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Dish Network

9601 South Meridian Boulevard
Englewood, CO
Joseph Clayton
President and CEO
(303) 723-1000
(303) 723-1999
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John from Texaa - 1 d ago

Recorded a conversation corporate might be interested in, will see if I am ever contacted

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Nevada - 2 d 13 h ago


DO NOT GET DISH NETWORK!!!! This was the most horrible experience ever! Don't call the above numbers if you are a customer!!!! what??? How are we supposed to get questions answered regarding contract disputes etc if we can only deal with 'customer service' reps that have limited ability to help.

To start off with, we had service installed on 6/18, today is 6/20. On day of install, we had a nice installer but he could not get our surround sound to work after installing dish, he told us WE would have to pay for someone to come out to get it hooked up... then he could not get one of our TVs hooked up at all, so he left the cables and box hanging from the ceiling and again told us WE would have to pay to have someone come out to find the cable and complete Dish's install...??? huh!!!! To top it off, the old dish, he left in our neighbors yard!!!! We got an extremely brief overview of the remote since it was already after 5pm!!!.... but give me a 9 on my survey so I can get a raise, ok??? wow.

My right to rescind this contract has multiple levels, first it is within 3 days and second the breach of contract by dish due to failure to install what I ordered and connect service that was requested. That evening we could not get many of the services that we should have been getting. We contacted dish on Tuesday morning regarding these issues. Lo and behold, they cannot get a technician out until day 4, which is beyond the contract rescind days. Really, it takes 4 days to have someone come out when all this is wrong!?!

I agree with others that talking to these customer service people is like being berated and basically told how stupid we are and they aren't going to do anything else. Today 6/20 ; They actually told me to give them a chance to make it right. You know, the time to make it right was when I contacted you the first time about the problems and having someone out that day or how about you train your people so they can handle any install the first time. Then the threatening of all the fees etc.

They act like they don't have any idea about rescinding a contract or what it means so you get stuck in the contract. My only recourse now is to discuss with an attorney because no one at Dish really cares what happens after the install and you are locked into a contract. terrible, frustrating, disheartening ... this IS all about money!

I made one last ditch effort to get this resolved, I again called customer care where I finally reached one person who actually listened to what I was saying and she did successfully connect me to someone at the corporate office of the President for dish. After 70 minutes on the phone with him, he finally realized they were actually out of contract and had no choice but to dissolve the contract with no fees, charges etc. However, they refused to come to pick up their equipment or reinstall the equipment they took down. I was just glad I no longer had to deal with this stressful, unfair and unpleasant experience any longer. This all came down to the fact that the contract is an INSTALLATION contract, it does not give them another chance to make it right later on. Given this was a totally bad install they had no other options. Frankly, the added costs for Dish isn't worth a couple extra channels. Last comment: As bad as our cable is here, their customer service is stellar! We are glad we did not disconnect our cable service prior to this, they were awesome and came out today and reinstalled our equipment!!!

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Tracy Webers - 3 d 1 h ago


I used Dish for the last 10 months. Our local rep is a very nice man and I have nothing but good to say about his service. We have been renting while building our house, and this was our first experience with Dish. We are moving now and we made the choice to go back to cable. I called to get Dish disconnected as of 6/28. The first rep I spoke with (a lady), made a few suggestions which I looked into but ended up calling Dish back to go ahead and cancel. After a 16 minute wait, I spoke with a man who started out very nice. He quickly started his "high pressure" sales and his voice and tone changed. He started interrupting me, speaking to me in a condescending tone and putting me on hold when I would start to speak. He ended up turning off my Dish service immediately (I asked to keep it until 6/28) and then told me that was what I wanted. I'm a 5th grade teacher, so I practice patience ALL the time, and this was no different. I did not get angry...I just took his abuse. He said that I would pay $366 cancelation fee (fine) and that he would have to speak to a supervisor about turning my dish back on for the next week. He took care of it for one of my receivers. The other two receivers do not work now in my home. I don't care though...not enough to call back to Dish. I want you to know that I am actually scared to talk to your reps. I just cannot believe that it is okay or maybe even encouraged to treat your customers like this. I could have left Dish with a good experience and possibly use it again, or recommend it to others, but I have to tell you that the truth is that I would actually recommend that people do not use Dish and I would rather use any other company in my future.

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Tracy Webers - 2 d 14 h ago


I have had the worst time with customer service. Yesterday, the rep I talk=

ed to was so incredibly rude and he canceled my service immediately! I had =

to ask him to turn it back on because he wasn't listening to me when I said=

I needed it discontinued as of June 28th. So, he turned on one of my 3 rec=

eivers. I called back today to get my other two receivers turned back on un=

til June 28th. They told me that they would have to reinstate my service ju=

st long enough to turn on all 3 receivers, then had me talk to yet another =

rep to schedule the discontinue date again for June 28th. This man I talked=

to was nice, but I still only have one of my 3 receivers working, even tho=

ugh he assured me that they would all be working. My biggest concern right =

now is that my credit card has been billed three times for the cancelations=

.. I asked the last man I talked to--to make sure my card was only billed on=

ce for the $300.00. He assured me that it was. I will be watching though. I=

am very disappointed in this company.

