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Dish Network

9601 South Meridian Boulevard
Englewood, CO
Joseph Clayton
President and CEO
(303) 723-1000
(303) 723-1999
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donald f wagner - 6 h 22 m ago


I am a recent subscriber to Dish. I am extremely upset with the service you provide' . Excessive commercials stations,lack of entertainment, no local sports. Might be the worst decision for entertainment I have made. Lured into a contract , no escape for two years inferior product. Informed I have to pay a penalty to escape..I will end my service with you as soon as I can. And if anyone asks me about Dish I will convey my thoughts. I am requesting release from the contract so I may seek a better product.

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Jason - 16 h ago


Ive had many different television providers as ive traveled the globe. Providers of these services in the States stink in general and are over priced, but cable beats satellite hands down. Dish is the provider of last resort. DirecTV blows them away. My best friend was in the Corps for 25 years until an IED blew his legs off. To add to that, he just had 2 cancer surgeries in the last 2 1\2 months and is now home, stuck to a bed for a couple more weeks with nothing to do but watch the telly. He ordered Dish last year. They installed SD by mistake. They had to come out and change it out. The installer was a fat man, who was not in a good mood, was foul in general and had terrible B.O. The fact that he had to correct his mistake, made him very angry. But he installed the new equipment. That's the 1St time Dish pulled the bait and switch. The 2nd time is when they messed up his programming. He ordered their Americas tip 250. Instead he got news, locals and shopping channels. When he called to bitch, they were rude as usual and talked him into Flex pack. Finally after having to email a top dog at Dish, he got the right package. Then the day that he returned from the hospital, he came home to his entire ceiling collapsed and on the floor. The installer had drilled holes in the floor and had forgotten to caulk the holes from the SD dish and the HD dish. It leaked after a heavy couple of rains, soaked the insulation and down it went. Now my friend had socked away about 1200.00 to cover his expenses while off work. The repairs cost him over 800.00. He was angry. I called Dish on his behalf. But all they wanted to talk about was " Did he want to make a payment." At every level and every department, its all they cared about. All the office of the president, all they offered him was a 50.00 credit. Then for 109.00, they shut off his service. I tried to pay it for him using my checking account, but they said my bank blocked it. I called my bank and they did no such thing. Dish said they sent the damage claim off to that department. A woman called and left a message.vwhen I called back on his behalf, the same woman got Amnesia and said " this is the new installation department. We don't handle that" I again called the presidents office. But all I got was " I need to take a payment of 159.00 today" over and over. Did not want to hear a word about the roof and ceiling damage caused by the stinky installer. So yes, bottom of the barrel crap company. Ive tried to make them a good bargain on the roof damage. Wipe out the bill, turn him back on and call it a day. Nope ! But we will take your payment now. UN real! Now we are filing an FCC complaint. Worst customer service on the planet

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Mike Pauken - 1 d 3 h ago

DISH Hopper 3 Satellite Receiver

Hopper 3 is not ready for Prime Time. DISH changed the user interface and dropped several features that were very important to customers and that were available on the Hopper 2.


You can no longer search for key words in a program title that is not in the current program Guide. You must select a program in the current Guide in order to create a timer. Previously you could search for a new program title that did not start to air for several months. When the search did not find the new program because it was not in the program Guide yet, you simple pressed a button and told the receiver to record it whenever it appeared in the program guide in the future. A timer was then setup. This was an extremely convenient and helpful feature.

Program Guide feature dropped:

On the Hopper 2, when scrolling through the guide, you could advance to the next day at the same time by just pressing the Fwd button. This made it very easy to locate a program that started at a specific time or you were just looking for some interesting programming during a specific time period. The capability is still there on the Hopper 3, but you cannot access it with their new remote. To access this feature you have to use your old remote that came with the Hopper 2.

The ability to search for and create timers for future programming that is not in the current program guide is what differentiated DISH from DIRECTV.

I hope DISH wakes up and puts these features back in. Maybe I will give DIRECTV a call.

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Smith - 1 d 13 h ago


I moved into my brand new house in December. I noticed a water stain above my mantel and down the side of my fireplace last month. I called the builder. He checked it out and said that the Dish installer installed the Dish in the worst place because it is leaking in to my house from the holes they made in the roof. I made a claim and nothing has been done since! I have called every day and have left a message with the damages team. I never got a returned phone call! I have spoken to customer service two other times just to be told they were emailing a regional manager. I called the corporate office, only to be hung up on while on hold! What kind of company is this? If Dish weren't the only cable company in my subdivision, I would change it in a heart beat! They aren't doing anything about it! Tropical Storm Cindy is supposed to hit my area tonight, which means more water damage! Ugh! Why don't they do anything?

