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Drew Houston
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John Gotti - 61 d 22 h ago


Dropbox.Drew Houston . A scary operation that's going to go South where there is no extradition treaty with U.S. probably Brazil. But you see it. Heat it .taste it. They are a fraud. .they deserve everything they get from ever customer who been scammed. All the comments that I read online about how they deleted one guys files on his notebook computer when he was on a business OMG they tried to scam me with same bullshit story

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Pissed off customer - 130 d 4 h ago


I have used dropbox free service for some time now. I decided to upgrade to business standard for cloud storage of emails and data files. Took me a better part of a day to get someone to answer my question before moving forward with my endeavor. Downloaded the 30 free trial to take it for a test drive. Tried syncing my files to their service. Was immediately notified my box was full and prompted me to upgrade. Interesting since I did upgrade. The sync service ended up locking out my computer, completely froze. This put me into a panic and tried to reach out to tech support to see WTF was happening. That's when the sh-t really hit the fan. Spent more than 3 hours with chat support. The 1st 3 operators 2 sentences in to the chat abruptly ended the chat. After the 3 attempts with chat I could no longer access the chat feature. So I started emailing. Several hours later someone from sales actually called me and proceeded to tell me that the 3Tb storage space would not take affect until I started paying the premium. Things got really interesting when the comment he made regarding chat support being substandard and how the company is trying to deal with the problem. Wonderful....should have read more reviews before jumping in. In short save your money, time and anxiety level and go elsewhere for your service. All too bad as the way the features are described sounded just what my company needed. Extremely disappointed.

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Mad Dentist - 143 d 12 h ago


I have used Dropbox for 6-7 years now for my blog photos. It start out costing me $99/yr...and now I just saw on my business credit card this month that my auto-renewal fee is $750.00. I have tried to connect with on the phone...which is you never can get a real person to speak to. I had my credit card company void this bogus auto fee !.

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Anonymous - 184 d ago

Does not work on my iPad I was offered a trial offer but I canceled it meanwhile I was charged 10. $ anyway. Shame on you drop box theives

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Sam - 257 d 10 h ago


2 MONTHS of "our engineers are working on it"

I don't know about anyone else, but two months is 60 days too many to be paying a company that isn't providing the service they promised.

My email was locked to a dropbox team that I was no longer wanting to be a part of. The reps assured me it was easy to leave and instructed me on the steps, but when I sent them screen shots of what was happening they just scratched their heads.

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Anonymous - 284 d 11 h ago


Following is the quote from the beginning of a chat I had with first Franz, the Hannah at Three days later Troy contacted me from you restoration dept, and has so far refused to restore my account, because he says that my email on my acct, (hidden) doesn't match my return on my email,, (hidden). They are the same acct at Cal State University, Long Beach, and I gave him several ways to verify this. So far no response. DROPBOX HAS A SERIOUS FLAW WHEN IT CAN NOT ONLY DELETE FILES ON FROM DROPBOX.COM, BUT ALSO ALL MY ORIGINAL (ONLY COPY) FILES ON MY COMPUTER WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. It deleted about 440,000 files I believe. I want AN IMMEDIATE HOLD ON DELETING ANY PREVIOUS BACKUPS OF DELETIONS ON MY ACCT, AND HELP RESTORING THE LATEST POSSIBLE VERSIONS OF THOSE DELETED FILES. FOLLOWING IS A STATEMENT OF WHAT HAPPENED (MY ORIGINAL CHAT QUOTE) on Monday, April 9. LOST 100's of ONLY COPY FILES after DROPBOX APP DELETED 1000's of my PRIMARY SOURCE FILES I have 2 computers and 2 phones on dropbox. PRIMARY COMPUTERDELL LAPTOP Inspiron 5567 The Dropbox folder contained more than 90 GB of >24,000 folders and >422,000 files. They were my primary files of almost all kinds of data for a 20+ year period. The last backup I made on another hard drive for ALL files in dropbox was Jan 21, 2018. I RELIED ON DROPBOX TO KEEP CURRENT BACKUPS FOR ALL OF THOSE FILES AND ANY ADDITIONS. This week dropbox deleted many of my most important folders, and did NOT put them in the PC Trash. SO I HAVE LOST AN UNKNOWN NUMBER OF FILES CHANGED OR CREATED SINCE JANUARY. DROPBOX NOT ONLY DELETED MY BACKUP FILES ON 'THE CLOUD'IT ALSO DELETED THE ORIGINAL SOURCE FILES!! SECONDARY COMPUTERDELL DESKTOP XPS 8700 (MY MEDIA and BACKUP COMPUTER). I put the dropbox folder for it on an EXTERNAL SEAGATE HD. I store ALL MY PERSONAL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS on that HD. It is the primary source of those personal photos and videos. I also stored old copies of many of the folders from the dropbox folder on my LAPTOP in that dropbox folder. However, I started getting old copies of files copied onto my laptop dropbox folder with a file name that included a phrase "conflicted copy from MediaXPS" INTO MY LAPTOP DROPBOX FOLDER [MY PRIMARY FOLDER WITH THE NEWER COPIES ON IT]. To solve this problem, I deleted the folders on the desktop xps 8700 that were the source of these "conflicted copies." Perhaps this had something to do with the (days later) DELETING OF THE PRIMARY (AND NEWER) COPIES OF ALL THESE FOLDERS ON MY LAPTOP. IN ANY CASE DROPBOX SHOULD NEVER DELETE FILES ON MY COMPUTER WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!! I HOPE YOU HAVE BACKUPS OF THESE DELETED FOLDERS/FILES, BECAUSE I DO NOT HAVE COPIES OF MANY OF THEM. OBVIOUSLY, DROPBOX CANNOT BE TRUSTED AS A BACKUP SOURCE. I MUST FIND A NEW SYSTEM FOR BACKING UP MT DATA. PLEASE HELP ME RECOVER MY LOST DATA.

