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David Waldroup - 34 m ago


The Denny's in green county ga is about the worst place to eat I was waiting for 30 minutes before getting waited on and then I had to go and ask if they were open. The waitress was to busy setting in her boy friend lap in order to wait on us I will never eat at a Denny's again if that is how the train their managers

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Sandy Pratt - 3 h ago


This is Concerning Dennys on Elma RD In Ithaca N.Y.

This is the second time myself and my family have had really Bad service there. When the 6 of us walked in, there were 3 people in the restaurant. The young waitress took our orders and brought us our drinks. Then we waited 44 minutes, and my daughter got up and got the waitress to please bring refill on our drinks. And could she please bring the kids their meals. She brought one child her meal and a refill on drinks. After another 20 minutes, my Daughter then got up again and asked who is going to bring us our food, she saw that our orders were just sitting on the counter. Finally we got our food. They gave us a free bowl of fruit for taken so long. There were 3 waitress there at that time, One was eating fries off a plate, our was slow. The manger lowered our Bill. He should have because they got 2 of the orders wrong. But we ate it anyway because we were truly hungry. Those people at that Dennys give Dennys a Bad Name.

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Sid Williams - 11 h 47 m ago


I ordered online to the Denny's in Tampa near my home and I arrived on time to pick up my order, my order wasn't even ready! The restaurant wasn't even busy I don't understand how my order couldn't have been ready besides laziness, I waited 30 + minutes for my order! I am not happy!!!

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Anonymous - 20 h 28 s ago

Had am experience of a Manager Tirany rose smoking weed the smell was so strong coming out of there car it was white and having sexual relations with a cook name Art very uncomfortable experience i will never come here again its unacceptable to have this going on in a business that has family values this happen in 903 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205

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Anonymous - 1 d 4 m ago


I had a very bad experience with the Denny's on McHenry in Modesto, CA. Their customer service is very poor ! I will not be going back because of the fact that I got there in the morning and wasn't even helped with anything until 2 hours later ! They just kept helping the same people. I'd go up and ask if they can come to us because we have been waiting patient & the lady was extremely rude she looked at me and just walked by me. 2 hours later we finally got helped with our drinks and then about 20 mins after that finally gave our orders. We ate and the food was so bad. It tastes horrible !! We went up to the register to pay and still after waiting for 2 hours to get helped and get this. THEY WERE NOT EVEN BUSY !! we weren't even apologized to or even offered a discount for the wait !! After eating that food my family and I feel extremely sick and have been sick (vomiting) all day long. Really feel like they may have put something in our food.

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Lanaki - 1 d ago


A busser by the name of James was extremely rude to me and my children. This is not the first time he has been rude. I have been to this Denny's (Address: 2940 Gulf Fwy, League City, TX 77573) on numerous occasions and have witnessed him be very ill-mannered toward customers and coworkers alike. I understand he may have some issues that make him a little slow but that is no excuse. I have brung this issue to managements (Scott) attention and they have done nothing to resolve the situation this one employee is causing. Please do something, (fire or relocate employee to back of house), before it escalates.

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Lue - 3 d 12 m ago


I would like to submit a claim of incompetent service at the Denny's in Salina Utah. We were seated at a table and waited 10 minutes with no one coming to our table. I went to the cashier area and asked if someone would please come take our order. I need to also say that as we waited, we witnessed 5 employees visiting with one another in the cashier/ prep area! Our waitress finally came and took our order.

This particular Denny's tends to have this problem! Salina area has only 2-3 restaurants with the majority of our choices are fast food. When Denny's opened a few years ago, it was top rate service, it is really a shame to see this difference! There was also a family of 5 that walked out as we waited and they stated they had been waiting for 20 minutes for their meals! Please look into this matter! For now, we will not be returning to the Denny's Restaurant in Salina Utah!

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Marcia Painovich - 3 d 20 h ago

I just want to k ow if a Dennys is going to be in Woodcrest, California. Many people who live here said they heard a rumor. Please let me know.

