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Discount Tire

20225 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Bruce Halle
Chairman of the Board
(480) 606-6000
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 9 d 19 h ago



Bruce Halle

Chairman of the Board

Discount Tire, USA

This is to let you know that I have been extremely disappointed with your Houston, Texas store located at 10331 Broadway street. I have been your customer for many years and there were two incidents in the last few months that made me realize your local managers are not very professional and very misleading with your customers.

Yesterday, I visited your Broadway store to rotate and balance my tires based on a contact I have with your company for the life of my tires on the KIA, Cadenza currently with 31,000+ miles and Premium Hankook tires.

I was told that my front tires were at 2/32" tread left while the rear tires were well above that with 6/32" tread left. I was told that my front tires had to be replaced with new ones. I requested to remove my rear tires and install them at the front, by moving the front ones to the rear. They refused to do this because of torque considerations and drivability requirements.

I reminded them that my car was a front wheel drive which what they were using as a requirement did not apply since the rear tires of a front wheel drive car all they do is spin in place.

Additionally, I was told that my front tires were slick which is very incorrect for there is still a 2/32" tread left on the these tires before they become slick.

Please review my case and forward me your response at your earliest convenient time.


John Sklavos

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R. Ransom - 10 d 5 h ago


My family and I stopped at the discount tires located in Gainesville Texas because our front passenger tire had a cut all around it and the wires were showing on it. The process took over an hour to complete. When the mechanics were done I failed to look under the suv to see the new tire I bought which by the way cost me $128. Later I learned they never changed the tire. The only change Discount Tires had performed that day was loosened my driver side headlight and stole my money for services not performed. I had the same tire on our suv, they left it as is. I drove all the way to Oklahoma from Texas believing I had a good tire. Thank you Lord God and Lord Jesus for looking out for me and my family. I will never use the services of Discount Tires again. Discount Tires corporate office needs to replace all of the workers located at the Gainesville office off the service road of 35 in Gainesville. I should have gotten what I paid for instead of deception.

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hollyh - 88 d 10 h ago

I have been a regular customer for man years but I just learned that DT gave a huge donation to the racist dictator Donald Trump. This means Discount Tire supports racism, homophobia and misogyny to name a few ghastly traits. I will be taking my business elsewhere in the future and will be urging everyone I know to do likewise. I guess you'd support Hitler if he were alive today.

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DMD - 86 d 14 h ago

Thats alright ...I just increased my order with them!! Thank goodness we have a man in the White House that isn't afraid to make decisions and move forward.

Mr Halle THANK YOU for not being a follower but being a leader !! It takes courage and principle to stand against the political winds of this country. I am certain in time America will come around and see what you see in OUR President !!!

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not a trump fan - 10 d 18 h ago


your buying your tires based on a racist that demeans women, a so called man that hasn't done one thing right except play golf and spend tax payers money on personal trips to support his own resorts and protect his building in NYC. You need to get a life.

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Dewayne Woodrich - 15 d 6 h ago


They used to have amazing customer service and really have gone down hill. I went in today to get my sensors and air checked. I was told by the kid checking the tires that they now charge 20 bucks to check the sensors. I asked for a Mgr and this person named RAUL came out and was stand ofish and absolutely disrespectful when I questioned the charge. He laughed at me and said if I wanted the sensors checked, I should have bought the itres from him and then got cocky with me asking how much I payed for them and that I probably got ripped off. He did and said all this to me in front of 2 eployees and 1 other customer who promptly walked out with me. So embarrassed and appaled! El Paso store on Montwood ..never will go back

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Mike Fortier - 16 d 13 h ago


Been a very long time Discount Tire person. Went in yesterday at the Southwest Freeway/Houston (TXH 12) store for Michelin AS truck tires. I was told they don't carry those tires. Then requested LTX M/S 2. Quentin Moore, talking real fast about his own truck tires while pointing to a Michelin on the showroom quotes me a price. I agreed, then swiped my card as he folded the invoice directly into a folder and stated I would be ready to go in 1/2 hour. Once I got back to the office, I realized the tires on my truck were not what I had discussed. It was very upsetting! I shopped at Discount Tires for 20+ years and have been faithful. Not sure if they've been bought out by private equity or what but after the experience at this store, they've lost my business...and I'm sad to say it as I've always held Discount Tire as the best in customer service in any industry. After this experience, I feel like I got bamboozled by a fast talking salesperson. What happened???

