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Dillard's Inc

1600 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR
William T Dillard Ii
(501) 376-5200
(501) 376-5917
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Carolyn Cross - 2 d 1 h ago


I am a VERY GOOD customer of Dillards in The Woodlands, Tx. I witnessed an altercation between two employees that should have never happened. I called for Paula , who I'm told is the manager of that store and have received no call back as promised. Please , after 30 years of being a good customer, have someone call me.


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Help - 2 d 20 h ago

Former Employer of Dillards; I have worked for Dillards for more than 13 years and on Feb. 22, 2018 I was released, due to time decrepancy . I feel they violated my rights and I am presuing my case with a lawyer. I'm supposed to get an hour lunch but they gave me only 30.min. Break, then they tell me I'm stealing company time, they owe me time. How wrong is that, management please give me a call (hidden). Help.

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Help - 2 d 20 h ago

Former Employer of Dillards; I have worked for Dillards for more than 13 years and on Feb. 22, 2018 I was released, due to time decrepancy . I feel they violated my rights and I am presuing my case with a lawyer. I'm supposed to get an hour lunch but they gave me only 30.min. Break, then they tell me I'm stealing company time, they owe me time. How wrong is that, management please give me a call (hidden). Help.

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Ashlee - 4 d ago


Tonight was my daughter's prom night...started at 8 pm. I purchased her prom dress 2 weeks ago from Dillards. $250 is what I spent, oh you know bc they have the pretty EXPENSIVE dresses, but tonight I quickly found out how CHEAPLY made their prom dresses really are. Yes, I am livid, yes, I have had a good cry. She had her hair done today, prom ticket already purchased, make up done...went to put the dress on at 7pm. THE ENTIRE ZIPPER COMES APART!!!! No, there's no pics bc who has time for pics at this point when we have to find something different to wear and prom starts in 30 mins. Livid is an understatement. So, yes, she still went to prom, but she had to wear a dress that she wore previously to a military ball. NEVER AGAIN will I purchase any of Dillards overpriced CHEAPLY made clothing. I just got my $250 back at 8:40....after I told them what I thought. These people will get a bad review from me on any page I get a chance.

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Allen Gonzales - 18 d 13 h ago

Hi my name is Allen Gonzales I came into your store at Winrock uptown to get a Refund for a shirt and I was treated very poorly the team was even making lewd comments about me. I don't appreciate this at all I would like a call back ASAP. (hidden).

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GP - 20 d 19 h ago

Was hired at the Barton Creek location in Austin, Texas to fill in a position as Home Manager. As I have later learned working there was the "red headed step child" as they referred to it. This department was always set up for failure! I tried my best to turn this impossible department around. Worked endless hours to try and improve it,

and worked on countless days off, which on a salary, with the amount of hours I was putting in the hourly employees where making much more than I was being a salaried manager. I felt I worked like a slave. I could not catch up as much as I tried. I started out with employees who had developed their own system being without a manager for some time. Most of them were lazy, and insubordinate! I was also severely understaffed. I was told by a DM in front of the SM and ASM to that I needed to get staffed up