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Diana - 294 d 4 h ago


There are many things I LOVE about dropbox. For example, when I had a virus we were able to get back all our data that was on dropbox.

On the other hand, they have a very strict no-refund policy. So if you accidentally add a new license instead of reusing one for someone who has left, TOO BAD.

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Hot under the collar! - 294 d 5 h ago


Contract Issues

Problem: My husband/business partner and I were trying to combine our two Dropbox accounts into one. I had a 5 license

business account for our business team. My husband had one account he wanted to transition over to the business account. We upgraded our

business account and paid $1,000 by credit card on 3/29 for unlimited storage, legacy pricing of $20 per license, monthly billing and 5 business licenses. HOWEVER, The support person my husband was working with downgraded our account without warning us that we would lose our legacy pricing. The downgrade also resulted in our team suddenly exceeding capacity and not being able to save anything to Dropbox, and our team folders not syncing. We wrote and called through every possible avenue and lodged a complaint with the BBB. So far, one person in billing replied but obviously didn't read the details, because she blamed us for downgrading our account and said we will have to pay a higher price to reinstate it. They already have $1,000! We have called and sent a clearly documented email trail through every support method that Dropbox offers and once again, we are waiting.We are on our 6th day of NO SERVICE and being out $1,000! There is no way to talk to a real human being about this problem! This is horrible customer service! SIGN ME UP FOR THE CLASS ACTION SUIT!

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Tom - 1 y 257 d ago


To Drew Houston

I sent emails on 26 April and 4 May which have not been responded to.

Furthermore, I have been trying to resolve an issue since February this year regarding renewal of membership.

I keep getting pathetic and run around answers.

No one wants to accept responsibility for a Dropbox problem in renewing membership at the original rate rather forcing renewal at a higher rate.

I am trying to resolve this matter amicably before I lodge a complaint with the Justice Department/Consumer Affairs for misleading and deceptive conduct.

Any suggestion how to resolve this matter.

Regards, Tom

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Paul. - 1 y ago



You are so correct. I think that there are now enough customers to place a class action suit on their doorstep.

If anyone here wants to do this, contact me as I already have ammunition and a lawyer (very good one )!!! who believes we could all make a case for Negligence, Fraud, Theft, and a few more. Some will stick!



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Vaibhav - 1 y ago


I would like to be a part of any class action lawsuit. Please contact me at vaibhavphadnis at hotmail dot com

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JZ Holden - 1 y ago


Count me in. I literally was hijacked into a business account and whenever I contact them, I receive an email asking me was I satisfied with the resolution of my complaint. One big circle without an end, and Ching a Ching my money going into DB like gold into a black hole.

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Kevin - 299 d 11 h ago


Absolutely, count me in. This company is absolutely criminal!

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Julie - 299 d 7 h ago


I am in... I work for Panera for a year I do 2 positions get paid for one, they have let me haging for 2 months and nothing of my raise go through... I had done certified training that I never got pay for the 3 hours of training. The management just care less and I do believe they do that intentionally... I am not the only one at the store going through this...

