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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Taylor
Chairman and CEO
(314) 512-5000
(314) 512-4706
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tricia - 2 d 6 h ago


On 3-23-19 we received a rental car from another insurance carrier due to an automotive accident. Since the accident was caused by the other driver, their insurance company wanted us to use Hertz. We insisted upon Enterprise because of previous positive experiences with Enterprise and because my company Verizon has a contract pricing with Enterprise. The very next day (3/24/19) we called our local office and spoke with Matt. We expressed our dissatisfaction with the car because of the condition of the vehicle. In the past, we always received a clean well kept vehicle. The Nissan that we received appeared to have been neglected and abused. We were told by Matt that there was nothing available in the price range allowed by the insurance company. He said to call back later in the week to see if anything would become available. Since we work local, we just tolerated this car since we would only need the car for a week. Not only was the appearance of the car unsatisfactory it also did not drive correctly: sensors not working properly and overall unpleasant. Caliber Collision completed the repairs to our vehicle on Friday March 29. We picked up our vehicle at Caliber Collision and left the rental car there because it is an authorized drop off location. On Monday April 1st, Matt contacted us about damage to just the roof of the vehicle. We explained that the car was returned in the same condition that we received it. On April2nd, we received an email stating the Enterprise would need 2 weeks to investigate the incident. On April 3rd, we received a second email asking us to fill out an incident report, which we did. The next contact we received was from you on April 17th, a voicemail message and email asking us to contact you. We spoke on April 18th. You informed us that the car washer noticed the damage to the vehicle. You also told us that the damage was to the roof, hood, and trunk of the vehicle, which was new to us. Matt told us there was just damage to the roof only. You also stated that the car was repaired and was approximately $1100.00. It appears that Enterprise did not conduct an investigation, just repaired the vehicle and wants us to pay for it. We have many issues with this. First, we did not damage this vehicle, we returned it in the same condition we received it in. The damage grew from just the roof to the roof, the hood, and the trunk. The car was dropped off on Friday the 29th, but we weren't notified of the damage until the 1st of April, 3 days later. Matt convently back dated the damage claim to the 29th of March. The car was picked up and returned by an employee who didn't notice any damage. The car also sat for 3 days before the car washer noticed damage to the vehicle. The person who checked the vehicle back in to Enterprise didn't note any damage and our deposit was credited back to our credit card on Friday March29th. It is our contention that once our deposit was returned, it releases us from any further liability. We have no intention of paying for damages we didn't cause. Possibly the damage was caused during the 3 days after we returned it. If we caused damage to your vehicle we would have brought it to your attention when we returned your vehicle. Maybe this attention should have been brought to the vehicle prior to renting it out because we didn't want it from the beginning. We never received a copy of our rental agreement, any photos or estimates of the damage or even a damage report. I do not think that Matt has given you all the information regarding this matter. This letter will be forwarded to Enterprise Corporate, the Better Business Bureau, and to an advocacy group as well. The Bugnits

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triciab - 1 d 6 h ago


So, after everything I wrote and requested from your company I have been deemed guilty without the opportunity to see what evidence you have against me. I thought your company had a standard of Ethics and Morality that you are supposedly held to. I was never given the opportunity to discuss this matter. I was never given the opportunity to see photos. I was never given a copy of my rental agreement. I was never given a copy of the damage report written against me. I find it interesting that your employee picked up this car, checked it in, refunded my deposit but did NOT notice any damage at that time. The damage was apparently noticied by the car washer. It is also funny that I was told it was only the roof. Now that has extended to the roof, the trunk, and the hood. I did a walk around with the employee when the car was delivered to it would have showed this information on my rental agreement. You never gave that to me.

Does anyone in your corporate offices care??????

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Anonymous - 4 d 38 s ago

At first I wasn't going to write a review but I never want anyone to experience what I have been dealing with. Long/short story short.. I called to make my weekly payment and some how some way instead of me paying them, every dime I payed them in the last 20 days was reversed back to my bank which was like around $560 (NOT MY MISTAKE) I asked for payment arrangements until the money makes it to my bank and I could pay them back I was told I had until 4pm this evening to bring a money order for $732 in order to keep the car or it would be reported stolen . Im furious I have payed Enterprise Jax orange Park Florida EVERY! EVERY! week with to different cards on file I have been set up for failure this is the worst customer service I have ever experience in my life To make it a little more sweeter I'm just here in Jacksonville fl visiting I'm highly upset I'm praying a higher branch picks this up and help me.

