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PO Box 13160
Mesa, AZ
Tex Earnhardt
(480) 324-8800
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Me - 7 d 43 s ago

So basically Tex Earnhardt doesn't respond so basically we are screwed unless we get a tv channel involved

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Me - 7 d 6 m ago


Where are you Tex? Spending our hard earned money we have to make to afford this vehicle? shame on you ya old fart

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Me - 7 d ago


Don't get me wrong I love the car and my rate is great! Just don't appreciate how I was treated. But because of how I was raised the jerk at Peoria was spared but god help him if I see him if the car is in for a repair!

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Me - 7 d 13 m ago


His name is John Wain!

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KENGBA4 - 25 d 6 h ago

I have purchased three vehicles from San Tan Hyundai. The third will be my last. Why, you might ask. Maybe I didn't like the car? Nope, exactly what I was looking for. In fact, on a recent road trip, its highway miles exceeded estimates by three to four MPG. Was it the salesman? No, I actually sought out the salesman for the way he had taken care of me with a previous purchase. Was it the finance person? No, he thoroughly explained--step-by-step--the financing process and extended warranties. Was it the service department? No, one of the reasons I have continued to purchase at San Tan is its excellent service department. Maybe it was the General Manager? No, he did everything he could to address my concerns and was unable to influence the people who were causing my problem.

In my previous two purchases, I provided a list of documents required by the State of Washington--my home state--to title and register a vehicle purchased outside the state. Within a week of the first two purchases, the required documents were in my hands. This time the people in your title department refused to provide any of the required documents. Their names--Joan and Debbie. They never returned calls. In a speaker phone conversation between Joan, San Tan's General Manager, and myself Joan said she would contact Washington and call me back with the requirements for titling and registering the vehicle. Never happened. Yes, she lied to me and the General Manager. When I finally reached her, she told me the state required none of the documentation I was seeking. Maybe she though I made it up! Why would I do that? Now I am 15 days away from my temporary plate expiring and still have no documentation. So two low-level clerks have assured I will never purchase a vehicle from San Tan Hyundai or any other Earnhardt dealership.

Seems like a problem to me! My rating below refers to the Earnhardt corporate employees named above and has no bearing on any employee at San Tan Hyundai. San Tan's rating is 5 Stars.

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Anonymous - 33 d ago


I baught a new 2017 Dodge Durango. My auto had only 24, 101 miles on it. I had my tires rotate per service manual. All 4 tires were worn out and and was unsafe to drive I had to replace all 4 tires. It cost my $784.00. Where I have my service done thay gave me a letter stating thay my tires (Michlean Prime) were unsafty to drive. When I took the letter to Earnheart the Manager told me anyone could have written the letter calling them a lier. All I got from Earnhardt was lip service. I will never buy my next auto from them. Earnheart no bull is nothing but bull

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E . Frankel. - 33 d ago

I own a 2015 Kia Soul purchased at Earnhardt Kia at Bell Rd in N. Phoenix. I love the car. The service department however NEVER returns a phone message!! Very frustrating and unprofessional!!

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K. Mineer - 41 d 18 h ago

This is to the owner and General Manager of Earnhardt Kia. I received an unsolicited email from Earnhardt Kia and while browsing the used car inventory in the email, inadvertently entered my personal information. Within 10 minutes, John Ahern, a sales person at the dealership began to inundate me with phone calls, voicemails, emails, and text messages. I responded in writing demanding that he remove my contact information and discontinue contacting me as I'm a school teacher and had to shut my phone off during class. He continued to contact me via email, voicemail, texts, and phone calls. I again demanded he stop harassing me on Sunday, May 13th. At this point, he generated my personal contact information to every dealership in Phoenix with false statements of interest in a Camaro, a Focus, a Hyundai, a Charger, a Ram pick-up truck, and so on. Within an hour I received 27 phone calls, 15 emails, 27 voicemails, and 22 text messages during a family lunch for Mother's Day. It ruined my lunch, ruined my Mother's Day, and I am left spending hours trying to block my phone number and delete the contact information. I am emotionally upset, feel violated, and abused, along with having my personal information divulged without my permission. I want John Ahern fired at the very least. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and plan to pursue a complaint with the Attorney General's Office to seek charges of harassment.

