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Dillard's Inc

1600 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR
William T Dillard Ii
(501) 376-5200
(501) 376-5917
Annual Sales Est
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Angry - 1 d 19 h ago


02-17-2018 My wife and daughter were racially profiled, at your store in Waco, TX and will no longer be shopping at any of your franchises, there was a employee that refused to ring them up for a purchase and while standing in line first, Steve decided or thought that it would be okay to cash the Caucasian ladies who came to the line behind my wife and daughter, other employees working in the same department with Steve witnessed this entire incident and apologized for Steves actions and even stated that his actions where not acceptable, its sad and angers me that my daughter, and wife had to be a victim of racism given by your franchise we are paying customers, we once shopped here frequently but after yesterday why would I give another red penny to be treated as though we are beneath some of your racist employees, we have never we been treated like that . After making a phone call to the local GM John he was more on I will talk to Steve and state they get paid on commission, and questioned why did we not get him paged before we exited the store, and we both were confident that this situation would NOT be handled accordingly.

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frustrated in the south. - 7 d 3 h ago


Went to buy a HSM suit. My check was denied. Told to contact Certigy. Said my account fit a profile that was rejected. I am a white male, the check was a high number account with plenty of funding. From others who have commented, it seems like Dillard's likes to profile all people, sometimes simply because they can. Sad that corporate would not even answer the customer service line today. Great salesperson, good value, but something is wrong here.

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Anonymous - 17 d 19 h ago


Horrible horrible horrible customer service. I went to return a jacket at Dillard's and was racially profiled. I will be pressing charges

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Fozia - 18 d 17 h ago


Don't work for this piece of shit southern company they hate gays

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Shannon - 19 d ago


I a regular shopper at the clearance center at Metro center in Phoenix. And I sadden to say that I am very disappointed in the security there. It's pretty bothersome when you see people go into that store and steal left to right, walk right out of the door with unpaid merchandise with security not being allowed to do anything at all. The store, merchandise are protected. What kind of business has security but they can't do anything about theft when they see it?? I guess you'll catch them the next time. Stop hiring security who are there wasting there time! You just give the ok for people to come and steal. And the word gets passed on to the next thief!!! HELLO!

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earplugs needed now - 28 d 6 s ago


Love the store and a few experienced clerks who are great!!! at Lincoln NE Gateway store. Great selection of men's clothing. But I but absolutely flee when management has teenage bubblegum music turned up so loud it ruins my shopping experience all through men's dep't. Not what I want to listen to, at those levels. I know Musak is not there but when I'm looking at suits, fine dress shirts etc. I want a dignified experience. I like the Polo and Cremieux brands and Roundtree & York and own a lot but can't take that racket which has become worse the last year. I look around and see a lot of people my age (near 70) and not just kids so what gives? Puh-lease, don't chase me to Von Maur's (where it's low level and soothing) or elsewhere to shop. We like our Dillard's!

Turn it down (off even better)! We want to see Dillard's thrive and prosper in Lincoln. I did talk to manager 1/22/18 who acted surprised anyone would mention it, like no one else has. If not, here is the first one.

Thank you.

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Don't worry about it - 20 d 15 h ago

Shut yo old ass up

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Jacque Watkins - 20 d 20 h ago

Jacque Watkins

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Anonymous - 20 d 19 h ago

I am a very long term Dillard's customer. Your quality is much better than most other stores.

I did not receive my bill this month, don't know why as it was unusual and you can look back through all the years and will find that I always pay my bill and not late usually. My bill runs approximately $52 a month, sometimes more sometimes less..

However, today, 1/30/2018 Wells Fargo called me to to inform me that my upcoming bill is $192. Camille called me 5:15 pm and informed me that not only did Wells Fargo add a $35 late fee to my account, but also added an additional $35 late fee for December because she stated that my payment arrived one day late to the proper department. Now, realistically my payment was in fact there and in their mail room or sitting on someone's desk waiting to be processed. This is unaccepatable and a Wells Fargo scam to extort extra money from your customers for fees that they do not owe..

Wells Fargo has always had sketchy policies. It only takes one experience with them to be sure that you never use them again.

Nontheless, I'm now stuck for a $192 payment when my payment is usually $52.

I have enjoyed shopping at your stores, but, as soon as I pay off my current balance I will go back to Macy's, or Bilk for quality products now that I see what kind of company you're running now.

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Jessica Hutcheson - 23 d 20 h ago


I went to Dillard's to find an outfit for an event. Was about to cry till I found a top made by Peter Nygard that was perfect! There was only 2, due to it being a sale item, both were not my size. Lindsey (manager) and Olivia went above and beyond to find it in my size. My day went from terrible to fantastic!! Thank you both so much!!!

