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Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

10401 Monroe Rd.
Matthews, NC
Howard Levine
Chairman and CEO
(704) 847-6961
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Anonymous - 1 d 6 h ago


I need a phone number for human resources through your company I can't find it anywhere

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Anonymous - 2 d 11 s ago

I live in Larose Louisiana and our Family Dollar over here is just terrible. Our zip code is 70373.

Associates are extremely rude. I drive out my way to shop Family Dollar because I love your coupon program. It's a shame because I have one 10 minutes away and refuse to shop there.

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Kim - 2 d 35 m ago


The family dollar in new miami ,ohio is nasty u can't even walk down isles there so many boxes an skids every where .... half the workers out side smokin an hanging out while customers are in the store there is always one check out line open an u wait forever the employees are very rude even the manager is rude an now they have a sign on the door saying purses an backpacks have to be left up front with cashier on a shelf which is located by the door , i am sorry i aint leavin my purse laying on a shelve for anyone to grab or say its theirs I have to many credit cards , a check book an money at all times in my purse ..... also half the time in the mornings till 12 the store is closed or their only one girl workin ..... there is bums hanging out in the parkin lot trying to get money from.customers its to the point I am done goin there, its sad that store is 4 blocks from my house an i rather drive 35 mins to go in town than go to the family dollar store . .

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Amanda M - 2 d ago


Agh! I'm so frustrated! My coupons won't work for the second time this week. I spend my time clipping them, or scanning barcodes, Then we have to hunt down the correct OZ or size, (not easy) when you finnally find what your looking for, even though it clearly says there's a discount on a little sign when the items supposed to go the coupon won't work. I go to ask for help and they just look at me like I'm stupid. Then someone comes to the counter, the clerk just walks away so I say ok I'll wait. He never comes back!! At least the first time TJ tried to help the other guys always rude! I've had great experiences with everyone else that works here but I'm not asking for much just a little help and respect.

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Heaven - 3 d 6 h ago


I jusr left store 05608. The lady gave me a bag with a whole in it and my bottle fell out and busted she look out the window and seen it was busted i only made it 5 steps out the store. And i had to buy another bottle. The bottle busted someones tire because the lady at the register was only worries about getting more of my money

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Louis - 5 d ago

My name is Louis Webb and I am an African American was rudely kicked out of Family Dollar on 3729 University buy management for no reason stating that I look like someone that stole something yesterday the time was around 5:15 today Feb 15 and I'm filing a complaint with headquarters and filing a Civil lawsuit against Family Dollar

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Heaven - 3 d 6 h ago


Is this one in Florida. I'm trying to get in touch with corporate now

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Not a fan - 4 d 5 m ago


Store 09003, I have only visited this location twice and both visits were awful, the store was disgusting there was products on the floor throughout the store which is also a hazard ....Not fare to the near by customers they deserve better.....No longer a customer sorry ...Furthermore the cashier once I expressed my disappointment could care less .....

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Anonymous - 4 d 5 h ago


Hello your employees at family Dollar on 27th kilborn are so rude they don't know how to treat c customers they like to fight all of the customer they argue with the customer and they family member come in and work in the store and sell it need to be close down until someone new come and get some new workers

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goop - 5 d ago

The Pulaski, Tennessee is absolutely horrible!!!! Everything is unorganized and the managers there are rude! One of the managers, Kelsey has her kids at work with her and when I was there they were running around the store screaming and yelling and throwing toys all over the ground. It took me 15 minutes to get her attention to even get me checked out. Someone needs to train these managers better or find new ones. This is not the first time I have had this issue with this store.

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gladys Hinerman - 5 d 4 h ago


I WAS a very good family dollar store customer. I am elderly and on a small fixed income, but I always bought my paper products aand many misc. items at family dollar. well over $200. a month. On Feb 11, 2019 I purchased33.$ worth of merchandise, including a $19. cordless phone. set it up and tried using it 1 day. my arthritic hands could not hold it. (I never droped it.) I decided to return it for a better phone I could use. the store in Andover, Ohio,#03541, refused to return it for money back. (I do have the receipt) .only for another same style phone. I spoke to manager, (I was nice) and she said 'that was HER policy! I am very angry. I do not want to use Walmart, but now I will. that phone should have been returnable. very sorry return policy. since this store has been remodeled it is terrible. I am extremely upset with your store. please arrange for me to return this piece of junk.

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Anonymous - 5 d 10 h ago

The family dollar in statesboro ga off Northside drive is a TOTAL MESS! You can see the store merchandise on the floors as you enter the store. You can't even walk down the isles for the carts on them filled with boxes stacked sky high with store merchandise. Not to mention someone could get hurt if these boxes fall on them not to mention a law suit ready to happen. It's ridiculous how this store looks . I'm not sure if they are short staffed or just have poor management, but I do know this it looks really bad and everyone is talking about it. They need to clean that mess up maybe they would get more sells.