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Bob Schuetz - 1 y ago


If there is a class action suit in the making please count me in. This company is the worst I've come across in a long, long time. I've been forced to upgrade my services just so I could talk to Technical Support only to find out they really don't have the answers or the authority to take any action to get anything done. I've had files missing, re-arranged, "sync errors" that cannot be explained, and the very best response is, "I'm sorry".

When asked where their Corporate Office was located I was told they were not allowed to reveal that information! When asked if I could speak with a member of Management I was told "they were not available". How convenient.

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T Moseley - 1 y ago

I signed up for a 30 day free trial with dropbox. I then received an email giving 3 steps to set up and then a Get Started button. I decided not to use Dropbox and I did not click on the blue button to start the trial. So certainly I was surprised when I got charged $450 today for a product that I do not want. Please refund me my money IMMEDIATELY. And cancel or tell me how to cancel this so that it will not happen again. Please delete my Paypal information immediately.

Not happy!

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Linda - 1 y ago


I have never had such a HARD Time trying to contact a Customer Support Person in my Life!!!!

This Dropbox Company is a JOKE! I am screaming for help.

Every avenue is a dead end. Is there a Boss? Everyone has a Boss!!!

Doesn't the Box care?

I would be ashamed if this was my Company.

Does ANYONE know the phone number for Dropbox???

I have questions....just a few.

I want to resolve my problems....

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troy - 1 y ago

Wow.... i just found the site. i can only say +1 to terrible service dropbox as devolved into in regards to customer service. I had to pay $6K to speak to someone who could only send email. I will not be hearing anything from this guys. I will like stop payment on the CC once we move the data to another location and tell Drew to sue me for the money....

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Robert - 1 y ago


The company will not respond to emails and there is no way to leave a phone message. There is something funny about this company.

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Communique GMBH. - 1 y ago


I have had a corporate, and two personal accounts with this sorry excuse for a company. I have run companies, and wonder how this "organisation remains in business. I have two friends who have a software suite from a European company and are now negotiating to License this product here in the USA.

If this happens Dropbox will fall. The unnamed company has a huge presence in Europe, and we are looking immediately to work with BOX to supply a Multi-Tiered solution to Top 500 Co's. We will also put DropBox Services/Support to shame. I am very aware, having polled people like yourselves that you want a live person(s) supplying immediate small advice/ answers in a timely manner.

Watch this space in the New Year!

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Tim - 1 y ago


I have never in my life been so insulted by a company and their customer service how this company survives is beyond me I've been a loyal customer you charge my credit card all the time and I cannot get one person to contact me about not being able to log back into my account since my 2-step Verification phone number has been deleted and Disconnected by my old company I am so sad and disappointed that you have all of my family pictures files and folders and I cannot access them no one will call me back contact me or anything embarrassing that I've even done business with

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Tim - 1 y ago


This is the worst customer service I've ever ever had in my entire life my old phone number was disconnected and I can't access my account and after months of trying to send email request for help I do not get I get an automatic computer rated email reply with no help they have all of my files my history my folders my family pictures I can't update anything this is insane

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Sherwood Bethea - 1 y 89 d ago


My name is Sherwood Bethea. My email address is (hidden) and my phone number is (hidden). Your Company has been taking $9.99 from my account for the last three months. And I am not able to update my dropbox. It continues to said it is full and needs update. I try to update and ever time it is asking for money. I u are not goi g to update my dropbox I need your company reinvest my funds back into my account. I tried several time to call and only a answering machine comes and tells me to go to the website. I need u to call me asap.

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Ripped off - 1 y 92 d ago


To Drew Houston

I sent emails on October 13,18,19,20which have not been responded to.

Furthermore, I have been trying to resolve an issue you took a thousand dollars of of me which I did not want to pend and you just disappeared

I keep getting pathetic and run around answers.

No one wants to accept responsibility and even call me why are you bidding and not responsive at all

I am trying to resolve this matter amicably before I lodge a complaint with the Justice Department/Consumer Affairs for theft

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Robert SCVR - 1 y 94 d ago


I have been shut out of my own account from Dropbox for a week and every time I try and get support they send me the same damn generic response that I am not the Admin and will do absolutely nothing to correct the issue other than resending the same usless email that directs me to forums. I signed on thinking my company files would be safe this way but they are useless and have done nothing for me in a week while I cannot run my company without all my files!

Now I'm stuck trying to find corporate offices but so far like the rest of the company's support team they are MIA.

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