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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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Wouldn't even give it one star! - 2 h 11 m ago


I have nothing good to say about dollar general in Jackson, Michigan (Vandercook lake) 811 East McDevitt Ave. Jackson, Michigan 49203. The employees are rude! I can only say one of them has ever been friendly. They always leave their cash register while people wait in like. Have to go look for people 99.9% of the time you're in there. The cashiers have horrible hygiene, terrible Body odor. Employees take breaks when there is 900 people in line. Just hired new employee have name but won't prodcast that when I came to the register she didn't say anything rung my things up didn't announce how much the total was, I can read but I thought you were suppose to state that also didn't say how much she gave me back.. Not one word was spoken. Randomly close at 8:00 when sign clearly says they close at 10:00. I drive a mile down the road to family dollar just to avoid this store and I always pick dollar general over family dollar. But the family dollar down the road puts this dollar general to completely shame.. I haven't heard anyone say good reviews about this store. Won't return until I know it has been employees.

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The way it is. Go look for yourself - 2 h 20 m ago


I totally understand the concept of employees multi tasking...but only 2 employees working and entire store? The lack of amount of needed employees working a store really shows in a bad way.The outside parking lot always has garbage on it. When u walk in the first thing you see is a huge line for only one register open. The floors are very dirty. There is always are huge stock buggies in the aisles. The shelves are all half empty, Items are out of place in numerous locations, Certain items are never stocked. I have a hard time getting around the store for amounts of clutter and merchandise in floor. I know that the company has to keep cost down, but this is bad.One good thing is there is another Dollar General always just a few miles of the other and I can try my luck with. I go to these stores because of location and to get in and out at a faster rate than a large store like Wal-Mart,but now after visiting this store many times and it just gets worse, I'm going to just drive a little further to Wal-Mart or Family Dollar and try my luck at them also. The store I'm talking about is located in Lafollette,TN at Myers Ln. next to Food Lion. If you don't believe me just go to this store.

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Anonymous - 3 h ago

You Guys can not put the hours that you are open if you are going to close 10mins before closing time. That is so unacceptable!! The General Dollar store on 440 Rose Rd. Del Valle Austin TX did that! If you are going to hire lazy people then you are going to lose a lot of customers. False advertisement!

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ticked off to no end - 4 h ago


our new store opened in ridgedale Missouri. since opening, I have spent at least $150 a week shopping there. today was the hottest day of the year so far (102+). I walked out with NOTHING!!!

the associates were sweating so terrible & their faces so red, I thought they were going to pass out. I offered to buy them water or gaterade, they said thanks anyway, but they had some water. these people have to wear black pants & black shirt with NO a/c. the store inside was as hot as outside. their doors are not working, so they had to leave them open for the heat to come in. I asked why their district manager was such a LOSER that they didn't CARE about this new store. the two associates understood why I didn't stay in the store to shop and apologized. it was NOT their fault. YOUR COMPANY SHOULD BE REPORTED FOR UNSAFE WORKING CONDITIONS in this heat. how are these people supposed to work and your CUSTOMERS supposed to shop if YOU don't care? the store was very clean and the associates very understanding and friendly, but COME ON FOLKS..... TAKE CARE OF YOUR ASSOCIATES AND YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!!

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corey - 4 h ago


i wrote a review and left the wrong phone number it should have been (hidden)

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corey - 4 h ago


your store in Silver Creek New York is filthy-your customer service is horrible -your managers and employees are too busy trashing other employees and customers that nothing is getting done.I waited at the checkout with no one there for 8 minutes before I yelled out -am I at the wrong register or are you closed. well people were outside smoking -excellent customer service.- you should closet his store clean it up -retrain your employees and give us a safe friendly environment to shop in. I do not know any of your employees but they are rude -as well as disturbing with their conversations. I don't need to know the information I was over hearing -trust me it was bad.You may contact me if you would care to.Corey Kemp 716-034=7679

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Was a Long time customer - 4 h 19 m ago


Regrettably Your store located in Arnold Missouri on Jeffko Boulevard has really gone down hill, I've lived in this area for 30 years and shopped from day one. First of all, sadly the store is dirtiest that it's ever been,Secondly, the last three times that I shopped there hasn't been ANY Shopping Carts available inside the store,Thirdly, we have always purchased Powerade Zero but has not been in stock or available for weeks so I assume they no longer sell this item... Also Large boxes of Nutty Bars were not available in stock, also I wanted to purchase Frosted Schredded Mini Wheats Cereal which there were only 1 Crushed Box which only the box (not the packaging) was opened, when checking out, I asked the cashier if there were any Cereal in stock, she said yes but not on the shelf yet but if I would stand around for 30 minutes waiting for the manager to finish her break then she would go get for me, they're in the stock room my response so if I wait 30 minutes I could buy my cereal? Cashier walked away ask manager about the Frosted mini wheats When she returned her response was the manager said were out of stock. Hmm Which this was a loss of a sale of 3 items just from myself. Not to mention it was at least 85 degrees in the store, we were perspiring in just the 10 minutes we were in you Arnold Store. Such a shame for our store that is such a mess,dirty and the laziness of the employees that was just newly remodeled some 7 years ago. I know it's just Dollar Gereral but still Really going down hill....

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Anonymous - 4 h 23 m ago


This was one of the worst visits i have ever had at the dollar general!!!!

