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Heated lost customer - 4 d ago


Today, February 15, 2017 I called the Dennys at 1040 West Mercury Blvd Hampton, VA 23666 at 11:35am & the young lady or should is say the bish that answered the phone was very rude, caught a terrible attitude, and hung up on me. I called back because I am definitely not the one for disrespect and she continued to be rude and cut me off. The "manager" comes to the phone and he was no better. Trying to rush me off of the phone, did not listen to my complaint, and then going to ask did I call for a job. Um hell no and the reason I did call is of none of your concern anymore either becuz I no longer want to give my business to this company. Have a great day.

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Huftman - 4 d 23 s ago


What year did Denny,s begin business?

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Unhappy customer - 5 d 14 h ago


Feb 9 2017 my husband and son rented a room at the gold strike in Jean NV. Dennys was the only restaurant there and when they walked in there was about 19 tables with dirty dishes on them and he got out his phone and video taped it. No people were even in there. I said if it looks that baby in the dining room would hate to see the kitchen and told them I would refuse to eat there. But being the only place to get food for miles around and being tired from working and driving he had no other choice. Dirty and bad service he should have not paid a penny for his meal. Clean it up Dennys. Your name and business is getting stomped in the dirt.

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Nancy Wilson - 7 d 13 h ago


On February 10, 2017 my adult daughter and I were in the Denny's located at 8808 Michigan Road, Indianapolis, Indiana. We were seated quickly, and our waitress brought the menues. Our waitress was a lady named Moni. After taking our orders, it took her 30 minutes to bring our drinks , and then we waited almost an hour to get our food. I have never been a server/waitress, but in other restaurants I have never waited this long to have our order taken, to get the food, and have never had a waitress refuse to return to see if we needed anything. I might add that there were only four other tables with customers at the time we placed our order. When the food finally arrived, she mistakenly placed my daughter's food in front of me, and when I mentioned that that this was my daughter's, she gave me a very disguisted look and said in a jokingly manner, "I was testing you!" I asked her why it had taken so long to get our food, and her response was, "Well, you came in at shift change, and we have a new cook." She left our food on the table, and walked away. We had time to take about two bites, and Moni returned to the table to see if everything was okay. She did not return again to refill our drinks or to see if we needed anything. My daughter left her empty glass at the edge of the table, but this gesture was ignored. We finished eating and waited for our check, but she did not bring it to us. We finally walked to the register, and Moni came to us asking how everything was. My daughter said, "Well, the food was okay." I paid with a credit card, and Moni asked me, "Do you want to add a tip to this?" I always leave a tip when we eat out, but I did not leave one tonight. This was undoubtedly the worse service I have ever had in any restaurant.

Flagged for review. 
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Kathy Shaw - 7 d 18 h ago


My son and I went to the Dennys in Chester, VA on Route 10 today (11 Feb 2017). We were there over 45 minutes and all we got was our drinks. People that came in over 30 minutes after us got their food and we never even saw our waitress again after she took our order. The location of our table was close to the register. We here not one but ALL of the waitresses talking about leaving, complain about where people got seated, and numerous other things pertaining to their job. My son and I visit this restaurant frequently and have never had bad service or saw a lack of professionalism like we did today. After waiting 45 minutes we finally left without eating or even seeing our food in the window. Do to the lack of professionalism and poor service we will never enter that establishment again.

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Denny's worst place to eat - 8 d 11 h ago


As a customer who enjoys Denny's I was excited they finally had one built in Queens NY. But as usual I was disappointed with the service. The first time I showed up with family we waited 30mins for food coffee was cold. They didn't have what you wanted then the screw up your order. The hire people that have the slightest idea what there doing. Granted it's not there fault.They must not have proper training. This place is empty and still I see people waiting. So they lost me as a customer.. I think I go back to ihop at least my food wont be cold.

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Robert T Church Sr (Bob) - 8 d 14 h ago


I would like to commend the Denny's Restaurant on 83rd Avenue and Bell Rd. Peoria Arizona. I have been to many Denny's restraints and I have found that this is the best by far. First it's always clean, the staff are great they work together as a team. I would like to first commend the Manager Lisa, she is always making sure that your meal is the way you wanted it and she is also friendly along with being very professional. Another employ that I would like to give the highest marks to Valentina as a Denny's Waitress, she brings us are drinks almost as soon as we sit down. she is very friendly with being very professional. Always comes around to see if anything is needed and that everything is OK.. Shows us new items making suggestions that we might like. I really enjoy going to this Denny's and all their employees that work there along with some great cooks. One other thing this is not the closest to where I live. Please thank the whole staff along with a special thanks to the manager Lisa and the best waitress Valentina.


