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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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Dovie DeCosta - 1 h ago


Iam Dovie DeCosta I loved my job at Dollars General I wanted to be one of the best workers you had .I told the truth.I just wanted the chance to show y'all how good I was .I showed up at work at 4am in the morning And had to wait on my boss to get there Mrs.wendy was running late alot put I was there .also Mrs.stover pick on me alot . We had a new boss his name was Ben Bradly he really did not care for me because I was a older women but I did my job stockings running the register.waiting on customer zone.I now lived in leakesville ms .I draw my SS early . But need part time job .I do not know why Dollars General said I was Dishonest be cause Iam not I would take a lie test any time .I do not know what Mrs stover or Sherri said about me .They said I walked out I call Mrs . Sherri that night that happen also Ben He told to call back Sherri fired me. There a time I was left in the store all by myself.that when the the 3r key left me by self.we had bad weather .He came back to the store after he. Went home check his place out .alot of Hattiesburg Mississippi was Tore up . So If I was Dishonest why did the 3r key leave me by my self.All I wanted was to be the best workers .

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Anonymous - 1 h 24 m ago


I am a customer of the Dollar General in Prosperity South Carolina. People are stealing that store blind. I have three pictures that I took this morning while I was in there shopping that would make any reasonable manager see red. If there's a way I can upload these pictures I will. Something needs to be done in the store. There is so much merchandise in the aisles, crammed in the back and not on the shelves, that anyone could fall and sue this company. Right now I am watching in employee outside of the store screaming at someone on her cell phone. There's only two workers there today. I guess that's why it's so easy to steal. This store should close it's doors, have someone from corporate office come here and straighten it out, hire all new employees including the manager, and then reopen. Dollar General caters to small towns but that should not be a reason that they neglect upkeep and common safety and cleanliness issues.

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Anonymous - 2 h 15 m ago


I use to work at dollar general I was hurt on the job and was fired for it corporate person that was in charge of my case lost all the info. I couldn't get workers comp I have not been with the company in a few years and I still have horrible back pain and spasms due to the incident and corporate will do nothing about it. I have been to a few dollar generals to shop a few times and the stores are all a mess as a customer you can not walk down an isle without tripping over stuff and the rolltainers take up more then half the isles and the registers are packed with product that should be on the shelves.

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Anonymous - 2 h 48 m ago


I am a 69 year old woman who stopped in your store at pensacola Fl on Navy Blvd today 4/28/17.

Your manager asked me to leave my back pack with him at the counter. It is a small pack I use as a purse because I walk and I also ride a bike. I live at Navy point, well known in my community and churches. Of good reputation. Now I have.worked everything from political to police to HR Manager at kmart and other store manager position. I was hot, sweaty, and over heated and I went to the counter to reason with him. I also asked him if he would ask a woman to leave her purae at the desk? Well No he said. My pack was no larger than a purse.

He accused me of cursing, and kicked me out. I have been shopping there for a long time. Not only was he unprofessional and unable to tell the difference between a older woman and a punk teenager. But he was rude and kicked me out of the store. There was not a crowd of people, and I promise you. Everyone I know, including facebook will hear of this encounter. I am shocked that you would hire a man like that. If I were not a Christian, I would sue. I think the mans name was Brandon. Do you have a district manager named Trey? From Kmart in Fredericksburg, Va? I was his HR Manager.

Marah Huestis


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Concerned customer - 3 h 14 m ago

I visited the Dollar General in North Platte NE on Jeffers st, the cashier smelled very strong of marijuana. Her name tag said Melissa. It was very obvious.

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Anonymous - 3 h 16 m ago

Gentlemen, As you can see I reached out to Chad about a year ago. I would like to have you revisit this request. This village serves many farm families in Southeast Michigan so at this point I am including the representative for the state of Michigan. Thank you for your time.. Betsy Woodring From: Betsy Woodring Sent: Friday, July 15, 2016 11:44 AM To: Chad Bayless Subject: RE: How do you get a store in your community? Hello Chad, I wanted to touch back with you. I had contacted you about a possible location in Metamora, OH. The property that we have available has a total of 7 acres and is located on State Rte. 120 and 64 in the village limits. It was previously the site of the middle school. It has water, electric, and sewage. There are approximately 7 acres. You indicated that Metamora may be too small to support a store. I would disagree. I travel for work weekly. I survey hospitals throughout the United States. The one thing that I have noticed in the small communities across this country, they all seem to have a Dollar General. While Metamora is small, they are no smaller than many of these communities that I have visited. Metamora is the hub community of Evergreen Local School district. Metamora is the largest community in the system. The community is about 15 miles west of Toledo, Ohio. The town sits about two miles from the Michigan line. Many Michigan residents would consider Metamora "their community" as well. Metamora is a farm community with several commercial companies, a restaurant, a bar, a local bank, a library, a wonderful park, physician office and 3 churches. Thank you for your consideration. I hope you will agree that the residents of Metamora deserve the opportunity of some reasonably priced local shopping, and I believe Dollar General can fulfill that void. Betsy Woodring (hidden) From: (hidden) To: (hidden) Subject: RE: How do you get a store in your community? Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2016 18:27:48 +0000 It will take some time. I am thinking that area is too small to support a store, but I will look into it.

