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John313 - 42 d 5 h ago


Found 2017 Kia Soul ! on Earnhardt Kia site. MSRP: $24,000 Savings: $5,417 Sales price: $18,883

Made appointment with internet manager, car in stock I will be in Tomorrow at 11 AM.

I will make a long, long story short.

In order to receive Sales price of $18,883 you must be a veteran, who just graduated college, and became an uber driver. Which adds back $2,899 They also added in charge for tinting of $399 which was reduced from $799.

I was just sent an email from manager who says she told me over the phone that number included all rebates.

I never talked to her over phone. My first email to them said only emails no phone. There is also no mention of rebates in any emails. I've saved them all. Tomorrow I will send all to Attorney General. This has to stop...

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Sharon Price - 56 d 15 h ago


Mr. Earnhardt...After reading the reviews below I am sure I will never receive any response whatsoever from either you or your Avondale general manager, Adam Breen...especially since I previously sent him an email & left a phone message. But...I do want to ask you to contact your marketing dept on KY and ask them to immediately cease sending me the "personal" postcard from Adam Breen wanting to purchase my vehicle and get me into a new vehicle with a lower payment...what a joke! After receiving about one solicitation per month and just for curiosity, I called a few weeks ago and of course, spoke to not one but two different salesmen. I must tell you that I did ask to speak with you, but you are never available. I also assumed that the new vehicle would be just like the one I have so was shocked when the payment came in at $150 more per month for 84 months! Never ASSUME as you know what that implies! Shame on you and your organization and I will be certain to let Costco know of my disappointment.

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Frank Lagos - 57 d 7 h ago


My name is Frank Lucas and my phone number is 602 821 3958 I had no intentions of filing a complaint regarding your service representative at Superstition Springs until I seen this recent commercial that you've used the military as a a catalyst to sell cars and trucks I bought my truck from your location on Baseline and Arizona Avenue quite a few years ago so 2005 I'm kind of proud of the way it looks and what have you and I've been recently having a lot of problems and took it to Superstition Springs Dodge and basically played over $400 for them to tell me there is nothing that they could do to fix it spent well over $1,000 getting this looked at every sensor replaced and other mechanical parts I have a private mechanic that replaced some things it's still not running right but I'm kind of disappointed that you use the military I'm a Vietnam vet combat wounded Marine and I'm disappointed not only in your service but also using the military to sell I think it's okay if your company backs what you say they haven't showed me anything that like that I don't expect to hear from anybody since nobody could figure out their own vehicles

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Bob - 58 d 4 h ago


MY LATEST DEALINGS WITH THE NO BULL PEOPLE So Tony, I get an email from you at noon today - you tell me that the vehicle I am interested in is "in stock at our Frank Lloyd Wright location". On top of that, you "look forward to making this the most simple and pleasurable experience that you've ever had." I then let you know I am going to be there tonight after work about 7-730 and I am coming from Chandler. I get off work early - and make it up to the dealership at 5. And GUESS WHAT? Poor Kyle had to tell me that the car is NOT in stock - it was sold SUNDAY and you guys just haven't gotten around to taking it off the website. So - either you lied to me on purpose and the car was not in stock - which you should be fired for lying to a customer.... Or you are incompetent and don't know how to look up vehicles in your own inventory (and you are a manager?) - which you should be fired for - or at the very minimum not be allowed customer contact. Which is it? I wonder ... why do people think car salesmen are slimy pieces of crap? - is it because they make the customer feel like crap - or because they actually are pieces of crap and aren't held accountable for their actions? If I, or anyone I know who had a paying job, treated a customer the way you did today - they would be fired. I'd like to think that personally, car salesmen are not pieces of crap - but ... I told poor Kyle that I had gotten an email from you just a few hours before ...but - oh well... and then poor Kyle asked me if there was anything else I'd be interested in? Really? Like there's was a snowball's chance in hell I would give your dealership my business? I could understand if someone magically walked in the door this afternoon - and beat me to the punch - and bought the car out from under me. That happens. But sold on SUNDAY. That's two days ago for those of us that can understand a calendar. Are you planning on compensating me for my wasted hour and a half in rush hour traffic? ... or for my gas for a 70 mile round trip? What do you think is fair? I await your response - or perhaps someone in management - for a suggestion on how you plan on compensating me. Have a nice day. Mr R******* P.S. I cc'd a few people at your dealership so hopefully this doesn't get swept under the rug. Hopefully at your next sales meeting you can use this as a teachable moment to discuss customer relations and how flat out lying isn't good for business. I also blind copied about 1,000 people in my email list - friends, family, associates, business partners and so on - so they will think twice about choosing your dealership for any future car purchase.

