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Dillard's Inc

1600 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR
William T Dillard Ii
(501) 376-5200
(501) 376-5917
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Christine - 2 d 19 h ago


Went into Dillard's children department to buy my Great Grandson a birthday gift and hanging on the wall behind the checkout counter were several shirts that had written on it True Religion written on front and in the middle of the shirts was one that had a picture of buddha with true religion above the picture. I told the clerk I was very offended by this and she ask why. I told her there was only one true religion and that was the living God who sent his son Jesus to die for us. As a christian believer I am very hurt to see this in the children's department. This line of clothing should be removed and I will not buy anything at Dillard's again. Let me say I have always love this store and their clothing and home goods but my heart is broken to see this.

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Anonymous - 2 d 12 h ago

Cant please everybody.....

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christine - 1 d 16 h ago

God is the only one you have to please. (Anonymous), not really God knows who you are.

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Mellony - 1 d 19 h ago


My granddaughter is representing the 'South Plains' in the Miss Texas Teen USA Pageant in November, and I was wondering if Dillard's Inc. makes donations for things like this. You can read about her on my facebook page, or I can send you the info. We are supposed to get sponsors to help with expenses. Her name is Franki Torres and she lives in Ralls, Texas. I would greatly appreciate anything you can do.....maybe a nice dress???


Mellony Timmins


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Anonymous - 14 d ago

I am arecently terminated employee that finds your failure to pay accured vacation time to a dedicated employee who was terminated unfairly, yet terminated a travesty. I earned that time and at a time of termination was expecting that compensation that was earned with hard work.

I think that policy needs to be reviewed and that I receive that earned compensation.

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Anonymous - 2 d 12 h ago

That's a state regulation

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Anonymous - 2 d 13 h ago

Went to dillards in San Angelo Texas, I bought a Mac lipstick and have had it for less than a month. The lipstick broke and they refused to replace it because I didn't have the box or receipt. I explained to the young girl that got the receipt in an email and had cleaned my email out so no longer had it. I had just bought a ring and showed her the e-receipt to prove that's how I got my receipts but it didn't matter. I always buy my lipstick at Wal-Mart so guess what, back to Walmart!

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Anonymous - 6 d 14 h ago

In The Woodlands Tx

Dillards have the worse personel staff ,manager Phyllis is arrogant ,personnel, cant answer 1 question about item if they have in store . Mess big mess all over .

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Anonymous - 16 d 16 h ago


I was recently in Dillards, Patrick Henry Mall, Newport News, Va. I had a return as I entered the store I went to closest register which was in lingerie department the sales associate said I needed to return it at the register I purchased it at. I proceeded to that register as I approached the register the sales associate that sold the Hue leggings was standing beside register talking to a customer I said excuse me I have a return about that time another sales associate walks up to the register and tells me to go to to another register I told her I was told to return it to register where I purchased it and she loudly insisted I go to a third register and followed me there. When I reached the other register and proceeded to take legging out of the bag the sales associate that insisted I go to this third register says when she see the leggings that the reason the other register wouldn't return the merchandise was it is damaged. She used another for for damaged I can't recall. I said I haven't even had them on I bought them like this . Sales associate is shouting at me in front of two other associates and also customers. She was basically calling me a liar and her being young she should have known the tears in the leggings is the style and I wasn't returning merchandise I damaged. She was so rude. I was so appalled.She continued to shout out at me as she walked away as the two other associates helped me, I asked them for her named and she shouted from afar they weren't authorized to give that out. I have shopped at Dillards since they opened and know many of the sales associates in this store. I have never been treated with such disrespect . I couldn't believe an associate at DILLARDS would have the audacity to treat a customer in such a manor. They did call a store manager to the register but no one ever came, so they said I could go to customer service and have one paged. When I got to customer service the associate that had caused the scene was there and once again caused a scene in front of another store associate before the manager could be called. A manager did come and I explained what had happened and a customer had followed me and told the manager she over heard the associate and was also appalled. The manager said she would handle it, not seeming very concerned. I left the store very upset. I later called the sales associate in customer service and asked for a corporate number and was given a regional managers number where I left a message. A couple days later a store manager that had intercepted the message called me to discuss what had happened. She apologized..Im not really satisfied by the way it was handled and haven't shopped there since. I had always loved Dillards. Not sure about the associates they seems to be employing now days.Where to shop is a dilemma.

