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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Taylor
Chairman and CEO
(314) 512-5000
(314) 512-4706
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Never do business with Enterprise - 6 m 30 s ago

Everytime we have to rent from Enterprise they tack on extra fees that auto insurance doesn't cover, even though we tell them at the time of rental all fees need to be included when getting approval from the insurance. On top of that they demand a personal deposit on a personal bank or credit card. Months later boom a charge shows up for these extra fees and I end up fighting with enterprise to get it corrected. Now this last time they put the rental under my name wanting to charge my card for the full amount when in fact they also billed the Car dealership who was doing repairs. The car dealership submitted to the warranty company and the warranty company paid Enterprise corporate in full. A month later, boom my card gets charged as well. I go back and forth provide the check number it was paid with etc etc. and two months later finally get reimbursed. Now 9 months go by and boom they charge my card again for the same rental so the fight goes on again.

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Offensive Clerk Response at Alamo - 15 h 22 m ago


As an often customer, I've walked into Alamo rent a car located at St. Louis International Airport. I've booked my reservation as often on Alamo rent a car under my Alamo Insider account. I've walked into the branch at St. Louis International airport and handed my Driver's license and reservation to a clerk name(Kayla) (Over National Rent a car Kiosk). Because my appearance was having a outwear shorts and a pullover, Kyla look at me and refuse to rent me a car without even checking my ID and credit card. Although I've been tread offensive by Ms. Kayla behavior based on the way looked, I also have noticed I've been charged twice on one of my previous rentals by Alamo rent a car by the same person. I would like to file a report against such horrible employee named Kyla and report such company to Federal Trade Commission.

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James - 17 h 6 m ago


I owe a bill to interprise car but , can not get any help.

Please give me a call.


James wheat

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C.F. - 19 h ago


Store in Covington, Ga.-The store was not forthcoming about the basic coverage protection plan price. I wasn't aware until after two weeks receiving a auto draft amount from my account around $350. Contacted the manager and she had an attitude like they aren't responsible for the amount I was charged. I advised her that proper business practices would include upfront information about what the customer is being charged on a daily basis.

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S.A. - 1 d ago


Some joke of a recruiter named Sandy told me you must wait 6 months to reapply between applications to the management training program. Really?!

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Absolutely the worst company to rent a car from.. Disaster.. Mamaroneck NY Office rude and only 1 car to rent. Stood me up this morning.. Stay away. Pathetic.

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Ty Patterson - 1 d 3 h ago

I reserved a car ahead of time because we were going to be traveling out of town I reserved a compact car one for gas reasons and expense... when I arrive at Enterprise not only did they not have a compact car they gave me a pickup truck we had to put our luggage in the very back it rained and destroyed most of our belongings..very un Happy customer.

Ty Patterson


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ndm - 1 d 7 h ago


Dear Sir(s),

You are the worst company to rent a car!

Kindly find following to understand the problem;

-Your offices in the same city do not know what the others are doing! Like airport office and downtown office in the same city!

-People are not replying/helping/assisting!

-People are not answering telephone calls if they do not want!

-They are charging big amount from credit card WITHOUT CONFIRMATION, without showing/sending the documents/reasons!!!!!

-Everybody is showing the other for the right contact so there is no person to have flawless communication.

I had problem with Enterprise Turkey before and I wanted to give a nother chance but it was BIG MISTAKE!!!!

So I am mentioning above about your airport office in Athens,Greece...

This was the last time I rent the car and I will tell this to everybody not to be victim...

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Jacquelyn - 1 d 13 h ago

If Hertz was still on W Market, I definitely would've never come here. The first car I got was dirty, smelled like smoke, had a pull to the right and needed transmission fluid. The 2nd car needed windshield wipers , and of course it rained that night. The third car was fine but when I took it back my card was charged 600.00, when I was told my bal was 0. When I called and asked why I was charged, she stated "there was no record of the transaction." So, I'm currently disputing this through my card company.

