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Discount Tire

20225 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Bruce Halle
Chairman of the Board
(480) 606-6000
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 2 h 41 s ago


We dealt with Eduardo assistant store manager and Mike store manager( the manager said he didn't even remember talking to us) we bought tires that were warranty for 50,000 we got 14,002 miles out of them we brought proof tire rotation and alignment, they refused to honor the warranty. So we called the manufacture they said there should be not problem warranty the tires and that they would call discount tire back. That specific tire the warranty process is done in house by discount tire and they stated that they did not want to warranty the tire, they tried saying we didn't rotate them, then they said oh you need alignment done, After showing proof of both, he called the manufacture back and said they will not honor the warranty because " they said the alignment shop messed up my alignment". This guy changed his reasoning over 5 times and argued back and fortieth with me and the manufacture. this was the Santee, CA location. Horrible customer service.

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M.Stephens - 5 d ago


Background and story: We have been a customer for many, many years. We have purchased tires in the past for a total of 4 vehicles, including 2 sets of high dollar rims within the past 12 years. We have spent thousands of dollars if you add up the total costs of all purchases on all vehicles. We were loyal customers to Discount Tire due to their excellent service and competitive pricing. Our local store in Alcoa, TN is all we use and always urge friends and family to use them. I sent my car into Discount Tire on a Saturday to repair nails in both left and right rear of my tires. I purchased all 4 of the high dollar, run flat, low profile tires at this location and receive free patch/plug repair because of this. We arrived at 4:30pm to get them repaired(unfortunately with my work schedule, this is the only time and day available for me and have been accommodated with this schedule in the past). Knowing the store closed in 30 minutes, I was reassured they would have it done before they left for the day. I met my husband there after his shift and decided to walk across the street to have dinner and advised the associate there was no rush and he could leave the spare key in the car and would pick my car up when our dinner was over. When we picked up my car at approximately 6pm, we noticed several dents, scratches and black chipping all around both rims on both the back tires that were repaired. Since they were already closed and also closed on Sunday, we couldn't address the issue until Monday morning. Due to my work schedule, my husband brought the vehicle back for the associate to look at before going to work on Monday. The associate kept suggesting that the wheels had been curbed. Despite the fact my husband has been a ASE certified mechanic for almost 20 years, including a mechanic for the US Army, he knows what it looks like when a rim or rims has hit a curb. The tires would show damage as well if this was the case. Also, even if I did hit a curb on both sides of the tires, the tires protrude out too far to touch the rim. Both wheels have almost identical damage and scoring which would be impossible to do at all, let alone in a day. And there is no damage to the tires. We asked the associate to replace the rims since they are now damaged and dented and he insisted us against filing a claim and offered us to have it buffed and repainted instead. When we refused and insisted on replacing the rims of the same type, he warned us that the claims department liked to get attorneys involved. He also told me this could take several weeks to settle. Now on Tuesday, one of my tires was leaking again. This is very frustrating when you have to air up your tire daily and worry about a blow out while driving daily. Whomever tried to repair my tire, was in a hurry. I have rounded edged rims and it is obvious that when the technician removed the tire from the rim, he did not use the proper equipment for a rounded edge rim. This resulted in damage to my two back rims and now it is leaking air again and I still can't keep air pressure in my tire. We have taken pictures of the damaged rims when we got home on Saturday as well as pictures of the undamaged and unmarked tires(which they claim was what caused the damage). I contacted the corporate office in Arizona to get a quicker response and they told us to email them a quote for two replacement rims. Unfortunately if anyone owns one will know, all BMW parts are expensive. Just to purchase 2 stock rims(not high dollar, just stock rims, they are $397.00 each. We didn't hear a word for 3 weeks and everytime we tried to call or email, the claims person was out or unavailable. Finally, today after numerous calls and emails, we got a response and they claim they will only reimburse us for one rim and claim it was because it was our fault that we curbed them. What my theory is or just one theory, they didn't realize the cost to replace the rims and blame me for it. What I don't understand is, if they are going to blame me for the damage, why offer to pay for only one rim. Well once again, here's my theory: Like I stated earlier, they didn't realize the cost of stock rims on a 12 year old BMW. Now, we got to figure out how to come up with the other $397.00 for the other rim. If anyone one of you who knows us, we are in a financial situation where any additional expenses are impossible. With all the personal issues, stress and life changing events in the past 5 months in our lives, this is the last thing I want to worry about. I am not looking for any type of extra monatary amounts. I just want discount tire to admit and replace the two rims they damaged. I take pride in all I have and to some it may seem miniscal but, I do not have very many nice things in my life but what I do have, I take pride in and take care of.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Please Google the location you went to and leave a review as you did here. After that go to that location on Facebook and leave a review for all to see.

