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eBay, Inc.

2145 Hamilton Ave.
San Jose, CA
John Donahoe
President CEO and Director
(408) 376-7400
(408) 516-8811
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AnonyAnonymous - 12 d 15 h ago

EBay has Thomas Cuisine Management as contractors. To be employed, you must pass drug test, quest diagnostic and labcorp has been oblivious to such artificial pee by azteca highway who sells these artificial owe to clients. A few employees at TCM has gone and used these to pass drug test. Draper, Utah employees for example.

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Anonymous - 11 d 18 h ago

Aztecs highway: 89 West 3300 south smoke shop.

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Anonymous - 3 d 14 h ago

I know really.

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Anonymous - 2 d 20 h ago


Going around talking about circle jerks, being a pivot man, and facials with ranch dressing. Is this the type of behavior and attitude you guys possess. Management stands nearbnearby only to carry it on even further.

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Mind yours - 2 d 18 h ago

Just squeaky clean there's no need to condemn others and I'm sure if you were minding your business as well as you mind others business your life must be exactly perfect don't worry about how people pass drug tests

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Anonymous - 2 d 17 h ago


Cody Anderson, come on, get your employees to straighten up.

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Raiyan - 5 d ago

how can I open ebay in bangladesh??

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Carolyn N - 6 d 9 h ago


Does anyone know if there is actually a class action suit pending? I saw one mentioned and other posts dating back to 2014, but can't see anything further about it and the posts which I believe are controlled by eBay are completely out of order chronologically. Is there is one still open I would be happy to join it. For having experienced as a Buyer all other posted reviewers' negative experiences and more! Unfortunately I am not able at this time to be the instigator, but would appreciate the opportunity to join as in a lifetime I have never witnessed such corporate dereliction!

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Anonymous - 6 d 9 h ago


Although eBay and PayPal are now bifurcated after joining, kind of like a marital divorce, they are both still using the same call center in the Philippines. Yes, Dan, you stated it correctly; it is GASTLY! Hours on the phone going through endless automated menus, on hold in the queue, and even if you have made a selection to the state of Department it is supposed to resolve your issue and spend time detailing the dates times after you finish the representative, who likely didn't even Intuit what you were saying, will pass you off to another department and assure you that the facts and history that you've already spent perhaps as much as half an hour relating will be passed along and a history. Wrong! It never is and you have to start from below ground zero over and over and over. Then if you are lucky if you even get an email promising some sort of action, which in spite of representations will never happen. Then you start calling in all over again. In my case, they have fouled up processing of credit refunds and disputes and/or complaints that I have researched and documented against fraudulent sellers who are breaking practically every seller rule in the book! eBay promises to investigate and shut the sellers down but they are all still listed! They are letting many unscrupulous sellers, mostly from China as you can tell by their fractured English text responses, if initially you notify sellers through the portal. But, outrageously, eBay after days, still allows these con artists listed sellers to continue to rip off loyal buyers, and undercut reputable responsible sellers who cannot compete for the same items at their discounted prices. Most recently I spent literally hours on the phone reporting issues with supplement sellers, supposedly overseen by the FDA and eBay is supposed to be enforcing latter's rules and guidelines, which they are not! Also they have not shut down sellers of some food processing items, which are being bought but, repackaged in plastic seal bags bags instead of being sold in original manufacturer's packaging with information as to weight, materials, warnings, of hazardous chemicals, ectcetera! Since late February 2017 my guesstimate is that have spent over 30 hours on eBay related purchases: between time communicating with sellers through porthole and subsequently calling in when ever-increasing messages to vendors do not elicit resolution from awful sellers. Some of the worst have been able to manipulate the eBay server to erase all negative reviews and feedback and give themselves a hundred percent approval ratings! So caveat emptor! Most recently I have spent 5 hours on the eBay customer Loyalty purchase guarantee trying to collect on a $60 purchase warranty. Not only did promised Ebuck and/or gift card credit to my eBay account not appear anywhere when I sign on, but also I have never received the promised email verifying the credit and the access code which they said I would need to collect it! I am going to get the corporate phone number as I know a way, that I shall not reveal herein, and make a call two San Jose, HQ office of CEO!

Flagged for review. 
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Dan - 6 d 16 h ago


I have been waiting two month for s $42.50 refund... NO ONE is helping me... What a mess.. Keep getting passed on to this person who can not help.. to another .. who can not help.. Tried calling the corporate office... but can not speak to a human being... What a nightmare !