General profile image - 18 d ago


Let me begin by saying I like Dillard's merchandise for over 35 years. I am a AA female and On Friday, June 1st, I went to the Canton Ohio store shopping for shoes. I walked in and there was NO ONE in the shoe department but me and there was two (WT) males who did not even say one word to me. The tall (WT) man looked me directly in my face and turned and walked to the back where the over stock of shoes were, the other, short (WT) male mid -aged, looked at me and just stood there. OK so while I was shopping I did find two pairs of shoes I was interested in. Neither one of them said anything, (hello may I help you find anything, or Hello welcome) Well now I have been in for about 15 minutes and all of a sudden, here comes two (WT) females and the short (WT) male immediately begin to ask them if they needed anything. Well that told me that I was not welcome because of the color of my skin so I walked out of the shoe department. I then encountered a lady, middle aged, also (WT) who said, "Hello how are you", I said WOW thanks so much for saying hello because I was in the shoe department for about 15 minutes and the two men associates never said a word to me and acted like I wasn't even there and as soon as the two young (WT) girls came in, the one man jumped to them to help them. then the short man heard me talking to the nice lady and he started speaking loudly across the floor saying the girls had been in the shoe department for awhile, I said "WHAT DOES THAT MATTER, YOU AND YOUR OTHER ASSOCIATE DIDN'T EVEN TALK TO ME AT ALL" NO hello or anything so don't talk to me now. The lady just stood there with amazement and a sad look on her face. I then said to him "WHATEVER" and he loudly said back to me "WHATEVER' and then I returned a few words I'm sure he didn't like and I left.

The has been happening more and more with the disrespect and horrible customer service that is evident and geared to African Americans or people of color. My money is green or plastic, the inside of my body is the same color as everyone on this planet along with RED blood. I DEMAND RESPECT because I earned it and deserve it.

So I say to you Mr. William Dillard and the rest of the Dillard's Corporate Heads, If you are interested in getting your 1 and 1/2 stars review ratings up to a 4 or 5 stars, give me a email shout out, let me know, I am the customer service queen and I have the awards to prove it. racism is a personal issue and should not be carried out in the work place. It's bad for business. I rate your store a 1, only because of the nice woman associate who changed my mind about shopping there any more.

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Joanna - 18 d 17 h ago


Humble, Tx deer brook mall location

Manager Leslie was extremely rude, snatched a dress from my hand, and has no interest in customer care . Corporate has yet to return my call after I have attempted many times to reach the DM.

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David Ray Shafer - 19 d 23 h ago


DILLARD'S and William T Dillard CEO

This is a "TRUE LOVE STORY" of an employee that has worked for you out of Boise Idaho for now going on 7 years.

He has shown up to work with an almost perfect attendance record. He is older 58 and I bet with any of your supervisor teams will tell you he is a man of integrity.

He is not university educated and makes lower wage but in this day and age you could not have a more sound honest and more dedicated man working for you.

30 years ago he fell in love with a woman got married and went through a divorce. His life was shattered. He is needed in Colorado and has united after 30 years with his True Love. She lives in Colorado clear out on the plains. Not a Dillard.s in sight for 150 miles. He is scared to leave his job he love's Dillard's. Getting older is ruff and everything takes more time. If there was a way that you could give him a leave of absence

for 3 months and or make a place for him in the Dillard's in Colorado I am sure that not only your Company

would benefit from this but you would be making a True Love Story, an employee so happy that your other employee's would never hear the end of what Dillard's do for their Team.

Written by

His True Love in Colorado

If you ever get to meet him his name is Dave Shafer and please tell him how much he is Loved from me.

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Patricia Vasquez - 20 d 9 h ago


I am writing to let you know how disappointed my sis, and I are with the loss of Cabernet bras. We are both plus size, and your Cabernet bras were the only bras we have used for years. I am sure we are not the only ones dissapointed. So now we are searching for a new brand. We tried your new line that took over, but they are just not the same. Cabernet had the 3 seams in the cup, were underwire, and had wide back, full coverage, and wide straps. They were perfect for plus size. Now, if we find something similar, they are lacking the wider straps, or the extra lift seam, or the wider back. I just can't tell you enough how much we are going to miss this line. Please consider bringing Cabernet back, or at leaSt make available online.

