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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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Leo Seger - 16 m 26 s ago


I am on the Atkinson, NE city council and the dollar general store here should be an embarrassment to the corporate office. I am bringing it before the city to start nuisance proceedings against them for not taking care of their property. The neighbors are all very upset because of the condition of the fence around the store and the amount of garbage that blows on to their properties from that store. Many attempts have been made to contact ownership and management to no avail. If a dollar general is going to come to your town, take heed city officials they do nothing to help the community. Store address is 201 N. Hyde St. Atkinson, NE.

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Shirley Rhodes - 18 m 20 s ago


It is so hot in all in your stores in Pine Bluff Ar. and in warren Ar. until it is impossible to shop.

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Candi tilley - 4 h 13 m ago


Dollar general in king nc is a new store n the nastiest store ever stuff thrown everywhere floor nasty

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More info needed to process a complaint - 1 h 13 m ago

We need the address or store number to file a formal complaint. There are several DG in King, NC

Thank you!


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Shaun - 1 h 38 m ago


I go to the Dollar General in Park Forest all the time and it is one the manager that is rude and has a very nasty attitude every time I go there. As a manager, she is supposed to be a role model and to show the cashiers to be respectable. I complained before and now I am complaining again. She is very rude to customers.

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More info needed - 1 h 34 m ago

If you want to register a complaint we need to know the state that this store is located in. We have over 12k stores across the USA.

Thank you

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Amber - 1 d 18 h ago


I went to the Dollar General in Fairmont, WV, on Country Club Rd, at 9:58 pm to purchase diapers on 6/24/16. I knew the store was about to close, but diapers are kind of an emergency item. As soon as I walked in the door, the woman who was working looked at me and said, "Ma'am, we're only open 2 more minutes. What are you doing?" She was very rude. I ran through the store to grab the diapers, and when I got to the checkout, she very rudely reminded me again that the store closed at 10. I get it, and I do feel badly that I was late getting there, but I feel it was very unprofessional the way I was addressed.

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Kelli - 1 d 17 h ago


I just stopped at the dollar store on Pumpkin Center Road in Springfield Louisiana and i was trying to get Tylenol for my daughter (and that's it) because she was burning up with fever. When my husband and I arrived it was 9:48 and they were already closed and had just let the last two customers out and wouldn't let anyone else in and there was 5 of us trying to get into the store. When I got home (literally a minute down the road) I called and spoke to "the manager" named Emma, I asked her whom was over her that I could contact and she instantly got an attitude and told me that she wasn't discussing that with me then asked me what my problem was so I began to tell her we got there at 9:48 and was turned away because they was literally telling us to leave because they were closed and that we were two minuets before closing time I said no ma'am it was 9:48 when we was at the door and she continued to argue with me about the time then said have a nice night b**** and hung up! I go to this dollar store almost daily and she's always pretty rude acting towards ALL customers. It's a shame!

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Anonymous - 1 d 6 h ago

Don't need to know all the blah, blah, blah who you bought it for and what you bought who the F--k cares!?! Get to the point

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AdvocateForTheConsumer - 1 d ago


Hey "Anonymous": Who are you, reading all of these customer complaints and responding so rudely??! It sounds to me that you are probably the manager of the store that this customer is complaining about. If so, then you are reason these customers are complaining! If not, find something useful to do and mind your own business!!

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Anonymous - 1 d 21 m ago

Because it's not worth getting upset over rude employees and untidy stores . That's all. I'm just giving my opinion . Life is too short and these people could care less and don't loose sleep over it , so why should you. And by the why you're reading them and too and they're not all me anyways

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Someone has to tell them they're s bunch of idiots and morons!!!

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Controlled lighting - 18 h 20 m ago

According to video footage the lights were dimmed down, that means it was 10pm. It's controlled by corporate, so perhaps your watch was running slow. Sorry.

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Customer - 7 h 29 m ago

If you do not call the 800 number for customer support then they will continue treating customers badly. If it really is so bad be pro active and let the district manager know. I was kicked out of a store in denham springs last night for asking for the i00 number, but i called another store and got it. I made the call and will follow it to the end instead of crying about it to anyone who can do nothing.

