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Discount Tire

20225 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Bruce Halle
Chairman of the Board
(480) 606-6000
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Paula Keen - 2 d ago


Bought tires and wanted to have them rotated and the sevice tech stated that could not rotate. When I asked why he stated he did not agree with what I wanted because most people dont want it that way. Excuse me. Really. It is my car and my decision. It was not wrong just the idiot did not like it that way. Calling corporate

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Lee Fisher - 2 d 6 h ago

The Tyler Texas store is very well run. I have given them all of my business for twenty years with no problems, However the manager insists that the music be the new modern religious songs. They all sound the same and I find it difficult to tolerate it while in the waiting area after a few minutes. Please ask them to select a station with a nice mix of music. Thanks

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D.H - 2 d 20 h ago


What a cult of a company. Im very pissed about my service. Went in for 4, new tires, no problem. Then, here they need new rims!! Told me, you gotta put new on, or your just gonna lose air. Finally i said fine, put something on, that looks what i got on there now, no bells and whistles, or they were pushin the black rims. Got my car down they pulled it up, and they put the blk guetto rims on a pc of shit 05 Malibu. $1000 morning. Went to leave very pissed, and theres knockin in the back end. Pulled it back into the bay, 2 guys scratchin there heads look, & the guy comes and tells me. " there must be a bearing loose, and were not a full service shop, sorry!!! It was my problem, and didnt bat a eye. Horse shit.....stay away!!

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LOVELL BARNES - 3 d 6 h ago


I just had a terrible experience with your las cruces,New Mexico office. I've been dealing with your business since 2009. Employee named Adrian, I had asked him ta order a tire for me on January 8th 2019. Here it is January 15th I just spoke with mark, the tire was never ordered by ADRIAN he cleaned out all the data information as if I never ordered the tire from ADRIAN.THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR IS UNACCEPTABLE.Mark said the tire will be in Friday..

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KEVIN METHEUS - 6 d 17 h ago


I visited the new store in Cartersville, GA---the asst. mgr. there, TANNER FREEMAN, was very helpful and friendly. He was instrumental in getting my damaged tire replaced and he made sure that my car was very well taken care of. He went out of his way to do so. as a matter of fact, and he deserves to be commended by the powers-that-be for his exemplary customer an aside, I can't understand those negative reviews about Discount Tire presented here---every one I went to had a staff that was always friendly and helpful! Maybe that's just the Georgia stores, lol...

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unethical practices - 19 d ago


i was charged for tire sensors that i didn't authorize and then i was told that they were taken off the bill when i asked for the old ones they couldnt find them in the state of ny they have to give them to customer when asked, then i was told they didn't even put them in so i said that you tried to charge me for sensors that you didn't even put in, poor practices and policies should have refunded me all labr and taxes as this is not the end for this stealing is stealing fraud is fraud hope your company follows through and resolves this problem Mavis Discount Tire

222 West Main St.

Smithtown NY 11787


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Unhappy repeat customer - 23 d 3 m ago


The discount tires located at this; Address: 14328 1st Ave S, Burien, WA 98168, had a dissatisfaction with sale advisor by the name Zane about how ruled and arrogant the way he handles the conversation over the phone this morning.

As a loyal customer, I will never set foot nor buy anything from this store again. I whether put my money on someone or business where they treated. Especially, when I spend good money so they can have a paycheck for their mediocre service.

Their business certainly CAN KISS MY you know what.

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very angry - 34 d ago


had them repair the tire with instructions to lock key in car.

no key... door unlocked closed till monday.

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Rob Nixon - 47 d 26 s ago


While waiting for my car to be serviced i had to listen to that twangy horrible COUNTRY music for nearly two hours!!

I suggest that you inform the store manager that if he plans to play music, to at least play music that would be somewhat neutral for all of the customers in the waiting area.

Listening to country music was one of the most agonizing experiences I've had at a major national chain store. It was truly an annoying agonizing experience. I will never do business with Discount Tire again.


