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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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street - 12 h 47 m ago


i work at junea wisconsin dollallar general. i have looked for training but it is not there. customers have had to wait a long time because da managers are out smoking or ... i am told to do something and havent been trained properly if even at all. no smiles from employies and a very dull work day. i do a good job but only hope it is right. hard to find a manager on duty, probly out smoking. i will look for other employment. thank you for your time. i am a good worker and would appreciate proper training to serve the costomer which i am told always comes first. no bell they wait. da.

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Anoymous - 1 d ago


I recently visited the store in green Bay on military ave, as I walked up to the store I saw 3 employees outside smoking I proceeded into the store there was a long line of customers with one person checking them out. Pure lazy unprofessional people

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Kimberly - 1 d 14 h ago


What a horrible experience at the store tonight. The girl was extremely rude and ignored me the whole time so she could keep up her conversation on the phone with her earbuds in her ears.At first we were standing there waiting for the cashier who we had to find someone to locate her then she comes up like shes doing me a favor. Seriously what do I do but come and support her job. Then she tells me there is a bell i said no theres not and she said you should look . she then grabs my milk and walks away. She proceeds to ring my milk on another register and ask do you want this I replied I want all of my stuff and was told bring it down here. Why when this register was open the other was loaded with stuff all over. Meanwhile she continues her conversation like Im not even there. She should be aware people have choices on where they shop but when your a csr its about the customer first. I will never go back there. I was a very loyal customer about 100.00 every week i know its not alot of money but I cant tolerate being treated the way she did. This is just a warning for the store at 4157 Cleveland St Gary Indiana.

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Anonymous - 1 d 14 h ago

The south mount Juliet tennessee store is awful , always a mess and out of everything! Tonight doors are locked with a sign on the door that says register down !

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Blocked and Aggravated - 1 d 16 h ago


While I have shopped at numerous Dollar General locations, there are none worse than the one in Carthage, Illinois, when is comes to disorganization. Just today, there was in excess of 12 restocking carts parked everywhere around the store. In front of the toothpaste and mouthwash area alone, there were 3 such carts parked end to end. Evvery single aisle had such a cart parked at the far end, and about 1/3 of the cross-aisles had a stalled cart as well. One aisle was completely impassable. And in case you think this was because they were busy restocking shelves, there was one employee working on this task, and she got off work and walked out when I left. I only wish there was a way to post the photos I took along with this review.

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pammcd - 1 d 16 h ago


TodayAugust 16,2018 I was in the Dollar GeneralStore #16582 on county Rd 305 in Bunnell fl. while shopping I had to go thru stacks of crates and boxes to get to the deoderant products. While doing this I did not see a small display rack or CDholder what ever it was lyong in my path and I tripped on it. I did break my fall so I didn't totally hit the floor. The gentleman running the register did lean over and ask if I was okay and I said yes. A few minutes later I noticed I have a cut on my arm and my arm , shoulder and hip were sore. An employee did get me first aid materials to clean the cut which I appreciated.

Now as I try to contact you I am very sore.

Why are there always so many products stacked every where in the stores.? I do not understand why thereare not night stockers to take care of this to avoid injuries. The store did not make an injury report .

The time I left there was 15:14:38

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Robinson - 1 d 19 h ago


I have never experience racism first hand, but yesterday I did. The Caucasian manager at Dollar General Market in Canton,MS is extremely rude and has no customer service representative skills.

