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Drivetime Automotive Group

4020 E Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ
Ray Fidel
Chief Executive Officer
(602) 852-6600
Annual Sales Est
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Kelly Miller - 11 h 60 m ago


I would like to complain about a car being taken from right underneath us in the Columbus Ohio Area at the Morse Rd Location. A car came through the line that we wanted to buy we asked one of the managers they said that was fine approved it and we started the paperwork on the car. When the manager had to ask corporate about if we can keep the tires on the car one of the upper management levels decided they liked the car and said he was going buy it. Manager John Melnick said sorry we lost it an HOUR AFTER WE WERE APPROVED and cancel the appointment for the final paperwork. he is also rushing the car through so that the other guy can pick up and official steal the car from right underneath us. My Husband and I are both military veterans Marines, and never in our lives have we seen anything so wrong in our lives. How is a manager allowed to do this to us. He completely took it right out from under this. IF you TREAT YOUR VETS like this what does that say about your company. I am trying to work with customer relations but I will get all vets involved to spread the word and prevent any veteran from ever buying from DRIVE TIME AGAIN. I mean we fought and both did multiple deployments but my husband is truly a legend in the Corps and to disrespect us like that. I tried to get the car prevented from leaving the lot till this is resolved but JOHN MELNICK is working hard to make sure that other MANAGER CAN COME WTIH THE PAYMENT when they didn't even know the car was there. HE NEEDS TO BE REPRIMANDED AND NEEDS TO NOT BE A MANAGER WITH THIS KIND OF SHADINESS AND DISRESPECT. HELP ME PLEASE I WANT JUSTICE AND NEED JUSTICE I WANT WHATS RIGHT AND THAT IS OWNERSHIP OF THE CAR WE WERE PROMISED.

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Carolyn Daniels - 6 d 14 h ago


Yes i went to drive time in lewisville Texas 75067 and i paid $600.00 down and i paid $139.00for insurance and i paid.. $25.00 gas tank...paid $25.50 for instance...and they gave me the key the next day i went back they told me they need the key back...they mr ernest runi said he was goimg send a decoration page over before i leave never did they ask him to send them a page ...but he didn't..then i ask for my...$789.00back i didn't get that back talking about they will send me a chrck in the mail...when i went over there's i paid $400.00 cash and the rest off card now i no if he all read sold me the car and i have the paper to provide to me attorneys i no i can make them pay right now because by law if you take the vehic back they need to have your mone back the same i am very upset at this moment and i call no one talking but keep in mind i domt have my money and i have the document that i sign unless some one call me by the end of the day ......asapCarolyn Daniels..(hidden) 1/10/2017...

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Anonymous - 12 d 12 h ago

never since February 2016 have i dealt with anyone as rude as the rep i spoke with today. i was completely ok with bridgecrest until now. spoke with someone name Noel. employee id PXNP she was very rude. although she explained the reason why i owed $21 she was very rude and kept cutting me off when i tried to explain my concerns. she lied about having an employee id number so i had to get that info from someone else and also lied about a manger being available. she needs alot of work with her customer service skills. Not being able to speak with someone regarding her behavior really bothers me. so i will go every extra mile to see that she not gets terminated but gets the proper training she needs so myself or any other customer goes through this. she has no empathy at all. as a person who works in the same field i will say she needs to go back to training. she really has me wanting to trade this car in and go through someone else. the manager i spoke with after her after having to call back because she refused to put someone else on the line was much better she told me what noel did which i understood but she listened to what i was saying. the fact that a rep can give out false information and nothing be done about it bothers me. i dont feel safe speaking with reps here after today. i see a trade in in the near future.

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Nikita jones - 24 d 9 h ago


Everybody who goes to drivetime don't they sell you cars that the motor blows out within 10 month's and when you call them they bullshit you around don't want to give you another car but will try to fix the lemon they sell you cause they don't want to let you out your loan and trust and believe they will come repo but don't want to put you in something different they want you to pay for everything but do nothing PLEASE anyone don't leave its a trap ask my daughter 35 on time payments later and still don't have a working vechicle were adout to go pay row g or a rental cause it's before Xmas and my kid's won't have anything from Santa dam!!!!! drive time sucks don't buy a car from there THEY SELL CRAPY CARS DON'T BUY ONE EVEN IF YOU NEED IT IT'S A TRAP AND THE WARRANTY PEOPLE WILL TELL YOU IT'S NOT COVERED PROMISE DON'T BYE FROM THEM YOU WILL BE FUCKED!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 12 d 14 h ago

Going through the same thing!

