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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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Darlene - 5 h 40 m ago

The brand new General Dollar store in Glen Rose, Arkansas has closed. There is a penciled, handwritten sign taped to the door that you cant read until you walk to the door that says....closed indefinitely....then added again in pencil and crossway that says gas leak is reason. PLEASE check into this. It's only been open a couple months, but the neighbors have learned to depend on it. We would loive to see it reopen!!!

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Anonymous - 7 h 21 m ago

The Dollar General store here in Stockton , MO was a mess a few years back. I complained and you sent a new store Manager in. He did an amazing job ! The store was clean and shelves were in order. Now he has left, and the store has turned into a total mess. Floors have not been swept or mopped in day, maybe weeks shelves are a mess as well. So many new employees, that I can count. Please make the store back the way it was. I believe the good Manager came from El Dorado Springs, Mo. Please send him back. Think his name was Brian? Store sucks now without him. Thanks!

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Britney - 8 h 20 m ago


I went to Dollar General in Fouroaks North Carolina tonight around 5 5:30 on my way home. I was with my son shopping and I was waiting in line I seen that register 2 had her light on but was scanning some products so I nicely asked her if she was taking customers, she ignored me so I asked her again.. she turned around and said "ughhhhh" rolled her eyes and turned back around completely ignoring me. All she had to do was say no I am sorry and I would of been very okay with that.. she was so rude and turns out the manager of the store.. I believe in great customer service and I would hope she did also.. I wasn't rude too her at all. She took the other people in line but not me. I don't understand why she would think it's ok to treat people like that. You can't run a professional business like that and should treat people professionally.. the other cashier apologized to me for being treated like that..

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jBob68 - 13 h 28 m ago

I don't think Dollar General has any clue of were to put stores. I live in Barefoot Bay, Fl., which is a community within Micco, Fl. Outside of our community is a Family Dollar store, which I have never seen more than 8 cars at a time. This store can't make much money. Yet about 1/4 mile from Family Dollar. There is a new Dollar General going up. Looks like someone at Dollar General really didn't check to see if it was worth trying and put this Family Dollar out of business. That or hoping the new Dollar General fails and get a tax break.

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Dawn Scott - 9 h 19 m ago


My name is Dawn Scott. I agree with your concerns. I am sorry to see that your post has not been replied to as of today. I am trying my best to get in touch with the Majority Stock Holder of DOLGEN, LLC. - Vanguard Total Stock Mkt. Index. The CEO is Frederick William McNabb III. I am an employee of Dollar General and I will do my best to make a difference. If your local Dollar General is the closest store you have for your shopping I ask only that you please give me a chance to make a difference. I personally see a need for our competitors, including the Family Dollar Store's. Thank you for your time to post your opinion. I only pray with the whole of my heart that every competitor of Dollar General succeeds. I would not work for a company that ONLY intends to see others fail. However, that our competition has their vision and we have ours, well good luck to them and good luck to us.


Thank you, Dawn

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Dustin Bishop - 9 h 25 m ago


I would the the regional manager or CEO over dollar general to contact me -(hidden) conceding the store in Mount Olive Mississippi (321 frontage road mount olive ms 39119) left a message for district manager (Drew Spiers) to contact me and was told he would within 24 hours amd I have yet to receive my call.. someone is going to do something with that store or I will I have had enough of it..

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Jill Williams - 13 h 11 m ago


I tried to complete the survey on the receipt but the system would not let me. So, I thought I would just write a review this way. DG 6410 (Cooleemee, NC) has been through a lot of changes the past few years. The store manager, Ann Newman has been in this store a little over a year and the stire and customer service has greatly improved. She and her staff have really turned the store around. They have all worked hard to make the store better and I feel she deserves recognition for this. I know as a customer that she personally worked many hours to make the store better!