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Never again - 5 d 19 h ago


They rent out recalled vehicles and when vehicle breaks down with full coverage they expect you to pay and promise to refund you and they don't! Save your families lives DO NOT RENT FROM ENTERPRISE google how many people have died because of them purposely renting out faulty vehicles

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Pam Larkins - 7 d 30 s ago


Absolutely sucks!!! Been waiting for 2.5 hours for a car & it could be another 2 to 4 hours to get a car. There have been 4 people who made reservations that got turned away because they have no cars. While I'm waiting in the lobby the only person here left & I was left alone in their business. No management no nothing in this place. I have used enterprise in the past & had nothing but trouble. Only going through them because it's an insurance claim. Geico is trying to get me a car from somewhere else. Never again enterprise I took off half a day for this & it has turned into a full day from work. Thanks for nothing

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Anonymous - 7 d 5 s ago

I moved to Bullhead city Arizona 3 1/2 years ago it was $28 to rent a car $20 for insurance now it's $48 to rent the car it's almost $75 a day to rent the shittiest little car they have it's bullshit enterprise is getting greedy

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Alyse R Mazerolle - 7 d 6 h ago


I had to rent a car because someone hit and totaled my car. I had rental coverage on my insurance of $30.00 a day for total of $900.

I called to book to rent a car at Enterprise of Reading, MA and not a good experience at all!

1. I asked that they meet me to pick me up at the garage that I was dropping my car off, which was 1 min away, at 3pm. They showed up 25 mins late. Their explanation was.... they waited for a phone call from the garage to pick me up...which the garage was not aware of as I told them that I had made the apt to pick me up already at 3pm. When I finally called Enterprise, which the phone rang over and over for 15 minutes before someone picked up, they said they were waiting for a phone call from the autobody shop to come and pick me up . Exactly who is the client? The auto body shop or the person who is paying to rent the car and called and confirmed an appointment to pick them up at 3 PM ??

2. Exactly what is a "police training fee" of $2.00 a day? Who is receiving this training? If it was supposed to be me, then I want to be reimbursed ASAP as this did not happen... if it was for your company employees, why?

3. Every time I tried to call the office, I had to call back at least 3 time trying to get someone to pick up the phone each time letting it ring for 10-15 minutes.... Very Poor Service!!!!!

Very Very Poor Customer Service. I tried to call the Woburn office of Enterprise, which I had excellent customer service from before, was told because I choose a auto repair shop in Reading, they could not work with me.

Because I am not considered "the client" and the auto body company is... at the Reading Office of Enterprise, I will never recommended that they use this service...

I am Extremely upset with having to pay overcharges on a rental car and your Reading office had the nerve to tell me that I should increase my rental cost on my auto policy for an up charge !

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Malcontent - 9 d 27 s ago


I am COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED WITH SHOCK that Chelle (E861X5) is no longer with your organization at the Lambert Airport location.. Her customer service was stellar, unmatched & impeccable. How you could've found any fault with an employee with that level of knowledge & customer service is beyond all logistical thinking. You should be employing more like her, not DISMISSING THEM. You all have made a GRAVE ERROR & I FULLY INTEND to take my business elsewhere. But not before I lodge a formal complaint with the highest office within your company. I WAS a faithful & frequent Emerald Club member, but I will NOT rent another vehicle from you all until you have rectified this egregious mistake.

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John Patrick - 10 d 17 h ago

Enterprise Car Sales are engaging in False Advertising. I just watch a commercial expressing a fact that Enterprise Car Sales will except any vehicle as a trade in. This is a complete LIE!

I tried to trade in my 1981 Chevrolet Corvette and Enterprise Car Sales in Woburn, Mass. Could not take it because the car was to old and they could not find tge vehicles history from the V.I.N. I had the Title free and clear as well as an updated Massachusetts registration and inspection sticker.

I'm going to place a complaint with Attorney General Maura Healey's Office for False Advertising from Enterprise Car Sames.

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Marilyn - 11 d ago


Your customer service person, Laura, badge #E618SF. I want to applaud you for the excellent service provided me today. You are very kind and patient and I would like to recommend you for a commendation. I hope other Enterprise's offices can use you as an example of what is great customer service . My 5Star rating would be for the telephone experience with Laura.Thank you, Respectfully and sincerely, Marilyn Khan Harrinauth.

