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Discount Tire

20225 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Bruce Halle
Chairman of the Board
(480) 606-6000
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Chris Lee - 1 d 20 h ago


I'd like to Compliment your Fort Collins Discount employee CHRIS LEE! He made my visit most pleasant and a enjoyable experience! Neat and Clean appearance, Very Knowledgeable about your products! He made me feel at ease and has got to be Your Most Important Asset! I could by tires anywhere but it's Your Employees that make the difference! Chris is what Discount Tire is all about! Good service, Good Products Serving the community! Thank You Chris for your Excellence!!

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William L. Arnold - 2 d 12 h ago


At 7:47 November 12th I stopped at Casa Grande unit to get air in one tire. I pulled up to the 1/2 closed door where I have previously had air supplied. At this time there were NO other cars forming a line to wait for the opening of the store. At 7:58 the doors opened and one of your associates came out and told me to move to the back of the line as other cars were waiting. Informed him I was waiting for almost 15 minutes and no other cars were in line when I came. He was rude and refused to check my tire. Talked to Manager when leaving as I could not wait. He apologized and even acknowledged that he saw me pull up first in line. My family including my wife and three daughters have been loyal customers for over 20 years here in AZ and MI. This situation must be corrected or I nor any of my family members will ever purchase another Discount Tire! Thank You, William L. Arnold

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Super unhappy I can't tell you how upset I am today. I have bought many tires from this place. - 4 d 12 h ago


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Bobby - 4 d 18 h ago

Bought 4 tires from the Marble Falls, Tx store. I got a small nail in my tire and by to have it fixed they told me it would be a 2 hr wait. I couldn't wait that long because I take of my sick mom and couldn't be gone that long. So this morning I went again and they said it would be a 1:45 minute wait. You know I don't under stand why they make someone wait that long for a flat. You should have someone there that does flats only and when there are no flats he can help install tires, so we don't have to wait so long. When I bought all new tires I was only there for one hr. So I think it depends on what the amount of money your spending is how long your wait is. If I don't receive a call from you guys I will never by another tire from general tire. Also the person waiting on me was acting like I was unimportant.

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Disappointed - 5 d 12 h ago


I'm at the discount tire here on arapahoe road in Englewood centennial Colorado. People are buying full sets of snow tires and I have a bolt in my tire. I get its free .....still waiting at 2 1/2 hour mark is insufficient they actually told me I should of made an appt I think at 1 on a Friday I'll run over a bolt on the road. Should of made that appt a week ago. The gentleman Kari is busy doing the work of 4ppl while there anew guy who's doing 1/2 a job and an middle aged gentleman barking orders and be rude to every customer he's come in contact with in the last 2 hours.

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Discount tire Corp - 6 d 8 h ago

Kole shane. I bought brand new tires from your Comstockpark store ,i went to get tires rotated the other day missed appointment. Twenty minutes late. The problem i have is three weeks for a tire rotation job. From a costomer who had purchased new tires has to wait nonsense period your not valuing your customers very well. And also they do not answer there phones. Or give you a text. To remember your appointment after three weeks. You definitely need to work on priorities and customer allience. Shane kole. My name. Not sure if your company is for me. Or my time money. not happy. Definitely not satisfied..Comstockpark mi. 49321

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Shane. P Kole - 6 d 8 h ago


Your services are terrible. Bought new tires. Went to get rotation done have three week wait, nonsense paid for your service. Missed appointment because your company will not send reminder text or pick up the phone there is no customers service appreciation no alliance. Have to wait three more weeks not sure your company is for me, not happy about this experience you definitely have to work on customer relations. Comstockpark mi 49321 store location alpine.

Sincerely. Unsatisfied customer

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Anonymous - 7 d 16 h ago

To whom it may concern: ALERT ALERT ALERT

Your scrap tire hauler in the state of Michigan including Toledo stores are not shredding 100 percent of the tires picked up from your stores. Tires are set aside daily for resale or trade. Tires are going to RPM auto sales and other used tire dealer by the trailer load. Bud and Chuck the two in charge of Enviromental Rubber Recyclers are also hauling personal trailers full of tires from your stores to other used tire dealers. They have been doing this for years and know how to hide this fact. Trailer loads are hauled out two to three times a week.


