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Discover Financial Services

Diner's Club, Pulse
2500 Lake Cook Rd.
Riverwoods, IL
David Nelms
Chairman and CEO
(224) 405-0900
(800) 347-2683
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Kandy L. - 10 d 18 h ago


Discover Card Members are Not Allowed to use their cards for purchasing items from The These are Cristian books,DVD's, etc. In my opinion Discover does not like Christian people or anyone who is interested in buying these Christian Items.

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Greg Hurley - 15 d 5 m ago

Forgot to add the dispute I wanted is for under $30.00

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Greg Hurley - 15 d ago

It is a shame discover card would not allow me to challenge a charge by,Fanatics of Jacksonville,FL. Win or lose is not the problem,not even being given a chance to challenge,dispute the charge. Something I have NEVER tryed to do before. What a shame!

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Dave G - 83 d 6 h ago


The mailings made it seem like it was likely to get a low rate of 6.99% (with my excellent credit and FICO Score near 800). I wanted a rate lower or at least similar to my recent personal loan at that's at 8.99% without any fees. The mailing said it was simple to apply and check my rate by going to and entering my reservation number. I did that asking for a 15k loan and even though I was "preapproved" they still wanted lots of online info. After completing the loan application, I am next told I must call to get a rate quote, oddly not available online. I was thinking why the need to call as all I wanted to see at that point was my interest rate and if not 8.99% or less I would not proceed as I did not desire a hard inquiry taking a few points off my fico scored as it does.

So, I call and a lady tells me to firmly set a rate they need to do a hard inquiry from the credit bureau. She then asks me a series of personal questions, making me uncomfortable. She wanted to know all about me before she can give the proposed APR. It felt like a police interrogation. She wanted to know exactly type of home remodeling I was going to do, going into great detail about it. When I told her, it should not be necessary and I have a 18k credit limit Discover Credit Card for years and never late once which bill is paid in full monthly, she didn't care. Next, I inform her I have a Discover Bank Money Market account with more than 15k cash, again she could care less. All she cared about was personal and invasive questions, my plans for the money and odd personal questions. Even on large mortgage loans no one ever went into such depth like this police-like interrogation for a relatively small loan.

After all of that and vast amounts of time she finally tells me I am approved at an extremely high 16.99% rate. After complaining about the bait-and-switch advertising and the rate being far higher than advertised 6.99% and my 8.99% Marcus Loan rate agent starts asking questions about how much a month I can afford to pay instead of discussing a better rate. That's a common old-school tactic, car dealers use where they tell you your payment will be within your budget so the rate does not matter. That way they try to take your mind off the interest rate and feel good about payment instead. When that old tricky car dealer salesman tactic she used fails she puts me on hold to check the rate and says she's now authorized to give a lower rate of 14.99%. I say it's still far too high, more than double what the mail advertisement indicated. I tell the agent I do not appreciate Discover's obvious bait-and-switch marketing and other negative stuff in the process, so I tell her to cancel loan.

Since it seemed like the very high rate was somehow related to the loan purpose what with the interrogation on planned remodeling work the next day I reapply using a different email and loan purpose. Quite surprisingly 2nd application was quickly rejected falsely stating I had a charge-off in a credit report and falsely claiming my account balances were too high vs my limits on my credit report. I ordered my credit reports from the same bureaus Discover used, and as expected there was no charge-off or past due accounts and my account balances were in-fact far below national averages at only 2% of my total credit lines. In fact, Credit-Karma and credit bureaus praised me for my low debt/credit ratio.

It is alleged Discover Personal Loans agents made up all that to get revenge against me because of rejecting their incredibly high rate on original application and complaints about it. Next, I made countless calls but they refused to explain it saying falsely managers would call me back every time I called but no one ever called me back after waiting several days and calling numerous times, just one more act of incompetence and dishonesty by Discover. Several days later only as a test I reapplied a 3rd time and that time my near 800 FICO score had declined a little (likely by their recent hard inquiry) and I had no funds anymore at Discover Bank money market as I withdrew all funds in protest after 2nd application rejection and falsifications by Discover. Isn't that strange, what with a somewhat lower fico score, zero funds at Discover Bank and cutting-up my Discover Card, I was then ironically approved.

