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Discount Tire

20225 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Bruce Halle
Chairman of the Board
(480) 606-6000
Annual Sales Est
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Not happy - 17 h 30 m ago


Horrible experience at Discount Tire Hiram. Associates working are rude. I have a 3 month old baby, so I made appt online so I could get in and out. Showed up correct time and they convienently tell me can't find my appointment, but say it should only take one hour and 15 min. I wait and wait.. takes over 2 hours and with a screaming baby that's a long 2 hours.

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Rl - 19 h 60 m ago

I am having the hardest time I pay my bills online and I can't find a physical address to mail my payment to and I've also made every attempt to call I'm highly frustrated and annoyed by this it doesn't make any sense to me

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Bob Meaney - 3 d 15 h ago


Today @ your Webster Texas store I had a wounder full experience. First of all they fixed my tire that had a slow leak, i.e. nail, for free. While waiting a counter person informed me about my tires on my 2012 chevy equinox. They are marginal for tire tread & informed me about a sale coming up next month. I'll always shop @ discount tire & recommend them to my family & friends.

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AJ - 5 d 10 h ago


Went to get two new tires cause they were leaking air. So Manager says he will look at the tires on back and if he can fix them we will do it that way. So then I go back and he has fixed the back tires from leaking and puts on two new tires on front. Which I never asked for. So now I spent $300 some dollars. And come to find out they broke off the stud on my front wheel and they won't pay for it. Manager is rude,has no customer service and does what he wants and not what customer wants. Calling corporate cause they are paying for this. His name is Jordan Wright. He ripped us off

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Anonymous - 5 d 15 h ago

Loyal customer for almost 30yrs. Your company is lacking in customer support and recognition of loyalty. Look it up. I have purchased Torres for four different cars over almost the last30 years. Very disappointed!!! Infrastructure to @service" products is lacking. So sad!!!

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BAS - 28 d 39 m ago


I have been a customer for 20 years!!!! I just took my 97 Chev one ton on Saturday 9/16/17 to the Traverse City Mi store. I asked them to rotate and balance my tires since I have the lifetime rotate and balance on the rims and tires.

I purchased this truck new in TX, and after moving to Mi in may of 2000 put the truck into winter storage in a large garage. This truck has never been in a MI winter and is in like new condition, even the salesman at he store couldn't believe the condition!!

With that said he goes and looks at the tires and rims, and comes back in and states he wont do the work since the tires are rims and tires are to old!!!!! These rims and tires are in like new condition with only a few thousand miles on the tires. I stated I have and paid for the lifetime rotation and balance option, he go on to say if he put air in the tires they could blow up are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just drove 50 miles one way on them to come to the store!! they have no stress cracks, no dry rot, or anything else wrong with them with 90% of tread on them. What are you going to do about this???? Ill see with your reply if I stay a Discount Tire customer!! Also that salesman should be replaced !!!!

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Paul Smith - 27 d ago


Look it up man. Over 10 years and they don't get serviced... Industry standard!!!

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Ron Vander Voort - 10 d 18 h ago

Paul is that you?

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Anonymous - 7 d ago


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James Herrod - 10 d 19 h ago


To Whom It May Concern,

I have been a customer with Discount tire for many years, but feel after today that will no longer be the case. I went to get my Dodge Challenger inspected today, and the tires didn't allow it to pass inspection. The back tires were worn down to the cords, and the front tires were nearly bald. I got the bill of sale out of the glove box to see when I had purchased the tires and how many miles I had put on them. These Pirelli tires were rated for 65,000 miles, and I had driven them for just over 28,000. Not even half of the lifetime expectancy. So I took it back down to the store in Waxahachie Tx expecting that these would be replaced as defective. The person would only pro rate the tires for the amount that I had "used", and cited things such as "its a high performance car" (yes it is, but I don't drive it like that; ive never burned rubber in it, and I would take a polygraph to that effect", the tires are "soft" and "Texas roads just eat up tires". This concept of a "soft" tire and "Texas road conditions" was never brought up during the sale, and if that is the case then the tires should not be rated for 65,000 miles.

In my opinion, these tires should have been declared defective and replaced without cost. While I understand that tires are a consumable product, I would expect the consumption to take longer than the 43% I got out of them. As I had to have tires to get to work, I replaced them with "inferior" tires (40K mile tires, will they last 15K?) but I was not happy at with this and will not be using your services again.


