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eBay, Inc.

2145 Hamilton Ave.
San Jose, CA
John Donahoe
President CEO and Director
(408) 376-7400
(408) 516-8811
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Pissed Off!!! - 2 d 12 h ago


I bought a dress from overseas. When I received my dress, it looked nothing like the dress I bought. It was awful! I contacted the seller and ebay, and demanded a full refund. ebay agreed that I was entitled to a full refund, and said the seller had to also provide me a return label with tracking so that I could return the dress. The seller emphatically insisted I pay for return shipping without tracking, they could not buy the return label themselves, and would pay me back once they received the dress after I mailed it to them. I'm not stupid, I knew exactly what the seller was trying to do so I contacted ebay again. I said I felt the seller was up to something shady and didn't feel comfortable dealing with the seller anymore. In a nut shell, ebay opened a case, but did not do their part to help me or protect me. The issue dragged out for several days, I had to continue corresponding with the seller and fight the seller myself. There was so much drama and shadiness going on, and ebay didn't do much to help. I finally got the seller to send me money to cover the cost of shipping the dress back, and I had to be the one to create the return label.....fine. ebay then told me to send the dress back so long as the method of shipment had a tracking number that could be verified online. ebay also stated this case would not be closed until the seller received the dress. The seller provided me the return shipping address and told me to use USPS first class international shipping, so I did. This method of shipment provided a tracking number, which I forwarded to ebay. Shortly after I mailed the dress I received a message from ebay stating that the tracking number I provided was valid and verified, and that ebay updated their system with the tracking number. Great, so all I had to do was wait for the dress to get to back to the seller!!! Weeks went by and I had not received my refund. I contacted the seller, and heard noting back from them. I contacted ebay, and shortly after I contacted ebay I received a message that read, "After reviewing all the details of this case, we determined that you won't receive a refund.", and the case was closed!!!! Ebay said the seller never got the dress, and that I did not provide a valid tracking number. What????!!!!! ebay has completely shut me out, and the seller will not respond to my attempts at contacting them. I am soooooooooooooooooo livid!!!! I am out almost $200, and have no dress to show for it!!! How is this right??!!

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sgui9745 - 7 d 11 h ago


I bought a Galaxy 5 smartphone from a seller on EBay, advertised as new. The phone quit working. Samsung offered to send to their repair facility on goodwill. Upon inspection Samsung discovered the IMEI did not match the phone (had it been repaired?).

I asked Verizon Wireless to check IMEI. Yes, the phone was not new and had been previously used by an Verizon customer. Both put their findings in writing, to me.

So, this was a fraud. Seller would not answer phone. PayPal refused to help.

Then, late one night, a person from EBay called to say the best thing to do was to file with the FTC.

EBay lost interest. Didn't seem to care that sellers were listing fraudulent on the EBay platform. Wow, Buying from EBay is really "Caveat Emptor". (Let the buyer beware. I would have appreciated EBay management help. All you get is some very young person with no authority no experience and usually cannot speak vernacular English.

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LYNN - 37 d 8 h ago


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f - 8 d ago

I am having the same issue. Ebay says there are no corrections. It is our responsbility to know the system is going to have errors and to pause it in advance of the error. I asked to speak to the supervisors boss and was told she is the highest authority in Ebay. I asked for her ID and she claims they are not allowed to identify themselves for security reasons.

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J. Gad - 25 d 10 h ago


This has to be the WORST company I have dealt with in life. I do not like being passed around and have my intelligence insulted. I was double charged for an item and it has been a headache speaking with anyone with knowledge. I am not going to continue dealing with the run-around...I will be filing a lawsuit, which will cost eBay a lot more than what they originally owed me. All I wanted was my money that should have never been taken from my account. Have it your way eBay!!

General profile image - 9 d 10 h ago


What they fucking need is al to be shot dead.

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Kerri Swetech - 44 d 21 m ago


Would anyone like to step in with me due to the negligence and make a class action lawsuit against them? I will be taking this to the media regardless of anyone joining in on the class action lawsuits... Especially regarding the Philippines?!?!? eBay needs to be shut down?!?!?!?

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Carol - 39 d 7 h ago


I would be interested. After my cell phone sale, the following week the buyer contacted eBay stating that they hadn't received the item. I went on-line and used the tracking number to check status. I received a message from the Postal Service that the item could not be tracked because it was sent to the Ukraine and some services to that area had been suspended(a fact I'm sure the buyer knew). I sent a message to the buyer and gave them that information.

