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Family Dollar Store

1800 Family Dollar Pkwy
West Memphis, AR
Allen Wright
(870) 732-3264
(870) 732-3127
Annual Sales Est
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Angie baldridge - 55 d 9 h ago


I have used the same family dollar in longview Texas since it was built their on Silverdale road and hwy #05070..My boyfriend went in their on March 23rd to look at a Verizon prepaid phone because they were on sale at every family dollar we had stopped at that day but nobe of them had the one he wanted..this one did..he wanted to look at it and the girl behind the counter did not want to unlock the case..then she said the phobes were not on sale..THE PHONES ARE ON SALE IT STATES FROM CORPORATE OF U BUY A PREPAID VERIZON PHONE PLUS A MINIMUM OF A $40 PREPAID MINUTES PLAN U GET $40 OFF..since she was so rude we just left and decided to wait until morning to go in their with his mother and see if it would be different..his mother and him went into the store around 930 March 24th and wanted to purchase the LG L8v vwrizon phone which was $84 plus he got a $60 prepaid minute card which was still ok cuz the sale stated a MINIMUM of $ it should have been $84 + 40=$124-40 discount=$84 plus tax..the lady said they didnt jave a sale like that didn't know anything about it and refused to do anything different..we ended up paying $159..i went to several other family dollar stores and talked to there managers to see if this was a company in store sale for all family dollars or what the deal was..and they all told me the same thing..they received a printout from corporate with all the Verizon PHONES on it with the prices and it said u had to buy a MINIMUM of a $40 PREPAID MINUTES card with it to get the discount of $40..and it had a barcode the cashier is to scan so the customer will receive the discount..i have called corporate 2 days in a row now trying to get some help with this issue and so far have not gotten the $40 refunded yet..we are not trying to return the phone or the card and we have our receipt..all we would like is the discount that is advertised..i have been a customer of that family dollar for years and so has my mother in law and we go in their several times a week and spend a lot of money but from now on we will go out of our way to never go back in that store again ever.. They have 2 of the rudest people working their. And if they treat all their customers like that I dont see how they have much business..ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS FAMILY DOLLAR NEEDS TO STAND BEHIND THEIR SALES AND DO THE RIGHT THING AND REIMBURSE MY MOTHER IN LAW HER $40..AND THEN FIND SOME NEW EMPLOYEES FOR THAT PARTICULAR STORE..

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JoAnn Thompson - 25 d 19 h ago


I went in the family Dollar store in Hampton Ark 4 days ago bought an item with tax it was 2.05 cents the manager refuse to to give me my .95 cents change back her words to me was I am not going to give u any change back to me that was wrong.

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Bonnie - 30 d 10 h ago


Sign posted " take a additional 25% off red tagged clearance " manager says they already did that when items were marked down. Ok so a item is red tagged at .30 originally $1.00... She is telling me that they already marked it down 25%. ...well 25% off 1.00 is not .30. Next item shaving cream red tag says 11.88 . she wants to charge me 2.48 for it because it was marked down 25%..when i showed her the 2nd can said 1.88 she said oh i can fix it, but we have to charge what the sticker says...and this is a manager.when i asked her her name she said she didn't have to give that to me.the sign is misleading by her rules and she said no we were not understanding.

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Family dollar - 47 d 16 h ago

Can't get my password to reset

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pissed off customer - 69 d 17 h ago


family dollar in monticello ky store number 625 the store manager and assistant managers have their employees work off the clock and calls them in and has them to stay over their shifts and then they never get paid for it on their pay checks something needs to be done they are all on drugs and need drug tested i have watched them do drug deals in the parking lot and their is no cameras on the outside of the building but its not right there are kids that go in that store and they have that around a public business and the employees are stealing merchandise and nothing ever gets done about it. i over heard them talking about a former employee the district manager and store manager was dogging her really bad and that needs something done about it.

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Anonymous - 69 d 17 h ago

If they don't get paid for working they probably have to sell drugs and steal from the store. Quit being a crybaby and stop shopping there. Who drug tests employees that work for free? And if you smoked a little weed you probably wouldn't be so concerned about everyone else.

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Anonymous - 70 d 17 h ago


Never can get no one on the phone. Been trying for two weeks. Customer service rated 0

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Anonymous - 74 d 12 h ago

Purchased 35.45 in merchandise & didn't get my 5.00 off. Suppose to buy 25.00 & get 5.00 off. Told her don't forget 5 coupon . She said I didnt. I got to car & looked at receipt she hadn't took it off went back in & she didn't give my 5 .This is at Preston burg KY store03313. Watch your receipt

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Iris Lopez - 1 y 95 d ago


Hello, My name is Iris Marie Lopes. I recently started working at Family Dollar. The first week and a half went great. After that, the Assistant Manager started to be acting inappropriately to me. After the 5th inappropriate comment, I told him to stop, and i didn't appreciate it. Two days later, I went to do my shift, and I was informed that i was getting written up for shoplifting. I am not or never will be a thief,but that's what the Assistant Manager told the General Manager. He lied about me and disrespected me, and I'm out of a job. For a lie. I have a couple witnesses that over heard him. This is wrong,and unfair. I am going to take action. The cameras will show what you need to see. And customers have heaca, I can talk to them to be a witness. I am truly shocked about how the management is.

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Shameful - 287 d 6 h ago


Hang in there and fight for you dignity and character. My niece is having a terrible time with her Manager claiming her drawer is short all the time. I think the manager is pillaging the registers from young kids with their first job. Taking advantage of people, well, isn't so "Family" orientated! Good luck to you! God Bless.

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Anonymous - 75 d ago

My name is Rhonda Moses

I live in Michigan.

I have been customer of family dollar over 10years.

I recently experienced open silent rude racist discrimination. This will not be tolerated!

