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Domino's Pizza, Inc.

30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI
J. Patrick Doyle
President CEO and Director
(734) 930-3030
Twitter IDs
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Lisa Sutton - 17 m ago


Dear Mr. Doyle,

On Friday February 9th, my husband an I decided to go out. We had my 75 year old mother in law come stay with our 8 year old son. To keep things simple for her, I ordered dinner - Domino's. The store we use is in Mascoutah, Illinois. Our driver was Mark. Mark delivered the pizza and as he turned to leave, he heard my son yell for his grandmother who had fallen, hit her head and now was unconscious. My son called 911 and Mark stayed with my son and mother in law until the ambulance got there. I spoke with Mark for just a minute when I was called to be notified of the fall. I would like to commend Mark on his calmness and his compassion for my family. Mark reassured my son that everything was going to be ok and he sat with my mother in law and kept her calm during the incident. Mark didn't have to get out of his car and come to help. Mark didn't have to stay with my son and mother in law. In my opinion, Mark went above and beyond and needs to be recognized. It is compassionate employees like Mark that are the reason that I will continue to order my pizza from Domino's and recommend them any chance I get. Kudos to you Mark!

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Margarita Morales - 16 h ago

To whom this may concern,

I just want to take this time to say that I really do appreciate all the changes that Domino's has made to improve there overall customer satisfaction I love love love doing business with you guys. With that being said I am said that this time a have to go out of way to report an extremely poor experience with one of your chains: 183 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11206. This is an upcoming neighborhood on the rise and for the amount that we invest in our communities and it's businesses we'd expect more. I thought it was just me but then I go to Google for the reviews and see a 1.7 star rating so I see that they treat 90% of there customers this way. My story is that I ordered pizza for my children and I at 7:30pm and was under the impression that my order would be delivered within an hour. 1 hour later I contact the store and was told the driver was on his way. 2 hours later no food so I contacted the store to request a refund only to be dismissed and hung up on. I called the store back at (hidden) and spoke with Ullah the manger on site who blatantly refused to give me a refund and hung up on me for a 2nd time. I called back a 3rd time and Ullah finally agreed to give me a refund and gave me a hard time to get the regional managers contact information. Sorry that I have to do this but I will take this complaint to the highest levels of the corporate spectrum. I will be reporting this poor experience to the Better Business Berau as I expect immediate actions to be taken. Please note that I love Domino's but cannot accept when I am treated in an unprofessional manner.

Thank you!

My email address is (hidden) if someone would like to reach out to me.

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Bruce Reiss - 19 h 16 m ago


when I go online to place order for delivery it says delivery not available but I call and it's available so I missed a lot of specials they had online except when I run into town very disappointed in online ordering missed a lot Bruce Reiss

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Patti S - 20 h 11 m ago


Ardmore Ok Store ~~~ My workplace ordered a couple pizzas about 2 hours before our lunch break to ensure plenty of time. After that time had come and gone we called and they said it was on its way. After it was almost 45 minutes late and our lunch break was already almost over we called again. The manager was very rude and when we asked for a refund she said we'd have to cancel our order to get the refund. When we said no we want the refund and still want the pizza that's 45 minutes late, she accused us of just trying to get free food. We opted to keep the pizza so we'd have something to eat even though our lunch break was over, and it arrived about an hour late, cold as ice. Took 3 hours from call-in to delivery. Horrible customer service and really rude manager. I'm sure others are great but the Ardmore one is awful. And that wasn't the first bad experience I'd had with them. ~~~~ another complaint ~~ placed my order at 11:33PM!! Guess what? Still no pizza at my house and it's almost 1:30AM!!! Paid with my card and it came off the checking account said on my app I received the pizza. Called the store at least 11 times with no answer. ~~~ another complaint ~~~ ordered some the other day and they called me like 10 mins after i made the order and asked if i wanted to come get it because it would be a 3 hour wait for delivery. ~~~ another complaint ~~~ I called yesterday about 8 placed an order and she told me the total. Then i was like why is it so much and she just hung the phone on me. Then I called back you know thinking it was accident no they kept answering putting me on hold and hung again then i called back like 5 more times no answer. HOW MANY COMPLAINTS DOES THIS STORE HAVE TO GET UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE ABOUT IT??? The people of Ardmore are FED UP with this store...and going elsewhere. I myself...will NEVER go to this store again... EVER!!!

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Will Harr - 1 d ago


went in to get the 5.99 special, the girl said they didn't have it so I got the 7.99 pizza, sit down an it was wrote on blackboard the 5.99 special, then when it was done I showed her an she went an erased it from the board an I told her she was suppose to give that 5.99 special to me an she said no, so I won't be back.

