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Earthlink, Inc.

1375 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, GA
Rolla Huff
Chairman and CEO
(404) 815-0770
(404) 892-7616
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Sandy - 111 d 10 h ago


I have been with Earthlink for at least 15 years. The past couple of years I started to get hit with a couple hundred spam per week. In the meantime I had gotten a free email address with another company and I called Earthlink on January 15th to cancel my earthlink subscription. The gentleman the I spoke with said that he could have the tech support help me with the spam problem, and I told him that I hadn't used the account in a couple of months, so I was CLEAR that I wanted to cancel my subscription. I received my recent credit card bill the other day and saw that I was charged the monthly fee again on February 25th. I called Earthlink today and the gal told me that I was given one month free and then the subscription would renew. She asked me if I new that when I spoke with the other gentleman, and I said NO that I told the representative on January 15th VERY CLEARLY that I wanted to cancel! So, because they feel that I agreed to it they are keeping that charge and are now cancelling my account. I MADE IF PERFECTLY CLEAR that I want this account closed NOW for good. I am going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau because I never agreed to such an agreement. It's a nominal fee but it's the principle that they can't use unethical practices to get money out of people. Never had a problem with them until I was closing the account! My rating is reflective of my closing the account. Previously to this I had no problem with Earthlink.

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very unsatisfied customer - 89 d 10 h ago


those bastards took money out of my account without my consent. from reading all these similar incidences it shows this company has a problem. and now i am being harassed with incessant phone calls now about reconnecting. this company is a fraud and need to be taken out of business. hopefully with enough complaints they will be b/c their services and customer services suck. never again and am making sure to tell all my friends and blast their asses on all of social media.

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cat - 58 d ago


they r frauds had me paying my bill and still cut my internet off and told me they couldn't restart it will be calling corporate office Monday day I also will let the world no they r fraudulent too

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expos crooks - 57 d 46 m ago

they robed my dam account yall putting law suit on them and then turned my internet off and I record each time I had a conversation with them lier and they r class action law suit trying to get going they hot to be stop asap

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Cat - 58 d ago


they are frauds

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John - 60 d ago


Earthlink has gone down the tubes. Several spam emails and there elite team does not know how to communicate properly to help you fix the problem. Terrible customer service.

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Susan - 69 d ago


I have tried for years to get Earth-link to stop harassing me with their own e-mails to me. I received 21 messages today, and 17 of them were from earth-link, even two on the same minute and one one minute later telling me that my mail is almost full. I don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that THEY are filling it up. I called one more time, in which I was ASSURED that he had it stopped until I quoted his remarks back to him, telling him that I recorded this call, and he backed up with "Oh I can't stop it". He gave me $5. credit "for my troubles". I will be going to a lawyer, the BBB, and the FTC. Anyone up to a class action suit"? (hidden), if they haven't got it filled again!

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Steven Corser - 83 d 12 h ago


I have been with EL since the early 1990's. I use EL's 'webmail' email service as my primary email address. I have stayed with EL throughout the years because of EL's excellent 'spam filtering' in my email. Unfortunately, it seems that EL is no longer filtering spam email in the same manner, as my inbox is now packed with spam on a daily basis. Even after designating such spam as spam inside webmail the same spam just keeps coming in. It's getting to the point where it's taking up too much time each day to deal with all the unwanted spam. Nobody in your third world customer service centers has any solution or advice as to why this is happening or how to fix it. So, unless EL provides me with some remedy this loyal paying customer will be gone in the near future.

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Anonymous - 116 d 12 s ago


horrible customer service. tried canceling my service and i was told that my credit card that was placed on autopay cannot be removed! Every person i spoke with was rude! I am disappointed that Dish Network associates with such a horrible company!!! taking this to the chairman and hopefully i can get some decent service!!!!

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pissed customer - 89 d 10 h ago


when i set up my services i told them i didn't like that policy and gave them a debit card and quickly reported it lost so they couldn't go into my account anymore. i wish i'd done that after i tried to clear up my account a few weeks ago. they need to be careful about folks money.

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nick - 121 d 6 h ago


This service is terrible they charged my account without authorization many times. Also every employee that i have talked to are very rude and cursed at me everytime. I would advise anyone and everyone NOT to use this they are a rip off.