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EffectedGecko13 - 5 d 14 h ago


I worked for Family Dollar not to long ago and my Manager quit, well needless to say I only had two days of training and you're supposed to have 30 hours of training. So the day my manager quit the District Manager came in and started throwing everything that the manager was in charge of doing on me, and I'm just an ASM/Assistant Store Manager. Well one of the registers ended up not working and I had been there since the store opened, when two of my Co-Workers come into work later that day the District Manager tells me to declare my drawer and get them both on a register. I proceeded to let him know that one of the registers isn't working and he keeps telling me to declare my drawer and get them on a register, well when you're trying to declare your drawer and you've got customers coming back to back and you don't have the other register working you've got to close your drawer and hit finish to even be able to ring them up. It took me three times to even be able to declare my drawer correctly, and each time I tried to declare my drawer I wasn't able to cause of the other register being down and customers coming up. So before I even started to declare the first time I put up a sign that said "No Cash Back At This Time, Sorry", well the District Manager comes walking by and rips it up. After he had ripped it up he tells me to start declaring, well as I'm declaring my drawer I have customers walking up, so I've gotta shut my drawer and hit finish even though I didn't get to declare my drawer correctly. So now they're asking for cash back and I haven't gotten to declare correctly twice, well when the third time comes around and I'm finally able to declare my drawer correctly we ended up being short $90, well last week almost at the end of my shift I get told I'm fired cause $90 is missing and they can't find it. I asked my District Manager if he had proof that I was even the one who could have even taken it and he said no. Remember, altogether there were four of us there. Two of my Co-Workers and the District Manager, my Co-Workers and I never had an issue with that amount of money coming up missing till that day.

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Anonymous - 6 d 10 h ago

These stores all need better management! Most of the managers and higher ups treat the employees like garbage! These are men and women struggling to make ends meet with every paycheck, work their butts off with little or NO APPRECIATION! My neice didn't even get her paycheck today and noone at this place knows why!!!! A single mother, no paycheck, struggling and I mean struggling with all her might to survive. She's tried to call and find out about her check GUESS WHAT! She was told she had to email them about her lost paycheck! Really!!!!

I avoid this trashy excuse of a store whenever I can. Shes going to find a better job, hopefully very,very soon!n

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Christin - 6 d ago


Amen to that!! I quite my job because of poor management. And did she ever get her paycheck? I may have to do the same thing.

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- 50 ON THE RATINGS - 6 d 8 h ago


I went into a Family Dollar store last night in Ft.Stockton,Tx and was so DISGUSTED.The whole store looked like a hurricane had hit.HUNDREDS OF BOXES EVERYWHERE.I saw three men just standing around like they had nothing to do.They would not work for me I would fire their ass. I have never in my life seen a store that bad.Your people need to make surprise visits as a customer to really get a good look at the stores.Shame on CORPORATE for letting this happen.And when you pay botton of the barrel wages that is the kind of employes you get.When you have a company that is going to hell like this one is it starts at the top. FOR ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN.PAY ATTENTION

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Anonymous - 6 d 9 h ago


I was an ASM and my whole store turned on me because I was sick from kemo treatment!

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Anonymous - 14 d 5 h ago

I been calling howard levine about slip and fall in one of his stores detroit mich no success im very angry right now no answers from noone from his corporate i fell on feb 2 that sat 2019 get in touch with i been voice messages and textes nothin from yall karen wright i even left my number on ur voice machines

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Fired - 7 d 12 h ago

As an emp!oyee i fell on the job and i wasnt allowed to file an incident report because another employee was required to report it. It wasnt enough i was on camera! Or the fact i was on shift by myself. The other employees including SM wouldnt report it because they were not there!

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Saphire Alexander - 23 d 13 h ago


Hello, I'm a frequent customer of your store, in Easton, Pa, number 7577, and I have concerns about the way, one of your Assistant Supervisor Emerald Alexander, is being treated, by her Supervisor Bob. From a person on the outside looking in, he isn't doing his job, at the store. Emerald is at the store all the time, she put in for her vacation days from January 28, 2019 -February 3, 2019, he told her she can't take her vacation time, she is still waiting for her raise, while she has been with your company for 5 years, while other people, who just get hire start out with more than her. She is feeling underappreciated, and totally disrespected because she doesn't get a break from the store. She is a very nice employee, she knows the store like the back of her hand, and is really an all around nice person. Can you please check out what is going on at that store, because it would not be a good thing to lose such a valuable employee.

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Screw Family Dollar - 19 d 3 h ago


Lol, you're obviously the employee you're referring to.

