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Dillard's Inc

1600 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR
William T Dillard Ii
(501) 376-5200
(501) 376-5917
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a dissatisfied return shoe customer - 4 d 5 h ago


I recently purchased a pair of mens Johnson Murphy shoes at Dillard's in Rolling Oaks Mall. Unfortunately; the new shoes did not fit my father so I made an attempt to return or exchange the shoes but was told by a manager; no. I have my statement indicating "proof of purchase." The shoes were shipped back to me but I no longer have the original box. Would appreciate some customer service and a call from a corporate manager.

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hasta la vista - 6 d 6 h ago

In a day when "brick and mortar" stores are increasingly closing, it's sad to see a store take political sides and not let the loyal customers decide for themselves which merchandise should be carried. Been a repeat customer for 30+ years, but changing my ways now.

Ivanka is a Non-paid adviser to the White House. She is also a great role-model for many young women. Sad to see the "haters" push their agenda in the clothing industry. It will sadly have little effect accept on the stores that choose to pull her merchandise out based on fear-mongering.

Will grab my wallet and head elsewhere, after I stop at Chick-fil-A.

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Nancy McKinley Murphy - 18 d 6 h ago


No one has yet to reply to the message I left before? It concerns the Bullish manager humiliated me in

public! Does defamation of character

ring a bell.

(hidden). Home


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Stephanie - 20 d 6 h ago


I am a devoted customer at Dillard's in Albuquerque, NM. I have my favorite sales people in cosmetics and BCBG department. I would like to express a issue with Dillard's requirements for their employees to continually call me, pressuring me with promotions and sales that their particular department is having. I received 12 calls in 1 day from people I don't even know at Dillard's. Some of them begging for me to purchase products. I have blocked these calls as they come in. But this is unreal and annoying. Please stop giving out my name to every department in your store for them to call me.

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Margaret Gilbride - 21 d 15 h ago


I would like to acknowledge the excellent customer service we received at the Southpark/Strongsville Ohio mens department. My husband was looking for a new suit for a wedding. The young man that waited on us, David Beight was quick to help us with an assortment of styles and colors. His wonderful expertise was amazing for such a young associate. After making our final selection he fitted my husband for alterations and made some suggestions. David Beight is a hidden treasure in this department. You don't find many young individuals with his insight, style and you could tell his passion for the business. We usually follow certain individuals when we receive great customer service in dealing with men's suit since this business has been encroached with chain stores that just don't give you the right direction. We're so happy he was available to help us and look forward on picking up our purchase. Please acknowledge this employee's for exemplary service, he's a gem! P.S. he even worked over a half hour from his end time to finish the alterations, who does that now a days!!!

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LuAnn - 25 d 7 h ago


To William Dillard

I was shopping today June 2nd at one of your stores in Rolling Oaks Mall San Antonio. Saw a dress that I liked and ask Nancy your store associate who assisted me, but the store didn't have my size, so Nancy was kind enough to call North Star Mall (Dillard's) in San Antonio to see if someone from that department can hold the dress for me with the correct size and the associated said NO or What would you like for me to do, stop what I am doing to go and get it!

To my astonishment WOW! What GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE?

So I told Nancy that was fine, I will go any a get it, if it's still there.

Nancy apologized several times, but I assured her that she could only TRY.

That is why I am writing to you, I have never experienced that situation before. Angry because, if I were a friend, I am pretty sure she at the North Star Mall would've held the item.

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lost respect for this company - 28 d 4 h ago


I use to work at Store 248,in Panama City Fl,in the beginning I enjoyed it until I saw things that were not policy.People that use to work there were able to go into the dock area because their partner worked there.Employees children are allowed to come to work with their parents from time to time.Not following the dress code.Turned in an employee for allowing a friend to use her discount and nothing done about it,because the person that rung it up was the display manager niece,employees continually late to work .Schedules constantly changed.Store Manager talking down to employess instead of getting all the facts.Having Dept Manager work the cash office and Customer Service so the Asst.Manager can go on vacation.The last HR Secretary given certain day off to babysit for the Asst.Mgr.This store has definitely gone down hill.And it is ridious when we have visitors come that we have to work extra hard,the store should be ready at all times.I recommend that you show up without anyone knowing so you can see for yourself how the employees are not following many of the store policies (dress code) especially.I have many friends that stated they will not come to this store any longer due to the rudeness and pushiness of the employees.

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EX - 32 d 14 h ago


Bad bad company!

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Customer Service - 34 d 7 h ago


Check out the Dillard's Department Store In the Arbor Place Mall of Douglasville, Georgia 30135. This Store can not keep good agents that care about their customers. There needs to be a continues Customer Service training program. Dillard's has been my favorite Department Store while and since being an employee. But from what I can see, Customer service in some of the departments has fallen by the wayside. This is not the Dillard's that I remember. Bill and Alex, please check out your store. .

