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Ms. Kankakee - 2 y 262 d ago


Drivetime is the biggest rip off , so whoever you are do not get a car from them. I purchase a 2009 Dodge Avenger the car was for $15,000.00 plus the interest. But now this is what they are doing to me . I have paid them $18,000 or more and they are saying that I owe them $10,000 more ,you can't trade the car in until you are a month away for being able to trade it in, I brought this car in July 2013 and want be threw from paying it off until 7/2019. They are triple charging for these cars. SO PLEASE BEWARE OF DRIVETIME I WOULD NO REFER AN DOG TO THEM THEY ARE JUST A BUNCH OF CROOKS. They take advantage of people with bad credit. GETTING MY ATTORNEY INVOLVED, Good luck to all.

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Engine Blew after 30 Days - 2 y 181 d ago


I totally agree with you 100 percent !!!!!!!! They are crooks

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ms_aki - 2 y ago


They are thieves and they will pay for selling the American people cars that do not last. I am sure it's just a matter of time before a Class Action Lawsuit brings DT down.

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Anonymous - 101 d ago

Lets All that is complain bring a lawsuit

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Anonymous - 1 y 205 d ago

you signed up for the high interest dont blame drive time because your credit is fucked up idiot

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Anonymous - 306 d 15 h ago


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Anonymous - 101 d ago

Anonymous must work fore Drive Time Sorry Ass You Must Can't READ cause the Comments about being Sold A Bad Vehicle Now Hey You IDIOT Read First

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MP - 1 y 61 d ago


I agree 100%. I wish there was a way to get them closed down so they don't keep taking advantage of innocent people. They are a bunch of uncaring people. They should be made to drive the cars they sell. They try to sell you crappy warranty as well.

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Anonymous - 101 d ago

It is Everyone Complain File their Complain with BBB it needs to be less 10 complaints to open their eyes I.m 1 Who's with me start tomorrow Only Way To Stop Them

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Jeff hooper - 259 d 14 h ago


I bought a vehicle Friday the 30th from drivetime in Madison TN. Drove the vehicle home and the car started wobbling,at slow speed called the dealer Friday evening the car needs to be looked at. He told me to take it to their repair garage, we'll I did and the repair garage said all for wheels on the car were bent! And the tires needed replaced! They called it in to silverrock repairs warranty he also took pictures and video to them they took 4hrs to get back with him to authorize payment for work! They told they were not

Going to pay for the bent wheels or tires on the car I purchased! I only had the car 3days! I'm returning the car and get my money back! Is this how drivetime treats it's customers! This car is a safety hazard! And they won't pay to fix it!I paid for the silverrock warranty! Please some from corporate headquarters call me asap! (hidden)! Who's making these decisions from their silverrock warranty program! If anyone is reading this please call me or call drivetime I Madison TN! I'm taking the car back Wed'sday Even the repair garage did not understand this thinking! It's not Right! I will call some one

From corporate office until I talk to someone! I bought your car and now you don't want to fix it! Are you not concerned about my safety?


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Drive Time AnyWhere A Piece Of Shit - 101 d 21 h ago

No they really not lawsuit

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Sheryl in Schertz - 129 d 6 h ago


I purchased a vehicle from the Live Oak, Tx location a couple of days ago. This was the BEST car buying experience I have ever had. There was no pressure, no double talk, no hidden figures, no wasting of my time. Every person I came in contact with was accommodating, thorough and professional. I can't imagine why anyone would go anywhere else. I certainly won't be going aNY where else for my car purchases from now on!!

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N Medina - 166 d 18 h ago


Please don't do business with Drivetime I promise you, you will regret it. I have been waiting 2 years to post this review because I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt until I was done doing business with them but I have never done business with such an unprofessional, careless company, to be specific, this location. I don't know where to even begin. Let me start with the process of leasing my vehicle. They were giving me crap about how my social security card looked fake, and I thought maybe it was something that looked off on my social, but then come to find out , they've pulled that same crap on other people making the process harder than it has to be. Then I finally leave the lot with my vehicle (2010 Chevy Aveo) and it breaks down on me the VERY NEXT DAY. Yes, I should of brought my own mechanic to inspect the car, I will admit that. But I was only 18 at the time, I didn't know much and they assured me multiple times their cars go through an extensive process to be checked to make sure they are good cars. When I took my car to the mechanic, they told me there was literally things that were fixed with DUCTAPE and that the car needed to be fixed immediately as it was DANGEROUS to drive. Once they fixed it, it broke down on me 3 more times within the next 6 months and each and every time the mechanics told me Drivetime screwed me and took advantage of me. So it is very obvious at that point they most definitely do not check their cars extensively. So now, I've paid my car off in March 2018, I was told id get my title in the mail within 6-8 weeks. 8 weeks go by, never got it. Called the customer service department and they told me to contact Alex which is one of the managers at this location, and every time I would call him he would avoid my calls and he would never call me back. Finally got a hold of someone in the title department and told me they've had my title since the end of march!! They gave me the tracking number, the date it was shipped, the date it arrived and the person that signed for it at this location. Never once called me to tell me and still are giving me the run around telling me they're having issues giving it to me but won't tell me why. I have never been late on any payment and I paid off every penny I owed. There is no reason why I don't deserve to receive my title. Then I was told I would receive it by June 22, 2018. I gave them till the end of June and still never received it. I called them on 7/03/2018 at 7pm, mind you they close at 8, they put me on hold to speak to Alex. I WAS ON HOLD TILL 9PM! They closed up shop, went home and left me on hold without even answering the phone to tell me he would talk to me another day. I call this morning, they tell me I won't be getting my title for another 3 months. I know there is no way a title takes half of a year to be given to someone! This company is horrible please don't give this place your business, how I wish so badly someone would have warned me. I'm currently in the process of getting it on the news to warn people!

