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ESPN, Inc.

Espn Plaza, 935 Middle St.
Bristol, CT
George Bodenheimer
(860) 766-2000
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Wph - 7 d 4 h ago


I am completely done with ESPN, I'm completely done with any corporation that broadcast on your Airwaves your sports network you slapped Jamal Hill on the wrist you didn't fire her Curt Schilling get fired for stating his beliefs .goodbye ESPN your history you've been fading the last couple years hopefully this is the end of it

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Jay - 7 d 6 h ago


At the request of your star news anchor, Jemele Hill, we will gladly boycott all advertisers of NFL games broadcast over your airwaves. Seems like the very least we can do now that you have become and "advocacy" network rather than a "Sports and Entertainment" network.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago


Why did your network not broadcast the National Anthem before the start of the Vikings-Bears game? Your network reflects weak leadership and shameful corporate values. Between this and your handling of Jamil Hill'comments are disgraceful. Dave K

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Anonymous - 8 d 36 s ago

SHAME ON YOU! You have talented employees, yet you degrade them for speaking their mind on their own time. FREE SPEECH! You need to read the constitution! yeah i know,it's you're a company and this employee is yours and they reflect on you. What looks worse for you, is you're are not standing with the average American citizen against brutal actions of the police force in America.

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Chuck L. - 8 d ago

I strongly agree with the African- American issues that many players choose to express by disrespecting the American Flag and National Anthem.

However, disrespecting the American Flag and the National Anthem is the wrong venue and the wrong approach. If this continues, I am giving up my Panther's tickets, not watch the NFL on TV, and my wife is going to boycott products that she finds out advertise on any NFL production. I will inform the advertisers and the Corporate sponsors of the NFL of the decision. The NFL and the broadcast partners are complicit in this disrespect.

Opposing this disrespect is in no way a racially prejudice position for me, you, or any organization.

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Lily - 32 d 11 h ago


Jamel's Hill stated her personal opinion and the public /Trump supporters are outrage at her comments but give him a pass at all the offensive language and actions he displays as our national and world leader, she has the right to speak her mind-by law but the president should act as a president and realize that his words and actions matter. ESPN should stand for free speech not bulling

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RJ - 32 d 10 h ago

ESPN should stick to sports.

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Anonymous - 27 d ago

Espn should stand for SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!! There are many many other channels for political views NOT a SPORTS channel. My family and I are DONE with ESPN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 8 d 9 h ago

And our President does not have the right to say what is on his mind? If I were the President I would have called her a racist pig.

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Anonymous - 8 d 4 h ago

Lily - Sports is an outlet for Most who tune in to redirect from dysfunction & want to have FUN - she is acting like one of those Hollywood People who Think that they are smarter than anyone outside their bubble - if one of my employees invaded a Clients Space by pushing their personal views taking down another business like she declared, they would have been fired on the spot - lets get real, its unacceptable and would have NOT been tolerated by the Left...

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Bryan - 32 d 6 h ago

ESPN used to be worth watching, now it has become politicized. The bad thing is that ESPN only supports the Liberal side of politics and dismisses Conservative employees and defends the actions of Jamele Hill. How can you justify her actions and yet got rid of others for less? RIP ESPN.

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Pilot Dave - 8 d 6 h ago


This Hill moron urges boycotts of your own advertisers and you don't fire her?? Have you lost your corporate mind? I am now a FORMER sports fan. ESPN- NEVER!

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Anonymous - 8 d 4 h ago

I truly believe that the all of this Rif/Raf from ESPN, Hollywood & some Professional Sportsman has NOT been thought through and the Effect of their Cause will be Eye Opening for them - because their Fans are cutting them off for good

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Anonymous - 8 d 5 h ago

I am not watching ESPN anymore, I am tired of politic being inserted into sports, I am also going to boycott all sponsers of ESPN. Jemele Hill should be fired.

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Anonymous - 8 d 4 h ago


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Anonymous - 8 d 4 h ago

I am very disappointed in how your Employee Jemele Hill has used your platform to Bash our President of the US & Now telling us what we need to do with Sponsors to protest Dallas - TWO WEEKS suspension??? OMG - you have taken the FUN out of watching Sports and allowing your employees to behave unprofessionally - I am a biz owner and I WOULD NEVER invade my clients spaces by expressing my Political Views. We all look to Sports for a Break from all the Rif/Raf and you are now becoming part of that Rif/Raf...

