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DHL Express (USA), Inc.

1200 S. Pine Island Rd.
Plantation, FL
(954) 888-7000
(888) 221-6211
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Pissed - 7 d 6 h ago


I sent a parcel envelope thru an authorized agent of DHL ( a store) , I was told by this agent that my parcel will arrive to its destination in 4 days, it never did. When I complained to this store agent ,he immediately told me that he has nothing to do with the delivery date , that DHL decides for the date of delivery. ( Mr. Agent , didn't you tell me "it will arrive to its destination in 4 days"? ) Yeah,right, you already got my money,it was expensive and now this agent is cleaning his hands from such bad business practice ! DHL, is your business based on dishonesty ,coldness and fraud? Sounds like it !

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Anonymous - 189 d 49 s ago


This company in joliet il is very loud. It was built so close to houses on vetter rd. We on vetter rd were told and went to meetings. A lp filling station was suppose to be built where this dhl warehouse is. Next thing we know this warehouse gets built. The residents on vetter rd were not told about this. The noises from this place is so loud that we have to yell at each other when we are outside even though we are feet from each other. And at night the noise gets louder the sound is higher than our tvs inside our home. And it makes it very hard to sleep. I have not gotten any good sleep since this place opened

This area used to be a peaceful , quiet, and dark rural area. So we are used to the peace and quiet and darkness at night. The Illinois Pollution Control Board says that companies just can't come in and bring all the noise and lights into what was once was peaceful and dark at night area. They cannot disrupt our lives like this and deprive us of sleep especially when we are used to peace and quiet and darkness at night. I have went to the warehouse and complained and have called mars candy and wrigley gum. The two products thst are in thus warehouse. And got no where. I am ready to sue because of the noise and lights from this warehouse. Being deprived of my sleep is taking its toll on my health and I will not stand for it any longer. I have already met with my lawyer on this and are ready to sue. You at this DHL logistics cannot come in and make a the noise you want. This company knew how noisy this place was gonna be. Also the banging noise from loading the trailers up and the noise from the trucks in the yard also are loud and have gotten louder

DHL logistics needs to do something about the noise or I will sue. Or better yet GET OUT OF OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!

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Ed - 26 d 8 h ago


Don't threaten to sue. Threats are laughed at. Get your neighbors together and file a class action law suit. Get a good attorney and he or she will give you the right guidance. Don't threaten it, Do It

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Never using this service - 32 d ago


I was contacted by a Mr. John Smith of the foreign delivery department in Benin. After messaging him back telling him I don't have money for a $150 fee for security as he put it because I'm disabled and all the money I get is just enough to pay my bills and that my money is tied up in the funds he has in his control he replied that unless I pay the $150 the price would keep going up in a rude manner. If this is how your representatives treat people I'll never use your services and with all the people I know that tell all that they know you will soon start losing business. I'll be honest and tell you I sent an even ruder response to him after all its his job to treat people in a much better way than he did me and no one is better than anyone else just because they don't have as much money as them!

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Ed - 26 d 8 h ago


Get in contact with the Fraud section of the FBI and file a complaint of fraud against DHL. Suggest the same action to others who have been victimized. Enough complaints and the FBI will start an investigation

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Evaristo Piedrahita - 29 d 6 h ago


Please send regards to Mr. Taketo Yamakawa.


Evaristo Piedrahita

Phone: + 57 (hidden)


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E, Weisheit - 40 d 10 h ago


E. Weisheit

I sent a piece of mail from NZ some time ago. Luckily I managed to get a Tracking Record on my computer,

and hastily printed it.

Not that it did me much good. The Record shows the mail arrived at Gateway Center, made it to Portland, OR,

possibly went back to Gateway (???), and never made it to Salem, OR to where it was clearly addressed.

It has been lost or stolen apparently.

No one is interested. They just want the Tracking Number which I provided. I also provided the Tracking Record,

and the address label. I have been given a phone number which does not work, and been disconnected when

I tried another number.

These were important documents.

DHL is utterly incompetent. The NZ Post Office who uses them, needs to be informed....

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jack sampson - 53 d 13 h ago


DHL What can one say about this company This is what l have to say: Volume that's all they are interested with,clients customer service non existent there is no way you can speak to anyone Send e.mails No reply,l sent my daughter,my barmitzpah gift that my mum &a dad gave me on my confirmation and a Mazuzah for her front doorpost,now they are demanding 130.00 I've asked numerous times to communicate with me as my daughter has terminal cancer and my Comier gave her comfort iwith her illness as we are thousands of miles apart,I will never use this company again,never not ever....

