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Dish Network

9601 South Meridian Boulevard
Englewood, CO
Joseph Clayton
President and CEO
(303) 723-1000
(303) 723-1999
Twitter IDs
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Anonymous - 34 m 12 s ago

Very bad company to ever deal with NEVER EVER GET DISH

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J R - 1 d ago


I was ready to switch over from Directv and spent about 45 min chatting with a Dish Network rep. She was very good to answer all my questions and was ready to give me a quote as to the cost of the service. She wanted 2 phone numbers which I supplied and then my date of birth and Social Security number. I was ready to give her my date of birth but not my SS over the internet. I understand that a lot of people have that number but I don't understand to check my credit it couldn't have been done the usual way. I have very good credit and have applied and received many credit cards and general credit over the years. So even though I'm am upset with Directv I will stay with them. Dish Networks insistence SS number is a little much guess they have enough business.

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PISSED OFF!!! - 19 h 40 m ago glad you didn't switch and give them your SSN. I'm dealing with them right now with an Identity Theft case. Check this out....I personally had an account...way back in the day...put a pass code on my account...well someone opened up an account, with my FULL SSN, BIRTHDAY and FULL NAME in a completely different state. So there you go. Pass codes don't work...and how in the hell did someone get all that info? Looks like an inside job to me...just sayn'...its been a pain needless to say.

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Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 2 d 17 h ago


True about Dish but not Trump

What an idiot you sound to be..

Quite blaming all the troubles and problems on the President, yes I said President!! Get over it!!

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Anonymous - 19 h 45 m ago

"Does not what your business"...must be a snowflake....always blaming someone else for their problems and needing to be entitled....all these TV services suck. I've been with them all. Its not the President's fault...its the company's fault for not wanting to keep good paying customers. So suck it up and keep calling back and stop whining!

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klynn - 1 d 1 h ago


I have been with dish for years....I haven't had a problem until today 4.25.17. I have been having issues with the internet....I just got the modem and when I called and talked to an associate we tried different things and none of them she said that dish would send a tech out to see what the problem appointment was scheduled for 8 to 12...its 4:34pm and I have yet to see anyone. I feel that I should get credit for more than just the month I didn't have internet. I work in retail and this is what is called unexpectable. my phone number is (hidden) I would like to actually talk to a human....

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Aleta Y. Clay - 1 d 4 h ago


Unfortunately I have been a too long time customer of DISH. They have cut my services off faster than DELMARVA Power. My services were disconnected recently. When I paid to have them restarted half the month was over and yet they were going to charge me a full month. It wasn't until I stated my bill should be prorated did they adjust my bill. My services were just reconnected April 13th, they disconnected me again today April 24th for the $68.00 prorated bill for this month. I can't believe a customer who has been with DISH for this long is being treated this way. I decided to return the equipment. I asked them to send me boxes and instructions. They told me I would be charged $12.00 for each receiver I'm sending back. Is this a joke?? This company is becoming worse and worse every year. Just like Verizon who thought they would always be on top, I think DISH will soon be extinct. Just send me the boxes and I will send you your equipment. Netflix, HULU and all the others will now be what I watch for $11.99 a month. Thank you DISH for taking my $1500.00 per year for the last 7 years. Just look at all the money I about to save.

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Paul R. Lowes - 1 d 5 h ago


Ongoing technical issues since the day it was installed 2 weeks ago. So I cancelled the service, and was told I'd have to pay a cancellation fee of $400 you in court DISH, and all this information is going to Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office for their investigation and deceptive business practices. Was told yesterday by the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT cancellation fees would be waved since they can't fix the issues, now today this office says $400 cause it wasn't NOTED yesterday..HORRIBLE people to talk to, and will NEVER EVER buy or recommend dish to anyone as long as I live. Do you really think the customer is going to stand for this bullcrap? Really? Nothing but total trouble with these people. The president should read these complaints and understand what is happening to his company.

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Joyce - 1 d 5 h ago


Lower then whale poop on the ocean is my review. They want more and more money and charges are listed for only heaven knows what. Every time I call they read the bill to me and say it's prorated. I HATE DISHNETWORK!!! That's my review.

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Anonymous - 4 d 15 h ago


Dish has the worst TV and internet service. Don't give them your money. They charged my credit card 500 dollars without my consent. Please, please, please consider this a warning. Dish will rip you off and treat you like trash in the process. They don't value customers. When I asked to speak to someone in charge they acted as if the person didn't exist. It was almost 40 minutes before someone got on the phone. I

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Joyce - 1 d 5 h ago


They are ripping me off too. I did not have automatic payment, so am blessed there. I get a different story each person I talk to. I would be ashamed to work for Dish if I were in their shoes. I finally screamed and complained enough, that I do now get in State customer service, but they still don't know their a** from a hole in the ground.

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Amy - 3 d 43 s ago


Dish has lied again,was suppose to get my monthly bill lowered,again.and they are saying no one said anything about would think they would try to keep you as a customer, when you are no longer in contract with them. Worst customer service ever.corporate has never done anything to help.they could careless how their employees treat customers. I would say they train them to be pricks.

