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Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc

Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin-Robbins
130 Royall Street
Canton, MA
Nigel Travis
President and CEO
(781) 737-3000
(781) 737-4000
Twitter IDs
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none - 2 d 32 m ago


I am a regular customer of the dunkin in Brunswick Georgia on Exit 29.I talk to the employees while waiting on my order and I am shocked at the things they tell me.I don't know how you can have a district manager that threatens employees jobs and constantly lies to the owner about things that are going on.She has already had several stores in Florida taken from her and given to other people one of whom had only been there for a few months.This store has had alot of people quit.The manager has tried to get some of them rehired but the district manager said no.I don't understand since there have been other people quit several times and came back.I also don't understand how that should be her decision since she doesn't know the employees.This store really needs some help because the people there now are very rude.The manager works 6-7 days a week because she doesn't have any decent help and no one seems to care.If people are willing to come back to work there I don't know why they can't.Things ran alot smoother a few months ago but then again there were people there that actually wanted to work.This used to be a great store.It seems that the district manager needs to be retrained.She really doesn't care about any of the stores.She won't let them order things they need because she is trying to keep costs down so she can get a bonus.I just don't understand how she can get away with the things she does.Please look into this because the stores are being ruined.

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No Name - 3 d 19 h ago


I went to the Dunkin Donuts on Broadway, in Revere, Massachusetts yesterday, (Tuesday - 5/22/18). I do not live in the area. I ordered one coffee. I handed the server the money to pay for it, I was due $0.51 back in change. Instead of giving me my change, she put it in her tip cup. I was just staring at her with a puzzled expression. She simply stated: "Sorry, I put it in my tip cup. Sorry!", and she walked away, basically saying I'm keeping the change! No attempt was made to take the money out of the cup and give it back to me! Mind you, it's not the meley $0.51, it is the principle and arrogance of this person. One can only wonder, if she's doing that to customers, what else is she helping herself to! Walked out shaking my head, the nerve of people.

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Donna - 11 d 20 h ago


On the morning approximately Thursday, May 15, 2018 approximately at 4pm, my children and I entered Dunkin Donuts Waukegan location (1609 Grand Ave., Waukegan IL 60085). Our intention was to retrieve some ice cream and a few donuts, since Dunkin Donuts was their absolute favorite place for treats. Upon entry to the establishment we were the only customers inside, besides a man sitting at a table towards the back reading a newspaper. We politely waited at the ordering counter for an attendant to come to the front to take our order. Shortly, after entering the restaurant, two male customers entered and politely waited abaft us as they noticed we had preceded them. The first employee, Nick, approached at the front counter; he then asked the male behind me how he can help them. I interrupted and informed Nick who may have not known that my children and I arrived prior to the two gentlemen and I would like to place my order. Nick, who made eye contact and purposely ignored my comment and proceeded, in a louder overtone, and asked the guy behind me "what can I get for you sir?" My children stated "why can't we order mommy," I informed them that we will order soon and to be patient. I cordially waited for the guy to place his order; his face was stricken with confusion, since he knew we were there first. The other customer looked very apologetic but continued to place his order with an apologetic look. After completion of the other customer order, I stated to Nick I wanted to speak the manager since I expressed my prior arrival and it was obscenely disregarded. Nick said "okay", and walked to the back to retrieve the manager. A woman by the name of Cheyenne approached, who introduced herself as the shift manager. I proceeded to explain the situation to her in great detail and Cheyenne became immediately defensive (not apologetic) and stated Nick did not know who arrived first. I then expressed to her I informed him of it, and he continued to pursue the other customer order. She stated "there was nothing she can do about it and was I going to place an order or not" in an extremely hostile, aggressive tone. By this time my children were crying and I was appalled by the treatment, the in-store management and the gruesome attitude, disrespect, and discriminatory customer service displayed by a company we love so much. I attempted to resolve the matter on my own by requesting a manager, however, she did not make the situation any better. My children are very fond of Dunkin Donuts but unfortunately due to the atrocity of the service provided by Cheyenne and Nick, we politely exited the store and decided not to place an order. I rarely provided feedback, but for this unfavorable and due to the severity, I felt it was necessary to ensure others and children will not have to experience this kind of service.

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D. Howard Johnson - 16 d ago


The employees at the Whitefish Bay store have decided to play rap music on sound system. Maybe they enjoy it, I'm certain the majority of the customers are turned off by it. It's extremely annoying and inappropriate for customers who eat in. I'll be going elsewhere.

