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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Taylor
Chairman and CEO
(314) 512-5000
(314) 512-4706
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Everyone - 1 h 31 m ago


Why does no one answer one phones when you call no one returns phone calls. Have a major issue and no in will answer a phone or return several messages that I have left

Absolutely horrible company

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saundra - 1 h 41 m ago


This complaint is concerning a vehicle that I rented from Enterprise on Monday, October 30th, 2017. Enterprise sent their company employee to pick me up at 8 am Monday, 10/311. I was told that was the earliest they pick up customers. OK, no problem. I arrived at Enterprise, Lithia Springs at 8:15 am to pick up the truck that I rented. The manager, Grayson Hughes welcomed me, I gave him my drivers license and charge card to secure the rental. Grayson asked if I had insurance and what company. I told him that I had insurance and gave him the company name. He asked if I had rental coverage with my policy. I told him yes. He said that he had to call my insurance company to check my policy to see if I had rental insurance. I asked him when this procedure started, that I've never had an Enterprise employee to call my insurance company. He said that you have to have rental insurance, either from Enterprise or your own insurance company. He said that it's required in his store. While he dialed and spoke with my insurance company, I noticed that several people walked into Enterprise and gave their information, but were never asked by other Enterprise employee for an insurance card, nor did they accept Enterprise Insurance. They were in and out in a matter of minutes. I patiently stood by while Grayson Hughes called my insurance company. They told him that I had insurance with them but not rental insurance. I told him that I wasn't aware, that I thought I had rental insurance. An honest mistake. He repeated that I have to supply my own rental insurance or take Enterprise rental insurance. By comparison my company's insurance was cheaper so I called them to add rental to the policy. After adding the insurance I let Bryson know that it was done, but he said that he had to have confirmation from my insurance company. I waited while he called and spoke to a representative that said my rental coverage did not start until the following day. I told him that her information was incorrect. I asked Bryson if I could speak with my insurance company using his phone to straighten this matter. He said NO, that I could not talk on his cell phone, so I had to call my insurance company again using my cell phone. I explained that I had just added rental insurance (which was now full coverage), that the representative I had spoken to earlier said that the policy starts right away. She put me on hold, came back a while later and told me that everything was ok and rental could be used immediately. I gave my cell phone to Bryson so that he could confirm coverage with my insurance company. It was only after all of this that Bryson would allow me to rent the vehicle.I have never been treated this poorly before. Normally I'm asked if I want rental coverage. If I say NO, usually there are no further questions asked. All of this back and forth with my insurance company delayed my trip by 11/2 hours. I missed my appointment that afternoon in Jacksonville, Florida. An appointment that cost me money, that could not be made up. I'm furious with Enterprise. I thought about going to another rental car agency, but I didn't have transportation, and it would have further delayed my trip. To make matters worse, he wrote 8 am for my check in time for the car. Enterprise didn't pick me up from my house until 8 am. I didn't leave Enterprise until 9:15 am. I called Enterprise while I was driving to Jacksonville speaking to another representative at the same facility and asked about the insurance policy. She told me that insurance is checked only when a debit card is used. When I returned the vehicle on Wednesday, November 1, 2017, I was told that I could speak with the area manager if I were dissatisfied with my customer service. I was given his cell phone number. The representative that I was speaking with when I returned the vehicle also texted the area manager. I called right away and left a message when he didn't pick up. I never received a call from him. I called Thursday morning also. No return call. I also called Enterprise Corporate and was told that I do not have to purchase insurance if I choose not to. I was also told that they would relay my information to the area manager. I've received no phone calls form him.I am so upset over this mistreatment. Needless to say, after 20 years of business, I will no longer rent vehicles from Enterprise.

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Monica - 19 h 40 m ago


Just bad. No luck with revolving my issue!

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Jenn - 1 d 22 h ago

I was side swiped today by an Enterprise box truck that then fled the scene. I have spoken to no less than eight people on the phone and nobody will help me with this issue. I have a partial plate. I'm glad to know that your company takes accidents with your vehicles so seriously. I am 20 weeks pregnant, my 3 year old was in the vehicle and if the truck had been 3 inches farther to the left my husband would be dead. Not to mention the $5k of damage to our vehicle. Real stand up operation you have here.

