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Discount Tire

20225 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Bruce Halle
Chairman of the Board
(480) 606-6000
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Elvira Terrell, Margaret Bryant,Conrad Saucedo, Cindy Walker, Cynthia Sharp and Melissa Glover - 4 d 12 h ago


JoAnn Saucedo

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Emily Strom - 6 d 9 h ago


My boyfriend and i went to the Apple Valley location off 42, when we got into the store their were ay least 4 people that needed service before us. A woman walked in as we were next and your store's manager, Dustin Simon, called the woman over to check her out, despite the fact that we had been standing there for 15 minutes. I hope you don't operate your stores to whatever your stores manager says is right. I will never go to a discount tire again.

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Bk - 6 d 11 h ago


Your balance and rotation takes forever. Even with appointments, it's never done on time. You guys push to sell tires yet, good luck getting future service. Will never buy tires from DT!

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Anonymous - 19 d 3 h ago

I stopped to have the air on my tires checked because one was low. After sitting and waiting the manager Francisco came out checked 2 tires called a kid over and told him to tell me that the tire was at 15 pounds and they couldn't put air in it.suggested I go put air in it myself cause it could blow up on them. The manager never even tried to do a visual inspection or offered that there might be someting wrong with it and would look into fixing it. I've bought tires from this store for over 20 years will never go back.

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Robert McLean - 20 d 19 h ago


I paid for tires on Saturday , in advance only because they said they would order them and have them here on Tuesday, then they changed it to Friday, THEY HAVE MY MONEY AND I DONT HAVE ANY TIRES ! I should have went to Walmart , I'm without a car , you have my money and I don't have my tires !

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Robert McLean - 20 d 19 h ago


Independence , Mo, has my money and I'm still sitting on two flat tires

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DGV - 27 d 4 h ago


My name is Doug Vincent and I just want to say that your store in Douglasville GA is awesome. I have purchased many sets of tires at the store. Every time I get excellent service and the truth. Never have I had any issues, Mr. Cleveland and his crew are honest and work hard to provide a great product and service, many thanks.

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Phil - 34 d 10 h ago


Chris Kemp at your Burleson Tx location inappropriately accesses customer information to contact women. Promises those women teenage sons jobs in order to gain trust and cache for dates and/or sexual favors. Also sales them product at severe discounted rate or free.

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Anonymous - 34 d 6 h ago


Discount tire promotes nepotism? ?

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Anonymous - 34 d 6 h ago


Sounds like a customer privacy act violation to me

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Angry - 39 d 14 h ago


Discount Tire Destroyed my 2,500.00 Rims.

Warning Stay away from Discount Tire.

I Have been a customer for years with Discount Tire because the are competative with there prices and have quick access to specialty Tires.

Over my past few visits they keep screwing things up. They are too busy, and Rush there work and dont pay attention to detail.

Check out my You Tube Review

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Mo - 42 d 7 h ago

Right now I am sitting in a Discount Tire waiting room. I like your company and service very much.

There are 5 women waiting here with me and 2 men. All the magazines you provide for customers are geared towards your male customers.

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J Julso - 43 d 7 h ago


Discount Tire provided me the best service and tire Buy years. Their warranty cannot be beat family service environment makes you feel right at home with getting it issues as we have a good rest and rest. Anytime I've had an issue on the road hassle free they just took care of it and get me back on the road

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J Julso - 43 d 7 h ago


I have been with Discount Tire for 40 years and I am extremely impressed with the professionalism and ability that they have provided to go above and beyond and meet my time and schedule. I've been with Sears and other company but I always come back to Discount Tire due to their outstanding ability two service their customers correctly. I am most impressed with their warranty program every time I've had a tire with an issue I just come in and I pay a small portion yet another warranty again but I'm getting a Quality Tire out of value that far surpasses any other dealership or company that I've dealt with.

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Anthony Sours - 45 d 11 h ago


Discount Tire, I have been to your fairly new store in Glenwood Springs, Colorado about six times. Five of those times I have had very poor service. I have had issues with loose lug nuts, my plastic chrome valve caps they take off and throw away and put on black plastic, don't understand that one. When I come in and specified a certain air pressure in my truck tires because I pull trailers, they put in what they think should be in it. I came in on one occasion and needed just one tire re balanced because I hit a big hole. They told me it would be 1 hour wait with no one in the store or the parking lot. Today 13th of May around 820 am I go in for a flat repair and the sales associate Michael tells me 30 minutes which I thought was kind of long. Anyway I watch two other vehicles go in 15 minutes behind me for new tires. One of the vehicles had four new tires put on and out before my flat was even started. I went in and ask Michael what was going on. He said they would get right on it. I waited another 15 minutes. I then ask to speak with the sore manager, Matt. I guess he was on the phone but never came out to talk to me. The kid in the bay brought my tire out and I ask where the center cap was. He forgot to put it on. I also ask how much air pressure he put in and said, 38 psi. I requested 36. Just another example of shitty customer service. I have complained twice to the regional office in Denver and all I ever get is sorry MR Sours. I know for a fact they have had two managers in the short time they have been open. I have been in Discount's from California to Ohio and have always had the best service. I must say the best store I have ever been in is in Grand Junction, Colorado. Everyone in that store knows me personally and always greets me at the door with the best customer service. That store is always packed to the gill and still they have better times on service than Glenwood Springs. The only thing they need in Grand Junction is a bigger store. If I knew how to go about it I would put that store in Grand Junction for some kind of service award. I hope to hear something back and not just sorry. I give the Glenwood Springs store no stars, "terrible" Anthony Sours, Grandlake, Colorado

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hollyh - 148 d 1 h ago

I have been a regular customer for man years but I just learned that DT gave a huge donation to the racist dictator Donald Trump. This means Discount Tire supports racism, homophobia and misogyny to name a few ghastly traits. I will be taking my business elsewhere in the future and will be urging everyone I know to do likewise. I guess you'd support Hitler if he were alive today.

