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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Taylor
Chairman and CEO
(314) 512-5000
(314) 512-4706
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Deandray Jackson - 2 h 36 m ago


I just had the worst customer service experience ever at the enterprise at Orlando airport today. The manger Aj Covington literally did everything in his power to make the situation worst. The seat belt in the rental got locked in place so we were told to take it to airport location cause they had more cars and would have a SUV in the same size we had (chevy surburban) when we got there the first person who helped us said they had a truck in same size to swap out. However Mr cov

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Jackson - 2 h 29 m ago

Continue from first comment--

Covington was trying to swap out for a smaller van he refused to look at Damage seatbelt or try to resolve issue.. he preceded to help all the customer that came in after us and offered no resolution to the problem I asked for another manager or if a macanic could look at car or check other nearby location.. AJ stated he had no phone and no numbers to other locations. And that we could walk to another terminal for a different manager... I was in a different state 17 hrs from home and had already drove 20 min put me way to get to this location to have a rude rep not do anything anything but have a sarcastic tone with me and offer no help!!! I am still pissed that I had to deal with such unprofessional behavior

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Nanette - 6 h ago


Folks generally use customer service sites to complain...I want to praise your Dallas Love Field team, specifically Carlos Marroquin, who I believe was working the airport front desk last weekend. My husband inadvertently sent a reservation to his email account, and the only artifact I had was my cancellation earlier in the week. He recommended I use that cancellation notice to generate a new reservation. I'm technology challenged, so I didn't know why WIFI wasn't connected to auto-fill the reservation, and I was "fat fingering" errors into the new reservation. He was so patient, conducting "on the job" training for me on how to use the phone and make the reservation. After all complete, I complimented him on his over-the-top customer service. Said I'd tell Andy, since we went to school together, and his sister "J" was my roommate. Once at the rental pickup, I was waiting for an economy car to be delivered from the back lot, and Carlos appeared...suddenly I was driving away in a Camry. Thank you for your fine employees and fine customer focused training program.

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Robinderla Strauser - 18 h 32 m ago


Well I was going to send a complaint to corporate but I can see by these other comments there is no point in wasting my energy. However, I'm going to add my bad service rant here just for kicks.

I have been an Enterprise client for 10+ years, never use anyone else to rent my cars. Today that loyalty stops. Enterprise is bi-polar. I lived in western Pa for 9+ years and have rented from the Kittanning office faithfully in those years. I never had a bad experience. I even had one time that my card did not work properly and they were so helpful and respectful.

Now I live in Carlisle and today I went to pick up my car at the N. Hanover St office and the agents name was Nicole. We conducted our preliminary business and moved outside to inspect the car. At that point she asked which of the insurances I would be adding to the rental, I didn't need the insurance so I declined. At that point she said there would be a 350$ hold places on my card. I never rented from them where they held that amount of money. Nicole said it's company policy, really, or is it your policy?? I then talked to another employee who said they could reduce that amount, huh, is it policy or not? No I think it was their way of saying take the insurance or go away! Nicole then proceeds to insult me by saying "that's a $26k car I can't just let you drive off without a security deposit" ok so 1. What is that measly $350 gonna do for you anyway and 2. Um, isn't that what you do're a car rental company.

It was seriously the most ignorant interaction I've had in a very long time. My brain is still realing trying to figure out what Just took place!?!?

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poor customer service - 1 d 7 h ago


I have just been sitting on hold for the Gettysburg Pennsylvania office of Enterprise. After 15 minutes of attempts to put my call through, the automated man said that the call could not go through and hung up on me. Awesome customer service! I will definitely rent a car from here!

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Sandy Beahm - 2 d 18 m ago

I had reservation for a rental car at 4:00pm today. The car was suppose to be there on my arrival. There was an enterprise office at the collision shop and I was told by Thomas that as long as I was there by 5:30 the car would be waiting. The lady working the desk at enterprise didn't even acknowledge my existence. Just walked out because she had a doctors appointment. I then called the local office in Fredericksburg VA to find out where the car I had reserved was. Will was the person that I spoke with and he just laughed and said we'll be there in a little bit and hung the phone up. I had to call and speak to his supervisor to be told someone would be there to pick me up. After waiting approx 30 minutes they arrived but I then had to be driven back to the local office to get my rental. Why do you bother to make reservations for a car when they don't bother to do what they say they are going to do? The customer service was terrible and I will NEVER use enterprise again. The car they gave me was dirty and smelled inside. They should take better care of the cars they rent and make sure they are clean. They had an I don't give a shit attitude and I think they forget the reason they have jobs is because of customers like me. Rental cars is a customer service industry. Perhaps enterprise needs to invest in people that care about their jobs and send them to training on how to treat customers such as myself. After all of this I looked at the email they sent afterwards only to find they rented the car for only 2 days when they were specifically told 3 days. Come on enterprise your location in Fredericksburg VA sucks. Where are the corporate high paid executives while paying customers are being treated in this manner????

