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ESPN, Inc.

Espn Plaza, 935 Middle St.
Bristol, CT
George Bodenheimer
(860) 766-2000
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Anonymous - 2 d 11 h ago

Be hyped for everything not a damn criminal who came back and won.. ESPN has become trash and pretty damn racist. Let that have been any black man or woman and the story would be downplayed and not mentioned but for a few seconds.. it shows very blatantly how your shows work.

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Anonymous - 3 d 47 m ago


Your phone app. Sucks. I can't watch fuckin anything without paying. Your company was great, now, it fuckin sucks. 1 star out of 5 is too many.

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Anonymous - 4 d 17 h ago

i was deeply dissapointed in your half time show for the national championship game-god forbid , you interrupted the sheer enjoyment of ads for 2 minutes of inane "analysis jibberish"-you could have run the 11 greatest players piece on the bottom line for the 35 seconds it took-we were so enjoying limu the emu when rudely interrupted-where has espn "went" with its programming

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Bryan Deister - 6 d ago


Hi, my name is Bryan Deister.

I have seen the news lately on the cheating involving the 2017 Astros and the 2018 Red Sox.

I am disappointed in seeing this, is there a way to just remove them as world champions, and have no one listed as a champion in light of what happened.

I'm thinking the Dodgers, Yankees would appreciate it.

After all the Yankees manager was dismissed after losing that divisional round.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

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Pwhipt - 7 d ago

What is email address to executives of ESPN? Tired of all the "Talking" about sports instead of showing us!

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Nancy L Harris - 7 d 14 h ago

We do not pay cable to hear or see your people I'll cancel my cable if this is what I'm paying for

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Darlene - 7 d 14 h ago


Not enjoying the College National Championship broadcast. TOO much talking..... Hard to enjoy with so much going on.

Miss two guys in a booth watching the game.

I love ESPN just not this format for the game.


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MonsterFan - 7 d 14 h ago


Motor mouth commentators are making me you waste a third of my big screen.

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Pisseddoff - 7 d 15 h ago

Your mega cast of the CFC game is total dogshit .. shit those but heads up...

love Stve

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Dmb - 7 d 15 h ago

Horrible showing you logo during the game

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Floyd - 7 d 15 h ago

The idea to split screen and show 2 screens of announcers during play was ridiculous. Good announcers do not need to be seen. Good networks know this.

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Pat - 7 d 15 h ago


I do not like trying to keep up with all the split screens in the CFP championship game. It's ridiculous! I just want to Watch the game, one screen, time and score. Who's idea to do split screen has a hole in their head! Do a better job ESPN on this type of game

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Anonymous - 15 d 18 h ago


No more ESPN from a disgruntled fan from The Ohio State University after ESPNs SEC officials stole the football playoff game from the dominate Buckeyes. I will never watch that SEC biased channel again. Go BUCKS!

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o-h-i-NO - 11 d 20 h ago


nah bruh they just suck.

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Goooooo mountaineers - 7 d 17 h ago

cheated ? your QB shouldnt of been eligible this season....ohio st plays a 64 ranked team this yr...softest schedule yr in yr out... PLAY SOMEONE !!!! ohio st players are arrested more then trumps cabinet heads sheeeeeeesh

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Anonymous - 7 d 15 h ago

Stop your whining Ohio State was over rated they got beat by a better team

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Sports Fan - 7 d 15 h ago


It would be nice to see the clock and down marker on the LSU and Clemson championship game. Every game I have watched on ESPN you have no idea how much time is on the clock or what down it is because the picture does not fit the screen. I've tried all the aspect ratios on multiple TV's and it does not show up. What a waste....

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more time wasted - 7 d 17 h ago


the espn livestream app has a 3.8 rating even though the first 30 reviews were all bad....i dont mean bad, i mean they were really bad ! is there a different type of math at espn ?

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Perles - 11 d 13 h ago


dakish is an ass wipe. Hope Breslin crowd made him sweat.

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George - 27 d 13 h ago

Watching the Hawai'i vs BYU game. Would the color commentator please watch the game and stop babbling all the time!

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not an idiot - 11 d 19 h ago


the commentator is paid to talk during the game

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steve Brixen - 26 d 19 h ago



I have to ask, why does espn use bill walton as color for b'ball games? He is horrible and adds nothing to the game. It's obvious too that his sidekick, whomever it may be, is not happy paired with bill. Thankfully I can mute when he is on. I'm sure he is a nice fellow, but announcing is not his forte. He wants to rattle on about things I guess he figures we're interested in... we're not. Perhaps I'm just not intelligent enough to appreciate bill.


Steve Brixen

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smart enough 4 bill - 11 d 19 h ago


u not intelligent enough

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Curlygirl - 23 d 13 h ago


Please don't show commercials advertising same gender couples kissing when my kids are watching! College football should be safe viewing for families. I'm pissed off that you put parents in a position to have to decide if their kids can watch SPORTS with them!

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not an idiot - 11 d 19 h ago

Get over it. They're already watching girls kiss on the internet.

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