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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Taylor
Chairman and CEO
(314) 512-5000
(314) 512-4706
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Anonymous - 1 d 13 h ago


Sooo, thank u so much 4 creating a Seinfeld moment. Hardy laugh. U took my reservation, but u don't keep my reservation. Could not believe that happened. Then, agent says tomorrow morning, give me till 8:30 and I will call you when it's ready. Now, after 9:30, no call. Sooo we call them. Amazing, no agent by him is there. No cars available either.

Disappointed Enterprise. Definitely affected my business trip.

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Pissed off in NEW JERSEY - 3 d 7 h ago


To all Enterprise Rental! Imagine 20 years as a customer! You have to experience a rude racist manager who calls the police on you in front your 2 children because you question him about his service and even though you have reservation! It's an hour wait and still haven't gotten your vehicle! On 8-12-2019 you have a reservation and you use your debit card (they cost me my Visa platinum credit card) and now they want a utility bill with no past due balance 30 days!( So now they deny you / me a rental because I didn't pay the utility company in full!!) Enterprise has officially crossed the line! The rude racist employees and customer complaint (Stephanie didn't give her last name) only repeated "It's company policy" I told her to let me see her bills and deny her her job! The corporate office needs to be forced to deal with their own employees and have their cars taken away and forced to rent from their company! For a year! And see how ENTERPRISE RENTAL is Soo discriminate then their bullshit policy's will change!

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Sick of BS - 2 d 5 h ago


If you've been a customer for 20 years (bullcrap) then you know that has been their policy this entire time. I had to bring utility bills and whatnot with me before I was able to get a credit card. Do you expect them to just trust you with a $30K vehicle based on a couple hundred dollars and your promise to bring it back. They need a little more than that, sorry. Improve your credit and get a credit card like most everyone else. Don't blame enterprise for your inability to maintain good credit.

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Kevin - 14 d ago


My fiance booked a reservation over a week to pick up our under age daughters who were coming to Richmond Va,they are new Immigrants and the first time coming, so we wanted to rent the car to pick them up, we lived in farmville, at the appointed time when they were about to arrive and we went for the card, we were told we can't get it, without a credit card, we are new Immigrants, my finance will be teaching at the elementary school, and Monday will be my first day on the job at Buckingham correctional center. We have debit cards, to which the refuse, they ask for cards with chip, to which we were denied, saying we must have a credit card, but the enterprised at is misleading, on their website they said they accept visa and debit card, so I don't know if the white woman their Friday was prejudice or a plain racists, because I know if a white person went there with their visa debit card they would have gotten a car.

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Theguy - 5 d 9 h ago

Nope.. Dont care about color.. They dont take debit cards from anyone..

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Enterprise can go to hell - 4 d 4 m ago

Yup and Your the same kind of asshat that makes people hate you and your company

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Pissed off in New Jersey - 3 d 7 h ago

The guy hi!!Enterprise accept debit cards and Kevin is right they are RACIST! NOW you have to show a utility bill without a past due balance of 30days! In New Jersey they take $400.00 dollars out of your account before they hand you keys! But when you call the reservation center they tell you it to verify your address on your license to your home address! Then you get to the office and they tell you they can't rent you a car because you didn't pay your bill in full! RACIST! They keep working people who don't have credit cards from renting cars!

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Sick of Racist Claims that are not Racist - 2 d 5 h ago


They aren't racist because you can't get a credit card. That's been their policy for over a decade. They are giving you a $30K+ vehicle and you don't want them to put a hold on your bank account? Try improving your credit and getting a credit card like most renters and you won't have this problem. It's not Enterprise's fault!

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Enterprise can go to hell - 4 d 3 m ago

After the Phone rep took the reservation we told her we were doing this to return home after taking my father to his retirement Home. We got to Fresno airport Alec refused to rent to us because we had a VISA debit card, then told us they dont accept US CURRENCY i informed him it is illegal to operate in the US and NOT take US legal Tender.

After refusing His manager then started Snapping at ME, to which I had to tell him to mind his own business , then when he started to argue with me, i asked him if Id asked him a question or was talking to him, he then started saying have a nice day sir after anything i said so i told him i would and He could too Smartass! Rude arrogant condescending LIARS Crap attitude, and broke several laws. i wouldn't send My EX to rent from these low life scum (and Id feed her to a shark with Ketchup)

Went to another location the manager was nice enough to help us after charging us 4 X's the rental because its a one way... BULLSHIT! We WERE silver points members they are all now rude pos's.

