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Discount Tire

20225 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Bruce Halle
Chairman of the Board
(480) 606-6000
Annual Sales Est
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Don - 5 d 23 h ago


OUTSTANDING service by Tualatin, Oregon retail store. I've bought tires there (for 3-5 vehicles owned at same time) over the las 10-12 years. Upward advancement has changed personnel over time, but the culture of excellent customer service has been continuous I've used Michelins for years, but have been underwhelmed with their recent products so last set purchased was Continental (exclusive design for Discount), with superior performance, low noise, and great ride comfort in a Lexus LS. Best of all was quality staff, all knowledgeable, courteous, and focused on customer satisfaction

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Pete - 5 d 28 m ago


I have been a loyal Discount Tire customer for over 10 years, bought all my families tires there as well as for my car, which I use for my traveling job. Probably have spend well over 10K at the Woodruff Rd store in Greenville SC.

Had an appt (which apparently means absolutely nothing) for a tire rotation, after waiting in line for 30 minutes, the sales person checked my tread depth and said that 1 of my tires was 2/32", and that they will not service this tire. He offered to rotate the 3 tires that he said were serviceable. Why would I rotate 3 tires? I explained that I need to get 1 more rotation out of these tires and then I would replace my Michelin Premiers with the same tires. The young man refused to include that 1 tire in the rotation, stating it was a safety issue,

I stated that my car safety was my responsibility, not his. He did agree with me that all my tires' tread was above the wear bar indicators.

Told him that he was getting ready to lose a loyal customer over an inexpensive plastic depth gauge reader and 1/32". he held his ground saying he could not help me. I'm guessing this young man was under some pressure to sell more tires, but I know my car and always take good care of it, I need it for my job. I would not operate an unsafe car.

I checked my tread depth with a micrometer when I got home and found it to be a bit under 4/32".

Very, very disappointed and quite aggravated at this type of service. I was there over an hour and left with nothing being done. Will never walk back in this store again.

Discount Tire you just lost a good loyal customer and I will tell all my friends and family they need to look at the multiple other tire suppliers.

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Nicole - 55 d 18 h ago


Bought tires for my mini van (which carries my young children) about 4 months ago. I have already gone through 2 tires (supposedly they had nails in the sidewall). I purchased the warranty on the tires (that is supposed to cover everything in case something like this happens, I had a flat) only to be told that every time (and I mean every time I take it in apparently I need a new tire) I have to pay to put another warranty on the new tire. I'm a stay at home mom and my husband is the only income and we have 5 kids. We can not afford to constantly be paying for stuff that is supposed to be under warranty. Ridiculous!! Will go get a warranty somewhere else where they actually honor it, CORRECTLY!!!!

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bamboozle - 9 d ago


Wait till you go in and they tell you that your warranty is expired because you've had the tires longer 3 or 6 years despite having 9/32 tread (3/32) is their limit. I've had them say both. They sell their warranty "life of tire" is a complete lie and I regret buying it. If I knew there was a year limit I would not of bought it since I only drive 3000 miles a year.

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Terry L Darling - 10 d 17 h ago


I had an appointment to have my tires balanced and rotated at 10am Tuesday 9/11/18. Dropped it off at 9:50 am, came back 40 minutes later still was not taken in the garage to be serviced. All the people that came in after that was gone in their vehicles before my vehicle was done. An employee I think was a manager tried to personally apologize, and offered me a handful of dollar bills to me (like I was some kind of stripper) or something to buy my lunch, I refused the money and was very upset. Really what kind of place is this. Not one mechanic used plastic off the rolls to cover any seats or floors. They were high fiving, joking around, and goofing off. Springfield Illinois veterans parkway location. 2 and a half hours later they were done, I was told 45 minutes to an hour with an appointment.