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The suspicious customer as they called me. - 24 d 12 s ago


First I had a horrible shopping experience at Dillard's in Bowling Green, KY the employees and I guess the managers were very rude and unprofessional I've never seen nothing like this. especially I guess the head manager was probably the worst man I ever met he tried talking down to me, obviously he's a racist because he made a comment saying no not these type of people when he approached me and that by its self is a reason to sue and get my lawyer involved but he didn't help and basically said he could care less and Dillards would back him on that but they was watching me shop and tried to say i look suspicious but then I bought something and they still was watching me. So I sleep on it and decided to return the items because I didn't like being treated like that and don't want to support a store or a manager like that. I'm going to tell all my family, friends, and my office colleagues to not shop at your store anymore. Managers are suppose to be leaders but not a racist leader. This place need new management because it's been on a decline and from here on I'm spreading the word about this place every where I can because every human deserves to be treated right no matter what.

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Very disappointed customer - 25 d 7 h ago


Very bad customer service. I purchased a dress on Jan15 for an event on Jan 27 paid 215.00 for the dress. My daughter went to Dillard's Pembroke Pines Fl on Thursday Jan 25 to purchase a dress. To my surprise they were having a sale 30% sale. I went to Dillard's with my dress to get the additional discount which amounted to $70.00 was told they wouldn't give me the discount. I told them I wanted to return the dress and buy it again. Was told I would have to wait till next day to purchase it after sale. I am a Dillard's charge customer who happens to live in Ar I should have been given discount at once no hassle. Outcome was returned dress and left store. You lost a sale. I know if I was in Ar it would have not been a problem

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Disappointed Customer - 27 d ago


Today - you lost a customer in Lexington, KY. I returned two items to your store located in the Fayette Mall (Lexington, KY). These were Christmas gifts that I had purchased for family members. I purchased the items on 12/01/2017. I had all of the required items necessary for a return. (Item tags, sales receipts, as well as the gift receipt usually provided with Christmas gifts). However, I was told by three individuals (cashier, customer service representative and department manager) that the return must be in the form of a Dillard's gift card. I was dismayed to learn that your 30-day return policy was so rigid - no exceptions for Christmas gifts. I understand/accept the policy, except for the Christmas Holiday. Christmas is on December 25th. In an effort to complete my holiday shopping early, I visited your store on December 1, 2017. Therefore, with the New Year's Holiday approaching, there were only 6 shopping days that I would have been able to return the items. With extended families and families living out of the area, often gifts cannot even be received until a few days after Christmas. So decisions as to fit and function cannot be made until well after the 25th.

So, you lost a customer in Lexington, KY today. I live within 1-mile of your store there, but will not return!! It wasn't a huge amount ($50.00 range) but I plan to sell the gift card (even at a discount, if necessary

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Dustin f - 28 d 16 h ago

Dear Mr. Dillard,

I am active duty service member and i wanted to say you have some of the worst managers. You kept money for merchandise i dont have and your store in Jefferson City mo has

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CD - 29 d 2 h ago


Dillard's has the worst customer service ever. Spoke to representative Shana and Supervisor Antanet (however it's spelled) and both were rude. I ordered a skirt for a business event and I am a size 14. According to the size chart a Xl should have fit fine. The sizing chart was completely wrong and it fit my sister who is a size 7 in jeans perfect and didn't even make it one leg. All I asked for was the return shipping to be waived because I paid $8 something to get it to me, and it's $7 to send it back. So I will be losing $15. I think that's ridiculous and customer servibe does not care. I work in customer service and would be fired if I was talked to that way

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Dillard Customer - 29 d 25 m ago


Dear William Dillard II,

I having been shopping at Dillard's for 30 plus year. Dillard's has quality merchandise and the store environment is pleasant to shop. The annual New Year's Day sale has grown over the year and so has the people shopping on that day.

My family and I look forward to going to this sale. The past five years that climate of this sale has changed and I have witnessed customer fights and arguments, which makes this a VERY unpleasant experience in Kansas City.

Now certain ethnic groups purchase racks of clothing, which does not allow your credit card holders to view of take advantage of this sale. This year (2018), certain ethnic groups formed a circle around the designer handbags and scooped them all up. There was a post of this on Facebook.

I am requesting executive leadership and management take a serious look at how handbags and shoes are managed during this sale. Your patrons would appreciate it very much.

Respectfully a concerned Dillard's customer.

