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Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Vanguard Car Rental
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO
Andrew Taylor
Chairman and CEO
(314) 512-5000
(314) 512-4706
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Luke E Sims - 2 d ago


Kevin Whitehurst (Manager) and Kristopher Harris (Management Trainee) at the Tallahassee West location were terrific. Great customer service. Helped me swap out a truck (rented in Dothan AL, where rental options were not good) for an SUV close to our Jeep Grand Cherokee. Would happily use Tallahassee West again, and will recommend that office and these two gentlemen again.

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Pete McCollum - 2 d ago


Without getting into all the details after my car was struck and rendered undriveable I found myself at the dealership waiting for Enterprise car rental out of Pleasantville New Jersey to arrive to pick me up to take me to a rental.

Mark C. Kollack (management trainee) arrived and provided me with superior customer service.

This young man is extraordinary and I'm sure this won't be the only positive comment you hear about him as time goes on . he is someone that should be looked at to rise quickly through your company. He is dialed in to your brand message and all in with making a career at Enterprise.. I hope you take the time to reach out to him and let him know about this review.. if you would like more details on my experience with Mark feel free to reach out to me.

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Pissed off in NEW JERSEY - 66 d 18 h ago


To all Enterprise Rental! Imagine 20 years as a customer! You have to experience a rude racist manager who calls the police on you in front your 2 children because you question him about his service and even though you have reservation! It's an hour wait and still haven't gotten your vehicle! On 8-12-2019 you have a reservation and you use your debit card (they cost me my Visa platinum credit card) and now they want a utility bill with no past due balance 30 days!( So now they deny you / me a rental because I didn't pay the utility company in full!!) Enterprise has officially crossed the line! The rude racist employees and customer complaint (Stephanie didn't give her last name) only repeated "It's company policy" I told her to let me see her bills and deny her her job! The corporate office needs to be forced to deal with their own employees and have their cars taken away and forced to rent from their company! For a year! And see how ENTERPRISE RENTAL is Soo discriminate then their bullshit policy's will change!

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Sick of BS - 65 d 17 h ago


If you've been a customer for 20 years (bullcrap) then you know that has been their policy this entire time. I had to bring utility bills and whatnot with me before I was able to get a credit card. Do you expect them to just trust you with a $30K vehicle based on a couple hundred dollars and your promise to bring it back. They need a little more than that, sorry. Improve your credit and get a credit card like most everyone else. Don't blame enterprise for your inability to maintain good credit.

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Divi - 44 d 4 h ago


Flagged for review. 
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Steve "The White Guy" - 26 d 18 h ago


You must work for Enterprise. That's a BS-CYA response to poor service!

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No enterprise - 23 d 19 h ago

What a tekashi 69! You must work for them trying to clean the page up a little. First off the way they treat you is not based on any model they do what they want to do and the company applauds this.

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Lexi - 5 d ago


Uh, no thats not true. Ive rented from them toooo many times and never once did i need a utility bill, soooo dont be an ass

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Divine - 44 d 4 h ago

I agree!!! Racist as heck! One employee cussed at my minor child!!! Now that's going overboard! He is still working there!!!

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Trisha Zimmer - 5 d ago

I rented 2 times in October and both times they did not have the vehicle and the 1 time i was there at 101 and they were long gone. I went to Budget on Rt 17 in Paramus and they gave me a better deal no security hold better vehicle last minute. I would recommend them

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AL PANGERL - 5 d 7 s ago


I had the worst Experience ever ! Car was used for drug runs . And weekend managers let it happen. And they stole my laptop . While telling me they couldn't find my car . They were the worst ever. I'll never go back ever. Al PANGERL .. YONKERS N.Y.

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Jodie - 6 d 14 h ago


I reserved a standard SUV a month before the date I needed it. Made all my reservations at the hotels, some of these were non-refundable. Two days before I had the reservation a lady called from Enterprise in Griffin, GA to see if I still needed the SUV. I told her yes and 11:30 was my pick-up time.