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The Parker's - 2 d 15 h ago


James and Gloria Parker: In April we called to pay our bill and the rep. assumed that we were paying with a debit card she had listed and charged that account. We were paying with a credit card and had her to reverse the entry because the money in out checking was allocated already. Because the rep. made a mistake we are being punished. Until November, we can't pay by credit card. We have been with Dish Network for ten years as of June 11, 2017. Never late and pay early every month. We spoke to another rep. and accountant. They both said it is nothing they could do. Well I was a wall street research specialist and corrected error all the time. This is 2017?????? I would to train these workers.

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natalie felix - 1 d 16 h ago


i am having the same problem with the account

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Von - 2 d 15 h ago


Been with Dish for over 4 years. Was using auto-pay, faithful customer. Credit card stolen late Mar '17, I called Dish with new card #, made payment, presuming auto-pay still functioning.

In May I receive a message that payments are due. Called ("Raphael" in the Philippines), inquired as to what the issue was, supposedly was set up again in auto-pay, and made April's payment. I additionally requested that my Hopper - a Dec '15 version - be upgraded to the current version. Told I would have to pay approx $200. Nonsense - I've already bought and paid for the one I have, 10 times over!!

June 18th, I get a message on my TV indicating that payments have not been made. I called ("Erica" in the Philippines), explained recent history, wondering why auto-pay has not been paying my monthly bill. I now owe for May and June - $200 - I reviewed with her the May 10th conversation with Raphael, including the conversation regarding the Hopper up-sell attempt, which ended on a contentious note, and suggested that this auto-pay failure on Dish's part is Dish's way of "getting even" with me - causing this "hassle" to happen.

All I asked Dish to do was to clear my account balance (as satisfaction for this nonsense hassle), re-instate my service, and re-establish auto-pay.

"Sir - we can't do that." "Oh, yes you can. You choose not to. I assure you, there is someone working at Dish that has the authority to approve this."

Consumer fraud and abuse ?

Friends - do not trust Dish, and beware of their business practices.

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CINDY HARRIS - 2 d 15 h ago


Just found out I was charged $114 because they wanted to pause my service rather than cancel it like I requested, when I specifically told them i was moving and didn't need the service. My account is in collections and Now I have to waste So much time trying to get this resolved so it will come off my credit report.... Such BAD business!!

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Dianne Peters - 3 d 9 h ago


I would like to speak to someone icw a Dish driver in the Harrison/West Harrison, Indiana area who was passing a truck on a bend and hill crossing the double yellow line into oncoming traffic around 4:15 pm Monday, June 19, 2017.

I had to stop or I would have run into him. He also stopped to return behind the truck he was trying to pass. What kind of training do these people have? Is this the kind of person you want representing your company?

You may contact me, Dianne Peters at (hidden). I expect a call!

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Anonymous - 4 d 16 h ago


Worst service ever! I was on the phone with them for 45 minutes doing all kinds of tests on the tv to connect to broadband on my joeys to get the Netflix app to work and nothing worked. So they suggested I call Netflix since it might just be the app that doesn't work but it was other apps as well that weren't connecting. So I called dish back and they wanted me to do more tests to try to make it work, like unplug everything and all kinds of shit. I just asked if they could send a tech out since I've been trying for 2 days over the phone with them and since we already pay them for the service why not have a tech come. They wanted to charge me $95 for a tech to come out and to look at THIER problem! I said hell no! And the agent just told me ok I'll leave a note if you change your mind. Bullshit! You guys are making all kinds of money and you still want more even when it's YOUR service that isn't working that I already pay for!! I'm switching back to DirectTV. Joseph Clayton, you need to fix your customer service and stop being so greedy!!! Clearly you guys don't care about your business or your customers because mostly all of these reviews suck. And I'll definitely be spreading the word to others how horrible you guys are. Why should I be paying for a service that doesn't even work and you guys can't even fix?!

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Anonymous - 4 d 9 h ago


If I wasn't so worn out after dealing with the so called customer service idiots, I would make your complaint look like a dot in a matrix. Two days and 45 mins. is seconds compared to three days and four hours only to have repairman confirm my initial diagnosis if the problem -- but ticket written by CS rep was for total upgrade which I refused!

I've been with Dish close to 10 years and the only reason is because every time they screwed up, I was offered free upgrades, movies, etc. Needless to say, with the money they're pulling in and the cheap offshore labor, they stand to loose nothing if I did change.

Now the issues I'm experiencing go far beyond unintelligible reps, the sub contractors sent to your home, the so called supervisors who know no more than the person who referred you. You're told your call is being recorded--see if they can find that recording to resolve a "he said, she said" issue. Any other company in the USA, especially one under the realm of the FCC, would be facing major changes and/or fines.

While there is no control over rate increases, there are legal issues when customers are not notified of contracts automatically assigned without your authorization, charges for equipment that is mandatory to connect the service for which you are never told, etc. At this point I am sure there are thousands of dissatisfied customers; this is clearly outlined by a one-half star rating on the Internet!!


