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Domino's Pizza, Inc.

30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI
J. Patrick Doyle
President CEO and Director
(734) 930-3030
Twitter IDs
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Tricia - 18 h 11 m ago


I have ordered from here for over 20 years. I will never order from here again. The current willow grove pa site assistant manager is rude and inconsiderate. Someone in this establishment doesn't know that spinach is green and not white and they basically stole $20 dollars from me today because my daughter ate 2 slices of the incorrect pizza that was delivered to my home. We had already waited for 40 minutes for this wrong pizza and she was too hungry. But instead of them being understanding they told me I can't have the correct pizza and left with both pizzas. I also have never had dominios ask for their incorrect pizzas back in the last 20 years so if you make that kind of change you should inform the person when they call you on the phone and that was not done. Instead I was yelled at and hung up on.

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Janet - 1 d 39 s ago


I live in Deridder, Louisiana. My local dominos is good as long as I don't order pasta bowls. Last night I did order it for carry out. There was barely anything in the pan. I had to have them remake it. By the time this was done and I got home with my pizzas they were dried out. What a waste of $26.26!! Since only I eat the pasta I had to go out for Wendy's for everyone else. I'm not happy and it's not the first time it's happened on the pasta bowls. If you show a full pan then give it!! Geez.

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Bruce Banner - 1 d 12 h ago


Your company sucks I'm fifty years old and have never been insulted so bad in my life my email is (hidden) please have someone contact me

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allen stuckey - 1 d 13 h ago


I have attempted to order a few times this weekend. Your website is broken. I'm not ordering anything until you get it fixed...


We're sorry, there seems to be a technical problem. Please try again.

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Brooke S. - 1 d 13 h ago


I work in Asheville, NC and order form Domino's at least 2-3 times per week. I've never had problems until 3/23/2019. My order had been out for delivery for an hour and when I called to check on it it took 4 phone calls for someone to answer. Upon speaking with the gentleman on the phone he stated that the phone number provided was incorrect and he needed to get a paper write down the correct one. While he had the phone laid down he proceeded to call me a "fucking idiot" multiple times. When I asked to speak to the manager he claimed to be the manager and acknowledged he called me a "fucking idiot." This is the absolute worst customer service experience yet. I will not be eating at Domino's anytime in the near future.

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Carolanne Bingham - 1 d 15 h ago


I had an experience at the dominos in Brooklyn NY, funny thing is, I live in deep east Texas. Someone hacked my app and ordered a pizza. I got a email saying that it was going to be delivered soon. We tried to call the dominos to cancel the order, but they failed to answer the phone, FOR OVER A HOUR they did answer so therefore the pizza we did not order for sent to the person who hacked us. Customer support was very helpful and told me to call the store and let them know what has happened. I called as soon as they opened this morning and the women on the phone had 0 customer service nor cared to help me in any way other than saying the general manager would be in at 6. So I called back at 6 and spoke with the general manager and explaining what happened. Not only did he tell me he pretty much could care less that no one answered the phones last night, he told me that it happens all the time and ita no big deal. I proceeded to tell him about the women I spoke with in the morning, mind u nether employees gave me names, and he told me that he cant do anything about this morning ether because he was not present for the conversation and nothing would be done about that. I have never experienced such horrible customer service and I wasnt even technically a customer. But I can say if this is how dominos is with letting there employees treat customers the way they want because they are having a bad day, u wont be eating at any dominos in the near future.

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Stephen - 2 d 10 h ago


I spoke to a woman at this store who sounded like she was stoned, it's a Friday night and we were very hungry. I have two children and they kept asking where the pizza was, after two hours I called and asked for a manager and the girl who took the order came back on the line and acted as if she was the manager. She said they had tried to deliver, yet I assure you no one came..she said the delivery guy had tried to call...I assure you no one called...I am very easygoing but I felt very disappointed to put our trust in someone's hands who clearly has no respect for her position or her company.

When I called to ask the status of the food, she continued to say, "I can just cancel your order", as if they were hoping to get out of doing any work (which seemed to be the original problem, she probably never put in the order).

I understand it is difficult to hire good employees these days, but to know the only pizza delivery in town is unreliable is extremely disappointing. I promise my kids were not happy to hear that they are eating Mac and cheese tonight, but I will not take the chance of ordering from a bunch of stoners that would undoubtedly do something disgusting to my pizza now that they offered for me to "pick it up".

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Aupsetcustomer - 2 d 12 h ago


I just ordered from Domino's on Broad and Hunting Park (hidden). Someone put Barbecue Sauce on my lava cake instead of chocolate. I called the store to get a refund. Instead the Supervisor said he will send another lava cake. Not to mention my mouth is feeling weird. I'm thinking the person who prepares my food put something else in the lava cake. This sounds like a case for my Lawyer.

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Chris - 2 d 12 h ago

Why is domino charging me more ( 6.49 )then 5.99 fir a med 2 topping pizza. When commercial says 5.99;

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Ronnie Eaton CEO Roadrunner Machinery Service - 2 d 15 h ago


Did business with Dominos for 10 years, now you cut out delivery within 5 mile of location, We have to order and drive to pick up orders, get home no sauces, Pizza terrible, we call to speak to manager but they put cook on phone to take complaint,With all the stores closing in the US at this time I will add Dominos to the list,I promise to spread the disgusting food you service from the East Broadway Maryville TN location,I ask you shut down this Location before someone is Food poisoned,

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Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago


We ordered 72 dollars worth of food from odenville alabama store. Food shows 1 hour later very cold and under cooked. We called wanting our money back and was refused. They offered to replace the food then wanted to know how much we was going to tip a driver a second time. None. 1 hour again driver shows this time with warm food but still under cooked . made soup

General profile image - 6 d 12 h ago


I'm supposed to get a free pizza and for some reason my password doesn't work, wow. o

I've been using f my account to order and now it's not good enough. so now I lose my free pizza. Apparently this will be my last one I order from you

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OneRingyDingy - 3 d 6 h ago


So like, wow, man.