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Gjward - 28 d 4 h ago


"PLEASE" change the way employees handle the coffee cups. It seems no matter which Dunkin I go too, the same person who works the register places their fingers inside the cup while marking it. Often times I bring it to their attention but "Must I" remind them ? Please help the employees of Dunkin to keep customers safe from their personal germ.

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Sanhita Agnihotri - 31 d ago


We are FIA Chicago; Federation of Indians Association. WE maintain heritage and culture of India in America.

We are looking for sponsorship for the india Independence day Festivities in August 2018

Please guide me whom to approach.


Dr. Sanhita Agnihotri


Fiachicago (hidden)

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Anonymous - 36 d ago

I have been a regular customer at Dunkin Donuts for many years I live in Surfside South Carolina and I went to the Dunkin Donuts located on Highway 707.... I don't know what's going on at this location but every time you order your stuff is not right the people or should I say young kids that are working in there are very rude today I had made an order and she was telling me that on the menu cuz I ordered a Frozen coffee mocha and she said to me so you want a Coolatta I said no I want a frozen coffee she said well it's the same so when I got to the window and ask her nicely I said so what I'm ordering is a Coolatta and not a frozen coffee she's like yes I said well then your signage is wrong and it needs to be changed and she sarcastically told me no it does not need to be changed I need to know what I'm ordering and I nicely explain to her I was ordering off of the menu and I asked her if this Branch was individually owned or owned by corporate another snarky teenager nastily told me that it was corporate so I asked what the store number was and the original girl told me I needed to look it up so I nicely asked her her name she tried to move her name tag where I could not see it but her name was Taylor this was the worst and rudest customer service I have ever received.

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mark, the reviewer - 40 d 4 h ago

hey guys, i bought a donut today and it was chocolat. The person who served it to me was a young 40 year old man named larry

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Anonymous - 42 d ago


Bad service at Dunkin' Donuts/ Baskin Robbin on North Expressway Griffin GA. We sat in line for 20 minutes before receiving a banana split and ice cream in a cup although they put it on a cone, then was told to pull to the side for another 10 minutes for vanilla milkshake. No sense of urgency at all need new employees and management that truly enjoy working. Never visiting again

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Jean... - 42 d 18 h ago

Hi...would like to make a comment AND complaint... My husband and I are regulars at Dunkin Donuts...all over the east coast. We have no complaint about the food or service..but today ..we were in Satellite Beach Fl. .PC 336134 .havng our coffee...Trans. #. 442718

Went to restroom...BOTH ..Men and Ladies restrooms had "OUT OF ORDER".

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Victoria Jacobsen - 53 d 4 h ago


Dunkin Donuts has been an all time favorite of mine since I was a kid. Now that I am a 35 year adult I love the coffee along with my donut. Particularly the blueberry coffee. Today going through the drive thru I was told they got rid of my favorite donut, Lemon Filled, to simplify the menu! So other stuff could be added on!? It's called Dunkin Donuts! You're taking away staple donuts to add things that aren't even donuts along with crazy cockamamie donuts and coffee trying to be a Starbucks. I like Dunkin for their old time favorites and original flavors and taste that remind me of childhood... going with my grandparents on a Saturday morning eating a lemon filled donut while they drank their coffee. Please bring it back! Food for thought. Thank you for your time.