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John - 1 d ago



There is a serious thief problem going on at the Sanford Florida Enterprise rental facility.

Yesterday my wife left her cell phone in the vehicle we returned to the Sanford facility. 20 minutes later we realized her mistake. I ran back out to the rental area. The car had been moved to the cleaning area by staff of Enterprise. When we located the car the phone was missing. The lot supervisor stated to me that they have had a lot of complaints that day of forgotten item not present in the vehicle when checked. The lot supervisor stated to me that they had just hired on a new cleaning crew and they must be doing the thief's. I will others in the corporate world to stop using Enterprise until they can hire responsible people.

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KAT - 1 d 2 h ago


I have never been so humiliated and been approached by the most unsympathetic manager ever. Two of the associates were nice and tried to help, but the branch manager was relentless. I was renting a vehicle for the weekend to attend a funeral. The documents I had either were good enough for the manager. Although, I pulled up the most recent utilities and printed them, they were still not good enough because it showed a late fee because I paid a day late. Not past due balance what so ever. The Athens Branch on Oak Street, the manager, Melendez, was very inconsiderate, unfair, and unsympathetic for my situation. All the documentation that I pulled up for him was current within the past 30 days, with no late fees or past due balances still wasn't good enough. And at the end of the situation, he had a nerve to say,"Maybe you should go somewhere else" and "All I can do for you is cancel your rental and give you a ride home." I have used this branch for several years, including recently, in May 2017, and September 2017,under a different branch manager and did not have any issues. I will never use this branch again unless it is under new management.

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Ripped Off - 1 d ago


I left my vehicle at and Enterprise Rental site parking lot with permission from the Site Manager while I rented a car for a business trip . When I came back from my trip my personal vehicle was destroyed. An Enterprise employee drove into my vehicle with a rental vehicle. This was over 4 weeks ago. The incident is still not resolved. The Regional Mgr and office of the VP for the Northeast have promised repeatedly to resolve the issue quickly. Over 4 weeks later I still do not have resolution. All I get is the run-around.

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Rebecca - 2 d ago

I have had nothing but problems out of my most recent enterprise rental, occurring in late October, early November 2017. To start from the beginning I called the location directly first thing in the morning of my scheduled rental, asking that I be picked up no later than 12:00 pm that day, they scheduled the pick up time between 11:00 and 11:45. I confirmed my address with the person on the phone and hung up. At: 12:05 no one had arrived so I called back. My request for pick up had been "lost or misplaced" according to the person who answered that call. They said they would send someone immediately. At 12:20 I received a call that said the driver was out front. He had been sent to my previous address. We moved in March and have since rented a car and also been picked up at the new address. The company has my driver's license on file and I had put that information into reserve the car. He came to get me and I was processed as usual. I was late that day to pick up my Kindergartner from school. A few days later our personal vehicle had not been repaired as promised, so I called in and asked what could be done to keep the rental car a few more days. As it was on a weekend, I really wanted the weekend rental rate of 9.99 per day. They told me to come in. I did, and at that time they informed me that the only way to get the 9.99 per day rate was to do a new contract and pay a new deposit. I was offered the option of receiving my original deposit back in cash, paying a cash deposit and receiving that refund 7-10 business days by check. I agreed and did another rental agreement. That Monday my son had strep throat, and our car was not fixed, so I asked for another extension. They did not ask that I come in this time. We returned the car on November 3rd and were informed that we would receive the deposit back via check in 7-10 business days less the $50 fee for a large chip in the windshield. I am fine with the $50. 10 business days later, on November 17 we had not received a check, so I called. The answer was to give it a few more days. I called back on November 28th and was told the check was in the mail, but informed it had been sent to our previous address. That same day, even though I had called back several time at the prompting of the customer service manager at the Salisbury location, to give him time to contact the corporate office and accounting team, my husband was contacted and told the previous check had been canceled, a new one cut and sent to our new address (confirmed) and would arrive NO LATER than the following Monday. That would have been 7 business days. I did not receive a check that Monday, December 4th, so on December 5th I called and was told that the 7-10 business days had not been achieved and I would have to wait until Friday, at least. I asked for a contact for a regional manager and was put on hold. I waited for 22 minutes and hug up. On Thursday, December 7th, I did receive a check from Enterprise. It had been forwarded from previous, having been mailed out on December 1st. This check was cut on November 30th. This leads me to a few conclusions. It is my thought that it must be possible to extend contracts and even change them via telephone, and my second visit was not entirely necessary. I believe deposits can be transferred from one rental agreement to another without having a check by mail be necessary. I was lied to or mislead repeatedly by the customer service reps/managers at the Salisbury location. No check was written prior to November 30th and mailed to any location. Had it been, the forwarding that affected the one cut on this day would have been in place and the check would have arrived to us just a few days later. The check written on the 30th was purposefully sent to an incorrect address as I had confirmed with the Salisbury staff my correct address, since they had come to our previous address for pick up. I do not believe that there was any intention of providing me with a "higher up" to complain to on December 5th when I was put on hold. We use Enterprise, frequently, for various purposes. My husband and I both work out of town and driving is necessary, so if we have a problem with a vehicle, we have always rented one. I would guess about twice a year for the last several years. USAA insurance provides us with one when we have cars with claims, up to $50 a day for 30 days. We have used that at least twice over the past couple of years. The customer service we received is enough to make us not want to use Enterprise again, any time soon, and certainly not the Salisbury location. I don't know if there is a resolution to these problems at this point. I do feel like it is probably at the Salisbury location specifically, but not being able to have any transparency as to the chain of command, and accessible knowledge as to whom people are accountable is a HUGE problem in my opinion, to providing good customer service.