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Anonymous - 2 d 1 h ago

We tried to buy a van and was lied but didn't know it and sent a wire transfer and took a act of god to get a refund. We just thought lets give them another chance and now have our new wire transfer and can't seem to get our van. PLEASE STAY AWAY

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Ahssillav - 3 d 16 m ago


I went on to the website and reserved a vehicle and when I went to go and pick up my vehicle I was told that they do accept major Bank debit cards that are visa and MasterCard as long as the monies are in the bank or the credentials a manager or whatever and as long as I have a valid driver's license the reservation everything went through and they told me that I couldn't because I have an out of state driver's license people come from out of state driver's license don't have your bank card debit card and so this was my choice of payment and it stated on the policy requirements said it was legible however I was turned away and told that as long as my license would have to be issued from the state that I'm running my car I don't understand that I can't fathom that because people come from out of state all the time and what if they didn't have their major credit card but had another card which was a Visa or MasterCard debit and they won't accept that I don't get it I don't understand and I just want someone to please help me to apply this because I was turned away because I don't have a major credit card but I have a valid bank account with money in it to cover that and some and I still was turned away and I also have a valid driver's license I've only had three tickets in my entire life no accidents so I don't understand why this could not go through for me and I'm so very disappointed and I do have disability so coming to Detroit having to take care of my personal business establishing domicile here because I am a new resident here and I was trying to way I have my bank in Clawson Michigan and they still would not accept my credentials didn't even try to run my bank card and instructing me to go to the airport because they accept it but corporate office at the airport specified they do not help I have to go to Cincinnati and finalize some business and I want to drive

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Baban - 3 d ago


Was placed into a Rental Car from a Chrysler Dealership while my car was in service. They drove me from the dealership to the Enterprise office in Cumming, GA. Enterprise told me that the rental was being paid for by the dealership. I get a bill 6 months later on my Amex card for $350.00 on a rental car from Enterprise. I called their office and they told me the dealership refused to pay for it. I never authorized any charges to Enterprise and why would I pay for something 6 months later if I indeed rented a car from them that I agreed to pay for ? I will escalate this to State of Missouri Attorney General for unfair business practices if I don't hear back from EAN Holdings, completely ridiculous that I am having to waste my time with this.

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Jones - 4 d 24 h ago


Reserved a 29.99 a day car, promised a Kia Rio or equal. When arriving saw two cars to choose from. Both were smelling of sour milk and had stains on all for seats! Gross. Cars were not entirely cleaned- not acceptable. I was shown a more expensive model. I explained " why should I pay more, 49.99 a day for what a don't want." Manger, "that's the way it is."

Told I would get a discount. Didn't happen.

I'm hard of hearing and disabled. I had to keep asking him to repeat himself.

I asked for total Replace Coverage if I totaled the car. He charged me 71.00$ in PIP which I already have on my insurance!

He printed out the paper , quickly folded it up and said put this in the glove box.

Didn't let me go over it.

He didn't show me how to use the car functions.

I had to read the manual to figure it out.

He told me " even though the change oil light is on, ignore it!" The brake light of some sort was also on the entire trip.

I opened the door and saw the oil had not been changed!

I will never use Enterprise again!

They also promised a call back!

Never happened-

Very sad- Poor business

They own National and Alamo- FYI

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Laszlo Nem - 6 d ago


I rented a car from Enterprise in Arlington Heights (215 S Arlington Heights Rd, Arlington Heights, IL-60005 ) , and I need to report that that Enterprice Employee was very rude and unreasonable and they want to file a bogus claim, that during my renting period was a small dent in returned car.

When I picked up a car we walk through and was some small screech, dent in the car. I rented out couple dozen time car from Enterprise and they always told me, if some small damage in car, this is no problem. I signed the agreement in tablet without reading. Later when I drove out from renting office I recognized that the fuel level was only without notification.

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Kearsek - 6 d 14 h ago


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Body shop - 7 d ago


I am a Body Shop in San Diego, Ca. as a body shop I refer customers to Enterprise. I have one that is about 7-8 blocks from me. They have a manager that is a " BITCH" I have complained about her twice already and the Corporate office has done NOTHING. She refuses to pick up my customers from my location she is always trashing us in front of my customers. She made my customer walk all the way to Enterprise because she refused to have someone pick him up.

