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Dick's Sporting Goods

345 Court St.
Coraopolis, PA
Edward Stack
Chairman and CEO
(724) 273-3400
(724) 227-1902
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Kristen - 3 h 10 m ago


Do not ever purchase a bike from Dick's Sporting Goods! We have spent thousands and thousands of dollars at that store and after a purchase of a $900 bike with an extended warranty it broke after two days and they treated us like garbage! This is the Dick's Sporting Goods in Colorado Springs do not ever buy a bike from them I highly recommend going to a bike store the customer service was awful and their bike tech was so rude and disrespectful to us.

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Kathryn Tyson - 10 h 20 m ago


worst customer service ordered a t-shirt via the internet and tried to cancel wouldn't let me cancel because I didn't try within 30 minutes after placing the order called customer service because I was told that they could cancel but they shipped it anyway to Santa Clara CA a week later and then charged my Paypal account I then refused the shipment and it took a week to go to Louisville KY when it was shipped from Visalia, CA called them after 3 days for them to credit my Paypal account and was told that this couldn't happen for 30 days because that was Paypal's policy which is not correct I have had money refunded from merchants on Ebay within 3 days I asked to speak to a supervisor to explain this policy and was then hung up on I will never buy from this retailer again the name DICK is how they treat their customers

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Nadine - 3 d 9 h ago


Dick's Sporting Goods in Newport, KY refused to sell me soccer shoes for my son.

We spent 30 minutes selecting a pair of Adidas Messi soccer shoes and proceeded to the checkout where we were told that the shoes could not be sold to us because there was an upcoming "drop" of the product. The manager could not tell us when the "drop" was and refused to sell us the shoes even after telling us they had been on the shelves since Friday (3 days). Neither he nor the cashier offered any other solution. We left all our other purchase on the counter and walked out.

Customer service FAIL.

Adidas partnership FAIL.

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Emily - 4 d 16 h ago


The manager gabe serially harassed a worker at the rim in San antonio

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One angry mother - 9 d 13 m ago


My daughter who was in between jobs, apply for job at your store in Uniontown Pennsylvania. Even though her resume is quite impressive, she never got the job so we thought nothing more of it, until the next week the job is listed again. Now the only conclusion we can come to it's not that she wasn't qualified, in fact she was overqualified. She just wasn't thin enough. With this said she now has a job. So I guess everything happens for a reason. Good luck dicks with your future endeavors. But discriminating against someone for how they look and not on their qualifications. It's just so sexist. So I guess you really are (DICKS).

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Sad by Dick's Sporting Good Corporate Culture - 9 d 15 h ago


I do not like writing negative reviews. This is case in where I was injured at Dick's by an employee's carelessness. The managers' on duty were helpful yet, more concern I write a good review for them. The next day, I thought someone would all to see how I was feeling. Nothing. Is this Dick's Sporting Good Corporate culture? Is this the future? More concern with reviews than actually caring for the customer. Sad.

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Lily - 10 d 7 h ago


I worked at the DSG in Friendswood. Aside from the rats in the back running through the boxes this is a store that does not care about their employees. The managers themselves treat their employees and although they knew about employees being harassed John, Jennifer, Julie, Norberto, Chuck, Chris, Justin & Rene did absolutely nothing about it.

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Richard R. Schenck - 11 d 12 h ago


I have bought 2 - Quest 12x12 Straight Leg Outdoor Canopies / Pyramid Style Canopy Top. One three years ago that was destroyed in a wind storm and 1 last year. The one last year was taken down before the frame was damaged, but not the top. It was torn. I recently went to your store in Seekonk, MA to order/pay for another top. They do not carry, sell, or order them. Told me to go on line, much like Sears started doing a few years ago. Couldn't find the information, if it was there it was not readily available. Read the 1-year limited Warranty and found that the phone number on the 1-year old Warranty was a door company, not the Service Co. I actually have 2 expandable frames that could be used if replacement tops were available. I have used your store for a few years and this is the first time I needed to have a problem rectified. Your sales people are always professional and helpful but without backing from the company it stops here.

