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Dillard's Inc

1600 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR
William T Dillard Ii
(501) 376-5200
(501) 376-5917
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Annonmyous - 1 d 5 h ago

The Port Arthur Tx Cental Mall Dillards is FULL OF GAY MEN AND STAFF. They are so unsanitary. They are unorofessional. They let white people call black people trolls, they cuss on the floors, they do not do thier jobs, the managers sends threatening and foul texts messages to their staff. The store owner have been stealing with another employee nobody is ever in dress code nobody is ever on time i was 4mons when i started workinf their and the store manager told me i couldnt feed my baby and i couldnt take no breaks in her store at 8 months pregnant and tells me its not her fault i got pregnant AFTER i brought a doctors note they like to walk up on people put hands in people faces i had one of the mamangers tell me my baby is ugly he dont like kids dont fuckin bring that thing her or ill makw it cry i tried to tell a manager how much pain i was in while pregnant and what all i couldnt do he told me to stop talking to him its tmi he doesnt care to hear that as long as i can still lift and bend to serve his customers is what he worried about while i was 8mo pregnant all employees are stealing and we have such a big great theft at that store and no one ever gets caught they will literally see someone steal and let them get it

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Anonymous - 42 d ago


Why does Dillards have a culture that exhibits a hostile work environment towards its employees? The Abilene store is ripe with an environment filled with bad management and hostility. This has been identified to corporate. However, it seems corporate turns a blind eye. It seems Dillards does not value its employees but awards such behavior.

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Anonymous - 42 d 34 m ago

Why does they?

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Anonymous - 41 d 20 h ago

You tells me.

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Anonymous - 42 d 46 m ago

This is the Abilene, TX store. The manager constantly yells and belittles his employees. He makes racist comments towards certain employees and has on more than one occasion yelled at employees in front of customers thatked to customers sayingsomething. How does a person get to be in a position of leadership, managing a name brand store like Dillards? No wonder there is high turnover. In addition why does it seem military personnel or their spouses are not hired?

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Dick Fish - 28 d 4 h ago


We have a sales quota if you don't step on people you get fired.

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Zoey - 1 d 6 h ago


It's the sales per hour quota. It creates a horrible work environment when employees have to compete against each other and steal your sales in order to meet sph and keep their job

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Former employees wife - 16 d ago


It's truly disturbing how you are treating engineers/HVAC/Vertical in the western divisions

They are the life blood of this company and new upper management has destroyed all morale and continue to waste money out of your pockets, by not utilizing them.

Hopefully you enjoy watching the bank run dry and nothing coming in return.

Good luck.

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Anonymous - 19 d ago

On 3/19/19 my son purchased a pair of Ralph Lauren slacks at Dillard's for a total of $96.66 in cash. He decided he didn't want them and I took them back to Dillard's for a cash refund and the female saleswoman stated "we can't accept them because you took off the tags." She stated "customers are informed when they purchase clothing to not remove the tags if they plan to return." What? They never informed me when I purchased my son's Levi jeans in 2017!!!!!! I have NEVER heard such nonsense. Who does that? Dillard's. I have a Dillard's card and as of 3/24/19 I decided that I will NEVER use the card to purchase one item in their store. It's all a bunch of overpriced clothes made in China, Sri Lanka and other foreign countries. It's just not worth it. I've inform family, friends and co-workers about my experience at Dillard's. I want everyone to know how ridiculous it is and I wish I had requested to read their policy on returning clothes without tags attached! Oh my gosh. I feel so much better knowing that I won't step my foot back into Dillard's and deal with the "superior and smug attitude of the female saleswoman."

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Anonymous - 2 y ago

Traumatized customer: me and my kids shopping at dillards at wolfchase galleria.i was looking for wallets but nothing reallg got my attention. So me and my kids left.when all of a sudden d guard stop me asking me wheres d purse.i ask him what purse? Then he ask again s that ur purse.and im like i think so.its been n my shoulder since i left home.what in the world.he said he s just asking. Why would u ask me that.if u are doing ur job properly u should know who s stealing or not. I was so shocked and embarrassed.for the people around me and infront of my kids. This is very outrageous.if he is doing hes job.he should not be following shoppers asking if thier purse belong to them. I am very disturb about this he ruin our day.i will never go back to that store again.i dont want that incedent to happen again.very disappointed. Hes name is cameron i believe he needs to be re trained on how to do hes job. You cannot be following shopper asking them wheres the purse or if the purse they're wearing belongs to them. Shame on're not doing ur job well.

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Anonymous - 26 d ago

Shame on your teachers.

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Bill in Albuquerque - 26 d ago


My wife and I like the merchandise offered by the Dillard's store here in Albuquerque, enough that we were willing to pay the high prices charged. What we were not willing to tolerate is the performance of the Wells Fargo Bank that handless Dillard's credit card services. The bank was supposed to remove a late charge applied incorrectly to our account. Instead, it started posting late charges and penalties for not paying the original "late charge." When I realized that the last payment I'd made (about $75.00) was not for merchandise purchased, but for the incorrectly applied fees, I contacted the bank. The Wells Fargo person I spoke to was not interested in crediting our account for the mistaken payments and said there still was money owed on our account. (A small amount -- under $5.00). The rep insisted I pay it, and seemed all too happy to 1) take down my credit card information to collect that last amount and 2) cancel our Dillard's account. Won't be shopping there anymore. Not until the company has a better billing and accounting service.