I seriously suggest if possible use your country's official POSTAL SERVICES

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AK - 63 d 15 h ago


I am very disappointed with this company. I would never recommend it to anyone for any reason.

-I was told on the phone and in person that I could ship my daughter's prescription medications to Sweden, despite the USPS stating they could not. I went through a representative from Farmington, MN for both FedEx and DHL. He assured me this could be done as he had a "special licence" to do what USPS could not.

-I paid $75.00 to have them shipped to Sweden. After several emails, phone calls, faxes, and all around frustration, I was able to get the medications back.

-I was told that because it was a return and not an import, I would not have to pay any import fees. I was charged $21.00 to have the pleasure of having the medications returned.

-I sent letters to corporate and to Farmington. The only response to date was from Farmington who said he would talk to his rep about "making things right."

-Everytime I called or emailed, I got conflicting information.

-Draw your own conclusions. Was I lied to? Was I victim of extortion? That is sure what it feels like.

Avoid this company at all costs, unless of course you like drama in your life and put on the run around.

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Mathew Smith - 75 d ago


DHL delivered my package To the wrong house on tue 03/06/18 it was tracking to be delivered to my home on 03/07/18 so I did not look at tracking on tue. When I got home from work I asked my girlfriend if it had come she said "Nope" I check the tracking and find it was delivered on 03/06/18 at 10:34 A.M. No it was not my girlfriend works from home our office window it next to the front door and they have to drive up less than 20' from the window. My girlfriend was online in a Meeting at this time on the day they say they delivered it. No way can she miss a yellow and red van pulling up to the window. I called DHL and told the person on the phone that the package may have been delivered but it was not delivered to my home. HE LAUGHED AND THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY!! The package is a part I need for a network I am building for work. And that idiot thought it was FUNNY?. Then he asked for the tracking number. He said that that number was with another division of DHL and gave me the number. Wouldn't you know it they are closed and I have to call tomorrow during normal business hours. I WILL NEVER LET ANYTHING BE DELIVERED TO ME VIA DHL AGAIN! WHAT JACKASSES!!! When they do not give a dam and laugh about hurting someones income they are a company that needs to be shut down. I need the part by Monday 03/12/18

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Tammy M Brewer - 96 d 15 h ago


Hi My Name is Tammy Brewer and I was working for DHL in the Mooresville Indiana Plant , I've worked there through Prologistix Staffing and Been there since 2nd week of December 20017 had My observation on this past Sunday 2-11-2018 I was told I was doing Great still needed help on something's was promised help but Worked the whole Shifts signed papers to work this Fri., and Sat. But soon as I got home from work got a call saying I was let go per DHL effective immediately with no reason WHY for my self it driving me Crazy I need to know why they let me go especially when I was told I did Great???? Please I Really need to know why TBL0115751 Sincerely Tammy M Brewer

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Charlese - 81 d 14 h ago

Do you all have a union rep? We have a union rep in Chicago, Illinois.

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Syver - 90 d 14 h ago


DHL is going from bad to worst. I got a bill from another company. I called and told the billing department and they told me OK. Then I get an overdue notice. I call back and now I am told I need to talk to the fraud department to complete paper work. I was transferred to the fraud department and got voice mail. I left a message and got no call back. So I looked up the company that sent the package and they told me it was their shipment. I received names and phone numbers DHL could call to confirm and re-bill. (By the way this is over $107) I figured this would be the end. But when I called billing back DHL could not help me. So I called customer service and they could not help either. It is hard to believe that a company is can be so unhelpfully. If anybody at DHL takes the time to read this - the case # is 24230896

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Lucy Medaglia - 90 d 15 h ago


My ex husband worked for airborne express then dhl from 1994-2009 in the barn out of elmsford ny..instead of him switching to another barn and taking a new his seniority number was at a good point he choose to change his profession back to hairdressing that caused financial our son was just in his 2nd year of that mr john rinaldi from 2008 has diligently damaged his ex wife and son..that he never worked overtime claiming a false injury to his back..preventing him to be forced to work anymore than 40 hours..but it was amazing he returned to hairdressing and stood for 8 hours a day...hes stillbin 2018 displaying domestic violence even after being divorced from 2013 after 27 years of marriage..he crippled our family and took my document and info i faxed to the pension dept in nyc to recd a portion of his pension as i spoke to paulette..i have identity paulette in pension cell number (hidden) and email update (hidden) i havent been on the computer as its part of his game to isolate me..