We arrived a few minutes before our time. Stood in line and waited. When I got to the clerk she said they didn't have the size car I reserved but could get a smaller one or the standard with no air-conditioner. I was very upset because I needed the standard to get everything we were taking in the car. I let everyone know I was not happy about this and asked to speak with the manager. Another lady who I saw sitting there spoke up and said she had been waiting to speak to the manager for an hour because they didn't have the car she needed.She had talked to them the day before and they told her as long as she got there before 12:00. Two more people spoke up and said they had reserved a car a month before and the other person said four months. Mckenzie, the manager told the other lady she would be with her in a few minutes which she did come over and start talking to the lady right in front of us. When the lady starting telling Mckenzie her problem I started talking because we had the same problem. Mckenzie told me she would be with me in a few minutes. She starts telling this lady she doesn't have any cars available and wouldn't because they were closing in 10 minutes. She never offered to see if any of the other locations had cars. All she could do was tell us how busy she had been and if people can they got the car. It was just our problem. It seems to me if you are a good manager you would keep enough of the type of cars you had reserved until after the time the person was suppose to pick it up. Then you could rent it. Why make a reservation if they are going to rent it out before you get there. Enterprise should have to pay any expenses you incur because they didn't have the car you needed. My friend and I were very vocal and Mckenzie asked us to leave. We did. I called 1-800-rent-a-car and got some man who at least call McDonough, GA to see if they had the SUV. They said they had some but they were reserved.

I came home and called customer service and got a lady name Holly who got me a SUV for the next morning in Morrow, GA. We were at Morrow the next morning got a SUV and was on our way in less than 20 minutes. They were very nice and helpful..

You need to send My Mokenzie for more training in how to treat a customer and not talk down to someone. I would think Enterprise would want their customers to be pleased with the service. I will not rent another car from Griffin, GA as long as Mckenzie is there. I had this happen to me when I first started renting from Enterprise. They had a manager name Todd that did the same thing to people. Thank goodness they soon got rid of him and the problem was fixed' I rented a care just about every week for about 6 or 7 years so I know it doesn't have to be like Mckenzie was doing it.

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Lisa - 7 d 17 h ago


This past summer my car broke down and was towed to Weston dealership in Gresham, OR. I was then referred to the Enterprise car rental at this dealership. I was very stressed out from my car breaking down on the side of a busy freeway. The agent who helped me was Olja Holovcuk. She was the sweetest young women, that was just wonderful! She helped calm me down in my moment of stress and panic and I left the office in my rental car feeling relaxed and happy! I wanted to let your office know that she is an asset to your business. Sincerely, Lisa Graves Portland, OR

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Discriminated Against in Miami - 16 d 37 m ago


