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Veronica G. - 1 d 15 h ago


My family and I sat at the Denny's location on Encinitas Ave, in Sylmar CA. for over an hour with empty cups and glasses with not one refill, our drinks alone took 25 minutes to be served, a soup that was ordered at the same time was serve 10-15 minutes later, finally after complaining to the Manager. At the end we had to walk out of that restraurant over an hour later without eating, as I walked out I told the Manager Norma that the wait was unaceptable she did apologize and said our food was already coming, in my opinion sitting for over one hour without being served is unaccpetable. The waitress is Tina she is extremely slow and needs someone to help her out in her section.

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Karen - 2 d 12 h ago


No AC here in Fort Worth, TX

Sure you make enough money to pay for the services. Love hate relationship with this spot.

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Clay. - 3 d 16 m ago

Just sat at Denny in Orlando after ordering for 50 minutes. No food no service

How do u stay in business. We left and will let everyone we know to not go to Denny's

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Chelsie&Mom - 5 d 7 s ago


Be CARFUL PEOPLE! Dennys backs up dishonest employee & takes no blame 4 missing $ frm purse, customer accidently left behind on floor under table. In corp stating no proof becus their cameras wernt working! . .... My daughter Chelsie .E. 24yrs old, and 4 of her friends went to eat early morning at Dennys in Yuma,Az and she forgot her purse.Her and fiancee went to drop off a friend then went home on outskirts of town .Chelsie remembered about her purse and called Dennys, cashier/waitress told her no purse as well as sup.on duty. In a frantic Chelsie went bac to rest. Now about an hr had passed since 1st had left rest. & purse behind, manager suggested to look in bathroom and their sh found purse in ladies restroom way on the bottom of trash container. Minus the 6 one hund.dollar bills sh had since cashing her work chk at around 9:30 pm that nite at walmart. Police wer called and chkd employees for $ and ther vehicle no money ws found.Told my. Daughter nothing they cud do, Especially being since no CAMERAS WER ON! And cudnt fingerprint leather(her purse)police then left. Their ws only 1 couple in rest. In which obviously wer cashiers friends, bt wer nt in view of where Chelsie was eating and nt in good view of the floor but cashier/waitress only 1 on duty cud clearly see table n floor since ws directly in front of registrar. Chelsie explained in text on Dennys site and said wud contact 3-5 days.Dennys called&told Chelsie that sh cudnt prove nothing if cashier had picked up her purse and taken $ or if Chelsie even had 600 dol.? & thats THAT!

Is OUTRAGEOUS! No help what so ever by Dennys Corporate! Why WER' NT cameras wrking? Are they LYING? As in working together to cover employee? And Police cud have finger printed LEATHER Y DID THEY SAY CUDNT? My daughter works hard for her money and to just let sumbody hav! Is wrong! Her Fiancee wrks also but is seasonal & is presently only wrking 2 days a week. Chelsie gets no gov. Assistance and in helping to raise their children ages 9&7(my g-children).That 600 ws for bills food etc.and has since placed a donation add for herself&family on face book& in hoping sum people wil help her & family? Ther is no doubt who picked up purse Since was NOBDY ELSE was in rest. Who cud of seen,BUTT! PERSON CLEANIN table and infull view of! Wher chelsie n all wer sitting! In Dennys stating renovations wer reason cameras wernt on! Again lies! Renovations wer done monthes ago and hav since had cameras wrked on and in all being of wrking order! & shud hav been on?as per my speaking wth ind. Who had done wrk on cameras!another Day shift manager at Dennys had told Chelsie, since she has been employed their for 4yrs now that cameras hav never worked! Y lie to the extent? I am nt going to let Dennys take advantage of a younge girl & family, in being due to dishonest employee who obviously is a thief and in giving Dennnys corp. A bad name! And in no kind of SECURITY IN DENNYS!as in No cameras wrking? If that is the case? What if sumthing worse happens who wud be responsible for dennys negligence? In chelsie being native american discrimination cud be reason due to employees at dennys wer hispanic. A couple of weeks prior a native young man, had to wait over an hour to pay in being after had eaten, due to cashier stating had to wait for credit card machine to finish? I nevr heard if such a way of and in handling a customer?&was same cashier as in Chelsies case. Chelsie is taking hard and so i am speaking fir her and will pursue and in justice being served! She is only wanting back the amount in which was taken 600 dollars, but if my or ? & in having to put out of pocket for legal serv as well as in order for fingerprints,to b obtainable and in being of our time Dennys will then hav to pay in a lot mor ways than just monetary wise. Others need to hear how one is treated by Dennys corporate, even tho is obvious who and has check stub to prove had $ and in my checking on cameras had been wrking (statement by wrker) fingerprints are obtainable!& Wil get also.discriminatory acts due to Chelsies age and in being Native Amer. In my having no doubt cashier n All in wrking together even tho is wrong! PROOF THEY WILL GET! B.B B is next and so fourth in my only going forward NOW!

