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Dish Network

9601 South Meridian Boulevard
Englewood, CO
Joseph Clayton
President and CEO
(303) 723-1000
(303) 723-1999
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Sandy - 2 d ago


Does anyone really read all the complaints. Has anyone received a call or a email back. I don't think so. All I ever got from dish reps are so many lies. I have been told my bill was going to be x amount of dollars and then my bill is always more then what they told me and I have no proof of this because they say they can't let me hear the recording of what that rep told me. So where is our proof. I just can't wait until my contract is up.

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Greg - 2 d 36 m ago


Welcome to Dish! Reality is a Bitch!

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Victor T. - 1 d 17 h ago


Sady, I fully understand you frustration. Read my post which above yours. My name is Victor.

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Victor T. - 1 d 17 h ago


victor T.

I'm currently with Direct TV. I'm interested in switching to Dish but I wanted know if Dish has my favorite channels. I called customer dervice and the young lady was very difficult to understand. She asked me if I have ever been a Dish customer. I said yes, 20 years ago. She asked me if I remember the old account number. I said, you gotta be kidding me. I told her I do not know the account number. I said, all I want is some info sent to me showing which TV shows are in which package. This way my wife and I can look it over and make a decision. The rep. didn't understand me and asked me again for the old account number. I got frustrated and told her to forget it.

Fifteen minutes later I called customer service again. I got a different girl but she also wanted to know the old account number. I explained to her that all I wanted was a channel listing sent to my house so that my wife and I could make a choice. She said, you have to be a customer to get that info in the mail. We went back and forth for a while then she said I'll transfer you to sales. The sales rep. basically told me the same thing: YOU HAVE TO BE A CUSTOMER TO RECEIVE THAT MATERIAL.


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Jennifer Wright - 2 d 17 h ago


Tried to close my account where I was told that I accepted a new 24 month contract online on October 13 2:15 pm.

I asked over and over again to show me on my online account where I did this, where I agreed to the contract and he was unable to do so, he said they notes on the account and that I could look up the contract on there is no information on my actual account. He was unable to show me any proof on my account in any fashion, I asked over and over again how I can few my contract on my account and he gave no response he simple repeated the same thing over and over. He repeated the same thing over and over, spoke louder and louder so that I could not speak. I will be sending all of this information to the bbb and request a recording of this conversation. Kato #578 out of Texas on 8/15 starting at 3:57 GA time and lasting 48 minutes.

Kato says that I owe $140 to close the account and $15 for a shipping box

This is a shame that a company would train their people to conduct business with customer in this fashion.

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Elizabeth Clark - 3 d 16 h ago

This is Elizabeth Clark.i have been a dish customer 2014.i got a call today from a man saying he was from the headquarters of dish.Same man that called me last year.he remind me that of our discussion from last year.that I was warned to never! Call dish .and never get behind in my payment.and sense I had broken that agreement.he was terminated my account next month on the 5 the.and that if I had not made several calls to dish he would not be terminated my I'm not allowed to call dish??His number is(hidden) his name is Gabriel ramsey.i have the message recorded.I am extremely upset and stressed.Right very sick and also have short term memory loss from carbon monoxide poison.I am disabled due to post dramatic stress disorder.Dish is the best to service I have ever had.this is why I stayed with dish.Not to mention I can afford the welcome package.not all company's offer so upset due to this conversation my blood pressure is also up.Please help.I don't won't to leave dish(hidden).

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dsquared - 3 d 19 h ago


I have 2 receivers and ordered a movie> The movie only plays for the 2 receiver ordered on ( I called, and the clerk was not even sure if this was protocol) . This is not standard practice with TV Providers in the industry. I WILL NEVER ORDER ANOTHER MOVIE.