It has taken me an entire week to write this complaint, and I believe it is because part of me wishes the incident never took place or that I could just forget it happened. But alas, in today's climate of discrimination I feel obligated to ensure my incident is addressed so as to prevent someone else from humiliated as I was. On the morning of Saturday, September 28th, 2019 I arrived at my local Enterprise branch (Palmetto Bay) shortly after 9:00 a.m. As I walked from the parking lot, I realized the intermediate SUV class vehicle I requested was not in the lot. In fact, there weren't any vehicles in that car class on site at the time. Nonetheless, I went inside to begin my confirmed reservation with a nice gentleman named Saeed. Saeed informed me that the vehicle was not available at the time and it would be another 45 minutes to an hour before it would be delivered from another location. I advised I would leave and come back; I was not going to sit in the lobby for an hour awaiting a car I had reserved for 9:00 a.m. Enter Mr. Ryan O'Neill, Assistant Branch Rental Manager, Rent-A-Car Division. With Mr. Ryan O'Neill hovering behind him, Saeed asked for my identification to pull up the reservation. As Saeed looked for accommodations (i.e., a replacement class vehicle), I explained that it was my niece's 18th birthday and I would be driving 4 girls around all night and an intermediate SUV was ideal. There wasn't room for me to compromise by accepting a smaller vehicle. Instantly, Mr. O'Neill (who offered no explanation for why the vehicle I requested was not available) attempted to convince me that I was not eligible to rent this vehicle. Mr. O'Neill asked for the card with which I intended to pay, and I handed it over. Mr. O'Neill took one look at the card (realizing it was a Visa debit card), handed it back to me and tried to deny me from renting. He said, "Oh, this is a debit card. You can't rent an SUV with a debit card". Mr. O'Neill claims he was referring to a well-known Enterprise policy that apparently only I had not heard of. He insisted debit card use as payment for rentals was limited to compact and standard cars, not SUVs. I explained how in July I rented an SUV from the same location (while HE was working) for a family trip. I urged both Saeed and Mr. O'Neill to check for the recent reservation as proof. Mr. O'Neill responded by explaining the agent who assisted me then (Donald a.k.a. D.J.) was no longer at this location. He was again attempting to convince me I was erroneously allowed to pay for that reservation with my debit card. As Saeed and Mr. O'Neill conferred, I looked on to find this elusive policy! I showed Mr. O'Neill what I found, and it states: "Renting a car with a Debit Card Debit cards are accepted at airport and non-airport locations in the US and Puerto Rico. In Canada, debit cards are accepted only at non-airport locations. Please be advised when using a debit card, special conditions may apply, so please read all conditions below." The conditions as applied to paying with a debit card below read: "At the time of rental, a debit card must be presented with available credit, in the renter's name. In addition to the anticipated cost of the rental, an additional security deposit may be required. To find out the cost of the security deposit, you will need to contact the location directly. The signature on the back must match the name imprinted on the card and the signature on the rental agreement." I asked Mr. O'Neill to produce the policy amendment he kept referring to in writing and I would wait until I could read it for myself before I would accept a supplemented vehicle class. He looked for the policy as I waited but to no avail. He then said he would contact his manager for clarity. As he did so, I stepped outside and called Enterprise customer service to get a more expedient reply. In the middle of my phone call, Mr. O'Neill approached me and advised that he was mistaken; the policy did not exist after all. I thanked the customer service representative I was speaking to for her assistance but explained she was no longer needed as the assistant manager was wrong in what he purported. When I returned to the rental counter inside, Saeed continued with my reservation only this time I was offered a mini-van, since my vehicle class was not available. I was even "gifted" a free day off my rental by Mr. O'Neill but I don't know how much of a "gift" it was considering the undue embarrassment and distress I had to endure to get it. Once my transaction was complete and Saeed walked me to the vehicle, he made every effort to diffuse what he (and the other customers in the lobby) witnessed as a blatant disregard for quality customer service. I would like Enterprise the brand to know that following Saturday's exchange it is my new belief that: Enterprise does not value me as an individual (I am a single, Black woman). Enterprise does not promote high expectations of quality customer service by its managerial staff. Enterprise discriminates against customers who do not pay with a credit card. Furthermore, had I known I would be so gravely discriminated against for my preferred method of payment, I would have made alternate arrangements or chosen a more customer-friendly rental car company from which to rent. Also, I must also admit how utterly embarrassed and disappointed I felt with humanity, that someone working in their professional capacity (Mr. Ryan O'Neill) went out of his way to make my life more difficult. The idea that Mr. O'Neill intentionally and unnecessarily interfered with my reservation to create a tumultuous scene is sickening. What did I ever do to deserve such treatment? I can only imagine how many other customers have experienced the same but were unwilling to speak up. Tsk, tsk and shame on you Enterprise.

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maria - 7 d 19 h ago


This whole scenario discrimination of Enterprise against costumer is coming from above. I really believed that they doesn't care if they upset their costumer or make the costumer mad - go figure any in charge their boss the

Pres. the CEO maybe? does not care either why these employee doesn't seem care how bad costumer service they are providing to their costumer it's not just one particular state almost everywhere where there is Enterprise. I went through to some hassle and lousy costumer service to two Enterprise employee in fort worth tx. the mgr is just as stupid young and waste of my time he can't even speak and don't seem care. if i ever have to rent a car again not to enterprise anymore. bad lousy costumer service i am not wasting my money to any businesses like this.

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David Lee - 9 d 8 h ago

Why is it employees, friends and family are not allowed to rent at JFK location??

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Jennie - 15 d 13 h ago


I would just like to know or find out when they don't have any Vehicles to rent, who's fault is this? Corporate or management?? Made reservations online two weeks prior & this just happened!!!

