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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Taylor
Chairman and CEO
(314) 512-5000
(314) 512-4706
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LaKisha Taylor - 4 h 17 m ago

I am a frequent Enterprise customer, so much so that I am known by my local Enterprises Office employees. (in Glen Allen, VA)..even previous and current Management. However, I must say that today, I am very dissatisfied with Enterprise, particularly their "Escalation" department.

> I usually book my reservations directly from my local location, however, on this particular occasion, a newer employee immediately transferred me the Reservation Dept for booking. I thought I had made a successful reservation - until today when I called my local office to announce a bit of a delay in pick-up time - just to discover that there was no reservation made with the confirmation number I was given. We then both discovered that the Reservation Dept. erroneously booked my rental for San Antonio, TX.

>Unbelievable, I was told to contact reservations, so I did. Unfortunately, I was told that I had to book again, and at a higher rate, now.

Also I missed my pick-up and travel window. (needed to be on the road by 9:30am to arrive by 12 noon). This also caused me to have to push my business back an entire week., costing me time and resources.

>No one at the Escalations Dept offered any concessions. They were not even willing to give me the previous booked rental rate, though they acknowledged their faux pax.

I asked for a 15% discount towards my next rental, they also said that was not possible. I then asked to speak with someone who was over the Supv. in Escalation, to which I was told, there was no one else. Unreal!

> I really don't understand why Enterprise is not willing to keep their frequent regular customers satisfied. Its a terrible situation. I used to recommend Enterprise to everyone who asked me, but now, I think i'll have to reserve all referrals to this company.

>Thanks Enterprise Escalation/Reservations Department, for totally NOTHING!


Ms. L.Taylor

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Anonymous - 4 h 18 m ago

We had a wreck and insurance completely paid every thing and this rip off company keeps sending up a letter saying we owe them $5,000 in damages. We're taking their asses to court. We don't owe u a thing enterprise!

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Carolyn K - 16 h 31 m ago


I rented a van to move 85 miles away for a new job. The keys were stolen or lost when I was 85 miles from the rental location. The Enterprise office had no spare key in the office. They would not allow me to return the truck ro any other location. I had to pay for the truck to be towed 85 miles to the Enterprise Office that had mo spare key. It will cost me over $800 to have rented from this incompetent office. I have been unemployed and am over 60 years old. I can not afford this unexpected expence. It was supposed to be only $67 and now it will be $134+ $600 + 150!!

Is it the policy of Enterprise Company to rent vehiccles without keeping a spare key in the office?

The towing company told me they never heard of such incompetence before. They have never known a company to rent a vehicle without keeping a key for they vehicle in the office.

Please let me know if this is the standard policy of the Enterprise company, so I can warn other potential customers of this problem.

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Another rudely treated unsatisfied customer - 16 h 38 m ago


My insurance company is covering my rental as part of my autopac claim but due to my insurance adjuster leaving the company the office manager at enterprise charged my credit card $1,100.00 without telling me, even though he spoke to me about my claim. When I phoned to question him about this he was rude, he lied , and even insulted me. There is no such thing as customer service from this company. Even though my insurance company assures me they have told this manager they will be paying the bill he has refused to reverse this charge. Isn't that ibreaking the law or credit card fraud?

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A O - 1 d ago


I had a reservation at 5 pm. I was told I would be picked up between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm. No one ever picked me up. Stockbridge Ga locaton.

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Beneath disgusted HUMBLED Armed Forces Veteran - 1 d ago


"Corporate" Headquarters, Enterprise Holdings LLC,

PLEASE follow up on the below REQUEST:

Good morning Aaron,

May I request your business and/or cell phone number to orally express my experience with the "blanco, elvin", labeled, "Manager" of DeSoto/Lassen Enterprise location? Schedule permitting, please call me at (hidden).

"Thank you" in advance for your expeditious response to address the "blanco, elvin", Cuban American expressing all of "white americas" HATRED and WEAKNESSES and other "isms" of "those INHUMANE, FAUX superiority complex breed of humans" at the Counter of Enterprise located on DeSoto/Lassen and on the phone most of the day on 17 AUG 2017, with another "white americas" breed of an Iranian American, former (as of 17 AUG 17) FAUX friend of mine.

Awaiting your call,



Sent from my iPhone

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Business owner - 2 d ago


Enterprise in Mahopac is a poor excuse for a Rental Car Business,Rude and disrespectful,

i am trying to have hertz or budget move in to our location.

