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Cathy - 10 d 20 s ago


I cannot believe that Disney is aligning with Ms. Markle. The woman has no family values and has disrespected the Queen of England. Ms. Markle is simply an opportunist and a user! For Disney to have any dealings with such a person is tarnishing the Disney name. Ms. Markle has proven that wherever she goes or touches scandal follows.....does Disney really want to hire such a person? Cut bait and run before it's to late!

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Suzuki - 4 d 5 h ago

Cathy. Thank you for your post. She is horrible. Just compare her to Kate Middleton. Now there is someone with class. And btw I don't know if you saw the ad for the new Disney elephants movie coming out on tv but it says it is narrated by Meghan the Duchess of Sussex. I wrote Disney and told them they better take it off since both of them no longer have any titles or I will take it to their legal dept. Do you have a unpleasantness if having to live on the same state as I do?? Well the good thing is Trump said he would not pay for their private security and I guess Harry ( being such a pus..) had to call daddy for the money. The guy has never worked a day in his life. Diana is rolling over in her grave watching him and his whore mongering wife. It's disgusting!!

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Suzuki - 4 d 5 h ago

Hey your new Disney Elephants Movie that will be streaming on Disney has Meghan the duchess of Sussex. Well btw in case you didn't know like the rest of us, she has been stripped of all her titles as well as Harry. He is not even a prince anymore. So your ad is misleading and if you don't change it I will contact your legal dept.

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Ron M - 5 d 11 h ago

I moved our vac from April to Oct. And we do not want to fly. Disney will not cancell our flight ! They say we have a non refundable flight. With this virus they should let us get there any way we want to. Help us please. I am a Disney stock holder and feel this is so wrong. Please reply

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Anonymous - 7 d 11 h ago

Yes my name is Margaret Gomez, with St. PATRICK'S church, Ballet folklorico Yolotzin of East Chicago Indiana.

We are scheduled to perform at Disney world in Florida.

June 10th 2020@ 4pm.

We are getting conflicting information.

Is Disney world closed till when. The news are starting indefinitely.

If so can we please get a letter from your company to get our funds back from the airline's.

I really would appreciate a response via (hidden).

Or (hidden)



Margaret Gomez

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Ponyman - 10 d 13 h ago



As an investor, a father and an American I find this show disgusting. So much so I'm pulling all my $ out of Disney. Disney used to be a safe place for kids, and all about the kids, but now it's about witches and how great they are and how great it is to be one.

It's a major shame that an American institution like Disney has gone downhill so far.

I regret that things have gotten this bad, but I can't in good consciousness support this kind of programming.

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PassportTraveler - 16 d 8 h ago


From a legal immigrant, taxpayer, and father of three American citizens, I think it is disgraceful of Disney, the parent company of ABC Broadcasting allows the Kimmel to have a late night TV show. I have a mother, several aunts, two sisters, several female cousins, and two daughters and they would be appalled to view the following! I call for a national boycott of Kimmel (doesn't deserve Mr. or his first name in writing) and his immediate dismissal.

Jimmy Kimmel - The Man Show - when you're rich and famous, women let you do whatever you want

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Rob Iger - 30 d ago


Disney's more disgraceful!

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Kingtown - 34 d 6 h ago

Now Disney finds it necessary to apologize for some of its earlier features because those powers that be are uncomfortable accepting yesterday's social norms. Disney execs find it necessary to post disclaimers before certain film as modern audiences might be offended by normality - especially that depicted in the 50's-90's. So much for the tradition and truth undergirding our wonderful republic. The apology for easily-triggered sensibilities reads in part "It may contain outdated cultural depictions." How silly Here we go again. All the so-called intelligentsia blathers on about cultural patrimony, racism, colonialism and sexism....! I had to order a copy of Disney's Song of the South from a company Japan. Couldnt find it here several years ago. Uncle Remus was a fantastic character everyone loved. He was loving, sympathetic, wise, kind and humble. Instead of creating more content with such depth, Disney is taking the high road - Homosexual characters. How necessary to remind us all that deviants exist. The character, Officer Specter, is ugly. Offputting. So, we can champion deviants, but must apologize (or feel some sense of shame) for a film depicting a slave with a poor southern dialect? Yesterday on the phone, I had a bank representative inquire, "May I axe you some security questions?" Should we pretend these things arent real?

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Anonymous - 41 d 5 h ago


I enjoyed ESPN, but I no longer have a TVto watch it on. MyTV is broken. I want to cancel my subscription for 5.99. I am up in age so every penny counts. When I get a new Television I will renew hopefully, if I can afford to. I looked and looked for a place to cancel the subscription, but I didn't find one.I hope someone gets this message. I am well up in age and can barely work the computer. So I got help.

Thanks for promptness in cancelling my subscription.

Carolyn Powe

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Bev - 41 d 12 h ago


I am no longer a supporter of your company.

You are no longer family friendly.

Your forcing Boy Scouts of America to go gay has failed. Moral compromise has failed them.

I will not buy or support anything Disney in future until they change their stand.

Poor Walt.