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Placed huge order on New Years Day 2018. Order was on it's way when FedEx sent it back to Dillards because it was damaged. I even received an EMAIL STATING THE SHIPMENT WAS DELIVERED TO MY HOUSE ON 19 JAN 2018. I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE THE SHIPMENT BECAUSE THE SHIPMENT WAS DELIVERED TO DILLARDS ON 19 JAN 2018 BECAUSE IT IS DAMAGED. I called the 800 number and was told once shipments are returned, it only takes Dillards TWO to THREE days to notify the customer the extent of the damage. After THREE days passed I called the 800 number again, this time asking for a supervisor. She informs me that RETURNS are NOT being worked on at this time because they are doing inventory AND they go by the date they received the damaged order. Receiving CONFLICTING information from different employees is quite confusing. I still have no idea of what the DAMAGE is nor when and if I will eventually receive the order!!! This has been a complete nightmare!!!

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Anonymous - 45 d 13 h ago

Dear Mr Dillard,

I am an employee at Dillards Estee Lauder in Aurora Colorado. I have had a horrible experience working here. First someone tried to break into my car in the parking lot. Then a lady named CeCe got in a fight with the fragrance lady because we were giving the customer our five star service. Due to this people have been mean to me and starting to treat me awfully. Then I got diagnosed with RA. Rhumtiod Arthritis which is an auto immune disease and it made me have to leave on our big January 1 sell day. I have a doctor's note for this day, which I left early and my job was then threatened by Jessica our cosmetic manager. Due to having to leave early because of the medicine. Now everyone is treating me poorly. My counter manager Aletea would change my schedule and told me to go by her schedule. This resulted in inaccurate schedule information. Im upset about being treated poorly, and unfairly. I have doctors notes for the Jan 1&2. I do not understand why I continiuly get mistreated by CeCe and other employees.Looks like not only does Dillards treat their customers bad but also their employees.

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Anonymous - 33 d ago


Store number 777 All store and asst store managers will have a lawsuit against Dillard's Against them for defamation of character.. They are lying on Employee's showing favoritism, and denying to give Unemployment benefits and not giving facts concerning job separation. They are also showing racist remarks amongst Managers in other departments. Also others things that will be filed.

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Anonymous - 32 d 35 m ago

I feel the same we need the unfairness act

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Dustin frederick - 34 d ago


Kept my and merchandise and are refusing to give me my money back. I have several recorded calls

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Jan - 37 d 19 h ago


I'm writing to make a suggestion. I walk with cane and it is so difficult to get the door open at Dillards' I would suggest that the put in at least one door at each entrance that has the button you can push to open the door. Even before I was using a cane, the doors were difficult for me to open because of bad shoulders and arthritis in my hands. I'm quite sure I'm not the only one that needs this service.

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Nicole Frankland - 39 d 19 h ago


Incredibly disappointed in Dillard's home delivery. I ordered a size 9 black pair of boots and received a size 6 pink, fuzzy, jeweled high heels. I don't know how in the world someone could possibly mess up a simple order like this. What in the world is going on with Dillard's? This is horrible customer service and should be looked into.

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Dillon - 40 d ago


I am not a happy person right now!! I have placed an order , which was to be shipped by Fed Ex and delivered on 01/12/18. Today I contacted the and spoke with 2 Representatives, 2 Supervisors and the Call Center Manager, who all need some help with their attitudes, how to help and assist customers. All I wanted them to do was to place my order on hold so that I could go on Fed Ex's wed site so that I could have my package redirected to a Fed Ex location so that I could pick it up. The Dillard's Representatives continue to inform me that because of the cooperate contract they could NOT make any changes to my order, but the Fed Ex Representatives are telling me that they are allowed to place the order on hold. Still the Dillard's Representative are not understanding that I work an hour from my residence and with traffic I get home late an that I don't want the package stolen off of my porch. I have no relatives or anyone who is able to receive the package at my residence. So basically the rude Call Center Manger is going to cancel the order and have the package returned to Dillard's. However, I have some concerns about that and my refund, because the items are non returnable? I have ordered from Dillard's before and this has NEVER been an issue before, I've called and the status has been change so that I can pick my package up. I understand that you all are trying to protect customer, but what about those that would be in a similar situation as me. Does this basically imply NOT TO EVER place an order with Dillard's? I am really upset that I will not be receiving the 3 pair of boots that I ordered, but I'd rather the merchandise be returned opposed to being stole and out of over 150 dollar!!! Again this is unfair to customers such as myself and that those working the Call Center really have no concern for the customers best interest and have poor attitudes. I'd really like this matter rectified ,so that I can receive the boots that I ordered.

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Disappointed - 41 d 4 h ago


I like and bought your Cabernet Bra like many other customers now you discontinued this brand which was a good bra. Will you consider bringing it back for the customers they fit really great for full coverage? Very disappointed customer.. Rethink about brining it back.

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