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Jean Crow - 11 d 5 h ago


Really bad experience. Talked to woman locally then was referred to reservations. Was told we'd have a car by one. Then got another call from the local location and we were told there was none available. Rude, rude, rude.

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Kirk vh - 12 d 15 h ago

I received your letter

At the time of incident, that the rental car part fell off car, I contacted my insurance company as requested by your agent at Oklahoma city airport. And information was exchanged between my insurance company and your agent. and I paid$500. DEDUCTIBLE at that time. Which I shouldn't had to pay for. Enterprise Customer service was going to leave me at the toll road toll booth where the car fell apart. 1 hr away from the airport and told me to call a uber or taxi. The aaa recker driver went above and beyond to make sure I was in another car . To mention I have a disability . Again my insurance was contacted and again today ... I rented a car so I could have a dependable car and I lost time on vacation and was stressed about the whole issue, I would hope you would make it up to me after your Customer service and the Oklahoma city airport personnel was rude and unprofessional. I had to call several times and reidentifi my self each time.

Kirk VanHorn

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Karina M. - 28 d 16 h ago


Service at enterprise sucks!!! I was literally on hold for over ONE HOUR!!!! And no one came to pick up the phone. I heard their slogan over and over again and clearly nothing about their service reflects that!!

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Daniel D Covel - 19 d ago

One 1 hour..... lol that qualifies as the best they can do

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Smarter then You! - 13 d 20 h ago

You're dumb to wait that long. You should have hung up.

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Anonymous - 13 d 18 h ago

You're dumb, it should have been "smarter than you".

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Freda Welch - 17 d ago


I am trying to rent a car in Fayetteville Arkansas. Thus far I have spoken with a person I could not understand. When I was transferred to a local office my experience was not much better. I have been on hold for a total of 30 minutes. I thought I had made a reservation but the young man did not ask for any contact info. I gave him an address but am not confident the information was taken. Needless to say my mood is not the best.

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Anonymous - 19 d ago

(hidden) Call this number with all your complaints

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Anonymous - 19 d ago




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John - 29 d 19 h ago

I filed a complaint via phone on March 14th, still waiting for a response .....

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Daniel D. Covel - 19 d ago

They don't care at all apparently about any of their customers

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Michaela - 19 d 10 s ago


Enterprise does not hold up to their name anymore ever since the founder died. It's pathetic. The majority of the branches in California in the 032 region are horrible with their customer service. I worked with Enterprise for more than a year and they treated me like trash when I was trying to rent from them as a current employee. I ended up walking home after waiting 45 mins for a courtesy ride and later just rented at Hertz.

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Daniel D. Covel - 19 d 1 h ago


On September 6 2018 I rented a Mustang Convertible Muscle car at MCO Orlando Airport. While on my short trip I stopped at a rest area along the highway to get refreshments. When I came out of the store I found my rental surrounded by Florida State Police. They questioned me about the car as to why a brand new car had a license plate that was not registered to the car. The license plate DID NOT match the rental agreement. I told them I rented it yet that did not stoop them from pulling absolutely everything from the car and physically detaining me and restraining me. This experience was the single most humiliating experience of my life. People were coming out of the store taking pictures and video of this event. Needless to say once it was found out that the car had not been reported stolen I was given a citation and was free to go at that time.

After trying to reach management at Orlando Airport via telephone with no success, I waited until the return day to reach out to managment. I spoke with a Julie Kavnar who listened to my complaint and immediately said she would issue a FULL refund for this rental. My payment for the rental was in two forms: (3) 100.00 American Express vouchers and the balance of 296.29 was going to be billed to my American Express card. Since it was a FULL refund, American Express was not billed and they withdrew their (3) 100.00 American Express vouchers as well.

