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DHL Express (USA), Inc.

1200 S. Pine Island Rd.
Plantation, FL
(954) 888-7000
(888) 221-6211
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Disgusted - 11 d ago


OMG, what incompetence! They ever heard of using a GPS? Why is it my mail carrier, UPS & FEDEX can find my home but DHL can't for the 2nd time? I call & give them the main road & cross street to my street & still at the end of the day, tracking says address info needed! What more can be given to the moronic, incompetent idiot driver? I wished never to have anything delivered by DHL again after the hell I went through in June with this asinine outfit! Just my luck the vendor who said shipping via the post office, switched it to DHL & so I am going through the same shit I went through in June never receiving my shipment & waiting a month for a refund! AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!

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William Francis Keough - 17 d 2 h ago

I paid for second day delivery and it's been 8 days and counting, what kind of people are working for you ?

The word incompetence comes to mind. Please reimburse my payment. Tracking # (hidden), check it out for yourself

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Anonymous - 18 d 4 h ago

Hello I need a call back from someone in Human Service. You have an employee that is using my social security number to work at a DHL location. It is causing me lots of problems as I am a retired senior citizen whom is on the verge of loosing my social security check due to this person using my number. If I don't hear from anyone in 24 hours my attorney will call IRS and ask for an investigation into this fradulent use of my social security number. .Ms Hernandez (hidden)

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Anonymous - 32 d 5 h ago

I have worked for this company for 3 1/2 years.... I have tired my best to get in contact with the human resource department for a year now.... I have asked my supervisor and my general manager for the number... no luck... we had a board in our break room with the number on there but they took it down so we won't be able to call in make complains .... we work 10 hours out of the day with no fans dock door closed..... it get over a 100 degrees in Terrell, Texas so just imagine how hot it is.... I have called OSHA no luck...I have called immigration because I don't tell like it's right ....they get paid more then me and I'm a us citizen and been here longer then a lot of them doing the same job

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Disgusted - 37 d 5 h ago


Worst company ever! The courier delivers to the wrong street, in the wrong town & can't retrieve package. They expect me, THE BUYER to contact the seller in Thailand when its a DHL screw up. I try contacting the seller to get them to file a lost package claim, they don't reply, don't refund me & don't contact DHL. A DHL rep finally sends me a cargo claim form, I provide all documents, the claim form, pay $6.70 to mail is to DHL to be told I can't file a claim, screw you buyer! I am out $ 180.00 thanks to DHL! Will make sure from now on, to check the carrier. If i see DHL, I will run the other way!

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Anonymous - 43 d 16 h ago






(hidden) CELL (hidden) HOME




EMAIL: (hidden)

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Anonymous - 52 d 12 h ago


My name is Michael Serrette, I've had the worst experience with this company. First they said that my package went to NJ, then they said it was found and then lost again. Then they lied again and said it was delivered two miles from my home and then they found it again and then finally said it was lost. Now I'm trying to contact corporate and i can't the Freaking worse.

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Anonymous - 55 d 26 m ago

Thanksni recd a call back about when I'll start getting part of my husband pension from IBT 295 .union as i was and is a divorced union spouse..all i have to do is identify myself as the union hall in albany ny saw me my husband of 27 years a courier out of elmsford ny the unconscious thought as he and me came from gay lifestyles before becoming christians and married..but i found out in 2011 kept his lifestyle going something..that ended our life together john a rinaldi..even tho it's been hard..cause he then turned the focuses of life against me that it felt i was being attacked by 50 husbands.he wasn't a good person actual full of sh..and still is..

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screwed by DHL - 60 d 6 h ago


deplorable company! deliver my item to wrong address, in the wrong town & won't make good on their courier's major FUCK UP! will not try to retrieve from the wrong address or reimburse me for the item cost. they don't help, don't resolve, don't care!

