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Dillard's Inc

1600 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR
William T Dillard Ii
(501) 376-5200
(501) 376-5917
Annual Sales Est
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Cindy - 19 h ago


I went to the Dillard's store located at the Park Plaza Mall in Little Rock today. They apparently thought it was club night in the makeup/beauty department. The music was thumping so hard I could feel it before I even walked into the store. And it was blaring!! You couldn't hear anyone else around you. And not only was it loud, but it was very offensive music. It referred to 'that 90's Bitch' and I'm sure I heard the words shit and damn. I was appalled. And so were several of the other customers, as I noticed them staring and shaking their heads in disbelief. I am sorry, but this was totally inappropriate for your store, and especially at lunch time. Ruined my shopping experience for sure. I left and did not purchase what I went there for.

Somebody needs to fix this problem.

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Taylor Wolfchase Dillard's Memphis children's department - 1 d 14 h ago


I had the worst retail experience ever at Dillard's Wolfchase Memphis. I purchased an adorable yellow short and shirt set for my son only to be disappointed that the button popped off when I put it on him. I tried to make exchange at the store today. I had to wait about 10 minutes on the department manager to come to make transaction. I didn't have receipt because surely there won't be a reason to return a Dillard's product.Not to mention, I won't keep tags on while dressing my son for Church. I did however, print my bank statement out to prove that I made the purchase.When Taylor the children's department manager finally arrived to register, she looked at merchandise and my bank statement, and said that I have nothing she needed. The first customer service rep had walked off. They didn't communicate the actual situation. When Taylor said that I had nothing she needed, I asked if I had to keep damaged merchandise, and she said that she could make an exchange. I did say with a tone, that's what I wanted. I was probably visibly upset with a tone at this point. I admit that I was wrong for my part. When I took a tone with the young lady, she immediately said that she would call security on me. I in no way wanted to cause a real problem, I just wanted to be treated like a valued customer. I feel that it was wrong in that Taylor never actually asked me how I wanted to resolve the issue, she ASSUMED that I wanted my money back and I knew better. She never asked the first young lady how the transaction was to be taken care of. She kept a low tone, but in my opinion, had no interest in my concern, she immediately took the attitude of defense and judgement in my opinion. She called security on me and this very tall man told me I had to leave the store, never asked me at one time, my side of the story. He also showed up with another very tall strong looking gentleman. I am 5'3 inches tall, I have a son, and consider myself to be a law abiding citizen, that happened to be very frustrated about a damaged product that I purchased. If Taylor would have shown a little concern, consideration, and hospitality. This probably would have turned out very differently. I will never shop at Dilliard's Wolfchase in Memphis again. I have never had a more humiliating experience in retail before in my life. I felt embarrassed and humiliated.

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Yolanda - 1 d 17 h ago


Dillards at the Broward Mall in Plantation FL has great customer service, especially Josephine in the women's dept, but something is going on with the air conditioner there. So warm especially in the fitting rooms. Very uncomfortable while I tried my clothing on, especially the Ivanka Trump clothing. It needs to be comfortable for the clients. I love Dillards the store, but because of this older mall location, I wish they would consider relocating in a different location in Plantation/Davie/Sunrise area.

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cjnco2x - 2 d 15 h ago


boycott tRump companies making money for his name. see list at

I recently learned that Dillard's carries products with the tRump family name on them. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to be a customer of Dillard's, until you are no longer selling any tRump products. I will drive further & pay more, but I can not support any business that supports a family and/or government who has created the Divided States of America, in which we now live.

A large volume of businesses began removing tRump inventory from their websites & brick & mortar stores, & more are continuing to follow suit. I urge you to join Saks OFF FIFTH, Sears, Kmart, Jet, HSN, Gilt, ShopStyle, Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack, HSN, ShopStyler,, Jenny Craig, Zulily, Kawasaki USA, Uber, Tyra Beauty, the Carnival Corporation, the LA Clippers, QVC, Neiman Marcus,, RueLaLa, Wayfair & the many others who have removed senior tRump supporting executives and/or eliminated all products with the tRump name on them. Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus endorsed tRump but has since left the company, plus they discontinued all tRump home furnishings, so Home Depot made it off the boycott list. PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel is an official tRump campaign surrogate, but he conveniently no longer sits on the board of PayPal. All these companies found that having their name on a tRump boycott list was bad for businesses. I urge you to follow suit. Please.

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Tucson resdient - 8 d 47 m ago

Shocked to find Trump merchandise. Sorry, Dillards: I'll be shopping elsewhere.

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satisfied - 2 d 16 h ago


I LOVE Ivanka Trump items are WONDERFUL and you need to be able to separate the designer and product from politics. Sorry, but I hope her stock and sales keep going through the roof.