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Janice Coursey Barrow - 9 d 15 h ago


I had a blowout my wrecker pulled in at 6P closing time. Manager Dustin Reid made sure I was good to go in 25 min. WHAT CUST. SERVICE. Thanks Dustin. Jan Barrow Cleburne Texas

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AJ - 15 d 16 h ago


I was guaranteed from someone at the corporate office my issue would be resolved with the store I had an issue with. However it was not. I never received a call back like I was promised. For the manager and corporate office to be so unprofessional it has left me up in the air as to who I should ask for help within this company. 20 year customer never encountered such horrible experience they ruined my car and gave it back to me knowing it was their fault,

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Fadila - 21 d 18 h ago


Bought tires in April and today the car was taking to the shop since those nice tires i was sold, have bubbles in them. Now on the receipt it says 55,000 (life spam)but i got only 12,000 out of the tire. Driving in ATL with two kids, I did not participate in any Daytona 500 or drove on some stone road. When i spoke to the manager he advised me that I have to pay $300 for new tires. Not even close to that 55,000 but yet i need to buy new tire. So that being said no I do not recommend discount tire and stay away #DiscountTireLawrenceville

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Ralph Nagel - 23 d 15 h ago


In your Beaverton, Oregon store you have a manager named Art Lindquist who is outstanding. I had a difficult fitment issue, exacting desires, and difficulty finding exactly what I wanted. Art with the patience of the gods worked through all the issues with a smile on his face and a professional manner that would be difficult to exceed. This guy is good. Give him a raise and promote him all you can.

I've bought many tires and wheels from your stores and will continue because of guys like Art. There is another major tire store in these parts and they used to be this way. Now I don't consider them when buying tires because of their customer service (attitude).

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Marc Kurz - 26 d 13 h ago


The service that your store provided in Flagstaff AZ was a perfect template for how customers should be treated. In particular Griff and Dylan made our experience in a truly trying time much easier. The were attentive and displayed empathy for our plight. Should you decide to share this compliment with them. I was the guy in the X5M

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Ms Hairston - 26 d 15 h ago


The worst customer service ever. The wait time was terrible. I have been back numerous times for the same issues. They keep saying they giving me a new tire but I don't believe it. So today I told them if they have to replace my tire please let me see.

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Ms. White - 33 d 12 h ago

I purchase 4 new pir pzero ties fro discount tires in 2016 because I wanted a smooth ride in my car. the cost was $900.00. A short time later, I hear this horrible sound when I am driving. I went back to the store and they charged me another $320.00 to replace two of the tires. I came back home and continued driving the car. the nose is so bad until I am going to contact Corporate office to solve my problem.

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Anonymous - 37 d 15 h ago

Good afternoon I just went to the discount tire in Houston Texas on Eldridge and brierforist for the third time that I was there they messed Up and they put the wrong tire on my car they left the car so dirty that I have to get it cleaned again and anytime I talk to the manager Mr. Jason he told me what do you want me to do I do remember you from last time I offered to clean your car to me was very unprofessional you don't give somebody's car back dirty after they complain they tell you to have 100 cars coming in and out and you don't only one they need to make sure they take care of the customer not worry about how many cars they coming in and out I do not suggest you to go to this discount tire they are very unprofessional they do not know how to take care of clients customer service is the main thing you can do and I'complaining horrible service bad management style is not We should not go there for this service or buy a tireMy name is Beta and I'm very unhappy client

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Tom Moore - 37 d 20 h ago


15151 US 31 N in Carmel Indiana: I was very impressed with this Discount Tire Store - customer service, efficiency, hard working, safety conscious, confident, and apparently well trained. My wife and I do not live in the Indianapolis area. I had a leaking tire problem that two separate large tire companies (Not DT) in my home town said they had fixed but did not. On Saturday morning, the tire was nearly flat again. I then just decided to take my truck to Discount Tire and have them mount my spare and deal with the slow leak when I returned home. When I explained the situation to a guy named Brenden, he told me that Discount Tire knows tires and let him fix the problem instead of just swapping out the spare. Gutsy move since he knew two other large tire businesses couldn't fix the problem. The easy and safe thing would be to just switch the spare but he didn't want to do that. Well, DT found & fixed the problem. Guess where I'm going for my next set of tires or am in need for tire work for all of my vehicles. I was really impressed in a lot of ways.

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Lisa Hall - 39 d 17 h ago

Sadly sitting here watching Tristan in the Victotia shop talking about us because we complained. UNPROFESSIONAL.

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Lisa Hall - 39 d 17 h ago

Always have bought tires from you in Victoria Texas but this last set one has lost air every week from day one. Noone has time to take off work to sit 2-3 hours to get it "fixed". Used to with insurance you'd get a new tire. Your business has been taken over by PUNKS that if your not rich white folks are treated dufferently and pushed back in line. I mean 15 lbs a week is alot of ait to lose especially being a woman on the highway and living out in the country. Too bad Rory retired he treated people fairly and did them right.

