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Fandango Inc.

12200 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 150
Los Angeles, CA
Chuck Davis
Chairman and CEO
(310) 451-7690
(310) 451-7861
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Regenia bell - 4 d ago



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Anonymous - 5 d 13 h ago


You should be put in Jail!! I will look forward to the day when justice will be served. Taking all the money for movie ticket gift cards that are not being honored. Shame on you Mr Chuck Davis.

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Pissed off - 8 d ago


I just want my fuckin $30 back! How can I get it? Now waiting on hold for the 5th time for a hour to just get the same run around again... this is bullshit

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Deborah Meadows - 8 d ago


My name is Deborah meadows, and I am a senior citizen. Our son gave us a Fandango gift card for Christmas. I tried to use it, and knew that the cost of the tickets would exceed the 25.00. I input my gift card number and gave them my credit card number to make up the difference. I have now been on hold for over 35 minutes to get some help. I even tried to call tech support and they said they could help me for 99.00. I think it is terrible that there is no help for seniors who are not computer savy and want to go to the movies. I think this is terrible.

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-Mike - 16 d 29 s ago


Could leave my story - but same as below. Apparently company doesn't give a crap. I will never - ever use Fandango again.

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Victoria T. - 16 d 20 h ago


You have been reported to the Better Business Bureau.

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Anna Zapata - 17 d 18 h ago


What a need to explain how you robbed me blind because I see from other reviewers you are well aware of it....I will however post a snapshot of my "customer service" experience on all social media and request one and all to SHARE so that others will not fall for malfeasance.

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Anonymous - 17 d 16 h ago

File a complaint with consumer affairs in state of California. This is what I am going to do.

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Hasson - 19 d ago


I'm surprised your still in business.

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RB - 19 d ago


same as all of you no refund no matter, plus waited 3 different days to "type" to talk to someone but finally got hung up on as well

Their customer service needs to be reviewed by someone thats in the field, Chuck Davis maybe

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Anonymous - 22 d ago

Horrible customer service wait time over90 minutes. Customer rep unhelpful, unwilling to listen or work with me. Insisted I had made a mistake and refused to address the issue. I was charged $37.95 for tickets that were not delivered. I had to repurchase them -so paid twice. I hope you will refund my money or give me a credit. If not, I will never use your service, tell all my friends about your service and lack of customer respect and post this on Facebook and Twitter. My email at Fandango is (hidden). I expect you to resolve this

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Ira W - 23 d 50 s ago


Went to see the movie The Greatest Showman, I too called Fandango to get a refund prior to the movie starting because I purchased 4 tickets for the wrong theater, waited a long time, answered there voice response for some one to call me back, never received a call back

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Ron - 23 d 25 s ago


Bought a 2:30 pm feature of Star Wars ticket for Christmas Day.

The order page stated the 1:30 pm feature was sold out.

When I got to the theater there was a 2:00 pm feature and not a 2:30 and the movie had already started. The theater's time schedule did not even closely resemble what Fandango had stated.

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Frances Aoyagi - 31 d 16 h ago


Just purchased 2 tickets to Star Wars . My sister ended up getting sick before the movie started . We had to take her to the hospital . I called fandango waited 2 hours on the phone to tell me that they cannot refund my tickets. To make matters worse I asked to speak to a supervisor and was hung up on .I called back not a big suprise that I had to wait over a hour again . Then when I asked to speak to a higher supervisor they said there was none . So I'm assuming Chuck Davis who is the CEO is not there direct supervisor. I'm no even upset about the 24 $ return. I'm very disappointed that they can treat customers like this and get away with it. I will never use fandango again . I have never been treated so unprofessional !!!!

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Eric - 24 d 11 h ago


waited for over an hour to talk via chat and had the same experience.

Was hung up on

HORRIBLE customer service !!!

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Anonymous - 33 d 15 h ago

pls discontinue your promotional emails to me


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lisa - 45 d 17 h ago


I purchased my tickets online and never got a confirmation. So, I thought my transaction was unsuccessful, but was still charged by Fandango. Customer service said they could do nothing.

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ashley chitwood - 58 d 17 h ago


I bought tickets for my hubby and I three weeks ahead and when the movie day came i realized it was for a time i couldn't make ( due to being in the hospital) so knowing i could exchange them if i call before hand i started calling hours before i also requested 2 phone called back and never got them, finally i wailed over 1 hour on hold for someone to answer and it was after the showtime so my message had to be sent to corporate to find out if i could get a exchange. i was trying hours before hand to get a hold of someone and could not. they did not even call me back from where i requested 2 phone call back.

