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Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

10401 Monroe Rd.
Matthews, NC
Howard Levine
Chairman and CEO
(704) 847-6961
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Darlene - 1 h ago

We can't find products in the stores because the employees are hoarding them. It is sad that a company that makes millions would stop so low as to allow this kind of behavior from their employees. This is something that will be remembered. #familydollarsucks

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COVID-19 concious in Angier NC - 1 d ago


I stopped at the Family Dollar on Highway 55 in Angier, NC to purchase some essential over the counter meds today. Due to being very aware of the COVID-19 warnings, I wore a mask and gloves. The clerk who checked me out commented that these people with masks who are sick need to stay at home. What an ignorant and rude remark to quite a few customers all wearing masks. I cannot speak for them, but I know I am not sick. However, I chose to wear a mask and gloves to potentially hope reduce the chances that if I picked up something with the virus on on it, I may lessen the spread. Or if I am unknowingly a carrier, I would help lessen the chance of spread. The young woman clerk needs to be educated about COVID-19 and also be reminded about checking her attitude when we are all in this together. I will never go to that store again. I would have not even gone out in the first place if I didn't really need the items I got. #Stop the Spread

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Pamela mother of a daughter working to please people like you here on NM stay away please and thank you - 5 h 18 m ago


Good one less that the employees have to deal with while being made to work without the protection you call essential did you ever stop to think just because you are made aware the importance of the covering others may not, or are made to work without? Was it not a few days ago being told by the Federal Government for people NOT to buy Or USE these covers unless you where a hospital worker in order to save them for the hospital front lines? Before now changing it to wear as you feel the need? Bitch step off your princess box and become part of the real world, where people don't give a shit if everyone is protected besides themselves, and you talk educated?? An educated person would not belittle someone for what they believe or for what an Employee feeds them into believing to gain profit knowing dumb, rude, people without a brain still need to wipe their fat asses. So next time you take a shit remember that worker you were so fast to judge the one who is in protected, that has health problems of their own the one that has two bran, new babies, at home as is a single mother, that has no one to raise her kids if she falls sick, taking shit from a person needed to wipe their own mouth before wiping your ass with what in fact was the order to start with. Talking about education does not make you smart. In fact, you sound rather compassionate and are only out to please your self. So thank you for never going to that store again I am sure 100% you won't be missed. Stay at home like you were told to do, oh I forgot that is not demanding either it is only a suggestion. Remember you must first be educated, in order to educate. Just like you must find out why before chopping off someone's leg. Thank the good man above I was not blessed to be neighbors with someone the devil will surely be looking for. Ignorance cones with a price, and little girls come with mamma's. Just so you know...Angels and Prayers to you and yours and never forget WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER THEY DON'T WANT TO BE THERE EITHER, THEY ARE THERE RISKING THEIR LIVES FOR UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE LIKE YOU. Don't become part of a problem, be part of the solution

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Pamela - 6 h 12 s ago


As a mother of one of your 5200, 00 employees, I want everyone to know how much they do not appreciate or respect their employees. The pure lack of compassion for the person as this pandemic rips through lives destroying everything and everyone around, however only sharing for the safety of their selves, providing absolutely no protection at all, although limiting 5bat a time. Is not acceptable to me, and to be clear If I myself make it through this, Am letting you know I will be the owner of your greed, I will take the shirt off your babies backs, I will show the same mercy that you showed my daughter. It is your job to protect your employees. They are risking their future for a company that wouldn't even step up to insure the safety, or do what is in the best interest of their needs. By not taking the step to provide a safe work environment for them. You are playing Russian Rulet with lives that are not yours. I promise with all that I am until the last breath I take, if something happens to my daughter because of your negligence I'll be coming for you, picking up new cases to have the owners, CEOs and who ever the hell else wants to open their mouths brought up on terrierst acts. Before letting you rott in jail. While I take away from you what you are taking from me...your life isn't that the price you expect from her? There is no need to have 5 essential stores in a 5 mile radius. In a town (Milan, N.M.) although it is greed, money.and power you crave. I personally hope you do what is right for these individuals that you know nothing about, cuz if you did you would know my daughter only has one kidney, and she has 2 new babies one is 6 months and one is 18 months and a single mother. Doesn't concern you though does it?? Again I Pray for you to pull your damn heads out of your asses and plug into the real world.

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Tamika kelley - 11 h 38 m ago


Please do not allow the manager delete the video of the sales associate trying to attack me outside the store in front of my son and Nana! She was cursing,yelling, and threatening me. She left the register to come outside the store to start a confrontation, leaving people in line to check out. She tried to slam the door in my face when the manager was asking me what happened! She also began pulling the door shut while the manager was trying to talk to me. I called immediately from the parking lot to the store to file a complaint, I had to give my information because the manager didn't ask for it, just tired to hang up! It's Sunday so corporate is closed, I did take the survey on the receipt, and I will be calling corporate tomorrow however, I'm wondering should I press charges,or what to do next. I'm worried the manager will destroy the evidence! Please contact me at : Tamika Kelley (hidden) I have witnesses. I'll be more than happy to explain what took place prior and you will clearly see she had no cause for her unprofessional actions in front of children and customers! I'm very upset, I cannot believe this even happened. Totally uncalled for.