Robert T Church Sr


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Brian Letton - 9 d 21 h ago

When I was doing an inspection for the health dept. in our county, I noticed how much hot water was flowing through the dipper well.

* If you want to save money on your water bill & be more environmentally friendly 'green', you might want to contact a Co. called Conserve Well.

This well keeps utensils stored @ about 140F which meets the FDA Food code. This well does need to be emptied at various intervals during the day, but it will save your stores a lot of money & allow you to promote your restaurants as being more environmentally friendly.

Please let me know what you think.

Brian Letton - Sanitarian (Winnebago Co. in IL)

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medwhiz1 - 10 d 18 h ago


Trying to order by phone keep getting machine ,look owner's up done with denny's.

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DW - 11 d 13 h ago


Today we stopped at the Denny's Restaurant in Woodland Park. We were there about 2 pm. There were only about 4 tables in the building with customers seated. There was no one waiting to get in. My point it was not .. I repeat not busy. It took them 10 minutes to seat us -- another 20 to bring us our beverage over 30 minutes for our food - a breakfast skillet and an original gran slam. And they got the order wrong - on the gran slam - it was ordered with buttermilk pancakes with a side of the peanut butter sauce - it came out with chocolate chip pancakes with the peanut butter sauce on it.

It was another 20+ minutes for the bill and 5 minutes at the cash register. As we left there were two employees outside sitting in the parking lot smoking. This is the 3rd time we have stopped at this restaurant and I think "the 3rd time is the charm" Done with this restaurant.

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Melissa - 14 d ago


I joined this company a little over a year ago as a server worked my way up to (i thought as general manger) just to find out i was still being paid as a (RM) when ask 3 times when my pay raise was going to happen i was told it was not going to happen flat out. There was a small kitchen fire so resturant was closed for 4 days i was then told i could have 1 cook and 1 dishwasher to help me get this place back up and running. Now please tell me how that is fair to me when i was putting in over 90 hours a week to get things done with no help. Only to be told it was because my store was not busy enough. So unfair to me someone that loved my job only to get shoved under the bus

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Crappy service - 14 d 19 h ago


Visiting from Georgia today, stopped in at Dennys on northern blvd in jackson heights. We arrived at 1030am and it was crowded. I was told it was a 30 min problem. I was seated a little after 11am. My server Sharon took our order after someone reminded her we were there. Still no food after 12:15 pm!. I asked for the manager (Jules). He comes to the table and and i tell him we have been sitting for over an hour since our order has been taken he told me to leave if i cant wait or show him some compassion and i did just that. I left.....Wow, i've never had such horrible service before and i will never come back.

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Unhappy Travelers - 18 d 14 h ago


While traveling to Baltimore, we went to Denny's #8041 on Merritt Blvd, in Baltimore. Filthy, filthy filthy. I went in to go to the bathroom and was gagging the whole time because it stunk so bad like old urine. My husband said the men's bathroom was also filthy. A kid was working on a light above two tables and had ceiling tiles moved around. There was debris dropping on the two tables. He walked away and never cleaned the tables. They were still like that when we left 1/2hour later. My husbands food was way over cooked. I think we are done going to Denny's.

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Aisha - 15 d 16 h ago

I was very unhappy with this same Denny's. It is horrible when it comes to sanitation & the food looks nothing like the menu. I ordered nachos & no tomatoes or lettuce where put on. They daid thats how it is. Unm no. I was just at the Hanover Denny's for breakfast the same day. My waitress was ok but overall the place is a dump.

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Unhappy - 19 d 43 m ago

Recently a friend was in the Denny's in Mt Vernon, Il where a group of men were being rather loud this group had already been asked to guiet down and then they turned to politics and how the bumper stickers around Mt Vernon displaying "in God we trust" needed to be gotten rid of and how "In God we Trust" needed to be taken off of our money. My friend went over and spoke to the man about how our country was founded on God, etc and the man came right back at him. So Both of them were being confrontational. However only my friend was asked to leave the restaurant. The manager made the waitress tell him he did not do it himself or herself. Why is it only the Christian was called out for his actions. Needless to say their is a large group of people in the Mt Vernon area that will no longer be eating at Denny's in Mt Vernon or anywhere else.