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Charles Steffen - 7 d 24 h ago


let me set the a little groundwork! I have three vehicles. 1) 1992 Corvette = tires and rims purchased thru Discount Tire June 2013. 2002 Tahoe = tires purchased 2018. 2007 Mustang = tires purchased 2018. Went into your Machesney Park, Illinois dealer today to have the Corvette tires rotated and balanced. This vehicle is a classic that I have had for the past 6 years that is never driven in the rain and is stored all winter. Since purchasing both rims and time in 2013, only 16000 miles have been put on the vehicle/tires. Today I was told Discount Tire will not service these tires as they only have 2/32 tread. (I measured the tread depth myself upon returning home and the least measurement, after dozens on measurements on the rear tires in all locations was 4/32 (outside edge). I am certainly not happy with those numbers in only 16000 mile, but the measurement is a far cry from 2/32. It is apparent you are selling inferior products and inferior service! Bottom line = I will NEVER purchase anything from Discount tire ever again. I will advise all members of the local corvette clubs of this experience and I will utilize all social media as well. I doubt I will receive any positive response regarding this!

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Google the location you went to leave a review

Then go that location on Facbook for another review for all to see.

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Anonymous - 8 d 4 h ago


They only want to service you if you're paying. Waited over an hour just to get my tired patched. Watched customers walk in and out. John over here in cypress, tx is also a jerk. He made a few comments that made me and my family uncomfortable regarding our child. Would not recommend.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Best thing to do is Google the location where you went and write a review as you did here..then go to that location on Facebook for all to see...

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Jake Lopez - 11 d ago


I think I have purchased my last set of tires from Discount Tire, which should change their name to Rebate Tire, because they fail to discount anything and sale you sub-par tires and make the customer wait for a so called rebate. I have been waiting 36 days since my purchase, I have contacted the store and they told me two weeks, after I already waited two weeks for my rebate. Why not just give me the discount on the spot? It is DISCOUNT TIRE? NO? I am so sick of the most service industries now-a-days, you are better off going to the dealership, that way they at least use lube when they fuck you.

Jake Lopez (hidden)

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Google the location you went to and write a review as you did here. Also go to that location on Facebook for all to see..

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Keith Miller - 1 d ago


I visited Discount Tire 1365 Big Fish Drive Sparks NV 89434 today 7/16/2018 and this will be the last time. I see how they treat military veterans now...irs not a first come first served basis anymore.First one in the door at 8 am..I didnt have a appt being from out of town...seeing that their first appt was at 830 I thought I had a shot at getting rotation done..nope. At 9 I grabbed my keys and left being they pulled in 4 vehicles ahead of me that had appts. I had another person with me and 2 dogs having to walk them around. Would have been nice if they could have told me how long it would be..but no guess that too difficult.. I often wonder what ever happened to first come first served..If I could give no stars I would..if I was one of their good ol boys I would get right in..but I was white..not hispanic and not from Nevada...this is how they treat military vets.

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Dave - 3 d 3 h ago

Just visited the Shawnee Oklahoma store for a flat repair. Just wanted to complement you on the exellent service we received . It is so wonderful to do business with people such as these. From the time that Dion Lewis greeted us until we checked out it was a wonderful experience. THANK YOU

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Anthony Ayala - 6 d 7 h ago


I've been a customer of Discount Tire for several years and only go to the Albuquerque store #10 and Mike. His team acknowledges you and treats you like family the second you walk in the store.

