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Brandon - 3 h 46 m ago


I literally thought it was 1960 again. The way my wife and two children was treated at Dennys in Bakersfield, Ca . At the Buck Owens and Rosedale Hwy branch. They were so impolite bad service my 5yr old and 3yr old son begun to cry they took over 1 hr . They sat over 10 customers and served there meals and some left once we're done eating. And my family of 3 still waiting for a to go order until my kids went to sleep on there benches after waiting over an hour . Which they totally forgotten if they were there. And managers wasn't professional handling issues and concerns. I'm a business owner and have lot's of meetings at Dennys never experienced anything like this. Brandon

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Mavin Tennon - 9 h 40 m ago


Hello I live in a small town by the name of Mount Vernon Texas zip code 75457 I would like to bring to your attention that there it is a TA Travel Center under construction in Mount Vernon which will host two restaurants hopefully you seize the opportunity and place a Denny's inside his Travel Center where to Joy to be able to get breakfast dinner or supper 24 hours a day.

Thank you,

Mavin Tennon

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Jennifer - 5 d 20 h ago


8000 s interstate 35e Corinth TX has absolutely the worst service and horrible management. We were patient with our server who acted as if he didn't know what was going on then proceeded to get the order wrong. As our server stepped our to smoke I walked up to the kitchen to get our order right. Manager never came out. The new order was brought to us. This point I was ready to go so as we walked up to the front we are told they couldn't cash us out and said only the other lady could and walked away mind you there are only 4 tables seated one man waiting on a Togo not busy. I ask for a manger and she tells me to hold on because she is busy. I then ask for corporates number she acts stupid as she doesn't know it tells me it's by the door and low and behold it's not there I will not be returning to this location

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Katie - 6 d 7 h ago


This is the shadiest company I have ever worked for , I was supposed to be paid on Jan. 25,2017 and have been given one run around after another. I worked for a check an you refuse to pay me an at this point I unfortunately see I am going to have to publicly shame you by letting people know how you really treat people,very sad. I also am calling labor board.

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

I'm right there with you Katie they sent me from San Bernardino to work at the Colton store one night and they still haven't paid me it's been over a month and now I'm on call I hope we could do something about this Corporation

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Myla - 17 d ago


After church yesterday 3/5/2017 we went to Denny's in Everett WA on Pacific. I can't believe what we experienced. A homeless man in a wheelchair was seated. Yes he did look bad and he had an order. No one ever came over to help the man. The bus boy was the only one to help the man, and the manager put a stop to that. The manager told the man that he had gotten a lot of complaints and he had to leave. The manager put the homeless man out with a cup of coffee. I had tears in my eyes. So me and my husband went outside to see if we could offer the man something to eat. He told us he just wanted a sandwich, and he had the money to pay for it. So my husband and I went back into Dennys to order the sandwhich. Dennys would not sale us the sandwhich and told us it would take 30 to 40 minutes to make the sandwhich. So I ask for our bill and a to go box. We paid our bill, I loaded up our food and gave it to the man. We will not be visiting Dennys in Downtown Everett on Pacific ever again. I have posted our story on social media, on Dennys web page. I also have contacted our local news who is very interested in the story. I know it will not make a difference to Dennys, but at least I got a lot of ears listening and willing to make this story go global.

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CyCoe - 7 d ago


You should have taken the bum home with you, fed him, cleaned him up, bought him new clothes and give him money for a motel if he made you so "teary eyed". Nobody wants to go to a family restaurant and eat with a stinking, disheveled person. We could just go eat at a soup kitchen for that type of "atmosphere". He's a grown man and made his own lot in life...I save my compassion for those who've had bad things happen to them through no fault of their own, not those who just give up on themselves and resort to pity from others in order to survive. I applaud this store manager!

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Katie - 6 d 7 h ago


Your a disgusting human being an I curse you an your family into poverty you snob

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Katie - 6 d 7 h ago


This is no surprise Denny has gone down hill not only with how they treat customers but the fact that they treat the workers like crap as well. I hope they close them all an he goes bankrupt

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Anonymous - 6 d 18 s ago

Yes I actually work for Denny's and it's true the management does not treat their employees right I'm a 46 year old woman have bills to pay I opened a store with Denny's a new store I was working 40 hours for like the first 2 months they would hold me down to 5 hours a week now I'm on call I hope the corporate office will help me with my situation but if not then we all know what's really going on there

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Sherri - 11 d ago


Wait time to be seated was great. The service was beyond poor. We were to be seated at table 11 where the floor was soaking wet. The mopping was poor and there was no aign as you turn in. I didnt want to sit there since my granddaughter had a fractured clavical and didnt want to chance her slipping. I asked for a different table. Was seated.