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Captain Joseph Kirk USMC - 8 d 9 h ago


This jamele hill whoever she is should be fired. She is the most disgusting racist I have ever seen. The rich idiots who play in the NFL should be made to stand for our national anthem and salute our military. Our family willnever watch espn again for have racist disgusting people like her working for espn. Have a nice day espn the racist

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Angry - 9 d 12 h ago


Almost every time I try watching ESPN someone says something ignorant and offensive...Now Michelle Beadle said, "Not to stereotype, but I hear a lot from white men on these topics. You guys have a lot to say how black people should feel, about how women should feel. I gotta be honest with you guys. Shut up and listen for 5 minutes. Like, you will never know what I've been through, what he's been through. Just listen. God forbid, you learn something." I done with this bigotry.

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Gary H - 13 d 6 h ago


I live on the West Coast. My daughter, wife and sister are alums of the Pac 12 schools. We are all big fans of Pac 12 football. I feel that ESPN gives very LITTLE time, almost NONE, to our school's football successes except USC.

Now that USC is NOT the darling of the West Coast...Sam Darnold this ....Sam Darnold that....., the rest of the league

is ALL but forgotten. I realize that as an East Coast Company like ESPN, you could care less about Pac 12 Football

results and kickoff times. " Pac 12 football after dark" is too late to watch on the East Coast and most people have had their fill of college football by that time. I think " Big 10 After Dark" and "SEC After Dark" sounds real good. I suggest it's time to make some kickoff time changes for the Pac 12 conference benefit. The University of Washington Huskies are

ranked 5 or 6 in the polls and you don't hear a WORD from "College Football Live" about their success. All we hear

about is SEC and ACC football over and over again until we are all SICK of it!!

It's time for your programming people to wake up and stop ignoring the Pac 12 and give those hard working football

players their dues...good or bad. It's our time for 12:30 or 1:00 PCT Kickoffs!!

I would like a response from you, ESPN, on my thoughts.

Thank you


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American - 19 d 6 h ago

ESPN does not have the guts to fire a black women. Since most of the NFL players are black In these times the white Americans have lost their freedom of speech. Certain groups criticize our President, call him horrible names, disrespect our flag, and our national anthem with no one allowed to comment unless they are members of the same group. We should all be one it's The UNITED.States lets work together.

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Anonymous - 19 d 13 h ago


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Rush - 33 d 5 h ago

Jemele Hill should be fired! It's really that simple. Short of that ESPN is gutless. Others, like Kurt Shilling, were fired for far less that accusing the President and anyone who voted for or supported him a white supremacist. I'm a 56 year old white male who has voted in Presidential Elections since the early 80's. I have voted for Republicans and Democrats in that time, always aiming to vote for the best possible candidate. In 2016 it was Trump or Hillary...... I voted for Trump and if I had it to do over again with those choices, I'd vote Trump again. Doesn't make me a racist or a white supremacist, makes me an American citizen who has the right to express my opinion through voting. Jamele Hill is the racist in this incident and should be fired NOW. Not only is she a racist, she's an idiot! I am all in for beginning a boycott of any businesses that sponsor any ESPN program that includes this idiot!

Again, ESPN if you don't fire her for the tweets she made, you are GUTLESS!

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Anonymous - 27 d ago

EXCELLENTLY SAID AND "DITTO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are done with espn and any affiliates they have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Billy Wilson - 33 d 8 h ago


Jemele Hill's comment of calling Trump a "White Supremacist" was a direct racially charged attack, that offered no example, because there is none. She is a racist and should be fired. I will not watch ESPN as long as you continue to employee this kind of unfair and hostile comments given by your employees, with just a slap on the hand. I used to think Sports was a way we all could enjoy together regardless of our color, ESPN has lost more than they think. Sad!

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scott - 32 d ago


totally agree, will not watch ESPN or the overpaid jerks they cover

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Anonymous - 27 d ago

Totally agree and so do literally THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of


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