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Maylin R. - 2 d 24 s ago


My husband and I are new to couponing and decided to try Our first transaction at your 8070 pines Blvd Pembroke Pines fl location. As soon as we entered the store we could tell that one of your employees a coccassion woman with short hair I believe to be the manager was having a bad day. We noticed she was short with the customers and her employee who was an African American young man maybe 19 to early 20's. My husband and I wanted to do the pods deal and found a single arm and hammer pod pack with oxi clean in it but no price on the shelve for it so I took the product to the front and asked the cashier if I could please have a price check. The manager advised (its on the shelf, you need to look. ) I advised her that I had been looking by all the pods and couldn't find it she said (look again it's there). I went back and searched again for a few more minutes and then went back to the cashier, the cashier kindly smiled and said I could have helped you as soon as I was done. The cashier tried to check the price but the item was discontinued so there was no price for it. I had spent about ten minutes looking for something in the shelve that wasn't even listed. After my husband and I gathered our items for the gain digital coupon deal we went to check out. All of our digital coupons were saved to our number. After my husband put in his number it showed our total to be $27.00 apparently there was a glitch and the digitals were not being pulled with his number so my husband advised the cashier that we would not be taking the products. The cashier laughed and said (I will have to call the manager to void the transaction and she is going to be mad. ) He then called the manager and requested a void. The manager immediately yelled out )I ain't doing no void! ) she looked at the total, looked at my husband and I and said what's the problem. My husband tried to explain the digital coupons were not working . The manager then said ( cause you used them already before, that's why) my husband explained that we did not use the coupons and even showed her the app on his phone showing we had the coupons. The manager then demanded he put in his number again. While my husband put in his number she looked at the cashier shaking her head mumbling something to him. The coupons still did not come off but we had all the correct products. (The managers reply to him was ( so what are you taking them or not?) my husband kindly advised no ma'am we will not be taking them. She slammed around her keys started to void the transaction, looked over at the cashier and said (I'm about to lose my job!) as if she was going to lose her patience and do something to us?? I asked her what she meant by that as that was pretty much a threat. I told her she had no right to treat us like that. I also advised to her that there were many people who would love to have her position and would treat customers right. She advised to me she has been with the company for 15 years and knows what she is doing. I ended up leaving the store with my husband with disbelief on how bad we were treated. My husband and I spend money often in your stores without coupons so we are repeat customers. I have family and friends who shop here. The way we were treated is not ok. I pray this issue will be addressed with this store. The cashier was very nice to us. It was the manager who was very rude from the moment my husband and I enetered the store.

Maylin R

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Elizabeth - 2 d ago


1. What is employee policy for being a single parent and having to leave the job to pick up a sick child under 10 years? 2. Your harriman store looks like crap, no shelves being stocked and smelling of alcohol(asst. manager). 3. What kind of DM do you have there? There are not enough employees there to run registers, why should I shop there if I have to stand in line for over 10 minutes. I am a manager of another chain and this is appalling. What do you intend to do about this loction?

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Concerned Citizen - 2 d ago


Dollar General in Heath Springs SC is horrible. store is trashed, shelves are not stocked and parking lot is disgusting with trash. They need to get off their a$$ and work or get fired for not doing so

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Wanda Hines - 2 d 4 h ago


Attention Richard Dreiling CEO and Chairman

Some one has stole your good name and my money. Fraud charges have been filed and reported to Identity Theft. gov., CFPB, ,HHS,, AARP,Telecheck, Synvous Bank their fraud department, and to your customer complaint.

1. Terminal 319372 Dollar General # 2310 M amount $134.95 on 8/13/2018

2 Terminal 319372 Dollar General # 2310 M amount $ 351.48 on 8/13/2018

3 Terminal 319372 Dollar General #SIX FL amount $ 124.95 on 8/13/2018

4. Terminal 319372 Dollar General #SIX FL amount $ 390.72 on 8/13/2018

5. They tried again at Dollar General and was declined.Due to me having my card and account closed.

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Patricia - 2 d 9 h ago


This is Patricia Garrison I was in the process of getting hire at the one on 254 hwy Cleveland Ga andy daughter works there and so the manager call me for a interview then after the interview he sent me a email for my background check then I hear from my daughter that he moving to another store then 2 weeks after they want to tell me that I can't work and said we don't work relatives family members can't work together I thank that's mess up the the manager before he left to a different store told me I was hire so just because he left nothing should change

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Cathy stuart - 2 d 14 h ago


I have been shopping at Dollar General since one opened in Flint Michigan. The one I have shopped at the most is the store on the corner of Dort Highway and Davison road. In Flint Michigan. I save money shopping there verses going to Kroger. But the condition of this particular store is very bad. The doors don't work right. Because of the locking on the carts I have to carrying my items from cart to car. The floors are in rough shape as well. The workers are awesome. Can you at least fix the doors and carts? I'm sure everyone that shops there would be very happy. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 2 d 15 h ago

Do not go to the dollar general on Culver road the manager is very rud, me, my son and my niece was shopping and the manager was finally putting up the truck after over a week of it sitting on the floor, I asked my niece to come here and I hear the manager say yall fixing to be up outta this store. This makes the 10th time we've had a problem with her and yet nothing has been done.

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Autumn - 2 d 19 h ago


Today I was falsely accused of stealing some 3 for a dollar candy and $1 slippers by some ridiculous store clerk at store #12724. She even said she needed to search my bag! I was completely offended and pissed. She got quiet after a while, but this isn't over. I am a 38 year old working woman with no desire to steal $2 worth of merchandise. She needs to be fired!

