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Dillard's Inc

1600 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR
William T Dillard Ii
(501) 376-5200
(501) 376-5917
Annual Sales Est
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Mr Heil - 7 h ago


Dear Mr Heil, I would like to let you know that I am very happy with the Home section at my Dillard's at the Edison Mall located on Cleveland Ave Ft Myers, Fl. Karen Waycaster is an excellent manager. Karen's department is always so beautifully displayed, organized and very appealing. I especially love her Fiesta displays since I am a collector. She is always in an upbeat happy mood and always willing to help me with my shopping questions and purchases. She is truly a great asset to Dillard's. I love shopping in your store Regards, Cathy Piazza

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Mrs. Brown - 9 d 11 h ago


I am really irritated and annoyed at the fact that we are in the midst of now Hurricane Barry and Dillards at Lakeside Mall in Metairie, Louisiana is requiring their employees to come into work from 12 noon until 9pm. With a lot of roads closed and with the flooding problems we experience here in Metairie and New Orleans areas I think it is very reckless of your company to put so many lives in harmsway for the sake of a dollar. If the entire mall is closed why is Dillards open. What are people to do with their kids during a storm especially when so many people have evacuated. Then if things get any worse how your employees to get back to the safety of their homes and with their families. This shows how very inconsiderate and cold hearted a dollar can make people. I don't know who's decision it was to open the store but it was not well thought out.

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Previous employee - 19 h ago


I worked for them. They dont care about employees what so ever. All they care about it sales. If your not selling enough then you get fired. They are very dirty.

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Heidi - 7 d 13 h ago


I have been waiting for a return credit for over a week. The customer service female who I spoke with was very curt, rude and sarcastic tone. I am appalled. With the Dillards return label it can take 3 weeks to get there? Did the carrier walk?? The businesss has a 2 billion dollar system yet this is the practice ?! In 2019, customer service staff should be kind and respectful. I was hung up on!! I will NEVER shop Dillards again and will absolutely tell everyone to not shop at Dillards. I'm


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Lynn in Clear Lake, TX - 16 d ago

I have shopped at Dillard's for many years. I bought three pairs of shoes yesterday at the Baybrook Mall in Friendswood, TX. Later in the day I opened the boxes to look at my shoes and noticed that the right shoe of one was missing. I went back this morning to retrieve the missing shoe. I casually asked the two young men, one of who waited on me, if they could at least give me a coupon for their mistake. The answer was no and they weren't fazed at my request; not even a "I'm sorry".

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Anonymous - 10 d 10 h ago

My Husband bought a Nen Suit and the hem the pant well it was too long . So they the Manager did it this time and they made them too short and he is leaving for New Orleans for a Business trip in 3 days and they knew it they didnt do nothing about it Baybrook Dillards is going down hill they have some rude employees. we spend 750.00 for this suit

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current employee so far - 12 d 7 h ago


I have been working for Dillard's for over a year now and to tell you the truth I hate it!!!!! I'll be doing something else very shortly as well as going back into the service in the ANG! I think its very unfair that a part-timer such as myself gets blamed because Polo doesn't have x amount of sales or Big & Tall doesn't have y amount of sales or Round Tree York doesn't have b amount of sales! Also I'm not going to force a customer to open a credit app. or use they're Dillard's card if they choose not to! Opening a credit card ANYWHERE is and can be a risky thing for many people because of interest rates or people trying to buy a new home! And that's where Dillard's needs to understand that!!!!!! In the year I have worked for this manipulative corporation I have opened approximately 38 credit apps. so that's something for at least a part-timer who is struggling to pay his bills!!!!! Another thing the management at the store I'm at loves to play the favorite political game! So I'll be glad to be leaving Dillard's! The only thing I can say is they have great clothes and I at least got some new clothes and learned some things about better clothes shopping and the % off the 65 and 40% clothes! So I'll still shop at Dillard's but working there is just pure misery!!!!!

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previous employee - 14 d 7 h ago


It is pathetic how Dillards employees are treated just like a number. There is no stability in having a job at Dillards. They don't Care if you have kids, a house, or anything because if you don't meet their outrageous sales goal then you get a pay cut or fired. Who wants to work a job like that to where there is no stability and you never know whether you will have a job or not due to sales and credit cards. There is no use and people buying a car or a house or anything with a job so unstable! What A pathetic company! Who are you supposed to sale to When you don't see anybody in the store and there is absolutely no customers? Casper the friendly ghost? You can't control sales so I don't understand why you treat your employees like they can control sales! I worked for the Dillards in Hickory North Carolina and I am so glad that I got away from that place and the unprofessional and vulgar management there at the Dillards in Valley Hills Mall in Hickory North Carolina

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Denise - 15 d 12 h ago


I am making a complaint about the Dillards located in Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News Virginia. Myself along with several of my family members, and friends have been racial profiled at this location. They treat all African American customers as if they are thieves. The Manages, sales associates as well as the Security Guards follow, harass, wrongly accuse us of shoplifting and I will no longer tolerate it. This company is going to end up with a major lawsuit if they continue to conduct business this way.

