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Dillard's Inc

1600 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR
William T Dillard Ii
(501) 376-5200
(501) 376-5917
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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Hello Sir! A bit of info about me! I am 81 years old and seven years ago I began to give my oldest granddaughters what I believed was a special Christmas Present sold exclusively through your store. They are made by Towle Silversmiths and are snow globes for The Twelve Days of Christmas. Hello!!! You have left many of us empty hearted and Towle informed me today that you did NOT renew your part and so no more!!! Really, is this a joke or are you planning on going out of business. This is a slap in the face or a spit in the eye! And, this is one very disappointed lady! The question I have is a simple one - WHY??? I do believe you should have the decency and good manners to explain. - (hidden)

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Winter Blackheart (Valeri Robinson) - 1 d 31 s ago


I wanted to write this as well as other emails and also a hand written letter to you Mr. William T Dillard. I am very heartbroken about the experience of body shaming that I received while shopping in one of your locations in Greenville, SC. It is a tradition for my mother and I for the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Years Day to frequent your establishment. To make a long story short your employee Barbara was disrespectful and ignorant. If I am shopping and spending my money in your location you have no right to direct me to the sign to let me know that I am too fat to be in the petite section. I could of been shopping for someone else or even shopping for myself I may like to wear my clothes short and tight that is not anyone else business. The only thing that should of been said to me was "hello how may I help you" period other than that any comment should have been kept to her self. When dealing with the public you have to be careful just because you think it does not mean it has to leave your lips. Not to mention I tried to speak to Barbara about this before I left the store and when I completed telling her that you should be careful how you speak to people she turned and laughed at me. That let me know that she does not care and there is no amount of training that can fix ignorance. I went home and considered suicide I cried for several hours. No one should ever leave your store feeling this way thank God for my mother because she saved me that night. I felt like a shell of a woman. I thought everyone that saw me sees what Barbara saw. If she ever encounters a person weaker than myself this email would have read different. I have spoken to the manager there (Bob) and the fact that he tells me that she needs more training is not enough for me. I am going to stop here and you will be hearing from me again. Thank you for your time but take more time and consideration with the employees you hire to assure they are prepared to deal with all types of people and how to interact with them.

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disappointed loyal customer - 1 d 5 h ago


I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years. In the last 7 years I had purchased some very expensive handbags for family members. Recently, I purchased a Christmas gifta Dooney & Bourke Piper Cross-Body Bag; Item #05103033 for $238.00. I remember asking if it would go on sale and was told not likely. This weekend I found out the bag was on sale and yesterday I called the Lewisville store to ask about a sales price of a handbag I purchased 10 days ago. I explained the bag was on sales and how I wanted to return it, to get the sales price. I was told I would have to bring it in. I informed the person that I was at work and the bag was under the Christmas tree. I was told to bring it in Tuesday for the transaction. Here is the issue. The sale ended Monday night and I was not informed of this. If I was informed of this I would have brought the purse in that night. Today, I was informed by the manager that there was nothing that could be done and I was basically out of luck. I was very surprised at all the false information I was given just so someone could get a commission sale and then given false information so I could not return the item for the sales price. I have many options of places to shop and have always chosen this store for numerous purchases. I don't know if anything will be done but I feel slighted and deceived by the employees. I question is this how customers are now treated at this location for a sale or was I just a customer that was a inconvenience for someone. I know it just a purse but if I add up the amount of dollars I have spent in that sore of the last 5 years, it is a large amount of money.

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Pissed off. - 16 d 7 s ago

Hi, I'm a credit card holder with my daughter. I have made the majority of my payment on time, and enjoy shopping at Dillards, but the practices of Well Fargo is totally not execpted. Our account has been closed without any notification for being 60 days passed. They can record us but we can't record them. By law if they can record so can we. I made a payment on line on 11/20/2017 @11:49 pm Central Standard time. They WF can't find the payment, how convenient. Now we have a late fee. I will no longer shop or use Dillards credit card because if Well Fargo. I'm sure that is why you have a 1 1/2 star rating. You choice the wrong company ti handle you credit card busness.

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Anonymous - 4 d 14 h ago

Yes you will.

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Anonymous - 15 d ago


Dillards overall is a racist no good company! The dillards in Douglasville Ga needs to be closed down I visited many dillards but this one is ran by devils and the store manager seems very lazy. I asked the Visual lady for help and she just point liked to she didn't wanted to be bother but spoke to all the white customers with joy! African Americans seems every unhappy! The sassy manager of the maintenance works confronted a sweet guy about pushing some boxes in the wrong spot. She rolled her eyes and he apologized and said he will just let them get it next time. He was very helpful to me! But the atmosphere is dry I think I will deal with traffic in Atlantic station.

