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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Taylor
Chairman and CEO
(314) 512-5000
(314) 512-4706
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Time for "Enterprise by Alexa" - 2 h 30 m ago


I avoid Enterprise as much as possible, but in situations where it is the only viable option, I rely on an online booking website to avoid dealing with any person from the company. They deny prices and availabilities I see on a website until I walk-out or often go as far as claiming the website must have displayed availability/prices by error even when I book online.

I book via 3rd party travel website, such as Expedia or others, "with insurance" and print the receipt and visit a store and show the paper without refusing to say a word to anyone while repeating that I am there to pickup what is on the paper under terms and conditions already agreed. I do not sign any paper that does not match T&C from Expedia nor I ever pickup or drop a car without taking a video of walk-around views for both interior and exterior.

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Kecia Ellick - 10 h 59 m ago

I am a gold tier Enterprise Plus customer and while I typically receive excellent customer service throughout my rentals, my last experience with Enterprise on August 2, 2018 was horrific and left me seriously considering other options. I reserved a rental over the phone using a voucher I received from Enterprise. It was one-way rental from BWI (Baltimore) airport to ATL (Atlanta). I advised the representative that I would be using a debit card for this rental and was told that I needed to have flown within 7 days in order to do so. I confirmed that I had my itinerary from arriving in Baltimore a few days before and, because it was within 7 days, would suffice for the debit card payment. I arrived at the airport and presented the agent with my ID and debit card, and showed him a copy of my itinerary on my phone. After a few minutes of staring, I was asked about my return flight information. I explained that I flew into BWI a few days before, but was driving back to Atlanta on personal business. He left to get a manager, and they both returned stating that even though I had a one way rental, I needed a return flight to Baltimore in order to use my debit. This is not the information I was told over the phone with the rep. I called back into customer service and was basically told the same thing. Again, this is not what was explained to me when I made the reservation. Therefore, I was stuck at the airport with limited funds and no real options. I was forced to buy a ticket returning from ATL to BWI to complete the rental. I go back to the agent with my debit card and driver's license, and show him a copy of my new itinerary. The agent looks over the itinerary again and then points out that the flight is scheduled for a different day than my car return. My car was scheduled to be returned Friday (the very next day) and my flight was scheduled for Saturday. The agent insisted that I had to keep the rental until the day of my flight, which would cost me an additional $275 (one-way rental fee). The agent failed to give me that information 30 minutes earlier when, then, he only stated I needed to have a return flight within 7 days. At that point, despite my immense frustration - and the tears of frustration to prove it - I call and change my flight from Saturday to Friday. So now, I not only have a return flight from ATL to BWI, but also a flight scheduled for the same day as I was returning the rental car. So, again, I go to the agent and hand him my driver's licence, debit card, and show him the newly revised itinerary. At THIS point, after holding my cards in his hand for the 3rd time, the agent decides he has never seen "this type" of card before and isn't sure if he can take it. It was a debit card attached to my checking account. He disappears for 10 minutes and comes back with a female manager who also states that because she has never seen my debit card before that she cannot accept it. I am beyond frustrated at this point and it really took everything inside of me to remain calm. I'm approaching 90 minutes at the airport at this point for a transaction that typically only takes 2 minutes. My ride to the airport, who was running late for her own appointments but refused to leave me stranded, drove me to a nearby PNC bank where I transferred funds from one account to another in order to use a debit card that looked more "familiar" to the agent. I must pause here to say that the only reason I did not go to the another rental location is because I was using a voucher from Enterprise that came in very handy as I had a family emergency that was forcing my return trip back to Atlanta so soon after arriving to Baltimore. 2 hrs after first arriving to BWI, I return to the desk - this time a different agent is available - and my rental is processed, with no questions, in the typical 2 minutes I usually experience. The first agent I dealt with the 3 times prior simply DID NOT want to rent the car to me. He went out of his way to find reasons to deny my rental. I believe this is because I am a Black woman with natural hair that I wear short and curly, and blue. I believe that because of my blue afro and my Black body, that the agent discriminated against me, made assumptions about me and/or my intentions, and decided I should not receive a rental car that day. The agent did not know, or care to know, that I am a PhD candidate at the University of Maryland, that I am the mother of 3 adult children, or the grandmother of 1. He had no compassion or concern as I explained my family emergency and that I was operating on information I received by an Enterprise agent. He did not respect me or the efforts I made to jump through the hoops that he created in order for me to receive a vehicle and get on the road. He, and both the managers he consulted, made me feel small, unworthy, and unappreciated as a customer. Once finally in a vehicle I actually had to pull over to the side of the road and calm myself because I was so angry that I was afraid to drive. My eyes were swollen from crying my tears of frustration and my head was pounding. In all my years, this was the WORST experience I have had and it has truly left a sour taste.

