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Ayad Alhaidery - 6 d 6 h ago


My daughter has a lot of beautiful cartoons characters for sale please if your interested contact me at my email (hidden). Thank you!

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Ernie Chang - 14 d 35 s ago


Dear Sir,

We are the government of Kaohsuing in Taiwan, We would like to invite your who handles invested these business. However, Taiwan has been changed a lot of at the Mayor Han lead, We can supply you everything you need. If you are interested in these investment please let us know. We deeply appreciate that you company can send some people to visit to our Kaohsiung city then you will find out our Kaohsuing city is very beautiful view. That you can decide what you will choice.

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Disney makes kids gamble on Magic Kingdom app - 19 d 10 h ago


Hi - I am a mother of a learning disabled 9 year old in NYC. My daughter loves the Magic Kingdom app. However I am increasingly outraged at the nickel and dime-ing - to "get" virtual characters to play with on the app money is charged to the tune of $10, $20 or a certain amount of charms you work for. I just gave permission for my daughter to spend $10 to get the Frozen virtual characters to play with. It turned out she had to attempt 6 times to gamble to see if she would win them. She was only given Kristoff and the castle. So now of course she wants to try again and again. Seriously. Disney is so poor it is engaging kids in gambling? When I go on the Disney site for contact for Games and Apps I can't get the email address - it goes nowhere on my computer.

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STEVE - 22 d 15 h ago


why cant people get paid here in NM for there work on being an extra in movies or shows

it is the holidays and people depend on this money.

but I see that the corporation doesn't seem to care

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STEVE - 23 d 9 h ago


why is it so hard to get paid from your outside companies like in NM for starlight ?

please contact me at (hidden).

they are telling us it will take a couple of months / when at first they told us it will be at least 10day ?


especially when it is so close to the holidays

all I can say is thanks a lot for putting my families holidays on hold

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Ben Tebby - 25 d 2 h ago


Dear Mr Bob Igler CEO i have an idea a film portraying Monsanto as what it really is an evil empire that is destroying the bees the film should help get bee killing pesticides banned once and for all and it should also raise awareness of the dangers of the their products please let me know what you think it could be live action

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Ben Tebby - 25 d ago


Disney should do a remake of 1973 version of Robin hood through the eyes of the sheriff of Nottingham starting with his child hood and how he turned into the bushel britches we love to hate

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Diane - 89 d 10 h ago


Diane. Disney used to stand for imagination, dreams and the epitome of quality. Please return to original values.

GMA Today is trash, unworthy of your founding values. Please be respectful of my time and provide a viable DAILY option.

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Nina - 27 d 11 h ago

Agree with this

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lelan zales - 32 d 4 h ago

I'm writing a review of a conversation I had with a gentleman named kitt. my name is lelan zales and I am an inventor with several

patents and trademarks to my name. I have the most outrageous new kids toy, a totally new patented invention and I would like Disney to have it. here is the roadblock ! after speaking with kitt who spoke like the was reading a script, according to him Disney will not take un solicited items or ideas, so if I have the next best thing to sliced bread they will never know it.

you would think that a company as kid friendly as Disney would jump on a new idea, and tab least check it vanity. but all I got was

a programed responce. mr. Iger if your able to read this , I guarantee you ,I will not have egg on my face with this new toy. and if you are daring enough to at minimum give me an audience I will promise you will not be disappointed. sincerely , lelan w zales (hidden) office (hidden)

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Sra. Arnett - 42 d 9 h ago

I am a Spanish language teacher in Inwood, WV. A number of months ago, upon its release, I purchased I copy of the film Coco with the anticipation of using it as a teaching tool in my classes. My 5 year old son and I had already enjoyed the digital code at home and we have little use for the blue ray discs. However I intended to use the DVD included in my computer at school with my classes and other instructional tools like a power point that shows how culture and places in Mexico are brought to life throughout the film. I was extremely disappointed that my disc appears to have a defect with the Spanish language track. It will freeze and not play in a fluid manner along with English subtitles as I like to use for instructional purposes. Since the purchase was made a while back I no longer have a receipt to return it to the store where it was purchased.

Muy frustrada...

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Megan Horst - 43 d 12 h ago


Can you please tell me why it is so difficult to purchase a dvd/bluray of The Little Mermaid? I have found many bootleg copies for sale, but cannot find a "Disney" copy. I would appreciate you letting me know how to purchase it.

