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Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

10401 Monroe Rd.
Matthews, NC
Howard Levine
Chairman and CEO
(704) 847-6961
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Twin - 16 h 16 m ago


The Family Dollar located on the Bessemer Super Highway is pathetic! There's always a line of 10-15 customers while the employees stand around talking to each other or yelling across the store. Boxes are always in the middle of the floor an accident waiting to happen. I wish their employees would wear name badges so I can report all of this nonsense. An employee should never argue with a customers.

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Lisa B. - 2 d 1 h ago


I am writing about the location at 710 Kenmore Ave, Buffalo, NY. During my past 2 visits to this location, the store has gotten progressively worse. My biggest issue is safety. Not only safety for the employees, but for the folks who shop here. I will no longer go to the store unless my husband is available to go with me. On my visit last month the store was a mess with merchandise blocking the aisles. However, my biggest concern is the cashiers have to cash folks out, stock shelves and be security. While we were at the register checking out the girl saw someone trying to shoplift. She immediately had to leave her register and play security. Are these folks trained to do this? It seems to me they are putting themselves in jeopardy. My last visit on Sunday, February 18th, was another non pleasant experience. Where do I begin? Upon entering the store the one set of doors where blocked, leaving only one door to exit and enter through. Isn't this a safety issue? Fire laws? Once in the store their were many aisle that had stuff in them making it difficult to go up and down each one. When we went to cash out the cashier was the ONLY one in the entire store. If that isn't a safety concern I don't know what is. The cashier stated she couldn't even use the restroom since she had to man the register. Isn't this something that should be reported to the Labor Board? It seems that they are unable to keep any good staff since their is always a constant turnover of employee's. If something doesn't change at this location I will not be shopping there any longer, and possibly will boycott all your other store locations as well.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

I am concerned about the store at 3390 South Highway 61, Memphis, Tennessee, Store number 08580. On the side of the store there care a lot of trash that is covering the ground and the dumpster is full which is an eye sorry in the neighborhood off /on the main highway.

I think to solve this problem is to order a larger dumpster so when they order a lot of merchandise the worker will have somewhere to put it instead of placing it on the ground.

I hope this problem will be solved soon.

Concerned customer. I like shopping at this location.

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Kim williams - 3 d ago


Well I wrote called this is the nasty company to try to speak to someone ,all I can say is 9261,has outdated food ,dirt ,cloths food on the floors ,manager uses the store as a job to get dates has women working there with there children running around ,dirty cloths on the floor stock falling over stock everywhere ,whoever runs this company should be fired ,your a disgrace ,and my next step will be to call the health department,the city and put a ad in the local paper ,I was on hold to speak to someone for 33mins and still never spoke to a person,looked of the company and spoke to a rude women who said the company was sold to dollar tree and would take a complaint ,what a fucken mess who ever owns this company store kim Williams ,email (hidden) ,not that anyone will reach out

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Gizmo - 3 d ago


I am not writing a review, I am referencing a complaint I filed on 22 Jan 2018 ref number 6265655. Your company does not take complaints your email response stated and here is why. A person named Huges (from Family Dollar Corp) was contacted by my wife and Jacob Thompson and the information I stated was relayed to him. He sounded very upset with the DM Mike out of Phoenix, AZ. He apparently contacted Mike for conformation. The end results was the Mike went to the store and talked with Rita (store manager) and Tracy Holland. He told both of them who filed complaints about them, where is the confidentialality?? As a retired Naval Chief Petty Officer, I feel that this is nothing but BULLSHIT and it does not happen in the Navy and if it did someones ass would demoted ASAP. I feel I am wasting my time (and yours) as I feel there is nothing but smoke blowed up may ass as nothing was corrected with the issue. Chuck Catchpole HMC USN Ret

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Megan - 3 d 20 h ago


Horrible horrible horrible! South haven Indiana has the worst customer service. The people they hire are very rude. They don't price stuff appropriately and the lady that was ringing me up had a cup of ice in her hand chomping away like it was ok to do so. Very rude. Every time I've been there it's been nothing but horrible costumer service. Last time I went in I was cut in line because the lady at the register wanted to ring up somebody she knew first and pretended like we weren't even there. I decided to try it again but I will never be returning to that family dollar