Flagged for review. 
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Seriously - 138 d 14 h ago

I am not happy with Disney wanting to make one of their characters gay... seriously? I too am going to boycott everything Disney if this happens... enough already!

Flagged for review. 
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be gay and be happy - 136 d 8 h ago

Oh no someone can't be themselves on TV ohh no *Roll my eyes*

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SZ - 132 d 5 h ago

I'm on your side. I really hope this does'nt happen

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Mjr morgan - 132 d ago


Not cool person who is upset over gay Disney character: GET over it.

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alexa - 100 d 5 h ago

Disney is pushing a political agenda and it all started a while ago... we will not just suck it up and let this happen. Disney needs to focus on their real reason for film making... take good classics for instance, from 1990's and before. They promoted hope, magic, belief, and good behavior. Nowadays all Disney seems to care about is being politically correct and pushing it's ridiculous agendas. The sad thing is generations to come will never understand the true meaning of Disney. Walt was a christian and I can tell you he loved everyone, but he would never stand by and promote a gay agenda, especially in his films.

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Supporting people not like me - 99 d ago

Boycott away. No one wants anyone like you representing anyway. Carry on Disney.

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Anonymous - 45 d 9 h ago

So you're gay and just not ready to admit it? You should probably just deal with it. Let people be and shut up you homophobic twat.

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Anonymous - 73 d 17 h ago

hello mr Robert my name is jenipher I really love to join in your company to share with your company my movies ideas which will be one of the best movie ever happen in Hollywood and in Disney movie history I wll send a little bit of my movie story if you will reply in private sir am swear to this is not a joke

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Anonymous - 45 d 9 h ago

That's really how you spell your name? You really think anyone from Disney is going to reply to you on a spammers website? Ya, I bet that movie is great...

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an original mouseketeer from 1960 - 45 d 10 h ago


Does Disney answer any of these?

I guess venting helps one feel better, but to what end?

I would like results, not more complaining.

I am a stock holder because I love all things Disney. I grew up in Yorba Linda CA and remember the good old days of the "E" ticket. My Sibling was an employee in Mr Iger's office before and after Mr Iger took over then my Sib. retired due to health issues. I don't have anything bad to say about Disney. The Customer service end however is another matter. I am still trying to get my item shipped to the correct address I ordered in Jan. It keeps getting shipped to MO. go figure.

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Todd Morris - 46 d 6 h ago

I wanted to write the Walt Disney Company to tell them Indiana Beach Amusement Park has shutdown and there is only one theme park left in Indiana.People in Indiana need jobs andDisney can help our state a lot.Indiana needs a Disneyland to spark growth and prosperity in the state.Disney would easily beat out holiday world theme park.Indiana is already properly positioned to handle the theme park.You can even build resorts up near Indiana Dunes National Park.You wouldn't have a problem finding employees because everyone associates Disney as a paradise resort theme park.Indiana is within 70 percent of the US population.You can even provide jobs and advertisements in neighboring states to promote the park.All kinds of amusement places could start in Ohio and spread through Indiana and Illinois.It would be nice to have a monorail system connecting Midwestern city's with Indiana's Disneyland.

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Laurie and William Kilgore - 54 d 14 h ago

I received a Disney gift card for $100 for Christmas. I scratched off the gray matter gently and still lost some of the last portion. I was shopping online, so I opened chat. I wrote out the circumstances and chat said I had not asked a question. I put the question in clear question form. I was asked if I bought the card through I explained it was a gift. I got directed to the gift card 800 pone line. I went through the whole story again to be told that they could not help me; I would need to go to a Disney store. My husband spent $100. I've now spent 1/2 hour trying to purchase from Disney. As a customer, it means another 45 drive to get to a Disney Store and hope they have the items I wished to purchase. AS A SHAREHOLDER, I'm very unhappy that with online shopping so prevalent in this culture-the happiest place on earth is putting potential customers through an experience that is so off-putting. I don't need this posted. I need your public relations department to read what I have written!

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Christine Howard - 71 d 11 h ago


I have Disney plus, and I am appalled right now because money came out of my account and cleared on january 12th , I keep getting emails that tell me to update my payment information which didnt make sense since I just paid it for the month for my kids . Anyways I contacted their help center , what a joke. They keep telling me they never received a payment , and I tried disputing it and offered to send a copy of my bank statement that shows it cleared. They dont accept bank statements. They lost this money and yes it's only 6.99 but it's the point. It is my hard earned money . They are useless , and it is useless contacting them for help. So I guess I am out $6.99 because the only way to keep it on for the kids is to pay it again. This doesnt even make sense to me. Sounds like Disney can take whatever they want and tell you whatever they want . I am so appalled at this.

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Martinique Hicks - 73 d 5 h ago

Order Disney Movies on 1 2 2020 from my MasterCard and today is 1 23 2020 still have not arrived I called today the Disney Movie Club and spoke to three different people and all three say they can not find my information I have they all my info and the last two people I spoke to I gave them my MasterCard info I wrote everything down that's why I know and the transaction came out my card my name is Martinique Hicks my number is (hidden) call me anytime to fix this thanks

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