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Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc

Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin-Robbins
130 Royall Street
Canton, MA
Nigel Travis
President and CEO
(781) 737-3000
(781) 737-4000
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Anonymous - 97 d ago


I am having problems with the Dunkin Donuts at location 360 Turnpike St

Canton, MA 02021 This is the second incident over the last year. I have call for management and they refused to put them on the phone . someone needs to check on that store . I have been on hold with corporate for over an hour. I am not happy

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Theresa Barton - 112 d 7 h ago


Your dunkin on union deposit really sucks been trying to get some ice coffee in the morning at 7am and there closed inside I see they took the hours sign down on the door I've complained to cooperate obviously nothing got done goodbye dunkin hello Starbucks or sheetz

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Anonymous - 164 d 18 h ago


Mobile App charged me, but I didn't receive my order. On 2/5/19 I ordered 2 Items and as I clicked on ready to pickup went to the store and parking lot was full of cars waiting for drive-thru Service. Didn't matter to me as I had store pickup order, but I was mistaken as the doors were locked. I knocked on door and they said they couldn't process my order or refund me as they were extremely busy. I was late to work because of coffee, so went to Starbucks as another option. This isn't the first bad experience I've had at Hillsborough, NJ Dunkin Donuts on 206 near triangle rd. I usually go early in the morning like 4 AM and if I don't tell them make a fresh pot they will give me mud.

I talked to the customer service for the app on the phone, and that's another story of bad customer Service Id rather not explain.

Best Regards,

Joseph Garcia, Owner-Operator

Jersey Drive Services


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adman13 - 188 d ago


I have tried for nearly 5 weeks of twice a week reaching via phone and thru email DD

only to have the emails not answered. as well as trying to call and being told that the wait is 30 minutes at least 3 separate times I was on hold listing to very very music only to have the call dropped

Its a disgrace I just want a credit for all the time that I bought. the original issue is that the franchise keeps on telling me that I have insufficient funds while the DD web site shows that I have over $ 30 dollars that I can no longer access I would appreciate a call or email to get my money back and get credit for 5-7 purchases that are not credited to my perks account

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xxx - 197 d 24 h ago


bring back sausage pancake bites please!! they were so good!!!

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Health Concern - My wife and I are frequent customers of Dunkin' Donuts - 7-23 & 8-21

344 Washington Street, Woburn, MA 01801 - We were customers of this location - On both dates we suggested to the manager that the bathroom was - Unsanitary(extremely dirty) a broken toilet seat and a broken light sensor ( no light when door is closed) Health Concern reported to the City of Woburn, MA - Health Dept.

Concerned Customer - Donald Peck - (hidden)

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Anonymous - 197 d 19 h ago

I just want to mention the horrible conditions of the DD in the Villages, Fla. The store in Brownwood is disgusting all ion the time and no one cares st all.. That store is located at a town square where there is entertainment nightly and many people go in and out. On occasion I have seen people walk out because no one comes out when the door opens. It makes a sound to signal people coming in. They got rid of the manager that was so so, the asst. mgr. that was not that good and a few other people. A couple of decent people left on there own a while back. They moved the best mgr. they ever had (Mike) to the store on 441 in Lady Lake and they live him and the store is always clean and the people are nice and act like they care to be there. Also, the other store is like a day care center with people bringing their kids in and just laying around on the chairs. Somebody needs to really check these places out and do something right. People deserve to go into nice clean establishments in nice areas where they live. I always bring my own wipes because the tables are never cleaned off, wiped down.

Please do something about this. Thank you. No one should ever have to make any comments about these types of things. Thank you.

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Neira S. - 223 d ago

Hi, I'm an employee at one of your locations in Syracuse, NY. My hours have recently been cut for no reasons, and now all I'm working is three hours a week. I have also just requested more hours on days that I know for sure that I can't work. although this next two checks won't even be enough for gas. But I've been told it's because minors can't work at a specific time. Also that minors can only work two days a week which was Friday and Saturday. But I've been working at this location for almost a year and I've had almost up to 10 hours a week. Also my manager can't find my check which I was SUPPOSED to get it on 12/07/18.

So I hope that you guys get back to me real soon.

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Janice - 233 d 4 h ago


On 11 26 18...time 6 33 51 1..cashier toni b....I had gone into 538 west main st..norwich ct. For a gift card. Have my receipt. I had found $15.00 dollars near the register. So I gave it to the cashier toni b. I know other people where they found money. And it goes into the tips bucket..when people find money and hand it in. I went there today to talk to toni b..she said some guy left it. So I couldn't claim it..this is not right. I should get the money back that I found. Or at least a gift card. I would like to hear from you on this matter. Untrustworthy employees.