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S Howard - 5 d 7 h ago


Dish service was always sub-par. The contract binds you to the lack of service. When I moved, I cancelled my account and paid the early termination fees, and returned the equipment right away. I was then charged almost $300, because DISH still had access (Now unauthorized) to my account. When I called to request a refund I was told it would be refunded within 24hrs. The representative said "I swear" ,"i promise", and "I guarantee" you will have your money back in 24hrs. I call back the next day because that was a LIE!! I was then told by a manager that I have to wait 7days.

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MVS - 6 d 7 s ago


Service ways great while we had it. Hardly any signal loses. When trying to cancel is where the harassment starts. Multiple times of trying to persuade me to stay, which I understand is their job. When telling them no means no, I then had to ask for a manger to get it procssed.

Now I was told the only way to return the equipment is to have them send a box for it. They give me 30 days from the time of consolation, not from the time the box arrives. You guessed it, over a week and still have yet to receive a box.

Don't trust them!

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Anonymous - 13 d 14 h ago

GKraft, Spokane Wa

OK, here's my beef... I moved from California to Spokane, and decided that I would take my TV service with Dish... This was early April 2017, but after flawed communications with Dish, I decided to go with Comcast/Xfinity... so, cancelled my scheduled install, with Dish..

Little did I know that Dish had ordered a Modem from a Company called Century Link, which was delivered to my home, after talking to C/S with Century Link, the Modem was immediately

returned to them. Shortly thereafter, I received a Bill, I explained the foul up, and I was told to ignore the Bill....

Here it is June 9th, and I'm looming at a Bill for

$213.00....I can't get Satisfaction from Dish nor Century Link... and I'm at a Loss as to what to do next.... Any suggestions????

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Joee H. - 6 d 13 h ago

Attorney. Attorney General. Better Business Bureau. Public Service Commission? Social Media..FCC. Tv interview, for areas where the local stations sometimes try to help.Can you sue them? Emotional distress? Or something? Corporate offices of all involved in the screw up. Possibly getting together with others who have been screwed to get laws passed that these companies have to come remove ALL of their equipment within 30 days of cessation of service OR LOSE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS AND FINANCIAL REIMBURSEMENT TO ANY AND ALL SAID EQUIPMENT.

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Rhonda - 10 d 16 h ago


Been a happy customer with DishNetwork since 2001. How things can change real quick. When we moved into what is hopefully our forever home last month, we had Dish transfer our service. The tech sold us on a wall mount and installation of our TV. We were also sold on a POLK soundbar and sub woofer for $350. BIG MISTAKE! Don't buy anything extra from them. Conveniently, after 35 days, the subwoofer stopped working. Because it is beyond the 30 days, they will not refund the money on this piece of junk equipment they sold us. Maybe it's time to switch to DirectTV

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Joee H. - 6 d 13 h ago

Not too sure on Direct tv by themself, but since they connected themselves with at&t, any problems are handled in as *ed up a manner as at&t. If I had been in charge of Direct - I would NOT have let my company be connected with at&t in ANY manner. at&t: ALL liars! Billing errors - never corrected. Gives up about HALF the service - for the full price. Constantly sends out techs to "fix" problems - that they do not fix. Always wanting to add things claiming that will fix problems - doesn't. Have you contacted the FCC? Better Business Bureau? Tell all the fun they have been putting you through on social media. Does Public Service Commission in your state cover? If not, maybe they have idea. See if your friends and famiy will write/call Dish Corporate offices, Board of Directors, etc. If you have a local tv station that airs problems people are having and it not being resolved. After Direct was stupid enough to affilliate with at&t, I have seen them in different locals trying to promote business, and I tell them WHY I will not be doing any business with them. I actually found this site by accident because of what a relative had told me, Dish wanted $500 UP FRONT for equipment & install. At first thought matbe they just got hold of an idiot rep. Apparently, Dish has joined other companies that screw customers (like at&t does). So, they lost that customer, made me decide NOT to deal with Dish, plus what they will not have after a few calls I will be making in a few minutes, warning friends about the potention screw job they need to avoid. I already know a number of people who have dropped Dish and at&t and who say they will NEVER, EVER use them again.

