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Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc

Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin-Robbins
130 Royall Street
Canton, MA
Nigel Travis
President and CEO
(781) 737-3000
(781) 737-4000
Twitter IDs
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T.Green - 1 d 24 m ago


On Friday evening about 10min to 8pm i walked into a local Dunkin donuts which is located in a large gas station within the convenience store that i visit Quite frequently while working. I Specifically asked the cashier for a small black coffee with no Cream or sugar just Carmel cream! While the cashier Prepare my order I walked over to the other side of the store(5 feet away) to pay for some other items. When she yelled "your order is ready" i ask again No cream right and she said no cream! I check my coffee and it looks like dairy was added but the cashier reassures me that it's the Carmel syrup and it doesn't contain any dairy! Well 2 sips and less than an hour later I'm sitting in concentra urget care getting an epipen shot because dairy was in it!!! talk about pissed! So i call Dd and speak with the young lady who served me Because no supervisors or managers are one site ;she wants to argue with me that no dairy was added to my drink but when i tell her after speaking to the nurses, calling another Dunkin donuts and looking online the Carmel syrup she put in my coffee does contain dairy! And she says Oh well I can make you a new one just come back.. ARE You freakin serious!!! I told the lady she never gave me my Receipt , can she put her name on it and inform the next crew of the issue what happen so i can be refunded my $1.81 and i was putting in a Complaint with the corporate office. Needless to say she didn't do either and i was Totally treated like shit by the next crew so much so that other customers were going back and forth with One guy in particular (cashier) and one customer even gave me his Receive so that I can get the cashier's name off of it!! and never receive by refunded (mind you i still had the coffee I took a couple of sips from)) and the cashier tells me to take the coffee back and come back Monday! I left the coffee there and took the information given on the Receipt and left with watering eyes talk about a f'd up night all over a small coffee that i was not trying to make an big issue over i just wanted the cashier to be talk to that Served me my drink and my refund. now I have to go to my bank get a printout of the purchase, go back to the Dr. Office for printout amongst other things. Never WILL I EVER STEP FOOT IN ANOTHER Dunkin donuts again!

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Maria - 4 d 30 s ago


I go to the Dunkin Donuts in Andover, Massachusetts in the Center of the Town. The manager is Tammy, Not only is Tammy professional, hard-working and just extremely personable to everyone, she is probably your biggest asset. I teach marketing at Merrimack College and honestly, she is the very best. I also find that all the people who work there to be hard-working, so very cordial and really wonderful. It gets very crowded in there in the morning especially and they move that line so quickly. I am very impressed by Tammy and her crew.

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Whitney - 5 d 14 h ago


Dunkin Donuts in Andover Minnesota is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!. how do you run out of bagels at 9:30am, how do you run out of green tea and regular tea before noon???? employees at the window are extremely rude and always in a rush!. not to mention they never add a napkin to their bags! never again will I go so this particular DD!!!!!

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Anonymous - 5 d 18 h ago

Hello;during the contest SipPeelWin. I won a 410.00 Dunkin donuts Card. (QPWPPHQK66). I went to the website to claim my prize and was told i would receive it in the mail.

I never recieved my prize

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Disappointed person - 10 d 16 h ago

I was told that the Dunkin Donuts in Braselton, GA didn't give their Assistant Manager a chance to be GM after they were told she would be able to have a trial period to see if she was capable of handling the job. I do believe that she deserved that position because she worked hard for it, and wants the position very much and even all the employees believe she would thrive in the position. I think corporate needs to reconsider and appoint Kaylee Gray as GM for the store.

