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Dish Network

9601 South Meridian Boulevard
Englewood, CO
Joseph Clayton
President and CEO
(303) 723-1000
(303) 723-1999
Twitter IDs
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DR. LEE - 1 h ago




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Charles - 17 h 52 m ago


They came out a year go put in cable TV and just because I decided to put my TV on another table from side by side without unplugging anything and ib the same spot just different tables tgey said that the reason I have no service on that TV and they say they can't trouble shoot it because it has no cablecoming fron the wall to the box like I put the cable in so theywant me to pay 99.00 for something that the technician should have done in the. First place. They are no good abd I'm going to talk to a laywer and call eight on your side

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Rox - 18 h 41 s ago


why r u , deliberately changing Fox News Channels , line up , you started listing the KELLY FILE , on yesterday and have it listed all week, the show doesn't exist. You list Tucker Carlson , when another show is on. people who DVR , r getting screwed , I want a CREDIT. Don't even play , OOOPS. Fix you $#!& !!!! I already , wanted to switch providers , 6 mos ago , and U gave a discount. ITS up . I'm not paying for your BS any longer

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Jose - 19 h ago


Dish Network support Donald Trump my Mexican people not buy dish Network Dish Network is a racist company I do not like Mexican people

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Vicki Johnson - 1 d 4 h ago


I've had dish for about 10 years with no trouble. December they decided to stop my tv because I had to be updated. While they were hear they sold me a sound bar, that when he hooked it up it worked but two hours after he left it quit working. So I called them to return it and they told me they would send a box to me to ship it back. Got no box so called again and they say they can't send a box so I made one and called to get the address and the girl told me its been over 30 days so can't get refund. So it's my fault that the sales person lied to me to begin with. They wanted me to send it back in the box it came, but the guy who put it in didn't give me the box. So to me I was lied to from the beginning, update hell tv was working fine put new box in and all I have had is trouble. It's time I find a new company for tv, phone and internet. not a happy camper the last 3 months. Addison,Mi

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Dick6 - 1 d 14 h ago


Well I found out how fraudulent dish network really is. Yesterday at 6 pm a gentleman cane to my door sweet talker well he had me convinced to switch to dish I told him I had to check if I was under contract with Comcast well he offered a buy out of no more than 250.00. In checking with Comcast this morning 250.00 wouldn't touch an early termination with Comcast. So I called today 2/20/17 @7:45 am to cancel them installed today well less than 12 hours later I'm contacted by mail banks fraud division turns out dish decided to put the 50.00 through on my card for installation that never happened because the 50.00 was to be paid upon installation. Now I called dish customer service who wanted the whole card number which I was not giving them so I gave last

4 numbers now they had info yet they gave m to he run around for over 1/2 an hour so they want to be a problem fine I'm contacting the bank again and letting them know yes it is

Fraud and I'm contacting every government agency regarding this corrupt

Company and we will see who win you don't mess with a government bank thanks Navy

Federal f u dish you are scum

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Anonymous - 2 d 3 h ago

My name is Arteria Coleman, unfortunately I have been a dish network client for about seven or eight years. Three years ago I moved to California on emergency I had to put all my belongings into storage along with my dish network cable boxes. Unfortunately I have not been able to get my belongings out of storage in Atlanta Georgia I live in Los Angeles so I had to put my service on pause. Which is a five dollar fee per month through Dish network. I have recently been seriously harassed about these boxes which are seriously outdated because I got them seven years ago. Dish network would like me to pay $133 fee before they put me back on the pause. I think this is seriously disrespectful and unprofessional to get charged $133 for a service that I no longer have. The boxes are not even up-to-date so Dish network can't even use them with the network service provider right now. I am tired of being harassed over this money I offered to put my account back on pause and at least pay five dollars until I get the boxes, but right now I'm going to chemotherapy and I don't know when that will be, and going to therapy and being harassed is unacceptable. My email address is (hidden), my phone number is(hidden). I will be looking forward to hearing from someone soon about this situation.

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Greg Castle - 2 d 5 h ago


I was recommended from a man handing out information at Walmart in Georgetown, Ky. I called Saturday 2/18/17 getting prices. They were very rude so they call me back 2//20/17 they told me about putting it in. I told them that I was checking prices the male operator told me I was wasting their time. I tried to call back and it was blocked. No wonder you hardly have any type of rating I am going to call the better business bureau I know they would love to hear about this.

