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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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jeff - 3 h 17 m ago


As an employe at dollar general i have never worked for a company that cares nothing about their employes working conditions. The cashers work station is the worst. The check out counters are to say the least the nothing but horrible. You can not step up to the counter from behind and you are having to reach over and strech over to get the coustomers purchase in such a maner it is putting a extreame amount of pressure on your back and legs. No cosideration is giving to the casher having to stand for hours at a time checking customers over these counters. These people care nothing for their employes. This is the worst compony I have ever worked for. They need to reconsider these work stations completly. Bad enough you dont get for crap but having to endure working over these counters is just to much. DG get your head out and consider your employes.

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Frequent customer never again - 4 h 31 m ago


At least 3 times a month, my daughter and I stop at the Dollar General Store #6446 in Eustace TX when we travel to East Texas. Today around 6:00 p.m. We made our usual stop to get snacks etc. My daughter really needed to use the restroom, an emergent state. When we approached the back, the women's bathroom had a sign that said "out of order". We turned to he men's which had no sign but to see the front for a key (which is Ludicrous to begin with). When I approached the cashier, she told me the bathroom was out of order. I then asked about the men's restroom, when I was told "that's for employees only". I then asked to speak to the manager who also rudely stated "that bathroom is for employees only"

(There is no employee bathroom, only men's and women's. ) I asked her if my daughter could please use the restroom that it was an emergency, she said "no, like I said it's for employees only."

I cannot believe the rudeness to not let a child use a bathroom facility that clearly had no sign that stated it was for employees only.

The lady in front of me stated she had to take her 3 year old across the street to use their facility.

I will never set foot in this poorly run establishment. I will spend my money elsewhere and not think twice. Where are the employees, especially the managers customer services as well as their humanity!!?

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Customer - 7 h 34 m ago


I visited a store today in Danville Virginia while attempting to purchase some things the wife and I needed around the house. A woman wearing a uniform walked into the building, and almost immediately was being yelled at by a woman named Janet. Janet told this poor girl and another associate that if they did not do the job they were supposed to do, they would be replaced. This was in front of me, and a few other customers. Highly inappropriate, and unprofessional. I am the recruiter for our position, and if I saw this sort of behavior from one employee, I would immediately take it to Human Resources and demand the employee be terminated on the spot.. Decided to do by shopping elsewhere since I didn't want to be near this woman, went to Walmart instead.

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Mr. Tolliver - 8 h ago


Just Visited (03/24/2017) the Dollar General Store located in Delta PA,17314, as I was doing my weekly shopping I noticed everything that I was getting out of the refrigeration units didn't seem to be proper temperature. When I asked the store manager that was ringing me out about it, they said they were aware and a service company was suppose to come but hadn't showed yet, this was at 9:05 PM. Also they said they had been trying to get a hold of other managers but no one would supposedly return their calls. My question is this, why would the store manger not post signs on the refrigeration units to protect the public from buying food that was not at proper refrigeration temperature or could make them sick. I had purchased Kraf Cheese,Yogurt,Turkey Bacon and all of it was close to room temperature (58-65 degrees). I plan to file a compliant with Pennsylvania Consumer Affairs and Health Department, you are negligent in protecting your customers. And to have the two managers on duty to admit there was a problem but did not do anything to protect consumers until I said I was going to file a compliant. I purchase approximately $150.00 a week from that store, it has gone very much down hill it is not stocked and has become very unorganized and not as clean as it use to be, seems you may have a group of disgruntle employees just You may reach me at .(hidden).

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Watertown TN, DG - 8 h 32 m ago


I am a very positive person, and try to be considerate to those that run the register at my local DG in watertown, TN. If I feel like maybe one of the clerks is having a bad day, I try to make small talk just to cheer them up a bit. None of us knows what's going on in each other's lives, and a friendly face and sweet demeanor can make your day sometimes, but the opposite can have a equally bad effecy. Such was my experience tonight. In my effort to say a sentence or two to the cashier, who was very friendly when she 1st started there but the last several times I've been in, seems to hate her job and greatly dislike everyone that comes through the line, became kind of hateful with me. I really needed a friendly smile, and it seemed she did as well. I guess I was wrong. Perhaps she needs to know that others have feelings just like her, and not everyone is out to get her or cause her problems.