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Lisa Daniel - 15 h 43 m ago


Could you please consider a Dollar General on Hwy 138 near Mercer TN ....we have to drive 20 miles to even buy a coke ...Even if it was closer to hwy 70 it would be a close drive for the people in that area

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Dominick Adrian Mas - 16 h ago

While I am not sure if direction is given by corporate above my store's management, or management is using me as some sort of scapegoat, I do know that I am a good worker for DG in an area where they cannot keep employees for very long. Sept 25, 2016 is when I began and in 2 months time I was promoted to lead S.A. and key holder. These write ups used as a way of harassment and it is like they shove them in my face as to have me "walk on egg shells." I have had another worker make up stories of myself having sex with another employee, and watched management promote the liar when the matter was brought to their attention. I have been written up for the same conduct management displays and have been coerced to sign write ups that were false. Issues with the register and computer equipment have been happening for as long as I have been working there. I have been taking record of issues since they first started and I would like to speak to someone above my district manager because what is going on here, is not right and I am tired of the deceptive behavior, manipulation and lies. I have tried discussing these problems a few times with the DM, and nothing has changed. I was thrown into lead S.A. and key holder without any further training and it seems any mistake made is further threat of termination, without any responsibility to be had by management above me. A drug addict was hired and I brought that immediately to management's attention and was then written up for the register being left in management mode, the same as management had done until I was made fall guy for the stealing drug addict. I barely get breaks due to employees needing assistance and have been hurt 2 times so far on the job, having to stand, working 7, 8, or 9 hour shifts without break wore me down after weeks of this same routine without sitting breaks.

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castle5678 - 18 h 9 m ago


I feel as an employee that dollar general gives too many write ups instead of working with you until you understand your new position. Also there's only ever two people working in the store at a time. It's too hard to get everything done with only two people in a store built for 3 or more workers.also I don't think you should be written up for only one customer complaint or if you're the only one working in the store

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Anonymous - 19 h 18 s ago

I went to dollar general market this morning at port st Joe, Florida for t-shirts and they treated me like I was their only customer. The manager and assistant gal tall short hair. They didn't have all I needed so I went to Mexico, beach Florida dollar general. They acted as if it put them out to help. I do suggest that when you ship t-shirts you sent some youth and very large t-shirts. All you had sent to both stores this week was large to small. I needed children and very large adult. We snowbirds like to but t-shirts for family and friends. I bought 25 and still need 5 more. Portia Potter. Norwood, Missouri

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none - 19 h 15 m ago


I went into the dollar store in Pocola,OK there was animal feces on the floor,,I didn't know dogs were allowed in the store,frankly I won't shop there any more.also you may ask the manager why some employees walk around with radio earbuds stuck in their ears while working.

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new to area - 19 h 16 m ago


I just want to let you know that your store tht is in Maggie Valley NC on Soco is always either closing early or not opening on time, this is the 4th time it has happened in 3 months , I went this morning at 8:30 and the door would not opened it suppose to open at 8 and cars were there, also it closes around 7 a few times when its suppose to stay open til 10 pm, this has happened a few times, I just think if you have hours posted you should stick by them,

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not happy - 19 h 25 m ago


I want to remain anonymous,but as an employee I feel this business treats employee's like dogs,expecting women to push large carts 6feet high from out side for the night,not only is this a danger to physically hurt someone it's absurd that we are expected to do this,I feel it should be on a smaller back hurt's and I almost twisted my ankle pushing it in.

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Anonymous - 19 h 23 m ago


Mind you this is a stack of bags of potting soil ,6feet high

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Rhaushea Nicholson - 1 d 38 m ago


I went to the dollar general on 1900 South Clinton Ave on Wednesday 26, 2017 with my brother and 3 year old daughter. I had never shopped at a dollar general before but my brother was always say how much good things they have so he talked me into going their with him. When I got their I seen a lot of item I liked far is snacks for my sons lunch so I made my way up to the front of the store with my items. When I came up to the cashier desk and began to put all 13 of my items on the desk she immediately looked at me a young black woman with a 3 year old child and assumed I was on welfare and was paying with an ebt card. This made me very upset . I have never been on welfare my whole life or have I ever received food stamps. I'm a young black business professional who works in corporate America and to be treated the way I was is a discrase. It's sad to know that in 2017 racially profiling still exists. Their was white people in line that she did not treat the same way. I was humiliated. I'm normally not one to complain but after receiving this kind of treatment I felt the need to address this is issue so this won't happen to the next customer who walks into this store. Far as me this was my first and last time walking into a dollar general store.