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Matt - 64 d ago


I purchased a 2017 Kia Forte from Earnhardt Kia 2 days ago. My wife and I signed paperwork, agreed on payment and they even took my trade in. I got a call today from them and they were asking me for documentation for my other income. I asked what income, they said the income that shows you make $3000 a month. I told her on the phone that I never told anyone I make that amount. I showed them my VA Disability award letter which stated $1534.71. Apparently they are still trying to get me approved. I even asked the GM, TJ, Walter and the receptionist if this is for real...... (first new car). The GM, Dave told me that he never would have given me the car if I wasn't approved. I'm taking legal action against this situation and will be coming a complaint with BBB and the Office of the Attorney General for AZ.

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Franklin Smith - 65 d 12 h ago


We needed a newer vehicle. We were approved and felt good that we were finally able to purchase a car from a dealership instead of car lot. We had a lot of financial problems after I got out of the Army being laid off. We have been working to get better these past few years. We both work so we needed another vehicle. So we were able to purchase one. We have had nothing but problems. The Salesman told us it was Used Car Certified and come to find out it was not. I asked for an extended warranty because he said there was no warranty, so I thought that was added on. I wanted because it was a used car and it was $19,000. over six years. Come to find out it was not one added on. I cannot afford this. I have a family, rent the car note on this. I feel we should not have to pay for this regardless of it being Used 4 months after something we are buying for $19,000 for and in 4-6 months $13,000 plus in repairs.

I have called the Earnhardt Toyota location and upper management refuses to speak with me. I feel this is poor customer service. I have worked with companies dealing with face to face or over the phone customer service and you don't do this.

We purchased a car from Earnhardt in October I asked for an extended warranty on the car come to find out they did not do one. 4 months after we purchased the car the timing belt, camshaft, catalytic converter, all 16 valves, and a piston head was replaced about $8,000. Three weeks after we got the car back now it is in the shop for a new transmission $5,000. That is $13,000 in repairs that I cannot afford the total for the car is about $19/$20,000. We have had this vehicle for 6 months and we have 5 1/2 years left on the agreement. The total in repairs is almost the cost of the car. I have never dealt with anything like this. I am currently paying for a car and almost 2 months the car has not been in my possession. I am caused late payments because of this. Is there anyone that can help me with this? I should not have to go through this after purchasing a car from a dealership in the first 4-6 months. We do not drive the card hard maybe average 30-40 miles a day for my wife to get back and forth to work. . If I have to pay for these repairs which I stated I cannot afford I can't pay my car note, rent ect..I have kids. This to me is bad customer service. I understand it was a used car but in 4 months after purchasing a car for $18,000. Then $13,000 needed for repairs. I don't want to have to get a lawyer involved. I there should be something done right. Our salesman told us this was Used Car Certified with a complete certified inspection. This is poor business

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K.D Davila - 72 d ago


We took our car to Earnhardt Honda to have the recall of the airbags replaced when they were done with the airbags they told us the car would not start and that the key was old and did not work anymore that we needed a new key. They cut a new key and that did not work they told us we need a new ignition come to find out our driver side window is broken and the rearview mirror is also broken. A free job on a recall has cost us more money out of pocket just from the mistakes made from Earnhardt Honda. We have never had problems with the key or the car starting until we took it there.

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Justin Knapp - 89 d 15 h ago


Hi my name is Justin Knapp and i worked at Earnhardt Hyundai for six months. Adam Breen, Gavin Cooper and Bruce Patrick should be arrested and put behind bars. It is illegal in the State to Arizona to allow work place violence, physical and verbal assault. Deskman bullying other employees for their pay, job or threatening them to cause physical harm is illegal and they will be prosecuted!!!!!!!!!!!

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Michael Portugal - 74 d 12 h ago


I worked for Adam, Bruce and Gavin for 5 years and never witnessed any behavior that could been seen as illegal. They were a tremendous help in coaching and teaching me to do my job more effectively. If you arent afraid of a little hard work and dedication to improving on a day to day basis then this is a great place to work, keep up the good work