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Ken Kansky - 16 d 1 h ago


Dunkin' Brands stole my 2.3 Billion Dollar Idea and not only did not hire me, they didn't give me credit!!!!!! Dunkin' Brands is going public and ideas on growing west, by Ken Kansky. May 9, 2011 Now that the cat is literally out of the bag, Dunkin' Brands has made it officially known that they are interested in going public on NASDAQ. This would be a necessary step in building enough cash so that they can command attention in the western market of the United States and creep up on the Starbucks coffee war numbers. According to an anonymous executive, they incur a supply chain challenge at approximately 7-10% higher costs of procurement and distribution with their supply hub coming from Chicago. This seems excessively high as Warren Buffet's rail roads and the very large Port of Long Beach, CA could be used as well as a possible land bridge trucking combination. This Canton, MA based corporation is doing extremely well in the local area. I recently applied to two different positions as they are expanding their operations team. My beverage supply chain expertise and high level sales management experience seemed like a perfect match but my application grew quiet as an internal candidate took the coveted spot. Officially, I was asked to apply to other positions but to date they haven't even scheduled an interview. So much for the number one ranked Penn State supply chain Graduate Certificate with a 3.56 gpa! The Canton, MA headquarters has a real functioning Dunkin' store and a Baskin Robbin's on the first floor with a full size basket ball court in the parking lot. Do they play the neighbors over at Reebok? I could be a power forward on the office team and can clearly box out. I felt I was a strong candidate and even offered some very creative and outside of the box ideas on how to help grow the business with my past experience with Coca-Cola's "Project 2000" and modern beverage industry trends. As an almost daily customer of the franchise stores I can clearly see room for growth in a variety of areas. In Boston, the measurement of the D&D store is by feet not by miles. With such a saturated foot print the average customer can decide, within reason, if they want a drive through, better situated parking, or a smaller line at a distant store. You can clearly see that the 400 Square foot airport outlets do a tremendous business. In continuation of my thoughts about using a smaller footprint I asked about branded vending machines. Why are their no top of the line Dunkin' Brands vending machines that have the ability to dispense hot and cold fresh ground coffee with any combination of sugars and milk you can think of. How many combinations does the Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain vending machine have? The newest Pepsi machines allow the social user to buy a code for friends and redeem them at all new machines. Imagine the sales of full branded D&D machines in Time Square NYC vs. an old coffee vending machine with tiny Styrofoam cup. How about drive through coffee vending machines? Further, why not compete in the energy drink category with a line of canned prepackaged beverages that could ride on the distribution systems of established beverage companies? You build this brand but fail to sell the idea. Starbuck's has coffee in the convenience stores and they do sell because they aren't being challenged. At the very least mirror the strategy, like in a game of chess! My other original idea was based on the, "Groupon" mentality of buying and selecting a dozen donuts to build by smart phone application for friends or co-workers. I just know how long the lines are in the morning and wouldn't it be nice to have you donuts pre-ordered for a meeting with value added coffee, juice and breakfast sandwiches all delivered to the office without having to "sky cap" in the lap top, the presentation packets, and the all other hassles. The water companies have home and office delivery? Why doesn't Dunkin lead the charge for an operational streamlined bakery savings. If the demand is pre-ordered you will sell exactly what was ordered. This equates to less spending on gas for a one way ride, less waste, and no out of stocks and a manufacturing savings. Further, the Japanese already did a case study on freshness and the outcome of their continuous improvement was to have smaller multiple daily deliveries to keep up with demand at their 7/11's. So I ask the question, why was the internal candidate hired when upon my first day of being hired I can directly save the company 15K. I'm talking 15K from the moment I sign my pen to paper. That seems pretty good for the first minute of work with the tax incentives that come with hiring me? I was told that while the internal candidate was still negotiating his lofty salary, that I was no longer a candidate. Seems fishy to me, as they should have sealed the deal and then informed me I was no longer in the running. Be sure that the water for that coffee is clean and pristine! That, my friends, is an honest look at why a fresh set of eyes are priceless among true winning operational team builders. Prepared by Ken Kansky of a boutique supply chain beverage consultancy. Dare to dream big because with time and water you can move a mountain with water, gravity, erosion, and plate tectonics.

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Anonymous - 11 d 9 h ago

Put the coffee down man.....

