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DHL Express (USA), Inc.

1200 S. Pine Island Rd.
Plantation, FL
(954) 888-7000
(888) 221-6211
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Anonymous - 6 d 17 m ago

My name is Dante Hicks I work for DHL at the CVG location and I've been having problems receing my paychecks and when I bought it to the attention of the HR department I was told that the checks were cashed but I didn't cash I never received and to make it worse I've received a couple checks that were void and was told the money was on my global cash card but when I called my card there was only 90 dollars on it. I feel as if the people are calling me a liar I have a whole slew of messages that I sent my lead explaining why I couldn't work because I had money to get there I also let him know that I also had no way to feed my kids over the holidays I even talked to HR again about the situation and was told that they would see if they could help me out that never happened and needless to say since I had no money I couldn't pay my phone bill and it's now turned off and I had to borrow money to pay the bills and rent money I owe other people now I feel as if nobody cares because it's not them

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anonymous - 14 d 17 h ago


my spouse work for his horrible company DHL his is Diabetic in also has fallen at the company the supervisor did not report the accident , all they been doing is harassing him at the company he have talk to the Hr in

department in Manger nothing no response A lady from HeadQuarter suppose have him but never did. A operational lady that is not a supervisor continue to send him home soon as he get to work because he was speak or communicate, send he at the DHL this operational person that a female being picking in Harassing my spouse the whole time he being work for DHL He report the first incident nothing happen this unprofessional company just out to make money not to protect they hard working employee ,DHL these are quit or walk out on the shift because they never get any response from the Hr are manger of this company like I said my spouse Diabetic in other employee for this company is too. DHl does care about people health issue they just trying to under work the people there, in have there pick on who they want to work were , with that certain person or peoples then send other employee home that is not associated with or cool with that is not how a company suppose to work.

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Aneta Teresa Bkaa - 25 d 9 h ago


does this email address belong to DHL?


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Fraud - 27 d 6 h ago


Employee survey at the BG warehouse for the last 3 years 7,out of 10 reviews where taken by the supervisors.

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Anonymous - 64 d 22 h ago

Jena Anderson Is The HR Manger in Utah She is a horrible HR Manger and shes Also a bais. Her Supervisors ask employees Pills and she goes and pat them on the back and tell them not to do it anymore but she fired me for cussing at a supervisor who has been Giving me a hard time. But I get fired because of my skin color she need ti be investigated or Dhl is gonna have to cash out on alot of discrimination cases. Jena is terrible and unfair Amy cates and Trey Martin are And Todd are here supervisors that is refuse to hear anything about.

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Anonymous - 64 d ago


Jena Anderson terrible HR manger DHL has a lot of racsist supervisors and if you Address Jena Anderson about it she will fire you on the spot no questions asked but its okay to be sexual harassed by another employee and they are able to keep there Job Jena Anderson racist also thats why her all white supervisors could pretty much treat there minority employees any way the want because Jena Anderson is going do anything but take the side. so iF your ever hired there at DHL ecommerce Jena will fire you if Amy Cates and Trey Martin are the one Jena Anderson sides up with.

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carmelo romam jr - 75 d 12 h ago


getting emails from a,Oscar Williams who states that her works for DHL.ID #,(hidden), stating that i have an ATM card for the amount of ,15,000,000 $ waiting for me.card # ending in3648 but i have to send him 150.00 in order for DHL to deliver the card, dnot know if this it True or not,but it needs to be look in to.