The Fresno airport location are the rudest bunch of Idiotic irresponsible Lying Children I've ever had the Misfortune of dealing with.

ENTERPRISE NOT TAKING US CURRENCY IS Socialist communism . Please join me in boycotting them

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Mark - 4 d 13 h ago

I work for Enterprise in Fayetteville, Arkansas as a driver. I'm appalled that we have to put up with profanity from our lead driver. Using G@# D@$# when giving us instructions is totally uncalled for. And driving like a maniac just because he's frustrated is totally uncalled for and completely unsafe. It not only endangers us but the public un the road as well. Xan anything be done to bring this under control?


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Enterprise can go to Hell - 4 d 5 m ago

Punch him in the mouth after You call the cops on his driving, endangering citizens and employees is a crime

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Wonder Woman - 4 d 7 h ago


My Husband, got a rental car on 7/22/2019 and turned it in 7/27/2019 before 12 (09:47 AM). They tried to charge him for 8 days. He had to argue with them. He did pick up the car after 12 on 7/22/2019 (12:08 pm). Also they refused to pick him up and refused to drop him off. :He had to call his son to pick him up to take him to get the rental car. To return the car to Enterprise, he had to walk a mile and 1/2 to get to my car at my work place. The Commercial says: "We'll pick you up." Address to Enterprise to Ford Dealership: 27225 Southwest FWY Rosenberg, TX 77471 Phone #(hidden) And it happened again a few miles down the road at a Toyota dealership: They refused to pick him up and refused to drop him off. I had to drop him off and pick him up at the rental car Toyota place. The Commercial says: "We'll pick you up." Neither location goes by your company's policy which makes your company look bad.

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Jose Estefano - 5 d 10 h ago


Dear Mr. Taylor:

I had a difficult situation two months ago renting a car from Alamo.

I returned the car, was inspected by your people to complete satisfaction and a week later

I received a letter saying that I owe $888.26 for a damage to your car.

If a damage occur, it happens after I left the premises, I have sent you a letter explaining the details.

Your employee Chantell Brown is the one in charge of this situation, (hidden),

please resolve this situation ASAP before it gets into our lawyers hands, thanks, hvae a great day and God bless you

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Maria - 25 d 9 h ago


Andrew Taylor - CEO

I am dissatisfied with the recent corrorspondence I received dated 11/26/18, I recently received this late correspondence due to the local office I rented the vehicle did not take down my address correctly. It wasn't until recently that I found out that I had a balance with your company while traveling I attempted to rent a car and was notified. Imagine my surprise. Currently, I am receiving delinquent notices for the amount of $116.71, which at the time that I returned the rental I paid all pending charges and was told I had a zero balance on file. Unfortunately, both the manager at the time Melissa and John the sales person are no longer at this location to assist me. At this time I would like enterterprise to please remove balance from my account and remove the "no rental status" placed on my license. It is upsetting that this is the second time this happens to me with your company. Each time I find out years after the fact. The first time I paid the unpaid balance due to the fact I was at the location where my vehicle was being repaired. I imagine if this is a common occurrence within your company and everyone just pays how much money are customers losing as a result. When I contacted your corporate office to complain. Cynthia ID# E539J9 took down my concern as she referred to it, I believe it is more of a complaint. She informed me that she was forwarding the information to the area manager however, she was unable to provide me with his name or yours. Having worked in Corporate America I believe this information is vital to the person answering the phone on your behalf.

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Mad man - 10 d 5 h ago


This so happened to my wife and she paid it when she went to rent a vehicle it was told to her she owed $147.16 but she had a receipt saying she had a zero balance. Maybe we should get a lawsuit going on because they are doing this to a lot of customers. They are probably double dipping and owe us money!!!!

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Mary - 9 d 44 m ago


You are so right! Treat customers like family? I don't think so

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Megan Jones - 10 d 7 h ago


This company has double standards like no tomorrow. They will fire and employee who's attendance is bad due to medical and family emergencies, but will still keep employees who decided to get high during their shift and even on company grounds. When a supervisor is told they decide to look the other way and turn a blind eye to a lot of things. I thought this company was family friendly and respectable. After what they did to a old employee of mine who left for this company I am appalledand will never rent from them or their sister companions.

