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eBay, Inc.

2145 Hamilton Ave.
San Jose, CA
John Donahoe
President CEO and Director
(408) 376-7400
(408) 516-8811
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Tamara L Johnson - 15 h ago


I have been restricted from EBAY for low selling. Your representative was from INDIA I believe, not sure, but I could not understand a word he said. He restricted me on the computer on my site and it did not say indefinitely on my end. I'm wondering what is really going on. In truth, I sell also on, and started about 5 years ago when I was also selling on Ebay. I am still selling on Etsy, so I obviously am not so--------------bad. I would like another chance to sell on Ebay, Please!

I felt this was very unfair. I also feel, as an American and English speaking, only, woman seller on Ebay was discriminated against by your representative because I could not understand his English. It was a frustrating even. I seriously cried afterwards. I hope this unfair treatment of me can be rectified by Headquarters..

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SIR RICHARD - 3 d 17 h ago


As a buyer and seller on Ebay, what I have to say has been said a million times. Ebay is terrible, The favor the buyer in all matters regardless of the truth. Today was amazing. Curt in the Escalation Dept told me there was no one else I could talk to above him. Apparently Curt has attained deity status. He said the buyer is always right and the buyer's opinion over rules facts. Ebay is a necessary evil and hopefully someday, someone will come along to run them either out of business or into a place where truth and fairness prevail. Until then, anyone want to buy my collection of cow chips?

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Anonymous - 5 d 13 h ago


You fucktards this isn't the actual ebay website, this is a scam page, you fucking morons

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The Token Adult - 8 d 15 h ago


I have had my Ebay account "hacked" and my personal information was used to the tune of thousands of dollars.. It took me three months to get it straightened out. After that debacle I chose to use Ebay gift cards when I HAVE to purchase from Ebay to protect my information. This week a seller refunded the money because they didn't have the item I ordered. I need to use that money to purchase the item from another vendor. I don't have almost $400 just laying around to make the purchase. And if I did, I would have no need to leave that credit in Ebay after they finally put it back in my account since I rarely use their services.. The money was refunded 5 days ago and customer service at Ebay says that they take 10 -15 days to actually put the money back in my account. They admit that they have received the money and are holding it. It is extremely frustrating and I have been looking for an alternative to Ebay. I wish I had the money to start a competitive service. I feel that customer service is important and it appears to me that Ebay is holding money to earn short term interest and that can amount to a lot.

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customer - 9 d 19 h ago


Ebay sucks your customer service sucks. There is no way to get incontact with anyone at Ebay to be able to resolve a problem.

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Alyssa - 10 d 4 h ago


I have been calling customer service and no one have helped me. I paid for a $50 gift card to find out I need a PayPal to pay for something. I want my money back. Yall are pure scammers. I can't even use my gift card or return. Yall are sick. I'm never going back to Ebay again

General profile image - 11 d 19 h ago


I have called your customer service multiple times this week to help me get my account unrestricted. eBay restricted my account because of low selling volume. Well my business shut down and has been down for about a year now. My employees managed the eBay account and didn't not close it when we went out of business. My employees were also handling email address's and other selling websites. They did not act on ebays emails when they were sent to the email address. I don't know why they did not close my account on eBay nor did I personally receive emails warning me about the restriction, since they managed the email address associated with the eBay account. Also, I didn't not create the account myself either. They did. They didn't even have to ask me personal information to make the account on your site. Your customer service employees say eBay prides itself on "privacy/security". Well if an employee that did not even have to ask me about personal information to create that account, is pretty shocking to me. They must have cracked your code or your "security" for your website is "subpar". My name and number is associated with the restricted account so I can't make another account anymore either. It's just frustrating getting restricted when I didn't even make the account or managed it. I understand, eBay has policies but open your eyes this is just screw up. A company goes under and you slap restriction on it. That's just a punch in the face.

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Carrie - 13 d ago


Ebay suspended my account and I am not happy about it!!! I spoke to a customer service representative to verify my account and then followed all of her instructions with setting up my account and listing an item. My item was live for 30 mins max and then removed and account suspended for good. I contacted the security department and they were NO help whatsoever. They basically told me to get over it and use a different site to sell on.

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A. Rose - 14 d 11 h ago


For over a week now, due to E-bay technical issues, I've had to remove almost all of my listings. I've spent numerous hours inputing very specific details for each of my listings to ensure all potential Buyers know exactly what they are bidding-on/purchasing.

