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Dish Network

9601 South Meridian Boulevard
Englewood, CO
Joseph Clayton
President and CEO
(303) 723-1000
(303) 723-1999
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julius L - 3 h 20 m ago


I have a problem with dish, the cable didn't work in my house if it was cloudy or storming it stop working . they couldn't fix it ever. they told me to bring back the equipment and 2 years later telling me I owe a $436 termination fee. that's b.s.your equipment didn't work and you want me to pay u then they put a collection on the beaura . I believe that you should have fix your equipment and I would have had still dash cable. your people told me to return the equipment and I did as told. so fix it take the collection off my account

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Crystal Siedschlag - 19 h 31 m ago


I have had over 100 calls placed to my home from dish network, I called dish and they told me it could take up to 30 days to remove me. I'm already on the do not call list, they should have never called. While on the phone with Cori from the fraud department they called 10 times. Not until I asked for the president of dish to call me and explain why this is happening and take time out of his day or maybe I should call him 100 times in a day to see how he likes it. They said it would take 72 hours, this possibly is a 3rd party issue dish should be made aware what 3rd parties are doing. After this I will never become a customer! The number calling me is (hidden). It would be nice if Mr. Clayton did call back to explain.

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Darryl herzon - 1 d ago


Darryl herzon

I find it most offensive that dish satellite wants to charge the home owner 95dollars to repair a problem in our system, that was their fault. Or, they want. Nine dollars per month for insurance against their faulty equipment. Very in professional and not appreciated. I cancelled time Warner who, at no charge, came out many many times to fix problems.

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Barbwelchsmith - 1 d ago


Set up appt for yesterday. Tech came to install hopper. First told only 3 tv's we have 4 He didn't have enough receivers. . Then said antennas antiques and won't get good signal. I have screen shots from lady that I talked to setting up this installation. Needless to say tech couldn't install. Today we call because now no service on main tv,company coming for weekend and they are saying be back 24th.paying for service I can't use. We m.paid to have tv's moved to other end of room. Then husband on phone now and told me everything I read him on the screenshots is not true. What kind of company is this. Should I just switch all three houses to direct tv. I'm so frustrated and people lying to me or not answering questions.

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Done and Done - 2 d 10 m ago


Canx my service yesterday. The women that I spoke with was so rude, and got angry with me for asking for a last bill. I ask to speak to a supervisor whom also tried to give me the run around about ending contract early. I keep telling them I have no problem paying the early tem fee, but they refuse to offer me an end of service statement. I told the supervisor after i found a place to live I was going to use them, but not anymore. I'll never return to you DISH. I think that your service is F rated for fucked up.

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VPD - 3 d 7 h ago


Your company has just arbitrarily (AND ILLEGALLY/FELONIOUSLY) taken $300.00 from my checking account after I disputed your charges and poor service... I am looking into pressing charges against DISH.

After 6 months of calling, with the complaint not being handled, as well as your hiking the price of my subscription, I canceled the service and returned all the equipment. The auto-pay was OFF, with no permission to withdraw any monies from my checking account, yet DISH STILL went into the account and withdrew money!!! You Will be hearing from the state prosecuting attorney's office.

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Stung - 2 d 7 h ago


Take pride Dish. I'm not sure I've ever seen a large company with less than one star average review.

Buyers Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Stung - 2 d 7 h ago


Smoke and Mirrors! The company baits you with a low introductory offer, and then hoses you on a 2 year contract. I would never recommend them!

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concern consumer @virginia50 - 5 d 5 h ago


Hi, good morning I want to know why is it OK to charge us the consumer for services not render cause of bad weather, especially when you know that we ate having bad weather. I was told this, that dish have a radar that let you know when were having bad weather. I also was told to call in to get credit when I am unable to watch TV, I shouldn't be having to pay for service when unable watch TV it not fair. When you are on a fixed income and trying to stay within your budget. Something really needs to be done about this situation. Don't you think, what if I start a petitioning and see how many hits it will get.also our local channels too they are free they should stay free.$10. Really nuts it is free something need be done about this, it been going on way to long collect enough money to change it yet, or you just don't care.