A few days ago I had a blowout on my way to Denver and attempted to get a tire at the Castle Rock, Co. store and had no luck. They didn't acknowledge me for at least 5 minutes after I walked in. After a leaving my blowout with them for 3 hours they couldn't get any store in the area to release a tire for replacement.

So, I returned to Albuquerque on my spare tire and went to my local store. When I walked in Andrew welcomed me and ask what he could to to help. I told him about the blowout and my experience at the Castle Rock store. Within a few minutes he had pulled up my information on the computer, he had my tire information and we discussed replacing just the one tire or all 4. I chose to replace all 4 and he scheduled the replacement. Mike, Andrew and the team at this store go above and beyond to make sure the customer is taken care of and happy when they leave.

I don't know what Mike does so differently in training his employees but, you should send him to Colorado to "retrain" the managers and employees. Mike and his team know what customer service is all about. I know why this store is ton top in the region.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago


I was told I would be reinversed for a tire and that did not happen. I bought tires in Michigan and now live in Florida. The salesman in Howell said I would have to bring in my receipt, really.

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Jason Hanold - 12 d 5 m ago


Amazing experience! I was two hours from home and started losing pressure rapidly. Although they did not stick my unique tire size of 275 40 R 22, they attempted to repair, but it was cur through, so they changed tire, replqced damaged with spare, and tefused to charge me anything!! I offered to pay for all of their time, but they said they were happy to help. Jason and the crew at the Bourbonnais IL store were as great as they could be. I've become a future loyal customer because of this terrific customer service experience. Thank you!

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Hit or Miss - 19 d 24 h ago

I recently returned to the Discount Tire store where I purchased 4 new Bridgestone tires with 80,000 mile warranty for my Tahoe in Dec 2014. With only 46,000 miles on the tires and almost down to the wear indicators I was told by the sales person they would not provide an adjustment on the tires because in his "opinion" I did not rotate the tires enough. I told the sales person I had them rotated a few times at Discount but found it more convenient to have them rotated when I had the oil changed elsewhere. He wouldn't listen and basically told me he was not going to consider an adjustment. I told him if he was not going to adjust the tires I would go to NTB and never buy tires at Discount again. He didn't care. I was so mad I turned and left. Shocked may be a better description. I have been a Discount customer for several years and never experienced such unprofessional behavior. On the way to NTB I passed another Discount store and stopped in. My mindset was that I was not going to be denied an appropriate adjustment based on an "opinion". I did not mention my previous experience at the second location and basically told the sales person I was disappointed in the tire performance and lack of tread. The sales person measure the wear which justified replacement, did not see any unusual wear patterns on the tires other than the worn tread and provided the appropriate adjustment. While I am grateful that the second location provided the appropriate response and level of customer service I find the total lack of customer service at the original location unacceptable. Not sure I will continue to be a Discount customer moving forward because customer service appears to be hit or miss. Not what you want when spending $700 or $800 on tires. The only reason I am giving a 1 star rating is because the second location responded appropriately. I shouldn't have to spend hours going from store to store trying to find a competent sales person.

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I recently took my Mercedes Benz into Discount tire for new tires. My Benz has "air suspension' and was not properly lifted. You must "lock down" the air suspension before lifting it. The day I got it back from Discount Tire, the cruise control, traction control, and air suspension (on passenger side) stopped working. I took it to my mechanic, and he stated that they lifted it wrong. The repair was $350 which Discount Tire paid for. Fast forward 1 week, and the "driver's side is now doing the same thing. This time the mechanic stated we should replace BOTH airbags, as they lost all air pressure, and the rear of my $70,000 vehicle was sitting 4 inches from the damn ground!!! Discount Tire is refusing to pay for this repair ($1,360), claiming that I have to prove that it was due to their negligence....even after admitting fault the first time. I will NEVER USE DISCOUNT TIRE again. Make no mistake, they WILL BE REIMBURSING US, but I will never use them again after this debacle. Horrible horrible horrible! I am simply disgusted that due to your employee's lack of knowledge, I am being seriously inconvenienced, and having to "fight' with you guys in order to be reimbursed. I WOULD NOT HAAVE TO DO ANYTHING, IF YOU HAD OUT MY TIRES ON RIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED

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Anonymous - 21 d 8 h ago

You put the wrong size tires on my awd vehicle and destroyed it.....are impossible to reach and are refusing to pay for a loaner until you prove it's your fault even though your local discount tire has everything documented......I am a single mom and full time unpaid intern....the amount of inconvenience and expense this is immeasurable.

