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Fandango Inc.

12200 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 150
Los Angeles, CA
Chuck Davis
Chairman and CEO
(310) 451-7690
(310) 451-7861
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Anonymous - 16 d 19 h ago


Same issue as everyone else they take money and when you try to cancel (in my case I was stuck in heavy traffic and would of miss like 15 minutes of the movie).. they tell you no at the time it starts.. then have you in a wait in customer service limbo just to keep your money..

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Anonymous - 21 d 10 h ago


Entirely disappointing and I will take this to legal

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Alex - 25 d 11 h ago


"Fandango does not do refunds of exchanges. Even if you missed the movie by 1 minute" Quoting a fandango customer service rep named Joseph.

Chairman and CEO does not care for our comments or complaints. If he did, he would read all these comments or hire a department to assist him with the number of complaints on here.

A simple credit would suffice, but they don't nor teach that customer service trait in their customer service department.

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lolo - 25 d 6 h ago


good good

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Angry - 35 d 13 h ago


I bought tickets in the app. Could not find them anywhere once I got to the theater so I had to repurchase in the theater. And now they won't let me refund or get fandango credit for the online tickets I never used.

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Finally Satisfied Customer - 47 d 5 h ago


I had a box set of movies that had digital codes for all five on one little sheet you receive in the front of the case. This was a box set of 5 movies.....I loaded the digital codes with all working except one......I reached out to fandango to see if they could help me get that movie loaded. I have sent about 10 emails and called to escalate the situation three times with no resolution. The movie is $11.99 on fandango and they could simply put a credit on my account for that and I would have upload the movie-simple right!

After speaking with Customer Service now for the fourth time then to the their supervisor who also stated that the code was invalid and there was nothing they could do for me......DUH that's the reason I have been reaching out for the last three months.......they stated they could do another corporate escalation and I told them absolutely not.......I wasn't going to be brushed off one more time. I told them persistently to connect me to their corporate office, and after about 30 minutes of hold time I was with a gentlemen named Joseph at the corporate level.

Now up till this point I was so beyond livid. Joseph was AWESOME though. He researched and found the box set I purchased......compared it against the codes that I had already used to upload the other four movies and was able to get that 5th movie loaded in about 10 minutes of speaking with him. So three months of frustration and back and forth with the customer service department. Then ten minutes with a competent employee and it's resolved. Thank you Jesus for Joseph today as he was my saving grace and the only reason why I will continue to use Fandango.......While I spent over an hour on the phone, I read the comments below and thought I was in the same boat as everyone else. Not the case and Fandango did make it right me.....really not Fandango but Joseph made it right for me. Thank you sir, you are a valued employee, and I really very much appreciate your help finally to get this taken care of.

Moral of the story-total breakdown from all customer service avenues are a bust....get to the corporate level and you may possible have a shot at the resolution.

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Confused - 48 d 7 h ago


I bought tickets with a gift card and used my Fandango VIP account supposedly help if there was a issue with making the show. YOU KNOW "LIFE HAPPENS" well it did. I bought tickets to the wrong theater. I called fandango to help because I forgot my password. I tried to say I forgot my password, but something is wrong? So I called to see if they could reset it? They can not! The have to expedite it to corporate so they can help me. This is my 4th time calling customer service... And they expedited it to cooperate yet again!

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Anonymous - 48 d 7 h ago


I bought tickets with a gift card and used my fandango vip account supposedly help if there was a issue with making the show. YOU KNOW "LIFE HAPPENS" well it did. I bought tickets to the wrong theater. I called fandango to help because I forgot my password. I tried to say I forgot my password, but something is wrong? So I called to see if they could reset it? They can not! The have to expedite it to corporate so they can help me. This is my 4th time calling customer service... And they expedited it to cooperate yet again!

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Pilotguy - 48 d 15 h ago


Stole my money

I went to the theater, but when I bought the ticket location services were engaged and I a ticket to the wrong theater. The theater could ot do anything about it so tried to contact Fandango. 45 minutes waiting on chat only to be told to FO, you won't get your money back.