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Anonymous - 12 d 14 h ago

I will never buy another vehicle from these people!! They lied about what the 3 year service contract covers. Anytime we have had to take the vehicle to be fixed, it's a fight. They say what you want to hear to get the sale, then screw you over. They said the vehicle never had any problems, yet 2 weeks after the purchase of the vehicle the power steering pump broke free and damaged the head. So tired of their lies.

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Shawn Johnson - 13 d 40 s ago

Hi my name in Shawn Johnson and me and my grandma where these at one of y'alls car lots here in Alabama the one in Pelham,AL and we live in Tuscaloosa,AL and told us they would get us in a car today so I had to have one of my boss take us all the way to Pelham to go talk to them and my grandma had told them I was in bankruptcy would that be a problem they said no come on in today so my boss had drop us off up there and had other things to do so when we got there we told them that we would not have a ride back home if we did not get a car today but we came on in and my ride left us there cause they told us the world get us in a car but Fucking lied and now me and my grandma that is 71 years old are walking back home to Tuscaloosa right now because we have no other way to get back home and my boss is not able to pick us up so there for. I am not happy right now because they were a lying peace of shits and would don't give us a ride back home so u can tell them to go fuck off and I am going to report them to Better Business Bureau when ever I get back home if y'all would like to talk to me y'all can call me (hidden) and I am going to let people know how bad y'all are and not to do any business with y'all have a nice Fucking day and if something was to happen to my grandma right now that's on y'all.

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Not Happy!!!! - 18 d 11 h ago


After reading all these reviews I will consider myself lucky. I fill out the app online to get my down payment as their site states and I was given a number to call so they could give me my down payment. I called and was told that my down payment was going to be $600. I drive 3 hours to their location in Ca to be told that they now want a $1200 down payment. Hell if I had $1200 I wouldn't be going to them. So when I asked why my down payment is being doubled now in person all I got was well things changed. Nothing changed on my end in 4 days. It's obvious they use those low down payment figures to lure u in. It's a damn shame and very wrong. But it's ok because all business go on word of mouth and working within the entertainment industry my word of mouth reaches far and important people.

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Drivetime sells broken down cars - 36 d 5 h ago


I bought a 2007 Dodge Nitro in Tucson AZ on Oct 09, 2016 and today the Dec 11th the engine light turned on. I went to Auto Zone to have the check engine light checked and a full list of thingredients were printed but it all was connected to the computer. The reason why I bought a car is because I needed something reliable and now to have these stupid problems. It is so disappointing to see that a company like this is selling broken cars and they don't sell them for cheap either. They will need to get this fixed ASAP or else I'm going through BBB, FCC, CEO, etc.

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Ashley Brown - 39 d 23 m ago

We got our first vehicle with Drive time in February 2016. The 2008 Jeep Commander went into the shop with in the first week we had it. It was in the shop for 3 weeks with 2 different shops. On October 23, 2016 we had a total loss accident caused by a malfunction with the vehicle. It landed my 3 year old daughter in the hospital, broken bones, concussions, cervical sprains, and etc. We came in Saturday to get a new vehicle with no down payment. We had a 2010 GMC Acadia moved from the Lexington KY Drive time to the Knoxville, TN Drivetime. The Acadia was set for me to pick up on Monday. I came into Drive on Monday to learn the second vehicle was in the shop. I received a call from Drivetime on Wednesday advising the vehicle was ready for pick up. Today 12/8 my family and I went into Drivetime to pick up my vehicle. Unfortunately, one of the key features I asked for my children did not work on the car. The DVD was not working. I asked why this wasn't looked at before I wasted my family's time, and my response from the General Manager was I should be thankful that he got my Apr rate down to 13%. Never one apology nor would he even turn his head to look at me when I was speaking to him. This is 2 cars that has had repairs on it within the first week of purchasing it. We have already contacted an attorney for possible suit.

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Melanie Spaur - 46 d ago

Ive reached out one more time for help from a supervisor. I'm all about publishing transcripts from my almost 40 emails and phone calls. I have nothing to hide. I was told to stay off social media if I want help. That's nothing. I have much more disrespect and harassment from drive time customer service employees than that! All I want is for my car to run.WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GET HELP?!?

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Anonymous - 48 d ago

As a customer, Drive Time will not explain that you will pay $800.00 down for a BMW and then 499.00 as month For a 2008 used vehicle. Yes, it is in good condition, however, they will not work with you at all. Bridgecraft is an extremely nasty company. Beware of this company. Then the staff tricks you into gIVing a reference.

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Not satisfied cape coral fl - 54 d 15 h ago


Went to drivetime in fortmyers fl. because i found a 2010 chevy suv online at another location for 11,990. When the paperwork was all said and done they ended up charging me 13,990 for the vehicle. They claim it was never 11,990 and i know for fact it was thats why i chose the vehicle. Not satisfied. Not to mention the suv is in the shop three days after i bought it for transmission problems. Not satisfied.

