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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Taylor
Chairman and CEO
(314) 512-5000
(314) 512-4706
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ANTINA Winters - 8 h 30 m ago


let me 1st start off saying this I love enterprise Alamo, and national I've always received Outstanding customers service . I've been renting so long I've became a business member with National, but today I received the worst experience at the Chicago downtown location 555 W. Madison Chicago, IL 60661 Presidential location. I had a family emergency we're I needed to get on the road ASAP and the nearest location to me was closed today so I made reservation to the downtown loaction because they were the 1st to open. My reservation was for 8am I waited outside for them to open @8 for them to tell me I can't rent from them because I use a family discount I need to go the location close to my house. When did that become a rule? You only can rent from your nearest location now? They denied me a vehicle I honestly feel discriminated!!! I called corporate, but today is Sunday and there close so I reach out To customer service and I was told that they haven't heard anything such thing! I feel discriminated and very dissapointed!!!!

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Janet Nichols - 1 d ago


I called for a pick up 2 hours b4 my Res to b told they're busy n said theyd pay for my Uber ride in

So I did n to b told I needed my PGE account record cause I'm using my debit card I asked to take me home n they said yes

It was 11:50 am Said they close at 12p n would take me home but won't rent me a car even if I had gotten my documents for them n his driver was headed back to the office. What kind of Customer Service is this?? Plus I'm now out the $14.89 Uber $$ Andy said he'd pay for!!!

The nearest car rental is over 30 miles away with Budget ( I'm Loving ) Rent a Car

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DJ - 1 d 8 h ago


Corporate should be aware that your ad: We pick you up is false advertisement. I have had multiple experiences where I have asked to be picked up only to be told we can't do that. I have to walk from an Enterprise location in NYC to a cruise terminal because they won't pick my family up at the cruise terminal so I have to leave my kids at the terminal and drop off our rental and then walk back to the terminal.

Very sad and such mis-representation.

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Miffedinfrisco - 2 d ago


I rented a car in Frisco Tx on Wefnesday, 6/21 using my bank card. I drove straight to work and did not use my card again until the following evening. On 6/21 shortly after the rental, someone used my card for a PP local transaction for $499 at a beauty supply store. The theif then tried an online transactiin for $999, but my bank flagged it. I wanted to speak to someone at corporate but cant find contact info. This isnt a coincidence and should be looked into.

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R.Reed - 2 d ago


Made reservation 3 days ago for 8 passenger premium tahoe or equivalent, was contacted today day before pick up and was basically told they were having trouble locating an 8 passenger vehicle other then a mini van sienna , clearly i didnt order nor want a mini van so after hanging up made arrangements for a suburban 8 passenger with their competitor un real day before i have to scramble because of their lack of management and told due to recalls blahblahblah this was my options thanks but no thanks

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TRANG - 2 d ago


I rented a car through my insurance carrier Farmers from your office in Lomita, California. The office is has some of the most incompetent individuals. I got a car after 3 days of visit to the office because of non availability of cars in the same category of my insurance payment of $ 50 per day. The manager Dulce Vargas took all my information and asked me to wait. Waited 30-45 minutes and then an Assistant Manager Alex Chavez took me into the rear parking lot to show me the cars. the first car he showed me was a large size Ford or Chrysler, and I told him I did not want any Big American car or a Korean car. The next car this guy took me to was a Kia, I told him I just told you I do not want either an American or Korean car, he then showed me a Huyndai. and I reiterated what I told him before. After close to an hour , he stated to me that because of the Memorial Day holiday, they did not have any cars that would fit my Insurance company rate structure. Then I saw a Volvo and Chavez tells me that the price for that car was over the $ 50.00 per day charge, Then he told me that I they will have some Toyota or Nissan tomorrow and they will pick me up at 8:00 am and I have to call and request a ride. I called the office 8:10 AM and requested a ride I was told someone will pick me up around 10:00 AM. I got upset and told the caller. that I needed the car ASAP. I then again called and asked for Doyle and he told me he will try to get me picked up as soon as he can. Fortunately a driver called me around 9:15 and said she was outside my house . I went out and she was not there, I called her and she said she was waiting at an address which had a number of 1128, I told her my address was 1125, and she said she could not find it. I then walked up the street to 1128 which was 3 houses opposite of mine. She took me to her office and after another wait of 30-40 minutes Doyle entered my data and asked me to wait for another manager to show me the car(30 minutes). He had a camary reserved for me with a Georgia License plate. I had rented the car on the 20th of May. On June 19th. I had a door knock from a Policeman whom I knew and asked me if I know who owns the Toyota Camary with Georgia License plate, I told him it was my rental from Enterprise. He then informed me that the car had license tag that expired in March 2018 and I should not leave it on the street as another officer, if he sees it might cite it.I moved my car into my driveway and after an hour drove to the Enterprise office in Lomita, where again I had to wait for 30+ minutes before I was called to the desk. I told the Assistant Manager that the car I was driving had expired License tag and was about to get cited. I was told that the citation will go to Enterprise so I should not worry about it. I was concerned of being stopped so he tried calling other Enterprise location asking them if they had any license tags for Georgia. This got me more concerned

