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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Taylor
Chairman and CEO
(314) 512-5000
(314) 512-4706
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albert riccelli - 3 h 12 m ago


Dear Mr. Taylor, I just wanted to make you aware of your employee, Analynn Stauffer in Cape Coral , Florida. I hope you take a minute and speak to this young lady once you read this. I have nothing but praise for the way she conducted herself in trying to get me a car, first she sent a driver to pick me up at my hotel, within minutes of my phone call and in person visit at another location across from my hotel . She is the type of person you need to train your team members at your other locations in Florida....she works to get prebooked reservation handled after a customer is told your out of their area or sorry we are to busy to handle you now, after I walked into the location across from my hotel, I understood my car was reserved at another location because of my late flight, which wasn't open anyway, but that did not stop her from finding a car, getting me in one so I could make my real estate appointment, I was booked to keep the car for a month, even when the car acted up the second day, she put me in another car which was great, as I had another three weeks of stay in Florida...You should be very proud of the way she handled herself under pressure, I was in business for 25 years, never came across any young lady with the manners, poise, and professional attitude needed to run an office as busy as the Del Prado Blvd South location.

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Gretchen - 11 h 9 m ago



I got a call from (hidden) who said they were "Brandy" from the "gifting department of Enterprise".

I called the number back, "David" answered, said that there is no "Brandy" or "gifting department" at that number.

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Email: - 2 d 13 h ago

2019 Grant Opportunity,

Some lady in my hood introduced me to some new grant programm,

This grant is specifically place for those who need assistance paying for bills,buying a home, starting their own business, going to school, or even helping raise their children with old and retired people.

She received a 150,000 dollars check from the fedreal government.

Contact me for more explanation.

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Anonymous - 2 d 16 h ago


Not happy writing this, but what happened to me yesterday I will hated for other people to go through. I had made my reservation two months in advance to avoid problems like this and on the day of me picking up my vehicle the manager tells me we don't have your car ready will call you back before 5pm . This guy should be fired how can someone be in charge of a place and not cared for his customers. This location is 17750 us 1 Miami Florida. I will never do business with enterprise never again.

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Bob StuckInAirport - 3 d 8 h ago


Mr Nestor, Could you please pass this issue on to the appropriate people in your organization. Reservation confirmation number: (hidden) PICK-UP: at TUS 16-Feb-2019 upon arrival of AA 649 from DFW All Enterprise/Alamo/National employees had left TUS when our flight arrived 12:15am (bags 12:45am). We were abandoned. BACKGROUND/ISSUE Our original flights were cancelled due to bird hit that removed plane from service. Upon being rescheduled, I modified Enterprise rental car reservation by entering the new AA 649 flight & arrival time. Then I called Enterprise Customer Service to ask what would happen if we arrived after 12pm midnight. Customer service checked our reservation, saw the update, and checked on late arrival question. He informed me that Enterprise would be available until 2am and that they would see the new AA649 flight thus wait for people. Upon arrival and baggage pickup, we went to rental car desk area. No one was at Enterprise, Alamo, National. There was sign saying to go out to the parking M-N area office. There were no people at any of the parking area desk cubicles. I tried calling both local customer assistance rep (hidden) and corporate customer service. THERE ARE NO choices under customer support for stranded at airport or contact emergency local customer service rep. So I tried using the locked out auto selection... which routes you to numbers to call for wrecker service. Finally this selection got me to a live person who said she could not help. She only could send people out for breakdowns... she must have been local because she asked if anyone was at Alamo or National. When told no, she repeated she could not help... so I asked what we were to do about being stranded at TUS airport. She said sorry, but she could not do anything... she had no Enterprise emergency customer support numbers to call. Luckily there were people at Hertz and Budget counters. They had stayed for their customers... and I think they serviced other Enterprise/Alamo stranded customers. Since Hertz had quite a few people, we went down to Budget and they only had a pickup for $784.71 versus the $364.71 Enterprise Volks Jetta reserved under upgrade offer. We, of course, took it. Submitted issues requesting compensation... awaiting reply.