Thank You

Megan Horst

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Fairtoall - 50 d 10 h ago

ABC Television Studios, 57 West 66th Street, New York, NY 10023

Mr. Bob Iger, CEO

As a family television media which I love to watch, the recent episode of the View with Whoopi and Judge Jeanine was rude and crude. How do you invite people to your show and treat them that way on daytime television when children are able to watch. This is Disney - boasting to be a family channel. No more I see. Whoopi admitted to and said she said the "F" word multiple times toward the Judge on TV and Social Media. Also Whoopi has said multiple times she uses Marijuana. Doesn't Disney do drug testing on their employees. What kind of example is this for our children? I don't know any corporation that would allow an employee to use foul language toward a client/customer/guest and admit to using drugs without losing their job. For this reason I feel Whoopi should be fired. This is not the type of representation an employee should show for the company they work for. You had no problems with firing others whose feelings or actions are not representing the Disney name. This is selective morality!

For the wellbeing of The Disney name and for stockholders I hope you do the right thing and fire Whoopi as you have done to others. I hate to see anyone lose their job but you have to be fair to all. I would like to be able to view ABC again and have confidence and that you are still for family programming and making our stocks grow.

Thank you for your time,

A Stockholder and Former ABC Viewer

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Sir Robert Allen Iger - 47 d 12 h ago


Well I can tell you that Bob Alan Iger won't be firing anyone, however so I may be looking at these sec filings.

Robert Allen Iger

President and Owner of The Walt Disney Corp

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chachaphx4 - 72 d ago

I just read an article online from Travel + Leisure that Disneyland is doing away with all benchs and chairs around the park along with planters. The reasoning behind this is to make more room for the flow of people who visit the park. They will be adding more seating however, it will be in restaurants, not outside. This saddens me to think of the grandparents or physically challenged that depend on those seats to stop and sit a little, to catch their breath. Elderly people who go to Disney to watch their grandchildren experience "The Wonderful World of Disney" may not be able to now. After reading previous posts I just want to say "good going Disney", you have really disappointed me. I will never take my grandchildren here.

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Hoping for change - 72 d 15 h ago


Why would Disney support the abortion of it's future clients? I loved Disneyland as a child but my children will never go there while your pro-abortion policies are in place. Why not put your money into communities that need hope instead?

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concerned citizen - 76 d 26 m ago


Regarding the recent comments of Joy Behar who referred to senate members as old white men. I am outraged at these blatant racist remarks. She should be fired. I used to believe Disney had better values. I will be canceling my Disney vacation. I also will no longer support ABC advertisers as I cannot in good conscious support this extremist radical racism that ABC programming seems to embrace

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cleareyedconsumer - 83 d 14 h ago

Matthew Dowd at ABC is a disgrace. It appears that Disney management is in complete support of his comment that Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas is a sexual predator. There has been absolutely no news of disciplinary action from Disney or, news that they, in any way, disavow this disgraceful statement. Because this is the type of hateful rhetoric Disney supports I will not be buying or using or visiting anything Disney in the future and I will be urging others to do the same.

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Anonymous - 84 d 9 h ago

rot in hell disney-----

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NoMore Mouse - 84 d 9 h ago


please, disney and ABC, rot in hell

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Anonymous - 86 d 6 h ago


Today I heard that California Adventure is removing the Oswald meet and greet.

I cannot express my sadness at this decision you guys have made. It seems like you guys don't care about what guests want anymore it's all about making money. Taking away beloved characters for what? How much did that character make?

Not enough to break thousands of hearts. My 14 year old daughter is devastated and cried. We all have.

Please rethink this terrible decision .


LeaAnne Dollar

Sent from my iPhone

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Kathryn - 90 d 26 m ago

The women on The View are hateful, spiteful, unprofessional women. Nasty, nasty, evil women. I don't understand why they fired Rosann but keep these "verbal-devils" on the air. ABC gets minimal of my viewable hours.. SHAME!!

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Parent - 94 d 12 h ago

Disney who owns espn+ just made a deal with the Ivey network in which they control all video rights but only take video of a few of the games. This makes it impossible for all but the richest parents and family to watch their kids play. In a country where people mortgage their future to send their kids to the Ivey league this clinical grab is the height of evil. Thanks Disney.

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K.Notaro - 99 d 10 h ago


Just returned from the Disney Store at the Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack, NY. When I went to pay for my purchases, the clerk wanted to sell me a bag for $.99 for my merchandise. I left the merchandise and the store will not be returning. Target and Old Navy from now on.

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C Harris - 102 d 11 h ago


It has come to my attention that non-union employees are now being paid higher wages than union employees, which can only be interpreted as a move to undermine unions. As a public school teacher and union member, this decision greatly disappoints me. Many public servants belong to unions and actions such as these weaken our positions. Without union representation, our salaries and benefits would be significantly less, which would result in a severe decrease quin ality work force in our public servant sector. I am beyond disappointed in Disney's decision!

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