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The truth - 33 d 7 h ago


I worked there and I can tell you they don't train anyone

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ALEISA RAM - 33 d 7 h ago


I worked for Dillard's and was recently fired because the store isnt making the numbers everyone in my department is down I was not the only one some people are down more that I am. If the store manager does events every month one after the other $100000 events your are left with clients not wanting to buy the next month because they already spend tons and then gift with purchase is 5 days after a 100000 event please explain to me how am I supposed to make gift. The department manager Carina is so nasty she treats everyone rudly. I could never go to her for help because she always had a nasty attitude with me . She made me cry on the floor once because she yelled at me and I know a few people that works there that would back me up. I never had any training in the Florida Mall store I was just thrown on to the floor how do I work if I don't know anything about the system and half of the time I have to figured stuff out on my own. I was fired without a warning I have bills to pay. I have no family here and I'm doing this on my own what am I supposed to do for money??!?? It goes to show how much Dillard's care about there employee. I understand if your store is not making numbers and you don't have money to pay people and you need to let them go but give them a warning and at least a week or two to fine a job. Right now I know I will end up in the street because I have no money for rent. Employs are what makes your business and put money in your pocket not you guys and I should have been treated a little bit different. I never knew where I stood with my numbers because they never explained anything to me never had a monthly meeting a nothing. I was just called in the office and told that I was fired.

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Unhappy customer - 37 d 9 h ago


Jeers to Dillards! I have always shopped there for the quality brand merchandise but never again! I recently recieved a bowl (Artinino Fleur De Lis Cream) from the Artinino collection. I noticed there was a crack down the side and tried to exchange it at the Texarkana Texas Dillard with a lady named Diane. I was quickly infomed that my broken item cannot be exchanged due to this brand being sold in other store other than Dillards and that I could have purchased it elsewhere and could be trying to exchange it at Dillards. All I wanted was the same bowl that was not damaged. I know these are expensive bowls but since the bowl DID in fact come from Dillards they should have just exchanged my bowl for the same bowl!

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Tucson resdient - 67 d 11 h ago

Shocked to find Trump merchandise. Sorry, Dillards: I'll be shopping elsewhere.

Flagged for review. 
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satisfied - 62 d 6 h ago


I LOVE Ivanka Trump items are WONDERFUL and you need to be able to separate the designer and product from politics. Sorry, but I hope her stock and sales keep going through the roof.

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LOVE IVANKA - 54 d 6 h ago


I am with you!! Keep your politics to yourself. LOVE Ivanka

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Jenna - 39 d ago

It is just as much their right to not shop there, as you feel that it is your right to shop there, regardless of whether or not you agree with their reasons!

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To Love Ivanka - 38 d ago


Who cares if you love Ivanka! You don't speak for everyone else. Maybe you should keep your opinions to yourself and stop worrying about telling other people what they can or cannot say when airing a complaint with this store.

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Jenna - 39 d ago

It is Tucson's resident's right to protest against a store for any reason, political or otherwise. It didn't look to me like Tucson resident verbally attacked you for your opinion. Yes, lets hope her profits go through the roof while her dad is taking people's health care away.

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To a Tucson resident - 49 d 12 h ago

Dillard's is a business not a political arena.

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To to a Tucson resident - 38 d 3 h ago

While it is a business, it is the customers who make that business.. Customers have the right to voice their complaints regardless the reason.

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Tucson resdient - 49 d 12 h ago

That is so mean just because they have his things don't mean you can't get things from there..

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Tucson resident ------ - 48 d 5 h ago

Not mean -- Just realistic! If you are unhappy with Dillard's by all means shop elsewhere. Personal politics should not enter into your Department store decisions.

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Had to be said - 38 d 4 h ago

I noticed on a couple reviews that were boycotting Ivanka Trump's merchandise, that the reviews were "Flagged for review". Hmm, might it be that her (Ivanka) supporters are trying to silence them much like her father tries to silence anyone including the press that disagrees with him.

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Jane - 51 d 4 h ago


Dillards is my favorite store but I am not happy to see Ivanka merchandise. she is not just a daughter, she is an advisor to Trump and has not divested as all other former advisors have done. Oh well she is supporting thousands of Chinese who make her clothes -

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For Jane.... - 50 d 10 h ago

Ivanka Trump did divest her holdings - research CNN 01/11/2017. As far as Dillard's continuing the line of merchandise with her name -- good for them! Finally someone/company that will not fold or cave in to the dictates of emotion. It is their job to make business decisions not enter into the political arena.

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Response to For Jane - 39 d 49 m ago

Yes,and Dillards customers is what makes up their business, so when any customer is not pleased with any merchandise that they carry for what ever the reason, then it is good business to listen to any complaints and not just to the people that seem pleased with it.

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