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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Taylor
Chairman and CEO
(314) 512-5000
(314) 512-4706
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Anonymous - 12 h 25 m ago


Dear Sir,

I have been an employee as a driver for over 16 years and this is the first time I have received a review that was negative. My history is over 30 years with TWA and over 10 with TWA/ Due to us not being very busy many conversations occur in the vans. My super, Chris says there are complaints due to me talking about my work history, success, and placed these comments in my review. Also, he told me that any further comments by me would be a trip to HR. I am a front line Manager at TWA and IBM, with a MIS degree.Also I am a veteran, which Chris does not recognize as an important addition to our company. I am depressed with his attitude and lack of knowledge of supervisor leadership. I have discussed this with my former leader, Robert, who is currently a employee, and he is puzzled. I am told we are the old school and feelings are the main thing he has to deal with. There are no minor employees involved. I do not know if I need to ask for legal help or just stay silent and do my job, which Chis is outstanding/ In my old career. I would just take this to my boss, a VP. This is a new environment and what should I do? I want to continue my part time job here and this will be my 17th year. HELP PLEASE

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Unhappy - 16 h 43 m ago


I would like to share an "experience" with Enterprise Rental Cars. You folks may have noticed where they say "We'll Pick you Up"--now I understand, that doesn't apply 50 miles or 25,miles, but 12miles? Where do they specify a "limit"? This is tantamount to FALSE Advertising! I called Enterprise to rent a car--asked to be picked up, the confirmation STATES I was to be picked up--but I noticed an error in the street name where I requested to be picked up. When i called to correct the street name, I was told "You're too far" (12 miles)? And WHERE does it state a mileage "limitation"

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Louie Mar Gangcuangco, MD - 1 d 12 h ago