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Cynthia Kay Kohn - 23 d 13 h ago


Have been a Dillard shopper for 30 years. Unfortunately, purchased 3 pairs of shoes and left the one pair sit in my closet. This past week I tried them on, to my surprize they were 2 left shoes. Contacted store and manager advised me to come this week end, which i did. I dealt with a young girl that interrogated me about the location I purchased them at. The store location is on receipt!!! Very snotty and at that point I made a trip for nothing. Of course, she could do nothing!!! Then Why was I told to come up there??? DILLARDS YOU NEED TO STOP HIRI G SNOTTY GIRLS. I will tell everyone about my 2 left shoes and the snotty Dillards!!!

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Michelle M. - 24 d 19 h ago


There is immeasurable suffering occurring for Cashmere goats. Most of the fur used for cashmere products comes from the underbelly of these goats. Shearing is the most customary practice to remove the wool, it is a painful practice which leaves animals vulnerable to illnesses and the extreme cold temperatures. Goats who do not meet industry standards are killed at less than two years age and those who do survive will often be slaughtered for their meat. Many goats suffer castration, dehorning and having their ears clipped without anesthesia. Goats are similar to humans in their ability to form strong attachments, experience emotions, and in their ability to suffer. Videos of these cruel practices are readily available online and are not isolated to cashmere goats but are similar from many animals used in the clothing industry.

Today, many companies are learning of these cruelties and opting for to use non-animal materials to be sold their stores. Join them in choosing animal alternatives and creating an industry that is less violent and more empathetic to non-human animals.

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Stacey - 33 d 13 h ago


In this day and age of body inclusivity I find it reprehensible that the local Dillard's store in my town had 5 plus size swimsuits. I don't mean 5 styles I mean a total of 5. So what is a plus size woman to do when she needs swimwear? It's already difficult enough to try and find something that fits well. It's too difficult to order online because you end up returning things. Why can't women of size be able to shop, in a store, and purchase something directly from that store. Get with the times.

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Darlene - 35 d 17 h ago


It amazing how many bad reviews & complaints from people about Dillard's I have a complaint to the Dillard's store in Tyler Tx. Why is it that you can't even call people back that have had an interview with you with a yes or no Store manager & employer which work there you know who you are. If you can't call people back when you say you are going to then you don't belong at that store or being in that position. And another thing better do background checks on people that work for you cuz outside of their Dillard's job they could end up stealing services & have to be turned in like this person did to my husband.

Not happy with this store & how they run things. Where is customer & employee care. I will take this to higher levels.

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Anonymous - 36 d 18 h ago

Worst Company ever to work for in Albany Ga. My wife had to endure harassment from her Manager every single day that created a Hostile work Environment for her to work in. She couldn't report it to the store Manager due to the fact her Manager and the store Manager was friends and was terrified of reprisal. My wife had to quit her job because of the severe problem. We talked to the District Manager but she felt that the issue wasn't being taken seriously.

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Anonymous - 38 d ago


I purchased a gift card at the Dillard's in Ocala Florida - during the transaction the sales clerk advised me that there was a $1.00 extract charge for the gift card envelop - are you kidding me - Dillard's must be in financially difficulty or some CEO has come up with an appalling business practice .

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Anonymous - 38 d 9 h ago


I don't appreciate a Harlingen employee name Amanda Aguilar asking my husband for his phone number and then texting and calling him after he purchased something from her. What kind of women do you have working there? Are they there to sale products or sale themselves? Disgusted...