How weird is that, approving my 3rd application (however loan was no longer needed) I let Discover fund it (at an extremely high rate) anyway, and just paid off in full before the 30-days without interest special offer was over so loan cost me nothing and owe Discover nothing. It was by far my worst experience ever. A horrible place with poorly trained and unprofessional staff, dishonest fraudulent behavior and poor business model, using bait and switch tactics. As an example, on how dumb staff is they told me they never heard of website (which URL was on all their marketing publications) when I asked if it was their site because I was suspicious it may be a scam what with the incredibly bad experience. I closed all me Discover accounts and withdrew my 15k-plus in savings and don't plan to go back. You should stay away from Discover Personal Loans at all costs!

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Frolick With Pants Down - 65 d 51 s ago

TL/DR, as did no one else

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Paul P - 74 d 7 h ago


Dear Mr. Nelms;

I am a retiree on a fixed income who is now in dire financial straits because I mistakenly made two payments instead of one online back on 10/27/18. I intended to make a single payment of $475 but at the time I went on line it appeared to me that , perhaps that first payment didn't go through so I mistakenly and unintentionally applied a second payment. The first payment was deducted from my account with no problem as planned but when the 2ND went through it created an overdraft on 10/29/18. A minimum payment of $400 was initially indicated but, as is my custom, I paid the minimum and added as much as I could afford to the minimum($75). After several more calls to your help line and early morning calls with my Branch Manager I finally called corporate offices to complain and ask for assistance about 9AM Friday 10/02/18. Initially I was told by representative Aleeza at Corporate that she would get back to me in a day or two. I called again today with my Banker present because there are now 3 charges of $475 after doing what I was told to do (which was to wait until the next day 10/30/18 and then make another payment). Now, I have ABSOLUTELY no money and face the possibility of many more overdrafts as well. I am a retired person who cannot afford to come up with an extra $950 worth of payments that were never intended. Aleeza told me to wait one more day before I escalate actions on my side of things. The first representative told me that she would expedite the return of my money which I would see my money back in 1-5 business days. It has now been 7 calendar days and yet there is still a delay. I can only imagine what would happen if I hung you up for 8 days on one of my payments- no less $950 worth of unintended payments. Aleeza tells me that she is waiting for upper level management to finish their "investigation". You are the highest ranking Bank official for Discover services and i figured you might help your "upper level management" expedite this disastrous situation. The next retirement check is due on 11/28/18. I ask you, could you live on zero dollars for the next 23 days( including the thanksgiving holiday)? I respectfully request the the return of my overpayment of $950 forthwith. I thank you in advance for your attention in this matter. Happy Holidays Mr. Nelms

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Dog Poop on ma shoe - 65 d ago

I bet the CEO checks this frequently to solve problems created by impatient customers who click click click to fast. LOL

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S.Lavin - 120 d 6 h ago


On August 6th, Discover offered us a 0% balance transfer to our Schwab checking account for $6000 with a posting time of 5-7 days. The funds were taken out of our account immediately and we did not have that credit available to us after 8/6. When it hadn't appeared 7 days later, I spoke to a woman to ask for the transfer to be canceled if the funds were not going to be available in the next few days as we needed the funds in our checking account within the time frame stated in the terms and conditions (with the understanding that some may take longer). We were overjoyed to hear that the funds would be available by the next day (Monday) by the end of business, August 13th. We made arrangements for payments to come out of our account later in the week in case there was another delay. The next day, I spoke to a supervisor named Stacy who apologized and said 'this was mishandled at every step' and admitted that the check was not in Schwab's possession and that the woman who had guaranteed the funds by Monday, was not in a position to give that time frame and should have allowed us to cancel the transfer. Apology was sincere and kind but when asked how to expedite the funds, I was told that it was Discover's policy to 'wait for the USPS to return the check to us which could be a while.' I asked about patching in Schwab who offered to handle an electronic transfer instantly and Discover refused saying they 'don't do that.'