About one month later I receive a charge of 300.00 to my American Express card from Enterprise. I disputed that charge as I did not make any new rentals with Enterprise. That is when the calls from Enterprise Holdings started demanding that I pay the 300.00 because it was a charge back. NO ONE IS WILLING TO LOOK BACK ON THE RENTAL AGREEMENT 544326639 or contact the MCO Airport Branch to get this resolved. The Branch at MCO says that the agreement is closed and has a ZERO balance. Enterprise Holdings Collections says it is 300.00. When I log into m y enterprise account past rentals it shows a 300.00 balance due. After numerous failed attempts to call a Manager at the MCO location, I called the number of ANDREW TAYLOR CEO of Enterprise Holdings and spoke to whomever answered the phone. They transferred to a representative that said the rental agreement was 0.00. SO CONFUSING I had too repeatedly con firm that I was talking to a representative of the division that has ben repeatedly harassing me with collection calls. Today is APRIL 05 2019 and I am still trying to get this resolved. Todays representative says that it will be resolved and the balance will be ZERO. She cannot provide me with any receipt of this comnversation so I have no comfort that it is going to be handled properly.

As a 25 year renter and Emerald Card holder from this company. I cannot convey my disappointment enough. I give this company an F. YOU ARE LOSING A CUSTOMER.

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Walter D Osman - 29 d 19 h ago


My wife and I rented a car from Enterprise for our stay in Honolulu, HI. The car rental was booked online through Expedia (Itinerary # (hidden)295) and was for Feb. 11, 2019 through March 31, 2019. After our all-day trip from the US mainland to Honolulu my wife and I, and our luggage, were picked up by the Enterprise bus and dropped off at the airport Enterprise car rental location. Once there, we were told we had to pick up the rental car at an off-site rental location and had to take a taxi or Uber to get to this location. It was not far enough (about 30-minute walk) for a taxi or Uber so my wife and luggage stayed at the airport location and I walked to the offsite location to get the car. Once there, I was told they could only process a payment for 30 days and I would have to return by March 13th to renew the rest of the rental agreement. I was provided with a Nissan Altima that had just been washed and delivered to the off-site location. By now about 30-45 minutes had elapsed since arriving at the airport rental location. I took the car and picked up my wife and luggage and proceeded to our lodging. Upon returning on March 12th I was informed the rental car I was driving was being sold and I needed to change cars. I was provided with a Volkswagen Jetta and had to transfer our belongings to the new car. This was not anticipated. Why was I rented a car that was going to be sold half way through my rental period? The previous day I had just paid for a full tank of gas and car wash with the Nissan Altima. The Altima was originally delivered with only a half tank of gas. The agents agreed I could return the Jetta with a half tank of gas. When the agents inspected the Altima, they identified a loose panel around the driver's headlight. They informed me I was responsible for this a damage and had to provide my insurance information. I have attached a picture of this panel. Note, that there are no dents or scratches. It simply is a location where a clip had become loose between two panels on one end closest to the headlight. My objection to this situation is as follows: 1) I was disappointed that Enterprise would not provide transportation from the airport location to the off-site location, about a 1 mile trip. The pick-up bus could have easily dropped me at the off-site location. This fact should also have been conveyed to us online when booking. 2) I was not told to thoroughly inspect the Altima when I picked it up. It was still wet from being washed and by now my wife had been sitting at the Enterprise location at the airport for approx. 30-45 minutes with our luggage after a very long flight from the mainland to Hawaii. I did a cursory inspection, but never would have noticed the loose panel. 3) I think it is extremely picayune for the agent to identify this loose panel and claim it was my responsibility. I think I am just paying for car preparation for the new buyer of the car. I don't believe this loose panel would be an issue if the car was to remain in the rental fleet. 4) I was told when I picked up the replacement car we may or may not have transportation to the airport when we leave depending on rental car availability at the off-site location. How am I supposed to get from the off-site location to the airport with my wife and luggage? It seems in all the Enterprise advertisements and promotions they focused on pick up and drop off when renting from Enterprise. 5) Shortly after returning the first car I received a quality control survey via telephone from Enterprise. This was a general satisfaction survey. I told them I was not satisfied but did not go into any detail. I was told I would be contacted by Enterprise in the next two days. No one ever contacted me. I could have averted this entire e-mail if someone had contacted me. 6) I don't think my insurance company should be contacted regarding the loose panel. My wife and I travel frequently and have had varying experiences with car rental firms. The car rental experience occurs at the beginning and end of a travel event and many times impacts the quality of a travel episode. I am very disappointed in the entire Enterprise affair, and this endeavor will have a major impact on my future car rental decisions. Respectfully, Walter D. Osman

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HBB - 19 d 10 h ago


Walter post this on Yelp

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