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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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Anonymous - 44 m ago


I am complaining about the manager and assistant manager at store #01382. Ignoring customers and giving nasty looks and attitudes when customers ask for help. Making the customer fill like shit. I spend a lot of money at this store and I fill that I should get better attention from them than that. I think Family Dollar would love to have my business and my friends. Also, the only reason I keep going back is there is a helpful cashier that treats me with respect and not a piece of shit, unlike the managers that treat me like shit.The cashier is Rebbecca Touchton. How they became managers is beyond me.

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Anonymous - 8 h ago


dollar general in montgomery alabama on west patton is so dirty it is a mess please send help its been like this for a while ...Thank you

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Customer # 1 - 9 h 32 m ago


Don't know if you ever check your stores.or not but someone needs to check the dg in delco nc it has for to be the nastiest store you own I had rather drive 20 more minutes to Leland or lake waccamaw it is also crowed with junk everywhere staff is different Every time I go and are not helpful I ask for help getting some jelly jars off the shelf on wall and was told that there were some down lower tried to explain that those were not jelly so I had to get a step stool and get them myself. Glad I didn't fall

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Tonya - 10 h 42 m ago


Hope everyone is having a great day!!! Ok just my little rant for the day, went to Jackson general dollar store today minding my own business getting some stuff I needed i guess they take there teenage boys to work,. They were sitting on a step stool in the middle of the isle using foul language fbomb a little older lady wanted through which was pushing a wheel chair cart nope they just kept f bombing the poor lady shaking her head went around so I told them to watch there mouth and have some respect for others, an employee came up jumped there but told them it wasn't a play ground to go outside, si they went up front laughing about it and the wonderful sweet old manager laughed like no big deal, then when I walked outside to my car all three boys said f*** f*** f*** I looked inside and the manager is laughing what kind of crap is that, sorry but I will never buy another thing from the Jackson dollar general store, sorry for the long post...Jackson mo 63755 store, on main Street

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Rhonda - 10 h 50 m ago


Had an awful experience at dollar general on southwest parkway in Wichita Falls Texas. Was buying chips that were marked to be on sale 3 for $5 (regular price is $2.95 each. When ringing up I told the clerk that they were not taking off the discount. She assured me it would at the end of the transaction. Conveniently the register did not print a receipt and she claimed there was no way to reprint. She did finally ring up the chips again to find it did not discount for the sale. She went to look at the display and said "oh that sale starts tomorrow ". False advertising at its finest.

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Drema Cook - 12 h 45 m ago

I live near Oceana WV, May 25, 2016 I had a man stop in the middle if the highway, take my picture of me mowing. Drove off with things the way they are in our ARE of drugs etc. It made me nervous. So my husband & I went to find him ...he had NC license plate. I confronted him at our McDonald's he said he was outlying together a presentation fir Dollar General. That there was another one trying to go in this area. Is this true? My concern was some stranger photographing me. Just wondering if this story is true. Said he owned his own business in Charlotte . Our area is very small, why would there be 2 $ generals go in? Thank GOD there were 2 Wyoming county deputies there I ask for assistance. If this is true there should be a better way than taking pictures of OEOPLE in a lawn mower in front of a beauty salon that's closed.

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Anonmyous - 13 h ago


I was just in the Reidland Dollar Store on May 25th, and they had an ad that said Doritos 2/ $5.00 so I got 2 bags plus several other things. When I got to the check out, I could tell the girl was new, because I rarely ever see the same faces work there very long. So the girl rang up the first bag as I was telling her this ad said effective 5/22-5/28. So she rang up the first one as $2.95 and rang the second one at the same price. I told her what the ad said. She said well they must not be or they would have rang up on sale. I told her this was false advertisting then so she went to find the manager. The manager was no where to be found,,,,,,,,,,and the line now had about 6 people waiting to be checked out. So I told her to just keep the items I was going to purchase. This is the worst Dollar Store I have ever shopped in. Most of the time you have to walk the store to find a checker or just holler. I called corporate to report it but since I did not have the store number, he just gave me a reference when I did find out what it was. But I am not sure if I want to go there again. As many people that are looking for a job, surely they could find someone capable of at least staying in the store when there are only 2 people there, especially since the one in the store seemed to be lost as to what she was doing. Am I the only one that feels this way about the Reidland store ? It is in Paducah but the Reidland area.

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Rhonda - 13 h 55 m ago


I recently visited the Dollar General store in Robinson Texas. Not pleased! The employees need to learn what customer service is. I waited in line 10 minutes because the young girl checking decided to take a cell phone call in the back, before she assisted anyone. When she came back to the register, she was still on her cell phone. When it was my turn in line, she was still on her cell phone and ringing things up twice because she wasn't paying attention. When I told her she was ringing things up twice, she pulled attitude with me. Generally, I would blow it off. But, this isn't the first time I've seen this with your employees at this store. Apparently, that's how they are being trained. Why should I have to get that kind of service, when I can go to Family Dollar, 5 minutes away and get way better service. Would you?

