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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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Jordan - 3 h 4 m ago


As a former employee, I file a complaint against Kim Jones, manager of Plymouth store. She is 2-faced and terminated my employment for no reason! In actuality, she was jealous of me. Customers assumed I was manager simply because of the way I carry myself and work. Venders prefer to work with me rather than with her. Her rash decision to fire me has caused financial hardship -- to the point of being served an eviction order from my house.

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Harry - 3 h 46 m ago


Why is it that you can not get to items on the shelves to buy because there is all ways buggy with stock blocking everything stock in floor can not walk for it some body is going to fall because of it you will get Susie because of bad management in danielsville ga.

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Mrs. Rodgers - 5 h 55 m ago


Oh Mr. Dreiling,

Your Santa Rosa California store is being ran by the wrong manager. Rhonda was fired and now she's back? Why? I've been a customer as long as you've been open and Rhonda is a very lazy and rude manager. None of the staff like her, nor will they work for her. I don't understand why anyone would want such an employee running a business. You have a wonderful store, great prices but I will no longer be shopping at Dollar Store on Sebastopol Road in Santa Rosa, unless you find a much better manager. She is not a good person.

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Lesley Olivier - 5 h 10 m ago


Hi my name is Leslie and im an avid DG shopper, but i dont like going into a store and being racially profiled by your manager (being i am white and she is not) at

1808 W Landry St

Opelousas LA 70570

I am a coupon-er and i am familiar with your policies, but when you go into a store and your employees are not familiar with coupon policies it makes for unpleasant shopping~ I try to avoid this store bc i know it is a hassle every time i go into it~ but i was on a hunt for the Nivea yall have on sale this week and low and behold she said they dont take internet coupons~ i shop DG from here and to Lafayette and this is the only store that doesn't take them??? A while back when summer clearance was marked down she would not let me get the solar lights that were big as day in the sales paper saying those dont count! Sounds like someone is stock piling the back to me or jealous bc maybe they cant coupon?? so please something needs to be done here! Either give them coupon classes where they are familiar with policies bc myself as a shopper i am~ and stop making it difficult on daily single mom shoppers. And for the record i play by the rules, im not a shelf clearer or misusing them...but if the shoe were on the other foot and i were racially profiling her im sure this story would play out differently! Whats sad is this store is always stocked and im order and im not allowed to shop correctly and efficiently :(

signed a very unsatisfied customer!

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stephanie - 5 h 45 m ago

I was just in the store the other day and in the 822 lake avenue rochester ny and one of the employees name amie was talking to a pregnant black girl that i belive works there but wasnt wearing a name tag and im walking around the store with my grand daughter and they was speaking some horrible disgusting things about some lady name laurie that she was tired of her bossing her around and some other things that i dont feel right reaping and i dont think that is the place to be speaking like that because us the costumers go in with are kids and grand kids or what ever they might be but they are kids and those things are not for them to hear. i just left my shopping cart there and walked out i was trying to call to make a complaint but the call didnt go through there is some bad costumer service there

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Shanece - 7 h 24 m ago

I just my items at the store the dollar General in cahokia 1653 camp Jackson road I'm piss they not answering the phone.

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Marzetta Clements - 7 h 43 m ago

I was in Dollar General 1017 2017 and the line was so long I had to leave the cashier was in the store alone and people were not happy I believe there should always be more than one person in the store for safety at work there the Coca-Cola man was waiting to be checked out for over 30 minutes my friend said that waited in the line please fix the situation it is the manager's duty to make the schedule so there is always two people at all times in the store thank

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disappointed! - 8 h 31 m ago


My name is Gadulupe Ruiz, i am related to young women that use to work for in Dollar General, on Prontanco Rd. store number 7427.

The was a young lady name Courtney, I ask her for my sister ,by her name, and they young lady did not ask who, i was , or anything. the first thing that came of this young girl Courtney said that my sister was she was fire, because she had stole some things from the store,.Now she was just saying this not,directly to me ,but to the rest of the people that we in line. There was another cashier to witness that this young lady is saying or doing is not professional.

As a professional I hire and I fire i have my own business, What goes in to my office stay in office, it not for Public eyes or hearing.!

Courtney is breaking polices rules you dont start rumors, what is said to employees in the office, is not to be spread to public.

Especially if she was not witness of anything. I hope Dollar General will correct this.

Thank you

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Frustrated - 1 d ago

The store on the Liberty Expressway Hwy 19, in Albany Georgia bags smell like dead rodents. As soon as your items are placed on them, it immediately transfers. I have spoken to several cashier's. When I brought it to the attention of the store manager, she said she couldn't smell it. I go further down the road to the other DG. This is unacceptable, and in my opinion, a health hazard.

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Anonymous - 1 d 11 m ago


The store on 13400 South in Riverton Utah is a disaster. Freight everywhere shelves are empty and you can't even push a cart down the Isles...