The food arrived but we had no drinks. As we waited for our waitress to arrive with our drinks the length od time passed so much that my grandsons meal was all gone and my meal and granddaughters meal was half gone. My daughter got up to go let the waitress or hostess aware we needed drinks. Next desserr time. I myself, and my grandchildren were finished with our food. Ice ceeam for my grandson and a sundae for my granddaughter. They both areived with a scoop of iceam with whip cream. Again, we waited for the waitress to return. Again, my daughter let the staff know that it was auppose to be a sundae. Strawberry on strawberry with whip cream. The reciept was shown and the waitress comes back with a bowl of strawberry topping and puts on the table very heavily and starts picking up plates. A plate at which my daughter was still eating. How rude and I'm totally disgusted at this time. The manager comes over to resolve the matter giving us a menu to order food. She didnt understand that the food itself was the problem bwsides the sundae and drinks but the service was horrible. We askes for refill and waited yet again. It's just time to go. Done with this location. Now my grandchildrens opinion of Dennys has been detoured. Ashame.

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TC - 14 d 7 h ago


I was mistreated when I visited the Denny's off route 30; Louck Road. I gave them several opportunities to make this wrong right and nothing was done. I was waiting for some time to be placed at a table. I was finally greeted. A server went to clean a table for me and I continued to stand and wait. A couple of women had just entered Denny's and the assistant manager walked up and decided to help them without checking to who was next. She then took them to the table that was cleaned for me by the server as she was coming to get me to take me to that table. When the server saw that she took that table, she went to clean another table for me. When she came back I made her aware that I was there first and that table that she took those customers to was cleaned for me. She stated that she didn't know and that she could take me to another table. I told her that the server is now cleaning another table to take me to and that I did not need her to find me another table. The General Manager, Linda, was made aware and she offered an apology. They only offered apologies. I was highly upset and should not have experienced this. Communication is Key and as a manager she should have enough professionalism to ask who was the next customer to be seated. You cannot assume or give preference to someone over another.

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Anonymous - 17 d 11 h ago


Dennys Riverdale Memphis Tn is in terrible condition. Dish room not using dennys products. And dishes are not clean. Mr Horn the owner don't order enough products and products are purchased. He talks bad to employees whatever he says we must obey. Corprate came twice and was kept out of dish room. He refuse to change fryer oil for good product. Corprate calls when coming so he attemps to get things right.

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Discuss of dennys team - 17 d 18 h ago

Don't like Denys family work place an judgemental. My husband an i went to eat at Denys we had just. Gotten there pan pulled in parking spot why I gaiter are things at town store he went to bathroom. People was hateful. Rude bathroom. Very dirty he made. Complaints. Bought feces. On toliet. An no paper towels so he came back to the car talking to me how things was an next thing cops everywhere saying had complaint on acting funny really that how Denny become rotten an not family never going back

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Mr. Tibbs - 19 d ago


The Dennys on Boardman Canfield rd is so prejudice. They thought I was gay...NOT...and never made my order...I waited 25 minutes in store but I called in...

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Priscilla - 20 d 3 h ago


My husband and I went to Denny's at 975 E. Dundee Rd. Palatine Il. today on March 3rd at 11:00 am.

We waited for the front desk clerk to seat us, we followed him and he put us way back in a dark corner, I asked if we could be seated by a window in a both instead. We went back to the front desk and waited. There were 3 open boths at that time, he could have sat us down at any one of them. Still waiting a couple came in way after us and he proceeded to sit them first. Still waiting two waitress came up to us and I complained to both and asked if we want to talk to the manager, don't know where the front desk clerk went. No manager came up front.

We were very disappointed with the service and left. I have never had this kind of treatment.