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Anonymous - 10 h 24 m ago


Waiting at McDonough, GA location while short back female (Jazz?) walks around singing and piping gum. Another drinks some kind of drink she got from

Starbucks, a male clerk chats with them laughing and carrying on while I continue to WAIT for a five mile ride home!!

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Jody - 14 h 51 m ago


On 11/14/16 my husband was involved in an accident in New Haven, Connecticut. The accident wasn't his fault he was broadsided in an intersection by someone who didn't stop at a stop sign. The other person had a rental car with enterprise. She didn't have her own insurance, so she had the insurance through enterprise. My husband suffered a herniated disc from the accident and the enterprise (self insurance) doesn't want to pay, not even enough to just pay for his medical bills, never mind pain and suffering that he will have for the rest of his life. His medical bills weren't outrageous. Today is 8/15/18 Still no money from them. We're beyond enraged. Our lawyer says we'll have to sue them. We don't want a lawsuit, but we don't have the money to pay the doctors! Just pay up Enterprise!! I'm sure you can figure this out by the date and location I've given.

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Juanita - 11 h 23 m ago


Rented a car on-line a week or two before date. Evening before I was to get a car they phoned and said they probably wouldn't have one first thing in the morning and that they were contacting other agencies to see if they could get me one. In the morning they said they were getting some but weren't sure ETA. I had rented it for August14. The evening of Tuesday I called asking what was happening and was told they had none coming. I had a child stuck at an airport and all they ever said was sorry. I had asked about a vechile in the yard and was told it wasn't played. Two people in office, no cars to rent, and none coming back, but they couldn't plate it. It is now Wednesday, they will have one at 1:30 PM. Called told them too late, have gotten her home. Mentioned that I had a hotel room that had been reserved and was now out the money. Their comment we can give you a free upgrade next time. Next time, they probably won't have any cars either, not to say the hotel cost almost twice what the rental fees were to be. This is not the first time. I just find it ridiculous that with 20 agencies in a 5 hour drive, nothing could be done.

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Anonymous - 19 h 26 m ago


I am experiencing a less-than-acceptable experience at Enterprise car sales in Essington, PA. I was sold a lemon. The vehicle was NOT inspected and certified before selling to me. Bad brakes and destroyed rotors. I was placed in danger. The management has refused to return my calls or emails concerning the immense amount of problems the vehicle I purchased has.I've not had the vehicle for a full month. BUYERS BEWARE. Manager named Dominick.

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GM - 1 d 9 h ago



August 2018

Re: G McIntyre/Enterprise Burnside Location

I have received over 2 mails and calls from you. What should be intuitively obvious by now is I have no intention of paying on any Enterprise bill created by any location where Mike Teal is the manager nor any E that employs such unethical persons. I realize you accept accounts from businesses assuming they are ethical and professional and are above board. Mike Teal has a history of causing immeasurable stress and avoidable financial burdens with his fabricating amounts on receipts and services rendered so any receipt created by Teal would be highly suspect and when I found out he was the new manager of Burnside I knew I would have to find a new company to conduct my weekly rental business with after being with E for many years.

There is a reported history where another staff member was terminated for a total sum of unethical practices along side with Teal and Teal should have been fired along side of him where 1300.00 in medical bills was paid out personally by me because they did alter my contract changing the corporate agreement that moved my account from DISCOUNT to E and did so without my knowledge or consent causing immeasurable anger and suffering while they paid for the car damages of the car that TBoned me but no money for my medical bills.!!!!!!!

The only reason why I stayed at this company is because the manager was fired and Teal was moved to another location although I also reported that he was creating upgraded charges weekly on an account already pre-approved, he was sneaking in upgraded charges that werenot to approved by anybody namely me the client and it was finally brought to my attention via a third party and addressed immediately...when this was found out it was reported to S Comeau..

