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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Taylor
Chairman and CEO
(314) 512-5000
(314) 512-4706
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Running on empty - 3 h 58 m ago


They rely on your good graces, by pretending to be nice, to provide inferior service. The nice is gone after having to buy gas to use their cars. Always the same excuse when a company is cutting costs at the expense of the customer: "we are so busy we have no cars - means we do not own enough cars to service customers on any other day then the slowest day of the year" "this car just came back with no gas in it - means we zeroed out the cost of refilling cars and you take the chance of returning it with more gas than you rented it with. They get away with this with most people, however not only am i familiar with the tactic, the first car turned out to be undrivable for me because the seat with sharp rises on both sides cut off the circulation in my leg. Unfortunately i did not discover this until the next day, after i had put gas in the car because it was on empty. I returned the car and you guessed it the second car had not gas in it either. This turned from an inconvenience to a nuisance with the second card to a traumatic even 1200 miles away from home when my credit card got shut down for fraud because i bought 4 tanks in less than two days. A week later after being both promised and told i would be compensated for the gas i put into their cars to drive them, no one has called me back. Of course this is the case because the middle management that is supposed to be dealing with the problem are the ones who decided to cut costs to bonus. Under no circumstances rent from them and if you do insist on a full tank. Their game is to inconvenience you into accepting less than adequate circumstances.

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Krista O'Connor - 68 d ago


THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST PLACE ON EARTH TO RENT FROM!! Our company of over 8000 people have used this rental company as our preferred rental company and we will no longer be using them. I personally have had a wrongful charge on my credit card from them and after 8 days of trying to contact someone and getting the run around and lies from them saying they tried calling me back. I was hung up on, passed to lost and found, told no one can help me out but someone would call me back.....this has been going on for 8 days. NO ONE CALLS BACK AND NO ONE WILL HELP ON THE PHONE.


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MAD AS HELL - 53 d 1 h ago


My vehicle was hit by an underage driver with no insurance and through my insurance company I was able to rent a car through Enterprise. I paid a 50 dollar deposit (which I was told would be refunded once I returned the car) and after I got my vehicle back, a couple of days later I get a call from Enterprise stating that I owed another 160 dollars for their insurance and they would send me a bill. Long story short, they took $285 off of the card that I used to rent the car and I've also been given the runaround from Enterprise. This has been going on since Sept 2019. Going to the media..

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Helper - 7 d 17 h ago

Call you card company and initiate a charge back. They will get that money back from Enterprise.

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Former Employee - 2 d 21 h ago

The insurance is daily so you probably racked up more charges. This shouldn't be a hard concept to understand. You signed for something you wanted probably 15-$20/ day and you dont understand why they charged you. That's idiocy at its best.

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Cynthiana - 45 d 6 h ago


Report them to the FTC and the attorney general's office of your state and the attorney general's office of Missouri, which is where their corporate office is

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Cynthiana - 42 d 10 h ago


Call the FTC and the attorney general's office for your state and the state of Missouri, which is where their corporate office is

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hateenterprize - 3 h ago


They think acting nice makes up for treating you like crap. I had to buy gas to use their cars and they never compensated me for it. They run down the gas, do no own enough cars then pretend like they are the tooth fairy to charm you out of complaining.

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Towed car - 7 d ago


I rented a car with this company since I sold my car when I was blocked by Cuba. I had to sell my white car to be able to eat while I was at home with not job I had I rented the car I had to put my debit car on file since my credit card was blocked in the bank I asked for a new one that never came. They came to picked my keys not letting solve my problem at the bank. Worse service and people ever.

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Former Employee - 2 d 21 h ago

Duh you obviously can afford a car. Why would they continue to let you rent theirs and rack up charges you cant afford to pay?!

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Al - 27 d 18 h ago


The enterprise rental car, in Garland Texas on Forest is the worse company that I have ever dealt with.