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Stacey bohm - 6 d 21 h ago


Everytime i go into the location on n fry rd katy tx the women do not even speak to you when you go to pay they are talking on the phone or talking to someone else they dont even tell you how much it is just hand out their hand. Although this happens everytime i go in my experience today was horrible my son is autistic and was touching things as kids do the woman went off on him and then we were waiting inline she shook her head at him so i told her off and she kicked me out and said oh well to my son being autistic its a shame because i spend alot of money here she needs to be fired a very rude woman dont know how she still has a job

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Lynne - 5 d 10 h ago


People who allow their children to just do whatever they want, & don't even try to control them are the RUDE ones! If your child is really diagnosed as autistic, & his behavior is really that bad, then you simply should not take him into public places where he can be so obnoxious. Find a babysitter/caretaker and leave him home! There are several Family Dollar stores in the Austin area & I have NEVER experienced a rude employee, seen a checkout clerk on the phone, or had any other negative experience based on employee conduct. Of course, I have seen MANY rowdy, obnoxious, uncontrolled brats in this and just about every other store I go to. Autism has been around as long as people have, but people used to make their kids behave in public! My parents did!

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Mary - 4 d ago


I read your post concerning Stacey who has a child with Autism. It is important for people to know that children with this disorder is like everyone else. The only differences is they have a Developmental Disorder. Autistic people are special and amazing. I work with Intellectual and Development Disorder people every day. And I believe you owe her child and the people living with Autism an apology. They deserve much better than what people like you give them credit for. Lynne, please take the time and do something better for someone in your life. It just might help you in the long run.

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Darlene - 4 d ago

My Name is Darlene my problem with your store ib Charleston SC at Meeting and King Street store they dont answer they phones I am not able to get around to do thing for myself I have to pay soneone to run errand for me and it would help to know if the item ib stock before I pay someone to go to the store and they dont have it Iam losing money they dont answer at all

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Patty Brown - 4 d 12 h ago

Mr Levine my name is Patty Brown I live in PHENIX CITY Alabama I hit a hole in the parking lot on Hwy 80 Family Dollar this was on February 14th it not only busted my tire it broke my wheel. I am writing you hoping someone will get in touch with me I don't know who would be responsible for fixing this hole I have talked to several people that said they have also dealt with with problem. IF you could please get in touch with me that would be great. My#(hidden)

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NGarcia - 4 d 14 h ago


Today I went to Family Dollar at 5632 Southmost Rd in Brownsville Rd 78521, as I was paying for my items the cashier did not speak English for one. I was asking her if the A/C was not working and she didn't understand me. I had to ask her in Spanish for which the answer was no. Secondly I got no receipt (I paid with my debit card). I asked for a manager and a young lady said she was the manager. I asked her why no receipt and she did all stores were having that issue (mind you I had just visited the one just a few miles down the road) and I did get a receipt. Thirdly, I told her that the store looks run down and needs work. It's sad that whomever is in charge of this store didn't place any effort to fix it up. I'd hate to see it close because it is closest to my house.

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Howard Levine - 4 d 15 h ago


My name is Lisa Johnson. I am a former employee. I have called corporate and have gotten no response. I get hung up on and I am feeling very disrespected at this point. I have not received my W2 and have been trying to get in touch with somebody for weeks regarding this matter. I am going to call the IRS and report this because I am getting nowhere with Family Dollar. I am locked out of the system online and in the store as well. By law I should have received my W2 by now. My employee ID was 1064337. I received my pay stubs to my email address (hidden)

The last one I received was January 3rd 2018 so I don't know why my W2 would not have gone to that same email address. My home address has not changed in over a year so I know it is the one that you have on file. I need this problem resolved ASAP. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 5 d 15 h ago


I live in Paragould Arkansas and our store smells like cigarette where employees stand right outside store door and smokes and it's filty inside floors are never swept or mop just nasty . I used to visit two to three times week but refuse to go in till they clean it up. I know it's hurting u business bad . I'm sorry to complain but u losing money as well