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LAWoman - 7 d 16 s ago


I would be extremely careful at present. I have been with them for four years. Lots of equipment problems. I was suddenly accused of abuse and making far too many phone calls (over 100 in 2016 alone). I just checked with a CSR and she found about 15 calls in Jan/Feb 2016. A character called Ryan Vogler called me suddenly and told me they were disconnecting my service, because I had asked for a fee waiver of $7. Which I ultimately did receive, despite all their drama. So, anyone who wants to complain do call Mr. Vogler. He represents himself as being some high mucky-muck at Dish, but he's not in the management team. Corporate escalation, I believe, one step above the office of the president nonsense His direct number is (hidden). I also was told, inadvertently, the email for Joe Clayton which is (hidden). Call Vogler with your concerns. He deserves it. And pass his number on.

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LA Woman - 7 d 16 m ago


(hidden) and (hidden). Come on you Dish cowards - stop hiding things.

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Rae - 7 d 11 m ago

This isn't Dish's website. It ia complaint site for any and every compnay you can think of so the complaint site hides most personal information.

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loy whindham - 6 d 4 h ago


I need to some onr to call me bscg d

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Yolanda nubez - 9 d ago

I would like some one from call me. (hidden).acct phone no (hidden). Very very unsatisfied n took them 1 he 45min n nothing for resolved.Even the technician was upset cuz he had other appts. Left here n he put up a dish cuz was cracked plz contact me

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LA Woman - 7 d 2 h ago


Yolanda, call Ryan Vogler at corporate. (hidden).

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Cory - 8 d ago


My husband and I got tired of all the "added" charges on our Direct TV bill, so we moved to Dish TV. Not a good way to start Dish! We couldn't watch our TV for 7 Days until another technician could get out. He ended up replacing the entire Hopper. He said we were given a refurbished machine. Seriously? Couldn't you even give a new customer a new machine? It took me 30 minutes from my lunch hour to call and request a credit for not being able to watch TV for 7 days. The young man I spoke to down right lied to me. He said I was getting credit for 7 days. I suspected he was lying to me, so I called a second time to see what he put in the notes. He was giving a credit of $5.75, period! Again...seriously? Not only did I feel betrayed for getting a used machine, especially since you have to pay for a technician to come out when the system goes down (unless you buy the insurance), but also, that I was lied to. The guy who helped me the first time kept arguing with me and when I asked to speak to his supervisor, he wouldn't get them on the phone. I called back again to see what he put in the notes to address my credit. The lady I spoke to was kind enough to give me a credit for 7 days of being out of service.

So far, with the new Hopper, everything is working great. I hope it gets better from here.

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LAWoman - 7 d ago

Stand by for more equipment problems. I had plenty. She wasn't kind, btw, she was doing her job. You were entitled to that at the very least.

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Zak - 8 d ago


The only reason I subscribed to Dish was to get the Pac-12 Network, but now it's not worth it. With their new system upgrade, nothing works. Pausing live TV doesn't work, recording different channels doesn't work, the new remote controls have WAY LESS buttons on them and less usability. I've been with Dish for YEARS with no issues until now. When I called customer service, they told me there's nothing they can do. The home media doesn't even work on the system when it used to. So, I'm paying for features that no longer work. That seems kind of crooked to me. Your customer service people do not understand what it means to kind. The guy I talked to was rude and told me there's nothing he can do. I'm disappointed in you Dish. Very disappointed.

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Wendy - 8 d 26 s ago


The supervisors who dispatchor/customer service reps from 800 # are very condescending. They need some training on people skills and not lying to your customers. Asked supervisor OJ to talk to his supervisor and he told me that he was as high as i could go, but he can give me an addresses. The service provided by him was heartless. We will be transferring service to another company, not because our internet was down and he couldn't get centurylink, but his attitude toward me as a customer.