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Nicole Chomyn - 55 d ago


I was a former employee at 269 East Main St in Marlborough MA. I was let go to what seemed unfair circumstances. I worked night shifts and I knew almost every persons coffee that either came thru the drive thru or inside I was always friendly and polite no matter what. All of my customers loved seeing me knowing that their coffees would be made right. But early on in my start of work there the district manager came in Desfina I'm not sure on the spelling, but she had no name tag identifying who she was and was wearing regular street clothes and a pair of slippers on her feet. I was trying to make a coffee in drive thru when she rudely grabbed my long sleeve shirt and snapped it back and let go with a nasty attitude saying I wasn't allowed to wear that color, I told her I didn't know and that these are not cheap shirts she then replied "do you know who I am?" I replied " no I don't, should I know who you are?" She snapped back that she was the district manager and I need to know my place. I told her that I'm sorry but she did not have a name tag on or anything that would suggest that she's a district manager. That is wear my problem started with the district mnager. She comes in screaming and raving on and on about what's wrong with the dunkins store and then would stand and talk with her favorite employee's for 15-20 mins even though we are working. Mind you I worked hard for my store Manager covering shifts for him working to clean walls and and everything for our inspections. Then one snow day I handed my brother in law's coffee as they was going to plow snow and told them I would pay for them out of my tips as the night ended I forgotten to pay for them as there was lots going on. I understand that things have to be payed for but it was an honest mistake. I was then called in the office a couple days later to be told I was be let go because they received a complaint from a customer that I was outside the back door smoking marijuana and was blowing the smoke into her car and that I was also be letting go because of the day I handed coffee to my family without paying for it as well as being outside for to long while I was working one night..they said I went out side once for 20 mins then another time for 15 mins...I tried to explain to them that I do not smoke marijuana and that I would never blow smoke into a customer's car. The customer that complained was an older lady that does not care for me as she found out that my husband is from Mexico and is illegally here.. the customer then told me that I was a disgrace to America for marring an illegal immigrant. For that night forward I always made sure that who ever was working with me to take her order as I didnt want problems with her at all. As for my bein out side for two separate times the night they claimed I was, I was shoveling snow off the sidewalks and putting down salt so that our customers could make it to the door. I have tried multiple times to explain this to the district manager but she would not hear non of it and said she wants me gone. The store manager Abdu and many other employees that have worked there said and agreed i was let go for wrong reasons. The district manager has had a personal problem with me from the day she corrected me on my uniform because she said I did not show her the respect she deserves but how can I give someone respect if one you have no name tag on stating who you are and you do not introduce yourself at all. I have waited a couple years before trying to reapplying here and finally decided to try because the store manager begged me to come back because he knows that I was a great employee and was always there for him covering shifts and doing anything in the store that needed done. The district manager won't even let me come back as her excuse is that I smoke marijuana when I do not at all. I have told them there's no proof at all no cmara footage or pictures of me smoking outside at all only the word of a older lady that is racist towards me because my husband is from Mexico. I don't understand how letting me go at all is fair or how she can consent get away with treating employees like this. This was the one job that I truly enjoyed doing and all employees that worked with me loved working on my shift.

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Anonymous - 58 d 15 h ago


Dunkin Donuts in 950 starits turnpike in Watertown CT hiring manager Donna and store manager Mike are the worst ever Donna Likes to tell her coworkers The reasons why she fires her employees witch I think that's confidential and not To disgusted with others especially infront off customers Mike the Store manager has his pregnant wife Kim discriminating the workes due to her position and being mike the store manager wife She like to use her power towards girls if they don't so what she Threatens going to tell Mike Her husband To fire Them Witch He has and makes a excuse why he fires them that is so unprofessional this location management Need to be Investigated But once the owner comes in they love to fake it to make him Happy when deep dow there is a very Very bad discriminating problem here and untrustworthy management ..

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Anonymous - 58 d 15 h ago


Dunkin Donuts in 950 starits turnpike in Watertown CT Management sucks they are rude I will never go back again ...

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Ananomous - 58 d 15 h ago


Dunkin Donuts in Watertown CT 950 turnpike management I'd the worst they discrimate you for being a parent If your child is sick they will fire you the manager Donna is sobrude and racist she like to tell her coworkers the reason why people got fired in front off other customers the management they have are stealing from this company i was working one day and at the end of the day one employee that was working the same night as I was had extra money in the register why did the manager Mike put that money a side and dint count it in ass extra yeah fishy ones they knew I knew what was going on they fired me no caring my situation at the time what needs to happened is a investigation and ask why are all the employees getting hired and fired at this location they fire you even for drinking water while The management steals wow

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Anonymous - 60 d 21 h ago

I am disgusted how mangers run off employees and flirt with coworkers. As a worker it is favroitism and minpulative! 336

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Anonymous - 61 d 11 h ago


To whom it may concern:

Dunkin donuts/Baskin Robbins in Bernalillo, NM. This location needs to be talked to in regards to listen to their customers, and Manager s that are on duty of shifts, that get the suggestions or complaint s. They run out of donuts and they need more of the flavors of ice cream. Please have them evaluate of more items they sell of and stock up of it. Several times I have gone and they don't have what I enjoy. Please respond or pay a surprise to that location and witness.