by a certain time because of the holidays coming up. I personally tried my best to staff up by recruiting and interviewing quality candidates only to have them taken from me to fill in other departments that were in my opinion better staffed than my department was. I was told that this was being done for the business needs but the ASM and SM had other agendas towards their personal favorites (Managers) and (Departments) IE: The shoe Department which was the ASM's baby, as she would always boast about to everyone and anyone coming into the fray! Instead of developing her team as a whole and being a mentor to ALL of her managers, she often would pick sides, and put forth favortism, and was a master manipulator! The ASM seems to think she is untouchable because she has a close relationship with the District Manager Assistant to the VP so she walks around the store like a Gustapo rather than an Inspiring, developing ASM who would instead have a store that retains it's employees than a store with a very high consistent turnover rate. When the VP of Dillards came to make a visit, he was very upset and disappointed to see what the Home department condition was in. He looked at the staffing hours which were severe, and the department as a whole. We were coming down to the wire for christmas and still did not have everything done. We were out of Visual help, and given a Visual who was very new to the business and knew nothing, We had product all over the place, because we could not house any product in our store rooms, and I lacked the manpower for help, so I was coming in on my days off consistently to help arrange to the best of my visual ability, I was constantly getting sick because I was not getting any rest. I kept on coming to my SM and ASM for help and they really did not help with what I really needed. the ASM would bring temporary people here and there to help for an hour or two and one day got a bunch of people to help de-box christmas, but this was not going to do anything but crack the surface. I needed to be staffed! I needed direction visually I needed help at all fronts! but the ASM left me to sink! Because the VP saw that I was sinking, the VP saw that I needed help, saw that I was not able to be a manager and fulfill my manager duties because I was too busy being a worker. he made it known to the ASM that she was a big part of this disaster, and she managed to put blame on the SM who ended up getting let go. She did not once take accountability of her actions, and as I have perceived, set me up for more failure on purpose because of being scolded by the VP. Ends up a new SM comes to the store. I had personally only spoken to him briefly, could not really let him know the depths of what needs to be dealt with in my department. The VP was supposed to come back and assess the Home Department only to have the District Manager that is partial to the ASM come instead. Just so happens I had caught a very bad flu and was not able to come to the visit, I had already prior to that communicated to the ASM that I was calling in sick, She than gets back to me and tells me that we are having a visit and I would still need to show up the next day. I told her that i could not physically do this, as the physician wrote a personal note stating that I must stay home. I got back to work the next following day only to get demoted from my position. As the new SM stated that because you did not show up for the visit the DM was very upset with that and shows that you are not responsible as a manager, also that I show a lack of managerial skills or experience, so we decided to demote you. Mind you this SM and DM have no idea of my strong work ethic, and only knowledge of my work ethic through the feedback of the ASM. I only to assume in obvious circumstance that this revengeful ASM has given both DM and SM the rundown of what she thinks of me due to the altercation with the VP and herself. I was so upset and shocked to have been given this demotion that I did not deserve! All because of someone else's EGO! I turned down the demotion and asked to work out my two weeks to find another job, the SM and the ASM ends up letting me go that day. I ask the SM for the corporate number to use my OPEN DOOR POLICY as it states an open door policy is when you can freely speak or contact anyone in the company even the Dillard's themselves if you have the need too. I wanted to speak to the VP, and was given this general number to which this other DM was already informed of my request to speak to the VP and spoke to me very rudely and in a very condescending way. Totally discouraging me to ever speaking to the VP. Saying that I needed to follow a protocol and first speak to the chain of command. I told her I have already done that, and I do not want to speak to the DM because she is one of them that I did not feel comfortable speaking to, and she said well I am a DM why don't you speak to me? because I also don't feel comfortable speaking to you as well, I stated the open door policy and she still refused to give me the VP's number. Told me that I don't think you will ever be able to speak to him directly he is a very busy man and has no time to speak to you about a complaint. This is very bad business etiquette! Very unprofessional, and I have no belief in the "Open door Policy" within this company! It is a complete farce! I ended up losing out on vacation that I worked so hard to strive for, and dedicated myself into trying to develop my people and department. Only to lose to a bunch of manipulating, lazy, egotistical, unethical, and political assholes in this company! I know my worth! and this company surely is not worth it! Note: to Mr. Litchford, if you somehow read this sir, thank you for noticing my dedication and hard work! and wished you knew the rundown of what was really happening to me, and wished you weren't blocked at all sides like you presumably were with the real and honest information. I wished you had come back earlier when I was there, so I could have spoken to you about the issues and what I could within my power to get things done in that department. I was only one person sir trying to do it all, and I was getting no true help! Everyone in the whole store knew that and could see that but was too afraid to say anything about the ASM in losing their jobs. You have always said that you wanted your managers to be Mentors and wanted us as managers to DEVELOP our team, to Lead them into a productive and strong inspiring way. I still believe in this and agree with this wholeheartedly! This is definitely what any business needs for a strong prosperous company! You need to clean house sir, and get rid of high school politics in the workplace. Were supposed to be adults here, and work with maturity in mind. Hire mentoring minds, inspiring and teaching and teachable people to lead. People who want to develop people rather than tear them down, belittle them, or manipulate them. The whole entire store is suffering with these two in leadership SM and ASM. why do you think there is so much constant turnover??? Please hire quality people! You want employees that come to work happy. Happy to be there and work there. Employees who are happy and secure with theirr management and upper management. Having the confidence that they can use their open door policy and feel that they can be comfortable and have faith that their issues will be resolved, without fear or losing their jobs because of retaliation. Than you will have a store flourishing with happy employees who will provide the utmost of awesome customer service! and this only means a prosperous store! Take care of your employees and they will take care of you!

