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Dick's Sporting Goods

345 Court St.
Coraopolis, PA
Edward Stack
Chairman and CEO
(724) 273-3400
(724) 227-1902
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Steve Goodfellow, Syracuse NY - 2 d ago


The Dick's Sporting Goods Open concert in Endicott NY last night was a joke. It was the worst run event I have ever been to. I spent $140 on tickets plus 40.00 to park only to have no audio on the jumbo Tron to hear the concert. Bon Jovi was 2 hours late, which is tolerable due to weather, but we could not hear the announcement and the concert was half over before we had the audio quality of a home TV. You should look at the FB postings on the concert....I will never attend that venue again and would hope Dick's has higher standards of quality and do something about this.

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A concerned citizen - 2 d 17 h ago


My son worked at the Dicks in Carmel Indiana. He filled out paperwork regarding not being able to work for two weeks since he had summer school. He did what he was told to do. Today he called to get his hours for the weekend and was told he was fired for missing work. It so happens that they schedulede him and since he did not show he is now fired. No one from the store bothered to call when he missed his schedule for more then 4 days. Really he could have been dead and they terminiated him. When he told them he filled out the paperwork and also told management he was told to bad it is already done. What a xxxx company!! I guess the higher managment team at Dicks are perfect!! Maybe the form was lost, etc.. Not to call when you have an employee who never misses a shift ??? No wonder you churn through people .. How sad is that you have to wait for 20 minutes for the manager to even find the paperwork on my son... I hope one day he is fired for no reason!!! xxxx flows both ways....

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Brenda Holley - 3 d 13 h ago


I went to your store in Danville Va today to get my grandaughter shoes. While there she went to the bathroom. A little while after we left the store and went otthe mall, she realized she had left her Iphone in the bathroom, she is 9 and it was a birthday gift. I raced back to your store went to he bath room then cashier and they said no phone had been turned in. So I went ot the mall but she was so upset she kept crying and so I went back to DIcks to see if anyone had turned the phone in again no...went to targe and a hour later went back to Dicks ask the lasy at the servicce desk about the phone she siad she thught they had found one in the bathroom,,,, But then the girll at the register said no no we did not find one somone lost one...I said will you call your manager and ask I live a long ways from here and if I get home and you find you do have it I am going otbe upset..Again no no we do not have it..Drove my 37 miles hoome called the store once more before reporting it and YES someone turned it in this morning!!!!! I ask ot speak to a manager nice guy I think was Jeff said he would lock it up I explained what had happen all day and he said he was sorry and come to customer service dest he would keep it safe for I did drove the 37 miles back to Danville Va as I parked the care said a little prayer to not get upset jsut get the phone and leave. I go in to service desk and no one was there but a long line was at the only register soI walked over ask if she could get osmoene at the service desk and she said in a minute so I returned to he custoer service desk and she Shouts out to me :Why don't you jsut get in line like everyone else!"

YOu have got to be kidding me so I said somehting about being there 5 times aleady today and then I just walked way off so it would not be a fight..during that time I heard a gy saying Mam I will get your phone so I waited in the isle away fro the runde cashier. then I told my grandaughter to go and look a her name tag as I was going to call about her and this is what she heard the cashier saying to a group of customer:That crazy lady is not right she is just crazy or something ". well I have shopped at DIcks for years as my grandaughter loves htat store we buy all of her bats balls water bottles and a lot of clothes and all her shoes almost there jsut reeently a very expensive bike and never have i had anything like this happen at the North Myrtle Beach Store. The manager was very nice gave me 15 dollars for y gas which I accepted and thanked him but the cashier and the other lazy people woh were to lazy to check to see if this phone was there during all three of my return trips you can do without. The lady at the register that was so very rude was working the register at 5 on 07 17 2017. Long blond hair and a nasty look about her . I only gave one star as the manager jeff was very good at his job and very ncie....the rest of them well you need to do a secret shopper on them and infd out for yourself..

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Football mom - 4 d 7 h ago


I just wanted to let you know that the

Commercial I saw this evening on offering lower price sports gear and that every child should be able to play . It was heart warming. I was proud of your company and as a single parent now and a son who loves football its easier not to say no.

