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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Taylor
Chairman and CEO
(314) 512-5000
(314) 512-4706
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Luisa Mentz - 4 h 33 m ago


I just don't understand why my husband is waiting again over an hour to get someone to comr het him. Its been ovet an jour and he's 6.1 miles away. This is s corporste account he gets vsrs st least twice a week. Terrible customer service

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dr. glenn rothenberg - 6 h 12 m ago


worst company ever stay away scammers!!!!!

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Matt E. - 9 h 31 m ago


Absolutely horrible experience, don't ever rent from Enterprise. After my personal vehicle was totaled the insurance company provided us with a rental car from Enterprise. When I picked the car up the agent went outside with a trainee to do the walk around inspection and spent maybe 30 seconds looking the car over. Myself and the trainee stood beside the driver's door the entire time.. I was handed the keys and off I went. On 10/16/17, a couple of days before the paid rental period was to expire, I stopped by the Enterprise office to check on the process renting it personally for one extra day. The man behind the counter answered my questions and told us to swing by on the expiration day and they could handle extending the period then (I was in the office maybe two minutes and the agent never stepped from behind the front counter). Two days later my wife swings by to handle getting the rental extended for a day and they inspect the car and suddenly find "damage" in the form of a "compression mark" on the front bumper where, according to the Enterprise employee, it looks like someone "lightly tapped your front bumper, in a parking lot maybe?" My wife and I both had been extremely careful with the car and nothing had happened to it the entire time we had been driving it. Any "compression mark" had to have been there when I picked it up (I had washed the car the night before my wife went by to to extend the rental and I noticed nothing on the front end). We immediately disputed it and the manager told my wife that the employee I spoke with two days earlier did a full inspection of the car and the damage had not been there. He even called that employee at home while my wife was standing there and he immediately lied and agreed with the manager. I called the manager myself and told him that if he has cameras in that office that he should roll them back and look because that front counter agent I spoke with never left his spot when I came in to ask questions. So, in short, because the original Enterprise front counter agent did not do a thorough walk around and because a second front counter employee lied to protect himself, my wife and I are victims of either A) employees covering their asses for "damage" that was already there when we picked the car up or B) a money grab because someone at Enterprise is scratching the back of whatever car repair shop that location contracts. Now, we are going to have either 1) pay to avoid all the headache of dealing with the whole mess, 2) get a lawyer and fight Enterprise or 3) file a claim under our own car insurance to cover the "damage" which will only make our own rates go up.

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ANGRY IN DENVER - 10 h 11 m ago


I've rented from Enterprise for recently as two months ago..,.had a reservation this morning....they picked me up and when I got to the rental agent, he denied my renting because I did not have two utility bills. (my utilities are included in my rent). Even though I had been renting cars from Enterprise for all that time and had the paperwork from two months ago, they still refused me. This is BS what has happened to that once really good company? I wouldn't rent from them now, even if they changed their new "policy"...

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Linda Stone Wentzell - 11 h ago


I have used Enterprise for over 10+ years.......and have been very satisfied with their service,until now.

I made reservations for a Thursday. Went to get a car, assuming I'd at least have a choice of 2 to pick from.......nope.......they brougbt out a Ford Escape.........:(

I didn't even get a chance to look it over for was like 'here you go'.

I felt like I got the bum's rush.

Then when I got in the car, I couldn't see tbe hood of the car. I'm short and need to see the hood, to judge distance, etc.Then I wasn't told the brakes were very sensitive and almost gave myself a whiplash. :(

So overall, I wasn't a happy camper. :(

Also, poor visibility when I 'd turn my head, to pass a car.