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Charles Schader - 18 d 15 h ago


I jave been a coustomer and employee at many d&ds from keene nh to southaven ms. Never before has d&d said we dont except your d& d cups at a refill price. Both of the stores one in ms. One in Memphis tn now dont refill my or my wifez d&d cups. The 20 oz stanless st cups why sell them. If you wont honor the refill policy of d&d . It will be a long long time before i set foot in a d&d again

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James D. Harrington - 26 d 46 s ago


I was going to writhe a lengthy complaint with attached supporting documentation about your recent rewards week and my not being able to use the "Order on the go" rewards that I can't neither order or receive my rewards points. I was going to coplain about not your hot coffee product (wich is the best) but it's containers that always dribble down the side of the cup while I'm driving, using public transit or standing with friends. Or the location, whith your buy two bacon, egg and cheese billborard display in front but they don't carry that product on site. Or my idea for an excelent public relations community service roll out for the spring. But instead I will not.

I have been ordering Dunkin Donuts products for more than 35+ years and again you have the number one coffee product. I go to a lot of dunkin donuts in my travels and with all business I look for attention to product but also customer service. As a teen I worked in a Burger King and learned customer service and exacting detail through out your brand. I had a business that we worked on these values also and it made us an anomoly of a mom and pop surrounded by corporate businesses. But the bottom line is when you have the product, customer service. You are going to have problems and gliches but it's what you do in response that sets you apart. The Dunkin Donuts on 245 Pleasant St. in Malden MA has the best trained, freindlliest and when the time comes confident crisis handlers in the business. Factors in this assumption are high volume, transit station nearby, fast paced costumers, a minor vagrant problem in the area and no parking. The two gentlemen who run this Dunkin Donuts are always happy, polite and inviting. So kudos to them. You really should have some type of filter e-mail to Nigel Travis the C.E.O. because loyal costomers only occasionaly chime in but it's usually negative after they have given you multiple chances. I'll complain to D.D.Perks later but for now have a nice day! I have to work on my writting skills :)

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Gerrie - 37 d ago


I went to the Dunkin Donuts in Sadsburyville PA and ordered a half dozen donuts, 2 marble frosted, and 4 vanilla frosted and got home to discover I have 4 vanilla frosted donuts with a ton of jimmies all over them. I didn't order vanilla frosted donuts with jimmies. I called to suggest they tell the customer they don't have plain vanilla frosted donuts and the manager just said "Our customers know we don't have plain vanilla frosted donuts"... Um I'm NOT a regular customer to that particular Dunkin Donuts since all the DD I go to have plain vanilla frosted donuts. She didn't seem to care at all which is why I won't be going to that branch ever again, and it's why I'll NEVER be a regular customer at that branch. That's not a good attitude to have, because I could have become a regular customer since I just moved into the area, but I'll keep in mind to avoid Sadsburyville and I'll spread the word to all my new neighbors and new co-workers. Good customer service is a MUST rather I'm a regular or not.

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D.D real estate department - 42 d 23 h ago

Good morning my name is Marcos Quimbaya I'm a real estate broker in the Bronx New York I'm contacting you to offer to your company a great location for Rent in one of the most busiest areas in the Bronx on FORDHAM ROAD very well known as a very busy area with all the major franchises doing business here. This location has 1000sq/f with basement it has been a Pizza Parlor for over 30 years if any of your future franchise buyers would be interested please contact me via email (hidden) or call me at (hidden)

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Disappointed Customer - 42 d 10 h ago


I was just in the Dunkin Donuts and try to purchase 1 Donut with a $20.00 bill. The cashier - Ashok, just told me he didn't have change and I could not purchase a donut from his donut shop. I explained to him that it was not good customer service. He said do what you gotta do, I don't care. Wow! I will never go there again and I will spread the word. He continued to serve people after me that paid in cash & card. Another sad day in America & Aberdeen, MD.

Horrible customer service!

They are located in Super Walmart in Aberdeen!

