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Domino's Pizza, Inc.

30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI
J. Patrick Doyle
President CEO and Director
(734) 930-3030
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Shaun - 7 h 12 m ago


I was just in the Central Exp/Royal Location in Dallas Texas, the cook was on the phone, when he was finished with the call. He went over to the walk-in cooler grab some dough and started prepping for my order. I had ask him if he was going to wash his hands. He told me he did, I told him I was watching him the whole time besides the sink is not located by the phone. He than began to tell me he sanitize his hands. Again the sanitizer in this location is located by the sink, and not the phone. He than began to tell me he was not going to make my order, and I am to leave while throughing a tantrum because I ask him to wash his hands. He than began voiding out my order even the person who took my order was looking at him, and asking him what he was doing not to cancel my order. After voiding my order he began to shoo my off with his hands stating he voided my order demanding me to leave and get out. the girl behind the counter that had took my order was like no, no, no. why are you doing this. "to him" and saying he paid with a charge and needs his receipt. his name is Maurcie, that was the shirt he was wearing. bald headed it appears from the look of it. Once I got my receipt that the young lady had to dig in the trash for, and void slip to conform order was canceled I left the store. and drove another 2 miles away to another domino's where I was treated good. my total order was 28.11 I will never order again from this store, or domino's but since my children wanted it I DROVE 2 more miles to another Domino's store. BTW I normally get it delivered and not take out.

If this gentleman treated me in this fashion, I can not imagine how he has treated other customer. When I showed him and the young lady nothing but respect even she was confused by his action when I was polite the whole time.

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Gail Hayes - 1 d 18 m ago


I live in Lumberton NJ order pizza and wings today Tuesday Dec 12 pizza hot chicken cold . Called the store to let them know , and your manager or employee asked me don't i have a microwave oh well I posted their performance on face book and now letting you know.

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Anonymous - 1 d 50 m ago


Then called back same person answered the phone and I let them know I followed through with my complaint and they laughed . This is the type of service you allow .

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Donnise Foster - 1 d 33 s ago


I ordered a medium meat lovers pizza with your store located at 1930 Ashley River Rd in Charleston SC. I asked that the pizza be delivered and when it got to me, it was incorrect. They sent out a beef pizza. I called to let them know that my order was incorrect. The young lady that answered the phone asked me to hold for the manager. The manager, Lauren, got on the phone and I explained to her that they delivered the wrong pizza. She apologized but then proceeded to tell me that I needed to pay the difference between what I ordered and what was delivered! Explain to me why they could not have eaten the THREE dollar charge for getting it wrong in the first place? How am I compensated for their mistake? Please know that I will be calling your corporate office first thing tomorrow morning as most businesses would apologize and make things right with the customer! Apparently, Dominos is not in synced with customer service at all!!

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


Mr. Doyle

I placed an order at the Domino's store in Radford, Va around 5:15 today, 12/12/17. When I called to check on my order, their employees were extremely rude and unprofessional. I understand that there is snow on the ground and it's going to take time for my order to arrive, but when I called to receive an update on my order the employee, Ed, was very disrespectful.

All I asked of him was to talk a little slower so I could understand what he was saying, he immediately started yelling at me over the phone. I handed the phone to a student thinking that maybe a student to student conversation would go better, unfortunately they didn't put the phone on hold and we heard the other employees laughing in the background. One of my students then called to clarify the delivery information, the manager was harsh and wouldn't let her finish speaking. I do understand the weather is not ideal, all I wanted to do was see if my order would be delivered and if not, I wanted a refund.

I'm not ordering from Radford Domino's pizza until their employees are able to act professional and learn the basics of customer service.

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Anonymous - 1 d 9 h ago


The Newport ri store sucks. It has nothing but kids that steal from the draw and have no customer care. Also sell drugs from the store. And also use drugs while they work

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Kris - 1 d 12 h ago

I work for Dominos, I love it there, I have been working for months and have asked my GM and the owner numerous times to have my social security number corrected because I am being paid under someone else's social, who do I need to contact in order to have this corrected ASAP.

