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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Taylor
Chairman and CEO
(314) 512-5000
(314) 512-4706
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Anonymous - 11 h ago


How is this for service - on my daughter wedding day no less. Went to pick up a confirmed car from Enterprise Tuscaloosa, AL. Branch mgr (Allen) says "Oh yea, I saw that reservation when it came in and knew then that we would not be able to fulfill it, I guess I should have called you"

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John - 1 d 9 h ago


Rented a vehicle with the Enterprise located at 5860 Wiles Road in Coral Springs, Florida. Everyone I dealt with was professional,polite and courteous. I received excellent service. Thank you

Flagged for review. 
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Boo U - 15 h 18 m ago


BOO! 4 U

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nope - 1 d 8 h ago


i have nothing to say. enterprise is a piece of work no help for people with out of state license unless your traveling and have an itinerary for a flight plan with a return ticket or amtrack

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Negative 1 - 15 h 19 m ago


Enterprise don't care about helping people

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Anonymous - 1 d 6 h ago


This company refuses to refund your deposit after returning the vehicle in the same condition as of the day you picked it up. Some of the office locations in Columbus Ohio area are rude, disrespectful and thieves.

I made numerous complaints through customer service, contacted the local office, I even contacted the Corporate office and no one had the balls to contact me to resolve this matter.

I will NOT let this rest until my deposit is returned, so far, I have contacted the Attorney General's office. If need be will seek advise of an attorney and also take this to the media if I have to; along with a daily complaint to this website and every forum I can reach.

I am not the only individual who has been ripped off by this company. I encourage each individual who has encountered similar issues or worst to contact your Attorney General's office, the media, get legal advice and keep your voice heard, because these companies think they have a right to screw individuals, who the hell do they think they are; they are NOT God.


Complaint #1572898.

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Amen - 15 h 21 m ago


Can I get a AMEN? Hallelujah Keep raising your voice and be heard!

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Dee Wood - 7 d 7 h ago


Enterprise rent-a-car is the ABSOLUTE worse company you could ever associate your name or debit/credit card with. They do NOT keep records yet will still flag individuals. After years of fighting in court ans disputing credit reports YES you could POSSIBLY win. It isn't worth the time, money, or energy. Support local and home based before you feed the monster. No long sob story just WARNING

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Agree with Dee Wood - 15 h 23 m ago


I agree with what your saying 100% and that's a fact - Jack! Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the worst company...

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Bernard - 6 d 13 h ago


I am a regular rental at Enterprise, however, services and quality of fleet has gone down tremendously. My recent car rental at 25675 Nelson Way Suite 120, Katy, TX 77494, after 30-40 minutes of wait time, was told there are no-more car left on the lot and will try to get another vehicle at a nearby dealer. This is obviously an overbooking booking issue. Once the car is ready, the interior was dirty, smells.

Took the car as I can't wait for another 1 or hour to get the car cleanup, also, the tank was almost at the empty level. During the drive, I discovered the windshield wiper was broken and no windshield fluid solution available, so my entire drive was scary as I was in the rain, in addition, I can't clean the windshield during the drive drive... Glad I got home safe BUT WILL NOT COME RENT AT ENTERPRISE AGAIN.

Go to Budget or Thirty from now on and will make sure my college and employer rents at Enterprise ever again.

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TEXAS 1 - 15 h 27 m ago


Texas: Bernard, I totally agree with you I'm doing the same. I had problems in Kingwood, Texas. The store was only open from 0900 hours till 1200 hours. Enterprise states that they will come and pick you up! According to the store personnel excuses was that they were short staff and only and only had two on staff so they couldn't pick me up. How cheesy is that?

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Never Enterprise - 6 d 16 h ago


Worst experience ever dealing with a major company. They say they will call you back but never do. I spent hours trying to reconcile my issue but got no where. I rented a car for a week. First car lights didn't work, couldn't use it the first night. Returned it. Second car also had to be returned, check engin light and tire pressure light came on. Third car finally was OK. I simply asked for some kind of compensation for my time an aggregation but got nothing. I will never rent from them again. I am giving them as many bad reviews on all social media possible and will continue to do so for years. Everyone should

Know that they do not stand by their product and I will continue to remind people on Yelp etc.