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Anonymous - 4 d 14 h ago

Learn english

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Pandora - 6 d ago


1. Went in to return an item the sales assoc. had just told me I could bring in w/o receipt or bank statement

because she remembered selling it to me one week before. She's a real sweetheart, and works at the Clarins counter and we've worked together for years.

2. Got into store, and sales associate for Clarins is giving a makeover, so this woman is sent to assist me.

I did not get her name, but she was very dark haired (almost black) and was rude. Even though the nice lady was nearby and encouraging her to help me, she treated me badly.

3. After 20 minutes of being dressed down for not having a receipt handy (the one I was told I didn't need to bring), I ask to see a manager.

4. A man of about 18 years in age appears. I ask his title, and he boasts that he is "manager of the store". Ok. Whatever. All has to be explained again, and he, Andre' Giles, is very rude and clearly out of his league. He cannot figure how to do a return to save him, so all his wrath is turned upon the customer (me). We spend another 30 minutes going round and round, as I'm chastised again for not "bringing in the receipt or bank statement". Duh. Zero knowledge from Andre', "Manager of Dillards".

Meanwhile, he mocks, smirks, and makes disparaging comment to me. Ignored. Finally, Andre' Giles decides to give me a store credit, which he tells me I simply have to take upstairs to Customer Service and THEY can put the money back on my card. Fine. Over an hour of my life gone for a $40 return, but hey, I figured, it's done now.


I get to Customer Dis-service, and the clerk there, NO NAME TAG and refusing to give me her name, begins to chastise me....for not having a receipt and bank statement. I explain again, and tell this nameless lady the store manager just sent me to her for a refund to be placed on my card. (Her description: late 50s-mid 60's with dyed auburn hair, ca 1965, bright red shirt, lots of eyeliner around the meanest pair eyes you've ever seen). She freaks out and acts as if I am in the process of trying to steal from her. I suggest that she call the store manager, but she refuses. Instead, her solution is to threaten to CALL SECURITY , which make me laugh. What for? I ask, and she refuses to tell me. Then I notice Andre' Giles, the "manager" from downstairs, is hiding in a cubicle nearby. He's heard everything this awful person has put me through and has done NOTHING to assist me. He's laughing and acting like a poorly behaved child. I ask him to intercede and ask the person to refund my money, as it was he who sent me upstairs to receive my refund, but he does not. Instead, he mocks me, refuses to give his name (I already had it) and refuses to give the rude clerk's name, nor with he assist me. I leave. I call the store and ask for the General manager who, shockingly is NOT Andre' Giles. So he lied to me. The store manager's name is Kathy Appleby, who was busy and not available to speak to me.

I was given the honor of talking to Jenny Baretto (sp?), who claimed she was the second in command at that store. She seemed...human? She was reasonably respectful, but kept offering excuses for the poor behavior of the clerks and the fake store manager, saying that they "just didn't know how to do a return, so they were probably frustrated". NOT OK. Turns out, all they had to do was call corporate. Ok, so now WE know how to a return at Dillard's, why don't the clerks, customer service, and fake managers know this? Then, after a long conversation with Jenny Baretto, she confessed to me that the clerk who had been at customer service lied to her about the whole thing, and began making up excuses for her behavior. Honestly, I just didn't want to hear it; I'd had enough lies and it was like dealing with a department store full of incompetent and ill-behaved juvenile delinquents.

Just as she was about to refund my money, Jenny Baretto hung up on me. She said, "Can I put you hold one second?" and the call disconnected. I called back, but the operator said that "Jenny is on the phone. Can I take a message?" I've got a message for them: There is a reason why their store is always empty. They have nothing we can't all get online or at a store where we're treated well, like Nordstrom's. Best Customer Service ever, at Nordy's. This Dillard's at Wiregrass is the most poorly run department store I've encountered in my life, including shopping in NYC, London, Cleveland, Miami, you dig. The worst experience for absolutely no reason. Buy online! AVOID THIS STORE. Avoid ALL DILLARD'S- their headquarter's "Customer Service" is as incompetent as they are, and will make you wait for half an hour only to disconnect on you and never call back. "MR. William T Dillard II is never available, but his secretary will give you a phone number that puts you into a voicemail that I guarantee never is tended to or handled by any person.

I plan to share this story everywhere, so no one has to go through what I just did. HORRIBLE JOKE of a COMPANY.

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Anonymous - 4 d 14 h ago

you seem disgruntled and entitled

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Carolyn - 5 d 6 m ago


I cannot believe that Dillard's has instituted a "no hijab" policy! This is the height of ignorance. I am a Christian, but I spent the summer reading the Koran--to see what all the fuss is about. The Koran speaks of piety and charity and compassion for those of other religions. What exactly is your problem with those?

You must certainly institute a policy of forbidding people to wear crosses in your stores: after all, the Crusades (according to wiki, 1095 - 1291) and the Spanish Inquisition (1492) were conducted by Christians and were as cruel as any period in human history.

