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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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Concerned - 1 h 9 m ago


What has happened to this brand new DG.Huntsville,TX, Hwy 190 at 405. What a waste ! Was always so clean and management was great. Now it's all went to hell...First they bring in this weird dude for 2 weeks, now there is a new so called manager. DG knows how to pick them. These are wanna-be's. They're not managers. If someone treated me or spoke to me the way I've seen this new gal do those employees, it would be to bad...This use to be a great store with a great environment. It's crap now. Sad !

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Don in Mustang - 1 h 13 m ago


Mr Dreiling; From: Jada Johnson; Based on your reply below, I am not a valued customer. Hence, I can no longer patronize your establishments. Your response is very short sighted and short minded. I am a grandfather of 6. I have a full GREY goatee and mustache and I haven't been thought of as a minor in over 25 years. Don H. Mustang, OK -------------------------------------------- On Mon, 12/11/17, Customer Service wrote: Subject: FW: Store Feedback To: ________ Date: Monday, December 11, 2017, 3:55 PM Don, Thank you for your email. Dollar General is committed to being a responsible member of the communities we serve. A major part of that commitment is to ensure that we do not sell tobacco products to minors. Therefore, Dollar General's systems require that the date of birth for every customer purchasing tobacco products be validated. To ensure consistency, our policy is to require that these customers present a valid form of identification that shows date of birth, every time a tobacco product is purchased. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us. You are a valued customer here at Dollar General. Kind regards, Jada Johnson Customer Relations Dollar General Corporation

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Brigette Jackson Peterson - 2 h 35 m ago

Mr. Dreiling. Good evening. My name is Brigette Peterson and I have an issue which I would like you to highly consider. I live in the rural area of Washington County Florida closer to Ebro, Florida than the actual city of Vernon. Because our area is unincorporated, we have a Vernon address and thus a Vernon zip code. Therefore any research for a possible new store in my area is null and void as it appear that we are all residents of and are near the Dollar General located in Vernon when in fact many of us live 12 miles away. There are many residents who live in unincorporated New Hope, Florida, Red Head Florida and incorporated Ebro, Florida that drive 12 miles north to a Dollar General or 17 miles south to Panama City Beach to shop at a Dollar General store. There is also an Greyhound Racing Track in Ebro that would surely shop in your stores and there is also a Budweiser Beer plant that would likely shop there as well. As I travel frequently, i will stop in smaller areas which are not as busy as would be when I reach my major destination. I would think that many Panama City beach goers would take advantage of shopping their going to and coming from the Beach. Also, neither Vernon, Ebro or any of these unincorporated cities have a grocery store. Our area would greatly benefit from a Dollar General Market. I also see that a Dollar General has been placed in Caryville. While I am happy for the good people of Caryville, I would think the working population in my area would spend as much or more in your stores. My population consist of many working on the beach, for State Government, for the school system, the city of Panama City Beach, the Northwest Fl Beach Internationa Airportl, the Budweiser plant and the Ebro Dog Track. Please, please consider our area. I think it is greatly needed and highly appreciated! Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Glenna - 3 h 9 m ago


I would like to bring to your attention a store in DESPERATE need of a redo! I live in Garnett Kansas, DG is our ONLY variety store since Alco closed its doors a few years ago. The store is to small for the amount of product that is ordered in and the parking is pretty tight. It would be SO NICE to have a CLEAN, roomy store since most in town shop there! Please consider a new store, I've seen some really nice stores across America. We'd like to have one too! Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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Nurse Patty - 4 h 12 m ago


Dear DG: I just left the DG store at 1200 Highland Ave., Chester, PA 19013. I parked in front store and was getting out of car when I young man came up and locked the door right in front me. He promptly turned around and walked back in the store without any explanation. Soon there was another potential shopper standing there with me. The young man disappeared into the store but suddenly there was a young female standing there so we asked her why the store was closed and she just shrugged her shoulders and laughed slightly looking towards the direction that the young man walked in and she continued to just stand there looking at us like an idiot. The least they could have done is come to door and explain why store was closing 2hrs earlier than the sign designated. It was 7pm and sign said closes 9pm. If the holiday hours sign that was also posted was in force then should have closed even later. I won't be coming back. This is a new store just opened this fall.

