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Domino's Pizza, Inc.

30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI
J. Patrick Doyle
President CEO and Director
(734) 930-3030
Twitter IDs
General profile image - 7 h ago


I placed am online order with the Dominos in Washington NJ (#3991). The order was placed at 2:45pmfor a 5:15 pm

Delivery time. It is now 6pm and my order is still not here. It was not just a pizza but an $86 dollar order!! Why on earth do the have now or later for delivery with the customer being able to designate a time when they don't honor or request.

Thank you

Denise Haas


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Anonymous - 13 h 11 m ago


Dominos in Charleston, WV on Oakwood road. Delivery driver got out of his jeep and physically hit my co-worker with his fist. We called the police and pressed charges. Dominos did not fire him. He's still delivering pizzas to our children.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


The dominos in eureka California driver Jon stole more of my money and was very rude laughing at is because he told us we are screwed. He needs to be fired because he is a theft.

General profile image

Cody B - 1 d ago


We had a horrible time with the store in chapel hill tn 37034

Ordered at 9:05pm and the order was out for delivery since 9:30 I called the store twice and was told sorry my order is out for delivery I finally received my order at 10:37 and I'm still paying high dollar for my order ? This is way unacceptable called the store the only person there wasn't concerned with the horrible service.

General profile image

DIANA - 1 d 5 h ago

I order from the trenton ohio store and they delivered here on 8-18-17, I call them today 8-22-17 to place a delivery order and fella tells me they don't deliver to my Home. I let him know they were here on Friday and he says sorry but we don't deliver there, also told him I see their delivery cars on my street all the time, has says sorry we don't deliver there! What an inconvenience! So what has changed since friday??

General profile image

Gloria of Federal Way - 2 d 6 h ago

Order $ 20. 2 medium Pizza special on Friday 8/18/2017 along with 2 side orders of hot wings. When I got home, I had the wrong pizza and something that look like bread with cheese on it. I immediately called the store and told them,of my complaint of thre wrong stuff. Kali the cashier failed to give me my receipt and she said ok we will credit you those specific items. Call Monday 8/21/2017Olga the supervisor said she did have my phone number in their system. And we show no previous order. I am highly upset.

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Very Poor Service! - 2 d 8 h ago


Ordered a pizza for store #8967 in Atlanta 3pm. It is currently 4:33 pm and have not received my order. I live five minutes drive time from this store.

I spoke with the store manager who stated they only had one driver and he was running behind.

This is very poor service

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Alvis Harris - 2 d 19 h ago


I placed an order through the website at 1238am. The order was accepted and my payment went through. The tracker said that my order went out for delivery with someone named George at 1253 am. I never received my order. My husband is hypoglycemic and was expecting this food. I tried calling the location after an hour of waiting but if course I got the answering machine and there is so other way that I can contact the delivery person. I'm a long time domino's customer and I'm very unhappy about this experience. I will be expecting a full refund of my payment at the very least.

General profile image - 3 d 6 h ago


Not happy I am a long time customer...........8/19/17 store number 7750 Oceanside

I placed an order after coming home from major surgery order number 560861 great service great driver

I called to have another request...........received a recording only to find that an order similar to mine was only 14.99 and not the 35.19........20 dollar difference.......

General profile image

Lloyd Burris - 3 d 15 h ago


I had ordered from Dominoes on Stagecoach rd. In little rock, Arkansas. After an hour my order did not arrive. I called the manager and told him I wanted my order remade and delivered because his driver had my last order four an hour. His said his name was Colton. The manager hung up on me. I called him back and he hung up on me again. I again called him and he hung up on me again. My wife called Colton and he hung up on her too. This was the rudest manager I ever talk too. This happened on August 18th 2017. I never used any four letter words neither did my wife.

General profile image

Janet - 4 d 28 m ago


I have a coupon for a free pizza of equal or greater value with the cost of a regular one. Tje store on Lancaster avenue told me I would have to order on line to use my coupon. The coupon clearly says carry out only. It absolutely says nothing about ordering on line. Don't like false advertising, it is illegal.

