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Discount Tire

20225 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Bruce Halle
Chairman of the Board
(480) 606-6000
Annual Sales Est
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Mad as hell in Las Vegas - 1 d ago


Here I sit waiting and waiting and waiting to get my new tires installed. Just like every other time I have been here. Salesman come running out to sell you some tires. They get your money first. Although they have a six bay shop, two very unmotivated workers are installing all the tires. My salesman did not give me a time, but told me "right away". As there were only three people in the waiting room at the time, and two cars in the shop, that would be soon. However, an hour latter, and still not ready.

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Brinaldo Buford - 17 d 5 h ago


I was called a nigger in your Sandusky Ohio 44870 business I do not appreciate the way I was treated one bit

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Shocked - 19 d 7 h ago


Not only am I a customer of the Discount Tire in my town, i am also an auto parts delivery driver and we deliver to Discount. We have a good long time relationship. Discount has a turn over in managers. As a delivery driver we need our deliveries signed for upon receipt. Discount is on account. This manager sent us his order via his own electronic self help. We receive a picket ticket. He ordered the wrong part. An employee did got him the correct part once the error was realized. However an error was made in the paperwork. When the parts were delivered the manager noticed the error and of course was told not a problem to adjust. Then he was asked to sign for the delivery. This manager suddenly became aggressive with the driver. He began yelling and puffed himself up saying he refused to sign and claimed crazy reasons to not trust us. He was punching the air and menacing the employee. The employee was forced by policy to keep the parts. The manager Screamed at the employee to drop those parts. He chased after this employee. This manager makes many mistakes but we help him efficiently. This was extreme negative outrageous behavior. We learned that our manager stood by his employee but that Discount guy didnt care. Discount manager made Trouble for employee. Why are such immature asshholes running Discount Tire? Remember, we are your customer too!

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Anonymous - 25 d 20 h ago

Just wanted to tell you about my recent trip to Utah. Preparing my RV to take a long trip I went and got an oil change and was told that one of my tires was bald, the tread had separated and it needed to be replaced. I went to your store on Greenback and Hazel and since the tire was under warranty they changed it with no problem. I told them that I was going on a long trip to Utah and could they check the rest of the tires to make sure they were all in good condition. They assured me that all was good and that I should not have a problem. Since I like to drive at night we left pretty late, didn't think I had anything to worry about, and while driving up towards Reno a tire blew out. Nowhere to stop at this point I had to continue on until it was safe to pull over and stayed there over night until I could go to one of your other locations. This time not only did the tire next to the new one blow and shred apart another one on the other side also had tread separation. Went into a second location of your tire shop and they also replaced the tires no problem. Again I asked them to check the other tires because it was scary to have a tire blow out when driving and I did not wasn't this to happen again. Again I was assured they checked the tires out and nothing is wrong with the other tires I should have no more problems with the tires. Forty miles later, another tire blows out, now I am too far away and have to call a tow truck to come help. He comes and replaces the blown tire with my spare and checks the other tires. The person who put on the extenders, to air the inner tire, did not do it correctly and the tire was flat. Decided that was probably what happened and went on my way hoping to finally get my vacation going. Nope another tire now blows while in Utah and again I have to get a tow to the nearest tire shop, eighty miles away. This is at 2am in the morning so we have to stay in the RV over night waiting for the shop to open. So I explain what has happened to the people at your location in Utah. I am now extremely scared of the tires that are left and asked them if I should just replace all of the tires. They advise me that this is probably my best bet. So I replace the remaining tires to the tune of approximately $800.

We do not have any more problems with the tires and after a few days of driving with no problems I can finally relax and drive the RV without clutching the steering wheel in anticipation of another blow out. The RV was damaged underneath so the water had to be shut off and we could not use the bathroom because the black water tank was also damaged by all of the tires shredding off.

When talking to some people about my trip of horror, I found out none of this should have happened. The first tire that was replaced was a dual tire and they have to be replaced in pairs. So the fact that I had a five-year-old tire and a brand new tire was why the second (the other tire that was part of the dual) tire blew. After that having to drive with a blown tire is why the other side separated but again the tire shop replaced a blown five year old tire with a brand new one and this creates friction because one tire is not as worn as the other. This is also why after checking the tires and telling me all looked good that I blew another one forty miles later. So after blowing the last tire and explaining everything that happened to the last shop and them having access to my record would have clued someone in that it wasn't the tires but the people who were replacing them obviously were not trained to change tires on an RV. So the last shop that advised me to replace the rest of the tires, which were only the front non dual tires, also did not know what they were doing and cost me an extra $800 that was not needed.