I wish the Insurance companies would stop using Enterprise, since they have lousy customer service!!!!!!

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Samantha c - 7 d 1 h ago


I have a rental car from y'all because my car is getting fixed and my insurance pays up to $30/day. When I go to get the rental I'm being charged $3.50 a day for fees!!! I never have had this happen to me because they didn't have a smaller car. I believe since my insurance was paying I should have got a discount or something because it's not my fault that y'all don't have your cars ready and cleaned. I'm not happy at all.

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threase H. - 7 d 35 s ago


was told one price for rental, help my account for more money as a result overdrew my bank account, just recently withdrew more money for tolls that I never crossed,,, been on the phone several times with no results ,,still waiting,, very upset

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J. Smith - 8 d ago


I was told by Enterprise that I was on the NO-RENT list due to reporting a previous rental car stolen with the keys inside in 2014. Now the incident in question was due to a domestic dispute where my girlfriend at the time took the rental car keys and left with the vehicle which was rented in my name. I called the police because she was not authorized to take or operate the vehicle. She had the car in her possession for approximately 8hrs and called me with the location of the car and said the keys were inside. The vehicle was not damaged and I returned the car to Enterprise and called the police to let them know I had the vehicle back in my possession. I followed protocol exactly as I should have. So what did I do wrong to deserve to be put on a NO-RENT list. This is absurd and when I asked how could I clear my name I was told there was nothing I could do about it. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Robert - 8 d 24 h ago


Overcharged my credit card. Advised me to call rental office who couldn't explain why there was an overcharge. They promised to call back 1 week ago...still waiting. Enterprise plus failed to give credit for several rentals, recorded as zero points and they can't explain it other than it was more than 1 year ago, and have others which were never recorded. Enterprise promised 50 points + 25 points for questionnaire..which I never received. Once again no one can help. I have been unable to login to my account since inception. I called numerous times and all they say is I'll hear back in 3 days...never a response. Finally I got a temporary password and uncovered the above. Now the answer is, time expired or I don't know why.

Finally I tried to rent a $38. economy car using points..they want 800 points per day! STAY AWAY from Enterprise. Don't waste your time with Enterprise plus. They have consistently been 10% more money compared to the competitors. Shame on me for thinking I would benefit from the Enterprise Plus to compensate me.

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robert - 8 d ago


Very difficult to deal with customer service. They have no ability to assist and their explanations make limited sense. Enterprise plus

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Brenda Grundhofer - 8 d ago


I was promised 3 free rental days. Each time I call in they have to resubmit the ticket and it will take 7-10 business days. I have been dealing with this since Sept 18th. I spoke with 5 different people who say the ticket is submitted, and I have to wait another 7-10 business days. Escalation told me the same, yet I never receive the email. I have 3 different reference numbers, some holding multiple calls in them. One person said the system generates it, yet it is not sent to me nor is there a coupon number to reference. 11.28.16 I was told I have a car booked with the 3 free days and given a confirmation number only to find out it is reference number and the car was not booked. I am a platinum member. I will choose another rental company if this is how I am treated.

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Anonymous - 8 d 16 h ago


I've been on the phone for an hour trying to contact an representative at the Union Station local in Washington DC to change reservation. Poor service!!!! I called the 800 and they transferred me several times and still no answer just a machine keep coming on. Poor service!!!!!

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DeQueon Peterson - 9 d ago

Enterprise Morrow took 169.00from my account stating that it was for insurance. I have insurance on my car and they do not want to refund me my money. It is all a scam.

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Enterprise Sucks - 9 d ago


Enterprise at Bismark Airport sucks. They don't get there ontime. I waited 45 minutes past when they were supposed to be open. The kid at the desk acted like he just woke up. He couldn't tell me how to contact his manager either. Then he couldn't guarantee a vehicle.

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