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Discount Tire

20225 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Bruce Halle
Chairman of the Board
(480) 606-6000
Annual Sales Est
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Jeff - 7 d 12 h ago

2 weeks ago. I bought 4 new tires from your Kapolei, HI store. 9.5x30x15. For my 94 Toyota 4x4 pickup standard bed. I was so happy that service was great. And, it was like a mainland tire store with tire displays and a large waiting area. Well, I was wrong.

The tires I purchased were the last ones they had. Falken Wild Peak. They assured me that I was getting a really good deal. Because, they were not stocking those tires anymore.

So, today. I noticed that my drivers side front tire looked low. As the side wall was rounded out.

I contacted your store. Spoke with a gal that would not allow me to speak with a tech. I insisted to speak with a tech. She told me a tech would call me back.

Well, guess what? She called me back. Stating to bring my truck in for them to look at.

I live in Kalihi. 30 miles away.

At this point. I demanded to speak to a tech. AGAIN

Daniel gets on the phone.

I asked. Why did you guys only put 35psi in my tires? when the side wall states 50psi. He told me that his techs go by the OEM recommendation that is on the plate inside drivers door jam. He offered to have me bring it in so they could add more air. I told him. I already did add air. 3 times I had to tell him this. He just didn't get it. And, why would you go off the OEM psi recommendation when its not a stock tire? 3 times as well.

I was done already. Told him. Thank you very much. and, hung up.

If I was to continue driving with low air pressure. I approximately would lose 10,000 miles or more life out of these tires.

Obviously, your store at Kapolei doesn't care about its customers tire wear. After I spent over $600 to your company.

They gave me no apology. And, only defended their practices.

I feel bad for those who aren't as mechanicaly savy as I am. And, quite possibly, could have a blow out if the car had to be driven in an emergency fasion.

I will NEVER GIVE MY BUSINESS to this company again. And, will gladly spend a lot more money with a company that knows what their doing.

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Raul - 11 h 40 m ago


Holy smokes buddy your dumb. The tire pressure on the side wall isn't the tire pressure you should put. That pressure is for when you need that tire to be able to carry the highest possible weight it can. The store should have a pressure calculator on the computers to find what the pressure should be with different tires. The MAX the pressure should change is like 8 psi. It shouldn't jump from 35 to 50. Get you head out of you ass your not some super mechanically savvy person.

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ashley hendrix - 7 d 14 h ago


I brought my car in to have a flat tire fixed or replaced after buying new ones only a month prior at the lake forest location. I dropped it off at 9:30am and wasn't called until 4:00pm. Mark, the manager, said there was nothing wrong with my tire but gave me a laundry list of other things that "needed" to be done. Then he calls me back to say the wrong work order was attached to my paperwork so there was different stuff that needed to be worked on but still can't find anything wrong with my tire. I told him I couldn't afford the repairs he was requesting but to do the oil change and just put my car back together. I went to pick it up at 6:00pm so it had literally been there all day but the repairs were done that I thought we agreed upon to not do at this time. I paid the money to get my car back and because I'm not a confrontational person but shocked that I was having to fork over hundreds of dollars. He said the tires were rotated so the tire I was having an issue with was now in the front. I went home and walked out the next morning to a once again flat back tire so not only did they not fix the issue I brought it in for but they also lied about rotating the tires. I took it into a different shop and to my surprise they found and fixed the issue within a hour at no charge. To me it seems like the employees at the lake forest location are either incompetent or were trying to scam me out of money. I was expecting to pay $70 but instead had to pay over $200 and the original issue I brought it in for wasn't even resolved! I will definitely not be coming back to this shop again and highly disappointed with the service.

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Thomas Barton - 8 d ago


I initially received very poor customer service from my local Discount Tire. Located in Indianapolis, IN on the eastside at the Washington St. location. When I first arrived I stood in line to be helped. When it was my turn for service the customer service agent by the name of Jonathan just walked away and went into the garage area and never came back to help me. When other agents ask if he was going to help me he just said he was busy. He never said anything to me. Jonathon just walked away and left me standing there while other customers came in after me and was helped before me. But a young man by the name of Cade quickly recognized the poor service from Jonathan and came to my need for service. Let me poise this question to you. What if that was a family member like your husband or wife. What would you be feeling at that very moment?