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Anonymous - 2 d 7 h ago

You can never speak with any one tjos company is terrible I would stick with comcast

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Myron Gartner - 2 d 9 h ago

I'm writing becauase I believe you are manipulating the news your subscribers watch for political purposes. I'm disappointed that you would go to such lextremes, to advance your opinions. When I go to bed at night I leave my TV on Fox News when I get up in the morning you've turned it to CNN. Disgusting!

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Frustrated Beyond Belief - 3 d 5 h ago


I am so distressed with one aspect of Dish Network's autopay website function. I have been trying to get things straightened out for 1 year. One day I received a notice from my bank that they were issuing me a new debit card with the chip on it. Since getting the new chip card, EVERY month my autopay fails. I enter the information in Dish's payment info over and over. I call them monthly and get all kind of excuses. I've called the corporate office and they said they would fix things. I still get emails stating, "Your autopay has failed". The NUMBER ONE response is: I'll report this to our technical support office". OH well, here it is Feb. 2017 and I got the same email again this morning, stating my autopay has failed. NEVER IN MY LIFE HAD I EVER HAD A PROBLEM TRYING TO GIVE A COMPANY MY MONEY.

Dish Network cannot get this straightened out and I can't take it anymore. I even tried changing to a paper bill, and after calling Dish the false promise comes again that they will fix things but NEVER do. They had a log of every time I have called and still they can't correct this error. A customer must have a zero balance in order to be able to setup autopay. I've even been told its my bank's problem, well guess what, its not my bank, its their system and website. Won't somebody help me. I don't want to change back to DirectTV because I deplore anything with ATT. The last time I called they assured me it wouldn't happen again and that they would fix it. Oh well another bold face lie to a good customer. I hope the Dish company reads this post. AND I'll be calling them again. Oh did I mention I get charged for phone payments and see extra charges on my bank account in order to pay Dish bill.

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Tom. the stupid one !!!!! - 7 d 7 h ago


I am ready to send over half of my Social Security check 1027.OO to Dish for a early cancellation.

I offered to pay 25O.OO which should more than cover the actual cost to Dish. I cancelled in less

that 3 days because their line up was a nightmare, mostly shopping channels, sports, and church

related channels, not for me. Dish and it's president Mr. Joseph Clayton have the cancellation

protocol set up as smoothly as possible. I have to wonder if Dish does not make as much on

cancellations as they do on actual product. I have contacted the Ks. Att. General, Mr. Schmidt to

ask for his opinion and if Ks. allows a 3 day cooling off period and if not, let's get on it soonest.

I signed the contract, stupidity and age may have something to do with it and I was looking for the

cheapest TV service, I was wrong and now I send Dish over half of my SS check, good for them.....

I hope they enjoy the money. In Ks. we need a cooling off period of at least 3 days.They happily

sell you more TV packs but that defeats the cost issue. Buyer beware, sign nothing....... this was a nightmare experience. I also intend to file a formal complaint with the FTC. Dish needs my money.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

Joe hasn't been president for quite some time

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Caryn Minkowsky - 6 d 4 h ago


I just spoke to Jesse operator U X 2 at the office of the president regarding m account that I had to cancel due to a huge brain tumor my husband was diagnosed with. After 8 months they decided today would be a good day to take $360 from my bank account which was my rent money for the 1st. With my husband on disability and limited income they said they understand and can't help me out. I spoke to 5 people 5. None of them will reverse the charges. I have never dealt with such disgusting individuals or a company that doesn't care what the situation is in our life. My husband almost died and what do they care. When I told them I would be homeless they didn't care at all. This company is a disgrace and because of them I will now be homeless on the 1st but hey who cares as long as dish has their money. They can sleep tonight.

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Brian - 5 d 4 h ago


When you signed up you agreed to a 2-year agreement. It's not the company's fault you broke that. And it's a business, it's not their job to modify payments due to care about individuals hardships in life. You paid your internet bill so you won't be homeless. There's always things you can do. You were charged that amount as that was the charge-off amount when your account went into collections as you didn't pay the early cancellation fee initially.

