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Domino's Pizza, Inc.

30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI
J. Patrick Doyle
President CEO and Director
(734) 930-3030
Twitter IDs
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Heather - 1 d ago


I live in Kittanning, Pa. I have made my last order today to my local Dominos. After 1 bite of our cheesy breads, we threw them in the trash. First of all they were cold and undercooked. Second, they were mostly bread dough with next to nothing inside. Third, they were extremely small. The pizza we ordered was a little better but, again, was undercooked. I absolutely love Dominos food but this location is doing something terribly wrong because the food is horrible!!!! I still ordered from there in hopes it would be better the next time but it just keeps getting worse. This location will probably not be in business much longer of something doesn't change. I know I, for one, will never order from there again. They promise to give you a credit for their mistakes and they never so it, then continue to give you terrible food.

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Douglas Lee - 1 d 3 h ago


Sear President Doyle,

I have just ever experienced my first ever rude response, from location manager Graham at General Manager(06231) - 2425 Canyon Blvd in Boulder, CO, I live in an apartment almost directly over the location's back door. The bass notes on a car music system makes my whole living space reverberate with near-subsonic sound, and I cannot concentrate while it is playing nor ignore it, and as I am a professional writer who works from my home, it is especially disconcerting. When I telephoned him and asked him to ask a driver to turn his music off in his car while waiting for his order, he first said he'd do so, then, when it didn't stop and I phoned again, he replied that it was him playing the music and he had a legal right to so until 10 PM/ I pointed out to him his music could still be ruled a Public Nuisance, which is against the law 24 hours a day. He replied that it was his music and it wasn't going to stop, then hung up on me, and again when I tried to call back and let him know I would be posting this email to you, Mr. Doyle. I have been a very good customer for that outlet while living in this apartment for seven years, and while there have been noise issues before, your managers have been most understanding and responsive. Not Graham on Canyon Blvd., Boulder CO. He should not be representing your company to the public. I hope you agree with me, but in any case, I've let you now about your employee's unacceptable behavior as a public nuisance.

ps: He seems to have turned it off for a few minutes, then turned it back on. If I have to call the police and report him and your location a public nuisance, I will.

Sincerely yours,

Douglas Lee


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Anonymous - 1 d 16 s ago

If you are a writer can you explain what addressing someone as Sear means? I have never seen anyone do that before.

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Douglas Lee - 1 d 31 m ago

I hit send too fast. Unforgivable. Like that manager, who's blasting me with music right now.

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Jacob A Gore - 1 d ago


Been ordering for years at least once a week. The one time i have a problem (no sauce on my thin crust) that stupid cunt has a problem with it. Refuses to make it right or give me my money back. Then made me wait for 15 mins on hold then to hang up on me. When i called back i waited 12 mins on hold for them to tell me i had the wrong number? What a bunch of pieces of shit you have working for you!

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Becca - 1 d 31 s ago


About 4 months ago we waited 2 1/2 hours for pizza delivery from domino's very frustrated because we were hungry. I should have canceled, but expecting any time. Wait, Wait, Wait! We loved Little Ceasers and that was the only place we were getting pizza. They changed their sauce, I knew it instantly because certain spices makes my stomach bloat. So we tried many pizza places and it just didn't compare. So the best we could do was domino's. My husband does the online order. TODAY!!! I went to pick up our order and there was only employee working until a delivery person pulled up and I finally got my order. Was paid for online so I walked out. I ordered the chicken alfrado expecting it to be good and creamy. Something told me to check it before I left. OMG! the pasta and the alfredo was dried up, the sauce was burnt all around the pan and noodles looked like rubber. I took it back into the store and said this is not creamy alfrado. Well what do you want me to do? I said put more sauce in it. I,m the only one here so it would take a few minutes. Driver comes in and she told him about my sauce. I said I want creamy alfredo. I can't eat this! I said it says creamy alfrado. She looked at the sign and said, it says Chicken alfrado. not creamy. OMG. read where you do the ordering and describes creamy white sauce. She should get it right so they need to be taught about all there ingredients and see it says CREAMY in the description. So the guy ran back to change it, says next time you will have to order the extra sauce and pay for it! you kidding me! I should have just dumped it on the floor and demand my money back.. If you go check out you will see creamy alfrado and mind you says build your own pasta dish! Rude weird employees, I will be talking to the ceo tomorrow. Then the commercials if you noticed, if for any reason you have damaged your pizza bring it back and we will replace it! free WHAT? and you afraid of making my alfrado to satisfied my order that you burnt and dried up! And honestly, while I was eating I could tell I started feeling sick. So now tonight my raccoons out back will have something to eat.