Also, I would like to speak with a higher authority about NBA (Lakers in my case) blacking out games other than NBA TV. This is also not standard. When the NBA home games are on local or TBS, TNT or ESPN sports, they are never blacked out. I know this from having other providers for over 15 years. Only Dish has this problem. Your clerks were incompetent in addressing this issue replying that that the "NBA controls that, I don't even know about sports".

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J Mitton - 3 d 19 h ago


I contacted DISH late July for new installation- looking for both TV and internet. Was provided details for a package which I agreed to. Quickly thereafter a mgmt. person got on the call to tell I could do 'better' with a different internet carrier, just take the TV package, so I did. Only to find out, the recommended carrier for internet could not service my area (after I was advised they could). So... I started after multiple calls, I got this straightened out. As a result of the challenges in getting the package together, the manager PROMISED me a same week installation and a $100 gift card. The installation date came and went... no one showed up. I called- was told that the installation was for the following week -I said 'no', not based on discussion. they rescheduled me for 'priority installation' that Saturday - 7,28 (this call occurred on Thursday 7/26). I would be the first person on the priority list. Guess what.... no one showed up! I was so upset that I cancelled the order with you. The manager a that time told me that I should 'pick a better time that does not conflict with my work' when I said I could not do this AGAIN during the week - I had already missed 2 days of work. Fast forward- I re-signed up for the service (as I have minimal options). The installation occurred with a temporary satellite pole in my yard (installation was on 7/31). Was told that they needed to contact DIG-811 and would be back within 5 days to set the permanent pole. It has been 14 days and no one has done this. Called today - was advised that there was no order for this... ALSO, was advised that it was MY RESPONSIBLITY to call 811. I disagreed, but was still told I had to do it. And of course I waited 32 minutes to talk with someone today. So... I called DIG- they told me that I cannot do this, it is the responsibility of DISH to do this and I needed to call them back with the DIG ticket number. So, 2nd call was 24 minutes to call DISH back. I gave them the ticket number - they were hesitant to take the info. FINALLY, they said they talked with the dispatch team and that we were set for installation between 8am and noon on 9/8. This is absolutely obscured that I have had so many issues. TRUST me - I would cancel if I could... I have never spent so much time on calls with one company to have such poor follow through and I am not convinced I will get the service on 9/8 that I am expecting. My husband and I have lost approximately 3 days of work for these services- lets see what your company can do about compensating me for my time spent on issues I should never had dealt with!!!!!

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Ray P - 3 d 20 h ago


For almost a YEAR now, Dish has been in "negotiations" with Lockwood Broadcasting. The whole time CHARGING it's customers for their local channels, yet not providing them. I've called and griped and griped. I got a email from a dish rep, saying they will set up a tech to come out and install a antenna for my local channels. WELL, I replied with my phone, time they can call and have even CALLED the rep. WHAT a surprise- NO ONE answers. So how many other people are not receiving their local channels? At $12 a month for 12 months times lets say 100,000 customers that is $ 1.2 MILLION bucks they have profited for NOT providing a service. Hell of a business practice there. Make 1.2 MILLION for NOT doing anything. Time for all us customers to get a class action lawsuit going to get some money back.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago


No help. Called on 29 july for tech support. Could not help me. Scheduled appoint for 18 aug. Woke up today to see that appointment had been changed to the 29th. In the mean time i had requested an extension on bill. Turns out that because of extension my appointment had to be rescheduled. This information was never passed on to me. Left comcast to come to dish for poor customer service and ever increasing bills. Dish bills were always consistent and fair in my opinion. However, bad customer service and improperly trained call center / chat reps have caused some issues. Now im expected to be a month without a working hopper. Not going to happen. Will have tech load up all equipment on the 29th and call it the end for dish network. After 1 hour and 32 minutes on the phone all i got when i told them i would be leaving was "ok sir have a good day". In this day of streaming, and on demand services you would expect a company or its reps to put up some kind of an argument to keep a customer. Sad really, i enjoyed the services and the fact that i rarely lost signal, but customer service needs to be paramount. Dish is turning into comcast.