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Glander - 1 d ago


When is it going to be time for Dominos to introduce the new Stuffed Crust Pizzas

Cheese stuffed crust


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GB - 2 d 13 h ago


I've worked as a store manager for Domino's Pizza in Northern California under Noble Food Group, Inc. In my whole life if working i never experience a horrible treatment in my life since they hired Alyson Sturgis as supervisor. It was not nice at all working with her because she is very rude and inconsiderate to employees. Many employees left because of her unkind treatment.

I went to my home town to visit my sick and dying mother and when i came back i lost my position and got demoted without notice. I felt like i was being pushed to quit my job. There was no valid ground for demotion since i was performing very well. I passed the OER got platinum in EOC and my sales were contineously going up.

I felt i was treated unfairly and eventually i was wrongfully terminated.

This franchise doesn't care about their employee specifically in meal breaks. Because of short manpower, people cannot take their mealbreaks. I felt like we were exploited.

I would appreciate if you take action about this issue.

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Terry - 1 d 5 h ago


Like you said dominos doesnt care about employes only the money they choose what rules they want to use an then they say you violated or just misconduct wont give reason i was off work 2 days an when i went back they said i got a coustomer complaint so i was fired even though others had more complaints. Or fured guy cause he got a tat but managers got piercings an tats an got new ones since she was manager never takes face piercings out even in feont of oer an owner an gm

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James - 1 d 5 h ago


How is it a franchise owner can use outdated dough an out dated toppings even after they are pointed out to the gm an owner but they say use them in bay city michigan

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Anonymous - 1 d 17 h ago


Being a Pizza Hut fan I thought I would give Dominies a try, big mistake! I called in my order at 6:30 PM I was told 45 minutes. 90 minutes later I'm still sitting here at Odessa TX on Linda Street. Maybe I'll get my order soon!

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Im very upset because i called the location on lake harbin , Morrow, Ga and they first hung on me after being placed on hold then i call back an

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Linda DeVore - 2 d ago


I am so upset. The Dominos located at 22nd & Messanie in St. Joseph, MO refused to deliver a gluten-free pizza to a home 16 blocks away. This same Dominos delivered pizza to this address on Friday, Feb. 16. The managner on duty ( Ethan) laughed /chuckled at my adult daughter when she tried to explained that the home was located in this Domino's delivery area South of Frederick. Needless to say we will never order from Domino's again! My son-in-law just called the other store and they referred us back to the one on 22nd & Messanie.

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K - 2 d ago


The compnay Domino's has been informed of the incident that occurred on 2/17/18 where the McDonough GA location chose to disrespect law enforcement, and show their lack of professionalism to the locals, the very same locals they rely on for business. Domino's manager of the specific location of 705 Highway 42 S, McDonough, GA 30253 has refused to take calls on the matter; Domino's has been deleting negative feedback of the matter on their social media pages; Domino's has of yet to acknowledge and respond to the matter publicly. As a company you've shown your true colors, and thousands are responding by writing off your company from receiving any business of theirs again. Thank God your pizza was never really that good, so there won't be much to miss.

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Phillip Lovett - 2 d ago

I can see that you have quiet a few complaints and I can guess that thy're not being addressed. here's one more you can add. When you order on line you do not provide all that a customer may wish to add to his or hers order. this also applies to the free pizza one can get after so many on line orders. On the latter item you can not modify the free pizza. I've called on the phone and was told so, and I WANTED TO PAY FOR THE CHANGE. I like double robust sauce and extremely well done. I have call to tell them this after an order is placed on line. You need to address your on line options to include this. Perhaps an explanation to your employees what well done means ( 1.5 times thru the oven conveyor)

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Steve Breaix - 2 d ago


Steve beaux call me (hidden)

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Julie - 2 d 5 h ago


Our store in Henry County Georgia, we lost our first police officer in town locust grove in the line of duty. As thousands of people stoop insuport alonge our streets of hwy 42 at 10AM in the morning the store manager asked everyone to get off the private property so there was room for his customers to park! The store wouldn't open for a hour and the funeral procession would only last 20 minutes. Every single road was closed there's no way anyone could have gotten to that restaurant at that point in time if they tried. This was the most disrespectful thing that anyone in our small town could do. He has lost a ton of business in our town WE will not forget this. If his store was robbed or if he was in need of help who he call? Our police officers guess what I don't think they should even try to cover his store yeah it sounds a little selfish but so was he when he asked for 40 people to get out form the front of the store with his customers regardless would've still had plenty of room ! I've never been so disgusted at a company in my life !!!!

