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DHL Express (USA), Inc.

1200 S. Pine Island Rd.
Plantation, FL
(954) 888-7000
(888) 221-6211
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Mary L Escobedo - 32 d 18 h ago


I agree with DHL being the worst of the worst. I had a phone I left behind at a Venice hotel and the hotel made arrangement to ship to me which unfortunately I have never received. Have continually been working with different reps from DHL to no avail. Nothing but the runaround. Last one said I had to contact the service that picked up the phone in Venice for me to get a release so that I could file a claim. They could not help me with the claim until I received a release from them. I explained I had paid directly to DHL for this shipment and it should be up to DHL to work this out, not mine. That's why I paid for the service.. That should be their problem. DHL has lost the delivery, not I. Their job to locate the shipment or file the claim. All I can say is if you don't get your delivery don't expect DHL to assist you with it. DHL looses your shipment, you are out of luck. Never again will I ever use DHL again and neither should you. Let me say this problem has started from the scheduled delivery date of July 5, 2017 to now and have yet to resolve this issue.

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DHL the worst or the worst - 33 d 19 h ago


I am in the process of TRYING to receive a document my wife sent me from Germany. Unfortunately, while the address was correct (to California) CA was inadvertently entered into the Country code. So the document was sent to British Columbia, Canada. From the second day it was shipped I called DHL and tried to rectify the situation. I called on 4 separate days and EACH day got a different answer. Finally it arrived in CA but I was told I need a letter from the SENDER saying it was OK? I am shocked how BAD this company is. I would use Fedex or UPS even if they charged 10x the rate. How this company (DHL) exists is beyond me.

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Bells - 40 d 24 s ago


Dhl sucks i work for them they work us like slaves with no breaks and work on saturdays.

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DHL SUCKS! - 41 d 8 h ago


DHL is the absolute worst. Spoke 6 times to Customer service today (including 2 "managers") just trying to get some idea when my shipment would be delivered. They all kept reassuring me that it will arrive today but couldn't give me any inkling as to an approximate time or window. So after wasting my entire day waiting on them, at 8:35pm I get a text that the driver attempted to make the delivery. He must have forgotten to at least slow down as he drove by, because I never left the house all day. He never knocked or left any notice on the door that I missed him. What a bunch of worthless LIARS!!! #boycottdhl #neveragain #worstcustomerserviceever

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Ted - 47 d 2 h ago


Utter nightmare. For decades I have been an investigative reporter. I thought I had seen it all. Not quite. The people at DHL are nice enough and I suspect that to some degree some of them try, but the reality is that most of them respond to problems robotically, are incapable of creative solutions, and so accustomed to lost shipments, bureaucratic think, and passing the buck that unless a customer (ex) is relentlessly dogged, there is no hope of recovery. It is eight days since I shipped my carton which contained a computer, a manuscript, spare phone, a thousand pages of documents, my entire wardrobe of dress shirts, etc. and I have had to cancel my travel plans because without those items I am professionally dead in the water. My experience with DHL could hardly be worse: I have been deliberately hung up on (deep-sixed,) transferred a dozen times or more, put on hold for hours, and apologized to countless times without any resolution. I had to go to the president's office (quite literally) before anyone seemed to care about me, and then it was only because I let them know I was a journalist (something I hate to do.) Never use DHL without triple-checking their rules (some are unfathomably obscure) and never use DHL for anything either precious or time-sensitive. Read the comments below and you will see why DHL is in such trouble.

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Art Dealer Sabotaged by DHL - 50 d 13 h ago



DHL charged me $2,500 to ship a work of art from LA to Geneva, failed to deliver to recipient (who owns a bank and a townhouse and has multiple contact numbers), shipped it back to LA, promised it would go right back to Geneva, and then left it sitting a warehouse for two more weeks without bothering to contact anyone. It is now more than 6 weeks and it is still sitting here in LA. Unbelievable. Never, never, never again will I use this service.

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Dick - 62 d 9 h ago


If you take a pile of dog crap and call it a supervisor .That fact remains it is and always be dog droppings

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Anonymous - 55 d 11 h ago


Worse co ever to use. Supervisors are no where to be found NEVER again and if ur smart u won't use them either

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Frank B - 145 d 17 h ago


I think this email to DHLs laughingly titled "Customer Service" department says it all about my experience with their third rate company:


I want to know why you are sending my package halfway around the World!!! Why is my package being sent from Canada to Germany before, supposedly, delivering it to Colorado Springs, USA!?!?!??? AND,....WHY is it still in Frankfurt/m, DE, and has been there since March 21 !!??!??

This is TOTALLY unacceptable!!! This package has been "In Transit" with your company for 3 WEEKS!!! I could've sent it anywhere in the WORLD via USPS by now!!


Get back to me immediately, and explain WHY You are jerking me around and NOT preforming the service you have been PAID to provide!!!

The tracking number is: GM(hidden)03766302

I will be sending a copy of this email to your Corporate Hedquarters, and contacting the BBB to explore my avenues or recourse against your company.

Thus far, my inquiries to your Customer Service department have gone completely ignored!! At least have the decency to explain yourselves!!!

Currently, I am STILL waiting for a response and/or my package.

Do yourself a favor and choose another company,, ANY other company, for your delivery needs!