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Dawn - 9 h 38 m ago


My name is Dawn Scott. I agree with your concerns. I am sorry to see that your post has not been replied to as of today. I am trying my best to get in touch with the Majority Stock Holder of DOLGEN, LLC. - Vanguard Total Stock Mkt. Index. The CEO is Frederick William McNabb III. I am an employee of Dollar General and I will do my best to make a difference. If your local Dollar General is the closest store you have for your shopping I ask only that you please give me a chance to make a difference. Thank you for posting how great Ann is. Investors and Management need to know the great managers that may be overlooked. Your time has NOT been wasted.

Thank you, Dawn

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Timika Askew - 13 h ago


I worked at the dollar general in auburn, Al on east university drive..I was fired due to the store Manager scheduled me to come in on first shift to work with her, but I specifically told her that I didn't want to work on first shift when she hired me cause I had a third shift job..I worked two times with her on first shift and both times she didn't give me no break after working 8 hour shifts..she had me scheduled one Saturday morning to come in and I called her to tell her that I couldn't work first shift and why she keep scheduling me work first shift after I told her before she hired me that I can't so she took me off the schedule and listed me as a no rehire..who do I need to talk to? And how can I get this issue resolved?

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Dawn Scott - 9 h 43 m ago


My name is Dawn Scott. I agree with your concerns. I am sorry to see that your post has not been replied to as of today. I am trying my best to get in touch with the Majority Stock Holder of DOLGEN, LLC. - Vanguard Total Stock Mkt. Index. The CEO is Frederick William McNabb III. I am an employee of Dollar General and I will do my best to make a difference. If your local Dollar General is the closest store you have for your shopping I ask only that you please give me a chance to make a difference.

Thank you, Dawn

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Ginger - 10 h 19 m ago


I just left Dollar General store number #12454 in Roper NC. Since a line was forming I let the lady standing in her office know we were waiting. She stated she knew and she was busy. She was very rude and had an attitude. The store is extremely messy. It is so sad as it is really all we have in this small town.

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Monica J - 10 h 22 m ago


I worked for Dollar General and tried moving up, but was kept from it bc they didn't want to fork out the pay. They liked my work enough tho that they tried to use me for it...still didn't want to pay me or move me up. Even treated me shitty, no breaks sometimes, had problems when I needed something, but ALWAYS needed something from me. I quit and they got pissed, so, now they are refusing to give me my last pay from when I was held back. Even admitted they owed me after I went to corporate...problem still not solved and still owed money. Thinking about suing or doing what I can for the point of the matter. The labor board has already been to the one I was working at, guess they need to make another visit..

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Marcia P - 10 h 46 m ago


Arlington, GA store is a JOKE!!!!! The store is cluttered everyday, all day long. Employees are rude and disrespectful. One girl talked about the area manager like a dog to another customer, not even knowing that I may be related to the person she is stomping in the ground. I HATE going to this store. I guess upper management does not care about how customers are treated nor the condition of the store. Richard Dreiling needs to get out of his office and start CARING about this company. All the complaints on here with no reply shows he couldn't care less. What a shame.

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luz - 11 h 45 m ago


the store in vineland nj 08360 is very dirty and the shelf are empty all the time with the merchandise on carts and nothing put way the freezer are empty if you ask for creamers they tell you that is in the back and they don't have time to get it out that's what the store manger says he is always on the cell phone not helping you cant buy anything any more because is empty ..

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Brenda Greenelsh - 16 h 1 m ago

You should really get some outside camera's at your store 3806 Ocoee Apopka rd. Apopka fl.

Sincerely Brenda Greenelsh

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anonymous - 16 h 28 m ago


Our town in surrounded by dollar general stores. They are convenient, however, my experiences are not always good. Most of the time when I buy soda pop, they are flat or taste funny. When I check the expiration dates, if there is one, it is usually always out of date. To make it worse, they are charging higher prices for these products then most of the grocery chains. There should be more quality control for these stores if you are going to continue having as high or higher costs than the other stores around. It's not always in the best interest to make more money if the quality is not up to standards. If things don't improve, the company is going to be left with a large amount of empty buildings on their hands.