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Joshua kucera - 5 d 1 h ago

I am so tired of paying $150 a month and in my service gets cut off for $12 it is not my fault they did not add the $12 to my bill so it's on them not me

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Andrew - 8 d 11 h ago


I have called and called with no help. I say on hold for 1 hour and still no answer. When I purposely called and pretended to get new service they answered immediately. This intentional ignoring people who have been loyal customers for years is disgusting. I would rather ruin my credit than give these lousy people any more of my money. I called the president and his number is (hidden). Left a message but if he is like the company he runs he will never call back or reply.

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Grievng Mom - 8 d ago


My son passed away, but Dish expects me to pay off remaining 7 months of his account. I still have his equipment ready to mail but won't give me return address.

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Michael J - 5 d 19 h ago


Wow!! I'm not alone. Many complaints! My system stopped communicating with the satellite. Long story short...1st available appt. For a service call is 9/5/18. Absolutely Rediculous!!! Come on people. Im buying a service and thats the best you have to offer. I escalated to a higher level but nothing changed. I guess Directv was not so bad after all. Anyone have their # handy?

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John petrowski - 7 d ago


Yesterday, I got the most horrible customer service from Dish. I had a reciever I wanted to activate. It belonged to someone else, and the rep and his supervisor told me that I would have to pay the other persons account off before the would help me. I tried to explain that the other customer was deceased, but they couldn't care less!

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Rebellious1941 - 7 d 15 h ago

Sonja Adele

August 6 at 9:48 PM

Heard this from a Dish Network customer today that lost her home in the #carrfire

She called Dish Network to tell them she needed to cancel her service due to her house being burnt down in the fire. Dish is demanding she send the receiver back to them, or they will continue to bill her & charge her for the receiver and her monthly fees for their services.

This makes me sick to my stomach. THEY LOST THEIR HOME & #dishnetwork doesn't have decency to waive the return for a receiver she can't even locate or use.

**PLEASE SHARE, hopefully this money hungry company will see this

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Tony - 11 d 12 h ago


I am so frustrated with Dish Network. They received my payment but credited it to some other account. I have the digital check and the account number on the back of the account they credited it to, but they said I need to contact my bank. I am not sure how that will help. The check has cleared and has their stamp on it. I talked to a Dish rep who had accounting on the line and they were supposed to move that payment to my account. It has been more than a week and still no payment credited. I called today and the lady said they had told me to contact my bank. I was not told that, actually the person I spoke with said that it would be credited in 3-5 days. She kept saying she could not see the payment. I kept telling her that is because it is in someone else account. Still not resolved and I told her I would send the canceled check to prove that Dish did indeed cash that check. She would not give me any information on how to email or send proof that they cash the check. There has to be an address for accounting you can send information to for this Company.

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Tony - 7 d 17 h ago


I received the survey form for the call that frustrated me so and of course vented in the response about what had happened. Much to my surprise, I received a very nice response from Kimberly M. that had actually taken my information and researched, found the account that my check had been deposited in and requested it to be moved to my account. Now to me that is excellent customer service and does let me know that your voice is heard. While the CS phone people may not be top notch, at least there is a venue to use to get issues resolved. What helped was to put as many details in my response about what happened, which is key on getting something resolved.

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Kenny - 7 d 17 h ago


Dish jacked up my bill $30 a month for no reason. Between Netflix and Amazon I hardly watch it so I decided to cancel it. I was on hold for 2 hours. Did the online Chat and they told me the only way I can cancel is through their 800 number and because of the call volume it can be hours. I am not waiting hours to cancel. I was a customer for 7 years and was satisfied with their service but technology is fazing them out. The only option I have is not pay my bill and they will surely contact me, the online chat told me this would be reported to the credit bureaus.

