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ESPN, Inc.

Espn Plaza, 935 Middle St.
Bristol, CT
George Bodenheimer
(860) 766-2000
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BRENT CARTER - 5 d 9 h ago


Good afternoon,

I like Golic and I tolerate Wingo. Yes, Mike and Mike messed up when they parted and Golic and Wingo isn't good. Please go to, give us a listen, and hire me. I can make Golic interesting again.

Thank you,


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Anonymous - 6 d ago

Washington vs KU. just commentator use "kill" and "murder" in the last 1 minute.

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Spt9388 - 6 d 12 h ago


Why is Bill Walton allowed to be a commentator for sporting events? The job he did during the Arizona versus Texas A&M basketball game last night was atrocious. He was completely babbling about things no where near related to the game. Please, please do yourself a favor and remove him immediately. He is an embarrassment to your organization.

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RP Collins - 7 d 11 h ago

Me. Bodeheimer,

I'm afraid I will not an will also encourage my family to no longer watch ESPN with Stephen Smith.

He's actually as dumb as a bag of rocks. I am now inclined to see his educational background. He has also proven himself to be a misogynist ( you took him back) and he's always been racist, but tolerable. No longer.


Rosemary P Collins


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Anonymous - 8 d ago

Coming up on 3 1/2 hrs. You wonder why football is dying

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

Terrible announcing during the Troy versus Arkansas game. Too much interruption regarding different things going on in Arkansas's team. Time and place for everything. During the game was not the good time

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MB - 14 d 12 h ago


I received you ESPN magazine without requesting it. I do not take your channel and never would because you are worthless piece of crap liberals. I held for 37 minutes with your magazine people to be cut off. I am trying again but rest assured if I continue to get this trash in my mail box I will send it back to corporate with something not illegal but truly discussing inside. You and liberal NFL just keep flushing yourselves down the toilet. GREAT JOIB sure your stock holders are SOOOOO happy.

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Colleen Rollie - 15 d ago


Your announcers suck big time I can't even stand to watch these games. They take anything that could be good out of the game and put it in the toilet. Thank God we don't have to listen to ESPN for most of our games. Thank God you're at second and third choice to broadcast these games.

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Disgusted - 15 d 3 h ago

Please do not let Bill Walton ever call another basketball game again!

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Bill Walton is the worst - 16 d 2 h ago

Bill Walton needs to be off the air. Fuck him and fuck his life.

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LA Ford - 16 d ago


Bill Walton is totally inept at basketball commentary!

Please STOP having him participate in further basketball games. His blabbering and confrontational style is objectionable.

My husband and I turned off the sound during the MSU vs UNC following his "Happy Birthday" song to Phil Knight!.

You can do better than Bill Walton, ESPN!

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J Hairston - 16 d ago


I was totally disgusted by the broadcast team during today's UConn-v-Arkansas game today. I tuned in to support the Razorbacks and enjoy a good game. Instead, viewers were subjected to Bill Walton rambling on and on and on about everything but the game. If Bill Walton is your only chose for these broadcasts then ESPN must be in pretty bad shape. It's bad enough that ESPN has been allowing its crews to subject us to there political opinions more and more but to allow Walton's mindless dribble to dominate the broadcast is pathetic! At least put someone on are who will pay attention to, and discuss, what is happening on the court! For me, I will not be listening to anymore broadcasts that he is part of the broadcast team. I will simply listen to the game on local radio. I was hoping to watch the UNC-v-Michigan State tonight but there was Bill Walton again. Nope. Turned it off.

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Bob M. - 16 d ago

Please get Bill Walton off the air!!! He is the worst I have ever heard on basketball. All he does is babble on and on and on! Please remove him.

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Docem - 16 d 3 h ago

Bill Walton has got to go. Totally insufferable

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Peter Schwartz - 16 d 4 h ago

I would like to file an official complaint against Bill Walton, and the way he announced, or really failed to announce, the UCONN-Arkansas game earlier today. As a UCONN fan, it was a particularly hard game for me to watch, given UCONN's extremely poor performance. What made the game even more difficult to watch was having to listen to bill Walton's long, long, long long stories he was telling his co-announcer about everything BUT the game. Mr Walton's stories significantly interfered with one's ability to concentrate on the game. He made the experience of dealing with a slaughtered UCONN even more difficult then it already was!!! Please forward my comments to Mr Walton. Thank you.