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TonyHatesDHL - 94 d 19 h ago


D H L is absolutely the worst shipper on this planet. I do not even clasify them as a shipping company because on 2 occasions they lost my packages for days. On one order the package was shipped 200 miles away (5 hour drive) and it took them 10 days to deliver it. I could have driven back and forth to New Hampshire 1000 times. My latest order from Kentucky has yet to arrive but shipped on the 8th? This company sucks!!!

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John Moran - 101 d 4 h ago


called in 4 times, 4 people told me 4 different things about my package and what I was able to do.

They said they sent a request for same day redelievery, so I waited three hours and nothing came. Messages were never read by the sorting center, even tho we sent two of them.

Now I have to drive 2 hours round trip on Monday to get my package. I was lied to multiple times today. I was told the driver would get a notification about the redelivery, and that they must drop off all packages before they return to the sorting center. That was a lie. The driver was never told to stop by again, and package was scanned in a sorting center at 7:30PM.

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salem assaf - 102 d 12 h ago


muy buenos dias DHL a quien le interese .visite mi hija en chicago hace unas semanas fuy al hospital de veteranos xq me isieron una operacion en los ojos me dieron unos lentes especiales me dijieron q tengo q usarlos xq no puedo ver la luz del sol ...despues de dos semanas de usarlos regrese a costa rica q es donde yo vivo ...fuy un veterano de vietnan tengo 66 aos ,,y era un injeniero electronico y electrico mi hija mando x DHL mis lentes desde chicago q son unos lentes q use x dos semanas mi hija pago 106 dolares y les explico a ellos q eran unos lentes usados q expesificar en la aduana en costa rica para mi sorpresa nunca nadie me llamo a mi telefono q era expecificado en la factura yo no vivo en san jose la capital y me asegure de q llegaran a la musoc q es una compaia de buses q es una compaia de buses en san isiddro del general san jose costa rica mi hija pago 106 dolares x over night deliery este lunes como no se comunicaron con migo llame aver q habia pasado y me dijieron q yo les devia 146 dolares para mi sorpresa les dije q xq si mi hija expesifico q eran unos lentes usados ,,,me dijieron q tenia q pagar impuestos despues de dialogar mi problema q vivo de una pension q como pueden hacer eso si iva bien expesificdo q eran usados me dijieron q me esperaran de uno a dos dias la seorita pamela vargas nunca me llamaron yo tube q llamar despues de dos dias mw dijieron q dhl me ivan hacer un ahoro en los impuestos de ellos en costa rica y me toco q pagar 88 dolares mas de lo q habia pagado mi hija ..llame a mi hija le conte lo q habia pasado y usaba DHL mucho ..los tiquetes estan en oferta de chicago a costa rica ida y vuelta en 240 dolares mi hija me dijo q mejor huviera venido y ella huviera traido los lentes y huviera regresado a chicago con ese dinero..fuy y cancele en el banco y le recorde q era over night deliery me dijieron q me tenia q esperar otro dia mas xq esperaban otra factura del ahoro q me dieron y verificar q el dinero estaba en el banco para mi sorpresa quedaron en llamarme y como es costumbre nunca llaman hoy volvi a llamar y me dijieron q posiblemente maana pueda ir a recojerlos a la parada del bus cuando mi hija pago le dijieron q me los traian a mi casa esto fuy entregado el viernes en chicago y hoy es jueves y todabia me dicen q me los entregan maana a una hora de donde vivo ,Q OPINAN seores de esta forma de trabajar DHL over night deliery para q ustedes puedan verificar mi historia la guia aerea (hidden),,,,atentamente SALEM ASSAF

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Edgardo Torres - 104 d 17 h ago


This Company certainly do the honor to their name




I have been waiting for a package to be delivered to me since January 24, and, they not only delivered to the wrong address, but every time I call them to check when they are going to re deliver my package they have NO answer for me, they keep apologizing and ask me to call them back the next day to see if they have information for me.

Ironic for a company that while they have you waiting at then offers international logistics, how do you want me to refer you to my friends and associates if you can't handle just 1 package correctly. I keep asking for a manager and the tell me that the manages is unable to do more that whatever they have done so far.

Hey they even ask me if I wanted to go and pick up my package myself and I should probably do but the thing is are they going to have a heck for me there not only for the service I paid and did not received and for the money I'm loosing during those hours I have to travel to their distribution center to do the job they are supposed to do.