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Anonymous - 2 d 5 h ago

Yeah my name is Elmer Claypool order pizza from you guys a lot I had a bad experience a few times already can't understand what they're saying on the phone when you're talking to him they got the music so loud can't you can't hear Harley nothing the order was messed up twice I wish you would somebody would contact me about the problem my number is 937 963 2217

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John C Lima - 3 d ago


One year ago I got a veggie pizza from a Santa Rosa California location and after eating half of it I had found a few pieces of sausage on it and I have been vegetarian for 10 years. Animal flesh is the most disgusting thing to me. And I never ate a Domino's Pizza since then. I now live in Rohnert Park California and decided to go ahead and order a Domino's Pizza since it was a different location. When I went to the location to pick it up it looked a bit disgusting in the back everyone had food all over them and I noticed one pizza prepper had gloves on and the other one did not so I was concerned the one who is making my pizza was touching animal flesh before making mine. After eating a few pieces I couldn't believe it there was a piece of sausage on the piece I was about to eat I am so pissed off and I will never in my life eat a Domino's pizza ever again and I will make sure to tell all my vegetarian and vegan friends and will post it on Facebook never to eat at Domino's Pizza

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Joyce Lazar - 3 d 22 h ago


You want a review here ya go, I live in Erie Pa , I have ordered from Dominos for over 2 years. In the past 5 months I have had 3 cards hacked from Dominos! 3 different cards!!! I called the store talked to Manager he said it was from my end. Didn't want to hear it just blamed my side! But only happens on ordering on your site! The Dominos address is 3303 Buffalo Road Erie Pa.

General profile image - 3 d ago


Just cause a Domino's on Bouldercrest Road to order a pizza and they told me it was a three-hour wait on delivery that shit is ridiculous there's no way that it can be 3 hours

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Anonymous - 3 d 17 h ago


waiting 2 hours will never use dominos again. if your a fast food company don't u get fast? two hours to go 1 mile

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Celina Phipps - 3 d 19 h ago


Hi I placed my online order today from 1351 Webster ave Bx,Ny 10456 at around 4:45pm ish and didn't receive my order until 9pm at night I called several times was on hold for about 45min- 1hr and still no one answered then had to play phone tag with driver because I was told to come downstairs but no one was outside and ended being there for like 35 more minutes just to receive cold food at the I would really like my money back this kind of service is unacceptable

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Giuseppina Venci - 4 d 38 s ago


I made my order @ Domino's Pizza located @ 227 West 40 Street New York,N.Y 10036.I paid online.I remembered ordering 1 large Brooklyn Pizza pie with extra cheese.When orden was deliverer the pizza was burned and Without no extra cheese.My family are steady costumers of Domino's Pizza,one of the staffs was very rude when I called back the store talked to Angel ..I am waiting for a free replaced the burned one..I have to wait an hour and a half...The costumers pay for what they want.No one should be getting an old burned .pizza...Shame Shame hame...I am selling my families and all my friends that works in that area not to buy Domino's Pizza from 40 Street n west

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Giuseppina Venci - 4 d ago


I made my order @ Domino's Pizza located @ 227 West 40 Street New York,N.Y 10036.I paid online.I remembered ordering 1 large Brooklyn Pizza pie with extra cheese.When orden was deliverer the pizza was burned and Without no extra cheese.My family are steady costumers of Domino's Pizza,one of the staffs was very rude when I called back the store talked to Angel ..I am waiting for a free replaced the burned one..I have to wait an hour and a half...The costumers pay for what they want.No one should be getting an old burned .pizza...Shame Shame hame...I am selling my families and all my friends that works in that area not to buy Domino's Pizza from 40 Street n west

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I ordered 3 pizza's from the fox chapel store germantown md at 9:12 pm it was delivered at 9:52 pm I explained in a respectable manner that the pizza was hard and dry to the manager by the name of Malik he said and I quote "he was not giving me a refund if it was eaten or touched"and then hung the phone up on me .I had a sleepover for my granddaughter with 5 hungry kids I have 2. Whole pizza's and 1/2 of a pizza left This Manager Malik was very rude .disrespectful. unprofessional and very unapologenic.He made me feel like I wasnt a valued customer at all and untrustworthy.when I called back another manager by the name of Sam apologized for Maliks actions but the reputation was already tarnished .I just want my refund and rather take my business elsewhere I have never been treated the way he treated me the pizza tasted like the cardboard box it was delivered in unacceptable

