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Discover Financial Services

Diner's Club, Pulse
2500 Lake Cook Rd.
Riverwoods, IL
David Nelms
Chairman and CEO
(224) 405-0900
(800) 347-2683
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William - 3 d 8 h ago


Worst customer service ever! Once I have this dispute rectified I will be cancelling my card after 20 years. Never missed a payment and they treat me like I am a liar. I had a fraudulent charge put on my card in May 2019. It's now November and even though Google reversed their charge and believed me that it was fraud, Discover creates more hoops for me to jump through on a daily basis and refuses to credit my card. I even conferenced Google in with Discover customer service and Google verified the charge was fraud and they verified that they sent the refund, and they still don't believe me. This is a $20 billion company and I've been fighting with them for 6 months for a $99.99 fraudulent charge refund. Disgusted with them! My credit is impeccable and we are in the midst of a re-fi on our home and this stupid $99 charge is holding up the process.

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Vicki - 40 d 7 h ago

Stop Calling me!!

I am currently receiving 3 calls a day beginning at 8:30 AM, cease and desist!

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Kurt Y - 68 d 49 s ago


Terrible Customer Services. I have been with Discover since 1986 and NEVER had work with Customer Services that I hate to say it, are a bunch of cowards and liars recently. We made four balance transfers from our four Discover Card accounts on August 30, 2019 to Regions Bank. Three of the four transfers made it successful on September 4/5 time frame which included emails to us telling so. We never got an email on the fourth transfer. When I called Regions Bank, and looked at my transactions as of September 11, only three made it, verified by Regions Customer Service. On September 7, a "pending" was shown on the Discover side pertaining to the fourth transfer that we are still waiting for to clear, so how can Discover say it processed on September 5 when it showed pending as of September 7 on the Discover side. We made at least four phone calls to Discover customer service including online requests to hear a bunch of lies that the transferred occurred on September 5, just because it shows that way on our account page, never researching the validity of the transfer. One supervisor finally said the other day that we have to wait until September 14 before they will do an investigation. We are requesting "stop payment" on the transfer so we could try the transfer again, hopefully then it would clear like the other three did. If this isn't handled properly I have no choice than to close all my Discover accounts that I had with Discover since 1986. Thank you.

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Ella Frumkin - 124 d 5 h ago


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I was seriously concerned by your decision: 04/19/2019 Transaction has been found to be valid. A decision has been reached for this investigation and we have found that this transaction is valid. You can expect to receive information on this decision to be sent to you via mail or secure message at Please review this information when it arrives for important details summarizing this dispute inquiry. Please notify us as soon as possible if you wish to continue this dispute. I attach my complaint and I am sure it will make you to change your decision in my favor. Cosumer Protection Agency CA Attorney General Office Cc: Better Business Beurau Discover Financial Services 01/22/1919 I am trying to dispute the charge of $4,516.00 made by 'Tristar Consumer" on my Discover credit card ending 7193. In 1918 I was in a difficult financial situation and owed Discover card over $10,000. I got a call from Tristar and their employee talked me into non paying my debt promising to sue the company for their charges and be free of my debt to the card. In a moment of weakness, I agreed and though they claimed "no charge up front" they charged my Discover card for $4,516 for their "service". Later I realized it was very unfair and even criminal not to pay my debt. I called Discover card and opened a dispute against Tristar. Meanwhile, I started to pay off my debt to Discover. They reversed the charge by Tristar and all of a sudden I got a letter from them that they honored Tristar's charge and posted back $4,516.00 to my account. I am 72 years old and handicapped. I am unable to pay Tristar over $4,500 for nothing. I consider their business very unfair to both: the credit companies and clients in debt. Shrewd lawyers make a living suing credit companies for the debt of consumers charging them for the lawsuits. There are a lot of posts on the Internet blaming this Company for cheating and unlawful practices. I kindly request your office to make Tristar return the money they charged me and look deeply in their fraudulent activities. They claim they "defend" the consumers but in reality, they cheat on both: consumers and credit companies. Thank you for cooperation, Ella Frumkin 3755 Goodland Ave. Studio City, CA 91604 818/769-8862

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Cathy S. - 93 d 5 h ago


Dear Ms. Frumkin, I am sorry for your credit debt situation however, could you explain to me why you feel the debt YOU CREATED is now the responsibility for Discover Card to absorb? I am continually amazed at people who use credit cards to purchase whatever and then don't feel it's their responsibility to pay off the loan, yes, it is a loan. You looked to apparently scam loan reduction organization for a quick fix and now it's everyone else's fault you were duped. I also have a Discover Card and am currently VERY DISPLEASED with a new consumer policy regarding payments which is stupidity in its finest example but, I have options, once I have contacted Discover and if nothing is changed then I will stop doing business with them and pay off my balance and that's what anyone who has a complaint should do. Once the CEO and "party" feels the abandonment by customers, maybe they will reevaluate their policies.

