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Dillard's Inc

1600 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR
William T Dillard Ii
(501) 376-5200
(501) 376-5917
Annual Sales Est
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Steven M. Fleece - 25 d 23 h ago


DILLARD'S has outsourced it's check approval decisions to a company named CERTEGY. Yesterday after shopping and being fitted for a new suit, I was informed my check had been rejected by CERTEGY and could be given no explanation. My bank confirmed there were several thousand dollars more in my account than the amount of the check. I have excellent credit, no issues, and 32 years as prosecuting attorney and later judge in the community where this occurred. Delayed the checkout line for many fruitless minutes trying to resolve. Humiliating and infuriating. Never shop there again. Sales associate sympathetic but neither her nor local management able to remedy. Decision to rely on CERTEGY responsible for loss of long time customer now disgusted with Dillards.

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Lahkweeshah Uvitirah LahKwaanzah Smith - 7 h 37 m ago

Who the hell writes checks these days...and an attorney? This is alt-left, antifa fake news.

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Gussie Woodward - 16 h 23 m ago

I returned a pair of shoes of shoes to a local Dillard's here in the Charleston SC area but they only gave me credit for the cost of the shoes and taxes. What happen to being refunded for the shipping charges? I have had a Dillard's account for over 20 years and have always been satisfied with everything. I order online a lot because some of the name brand items are not in the stores here. I feel the shipping charges should be refunded I order from other department stores and they offer free shipping if you purchase a certain amount these are Macy's, Belk's Lords and Taylor and Bloomingdales. I would like a response to this question. I was told my Dillard's Customer services you must have an elite Dillard's card. I think I order enough my card should be elite. I am really thinking about closing my account but I love the service you all give.

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Monta - 3 d 10 h ago


Your store in the rim rock mall in billings Montana very racial

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Emily Puckett - 3 d 15 h ago


Westgate Mall in Spartanburg, SC gave me the worst customer service. A lady with blonde hair, I believe her name was Brandy got an attitude with me. She was completely disrespectful. When I asked to see higher management, I spoke to a tall man named Marshall. He did not strike me as pleasant. Just firm. He was not nice about the situation and was a complete asshole. I won't be shopping there again. Marshall and Brandy strike me as the type that do not belong in the public. If nothing changes I will spread the word. Good day!

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Princella - 4 d ago


I recently visited your Lubbock,Tx location and the service i received was terrible & absolutely trash. First I had to go up an escalator with a 4 month old baby IN A STROLLER because the elevators we're broken, to make matters worse I was instantly stereotyped as in entered the kids department, the sales reps kept following me around the store asking me constantly if I needed anything, I couldn't even shop in peace! I felt eyes on me the ENTIRE time and they were breathing down my neck for absolutely no reason other than the fact that I'm a black woman with a covered up stroller because my baby was sleeping, I left without buying a thing! Nobody like that will get my money.. I spoke with the manager & she didn't seem the least bit concerned all she said was they are "big on sales" when they never tried to sale me anything they just harassed me the whole time.. long story short, I spend about $500-$900 a month in Dillard's but after that I'll never shop there again.

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Anonymous - 6 d 17 h ago

I've been having a problem with my payments. This has happen twice, my check gets lost in the mail. As a concerned customer i call customer service..... asked to talk to the supervisor..... The person Tyler need training the worst customer interrogated supervisor, Kept blaming the postal service!!!!!!!!!!!! It may be possible that something is wrong... I would like to think that Dillard would want to help its customers. I will payoff my card and no longer shop at Dillard's

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Nancy Lewis - grandmother of the groom and guess what she has no dress - the initial sale was out of the South Park location in charlotte - dressed to be shipped from Daytona store - as of Tuesday evening I have nothing - dress was ready to go on - 13 d 13 h ago


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Kathy Mason. Or Strawn - 16 d 13 h ago

I have been trying to reach an consultant at our 401k office to find my account

. I work at Penn Square from 1999 til 2006. Putting money on 401k from the beginning. Im in dyer need of a portion of my savings. They say I have no account over and over. I know they do and refuse to loose that much money and can't wait much longer .Need assistance asap. Maiden name Strawn 447584855 SS number .I'm homeless now and not 65 please don't push me aside I have given you my all and I demand same respect. Please help me

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Barry Cagann - 16 d 19 h ago

Standing at the couter in Dillard's Oak Court Mall Memphis. Trying to purchase with my Dillard's Credit Card. Spending a lot of money today. I am told computer is down and only cash is accepted. I suggested using a credit card voucher. Remember those? You make an imprint of the card and sign the voucher. It is done at every restaurant and businesses other than Dillard's. Macy's is in the same mall. Guess where my money is going?