General profile image

Andre L Walton - 4 d ago


I have an issue with the marlton shopping center store, upper Marlboro Maryland regarding a dog in the store, it's tail was on the counter please contact me at 240 988 0279

General profile image

Shantel Tolintino - 4 d 13 h ago


Had the worst experience tonight dealing with the manager at this particular Dominos she's unprofessional her name is Sarah . She should not be a manager she has poor customer service skills. One of the employees took my order over the phone and ran my card twice. I called back to see how the charges would be reversed to my card and spoke with Sarah the manager. First she didn't apologize or acknowledge her employee dropped the ball and charged me. She blamed my bank, like are you stupid or retarded my bank has nothing to do with your employee authorizing a charge that should have not went through. I contacted Wells Fargo to submit a claim after speaking with her she was so rude. When the delivery guy came my order was messed up. I specifically told the employee I want the same two large pizzas with three toppings like I had the night before with no garlic brush on the pizza crust. My husband calls back and the same girl that took my order over the phone answers and swears I didn't tell her no garlic brush but we always order that it's on the system. Can't believe she lied like that. My husband asked for the manager he was put on hold she gets back on the phone says the manager is busy. My husband told her no put her on the phone. Sarah the manager gets on the phone and asks what the problem is we had to explain the order was wrong once again she says it's our fault and says all she can do is give us free pizza but still argues it was my fault . We had to pursuance her to throw in some brownies for the inconvenience. We asked for frosting she said that would be extra 0.50 she would have to charge my card. Are you serious ???? I will not order from this location ever again this is the last time I'm going through this with Dominos. I can't believe this is how they treat long time customers. I am taking my money some where else. Do yourself a favor and take my word for it Dominos sucks

Part 2 just got our delivery and no brownies is this manager seriously doing shit on purpose. We ended up sending the pizzas back. It already took 45 minutes for another fuck up. I'm hungry frustrated and have not eaten. Corporate needs to contact me right away this is unacceptable. The delivery driver was rude also and laughed when my husband asked where the brownies were. She cussed at him and used a racial slur. As his witness I heard her say Nigga I'm going to get you. That's a threatening thing to say and just down right disgusting. Everyone needs to be fired at this location. I'm so upset I don't know what to do !

General profile image

Jeff Moore - extremely dissatisfied - 5 d 2 m ago


This website is a joke, nothing and I mean NOTHING is done with regards to your comments or complaints. Now I see why your employees don't give a damn because that's exactly the same treatment received from the "corporate offices".

Absolutely horrendous customer service. I will NEVER order another pizza from Dominos again! That's a fact that you can bank on.

General profile image

Joseph Spradlin - 5 d 5 h ago



can you integrate the rewards redeemed pizza function, so I can use my easy order and just get credit for the redeemed one????

I order every week for past 15 years/ about $40/order.

please respond, this is my third request. no answer so far.

Thank You

Joe Spradlin


General profile image

Lisa Lamb - 6 d 6 h ago


I ordered a pizza today in caseyville, Illinois and I tried to call right back to the store ( I actually called right back) and the representatives either ignored my call purposely or they simply said good riddance as far as I was concerned. I never order nor eat from this particular store and I must say that the service was beneath poor. My food was exceptionally cold and it appeared as if the toppings ( mushrooms) had been placed on top of the pizza because they had not. Even cook either. My wings (hit) were atrocious and not called well at all. Also the pizza was so doughy that I e had to put it in the o en to be re-cooked. I guess to say that I am totally unsatisfied would be an understatement. I am livid !!!!

General profile image

mark LeVan - 6 d 6 h ago


With Huntsville Alabama

General profile image

mark LeVan - 6 d 6 h ago


Yes Husband just call the Domino's pizza for a job Interview and the guy got Rid with him on the phone just Because he was check on his Application.

General profile image

anonymous - 6 d 8 h ago

I am an employee at the Rocky Point, NY store and was supposed to get paid today, according to management. This store is under new management and didn't have checks ready as they said. I was told by the new store manager that it would now be 4 days from now(8/21/17 instead of 8/17/17 due to some problem in regards to the changeover in management). This is illegal to hold checks. I couldn't even get cash to rectify the situation until they get things correct. They are breaking a labor law and I am inclined to go further.

General profile image

Meme Martin - 7 d ago


I am one furious customer. I order from this company all the time and this is the first time I've ever not gotten my food. I live in Columbus, GA and I ordered from the Farr Rd location. I ordered at approximately 1035pm , after 70 minutes went by I called and asked about my order. The associate John informed me that my order was out for delivery. After 30 , which now the store is closed I called back and John told me that my order was brought back to the store because the wrong number was on filed. During the time, John did not verify my number. I am a rewards member therefore all of my information is updated in the system. Then he informed me that, the wrong address was put in the system as a hotel. I am 22 weeks pregnant and I was looking forward to my two medium two topping pizzas. I will never order from Domino's again. Thanks John.