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Enterprise Sucks - 15 h 33 m ago



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stuck without due to Enterprise NOT CARING - 1 d ago


05/22/17 0847am. Called my local Enterprise Rental Car located at Superstition Springs Blvd ,Mesa Az. The person who answered the phone identified himself as,Don. I explained to Don that I was looking for a Chevy Suburban to rent for that day. Don told me he would look around for one and call me back. At 4pm my guest arrived at the airport and proceeded to take the airport shuttle van to their hotel. I left 2 message for Don from 1218pm and at 1332pm,but no return call. I called again to talk to Don at 1743hrs and was put on hold for 18 minutes. Don finally picked up the phone. I identified myself to Don and asked him what was going on with his search for a Suburban. Don first told me he was still working on it. I then told him of our earlier conversation on needing the Suburban today. He said he thought it was for the next day? Either way I did not get a call nor did I get a Suburban. Don was unmoved to the fact he messed up and offered a Good bye and hung up..Note, we have been renting vehicles from this location for over 5 years..

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Air Z - 15 h 36 m ago


05/13/17 1200 pm. I had a terrible situation in getting a vehicle in Kingwood, Texas. The store was only open from 0900 hours till 1200 hours. I have yet heard anything back from customer service department.

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Very Anger Person - 1 d 8 h ago


Well I was given a rental car in West Palm Beach County and had to pick it up and drop it of at a towing company so I did. I received a call from enterprise that I needed to return the car or I will be charge for it due to my vehicle was ready so I did, when I got to the drop off location I walked around the car and there was NO DAMAGE ON THE CAR AND NO ENTERPRISE RENTAL SPECILIST WAS THERE so I gave the key to the towing in which I was told to do that by someone at Enterprise because the towing company is a DROP OFF LOCATION.

Only to receive a call two days later stating that the car has damage and that I will be charge for it which I feel is not fair to me because they were suppose to check the car within 24 hours and let the customer know now they have sent me a bill for $568 to repair and every time I contact the cooperate office the phone seems to disconnect on me right now I refuse to pay this because being park on a towing lot and no representative was there and I was told to drop it off and leave the key with the towing company I should not be held for the damage on the front which I can't even see from the pictures that the sent me.

Me nor my family will be leasing from this company again due to the nasty customer service that I have been receiving and I have been leasing vehicles from enterprise since I was able to lease.

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Beyond irritated - 1 d 11 h ago


Reserved a car in Indianapolis during my vacation. Used the Enterprise on Whitley Dr.. when I arrived to pick up my car, no car. Was told to come back the next day at 10 a.m. no car. After waiting 1 hour I gave up and canceled my reservation. Now that 1/2 a day of my vacation is gone I'm beyond irritated.

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Anonymous - 2 d 1 h ago

5/10/2017 My experience with Enterprise car rentals in downtown Denver Colorado location (1550 Court Pl. Denver, Colorado), it was Horrible! Like dealing with a non! professional company! Extremely inconsiderate! And offered no help in the following scenario. I had booked a car rental (over a month in advance) for a duration of one week, for my wife and I, for use our planned vacation. The morning of our flight to Denver (while we are at the LAX airport boarding our plane) I get a phone voice message from a Melissa from Enterprise stating, Sorry! that Enterprise did not have any vehicles available for me! We were shocked! To say the least. I got ahold of the Enterprise (by phone call) the person I spoke said she was the office Manger, and stated that they had no cars available, because all of there vehicles had been damaged and not operable due to damages incurred by hail storm the night be for (mind you the supposed storm occured the night before, I was was do, to pick up my Car!) All this Manager said, we are sorry! I asked don't you have access to other offices (like at the Denver airport, where I can pickup a car)? Manger said no! That all vehicles were damaged at all the near by locations and that there was nothing they could Do! Something! Is very wrong! With all this! I asked, to speak to the branch office manager (which, I was told, that he was not available!). I asked for his number, I was told he was new to there facility and could not be reached by phone! I asked, Is there an email I can use to get assistance? Or if he could call me back? I never got any call back and or any email communication from anyone from Enterprise! Terrible! Experience and unprofessional attidude and inconsiderate, behavior from Enterprise. Beside the aggravation and grief, of the scenario, it cost me Money! FYI, MORE INSULT TO INJURY, I ENDED UP GETTING A CAR FROM "BUDGET" AT THE AIRPORT (LAST MINUTE, RATE WAS SUBSTANTIALLY HIGHER) ALL DUE TO NO! HELP! FROM Enterprise! I NOTICED AT AIRPORT, THE CAR NEXT TO BUDGET (WERE I EVENTUALLY RENTED MY FROM FROM) WAS, ENTERPRISE CAR RENTAL, AND BUSINESS, WAS THRIVING, WITH CAR RENTALS, OF GOOD OPERATING CARS! MORE INSULT : I LATER FOUND OUT THAT, DOWNTOWN ENTERPRISE STORES THERE RENTAL CAR AT UNDERGROUND PARKING AT THE, SHERATON HOTEL, WERE THEY HAVE THERE OFFICE, IN THE HOTEL BUILDING... Yet! all I got from downtown enterprise, was all lies! And a super bunch of BS from Enterprise.