CAS 18 CA# ARD271968


SAN DIEGO, CA, 92120


Date of service: 8/3/2018

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country - 35 d 38 s ago

Did i hear racism

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Doug - 36 d 4 h ago


I had my tired rotated and balanced

Next day i noticed a vibration in front right tire.

When I took my truck back to have the balancing corred, I was made to wait a very long time. While i was made to wait other customers were taken care of. All the time one of the two up front people just walked around and joked and talked with other employees. Very poor customer service.

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Bear - 44 d 11 h ago


I will NEVER go to Discount Tire again! I was quoted $51.00 each for two new tires. I wanted them mounted on the front and the two tires I supplied mounted on the back. The total came to over $200.00. I thought that was rather high. One and a half hours later I was informed they couldn't mount/use the tires I supplied. I asked why and if this would change the cost. I was told I had to pay the same price. After driving home, I noticed that one of the center caps on my front wheel was missing the center cover with the GM logo. I know it was on there when I drove into Discount Tire and now it was missing. I called the store and spoke with the person who assisted me. He said he would check into it and call me back. About 15 minutes later he called and told me that his technician installed all my parts and that it probably fell off on my way to Discount Tire. He flat out lied about it and now I have to purchase a replacement.

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Discount tire is a scam - 41 d 17 h ago

took a car in the kid came out n said he didnt reset the computer for tire pressure

left came back half hr later

everything from jockey box scattered all thru the car

computer had all info cleared from memory

stereo gone

navigation gone

all stored addresses gone

all stored phone #s gone

entire computer cleared before the worthless kid came out and said he cant figure it out

we need a lexus dealer to reset the computer back to factory settings

should be at the expence of this piece of shit store

instead for the past week they have denied that they destroyed and cleared the settings for an 88 thousand dollar car that they never sbluld have touched

you can teach a monkey to change a tire

why the hell did he open into a computer that he has absolutly no clue about !!!!

To top it off they kept all 4 factory lexus valve stem caps

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Michael McBride - 50 d 5 h ago


Thank you to Julian Gonzalez at the Battle Creek, MI Harper Village location and Mitch at the 1-800 # for their diligence in tracking my order for Pirelli tires. More of a system failure that the human was able to resolve, great job!

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Anonymous - 50 d 6 h ago


I have been going to the store in Bend, Oregon for 12 years, since it was America Tire Company. The manager Adam is phenomenal and runs his store like a well oiled machine.

One problem that I notice is:

Our area is growing exponentially and the store is overwhelmed! We most definitely would benefit from another store in our area. Redmond, Oregon would be a prime area for another store. There are 3 other towns within 20 miles of Redmond that would benefit from a store in that town.

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Anonymous - 52 d ago

I have spent a lot of money with disount tire, will not spend another dime, nor my family I'm stranded here now, because they will not put air on my spare, because its new, but 10 years old.. So upset waiting on wrecker, I'm done, also had to wait even to get seen, I'm done!!!

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Nicole L Tommaselli - 53 d 7 h ago


I bought a tire and had it installed. I was out of town when the tire went flat. Whom ever installed the tire messed up the thread on the lug strews on my tire of my Fiat 500. I am seriously disgruntled. I has to drive home on my spare tire. Since the lugs were stripped I almost lost my spare while driving. I could of been killed or worse killed someone.