A week later, we still did not have the funds and this began calls with the executive office, often 3 conversations a day plus countless voicemails from them as well. Total communications to get his resolved totaled 35 calls and 6 hours of time. Schwab had offered to step in and communicate with them on my behalf but the executive office refused. As we started to accumulate overdraft fees because of the missing $6000, I asked if Discover wanted documentation to the fees could be reimbursed and was told 'I hear you on that. Let's get this resolved first then we'll talk compensation.'

Finally, the check arrived at Schwab but Discover had already put a stop on it so we got charged for a bad check going into our account. Again, a check sent my Discover that they stopped and that never passed through our hands.

The 35th call was from the executive office thanking us for our patience and announcing that they have decided we are not owed any compensation for any of the fees incurred because of the month long process of getting our balance transfer that was supposed to be handled electronically and was to post no later than the 8/13. Even the fees incurred for the bad check that Discover sent directly to Schwab and which cost us a fee with our bank, did not warrant reimbursement from Discover.

I have since run into multiple people on social media to whom the same thing has happened (check the Discover Facebook Page or other platform). In each case, Discover botches a balance transfer, take an extraordinary amount of time to resolve but then decides they bare no responsibility for the financial cost their errors and inefficiency cost the customer.

Entirely unacceptable and when I tried to reach out once last time to negotiate or at least send documentation of the fees, I was told 'I have other cardmember to take care of. Goodnight.'

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Robert Lee Young - 123 d 12 h ago

I see that Nelms is bailing out before his kamikaze sinks USS Discover F.S. from what i see here previously, he is at least a year late in making this decision. i have held 2 Discovers since 2003 and even used their banking services. No problem UNTIL February, 2018, when i visited San Jose C.R. and they SELECTIVELY denied credit to certain merchants for NO apparent reason! (My business partner whipped out his Visa and said: "I don't know

why you would bring a 3rd rate credit card out of the country!") when i returned home, Disco came up with some LAME "reason" for denials like i didn't tell them i was going.

Fast Forward to a week before going back in late August and i was ASSURED by a Disco CSR my Miles card would be Honored all over Costa Rica! B.S. same card again refused at the same merchants plus a few others. They have denied credit so damn much there, i am no longer insulted/embarrassed/livid/misled/ignored/lied to by nearly all of their "professional" employees! My FICo score is at least as good as Nelm's' btw. try making phone contact using the numbers on the back of the card from overseas! what a damn joke that is; when you finally do get somebody - TOM - at the SLC phone number

he sticks you on ignore for 6 minutes when Skype finally "discos" the call! I envision the

"Security Dept" as idiots with coins they flip with Accept on one side and Denied on the other...or maybe a vertical 'Wheel of Fortune' with alternate Accept Deny slots. If they wanna blame it all on "the computer" they need to replace the Univac? Radio Shack 'Trash 80'? with something more up to date.Nelms is leaving a real bag o cow chips for his successor R. Hochschild. i am cutting up both cards to send to them. i see they hired J D Power - the company all the companies on the skids hire to prop up their images-

My parting 2 words to Nelms - as well as most Disco employees - is NOT "good job"

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Mr New York --First Responder on Sept 11,2001 - 212 d 5 m ago

I have discover for more than 10 years and they are bunch of jerks. I opened a dispute for charge where the merchant did not provide service as they had promised and they wont take my dispute.

I am sick sept 11,2001 first responder and i sent them all the documents and the Charge is For $1147.00 and they dont want do the right thing and stand up for their customer when the customer was defrauded . Not cool. I owe them money but you know what i dont care. I dont own any property and they cant take anything from me because of my sickness and health nothing is in my name. I took everything out of my name and put it in my daughters name . So they are stupid they are going to charge off alot of money. Instead of standing by me their customer they are loosing a customer.

