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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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Anonymous - 8 h 45 m ago

To whom it may concern I have shoped at the Dollar General for Several years now and I have filled one complaint prior to this. the only complaint that I had filed prior to this was the mold on the bread in the Foley area it will two stores that I mainly got the bread from which was the one in Elberta on County Road 20 and the other one in Foley on North Mackenzie Highway and now after a year and a half I have not experienced this problem again.I don't have a problem with buying bread from Dollar General anymore but the last time I went to Dollar General I got bread that tastes sour this will be the first time in over a year that I have had any issues with bread from your company. I have had an issue with your milk I picked up a couple gallons over the past year that were sour I understand that your company is very large and that sometimes things slip through the cracks the reason that I do complain about this is because we have an 82 year old mentally handicapped man being my brother-in-law that goes into the refrigerator and makes himself chocolate milk and sandwiches and if I would not have tasted the milk or the bread which we don't always have time to do before we place them in the refrigerator it could have made him very sick please ask you to check your stock and please help me make sure the food is good for him coming from your store we do intend on continuing our business with your company if you could please address these problems for me if you have any questions my phone number is (hidden)

thank you very much

Lauren Lauing


General profile image - 10 h 18 m ago

Shopped at DG store #01726 Vernon, TX. Purchased $112.49 total with over $30.00 in P&G products. The add on my past receipt store coupon for $5 on $15 worth of products. The clerk didnt know how to do it, the store manager said it didn't apply. There was a poster in their window and i have the DG Saving Thank you PG barcode paper in my hand. Mgr was very rude, in a hurry to get off.

I live in the country drove 45 miles to the DG store. :(

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Crystal - 12 h ago


My name is Crystal I am from Lenoir North Carolina. I recently returned home from shopping at Dollar General on hwy321 in Lenoir. Selected my items and went to the checkout counter the young lady rang up my items I handed her a Visa gift card at which time she swiped it and said that it was not a Dollar General gift card at she could not accept it. I know this is not true because I used my Visa gift card the week before at another Dollar General. She is the only register open and there is a line of about 7 people behind me. Out of consideration for the others behind me, I tell the clerk I'll pay cash and wait to the side for a manager to assist with the transaction. The manager comes to the front after about 3 to 5 minutes and begins taking customers waiting in line. I'm pushed for time so I take my items to the vehicle and return to the store with my receipt in hand thinking the manager can just credit it give me my cash put the transaction charges on the Visa gift card and that be the end of it. No such luck the manager precedes to tell me that I need to return every item back into the store let them credit at all ring everything back up do a credit and then bring it back up again and charge it to the Visa. Bulshit bullshit bullshit. You can't tell me there's no other option then that. First of all I would not be in this predicament had she trained her sales associate properly and/or she herself would have come to the front and ask to assist the person waiting with the visa issue rather than taking other customers in line. Furthermore I feel I the customer was treated as if I was at fault, when clearly I was not.

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Anonymous - 13 h 13 m ago


My name is jessica from knoxville tn .i was at dollar store on Rutledge pike near Roberts rd..i bought 2 balloons wish was $5 each for my son in the car with them and i was holding them and one of them popped on there they put too much called the them and manager said she couldn't give me a refund i said can i get another one she said no..come on now, i didn't pop it.and was for my son birthday party..won't be going back there anymore..and y'all need to learn how to be nice to people..y'all so rude ass hell..

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Concerned Customer - 15 h ago

I was in Dollar General that is located on College Park Road in Ladson, SC and the Manager named Melody is a down right disgrace to your company. She is very rude to the customers and to the employees. She needs to learn how to first be a team player before being a manager. Her customer service and managerial skills are the worst. I think she needs to be replaced. As long as she's the Manager I will take my business down the street to Family Dollar and I ask all my friends and family members shop Family Dollar as well. How could you let someone like that represent you and your company. SHE NEEDS TO BE TERMINATED!

