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WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE! - 2 d 15 h ago



It might be a brand specifically marketed at children, but that hasn't stopped Disney from using child labour to get their products in shops across the world. With a long and winding history in the world of sweatshop labour, Disney have been funding underhand factories for many years, getting caught up in a number of scandals along the way. With factories in countries like China, Bangladesh and Haiti, the company has been paying its employees as little as 33 cents per hour for working in appalling factory conditions. Young workers are very common, too; labourers as young as 14 are present in many of the company's factories, made to work in substandard conditions with no benefits to speak of.

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American Mom - 13 d 7 h ago


Disney has FAILED american children and americans in general. You are aligning #DISNEY with pedophiles, like James Gunn (director of Guardians of the Galaxies) and many other pedophile persons. James Gunn deleted over 10,000 tweets where he tweeted about how he likes little boys to touch him in his 'silly' place - how he got off when a monkey ejaculated on a little boy - He said tell your 3 year old you're laughing thinking of me fucking 3 PO - he'll appreciate it when older. He talks about attending a NAMBLA meeting - first time he felt ok being who he is. ETC..... So much more and worse. How is the F'ing HELL can you even rehire this man. American MOMS will launch a campaign against Disney if you rehire him, do not fire Whoopi and Johnny Depp and ALL actors, employees, directors and CEOs that are perverting children, NOT standing for America and threatening or displaying threats to kill, decapitate and assassinate our President #DonaldJTrump. Your parks will be ghost towns, your stocks will bomb and your movies and tv shows will fail. We will educate American Patriot Mothers of your support of everything evil and un American.

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Whoopi needs to go! - 13 d 16 h ago


I as well as many thousands of others are boycotting your network since you are airing The View.

The View is the most vile, hate baiting show I have ever seen! The recent example was Whoopi getting into an argument with Judge Jeanine Pirro on live TV and then telling her "Goodbye" (kicking her off). Then Whoopi backstage hollored at her so bad that she was spitting (gross) at the Judge and telling her "Fuck you" and "get the fuck out of this studio". OMG what a piece of crap she is and young kids or those at home for vacation are able to see this disrespect. What is wrong with ABC and the sponsors of that show? And Whoopi never apologized just made excuses for her getting mad to the audience.

How can anyone condone Whoopi's actions that day and others. She is a hate monger and her attitude toward Trump deserves jail time! Do you not drug test your employees? Whoopi admits to smoking pot! Great example for daytime TV. That show is TRASH and I shudder that kids on vacation may have seen that episode. Have Whoopi fired!

I stopped watching ABC when Roseanne was fired and will never go back to it.

Thank you


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Joseph Gallier - 14 d 4 h ago


Bring back James Gunn!!! No Gunn, no Guardians!!!

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Betty Harmon - 15 d 14 h ago


Disney needs to make another Pirates of the Caribbean movie with johnny depp. Its up to Disney to pay to have another movie made. Johnny Depp said he would do another one if Disney cuts a check. What are you waiting for Disney????? Give the people what they want!

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Elisabeth Urquidez - 16 d 15 h ago

My daughter purchased tickets to the wrong parade. She bought tickets to Disneyland instead of disneyworld. We u derstand no refunds or transfers but why can't credit be given towards the park? Its difficult to believe that with today's technology why this is problem? This is not right. What was suppose to be a happy family time is becoming a nightmare. My daughter who is currently active military has been saving for this for trip for over a year. Please make this right!

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Fairtoall - 20 d 14 h ago


Mr. Bob Iger, CEO

As a family television media which I love to watch, the recent episode of the View with Whoopi and Judge Jeanine was rude and crude. How do you invite people to your show and treat them that way on daytime television when children are able to watch. This is Disney - boasting to be a family channel. No more I see. Whoopi admitted to and said she said the "F" word multiple times toward the Judge on TV and Social Media. Also Whoopi has said multiple times she uses Marijuana. Doesn't Disney do drug testing on their employees. What kind of example is this for our children? I don't know any corporation that would allow an employee to use foul language toward a client/customer/guest and admit to using drugs without losing their job. For this reason I feel Whoopi should be fired. This is not the type of representation an employee should show for the company they work for. You had no problems with firing others whose feelings or actions are not representing the Disney name. This is selective morality!

For the wellbeing of The Disney name and for stockholders I hope you do the right thing and fire Whoopi as you have done to others. I hate to see anyone lose their job but you have to be fair to all. I would like to be able to view ABC again and have confidence and that you are still for family programming and making our stocks grow.

Thank you for your time,

A Stockholder and Former ABC Viewer

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Terence D Calvo - 21 d 11 h ago

Mr Iger

Get off your high horse and listen to All the people who have and are taking time to call and email you about the View.

Your people are blocking you from hearing the truth. Your company will not survive unless you fire Whoopii. She like

Roseanne MUST Go.

Terry Calvo

Flagstaff, Az

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VRMpls2 - 26 d 19 h ago


Whooppi and Joyce on The View are very hateful and disrespectful to others. I was a democrat, and maybe our president is crude at times, but he still deserves respect. What I hear on the View is trash now. If you don't go with these two you will be pushed out. Whooppi never let Judge Pirro answer her question. And after, she told the Judge to get the f___ out of the building. Does she own it? You took Rosanne out when she didn't know the girl was black, and I understand. But it is one sided. Rosanne was a big money maker, but your other shows like The View and Steven Colbert are crap. I will not watch anything on abc anymore, and that will be easy because you have little that is good and not violent. I will turn the tv to the View occasionally to see who is advertising. I will write to each company every day to let them know how many of us feel (and we are half the country, something you forget). I will not purchase any product they sell or their other products. I expect you to take a look at all the comments about them. We are in the millions and strong. And the violence and hate has gone too far. We will be made known from now on. It is time for the sides to either talk with decency or keep quiet. I do hope you take note of this. There are far more of us than you know. People like her made me turn into a republican.

