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Entergy Arkansas Inc

PO Box 551
Little Rock, AR
Hugh T Mcdonald
(501) 377-4000
(501) 377-3559
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Unknown - 9 d ago

The fax number on this page is incorrect.

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Amber York - 30 d ago


You have the absolute worst customer service agents I've ever had to deal with in my life! I have tried to call and get my power on numerous times and I'm always disconnected! Finally get through to someone and she puts my on hold multiple times and then without having anything accomplished I am disconnected again! I just want to turn in my power so we can start moving into our house. I do not understand why it has to be so difficult to do something so simple as good customer service! What a ridiculous way to run a company.

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I Need Service - 31 d ago


I have been calling to set up service for 3 day and I am on hold for no answer for an hour every time. I attempt to set up online but using both chrome and internet browsers, when I click register account as it advices, I am redirected to an invalid page. I need service!

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Anonymous - 34 d 18 h ago

horrible website and no way to complain except to snail mail the CEO at PO Box 551Little Rock, AR72203-0551.

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Horrible Customer Service - 63 d 3 h ago


How can the customer be responsible for a bill that YOUR employee told the customer not to pay because it would be covered but the customer end up having to pay when the customer made sure that the employee put in the notes that he told the customer that it would be covered.

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Very unethical and harsh company - 107 d ago


Shameful conduct for a corporation that makes annual sales of $1,715,714,000 off of its customers in Arkansas alone. My God and you have the nerve to treat people this way. God intervene on the behalf of the people, In Jesus Name, Amen.

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PowerNotToCare - 160 d 19 h ago


If you would like to see how this company puts loyal disabled customers in harms way because they fail to do their job.... I am composing a Facebook page with detailed events and timeline. Disabled, elderly, and people with small children THIS COMPANY DOES NOT CARE!!!! Even with documentation they basically called me a liar and and they did not make a mistake! I am tired of these people acting as if they are above the law. I am picking up from the hospital a disabled person that has congestive heart problems and is on oxygen in order to breath, is current on his electric bill even though he is on a VERY low income a month and I have NO WHERE he can go! He can not reside with no electricity until Tuesday. I am not able to fund a hotel for him. He can not afford to fund a hotel. My current living arrangement is under construction and I am unable to provide a place . He has no family. Homeless shelter I suppose? I took time off work today to help this man at my expense only to be told that they would not move his service today as the representative failed to complete the work order or new account information. UNACCEPTABLE!!!! For any service to put their customer out on the street and refuse service due to their error. There are laws to protect people when it comes to disconnection but not from a greedy corporate entergy company that refuses to correct their mistake! They are not not offering any compensation or help for this man or myself! BE WARNED THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT!!!

Side note: will update this review after I hear back from attorney general, BBB, and the local news media as I have prepared a full timeline with screen shots of calls, original work order number, account numbers, screen shots of account prior to making call requesting status of work order, how many people I spoke to and obviously the end result of him being in harms way due to the negligent actions.

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Rrady for war with Entergy - 2 y ago


This the worst company ever, added $600 onto my bill saying it was back billing for misread meters, and act as if its my fault. Then I called a manager named Lisa had the audacity to get smart and i had to "google" the OOP info to file a complaint. Well Entergy i have the time and energy for every complaint, social media outlet and local news to hear this story.

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L - 171 d ago


Same thing happened to me this the tune of $2500 .... due to meter not working properly... if that's the case how do they know to put actual readings vs past incorrect readings and bill 19 months worth of KW on spreadsheet and come up with 2500 I'm supposed to come up with and serve a disconnect along with bill??

This is wrong. ... I think it's an internal Entergy company problem. If meters broke and reads zero, shouldn't field tech notice immediately? WTF Need help or assistance

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Anonymous - 273 d 19 h ago

a bunch of fucking idiots!

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Unhappy - 1 y ago


Fraud this company is sending our power outage letters that are in accurate fraudind people helping the insurance companies I have proof of this scam and nobody will listen ... that's what happens when u give people like this accesss to nuclear power plants the people get scared of what they might do we need to shut them down before they harm us

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Fuck entergy - 1 y ago

Fix your payment system. It won't let me pay on my phone OR over the phone. I had to go to a full sized computer to make my payment. Plus the fee on top of your payment is flat out robbery. Entergy is a pos company. I'm with the guy below, I'm ready for war with you people

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Y'SHUA BEN ABRAM. - 1 y 96 d ago


I tried to pay my bill, i have the money. . I have a direct express MASTERCARD

YOU refuse to let me pay it unless I do everything exactly the way YOU say when YOU say the way YOU say.




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Mad - 1 y 241 d ago


Entergy took my $203.00 payment twice and now is giving the run around about getting me a refund. It is Christmas, I need this money. Of course when I call corporate they tell me they are not open to the public and "someone" will call me back. If you can refrain from using this Seinfeld g company, please do. I about to call 7 on your side.

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City of Pine Bluff - 1 y 278 d ago


Here is my issue, I needed help due to my acct being hacked requested more time since my bank had to investigate the issue and was told it will take the 7-10 business days to correct the issue and i have 5 kids and a son that is disabled . I called hoping for understanding since i have always paid my bill on time, the answer they gave me was, sorry you will be disconnected and you will have to pay 1,200.00 for your service to be reconnected. Thanks for being about no empathy.

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Dwayne Watson - 1 y 285 d ago

Entergy keeps debiting my account for money that I already paid to them.

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Anonymous - 1 y 307 d ago


Stop butchering my trees and tearing up my fences. Because I am sick and tired of this company destroying my property and making my trees look like crap!!!!

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Shanna Slack - 2 y ago



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Millions - 2 y 112 d ago


Entergy is the WORSE Business in the WORLD. Entergy employees is the WORSE IN THE world also. why employee DO NOT know the CEO of Entergy.

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Mark Swindler - 2 y 263 d ago



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