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Michelle - 6 d 15 h ago


My Siding was destroyed by the tech that came out when we added a line to our service, I have been working with Viola Pircher for Months now trying to get it taken care of. I learned to not use her extension on the phone because she never answers her phone and it takes days before she answers her voicemail. Every time we communicated via email I had to call her days later and ask if she got my email she would then say oh let me see, and would only then check her email. She would process whatever at that point. On April 6th I finally received a settlement letter that states as soon as she received the letter she would over night my settlement check. So I signed it and faxed it back! I called on the 8th to verify that she had received it and a gentleman checked the fax machine and sent it up to accounts payable. So we have been loosing time at work running home for the past week checking for our package. Viola calls me on Wednesday June 14th to tell me that she has received my letter and then clearly stutters as she reads the notes and realizes someone did her job for her the week before and then states oh it looks like that was sent up to accounts payable last week. Today I call because we still have not received the check we should have gotten from her on the 9th, I am then informed by Viola that she "mis-spoke" in her message and my claim did not go to accounts payable until the day she called and left the message, uhm hello lady not only did the guy do it for you but he verified it with me on the phone. So here we sit with a letter that promises 24 hours a week later and still have no reimbursement so what does the cooperate office say about this? Well they can handle anything with my service but they have no power over the claims or accounts payable departments? Really?? You are the corporate office!! Can you add negative ratings on here because I would give you minus 5 stars!! Lets remember that the letter in my hands says "Dish Network has stipulated that the amount of $####>## be paid to you to cover all repair and or replacement of the damage/damaged item(s). Once this letter is signed and returned, The amount will be sent via FedEx overnight." nothing about 5 day processing, or 7-10 day processing. And your hands are tied?? Well you did not fullfill your end of this agreement so that unties my hands!

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Woody - 8 d 16 h ago

Mr. Clayton

I have been a customer with dish for generations and even decided to put it in my business. But as soon as I have issues no one can come fix this problem until a business tech. is available.

Well my dish is hanging on by two bolts over the sidewalk, no service and NO ONE will be here for a week to fix it.

I would think that a hazard like this would take president over just a signal loss but NO.

To be told to climb up and take it down myself, uncalled for.

Im very disappointed in the dish customer service for rural American customers.

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Brandi Myers - 8 d 17 h ago



General profile image

Rebecca S. - 8 d 19 h ago


My first and last impression of Dish has been a nightmare. I signed up to get service. I told the rep. that my money would not be in the bank for 4 days, so he assured me that the intial 50.00 required would not presented to the bank until then. Well, that was a lie. They tried sending it through the next day which was Memorial day. So on Wednesday, checked my balance and see a nice overdraft fee on my account. Of course I was upset. I called and was reassured that it was requested for a refund. On the 2nd the 50.00 was taken out anyway. Now dish owes me 75.00. Again, repeatedly told 7-10 business days. So I called this week and now being told that it will take 19 days because it's a checking account. What???? You had no problem taking it out, but a huge problem putting ut back. So right now, current status is out 75.00, with no service. I was even told by one lying representative that it was presented to my bank for reumbursment. I guess they thought I was stupid, and would take any explanation they gave me. DISH, I WANT MY MONEY NOW!!!!

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Steve - 9 d 21 h ago

Mr. Clayton I have been a customer with dish for several years and I called and ask if I could have an extension on my service for one extra day due to my payroll will not be the until Thursday 6/15/17 and was treated so unfairly. I understand that you have to operate your business but one day and the rudeness that came with it is inexcusable. I will be terminating my service with the other 9 family members that I recommended without even doing the referral program.

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RWB - 9 d 9 h ago


Dear Mr. Clayton, I had a first and final experience with your customer service organiization today when I cancelled your company's service after being a customer for a year and a half. Although your service representatives were amiable, they were not very well versed in handling a disatisfied customer. By early terminating my service and being liable for a substantial termination charge which I wxpected, I was told that I would need to deinstall your equipment, pack it up in your packaging, take it to a UPS store for return, pay a charge for refurbishing the leased equipment destined for another of your future/current customers. I am disappointed that your installation people do not perform the same services for putting in all the equipment as well as for the removal. I cannot safely remove the equipment installed on my roof and I was told I needed to pay an extra charge to remove the dish, and even then they would not remove everything up there. I am disappointed in all this and I can assure you that you have lost an existing customer and closed the gate on any further business with me in the uture. Having been in the equipment and customer care business, I know the cost of acquiring new customers and retaining them for the long term. Your company's service practices leave a lot to be desired, especially with the fees I have paid on a monthly basis since subcribing to your services. Please do not expect any positive somments that I may have given to others interested in your services.

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Cj - 9 d 11 h ago


I am an ex employee. I am not sure that corporate is totally aware of how certain things are being handled.

Is there somebody outside of the loop of my local office and Human Resources that I may speak to?

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Tracy - 9 d 18 h ago


I would like to give a great review for customer service representative Debbie (operator ID # H1J). I paid off a old debt and I called multiple times after paying off the debt to see if I could get something in writing to say that I paid it. Everyone I spoke too before her stated there was nothing that they could mail or give too me since a bill could not be generated due to the account being closed. When I called again and spoke to Debbie she was very patience, nice, and went the extra mile to help me out. KUDOS to her, she showed EXCELLENT customer service skills.

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