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Katie Hill - 63 d 19 h ago


I am horribly disappointed in the manager on duty today at my local dunkin donuts ( Commercial St East Weymouth Mass) I went through the drive through and the manager said " sorry he is special needs". He was talking about the young kid that gave me my order. I find that completely wrong to say about anyone. When I went in to speak to the " manager " he said he was the manager. I couldn't believe it. The young man he was talking about being " special needs " was very polite and helpful. I will not be going back to that dunkin donuts. I told the young man that gave me my order that I was sorry he was spoken to like that. You should pop in and see how your managers speak to people !!! I will let my friends know what happened

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Anonymous - 65 d 24 h ago


Jesica hi I'm terrible disappointed and I disengaged with a decision was maid from the owner of dunking donuts 1506 cortelyou road

The best manager this location had senses the open this store and the reason that the store was sales was down from last year I will never come to this location again the new manager she looks like a gost she never smile and when she attended me she was on the phone you guys make big mistake only because she was white and you like Pakistani and Arab people don't give rights to take such stupid decision

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ARUBALOVER - 69 d 48 s ago

I visited Dunkin Doughnuts recently at the Fremont Hotel, Las Vegas. I ordered a small cup of coffee

and. The charge was $2.59 for a small cup and NO REFILL! I gave the employee $3.00 and received change.

I saw the employee one of the dollar's in a bowl????? I didn't question him at the moment because I was in

a hurry to leave. Is this normal???? Why would an employee put a customer's $1 in a bowl???? This happened

on Thursday, March 15 around 7:00 a.m.

Thank you for answering this question for me.

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Brittany - 71 d 17 h ago


I would you like to bring back the grilled cheese like now

I love dunkin but this will take them from a 5 to a 1 in my book because that was the whole reason I started to go to dunkin

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Kylil - 78 d ago

Mr Nigel Travis,

At your store in Burlington twp. NJ on Sunset Rd. I bought an iced coffee and found a piece of glass in my mouth. I brought the cup and glass back to them and tried to tell them what happened. They looked at me as if i had two heads and said there is no manager present. Told me to leave the glass and coffee there till tomorrow when the manager is present. I'm very disgusted and freaked out... i may never eat/drink at DD again. AND if I'm harmed by this glass in any way i will seek legal action.

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Anonymous - 84 d 13 h ago


Hello, not long ago an employee of yours at the location 66 Lafayette Ave., Suffern, NY 10901 named Pamela Fink made extremely racist and heartless remarks to another employee not just in front of adults but children as well. She also made a disgusting comment about shooting her self if she had to work with the woman "who couldn't speak English" again. She made everyone's experience there beyond less than pleasurable and many agree that if something is not done they will no longer feel comfortable being customers there. No one nor no establishment, especially not a popular franchise like yourselves should ever put any employee or any customers in the position many were forced into that night. After asking to speak to a manager she lied and told me she was the only manager there only to find out she was "working towards becoming an assistant manager." Many times before and after that revolting situation, she closes 30 minutes early which wouldn't be a problem if she was a decent employee to begin with. I apologize for the aggravation but this employee's wrongs must be fixed as she's ruined many's experience. Please hire mature and kind people as your employees, many of different ethnicities and races should be welcomed into your stores and until that's enforced you've sadly lost a loyal customer. I couldn't fathom being the woman who had to work with Ms.Fink and her atrocious attitude. Thank you for your time and hopefully this is resolved and more compassionate and empathetic people are hired as your employees.

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Robert Ashley - 86 d ago


Mr. Nigel Travis, I wanted you to know that at the Dunkin Donuts on 6th avenue down town birmingham Alabama.I and my son went in to get a frozen coffee and some donuts. The two young men at the counter looked at each other like who was going to make it then they looked back smiling and said" Ya we make frozen coffee's". We never told them what flavor and then one said" Oh but we are out of syrups for them and then smiled. One young man is cacasion and one is African American. Needless to say they both didn't want to make a sale today and acted like they really didn't care to be there. The time we went was 7:15am on Friday March 2 2018.

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Anonymous - 88 d 5 h ago

Mr. Travis. I live in Parrish Florida and have had the opportunity to visit your Ellenton, Florida franchise often. Each and every time I return, thinking it will be better, I am sorely disappointed. I moved here from upstate New York where my daughter and I visited a Glenville, NY Dunkin Donuts daily, so I am very familiar with how the establishment is supposed to be operated. The Ellenton franchise needs serious revamping immediately. Beside the fact that the same employee is never there twice, there is often a shortage of almost anything I order. My orders NEVER taste the same twice and are often simply wrong. While visiting with friends yesterday my friend actually had to take her order back and tell them how the item she ordered should be made. I am writing this in the hopes that someone could help this franchise (which is in a gold mine location) to operate on a more efficient basis, consistency and now-how would be nice. Your kind attention to this matter would be appreciated.

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