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Racially profiled - 221 d 14 h ago


I busted the Dillard's in Houston while on a business trip and endured the worse experience I've ever experienced. I purchased a suitcase from another store to pack my belongings I intended to buy from Dillard's. When I entered the store I asked the cashier associate could I leave my suitcase with only souvenirs in it at the counter, she refused. I walked around collecting items I wanted to try on a proceeded to the dressing room. I waited for about three minutes to see if an associate was covering the dressing room. After viewing customers walking in and out I decided to walk in myself. While trying on the dresses I picked out I hear your female voice from outside asking who came into the dressing room with ia suitcase. I partially open the door as I was not fully dressed and stated I did. There she stood with a police officer telling me I cannot have the suitcase in the dressing room. I explained how I try to leave it at the front cashier station and was told no. I told her I did not mind leaving the suitcase out of the dressing room and gave it to her. After about two minutes open the door to see her searching through my suitcase without my permission and without informing me she was going to do so. When I brought this to the attention of the store manager she initially acted as if she was unaware this had occurred. When I asked for her name and the store I did number she then acknowledged she was made aware by the police officer. I have called the Dillard's corporate office three times and left messages about this incident because I would like to know what do they intend to do about this young woman who broke the law and violated my rights. I have not heard from anyone it has been over a week.

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Is this what we have to look forward to in this new administration - 215 d 15 h ago


I finally got through to the headquarters to officially make my complaint. I was told i would receive a call from the District manager..... still waiting.

I'll be in Houston again tomorrow. Maybe I'll come Consult the police. I do have a witness.

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NativeTexN - 171 d ago

...and you are blaming our POTUS for trying to keep US safe? Unbelievable! Sure sounds like you are hoping to make some money on lawsuit. Who brings a suitcase into stores/malls these days when there are terrorists trying to do the same? If I had seen you walking around Dillard's with a suitcase I would have contacted security, as well. I sure hope Dillard's and the police tell you to go bark up another tree!

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supersecurity - 157 d ago

Some people have no sense. And you should learn the law before you spew forth idiotic comments.

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Wilma Mae Greenburg - 38 d 4 h ago


You're right, Super Security. I'm glad Native TexN isn't my next door neighbor. Imagine what that would be like! I wonder where Native TexN learned to spell. If I were going to make racially insensitive remarks, I think I'd omit where I was a native of. It might reflect negatively on where I come from. My own experience with Dillard's is that when sales people are good they're very very good and when they are bad they are horrid. Racial profiling is racism pure and simple. It has no place anywhere in American society and that includes in a Dillard's changing room.

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Reply To Person With Suitcase - 160 d 13 h ago

You have got to be kidding!! Wandering around with a suitcase in this day and age & taking it into a dressing room, with all the security issues constantly facing everyone -- Good grief!! It was not the salesperson(s) job to baby sit your personal items - it was/is up to you to be sccountable for your actions. Now you think your rights have been violated. By contacting security & going through the suitcase makes me feel the Dillard's salesperson is a credit to the company. As we all have heard from authorities -- if you see something, say something. The humorous part is that you are suggesting this to be the fault of "the new administration". Personally, you should be grateful this was not pursued further by security at the time it all took place & drop the situation.

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Anonymous - 155 d 20 h ago

They are stuck in the 70s.

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Happens to Whites too - 190 d 50 s ago

I can tell you that they don't care what color you are. I was stopped while looking at some purses & told by the asst manager that I had stolen 2 wallets & they had me on video!! They embarassed,humilated & called me a thief me in front of everybody in the store. They wouldn't show me the video that supposedly had me but I kept my coolon it "stealing" these wallets. I let the police officer go thru the bag I had & a wristlet that was mine that I had in that bag. The asst manager wanted the cop to search my wristlet for 2 wallets.Really? We have always shopped at Dillard's for everything. My husband gets his clothes from there for work He's in sales but NO MORE!! There is so much more to this story but needless to say I did NOT steal anything from them & I never got to see the video!! Dillard's also didn't want my name or anything & told us that we weren't kicked out the store or anything! I was so furious but kept my cool. So guess Dillard's can abuse their customers anyway they want now.SO BEWARE!!!!

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Anonymous - 187 d 3 s ago

Thank umyoi for sharing your experience. As a shopper I see events similar to what you've shared unfold often thank goodness for capmera video phones.

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supersecurity - 157 d ago

The only way these things will stop is if you sue them. Enough said. People don't pay attention until you hit them in their pockets.

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Arthur Phillips - 155 d 20 h ago

That's why are kids grow up the way they do sue happy people.

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supersecurity - 157 d ago


Because you are complaining to the wrong people. That's a lawsuit. Dillards has been sued many times for this. They had no right to search. You should have called an attorney and sued them.

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Seami Sam - 38 d 5 h ago


Racially Profiled: I am a seer and I can see the future in my crystal ball.

You will hear from Dillard's when Hell freezes over on a snowy day in July.

That is my prediction and I sit on it.


Swami Sam

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Darma - 19 d ago

Seriously? You entered a store with a suitcase and them a dressing room. You weren't profiled for race you were profiled for being stupid.

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Wrongfully accused - 20 d 1 h ago


I will be contact the CEO of the company. I was wrongfully accused of stealing in the store in Jackson Mississippi. I was handcuffed and taking to a room where I was interrogated by a rent a cop and a lady. They took my purse and went through it without and police officers there. And if course they found nothing. He handcuffed my hands so tight that there was bruises the following day. Keep in mind, this was all because a piece of clothing fell off the rack and I picked up and put back on the rack. They of course found no evidence in my purse and as the cops were called and walked in, they asked the cops to step back, and they released me. I'm disguised and I will get a lawyer.

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