Change your password!!!

If you don't know how, I'm sure someone could help.

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Anonymous - 6 d 3 h ago


I love Dominoes. Pizza crust is just right..not too doughy or too hard and the price is right. However, you shouldnt have people delivering pizza that have bad muffleres on their cars. It looks bad. Lakewood delivery guy tears around Lakewood and his car is terribly loud and disturbs the peace.

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Transformer Bumblebee - 3 d 7 h ago


Maybe it's his only transporotation and needs this job to pay for repairs or maybe the person wants it that way,

I've been in those predicaments, you?

By the way, turn down your snootyness.

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Patrick V - 5 d 16 h ago


Alex MGR/3/16/2019 and her team specialists 49415 Harvey St, MI store

March 16, 2019

Alex MGR/3/16/2019 and her team specialists

Thank you

You individuals are SUPERLATIVE!

While i know you don't do it for the money LOL I appreciate your excellence and true kindness!!! Plz let your management(Domino's) know you deserve recognition verbal, written, and monetary!

Patrick V Palazzolo - 49415


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Happy face - 3 d 7 h ago


Wow, that is great news!

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Kim Patterson - 4 d 4 h ago


I ordered 2pizzas and wings at 12:22am. I called the store at 12:58am, just to be rudely told I wasn't home nor did I answer the phone when the driver and the so- called manager called. The so- called manager informed me that I should have stayed home, they were closed now, and my order was cancelled. At the moment we have been without transportation since December. We order pizza every other week because it's convenient for me and my family at the moment. To have them be rude, argumentative, dismissive, and belligerent is completely unacceptable. We spend good money with this company and to have them treat us rudely is unprofessional. Store#5282 will never get my business or anyone I'm associated with. So thank you Mike.B for not giving me your Superior's contact information. Oh and his reasoning for not doing so was HE DIDN'T WANT ME CALLING HIM SO LATE!!! I will be writing daily because I shall not let this rest. Everyone makes mistakes but when you're rude and disrespectful about a job you were assigned to do, that's when I want to see some sort of actions being taken against these negligent employees.

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Ditz - 3 d 7 h ago


Wait a ordered but didn't stick around at home to be there when your pie got there? And you're complaining?

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Hawk treats - 3 d 15 h ago


I'm in Las Vegas for business and have no transportation. I use Domino's all the time at home with never any problems. I used it while at the hotel placed my order through the app and then after completing the order called the store to double check the changes. Asked for plates, napkins, forks and seasonings. Was never told that they were under staffed for deliveries. I waited over 45 mins when it was in the double checking stage before it was out for delivery. Then another 10 mins before the driver called saying he was 15 mins away. My food was cold, hard and Alfredo had no sauce. Called was told they were crediting my account and going to replace my food. So I called 2 days later to get my food replacement just for the person on the phone to be rude. Got my food and again it was cold and hard. This time my Alfredo which I asked for extra Alfredo sauce came with very little sauce and about 2inches of butter on the bottom with it tasting like they added BBQ sauce. So I decided I wasn't going to call but to take pictures and take the uneaten food into them. They charged my card when I got the replacement and when I got to the store the 18yr old manager would not credit my account for the food and would only replace 2items. I just feel like I wasted almost $40.00 worth of food since twice it wasn't good enough for me to feed my dog's. Wished I would have looked at their reviews before ordering a 2.1 rating.

So when in Vegas stay away from store 7455 off Sahara and Decatur. As another person posted the delivery driver is parked in the handicap parking spot. Must be nice that they are above the law.

It's amazing when you order in store you actually get the best looking food and the proper amount of food. I have before pics and after. As I leave I'm taking pictures of the cars in the handicap parking too.

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Annoyed - 3 d 7 h ago


Hey, I'm guessing the delivery truck is parked there due to a large order. They do need to unload. There's usually plenty of parking spaces close enough for a disabled person.So, no gripes please.

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Anonymous - 3 d 10 h ago


Dominos in AMHERST VIRGINIA is the WORST They definitely need to step there game up and have better customer services

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Disabled person - 4 d 16 h ago

Went to shopping center on decater and sahara blvd. here in Las Vegas NV. There are 2 handicapped spaces in front of Dominos pizza. there was a delivery car parked in one of the spaces. I took a picture of it in case i needed it. The driver came out and said ( you took a picture of my car I told him yes your parked in a handicapped space, he said he could park there and had permission to park there, i told him will see. and he went back in the store.) We have seen other delivery cars parked there also.

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Hawk treats - 3 d 14 h ago


I was there today and I noticed the same thing. I think they think it's ok because the sign post is missing but the paint is still highly visible. That store is the worst. Young kids as managers.

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Michelle Faber - 4 d 11 h ago


This store 7533 has to be the worst in the nation. 3 out of last 4 orders 2+ hours before order shows up. Tracker shows in quality control for over 70 minutes, only after making multiple calls where your either met with a extremely rude person or it goes to voicemail does your pizza goes out for delivery. Complains directly to store management is met with nothing but excuses they take no responsibility for issues. This store should lose there license to portray your brand.

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