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Anonymous - 20 d 1 h ago

We had a similar experience. But we were asked to move away from the window four times. I was so annoyed I left with my daughter holding her up hoping she wouldn't faint in my arms! Corpus Christi Texas!

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Anonymous - 25 d 3 h ago


Dennys 12th st ohden utah,.. there was 7 people in our party today this morning at this Denny's the worst experience and I do mean the worst in my life I have ever encountered

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azbob - 27 d 20 s ago


I would like to take the time to commend the best Dennys anywhere.. First the restraint is always clean. and they seat you as fast as they can.with the Manager of the year Lisa who is always checking to see when a table or a booth is ready this keeps a smooth flow for those that have been waiting. this lady never stops and is like the energizer Bunny. Now let me tell you about the Best Waitress I have ever had.. Her name is Valentina, my wife and i think that she is the top, but let me say that all the Waiters and waitresses are great, but Vaientina is the best. She always makes recommendations and goes over all the specials. This girl never stops and is always working hard, taking great care of all her customers. Lisa the manager is always coming around asking how is everything and is friendly with being very professional. I have been to many Denny's in my travels with over 20 years military and this Denny's # by far the best. I would also like to acknowledge the cooks they are some of the best The restrant is always clean so that the employees that take care of the custodial duty's are number one.


Robert T Church


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Huftman - 36 d 9 h ago


What year did Denny,s begin business?

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Anonymous - 28 d 7 h ago

1953 under the name Danny's Donuts

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Anonymous - 31 d 22 m ago

I am from Pueblo Colorado and just now and you didn't eat restaurant on the Frontage Road and the sewage smell the minute you walk into her door is so bad the restrooms are filthy we have maybe two customers two waitresses that have no manners this place needs to be torn down or something it is bad I don't know if any of you have been around to check it out but to walk in to eat around a smell this bad sewage coming up the bathroom floor is very unhealthy

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cmarslove - 31 d 12 h ago


I wasn't greeted at all by Dana and what was said was extremely rude and condescending, and even went as far to tell me people thought she was "rude, and referred to her as Flo, but then said it was before my time. Her whole attitude towards me was demeaning, even still I gave her a $2 tip because I hoped she could've been just having a bad day, 'maybe I would make it better. Finally got my food and to open it and first it the order was wrong, I paid for an omelette but received plain eggs. Then I open my pancakes and in the open on the top is a cockroach!!!! I have a picture, I went and got some of my money back, she wouldn't include me the tip, and when I asked for a voucher to a CLEANER location she snuffed me off. I am amazed at ever being treated like this. My grandma and her church friends eat lunch there every Sunday, but would never return if they knew, I am appalled... because I honestly think it was done on purpose, it was unmissable, I bet if I was to look thru my food I would have found more frowned upon things, to top it off I asked her for if he store number that is the one she gave me, very reluctantly at that. I will contact someone if I don't hear back soon... this kind of buisness isn't only rude but it's dangerous, what restaurant would have an infestation? I'm am a new mom who also care takes for my grandma, I'm infuriated, and want To take it to social media, if your interested in the picture I can provide it... I am going to talk about this over with my lawyer, the whole thing is very unsettling.

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Heated lost customer - 36 d 7 h ago


Today, February 15, 2017 I called the Dennys at 1040 West Mercury Blvd Hampton, VA 23666 at 11:35am & the young lady or should is say the bish that answered the phone was very rude, caught a terrible attitude, and hung up on me. I called back because I am definitely not the one for disrespect and she continued to be rude and cut me off. The "manager" comes to the phone and he was no better. Trying to rush me off of the phone, did not listen to my complaint, and then going to ask did I call for a job. Um hell no and the reason I did call is of none of your concern anymore either becuz I no longer want to give my business to this company. Have a great day.

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Unhappy customer - 38 d ago


Feb 9 2017 my husband and son rented a room at the gold strike in Jean NV. Dennys was the only restaurant there and when they walked in there was about 19 tables with dirty dishes on them and he got out his phone and video taped it. No people were even in there. I said if it looks that baby in the dining room would hate to see the kitchen and told them I would refuse to eat there. But being the only place to get food for miles around and being tired from working and driving he had no other choice. Dirty and bad service he should have not paid a penny for his meal. Clean it up Dennys. Your name and business is getting stomped in the dirt.

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