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Aarika - 3 d 21 h ago

DO NOT GET DISH NETWORK!!!!! I wish I had read these reviews before signing up for Dish Network! First of all a 2-4 hour install took 9 hours to complete! the technician left trash scattered all over my house and property and tracked dirt and mud all throughout my house! I do not have internet at my home so 95% of the services I am paying for are apparently worthless which when I called to sign up I told them I would not have any internet at my home and it was not disclosed to me that my boxes wouldn't do the majority of the things it was supposed to do including searching for particular programing which is a feature that would be really nice seeing how their guide is the most impossible and most confusing thing I have ever seen in my life!! I have had this service for 5 days! I have read the information booklet they left for me front to back numerous times trying to figure out how to use this STUPID system and have failed! I called today to tell them to forget it and they could just cancel my account and come get their equipment and I was informed that there is no return policy and unless I want to pay the early termination fee which is $20 dollars a month for the remainder of my 2 year contract equaling out to $480 plus another $117 dollars for my first month of service which I have only used 5 days of! THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH WHEN IT COMES TO CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SATISFACTION! Do yourself a favor, learn from my mistake and apparently everyone else's below and pick a different provider!! Not even good enough to get 1 star from me!!

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Rhonda - 6 d 17 h ago

I Am So Tired of You Guys Wanting Or Expecting Me To Pay You 2 Times a Month I am On A Fixed Income The Person I Talked To Said I Missed A Moth ,But Would Not Tell Me What Month. I have Been On A Fixed Income 6 months or More and I Pay ON THE 3 rd No You Expect Me To Pay You Before Then OR You Will shut it off. That's Ok Then I WILL Switch To Direct TV.

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Buzz michigan - 6 d 18 h ago


Had to have a tech come out to check my system, told me it would be (5 dollars, so they gave me the choice of taking the insurance at 9.00 a month, tech came out said original installation was not correct didn't properly secure to my roof, he fixed it, well at least for week, same thing going on again, and it's free preview weekend for showtime, not me, complete sigan loss, and happens every time I try to watck detroit tigers, when i manage to get signal it blacks out for 5-10 seconds then comes back on, only happens about 10-15 times a game chatted with rep wanted me to call differant number i said i did that two weeks ago, didn't work had to send tech out, what am I paying for now on hold for 20 minutes waiting fo tech...........

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Lee Hallquist - 7 d 19 h ago


As you advertise, we can talk to a human. They must have all left. All I get is a computer generated human and choices and a 52 minute wait time!

My tv has been in boot recovery since 7am. This is terrible service and we will remember this when our time with you is up.

Lee Hallquist


104 colby rd

whitefield nh 03598

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Mellisa - 6 d 18 h ago


I am so pissed off. I have no clue what has happened to the customer service at dish but I have literally spent over 2 hours waiting to talk to someone and still can't get through. I then tried a different route and I pushed the button for the sales department and someone answered right away. I guess they only care about their new customers and not their existing customers. I have a broken remote and can't even get through to a CSR to order a new one. . I am so mad right now. So much for their advertisement of superior customer service on their website. This is the worst ever...I can't even watch the TV I pay for.

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Ginny - 7 d 15 h ago



I am appalled at your customer service reps that I spoke with. I have someone I am trying to work with on a social service level and your company refers back to the contract that my resident has no understanding of in anyway shape or form. I am really wondering what type of company you promote," too bad you don't understand but sign anyway". You are really out of touch to some of your consumers and I hope it changes!

Thanks for hearing me out.


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Victoria Samluk - 7 d 18 h ago


Sir. I am one pissed off customer. I wish to God you would take heed to some of these complaints. I called and was told I was talking to George, he was the president of the office. His operater number is IXO. Sir please look into this complaint. If this is how you love and appreciate your customers, I say you love the billions that you take in. All I wanted was to transfer service from one account. My contract is well over on the other account. Now I have no service for a week. Why not stop counting your millions for a bit and look and listen to the people who made you rich. I also left a message with my phone number not that I really expect a call back. I don't know how you sleep at night, enjoy now, there isn't air conditioning in hell buddy!!!