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Stacy Hawkins - 2 d 4 h ago


I have attempted to contact Enterprise Customer Service regarding a situation. I have waited over a week for a return phone call after submitting an official complaint that was expedited to the management. Still nothing! I was told by Enterprise Roadside Assistance that my family and I would be put out on the side of the interstate and this was after our Enterprise Rental vehicle had broken down. The customer service that we had received is deplorable. We are very dissatisfied and are seeking assistance to resolve this very serious situation. Enterprise Rental please contact your customers !!

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Keely Lucaaas - 2 d 4 h ago


To:EnterpriseSaltLakeCityUT Details Rental Agreement #1 When I arrived at the counter and was asked a series of questions. 1. Do you want PrePay Fuel I stated no because my company does not reimburse for it 2. I did not receive a paper copy of my invoice at the time of rental and when I checked the car back in the agent stated that I had the prepay option even though I filled up the car. 3. I told them what happened and they apologized and fixed my statement. Rental Agreement #2 When I arrived at the counter the agent pulled up the information and presented the tablet. He scrolled down for me to initial. I scrolled back up and my total was more than doubled. It was over 900.00 and I showed him and he said oh my bad I added the charges. So the agent added to my agreement that was suppose to be 441.09. He said he had to go pull my information to correct. If I did not scroll up, I would have been overcharged due to an error that should have never taken place. My company has a contract with Enterprise and National Rental Car and this has never happened. Rental Agreement #3 I arrived at the counter and encountered the same gentleman who tried to overcharge me. He introduced himself and I said Hello, we have met before. I said nothing else regarding the previous encounter. I want you to know your employee had keys at the counter that he was handing out and I noticed they were for Chevy Impala and other Better Class Cars. He walked from the counter and went into the back office handed me keys and said " You have an upgrade to a Chevy Malibu" 1. 2017 Chevy Malibu 2. Gas Mileage so terrible it used 1/4 tank of gas by the time I got to Park City Utah 3. 29K + Miles 4. Car not very clean 5. Carpet lifted on both driver side and passenger side door. This person knew exactly what they were doing. The car runs terrible an I was caught in that storm driving to Wyoming. This is the Worst car I have ever received from a Rental Company. I would hope your lack of diversity at the counter did not have anything to do with the way I was treated. I chose Enterprise rental car because of the long line at National. I am Executive Elite and I have been treated terribly at this airport. You have lost my business! Keely Lucas

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Brittany Green - 2 d 6 h ago


The Dallas south Polk location is very rude and disrespectful to my mother told her she don't have to rent from them since they didn't qualify had a very ugly attitude I've been with enterprise for years and this is the first time I ever witnessed disrespect he does not need to be a manager with a hostile attitude losing customers this way

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Anonymous - 2 d 7 h ago


Dear Mister Taylor

FYI. I have trued to get through to a rental agent with no luck. Ive tried several times. Two werks ago i rented a grest Van from your Fairlawn , ohio location. The agents were very very competent and personable.


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BUDDY JOHN WOLFE JR - 2 d 8 h ago


I will never ever use or recommend your company for anything.

On my way from Ft Myers to Nashville my car became unusable which I continued to Nashville by bus. Since I had to return to my car to remove all my personal items and then continue on to Ft Myers so once I was ready leave Nashville, I went to the IEnterprise website to rent a car.. Had no problem, website couldn't accept my Visa bank card however I could use it in person. They evening before the Downtown office called to verify my rental at which point they were not allowed to accept my Visa bank card for rental purposes Even after I explained the situation and that I was a Diabled Vet and was here for a medical issue and needed to get back home. Now even though it states on there website states that it was up to the location, however when they called, they told me that due to Tennessee State law and corporate policy to rent to anyone that didn't have a Tenner Drivers License and a REAl major credit card with my name on the card and was not allowed to split it or use a family members card.