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Denver tsvhudi - 18 d 5 h ago


You know whenever we work hard and go out to stores to shop it seems we would get better service my compliant is . Two days ago I was shopping at Dillards in Panama City the item that I purchased the tags were twisted together I took them to the register with other items and showed to the cashier I told herb that I needed the extra large she took them apart and rang me up and I left the store after driving home to port st joe which Is. 40 miles away I was Getting ready to attend. A party to find out my jumpsuit was too small after looking at the side I realize that I was given the wrong size I called the store and ask to speak with the person who waited on me she told me that she would check and call me back she got the brand and got off the phone . Well I called today I told another clerk what happen she took the same information told me that were 2 at another store I ask if they could have them shipped to her store and I pick them up she said no s o I ask for a manager on duty she said yes and Jay Walker got on the phone only to tell me that there were not so someone is telling a lie I think that he don't want to pay for shipping I have been shopping with Dillards over 50 years account under Willie Collins then Linda judging now Linda tschudi I have never been so dissopionted and in shock and I only wanted to look nice a a 4th of July event mad because I didn't get to go and upset for being treated this way . I do plan to take this matter further.

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Valerie Whitford - 20 d 9 h ago


I cannot believe that Dillards Fairview Heights, Illinos do not have any air!!! I refuse to spend my money while uncomfortable.

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Darla I don't know her last name. - 20 d 9 h ago

Hi my name is jade Pierre. I always come too shop in Dillard's the one in Boynton Beach. When I come I see this girl that always stealing clothes the other objects in this store. I ask a employee that work to the store they give me her name. Her name is darla. Every time I come to the store she always stealing. One day I see her I took a video of her stealing. They need to do something about it right away. She a bad impression for the store. The store have to do something about

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Anonymous - 21 d 10 h ago

I have an complaint about the assistant manager in Dallas at the store in Plano he goes around harassing hardworks and I have also noticed that he like to hire only certain ppl it seem as if every Dillard's he goes to he cause problems for certain ppl his name is willy

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Meridith Black, JD - 23 d 5 h ago


I have a complaint about Dillard's in Deerbrook Mall in Humble, TX. I had an incident last night where I received horrible customer service and was aggressively accosted by an employee at 9:02 pm when trying to leave the store after making a purchase because he said I took to long and the store closed at 9:00 pm according to him. He then yelled at my children and told them to get out and when they walked out ahead of me he tried to lock the door before I could leave and my children were standing outside on the other side of the door. He then became angry and yelled at me for asking to speak to the manager to report it and he said that he didn't have to get the manager. His name is Peter.

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Rold Joseph - 26 d 8 h ago


My mother and brother were shopping at Dillard today and while he's shopping for his clothes for the next school year a security guard takes him to the back and searches him and accuses him of shoplifting. This was in Dillard's in Pembroke Pines, FL

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Vicki - 28 d 5 h ago

I have been shopping at Dillards, since it was the major large Stix Barr and Fuller department store in downtown St. Louis. When you built a store at Fairview Heights Illinois I switched to shop in Illinois . Your store in Illinois is one of your good stores. I had four salesperson that were worth their weight in GOLD. Their names were Brenda in ladies clothing, Toi in Brahmin purses, Pam in Jewelry, and CJ in mens Polo. All four were very helpful, up lifting, 200% on customer service. And after all of these years Pam and CJ have left. Customer service is priceless, why you don't take the time to acknowledge your employees qualities and do everything possible to keep these people. I just came from Dillard's and was also discussing this subject with other customers at the store and they felt the same way. These 2 that you have left Toi and Brenda I pray you realize what you have, and do everything to recognize them and acknowledge the workmanship and leadership. Because of them I have shop at Fairview heights. If, you continue in this path to hire people that haven't vested time and their life on working for you, your store will be empty of customer. I don't order on line I continue to believe in supporting the stores NOT the internet. I would like to see Toi and Brenda given a recognition award for their quality service and being human beings not a computer. Dillards, take the time to stop and smell the flowers in life, and appreciate, and acknowledge your remployee's. I worked for a major #1 company in our country. Customer service was #1, with out them your nothing. People will go to Amazon. A good work environment, and CARING management is very important, no one wants to shop hostile environment, because their employees are being treated like Wal-Mart employees. Fix your management maybe they need to be re trained in being respectful, and caring. Happy employees HAPPY shoppers, and we purchase more.