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SRF - 46 d 17 h ago


I was in Dillard's at Citadel Mall in Charleston, South Carolina and I was looking to purchase a Brahmin bag and there is only two associates that I give my sales to. I went upstairs with the bag and a young lady by the name of Laura a Nomaw followed me upstairs. When I saw Annette I went over to her but she was assisting another customer and Ms. Nomaw came behind me and said "Oh". I am not a thief and I don't appreciate being racially profiled. It doesn't matter if the person is black or white by law racially profile does not have any color. I carry Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Channel and those bags cost between five and ten times the amount. I will put the word out there to ban that store. My family is very prominent in the Charleston area and My Dad would not appreciate that!!! Bob stated that she probably wanted the commission. That's a big fat white lie!!!! I am well respected in my community and this situation will be addressed and rectified. Don't judge a book by its cover!!!

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Anonymous - 22 d 19 h ago

She followed you because they are paid by commission and if you took the bag to another department she probably wanted the opportunity to help you. Nice job playing the race card though.. not surprising. Then you play the "my daddy is important" card too. Get a life.

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Thomas Kimble - 23 d ago


Hello I'm an old employee that needs another copy of my W-2 tax documents mailed to him.

Thomas D. Kimble

116 Fairmont Circle

Kannapolis, N. C.




* I need year 2016

Northlake Mall

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Sonya - 23 d 11 h ago


Good Evening.. I am a current employee of Dillard's in Chattanooga,TN. I have been employed with this company since September 2017. I have been very impressed with how we are all about Customer Service and taking care of the customer. Heather, John and my department manager Jason upholds the expectations of Dillard's and delivers it to each customer. I love working at Dillard's and one day I will be able to dress from head to toe with all of Dillard's designer clothing, shoes, handbags, makeup etc.

Thank you Mr. Dillard for the opportunity to be a part of an excellent company. Dillard's take cares of both their associates and customers. I cannot wait to advance within the company.


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NoLongerADillardsFamily - 26 d 14 h ago


After an issue with my order, I called into the customer service center and they said they needed their supervisor (who had been ''laughing'' on the phone and was unavailable to take my call). I was told the supervisor would give me a call back within the hour, and if they had not returned the call, to ring in again. I called every hour after that for FIVE hours, until I was told the supervisor had left home and refused to call me until the next day. I told them I would be in back to back meetings that next day, so we set up a note asking them to call when I was free (9:00am). The next day, during a break after my first meeting and over an hour after our scheduled appointment, I had to ring in again and ask to speak to said supervisor (my sixth time). Every call center representative I spoke to was kind and helpful. Everyone except the customer service supervisor. This woman was horrible. She was terse, unapologetic about the issues with my order, unwilling to help in any way and when I asked her to expedite shipping (due to an issue on their end my boots were unable to make it on time like they would have without the issue) she literally laughed and said ''No. I can cancel your order entirely, though.'' as if to threaten me for asking if she could help me! After THEY messed up MY order! I am disgusted with this service and will no longer frequent this chain. Due to management's gross abnegation of their responsibility to their customers, our family will no longer patronize Dillards.

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Anonymous - 35 d 31 s ago

I have attempted to contact tour division manager, Mike Hubble, and Mike Litsford for over a month. I have left messages at The Town East Mall store for Hubble, and Litsford direct line, none of which has been returned.

This matter concerns a complaint I need to file against Dana Whatley, former store manger of Town East. It would seem she has falsified official employment document concerning my past employment.

I am at a point of filing complaints at the state and federal level. Ms. Whatley gave me a time time period too pull up sales, which were not met and I was let go and not walk out without giving a two week notice.

Samuel M. Gossett II


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Cheri Stephens - 35 d 17 h ago


Just to say I am beyond pissed as in December I purchases a few items including two pair boots from the Hattiesburg store. The saleslady Tangela who was quite the talker rung up my shoes after marking the boots from $99 to $79 because of a bogo20% off. I clearly told her she had scanned were not the ones on my box but she said they came off the roll that way. To make a long story short my granddaughter needed to return the boots after coming for spring break and could only get a gift card because over 90 days and my yellow stickers were not found(she never scanned these tickets) which was fine but the amt was going to be significantly lower than the purchase price actually I believe like 65%.Mobile store said the same on the return. I am not liking the changes happening within your company after 20 plus yrs in business. I had a complaint I have now vented so it's done but I would never be so cheap on a gift.

Will never let her assist me again.