The amount he is attempting to harass me about now is retaliatory as he was told I would have nothing to do with him and this collections is a sad reflection of the lack of integrity of this company. I was stranded during winter storms which E knew about after having collected many free rentals for loyalty rewards..I had asked for them 4 times during the summer when I needed them and they were finally to given to me for winter limiting my options so I piled them on this one trip. I have no intention of paying for this being E never reimbursed me for my medical massages from that car accident nor has E reimbursed me for the MP3 player and car charger and electtronics left in my last rental upon my incarceration. I just spent 8 months in prison because I loathe corruption so I can assure you I don't give a damn about this fabricated corrupt file with you from Enterprise

Your mail will continue to be scrapped to the garbage bin



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Michael and Erica Jones - 1 d 11 h ago


I am sure that this complaint will be handled pretty much the same as it was at the Salem, Va. location. But i figured i would give it a try. On 8/13 my wife went to your Salem, Va. location to pick up a SUV for her to drive while our Highlander is in the shop being repaired from a accident. When my wife picked it up she didn't notice the odor in the car. I guess where the doors were open and the A/C was on she didn't smell it until later that day when she went to leave work. She said it smelled like someone had been smoking in it. Anyway this morning when i went out to the car i smelled it too. Anyway i called the Salem Va. location and spoke to Nate. Nate said that he would check to see what came in this morning and that he would call me at 12;00 noon. At 1:15 I call the location to be told that they didn't have anything on the lot. I get that, but here is where the frustration started. I asked ok so what can you do, his responding back with nothing. I don't have anything, he said maybe check back tomorrow. No offer to check one of other 3 locations in the area nothing. Basically he should have just said go away i don't want to deal with you

But now it gets even better, i hang with him very frustrated and call you 800 customer service line to basically receive the same I dont want to deal with you attitude from a manager.. No offer to help except to tell me to drive 20 minutes to another location and see if they have something that they could switch it with. No offer to call and check, reserve or anything.

So at this point I was beyond frustrated i am to the point of where i am no longer ever going to do business with your company ever again. Then i drive to the Williamson Road Location in Roanoke, Va. I walk in to be greeted by Jennifer Dobrzynski and Jennifer was very apologetic for all of the frustrations i had been dealing with today. At this point Jennifer should probably be running the Salem, Va. location or be the manager at your call center as she seems to know how to handle customer service. I left there still fuming with the experience i had to deal with today. But Jennifer should be commended for taking a very hot situation and calming it down.

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John Simmons Young, Jr. - 1 d 15 h ago


Mr. Taylor ~ Please cancel my Enterprise Plus membership. I will no longer do any business with Enterprise Holdings, including Enterprise, Alamo, and National Car Rental companies, based on your recent anti Second Amendment, anti freedom, anti American, and anti NRA discount removal. This policy is the most outrageous unfairly biased, hateful, discriminatory, warped, and misguided political action I have ever seen from a commercial company in America in my lifetime, and, in my opinion, another manifestation of the socialist / communist war against America's constitutional republic and everything good and decent that it stands for. I am the son of an American patriot, who flew copilot in one of the lead B-24D aircraft with Medal of Honor winner, Col. John R. Kane, on one of the desperate missions against the German oil refineries at Ploesti, Rumania in 1943, fighting against tyranny and for the personal freedoms and rights all Americans enjoy today, although so many today do not know what others sacrificed, nor do they care about and appreciate what so many have done to secure the unique prosperity and freedom we now have in this country. I consider your misguided hatred for the NRA and it's efforts to, similarly, DEFEND America's freedom and it's constitutional rights, as an insult to all of those who have fought and died for freedom, and also a sign of YOUR JOINING America's domestic ENEMIES in their current WAR on America, freedom, and our constitutional republic ! Sincerely, John S. Young, Jr