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Anonymous - 15 h 50 m ago


My name is Joyce Clark I live and visit one of your stores in Anniston AL the store address is 704 South Quintard this morning on my to work I stop at this location and was mat a the door with trash everywhere I got pics to show this is uncalled for..

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Jennie B. - 1 d ago


I am writing to inform someone of the fact that Store # 01335 in Erie PA is a DISCRACE!! I have shopped there for years and the store has gone down hill at an alarming rate! Someone needs to visit this store ...... Pronto....... and take care of business !! Stock clogging up almost EVERY Isle makes it almost impossible to is so aggravating.... I have been known to throw my hands up & leave without purchasing anything in my cart. Not all ......but most..... employees are very busy on cell phones or chatting amongst themselves! I would love someone to call me about this matter


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Ebbie - 1 d 35 m ago

We have a new store in Dawsonville Georgia on Harmony Church Rd. I know your store takes great pride in the overall appearance. This new store has beautiful trees which cost the company money but in this location the gardeners did a very poor job. The trees are not correctly supported and are bending down to the ground. At times laying completely on their sides. When I drive by it gives the store a total disregard appearance and I question if the store is neglecting on other job performance?

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Anonymous - 1 d 6 h ago

In this day and age. Companies should do anything and everything within reason to recycle. I found out Dollar General is very wasteful and they remodel their stores. They throw all their scrap steel aluminum and copper in with regular trash to be dumped in landfills. Protest this by blowing up let him know how you feel thank you

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Anonymous - 1 d 8 h ago


I was shopping the Haywood KY store and the cashier freaked of alcohol and was slurry when he talked to us and a few customers in line this was Thursday June 21,2018 at about 630 pm. I felt uncomfortable and thought this should be brought to your attention

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Ashley - 1 d 13 h ago


I love Dollar General! I have been shopping there since i was a child. Recently i had a cart and basket full of items a few hundred dollars worth. So cashier rang up first item, rang up full price. I told her that it had a certain symbol on it, i was told "So" before i could finish telling her the sign in her store said it was on sale. After being interrupted i was met with the worst attitude I've ever seen. she began to argue with me raise her voice and then yell because i wouldn't entertain her. i politely sat my basket down in front of her, parked my cart, then told her i did not have to shop there nor will my family anymore. all of this in front of my seven year old daughter. i was appalled! I quietly stepped away to the front of the store told my 7 year old to go tell my other daughter it was time to go. While she was gone, she continued yelling at me that symbols didn't matter while ignoring the other customers in the line. i told her i was not going to argue with her that she looked foolish enough. she still kept on. Finally my girls came and i went to exit the store, and another lady and her young son left her cart in line and left also. I went to my car, called the store and politely asked for a general and district managers phone number as i was pulling out of the parking lot. She told me "No"! and she was going to call the cops. i didn't rant and rave yell or even raise my voice in that store back at her. I had more class in that moment than she ever knew about class. There are 11 people in my family who shop at Dollar General at least twice a week! Not Anymore though! this is a great loss we love the Dollar General Stores and most of there employees!! Such behavior should not go without consequences! These actions were from the manager. My treatment in front of my two young daughters was absurd and absolutely uncalled for! manager positions should be held to a higher standard!


Dollar General Store#06661

2818 W US Highway 421

Wilkesboro, NC (hidden)

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Terry miles. - 1 d 18 h ago


You recently opened a store in Ridgeland Ms. I have visited this store 3 times. The rudeness of your employees is unbelievable. I manage a grocery store down the street so I do understand working with public. Believe me your dollar store is not the only one in town and I will not visit yours again.

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Emma - 1 d 20 h ago

You just opened a new Dollar General Store in Throckmorton Texas (yay!) Do you think you will be putting in a Redbox there? It is a very small town but I think it will do amazing.