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David B59 - 59 d ago


I ordered movie tickets via rewards points I earn at work, I ordered 3 tickets through Fandango and received a link to print my tickets. Well the link did not work (page cannot be displayed was the message) I contacted Fandango customer Service Brittany had responded and was able to print 2 of the three tickets. After countless emails and Brittany sending me the same link over and over again for tickets I have already purchased, finally Brittany sent me an email stating " it is unfortunate that you have to take a loss on your movie ticket" My question to her was this why could you not print out the first ticket? you printed out the others?

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Crystal - 158 d 23 h ago


First, I have spent a lot of money over the years through Fandango. I have stuck with them through their business transitions with AMC, etc. I have been a loyal customer. Recently, I planned a family outing to the movies. My sons and hubby would see Spiderman and me and my toddler daughter would see Despicable Me 3. It turns out that I accidentally bought Spiderman tickets for me and our little girl instead of Despicable Me. We were in route to the movie when I realized this and prior to the movie starting I tried to open the Fandango app and it would NOT open. I tried over and over again and nothing. My son tried and it didn't work for him either. By the time I could get into the app, it was too late to cancel. So I quickly bought two tickets to Despicable 3 at a nearby theatre around the same start time because by now the theatre we'd all planned to attend was sold out for that movie. That said, I contacted the live chat and was number 24 in the que. I waited over 30 minutes to live chat only to be told they can't help me and it's up to corporate to make a decision. Over two weeks later I called and waited 37 minutes for a rep to get on the phone to tell me he couldn't make the decision and it was up to corporate. I asked for a supervisor and waited another 10 minutes to speak with a woman about my situation. She informed me that your systems have been overloaded due to some new addition (or something) and you were behind on things. She also said I probably couldn't get through due to it. If you check my Fandango history, you will see that I bought an adult and child ticket to Despicable Me 3 near the same movie time as Spider man so me and my daughter can't be in two places at one time! I got on live chat today to find out the status of my issue, a MONTH later, and they wrote back to say corporate decided not to refund me because I cancelled after the movie time! Your system was the issue, not me. So I called and asked to speak with a supervisor. I held on for 43 minutes and 29 seconds, then finally hung up. I called back and finally got a representative who seems to really care. Her name was Leyna. I recounted this story for the fourth time. She spoke with the supervisor. She took notes and sent me an email with an incident number on it ((hidden)84). I'm still left with waiting another 24 hours for a decision. Seems to me Corporate does not care about what their customers are going through. You have cushy jobs and $26 is a drop in the bucket for you! My husband is out of work and I'm the only one with an income at this time so for us, it is a lot. We are honest people, but I feel as if I'm being treated as if I'm not. Empower your front line!! Let them resolve a simple issue like this. I tried to cancel, YOUR system was down, issue a refund or exchange. I've spent $100's through Fandango. If this is resolved in my favor, I'm done. And, yes, Corporate Giants, I know you can careless. You've already demonstrated that. Leyna should be running your company. She was the first one out of the 5 people I spoke with at Fandango customer "care" who actually truly did care for me... even though I'm still stuck without an a refund or decision.

My suggestion is that you get a great metric to measure "why" you are not doing well with being customer centric. If you'd like solutions, call me. I'm in marketing. I know some good ones. Fandano desperately needs it. (770) 906-6037.

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Anonymous - 142 d 24 h ago

Please don't contact the number in the review above. I cannot delete it. Thanks.

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Anonymous - 61 d 18 h ago


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Better Service Expected - 62 d 20 h ago


I was happy to purchase tickets from Fandango until just today. They won't refund my money for a show I can't go to (because my daughter is sick). Because someone at Marcus theater printed my tickets from other upcoming movies, they said I had to go to the theater for the refund. Really? I just told you my daughter is sick!!!! Forget about their customer service when dealing with Alexandra and whoever supervisor Michael is (who wouldn't give me a full name or contact phone number to follow up). I have never dealt with such incompetent customer service. To go even further, I tried to contact Marcus theater for help and couldn't get a live person. No wonder the movie industry is losing money. People are staying home to watch Netflix, Hulu and HBO. Go figure.

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Stephen Moore - 65 d 12 h ago


Total lack of customer care. Forced to spend 45 minutes trying to purchase 2 tickets on Fandango. Had to open VIP account. Placed order - 2 days in advance. Special surprise for my wife. 5 attempts and would not process my order. 4 Live Chats. Told to change browswers, emails and on & on. Nothing. Alias 'Kat" 3 times + 'Alfred" once. Latter finally said he had escalated and sent to Corporate; I should wait for reply. I immediately went to Cinemark website; got tickets in less then 2 minutes. From now on, Cinemark YES! Fandango NO!

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