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Jacqueline Otero - 3 d ago



We need s store in San Tan Valley Arizona, near Hunt Hey and Main in the Copper Basin area. Please

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Pissed - 3 d ago


Still writing reviews on the Angier/Willow Spring store I don't understand why they allow that woman to work there her name is Terry and she is so rude what is wrong with this store I can not go back in there when I see her car in the parking lot

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Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago


Hello. I would like to start out by saying that my children and I have been robbed from your company. Not only that but my wife's career too. About 2 years almost we were in a very bad place in our lives. Having numerous surgeries and such, the both of us. Money was hard to come by. So my wife decided to try to take a job at your store in Hawkins texas. Well it went well before you know it she was the star employee... Never being short on her shifts with money, barely called in unless a extreme emergency.(this woman still went to work with the flu). Even drove 15 miles to work in a complete snowfall when no one else would. Then she would go help other stores out and would drive upto a hour there and a hour back. There is a DG right down the road where we live at and her dream was to be manager at that store. Closer to home so less time on the roads and more time with our family... Family consist of 5 kids and a grand baby. So yea we are a big family... Anyways. About a year into her working maybe more the stores manager flips her lid and goes crazy. Now this lady was taking money out of her own pocket to put in the money to make sure it came up right. Making employees work off the clock and verbally abused them. I myself had a run in with her when I caught her putting money that fell out of my pocket in her pocket and arguing with me that it wasnt mine and was hers. Anyways one employee had enough of her nonsense and called the home office on her. Patty is the name of the whistleblower. So... My wife jumped at the chance to take the store over. things went well on her behalf but she was told here's where it gets tricky... And please excuse me if I let emotions run rampid. She was told that she couldn't have the store until it was good to go. Such as shelves fully stocked and receiving room not congested, and paper work all in order. Hope you are paying attention. So they send my wife a hour away to do manager training with another manager. 2 days into it the store is in shambles. Truck has came and no one has stocked shelves because there's only 4 people working there and they have been over worked. Wife asked them if they would send someone to help.mind you she's working a hour away and is the only form of management in this store. The store is not hers yet because they havent said it was ready to be cause it wasn't ready. They send out a crew that just happened to be a joke... They just did enough stocking to get by the day and half them left early. Then my wife is told she now has the store. They hand her the kkeys after her management training. And the store is still a wreck. So my wife starts sending out now hiring flyers everywhere... Gets a few people to answer and hires a few but gets one good employee out of the whole mess. She spends her days trying to get the backroom cleared out of merchandize before the next truck. Which is impossible considering her employees are dead tired and one particular (Patty) is trying to sabotage my wife. Like hiding the store keys and patty finding them when there's like 20 minutes to close after Melinda (my wife) had drove all over the country side looking for these keys. Melinda was warned from the get go from past employees and present employees to watch her back because patty will stab it at the drop of a dime. Now I got ahead of myself for a second. When Melinda first went in the office she saw charts and stuff on the wall. Patty was on there showing she was like $200-$300 short that month. now jump to present. Melinda asked the district and regional managers to be put on the bank card so she can get bank statements so she can keep up with being short or being over. That never happened. So she had no way of knowing if they were short or over only by their paper work. So they kept coming up short only on days where patty worked mostly. Now mind you this whole time melinda is working from 5am- 6pm 6 sometimes 7 days a week because she asked for help with her backroom being overflowing with stuff from the truck that she was getting black balled on the local facebook page. She asked for help but never got it. So she did all she could to get the store in shape. Patty goes on vacation and according to Melinda s paperwork and what she can figure up since she can't get the bank statements is that the store was perfect while patty was gone. The day she comes back she asked a employee well how's the money looking have we been short any? And I'll be damned if that night it wasn't $200 when she closed. Now the district manager had came in and chewed Melinda a new one because the backroom was a wreck. Not once did she mention about the paperwork coming up short. She happened to give melinda a verbal coaching over customer service because guess who denied someone coupons and the customer called home office. Yea it was Patty. So one day district manager comes in with another manager and looks over paperwork and spends all day. Well Melinda didn't pay no mind to it because she Was busy pushing freight. Well district manager tells her that there was something wrong with the reports and that loss prevention already knew about what was going on. So time went by it got to where I would only see my wife when I went to the store while she worked or when she got home before she passed out from exhaustion. It became frustrating especially with the kids not seeing her as much... But things where looking up for us. Bills were paid. Stuff like that. Any who, she hired a new kick ass employee finally and so she got a tiny bit more home time. Now one day loss prevention guy comes in and takes down 3 months worth of video to look in on and said he would be back tuesday with the district manager. Melinda spent that whole week busting her hind end at that store. They sent a local meth-head that used to be manager at another store close to here that melinda was on a crew to help clean his store because it was in "crisis". Mind you while they were there they found methpipes and methbaggies in the back room. But no one batted a eye. He ended up losing the store and became some what of a roving manager. Well they sent this guy to her store to help her out. Finally!!! But Tuesday comes around and loss prevention and district manager comes in and can not in any of the paper work find where the store was short. Not in any of it. Both of them spent all day looking and nothing. But they know who's taking the money if the don't then its bull crap. Everyone in that store knew it was Patty. Even customers knew about what was going on and knew she couldn't be trusted. The district manager had to of known about patty because melinda had told her numerous times. Not only that the district told Melinda to cut patty's hours because she was not pushing enough freight. Now isn't it illegal to cut people's hours as punishment. Melinda didn't do it so the district manager changed it herself and told Melinda don't touch it. Anyways, so loss prevention lays the blame on melinda because the Paperwork showed they were so much behind and its been like that since she got the store. Keep in mind melinda had no way to check because she couldn't get bank statements. They ended up firing my wife over something they totally screwed up on. My wife had spent more time in that store getting it half way ran right than she did with her family. It has tore her apart. It is like she has lost a child the way she has been grieving over this.