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Melody Duke my employee number23201 - 84 d 10 h ago

hi this is Melody Duke I have been working for Family Dollar since 1998 I had to quit 99 due to my son having cancer and I came back in 2006 as an assistant 2007 John made me a manager I ran to stores in District 60 I want to plenty of stores and clean them up Grand Mound store when I got my own store and my whole crew walked out I open the clothes for 3 months straight by myself then I got a good crew in there then I got transferred to the Bryan area I was bounced around for a while I helped put Rome's fairy store together how's going from store to store to help get it cleaned up and getting ready for Christmas they gave me the horn store to run until I can get a store closer to home I help Kia Summerville store built and I was running it opened it I was running two stores that do in the district there too I had to have back surgery in 2017 and now I'm having problems with my back also had neck surgery due to a case of Windex falling on the back of my neck I called it in now I had to have neck surgery again what I don't understand is that I want from short-term disability straight to long term disability short-term disability sent a letter out to my DM and tell him I DM that I should have been back to work full time I have it on my phone work long-term picked up the short-term disability and short-term sent a letter to my DM saying I should have been back to work I was already on long-term I would like to talk to somebody because I feel like I was Rolf wrongfully done wrong I shouldn't have had my insurance any of my insurance taken from me and I like to try to get my insurance back Family Dollar can pick up half and I'll pay the other half I really would appreciate it if somebody would give me a call my phone number is (hidden) my email is Melody Duke 199 at I might not be able to do the stuff I used to be able to do at Family Dollar but I can be a mysterious Shopper for y'all has a lot of people don't recognize me now especially the new managers and men and assistance in cashiers so please have somebody give me a call explain some stuff to me I will really be grateful for that thank you and have a lovely day

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Anonymous - 88 d 11 h ago


I'm writing to tell you about the family dollar in Claxton Ga it's so cluttered,filthy and has a funny smell in there. The manager act like she's racist.

General profile image - 89 d 5 h ago


Flagged for review. 
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Z. Sneary - 89 d 8 h ago


There is a store near me but I can't go shopping there because they only have one shopping cart. I guess people have stolen all their carts and they have made no effort to replace them. This has went on for several months so you see if you are a senior or have a disability you can't shop without a cart. And the staff is very snippy when you ask about a cart. This is not acceptable. Can't they get new carts?

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Linda Hamilton - 134 d 14 h ago

I go to family Dollar store in Memphis on Macon road at well station. I have to save the manager (a lady) has to be the rudest person I have ever seen.she talks to customers and help like they are trash under her unprofessional she is.l mean she literally treats help like dogs.

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Angry Customer - 168 d 17 h ago


Would just like to say that the store manager on Kingshighway in Paragould Ar. is the most rude and disrespectful manager I have ever meet.. His name is Dustin and he talks about about customers and previous employees refuses to fill out state papers unless a certain person brings then in just because he is upset with him/her and wants to talk down to them... My advise would be to hire a different store manager that would treat his employees and customers with the respect they deserve myself as well as a few other people I no will no longer shop at this store until they replace the bad rude person they have running it now...

General profile image - 183 d 16 h ago

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Steve - 183 d 19 h ago


I bought their brand of hair color in dark brown and now have black hair

Flagged for review. 
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David Lee Nelson - 188 d 12 h ago


David Lee Nelson

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Elva Fuentes - 197 d 11 h ago

I am from Loving, New Mexico you opened up a store here about 3 years ago we are a small community who take pride in our town, churches, schools, and other small businesses here. Your store was a great thing for the community. Nice store, clean employees took pride. Now it is filthy, merchandise all over floor, boxes empty and full down aisles, merchandise just thrown on shelves, clothes on floor. Seems like you are making a profit here that maybe you could hire a night person to straighten shelves, stock, and sweep and mop floors. Am life long resident of this village seems like you people could care less. Come on help us out it doesn't have to look so trashy.

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Anonymous - 226 d 19 h ago

I would like somebody to know that every time I go into store 15033 it looks like a hurricane went through it. Most of your dollar stores are that way. I'm always tripping and stumbling over things. I can't get stuff off the shelves because your carts are in the way filled with boxes and no one's around attending to this. I love to shop at your stores and I love to spend the money. But it's getting to where it's not fun shopping in your store anymore. other stores do not have that kind of messed except for maybe Family Dollar. Please make these managers get their house in order. If I worked for Dollar General I would be very embarrassed.

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Prolly Jacks - 248 d 6 h ago

I just want to know why you are charging 43.20a case for bottled water in Durham N. On Guess road that seems like price gouging to me there is a picture of this on Facebook could this be true

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Beverly Newsome - 299 d 13 h ago


I would like to talk to someone about getting overcharged on a phone B

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

I am a customer of the family dollar store on 4511 Michoud Blvd . When the store first open the manager that was there was fantastic . He cared about customers and how the store looked,. He also took pride in the parking lot . Now the store is in horrible shape . The managet tjey have there now is really trying but she needs help . Are the area managers imterested in making this store look better . It looks like the home office doesn't give a hoot . Because ypu would do something about it . It has alot of customers but the store and the parking lot is not kept in good condition . I don't like living in the area whete corporate offices people don't realize what is going on . I am going to report this to our city hall mayors office and ask that the people in charge be called and if nothing done be fined. This is a diplorible situation in my community. FIX IT ARE JUST INTERESTED IN MAKING


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Mike - 1 y ago

Well how do you get a hold of corporate? Because I bought a pair of headphones for $5 I didn't even leave the parking lot and came back in because i could barely hear through the headphones. They said they wouldn't even return my money I can only exchange them so I did and and when I got home this other pair cuts out ever 5 seconds. I think as a paying customer if something I buy is not right I should be able to get my money back!

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