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Ivy Fisher - 44 d ago


I had a horrible experience in the Dillards Clearence Center in Irving, TX. It was a Saturday and the store was overcrowded as expected however, I did not expect for an employee to threaten to call security on me. I am sure that you have received complaints before about the wait at the fitting rooms. I waited in line as expected for 25 minutes as there is only 3 rooms. There was no employee monitoring the activity. I finally got a room and brought in your mesh shopping bag with 18 garments in it. I am very aware of the 10 item limit, so I had only planned to try on 10 items, the rest did not need to be tried on but did need to stay on my persons as I was alone. I hurriedly tried on 7 garments before an employee knocked on my fitting room door. She had been told by a patron in line that I had a bag full of item. She proceeds with a speech about how to be respectful of others time. I found this extremely rude and annoying. I felt singled out for being African American quite honestly. She then went back to the lady in line that had undoubtedly summoned her and told her loudly-She didnt respond so I will call security. The lady then yells into the fitting room that she has been waiting got 20 minutes and this was absolutely allowed and tolerated by the employee. This allowed for the line of woman to get rowdy. I have not been able to stop thinking about the experience because me standing up for myself and the other 2 ladies that also waited 25 plus minutes to get into the rooms that we had would have been considered threatening an intimidating coming from a Black woman. I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO GIVE UP MY ROOM FOR THE WHITE PATRON IN LINE AFTER SPENDING 10 MINUTES TRYING ON 7 OF THE 10 ITEMS... THIS IS NOT THE CORRECT WAY TO SHOW FAIRNESS, KINDNESS, RESPECT OR SERVICE! YOUR EMPLOYEES ARE A REPRESENTATION OF YOU! THE EMPLOYEE THAT I ENCOUNTERED SHOWED RACIAL BIAS AND DISRESPECT. I, NOR ANYONE IN MY FAMILY, WILL EVER SHOP AGAIN AT DILLARDS.

The conversation should have been centered around opening another fitting room area as opposed to bullying me without asking how long I had waited or how many items I was planning to try on.

I will be reporting this incident to the BBB and on several review sites.

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GP - 76 d 16 h ago

Was hired at the Barton Creek location in Austin, Texas to fill in a position as Home Manager. As I have later learned working there was the "red headed step child" as they referred to it. This department was always set up for failure! I tried my best to turn this impossible department around. Worked endless hours to try and improve it,

and worked on countless days off, which on a salary, with the amount of hours I was putting in the hourly employees where making much more than I was being a salaried manager. I felt I worked like a slave. I could not catch up as much as I tried. I started out with employees who had developed their own system being without a manager for some time. Most of them were lazy, and insubordinate! I was also severely understaffed. I was told by a DM in front of the SM and ASM to that I needed to get staffed up