I want you to know how disrespected I felt by the way I was treated by your company that I will never ever use or recommend Enterprise or any other rental company they may be associated with. I really expected more after seeing your commercials and past experiences long ago.

By the way, Hertz came thru for me big time so your company either changes its policy to assist other disabled vets who may have a similar situation.

General profile image - 3 d ago

Rent fairly regular from enterprise. And normally pretty dope customer service. But not today. What a bonehead the rep was. Made reservation for 4pm mid size sedan as always Car not ready. Had to wait for the car to be cleaned. BUT here is the best part, the guy tried to convince me that the chevy sonic is a mid size sedan. Even tried to charge me for it. Also, why does the price change daily. What a joke. If I wasnt so assertive, the guy would over charge me. Be ware of enterprise mississauga. They literally will try to over charge customers.

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Dr. Lavert Robertson ND - 3 d 2 h ago


I'm a customer that is presently renting on of your vehicles through Enterprise Rent A Car in Fayetteville, Ga. 30214. I initiated my rental reservation online with Enterprise, went to my local Enterprise store to get the car that I had reserved, couldn't get the car that I reserved, ended up getting a much less desirable car, complained to my local Enterprise Management, complained to Enterprise's Customer Service Division more than twice, never did hear back from anyone in Enterprise. I got a very Rotten deal from Enterprise. If anyone at Enterprise cares about your customers please contact Dr. Lavert Robertson ND at (hidden) , (hidden)

My next will be to personally go to the Georgia Consumer Affairs Department to officially file a complaint with the State of Ga. (hidden). (hidden)

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Joe - 3 d ago

Because of your anti-NRA position, I will avoid using your auto rental.

I am an NRA member and law abiding citizen. I have been shooting and hunting since I was ten years old. I am a concealed carry permit holder., but most of all, I am an american who believes in the Constitution and the Second Amendment.

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D** - 3 d 5 h ago

I wish there was a -category. I would rate it hilariously terrible.

Let me just say that being in the Logistics Industry, my credentials on the road were suitable for the DOT and FMCSA. 45 days worth of verification. However, the fact that I choose not to include credit card interest in my world, I can't rent a car here. The fact that I own a bonded, insured business that is free of debt means nothing. My home utilities aren't in my name. This appears to be a discretionary rule that appears and disappears since it wasn't mentioned the last time I rented a few months ago with no issues and on time return. They had no problem debiting my business account for the payment either. Vent to escalations if you want, but since it's discretionary, that's all you'll be doing. Venting. It's cool. I did.

Hey, I guess I will just have to suck it up and buy my own cargo van. Seems like a waste of a year's worth of insurance for the amount that I will use it, howev, being able to without a utility bill or interest payments or being treated as if I am inadequate because I am not in debt is hilariously terrible.

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Peter - 3 d 7 h ago


I was once a happy Enterprise customer. But now, I am dissatisfied with the 250 Euro deposit required when renting in Europe. It should be a pre-authorization, and NOT A DEPOSIT. The reason is that every time I make a reservation with you in Europe, I am charged 250 Euros deposit and then reimbursed 250 deposit on my credit card, While it looks the same, it is not. In the end, the credit card transaction has cost me between 25 and 40 Euros in currency exchange rate fees with the credit card company. Luckily, I don't have any transaction fees to pay, that would add to the hidden loss. The entire price advantage that you have when I am searching for cars is "stolen" from your customers by the banks upon check in at your counters BECAUSE OF YOUR POLICY. In fact, after accounting for this hidden charge by the banks, it costs me much more to rent from you and not less. Thus, I am forced to switch to Avis or another company that only takes a pre-authorization instead of a deposit. I am taking the time to write to you just in case this has not been realized by Enterprise. Please advise once the policy is changed so that I can return to you as a customer. Until then, I'll have to unfortunately rent with your competitors. Regards Peter, from Canada

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Me.Wilson - 3 d 8 h ago

I've been a member since 2002 I've rented from the same location 2.5years consecutive (Roswell Ga) I've spent 36-41 THOUSANDS. I called in made a complaint I was told that someone would be getting in touch with me and the representative told my that I was correct and the store was Wrong and for me not to worry that corporate will definitely make this a right.its now been a I plead with Enterprise to reach out so that this matter can be resolved.