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Jermaine - 6 d 16 m ago

Store #527 located at 312 Tb Stanley Hwy Stanleytown Va

Store Manager Crystal

On 02/16/2018 Crystal publicly and verbally harassed a female customer/ former employee of Family Dollar (FD). The customer whom was employed months ago at a nearby(FD) store under another Manager . Was fired allegedly for theft because of her Managers ill tactics. Her Manager would often allow most of his customers and employees to purchase merchandise in the store, at a discounted rate that wasn't on sale. His team would lock customers inside the store until he or she made a money drop off for the store. And would often leave money laying around the store visible for people to steal. The problem is when we contacted District Manager - Rick Phillips, he merely suggested that this former employee was banned already verbally by Management. This DM basically has no clue in how to oversee and run a proper retail store. All allegedly shoplifters must be prosecuted under the jurisdiction of the court and law system. And therefore given a written agreement suggestion that statement. The DM I believe doesn't want corporate to find out that his division does have a high level of crime and theft within the employees and its customers. Simply by not reporting it, there is no due diligence and without that the customers, have no right to a fair due process within the law system. When they are finally confronted by your team of incompetence workers. Please do your job correctly first by documenting all theft and then banning individuals on your list! Your Managers need to be all reviewed and evaluated and properly trained in theft and customer service. TO ALL FAMILY DOLLAR STORES, IF THE INCIDENT IS NOT WELL DOCUMENTED. THAN THEREFORE IT REALISTICALLY DOESN'T EXIST!

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Charlotte Ann Stephens - 6 d 13 h ago


I went to the Family Dollar store in Durant Oklahoma. I bought 2 boxes of Revlon ColorSilk hair color coloring. Inside each box on the inside of the back of the box was a $1. They expired in 8/1/2016. My purchase date was on 2;/8/2018. They will be difficult to take back as I am typing this while waiting for my 25 minutes to be up. I used both boxes on my long hair. Then I noticed the coupon and cut them out and looked at them. My thing is if they expired in 2016, how long have they been sitting on the shelf? What other products are like this there?

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Victoria - 8 d 18 h ago

The Family Dollar in Fort Worth Texas . I was in shock when I drove up to the store at 4;00. The manager was actually standing in front of the door telling all the Afro American and Mexican teens they could not enter the store. I walked in and ask her why: and she stated that they are disrespectful and they steal. That is discrimination; I video recorded the teens outside the store and I ask them questions as well as the manager. I will be posting the video and I will also send the video to CNN, I have a 16 year old that stop going to that store last summer he said he was tie'rd of employees following him as though he was going to steal something. Not all Afro American and Mexican teens steal, my son is a good student that attends a private school. The neighborhood is middle class, my home is 5 bedrooms; they have included some low middle class properties; but Family Dollar does not have the right to come into any neighborhood and discriminate. They may as well have put up a sign that said NO COLOREDS ALLOWED. I wish they would move from this neighborhood; the store is ugly and an eyesore. Perhaps we need to Boycott Family Dollar on 8500 McCart Ave, Fort Worth, Texas 76123. phone (hidden)

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Anonymous - 6 d 15 h ago

Sorry that this has happened to the young minorities in your community. However you need to actually contact corporate at the main level. Often times they have no clue as to what is happening in or around their stores. When you file a complaint it usually goes to a District Manager who probably already knows the situation at hand. But never intends to follow up or reprimands the employee for his/her wrongdoing. Please remember that Family Dollar doesn't discriminate; the employee's do. And mostly this often does come from poor management skills. Call and send your video to corporate you will get a response!

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Caroline Njeri - 6 d 18 h ago

I am aregular customer at Family Dollar located at 51 pompano Beach Florida. Today I purchased $25.00 worth of merchandize; I also had $5:00 coupon that says spend $25.00 or more and get $5:00 off. The coupon expires on february 19th 2018. The manager Fred was called to honor the coupon..however he could not do it after several attemps. I do have the money.. However Family Dollar was unable to honor their own coupons. This is false advertizement. I still ende up paying the full price for the merchandize.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

Heflin : I was talk to very abruptly but one of your managers Cleveland cheap made a racial comment that I did not like you put the you people on me see the person who doesn't live in America I doubt if she has a legal green card you can call me at (hidden)

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Anonymous - 7 d 16 h ago

Mrs lewis

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Anonymous - 15 d ago

I'm a former employee and can't get my w2 online keeps locking me out! The number given to help don't help can't get a human on the other phone! Will they be mailed or not! ????????

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Katelinn - 14 d 14 h ago

I'm.having the exact same problem ????? Have you gotten any amswers yet ?

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Confused - 11 d ago


Had this happen to me. I finally got ahold of dollar tree hr and they reset my password.

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Anonymous - 7 d 18 h ago

where can I contact them??

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jan - 7 d 18 h ago

Where can I contact them????

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