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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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Anonymous - 1 h 6 m ago

The dollar store at 1301 Woodside Dr Brownstown,Ind 47220. The employees sit outside by the door and smoke the sidewalk is so nasty from cigarette butts. Every time I go there they are sitting in a chair by the door smoking. The place needs cleaned up. Especially the sidewalk and parking lot. They need to quit smoking by the door.

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Anonymous - 3 h 31 m ago

I live in Memphis Michigan. So disappointed with the grounds. The grass is overgrown and full of weeds and trash. The inside is fine but our little town deserves better

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mary cade - 4 h 16 m ago

i live in zanesvill ohio i always went to your store on east pike have since moved to maple and went to family dollar do not like it like yours better workers are more friendly store is clean and very well set up the family dollar on maple floors are dirty selfs empty carts with idems in there have been there for 2 days your store you always try to have items in stock coolors were well stock dont know why family dollar is so unwell stock there is a senior apt buliding walk distant for senios and it should be better stocked i prefare dollar general anythime

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Pj - 3 d 16 h ago


I live in Kingwood, WV and frequently go our Dollar General store here. The store is so dirty I have stopped going. I just found out that the manager there is dealing drugs... this is not here say as I know an employee that she sold the drugs to. This store is in complete disarray. It has gone downhill since the original manager quit several years ago. This should be addressed ASAP! Thank you.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

You had better clean up your act. Or you will be going out of business. Could have a good future , and are needed. You have to send people to check on your stores. They will not run themselves. Your dollar store on US hwy 27 by speedway south is dirty and bathrooms are NASTY. Lots of TRADE BUT TRASHY.

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Anonymous - 1 d 19 h ago

This is actually on behalf of my very best friend Damon, who works at an Indiana Dollar General. He has disabilities, including extreme light sensitivity issues, so he wears sunglasses at work to help. His boss and several customers call him racist for doing so. His boss actually allows customers to attend to use her ID to buy cigarette or vaping supplies. She also calls his fiance and him homophobic slurs..And makes him do tasks he is physically unable to do due his health issues...all on camera. Update:both he and I have made separate reports on behalf oh himself and his store location regarding the ethics of the manager at said location. The CEO of the company has been personally informed and will be sending an undercover within the following weeks to investigate. Please keep Damon in your prayers, has a fine young man and the hardest worker I know. And nobody should have to be used in the way he is by his boss.

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I' ve been watching=Badly planned from headquarters down. Start with a new plan or your stores will fizzle out. Ky. could use probably use 300 me stores. - 1 d 22 h ago

A future lawsuit. The stores need susprise visits at different times. Quit paying such low wages, you will get Better workers if you care about them by higher wages plus insurance.

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David - 1 d ago


Your store in Greenville North Carolina on Charles Boulevard looks like something at the dark end of a bad street. I thought it was closed last night, but it was not. There is zero security lighting and has an uneasy feel about the whole property. It appears fine during the day, other than the obvious neglect.

The property is surrounded by thousands of young college students. Dollar General, you need to have more respect for these young customers.

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Sandy - 1 d ago


Cashier in Russiaville IN coughing and congested with mask under chin, not covering face at all. Please encourage employees to stay home when sick and to cover face.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

I live in Lewisburg Tennessee the Dollar General at Oh Mooresville Hay!! Was a complete dump you could not even walk through the isles but that little girl tear cleaned it up really good I was there one day and her boss come in it was very rude to her talked ugly to her in front of everyone don't know her name but the girl working there is Kimberly Dyer she never gets a day off and she works really hard I don't think she needed to be treated the way she was treated that one was rude and it should not be that way she talk to her ugly I had to walk out of the store the girl come outMiss Kimberly and was crying she said she hasn't had no time off in a while and no help and the lady told her to suck it up that's just not right let's do something about this whoever is reading this I think this lady is fixing to quit her job and that's a shame because she clean the store up really good thank you for listening

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Kaycie - 1 d 5 h ago


I was hired in dollar general In Michigan at 9 mile an John r road upon wanting different work hours (Bill) read my messages and then never contacted me again not to even fire me very unprofessional & I want my personal information out of their systems

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Disappointed - 1 d 15 h ago


I went to the Dollar General store located at 700 Elbert St in Elberton GA on August 4, 2020. On the front door is a sign that states face masks required. I was wearing mine but a young black teenager was not. He got behind me and was not social distancing 6 feet. I ask the black cashier wasn't face mask required and she said that she didn't know. She had a face mask on. This made me feel very unsafe and very insecure. Dollar General really needs to enforce this face mask requirement. It will be a long time before I go back into one of your stores.

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Constance - 1 d 18 h ago


I just left the DG store in Keosauqua, Iowa, and the employee working, think his name was Brad, but he was a very large man, was coughing as though he was going to lose a lung, but NO mask nor did he cover his mouth! I commented to him that it was not right for him to nearly puke by coughing and he didn't have a mask, and he said he can't breathe in one because he has asthma. Also, there are signs posted everywhere that you must wear a mask before entering, but of the approx. 10 people in the store, there were only 2 of us wearing masks, Guess they don't enforce that rule. I've been to a lot of DG stores throughout the midwest, and this one ranks up there as one of the worst.