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Anonymous - 16 d 18 h ago


Discount tire of temple tx was one of the worst experiences that I have ever had first they threw my key phob to each other and broke it then they broke the lug nuts their answer was this happens to all lugs of this type then they say they can replace them for 20more dollars when I said no they replaced them with two different kinds now I need two wrenches to get my wheel's off afterwards they hooked up to the car said they had to reset the tire sensor when I complained to that they put my Up on the rack for another thirty minutes beware if you use this place

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Lisa - 20 d 18 h ago


Got a new set of tires put on at the Ann Arbor MI store...what a horrible establishment. First they break off a post to a lug nut, and DONT say a word about it...and when my husband noticed a few weeks later he took the car up there to tell them....the response we got was that "it could have been a pot hole...or you could have done it yourself...or it was already like that" complete garbage...been getting my tires at discount since the 2001 and ill NEVER go back.....Belle Tire here I come!

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Sharon - 134 d 12 h ago


I would like to stress my dissatisfaction with the Management of the Roseville, MI store. I arrived at the store at 9:30 am with my daughter's vehicle. She had spent four hours at the store on Dec 13. On her way to work the front end started shaking. She went I. For repair of the tire only with no shaking! I took the vehicle back this morning at 930 am and was told the front end neded balancing! IThere were several cars in the facility. I waited an additional six hours and was told after repeated asking when will the car be ready! The technician informed me after 10 minutes of looking at the front end the rim/wheel was bent! Truly disappointed wasting an additional 6 hours that should have been discovered when my daughter brought the vehicle in during her 4 hour wait time! Truly unfortunate time is not considered for each individual case! I should have n no t waited six hours for something that should have been discovered on the first visit!

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USArmy Veteran, Lisa Clark - 114 d 51 m ago


I wholeheartedly agree. Fortunately, I am a Hibdons customer. But this a.m. my cousin calls from one of these stores to tell me the manager was rude and the tech had told her that the car did not work. What is the problem? she asks...This bright, young man tells her the car won't start. Did you engage the clutch, she asks him? What is a clutch?

Amazing! My 14 grandsons, ranging from 3 to 12 years if age ride gocarts and know the parts.

There seems to be a pattern of hiring untrained technicians. SOLUTION: If there is not on-the-job training then do not hire someone that just doesn't get it!

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Former employee in Seattle - 23 d 17 h ago


Dear Lisa, I understand what your talking about.Now take this into consideration, they also promote these younger, no knowledge about vehicles, wheels, tires,faster than a guy with much more knowledge and a little older.

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Peter Samulis - 28 d 17 h ago


Peter Samulis. I visited your location in Oak Lawn Illinois on Friday 3-31-17. I went there to have my tires rotated. I bought them there and have bought tires for several cars there. So I went in about 8:50 am and there were a few people ahead of me. They said it would be a little while I said ok. So as I sat there about 40 minutes went by and my car sat in the lot. I saw the salesman and other people go out to my car and looking around. Finally he came to me and said do you have your car keys. I said no and they continued to look for them. A little while later they came and said the keys were in a customer who had left already car and they were trying to contact him. After a short time he came back and they finished the job. All this time the manager didn't say anything to me. So when my car was done I asked to see the manager and I said to him the least he could have done was come to me and apologize. He said he told someone to apologize and what else did I expect from him. I said I would never return to that store and would tell all my friends on social media to do the same. He said ok. I don't think you would want you people too act like that towards customers. I just wanted to let someone know my experience.