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Anonymous - 53 d 19 h ago

Hello. On November 24 The I took a 2 wheeled hand Dolly. To your #7 store Here in Austin Tx. To get a tire Aired up. So I could move Boxes and was Told That Didn't Have the proper Equipment to Air up Tire so I went Across the Interstate To Your competition NTB. Where It was No problem Didn't Take a minute and The guy was very Helpful. You people need to Get your Asses in Gear your a tire store that sells small tires or I'll Take my families business Elsewhere. Kevin

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Harriett - 55 d 16 h ago


I went across the street to Firestone Complete Auto Care from Discount Tire. Aleekm told me. I had three people in front of me. I noticed more people coming and going. After two hours, I started checking things out. My Car was still on the car lift with two new tires next to it. Why? I heard the staff tell another customer. They let two go home at 1:something and 2:something. ??? When I asked for appointment after two hours. Another Staff said, they did not have the tires, and they had to get them from another store. I called twenty minutes before I arrived. However, he was willing to give me a discount. I said, no. I am ready to go. I want my car. They put the tires back on and keys to me in less than 5 minutes. When I called customer service. She "claims to understand", but wanted my physical home address. I was not offer appointment by the store. When I arrived home. I started taking things out. When I looked in the back driver side. I noticed black marks on the seat like finger print. Well, I had two large bags behind the driver seat.

When I used my keyless remote to lock the car. It locked, but the car alarm was disarmed. It would not beep. It beep before I walked into the store to be service. I called customer service again. I never had this happen. They disarmed the car alarm. It is electrical. Why did you do this? I had three stops prior. Why is it not working now after two hours in your shop. You moved the car quickly from its parked place, but two hours later, no new tires and at home. I learned you disalarmed my car. We have more than 5 - 10 different tire stores in less than 15 minutes radius. I could have been serviced. Firestone Complete Auto Care has it founder or motto inside with a poster message, "honesty" . Who are these people working in these tire stores?

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Harriett - 55 d 17 h ago


November 23, 2018, I spoke with Andre about tire prices. When I arrived. I asked for Andre. When I said, we were just speaking. He liked a little shocked. He took keys and returned. He increased the tire prices to be less than $6 from Firestone Complete Auto Car less than 20 meters across the street.

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Harriett - 55 d 17 h ago


Charlotte, NC is the location off N. Tryon.

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Tommy Novak - 58 d ago


I purchased new tires today in Lubbock Texas from Brandon Casey. He has handled many members of our family and friends over the years. Discount Tire should be proud they have an employee with his expertise and knowledge. We have had family drive 160 miles for Brandon to take care of their tire needs. I personally have followed him from store to store in our area and he always makes it a pleasure to do business with Discount Tire.

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Jose Loa - 60 d ago


Jose Loa that's me visit store 10058

N. Metro Parkway W. Phoenix Az.


I was help by Metchell T Hatd

Was treated very well, this empolee of discount tire should be an empolee of the month

Thank You

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Ava Gardella - 60 d 6 h ago


I live in the Port Huron Michigan area. I am trying to slow down typing in the frustration that I have with Discount tire. I have taken the same tire on my van back 4 times to be either told low air twice , nothing wrong and finally after wake up to flat they oh we found a piece of metal and we fixed. Well guess what wake up this morning to another flat same tire. What in the heck is going on . These are Michelin tires bought from Discount. We have been buying tires for over 15 years from this same store and things in last year have gone to hell. Techs were told in front of me by another customer they put wrong tires on in wrong spot. HOW DO YOU GET A TIRE FIXED CORRECT. IS IT TIME TO MOVE ON TO ANOTHER TIRE COMPANY. VERY UNHAPPY ,

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A. H. GR MI - 63 d ago


We have been purchasing tires from discount tire since 1985. As we have watched the service slowly deteriorate over the last 5 and 6 years, it is now to a point where we are considering another tire company. We own 8 vehicles now and have only purchased 3 sets of tires other than discount, over the past 30 plus years. This whole new appointment BS is fine for new tire purchases. But when we are told we can't get a tire fixed they sold us for a day or more then it would be better to just tell us to purchase tires elsewhere. Our local DT has appointments going into Dec. 6th right now and wants us to drop the car off in the early morning and they will get at it possibly later today. Kinda hard to make an appointment when you get an unexpected flat or leaking tire.

The time on hold is pitiful. To even call and find out any answers you can figure on at least 20 minutes wait. "Current winter weather conditions" they never had this problem 2 years ago? They answered then.

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