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Discount Tire

20225 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Bruce Halle
Chairman of the Board
(480) 606-6000
Annual Sales Est
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D.H - 65 d 8 h ago


What a cult of a company. Im very pissed about my service. Went in for 4, new tires, no problem. Then, here they need new rims!! Told me, you gotta put new on, or your just gonna lose air. Finally i said fine, put something on, that looks what i got on there now, no bells and whistles, or they were pushin the black rims. Got my car down they pulled it up, and they put the blk guetto rims on a pc of shit 05 Malibu. $1000 morning. Went to leave very pissed, and theres knockin in the back end. Pulled it back into the bay, 2 guys scratchin there heads look, & the guy comes and tells me. " there must be a bearing loose, and were not a full service shop, sorry!!! It was my problem, and didnt bat a eye. Horse shit.....stay away!!

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Elaine - 3 d 16 h ago

You are the real garbage and got exactly what you deserved for that racist comment. You will bring more to your self--so be it. I love!!!

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Anonymous - 3 d 16 h ago

Where did you go to school? That's who you should be mad at.

It's ghetto by the way.

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Karen Clancy - 8 d 10 h ago


I trusted Mavis to replace the thermostat on my 2006 Grand Marquis. Two days later, 436,00 in repairs - and now my car is NOT DRIVEABLE and they claim its not their fault and not their problem. Who holds Mavis accountable? I will keep telling anyone who will listen that MAVIS ought to be ashamed of the way they treat people and their property. They lied about what happened and left me CAR-LESS and they could CARELESS ,,, they ought to be ashamed of the way they treated me and the car!

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Marsha - 12 d 11 h ago


I would never go back to discount in Pearland Texas!! I had my truck in a month to have my tires balanced and rotated!! And Thursday March 7 on my way to work my truck started shaking and making a horrible noise!! So I pulled over and checked my tires saw nothing!! Then called my husband and told him what was going on!! He came and had my pull up so he could see what it was doing!! He took the passenger side tire off and Bam I had ONE Bolt holding my Whole Tire on my TRUCK!!! We immediately called TIM the Manger!! He said Bring it in!! Well mmmm ok I have to go buy 5 more Bolts to even make it safe to drive!! Took it up there well he said I'll replace all bolts which we already did or I couldn't drive it!! Then said we may be able to replace the wheel!! Tim states I'll be here the rest of the week plus the weekend I'll call u as soon as the wheel gets here!! Well it was about 10am Thursday when we got to discount and he found the wheel and Oder it!! Tim states it should be here Saturday!! I called Friday he said no it wasn't there!! I called at 12 Saturday I got told he was at lunch and they would have him call me!! Well no call!! My husband called at 5:23 and Tim answers the phone told him who I was and he acts stupid like he didn't know who I was!! When he figured it out he said oh we are closed and the wheel didn't come in!! And of course there closed Sunday!! So not only I missed work because my bolts on the tire was over tighten I have to miss Monday also!! 3 Days without pay due to Discount Tire going too fast or not having there techs trained right!! I don't have cheap tires either!! I'm beyond disgusted with Discount Tire!! My situation with this tire could of been really deadly if that tire would of came off!! I am blessed the tire didn't fall off and kill me or my family or harm someone else!!!

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Anonymous - 22 d 16 h ago

Called Discount Tires for a quote for my car., they quoted me 288.92 total and they had the tires in stock .. even though his store in Sanford Fl. was an hour away from where I lived, they had the tires that would fit my car.. So the next day I went to the bank grabbed $300 and went to Discount Tires in Sanford that was an hr away from my house and was told they made a mistake and it was there Fault... But I had to pay $375 for the right tires and there sorry;;;(

Bad Business... I left the store I didn't have enough money on me ... another hour ride home,,,

Discount Tires in Sanford Fl You Suck ....

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Paulette - 28 d 10 h ago


Still waiting for my $50+ credit promised to me by Juan last year from Bloomingdale location! Contacted corporate 3x and have not heard a word yet!

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Garcia - 30 d 5 h ago


I went to my neighborhood Discount tire store in Albuquerque today to have my tires balanced and rotated, but they couldn't balance the tires because the tires had plastic balancers, what's up with that. They were the ones who installed them in the first place.

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Tom N - 33 d 9 h ago


I have been to both discount tire locations in Rochester MN and I want to say both of those places know exactly what customer service is all about!!!! This morning I stopped at the North location just a few minutes after I had left the Sams Club tire department and it was like walking into a whole new world. I was greeted before I ever got to the counter with a smile and a great attitude. I wanted to have my tires balanced and knowing a Saturday morning I just might be waiting a while was I wrong I was taken care of immediately and was done and out within a half hour and very impressed!! While I sat waiting I listened to each customer coming in the front door and each one of them were treated the exact same way. Very Good!!!! I also listened to the service techs go over the work preformed with customers and they also did an excellent job!!! I have been involved in customer service for 40+ years and I think this place would take 1st place in knowing how to deal with customers. I just want to say Thank You Jacob Nortung and your techs my 2016 Ram is smooth as silk!!!!

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Brian E Lutes - 44 d 15 h ago


Would like to take the time to recognize a very dedicated manager at the discount auto store on Charlotte pike in Tennessee. Something happens with a break down in communication with staff members causing me to wait close to 31/2 hours with no communication until I inquired. Manager defused the situation and handled his business like a pro. Dealing with a customer that is both annoyed and hungry is not an easy task. Thank tou

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Gary - 44 d 17 h ago

Does discount tires have discount for seniors

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D.T. - 49 d 16 h ago



Kick Discount tire corporation out of AMERICA!!