Well thanks to E-bay STILL NOT CORRECTING THE PROBLEM WITH THEIR SYSTEM.... I've had to issue refunds to some Buyers as they claimed I did not disclose certain items, which I HAD but E-bay DELETED; have had to remove potential sales because all of my entered information was automatically "deleted" by E-bay; am unable to list anything now until E-bay gets off their lazy rears and fixes the problem.

The Templates NO LONGER WORK - THEY ALSO JUST RANDOMLY DELETE ITEMS... In addition, E-bay now will not let me revoke any prior third-party applications...E-bay's Customer Service is also unable to do this.

I will expect to receive a refund for my monthly store subscription that I pay. I pay this subscription for my store so that I am able to make/use templates, so that I am "SUPPOSE" to be able to spend less time having to manually input things & so that when there is a problem, its taken care of in a timely manner. Not fixing your software/program for over a week then this morning I was told it would possibly be another week or so before it was looked into it not acceptable.

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Timothy Morris - 17 d 6 h ago


Good evening, my name is Timothy Morris and I'm trying to purchase a TurboChef Toronado 2 oven for my business. I would like someone to help me either complete the transaction or find a way to return the money to me since the cards are useless for the very transaction that I need.

When I tried to use my eBay gift cards to purchase the oven, I was informed that the limit of $1,000 per day could not be exceeded. According to PayPal, I can do business up to $10,000. My transaction is for $3,200.

No one in the customer service department could help me with my transaction, however, they did inform me that I could spend another $3,200 from another source for the oven. I'm literally stuck with eBay gift cards that I cannot use for the very purpose they were bought!

I was informed that there is no acceptable refund policy to apply to this situation and that eBay cannot purchase these cards to complete the transaction or credit my account through PayPal.

This is unacceptable and unprofessional business procedures. I have spent countless hours with representatives on the phone to solve problems over the last week.. Also, I've spent thousands of dollars with your organization over the last week. Although, every single individual has been both polite and professional in their business demeanor, they have not been provided with the necessary business procedures and tools to assist effectively when problems arise.

When I asked to be referred to someone who could help me or a person above their level, I was told they are not provided with any numbers or information concerning the aforementioned.

As stated previously, I would like someone to help me complete my transaction using the eBay cards, or find a way to refund or transfer funds from the cards to PayPal or my bank account.

Thank you for your assistance concerning this matter.

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Eleanor Gutierrez - 17 d 16 h ago


ebay has been a facilitator of americans getting ripped kff by fraudulent sellers and promising ti give our money back feels like just another raping. Why can you nkt just provjde the promised item or detect these fraudulent sellers before hand!!! I myself will be following up on this with The Better Nusiness Bureau in an attempt to bring ebays part in these scams to light!!

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Amanda Seigler - 18 d 20 h ago


You decide it's ok to sell instruction manuals on how to poison children with bleach. Amazon removed said books. Why can't you?

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Anonymous - 18 d 18 h ago

What? Are you serious? Who would author and publish such a horrible thing?

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charlieo219 - 18 d 19 h ago

customer service stinks cant speak english and they do not protect there buyers

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Anonymous - 18 d 18 h ago

According to English that would be "their" buyers. Also punctuation is nice.

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Vicki - 20 d 16 h ago


Y'all need to lose your job n see how it feel not able to pay your bills... I sent everything in to them that need to send in ... the seller receive his item the day before it was rule in his favor ... this is so wrong now I want my money but plus I am talking to a lawyer about suing y'all because y'all say u need proof and when we send in the proof y'all still rule in the favor of the buyer

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Anonymous - 23 d 15 h ago


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Daniel - 24 d 6 h ago


I recently sold a pair of MyVu personal media glasses on ebay. After the person received the item they said they wanted to return the item because it was not as described. Making the claim that the glasses reaked of cigarettes & that I did not mention that you must have a Iphone in order to use them. 1st the glasses are plastic and as far as I know plastic doesn't absorb anything, liquids, smells etc. 2nd, you dont need a iphone to use them, they are able to be used on other devices. Even though his claim was beyond redundant and absurd I went ahead and accepted the return, knowing if I didn't ebay would require me to, also requiring him to pay for shipping & shipping my item back to me. Well by accepting his return request ebay automatically issues him the full refund, giving him his money back. But not requiring him to send the item back. A couple days pass & i message the person asking are you going to be sending my item back anytime soon. His response being " He is not paying for shipping, that I have to take it up with ebay if I want my item back."