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Marsha - 13 d 12 h ago


FROM WEBSTER TEXAS: Your Guy Harvey t-shirts are amazing. reasonably priced too. Customer service was outstanding

the store was clean and well organized. Because of the kind, thoughtful people you have working at this location

I bought a large number of items. Hospitality matters. You are smart. Some businesses,hospitals included

have forgotten that this is not a trend. The generation having greatest impact on U.S economy are /were the baby

boomers. committed to customer satisfaction,real people,to society and value hard work. I saw this in your

employees who are younger and very much aware of what customers want and need. Wonderful

experience and i will be back.

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real mother, real lives, real people - 12 d 14 h ago


terrible company, terrible store, careless.

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Outraged Gainesville Mother, GA - 12 d 14 h ago


Dicks Sporting Goods in Gainesville, Georgia is an awful store. I am forced to shop there frequently as children need sporting supplies.

Each visit is accompanied with no customer service, long lines, and lack luster exhibited from management and teenagers running the store. Last weekend, I waited along with 7 other customers in the shoe department for assistance. After such a long wait, I went to find someone, a young trainee who said, "this is my first day, I know nothing about shoes." Yesterday, in the pouring rain, I had to get a life jacket. They are in the back of the store, parents need child items in the front for efficiency. Clearly, the exhibitors do not have children nor do they care for children on a primary daily basis, if they did, they would experience first hand frustration of having to walk to Egypt to find anything for a child. All life jackets were half off. However, they were all mismatched, no organization, and out of 17 counted employees on staff that night with no one offering to help, I climbed on a ladder, with a pole and had to get my own life jacket. I told the 18 year old child at the front what happened, she cared less. The Bald Overweight manager behind her remained silent, careless that a customer had to risk her life with heels and a seven year old on my hip to do their jobs. Then, I was refused a gift card for the free life jacket, because they would not help me find a second one for next years sizing. Then, the metal detector went off, and the 18 year accused me in the presence of my daughter, of stealing. I am flabbergasted. I videoed the incident. put it up on FB and Youtube today. Thousands in our community are commenting and protesting this store.

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Alan v - 15 d 6 h ago


Torrance,ca. Brand new store and someone drop the open may31st . And I ask a simple question to wanting to purchase a new shotgun. I went in a total of 5 times . And seem that someone was off or didn't have time to call vendor. Reason I went 5 times to store was they dicks wasn't assigned a store phone from 6/13 I get a call only to find out they don't have a beretta vendor assigned to that store and would have to wait another two weeks. I'm sorry but think you been in business long enough to get a store ready to open to public. My purchase went to one of your competitors .

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The rat gate - 15 d 18 h ago

Dear sir, your friendswood Texas store is infested with rats where your employees work and could possibly get sick there are dead rats and urine on a daily basis and the rats run across the boxes that are open you can hear them in the attic and I can only imagine how many are up there being that the smell in the back is so disgusting I my eyes burn maybe cause I have allergies but please fix this or osha or someone needs to be called management does not care about the health of the employees all they care about is their paycheck so help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PKlonowski - 16 d 8 h ago


Dear Mr. Stack

On 6/07/2017 I placed an order at your Marietta, GA store for a set of irons (Cobra Max - Matrix X4 ) (5-PW) . At that time I was told it would take approximately 12-13 before I would receive the order and they would be shipped directly to me from Cobra. On Sunday 06/11 I accessed your tracking website and the information on the site indicated that there was no record of the order being placed using either the web special order number or customer order. I then contacted a customer service representative to make sure the order had indeed been placed. Initially the customer service rep. had the same problem as I had earlier and then explained that there was a computer problem and would get back to me as soon as he had some concrete information.