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Myha - 235 d 18 h ago


I was recently an employee at one of your locations in Murfreesboro,TN. I have been mistreated, disrespected, underpaid and now fired without notice right before the holiday. I am a mother of two young children and feel defeated as a provider. I was an opener for Dunkin' & everyday dealt with crew drama because I Was new or because I Am Bi-racial. The manager Jamie Kn would praise me, promise me my 9.00 as a Shift Lead, expecting me to do leader work but never payed me. Once I asked for it, all hell broke loose. She smiled in my face talked the wildest drama about employees. (Which I Had Recorded once I Saw how horrible she was, I no longer trusted her) She fired me, said she has to check with policies because her reasoning was "I'm Drama" and refuses a separation letter. I just processed that I was working with you guys and lost my gov. Benifits,.. The day I Was "drama" I refused to be the only one in drive thru ..taking the orders making the beverages AND grabbing donuts..Jamie was off That Day and a shift lead sent me home because I Literally Asked for HELP Drive thru line was to the street! I am too good to this company and it seems as tho management Will RUN this Brand out of Business. She (Jamie) constantly told us how she was moved to TN from NEw Jersey and How She Wanted to quit so badly but was under CONTRACT! She is InHUMANE & fired me for NOTHING!! I have written statements from employees present and those who have quit and customers as well. I'm also talking with my mom about getting a lawyer. I would really like to hear back from SOMEONE! She Has taken me off the schedule and told me she doesn't think I fit in her "setting" . I'm taking my recording and statements to a lawyer. I do not deserve this treatment. (hidden)

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Damian brothers - 281 d 19 h ago


I want dunkin donuts here in Altoona, PA my nice order a ice coffee and Itea was not made right by the person in the store

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Mary Haney - 284 d ago

I love Dunkin Donuts coffee. I am moving back to Texas and the city I'm moving to has a population of over 100,000. There is not a Dunkin there and I was wondering who to talk to about possibly getting one in San Angelo Tx

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Jeanne Eccleston - 1 y ago


Dear Dunkin. My family and myself are huge customers of DD. Several years ago I was a big fan of frozen ice tea. You stopped that. Then I become a real huge purchaser of butter pecan hot or iced. Now I can't get that. I'm not sure why frozen ice tea was stopped. Lots of people in my community of bourne mass loved them. I am not going to say if I stopped going to DD the place would close down but what we spend would have to feel some repercussions. Please hear me. People have told me that you don't know unless you try. Thank you for reading this.

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Miranda S Laurence - 1 y ago


I just went to Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins in Vidor Texas, which is a brand new location to get my son an icecream. I ordered a vanilla chai tea. The 1st one I got tasted sour, so I asked them to please make me another one. They did, I got that one and took a sip and there were clumps of something in it. So, I told them something isn't right. First thing they did was check the milk dispenser and sure enough....SOURED MILK. Then they told me that they don't check the milk very often. UMMM WHAT? I almost threw up! So, then I was like ok, just give me a frozen yogurt strawberry and banana smoothie and I'll pay the difference. I sat there and watched him get a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I asked him if it was vanilla ice cream or vanilla frozen yogurt and he tells me "oh we're out of frozen yogurt " I tell him I can't have the icecream because I'm on a diet, so I just got a refund. 1st they try to serve me soured milk twice, then they try to serve me an icecream smoothie when I asked for frozen yogurt. Seriously? I won't be going back there. EVER!

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DonutMom - 1 y ago

Please start offering a gluten-free option at your shops. My son recently got diagnosed with Celiac disease and there is nothing safe for him to eat at any location. We go to DD about 2-3 times every day for drinks and it's sad that we can't order any donut, muffin or sandwich that he can eat. There are so many people afflicted with Celiac now DD needs to get with the times!! Please consider it, thank you!

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Steven - 1 y ago

In Brooklyn New York Dunkin Donuts has a gluten free brownie in some of their restaurants

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Miki - 1 y ago


I have never written a letter of this kind before but thought on this occasion I should. I go to the Duncan Donuts regularly for my coffee and bagel/donuts in the morning in Boston, MA. The employees and their manager are really incredible. Their patience, politeness and quick service really stand out. This Duncan Donuts is located in Boston near a shelter (Pine Sreet Inn ) so a few of the guests come to that DD. Sometimes they just hang around but the staff treats them no differently as it should be. Frequently a team of construction workers come with an order of 8-10 items - in the morning rush I am sure this can be stressful but this amazing morning crew does this job perfectly and with a smille. If ever they make an error in the order, they immediately rectify it without any hesitation. Once I asked if they make iced cappucinos- the mgr told me no but he made me an alternative drink that was very similar and good. Hey- DD Corporate office - I hope you realize what a great group of employees you have there. If you can't give them a raise (although you should) give them a pat on the back and give them some kind of recognition. They deserve it!

