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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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Nakisha - 10 m 57 s ago


I love love My neighborhood Dollar General but it's sad to pull into the parking lot and see trash from front to back of the store. STORE NUMBER #04482 please clean it up

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Monica - 40 m 23 s ago


I was in the Dollar General #17226 and overheard a conversation and I am apalled at your hiring practices, you actually hire people without interviewing them! The young man I am speaking of actually brags about this! This is a new store and we are glad it's in our neighborhood But if this continues this location will not make it, this kid is lazy and is always bragging about being hired with no interview! I called your complaint line and was told that no one can help me on this question which that person was rude, Someone from corporate needs to check this store your manager is great BUT the people working there except for a few and I mean a few are lazy, rude and everytime I get to the register and I have to wait not because the person is working but because she is always in the break room or nowhere to be found her name is Wendy or at least that is what her I says I really hope she is not on your management team I have shopped at several of your stores for many years and I have never seen a store ran this way. Also this store sales alcohol and the kid bragging about the way he was hired is not checking identification I know this because he and the girl never have checked mine! Heads up TABC WILL BE CALLED!

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Kristine Shelton - 1 h ago


Monday Jan 16, 2017 I went into the Hamilton, Indiana Dollar General with my 5 yr. old daughter and my infant son to purchase formula. While looking around at the new spring items my daughter picked up a small $1.00 item off the shelf to look at, and out of no where a employee ( believe it was the manager), not sure started to tell my daughter not to touch it that she just put it out and did not want it messed up! My daughter started to apologize to me telling she was sorry, and I told she did nothing wrong, she really scared her. I then told the manager that she was not to talk to my daughter at all and she started to walk away, I told her that if she was to mess up her shelves, or that if she was to break it I had no problem paying for the $1.00 item. Dollar General, I spend alot of money in your store weekly, get this lady under control!!! If she thinks her store is neat and tidy, think again!!

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ETPAULSEN - 11 h 16 m ago


My store is at 3426 Chimney Rock Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28792 and when the Manager Ted Merryweather was there a few years ago it was perfect. Floors polished, shelves stocked and good employees. It went downhill quickly after Ted was gone and it's beyond horrible now. I went in this weekend and floors are trashed, shelves are almost empty in entire store. Ladders in aisles and stock carts everywhere and boxes stacked on top of shelves in entire store. If Dollar General doesn't start caring what their stores look like and who is managing them and employeed in them, then soon Dollar General will be a distant memory. Corporate Management get into my store tomorrow and do something about it or we are calling the county to get it shut down as a hazard for the community! Shame on you for not getting control of this store long ago. It's looked like trash for the past couple of years, but now it's total trash! Floors might not even be recoverable, it's that bad! YOU PEOPLE SHOULD'VE TREATED TED PROPERLY AND YOU'D STILL HAVE CLASS RUNNING YOUR STORE! POST A PROPER EMAIL ADDRESS FOR US TO SEND MESSAGES TO AND YOU'D GLADLY KNOW HOW TO RESPOND TO ME OR IS THAT BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! RURAL PEOPLE ARE GOING TO GET SICK OF THIS CRAP AND SHUT YOU DOWN!

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Enlightened Ex Employee - 1 h 23 m ago

I too was once employed by this company and i too was gotten rid of. I soon found out AFTERWARDS while doing research that stores every where that clearly they prefer employees who don't care and treat others horribly!!! The ones that do actually care and work hard do not last long at all. I was really shocked by reading all the reviews as i thought the store i worked at was isolated. My store manager was horrible, talked to employees AND customers any kind of way...i just say join the club!

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Rose - 2 h 46 m ago



Holtzclaw rd cumming GA

The general manger was horrible customer service I bought the wrong product and wanted to switch for the right product first off she was talking on the phone while taking care of me was totally rude actually trying to start an argument saying she won't take it back cause I don't know where you got it from and I said well the receipt on my email shows tht I bought here for my online coupons she than proceeded to tell me tht she doesn't know about the online receipts or the online coupons even tho she is supposed to be the general manager , I proceeded to tell her tht I go to this general dollar literally everyday since it's opened and she told me tht she didn't care that doesn't matter, so basically the hundreds of dollars tht I've spent and planned on spending doesn't matter this is all happening while she is still on the phone talking. This experience was so infuriating I literally don't want to comeback to that store ever again, every time that we have gone in and she was working Julie has always been miserable or on the phone or smoking cigarettes in the front of the store. The only reason that I would go back is that I'm usually there at night and the lady Julie is never there at night usually the manager is Paige and she is the total opposite of the other manager she is actually helpful and nicer so because of her I will comeback . As a general manager she is deffinetly not a good representative of your store !!

