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Dish Network

9601 South Meridian Boulevard
Englewood, CO
Joseph Clayton
President and CEO
(303) 723-1000
(303) 723-1999
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Pat from Florida - 1 d 10 h ago


Used Dish happily for years. Retired, moved from the boonies to a more urban area. Got a great deal from Xfinity. My experience with Devron in trying to shut down my Dish account was terrible. He was adamant that I needed to be "educated" about hundreds of dollars worth of credits that I was giving up credits that I would have been happy to get in the past but was never told about and of course not eligible for. All of a sudden when I want to cancel, credits magically appear. Devon needs to be "educated" in how to treat people, and how to take no for an answer. Will never use Dish again.

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Unhappy in California - 1 d 11 h ago


Unless you restore HBO by the end of the year - it's time for me to change providers. I basically had enough when the charge for local stations increased to $12.00 per month but without HBO you need to go.

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Had Enough of Corporate greed! - 3 d ago


I've had nothing but problems with Dish Network. I only have kept it for HBO and the DVR service. First my local stations were blacked out, now HBO. Get HBO back on, or I guarantee you I will drop it before my next billing is due.

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Angelo Mejias - 4 d 12 h ago


Just like to put my two cent in, after having problems with dish connection at random over a two year period this was the last straw. Well I shouldnt say that that was the cause but part of the cause...the last straw was reading the the RATING and REVIEWS Dish has and after Ilooking up the Corporate Office info to complain to the CEO. Well...... what I found was a long list of customers with some of the same issues and especially with customer service, not listening, not writing down the notes when accessing your problem and most important the no ACTION from the CEO of the company. Not a hint of addressing those issues but rather letting those issues of complaint go uncorrected, thus customers dropping their DISH service signing up with Direct TV. What a business plan, wonder how long before they go bankrupt. It's a no wonder why they are so interested in 2 year contracts. They would have to offer me a life time of free service to stay with them.

In no way does this reflect on the service techs that come out trying to solve the problems

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steve - 4 d 19 h ago



when are you greedy big-shots going to finally end this failed negotiations crap between you and HBO/Cinemax and give us back the full service we've asked for. i don't want your stupid credits. I WANT THE PROGRAMS I ORDERED. maybe i should be watching HBO/Cinemax on DIRECT TV? Maybe that's the solution to your negotiations -- THEN, if you want me back as a customer in full standing, you can negotiate a solution to get me back. MONEY ISN'T EVERYTHING. GREED IS.

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Pissed off - 5 d 14 s ago

Terrible customer service

It is a shame sine we have been Dish customers for over twenty years. It used to be the best tv line up and customer service but not any more

It is impossible to understand or even hear clearly cust reps over the phone

Technician got lost on his way to my house. I live in NJ he went to PA to town starting with the same letter but 45 minuts away

Then he had no idea what he was doing

I had to call back concerning error message i was getting that tech was not able to fix

And guess what usual unplaging resoved it

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Jo - 14 d 5 h ago


We had dish in Idaho at a house we lived in, all was fine. We moved to Utah into an apartment so we transferred our dish down to UT. Well the tech guy came out and realized the lines couldn't reach to our apartment and that he wasn't allowed to mount the dish on the roof to even get us signal from the other side. When I called twice Dish didn't even care and called it our problem, well Dish let me tell you what's going to be your problem now, It will be my everyday goal to make sure NO ONE ever signs up with Dish and that I will never sign up again!!! and I will be calling every week until someone will cancel our account without a $300 fee without it being our fault like you say it is! I know you big wigs don't care because you sit there cashing in the money everyday, but even if I can get one potential customer to change their mind that's about $2,000 less for your company.

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Not Dish's Fault - 6 d 12 h ago


As far as cancelling accounts due to not being able to obtain service when moving that I'm afraid is the fault of the customer. It is not Dish Networks fault that you cannot obtain service in an area because of landlords, POas, HOAs or property management of apartments. These are things that as a customer you are supposed to figure out prior to moving. If you have dish or an tv service or internet service it is always best to ask you landlords, POas, HOAs or property management of apartments if said service you have with said company is allowed to be installed at the location you are planning to move to. It is by no means Dish's fault or responsibility if you fail to do so prior to moving. Of you cannot get service at your new address then you honestly did that to yourself. But I'm turn if you have questions regarding you account or anything of that nature I would suggest contacting customer service @(hidden) to see what they can do for you and maybe talk to your landlords, POas, HOAs or property management of apartments and see if they allow satellite TV service and if so where can the tech place the dish and run cables at

Flagged for review. 
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Disappointed in the Customer Service of DISH - 6 d 7 h ago


This is by far the worst response you could give a customer. WOW! Regardless, what if this person had no option, but to move into an apartment? No sympathy from you whatsoever? I will be spreading the word that DISH network doesn't care about their customer's, or things out of the customer's control. I will be promoting DirecTV to anyone I know. So, Jo, you have succeeded in making me rethink signing up for Dish Network. Shame on you Dish.