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Anonymous - 60 d 9 h ago


I want report one of your vans speeding at 27 street, plantation Fl 33323 Monday 18 12:40 PM

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Anonymous - 65 d 12 h ago

My name is Sandra Jean Leonard and my number 841 450 05 4 4 that is the tracking number it was coming from PO Box 971 Reno Nevada I am in Guadalajara Mexico I've been trying to get my package back for two and a half months the service has been awful I miss Fisher and one of your Express office sent me an attachment we can't get into so this is what I want you to do take that package get rid of it I don't want to ever have to deal with VHF

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Lucy medaglia rinaldi - 67 d 12 h ago

After mt vernon ny where john rinaldi lived we moved to carmel 2010..i then went to livingston county ny in 2011 where we sent our son to college at elim bible school.lima then cause john left DHL..andrew was on his JOHN was left to his own and his sister since then has made his x wife and son life a living hell....he claimed i spent all the money..check out amtrak page for further updates

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Lucy medaglia rinaldi - 67 d 12 h ago

Let me explain what john a rinaldi did to his x wife me of 27 years with providing for me and his son..he worked for dhl from 1994 to 2009..he quit or took severence as his barn closed..and didnt want to learn a new instead of 35 hr and benefits for his family..he went back to hairdressing...part 1

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Lucy A Medaglia aka lucy m rinaldi - 67 d 12 h ago

Lucy medaglia also known as lucy m rinaldi let vinny bruno union leader mr john rinaldi.continue to use union lawyers and waste time as he never ever had a back prevent work..forced OT..i understand my pension kicks in at possisble 62 years old and johns pension is paying for the union lawyer he's been using for the last 8 years.

Thanks IBT 295..

Always took care of me and my son..elmsford courier John A Rinaldi is not the winner..he even filled 2 years of income tax with me as his spouse one year he recd 5000. Next year he collect 10000. Put him in jail or medal hospital already

Lucy a medaglia

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Pissed - 95 d ago


I sent a parcel envelope thru an authorized agent of DHL ( a store) , I was told by this agent that my parcel will arrive to its destination in 4 days, it never did. When I complained to this store agent ,he immediately told me that he has nothing to do with the delivery date , that DHL decides for the date of delivery. ( Mr. Agent , didn't you tell me "it will arrive to its destination in 4 days"? ) Yeah,right, you already got my money,it was expensive and now this agent is cleaning his hands from such bad business practice ! DHL, is your business based on dishonesty ,coldness and fraud? Sounds like it !

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Anonymous - 276 d 17 h ago


This company in joliet il is very loud. It was built so close to houses on vetter rd. We on vetter rd were told and went to meetings. A lp filling station was suppose to be built where this dhl warehouse is. Next thing we know this warehouse gets built. The residents on vetter rd were not told about this. The noises from this place is so loud that we have to yell at each other when we are outside even though we are feet from each other. And at night the noise gets louder the sound is higher than our tvs inside our home. And it makes it very hard to sleep. I have not gotten any good sleep since this place opened

This area used to be a peaceful , quiet, and dark rural area. So we are used to the peace and quiet and darkness at night. The Illinois Pollution Control Board says that companies just can't come in and bring all the noise and lights into what was once was peaceful and dark at night area. They cannot disrupt our lives like this and deprive us of sleep especially when we are used to peace and quiet and darkness at night. I have went to the warehouse and complained and have called mars candy and wrigley gum. The two products thst are in thus warehouse. And got no where. I am ready to sue because of the noise and lights from this warehouse. Being deprived of my sleep is taking its toll on my health and I will not stand for it any longer. I have already met with my lawyer on this and are ready to sue. You at this DHL logistics cannot come in and make a the noise you want. This company knew how noisy this place was gonna be. Also the banging noise from loading the trailers up and the noise from the trucks in the yard also are loud and have gotten louder

DHL logistics needs to do something about the noise or I will sue. Or better yet GET OUT OF OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!

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Ed - 114 d 5 h ago


Don't threaten to sue. Threats are laughed at. Get your neighbors together and file a class action law suit. Get a good attorney and he or she will give you the right guidance. Don't threaten it, Do It

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Never using this service - 120 d ago


I was contacted by a Mr. John Smith of the foreign delivery department in Benin. After messaging him back telling him I don't have money for a $150 fee for security as he put it because I'm disabled and all the money I get is just enough to pay my bills and that my money is tied up in the funds he has in his control he replied that unless I pay the $150 the price would keep going up in a rude manner. If this is how your representatives treat people I'll never use your services and with all the people I know that tell all that they know you will soon start losing business. I'll be honest and tell you I sent an even ruder response to him after all its his job to treat people in a much better way than he did me and no one is better than anyone else just because they don't have as much money as them!

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Ed - 114 d 5 h ago


Get in contact with the Fraud section of the FBI and file a complaint of fraud against DHL. Suggest the same action to others who have been victimized. Enough complaints and the FBI will start an investigation

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Evaristo Piedrahita - 117 d ago


Please send regards to Mr. Taketo Yamakawa.


