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Discount Tire

20225 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Bruce Halle
Chairman of the Board
(480) 606-6000
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 3 d 6 h ago


I am in Smyrna Tennessee at your Sam Ridley location and the people you have working here and Representing

You are not nice or professional and have a very smart attitude about them self's I have been coming here sense

2016 or early 2017 and every time I come it seems to get worse I seriously Thinking of going to another tire shop

To do my business I know this will more than likely fall on deaf ears I just thought someone in corporate should know if you would want to call me my number is(hidden)0

Thank you for your time


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Anonymous - 3 d 32 m ago

They don't actually see these posts. If you want to contact their corporate office you may try calling. Otherwise people just come here to vent.

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David r - 5 d ago


To whom it may concern:

I came into Discount Tire to have 3 tires replaced and David Cooper helped me. I wanted to let you know what excellent customer service he provided. First of all, he worked with me on a price which fit my budget. I only had a certain amount of money to spend and David worked very hard to get me tires that I could afford. Also, one of the wheels had a problem with the bolts and he said that I could take the car down the street to a shop that could repair it and Discount Tire would cover the cost. I was so impressed with how David Cooper handled everything and wanted to let you know that he made me a very happy customer with all of his help and his excellent customer service skills!


David Reshkovsky

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Jeff Rados - 12 d 4 h ago


I have been a long time customer of Discount Tires. (30+ years) I was so excited when the Eagle, Idaho store opened a few years back. Unfortunately that store went to the dogs in a hurry. Then another store opened in Garden City, Idaho. I thought this would be my favorite tire store as it was less busy and closer to my home. I have been there about 6x times since they opened, spending a heap of money each time and referred many friends there. My most recent experience has now caused me to go on the hunt for yet another tire store. First of all, they gave me a hard time when I discovered that a competitor was selling the same tire for cheaper. You guys claim to "beat" anyone's prices. Once over that hurtle, it took two hours to install my new tires. After leaving I noticed my steering wheel violently shaking. I went back for a re-balance, another hour! On my way home I again noticed my whole truck shaking. I returned the following day for another re-balance, another hour! This time I watched as the tech added weights; and added more weights; and yet more weights! I brought this to the attention of the sales guy and he replied, "sometimes that is what it takes!" I never let on that I have been in the automotive field for 45 years; I think I know a little about cars/tires! I demanded that he order a new set of tires. Then as I headed home the TPS light came on! AGAIN, I returned to the store. The tech forgot to adjust my pressures to factory specs. So today I called the store to ask if the tires were in fact ordered. Strangely, no one knew what I was talking about. I asked to speak to the manager; he didn't make it to work today. (Or yesterday) During this whole fiasco, not once did anyone apologize for this situation or offer any kind of expedited service or compensation. I kept my composure as I believe in getting more with sugar than vinegar, but seriously it didn't matter to anyone that worked in this store. So, this morning coming to work, my truck again was shaking profusely. It's a holiday weekend and I will now have to cancel my out-of-town trip. PISSED??? You bet! I'm soooo done with these people. I will try to call the corporate office here in a bit, but after reading these reviews, it appears I am not going to see a resolve. They just don't care any more. SO SAD.

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Butch - 12 d 15 m ago


The customer service at the store I use has went to hell

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Doris Ezell - 16 d ago


First off I want to say I love Discount tires. They are normally very nice. I noticed lately some of them are very rude and hateful. I have had to go in there with nails in my tire and they would exchange them because I have warranty. I am a senior citizen and the weather changes do much and when it does my light will come on and I have to go get air. Lately My light caame on and said check tire momitor. I went to discount tire thinking I needed air. They said my sensors were bad. They had replaced two before so it could only be 2 of them. My remote has nevr worked and so they said they could not help me until I got my remote working.because they said the computer said my sensors were working and they could not change them because they needed the remote to tell the computer the sensors were working in order for the light to go off. They turned the light off. since the remote has never worked how did they change the other 2 sensors. The guy said he would make me a deal. If I get the remote fixed he would give me 2 sensors free. I asked him why would he give me 2 sensors if my sensors were working. No answer. anyway I tried I went several places. Auto zone opened it up and it was not the battery, The other parts were off and had to be soldered but I could not find anyone to do it and I did not have any soldering thing for my great grandson to try. Anyway today the light came back on and since it was saturday and they would be closed sunday I wanted to make sure my tires had air because people had told me just to keep air so I went there and it was a few minutes after 5 they had taken the air stuff down and locked the door but still had vehickles there working I thought if they just used that little thing to check and see if my air was still in there to go through Sunday but the man was rude and talked mean about him checking my air a few days ago and it did not need air so I left feeling embarrassed. If my husband was alive I would not have asked him to check it but tomorrow the 3rd of Nov. he will ve gone 4 years and I have to depend on other people. Now I am too ashamed to have to go back and asked again. Just need to be nice to people even if it is pass closing time. Kindness is a virtue. Thank you I still love Discount.