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Shanesha - 2 d ago


Today Aaliyah Isrel from the Richmond Airport location helped my family and choose a car that was suitable for our budget. She displayed THE BEST customer service I have ever came into contact with when dealing with rental car companies. She was very relatable, professional, and positive! Because of her, I will continue to rent from enterprise!! Thank you Aaliyah for all your help. I see you going very far in your career no matter what!! You are the bomb!

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David - 2 d 51 m ago


The little snot nose millennial that was working the front desk on Sunday August 13th at the Tarrytown Road location needs a serious attitude adjustment. Can you imagine telling a customer that they (Enterprise) are doing you a favor and in his obnoxious condescending tone telling you to leave! I called Enterprise and canceled my reservation. The lady that canceled my reservation couldn't have been nicer and took my information. I never heard from Enterprise again. They obviously don't care.

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RUBY - 2 d ago


Rented from Enterprise on North Lake Blvd in Palm Beach Gardens on July 17, 2017. I was practically forced into taking their insurance for loss of use. This is not covered by my insurance company. In the event of an accident or other situation that keeps them from being able to rent the car subsequent to my rental I would be charged the maximum daily rental for the entire time the car was off the lot. I had to buy their insurance to cover the loss. This charge is not listed in the rental contract nor the online reservation system. I consider this to be fraud and understand that it is being litigated in several states. At the time of the rental I was a captive, having been dropped off at the rental center without any means to get home or to another rental company. Subsequent to returning the car I received a call asking if I was satisfied with their service. Of course I complained about the loss of use insurance and was told thy would request a refund from the area manager. My credit card was processed for the entire amount without any further contact.


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Anonymous - 2 d ago

The worst service I've ever had anywhere!! Not only the incompetence, belligerent attitudes but the unprofessional way they handled (and I use the word "handled" loosely) a simple, pre-paid reservation was beyond me!! First they can't find the reservation, while I'm showing the emailed confirmation to the girl! Still she said I had to call their reservations# to get it straightened out. The number rang at her desk! I said it's your company, you call them and get it straightened out. She said I had to. Again the phone rings at her desk and she transferred me to Reservations. Even after escalating the call, a Mona, said she could not refund me, cause at this point I don't want the car. In the end I spoke to Stacey at Corp office and had it voided. What a horrible experience!! It was worse than this, but I will refrain from explaining how this turned out to be intentional.

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TrsaSM - 2 d 16 h ago


I am appalled. I have USAA insurance and after an accident that was not my fault, they sent me to Enterprise. In a nut shell, Enterprise did not tell me the car they gave me was an upgrade from what USAA was willing to cover. In fact when I returned the car, I was told that my $150 would be released from my credit card once they received the final check from USAA. I called USAA wanting to know why I was charged $248 for the rental and they told me because it was an upgrade.

I complained to USAA and Enterprise no longer has my trust. It is despicable that in this day and age consumers have to watch every move and every penny. But it a business or company wants your money, you better believe they will get it.

