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Electrolux Home Products

1 Poulan Dr
Nashville, AR
Pat Mc Guire
(870) 845-1234
(870) 845-6807
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Netty - 12 d 11 h ago


It wrote a letter to the CEO of Frigerdare and the CEO didn't even read it?He sent to a lady that takes care of customer service and is the nasty person I ever talked to.Wouldnt help me when I called her last year or this year?She doesn't care for customers at all she shouldn't even work there?I would never buy a Frigerdare again?I guess the CEO doesn't care either.She said if I write another letter she will get it again?

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Warren Lindell - 13 d 6 h ago


Bought a Electrolux washer in April it's made noise since we bought it and now it leaks. First repair man from store I bought it said bearings are bad and it would take two to three weeks to get parts and fix it with no loaner while they have it. Electrolux sent one of their certified repair company out and he said it would take several weeks and 2 people to repair. I said I wanted a new washer but Electrolux won't even entertain that idea now a 3rd repair guy is coming out to look at it. I paid for a new washer not a rebuilt terrible company and customer service would never recommend them.

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Randy - 25 d 29 m ago


I purchase an Electrolux French door freezer unit in 2016 and three weeks later my electronic display board went out I called and complained and tried to get an extended warranty with to no avail then I found out that in 2016 a court decision ruled that Electrolux was not responsible for these models I would like a replacement refrigerator my name and address is keyed in with Electrolux and we are unsatisfied customers

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Park - 109 d 14 h ago

This has been an absolutely horrible experience! The customer service has been awful and 2 months without my dish washer addressed. Let me correct that, missed work 4 times waiting on their "trusted" appliance partner , who told me from day 1, "it needs to be replaced." To then call Electrolux Technical Support and be told to try 5 different things that do not work!! I have been talking to Jennifer for a month and now calling Regina Johnson, daily, to no avail. Not to worry, you have the wrong one, I will have my attorney reach out next, since at this point this is intentional neglect of delivering on services that I have already paid for via extended warranty.

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A Cadogan - 116 d 8 h ago


Horrible customer service! This company has not honored my service warranty. I've been hung up on and disconnected. I filed the warranty claim in December and its almost April. They have been giving me the run around, anfd telling me that I have to contact their authorized service centers who never answer. This company is the worst

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Pissed OFF - 137 d 10 h ago


I have a electrolux stick vacuum Pronto Model (HV)EL1000B. I know that it has been discontinued, my older version, but the discontinued the accessories to my stick vacuum Pronto 2 in 1. My vacuum is older but to discontinue the accessories, was just down right wrong. I started EMAIL the Head Quarter to see if they would have one, for my vacuum. I have google for discontinue electrolux and can't find it. So if the vacuum last over 10 years and it still is working, the FORCE you to buy a new vacuums. I paid almost 300 bucs for this vacuum. If I have to get a new stick vacuum, it DEFINITELY will NOT be Electrolux. They really suck, customer service wise!

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. - 156 d ago


Awful customer service and deceitful business practices.

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Mbb - 158 d 11 h ago


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Janice - 1 y 89 d ago


Terrible company! $400 and still no hot water going into washer! Appliance is 1 1/2 years old and is still under parts warranty but Electrolux will not reimburse me for the cost of the replacement of a valve and main board. The service company is C & A Services out of Plainfield, Illinois. I paid C & A for both labor and parts and they will not submit a bill to Electrolux. So I am stuck! No help from Electrolux. Do NOT buy any Electrolux products and do not call C & A!. The supervisor at Electrolux, Regina, has put me on hold for about 20 minutes now. Does she think I am going to hold for an hour. Unbelievable! Kiss the money goodbye. Hope I can find someone to repair this washing machine. My old Maytag lasted for 20+ years.

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Frigidaire repair dude - 1 y ago


The repair company can not get reimbursed for repairs after 1 year old, without special authorization from the company, witch only the customer can get. The repair company must also be an authorized servicer for Electrolux/Frigidaire.

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Liz L - 235 d ago

Agreed! My washer has only worked 4 months out of 12. They don't care! Everything and the motherboard has been replaced on the washer and it still doesn't work. Please save yourself aggravation and buy another brand!!!!

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Ruby Rogan - 235 d 7 h ago

When I was a young woman I bought an Electrolux vacuum cleaner from a young man who was selling them door to door. It was the Golden Jubilee model. I will be 90 years old on next month year and am still using it, and it is still doing a good job. I considered it an extravagance when I bought it, but it turned out to be the best buy I ever made. I wish I had another one just like it (same model) to use on the second floor of my house. It's too heavy for me to move from floor to floor.