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Paul - 3 d 12 h ago


Reklamation wegen Falscher Gebhren, weil es kein Autoschade gibt - Entreprise rent a car in Bergheimerstrasse 134a Heidelberg Germany (ENTERPRISE MIETVERTRAG 2K3HX3) Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Hiermit akzeptiere ich nicht diese Rechnung und besttige ich, dass es gar keinen Schaden nach Rckgabe gab und dass die Agenten von der (Bergheimerstrasse 134a, Heidelberg) versuchen mein Geld ohne Grnde zu nehmen. Die Fakten: - Ich habe Krcken und war nicht im Hinterhof, wenn die Kontrolle gemacht war. - Die erste Mitarbeiterin war weg zur Kontrolle. Dann Sie kam wieder und rief die zweite Mitarbeiterin. Nach 2 Minuten, kmmen die beide und sagen, dass es Schaden gab. - Wenn ich zum Hinterhof mit den Polizisten ausgegangen bin, habe ich keinen Schaden gesehen: die Mitarbeiterin hat eine ganze unsichtbare kleine Line angezeigt (ca. 1mm Breite und 2 cm lang). Eben die Polizisten knnten es nicht sehen aber es war nicht ihre Rolle zu beweisen. Dann hat die Mitarbeiterin angefangen zu spekulieren: vielleicht kann es auch eine Ausflucht sein. Ich habe antwortet: Diese unsichtbare Line zu klein fr eine Ausflucht ist. Es gibt auch groe Chance, dass es hier frher war, weil das unsichtbar ist. Man muss richtig sehr gute Augen haben (diese Line kann man nicht weit weg von 20cm Abstand sehen). - Dazu, ich habe danach drei andere ganze kleine unsichtbare Line bemerkt (nach hinten und oben auf dem Dach) aber diese Waren nicht bei der Abholung als Schaden registriert. Wahrscheinlich weil das keine Schaden ist. Deswegen knnte man auch denken, dass die Mitarbeiterin wsste, dass diese unsichtbar Line schon da war (besonders wenn Sie nur 2 Minuten gebraucht hat). Ich kann mich nicht vorstellen, dass sie es selbst gemacht haben, weil das richtig kriminelle wre (aber diese Idee gehrt an den Mglichkeiten). Die Agenten haben sich sehr schlecht Verhalten (Beleidigungen Worte wie verpisst benutzt nach, dass ich ber mein Geld reklamiert habe). Das ist am Freitag 15/06/18 um 11h58 passiert. Zum Glck, hatte ich der Rechtsanwalt Herr Lemberger am Telefon angerufen und Er hat mir empfohlen, dass ich keine Dokumente gegen Schaden unterschreiben muss, wenn das nicht stimmt (Die Mitarbeiterin wollte mich wegen dieser Unterschreibung unter Tische drcken, so dass Sie wahrscheinlich spter persnlich mehr kassieren knnte). Jetzt haben Sie meine Kaution einfach gehalten (250). Dieses Geld habe ich beim schwer und ehrlich verdient. Ich finde es unglaublich, dass diese zwei Mitarbeiter das Bild der Firma (in Heidelberg und in allgemein) wegen Ihrer einzigen Interessen kaputt machen, weil es gar keinen Schaden gab. Weil ich noch Prinzipen habe, Ich werde zum erst auf Ihren Antwort warten. Ich wollte bitte einfach eine Erstattung. Zustzliche Kosten will ich nicht, weil ich es nicht verdient habe und weil der Geschftsfhrer nicht die Integritt Ihrer ganzen Mitarbeiter kontrollieren kann. Mit freundlichen Gren

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Russell - 4 d ago


I have been an Enterprise Plus member for 10 years. I need to rent a car in El Paso, TX. in July and logged in to Enterprise to make a reservation. Surprised by the limited selection and higher prices, compared to my last trip, I compared the rates against Hertz and Budget. I was surprised when saw that my Plus member rates were 25% higher than full retail Hertz and Budget rates. I called Enterprise customer service and was told the reason was because they were very booked and their cars were better.

I can understand a lack of cars when busy. What I cannot understand, or accept, is penalizing long time members. If I'm going to be loyal to a company, I expect them to reciprocate and be loyal to me, not take advantage of me.

I have always loved this company and their service. I've read about their history and love the story. I have not rented from another company if enterprise was available. Now I feel like a fool and wonder how much money I have wasted.