December 14, 2018 Dear Enterprise Customer Service, I would like to detail the unprofessional customer service I experienced at your East Hanover, New Jersey office (389 NJ-10, East Hanover, NJ 07936). Date & Time: December 14, 2018 at approximately 11:45am Enterprise Staff involved: Lindsey Taylor (Branch Manager); Marc DeFeo (Assistant Manager), and Nicole Vaz (Management Trainee) I made reservation online at about 11:30am for a Mitsubishi Mirage or similar car (Economy) from December 15, 2018 to December 22, 2018. However, I immediately modified the dates to December 14, 2018 to December 22, 2018. I received a confirmation email from Enterprise and I went to the Enterprise office at East Hanover within the next 10 minutes, since it was a few blocks away from where I am staying. Ms. Taylor assisted me. I showed her my MODIFIED reservation that was in my phone. She checked her computer and says that the reservation that she was seeing was my original reservation that starts the following day. She tried to modify the reservation manually and said that no Economy cars are available and that I need to pay about $2/day for a car upgrade. I refused and asked why I would have to carry the burden of paying for an upgrade when the Enterprise website confirmed to me that an Economy car was available. I had been an Enterprise member and when situations like this arise, a courtesy upgrade is provided. She raised her voice on me and refused. I said that I needed to go out and breathe some fresh air to de-stress while she sorts the situation out. When I came back, Ms. Taylor still insists that I had a mistake on my reservation and that I had to pay extra for an upgrade. She was asking me to come close to her and stand next to her on her desk, which made me feel uncomfortable and was bordering on harassment. She stood up, crossed her arms and talked down aggressively on me. I told her that I would like to be assisted by someone else. She referred me to Mr DeFeo who sided with Ms. Taylor and said, "If we were in a hotel, for example, and the room you booked is not available, then you would have to pay extra for an upgrade to an available room if that room is more expensive." - WRONG. When I travel and overbooking happens, because that is the fault of the hotel system, I get upgraded for free or the hotel will look for a nearby hotel where I can be accommodated. Mr. DeFeo further accused me that I modified my reservation while I was in the Enterprise office - which again was clearly not true. At about 12noon, Ms. Taylor said that she finally sees my modified reservation in their computer and was willing to provide me with an available car without having to pay for an upgrade. She tells me that there must have been a delay in the system. She asked Ms. Vaz to assist me. I handed my American Express Platinum card and Connecticut Driver's License to Ms. Vaz. Ms. Taylor directed Ms. Vaz to call American Express and verify my mailing address. The American Express phone agent confirmed that my address is truly what I had provided (my Philippine address) Ms. Taylor then said, "Let me just call the Risk Department" and walked to the back door. I asked Ms. Vaz why Ms. Taylor would not speak to this person in front of me and said that it's "for confidentiality purposes." Barely 30 seconds has passed, and Ms. Taylor went back and said, "Because your credit card address does not match your driver's license address, we cannot rent you a car." At this time, I had questioned her that this is a bizarre rule and that I had rented a car with the same credit card and driver's license before from Enterprise, and even rented from the same East Hanover branch. I went home and decided to book at the Enterprise Parsippany office and was successfully rented a car, this time I had used a Chase Sapphire credit card that had a New Jersey billing address (stillthis Chase card has a different billing address from the address in my driver's license). This behaviour of Ms. Taylor, Mr. Marc DeFeo, and Ms. Vaz are not just unprofessional and against the principles of a family-owned company that is Enterprise, it also is bordering on harassment and racial/gender discrimination. In summary, 1. Ms. Lindsey Taylor - behaved in an extremely hostile and unprofessional manner. She does not possess the qualities of a manager who knows how to diffuse and de-escalate conflict. Instead, she further aggravated the situation by shifting the blame on the customer, which in the end, when the system updated, she was able to verify my modified reservation. This reflects her lack of knowledge of your booking system. 2. Ms. Lindsey Taylor provided wrong information. She denied my right of renting a vehicle by providing the wrong information -- because my driver's license did not match my mailing address, despite verification with American Express, I cannot rent a car. I reviewed Enterprise's policies and it only required a valid credit card a valid driver's license to rent a car. There is no clause stating that the driver's license address and my credit card addresses should match. Ms. Taylor's motivations for prohibiting me from renting a car is questionable - is it because I am ethnically Filipino? Or is it because I am gay? Or was it simply abuse of authority? 3. Mr Marc DeFeo - similarly, did not demonstrate professional demeanor. Furthermore, he accused a customer wrongfully by saying that I modified the reservation while in the office, which clearly was not true. He also provided wrong information and misleading example (ie, hotel) that further aggravated the situation. 4. Ms. Nicole Vaz - demonstrated unprofessional behaviour and said inflammatory remarks towards the client. I would like Enterprise to please investigate this incident. The surveillance cameras on site will demonstrate the inappropriate behaviour of your staff at your East Hanover office. I would appreciate an e-mail update.

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Im a 48 state truck driver who blew engine in mobile alabama... enterprise wont rent me a car because i have out of state license and no major credit card... my debit card is not enough fuckin assholes!!! - 1 d 17 h ago



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Nightmare Enterprise(5505 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98203) in Everett WA cast

Damage vehicle SUV Mercedes

Black Nissan Maxima with strong cigarettes smoke odor

Grey Hyundai Tucson has never been cleaned.

It looks so disgusting.

I got SUV with 1/4 tank of gas. They didn't spell my name correctly in leasing agreement. They have no idea anything about car seats and cars.

Tonight I get somebody else toll bill. Now I have to dispute with Good to go and go in person to Enterprise to prove it wasn't me.

Please stop Enterprise nightmare!!!

Happy holidays!