My compliment for hiring a young and very personable man like Cade.

But very annoyed by the initial customer service from Jonathon who has a very poor attitude and shouldn't be at the customer service desk.

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Anonymous - 20 d 12 h ago

dear sir. 3 months ago the tire light came on in my toyota camry i took it to discount tire in my city knightdale n c only 5 mi from my house they put air in tge inin the tires and said if light came back on to bring back and they would check it further. the light came back on. i took it back they did and said the same thing. a week passed and i took it back getting a different person each time tge same thing happend again. this time my grandaughter took it in because she drives it and i was in the hospital again they told her the same thing a week later lughr came on even again. she had a blow out hit a guard rail totaled the car we chose to repair the car 2 weeks aftee fetting it back light came on again one of same tires tgat was low before was low again this time i took it to duscount tire in wake forest 35 miles away told them the story they took tire off found it k

leaking around rim and fixed they also checked sensors eyc. ill never go back to d t in knightdale they should have one vetter. i think they are responsible for the bliw out starr hamilton

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MW - 21 d 19 h ago


We had become very loyal to Discount Tire specifically for the customer service. We had new tires put on our 2015 Dodge Durango recently. We were told the tires were nearly worn away, which I knew not to be true, but we did want to get thicker tires and agreed to swap them all out. We had no noises or issues with our vehicle, and the second we drove out of the tire shop, we had a clunking, metal on metal sound every time we applied the brakes, hit the gas, or did anything to shift the front/back weight of the car. It was coming from the passenger side front wheel well. We spent time making an appt to go back to the tire shop and we were essentially told Discount Tire did nothing wrong and everything was fine. We then had to take it to a Dodge dealership. After inspecting, their first question was if someone had our vehicle on a lift recently. We informed him that we had gotten our tires changed recently. He said it was 100% clear to him that someone had messed up getting the vehicle onto the lift or dropping it off the lift as he had seen this strain on the bolts in the wheel well before and he was not surprised. We let him know that Discount Tire had inspected it and found nothing - he said it was 1 of 2 things; Discount Tire not wanting to admit they caused serious damage to the vehicle from a slip they had loading, or unloading the vehicle onto the rack, or someone at the tire shop being so oblivious that they didn't notice which was even more concerning.

This was not only a waster of time, money and an indicator of dishonesty, but we drive our 3 year old daughter in that vehicle and were sent onto the road with a serious safety problem that Discount Tire caused, and assumed no ownership of. Terrible.

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Sandra Buning - 24 d 15 h ago


Dear Sirs; I am writing to let you know how disappointed in the store on University and Lindsey Rd in Mesa, AZ. I have been doing business with this store for many years now and when I first started it was great but in the last few years it has greatly gone down hill. The first problem was when I bought my last set of tires I had a expensive set of air caps on my old tires when I got the new tires and got home the caps were gone and I had the standard black caps so I went back to the store and the service person had my caps in his tool box. Then with the same purchase I ask to have my best tire they were taking off put on my spare well last week I found out that was never done according to the sales person.Then also a few weeks ago I wanted my tires rotated because one was wearing down I was told that couldn't be done because the tread was to low. I went some where else and had it done. A few months ago I went in to have my air pressure checked and they filled my tires with air. When I took it in to discount tires to have them rotated the sales person told me the reason my tires were bald in the center was because they were over filled and when I told him that I had them filled there I was told that there was no prof of that. I have had a nail in my tire they wouldn't fix it because the tread was to low I had to take it some place else. I just wanted you to know that since I have been having all this trouble and having to go some place else that I will no longer do business with your company and I also have a few friends that have problems to and they are done doing business with the company. That store is very dissatisfying.

