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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
Twitter IDs
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Skip - 2 h 21 s ago


Your store at 2314 warrior road in Birmingham, Al store hours are posted as 8am to 8pm, I've arrived there numerous times between 730 to 745 PM and the doors are locked. I can see the employees walking around, but After knocking on the door they just say we're closed and ignore me or the other customers that are trying to get in. Please correct this issue!

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Trudy - 3 h 18 m ago


I was in store #16271 today. 8 people were online to check out. The cashier was doing her best and when she called for assistance... no one. Manager says, I'll be there in a minute... no one. Finally after 10 mins, she slowly comes up to the 2nd cash register. I would have fired her on the spot. Obviously to her, the customer did NOT come first

General profile image - 4 h 5 m ago


On Feb 18 2019 I was shopping at the Dollar general #11878 on lake Rd in Killeen tx I got a big box of glad trash bags and a small box of glad trash bags and two dove deodorants the manager Paula was ringing me up after she put all my items in the bag I entered my digital coupons and when she totaled it out she reached into my bag and took the deodorants out and said I can't use the digital coupons on these even though it had already totaled out she took them off this isn't the first time she has done this to myself and my wife she is rude and sometimes she uses the hand held scanner to check all our items first she says she is checking for pennie items we didn't know their was such a thing it getting to the point we are gonna start going to family Dollar because of her thank you for you prompt actions

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Jackiebaby899& - 6 h 47 m ago


Complaint on Dollar General in Brooklyn .

This store is down right embarrassing.Merchandise not on shelves in aisles and no room to get through. Boxes everywhere. Full boxes.I went in there it was such a mess so I went to FAMILY DOLLAR.THIS IS BROOKLYN MICHIGAN 49230

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Anonymous - 9 h 21 m ago

From HAYS, Kansas, still trying to get a call Dollar General store, and no response, still get answering service. Now no reply even from corporate offices, what kind of company is this? Shame on you.

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Obviously No Action Taken - 10 h 17 m ago


It seems that Dollar General Corporate is not at all interested in correcting all these complaints. I guess they assume that consumers will continue to patronize so no big deal. It's time to contact the BBB. From what I understand, the good employees are treated shabbily and the horrible employees are rewarded. Incomprehensible!!

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Shocked - 11 h ago


The store in Fairburn, GA is in need of serious help!! Last night the young lady at the cash register cursed at a customer telling her "f**k you!" It was appalling to hear an employee speak to a patron in that manner!! A disagreement over the price for an item!! What else is there to expect??!! Had it not been for the gentleman who emerged from the back after the customer that was cursed at sought him out, I believe it would have escalated further. Dollar General, as a whole, needs an overhaul!! It's a very sad state of affairs.

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Melinda Vinson - 14 h ago


Dollar general Sparta Ga -worst store I have ever been in -you can not get down rows with a buggy ,stock on the floors and never gets put up even at Christmas ,trash ,1 person working in store (cashier only ) and she is rude ,and wears a mask at register , Family dollar way better store ,yesterday is last time I ever try to go there again ,child sweat suit not priced and she said. I can't ring it up it don't have tag so you can't buy it ,she would not make effort to look up or do any thing but look at me and keep repeating I can't ring it up

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Anonymous - 1 d 6 h ago

I am from Hays,Kansas. Been calling the Dollar General Store all day, and all I get is a voicemail that they are busy with a customer. I know it does not take all day to wait on a person. What is going on with this? I do a lot of shopping in this store, at least they could answer when a person is looking for something and wanting to buy.

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Jessica Taylor - 1 d 6 h ago


I went to the Dollar General in Good Hope GA, off Queen Cemetery. I am highly shocked with how rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional the staff there is. Especially the store manager, she was beyond the standards of what was expected. I will never go here again. I will let everyone around me and that I know that goes to this location what happened and how poor managed it is. There was stuff everywhere. There wasn't much stock out at all. The manager did not seem to want to help me. The cashier had an attitude after I stood there. She is the tall skinny one with black dark short hair. I've heard many things negative about this store and these workers. I have always had excellent service when entering the store until I left. But this is why they now have no good employees. Pitiful.