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DMD - 146 d 4 h ago

Thats alright ...I just increased my order with them!! Thank goodness we have a man in the White House that isn't afraid to make decisions and move forward.

Mr Halle THANK YOU for not being a follower but being a leader !! It takes courage and principle to stand against the political winds of this country. I am certain in time America will come around and see what you see in OUR President !!!

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not a trump fan - 70 d 8 h ago


your buying your tires based on a racist that demeans women, a so called man that hasn't done one thing right except play golf and spend tax payers money on personal trips to support his own resorts and protect his building in NYC. You need to get a life.

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Anonymous - 56 d 4 h ago


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Notatrumpsuporter - 51 d 47 m ago

You're a fool.

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Julie Sanchez - 56 d 11 h ago


I am very frustrated and upset with your store in Santa Fe, NM. I have purchased 6 tires at $350 each. Every single one of those tires I had to replace within 6 months. Not one have they honored the warranties. Not only that but they have let the air out of my tires on 3 occasions without checking to see how many pounds they are at. The are very aggressive in trying to force me into buying new tires. At one point I went to get a tire repaired and they kept telling me I need 2 new tires. I told them several times I couldn't afford it at this time and next thing you know they are telling me I have a nail and that it cant be fixed. When I tried to purchase a cheaper tire they told me I would mess up my transmission if I had a different tire.

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Anonymous - 69 d 10 h ago



Bruce Halle

Chairman of the Board

Discount Tire, USA

This is to let you know that I have been extremely disappointed with your Houston, Texas store located at 10331 Broadway street. I have been your customer for many years and there were two incidents in the last few months that made me realize your local managers are not very professional and very misleading with your customers.

Yesterday, I visited your Broadway store to rotate and balance my tires based on a contact I have with your company for the life of my tires on the KIA, Cadenza currently with 31,000+ miles and Premium Hankook tires.

I was told that my front tires were at 2/32" tread left while the rear tires were well above that with 6/32" tread left. I was told that my front tires had to be replaced with new ones. I requested to remove my rear tires and install them at the front, by moving the front ones to the rear. They refused to do this because of torque considerations and drivability requirements.

I reminded them that my car was a front wheel drive which what they were using as a requirement did not apply since the rear tires of a front wheel drive car all they do is spin in place.

Additionally, I was told that my front tires were slick which is very incorrect for there is still a 2/32" tread left on the these tires before they become slick.

Please review my case and forward me your response at your earliest convenient time.


John Sklavos

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R. Ransom - 69 d 19 h ago


My family and I stopped at the discount tires located in Gainesville Texas because our front passenger tire had a cut all around it and the wires were showing on it. The process took over an hour to complete. When the mechanics were done I failed to look under the suv to see the new tire I bought which by the way cost me $128. Later I learned they never changed the tire. The only change Discount Tires had performed that day was loosened my driver side headlight and stole my money for services not performed. I had the same tire on our suv, they left it as is. I drove all the way to Oklahoma from Texas believing I had a good tire. Thank you Lord God and Lord Jesus for looking out for me and my family. I will never use the services of Discount Tires again. Discount Tires corporate office needs to replace all of the workers located at the Gainesville office off the service road of 35 in Gainesville. I should have gotten what I paid for instead of deception.

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Dewayne Woodrich - 74 d 20 h ago


They used to have amazing customer service and really have gone down hill. I went in today to get my sensors and air checked. I was told by the kid checking the tires that they now charge 20 bucks to check the sensors. I asked for a Mgr and this person named RAUL came out and was stand ofish and absolutely disrespectful when I questioned the charge. He laughed at me and said if I wanted the sensors checked, I should have bought the itres from him and then got cocky with me asking how much I payed for them and that I probably got ripped off. He did and said all this to me in front of 2 eployees and 1 other customer who promptly walked out with me. So embarrassed and appaled! El Paso store on Montwood ..never will go back

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Mike Fortier - 76 d 3 h ago


Been a very long time Discount Tire person. Went in yesterday at the Southwest Freeway/Houston (TXH 12) store for Michelin AS truck tires. I was told they don't carry those tires. Then requested LTX M/S 2. Quentin Moore, talking real fast about his own truck tires while pointing to a Michelin on the showroom quotes me a price. I agreed, then swiped my card as he folded the invoice directly into a folder and stated I would be ready to go in 1/2 hour. Once I got back to the office, I realized the tires on my truck were not what I had discussed. It was very upsetting! I shopped at Discount Tires for 20+ years and have been faithful. Not sure if they've been bought out by private equity or what but after the experience at this store, they've lost my business...and I'm sad to say it as I've always held Discount Tire as the best in customer service in any industry. After this experience, I feel like I got bamboozled by a fast talking salesperson. What happened???

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