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Nia - 9 d 3 h ago


They fired me after an altercation with manager, who came after me first. She spread personal business about me and when I finally had enough of her attacking me verbally, and called her out on it, she denied everything and found 2 people who weren't anywhere around to lie for her saying I went after her. Ive been a top employee for years, never on trouble, always great reviews. They're going to lose a lot of other staff over this. They choose to keep the lazy and ones who mess up constantly, but one incident and they treated me like a criminal. The HR woman who let me go told me basically what I was saying was wrong and I was lying bout this manager spreading my business. That particular manager always has people going to her about her and nothing gets done, they sweep it under the rug like it never happened. Rentals are taken from shop lanes and rented before they get fixed a lot of times. Sometimes cars that "pass" inspection didn't, but we're pushed through because the tech wanted a bigger bonus so he half asses it. Cars go well over oil change recommended intervals, sometimes even 20,000 or more miles between, sometimes they've never had them at all. Sexual harassment is perfectly acceptable, because if you go to management, nothing happens. You bust your ass and get treated like crap, while everyone else gets away with lying, stealing, cheating. It's asanine how a business can be run so poorly.

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debra marciano - 24 d 14 h ago


I have recently rented a car for my son whose car is in the shop. We were driving to Ct shore near 95 and once got there, we parked that rental for days. It didnt move my 82 year old mothers house. We drove a couple of other place then back home. Upon return they said we DMANAGED the side panel. I am like "where is the damage" he said itsnot visible to you but we are trained to see it." WTH does THAT Mean. There was NO DAMAGE. Furthermore, i tried for three days to get a representive call me back - nada. Then i reached out to the regional branch manager and he never returned a call. In my view this is fraud. A friend of mines son said this happens ALL the time and dispute it. They will go back to many other car renters before me and determine if a "walkaround" was done. However this damage they claim is there, ISNT VISIBLE TO ANYONE. And i certainly didnt do it. So far, not a single representative other than damage department has taken my calls. If you REALLY want to make your customers pay for damages take pictures!!!

Fraudulant and unreliable organization

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Brooke - 9 d 9 h ago


They are doing this exact thing to me now Debra! The branch manager won't respond to email, the damage department won't provide me the email address of the Risk Manager they want me to work with. Based on the experience I have had with the organization thus far, I won't correspond with them any other way than in writing. I even have a signed statement from the employee at the car repair shop stating she did a walk around with me when I dropped the car off, and there was no damage. No I am told it takes them 4-6 weeks to "get everything together" to get to my insurance company!!! How many other people have they rented the car to since I returned it 2+ weeks ago???

Enterprise was known in the past for running these "damage" scams, but then they created their Damage seemed like they slowed down for a while...but it looks like they are ramping back up again! I even dropped my rental coverage with my insurance company since Enterprise is the only company they work with. VERY disappointing!!!

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Gigi Huffman - 10 d 7 h ago


Go on LinkedIn and find the names under Enterprise in the department you want and email them directly. Very disappointed in trying to give a certain location a compliment and the District Manager did not even respond? That says a ton!

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Jennie - 10 d 8 h ago


I called the local number to notify of a change of e-mail address. I was told to go on line!!! and do it. Seriously, am I going to display my e-mail address for the world to see.?? No customer service and I could hardly hear the guy. Think it is time to take my business elsewhere.

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Anonymous - 10 d 8 h ago

I have been trying for a week to get someone to call from corporate and I have yet to get a call to speak to someone....this is crazy..

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Tina M - 10 d 14 h ago

I just recently decided to rent a car through this agency, as I had done so many times in the past. The reservation had been made via internet over the weekend and an email was sent to my email address to confirm my reservation. Joe at the Buckhannon, WV calls me at 5:55pm to tell me that he simply CANNOT meet my reservation and then instructs ME to call the Clarksburg, WV office or, basically, fix my plans because of my lack of vehicle. Absolutely refused to call the Clarksburg office to help me at all.

A call today to both offices didn't help me at all either. Instead, they are passing out names of other local locations in the hopes that these companies might have something. Never, and I mean NEVER, will I use this company again. This is a shodd,y, half baked company who seems to have forgotten it's upstanding business practices.

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Anonymous - 12 d 6 h ago


Monique E589MD Wow. Queen of rudeness

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