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Earthlink, Inc.

1375 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, GA
Rolla Huff
Chairman and CEO
(404) 815-0770
(404) 892-7616
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Anonymous - 30 m 29 s ago


Hi, this Angela Smith. I giving a complaint about how your team members or the main operator used my credit card without my say so. They did a auto draft out my account without my permission. I was to do this in Jan. of 2018 when I call to set it up, but they wanted to do it their self. If there was a bonus coming up do to payments being made, they went to far trying to make they self look good. That person should be monitor for lack of respect of the myself the "client".

I been with this company for a while and I don't want to let this company go but I will continue to use your service. But that person needs a sit down about company and customer relationship.

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Tired of the SPAM - 4 d 4 h ago


I have complained about the massive amount of spam I have been getting. Earthlink just says to continue to report it. I have received 141 spam messages out of 291 total message in 5 days. That is 49%. 49% of the messages I receive are SPAM. I have been reporting this for months yet Earthlink has done NOTHING. Of the 141 spam messages 93 (63%) of them were from a domain: How many times do I have to report the same thing?! Many of the other messages are from an earthlink account. They can't even manage to track that down. WTF?!

I've been a customer for over 20 years. I'm setting up my gmail account and leaving earthlink ASAP.

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Not for me anymore - 1 d 16 h ago


I just don't understand why Earthlink does not do a better job protecting its customers against spammers. As a result, I am in the process of migrating all my e-mail to other services. To be truthful, this is a headache for me since I have been a 18 year customer. But, I have reached the end of my rope with Earthlink. These free other services do a much better job blocking spammers than Earthlink. Either the Earthlink company is incompetent or they just don't care about their paying customers. Potential new customers, think again before signing up for Earthlink service. A good company that has gone bad.

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Tested Lyalty to Earthlink - 4 d 14 h ago


I'm disappointed in Earthlink. I travel quite a bit and access my earthlink email 100% through webmail because of the number of devices that I will use. About 1.5 years ago I called about not getting content in some of my emails from some senders. The most notable was AirBNB. The only way I could get the content was to forward to my daughters free G mail account. I called again recently only to get the same lame answers and recognizing no progress had been made in this area. With as widely used as AirBNB is I can't believe they have not fixed this. I was promised a call back from a level 3 support and was told that would be within 24 hours. We are now way beyond 24 hours. I have been a customer for almost 20 years and based on my experience believe the people I have talked to couldn't care less about meeting the customers needs.

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Greatly Disappointed - 34 d 7 h ago


I've been with Earthlink for 15 years. It's pathetic. The "app" has been in testing for app of 15 year. 3000+ employees????? All but the one technical support person I spoke with must be asleep.

I think someone's going to organize a class action suit.

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pio - 11 d 9 h ago

ill join the suit!!!!!!!

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Alan - 11 d 10 h ago


Earthlink.......frustrating? you bet!!!!!! disappointing? you bet!!! where do your customers rank in your view? way way down the list!!!! well, add us to the list of disappointed in your service!!!!! we have been customers since aprx 2005 have sent you lots of $$$$ over the years and today we have no service...... why? you cut it off with no notice........

over the last few weeks i have spent frustrating hours on chat etc

but today takes the cake, so to say! you disconnected our service with no notice....... you have our phone #, our address, our email #'s...... did you try to contact us NO!

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Anonymous - 31 d 13 h ago


we have 5 business lines , service went down on Sat. 11/4/17 @ 8:30 AM it is now Friday 11/10/17 @ 9:40 AM and we still do not have service - getting different " Customer Service ??? " reps - being told they'll call back within an hour - doesn't happen - no one seems to take " ownership " very very frustrating

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Nicole SANJURJO - 34 d 12 h ago


I am still dealing with the hassle of this company my issues just continue to go on and on. I was promised a credit for my first months bill and now I'm being told that the can't do a credit for the first month. How is that? I continue to get the run around. Don't promise your customers something and not follow through.

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Earthlink hater - 34 d 7 h ago


Time to bail on Earthlink... it's a horrible service.

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Dissatisfied With Your Spam Control - 39 d 6 h ago


I've been swamped with spam advertising emails on my earthlink account. I've tried all options to stop the onslaught but earthlink seems incapable of managing customer preferences to eliminate spam. for months, I've been sending the same unwanted emails to spam but they continue to show up in my new emails. Many of them are sexually offensive and all are insults to intelligence and good taste. Important medical and financial information is smothered in these spam emails. It takes a half hour a day just to junk the chronic unwanted emails. I've been an Earthlink customer for over 26 years. I will no longer be your customer if you are unable to control or provide me an effective means to spam unwanted emails, continues for two more week. PS: I understand from colleagues that they do not have this trouble with Gmail accounts.

Albert DiMarcantonio

Williamsburg, Virginia

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Anonymous - 42 d 14 h ago

I've filed a complaint through the better business bureau on this company. They still haven't resolved my issue and its been a week and have taken my money for service 3 weeks ago.

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Anonymous - 46 d 11 h ago


This is the worst company I've dealt with. I still don't have service. I keep getting different responses every time I call in. They will take your money for installation but won't resolve the issue so you have service. I don't see how this company is even in business. They are such con artists. As a customer and someone who has been a customer service manager for years this by far has been the worst experience.

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Jan - 58 d 11 h ago


Your spam blocking is nonexistent. And you charge over $7 a month for this! You are still back in the 90s like when I started with you. I'm quitting you as soon as I set up my new gmail account which happens to be free.

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info only - 66 d 15 h ago

they have moved a couple times. New address 1439 Peachtree Street, Atlanta GA 30309

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Susan Lindsley - 76 d 15 h ago


No way to reach anyone there! Your phone system will not accept any "selection" by the number. The computer only re-states the selections. And you are a TECH company? You have messed with and blocked some of my connections and no one has the intelligence to help with it. Your idiots overseas can't do anything! And you have arranged your system so that no one is the States is reachable. You are a disgrace to web mail!

