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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Taylor
Chairman and CEO
(314) 512-5000
(314) 512-4706
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Enterprise can not get it together! I rented a car in December, returned it in clean condition with more gas in it then it had when I left the lot. I have been waiting three weeks for my deposit back and now they say they sent it to the wrong address! Now I have to wait another three weeks! Customer service at the Alton, Illinois location sucks! I have sent several emails to Grace Fischer the manager and they went ignored! I spoke to her on the phone today and she was VERY rude to me! They had no problem taking my deposit but now they do not want to give it back!

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Anonymous - 1 m ago

this seems to be very commonplace with them...pretty sure this is done on purpose. We had the same issue. Never give them a debit card... use a credit card and dispute it. Plus they hire cheap labor who are clueless.

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Maped - 44 m 39 s ago


I want to thank Enterprise for promoting and giving excellent customer service. I especially want to point out those at the 1350 Londonberry Drive, Woodstock, Georgia branch who went above and beyond in helping my husband with our rental needs, along with Paula Adkins, Risk Manager of Enterprise Leasing Company of Georgia. They all gave us top-notched service! Thank you for promoting an environment where the customer is warmly served with excellence.

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Ken Estes - 18 h 24 m ago


My daughter rented a car from the Marion Ohio office of which already had dents in it. After she was told by her insurance company to leave car at body shop where her car was repaired. So when you're employees picked up the car they are trying to accuse my daughter of putting a Dent in the car that already has several dents in it. What a way to. Treat your customers, I'll make sure I will tell everyone I can how your Marion, Ohio employees try to Rip Off Customers. We will Not Agree to any part of this Crap

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Bourgeois - 2 d ago


Just wanted to let you know how very disappointed I am in your company. I will never rent from Alamo/National again. I will make sure that I spread the word about how Alamo/National hire thieves to work at you business.

I rented a vehicle from Jan 11-16, 2017. I had placed my iPad under the front passenger seat when I went shopping with my family. I had forgot to take it out when I returned the vehicle. I started calling 1 hour after I returned the vehicle and never received any help, was hung up on twice. I was told to contact the lost and found, never received a phone number to call. I finally emailed though this service, and got a phone message from some gentlemen claiming to be the manager. Said they had started looking for my iPad. He finally gave me the number for lost and found and he lady on the end of that phone number was no more helpful then any other person I have talked too.

I realize that it was my mistake to leave my iPad in the vehicle but I guess I shouldn't be shocked that you have hired a bunch of thrive to work for you.

Thank you for stealing from your customers.

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Rachel - 2 d ago


The customer service at the Yuba City location is horrible. The manager lies, talks fast and will not accept responsibility fir mostakes made by staff. I am throughly disgusted by the treatment received by my family. I will not use your service every again.

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Susan - 3 d 51 m ago


Enterprise is a joke. My husband's truck went into a dealership for service. Due to circumstances, the truck had to stay overnight.There were no loaner vehicles available so the truck repair division assisted with a rental thru the Enterprise office housed within the dealership. The truck repair manager made sure the rental was paid for. A charge was put onto our debit card, by Enterprise, as a holding fee (gasoline, etc) with the statement it would be reimbursed. This was on 1-2-17. The vehicle was returned 26 1/2 hrs later on 1-3-17. Over, done, we assumed. On 1-9-17, a random charge was taken out of our bank account by Enterprise. My husband called & the rep could not explain what the charge was for, stating he would refund the money. Never did. Called again today, left a message for the person the truck repair manager said to speak with. An hour and a half later, called again & happened to get hold of this suggested person. She acknowledged the rental was paid for, gave a song & dance excuse about the extra charges, said the random charge was the remainder owed at the end of the contract & said she would refund some of the money within a day or two. Basically, Enterprise charges these small amounts because they know they can get away with it. Will never use Enterprise again & will put the word out to anyone I know the scam they run!

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Linda - 2 d ago


I just had sane problem renting in San Rafael, Ca.Irwindale st office.

Car rented thru triple Aa..for accident which I was injured party..They took more money out 2 weeks after renting car..and alot if excuses..They said they corrected problem..then said they had which in system athat wouldn't allow the release...Now going on 2 weeks since they were releasing money hold which was over $400 for car accident where insurance company approved and being billed...and should never happened at sll. Just called corporate office but they won't put me thru manager or give me email address of Pam Nicholdon..or anyone in executive position.

I am not letting this go..with my media background may just get this in major newspaper etc..if not!.

