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Dish Network

9601 South Meridian Boulevard
Englewood, CO
Joseph Clayton
President and CEO
(303) 723-1000
(303) 723-1999
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TUK - 7 h 35 m ago


Wow, how do I begin?

I had a TV+ Internet bundle with Dish. 2 days ago after having been a customer for 6 years I called to have my TV service disconnected . I wanted to keep the Internet service which they said were happy to keep going and even offered an upgrade in speed if I would stay with the Net service.well I came home today and found that mt TV and Net service were both disconnected.

When I called Customer Service they admitted it was there mistake but since they lease the lines from centurylink I had to go back in the Que for a new service and would have to wait 6 days before they could hook me back up again. WTF is that? I asked to talk to a supervisor but she said there was nothing she could do and offered no suggestions or help. I will be calling COMCAST in the morning to get NET service from them.

This has to be the worst lack of customer service I could ever Imagine!!!

And they wonder why they are losing subscribers by the thousands.

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Anonymous - 20 h 21 m ago

H an I known as Heroes & icons. A new station on channel 20. The internet says that at 7 in the morning it's supposed to be Wanted Dead or Alive and Paladin instead they play some kind of religious program in the Los Angeles area. I wonder what else is not on according to the schedule. I will continue to get h&i over the air instead of dish because dish will not stay with the programming that's designed for H & I

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Mary Cain - 1 d 16 h ago


DISH has done it again, a promise not kept. We recently signed up for Dish while at Verizon. (We previously used Dish while living in Georgia.) We were told and shown a paper stating if we signed up for DISH during a certain time frame, which we met, we would receive a $200.00 Visa card. Verizon rep. told us we would receive an e-mail and my response would activate the sending of the Visa card. We never received the e-mail nor have we received the Visa card. We returned the Verizon store on several occasions and inquired about the Visa card. The Dish regional person was contacted but we still have not received our "reward". The last we heard your rep was on his honeymoon.

Something similar occurred when we had Dish in Georgia and I should have done more than but didn't. Recently we were not happy when we were told the monthly fee didn't include local channels. Your advertising inferred they were included, the ads have since been corrected. I am sure I wasn't the only customer to tell customer service the word "includes" mean it is included for the price shown.

Please contact me about the $200 Visa card, and keep your promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Cain

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Vernetta - 1 d 17 h ago


I am seriously thinking of cancelling my services with Dish. This is by far the worse company to ever deal with. I had to ship return equipment that was being charged on my account which I had no problem with doing so. The equipment was delivered the same day that my bill comes due(no contract so it pay for service monthly ie its cheaper), so once I was notified that equipment was delivered I was told that I would still have to pay $366 instead of $167 which is my original bill amount or my services will be disconnected. I asked why they claimed it takes 24/48 hours before the adjustment can be made and if I dont want my services interrupted that I have to pay the full or amount which complete BS. You have your equipment, you see that it have been scanned in so you know its there why do I have to pay the full amount just keep my service from being interrupted. I am considering cancelling all my services with Dish and go to Directv

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Taquila Thompson - 2 d ago


Dish illegally withdrew money from my bank account and now there saying it takes 7 days to put it back. The next day a bill collection agency called me. In the meantime my account is on pause how is your computer system being allowed to do this that's who they are blaming it on. How is it i spoke to a representative 7 times nobody can stop it I'm stranded in another state with my 12 year old child. I'm on the phone with channel 10 news in Philadelphia they are picking me up from New Jersey I have a story to tell.DON'T USE DISH NETWORK. THEY ROB THE CUSTOMERS.

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Paula Durbin - 2 d 16 h ago


Please tell me how I ended up with Direct TV when I called Dish Network. I called Dish Network and went through all the usual stuff and was told I would be transferred to a "specialist" that would set up an appointment and give me my monthly billing amount. When I discovered I was speaking to Direct TV, I asked how I got him and he said my credit was not good enough for Dish, but was okay for Dorect TV, I explained to this "specialist" that we were not permitted to have Direct TV in the apartment complex as the owner/ manager prohibited it. He said well I cold pay over $w00.00 deposit to Dish Network, how in the world are these two companies intertwined? I felt I was deceived and frankly LIED to as they misrepresented themselves. I thought Spectrum was bad, but this is utterly disgusting and souinds like a scam,. My credit is very good, by the way.

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Meg - 3 d 12 h ago


The absolute worst customer service ever. You cannot get anyone. And when you do they are in Manilla. They don't speak English, they don't know how to repair the issues. I wasted hours yesterday. Called Corporate all day. No way. just rings busy. Don' t subscribe . They are awful.

