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Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc

Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin-Robbins
130 Royall Street
Canton, MA
Nigel Travis
President and CEO
(781) 737-3000
(781) 737-4000
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Linda Nivens - 2 d 23 h ago

I worked at dunkin in Texas for 2 years.I was a shift leader. A new employee walked off and left me alone to run the store on her first night shift because she didn't know how to find coffee on the computer. She was very confrontational. Six times she yelled and cursed and threatened me. I informed my manager and he did nothing. On September 21 she beat me up while on duty. I was fired also. I am 67 years old and she is in her early 40' s. My area supervisor, Henry John did nothing. Since when does a company ignore warnings of a hostile environment? It's almost as if violence was encouraged. This same woman was never reprimanded or written up. They seemed to lay blame on me. Even after she walked away from her shift a second time my manager still did nothing. My manager told me not to stress because it's just a donut shop!! How appalling!!! To add insult to injury I was denied unemployment benefits. I spent 2 years putting my heart and soul into this company. I wanted to work until I retired at dunkin. I tried to contact my franchise owner, Brent Fauntleroy to tell my side but he would not answer his phone or return my call.What a sad situation! It's too bad we live in a world where someone has to be put through this and be brutalized by the system again. I was very dedicated to my job and this woman had strong mental issues. I was robbed of a future with dunkin because no one listened to the warnings I gave. It's sad when evil triumphs over good.

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Anonymous - 8 d 9 h ago


Had the Dunkin Doughnuts mobile app and auto reload set up for $25 when my balance drops below $10. I was charged twice in one day, once for $87 and once for $100. These are unauthorized charges. The $87 showed up on my gift card but the $100 did not. The gift card was then for some reason deactivated the next day. I have been trying to call customer service and sat on hold for an hour each time I have called with no one ever answering. I have emailed customer service with not much luck. One guy did finally email me saying he would call me the next day and he never did. I would not recommend Dunkin to ANYONE! I called corporate and got a lady on the phone and she transferred me to the same customer service number that I sat on hold for. At this point it seems that the $187 is lost.

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Anonymous - 8 d 17 h ago

Never been to a Dunkin Donuts that had no donuts that was open 24hours

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Morgan Dooley - 17 d 8 h ago


Dunkin is a fabulous restaurant with affordable prices and delicious ice coffee. I would recommend to all especially UR MOM :)))

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Fairfax, Va - 18 d 10 h ago


I will NEVER go to this location again nor would I recommend this establishment to any other customer. I ordered a donut and a English mcmuffin. I wasn't until I arrived at work when I seen a second receipt at the bottom of the bag did I realize not only was I given the WRONG order of a crossisant but it was OLD order that a previous customer ordered and I assume didn't want because the ticket numbers, time and total didn't match up. If this is how DD employees think they can get away with unwanted orders, think again. Nevertheless, word of mouth is a powerful source when it comes to promoting business, and DD have just lost one value customer and potentially more

After today.

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Fred M. - 24 d 22 h ago


The wait times get longer and longer. The lines of cars drag out into the street. The donuts get smaller and smaller. The stores are under staffed. The ice tea is always watered down. I order iced tea and they always give me iced coffee. Your service is sinking and sinking. It is getting more and more frustrating to use the drive up.

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Hank s - 29 d 11 s ago


I call no one answers even after they tell u they will I e mail and it comes back that it's not the correct e mail address no wonder Dunkin' Donuts is rated badly If u have a question or ou the I wish u luck in finding someone to talk to

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Rotting Apple - 31 d 8 h ago


My husband and I took a scenic vacation through New York, Ct., Mass., NH, And Maine. We are from Pa. And as we were traveling we stopped for breaks at the Dunkin Donuts in all of these States. the restrooms were extremely clean and the service was great. I recommend these to all travelers verses Mc Donald's and other franchises that leave a lot to be desired when needing a rest room. So on our return trip we stopped at Dunkin Donuts several times again. Then we hit the Dunkin Donuts in Hopewell NY. The biggest disappointment ever. I would not even touch any food from establishment it was that gross. The toilets looked as if they haven't been cleaned in at least two weeks with the stained yellow bowl. The sink looked like it was in a machine shop or garage, it was that dirty. I felt like I needed a shower after entering the place. Other than that dunking donuts the others were fantastic.

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Anonymous - 32 d ago


I visit this dunkin every morning and Janell is always there and making sure her customers are taken care of and store is running perfect! The crew here are always smiling and look like they enjoy coming to work which is what customers like to see. So kudos to Janell your manager at this location on Nova and Beville she make sure great customer service is given

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Jyeakel - 36 d 6 m ago


Logged out, then back into my dunkin app and lost the money I had on my account and also lost my perks. There's nothing there!!! Tried calling and emailing with no response back!

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Carol O'Brien - 37 d 8 h ago


The Bedford, MA Great Road location has absolutely horrible, inept service. They do not know if they are coming or going. It takes them 5-7 minutes to take your order at the drive thru when no one else is waiting and then the order is totally incorrect. Forget about them and either go to Dunkin Donuts on North Road or to McDonald's or Starbucks!!!!

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Anonymous - 42 d 33 m ago


Can I just get a drive thru order right

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Val - 48 d 6 h ago


I have long been a fan of Dunkindonuts! But my visit to the Kannapolis NC Store at 2257 Spider DR. was a complete disaster!!!

Poor service/ Untrained help/ no product/long wait time(over 30 minutes) !!! This is my second trip to this store and still no

improvement. I know corporate mgmt. is not aware of this PROBLEM since it is a Franchise store. But I tell you this I will

never go to this store again!!! What a mess. And this was at 9am when product should have been available! One register open and

the person did not know how to operate it>!!!!!!!!!