Fandango refused to refund my money, in spite of the fact that they are obligated to do so by state law.

I have to file a small claims to get my money returned.

This is my review - don't waste your time, once they have your money they will keep it whether you see the movie or not, whether it is your fault or theirs. Avoid these pirates at all costs (or it will cost you all).

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Mary Brown - 58 d 4 h ago


I took part in an Advil promotion for free Fandango tickets if I bought the required amount of qualifying Advil products and submitted my receipts to the text # given before 11/20/2019. On the original newspaper insert that I still have it says to "star qualifying ITEMS on MY RECIEPT. Not star each item on 4 SEPERATE receipts!!! NO WHERE does it say I had to have 4 separate receipts to receive 4 tickets in the small print! I bought 4 qualifying Advil items on 2 separate occasions. (1 reciept with one Advil purchase, the other with 3 Advil purchases.) I was told by a rep for Fandango that I had to have 4 separate receipts all with single Advil purchases to get 4 free movie tickets. I was told that my single purchase on one reciept was not accepted because the date was not seen. (Which is incorrect, because I still have both receipts WITH conformation #'s and can see them clear as a bell!) But the reciept that had 3 qualifying purchases would only allow me ONE ticket! I spent $30.00 of qualifying purchases to get this promotion and Fandango has screwed me!!! My family was looking forward to going to the movies tonight.....but now we can't because of this!

I believe Fandango needs to make this RIGHT! I. have screenshots of EVERYTHING to prove I qualify!

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Scott - 58 d 8 h ago


I purchased tickets on Fandango. At the theater the seats were completely unacceptable. The theater offered to refund the tickets, but when they found out they were purchased on Fandango they directed me to call Fandango. I called (before the start of the show), was kept on hold for over 40 minutes, then once I was connected to a service representative I was put on hold again so that the service rep could call the theater for approval of the refund. The theater approved the refund and the service rep promised to send me an email that would process my refund. I received an email that denied the refund. This is completely unacceptable. Obviously the service representatives are not properly trained. There is not enough staff to handle the obviously high volume of service calls. And there is no coherence between the telephone staff, the web site, and the staff who responds via email. I hope that anyone who reads this goes to the theater directly and does not attempt to use Fandango. It is way too much bother and not dependable.

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Amanda, Mgr. 3rd Ave., NYC Theatre - 92 d ago


I purchased a ticket online for a seat at the NYC Third Avenue Theatre. When I got there the seat didn't exist! I went to someone named Amanda who claimed to be the manager. She refused to credit my credit card for the purchase amount. She said the computer system wouldn't allow her to. She kept insisting that I call customer service. She got on her phone and started dialing. I told her that I wouldn't leave until she gave me a full refund she kept refusing. Finally I swiped my card for a partial r3fund and asked fo4 5he difference in cash. This is something she could have offered but didn't. Then she refused to give me a signed copy of 5h3 refund receipt, then she said I WAS Hassling HER! Amanda should be fired and this theatre should be penalized for a fraudulent transaction!!! Sham3 on you all!

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B.Me - 108 d 7 h ago


I'd used Fandango for years since it was the only channel you couldn't delete, additionally, they had some titles I liked to rent that weren't available elsewhere. Beginning, ~ 2 yrs ago, I began having problems with it. We have two TVs w/Roku devices, one day, I could log into Fandango through one Roku device but not the other. I called, they said they fixed something and to try the device I was previously unable to log in. Sure enough, they fixed it, however, as a result I couldn't log into the device that had been working. One or the other device but not both. They had no solution. Some time later, I attempted to resolve again. In the information given them I indicated now I couldn't log into my account and I was using my computer. In their resolution they blamed a Roku firewall and said I should try logging in on computer...

After, this Fandango indicated they'd been having lots of glitches, etc. and had no solution except to have me create a new acct, upon doing so they'd transfer all applicable titles from old to new acct. I created new acct and Fandango promptly stated they needed to get corporate approval to move 1/2 dozen purchased titles to new acct.

All that took place over two weeks ago and apparently Corporate hasn't approved movement of titles.