Peter Schwartz


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Robin Hood from Charleston South Carolina - 19 d 14 h ago

Herm Edwards is one of my favorite people Mike Golic is real and cool granny is alright but he does remind me of Monk now Stephen A Smith and others did not have the nerve to come out years ago when David Stern fix the playoffs it was obvious they wanted Oklahoma City to play Miami Oklahoma City was being beat by San Antonio and in the words of the great Tim Duncan when they asked him about how the game turned around he said all I know is a whistle started blowing when David Stern got his way and had the Thunder play the Heat to make things go Global because they had to make LeBron James the King it was good for ratings and money I'll give him that but the Thunder blew the heat out the first game the next three games every time the Thunder went up by 10 or 12 the whistle started blowing no contact files LeBron gets to shoot the free-throw after making two points but never been touched they tie it up they go ahead Oklahoma City makes a comeback four maybe five times during the game this happened Heat win by 1 or 2 same thing the next game and the next game every time thunder goes ahead by 10 or 12 the whistle starts blowing invisible files David Stern knew he had to get James his first ring that's why in the last game the Thunder knew what was going on why fight that hard just throw the towel and they got beat by 30 I think same thing happened to the Golden State Warriors he wanted to get LeBron another ring for Cleveland it was good for the NBA I'll give him that just follow the money but no one had the nerve to point it out the closest thing was Curry's wife and the great Tim Duncan I only watch college now because it is real the NBA is rigged I just wish David Stern didn't make it so obvious when he gave LeBron his first ring maybe before he retires he will really win a ring I am sure this will end up in your trash can but please let Steven A Smith read it first I always have respect for him and thought he would call it out if I could see it I was sure he saw it Happy Thanksgiving

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I am a 68-year-old white male Who has been watching pardon the interruption in around the Horn programs since they've started on ESPN I will no longer watch these programs because of the political views that are stated by Michael W And the newspaper columnist on around the horn this will be a boycott until they review their views and statements about the Republican party - 55 d 10 h ago

I am a 68-year-old white male

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 46 d 13 h ago

I'm right there with you

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treymanda - 45 d 14 h ago

Good luck getting any changes from Wilbon. We have a political party (Republican) staunchly supporting a (fake) president ( who embraces white supremacists) demanding that Black Americans stand for a racist song penned by a racist colonial. You might have more luck advocating replacement of the Star Spangled Banner with america the beautiful.

As it is your particular demographic group that got this yahoo elected, you should look inward. But then again, the

immediate problem nay be solved by Robert Mueller

I am a 79 year old Black male.

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Robert Noffsinger - 25 d ago

Can we please de-politicize sports? Sports are supposed to be fun... The problem is that ESPN should not be the forum for political or racial debate... The basketballs, baseballs, golfballs, footballs, and hockey pucks are pure. They don't care about race, politics, or economics... Sports should be binding and not divisive. This is where ESPN is missing the boat...

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Robert Noffsinger - 25 d 15 s ago


SVP used to be my favorite... Unfortunately, he has decided (as Hill, Olberman, and even Limbaugh and McHenry) to use illogical and irrelevant arguments to insult me and millions of people who understand that sports are enjoyed with leisure time and are not relevant, important, or truly meaningful to most people's lives. As such, I suggest your 'talent' realize that they are not really that important or relevant... Please stick with reporting sports. Is there a direct correlation with your ratings and your political commentary (on both sides)? I think so. Also, Christians pray for EVERYONE, especially the 'dumb.'

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espn sux - 27 d 11 h ago


Why does espn continue to provide a platform for blatant racists like Smith and Hill? Answer that one Bodenheimer ...

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K.W. - 28 d 4 h ago

I'm watching the Duke-Michigan State basketball game. The audio for the background is too load that the commentators cannot be heard

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doorbcar - 31 d ago


Unprofessional broadcast of the WVU-Kansas State game today. To waste game time for Golic and Vilma to talk about their teams and relive old days while our game is shrunk to half screen without audio, without a clock, without down and yardage and without a score board was poorly thought out. Do you think the majority of the viewers cared what those to yardbirds had to say? Everything they said could of been done between them in an text and not take away from our game.

ESPN should rethink their priorities!

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Anonymous - 31 d 4 h ago

Your broadcast of the football game tonight is not on picture is out

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