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Kelly DelloRusso - 2 d 7 h ago


11/27 Due to an unfortunate accident, my son Andrew DelloRusso needed to rent a vehicle from the Old Bridge Branch of your company. The experience there was outstanding! Thomas, and two other personnel handled the rental professionally and quickly. Unfortunately on 12/8 my son was driving to a Doctor appointment, traveling north on the Garden State Parkway an broke down @ 4:30 near exit 135/Clark NJ. The car was stuck on the shoulder during high rush hour traffic. It was dark and unsafe area. He contacted me due to his phone battery was very low & wanted to conserve the battery - So I called whom I needed to for him. I contacted the Old Bridge facility - they directed me to the Enterprise Roadside Assistance number (hidden) which is where this matter turned very bad!! My son was texted the number, he was left on hold for over 5 min. I then called, waited 3 min and I was able to get someone on the line - I text my son to disconnect his call. Now at 4:42; I begin explaining the situation, his exact location & they were going to dispatch a tow truck and a police officer due to unsafe condition. I thought all was done... BOY was I wrong!!! At 5:29 I received a call from ERA to let me know AT THIS POINT, they are unauthorized to travel on that roadway! 45/minutes later they realized this!! They tried to explain themselves away all the while my son is still stranded, still unsafe. Your girl/lady/woman on the phone was infuriating - the lack of compassion, understanding and desire to try and help was overwhelming. I was furious at this point, the Un-Professional way this matter was being taken care of was beyond me. She told me I needed to contact another tow company and gave ME the number!!?? Why did I have to call when its YOUR property that needed to be towed and service that My son was paying for... due to not wanted to argue any longer on the phone I called the number given to me: (hidden) (2 times), guess what, this number is not in service... I had to call back and explain this to her - her response: We have a list here that I'm provided that I need to pass along to you... Here are 3 more numbers to try & call. She gave me (hidden) (a mans personal #, not a tow truck co), (hidden) (Lincoln Tunnel business office), and (hidden) NJTpk Authority. this last number I was prompted to a roadside assistance and they were able to dispatch a truck & retrieved my son with in 20/minutes. This driver was amazing, compassionate, caring and responsible - considering it was late & the shop was closed he took my son to safe establishment, let him use his cell phone due to my sons phone was dead to contact me because Now I Needed to travel 1 hour away to pick him up,,, they didn't take him to an Enterprise location to pick up a replacement vehicle. Driver told my son if he took him to nearest location it would cost my son $500. to get another car.?? why? 'Why wasn't he met with another vehicle so he can atleast get himself home?? Or another employee go to pick him up & bring him back to get a new vehicle? All the calls up through this point, your employees were only concerned with the safety of your cars.. it was said numerous times to me after I said IF I Have to go get him off that roadway myself - I am leaving the car there. My son safety was my only concern and quite frankly should be priority number 1 on your employees part as well... A vehicle can be replaced, getting your client to a safe location is number 1 priority!! I finally picked my son up at 7:30 pm!! 3 hours from onset of nightmare. Although Thomas stayed late from the Old Bridge office, he was in constant contact with me... after several calls back & forth with him he understood what was really important in this incident. He was making several calls to get the exact location of where my son was (recall earlier I stated my sons battery was near dead) and helped tremendously. I asked him about the $500, he said that was wrong information considering your car was faulty. Thomas followed up early the following morning to let me know his vehicle would be ready for him and they would pick him up to get it. My issue is soley with the Roadside assistance. Re-training I would recommend, updated call sheets mandatory, compassion & concern for client needs to be instilled. Treat every instance as if it were their family member stranded. The woman I was speaking to refused to give me her name after asking two times.. she just talked over me repeating a telephone number. Un-Professional. I wanted to inform you of the incident and experience my son and I had before going to the Better Business Bureau, my insurance companies so they don't recommend Enterprise rentals and to anyone else I can complain to on social media. All the chain of events was placed on My shoulders, on behalf of my son and none on Enterprise. All the coordination should have been done start to finish on the first level: onset of service call, not given to me to handle for you. After all it was your product that was faulty that got my son in this situation. You need to Own the responsibility & rectify it. Streamline the process, retrain the Call Care Dept and update old information sheets at least monthly, its just sloppy. Very unhappy with Enterprise and surely will not recommend them to anyone. Thank you for reading this. Kelly DelloRusso