I was in a very serious wreck back in December 2019, insurance company is paying for the rental, but here's the catch they are also charging me for the rental vehicle on my credit card, I have talked to them several times, they would refund my money and then two days later they would charge me again for the rental.

Now they are telling me when I return the vehicle that they would give me a bill to give it to the insurance company to get my money back which could take months for them to pay me back the $1,000 that they owe me.

This is called double dipping which is against the law, the insurance company is paying them and then they turn around and charging me, they are getting paid twice.

I have stopped my credit card and ordered a new one.

Enterprise is a joke I will never use them again and I would highly suggest that you don't use them either.

By the way all of the insurance companies use enterprise you tell the insurance company that you don't won't to rent from enterprise, it's your right to use what ever rental car company you want to, that is also your right.

This crap can happen to you but don't let it.

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Former employee - 2 d ago

Enterprise system is set up so they literally cannot double bill you. Your insurance company or whoever is supposed to be paying the bill did not send the branch the correct information to bill them. Former employee and have seen this happen before. Your insurance company is a joke.

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SILVANA ISBISTER - 40 d 18 h ago


On December 8, 2019 @ 2:03pm, my daughter was driving my blue dodge caliber car taking a left turn onto Gladys street from N.Quincy st. when a enterprise rental car driven by Michael Joseph Kineavy Jr. sideswiped my car.

The officer, Patrolman John P.Sturdevant arrived at the scene. Michael J.Kineavy Jr. did not wait for him to arrive. He left the scene.

The officer cited Michael J.Kineavy Jr citation # T1864593. The officer said no wonder he left, he has warrants out for his arrest. I also found that he had his license suspended since 2016. He was driving with an ID not a license as the picture shows. The other picture is the passenger Carlie Jean Hennebury. I don't understand how Enterprise rented him a car.

Elco, is the self insured Enterprise insurance company. When I spoke with It's adjuster handling the case Jerome Sanon he said that everybody passes instead of waiting, that even he does it all the time. He was making excuses for his client. I couldn't believe my what I was hearing from him. It is the law to wait. The street Michael J.Kineavy passed on was not a safe place to pass. It is a small street with no passing lane. I have attached pictures of the street and my blue car.

I offered to send Mr Sanon the pictures taken that day and he said he already had pictures of the cars and he googled the street.

Neither Michael or his passenger Carlie took pictures that day. They were in an extreme rush to get out of there before the police arrived. Mr Sanon had no pictures and yet made the decision from his investigation that Michael J.Kineavy was not at fault and he denied my claim.

Enterprise refuses to pay for my damages. Stating that there is not enough evidence to blame his client. I don't have collision on my car because it is 11 years old so I had to pay for the damages myself $949.00 This does not include a front bumper, dents and their black paint on my car. I can't afford to fix those things.

I spoke with an attorney and he told me that Enterprise has a reputation of denying claims and that I would probably have to take the driver to small claims court.

This is outrageous! How is a rental company allowed to get away with this behavior?

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Helper - 7 d 17 h ago


File a complaint against Enterprise's Insurance company with the Department of Insurance in your state. The insurance company will be required to answer the complaint within a few days. If they don't they willl be fined $100K - $250K for each day they are late with their response.

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Lynda Alloway - 13 d ago


My son who is allowed to have anything and use anything in my home was staying with me. I rented a car from enterprise to seat everyone. I was sleeping parked behind my sons car. He picked up my keys not knowing that I was the only one authorized to drive the car. He got into an accident and called me waking me up. I immediately contacted Enterprise who didn't want to hear anything I said. To them an accident will never just be an accident. My son osic them over $2,000 on cash for the repairs on the car. Forward 15 years later I am rear ended by someone and their insurance company is paying for my repairs and a rental card. I show up to stop my car off and get my rental. Lo and behold it is Enterprise. I give him my license and right there in front of everyone he spouts about how they cannot rent to me because of an accident 15 years ago. I was so embarrassed in front of people to have my privacy violated like that. I am not going back 15 yrs and this person tells me I can never rent from them again. This is a company that I would highly recommend you stay away from. I called their corporate office to complain about my privacy being violated and no one has contacted me to date. I am considering a lawsuit for violation of mg privacy and the fair debt collection act.

