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Discover Financial Services

Diner's Club, Pulse
2500 Lake Cook Rd.
Riverwoods, IL
David Nelms
Chairman and CEO
(224) 405-0900
(800) 347-2683
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CAK - 4 d ago


At one time had a Discover credit card, 35-40 years, never an issues, closed account. Actually referred to it as Old Reliable. Opened a new credit card, checking account, debit card, 2017-2018. For many months received statements with regard to my accounts, never any issues with payments, however, over time many issues, same ole fraud, new cards issued, this appears to be the same scenario with all these banks, perceiving as DECEPTION planned by these banks. I have submitted IC3's with the FBI in Washington, DC, and reporting DiscoverBank to every financial, criminal agency in Washington, as well as reporting to FBI in my home state of Connecticut for the past many months. This stinks of something internal, so typical, acknowledging that they want me to get knee deep in debt to tack on finance charges, Collections, the same old scenario. Now, there seems to be a technical problem where I cannot print out cleared checks, the typical screw your customer scenario. Interestingly, the boy I spoke with said mail they sent to me was sent back to DiscoverBank, I responded that I have been receiving my statements at the times they should arrive, this certainly indicates that USPS is involved as well, probably, DiscoverBank working in cahoots as an accomplice with USPS. This is definitely CRIMINAL in nature. Premeditated and planned. If you connect the dots, USPS, DiscoverBank, Paula Oliviera, woman from the Azors, working as a cleaning lady in my father's house are all connected.

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AFA of a correction facility. - 16 d ago


To Many complaints about Discover Financial and the No action on the part of Mr.David Nelms.!!

You needs US.!! We DO NOT need You, or the Discover Card or its Financial services. \

I Cancel my card and anything to do with your company. If others follow the will replace you Sir.Good Luck finding another gravy job.!!

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Lorraine - 24 d ago


I have been writing this letter to many corporate employees but not one person has replied!! I have to voice it somewhere!

I have been writing to many of your colleagues and with no success or responses I thought I would write to you. Hopefully you will hear me out and guide me. My son has had a student loan with Discover that was acquired from Citibank. I have been paying this loan since 2010-11 which automatically gets deducted from my checking account each month. The beginning principal was 15,000 and the balance after paying over $10,000 is $15,129.27.

This is honestly the most defeated and disappointed I have ever felt.

I have read over Discovers Mission statement, "Our mission is to help people spend smarter, manage debt better and save more so they achieve a brighter financial future. " This mission statement is an important part of your practices and Discover Bank has not helped me and my son achieve a brighter financial future. Your values also state that every action is guided by doing the right thing. How is this doing the right thing?

As I have investigated and noticed that according to the CFPB consent order- Illinois-based Discover Bank and its affiliates - Student Loan Corporation and Discover Products Inc. - have engaged in illegal student loans servicing and debt collection practices since at least 2010, when the company acquired some 800,000 private student loans accounts from Citibank. I feel that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau still needs to protect us from companies that mislead. I realize when my son was attending college that the loan continued to gain interest while it was deferred. However, I feel poor communication, openness and collaboration was the problem here.

In my case, the minimum payment due misleadingly and misrepresented an amount that would help us make a better financial future. It did not cover enough to pay any of the principal and was not even enough to pay the interest that was incurring. How crazy. For the past years $170.00 each month went only to interest and new interest that incurred. Again, not following your core values as a company and what Discover has promised in their Mission Statement.

I just do not know where to go from here. I am hopeful and looking forward to your anticipated cooperation. Please guide me or help me. The customer service has limited options and I do not believe or trust these ideas. I will continue to write until I get the person that is willing to hear my voice. I do not want to put a complaint in with the CFPB just yet because I am a teacher and when a parent does not come to me first before the principal I get upset. I can always help and be there for them. Hopefully, you are here for me.

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Anonymous - 40 d 23 h ago

I called to talk to someone about an old debt that was paid off . A gentleman by the name of Philip answered the phone and I told him the bill was paid in full and he was very rude and wasn't helpful at all. They need to train there employees better.

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MN Guy - 43 d 13 h ago


I continue to get Discover card applications in the mail, at the rate of at least one per week. Of course I took advantage of the Free Fico Score Card they advertise. Well, one evening on a Sunday about a month ago, I could not access my account after they sent me my updated Score Card. I called and was told they could not do anything about it as they did not have any managers working the weekend. I advised I wanted a manager to call me as soon as possible- that was over a month ago and no manager ever called! I also wrote a letter to Discover at their corporate headquarters and have not had a response. I wrote the letter about a month ago too. Based on this experience, and their failure to communicate and respond , I will never be a Discover Card holder. I will apply to one of the other 10-15 different card providers that want my business. You can bet they will respond promptly.