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James Spillane - 154 d ago


Hello, Went to Earnhardt Kia on 2121 E. Bell Rd. Am a disabled veteran and my wife is disabled. We bought our last car. Everything seemed to be fine until we were in the finance guy's office. Trying to read a 2 and a half foot long contract, listen to my wife and the manager and asking questions. Halfway through that I happened to ask how many miles were on it? I was told truthfully that 2,998 miles were on it. I was incredulous. I've driven across the country to Ct. and I would have had miles left over. Was told that it was a "demo car", that managers, etc. would take it home. It turned out to be his car the last year. I should have insisted upon a brand new car of that variety, or gone to another dealer. After my wife told the finance guy to twice take the charges off what was NOT called or identified as a extended warranties. The next day when my wife came back with the 15,000 dollar down payment she once again asked for the extended warrant to be taken off. It took a month, but it finally showed up as a credit. There is still 1600 dollars that did not come off. We were lied to. Told we knew it was a demo car from the beginning and was told that, and had signed a paper "before" saying we knew it had almost 3,000 miles on it. Anyone, who knows me knows I would never buy a "used" car. So, I wrote a letter stating this to Scott the general manager at Earnhardt KIA ON Bell. He never even called. So, unless I hear from them before. Monday, I will be picketing on the public sidewalk outside the dealership on President's Day. Let's see how many potential customers I can save from being lied to. I don't even have to walk, as long as my walker does not block the sidewalk the Supreme Court has ruled on does not have to keep moving. Nope, right by the entrance

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Anonymous - 77 d 14 h ago

Would love to join you

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Vicki Raven - 81 d 16 h ago


I'm hoping someone can help me out. I purchased a 2017 Sahara at the Gilbert Jeep dealership in February. I had asked for a roof liner which I was charged for. It was reportedly ordered and was told your service department would take care of it. I never heard from anyone after the first week.

After several weeks, I notified the sales person I worked with Justin that I could live without it and was told a refund would be issued. Here it is a several months later, while Justin promptly replies that he's looking in to it each time I inquire; I never hear back until I inquire again.

I'm also extremely disappointed in the navigation system. The main reason I wanted the navigation was for the Sirrus traffic link. It came as a surprise that it does not work with the 430N, but only available with the 730N. This was not made clear at the time of purchase. I had asked about putting my money from the headliner towards a replacement but that was ignored. My fault for not asking the right questions, but also your fault for not providing accurate information as to what it did include.

While I like the jeep, I find that your organization seems to be only interested in the sales. Once the deal is done, there is a serious lack of follow up. I did receive many calls the first week, mainly to ask that I complete the survey and provide excellent. If I had the opportunity today to take the survey it would not be excellent, I would rate you on your after sales customer service which is extremely poor.

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Gary Bradford - 85 d 6 h ago


My name is Gary Bradford I am a customer that has been buying Hyundai vehicles for years.I relocated from California moved to Avondale and end up purchasing a lease and I cant believe how a big corporation like Earnhardt could have employee's that are as corrupt, and and commit fraud. I went to Earnhardt Hyundai on a request from my bank trying to get refinanced through my bank. When I got there I asked specifically for the forms to be faxed for the bank and instead they tried to get me to sign papers. I assured them that i don't want to purchase a vehicle or refinance through them, and refused to sign anything they was trying to give me. When about that time I decided to leave I was approached by an individual by the name of Gavin Cooper that told me that he ran my credit without authorization and showed an aggressive attitude. When I explained to him he had just committed fraud and he said, "I know" and still tried to clean up his mess by just saying it was an accident when knowing it was plainly a common practice of these crooks. That's when the Manager by the name Adam Breen acting like he understood my dilemma and would not give me Gavin Coopers info saying he was not obligated to do so instead of doing the right thing. I will be seeking legal action against these guys for punitive damages. These salesman have to be held accountable for these crooked practices.

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John Gibson - 95 d 8 h ago


After our experience with both Earnhardt Hyundai and Earnhardt Mazda during attempts to enter a new lease or purchase and do business, our entire family is committed to crusade against this organization, and will continue to establish and circulate the details of our customer service at Earnhardt, which was the worst possible experience imaginable. Earnhardt brings all the cliche's and overall reputation of the typical car buying experience to a new low!

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David Tucek - 108 d 12 h ago


One of the worst customer service experiences ever at their Peoria Kia dealership. We were looking at new Kia Souls, and I found four of the Exclaim versions on their website prior to our visit. The first sales person we ran into first tried to tell us that they didn't have any on the lot. The sales manager looks it up on their computer and still couldn't find one. I end up going to their website on my cell phone, and providing them with the stock#. Advertised internet price was $22,548, but they said I didn't read the disclaimer and didn't qualify for all incentives. That drove the price up to over $27K. A very deceptive advertising tactic to be sure. The sales manager whose name was John Achran then proceeds to insult my profession (public safety) during the course of the negotiation, and my wife and I halted the process right there. I strongly encourage everyone to take their business to a dealership other than one owned by the Earnhardt group. Customer satisfaction is the furthest thing from their minds.