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Ken - 1 d 18 m ago


Your manager,Johnny, at the store at 801 W. Pierce in Carlsbad, NM needs to be replaced with someone who is more customer service savvy. On Sunday 4/5/20, I went to the store to purchase some items. As I was walking up to the store, another customer was just coming out. Johnny had opened the door for her since there is only 5 customers allowed in the store at one time. When I got to the door, it was locked, and there were only 2 cars in the lot. I rattled the door to get his attention to let me in since someone had just left. He said I couldn't come in because only 5 at a time in the store. I said a lady just left so there should be room for me. He said no, because he let a family of 5 in the store so no one else is allowed in. Why is a family with 5 people allowed in so no one else can go in? That is very poor sales procedure to let 5 people wander around the store together and make everyone else wait outside. Earlier in the week, I had gone to the store and had to stand in line at the register with 6 other customers while Johnny was standing 15 feet from the register, more concerned about putting out coolers than helping check out the customers standing in line at one register. I will no longer go to this store even though it closer to my house than other general stores. Johnny is the poorest excuse for a manager, but I guess you have to hire anyone you can get.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


I deal with the family dollar on smith st all the time. I think most of the staff there needs to be fired especially the ignorant store manager who does nothing but be on her phone all day. The store is always a mess boxes and creates everywhere, half the time you cant get down an isle. They never answer the phone there when u call. Have tried calling that store a million times i have never once got an answer. Now with the covid-19 they do not follow the 5 person guidelines. There is always more than 5 people in that store at a time. Its really ashamed that your company this store in general is not up to par or follow rules.

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Nae - 1 d ago


Hi I visited your Houston store 12130 Veterans Memorial on Sunday 4/5/20 around between the time of 3to 4pm and one of your employees was rude and had an attitude, no customer service practice. a black women with short kind of curly hair, I will not be returning to your store, and I will inform my family and friends not to go there, I will not spend my money there, you all need to teach your employees to better interact with customers, it was during the Coronavirus if she was that scared she was going to catch it she should have been wearing a mask and gloves, her attitude needs to be checked at the door before interact with with customers.

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Hello as one fellow manager of a business to another I live in Taylor Michigan and the store is located right across the street from my home your store address 27208 Eureka your store got a truck in so they close the store for the whole day at that was at 1:00 pm do the store manager told me they will open at 4:00 pm she left for the day now the employees are feeling everyone they are not opening the rest of the day they did the same the last Sunday that is poor business

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Emma - 1 d 4 h ago


I realize that for essential workers this is a very stressful time. That being said, I think I met the rudest person on the planet today- employee at family dollar store 11518. She was cursing the manager in front of myself and several other customers. When it was my turn. I stepped up with my face covered with my shirt, and she looked me up and down, repeat and when I asked what was wrong., she says your ass standing here like dat is scaring me. That's right I'm looking at you like you crazy. So rude. How does she have a job in customer service? I Will NEVER go back to that store again

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Pamela Wilson - 1 d 12 h ago


I am Pamela Wilson from Milan, N.M, I am a concerned parent with a daughter employed by your company, that is high risk with only one Kidney, as well as being a new mother to two new babies 6 months and an 18 month at home, and the lack of seriousness, your company seems to be in denial of The impart the Coron19 virus. Is having on the United States. Although the stores are limiting customers to 5 at a time, they are totally exposed. Not masks no gloves, and no shields to keep them protected. However your stores are thriving is it going to be worth the risk of not taking precautions, and protecting your employees? I am not happy, not happy at all it would take $50 dollars, and an hour of someone's time, to put a shield separating your top line workers, and the ugliness of this Virus. New York rapid growth of 10,000 sick in one day, and has yet to peek. The next two weeks are critical, Grants/Milan have a 42-bed hospital, and surrounding area hospitals are in crisis themself are leaving no respirators in this area. So please please step up and protect your employees, if I could do it myself to protect my daughter I would, however, having chronic illnesses myself am unable. I promise you will never hear the end of it if my baby girl gets sick and her babies get sick at the hands of this companies lack of putting employees' lives first. I hope you will be able to sleep at night, just to make a dollar. When people start dying it is too late. Although I am sure you feel it would never happen to your company as you set in isolation,

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M - 1 d 6 h ago

That is very serious. They SHOULD have masks for their workers at the very least. It's one of the few businesses still making a profit. Take better care to keep your employees safe. They're trying to make a living to support families

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Johnny Cook - 1 d 7 h ago


I know everyone is trying to be safe with all that's going on but when you go to family dollar their making you take a key chain thing so they can can keep up with how many customers are in the store but the thing the employees are not doing is spraying them with disinfect and all that's is cross infecting everyone that goes in the store

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J. Turner - 1 d 9 h ago


Store #01525 located in newton falls, Ohio store manager Diana accuses me of haveing a Bluetooth speaker in my pocket. So when I emptied my pockets and proved her wrong not even an apology. I'm insulted and she is lucky I didn't tell her off. This is not okay for her to do that. I had coffee garbage bags and a toy for my daughter. And wallet with way more then enough cash to not be considered a thief. She had absolutely no reason to do so. She don't deserve her job as a manager. She could if at least said sorry.

