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Dillard's Inc

1600 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR
William T Dillard Ii
(501) 376-5200
(501) 376-5917
Annual Sales Est
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Mary Elizabeth - 4 d 8 h ago


Ordered from Dillards online. My credit card fraud division contacted me about additional charges. In addition to the FULL charge for my purchase from Dillards were 2 additional Dillards purchases. When I contacted Dillards about this, the customer service representative kept trying to talk over me & tell me it wasn't a problem that the additional charges were because the main store didn't have all of the merchandise & other stores were sending me merchandise. Let me get this straight. The main store charges me for ALL the merchandise. The second store charges me for 2 items & the 3rd store charges me for 1 item. That means I have paid for 3 items twice. And, the fast talking obnoxious woman can't understand why I will never shop Dillards again.

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Gary C - 5 d ago


I think you guys are doing a great job your University Ave, Little Rock store has great associates that truly seem like they care about doing an exceptional job. Keep up the good work.

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Jim - 5 d 4 h ago

Very upset with the Frisco Texas store. Today we went to the store, at about 10:30am, to shop for my Wife, she is handicapped. The women's department is on the second floor. She can not use the escalator and has to use an elevator. We asked directions and were directed to the elevator next to customer Service. When we arrive there the elevator is blocked off. We are informed that it is out of service and has been for the last four days. We are told we could go back out to the parking lot and drive up to the second level or walk out into the mall and take the elevator down the way. (it's actually quite a distance). We asked to speak with the manager. A call was made and we were told the manger would be down to see us. After 20 minutes and no further communication we left. I left a note for the manager with my number. At 3:29pm I got a voice mail from the manager stating the elevator was scheduled to be repaired tomorrow and that it was out of the stores hands. She further offered if we'd like to come back we could use the freight elevator. So Dillards is ok with the elderly, handicapped, families with young children etc. not having access to an elevator for six days?

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Rosa - 6 d 14 h ago


I am very grateful to Chanel's manager in Amarillo Texas.

Very professional I did not feel pressured to buy my products as in previous occasions. Most importantly I received instructions on how I should take care of my skin in 5 steps, excellent tutorial people like her make a big difference. I hope she continues as a manager in recent years I have seen that managers in Chanel do not last in their positions I always see new faces, I invested 780 in excellent service and I love Chanel, although I had made the decision to buy my products in online she changed my mind and I will continue traveling more than an hour because she has explained to me what I should do with my daily routine in my skin care, what an excellent time and dedication tutorial for her work!

Thank you.

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Sam in Clarksville, TN - 7 d ago


To: Mr William T. Dillard li, CEO of Dillard's Inc.

Re: Customer Service in Clarksville, TN at Governor's Square Mall in Dillard's

Dear Sir, I would like to inform you that on September 14th, 2019, at your store in Clarksville, TN at the Governor's Square Mall, we, (my husband and I), had the pleasure of of Sam in the men's department to witness THE MOST SINCERE customer service we have ever had in any place of business. Sam greeted my husband and I with a smile and immediately greeted us to assist in my husband to measure and outfit him in some clothes for a wedding that we are set to attend in Wisconsin. Sam was informed as to what I was wearing and he was shown a picture. He immediately laid the plan out as to what he could put together as far as color and accessories for my husband in order to basically match us up so our colors didn't clash. He was respectful, courteous, sincere to both of us and incredibly knowledgeable about men's clothing and the art of allowing people to express what their needs were and he definitely went above and beyond at making us feel completely confident in his job/talent and he showed us that he was passionate about what he did for a living. He made this look effortless in the way he was able to put my husband and I at ease with his wonderful spirit. We made sure he knew that we appreciated all of his help. I'm writing to you to let you know about the invaluable human being you have in your company. P.S.: this is the first time we've shopped at Dillards. We will definitely return to see Sam for further clothing for my husband.

We thank him from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful experience.