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anonymous - 1 d 6 h ago


The Dollar General in Brackettville,Tx for the most part is clean. They are very understaffed and constantly stocking so no one is ever up front working the cash register. All the employees that smoke, smoke at the front door instead of around the corner or in back away from customer. I hate going in when they are sitting in the chairs out front smoking. Can someone from Corporate PLEASE do something about this!!

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Anonymous - 1 d 7 h ago

The brand new dollar general I dawson springs ky is poorly managed. Several people complain with no resolution of problem. The store is dirty, disorganized and outdated products on shelves. The manager is rude and lazy. Bathrooms are out of order for 2 months now. Looks like Corp would look into this issue. If I had a brand new store I would want it to be ran correctly. This is a shame.

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Carol Becker - 1 d 9 h ago

I am a customer from Mellen WI. The address of your store I am writing about is 800 N. Main St, Mellen, WI, 54546 I live in Northern Wisconsin and we regularly have below zero temps, often double digits below zero all winter .Your front door automatic opening has been stuck open for the whole winter. We tease your employees every time we go there. "I see you don't have you door fixed yet" Right next to the check out the second door likes to stay open regularly also. It is shameful the doors cannot be fixed in a timely way.. This has been going on for 2 years if I remember correctly. To say nothing about how much money you are wasting sending all that warm outside to try to warm up the neighborhood.

Carol Becker

P.O. Box 365

Mellen, WI, 54546

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Concerned citizen - 1 d 11 h ago


Dollar general employee Patricia in junction city, ks is very rude and openly talks about customers to other customers that are waiting in line. I heard her talking about me as I was leaving the store.

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Daily Shopper - 1 d 13 h ago


I stopped in at the Dollar General in De berry, TX 75639 this morning as I do most morning on my way into work, I only needed a few items. As I walked into the store I noticed the dirt and debris on the floor, I thought to myself "the store just opened at 8:00 am you would think this floor should be clean". Then I turned and looked behind the store counter, and there was a trash can running over with water bottles and soda bottles. There is so much junk and trash staged behind the counter that the path to the register is very narrow. This store had really gone down in the few years that is has been open. Don't get me wrong I love this store and I would be devastated if it were to ever go away, but that does not mean that I alone with a lot of loyal customers should have to be subjected to these awful conditions. Please send a manager to De berry, TX to get our 'Mall" as we call it back in order. We love this convenience of it, but we don't deserve to have to buy order food and groceries out of a dirty and unorganized establishment.

Please, I beg you send help soon.

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Stacy Campbell - 1 d 18 h ago


I am a regular customer in Greenville ohio (South town). A few days ago I'm standing in line only to notice a terrible smell of pot coming from the customer in front of me, only to notice when she turned around She is an employee there. I have had run ins with this employee before. Not only did she smell of pot her hair looked like she just woke up, her clothes were mismatched and dirty. I was in shock to know that dollar General would hire such a person. I check now before I shop there to see if she is working. I will NOT shop if she is working.

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Michelle D Robinson - 2 d 46 m ago


Dollar general employeesc/managers on 811 celeste road in saraland alabama are very rude and disrespectful and never take down the prior sale stickers on the shelf. They basically push you push the store cause they wanna leave. I'm returning all the stuff I bought tonight and I'm calling corporate office on them. By tomorrow I will probably be banned from the property cause I'm fixing to show out. I dont like someone trying to talk about others because of their own insecurities. If shes unhappy with herself, go on a diet. Dont try to point out a customer's flaws. And this is supposed to be amanager. How sad? I'm not a penny shopper and I dont steal. And I spend lots of money there. not any more. .I'm done !

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Beverly Kenniston - 2 d ago


Dollar General must really be hard up for help when the store on US 27 in Lake Placid , FL ( in town limits) continues to keep an employee that has been arrested and charged with (and admitted) stalking, harrassement and trying to run a customer off the road because she was pissed that the customer had reported her for being disrespectful. Not to mention that this same employee also was charged with Aggravated Battery on Person with Deadly Instrument.......hit a child with her vehicle.