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Mitchie - 100 d 6 h ago


Discover does not look after their existing customers! I have been with them since 1992 and each month my balance is well over $1300.00 . Discover now offers their new customers perks and totaling ignores the ones who have used discover for many years.

Why do they not double the air miles for people who already have a discover card? And why do they only double the points after one year for new people? This is really disappointing and I'm seriously considering canceling my card and going elsewhere. I can only surmise that they don't appreciate my business!

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Anonymous - 98 d ago


I whole heartily agree! I just canceled my account after almost 20 years.

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Ms. Johnson Shelton - 123 d 5 h ago



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michael - 130 d 4 h ago


the worst customer service there is i have 12 credit cards most are at $20,000 credit line ! these clowns have me at $11,700 with a 766 credit score and %1 credit utilization ! i have ask them why they said i have not been with them that long so they don't trust me yet ? ok at amx i have four cards for 14 years what part of trust do you not understand ? use chase ,amx,citi, anyone but these dirt bags !

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sherri L Ferrero - 154 d 8 h ago


Discover is the worst company I have ever dealt with. You can't speak to anyone in authority, they absolutely do not believe in World Class Service or Service at all. For absolutely no reason at all my credit line was decreased and I was advised it was due to information on my TransUnion report. I have never missed a payment or paid late and in the last 30 days my debt to income ratio went down by almost 25%. I'm on disability and I am being discriminated against for being disabled, a women and my religion. I can not get anyone to tell me what on that report made them come to that decision and no one will answer that either. I have sent them copies of my report showing my score has been increasing steadily and my income to debt ratio has been going down. I have creditors increasing my credit limit, NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I EVER HEARD OF DECREASING A CREDIT LIMIT ESPECIALLY AGAINST A DISABLED PERSON, A WOMEN AND A JEWISH WOMAN. If you're smart you will not apply for their card or do business with them

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Shorty - 163 d 5 h ago


I was a loyal customer 3yrs. I received an email on May 28th 2019 stating the investigating* my account t to fax social security card an drivers license. I called the number representative never mention my investigation started on the 20th and I had 14days from 20th. Email stated 14days from 28th which I faxed on 6/6. My phone mailbox was full so they didn't leave message. I asked several representatives why wouldn't send a letter to my residence to verify as well you can't get calls and emails from anywhere. Of course no answer but I'm sorry we closed your account. I paid of the account over $2,000 on May 30 and was never late. I get email on June 5 closing account. I speak to supervisor in Ohio she said I can faxed I information &she'll listen to recording on 28th and see if representative told me I had 14days from 20th. No where in the email it stated investigations started on 20th. Discover handle my case very unfair due to there miscommunication of emails and not properly contacting me.

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Aaliyah - 177 d 5 h ago


i won't to report the discover financial services credit card they keep on mailing me and a discover financial services when i did not ask that discover financial services i do not won't that i do not won't to mess my name up on the discover financial services credit card when i call the discover financial services credit card they was rude and mean and ugly toward different people they need stop mailing this discover financial services credit card somebody is using my name on the discover financial services credit card

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Paul P - 1 y ago


Dear Mr. Nelms;

I am a retiree on a fixed income who is now in dire financial straits because I mistakenly made two payments instead of one online back on 10/27/18. I intended to make a single payment of $475 but at the time I went on line it appeared to me that , perhaps that first payment didn't go through so I mistakenly and unintentionally applied a second payment. The first payment was deducted from my account with no problem as planned but when the 2ND went through it created an overdraft on 10/29/18. A minimum payment of $400 was initially indicated but, as is my custom, I paid the minimum and added as much as I could afford to the minimum($75). After several more calls to your help line and early morning calls with my Branch Manager I finally called corporate offices to complain and ask for assistance about 9AM Friday 10/02/18. Initially I was told by representative Aleeza at Corporate that she would get back to me in a day or two. I called again today with my Banker present because there are now 3 charges of $475 after doing what I was told to do (which was to wait until the next day 10/30/18 and then make another payment). Now, I have ABSOLUTELY no money and face the possibility of many more overdrafts as well. I am a retired person who cannot afford to come up with an extra $950 worth of payments that were never intended. Aleeza told me to wait one more day before I escalate actions on my side of things. The first representative told me that she would expedite the return of my money which I would see my money back in 1-5 business days. It has now been 7 calendar days and yet there is still a delay. I can only imagine what would happen if I hung you up for 8 days on one of my payments- no less $950 worth of unintended payments. Aleeza tells me that she is waiting for upper level management to finish their "investigation". You are the highest ranking Bank official for Discover services and i figured you might help your "upper level management" expedite this disastrous situation. The next retirement check is due on 11/28/18. I ask you, could you live on zero dollars for the next 23 days( including the thanksgiving holiday)? I respectfully request the the return of my overpayment of $950 forthwith. I thank you in advance for your attention in this matter. Happy Holidays Mr. Nelms

