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Domino's Pizza, Inc.

30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI
J. Patrick Doyle
President CEO and Director
(734) 930-3030
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Jordan Oliver - 2 d 11 h ago

Hi, I was writing a message cause , In peru indiana my name is Jordan Oliver and, at the fair in july, I wrote my name in a contest Domino's was offering to win free pizza for a year (which they said was 12 coupons a month) and they called me and I won, and they only sent the coupons until October, then they never sent me anymore so I made a complant and they said sorry "we have new management" and they couldn't give it to many anymore, but I was suppose to get the 12 coupons for a free large 1 topping pizza, a month until August 31 the contract said, I was going too see if you guy's could do something about it! my email is (hidden) ,if you would like to contact me

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Larry - 6 d 16 h ago


I had the worst experience with dominos on new year eve. My food never came after 2 hours i kept on calling and they kept on transferring me to two different restaurants. I got hung up on by employee and manager I also got charged for my first order then my second order they gave me free but i never received my first order. It was just a horrible horrible nightmare

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Rachael Holmes - 15 d ago


I ordered a pizza online from the Domino's in St.Mary's ga . I went go pick it up and saw multiple workers not wearing gloves and high fiving each other...the young lady that was running the register also joined in on the action.Now remember how nasty money can be... After all of the workers were done high fiving each other, only one worker that washed her hands was the cashier....

When i got home and opened the box, my pizza was burnt. I didn't want to call that same night for them to mess my order up again,as well as none of the workers had washed there hands. I called the next day and talked to the manager on duty ( lexie) and told her about the pizza and how the workers were not following health regulations. Lexie stated give her a few minutes and she would make me another pizza... Well, I sent my Hubby to go get the pizza . One our neice's went inside to go it the pizza and one one of the workers started cussing at her. My Hubby was furious, asked who cussed at her .... not a word was said. He open up the box and saw the pizza burnt AGAIN! When you pick up the pizza the middle wasn't fully cooked. I will NEVER go back to that Domino's again ! I expected more out of a customer based company than this . If you wont eat a burnt pizza than dont serve one to someone else! If that is how your company is gunna serve there pizza than your company is showing false advertisement!

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John D. - 27 d ago


Tried to contact Domino's in several ways to advise on robbery incident in Huntingdon, TN. Failure in communications when trying to contact Francise supervisor in California. They have their own surveillance system planned but that not all I was trying to contact about. Thankfully, the employee is recovering at home.

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Mary Power - 31 d 27 s ago


I was staying with and helping a friend in Edmonds, Washington who is going through treatment for cancer. She is unable to be in public due to the possibility of infection so thought calling for a Domino's pizza and a couple of salads was a good idea for a quick meal before I had to leave. The order was for Valerie Studyvin, 23121 Edmonds Way, Space 2 Edmonds, Washington, and the order taker was told what mobile home park. This order was placed at 12:30 December 18, 2016. With no delivery by !:45 we called and was told it had been delivered. Val ended up talking to the manager and he found that the driver could not find the mobile home and had returned with the order....apparently told no one. The manager said we will make another order or will you take this one.....agreed to take the cold one as I was running out of time and she was getting very hungry, young man showed up about 10 minutes later, with excuses, he called but there was no answering machine....wrong.....ask him if it rang and he said maybe the call did not get through. I was tired of the whole thing by that time, handed him $45. for a $38 order and told him to just go. We heated up the pizza, I ate quick and had to get my ride to the airport. Sitting on the plane I ask myself why I paid for that order and really why I left the tip money in what I gave him. My friend said I have never tried Domino's before and I'm sure I never will again, I agree. We use a Domino's in Pasco, Washington and have never had a problem. Think you have a serious management problem at this business, and made my difficulty in leaving my friend with her upset about what had happened. As a previous business owner I am well aware of word of mouth and I would certainly look into this situation.

Mary Power

2861 Hanson Loop Road

Burbank, Washington 99323.

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diana bensle - 74 d 16 h ago


We ordered pizza, wings, salad, lava cakes at domino'sin jacksonville fl. at 6;30 in the evening was not delivered until 9:15 p.m. everything was cold. called the store on soutel dr. said they would replace order if we waited another hour. if not they would not help us. would replace only if we returned the cold delivery. could not wait another hour to eat. manager was very rude. we have delt with this store for 10 years. will not order again with domino's. this is no way to treat your coustomer's.they need to make it right.

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iGoByDoc - 4 y 150 d ago

Tonight we dine on @dominos - Been craving the Pizza!

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Dawgsfan34 - 4 y 150 d ago

RT @SponsorKenny: Hey @Dominos Expose your brand through NASCAR! @Kenny_Wallace is your driver! Fans support sponsors who #SponsorKenny ! #(hidden)

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therealgeekmom - 4 y 150 d ago

@dominos i already contacted corporate, who contacted the guy, who offered me a free medium pizza. LOL the whole order was over 30 bucks too

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SponsorKenny - 4 y 150 d ago

Hey @Dominos Expose your brand through NASCAR! @Kenny_Wallace is your driver! Fans support sponsors who #SponsorKenny ! #(hidden)

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anthonydepalma - 4 y 150 d ago

@DCgretchen @dominos worst pizza in human history saltine crackers with ketchup

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Sonnycolds - 4 y 150 d ago

I WANT SOME @dominos !!

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dbaynard11 - 4 y 150 d ago

@dominos have a nice silver car with flames on the back for flames in the oven. a hotbox in there to keep the pizza warm for a 5min+ drive.

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LadyO13 - 4 y 150 d ago

I should feel bad about wanting to order pizza from @dominos. And yet, I don't. #noguiltever

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Kat_Crawford16 - 4 y 150 d ago

I want a @dominos pizza pie soo bad, but poor student funds won't allow it. #tandoorihot . This is the worst times. Ever.

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