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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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Ofelia Arocha - 30 m 38 s ago


The store in Lubbock, Texas on Clovis Road is the worst store ever. It's not even a year old and this store smells like human waste. There are always about 20 people in line with one checker. The staff that opened up the store were excellent. Now, they are all gone. The new managers are lazy and incompetent. The store is a mess with boxes all over the place. You can't get to the aisles. I am so disappointed in this store. From now on, I am shopping at Family Dollar. No store should smell like crap.

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Debbie - 48 m 31 s ago

In regards to Store #13761. First I want to say how the manager and the clerks are really kind and helpful. The only complaint I have is how trashy the store is. When it was first built we were excited how clean and neat it was and how well it was stocked. Now boxes are in the aisle and hard to get thru. It's a mess! I Also I feel that the clerk shouldn't have to try and ring out custmers as well as stocking. The store should at least hire part-time help on truck days to stock and get the stuff on the shelf asap. Not fair to the clerk. I know because I was doing that job many years ago at a very busy store. They finally gave the clerk the stuff to stock that was behind the counter and hired person part-time stock person. Everything worked smoothly and no customer had to wait or look for a clerk.

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Disgustedinga - 1 h ago


The worst store I have ever been into in my life is orchard hill GA. The store is always a mess. There is never enough help and the people who work there are rude & have no clue what's going on or what they have or where it's located in the store. And that worthless DM Amanda Case has got to be the biggest fraud I've ever had the displeasure of meeting I wonder who and how many she had to sleep with to get her position.

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Jersey lou - 2 h ago

I had never been so disappointed on how crappy the store manager at store # 05818( Joanne) treated the customers. Not only is the store a disaster area she had no ambition to help none of us. Ive been shopping at this store for the last 7 yrs and i never experienced anything like that. The store is literally a dump there is stuff everywhere.

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Anonymous - 2 h ago


Thanks for the best customer service. When it came to investigation in the lost of my Drivers license quick and accurate response.

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Irate and Disappointed - 2 h 17 m ago

Horrific service at the Batesville, Indiana location. Needed dryer sheets there was a spill in the isle that had been cleaned up I was standing at the very edge to see which brand I wanted and a male employee came to the end of the isle, put his hands on his hips and was like "whatcha looking for?" I trsppnded "dryer sheets". He said which ones and I was like not sure. He just stood there with his hands on his hips. I asked if I was in his way - he was like yeah there was a spill and I stated I could see that and that I wasn't going any further, he smirked and sighed like I was an inconvenience so I asked if he had an issue and again he just stood there -

I was like you know what obviously I'm an inconvenience, I'll take my business elsewhere. He laughed and I remarked it's not going to be funny when I report this incidence. He was like do you want my name? I can spell it for you. I was mortified to be talked to and treated like that. He kept mouthing as I walked out of the store. I let the gal know up front I didn't appreciate it and that they needed to hire better help. I will NEVER go back to that store and I promise you I will tell everyone about this incident. Very very sad. Teach customer service.

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Anonymous - 3 h 9 m ago

Would love to have a store in our rural areas around Taylorsville Lake. We have several subdivision around Briar Ridge and Little Mount Ky that could use one. What do you think? Let me know (hidden). Other places have them out in rural areas. I know they would come out to support one. The little country store supports the fishermen but that's about all they have. It's pitiful!

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Back stabbing employees - 1 d 8 h ago

To all the employees at store # 04767 was it really worth it to kiss Vikki's butt to get the position that you wanted. The whole town knows about her drinking problem and rude people skillsThe store is in such bad shape and it's not going to get any better because of all the back stabbing of your fellow employees .please consider bringing Linda back as manager.

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Anonymous - 5 h 15 m ago


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Sdp - 3 h 41 m ago

I think that they need 2 drug test manager n Pembroke

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Joe - 4 h 34 m ago


I shop at the dollar general store in Hebron ky often spending well over $50-100 weekly, well I used to. Today I was buying shampoo with a $1.00 coupon off. I peeled the coupon off and all the checkout the lady said the coupon had expired. She told her manager and he proceeded to say we don't have this coupon it didn't come from here. I don't appreciate being accused of lying or stealing. Terrible management. I won't be back

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Saint Johns AZ customer - 4 h 44 m ago


My store in Saint Johns AZ has been having alot of problems, and the people that are addressing the problems are getting threatened by the employees when they try to go in. The entire store is a safety issue and needs to be addressed. Can you please help.

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Anonymous - 5 h 9 m ago

the dollar general store in las vegas new mexico, mills street, has a hidden camera in the customers bathroom. feel free to trash this dump!

