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Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc

Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin-Robbins
130 Royall Street
Canton, MA
Nigel Travis
President and CEO
(781) 737-3000
(781) 737-4000
Twitter IDs
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Valerie Wallace - 9 h ago

This morning at 2:20am I went to my local Dunkin' Donuts in Circleville NY. There was only one person working at that time. I asked her for a medium hazelnut swirl ice coffee and she snapped back "we don't have hazelnut swirl" I said ok I'll take a French vanilla with cream and whipped cream. Again very nastily she says "We don't have whipped cream" I said ok She hands me a hot coffee. I said I asked for an iced coffee, "No you didn't" she replied, I said I did. Who would ask for whipped cream on a hot coffee? Her reply was "I'm not serving you" I said oh really, that's fine and walked out. You lost out on a dozen donuts and an iced coffee. I called at 10:00am to speak to a manager, low and behold neither manager George or Jake 1 would get on the phone instead they pass this complaint to two sweet ladies, Kathy and Sue. Both ladies were horrified by what happened this morning and their hands were pretty much tied. Two really sweet ladies who are dumped on by their mgrs and definitely under paid. Great job George and Jake 1, FYI corporate has been called and a letter is being written as well.

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Unknown - 4 d 3 h ago


I currently work at a Dunkin' where the SM talks very badly about all of her employees behind their back to other employees!! Wow, how professional! She constantly is in a bad mood and giving EVERYONE attitude. She makes everyone feel uncomfortable. No one is happy when they come to work. No one wants to come to work. We have lost more employees in the past year than we have the whole three years I've worked there! The general manager even told me that none of the employees are happy anymore ever since she became SM. Something needs to happen. Last week, she screamed in an employees face at the top of her lungs, like a mother would to their child that may have just gotten in trouble with the cops. Was very unprofessional and uncalled for. The worst part about it is that two store owners and the general manager were standing right there and did not even try to stop her. BUT, the second This employee walks away and said shut up they were told that they should be fired for saying shut up. The owners put all blame on this employee making them feel worthless. I'm sick of it, the employees are sick of it and even customers see it. Something needs to be done and I would like to be contacted regarding this situation.

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Sairabh - 2 d 19 h ago


Yes you r write I am not employee of them but my friend was their senior behavior was very bad to other employees.

I think Dunkin is not good place for making career so quit it.

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HENRY - 9 d 10 h ago

Put bins for recyclables in your stores NOW.

Why wait until 2020.

You can collect the foam cups, etc. NOW.

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NeverAgainWillWork4Them - 23 d 6 h ago


Was a manger at one local store that was legit taken over by his corporate team. I was bumped down to assistant since corporate has their own team built when taking over franchised stores. I got same pay though regarless it was peanuts for what I did. I busted my ass for years, pregnant and was supposed to be on bedrest yet still worked till 8 months doing inventory and lifting boxes ect. Spent days there 10 hours easily and never got a simple thank you and had to fight my overtime pay. I never once met this dude that owns them all because he sends his mafia men to come in for him and dictate us around. Managers and shift leaders would be critized for hours during a rush on how other employees would be working or acting. Then after being critized during rush hour and trying to obey their commands along with truly trying to do your job like taking customers orders and making them right and getting cars out the drive thru with in 45 seconds you'd have to then be critized on yourself on basically being a shitty manager since this employee did this and that one did that even though it was done due to them. I got demanded one time to do something since my last customer walked out and I had to go to back to get what was requested and then 3 seconds into me walking to get it I was screamed at for not being there waiting for customer to walk in. It's rediculous. Do yourself favor and NEVER take management with corporate company. I lost over 100 lbs working there for 5 years because I never had time to eat and was so stressed out with not knowing wtf they wanted. They want you to always stay busy but standing there waiting for a customer, makes no sense.

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Unknown - 27 d 7 h ago


The Dunkin Donuts in Aberdeen NC need to be inspected once again not for the work but for the adittudes that surrounds the whole place. I believe it's some of the employees are messing around. I know someone who works there and they don't like how things have going for the past month. I don't think that would be a place I'ma be returning too.

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FuckYourCorporationJason - 29 d ago

This "place" is actually fucking horrible. I went to Dunkin Donuts in Stamford, CT with my daugther Marelyn. I was greeted by huge men at the counter! I mean ferociously large, beasty-looking creatures! What the hell is happening in this world that LARGE MEN should be working at DUNKIN DONUTS? They handled my food, how disgusting can you be? I do not want BIG HANDS TAKING CARE OF MY DINNER AFTER LONG DAYS OF LABOR!!! YOU PEOPLE ARE LIKE NEANDERTHALS. You think large men should be handling all the business? I'll show you a large man, a giant man. You're all despicable and intolerable. When I have my way, you won't have yours. :-)

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jim - 29 d 31 s ago


0/5 !!!! very bad restarant no waitress or waitor's at the serving desk.