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Davina - 3 d 17 h ago


To Whom it May Concern:

I find it hard to believe that in this day and age and in one of the largest metroplexes in the country that Enterprise cannot obtain a vehicle to seat 7 passengers. I was involved in a minor car accident and needed a rental car while my car was in the shop, my insurance company set me up with Enterprise with their rate. I spent 2 days going in circles from customer service, claims, local branch, and Corporate Customer Service. Every person I talked to gave me a different answer. As a single mother of 6 children and a full-time college student, transportation is key. No one could work around my schedule. Enterprise offers to pick you up, however, what they don't tell you is that you have to ride back to the Enterprise location to fill out paperwork and pay. In this age of technology this should be able to be done online. I was also told I had a reservation, but that when I arrive at Enterprise they were not sure they would have a 7 passenger vehicle?. I was also told no one could pick me up until an hour after the local branch opened because of customers who might be waiting outside prior to Enterprise opening. What, then, is a reservation good for if customers waiting at local branch trump my reservation? The chain of command is unfortunately is broken. Management at Enterprise needs to train employees better to avoid getting the run around and passed around with a different response each time. For such a reputable and trusted name in car rental, I found this company needs help to keep customers.

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Unsatisfied Customer - 5 d 5 h ago


I did not have a good car buying experience at this Enterprise location. I gave a list of things I wanted in a car and even a couple of examples of cars I was looking into, and I'm not sure if they didn't have those type of cars in the inventory or not, but they showed me a car that was almost the opposite of everything I asked for. But I test drove it anyway and it was a decent ride. I asked about getting leather seats installed and they said it could be added to any car including the one I test drove for a fee of about $1,500. They really talked up the car that I test drove and I was hard pressed to get a new car since my car had been totaled a couple months ago and I had to return my rental which I also got from Enterprise, which is how I found out about the car sales department which I never knew they sold cars, and I wish I never did find that out then I could've avoided this whole experience. So anyway in my time of desperation they took advantage, and sold me this car with the caveat that they have a 7 day cancellation agreement if for some reason I want to return the car. So with that in mind I stupidly purchased the car thinking ok maybe I can shop around some more and if I find a better deal I can return the car, right?! Wrong my other mistake was leaving the car with them to install the leather seats before my 7 day agreement expired, because after they installed the seats and delivered the car to me with the leather seats installed I'd already found a better deal on the same car with over 20,000 miles less than the Enterprise car, but I discovered later I didn't really like the car after driving it around for a couple days from the other dealer, so I wanted to return it but they said since the leather was installed it voided the cancellation agreement!!!! No one had told me that once the leather was installed I couldn't return the car?!?! I felt scammed! No matter what I tried to do I spoke to a few people who told me it was illegal for them to deny the agreement as it didn't state anywhere that the car couldn't be returned if it had been "enhanced" as the sales ppl at this location state, it actually states in the agreement the car has to be in same condition as it was received and I received it with the leather and I never even drove it off so it was "received" & delivered with the leather, and if that had been the case they should've let me drive it a few days and come in to install leather after, but they probably knew if I drove it around I'd realize my mistake and want to return it so they purposefully installed it before I could do that. I was so pissed and felt betrayed, I already had been through a whole ordeal with my car being totaled and not even my fault, and then the insurance wouldn't pay for my full rental car costs because I got extra protection and I wasn't supposed to but no one told me so I was already out $2000 on a car accident I didn't even cause, and now on top of everything this company took advantage of my situation to give me a bad deal and force me to keep it against their own policy, and I don't even know how I can fight this so I'm basically stuck in a car I don't like until I can sell it or trade it in which I will lose money if I do since it was such a bad deal, an auto broker looked at it and told me I would lose $7000 in the process if I tried to trade it in!!! I feel so betrayed and upset that a business can operate like this! But I hope that karma is pay back to those ppl at that dealer for taking advantage of a nurse who just moved all the way from Florida to take care of ppl and had to start her trip with terrible news of her car being totaled, that is really messed up and God will not stand for this injustice! BUYERS BEWARE! Shop around don't let these pushy ppl sell you a car, unless you know in advance that it's the best deal, don't make my mistake and be so naive.