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Applewhite - 29 d 18 h ago


I just left the store in Dallas Texas on off with Highway, and I had a horrible experience. The people in the office are not the same ones that were there six months ago to three months ago. I really have no problem until today. Today I went because I had a nail in my tire. Normally they would also reset the tire sensors because they took the tire off of my car. When I got my car back the guy who worked on it said that the tire pressure sensor fault light was on in my car and it wasn't before I brought the car in. I have to ask him if he reset them and he looked at me like he was confused. I told him he needed to get the black box and reset the sensors. After 30 additional minutes of waiting I asked one of the guys on the inside what was the problem with my car. He picks up that order and says oh well you need a sensor on a tire that we didn't work on and I thought that was confusing since I didn't have the light on before I came in. He then decided to give me all these excuses like I didn't know what was going on as to why the light would be on on a tire that they just worked on. Ultimately I was so irritated that I became upset told him to give me my car and they stood there looking at me like I was crazy. The manager never said anything. I went outside and had to wait for the guy to to put the wheel back on that he didn't even work on it was the wrong side. Then he didn't want to pull my car out for me and ask me if I wanted to pull it out so I became more upset. I told him I would never come there again. No one else should either this is becoming a habit at this location.

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David Palmer - 29 d 19 h ago


I have never written a company before but I am writing this letter to let you know my experience I had at your store in Lake Forest on 22765 Aspen St. on March 27, I picked up my car at the Honda dealership in Irvine. They informed me I had a nail in my tire that could not be fixed, but would put on a new tire for $150.00. I declined and went to your store in lake forest at 6.00 PM. I talked to a gentleman by the name of Matt Cook. He told me he can't do anything that day because they are closing but would look at it to see if it was fixable. When he looked at it he noticed it was fixable and said he heard it hissing. He said he couldn't let me leave his shop like that and he said he would fix it. I was shocked and surprised and thanked him. His comment to me was, what would are founder do in this case? So he fixed it. I just wanted to let you know that you are very lucky to have Matt Cook as an employee and should really consider promoting him. He is a great representative for your company and because of him I will be doing all my tire business with Americas tire.

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Glen Green - 36 d 24 h ago


Called the Store on Harwood ave in Bedford TX to by 4 tires, 235 75 15 Good Wranglers, Store Rep stated they would,nt have any for 3 days, closes match was $191 per tire. what kind of fucked up store, runs out of a common tire size on a Friday

than charges 3 times the competers price. this store is run by a bunch of idiots. Will write you up in YELP today. will never try to buy anything from your stores again.

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MiltVine - 43 d 15 h ago


Dear Discount Tire,

I would like to commend your employee Jeremy Stubbfield at the Cedar Hill Store at 142 N Highway 67. Several months came into the store to purchase 2 tires due to my budget but one of my rear tires were really bad. Mr. Stubbfield sold me 3 tires (paid for 2) and said just come back next month and paid for 2 tires.

I was amazed that he did that and trusted a total stranger but I am eternally grateful for his compassion and superior customer service. Truly appreciated that he did and (Discount tires) have a customer for life.

Once again thanks,

Edward M. Griffin

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JAM - 43 d 16 h ago


I am sitting, waiting, waiting, waiting to get my tires aired up--- have been here (The Forum-Selma, Texas) and so far two workers have said--" just a minute-someone will be with you". If you, this center can't deliver this service--why have signs that say you can??? Very disappointed--buy my tires here all the time..should I change services?

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Jim Kaiser - 44 d 20 h ago


It has been a week and have not heard back from anyone except a couple of emails that "Customer Service" is our highest priority. All you seem to be is good at sending out "surveys" that I feel no one looks at. Since answering or assisting in my issue seems to be of no interest to you. I have closed my discount tire account and cut up the card. After about 20 years of buying tires at DC, the only time I will be back is to have any needed tire warranty performed. There are other national tire chains.