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Amanda Good - 1 d 20 h ago


My daughter went into your store at 1110 s philo rd in urbana IL they had a hand basket full.of hand sanitizer my daughter asked how much they were she was told they are not for sell that it was for the employees they are store using every hand sanitizer they get so no one can buy them them

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Anonymous - 2 d 21 h ago


On April 4,2020, myself & my finance went to your store on 850 North Lamb here in Las Vegas where we live. They did not have any toilet paper on the shelve. So i ask one of your co-workers at your store and he told me they have no more toilet paper until Tuesday or Wednesday. I said, fine thanks. Then an Hispanic lady came back into your store with a 32 pack of toilet paper. My fiance told your co-worker running the front end (registers), the lady told my fiance they have toilet paper in the back so, he called the other worker the one i asked earlier and called him on the radio to bring out to of the 32 pack of toilet paper (2 cases). It's not right holding any type of products during this COVID-19. It' bullshit. I am a white male and my fiance is a woman of color they were speaking in spanish and holding out for the Hispanic people and not for everyone.

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T. Bullard - 2 d ago

Price gouging is illegal. One roll of toilet paper is $4.50 in Chapel Hill (Tyler) Tx. Shame on you.

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Rose M. - 2 d ago

Please contact the store located at Fairmont Junction on 114 Fairmont Parkway Pasadena Tx 77504 Phone number is (hidden). Today is Sat March 4, the time was about 12:15- 12;30. A lady came in and asked the cashier if she could just pay for her 2 litre bottle of soda and said i don't need a receipt. The cashier told her she had to wait at the end of the line. Please be aware of our situation that is taking place due to the virus. This lady didn't go to the end of the line, she remained up front not close to me or the cashier, she was off to the side . She started coughing, and said it out loud that she had tested positive for the coronavirus. She had no mask on and no gloves. Please contact that store, get the camera footage, and the car she was in. As soon as she stated she was positive, they should have tooken action immediately. The cashier took her money and let her out the store. Whether this woman is positive or not, she put the store, employees, and shoppers all at risk. If she was lying that is totally against the law here in Texas. She panicked me for sure, and the workers and possibly others that heard her. I was so rattled that i lost my money and receipt. This person needs to be held accountable whether she is telling the truth or not. Please take action and find out who this woman is. I will be checking to see if you took any action in this matter. Ty.

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Mary C - 2 d 4 h ago

I know with all that's going on right now that this may not seem like a big deal however The store in Salisbury Md on Snow Hill and Johnson Rd looks absolutely disgusting on the outside. The grass hasn't been mowed and the siding is so dirty. It has never been cleaned up or power washed. It would be a nice gesture to perhaps hire a local power washer and lawn care service to clean the place up. It's an eyesore in our neighborhood.

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Leroy C Cawthorne - 2 d 4 h ago


It is a good thing that you have dedicated the first hour of shopping to seniors. The problem I am having is an incident that happened on April 4, 2020

My mother-in-law is 89 years old and legally blind. She has an assistant who comes in everyday to help her

My mother in law's name is Josephine Williams, she recently her assistant to get paper towels during the senior time. Your cashier would not sell them to her, even after she told her the situation. Not only did she refuse to sell them to her, she refused to allow another senior to purchase them for Mrs. William's. You should be ashamed of yourselves for the way you policies toward seniors are constructed.

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Yvodney Lyons - 8 d 8 h ago


To my surprise! With the coronavirus that's out here and claiming so many lives...that your company is not doing anything to aid with the employees and customers.... Examples none of the family Dollar stores is practicing social distance, there's not even a sign up, the conveyor belts are not being wiped. It really shows how you care about your employees and the customers... It just seems you're all about the money. I am very disappointed I have to be safe for me and my family I will not be returning there. Again unless something change I will be posting this in all media sites.. you guys have to change!

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Anonymous - 5 d 9 h ago

That's all they want is the money. They get to sit in there nice little office at home and everyone else takes a chance on there life for there money. This is bull shit. I know if they do one either shut down until this is over or 2 do big changes they will start losing a lot of money.

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Barbara - 5 d ago


All family dollar stores where told to mark off 6 foot areas for customers and staff to stand to be a safe distance apart. I am truly sorry the store you frequent hasnt done what they were supposed to.

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Anonymous - 2 d 6 h ago

Anonymous in Rocksprings Texas my wife was told that if you did not had mask or gloves you could not go in the store that the manager had made those rules not the town or corporate office is that right or wrong.Will be calling corporate office to report it.

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Anonymous and Concerned - 2 d 8 h ago


I went to the Family Dollar located on Centerville Hwy, Snellville, Georgia early a little after 8 am. I noticed workers had taken a permanent marker to up the price of Clorox Bleach from the original price. That's the prime time when seniors shop and since the store didn't have a lot of customers. So in a short time all the bleach would be sold out a higher price. That's is down right criminal. So I'll call corporate on Monday to report this store and also will contact the local news. Shameful and heartless.

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