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Dennis Deeds - 76 d 27 m ago


4/6/2018 Just picked up my car from the Earnhardt Auto Center body shop at the Earnhardt Chevrolet location in Chandler, Arizona. I had a minor fender bender accident which resulted in a hole in the front bumper of my 2003 Toyota Camry. After having the car for two weeks (of course I have a rental car the whole time), the Earnhardt Auto Center body shop called and said they were having trouble getting the passenger headlight assembly back in the car and they had to put it on the "Frame" machine. I told them I did not want a new headlight, it wouldn't match the other. They were not supposed to replace the headlight assembly, which of course they did. I now have a new headlight on the passenger side and the older one on the drivers side. The car looks like its wearing a monocle. Here's the great part, the headlight the replaced with a new assembly because the existing one didn't fit, doesn't fit either. It sticks out front of the car nearly 1/2 inch further than the other side. They tried to hide the work by putting in a larger rubber gasket/moulding around the new assembly and the fender. Incompetent people are usually quite clever at trying hide their incompetent work. They replace a headlight that didn't fit , with a new one (and billed for it) that didn't fit. My wife said the car looks kinda like one of those bug eyed gold fish thanks to Earnhardt Auto Centers. And the really really great part, they broke the front windshield at the body shop, it looks like someone hit it with a bolt, a nut or the like. just at the bottom of the window at the bottom, so I didn't even notice until I pulled out of their lot there on Arizona Ave. Before I reached Hwy 60, the crack was starting to work its way up the glass. When I arrived to pickup the car and return the rental car after nearly 3 weeks for a new bumper, The body shop people didn't even walk me out to present their work as people do when they have done a good job to the customer. They didn't say "Thank You" either. The only person I saw other than the cashier was the car runner who brought my car up. Its no wonder Earnhardt Auto Center's have the reputation that they do and if my insurance company had not listed Earnhardt Auto Center as a "preferred bodyshop" in the area I would have never taken my car there. Hopefully the insurance company will drop Earnhardt Auto Center as a preffered shop when they find out that Earnhardt Auto Centers billed them for replacement parts for existing parts that "don't fit" with new parts that "don't fit" I will be posting this review in several different places for other's to read, Chamber of Commerce's, independant review sites etc. And that ain't no Bull. Dennis C Deeds,

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Anonymous - 113 d ago

On November4,2017, late in the afternoon my husband and I drove into the Bell Rd Kia dealership to look around. I had a Hyundai Tucson that the lease would end in 2 months and had at least 13,000 miles under what I was allowed-12,000 miles a year on a 4 year lease.

Flagged for review. 
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CYRIL AROCKIA PRABU T - 114 d 5 h ago


Your company services are very good

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Bert G. - 236 d 6 h ago


Earnhardt Mazada in Las Vegas is by far the worse dealership I have ever had the misfortune of doing business with. I have been lied to, ignored, and been provided the very worse service by these people. There is really no point to going into the details because nobody at this business cares but I will tell any consumer looking for a new Mazad to STAY AWAY FROM EARNHART MAZADA LAS VEGAS.

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Sandra - 187 d 5 h ago


Same here. Just recently bought a car from them and the general manager who sold it to us left the company. Contact the BBB and the Cfpb

General profile image - 221 d 6 h ago



You more than likely will not get this email but somebody will I just wanted you people to know that my 2005 Dodge Ram with over 215,000 miles on it and is still going strong it looks good it may be last leg but I thought you might want to see how the Dodge trucks are built during the 2017 Veterans Day Parade i am an ild viet nam vet I used it and got a lot of compliments on the upkeep and how it looked I just thought you guys might be interested in what it looks like...well apparently can't add pictures to this but just to let you know