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Greer - 5 d ago


I eat at dominos all the time and this is one of the worst experiences I've had. I placed an order at 9pm on Thursday and waited for two hours. I call the store to check on my order and told her I've been waiting for over two hours and she responded and said "oh, how long you've been waiting?" "Girl you got two more hours" and proceeded to laugh. I asked could I just come and pick it up and she said that it would take two hours. And I've already waited two hours. So I waited the full four hours + more and I called again and the guy told me they won't deliver my food. Mind you I waited that long. I don't have a issue with the delivery but I could have picked the food up myself. That is so unprofessional. No notice to your customers on the delay and no communication skills. This is such a disappointment.

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Barbara - 5 d 34 m ago


I had my son so into the domino's on Benbrook in Randallstown and order 2 large pizzas the large 3 topping which should have been 7.99 a piece. He comes back home and told me that the total was 21.00.. I then called to the store and ask to speak with a manager Chester then came on the phone and I explained everything to him. I asked him how come my son did not get the 7.99 deal and then he said that with so many specials going on that he had to ask for that particular 799 deal which I thought was very wrong as employees they should have offered him and told him about the 799 deal which would have been a lot cheaper instead they took his money and didnt say anything about a 799 deal. I think this is unfair and something needs to be done. I want a refund of my money or a store credit they let him leave and did not give him a receipt his name is Brian. I called and reported this and they already have his name on file and they then told me that I can come up to the store and get my few dollars refund then they let him leave the store and did not give him a receipt. This store is awful they are cheating people and I will continue to report this

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Renee Biles - 8 d 29 m ago

Shame on you Dominoes! I love your pizza but the employees that deliver the pizza , have to wear a coat that they have to buy from you. The little girl that delivered mine tonight was freezing. She said she wasnt allowed to wear hers and cant afford to buy one.

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VRon - 5 d ago


I work for Domino's. You can choose to buy their jacket or you can choose to buy one that is uniform code, which is all black.

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Ashley santiago - 5 d 5 h ago

I got fired form one of your stores and they won't give me my check or a real reason why I got fired and the store I work at had working n there selling weed but I got fired for a background check I already reported this to my local police department every time I call the store they hang up n my face and I already have gotting someone to look at it I even try to reach this office by phone

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Bruce - 5 d 6 h ago


Store #6869 - Order #638615 - I placed order at apprx. 0845 with a delivery time of 1145 AM - It was a thin pizza. - I received it about an half hour past the requested time. The pizza was not a thin but a regular. It was luke warm. Called Mayra about this order twice - First time checking on delivery and was told that they where busy - the second time I was put on hold for over a half hour. No one ever came back to the line. This was the second time that I've had problems with Domino's. If this is the way they wish to take care of their clients then I will take my business somewhere else. This is one very unhappy customer.

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Amy - 5 d 18 h ago


Dear, CEO of Dominos in all my years that I have bought pizza from Dominos. I've only went several times to pick up a carry out order and today 12/7/3017. I receive my pasta without a lid and no plastic fork or anything..I always order for delivery..So, I and probley others who order seriously may have to think about ordering again. And another thing. It seems cause this store has been robbed before my understanding is the employee or employees of this store give the customers change back from the register but instead of placing the money they receive from the customer they hold it in their pocket in the event of a robbery ever happens again. But isn't that just as risky. Shouldn't their be a drop off in a safe or something so as to keep your employees safe in case of a robbery..But that being said Ian greatly disappointed .In the service I received.

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"Johnny Dang" - 6 d ago


I'm certain I just had to deal with the worst encounter of a Manager. COMPLETELY DISRESPECTFUL. He answered the phone "Hello?", and told me to hold on....There's no professional conduct how to answer a phone when working? I gave him the opportunity to fix the order, he laughed and said "I could refund the order, or I could not". He suggested I move the toppings around to prevent refunding or correcting the store's mistake. Gave me the name "Johnny Dang" and laughed.... I have never been so disappointed from a 3 minute phone call in my entire life....WEST FARGO, ND - DOMINOS MANAGER.

Good job Dominos....

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tom Parnell - 6 d ago


Aweful worst pizza ive had.the sauce tastes like canned saucei think aweful. Papa johns little caesars pizza nova and even store bought is better than domicraps.

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