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Kimberly Gibson - 8 d 6 h ago


To Whom it may Concern,

I wanted to write a note about my recent experience with Enterprise. I was initially very satisfied with the service. I found a great deal online, which was honored once I arrived in Costa Rica. The check out process was quick and smooth and the vehicle I received was exactly what I needed. The staff was friendly and professional. Unfortunately, the next day, the vehicle was in an accident. While visiting the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, a tour bus hit the vehicle while it was parked. I repeat, the vehicle was parked... the tour bus backed up attempting to make a turn and hit the rear left bumper leaving damages. I returned the vehicle same day to enterprise and explained what had happened. To my disbelief, I was made to pay for the damages though I was not at fault. The vehicle was parked and the tour bus hit it. Despite my explanations, showing the transit report and showing photos, I was informed that I had to pay for the damages out of pocket. I was even made to pay for damages to the tour bus if any (which by he way, there weren't)...All damages were sustained to the rental vehicle.

I would also like to mention that I had insurance on the vehicle which the Enterprise rep did not recognize. He said because I didn't purchase Enterprise insurance I would have to pay for the damages. He did not care that I had insurance of my own nor that It was not even my responsibility to pay. I am very disappointed in how the entire situation was handled. It did not seem like Enterprise had their customers interest, my interest, at heart...they only cared about the money. I had to pay $761 out of pocket for damages. In addition to $275 for Enterprise insurance on the new rental vehicle...even though I already had insurance of my own...again something Enterprise Costa Rica refused to acknowledge.

I travel often and am often in need of rental cars. I've never been in this type of situation. I do not believe I will be using Enterprise again, nor will I recommend it to anyone. When I tried to inquire about the process after an accident in Costa Rica, I was assured that I needed to do nothing. That Enterprise would take care of everything. Not the case. Apparently, I was supposed to go to the Transit court and make a statement within 10 days of the accident. Without said statement, the judge could rule against me and have everything be my fault thought it is clear that the accident was not my fault. It almost felt like no one at Enterprise really cared and was only wanting me to pay the money.

I am still trying to figure out how to rectify everything with the transit court as am back in the US and cannot be present to speak for myself. This entire thing has been very frustrating. I would appreciate a response from management on how we can rectify this. It is unfair that I had to cover damages for something that was not fault.