Cheri Stephens

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Anonymous - 38 d ago

Dear Dillards colleagues and customers! Please check, what happens in store 207, Port Richey, Fl. I have sold a cosmetic product in the morning. I took customer's info for the counter representative and left her a note. Then Regina Varnagiris came to work at 12:00 pm, she saw my note with customer's name, found the customer, asked her to return the product and buy it from her!!! How unfair is this???!!! I spent at least 30- 40 min with this customer, explained the difference between some products. Helped her to make a decision about some other products. And for what ??? And this person Regina Varnagiris is allowed to do whatever it takes just to get a sale !!!! This should be not allowed!!! The customer did not ask for Regina and did not intend to wait for her!!! Regina was not on the shop floor when the sale happened. I had lots of time a situation when I have given a sample to a customer and they come back and buy from somebody else. There is nothing I could do. It happens. But I have never asked a customer to return the product and buy it from me. This should be illegal.

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Former employee - 49 d 17 h ago


1. Regina Varnagiris is a horrible horrible colleague in cosmetic department atDillard's 207 in Port Richey, Fl. She has no manners. She runs in front of you to get a customer, which makes customers feel uncomfortable.... (she did this not just to me but to other colleagues as well) She interrupted me several times when I was speaking with a customer, interfered in my conversation from the first day I was working with her. . One day I sold a cream at her Clarins counter (when she had a later shift a was not on the shopping floor) I left her a note with customer's name and telephone to follow up. Regina came to work an hour later, saw my note, found the same customer at Este Lauder counter, persuaded her to return the cream and buy it from her!!!! This is just out of order!!!!!! I find this completely unfair. I spent at least 30 -40 min with this customer!!! It was not just a ringing a quick sale!!! I explained to the customer a difference between different creams and cleansers.... I started helping her at Este Lauder counter to make her pre sell for a gift. All my efforts were for nothing??? !!! And the time I spent with the customer was wasted ??!!!!! And the management supported Regina..... They said that that was a customer's choice. But if a colleague is not on a shopping floor, and the customer was not asking for her, customer did not intend to wait for Regina are we not supposed to help the customer??? I had lots of situations when I gave customers a sample of a cream or a foundation and they came back and bought it from somebody else. (Even when the customers were my friends...) I never asked them to return the product and buy it from me... there should be rules for all employees. If you are not on a shopping floor and not clocked in, your customer could buy a product from somebody else unless the customer wants to wait for you!!!!

2. Also Regina constantly violates the clicks in rules. When she comes back from lunch she comes to cosmetics and stays for another 10-15 min before she goes to clock in. She does it just in case she sees a customer to help them.she never takes her lunch on time, even if there is enough coverage on a shop floor.

3. Her Clarins counter is in a mess too. Different foundation types are mixed up. Lots of testers are missing etc. Regina Varnagiris hides merchandise at her Clarins counter until it goes on sale... She hides free gifts for perfumes and gives them away with Clarins cosmetics!!!

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Anonymous - 38 d 18 h ago

i know what you talking about i have same shark at store 206,,,and nobody do nothing,,,,costumer first is right,,,but soon after what about us?

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Valrie Wade - 40 d ago

Dear Mr. Dillard, on October 23, 2017, I bought a pair of Merrell shoes for $110.00 at your store, Central Mall, Hot Springs, AR. After wearing them only 4 months the shoes began to squeak as I walked in them.

On March 10 I asked the shoe department manager if the shoes could be exchanged or if I could have a store credit. The manager said no, the shoes would have to be returned directly to the manufacturer. He even offered the observation that he wore shoes that squeaked..

Personally, I find squeaking shoes embarrassing, especially in church.

Is there a way to resolve this matter other than my having to assume the responsibility of returning the shoes to the manufacturer? I have shopped at Dillards, Hot Springs and Texarkana for over 45 years.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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M.washington - 42 d ago

My Name is MRS.Mary.My daughter I saw one of your former employee he sick.I heard y'all want help.tellme that not true.he has money with you in his saving place but he got to wait until you ready to give it to him the poor boy dieing you let him die before you help.With all money you have you need his.Ricky Winn is the boy name.Help him please I'll be praying you do right by him,Lord know he need it.Mrs.Mary Washington

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Joni Koehler - 43 d 39 m ago


First, I'm sorry I have to write this. I have always enjoyed shopping at Dillard's, and have always gotten good service in the past. But my experience yesterday(around 1p.m.) in the Ingram Mall location in San Antonio has prompted this message.

