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1030 N Colorado St
Gilbert, AZ
Ray Fidel
(480) 813-5200
(480) 632-3106
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Anonymous - 70 d 7 s ago

I just brought a car from u anf refered about 3 people and I can"t get my 200.00 went to the store theres always a issue I will never send any body else. and other issue I will send

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Linda g.Jones - 110 d 18 h ago


This the worst experience ever ,drive time has taken all customer serves out of there stores...

Let me see first this is my 4 vehicle wit them. Never in my life have, I had to call 50 people on one car..

come on dive time what's really going on. You guys are really missing up. Now that you put all this different fees.

look this is crazy, We chose a 2007 sticker price 11,000 thousand dollars, now add all your fees to it annual percentage rate is

15.900,finace charge 8,296.01,amount finance 15,791.58,total of payments24,087.59,total sale price 1,000 which 26,087.59.this is

not cool you took advantage .. how can you take a 11,000 dollar car and add all this charges, come on you guys want even honor your 30 day warranty on the vehicle.!!!!I call customer service they tall me they can't help me, they tell me to go to drive time here so I go their, now

now the tell me to call aeverex, of there answer to me is take the car to amco ,amco said leave the car and they'll get to it. NOW you tell how,

I'm going to do that when this is our transportation. they told us at drive time that we could get a loner car from them...Now your tell me I have to pay a 50.00 copay for them to even look at it. NOW ,THEY TOLD US WE HAVE TO PAY FOR A RENT A CAR ,AND BASICALLY WE HAVE TO PAY OUT OF POCKET FOR A RENT CAR,AND YOU'LL PAY BACK WHEN EVER YOU GET READY..WOW I SO DISAPPOINTED IN ALL OF DRIVE TIME SERVICES.

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