Look forward to hearing from you

Kimberly Gibson

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Liana - 10 d ago

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A. Madden - 10 d 28 s ago


After being a longtime customer of Enterprise Rental car, it saddens me to write this letter regarding the horrendous service I received over a period of two weeks with the company. I went in to the Howard location to rent a car with the first vehicle being a Chevy Impala. The first concern was staff telling me that the gas tank will full but instead I was given a half tank, which was not a big deal at first. This rental was fine until I experienced a flat tire, which was just the beginning of a long downhill battle with service, vehicle availability, and overall company accountability. Following the flat tire, I called in to the Howard branch and asked about getting another vehicle, lowering size one category as the Impala was too large of a sedan, and I would prefer a size below. At this location, I was told they only had very small cars, which did not interest me. As a result, staff suggested that I check around to the Union Station and Reagan Airport locations to assess their availability. Unfortunately, they only had pick-up trucks at one location, and nothing at the other. This prompted me to call the Howard branch again on the following day to attempt to check availability again. I was told that they had various vehicles and to come in to choose one. Upon my arrival, a Nissan Sentra was offered, which was one of the options provided the day prior that did not fit my preference. An employee that I had spoken to the day prior about the rental had the audacity to say rudely, "Per our conversation yesterday, you stated that you wanted a smaller car." I did notify this employee that I mentioned a smaller car than what I had but not several categories lower. At this point, I desperately wanted to get out of the Impala that had a doughnut and get into a car with all four appropriate tires so I took this car. After driving for one day, I noticed why I did not want the Sentra initially as it is much smaller than any car I have ever comfortably driven. Because of this, I called back into the Howard location to see if there were any cars bought back. There was none to fit my preference, which broadened my search to a possible SUV if they had one, but this was not an option at this branch. I was encouraged to check with the Silver Spring, MD location as they were supposed to have multiple options readily available as reported by staff at the Howard location. When arriving to Silver Spring, MD location, prior to leaving out of the branch to perform the standard walk-around of the vehicle I am notified that I will be getting at Nissan Rogue, which was fine with me. Once outside, the employee notified me that instead they had a Toyota Camry, which was surprising and disappointing. I decided to take this car and make the best of it, which no customer should have to do. I went on about my week as planned and headed to Richmond with my family. When almost there, I get pulled over by a police officer who stated that the tags on the car had been expired since November 2018 and I should turn around and return home because the next time I am pulled over, I will be responsible for the impoundment of the vehicle. This scary and utterly unacceptable occurrence left me and my family inconvenienced tremendously. I called to notify the branch that I will be returning the vehicle and would like to switch to a vehicle with up-to-date registration and tags. I retrieved a Nissan Altima to finish out my rental needs at Howard. I notified this branch about my feelings regarding unsatisfactory service and was told the manager would support with rectifying this situation. While waiting to return the vehicle I contacted customer service to file a formal complaint and was unable to gather the name of the person who took the information, however, it was concerning and further upsetting that this person taking down a complaint for the company they work for, did not apologize for the service I received by the company. I was under the impression that this is standard for a complaint line or anyone taking a complaint. He only stated that the complaint will be submitted following our call, an investigation performed after the appropriate people review the information, and they will get in contact with me. Before returning the vehicle, I called the Howard branch to remind them of what I was told prior about the unsatisfactory services being rectified. When I arrived I spoke with the manager who offered me a mere deduction of one day, 10.25% (with is tax on the bill), and a maxed gas credit (which was unacceptable as I was promised a full tank for the Impala with only half given and I returned all cars with the necessary amount of gas to match what was provided initially). This was not ok for a customer who has been renting with your company ever since they have been of age to do so. After being in multiple cars, having extended expired tags, and having an overall unpleasant experience, the compensation I am provided is merely $78 dollars despite the grand total of a two week and three day rental is absurd! This experience has changed my entire outlook on this company and the service/ lack thereof provided.

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RICKY DILLARD - 10 d 13 h ago



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LoEtta C. - 11 d 8 h ago


LoEtta C. I rented a vehicle for my neice last weekend when she got in the car it smell like weed and had spit on the back seat. That is so disgusting for i say that the car was not properly clean out. I now going tomorrow to rent another vehicle February 10, 2019 for 6 days will like to be compensated for cleaning enterprise vehicle out. Contact me at (hidden)

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Julia R. - 12 d 15 h ago


STILL NO SOLUTION AFTER A WHOLE WEEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hello Maria yesterday I told you that my Gucci glasses were taken and a new gift bottle of Patron for Valentine's Day for my Husband from the back seat. These items were taken out of the Cadilac that I rented from the enterprise that you're the assistant manager at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel. When I went inside the hotel the first time you told me to wait there and that you had to check the car for any damages. I then told you that I left my card inside the car, ran out to get the card. When I came back in, I noticed that I didn't have my cash that I had in the car as well. I got the cash out of the car. Then I gave you my card and you told me that I couldn't keep that car because I don't have a major credit card. I then told you I had to get all of my things out of the car. When I went out side to retrieve my things the car was gone. I told you I had Gucci glasses and the bottle in the car and it was gone. I know the guy who drove the car down, his name is Alex. You told me that you didn't think that he would do that. You insisted that I look again in the car and I did and still no glasses and no bottle. I came back inside and asked again after I had to turn around and drive back to the hotel because I left some keys on the Cadillac Key. You told me you asked and nothing was said about it. You never asked if I needed to do an incident report. I didn't call the law, I just want my things back. This isn't about getting anyone in trouble. I just want my stuff. Please tell Alex to return my things to you and I will pick up asap.