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Lisa Green - 3 d 13 h ago


This is a lot to read and long but I bet you will be shaking your head at the end of it!!!! I can not believe how my rental car experience is turning out! HORRIBLE!!!! I rented a car for a month, nearly $600 I've paid PLUS a $200 deposit. I'm a pretty easy going person. I'm a disabled veteran and I've been in some not so favorable situations and learned to make the best of it as much as I could. I've overlooked a handful of unpleasing circumstances since the beginning of acquiring this rental car, a 2017 Hyundai Elantra. The vehicle itself is likable. Everything else that came along with it is not! When I first rented this car it was raining so I didn't get to inspect it as well as I would have liked to. The windshield had just apparently been replaced hours before I got there, the blue tape was still on the windshield, the enterprise rep said it had been broken. It was after 4pm and traffic was building up so I was ready to get home. I received the keys and drove off. I drove about 3 or 4 miles down the road and it had stopped raining so much and I pulled into a gas station to get a soda. I was looking around the interior of the car admiring it and looked into the back seat and noticed brown stains and white splatters of stuff all over the back seat from one side all the way to the other! It was nasty and disgusting. Then I continued to look it over and it seemed as if the floorboards were not vacuumed and it looked like liquid spots that had dried were all over both of the front doors. I looked under the seat and there were drink bottles,cheerios cereal pieces and little hair rubber bands everywhere under both seats. I was not satisfied at all. I called Enterprise immediately and explained about the disgusting back seat and told them I would bring it back in to them first thing in the morning to see it. I did not want to be blamed or charged for cleaning someone else mess. The next day I drove the car back up to them and showed them the nasty back seat, gave them the empty drink container from under the seat and pointed out the dry liquid spots/draining lines on the doors. The enterprise representative said she didn't have another vehicle at that time to trade me out so I ended up driving off in the same car again. When I returned home I threw away as many cheerios and rubber bands I could find. I also found another drink bottle and disposed of it. I put newspaper down on the floorboards to keep them cleaner because of the rain. There were no floor mates in the vehicle. I over looked all of this and tried to make the best of it telling myself "just over look it and keep moving forward". The rain stopped a few days later and the sun was back out. The windshield needed to be cleaned at this point. Sure enough, NO windshield fluid in the car! I didn't notice before because it had been raining and I didn't need it. I'm irritated at this point so I call Enterprise AGAIN and explained there was no windshield wiper fluid and asked if this car had even been serviced at all before I got it? It was filthy, windshield had been broken and no fluids? I was concerned about the oil and such. She said don't worry I'm sure the oil is fine and to stop by and she would have wiper fluid added. Well, I was not able to be in that direction for a few days but then the rain helped me and the windshield out again thankfully! Monday, on August 14th my partner and I were parked in a parking spot at a Burger King deciding if we wanted to eat there or Pizza Hut next door. As we were sitting in the car PARKED, a Chevy Suburban Utility truck slammed into the back of the car and then started pushing the car! We were tossed forward and were freaked out of course and screamed then the truck pulled off our car and parked themselves! The police came, filled out the report, he couldn't find information on the car with Texas plates and we are in Florida. He started asking more questions than necessary it seemed, like I stole the car or something, he looked up the V.I.N # on dash and he couldn't get any info he said then he found a sticker on the window with info and I guess that worked? Who knows really if it matched the dash V.I.N.? The driver of the truck of course admitted full responsibility and after an hour, that was that. The drivers side rear received a 6in HOLE in it and other damage. After the police left I took the car back AGAIN to the same enterprise location and gave them the police report and asked if she could change my car out since it was just in an accident? Thankfully our 3 children were not in the car that day, ages 10, 3 and 3 month old baby! I explained I didn't want to drive that car anymore and defiantly did not want to put our children into it since it just was in an accident and not inspected to see if it was still safe to drive! She said SHE COULD NOT TRADE MY CAR OUT UNTILL I GAVE HER $500 more due to the accident that I did not cause. I did not have $500 more to give her and still had the car booked until August 26 and asked if we could figure it out then? She said she couldn't trade my wrecked car until I gave her $500! I had to leave in the wrecked car and still have it!!! This is ridiculous! Claims have been made with the car insurances but that takes time for them to take care of what they need to do. So until then I have to drive around in a wrecked rental car!!!! That may or MAY NOT be safe for me, my partner or my children to drive in, which I am not putting my kids in this car again! Makes things difficult!!! I can't believe a multi million dollar corporation is making me drive around in a wrecked car like this! No inspection or assessment of the vehicle has been done. I've given them almost $800 already in less than 20 days to rent this car and I have to keep driving a wrecked car until I give them $500 more!!!!?????? UNEXCEPTABLE! I can't even sleep hardly cause I'm so upset!

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Lisa Green - 2 d 20 h ago


Forgot to add this was the Orange Park, Florida location on Blanding Blvd

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Epimenio Flores - 3 d 23 h ago


I was referred by Expert Auto body shop on Oxnard st Van Nuys California, besides the service being so poor everyone in that office were plain rude! As everyone knows u have to leave a $200 deposit, on august 10th 2017 I returned the rental on my way back home I received a credit alert stating my credit card was being charged $116.81 sales tax.. before I even returned the rental back I ask Robert the body shop owner Robert personally issued enterprise a company check for the amount of $116.81, enterprise still had the courage charging my card $116.81 them knowing that the amount was taking care of!!! I am extremely disappointed!! I will never use this company ever in my life!! Up to this date no one has called me or made an effort reaching me to discuss this matter!!!

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Robert Fink - 3 d ago


I am in dispute with Enterprise for the following:

I am a non profit Military and Police K9 Rescue Center.

I am located next door to your newest store in Villa Rica, GA.

The owner/franchiser/property lease his name is Alan Neal

Mr. Neal like to bully under Enterprise's name and file false allegations against a non profit military and police K9 rescue.

I am now at a point where I will contact and retain an attorney, contact the local and national press or media outlets post all of social media web sites about this type of behavior.

UNLESS you get this guy to leave me and the dogs alone. We do not bother anyone and we do not encroach on anyone. I provide Retirement, Rehabilitation, Re-Unite, Re-Home dogs that have served their community and nation. Is this the way Enterprise reflects back on the community?