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Gale - 3 d 14 h ago


I have spent almost as much time on the phone with these people as I do watching their crappy tv service. My next move is to call corporate in Colorado and see if they can help with my issues. I was told that they can't reverse charges on my bill. I was quick to reply- -never say can't. I didn't ask them to reverse charges, how about just dong a credit? Got real quite after that. Good Bye, hello Corporate. BTW that would be 1(hidden). UR welcome !

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Anonymous - 5 d 3 s ago

Because I own 99.00 I can not speak to a manger but I have been trying to get some one out here to fix my cable

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S Leonard - 5 d 46 s ago


I called to cancel my promotional packages well in advance. I confirmed it at least 3 times with my CSR, named Zach. I called to confirm with another CSR one week later. She confirmed the cancellation and confirmed my account would not by debited for the premium services. Dish ignored my requests and debited my account for the premium packages. When I called to complain and have my bank account credited back the proper amount, I was told it would take up to 7 business days for the credit to take effect. This practice is extremely unethical and in this specific case, illegal to make an unauthorized collection from an account. The fact they won't immediately issue a credit is troubling and once again, extremely unethical.

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Ron C. - 5 d 17 h ago


8-9 yrs with Dish, paying 92.02 a month for a mid grade pkg last year, finally fed up with the price gouging and found a reasonable deal with Direct TV so called Dish & informed them of the deal i could get at Direct. Dish tossed out a lame 15.00 credit per month & i said not near enough, double it & i'll stay. we settled on 25,00 credit per month BUT i had to lock in for 12 month's, so here we are 2 month's into it & my bill is up 5.00 more. I call & am informed that local channels went up which is out of their control & not part of the 12 month agreement lock, which is true. My beef is since i had my conversation with the Dish rep after the first of the year he should of known about the local chnl increase & told me about it upfront......BUT NOOOO Dish Network gets ya hooked for a year agreement first, then hits ya up 2 month's later all innocent & such. Dealt with 1 acct specialist & 1 supervisor before finally getting a higher up english speaking supervisor who said he could give a one time lump sum credit of 60.00 to my acct because he could not extend anymore monthly credits so after sometime on the phone things are even but WTF kind of way to treat longtime customers. I would think long & hard about choosing your TV provider !!!!!

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Brian Tennant - 10 d 15 h ago


I can't believe all the bad revues below. My wife and I have had DISH for over 20 years. WE WILL NEVER CHANGE. We love DISH and they have never let us down. The customer service is outstanding. I have a feeling many of the reviews are just competitors putting up fake reviews. Again they have been wonderful for many years.

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Rob - 10 d 12 h ago


Well I am glad that you had no issues overe time but for a few thing about dish are true as of today .

I have been with dish for the last 11 years and right from the start issues had started and it was dish fault and dish even admired it but I got the fault.

As of today after 11 years had to upgrade with know chose.

And to make a long story short I have got know were but screwed up the ??? By dish with a bunch of Liy after talking with 11 rep. And still Liying.

Am in the process of filing charges with BBC @ cusermere protchen Agent + Plus with the Attorney General's office.

Dish are a bunch of Pinocchio's there noses are always long because not one rep can tell the truth . nothing but a bunch of lies

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Shay - 7 d 16 h ago


Currently dealing with the same issue. Dish sucks.

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Scam alert - 6 d 19 h ago

I had them a long time too - great until you have to pay a contractor to remove the dish from your home.

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

well Brian you need to read the one above

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20 Year customer that is very upset - 6 d ago


I have been with dish network for almost 20 years was first installed in 99 after about 15 years of my original equipment i started having multiple issues with my set tops i begged and pleaded to get a upgrade to the new hoppers was told that i would be charged to have this done i had to get very angry and rude to get a upgrade done free of charge its you're equipment i did not buy it its you're equipment fix it needless to say i got up graded FINALLY at no charge But I had to get mad and rude to get this done So fast forward to today 2/16/18 no signal on my dish i reset the hopper 3 several times then i called customer support woman i spoke with was very helpful said due to the storms in my area i would need to wait for the clouds to clear (mind you ive been a customer of dish for 20 yrs i know how the system works ) ok so now its 1am the clouds have cleared away and i still have no signal i call customer support the gentleman on the phone says press home 3 times then do a switch installation check which fails he then says we need to send a tech out to fix our equipment and its a 95.00 charge this is where i get pissed its your equipment its electronic and it will fail i have no reason to go on my roof and mess with the dish and i know that i cannot relocate the outlets so why are you going to charge me 95.00 i would like a phone call from the district manager or even better the CEO it just seems like every time i have issues with the system its like pulling hens teeth to get a resolution Robert Creech (hidden) (hidden) i would really like a call if i dont get one ill know you as a company do not care about you're customers and i will take every advantage to make this known to all of dish networks customers existing and future if you do not think i will follow thru with this i have the power of social media and i am also a amateur radio operator i am quite versed in FCC regulations so in review i Need a phone call from the District Manager or the CEO this is not negotiable From a Very Disgruntled Custome