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roirorg2 - 9 d 15 h ago


I was unfortunately mistreated by ebay today. I had 2 items that I had to return that were purchased for my car and The items were completely wrong for my car and I had to return them. I was charged for return shipping and on both items. This is completely unacceptable. The items were advertised as working and do not. I am very upset. What can be done?!?!?!?!

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Kerri Swetech - 158 d 9 h ago


Would anyone like to step in with me due to the negligence and make a class action lawsuit against them? I will be taking this to the media regardless of anyone joining in on the class action lawsuits... Especially regarding the Philippines?!?!? eBay needs to be shut down?!?!?!?

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Carol - 153 d 16 h ago


I would be interested. After my cell phone sale, the following week the buyer contacted eBay stating that they hadn't received the item. I went on-line and used the tracking number to check status. I received a message from the Postal Service that the item could not be tracked because it was sent to the Ukraine and some services to that area had been suspended(a fact I'm sure the buyer knew). I sent a message to the buyer and gave them that information.

The buyer contacted eBay stating that I had not communicated well with them and the item had not been received. Without even considering my information, eBay decided against me and threatened me with collections if I did not reimburse them as they had already refunded the buyer! Interesting since I have been an excellent client since September 204; the buyer in the Ukraine had been with eBay for about one year.

I fulfilled my part. I mailed out the item, complete with tracking information, and communicated with the buyer at every turn. Now I am out my phone, chargers, and case and am being threatened with collections if I don't reimburse eBay for their decision to refund the buyer. I have been researching on line and it appears to be a common thread with items purchased by a Ukrainian citizen. Also interesting is that eBay rarely rules in favor of the seller to begin with. I can't even leave any type of negative feedback or explanation on-line on this buyer because apparently eBay doesn't allow negative feedback?


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Jane - 95 d ago


I would too!

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Jane Antonsen - 95 d ago


I would definitely be interested in a class action suit! I have just been through a nightare with ebay and it is a good thing that I had a good buyer who helped because ebay did not at all! She got her money back and I got a ring back. Now I have to pay the fees anyway. I talked to and corresponed with about twenty people trying to get this mess straaighteded out. I keep deleting my old address and they keep putting it back! So yes Count me in!

General profile image - 153 d 11 h ago


I would!

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J. Gad - 139 d 19 h ago


Absolutely!!! Please, let's get this done. (hidden)

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Cas - 96 d 19 h ago

I totally agree. Ebay is unfair

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Jeneane - 91 d 13 h ago

Yes, I would.

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Monhollin123 - 90 d 17 h ago


I definitely would. My buyer wanted to return item because he said it was damaged. I call his post office and they said he opened it and inspected it while at the PO but took it home (fishy). He requested refund and I agreed once the item was returned to my post office by his post office and gave him specific instructions. The item was never returned but ebay pulled the funds from my Paypal account, which I have now drained and deleted my banking and credit card information, and refunded him anyway. So he has the $$$ and the item and that was 3 weeks ago and Ebay refuses to take respnsibility. Postmasters at both post offices said in the beginning that this sounded like a scam to them and Ebay enabled it. I have all the emails and proof for a lawsuit. Let's do it.

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Kristina - 30 d ago

I am in the hole as well as eBay always sides with a buyer. So disgusted by it

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Ellen - 12 d 19 h ago


This is exactly what happened to me and I'm going to sue the thief who kept my bag! I would definitely participate in a class action suit.

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John paul - 86 d 17 h ago


Their written guaranty is of no comfort it is mere words with the burden of proof of having any substance is totally on the back of the consumer! Read it wellj

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Lisa - 54 d 18 h ago


We are interested in a class action lawsuit!

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ANGELICA PITTMAN - 48 d 12 h ago


My wife and I would be delighted to join the class action law suite and share our 2 1/2 hour ordeal in Asia we have been audio recording everything so if you need our help sour audio we would gladly help my contact is Angelica Pittman from phx az my email (hidden) Thank you ..God Bless

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A Joiner...... - 48 d 7 h ago

Will join.......just let me know where to sign........and isn't it funny (and pathetic) that small business's more often than not value their clients where as large corporations due the math.....and simply don't care.......just invest in more advertising......

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