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Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc

Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin-Robbins
130 Royall Street
Canton, MA
Nigel Travis
President and CEO
(781) 737-3000
(781) 737-4000
Twitter IDs
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ajd - 1 d ago

Love the coffee. Unfortunately, wont be buying again. Won't serve the NYPD. Awful!

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Denise Winters - 8 d 3 h ago


I AM A SHAREHOLDER and am outraged that Dunkin Donuts allowed a staff member to essentially spit in the face of New York City police by refusing to serve them! I have lived and worked in NYC for 23 years and this behavior is TOTALLY unacceptable. As a shareholder, I am even more incensed.

And to think that top brass at Dunkin Donuts can't even muster up a public response! Are you kidding me? I demand you go public with an apology to these officers and all officers These officers put their lives on the line every single day for citizens including you. Own up to Dunkin's blatant failure to screen its employees and to provide a corporate response rather than suggest "maybe he wasn't in the right order line."

If you don't want the heat, release the employee's name and make him step up.

I hope the next time one of your employees is robbed and want to call 911, they ask themselves why Corporate and they didn't step up and support those who are willing to give all.

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wily - 2 d ago


Laughable, get over it. A rogue employee stands pulls some bs and you want to blame DD? They are franchises 1st off, blame the owner 1st if the dick isnt fired already. Whats next, I can blame the Ford brand because the guy at the gas station says he wont check my oil because he likes Chevy's better and I drive a Ford? Or blame a meter maid for my taxes being too high? People need to get some insight before they go throwing bombs...DD does more in my area for the PD, FD and schools than any corporation or 5 corporations combined. Uniforms for cheerleaders and little league, free coffee and food for PD and FD at special events and fundraisers, besides the dame for area events like road races or walks to fund cancer research, alzheimers and domestic abuse...get a grip people.

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Jane - 3 d 8 h ago

The balance of my DD App has been stolen

Got email that I had a zero balance

when I had money in it

It was used in New Hampshire and I live in Florida

Something stinks and I want my money back

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Anonymous - 12 d 3 h ago


As a Retired NYC Detective & regular customer of Dunkin Donuts I will not be patronizing your stores any longer. The statement issued by your Corporate Office on the refusual to serve 2 NYC Detective is insulting.

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Cjn - 12 d 15 h ago

So, Dunkin' Donuts does not want to serve police in New York City. Well you will never serve me again either. I patronize your Fort Myers location every day, but no more.

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ms.johnson - 65 d ago

Mr.Travis,I'm a dunkin employee,in Albany,ga.I NEED Your HELP,Please call me Bridget Johnson @(hidden)0please!!

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Mistreated employee - 31 d 3 h ago

Travis ever get back in contact with you. This is also a concerned employee who can't get in touch with anybody.

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Siddhaarth Sharma - 37 d 5 h ago


Hello everyone,

I, Siddhaarth Sharma an entrepreneur and Owner of Baskin Robbins Franchise from Mumbai, India wants to contact Mr. Nigel Travis regarding the Baskin Robbins Brand which is getting hampered and spoiled by certain companies out here. So I need his email address through which I can share my grievances and save the brand name.

Waiting for a reply at the earliest,



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Anonymous - 46 d ago


I have never experienced such inept customer service as we experienced with dunkin donuts corporate.we had a complaint about the use of a rewards app for a free beverage of any kind.well the person at the drive thru did not tell us that that drink had to be a separate order.and as a result he just credited the rfree drink award to the least expensive of the drink and charged for the most expensive ( the one that was supposed to be the free drink since oit was ANYdrink for free. We called corporate and went thru the whole issue with a rep and she said she would credit our account with 3 free reward drinks of any kind thatwe wanted.well the 53 free drinks did appear on the spp but when we went to use on did not work,the drive thru person tried several times to no avail and we went through the whole issue with her and she said it was not showing enough points for a free drink .once again corporate was called znd the whole scenario had to be given again. The lady swore she fixed the problem.but once again when trying to use one of the coupons it did not work.not only were we frustrated but embarassed like we were trying to pull a fast one. This time my daughter wrote and explained all on their web page and twitter and the only message she received was that they were updating her account. No other explanation or apolo for our troubles. Once again this morning my huband triedo use it and it was declined. I do not know what is going in and either dd cooperation doesn't either .or they are lying and not doing as they say they were going to do. I have never experienced such shoddy treatment from a big cooperation and as much as i like their hot coffee especially i will have to go elsewghere where they at least appear to appreciate their customers, i can see why only a 2/5 star rating!

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nausetsunrise - 64 d 5 h ago


Dunkin Brand has the best travel cup/mug/thermos options. Keep up the great products being available season after season. High quality and ease of use for travel cups. Love that they're easily cleaned between use, keep the beverage hot or cold, and also look great!

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Adam S. Lapidus - 68 d ago


What ever happened to Dunkin donuts anyway. I have had nothing but terrible service. Wrong orders given to me and an attitude on top of all that. The ticket was right the sandwich was wrong And they just let me sit and wait while thew took care of other customers. When I finally said i wanted a refund she gave me 1/2 of what i paid i paid 4.23 she gave me 2.43 back i love the math. never again

time to make the Donuts anywhere else.