Thank you xoxo

Sonia Duron


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Margaret Urban - 6 d 18 h ago


Having worked in retail management for over 20 years I was dumbfounded by the response of a manager at our local Dick's Sporting Goods.

A couple of weeks ago I had paid cash for a can of tennis balls and a pair of weight-training gloves. Upon returning home I tried a glove on to ensure fit and then tossed both the packaging as well as receipt.

Last week I took my new gloves to the gym. Put the left one and then noticed that its "mate" was also a lefty! So on Saturday my husband volunteered to return them to Dick's. The cashier summoned a manager who refused to make an exchange because there was no receipt. This would be laughable--what? a scam involving the return of two left training gloves?--if it were not so entirely annoying.

Please be assured that we will never enter a Dick's Sporting Goods again. Also know that we will be telling our friends, coworkers, customers (in my case), students (in my husband's case), neighbors and fellow gym-rats of our unsatisfactory experience. Yesterday I told a friend and her response was an initial laugh and then "Are you serious? I'm never shopping there again!"

Can't wait to purchase a new tennis racket. Elsewhere.

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No longer a customer - 10 d ago


I am VERY displeased with not only some of the staff but also a manager at the Dick's store at the Pittsburgh Mills. And furthermore I contacted the corporate office to file a complaint and was told that someone would return my call in 24-48 hours regarding my complaint and no one ever called! Unprofessional to say the least!

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Carl Newburg - 14 d 13 s ago


I am very displease with Dick's Sporting Goods. Prior to purchase I called to verify if item 18338746 was in stock and available for immediate shipment and I was told that it was. I placed order (hidden)2 on July 28, 2017 and then received notice that item would arrive on 08/04/17. After it did not arrive I received an email stating that item was delayed with no new arrival date. I called to cancel order and was told that order could not be cancelled. If this is the way Dick's does business I don't plan to ever purchase anything at Dick's again and will write reviews to reflect my experience. I feel that this will go unnoticed if my past experience with Dick's holds constant. Carl Newburg, (hidden)

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Shut Dick Down!!!!!! - 19 d 11 h ago


what a bunch of thugs and low lifes. They behave more like a criminal interprise than a customer service trying to help Dicks customers. Gordon !d #159592 in customer service unprofessional ignorant and unprofessional. Five to six people disconnected my call before I was able to speak. I wouldnt be surprised if he gave me a fake employee ID number.

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Anonymous - 14 d 22 h ago

Coming from someone who cannot write in proper English,,,

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Kimberly Reyes - 14 d 19 h ago


Hello Mr. Edward Stack,

I would like to start off by saying my family and I really enjoy going into Dicks Sporting Goods to do our main shopping for our softball equipment and apparel. We usually always go to the Cypress store, but when we wanted our pitching machine we drove to the Upland store. Every store seems to be very helpful and a good experience.

Unfortunately, last Thursday wasn't a good experience. My husband and I play on an adult softball league in Corona Del Mar on Thursdays, and we had a late game. My husband pitches, and last week his cleats were at the stage of retiring. We left early to get some new turf shoes for him and decided to go to the Huntington Beach store: 7542 Edinger Ave. Huntington Beach, California 92647. We found some great looking turf shoes for a reasonable price of $85.00. We went to the cashier and set the box on the counter and a wiffle ball my daughter found on the rack. I gave the wiffle ball to the cashier and he said there is no tag. I said, okay how much is it? He said oh we don"t sell these single only in a pack and proceeds to throw it on the floor next to him, and then kicks it to the corner of the area he was working! Not to mention, the whole time he was talking to us he was so focused on this electronic device hanging on his shirt near his chest (A complete distraction to helping the customer). In shock, my husband pays as we then leave with the turf shoes. We get to the car and as I am pulling away my husband says, he left the security tag on the shoes. I parked and went back into the store and went straight to the guy at the register. He states, is there a problem and I showed him the security tag and he never says sorry. He takes the security tag off and says have a great day, almost condescending.