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SeriouslyDisappointed - 8 d 18 h ago


I have been trying to terminate my service since April when I completed the two year commitment I made to Dish. I honored the contract and always paid my bill. After several phone calls and attempts to terminate the service, I finally resorted to stop paying my bill in order to get the service suspended. I have since spoken to dish on four occasions and even though on the third call I was told I had made the final payment and my service would be terminated, today I get an email for a past due payment. Again, I attempt to contact Dish and explain everything once again to a chat agent who tells me that they can't help me. I then ask for an representative who can help me, to contact me directly, since calling Dish always results in transfers and holds with no one picking up the line. I was told that Dish representatives can't call me, I have to call in. There has been Dish representatives calling me 5 times a day to make a payment, but every time I attempt to pay, I end up getting transferred to a hold line that no one picks up. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! On 8/7/18 I spoke to a representative who claimed he was a supervisor and authorized to terminate my services. He took a payment from me of $23.02 and told me that this was the balance of my account, which was now paid in full and that my services were terminated. He also gave me a confirmation #08731C. On 8/9/18, I get anther past due statement in my email. This one states that I now have late fees and an equipment charge. The equipment was returned and I have the tracking number through UPS showing that the equipment was received on 7/23/18 at 1:05 pm to the "dock" in Spartanburg, SC. I ask that Dish stop calling me. That my account be terminated immediately and that Dish apologize for the horrendous customer service. This is really why I will never go back to cable - it's not the cost of your services, as I can see you are trying to be quite competitive, but it is the terrible way you treat your customers to make sure they never leave you. For that, I will never come back. Seriously disappointed!

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Grieving Mom - 8 d 45 m ago

My son passed away. Dish has terminated service due to non payment. How do they think my deceased son can continue paying?

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Byrddog - 13 d 24 h ago


I am writing to you today because I can get nowhere with customer service on the phone.

When you try to talk about loyalty to them they talk over you: like the people that buy TV from Dish are just a means to profit. We are unimportant as long as Dish gets their $$$.

I have spent the last 11 years using Dish Network TV. I.e. satellite TV.

I won't go into how much money I have spent with Dish over the years, because from experience with Dish customer service, it seems a dead end conversation.

But I am very surprised by the fact that I had to pay to have YOUR equipment shipped back to you. Equipment that I was charged a monthly fee to use.

I also had to climb up on the roof to retrieve some of YOUR equipment!

Also, never missed a payment, and was never late.

I really feel that this is entirely inane.

I was asked by customer service why I was leaving, and when I tried to tell them the reason, because, I think they did not like my response, they just talked over me!

As I stated, I was with Dish for 11 years. The programming left a lot to be desired, a load of reruns on almost all channels. Plus the fact that I had, most of the time, the 200 channel package, of witch I watched at most, 20 of said channels.

Also on many of the channels that I liked to view, late night was all paid programming.... More profit for Dish....Do you care for your customers?

Not all of my experience with Dish was negative, but I am truly insulted by the fact that I am paying for what I believe to be Dish' responsibility.

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kel - 9 d ago


They take responsibility for nothing. I laugh when I see they got JD Power award for top customer service. What??? I'm getting threatening phone calls to return a receiver that I have already returned. Told that they are going to charge my bank account. You cannot talk to anyone in authority. The so called "Specialists" can't do anything to solve your issue. It's a total joke and I will never use them again.

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WHS Richmond, VA - 11 d 30 m ago

Well, I was very interested in DISH until I saw all these very negative comments about DISH, about thier service and the lack of support that DISH provides to their customers. Since I don't see any response from dish to the below comments, I must assume the comments are genuine. Thanks to all for your input. Looks like you saved me from being an unhappy DISH customer. I'll take my business elsewhere!! WHS Richmond, VA

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Steven - 9 d 17 h ago


They only care during the sale trust been with them for years and now leaving because of POOR customer service after the sale reminds me of a carlot!

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Kel - 9 d ago


Great move on your part. This company is horrible.

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