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Mr Jackie Easley - 18 d 4 h ago


I would like just to say thank you discount tires for your policies if you're not happy with your tires you can bring them back! I used to live in PA and I would have the tires shipped to me from the direct tires but I'm living in Georgia now recently brought a set of tires that I was not happy with"I drive a Mercedes Benz CLS550 my tire of choice is the Extreme Contact DWS 06 MY RETURN BACK TO THE STORE 6730 DOUGLASVILLE BOULEVARD GA. MY SALE PERSON WAS KYLE J BERG' IN TODAY'S WORLD YOU DON'T COME ACROSS TOO MANY PEOPLE LIKE



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Carolyn Hand - 20 d 6 h ago


I'm at the Georgetown store by a new set of tire

I've been a long time customer of Discount and will not go anywhere else

Great selection of tires

Very friendly professional young men to greet us and love the Christian music

What a calm feeling and pleasant atmosphere here

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Philip Brennan - 22 d 7 h ago


I went in to Discount Tires on Allen street Castle Rock Colo, and purchased 4 new tires which they said would be delivered the next day by 10:00 Am and on the car by 2pm. I called them at 4pm and was told it was not done yet so I called at 6pm when they close and was told it was in the bay and that they would text me when it was done. I only had a ride there for a limited amount of time so figured I would go there and wait until it was finished. When I got there, it wasn't even moved from where I parked it and they never finished it until 7:30 pm. While waiting for them to finish it, I heard 2 other customers complaining about the same thing. I can understand when things take longer than the set time but to be lied to really pisses me off. To top that off, my car has hubcaps that look like rims and apparently they tried to remove the fake lug nuts and damaged one hub cap and didn't even inform me about it. I find this behavior unprofessional and will not go to another Discount tire and will inform anyone I talk to about the experience I had. Thank you not.

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Joleigh Tye - 28 d 43 m ago


I will never return to Discount Tire (Peachtree City Location)!! I have been going to Discount Tire for a few years and every time I leave unsatisfied. The last 3 times I have gone my tire pressure sensor light has came on not long after I leave, every time I return with my car they say that it is not there fault or just drive it, it will just go off and it never goes off. Then I take it back to tell them it hasn't gone off and they try to charge me $60 to fix there mistake. They have never taken responsibility for their screw ups. My sister took her car to Discount Tire and when we left and got her car home she noticed a lug nut was missing so we took her car back and they said they put it on her car, we then said well if you did you didn't do it very tight. and they said they couldn't do anything about it because they didn't have the lug nut. They have lost our service due to them charging me over $500 just to screw up my car more.

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P Loftin - 48 d 7 h ago


Wanted to let you know what a super team of employees you have at the Jonesboro, Ar. Location. Never done business with Discount Tire before. For years did all my business with Firestone, until a change in are local stores management. I had a great experience in getting a new set of tires. The staff was excellent. No one hears when a store goes out of there way to do the right thing, so I want to let you know. You have a great staff and I'll be back. Will also recommend other to try out your great, fast and friendly service.

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Steve Harper - 50 d 51 m ago


I bought my tires at discount tire and purchased the warranty. This last week I had a nail in my tire. I took it to discount tire on fourth Avenue and Bell. The discount tire employee Blake came out and looked at my car saw the nail and said they could fix it I ask them to rotate the tires while it's in there he said OK. I left my car there for 2 1/2 hours and they called and said my car was ready. Prior to taking my car to discount tire I marked my front tires with the numbers one and two because I do this every time I get my tires rotated because I've been to this location before and they did not rotate my tires. So I go to pick my car up and I look at my Tires and the numbers one and two tires are in the same position. They did not rotate my tires. I went in and told the manager that they did not rotate my tires and he tells me that he can do it now in five minutes if I would just wait. They just had my car for 2 1/2 hours why didn't they do it. I was so mad I left the shop. When I got home I check my rear tire that had the nail in it and the nail was still in the tire. Unbelievable ! I called the shop again and they told me that I must've picked up a new nail on the way home. Wrong. The manager of that discount tire ended up putting new set of tires on my car because I was so disappointed in there practices.Again this is the second time that they told me they rotated the tires and did not.The lack of integrity in the shop is mind-boggling I think there should be an investigation and all discount tires on their practices of tire rotations. The company doesn't make any money when they rotate the tires although they got the money for the warrantee. And my thought is they just don't do it because it's a no charge. If that's the case it's a terrible practice by discount tire.