Lisa Hall

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Don - 56 d 18 h ago


OUTSTANDING service by Tualatin, Oregon retail store. I've bought tires there (for 3-5 vehicles owned at same time) over the las 10-12 years. Upward advancement has changed personnel over time, but the culture of excellent customer service has been continuous I've used Michelins for years, but have been underwhelmed with their recent products so last set purchased was Continental (exclusive design for Discount), with superior performance, low noise, and great ride comfort in a Lexus LS. Best of all was quality staff, all knowledgeable, courteous, and focused on customer satisfaction

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Pete - 57 d 34 m ago


I have been a loyal Discount Tire customer for over 10 years, bought all my families tires there as well as for my car, which I use for my traveling job. Probably have spend well over 10K at the Woodruff Rd store in Greenville SC.

Had an appt (which apparently means absolutely nothing) for a tire rotation, after waiting in line for 30 minutes, the sales person checked my tread depth and said that 1 of my tires was 2/32", and that they will not service this tire. He offered to rotate the 3 tires that he said were serviceable. Why would I rotate 3 tires? I explained that I need to get 1 more rotation out of these tires and then I would replace my Michelin Premiers with the same tires. The young man refused to include that 1 tire in the rotation, stating it was a safety issue,

I stated that my car safety was my responsibility, not his. He did agree with me that all my tires' tread was above the wear bar indicators.

Told him that he was getting ready to lose a loyal customer over an inexpensive plastic depth gauge reader and 1/32". he held his ground saying he could not help me. I'm guessing this young man was under some pressure to sell more tires, but I know my car and always take good care of it, I need it for my job. I would not operate an unsafe car.

I checked my tread depth with a micrometer when I got home and found it to be a bit under 4/32".

Very, very disappointed and quite aggravated at this type of service. I was there over an hour and left with nothing being done. Will never walk back in this store again.

Discount Tire you just lost a good loyal customer and I will tell all my friends and family they need to look at the multiple other tire suppliers.

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Nicole - 107 d 14 h ago


Bought tires for my mini van (which carries my young children) about 4 months ago. I have already gone through 2 tires (supposedly they had nails in the sidewall). I purchased the warranty on the tires (that is supposed to cover everything in case something like this happens, I had a flat) only to be told that every time (and I mean every time I take it in apparently I need a new tire) I have to pay to put another warranty on the new tire. I'm a stay at home mom and my husband is the only income and we have 5 kids. We can not afford to constantly be paying for stuff that is supposed to be under warranty. Ridiculous!! Will go get a warranty somewhere else where they actually honor it, CORRECTLY!!!!

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bamboozle - 60 d 16 h ago


Wait till you go in and they tell you that your warranty is expired because you've had the tires longer 3 or 6 years despite having 9/32 tread (3/32) is their limit. I've had them say both. They sell their warranty "life of tire" is a complete lie and I regret buying it. If I knew there was a year limit I would not of bought it since I only drive 3000 miles a year.

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Terry L Darling - 62 d 12 h ago


I had an appointment to have my tires balanced and rotated at 10am Tuesday 9/11/18. Dropped it off at 9:50 am, came back 40 minutes later still was not taken in the garage to be serviced. All the people that came in after that was gone in their vehicles before my vehicle was done. An employee I think was a manager tried to personally apologize, and offered me a handful of dollar bills to me (like I was some kind of stripper) or something to buy my lunch, I refused the money and was very upset. Really what kind of place is this. Not one mechanic used plastic off the rolls to cover any seats or floors. They were high fiving, joking around, and goofing off. Springfield Illinois veterans parkway location. 2 and a half hours later they were done, I was told 45 minutes to an hour with an appointment.

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michael hawkes - 63 d 18 h ago


I wanted to take a moment to Congratulate Discount Tires for having such a professional, thoughtful and dedicated Assistant Manage, Joe Vizcarra at your Los Lunas office. I have been doing business with Discount Tire for many years and I had an experience at an Albuquerque store that made me contemplate switching to another tire provider for all of my vehicles. At that store I had bought a tire replacement and 5 days later decided to replace the remaining three tires. I went to the store under the special buy three and get the forth free and was told I could not do that since I had purchased a tire 5 days before. Nonetheless, I digress, since my wife's BMW has run flat tires only I had to take the tire off at my house approximately 70 miles away. I met with Joe Vizcarra who advised he could help me when I asked how long it would take as I had a grandson birthday party to go to in Albuquerque and didn't know how long it would take. Mr. Vizcarra stated it didn't matter even if I was to make it back after hours he would meet me with the tire so I wouldn't have to rush away from my Grandson's birthday party; he provided his personal cell phone so I could contact him in the event the store was closed. Sure enough Joe met me on his own time later that evening in Belen, NM with the tire and during the entire time was gracious and kind. What an employee!!!

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