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John Dang - 6 d ago


File a complaint on the Enterprise Car Rental on 3440 Shenton Rd, Nanaimo, Canada, BC V9T 5A3

Phone: (250) 751-1200

To Mr. Andrew Taylor,

My wife and I reserved a car through the Enterprise above in Nanaimo at 9:00am on December 5, 2017. The purpose was for two medical appointments in Victoria, BC. The appointment started at 11:30am followed by another at 1:30pm, given that the first visit was done.

On December 4th, I called the office to confirm the rental and request a ride to the office. The male-representative on the phone confirmed the rental appointment and advised me to call for a pick-up 15 minutes before "I was ready." The distance between my apartment and the office is about 5-minute drive.

On December 5th, we called at 8:45am for the pick-up. The office representative, Marcela, told us that the car was given to another client. The reason was that we did not call earlier than 8:45am; so she assumed that we canceled the reservation. Marcela immediately contacted The National Car Rental to get us a car. Finally, we got the car to Victoria but were stressful and late.

Marcela did help us get a car through The National Car Rental. Unfortunately, she never uttered a word of apology. We feel that she acted out of charity. She lacked a sense of concern and customer service merit. But the male representative I spoke to on the phone lacked a friendly tone. We felt that we begged for a car rather than rent a car.

Mr. Taylor, we do not believe the Enterprise Car Rental on 3440 Shenton Rd represents the Head quarter's business merit. We were its clients for many years. It was excellent under Kevin's management. We hope you will launched an investigation on it and compensated for the inconvenience.

John and Agnes

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Kimberly - 2 d 18 h ago


Similar thing happened and they said free upgrade to then only charge me taxes. My insurance pays $30 a day including all fees but because they not only did not call to tell me they were coming I had to call them only to hear we rented your car and won't have one for hours. I was trying to get my daughter to the hospital so I called the next city of Spring Hill Tennessee and they said no problem will come get you with a free upgrade only to find out they charged my card the taxes for the upgrade! Horrible new manager Mr. Julius "the manager" LOL. He would not know what good customer service care even if it slapped him in the mouth! He is rude and cocky I guess because he thinks he can use his size to intimidate people. I'm here to tell you I'm not scared. I'm escalating the issue taking it to the corporate level if need be!

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I just rented a 15 passenger from BUENA PARK,CA location. DO NOT ever never RENT from this location and if possible to all ENTERPRISE. They will sell you all unnecessary coverage and will even threaten you that you can not rent a commercial vehicle if you don't get this!!!!