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Rating this problem not all of dish unless Dish is allowing it to continue - 6 d 10 h ago


: I am offended by a channel my TV resets to automatically. Dish TV has no business forcing people to watch extreme right propaganda. The show "Judicial Watch" continues to play on my TV without programming it. I don't know who Dish is being paid by to put these lies and doubts of our justice system out there, but I want no part of it. You have no right in sending propaganda in American homes. I want no part of the Dish Network if this continues and want it immediately removed from my service, however it is being piped in or I will be forced to discontinue my service with Dish. You should be searching and sharing truths, not spreading lies.

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K.D. DeWitt - 11 d 7 h ago


I am sick and tired of DISH management's inability and/or refusal to resolve their disputes with networks in a timely manner. You prefer to ignore your contractual responsibility with your subscribers. I imagine you and your MBA underlings sitting around in some swell restaurant giggling about how you can get away with short-changing your customers. You appear to be only interested in your "bottom line". Stop the manipulation. Either you take care of business in a timely manner, or I will devote all my spare time to filing FCC complaints in addition to taking my case to small claims court. I will gleefully and actively encourage others to join me in filing complaints/ small claims court cases throughout the country. I am retired, have a lot of time on my hands, and have had it with your monopolistic manipulation of cable TV markets wherein your customers are your last concern.

TO OTHER DISGUSTED SUBSCRIBERS: It is time consuming, but I strongly encourage recourse through your local jurisdiction's small claims court. Become a nuisance! you can sue for monetary loss, and all court fees including parking, postage,etc. It wouldn't take too many folks doing this before fat-cat CEO's take notice as they realize they are paying their legal staff big money to handle these nuisance suits. Good luck, and I'll see you at Small Claims Court!

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Dish suckks - 11 d 7 h ago

Dish is corrupt I have had someone charge my account upgrade accounts stream porn from my account. I am only acct holder I am on person who can make changes. They don't go by there own contract. And amazing enough they won't tell me what I paid for or any in (hidden) I need info to send court order and supernova both. You have allowed a person who has stolen my identity open more than once. I will be happy to sue. You allowed to continue

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AMS - 10 d 12 h ago

I agree 100% ,why are we paying for local channels that are free? Now we are LOSING them when they are already free. Dishnetwork decided that just because it runs through there box we should pay. No I don't think so! I have had dish for 17yrs and I can't even see the local News, f..k that! I'm fed up these are not cable channels they are local and for those who don't have cable get it free ,why should we pay for it . I'm going to make a huge deal out of pkg has not changed and I'm tired of all the redarick and more money more money bullshit. You can bet disabled or not I'm going to put some DOG IN THIS FIGHT! FCC,LOCAL TV, NEWS EDITORS, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER AND ATTORNEY GENERAL, I'M BEING RIPPED OFF, AND I NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. DISHNETWORK YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! LOCAL IS FREE

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Not Dish's Fault - 6 d 13 h ago


Local channels are offered for free via OTA. (OVER THE AIR ANTENNA). Not all areas are in range of getting the major local channels in most areas and not all OTA channels will be HD when trying to pick up with an antenna . So companies (,like dish, attached, direct TV, Cox , etc) all have to pay the broadcast companies money every year for you to be able to receive any channels weither it be local or not. So in turn that has been divided up into packages of Coreprogramming local channels and many other channel packages. FCC also regulates what local channels are offered in that area so of you live in one area but get different loclas that is due to the FCC regulations on spotbeam transmissions. I would suggest that if you still don't have local channels wiethrr it be from a Market take down ( broadcast companies demanding more money for same channels and dish not wanting customer to have to pay more for said same channels ) or because they haven't been added to you account I would say call dish @ (hidden) and take with customer service to get this resolved

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Addie Lucero - 7 d ago


I moved in May of this year (2018) and requested a move package with DISH and was advised that they did not provide internet service at my new address. I have been charged internet charges since May and called DISH to resolve this evening and was advised that they can only cancel my service and prorate the charges for December and refund back 30 days. They are ok with stealing from me these last 7 months and stated that it was on me to call and cancel service. Why is the customer responsible for calling to cancel a service that you do not provide DISH??