A few years ago I had to replace the hose, but besides that it has been perfect.

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Rose Wyatt - 293 d 8 h ago


I have mailed a check which was deposited and paid for a water filter for my Electrolux refridgerator. I mailed my check on July 1, 2018. It was paid on 08/02/2018 to the pre-addressed envelope sent by the re-order location. My last letter was mailed on 09/04/2018. I still have not received my filter for which I have paid $44.04 as directed in the invitation.

I have not been able to contact them and did not know that I would need the top coupon invitation number so , of course, I do not have that information. I recall that a delay happened the last time I ordered, however, I received the filter in a reasonable time.

I have tried to find Electrolux filters in Chicago at ABT; Menards, Home Depot and Lowes. They do not stock them as they did when I first purchased this fridge.

I cannot believe the horrible customer service and no way to contact this company. Nor some retail place to purchase this item. I have paid but not received. What is wrong with you??? My address is:

Rose Wyatt; 5201 South Cornell 8C; Chicago, Il 60615 SEND ME MY FILTER !!!!

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GARYS - 301 d 10 h ago




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Joe - 1 y ago

A brand ne refrigerator .call for service about a knocking noise unable to fix . Due to the way there made today. Customer service state's there only concern is it work's NOT intreste'd in it making noise. I belive i bught a refrigerator not a raido. & this is how the build & treat a customer. Buy from a different manufacturers instead of this one.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

felisha Dunbar.. she a manger at electrolux shes a joke whis butt hasto be kissed to get my dryer fixed call her 1(hidden) ext 7564... 14 calls to her no retuned calls.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Now 27 calls with no cal back.. result classy

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Ed Long - 1 y ago

Very disappointed in micro wave oven. The handle broke off and the company did not seem to be concerned with fixing the problem. Would not recommend this product

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MAB - 1 y ago


customer service is the worst they have a fake person answering and no human ever gets on the line...takes forever................................................

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Dan - 1 y 116 d ago

I am having a repair person for the sixth time on the Frigidaire Model LFHB2741PF, the first five did not take care of the problem. I purchased this refrigerator in September 2016 and had service calls in December 2016, March 2017, June 2017, and three more repair calls in January 2018. The second repair person said there was a recall on the ice maker, it was replaced and to no avail I still do not have an operating ice maker. As a coincidence, I received a letter from the Electrolux wanting me to extend my warranty. What a bunch of BS. I called customer service, which I received no customer service only being told my refrigerator is out of warranty and there is nothing they can or will do for me. It did not matter that there were three service calls that did not remedy the situation within the first year of the manufacturer warranty. I sit here waiting for the sixth service call, the next stop will probably be a dump to get rid of it. It was a high price to pay to learn of substandard appliances and even less customer service.

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Frigidaire repair dude - 1 y ago


You should have purchased the service contract.

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Hosed by Electrolux - 1 y 59 d ago


This company refused to honor warranty on leaky washing machine hoses that right on the tag read that they have a five year warranty. Armed with the receipt, the original Electrolux packaging and the hoses which clearly state they have a five year warranty, I supplied all this info to them and for over an hour they refused warranty.

If they hosed me on a set of $20.00 hoses... Imagine what they might do when your major appliance fails under warranty!

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Electrolux should make that right immediately! - 1 y ago


Shame on them!

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Fidel Ruiz - 1 y 97 d ago


I have read the reviews and I TOTAL AGREE ON CUSTOMER SERVICE AND the REPAIR Company's. It's a joke. Horrible customer service and the repair companies they send out don't even know what they're talking about and we been doing this the last six months . I was told if I was not happy with the washer I can purchase a new washer. Our washer was brought in Nov 2016. Problem started October 2017. It has a loud

Grinding noise in the spin circle counter clockwise. Repair company has been out 3 different times and has call technical assistance also replace different parts. BUT NO LUCK. Now we have been told we are out of warranty on labor. The problem started with in the one year warranty and no one can fix the problem. At one time was told by costumer service that I qualify for a new washer since they were not able to fix the problem

We would like to talk to someone at the corporate office. If we can't resolve this problem I will make it my mission on social media to let as many people I can not to buy your Product EVER plus poor customer service. Our phone number is (hidden). Hope to hear from CO.

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Jan Caviola - 1 y 97 d ago


Purchased microwave - handle broke 3 times - they sent me an upgraded handle which will not fit the door - then they wanted to sell me the entire door - who the he the hell is going to install it??? Why did they tell me the handle was upgraded knowing it would not fit my microwave.

I have purchased electrolux products for years - NOT any more!! I'm done with them

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