To recap, the fact that a tire shop is not trained to change tires correctly cost me 2 days of my vacation, $800 in tires, several hundred dollars to fix the black and grey tanks, and who know how much to fix the water pipes that were hit by debris (can't afford to fix that right now). They also put 4 young children and myself in danger, not only from the tires blowing but also because when the tires blew we were in rural areas with no towns or signs of life around us. Waiting on the side of the road at 12 am in the morning for a tow truck to come and bring us to the next town is not safe. We were on the side of the road for 2 hours waiting and anything could have happened to us. American Tires is a tire shop they should have known how to change the tires on an RV so that this did not happen. The fact that I went to 3 of your shops and none of them figured this out means none of them are trained to change these types of vehicles. This makes people, who trust you as a tire company, putting themselves at risk since the people we rely on to know what is going on don't.

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Duane Davis - 26 d 46 s ago


once again I found myself at Discount Tire for new tires. I was greeted by Robert A Mroz to see what I needed. After explaining my needs to Robert he went out to my car, evaluated my tires, and after a brief explanation of what was going on with my tires and what he could do, we were on our way to a new set. Now I did not get all the mileage I was supposed to on the previous set, so he prorated and charged me a fair price in which I was happy to agree on. With in a hour I was on my way. I did get there early before they got busy. This is my 8th set plus one here and there for trailers and such that I have purched from this store over the years. I have always received Great customer service and I applaud them for that. Not sure of the store # but it is located in Ormond Beach, FL. Thank you

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Jim C. - 31 d 4 h ago


Had purchased a set of 4 "GOODYEAR" Assurance Ultratour tires approximately 1.5 years ago. I had purchased 4 certificates for refund, replacement. These "GOODYEAR" tires have a 70,000 mile warranty. Took my vehicle in to Discount Tire yesterday because all 4 tires were looking bad. They have 35,000 miles on them. Half of what they were warranted for. Their tech told me in his words "your tires are junk". He said that they would have lasted if I would have driven on completely smooth roadways. ?? With the warranty I could purchase these same tires for $ 57.39 each. Just why he thought I would even consider putting that junk rubber on my vehicle again is beyond me. So much for the extra $ 75 it cost me for 4 tire warranties. Now I'm choosing a more expensive tire from Discount Tire. Another mistake? I hope not. One would think they would cut me a deal. Right.

General profile image - 36 d 6 h ago


It has almost been a month now since I have been in your store in waite park Mn to have a tire rotate done. It was the worst experience I have ever had by the time I had left they had damaged 2 front wheel rims by using a hammer with socket to bang the lugs nuts off and rotated the tires wrong and sent me on my way but not before the guy that did the damage stood there with the socket in his Hand telling me what he did. They were so Badley damaged if I had a flat you could have not changed it. Then they said they would replace the damaged parts I went in the following week they sent me on my way with the wrong lug nuts and 2 front damaged rims. So they said they would order the right stuff and would call me they called and said they had a rim in for me. I called and was going to set up an appointment they could not find the lug nuts they ordered.There is one other thing I would like to mention after the gentleman that rotated my tires wrong had to redo them my partner and other customers heard the F WORD BEING USED. So as of Nov 6 here I sit with the damaged and wrong parts on my truck. I am pleading with you to help me get this fixed so I can go on my way feeling the fix is done right.

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Ron S - Sachse, TX - 41 d 5 h ago

Bought a set of tires a year and 15000 miles ago - purchased the replacement warranty option. Had a bad flat today and went in to store for replacement. They did it, but then charged me $18.50 for a warranty on the new tire. At this rate in 5 years would wind up paying over $90 for updated warranties. In other wotds, yes it is a warranty but you pay on both the front end and the back end. Very disappointing and will be looking elsewhere when it comes to buying my next set of tires.

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Ryan - 43 d ago


Let's talk about dishonest businesses and men who try to take advantage of women who arrive alone with infants. This occurred today at the store in Vista, CA on Service Place. Last August I spent almost $400 on two "90,000" mile tires at this Discount Tire location. This weekend I blew a catastrophic flat after driving over a staple in the highway. Now these "90,000" mile tires had less than 40,000 miles on them, and were purchased only 13 months ago. Discount Tire isn't open on Sunday so I sent my wife with my car on Monday while I was at work. My wife had to bring our 5 month old daughter with her to get the tires replaced. Imagine my shock when I receive an e-mail invoice at work for $200! I called my wife who explained that Forest had told her the tread was too worn and the tire would not be covered under warranty. Again, a 90k mile tire with less than half that on it. Of course my wife didn't know any better, which is what they were banking on, so she paid it. When I called to get involved I started with Forest and explained to him that I was very upset because they were taking advantage of my wife and young child (they know she's not going anywhere without getting it fixed, easy mark) and not honoring the warranty on their tires. The warranty I specifically purchased for THIS EXACT situation. It was clear he had no authority so I asked to speak to the floor manager "Gino" who, I'm pretty sure, actually sold me these tires. Almost 100% positive he's actually the person who looked me in the eyes and said the tires were covered until 90k miles. So after explaining the situation to Gino (Geno?) he goes out to the garage to look at my tires and says that the blowout wasn't from the staples I ran over (there is literally still a staple in the passanger side). The blowout is because the tire was so worn that the treads blew out (again, you sold me these at a SUBSTANTIAL markup as 90,000 mile tires) and that they didn't cover failure from treadwear. I'll let that sink in for a minute. He then told me "you can't just do anything you want on these tires and expect the warranty to cover it" I'm an engineer with two young daughters, a wife, and a Camry. What exactly do you think I'm doing out there on the highway? Stunts while commuting? So I'm a liar, and apparently unreasonable for expecting the warranty to cover road hazards or tread failure on a tire less than halfway through it's rated life. Eventually he offered to take another $40 or so off the invoice and I told Gino to keep his money, I didn't want the discount. He'd lost our families business forever and I will do what I can to let people know that they are dishonest, immoral men who attempt to take advantage of women and children who walk in alone not knowing any better. Guess I'm going back to buying the $90 tires with no warranty - but never again at a Discount Tire.

