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Drivetime Automotive Group

4020 E Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ
Ray Fidel
Chief Executive Officer
(602) 852-6600
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Anonymous - 147 d 14 h ago

these people are still trying to contact me over a car i bought from them back in 2001 and i gave the car after only making 2 payments because the car was falling apart

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regina mcmains L>R ark - 2 y ago


facts are facts we ALL marked the spot on the contract AS IS right?? so lets all be clear the only way we CAN GET THIS GUY IS WITH A CLASS ACTION SUIT no one on ones we must proove they are lemoning us on purpose like my 09 dodge ram has 05 head lamps in it? AND my ignition switch is failing already ..left back tire was bent before purchase etc etc etc so again CLASS ACTION COUNT THE MC MAINS IN

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Ana C. - 2 y ago


Everyone please contact me at (hidden). Let's also do a "petition" because if we get at least 100,000 signatures online, we can request an audience before congress about this company. I'm not an attorney yet but I am studying law, we will need good legal representation. There is power in numbers and a class action , would definitely get their attention quickly. We can shut this company down!

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Robert - 2 y ago


Where do I sign?

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Anonymous - 2 y ago

Where do i sign

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!!! - 1 y ago


Start by contacting state police. They are putting inspection stickers on vehicles that are not legal. This company needs to be held responsible for unsafe vehicles and poor customer service.

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Jesse Hewitt - 1 y ago

Where do I sign.

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Anonymous - 2 y ago

I'm with you they ripped me off

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BeenHadd! - 1 y 303 d ago


Hit me up. (hidden). I am interested!

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Jeffery - 1 y 293 d ago


I would like in on this as my 2008 Chrysler Aspen is a lemon

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Anonymous - 1 y 289 d ago

I'm with you on that years ago DriveTime used to be called The Ugly Duckling where they sell lemon cars

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Anonymous - 1 y 289 d ago

Where do I sign dissatisfied customer !!

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Dereca whatley - 1 y 289 d ago


Let's do it

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Anonymous - 1 y 245 d ago


where do i sign

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Drivetime is a Scam - 1 y 240 d ago

Hello My Name is Wendy Miller and I purchase a piece of crap from your unprofessional dealership in Marrow GA! The worse experience every! On 6/7 we was told that the veh was going to be FIn under 17 and it was not it 27, the manager did. Over go over that part. I mention the tires was balled they manager said they go under all inspections and they were good. A few week later my daughter said the car was shacking when she drives. We took it to unprofessional pep boy on 7/7 around 3 it took them until the end of they day to tell us what was wrong. The tires belt has came apart, she an alignment and a tire barries. Known you claims department saying we have to pay a deposit FOR what we just got this car!!!!! This is sad and pathetic. All of this issues with the veh has been under 30 days this car is a LEMON!!!!!!! We had only bad experience with the drive time car dealership and the customers at drive times. If I can get my money back and y'all can have your dangerous car back. I have been calling your CS department everybody tells me something no one has not follow up! I hated that I went to drive time. Can you have CEO contact me please because at this point I'm go to the BBB and ITeam news in Atlanta since no one want to communicate


Wendy Miller

Not a happy customer

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Anonymous - 1 y 203 d ago

Let me know when you go I will join you.

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Jesse - 1 y ago


Mrs. Miller I currently and dealing with the same situation. Took ownership of the vehicle and less than two months I have a full list of problems. I talked to customer relations and they stated the vehicle goes through a drivetime inspection. I feel like they knew the issues and just passed it on. Some of these items should have been caught and addressed without a question. I am going to contact the BBB as well and I'm contacting my lawyer this is beyond pathetic and sad they can sell vehicles that are junk or loaded with issues. I will be tracing the issues of the vehicle back to previous owners and finding out if these problems were addressed. Get a car fax, contact lawyer, make note of all issues especially if its a safety concern. I have a feeling inspections and such are faulty and being bought by the company. They have sold the wrong vehicle to the wrong person. Sorry to hear about your situation and so many others. This is no way to run a company and I will track down all parties involved in the lack of safety as well as faulty state inspections.

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Anonymous - 1 y 237 d ago

Yes i agree

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Juanita Paris - 1 y 201 d ago


Where can I sign??

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Jas - 1 y 179 d ago


I just purchased a car from them, have bad credit thought it was my best choice. While in their office I felt uncomfortable with the sale agent he kept touching his private area, making sexual gestures with his tongue, he was extremely disgusting. Should of requested another sales person, wasn't sure i would get the car, didn't want to say anything. Car is running fine now, after reading these comments don't know what to expect.

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Anonymous - 1 y 135 d ago

Game on call me... Less than six months... Interest is insane and warranty is shit..

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Anonymous - 1 y 114 d ago

Is there a petition to sign?? This is the worst company ever! Let's shut this company down!

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Nicole - 1 y 112 d ago


I would like to be a part of this petition.

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dede newell - 1 y 109 d ago

i'm down too i haven't had my car a month and its been in a shop three times

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Were you able to get the petition?

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kevin Gantt - 1 y 55 d ago

thera did me a bad deal allso

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Quincy T. - 1 y ago


Hi, Are you still needing more signature for the petition?

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