I'm going to go ahead and do an incident report. The Fontainbleau Hotel has cameras everywhere and they will see who took those items out of the car. I want to be reimbursed in full for my Gucci glasses and for that Bottle of un-open Patron that was a gift for my husband. No one hasn't responded to me in email. I'm going to continue to email as my proof. You didn't do an incident report when I told you and you didn't mention it. So I now have to go over your head to your manager or their boss. I spent and continue to spend a lot of money with this company. It's really disappointing and poor that I'm being treated this way. So I'm now moving forward with everything.

Under Florida law, Grand Theft is any intentional and unlawful taking of property valued at $300.00 or more. Grand theft is a felony offense, with penalties that may include prison, probation, fines, restitution, and a permanent criminal record. Those items are worth over $700.00, I need to be reimbursed for my things asap. If I do a police report the state will get involved. Not only will who ever took it loose their job. They will have to deal with charges from the State of Florida. So I hope and pray this gets resolved by Monday. I'm also going to requesting looking at the camera footage with one of the resort managers

To whom concern

What about what happened with my items. I paid $284.45 on 1-31-2019 to Enterprise Miami Beach. You all keep asking for more money. I also asked for an itemized bill for all the time I've been renting from that location. You all have failed to send me a Itemized bill breakdown of how much each day cost and the totals for each week. How much is it a week to rent a non-luxury car?????????? You all also kept my deposits as well. I don't at this point want to continue renting from this location. I will return the car to another location and rent from another location. I do still need a solution to my items being stolen. Completely ignoring THE FACT that my items were stolen isn't going to make me stop asking about them. Overall you all are being extremely unprofessional and bias. I will forward all of your condescending and antagonizing emails to your corporate office. I hope you all have an amazing weekend.

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Anonymous - 12 d 15 h ago


I rented a car from Greentree Pittsburgh location. I had issues a hour after pickup with low tire pressure of one of the tires... I completely understood ok it's cold weather sometimes this happens I'll just go to gas station and get air.. first it was on 19 which was a inconvenience because I was celebrating my birthday and had to worry about the tire. I went to gas station twice in freezing cold and when I woke up the next day the tire was almost flat.. I carefully drove again to gas station for air spending almost $10 total for air that kept coming out, spent $13 on fix a flat that never helped because clearly it wasn't the cold air it was a slow leak. I spent my birthday in the air snow trying to get air. I called the greentree office spoke with a young lady that advised, I needed to put spare on I told her it's so cold I need help I'm a single woman that doesn't know how to change tire properly she then said if I drive the car on highway the pressure goes up... why would I want to drive on highway if tire pressure is 4? That doesn't make sense at all she wasn't helpful at all then said well in damage Waiver it doesn't have anything wrong.. I told her I only had the car a hour it took their driver 10 minutes to drop it off to me so I guess it was a slow leak they were unaware of. I was so unbelievably upset crying because she still said I need to put spare on. After hanging up with her my daughter called back spoke with a young man whom advised that they have contract with Monroe drive there safe and they're repair the tire and bill enterprise... something she never mentioned and I spend 1 1/2 days unable to really drive because tire pressure only 4. Not to mention the windshield fluid was frozen for 2 days... I even took pictures driving unable to see clearly. Very unhappy at this service and I feel like they should at least give me the 2 days I was inconvenienced