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M. M - 3 d ago


I wasbtold my 50 deposit would be reemibursed but ended getting mixed up in other crappey fees they add called whole week for my deposit to told i wont be receiving my money back because fees were charged for insurance ect. Typical bs im too mad . Next call and inform customers that more money is need before picking in the deposit pure foolery never again and i will recommend i called culprit yet more excuses i could be any nicer or respectful to get nothing back to satify my harx paying service ....

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Preston - 7 d 27 m ago


It has been a month and no one has contact me about reimbursement.

In order to better serve you, we have sent this feedback to the corporate office that oversees this location. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to give them a call. Thank you for choosing Enterprise, we appreciate your business!

Response: Melissa - 12/14/2016 01:31 PM

Dear Mr. Robinson,

Thank you for your feedback regarding your recent experience with us. My name is Melissa. Your message and information has been sent to your rental location, and someone will be contacting you. If you would like to contact them directly, you may call (hidden). Your reference number is 26158622.



Enterprise Customer Service

Customer: Preston Robinson - 12/14/2016 09:51 AM

Rented a car from Dec 9 to Dec 11 was charged for lost keys, after the technician went over the car and I went to the counter to retrieve paper work. I did not receive a common courtesy call that a set of keys were missing. When I turned in the key the keys were inside, I do not appreciate looking at my account and being blamed and charged for an error that was not my fault, I would like to be reimbursed 281.00 for keys I do not have

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Sheila , CA - 3 d 8 h ago


I have been disputing my issues for almost 3 months . Still no response . They do not respond to BBB either . Seems to me there is lack of regulation / overight . So much for consumers being protected

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C Vogeney - 4 d 11 h ago

Enterprise removed $300 from my son's account without his knowledge. Here's the story: My son was in an accident, and the other parties insurance paid for the rental car from enterprise while my son's car was being fixed. When my son returned the car to enterprise, there were a few small scratches. They said they had to review the situation and let him know. They never sent him notice or called him, but took $300 out of his account without his knowledge. They said they will take out $200.00 in two weeks. They said they told him by phone they were doing this, (they didn't ) and sent a letter saying this (they didnt). Since when can business take money out of your account without telling you? Will never use enterprise again!

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Elena Marie - 4 d 19 h ago


I cannot believe it is so difficult to obtain the name of a Region Manager in Ocala, Florida, or to find an e-mail address on Enterprise's website to contact a Region Manager or the Corporate Office. I do not wish to deal with the location I rented from because they already created two billing errors! And, their professionalism, knowledge, and customer service currently leave a lot to be desired! Also, when I called Enterprise's 800#, they were not willing to provide me with an e-mail address to contact a Region Manager in Ocala, Florida; they only offered to transfer me to the "escalation department" or I could use the website. Well, so far, the websites for Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Enterprise Holdings have not been helpful to me in obtaining the information I seek to be able to resolve the issues I have with Enterprise.

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nightmare - 5 d 2 m ago


i used to rent cars from you; now i see you're fanchising in Port Orford and one of the parties involved has a revoked license. So we don't need a license? In her court case she stated she has to take a shot of whiskey every hour while on an MOA inhibitor. So we can drive under the influence too?

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B Bartley - 5 d 1 h ago


Very irregular situation. I picked up a car at the Raleigh Durham Airport RDU a KIA Seol on 01/03/17. On Jan 7 I received a call from a person who said she was with the airport office for Enterprise. This person said that she needed to know what car I had. I was skeptical so I asked for a name and called the Enterprise office on my agreement to be sure and asked for that person. Upon reconnecting I gave this person my RA# and the License number of the vehicle as well as a description of the vehicle. At that point the person said ok we have this correct have a good day. Today 01/14/2017 I received a similar call and asked to call back just as before. In this case the rep "China" said if you don't give me what I need I will call the police. I politely explained that in my job with the federal government I am often targeted by social engineering and phishing attempts so I have to be careful who I give information to. She then agreed for me to call back. It took 5 more phone calls to get back with her and provide the information. I provided the RA#, my original booking and return information return date: 03/15/17 and the license number of the car. The reason was that she had told me I was supposed to have returned the car on 01/06/17. My RA and Booking both say I have a monthly mini lease. She was unable to resolve the situation or get anyone in management to correct it.