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A very Disgruntle Former Customer - 8 d 20 h ago


Our bank account associated with our DISH account was fraudulently used by other people for a total of $140 (3 charges: $60, $50, & $30 ) by someone else not authorized to make make charges to our checking account for DISH services at a different address, and different account number than ours. These charges were made without permission to our bank account. DISH allowed the charges go without verification of the people who committed the theft. I spoke to DISH customer support after it was found that these charges were made and they said to file a police report, which we did, and after DISAH verified that indeed the charges were by someone else, DISH said that they would refund the money back to the account within 10 business days. One month later nothing showed up so I called again and they said that DISH is not allowed to credit fraudulent charges back to checking accounts. This was not told to me in the beginning and their response to that is that that customer service person made a mistake! DISH now has told me there is no way to cut a check to the account holder and mail it for the fraudulent amount and they offered no other solution. THIS IS UNETHICAL and THEFT BY DISH. BEWARE of using your checking account to pay for your dish account. It appears you will never have any recourse. Customer service stinks, there is never anyone to escalate an issue to. I feel that the only way to remedy this is to file a claim charge in Small Claims Court. DISH is not interested in doing the right thing.

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Fraud - 8 d 3 h ago

This just happened to my grandparents they took out $400 from their bank out without verification and it's not even under their name .. the account is under my mother and under her bank card and just with one time that she used my grandparents card they took advantage

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Karen H - 8 d 3 h ago

Oh and "customer service" is laughable at best....

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Karen H. - 8 d 4 h ago

Dish tv is absolutely a rip off!!! I highly advise not signing up with them.from the first day i got the service my boxes keep booting us off on average every hour an a half!! All they say is to unplug the boxes for 15 seconds....I wished that i read the compant reviews after entering a freaking 2 year agreement with them! If i had the info for the class action lawsuit I WOULD DEFINATLY PARTICIPATE.I will tell anyone who will listen not to go with dish ie facebook and all other social medias including the media.Dish is awful!!!!!!!!

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CLASS ACTION - 21 d ago


Dish is a rip-off!

There is no such ting as customer service. I was lied to. I was 28 months into my so-called 24 month contract. I had another receiver put into a room in December 2016. Listen to this !! Dish supervisor's told me that I signed an agreement for an additional 24 months when this was done and my voice was recorded. A LIE. The only response I received from their so-called supervisor after I asked to hear it was, "YOU NEED A SOPENA"!

I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF FOR $353 DOLLARS! I am starting a legal action against Dish.

I requested original signed contracts. They sent me an unsigned original contract and the one I signed last December of 2016. THERE IS NOTHING STATING A CONTINUATION OF SERVICE REQUIRED!!!!!




E-Mail : Title: Dish Class Action


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dee - 16 d 18 h ago


Dish just did the same thing to me. I took copious notes of my conversation with them, 2 pages. The tech came out and installed a sling hopper when I ordered a Hopper 3. I would have never known there was a difference, but after talking with the tech regarding the equipment, this fact came out, and the tech said that it has been very strange lately because all he is doing is installing sling hoppers, no Hopper 3s, and the Hopper 3 is only $10 more a month. I was really upset, and he told me to call the company, and that they would fix the issue. The office of the president told me they listened to the recording and I never ordered the Hopper 3, LIE. My notes do not lie either. I asked to hear the recording, they said to send them a subpoena. I told them a lawsuit has to ensue before a subpoena can be issued - they acted stupid. I then got an email from their ecare department, and sent them my copious notes, along with the name and phone number of the sales rep that sold me their services. It's been a week, and haven't heard from them. Other than the office of the president said it wold be $150 if I wanted the Hopper 3, which is what I ordered in the first place. BUT WAIT, yesterday they removed $146.48 out of my account, and I was specifically told that the only cost was $72.30 and that was the only amount that would be taken out of my account. When I called yesterday they told me the extra charge was for HDMI cable and a surge protector. At no time was I ever told I would be charged for these items, it was clearly told to me that there were no hidden charges, no extras, etc. If they do this to a million people that is $74 million - they do not care.

I have zero tolerance for companies that rip off consumers! I am defintely ready to begin a class action against these jerks. I have looked up attorneys that handled a class action against DISH in California. Just so happens that I am going to be in CA in a few weeks for a trial. Please post all of your similar situations with DISH so that we can begin the process.

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darcy - 16 d 18 h ago


I forgot to mention that they hung up on me yesterday after 35 minutes on the phone with them, and they used comcast HDMI cable that they are trying to charge me for.

Please post all similar situations@ I will contact you in cathedral city via snail mail. These people have no business being a business.

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