So to be absolutely clear, Fandango is wheeling and dealing in the new paradigm of corporate monopolizing they still haven't approved this let alone done anything. They're re-pungent through and through.

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Anonymous - 113 d 14 h ago


I never complain but this experience was SO frustrating I felt compelled to log feedback.

Wow I see I am not the only one looking to complain about Fandango and also its customer services.

I selected the wrong theater for a purchase and immediately tried to correct the issue. Customer service said you had to sign up to the VIP program to be able to process a refund. I said I did not want to be a VIP and was basically told by Frank T that I could NOT process a refund !!?? Not only is the process to be able to correct a mistake not easy but customer service was zero help. I would avoid Fandango an go direct to the movie theater to preorder tickets. I also wish I had seen all these other complaints before I tried Fandango.

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Anonymous - 121 d 10 h ago

This company has the rudest custumer service in the world would never use it again

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Lauren - 123 d 15 h ago


I am beyond frustrated and upset with Fandago customer service and then their corporate offices. When buying my tickets on October 18th, their customer service gave me the wrong information which led me to have a credit instead of a full refund which is what I called for and was told I was going to get if I followed the woman's instructions. After following her instructions I was sent an email saying that I was not refunded but instead had a credit. I asked to speak to a supervisor immediately who assured me he wold handle the problem and contact cooperate offices directly and not to worry. He also assured me that he was taking notes of everything I was saying and putting it in my complaint file.

Less than a half hour later I received an email denying my request of a refund. So I called again to speak to a supervisor and I was put on hold for about a half hour. I told my WHOLE STORY AGAIN to a customer service employee who said I had to do that before speaking to her supervisor. She also told me there were ZERO notes in my complaint file from my previous call earlier in the evening! Finally she "sent" me to her supervisor, who I waited to speak with for another 15 minutes when I was finally offered a return call option. I decided to choose that option and not wait any longer. To my NOT surprise, no one ever returned my call.

I then call AGAIN the following day and explained my story AGAIN where I spoke to another supervisor who assured me she would personally speak with corporate and resolve my issue. I received another email yesterday stating my claim was DENIED and I would NOT be getting a refund.

I am beyond disappointed and disgusted by the customer service run around I received. I will not be using this company again!

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Irma Borrego - 126 d 5 h ago


My name is Irma B and purchase a ticket for a local theater using a guest account in Fandango. When entering the theater I was told I couldn't get in with my purse (size was not permitted (too big)). This was a Sunday night and I was looking forward to seeing the movie "Judy". Unfortunately, I was not allowed to go inside the theater. I called customer service and they couldn't refund my ticket because the movie had already started when I called to request the refund. 10 minutes after the scheduled time; which in all actuality the movie has not started because it takes 30 for previews. I've been a customer of Fandango for decades and never do I recall requesting a refund. I am upset of the time wasted in this BS. They are asking me to sign in as a VIP so I can request the refund. I signed in and paid as a guest, that shouldn't matter now it didn't matter when they accepted my payment. I will make a complaint with the business bureau on how they are holding money that is not there's and they are refusing to refund to a loyal customer that was not able to get in the theater they advertise without a notification of their policy regarding bags size.

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Nicole Lepkosky - 127 d 5 h ago


I have been a loyal customer to fandango for years now and only exclusively use fandango. I purchased tickets, or at least I thought I did because the tickets were in the tickets section in my app. So prior to me leaving I check the tickets and there is no confirmation # and it states that there was a problem getting the confirmation # so naturally I call your customer service. I attempted to purchase the tickets and it came up with an error however I believed I was successful on the third attempt but customer service said that my account was blocked after the first attempt. It was escalated up to a supervisor and not even the supervisor can tell me what happened because he said there is usually a reason given to them on their end but in my case there wasn't. Not my problem so at this point it is getting late and we need to leave to see our movie but the supervisor Nate Greene who says he doesn't have an employee number says that there are no seats available then tells me to just go to the theater and buy the tickets directly from the box office. The point of using your services is so that my seats are reserved in advanced. I'am upset because not only did this ruin my evening but the customer service supervisor told me to go to the box office and purchase tickets that he knew where sold out! Then it turned into an arguing match which is now why I have taken time out of my life to let you know how awful my experience has been with your customer service. Not only was my evening ruined with my father who is here visiting from out of town but I am saddened with the poor experience.