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F - 2 d 4 h ago


The Dollar General in Hurtsboro never stocked. You only see the same 2 people working. The new manager stays high and a few of the employees seems the same way. They yell and curse loud throughout the store. I see hair weave everywhere in the store. They never clean the store or floors and even the bathrooms are so nasty. Please send a manaher that will keep the store up and not be so rude and nonprofessional.

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Kim - 2 d 4 h ago


I have been waiting on a post on that store. It is filthy. Never clean and they are always just standing there. They never say hello when you walk in except the older lady Sara. I jeard one of the workers ask a female that shops there alot for prescription pain meds. So I know you are right about them being high.

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Karen Brittingham-Edmond - 2 d 12 h ago


Dear Mr. Dreiling I cannot tell you how happy I am with your "Dollar General Team" here in Eatontown NJ (37 NJ 35.) I am a frequent shopper at your fine establishment and one day the week before last I found myself in a precarious situation. After filling my court with Dollar General Goodies and upon coming to my car I realize that I left both my car keys and cell phone in car. I panicked and did not know what to do. Upon sharing my story with your sale associates & manager, they helped me to figure out a way to get some help. On a side note: Mr. Dreiling your team was more helpful then the Eatontown Police who refused to come over and help me. Your team allowed me to use the store phone, stay inside in order to avoid the very cold temperatures we were experiencing in Jersey, and by staying inside I was able to see an old friend and his family who would later give me a ride home. Your Eatontown team showed both empathy and professionalism that in my opinion reflects on what Dollar General is all about, serving the public with an understanding heart. Sincerely Karen Brittingham-Edmond 18Feb2019

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GRITS504 - 3 d ago


We are having serious issues with a dollar General down here in New Orleans,Louisiana!! It is way too much to type, but I need to speak with someone ASAP!! My email is (hidden)

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Mark No Longer A Customer - 3 d 4 h ago


I came to the Hwy. 181, Daphne, Al. Store to use a $5 coupon from a Wednesday free paper drop. I purchased over the $25 minimum and presented by coupon to be scanned. The cashier could not get it to read the bar graph . She took another coupon beside the register and supposedly succeeded with the discount. Later when I got home, I saw no $5. Reduction. I felt took. On the bottom of my receipt, I found a different coupon saying $5 free with purchase of $5.01 or more. I went a few days later, and was going to buy about $7 of cleaning supplies and handed the cashier by coupon. It would Not Scan Again. She told me , It Won't Work. NOW I KNOW I WAS CHEATED by your STORE. I called and talked to.CSR at your corporate who is only collecting a paycheck. Thanks for handling me like I was worth Your Time. My money won't visit you anymore.

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miragiaarl - 3 d 9 h ago


I shop at the Dollar General store at 63 N. Union Avenue in Lansdowne, PA. I like a lot of their products and prices. However, 50% of the time I go in that store, it smells like the skunk weed that all the potheads are smoking and it is nauseating. Recently, the smell got so bad, the cashier was spraying air freshener all over the store. That lasts about 10 minutes. I don't know if the employees are smoking, I do know that half the population in this area must not care that they smell like skunk wherever they go.

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Curt Simmons - 4 d 9 h ago


The Dollar General in Vermilion Ohio is a great store. My only issue is that the manager and assistant manager stand outside and smoke cigarettes for the majority of their shift. When the employee whomever it may be at the time running the cash register needs assistance and they have to come in to help them out. You would think that they were having to give up a kidney or something. They make such a dramatic scene and ridicule the employee. I have witnessed this on three different occasions. They are VERY unprofessional and plus they look like a couple of vagrant derelicts standing outside of bar or something having a smoke.

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AJ - 3 d 10 h ago


Same thing happens here in our Eldred NY store. I don't care how they spend their time, but when I want to check out I don't want to wait for the employee's smoke break.

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