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Aswegrow2009@gmail.Com - 2 d ago


You manager brookwisen is down rite rude to customers

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Ralph Muhammad - 2 d ago


I was recently at one of your stores in St.Louis County on Parker road and went to get some DG mens lotion and the store was out so I ask a cashier could they modified a another mens lotion at DG price, and he stated he had only been there two weeks and he didn't know how and summoned the manager or what appeared to be a manager because upon first look she did not impress me as such,,,,her mannerisms, and persona did reflect such as should be expected from a I ask her could she modifiy and she said unprofessionally we don't do nothing like that in a very negative I thought wow, and left the store....I always thought coming out of a retail environment that the objective was to satisfy customers, but evidently that is not a part of training in the Dollar General community...Disappointed customer,,,FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!

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Ralph Muhammad - 2 d ago


I was recently at one of your stores in St.Louis County on Parker road and went to get some DG mens lotion and the store was out so I ask a cashier could they modified a another mens lotion at DG price, and he stated he had only been there two weeks and he didn't know how and summoned the manager or what appeared to be a manager because upon first look she did not impress me as such,,,,her mannerisms, and persona did reflect such as should be expected from a I ask her could she modifiy and she said unprofessionally we don't do nothing like that in a very negative I thought wow, and left the store....I always thought coming out of a retail environment that the objective was to satisfy customers, but evidently that is not a part of training in the Dollar General community...Disappointed customer,,,FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!

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Cody - 2 d 1 h ago


O no longer want to do business with you guys your coworkers at route 9 dollar general 08087 were rude nasty and mainly jerks , I tried to buy fireworks Last night but they said you have to be 18 that is not true under the state law of new Jersey you have to be 16 - older to buy them I want this issue fixed the co-workers are nasty and lier's

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Anonymous - 2 d 14 s ago


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Anonymous - 2 d 6 h ago

My name is Janet Shriner, I submitted an application on line, was hired on the June 14th. I completed my hire packet and did my drug test on June 15th, but the manager at store 7887 in St.Paul,Ne. has not received anything from corporate for when i can start, could you please check into this. The manager right now is working open to close because she has nobody else that has the authority to have the keys to do the job. Could you please check into this. I passed everything, but she still hasn't received anything as of 5:30 p.m.CST on June 20th. Thank You for your time.

Flagged for review. 
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glenda Hogan - 2 d 11 h ago


Hi my name is Mrs.Hogan I was in the dollar store 12708 3600 Anderson Rd (hidden) 06/20/18 for dog food there was a sign that said buy 1 get 1 free Purina Bella small dogs so when I got to the register I told the young lady she went back to see and the sale ended on the 16 ask why is that sign still up and will you still honor it and she said no then a Manger was called and she said no as well I was truly disappointed because store that I've been they do honor it it was there mistake

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Anonymous - 2 d 14 h ago


The Dollar General in Milledgeville Ga on Irwinton Rd all the employees should be drug tested also the employees be stealing things out of the Dollar General on Irwinton Rd in Milledgeville Ga 31061. I am a customer and have over heard employees calling drug dealers to the store and taking items without paying.

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Anonymous - 2 d 14 h ago


There is a lady named Margie that works at the Dollar General in Gloster Mississippi she is very rude to the customers and every time you go in there when she is working she always has an attitude from my experience from working with the public you need to be nice to your customers unless they are causing problems and then you don't take matters into your own hands you let the manager handle it

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Anonymous - 2 d 18 h ago

Down east store is completely filthy, people are refusing to even go in there. It's the Otway store,

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Kellie - Michigan - 2 d 18 h ago


This is not a place to work if you have a family and want to spend time with them. My mom works here for years and when ever we plan a family day, they make a mandatory meeting so she has to work and miss out.

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Disappointed in Dollar General Corporate - 2 d 19 h ago

Store #15138 at 1049 Perrowville Rd. in Forest, VA is always well organized on the inside but the outside appearance ruins it all. It is an eyesore to the community. The store is located at a busy, prime intersection that many people have to drive by several times a day. The grass and weeds are now 3-4 feet tall. I would attach a photo if I could. It is a fairly new store and we had the same issue last year until the weeds were eventually mowed-- not mulched and taken care, of but at least mowed. I will no longer shop there until the site is consistently taken care of.

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