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Slav Shikov - 79 d 20 m ago

Dear Greg HewittEmail Greg Hewitt hello, we have a big problem with your office in Moscow (Russia)We need your cooperation to solve the problem with Russia !!!!!!!!! We bought a camera from an official manufacturer in Shenzhen. ORDRO Shenzhen PA Times Technology Co.,LTD Which had to be delivered to the Department of the Ministry of Interior of Russia in Moscow-region, on a state contract between our company and the respective ministry. I'm giving tracking numbers to the shipment from Shenzhen : Sheila please provide me a DHL track number if you have Sheila 13:22 (hidden) Everything went well until the shipment fell to the hands of your representatives in Russia !!!!!!! They held the shipment of customs from 12.11 to 28.11, and after long lengths and documentary problems, they freed her and sent her to her office in Moscow DHL 8 Marta ,14 Stroenie 1 .They informed us that they are not delivering to regions around Moscow, but only serve the city of Moscow as such. They said the index given to them by Shenzhen, namely : 143100 ,Moscow Universality of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation ,Named V.Ya.Kikotya Address : Moscow region ,Ruzsky District ,p. Starotheriyaevo - It is not within the reach of your company DHL ,and the shipment can not be delivered . After long and expensive calls from China (we are in China now) between Us and your Moscow office ,They informed us that our camera has been moved to a warehouse for non-received items and will be returned to the Sender - ORDRO Due to the fact that we can not issue a power of attorney to a third person (in this case, another logistics company) that operates normally on the territory of Russia Thanks to the fact that we are good friends with the manufacturer and we are the only representative of the company for Russia, We have their full support, today we gave 30.11.2018 to Madam Sheila Lei Sells director of ORDRO , a new address and new recipient in Moscow city , i hope that the address in Moscow city DHL office in Moscow will serve -deliver and finally will do the job that money take for as DHL Representative office in Russia . Phones in China -Shenzen ORDRO : +86 (hidden)2, +86 (hidden)3 Our phones : +86 131 2871 7883 (hidden) The new address in Moscow city The new Address in Moscow Index : 115088 Slav Shikov 07:11 DHL make us idiot's! They sey that deliver only in teritory of Moscow city. Ok we will give them address and recipient in Moscow city! Slav Shikov 07:14 The manager in MOSCOW DHL office sey that wayt a confirmation from Singapore office about this that sender chenges the address and recipient Sheila 07:16 18 87 +7 (909) 651-17-42 Sheila 07:17 Moscow city, Sharikopodshipnikovskaya Str. 18 Kvartira 87 Nosov Evgeniy Viktorovich +7 (909) 651-17-42 Index : 115088 Slav Shikov 09:27 Sheila please, when you finishing change the Adress and names of the new recipient in Moscow. Ask from DHL to give you a document about confirmation of the change on English if it's possible, ask them also to confirm that change in updated information to DHL office in Moscow Slav Shikov 09:28 And send us confirmation document also, we will resend it to Moscow DHL also Please be so kind and engage in graduation in the right direction of this case, namely the delivery of the shipment we paid !!!!!!!! Because of the nature of our contract (namely government contract) every day our delay is financially punished by the Ministry of Russia. Please be kind and explain the cause of the problems you have created on your part of your office in Russia !!!!!! Tracking Number again : (hidden) Post scriptum : my chat with Mrs : Sheila ORDRO sells director from today Slav Shikov 13:20 Sheila please provide me a DHL track number if you have Sheila 13:22 (hidden) 2018-11-28 Sheila 16:36 DHL EXPRESS eletronic bill 2018-11-29 Slav Shikov 17:08 SHEILA, hello. We have problem to even take kamera from DHL, Police department can't give permission to another logistics company to take camera and deliver it to them! We also can't give document permission to another Logistics to take camera from DHL office, because we are not recipient! DHL from the another side sey -we will not deliver the camera to the adress! !!! Slav Shikov 17:11 DHL Russia make such a big problem, that I have no words Slav Shikov 17:12 And police department are right, thy us government organisation can give permission only to policeman or people's whu work in this system Sheila 17:19 I even put the address you gave me on the carton Slav Shikov 21:43 We trying to take confirmation from DHL office in Moscow, that they will deliver the camera in Moscow city if we change the adress and recipient all together -and give them a MOSCOW city adress and recipient! Slav Shikov 21:45 They try to put us in close circuit with no end and begin, I'm in shock totally 2018-11-30 Slav Shikov 07:01 The new Address in Moscow Index : 115088 Slav Shikov 07:11 DHL make us idiot's! They sey that deliver only in teritory of Moscow city. Ok we will give them address and recipient in Moscow city! Slav Shikov 07:14 The manager in MOSCOW DHL office sey that wayt a confirmation from Singapore office about this that sender chenges the address and recipient Sheila 07:16 18 87 +7 (909) 651-17-42 Sheila 07:17 Moscow city, Sharikopodshipnikovskaya Str. 18 Kvartira 87 Nosov Evgeniy Viktorovich +7 (909) 651-17-42 Index : 115088 Slav Shikov 09:27 Sheila please, when you finishing change the Adress and names of the new recipient in Moscow. Ask from DHL to give you a document about confirmation of the change on English if it's possible, ask them also to confirm that change in updated information to DHL office in Moscow Slav Shikov 09:28 And send us confirmation document also, we will resend it to Moscow DHL also For contact in China : +86 131 2871 7883

