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Dick's Sporting Goods

345 Court St.
Coraopolis, PA
Edward Stack
Chairman and CEO
(724) 273-3400
(724) 227-1902
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Shelley - 156 d 6 s ago


Thank you for your decision to stop selling firearms, ammo, etc. It takes courage to stand up the way you have, especially with the way the NRA bears down on individuals and organizations. Great move, Dick's Sporting Goods!!

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Bob K - 156 d 2 h ago

Shelly, please remember that fear of your fellow citizens and their guns Is misplaced. The thing you should fear is the loss of your liberty; it always begins with the loss of the right to bear arms and ends with the slaughter of the innocent by the thousands. History bears this out.

" People willing to give up freedom for their security will receive neither " Benjamin Franklin

Fear not your armed countrymen but fear tyranny instead. It's always at your doorstep.

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Anonymous - 155 d 15 h ago

Tyranny is in our White House. No one is wanting to take guns away from sane, adult, law abiding citizens that hunt or want to protect themselves. But if you don't fall in that category we're all safer if they don't have assault weapons.

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Anonymous 2 - 155 d 9 h ago

Your delusional if you think there is not a conserted effort on the left to take your guns from you. They think an armed citizenry is dangerous. Hiwever it is most important that citizens have the capacity to be dangerous but not act inappropriately ever. That described 99.999% of gun owners.

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Anonymous 3 - 154 d ago

Can you share 1 bill that has been proposed to remove the right to bear arms? I have not heard of any.

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Anonymous 2 - 154 d ago

Why yes I can, there are now several states where "red flag laws" lead to confiscation of those deemed to be a threat to themselves or others. This is often done in secret by various accusers. Senator Rubio has proposed federal legislation of this sort. These laws are filled with potential constitutional challenges.

Many of the states have these laws that now challenge our rights to due process and the right to bear arms. Essentially one is supposed guilty and then has the ominous burden to prove otherwise. A judge is empowered to make such decisions; a judge who is not compenent in the mental health arena but is damn sure going to error against the accused.

These laws are promoted as violence prevention and mental health care , but are just one more step towards weakening the Second Amendment.

While there is no legislation now to take all guns from every citizen there are legislators who have championed the confiscation that occurred in Australia and wish to copy it here.

As you now are aware that legislation did nothing to prevent the latest massacre by an Australian citizen.

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Richard - 138 d ago

my wife really loves dicks!

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Richard - 138 d ago

Sadly, not mine ; )

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dear anon. - 75 d 4 h ago

dear anonymous,

Check your facts first tough guy. The massacre was in New Zealand, 2,500 miles away.

Don't worry..America will never take your guns away so be happy...and give my love to your sweetheart, that cute little AK.

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Anonymous - 31 d 7 h ago

Check yours. He was an Australian citizen in New Zealand!

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Anonymous - 3 d 7 h ago

Looks like we're going to see more red flag laws. Ok by me if due process is followed and the non violent or non suicidal mentally ill aren't discriminated against. Most mentally ill are not a threat to anyone. In fact the opposite is likely true.

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Gary Willis - 152 d 14 h ago


They're working on it. Obama was clever in buying up all the ammunition from stores and now a left-leaning court has allowed someone to sue Remington Arms Manufacturing! Clever way to erode our Second Amendment which was given to us by our founding fathers.

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well regulated - 131 d 7 h ago

Its sad that most of our country and our leaders have forgotten the most important part of the 2nd amendment, and that is to have a "WELL REGULATED" militia. Our founding fathers knew how to make laws. We should be responsible enough to regulate the gun industry to protect the American public.

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Anonymous - 128 d 24 h ago

Its sad that you forget... The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

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Tom - 75 d 4 h ago

May a lunatic whacko rock your world!

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The militia! - 126 d 11 h ago

Fact: militias were and still are comprised of citizens, not a military! They are a state entity as apposed to federal.

The citizens comprise the militias and their right to be thus armed shall not be infringed "period" !

Early militias were not well regulated thus it was for the states to take on that task, specifically, and not the federal government.

Yes the framers of the constitution knew how to make laws but unfortunately many today twist their words for their own agenda. See above "anonymous" and see what I mean.

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Liberty - 37 d 4 h ago

There is a silent militia in America; not looking for trouble but would be ready when needed. They are your law abiding citizens who will honor and protect the liberty guaranteed by the constitution. There will always be a challenge to liberty by those who think they know what's best for you. But It usually what's best for them though. They will use the force of government to force their ideas on weak citizens. Be watchful and speak up when you can!

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Nra = $ - 140 d ago

the pigs are in bed with the new. you are already done, jack.

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Re Nra - 139 d 8 h ago

The new what?

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Jake - 139 d 6 h ago

I meant that the cops and NRA are blowing each other.

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Gary Willis - 152 d 14 h ago


Not true Banning assault weapons. With your line of thinking, really big Forks should be banned from America because the average American is 30 lb overweight! Mental illness drives people to kill people and absent guns, knives, baseball bats, vehicles, bombs, Etc will be used to harm others. So it's the individual that needs to be addressed and not the weapon. London banned all guns and knife stabbings and killings skyrocketed. This is just a left agenda to further destroy this country. This line of thinking is against our constitution and certainly the founding fathers which means, it's un American

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Bob K - 152 d 13 h ago

Gary, you are correct. The left wants to defang the citizenry. It's a misplaced notion by bleeding hearts without a clue of what that will lead to. Once the gun owners are rendered unable to be dangerous to tyrants and criminals the left will have given up our liberty.

I ask, what is more of a threat? Is it your armed neighbor or a tyrannical government that has taken your right of self defense?

Trust God and your neighbor; not the government. Our founders had this figured out. The left has forgotten history.

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Anonymous - 152 d 12 h ago

If sky daddy has your back then you have nothing else to worry about.

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Anonymous - 152 d 8 h ago

You still need to try to be a decent human being if you can; it's not all that easy if you want to be honest about it.

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Snapshot - 129 d 14 h ago


You just have to love them trusty AR-15s :-)

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Anonymous - 128 d 24 h ago

Yes only the commander chief of Tyranny should have Assault rifles

The Logic of the Left escape them

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One man Army - 123 d 8 h ago

Do you think you could ever arm yourself for protection against the military? You better buy an ass load of those assault rifles.

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Lodge Buddy - 110 d 9 h ago


Dude, or Dudette, you truly redefine the term STUPID!

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Anonymous - 110 d 8 h ago

Dumb or Dumbette, who are you replying to? The person that said they didn't want insane citizens armed with assault weapons?

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