I needed to purchase bras, and had picked about five or six to try. I couldn't see any sales personnel nearby(in fact, I walked through several departments, and only the person in the bedding department asked if I needed help) so I went to the dressing room to try the bras on. As you can imagine, this is an item that requires a fit test. The dressing room was locked, so I wandered around with the bras in my hand trying to spot a sales person. There was no one in that whole side of the store. As you can imagine, my willingness to wag my purchase around the whole store looking for help was diminished by the fact that it was underwear. I finally went back to the lingerie sales kiosk and laid my prospective purchase on the counter. Thus, both the vendor and I had an unsatisfactory outcome. The store was customerless and I was... well, you get the picture.

I won't bore you with my take on the future of retail, but I will say that if Dillard's or any other retail outlet wants to maintain a storefront presence, they will have to do better than this.

p.s. I don't blame the employees for this. This is down to store, district, and corporate management.

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Richard Ansara - 43 d ago


At the suggestion of a friend who is employed at Dillards in Toledo I purchased a closeout Leather jacket for my son's birthday. I won't deny that i'm not sure if he mentioned a "three day return policy" or not ,however, my son's birthday wasn't for 5 or six days after my purchase. When he tried it on at the birthday party, it was too tight on him and he also did not like the leather fabric etc. I tried to take it back a day after his birthday which now ran it out to at least 7 days after the purchase. The sales rep and the store mgr, refused to take it back. I mentioned the time period and his birthday gift etc but it made no diff. Over the past 50 years or as long as you have been in business i have shopped at Dillards. Because of your return rules and a $ you have just lost a long time customer. If you can help me please call the Fallen Timbers Dillards,, i'm not sure if it is a Holland or Maumee, Ohio area. and have them call me at (hidden). my name is Richard Ansara and i live in Waterville Ohio a short distance from the Fallen Timbers store.thanks Dick.

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G. Anderson - 47 d ago


k k b --(To the people that shop at Dick's)

*****Heads up people,****

Just learned that Dick's Sporting Goods will be filing for bankruptcy and are planning to close 235 stores by June.

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William - 47 d 14 h ago


As a regular shopper of the Clearance Center at Metro center mall. I am very dissapointed in the security that is there. It seem as if Dillard's doesn't care about the safety, the merchandise or the security personnel. It seems that often when I shop there, there is always something going on with theft and just people getting away with stuff. It looks as if security is allowed to let theives walk out the door with unpaid merchandise. And never is police called? Why is it that you have security guards present in your store but people walk out left to right with unpaid merchandise? What the hell is there an officer there for? And it's not showing any kind of protection for the store and for the people, employees who work there. A hint of advice. Get tight in the security and care more about it because I have no doubt that the people who are stealing are telling the next person they can do it, and get away with it. There's all kind of stuff walking out the door unpaid!!!!!!! Wake up Dillards's. You have security officers in there which is pointless! Take care of your store and I would hope you'd want to protect your employees.

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Jn - 49 d ago


Spoke to Lisa while trying to make an appointment for Vero Beach location to look at vintage items. Her service was awful. She talked over me and was condescending. I am no longer interested in their service and wouldn't want anything from there if they handed it to me for free.

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Hostile atmosphere at Dillard's 207 - 49 d 17 h ago


6. Some employees at Este Lauder counter in store 207 manager sell general perfumes and gives their customers 2 free gifts (2 handbags) instead of one. Afterwards their customers came and demanded 2 bags for buying 1 perfume.

7. The management at Dillards in Port Richey do not care if you work hard, recruit customers, arrange cosmetic events outside the store, trying to be creative and bring more business to the store. They favor other people, who they like. They do not care about horrible hostile atmosphere in the store.

8. Dillards creates this horrible atmosphere when employees have to compete with each other and hate each other. Mostly horrible people get promoted, who steal sales from other departments and their colleagues, they get rewarded not for their skills, not for building long term relationship with the customers but for being "fast".

9. Cosmetic associates suppose to provide a service (do makeovers, facials) but only some employees actually do that. The others just steal sales when you are busy doing a make over.....

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Horrible experience - 49 d 17 h ago


4. The store secretary at Store 207 (Florida) Alice Ericksen Surace has such a nasty attitude! It is impossible to ask her a question about a schedule or change your details in the system (address etc.) or anything else. She becomes very sarcastic and always tells you off and finds the way to belittle you! For God sake! She is just a secretary! Not a manager, not a police officer. Why she has to be so nasty ??? !!! A job at Dillard's is stressful enough to get a nasty attitude from a secretary as well!!! But she changes her attitude as soon as an employee is promoted to a managerial position and "kisses their butt"!!! Alice also slanders employees to the managers. She tells them who is "good" and who is "bad". Is this really her job to do that???? Do I need to bring s lawyer to file a case of slander and defamation of character???!!!

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