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Electrolux Home Products

1 Poulan Dr
Nashville, AR
Pat Mc Guire
(870) 845-1234
(870) 845-6807
Annual Sales Est
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Bogus Garbage - 2 h 30 m ago

It's time for a Consumer Lawyer. This is crazy. Had bought a upright deep freeze upright. had only 3 months and it stop working. So over 2000 worth of meat is ruined. Getting in contact with a Lawyer because your customer service sucks can't get a hold og anyone. Bad service all around. Please don not buy there brand..

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Debbie Tyler - 3 h 60 m ago


I have a brand new fridge that needs a rebuild and have been without a fridge for two weeks now. The repairman authorized the repair - it's a year old. But he can't come for another week. I have four kids and no fridge in a brand new kitchen and this is unacceptable.

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Markie Gunn - 33 d 16 m ago


First of all when you pull up your corporate office number it's not the correct number. It's a power tools company.

In the past few weeks I've been on hold/talking a little with your warranty department for about two and a half hours.

I purchased a Frigidaire side by side in October of 2019. A tiny plastic piece fell off of the top of the door in January and then early March more pieces began falling off. Covid arrives and I didn't call then but placed my first call to you on June 23. You all sent a service company out on July 7.

Now I'm told it's all cosmetic and it's not covered, because it's not interfering with the working of the frig. This is horrible customer service as pieces should not be falling off. I can't recommend your products to anyone.

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Anonymous - 86 d 1 h ago


Worse experience with Electrolux and Frigidaire. Purchased a washer/dryer front loaders. They have now come out to me THREE TIMES to try and fix. NOT FIXED still and they are trying to tell me that they still need to try and fix. Well THREE TIMES coming out and you are still not able to fix. I say replace with a different washing machine. I will never purchase a Electrolux again. WORSE product ever to buy.

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Charles Burgess - 104 d ago



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Anonymous - 145 d 15 h ago


Electrolux has the worst service after the sale on the planet. I paid more than 2100.00 for a side by side refrigerator that self destructing, and there's no way of getting in touch with the company, I spent more that $10,000.00 on Electrolux appliances post Katrina. And they are falling apart. I have mold collecting around the rubber of my refrigerator, it's running, but I'm cleaning mold, almost daily. I have a stainless steel dishwasher, with peeling paint, stainless steel paint. A dishwasher costing $1200.00, haven't seen many Electrolux appliances @ Lowe's lately. But if you see one please don't buy it, because it's a pretty bunch of crap, you will be disappointed. And there noway to contact Electrolux.

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Leyla - 187 d 6 h ago


Electrolux Turkey Customer Service is awful. You can never reach them as they never answer the phone. You wait on the phone for hours listening to their music. Then you have to hang up as they don't answer. When you complain to their Head Office,instead of saying a simple "sorry", they try to blame you for your complaint. A rude woman from Electrolux Central Office in Turkey called me. She said it was normal not answering the customer calls for 3 hours.She said "we are busy, I cannot do anything! She was rude and indifferent.

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Nancy - 194 d 15 m ago


I will NEVER buy another Frigidaire product! Their service is the worst I have ever experienced.

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Cheryl Nielsen - 204 d ago


I bought an Electrolux Canister Vacuum in June/19, I have already had to have the power head replaced due a very bad design issue resulting in it breaking in Sept. Now i have an issue with the hard surface floor head (the wheels are peeling apart) causing it to scratch my hardwood, all the can say is we don't manufacture them anymore so we can't replace a warranty item now. This is very poor customer service. I would like a response from someone n this matter please. Cheryl Nielsen (hidden)

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Dawn - 218 d ago

Their customer service is horrible ordered water filters have not receive yet and the most crazy excuses ever especially from supervisors third phone call and still got no where horrible company

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Anonymous - 266 d 3 h ago


I bought an Electrolux clothes dryer model # EFME527UIWO, you can Not dry rugs or mattress pads in it. Just a warning! THEY get suck between the lint trap and the fins in the drum of the dryer.

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Christina Corrigan - 267 d ago


I had "Kyle" come out to our home to give us an assessment on our glass top shattering after only one side of a coil was only heating up. We have only had this range since the end of February and had to have the range replaced once since then and now the glass top issue. Kyle was rude and actually implied that I was a liar when I explained what had happened. I will never purchase another Frigidaire appliance if this is the customer service that I can expect. I expect a gracious and helpful technician to come out especially after how much we spent on our microwave and range.

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BeyondFrustrated - 279 d ago


Absolutely AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I

Ordered a brand new Frigidaire package from ABC Warehouse for my newly remodeled kitchen. The refrigerator didn't work right out of the box!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABC was useless and referred me straight to Frigidaire/Electrolux. What a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!! I have never had such terrible customer service. They were unsympathetic and unapologetic. They said it had to be fixed rather than replaced. Well, here we are a year late and the refrigerator has broke 3 times. They are finally replacing it after a fight (but not my food that's been lost 3 times).