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Disappointed in Houston - 43 d ago


Quality of stores is nosediving. I have tires that are losing air. Idiot at store keeps hard selling me on tread wear, tire in stock, tire not safe, strongly recommend replacing tire, etc. I asked to find the leak. No chance they will give me an honest answer! Sooooo sleazy. The Woodlands deserves better.

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JC - 54 d 3 h ago


On 10/16/2017 I pulled into your Discount Tire store on 13205 Briar Forest Dr., Houston, TX 77077, because my low pressure light came on my SUV. the store had a sign out front state free pressure check. What I didn't know was there was an hidden a gender behind that service. Once the guy finish he came around and stated my right rear tire did not have air, but due to the type of tire I have it will not ride flat. He said it may have a nail in it we can repair and have you on your way unless we can't repair. I said ok. How long will it take to check and repair. He said 30 minute. 30 minute turn into 1hour and half. I had to go back to work so I left without my tire being fix. I return after work. Once he pull my care in the guys call me and stated my tire was un-repairable. I needed a new tire. When I ask him why it was un-repairable he stumble over his words. I said you are the manager right? He said, yes I am". I then stated if your worker tells you they cannot patch the tire shouldn't he tell you why so you can relay that to the customer? He just looked at me for a minute before responding. He said, "I guess". Oh My God! really. I ask to see the tire. The reason I did, because my father taught his girls to know your cars inside and out and the tires you put on them. I knew exactly how my tire looked. Yes he bought out some old beat up tire and said it was my tire. I told him it was not my tire and he was lying. My tires on my car are a year old and it's not the main car I drive. It's a back up. Those tire are damn near new. When the weather change the low pressure tire alarm comes on. last year I went to NTB, no problem. They did not try to get me to purchase a tire. Business seem to be booming since everyone know Discount Tires is cheating people. I will never step foot in any of your stores and if I go on a flat in front of your store I will have my car towed to another store for repair. I put your company on my company web to warn people. It's sad to say how many complaint came up. We are warning people about the service you guys give, which is horrible. Not to mention robbing people.

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Anonymous - 56 d ago


Guys rotated all tires instead of the two I wanted then put the right side tire on the left on the fromt,I am beyond pissed off

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Not happy - 57 d 2 h ago


Horrible experience at Discount Tire Hiram. Associates working are rude. I have a 3 month old baby, so I made appt online so I could get in and out. Showed up correct time and they convienently tell me can't find my appointment, but say it should only take one hour and 15 min. I wait and wait.. takes over 2 hours and with a screaming baby that's a long 2 hours.

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Rl - 57 d 51 s ago

I am having the hardest time I pay my bills online and I can't find a physical address to mail my payment to and I've also made every attempt to call I'm highly frustrated and annoyed by this it doesn't make any sense to me

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Bob Meaney - 60 d 24 h ago


Today @ your Webster Texas store I had a wounder full experience. First of all they fixed my tire that had a slow leak, i.e. nail, for free. While waiting a counter person informed me about my tires on my 2012 chevy equinox. They are marginal for tire tread & informed me about a sale coming up next month. I'll always shop @ discount tire & recommend them to my family & friends.

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AJ - 61 d 18 h ago


Went to get two new tires cause they were leaking air. So Manager says he will look at the tires on back and if he can fix them we will do it that way. So then I go back and he has fixed the back tires from leaking and puts on two new tires on front. Which I never asked for. So now I spent $300 some dollars. And come to find out they broke off the stud on my front wheel and they won't pay for it. Manager is rude,has no customer service and does what he wants and not what customer wants. Calling corporate cause they are paying for this. His name is Jordan Wright. He ripped us off

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Anonymous - 62 d ago

Loyal customer for almost 30yrs. Your company is lacking in customer support and recognition of loyalty. Look it up. I have purchased Torres for four different cars over almost the last30 years. Very disappointed!!! Infrastructure to @service" products is lacking. So sad!!!