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Denise Hallinan - 1 y ago

I usually don't leave a reviews or call with complaints but, I REALLY had to comment about this because this new app that you made for people to send their order in is REALLY unfair to your dunkin donuts customers! I understand why you added it for people on the run but it's really ridiculous! I've been a regular customer at my favorite dunkin donuts in Middleton Mass for years! The people that work there are great! They're fun, fast and always upbeat. Do you think it's fair for the customers who are waiting in line to have to wait sometimes 10-15 minutes longer because the employees have to prepare all the slips that came in first before they can take care of ANYONE in line! What about older people who don't know how to text let alone use an app! I see them every day. They come in for their paper, lottery and then they walk over to Dunks for coffee and maybe a donut but because of the new app they now have to stand there and wait and they're first in line. Not to mention most times especially on Sunday's the Dunkin Donuts manager of that store has scheduled only 1 employee for that shift. Now the ONE employee is running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to take care of everybody! I've been there plenty of times and watched customers leave because they don't have time to wait. I've left plenty of times since this new app has come out. The employees don't like it and the customers don't like it. I get that our world today is all about technology but leave dunkin donuts out of it. One of you should walk in to any dunkin donuts where you'll see the ONE high school kid that's on the shift. He's making 2 to 3 mixed coffe drinks, has about 10 slips coming in and about 5 or 6 customers in line. I saw it yesterday at a Dunkin Donuts I hardly go to. My son asked me to bring him home a donut. ONE donut. I waited in line about 15 minutes. I waited because he wanted a certain donut. Otherwise, I would have left. This morning, my husband came home from running errands and he had a Dunkin Donuts coffee in his hands. He's not a big coffee drinker so he doesn't frequent Dunkin Donuts that often. I've complained to him about this app so many times and this morning he agreed with me. Something's gotta be done. If your going to continue to use this app, then you have to hire more employees although the tipping dunkin donuts may not like this because now they have to split they're tips.You may think this app is great. BELIEVE ME...IT IS NOT!

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


Store #304300 needs a major review the managers and shift leaders do nothing they are rude to customers and theyre employees they have no clue they constantly mess up orders but surprisingly there is two people one on the weekend i think cristine and one a new woman that opens now them two are on point her name i believe is kennekca you can tell shes been at this for a while she knows my order as soon as i come in she cheerfull and polite and so is cristine the only reason i continue to patronize dunks

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Dunks patron - 1 y ago


I live in RI Pawtucket,I belive store #54501 blackstone donuts inc on broadway st.

I dine here very often and i like the location cause its a couple of blocks from where i reside what i dont like is how the managers basically stand around and do nothing while the crew members run around sweating and getting things done the managers are very rude and disrespactful to the employees under there charge and very territorial they dont wanna see a good worker succeed which i thought dunks was about my wife jas worked for dunks in another state for over 5 yrs and has never seen the level of disrespect i humbly ask this be looked into.....a concerned patron

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Gary Schuetz - 1 y ago


don"t get Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. the cake is stale,hard,,tasteless and disgusting!

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Robert - 1 y ago


I'm in Murfreesboro Tennessee and the Dunkin' Donuts here won't give tea refills? After paying 2.49 for a tea I don't get a refill? Bye Felicia I'm out. Every restaurant on the planet will give you a tea refill holy crap!

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UNSWEET - 1 y ago



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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Thats it i will never go to dunkin donuts again !!

They just lost a good customer now they want to charge you for the butter on your bagel if you want cholesterol artery clogging margarine that they give you for free. It makes me wonder about the grease they cook their donuts in. ..So if you want real butter on your bagel dont go to dunkin donuts their money grubbing ways will charge you 25 cents for each butter so forget about Dunkin Donuts

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Sara Riley - 1 y ago


The Dunkin' Donuts in Bridgeport ct located at 2550 Fairfield ave needs serious help I've never in my life been to a dunkin where the whole staff and manager is rude and ghetto I walked in and you hear the manager yelling at the staff cursing and just very loud I've been coming here for years before they got the redhead manager and since then I've always had a problem they have no training in here this was the last straw of me coming to spend ANY money at this location again you would think they'll get it together by now every time I come back here there's no staff but same attitude same disrespect maybe they just need a new manager to get it under control and back on track like it was 7 years ago wouldn't recommend this store to anyone maybe Starbucks should open more locations and close a few Dunkin' Donuts

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