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Anonymous - 13 d 4 h ago

I am very thankful that I have find someone to complain about the family dallors near fort smith ark area. As I have been a very frequent customer as well all cause i live directly across the street for over 20 plus years....First off i would like to say I understand now why the family dallor have a huge turn over rate.....And its very clear that this company treats there workers worst then dogs... I have seen many mangers come and go and have complain about how family dallor expects them to eat,sleep,and breath this job and work way pass there hours and not even get paid or a simply thank you... I have seen a manger name sandy,and a young lady name Alex, also a young men name Shane and this last young lady name Whitney now its a older guy name benton thats running the store now.. All of these people I have name has came in went in just the last 3 to 4 years.... And what they complain about is the same I have heard from all of them... the young lady whitney who was not there long really did work and turn that store around... I mean the store was so much cleaner and smell very nice and she broke her back making sure the customers were happy and made them feel comfortable and very welcome come own what mangers you know just start line dancing with the customers and haven so much fun own a daily basic with the people she had to deal with anyway... I know darn will there sells went up and it was due to this young lady who made a very big differnce in that store... her workers even respected her very well and she work from moring to night without breaks, without help most of the time this young lady was working by her self while still taken care of customers.. and all the time i come in she building the next end caps or cleaning or getting ready for the next project... One evening I came in she was standing at the register dancing, she smile and welcome me and i ask why she dancing she stated she had to use the bathroom. I told her to go she then stated to me as long as customers are in the store she can not leave the floor... I have even seen this young lady mother come in to watch the store and to just tell the customers she be back she went to the restroom.... This is so damn wrong when your hard ass workers cant even use the damn bathroom own a regulary basic because they have to watch yall shit.... Most of the workers are females first off,, They due deal with females issues every month and this shit is against the law.... And also I would like to say that I am very glad the dusty red headed crackhead female asst manager i belive that was there is no longer there as she was very rude first off, always i mean always own her phone or have people standing at the register ready to check out and she was outside all the time with a store full of customers smoking doing nothing... I did report this to ms.whitney and she stated that she has address many issues about this young lady to her dm and cooperate and they have did nothing about it... She was very loud and unprofessioal and cussing all the time in front of customers and many people have complain about her..... This most recent time I came in whitney has not been there... Own this day I came in with just my wallet to grab some paper cups for the church and I notice the women who i never seen before in there with blonde hair in there... I went stright to the back of the store to get my iteam not once but twice did i come face to face with this women... I ask her for her name and the manager number she stated what for... I then stated you have made it very clear to me that your watching me and i just have a wallet why the whole time there were mexican women in the store just stealing away i seen it with my eyes... she was very rude is said no I wasnt and to get a life... I laugh and ask were is the manager whitney she then stated I let her off today... I told her i will be letting whitney know own how rude she was to me and she smile and said good luck with that.... And did get her name today from a worker that was very nice young lady and the rude one was name connie... I dont know what yall are doing to yall good managers but something has to be done about how yall treat your workers and one day family dallor is going to mess with the wrong manager and put a lawsuit out own yall... My money will not go back into this store just for this reason yall are going to lose alot of bussiness because of how you guys treat your workers and lose so many good ones for the bad seeds... There is something that has to be done and when in the hell our yall going to get the front door fix or even working light in the parking lot the store looks close and unsafe for the workers at night... Its crazy over there own the weekends and very loud music as well thats unreal customers have no were to park but by the front door due to the parties that is out of control and you only have a small maybe two workers there during this time I have also see ms. whitney there own these night off the clock but working to make sure her workers or safe and nothing goes own in the store and this is bad for business and very unfair to her to have to babysit like that... I yes i have called the dallor tree copperate and family dallor cooperate serval times and cannot get thur i sit own the phone listen to stupid music for more then 3hrs and thats out of line I am going to ask the family dallor to do much better and have some type of respect for there workers or just shut the hell down. I would never suggest anyone to work for the family dallor period... And i am concerning store 3920 in fort smith ark

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Fired - 7 d 12 h ago

I wish the employees would walk out of the store i was fired for being honest and of good character in. Leave the multi million dollar store to be closed. I wish all the customers would not go in! Somehow these corporate people have got to see what they are doing! I saw the former ceo was on Undercover Boss. Did you see i said former? Yep he was taken out of his position following the exposure on the show....

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Fired - 7 d 13 h ago


So is this a place to air laundry? Because scrolling down i see lots of legit complaints. Is Family Dollar a respectful company? In my experience, no. I loved my job and yeah same retail stuff you have to put up with however i was shocked to be escorted out the door because im honest, reliable and happy employee. Yeah you can see write ups one after another that i only had though the same 'infractions' which were no infractions at all were committed by everyone else. I just didnt put my own money in when shortages were reflected in the declare nor did i take overages out. I didnt cover up making the DM look good. I did my job and i did it well which resulted in being a scapegoat for the real infractions committed by SM and others.

I am not a disgruntled employee, just one in shock! And what the company really stands for. And very disheartened because of the wrong done towards me so the SM job is secure. Disheartened because it matters not one iota what i say or do as long as i dont have SM on my nametag then im just spit out and make room for another new person who needs a job. The q is: will the new person be one of good character and eventually quit or be fired like me or someone who covers up and finaggles the numbers and paperwork the DM sees?

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

My name is Miriam deleon ando I also haven't received my w2 I need a contact number

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