Mark and Carolyn Levering

Clarksville, TN

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Rockie - 8 d 8 h ago


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Flagged for review. 
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A long time well wishing diligent associate - 18 d 8 h ago

There's a total loser that's going crazy with his accidental promotion as an Asst Mgr! Totally corrupt, uncivilized Mexican hoodlum! The DM of the area, Armando Gonzalez, is either unaware or seems to have a blurred agenda of promoting Mexican leadership and associates in stores! Hope Bill Dillard catches it in time before it hurts the business! Always screen Mexicans thoroughly before entrusting them with responsibility! They may be hard working and all, so let them work the docks and in loading and unloading! Don't put them into management - it goes to their head, they have a herd mentality and the bottom line is it affects the sophisticated reputation of the business! Will give details of store and name of the corrupt Asst Mgr, if upper management responds to this post.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 17 d 11 h ago

You could talk to your Store Manager and if that doesn't work then write a letter to the DM Armando with a copy to Bill Dillard. Maybe Armando is unaware and will take proper action if made aware. I know Bill Dillard doesn't encourage bullying and has little patience for unprofessional activities at all levels, especially at the stores, he's very hands on and gets involved. Hope this helps.

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Not Mexican but respect everyone for who they are! - 8 d 9 h ago

Just wow!

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J Walters - 9 d 24 h ago

I am 71 years old, living in Enid, OK. I have done 80 percent of my shopping at Dillard's in Enid. Now they are closing with no thought for their customers. I like the store as it is not huge, yet it is big enough for an old lady like me. I am not comfortable in driving to OKC to do my shopping and I do not like the bigger stores. People from Woodward and Alva also come to the Enid Dillard's to shop. Without Dillard's that mainly leaves JC Penney's. Mr Dillard please reconsider your decision to close the store.

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Unhappy Customer - 12 d 7 h ago

Please be advised that your company has lost a very valuable customer. For this year alone I spent more $7,000.00 dollars. And I made a purchase on a clearance item and do the hurricane. I was one day late returning it, and no manager in your store would make an exception. After explaining the issue. And anyone that lives in South Florida, knew there were store closures. And this will be shared with my many friends and family whom has your credit card.

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Concerned Parent - 18 d ago


I am writing in this blog as a concerned parent of one of your young employees who is also working at his very first job. He is getting a taste first hand of Corporate America. Employees want to be treated with respect and shown that their leaders/supervisors care about them. We are in the middle of a major hurricane and he has no idea how to contact either his supervisor or corporate for store closings. Let me suggest a simple "Emergency Call Tree" to ensure your employees are safe as well as their families.

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Ray garrett - 19 d 11 h ago


Yall need to check on the longview mall store , there managers are not doing right by there employees, especially the ones in college..

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Anonymous - 23 d 6 h ago


The managers at the Jefferson City, MO store (especially store manager) are the worst managers in the history of forever. They are rude and don't know what they are doing. You can only work there so long before they are running you off by talking behind your back or being rude to you in front of customers. They are very unprofessional. They have stolen from the store on numerous occasions with employees seeing it. The stores numbers have dropped horribly and it is these reasons. This store will be closing soon if something isnt done at the top first and work their way down to bring in better and more capable managers.

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Anonymous - 25 d 6 h ago


I worked in the meridian ms store for over a year. My dept has the highest ratings in the region. Yet My ex boss Jayne had the nerve to fire me for some made up reason. This I'd her very first time managing and if anyone from corporate is reading this plz DO NOT GIVE HER A STORE. SHES SO NOT READY, SHES A TOTAL BULLY., SMOKES ALL DAY AND TALK ABOUT THE EMPLOYEES TO OTHER ASSOCIATES.

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Anonymous - 29 d ago


The Dillard's at Red Cliffs Mall in St George UTAH

This store has been extremely unprofessional & unpleasant, especially the salesman NICK in men's Dept!!!!

DO NOT BUY a suit from this store!

We bought 2 men's suits and the salesman talked my son into shorting the sleeves, they were just barely too long but NICK miss-measured the sleeves extremely wrong and they came out way too short! Dillard's refuses to fix it so we had to have a seamstress fix Dillard's blaring error!