Flagged for review. 
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MaryAnn Kunz - 6 d 15 h ago

A man called my home at 5:44 AM today. I do not appreciate being scared awake like this and wouldn't buy your product just because of this

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Scam alert - 6 d 20 h ago


DO NOT USE DISH NETWORK - ESPECIALLY SENIOR CITIZENS!! This is great advertisement for the competitors of Dish Network. I cancelled my service, mailed in the receiver and remotes (at my expense) and asked to have the dish removed from my house. I was told that to remove the dish is at my expense with whoever I wanted to hire, but Dish would not remove it. I asked for that statement that they would not remove the dish from my house in writing and was told that the policy is not on the website and could not be sent to me in writing. That it is internal policy within Dish. I am a senior citizen and am getting this advertised to all senior citizens to not get that "free" installation of a dish on their house.

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Anonymous - 7 d 7 h ago

Now I feel guilty following dish TV as platinum costumer

after 8 years

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James joseph - 7 d 6 h ago


Not a good service at all

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MARY - 8 d 14 h ago


Dish Net Work tells me that I owe them $99.00 for a MODEM, of which I DO NOT HAVE. I have gone over and over this with the local people several time, to no avail. Let me explain!!!!! We lived up 1 mile on a mountain in N C, for nearly 2 years. Had to have a DISH put on my garage roof in order to be able to use my CP and also had to have a booster in order to use my CEL,(of which was with ATnT. ATnT had nothing to with the CP working, that was a tortal different system. However, my husband passed away from an AUTO ACCIDENT 4-1-17 Sat, pm in in Ashevile NC at MIssion Hospital. He was on LIFE SUPPORT FOR 15 DAYS. Sometime in August or Sept. I contactall the people I needed to deal with about turning off all utitlies including the DISH on the roof and the DIRECT TV WITH ATnT TO BE DONE NO LATER Than 11-3-17. Dish also said they would send a box to return all of the acoumptant which they did. My daughter boxed everything up took it to the post office ( by instruction) and off it went. The only thing I hve here right now is a WIRELESS-G 2.4 GHz 802-11g WITH SPEED BOOSTER FROM LINKSYS. SERIAL # CGNB1G377198. MAC ADDRESS 001A706BF6C5 MODEL #WRT54GSV7. This all I have here at my home in florida. I DO NOT HAVE A MODEM ,( UNDER MYU BED, ON THE FLOOR, ON THE TOP OF MY HOUSE, IN EITHER BEDROOM, KITCHEN GARAGE OR ANYWHERE ON MY PROPERTY.) I CAN NOT SEND SOMETHING I DO NOT HAVE. DISH SAID SOULD CONTACT THE PO AND SEE IF THEY HAVE IT,!!!! tHEY DO NOT!!!!. ii DO NOT KNOW WHAT MORE YOU PEOPLE WANT OF ME. I DO NOT HAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOR DO I WANT IT, I DO NOT NEED IT. I DO NOT USE DDISH NET WORK, AND HVE NOT FOR VERY LONG TIME, BECAUSE OF THE RECEPTION WE RECEVED WHEN IT WAS HERE IN FL. OH BY THE WAY, YOU PEOPLE STIL HAVE A BIG ON THE GROUND POLE WITH YOUR DISH OB IT IN MY YARED. I WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF YOU WOULD PLEASE COME AND REMOVE IT AS SOON AS POSSIABLE. iT IS AN EYE SORE.


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Tenna D Hudson - 9 d 13 h ago


Tenna hudson dish said I had contract with them I did not no that I was great paying customer but I got sick cancel service when I tried come back I was charged a 3 hundred something dollars because I cancel contract they refused to remove this please help me I want come back again but I cannot because of bill

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Anonymous - 9 d 16 h ago

Jaime Mercado there has been excessive charges that multiple to my fishnet account plz contact me at (hidden)

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Rodney - 10 d 11 h ago


I have had dish for 3 months I have been on the phone would dish more than I have in 10 years with Comcast to start with the salesperson that talked me into dish does not even work for Dish their outside sales people they have lied I have gotten nothing that I was told I would get I just found out tonight I've lost all of my movie channels Showtime star HBO all of them and there's nothing I can do until my 2 year contract is up I would never recommend this to anyone it's the worst I've ever my life seen or heard about

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