Flagged for review. 
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Chuck - 49 d 20 h ago


just visited the Kalamazoo, mi Stadium Dr. store for a scheduled appointment. Waited 30 minutes to talk to a rep and was informed the didn't have my appointment scheduled and my tires were not in stock. Waste of time, never again!

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Jesus panuco - 53 d 17 h ago


I'm very upset at the store in San Bernardino because Ivan morons just manipulate me into buying 2tires and getting 2 free and then he adds all this other we don't even need with out explaining what it's for will. It recommend to anyone

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John - 58 d 18 h ago


Complaint Type:

Service Issues

Description of Complaint:

Discount Tire Store SPARKS , NV 89436 My original complaint is not listed. This store has also broke hubcap to a Ford Tempo. Purchased a set of brand new Michelin tires. The store person I was working with, and the installer said and I quote "You will never have to purchase tires again for this ca. I gave car to my son. Guess what. It had to have a new set of tires. I spent well over $500.00 for the tires. So they put a set of Falcon tires on and charged my son almost another $300.00 dollars for a tire nowhere near the quality of the Michelin. My complaint. I will never set foot back in this store. No need to call. I have a balance and rotate plan with you. I will try a different location. I sincerely hope all your stores are not like this one my opinion incompetent. Especially when you have instructions and can't follow them. Again my opinion. Also, every time I have a balance and rotate. The next day I have to add air. I understand policy for tire pressure, 34 is low. My opinion. Do not call. If you prefer, give me my money back, and I'll never set front in Discount Tire again. Please send copy to district manager in Las Vegas. I will be trying. As long as I'm complaining What good is an appointment? Not this time but the one before this. She had 11 AM appointment for balance and rotation. Took them 1 12 hour to pull car in. What good! I strongly recommend NOT using this store. Drive 10 miles out of your way to a different location. People START complaining about issues to everybody. NOBODY CARES ANYMORE. I was at store watching with hubcaps. Management was told every-time. All management did was stick there face in computer. Finish my paperwork, out the door.

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Paula Keen - 64 d 12 h ago


Bought tires and wanted to have them rotated and the sevice tech stated that could not rotate. When I asked why he stated he did not agree with what I wanted because most people dont want it that way. Excuse me. Really. It is my car and my decision. It was not wrong just the idiot did not like it that way. Calling corporate

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Lee Fisher - 64 d 18 h ago

The Tyler Texas store is very well run. I have given them all of my business for twenty years with no problems, However the manager insists that the music be the new modern religious songs. They all sound the same and I find it difficult to tolerate it while in the waiting area after a few minutes. Please ask them to select a station with a nice mix of music. Thanks

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LOVELL BARNES - 65 d 19 h ago


I just had a terrible experience with your las cruces,New Mexico office. I've been dealing with your business since 2009. Employee named Adrian, I had asked him ta order a tire for me on January 8th 2019. Here it is January 15th I just spoke with mark, the tire was never ordered by ADRIAN he cleaned out all the data information as if I never ordered the tire from ADRIAN.THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR IS UNACCEPTABLE.Mark said the tire will be in Friday..

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KEVIN METHEUS - 69 d 5 h ago


I visited the new store in Cartersville, GA---the asst. mgr. there, TANNER FREEMAN, was very helpful and friendly. He was instrumental in getting my damaged tire replaced and he made sure that my car was very well taken care of. He went out of his way to do so. as a matter of fact, and he deserves to be commended by the powers-that-be for his exemplary customer an aside, I can't understand those negative reviews about Discount Tire presented here---every one I went to had a staff that was always friendly and helpful! Maybe that's just the Georgia stores, lol...

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unethical practices - 81 d 15 h ago


i was charged for tire sensors that i didn't authorize and then i was told that they were taken off the bill when i asked for the old ones they couldnt find them in the state of ny they have to give them to customer when asked, then i was told they didn't even put them in so i said that you tried to charge me for sensors that you didn't even put in, poor practices and policies should have refunded me all labr and taxes as this is not the end for this stealing is stealing fraud is fraud hope your company follows through and resolves this problem Mavis Discount Tire

222 West Main St.

Smithtown NY 11787


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Unhappy repeat customer - 85 d 15 h ago


The discount tires located at this; Address: 14328 1st Ave S, Burien, WA 98168, had a dissatisfaction with sale advisor by the name Zane about how ruled and arrogant the way he handles the conversation over the phone this morning.

As a loyal customer, I will never set foot nor buy anything from this store again. I whether put my money on someone or business where they treated. Especially, when I spend good money so they can have a paycheck for their mediocre service.

Their business certainly CAN KISS MY you know what.

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very angry - 96 d 11 h ago


had them repair the tire with instructions to lock key in car.

no key... door unlocked closed till monday.

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Rob Nixon - 109 d 11 h ago


While waiting for my car to be serviced i had to listen to that twangy horrible COUNTRY music for nearly two hours!!

I suggest that you inform the store manager that if he plans to play music, to at least play music that would be somewhat neutral for all of the customers in the waiting area.

Listening to country music was one of the most agonizing experiences I've had at a major national chain store. It was truly an annoying agonizing experience. I will never do business with Discount Tire again.


CAS 18 CA# ARD271968


SAN DIEGO, CA, 92120


Date of service: 8/3/2018

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country - 97 d 10 h ago

Did i hear racism

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