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anonymous - 57 d 13 h ago


I purchased a car from drivetime,niw when i first looked at it car wouldn't start,i was told the battery just died needed a charge,once i took it home car wouldn't start again it has 4 recalls on being electrical for draining battery.....only drove car three times .....i will never deal with this company again

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TheLemonLawyer - 65 d 11 h ago

Anyone interested in pursuing a lemon law claim against Drivetime in California may contact our firm at: (hidden)

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Beverly Harris - 65 d 13 h ago


I am crying out I bought a car in August 2016 it have so many problems which is a danger to me on the road. The had very dangerous front tires Butler automotive kept my car three days and didn't check nothing I was riding on bad tires and then something went wrong with the motor, now over 1000.00 of tire front and back need to be repaired. I haven't had the car a dull 4 months. I feel I am putting my life I n danger driving this car. It

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Anonymous - 67 d 11 h ago


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Joseph - 70 d 3 h ago


About 2 months ago I bought a 2011 Ford Escape from the location in Concord NC. From the first day I started having electrical problems .I contacted the Dealership they told me that Pep Boys did the warranty work.Which I found out later that they did not. A little later on I get a email from the Service area Manager.She told me to bring the car in there and it would save me the deductible .I replied to her email. ..and explained what the problems were.5 days went by I called the number that was in the email. The phone rang about 20 times and Another Associate told me to bring the car in a 2 hour drive.I waited 2 hours and they did nothing but,tell me that I would have to come back another 2 hour drive wait for I have no idea at least 2 more times.I have wasted my time nothing done.

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Rosa S Lee - 72 d 9 h ago


I brought insurance but changed my mind about keeping the car. The car was returned the same day it was brought please return my refund for insurance asap to 108 Argyle ct Garner NC 27529.I have been calling and each person tells me that the refund will take up to three weeks but it has been two months,will you please fix the problem Mr.Ray Fidel

Thank You!

Rosa S Lee

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A Murray - 75 d 19 h ago


I am honestly ashamed to say I fell for the DriveTime pressure! I purchased my car the end of September the car initially it had minor problems the next day, and because the service center on memorial drive in Stone Moutain was so backed up they pushed the problem a week out. This is also their way of making sure you keep the car past 30 days and, cant return it. Eventually the car was brought in and serviced, same day problem returned only to hear well you have to wait another week for service! Now im 3 weeks into this brand new car and arguging with Mrs. Deion who tells me they dont have a record of me calling or, stating of my car problems. But i was just ubered to my house by you plus I was given papers of the service. These people have had my car to service it, 5 times now. its been a month and a half as of Friday October 30th, 2016 my engine went out from the person whom last gave me a oil change (drivetime) didnt place any oil back into the car after draining it. now its wednesday 11/2/2016 almost a week sense ive been without a car and also let me just add they dont give car loaners and i haven't been able to work because i rely on my vehicle for everything! No Marta in my area of living. My car shouldnt take longer than a week for service but the service center is just now calling yesterday to state the warranty company said run a test before they send a engine out! Im furious so they dont have a date on when my car will be serviced, on top of that what and the blue hell have they been doing with my car i hope fixing the last couple of problems! Im going to a lawyer today because ive never dealt with so much stupidity. Im mostly concerned on someone else getting ripped off and they should be ashamed.

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Peggy C - 76 d 12 h ago


This is the worst company I have dealt with. First they sold my loan to Bridgcrest. Then when I cancelled my service contract, so I could purchase another, I was told it went back to the balance of my loan. The girl could not or would not explain the contract date after 2358 17 was APPLIED TO MY account. She would not allow me to speak to another person. She said that was all the further I could go meaning she was the final person. The balances on my loan is $16,336.53. My car payment did not decrease nor . I believe this is a predictor loan company. I also asked I l could put one payment behind so it would not be late, I was told no.

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Eryn B - 81 d ago


Absolutely ridiculous! I purchased a 2011 Chevy Malibu from drive time, a couple of years ago. My transmission went out and needed a replacement. I took it to the dealer and they called the extended warranty (Averex) but I was out of a car for a month and a half. I needed a car and the extended warranty DOES NOT COVER ANYTHING! They do not give you a loaner for the inconvenience or a rental. They do rental reimbursement and only cover $29/day. I would have been a EASY $3000 for the time that I didn't have a car so I was forced to get on public transportation which made a major impact on work and school. The dealer suggested that I get a new transmission from GM and I would have a lifetime warranty but the extended warranty insisted that I get the least cost efficient and sent out AN USED TRANSMISSION. I had this replaced LAST YEAR and a few days ago my transmission went out again. I am out of a car again that I am paying for to sit in the shop again with no rental, no loaner and it's getting cold outside with a sick child! Again, Averex insist of replacing it with another USED transmission which makes absolutely no since to have these problems and have patterns of the same problems. SO now if I can't get accommodated,I will be calling my lawyer because they sold me a lemon and taking my money. People, it's not worth it at all and I wish I would have went to someone better!

