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Dick's Sporting Goods

345 Court St.
Coraopolis, PA
Edward Stack
Chairman and CEO
(724) 273-3400
(724) 227-1902
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Anonymous - 3 h 8 m ago

Why would a store stay open in bad weather if the whole mall was closing early so employess can get home safely?

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jack burgess - 2 d 7 h ago


Hi - I went to the Dick's Sporting Goods store at New Hope Commons to buy Nike shoes. Young lady finally checked on me, gave me a sample and then never came back. So, I left and went home ordered the exact same shoes from Amazon. Poor customer service is killing your store when there is a more customer friendly alternatives. The Nike web site was also very helpful. Plus - they did not have the size and color I wanted so -- wasted trip.

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Snapshot - 2 d ago

That is nothing new for Dick's i was right next to the shoe Dept. in the Lodge where the firearms are at when i worked at Dick's, many people would come to me from the shoe Dept.and ask for help i would get on my radio call for someone to help them i would get no answer.

I then would walk over go into the back stock room, and there would be the shoe sales people just hiding out.

You did the correct thing in finding your shoes somewhere else.

I am so glad i quit Dick's and wish i had never worked there.

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Anonymous - 5 d 12 h ago

I joined the Dick's reward program. I get emails every day. Sick of crap on my email. How do you get out of program? Local store wouldn't help. Dewayne


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Joan Becker - 5 d 12 h ago

You have my respect and admiration for changing your gun sale policies in response mass shootings. I will do my best to support such good corporate citizenship by making Dick's my #1 store for any sporting good purchases. Thank you.

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Susan Betterly - 6 d 3 h ago


I applaud your decision to stop selling assault rifles and to change the age of purchase to 21. You provide an excellent example of corporate responsibilty to other CEOs. I will only purchase sporting goods from Dick's from now on.

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Frank LaForge - 8 d 4 h ago


I would just like to take the time to acknowledge one of your employees here in Wichita. Erica was her name and she is at the Dicks, West store here in Wichita Ks. She went way beyond the customer service I have experienced at most retail stores I visit trying to find me a jacket. Personally I spent over 50 years in various forms of customer service during my employment period prior to retiring. Erica is EXACTLY the type of person I would welcome into any company I owned or managed, or wanted to do business with.

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Snapshot - 7 d 8 h ago

There are some really good and hard working people at some Dick's Sporting Goods stores, wait a Month and return to that store and see if Ms Erica is still working there, i am willing to bet she will have moved on.

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Stacy Alonso - 34 d 9 h ago


Good Afternoon, I am reaching out due to an exceptional employee you have at the Westfield Wheaton, Maryland location. Malik went the extra mile with helping me when I came into the store on January 8, 2019. I have gotten used to being ignored or questions going unanswered in retail stores. Unfortunately that has become the norm. I was totally taken back when Malik approached me, greeted me and asked if he could assist me with anything. When I asked i they carried roller skates. He not only told me where to find them he escorted me to where they were in the store. The size I needed were not in stock. I said thank you and was about to walk away. Malik then said I would be happy to order them for you have them delivered to your house with no additional cost. I said its okay I didn't want to bother him with that and that I could do it from home. He was very nice and said well if I order them from store its free shipping and we also price match. I knew Target had them for less and that would have been my next stop. But I was treated so nicely by Malik that I said sure I will take you up on that offer. He is definitely as asset to your company. He was pleasant, friendly, helpful and very attentive. Young people like him will be the only way brick and mortar locations will stay afloat. With his great personality he will go far and Dick's should know that this young man is a wonderful team player.

Happy Customer!!

Stacy Alonso

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Clinton - 33 d 12 h ago


@ Stacy Alonso,

Do you have big udders?

Are you and Malik share the same bed?

Flagged for review. 
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Lori - 8 d 12 h ago

Clinton -

Your response towards Stacy is not okay! You are spreading toxic masculinity. Women are not objects to be exploited by you. You would do better to remember that and try to practice kindness towards others. Women will not take this shit from men like you anymore.

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Snapshot - 32 d 13 h ago

Stacy i am willing to bet the next time you go to that Dicks that young man will be long gone, Dicks does not reward their sales people 'grunts" as they are called by Manager/Coachs they are just thought of as machines and treated as such, Dicks hires every week to replace the many who just walkout never to return,

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Sarah - 30 d 7 h ago

Question Snapshot.. Have you worked for Dicks before? It's just like every other retail place out there, employees come and go.. It's not necessarily because they are treated like "grunts" as you call them just because some people can handle a job and some can't. Yes every once in awhile you get a manager on a bad day but what person in retail doesn't have a bad day? Just because you obviously hate the company doesn't mean you have to be rude and disrespectful to someone who actually enjoyed their visit there..

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Snapshot - 27 d 5 h ago

Sarah i think i made it clear i once was employed at a Dick's did there stupid and worthless computer training, the was quickly turned out to do what ever it took to make the stores sales forecast for that day.

