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Discover Financial Services

Diner's Club, Pulse
2500 Lake Cook Rd.
Riverwoods, IL
David Nelms
Chairman and CEO
(224) 405-0900
(800) 347-2683
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Bleakstare - 17 d 12 h ago


Colton and his supervisor Jeannette are the worst. I had a balance transfer available last month. 3 days later no more transfer available and they did nothing to help. Apparently Discover does NOT want to make money and has terrible customer service and options. David Nelms should see this and be applauded. I have been a loyal customer for since 2013 and they basically don't offer any help and treat you if you are not human and do not think like a CEO. You do not want to make money? They do not care but I am sure David Nelms would. 0 stars.

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Colleen Pohl - 29 d 19 h ago


I've been paying on my bill today I looked today my payment is $105.00 interest $48. signed up for 4.99% for the life of the balance or I could of had 0%for a year. Ive been paying 10.99% sence march. I feel that I was taken. Very up set.

General profile image - 63 d 17 h ago

I to am a bit confused with Discover recently. I've had my Discover Card since last August 2016. My payment due date is on the 12Th each Month. This Month on May 2, 2017 I paid my Discover Card $523.14 online. My normal Monthly payments are a minimum of $35.00. I had a balance alittle over $800.00 before I made May payment. On May 7, 2017 I got Gasoline in the amount of $15.34 put it on my Discover Card. I went into my Discover online account & went to login. There was a message saying: "Sorry, you can not view your account online. Please call this number." This was for security.

I was wondering what in the world is going on here I didn't do a thing wrong with my card for this company to place my account on HOLD!

I finally called this security number. A Woman from C.S. took the call and not to me. Kind of harsh with me, like I was a criminal. I asked her why is my Discover acct online on "HOLD?" She asked me a series of personal questions like I was a bad person here. I kept asking what did I do to make you shut me out of my own account online? I pain this Month (May) more then half of my balance owed. I made one charge for gas 7 day's later. That's all I did I told her. Then my answers to all her questions satisfied her? She told me: "Now you can log back into your account online.

I said to the lady: Please wait to make sure I can get back into my acct. first. She did wait and I could get back in. Then I wrote them a message inside my account online about "Why they shut me out and place me on hold?" I went to the message center right away & wrote them a message asking why was I shut out of my account online? They wrote to me this: "Our Security Department monitors all accounts for irregular usage, which may indicate unauthorized purchases." I say to myself: "WHAT?" There's still no reason and that's not any answer for me. I wrote them back once again and asked: What exactly is: "Irregular Usage" I made or did that you see after I made this HUGH payment and only used my card one time 7 day's later and you shut me out of my account?" I told them: If I was to take a trip to see my family in another State? How will I know if I can trust Discover Card? You can shut me down for no reason at all. Because, I'm still not seeing any reason why they did this. Nothing has happened what so ever to make them suspicious of anything. Ever since I've had my Discover Card? I paid every payment each Month on time and with the payment being on the 12Th date of each Month now? I still pay my payment on my Card right away in the beginning of the Month. How will I be able to trust this company again? Has anyone else been shut out of their online account for no reason? Please let me know. Everything was going fine until this happened to me. Do you think paying a large sum of money towards your bill is the reason to be shut out of your account? I'd like to hear from anyone who went through this as well. Thank You in Advance.. ( If you want? You can also email me if this happened to you at: (hidden) Good Day to everyone! Sincerely, Christine

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Officer Robert W Mc Cann - 64 d 14 h ago


I just got off the phone with the corp office and spoke to them about a charge that was put on my account with me saying OK .

It took a number of phone calls and they today the corp office said we can see where they this company pulled a fast one and we are putting credit back on your account as this should have never be accepted from this dealer.

It was one of these deal;s if you just pay shipping the item is free yet they them are able to find out everyhing about you and then they put $97.00 on my card.

Discover was very nice to me

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Devastated Wife - 72 d 12 h ago


My husband passed away. People told me not to pay bills in his name only. I made a payment, asked if they could work with me. (Another card company stopped all fees and interest charges) Discovers response, we are turning it over to a collection agency. We don't work with the families of deceased individuals. Don't sign up with this company EVER!!!!

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Eric in Atlanta isn't happy - 94 d 10 h ago


Secured Card deposit refund? Really have been waiting 75 days since original request to refund and no one has consistent response as to the holdup! I'm being held up $1200 is my response. Calling corporate office tomorrow to get my money.

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english - 116 d 14 h ago


I have been trying to get a secure credit card for 7 day's now, and all I have to do is confirm my bank information in line. Fine, but Discover on line system for confirming my bank information is down and has been for7 day's now.