I'm reporting this company to the BBB. It's a shame their customer service is as bad as their products!! Shame on you!!!

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Cathy McDonald - 1 y ago


The only way Electrolux can remedy my issue, is to reimburse me for this expensive "piece of s**t" of a washing machine of which I paid over $1200. This piece of garbage has been a LEMON since day one, and has only "washed" clothes for one person. If this defective, expensive product, is an example of "American made" no wonder people choose to buy foreign!!! What a pile of garbage! Electrolux should be ashamed of themselves, and should stick to producing products with NO MOVING PARTS! Never Again! Cathy

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Frank Pagnotta - 1 y ago


The worst customer service and repair service that I have wever dealt with.

They do not care about there clients.

DOnt buy there porducts

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Tommy boy knows - 1 y ago


We have an Electrolux dryer that is less than 5 years all. We have spent over $600 on repairs and now it has the same problem. Contacted customer service and they only offered to discount the part needed for replacement. Electrolux products are sub-par appliances. I would install a clothesline and hang the laundry outside before I would spend a dime on any product that they are associated with. Just like Tommy boy said, they sold you a guaranteed piece of crap.

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Netty - 1 y ago


It wrote a letter to the CEO of Frigerdare and the CEO didn't even read it?He sent to a lady that takes care of customer service and is the nasty person I ever talked to.Wouldnt help me when I called her last year or this year?She doesn't care for customers at all she shouldn't even work there?I would never buy a Frigerdare again?I guess the CEO doesn't care either.She said if I write another letter she will get it again?

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Warren Lindell - 1 y ago


Bought a Electrolux washer in April it's made noise since we bought it and now it leaks. First repair man from store I bought it said bearings are bad and it would take two to three weeks to get parts and fix it with no loaner while they have it. Electrolux sent one of their certified repair company out and he said it would take several weeks and 2 people to repair. I said I wanted a new washer but Electrolux won't even entertain that idea now a 3rd repair guy is coming out to look at it. I paid for a new washer not a rebuilt terrible company and customer service would never recommend them.

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Randy - 1 y ago


I purchase an Electrolux French door freezer unit in 2016 and three weeks later my electronic display board went out I called and complained and tried to get an extended warranty with to no avail then I found out that in 2016 a court decision ruled that Electrolux was not responsible for these models I would like a replacement refrigerator my name and address is keyed in with Electrolux and we are unsatisfied customers

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Park - 1 y 131 d ago

This has been an absolutely horrible experience! The customer service has been awful and 2 months without my dish washer addressed. Let me correct that, missed work 4 times waiting on their "trusted" appliance partner , who told me from day 1, "it needs to be replaced." To then call Electrolux Technical Support and be told to try 5 different things that do not work!! I have been talking to Jennifer for a month and now calling Regina Johnson, daily, to no avail. Not to worry, you have the wrong one, I will have my attorney reach out next, since at this point this is intentional neglect of delivering on services that I have already paid for via extended warranty.

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A Cadogan - 1 y 138 d ago


Horrible customer service! This company has not honored my service warranty. I've been hung up on and disconnected. I filed the warranty claim in December and its almost April. They have been giving me the run around, anfd telling me that I have to contact their authorized service centers who never answer. This company is the worst

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Pissed OFF - 1 y 159 d ago


I have a electrolux stick vacuum Pronto Model (HV)EL1000B. I know that it has been discontinued, my older version, but the discontinued the accessories to my stick vacuum Pronto 2 in 1. My vacuum is older but to discontinue the accessories, was just down right wrong. I started EMAIL the Head Quarter to see if they would have one, for my vacuum. I have google for discontinue electrolux and can't find it. So if the vacuum last over 10 years and it still is working, the FORCE you to buy a new vacuums. I paid almost 300 bucs for this vacuum. If I have to get a new stick vacuum, it DEFINITELY will NOT be Electrolux. They really suck, customer service wise!

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. - 1 y 177 d ago


Awful customer service and deceitful business practices.

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Mbb - 1 y 180 d ago


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Janice - 2 y 111 d ago


Terrible company! $400 and still no hot water going into washer! Appliance is 1 1/2 years old and is still under parts warranty but Electrolux will not reimburse me for the cost of the replacement of a valve and main board. The service company is C & A Services out of Plainfield, Illinois. I paid C & A for both labor and parts and they will not submit a bill to Electrolux. So I am stuck! No help from Electrolux. Do NOT buy any Electrolux products and do not call C & A!. The supervisor at Electrolux, Regina, has put me on hold for about 20 minutes now. Does she think I am going to hold for an hour. Unbelievable! Kiss the money goodbye. Hope I can find someone to repair this washing machine. My old Maytag lasted for 20+ years.

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Frigidaire repair dude - 2 y ago


The repair company can not get reimbursed for repairs after 1 year old, without special authorization from the company, witch only the customer can get. The repair company must also be an authorized servicer for Electrolux/Frigidaire.

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