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Deb Duerre - 1 d ago


Hi. I live in Knoxville Il. Our Dollar General Store is pathetic I went there today. I took a cart from outside The trash can was overflowing There was trash all over the sidewalk. I went in. Of course what I wanted had boxes and a big cart in front of it. Not acceptable!! Last week I was in the checkout lane with 6 people in front of me and 4 people behind me. NO cashier in sight. The poor cashier has to stock shelves and do everything!! Very poor/non-existent Management!!! I have complained to Corporate before. I know nothing will be done though

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Angela Vaccaro - 1 d 24 h ago


The employees at the Kingsway Avenue store in Brandon Florida ALL need to be re trained, including the management.

Every time I write a check I have problems. There is one employee that knows the right way to do the checks. The rest have to leave a line of customers waiting while they go to the back to ask the manager. Then the manager does not come show them how to do it. They try to explain it and send them back to fumble through. Tonight I went and the cashier had no idea what to do. He went to the back and got his phone and called the manager who WAS NOT EVEN AT THE STORE! I could hear her on the other end saying, "I am getting in my car I will be there in 10 minutes." UM hello you can not leave customers standing for 10 minutes while you get back to the store where you should have been. I as the customer had to show the employee how to put the check into the printer. As always the crappy printer they have would not read it so everything had to be entered by hand. I had to show him where the routing numbers and account numbers are on a check. Then had to show him how to put it back in the printer. He finally was able to get it and was very nice and apologized. I have actually had cashiers in this store tell me they can not give a receipt when you write a check. My 15 year old daughter was in there last night and used my EBT food stamp card and the cashier had the audacity to question if it was her card or her mothers and how many children live in the house. NONE OF HER BUSINESS!!! This store is always dirty, all the employees need trained. I was even in there a few weeks ago when the manager was sitting on the floor by the registers with a big hand full of cash and talking on the phone placing her order of how many 20's 10's 5's and 1's she needed. This with a line full of customers. Trashy store, trashy people working there.

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Ann Jackson - 1 d ago


I would like you to know I have spent two days on the phone with your company because of a fraudulent charge. I was in the Mountain Pine Ar store on 10/8 and spent 7.98 which was deducted from my account. And yesterday at 3:59 pm another charge showed up for 798 and the person who did it even put by SHANIA C . When I first called the gentleman said he found the first debit but said he seen nothing of the second and it was my banks fault. Even after my banks fraud dept called and told the same thing it was still denied. I am appalled at the lack of concern for your customers, to be told you have an employee steeling banking account information to steel money from customers and to not care or be even remotely concerned is disgusting. I am telling you this Mountain Pine has a little over 700 people and I guarantee you when I'm done with the local paper, FB, Family and my church on Sunday I will be surprised at how many of those people continue to shop at your store.

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Donald Mcchesney - 1 d ago

The store on stahl and Judson Rd in San Antonio is dirty and nasty the health department. Will contacted

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

We desperately need a store in our little town. We are between Reynoldsville, Punxsy and Brookville and have no place to buy without traveling. We use to have 3 grocery stores but the owners all died and now we have nothing. Please consider planting a store in Knoxdale,Pa 15847. We could probably get volunteers to staff it


Phyllis Reinard (hidden)

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jilliann - 1 d 5 h ago


Store #13849 has got the worst employees I have ever seen. I was standing at the register and the cashier got a broom, walked right past me and went outside returning a few minutes later to ring me up. The store manager is outside smoking 99% of the time when I come into the parking lot and I am there almost daily sometimes more than once a day. Another time she was talking to someone on the phone who I am assuming was her boss about reprimanding an employee who she stated by name while we all listened and stood in line. My worst experience with this manager was when she figured out the credit card pad was broken after she stated to everyone in line that my card kept getting declined at that was why I was holding up the line. If this store was not within walking distance I would never return

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Annoyed - 1 d 8 h ago


Everytime I go to the store in Ellenville NY the manager is always nasty and giving her employees attitude. It makes me not want to go there anymore. The store is always junky and the aisle are never clear. A few employees are good but they don't deserve to be treated the way she treats them.

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Elizabeth Humphries - 1 d 8 h ago