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Ronald Williams - 2 d 13 h ago


my husband just went to the 175 Jessup rental got a ride to the location and the guy that waited on him said there is no pickup trucks available until 3 pm so he is sitting there waiting and as he is waiting in lobby a customer walks in and some other person waits on him and customer ask for a truck to rent the person at the desk said yes we have 3 trucks on the lot and my husband got mad and walked out of the lobby my husband has MS and Lyme's disease and had no ride to get back to our home in Jessup md so he walked I'm furious he could of fell his legs give out all the time every time we give another change to this Enterprise locations we have problems your employees cannot put customers thru this aggravation will have to report this to BBB unless you do something with communications problems with your customer service locations checking in for rentals

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Spence - 4 d 7 h ago


Dear Pamela Nicholson,

My wife got into a car accident back in September 2016 and our car was totaled. Since that time I have been using Enterprise to rent a car for me to drive her back and forth to work. On Wednesday May 17th, I traveled from Naples, Florida to your location at 1015 West Broward in Fort Lauderdale to pay for the rental I've had for well over 4 months. Once I arrived to your location, the manager Josh Watson and an associate treated me and my family with the utmost disrespect and sarcastic attitudes I have ever encountered. Imagine traveling almost 2 hours with your wife and her mother who is disabled legally blind, to be told HEY! This rental has been sold! And in addition to that WE (WE meaning Enterprise) will not be giving you another rental. He told me and my family to catch a cab or uber. My mother in laws blood pressure was so high she nearly fainted. I could not believe what was happening. No regard or no remorse. Just being told to figure it out. I have already contacted my local news station WSVN 7 Help Me Howard and I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau along with Consumer Affairs. This was nothing, but discrimination against me and my family. Also a disservice to an elderly disabled woman who has high blood pressure. Josh Watson should never be allowed to work in Customer Service with the attitude my family and I experienced. I will continue to shout how horrendous and disgusting Enterprise employees are from the highest mountain top until my voice is heard. I will blog, email and complain on every platform I have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Josh Watson deserves to be fired. Not only did he humiliate and hurt my family. He cost me an extra $200 for a cab ride over 100 miles away from your location. Only to put icing the cake, Josh Watson reported the every same rental stolen on May 10th, after speaking with me and confirming I was out of town and would be returning to come and extend. Now I am black listed from renting from Alamo, National and Enterprise Rental. I will be speaking with an attorney also in regards to damages that were falsely reported to the vehicle. Josh Watson and Enterprise will pay. I have already contacted your Customer Service to file a complaint and I will not stop until me and my family voices are heard.

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Krystal W - 5 d 5 m ago


If hope no one EVER has to deal with Elco Administrative Services a company in which Enterprise Rent a Car of Sacramento employs to handle their insurance claims. I have had the worst experience dealing with this company and I'm not the only one. Obviously if Enterprise cared about it's customers than they would know that there are issues with this company. You would also think they would want to correct it so that it doesn't affect their reputation with other customers, but that hasn't been the case yet.

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Theresa (Darlene) - 5 d 6 h ago


The enterprise on Williston Road does not have good customer service. I askedto speak to a manager and still waiting

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Mark Davis - 5 d 11 h ago


I had an amazing interaction with an amazing associate of yours in San Antonio. Angelita is the best. Please commend her on my behalf.

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Anonymous - 5 d 13 h ago


I made a reservation for Thursday 18 of May my confirmation number was (hidden) when I went to pick it up I was told they didn't have anything available and was given the giving the run around by first telling me that they would have something at a later time only to find out that wasn't true and the promising availability Friday the 19th but that wasn't true also. I was very unsatisfied with you guys service, why give a customer a confirmation number when you don't have anything available that doesn't make much sense

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Not important - 7 d 9 h ago


Terrible company ..dont believe in giving jobs to those who qualify .Jessica KampSchmidt the worst recruiter that they have if you happen to come across her as a recruiter she will not give u the job..Its a franchise they do what they want and the rental prices are absolutely high ..The volume of customer service is pathetic

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Brandman University - 7 d 8 h ago

What State are you located in?

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