Evaristo Piedrahita

Phone: + 57 (hidden)


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E, Weisheit - 128 d 7 h ago


E. Weisheit

I sent a piece of mail from NZ some time ago. Luckily I managed to get a Tracking Record on my computer,

and hastily printed it.

Not that it did me much good. The Record shows the mail arrived at Gateway Center, made it to Portland, OR,

possibly went back to Gateway (???), and never made it to Salem, OR to where it was clearly addressed.

It has been lost or stolen apparently.

No one is interested. They just want the Tracking Number which I provided. I also provided the Tracking Record,

and the address label. I have been given a phone number which does not work, and been disconnected when

I tried another number.

These were important documents.

DHL is utterly incompetent. The NZ Post Office who uses them, needs to be informed....

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jack sampson - 141 d 9 h ago


DHL What can one say about this company This is what l have to say: Volume that's all they are interested with,clients customer service non existent there is no way you can speak to anyone Send e.mails No reply,l sent my daughter,my barmitzpah gift that my mum &a dad gave me on my confirmation and a Mazuzah for her front doorpost,now they are demanding 130.00 I've asked numerous times to communicate with me as my daughter has terminal cancer and my Comier gave her comfort iwith her illness as we are thousands of miles apart,I will never use this company again,never not ever....

I seriously suggest if possible use your country's official POSTAL SERVICES

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AK - 151 d 11 h ago


I am very disappointed with this company. I would never recommend it to anyone for any reason.

-I was told on the phone and in person that I could ship my daughter's prescription medications to Sweden, despite the USPS stating they could not. I went through a representative from Farmington, MN for both FedEx and DHL. He assured me this could be done as he had a "special licence" to do what USPS could not.

-I paid $75.00 to have them shipped to Sweden. After several emails, phone calls, faxes, and all around frustration, I was able to get the medications back.

-I was told that because it was a return and not an import, I would not have to pay any import fees. I was charged $21.00 to have the pleasure of having the medications returned.

-I sent letters to corporate and to Farmington. The only response to date was from Farmington who said he would talk to his rep about "making things right."

-Everytime I called or emailed, I got conflicting information.

-Draw your own conclusions. Was I lied to? Was I victim of extortion? That is sure what it feels like.

Avoid this company at all costs, unless of course you like drama in your life and put on the run around.

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Mathew Smith - 162 d 19 h ago


DHL delivered my package To the wrong house on tue 03/06/18 it was tracking to be delivered to my home on 03/07/18 so I did not look at tracking on tue. When I got home from work I asked my girlfriend if it had come she said "Nope" I check the tracking and find it was delivered on 03/06/18 at 10:34 A.M. No it was not my girlfriend works from home our office window it next to the front door and they have to drive up less than 20' from the window. My girlfriend was online in a Meeting at this time on the day they say they delivered it. No way can she miss a yellow and red van pulling up to the window. I called DHL and told the person on the phone that the package may have been delivered but it was not delivered to my home. HE LAUGHED AND THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY!! The package is a part I need for a network I am building for work. And that idiot thought it was FUNNY?. Then he asked for the tracking number. He said that that number was with another division of DHL and gave me the number. Wouldn't you know it they are closed and I have to call tomorrow during normal business hours. I WILL NEVER LET ANYTHING BE DELIVERED TO ME VIA DHL AGAIN! WHAT JACKASSES!!! When they do not give a dam and laugh about hurting someones income they are a company that needs to be shut down. I need the part by Monday 03/12/18

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Tammy M Brewer - 184 d 11 h ago


Hi My Name is Tammy Brewer and I was working for DHL in the Mooresville Indiana Plant , I've worked there through Prologistix Staffing and Been there since 2nd week of December 20017 had My observation on this past Sunday 2-11-2018 I was told I was doing Great still needed help on something's was promised help but Worked the whole Shifts signed papers to work this Fri., and Sat. But soon as I got home from work got a call saying I was let go per DHL effective immediately with no reason WHY for my self it driving me Crazy I need to know why they let me go especially when I was told I did Great???? Please I Really need to know why TBL0115751 Sincerely Tammy M Brewer

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Charlese - 169 d 11 h ago

Do you all have a union rep? We have a union rep in Chicago, Illinois.

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