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Anonymous - 2 d 8 h ago


I rented a car from enterprise on staten island due to an accident i was in and it was the worst experience ever!!!!! I had to exchange the car 3 times they do not mantience them at all one car stalled out 3xs on me and the other 2 cars had a transmission problems!!!!! The customer service sucks they called to see how the rental was and did not hang up the phone properly and left a message talking bad about my fiancee after he offered to help her repair her home that she was complaining about to him!!!!!! I called about 4xs to speak to someone that was was in charge and shit gets done

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Fuck you - 2 d 20 h ago

you can't transfer points? It takes five days because they are not doing it the same way as before? This dumb ass company has not even notified customers on the web site. They just let you click and click in a loop and nothing happens.

Stupid fucking assholes.

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Dominique sloan - 3 d 7 h ago


Hello MR.ANDREW TAYLOR ROLE ,my name is MR.DOMINIQUE SLOAN, I'm contacting you regarding some very poor customer service that received at the Camp Wisdom branch in Dallas TX. On Friday I called and made reservations to pick a car up at 530 p.m.I also rented a vehicle the previous week from Thursday -Monday. The Monday I returned the car I couldn't find my hard copy of my drivers license. I needed another for the weekend so went to the local DMV office waited 4 hours got the paper copy went to the camp wisdom office just to be turned away then I was told it was company policy no exceptions by this time 5.30 p.m. it was time for me to hit the road.My weekend was ruined because I had not ever been told a STATE ISSUED DOCUMENT ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR ENTERPRISE CAR RENTAL JUST BECAUSE IT ON PAPER DRIVERS LICENSE TO BE EXACT I COULDN'T EVEN FIND IT IN THE EMAIL I RECEIVED CONFIRMING MY APPOINTMENT THEREFORE I HAD NO WAY OF KNOWING UNTIL CRUNCH TIME BAGS PACKED FAMILY WAITING NO OTHER OPTIONS TO MAKE THINGS BETTER I COULDN'T EVEN USE AN OTHER PERSON AND BE AN ADDITIONAL DRIVER I REALLY EXSPECT TO CONTACTED SOON REGARDING THIS MATTER PLWASE AND THHAK YOU

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Disappointed - 3 d 7 h ago


My insurance company rented a car for me because my vehicle was vandalized. I turned in the car on February 04, 2017 and was advised that my $ 50.00 deposit will be given back to me in 2 weeks. I have yet to receive my deposit. I have called the branch in Georgetown, SC and was told each time I would receive it the next week. It will be 2 months on 04/04/2017 and I have yet to receive my deposit back. I will never do business with enterprise again

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marcus - 4 d 8 h ago


I was picked up by Enterprise. The lady drove recklessly, blowing every stop sign and why over speed limit., hard stops and high acceleration. No communication skills. She was wearing a foot cast on right foot, totally unsafe.

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Very Disappointed - 5 d 3 h ago


I rented a car from Alamo in West Palm Beach Florida on February 27, 2017 and returned it on March 2, 2017 in Fort Lauderdale at the airport. First upon arrival at the airport in Fort Lauderdale, I was charged and additional $20.00 for being 15 minutes late on my return due to road construction, which I am okay with sort of. However, the attendant rushed me out of the vehicle and didn't give me time to check for my belongings causing me to leave my drivers license in the glove compartment. When I contacted the Alamo office at the airport upon my arrival home they informed me that I had to complete a lost and found form on line then wait to be notified which took more than 24 hrs. When the notified me that they did in fact have my drivers license and that it would cost me $32.00 to have it returned I became outraged!!! The told me that there were not US Postal facilities at the airport, so the only way to return my license was by UPS or FEDex and that was why the fee was so high. I could not believe that a company of this size could not have someone place a drivers license in an envelope, place a stamp on it and mail it back to it's customers for a lot less than $32.00. I am sure that I am not the only person who has left a license in there vehicles. It really left a bad taste in my mouth since I had been very pleased with their service up until this point!!!

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Randy - 6 d ago


I have been discussing this stupid debit card policy that varies from airport to non-airport locations with your poor customer service people. I have rented from a non-airport location using the debit card many times in the past.

But the problem is they're not open on Sundays, the only ones open are airport locations. So it becomes extremely difficult to rent a car at a location. or I'm forced to add two additional days.

Futhermore, I don't understand the difference between the locations other than airplanes. I was told you can use a debit card at airport if you have a round-trip ticket as if the local person, who has given you all their information with matching DL address, is the one who's going to steal a car.

The most idiotic policy only used by Alamo, Enterprise and the other ones they run.

I have come to find out after renting many times with Budget, airport or non-airport, with a debit card, that they are the best company with the best customer service. See my many twitter complaints @enterprisecares

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Anonymous - 6 d 4 h ago


I have never been so disappointed with a car rental in my life. This is the third and final time. I asked for a non smoking car. No can do. Basically your told to suck it up. Then the cars cabin lights go on by themselves and can not be turned off. At night which is against the law and impairs vision. They say they will replace the car within an hour at 11am. Now it's 2 pm. Strike three for the Edison,NJ office. It's quite sad that no one cares about the customer. I recommend not using this company; EVER!!!!

