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Dillard's Inc

1600 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR
William T Dillard Ii
(501) 376-5200
(501) 376-5917
Annual Sales Est
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Email: - 2 d 11 h ago

Greetings From USA ,

Some lady in my hood introduced me to some new grant programm,

This grant is specifically place for those who need assistance paying for bills,buying a home, starting their own business, going to school, or even helping raise their children with old and retired people.

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JackM - 3 d 3 h ago



You cannot reach a Customer Service Rep

You call the number on the back of the card. A recording asked if I was overt 60. I foolishly replied yes. Them I was offered a Medical Alert device. I pressed the decline button. BUT instantly got another question - offering a special chance to win $1000. They did not tell me my odds of winning. I declined

All I wanted to do was to pay my bill!!

After at least 10 minutes if that BS I hung up.

Decided to call the "international line". Got a recording that due to high call volume there would be a 10 minute delay.

After 29 minutes I hung up b






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ANONYMOUS1 - 11 d ago


Sharon Rios, store manager of Dillard's in Willowbrook Mall in Houston, Texas is hands down the absolute worst manager I have EVER encountered! She's impersonable, detached, belittling, speaks to employees with zero respect and always feels the need to make her "authority" known. I do not see how she has lasted so long and made it so far, it says a lot about the company. The absolutely ridiculous and out of touch sales goals employees are given are just about impossible to meet and cause a very cut-throat and hostile work environment, thus in such there's a constant cycle of firing and hiring new employees, it's a joke!

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Someone who QUIT - 5 d 12 h ago


Most Dillard's are the same way - anyone at the "executive" level can treat associates and managers however they want. They can rule with impunity and get away with racism, bigotry, rudeness, disrespect, etc.


So anyone lowly employee that is not Store Manager or Ops, too bad. If you have an issue and go to a DM or anyone higher, you are ostracized and retaliated against!

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Husband of a former employee - 9 d 10 h ago


West des moines iowa store assistan manager (Claire) is absolutely rude, uneducated, unprofessional with customers and employees.

She feels the right to let go employees at her will without a reason, only for her convenience with complot with Alex the store manager.

Many times noted they treat customers worst than an animal.

This store manager team should let go now and find the right management leaders.

My family and kids depended to eat from my wife job and we were in a very bad conditions just because of this stupid management team..

ALL should be fired

Worst place to shop ans worst place to work.

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Anonymous Shopper (Former) - 23 d ago


The Ft.Myers Florida Edison Mall Dillards is a joke. Their home manager is rude,snarky,smarmy, and just flat out obnoxious. I will never shop there again. Please avoid this store at all costs. I was only asking a simple question about towels I wanted to buy for myself.

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Future Law Student - 23 d 7 h ago


I am writing this review to let company persons and potential shoppers reading this know that I had an AMAZING visit to Dillard's in Macon, Georgia last week. I am currently in the interview process with law schools and other graduate school programs, so I went to Dillard's to find a professional women's suit to be prepared for all of my interviews. I go to school far away from my parents, so my mom, who would usually help me on all things fashion, was unavailable to help me. Instead, however, I was helped by Dianne Butler, the Calvin Klein specialist at the Shoppes at River Crossing location of Dillard's.

Dianne went ABOVE and BEYOND to help me. She pulled jackets, skirts, pants, and more to help me try on different styles and colors that would work for my interviews. I was beyond impressed with her help. She gave more than fashion advice, for she also helped me feel confident and comfortable in what I tried on so that I could be best prepared for when I wear them to my interviews. She was professional, helpful, and kind--qualities I am sure everyone desires for their employees and sales associates!

Props to Dianne for being her, and props to Dillard's for hiring her and keeping her! She's the best!

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ASIAN - 24 d 2 h ago

in Sugar land ,TEXAS its a very BAD MANAGER,Very bad experience

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Disappointed ex Dillards employee - 26 d ago


I worked at the Lakeline location in Austin, Texas for around 5 months. I came into this job and I was so excited to be working with makeup. I was ready to learn more (I've worked as a MUA for small events previously) and hopefully climb to a higher position. Over the course of the few months I was there I lost absolutely and all interest in the position, not because I lost my love for makeup, but because unless you subject yourself to high-school level maturity you will not succeed here. My manager, a 20 year old with NO sense for makeup, would constantly put off her duties like organizing the stock room, setting up for promotional events, and cleaning makeup to sit and try to talk about her sex life. With her "employees". There were multiple times she made me EXTREMELY uncomfortable (NSFW content next) talking about how her ex boyfriend was arrested for rape and how he masturbated before they went anywhere. I never initiated these conversations and if we did not sit and listen she would literally, physically go in a corner, not talk to anyone and cry. She made it hard for me to do work. Finally enough was enough and we all had a meeting with the store manager, cosmetics manager, and ASM per my request. They were notified of how inappropriate she had been behaving and she HAD BEEN TOLD to do her job. She continued to show a lack of interest in getting anything done and distracting her team from their work. She continuously lied to upper management about how productive she was and would spread lies about her employees being "mean" to her but would never sit down and talk to anyone actually involved. Eventually I was up for a management position. Despite her poor leadership skills other managers had seen my potential and wanted to promote me (I make this note because even after HER ENTIRE TEAM QUIT she was still not reprimanded/no one questioned why). When I did leave it wasn't even these details that made my final decision I left because her and the Clinique manager decided to create a hostile work environment. Refused to let other employees talk to me, even to ask questions, would not give me any direction for tasks, and ignore me while on the clock but then proceed to try to get me in trouble for the things I was never told to do. I had to leave a job that I was actively excelling at because management could not get their cosmetics girls under control. Cosmetics manager knows that one of her counter managers is living with her employee, the cosmetics manager herself is sleeping with the assistant store manager even though his wife works at another Dillards. Honestly the entire store is doing poorly. It was such a negative environment and it makes me so sad that I cannot do what I enjoyed because of the environment that was allowed to culminate.