Also you were required to stop shrinkage "theft" keeping shrinkage low is a number one item with Dick's.

To Dick's Managers/Coach's "Grunts" are a tool tool does not preform get a new tool, simple as that your a number you clock in you clock out you get money into your checking Act.

Clock in late you get hit with point loss, be a no show for sickness more point loss, lose to many points you are no longer working at Dick's

I never saw a Manager/Coach who was having a good day, if store was not hitting the targets they knew it was going hurt their profit targets for the day, and miss these targets cost them money.

Dick's is one mean Company it's hit targets each day or you die, i recommend that you Sarah apply at Dick's and see for yourself how it really is.

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Sarah - 21 d 11 h ago

Snapshot I did work for Dicks almost 5 years just recently left. I can honestly say I loved working there, it has it days just like every other job out there.

A point system yeah they have it but that's because people show up late or call in for being "sick" if that's what they really were. Given emergency's happen and you have to miss or your actually sick I get that. Points drop off over time that's any job though.

Targets every job has a target, I honestly thing we just had two different experiences is what it sound like to me. My Managers/Head Coaches were never rude because they didn't hit numbers they just kept us updated where our goal was and pushed up to hit it.

Guess we can agree to disagree..

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Lori - 8 d 12 h ago

Snapshot. You are bitter beyond what one would expect from a mis match between employee and employer. You are trolling this site. I have to ask you - why can't you let go and find work that inspires you?

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Lori - 8 d 12 h ago


I heard the NPR story today about Ed's decision to restrict gun sales and I felt so grateful to him for his strength as a man and as a powerful force in business. It will take the powerful waking up and following their hearts in pursuit of love and compassion to save our world from our declining culture, environment and commitment to truth. Below is a note I sent to Jody Salerno who was disdainful of Ed's choices. I stand with Ed and support Dick's Sporting Goods 100% . . . "Hi Jody, I was listening to NPR this morning and they featured a story about Dick's Sporting Goods and the CEO's decision to restrict gun sales after the Parkland shooting. I have to say, I could hear in your response a total lack of empathy or understanding. Your response (with great energy and disdain, I might add) was straight out - "They won't make a dime off of me again!" A chill went down my spine. Here is this man making a decision for his business to try to make sure that Dick's (a business started by his father) won't be part of any future teen shooting massacres, and your response to that is one full of spite and anger. Someone in the background (maybe your husband) with equal disdain is egging you on. You both sounded like bullies - enough to prompt me to write you this email. I wish you could be an advocate for the safety of guns in every sense of the world. That means recognizing that we have a public health problem of teen mass shootings. We have a public health problem of angry white men losing themselves and either committing suicide or turning their anger out on others. We have a public health problem of a country that is bitter, angry, selfish and lost. Where are the wise, initiated adults? Where is the sense of commitment to our children to tackle this problem at the root - not throw more weapons at it? The idea that we simply need to arm teachers is beyond harmful. The issue at hand is, why are people so lost in America? What happened to the very soul of our country and people? It's a tragic story of a country gone wrong. You have a right to your gun, Jody. And Ed stack has a right to his business. His decision to protect our youth does not impact your opportunity to shoot your guns. Yes, if you are a mother, your teenager can't buy one on his own until he is 21 - the rightful age to drink. Owning a gun is for the mature and initiated ONLY. It is not a question of "consumerism" it is a question of compassion. It's time for the "adults" in our country to wake up and recognize that they are drowning themselves and the rest of us in their fear and anger. Your lack of respect and actual spitting disdain over Ed's actions speaks to something that's ailing our country. I join Ed's cause for protecting our children and instead spreading a message about loving compassion. About community and connection. About hope and peace. These are the values that feed a society and I am quite sure Ed's father Dick would be very very proud of him, indeed. I do hope someday you will align your power to love beyond loving actions. I have a feeling you are strong woman and could make a real difference to that end. Lori"

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Xavier - 10 d 13 h ago


Here's a quick snapshot of a negative experience I had at Dick's Sporting Goods store number 4607. On 2-8-19 I visited the retailer to purchase a firearm. I was told a specific price after several scan on price check. I returned 2-9-19 to make the purchase at the price I was told. There was a change once it was time to checkout, and I notified my salesman. Of course, he had to call his manager. The manager showed up, and the interaction went horrible from there. 1st she never spoke directly to me as she stood in front of me. She talked to the salesman and he spoke to me. She didn't try to contact the salesman I spoke with in order to honor what I was told as suggested. She made it seem as if I was wrong for wanting to purchase what I drove more than an hour to purchase. Her behavior, tone, and body language were appalling. I left as an unsatisfied customer. I hope there can be reconciliation, but I doubt it. I expect to be contacted by a representative.

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Snapshot - 10 d 8 h ago

When i worked at Dick's i was in the Lodge Dept. that is where the firearms were sold, because of the Dick's Owner.CEO Edward Stack making the major changes he has to not selling AR-15s and people now must be 21 to buy a firearm or Ammo. we did not see many people wanting to buy.