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Lea - 73 d 35 m ago


I visited a location in Tampa, FL last week. Poor customer service and my credit card was hacked. Bank is sending me a new card. Currently trying to file a complaint regarding the fraud with my credit card.

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Mary Kane - 75 d 8 s ago


I was very disappointed yesterday, which was national doughnut day to find every dd locally to me as well as traveling 4 exits away had no doughnuts. I brought my 6 yr old grandson with me who had saved for ever his money, he had saved a hefty sum of $29.00 and his first purchase was a drink so he could have a doughnut. How do you advertise a national day exclusive to your establishment and not have any of your product? Very, very disappointed!!!

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.. - 76 d 37 s ago


Since I've tried every way to contact cooperate and there doesn't seem an efficient way, because nothing works, I decided to do it this way. The Dunkin' Donuts store in Athens, TN is treating their employees unfairly. There is a huge problem with favoritism and speculation. The manager will not come up to employees and ask questions. She listens to the rumors of other employees. Frankly her employees are not the greatest and like to start drama especially the shift leader, except for one. The manager goes on assumption and not facts, in my opinion that's being a poor manager. There have been people more qualified for a position and not get it because the crew didn't like them or there was rumors and assumptions going around. If someone is fit for the part then they should have it. The shift leaders she has now barely even do their job and they just gossip in hopes to get other fired. This is an unexcepable way to run a business. This is the reason why their turn over rate has been higher than normal.

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Anonymous - 77 d 1 h ago

Franchise in either Charleston SC or Hendersonville, NC. Have great locations. Lynn and Jerry Young (hidden).

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luis pabon - 77 d ago


i went to the Dunkins Donuts in 804 main st in leominster ma on may 31 then i notice on my bank statement that my card was run 2 times i guess by mistake on the 5/31 so i went to talk to the store manger and show her that it was run in twice she was vary rude and told me get a bank statement and there is nothing she can do I go to this dunkins donuts 7 days a week sometimes 4 to 6 times a day i know every one there and she know me too i told her are you freaken kidding me and she told me to get out and dont come back is that the way they treat there costumer.I go there all the time i think she was wrong doing this over $4.56

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Jenn - 120 d 5 h ago

I was at Dunkin' Donuts in NY near the Brooklyn bridge this weekend,I have never felt insulted in my life before my grandkids wants to used the bathroom so we go in there,me n my daughter stood inline to get some donuts because we know sme place won't let u used they're bathroom unless ur a customer,so we stood in line while the kids wait to go to the bathroom,the cashier in front started yelling how they can't used the bathroom coz it's for customer only and we say we're right here standing inline trying to buy something there is no need to yell he was going off and saying we're not customer this people in line is his customer,my daughter said well we've been standing here for ten minutes while u yelling and you keep taking other people except us,we refuse to wait on us,and he was screaming n yelling still saying we're not customer,I don't know how they do it in NY,but we're I'm from you don't yell at the customer and we don't discriminate,I feel discriminated at that time ,this place is in Nassau ST not far from the Ground Zero near the Brooklyn bridge

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Pissed of mother - 122 d ago


My daughter worked at a location in Paradise Valley Az. I was going over her pay statements and they had her working over the allowed hours for a minor. Guess they are uneducated in labor laws. They are about to find out real quick.

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Pat Havens - 129 d 2 h ago


I was at the store in Richardson on Coit yesterday evening and I was shocked when I ordered a banana split and the lady came to the window and said it would be $7.02 while I was waiting she came back to the window and said we are out of boats to put the banana split in so can we just use a cup. I ask for my money back, I feel that if you are going to charge 7.02 or a banana split you should have all the supplies. I got my money back and went to Braums and got a banna split for 4.32.

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Tammie - 136 d ago


My husband and i spend a great deal of money at your corporation. A couple of months ago the store manager was offended because my husband told her how he wanted hia coffee made as it wasnt correct. The store manager lilly got upset and barred my husband from the store and told her employees not to serve him. This store is in chicago on western and 79th st. I went in the store and she then said that i could no longer be served because of my husband that i was being disrespectful, she told me to call customer service or whatever because she didnt care. Apparently this manager has control issues and seems to feel like she can treat valued customers any kind of way..not only have we not done anything to this lady only stipulated how we would like our coffee made. This store is in my neighborhood and i refuse to be treated any kind of way, she needs to take a course in customer service etiquette. A very disgrunt customer named tammie.

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Cricket - 143 d 15 h ago


Please tell me why the Dunkin ground coffee sold in Dunkin Donuts tastes so much better than the Dunkin coffee sold in grocery stores.


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Anonymous - 176 d 6 h ago

Since your change I get vertigo like symptoms when ai drink coffee from your stores. Please investigate.

Conley Barnett

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Disgusted customer - 184 d ago


I'm writing to you do to your management in your Campton n.h. franchise.. the management has put a unprofessional statement on Facebook degrading former and present employees. . Over the W2S that they have not received ..very disgusted with the unprofessional management you have in this establishment. .. all campton residents can read this and it's not appropriate as someone running your establishment. .

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