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Richard N. Ornelas - 147 d 18 h ago


Tex will most likely never see this post. But he handed me his personal business card 25 years ago. when I was at his Dodge dealer in mesa az buying my 3rd car from him. I have bought every car I have ever owned from him and so has my mother and father. This is what I said to him when talking to him. The Awareness Tour 2017 My family and 5 others are dropping their lives to tour through 42 states performing 72 dates to raise 50,000 pounds of dimes and quarters to start the building of the first self-sustainable community for our homeless veterans. This is a huge ball game that we are taking on, and we need your help Mr. Earnhardt. We need a vehicle that will get us 18,000 miles. My mother always told me. They can't say no if you don't ask. Please visit the we are trying to raise enough money to by a van but it is not looking to good. I need your help Sir. 25 years ago you told me if I ever needed anything to call you. I need a big van to travel the US for our veterans. Thank you for your time. Mr. Earnhardt.

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Don DeMarte - 300 d 17 h ago

Went to your dealership on Bell and bought a Sportage, wife didn't like it, went back and bought a Sorento, we paid for the license plate for the Sportage and have never received a refund. Talk to your finance people on Bell and was told that it takes time. It has been six months, how much longer must I wait?????????????? Don DeMarte

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Ed Kaufman - 1 y ago


I went to Earnhardt Hyundai in Avondale, AZ. and they first said the car I came to look at was no longer available. They then brought another vehicle for us to look at and told us it was $23,000 even when I told him there was a window sticker that said $21,000. The salesman told me that was a mistake but I tried to tell him the vin number was the same and again he insisted I was wrong. After agreeing on a final cost the finance manager added $6,000 of extra's on the contract that we did not agree on. They did remove them but the finance manager said I lied when I told him he did not go over the extra's. PLEASE if you are looking for a Hyundai DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT go to this dealership. This is my second Hyundai but after this experience I will never step foot inside another Hyundai dealership!!!

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George - 1 y ago


Hello. Mr. Ernhardt!

I had an unfavorable experience at your Avondale Honda dealership this afternoon for which I wrote a review while I was still at the dealership. Perhaps you get notice of these things but my beef is that it took three hours to purchase a car for cash that had already been picked out and priced. I was there to help a friend deliver the car to his daughter. We live in Gilbert but drove all the way out to Avondale to assist our friend. Interestingly, within a few minutes of posting my review, your sales manager on duty approached me and essentially scolded me for commenting about the slow time and blamed it on me saying, "you came at a bad time of day and we don't like to receive these comments because we have families to feed." I didn't back down and told him it was inexcusable to take this long to buy a car. The last car I purchased was delivered to my office and I signed all the paperwork at my desk in about 10 minutes. My guess is that you were short on F & I guys perhaps because they all wanted to watch the basketball game. They were many of your staff sitting around doing nothing. My friend told the F & I guy that he would give him all 10's on the rating form if he would hurry up the process!!

I'm not asking you for anything, Tex, but thought that you would want to know because based on what I've heard, you are very customer focused which has been a big part in your success. George Unruh

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Gayle Plunkett - 2 y 122 d ago


Dear sir

I leased a Kia Soul from your Peoria dealership, After having the vehicle for approx 3 weeks, a problem with my safety light came on. I went directly to the service dept at Peoria Kia, and was told that the rabbits had eaten the wire behind the headlight. The service consultant Daniel Dohm,told me it would cost me $300.00 to repair the problem. Needless to say I was in disbelief. I told him that was way to much money for me. He told me it was safety problem and needed to be taken care immediately. I didn't have that kind of money at hand. (I am a 74 year old woman on Social Security). I went home with fear in my heart. I spoke to my son and he had me go to his mechanic friend and have him look at the problem. I took it to Joe and he spliced the wire with a $.50 part and all was well. When he heard that your people wanted to charge me $300.00, He told me that was robbery. I don't know if they thought they could scare me into having the work done or not, but this is not a good business practice. I called the Service Manager, and was told he would look into the problem and call me back. As of today I haven't heard a word from Peoria Kia. Not very professional!! I have worked in the automotive industry for years, first with Toyota, then Lexus, both very professional companies. I would hope that you would look into this matter, so that no other elderly customer gets treated like I did. I can honestly say that I have never been treated so badly, and I cannot recommend that dealership.


Gayle Plunkett

10411 W Prairie Hills Circle

Sun City, AZ 85351

Phone# (hidden)

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