Received a call today(06/12) informing me that the order would be shipping on 7/2/2017. This I find to be unacceptable on a number of different levels. (1) These clubs are basically stock items except for two minor changes from standard (grips and loft +1). (2) Your internet ad's indicate the orders placed June 12 & 13 would be received by Fathers Day (June 18) . If I could cancel this order I would, but I am sure that you are aware that the terms and conditions of the order prohibit the cancellation of the order. "Once your order is paid for and submitted, your order cannot be cancelled". I will close by stating that in the future. Dick's as well as Field & Stream would be my store's of last resort

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Charles Gill - 18 d 14 h ago


Dear Mr. Stack,

I want to share a story about employees at Dick's Sporting Goods in Baton Rouge, LA. My husband and I were severely affected by the flood of 2016 which was devastating to our community. Since that time we have realized how much help and support we received during that most difficult time. We are so grateful and have tried to pay it forward. We learned of an older gentleman (a military veteran) working at a local Waffle House just to make ends meet. We also learned that he walks 3 miles one way to work 7 days a week regardless of the weather which can be brutal here. My husband thought he might benefit from a bike. We began by shopping at Dick's and when the 2 men assisting us learned why we were buying the bike, they bent over backwards to put together an affordable package for us. The 2 men that assisted us were Leonard Moore (Sales Support Manager and veteran himself) and Calvin Allen (Lodge Head). They were empathetic, kind, generous, and extremely helpful in getting us a quality bike with necessary accessories. Calvin even choose a water bottle appropriate for a veteran. We were grateful, and, humbled by their kindness and the time they invested to make sure we purchased the perfect bike for this vet.

We just want you to be aware of our incredible experience at your store which was mostly due to these 2 generous sale people.

Please kindly take the time to recognize these individuals if possible. They made our dream for this veteran possible!

In sincere appreciation,

Chuck and Marge Gill

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Leowu - 20 d ago


Dear Mr. Stack,

After receiving the flash sale email from Dick's, I placed an order on field and stream wilderness tent today ($19.98) to pick up the item in the store nearing my home and the order was processed. However, the order was cancelled after about 20 mins without any reasons. I called customer service to ask why the order was cancelled. Th representive said it was out of stock. I said that Dick's website still showed that the store has this item. Later, the representative said that the all the Dick's store in United States do not have this item. I said "really, many stores showed they have it just simply inputting a few different zip code. " Then, surprisingly, the representive from Dick's just rudely hanged up my phone. I do not think the customer should be treated like this, no respect at all. I am fine to have the order cancelled if the item is really out of stock. This is simplily not this case. This looks like false advertisement and business cheating. I hope this can bring to your attention and improvement can be made accordingly. Please let me know if you want to learn more.

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Elmer - 20 d 5 h ago


Mr Edwards, Today June 8,2017 I received an email regarding "flash sale online only from 8am-10pm ET". I placed an order (#(hidden)0) for Field & Stream Wilderness Cabin 10 person Tent with list price of $19.98 and I received confirmation that my order went through and ready for pick up at local store. When I went to the store and asked associate that I need to pick up my order. Another associate came up to me and told me that my order has been cancelled due to some error in your side. I did not receive any notification until I already got to the store. This is bad business and false advertising.

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Pat Hughes Sr. - 23 d 13 h ago


Mr. Edward Stack

I have just purchased a Maxfli Edge push cart (order # (hidden)1) on line. On the info there was a umbrella holder but there is no way to attach one to the mount. I called my local store and was told that they have umbrellas to fit. I went to the store and they could not even figure it out. I called customer support on three different lines, spending all morning just to see if I could order the part so I could attach the umbrella and still to no avail.I was given the Maxfli Golf Division phone number to call. The number is no longer in use as I got a phone company recording. I really like this golf push cart and just want the part so I can attach my umbrella. Please reply as I am an avid Dicks customer for years.