General profile image

Robin - 7 d ago


I have included my order information so that you can see that nothing in my order asked for any jalapenos. I have shopped at this domino's for 7 years. While my husband actually works at Papa John's, I have always been a loyal customer for you guys since before he worked there. I ordered a few weeks ago and my order never showed up. The guy could not find my address because he went to another address and did not read the receipt to see that he was at the wrong address. He just went back to the store and forgot about it. When we called Kelsey the manager answered and said he would send it right out. This was an hour later and they sent the cold pizzas out that the guy took to the wrong address. Kelsey a southern accented male who says he is manager of the store said he would fix the issue and issue us a credit for the order that night. No credit was ever received. Well, tonight again, I am disappointed yet again. This is the second complaint I have ever placed with Domino's as I do not really ever have the problems I have had the last 2 times. We received the chicken, tomato pizza with a lot of jalapeno juice spilled all over the pizza. I am severely allergic to jalapenos and had stomach surgery in 2016 that has made it very deadly for me to have any type of jalapeno or pepper or it could kill me. I am now sitting at the Dr. Urgent Care waiting for help due to the jalapeno juice on my pizza with my throat closing up and bleeding. I told the manager about the problem and he blew me off. I called back and told him to return the money to my daughter's card who purchased the pizza. Her name is on the order when you look it up. He said he would return the money, but nothing yet. He was unapologetic and wanted to know what we wanted done about it as if he was annoyed that we even called to complain that the order was not right. He is a manager and he should be very concerned with this. My daughter was manager at Papa John's for years and never would treat anyone like this if it was an allergic reaction. I am going back to my husband's Papa John's in the future because I can no longer trust that your people will not try to kill me. I am taking this up with my lawyer and the news stations if I do not see any positive response for this that I think is acceptable. This is unacceptable and very dangerous that maybe some kid thought this was a joke to put something like jalapeno juice on a pizza. It is not funny and now I may need to go see my surgeon due to the bleeding in my throat. I tried to contact customer service but it deleted my request and never sent. This is the only way I could contact you since you have no email. Below is my order and you can clearly see there are no jalapenos ordered. The driver did not even have a receipt either and acted really weird when my daughter asked for it and said she did not need it. I don't know what is going on here but this needs to be addressed immediately. Management at that store, quality and everything is gone within the last few months. Store Address: (6222): 5804 Ward Rd Arvada Colorado 80004 USA USA | (hidden) Manager in question: Kelsey male with southern accent. Order Details Order #: 434162 Date: 08/16/2017 7:27PM The following order is being delivered hot and fresh to your door: Quantity Description Amount 1 Medium (12") Thin Pizza Whole: Premium Chicken, Diced Tomatoes, Light Garlic Parmesan White Sauce, No Robust Inspired Tomato Sauce, Cheese $6.24 1 Medium (12") Thin Pizza Whole: Premium Chicken, Mushrooms, Alfredo Sauce, No Robust Inspired Tomato Sauce, Cheese $6.24 1 Domino's Marbled Cookie Brownie $5.99 Coupon Used: Choose any two or more Medium 2-topping Pizzas*, Bread Twists, Salads, Pastas*, 8-Piece Wings, Specialty Chicken, Boneless Chicken, Stuffed Cheesy Breads, Oven Baked Sandwiches, and Marbled Cookie Brownie for $5.99 each.

General profile image

Angie Jackson, Fort Lauderdale. - 10 d 6 h ago

I drove up and walked into the Domino's Pizza near Stirling Road.

having previously been a satisfied customer and treated well I was rather surprised when the assistant manager named Patrice told me I had to leave.

I had my 5 pound dog, Daisy under my arm. the trees told me I had to leave. I told her I had come in there before on several occasions with the dog and waited for my pizza with no incident. I asked if I could speak to a manager and she told me she was the assistant manager and that was the end of it. I told her that I was never treated that way by the other managers there, and it had never been a problem before. she was adamant about me leaving. I told her I will never come back to Domino's. there are other places more expensive than have much better Pizza, but I like the convenience and used to like the atmosphere at that particular location. in my phone I even have pictures of my dog sitting and looking out the window and looking at the counter while we're waiting. my dog goes with me into many stores, Walmart, Winn-Dixie, UPS Store, McDonald's, even to the US Post Office. I would suggest that your assistant manager at that store Patrice Take a Hint and learn some customer service skills. and another thing she looked rather raggedy, when I usually come in there I am greeted my order is taken without incident and everything goes very well.

General profile image

Fresco - 9 d 10 h ago


That's nasty leave your dog at home. I could just picture you looking a mess covered in dog hair.

General profile image

Jkoeneman81 - 7 d 5 h ago


Not all dogs sheed

General profile image

Jkoeneman81 - 7 d 5 h ago


I've gone in with my dog too, he is a service dog for me. I called the police about this. Because there breaking the law by getting on me telling me off, my dog is a registered trained service dog and I have every right to take him in and anywhere with me.

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