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Emily Sacalis - 3 d 5 h ago


Hello, I have had Rental Agreement Nr.8P97YZ from 08/07/2017 - 08/11/2017 at Enterprise Rent a Car 9052 State Rd 84, Davie Fl . Rental price was $125.25, but I was overcharged $71.80; I had my own insurance. Rezervation Enterprise Nr. (hidden). I have been at Office Monday ( 3 days ago ), they promise to send correct invoice, but they didn't. It shows a wrong one $197.00 Bill Ref. # 5500-2164-9470 from 08/11/2017

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Xeng - 4 d 5 h ago


The LaCrosse, WI Airport location does not value customer's reservation at all. I had a reservation for Friday, August 11th to pick up a Minivan. Friday morning at 8 am, I even received a email confirming my reservation pickup at 9:30 am. When I arrived at the airport, there was not minivan waiting for me. The agent told me that all minivans were given out the previous day. No phone call to let me know that there was not any minivans for me to pick up. Instead I get a email saying that my vehicle is ready to be picked up. I am very disappointed with Enterprise. My whole vacation was messed up.

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Sheila - 4 d 18 h ago


Wow, I've always enjoyed renting my vehicles from Enterprise until this day AUG 14,2017 the worst. It wasn't my usual rental car store I wentt to that one on Copans Rd and Powelinr Rd in Pompano Bch. This is in Florida. I had the displeasure of dealing with this associate by the name of Sam, to my surprise he said that he was this branch manager, how awful for them.I was in the process of returning a rental car on this date of 08/14/2017. I asked him for the balance that was owed . He jacked up the price from 22.00 dollars a day to 44 a day . He charged me for basic insurance which I used my own private insurance. I really felt bullied by him because he spoke over me and he began to speak in patwa some form of broken English that Jamaican people speak he was very unprofessional.I feltl I was over charged and disrespected by Sam he needs a class on customer service and relations maybe he feels becouse he was one of the branch managers at the store it gave him the right to speak to me in the manner that he did ,that is totally unacceptable. He gave me the wrong price that was needed for payment because he didn't take the time as he should have. I plan to speak with Cooperate about this encounter. Do not ever go to this enterprise store on The corner of Power line and Copans Rd, in Pompano Bch,Fla. And if you should go there and you meet this Sam character ask for someone else.Im sure I'm not the first customer that has been subject to his behavior but I maybe the first to complain.

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Bill Smales - 5 d ago


I was with my Daughter, her husband and 3 grandchildren in Washington, D.C. Mid July. We decided to take a trip to Philadelphia, PA. We went into the office on Vermont Ave in DC. The manager (Geoff Radcliffe) and is entire staff were outstanding. They stayed past closing time to make sure we were all settled into our rental. They were pleasant and professional. I've used Enterprise many times and have never had such great customer service. It's nice to see that type of service still exist. Tell Geoff and his staff great job and we enjoyed our day in Philadelphia.

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Lorraine Manuel - 5 d 37 m ago


I have been dealing with Enterprise and American Express on a claim for a chip in the window that we incurred back in June while on vacation in Colorado. While it's been slow but good up to this point, I am now completely dissatisfied by how the final outcome has been handled by Enterprise. My rental insurance is with AmEx and I pay $19.95 for that coverage each time I rent. Enterprise charges to repair the windshield were paid by AmEx; however, ENTERPRISE tacks on an "admin fee" which AmEx will pay if they have supporting documentation from Enterprise. So I just got off a conf call with Enterprise and AmEx and the Enterprise Rep says "oh yeah, we don't have any supporting documentation for that so AmEx usually won't pay that!" - What? So why not send supporting doc of what's included in this $57.00 fee???????? No, let's screw the renter (me) and collect more money from them. I'm not paying it because it's ridiculous. So now I am on the "DO NOT RENT TO" list. Very bad way to do business when I have been doing everything possible to make sure AmEx pays Enterprise.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago


Waco south office made it so hard to get my daughter's rental do understand if the car is paid for through. Gico. Because my daughter was in a reck why does she have to ha ve a light bill two pick up the car

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armando martir - 5 d 17 m ago


miami offices are inadequate they don't pick up phones

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Warren - 7 d 15 s ago


I just want to say what a pleasure it was having Kate Pearson, in your Downtown MInneapolis Office, to help us with our latest rental, a one-way one at that. Very professional. Very helpful. Saved us a ton of money from the unprofessional, unhelpful experience we had across the street with another agency. We will certainly be looking forward to our next rental through Enterprise. Thank you, Kate. Warren, Lafayette, CO.

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Rita A. Johnson - 7 d 5 h ago


Rita Johnson, National exit booth agent at Philadelphia International Airport, represents Enterprise Holding in a superb manner. Nice, efficient, pleasant.

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