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John P - 4 d 13 h ago


I sent this letter 2 months ago and have not received a response. 11 October 2018 Enterprise Rent-A-Car RA#: 755233287 To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to share a poor experience I had with a recent rental agreement. The day after picking the rental car up at the Philadelphia airport (Saturday, September 29th), I experienced the vehicle was unsafe. The plastic under carriage partially detached on the car and began scraping the road while driving. As we approached our destination in Rehoboth Beach, DE, I called local Enterprise stores (Rehoboth and Millsboro) to see if they could swap the car for me. The Rehoboth location was rude, dismissive and did not have any cars to swap. While the Millsboro location was unable to provide another car, they were responsive and sympathetic to our situation. Ultimately, I called Enterprise 800# for assistance and reached Mitchell. After some back-n-forth about sending me to local stores (which I explained I already had tried that course), he agreed to process a replacement car for me. He explained it would take 3 to 5 hours and someone would contact me to schedule a meeting at my destination in Rehoboth with a replacement vehicle. I never heard back from anyone at Enterprise. A tow truck driver from Maryland explained he was on call for AAA called me later that day to tell me there were no cars for him to bring me. He advised he was going to report that to his AAA dispatcher. I never heard back from anyone at Enterprise. Sunday morning (September 30th) came and I still had not heard from Enterprise about the swap out to a safe car. On Sunday morning, I had no option but to squeeze under the rental car and fold and tie the under carriage in order to safely drive the car to my destination in Norfolk, VA. Your lack of service inconvenienced me and forced me to deal with the unsafe condition of the rental car. When I returned the car to the Norfolk airport, I explained to the receiving agent what had happened and pointed out the broken undercarriage, he immediately apologized and offered a partial discount of $185, which I appreciated. In my opinion, there is no good reason for Enterprise to have done nothing to help me. Your company is known for "we'll pick you up". But time and time again I was told we don't have any cars and you must come to one of our branches. Your rental vehicle was unsafe and I had to deal with temporarily repairing it in order to get to my destination safely. I share my story because you need to know how I was treated. The lack of follow up around my safety is unacceptable.

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John K - 5 d ago


Dear Sir, I am writing to you in order to share my first negative experience trying to rent an Enterprise vehicle in over 10 years of being a loyal National Emerald Club and Enterprise Car Rental customer. I do believe this one experience at the Vero Beach FL Highway 1 office represents a significant departure from the service I have come to expect and admire from Enterprise, but I do think you deserve to be made aware of my point of view. My wife called the 800 number and made a reservation for a "weekend special" for pick up on Friday, 07 December. The reservation was made for 0830. We called for pick up at the Vero Beach City Marina where we were staying and at 0812 and were told by the local office that they could pick us up between 0900 and 0930. We were present at the designated pick up point a 0845. At approximately 0935, my wife made the first of two calls asking where the pick up car was. She was told that they would pick us up now at 1000. The car came at 1000 and we were transported to the branch office now approximately 1.5 hours after our reservation request. Once we arrived, the assistant manager who was the only one working the desk, checked us in and told us they were washing the car and we would be on our way when they finished. After approximately 30 minutes, I decided to look around back to see what was the hold up since the assistant manager was working with several other customers waiting on vehicles. I went around back to the wash area as saw 2 employees sitting on 5 gallon cans and no cars in the wash area. By now it is approximately 1050 and I asked the assistant manager why it was taking so long. He said they were busy and he was the only one working check ins. I noticed that the branch manager was in his office at his desk. At this point, there were approximately 5 customers waiting for vehicles without much movement. Finally, at about 1100 or 2.5 hours after my reservation, I was told that my car was ready. We were escorted out and told that we were getting a pick up truck instead of the sedan we had reserved. I explained to the employee that we specifically needed a sedan with 4 doors because we were carrying 4 adults. He referred me back to the assistant manager saying that this is what they told me to give you. I then went back in to the branch office, knocked on the managers partially opened door and was immediately "tag teamed" by the manager and assistant manager. The assistant manager said I'd been rude to him all morning and the manager said because I was being rude, I would have to leave the store. I'm still at a loss for an explanation of how I'd been rude. They then proceeded to shuffle me out the door and told me they would not rent to me but would refund my reservation money. I never used abusive language or made any threatening statements or actions; only asked the assistant manager why it was taking so long to get the car. I do not have any of the employee names since no one was wearing a name tag. My wife and I were now 3 miles from our pick up point with no way back and left to walk back along the highway. I immediately called the only number I had for Enterprise which was the reservation number, and tried to get some resolution with someone only to be met with less than stellar service. Mike, the first representative listened to my story and then told me that the managers have the right to force customers to leave and not rent to unruly customers. He then proceeds to hang up on me. I call back again and now get Mark who tells me the same story about their right to refuse customers and puts me on hold for 21 minutes. The third call was handled by John who at least was willing to take the information down and initiate a customer complaint that would be addressed by area manager. It's now 96 hours after this experience and I haven't heard a word from anyone. My experience could have been so much better handled if the manager had only listened to my issue in his office and rectified the situation. Instead I was treated as if I was the problem and with little regard for me as a customer. In this case and with this management team, I sincerely doubt they understand the Enterprise "Commitment to Customer Service" philosophy, nor do they understand the "Founding Values" set forth as corporate policy. Frankly, I have had nothing but excellent service throughout the last 10 years and was almost a unilateral user of Enterprise. I have rented for business and for personal use with my last rental being just 1.5 months ago with exceptional customer service from my home town branch. So here we are, having had what amounts to a very negative experience, apparently little concern shown for rectifying the problem, and me wondering why managers still have jobs when they clearly do not subscribe to the corporate values. I'm a retired military officer so I don't know all of the ins and outs of running a rental car branch. I do know as a customer, Enterprise says "listening to our customers" is an important value. I've reached out to you especially for that reason.