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michael hawkes - 12 d 39 m ago


I wanted to take a moment to Congratulate Discount Tires for having such a professional, thoughtful and dedicated Assistant Manage, Joe Vizcarra at your Los Lunas office. I have been doing business with Discount Tire for many years and I had an experience at an Albuquerque store that made me contemplate switching to another tire provider for all of my vehicles. At that store I had bought a tire replacement and 5 days later decided to replace the remaining three tires. I went to the store under the special buy three and get the forth free and was told I could not do that since I had purchased a tire 5 days before. Nonetheless, I digress, since my wife's BMW has run flat tires only I had to take the tire off at my house approximately 70 miles away. I met with Joe Vizcarra who advised he could help me when I asked how long it would take as I had a grandson birthday party to go to in Albuquerque and didn't know how long it would take. Mr. Vizcarra stated it didn't matter even if I was to make it back after hours he would meet me with the tire so I wouldn't have to rush away from my Grandson's birthday party; he provided his personal cell phone so I could contact him in the event the store was closed. Sure enough Joe met me on his own time later that evening in Belen, NM with the tire and during the entire time was gracious and kind. What an employee!!!

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Brian Hanthorn - 13 d 3 m ago


Got my tires balanced and rotated they messed up my traction control censor would not fix it wont be back farragut tn location

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Skeptical - 18 d 1 s ago


The company discontinued its 8 a.m. appointments, so unless someone shows up half an hour or more early, they will be waiting a very, very long time.

I did this today (showed up half an hour early), but had to wait 45 minutes even though I was first in line and two people were taken ahead of me.

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Heather Y - 18 d 13 h ago


Another horrible Discount tire experience. I feel like they take advantage of women. Went into DT with a leaking tire. had a replacement in my trunk to put on since i can not drive on a spare due to work. They guy quoted me NO CHARGE. ok so im waiting in the room for over 1.5 hrs then they finally pull in my car but by then the tire has gone flat completely. No concern about the expensive tire sensor thats probably now damaged. Then he comes back and tells me the cost is going to be $40 to mount the tire in my trunk. Nows its past 6pm and everwhere else is closed. i throw a fit since i have never paid more that $15 per tire for a simple mount and balance. i even have 2 receipts from a local pepboys in the last 30 days to prove it. So now he lowers the price to $30. still way OVERPRICED Can you say SCAMMERS. Discount will lose another customer forever and eveyone i can speak with will hear about this.

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MC - 23 d 15 h ago


I just learned these boys get ZERO breaks. The one kid I spoke with, a nice boy was working so hard and I said well maybe break after this and he said NO we don't get breaks here I'm working 7.5 hrs and I get nothing... WHAT the heck??????????????????????????????

4365 Norfolk Pkwy, West Melbourne, FL 32904

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Tr - 26 d 17 h ago

Severely upset..bought 4 new tires for my truck and 2 new ones for my Camaro less than 6 months ago the 2 front tires on my truck are totally bald and cords are showing through...I go back to the store where I purchased the tires and they say oh it's your fault you have to get a front wheel alignment when you leave here..I have never ever been told this from any of your sales guys I have bought a lot of tires from you all and have never been told I had to get an alignment I purchased the lifetime warranty on these tires and they are not covered because I didnt do something I knew nothing to stop this from mad and upset right now I cant even see straight you all have put my life as well as my families life in having me drive around on tires like this since I xant afford to new front tires for the truck since I just bought these. This is not right and horrible way to do business I will get this out to everybody cause now I see this is your way of selling more tires...never will I ever buy tires from you all and I had just bought 4 more a month ago for my SUV so you have lost a paying customer now I'm stuck having to find used tires for my truck so we dont get hurt when these 2 blow...not cool at all.

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Mary - 27 d 17 m ago


I presently had two tires replaced under warranty and found out they out 2 different tires on my car.. I ask the man why..if I purchased tires here, then why do I have three different one..he had no answer. Can someone explain to me how to get the front tires the same $287.00 each.....are they train to help a customer or purchase new one....