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Vilicia Bates - 81 d 17 h ago


I bought 2 cars from Drivetime the first experience was okay but after I bought the car I ended up paying 342.00 in repairs bc drivetime didn't cover that particular problem. Now I went back bc my credit still isn't the greatest I bought a 2009 Chevy Traverse well the car looked great but after the third day the transmission had went out so I have to go through all this stuff taking to a mechanic who said they didn't have the equipment to fix it . So I take it to another they say the same thing so I take it back and tell them I want to return it they have no problem taking it back but I can't get back my 500 dollar down payment and I've been getting the run around about my money every since . Now I bought the car on a Monday it broke down on a Wednesday and I took it back on Friday and I still haven't received my down payment back. I suggest never going to drivetime you'll be better off going to JD Brider. I know if I don't get my money back by today I'm calling my lawyer and Columbus news channels bc this is some bullshit.......taking people's hard earned money will get you beat up. I don't play about my money !!!! Don't shop at Drivetime they are robbers!!!!!

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Myra Gray - 90 d 10 h ago


Absolutely horrible. I went in and received good service initially but when I changed my mind its as if no one cared about the service. Refund of the money that was given and it has been almost a month since I have received my refund of down payment. No phone call. I am incurring fees at my bank because of money due back to me and they could careless when I get it. But in order to purchase they want a guarantee of funds. I would not recommend anyone to Drive time and will ensure anyone looking I tell them where not to go!

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Cheri - 159 d 13 h ago

I have been 3 weeks with out my truck. It's been in the shop waiting on a overhaul of the transmission. The repair facility claims they can not find the part. Aeverex said there's nothing they can do and I have spoken with 4 different managers in the lease recovery department who help me one day and ask me to call back the next day and they become unavailable! Fgures right? Welp i have had just about enough. I'm not sure whom else I can speak too or whom else can help but this is the worst experience ever. The last 4 weeks of summer for my 4 kids they have been stuck in the house. I have had to beg for rides to the grocery stores. I haven't been able to get them to Doctor visits bor anything else. As I write this I have been on hold for 25 minutes waiting for someone to answer the line to help me. I'm furious

General profile image

DriveTime - 158 d 14 h ago

Hello Cheri,

Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns about your vehicle. I am truly sorry to hear of this inconvenient circumstance and would like to see how I can assist. While all of our vehicles undergo rigorous inspection prior to sale, we understand that with pre-owned vehicles, concerns may arise down the line that we are unable to predict or prevent. In the event that a mechanical concern arises, we have multiple resources in place to help assist our customers. Every vehicle we lease or sell comes with a complimentary 30 day/1,500 mile limited warranty. In addition, our lease vehicles come with an extended warranty and our finance customers have the option to purchase additional coverage.

As warranties are limited in nature, and we know some instances may warrant further assistance, my department, Customer Relations is available to review. As it seems you have experienced some difficulty in getting a resolution I would like to get involved to explore the best route to take for the matter at hand. Unfortunately with the contents of this review I am unable to locate a means to contact you. To ensure you are provided with the best possible assistance for your concerns, please give my department a call at (hidden). My team would be happy to take a deeper look at the situation to try and turn things around.

Thank you again for your time, I hope we hear from you soon.


Natalie - Customer Relations

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Cheri - 158 d 10 h ago

The number is hidden. Please call me anytime at nine five 4 two 7 four 70 none four

General profile image

DriveTime - 157 d 13 h ago

My sincere apologies, I was unaware that the phone number would not post. As there is a number I am unable to determine in the contact information you provided, I will try to provide an email address that you can reach out to us by. The email address for my department is (hidden). If the email is not visible, you may visit the DriveTime contact page (, contact Customer Service, and request to speak with someone in Customer Relations about your concerns. Please let me know if you have any difficulty in reaching out to us.

Thank you,

Natalie - Customer Relations

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Linda Beckett - 144 d ago


At least DriveTime responds to their customers concerns. ENTERPRISE RENTAL CAR DOES NOT "SHAME SHAME SHAME "...DriveTime please contact Enterprise Rental Car for me & explain customer relations is # 1 for good to great advancing in business. By the way, my daughter purchased a vehicle from you all & she's quite satisfied !!!

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