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UNHAPPY CUSTOMER - 20 d 9 h ago


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Pam - 21 d 23 h ago


Bad dirty selling drugs to customers .dundalk has a smell .omg . nodding at tables when taking orders.thats the start.

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Unhappy patron - 21 d 18 h ago


Denny's in Cottonwood AZ is in need of much needed work...

the staff was very nice, the food was good..however there are no blinds or shades on the windows in the area I sat and we changed seating to avoid the glaring sunset, but while trying to eat the sun was overpowering! There were mesh films on some of the window that was insufficient and very tacky looking.

The windows were horriblely streaked and dirty. Something "needs to be done"! It was not an enjoyable experience !

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Theresa and Dawn and other night customer's - 27 d 17 h ago


Danny's wisconsin Dell's needs corporate to look in to there night management it's pretty bad when you have customers in your establishment and they are not being waited on and your crew are making a list to send one of them to Bugger king to get all of them 2 for 5 woppers and that shouting this across the entire place for everyone to hear and thsts not the worst part of this in when they get there food from bugger king they set at the counter in front of your customers and eat it whith the bags on the counter for everyone to see 3 tables on our side were very upset and the night manager didn't seam to mine I thought customer service was most managers first priority at any food establishment .please make this Danny's a better place to eat again!!

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Jonni - 28 d 12 h ago


Dennys in west memphis, ar. Worse service ever. Never in my life was I told it would be 15 min for my food to arrive only to wait 2 hours on a to go order while on lunch 5 people were in the restraunt, all ordered and fed before us. Then have their manager Shirley treat us disrespectful, then backtrack when she realized her employees had lied to her and had NOT put in our order. Only to finally get the order and everything was wrong. What kind of place is that. Does that sound like somewhere you would want to go eat at. The whole place should be fired and replaced with people who actually want to work and like their jobs. I have never been treated so badly and recieve that kind of service. Never again will I be back here nor anyone I meet. . . I will make sure the people I love don't suffer through this.

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Old fart tired of greedy corporate types - 29 d 16 h ago

Write a review... ? Why? Negative reviews don't seem to get any action, typical American avarice prevails @ HQ likely. Do your own homework, I'm not here to make suggestions other than that.

See ya, oops, my mistake.... that isn't true

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Tdogg - 31 d 11 h ago


Stopped at the Flying 'J' truck stop in Jeffersonville, Ohio for dinner today. There used to be a good restaurant there, (Country Pride) but Denny's (#8631) is there now. Being that it was late in the evening we decided to go ahead and eat there. Should have gone on down the interstate to the TA truckstop (we will next trip). Asked for sweet tea, they were out and would have to make it, asked for Coke Zero, they don't have it. Settled for diet coke. Placed order, it took a little longer than it should have considering the lack of customers. The food was ok but not as good as Bob Evans. Had to ask for refills on drinks (another server), our server never came back after leaving check. They missed out on selling a desert, we had one picked out but they never asked if we wanted desert. Their loss.

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Anonymous - 38 d 7 h ago

Just had the worst experience at the dennys in the Fiesta hotel in las vegas. Never have I ever asked for a server to take my order. And then wait an hour for my meal. After receiving my meal it was over cooked. I asked for a refund and was told the manager left and I can't get my money back. The worst service ever!

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Cindy - 39 d 15 h ago

First of all I love Denny's....I live in Pacific,Mo. and our nearest Denny's is in Eureka,Mo. about 4 miles away.There was a fire a few months ago and of course it has been closed. I was wondering if there is any news about what is going to happen with it. I really hope that it will reopen.Many people really miss it.Thank you.

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disappointed firefighter - 41 d 11 h ago

no longer giving a firefighters, emt,police or first responder discount I feel this is a slap in the face for all of us that respond in your time of need. I have received this for years and it was a place for the crew to come after an call and decompress, which I guess is no longer the case and we will find another place. I am proud to be an American I guess your not.

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