Disappointed and disgusted.

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Courtney - 22 d 15 h ago

Hello corporate. I am very upset with the service that I received from your office at 5505 S LA GRANGE RD

COUNTRYSIDE , IL 60525-3669

I went there to have my tire replaced and they gave me someone else's tire, which cost me to have to make an extra trip to that location. Extra trip which resulted in extra time, extra toll and extra gas. I was promised compensation but was not given it. Need your help to resolve issue

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Beth Halfmann - 24 d 5 h ago


Today I had discount tire rotate my tires, (San Angelo,Tx) when I drove off the parking lot my ABS light came on along with service stabiltrk light, I turned around and talked to the manager and he really didn't care and said that they did nothing wrong. This same thing happened back in January when discount tire rotated my tires, and I had to pay $200 to have my Tahoe fixed. Today I drove across the street to the Chevy house to get the codes printed off , and low and behold they are the SAME codes as before!!!! Erick Alvarado Assistant Manager continues to say to me that they did nothing wrong. I asked him so you think that this is a coincidence?? He said I guess so, I told him nope your guys are messing up my Tahoe because this is the ONLY time these lights have come on and it's always after discount tire touches my car. Erick said that he can only file a claim so they can diagnose the problem. I handed him the paper work that I just had printed off by the Chevy house with the issue , along with the paperwork from back in January with the same codes. So now I will have to pay again out of pocket to fix my Tahoe that Discount Tire messed up. They never take accountability for anything. I will NEVER use discount tire again and I suggest everyone to stop using them, unless you want to continue to pay out of pocket for vehicle repairs. I wish I would've seen the 1 1/2 stars before I purchased tires from this shady company.

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Terry Summerlot - 25 d ago


I would just like to commend you on your store #41532. On 6/18/2018 I made an appointment to have four new tires installed. I did this online and the next day, I was notified by the store to verify my purchase. Long story short, from beginning to end this was the most professional experience I have had with any type of business in quite some time. From cleanliness of staff to facility it was A1. You should be and I hope you are proud of your facility in Ormond Beach.

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Anonymous - 25 d ago


Hi corporate my name is Ana I thought I might let you now that you are not a honest company. I bought tires from one of your stores here in providence utah last year and the tires are bad and if they were good tires they wouldn't have bulges. One guy told me it was the suspension another said the shocks would cause this problem but the ford dealer said no it was bad tires. All I am saying is that you don't honor what you preach. Never again will you take my money.

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Bill Griffin - 30 d 7 h ago

Dear Sirs.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction with the service/treatment I received from the Corinth branch of your company. I had occasion to visit there when I needed new tires for my truck and RV. The advice and subsequent service I received was exemplary. The manager, Vince, was particularly informative and helped me immensely in making the correct choices of tires. I watched the other staff and was very impressed with the way they conducted themselves and dealt with the customers. All in all, this depot gave the impression of a welcoming, well run, highly organised and efficient unit. I would add that, as a visitor from Scotland, I have no connection at all with anyone working at the depot I have commented on.

Kind regards

Bill Griffin

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Darth Jaker - 34 d ago


I've been applying at the Discount Tires location in Layton, Utah, for weeks. I've already been interviewed, there, twice. Their marquee in the parking lot states, "Now Hiring: Full & Part-Time Technicians." But, when I spoke with Josh, and others, this afternoon, they told me, "Sorry for not following up with you, but we simply assumed that you'd turn down a part-time shift; it's only ten hours a week, at $10 per hour."