And then you all Corporate and they don't have a REAL person to answer the phone just a machine and if you don't have a name then it hangs up on you so they have ZERO accountability. Today is February 6 and still don't have an idea if I'm going to get my package delivered to me today

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Carmen Popovici - 108 d 14 h ago


Dear DHL, On Wednesday 01/24 I dropped off my DHL envelope containing legal documents. The estimated delivery date to destination (Romania) was 01/29 - 01/30. On Tuesday 01/30 I went to track my package online and to my surprise it showed a route: Boston, MA-Cincinnati, OH-Leipzig, Germany - Bergamo, Italy - Milan,Italy and back to Cincinnati, OH. Obviously alarmed that my package came back to US I called DHL customer service which took my phone and info and said I will be called by a research specialist. The RS called me back I explained that these are legal documents and I need them to be in Romania by Thursday the latest because of an emergency transaction. The RS promised my package will be on the first plane to Europe that day (01/30/2018) and told me someone will call me back with more info. No one called. Next day 01/31 my packaged still showed in Cincinnati on the tracking tool and I called back. Same a RS got in touch with me and I expressed once again the urgency of the situation, the danger of losing money, time, other people money and time who were traveling to Romania to complete the transaction. The RS told me the package will be in Romania Friday 02/02 and I asked to talk with a manager bc that would be late. He put me on hold. When he came back he said all managers are busy, of course but he asked do you want me to put a note to expedite? I was thinking in my head "do you have to ask? Isn't that the first thing to do when a customer repeatedly talks about urgency?" I said of course. He said a manager will follow up with you. No one followed up with me. Next day 02/01 I had a busy day at work and asked my fiance to call. My package showed in Atlanta this time. The lady that talked with my fiance said she does not think the package is in Atlanta but she did not know where it is and she said they have traces on the package and that they contacted Romania to see if the package is there and she also told him that I have traced the package so they cannot really talk with him. Today 02/02 the package showed that it left Atlanta and it is back in Cincinnati... I am desperate!!!! I have never had a lost package with USPS international or Fedex. It just happened when I compared the estimated delivery date between USPS, FEDEX and DHL the later showed to get it to the destination one day earlier and I needed the package there as fast as I could which was a terrible decision. Meanwhile I posted on DHL facebook my experience. Only one DHL person came back to direct me to their tracking facebook page but NO ONE came back with a resolution, whit a clear answer where the package is or with repairs to all this ordeal which really took a lot of energy, time, money, and put a lot of stress on numerous people.

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Frustrated Good Samartian - 109 d 15 h ago


DHL delivered package to me that was not mine. Contacted them 4 times trying to give it back. They want you to play 20 questions, so package will likely end up undelivered. Too many corporate rules, no common sense when someone tries to do them a favor. Corporate culture, which should come from Mr. Hewitt's office, is very poor. His board should consider replacing him with someone who cares.

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Troubled - 182 d ago


Difficult to use DHL as had two shipments to Pune India not get there. Customer service didn't want to "own" solving the holdups either. So these DNA gifts were returned to the store and they recommended we resend with Fedex. It should arrive tomorrow.

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Rick - 121 d 9 h ago

Your driver probably didn't check to see if you had a certificate of origin for the items that you where trying to send. If there wasn't a coo it could get held up at customs. Some items also require additional paperwork. It's the drivers responsibility to check before scanning the package.

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Audrey - 160 d 11 h ago


they keep leaving my packages in the street my driver is either lazy or stupid. This is the second time

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Pissed Off ! - 122 d 9 h ago


SORRY ASS WORKER WITH A POS COMPANY!Did not even attept to get someone to door! Was supposed to be NO SIG REQUIRED! My daughter & mother in law was home! Called me,i did not answer,so many bogus calls.Then texts me,this is DHL with your Package.I call them,he's done hauled ASS! Prob there 2 mins!

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Unhappy Customer - 124 d 15 h ago

I had no problems in the state of Tennesse, but after I moved to Florida, DHL couriers are showing me that they don't care about their jobs and the corporate office can careless about customer service, because they make sure that you can't contact them to file an official complaint. Corporate can careless about losing business and risking the chance of going bankrupt, due to the lost of customers, because they feel that we, as customers love not receiving merchandise that we have purchase and will continue to use them. I had a package that was supposed to be delivered yesterday, only to be told that the courier decided to deliver it to another address and obtained a signature from someone, who I don't know. The merchandise almost cost $400.00 and their response is like "Oh well, better luck next time". Customers who use this company, beware, because most likely you will not receive your package.

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