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Simpson - 10 d ago


I been with Dish over 13 years and account updated and have all there equipment Hopper 4 joeys been foa8 with Las need the voice active remote because of my arms and they refuse to Bill me for the remote what a living Family with a heart Really it's still about the Money

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Marvin Deberry - 8 d 10 h ago


My Marvin Deberry seem I made a big mistake, having dish my service go out for hours in the past, now again 6/14/2018 it's been off for over five hours. I pay $145.02 every month now dish telling me know one can't come out until 6/16/2018 I'm going two days without something I'm paying my Hard earn money for, my address is 606 dictum Dr. Sparks, go. 31647 my account "ending 3133 I'm about to try a new company!

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Kathy Aaron - 8 d 14 h ago


Mr. Clayton, We have only had dish for 2 months and we gave. Up direct tv for this, so far THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER, I don't even know where to start honestly, We are a retired couple on a fixed income, that's one of the reasons for switching was price, ok first of we wanted internet also we were told ok we got the voice remotes for that reason then we were told we didn't qualify for internet we would have to pay 375.00 for the internet for the down payment but we paid ? Down on internet and we thought, I don't know we are so confused with this, then we were talked into buying the antenna for local channels which never works if it does come on channels either freeze up or go in & out , we can only record one channel at a time, and that's with only 2 TVs on in the home, and then it will not let us watch something else we usually have to stop the recording, WE ARE SO VERY UNHAPPY, I have called customer service 4 or 5 times and asked them to please send a tech out but they give me the run around it's the weather or you have too many TVs going at once omg, the last time I called I had my 21/2 year old grandson and I told him I could not stay on this phone any longer , can you please have a tech come out and FIX PLEASE !!!!!

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Anonymous - 8 d 17 h ago

I would like to talk to someone in charge. Why is it so hard to find or get someone? I got terrible customer service. They took my movie channels away which were paid up to date. Your employees aren't taking notes so when I call in they have no ideal whats going on. Since I'm paid up & not getting what I've already paid aid for I'm going to channel 3 to get this straiting out since no one in dish wants to give me back what I've already paid for. I'm hoping u can help me before I have to get help else where. Melissa (hidden)

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Ileda H Stapleton - 8 d 18 h ago


Mr. Clayton...I am not a customer of Dish Network! Today I received an email at my work address demanding payment on a debt that is not mine. I purchased the property but not the debt. I am totally appalled that I am being harassed over someone else's unpaid bill. If this has been turned in against my credit I will get an attorney and sue ... if this issue is not cleared up and a retraction done at once. My name was falsely applied to this account!!!!! FRAUD! I am expecting a response from you and an apology and a correction!

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Kathy Kuhn - 9 d 19 h ago


Re: Programming Schedule

I have been trying for YEARS now to get your program guide to be corrected on EWTN Channel 261 at the 7:30 AM slot to read "Rosary" NOT Litany - it is deceiving for people who are not aware that the Rosary is on Monday thru Friday at 7:30 AM - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE change it!!! Thank You!

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Homeless.... - 19 d 13 h ago


On a small fixed income, they take almost $400 from my checking acct. in one shot with out warning(termination fee)... called customer service, spoke to a Ruben in Texas, laughed at my situation, then transfers me to a so called supervisor called Roland to NO satisfaction!!! No payment arrangement, NOTHING!! Now I can't pay my rent, because this multibillion company won't work with me...Ray R. Bayshore, NY

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G - 19 d 10 h ago


Please call Dish and ask for the office of the president.

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Anonymous - 18 d 19 h ago

What is his tie. #

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Maureen - 12 d 11 h ago


We have been with dish for over 10 years with really no issues until we sign that 2 year contract now we can't get anybody to know what's going on but since we signed the contract we can barely ever get the high channels and that's what we mainly watch I am going to go with another company because dish again can't send somebody out for a week last time was 2 weeks. Their customer concern is horrible... They can take me to court and I will show the judge how I have never been late on a bill in over the 10 years and how all of a sudden I have been cut from high channels since we signed a 2 year contract

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Ash - 16 d 15 h ago

Why are you bitching about having to pay the cancellation fee, when you voluntarily signed the contract? You must be one of those dumbasses who 1) doesn't read the contract, or 2) has an entitlement mentality.

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Kelly Vidrine-Coe - 16 d ago


I guess Ash isn't a DISH CUSTOMER or HER SERVICE hasn't had a problem yet! Karma Ash... It's a son of a BITCH! You'll get YOURS!!!


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Kelly Vidrine-Coe - 16 d ago



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Ash - 11 d 14 h ago

How are you the loyalist of Dish customers when you're canceling. Ignorance

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Sue - 10 d 7 h ago


Judt got off phone and worst ever. Was told I dropped channel did not called said fixed ti bad was not told bill was $80.00 higher calked yold cause I paid what dish app ssid but cause bill was paid late they added charges called again told only maki g a part payment even thu i paid what said due on app. Called again told it was fixed bill would be 160 guesd what bill is 240. Called said no record i called and wss 240 not what told. Still fighting with them if you want ti be lied to yhis is your company

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