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Dillard's Inc

1600 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR
William T Dillard Ii
(501) 376-5200
(501) 376-5917
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Tammy Williams - 3 d 7 h ago


My daughter went in to your store in Oak Court Mall in Memphis, TN to buy some christmas gifts. She went to the men's dept to look for a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt. A male associate approached her and asked her if she needed anything. She stated no she was looking for a certain type of shirt. He proceeded to go back to his counter picked up the phone and called for the Police. Now all my daughter was doing was shopping. she found what she needed and when she looked up three officers were watching her. He came back over and asked if she needed any help and she told him no she found what she has been looking for all over Memphis at your store. She decided to go down and look in the kids dept for her cousins new baby and the three police officers followed her down the esculator and through the store. She went to a check out to pay for the items she wanted and the woman was so pleasant to her. So my question 24 yr old daughter who is a teacher in West Memphis Ar came in to spend money at your store was followed by three police officers because your sales associate though she was a shop lifter???why because she is of mixed race? She was dressed in a NorthFace jacket running pants and new Nike shoes. She wasn't there to shop lift she was there to spend her hard earned money at your store. Well NEVER AGAIN. I will do whatever I can to take this to the media and let the great people know how your store racially profiles certain people. My daughter was so upset after she left your store she called me crying. I called the store to speak with the store manager and I was told she was in a meeting. I will be contacting any news outlet that will hear me and I will use social media to make aware how your employees called the police on my 24 yr old bi-racial daughter and followed her throughout your store. I will be calling again to the store to speak with the manager but I imagine they will be in a meeting. So feel free to contact me regarding this issue. (hidden)

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Bobbye Fabre - 3 d 10 h ago

Thank you Dillard's. Everything is always 100 per cent perfect. Just received a gift handbag in a gift costing $6.00 and it is amazing the thought that was put into this presentation. You never dissapoint me. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 3 d 18 h ago

Dillards in Paducah, Ky cut everyone's hours especially the docks hours down to 15 hours a week. Gave them to the new hires, also has them doing the dock work. I don't think this is right.. Can anything be done about it?

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Reecy - 6 d 15 h ago


Dillards is doing a pop up shop at my job and they gave us the option to shop before to have the items held at customer service so on the date of the pop up shop we can us payroll deduction. However the only thing I needed was a new coat for my son, who was with me. The moment we entered the store and started shopping security started following me and my son. I use to work in retail so all they had to do was have an associate ask how could they help, don't follow us around the store. I will be sure to let my job know the treatment so from now on we will only sponsor Belk. Triangle Mall Location in Raleigh NC

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Susan - 7 d 17 h ago

I have an issue with return policy for people that did Not use your credit card, as you know thanksgiving was early this year. As your policy advises you only have 30 days to return. Black Friday was the 23rd that means you can Not return items from gifts purchased on the 23rd for Christmas. Is Dillard's going to give the buyer an additional time period for returns?

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Anonymous - 9 d 17 h ago

I work for dillards. My manager commits ethics violations including wiping numbers or forging documentation to only get select people full time or raises

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Bonita - 11 d 14 h ago

Greetings! I live in Duluth Minnesota, and I keep hearing a rumor that Dillard's is coming to Miller Hill Mall to the space that Younkers (Bon Ton) was in. I can say that many people , including myself would be extremely out of our minds with happiness!!!!! Can you please answer this?

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DORIS E WAGNER - 92 d ago


Dear Mr William T. Dillard,

I'm writing this to let you know my concerns about the condition of the entrance to the Dillard's store on Sue Mandy in St. Peters, MO 63376.

I shop your store at this location often and enjoy the shopping experience, the merchandise available and the special actions you take in terms of public service employees, i.e., law enforcement, firemen, teachers, etc. I have noticed the canopy is very much in need of repair. It does not make a good first appearance. It is sad to see this deterioration taking place. I spoke to a manager on Thursday to see if it had been reported previously. She indicated it has. My first inclination was "is store going to close". She indicated there were no plans to close the store which was very good news since this store serves our community. I was recently in Chesterfield at the mall last week and of course, that store is closed because of a severe water main brake as well as the sale of the mall to another entity who would appear to have other unknown plans at this time, at least as far as those residents are concerned.

Respectfully submitted,

Doris E. Wagner

51 Savannah Hill Dr.

St. Peters, MO 63376


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Anonymous - 12 d 19 h ago

Doris - you probably shouldn't leave your real name and address on the internet for everyone to see.