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Anonymous - 17 h 10 m ago


Just wanna know why my girlfriend hasn't been paid yet and it seems to me that dollar General isn't in a rush to pay there employees

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someone who works there - 8 h 41 m ago


Ya, they sure like to take there time, don't travel from store to store because they really like to take there time

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someone that works at the company - 9 h 14 m ago

I love how dollar general company always advertising to hire people, but once they have people hired they start off great with close to 30 hours but after a couple week they only give there employees no more then 20 hours a week if your lucky, you can't make a living from this company and they want there employees to do wonders Ina short time. It's bullshit

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Jimmy - 9 h 20 m ago


I visited Dollar General in Leesburg FL today, The cashiers who had no name badges an older woman and a beardy man got into a yelling argument in front of a line of customers . She was an older lady and was very very mad. He was yelling at her as well , saying you dont tell me what to do, A girl who had Pam on her name badge said this is not the place for this . one man walked out , my husband and I wont return there, as long as these 2 work there, This is highly unprofessional. I discovered the store number is 12987. The lady Pam apologized to us

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Anonymous - 10 h 36 s ago


From Gallup New Mexico. I tried to purchase food from your store on 2nd street and was told they could not accept my EBT because it had to be manually entered. I have purchased here many times before, having to manually enter my card because it will not slide. Very upset and disappointed.

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Comanche ok - 10 h 28 m ago


Let me say this only once. I live in Comanche Oklahoma. Y'all have a dollar general store here that sucks. Half your food inventory is always out of stock and way past its date. I live 15 miles from Duncan Oklahoma and I make the drive to Walmart because yalls dollar general here is so bad. My whole family got sick from canned soup there. Your employees are worthless they tell you go somewhere else or don't bother helping anyone out. They are very rude. The manager is a nitwit. The store itself is beyond disgusting. Sad when you walk down an isle and there's dried blood . I will never shop at yalls stores ever again

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Tiff35 - 11 h ago


I'm writing to make a complaint to about the dollar general in kinsman ohio. I don't usually wrote reviews or complain about stores, nor do I want to get anyone in trouble. there's two dollar stores I go to. the one in kinsman and one in cortland. my last two visits were ridiculous. the one in kinsman had two new employees, neither knew what they were doing, and working by themselves. someone wanted to use cash for half the transaction and their debit for the rest and no one knew how to do it. yet they were in the store by themselves. two, I had a dollar general gift card I wanted to use, and neither could do that either. not only was I in the store for over 45 mins while they tried to figure things out, but I still never got to use my gift card and no one can even tell me what the balance is on the card. the one in cortland always over charges me. both stores u have enough to watch like Hawks while they ring things up. today I bought three 12 packs that were supposed to be 3 for 11 and I was charged 4.75 a peice for them. the last time chips were supposed to be 2 for 5 and was charged 4.29 or something for them. this adds up after awhile. I don't usually complain but it hasn't gotten better it's gotten worst. the store In kinsman rarely has the things u need. out of milk or bread, oit of mountain dew of its on sale. i. so disgusted with these stores I could care less if I ever walk back I to another dollar general. They're not much cheaper than Walmart or anywhere else anyways

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daisy williams - 11 h 40 m ago


I am a customer complaining about the dollar general in brooklet georgia. the store is very very very nasty it makes no sense that a store would be that filthy every time we go into the store its boxes in the isle, or trash piles of boxes you can not walk in the isle and tripping over things this is a hazard. i know you may not care because you constantly hire people in this store looks like no one can keep employees the floor is so nasty when you walk on the floor you feel the dirt under your feet and nothing is neat. the manager and other employees have men in the store that they stand there and talk to them and not getting work done in the store. and the managers attitude is very nasty i am sure when you let them know about this they will clean up before you get there when they know you are coming to. the dollar general store#07615 16643 u.s highway 80 brooklet georgia. if we had new management that cared and not friends it would be a better dollar general a lot of the people around this small store are going to change and go somewhere else.. you should just do a pop up well I do hope they will hire someone and get this store clean.