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Anonymous - 15 d 17 h ago


Please be sure to read the review which I posted on the Enterprise Car Rental in Banning CA.

Posting name is Monica L.

Their customer service was the worst one I have ever experienced.

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J Mitch - 17 d 41 m ago


I am very disappointed in the rental process of Enterprise. I have rented several cars in the past however this past weekend I encountered the most upsetting issue. Although I reserved a vehicle, I was told one hour before the pick up time that no vehicle was available. No other vehicle was offered. No other resolution provided. The agent stated SORRY. Now did that agent know I had put a long line of events in place knowing that I had secured transportation for a vacation. So imagine my position at that time. No car, deposits paid, suitcases packed, leave requested from my job and most important my kids excited about the adventure. My biggest concern is that it is hard to understand why Enterprise does not realize that customers rely on the information they receive. It is not a life or death matter however what do you tell your children who are packed and ready to go on vacation for fall break that you can't go because the most "reliable" rental car company does not have an available rental car even though they said the did.

Not having many options I contacted Enterprise customer service. After explaining my situation, they made another reservation. Upon visiting the service center I was told no vehicle was available. Once again I contacted customer service. They made the third reservation. This time I received a call from the rental center and was told no vehicle was available. By now I knew this all had to be a really bad SYSTEM. I was more than disappointed. I was DEFEATED. Enterprise, in this instance it was not as a result of the customer not doing their part but because Enterprise dropped the ball. If you do not have an available rental why would you make a reservation? Not one reservation but three separate reservations that was "FAKE" . I say "FAKE" because there is no way that a company of your size and history should be making these mistakes. You advertise great customer service I do not see this practice as GOOD customer service. As a potential customer, I did my part. You disappointed me and my family. Also the customer service agent each time I reached out stated that someone would call to assist with fulfilling my request. That too was not true. No call or email has been received. I am probably wasting my time writing this complaint. LESSON LEARNED

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Awilda Rodriguez - 17 d 5 m ago


I rented a car from Narcossee Enterprise in Orlando, FL. They are an excellent staff. However, I used my own money to pay the many tolls on Rt. 417 and now Enterprise is charging me for the tolls. How can they arbitrarily to this without no need! I've been trying to get resolution since July and now it is October but no luck. I may have to write a letter to the attorney general in Florida! This is ridiculous. I have a home in Florida and visit at least four times a year. I won't be going to Enterprise anymore!

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Kane Handel - 17 d 16 h ago

I had the worst experience with Enterprise Car Rental in La Jolla, California yesterday. I am an attorney and sent my client there after her car was in an accident. They gave her the run around. I had the claims adjuster from the auto insurance company call the La Jolla Enterprise to see if she could get the car rental. The employees at Enterprise were just as rude to the claims adjuster as they were to my clients. Not only that, the employees at Enterprise made up a story to the claims adjuster and told her that my clients were speaking in Spanish and talking about dealing drugs and keeping drugs in the rent a car. This is outrageous. When I called up the La Jolla Enterprise Rent a Car and tried to speak with the manager and tell him how they treated my clients and how they treated the claims adjuster at Geico, he hung up on me. His name is Brian Maurier. I will never refer a client to Enterprise Rent a Car again.


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Rob Semple - 25 d 12 h ago


On the weekend of 16 Aug 19, I made a on line rental using points for a "luxury" vehicle to pick up at the Charleston Airport, SC. Upon arriving at the Charleston location and waiting over 20 minutes for help, I was given a Hyundai Santa Fe with cloth interior. I do not consider this a "luxury" vehicle. On 19 Aug 19, I dropped that vehicle off at the Charleston Airport and picked up a one-way rental for business and drove to Augusta, GA. On the second day of that rental, the car was giving me issues starting, and eventually it would not start. I called Road Side Assistance who told me they would dispatch a tow truck. I asked what do I do about another a car? They said, once the tow truck arrives take a cab to our location and pick up another car. I responded, as an Executive Member I thought you would deliver a car, and her reply was, sure we can do that in about 8 hours. I told her I was already late for a business meeting, she told me to take the keys and take a cab to the meeting (which I missed and lost a sale, costing me a lot of money in commission) and just drop the keys off at the airport. After I went to my meeting location and missing my meeting, I took another cab to the airport. While in route, the tow truck driver called me directly needing the keys for the vehicle so it can be towed. I contacted roadside assistance and they said drop the keys off at the tow truck location. I had the cab divert from the airport to drop off the keys and the driver was gone. I called the driver and he said he was down the street getting a sandwich. I told him the keys would be on the front seat and had the taxi drive me to the airport. This diversion caused me to miss my flight home, but luckily Delta was able to take care of me on standby because I have a high status with them and they actually care about their elite members. I returned home 7 hours later then scheduled because of this. Two days later I received a call from the Augusta National Car Rental asking where their car was, I told them to contact road side assistance, as it was towed.

