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Dish Network

9601 South Meridian Boulevard
Englewood, CO
Joseph Clayton
President and CEO
(303) 723-1000
(303) 723-1999
Twitter IDs
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Anonymous - 13 h 32 m ago


Cubs fans Dish does not have the Cubs channel! Direct TV has it and so does HULU. Guess who I am going to call? DIRECT TV you are going to get a new customer that DISH doesn't care about

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


Go Cubs on Direct TV

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


I am very dissatisfied with Dish Network because when I reinstated my service I requested to them several time I would like a paper statement I also called them several time concerning a paper statement and they did a bank withdrawal anyway I would like for someone to contact me concerning this matter and it is illegal

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Just found out that after being tricked into a two year contract, we aren't getting channels promised. We can not get the internet bundled that Dish said we could (who supposedly checked our location for the internet service) and now I'm reading something about price change in month 7? AND they put my maiden name on this account ? That they found in old information from over 10 years ago. Can anyone help fix this? Or is this how dish runs their company?

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Steve - 1 d 18 h ago


Google the F.C.C. go to file a complaint and fill out the complaint form . Tell them what is going on. It will be assigned a case # and then the FCC will contact Dish. Tell them the results you expect such as being released from contract. I did this and it is the ONLY way to get results from Dish! Someone from Dish corporate will contact you and you will get results!

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Sports fan - 2 d ago


Hulu is carrying the Cubs channel to. Dish Carry's paid advertising shows!

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Cub Fan - 2 d ago


Go Cubs Go watch the Cubs on Direct TV! Dish doesn't have the Cubbies!

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Steve - 2 d ago


Dish is incapable of providing the Cubs Marquee channel because it would effect their bottom line! As a Die hard Cub fan this is the straw that breaks the camel's back. I am calling Direct TV and I will be watching the Cubs!

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Anonymous - 18 d 6 h ago


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Anonymous - 18 d ago

My 89 year old mother lives in a small town and has Dish as her cable provider. Dish is in dispute with local network resulting in loss of local channels in her area. She has been waited patiently for this dispute to be resolved but according to Dish associates, no end in sight.

I called Dish this morning to inquire about local channels, explained my mom's extreme stress of losing her local channels. The Dish associate was quick suggest a solution to mom's problems by quoting me a charge of $74 + to come and install an antenna that allows her to pick up locals. I informed associate that Mom does not wish to be pay for this antenna when she already paid a monthly Dish bill that should include locals. I request this fee be waived.

Suddenly, the story change, representative informed me that Dish were not offering this antenna in my area because the antenna does not work. Of course, I was shocked. The same antenna you request I pay $74.00 to have you come out install now does not work because I am insisting charge be waived. The representative was apparently consulting with some "advisor" who stated some OTA test was done in my mom ar

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Steve - 12 d ago

I went through this same thing. I went online and filed a complaint with the FCC. Google FCC go to file a complaint and it takes 5 mins to do. You will be assigned a case number and the FCC contacts Dish. Their attitude changes also request that you be released from contract. All Dish customers should do this!

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JD - 6 d ago

Hello, Walmart sells small antenna that can receive the local channels! Costs about $10-$15 depending in how far the receiving location is from the station. Such antenna deliver PBS, Create, Local Fox News, Local MSNBC News and a bunch of other channels. We have cut the cable and the likes and are with this for the last 20 years! Happy campers...

General advice, watch TV for entertainment and NOT for advertisements. Get local paper or pick one at grocery stores for local adverts, OR hear to radio for the adverts and promotions. Visual Cortex in the brain takes up 40% of human energy. Do not waste it for watching useless adverts!! Go PBS, the best one else DVDs. Mission accomplished!

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Steve - 2 d 3 h ago


There are no areas where an over the air attenna won't pick up channels! You would have to like in the middle of nowhere not to pick up any channels. This is the same excuses they gave me. First you lose local channels then there will be more to follow. It is a never ending game with Dish! It all has to do with Dish's bottom line. I would highly recommend calling a different provider. I am calling Direct TV, I am done playing Dish TV games.

