking around like she's to good to buss tables. I'm given that they are short staffed as an excuse that this place is in bad shape for the lunch crowd.

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Andrew - 13 d ago


Denny's at 6850 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, Ohio I never saw a Denny's so bad. Keep it up and lose all your business. Often the AC is broke, hot like hell. No soup and menu says until 10 pm. The business cannot handle more than 4 tables, so back log happens real quick. I watch people walking out totally disgusted, and they are not coming back. June 2 Man is yelling at the waitress, "We waited 40 minutes. We get the food and it is all cold and cold coffee." Man and daughter walk out. May 19 Family ordered $33, 4 meals. Woman complains to manager about bad taste of food. They walk out. March, Saturday noon Nothing was leaving the kitchen so entire staff, waiters, take over the kitchen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Sent: Saturday, February 3, 2018 10:31 PM To: Subject: Re: Denny's lunch You need to send this episode to Denny's website. They will send you a coupon for a free meal but I would give it away and refuse to go back. Even though the manager wasn't there, he/she should be on notice because they are responsible for putting good people in charge when they are absent. What a shame -----Original Message----- From: To: Sent: Sat, Feb 3, 2018 8:08 pm Subject: Denny's lunch Waitress informs my sister, out of fish. Sister changes her order. Waitress returns to table, out of eggs. Sister changed her order. During the wait, waiter refills our coffee a number of times. Hostess storms out of restaurant. She returns from parking lot, can't find car keys. The waitress gives her the keys. Waitress places her hand on forehead in disbelief. Her house is on fire. I wash hands in restroom, empty soap dispensers, one of the faucets is no water. I return back to table and joking about the restroom. Sister said, "I am glad you find it all so amusing." Her meal arrives at table on a hot skillet. No sign of my prime rib salad leaving the kitchen. The salad took 1 hour make it to table. It was a good salad, stomach full of leaves and blue cheese dressing. I go light on dressing because conscious on eating healthy food. Assistant manager walked out of Denny's. It is the third time. That is it, the waitress said, she is fired, won't be coming back. Waitress motions her hand to neck, cut off. The owner is out of town, no manager on board, chaos in kitchen. Waitress didn't charge for a meal because of long wait time. I wash my hands after eating. Waiter turns on faucet and hands motion under faucet. I tell waiter the faucet is not working. Denny's arrival 12:05 pm. departure 2:35 pm

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