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Montrez McFadden (Two-Notch Rd location in Columbia SC - 1 d ago


I needed someone to call me over a week ago I have been severely disrespected by one of you local offices that was a week ago I called customer service 4times and no one have yet to call me back concerning my deposit that was not funded back to me the nrw manager of that location decided he would argue with me and said the time frame as if I still didn't want my money this company is horrible you hite low raye employees thugs that wouldn't know customer service it it was free. My Name is Nakeisha Dixon I rented back in June my # (hidden)

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Anonymous - 1 d 8 h ago


Don't ever use Enterprise book a Labor Day vacation rental vehicle way ahead of time for a 12 passenger van was told it was on the way waited there for 2 hours with 6 kids until 6:02 when they closed vehicle never arrived. I have called corporate in Florida and Missouri several different times threatened to put it on social media nobody has called me back as of this second so here it is there are too many companies out there that would love to have my money there are too many companies out there that can always accommodate my family the gentleman at the Enterprise at the Coral Springs office the most obnoxious man I was told next time I rented a vehicle to call and they would help me how can anybody help me when they don't even return the call because my family $763 in non-refundable Hotel fees because it was less than 24 hours if you are planning a family trip this is not the company that you want

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Marmalade - 1 d 4 h ago

Marmalade :

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John Thomas - 1 d 9 h ago


Great service at Washington st enterprise car rental

In Newark NJ

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Anonymous - 1 d 9 h ago

My name is Patricia Chambers. My reference # is 97ZRH5. This number was given to me on October 6, 2017 due to me renting a vehicle @ 7745 Gulf Freeway Houston, Texas 77017-1537 (713) 641 6510. Gabriel, the store manager processed my rental. The money on my America Express Bluebrid was authorize for a deposit amount of $350.00 Due to the Mechanical problems with the rental I had to return the very next day. Gabriel refund back to me the entire amount of the rental without any charges. This was on October 7, 2017. I knew I would ot see the money returned back to my card by the 9th of October 2017, but I just knew I would have may money back on the 10th of October 2017. I telephone America Express Bluebird Customer Service to inquire about my refund and was told Enterprise Car Rental had not release my money. I spoke with a person named Elentonia (a foreigner) from the Philippians. On October 10, 2017 later that day I called Enterprise billing in Houston and spoke to a person name Que. She stated Enterprise had released my money and Americia Express Bluebird was holding my money. I called back to America Express Customer Service spoke to a Paul he said Enterprise and America Express has a contract to hold my money for thirty(30) days.I have emailed America Express Corporate Office Mr. Kenneth Chenult, but no one has answered me. On October 11, 2017 I spoke to a Supervisor at America Express Customer Service was told Enterprise could put my money on hold for thirty (30) days and I could look to have my money on November 5, 20 17. This is the most ridiculous information I have ever heard. I was tried of being given the run around by America Express and Enterprise so I telephone your Headquarters on Yesterday and spoke to a Deon regarding my concern. She stated she would put in a request for the District Manager in Houston to address my concern. She lied. Someone from Findlay Ohio telephone me also and said they forward my concern to the District Manager in Houston. She lied. Today I telephone I called your Headquarters and spoke to a Derrick he said he forward my concern to a District Manager in Houston, Texas when I asked did the notes state that Deon had already taken care of that he said:" NO". So your company has employed people that lie to the public but expect the customer to tell Enterprise the truth when renting. I have no ill intent toward Enterprise. All I want is my money . If you pull my rental history you will see I have been a loyal customer. I made another call this morning after speaking with Derrick spoke with Mary a Supervisor of Customer Care. She stated your office was not able to take my call for any reason,but when I called the Operator forward my call to a person in your office name Kathy. I left a message. So here I am writing you. I have waited for my money long enough. I wonder if your agency had to be paid would I have had the liberty to play with your money. If America Express was holding your money would your agency wait thirty (30) days? I do not know who is holding my money all I know is that I need my money like yesterday. I have acted in good faith and I thought your agency would have done the same, but I see that is not the case. I feel I need more than just my money back I need a Free rental as well. I did mentioned to m Mary that I would contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, she encourage that I do so. You may reach me @ (832) 358 4773 (hidden)

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Marilynne - 1 d 10 h ago


At first I was very impressed with Enterprise as their reps were very helpful and polite. However, the management is very poor. I would not recommend them to anyone.