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Useless and liars - 80 d 12 h ago


I order a package not knowing that it was going to be delivered through this useless company. This is the very first time I have ever dealt with DHL. I released my signature and told them to leave my package on my back step. For the past two days they have been leaving door tags, instead of leaving my package as I instructed. I called the office and spoke with a representative and a supervisor all of them have done nothing by lied. Now today I am being told that my signature was released but as of today I need a signature. What the HELL! Liars, trying to cover up there poor delivery service. This is the worst delivery company out there and they need to be shut down. When you called the corporate office no one answers the phone. Instead of a half of star rating they need have a zero rating. This is my worst experience ever with a delivery company. If I order something in the future and this company is the delivery company. I will not order from that company. FedEx and UPS deliver at my house all the time and I have never have experienced anything like this before from a delivery company. A person should not have to be subjected to this type of this treatment when you have paid for an item and all you want is for shit to be delivered.

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Kim Wagner - 99 d 7 h ago


DHL driver a liar and management useless

A day off work and a loss of over $300 no to mention express shipping that was paid for apparently for no reason.

DHL management is pathetic.

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Joletta Jordan - 106 d 9 h ago


My name is Joletta Jordan my husband Friday Aimienoho sent meca package which is supposed to arrive today November 2, 2018 . I was emailed by a 2 DHL reps that this package will be delayed til monday November5, 2018 . I then relayed to Friday Aimienoho per DHL rep to fill out a claims form for service failure due to DHL ( not customs) for a delay in shipment . My husband Friday Aimienoho then went to the location of service and i spoke with them informing them the nature of the problem and was told there was nothing they could do , i then called DHL at 1(hidden) ext. 53061 Sylvia Aguilar and David Waymack ext.53009 . After speaking with David he stated package(hidden) was on the delivery truck . I and my husband are 1 , if the package is not received today my husband is entitled to his refund . This service and misinformed communication is not good service . The DHL office in Kanifing Gambia stated in so many words that they wouldn't give my husband back a refund so i then asked for a manager , so she gave me ..Head of Operations Louis Nahoneui at #59 Mamadni- Manjang Highway Kanifing # office (hidden) .I was expessing that its not that easy to call Africa when i was told that Everyone work out of the same system and if you the cargo rep could forward a message to the sending office. However if the package doesn't arrive could you please make sure my husband receive per policy his refund . He spent a total of 3090.00 dalasis and investigate why such services is being rendered with such difficulties. Could you please contact him concerning this matter .

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Anonymous - 107 d 14 h ago

Trey and Amy are racist mangers ans supervisor I ve never experienced such racist on a job the is the Dhl in denver colorado Trey hires black employees as a cover up and they shouldn't be working as a General manager or supervisor. Employees shouldn't be treated differently because of there skin color.

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Anonymous - 109 d 6 h ago


The worst experience ever!! Was lied to on 3 different occasions about the delivery of my package. I placed order on 10/22 for my sons Halloween costume. It is now 10/30 and still no package. Paid 25 for 1 to 3 days shipping . They lied and said I could leave a note for package . Then they said that they would bring it out for delivery again..they were just pulling my chains. My son has no costume due to this and they made no attempts to fix the situation. My husband and I both work and were in aware that it needed to be signed for . If we had known we would have never purchased. Do your selves a favor parents. Buy inside the USA

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CURIOUS - 179 d ago



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Anonymous - 140 d 5 h ago

They hire weedheads who skate the system

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Susan - 143 d 11 h ago


I have never had such exceptional service! Customer Service Reps are always polite and helpful and the drivers are kind, courteous and efficient. Wish all delivery services were this good! Thank you!

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jim flaherty - 176 d 11 h ago


Dear Sirs,

I was living in Chiangmai Thailand, for 11 years. 05-16, then returned 24 jan 18 to return ship personal content., books etc. back to US, a lot of books, clothes, personal items.