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Anonymous - 4 h 27 m ago

Pretty bad when the district manager in wofford heights california. Only gives the one that done everything while they were closed. A 10 hour schedule. And the ones that done nothing 30 and 40 hours. Way to take advantage of people.

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Erika Reyes - 4 h 45 m ago


I spend my time in stores a lot, with the kids and errands and whatnot, and out of all the dollar generals I think this is the best one. Not only is the store clean and organized, but the employees are some of the nicest ones I can find. Usually employees in other stores are very rude and unpleasant, but these are ready to help whenever they can. These always greet you and thank you, and they always look for something to do when the store is not busy. Especially the manager. Ive had problems in the past with other employees and when i speak to the manager she straightens out the problem. Shes a rather sweet manager and undertands the opinions of her customer. And the best part is that the store is constantly stocked so there's no problem in finding the items you're looking for. For reference of to which dollar general it is it's store 10649. Not every time someone writes a review is to write negatively about a store, it's also to write a good intentioned review.

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Anonymous - 5 h ago


The DG in Raleigh Ms is a joke. Its absolutely nasty. You can't get down the isles. You have no product on the shelf because its on the floor. You can't even shop with a shopping cart because you can't get down the isles and it smells like rat Urine

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Anonymous - 5 h 43 m ago


The store located at 13965 Coursey Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA constantly has computer problems and this causes long lines. Today I went to purchase cokes and Dr. Pepper 12 packs that were listed at 3 for $10.00. I got two cokes and one Dr. Pepper and was charged $4.59 each instead of 3 for $10.00. After paying I noticed the increased price. The clerk said you could not mix the two and would have to go to the end of the line to get a refund. I was standing at the register when she told me this and she would not do the refund.

Will never go back to Dollar General. Have also had a problem with products pass the use by date.

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Deborah Applegate - 5 h 48 m ago

Your corporate office number says it's not a working number. So what's up with that? Well after reading some of these reviews I was wanting to go to work for this company. Have a lot to offer. I've worked for Kroger for 20 years and was wanting a change of pace little bit. But making your employees work til ten on Christmas Eve really hell even Kroger closes early so they can be home with family. I'm going to have to think that over might not be worth my time.

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Deborah Applegate - 6 h 1 m ago


Your corporate office number says it's not a working number. So what's up with that?

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Germelody Jones - 6 h 9 m ago


Hello I am a employee at the dollar general store in Sparta ga I have a complaint and I have been through the chain of command and still doesn't have and answer

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Anonymous - 8 h 44 m ago

I think the fact that the stores are staying open till 10:00pm CHRISTMAS EVE even though you will be closed CHRISTMAS DAY shows you have no respect for your employees its ashame that sales and money comes before family. That's so sad.

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Anonymous - 7 h 33 m ago

You can bet that corporate will be home christmas eve with family. Money grubbers

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Anonymous - 6 h 31 m ago

I agree with you. I want to be with family and friends.

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Francesca - 7 h ago


Went to DG here in Gulfport, Ms had to packs of sparkle paper towels An two one dollar off coupon. Store mananger says they can only take one coupon!! What it clearly says one coupon per purchase I was purchasing two!!! So I went to another DG store same thing!! What are they being told that isn't right! Coupon did not say one per transaction !!! First time that has ever happened have they been told something new????

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Anonymous - 9 h 35 m ago

Amy Szafranski (hidden)

Your brand canned Tuna used to be awesome. Now ot is sold as CHUNK LIGHT TUNA but is literally micro flakes. This is false branding.

Also our store in Linesville Pa 16424

Never has clear diet pop when products are on sale..

Thank you

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Anonymous - 9 h 37 m ago


The DG store in Addison, NY is under very poor management. The isles are always blocked and very messy abd the store manager herself has been heard on multiple occasions screaming at the employees.