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Anonymous - 32 d 17 h ago


Bellevue wi Discount Tire manager very disrespectful and rude kicked me out of his store because I politely told them I did not want my truck jacked up by the axle to housing

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Kim and Alex - 32 d 19 h ago


The store in Orlando by McDonalds and Walmart went above and beyond. I appreciate it so much!

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Anonymous - 35 d 18 h ago


I have been a Discount Tire customer for a long time. But it seems they now have more business than they can handle. Dropped my car off at 1300 for a screw in the tire. 2 hours later my car is still not ready. I leave my office at 1600 I hope I have a car to drive at that time. Had I known it was going to take all day I would have paid to have it fixed! #tomuchtime #alldaywait

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Disatisfied Customer - 80 d 20 h ago


I am experiencing, as we speak, a very dissatisfying issue concerning Discount Tires. I have been trying to get defect tires replaced, since almost the date of purchase. I have visited several locations trying to resolve this issue, and my only results at the time was to try rotating and balance, to see if that corrects the problems. I was finally disclosed by Discount, it was my rear brakes and rotors, not the tires. I had that service completed at the dealership (Lexus), who advised me to return the vehicle to where the tires were purchase and let them know they were defective. Not sure why after so many visits, no one from Discount could have told me that. I finally get the tires replaced tomorrow after two weeks on order, and I still afraid more damages may have occurred because of this situation. I am completed dissatisfied, out of more money, and safety could have been jeopardized. I will be seeking legal advise, to see what is the possible compensation.

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Matt - 39 d 12 h ago


Class action. Count me in

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Matt - 39 d 12 h ago

Dont ever go to this company. They sell square tires and there in no way to make it right. I wish I never came to that store and I will never buy anymore from them. They call it discount for a reason and its not that you save money.

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Upset!!!! - 40 d ago

Am so very upset! Yesterday at 4:30 went to store in BURLESON TEXAS GET ROTATED AND BAL ON 98 Jeep walked in were 3 cust sit waiting ! Went up to counter stood there 20 min man didn't EVER ACKNOWLEDGE ME!! He was on phone with long winded person ! One other man at next reg NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE ME EITHER and a Mgr guy walked in from Bay Area never acknowledge me!! Upset left!!!!

Only bout 3 cars n bay took picture!!!

Sooo wrong awful customer service!! Call try reach someone at A Dallas number media guy name GREG! Left message!!

Guess have go to Attorney General

Have been treated very unprofessionally

Have used this company for over 20 years!! Had many error an mistakes made their part !!! They evidently do not put CUSTMER FIRST!! Very wrong!!

I left came home now have flat !!! So upset!!!!

Someone should call me !!! Someone should care!!

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Max M - 54 d 23 m ago


I went to pick up my car at discount tire on (11512 Katy Fwy Houston Tx 77043) .They explain to me that my tire on the left front of my car was getting a tire changed.. I spoke with them over the phone and Salesperson 187 Mickey M Pereira told me my car will be done in 5 mins. When I was picking up my car they were closing and as soon as drove off there was lots of traffic and rain and realize my car still had a split in the tire and I paid for a replacement tire. I had to park and leave my car in a shopping center parking.

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John - 54 d 11 h ago


I am a contractor that does business with this company and was made to feel like I was less than from the " Senior Assistant Manager"

( RJ).

I will never do business with this company.

