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Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

10401 Monroe Rd.
Matthews, NC
Howard Levine
Chairman and CEO
(704) 847-6961
General profile image - 1 d 7 h ago


Bought a product at Family Dollar. Took it home tried it on my device, for which the Box the product came in said it would work. Open the box tried it it did not work. Went to take it back to store for an exchange, they would not exchange the product because of an open box. So I wanted to exchange it for another one if there was a difference I didn't mind paying the cost. Wouldn't do that either. Said it was against store policy. Asked for the return policy. Store manager says they don't have it posted. Requested a copy. Could not obtain a copy. Had to get the local authorities involved. Wound up calling corporate for three days. Did not get through left messages, nobody ever called back. My review Family Dollar sucks. Do not waste your money in their stores.

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Dee - 4 d 9 h ago

Will someone please call me back? I notice that every Family Dollar store I have been in will not allow me the use of their restroom. Each location says that the restroom is not working whether I am in my hometown or visiting another location. There are employees in each store. Where are they using the restroom? If all the restrooms are out of order (all the time) then you really have a problem that should be reported to the city or county sanitation department.

(910) 770-0078

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mad about service - 6 d 9 h ago


It's very sad that you have people you employ that dont care about your company ....I love family dollar but .... Somebody needs to manage the management of theses stores if not the company could look bad ....pleaese help us out sir thank you the store that comes to mind is in miami gardens on 17 ave and 183 st thanks for you help

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Sunday Reese - 7 d ago


I went to family dollar tonight before it closed ( around 8:45 ) and purchased milk. The milk that was sold to my husband wasn't any good and they knew it because they let him purchase it for a $1. Who sale milks to customers that is no good.. I'm tired of this store and something needs to be done immediately! If not resolved I will keep escalating

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Anonymous - 8 d ago



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Concerned Senior citizen - 9 d 4 h ago


You have 2 stores in Dallas Texas on Grand ave and Hatcher st.clerks talk on phone while checking you out.rude dont know where products are .one store is store has more products in boxes in aisles in the csnt get a cart because they fill them up with whatever at hatcher store.they don't dress professional and often times have outrageous hsir color aka and one day yellow customer service skills.please can't anyone address this issue.ive complained before...nothing changed

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Ms. Honesty - 14 d ago


Your store #7102 located on livernois and Michigan ave, detroit, mi.....she is a very embarrassing manager has a nasty attitude towards her employees and customers....she really needs to be fired or learn from her employees how to treat people....the ugliest personality ever. SHE NEEDS TO BE FIRED

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Vicky Sabbath - 16 d 5 h ago


Rude and unprofessional employees.

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Marty - 17 d ago


I visit your store at East 5th Avenue Sunbury road in Columbus Ohio I was shocked the floors were filthy dirty shelves were empty junk all over the floor the Shells empty so nasty I took a picture Look like a tornado had been through there just nasty and dirty also your store at Cleveland Avenue and 11th the same way Filthy dirty.

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Anonymous - 20 d 7 h ago


Poor management at Hwy 70 East New Bern Store! The employees are not management material! Business has gone down! Employees don't know about there merchandise or location! I will have to stick with Dollar General! Dissatisfied customer!

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Nancy macpherson - 23 d 12 h ago



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Felicia Harvey - 45 d 10 h ago


I visited 2 of your stores in Newport News Va.

Store #02170 and #03528 and I received warm and courtesy care at both of the stores.

Tammy and Debbie made my visit a pleasant one and the items I was looking for were simple but they showed care and respect to the customer. Thank you ladies.

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Andrew Legault - 56 d 6 h ago


Your store in milwaukee wi on 13 st and oakhoma suck the can stand behind the counter and talk wile your customer. Wait in line that store is so geto

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jc... - 124 d ago


Went to Family Dollar Store at Hopewell, Oaklawn Blvd, signed posted "lost of Power" yet there's lights visible inside.Two employees came out lighting cigarettes in front of the store. If lost of power the store should be dark with emergency lights on....

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IRA Bonifay - 129 d 24 s ago


Went to your FAM dollar store #05858 Pensacola fl & was sold wrong brand expensive cigarettes but was given wrong brand and clerk refused to change brand to make correct. I had unopened cigarettes plus receipt with only minutes transpiring. Her error not mine. IRA E BONIFAY (hidden). Time 18:54 6/10/2017

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Sandra Rogers - 1 y ago

I live in Madisonville Tennessee I go to the family dollar all the time 1 employee has worked there for over 12 years her name is Shirley she is always cleaning or putting stock on the shelves the other employee will be standing at the register doing nothing and the store may have just a couple costomers shopping well I was in there Monday eve when your district manager was in the store using foul language and yelling at this employee telling her she needed to do more work just yelling at her telling her that she was worthless She was in tears. She is one of the best employee s in that store the store is always clean I have been in a few stores in Massachusetts and they were horriable empty shelves stock was piled up it was nasty .

But hope something can be done about the district's manager here in madisonville Tennessee so you do not lose a loyal long time employee.

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