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Anonymous - 14 d 6 h ago


Hi Sam, 5910 GALL BLVD Zepherhills, FL 33542-3465 (hidden) Wednesday, February 6, 2019 3:00 PM I received this email this morning @9:26 am. Unfortunately, I did not read it till 2:54 pm this afternoon, and to my surprise your message was to let me know that the return of the pick-up truck was for today by 3:00pm. I called @3:00pm and spoke to Holly, and I asked her to please confirm to me when was my rental due to be returned? I said, my calls are recorded for training purposes, I know I was clear in asking for three (3) days and not two (2) days. I said I can't understand how the pick-up truck is about $60.00 a day, and my total rental is about cost $120.00, how does the math really work logically. Anyhow, I believe someone is not clear in how communication is being circulated to customers, or your leadership lacks the proper best practices to be in place. She proceeded and said; "Yes Mr. Pichardo you still OK, and you are scheduled to return your pick-up by 3:00pm on Thursday" "I said are you sure, because I have an email indicating that my rental expires today by 3:00pm, and Enterprise seems to be expecting the return of the pick-up today." - "which she repaid, " Ho no!! that must have been a mistake, people sometime mistakenly send the emails out in error which is clearly your case" I said, "OK great then, can you please notate my account of what you have confirmed on the phone please" "absolutely Mr. Pichardo that is no problem, I will do that for you right now, so give me a minute" I was put on hold for six (6) minutes thru an Enterprise looped service branded announcement, edifying their service department, by saying "here at Enterprise rental car we do things really simple, we treat our customers the way they should be treated, that's in our philosophy for more than fifty-five (55) years so let us show you what that means" And then on the line comes a lady saying; thanks for holding this is Sam, as I understand it you are looking for an additional correct? - I said no, I'm not looking for an additional day, I just spoke to Holly, listen I'm trying to clarify as I just spoke to her, and told her that I rented a car for three (3) days, and she just confirmed for me to return the pick-up truck on Thursday, and I said, OK Holly are you sure? " And she said yes, I am positive that you can return your car on Thursday, and I will document your account as such" Anyhow; Sam ignored what I just told her about my conversation with Holly, and said "I will extend you rental one more day if you want" - And I said, can you please listen to me, and pay attention to what I just said to you! Don't ignore me, by brushing me off and exercising your executive power over the phone. Sam said, "I would appreciate it if you would talk to me a little nicer" - and I said "I would appreciate it if you would apologize for your staff's wrong doing. Unfortunately, leader's today exercise their executive muscles in front of their staff, in hopes to illustrate how they handle a troubled situation, and by neglecting to accept customer service responsibility as a leader. Some fail to coach and develop their department direct reports the true essence of customer care responsibility. Handling customers with forceful words before the presence of your team, illustrates weakness, and poor customer service judgement, from a company that claims to have perfected the right best practices, seasoned with the proper corporate culture, which took Enterprise car rental 55 years to earn. To be honest with you Sam, Holly would have done a much better job than you, if she would have come back to the phone and excused herself, and accepted responsibility, that would have maintained Enterprise's corporate culture intact, but with your unnecessary bully attitude you tainted Enterprises culture. She was better, and nicer that you were on the phone anyhow. Thank You, Maximo

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Call mom saying decision was final, after the rental car was stalled for two days and they blamed it on me, but because of their laziness and hopeless company didn't help me to get the rental car back I had to pay almost $250 for the towing company because of enterprise didn't help with agreement letter.rasha - 14 d 6 h ago


I had a rental from them my review for them would be less than one star because they deserve it, unprofessional branch managers, Helpless and lazy employees specially for a nice treat with 54th Ave., North in Saint Pete, the manager was so rude to me when I try to explain the charge of showing they let it on me it was at the beginning of my mistake the helpless and lazy employees specially 49 street with 54th Ave., North in Saint Pete, the manager was so rude to me Call mom saying decision was final, after the rental car was stalled for two days and they blamed it on me, but because of their laziness and hopeless company didn't help me to get the rental car back I had to pay almost $250 for the towing company because of enterprise didn't help with agreement letter.

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Much too soon. Hard core will not bugging for customer money just there while in the line-up.

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Unsatisfied Customer - 20 d 12 h ago


I am not sure what can you do to make me feel satisfied or even consider your company for business ever again. Reservation # (hidden). But what I do know for sure is this was the worst initial experience I had as I entered the Dom Rep while on vacation on Jan 17th 2019.

I believe Mr. Santos and Ingrid are the worst at customer service. Ingrid didn't offer any suggestions to help me and Mr. Santos spoke to me on the phone... He claimed he already had gone home, he also didn't offer any solution to my situation. All they kept saying was "We have no cars available and we don't make recommendations to other car rental companies" ALAMO STAFF, had no remorse,they had no plan B...." I repeated to both "I am stranded in a foreign country and had no other way to get to the town, I needed a vehicle". I was told my best option was to exit the airport and go across the parking lot and bargain with the other rental companies. CaN yOU BELIEVE THIS!!!!!

