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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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Anonymous - 13 h 43 m ago

I would like to know if Dollar General corporate condones regional and district managers lying to their vendor partners? This is a common practice in the Indiana market!

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Brandon - 13 h 46 m ago

I'll begin by stating how happy the people of my community was to have your store in our little ten mile Tennessee area but lately almost every time I stop by ( I'm a regular) the employees are letting the Line pile up because they have been taking smoke breaks this last time I stopped by I was in line for 15 minutes before they came back in a person in front of me and two behind me me I enjoy your store like many others but these careless smoke breaks are unacceptable thank you

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Pam - 16 h ago

Your Dollar General store located on Athens Street in Winder, GA 30680 is in desperate need of cleaning. I frequently visit this location (3-4) times per week. The floor looks like it is never swept much less mopped. Litter is all over the floor along with dirt covering chewing gum. The aisles are cluttered with merchandise needing to be put on the shelves. This creates an enormous safety hazard. I never buy food products from this location because of the filthy condition of the store.

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H. Marie - 16 h 54 m ago

What I meant to say is close on holidays. There's no reason to be open regular hours on holidays. Allow your employees to have family time. What's so hard about that? Think of the people who are running your stores that are giving you the life y'all live in your fancy offices.

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H. Marie - 16 h ago

I think it's absolutely horrible the your employees are treated. In NY no wonder you can't keep help. I worked there years ago when they first started opening in the area. OVERWORKED and EXTREMELY UNDERPAID to say the least. While y'all spend evenings, weekends and holidays with your families there's others who can't because of your greediness to stay open all hours forcing your salaried supervisors to fill in your extremely low payroll goals. Perhaps y'all should spend a good year or so doing their jobs and see how mistreated you are not to mention extreme lack of normalcy outside of that place because there's no time for it. Leaving that place was the best thing I ever did. Y'all can continue to be selfish and overwork your employees but remember these are other peoples family members that they don't get to spend time with but you don't care cuz you don't have to work like they do. May I suggest you give your employees a rest and close stores so they can at least enjoy family time as y'all would and quit being so damn selfish and money hungry.

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Judy - 16 h 23 m ago


I'm very pleased with our store in Millville Delaware, The store is a lot cleaner, my son who is in a wheelchair, can go shopping with me we both are enjoying shopping at our Dollar General store, Thank you employees and Managers,

Judy and Alex

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Miss Mohawk - 16 h 24 m ago


the Piggott AR. store has gone way down hill with the cleanliness department. you cant even get down the isles, the shelves are dirty, with open product on them.

We were so proud when we got the DG store and tried to buy all we could from there but now we and all of are friends are going to Fred's because it is so much nicer

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Brittany - 16 h 43 m ago


I will never shop at the Geneva, NY store again until they fire Nicole. She's extremely rude and has the worst customer service skills ever.

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Bryan - 17 h ago


Six people in line at muscle shoals wilson dam road location, and the lady trying to buy her merchandise was having trouble, so the line was at a standstill . There were three employees walking around besides the one cashier. I had to ask someone to please open a register. They said they would but never did. This is a new store but the sevice is horrible most of the time. Why won't someone open a register ? There are 3 registers but they won't open them. Somebody needs to gain control of this store. Common sense should tell you to open a register. I love dg but this store is a consistent trainwreck.

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Anonymous - 19 h 21 m ago

I shop at the store in mcgregor Texas. I go in for one particular item every week. There is a tag but it is never ordered. I am told it's on the truck...its never on the truck. I keep checking. I want to keep my business local for my small town of 5000. I have even said i would buy a case of it was ordered for me. The item im looking fir is carmex lip balm moisturizer. It's 2.50 a tube.its the only thing that keep my lips moisture. Please see why this is not being ordered. Also, why do we have to ring a bell to get an associate from the office to help us check out

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Michele Hendryx - 19 h 50 m ago

Worst customer service ever!!!!! I went to the store in Olivet Michigan. Big sign on the round rack that says but one get one free. Then you see on the fine print, "look for the red triangle ". Not one item on the ENTIRE RACK had a red triangle on the tag. I took the items to the check out and asked of they were the buy one get one, the clerk replied, "IDK,".asked the manager and his reply was the same. She rang them up, nope, not on sale. I explained the sign was misleading and there weren't any red triangle tags. Told the girl I didn't want them. She immediately became very nasty. I told her I would never come there again. Pretty much the same response as she shrugged her shoulders at me. She rang up my others items, took my money, gave me my change, did not give me my stuff I had to spin the the style to get it. Made very clear I would never EVER shop at another Dollar General again. Same response, she shrugged her shohlders.

