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Dollar General

100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN
Richard Dreiling
CEO and Chairman
(615) 855-4000
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cfare6 - 47 d 19 h ago


Your company store in Wesley Chapel Florida is going to be turned into the labor board if it is not given some attention to the girl who is making the work schedlule without giving the assistant store manager any indication of what is being done and cutting full time employees hours for no reason except for what she wants to do.

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Songbird - 176 d 9 h ago


I finished my application 2 weeks ago and received a confirmation I live 10 miles from store #656 Walterboro, sc and they have a very nice mgr there. The problem is they have not seen my application yet. I am ready to go to work8hard work= and would like to know if I am approved and why cant they find my application. I thot I would reach out to u and see (a) if I am approved and (b) why it never came thru to management there in the store. My name is Betty Call//phone no# 843--835-5222 or 843-217-3315//My address is po bx 327 Cottageville sc. also my ss# is 248-56-9837. Would u plz contact me back and let me know what is the problem. My son saved a copy but that is no where to b found either. I love Dollar General, love those people and want to go to work for you, because I am a very hard worker. Plz call me on my cell@ 843-217-3315 Thank you, sincerely Betty Call. I have yrs of sales experience.Plz gt back in touch with me asap cause I am ready to go to work. The store #656 is Walterboro sc Joyce is the manager there and we also have one here in Cottageville SC and this manager is Angie. Thank you again Betty

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Nan - 192 d 17 h ago


I was given a DG Savings coupon of $5.00 to use on my next purchase of more that $5.00. It expires on 1/11/14 and the clerk said I had to come back tomorrow to use this coupon. The store was in Lynnville, TN and I just put my items back. She was looking at this coupon as the ones you get that has a set date to use. But I guess I will have to do it tomorrow. Employees need to know how to read the coupon!. .

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grandma - 266 d 15 h ago


i took my grandchildren and daughter shopping a dollar general and there were toys all over the isle and my grandchildren each had a toy in there hands and my daughter had her hands full of merchandise. the manager got mad at the kids and made the youngest one put his toy back on the shelf and pick up the isle and put all the toys on the shelf. then jumped him and told him it took all her time to pick up and clean the store after kids, we were then through out of the store and she followed us until we got in our car. if this is how manager's or employ's are allowed to talk and treat there customer's I hope they go broke

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Mayor - 290 d 16 h ago


I live in Mt. Croghan,SC we want a Dollar General Store built in our small town. What will it take to have a store built in our town?

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Tess - 300 d ago


I would like to commend an employee who gave exceptional service the other night.

My sister has had a seizure recently and her motor skills are often slow. While checking out her transaction the young woman gave her very cheerful service.

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ashleyhellen - 2 y ago

Hey @DollarGeneral! when do the Halloween decorations come out?

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rowdygirl1851 - 2 y ago

RT @DGRacing: Lots of @DollarGeneral yellow & black at @BMSupdates this week! @bscottracing in 18 truck & 11 NW. @joeylogano in 18 NW & 20 Cup. #NASCAR

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DGRacing - 2 y ago

Lots of @DollarGeneral yellow & black at @BMSupdates this week! @bscottracing in 18 truck & 11 NW. @joeylogano in 18 NW & 20 Cup. #NASCAR

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skullaria - 2 y ago

@FreetailTherapy @DollarGeneral I did $144 worth of Qpons 2night @kroger - bet it was faster than you got out of Dollar General w/ fewer.

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skullaria - 2 y ago

@FreetailTherapy @DollarGeneral I hate when they do a 5/25, but not before coupons, like the coupons come out of their pocket

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dausonlovi - 2 y ago

I will never shop at @DollarGeneral ever again. Details to follow after I contact corporate.

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jayyoozee - 2 y ago

@DollarGeneral so you guys can take mobile coupons but can't accept manufacturer coupons with two bar codes printed on it?

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FreetailTherapy - 2 y ago

@skullaria @DollarGeneral OMG tell me about it. Took me over an hour to cash out!

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skullaria - 2 y ago

@FreetailTherapy @dollargeneral Oh I don't even mess with Dollar General much. They are clueless when it comes to coupons.

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FreetailTherapy - 2 y ago

Freetailers please tell @dollargeneral the difference between "per purchase" and "per transaction"

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