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Anonymous - 20 d ago


Enterprise rental in Auburn maine just friend of money.and kicked her out the business when she addressed them

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Andrew Taylor/ ceo - 21 d 5 h ago



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Tommy Medlin - 21 d 15 h ago


Thank you for leaving me 50 miles from home and unable to rent a car. I promise to go on every social network and tell them your policy. Here I am standing on the side of the road outside of Dallas,Tx, I call to rent a car, i reserved a car. Then was called by your office at 1920 Elm St. Dallas Texas. They asked me are you using a credit card or debit card, was asked does it say debit on the card, yes but can be used as a credit card. Was told it would be use as a debit card, and I would need to bring a utility bill in my name with me. Who writes these policies, who carries a water bill in their pocket, I then asked if they would run my card for whatever dollar amount they needed and I would pay cash, sorry we can't do that. The call was recorded, I called uber they drove me to the nearest dealership and I bought a car. I may not make a dent, but will do everything in my power to slam your TV commercials, Call enterprise.

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Erika L Duitman - 22 d 23 h ago

It's not Andrew Taylor as CEO but Christine Taylor. I am a 30 yr customer of enterprise. I am also an OTR truck driver. I have tried to rent a car here in SLC, UT so that I can drive home to Phoenix, Az. Most truckers work for companies that are most usually not in the same state in which they live.

Enterprise will NOT allow a one way rental to another state unless you have a "regular" credit card. Theyve Accepted my Visa check card numerous times and have never had an issue with payment and no damages. However, that was a round trip. Some of us no longer want "regular" credit cards as the interest rates are like 25%.

Visa bank cards are automatic payments and for $450 one way, and proof of insurance you would think it would be good enough.

What about if a person was in an accident in say Oregon and was not allowed to fly home but could drive home to say Texas? Enterprise would refuse to rent a car to someone who has a bank card? But will rent to someone who has a "regular" credit card? Aren't bank cards both Visa or Debit?

Tried to call corporate to talk to Ms. Taylor and of course, transferred to customer service. Been waiting for the regional to call me, but no response. Hence why I called corporate.

This policy is recently new according to staff and is the most rediculous policy ever. They asked me if I've tried other companies and seems they followed suit. My money is good always has been. Enterprise rental car has also recently added themselves to a trucker app, called Truckers Path. But if they've changed this rediculous policy, good luck getting truckers.

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Lisa - 24 d 14 h ago


I reserved a car with Enterprise in Fort Lauderdale to be picked up at the end of a cruise. We wanted to drive back home, stopping to visit friends and family along the way. They did not provide shuttle service at the cruise ship terminal (although Hertz, Avis and a number of others did). So after a $15 taxi ride, we arrived expecting to be on our way shortly. After an hour wait, where we kept being told, "Your car will be here in just a few minutes" and even rolled our luggage out once only to be told that the car out front was not going to be our car, we finally had a car pull up to the curb. It wasn't filled with gas and it was wet from the car wash(which didn't do anything but wet the dirt down). The agent offered to run it through again, but we refused. When I went to turn the car in (where I had rented cars on numerous occasions) they asked how I liked the car. I said the car was fine, but the service was lousy. They were very quick to try and make amends for the situation, but the computer would only let them make a nominal refund. They apologized and said I should call the customer service line and complain. I did and sure enough, a few hours later I received a call from the Fort Lauderdale office. The lady said we will send you a check for the $15 taxi ride. When I mentioned that the Indianapolis office had tried to refund part of the one way rental fee, she said they could not do that. At the end of the call, she asked if I was satisfied with their actions to fix the situation. I said I was not pleased, but it didn't seem that they would do anything else. She said she would have to ask the manager about any further actions and she would give her the information and they would let me know. Much as I expected, I never received a call back and honestly, I don't expect to even receive the $15 dollar taxi reimbursement. It's a good thing I think so highly of the Greenwood South location on the south side of Indianapolis or quite honestly, I would never rent from Enterprise again. I know that the Fort Lauderdale branch was busy, but get enough people to provide decent customer service instead of disrespecting customers by leaving them waiting for a long time despite having a reservation.

