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Discount Tire Inc

20225 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Gary Van Brunt
(480) 606-6000
(480) 606-4401
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Roger - 18 d 14 h ago


This long-term customer just left their store in Plano, TX on west Spring Creek near US 75 for a free tire rotation. Result: Zero greeting, reply to when I asked how long of a wait I was told off the cuff "60 minutes or so" without even checking in the back bays, and didn't offer any solution what so ever. If they can't hire customer service talent then they just lost a customer; plenty of competition out there.

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Anonymous - 65 d 34 m ago


Fort Wayne, In, 10215 Maysville Rd. My daughter and I went to Discount Tire and she suffers from autism and down syndrome, and the employees there were very rude, disrespectful! they were laughing at her, asking her, and walking up to her, and from far away asking her what's wrong with you? they were telling her to shut up! And why can't you shut your kid up? You 2 have to be quiet! I told him look, this my special needs daughter you know, she can't help it. We were told if we wanted service, we better be quiet and make her quiet! And the whole time, they were so rude and they kept calling people in to laugh and point at her to make fun of her! 1 guy even called her ugly! Then they said they didn't have the tire i needed and overcharged me for another 1! $150 for 1 tire! They're very rude,disrespectful, and unfriendly!

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Bee - 24 d 15 h ago

wow.... this is hurtful. I would do a hell of a lot more than post about it though. Hope you called everyone who is everyone. this is absolutely unacceptable.

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Kathleen Capps - 36 d 5 h ago

I and my husband have been Discount Tire customers for many years. I was in Traverse,City Mi., and went in for a tire rotation and wheel balance. I left there extremely overwhelmed. They had ruined most of the lug nuts on my tires. They were using hammers trying to re configure the lug nuts. They had literally ruined them. One of the lug nuts was destroyed, they could not use it on the tire. I confronted the manager saying it was the worst experience I had ever had and he could have told me that they were having problems. Not a word from anyone. I called my dealer down the street from Discount and asked if they had replacements for the 20 lug nuts that were destroyed. They had them in stock. I asked for an appointment to replace the 20 that were destroyed at a cost of $183.00. I expect Discount Tire to give me full reimbursement ..i have kept the destroyed lug nuts that were on my car. I would like the CEO to contact me ASAP!! My gmail address: (hidden)

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Anonymous - 36 d 5 h ago

Kathleen Capps gmail addtess; correct address is: (hidden).

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Paul D. Friebel - 64 d 7 h ago


Over many years I and my family have purchased a great number of tires from Discount Tire. After returning from a trip to Arizona, I took my 2011 Chevy dually to have the tires rotated. What a mistake! They didn't have a clue as to where to place the tires including the spare tire in the rotation. When they started to balance the tires, they said I had a bent wheel. Upon inspecting of what they had done, I noticed a great number of weights all together on one side of the wheel. I asked the technician to remove all of the weights and start all over. When he did what I had asked he remounted the wheel in the balancing machine and started all over. After a number of attempts, the wheel was finally balanced. Each of the seven wheels had to be put through the same process. I was eventually told that the balancing machines were so out dated that the technicians constantly have the same problems. Imagine how much money and time could be saved if the corporation would purchase updated equipment.

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Mary - 70 d 14 h ago


Went to purchase tires at location in Centerline Michigan. Just want you to know you have and outstanding employee his name is ulyees. Hard worker very pleasant he took care of business. Kudos to him and you for hiring and outstanding young man.

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KB - 94 d 11 h ago

I have been along proponent for discount tire and bought many tires as well over several years

this past months I have purchased 4 tires for my new Subaru Impresa ...the tech twisted 3 lugs off 3 different tires and instructed me to have them repaired at my cost....I went to local automotive shop at it is going to cost over $ 350,00 because of the type hubs Subaru has on their all wheel drive....He was nice and explained it was corporate policy

the tire store store is located in Sachse Texas on HWY 78........I would still rate Discount Tires high on product and customer service, but this issue falls outside the norm and would appreciate some consideration. I took my vehicle in one way and came out with broken lugs that I did not damage the moment, I have not posted this any where else

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Hugh - 95 d 10 h ago


Long wait poor service I am questioning my loyalty to Discount Tire. They have had my car for 3 hours to repair a tire that I just purchased from them.

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Charles - 129 d 11 h ago

I have been waiting for just under two hours for my truck to be taken in to get two new tire which I have already paid for. Quite a few people have come and gone who came in after me. I'm also hoping they can get the tire pressure right this time as I have had to adjust it as they rotated in the past and left 80 psi in rear and the other two had 65 also on rear. Wheel cover lost as they were not put on tight. I am tired of waiting.

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George Alger - 169 d 9 h ago


I have been a loyal customer for twenty years but no more. The Folsom California store should be closed. The shop was almost empty with only two bays working. There were as many people manning the office as there were doing the work. Four in each place. They said an hour and a half for rotating tires. Fine. But after that time they hadn't even started on my truck. This is not the first time for this. Looks like most of their service techs have quit. Walmart is as good or better on price and there's not way that the service could be worse.

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Disapointed 7 Disgusted - 176 d 9 h ago


I have been a loyal customer for years but after yesterday and today I am wondering WHY? I am soon to be going on a RD Trip and needed new tire and I wanted to take advantage of the "NO INTEREST" perk you have for your customers- I spent almost (2) hrs trying to get my tires AFTER I WAS APPROVED (never got them yesterday since I didn't have my cell ph with me to get some stupid # you needed- my ph was being charged so it would have been no value to you even if I had it>) Anthony my sales person work his butt off called (3) different people etc to get my tires. It was worked out that I would be texted the info and I could recover this # when I got home - NEVER HAPPENED . I went back in today and who ever Anthony was talking with was given the word I had to

start all over gain--Anthony needs to be acknowledged by your company for saving this $900.00 deal but most likely you won't give a crap - I used my own card and saving a few bucks on interest and the grief I had to go through was not worth my time. I may suggest (2) things (1) get rid of the program or higher someone who knows what they hell they are doing (3) take a look at your plan and see if you can make it work effectinet- right now its a joke.

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