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Anonymous - 17 d ago

service guy" to put my account on a hold while I dealt with the moving issues. I explained that the landlord where I was moving didn't allow for satellite dishes on the roof and so I would not be able to have it for at least a year. I was then told that I would be sent out boxes and return labels for the receiver and Joey so that I could return them, after all, after a year had passed, it was more than likely they would no longer be used and new ones would have to be brought out for the set up. However, until then, my account could be placed on a hold so that I didn't lose my perks as I had been a customer for roughly 9-10 years by that point. I received the boxes and labels and dropped them off at a UPS drop box. Almost 1 year later (early this morning) I get an e-mail saying that I owe them $50 for the equipment because they do not show that it was returned! They waited 11 1/2 months to tell me they didn't receive anything and when I explained what happened and told them to go back and listen to the recording, I was told No by the Supervisor, she said that it was my fault that I don't have a readily available tracking number for an item that THEY sent the shipping labels for and like I said... this was 11 1/2 months ago! I ended up cancelling my account with them and as payback, I was told that now, I have to pay them $350 for the receiver and joey that they are claiming they only just realized (even though my account was still on hold and I was still paying a monthly hold fee) they did not get. I told her again to LISTEN to the recording because she then said that she didn't see that any shipping labels were sent, just boxes... In the recording the guy said what he was send

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Anonymous - 14 d 16 h ago

ish has the worse customer service ever and you can't get through to the corporate line to complain. But they are quick to take your money ....I can't wait until my

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Debbie K - 14 d 6 h ago

e were customers years ago, left because reception was horrible. We were at a Home and Garden show and decided to try Dish one more time... first off we didn't know it was a private company selling Dish, we had to pay a processing charge of $49.99, internet was never set up and we were not charged promised price. Dish prices were better than the deal we got. The second day we were without Dish until a remarkle tech came on Monday and fixed the issues. In reality not saving any money an

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Anonymous - 12 d ago

If Dish doesn't settle the contract disputes with Fox Sports and NBC sports Chicago this customer is leaving. I will be watching the Cubs with or without Dish! Dish Sucks! All sports fans will be leaving DISH. Might be going to Hulu or You Tube tv. Hey ally sports and programs and save alot of mon

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Anonymous - 11 d 23 m ago

I received an advertisment from you that's a big "F you" to the earth. You're plastic coated,non-recyclable mailed marketing materials must be stopped immediately. Have you seen what's going on in the world? Climate Change. No one wants your crappy advertisements. Really. Say your sorry to mother earth and stop production of your plastic mailers. I actually want to be taken off your mailing list because I'm not at all interested in your services. How do I go about getting off your mailing list? If you don't respect the earth, you ce

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Anonymous - 3 d 3 s ago

Hey tree hugger, if you were properly informed you would know that " climate change " is a naturally occurring cycle our earth goes through. The United States has some of the best air, water in the world. Or carbon footprint has been drastically reduced over the past 5 years. The term climate change is being used to scare the hell out of people, the things these activists are saying just aren't correct. Don't believe them research for yourself and find the truth.

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Anonymous - 8 d 6 h ago

I`ve had dish for a long time and i moved about 7 miles out of town and they changed my local channels, i did have Erie and they change me to Pittsburg, the problem i have is pittsburg is 120 miles away and erie is only 67 and they won`t change it back, as long as these assholes get there fucking money that is all that matters......

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Fed up customer - 2 d 13 h ago


Dish is #1 in customer service according to their fake commercials yet they have all these unhappy customers and nobody from corporate ever responds to any of them. This is why I am leaving DISH! This is the same customer service you should expect as a customer.

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I bleed Cubbie blue - 2 d 18 h ago


Calling Direct TV. Tired of waiting on Dish to get the Cubs Marquee channel! Direct Tv has it. I will never use Dish again

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Anonymous - 3 d 23 h ago


Go Cubs! Goodbye Dish! Welcome DIRECT TV!

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Go CUBS - 3 d ago


Millions of Cubs fans Nationwide DUMP DISH!! DIRECT TV and HULU both have Cubs Marquee channel. Dish is unable to provide it!!

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Yooper222 - 3 d 7 h ago

Dish sucks. Been with them for 13 years. They gave me an ultimatum on the phone. Who does that as a business. I cancelled every should do the same. I have already told my adult kids to cancel.

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