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AJ - 151 d 9 s ago


Mine was for $6,000 and it was fraud. It took 25 days for them to give me an answer and then they called me unexpectedly, and then they were saying they are going to call you in 3 day and it may take 3 days to call you whenever they want, and then if you don't answer, it will take another 3 days for them to call you and keep going. This is the worse credit card customer service that I have ever experienced and they do not help the customer in case of fraud, they help the merchant. Can you believe that? Yes and I couldn't even cancel my credit card, now I have to pay something I never received, to not ruin my credit. Because their insane reply is contact the merchant to get your money """HELLO SERIOUSLY''' DID YOU HEAR ME THEY DO NOT ANSWER MY PHONE CALLS OR EMAILS, AND THEY NEVER REPLIED AFTER I ASKED THEM FOR MY MONEY BACK??? Discover is completely insane in the way they take care of their clients and the only thing they are creating is more not happy customers on top of the bad reputation they have as a credit card.

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Lorraine - 176 d 9 h ago


I have been writing this letter to many corporate employees but not one person has replied!! I have to voice it somewhere!

I have been writing to many of your colleagues and with no success or responses I thought I would write to you. Hopefully you will hear me out and guide me. My son has had a student loan with Discover that was acquired from Citibank. I have been paying this loan since 2010-11 which automatically gets deducted from my checking account each month. The beginning principal was 15,000 and the balance after paying over $10,000 is $15,129.27.

This is honestly the most defeated and disappointed I have ever felt.

I have read over Discovers Mission statement, "Our mission is to help people spend smarter, manage debt better and save more so they achieve a brighter financial future. " This mission statement is an important part of your practices and Discover Bank has not helped me and my son achieve a brighter financial future. Your values also state that every action is guided by doing the right thing. How is this doing the right thing?

As I have investigated and noticed that according to the CFPB consent order- Illinois-based Discover Bank and its affiliates - Student Loan Corporation and Discover Products Inc. - have engaged in illegal student loans servicing and debt collection practices since at least 2010, when the company acquired some 800,000 private student loans accounts from Citibank. I feel that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau still needs to protect us from companies that mislead. I realize when my son was attending college that the loan continued to gain interest while it was deferred. However, I feel poor communication, openness and collaboration was the problem here.

In my case, the minimum payment due misleadingly and misrepresented an amount that would help us make a better financial future. It did not cover enough to pay any of the principal and was not even enough to pay the interest that was incurring. How crazy. For the past years $170.00 each month went only to interest and new interest that incurred. Again, not following your core values as a company and what Discover has promised in their Mission Statement.

I just do not know where to go from here. I am hopeful and looking forward to your anticipated cooperation. Please guide me or help me. The customer service has limited options and I do not believe or trust these ideas. I will continue to write until I get the person that is willing to hear my voice. I do not want to put a complaint in with the CFPB just yet because I am a teacher and when a parent does not come to me first before the principal I get upset. I can always help and be there for them. Hopefully, you are here for me.

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Adriana - 151 d ago


And they won't do it for sure. They may take 3 days to call you when is convenient for them, and then if you don't answer, it will take another 3 days for them to call you and keep going. This is the worse credit card customer service that I have ever experienced and they do not help the customer in case of fraud, they help the merchant. Can you believe that? Yes and I couldn't even cancel my credit card, now I have to pay something I never received, to not ruin my credit. Because their insane reply is contact the merchant to get your money """HELLO SERIOUSLY''' DID YOU HEAR ME THEY DO NOT ANSWER MY PHONE CALLS OR EMAILS, AND THEY NEVER REPLIED AFTER I ASKED THEM FOR MY MONEY BACK??? Discover is completely insane in the way they take care of their clients and the only thing they are creating is more not happy customers on top of the bad reputation they have as a credit card.

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AFA of a correction facility. - 168 d 8 h ago


To Many complaints about Discover Financial and the No action on the part of Mr.David Nelms.!!

You needs US.!! We DO NOT need You, or the Discover Card or its Financial services. \

I Cancel my card and anything to do with your company. If others follow the will replace you Sir.Good Luck finding another gravy job.!!