What got me more upset was being told by ALAMO staff: "The only cars that were return today, were rented to other clients that arrived before you" I couldn't believe my ears.... I was inform that they "cant over fill the parking lot with their vehicles. So, they had to rent them to other customers earlier...." ALL TYPES OF EMOTIONS came to me; I was furious, MY QUESTION IS, what is the point of making a reservation?????????? Your staff should have made sure they had any type of vehicle waiting on expected clients with confirmed reservations. Instead, they rented to the highest bidder that came without reservation and left clients stranded without a vehicle and NO SOLUTION. This was a HORRIBLE experience and what made it worst was having to pay the double of my original booking. This was totally unexpected and unacceptable. (see attachment)

I intend to take this complaint also to DELTA airline vacation booking), Corporate, BBB and the Airport complaint unit.

A very unsatisfied customer,

Olga A.

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Andrea - 21 d 9 h ago


I sent this email and no response! Now reading all these reviews I see I am not the only one. Here's my problem... Claim Number: 11715434 Date of Loss: 10/29/2017 Balance due: $1,065.41 Rental Agreement Number: 838065128 Damage Recovery Unit, I have given your team all the information I could. I have requested and paid for the police report myself since your team thinks I'm at fault and should pay for damage to vehicle I rented from you on 10/28/2017 at the Indianapolis International Airport. I sent pictures and provided your team with the the police report information and photos. I feel that your team did not complete a thorough investigation into this situation. Matthew Koenig hit a parked car and you are holding me accountable for damages. I spoke to Jenifer Marshall at USAA, Mathew Koenig's insurance carrier. She stated that Mr. Koenig implied I hit him causing the accident. That's impossible when there was no one in the driver's seat and the vehicle was not on. The police report shows there rental was parked and the only person that was in a moving vehicle is Mr. Koenig. I am going to send a certified copy of this to his address too. I am attaching a PDF file that has the full police report stating the driver of the other vehicle caused the damage. I want this cleaned up and my name cleared of any money owed. I've been getting harassed by some debt collector daily. If you would like to reach me Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Contact the only email I have from the claims department (hidden) and (hidden)

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Gerald Biscoe - 22 d ago



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Nancy G - 22 d 18 h ago


I do not believe that Enterprise is an honest company. I recently had an accident with an Enterprise vehicle. I went through all the proper channels and was billed for the work done. I had intended to pay my bill on February 1, when I received my Social Security check. However Enterprise withdrew money from my checking account on January 24 without my authorization, which I do not think it is even legal. Thiis caused a problem in that I had scheduled to pay another bill that hadn't come through yet. I was then charged a $32 overdraw fee for this bill.

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Seberta. My car insurance company all ways make reservation with in your company . I pick up a Caron January 22 2019 . The want to be so call manager was so rude , and hostile to me .after a car accident that is the last thing you want to confront. He was mad because I refused to take car that certain thing wasn't working . So he said to me , this is the last car I am going to show you . I took it because I was running late for work . The same day I found out that the door lock was broken . I call to talk to the store manager, they let the phone ring out ., no one pick . The next day I call my insurance company and make a report . They canceled immediately, send me to Herz . I got a better car and respect. Marquis at the riverside parkway in Lawrenceville area need more training or you going to loose more valuable customers like me . You lost three weeks of rental because he is very rude . If I have to give him a star is 0 worst customer service I receive from all these time a rent from enterprise. Good bye enterprise , Hello Herz. - 25 d 19 h ago


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Anonymous - 33 d 14 h ago

Am trying to reach a manager for car rental issues.. For unauthorized charges.... Thanks

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Anonymous - 28 d 7 h ago


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Roger Toussaint - 39 d 9 h ago