by a certain time because of the holidays coming up. I personally tried my best to staff up by recruiting and interviewing quality candidates only to have them taken from me to fill in other departments that were in my opinion better staffed than my department was. I was told that this was being done for the business needs but the ASM and SM had other agendas towards their personal favorites (Managers) and (Departments) IE: The shoe Department which was the ASM's baby, as she would always boast about to everyone and anyone coming into the fray! Instead of developing her team as a whole and being a mentor to ALL of her managers, she often would pick sides, and put forth favortism, and was a master manipulator! The ASM seems to think she is untouchable because she has a close relationship with the District Manager Assistant to the VP so she walks around the store like a Gustapo rather than an Inspiring, developing ASM who would instead have a store that retains it's employees than a store with a very high consistent turnover rate. When the VP of Dillards came to make a visit, he was very upset and disappointed to see what the Home department condition was in. He looked at the staffing hours which were severe, and the department as a whole. We were coming down to the wire for christmas and still did not have everything done. We were out of Visual help, and given a Visual who was very new to the business and knew nothing, We had product all over the place, because we could not house any product in our store rooms, and I lacked the manpower for help, so I was coming in on my days off consistently to help arrange to the best of my visual ability, I was constantly getting sick because I was not getting any rest. I kept on coming to my SM and ASM for help and they really did not help with what I really needed. the ASM would bring temporary people here and there to help for an hour or two and one day got a bunch of people to help de-box christmas, but this was not going to do anything but crack the surface. I needed to be staffed! I needed direction visually I needed help at all fronts! but the ASM left me to sink! Because the VP saw that I was sinking, the VP saw that I needed help, saw that I was not able to be a manager and fulfill my manager duties because I was too busy being a worker. he made it known to the ASM that she was a big part of this disaster, and she managed to put blame on the SM who ended up getting let go. She did not once take accountability of her actions, and as I have perceived, set me up for more failure on purpose because of being scolded by the VP. Ends up a new SM comes to the store. I had personally only spoken to him briefly, could not really let him know the depths of what needs to be dealt with in my department. The VP was supposed to come back and assess the Home Department only to have the District Manager that is partial to the ASM come instead. Just so happens I had caught a very bad flu and was not able to come to the visit, I had already prior to that communicated to the ASM that I was calling in sick, She than gets back to me and tells me that we are having a visit and I would still need to show up the next day. I told her that i could not physically do this, as the physician wrote a personal note stating that I must stay home. I got back to work the next following day only to get demoted from my position. As the new SM stated that because you did not show up for the visit the DM was very upset with that and shows that you are not responsible as a manager, also that I show a lack of managerial skills or experience, so we decided to demote you. Mind you this SM and DM have no idea of my strong work ethic, and only knowledge of my work ethic through the feedback of the ASM. I only to assume in obvious circumstance that this revengeful ASM has given both DM and SM the rundown of what she thinks of me due to the altercation with the VP and herself. I was so upset and shocked to have been given this demotion that I did not deserve! All because of someone else's EGO! I turned down the demotion and asked to work out my two weeks to find another job, the SM and the ASM ends up letting me go that day. I ask the SM for the corporate number to use my OPEN DOOR POLICY as it states an open door policy is when you can freely speak or contact anyone in the company even the Dillard's themselves if you have the need too. I wanted to speak to the VP, and was given this general number to which this other DM was already informed of my request to speak to the VP and spoke to me very rudely and in a very condescending way. Totally discouraging me to ever speaking to the VP. Saying that I needed to follow a protocol and first speak to the chain of command. I told her I have already done that, and I do not want to speak to the DM because she is one of them that I did not feel comfortable speaking to, and she said well I am a DM why don't you speak to me? because I also don't feel comfortable speaking to you as well, I stated the open door policy and she still refused to give me the VP's number. Told me that I don't think you will ever be able to speak to him directly he is a very busy man and has no time to speak to you about a complaint. This is very bad business etiquette! Very unprofessional, and I have no belief in the "Open door Policy" within this company! It is a complete farce! I ended up losing out on vacation that I worked so hard to strive for, and dedicated myself into trying to develop my people and department. Only to lose to a bunch of manipulating, lazy, egotistical, unethical, and political assholes in this company! I know my worth! and this company surely is not worth it! Note: to Mr. Litchford, if you somehow read this sir, thank you for noticing my dedication and hard work! and wished you knew the rundown of what was really happening to me, and wished you weren't blocked at all sides like you presumably were with the real and honest information. I wished you had come back earlier when I was there, so I could have spoken to you about the issues and what I could within my power to get things done in that department. I was only one person sir trying to do it all, and I was getting no true help! Everyone in the whole store knew that and could see that but was too afraid to say anything about the ASM in losing their jobs. You have always said that you wanted your managers to be Mentors and wanted us as managers to DEVELOP our team, to Lead them into a productive and strong inspiring way. I still believe in this and agree with this wholeheartedly! This is definitely what any business needs for a strong prosperous company! You need to clean house sir, and get rid of high school politics in the workplace. Were supposed to be adults here, and work with maturity in mind. Hire mentoring minds, inspiring and teaching and teachable people to lead. People who want to develop people rather than tear them down, belittle them, or manipulate them. The whole entire store is suffering with these two in leadership SM and ASM. why do you think there is so much constant turnover??? Please hire quality people! You want employees that come to work happy. Happy to be there and work there. Employees who are happy and secure with theirr management and upper management. Having the confidence that they can use their open door policy and feel that they can be comfortable and have faith that their issues will be resolved, without fear or losing their jobs because of retaliation. Than you will have a store flourishing with happy employees who will provide the utmost of awesome customer service! and this only means a prosperous store! Take care of your employees and they will take care of you!

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J. De Leon - 44 d 15 h ago


If they treated you (an employee) like that I can only imagine how they treat their customers. Very sad and very disappointed. They want to sweep problems under the rug and don't care to listen (really listen to customer feedback. I had a horrible experience at the Ingram Park Mall store location.

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J. De Leon - 44 d 16 h ago


What is Mr. William T. Dillard's email address? I would like to reach him via email since I can't get through via a phone call.

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Allen Gonzales - 74 d 10 h ago

Hi my name is Allen Gonzales I came into your store at Winrock uptown to get a Refund for a shirt and I was treated very poorly the team was even making lewd comments about me. I don't appreciate this at all I would like a call back ASAP. (hidden).

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J De Leon - 44 d 16 h ago


I was treated very poorly as well at the Ingram Park Mall location in San Antonio, Texas. I was told to pull off my own receipt from the register. Horrible, horrible experience. I tried to speak directly with William Dillard, CEO but too much red tape to get to him. His company is struggling but not looking very closely at opportunities for improvement and listening to the customer. :(

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