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Adriana - 151 d 42 m ago


They may take 3 days to call you when is convenient for them, and then if you don't answer, it will take another 3 days for them to call you and keep going. This is the worse credit card customer service that I have ever experienced and they do not help the customer in case of fraud, they help the merchant. Can you believe that? Yes and I couldn't even cancel my credit card, now I have to pay something I never received, to not ruin my credit. Because their insane reply is contact the merchant to get your money """HELLO SERIOUSLY''' DID YOU HEAR ME THEY DO NOT ANSWER MY PHONE CALLS OR EMAILS, AND THEY NEVER REPLIED AFTER I ASKED THEM FOR MY MONEY BACK??? Discover is completely insane in the way they take care of their clients and the only thing they are creating is more not happy customers on top of the bad reputation they have as a credit card.

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Adriana - 151 d ago


This is one of the worse credit cards I ever had in 30 years.

First of all Discover is a very difficult card to use in the daily basis, there are tons of stablishments that don't even know the card and in small towns is worse, and if you travel internationally, forget about it, practically nobody knows Discover and if they know it, they do not want to accept it.

Second point for you to take in consideration is that is you ever have a problem with a merchant or a dispute, in which the merchant stole your information, or knows your information from previous purchases or if you just want to have the money back because the merchant did no provide the service you were expecting and you need to make a dispute or claim directly with Discover """FORGET ABOUT IT, YOU ARE DONE, FOR SURE YOU WILL LOSE""". It doesn't matter what kind the documents and information you provide to Discover, they will always take care of the merchant and not of you "The Customer" who is paying their services, they are horrible and they treat you like a guilty person since the first call of the dispute or claim after you file it. The customer service is HORRENDOUS really bad customer service, if you want to talk to the department that has your case, you can't even call them directly, you have to call someone that transfers your call to someone else that transfers your call to someone else and then that last person will tell you that they will call you in 3 working days!!!! WHAT??? SERIOUSLY??? Yes and on top of that they call you when you can not talk and then you have to call back and wait for the same process all over again. It is completely absurd and insane. They never really help you, or work with you and it does not matter, if you clearly state that you do not have a receipt/contract/bop and that is one of the reasons you are disputing the charges, FORGET ABOUT IT. They won't do anything. Believe me, you will lose your money if someone commits fraud or scam with Discover, forget about it, they will take care of the scammer/thief, but not you, and that actually is even worse, in case you don't have the money someone stole from you because if you don't pay, you will damage your credit forever and you will be punish in every single way. FORGET ABOUT GETTING DISCOVER AND GET THE BEST CARD IN THE MARKET....

Last not less, I do speak English, but knowing they were Not Helping me I asked for support in Spanish, and guess what, they are racist and they did not care that that I would feel better speaking with someone in Spanish and you can tell over the first phone call how they were discriminating me, just because I am Latin-american and even upon request, they never provided help to me in Spanish. So, who knows if they ever understood what I said, because it doesn't take to much to understand that the merchant never gave me a receipt, a bill or a contract of services, that I sent their merchant refund policy and still Discover did NOT help me. So I guess this is just plane and simple, racism and discrimination. I also going with the BBB and FDIC and every single possible entity.Discover is the worse credit card in the market.The best credit card in every single angle is American Express.

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CAK - 156 d 4 h ago


At one time had a Discover credit card, 35-40 years, never an issues, closed account. Actually referred to it as Old Reliable. Opened a new credit card, checking account, debit card, 2017-2018. For many months received statements with regard to my accounts, never any issues with payments, however, over time many issues, same ole fraud, new cards issued, this appears to be the same scenario with all these banks, perceiving as DECEPTION planned by these banks. I have submitted IC3's with the FBI in Washington, DC, and reporting DiscoverBank to every financial, criminal agency in Washington, as well as reporting to FBI in my home state of Connecticut for the past many months. This stinks of something internal, so typical, acknowledging that they want me to get knee deep in debt to tack on finance charges, Collections, the same old scenario. Now, there seems to be a technical problem where I cannot print out cleared checks, the typical screw your customer scenario. Interestingly, the boy I spoke with said mail they sent to me was sent back to DiscoverBank, I responded that I have been receiving my statements at the times they should arrive, this certainly indicates that USPS is involved as well, probably, DiscoverBank working in cahoots as an accomplice with USPS. This is definitely CRIMINAL in nature. Premeditated and planned. If you connect the dots, USPS, DiscoverBank, Paula Oliviera, woman from the Azors, working as a cleaning lady in my father's house are all connected.