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RGil - 16 h 43 m ago


Made a purchase with my debit card 6/27/17 at a Hialeah, FL store, told receipt was not printing and could not be given a receipt. Asked for manager. Employee in his 20's or younger came to register, not a manager, found there was no paper on register printer. Told me he could not give me a receipt but could write on a piece of paper that I had made a purchase there. Employee who processed purchase, also in his 20's or younger, his pants were almost falling, you could see all his navy colored underwear and butt. I have never seen something like this at any store any where, and that you have to leave without a purchase receipt

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Fish J - 18 h 13 m ago


Make sure if you buy candy or anything. Keep your receipt. I baught a box of malted milk balls, who knew, I threw the receipt away afterwards I opened the box. They were old and had turned a whitish color. I went to take them back along with 2 hummingbird feeders that leaked. This was at a store I frequently use. But I was refused. As if I had stolen these items or something. I'm done with it. I will not use the store again. Located in Mannford, Oklahoma at the foot of the hill.

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Anonymous - 18 h 18 m ago


I shop daily in the dollar general store in Piggott Arkansas and I have seen major improvement in things there however I recently viewed another customer really treating the cashier in there like dirt it was awful your manager handled that situation like a boss if I were in her shoes I would have hit the woman she also had an understanding and relieved the cashier to compose herself will continued shopping there wtg DG been awhile since I have liked shopping there

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DK - 19 h 29 m ago


I used to love dollar general but now I won't go back to the ones in Farmington Mo!! I have been in the one on Karsh Blvd several times I the past month and the shelves are EMPTY, filthy and crap stacked in isles. This store used to be pleasant and inviting. The employees are dirty, no teeth, and covered in tattoos! I asked one store employee if this store was closing and she replied "nope!" Why is management not taking care of this? Maybe if you would pay a fair wage you could get upstanding employees. As a Business Major I know that you get what you pay for. Your store here could be great!!! Please look into matter and figure out the problem, I want my Dollar General back!

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Holly Bryan - 1 d 6 h ago

complaint : Dollar General : South Central , Campbellsville , Ky !

daughter in law wanted to help a customer pay for perchass but was told she couldn't because he was $2.00 short ! and it was illegal and humiliated this poor old man in front of custamors and be littleing him !! she said he comes here all the time !

still!!! not illegal to help someone out !! my son knows this old fella , sweet man ! just down on his luck ! no one should be treated this way !! you don't know his story !! these people are blessed to have a job !! but something could happen to them , you or me !! get something done or me and my whole town of family or friends will not shop there again ! they said they talked to you and you said to deny him service and not allow people to pay for his perchass ! last i remember ??! this is still America !

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

I keep telling that DG is so wrong. Do not buy from DG because Criminal Trespass and other things. Lobby your Congress to sue DG.

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Mark hobbs - 1 d 6 h ago


I was in the Dollar General in Kannapolis on 29 buying my purchases and a employee of yours name of Lori came at me with attitude and discretion I am a professional person and I do not deserve to be talked to like this I will contact my attorney and you can talk to them from here on out my phone number is (hidden) my name is Mark hobbs

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Anonymous - 1 d 7 h ago


every time they have thing on sale .you get home and you pay full price and not the sale price . i have to drive down their again 16 miles to get my money back i am done with this shit . it not the first time this has happen to me i am done with this .i will not go back

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Just saying - 1 d 7 h ago


I believe someone should actually pay attention to these comments and reviews. Customers are angry, dissappointed, disrespected and mistreated. From the lack of training for employees to serious lack of knowledge in management. Dirty stores, mismanagement of money and employees. I understand it's hard to employ enough people to actually do the jobs required in these stores, but at the rate of disappointment in customers because of these issues in a few short years there will no longer be a business. Employees should be trained, and treated with respect. And customers should never be so unhappy that they resort to trying to reach someone on a "rating" site.

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