I contacted National via phone and asked to speak to a Customer Service Representative who told me; we can offer you a free day for your troubles. I went on social media (Face Book) to post my travel woes on the National FB Page and was contacted via IM saying I will get 3 free day rentals. I said no, I want to be contacted by a manager or director. Three days later I took the three free days because NO ONE in the leadership chain would contact me. National never offered to not charge me for the rental or reimburse me for my taxi rides because they provided me faulty equipment. I was contacted by the branch manager at the Charleston location who said, I see you have a rental for the weekend of 29 August, I will take care of you. But once I went to pick my rental up (a full-sized SUV), the lady at the counter had to go to Alamo to get me a full-sized vehicle.

On 2 Sept 19 I returned the full-sized SUV and went to pick up a mid-sized car which I reserved on line using free days, only to be charged for the rental and my free days disappeared. Again, I contacted National via phone and on social media (since this is the only way I can get someone to respond) and again I received no help what so ever.

Here it is over a month later and nothing from National. No calls only IM's from someone at National monitoring social media. YOUR Company's faulty equipment caused me to miss my meeting, take money out of my pockets for taxi rides because YOUR vehicle would not start. You still charged me for a rental day, while the vehicle sat on a flat bed. You not only took my free rental day but charged anyway for the same vehicle. Unacceptable. And what do I get back from National? Someone on social media offering me free days, that if I use, based on experience, I will still be charged for.

I am an Executive Elite Member with National. If this is the type of service you provide to "Elite" members, I will gladly take my business elsewhere. Customer service is dismal at best or completely non-existent. As I travel from here on, I will explore other rental car options that are NOT part of the National Brand (Alamo, Enterprise..). You have lost a dedicated and brand loyal customer. Hertz was very happy to have my last two rentals and the upcoming three in three consecutive weeks

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Angela Imaan - 26 d 15 h ago



Flagged for review. 
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DavidE - 30 d 1 h ago


RE: RA #548734343 Aug 12 - 21 2019

I was very satisfied with the car (FP72401 IL) until I began hearing a "thumping" sound I thought came from the tires. I called Alamo and was sent to the Enterprise office in Glenwood Springs (Colorado). They sent me to the tire dealer which they deal with and there I got the shock of my life. I was told that the car was unsafe due to worn tires reaching the point where it was close to be taken off the road. The front tires were at 3/32,s and the back tires at 4/32,s. Anything under 7/32,s tires should be changed and at 2/32's the vehicle is taken off the road. I was told that I was lucky that it didn't rain or that I didn't have to make a sudden stop. I was driving in the mountains which would have put me more at risk. When I returned the car, I spoke to the manager, Devon Suits, on duty at Alamo Denver airport (DIA) telling him how shocked I was that Alamo had rented to me an unsafe vehicle. Mr. Suits was very understanding and polite and he compensated me. I was very pleased with his attitude as to how serious this was. I have the documentation from the tire dealer describing the condition of the tires (see attached). It took 4 hours for Enterprise/Alamo to issue a purchase order to replace the 4 tires.

I have rented from Alamo several times previously and this is the first time I was given an unsafe vehicle. Hopefully it will never happen again.

I am sure that the Enterprise/Alamo management will take this matter seriously. I would like to know from management how this matter should have been dealt with.




General profile image - 32 d ago


RE Williamsport, pa 3rd str

Idiots work here. I rented a car for a week and they cancelled it when I did not show up yesterday. That was my car (no more available).

Flagged for review. 

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