Well after talking to ebay they are saying there is nothing they can do, that I already gave him his money back. Which is BS. I never had the money to begin with, it was on a hold by ebay, and when I accepted the return, they sent his money back to him. So in other words I am getting f'd by this guy & ebay is helping him to steal my item basically. This now makes another transaction where I am getting screwed over by ebay and a buyer, seller. Every side have I been on there to be when making a transaction on ebay & every time do I get screwed losing money or an item. Never walking away from it with more then what I started with, let alone what I started with

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Richard Westbrook - 24 d 11 h ago


So EBAY ruled in favor of a buyer that posted a negative review on my EBAY store stating that the tracking number that the USPS provided was "a bogus tracking number"

I provided a PICTURE of the receipt for the customer showing that it was in fact sent.


I was on the phone for 2 hours trying to talk to someone that could use common sense and see my side of the situation.

They stated "theres noone else to talk to but us, the management team members"

I demanded a corporate number be sent to my email and they sent me an address instead.

This company is a joke and i encourage everyone to never use them as a hub for sales.

This isnt the first problem ive had with them but it will be the last.

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Douglas Broughton - 24 d 16 h ago


Customer assistance Ebay charged me 2 times not paypal I bought 3 items in cart and would not let me go to paypal so I filled out the Ebay debit card section and payed. I got a email back from Ebay saying I needed to repurchase one item .I tried that and got email back saying item listing expired or was no longer available , and did it not show up in my purchased history, so I found the same item 1 dollar more so I purchase it got the email saying thank you it went though . then I check my purchase history and the first item then showed up so now I paid for 2 ! I instantly cancel the order of one item # (hidden)82 Ebay took my money instantly I want my money back instantly Now I'm getting the run around . Did this happen to you too . I got the emails to prove IT IS EBAY SYSTEM ERROR , customer service said I have to wait on the seller which is the same person for both items . They took my money instantly I want my refund instantly

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Frustrated Under Certain Conditions - 27 d 18 h ago


How come Amazon, my medical insurance company and others can easily transfer you to a USA based customer service person, while eBay only has people from the Philippines, who (a) have English as a second language, (2) are hard to understand (3) ask you to hold because they don't have enough training to answer the question without consulting someone while you wait (4) repeat your whole sentence back to you (5) are totally ignorant of our culture? Want proof, ask them about a three hour tour (a three hour tour), Gilligan, the Skipper, Leave it to Beaver, and so on.


Frustrated Under Certain Conditions

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westcoastpicker - 27 d 14 h ago

I have spent about 5 hours in last ten days on phone with them, that is 5 hours of life I cannot get back, NO RESOLUTION, only 5 years taken off my life from stress. LIKE TALKING A WALL

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Carol - 27 d 16 h ago


Last December buyspry and insta31 conducted a transaction on my account the item was sent to Remon Pastor in New Jersey. After many emails and calls to eBay this is still not resolved.My account was hacked. My credit card canceled the charge because it was fraudulent. EBay keeps sending me emails for payment. They are threatening collections. I have filed a complaint with IC3 internet fraud.Never ever doing business with eBay again.why can't they hire Americans!

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westcoastpicker - 27 d 14 h ago


It is not about Americans or Asians, it is about not being able to relate to your problem. This is what is so frustrating. I spent two hours on phone last week on one call, then 90 minutes next night, still no resolution. Their customer service is just horrible, if one of these people would actually call me back like they said they would that would nice.

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westcoastpicker - 27 d 14 h ago


Sold a $4000 sculpture, going from California to Alaska, printed fed ex ground label from eBay only to have fed ex turn the shipment around and send it back. Fed Ex claims that the eBay account is "EMBARGOED", their words, not mine! So I paid $629 for a new label outside of eBay. eBay however still expects me to pay the $433 label printed from my eBay account, even though the label is no good, and Fed Ex credited that label back to eBay. I have called about 5-7 times in the past 10 days, I think at least three employees from Asian call center said they would call me back...........CRICKETS!!!!!!!! so now I have an invoice with an additional $433 for a garbage label, and a difference of $196 for what should have been my eBay shipping discount. I have a masters degree in supply chain management and I am shocked that this is occurring at this level, just mind blowing incompetency. Fed Ex told me several times that they have informed eBay of the problem, yet nothing has been done. I expect to not only have the $433 credited some day but the $196 difference from my shipping discount missed as well.

EBAY, IF YOU ARE OUT THERE AND YOU CARE, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CALL ME AND FIX THIS. The people in the Asian call centers cannot help me, I repeat, they cannot help me. Maybe you need more people like me working for you to fix your supply chain miscues.

Russell Decotis

ebay username: westcoastpicker

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