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Anonymous - 3 d 12 h ago


Enterprise Protest Debtor Purchase and illegal unauthorized charging on 02/2018-03-05-2018 of Homeowners Home Isaac Williams Jr. And Trina Daniels Williams at 5013 Antioch St. Marrero , Louisiana 70072 legal IRS registration legal eviction notice to serving Amelia Gail Noel and Willie Thomas Noel , Chandra Noel and The 4NsLLC renting out Homeowners property address illegally fraudulent fraudulently causing intellectual property theft and serving legal notice to vacate off property violating trespassing signs posted on Profiles and property 5013 Antioch St. Marrero , Louisiana 70072 and serving notice to both locations 2508 Colorado Dr. Marrero , Louisiana 70072 and 5013 Antioch st. Marrero , Louisiana 70072 from Forever Stamped Homeowners Isaac Williams Jr. And Trina Daniels Williams 5013 Antioch St. Marrero , Louisiana 70072

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Jim Penzaline - 3 d 14 h ago


I had to use Enterprise because my car was totaled and my insurance company sent me there. It was the worst experience of my life. They should have paid me to drive around their " junk" and the amount of hours and calls I spent trying to fix the issue were insane. Switching me from location to location and logging of hours I needed to take off of work to switch out my car. They did nothing for me! No one writes notes in the system on your reservation number. You can never reach the same agent. There is only a first name given of your employees so when you are pawned off to the next agent - they have no idea what you are talking about and have to explain the whole story over. Its mentally exhausting dealing with Enterprise Employees everyone has a different story even mangers on the phone are not helpful. They all say oh, I'm so sorry - they promised me 2 free extra days I tried to use them and no agent had any clue, what I was talking about. I was told it would be put on my emerald account, it never was. I called to return the car and they didn't even have a record of me ever having the car!!! How is that handled? Should I have kept the car??? I needed to re-new my rental car (out of my pocket) - but because your company is no un-responsive on EVERY level I went to another company (your competitor) and had no issues. Wonder why after reading these reviews - I was told locations had cars sitting there but most of them are not available for rental as they needed work and un-rentable conditions. After dealing with your company maybe you shouldn't be in the rental car business. Your service agents are awful - no follow-up skills, you computer software is not detailed to take notes on your accounts, and your cars are not serviced enough to keep up with your demand. No employees truly cares about the customers and I can see that customer satisfaction is not a priority of Enterprise. I am also going to write this to the CEO of the company and put on multiple social media channels so no one ever has deal with what I did. I am so dis-satisified with Enterprise!

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Anyone But Enterprise - 4 d 9 h ago


A friend is flying into New Orleans airport to come visit me in New Iberia. Due to a scheduling snafu she ended up arriving on a day when I'm working. Her flight arrives at 5:30am and the only bus that will bring her to New Iberia is at 6:30pm leaving her stranded in the airport for many hours so I went online and reserved a car in my partner's name so he could pick her up while I'm at work.

We have rented from Enterprise several times before and experienced a few hiccups so I made a point of calling to ensure the reservation online had gone through correctly. The representative informed me that there was no reservation in his name. I got the email with the Confirmation Number and gave it to the representative who looked it up and confirmed that the reservation is there. He informed me that my partner would need a driver's license and credit card to pick up the car. I told him no problem, he'll have that on him when he arrives.

Then the problems started as the Rep. informed me that he would also have to provide car insurance, proof of employment, and utility bills in his name.


My partner is unemployed and does not own a car so he has neither pay stubs nor car insurance, although he is listed on my policy. Since I own the house we live in and all the utilities are in my name he has no utility bills either.

Enterprise never asked for any of this information before and it makes no sense to ask someone with no car to provide proof of car insurance. Only a car owner would have that and if he owned a car he wouldn't be trying to rent one in the first place.

This has been the worst experience I've ever had with Enterprise, and it'll be the last.

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Dawn Brandt - 4 d 12 h ago


i am contacting you in regards to my recent rental. i booked through travelocity and purchased the rental insurance however when i arrived ar enterprisein winter haven florida located on cypress gardens blvd the asssociate which i also believe is the supervisor said you never want get insurance through a travel agent it is such a hassel if there isan accident and i told her i coulfdnt cancel because i would have to give them a 24 hour notice she however proceeded to ignore my reservation and gave me the rental as if i didnt gave a reservation and gave me insurance through enterprise which cost me 40.00 extra dollars on top of the 40.00 i already paid through travelocity that i did not get reimbursed for. I did niot have time to argue with the associate but I am very disappointed and will not be back if this is not cleared up and i have had rented alot of cars through enterprise but will take my business elsewhere.