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David James - 4 d ago

I have been a customer of Denny's for the last 40 I have been so disillusioned with Denny's in the last year that my wife and I are talking about never going Back

The menu changes so often that it's almost confusing

There are no old standards on the menu whatsoever except in a few little piddling concessions to old age

All we good old stuff is gone

No Apple pie No chili No Reuben sandwiches

Almost no old traditional food whatsoever

It's a wonder you're staying in business Send somebody in to the grassroots and find out what your customers really like and get back to it your old tradition

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Health issues - 5 d 17 h ago

The waitress leaves the coffee pots on the customers tables the way people are licking ice cream I don't think that's a good ideal

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Anonymous - 6 d 4 h ago


Would like to know how someone with drug charges from 2 different states is able to walk into a restaurant and walk out with a managers position ,talking about the Denny's in Bedford Indiana ,in drug court on probation ,and doesn't even own a car ,when there are employees who have been there and even haven't been offered the job ,

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Holmes - 6 d 8 h ago


Twentynine Palms Denny's, has a new waiter, Mexican, I believe based on the service I received that he is racist

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Anonymous - 9 d 45 s ago


How can I make a report of my gm changing hours so we don't have over time pay and changing tip claims.

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Anonymous - 10 d 36 s ago


Went to denny's here in eugene Oregon at 9pm waitress was overwhelmed and the black Male manager wasn't pitching in and helping her in fact asked her to make a chocolate shake for a Togo order he took while she had multiple tables to take care of including mine. The manager acted as if he didn't want or like his job felt very sorry for the waitress so did the rest of my party at my table. I believe this manager should be informed of how to be a team player these were my observations during my time there eating my meal

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Chadia - 10 d ago

The Dennys on Melton and Willowcreek in Portage Indiana has bad service. First, the soda machine is not working, then the order of Alaskan salmon with potatoes and rice was wrong. The potatoes looked like scrap left over on the grill and instead of getting rice, I get greasy vegetables. I waited about a half hour for my rice to arrive and my food was already cold. When I asked for the manager and asked why would they serve food like this, he looked as in "what's wrong with it ". It is 7:11pm August 7th 2019.

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Amanda - 11 d 7 h ago

As a server who works in the industry i hate to complain about anything... so with that in mind, i have had nothing but awful experiences at our local dennys, and when i say local i mean dennys is one of 3 places to choose to eat unless you want to drive 35 miles one way to town. We have went there numerous times within the last 2 months alone, (note: not including the prior months) and literally every single time we have come to eat my family and i stand in the waiting area very much noticed but absolutely ignored. we watched and waited this last time for 20 mins while no manger in sight and numerous servers walked by, if this were my place of employment we would have all got written up and taken off the scheduled, who knows how long i would have had to wait until i finally asked could we be seated. So the next week we just wantred to avoid the going in to eat and called to order take out, it was then i called and called and called with no answer, the finally got an answer, was treated absolutely rude and hung up on, when called back a cook answered and was trying to help, sobeing a server who understands how things can go sometimes i said ill come in to order togo, so when we i got there to order the food i sit and wait 30 mins then am told it would be another hour or so before my food would be ready..... like seriously, this is rediculous 100 percent crazy. this is only two of the times not to mention the numerous other times food has been wrong , waited after being seated to even see a server..

Stony Creek VA Dennys

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Johnny Apple Seed - 11 d 14 h ago


I actually worked for Denny's. The manager insulted me every chance he got. Handing me my clock in card on my second day- never clocked in on my first- he said, "Moving on up in this world" obviously sarcastically. And even though I am overqualified to be a manager, I was hired as a cook. Fine with me except for the fact that I had no say in the kitchen and the other cooks, who were dirty and lazy, ordered me around and had fun at my expense. Every time I put on gloves before touching the food they yelled at me. Said, "you don't need those. You're taking too long slow poke." Then they'd shove me out of the way and grab a handful of raw meat with their bare cigarette perfumed hands and toss it on the grill. "Grill kill everyding" they'd say just like so. "You tink you bedder tan me? Dident tink sah." Well, I didn't show up the next day and I never got paid for the 12 hours the manager put me down for never mind the 16 I actually worked.