To day I spoke to who I was told was a supervisor Maria, she said she didn't even know the secure approval for the banking system was down,.

How can you run a company and not know you online system to confirm you banking system is down, so that you can get a secure credit card.

Lets get with today computer systems ASAP

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Angella - 282 d 4 h ago

This is a scam with that free credit score. This is what chase got caught doing.You ask me for my social security and still deny my score. We will report this scam

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dc - 119 d 15 h ago

where can i report a complaint??

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Anonymous - 136 d 15 h ago


I just attempted to speak with someone in Computershare. I say attempted because I was on hold for 50 minutes and then hung-up because I was disgusted and tired of waiting. Discover is not well represented by Computershare itself. it's time to look into the matter. I then contacted Discover Crdit Card, speaking with Briittany in Ohio, who was extremely helpful in giving me a phone number which I'm now connecting with in writing to you because you don't answer your phone, either! I was able to solve my problem using Google. I thank you for nothing and not being there for me.

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A builder-BBDUC.Inc. took all my money, and did NOT build my house. I requested that a charge to him be refunded to me since this money did not pay for Goods or Services, but for the last few months they give me my money back, and then I get a letter that it was returned to the person who committed the fraud. A blind man can see that money given to Issac woods was for him. I sent a picture of the house which is only made up of a incomplete foundation. ($6,000) with interest. I am thinking about a law suit in reference to stress which was caused by this madness for months, and fighting charges, I was hospitalized for chest pains..I cannot believe Discover.

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Issac Woods- Builder-Durham, NC - 171 d 17 h ago


Issac Woods took money -did NOT build house. I sent all proof, of which I have more to validate. I paid for goods and services of which I did not receive.

A representative told me to fax proof that Issac had received the administrative fee of $25,000 dollars, which proved NO money was owed. I did, yet Discover still put charges back on my account. The world needs to know that Discover legitimized fraudulent and deceptive transactions at my expense, and your company made a mockery of me, in a reply to Issac Woods. Dispute # 393848396B and 393911930B.

I remain email address (hidden))

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Rober R - 176 d 14 h ago


My wife and I have been Discover card holders for ten years! My wife signed us up thus she is the account holder. She gets her credit scores about three times a year from Discover. I called and asked after being a customer for ten years could I get my scores just once. They said no, there is no policy for that. I asked is it worth loosing two ten year customers over this, they said yes. So since they do not want me as a customer AMEX here I come.

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Internet Fraud & SCAMMING - 216 d 12 h ago


These people operate under several names:ie; Suntree Facial Cream, Dax*CREAMFORFACES;RISERREFRESH, and who knows what others. The draw you in offering a "sample" and you only need to pay the shipping. However, hidden somewhere in their sales pitch is that you have only 14 days to return the products and say "not interested", of they will then set you up to receive the product every month at prices that rang between $85 and $100 per item, every month from now on. When you call to cancel they say "too bad, you have received the product and that higher price is what you owe for what you have just received. They will not take it back or issue credit. If you agree to NOT report them and their marketing tactics, they will refund 35% as a courtesy gesture. If this isn't a classic marketing scam then I don't know what is. Pull this on hundreds of unsuspecting people every month and it becomes a real money maker for the scammers. Beware of these kinds of offers from such thieves. I have been stung and it look like I'll have to pay anyway. Discover should not have a working relationship with thieves like these people, who prey on people with misleading offers full of fine print and hidden sales contracts.

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Thomas Sabiston - Panama City, Florida - 269 d 11 h ago


I purchased an item from a local vendor and the very next day discovered I had been charged double for a product I could get from several other sources for half. Vendor refused to take product back. I mailed it back to them via US Mail with signature receipt required. Discover Card refused to refund purchase price ($383) and upheld vendor's argument that they had a sign on site stating no returns. My fault for not seeing sign. Discover supported the vendor regardless of price gouging practices. vendor has product back and money! Discover Card customer service favor's Discover Card before customer or card holders.

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Tinkerbelle6 - 2 y ago


I've had a Discover card for the past 32 years. Starting in May 2015, I got involved with hiring a mover from So. Florida - Miami Gardens, Delray Beach, and Margate.

One didn't have a big enough truck and I got my deposit refund quickly. The next one I got an estimate, paid deposit, and the problems started. When I saw two

charges suddenly appear on my Discover credit card, I went into motion to correct the problem. After all, these were UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES for sure.

Started calling Discover from the ground up til I couldn't go any further thinking that maybe I will hit someone who is literate enough to understand what I was

telling them, but they didn't take heed when I even gave them the answer that should have been posted in their records.