I would really want to know if there was a rude young man helping my customers in the front of the store. That is a place where we greet and extend our thanks to our customers as they come and go. Please be aware of these type of attitudes that you have working for you, as I am sure he never thought twice about how he treated us, or breaking a little girls heart as he kicks a wiffle ball under the counter not even thinking that that was the item she carried throughout the store the whole time we were shopping!

If your interested in knowing the employees name I am sure that would be worth my time to find out.

I would hope that you would think that his behavior is unacceptable.

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Annoyed soccer mother - 20 d 11 h ago


On Saturday, July 29, 2017 I called the Rockaway, New Jersey store to see if they had a pair of Nike adult turf soccer cleats in stock. The young man said he had them in his hands, I asked if he could hold them for me, he responded yes, gave him my name and hung up. Drove an hour to get to the store, went to shoe department and told an associate that they were holding a pair of cleats for me, gave my name. Associate comes out and says there not in the back, let me check customer service, this took 10 minutes, he comes back and says they're not up front, asks what size, brings out cleats a half size to small. Thirty minutes after walking into the store and stating that I was filing a complaint with corporate, someone "found" the cleats that they were holding for me, they said someone put them back in the wrong place.

Another time I drove an hour to a different Dick's because the website said they had cleats in stock at this store. Arrive at store, go to shoe department, ask for cleats, they don't have them. Told associate that there website said they had them, he tells me "Oh that's never right." Why have a website to see what locations have what you are looking for if they don't have it. They do this to get you go to the store figuring you'll buy something else. Might have to find a new place to buy cleats.

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April Haddad - 21 d 12 h ago


My daughter is in the US National Guard serving her country, we were at the Dick's Sporting Good's at Stonebriar Mall, Frisco,TX, at checkout she asked if there was a military discount and the reply which was shocking was no. Now why doesn't Dick's offer military discounts to the men and women who serve our country? Who put their lives on the line everyday so you in your corporate office can feel safe because of the armed forces! Shame on you Dicks! In the same breath the check out clerk asked if she would like to donate to something Dick's was sponsoring. The answer was a resounding no! If you can't support our troops then why support your causes! You should thank your military for providing the very freedom you take for granted!

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One angry mother - 62 d 8 h ago


My daughter who was in between jobs, apply for job at your store in Uniontown Pennsylvania. Even though her resume is quite impressive, she never got the job so we thought nothing more of it, until the next week the job is listed again. Now the only conclusion we can come to it's not that she wasn't qualified, in fact she was overqualified. She just wasn't thin enough. With this said she now has a job. So I guess everything happens for a reason. Good luck dicks with your future endeavors. But discriminating against someone for how they look and not on their qualifications. It's just so sexist. So I guess you really are (DICKS).

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Ks - 21 d 17 h ago


How did you get to this conclusion?

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John - 41 d 13 h ago


This is the 2nd time I have been to Dicks Sporting Goods store in Naperville, Il to purchase an advertised item and both times I was told they didn't have the item in the store. My visit was the SAME DAY AS THE AD! The most recent visit was for a tee shirt with an American flag for 4th of July and the first clerk said she "hadn't seen anything like that" when I showed her the Ad. She called a manager (I assume) who said "oh no, that item is for other type stores". Huh? I drove 5 miles to that store and will not go into another Dicks again.

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Bill - 40 d 18 h ago

Not every store is going to have the items in an ad. The ad is for every store in the country. It's the same concept as thinking that every item on the website will be in the store. Some stores have the items and some stores don't.

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Ks - 21 d 17 h ago


Just because something is in an ad, doesnt mean every store has that item. Most stored are like that.

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Cheryl traynham - 22 d 13 h ago


I think the mgmt and sales people in Greensboro ,NC store need manners and be told the customers reason they get paid .Each time I've been in this store I dealt with rude employees pick and choose customers to wait on . I walked today not making a purchase due to poor service. Mgmt didn't care the employee was rude . This isn't first it's happened that's why I brought their attn .

