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Dick's Sporting Goods

345 Court St.
Coraopolis, PA
Edward Stack
Chairman and CEO
(724) 273-3400
(724) 227-1902
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James - 12 h 11 m ago

To whom it may concern, my name is James,my wife purchased a 100.00$ gift certificate for my birthday,at your lake City store.needless to say I was highly dissatisfied.I shopped for 20 minutes or so before being approached, by a very lacodaiscal ,employee.the cashier seemed even less enthusiastic.over all I was not impressed.spent30$ .I know you guys are a great organization.but you lost me. Thank you ..James PS.there were no packers jerseys

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Two Strikes and You Are Out! - 7 d 5 h ago


I Was so excited when dicks opened in the north Lake area of Atlanta. However, so sorry to say that both times that I have been in the store I have received no customer service! Even when I walked all over the store looking for someone to help me I was unsuccessful. I went to the cash registers and said I needed help. The guy they sent obviously resented the fact that he was being asked to help me and offered no real assistance! Unfortunately as had been been the case in my first visit to this store, I found an attitude coming from the black employees;It was obvious they would have preferred not to have to wait on a white senior citizen. Racism is alive and well; I will not be returning!!!!

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None yo business!! - 3 d 4 h ago

Good dont need white dollar,take yo ass across the tracks bubba

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Lol! Cracker

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Kimberly A Grooms - 1 d ago


Pretty po'ed at the moment. I chatted online with whomever for a replacement part of a store brand item. Rather than getting me the part this person felt that it should get warranty information which I told it that it was past the date that I just wanted parts. This person disconnected the chat you have lost my business once I get my parts in multiple numbers.

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Roger Dionne - 4 d 6 h ago


Edward Stack,

I'm always looking for a good stock pick, but I woud have to pass on Dick's. At 11:05 this morning I walked into Dick's on Hall rd. Sterling Heights Mi. I wandered over to the right department (no direction) and waited. I walked over to the golf dept. and asked for service. He would send someone he said. I waited until 11:30. No help.I lost 25 minutes in your store.

I was prepared to spend hundreds of dollars in order to outfit a nice, used canoe which I had just purchased. Two to three hundred dollars, maybe more since I saw that you have a nice clothing line and I needed a jacket.

What is a customer to do? Make an appointment for service? It blows my mind. I am a 68 yr. old white male with the desire to spend money for what I want. I'm astounded. Words fail me.

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nevermore! - 4 d 7 h ago


Dear Dick's Sporting Goods,

I recently destroyed my rewards" scorecard after yet another awful experience at the Kingston Massachusetts store.

I will NEVER set foot in or shop online at Dick's Sporting Goods again.

Some of the reasons:

Excessive wait line times with few or one person on a cash register (this is on weekends).

Wrong price rings up at the register!

When an additional register is opened to relieve the long backups, the clerk announces: "I'll take the next person in line" of course the last 5 people in line rush over and get service. Wouldn't it make sense to directly ask the actual next person in line to come over to the register?

"Sale" cards left up after the sale date, prompting the regular price to ring up at the registeroops!

Ordering a sale item on line, then a day later getting an email that it's out of stock.

The people on the floor are friendly and helpful, when you can find them! They're certainly not manning the registers.

It's a competitive world. Keep running your stores and online in this manner and all I can say look at what happened to Sports Authority!


Robert Leary

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Huguette Larionne - 8 d 8 h ago


This morning I visited the dicks sporting good store in Taunton Ma and received poor customer service. As a person of color I was very dissatisfied. I left the store and realized that I had left my phone behind. The female at the register did not say anything but the male associate says you left your house Home. As a process if a person leaves something behind the store lock it up be anyone to take. I was very disappointed.

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1 mad customer - 9 d ago



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Gg - 9 d 8 h ago

Pls come to evergreen park we need your store.

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J. Watts - 9 d 9 h ago

Please reconsider bringing your business to Evergreen Park. There isn't a big chain sporting store within 30 minute drive from us. With 3 kids in different sports we are constantly buying new equipment. There isn't a family I can think of in EP that wouldn't benefit from this business. It will be worth it as a business for sure!!! Please reconsider!

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K Roche - 9 d 10 h ago


Please come to Evergreen Park! We would love to have you! Lots of kids down here that play lots of sports!

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Lola o'brien - 9 d 19 h ago


Dicks! Please come to evergreen park Illinois! We will spend our money there. We need you and want you badly!!!

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A mahoney - 9 d 20 h ago

Very sad that you no longer think Evergreen Park IL is worthy of your store. its your loss of revenue.. We are an area with a rich tradition of youth and high school sports Your company has insulted the south side and is not appreciated

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T - 9 d 20 h ago


Please reconsider your decision to pull out of Evergreen Park, Il. Our area is desperate to have a sports store, as we are tired of driving at least thirty minutes to the nearest one. Dicks, please don't go!! We will suppprt you!!

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Carrie E. - 10 d ago


Please reconsider your decision to pull out of Evergreen shopping center. I can guarantee putting a store in that mall will be a profit for any store, especially Dick's. There is not one sporting goods store within a 30 min drive from that location. There are numerous elementary and high schools just in our area alone not to mention in the outlying areas. Please reconsider!! We need this store in our community.

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Andrea Gertonson - 10 d ago


Please reconsider your decision to pull out of the Evergreen Park shopping center. We need a sports store in our area !!!!

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Concerned EP resident - 10 d 22 h ago


Please reconsider your decision to pull out of the Evergreen Park development. We are in great need of a sporting goods store as the closest ones are in Orland and Oak Brook. This area would definitely support a store like Dick's Sporting Goods. I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I was when I heard that you were not opening a store at this location. Please reconsider!!

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Jill Kubik - 10 d 22 h ago


Please reconsider your decision NOT to open the planned Dicks store at 95th/Western Ave in Chicago!! We are in dire need of a sporting goods store as the closest is either downtown or Orland Park - both locations at least 30 minute drive! To be in a major city lien Chicago with no access to a sporting goods store - it's just amazing. We have been looking forward to this store for a LONG LONG time now and are crushed to hear it's not going to happen.

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MsTC - 10 d ago

Please reconsider coming to Evergreen Plaza. The community and surrounding communities will support your store. Just look how successful the other stores that located there are.

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Mary K - 10 d 37 m ago

Please open a store in Evergreen Park. We really need you here, and we will support you!

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MRL - 10 d ago


We spend money. Lots of it. Look at this morning's opening of the Evergreen Park Krispy Kreme.

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

Please consider opening in evergreen park.We woild give you tons of business.!

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Jen Greene - 10 d ago

Please reconsider opening a store in Evergreen Park. I have 4 children who all play sports and the closest Dick's is in the south loop. I don't think you realize the customer volume you would be serving.

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Cathy - 10 d ago

Please, reconsider and open a store in Evergreen Park IL. We don't have any sports stores near by and have kids in every sport. Kids shoes and equipment is not easy to order online and is a pain to return.

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