Bend, Or

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Angry - 54 d 14 h ago

Store Managaer Jewan Billinger at the Matteson, IL location. 1. He's suspended employees without reasoning. 2. He said with his own mouth "I don't want to mess up our bonus at the end of the year so if I need to fire you I'm just going to take you off of the schedule and not document ANYTHING." 3. Acts off of feelings when treating employees rudely. 4. When he made the work schedule he didn't send a picture of it to a certain employee because he's been trying to fire him for a while now and needs a reason such as oh "you didn't show up for work" but that employee asked for the schedule SATURDAY and Jewan Bellinger said with his own mouth that he would personally send him a picture once he's finished with it... come Monday Jewan texts the employee asking where he is at and then proceed to get out of character because he was in the wrong for sending everyone else the schedule but this ONE employee, but has NO valid reason. The employee he's trying to fire is one of the BEST hard working employees I've ever seen very professional and does a damn well job getting customers IN & OUT on time. This employee has been getting bullied and threatened for months now. This employee has been busting his tail for Jewan ever since coming to the Matteson location because he was sent over there from the Highland, IN location one of the fastest stores in the region might I add to help them close on time and get things moving. His store was one of the slowest until this one employee was transferred over to HELP them get better and now they're trying to get rid of him after cutting his hours giving him 2 days on the schedule and suspending him for no reason at all. If he loses his job there I will not stop until Jewan does also.

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Leodynamics - 56 d 20 h ago


If I could give one star I would. Employees here are a joke. Called for tire replacements because of a flat at 11am this morning and was told nothing was open until tomorrow. Went online and they have appointments from 130PM to the nd of their day. U work for customer care = needing people to pay for your services. So if u lie because of laziness and ignorance people don't pay the business you work for and you not get a paycheck either. The stupidity is real here.

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Candy M - 58 d 7 h ago


Mr. Halle,

At one point, in 2014, I was an unemployed 64 yo single woman. I needed tires for my 1996 Ford F350 4X4 crew cab truck. I desperately needed tires and literally saved for months to buy them. I then went online, filled out the information on my truck, and from the selection found the cheapest tires for my truck, and made an appointment.

The following weekend I went in to have the tires installed. Once the guy put my truck info into the computer, he told me

the load rating on the tires wasn't enough for my truck. I literally had $10.00 more than the total of the invoice. I started to cry. I handed him the invoice that had said the tires I wanted would be fine for my truck. I had no idea what I would do at this point. Then here comes the manager. Once he was told how Discount's online site had cleared it for me to purchase the cheap tires, that's when this wonderful angel smiled, and told me it was going to be ok. He had me pay for the cheaper tires, but put on 4 tires that were far superior in load rating and thus quality. I then broke down with tears of joy. I will NEVER forget him.

I'm writing you today, nearly 4 years to the day of your angel rescuing me, to tell you a story. I'm now gainfully employed and working for a wonderful company. Today I was in your store looking for some wheels for that same '96 Ford F350. There was an elderly man and his wife who had just been told he needed to replace the air sensors on all 4 tires. The old man said there was no way he could afford to do that. I felt that "pang" that "hurt" you have when you don't have the money to do something that needed to happen. Without a moments hesitation, I walked over and told the guy behind the counter that I would be paying for this couple's sensors. I told the gentleman, that only by the grace of God, was I not him in his financial position. You know what Mr. Halle? We all MUST stick together and pay it forward whenever we can. THAT is how the world should be, but sadly isn't. Funny that I was able to pay it forward in one of your stores.

I feel so bad that I don't remember the name of your angel who helped me that day, but I know I would know him if I ever saw him again. It was your store in New Braunfels, Texas, hwy 46/337. The store I was at today was your new store in Spring Branch, Texas. And yes, I did buy those really nice wheels for my old truck:-)))))

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Anonymous - 67 d 21 h ago

The discount tire in masey is the sorry as place i ever be to poor poor customer service poor workers and no customer satisfaction i will never go there again and will spread the word to family and friends never never will i suggest that place

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Korey Lewis - 68 d 18 h ago


Worst place to go for tires. Both times ive went. They messed my car up due to not following directions amd not knowing what they are doing. The first tine they crushed my lift points after i warned them about putting lift point on subframe amd they didnt listen amd crushed the lift points on my car. This past weekend they stripped my keyway after i told them it was worn out so they need to do my lugnuts by hand. Well they used a impact amd rounded my keyway so now my back wheels are stuck on my car woth dry rotted tires that can pop any day now. So since they didnt listen either time they ended up messing my car up and had the nerve to try to lie to me about it. Im a mechanic by trade so i know what im doing. Amd who uses a impact on aftermarket wheels and lugnuts anyways i tbought it was common sense to do them by hand to be extra cautious.