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Dick - 62 d 9 h ago


Did they blame the delivery drivers

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A victim of a parasite attact a4 - 62 d 9 h ago

Diliberate Habitchual Liers .That is a true name for the biggest group of phony management

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Tired of being talked down by a parasite that could do 1 10th the job I do - 62 d 10 h ago


It truley funny that dhl run a contest called the rodeo which is supposed to pick the best drivers.I find it very comical that the fact behind it is that this all about the supervisors.The rodeo is for the supervisors in a certain area has their drivers in line.The men and women who I drive safley for them selfs and not for the parasites supervisors who live off the blood and sweat of the hard working men and women who day in and out risk their lives on the streets while the.sups set in ac with their feet up on their desk.

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Angry as hell, bent on revenge - 66 d 13 h ago


I have never written of these in my life. People, companies make mistakes. But this time, the financial and emotional fallout is so substantial that I am outraged... think troubled marriage struggling with divorce. Twice given wrong information and then a failure to deliver when contracted. All that is bad enough, but the inexcusable part is the irreverent callous refusal of anyone take any responsibility for the mistakes. It is obvious that this is not DHL employees' first rodeo in treating customers like cattle. I would NEVER use this company for anything again! I intend to pursue legal action for emotional damages as well make slamming the company on the internet my new hobby..

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Anonymous - 68 d 16 h ago

You have to be the worst delivery company in the history of all delivery companies. Does the office in Bonn Germany know how poorly and miss managed this company is.? The absolute worst of your distribution areas is Melrose Park, IL. They received my package on June 1. Said the shipped it to Melrose Park USPS for delivery service. They handle Melrose Park ONLY. I'M 40 MILES AWAY. USPS has no idea where my package is. Neither does the company that trusted your company to get it delivered. Where is my package? (hidden)(hidden)11

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Anonymous - 87 d 16 h ago


Just wanted to let them know that they have a lot of bad employees working for them people come in not wanting to work telling supervisors what they not gone do and talking shit all day

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Anonymous - 90 d 17 h ago

This is the worst company in the world

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Janeesh pk - 107 d 3 m ago


I have bitter experience with dhl. I suggest every one not to go whith dhl for shipment..... Really useless and untrustworthy people...

I am Janeesh from cochin, India, I shifted my family to doha. And i gave my essential household items, dress materials and my childrens food items to DHL cochin to transfer it to doha on 20/04/2017. They told me it take maximum 7 Woking days.

After 15 Days, today, on 06/05/2017, The parcels are still in cochin. They send, by their mistake to another place. Still they didnt take phone also.

First, my traking no was (hidden), And now they are saying that traking no is changed.

How it will happen... ??? Still i did nt get my parcels yet ....

Please.....dont send any shipment through dhl.....

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Anonymous - 143 d 10 h ago

This company has cost me and my husband $10,000 because of a lost package we both have told them we both have emailed them and have not heard anything back from them I cannot understand why this company is still in America please go back to Germany!!!

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A, Martin - 152 d 18 h ago


I just received a return package, a 4x4x12 box, containing 1 US Quart of a non toxic viscous liquid. It was returned because the clients DHL account in inactive. On two sides of the box are large red arrows pointing to the top and on top are two stickers in red that say, "This Side Up". It was returned through the Savannah, GA location. The box was laying flat, on its side when I arrived home. We ship probably $6,000/Month out by FedEx and only use DHL or UPS when the client pays. Things like this are reasons we do not use DHL as a primary international shipper.

If someone is smart enough to read road signs and have a drivers license to drive for DHL why the heck can't they read symbols?

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Take it from me - 177 d 10 h ago


I come from long island ny ALL of the managers are useless.maybe if corprate would watch their employess have if them are sitting around on facebook???? N9 one works they station in hauppage ny is the worst i watched a manger just posting pictures on Facebook??? Do you jot watch your employess? What wasted salaries you are paying unreal i will stay with frd ex and ups at least their employess stay ofg of personal web sites on compay time

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Concerned Citizen - 170 d 13 h ago

Are you okay sir? Did you have a seizure?

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fuck you - 171 d 19 h ago

Dhl has very very very poor service the people in san francisco ca do not know what they are doing, dhl has a very incompetent service, i will never use dhl again .

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Why is DHL still in business! - 193 d 18 h ago


sent an iPhone to my niece in South Africa from Utica New York. I paid, printed the mailing information and brought it to this very nasty space where on a small sign say DHL. I gave them the phone and postage stuff and they said they would package it and send it. The package arrived with an old Samsung phone inside and no new iPhone! They stole it and sent an old phone in his place! Unbelievable!

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Esther maina - 210 d 5 h ago


Hello,i recently received a shipment for Hong Kong to kenya and it was paid for 33.63dollar but when it reached to me the main office here is asking me to pay for another 32.000...can you kindly assist and explain to me why noone is giving me the right answer.

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Al - 213 d 15 h ago


Had a DHL van going 75mph weaving in and out of traffic on I-285 exiting onto I-85 South in Doraville, Ga, then continuing to accelerate and weave heading down I-85 onto Atlanta. Clearly endangering the safety of the general public. How to report? No corporate phone number. Customer & safety hostile. My company will no longer do business with them.

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