Below, please review the dismissive manner in which my complaint was processed : Roger Toussaint (hidden)) To:you (Bcc) + 1 more Details Your form letter responses insults my intelligence. Sent from my iPhone On Dec 9, 2018, at 1:45 PM, (hidden) wrote: Dear Mr. Toussaint, Good Afternoon! My name is Sandy and I will be delighted to assist you today. Thank you for being a valued member of our Enterprise Plus program. I understand that you are hesitant on future rentals. I can assure you that we have forwarded the feedback. Please do not allow one bad experience to define our company. We have so many amazing agents who are willing to go above and beyond for customers such as yourself. We value everyone who walks in our door. I apologize that you felt like your experience was anything less than stellar. If you need further assistance please contact us. We appreciate your business and your loyalty to our brand. I hope that you have an amazing day! Warm Regards, Sandy Enterprise Customer Service From: (hidden) Sent: Sun Dec 09 2018 13:34:21 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) To: (hidden) Subject: Re: Airport Location Feedback: Contact Center What does your reply mean? What assurances do I have that this won't happen again? Why should I continue to pay for Enterprise rentals to be treated in this manner? -----Original Message----- From: EHI_Reply To: tanotou Sent: Sun, Dec 9, 2018 1:14 pm Subject: RE: Airport Location Feedback: Contact Center Mr Toussaint, Thank you for contacting Enterprise Car Rental. My name is Matthew, and thank you for bringing this to my attention. First, I sincerely apologize for your recent experience. It is our goal to ensure we are providing a great customer experience, whether it be interacting with an agent at a location, over the phone, or just as well through email. It seems we have failed to meet not only your expectations but ours as well. I want to thank you for providing me your feedback, it is truly appreciated. This will help us to ensure that we address these types of issues at our locations, and I have forwarded your feedback to the regional office of this area. This will allow the necessary coaching at the Airport, so these types of situations can be handled appropriately in the future. While I know I cannot change what has happened, know that I am here for you, and I truly understand your frustration. Once again, I truly apologize, and hope I can gain your trust once again in continuing to use us for your rental needs. I personally want to thank you for your continued loyalty since, it is truly appreciated. Providing a great customer experience is my goal, and hope I have met your expectations today. Best Regards, Matthew Email Customer Service. From: (hidden) Sent: Sun Dec 09 2018 12:06:20 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time) To: (hidden) Subject: Airport Location Feedback: Contact Center [1] (from (hidden)) As an Enterprise Rewards member, I reserved a vehicle as a vehicle for 11/29/18 - 12/1/18 Confirmation #(hidden)3COUNT I arrived (on time) but the location manager (Mitchell Burgess) REFUSED to provide me a vehicle because I did not have a second phone number to provide him, forcing me to use another rental company at considerably increased cost due to it being last-minute. Further, he rudely demanded to know what I did for a living!!!! He persisted in this manner even after I told him that I was an Enterprise Rewards members, I rent from Enterprise almost weekly and had rented at this very location numerous times. Please share this with your corporate office and advise me asap what you intend to do about this. 12/09/2018 11:52 AM TopicSelector: Feedback on Employee or Service EmailAddress: (hidden) CustomQuestion1: customVar1 CustomAnswer1: Ronald Reagan Wash Natl Airprt%2C 2500 National Avenue Garage A%2C Arlington%2C Virginia%2C 22202 CustomQuestion2: customVar2 CustomAnswer2: airport/group-16/reg-16U/area-16UM/branch-16V7 CustomQuestion3: customVar3 CustomAnswer3: 32678 CustomQuestion4: First Name CustomAnswer4: Roger CustomQuestion5: Last Name CustomAnswer5: Toussaint CustomQuestion6: Phone Number: CustomAnswer6: (hidden) CustomQuestion7: Confirmation Number or Rental Agreement Number CustomAnswer7: (hidden)3COUNT CustomQuestion8: Loyalty Number: CustomAnswer8: RS8TYBQ ----- * Email Testing Alert: Airport | Airport Location Feedback: Contact Center | Dates: 12/09/2018 11:45 AM to 12/09/2018 12:00 PM CDT Frequency: Every 15 Minutes | Domain: Airport Locations | Path: | Threshold: 1 | Sent: 12/09/2018 12:04 PM CDT --

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Helen - 33 d 14 h ago

My credit card was charged n still charging me for tolls which I paid... I paid 20 dollars total in tolls... please stop illegally charging my credit card... I know my right!!!! Thanks

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