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FR - 5 d ago


I rented a car from the Decatur Ga location on East Ponce De Leon Ave. I was originally told that it would be $1 and that the DUI driver that an accident that I was involved in back in October would cover the costs for the rental through his insurance. However, when I got there, I found out that I would be charged for insurance, damage waiver, and fuel service for the rental vehicle. I dropped off my car at Service King last Monday and it was ready last Thursday. I was told that the charges would stop on Thursday, however I was charged additional fees on Monday without my knowledge. I feel like I have been robbed. If I had known that I would be charged so much, I would have caught the bus until my car was ready.

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Tony - 9 d 16 m ago


they have me on the DNR (Do Not Rent )list because they say I owe them $$. I have the proof where they got the money out of my account but i cant get a body to talk to about it, been leaving messages for weeks on end and tried calling every 2/3 days but no body. Their automated machine is a joke, so if any of you enterprise reps, want to contact me please call me (hidden)

Antonio TAylor 29605 address listed in your records so i can rent your cars again otherwise, I will continue to use Dollar and Budget

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G. Baskin - 9 d 12 h ago


with the reviews I have just read and the experience I had today trying to rent a car from two (2) of your locations Enterprise reputation and some of the advertising you

are using is really dropped to a very, very low mark.

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Holly - 10 d 16 h ago


This is the review I left for Medina location. Apparently I'm not the only unhappy camper. They seem to have a knack for pissing people off.

The nightmare I went through to pick up a rental while at my Mother's funeral causing me to miss going to the graveside and being there as she was put in the ground is so totally inexcusable!!!!!!!!!!! If y'all need to rent a car from Enterprise Rent A Car for the love of God and all that's holy - D O N O T D O I T !!!! These people are not smart enough to handle simple basic instructions or requests!!!!! They change employees like we change our underwear so if you have a problem they do not care in the slightest way. Enterprise Corp has billions of dollars & find the most menial people to work for them. The employees are rude hearing impaired and clueless. They're not smart enough to know how to handle problems let alone resolve them. WORST customer service I have EVER gotten from any business in all my life. If ya think you'll get help from Corporate- guess again. They're not any better than the minions at your local location. Seriously - DO NOT RENT YOUR CAR FROM ANY ENTERPRISE LOCATION. This has been a public service announcement.

So apparently after leaving a lengthy negative review on Enterprise I get this :

Holly Ann Shrefler, we would like to look into this further but need some more information. Please email (hidden) with your contact information, your reservation or rental agreement number and all the details of your experience. Thanks. - Carol H.

This is my response:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car your kidding right??? Y'all can not fix what you took from me. The only 2 hours of viewing I spent outside the funeral home in the freezing cold rain screaming with the moron at the local branch and countless other idiots & managers at corporate!!!!! Y'all are totally useless. By the time I found a friend to rent the car for me I completely missed the graveside service and wasn't there to put my Mother in the ground!!! What y'all did to me is nothing short of appalling!! I live in OK. The branch in Yukon provides rentals for our service department through the "ARMS" system. I can tell ya we aren't pleased either with the quality of service we receive from your company. After I got to work today and told my boss & service manager what y'all did to me not only will I never rent a car from y'all but y'all have managed to loose our company business & will not be doing business with y'all. I should also tell you I'm the girl who pays your bill!!!! So I'm sure you can guess how that's gonna go. You need information to reach me - get it from the abundance of idiots I dealt with on Dec 1. I've also completely lost my voice over all this. I can also tell you that anywhere I can leave feedback concerning your inept company I'm going to and I'll direct everyone to AVIS.