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GMP - 135 d 11 h ago


Also have used Earthlink for 20 years. Started getting hundreds of spam starting the last few months. Called their techs who blocked the domains and said they had a new department that would stop this huge increase within 24 hours. I've called and been told this 6 or 8 times this last month or so and still no fix. They tell me my info. Has gone to their new department handling this. They say there is no way they can contact this department--and there is no manager that can. Called the above Corp. number, was transferred to a man named Dan in Q3 (sp.?) who mumbled, said he was in charge, kept saying it would stop in 24 hours. When I stated I was told this multiple times over weeks with no stop, he would not respond. I asked to be transferred to someone above him and if he had an employee number because of his terrible attitude and without any response from him I was disconnected. I suspect Earthlink cannot fix this problem and are stonewalling. Reading the comments ahead of me, it's obvious the company doesn't care and is offering the worst customer experience I've ever had, and this is saying something!!!

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Damn the Spamn - 181 d ago


I use the Earthlink Spam Blocking list and put in and it works just fine.

I trashes all the e-mails from

The bigger problem with blocking is the e-mail address that has random numbers just before the repeated domain name.

Earthlink won't let you do blocking on a character string.

For that I use MailWasher.

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curmudgeon99 - 138 d 14 h ago


When you see a spam message that comes from something like:, then it is enough to just block The words and periods to the left of are subdomains. They get automatically blocked when you block the right-most part.

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Anonymous - 140 d 11 h ago


get so much spam from them, report it as such and nothing happens.

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Very, very unhappy customer - 165 d 11 h ago


I, too, am a VERY unhappy client. My email has been down now for over 24 hours and NO ONE can tell me when it will be back up.

Your customer service people are not helpful at all.

It is astonishing that you do not post something on your website to say that a server (or multiple servers) are down and that you don't show updates of when it may be back up. I should not have to call you multiple times to find this out (and actually, no one could tell me if/when the server will be back up).

I use this for my business account and stand to lose quite a bit of money due to this outage. I appreciate that I was given one month's service credit but it can not, in any way, make up for my lost revenues.

I have been an Earthlink customer for many, many years but today is probably the day that I quit it and move my email elsewhere.

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Unhappy Customer - 165 d 20 h ago

I have been with Earthlink for almost 20 years. Their customer service has always been condescending and self-serving. I have not been able to send and receive email reliably for 12 hours and it has been erratic since I was forced to pay per month after Spectrum took over Time Warner Cable. Tonight I spoke with the most ineffective customer service rep employed, who told me that no supervisors were available even though its daytime wherever they have outsourced this call center. Have they been hacked? There is no online chat available - they are hiding from their customers and can't tell us when this outage ill be fixed? I had little confidence in them but now I have none and have to make a change. I need to find out who their CEO is, who needs to be fired. I would join a class-action suit.

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Samuel email designer to be - 166 d 12 h ago


rolla will not only receive a class action suit, but many customers will set up a competing email site.

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They need to be sued. - 167 d 9 h ago


They are incompetent and worse irresponsible. Earthlink customers need to form a Class Action Law Suit against criminals. Not only are they charging for services they KNOW they have not provided for OVER 2 WEEKS, but their reply is "we don't have any time frame for correcting the problem" & "we couldn't inform you because it would be too time consuming". In the meantime, my messages are "getting lost", though I'm told they were sent. My work has been erased & I cannot receive, send or even delete emails. Screw them. IT'S TIME THEY WERE SUED!!

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frustrated customer - 166 d 12 h ago


200% agreement. Set up a class-action suit--I will help.

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Celia A. Funk - 179 d 5 h ago


After years using Earthlink -stunned by their inability/unwillingness to correct a problem as well as mew monthly fee for modems. Due to 7 hour area power outage last Friday, my modem's internet stopped. Called help folks - no fix. They ordered new - cancelled as said phone co fault. No it wasn't. New ordered. Due today. Who will pay for the hours of mobile data? No Internet on computer or phone . I am angry .

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Anonymous - 171 d 4 h ago

Same thing here, now they want 50.00 to overnite a new router. I'm so mad....


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Greatly Disappointed - 257 d 6 h ago


I've been with Earthlink for 15 years. It's pathetic. The "app" has been in testing for app of 15 year. 3000+ employees????? All but the one technical support person I spoke with must be asleep.

I think someone's going to organize a class action suit.

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pio - 234 d 8 h ago

ill join the suit!!!!!!!

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Missy Anne - 191 d 21 m ago

Which one ???

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Anonymous - 171 d 4 h ago

Count me in on it. (hidden)

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