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eBay, Inc.

2145 Hamilton Ave.
San Jose, CA
John Donahoe
President CEO and Director
(408) 376-7400
(408) 516-8811
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AnonyAnonymous - 1 y ago

EBay has Thomas Cuisine Management as contractors. To be employed, you must pass drug test, quest diagnostic and labcorp has been oblivious to such artificial pee by azteca highway who sells these artificial owe to clients. A few employees at TCM has gone and used these to pass drug test. Draper, Utah employees for example.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Aztecs highway: 89 West 3300 south smoke shop.

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Janice - 291 d 4 h ago


Is this location in Utah.

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Anonymous - 224 d 14 h ago

Yes, it is.

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Anonymous - 105 d 9 h ago



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Anonymous - 152 d 12 h ago

The Draper or Riverton, Utah location managed by Cody Andersen and Keith Chinn

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Anonymous - 150 d 12 h ago

Off of 12400 South and I- 15

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A Palmer - 143 d 12 h ago


Golfing is fun isn't it?

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Anonymous - 33 d 14 h ago

Jordan Spieth #1

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Ryan - 22 d 13 h ago

Favoritism, low morale, marijuana users

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Anonymous - 42 d 13 h ago

This location is in draper utah. Non professional management.

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Anonymous - 151 d 10 h ago


Salt Lake City, Utah

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

I know really.

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Anonymous - 310 d 4 h ago


Going around talking about circle jerks, being a pivot man, and facials with ranch dressing. Is this the type of behavior and attitude you guys possess. Management stands nearbnearby only to carry it on even further.

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Jasmine - 303 d 19 h ago


Seminal fluids in substitute of ranch dressing??

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Cuisine - 181 d 12 h ago


That's funny, yet immature. A bunch of prepubescent kids working there.

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Rochelle - 63 d 13 h ago


Thats just gross, TCM you guys are disgusting.

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Cassie - 261 d 14 h ago

A bunch of immature employees.

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Anonymous - 207 d ago

I second that. These employees, pot heads, need to change things up more. Stop making the same old stuff.

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screw ebay - 68 d 18 h ago


right on!

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Mind yours - 310 d ago

Just squeaky clean there's no need to condemn others and I'm sure if you were minding your business as well as you mind others business your life must be exactly perfect don't worry about how people pass drug tests

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Anonymous - 283 d 15 h ago

Mind yours

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Thomas Cuisine - 188 d 17 h ago


Would you be ok if someone who works alongside you or below you comes into work under the influence, unstable, incoherent, unwilling to perform his/her job due to drugs in there system?

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piss off - 68 d 18 h ago


eat she it and die

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THOMAS - 53 d 13 h ago


You mad bro

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Anonymous - 310 d ago


Cody Anderson, come on, get your employees to straighten up.

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