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Dog Poop on ma shoe - 1 y ago

I bet the CEO checks this frequently to solve problems created by impatient customers who click click click to fast. LOL

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Anonymous - 200 d 9 s ago

If you have a caucasian name you might get a call

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Paula J Cobbins - 200 d ago

Very disappointed with this company. The credit line increases process in my opinion is not fair I know my credit has suffered due to illnesses however when it was up to par still was,denied. I also complained how,I called over 3 years and have yet to speak to Afro American representatives As a result o received a note from my online account stating in July be charged for services that I never were told about or mention to me before. I can't help but to beleive it's because of some concerns I brought up regarding their staffing policies I think I should be allowed to discuss my feelings but apparently not.

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PRav - 207 d 8 h ago



I am new to discover credit card recently applied for it, listen to what I have experienced with customer care support. I actually called and requested a balance transfer to my other credit card at that time the agent collected all my details and said it will be processed before my billing date of the other credit card I felt happy. It's been 15days almost I have not received my discover credit card to my home address, I got an email that my balance transfer was declined. Next day I called customer care agent and explained everything she said it was the wrong address, they have not mentioned my block and apt number in the address so I updated that I requested for the balance transfer then I ask them to waive me the transaction fee because my target is to pay off my other credit card before due date so that my credit score will be in good stage after requesting the second time she said it will be processed after my due date so what is the use of doing balance transfer than by paying almost 3% fee which will not even help me in a timely manner because of there mistake. Then I requested her to wave at least the 3% fee then she gets a supervisor online her name is Anna from Phoenix office, I explained her everything and her attitude was like if you want to take the card or else we are ready to cancel your card do you want to me to start cancellation process this is how she spoke. I really decided to cancel the card right away but who will complain about her, then I decided to be a customer and do an escalation on her to there higher authorities.

Very bad service for the customers.

I want someone needs to call me asap and take action on her.

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D - 215 d 8 h ago

For around 12 years everything working smoothly and then I rum into a scam a fraud transaction. Very clearly a service is not received. Discover sides with the seller because the seller gave them an order number and a webpage the order did not consist of a webpage.

The customer service is shockingly awful and this card will highly likely come to an end.

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Judith Fay - 215 d 12 h ago


I have just had the most unnerving and disappointing Discover experience in almost 15 years as a customer. I have just cancelled 1 of 2 cards I have carried for years. I am no longer a loyal Discover customer and I find the way I've been treated by this company abhorrent. Terrible service and extremely rude Credit Services Supervisor, Robert.

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Steve - 243 d ago

I just wanted to let the powers in charge know that I think the Discover card is great. I recently had to go through credit counseling and want to apologize to discover as well as a few other of the creditors that I had to settle with. Even though a resulution settlement has been made and paid, everything I have ever done I do in good faith. I want to say I am sorry, but due to my wife loosing her SSD, I could no longer stay afloat. Discover has been great and helped my with payment when the first hurrican came through. I commend you, and miss my Discover card. Sincerely, Steve.

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sebrina boddie - 249 d 8 h ago


I have been with discover bank for almost 3 year. I never had a problem with them until now. When they let 2 fake checks go through one was a copy of a check that had never been written and the other was a fake government check. Now I have to wait for them to investigate before they will give me my money back. It wasn't a small amount of money taken from me. Now my account is overdrawn and I have no money because of this. So if you're smart don't use discover as your bank they will let anything through even if you call then right away they still tell you have to wait 90 days. Bull crap.

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Frank Gordon - 251 d 9 h ago


Get another card and DONOT Ever USE this card after 5 years of dumping my hard earned money into this card, thousands of dollars and today I ask for a credit line increase and they deny me because they say I was late on two payments in Aug 2018 and Feb 2019. VERY strange since my payments come from bank and have since the inception of my Discover card, so if this wer true then ALL of my payments have been LATE. What a bunch of crap I will be giving my money to another credi card company asap

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Gina Funk - 261 d 8 h ago


They are fine until you dispute a transaction. I got scammed by a merchant on ebay who admitted through documented emails that the phones I bought were never scanned, therefore making them unusable. He would not refund me so I reached out to Discover for help. Discover said they would need proof that the merchant issued a refund or agreed to a return in order for Discover to reverse the charge. Wow. If the merchant wanted to help me out with a refund in the first place, why would I need Discover to help me? This left a bad taste in my mouth. I will be looking into another credit card company.

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Anonymous - 293 d ago

Take people's money that's not there's

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Kandy L. - 1 y ago


Discover Card Members are Not Allowed to use their cards for purchasing items from The These are Cristian books,DVD's, etc. In my opinion Discover does not like Christian people or anyone who is interested in buying these Christian Items.

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