Used the, Shipping Center 455 Ltd.Part,

Last two boxes I dropped off on 1-6-18, shipped by sea mail, one box tracking was cp055058795th, and as the man stated," keep this receipt both tracking #'s are on it". a blatant lie, as I failed to double check the receipt for two tracking numbers, and taking him at face value being at a DHL shipping office. there was only 1 tracking # on receipt, the 8795th was 4800 baht to ship, other was 4400 baht and change. didn't arrive, He also stated, "keep this receipt, as we do not keep any tracking numbers on record". One can sum it up as; I was had by DHL for a lot of value when return shipping to USA. As they say, you have to double check everything in Thailand, they will rip one for everything if they can. , Could please contact them, to please ship the last box , also the tracking # on the missing box would have ended with 8794th or 8796th, either before or after, the receipted one, DHL shows no record of either. A wicked move by DHL., foreigner in Thailand is a third class person. there is really no legal system to counter anything,all far to corrupt. great I email them as to the last box never arrived and there is no tracking records of the second box which should have had a tracking number high or low as per tracking # cp055058795th

I was informed by a Thai couple, "you have to understand, the whole country is this way" could some please see to it that the content is returned,

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Disgusted - 194 d ago


OMG, what incompetence! They ever heard of using a GPS? Why is it my mail carrier, UPS & FEDEX can find my home but DHL can't for the 2nd time? I call & give them the main road & cross street to my street & still at the end of the day, tracking says address info needed! What more can be given to the moronic, incompetent idiot driver? I wished never to have anything delivered by DHL again after the hell I went through in June with this asinine outfit! Just my luck the vendor who said shipping via the post office, switched it to DHL & so I am going through the same shit I went through in June never receiving my shipment & waiting a month for a refund! AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!

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William Francis Keough - 200 d 13 m ago

I paid for second day delivery and it's been 8 days and counting, what kind of people are working for you ?

The word incompetence comes to mind. Please reimburse my payment. Tracking # (hidden), check it out for yourself

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Anonymous - 201 d 4 h ago

Hello I need a call back from someone in Human Service. You have an employee that is using my social security number to work at a DHL location. It is causing me lots of problems as I am a retired senior citizen whom is on the verge of loosing my social security check due to this person using my number. If I don't hear from anyone in 24 hours my attorney will call IRS and ask for an investigation into this fradulent use of my social security number. .Ms Hernandez (hidden)

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Anonymous - 215 d 5 h ago

I have worked for this company for 3 1/2 years.... I have tired my best to get in contact with the human resource department for a year now.... I have asked my supervisor and my general manager for the number... no luck... we had a board in our break room with the number on there but they took it down so we won't be able to call in make complains .... we work 10 hours out of the day with no fans dock door closed..... it get over a 100 degrees in Terrell, Texas so just imagine how hot it is.... I have called OSHA no luck...I have called immigration because I don't tell like it's right ....they get paid more then me and I'm a us citizen and been here longer then a lot of them doing the same job

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Disgusted - 220 d 5 h ago


Worst company ever! The courier delivers to the wrong street, in the wrong town & can't retrieve package. They expect me, THE BUYER to contact the seller in Thailand when its a DHL screw up. I try contacting the seller to get them to file a lost package claim, they don't reply, don't refund me & don't contact DHL. A DHL rep finally sends me a cargo claim form, I provide all documents, the claim form, pay $6.70 to mail is to DHL to be told I can't file a claim, screw you buyer! I am out $ 180.00 thanks to DHL! Will make sure from now on, to check the carrier. If i see DHL, I will run the other way!

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Anonymous - 226 d 16 h ago






(hidden) CELL (hidden) HOME




EMAIL: (hidden)

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Anonymous - 235 d 12 h ago


My name is Michael Serrette, I've had the worst experience with this company. First they said that my package went to NJ, then they said it was found and then lost again. Then they lied again and said it was delivered two miles from my home and then they found it again and then finally said it was lost. Now I'm trying to contact corporate and i can't the Freaking worse.

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Anonymous - 238 d ago

Thanksni recd a call back about when I'll start getting part of my husband pension from IBT 295 .union as i was and is a divorced union spouse..all i have to do is identify myself as the union hall in albany ny saw me my husband of 27 years a courier out of elmsford ny the unconscious thought as he and me came from gay lifestyles before becoming christians and married..but i found out in 2011 kept his lifestyle going something..that ended our life together john a rinaldi..even tho it's been hard..cause he then turned the focuses of life against me that it felt i was being attacked by 50 husbands.he wasn't a good person actual full of sh..and still is..

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