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Dillard's Inc

1600 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR
William T Dillard Ii
(501) 376-5200
(501) 376-5917
Annual Sales Est
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Sue Younes - 22 d 19 h ago


Hello sir

My name is Sue Y. I live in Nebraska and shop at Dillard's stores and web site very often. I have placed an order using your site last Saturday. The Oder was for 2 formal dresses for my daughter 's wedding this coming December. One of the dresses I ordered arrived on Wednesday, just couple days ago. I was very pleased with my purchase. Yesterday which is Thursday I got on your website to check on the delivery status of the second dress. At that time I found out that the dress I received the day before went on sale. I paid $276.73 and it's on sale for $166.05 plus an additional 40 percent off. I was shocked for I the price drop. I called customer service and didn't get any pleading news. My husband and I drove to Dillard's store which is an hour drive from where we live. I thought maybe they can return it and allow me to buy it back. But my request was denied. I am very displeased with the results. The dress I loved and wanted to keep. But I felt like I was robbed by your system. I couldn't reorder the dress online again because you were out of the size I needed. This is very unfair and I feel very disappointed. It feels like someone is robbing me from the money that I work hard for and there is nothing I can do about it. I am keeping the dress for now. But I promise you I will never forget it and will shop somewhere else. In the end it's your loss, more than mine. One very unhappy customer can spread the word more than a happy one. Thank you for listening. Sincerely yours

Sue Younes.

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Anonymous - 3 d ago

You could have returned it and your husband repurchase it.

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S.worley - 11 d 4 h ago


It's very pathetic that you people over hire in one department, then force people to make a quota on sales and if they cant such as the store in the Sherman mall in Sherman Texas, you terminate them knowng there is not that much business in that store, not to mention the cutthroat tactics you people encourage employees to you against a weaker employee.

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A - 14 d 47 s ago


To Whom It May concern:

I had an interview at the Northpark Mall Davenport IA location. The interview manager's name is Corbi Gauley after our brief interview she indicated I passed through for a second interview. Her secretary Sarah was at the customer service counter and Told her as I was standing there that she would get this scheduled for the following week. Nothing I sent an email, I called left a message with assistant store manager Tony and he assured me someone would get back to me next day. I requested a courtesy phone call to let me know either way if the outcome. To this day I have not heard anything back. The interview was on 9/20/18. What kind of management do you have working there? So disappointed. I have worked for Dillard's before at a different location and I was happy to be working there. I must say if we management cannot even follow through on what they say and give false information that I would not want to work for this location at all!!!

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M. G. - 14 d 6 h ago


I shopped the Louis Vuitton collection at my local Dillards and spotted a fake that they were trying to sell for $1300! I called Louis Vuitton to confirm. I tried reaching someone at the corporate office but nobody returned my phone call.

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Phillip J - 18 d ago


Poor to none product support. You sell it, you should be responsible for the product quality. That's what you are in business for. Your return policy puts all the onus on the purchaser, you pocket the profit at no risk. Why bother buying from your company?

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Sam Williams - 23 d 22 h ago


Today (09-28-2018) I was shopping in your store in the Pecan Land Mall in Monroe, LA. I was trying on trousers and shirts in the men's department. After making five purchases, my wife wandered off into the store/mall and I carried my purchases to our car. I then missed my cell telephone. I returned to the men's department and the sales lady (Lisa Hill) and I looked in the change room. The cell was not there. Lisa used the store's telephone and called both my wife's and my cell with no answer. Then Lisa Hill insisted that i take her cell and go into the store/mall and look for my wife which i did. She had both cells in her purse and did not hear them. Thanks to Lisa Hill I had my cell back. I was the Manager of an oilfield service company for over 30 years and I greatly appreciated my employees with the kind of service attitude that Lisa Hill exhibited today.

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Gerrie T. - 25 d ago


Thank-you Kristen at Park Meadows Dillards!!! You Made Me Smile by connecting me with Doug at Las Vegas Nevada Dillards she had exactly what I needed in store & is shipping them right to my home.. What A Knowledgeable Sales Crew So Glad I Can Rely On More Of My Needs in the At Dillard!! Made My Shopping an Awesome Experience!!!!!!

