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Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

10401 Monroe Rd.
Matthews, NC
Howard Levine
Chairman and CEO
(704) 847-6961
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Lena Taylor - 2 h ago


On July 3, 2020, I visited the Family Dollar in Garden City, Georgia. At checkout, I was given the option to get cash back and I did. After the cashier ( I hope she was not a manager) cashed me out, the registered popped open for her to give me my change. At that time, she looked at me and said with attitude, " We ain't giving no cash back, the sign says it right there!". She then stormed to the next register while yelling to ask a coworker if she had the cash in her box. I looked around the crowded checkout counter as she huffed, puffed and rolled her eyes at me while waiting for her coworker to come and there it was hanging among the many million other signs at the register. I came in to get specifically the items that I purchased and I did not know I had to read all of the signs that were posted on the register counter. Nor did I have time to read the ones hanging on the protective plexiglass at the register. Was she not supposed to catch the error while ringing me out? I mean, she is the one that cashed it out. If she was not in such a rush while checking me out, she would have caught it. She was so rude after giving me my change back. I asked her a question and she straight ignored me. Never will I ever patronize this store again. I feel that she needs customer service training or to figure out if customer service is for her. Her behavior is totally unacceptable in that field.

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Rose - 7 h 33 m ago

I am in Citra Florida. I am a nonprofit here in this town and I bought a Tracphone for a client at our Citra Family Dollar and the phone is defective. I was told by Tracphone to exchange it or return it to your store but the store manager here says his manager said no to accept any cell phone returns. So I spent 44.00 on a phone for a client in need and it does not work and your company wont exchange or return it. I will be call your office CEO on Monday as I cant afford to lose this money as it is very hard to make money here in this little town.


Hope Outreach Help Center

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Crystal Watkins - 1 d 21 h ago


Family dollar in lansing off 175th and Burnham didn't want me to breathe. I want to know what law requires me as a consumer to wear a mask in fact according to illinois general assembly its against the kaw to wear masks it is called identity concealment wherefore i seek a freedom of information request as well as a claim for this matter my human rights for the store not to let me breathe was violated i was never shown what law required me to wear a mask. Furthermore family dollar is in violation not taking into consideration of people with disabilities with breathing and health conditions.

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Dave Glanville - 1 d ago


I just attempted to shop at your Cowpens, SC location. This being the 4th of July I was pleasantly surprised and happy to discover that the store was open their regular hours until 10pm; however, when I arrived it was 10 minutes to 10 and the store was locked up. A white male employee at the checkout looked over at me and then walked away without acknowledging me. I know he saw me because he literally made eye contact with me before walking away from the checkout. I even took a picture of the posted hours of operation signs as well as a blurry image of my watch depicting the time.

I worked as a manager for Family Dollar in the Charleston, SC market nearly 30 years ago and I never would have dreamed of closing my store before the posted closing time. Back then customer service was a priority. Has that changed.

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Anonymous - 1 d 3 h ago

Your employee named Amy that works at the hwy 231 family dollar in fountain fl was admitting to testing positive for covid 19. And she didn't have to wear gloves or a mask!! Even tho she tested negative now and done her isolaten and was re tested and was negative she shouldn't still have to wear mask and gloves cause you can always test positive twice now I think she's more prone to getting it again and she's already had it in her system works

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Garments - 1 d 5 h ago


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Becky pais - 2 d ago

I visited family dollar, shakes-here, pittsburgh, July 3, 2020 around 4.30. Your young checkout gentleman was

NOT wearing a MASK and displaying symptoms of COVID-19!!!!!

I plan on reporting this to authorities A.S.A.P. he needs to be TESTED! I have been so conscientious since the MARCH

shutdown. My husband and I (70 yrs. old) are health compromised!!!!!!!!!!!! I am freaking and now quarantineing.

I need a response!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jed - 2 d 4 h ago


I get tired every time i go in your store in Angel Fire the manager ask for me to donate money for emergency workers goes on and on even when he knows I find it irritating. I give to many charities don't need any help from Family Dollar on how i spend my money. Is that company policy to hassle people about money during these times insulting.Would have given a 5 star but don't like being hassled when I check out. thx

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Abonnell - 2 d 6 h ago


Family dollar employees are extremely rude to the customers I spend alot of money there and they treat customers like we owe them something there store is barely organized it smells bad it is the family dollar on maybank highway if they dont like there job then they shouldn't work there

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Stephanie - 2 d 6 h ago

The poor associates at the Niles, mi store are working in horrible heat!!! Shame on you cooperate for NOT fixing their air!!! To hot in that store, and 95 degrees outside

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Anonymous - 2 d 7 h ago

Shaw Tina made me feel rushed in the line.