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ARIJIT - 48 d 9 h ago


Hi ! I'm Arijit Saikia from Guwahati, Assam (India). we are looking for a Dunkin' Donuts branded Restaurant in Guwahati. I relay don't know about the procedure how to ask it. so, if i done something wrong, m extremely sorry about it. can please guide me.

With lots of hope,

Arijit Saikia,

H/N.-3, 18 East By-lane, Sunderpur,

R. G. Baruah Road (Zoo Road), Guwahati -781005 (Assam).

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John Cosgrove - 54 d 27 s ago


my friends daughter works at the west boca raton, fl location. She has only been there a month and is 18 years old.

Tonight she went to work and the night supervisor quit and she is there alone running all the aspects of the business.

This is not the greatest area and any employee should never be left alone to run any business.

It tells me how much Dunkin Donuts cares the safety of their employees. This is wrong in so many ways.

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Tammy - 56 d 5 h ago


I have a few things I would like to discuss. This is regarding the Spencer hwy location in Pasadena, Tx. First they made it out to seem like my husband was going to get promoted. He's been there for 6 months and someone who came after him got a raise. He works his butt off and for what? Not to mension he worked for 4 days and didn't get paid for it. Now the crew members are talking crap behind his back at work. I just don't understand how childish adults could be. And why the management isn't doing anything. All they did was take advantage of someone they knew needed a job. Its dispicable.

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Anonymous - 58 d 2 h ago

I worked at a dunkin donuts in Bloomfield NJ...I was pushed out of my job by the manager and the boss himself.They cut my hours and took me off the scheduke constantly and the boss himself had the nerve to tell me TO QUIT AND DO THEM A FAVOR...i was enraged with the thought of being loyal to this establishment for 2yrs and thats how they repay me. So i was fired without proper reasoning and anything in written form. They thaw beagles in cold water and talk Spanish in front of customers knowing some cannot understand what they are saying. The expired products are never thrown away; instead they just change the stickers with the date to the next day prior too. There were tons of the employees also got let go and quit because of how rude and nasty the manager is. She is very careless to her job and doesnt think about the customers needs whatsoever. Customers constantly complain about her work performance and how she tends to have attitudes even towards her own crew members. I hope you will look in to this. I used to love working for Dunkin Donuts but now thanks to the games i got discharged and cannot pay my bills.

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Pitski - 64 d 8 h ago


I would like to voice my displeasure in regards to your plastic cups that are tossed out of the windows of cars all along the roars in my area, Central NY. Almost daily I find the plastic cups tossed into the road or the property across the road from my home. I have 4 Dunkins located within 3 miles of where I live. total overkill!!!. so the location these monster drinks in the wasteful plastic cups are coming from is unknown yes I find trash from other fast food locations also but the majority of the waste from them is cardboard and biodegradable. I feel that an additional .05 added to the cost of take out cups should be added and promoting travel cups would make some sense and to advertise anti littering in your stores and on the containers may help. I have had the same coffee travel cup for 6 years so I am not a contributer towards added waste and littering.

It would be nice to see some of your advertising geared towards this cause instead of into your pockets

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Anonymous - 67 d ago

Please give ksa region GM email id

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Anonymous - 67 d ago


heelo my name is ben

i have a great location in illi

my number (hidden)


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anonomous - 69 d 9 h ago


I have an issue with a store in Portland Maine, 554 Congress Street is a regular hangout for people. From 9am-3pm the same people sit there and shoot the bull, half of them not even purchasing any food or drink. Those of us who would like to have a seat and associate whether it be a business matter or otherwise have no seats whatsoever because of these people taking over the whole store for 5+ hours. Now I've complained about this before and my response was that "we will take care of it". Over the course of time nothing has been done. Geno, Peter, Brian, Kathy,Megan to name a few all sit there talking drama, same thing over and over. There are other customers who would like to do business here but can't because MANAGEMENT allows them to sit there as long as they want!

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Roy - 70 d ago


Hi I was the head baker for Carson City Dunkin'. There was a new manager that took over at the place,well they haven't payed for my work at the Sparks store and now I was pushed out of my job by the new manager they are using a microwave in the bakery. They thaw beagles in cold water and talk Spanish in front of employees.they also didn't pay my brother and he is reported to labor commissioner of them not paying. There were several of the employees also got let go and quit. I hope you will look in to this. I used to love working for Dunkin Donuts but now thanks to the games I cannot pay my bills..Thank you

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ExCustomer - 74 d 11 h ago


Doesn't seem like employees are appreciated at this establishment and know that first hand about the one in La Crosse, Wi. Managers don't treat them well at all and most of them are kids that could be taught a lot about work ethic if treated fairly and nicely.

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Donna Dixon - 79 d 12 h ago


I just viewed your newest commercial on tv. The one the depicts a school bus driver with a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in his hands as he watches the kids getting on the bus he's driving. Who approved this creative?

I understand that the bus is stopped however it implies that kids wil lbe in their seats and the bus driver will drive the bus and mozt likely, be dri king his coffee. The bus has a bus load of children in it and the drivers hand will have a cup of coffee in his hands instead of hands on the wheel. Not a good message to reinforce in an ad. Distracted driving is nothing to take lightly with all those little lives in his hands.


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Native of Monroe since 1968 - 80 d ago


I stopped in to the Monroe CT Rte 111 store this past Saturday to get an iced coffee. I was waited on by a male with a cigarette behind each of his ears...not something I want to see while ordering food and/or drink in an establishment. I asked to speak with the manger. Stephanie came out from the back room, looked at me without saying a word. Her clothing was dirty and shabby. I asked her if she knew that her employee had cigarettes behind his ears...,she said she did not. You couldn't miss them !!! The floors were filthy as well. Won't be going back there any time.

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