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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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Steve - 7 m ago

Steve: we have a perfect spot for one of your stores in Douglas, Oklahoma. Big parking lot where post office used to be. We have about 6 surrounding towns that would support it.

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david h fogarty - 15 h 32 s ago


I would like to know who i would contact about a complaint against a manager named Debbie at your Yale Mi store. She was very rude when talking about my 8 yr old daughter acvusing her of not puting something away where she found it. She then commented she'd talk to peoples kids however she wanted. I commented ill go to the other dolkar store and that my daughter was right and she was wrong. I used to go to that store several times a week. Bad attitude you will no longer get my family's business and i also plan on posting on social media about this situation.

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Concerned person - 17 h 24 m ago

How can a manager who is to work so many hours a week allowed to call off for mental days or just not show up then turn around and fire someone who yes is late but she is a single mom doesn't call off even went to work after being in e.r with a excuse. She called off because she was throwing up manager tells her to come to work or your fired unlike other workers she did get fired because she didn't show but who knew that by clocking in and sitting in the break room is acceptable by any company??

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Shirley - 18 h ago


The Dollar Generals in St Joseph, Mo. Are so cluttered can't shop in them,not sure how this is not a safety issue...I was in the 1 on S 22nd st today, couldn't get to half the items due to merchandise waiting to be put on shelves. THEY ARE ALL LIKE THIS OR DIRTY. How is this not a City Violation? Never enough help,Always STUFF Everywhere. This is Criminal the safety hazards

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This in reference to store#3534. Being from a small town only having this Dollar General, its quiet embarrassing to come to this store and see paper and trash in the parking lot,shopping cart all out of place. Then as you go into the store, there's inventory carts in every isle, nothing is organized, things are just thrower on the shelves. Then there's the checkout, there could be 10 or more customers in line and there's only one cashier, and then there's 3 other employees sitting there at the office laughing and talking. This to me is a result of BAD management. There needs to be something done about this store!!!

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James Trest - 1 d ago


I have a complaint about water flavoring. You were carrying

CRUSH which I liked very much. You have switched to SUNKIST which is awful and I will have to go elsewhere.

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DG former employee - 1 d 1 h ago


This store can be a great place to work but if you get in trouble for doing the "same" thing as other employees including store managers and receive a write up for that same behavior they do and you question it through HR, disrtict managers, they start problems for you in every aspect of your jib cause how dar you rock the boat. It's pathetic how this company thinks people are replaceable because in the end, this company has lost a great employee and a large family that will never shop at this store anywhere ever again.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


The AMs and DMs need to check the store in Eclectic, Al. The manager is a drunk..the store is nasty..aisles filled with crap...shelves not stocked. The manager goes around the store farting in front of customers and makes jokes about it. I live here and will not go in this store again!!! This seems to be a problem with alot of Dollars Generals..the CEO apparently doesn't care or he'd clean this crap up!!!!

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Debbie Shell - 1 d 16 h ago

The store at west memorial in Muncie has went to the dump,you can't even shop in 5 of the aisles because there are big carts of freight sitting there every day yet no one running it,bare shelves,and can't get to the stuff on the shelf because of the carts,would make more sense to run a cart then bring out another cart wouldn't miss out on sales.So disappointing thesestores are popping up every place with 3 people to run them

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Kay - 2 d 22 h ago


The store located on Apache Ave in Savannah GA is a disaster! Merchandise ALL over the floor, not neat at all! That store needs a good cleaning ASAP! The checkout person hardly said 2 words, not even a Thank you for my business. I WILL NOT be shopping there in the future. Thank you.

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Annie - 2 d ago


The Dollar General store located at 2001 St. Bernard Avenue in New Orleans LA.

Should be shut down. The prey on the poor and disadvantaged.

LAst Sunday I went to the store and had a question of the Manager who was dressed very dirty shorts and shirt.

As I was asking him a question he let out a big sigh. He was holding a box of juice that I had already purchased . When he let out the sigh I told him "You are very unprofessional" I reached for my box of juice he held onto it very tightly. I then grabbed it out of his hand and informed him I would not be back to this particular store.

The store is filthy, the merchandise is lying on the floor, The tellers who check you out never say hello, thank you not speak at all, unless they have to.However, the stockers are very nice and helpful.

Later in the week I went to the Dollar Store on 230 N. Broad the store was clean everything was on the shelves and the clerks were very nice

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K.C. FELDBAUER - 2 d 48 m ago


If I knew back when I found that Dollar Stores were coming to community what I know now. I would lead a community rally to block you company from coming in to our community especially since one was located next to my property. There is no effort of your employees to picking up garbage in or around your stores not only is there garbage ie sales receipts, but cardboard boxes, plastic bags and shipping materials on the outside of your stores. There is always shipping carts in the middle of their shopping rows making next to impossible to navigate a shopping cart through them. At any given time you stores alway look over stuffed with merchandise that's disheveled, not being rotated, not to mention the stores themselves or dirty ie: floors look like they never have been clean since the opening of their coming into our communities not to mention your restrooms, I've seen portable outhouses cleaner, I would never use them even if I was one of your employees. The only clean store that I would recommend using is the one located in Carroll, Iowa. I don't know if it's because their store has better management, employees or have been trained properly, but your company should be using it as a training store for both your managers and new employees. Because if they came keep their store clean and well organized I can't understand why your other stores can't. If it wasn't for the fact that you out priced our local grocery store to close it's doors and the nearest other grocery store is 25 miles away I would not using your stores it's sad that I feel I need to shower after I leave your stores.