This is an outrage! I am perfectly legal and have correct documentation of my arrangements with Enterprise. For you employees to call me multiple times and ask for the same information that was their responsibility to record in the first place and then threaten me with calling the police and reporting the vehicle stolen is an indication of some serious issues and possibly some sort of foul play. I will be returning this vehicle at may earliest opportunity and moving on. I am deeply offended and demand this be looked into!

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Not A Happy Camper - 5 d ago


Rented car on Friday, January 13, 2017. Received ticket on car that might stating license plate and sticker expired. Called Enterprise next morning they are too busy to remedy my situation, (didn't argue with individual but that is why I'm writing you) what do I do wait around with the car parked outside my home for it to be towed for expired plates and sticker or drive it and get pulled over by police. A senior citizen me and police don't get along. Don't have a replacement car or can't tell me if they have updated stickers for car. I need them to bring me another car and take this one back, why should I have to go to them for their mistake

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Anonymous - 5 d 11 h ago


We attempted toale reservations for a 4WD online and was unable to do so. My husband then called the customer service line and was told that we could not reserve a 4WD online. We would need to reserve a car and would get a 4WD when we got there

When we arrived at your Colorado Airport location, we spoke to the manager McKinley Stephens and was told that customer service representative was not correct. He made no attempts to assist with our dilemma. As a customer, we take the I formation from your staff as factual. I am very disgusted with your company's inability to do service recovery. I also think McKinley and all staff should attend some type of customer etiquette classe

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Amy - 6 d ago

This was always my go to car rental place until recently! I don't know what has happened to them as a company, but it's not the company it used to be. I'll try to make this as short as I can. So I'll just write little points.

- I rented from a neighborhood location in Midlothian VA.

-No one looks up from their desk when you walk in. No one says anything....not even a hello...... I'll be right with you!! Nothing!

-Young men working there that don't know how a business is ran or customer service.

-Got our car on empty and I mean empty! The gas light came on after driving 5 miles. We were told that we woluld have 5% taken off the bill due to no gas.

- When the car was returned they took 49 cents off! Yes, 49 cents! And that wasn't from the over all bill, but from the $4.90 that they charged us for going over the 100 miles per day. ( which we didn't)

We only drove 60 miles the one day we rented it. I don't even know where they came up with the miles? (when questioned the young man just kept on talking over me).

- I called them regarding a question 20 mins before they were closing and no one would answer the phone. I kept on pushing redial for 5 mins hoping that someone would pick up. I guess because, it was a Friday they had to go to happy hour. I called another location and they were able to help me.

I could go on, but I won't. You get what I'm saying. I felt like I was dealing with salesmen that work on commission that try to screw you from ever angle! Bottom line....Enterprise train your young employees better!

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R & R Transport Calif - 6 d 18 h ago


Ontario .ca called for pick up waited for 45 min called them back they I said I was over there area of pick up 3.25 miles they all full of shit never again do business with. This Company again

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UNHAPPY CUSTOMER - 6 d 19 h ago



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Karen - 7 d 42 m ago


I made a reservation two days ago to rent a vehicle to attend a family members wedding . I did not get the car bc they said they are catering to ppl who made reservations months ago . After speaking to the manager and her assuring me that I will get a vehicle today , still no word from the manager . I even called corporate headquarters still nothing . This is very unprofessional and I will have to miss my family's wedding bc if it . I will never use these ppl at the college park ga location again , very ghetto and the manager should be held accountable for lying .

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Anonymous - 6 d 19 h ago

Oh they lied to me to. They will NEVER get my business. I've called all over and can't get an answer!

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Bridget - 6 d 19 h ago


I'm getting VERY frustrated with your company! Noone contacts me back or gives me a straight answer about my bill. I've been calling for the past three weeks. When I called on the 27th the representative said he'd call corporate and call me back... Well he did and said there was a computer glitch in the system it was paid and not to worry about the payment, that it'll clear it about 3 business days... well guess what!!! Jan 3rd I received another bill!!! I wasn't supposed to recieve a bill because it was supposed to be handled! I even asked for an email confirmation to say it was cleared and he said not to worry about it so I didn't. I'm HIGHLY unsatisfied with your company! I have called corporate, accounting department, and my local branch and NOONE can help me or give me an answer! I will be contacting the better business Bureau. I wI'll never recommend anyone to this company. They're nothing but liars!

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

More concerned about survey than helping customers.Pam Nicholson would not come to phone to help. What a president of a company.All 3 people told stories rather than help. Thank you ,Budget, for real service.

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JoDena Russo - 7 d ago

Honesdale, Pa office is rude an I don't condone their behavior

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