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Liliane calmant - 5 d 18 h ago


I went yesterday at 12100 Sunrise Boulevard in Plantation, Fl I was at the table 31 and over my head the big shade was full of dust! I checked next to me same thing. I had a club sandwich and my boy friend eggs and pan cake at $4; but we stay there like 2 hours. The waiters were walking back and forth the restaurant without any efficiency! I told the cashier but he would not care you can see it!

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Renee rexrode We're stuck there for three hours and then they on top of everything forgot our meal order shampoo times that we were reminded her hey we're waiting and then the manager only gave us 20% on Sheridan premium for all the hell we went through this waitress and our meal and we even told the manager and nothing was done right - 7 d 13 h ago


Most horrible experience (hidden)

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To whom it may concern. - 8 d 13 h ago


Dear Sir,

I had the worst experience I have ever had at your restaurant in Midland ,Tx. I live in Midland and was in that area of town and wanted to get breakfast. They seemed to be aggravated at me because I requested a table insted of sitting at the counter. Since there were only a few people in the place, I wanted a bit more room. I sat there for 20 minutes before the waiter (who tried to get me to sit at the counter) asked if I wanted something to drink and didn't give me any utensils. After another 20 minutes and no refill on my coffee I decided to pay for my cup of coffee which he told me I didn't have to pay for. I expected to have a good breakfast but that wasnt the case. Needless to say that I won't ever be back to your restaurant and will never suggest it to anyone looking for a good meal. The restaurant is in Midland, Texas on the corner of Midkiff and Wall St. Thank you for your time. Bryon Kinsey

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Ken w - 12 d 10 h ago

Denny's restaurant at 44th Street and 131 in Wyoming Michigan is a gold mine going to go broke unbelievable cannot keep help one cook one waitress filthy conditions and they don't seem to care they even tell customers coming in it will be a long wait we have one cook and one waitress and they weren't lying excellent location busy all the time but people are getting pissed please do something to keep this restaurant open

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ShannonDecosta - 13 d 10 h ago


I have email the customer service department regarding an double payment that was taken out of 2 different cards. The manager said the payment didn't go through and that I had to use a different card so I did and come to find out both cards were charged the same amount. I have been trying to get my refund back since Aug 19 around there. I went to the dennys we're I had dinner and spoke with the manager. It has been a month or so. Then I emailed customer service and I'm still waiting on a response. U guys move just as fast as ur service very bad business

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TLRB - 15 d ago

My grown kids and I went to Denny's in Wildomar, Ca. last night. The service was great and the food was good. We go there because our local Dennys is just horrible. Anyway, tonight I decided that I'd call in and pickup my order. When I got there I, something told me I should check the food and I started to, but changed my mind because they've always been really good there. Anyway, when I got home..... I opened the container to eat and realized that most of the spinach was really brown looking, so I went thru the meal and pulled out all the spinach because it look like it was going bad ( btw, I paid extra for more spinach, because it's my favorite thing in that dish). So I called Dennys to talk to a manager ( turns out that's who took my order) and when I tried to tell her what had happened, she basically did called me a liar and wouldn't let me finish. She said that I did check the food ( even though I told her that I had actually changed my mind at the time). She said they'd made it fresh. ( which I never said they didn't) all I said was the spinach was brown like it was bad. She was rude and completely unprofessional. I couldn't believe I told her I'd call corporate ...... She told me to call anyone I liked and hung up on me. I used to really like that Dennys, but that's it for me and my family. We'll never eat at another Denny, anywhere. My family, including myself have waitresses and working in restaurants my whole life and that's not how you treat customers. They get no stars.