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Margi Lenning - 29 d ago

2 Honey Glaze Donuts

2 Medium Sweet Teas

Note for Delivery: We are drinking!!!Lol knock hard.

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thanks - 29 d ago

just want a plain donut

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lacey - 29 d 31 m ago


THE AFRICAN DONUT IS THE BEST!!! I love pure creme on genuine melted cacao!!!AGHH~~


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Gunther - 29 d ago


I did not like the Ranch Dressing and I definely prefer without on my French fries but still was served. Decent otherwise.

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it's OK thanks - 29 d ago


it is OK

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Joy Pumpelle - 29 d ago

nigel travis : butter contact me now i have the cheese recipe

love the kids

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lanky tim - 29 d ago


i got niggarrhea

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CONCERNED - 29 d 10 h ago



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Daniel Dean - 33 d 11 h ago


I am a former Dunkin' employee, and I have yet to receive a check from before I quit.

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Jane Drees Nlando - 34 d ago

I don't think it's right that the Dunkin Donuts here (Utica, NY) charges .59 for water. On the receipt they call it D-Local #7.

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Sue - 43 d ago


I have been going to the same DUNKIN DONUTS , sometimes 3-4 x a day, A worker was upset that he had to go in the day of our big snow storm to work, Jan ,2018, As I walk into the door ,I walk to the counter, I heard a male voice saying, these f#@king customers, who comes out on a day like today! He was taking care of a drive thru customer , making a big deal about 1 person, I said, woow, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?? I was livid to say the least!! I don't know if he seen me , even so, why do you need to say anything about the customers??I asked the lady that served me, what's his name? She said, I don't know, I'm new here,, so the other co-worker jumped in the conversation, she said, oh that's ,so and so, he's mad bc he's gotta work today, don't report him, he's a good worker, , So after 10 min I ordered 1 coffee and 1 tea, Milk and 2 sugars in both, , I paid the nice lady, left the premises.. when I returned to my destination,My friend said , you got the order wrong, There is no sugar in my coffee, and I asked for milk, not cream!!My tea was wrong also, !! How did I know that was going to happen??? I showed him my receipt n he said, oh boy,, we drank the dam thing anyway bc I sure in hell wasn't dealing with that ignorant guy again!! Wish they get rid of these DD'S,Coffee is weak as hell to boot, think they water it down, donuts are always hard,, Put a WAWA there, I bet they will make 4x as much $$$,

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mike - 45 d 6 h ago


i noticed while in the Stamford train station dunkin donuts waiting for my order some employees were harassing a women who worked there she was black with curly hair and light skin...I just thought id bring it up because it seemed pretty childish and inappropriate and not for nothing it seems like the guy who was in charge telling ppl what to do while i was there was not trying to stop it at all