Then the other suit we took back to show them that the fabric on that suit in the crotch was frayed, they said have it professionally pressed and we did. The cleaners told us the fraying in the fabric is a manufactures defect! When we took it back to NICK he SHOULD have know that and given our money back right then & there!!!!

If he did know it was a manufactures defect then he is extremely dishonest and tried to blame us for the manufactures defect!!

I asked the customer service guy to ask if Dillard's would give us a credit or store credit, the manager said no! He didn't even bother to come out of his office!

The customer service guy DID NOT apologize for all the errors and RUDE behavior of the employees at this store!

Not only will I NEVER set foot in a Dillard's again but I will tell this extremely bad experience to anyone who wants to hear it!!

Friends, family, ppl I chat with in the grocery store line!!! Anyone!!

Be warned!

Don't buy clothes from Dillard's!

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Lynn in Clear Lake, TX - 77 d 49 s ago

I have shopped at Dillard's for many years. I bought three pairs of shoes yesterday at the Baybrook Mall in Friendswood, TX. Later in the day I opened the boxes to look at my shoes and noticed that the right shoe of one was missing. I went back this morning to retrieve the missing shoe. I casually asked the two young men, one of who waited on me, if they could at least give me a coupon for their mistake. The answer was no and they weren't fazed at my request; not even a "I'm sorry".

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Anonymous - 71 d 9 h ago

My Husband bought a Nen Suit and the hem the pant well it was too long . So they the Manager did it this time and they made them too short and he is leaving for New Orleans for a Business trip in 3 days and they knew it they didnt do nothing about it Baybrook Dillards is going down hill they have some rude employees. we spend 750.00 for this suit

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Anonymous - 29 d 18 m ago

I feel your pain!

We too have learned- never buy a suit from Dillard's!!

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Wendy - 31 d 11 h ago


my name is Wendy Lewis I worked at Dillard's for a little bit over a month I was let go because I said s*** IO just called the office and ask cuz I get a letter or a paper stating that I no longer work there they told me that they they don't do stuff like that and I'm like confused so you just can't give me a handwritten letter or letter stamps stating that I no longer work for your company I needed it because my case worker needed it's like they give you all this hardship for summer and simple as a letter I was not a bad employee I went to work on time I wasn't stealing I didn't still time I didn't do anything for anyone to have a say anything to me but the one day that I said I don't have time for this s*** I was let go and now I can't get a paper stating that I no longer work for your company this is so crazy this is why y'all are going to go under and I'm not going to wish anything bad because I'm a god-fearing woman but when you do wrong wrong follows that's all I'm going to say

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Anonymous - 34 d 8 h ago

I bought thru tough selling the facial care product ABSOLUE and was informed by the sales person that it is 100% guaranteed if I and I should see results In 7 days.I used the product but didn't see the results that I was promised so I returned the product to Dillards in Altamonte springs. I was informed that it was over 30 days since purchase,I informed them I am a physician and I don't have a lot of free time. So they looked in the computer and asked for my driver license . So I gave it to them and they put the number in the computer and said I have to many returns over 30 days.. I can't ever remember giving my DL# and ever returning anything.. So this need to be looked into and I want my DL# removed form your Database immediately. I had such a hard time trying to get my reimbursement , and also insulted that I was a late returner for which I am not.. My whole wardrobe is from Dillards and all the gifts I give are from Dillards. Then I am informed they just started logging my purchases, if that is the case how would they come to the conclusion that I am a late returner. None of this makes since. The Store manager was called and returned my money in a gift card. Here is the problem in a nut shell your employees made promises that I had to fight for because apparently they were false promises and then I find out you have my DL# in your database which I want raved immediately, and I want a written letter stating the removal in 30 days or less. The problem I have is ,I love Dillards and don't go anywhere else, but don't make promises you will not stand by or make your patrons fight for their return.


