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Drivetime Automotive Group

4020 E Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ
Ray Fidel
Chief Executive Officer
(602) 852-6600
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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BARBARA A. BYRD - 2 d 13 h ago

On November 14, 2017 at 5:32PM I was contacted by a person who identified himself as an employee from the DriveTime Car Sales Company, 520 Collins Park Drive, Antioch, Tennessee. He stated my Granddaughter Ms. Erika Lee, contacted him about using the limited warranty through Aeverex for repairs for her car. My Granddaughter informed me that the salesman had contacted her and told her that he would work with her to have any repairs made through the warranty. First and foremost this smacks of FRAUD --employees soliciting vehicle owners to use the warranty when there is no need. I contacted the Manager of the store and was advised that he had no record of anyone contacting my Granddaughter. For the record I informed the manager that no one is to solicit my Granddaughter to engage in any fraud. I informed the manager that no one from that store is to contact my Granddaughter.

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NO - 6 d ago



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regina mcmains L>R ark - 280 d 12 h ago


facts are facts we ALL marked the spot on the contract AS IS right?? so lets all be clear the only way we CAN GET THIS GUY IS WITH A CLASS ACTION SUIT no one on ones we must proove they are lemoning us on purpose like my 09 dodge ram has 05 head lamps in it? AND my ignition switch is failing already ..left back tire was bent before purchase etc etc etc so again CLASS ACTION COUNT THE MC MAINS IN

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Ana C. - 271 d ago


Everyone please contact me at (hidden). Let's also do a "petition" because if we get at least 100,000 signatures online, we can request an audience before congress about this company. I'm not an attorney yet but I am studying law, we will need good legal representation. There is power in numbers and a class action , would definitely get their attention quickly. We can shut this company down!

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Robert - 270 d ago


Where do I sign?

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Anonymous - 255 d ago

Where do i sign

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Anonymous - 255 d 48 s ago

I'm with you they ripped me off

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BeenHadd! - 181 d 22 h ago


Hit me up. (hidden). I am interested!

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Jeffery - 170 d 14 h ago


I would like in on this as my 2008 Chrysler Aspen is a lemon

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Anonymous - 167 d 8 h ago

I'm with you on that years ago DriveTime used to be called The Ugly Duckling where they sell lemon cars

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Anonymous - 167 d 8 h ago

Where do I sign dissatisfied customer !!

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Dereca whatley - 166 d 11 h ago


Let's do it

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Anonymous - 123 d 3 h ago


where do i sign

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Drivetime is a Scam - 118 d 10 h ago

Hello My Name is Wendy Miller and I purchase a piece of crap from your unprofessional dealership in Marrow GA! The worse experience every! On 6/7 we was told that the veh was going to be FIn under 17 and it was not it 27, the manager did. Over go over that part. I mention the tires was balled they manager said they go under all inspections and they were good. A few week later my daughter said the car was shacking when she drives. We took it to unprofessional pep boy on 7/7 around 3 it took them until the end of they day to tell us what was wrong. The tires belt has came apart, she an alignment and a tire barries. Known you claims department saying we have to pay a deposit FOR what we just got this car!!!!! This is sad and pathetic. All of this issues with the veh has been under 30 days this car is a LEMON!!!!!!! We had only bad experience with the drive time car dealership and the customers at drive times. If I can get my money back and y'all can have your dangerous car back. I have been calling your CS department everybody tells me something no one has not follow up! I hated that I went to drive time. Can you have CEO contact me please because at this point I'm go to the BBB and ITeam news in Atlanta since no one want to communicate


Wendy Miller

Not a happy customer

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Anonymous - 81 d 6 h ago

Let me know when you go I will join you.

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Anonymous - 115 d 6 h ago

Yes i agree

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Juanita Paris - 79 d 6 h ago


Where can I sign??

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Jas - 57 d 34 m ago


I just purchased a car from them, have bad credit thought it was my best choice. While in their office I felt uncomfortable with the sale agent he kept touching his private area, making sexual gestures with his tongue, he was extremely disgusting. Should of requested another sales person, wasn't sure i would get the car, didn't want to say anything. Car is running fine now, after reading these comments don't know what to expect.

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Anonymous - 13 d 3 h ago

Game on call me... Less than six months... Interest is insane and warranty is shit..

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Anonymous - 167 d 8 h ago


I would like to stand in agreement with this corporate lawsuit I do agree with you about their attitudes that customer service stinks they talk at you not to you very disgusted customer !!