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Don't shop here - 28 d 3 h ago

Dillard's supports Ivanka Trump.

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Husband of a former employee - 72 d ago


West des moines iowa store assistan manager (Claire) is absolutely rude, uneducated, unprofessional with customers and employees.

She feels the right to let go employees at her will without a reason, only for her convenience with complot with Alex the store manager.

Many times noted they treat customers worst than an animal.

This store manager team should let go now and find the right management leaders.

My family and kids depended to eat from my wife job and we were in a very bad conditions just because of this stupid management team..

ALL should be fired

Worst place to shop ans worst place to work.

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Anonymous - 42 d 15 s ago

Do you feel it's ok to mistreat animals?

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Dick Fish - 28 d 4 h ago


If they are full of protein and edible!

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Dick Fish - 28 d 4 h ago


Sounds like she is the right person for the job. Smart people won't work at Dillard's

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Never Dillards - 39 d 3 h ago


I purchased a new dillards brand coat. Second time I wore at the zipper blew out. Because I did not have my receipt they would not do anything about it. Buyer beware. They have no warranty on their own product.BAD!

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Dick Fish - 28 d 4 h ago


Without a receipt and POP there is nothing Dillard's can do. Keep your receipts dumb fuck or go back to Walmart.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 41 d 20 h ago

Hector e Rosario, I just got a dillards credit card with a 10% coupon but the manager at Longview Mall Tx refused to honor the coupon and sale ,they didn't give me a reason why they didn't accept my coupon.

Just letting you know I will never shop at your stores ever and am cutting up your credit card.

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JackM - 65 d 18 h ago



You cannot reach a Customer Service Rep

You call the number on the back of the card. A recording asked if I was overt 60. I foolishly replied yes. Them I was offered a Medical Alert device. I pressed the decline button. BUT instantly got another question - offering a special chance to win $1000. They did not tell me my odds of winning. I declined

All I wanted to do was to pay my bill!!

After at least 10 minutes if that BS I hung up.

Decided to call the "international line". Got a recording that due to high call volume there would be a 10 minute delay.

After 29 minutes I hung up b






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Anonymous - 43 d 18 h ago

Can you type? No

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Dura - 58 d 19 h ago


A week ago today, 2/17/19, I went to Dillard's Bee Cave, Tx and purchased 585.00 of shoes and clothes for a business trip I was going to on Monday, 2/18/10. I was not feeling well so I decided not to try on the shoes or the clothes because I have never had an issue exchanging things at other Dillard's if they didn't fit before.

Once in Fort Worth and at my hotel I unpacked my bags, removed the tags from the clothes to run a quick iron over them so they were not wrinkled from being in the suitcase and would be ready to wear for my meetings the next day. This is routine for me.

When I got dressed the next morning, the white pants I wanted to wear were to large so I put on the black pants which fit fine and went to my meeting. Coming back to my room that night I decided I should try everything since they fit so differently. The Michael Kors pants were the only ones that fit true to size. I folded the three that didn't fit and put them in my bag with the receipt however hotel housekeeping had thrown out the tags that were removed and left on my nightstand when I ironed the clothes. These were the only 3 out of 8 items of clothing that I would need to exchange for a smaller size when I returned.

My purchase of the shoes was an issue as well. Yes, I should have checked for the right sizes and tried them on but I didn't think I would need to since I was very clear to the girl helping me that I needed a 7.5 in the boots because of boot socks but would need a 7 in the slip on shoes. I purchased the 4 pairs of shoes and 1 pair of boots and left. When I pulled my shoes out of my suitcase to put in the hotel closet I saw that all of the shoes were 7.5 like the boots. The girl at Dillard's pulled everything in 7.5 not 7 in the shoes as I had requested. The boots fit perfectly, the shoes I can't wear because I slip right out of them. All are still in the box and still have the wrapping and shape holder in them and I put them back in the bag to exchange as well.

I am now back from Fort Worth and called Dillard's Bee Cave to ask if they had the shoes in a 7 for me to come in and exchange. I drove 40 minutes from my home in Buda to EXCHANGE.... NOT RETURN!! These items so I can wear them.

I was shocked and I am furious that when I got there, the manager, Mariah Prana refused to allow me to exchange any of the items from the clothes to the shoes saying that the receipts didn't matter without the tags for the clothes and the shoes she said clearly say all over my receipt that they can't be returned after 3 days... I stated again, I never asked to return a single item, I only wanted the correct sizes which she had in the boxes at the register since I had called ahead and explained I'd be coming to Dillard's Bee Cave specifically to exchange these items.

She refused to exchange anything today stating that "DILLARDS WILL NOT BE RETURNING ANY OF YOUR ITEMS TODAY, FOR THE FUTURE YOU SHOULD KEEP YOUR TAGS" and she sent me out with hundreds of dollars worth of items I will not be able to wear when she did have the right sizes in stock and on hold for me at the register! Please keep in mind I was not at anytime attempting to return a single item, only to exchange for the right sizes!!

I will never shop at Dillard's again and want an explanation from your corporate office ASAP!! I am going to share this on every review site I can because no one should be subject to this type of abuse where they spend their hard earned money and everyone should be able to wear the clothes and shoes that they just spent hundreds of dollars on!

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Gma - 56 d ago


So the sales associate did not tell you that they had to be returned in 3 days. Same thing happened to me. No more Dillard's for me!

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Anonymous - 43 d 18 h ago

Go shop at Sears. Heard they are doing wonderful.

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