Dr Clinton McFadden

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AFEPD - 35 d 11 h ago


I worked for Dillard's for a year and three months and I recently got fired because my sales were supposedly not high enough. I was a part-time associate and my sales from what I could see were actually not bad, even on the associate dashboard and the sheet they put up near the time clock my sales were above others in my department. My theory is and I'm not alone in this opinion management is going into the system and altering numbers. I also had credit apps. that two of them were not accounted for so that raised my suspicion even more! The fact of the matter is sales in Dept. stores are slowly declining and I understand I was an at will employee but blaming the associates because the sales are declining and firing, hiring, firing, hiring and firing again doesn't make much sense to me! Also the management at the store I was at SUCKS!!!!!!! When I had a situation or a question for my manager it was always an argument! She would ALWAYS talk down to you and make you feel stupid! Also in the past few months two manager had left Dillard's, our Asst. Store Mgr. left the company as well as the Children's Dept. Mgr. left the company. Why I don't know. Maybe they like me were starting to see the true gray area! BTW I was fixing to quit anyway! The only good thing I can say about Dillard's is they have good quality clothing and my wardrobe is much better and I'm a way better and smarter clothes shopper just by working for Dillard's. My fellow associates were wonderful except one and many customers or as they want us to say clients always liked me and said I was a great help to them and many would come back looking for me! But management seemed to take a dislike and used the ''numbers'' excuse to terminate me and I felt very betrayed.

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Sarah - 41 d ago


Hello, I recently had an absolutely horrible experience at Dillards that was so traumatizing and bothersome. I went to the store on an early Saturday afternoon to check on the end of the summer sales and getting ready to go back to school out of town. I had tried a few things on and I had found something I liked and PURCHASED the item. I then decided that I was going to go out and check out some other items at the store just to look around and see if there was anything else that I might be interested in. I proceeded to walk over to another department of the store and browse while finding a few things to try on and asked to use the fitting room. There was a woman employee that gave me the wrong look. She acted as if something was wrong when I asked to try the items on. I went into the dressing room with my wallet and the item that I had PURCHASED with a DILLARDS BAG in my hand and came out after trying on the few items and returned them to the employee. She had then proceeded to call security on me reporting that I had entered the dressing room without a bag and came out with one. She did not stop to ask to check the bag nor did the security guard to check the receipt or what was in the bag. Yes I am a woman of color and it tends to be scary being a young woman with a man following you around with no words said. I was followed around the store while I continued to browse and then was followed out to my car with still no words said. The man followed me out and took down my license plate. I have never felt so scared and uncomfortable in my life. NO WORDS WERE SAID TO ME about anything that I did. I would have had no problem with anyone checking the bag and the receipt of the item that I bought. Instead, I was reported to the police without any knowledge from any employee at the store. I was reported for theft of merchandise from the store. It is absolutely ridiculous!!! I have never felt so targeted and mistreated from a professional department store that I give my business too. I do not plan to ever return to this store as I feel very targeted and mistreated by these people because of the color of my skin. No one should ever be treated this way in a setting like this.

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sarah - 41 d ago

I did not mean to put three stars. I would put zero if that was possible!!!

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Anonymous - 40 d 10 h ago

I get that it sucks and is scary, but I am white and that has happened to me as well. It doesn't always have to come down to race. You could have stopped and spoke with someone in the store like I did and ended it then and there. Letting someone follow you around the store only makes it worse. Walk over to customer service, ask for a manager, do something. Don't just let some dude follow you through the store like that, no matter your race. Had you called a manager over and told them the situation, shown them your receipt, the employee, and the loss prevention guy would have been addressed there, and all of them would have apologized. Maybe it was about race, or maybe she didn't see the bag you were holding when you went into the dressing room, I don't know. Maybe she was just a bitch...but letting her get away with it doesn't help anything. It made it worse for you because then you had to deal with the cops later. At the very least you could have asked that man if he needed to see a receipt when he was taking your plates down; you had to know what he was doing...there is no other reason they do that. I wouldn't (and didn't) let them follow me through the store like that.

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