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Dan - 6 d 20 h ago


Could you please replace Booger already - he's terrible. I can't watch it and have turn off the game. I do not know a single person who likes him. This is pretty much a universal, unanimous opinion from the viewing public.

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Burque 21 - 14 d ago


Booger is terrible - he offers no useful insights. Why can't you all do better?

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Gary Norman Schaeffer - 9 d ago


Agree. This guy is a moron. What is expected of a man named booger. ESPN. Especially Sucks Programming Network. If there was competition they would be out of business.

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Gary Schaeffer - 9 d 22 h ago


ESPN sucks!!! Their commercials are longer than the football games. Scheduled games do not begin on time even if the preceeding meaningless game is 100 to zero. Commentators get their information incorrect. Three of my friends and I have cancelled our sports packages just because of ESPN. Worst network on TV.

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Ziggy - 10 d 46 s ago

What's up with the UConn/ sacred heart game..fix the dam technical difficulty..the dam game will be over before you fix the problem..unhappy game watchers in Florida...Bristol to storrs ..get on it

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Elaine Pullen - 13 d ago


So disappointed! Wanted to watch the college football playoff rankings on espn tonight as advertised, but there's a basketball game on instead! Really?

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Richard Dugger - 16 d ago


Espn+ ufc fights are shit.... Continuous buffering..... Blurring picture every 5 seconds... Will never order another ufc fight as long as it's on espn+....

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Johan Nowack - 36 d 1 h ago

Stephen A. (sshole) Smith should be fired !!!!!!every time a WHITE coach loses .. he makes fun of him on Instagram !! he supposed to NOT TAKE SIDES .. he's paid to BE NEUTRAL!! , but after a game on the WHITE Coach loses .. he takes his side against the WHITE coach??? Now he's a RACIST !!! ..he doesn't even realize because he sitting in his apartment videotaping on a stationary bike laughing his ass off !! He doesn't have any cameras on him just a stupid phone he's not in the ESPN studio so he's very relaxed very comfortable and that's when you're really yourself !!!

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Anonymous - 20 d 40 m ago

Agree ! He should be FIRED !

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Anonymous - 19 d 1 h ago

Totally agree. Stephen along with the majority of commentators or completely biased!!! ESPN believes only in the SEC for college football. I used to love watching the sports coverage on ESPN not now!!! It's all about who they want to cover positively and who they want to bash!!! They have ruined sports!! I only watch if it's the only option for my team but I do turn the volume down as the commentators are so biased!!!

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John Taylor - 33 d 9 h ago

ESPN needs to fire the racist baiting Stephen A. Smith, who day after day uses race as his foundation to debate and his substance is so weak that void of race he is unable to debate even weal as Max is. I will no longer watch ESPN at anytime he is on and find that more are joining that movement and am opening a Facebook page with link to sponsors of his shows so people can start to complain as he gets worse with race.

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Jeff - 20 d ago

Spot on !

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The Bone Ranger - 25 d 11 h ago


Who is the genius who has allowed those young women who do the "color" commenting during women's college soccer games? Most of the time the guy is a pro and does a good job but then he has to pause and let the gal say something. Ouch!

Somebody should compile a book on the inane prattle they say. The stupidest thing is the new term "one v one". V is for verses and each and every game is played one verses 10! Or if you prefer 10 V 10. When one player goes up against another it is: "one on one" Jeez.

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Jeff - 20 d ago

100% correct

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Jeff - 20 d ago

The experts never mentioned that the 1st baseman fir the Astros in game 6 , 7th inning had the wrong foot on the bag and didn't stretch far enough. AND no replays blew up the image to show that the glove came of after he missed the ball and it snapped back to the runner. The first baseman botched up his end of the tailing throw ! ! !

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SD - 20 d ago


I'm so disappointed Michele Beadle is no longer hosting any show on ESPN.

Sports nation was my favorite with Michele, Marcellus Wiley, LZ Granderson, and when Amin filled in. That show tanked fast when Cari took over-big flop!

Michele was barely on Get Up, but then I followed her on NBA Countdown. She was intellectually funny, entertaining, and knew her sports without talking too much or trying to dominate the show.

I still enjoy NFL Prime, NFL Live, High Noon, Highly Questionable, First Take, and Get Up. But Michele had a unique sense of humor and style of commentating unmatched.