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Mr New York --First Responder on Sept 11,2001 - 59 d 18 h ago

I have discover for more than 10 years and they are bunch of jerks. I opened a dispute for charge where the merchant did not provide service as they had promised and they wont take my dispute.

I am sick sept 11,2001 first responder and i sent them all the documents and the Charge is For $1147.00 and they dont want do the right thing and stand up for their customer when the customer was defrauded . Not cool. I owe them money but you know what i dont care. I dont own any property and they cant take anything from me because of my sickness and health nothing is in my name. I took everything out of my name and put it in my daughters name . So they are stupid they are going to charge off alot of money. Instead of standing by me their customer they are loosing a customer.

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Mike - 76 d 12 h ago



I am opening a dispute, they completely lost my trust! I have my Discover card for almost 2 years, and all of a sudden they are asking me to provide them with a copy of SSN to verify my identity. They have told me they are asking all of their customers, which is misleading information. My friend never got any letter from discover to provide SSN copy. and they do not realize that the information that they are asking is sensitive and has been already verified when I applied for the credit card. I also contacted Equifax, and obtained a free report, there is nothing wrong there as well. as a matter of fact it clearly shows that discover verified me via them in 2016, and also 2017 when they increased my credit line! -

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Ex-card holder - 77 d 1 h ago


David Nelms....Unacceptable...TBS knew the script before it was was per taped and yet you let it be aired TBS Network you're just proving the point of your bias and that double standard does exist. Unplugging from you and hope your sponsors do as well. Thank you State Farm for pulling your sponsorship and thank you Autotrader. Come on Kevin Reilly is this how you want to transform this network. Miles Kahn knew the content and let if air anyway.

Your support of TBS Full Frontal sb show is just's outright awful. You should reconsider such foul programming sponsorships.

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Anonymous - 77 d 12 h ago

Card holder since 1993. Disgusted card now - all I can think of is that word associated with it. I hope ALL WOMEN and all DECENT MEN cancel their cards. WE ARE CANCELLING OURS, as well, as other family members. Apparently DISCOVER, there is not a DECENT person amongst you. You do do not reflect my values and I regret for being a customer.

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R Schoenig - 78 d 17 h ago

I am canceling my Discover card if you continue your sponsorship of Full Frontal. I don't understand how you could continue your sponsorship of a person that uses such vulgar and disgusting language

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Disgusted - 78 d 17 h ago


I can not understand how you condone this nasty, vulgar and disgusting behavior by sponsoring Samantha Bee. I will never be a client of yours and am boycotting any of her sponsors as well as yours. She should be fired! Please stop supporting such individuals with no values for others. I don't care of your political views but Ivanka Trump was showing a beautiful picture of a mother and her child. This should be a great thing as too many children in the world do not have loving mothers/fathers.

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Denny - 78 d 18 h ago

I am totally on board with all the reviews here about the Samantha Bee issue. It is hard to believe that a company would put out good money and their good name to support such a despicable person. Her lame "I'm sorry" response is not enough. Her behavior went way beyond what can be forgiven by saying "I'm sorry". My husband and I have an application on his desk right now that we have been filling out to get a Discover card. I'm at least grateful this happened with her before we sealed the envelope and put on the stamp! It is a shame you would continue to jeopardize the well-being of your company in order to defend such vulgar behavior. VISA here we come!

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Veronica Parent - 78 d 20 h ago


I will NEVER do business with a company that sponsors such a vile program. Such disgusting language. Shame on all.

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larry - 79 d ago


I have been a card holder for 20 plus years , have paid my bills in a timely fashion. have turned down other cards for yours. i will be useing another card as long as you suppoet of samatha bee show. very upseting to a long time member

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DCDan - 79 d 2 s ago


Why is Discover so hesitant to make a statement? I was (for real) one of the original DiscoverCard holders and have stuck with it as a great card for 31+ years. The VERY lame continually repeated statement that you have no control over the content or ad placement is simply false. Of course, you don't control content, but when you hear something like that, you sure as heck have the right to do 3 things. 1). Issue a statement condemning the use of the c-word about any woman anywhere at any time. 2). Issue a statement condemning Samantha Bee's specific statement and say you are re-evaluating your advertising strategy (this is your easiest way to pacify people without actually doing anything. 3). Do the right thing and pull your advertising from that show and/or TBS. Please do not lie and say you cannot do it. We all know it can and several companies have done so. With the advertising power of Discover, you carry weight and pulling advertising would use that power to condemn the use of this word. Why is that so hard to do? Do you not have sisters, daughters, mothers, etc. Do you want them called that? You silence is deafening and says it is ok to call women the c-word when we do not like something about them. This is made worse by the fact that it was the president's daughter, but regardless, wrong is wrong. Lastly, what would Discover do if Samantha B (I think the B probably stands for something you also should not condone being said!), said the n-word? How about the f-word about gay people? I am pretty sure Discover would figure a way to pull advetising if any of these occurs. My Discover card is on the cutting board and if the company does not release a better statement condemning the use of that word by Samantha, I am pulling the cut lever. You owe your customers a better response. Let's have it before the close of business today! Thank yo for listening, but action is required!

