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Family Dollar Store

1800 Family Dollar Pkwy
West Memphis, AR
Allen Wright
(870) 732-3264
(870) 732-3127
Annual Sales Est
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00 - 9 d ago

The store in afton wy is the nasty store ever the people you have running it are mean to everyone the store is dirty there are boxes everywhere this is against fire code there is no room to shop

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Anonymous - 10 d 8 h ago

Rosa. Wow, so many complaints about this stores. I am one of them. I bought on May 2

a billboard wireless headphones and in the same day I try to refund it, but they said after corona virus. Again I asked yesterday and said "maybe" the refund. So, their policy is not accept refunds.

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D Glover - 11 d 3 h ago


Store #01620 in Hobbs, NM. Sale prices do not ring up correct at register. Supervisor Brian always rude and being rude and using foul language in front of customers. Was rude about my refund. Then, have tried repeatedly to get someone from corporate but the selections go to wrong debt. . I will use Dollar General from now on. Will also be voicing my concerns with Coca Cola about how their products are being sold at these stores!

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Nickster - 12 d 41 s ago

The Family Dollar store on Michigan Street in South Bend, IN is disgraceful. Always messy with boxes and stock everywhere. Difficult to navigate aisles.

No staff were wearing masks but the County Health Dept has mandated the wearing of masks in retail

establishments. Please look into this.

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Erma Washington - 13 d 22 h ago


I Erma bought a pair of summer shorts and they were 2 small I took them back to get a large size and they would not let me do it taking about the Corona virus like i told them person that touch them before I did could have had the virus but I bought them Anyway you all didn't have a dressing room to try on your outfit so it's 2small and I want a large size or my money so someone needs to get in touch with me before I take more action (hidden)

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Chrisna - 15 d ago

Hello i already apply

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Harry J. - 16 d 18 h ago


On 5/6/20 at store#09249, I received some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced at a retailer. Upon cashing out at the register, I asked the cashier (Terry Gordon)to advise me as to the percentage of alcohol in the hand sanitizer behind the counter. Since the sanitizer was a generic brand I needed to ensure the percentage was comparable to the name brand hand sanitizer before I purchased. The employee became very rude and belligerent yelling and telling me she couldn't hear me because of my mask (which btw she didn't have one on). She became so agitated that she called the manager in an attempt to have me trespassed which didn't happen because I explained to the manager what actually happened and he de-escalated the situation.Unfortunately, I will never come to this store again. I had previously been a weekly customer spending no less than $60 or more per visit. She needs to be reprimanded for her deplorable behavior towards customers.

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Anonymous - 17 d ago


I notice that your employees in Fla, Brevard county, is not wearing face mask. If I have to wear a face mask to protect them they should protect in me. Can you please your employees wear a face mask.

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Kayla - 17 d 7 h ago


Family dollar on Mt Vernon road in Newark Ohio has one of the worst associates I've ever met in retail. Any time you go in there she is nothing short of disgusting and rude. The one with short black/brown hair and no glasses, little heavier. She was there today 5/20/20 at 9:40am being rude and nasty to customers, like she is every time I'm there:

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James - 17 d 7 h ago


She's actually the manager I know who you're talking about, always so rude to people. Store number #03165

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Shelley - 21 d 8 h ago

I live in Jacksonville, Florida near the Family Dollar on Merrill Road and Cesery Blvd.. It has to be the filthiest store in the city. They are constantly changing employee's and I haven't seen one that cares about customer service yet. The managers don't seem to care either. There are always boxes blocking the aisle because the shelves are empty and most of the customers start pulling from the boxes and the employees don't care. This is not the richest part of town, but the customers are still hard working , paying customers. Please do something about this place.