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Patty - 1 d 10 h ago


Enterprise is the worst company ever to rent a vehicle from Labor Day weekend rented a a 12 passenger van to get there and be told it was on its way stood there for 2 hours with 6 kids in the Coral Springs location manager had no remorse called corporate corporate said that they over booked all the time and there were no vehicles I lost a family vacation that weekend over $800 in hotel cost for the next two weeks because of the hurricane there has been no vehicles available to accommodate my family called corporate between Labor Day weekend and now for different times not one person has ever called me back nor emailed me call again yesterday still no answer call today no answer have a 12 passenger vehicle I'm on hold for tomorrow to pick up they want $366 for the week Labor Day weekend it was 199 I feel the least they could do is give me the same right since they messed up my vacation and have been inconveniencing me for a month still no reply I want to make sure tomorrow that the vehicle is there for pickup and I get the same rate do you think one person will call me back no I've called Florida corporate and Tampa I've also called the 312 number I believe it's in Missouri I spoke to a John ID number he isn't Edward 867 NH assured me yesterday someone will call me back still nothing called again this morning spoke to Bobby employee number to 69 d as in David X nothing I will never rent from these people again their customer service sucks as well as the manager at the Coral Springs office thanks for inconvenience in my whole family

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Sandybrook - 1 d 11 h ago


We rented this vehicle in Beaufort, SC in Sept 2017 -


Make/Model: HYUN/ELAN


License: BWJT23

Unit #: 7NW90B

This vehicle was filthy - seats stained (all of them) dash, steering wheel just everything in this car was nasty. I don't think anyone should have to pay this kind of money to get this type of vehicle. I hope Enterprise will take not of this and have their companies give customers clean vehicles. You only get 1 star because the vehicle was in working condition.

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KEL - 1 d 11 h ago


Protect your credit cards!!!! I gave them a card to use then called them and switched the cards. I told them that they were no longer allowed to use the first card and was assured they took it off file. Low and behold my surprise when the first card that I told them they couldn't use any longer was charged!!!! They are refusing to reverse the charges and bill the 2nd card I gave them. So these jerks just took my bill money that was already accounted for and stole it!!!! Will NEVER use enterprise agai! They are thieves and dishonest jerks!

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CG - 2 d 10 h ago


We recently went on a trip across the country to visit both of my grandparents who are in rehab facilities. We booked two separate reservations with Enterprise. The first one we booked was through Orbitz, and was supposed to be at the St Louis Airport, however when we arrived, and went to that location we were told our car was actually booked at their downtown location. We unfortunately had limited time on this trip since there were so many flights we needed to take, as well as drives to and from locations. We were then told we could switch our car location, but they wouldn't be willing to honor the pricing. Once we found out the pricing was doubled at this location we were furious. We were not even having the car an entire day more so a half. We were told booking through third party sites they tend to just book you at the cheapest location. When I went online and booked for an airport location I would assume it's at least at the airport which was not their fault at Enterprise, however when you have a guest who has run into this type of situation you would hope that your company would want to accommodate the client in order to provide customer service. We were not getting that until we got to speak with Andrew Davi. He made the experience 100x better. He worked with us on the pricing where we found a happy medium between the two, and got us an upgrade as well. It did take sometime out of our trip, but I thank you Andrew for at least helping fix the situation, and providing great customer service. I have his card and it does say he is a management trainee. I think it's time to move him up.

In regards to our second car we again ran into an issue. I booked this one reservation in particular on back in July. Our scheduled pickup time was supposed to be for 9am. This location was Lynchburg-Wards Rd. in Virginia. We actually arrived an entire hour later to pick up our car, there was no car for us, but one got returned while we were there so we ended up having to wait till it was ready. When I booked this I expect my car to be ready at the time I request especially if I'm an hour later, and I'm expected to still return the car at the time I put down. I put the return time down for a reason as well and that's because I only need your car for a limited time. I again spent more time than I should have waiting on a vehicle and dealing with the rental process. Everyone at this location however was great, super friendly, and accommodating when we needed a ride to the airport.

Overall I give a 3star since I still feel like there is lots of work to be done in regards to your rental process.

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Anonymous - 3 d 1 h ago


This may be the only company I know that allows you to order/secure a product (in this case - a car) and sells you a different product. And, with the bait and switch, they question and do not understand why I am angry. Hello! I showed up and the car I ordered is not available. Enterprise protects themselves legally by including the words "or similar" in the online description. I would suggest they review their definition of similar. To be honest, I find the scheme to be deceptive and very unfair. In my case, I even went by the location two days before my reservation to look at the vehicle I was renting to ensure it met the size requirements I had. 48 hours later...poof! Vehicle not available. Another man is pulling out of the lot with the vehicle I looked at 48 hours before. When I tell the manager I am angry and this is horrible service, he tells me that I am being disrespectful and cancels my reservation. What?!?! There are additional details that make the situation even more bazaar. For example, following my cancellation, my friend contacted another Enterprise to rent the vehicle we needed. She looked online and called the location to ensure she was getting the vehicle she thought she was getting. She drives 45 minutes to the Enterprise location and, SURPRISE!, no vehicle. Truly a horrible customer experience. Its a bait and switch game for Enterprise. Never again.

