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Dish Network

9601 South Meridian Boulevard
Englewood, CO
Joseph Clayton
President and CEO
(303) 723-1000
(303) 723-1999
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l;indy postma - 11 h 13 m ago

i took over a home abd found dish equipment wherew do i have to deliver that

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Anonymous - 2 d 15 h ago

Hey my name is Tawakeea i was with direct tv and I left them and can to y'all because i was think that y'all service was better and i talk to a man man john and he was very nasty to me cut me off when i was asking him questions and it is so sad that this is happening to people and i have a lot of stuff i am going though but to ask him can he help me about low my bills and he got so nasty about it i am think about going back with DIRECTV because my mother is very sick and i have kids to take care of and a sick mother and a sick husband that not working and it just messy up husband is got bad Kidneys and bad heart and my mother have a bad heart to and it so stressful for me to be the only one working and to come have to take care of kids and a sick mother and husband

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Carol Murphy - 5 d 8 h ago


Dear Sir, Last November one of your employees fell asleep at the wheel and took out over forty feet of pole and cattle panel fence including post. Your Manager of the Hayden Lake, Idaho made all kinds of effort (verbally) but never came through. I even took a day off from teaching to be home for the fence company he supposedly hired. Like I said he made promises, but I am stuck with almost a three hundred dollar bill and that does not include labor or my lack of a safe paddock for my livestock on a busy road. If I didn't pay my bill what would your reaction be?

I am requesting that you look into this matter. I live on 411 Williams Lake road, Colville Wa, 99114. There is a police report and case number. I would be happy to forward. At this point I am ready to go to court and put up a bill board letting the public know how you treat the little guy. I would appreciate a response.

Carol Murphy

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Anonymous - 19 d 12 h ago

Worst service ever!! Been with you guys almost 10 years and every time I call to speak to someone it's overseas!! I will be switching ASAP

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monkaW - 13 d 9 h ago

must be hard being racist

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Anonymous - 13 d 8 h ago

For a lot of idiots it just comes naturally.

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John - 5 d 12 h ago


Not being racist for not desiring to communicate with someone overseas that cares nothing about your situation.

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Marsha - 6 d 11 h ago


I got a call today and said my payment had not been received. I called my bank and the check cleared on May 31st. So I called back and talked to several people and they wanted me to pay my $141 again. I told them no they needed to find my money. So one person I talked with gave me an ext # for my bank to call. My bank called and the first person they talked with told them there was not such extension. So they took her info and then they asked to talk to a supervisor and then they hung up on the bank. Then the bank called back and asked for another supervisor. She did get one at that time and they took the information again and was told to call back in 72 hours. So who knows if they have submitted the information to the back office or not. I talked to 4 different people and my bank talked to 3 different people. They had a who cares attitude. You would think they could take my information and call me back in 72 hours. They have my number and called me to let me know they had not received my payment. BUT they have. And they run the checks they receive electronically so you do not receive your cancelled check back. The only proof I have is my bank statement.

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Harold M Reynolds - 12 d 12 h ago


You send out letters without good intention. Lie after prove me wroung. Letter from Dish Any package plus 300.00 gift card plus No activation fee..all a big joke and lies in print..your letter. My phone number is (hidden). Letter even says mention approval code 180-006-292 not one person I talked with today would take this information and verify it. And yes i call and spoke with 5 different people. I will be calling AT & T.

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Barbara - 8 d 19 h ago


I received a notice in mail from Dish offering free installation and a $300 gift card. On March 1 2019, I switched from Direct TV to Dish and paid my first month $124.47 The young man that took my order said I would indeed be receiving the gift card. It has been nearly 4 months and I STILL have not received my gift card!! When I called Dish, the representative said, "We don't give out $300 cards that I know of"!! WHAT????? I took your company at it's word! WHEN can I expect my gift card?! This is definitely a FALSE promotion!! We will probably be switching back if this isn't resolved! Acct. #(hidden)758133. Email address.. (hidden)

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Louie - 9 d 18 h ago


I'm disabled and my daughter was on life support after trying to commit suicide in March. I called to get them to waive a $10 late fee and they said my account was flagged! I was told it was the corporate office who flagged the account. I've been a customer for at least 15 years. They've been pretty helpful up until thus past year. It's discrimination when your account has been flagged because you called in too many times or asked for a late fee to be waived due to an emergency! I'm basically told no man we can't help you at all no matter what because your account has flagged for the life of the account!

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MarkeB in NM - 16 d 15 h ago


I've just gotten off the phone with the 5th-level person trying to resolve several issues. Since I've spent about 8 hours on the phone over the last month setting up TWO accounts -- in Santa Fe and Taos -- I'm going to have to calm down before I write a detailed letter about all of the WRONG information I got about various issues. My head feels like it's about to explode, and I'm damned if I'm going to have a stroke over DIsh. I went BACK to them on a vacation home, and changed from Direct TV to them in my main residence, because I thought their customer service was better than Direct TV and I hate ATT as well as Direct TV's interface. Decided not to "cut the cord" for various reasons. I'm one of these people that's PAYING FULL LOAD for satellite service, and I swear I'm about to throw out all services. Last straw was this 5th-level person said he had no way of sending me a 2nd copy of a booklet called "TV That's Tuned In To You," which the technician at my 2nd installation left me. All he could do was refer me to to read stuff. I am so ANGRY and UPSET that I can't go further without having a wine-soaked lunch and a good night's sleep. But I'm SO SORRY that I didn't see this website before signing up for not one, but TWO, accounts with Dish. Absolutely incredibly bad customer service in an era that is super-competitive. I HATE you, DISH!