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Joe Downs - 7 d 5 h ago


So I have been using a chrome OS for the past several years and have checked with dish numerous times regarding dish not writing a program that allows chromebook users the ability to use dish any where . More and more chrome books are being bought and used and it seems to me that it would be a good business decision to do so . I am a long term customer of dish that is about to change if this issue is not addressed soon . I enjoy what dish has to offer but being unable to use dish any where away from home because I use a chrome book seems unfair . Hopefully you will consider this request .

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Ann - 7 d 9 h ago


I tried to sign up for Dish TV at Big Dog in zip code 83401. They had a really good advertisement with special perks. They run my credit card thru and said my credit score was low, so they would have to charge me more for lease of equipment . I came home and run my credit check thru 2 agencies and my credit was really high with no marks. The card I used to sign up for DISH sends my FICO credit score every 3 months with my bill.. It has always been OVER 800. I'd say that's super good, wouldn't you. Can you check them out, and find out what is going on.

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kgoody122 - 7 d 10 h ago


I have had DISH and like it - I have some financial problems and did get behind but will be resolving this with in the next 2 days. A rep from India named Jenny called me she "said you owe ____ dollars what is your credit card number and you need to take care of this today!!" I told her I understand that I am behind and when I get paid tomorrow Thursday I can go online and pay the bill. "she reply, no has to be with in 10 days!" Again I said I get paid tomorrow and will have to pay it then. "she then said nothing and hung up. Upon calling back another rep from India answered I asked to speak to a supervisor he could not seem to find any one to help and just said Mam you owe, I in turn said I know and told him I can pay tomorrow. Again he hung up on me. I guess I will be leaving DISH this customer service is tough and not helpful at all

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Michele Boles - 7 d 13 h ago


My name is michele boles randy boles is my husband. We loved at 318 buckeye street we have DISH. But im getting very unhappy the volume i cant control they have reaved my box once and the controller two or three times. This is bad service i pay good money and have to listen to a tv i can hardly hear.

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Screwed - 8 d 4 h ago


Lies, called today to see why my bill did not go down due to now having HBO. I was told I did not have HBO. I was given a deal of 77 dollars for HBO and teng TV. The girl was so rude and called me a liar. I suggest from reading all this negative comments that we get the attorney general from each state and close this bullshit lying business down. I m told old for games. The in July way things can change and people don't get screwed is to go after the po people who are screwing you. Let the attorney General shut them foreign

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Anil c Patel - 8 d 8 h ago


I am 27+ year customer They offered me $20.00 monthly discount from Exce office person name Debra(YBM) Today I check my account that is not applied.

I called customer service and now they says no discount available and will be charged $20.00 extra.

I got oversold Sling Hopper box even though I already had sling adaptor bought from them.

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Katherine - 8 d 10 h ago


Double talkers!!! Don't go with this company!! Horrible experience,when they are done with you,you won't know what your going to get!! Certainly not the price you signed up for,ours changed monthly and when we had to move,they took a shit load of money out of our bank,they don't listen just double talkers!!

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Janice Gray - 9 d 13 h ago

Wow I should have perused these reviews before I switched to DISH. Nothing I can add that hasn't already been said in these reviews, except I have never seen any business with half of a 1 star review. That speaks volumes.

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disgusted - 10 d 6 h ago

can't believe the rudeness of the customer rep --unbelievable. wanted a credit card when all I wanted was a price to switch to dish. -had dish 6 years ago never had to give a credit card to find out what it would cost for 3 tvs--got excellent credit. customer contact wanted my name and credit card before he would give me a price -he was rude and felt that I called him he didn't call me so give him info -I replied can get a car pic without a credit card, look a house prices without a credit car d, price furniture without a credit card info but t get dish lol -your people are rude was a manager in a.t.&t> and if a customer service rep treated a customer like that id fire the guy on the spot

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michael chadwick - 10 d 7 h ago


I am too disappointed with Dish--Tried to get price by calling your center was asked my credit card before any price was negotiated -had dish before did not have to give a credit card till negotiations complete -your customer contact said "you called me buddy.i didn't call you"I worked for Verizon for 39 years -if we had hd that attitude to the customer ,we would be bankrupt--I can't get fits in nh so wanted dish but after the way the negotiation was handled --id fire anyone that worked for me that treated a customer like that!!! VERY SURPRISED AT THE MIND-SET


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