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Patricia - 5 h 36 m ago


The Dollar General in Onalaska Texas use to be great ,(not sure if I spell the old manager's name right )but Theresa kept that store clean everything was the shelf's , It has merchandise strewn throughout the store in the aisles and it presents a tripping hazard to all of your customers and employees. Perhaps it will take an injury and lawsuit to get your attention, but I would hope that you would address it before it comes to that. I have shopped here several times and it is always the same. For such a nice area of town, I just don't understand it. either you get some one in there are I will be going to a cleaner store

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Scott - 6 h 42 m ago


Store #04412 is hands down the filthiest store in Chattanooga. It has merchandise strewn throughout the store in the aisles and it presents a tripping hazard to all of your customers and employees. Perhaps it will take an injury and lawsuit to get your attention, but I would hope that you would address it before it comes to that. I have shopped here several times and it is always the same. For such a nice area of town, I just don't understand it.

I'll take my business elsewhere.

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Angel-Manager - 7 h 47 m ago


What will it take to clean the store at 134 Path Valley Rd, Fort Loudon, PA 17224? I approached the manager (Her name was Angel) this morning about sweeping the floors at the end of the shift each day. She didn't seem to care and stated that no one likes to work retail.. I told her she needs to crack the whip on the deadbeat employees she has.. The thought it was a joke..

The store had a male manager when it first opened and he kept the place immaculate. What has happened?? I've keep my eye on the same pile of dirt under the end of an aisle for the last three weeks....

It's time to replace this manager or get her off her a$$ to set the example for the others..

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Seasonedp - 9 h 19 m ago


Why is it that the Dollar General, on Athens Hwy in Loganville, Ga, doors are never unlocked @ 8a.m.? I've come everyday this week and it's never open on time.

Also, the trash can that is at the front door of store has been overflowing all week.

This really needs attention by regional management. Customers will come but at least care about the community appearance that you've placed your store!

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LSH - 14 h ago


I like shopping at Dollar General but will no longer shop at the one in Robinson, Texas. Repeatedly one of the workers (she may be the manager) is standing in the doorway smoking. I don't like walking past her smoke to get in the door. Also I don't like standing at the counter waiting to check out while she is putting her cigarette out. She stands there smoking until she sees you come to the counter to checkout. She smells of smoke and never washes her hands. I don't consider this to be good customer service so when in Robinson I will shop at the Family Dollar.

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Pissed off Customers - 16 h 32 m ago


I'm writing this to let you know that your store in Mink Shoal, WV is garbage!!! There was a really nice, pleasant, black store manager who brought this store out of the Dumps since the previous store manager was fired for Sexual Harassment!! This lady gave here all over 110% each and everyday for almost two years now. So I go in this store this week only to find out the NO GOOD PIECE OF CRAP DISTRICT MANAGER ROB BALES FIRED THIS WOMAN because the company didn't want to pay her mileage or supply her with a hotel since she lived over an hour away ! Only to replace her with a NO GOOD CRACKHEAD CHICK NAMED BONNIE who's a know theif, that's rude and unfriendly!!! I will NEVER shop here again. GREAT JOB DOLLAR GENERAL

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Saint Johns AZ customer - 19 h ago


I live in Saint Johns, AZ and our dollar general store has gotten so bad you can't even walk down some of the isles. My son even ran into a rolltainers while walking through the store. Can you please do something about this.

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Bb - 19 h 56 m ago

The dollar general in Rio dell, California is severely understaffed. They need a good manager, employees who are willing to work. Every single day the asiles are packed full of items that need to be put on the shelves. Their is no way a disabled individual would be able to go through the asiles.

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KLARA THOMPSON - 19 h 30 m ago



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TAB - 20 h 18 m ago


I have always loved to shop at the dollar general but since these digital coupons have came about it has been a mess for me. I have tried several times to use these digital coupons at my store in Phelps Ky. And it's very emmbarssin when they don't work. Every time I have tried to use them they don't work I talked to the cashier and she said they advertise these coupons but don't put them in the system sometimes. It seems to me like that would be false advertising. I would like for someone to get back to me on this or let me know who I can talk to about it cause I love the store it's just a huge let down and an embarrassment when you don't have the money to cover everything that you should have a coupon for. Thank you

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Karen - 1 d 7 s ago


I shop at dollar general in buckeye 4 to 5 days a week with my service dog. Today myself. Daughter and service dog went into ur store and ur store manager was very rude yelling from across the store telling me my dog can't be at the store.I told her he's a service dog and she then demanded I show her papers and a service jacket. I never in any store had been asked to show paperwork for my service dog. Someone needs to properly train her about service dogs and what she can legally ask. I felt very discriminated against not to mention how embarrassing to have all the customers looking at use while this woman who clearly doesn't know the laws on service dogs having an attitude and yelling at me.if this is how she's going to manage ur store.. I don't think I'll be shop there anymore. Thank u for ur time!

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Bob - 1 d 22 s ago


The store in tunkhannock,pa 18657 I rarely go there because of rude employees now when I go there even the isles have stock carts blocking them and the bathroom is now "employees only" and camera monitored also there was someone standing there watching to see if someone crossed pretty rediculous if you ask me like fort Knox on the bathroom well lost my business there

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