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Anonymous - 10 d 19 h ago

People in ft smith very rude &unhelpfully 12-4-18 David Burt (hidden)

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Angela Celey - 11 d 19 h ago


Our company has and EHI customer for over 5 years now. I recently had our COO show u pa t Newark airport at midnight to pick up a reserved car. As a Emerald Club member she went out to the lot , picked a car and drove to the gate where she was told to return the car as she was on the DO NOT RENT list. No explanation- actually she was told that she would never rent from National or Enterprise again. The desk agent was rude, condescending and completely dismissive. Since out account is hooked to a corporate credit card and I had other employees out in rentals, I assumed it was not a billing issue. Monday morning at 9 am I reached out to my account rep- who I was informed was no longer employed there. So I spoke to the young woman, Christina, who answered the phone. Explained the situation and asked for a call back from some one who could help me. IT is now Tuesday at 11am- I have spoken to 2 people and left 4 messages with four different People at my local EHI office in South Florida- and have still not had anyone return my call. Aside from the fact that we are long standing customer or do more than average business the lack of any follow up or customer service is appalling. I will be looking to terminate my relationship with EHI - they clearly do not need my business if this is how they handle things.

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PAULO RAYMUNDO - 12 d 20 h ago

Mr Andrew Taylor. Recently I rented a car from LOCAUTO in Italy, that represents ALAMO/ ENTERPRISE/NATIONAL there, and i was surprised with a traffic violation.

Trying to pay this ticket I discovered that was not the local police that issue the ticket but a private GPS TRACKING COMPANY called SAFO SISTEMI, hired by LOCAUTO how did it! WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE.

The problem is, that I don't fell confident that I really did that traffic violation, and I don't think is legal to be tracked by GPS SYSTEM COMPANY without judge's order, this is privacy violation in my view, mainly because i'm not a criminal.

I don't think this is a legal behavior for rental companies in USA, so if are associated to this company LOCAUTO, I think your company has liability in this case.

I'll spread what happened there, though social media , advising people to not rental cars in Italy because seems that all Americam companies do the same against the customer.We, the tourists, don't have knowledge of every city forbidden areas and we don't have enough time to do it.We bring money to rental companies and the country we are visiting, and we received a nasty behavior, being tracked by GPS TRACKING COMPANIES. Rental companies have insurance and we, the costumers, pay insurance too!

For those who are reading my review, please don't rent a car in Italy, use the train system, unless you don't mind to be tracked by a 3rd part company without judge's order or your knowledge.

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MICHAEL R WILLIAMS - 15 d 11 h ago


Not very pleased with the customer service I have received from Enterprise in Norman Oklahoma. This is the 2nd time in 3 months that I have made a reservation and was called and told that they have no cars available. If Im correct, its a car rental company with no cars to rent. WTF?? Then I was told by the associate that called me that they have no cars because of the game going on in Texas. I tried to speak to someone on the numbers I saw on their website and its automated and no option to speak to anyone. For most of my life, I have rented from them as a loyal customer, but I guess that ends now. I will take my business elsewhwer because I guess customers are not important to Enterprise (National,Alamo)

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Robin Peoples - 16 d 10 h ago



To whom it may concern:

My Name is Robin Peoples and on 11/15/2018 I came to enterprise to rent a vehicle the young man who assist me when I arrived at enterprise wasn't too familiar with enterprise policy he told me that I had to pay 18.00 for insurance because enterprise didn't accept MetLife insurances and other mis information, then I was turned over to another sales person who help me to the end. On 11/19/2018 I talk to a sale persons ask him why couldn't I use my insurance for coverage he told me I could I explain to him what the 1st sale person told me and he said that wasn't true I told him I don't want to pay for the extra insurance and he said he would refund my money back to my account ( I do know that all calls is being recorded so please listen to my conversation I had with your sales rep), now today 11/29/2018 I get a message from the manager at enterprise in upper Marlboro md, I think his name was Marcus (not really sure because he jus piss me off) he said the rental u have was scheduled to come back on 11/26/2018 I said well I didn't know because my insurance company hasn't gotten back with me he ask is ur car still in the shop I said yes, I said I will call fhem in the morning and get back with you, he said well are u paying for the extra insurance I said NO! I spoke to some one on 11/19/2018 who claim to be the manager he told me that he will refund me my money because I was told something wrong from my 1st sales rep Marcus? said well your responsible for the the extra days I said no I not and why would you call me on 11/29/18 if the car was due back on 11/26/2018 and can I speak to someone else he said we're closed (Really) now I'm so mad because u said u didn't see that I talk to someone after removing the extra insurance because of the mis information I received and that I'm responsible for the extra days and I can't talk to anyone because your closed, I would like to speak to the president of this company because of the bad service and information I received tonight about me being responsible for things I can't wait to talk to someone that guy just piss me off so bad tonight that I'm writing enterprise at 824pm on 11/29/18 I should be enjoying my dinner with my family.

I will make sure I call my insurance company on tomorrow 11/30/2018 and I will need a call from the president office on 11/30/2018 concerning this extra insurance and the extra days.

Thank you

Robin Peoples (hidden)

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The Browns' - 17 d 8 h ago


Hello, we have been renting a ford fusion hybrid for about three months at holly hill store in Daytona Beach, Florida . Now that it is holiday season they have decided to go up on the rental and trying to put us in a smaller rental. They (Christine) office management claims that enterprise is putting the car up for sale that is why she is trading us out and down , which is unfair because, we have gotten familiar with the ford fusion hybrid and we are ok with it but, now we're being told that we have to give it up and pay more, so unfair.

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Mrs Haynes - 17 d 10 h ago


Reserved a Camry on line , went to pick up at 4401 Sarah , only to be told they did not have it and I said but I reserved it , he went on to say we have a Ford Fusion instead at the same price , I said this is rediculious , instead of saying , man I can see if I can get you one at another location , instead he said , your combative and we can just scratch this and forget it , I replied I take offense to that seeing how I'm the customer. Very unhelpful , needs a course in public relations , will NEVER go back !!!

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Harold - 18 d 11 h ago


Well I am off on a flying start. A friend of mine backed into my car. He has Progressive Insurance. I take the care to the shop tomorrow and Progressive has set up a rental with this company, who I had problems with in the past. Anyway, when I called the number to set up the rental I asked the guy why they needed MY credit card number since I am not paying for the car??? He told me the local office--Columbia MO --would call me today and would explain things. Well, guess what6--NO FRICKING PHONE CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I called their customer service number and they filed a complaint form which I am supposed to hear back in 3-5 business days. But the fct remains--no phone call, I don't know if this local office even has the information and am not sure if they will meet me at the biody shop or what--40 miles away from Columbia.

I am not a happy camper with this whole thing. I don't trust the insurcance company and now the car people are dropping the ball as well.

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Joe H - 18 d 18 h ago


I must admit that the negative reviews surprise me. I have traveled these United States of America for business as well as personal trips for the past twenty-years and have only positive experiences to report, some extremely positive. The associates are very professional, personable and well trained. Keep up the great work !

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TammyFrazier00 - 18 d 19 h ago


Same here and I haven't even GOT a car Yet ! Gonna Let allstate know as well Cuz I hate this COMPANY ... Nothing BUT RUDE People LOOKING To screw PEOPLE . Ive had it with Companies LIKE Enterprise Leasing .. I Hate you ENTERPRISE ....

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Joann ochoa - 22 d 12 h ago


Extremely poor customer service in the Raleigh NC office. Specifically the

Garner S Wilm Branch 533R

3600 S Wilmington St, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27603 location. The associate not only hung up on us but told us that the car we rented which was intermediate was not available and that we would be responsible for the additional charges if we choose to rent a car with them. We would be responsible for the upgraded charges which seems seems like a scam to me. I rented an intermediate and they tell me at the last minute that intermediate is not available. Very Rude customer service and I will be posting an extremely negative review of this place and enterprise

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jb - 22 d 12 h ago


False advertising of double points auto-registration on website for new members. 2 hours of back & forth with mangers & e-mails with no resolution. Enterprise cannot be trusted with the mis-information on their website.