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Anonymous - 233 d 17 h ago


Dear Tex Earnhardt,

I bought a 2014 Kia Sportege and I love it. Unfortunately, I bought it at a different Kia dealership (in Scottsdale) who blew me off, like dust, as soon as I drove away. No one returned any of my calls or e-mails. The driver's side seat belt would not retract and I did not feel safe. So, after two weeks, I called Earnhardt Kia right near my house on Bell Rd. I talked to a service advisor who identified himself as "Joe". He was rude and condescending, he talked over me, and kept telling me that I didn't buy my Kia there! I knew that, but I paid extra for the Kia warranty. I did not give up. I called back and asked the receptionist for the e-mail address of the service department manager. I wrote him an e-mail about the phone call. I no sooner pressed "send" then my cell phone rang. It was Larry Donahue. God bless Larry Donahue. He listened to my story and I added in that after the rude call with "Joe", I discovered that someone had keyed my car! So, now I was crying. Mr. Donahue said stop by, I stopped by, I met him, he was wonderful. Larry Donahue scheduled me to drop off my Kia Sportege the next day, he gave me a loaner so I could get to work, and two days later (as he said) I went back to Earnhardt Kia and picked up my Sportege. She is so beautiful and with a brand new seat belt (safe). Mr. Donahue made sure my vehicle was buffed, waxed, polished, and "perfect". The key scratch is gone. I am happy and that "ain't no bull". Larry Donahue made my bad experience into a blessing. He also put a Earnhardt license plate frame on! I'm showing that off and telling everyone about my excellent experience at Earnhardt Kia. Thank you, sir, for employing quality folks like Larry Donahue.

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Mike - 283 d ago

I paid cash for a 2017 Highlander XLT yet was told that I still needed to fill out an app for a credit check. When I complained they stated the Patriot Act as the reason. This is false. If you google it Calls it a scam. First AND last time I'll deal with Your dealership.

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Disappointed - 287 d ago


They advertise the Earnhardt name of dealerships as "no bull" but I have seen the bull and it ain't pretty. Take Earnhardt Hyundai for example who took a trade-in on a 2013 Scion. They posted the car on Labor Day initially for 14,995 creating interest and having an inquiry developed toward it. An hour later, they changed the price to $16988 and a day later, they now have it listed as:

2013 Scion FR-S Coupe

Detailed Pricing




Earnhardt Discount


Now that is some serious Bull!

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Celeste Taylor Kia Owner - 292 d ago


I took my Kia to the bell location. The adviser was Damen. My car needed a repair to be done and somehow he take care of it. They let you rent a car while your car been repaired, I thought it was odd especially they have many cars they can loan you.Anyway, I explained to him that my AC not blowing cold air and he asked me to call with some info regarding warranty so he can call the insurance. I called him actually 11 times and left 11 messages on his voice machine. It looks to me that those guys have too many responsibilities for one person and they handle tons of customers at the same time? That's why I never received a callback.Very disappointment and I am actually ready to call the owner to complain about it. It's okay to sell you a car and all the extras, but once your car brakes down seems to me they lift their hands up high. If I don't get this issued take care of very soon I will take further steps. They charge me extra for the warranty and now maybe they won't fix it. I don't think so....Sad customer.....

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Justin Knapp - 1 y 63 d ago


Hi my name is Justin Knapp and i worked at Earnhardt Hyundai for six months. Adam Breen, Gavin Cooper and Bruce Patrick should be arrested and put behind bars. It is illegal in the State to Arizona to allow work place violence, physical and verbal assault. Deskman bullying other employees for their pay, job or threatening them to cause physical harm is illegal and they will be prosecuted!!!!!!!!!!!

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Michael Portugal - 1 y ago


I worked for Adam, Bruce and Gavin for 5 years and never witnessed any behavior that could been seen as illegal. They were a tremendous help in coaching and teaching me to do my job more effectively. If you arent afraid of a little hard work and dedication to improving on a day to day basis then this is a great place to work, keep up the good work

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past employee - 1 y ago


Hi Justin, the same thing happened to me at Earnhardt Buick GMC all tho not as bad as your experience. It appears that there is some serious problems with Earnhardts auto centers by reading these reviews. They have very poor hiring abilities and are only concerned with the bottom line, PROFITS.