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Anonymous - 23 d ago

I wanted to say to whom it would concern that you have an employee named Danae at store number 03192 on Randleman Road in Greensboro North Carolina how appreciative I was for her help to me today I got my keys locked in the car this young lady took me to my home got the keys from my husband of 55 years and took me back to the store to get Mikey she went above and beyond anyone trying to help one another in today's society I really want you to know how much I appreciated her and I needed to tell it to somebody so I hope this gets to where it needs to go to have someone to give her some kind of recognition she would not take any money from me but I do need for somebody to send her a pat on the back or whatever you guys do to inspire such employees that you do have that go above the call of duty. Thank you all for hiring such a young lady as that to be one of your store managers my hat's off to Family Dollar thank you so much.

Kind regards,

The Rice Family

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David - 24 d 7 h ago

The store in Waverly Va would not allow my service dog in the store. I had her vest on an paperwork from the state an vet. The lady said I don't care the dog can not come in

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JusticeMustBeServed for this poor service - 27 d 18 h ago


This worker at Dedham wouldnt help me . due to him talking on screen to his phone. If he's not at the register... He does never help any.

I felt bad for a old man he mentioned that the old man was homeless. He was just dressed warm. I told manager...but it didn't do anything.

I went back to get a toy. He would not help . he was just on his cell . He once kept freakin me out following me. Asking me WHY YOU STEAL MY STORE . HE REPEATED LIKE FIVE TIMES.


everyone I told agrees . Paul B. Is his name I think. He wears glasses works Dedham store. I think he's the. Only one with a cell .passing gas Continuously... Which is gross during these corona times. Sorry to bother you.

Thank you.

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Kitty - 31 d ago

I was given the wrong amount of cash back at one of the stores in Hoima La I have tried to call several times with no answer or even an option to leave a message. I don't drive and it took me and my daughter 35 minutes to walk there yesterday I am wondering should I call corporate

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Anonymous - 35 d 1 h ago


Calling all customers of Family Dollar to BOYCOTT Family Dollar Stores until something is done to correct the horrible way the customers are being treated by their associates and the hazardous condition of their stores every aisle is a potential to hurt yourselves by tripping over merchandise on the floor, especially store 11363 on Hunting Park ave in Philadelphia Pa, the associates are stealing and sellings to area residents, they are rude and tell you to leave if you dont like the way you're treated or they will simply refuse to ring up your items, Niesha Merrill is the ring leader in keeping this store thriving in a negative atmosphere.

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Rosa - 35 d 47 m ago



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Anonymous - 35 d ago


Calling for a national boycott of Family Dollar Stores, there are to many horror stories of the same things, rude associates and hazardous stores, call your local news stations and encourage all your followers on all social platforms to BOYCOTT Family Dollar Stores.

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Anonymous - 37 d 10 h ago

I would like a shirt,my boss said I need to buy one myself in

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Melissa Moffett - 38 d 19 s ago


Buchanan michigan store employees, and some customers not wearing masks, wrapped plastic around card machine, and do not intermittenly sanitize card machine or counters. No wipes for customers to wipe cart or basket handles.


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Leon Fryer - 39 d 8 h ago

Why is family dollar not protecting the workers in the stores and not providing PPE and a glass shield between the customers and cashiers the family dollar on riverdale road in Atlanta Ga provides no protection for it's workers family dollar don't pay them a living wage at least you can protect them. THANK YOU

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Donna Blair - 39 d 19 h ago


Hi there I was in the store at Montana and Wedgewood in El Paso Texas I'm not sure of the store number social distancing by letting people in tentative time is fine the only thing I can say is that the employees have to be hoarding the cleaning supplies for family holding them in the back or something because that store has not had cleaning supplies Lysol supplies for a while.

And they're rather rude.

Me asking questions on where The items have gone they got very upset and defensive.

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Marie S. - 43 d ago



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Jasmine - 44 d 6 h ago



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Edward - 45 d ago


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Concerned customer - 45 d ago


Wow so that's happening everywhere

A manger in Sanford N.C.Lee Avenue store is stock piling supplies,sanitizer,wipes, lysol spray,tissue, hiding g it from customers and has said for the last 2 weeks,no supplies have came,but she is lieing

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