James Herrod

Midlothian, TX

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Anonymous - 18 d 19 h ago


I went and had an estimate for a brake job. They drove my truck on to racks .I waited an hour the guy come in gives my my estimate of 496.00 for two front rotors and pads. And also told me I needed new tie rods..u took my estimate and left because I couldn't afford it. The following day I took my truck to another shop. The looked at it and told me that my brakes and rotors were all good except one brake which was broke because u also had a broken hub. Which wire my tire to the beads. 175.00 it was fixed. My concern is why wouldn't your company see that if they did a complete inspection. God knows how long it been like that. And on top of all this. I purchased my tires in June from your company also. And it was most likely broke then too. I feel you need to get guys in your shop that know what they are doing . And needless to say I was gonna be charged for something that didn't need to be done and still have a problem . Bad business and now I have a bald tire.

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Confused - 11 d 16 h ago

Lol discount tire that your referring to does not do brakes. They only do tires and wheels.

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Lisa Hollansky - 11 d 18 h ago


I am very disappointed in discount tire in the Conroe tx area. I went to three locations in four days with a total of six times to correct a balance issue. I was told the tires were in perfect balance at the second location, but l still felt a shimy. I brought it back, we went for a drive and l was told it was road vibration. I know my car, l drive a Toyota Camry and had no shimy before l brought it in to get a nail patch. They told me that it was in a sidewall, which they also said to five other customers while l sat there, and replaced it. So l purchased an additional tire to have them as a pair. After that, two companies could not get the balance correct. I spent over three hours of my time and four days consecutively trying to get this corrected. The other two tires had been replaced during summer and had the same tread as the new ones. The only thing that finally corrected the problem was putting the older tires back to their original position and rebalance to all. I was told that the tires were still out of balance at the final location, even though the previous one said they were in perfect balance. The stores in reference are the woodlands Rayford sawdust area location, the woodlands Shenandoah location, which both had balance problems and the final Conroe south 336 location, that finally got the problem corrected. Unfortunately, the stores at no time offered a solution as to why the older tires made a shimy. They tried to make it out that it must be the wear and tear on an older car. I know my vehicle had no shimy before they touched it.

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Anonymous - 12 d ago

I went to Discount Tires to have a flat fixed they said it was not repairable that's the second Tire they said it's not repairable so I paid $14 hours to replace another tire. And it has been out almost a week and still have not gotten my tire supposed to be was ordered I am going out to sit there all day and if people start asking me questions I will tell them the truth my business is going to go somewhere else

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Carl Sanders - 19 d 18 h ago


I purchased 4 new tires from (MSN01) 438 Goodman Rd East, for my Range Rover during the Memorial day sale with the lifetime tire protection warranty (extra $120.00). After waiting much longer than the 45 minutes that I was told to expect, finally my tires were on, mounted, balanced, and what seemed like ready to go, until I got in my vehicle and immediately noticed the flashing yellow light on my dash indicating a tire issue. So I got the technician that pulled my vehicle out to me and brought it to his attention and said, "this light wasn't flashing before I purchased these tires". The tech went and grabbed some hand held device and walked around my vehicle scanning all the tires, temporarily making the flashing light stop, before I was off the lot good it started flashing again. I contacted the store to let them know about the NEW issue that I received upon purchasing my tires from them and they were very rude and refused to do anything about it, claiming that the life of my sensors is old and only last about 6 years or 150,000 miles, which my vehicle is not in mileage. Long story short, I brought my truck back to the shop and after scanning it again, they identified which sensor was out and tried to charge me to replace it. I figured since this issue didn't occur until their technicians installed my tires that they would take care of it, being such a small issue and all. They refused me any type of compensation and only offered to charge me $60 plus labor and install fees to replace. WOW, after I spent over $1,500 on a brand new set of 20 inch Michelin tires and purchased the extended lifetime warranty, they are not even willing to replace a $45.00 sensor that they broke in the first place. They just lost this customer!!!

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Rose - 25 d 19 h ago


It looks like making an appointment is of no use! I made one for the store in Crestwood Illinois. Only available opening was at 9:30 AM. For fear of riding on a flat tire I parked in their parking lot at 7:15. I saw an employee and told him I wasn't feeling well was there a chance they could see me earlier then 9:30. He told me no because they can't put me before customers with earlier appointments. So I sit in my car and a crowd started to gather at 8:00. I figure I better get in there. I started talking to a lady that was checking in. She said she just made her appointment in the parking. It was for 10:00. I go to the guy I spoke to earlier and he rudely interrupted me. To which I snapped on him and told " Do not interrupt me!" I asked him how is it that lady gets taken care of before me and her appointment is later then mine? He tried to say it's because she's a walk in. Does that make sense? They will not take me who has an appointment but they take care of walk ins first? Plus there was a gentleman who had an 8:30 he made on Tuesday. He still hadn't been waited on!! Since I made a big stink about it another employee named Eric took care of me. I was out of there before the other customer who had the 8:30. Poor time management in this store. Yes, they are friendly (except for that one guy Clinton or Clifton.) But they are not very good with the people who set up appointments!