Thank you for your Time


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Anonymous - 3 h 43 m ago


3040 Macon road, orchard hill, ga

8am 3 employees at the front door smoking. I don't care if they want to inhale that crap but I should not have to walk through it just to enter the store. I have a pic too

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Your Store Is An Ongoing Problem - 5 h 49 m ago


Store located at corner of Marbach and Pue Roads in San Antonio Texas.

This store has become an ongoing problem because your company chose to build into an established neighborhood and run the store as if the neighborhood came after. You continue to ignore the overgrown brush between the properties, which is actually YOUR property, and your trash flies freely onto the yards adjacent to the store. NOW, your 18 wheeler delivery trucks are arriving at 4:30 A.M., backing (beeping) into the portion of the parking next to the houses and running their refrigeration units, which means the truck's motors are cycling on and off.The situation is the same as when the trash trucks were emptying the dumpsters at 5:00 A.M; your store doesn't have enough traffic in its parking lot after it opens to justify deliveries, or any operations, before the store opens its doors.

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Anonymous - 7 h ago


Someone should really check into the Store in Bentleyville Pa 15314. The employees stand around on their phones they r rude & they dont clean the store. Its always a mess & Ur paying them to stand around from 7 am to 11 Pm. Not really necessary to be open til 11

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Daniela Garcia, Tiffany Carpenter - 11 h 45 m ago


To whom it may concern i'm a dollar general employee and the last few months have been very unprofessional at work The store im concerned about is dollar General Store #04966 in the Macon district.Store 04966 is located in Butler, GA, it is to my knowledge that the new Manger Ms. Daniela Garcia and Asst, Manager Tiffany Carpenter are having a relationship, they live to together last week they went on vacation on the exact same days the 14th, 15, an 16th.I could be wrong but they barley work on the weekends there is no schedule rotating and the Manager has closed maybe twice since she has been there, also she has her on set of rules for people who call out even with a doctors not and maybe i read it wrong but there is no Ms Daniela section in the DG Handbook. As an employee of your company I urge you to look into this matter before it turns into a legal matter also tried talking to the district manager about this but never got a single call back. please look into this i love our company and plan to make a career out of it but not with foul misconducted going on. Once again please look into the manager Daniela Garcia and the asst, Manger Tiffany Carpenter Before some makes this a legal matter. thank you for listening. also i have pictures of schedules and a calender showing the dates they vactioned on.

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Faithful Customer - 14 h 42 m ago


Good Evening,

As I drove by my local dollar general tonight, in which I miss dearly, I thought of the horrible customer experience I had in there before Christmas. I thought about not filing a complaint, but I miss my store, and I should not be denied the privilege of shopping there due to one rude cashier. I was spending quite a bit of money there on a weekly basis, buying all of my family's necessities. I was basically an everyday customer. My complaint as follows:

My sons and I went into our Dollar General a couple of weeks before Christmas. We were purchasing 2 $50 Microsoft cards. As we approached the register, your cashier, Megan Phipps, walked off and refused to wait on me due to a very personal and tragic matter. My sons and I stood at the register for 5+ minutes waiting to be checked out. I walked back to the office, and the Manager on Duty, Ricky Norman, looks at me and says, I can not check you out. I was like, OK, can someone check me out please?? I went back to the register, with the cashier walking very slowly in front of me (Megan) making some very rude remarks. I spent Over $100 that night, and I have not been back. I would appreciate your investigation into this, and I would also be very grateful for feedback. I want my store back. Also, Please do not post my personal information for Ms. Phipps to see. Thank You so very much.

A Faithful Customer

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Steve - 15 h 31 s ago

I live in Ottumwa Iowa and the regional manager needs to make a visit there the shelves r not stalked and freight in all The isles It has been like that for months! The store is on Quincy Avenue!

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Sandra nelsn - 15 h 42 m ago

I live in Fresno, CA. I moved here from Johnstown, PA. My question is we have property near my home in Fresno. How do you get your company to build in my area. We could certainly use one here.