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Dereca whatley - 166 d 11 h ago


I'm with you on this matter. My Chevrolet hhr have been down since April 4 and it's still down

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Rhonda M Massey - 122 d 13 h ago


sign me up, the situation that I'm dealing with is so wrong. If your needing to know more info about my 30 day insurance issue please email me at

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Anonymous - 37 d 9 h ago

I am in let me know what you need to bring this company to court

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Anonymous - 36 d ago

First off I want to say; I can not fathom the ethics of a corporation within your industry to even participate in these legal issues. As a client I am utterly appalled at these comments on the social media about the same issue I am about to explain. I am a victim of hurricane Irma I actually had to take two weeks off of work and ended up in the hospital at Memorial medical center for five days. As you can tell via the news and claims that are coming in from insurance company to pay off for total losses of vehicles; here in Jacksonville, Florida we were affected to the point that we had no running water or electricity for five days. Not only did my health suffer but my financial situation suffered as well. Hurricane Irma disrupted our lives on September 10. I contacted your billing department on September 9 made a payment of $275 that left me with a balance of $31.25. That balance was paid on October 10th. Hopefully every time someone enters the account within your company their ID is recorded if not I'm sure the phone conversations are recorded for legal purposes. On September 13 two days after hurricane Irma at approximately 11 am. I called and spoke with a lady that stated she would put My Account into pending because she was putting the application to defer my payments until the end of my loan and have someone get back to me The next day in regards to the paperwork I would have to sign. The next day at approximately 8:30 AM I started contacting your loan department because she never called me back on regards to the paperwork that was needed in order to process the deferment. I called up until 4 PM awaiting the paperwork and somebody to contact me because my account was set to a pending status. From my understanding the pending status was pending the paperwork that I was waiting to receive to defer The payments per the disaster and in the agreement that you had made with me guards to the catastrophe; hurricane Irma. Every day from September 13 until September 24 I contacted your customer service department and like I stated before hopefully you can see the notes for the agent or the agent ID Numbers that had accessed my account for me that they didn't have any information because I was in a pending status and somebody will be returning my phone call. On September 24 I made a call to your company I was called back at approximately 10:45 AM. This phone call stated that I would be receiving a deferment package via email that I needed to sign and send back to you either fax, email, or mail. I waited a little while never received this "" deferment package to sign. So again I reached out to your loan apartment. This time the agent verified the email address and it was wrong; we change the correct email address to (hidden). During this call I was informed I was approved my payments would be deferred up until October 10. All I needed to do was sign the paperwork and everything was approved. I waited and waited the paperwork I didn't receive anything when I called on October 10 a couple days before my payment was due on the 13th I was then told I was outside the period of my loan deferment. I am writing you because it is now October 14. I have received a call on my vehicle being repossessed because I am not able to make the full payment for those months I was supposed to have had the approved deferment. I am sure that you have a budget as well as you know I have a vegan for my family and myself I made a payment of $275 on October 10. Because I believed you and trusted in you as my auto loan company I am in a situation to where my family's only means transportation is in the process of being repossessed. Just to let you know how bad our area was hit; FEMA just visited my home a few days ago to assess all the damages. I need you (Bridgecrest) my automobile lender to please do what is ethical. I could understand if it was just me but there are dozens of people that your company is doing this to. This point all I can do to make your response and hope that you will see you and hear exactly what was promised. Thank You Advance, Earnestine Holloway-Bowers (hidden)02 (hidden)

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Name won't matter or help - 18 d 24 h ago


The exact same thing happened to me by Bridgecrest. I am a Hurricane Harvey survivor here in Texas. These people told me that my September payment would be put at the end of my loan, and all I needed to do was sign the E-Signature and email it back to them within 10 days. Well, ironically, on the eighth day just as I was getting ready to email the signature back to them, someone called requesting the September paymen. I told her I had ten days, per the email sent to me, and that the payment was to be put at the end of the loan. She said she knows what the email said, but the extension had expired. I told her someone doesn't know how to count and does not know the difference between 8 and 10. I spoke to a supervisor and three more reps about this with no luck. Finally a fourth rep called me. I explained to her about the Hurricane, my losses and the problem I was having with the previous reps and their Supervisors. She put me on hold, consulted with her Supervisor, apologized for the mishap and requested for me to pay the September note and that She would put in the extension of the October Note and to watch my email for the signature request. That was four days ago. On the fifth day, which is today, November 1st, I received a call requesting the October note to be paid. I explained what the last rep told me and this current rep said although the notes on my account stated this, but that they were not offering any extensions/modifications. Of course I got angry and told her to wait on it. Something definitely needs to be done about them. No dealership wants to take their cars as a trade-in and they all cringe at the name Drive time/Bridgecrest....

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