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Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc

Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin-Robbins
130 Royall Street
Canton, MA
Nigel Travis
President and CEO
(781) 737-3000
(781) 737-4000
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Anonymous - 4 d 12 h ago

Since your change I get vertigo like symptoms when ai drink coffee from your stores. Please investigate.

Conley Barnett

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Disgusted customer - 12 d ago


I'm writing to you do to your management in your Campton n.h. franchise.. the management has put a unprofessional statement on Facebook degrading former and present employees. . Over the W2S that they have not received ..very disgusted with the unprofessional management you have in this establishment. .. all campton residents can read this and it's not appropriate as someone running your establishment. .

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Eric Kopp - 17 d ago

Hi Nigel

Currently I'am a frnchisee with Second Cup in Canad I have two stores . Over the last 3 years we have seen our brand , that we have loved and worked hard to succed go to franchisee hell. Our new CEO Alix Box has destroyed most of the realtionships which have been built up over the last two decades . If this was ever a better time to enter the Canadian market this is it . The Candian dollar is trading at at a 30% premium over the strong back.

We currently operate 350 locations which are mostly franchisee based in all provinces in Canda except two . I could easy see a conversion tow our stores to the Duncin Brand . That would give you a great leverage to compet with the national Tim Hortorns Donought Chain .

I know that we are heading for an end that at bet is unprofitable . More over many franchise partners and friends are facing a very uncertain financial future . Some have left broke and very dissapoined and angry over what Ms. Box has done.

I am a realist and know that there are no guarantees in theis bussiness . But to falsy misrespent our brand to new franchisees .That criminal no question about it .

I haed your inreview on CSNBC today and founf your thoughts inspiring something that I have not heardfor years at Second Cup.

If you would like to chat some more please feel fee to contact me .

Thank You

Eric Kopp


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Joanie - 17 d 3 h ago

Watching the weather channel from middlebou g ma.big snowstorm.interview with your employee Chantel what a great representative for your company...young girl shoveling snow did a fantastic job.Actually wanted to go in and have coffee and a donut...too bad I live in Naples Fl.

Lucky me.

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ranger36 - 68 d 9 h ago


this place is good for nothing. if you have a felony don't even bother applying. they will not even help you when you call corporate when the store location hangs up and corporate does nothing

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Melissa - 72 d ago


Yonkers, NY. every time I reload my card, corporate blocks my account as deactivated. Calls to customer service take 40 minutes to get through and then they tell me that they have to have the fraud division call me, which always takes an additional 1-2 days. The fraud division never tries to get a hold of me after they block the account so the onus is on the customer. Last time, it took me 4 hours on the phone with them for them to reactivate my card. This time, I'm out of luck because I called on a Friday afternoon and they can't get back to me until Monday. So no coffee for me until Tuesday, even though theyou have $80 of mine.

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Marilyn Dudley - 77 d 7 h ago


Here in Brooksville FL. , this DD never has any donuts available for us to choose from. This is not a one time thing, it is every visit! They never have a decent selection. Are they supposed to make donuts all day? They were completely out of blueberry cake , which may be one of the best sellers made. I expressed my concern to no avail. I should have snapped a pic. of the dismal selection . People expect a great number of choices in place of empty shelves. At this rate, how will the store continue to be profitable??

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Anonymous - 78 d 7 h ago

The Dunkin' Donuts by Archie's grill in Shelburne Vermont needs to be investigated how can you run such. A business and your manager always fighting or contacting employees or employees over face book and running there mouth about the employees kid let alone having minors working by there self at night

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Anonymous - 153 d 2 h ago


I visit this dunkin every morning and Janell is always there and making sure her customers are taken care of and store is running perfect! The crew here are always smiling and look like they enjoy coming to work which is what customers like to see. So kudos to Janell your manager at this location on Nova and Beville she make sure great customer service is given

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The Rocketman Grampy - 89 d 7 h ago


I would say don't think I got lucky and found a single good employee how fortunate for you.

I would urge you to do some research into this company, I have seen things happen and Dunkin Donuts personally I have read about things that are disgusting and I have read multiple times of abuse. I myself am disabled and was abused in a Dunkin Donuts I reported it to the regional manager who never responded after multiple calls. I urge you to take another look at your company a recommendation.

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Rotting Apple - 152 d 8 h ago


My husband and I took a scenic vacation through New York, Ct., Mass., NH, And Maine. We are from Pa. And as we were traveling we stopped for breaks at the Dunkin Donuts in all of these States. the restrooms were extremely clean and the service was great. I recommend these to all travelers verses Mc Donald's and other franchises that leave a lot to be desired when needing a rest room. So on our return trip we stopped at Dunkin Donuts several times again. Then we hit the Dunkin Donuts in Hopewell NY. The biggest disappointment ever. I would not even touch any food from establishment it was that gross. The toilets looked as if they haven't been cleaned in at least two weeks with the stained yellow bowl. The sink looked like it was in a machine shop or garage, it was that dirty. I felt like I needed a shower after entering the place. Other than that dunking donuts the others were fantastic.

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The Rocketman Grampy - 89 d 7 h ago


I would urge you to do some research into this company. Especially as you have compared them to a much larger a national chain with a much better track record you might want to find out what it is you're recommending. I have seen things happen and Dunkin Donuts personally I have read about things that are disgusting and I have read multiple times of abuse. I myself am disabled and was abused in a Dunkin Donuts I reported it to the regional manager who never responded after multiple calls. I urge you to take another look at your company a recommendation.