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Erica S. - 52 d 16 h ago


Need corporate contact immediately. 3 bent rims, 2 of which are bent badly. Written statement from master mechanic at a reputable establishment. Store manager denies any accountability as well as refuses any attempt to rectify problem. Possible lawsuit if issue not addressed.

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TIESHA W. - 60 d 9 h ago

Discount Tire Odessa Tx,on 42nd St.charged me FULL PRICE for a set of tires, plus warranty on USED tires. I had a blow out on my way to work tonight on Interstate I-20 causing major damage to my car.I called Tow Masters to tow my car, he told me the car was still drive able with it being damaged and he could put my spare on for me. (80.00 dollars he charged me) , he explained to me neither tire was brand new and showed me where my NEW TIRE had been patched. I'm so upset I don't know what to do, but they will see me first thing in the morning I PROMISE YOU. I'm so upset thinking how could a suppose to be creditable business be so DISHONEST, I have done business with Discount Tire numerous times in Midland Tx and have NEVER had this issue. I am LIVID and I want this handled.

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TIESHA W. - 60 d 9 h ago

Discount Tire Odessa Tx,on 42nd St.charged me FULL PRICE for a set of tires, plus warranty on USED tires. I had a blow out on my way to work tonight on Interstate I-20 causing major damage to my car.I called Tow Masters to tow my car, he told me the car was still drive able with it being damaged and he could put my spare on for me. (80.00 dollars he charged me) , he explained to me neither tire was brand new and showed me where my NEW TIRE had been patched. I'm so upset I don't know what to do, but they will see me first thing in the morning I PROMISE YOU. I'm so upset thinking how could a suppose to be creditable business be so DISHONEST, I have done business with Discount Tire numerous times in Midland Tx and have NEVER had this issue. I am LIVID and I want this handled.

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Anonymous - 60 d 12 h ago

I need to talk to corporate because I m being cheated out of my warrenty I paid almost70 dollarswarrenty and road Hazzard all the tires have been nothing but trouble sense one week after I bought them when I had a rotation done the guy didn t put my stud in right and it fell into my back brake hub and destroys my breaks Ii called them immediately to date they won t replace my tires and he the manager won't pay me back for the brakes so if I don t hear from corporate I m getting a lawyer and sueing the hell out of discount tire in Bryant colledge station

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Anonymous - 63 d 15 h ago


I wanted to let you know what wonderful staff you have at your central and baseline store.

I made an appointment to get my tires rotated. The appointment was at 1:00 and they took my care in at 1:03 by 1:11 they were done rotating all four tires.

They do excellent work. You should be proud of the workers you have in that store. I'll tell all my friends which store they can get quick service like that. I wish all your stores was a good as they are. They are to be commended for taking such good care of the people in south Phoenix. This happened on 2-24-2017.

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Duncan - 66 d 17 h ago

My son worked for Discount Tire in Centennial Colorado. He followed every policy he was given during his tenure there. He signed an agreement upon hire that he would keep his face shaved as per company policy and he did. My son is the only African-American who was employed at this location and was teased and called "The Help" by fellow co-workers. His hair was growing out and getting harder to maintain as it was longer on the top so he braided the top to keep a neat appearance. He always presented to work clean, shaved and on time, ready to work. This past Saturday, he was told that he could not work at that location with braids in his hair and that if he wanted to "express" himself in that way, he could not work there. Many other young men who work for this company have long hair, short hair, many variations of hairstyles. I have now gone to 4 locations and the only thing consistent is that they are all clean shaved. I spoke with the store manager and he further expressed that my son could not work there with braids in his hair. My son said that he has a co-worker who has come to work with his hair gelled and spiked and the manager laughed and moved on. There was no threat of losing his job, or penalty for his hair style. The manager told me that my son had to get permission to change his hairstyle before doing anything different in that store. I asked if it was company policy and could not get a straight answer. He was clear that it was his policy however. I have reached out to the corporate office via the District Manager as well as the HR department and I've received not response. This is discriminatory behavior and Discount Tire needs to address it, or the EEOC will address it.

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