But when someone did come in to try buying a firearm that was shown in news paper to be on sale, when they went to pay they were told there was a pricing error and the price was really a lot higher.

In the fine print you find they can make changes in pricing if an error happens, and who controls if an error happens it's Dick's so you see how they get away with trying to charge you a new higher price.

Many people just want the fire arm and will just pony up the extra cost, Dick's knows this and they gamble on the sale just going forward.

Myself in the few Months i worked at a Dick's i never sold one firearm, and am glad i did not sell any.

When my Manager/Head Coach was transfered the new Manager/Head Coach quickly let me understand i was really not needed, before he could fire me i quit, just wish i had never taken a job at Dick's and i will never take a ever enter any Dick's store.

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Bob - 11 d 9 h ago


This is not a complaint against Dick's Sporting Goods as a retailer. I purchased some items on-line from the Dicks's website for home delivery. No problems here. I have received numerous emails regarding the status of my shipment. When you hover over the email subject in my Gmail Inbox a Track Your package link pops up. Clicking this links takes you to Tracking Details webpage. The status of you package is displayed with links to customize Updates on shipping status and Delivery options. No problems here. On the Tracking Details webpage between the Shipment Progress and the the UPS footer there is an advertisement for More Savings / Get Cash Back / the Dick's Sporting Goods logo and a button to CLICK HERE. This is where I have problems. When you click on the CLICK HERE button you DO NOT go to the Dick's website. The link is to Shop Smarter ( You are then prompted for First and Last Name, Email Address and Password. When you click on the CONTINUE button you are prompted for Your Address Information and then for your YOUR BILLING INFO, i.e., your credit card info; Card Type, Card Number and Expiration Date. To the management of Dick's; I'm all for saving a few bucks and you providing me the opportunity to do so. However, routing your customers to a third-party website that most know nothing about and then requesting Credit Card information is inexcusable. Very simply, this is a bad practice, and can put your customers in a very compromising position. You have increased my security exposure. I am sure you have heard the news about the data breaches at many organizations where millions of credit card numbers have been exposed. I have had to get new credit cards many times due to the these events. I find it very offensive that you have such a cavalier attitude towards protecting your customers information. Please be advised that I am very serious about this. UPS will also receive this email. I am heavily involved in cybersecurity and will be making the cybersecurity community aware of your practices. I am rating my experience as 'Terrible' due to this.

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Snapshot - 11 d 9 h ago

Like everything Dick's do using their party's to work on delivery and product assembly and setups, they just get who ever they can at the lowest cost, they know in the fine print you sign they are not responsible for anything that happens.

I have not heard of a credit card problem with a third party's, but have heard of many that have had Dick's provide assembly and setup, a few can be found in many of these posting.

Having worked at a Dick's i know what they think about protection of their customers/targets, they don't think about their customers/targets to them they are just numbers in sales.

Ordering on Dick's web site is a gamble about everything, there is only one sure thing if you have a problem it's not going to be quickly solved if it get solved at all.

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Katie McClure - 14 d 8 h ago


Mr. Stack, On Feb 2, 2019 I purchased a Bo Flex Treadmill from the Dicks Sporting Goods Store located at 2070 Sam Rittenburg Blvd Charleston SC. A Company , Select Express Delivery is suppose to deliver and assemble the Treadmill. The soonest schedule is Feb. 13. That is an excessive delivery window for this product. I have bought furniture and appliances all my life and never have experienced such an excessive window. You could hire strong teenagers and get better results. Please review this outsourced service. Dissatified is mild term. Amazon would probably delivered faster.

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Snapshot - 14 d 5 h ago

Trust me Edward Stack could care less, they use any cheap third party Delivery if they damage or just don't show up, calling their stores won't get you any help.

Trust me buy your Treadmill at Academy you will get a lot better pricing and better Delivery.

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Mimi - 15 d 5 h ago


Went to the local store to purchase orange pickle balls. Of course you don't carry. You have a very small inventory of items people don't want, maybe tourist that come through looking to play at the beach. Asked to order for me and once again out of stock and don't know when it will be restocked. This has become a pattern in all departments. It appears the corporate is so out of touch with reality. It appears that greed for the dollar is more important than the customer's needs. About 4 years ago, it was a pleasure shopping because the customer was first. You could find knowledgeable people in every department. Now you are lucky to find anyone working to get help. So, why should I waste my time going into the store at all?

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Snapshot - 14 d 5 h ago

Many things have changed at Dick's in past years, there whole game has changed as to being a lot more about team sports, if you can find something you need great if not they could care less.

Also sneakers and workout clothing is where the real profits are , and the Manager/Coach's know they must push the high priced clothing and sneakers.

Also with summer coming in a few Months their Kayaks and small fishing boats will push profits up.

I really expect Dick's to quit selling firearms as their owner CEO Edward Stack has about killed their sales.

Dick's today is over priced compared to Academy and Dick's customer service is lower then you get at a Walmart.

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