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GAYLE - 2 d 20 h ago



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Don't shop at Dillards - 8 d 13 h ago


Today I attempted to return an unworn formal gown. I purchased it in December for a wedding. I had never worn the dress, the tags were all in place, and it was in the original clear bag I received it in. The dress was over $200.

I was told I could not return the dress since it was past 90 days. This is prom season by the way. I can't believe a store would not even give me a store credit for the dress! I will NEVER shop at one of your stores again...Ever!

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nunya - 5 d 17 h ago

So basically you fucked up and demand they should correct it for you even though YOU did it? Maybe be more responsible instead of entitled

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Debbie N. - 7 d ago

I was surprised to see Ivanka Trump merchandise at Dillards. Given her position in the White House and the fact that she still technically owns her company and has power over her brand, I believe you are contributing to the conflict of interests and her ability to profit while representing our government. I hope you will reconsider. In the meantime, thankfully there are many retail outlets and online retailers of which to purchase products I would have normally purchased from Dillards. If she sells her shares in her namesake company which I don't believe will happen, I will reconsider.

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anonymous - 5 d 17 h ago


Its clothes. You dont have to like it or buy it. I hate Reba but I still shop at Dillards. Guess some are more adult then others

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anonymous - 5 d 17 h ago


I have enjoyed my experiences in your stores. The associates have been very helpful and kind, while I shop I notice that they enjoy themselves and their job which only serves to enhance my shopping experience. The stores I have been in are neat and organized and finding what I want is always simple. I dont know why customers complain about a designer clothing store choosing to carry a designer brand, just because it says Trump in it I imagine. Well, I never once liked Reba and you carry her products but I am not going to complain be ause they are just clothes and I do not have to purchase them if i do not like it, complaining serves no productive purpose

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J. Morrison - 7 d 13 h ago

A truly, cheesy and misleading ad now running which states $30 off Johnson & Murphy shoes ranging from $99 to $155. Beware of small disclaimer type and asterisks: The $30 off offer comes when you make a purchase of the shoes shown at full price--the $30 off comes if you purchase a second pair of shoes. A real bush-league ad and one inherently dishonest. Surprising some papers carried the ad, but with Gannett publishing, anything goes.

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M.R. Sal - 13 d ago

As a lontine Dillard's customer I was so happy to see the opening of the new Dillard's store in Nashville Tn. recently. It is lovely however I was unhappy to see that Dillard's is carrying Ivanka Trump merchandise therefore I will no longer be shopping there but will bring my business to Nordstrom instead.

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Racially profiled - 50 d 14 h ago


I busted the Dillard's in Houston while on a business trip and endured the worse experience I've ever experienced. I purchased a suitcase from another store to pack my belongings I intended to buy from Dillard's. When I entered the store I asked the cashier associate could I leave my suitcase with only souvenirs in it at the counter, she refused. I walked around collecting items I wanted to try on a proceeded to the dressing room. I waited for about three minutes to see if an associate was covering the dressing room. After viewing customers walking in and out I decided to walk in myself. While trying on the dresses I picked out I hear your female voice from outside asking who came into the dressing room with ia suitcase. I partially open the door as I was not fully dressed and stated I did. There she stood with a police officer telling me I cannot have the suitcase in the dressing room. I explained how I try to leave it at the front cashier station and was told no. I told her I did not mind leaving the suitcase out of the dressing room and gave it to her. After about two minutes open the door to see her searching through my suitcase without my permission and without informing me she was going to do so. When I brought this to the attention of the store manager she initially acted as if she was unaware this had occurred. When I asked for her name and the store I did number she then acknowledged she was made aware by the police officer. I have called the Dillard's corporate office three times and left messages about this incident because I would like to know what do they intend to do about this young woman who broke the law and violated my rights. I have not heard from anyone it has been over a week.

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Is this what we have to look forward to in this new administration - 44 d 15 h ago


I finally got through to the headquarters to officially make my complaint. I was told i would receive a call from the District manager..... still waiting.

I'll be in Houston again tomorrow. Maybe I'll come Consult the police. I do have a witness.

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Happens to Whites too - 19 d ago

I can tell you that they don't care what color you are. I was stopped while looking at some purses & told by the asst manager that I had stolen 2 wallets & they had me on video!! They embarassed,humilated & called me a thief me in front of everybody in the store. They wouldn't show me the video that supposedly had me but I kept my coolon it "stealing" these wallets. I let the police officer go thru the bag I had & a wristlet that was mine that I had in that bag. The asst manager wanted the cop to search my wristlet for 2 wallets.Really? We have always shopped at Dillard's for everything. My husband gets his clothes from there for work He's in sales but NO MORE!! There is so much more to this story but needless to say I did NOT steal anything from them & I never got to see the video!! Dillard's also didn't want my name or anything & told us that we weren't kicked out the store or anything! I was so furious but kept my cool. So guess Dillard's can abuse their customers anyway they want now.SO BEWARE!!!!