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Brandy Black - 49 d 4 m ago


I reserved a 12 passenger van for my family of eight to travel to my family's Christmas. We were on our way to pick it up an hour away and I called to make sure the van was ready and they informed me the van was in the shop due to damage. They didn't have anything else available to accommodate eight people and were very rude and unapologetic. My two oldest kids ended up staying home instead of having Christmas with their family. I cried all day but had to leave them behind because we were leaving that evening. I have never missed a Christmas in 38 years but almost did because of enterprise!! They didn't even contact me so if I wouldn't have called we would have driven 2 hours for nothing!!

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Cynthiana - 45 d 6 h ago


Report them to the FTC and the attorney general's office in your state, the state you were traveling to and Missouri, which is where their corporate office is

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barryaxle - 24 d 16 h ago

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Flagged for review. 
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Dr. Almeda M. Lahr-Well - 26 d 20 h ago


Dr. Almeda M. Lahr-Well Lahr-Well Christian Academy 903 North Second Street Edwardsville, IL 62025 1/29/2020 Chairman and CEO Andrew Taylor Enterprise 600 Corporate Park Drive St. Louis, MO 63105 Dear Chairman Taylor: Wednesday, January 22, I went in to the Glen Carbon Enterprise Office to pick up a van that I was scheduled to use for students of my school. (I have used a van before from Enterprise.) My school has been in existence for the past 35 years in the Glen Carbon/Edwardsville area. Already seated in the van, I handed my new Busey bank card to an agent. She immediately said, "Oh, we don't take Debit Cards." I replied, "You know, you could have told me that when I rented the van!" I asked if cash was acceptable, and was not surprised to hear,"No," but thought they might make an exception since I had rented several times before. The agent asked me if I didn't have a credit card. I did happen to have one (another one), but I had left my phone at school the night before and was unable to activate it from Enterprise. I insisted that the agent try to run the Busey card. She went inside, said she talked with the manager, and that the card did not work. (Little did she know that I had just used the card as credit in Germany the week before, and here in Illinois the same week.) I told the agent to just keep the van, and that I would be renting from someplace else the next time. This all caused a huge inconvenience to the school. Not only did I have to cancel 3 church tours ... at the last minute ... I had to have parents come in to go pick up lunches for the students because we had originally planned to eat in St. Louis. Additionally I will have to pay docent fees to all 3 churches ... for tours I had to cancel. I was not happy with the agent or her superior. Apparently neither really tried to run the card, and simply dismissed the ramifications these actions were to have on months of preparation as well as the actual field trip, the inconvenience of coordinating lunches, the lost costs, and the students' disappointments. Sincerely, Dr. Almeda M. Lahr-Well

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Anonymous - 29 d ago

Enterprise is the WORST RENTAL CAR dealer in the U.S. I was in an accident had to choose between enterprise and hertz i chose enterprise because the had a location at the auto body shop. Worst mistake should have made friend drive me to hertz. I told enterprise for a week im a cripple in a wheelchair and need a CAR with hand controls. They give me an SUV where i can barely get in and getting out is like playing russian roulette with breaking my neck. They told me id have a replacement the next day it took them 12 days to get a replacement and they didnt even upgrade me for all the bullshit , lies, and inconvenience. The last time i rented with enterprise the guy told me they didnt have monthly rates so i rented a car for 3 months weekly then i found out that they do have monthly rates. Disputed with my card and paid 0 for the 3 months. Enterprise is no famoly business if it is its run by the clintons

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