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Toussaint Bridges Jr - 23 d ago


I purchased a chrome riddell back plate last Friday and I never received a email about it or anything I didn't even get the order number. After I got done ordering it just said thank you for ordering that's it email me back please @(hidden) I really need it before my first practice!

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Sara Laporta - 30 d 15 h ago


I purchased 2 gift cards & gave them to my son-in-laws for their birthday's. I have the receipt for the two of them & gift receipts. 100.00 on my receipt & two gift receipts. One son-in-law used his with not a problem. The other son-in-law went to use his teed July 19th & was told nothing on the gift card. I went the next day thurs. July 20th to the Patchogue store where I purchased them in nY & the manager Kelly said, it was not valid . She gave me the number 877 846-9997 & I spoke to a Billy who was very nice & said it was wasn't activated. Then put me in with Jackie & after at least one he told me it was up to the store manager to give it to me!!!! I have my cell phone to Kelly at that time & asked Jackie to talk to Kelly!!!

Definitely got a no!!! Then I went home & all upset as 70 years old was told she couldn't help me as it could of been stolen. Then I called Kelly & she told me i will get back to you after I speak to Jackie and never called me back. I then went back to Patchogue ny store again fri July 21st & spike to Kelly again!! Told her I saw the problem on the gift card with the numbers not matching the receipt & the sale person doesn't work here. So did she scam me? Then Kelly accused me of calling the salesperson a stealer!! So I walked out again & told her I will go on twitter so this doesn't happen to another person!!! My e-mail is saravinnie (hidden) I would appreciate a response from Dick's headquarters. Thank you, Sara

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Tina LOUSIE RICHARDSON - 31 d 14 h ago


My name is Tina LOUSIE RICHARDSON my daughter Terresha Sloan Richardson has been working at the store in Monaca,Pa for the last 5 years she never had a promotion. My daughter was good employee. She decided to quit today because she was not making enough money. After 5years she should of been promoted. It's not a black or white situation but my daughter) should have been PROMOTED.

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Not refuding according to policy - 34 d 5 m ago


Placed and order online. Returned items via return label within designated time frame. Receipts indicate delivery and signature of return to warehouse location. I have waited over a month and still no refund. Have called three times and no resolution. An Incident report was placed. Called again today and again no resolution as to why there isn't a refund to my account and why there is a "hold up in audit". No one can help with my return refund. Per today's call I asked for a supervisor and was placed on perm hold, no one picked up. In the mean time Dicks still has my $125 worth of merchandise funds. I keep getting told to call back in another week. Shameful business practices borders on fraud.

Next step is BBB.

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SL - 34 d 11 h ago


Dear Corporate:

On 6/30/2017 I bought a set of golf clubs online for in-store pickup. The store that had the clubs was the Dublin store, which was an hour from San Francisco. When I got to the store, I was told that my online purchase was not ready for pickup. But I could buy a separate set that was the same as the online one. My credit card would be charged and I could go home with my clubs. But I was concerned about being charged for both the in store purchase and the online ones that I put through already. The staff at the Dublin store reassured me multiple times that the online charge would drop off after a few days because technically, I didn't "pick it up". I was worried, but since multiple employees at the store told me, I went home. I waited a week and checked my PayPal account and the charge is still there. So I called the store and spoke the Mike the manager. He told me he couldn't do anything. I needed to call the online purchase department (hidden). I called and they told me I need to wait a few more days and the charges would be dropped. That conversation happened on July 5th or so. Today, is July 17th. I checked my account again and the charge is still there. I called the store again and was given the same information. I'm still double charged for this set.

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Anonymous - 45 d 51 m ago


Spent 30 minutes in a Dick's Sporting Goods store and not once was I approached by anyone to ask if I needed help. Not one employee walked through the fishing supply section while I was there. (20 minutes). Same for the swimming section (10 min). This is a classic example of the we can run a huge store with almost no employees retail model. Felt just like a Sears store before their collapse. Might be a good time to sell your DSG stock .

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Anonymous - 34 d 12 h ago

I hear you Mr. Anonymous! They cannot be bothered to help you out

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