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Anonymous - 3 d 11 h ago

I had a manager at the desert hot springs location in California who was very rude to me telling me where to go stand to get in line and I was trying to explain to Anna that I ask the gentleman who was in line that I was behind him and she cut me off and told me to go stand in the line and she wouldn't let me explain and I just shut up. You shouldn't be treated with disrespect I had it worked out and I was out of the way of other people and there wasn't anyone behind the guy that I told I would be after him because I wasn't going to be rude to anyone . Anna was very unprofessional to me and embarrassing as well thank you Connie Waterman (hidden)

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Anonmous - 3 d 11 h ago


For the past couple of days I been visiting the Dollar General store in Hermitage Ar and there's a women in there who is always very rude to the customers she raises her voice at them talks very rudley she has even done it to me a couple if times I believe she goes by the name if Amanda B I believe she is an assistant manager and she is going around saying she didn't pass her drug test she faked it so I think someone needs to keep a watch on he she treats customers...

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Anonymous - 3 d 17 h ago

Joy rd. Location employees are VERY RUDE, NASTY, and UNPROFESSIONAL . Should not be working in CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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Gina - 3 d 19 h ago


Today my son and I visited our local store on Carpenter Dam and rockport in Hot Springs, Ar. I spend tons of money at this store buying supplies for our vacation rentals when we went in today an employee named Kristin or Christina was the rudest I've ever been treated she forgot to give the customer in front of me his change when he asked her she acted stressed and put out I was having a conversation with my son she looks at me and say do you have a problem I say wow this lady screams at me and says get out of my store all in front of other customers I told her no I wasn't leaving. I tried to tell Cassie another employee what was going she was like I don't know. Kristin or Christina running around screaming I need a smoke really. They was this store treats it's customers is entirely inappropriate and plan disrespectful. I will not be going back to this location.

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Disgusted in va - 4 d 16 s ago


Full time lead at your glasgow va location was drunk several times. He is also a known drug user. He was on the job working several times drunk. Pop a random drug test out of blue you will see it's true. They called him Doug. But name tag says neal.

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AL&I - 4 d ago


Store 3775 refuses to pick up trash on the property. They also keep letting delivery trucks rut up the the property. My company does property maintenance and we are not reliable to do THEIR jobs. I shouldn't have to call ahead of time for them to pick up trash. That's their daily duty and the manager says it's not possible to pick up everyday. They are on a schedule and should be prepared to be serviced. You also have a very rude staff. I was trying to work out the problems, but she wouldn't let me get a word in. We cut 15 other stores and this is the only one giving us problems

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SMALL TOWN TEXAS - 4 d 36 s ago


I simple avoid Walmart at all cost. On the way home each day I pass Dollar General. This is for the big bosses. Give those people some help and hours to work with. As a former retail manager, I can tell you they are over worked, and under paid. However, not once in two years have I ever heard any of the employees complain? I would say 90% of the time there are at least 4 plus customers in line, and only one person at the register, because the second employee is busting her/his butt to get the merchandise on the counters. So I ask, while the big bosses receive their bonuses at the end of the year what do your employees receive?

How much money does the CEO of Dollar General make a year?

Average hourly worker wage: $7.67.

CEO's hourly compensation: $7,720 (1,007 times the average worker wage)

Overtime to CEO pay: 3.15 months.

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