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Dawn Brandt - 4 d 13 h ago



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Bye Enterprise - 4 d 19 h ago


I made a reservation a month prior to needing a rental. Our circumstances changed and I had to cancel the reservation. I had made it online, as I could not get through to my local office as the phone line was constantly busy and the 800 umber kept me holding for long periods of time. I am a rewards member, I have rented many times through enterprise. 5 days prior to needing the vehicle I went online to cancel the reservation. I had tried to cancel via phone, but again the local office line was busy and the 800 number kept me holding 15 minutes and then hung up on me! When I did finally get through the 800 number, they told me since I made my reservation online, I had to cancel online to get credit back on my credit card. When I went to cancel my reservation, 5 days in advance, they charged me $50 for cancelling a car I never used. When I finally got through to my local office to ask about this, which was just at their closing time, although I had left a message first thing in the morning for a callback and called serveral times during the day to just get busy signals, they said they couldnt help as it was an onlne reservation. I never would have made online reservations if I had known I would be charged to cancel. Enterprise this is unacceptable customer service and all I heard in the continuing loop ;you play while Im on hold is how: "Our Mission is To be the best transportation service provider in the world.

To exceed our customers' expectations for service, quality and value.

Great things happen when we listen to our customers and to each other.

We focus on our high level of service by taking the time to understand the needs of every customer and employee. And that leads us to new opportunities." etc

This is not the case when you charge a client for cancelling, when they neve used a vehicle, plenty of time in advance. Or when you keep them waiting for extremely long times on the phone. I have used enterprise for years, but I will not be using them anymore. Their actions do not match their pretty words.

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W.J. Shannon up-date - 5 d 9 h ago


We have been a long time customer/business partner with Enterprise involving extensive on-going car rentals an multiple vehicle purchases with the company. Recently (3 weeks ago) we traded in a former enterprise rental vehicle that we purchased for another. Before we made the first payment, the vehicle broke down. Ok, these things happen. We are more disappointed in the vehicle brand because we should have known better than to have purchased the same brand again (knowing the past history we had with this brand). However, upon contacting Enterprise Stockton Ca,. Auto Mall car rentals, things got worse. They told us there was no rental available until much later that day. Already stressed due to our business concerns related to no vehicle, we were also told ( by the rental office) that they were not connected to car sales. What does that have to do with anything?, other than in Stockton both offices are under the same roof, sharing the same name! This was before business hours for car sales, so there was no one else to call, so I said nothing after hearing this reply and called into our business and had an employee pick me up, took one of our other fleet vehicles for transportation, which caused much disruption to our scheduling. Now we have an almost new vehicle in the shop before making the first payment on it, and have to find a new rental company after over 10 years. At least the vehicle I am now driving was purchased somewhere else due to the fact that when we tried to use Enterprise at that time, the dealer would not bring a vehicle 70 miles down the road so we could buy it! Bought that vehicle at another dealership within 2 hours.

One day latter, we find out the A/C system is broken and needs the same parts as the previous Dodge we owned.(Monday maybe) at the Dodge dealership next door to Enterprise.

Now for the financial escapades at the time of purchase:

We made what looked like fair deal and everything looked efficiently processed as we drove off. The next day, finance called to tell us we had to provide more info to the lender and join their Credit Union, or loose our interest rate. (The excuse was that they forgot to tell us at the sale). Sounds more like "get the customer out the door, then bait & switch. Instead of complaining, we agreed and were sent the docs, filled them out, spoke directly with the lender, and e-mailed the docs to the lender. A week later Enterprise STKN called us still asking for the docs. We again filled them out and e-mailed to Enterprise this time.

How many levels of STUPID does Enterprise operate on? Guess we are the STUPID ones for going along with all this, because we will loose a lot of money when the warrantee ends on the truck, and we have to sell at a huge loss. Will never trust Enterprise Sales or DODGE products again. Oh yea, they do not want to take our calls either, even though they at this writing they have no idea of the mechanical troubles we are having, (or do they?)