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Armywife - 5 d 9 h ago


I couldn't believe that I was told by salesclerk in LAWTON, OK Dilliards. She's morning able to speak Spanish to customers. It doesn't matter if the customer started the conversation. It's the store managers policy. I was so heated. By the way, a white y'all security with glasses will follow you around. He will just stand and look at you. This is the reason why I will drive to OKC or Witchita Falls to shop. I wanted to cancel my Dilliards Elite card but we're PCS to FT Sam Houston. So, I'll see how their employees are there. 5Sak, Macy's and other stores. It's my money. The best part of Army life, we learn and welcome each other's cultures. Your EO Department (equal opportunity) need to train your store managers.

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Tina - 9 d 6 h ago


Hello my name is Tina and I am writing about store number 960 in Stockton ca. It is reguarding a sales associate named Brenda in the women's shoes. By far disrespectful and rude. Treated me as a thing rather then a person. My first encounter with this young lady she was racial profiling only wanted to help certain customers.

which is by far by far unacceptable I can tell when someone asks a guest if they need help grabs there shoe and walks by you as if you have no shoe in your hand and just gives you a smirk and passes you by. So rude. I am giving it three stars only because of the other associates being so friendly as for one associate I am in shock and disbelief she is still working there I had a problem with this young lady once before and took the managers word for it that it will get taken care of well her name is Brenda in women's shoes horrible and when I say horrible I mean horrible customer service ever this young lady is rude and racial profiles a lot. So my first time being in there never had gone into the store was visiting and just so happen to get help from Brenda and if I may say the beginning started off good but as we continued attitude came in she left me for long periods of time and I just had this feeling when she passed by that she had thought I wasn't going to buy anything this vibe she was giving was not a good one she was just flat out rude from the face gestures to just the body language how can such a top notch store have such a low class associate so confused anywho second time around I don't think she remembered me I was upset to see she was still there because I love Dillards and always recommend it I even know some of the managers by name which I won't say but I'm sure the head hancho would not want to hear from me anyways second time in the store after a while and what do u know Brenda approaches did you need a size no hello no nothing I said yes please size 7 so she left to get the shoe well on her way to the back she picked up another guest I was so upset to see when she returned from the back she had gotten the other guests shoes before mine and looked at me and said I'll be right out now mind you I spend very good money in this store and for someone to do that to me really hurt I will deff be getting into contact with corporate to get this situation handled since the managers there won't take care of it and I will spread the word if this sale associate named Brenda walks up to u run which I'm sure she will make you do on your own I'm so furious writing this but that young lady had such a bad attitude the second time around and I'm a believer for second chances but I will make sure they get to the bottom of this when someone speaks to me as if I am broke and I spend thousands in the store it's an insult Brenda you do not belong in retail and the way she has a conversation with other associates about her personal life is by far unprofessional and don't pick up more then one guest if you can't handle it. Come on Dillards step your game up and take action.

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Anonymous - - 15 d ago


I would believe a company that serves everyone would not take sides in politics. Temple, Texas opened a Dillard's where the Macy's store existed. Dillard's copied the exact layout of Macy's. To the point, when someone walks through the entry door there is Ivanka Trumps clothing made in China , is the first thing you see. Despite what Dillard's Corporate believes it is not what everyone want to see when entering the store. I will drive to Austin or Waco to shop. No politics!

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Conswella - 29 d 8 h ago


Store 716 North park. The most unprofessional managers I've ever dealt with. Kenny in the men's department is the worst of all. His communication is awful. He makes rude comments to employees in front of customers. As a customer I was very embarrassed. I will shop at the willow bend mall. This treatment was unacceptable & shouldn't be ignored. No one should have to work under those conditions. Kenny (black guy) needs more training. More people skills.

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Johara - 16 d 19 h ago


Willow Bend is no better, trust me. I worked there and I was humiliated in front of customers several times by managers for following the exact rules they themselves gave me. My friend who worked there got creepy inappropriate comments from her manager. There is a serious problem with management in this company.

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Anonymous - 18 d ago


You have managers in your citrus park mall location in tampa, having their family members going behind the counters helping with sales. Talk about cheating. Channel 9 news is interested in the story! Expect a call on Monday. 3 managers all working together to cheat sales just for raises and its all caught on video!!

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Anonymous - 18 d 6 h ago


We shopped at your Daphne Al. Store last night to buy our grandson a Fossil smart watch. $118.00. The associate in jewelry sold us a empty box. Good thing we checked.

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Maria Bondick - 22 d 7 h ago


This is regarding a manager named Jamie who works in Dillards in Greensboro NC four seasons mall center. I was shopping and saw him shouting at employee who works there.

I shop often there and this new manager Jamie make is racist towards employees and very disrespectful. I really wanted to stop him and ask him why is he so hateful and rude.