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Kim Allen Honea - 27 d 19 h ago


Went to office today 9_19-17 at 1600 Market place blvd in Cumming Georgia to get tires rotated and balanced that I had purchased 2 plus years ago. A lug nut was frozen and they wrung off stem to rotate tires THEN told me I would have to make an appointment to get it repaired 10 + miles from their office, 25 miles from my home. Not happy with service or manager Matt Worship.

I WILL NEVER BUY TIRES AT DISCOUNT TIRE AGAIN. Also, will send email to maintenance dept at work discouraging them not to use this company. This experience was a crap fest.

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Ken - 31 d 20 h ago


Biught a set of 4 tires on Aug.11,2017 under the assumption that there was a $50.00 rebate. Rebate was submitted on 8-11-17. After three weeks the status was that they couldn't match my invoice. I returned to the store to get a store issued copy. The store was able to find it in a few seconds. I next proceeded to fax and mail in all the required info needed on Aug. 31,2017. After two weeks the status is still unmatched invoice. How can you loose an invoice but your store can retreve it off the inner-company internet site?

How long does it take? The IRS is lightning fast compaired to discount tires, and they have several billion tax submissions to deal with.

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DKJ - 36 d ago


Bruce I bought tires from Discount Tires at 3390 Pres George Bush TPK Dallas, TX 75287 in May 2016 and I went to this same store in August 2017 because I had a screw in my tire I was told it could not be repaired so I would need to buy a new and since I had not gotten the certificates for replacement I felt that I now was being punished for not purchasing 1 of your products. (Okay you didn't get the certs so now I'm going to rip you off real bad) I was charged for everything they could charge me for in association with a tire purchase except a cert. The employee (Ezekiel) was extremely rude and has caused you to lose a paying customer I will use the free tire repair and free air check service but I will not spend anymore money with Discount Tire!!!

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Dave - 36 d ago

Hi Bruce,

I visited the Discount Tire store in Layton, Utah near the intersection of Hill Field Road and Antelope.

I went to have my tire check for a possible screw in it. I waited for over an hour with no contact as to how long the wait might be. Other people came in after me and left before me. When I inquire as to how much longer the wait might be, they didn't know. I asked for an estimate and I was told I could have my keys. After that I left with car and unfortunately will not return. I have been a good customer. There are a lot of tire stores to choose from and would prefer not to be treated this way.

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Trace L. Britsch - 39 d 19 h ago


I entered your store yesterday located at 6565 West Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas NV, I was waited on by one of your Senior Assistant Manager named Rocco Borzacchiello. The shop was extremely busy due to the fact that we are coming of Labor Day. He was a true professional and people drive long distances to work with him and request him by name. This individual in my opinion should be promoted above his peers and is deserving of a promotion. Your Corporation needs more of these type of individuals.

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Anonymous - 40 d 21 h ago

Please corporate do somthing about the blaring loud narco music that the technicians play in the shop it is too loud my children do not need to hear this. It is a safety hazard connot hear whats going on and makes your stores look and feel so unprofesional gives the store a feel of a hole in the wall tire shop on the side of the road discount tire on southmore in pasadena Tx

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Janette Anderson - 43 d 10 h ago

I purchased 4 new tires for my Toyota during the Memorial Day sale.

Originally, I was told that my rebate would be $100. When my debit card finally arrived, it was in the amount of $25.

I called the Bay City, MI store about it and was told that this was a mistake and that my rebate should be $75.

This has been very frustrating, to say the least!!!!!!!

Please assist me in getting to the bottom of it.


Janette Anderson


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Ga41chevy - 51 d 30 s ago


Ga41chevy in Macon Ga. My complaint is when I decided to purchase tires for two of my three vehicles I had one requirement to manager Neil. It was that all my tires would have "road force balance". It was agreed on and notes to were entered into the computer that displays on sales receipt. Neil is no longer with the Macon office and this is where the problem started. My wife took her Tahoe in for rotate and balance. The sales/service said they don't do that without extra charge. My wife called me and had me to speak with the discount tire rep. He told me the same song and dance. They balanced her tires the traditional spin method. As she was about to leave, a different service rep spoke with her asking if she was satisfied. She told him no and explained what had transpired. He asked if she could wait longer and they would rebalance with road force. She waited again as they rebalanced. I will not purchase my third vehicles tire from discount tire nor replace others when time comes. I'm just tired of a battle every time my wife or I go in for service.

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Teri - 56 d ago


Discount Tire is a wonderful company here in Albuquerque New Mexico. I miss Andrew Stallman at the Pan American Freeway store. He was an amazing sales person! He is the type of employee every company needs to have. He was very knowledgeable and courteous in my experience. Thank you for getting me in and out with ease and I am so happy with my tires and wheels! I would recommend Discount tire to anyone and everyone and bring Andrew Stallman back!

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