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AB - 2 d 12 h ago


I made a complaint about the pizza being cold when it arrived at 12:40 and I order it at 12:58 am. I asked the Justin who I called if the food wasn't going to be here at my house before 2 that I no longer want the order I called at 1:37 and Justin said he was waiting on the driver. At 2:00 driver said he was on the way. The driver called at 2:35 saying he is on a bike riding. I'm not understanding when it's snowing how is there only one driver. I live 5 minutes away and I waited 4 hours for my food. Worst service ever, I am not pleased and I feel as though nobody cared or made an effort to redeliver the second pizza on time or got the pizza was cold and I would like my refund back. This is very disappointing nobody wants to wait 4 hours to eat. That is very ridiculous. I took a screen shot that it's 2:47 am and I been on the phone for 21 minutes from 2 different phones and up til now nobody answers the phone. Dominoes close at 3 clock I'm not understanding. This is the dominoes on Boston road 3484. Terrible service I ever gotten. Need to work on your time and customer service and the way they pick up the phone is unprofessional and sounds like they have an attitude.

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Steve Kim - 2 d 13 h ago


I'm writing this review as I have been waiting for the delivery over an hour and a half. This isn't this the first time this happened. I was a loyal customer of dominos and I ordered from your company at least twice a week. The food is always cold when it gets here and now I am completely fed up with your customer service. If you guys can get the food delivered at a reasonable amount of time, hire more drivers. Never will I order from you again nor will recommend anyone from ordering from you again. The location of this domino's, if you guys care is located in Leonia, NJ. Do something about it!

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Donna williams - 2 d 17 h ago


What kind of business or idiots do you have in McDonough, Ga. ON 42/155??

YOU HAVE A COMMUNITY IN MOURNING OVER A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER THAT WAS KILLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY, as his funeral precession passed your store, there were people lined at the street to pay respect for this hero and your employees told them to leave, it was against store policies to be on their parking lot!!! How disrespectful of your company to allow employees to do this...if your store is robbed, you will have to call the will lose customers and your business with the actions of your store in McDonough, Ga.

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Anonymous - 3 d 48 m ago

This is a review of your management and service at store5464. They are rude n obnoxious. The pizza wad over 10 minutes past the hour wait. The food was cold. Wand the order wrong. When I called to get the right one they told me i ordered two h and it was my fault! I will never order from any Dominos ever again nor will I ever recommend them.

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Anonymous - 3 d 44 m ago

Below is the Facebook posting from someone in McDonough, Ga regarding an incident this morning. I thought you might be interested in knowing what is going on.

I'm asking everyone to share this and to please never ever give your business to the Domino's Pizza in Mcdonough at the corner of 42 and 155! While lining up for the procession for Officer Maddox the employees came out and told everyone standing there that they could not stand there and had to leave because it was private property! So please everyone let's respect the privacy of Domino's in Mcdonough and not bother them by giving them our business!

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Disappointed citizen - 3 d ago

I would also like to voice my disappointment in the actions of the Highway 42 location in McDonough, Ga. I was born and raised in Michigan, but have lived in Henry County Georgia for the past 29 years.

The citizens of this county were lining the procession route of a local police officer who had made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting our community. To hear of a Dominoes employee going out to tell people that they were not allowed to stand on the businesses property to honor this officer and his family is disrespectful and reprehensible.

As a native Michigander, I am embarrassed to say that Dominoes is a product of Michigan.

I will not be ordering from this particular location until a Public apology is issued, and will encourage others to do the same.

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Concerned Citizen - 3 d ago

In regards to your restaurant on a Highway 42 in McDonough, GA their ( and by definition your) actions today are reprehensible. I believe a swift and honest apology is in order. This particular business may now be in dire straights as the entire community is up in arms.

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Charlene Mallison - 3 d 49 s ago


Today I ordered two medium pizzas online. And one of the pizza I ordered was ham and beef and it was not fresh. The cheese wasn't good at all. Now I left a feedback message and I guess the manager calls back and wouldn't let me talk for nothing. She was rude while I was trying to explain to her what was wrong. They would not have another customer out of me. The dominos was located in Washington NC

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Anonymous - 3 d 3 s ago

While standing outside you restaraunt at 705 Hwy 42 south in Mcdonough Ga.People were standing outside the restaraunt for a procession for a fallen Officer that was killed in the line of duty your employees came outside and told everyone they had to leave because it was private property,We couldn't stand there.You should be ashamed.We were trying to show support for the Officer and his Family.If this is the kind of people that work for you I will never buy Pizza from them again

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