I just wanted to tell my story since I put my grievance in at the corporate office and someone from corporate was supposed to call me I guess I'll tell my story here since no one seems to care from corporate but I have a lot to say. I have been waiting weeks now for someone to call me back from corporate office I was hired on at Dollar General. first I had my interview on the 15th of November I received my higher on package with the store that was applied for in my hiring package the amount that was specified at the interview was not the same amount that I agree to be paid for. I tried calling Brian Hayes the person who interviewed me as it stated in the hiring package to do . Brian even told me that they never paid that much but he really wanted me and you would have to get it okayed I said are you sure they're going to okay it he said from me they will so I assumed he was very high up on the corporate ladder and I trusted him.I never received a phone call back from Brian.I did my urine analysis and my background check received a phone call from the manager at the store that I was hired for. when I spoke with her I found out that they did not need me at that store they did not have the hours to give me that was promised me which was 40 hours and the amount of money that was being paid to me they said they could not pay me we came to an understanding that I would go to a different store which was still pretty close to my home and I would go to other stores that needed me during the week to get all of my hours which were the 40 hours I was promised angry to that because I'm a team player and I said I would do that while I was doing my online training the district manager and the regional manager were there I spoke with the district manager and also the regional manager from this District that I was hired for they assured me that they would make sure that I got my 40 hours I would have to work at one store and travel to other stores when needed I agree to this because I'm a team player and I needed the job and the 40 hours I'm a single woman and I need 40 hours to survive I took a big pay cut to come to this company because I believe that I would move up into a better position for more money quickly that's what I was told during the interview with Brian Hayes . They were making changes and he wanted me to be part of that . since I had given my two weeks notice to my other job went into the specific store that I thought I would be working at to do my online training 3 days into this training I got a phone call from the district manager asking me if I would travel to another store across town I said I did not want to do that if I had been offered that store I would never taken the job and quit my other job. since the store I was hired for was just down the street from where I lived . The man who hired me made sure that I even went online and found the specific Store and put my application in for assistant manager at that specific store . she informed me that they had nothing for me then and I was let go without a job. I called corporate office was sent to different places was told that I would be getting a phone call from someone I've never received a phone call and I just want to let everyone know this is not a company to work for I was excited to work there I've been wanting to work at General Dollar it was in my wheelhouse of what I wanted to do I was hired on as a general manager Brian Hayes thought that I could go in there and do a good job they were making changes and they wanted someone like me in there he was excited about me working there I haven't heard from him or anyone else I am Gravely disappointed in this company that I wasn't treated more fairly just as a fellow human being and a person I deserved at least a phone call from someone telling me what happened or not to worry that they would take care of it something. I feel they played with my life and I don't have any respect for this company for doing that. I left that day with them knowingly that I had no job. And they simply did not care. I know this is a fire higher state but we still have to care about each other. That's why the world is the way it is today people just don't care everyone's out for themselves. Especially these big corporations. I just wanted to let everyone know about Dollar General and how they treat their employees.

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Anonymous - 1 d 9 h ago


Dollar store at Burnsville road Glasgow my is just plain nasty.most of the time there is just one person working there.i feel sorry for her.floors dirty,shelves horrible totes lined up on aisles,.im surprized someone hasn't fallen.ive been in a lot of stores but none like this.this store is on Burnsville rd.sherfey

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Frustrated - 1 d 19 h ago

As a loyal former employee of Dollar General. My issue will probably not mean much. But store 10415 it is in distress . The store manager at that store is a awesome person but that store is a beast and she can't do it alone I know good help is hard to find out there. But your customers are not happy I can promise you that . most of the time isles have got stuff all down them and totes stacked up blocking items and shopping carts full of merchandise all over. floors are covered with dirt were stuff gets spilled and not cleaned up . I know from experience that you will never see it that way we always knew when someone was coming so we could clean it up . I know it's a busy time for dg right now but this shouldn't be OK. people take pictures of this store and post them on facebook and talk about how rude some of the people are that work there and how horrible it looks. Please help them get it cleaned up and stocked with pleasant people waiting on us.I know I love this store and don't want to have to shop somewhere else. To find it in this mess you can't tell anyone your coming trust me. Thank you for your time. God bless

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Billy Mitchell - 4 d 12 m ago

Iam a employee at one of your stores in saline county arkansas the store manager john puts me on the scheldue with no hours. Iam on disability and iam slower than the other employees for some reason he calls me stupid to the other workers behind my back. Ive heard him say this and its not right. When the back ground checks did come back is when he started not putting me down for hours. When i check the scheldue my names there at thats all he is putting my disability against me and just because iam on disability he shouldnt be telling the other employees iam stupid and slow your attention meeds to be addressed to this thank you my email is (hidden) thank you

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Anonymous - 2 d 5 h ago

you can sue over something like this .....go get them

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Hebbie Moogal - 2 d 5 h ago

You should file a complaint for discrimination and let someone look into this. There must be an HR office for Dollar General where you can submit this complaint -- as well as a federal agency. A manager calling an employee names is unacceptable - and not giving you hours is also unacceptable - if you are able to do the work, you should have same privileges as everyone else.

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Diane Fedor - 2 d 45 m ago

Every state has a disability board for those with a disability. They are lawyers. They will tell you who to contact for free legal assistance in your area...Obviously, Dollar General has no HR department for training their employees. Go get them!!

General profile image - 2 d ago


Sorryiest store I've ever been in it's a new store employees very rude I was kneel down looking at fingernail polish and jenenn walked right in front of my face her pants leg rubbed up across my hair . I said excuse you she never said a word . I waited my turn in line and she refused to wait on me took the person behind me my stuff was on the counter . I've never meet this young girl I was treated so rudly a lot of people go right past this store to go to one ten minutes away I'm disabled and can't hardly stand and to be treated like this my or my family's money will not come back to this store. This is not the only store around there's lots of people out there that want a job and you hired this girl . I won't be back and word of mouth hurts business I think y'all need to come anonamously and see what goes on in this store you would be shocked. Cloths laying all in floor you just need to see for yourself. It was store 16928 their was a black boy working with her. My date and time was 10_18_2017 time was 18:44.16 look up on video you will see what happened. Thanks Janet (hidden)

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Diane Fedor - 2 d 21 h ago

Awe so sorry that happened...however Dollar General does not care about employee's or work performance. So...they do not nor ever wood care about one answers any complaints...they do not care

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