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Anonymous - 89 d 19 h ago


On June 14,2016 I came to work for Dillards, I came into a business that I knew I'd be with for more than a 1yrs time. I was hired in to the home department with Kevin Cobb, the yr I was with him was the best yr I've ever had, he taught me so much, how to make online orders, to how to figure out the department and mic, to get the group code to finding out a price for a customer. Every customer was happy with Kevin and I was delighted to be his employer. As of March 2018 I was transferred to a different department, sadden to leave, I was moved to becoming the James Avery Specialist, with ASM Ana Nunez (candelario), This was a HUGE transitional changed for myself, and knew it would take some time getting used to. With that being said, here's where things began to change. Employee Sanannah Martinez was transferred with Ana Nunez from the Junior Department, while working as this Specialist for James Avery I started to notice the bond between the two (Savannah and Ana) and other coworkers who no longer work with Dillards, so their names will not be mentioned, Mrs.Nunez and Martinez would take multiple lunch breaks together, make text communications with each other, and best yet, have after work partying together at the local tyler bars. Did I mention Savannah just turned 20 on April 7Th, as the picture shows below , this is the two having drinks together and hanging out, which I didn't think ASM of Dillards were suppose to do. While my "ASM " is not only partying and making friendship with her employees she's also providing under age alcoholic beverages. In regards to all of this, there is more. My name is Leila Loyd and I was terminated as of September 7 due to social media. I was told by Walter Eadie that I was being terminated for social media, expression of how I was feeling, snap chat screen shots of bashing Dillards and employees, As God as my witness , I've never, used "Dillards" name in vein and or employees names on social media, when I asked Walter for the pictures, he said he's not going to argue with myself, that he will cross out the screen shots and snaps and this will be a term, I still can't grasp why?! If screen shotting my. Personal life outside of work and off the clock and away from the company is what my job consist of, then maybe I should have taken the time to screen shot Mrs Nunez and my employees drinking, and partying outside of work and eating lunches together on company time. Not to mention the favoritism with management hiring friends from the outside to work in their department, allowing new hires to work open to close Monday through Sunday, stealing company time and SALES. Having am ASM who repeatedly told you that your worthless to her because we just stand there and do nothing, but as this this being said, has employees that she likes, sit in her office because they didn't feel well that day, or needed to sit down. If i didn't feel like this wasn't an issue, I would address this in my own time or even take the time if i didn't feel i was wrongfully accused of something that, my former asm and employees both acted with as well. I've never been written up with Dillards or ever been a no call no show, but yet, Ana Nunez allowed her employees do so. I was told being a specialist was a good thing, no, I was wrong, it was just a name to pull myself from a department I actually worked in. With all this being said, I am a victim of discrimination, harassment, and wrongfully accused of termination. Emotionally distressed and angry with everything that goes on in tyler Dillards, if I had know that screen shots were suppose to be apart of my job duties at dillards then nobody would be an employer in that Dillards. With deep concerns for a reply, I hope I receive one. Thank you

Leila loyd

Ain- 907949099

Cell number (hidden)

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Anonymous - 12 d 19 h ago

Just a little life experience advice - you really should consider staying off social media.

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Concerned Netizen - 19 d 9 h ago

Bad Management and poor knowledge oh how to treat their employees. They don't care if you've work there for 30yrs. or your entire life,if you don't make your numbers you are no use and they will fire you right away. Most of the managers they are getting have no managerial skills and knowledge at all leading to poor management . The store manager we have right now is unprofessional and she takes things personally. She dresses like a hooker too. Our assistant store manager is a dickhead. He is now having an affair with the cosmetic manager who knows nothing. They keep on firing good and hard working people but they can't fire the son of that manager who violated many rules and regulations already. I don't encourage anyone to work in this company.-Low pay and not an employee friendly environment. Mr.Dillard's I think you should start reading the reviews here and do something!!!

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Clyde Daniels - 19 d ago

i feel the same way i have done the same too

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Logan - 13 d ago


It is unbelievable that a depatment store can have so many incompetent managers within a store. Store manager has been in the store in that position for 22 years, which is unheard of!

She demeans, spews venom to management and staff, lies, dresses unprofessionally while telling associates that they should dress professionally! Truly living up to definition of a bag lady!!!!

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Anonymous - 16 d 13 h ago

I am a petite women and your petite departments is getting smaller and smaller. Please, please, please, get more petite clothing in your Oklahoma City stores. There are a lot of petite women and others I know have the same complaint. We need dresses, pants, skirts, tops, robes, pajamas and more in petite sizes.