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Dana Hessinger - 14 h 41 s ago


I just wanted to bring to your attention how well your store is doing in Electra, TX. The only complaint I have is of an ex employee talking badly about the store. Her name is Priscilla Simms. She was my substitute teacher the other day and she was talking about the store. She was saying that it was disorganized and messy. She also complained about employees workmanship and said that the current manager does not know how to run her store. I disagreed with her on every level possible. The store is in better condition since she left. There is a better moral with the workers and comstumers.

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Kathy Mitchell - 14 h 24 m ago

This NOT a complaint! I shop at the Genoa Ohio store and went in today and it is hotter than the blue blazes in there!!!! What is the matter with you people? If you have employees that are trying to work and be comfortable you need to make their surroundings comfortable!!! It is 85 degrees with high humidity here in Northwest Ohio and it is suppose to be this hot all thru the holiday! You cannot keep shoppers in that store since they end up breaking a sweat! I am surprised at how ill treated you are to your employees! Be kind and set the air conditioner to at least 70 degrees or someone will end up with heat stroke and then you will really have issues as in legal issues!!

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Anita - 15 h 21 m ago

Was shopping in my local Dollar General today 5/25/2016 store number 02588I totally understand that when stocking shelves it does take up some space however today seemed like any other day when it is stocking day at the local DG until I made the big mistake of going down one isle with a guy who was stocking there was plenty of room for me to push the cart and I had just been down one isle where a girl was stocking and she very nicely apologized for the isle which when stocking is quit understandable ,I proceeded to pick up a few more things I had came in to purchase and as I went down the one isle where a guy was stocking the shelves still room to get by however rather than this guy apologizing he with a very smart attitude asks the other guy to please bring him a cart to block the isle so no one else will come through I then said well excuse me and he starts this crap about oh I am just doing this as a safety we don't want our customers getting hurt yeah right ! I would think you would want your isles open so customers can shop! And to have the gall to say something like that when the customer is standing right there - I myself have worked in retail and you NEVER acted like that. Well I totally felt like just leaving my cart and walking out but I did go straight to the register putting a end to my shopping and paid for what I had and left. The guy at the check out was very pleasant asked me if I found everything ok (I felt like telling him well I might have if your co -worker wasn't so rude) but I just said yes it wasn't his fault the way his co- worker had acted. This being said it will be a long time before I ever plan on returning back to this dollar general one worker with a attitude can certainly chase away customers.

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A caring citizen - 15 h 34 m ago

I would like to address a few issues that I have seen in the rapid river mi store. I have heard one employee had quiet do to the manager getting in her face all the time. Along with a lot of a little petty stuff with another employee that they are trying to get fired I think. The only reason why I am writing this is because I went in just morning and asked if this lady was working because she knows what kind of food my dog eats and then the manager got really snippy when I said her name. I am not sure when the district manager is around but hope this gets address for the stores sake because it is a good store for the community.

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Mad as hell - 15 h 47 m ago

Went to the brand new general dolkar in opelosas la. The empoyees,are very nasty acting and rude!!! I will bever in my life shop there again!!!

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Won't enter this store anymore - 17 h ago


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Angrymother525 - 18 h 55 m ago


Like many other mornings, I stopped at the DG in Lady Lake, FL this morning 5/25/16 to pick up a few items. I prefer DG over the larger chains for simple reasons like reasonable prices and less foot traffic to fight with walking through a store. However, EVERY DG in my area, Summerfield, Weirsdale, Lady Lake etc., is so crowded with boxes, crates and carts that it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to maneuver your way through the store! Do they ever put these items on the shelf? Do they just unload the truck and leave all of the merchandise where it lands? Normally, you are at least able to get down one or two of the isles but this morning, I couldn't get past the front of the store to even reach an isle!! Needless to say, I LEFT!! Corporate, PLEASE CLEAN UP YOUR STORES!!!

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Anonymous - 18 h 25 m ago


I find it disturbing that my comment was deleted. I came back to check and see if there had been a reply and it was gone, so I will post again. On 5-23-16 I stopped in for grand opening in Pink Hill NC and this disrespectful girl who was there that I know works in the dg store in Jackson heights, Rebecca. This girl is rude, nasty and seems to be bothered by questions from customers, sorry to say she's a liar as well. I have caught her lieing about being the store manager at Jackson heights when i know who exactly is. I have seen her sit outside smoking, talking on the phone. I asked the cashier in pink hill if she had been transfered and she said no she here helping her mother. Now my brother works for DG and when i told him about it he said its against company policy for Family to work in the same store. This girl seems to get away with murder, I have called corp, left messages here and with Corp and have spoke with the district manager can't remember his name. He's just as uncaring as she is. I will try with Corp one more time and if nothing I think there won't be anymore shopping at DG in Pink Hill or Jackson Height because of Rebecca. 0 stars based on that employee.