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Vicki - 2 d 7 h ago


The Family Dollar in Raleigh, NC on Trawick Rd. is absolutely NASTY! The parking lot is always nasty and the floors in the store have dirty black spots most of the time. The shelves are rarely stocked and boxes of merchandise just sit in the aisles.

Frequently, there are people with a table set up outside the store collecting donations for the Homeless and staff members are outside talking to them instead of inside. The staff overall are talking to each other using profanity etc. Yesterday was my last visit there.

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Zene - 2 d 8 h ago

The Family Dollar in Hogansville, Ga. is absolutely nasty, dangerous to walk around, trash and store items all on the floor!!! Can't find anything, stuff mixed up all over the store!!!

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Pete - 2 d 11 h ago


The Family Dollars on main street

in Bishopville SC needs to be cleaned. The floors are disgusting, there's spider web all over the place and the windows and doors needs cleaning and sanitized. This is disgusting.

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Sharie - 3 d ago


Your store on airport blvd and mlk, austin, tx always seems to have dirty stained floors and things that block the aisle. The employees never seem able to find the items I ask for and usually have an attitude. Something tells me management just doesn't care about training new hires properly to make themselves look good. Imma have to go to other places to shop because something is just off about that store always

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David - 3 d 1 h ago


I was just in one of your store # 04744 in Rochester NY and I was told that I can't get a bag because I had 4 items and a case of water I even offered to buy a paper bag from them and they said no we cannot give you a bag or sell you a bag because you only have four items I need a bag because I am disabled

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Orchard - 3 d 6 h ago

At the Family Dollar in Vinton Louisiana they have a sign on the door that says You must wear a face mask well they do not enforce that rule in fact they're not even wearing face masks I will not go there again I will go to Dollar General where they are wearing face masks and making people wear face masks unless you can correct this problem thank you so much and have a great day

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Anonymous - 3 d 10 h ago

The store in Edmond store#07901 has toys on a rack that has 50% off they will not sell them to me and the manager was so ugly. This is not the first time she's done this.she yelled at my son for carrying spray paint for me cause my hands was full. Yesterday she yell at a man for just asking for swimming pools.

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Anonymous - 4 d 1 h ago

There is a black manager at your colfax and chambers location in aurora Colorado . who is very racist against white people . i came in the store to buy a few items when i checked out i gave her 100.00 and refused to cashed it and told me that she could not . i needed to buy more items. I asked her if i was black if could cashed it she answered yes.

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Jacqueline - 4 d 4 h ago


Please be very careful with the Family Dollar Manager in Louisville,Ga her name is Nadine Fitzgerald, very rude manager to make the customer feel as though she is lying about a price that the products was in front of for a Dollar. So the cashier seen the picture I took and gave it to for the price it was in front of and the only price that was on the shelf with the product. Her name was Kabriel very sweet person maybe she need to be Manager.

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My name is Stephanie Aadil - 4 d 7 h ago

I live in Little Rock Ar. Your store manager at the store on 65th was rude and disrespectful over the disinfectant spray I understand that it's one per house but I explain to her that we had just come from wrkin out but she said we both could not get the spray we offered our ID so she would know we live in different homes but even after tht she told me I couldn't go home and get my car but my friend could. We genuinely weren't trying to get over we were just two people tht happened to be coming from working out and stopped at the store and was so happy to have cought some spray during this covic 19. I will never go to the store again I will do all my business at Walmart from now on

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Bootie - 4 d 11 h ago


trying to get in touch with legal department.

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Lynn W. - 5 d ago



The Family Dollar store in Hudson, NC is very close to my home. I am in the store at least 3 times a week. I purchased a box of store brand cereal and it did not taste good and was chewy. I returned it the next day only to be treated very rudely. The manager did not want to refund my couple dollars. She said she wasn't supposed to take anything that had been open. I asked her how I was supposed to know it wasn't good if I didn't open it. I also showed her the satisfaction guarantee on the box.It made her so mad, took the box and threw it, but gave me the money back. I'm 66...will not go back.......Thank you if you read this

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Anonymous - 5 d 4 h ago


Very Disappointed in this store 4271 Livernois Detroit Michigan since new ownership this store is very dirty stuff everywhere,the floors don't get cleaned and mopped, Merchandise sits on a cart with Merchandise blocking the isles, the manager is rude and talks to much and doesn't work.Please make this store clean and disinfect again the People in the neighborhood enjoy going in a clean and safe store , the sign on door says face mask or no service but the manager or workers don't wear face mask. Please handle this situation it would be kindly appreciated. thank you

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Concerned citizen - 5 d 8 h ago


Mr. Levine,

The cdc has put (guidelines) in place to guide your under management team to educate your store mangers On how to properly navigate through this time of a Pandemic. So this only leads me to believe it starts from the top. I stopped in one of your stores in Rice, tx. I'll keep it short this store isn't on board with any guidelines. And I have made many visits. Get your stores in line.

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