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Natasha C - 30 d 20 h ago


I been working for the Dillard's in Greenbrier Mall in Chesapeake, VA for many years the level of unprofessionalism from management is beyond belief. It is unjust how associates are being treated. How the Manager in Assecories named Adam belittle other associates by speaking negative about someone to another associate. The manager degrades his role even discuss the past store manager termination to all his associate the day he was released. The store allow harrasment among associate that threathen others lives by swiping the situation under the rug and placing them in other department. They keep the associate in the system under previous counter to prevent a red flag alert since the departments are falling apart. I truly believe corporate need to pop up and experience the level of a company going down the drain due to failure to higher proper management from the Assistant Store Manager, Cosmetic Manager, Visual Manager and Accessories Managers need to be retrained.

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Anonymous - 34 d 5 h ago


On June 14,2016 I came to work for Dillards, I came into a business that I knew I'd be with for more than a 1yrs time. I was hired in to the home department with Kevin Cobb, the yr I was with him was the best yr I've ever had, he taught me so much, how to make online orders, to how to figure out the department and mic, to get the group code to finding out a price for a customer. Every customer was happy with Kevin and I was delighted to be his employer. As of March 2018 I was transferred to a different department, sadden to leave, I was moved to becoming the James Avery Specialist, with ASM Ana Nunez (candelario), This was a HUGE transitional changed for myself, and knew it would take some time getting used to. With that being said, here's where things began to change. Employee Sanannah Martinez was transferred with Ana Nunez from the Junior Department, while working as this Specialist for James Avery I started to notice the bond between the two (Savannah and Ana) and other coworkers who no longer work with Dillards, so their names will not be mentioned, Mrs.Nunez and Martinez would take multiple lunch breaks together, make text communications with each other, and best yet, have after work partying together at the local tyler bars. Did I mention Savannah just turned 20 on April 7Th, as the picture shows below , this is the two having drinks together and hanging out, which I didn't think ASM of Dillards were suppose to do. While my "ASM " is not only partying and making friendship with her employees she's also providing under age alcoholic beverages. In regards to all of this, there is more. My name is Leila Loyd and I was terminated as of September 7 due to social media. I was told by Walter Eadie that I was being terminated for social media, expression of how I was feeling, snap chat screen shots of bashing Dillards and employees, As God as my witness , I've never, used "Dillards" name in vein and or employees names on social media, when I asked Walter for the pictures, he said he's not going to argue with myself, that he will cross out the screen shots and snaps and this will be a term, I still can't grasp why?! If screen shotting my. Personal life outside of work and off the clock and away from the company is what my job consist of, then maybe I should have taken the time to screen shot Mrs Nunez and my employees drinking, and partying outside of work and eating lunches together on company time. Not to mention the favoritism with management hiring friends from the outside to work in their department, allowing new hires to work open to close Monday through Sunday, stealing company time and SALES. Having am ASM who repeatedly told you that your worthless to her because we just stand there and do nothing, but as this this being said, has employees that she likes, sit in her office because they didn't feel well that day, or needed to sit down. If i didn't feel like this wasn't an issue, I would address this in my own time or even take the time if i didn't feel i was wrongfully accused of something that, my former asm and employees both acted with as well. I've never been written up with Dillards or ever been a no call no show, but yet, Ana Nunez allowed her employees do so. I was told being a specialist was a good thing, no, I was wrong, it was just a name to pull myself from a department I actually worked in. With all this being said, I am a victim of discrimination, harassment, and wrongfully accused of termination. Emotionally distressed and angry with everything that goes on in tyler Dillards, if I had know that screen shots were suppose to be apart of my job duties at dillards then nobody would be an employer in that Dillards. With deep concerns for a reply, I hope I receive one. Thank you

Leila loyd

Ain- 907949099

Cell number (hidden)

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DORIS E WAGNER - 36 d 8 h ago


Dear Mr William T. Dillard,

I'm writing this to let you know my concerns about the condition of the entrance to the Dillard's store on Sue Mandy in St. Peters, MO 63376.