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Samantha Bee Vulgarity - 79 d ago

As Discover card holders we are very disappointed at your lack of response to Samantha Bee's offensive use of language on her recent show where she called Ivanka Trump an extremely pejorative word. That would seemingly be adequate grounds for ending your sponsorship of her show, but apparently Discover either agrees with her comments or lacks the integrity to stand up for common decency. Which is it? And yes, we do ask for an official response to our question. We're interested in deciding whether we can continue our loyalty to the Discover brand. We await your response

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Mary Anne - 79 d ago

Good Morning,

I have been a Discover card holder for more than 20 years. I will no longer use this card or your services if you do not pull any advertising or sponsorship money from the Samantha Bee show. I will be following headlines and expecting to hear that Discover Financial Services has dropped their sponsorship.

Thank you,

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Kathy - 79 d 2 h ago

I've been a member since 1997. If you continue to sponsor Samantha Bee and denounce her and TBS I will be closing my account. How and why you have been a sponsor up to this point is worrisome. No one should say the things she did or TBS knowingly airing her filth. A "I'm sorry" isn't enough because I believe she and TBS aren't in the least. I will be watching for a statement from Discover on dropping sponsorship and stating how they feel about the situation.

General profile image

Kathy - 79 d 2 h ago

I am appalled at the crude, vile, obscene, nasty name calling of Ivanka Trump by Samatha Bee. Since you are one of the sponsors of her show on TBS, I request you drop your advertising dollars immediately. My hope is her show will be cancelled but with the double standard hypocrisy of the liberals, I won't hold my breath. My husband and I will not be using our Discover card until you do the right thing.

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monty - 79 d 3 h ago


Discover? What has been discovered about Discover is the continued sponsorship of Samantha Bee and her vile, obscene, repugnant, disgusting, filthy, crass show where she demeaned another woman, society and insulted society. Your continued sponsorship of her show tells me what Discover stands for and who you really are. Pull the plug!

General profile image

Deb - 79 d 3 h ago


As a woman and mother, I am appalled that anyone would sponsor a show like Full Frontal, even the name is nasty, but I am even more appalled that after calling another woman the "C" word, that Discover is so desperate to continue supporting this nasty, vile person and a network like TBS who apparently likes to degrade women. I have been a good customer of Discover, but will not continue if in fact, you do not pull out today.

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Momofthreegirls - 79 d 3 h ago


As a woman and mother of three teenage daughters I am absolutely horrified at the use of the "C" word to describe another woman. As a sponsor your company's silence and failure to publicly denounce Samantha Bee's use of the word shows just how much you value women. My husband and I will be closing our accounts.

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disgustedbyDoscover - 79 d 5 h ago

Unless Discover drops its sponsorship of the Samantha Bee show I will be closing my account one week from today - on June 8th. My wife will be closing her account too. Enough is enough. Since Discover does not get it on the concept of decency maybe they will get it when it hits their pocketbook. Mr. Nelms if you made a decision that an employee disagreed with and they publicly called your daughter - or wife - a feckless cunt who should dress in something tight and low cut to convince you to change your mind, how long would they last in their job?

Shame on you.

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Generalsdaughter - 79 d 9 h ago

If this is Discover's values why have you not pulled sponsorship of Samantha Bee and Turner Broadcasting's Full Frontal? What about doing the right thing and showing respect to women and mothers everywhere, Mr. Nelms? Are you saying it is acceptable to call a woman a "feckless c***?"

"Every action and interaction at Discover is guided by our values:

Doing the right thing








-David Nelms, Chief Executive Officer

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Jody - 79 d 12 h ago

Why is Discover a corporate sponsor of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee? There are plenty of places to advertise that do not trash the President and call his daughter vile names. What does this say about Discover?

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Generalsdaughter - 79 d 10 h ago

It says that Discover supports Samantha Bee's lewd comments. What an insult to women and mothers everywhere! All of America knows that Discover would have pulled their sponsorship immediately had Samantha Bee made these remarks about Chelsea Clinton or one of the Obama daughters. At least AutoTrader and State Farm is standing with women and mothers today. Disappointed that Discover isn't.

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