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James - 4 d 4 h ago


RE: Vehicle # HC857599, RA#172643064, Billing Ref 01KHZM7, Calgary Intl Arpt, 30-Nov-2017 to 06-Dec-2017

I rented and returned the vehicle as scheduled and in like condition as rented. In advance of going online to rent a vehicle I confirmed that my vehicle insurance and my Mastercard covered any damage and rental vehicle loss of revenue while being repaired. Additionally, at the time of reserving the vehicle, I purchased more total coverage at $11 per day through (my source of reserving the vehicle) and their Allianz Global Assistance source. I was thoroughly insured. I told the Enterprise rental front desk that I had full coverage and I declined any other insurance. The front desk accepted my notification. HOWEVER, at the point of vehicle acceptance, I was told to sign or initial in several places on the hand held devise with brief comments as to what I was accepting BUT, never was there any comment by the attendant about acceptance of any additional insurance. No printout or copy of any paperwork was provided when I rented the car and upon returning it, without any advance notice or conversation, I was charged $179.94 for insurance ! This charge is fraudulent and unacceptable. Now Therefore, I demand a total refund for the unauthorized and fraudulent charge applied back to my credit card within the next three (3) days.

And, as Secr.Treas of a national golf association affiliate, I anticipate this event will not interfere with our future business relations.

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Anonymous - 4 d 12 h ago


My United Flight was 3 hours late arriving at Fort Wayne Airport. When I got to the Counter to pick up my Rental there was NO One there. When I called Customer service I was told there was nothing they could do and that I should make my way home and rent a car near my home. I said that I live an hour away and I rented the car so I could get home. I was then told that I could wait at the Airport until 7am when the Counter opened. My Wife is now on the road at 2am to come and pick me up. STRANDED BY ENTERPRISE! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

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Tioga Gas Mart - 5 d 2 h ago


We had a customer hit one of our gas pumps in a rental car from Enterprise. We have this on video. They requested grant deed information before paying the claim. I did send a copy against my better judgement. So far no payments and more requests for weird information that no insurance company has ever requested. Very disappointed in this slow payment since we charged them a very reasonable price for all the damage. Time to start charging interest!!

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Fast Steady Xpress - 5 d ago


I have been a client for 15 years and have spent 100's of thousands of dollars on trucks and cars.. I am sick with the fact that Enterprise Service is so horrible these days. Mr. Taylor you should be ashamed of your company! Time to move on and rent elsewhere. Amy from customer service #101NH helped me make my mind up that you have no intention on taking care of your customers.

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Mr. L - 13 d 20 h ago


This review is directed at Brooklynn Carper Zanto, the Assistant manager at Enterprise Rent a Car at the Olympia Wa, Carriage street, location, and to her supervisors whom it may concern.

I have been a longtime business customer of Enterprise, and spend a couple thousand dollars on rentals for my business every year for at least the last decade. Brooklynn Carper Zanto is by far the absolute worst person to deal with at this location, with a short temper, fragile ego, and clear impatience to service her customers.

I am appalled that with such a long standing history with Enterprise and zero incidences in the past, Brooklynn Carper Zanto has single handedly caused enterprise to lose a loyal client in me, and that the management at this location would let such an unqualified angry and offensive person be considered for a management position. I have never had any incidences in the past with enterprise, nor with any customer service rep at another business, nor have ever written a bad review on yelp before, however after being talked down to, insulted, ridiculed, and treated highly offensively by her, even so far as being shouted at out of nowhere for "how I must treat my wife and women," whom wasn't even present and regardless had no reason to blurt out such a comment, I will do whatever I can to make sure that Brooklynn Carper Zanto and her actions will be dealt with by her superiors. Aside from her absurd comments, she continued to speak very aggressively at me, at times raising her voice aggressively and nearly shouting, and continued to make sarcastic, condescending, and patronizing facial expressions to her coworkers, and other's at the location. I have no idea why she would make such comments and harass me in such a way, after all, I am a customer who simply came to renew a contract in a very standard manner, and can only deduce it to be her bigotry because I am from middle eastern descent !!

Brooklynn Carper Zanto should be fired.