I shop your store at this location often and enjoy the shopping experience, the merchandise available and the special actions you take in terms of public service employees, i.e., law enforcement, firemen, teachers, etc. I have noticed the canopy is very much in need of repair. It does not make a good first appearance. It is sad to see this deterioration taking place. I spoke to a manager on Thursday to see if it had been reported previously. She indicated it has. My first inclination was "is store going to close". She indicated there were no plans to close the store which was very good news since this store serves our community. I was recently in Chesterfield at the mall last week and of course, that store is closed because of a severe water main brake as well as the sale of the mall to another entity who would appear to have other unknown plans at this time, at least as far as those residents are concerned.

Respectfully submitted,

Doris E. Wagner

51 Savannah Hill Dr.

St. Peters, MO 63376


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Anonymous - 40 d 19 h ago

I've worked all of my life! Never experienced such a rude management team! I will not be going back !

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Anonymous - 61 d ago

Worst hair color and cut rude employee and store manager Nancy altomente spring fl

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Booger Eater - 54 d 5 h ago


I eat my boogers!

General profile image

Flag lover - 41 d ago

I'm quite sure you do!

And you probably have a very large buffet to choose from!

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Another Flag lover - 41 d ago

One question. Were the five stars for Dillard's, or your boogers?

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Anonymous - 41 d ago

Last Saturday on sep. 8, 2018, I was shopping at Dillard's outlet at west oaks mall in Houston, I saw the manager, who's name is Sara, was screaming and harassing an employee and treating her like an insect. And customer saw that.

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Sunni - 43 d ago


09/08/18 My daughter and I went to Dillards/South County/St Louis to look for dresses for upcoming HS homecoming. Your staff in the junior selection were amazing, very professional, extremely nice and helpful. The store had a great selection of dresses!

I was extremely disappointed with your flooring and dressing rooms, they are disgusting!

You really need to upgrade the floors and dressing room in this store ASAP!

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william - 44 d 18 h ago


dillard's needs to change many things including its computer systems employee salaries and benefits. can u believe they pay $ 13/hour but employees need to work their ass off. they have to rap unrap inventory stack it and sale it also they had to clean their floors. the managers are unprofessional and the computer systems are outdated still using DOS and old fashion registers. no proper price tagging system. no proper trainning for employees..


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Charlotte 'No longer frustrated ' Patterson - 65 d ago


I purchased a dress for a wedding in the morning on 8/16, returned it the evening on 8/16. Made an exchange for another dress. Returned that one the morning of the 17th. Both returned dresses I selected on my own , I returned because after I looked at them at my home , they didn't coincide with an afternoon wedding . I was frustrated and told myself I would return the second attempted dress and consider another store, but that was before associate Sara Ali heard my frustration and made it her mission to walk around with me until I was elated . Sara works in Stony Point store in Richmond , Virginia . What she did made the difference . In my 3rd sentence I stated I was on my own and all over the place regarding the dress . Sara questioned me about my style, showed me numerous options and when I left the store , I loved my dress, wasn't frustrated and got my faith back in Dillard's . She deserves special recognition !

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Worse employer ever - 47 d ago


Instead she will probably be fired eventually. They are thw worrse company to work for i have ever seen. I pray she is one of the few good ones they keep if she is young she may have a chance

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Nicole - 52 d 40 s ago


Dillard's is the worst company I have EVER worked for. I have been in retail for over twenty years and the way management treats their employees is disgusting. They promote people who shouldn't even work with people period. The customer service and return policy is a joke. Not to mention the benefits are the awful. There is obviously a reason this company is always ranked in the top five worst company's to work for!

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Loved my customers Despise the higher management in store i worked in especially the last 6 months - 47 d 31 m ago


I agree they are the worst!!! They discriminate they screw people out of their 401k

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Marta207 - 59 d 8 h ago


@Dillards I made 2 online purchases last night. On the 2nd purchase,because the items were clearance,there were red highlighted notices. Discovered ur new Paypal policy does NOT refund2my credit card but gives store credit. UNACCEPTABLE!! In all the yrs I have been using Paypal, I have never come across this type of return policy. This policy is not clearly stated and frankly, deceptive. I am extremely disappointed I. Dillard's.

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Egg Lover - 54 d 5 h ago


I like eggs

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