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Anonymous - 4 d 44 m ago

You are a disgusting boot licker.

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Joyce Mabry - 4 d ago


I would NOT recommend bundling internet and satellite service. I paid my basic Dish bill the day before the guy came to install my internet service, $36.62 Internet service was advertised at $49.99. My technician told me it was $59.99 but I would get a $10/month credit. He also told me that I would be receiving a $100 Visa rebate. I called Dish a week later to find out what my next bill would be. I make the mistake of not getting her name and employee number, but she said $157.50, which sounds correct because I had to purchase the router.

I get my bill and it's $267.78. I made numerous phone calls. I was told no, I do not get the $100 rebate because I'm an old customer, and then another customer service rep, no, I don't get it because I had to call and give them a code ahead of time. And no I don't get the $10 credit per month on internet because I just have the basic package. My tech told me I would get all this. I finally am given the $10/month credit and wow!! $20 off the $267.78. I kept being told it was "pro-rated". I am still not satisfied and may just discontinue Dish service altogether.

I talked to Sharae #10704, Rebecca #DXE and Javier, #3QQ.

I have to have the two dishes removed so a metal roof can be put on....guess what? It's $50 to relocate each one!!! I pay $8 a month for service from Dish. I will not recommend to anyone to bundle. My programming changes at the snap of a finger. I'm just really frustrated and very angry at this point.

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Disappointed customer. - 4 d ago


I was just hung up on by a customer service agent by the name of Tricky when I called to bundle my satellite service with internet service. I am actively on the phone with Dish Network CANCELING my service of 6 years!!!

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ANGRY CUSTOMER - 6 d 19 h ago


I was told that I would be able to receive FOX NEWS, and I am unable to watch this channel due to a "FLEX PACK", however I will not ever renew a package with DISH! Worst provider EVER...

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Anonymous - 7 d ago


If you see any kind of DISH advertisement or specials RUN the other way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please ! Dish is a joke. A bunch of con artists.

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Susan Updegraff - 7 d 5 h ago


Dish is going down the tubes. Based on my experience, I would tell people to totally avoid doing business with them at all. Enter at your own peril. Truly . . .

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Glenn Eickenhorst - 26 d 3 h ago


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to avoid their dinging your credit if you don't pay their unjustified fees? Or has anyone reached out to a lawyer for a possible class-action suit, especially after looking through the feedback of others?

I was sold free DVR service. My bill showed a $15 a month DVR service fee. This service fee was NEVER mentioned during the sale. Having been screwed by Time Warner Cable, I was adamant with the salesperson about his being forthright about all costs, and ensuring there were so surprise fees on my bill. After various calls and escalations to DISH, I got to the president's customer service group, and the woman I spoke with said, with attitude in voice, that I had to pay the fee, and they would not let me out of the contract unless I paid the early cancellation fees. So basically I could either continue to pay something I was told would be free, or pay $20 for each remaining month in my contract or $440. The just and right solution would be for me to pay neither, but I also don't want my credit to be hit for their bait-and-switch sales techniques. I've submitted a complaint to the North Carolina Dept of Justice Consumer Protection division, but all they're willing to do is send letters. I've contacted a local TV consumer protection personality in the hopes I can get DISH's issues in the media, but in the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how to go about ensuring my credit does not a take a hit for non-payment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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jion - 22 d 43 m ago


they cant put negative info on your report unless they report positive info on it all the time call credit report and dispute reporting, threaten dish with law suit for defamation and financial harm, you can file in small claim for up to 3 to 5000 dollars and you can represent yourself

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Dumb comment - 21 d 4 h ago


You should read the prayer debt collections Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act before you make such stupid comments like yours.

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Anonymous - 18 d 4 h ago

Uhh, ok dumb comment, it's the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, not Prayer Debt Collections Practices Act. Sure is a good thing you're so smart, huh? Just sayin'.

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Dumber Comment - 7 d 5 h ago

Dumber Comment. Poor grammar, incorrect information.

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Ramras - 12 d 5 h ago

Yes they can lawfully ding your credit report. Let them. Keep up with publicly exposing them for deception. Speak to a class action attorney. Went thru same thing with DTV. There were enough cimplaints for 3 State Attorneys General to file a successful class action and DTV had to remove the negative item from my credit report.

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