Nilkanth donuts inc

645 south Philadelphia blvd

Aberdeen MD 21001

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Dissatisfied customer - 56 d 2 s ago


Wow!! While I was in dd on 2nd st in lpool. I was short changed of $4.00 and I have to wait for a call because Your cashier was half asleep, smh. Wat service, I'll never come back again

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jp - 84 d 21 h ago


I have been trying to contact DD via email & phone , customer service. I went online to reload my loyalty card on 9/14/2017 w $40 YOUR CARD HAS BEEN LOADED Confirmation Number: Xc1de(hidden)00 but when I check the card balance it is 0. I confirmed w mastercard that there is a charge of $40 pending from dd. this is where DD shows how broken its customer service is. I called dd customer service at least 5 times, told 2 min wait, no answer, 10 min wait no answer 20 min wait no answer. Each time I called I was on hold for almost 30 min before I would give up. I even left my # for a call back. no one called me back. I also sent 2 emails to DD...still no response. If you want loyalty u need to fix this. you cant even reach someone at your headquarters. this leaves social media & better business bureau etc. as my only alternative. Please get back to me on this issue! If you think I'm not pssd about this you r wrong!

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David Stickley - 90 d 19 h ago

I just walked out of your store at the corner of w. Sugar creek rd and n.graham st charlotte nc

1ST the counter was dirty with spilled coffe

2 I ordered some doughnuts to go

2 chocolate covered

2 Boston cream

The server put all 4 in a small bag .

I asked why she put chocolate covered doughnuts on top of each other and not separate them from smearing the chocolate on the bottom of the others .

She said do you want them in separate bags??

I said why didn't you put paper separators in to start with or a box

She said that is the way we do it.


So I said I don't want anything




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Fran Grutza - 91 d 8 h ago


I am very pleased with the staff and food

I purchase at the Dunkin' Donuts on

Linglestown Rd. in Harrisburg, Pa.

The staff are courteous and kind. They are very accommodating. They are a great representative for your company.

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ajd - 117 d 16 h ago

Love the coffee. Unfortunately, wont be buying again. Won't serve the NYPD. Awful!

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Denise Winters - 125 d ago


I AM A SHAREHOLDER and am outraged that Dunkin Donuts allowed a staff member to essentially spit in the face of New York City police by refusing to serve them! I have lived and worked in NYC for 23 years and this behavior is TOTALLY unacceptable. As a shareholder, I am even more incensed.

And to think that top brass at Dunkin Donuts can't even muster up a public response! Are you kidding me? I demand you go public with an apology to these officers and all officers These officers put their lives on the line every single day for citizens including you. Own up to Dunkin's blatant failure to screen its employees and to provide a corporate response rather than suggest "maybe he wasn't in the right order line."

If you don't want the heat, release the employee's name and make him step up.

I hope the next time one of your employees is robbed and want to call 911, they ask themselves why Corporate and they didn't step up and support those who are willing to give all.

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wily - 118 d 18 h ago


Laughable, get over it. A rogue employee stands pulls some bs and you want to blame DD? They are franchises 1st off, blame the owner 1st if the dick isnt fired already. Whats next, I can blame the Ford brand because the guy at the gas station says he wont check my oil because he likes Chevy's better and I drive a Ford? Or blame a meter maid for my taxes being too high? People need to get some insight before they go throwing bombs...DD does more in my area for the PD, FD and schools than any corporation or 5 corporations combined. Uniforms for cheerleaders and little league, free coffee and food for PD and FD at special events and fundraisers, besides the dame for area events like road races or walks to fund cancer research, alzheimers and domestic abuse...get a grip people.

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Jane - 120 d ago

The balance of my DD App has been stolen

Got email that I had a zero balance

when I had money in it

It was used in New Hampshire and I live in Florida

Something stinks and I want my money back

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FRANK P CRUTHERS - 126 d 20 h ago


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Anonymous - 129 d ago


As a Retired NYC Detective & regular customer of Dunkin Donuts I will not be patronizing your stores any longer. The statement issued by your Corporate Office on the refusual to serve 2 NYC Detective is insulting.

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Cjn - 129 d 9 h ago

So, Dunkin' Donuts does not want to serve police in New York City. Well you will never serve me again either. I patronize your Fort Myers location every day, but no more.

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ms.johnson - 182 d ago

Mr.Travis,I'm a dunkin employee,in Albany,ga.I NEED Your HELP,Please call me Bridget Johnson @(hidden)0please!!

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Mistreated employee - 148 d 33 s ago

Travis ever get back in contact with you. This is also a concerned employee who can't get in touch with anybody.

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