This Dillards store has thousands of issues with race and employees here work under pressure and since there is no HR or higher management to support employees or address their concerns.

Every time I go to this store I see new employees and when I ask somebody about that employee he or she says employee don't work no more. I am a retail store manager and I can't even raise my voice with my associates and In this store Managers shout and disrespect employees in front of customers.

I saw same employee in another store in same mall telling me how terrible management they have. I am sure you guys will not do anything since I see hundreds of complaints already about your stores. But let me tell you that Greensboro Dillards needs new management and that manager Jamie absolutely needs to be fired. I am so sorry for all employees who work under such a management who based on race and like take care of employees and if they didn't have same race or interest then they will be rude and disrespectful to them.

Next time I will in purpose go when that manager is there so I can take his photo or video because I feel so upset still for employees who work here under a such a terrible people. They had a very high management couple of years ago and now customers have to see drama happening every time in store this is such a shameful act for whole Dillards as a company. Because you guys can't fix small issues like this and can't change management or send a HR team to talk to these hard working employees to address their concerns. Remember again Jamie is one of their managers who is one reason we as a customer don't want to shop there anymore.

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Anonymos - 23 d 4 h ago


Why doesn't Dillards get new computer equipment and registers?? Always offline and holding up customers and their time. So annoying!! don't you have a goog IT management team to do some upgrades? The glass where fragrance, jeweler is all scratched up, carpets are dirty and gross.

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Julie - 26 d 5 h ago


I have contacted Dillard's customer service(not) several times to get a payoff amount for my bill. The person couldn't speak English very well and put me on hold for 30 minutes. I am now on the phone again because my battery was running low so I had to change phones, this person couldn't speak English and I am now on hold again so I am calling Corporate.....ridiculous!

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Run While I can - 34 d 9 h ago

To whom it may concern,

I was an employee until last night at your Kenwood Cincinnati location. Your store manager Randy was very rude non manager skills. I was very disappointed first of all the communication and verbal skills to be told I needed supervision. First off I been in Supply Chain for years then for you to try to tell me what to do I was already told what to do via a text by my department manager. I did from wiping the windows to wiping fixtures( which appearance is first ,so why wasn't it done in the morning to still me doing it anyway and was going to do it before the store close and sweep at the end of the day for what to seem to be a visit today from corporate today. His manager skills aren't up to par and communicating and talking to his employees not in a disrespected way. From the seems of it looks like he need some anger management classes. I'm sorry I love your store but I'm no longer an employee and I will no longer shop at DILLARDS. He made me go back to Macy's I hope you can follow up on this and put someone there with people skills cause it seem to me he is not fit for that job. ( I only been there week)

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Maryanne - 28 d 30 m ago


I hope you find a much BETTER JOB!!! Don't work for TRASH UNPROFESSIONAL MANAGERS!

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anonymous. - 33 d 20 h ago

Management in paradise valley Dillard's break the law when it comes to employees rights working for the company .Very degrading management all employees seeking help for this issue .

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Julie - 35 d ago

Received your The Style If Christmas catalog. While everything in the catalog is beautiful and the models are nice and slim, why don't you use real people to model your clothes. Short people, people who are regular not skin and bones, who have a little meat in their bones. Older women like dressing up. I'm 60 and 5'1. I would like to see those dresses on people my age. My height.

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Nancy - 36 d 46 s ago


On September 30, 2017, at 1:21 in the afternoon, my client went to the Dillard's store at North Star Mall in San Antonio to return items that she no longer wished to purchase. She took in the items along with her original receipt and was helped by a girl at the downstairs register in the women's department. After several failed attempts, and no response from the manager, my client was told that the system was down and to try to come back to return the items later. She then made two consecutive visits on that day to return the unwanted items, and both times failed to be helped with her returns.

Upon my client's return to the store on October 26, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. she again attempted to return her items using her receipt and identification. The items were showing to have been previously returned, undoubtedly due to the attempted return on the prior day. However, on this visit, several attempts were made to the store manager that went unanswered. My client was made to wait for over 30 minutes before being told to go upstairs to customer service.

Once she arrived at the upstairs counter, her trouble with your store continued. She was met by Ricardo in the customer service department who was extremely rude. He was on the phone and acted as though my client was a bother to him, and wanted to her to return back downstairs since he said "they do not usually handle returns in his department." Once he ended up scanning the first item, it again read that it had been previously returned. At that point, he wanted to cut the transaction off, keep the items, and not refund my client any money. She then asked to speak to a manager, and Ricardo rudely called the manager on the phone and aggressively explained the situation to him. At this point, my client had already been in the store for over an hour, and had received the poorest customer service imaginable.

She ultimately was refunded the money onto a gift card, even though she had paid cash originally. She is a frequent customer at this location and should not have been treated in this matter.

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