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Morgan Dooley - 138 d 8 h ago


Dunkin is a fabulous restaurant with affordable prices and delicious ice coffee. I would recommend to all especially UR MOM :)))

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The Rocketman Grampy - 89 d 8 h ago


I would urge you to do some research into this company. Especially as you have a signed your name to your published you might want to find out what it is you're recommending. I have seen things happen and Dunkin Donuts personally I have read about things that are disgusting and I have read multiple times of abuse. I myself am disabled and was abused in a Dunkin Donuts I reported it to the regional manager who never responded after multiple calls. I urge you to take another look at your company a recommendation.

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Linda Nivens - 123 d ago

I worked at dunkin in Texas for 2 years.I was a shift leader. A new employee walked off and left me alone to run the store on her first night shift because she didn't know how to find coffee on the computer. She was very confrontational. Six times she yelled and cursed and threatened me. I informed my manager and he did nothing. On September 21 she beat me up while on duty. I was fired also. I am 67 years old and she is in her early 40' s. My area supervisor, Henry John did nothing. Since when does a company ignore warnings of a hostile environment? It's almost as if violence was encouraged. This same woman was never reprimanded or written up. They seemed to lay blame on me. Even after she walked away from her shift a second time my manager still did nothing. My manager told me not to stress because it's just a donut shop!! How appalling!!! To add insult to injury I was denied unemployment benefits. I spent 2 years putting my heart and soul into this company. I wanted to work until I retired at dunkin. I tried to contact my franchise owner, Brent Fauntleroy to tell my side but he would not answer his phone or return my call.What a sad situation! It's too bad we live in a world where someone has to be put through this and be brutalized by the system again. I was very dedicated to my job and this woman had strong mental issues. I was robbed of a future with dunkin because no one listened to the warnings I gave. It's sad when evil triumphs over good.

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The Rocketman Grampy - 89 d 8 h ago


I urge you to contact your state board of Labor and file a complaint. I feel so very sorry for your experience. Believe me and everything that I am learning about this company I am sure it is in business still. I wish you good fortune in the future.

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FO - 117 d 11 h ago


I have worked for a Dunkin Donuts store in PA. and for the past six monthsi have watched while food has not been labeled, managers come in a half hour late almost everyday. I watched an owner pick food off the floor and serve it to a customer without them knowing. I've seen them make liquid sugar for ice coffee and reuse cups. Nothing is time dated and no one gets trained. I don't want to work for Dunkin Donuts anymore or eat there and I used to love them.

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The Rocketman Grampy - 89 d 8 h ago


I don't blame you. I urge you to report what you witnessed to you board of health. I'm so sorry for your experience.

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Fran - 95 d ago


How do I find out when they will rebuild are stored that burnt down in Palm Coast, Florida on Palm Coast Pkwy. The other store on Old Kings road in to far and hard to get to and the other in even farther away. Hope you can help

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Pam W - 102 d 8 h ago


I visited the Dunkin Donuts at the Rte. 66 gas station on Rt.59 and Laraway in Joliet this morning about 730am. I placed an order for a blueberry bagel toasted with strawberry cream cheese. When I received my order it was incorrect so I gave the bagel back to the representative at the drive up window. I visit your establishment every morning (five days a week) and I place the same order each day. At least three times a week my order is incorrect. I usually do not complain but I did today. When I was waiting for my order I was on my cell phone complaining about the terrible service. I am sure the representative overheard my conversation. I witnessed her whispering in someone's ear and when I got my bagel, it was burnt (crispy burnt/black). I went into the store and requested my money back. The manager never once asked if something was wrong, nor did she apologize.

I have been a customer of this Dunkin Donuts since it opened and the service has always been less than satisfactory. I blamed it on the many young kids you have working. But the lady at the drive up window is not a young kid. She is an older woman and should know how to treat customers. I am offended by this behavior and I will never visit your establishment again.

It should not be that difficult to make a toasted bagel with strawberry cream cheese especially when I order the same thing five days a week at the same time each morning. The actions of the representative were deliberate. This is a poor representation of your company and should be addressed.


Pamela Ward

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Anonymous - 129 d 9 h ago


Had the Dunkin Doughnuts mobile app and auto reload set up for $25 when my balance drops below $10. I was charged twice in one day, once for $87 and once for $100. These are unauthorized charges. The $87 showed up on my gift card but the $100 did not. The gift card was then for some reason deactivated the next day. I have been trying to call customer service and sat on hold for an hour each time I have called with no one ever answering. I have emailed customer service with not much luck. One guy did finally email me saying he would call me the next day and he never did. I would not recommend Dunkin to ANYONE! I called corporate and got a lady on the phone and she transferred me to the same customer service number that I sat on hold for. At this point it seems that the $187 is lost.

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Anonymous - 129 d 17 h ago

Never been to a Dunkin Donuts that had no donuts that was open 24hours

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Fairfax, Va - 139 d 10 h ago


I will NEVER go to this location again nor would I recommend this establishment to any other customer. I ordered a donut and a English mcmuffin. I wasn't until I arrived at work when I seen a second receipt at the bottom of the bag did I realize not only was I given the WRONG order of a crossisant but it was OLD order that a previous customer ordered and I assume didn't want because the ticket numbers, time and total didn't match up. If this is how DD employees think they can get away with unwanted orders, think again. Nevertheless, word of mouth is a powerful source when it comes to promoting business, and DD have just lost one value customer and potentially more

After today.

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Fred M. - 145 d ago


The wait times get longer and longer. The lines of cars drag out into the street. The donuts get smaller and smaller. The stores are under staffed. The ice tea is always watered down. I order iced tea and they always give me iced coffee. Your service is sinking and sinking. It is getting more and more frustrating to use the drive up.

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Hank s - 150 d 4 h ago


I call no one answers even after they tell u they will I e mail and it comes back that it's not the correct e mail address no wonder Dunkin' Donuts is rated badly If u have a question or ou the I wish u luck in finding someone to talk to

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