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Anonymous - 2 d 17 h ago


Agree with you 100%

They have lied toe from right after instulation, I can't get beyond the phone pushers in the Philippines, they keep telling me no Supervisor is available and that my call does not warrant a supervisor, since when do they decide, customer service can't fulfill my request then I am the one deciding if my call warrants a supervisor not them...and then get hung up on and I wasn't even rude!....very poor treatment of paying customers....I told her you do realize, me being a satisfied customer in the US is what keeps you in a paycheck in the Philippines! She hung up on me...

I will attempt contacting the CEO in charge in California in the morning....

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Tiggs19742 - 2 d 13 h ago


So true they are very rude and act like they do not care one bit as long as they are getting money just greedy if you ask me

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Joyce - 1 d 5 h ago


Agree with you 100%. I keep getting bills over $200. After initially setting up internet with my TV, I was told a certain amount, and it keeps getter higher each month. I'm ready to start sending letters to the FTC, SCC, BBB, Consumer Protection, and Consumer Affiairs. Since "initial" setup of internet, I have paid over $515 since February 2nd. I'm done with Dish and will NEVER recommend bundling to anyone. Matter of fact I will never recommend Dish at all to anyone.

I just want them to come get their internet dish, and to not charge me a disconnect fee.

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Morgan - 2 d 7 h ago

I'm trying to get back in touch with the corporate supervisor I spoke with back in January. I'm still getting billed for service I haven't had since November. Her name was Michelle U2S. I keep getting rerouted to dish customer service from the corporate number listed. Please help me by providing me with an appropriate number. Thanks

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Lynn - 2 d 17 h ago


Very, very poor, rude customer service, was hung up on 4 times and told my call did not warrant to speak to a supervisor, since when?

Then I'm told a supervisor was emailed to called shortly, 4 hrs later, no supervisor..They are answering my calls from the Phillipines she told me when I called back 4 hrs. later and get hung up on again!!!

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Feed up - 3 d ago


Mad!!!!!! Nobody at Dish will give an answer to why they are not carrying One America Network. Have Dish at both homes. If I they think service doesn't matter they are full of it. Planning to dump them!!!!

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Called several times for assistance because someone authorized a 9.00 payment to come out my checking account. I did not make the authorization, but to make along story short.Rickey would not allow me to speak with a supervisor.I asked several times, but he made several excuses. - 5 d ago

Tracy Daniels

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Jennifer Rivas - 5 d 18 h ago


I called because I had a complaint and was escalated to the office of the president department. Horrible customer service. I will never recommend anyone to sign up for dish services.

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Tinkerbell - 6 d 3 h ago


I keep calling and calling the corporate number and it'll ring then say to stay on the line for the operator I'm on hold for quite some time then it sounds like someone answers but no one says anything and then it hangs up.. been doing this for a long time.. I'm bout tired of all this crap. Been dealing with a damage claim for 2 months now and getting nothing

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Robert - 8 d ago

I have had an issue for a month constant service interruption we have done numerous resets and was told a technician would be sent out.A month later the issues have still not been resolved and then I was told there is a 95 dollar fee for the tech to come out why would someone pay for a service that was not provided the reps said we do things different in our country.This has been the worst customer service experience I have ever had with dish on top of them wanting to charge me now to send replacement equipment out I work in the hospitality industry and this type of service would result in dismissal remember your customers pay your bills.

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Unfortunate long time customer - 8 d 3 h ago


Same problem ... same TV .... this time is went off at 10:43 AM .... it is now 11:40 AM .... I can't even turn off the thing. It too over 5 minutes to reach a human being on your "help" line. And what sort of a huge boiler room do you have as the background noise is considerable. I would really like this ongoing issue resolved.

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Stewart - 9 d ago


we cannot get video on demand. have been trying for couple months, calling techs etc. spoke to 6 techs, they run us thru the same routine, internet connections fine. had internet provider out, everything is fine, fast speeds etc. dish came out friday, gave us new receiver. still cannot get vod. spoke to supervisor Gave id 7OS, told him we want to cancel since they cannot provide us with vod, we are paying for it and cannot get it. vod is part of Dishs sales pitch, its why we went to them. This Gabe id 7OS had the nerve to say "show me on the bill where youre paying for vod" How outrageous!!!!!

There is absolutely no one we can speak to, he said he is the highest we can go. We called the corporate number 303 723 1000 which is a joke/hoax, sat on hold for 25 minutes before hanging up.

i cannot believe Dish has customer support like this.

we are now stuck in a contract with them, if we cancel we have to pay about $200.

I asked Gabe id 7OS how he was going to get us vod then....he gave us a run around about submitting another report to engineering and having them work on it. reports already were sent, they did nothing, it was dropped, no one ever got back to us. i asked how long it would take, he said...he doesnt know. he did not care, no sorry about your problem.....just your paying for cancellation fee or it goes to collection.

we are retired and on a fixed this how the world is now.

Shame on Dish!!!

so Mr Clayton, do you care how your customer support people treat customers.?

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