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Debbie - 8 d 7 h ago


My husband and I have been a regular renter from Enterprise since 2005 and today I returned their car after renting for 6 weeks and the girl who checked me out said they could not take me home because I did not live in their area. I left in tears and hitched a ride back home. The guys are usually so helpful to us and always had great customer service but today they were HORRIBLE!!!!!

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Anonymous - 4 d 9 h ago

Sometimes they forget that we are renting cars for a reason. When competition is low, people get less than friendly experiences. They take your money without caring how much YOU went through to earn it.

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Kevin - 7 d 4 h ago


I had one of the worst experiences with Enterprise. We picked up a small Ford Compaq from the Enterprise in Pflugerville, Texas . The manager already knew that I was going through a rough time after leaving my new car at the Service King body shop. I get into the car and it was very dirty and smelled of cigarette smoke. The windows were dirty and there were soda stains on the passenger door. I was running late to work and was unable to turn around and go back. I called the young man who was the manager. He gave me the car. He proceeded to tell me that I was wrong. He argued with me that the car does not smell like smoke. I told him about all the co-workers who got in it and smelled smoke. It was a very strong smell. He said he would swap it out for me. I took it back after work and asked the guy to smell the inside. He continued to argue with me that he doesn't smell anything . He suggested that there was something wrong with my nose. I told he to just get me another car. He was very rude and took his time doing the paperwork. He ends up pulling up front with a Dodge mini-van and told me to" Why don't you smell it and see if you like it!". I told him he was rude and I was calling Corp. I drive a 2017 Camaro and have no kids. Why would he give me something like that ?

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Happy Happy - 4 d 9 h ago


Enterprise should not be putting-up with quantity minded employees. Yes, I would love to see all your vehicles on the road but not a the expense of customer service. When we get to the point that we walk up to a vehicle, slide a card and ride away without negative personalities that is the day I argue with a machine.

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Happy Happy - 4 d 10 h ago


Enterprise Car Rentals is synonymous with World-Class-Service.

Whenever I am in a pinch and need something reliable in a hurry, Enterprise makes Hertz look like they've been tackled in the End-Zone.

Enough said.

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Donald Mcgeary - 5 d ago


Hello my name is Donald Mcgeary and I'm having a problem with with my 2013 Kia Sorento only have my car for one year tires keep going out and nobody can't help me with my situation it do not make any sense for the tires keep getting flat when the car is only 1 years old from the time I left the dealership is been getting Flats I have all my paperwork recordings on my phone please call me at (hidden)

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Curtis - 5 d 8 h ago



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Cathedral City neighboring community citizen - 5 d 10 h ago


This company intentionally advertises special weekend rates and then does not honor them when the day comes.

I made a reservation for the 9.99 day weekend rate and it was confirmed by an employee at the Cathedral City location.

The following morning someone called me at 7:30 am leaving a message that I lived outside of their pick up area and they would NOT honor the reservation. There is nothing on the Cathedral City, Ca. website that says anything about ONLY picking up within a certain radius. I was told by the corporate customer service office that THIS COULD NOT BE RESOLVED TODAY. Therefore, my doctor's appointment will now be missed.

This is FALSE ADVERTISING from my viewpoint.


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Kathleen - 6 d 22 m ago


I sorry to say that I am extremely disappointed in this company. I will not be renting from any of theses names in the future. Dollar or zhertz. Hope you do better. After having a reservation well in advance, only one car available in the so called class chosen. We were to get a Buick Verona or similar. We got a Mazda 3. Which is a crossover. Not even a sedan with a trunk. No help with and if the car features. Only thing they wanted was for us to upgrade. Such poor customer service. Location. SeaTac. Never again, and I have always used Enterprise. S

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