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Anonymous - 21 d 15 h ago


TERRIBLE!!!! They lied to me 2 times about hiring me in 2 different locations, great northern mall & beachwood place, Ohio! The sad part about it is I worked at the great northern location & left on good terms back in 2017 & decided to go back because I thought working there was good, but no! The first time they lied to me about me getting rehired is when they said their waiting for my background check, and once it comes back I'll start orientation, NEVER GOT A CALL BACK OR AND EXPLANATION! The second time was very recent, I interviewed at beachwood location in the end of September, it was barley a interview. She only asked me what department I would like to work in & I said the intimate department would be fine because I have past experience, the. She walked me down to the department and I met the fitting specialist and she had me trying bras for the longest to see if I was comfortable doing the same to others. (Which she also said that she wanted to hire me thats why I went down to try on the bras) it wasn't apart of the interview process. Then finally when I got done she said she would call me back when the fitting specialist got back from a vacation so I could come into training! That was round one. I got a call to come for a second interview, which I didn't know I had to go to a second interview again unprofessional! I met with another manager and I also met with her, the interview wasn't long because I've already worked for Dillard's in 2016 to 2017. Once the interview was over he said he'll have me come in for training within a week and it took a month! I had that interview in the middle of October it's now going into November and I haven't heard anything from anyone! It's unprofessional and you people don't care about people under management and you guys also made me miss out on other job opportunities because I waited to hear a reply back from your unprofessional staff!!!! And the other thing is you can't speak to anyone about a complaint at the store! We write these reviews so they can be unnoticed and ignored!

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Concern Spouse - 30 d ago


My wife works at the Dillards at MacArthur Center and she has been disrespected and lied on from another employee, that is suppose to be her supervisor (OLGA). The bad thing about this is that the upper management believes everything that has been said. The only good thing is that another employee told the upper management that that didnt happen. I do believe that is defamation when you lie on another person. Also, one of the upper management, (TONY) jumped into my wife face, and told her that he will get with her later on a matter. Come to find out the supervisor had lied again. I think it's time for a sitdown with a lawyer on this matter. Too much bullying going on at this store, and it seems that no one in this store is standing up and taking care of the situation.

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Anonymous - 44 d 12 h ago

Lower pay, bad management and asking you to do much with no care.

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Anonymous - 47 d 5 h ago


In the East Hills Mall Dillards in Saint Joseph, MO, a woman named Morgan works in the ladies shoe department.

She is the rudest, most racist person I have ever worked with, to the point where she cannot even stand working alongside a person of color and works hard to get them fired until it happens.

She gets away with being rude and pushy with customers, and being rude/ignoring people of different races, and starting rumors and gossip, all because her sales numbers are good for the area she works in.

I have never met someone who works so hard at being divisive and causing drama with all her coworkers and gets away with blatantly disregarding what her store manager tells her to do and refuses to follow the rules if she thinks she is better than the rules.

She causes gossip, drama, and even tries to tell her other coworkers in her department that they aren't allowed to go into the back stockroom and touch anything because she thinks they'll "mess up all of her hard work." Even if a manager directs the other workers to do something, she is there just micromanaging and trying to undermine the manager, and thinks she's always in the right and will openly argue with her direct department manager in front of everyone.

We have had customers discreetly return the items bought from Morgan because they admit they felt too pressured into buying something and didn't feel comfortable just saying no and walking away because she was being so insistent and pushy.

She ignores what the customer wants and pushes the shoes she wants sold, which leads to an unhappy customer who returns the shoes usually, or leads to the customer not buying anything because they felt so pressured into buying something they didn't want.

How she is even continued to be employed there is beyond me. She is loud, obnoxious, and pushy. She has been the cause of complaints to upper management by employees because, (and I kid you not) she will STARE DOWN employees she doesn't like and just watch them go about their jobs until they feel uncomfortable enough to move out of sight. She tries to intimidate her coworkers, and is disliked by all but possibly 2 or 3 workers in the store, and I've heard stories of customers literally telling employee that they don't feel comfortable shoe shopping if she is working that day, and try to get another employee to take care of them.

She has been talked to numerous times by management, but she continues in her hateful and negative and draining ways and nothing else has been done, despite employees and sometimes customers complaining about her. .

If she were fired I really don't think anyone would miss her.

I can name at least 3 workers who have threatened to quit over her actions and behavior, and there are people in the past who have already quit because of how rude she is to them, and how hateful she behaves towards people she doesn't like.

For the love of God, can somebody just fire this lady already?

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Worried customer... - 48 d 14 h ago


I went to the Farmington, New Mexico store today. I noticed that a set of knives were on the bottom shelf (where children can easily have access), there was no safety precaution on the knives and I easily pulled one out. I was shocked to see that it was so easy to get one. I informed the manager in the kitchen section and she did not seem to be bothered by it. She just said that most of the knives are like that. She continued to say that a customer probably put it down and put it on a higher shelf. She did not also acknowledge or see or maybe even cares that there was one spot unaccounted for.

To me, that is a huge safety issue and a huge liability but the manager didn't seem to care.

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Some one who cares! - 50 d 14 h ago

Did you know that Dillard's does not care for their employees and allows bullying and harassment tactics at the Davenport Iowa location. I'm so tempted to contact legal news station newspaper whatever it takes for someone in management at that store to WAKE UP and clean house there. I am appalled and sickened that associates are getting affected by this health wise. If I hear about one more incident......