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Fed Up - 12 d 9 h ago

The Dennys on Overland and Jefferson is horribly run. They have no idea of customer service and ignored me when I say down. The manager Jessica who finally showed up 10 mins after asking for her was clueless. I have patronized Dennys for years but no more. Het Magic, your Denny's suck. Amateur hour on steroids!

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Suck it - 12 d 13 h ago


Fix your fucking online ordering

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Kookiemonster - 13 d 11 h ago

I have been going to Denny's for over50 years. For the last 2 years I have gone to your Rialto Ca on Route 66 . Each time I go I get snubbed . I stand waiting to be acknowledged and until say something do I even a we will right with you. Today was the last time I will walk into Dennys. I watch the others in the restaurant get a happy we will be right with you in other words they don't like me, I have never raised a fuss nor been rude and am an excellent tipper hoping this treatment go away. I get it now I am the only non Hispanic person . That are so nice to others it makes me get mad . I speak Spanish fluently and have heard enough. Jokes about me how funny it is they give me the worst table etc.. I am not about to put up with this. I only write you sitting hear at Cocos restaurant where they are happy to see me greet me right away and don't make me feel like all I want is to eat and leave.If I may suggest that you start sending fluently speaking white men there and see for yourself how terrible they treat white men. It's all white males. They joke about how funny it is to treat us this way they do it knowingly and with pleasures. I will never be back so in the long run they have won . Thank you Denny's for hiring such a bunch is terrible people and allowing this to continue . Cocos appreciates it. I am sure there are many others have stop going there as I said all the employees and now patrons are Mexicans and they have another restaurant. They don't have to share with other Americans. What a shame

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Katelyn - 14 d 10 h ago


I am writing to let you know that I have never seen such poor food or poor service in my entire life. I have had waitresses bleeding and serve alcohol to minors and have never seen anything worse than this. At 34 Gustabal Ave in Nashu NH on August 3, 2019 at 12:45 PM The waitress Kristine delivered food to the neighboring table with her hair dangling in the food on the tray. She came over to see how we were doing and before we could answer with our concerns she turned around to ask the table behind her. The food came out completely uncooked, the bacon was still oinking, the hash browns were completely white, we could not eat our meals. Upon asking for the manager the waitress refused to leave one of the plates for the manager to see. It took over twenty minutes for the manager to come out. Asking for him at 1235 and when he did he did not care about the undercooked food, the fact that the waitress was incompetent or the fact that the food was served against FDA regulations. He simply said the food is comped have a nice day and walked away. I will never again go to another Denny's which is a shame because I have loved this restaurant for over 20 years. I will also make sure everyone is aware of the experience and treatment we recurved today.

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Anonymous - 14 d ago

Hopefully you won't recurve this experience again.

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Vada McCoy - 14 d 12 h ago


Dear Denny's

I'm writing to let you know that we in the city of Waterford

Would love to have your reastraunt in my hometown of Waterford calif. we actually don't have one reastraunt we can go to after church or in the evenings. Unless it's mexican food or pizza. I was born here in Waterford & we need this very much . I hear everyone saying we need a Denny's or a family reastraunt. Please consider us for your reastraunt. Thank you

Mrs vada McCoy

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Anonymous - 18 d ago


dennyes sucks in horesheads ny you don't get your hole order the staff is rude and the manger can't do his job that don't ask if every thing is ok this was done on Tuesday July 30,2019 at 730pm

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Cekkk - 17 d 9 h ago


If you order like you scribble, little wonder the order is screwed up.

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Musiotunya - 15 d 46 m ago

You are right! I was more generous than you; I gave a star which they did not deserve. In my case it was management; the manageress (black) blatantly demonstrated her dislike to serve Scottish looking red-head beared man. She was rude and arrogant AND insulting to us. I could accuse her of taking out her dislike for Trump among other political personnel..

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