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BAS - 84 d 6 h ago


I have been a customer for 20 years!!!! I just took my 97 Chev one ton on Saturday 9/16/17 to the Traverse City Mi store. I asked them to rotate and balance my tires since I have the lifetime rotate and balance on the rims and tires.

I purchased this truck new in TX, and after moving to Mi in may of 2000 put the truck into winter storage in a large garage. This truck has never been in a MI winter and is in like new condition, even the salesman at he store couldn't believe the condition!!

With that said he goes and looks at the tires and rims, and comes back in and states he wont do the work since the tires are rims and tires are to old!!!!! These rims and tires are in like new condition with only a few thousand miles on the tires. I stated I have and paid for the lifetime rotation and balance option, he go on to say if he put air in the tires they could blow up are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just drove 50 miles one way on them to come to the store!! they have no stress cracks, no dry rot, or anything else wrong with them with 90% of tread on them. What are you going to do about this???? Ill see with your reply if I stay a Discount Tire customer!! Also that salesman should be replaced !!!!

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Paul Smith - 83 d 5 h ago


Look it up man. Over 10 years and they don't get serviced... Industry standard!!!

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Ron Vander Voort - 67 d ago

Paul is that you?

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Anonymous - 63 d 8 h ago


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James Herrod - 67 d 3 h ago


To Whom It May Concern,

I have been a customer with Discount tire for many years, but feel after today that will no longer be the case. I went to get my Dodge Challenger inspected today, and the tires didn't allow it to pass inspection. The back tires were worn down to the cords, and the front tires were nearly bald. I got the bill of sale out of the glove box to see when I had purchased the tires and how many miles I had put on them. These Pirelli tires were rated for 65,000 miles, and I had driven them for just over 28,000. Not even half of the lifetime expectancy. So I took it back down to the store in Waxahachie Tx expecting that these would be replaced as defective. The person would only pro rate the tires for the amount that I had "used", and cited things such as "its a high performance car" (yes it is, but I don't drive it like that; ive never burned rubber in it, and I would take a polygraph to that effect", the tires are "soft" and "Texas roads just eat up tires". This concept of a "soft" tire and "Texas road conditions" was never brought up during the sale, and if that is the case then the tires should not be rated for 65,000 miles.

In my opinion, these tires should have been declared defective and replaced without cost. While I understand that tires are a consumable product, I would expect the consumption to take longer than the 43% I got out of them. As I had to have tires to get to work, I replaced them with "inferior" tires (40K mile tires, will they last 15K?) but I was not happy at with this and will not be using your services again.


James Herrod

Midlothian, TX

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Anonymous - 75 d 4 h ago


I went and had an estimate for a brake job. They drove my truck on to racks .I waited an hour the guy come in gives my my estimate of 496.00 for two front rotors and pads. And also told me I needed new tie rods..u took my estimate and left because I couldn't afford it. The following day I took my truck to another shop. The looked at it and told me that my brakes and rotors were all good except one brake which was broke because u also had a broken hub. Which wire my tire to the beads. 175.00 it was fixed. My concern is why wouldn't your company see that if they did a complete inspection. God knows how long it been like that. And on top of all this. I purchased my tires in June from your company also. And it was most likely broke then too. I feel you need to get guys in your shop that know what they are doing . And needless to say I was gonna be charged for something that didn't need to be done and still have a problem . Bad business and now I have a bald tire.

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Confused - 68 d ago

Lol discount tire that your referring to does not do brakes. They only do tires and wheels.

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Lisa Hollansky - 68 d 42 m ago


I am very disappointed in discount tire in the Conroe tx area. I went to three locations in four days with a total of six times to correct a balance issue. I was told the tires were in perfect balance at the second location, but l still felt a shimy. I brought it back, we went for a drive and l was told it was road vibration. I know my car, l drive a Toyota Camry and had no shimy before l brought it in to get a nail patch. They told me that it was in a sidewall, which they also said to five other customers while l sat there, and replaced it. So l purchased an additional tire to have them as a pair. After that, two companies could not get the balance correct. I spent over three hours of my time and four days consecutively trying to get this corrected. The other two tires had been replaced during summer and had the same tread as the new ones. The only thing that finally corrected the problem was putting the older tires back to their original position and rebalance to all. I was told that the tires were still out of balance at the final location, even though the previous one said they were in perfect balance. The stores in reference are the woodlands Rayford sawdust area location, the woodlands Shenandoah location, which both had balance problems and the final Conroe south 336 location, that finally got the problem corrected. Unfortunately, the stores at no time offered a solution as to why the older tires made a shimy. They tried to make it out that it must be the wear and tear on an older car. I know my vehicle had no shimy before they touched it.

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