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Ron Salisbury - 29 d 15 h ago


To Mr. Edward Stack, Chairman and CEO. Mr. Stack, I wonder if I came knocking on your door 10 times a day would upset you. I bought one (1) item on Amazon from your company less then 2 weeks ago. Since that time I have received so many e mails trying to sell me additional items it is very annoying. There is a way to unsubscribe however it takes 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My question is if you can e mail unsolicited e mails within a day or less of purchasing an item why does it take 10 days to unsubscribe? Are you telling me this unsubscribe information is entered into the data base by a human. I doubt it. I called Dick's in Pa. and spoke with a person who could not help me and was kicked to a supervisor, Pamela, ( a nice lady) and of course she was the end of the line. Could not transfer me to anyone higher or with authority nor knew where or which department handled this and would not transfer me to Corporate Headquarters. Total BS by Dick's. Total blockage, total planned blockage. I felt bad for Pamela. If I did this to one of my employees I would be embarrassed and be a terrible executive. If I ever have a choice to buy an item from Dick's and there was another vendor at or near the price ( higher) they will get my business. Stack should do some "blind" shopping from his own company and see what happens. Won't happen but what a concept.

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James Flanders - 30 d 10 h ago


Bad experience with Dick's site located at 24670 Dulles Landing Dr #100, Sterling, VA 20166. I went to purchase golf clubs and after working with salesman to determine irons, driver and bag I had to leave to meet up with family for a movie. Salesman asked if I would like to put the items on hold until I returned in a few hours, which I agreed to immediately and stated I planned on coming back following the movie to finalized purchase and grab some clothes as well. This was very clear. After returning right after the movie the manager met me as I came in the door stating that they sold the irons I had on hold to someone else. He then apologized for the "miscommunication" and offered to help me use the website to order the clubs online. Unsure if it was the salesman (did not get to speak with him again) or the manager who made the call to sell but I can assure you it was not a miscommunication. Total amount of goods I was attempting to purchase was between $1,300 and $1,500. Please advise if I should continue to be a Dick's customer.

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D Johnson - 31 d 11 h ago


I purchased a bike for my 7 year old. I purchased the extended warentee also for $50.00.

The boy cannot shift the bike, it's too hard. Dick's in Newington, CT had their technician work on it but was unable to resolve the problem. The bike is a defective design.

I was told I could exchange the bike, but the selection is very poor indeed.

The manager was a female with an attitude. I was told that the bike was not defective, it was not the right bike for my son. I was also told I could take a store credit for the bike or sell it on ebay.

I took the store credit and left the store. I went to a real bike shop and bough a great bike for my son. I'll spend the store credit but will never do business with Dick's sporting goods again.

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Brennan - 32 d 5 h ago


Bought the 2016 Taylormade M2 irons and requested stuff flex shafts. Got sold the regular flex shafts and now they will not let me return them.

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Anonymous - 32 d 20 h ago


The husband placed an order for a trampoline without me knowing. I came home two hours later, I wanted to cancel it. We couldn't even though the item hadn't shipped because it was 11:00 pm!!! We were told we couldn't because your computer system only allows cancelations within a 30 minute time frame. What a ridiculous rule. It is 2017. We shouldn't be held with a gun to our head if an item hasn't shipped. Because of the holiday weekend we now ha e to wait until Tuesday when cooperate office opens.

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Anna Nesbitt - 34 d 8 h ago


My son bought a basketball net from your business on his 13th birthday using gift money from family saved over the coarse of a year. My husband and I paid $400 at that time for the net to be delivered and installed even though we were told it could take up to 4 weeks. Nine weeks later, nothing has happened other than the fact that we have the net in pieces in our yard. We've called a dozen times and were told that we had to pay an additional $300 to rent a jackhammer. I don't know why. Even so, nothing has happened. I am so frustrated. I have four children who are involved in travel soccer, football, track, cross county, swimming, lacrosse, and horseback riding. Over the years I have spent so much money in your store. But never again. I hate the way you treat people. I will never purchase from you again, or from anyone who deals with you.

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AN - 33 d 14 h ago

Please delete my comments. The issue is being resolved.

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