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Dial Corporation

15501 N Dial Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ
Herbert Baum
Chairman of the Board
(480) 754-3425
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Kathy - 12 d ago


Where can I find boraxo soap for hands. I've looked all over here in California?

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JC - 39 d 7 h ago

At one time it was a thick liquid soap and the last refill I bought is really the LAST one I will buy. It's more like colored water. It Sucks.

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Robert Mino - 61 d 8 h ago


Wondering if there is a possible connection between Dial making there formula less Anti-bacterial and the outbreaks of chicken pox measles and mumps?

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Schwarzkopf Smooth'n Shine - 65 d 4 h ago


Hello I am trying to purchase a hair product that you manufacture called Schwartzkopf Smooth'n Shine Black Seed Oil & Coconut Oil Bodifying Mousse. This product is the ONLY one that helps my Hair! I live in Austin Texas and HEB Stores & WalMart stopped selling this product. I am so disappointed. Where can I purchase more of this product PLEASE!!!

I cannot even find it on Amazon !!! Please let me know where I can buy a case of this product so I wont run out for a lonf time.

Kind Regards,

Betty Jo Walker

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Bryan in PA - 76 d ago


Has Tropical Escape been discontinued? Replacement suggestions?


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SHARON - 86 d 14 h ago

Right Guard sprays air 3 cans. My husband has always used Right Guard. Suggestions?

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Dawn - 93 d 12 h ago


purchased Right Guard Sport which is my husbands go to brand but just sprayed air no product. How can we fix this we have a new full can?

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Sandra - 98 d 16 h ago


I really would like to know why you stopped making antibacterial body wash. It really did wonders as far as keeping down yeast infections and other negative bacteria in the genital area

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Paul from AZ - 126 d 5 h ago


I have purchased two cans of the Right Guard Sport - a product I have used for over 40 years - and they didn't work. Just sprayed air, however I could hear the product in the can? What has happened? I understand I am not the only ones reviewing the comments. Was it a bad batch and what is being done about this? Are there refunds available????

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jim form FL - 121 d 13 h ago

glad to hear i'm not the only one this happened to.

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Ely Forita - 138 d 14 h ago


I'm so glad I've found the best ever laundry detergent in the world. It cleans deep and leaves clothes with this scent that I want to be all day long smelling it. Where do this scent come from? I have no words to describe it. And the clothes so so clean. I'm happy with this product and hope this will never end. Thank you very much.

Oh, the product is Purex Natural Elements (linen & lillies)

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Flagged for review. 
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Steve Thomas - 150 d 4 h ago

Like at least one of your customers I have used Right Guard Sport for a long time. At least 3 of the last 4 cans I bought didn't work right, the spray was just air, no antiperspirant. Very unhappy. I bought another brand but haven't tried it yet because the last can of Sport I bought works OK. I'm not optimistic about continuing to buy it because of my recent experience. What's going on?

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Barbara - 161 d 12 h ago

Hello, I am facing hard time in finding Citre Shine Anti-frizz serum, is it still available for hair? I am from Brazil, and when I finally find in USA, it is not allowed to import. Please advise, thank you.

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Pat M - 164 d 10 h ago


I have a problem with RIGHT GUARD SPORT original that I have used for the last 55 years. The last can that I bought (067A272090) sprays in a solid stream like wasp repellent and obviously has a different propellant but the real problem is the can just plugged up mid spray like an aerosol paint can and it's only half empty. What do you think?

General profile image - 242 d 12 h ago


STA-FLO:In changing the formula, you have ruined it. It is no longer stiff enough for any of the uses I used it for. I am so sorry that you did this. If you have something with the original formula I would like some. I used it in machine embroidery and stand alone lace. I will throw away this latest bottle. It is not stifff at full strength..

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No Simply Vanilla Renuzit anymore. - 250 d 10 h ago

What a shame and disgrace that I cannot find the Renuzit Simply Vanilla in stores anymore. Everything nowadays has perfume in it and causes allergies to some folks. Vanilla is natural and not pumped up with other ingredients. Like perfume. Shame, shame on you.

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Heidi - 251 d 3 h ago


I just wanted to say that I LOVE yr product and buy ALL the time. Thanks for making such a great smelling soap!

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Kathy Lichtenberg - 253 d 11 h ago


I have purchased 2 bottles of Zout Spray 3 at our local market. The first one, I returned because the sprayer did not work. It dripped down on my hand and then on the floor. I though, on well ,it was someone's mistake. I bought another one and the second one did the same thing!!! What's going on? This is not responsible! I cannot use your product, if it doesn't work. Please advise.

Kathy Lichtenberg

3775 Flying Cloud Ln.

Lake Havasu City, Az. 86406

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Trina - 1 y ago


I have bought numerous dry idea advanced dry roll on antiperspirant and deodorant and half the time the roller ball does not work. I've tried squeezing the little to get the liquid to come out to try and it get started but o end up with a mess and still no ball rolling. I've even stuck a small pair of scissors on the side of the ball thinking maybe I need to loosen it but again a mess and it still doesn't roll. I end up having to buy another new one and fingers crossed that it will work. I love your product but am seriously thinking about changing to another brand just so I don't have to go through this hassle everytime and end up w a string my money on product that does not work. Do I have any suggestions on whys the issue with the rollers in your product?

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James ! - 1 y ago


I have had an ongoing dilemma with your product "Right Guard Sport" Clear Gel, 48 hour protection. What I believe to be the lot number is : RG-5-06837-13/1694842. The number under the Bar Code is: (hidden). I have purchased over a half dozen "sticks" because the product is actually very effective BUT, only one half of the "stick" is usable.

The product, IF the temperature becomes 78 or so in my regular bathroom 4 & 1/2 feet wide by 7 feet tall cabinet, then the product MELTS. If you open the "stick" the product actually "pours" out of the container !!!!!!!!! I've had it to drip on my tiled bathroom floor, as well as the floor in the locker room where I work out.

This is ridiculous ! As a LEO, I try to stick with what works for me !! What can you do for me ?????

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Did you stop making the Dial glycerin-based soap? I have sensitive skin and have been using the glycerin soap for years. Now, I cannot find it in stores. Looking forward to your response. Thanks.

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Heart broken former loyal customer - 1 y 62 d ago

Why have you quit making Dial Aloe deodorant soap? It is the only product I have used in years. The Icy Aloe now being sold makes my skin itch.

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S.Kelly - 1 y 79 d ago


Since you changed the shape of the Renuzit solid air fresheners I cannot open them. Also agree with the below comment about the vanilla scent. Hate those strong smelly ones. Like the mild vanilla.

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Barbara Greer - 1 y 92 d ago

We have used Right Guard (Bronze can) for years. All at once it has a terrible odor that smells like bug spray. I had to wash it off. My husband put it on and said he was spelling bad. Went back to Walmart where it was purchased. At the section the manager was stocking. We sprayed another can and she said "Smells like Off. No wonder I'm not stocking that item much anymore." Bought the Blue can and it is fine. After years of using the bronze can it is now not fit to wear.

Barbara Greer - (hidden)

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