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Tamika - 15 h 21 m ago


Hi I went back to find out the cashier name at the dollar general in Columbia SC on shiver road her name tag says angel. Let her know she doing a good job! Like I say very pleasant and sweet always smiling. She holds conversation like you have known her for years

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Anonymous - 15 h 32 m ago

I live in a small town Clarksville, Michigan. 2 weeks ago we had a terrible wind and it took out an older building in the center of town. we now have a bank, a bar, party store, pizza shop and post office. Nobody here has a place to buy groceries. I love the dollar general in Saranac, Michigan and would like to know if there would be a possibility of us having one of your stores here??? I am the Street administrator for our small town and a trustee on our Village Board. we have many senior citizens.

I would appreciate if you could look into the possibility

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LeAnn - 16 h 33 m ago


I went in the brand new store that opened today in Anderson, TX.. The store itself was very clean.. But I must say the employees were not friendly at all.. One worker was on his phone and trying to stock which he was not doing a very good job ! It is nice that you have opened it not 5 miles from my home but I can drive 8 miles and go to the Family Dollar and get fast friendly service. Thank you fo your time..

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Tamika - 17 h 18 m ago



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Laurel - 18 h 32 m ago


I was in Dollar General in Monticello, IN a couple days ago. I needed just four items, and was on a time schedule, so asked a lady, who was busy, if she happened to know if you had these items. Turns out the lady, Jeanie, was the manager. She was extremely helpful and friendly!!! I just expected a 'yes' or 'no', but she took me to each place to get what I needed. Thank you, Jeanie!!! Your kind help meant a lot to me!!!

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Janice Jenkins - 1 d ago


The Eastern Plaza shopping center Newport Tennessee Dollar General Store need to get fresh soft drinks in sunkist orange taste bad. This has happened more than one time. people on fixed income need things to be fresh.

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Rebecca - 1 d 4 h ago


Dollar General is a great company.

They offer discounts to the consumer in many forms inucluding low prices, sales and coupons.

However I feel that the Survey which promises a three dollar coupon but does not give the customer a coupon is dishonest. Its actually very mean and does not a project a positive image of Dollar General at all. What is even worse they have done nothing to fix the problem. It appears on ever receipt at the local Dollar Generals.

I have trouble trusting a company that is this misleading.

If they actually give people coupons, or just don't promise one at all. Perhaps they can regain the trust of those they have mislead.

But face it no one likes a lier!

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NoDollarGeneral - 1 d 7 h ago


Dollar General on Parvin Road in Kansas City, Missouri is terrible.

It is dirty, the manager stands outside the door smoking, and not ringing people up.

Go to Dollar Tree up the street - it is clean, the people are friendly, and everything is a buck!

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BCC - 1 d 8 h ago


Your Dollar General in Boise City, OK, is a dump! I have never seen such a disorganized Dollar General anywhere else! Items in disarray on the shelves as well as scattered on the floors. This is a small town, but we are proud of it and would like to ask you to please ask the managers to keep a cleaner store. Thank you.

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Jason - 1 d 10 h ago


I just want to say i really enjoyed shopping at the location in marion iowa on 5000 Chandler court. The name of the cashier was jessica. She was the sweetest lady and very helpful. We will only be shopping there because of our wonderful experience.

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shannon - 1 d 10 h ago


Jackson ga should fire all their employees and district manager

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Christine - 1 d 10 h ago


I Christine use to work at the dg in Camden SC on Jefferson David Highway and my boss the manager of the store taken my hours down to 3 hours and one day and I don't take no breaks when I use to work 6 or more hours and I be the other one that had to take care of the people that was buying stuff the other workers can be up there and I can be doing something else and they will call me up there and they just be walking around doing nothing

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