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Rolisha walker - 264 d ago


Ive purchased a 2011 dodge journey in sep 2017 by oct 2017 car radiator went out. In nov 2017 the heat went out. Been using pep boys replace heater core the rear and front car was in and out shop since nov no heat still been to 4 different repair shop since then car is still not fixed . warranty company sucks and drive time does not having anything to do thwy just sell the car after that no contact with them they dont wanna hear about whats going on with tje car just direct u to warranty company

Worst first experience on getting a car off the lot for the first time..

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Divine - 309 d ago


I was sold a car that had no heat told that the warranty would take care of it. The shop I took it to fix the thermostat. Soon as I took the car off the lot turned it off I had no more heat. The thing is before I bought the car the salesman took it into a nearby shop for the same thing twice. Both times as soon as we turn the car off we lost Heat. That was in November here it is February and I have to drive my car bundles up and right before the two month mark the transmission went. I'm not happy with DriveTime anyone I know I was talking away from DriveTime. And I'll never purchase a car from DriveTime again. I'm not satisfied. All I want is to be put in the car that I can drive my children in without having to bundle them up in the middle of winter something reliable. That's why I opted to make payments because I wanted something reliable. Just put me in another car!!!!

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Rolisha - 264 d ago


I having similar problem did they ever resolve the issue or sid u let the car go back

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Marvin - 1 y ago


I bought my car 52 days ago, just changed over my 45 day temp tag, my car is skipping 2nd gear and hooked it up to a code reader and it's reading 7 codes, speed sensor, catalyst convert clogged, O2 sensor, transmission problem. This is from the Morse rd store in Columbus Ohio and I have an attorney and will win, all I'm asking for is that either my car gets fixed or put me in another car for my safety. I've told this to a lady named Brandi C. She keeps asking me to get estimates and I'm not sure why when they themselves can look at it.

Thanks Marvin

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isabelle lopez - 1 y ago


my is isabelle g lopez living fort worth texas having problem with my car i still finance the car$20560 01/04/2017 drive time 100 E airport fwy irving texas 75602 my second car now having problem when i bought the car # vin number they can not read they saler man tell me be okay now my inspection is due 12/31/2017 i can not inspect my car they tell me to call the warranty this is not mechanical issue the give number to call drive care silver rock 877/584 /3848 i call and when in there pep boys and i spoke to store manager store #705 1950 north belt line irvine texas they tell me they cannot fix to take the car to the dealer is illegal to remove the vin number ,,,, report texas department of motor vehicles the issue and now when back to the dealer for me to contact customer relation they say nothing they can do i spoke with manager he do want to help jesse purvis/ bryan ratsphangthong (hidden) ..... now i don't know what to do only i can do report to very department better business bureau / attorney general officer lemon law complaint texas dps and and file a lawsuit the bdealer sell me car that i can do inspection exp 12/30/17

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Angry anonymous Mother - 1 y ago


If you are late on your payment can they lock your ignition up? My motion GPS thing keeps saying my battery is low but I can't even start my car.

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Loretta Ross Woods - 1 y ago

I would never do business with DriveTime my daughter Ducks business with them she missed a payment we got it caught up they told her to come and pick up our car in New Albany get there they only had some of her belongings to give to her that they didn't want they kept all her volleyball equipment for the team gymnastics equipment for the girls then on top of that they tell her that her car is in Cincinnati instead of telling her that before came to pick up her car and when we got there they told her to her car is in Cincinnati but they gave her a belongings that no one didn't want and kept all her equipment for the volleyball team and the gymnastic team. All that equipment that was in her car was not returned the point is there not a word they do not keep their word got her payments caught up my daughter is suffering a blood clot in her lungs to get over there in New Albany to pick up her car to have them tell you that your cards in Cincinnati that's the run-around that's not fair game that was misleading and dishonest in other words they wanted her to come and pick up her stuff that no one didn't steal except for the equipment that cost money did someone stolen cap they are wrong never do business but DriveTime again once I get my daughter out of this mess away from them

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Ripped Off!! - 2 y ago


I will never, ever do business with drive time or aeverex again. AND, I will report to every complaint site out there. And they offer the friend referral service??!! I would never put my friends through what I have been through with this vehicle and all the repairs not covered

Haven't even had the car 3 months! Unbelievable!

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Carrie Conrad - 1 y 303 d ago


3 trouble started in 5 days!

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


Mines was same day! Two months later its still broken. But ill be meeting with a states attorney

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Kim Davis - 1 y ago


Mines was same day! Two months later its still broken. I'll be meeting with a states attorney

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Nikki - 1 y 264 d ago


They are selling vehicles that actually are lemons and all the vehicles key pad they keep. I got to pay 200-300 dollars for the key pad which I have engine immobilized on it

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Drivetime scks...DONT DO IT...READ THE REVIEWS - 1 y 61 d ago


I have been on pretty much every complaint site as well telling people about this horrible place. I agree I would not subject my friends to such a mess like this. In fact I had one friend that was on her way and I got to her just in time before she did business with them. Hopefully if enough people get the message out this place will be forced to shut down. They don't care about customer.

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