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anonymous - 52 d 14 h ago


Dillard's - Never again - I Went into Dillards store on October 9 -2018, to get some items from the Lancome counter. They had neither one in stock. The girl talked me into purchasing the beauty box and I conceded but I had to pick out my two items then to get it. She assured me they get trucks in daily and the items that I wanted would soon be back in stock and I could go ahead and get something now and exchange them later. I really don't like to have to do something twice but OK. Next when I went to begin the purchase, I was informed that I couldn't get it till the next Friday. She also informed me when I wanted to use a Dillards gift card credit to purchase this that for some reason the system would not take a credit against this item, then I found out it was a pre-sale, and I could not use it now but when I came in to actually pick up my items and that they were not going to ring it up until I came to get it, also, that I could trade out the incorrect items for the correct ones as well as use my Dillard's gift card credit when I picked it up. Came by the next Friday found out that it was not available until the next Friday. Since I receive nothing in writing for a pickup date, I wasted a trip to the mall which is a very inconvenient trip for me. Came in a week later, now being my third trip to Dillards to get my items, and found that they had already rang it up on my original charge card, that I had been required to give them to do the pre-sell order, and now I could not use the gift card. I told them to refund the purchase and we would start over. She said they could not do it because it is already past the 10 day time frame for the purchase. I was shocked because I didn't know that I purchased it, I was told that it was to be rung up when I picked it up. So now not only can I not use my credit, but if she refunds the sale it also will go on a gift card. Plus exchanging the wrong items for the new items which still was unavavilable so I had to settle for other items, I will never again buy anything in advance from Dillards especially as it pertains to the cosmetic department.

If I need something I will go to Macy's or eBay but never will I make an advance purchase on anything with the promise of how the process is going to work because it doesn't work. Cosmetic counters are a big inconvenient hassle anyway.

Dillard used to be my favorite store but apparently some form of management has eroded into the employees as it is hard to get customer service in any other departments and even when asked they are just not that interested.

Dillards apparently does not have a place for reviews so I posted here.

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Nancy C. - 53 d 18 h ago


To Whom it May Concern, (Probably nobody)

Back in August, my daughter and I accompanied my husband to San Antonio from Nebraska because he had training he had to attend at Lackland AFB. While there, my daughter and I visited the Dillards at the North Star Mall. It was not a pleasant visit. While shopping in the woman's department a clerk came up and asked if we needed help. I didn't think a lot about it, she was being helpful, but after the 3rd time of asking and getting right up almost in my face, I had had enough and she knew it. She stopped but not before she went over and talked to a clerk at the register who took over the following us. If you have a required look, credit score, and salary that a person must meet to shop in your store, then you need to put that at the doors of your store and an application to fill out. Put it out there for everyone to know how you do business. Customers being looked down upon by your employees is not the way to do business. And by the way, I am pretty sure we would have passed the last 2 of those requirements with no problem! I just am not a person who feels that ANYONE has to dress as if they stepped out of a magazine to go shopping or anywhere, for that matter. That is shallow and not who I am. Although I can guarantee we will not be shopping in that store again, I found myself backing away from even shopping your store online when my daughter wanted me to order some pants online this past week. The experience we had in San Antonio came back to my mind very clearly. I am sorry this is how your employees are trained to treat your customers because this makes ex-customers, as in our case.

Nancy C.

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Sue Younes - 78 d 8 h ago


Hello sir

My name is Sue Y. I live in Nebraska and shop at Dillard's stores and web site very often. I have placed an order using your site last Saturday. The Oder was for 2 formal dresses for my daughter 's wedding this coming December. One of the dresses I ordered arrived on Wednesday, just couple days ago. I was very pleased with my purchase. Yesterday which is Thursday I got on your website to check on the delivery status of the second dress. At that time I found out that the dress I received the day before went on sale. I paid $276.73 and it's on sale for $166.05 plus an additional 40 percent off. I was shocked for I the price drop. I called customer service and didn't get any pleading news. My husband and I drove to Dillard's store which is an hour drive from where we live. I thought maybe they can return it and allow me to buy it back. But my request was denied. I am very displeased with the results. The dress I loved and wanted to keep. But I felt like I was robbed by your system. I couldn't reorder the dress online again because you were out of the size I needed. This is very unfair and I feel very disappointed. It feels like someone is robbing me from the money that I work hard for and there is nothing I can do about it. I am keeping the dress for now. But I promise you I will never forget it and will shop somewhere else. In the end it's your loss, more than mine. One very unhappy customer can spread the word more than a happy one. Thank you for listening. Sincerely yours

Sue Younes.

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Anonymous - 58 d 11 h ago

You could have returned it and your husband repurchase it.

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