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Anonymous - 16 d ago

Thank umyoi for sharing your experience. As a shopper I see events similar to what you've shared unfold often thank goodness for capmera video phones.

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Suzie - 16 d 22 h ago


I have a compliment! I was recently in Dillard's in Central Mall in Fort Smith, Arkansas, in the shoe department. I have shopped at Dillard's a lot for years. Anyway, I want to tell someone who matters about Emily Siharaj, who helped me in the Ladies' Shoe Department. She was exceptionally helpful and nice and, as I result, I bought 3 pair of shoes. She listened to what I said and found shoes that she thought I would like....which I did. No, I'm not her mother or anything like that. I don't know her at all but will definately ask for her next time. I just wanted someone above her to know what a good job she's doing.

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Anonymous - 23 d 14 h ago

Horrible place to work. Horrible culture. Rampant ageism.

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Cyndi - 24 d 16 h ago


I have NEVER purchased anything from Dillards and if I can help it I will not again. I went to the Franklin Park Mall in Toledo, OH with my daughter to purchase a prom dress. We had been in many stores when we ended up at Dillards. We enjoyed looking at dress at Dillards. They had a nice selection in many different sizes and colors. We find a dress we wanted to try on. It was the last one in the store. Size 1. It fit, but the choker was coming apart and the lace on the front was coming off. I stated that I didn't wish to purchase that one for those reasons. I asked if they could order me one. She said she could but wanted me to know that if she ordered it for me it would not come from the distribution but from another store and it may be in the same condition. I stated I would purchase it online. I got home and found online the dress was $160.00 and I still have to pay for shipping. With Macy, JC Penny, Sears and many others going out of business due to people purchasing online you would think for almost a $200.00 purchase they would have offered free shipping. I purchased $75.00 the next day from Kohls and received FREE SHIPPING!

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Quality Service? - 26 d 7 h ago


How many times would you feel a customer should return to a store to pick up 2 suits? Would you feel 2 suits purchased Jan 2, 2017, went to pick them up first week of Feb, and pants hemmed 3-4 inches too long, return 2 weeks later, one suit done, second suit doesn't have pants with jacket when finally found still unhemmed. When picked up 3rd time a complimentary (cheep) tie and shirt offered, and a call from seamstress. That was nice, but April 2, I am personally rehemming pant leg.

The plan was buy suits at Dillard's for quality and service. These reason for delays in pick up, we live 2 hours away from the store. Yep 4 hours round trip. Do you feel this is the Dillard's standard you keep?

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AJ - 28 d ago


i went to Dillard's this morning, early to avoid the crowds, upon arriving I noticed a woman standing outside and another couple walking up but none went inside. This was 10:08 or so and the doors were not open. More people came as I finally got out of my car and walked up after calling the store and being told a manager was on her way to open the doors. There were 5 calls from the group at the door and we were all told someone was on their way. Well it took till 10:23 before the doors were opened. You would think there would be an apology from that person but she didn't say anything. So I politely asked her if they were having trouble with their doors. She said no but the person who was supposed to open the doors didn't come. Um and it took them how long to figure that out? I'm sure they get there at least 30 minutes before the 10:00 opening time and it took them 23 minutes after opening time to get there? Customer service was definitely lacking like I've never seen before. I picked up what I had put on hold and left. Who was in the mood for shopping after that? Maybe not for a loooong time. There were other people who just left.

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Lynda Jackson - 37 d 16 h ago


My daughter, husband & I were in Dillard's at Countryside Mall in Clear-water Florida over the past weekend. My daughter noticed the display of Alex and Anni bracelets and suggested we purchase a few. After being approached by a few store associates the department manager approached an associate informing her that she needed to service us. At such time the associate made a conscious decision to stand against the counter and simply watch us select the items we were to purchase. we made a decision on several bracelets we wanted. The associate then ask which cylinder we removed the bracelets from and at such time was informed we weren't paying attention and didn't know however simply wished to make the purchase.The associate informed us she was a part time associate and didn't know what to do about selling us the bracelets. This was my first experience in a Dillard's store and was made to fell like a common thief by first having the manager instruct the sales associate "assist with our selection" second to being watched by the associate What Type of Customer Service is that? I'ii take POOR for two Alex.. I took the liberty of reporting this to the store manager her reply to me was" we will have more customer service training" Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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No Longer A Customer - 38 d 17 h ago


We were at the Oklahoma City Penn Square Mall location (March 2017) and as we were checking out, the lady cashier told we could wait as we probably didn't have the money for the items anyways. This that is beyond unacceptable. We spoke with the store manager but I don't have faith that anything will be done to her. Not only did they miss out on a large sale, but no one in my family will ever shop at any Dillards' stores again. DO NOT SHOP HERE!

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