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Rude manager or employee - 69 d 13 h ago


Okay so where to start off so there are two Discount Tires One South of Town and one in the middle of town I went to the South one first they told me they were busy and had too many cars so I decided to go to the one in the middle of town to get my tires changed from snow tires to regular I have been going to the South won for the past 3 years I bought used tires and had them switched out during the summer but today I decided by set of new tires from Walmart and go to the discount tires in Middletown cuz they weren't busy and the manager for one of the employees told me I cannot have my tires changed like that even though it's free from what I was told now remember I've been doing this the past three years with used tires and then the last year I decided to get new tires and have them put on that employee or manager was in the wrong and very combative he even called the South store and said I was supposed to be charged $80 or $20 a tire or something when they were busy and I can't get in which doesn't make sense I hope nobody has the same problem that I experience

Having tires switch from snow tires to regular tires or regular tires snow tires I was told it would be free so it shouldn't matter if I got a new set of regular tires two snow tires I was never told I would be charged to have tires changed out when I bought the snow tires it shouldn't matter if they're new or old they are a tire regardless I am frustrated about this situation and will post it in other reporting sites this happened in Utah 84321

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Anonymous - 71 d ago


They literary broke my shit

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Completely horrible.... - 79 d 5 s ago


I called the closet discount tire located 30 miles from my home and asked about getting tires for my 2012 dodge charger super bee. I was advised that they would have to order the tires from a different location and they gave me a time that the tires would be in. Now, mind you, they had not even seen my car, they simply went off what was listed in their computer as the correct size. I went in, paid the $700 and the tires were installed. Once completed, I walked outside with the manager, at that time I told him that the tires liked bigger than what was on my car previously. He assured me that they were the correct size. My car is parked in the winter, so once we brought it back out, my husband was going to rotate the tires. He noticed damage to my front drivers side fender. I then called discount tire and spoke with Koty, he upon looking in the computer, advised that if I had 275/40R20 on my car, these were the wrong size tire for my car. I let him know that I would be in on Saturday to get this taken care of. Saturday comes, I go in, Koty proceeds to tell me that they will give me a $248 credit towards the purchase of new tires because my wheels are after market. One, they had no way of knowing my wheels were after market until I got there because of how far away I live, I called first. Two, regardless of whether my wheels are after market of not, they still put the wrong size tires on my car, based on what their computer said. And three, there is more than $248 worth of damage to my car. So I suppose my next step is to get an estimate and take that back to them. After stand ing there for an hour (which I was told I would be taken care of immediately and that the manager would speak with me as well, which he did not) I kept being told hold on while we try to get this figured out. I was so mad at this point anf they weren't doing anything to "help" me out, I left and asked that they call me once they "figured" it out. That was at 10:30AM yesterday, I have yet to receive a phone call from them. Worst service ever. I will NOT recommend this place to anyone and will NEVER buy tires there again.

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MotorCity JEFF - 83 d 18 h ago


I have been a customer of Discount Tire for many years, at 2 different southeast Michigan locations and I cannot remember having a bad experience.

This morning I took my car to the Discount Tire location at 4301 Highland Road in Waterford, Michigan. I had been losing air slowly and steadily in ONE tire for about 2 months.

The desk clerk, manager MATT BARNIER could not have been more friendly & pleasant to deal with. I was in and out, in about an hour as told I would, and the "culprit" was a nail in my tire. Fixed for free.

Even the young man that returned my car & keys to me could not have been more polite.

Discount Tire has a CLASS ACT happening at this location ans they deserve to know it. My other favorite location is at 12 Mile Road near Orchard Lake Road.

Whether you are buying $600.00 worth of 4 new tires or a simple & free repair, they always treat me with the same dignity & respect.

Good people.Good company.

Happy customer.

I will be back in the fall for a set of 4 Yokohamas!



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