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Individual who Works & ever little bit of my $ counts.. - 13 d 12 h ago

I'm having serious issues with this company also! They transfer us & keep us on the phone WANTING us to get angry to the point even if u were on a sedative ur nerves would break.. Dish programs & it's unqualified " specialists" do this to the point a customer just rather pay & not deal!!! I'm NOT! I have been passed around today enough ... 6 ppl ... they ALL expose each other by telling what this company is doing , by deceiving good ppl, stealing our $ by not giving services or repairing services we pay for! DISH network has done many many unethical things, even as far as technicians in my home... I'm shouting g out regards to my experience ! ROBBING good people! I'm reaching out to U & I am asking everyone to contact the Better Buisness Bureau & FCC whether we r heard or NOT... PROMOTE DISH only the way they have deceived you! Contact Direct TV & tell ur awful experience ... truth only.. God allows theft, deceit, & such evil for a season then GOD has HIS way!! If you would be so kind to let me know ur outcome & if it was successful if u would kindly share ... I ask humbly if EVERYONE will report ur experience ; & not only the mental anguish but physical that has come w/ stress attached!!! I have read many of ur experiences with Dish... which is so close to mine... It is upsetting to see SO many ppl asking to get services they are PAYING for but STOLE from... As hard as it is... Dish Network wants & enjoys when we get upset... We have asked for help & pay for services we r not getting.. Writing or calling to complain but in professional manner to the Better Business Bureau & FCC... Pray on ur letter or pray b4 calling that God will open deaf ears to hear how this network is stealing from good people! I say this bc kindness, truth, go a long way to the right person or people; I have experienced more outcomes when professional, calm( tho hard), being truthful, & asking how would you feel if u were paying a huge corporation & getting nothing in return or passed around each time calked, & lies to over & over... yet kindness & calm spirits r listened to more.. I'm extremely flawed, I too got upset because Dish ( I feel does this purposely); trains their workers to get customers upset to stop calling because it's extremely EXHAUSTING for any human being to be put thru ( indeed torment), by being transferred, hours on a phone & told " they are sorry & understand," no they just don't care! They get their paycheck & we r all numbers. As hard as it is don't get upset, I had to ask forgiveness if I did, & rem to " hold" my tongue bc that's what they want is to cause anger & upset us. I hung up, bc One gets NO where, again they do it purposely. I pray that the CEO or whoever is in charge or someone from Dish network reads this I am asking humbly to STOP deceiving good people, & myself ; we want what we are paying for, we want equipment or technical malfunctions fixed bc we are ur customers PAYING for services we agreed upon. I pray Gods blessings upon all who have been victims of Dish ( a network treating people as doormats)! I hold no hate, I hold no bitterness, I pray God intervenes in this situation! I even pray salvation for ALL at Dish! Thru this good will come! Evil lasts for a season ; God will act as long as we pray, we cannot wish bad on them ( indeed hard not to), but blessings only come if we forgive, love, & pray Lord u work in this situation... & Lord u see ALL ! Thank u & God bless ALL of you !

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Susan - 13 d 11 h ago


I'm the individual who works hard for $ I'm giving to a multimillion dollar network that has NO care for its customers ( speak for myself)!

So sad & disappointing to see the complaints;

I experienced much of what is said, & just this takes up time I need 2 be doing something more productive! In other words , I should not have to spend 5 hours now " complaining" bout things Dish should be doing. May God bless u!

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Lea Snowden - 14 d 11 h ago


June 2, 2019

I have never experienced such BAD customer service than that of the DISH Network.

First of all, the instructions led me to a 'Not secure' website, The reactions to my concerns, along with all the other problems I incurred, were systematically ignored and inadequate causing me to use language not appropriate for a lady.

You indicate all the phone calls are recorded. My calls were made on May 30th, 2019 from approximately 6:00pm PDLST untill 8:00pm. Additionally, you ask for feedback, however, a error always occurs so nothing gets submitted.

And now it seems, I am locked out of streaming Killing Eve on my computer. And the last thing I'm going to do is call customer service.

If this is not resolved, I will report you to the FCC and to the BBB.

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Rhonda - 13 d 15 h ago

And to the Attorney General of your state.

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Anonymous - 13 d 15 h ago


Horrible horrible customer service. They took our money up front then couldn't schedule installation for 8 days. Then the day of installation right before their arrival time they called to cancel because their tech hit a deer. So we were told to call a number to reschedule and all they could do was to reschedule it for another week. This all took place with over an hour on the phone. We decided to go with Direct TV, who were able to schedule it earlier. Now we are trying to get our $49.99 back but they do t have a record of it. So we called another number and the message said we would be called back within a day. In fairness to them they offered $10 off each month but the deal with their $10 off is the same as Direct tv.