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Thomas J. Warszalek - 31 d 24 h ago


To Whom It May Concern, In April of 2017 I purchased 4 Good Year Alliance tires for over $700.00. The tire light on the dash was constantly lit. Went back to Crestwood and was told I needed sensors in all 4 tires and also needed a brand new tire on right front. Tire was installed and I purchased 4 sensors on August 10th 2018 for $244. Light is still appearing on my dash. Went on Aug,23 back to Crestwood and was not treated properly. I was using my walker and waited over 2 hours and still got no assistance. I left very upset.

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Anon - 32 d 20 h ago


I visited a DT location in Kyle, TX on Sat, Aug 18, 2018 to have my rear passenger side tire repaired ( nail) I left the vehicle for a few hours, when I returned to pick up my vehicle, it was not drivable. I was all over the road. Come to find out the vehicle was returned to me with a broken rear stabilizer link - they are not taking responsibility for this. I have spoken with their ins and now I am calling corp. I have never had any issues either until now. I am very disappointed and upset. It is obvious it is a direct impact on my stabilizer link, either the lift or a floor jack. Rookie mistake.

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Anon - 32 d 20 h ago


I visited a DT location in Kyle, TX on Sat, Aug 18, 2018 to have my rear passenger side tire repaired ( nail) I left the vehicle for a few hours, when I returned to pick up my vehicle, it was not drivable. I was all over the road. Come to find out the vehicle was returned to me with a broken rear stabilizer link - they are not taking responsibility for this. I have spoken with their ins and now I am calling corp. I have never had any issues either until now. I am very disappointed and upset. It is obvious it is a direct impact on my stabilizer link, either the lift or a floor jack. Rookie mistake.

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Grace Hines - 34 d ago


Yesterday I visited your establishment (Concord, NC location) to repair my rear tire on the driver's side that had a nail in it. After waiting for the repair, I was approached by Senior Assistant Terrance whom informed me that my stud had been broken and that I needed to take my car to "Christian Brothers" for the repair. What a BIG inconvenience for me!!! Not only was my stud broken, I returned to my car only to find my spare tire was thrown in my truck and not bolted/secured down. What a disappointing feeling that Discount Tire didn't give a "hoot" about placing my spare back like it supposed to be placed!

I've dealt with Discount Tire for several years and have NEVER experienced this type of poor customer service ever! I'm very displeased with the services rendered during my visit and will probably look at taking my business elsewhere where I'm appreciated!

I've discussed my concerns with Senior Assistant Terrance and now I'm voicing my concerns with you!

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I went in to Discount Tires yesterday for an overall checkup after a tire scare and Chris, one of the front desk associates was nothing but wonderful. He answered all my questions and doubts I had, helped me understand what to expect in the upcoming season, gave me options and prices, and helped me leave with a smile because my vehicle was cared for.

I can always rest assured she is in good hands, hence, guaranteeing I will too. In regards to customer service, Chris provided nothing less than A+ service.

Discount Tires has been and always will always be my preferred choice when it comes to tires!

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John Brooks - 38 d ago


Competitive prices, but poor service. After purchasing a set of tires I found that the balancing was improperly done causing vibration at freeway speeds and pressure in tires was uneven which set the tire warning light on my dash. I returned to Discount Tires in Redlands, CA, to have these problems corrected. Although they did fix the out of balance issue, they still failed to fill tires to proper pressure ... which I did myself afterward.

I can see why they have a low rating. Great sales, but VERY POOR SERVICE. Unfortunate.

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Houdini - 41 d 29 s ago


Pulled off the interstate to buy tires got prices,Went back to my truck and they started calling me horrendous names and threatened me, I'm going to contact their corporate office and see if that's standard procedure for their business.