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Jacqueline Woods - 57 d ago


On August 30th I took my 2005 Cadillac STS to Discount Tire on the East Frwy(11500 East Frwy) because of a flat tire and was told that the wait would be about an hour and a half. I was okay with that because I did not have an appointment. Coming back the employee was getting out of the car and stated 'I won't lie I hit your car." I was livid and the manager stated he would make a claim, he did and i got the claim number on the 5th, and the rental was available on Friday the 6th. On Monday I was told that the possibilities were to have my totaled or buyback and I would have a salvaged title. This is not acceptable when all of this was caused by your Discount tire employee. The service has always been great until your employee wrecked MY car on YOUR premises.

Flagged for review. 
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Discount Tire - 62 d 4 h ago


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Flagged for review. 
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Suzan Awbrey - 62 d 11 h ago


After purchasing my 4 tires I was delighted and received excellent service!! However, on Saturday night I saw my light come on for low tire pressure, of course I couldn't see anything when I got home. Sunday morning, I checked my tire and it was almost flat! I went to Walmart as I was going to put air in it. That's when I noticed that I had picked up a screw in between the tire tread. My roommate took the Tire to Discount Tire so that they could fix it or replace it. To my disappointment they plugged it!! I'm very, very disappointed it's a brand new Tire and expected them to replace it, I drive in the mud, snow and rain and am very unsure about the dependability of my tires!!! That is the WHOLE reason why I went to Discount Tire Stores!!! A Plug, unacceptable!!! I hope that I'm contacted and will receive a Brand new Tire, come on Discount Tire, make me a Happy Customer!!!

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Dustin - 67 d ago


I recently had a tire patched at the Littleton, CO location of 2307 W Belleview Ave.

The patch, however, did not hold and was still leaking air slowly. Upon my return Andrew Goodwin would not even dismount the tire after finding out it was their patch that was in fact leaking. Instead of fixing their issue that they put me in, they decided to try and sell me on a new spare tire. I didn't even let them try and sell me on a new set or two new replacements. The fact that I was given an instinctive foreshadowing assumption of these events before I even handed them my keys is unacceptable. There is no reason whatsoever they can't fix their original patch job. Sometimes a patch doesn't hold, it's happened before, and that is fine. My problem is when you will not fix the problem and just try and make some more money from a customer that does not need what is being pitched to them. There is little to no customer assistance from your company when you either sell a product that does not produce the advertising, or if a mistake/mishap occurs. It's ridiculous and an absolute waste of time and effort. This has not been the first time Discount has created these situations with me, but I will assure you. It will be the last. Stand behind your products that you sell so confidently and fix your mishaps for customers to leave feeling satisfied and taken care of. I'll be sure to get my patch fixed from a company with any other name on their door besides yours, as you have shown time and time again. It's more about making $900-million annually than it is to fix your selective work or stand behind a warranty without dodging out of it.

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Lisa - 74 d 8 h ago

I just waited 25 minutes for assistance w adding air for low pressure in my tires. No one even acknowledged me I went down the street to Firestone and was assisted immediately and back on the road in 3 minute. I have spent a lot of money w Doscount Tires through the years but I'm headed to Firestone the next time I need assistance.

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tony - 79 d 11 h ago


I had a flat last Tue in Tyler TX. The DT (on Hwy 69 at toll 49) folks were courteous, professional, and totally helpful to get me on the road and in time to my appointment. The best surprise was there was no charge for the service. Yes, I will be a customer in the future! Give the Tyler store seven atta boys!


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Mad American - 98 d 14 h ago



I took my wife to Ft. Worth to set with a friend and one the way the "Low Pressure Tire" symbol came on. After dropping my wife off I went to nearest Discount Tire Store. The address is 1000 E. Loop 820, Fort Worth, Texas. I enter the store approximately 9:45 AM on Friday 8/9/2019.

The service person and myself walked out to look at the tires. Right off he spotted a nail in the right rear tire. I asked if they could plug the tire and I could be on my way. He said " No problem" and we went back in the write up ticket. I asked if it would be a wait and he looked at computer screen and told me it would be about an hour. I would have to wait one hour for a 15 minute job.

I waited for over 2 hours and I asked for my keys for I was going to leave and go somewhere else who would have jumped right on this and get me out and on down the road. The store manager told me I would be next so I stood at the window watching the personal work on the customers car/trucks. They ran two more cars in before my truck. I asked for my keys again and the store manager went out to the shop area and told one person to get my truck in and fix the tire.