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Anonymous - 1 d 2 m ago


The female cashier on duty NOW at your Pisgah, Ohio location, needs to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY.She has ZERO business working behind a cash register, let alone with the public! Check your cameras for a change, and get rid of her! RUDE! THIEF!

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


Your Pisgah, Ohio store, needs to REMOVE the cashier on duty now at that location IMMEDIATELY. THIEF.

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Lula Jones - 1 d 23 h ago

I was at dollar general before I could get my credit card in the machine cashier says is that a EBT card. I felt that was inappropriate. And maybe because I was black . I had Pepsi. Maybe trying to tell me I could not buy that on card . I have never had that to happen at any other dollar general store or any store. When I call back the manager said that is there procedure. His name Michael Getotz. Store #07369.

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The Old Man! - 1 d ago


I purchased a Tractfone card from DG. They were out of cards on the shelf and the lady at the register had a whole ring of Bar Codes and used one on my purchase. When I went to use the PIN Number, I found out that the Bar code she use was for a Smart Phone. Mine is a flip Phone. I called Tract Phone and they said that I would have to go back to the store and get my money ($17.23) back from the store. The store said that they could not refund my money. The Control Number is (hidden)614788. The reference # is (hidden)21

I need my money back!

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Never again shopper - 1 d ago


The Dollar General Store located in New Waverly, Texas is so nasty and dirty.

General profile image - 1 d ago


well been shopping with your company for many years... I have just started your digital coupons .... went to your store.

.4173 Sw Sr 121

Lake Butler, Florida 32054


this is very crappy..... this is not a company I will do shopping with anymore.... you need to honor your digital coupons.. by having your items in the store on the shelf....

thanks for nothing..

a lost customer[now] of over 20 years and $150.00 to $200.00 per month...

P.S. the cashier laughed when I told her.....

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????? - 1 d ago

Can I ask why managers don't have to clock in and out to show that they are working the full time that is on the schedule? I mean all other employees gotta clock in and out showing they are there to get paid. if the managers are salary then they should prove they are working to get paid what they get paid, am I right??? When they aren't working the time on schedule then they shouldn't get paid full salary.

n tht would mean if they don't clock out won't show when they come and go or even if they even stay their whole shift n make another employee do their job cause they just left.

I DON'T SEE THAT AS BEING FAIR. this has been mentioned more than enough times but doesn't seem to have anything done other than verbally talking to the manager but after a week it goes back to just up and leaving whenever they want.

I don't feel that it is fair to the other employees to have to do the managers job when we don't get paid for it.

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Country Girl - 1 d ago


I was in the Dollar Store at 1645 Galena in Freeport, in April 27,2017. There was a lady ahead of me who had a lot of merchandise. After it was run up and she looked at her slip and she had been charged more for clearance items. What a mess. There was 2 people behind me. Finally the gentle man behind me said 2 registers and the clerk she could not open it. I can say we waited at least 15 minutes or more. So after she corrected everything, she leaves the other clerk take over and than she opens the other register. Sometimes when I go in there have to wait till the cashier gets to the register, she is busy stacking shelves. The other employee says she can not run the register. Yes and there is times when I go in the boxes sitting all over in the isles, can not walk down that isles.

Something has to be done with the stores or they will not make it.

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Bridget Mehre - 1 d ago


I moved to Platte City Mo three years ago was very happy to see they had Dollar General go there a lot, but when store manager left about a year ago this store has gone down hill thought it would get better. Every time I go in store you can not get down the aisle due to boxes that need to be unpacked.

Ran in there yesterday and it was the worst that I have every seen it dirty, items not on shelfs. I left without buying anything very upset that nothing has changed and this store is getting worse.

Please advise if you are sending in help to get this store back to what it was or are you closing this location.

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Robert earl - 1 d 4 h ago


I went into the store in york sc off of filbert..I needed a belt and I asked a young woman who worked there if that's all the belts they had. I needed one for work, she said yes sir. I asked to count my change on the counter to see if I had enough she said yes go ahead. Then she came up and gave me 2 dollars and said I hope this will help. I have never been in a store and had this happen. I've been out of work for months and she helped me out a great deal. Her name tag said brittany..she made my day.

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