I assured them that I didn't mind, and that I live only three blocks away. I told them, "The month of June 2018 is the 40-year anniversary of my very first job, in June 1978. I'm 55, but physically fit, and very experienced in the blue-collar arena. And I've had several jobs, where a part-time shift eventually became fulltime. Hey, you bloom where you're planted, right?"

So, they gave me a slip of paper with my "IntegrityFirst Assessment Code," to be filled out, online. My third interview is with Kurt, allegedly. I was further told to keep checking my emails. But they don't seem very anxious to hire me; and I know that no job is guaranteed. But I've been living at the same address for nearly 12 years. I'm no flake. I'm here to stay. The longer they train me, the more indispensable I'll become. [][][]

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Kris Sutterfield - 41 d 4 h ago


I walked into discount tire on Denton hwy. I was greeted with looks and giggles. I hit a pothole, had a flat, DT rufe snow plugged, it went flat at destination. I decided, after having another place fix it, to go to the Denton hwy location. I have always had good experience until then. Denton hwy is also a main St keller. I spoke with Jeff, who was horrible. I had him call my tire and wheel warranty, he sneered. He told them it was cosmetic. I went back a second time with a supervisor on the phone from my warranty. I walked in, the guys were standing together, looked and me, made comments to each other laughing. I am disabled and at the time, waiting for apartment, so I'm living in my truck. I had Jeff, again, to tell the supervisor THE FACTS. INSTEAD of Jeff telling him the facts, that wheel and tire are separating and air leaks out, he got on the phone, sneering and giggling. He did NOT state facts, he acted like a little school girl, giggling, told supervisor, "I think it's like my old chrome wheels were, just old and peeling due to age", then turned away from me and giggling, told my warranty something about I was just a homeless person trying to get a new wheel!!! Told him, I was just scamming and if they wanted to just replace it, their choice, but he wouldnt. I HAVE an income, called disability. My profession I made 30 + an hour, on call shifts, very well respected, with background checks from Texas state and FBI, always no trouble. I have always been an ethical person of the upmost integrity. Someone needs to clean house of those, yes several, unprofessional, immature, making fun of a disabled person, discriminating against me for short hair and I wear shorts and tshirts, which I'd be mortified to wear in public before 04 because I was always well dressed, and if they don't like the barely noticeable blonde hairs on my legs then they can drop to their knees and shave them since my multiple physical disabilities I an lucky I can get dressed! Second thought, NOT TOUCH ME!!! They NEED professional help AND I'm not speaking of retrained, psychological help! I do not cuss normally, now and then one slips out or 2 and I pray for forgiveness each time. I am a Christian, but patence can wear. I was 19, hadn't used such words. HOWEVER, as I was walking out, I came close to saying..."Jeff you're a lying, terrible excuse for a man..wait, not a man but a child, and a discriminating pussy"! It may have felt good for a second, however, I've always have been a professional person when dealing with business, not worth my time or waste of my COPD breath. I've been up in corporate management, over USA employees, but went back to profession that was life or death or property if there was a oversight. You best believe I am going to speak to my attorney because that wheel should've been replaced since it was covered, damage from potholes on Browning before RR tracks and THIS ALL happened. To have such little boys working there, is on your corporation. All had on red shirts, with 1 in black, think Polo. I do expect upper management to contact me. Fair warning, other repurcussions are on their way. I do not tolerate such treatment and unprofessional treatment. I have bought my tires from Discount Tire many years, when DT started popping up in the area, but now, is this what to expect these days? Hello Goodyear, I am back.

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Trimmer - 48 d 39 m ago

Had to buy a tire and rim. Tire was rotted and rim was so bent. Not even a yr later and it goes completely flat, manager at discount says that they never put on a tire just a mother paid for both a tire and a rim, he states first that yes a rim and wheel were purchased. When I say a rim and tire he states that a they dont carry that tire...3 tires are the same and one tire is completely different...then he says she only bought a wheel..what is wrong with people .... Going back and forth about what was bought. Unfortunately I dont have the receiot for her, and why would they say a rim an wheel were bought, when they basically are the same thing,lol.. No wonder people buy online now a days.

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