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Traci - 55 d 7 h ago


Traci Davis 1093 Fanwood Ct. Painesville Twp., Ohio 44077 To Whom It May Concern, I made a purchase at the Dunkin's Donuts store at 9584 Mentor Ave. in Mentor, Ohio, on Monday, December 4th. The sales girl told me that I could use my app to pay for gift cards. So, I put 125.00 (she had to ring it up as 5 $25.00 payments) on my DD card using my Visa. Then when she rang 120.00 in gift cards, she was told that I could not use my app to pay for the gift cards. She was unable to take the 125.00 off my app and told me to call customer service to get it removed. I used my Visa to pay for the gift cards before leaving the store. The sales girl was very nice and very apologetic about the mix-up. 25.00 was charged to my Visa 25.00 was charged to my Visa 25.00 was charged to my Visa 25.00 was charged to my Visa 25.00 was charged to my Visa 120.00 was charged to my Visa. First, I called Dunkin Donuts customer service center that night. I had to wait on hold for 50 minutes. I explained what happened to the representative. I was told that the 125.00 would be credited to my Visa in 3-5 days. Second, on December 5th, I received this email. Dear Traci, Thank you for taking the time to contact us about your experience at the Dunkin' Donuts restaurant in Mentor, OH . We take matters like this seriously and will alert the independent franchise owner and our field operations team to let them know what happened. I have requested that the franchisee reach out to you to learn more about your experience and to try to address the situation. We have very high standards for guest satisfaction and I am sorry that the restaurant let you down. I hope you'll give Dunkin' Donuts another chance and come back again soon. Thanks again for taking time out of your day to let us know. Shawna Support Center Coordinator Case# 10890797 Third, I sent an email back to this person on December 11, 2017 letting her know that my VISA was not credited the $125.00 yet and that nobody had contacted me. I did not receive a response to this email either. Fourth, I called Customer Service again. I was on hold for 1 hour and 5 minutes. I was told that there had been an error as to what department my case had been sent and that I would receive a phone call that next day. I never received a phone call. Fifth, I sent an email to Dunkin Donuts Customer Service on December 16, 2017 about the situation. I did not receive a response. Sixth, I called Customer Service and talked to Brittiney at (hidden) on December 21, 2017. She said that the store needed to reimburse me. She said that the company would contact the owner of the franchise and that I would receive a phone call. I never received a phone call. Seventh, I went back to the store where I purchased my gift cards on December 21, 2017. The store manager was called and I was told that they could not reimburse me, that I needed to call Customer Service. I called the Customer Service Center while at the store. The sales girl talked to the representative, Zack at (hidden). Zack told her that I would receive a phone call before the end of the day regarding the situation, to let me know whose responsibility it was to refund me for their error. I never received a phone call. Eighth, I tried calling the 88-859-5339 number again on 12-27-2017. I talked to India and she transferred me to Scott. Scott told me that a Loyalty member would return my call before the end of the day. I told Scott that I had been told this before and that I never got a call back. I stated that I knew that this was untrue. I asked him who I should call when I did not get this return phone call. He stated that someone would call me before the end of the day. I never received a phone call. I believe that it is obvious that the error that occurred was the fault of the store and that the disagreement is an internal problem with the Dunkin Donuts Corporation and their Franchise as to whom should reimburse me. I am very upset that your employees knowingly lied to me about the return phone calls. I believe that the customer service is beyond poor. I don't understand why someone was unable to help me with this. As you know, there are many coffee and donut shops available. I will not be returning to Dunkin Donuts and I will share this terrible experience with my friends and family, highly encouraging them not to return to your business. Customer service is so meaningful to a business. I am very surprised and disappointed as to how your employees treated me with such disregard and disrespect.

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Stand Up and Fight - 57 d 10 h ago


Discrimination - 5 Points Wilton Manors, Florida - Decmber 26, 2017 - 8:50 am

RE: Tracy ( she claimed to be a district Team Supervisor)

As I sat sipping my medium coffee and eating a bagel twist on the outside terrace with my calfs resting on the edge of the table, Tracy came over and asked me to take my feet ( my feet were not on the table, my calfs were) off the table. She informed me that I could put them on the chair beside me. I then asked her if it was their policy to let people sit at their tables without buying anything from the business. She tried to skirt the question by asking me what the correlation was between what she said and my question. I told her if she found it necessary to call me out on my infraction then it was necessary to call her out on the other infraction that was evident with the lady that was sitting there drinking her own coffee from a thermos, snacking on her own bagged breakfast, and smoking that she was completely ignoring. About 10 minutes after this (homeless) lady sat down one of the workers from inside brought out food to her. The homeless lady refused it. Tracy told me that SOMETIMES they let SOME people sit at the tables without any purchases from inside the store. This SCREAMS DISCRIMINATION!!! SOMETIMES- you mean you SCREEN people to see if they meet your criteria of whether or not they can sit at the tables without purchasing anything from inside. Told her no wonder the terrace is usually filled with trash---its obvious the store is desperate for customers when they let the homeless and trash sit outside on the terrace so it looks like the are busy. Dunkin surely stoops to the lowest of lows.

I generlaly spend $20 per week at this particular store but NOT ANYMORE. I will glady support another business that doesnt DISCRIMINATE and has a firm seating policy in place ALL THE TIME (not sometimes) regarding paying vs. non-paying customers. Time to boycott this place.

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Michael - 67 d 39 s ago

How much money this asshole president making from this garbage product. He think is a$ 15.00 per hour wage is too much. He is making 5 million a year and fucken bonus too. So just get a fuck out of here you asshole.

Flagged for review. 
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A. Fire - 66 d 13 h ago


They are ALL criminally insane khazar kikes from is-ra-el.


Flagged for review. 
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Hope you get crucified - 62 d 21 m ago

Hey you anti Semitic piece of shit

I wonder if your lord and savior Jesus Christ was saying that when my people killed his bitch ass.

Flagged for review. 
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A. ben Elaar - 62 d 2 h ago


Hope you get crucified,

"Jesus" was a member of the sanhedrin, a pharisees high priest that year.

Happy hannakaka.

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