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Anonymous - 50 d 5 h ago

I just wanted to let you guys know I've been going to Discount Tire since 04 bought over 50 tires not happy I'm not going there anymore tires are very noisy say it's my car and not the tires they always blame it on the car didn't offer me anything on new tires don't like the appointment I never know when I'm going to be able to go so I sit there forever well people with appointments keep on going ahead of me every half an hour goes ahead of me every half an hour

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Anonymous - 44 d 15 h ago

I know that happened to my driver side front tire they didn't even offer to replace it or anything I had to buy another one but I told him to fuck off

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Pinkie - 44 d 15 h ago

So we go to American tires About five months now it's been got two tires in the front he said I needed an alignment when I already had an alignment he kept pressuring me to get an alignment for $60 he said he would charge I said no he charged it on my card anyway and I have not received my money back

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Anonymous - 46 d 14 h ago


I would like to know if anyone else is or has experienced problems with REBATES from DIscount tire. I have a claim in and still have not received my $100 rebate on a set of 4 tires I purchased on July 3rd 2018. When I called to check the status of my claim, I was shocked to find out all of my information was incorrect (Address, email and phone #) even though every time I have done business with Discount tire over the last 15 years I have told the clerk to delete the main phone and address they had for me. I hadn't used the information they kept on file for me forr 15 years and gave them the new info each and every time. I was told the rebate would come in the form of a prepaid Credit/Debit card and that alarmed me because the info was incorrect. I asked to have it mailed to me certified mail in case it is delivered to the wrong address since there is no SECURITY messure in place that the person activating the card is the actual recipient (like asking for phone number or make and model of car), the only thing someone has to do when they call to activate the cards is put in the zip code (which if the envelope falls into the wrong hands is on the envelope!!).. I have put numerous calls into their rebate center and have asked for a manager to call me 3 times over the course of 2 weeks and to date have not received a single a back. I left messages with a Constance on 7/31 @ 9:05am, her supervisor Gracia on 7/31 @9:45am who said she would have a manager Omar call me back and he never did. Then I spokd with Jasmine on 8/1 @ 9:25am who said she would have a manager call me back and nobody ever did. She told me if I did not receive the cards I would have to file a claim and then the "burden of proof" would be mine to prove someone else received them. WTH!!! Very poor customer servicde. I have never received a rebate from any company in the form of a pre-paid credit/debit card they have always come on checks. Discount tire this is a RIDICULOUS WAY TO PROVIDE REBATES UNLESS YOU HAVE A FULL PROOF SAFETY VERIFICATION PROCESS THAT ONLY THE PERSON RECEIVING THE REBATE WOULD HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF......NOT THE ZIP CODE THAT IS ON THE ENVELOPE!!! I want my REBATE or a CALL BACK FROM A MANAGER.

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Terrible Service - 56 d ago


The store in Hilliard Ohio I go to is usually good.This time I went 3 weeks ago.Had a 330 hour wait which was fine. Only thing is the tire still leaks.Took it back when I had a chance they told me 230 hour wait.I shouldn't have to wait that long again because they didn't do the job right.Funny thing is a guy came in the first time when I was there and they took him straight back.

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Donnie Martindale - 57 d 47 s ago


I would like to thank Josh Maestas and James (don't have last name-sorry) from Discount Tire on 770 Abbott Lane in Colorado Springs, CO, for their gracious help on 7/28/18. We had picked up a screw in our front tire in some construction in CO Springs while sightseeing (visiting from Texas), and I had gone to Toyota to obtain a new hub key, as I could not find it in the truck. They sold me the key, but as it was 18 minutes to 5:00, refused to help me even though the tire was losing air. I am handicapped, so I figured the best I could do was pick up the family I had left shopping in Old Colorado City and try to make it to the hotel to wait for AAA. My wife insisted I try Discount Tire, as they had helped her over 25 years ago with two flats when the kids were little. We have bought tires from them since then, but no emergencies. We arrived at Discount Tire at 4:56, and they closed at 5:00, but James went out and checked to see if the tire was losing air. It was. So he brought it into the shop and he and Josh waited with us and were so kind as they had it repaired. We felt bad, as mechanics were checking out to go home, and they were so kind about staying til 5:20 or so until the tire was repaired - all for free!

We can't commend them enough for saving our vacation day.

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