The buyer contacted eBay stating that I had not communicated well with them and the item had not been received. Without even considering my information, eBay decided against me and threatened me with collections if I did not reimburse them as they had already refunded the buyer! Interesting since I have been an excellent client since September 204; the buyer in the Ukraine had been with eBay for about one year.

I fulfilled my part. I mailed out the item, complete with tracking information, and communicated with the buyer at every turn. Now I am out my phone, chargers, and case and am being threatened with collections if I don't reimburse eBay for their decision to refund the buyer. I have been researching on line and it appears to be a common thread with items purchased by a Ukrainian citizen. Also interesting is that eBay rarely rules in favor of the seller to begin with. I can't even leave any type of negative feedback or explanation on-line on this buyer because apparently eBay doesn't allow negative feedback?


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I would!

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J. Gad - 25 d 10 h ago


Absolutely!!! Please, let's get this done. (hidden)

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DeeDee7 - 27 d 3 h ago

Do you answer phones on the weekend or just leave us on an endless recording of music....until say Monday?

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Dale - 31 d 9 h ago


I want my money back guarantee this is stupid and u guys are being a ass been over a year and u guys took it away didn't even know that was possible and it's for life witch is more stupid no 1 wants 2 help I use to love ebay and it's going down hill messing people over and taken their money and rude ass people

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LYNN - 36 d 12 h ago




General profile image - 39 d ago


I let my daughter list some items and she hurried through the process and didn't realize I was being charged 3.00 for having a reserve on a 5.00 item. She listed 32 items this way. They refuse to adjust my invoice and are charging me over half of what I made. I have been a customer since 2004. Poor customer service they absolutely are Greedy!

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The End of eBay - 45 d 14 h ago


The life of eBay is coming to an end. eBay fails to continue with the degree of quality control upon which it was built and thrived. As an eBay Seller, I receive absolutely NO support from their inane "customer service" in the Philippines. I am forced to deal with uneducated idiots with absolutely NO business sense. As an eBay Buyer, which is now almost nil, I receive counterfeits, inaccurately described items, or defect items. Again, there is NO support from eBay, so I must turn to PayPal. Within eBay, I am forced to try to resolve issues with overseas call centers, within which, NO ONE CARES.

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mark bartlett - 99 d ago


I have been trying to resolve an issue for weeks. I called customer service and was disconnected 4 times as the robot said she was transferring me. Your corporate number (hidden) says " enter 5 digit extension. Then disconnects call when nothing is entered.

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Anonymous - 49 d 10 h ago


Have the same problem when calling the corp phone# in Calf. (hidden)--without an extension#!!!!!!!

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Samuel Oyola Jr - 58 d 2 h ago


I am extremely angry I've tried to call customer service numerous times and I keep getting connected to the Philippines, this is unacceptable I want to talk to a representative in the US not off shore, why don't you have a direct number in the United States

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Anonymous - 49 d 10 h ago

Your absolutly correct they idots and have had the same problem that is still not resolved--tried the corp phone# but can't get thru to them!!!!!

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Sheryl bass - 59 d 13 h ago


I bought a Times bouncy house (hidden) I have ordered from eBay for over 10 years it went thru twice then was shipped to my old address now I'm told in not get ti by item and I'm not getting a refund

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Lee Schwartz - 60 d 7 h ago


A week ago, I received a fraudulent email from ebay, which I reported, and had it confirmed by ebay. In order to avoid the possibility of this happening again, I want to unsubscribe from all emails/ alerts from ebay to my account (hidden)), effective immediately. I enjoy dealing with ebay.....just don't want to go thru all this hassle again. I spent almost an hour trying to find the customer service phone number on the ebay home page, but was not successful....very frustrating. Thank you.

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Nicholas Farr - 129 d 5 h ago


My Visa card has fraudulent / Unauthorized Charge by this company for the amount of $473.32. I reported the unauthorized/ fraudulent charge to my bank in the month of August and to the company Stubhub in the Month of September. Stubhub generated a case with the Listing #196976932 / acct# 88125746. Weeks went by without any resolution, so I reached out to them once again. Stubhub refused to reverse the unauthorized amount back to the victim as they stand by the criminal. I have never heard of any company that stands by the criminal and forces the victim to be victimized a second time. I have stated that this charge was not authorized, I never gave anyone permission to charge my visa card and that is not enough for Stubhub.

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SalseroOne - 4 y 252 d ago

@MonetCourt @eBay @Pinterest You are welcome, glad to be of help

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ReZ_Dx - 4 y 252 d ago

I think I'm becoming addicted to @eBay . #Lovingit.#Truestory

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MonetCourt - 4 y 252 d ago

@SalseroOne @eBay @Pinterest Marc, you are awesome! Thanks for all the RT's and pins:)

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