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Anne Temple - 81 d 13 h ago


I am not sure how you people stay in business. I just had to sign up THREE TIMES and was already charged. I started the process three weeks ago. The installer was on his way to my house and called and said he couldn't do it cause YOU put in the wrong address, even though it was in the same town -- and I took the day off of work for it. WTF. Then I spent an hour on the phone signing up AGAIN (one time on hold for 97 minutes until I had to hang up) and listening to all the BULLCRAP you force your call center people to read and when I got to work I got a text saying there was a problem and called the number and had to sign up AGAIN and listen to all of the BULLCRAP all over again. I have been billed for services I haven't received and you say it will take up to 10 days for an installer to get back to me, when I started the process 21 days ago. And for all this aggravation you can't even allow anyone to comp the installation fee, or allow your US customers to talk to someone in the US? I canceled my account and am going back with Uverse. I am sorry I ever dealt with you. Get your act together. I am an activist and have a wide reach.

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George Yourke - 91 d 7 h ago


Extremely opaque and untrained organization. I had problems with my I-Mac desktop computer, which I took this morning to Apple's "Genius Bar" and it was fixed and everything worked after I brought the computer home, except connecting to Earthlink to obtain and send e-mail. A new request appeared to type in my earthlink address and password. that failed several times. I "chatted" twice to see if this could be resolved. I went through the maze to finally change my password. It did not work. Earthlink is connected to the Internet. I just can't get through Earthlink's unnecessary obstacles. Why are you so difficult? I have been a customer ever since I bought the first Internet I-Macs, some 15+ tears ago. Why are you making things so difficult? I understand now why so many of my friends are switching to g-mail,

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POED - 96 d 45 m ago


Lost DSL internet access @ 9am 8/31/17. Called customer support & talked to "Pete". He said there was a problem with AT&T. Said someone from AT&T will come to fix problem within 24 hours. No one came! Called customer support @ 12pm 9/1/17 and talked to "Kevin". He said AT&T will show up between 8am to 12pm on 9/2/17 to fix problem. Again, no one came! Called customer support @ 12pm 9/2/17 and talk to "Edward". He said AT&T will come before 6pm. Again, no one came! Called customer support @ 8am on 9/3/17 and talked to "Peter". He told me AT&T don't work on Sundays or holidays. Just Great! Finally got back DSL internet access @ 9am on 9/5/17. Called customer support @ 1pm on 9/6/17 to get reimbursement for lost service and talked to "John". "John" did not know how to do math! I HAD to tell him to divide $34.95 by 30 days and multiply by 5 days. REALLY??? Then "John" had the audacity to try to sell me antivirus "bloatware"! UNBELIEVABLE! Results; Got no help after talking to 5 "different" people who sounded all the same! Wasted my time talking to people who didn't care! Wasted days waiting for people who never showed up! Had to explain how to do elementary math! Received no sincere apology! I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years. Earthlink showed me this means NOTHING!!! Thanks Earthlink!

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WITH YOU WELL OVER 10 YEARS - 98 d 12 h ago


I am extremely pissed off!

I have tried to contact your US office for I can't communicate with your foreign agents.. (I speak seven foreign languages)

I have been transferred to the US and have spent virtually hours on hold (one call 77 minutes before I had to take a business call)

I have wanted to plug in a laptop to my system and have desperately bought NORTON for near $110 so to keep this computer free of attack.

It doesn't seem after all the years I've been with you that I am still a valued client. SCREW the Loyalty and the word will spread, then the takeover by some giant and the reality of 1984 will appear where George Orwell will replace Edgar Cayce as the profit. Wake-up!

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MadInMaryland - 108 d 16 h ago



Read the fine line of the "contract". For 5 years, my internet speed is so slow, my dial up to AOL years ago was faster. August 12, 2017, I went to log on and could not. Earthlink was doing repairs and there was no service. Do you believe it would be a great service to their clients to notify them if they must make repairs? For years I've inquired about the slowness of connection, and once connected takes a long time for a page to load. My internet speed was at 1.09 mbps. I'm supposed to operate at over 2.0 mbps. I was told by some "Corporate Relations" yesterday (August 24, 2017) that the contract reads "or the best at times". In other words, if you are attempting to log on during hours when more are online, your service will slow. My service has always been slow. Their technical service personnel are at most a level 1 can tell they are not trained professionally. Unbelievable.

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THOMAS STOW - 138 d 4 h ago


doesn anyone answer the phone or speak english? (hidden) (hidden) for anyone willing to join forces against these retards.

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Myke - 116 d 10 h ago

no. and I am so tired of being given a name that is not theirs. You know damn well the foreigners or wherever the call centers are, do not have the names mary, john, sally. And sometimes the dialect you just don't understand, As customers, we have to go through this.

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Sinisi2styl - 126 d 9 h ago


Earthlink keeps blocking my emails when I try to reply to Earthlink emails from my business address. I dropped my earthlink email years ago because of constant errors. I am sick of getting polite emails saying block will be removed in 24 hrs. and then two days later they do it again.

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Very upset customer!!! - 126 d 14 h ago


On July 3 2017 I was ordering TV and internet service. Somehow I got Direct TV

Who sent me to EARTHLINK. The very same day I got charged $7.99 by Direct TV and $19.99 by EARTHLINK for installation fees. The following day I cancelled both. DIRECT TV refunded my money immediately. Now, a month later and many many phone calls, hours and hours of being bounced around to various customer service dopes I still have not been refunded $19.99!!!!

It's the point that is so aggravating!!!!


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