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Greg - 1 y ago


Hello Mr. Earnhardt, I bought my first truck from you in 1999. F150, and still going. I love it. BUT, The other day (7-23-2017), I brought a lady friend of mine to your new Hyundai dealership in Surprise, Rodeo Hyundai. She hadn't bought a new car in 13 years. I helped her out with the down payment. After 3 1/2 hours of going through the purchase program, we drove home in a new 2017 Hyundai Tucson. She was so excited, even after a long day at work, and then 3 1/2 hours of trying to buy a car. When she got home, she was very exhausted. She knew that she had to get up at 4 AM to drive from Sun City over to Chandler / Gilbert to take care of her mother. Her mother is 90 and needs her assistance. She shares these duties with her sisters through the week. After leaving for her mothers in her new car, she received a call from Joe Rohas in your finance dept. He stated he needed a copy of her last income statement. Now, why couldn't he ask for this yesterday ? She dealt with two very kind and friendly gentleman. One was Reed from the 'finance' dept. The salesman was Scott Grifith from Earnhardt Ford, who drove up to assist her in the purchase. She emptied out her old car, loaded up the new Tucson , and went over all of the creature features with Reed. We she pulled out of your car lot, she and I believed we had finished everything. We both were very excited and tired. Now, I must admit, I really wanted her to reestablish her credit. I gave your salesman the $2000.00 down payment for her. They both knew (Scott and Reed) that she works at Kohls for $10.00 per hour. Your 'Joe' guy in finance was very ratatatat on the phone. She is so worried, and myself rather aggravated over the whole routine of it. We had plans of taking a short day trip up to Prescott tomorrow in it. I'm not so sure now, I'm 66 yrs old, live in Sun City, and have for 11 years, 6 yrs at this address. I bought my Truck in 1999 when I was 48 from you, and have recommended you to many friends and relatives over the years. I sure hope this is not your new norm of a incomplete sales process. She is a good woman, and does things honestly and above board. Please try to calibrate you 'finance' guy, and streamline the sales process. Thank you Tex, Greg

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John313 - 1 y ago


Found 2017 Kia Soul ! on Earnhardt Kia site. MSRP: $24,000 Savings: $5,417 Sales price: $18,883

Made appointment with internet manager, car in stock I will be in Tomorrow at 11 AM.

I will make a long, long story short.

In order to receive Sales price of $18,883 you must be a veteran, who just graduated college, and became an uber driver. Which adds back $2,899 They also added in charge for tinting of $399 which was reduced from $799.

I was just sent an email from manager who says she told me over the phone that number included all rebates.

I never talked to her over phone. My first email to them said only emails no phone. There is also no mention of rebates in any emails. I've saved them all. Tomorrow I will send all to Attorney General. This has to stop...

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Sharon Price - 1 y ago


Mr. Earnhardt...After reading the reviews below I am sure I will never receive any response whatsoever from either you or your Avondale general manager, Adam Breen...especially since I previously sent him an email & left a phone message. But...I do want to ask you to contact your marketing dept on KY and ask them to immediately cease sending me the "personal" postcard from Adam Breen wanting to purchase my vehicle and get me into a new vehicle with a lower payment...what a joke! After receiving about one solicitation per month and just for curiosity, I called a few weeks ago and of course, spoke to not one but two different salesmen. I must tell you that I did ask to speak with you, but you are never available. I also assumed that the new vehicle would be just like the one I have so was shocked when the payment came in at $150 more per month for 84 months! Never ASSUME as you know what that implies! Shame on you and your organization and I will be certain to let Costco know of my disappointment.

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Frank Lagos - 1 y ago


My name is Frank Lucas and my phone number is (hidden) I had no intentions of filing a complaint regarding your service representative at Superstition Springs until I seen this recent commercial that you've used the military as a a catalyst to sell cars and trucks I bought my truck from your location on Baseline and Arizona Avenue quite a few years ago so 2005 I'm kind of proud of the way it looks and what have you and I've been recently having a lot of problems and took it to Superstition Springs Dodge and basically played over $400 for them to tell me there is nothing that they could do to fix it spent well over $1,000 getting this looked at every sensor replaced and other mechanical parts I have a private mechanic that replaced some things it's still not running right but I'm kind of disappointed that you use the military I'm a Vietnam vet combat wounded Marine and I'm disappointed not only in your service but also using the military to sell I think it's okay if your company backs what you say they haven't showed me anything that like that I don't expect to hear from anybody since nobody could figure out their own vehicles

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