As I was standing at the window watching the person taking my tire off the rim I observed he was having a problem. He had a bar inserted in between the tire and rim and having trouble separating them. I was hoping that my rim was not damaged.

They pulled my truck out, parked it in front of store and the manager told me he was sorry for the delay. I inspected the rim and it is all chewed up and that pissed me off. I asked for the ticket and the person who drove my truck out said it was in the truck which was another lie I did not receive a ticket. I told the manager that they damaged my rim and he ran his finger across the damaged area and told me it was done running over a curb. I look at his finger and I did not see the dirt that he said was on his fingers. I ran my fingers over the damaged area and I got a rubber/slick substance on my finger. He told me that their machines do not touch the rims and it wasn't done there. He accused me of running over curbs. I live in the country which do not have curbs and do not drive that much in town. If I did hit a curb I would admit it. I have not hit a curb since I purchased the pickup which was 2 months ago. On top of that I hand wash my pickup and go over it all with a shame. It was not damaged before I went to Discount Tires.

I called Discount Tire Corp. office, talked to a women who told me she wanted me to talk to Clay Browing which he was to call me. A very pleasant person to talk to but he told me he has talked to the manager about the situation.

First of all Clay took side with the manager. I knew this conversation was going to be feudal. He told me that the machines used would not damage the rims. He also told me that the manager would fix the rim at his cost. Why would I trust a person or company to fix something they damaged.

I'm going to tell everyone my side of the experience with Discount Tire and this is not the only time I've had problems with your stores. I'm even thinking about posting about this on different types of media and if I can get others to use other tire stores or at least one person to switch I will be satisfied.

There is no reason for a chain of stores to treat customers as you have treated me. The work ethic at Discount Tires is deplorable. I have used Discount Tires for a long time but I will never walk through your doors again. I'm not happy with the way I feel, I wish that you read this and correct your down falls.

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Anonymous - 105 d 4 h ago

Kansas city , North oak, If you have a car thats you want to keep Do not take it thereDiscount tire, Thats a big screw up when they damage all your wheelsI I have picsNobody cares about good service anymore and people Its really sad

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Anonymous - 114 d 7 h ago

Beavercreek Ohio! I purchased 4 new black rhino rims, 4 Faulken at3, locking lugs, and TPMS. I spent around $2300. They call me and make a date to come in for installation. Come to find out after taking off work that they only had three in. A few days I go in to have them installed and they look great. I drive around the corner and get on the highway and at 60 mph the my truck shakes so bad that I have to slow and exit. I go back over the weekend and explain and they told me that they can get this fixed but it's a 4 hour wait!! But a store on the other side of town only has a hour and a half wait. I drive cross town cause it's the only day I have to take care of this.

SHAME SHAME! Me or anyone I know will NEVER do business with Discount Tire again!!!

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vicki mason !!! They ask if I was male or female? - 105 d 4 h ago


vicki mason, Ive been taking my Dodge charger in discount tire for 10 years, since it was new. Sent alot of family members in also I took the car in tuesday the 30 of july ! I detail the car 2 days later and around the rims are gouged, Big scratches . The manager said it was from rocks and such. The car only has 76000 on it, does not get drivenThey could not get lug nuts off, horrible damage all 4 wheels. they said I would get new wheels and now they said the regional manager will call then the rims are on back order. So Im screwed. I will tell u Im boycotting Discount tire . next step face book, 2010 Dodge Charger

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Lisa - 117 d 6 m ago


I tried to get a quote on some tires from the manager Jacob from the Prescott store and when I asked if they were in stock he slammed the phone down and hung up on me. He was very unprofessional the whole time he was on the phone with me. They lost my families business.

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Dawn Herrera - 142 d 2 h ago


I purchased 4 new tires on 6/19/2019. When driving above a speed of 50mph, the car sways. We are traveling up to Colorado from El Paso, Texas. I stopped in to Discount tire in Alamogordo, NM to have them rotated and balanced for the 2nd time. Jake was professional and helped us with our service. They rotated the front tires to the back. The swaying is still present (not as bad as before) and now when breaking my car shakes. The shaking wasn't present when the tires were in the front. I feel I have received defective tires...I will take my vehicle to the Discount tire company in Denver Colorado to replace the defective tires I received.

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Danny R. - 141 d 15 h ago


@ Dawn Herrera,

And you gave them three stars??

* Notice: They will NOT replace the tires.

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Michele - 125 d 23 h ago


I'm having the same problem in Las Vegas Nevada. Maybe they are getting discount tires that are substandard??? UGG

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