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Over 60 - 2 d 33 s ago

Dollar General check out clerk at Dollar General in Theodosia Mo wearing a mask, but nose not covered. When I told her it should cover the nose she stated she didn't like to wear it like that. When asked if she had a med problem with breathing with mask over nose she answered no. Just that she didn't want to wear one, said the pandemic was no big deal. Store had a sign posted that customers should wear mask. Let's get real people, seems those younger than 40 just don't care about others or company policies.

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MS. Dee - 2 d ago


It is apparent from the other post that you are not taking the impact of COVID19 serious. I visited your Dumfries VA location and the employees were wearing mask but not on their face,,, Also no signage on the doors stating mask required.. This was my second experience with this and my last... You should care about employees and the community you serve.. MASK up DG!!!

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no name - 2 d 20 m ago


I was in your store in Boydton Virginia on Saturday afternoon. You would have thought there was a party going on. The cashier was the only one with a mask on and she was trying to do her job but other employees were standing behind her talking to the customers in the store. . The customer in line were not 6 feet apart. There was one other person in line with a mask and the family leaving had on mask.. the other people in line must have been friends of the other staff members on duty/off duty because they were loudly speaking to each other. I usually do not shop at this store because of the people hanging in the parking lot and in the fire zone. Other people came in with no mask as if there was no sign on the door. I will continue not to shop at this store even for minor item if this behavior continues.

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Anonymous - 3 d ago


Doesn't do much good to post mask required signs and not enforce. Lost my business by rude disrespectful answer from employee when I asked him this question.

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Anonymous - 3 d 18 m ago


The staff and management is not wearing masks in Guttenberg Iowa. When asked to place mask over their nose they refused on more than one occasion because she claims she can't breath and then goes to the doorway to smoke. Last time I will shop there.

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Kay - 3 d ago

I was pleased to see the store requiring masks for people entering

However now they have removed all the signs on the door and people running all over inside with no mask.

When I inquired at the check out the employee told me they cannot enforce it or they will be fired.

So looks like Dollar General has just lost my business .

No masks no business!

Will shop elsewhere

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Dawn J. - 3 d ago


Today, I was referred to a check cashing monitoring company, Certegy. It's appalling that this company has the power to place negative remarks and that companies like Dollar General and others use it to deny or approve your check. What's frightening is that DG relies that Certegy and the company that placed your name there is correct. I don't write checks often, but today I was denied the ability to write a check because my bank and I are in a dispute over an electronic debit. BBT (Truist) is a Bitch!. Money was direct deposited, after midnight, but they are saying the electronic payment came in before the direct deposit-which it didn't because I'm anal and watch my account, and BBT doesn't update accounts before 6:00am. Anyway, they want to charge me an overdraft fee and I refuse to pay it, so they sent my name and personal info to Certegy, which insults their power over your ability to function. This misuse of big company power has got to STOP!! Big companies are abusive and just want to make money off the consumer and the gov't lets them!! You can bet for sure I'm going to contact my legislative branches about this abuse and misuse of power! First of all, why does BBT or any business have the RIGHT to give your personal info to another without your authorization that you have no contact or business with! The consumer has NO route to use when a company is wrong, except BBB. I'm an advocate and fighter for many things and now I'm going to take this on. Dollar General, you just lost a customer. I could see if my check bounced on you, but it didn't and I don't write bad checks!!! Watch out people who use direct deposit, your deposit is there, but the bank will hold your deposit and earn interest off it and not give you, the consumer, a dime of the interest earned! Dollar General, before you accept Certegy's info, maybe you should somehow contact the consumer. Especially when they are a regular consumer using your website and digital coupons and who purchase a hell of a lot of your products. I go to you even though Walmart has you beaten on prices. They usually run from 3 cents to 10 cents cheaper. The reason I go to you is because you are less than 2 miles from my home and I don't like long lines or the distance I would have to travel to shop at Walmart. But now, I bet you I will drive that distance and deal wth the long lines!! Good bye Dollar General!!!

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Kll - 3 d ago


I just stopped I. The Dollar General at 9620 N. US highway 31, Columbus ,Indiana 47201

Several customers and even one employee were not wearing masks, which have been mandated by our governor. When I asked the cashier why they aren't enforcing the mandate, she said they aren't allowed to. Just lost a customer...

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Judy - 3 d 40 m ago


Thank you so much for the new store in Bryantsville, Ky. The inside is great. However, the beautiful parking lot is never being cleaned! So it is going to look like our old one minus the mud very soon!!!

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Nate - 3 d 4 h ago


Hey i work for the company 4 years I was recently let go for walking off on the lost prevention lady on my day off that I was call in I was never writing up before so I don't understand how I lost my job can u please check this out for me i tried leaving messages after messages to corporate and still no call back

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Dan d - 3 d 4 h ago


Haskell tx store has a male employee who refuses to ware a mask . Sign on door requires mask. Rude individual . Elderly customers should shop somewhere else.

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Nancy - 3 d 16 h ago


I have been trying to call our local store THEY NEVER ANSWER!!!


What's the problem? I was missing some stuff when I got home. Tried to call n let them know I left it and will be there tomorrow to get it.


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