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Manager and staff - 5 d 4 h ago


My name is miss Bryson I got a car from enterprise and Alamo about 2 years ago I have been running from your company all this time and the reason I went with your company was because they would work with my son schedule because he was a rapper and we are out of town a lot And when we could not make the payment they would just take it offered the credit card and wait for us to contiune to do the renewal contract but once they change manager the people in the peach tree office Has been very nasty and rude not trying to work with me as previous stated when my son 1st occurred the account I have been paying 2000 a month for these the Cars and truck and now they are acting so rude because I can I get in there to Renew the contract the manager before would fax over the contract when we were out of town and try to help any way he could but the new managers does not give any consideration to loyal customers they always take it personal and try to do revenge by making you pay another deposit And referred many customers to your company and there is no Gratefulness or exceptions because day I taking it personal

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Tamara - 5 d 18 h ago


I've been renting a vehicle from your Renton, WA location since October 26th while looking for a new car. Every week, I call in to pay the weekly rate with my debit card and the payment was promptly removed from my bank account. On November 29th, I went into the location to start a new rental agreement and close out the previous one. The branch manger informed me that she would be charging a total of $279.94 for the new deposit and the weekly rate. On November 30th, I see not only the charge we agreed to, but an additional charge of $775.58. I called the location and asked why they charged my account and the manager said it was the full amount from the previous month rental. I informed her that I have paid each week in full. Then she said it was a pre-authorization. I explained that I paid her with a debit card and they only charge, NOT PREAUTH. In the end I was told a reversal had been put in for the $775.58 and I should see the money along with the deposit from the previous months rental and if I don't, contact her in 3 business days and she contact her accounting department and have them send me a letter to give to my bank asking for a reversal. WELL HERE WE ARE, 3 business days later, I emailed her this morning asking for the letter and yet again, I have to contact her for a reply. She finally sent me the letter, so I contact my bank about the reversal and what do you think they said? They informed me that Enterprise had NOT reversed the charges and had NOT reimbursed my deposit from the previous rental. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!. Your branch manager is a joke, your company is a joke and this will be my last time dealing with you.

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Anonymous - 6 d 46 s ago

Hi My Name is Karen Reynolds I'm renting a vehicle out in Columbus Ohio. First vehicle I had I returned it because tire light was coming on. I returned the vehicle two days later. Right now I'm driving a replacement Nissan I just pick up 12-6-2017 that have bird Shit all over it. I went back to get my garage door opener out the vehicle no one could find it. I absolutely piss off at my service. Never will I rent a vehicle from enterprise again & I will be spreading the word. This company is on south Hamilton rd in Columbus Ohio in Ricart Mega mall!!!

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Ruth Mccaleb - 6 d 2 h ago


Why do you charge 3 different taxes to rent a car with enterprise and when did these 3 taxes start. I have been dealing with Enterprise for 15 years so I need some clarification. I paid more for the taxes then the daily rate for the car rental.

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Alex - 6 d 17 s ago


I will never use this company again... I was renting my car in Switzerland (Zurich Airport) and was going to Italy for 2 weeks and coming back.

first we started from small "misalignment" that initially was looking ok... but at the end became a real disaster... i ordered small economical car but when they saw that i don't take insurance and going to use my credit card insurance they changed this small car to luxury BMW. as i was told after that that these cars are most attractive cars to break in and still electronics.. bottom line - my car was robbed in Bologna few days after i started the trip. navigation system was stolen and almost all my personal belongings (two bags). of course the trip was ruined but we continued. it took entire day to get replacement car. as it was realized at this point of time that Enterprise Switzerland and Italy are not the same.. they cant just give you a replacement car under the same contract - they sent me to rent... after some discussions they paid directly to other company (Europcar) and i took the car. i was supposed to return it in Zurich but one of the guys from Enterprise asked me to go back to place where the original car was staying for repairs and take the car and bring it back to Enterprise Switzerland to save on driving it back from Italy and save on the cost of Europcar that was supposed to be returned in Switzerland ... i did it . i spend at least half a day on this driving an money on Taxi , gas and tolls which i was told will be returned to me.

when i returned the car Enterprise charged me full amount of deposit i left gave them - 5000 SF. in the bill it was written - missing navigation system and radio. i wrote them back saying that radio was not missing. they checked and replied that yes , radio is there but money is till the same....

since than, Oct 29 , i am waiting for the detailed damage report and adjustment so i can communicate to my insurance to get it reimbursed, but i didn't get anything. few mails from them said that it will take few weeks... still , after more than one month - i have nothing. they simply stole my money (the cost of this stolen system is much less than 5K)... not sure what i can do ...