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Shoplifting granny in colorado - 26 d 13 h ago


I see Dillard's screws people equally. I shopped at flatirons mall for years. Last time I shopped (literally this will he last time) I was accused of shoplifting. I am 67 years old and can pay for anything I buy. Dillard's has no shopping bags or carts. If you are disabled you can't shop in Dillard's.

My solution was to get a vera Bradley tote and put my items in it to pay for. Several sales people saw me, no harrasent. I get to ladies department and 2 young sales associates walked up to me and said I was shoplifting. I explained I was buying the bag and everything in it. They said you can't do that. I laughed and said I can't buy items and they said you can't steal. I asked to talk to the manager.

Very snotty woman. Told me I can't carry things around. Had to pay for each item separately then started yelling at me in front of all the customers. Shame on you Dillard's. Your managers suck. I don't need to steal. As she continued yelling several customers told her she was being rude and hateful. She told them to leave the store. We looked at each other and all the women dumped their stuff at her feet. I upended my bag and dumped it out. Her expression was priceless. I went home and cut up my card and mailed to branch manager. Guess what no comment to story.

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RTIDWELL28 - 28 d 18 h ago


I have been a fragrance vendor for over 20 years at each Dillard's in Montgomery, AL. I have always been a hard worker and never had any problems with customers or associates. However, I stumbled upon a little scam that one of your employees (Regina Clayton) had going on. She would have her family & friends make a minimum purchase on pre-sales and then she would slip testers and GWP'S from different fragrance companies. Pretty much anything she could get. She would then staple the bad and put a customers name on it. Nobody was the wiser. Until one day she was off work and one of her customers came in to get her goody bag. We couldn't find it, so I had to open up some bags. This is when I discovered her scheme. She realized that I probably could get her in trouble, which I didn't. She decided to tell the new fragrance department manager(Aprile Ellis) lies about me and cause her to be viscous and racist towards me. This woman made up new rules every time I was off work and when I came back, she would accuse me of breaking the rules. She lied to my boss and told her there were so many complaintd against me that she had to ban me from the store. My boss asked her to produce the complaints and she couldn't. She has also violated the rights of 2 transgender employees while they were working. This woman is evil and she has had a huge turn over in associates since she got there. She is causing the store to lose money. I am planning to file with the EEOC asap.

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Tori - 29 d 8 h ago


I work at Dillard's for almost 2 years and I made Pacesetter for 2017 and all I received was a ugly ass placque

The store manager and other managers enjoyed all the gifts

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Julie - 30 d 6 h ago


Hello, I want to write about an amazing experience at one of your stores. I was in Tallahassee Florida for my mother in law's funeral. My bag didn't make it -- I mean my bag with my clothes and everything I needed. I had the clothes on my back, computer, makeup, and some books -- and a sweatshirt. Searched the shopping options and went to Dillards. When I arrived in the store I was greeted by Shannon Anglin -- said hello and asked if she could help me. YES! I let her know what had happened, and if she could just point me to the correct departments. I'll do better than that she said. I'll take you and help you. And boy did she -- a dress, top and jeans, camisoles, stockings, a scarf, boots. I was out of there in record time and made the service. I cannot express how much this meant to me and my family. Shannon is a rock star!

General profile image - 32 d 4 h ago

I was interested in owning a couple of the current Gucci Guilty posters but the stores wouldn't let me have them. Even when they're done with said posters, they can't let me have some. The employees throw them away. Throwing those posters away is like throwing away beautiful pieces of artwork!!!!

General profile image - 33 d 10 h ago

I am asking for your assistance with a non-profit program please. Thank you in advance for your time.

Flagged for review. 
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Never again - 49 d ago


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Anonymous - 49 d ago

Customer service is horrible at the Domain Dillard's in Austin Texas, sales associates don't ask if they can help, won't speak, continue to have conversations with each other when you're ready to checkout. Several occasions I've taken merchandise to customer service to check out. Managers take forever to answer a page and then their attitude is worse than the sale associates. What happened to customer service? Are the sales associates there only to make their sales quota and forget the public?