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Phil Usa - 1 d 6 h ago


Tried to order pizza on 7/21/19 around 4:00pm from store 1182 and could not order online. Calling the store was impossible, no calls were going through. I called store 1181 which is the same distance away. The male person on the phone stated they did not deliver to my address. I explained my problem with store 1182. The employee was very rude I was told I needed to order carryout or get off the phone because they were too busy. There are too many pizza options in my area and I will not only make sure I never give your company any business, but will also contact as many social media outlets as I can with my very negative experience. I worked at several Dominos stores in Michigan and California and was shocked at the employees behavior. Regrets.

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Guy spieth - 1 d 11 h ago

Regarding store #208 in Naples, Florida. My wife went in for an order and witnessed the entire staff not using gloves, touching and using cell phones and then touching food, using boxes dropped on the floor and more unsanitary practices. We can not ever use this location again. Our only other option is Hungry Howies.

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Logan - 2 d ago


Pizza was supposedly being made at 9:07pm, I had to call at 11:15 to cancel my order. I called 50minutes after it was made to check then an hour and a half after it was made and again at 11:15 to cancel. I was speaking with the manager when she told me to never call back again and hung the phone up on me. North broad street Philadelphia Pa

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Juan C - 2 d 24 h ago


Juan Cadenas I order a pizza and was never delivered !But you guys still charged me and never got the refund !!The manager of the Canoga store was rude and was loud over the phone !Its been a week I want my money and you guys have lost MY BUSINESS I WANT MY REFUND PLAIN AND SIMPLE

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Edward chavez - 2 d 3 h ago


You can reach me at (hidden) Edward Chavez the people at your business here in Colorado Springs is very rude had a problem redeeming my free pizza points people on the phone very rude will not ever recommend Domino's pizza to anybody I know friends are family and writing a complete review on Facebook I feel like your reward is a con will never go to Domino's again me or my family

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DIANE - 2 d 4 h ago


This wont be my only review. I'll be talking tro someone. I wont be happy until the manager at the W. Saginaw store in Lansing MI is fired!!! He was a total dick to me just because... no particular reason. There is no excuse for it. Now I can't order Dominos anymore because I only give my money to stores that treat me with respect, MARCUS!! I WILL HAVE YOUR JOB.

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Disatisfied customer!!! - 2 d 7 h ago


The online ordering process is a nightmare all the addresses are mixed up and they wont let you get the 50% off deal as advertised!!! Asked them to fix this 5 times already and corprate needs to fire who ever managed the online ordering system and get someone hired that can actually do the job so that all the poor store managers dont have to be yelled at for somthing that is out of thier controll.

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Dominions going down fast in Tomball Texas - 2 d 13 h ago


Going down hill fast in Tomball Texas ! Pizza hut gets my orders now ! Pizza comes out of oven ! 6 pm out for delivery @7 pm pizza cold test like box !! Just don't buy it ! Asked for a manger was told there too busy to talk too !! Called corp ! Ast manager calls & can't understand her cause she talks like she has a mouth full of crap ! Or hood jiv !!!! Not sure witch one !! Save your money it's a rip off @27.00 bucks $$$$$ call pizza hut !!

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Abhishek - 2 d 17 h ago



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JR - 3 d ago


It's not good to feel like an idiot because you don't move or think at the speed of light in order to order a pizza. This is the second time I have left the local Domino's Pizza without placing an order. Because I know these places are always slammed, I planned the entire pizza on the Domino's website using the build your own for that specific location. I drive over to the Domino's and place my well-planned order. "I'm sorry. We don't have Italian sausage. We just have sausage." Meanwhile, the telephone is ringing off the hook, and there is no way I can say - what do you mean - "sausage" - So, already feeling like I'm suffering from lack of amphetamines, or whatever this high-speed world is, I say - but I checked online, for this store. I tried to have my order all set. I don't dare ask what kind of sausage it is if it isn't Italian sausage - and I'm trying to read the menu that hangs from the sealing because there is no hand-held menu... and the phone is ringing off the hook - and I can tell from the conversation that people are asking for way more detail than I am - by the way - the hanging menu lists, "Italian sausage." -- But I start to get a headache and feel utterly not "with it" enough to order a gd pizza. So I lost my appetite anyway, and came home to lick my wounds, since I wasn't going to be having any pizza. It wasn't that the staff wasn't smiley and pleasant. It is that even if I had placed the order online, which I tried, at first, but the price was $6 more for the exact same pizza, and I had done it correctly, and, besides, I would only have discovered that the store had no Italian sausage AFTER I brought it home, which would have made me lose my appetite and be pissed off, and I'd be on this site anyway to vent. I've never moved fast. I am not "trained" in fast pizza--ordering. Who needs this? Heaven help anyone who is actually disabled.