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Concerned Customer - 36 d ago

The Dillards in Friendswood is so hot my mother ,who has heart issues, almost passed out. She became extremely over heated, clammy and cold damp skin. The workers we kind to offer help but at the condition she was in for that moment nothing could have been done.

Please fix the air conditioning in the store or we will have to stop shopping at Dillards all together.

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Linda - 44 d ago


We shopped Dillard's in Baton Rouge, La.

Mall of Louisiana today and it was so warm in the store that I asked a employee if the air conditioning was broken and we were told that it was regulated from central office, we left the store, it was too hot to shop

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Karen A. - 45 d 9 h ago


I used to shop at the Dillards in Palmdale, California but I will no longer be spending any time or money in that store anymore. The store manager there is awful to their employees and provides terrible customer service. The work environment there is very hostile because their employees have to meet a ridiculous sales quota. I also have an issue with a particular employee there. I believe her name is Prescilla. I have come into there several times to buy make up and perfume and each time she harrasses me to no end to buy something and bombardes me with samples and scent cards that I did not ask for. She strongly implies I have to leave if I do not purchase something from her. I also have found myself having pleasant conversation with other employees only to be interrupted by her. I have also seen her yelling at another young female employee with black hair. A lot of employees there tend to racially profile people that come into the store and assume anybody who isn't white and dressed in nice clothes is going to steal. Several times people will be simply passing through the store and I will see and hear employees phone security.

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Selma Heco - 52 d 11 s ago

Well I used to shop at Dillard's but not any more ... Macy's is my store to go to... The way your management treats employees is unacceptable! You have these crazy numbers your employees have to meet and they are forced to fallow every costumer to make a sales. Last time shopping at Dillard's I was with my husband ... I like to look around by myself but I was constantly interrupted by employees if I need any help...WTH leave me alone and let me look... We approached watches section and I was looking for a watch to buy my sister for b-day... I turn around and I see security personnel staring at me ... NO I am not stealing just trying to see selection and pick the one that would work for my sister... Guess what? price of the watch was not important ... I was ready to pay big money for it... After I saw him staring at us I was looking at him and he didn't even try to pretend he is polite ...I told my husband we are leaving and not coming back ... and We are NOT coming back EVER!!! By the way I am talking about Arrowhead Dillard's at Glendale AZ ... Treat your employees with respect not like numbers and animals ... STOP that craziness with meeting their sale numbers so they can stop harassing costumers ... I refuse to be harassed by your employees and I refuse to be looked at as a thief ...

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Christian H. - 53 d ago


Hey just a little FYI the store manager at the flagstaff Dillard's, Muchawn Golden, is having very "elicit" relationships (aka having sex) with multiple of his employees. The two that I know of for a fact are the manager of the cosmetics department, and a standard sales associates in the same department. Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you'd like further information. Email is (hidden)

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Annoferie - 56 d 10 h ago


To Dillard's Management:

I recently purchased a Ralph Lauren belt and 2 pairs of (cotton blend) pants from Dillard's in the Great Northern Mall, North Olmsted, OH. Each product was bought in different areas of the store. When I got them home I noticed a prominent mildew (musty) odor in both products.

I washed the pants and that removed that odor. However, I can't get the odor out of the belt. I've sprayed it with Febreze, but

the musty odor remains. Today, I'll lay the belt in the sun hoping the ultraviolet rays will kill the odor.

I didn't return either because I live 1.5 hours from the store.

I won't shop at this store again due to my concerns that you have a mildew problem in the Great Northern store or your warehouse.

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Anonymous - 66 d 16 h ago


I worked at South Park Dillard's I was fired for accepting a fraudulent coupon a procedure I was never properly trained on the store manager like to yell at the employees about payroll an sales which got my anxiety going to find another job so my plan was to work both jobs I think the store should get retrained an not make her employees feel no job security

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Anonymous - 67 d 6 h ago


Your store manager and assistant manager at the Arlington store are worthless. I've never experienced such unprofessional people in my life. They walk around all high and mighty and talk about their employees and customers in front of everyone. They need to step down from their high heels and actually do some work. Maybe then they would appreciate the people that are earning them their paychecks.

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anonymous - 67 d 10 h ago


I was in your Dillards store in Cheyenne WY. The manager Allison approached 3 young woman who all work there. This woman's tone toward the younger woman was beyond rude. She told them that if this was how they planned to be working for Dillard they needed to find new jobs. that standing around wasn't the option. these employees look on their faces was a look a shock./fear. i had to stop where i was because the dis respectfulness of Allison. as Allison walked away I heard her mutter that she would be writing people up. I actually approached one of the woman and I apologized for Allison. No manager should talk to an employee like that. regardless of status at the store. i was informed that i need to speak to a Mark regarding Allison. all i have to say is that i will not shop in that store again.

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