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Frustrated and Angry - 6 d 4 h ago


I have been an Emerald Club Member for a few years now...the Newark New Jersey Int'l Airport has put me on the "DO NOT RENT LIST" without even taking the time to call or notify me about this and this is the 2nd time this has been done from this location.I am an Emerald Elite Customer and I don't think I should be treated like this at least a phone call ...The Risk Management Department is a joke no one even takes the time to call back.

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Becky Tracy - 6 d 7 h ago


Don't rent from this company in Sikeston Mo. Had it all set up get to the office and nothing they told us was correct. Worse company I have ever dealt with and would never think of using them again. They need to get people on SIKESTON MO THAT KNOWS WHAT THEIR DOING AN NOT WASTE PEOPLE'S TIME. BECKY TRACY

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Noel Rodriguez - 7 d 34 s ago


I've been a enterprise customer for years until today. What I experienced today at the inwood, New York office was unbelievable.

Let's start with there poor customer service. When I first picked up the vehicle I reserved it was filthy with salt residue from the tires to the roof of the car. I laughed and said your giving me this dirty car? They replied with we have a car wash which cleans our cars down the street and I went there to wash the car. Now when I returned the car after one week they where pointing at some damaged areas which clearly wasn't visible until you where two inches away from the car. My response was that enterprise supplied me with this filthy car and how can you see them defects with all the filth? They caried on saying I made these damages to the point where it became an argument. The manager went as far as to call the police on me. Let me inform you that I have my business for over 20 years and I would never treat my customers in this manner. This experience has led me to argue all the charges made on my credit card and I will be looking into further actions availed to us vulnerable consumers.

Noel Rodriguez

Noel's Carpentry by Design Inc.

11-10 Neilson street

Far Rockaway, N.Y



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angry customer - 7 d ago


I have made reservation with enterprise 2 times and both times I have had bad experiences, in coral springs fl location at coral ridge drive and 2222 north university dr, both times I did not get what I reserved, I requested for a full size suv and they offered me a chevy equinox, the 2nd time I requested for a luxury car and I got again a chevy equinox for double the price we paid the first time.. employees did not care about our situation and also tried to reach corp who also was no help.. I will also be reporting to BB&B

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Antoinette - 7 d ago

I got a rental and they haven't sent my deposit back talking about 10 days that 10th day I still haven't got my money back. Now they talking about they mail it to the wrong address and it's gonna take another 10 day I need my money now

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vj - 16 d 2 h ago


filing a insurance claim is a lots of work

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annoyed in va - 7 d 5 h ago


Too much work and their driver hit me and they don't want to give me a rental.

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busy mom - 8 d 22 m ago

Enterprise Car Sales in Walnut Creek, CA. Part 1.

I recently bought an used SUV from them. And OMG, what a bad experience I had after the car was delivered. The car was delivered at night time. I did not have a chance to inspect everything since it was dark and my 8 year old boy was with me. I took a quick drive to make sure the engine was the same as the last time I tested drive it. My boy opened the center compartment and I noticed the cigarette lighter cap was broken. I told the salesperson (also the delivery guy) that the cap was broken, which was not when I tested drive the car. He said Enterprise will replace it. The couple days I noticed the trunk was not cleaned. I called the salesperson to let him know. He argued that he did inpected the car before delivering. So then why he did not see the broken lighter cap? His name is Jeff. he went on to tell me that they will not pay for it since they paid for it to be cleaned once... The only thing they would pay for is the broken lighter cap.

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busy mom - 8 d ago


Enterprise Car Sales in Walnut Creek, CA. Part 2.

They ordered the part. I called them several times for it... they dropped it off at the nearby dearlership to install for me and let me know the dealer would fix it and charge to Enterprise's account. I took my car in as per schedule and the dealership said I had to take a rental car. I called Enterprise for an approval for the rental (since this multi million dollars company would not pay for the trunk to be recleaned I thought I better get an approval). So they said go ahead with the rental only and not to add anything on top. I told the dealer that just the rental and nothing else. So I took the car the dealership gave me. I brought it back a couple days later to exchange for my car.

A week later the dealership called to find the contact person info since Enterprise kicked back the bill without paying for it. I took time out of my life to deal with something I should not have to if Enterprise inpect the car and fix it before deliver to me instead of trying to get away with the mistake. And now I have to deal with this sh*t!

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Big Dog - 8 d 3 h ago


I have used Enterprise rental car company since the middle 80's, only company I rent from, however, I just want to report how pleased I am with the service I get at the Springfield Branson air port. Both of my vehicles have over two hundred thousand miles, so when I go home, which is Kansas City I rent a car for the weekend. Mr. Hawkins is one name that I have learned and he is the nicest guy, very polite, friendly and I always just enjoy talking to him. Others are the same but I can't remember their names. I just wanted to pass this on to corporate. If you have any employee awards I would recommend Mr. Hawkins. Thank you very much Bill

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Hanna, Shahir - 8 d 7 h ago


This is bay far the best rental car company in the USA today. I travel for business over 100 days a year and always need a rental car. I used to be a loyal Hertz Gold customer, but the service at Enterprise was the main reason I switched. I use Enterprise frequently and highly recommended.

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