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Wilson Matias - 1 d ago


Love everything about your stores.but need to add gluten free items.there are more people gluten free then before.

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Watch dog - 1 d 14 h ago


I live in Chattanooga Tennessee an my girl work at one an i don't think it's far for them to have to sit their an be threatened an not have pepper spray or stung guns to protect their self because some people an their attitude like the cashier on the place they just work their an they always haveing woman closing by themselves

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Anonymous - 3 d 11 h ago


Slandering and accusation. Resolve the issue. All those in #08101 Misty should be fired. They do not know what they are doing. They never did. Everyone should be allowed to get in and buy. DG does nothing but lies. Everyone is on drugs half the time.

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Anonymous - 1 d 17 h ago

here here

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Sad in JC - 1 d 19 h ago


The store in Boone's creek in Johnson city TN has the worst store manager I have ever met. He never smiles and talks down to the other employees. Some people should never work in public and this man is definitely in the wrong position. Can you not do anything bout that? I feel sorry for the team that works there...

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Wanda Shattuck - 1 d 19 h ago


I have always shopped at Dollar General, both near my home & away. When we go on vacation, if there is a Dollar General in the area I knew I was ok! However, when shopping near my home in Jesup, Ga last week I was very offended by the song that was playing and coming throughout

the speakers in the store. It was very

sexually suggestive & had my

grandchildren been with me I would have been terribly upset!!! Is there any rule or company bylaw that addresses what kind of music is played throughout the store while customers are shopping? Is the dicision left to the managers? If this kind of music is continued to be played then I will no longer support Dollar General. Thank you for reading my complaint. Please respond if this is of any concern to you.

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Anonymous - 1 d 19 h ago

The Dollar General in Stuttgart,At on Buerkle st. is always disgusting. The parking lot looks like a city dump. Trash everywhere. It's an eye sore to the public.

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Sam - 2 d ago


This employee well more than one are very rude there names are teresa and esperancia they are always cussing and raising her voice at her employees and on there phones. Every time I ask or I have seen someone ask them for help they are very rude. They are always speaking in Spanish about there co-workers witch is wrong because there co-workers don't speak or understand that language but I do. I've seen new employees every time I go in there and they tell me they hate it there because of them that's why they end up quitting. The manager needs to do something about it. Hopefully they are not his favorites and that's why he lets them do whatever they want.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

The store coming into Oak ridge TN was not open at 8am stood waiting for 20 minutes no employee ever showed spend a lot if money thus is poor business

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Anonymous - 2 d 40 m ago

I just stood for 15 minutes waiting for your store to open I was there along with 8 other people waiting I do extreme am out if business there and should not have to wait because employees don't show up thus is very sad business ethics. Very disappointed

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Customer Service - 2 d 9 h ago

Hi called customer service today and waited two and a half hours on the phone, Just to get online coupons, It was ridiculous and you think that I would have got apology for waiting so long, customer service did not even care. Wow amazing. The wait time is horrible.

I went to 3 stores, went to the laundromat washed my clothes dry them folded them up. customer service finally answer when I got home.

You guys are horrible.

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Dollar store in Pekin Indiana - 2 d 13 h ago


I just witnessed 5 guys carry beer out from your store an carry across the street , the store was real busy so I think they wait till its busy and they come over and the girl didn't notice but I was in line and saw the whole thing.

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Anonymous - 2 d 13 h ago


How come some cashiers accept manufacter coupons in items that the coupon do not apply, and then when other customers try to do the same thing the cashiers goes the coupon does not apply to the product but you just type in the coupon for the previous customer. For real, that means that some customers got the plug and not others. This is happening in Rochester, N.Y. (Titus Ave) location

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Brian Jackson - 2 d 13 h ago


I shop at the Dollar General on Mogadore Rd in Akron Ohio. This store is new and the employees do not take care of it. On the outside all types of trash,paper, cans, pop and beer. Inside stocking stools ladders and stocking carts and materials left in the aisles. Items are not restocked two and three days after item emptied. Hard to buy things when they aren't on the shelf. Employees look like they just got out of bed. Hair is unkept and unwashed. Clothing looks like they slept in it. I never see the manager. He is never there. He has to work sometime but is never available. Stuff left in the aisles is a safety hazard. Since I have already had 2 back surgeries I would hate to have an accident in your store. It would definitely be the stores fault since your employees don't pick up after themselves let alone anyone else. It is only good business sense to keep store clean, aisles clear and shelves stocked. Is that too much for a customer to ask?

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