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JTPCFLILL - 26 d 18 h ago

Couldn't of said it better myself... I agree totally JTPCFLILL

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Belle Patrick - 22 d 7 h ago


I do not watch The View however I did hear about it from Sean Hannity and the judge herself I think Whoopi Goldberg is a has-been actress and she is so hate filled that she knows nothing else look we all have our own opinions and and in this country I'd like to think that we have the right to civilly voice our opinions but not according to Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. And those very vulgar nasty rude women on The View Mr Bob Iger it's time to get rid of that trash and also I think you made a huge mistake when you cancel Last Man Standing

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Anonymous - 22 d 15 h ago

The view is the most disrespectful show to ever air.

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crackerjack - 22 d 17 h ago


Dear Mr. Iger,

I am 80 years old and always thought Disney to be a family fun 'watch together' programs. I cannot for the life of me figure out why The View is still on. Whoopi and her gang are disgraceful. She has NO CLASS and needs to go along with her hateful group. Please, replace this program with something that is not so hate filled. This woman shows her hate to anyone that does not agree with her. Roseanne was cancelled but I never watched the show but heard what happened. still let this Whoopi spread her hate? What has happened to good old fashioned TV without all the hate and filthy language? I agree with someone else that posted that Walt Disney is turning over in his grave. SHAME ON YOU FOR ALLOWING THIS TRASH TO CONTINUE. Please cancel this show.

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Kermit Perkins - 23 d ago


I understand that you own the rights to "The View". What an embarssement Whoopie Goldberg must be. Until she is fired, we will never associate in any manner with Disney. Roseann's show was cancelled for some behavioral issues. I have never witnessed anything like Whoopie's attack against the judge the other day. Waiting to see how long before she is fired!!!

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Disgusted Disney Fan - 23 d 12 h ago


I have been a big Disney supporter my entire life. Since 1992 I have visted Disneyworld and Disneyland 12 times. That has come to an end with the last progressive act of this once great company. How can Roseann be fired and nothing happen to Whoopi Goldberg? The double standard of this corporation makes me sick. Walt must be turning in his grave!

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Disgusted - 25 d 4 h ago


What is it going to take for you to realize the View is an embarrassment to your company. She was out of control along with her partner when they walked out on O'Reilley, also a show guest. Barbara Walters took control then but clearly Whoopi's learned nothing from that incident. They know nothing of history, facts, or politics. They only know hate and intolerance (just like Maxine Waters). What a pathetic image for Disney! I intend to find contacts for sponsors and board of directors. Maybe that will wake someone up.

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Richard J. McLeer, Sr., U.S. Navy. Veteran. Circa. 1948' - 25 d 5 h ago


Dear Mr. Iberia,

As the CEO OF Disney Comoany.. You have to be aware of the despicable and atrocious Image THE SHIW THE VIEW HAS ON DISNEY AND DISNEY SPONSORS.



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Kevin Wilson - 26 d 8 h ago


Re: The View

If I told anyone visiting my company "FU" for any reason I would be fired immediately. No justification for this language at all.

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ann - 25 d 14 h ago

I know. Does Iger enjoy this? Walt is turning over in his grave.

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ann - 25 d 14 h ago

WHY isn't Iger firing this monster whoopie-goopie?!

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Charlie - 26 d 9 h ago


Mr. Iger,

Like many of the others that posted here, I have to say Whoopi Goldberg seems to be out of control and spews nothing but hatred, this is not good for ABC or Disney (I though I was watching Maxine Waters). Many of us just want there to be fair and honest discussion on shows like the View. And I echo many of the others comments, ABC along with other networks a alienating viewers. I usually don't watch much on Network Television because it is so slanted. This show the "View" is appropriately named because it shows a view but its not my view.

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Pam K - 26 d 11 h ago

Mr. Iger,

I believe you are not hearing many, many Americans when you allow such a show as The View to continue on your network. The hosts are so hate filled that it is not entertainment or EVEN pleasant. These ladies went off the rails yesterday as they have been days before. No guest deserves to be treated the way the Judge was yesterday. I take it she was invited to be on the show. Is this the way you would treat a guest invited into your home? If so, then Disney is not the company I thought they were. This show has continued to go down but now they have sunk to the lowest. For me, an apology isn't even enough. Take those hate filled women and just cancel their show. You may think they are reaching Americans, but hatred + more hatred does not equal success.

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Anonymous - 26 d 14 h ago

Mr. Iger, I do not watch The View due to the extreme bias against President Trump but did hear about your show yesterday. I remember when Mr. Disney was alive and Walt Disney was all about children and families. The morals and values at ABC has deteriorated considerably. Where is courtesy and civility shown a guest on The View? The way Whoopi Goldberg treated Judge Jeanne Pirro yesterday was disgusting!! Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Beher should be terminated immediately for being so disrespectful to our President and rude to everyone who supports him. Walt Disney is turning over in his grave the way you are running ABC!!

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Dano - 26 d 14 h ago


Two Thumbs Up on this post!

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Anonymous - 26 d 15 h ago


I did not vote for Donald J. Trump but he is Our President and deserves Our respect for the task that he was not prepared for and quite honestly I think took him totally by surprise.

Fast forward to what I heard about Whoopi Goldberg's disrespectful rant to Judge Jennine Pirro on yesterday's show deserves nothing less than a swift termination. It is not her first loss of control as host of the show but since ABC has taken a political position on cancelling the star of Roseanne for what she said about a politician there is no other option.Ann

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