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Contact the DM - 6 h 35 m ago

As a former District Manager for DG if you ever have a problem in a store always try to resolve it with the store manager ( my managers were required to resolve all issues and customer concerns at any expense) in the rare event they couldn't they were to notify me immediately and I always resolved it. If the manager will not assist you then ask for the DM's phone number. I'm sure some DM's do not allow this. However, calmly give the manager your name and number and ask that the DM calls you Asso. Good Luck! Most good DM's will resolve all issue without a hassle to you. ( and most store managers should as well before even getting to the DM)

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Anonymous - 6 h 32 m ago

By the way that was a typo Asso should have been asap. Would love to hear some feedback!

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Long Hair Dude IndyGeistFV - 1 d 13 h ago

That is a pitiful shame ma'am. I work at DG and this is truly the fault of CEO's putting unreasonable demands on it's employees and not allowing labor for a store to function. I'm sure I will be fired before long for putting customers first, but if you were to come to my store at 9:59 the store would be open and I will serve you courteously and politely. That employees behavior in my opinion was unnacceptable! Unfortunately it seems to me DG does not care about you the customer or it's employees. I apologize to you, that behavior is shameful! You should contact Jeff Owen-Executive Vice President-Store Operations. 1-(hidden). I would pursuade all DG customers to report any and all derogatory incidents directly to him. That IS the person responsible. That employee is likely in trouble for clocking out a few minutes later and I can tell you first hand the VP of Store Operations is who to blame for the way DG services it's precious customers. I will be quitting before long because I'm old and believe customers come first and the DG CEO's do not operate in this manner at all. Again I apologize for your poor service tonight. DC

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Disgruntled customer - 19 h ago


I hope you find a job that appreciates you!

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Anonymous - 1 d 5 h ago

You really shouldn't run out of diapers. That's not good parenting!!!!!

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Anonymous - 4 h 17 m ago


Good parenting? For running out of diapers? Omg!! are you kidding? Running out of diapers DOES NOT make anyone a bad parent. Apparently you have never made such a BIG MISTAKE like running out of diapers? It's an honest mistake. There are more important things to worry about in raising children.

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Anonymous - 6 h 10 m ago


Hello! I live in Lake Mills, WI. Your store here is AWFUL!!! You ALWAYS can plan on waiting at least 10 min. in line, I have found expired items on the shelf on 3 different occasions. VERY messy, stuff sitting everywhere and finally can you maybe hire some management in that store who care!! One of the cashiers had a return, didn't know how to do, the manager came over, pushed some buttons and walked away! The lady didn't know what to do, just stood there and said now what! The CUSTOMER helped finished the transaction!!

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Some information - 6 h 14 m ago

I understand everyone's frustrations on these posts, but why so much drama? Some complaint are legitimate when others are aggregated and untrue, merely for the sake of getting someone or a store in trouble. Never the less, no need to use bad language or to stretch the truth ( if the line was 6 people long, don't say it was 20) plus they can check, everything is bring videoed and recorded at the front end) also, state the facts only, no need to put irrelevant information.

One last thing! Most problems can be resolved with a good store manager, in many cases, unfortunately there are not, so ask for the number of the District Manager, they should be accessible,as their phone number is not a secret for those who request it. Every company deserves a chance to make something right before posting negativity.

Also, DG operates over 12,000 stores in 46 states, did you that? I feel the majority of them are probably very nice with good customer service.

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Anonymous - 1 d 2 h ago


Very disgruntled customer

I went to the Dollar General in LeBleu Settlement on 3059 this morning and there was a line down to the aisles when I arrived which is not unusual. Grabbed a few things and got in the long line. The new checker was having problems. The elderly male manager took over and the line moved rapidly. When I checked out he said: Have a good day. You too ". He did not give me a chance to reply but even if I hadn't that was no reason to be rude to customers when your store is clearly lacking in effort. I proceeded to give him a piece of my mind. The store is dirty with spider webs over the overhead lights throughout the store. Corporate needs to pay attention to this store and its employees if you care at all about your image.

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Anonymous - 17 h 46 m ago

A little confused. You said he said " have a good day after checking you out ?? And the line moved rapidly after he took over. So when was he rude and what did he say, you're not making any sense dear. It's also very rude of YOU to call him elderly!!!!!

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Not important! - 6 h 42 m ago

I think she is trying to say after he said "have a good day" she didn't respond, so he said it for her " you too" but maybe he thought she said "have a good day " also and was responding " you too" who knows, who cares, doesn't matter!

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Anonymous - 17 h 44 m ago

We also checked the video from opening and there was never a line going down to the aisles and there were never more then 5 people on line before another register was open. Everything in our stores are documented

Thank you

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