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Anonymous - 16 d ago

hi so i live in sunnyvale ca ,my husband and i orderd food from and the dennus closest to me was not takeing online orders so it directed me to the nearest on that was wich was 3715 el camino real in santa clara ca so i put my order in and upon paying seen delivery so i opted for that paid an extra 10 $ and finished checking out with address after about 30 min. they call my husband and tell him they dont have 2 of our items so he call me and and tell substitute 2 different items my husband calls them back and tells the well take 2 other items it has now been an hour 11 pm at night to be exact. it is now 1230 and still no food so i check my emails and there eas an email at 11 19pm saying order has been canceled. so i ask why the "manager" juan began loudly and very rudely telling me to call uber for a refund i asked why i didnt order through uber and my email says if canceled please contact dennys and he is yelling at me now i asked who do i contact at uber as i did not order from them im not sure who im suppost to contact and i asked for his name and corporate contact info. at this point he hangs up after saying my foid is there come get it. well if i had a car i would have but i dont so i cant. ugg now who the hell is going to refund my 67$ cause uber has no clue what im talking about. trying to find someone to contact other than juan the manager is impossible so now i sit its now 1am and i still have no food ive been yelled at and hung up on by dennys manager juan and im out almost 70$ so now im going on fb yelp and any other social media to let them all know how dennys ripped me off and there manager has the worst customer service skills ever not to visit this location thanks dennys

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Dani - 16 d 18 h ago


Me and my boyfriend went for breakfast on sept. 2nd in black river falls. After we were seated it took the waitress 20 mins to come ask if we were ready to order or even drinks. Mind you as we were sitting waiting 3 other tables were seated. After we placed our drinks and food order. The other tables got food there drinks. Mind you at this point it has been an hour and only drinks. So I got mad. Went and tried to talk to someone and all they said is sorry. So we got up and left. I called to try to talk to a manager left my name and number and no call back after I was told she would contact me. I put in an application and was hired last month. I decided not to start work there and glad I didnt.

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Anonymous - 17 d 12 h ago

Denny's in New Braunfels, TX continually head CNN on all their Tv's. I have eaten in this location 4 to 5 times a week and ask them to at least tune one tv to FOX news to no avail. Don't we count ?? Anyway, the attitude of the staff and today, the mouthy wait staff with their political opinions... they need to keep it to themselves. If they don't approve of the president doing his job it's not something they should discuss while we are trying to eat. I give up!! Finding a new restaurant !

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Juanita Taylor - 18 d 6 h ago

Your restaurant in Panama City, Fl. Apparently needs to add more employees. They seem to keep one side closed in the evenings and not enough staff. We have sat here for over 20 minutes and still haven't had our order taken. Seems only have two waiters and one of them is very pregnant. People are leaving after no service.

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Elijah brown - 22 d 12 h ago


I am black man staffing for Denny work grave yard at one of your Denny I have been pick on and miss use by your area director mtg, I been taken off the sheildule back and forth, for no reason,

I feel that he.i had been missed treated as a staffing of Denny I need this take care asp before tv news get involved okay 602 348 2174

This manager have miss use his management at this Denny for year and a lot of help have fail this.busines due.lack of management ,this denny is a good place older coward come here andnthey have special needs from the menu that border and.many cook.dont know how so they walk out ,

Fix your managementnthos Denny will get it's business back keep cook and waited staffing in place will help this Denny picking on one staffing force then to qiut , not listen to the whole detail on item or matter is what os.need here , hiring the kitchen mgr, without Denny training class and they make us as.cok which been their before he.was hire and trained is not fair to give them this type of job and duties

Please fix this.matrer asp, I am still working their I am down to only two a week from a five.days ,

This not fair for my family as well I am in lost ,to feed my family I work two Denny one part which this store full time.grave.yard and very fill a all rules , number is #85555

Young town this store need to review and look into and be under investigation of management,

Your store mgs, put me on the and he take me off for no reason, he write me up and the scheduling why me is.pick on, I give out great food , no complaint, from any one , a good team.player I help other dishwasher and.wait staff bus table and I cook come when call work needed

Work for other cook but got write up for it and then other cook did not but go no write up , why is this , both if us fault,

Fix this or looking into this problem before it get out of hand

Thank u

I care okay

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George - 22 d ago


I went to Hanford can Denny's and I have been waiting so far40 min no one has asked me if I wanted,food or beverage ,this happens regularly at night.I can tell you your loosing customer's left and right this is bad even when there are not bossy chk it out on evening cameras ,they have at least 4 people on floor no excuse to walk by unhelped customers5 or6 time's Jeff wake up this is your bossiness if it makes a difference to u just trying to express my frustration.