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Bewildered in Tequesta florida - 11 h 9 m ago


Visited the Dollar General a day before Thanksgiving. There were 2 people working - One was an older woman who's first day on the job and the second worker was a blonde woman who was addressed as the "manager" from the new worker. 608 N US Highway 1,Tequesta, FL 33469

I bought 18 glasses. The "manager" had taken a cigarette break in front of the store sitting on a table. The new employee looked lost when I went through the line with glasses so I grabbed a roll of paper to roll them up to put in the very thin plastic bags - the "manager" stood at the door with her cigarette yelling to stop using the "paper" to protect the glasses. She was total white trash and I told her so - what manager stands at the door with a line full of people yelling to stop using paper to protect the glasses with a cigarette in her hands ??? I felt sorry for the older woman on her first day and sorry for me as the customer.

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Anonymous - 11 h 18 m ago


I worked at store 8282 in murrells inlet SC.I left my job on 12/4/17. I enjoyed my work for this store but the store manager has no managerial skills. I showed up on time for every shift, if my shift needed to be changed for any reason I complied. I have 18 years experience in customer service with a large supermarket. Inventory control, warehouse receiving, changing over an ad, supervising employees. I had no problems getting the employees to work for me on my shift. I don't think write ups by management should include all employees when I did my job on my shifts. The store manager should address each individual as to there performance. She does not speak but instead yells at employees in front of customers and she disrespects vendors. I feel she ruined my career opportunity with Dollar General. I spoke to the district manager a few weeks ago and was told to handle it in store. The problem is the store manager, there is a high turnover of employees.

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Anonymous - 11 h 40 m ago


I went in the dollar general on north Courtney in Merritt Island fl were I am a regular and I tell you there are two of your associates that I absolutely in love with Christina and Austin no matter what Christina does she is so helpful and takes time to show you where something is and I have asked her so money times why do you look so tired and she works two jobs To make ends meet she is a very hard hard work and Austin he is so energetic so caring he loves his customers no matter what is going on throughout the day or if he is treated poorly at the store I have witnessed on several different occasions where there could be long lines and both of these people try to get the customers out and then other two associates that normally work with them are normally in the break room by the bathrooms or somewhere not on the sells floor and they could be hollering for them or ring in the button and nobody would come. So Christina and Austin would try their best to help in anyway I know Christina is an manager sometimes and Austin is a cashier but they go above and be on and these two people need a promotion or a raise because they go above and be on and don't get recognize And I don't like to talk poorly about the store because the store manager is great and so is the assistant but sometimes they don't know what fully going on but these two associates that I absolutely love always has an upbeat attitude and everything and is not rude at all in any way shape or form The reason why I am giving it five stars Is because of the store manager and assistant and because of Christina and Austin that is the only reason I am giving it a five star if it wasn't for them it would have a two star

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Sherry Scott - 12 h ago


Hello my name is Sherry Scott and I was at your Dollar General on Maysville Avenue in Zanesville Ohio I had the worst experience from one of your employees supposed to be a manager in my life you have a Santa Claus there that it was broken and I asked her could she take some money off of it because it was broken and she said no real smart she said that's an easy fix even for me so either you buy it broken for $45 or you don't buy it at all that is very disrespectful I shop at Dollar General almost 4 5 times a week and I've never ever experienced that kind of attitude from any of your employees than I did at this store thank you have a good day

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Sandra - 12 h 42 m ago


can not get password to go through

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Axwoman - 12 h 46 m ago


I shop at several Dollar General stores in St. Augustine Florida. On two occasions, I got to witness Jennifer at the Stokes Landing store, scream and bitch loudly at the employees. That woman is a miserable human being and needs to be fired. She is rude, nasty and unprofessional. How could you hire such an angry person. That store was pleasant to shop, so I now drive out of my way to avoid that woman.

Get rid of her. She is bad for business.

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Sandra - 13 h 13 m ago


I shop at your store in Lexington mi and i was very upset on how your asst. Manager treats me every time i go in there...i made a complaint to your store manager and obviously she did nothing about it...I will not be shopping there anymore and either will my family...i have also called corporate to make a complaint and still nothing has been done...also the store is always messy and carts of cardboard laying around blocking the aisles...:(

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