I have a final settlement document that say All States Van Lines of Margate, Florida, releases me from the charges that were authorized on July 20, 2015.

My son mailed a copy of that statement to Discover on or about July 21, 2015 -- I never received a confirmation of receipt nor did anyone say they didn't

receive it. Tomorrow I will FAX the # of emails passed back and forth on this subject, and another copy of the FINAL SETTLEMENT AND AGREEMENT.

Am canceling my credit card and found out my bank, Delta Community CU, has a great one! Beware of Discover folks!

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Michele Franklin - 1 y 114 d ago


They are really good at unauthorized charges. I have been with them since 1983 and never had problems until now. Been fighting with them for over a week now with my bank account frozen due to the dispute with discover who took payments from my checking account one on 16th one on 19th, and that was after i told them not to do it. the 16th was ok it was for march, but april not due till april. they caused over 200$ in overdraft fees and i had to go into the bank to sign a dispute for them, it is now a week later, i am told they were reversing it, and now today, it is pending. WTH. I really will be sending a letter to David Nelms, and if i were in Illinois i would show up at the door of his plush little office along with my attorney to file a class action law suit against them

, from the looks of this stream of crap all of us have endured. They need an attitude check.

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Lois Kiet - 1 y ago


I had them call me after a year of not sending me a bill, I moved and I did the forwarding change of address at the United post office , never got a bill! I called and settled on the

Amount owed , mailed

The check and wrote ion the back

Of it Cashing this check pays my account in full! ! Now they are trying to Bill

Me $500.00 for interest! That was forgiven in the final pay off !

General profile image

Angelkissed - 284 d 13 h ago


Lois, you may want to check with an atty in your state to confirm, but you can not create a limited endorsement without an agreement between the parties. Even if you write "cashing or depositing this item is considered acceptance of settlement in full", it is not binding. It may be in your best interest to contact Discover to negotiate an actual settlement of the interest they claim you owe. Also, if you and Discover agree to a lesser amount, make sure you get it in writhing so that they cannot continue to come after you with additional fees. Good luck!

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Power to Americans - 285 d 15 h ago


The American People are waking up to the massive corruption the Banks are doing!!


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Anonymous - 288 d 8 h ago

call me please (hidden) I been a mamber since 1994 and the employees are very rude

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PA Disappointed Customer - 300 d 17 h ago


We received an offer in the mail (Sav416A) back in May, that if you open a savings account with Discover (making a $15,000 deposit), you would receive a $100 bonus. We thought this was a good idea since our bank was paying interest rates at way below 1% plus this promised bonus. We have yet to receive this bonus and have made 8 phone calls to ask why this $100 was never posted to our account. Everyone we have spoken to has stated that it is being reviewed by the marketing dept and that we should have the money within 7-10 days. We feel we have been scammed and are disappointed with Discover. We will wait several more weeks and if nothing is done, we will pull our money out of Discover Banking. It sure seems by all the other comments below that Discover should get their act together and stop making promises and telling lies to its customers.

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T. Dryer - 302 d 20 h ago


Discover Loans has totally bankrupted me. On September 7, 2016, I paid off my loan with a payment of $11,300 on line. The next day, Discover debited my bank account for this amount. They then debited my account again twice for $11,300 for a total of over $22,000. This completely depleted both my checking and savings accounts plus I have almost $5,000 in overdrafts. I called Discover on September 10 and was assured the funds would be put back. After almost two, numerous telephone calls and even a letter to Mr. Carlos Minetti, President of Discover Banking, the funds have still not been returned. I see no alternative but to contact a lawyer.

General profile image

rory o'connor - 302 d 18 h ago


get a excellent civil rights atty..where are you? i'll find one for you..rory o'connor atty at 231 375 3369...that way you can bomb them for zillions...easy..juries always nail corps and can award. "trebel damages" which means if you sue for a hundred get 400 bucks..go this way only and call soon...hurry up too!!!!!!!!!

General profile image

Damesha King - 304 d 13 h ago


I had been a customer for about a year and had not used my card. I spoke with a Dicover rep in July 2016 and asked if the status of my account was ok and asked if they had a time limit on using the card before the account was closed for inactivity. The rep advised me that my account was in good standing. On Sept 4th my account was closed due to inactivity. I spoke with a Executive Advocate who basically was rude and disrespectful. I spoke with his manager and I am quite sure his subordinate had given him his over view of what was going on wit my account. I have hit a brick wall with this department with my request to rent open my account. There is a lots mere to this story but I need a higher up at Discover to contact me.

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