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Anonymous - 4 h 33 m ago


Dollar store in French lick Indiana are the most rude , grouchy clerks ever , won't ever go back

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Cyndi - 4 h 46 m ago


Every dollar general I go in there's never anyone at the register. It's very frustrating and terrible customer service

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not happy with Renee in Sanford Michigan - 4 h 47 m ago


I was in dollar general July 6, 2016 in Sanford Michigan. The manager counts a tray puts in the register with about 6-8 people in line. Then needs to go to bathroom . I asked her where is she going she says she not going to pee her pants it wont hurt anyone to wait. by this time there is about 10 in line. when she comes out of the bathroom she says i can help you next it just happens to be me she says her other employee went home for the day . Her bathroom break should be done before someone goes home. when she was in bathroom the other customers said she always does stuff like that. she blamed it on dollar general for not allowing enough payroll for more employee. found her to be very rude. tonight July 24 , 2016 . 4 people in line the other worker doing stock opens right up. Maybe she should be manager she was more people friendly , so tonight very good service. also dollar general always a mess . when Thomas was manger very clean store. hope u do something i also work retail.

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Karen - 5 h ago


Drove 14 mi on the day ad published to find item not in stock. Truck had been unloaded so was told item would not be available.

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Sickening - 1 d 4 h ago


Nothing is more repulsive than walking into a store and hear 2 employees talking about some guy they slept with the night before and the kinky fetish that was involved Puke!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 8 h 44 m ago

Did he have a big one???

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Sickening - 6 h 23 m ago

You should know you were the one talking

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wbowlin - 8 h 40 m ago


Recently in DG in London Ky. frequent shopper 3 to 4 times a week. Stopped to buy a pack of cigarettes asked for ID, my reply was its in the car,clerk who has waited on me several occasions said i cant sell the to you,my response was why did you only ask my birthday yesterday or prior to that in the past and not my id? Her reply was i need your ID,i said i will be right back,went back to the car,got my ID and she never gave an apology..Frequent shopper at least 3 times a week for various items..I believe its my last time to a Dollar General..55,years old and still getting carded...not a good thing.

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Karen Brinkman - 15 h 36 m ago


Since I am unable to reach the website for the Dollae General store on Shady Hills Rd in Shady Hills, Floirda, I am sending this complaint to your office.

Last Friday when I shopped for a few items, I went to the register to pay for them, and waited, and waited. No clerk around. NOT ONE CLERK was behind the counter, in the aisles, or outside smoking. NOT ONE? I walked out without purchasing anything and WILL NOT return to that store EVER. It is poor business practice not to have at least one clerk around available to customers. I've told. my neighbors and friends Nd they've all had bad experiences at the same store. They do NOT hire enough help and those they do always seem to be unable to make change, use coupons correctly, r answer questions. Poor business practice??? Yes!!! How can that store ever make it?

I will, from now on, go out of my want to travel to Family Dollar stores.

Thank you for listening,

Karen Brinkman


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Old fart - 8 h 45 m ago

What's a clerk??? You must be over 70 they're called associates or employees!

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Susan Brown - 11 h 17 m ago


We went into the DG today in Millville Del. This store is fairly new. We were so shocked how it was a PIG STY! We always go there when We come to our Beach home! The isles were a Mess, merchandise on Isle floors. We were so surprised how discussing of this stores appearance was to Custom! The Management should be FIRED! Gave DG a bad name!

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Anonymous - 8 h 47 m ago

Beach house?!?!?! And you shop at DG very sound like nothing more then s bitch!!!

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Anonymous - 11 h ago

To whom it may concern:

I started working for Dollar General on July 12, 2016. I hired on as a part time stocker. Upon my first day I was place behind a register, and was told by the manager I needed to learn the register first. It was obvious that there were shelves that needed to be stock, and there was stock in the store room that needed to be put out before the next delivery truck arrive.

I talk with the manager on Monday 7/18, and let him know about being very insecure with being responsible for a register and would like to start stocking, which is what I hire out to do, or I would need to resign. Which I did.

In just the short time I was employed with Dollar General, I had several complaints about the shelve being half stock and items stack in the isles.

Bozie Wells

Ref: Store located @ 208 N.E. Big Bend Trail

Glen Rose, TX 76043

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Anonymous - 8 h 49 m ago

First of all my dear, everyone is hired on as an associate, not just a sticker! Everyone must learn how to run a register. Now if they didn't give you adequate training then that's different.

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EVA - 9 h 32 m ago



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Spelling B champ - 9 h ago

It's very disappointing that an adult doesn't know how to spell. Maybe you should go buy a spelling book instead of " the shoe in the add"

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Disappointed!!!!! - 10 h 41 m ago

Stopped in at Sandersville Miss store on Sunday. Store a total mess!!!!! Store is probably not even a year and half old, employee had ear phones in and I ask her three times where something was, and finally she said, oh I am sorry, I didn't hear you!!!!! I said how could you when you had ear plugs in??????? Hello!!!!! She said if we have any they are on the other side of the store. Couldn't even get through aisles to get to the other side!!!! I counted over 40 roll carts on floor, stuff everywhere on floor and in aisles. We just left and paid higher at a convince store!!!!'

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Disappintef - 10 h 28 m ago

The lady at Sandersville Miss that had ear phones on, had a name tag on as Pam, she was stocking the coolers!!!!

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