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katina mitchell - 19 h 9 m ago


I went to the dollar general in Savannah, Ga on Montgomery Crossroads on 05/25/16 in the am. When i walked in the cashier had 2 customer she was working on one and another was behind her. I got what i came in for which was a bottle of water and juice, went to check out and the same 2 people was still in line it took about 15 minutes before she got to me, she was on her cell phone talking and then the lady in front of me had to swipe her debit card twice because she was so busy on the cell phone that she didn't ask debit or credit to push the correct button on her end. finally get to me with my water and juice it took her about 3 minutes before she started ringing me up because she picked up her phone and started texting didn't acknowledge me or anything swipe my card and did everything it ask but of course she did the same thing that she did to the lady in front didn't push the button for debit or credit and i had to swipe again. SMH bad customer service whoever she was she do not need to be there because i will not go back there it was awful.

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km - 19 h 18 m ago

I am writing a review on the dollar general in Nevada Iowa. Being from a small community this is the only store open on a Sunday. However, It is a complete mess!. Freight boxes are everywhere, nothing is ever put away. you cannot get down an isle without going around boxes, most of the time you can't even get down an isle due to packaged freight. there is hardly anything on shelves. The workers could care less about the customers, they stare at you from down an isle if you are standing at the register ready to check out. If they see you at the register they walk as slow as they can to come help you. the other day when I was there the two workers were sitting on the floor behind the register laughing on a cell phone. I like to shop local but I fell that I am going to have to go some place where I feel welcomed instead of a bother. I hope that the store can get turned around and become a thriving store to our community once again.

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JR - 19 h 19 m ago


The Dollar Store in Nevada, IA has seen better months. Sunday(5/22/2016) I was there to pick-up a few items(the only store open that has what you might need at a reasonable price)--the line was around the isle and back--plus the isles were full of boxes and carts full of product that needed to be put out. When asked why she was the only one checking out--she said her coworker went on break. At this point I would have called the coworker off break--she could go at a less busy time. Customer Service is priority.

You should great customers with a smile and be courteous.

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Dixon Senior Center - 19 h 26 m ago

Mr. Dreiling,

I am the administrator of the Dixon Missouri Senior Center. The Center is planning to do a breakfast with Santa for the kids of the community. I was wondering if Dollar General could donate items such as coloring books, colors, or any kid items. The Centers goal is to become more active in the community. Dixon is a small community there is a drug problem in the community so many of the kids are caught in the cross fire of this so the center wants to do something fun for the kids! Please let me know if you can help with anything for this event.




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DVH - 19 h 29 m ago


I have had too many bad experiences at the Dollar General in Nevada Iowa. The workers are slow. They act like they could care less if they are there let alone the customers. I have not been in a Dollar General now for a couple years. I would rather go to Target. Sad that you cannot get good help. It almost feels like the company itself does not care either.

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Anonymous - 20 h 23 m ago

My name is Katy I want to no what ur drug abuse policy is ? Or do u not have one. I'm disgusted. With dollar General they hire people that r on meth they allow them to work with the public. I feel that there r a lot of safety issues with allowing employees to come to work high. I have brought the issue up with management. But to no avail they still employ those persons so I guess the insurance company will have to do something about it since I no for a fact they will not cover employees who r on drugs I guess ohsha or however it's spelled will have to b involved

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PLM - 1 d 40 s ago


I went into the DG store located in Donalsonville, Ga yesterday and it was an absolute disaster!! I could not walk down ANY isle without being either completely blocked off or tripping over boxes. It was RIDICULOUS! How do they expect customers to enjoy shopping in their store if you can't actually walk around and shop. This is not the first time this has happened either. I don't know if it's the employees not doing their job or the manager not doing their job with managing the employees but something needs to be done. I love DG but I am not happy with the way it is run.

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L R L - 1 d 5 h ago


I wanted to use digital coupons and they could not get it to work. I lost out on $1.50 in savings. They put in my phone number and name but nothing woukd work to get the coupons. Five days later I am there over another issue. I am told that I have to push on the digital coupon on THEIR screen before the checker starts to check me out to get the coupons. That is bull crap! The new issue was the $5 coupon good the 22nd and 23rd. The items rang up regular price with the sale price deduction below it. Exp chips 2/$5 rang up $2.95 less .45 for each item. Only 4 of the sale price items rang up the actual sale price with "s" beside it. It did not take the $5 off my $29 purchase. They would not give me the $5 because they didnt know how to. I returned the items and got regular price back on them because they STILL did not ring up at sale price. I came out ahead because of their stupid mistakes. And why is the $5 taken off every item. That is not right either. They and other companies are screwing us out of money if we return items.

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Arielle - 1 d 7 h ago

This is the worst company I have ever worked for... a month ago I witnessed a girl get fired and she wasn't even aware... the same thing happened to me a week ago.... horrible experience and I am very disappointed in the company and how it allowed that to happen to me and who knows how many other people...

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