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Brandon Dyson - 6 d 7 h ago


The staff at all Shreveport locations are wonderful and always helpful. It's the corporate level that needs to work on customer service. Especially the roadside division. They have no clue about enterprise policy. It's horrible when the customer knows more about enterprise policy than the employee. Roadside division and corporate level will lie to you. Whether that is intentional or just not being informed I couldn't say. I believe it's a combination of both. The roadside division care more about the vehicle than the customer.

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SJHowared - 6 d 10 h ago


The office in Ridgecrest, CA is unprofessional and untrained. They overcharged my account for an extra day and an extra deposit amount. Unwillingness to correct their error led my bank account to be overdrawn. Proof of this error is in the paperwork which I have. Just ask.

General profile image

Tosha - 7 d 1 h ago


I will NEVER rent a car from this company or this location again. I was charged an extra day for use on a vehicle that I did not use. I have been trying to get it corrected for almost a month. Everyone at the local location is not helpful. I keep being told that Chris the manage will handle it and I never get a return call. Finally spoke to Hanna on Monday. She was very condescending and she is one of the rudest customer service individuals I have ever spoken to. I received their corporate office #. I called and I am supposed to be getting a call back from a Regional Manager which in 7 days has not happened. I would highly caution you in renting a car from this company if you have any issues they will not get resolved. As of now I am at 10 phone calls and explaining my situation at least 8 times. I am also out the time it has taken me to get zero resolution to my problem.

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disappointed loyal customer I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years. In the last ... 

Cablevision Systems Corporation
Wilson Munoz I'm a customer of its n back in April when I signed on I wa ... 

The Directv Group, Inc.
evelyn kessler stayed on the line 35 minutes just trying to upgrade one of ... 

Greyhound Lines, Inc.
Kissha A Greyhound isn't what it use to be. I went in the station to ... 

James PayPal took $145 out of my account over a customer who comp ... 

Bridgett 7075611322 Im a lady out if Vallejo California where im being victimiz ... 

Panera Bread
Rusty Hello Corporate - or are you also too busy to care!

Such a shame The absolute worst customer service experience I have ever  ... 

United Parcel Service, Inc.

Ford Motor Company
Philip Martin Ret. USA I was watching TV and a commercial came on completely in Sp ... 

DHL Express (USA), Inc.
Audrey they keep leaving my packages in the street my driver is ei ... 

Mercedes-Benz USA, Inc.
KATRINA A car that's a year old and the dealer is telling me the ti ... 

Circle K Stores Inc
Marisol Avante I worked at a circle k in Bloogminton California everything ... 

American Express Company
Anonymous I jusdt received a decline email on my dispute to. Almost 7 ... 

Tina A. I love, love Costco but was very disappointed to see one yo ... 

Cox Communications, Inc.
Robert H. As a long term friend and customer of Cox Cable I have but  ... 

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Im always right. You should review their policy next time. Its your own faul ... 

Family Dollar Stores, Inc.
KCarter Dear Customer Service:

Anonymous Boardman Ohio Denny's Has got to be the most out of date, f ... 

Lg Electronics USA
Jeremiah Feinburg Great products crappy service on LG side

Disappointed in MO My husband and I ate at Cheddars for the first time a few w ... 

TGI Friday's
Anonymous I had a very bad experience today in the treatment of the b ... 

GameStop Corp.
Saravanan Gamestop is nice cheater, not refunding the item full and g ... 

Groupon, Inc.
Cindy Mullenix Hi I been trying to contact someone threw your company ther ... 

McDonald's Corporation
Doug Janicki Mc McDonalds, Elmonte.Ca on Baldwin & Valley blvd.

Church's Chicken
D. Washington I called headquarters that Monday morning, December 3rd, sp ... 

Sprint Nextel Corporation
Dana SPRINT is the absolute worst customer service. When you can ... 

Tingo 7.

Sears Holdings Corporation
Zingo 3.

Toys R Us
Kiohna Toysrus have the worse service ever I order on Black Friday ... 

Buffalo Wild Wings
Got SCREWED They charged my credit card 2 times and tipped themselves.  ... 

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