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no - 22 d 19 h ago


cant stand espn

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Dissappointed - 25 d 1 h ago

You need to explain to your football announcers that a players body part crossing the goal line does not constitute a touchdown. The ball has to cross the goal line for that. One of the announcers on the SMU vs Houston game tonight thinks that a players foot over the goal line would have been a touchdown if he had caught the pass. All of your announcers seem to think they are the stars of the game. They think it is more important for them to espouse their supposed knowledge than cover the action on the field.

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B - 27 d 5 h ago


You need to reprimand Matthew Berry for his tirade and blatant disrespect to the Arizona Cardinals organization and Fanbase. The dude literally called for someone to be fired publicly on a national platform all over a joking tweet about a backup rb starting. As a Cardinals fan I was offended. His entire purpose should be to promote fantasy sports and hateful tirades like this only make me less interested now. is this really what your company promotes now?

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David - 30 d ago

Why dont you put some impartial commentators on these football games they are there to call the game not pull for alabama

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Anonymous - 31 d 6 h ago


I find your commerical about where do people fight for more then a win for deeming to us in the real world.. Well got news people in the real world struggling to survive fight every second of everyday. Not like these athletes that do it when the spotlight is on them.

Yes there are struggles for us all. But making these people out to be more then the rest of us is wrong.

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Queen2103 - 33 d 7 h ago


I know you also do First Take, but i was wondering why no one athlete from the USA world team was on your show? I know Max doesn't think track or golf is a sport but currently track is in one of the largest youth movements. several athletes under the age of 25 winning world championships and medals. we are in an upcoming Olympic year, and we have a great chance of winning the major of all the sprint events and finally dethroning Jamaica. please take this in consideration and reach out to guys like Grant Holloway (21), Noah Lyles (22), and Christian Coleman (23) and have them either on First Take or you Radio show. thanks!

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William Gomez - 45 d 12 h ago

Why don't you buy the contract and send mr. Kirk Herbstreit on his way I've never seen someone that is such a prejudiced person when announcing a game my God even last year when he walked off the set when they picked Alabama who it was 11 and 1 over at a 10 and 2 Ohio State and he complains that University of Central Florida doesn't play anybody well can you show me the strength of schedule for the first four games of Ohio State I understand that he did a 10 Ohio State and played quarterback for Ohio State but Ohio State play easy easy schedule all year long okay and then the only hard games they have is when they get to the last game that it's not sure if it's Michigan or Michigan State they have to play or if they got reach the championship finals of the the conference and then they have to play either a Penn State or Wisconsin that's the only time of the year that they have hard schedule otherwise they have like inter-squad games that the rest of the year and this year Michigan isn't all that great hell he talks about Florida that they're not that good the University of Florida but I believe the University of Florida beat Michigan pretty damn good in the bowl game last year it was something like 40 something to in the team's is all 17 points is what Michigan had or something in that neighborhood so that conference is probably the next to the easiest conference out of the 5 that play for the football bowl series Football Bowl championship whatever y'all want to call it the final four teams that they pick I mean Ohio State is always played easy schedules why do I know Myers went to coach Myers went to Ohio State because well first of all he didn't attend Ohio state is a player but I guess it's schedule was a lot easier than having to coach the Gators which gave them heartburn and headaches and everything else and what it really was was just a damn excuse cuz he was a little sissy. Herbstreit is an amazingly good announcer just has a problem doesn't know when to shut up about Ohio State how great they are they should be ranked right now number one are you choking or are you really serious Herbstreit number one they're lucky that they're ranked number two in one pole that should be about 5 or 6 with the easy schedule they played so far the hardest game has been Nebraska in Nebraska isn't any good Miami Ohio they played oh my God what a tough tough team that was the beat and the other three teams they played before that or the other two teams which I don't even know who it was so they go beat up people's 73 to nothing well they score all those points because the guy that tried to build themselves up because of the easy schedule that they play so they do have to score those points it matters and it helps them because otherwise no other coach would try to run up the score like that on these teams but Ohio state has two because of these e schedule they play at least they got to show that they can beat the stuffings out of the easy teams they quite and please let Herbstreit read this well that's all I got to say

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Eric P - 34 d ago

Brother Gomez...I'm with you 100 percent! I'm certain there's someone other than Herbie that would give good commentary. They should take Desmond Howard with him as well!!! Biased Big 10 cats should apply for the Big 10 network. They are too darn personal with their words.

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Eric P - 34 d ago

To ESPN front office. I've been a fan of ESPN from day one. After reading the article on Jalen Ramsey's trade to the Rams. I can't help being upset with the headline. Please tell your producers, editors and writers to refrain from writing the offensive remarks that represent slavery. The term 'Shipping ' is an offensive remark. Thank you.

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