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Anonymous - 2 d 17 h ago


Store in columbus ohio on James rd is always closed durning normal business hours

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Connie Davis - 2 d 18 h ago


Store in Lincoln Alabama, Hwy 78, needs to fire all employees and get some others with better attitudes. I was so disrespected during my last visit there. Not to mention the store has so much debris all over the floor it's a lawsuit waiting to happen and a major fire hazzard .

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Customer - 2 d 20 h ago


Your tupper lake store is a dump.stuff dumped everywhere and anywhere your manager a joke needs to be fired .freight every were blocking isles and they are outside gossiping and talking on phones clearly bad management

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It was head written I think Desiree or Darlene - 8 d 9 h ago


I went to my DG tonight and wanted to use the BG on the Oreos, however the store I was at didn't have the Mega stuff ones. Well the cashier said we can try it and see if the double stuff would work. It didn't and the women who was in charge locked her keys in the office and said they couldn't remove the two packs of Oreos off my order! I was stuck having to buy them and I didn't get to use my digital! That was an extra $6 I really didn't want to spend tonight! I'm ready upset with what happen! I had no choice but to buy them! They said that don't even have a home for the mega stuff so why are you offering them when stores don't have them? Why can't managers override a coupon if it's not I stock? The women who was in charge had no name tag on tonight.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

You really should spell check. "I'm ready upset with what happen" is not a sentence. You did have a choice. You could have walked away from the entire order and just gone elsewhere to get what you actually needed. Or if $6 is really a detriment to your account, probably buying cookies is not the best idea anyway and you should make better choices.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

You're killing me Ms./Mr. Anonymous...She said she didn't have a choice, that's pretty clear, what she should do, is go BACK to the store and speak with a store manager so she can get her money back..

Idk how true it is about the key holder locking her keys in the office, but whatever..See a store manager for a refund ..

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Monica - 5 d ago


I'm having the problem with the Dollar General here in tenn I called the corporate office at 1(hidden) hope you have better luck than I did Monica fitzgerald

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Monicafitzgerald - 5 d ago


We'll I have not been able too use the digital coupons at the store some work and some will not false advertising!

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Anonymous - 5 d ago


I am wondering if anyone else District Manager even care, or show up to help the store. I wonder if any one else is running on single coverage? No store hours. What is the actual corporate website. Very curious.

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Julie - 5 d ago


I've been trying to find out who the regional manager is here. It's like pulling teeth to get anyone to call or email you back! You can't call and talk with anyone!

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Mrs. Cunningham - 11 d 23 h ago


You invested money to break ground and build a store at 25100 HOFHEIMER WAY for the residents of Dinwiddie County, Virgina and maybe I don't know, 1 year later this store is unsafe, unsanitary and a law suite waiting to happen. I am not a frequent shopper of this establishment but sometimes I do not want to go into the grocery store for just some laundry detergent so I do stop on my way home from time to time.. EVERY TIME I have been in this store, there are stock carts, bins, boxes & trash everywhere. As I am attempting to maneuver through all of this mess, I am looking for employees attempting to clean up this mess! Instead I find one teenage or young employee standing slouched over the counter looking at her phone and two other employees who were much older tucked in the back hanging out laughing and joking around. As I went to grab for my detergent , my phone rang and i mentioned to the person that had called how it looked like a bomb had went off. Suddenly I heard really loud from the next aisle " A BOMB DID GO OFF" and giggling! I stepped around to find your two employees. I asked for a name and she said Wanda!! I would like to sat that I am a true believer that POOR EMPLOYEES START WITH POOR MANAGEMENT.

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Anonymous - 10 d 24 h ago

I guess corporate office really doesn't care whether or not they gave a lawsuit they must be heavily insured. I also believe our comments are not seen by anyone that gives a care. All the comments seem to iterate all the same things. But it all falls on deaf ears

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Anonymous - 5 d 8 m ago

That is because this is not actually a corporate website. All anyone is doing on here is whining. If you want something to happen you need to actually go to a REAL corporate website. I would also suggest that when you contact them you speak and type and if you are not idiots. "Law suite," for example, is not a thing. I don't suggest sending that to corporate or they will just delete it because no one will take you seriously if you can't use punctuation or spell lawsuit. Also, most of their stores are employed by teenagers, it's a crappy job. Let them have a little joy. If you don't like going there, just don't.

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Anonymous - 5 d 1 h ago


I agree. I wonder what would happen if all our complaints went to the better business bureau. Since the store I have written about has yet to be cleaned.

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