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Anonymous - 5 d 11 h ago

My name is Debra McCord. I rented a car through your company. I had a accident on June 28 2018. Long story short the person who hit me paid for the rental. The person who took all my info and asked if I wanted all this stuff all I took was the ins. He quoted me $18.00 a day. I had the car for 26 days which is $468.00 total for ins. I gave a $50 Deposit and then when I was on vacation they took out another $250.00 so that was a total of $300. Today I looked in my account and another $212.00 was taken out. That's a total of $512.00. I went into the lakewood nj office and they didnt know why all of that was taken out. He said just like I figured out he went in the back room and comes out and tells me it was tax on the insurance. NO ONE SAID THERE WOULD BE TAX ON THE INS. I'm sure as you know I'm not happy with Enterprise and I will tell everyone I know not to use them. I always felt with Hertz which I never had a problem like this. It will be the last time I use your company.

Thanks Debbie McCord

you can reach me at (hidden)

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Anonymous - 5 d 11 h ago


Just for the information of people who post on this site:

My post seems to have disappeared, so I think it is likely that negative posts are removed regularly. The posts that appear right now are probably only a small portion of the bad reviews thaymt this company receives.

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Chris - 5 d 14 h ago


I am a member of both Enterprise's Emerald Club and Plus Club (three rentals from Gold Level). I am scheduled to fly into the Providence, RI airport tomorrow. Since I only have a debit card and not flying out of the airport, I can not rent from the airport. Despite, the fact I have a business account (Emerald Club) and a silver member (only three rentals from Gold).

I find it very troubling that there are no systems in place to assist us with this unique situation and seriously thinking about canceling all accounts.

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John Davis - 5 d 16 h ago


Corporate responsibility is important to me. As a frequent customer of yours it concerns me that you continue to advertise on the Laura Ingram show on Fox news. I will be watching your advertising and if the commercials are not pulled it will result in my discontinuation of business with your company. Anti American and decisive sentiment should not be something you are associated with and if you do not stop i will stop using your company.

General profile image

Tom - 5 d 16 h ago


I've been a employee for over 7 years as a service agent . First when I started I worked 28 to 29 hours every week for over 2 years and had it approved ..I never even took a lunch break first 2 years ..Then my hours got cut to 25 a week over another mangers problems . Then only to be cut again to 22 a week .. after being here 5 years they hire a guy full time in the same area that had only been here 1 or 2 years .. when I asked to be full time after 5 to 6 years working at enterprise it wasn't happening .. now after being her over 7 years now I'm still not topped out in pay and find out that the guy that started last week makes 11 a hour too .. I really think that is very Shitty . Excuse my language.. but it's been a long 7 years and then I see a job online for full time in my area I'm not eligible for the job ???

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W. J. Shannon (Controller) Kids Experience CCC - 6 d 14 h ago


We have been a long time customer/business partner with Enterprise involving extensive on-going car rentals an multiple vehicle purchases with the company. Recently (3 weeks ago) we traded in a former enterprise rental vehicle that we purchased for another. Before we made the first payment, the vehicle broke down. Ok, these things happen. We are more disappointed in the vehicle brand because we should have known better than to have purchased the same brand again (knowing the past history we had with this brand). However, upon contacting Enterprise Stockton Ca,. Auto Mall car rentals, things got worse. They told us there was no rental available until much later that day. Already stressed due to our business concerns related to no vehicle, we were also told ( by the rental office) that they were not connected to car sales. What does that have to do with anything?, other than in Stockton both offices are under the same roof, sharing the same name! This was before business hours for car sales, so there was no one else to call, so I said nothing after hearing this reply and called into our business and had an employee pick me up, took one of our other fleet vehicles for transportation, which caused much disruption to our scheduling. Now we have an almost new vehicle in the shop before making the first payment on it, and have to find a new rental company after over 10 years. At least the vehicle I am now driving was purchased somewhere else due to the fact that when we tried to use Enterprise at that time, the dealer would not bring a vehicle 70 miles down the road so we could buy it! Bought that vehicle at another dealership within 2 hours. How many levels of STUPID does Enterprise operate on?