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a wise customer - 4 d 6 h ago


I made a reservation with enterprise truck rental in Denver Colorado a month in advance for one way trip to New Orleans LA. Reserved the cargo van and the day of pickup I called to my surprise the manager had given my rental away supposedly. He told he left me a message earlier that morning of the pick up. I was upset to say the least. On their best day and on my worst day I am far smarter than enterprise entire staff because I had a secondary backup plan reserved with Hertz, who honored their commitment with me. No weapons formed against me shall prosper. Shame on Enterprise with their underhandedness and deceitful ways that will not get you anywhere but out of business very soon.

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Arnon Ophir - 4 d 7 h ago

The worst , disorganized unprofessional and dishonest car rental in the country . The one star rating here is one star too many. I rented a car in Boise ID with a drop off location in Elko Nevada ( 4 hours drive from Boise) needless to say with a 100 dollars drop off fee. When I attempted to return the car at the Elko NV location they would not accept the car since the rental agreement was not in their system , my showing them the copy of the rental agreement did not help . I spent two hours at the Elko airport location , at the end of which at 1700 the agent advised me that they were closing the branch and that they would reopen at 2030 that evening and that I should come back than , return the car and get a ride ( the only reason I rented from this so called "company" in the first place) When I returned to the airport location ( the only location at Elko) at 2030 that joke of an agent advised me that he would not give me a ride as promised since he was alone , he was not willing to call a taxi or get in touch with his manager because "it was too late ". ( 2030... ) The next morning I called Enterprise main office customer service number , again my contract could not be found and only after a long wait it finally was found , I was advised that the Elko location was not accepting the car because it was not a one way drop off agreement , luckily the fact that it was a one way showed right on the agreement I have . How a " business like this stays in business is beyond me . The feature of star rating is disabled on this site... what a joke ...

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Arnon Ophir - 4 d 7 h ago

The worst , disorganized unprofessional and dishonest car rental in the country .

The one star rating here is one star too many.

I rented a car in Boise ID with a drop off location in Elko Nevada ( 4 hours drive from Boise) needless to say with a 100 dollars drop off fee.

When I attempted to return the car at the Elko NV location they would not accept the car since the rental agreement was not in their system , my showing them the copy of the rental agreement did not help .

I spent two hours at the Elko airport location , at the end of which at 1700 the agent advised me that they were closing the branch and that they would reopen at 2030 that evening and that I should come back than , return the car and get a ride ( the only reason I rented from this so called "company" in the first place)

When I returned to the airport location ( the only location at Elko) at 2030 that joke of an agent advised me that he would not give me a ride as promised since he was alone , he was not willing to call a taxi or get in touch with his manager because "it was too late ". ( 2030... )

The next morning I called Enterprise main office customer service number , again my contract could not be found and only after a long wait it finally was found , I was advised that the Elko location was not accepting the car because it was not a one way drop off agreement , luckily the fact that it was a one way showed right on the agreement I have .

How a " business like this stays in business is beyond me .

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Pheobe - 4 d 9 h ago


My first experience trying to rent a car. Will be my last. I made a reservation in Williamston N.C. I arrived 1 minute late and was turned away. Show up first thing this morning, no car. I saved up for a year for this trip, totally ruined. I do not recommend enterprise to anyone. I dont know how they stay in business.

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Anonymous - 4 d 17 h ago

Horrible service in San Diego not honoring reservations for 15 passenger vans stranding soccer team from national event .Offering small vehicles not sufficient carry players and luggage

More importantly smaller vehicles at the same price !

For follow up please call (hidden)

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Unhappy - 5 d 21 h ago


We recently rented a van, May 22, for two weeks. Within 3 days the change oil light luminated do I called enterprise and was told to locate another enterprise rental, Goodyear or Firestone dealer and they would take care of it. We located an Enterprise rental 30 miles away. Mind you this is memorial day weekend...upon arrival at the Goodyear dealer my husband noticed the two front tires was below 2/32 which was past time to change them. To make a long story short we wasted half a day of our vacation correcting problems that should have been taken care of before it ever left your location. Van was nasty..not vacuumed let alone washed..agent hosed off with garden hose. I was contacted about our satisfaction and was told I would receive a call within 2 days and it has been 2 weeks and still no contact regarding this issue. Tells me enterprise is REALLY not concerned about customer satisfaction. Rita Lowry..


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Chuck Crabbe - 4 d 19 h ago


Not blaming anyone however, whomever signed for the van should have done a walk around the van and if it was not acceptable, then maybe ask for another one. Sometime we ( myself included) get that in a hurry and got to go feeling in us and we rush through some things that we really should take care to not miss something. I agree that they should be on it before they offer the vehicle but, it is up to the customer to "get what you signed for".

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