Goodbye Dish. Hello Direct TV. Next step will be a complaint to the attorney general in my state if we don't get our money back.

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Ernest rhodes - 14 d ago


I have been a dish customer for years I can understand a pay as you go to get started but when you have been a customer for years and can't get off this plan is stupid being retired my pay doesnt always fall in YOUR time schedule I also have a wife with serious medical issues so sometimes I have to wait till the middle of the month which means no tv for a couple weeks so for this reason I am starting to look for another provider sorry but your current policy is stupid for a well established and long time customers

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Kirsten - 16 d 17 h ago

You have employees who are calling people and claiming they are with the grants and treasury Dept. Trying to get people to buy some kind of card for $100 and then sending it via western union to receive a fake grant of $9000 dollars. They are using this number currently (hidden). They speak poor English and are very persistent calling every hour for 3 or more days. I am sick of this and you need to fire these employees!!!

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monkaS - 14 d 7 h ago

do you actually think those people are real dish employees

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Gaynell - 15 d 20 h ago


I signed up a month ago and from the first install I had nothing but problems. This time I called and the no speaking English rep was rude and when I advised that I never signed up for auto pay he continued to be rude I asked for a supervisor he refused and hung up on me.

Flagged for review. 
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MarkeB in NM - 16 d 15 h ago

P.S. to an earlier review: Is anyone at DISH even monitoring these reviews? If I was an institutional shareholder and saw these reviews, I'd be raising hell with the CEO. As it is -- some of these reviews make me think that Dish is ripe for a class action lawsuit, or at the very least -- complaints to the Federal Trade Commission and the FCC.

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sean - 17 d ago


I would like to file several complaints regarding Dish Network's customer service representatives, salespeople, and your resolution department. I signed up for a Dish bundle package on April 27th of this year. The representative that I spoke with went over several bundle plans. The plan I selected includes tv, internet, and landline for $138.00/mo. I was charged $49.99 on April 27th for some type of service that would be applied to my account which it was not. I was also charged $29.99 for some other expense that was not applied to my account. I was then charged $77.28 on May 14th for the tv service. I was then charged $93.28 on May 29th for the internet service. I was told that a $50.00 credit would be applied towards my internet bill for the first month which it was not. So far, I have spent over $250.00 for a bundle package plan that should, and was told, would cost me $138.00 month. I feel that I have been lied to, misinformed, and being overcharged by Dish and Hughes internet services. I called Dish's customer service a few times on the 30th of this month and was told I had to call Hughes. I called Hughes and was told I had to call Dish. I called Dish and Hughes at least 7 times to try and get the billing resolved but got nowhere. Dish's customer service is horrible and when I was trying to discuss my billing, the representative was laughing and put me on hold for over 10 minutes, I finally had to hang up and call back. The representative was a female and spoke with her around 5:00 pm West Coast Time. I also called Dish's resolution dispute team and given the run around again. The issues I have with Dish and Hughes overcharging me and misleading me need to be resolved. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB, Consumer Affairs, and the Attorney General's office. I will pursue this matter until I am billed the $138.00/mo. which is the correct bill each month and what I was told when I signed up for your horrible service. I am beyond pissed off and do not like being lied to, overcharged, and mislead. Your company needs some serious changes made when it comes to customer service; understanding the customer's situation; not interrupting a customer; listening; and not laughing or giggling because only bad customer service representatives do this. I also spoke with another customer service representative around 4:00 pm who sounded like he just left the bar and had a few too many drinks. The customer service representative that I spoke with at Hughes around 6pm said that he would reduce my internet bill from $93 to $70 a month for the next 7 months. How generous of him and leads me to believe that I am still being overcharged because the total of $70 and $77 per month is still more that what I was told I would be charged for my bundle plan and this is just unbelievable!!! I would appreciate a response from someone within your department to investigate these matters because I will not let this go until I am billed what I was told and will continue to pursue this indefinitely!!!

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James W Redmond - 18 d 12 h ago

Customer Service is in shambles as all calls go offshore then appointment times are changed as you get into the two hour window. Twenty plus year customer can't get equipment upgraded as no appointment times are honored. This is not a one time issue and Dish can and should do better.

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Mary E. Mkemp - 18 d 13 h ago


Horrible experience. Have been with them for 13 yrs. Tried to canx twice but they won't let me. Keep you on phone 30 minutes talking you into all kinds of things yet won't process canx. They outright refuse. I have 3 smart TVs using streaming or Free Roku TV. My kids are 16 and 18 and are not around most of the time. We are in our 60s trying to reduce costs. We watch very little TV. No sports, no news since Trump came into office and no shopping channels. I'm paying to keep them in business but I am the customer. Our TVs are not even connected to Dish and we still enjoy watching TV without Dish. I have filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau and contacting a lawyer for a class action lawsuit against Dish TV. It is bad business to wrong customers with strong arm tactics that makes you hate them and the word is out not to go to Dish TV. I am even keeping dish internet yet they won't accomodate my request to canx TV.

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