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Anonymous - 192 d 5 h ago

I called to talk to someone about an old debt that was paid off . A gentleman by the name of Philip answered the phone and I told him the bill was paid in full and he was very rude and wasn't helpful at all. They need to train there employees better.

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MN Guy - 195 d 19 h ago


I continue to get Discover card applications in the mail, at the rate of at least one per week. Of course I took advantage of the Free Fico Score Card they advertise. Well, one evening on a Sunday about a month ago, I could not access my account after they sent me my updated Score Card. I called and was told they could not do anything about it as they did not have any managers working the weekend. I advised I wanted a manager to call me as soon as possible- that was over a month ago and no manager ever called! I also wrote a letter to Discover at their corporate headquarters and have not had a response. I wrote the letter about a month ago too. Based on this experience, and their failure to communicate and respond , I will never be a Discover Card holder. I will apply to one of the other 10-15 different card providers that want my business. You can bet they will respond promptly.

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Mike - 228 d 18 h ago



I am opening a dispute, they completely lost my trust! I have my Discover card for almost 2 years, and all of a sudden they are asking me to provide them with a copy of SSN to verify my identity. They have told me they are asking all of their customers, which is misleading information. My friend never got any letter from discover to provide SSN copy. and they do not realize that the information that they are asking is sensitive and has been already verified when I applied for the credit card. I also contacted Equifax, and obtained a free report, there is nothing wrong there as well. as a matter of fact it clearly shows that discover verified me via them in 2016, and also 2017 when they increased my credit line! -

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Ex-card holder - 229 d 7 h ago


David Nelms....Unacceptable...TBS knew the script before it was was per taped and yet you let it be aired TBS Network you're just proving the point of your bias and that double standard does exist. Unplugging from you and hope your sponsors do as well. Thank you State Farm for pulling your sponsorship and thank you Autotrader. Come on Kevin Reilly is this how you want to transform this network. Miles Kahn knew the content and let if air anyway.

Your support of TBS Full Frontal sb show is just's outright awful. You should reconsider such foul programming sponsorships.

General profile image

Anonymous - 229 d 18 h ago

Card holder since 1993. Disgusted card now - all I can think of is that word associated with it. I hope ALL WOMEN and all DECENT MEN cancel their cards. WE ARE CANCELLING OURS, as well, as other family members. Apparently DISCOVER, there is not a DECENT person amongst you. You do do not reflect my values and I regret for being a customer.

General profile image

R Schoenig - 231 d 4 m ago

I am canceling my Discover card if you continue your sponsorship of Full Frontal. I don't understand how you could continue your sponsorship of a person that uses such vulgar and disgusting language

General profile image

Disgusted - 231 d ago


I can not understand how you condone this nasty, vulgar and disgusting behavior by sponsoring Samantha Bee. I will never be a client of yours and am boycotting any of her sponsors as well as yours. She should be fired! Please stop supporting such individuals with no values for others. I don't care of your political views but Ivanka Trump was showing a beautiful picture of a mother and her child. This should be a great thing as too many children in the world do not have loving mothers/fathers.

General profile image

Denny - 231 d 38 s ago

I am totally on board with all the reviews here about the Samantha Bee issue. It is hard to believe that a company would put out good money and their good name to support such a despicable person. Her lame "I'm sorry" response is not enough. Her behavior went way beyond what can be forgiven by saying "I'm sorry". My husband and I have an application on his desk right now that we have been filling out to get a Discover card. I'm at least grateful this happened with her before we sealed the envelope and put on the stamp! It is a shame you would continue to jeopardize the well-being of your company in order to defend such vulgar behavior. VISA here we come!

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