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1030 N Colorado St
Gilbert, AZ
Ray Fidel
(480) 813-5200
(480) 632-3106
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Linda g.Jones - 162 d 10 h ago


This the worst experience ever ,drive time has taken all customer serves out of there stores...

Let me see first this is my 4 vehicle wit them. Never in my life have, I had to call 50 people on one car..

come on dive time what's really going on. You guys are really missing up. Now that you put all this different fees.

look this is crazy, We chose a 2007 sticker price 11,000 thousand dollars, now add all your fees to it annual percentage rate is

15.900,finace charge 8,296.01,amount finance 15,791.58,total of payments24,087.59,total sale price 1,000 which 26,087.59.this is

not cool you took advantage .. how can you take a 11,000 dollar car and add all this charges, come on you guys want even honor your 30 day warranty on the vehicle.!!!!I call customer service they tall me they can't help me, they tell me to go to drive time here so I go their, now

now the tell me to call aeverex, of there answer to me is take the car to amco ,amco said leave the car and they'll get to it. NOW you tell how,

I'm going to do that when this is our transportation. they told us at drive time that we could get a loner car from them...Now your tell me I have to pay a 50.00 copay for them to even look at it. NOW ,THEY TOLD US WE HAVE TO PAY FOR A RENT A CAR ,AND BASICALLY WE HAVE TO PAY OUT OF POCKET FOR A RENT CAR,AND YOU'LL PAY BACK WHEN EVER YOU GET READY..WOW I SO DISAPPOINTED IN ALL OF DRIVE TIME SERVICES.

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vicago - 3 h ago


Did they tell you if you were late, the car has GPS and they would make sure you rin safe place, stale the ignition as a warning?

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Vicago upset client - 3 h 9 m ago


To everyone that has bought a car from this Drive Time, and have been ripped off, this is the time for a class action law suit. I will be following through with my State of Florida General Attorney's office, BBB, I will contact local news channels, social medias, and a private lawyer as well as sail claim courts. I am not one to work hard for my money for a low life company to RIP me of, I will be damned. I can not even get the sales person to email me back, awful service and they took me and as I can see very many for a ride.

I have created a email address, please send me your complaint, narrow it down, leave what ever contact info you like, I am finding a lawyer that will represent us against them, lets see who wins, here is the email drivetimecomplaints@yahoo, send me all complaints and I will respond to you and keep you posted on a lawyer that will take this on. To Drive Time, this is my freedom of speech right, do not remove my post, I do have a copy.

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Jylin - 2 d 10 h ago


I bought a car from you all in Feb 2014, I took a friend w/me and did a test drive on my vehicle, the dash liights kept coming on so I asked Woody the salesperson who told me dont worry about it the light will go out. . So I signed off on the vehicle check point list. A month after I bought the vehiicle the lights never went off like I was told and it rained and ceiling leaks and water gathers in the light and the celing is buckled. I bought the car and 2 months later I got a letter stating there was a recall on my vehicle that actually came out in 2013 and I never should have been sold this vehicle w/a recall on it but again I contacted Woody who stated oh well that came out after you bought the vehicle which is not correct that recall was almost a year prior to when I bouight the car. So I am paying almost 3000 more for the extended warranty, in 3 days my car shuts off in the middle of the street 3 times I take it to auto Zone and they say it the fuel injector, Throttle body unit which of course the insurance Im paying for each month doesnt cover. I am livid. I have had this vehicle for 8 months and all these issues and no one is willing to help me. So Im asking for coporate and they arent giving me corporates infomration so now I have to take legal matters.

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Faulkner - 4 d 12 h ago

I am an interested customer. I placed my application online with your company. I recieved very promt responses in regards to my online application. I spoke with 3 representatives about my potential purchase. I live almost an hour away from your Duluth, Ga. Location. I made sure everything was APPROVED before I headed down to the office. Giving the fact that my credit score, car information, and other information was given before the actual appointment was made, I expected everything to be a green light and was very excited about working with the company. I arrived at the Duluth location (after work) at 8 pm 10/11/14 to be in the office a total of 10-15 minutes! No one knew what was going on with my application! I was told, after being told more than once that Drive time would get me in a new car, that I was not able to be helped and was sent out the door. The manager there that night even gave me the name of a COMPETITOR and told me to go there becasue that's where she took her car to trade! I was very frustrated and upset after going through several conversations that gave me promise of help with a new vehicle. I also explained how important this decision was for my daughter and I to have the comfort of a warranty and better transportation. I've only heard great things about Drive time, until I walked into your doors that evening. As the corporate office I thought you should know about my experience and your employees setting a bad example and misleading your customers.

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Gary Burgess - 44 d 15 h ago


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Anonymous - 121 d 13 h ago

I just brought a car from u anf refered about 3 people and I can"t get my 200.00 went to the store theres always a issue I will never send any body else. and other issue I will send

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