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Loyal Enterprise family - 24 d 14 h ago


Enterprise has always been our family's car rental of choice. No more. Our daughter reserved a car to drive to see her son on Thanksgiving. She had been out of the country for the last two Thanksgivings, and this trip was so important to her. Her rental was cancelled yesterday for bogus reasons--bad weather in Chicago and Michigan that was not forecast anywhere. It made no sense at all. Research has shown me that car rental companies are the focus of more complaints than most other companies. I'm disappointed that Enterprise is one of the bad ones.

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Loyal unhappy customer - 25 d 11 h ago


I have always had an incredible experience with enterprise. My family and I had reserved a vehicle to go out of town for Thanksgiving. Had spoken to the branch employees with specifications and been guaranteed by the manager. I have spent the entire day waiting for a call to let me know I would be picked up as they asked me to wait and not come to the branch early this morning. I then was told I'd be picked up at noon but when they explained the car they had for me, it was not the size car i had specified. They said they would guarantee to have what I needed by end of day. I called at 3:30 to check on things and to make sure I hadn't been forgotten, the manager said he thought I had been taken care of and would send someone right away. At 5:00 another employee calls to tell me they do not have the car I needed and that there is NOTHING they could. I would not take that answer as i have had a reservation for over a week and been in communication with the manger. It's now past closing time and i was just picked up by the driver and will be having no choice but to get the exact same car that I drive that will not fit our needs for our trip. I would have cancelled but I did not have my car serviced and prepared for a road trip. This is absolutely frustrating and quite honestly infuriating as my family and I had counted on getting what we needed for our Thanksgiving Holiday. I am a loyal customer so it's really a huge let down and disappointment.

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Anonymous I had lady who have a car in craigslist she told me the car ... 

Chrysler Group LLC
Patti I have never been so unhappy with a van, my soon to be ex h ... 

Bank of America Corporation
Andrew According a recent article - the time for Bank of America t ... 

Victoria's Secret Stores, Inc.
Anonymous Do u have number to there corporate office ?

Ticked off Marg This is the fifth time I am calling and have no resolved my ... 

MetroPCS Communications, Inc.
Anonymous I have been a MetroPCS customer since August 2015. I have p ... 

Pinnacle Foods Corp
Barbara Bought your swason hungry man dinner-chipotle rib and chick ... 

Tarchenoff Response I have deleted my account. Recent censorship and previous p ... 

Mark and Mary Lou Peters We recently purchased hearing aids from San Bernardino, Ca. ... 

Eugene Snook Had Streaming Service (WiFi) by AT&T for around 1 year. ... 

Gold's Gym International, Inc.
Bb Sterling gym is all Fox News all the time on tvs. Several m ... 

24 Hour Fitness
Mark Thompson I have been a member of the Huntington Beach 24 hour fitnes ... 

Outback Steakhouse
Charlie outback Copperfield Houston take out

Discount Tire
very angry had them repair the tire with instructions to lock key in c ... 

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Perez *******Hey M. Dukey Pukey, you can run but you can't hide!

Burger King Worldwide Inc
Tom ===== Tis the season to rob the Goy, Fa la la la la, la la  ... 

Anonymous That's great Jeff, but 50+ yrs ago they made great furnitur ... 

Taco Bell Corp.
B.D. Taco Bell in Pittsburgh, Pa /1603 S.Braddock,ave 15218, is  ... 

United Parcel Service, Inc.
Unhappy customer I will be posting a video shortly of a ups driver deliverin ... 

Payless Shoes
Rita Your store in McKinney has an unfriendly,unhappy young man  ... 

Six Flags
Anonymous Horrible customer service and membership service! Lost 5 me ... 

American Home Shield
Ajit A. Tavkar I requested a service to repair Dishwasher and Refrigerator ... 

Food Network
Lynne Good girl Emily for sticking to your guns!

Citigroup Inc.
James H. I had a computer "scam" which I charged on Citica ... 

Panera Bread
Frank P 3 times I went to your independence location and no selecti ... 

Google Inc.
Kris I have had nothing but problems with google ad. We used the ... 

Verizon Communications, Inc

Best Buy
Holly Dunbar Order # .........6017992,