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Lowly Customer - 48 d 7 h ago


I shopped at the Cool Springs, TN, Dillard's today in the Home Department. Christmas items were 75% off. The sales associate was very nice. We stood in line for a long time but she gave everybody the attention needed. There was a manager present but her computer was not working to check out they said. After we checked out, a lady came in returning Possible Dreams African American Santas. We told the sales clerk we were interested in those. We stood in line behind her while she returned the items. While we were standing there, another Dillard's employee (an older heavy set man) came by and told our sales associate that an associate upstairs wanted some of those. We said we were waiting to purchase them. Our sales associate then said she would have to ask her manager if she could sell them to us since the employee said that somebody upstairs wanted them. The manager, Angela, came over and said no she wasn't selling those she was holding them for someone and she didn't know which ones they would want. I said I thought Christmas sale items were first come first serve. She said she wasn't selling them until an associate got first pick. She didn't know how many she would want. Not our sales associate but the manager and the male employee both pointed out that they were African American Santas. We were White. I guess in Dillard's White people don't buy African American Santas. I called back after we left the store and asked for the store manager. He wasn't in but I spoke to the operations manager, Randy, who said he would check on it and call me back. He called back 30 minutes later and said an associate had gotten some broken Santas and they were holding them for her. They had now checked with her and they had 2 left. I could come back and buy them. We live two hours away and had already headed home. I declined his offer. I have gotten damaged merchandise from Dillard's before and they credited me when they didn't have the item. They never offered to watch for returns for me. I do not feel holding items for associates is appropriate and certainly not clearance items. I could have asked them to hold them for me until I was back in the area next week but that would have been totally inappropriate. Clearance items should be first come first serve which is what Randy states was their policy but they needed to take care of their associate.

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Mj - 41 d 21 h ago


I had the same issue at the very same store

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Anonymous - 46 d 11 h ago


On January 01,2019 I and a friend went to your store at La Cantera Store number 13, in San Antonio, Texas.

I was totaly disgusted to see shoppers take clothing off the racks throw all on the floor and then go through and select the ones they wanted and leave the rest on the floor. I watched some of your sales associates watchingt this debacle and never did anyone say anything to those customers. Had this been me, I am sure I would have been told not to do that or even asked to leave the store.

As we were standing in for an hour line to pay for our three items, a woman cut in front of the line and I adressed this with the sales associate. she started speaking in spanish to the customer as well as another sales associate. The customers I am referring to, were all Mexican Nationals that come into the US to shop. I am sure their money is most welcome however I, as a white person was treated terribly and I am sure as the conversations continued in spanish my friend and I were being made fun of. I felt totally discriminated by your associates ,especially Selena Rivera who made it a point to look directly at me, say something in spanish to the customer and then they both laughed.

I have been a Dillards customer manymany years, but I will definetely rethink shoping in your store again.

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Another white person - 41 d ago


You're racist. Dillard's is still horrible, but you sound like a privileged white woman. Please change your mindset towards people of different walks of life. "I as a white person was terribly treated" shut up you sound so racist

Flagged for review. 
General profile image

another white person - 41 d ago


there is nothing wrong with her describing her POINTING out and blaming racism is another so why dont you stop being for me I saw nothing racist about her post at all.

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Don't work here - 41 d ago


I worked at Dillard's for 4 months last year in women's shoes. I made my goal every month, got the bonus every month, left with no deficit. I was a good worker, and even still it was a shit show. At the Kansas City Zona Rosa location, Mechelle just straight up needs to be fired. She has no respect for anyone and harshly bosses around people who aren't in her department (I speak in present tense because my friend still works there). Her bitch attitude was the reason why I didn't finish out my two weeks. And the product quality is terrible. If it's not a brand you recognize by name like Michael Kors, chances are it was made in China and branded as a "Dillard's exclusive" label of clothing or shoes. Gianni Bini, Alex Marie, it's all just Dillard's. The same way all Aldi groceries aren't different imported brands, it's all just Aldi products branded differently. This company is a money-grubbing Trump-supporting joke that doesn't give a damn about their employees and blames them for the sales they don't make because the store doesn't produce the traffic it's forecasted to get. If you work in a department that makes commission, and you don't make your monthly goal, the difference will be tacked on to your next monthly goal in the form of a "deficit". You don't make "commission" unless you make your goal, and this "commission" is only equal to a small ass percentage of the difference you made your goal by. Made your goal by only $100 over? Enjoy your 9 bonus. In deficit for 3 months straight? $1/hr pay cut. In deficit for 2 more months after that? You're fired. They don't give a fuck about anything but money. Do. Not. Shop or work here.

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Anonymous - 44 d 36 m ago

This place is an absolute fucking joke when it comes to caring for your employees they don't pay you for what you work they don't give a shit about your personal life,they don't care if you need days off and mess with your schedule a day before hand or how they pay you this Yuma store is absolutely horrible and needs to be visited by higher ups and fire the current managers

Flagged for review. 
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Amber Colins - 48 d ago


Charlene that works in perfume/ cologne in Dillard's in Stones River in Murfreesboro TN IS THE RUDEST!!!!!!!

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