General profile image

Amy Tomblinson - 6 d 14 h ago


I reserved an economy car three days in advance to drive to an interview five hours away. Enterprise called the day before to confirm my reservation. Fifteen minutes before my pick up time they called to say that they didn't have any cars but I could rent a PASSENGER VAN at the van rate. This was unacceptable. I asked them to call the airport location and they indicated that they "don't answer their phones". I drove to the airport, Enterprise said that they had nothing because I didn't have a reservation AT THAT SITE. Well, I did make a reservation but that was useless. They sent me to the next counter which was Alamo. They had no cars either, but rented a van (at the higher rate)---I needed to get to the interview. I am very disappointed with this company and will not be using them in the future. I ended up paying $350 instead of the $198 on the reservation quote that was on my reservation. I also drove a van around DC instead of an economy car. Not what I bargained for when I planned ahead and reserved a car. What is the point of reservations if they are not honored?

General profile image

Deborah Dyson - 7 d 18 h ago

I reserved a car to be picked up today 08/08/18 @7:30 I get there give them my reservation number only to be told that they don't have any compact cars & the only two that they have on the lot has already been rented but that I can call all star & see if they have a car for me to rent. Now mind you I have to be in Tennessee in 7 hours I reserved with enterprise they should have at least offered to find me a car for the same price I would have been paying them. Enterprise will never get my business again. The reason it's not rated is because they don't even deserve 1 star.

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Alphie Guess - 7 d 6 h ago


Unfortunately, this should have been turned over to a manager immediately. You are absolutely right and your complaint should go to the Area Manager or better yet or the Regional Vice President. enterprise is driven by their customer service. Call the corporate office and let them know that you won't be back and I can assure you that changes will be made.

From a Former employee who ALWAYS got the highest Customer service ratings, for 6 years running.

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Sad in Bako I am sadly very disappointed in the pharmacy activity at th ... 

Forever Living Products US
Vikram Gupta Contact me for any problems

T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Yihua Worst company I ever met! I used their pay-as-you-go plan a ... 

Donald hedges My name is Donald hedges(pass code 10-56 my acount number i ... 

Cricket Communications, Inc.
Beth Larck Cricket has to have the worst customer service EVER! My dau ... 

Groupon, Inc.
Rdunklin20 They suck!! I purchased tickets for a bowling alley on Grou ... 

LA Fitness
Fred Barre Almost sounds as bad as mine. In Downey on Firestone. Incon ... 

American Express Company
Deborah Foster This is my number (hidden)

Safeway, Inc.
disgruntled Hate them with a passion....not only did they "grandfa ... 

Great Clips, Inc.
Frank kelley Could you please put me in your main database .My phone num ... 

Cablevision Systems Corporation
casper How dare they have the unmitigated gall to offer you $5.00, ... 

J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc.
Martha I recently went into the Santa Anita Mall location at JCP S ... 

Lg Electronics USA
Tvr Do not buy a LG product

Rheem Manufacturing Co
Viking 55 Mom I want a call from corporate, 1(hidden) Beth Crum. I purcha ... 

Anonymous Melanie Loving

Bloomingdale's Inc.
Dominick In California, all stores charge a Quarter! This world is g ... 

ADT Security Services, Inc
Tony E Barros I live in Woodward, Oklahoma-I have been with ADT for 6 yea ... 

Lilly M. To whom it may concern, I am writing in hopes that you will ... 

Circle K Stores Inc
Anonymous This is in regards to the store located on (Masonic Dr in A ... 

Sears Holdings Corporation
Eileen Tredway I agree. I am about to return a vacuum cleaner. I've had le ... 

Ashley Furniture
Unhappy with Ashley in NC Worst company I have ever encountered. If you are consideri ... 

Best Buy
Gservant2000 I was at store 30 in St. Louis Missouri, I found an item ta ... 

Spirit Airlines
Nick Roberts Firstly our surfboards for a surf trip got left in Seattle. ... 

Anonymous The subway in my town Rockdale Texas has 5 footlongs at 4.9 ... 

murlidharan Paypal its online fraudulent system__-

Dell Computer
arlindo Powelle Well you can contact them through Email

Papa Johns
Anonymous the pizza I got had very little toppings yet it was the mos ... 

Bank of America Corporation
Jonas Paulson tell me they will send another one out or print it out if y ... 

Food Network
Lynne I can handle a lot, but I can't handle the shows that have  ... 

Google Inc.
Tara Somebody hacked our #Google account few months ago and rece ...