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Debra Ross - 3 d 2 h ago

I live in Ogden UT and just ordered dinner from the Dominos pizza at 21st and Harrison.... I spent 50.00 buying dinner and asked to have marinara sauce for the cheese bread.... It was not in the order when it was delivered so I called to ask if they could have the driver bring some back... I have never had such bad customer service in my life... I was told that sauce doesn't come with cheese bread... I live less then 1 mile from there and it has been 45 min since I requested the sauce... Needless to say I won't be calling Dominos again...

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Zach - 3 d 38 s ago


Order placed at 6:19PM

Order taken from oven at 6:48PM

It's now 7:46PM and it's still not here.

Called restaurant twice and was told both times "it's on its way."

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Anonymous - 3 d ago

Called the store again at 8 and was told the order was being remade. WHY? Almost 2 hours later. Manager cursed me out when I asked for a refund. I'll be talking to corporate every day until this guy is fired.

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Anonymous - 3 d ago


Your Domino's in downtown Des Moines Iowa feels like a hot box. It is easily a hundred degrees in there. No air conditioning? You'll be lucky if no one passes out from heat stroke. Can't believe the store manager hasn't done anything to fix situation, been like this most of the week.

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Gina - 3 d 7 h ago


The Domino's on Colonel Glen (Little Rock, AR) is almost obscene. It was a disgusting experience. My co-workers continued with the delivery but I wanted to stop. The people answering the phone refused to come back to the phone, so while we were holding for 30 minutes, we decided to submit an online order. We called to check to make sure the right order was entered, but they - for some reason - hung up in our faces three times. By then the order was being prepared. I did not eat that food, because these people were mean and angry. Their behavior was inappropriate.

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Meganne Amaro - 4 d ago


Why do customers have to wait 15+ minutes to place an order every time we call . A bit excessive i think. I took a video and pics with mine and my daughters phone so you can see and hear that it was Dominos that kept us on hold forever. And this happens every time we call.

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Lori Puzevic - 4 d 7 h ago


I would like to give a BIG shout out to Morgan Kalinksy (?) at your Store (1278): 2706 W. Michigan Ave. Kalamazoo MI 49006 | (hidden). She went above and beyond today for me. I called to place an order for the following day (6) pizza's. She stopped me and said that if I go online and place the order it would be 50% off. What?? She saved our department $53!! When I received the customer information in the in box I noticed that it charged me for tax and the University is tax exempt. I did not hesitate to call her and she took care of it ASAP! Morgan was very helpful and friendly on the phone and took care of all my needs. It's nice to have dependable, responsible, nice, pleasant and helpful employees. Morgan is ALL of them! Thank you Morgan and Domino's pizza. The Zhang Career Center will defiantly continue to use you for our events.

Lori Puzevic

Administrative Assistant II

Zhang Career Center

Western Michigan University

3020 Schneider Hall

Kalamazoo, MI. 49008


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Chell duBignon - 5 d 4 h ago


I'm wondering as to why the dominoes on 6003-6 Roosevelt Blvd., 32244 has the worst customer service ever! Todd had the nastiest attitude & lack of knowledge of everything!

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Estella Schmiedekamp - 6 d 8 h ago


The pizza is of good quality. Watch your bank statement because they will occasionally charge your account. If you call the business they give you another number to call and all the mail boxes are full. You try to call The corporate CEO and you don't get an answer.

Was told that it is a problem with my bank, right, they ran the card twice and now they don't want to retract the charge.

I refuse to pay $38 for a 12 inch pizza a a little stuffed bread.

It is not gourmet food.

Will not order from them again.

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