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Marsha - 25 d 6 h ago


Hi I had recently complained about dinners that my mother and I had at a local Denny's restaurant in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania. The manager, whose name was Anna Mae, contacted me and asked me what was wrong and I told her. She sent me two complementary dinners plus two drinks plus two free desserts to make up for the bad experience that we had had there several weeks before. My mother and I went back to this Denny's last Saturday and had the sirloin steak with sides and the meal was absolutely delicious. We talked to the manager and complimented and thanked her for all that she had done to make our visit enjoyable. This is the Denny's restaurant in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania and Anna Mae is a wonderful manager who certainly went out of her way to accommodate us. So cheers to her and here's to you for a wonderful experience and wonderful food thank you so much. Marsha Karpovich

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Anonymous - 26 d 6 h ago


Food was awful cold had to send it back the nachos were aweful chips were raw not cooked I probably won't ever come back to this location I'm a cook in a small town and I'd never send out food like this I take a lot of pride in my food you would think he would to for a major restaurant but he don't give a care about his food

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Anonymous - 26 d 13 h ago

Well reading the reviews I guess all Dennys offer the same horrible service. After wasting my time sending a four paragraph email about the hostile and incompetent service from our waitress, Brittany, in North Smithfield, RI, I never received a response. That's too bad but I will never eat at another Dennys restaurant if this is the way they respond to a customer's concern. I realize they treat all customers the same!!!!!

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Anonymous - 27 d 13 h ago


This whole corporation is a complete joke. My father worked for them for over 40 years as a cook, and damn good at his job. He was a full time employee and recently retired. Nothing to show for his hard work. No incentives/benefits were ever given. The poor man couldn't take a vacation without being threatened that if he took one then not to expect a job when he came back. Last time I checked a FTE is entitled to 2 weeks paid vacation not slave away for a shitty company that could care less about it's employees. Not one good thing to say about this piece of shit of a company.

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Sheryl C - 27 d 14 h ago


Good morning. I am calling regarding a phone order and a bad customer service I experienced this morning. I started calling at 7:17 am, and at 7:19 am, someone answered the phone. I gave my phone orders- a grand slam and a superbird- and she said food will be ready in 10 minutes. I got to the Denny's location at 11195 Long Beach Blvd, Lynwood, California, 90262, got in line at the register to pay for my order. In front of me were 3 ladies in line to pay as well. As I wait for my turn, I looked around and noticed one table with 2 people. There was a guy on the register, a manager maybe named Jessica, and another lady who took my order which I did not get the name. At 7:29 am, 10 minutes after, my orders are not ready yet, so I went to my car because I have children waiting. I went back inside the store really quick to check my orders and nothing still. I sat in my car, and waited for a couple more minutes. At 7:35 am, I saw the lady who took my phone order waving her hand on me cause she can see me sitting on my parked car through their window, giving me the signal to "maybe come in, the foods ready".... so I went inside, and this lady, who never acknowledged me and saw me walked in, left me standing in front of the register and walked to her customer, that one table. I was not happy about the whole experience. Why say 10 minutes when it really was not going to take 10 minutes? Why wave at me and leave me, or not even acknowledge me? Observations: Very poor customer service. I called the phone 2x, ringing at least a minute each phone call, and no answer. Empty restaurant, slow to poor service.

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Asp - 31 d 5 h ago


Hello i went for the first time to a denny's in tropicana ave and eastern in las vegas . it was the worst service i have got from their restaurants.. Fi rst i waited for a while to be approached, and then the time to order again .Then the food came kind of Cold ..ifvyou need my info u can texm

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Anonymous - 27 d 15 h ago

Lol...its Las Vegas!!

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Carlene - 27 d 15 h ago

OK..Denny's in Holbrook, Az #6361 .A lot of People are Employed at the Power Plant and eat ,Hotel it there.But,Denny's food is not Delicious. It just has plain taste. But,there is a Native American Cook there today who makes Oatmeal taste Delicious. Please put him on full Schedule. He probably make Entire food Great Again..Lol

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Brenda - 29 d 20 h ago

I am very surprised that no one from Denny's has contacted me after I submitted my survey. I was so upset with the service and refusal to take my "Denny's" gift card at the Walton, Kt restaurant, my family and I will never go back and we will tell others about them.

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