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And is robbing them blind she takes a paid 15 minute break for a smoke every hour on the hour - 15 h 42 m ago

Can I have a job like Jen at your mcqueeny texas store? She's always complaining to customers how corporate screws over the employees constantly. Andne

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Ginger - 15 h 44 m ago


The dollar General in Madison SD AS has one of the rudest employees ever. She is loud and yells at customers. She walks around the store to avoid the front when the other cashier is busy and she never tries to help anyone when they ask or have problems with coupons. there is no way this employee should be working there I know several people in our little community who won't go in there anymore because she is there. great way to lose business and someday the store

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Jamie - 16 h ago


Today was Wednesday & Dollar General in Apple Creek, Ohio was still putting last week's stuff away. What's going to happen when the truck shows up tomorrow on Thursday. Don't know how many aisles I couldn't get down because the stocking carts were smack dab in the middle. Piles of broken down cardboard that my cart wheels kept getting hung up on. Since managers changed this Dollar General is like a bomb went off & constantly always out of products. Even a day or two after the truck arrives.

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Mrs. E. Beverly - 16 h 17 m ago


I visit one of your stores on 01/18/2017. Shopping for after Christmas sales,found a lighted lantern with ornaments and was told this wasn't Consider a Christmas item, even though the sale posted 70% off. 7221 hwy64 stage, Memphis TN.38133-3926

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Crystal Felock - 17 h 28 m ago


Myself and my husband visit the dollar general next door to us at least once a day, and we spend around $400-$500 a month in the store, if not more. My husband went in today to buy a pack of cigarettes, like he does almost everyday, and the lady wouldn't sell them because his license expired yesterday! It is ridiculous! We have one vehicle and he was here by himself without a ride. He had to walk 3/4 of a mile with 2 children! I am pissed!

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Angry! - 18 h 42 m ago

You are building a new one in my town. If you move the employees from the old to the new you've wasted money. They will trash it! A couple of the employees have a problem with certain types of people.. I've never been so ignored and mistreated than at that store. I will drive out of town if I need something that bad from your stores. Columbiana will be a waste of time building a new one if you DON'T CORRECT YOUR EMPLOYEE PROBLEMS!!!

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Suzanne Harris - 19 h 36 m ago


Richard Dreiling, you need to get your Distribution Center in Fulton in check. They are having open interviews every two weeks, yet they won't hire anyone and then you can't apply again for six months. I know someone who is trying their best to get on there and would be a fantastic asset, has no criminal record or anything is an all around great person and they won't even give him a chance! I won't step foot in another Dollar General Store ever! If they would actually hire people maybe they would quit wasting your profit dollars holding these interviews every two weeks just to turn everybody away...They are missing out on a lot of hard workers...your loss.

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Anonymous - 19 h 44 m ago


Hi I just left your store in Memphis,TN on Getwell .Very bad Customer Service !!!! From the Manger of the store Kel and other worker in the store. My husband and I shopping picking up a few items due to my not well and when we get in the check out line the Manger Kel makes the statement to my husband Out of curiosity can you open your coat my husband complied It was very embrassing how he talk to us. When I asked for his name and the number to his manger his very rude and nasty.

I will not be returning back to this store I dont like to be discriminated on or to be followed around the store because of the attire I choose to wear when I spend my hard working money and to Dollar General if you want to keep customers remove mangers like Kel from your locations!

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Annoyed Consumer - 20 h ago


They never have sugar! Every time I go there to buy sugar they never have any at all! Ask the manager when they will get some in and they say "I don't know! I don't order anything, they won't let me!" so I said, "I guess I'll have to go to another store then..." and the manager says in a very hateful, rude and sarcastic tone "I guess you will than, I could care less if you buy anything here or not!" That so called "manager" named Angie needs fired! I'm never shopping at that store... I'll go 25 miles out of my way just to avoid that store from now on.

Dollar General # 15219

25185 Garrett Highway

McHenry, MD 21541-1681

3.25 miles

(240) 442-1145

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Annoyed Consumer - 20 h ago

I forgot to add that they also purposefully place products under the wrong price label... So an item you think is $3 is actually $12.

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Amy Davis - 1 d 36 m ago


STORE # 10401

I just left this store. Terrible customer service! Cashier did not greet me, didn't say hello, and after the sale was over - Did not say THANK YOU! Only word she mumbled was, "you have 4 bags". When I picked up the bags, they started ripping. She had jam packed them too full. She said her manager told her to conserve bags! I will not be back to this store ever!

I am glad your company is so profitable that you do not need any customers.

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Annoyed Consumer - 20 h 57 m ago

I get that same story at my local DG store! I just look them right in the eye and double bag them myself! I don't want my products I just purchased to fall down and bust!

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