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J. M. - 136 d 6 h ago


I was sold bogus tickets through your app. I bought tickets that don't exist at the movie theatre. I called customer service and the employee said, "So what do you want me to do?" Jaw dropping. I can't even get a full refund for the company's mistake without being charged 5.00 USD. My other option is a credit. I don't want credit. I don't ever want to use Fandango again. Instead of dealing with the issue appropriately I receive no help. I asked to talk to the manager and was told the manager is not available. Seriously? Wow. I will be reporting to the Better Business Bureau.

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Anonymous - 149 d 9 h ago


You should have a mechanism to ensure that when fandango makes a mistake and refunds you tickets rather than exchange it the customer can get the credit ASAP. You took my money ASAP. You might want to post a correct number. I will be contacting the media and corporate head quarters if I dont see an exchane rather than the refund within the next 2 hours!! FYI it is Friday afternoon EST 3:25pm.

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ALA - 179 d 9 h ago


I went to their site to buy tickets to a movie at a local theater and went through the steps to make the purchase. A confirmation email was sent to me, and that had a link to click on to download and print the tickets, but I did not click on it when I received it, because it was a few days prior to the movie showing time. The day before the movie, I went in to my email to click on the link and print my tickets, but when I did, I was surprised to to discover that the tickets were incorrect - the date was right, but it was for the wrong movie, a kid movie. I went to their site, and there is a link that you can click on to exchange one movie or showtime for another - so I did so, and I made the even exchange. This time, when I went to select the movie, I had a coworker review my selections to ensure that I didn't make a mistake, as I was certain that I reviewed several times the first time - and the coworker verified that it was all filled in to my specifications. Again, I was emailed a link to print the tickets, and the next morning when I clicked on the link, I was horrified to learn that this time, the tickets were for the correct movie, for the WRONG DATE! By this time, it was already the day of the movie, so I printed the tickets and took them to the theater. When I arrived to the theater, the manager there took my tickets and my credit card and said that he would just exchange out the wrong date for the right date, as they do on a regular basis - but when he ran my credit card, he informed me that he was unable to make the exchange, because the purchase was showing that we were supposed to be at the kid movie, the first incorrect transaction before the second!! Because we were already at the theater and had already purchased snacks by this time, we gave in and purchased tickets to the movie right there on location. So, the next day, I did a chat session with a rep from Fandango, and the rep was extremely rude and unhelpful - refused to refund my credit card for the failed transaction, and moreover, spoke to me in the chat in a very condescending way, all while blaming ME for getting the wrong tickets emailed to my by Fandango, which is ludicrous. Since this had escalated and had dragged on for so long, the next day I called them personally and spoke with a person, who was very polite and apologetic, and who let me know that she was sending my complaint up to the Corporate Office, which she did and confirmed having done so via an email to my inbox. The very next day, I received an email from a higher up manager at Corporate Office, who stated: "Our corporate office has reviewed your complaint, and we would like to do something to help make up for your unpleasant experience. We do see that a refund was issued for the full amount of the transaction. We also issued 500 VIP+points to your Fandango VIP account online, which will give you another $5 Reward. This reward is good until 11/21/2019. Again, we apologize for the issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding." This was on August 24th - and my credit card had NOT been credited, so I replied back to tell them so. The next day, on the 25th, I received an email from the polite girl from the phone, saying: "We spoke on Friday, Im Glad corporate responded so quick and did the compensation I requested. If you ever have anymore issues , please feel free to contact us directly. Have a beautiful day." I also replied to her to let her know that a credit had never been issued to my credit card as Corporate had incorrectly stated they had - but not surprisingly, I received no response from her either. It is now the 28th, and this has been going on for nearly two weeks, with no resolution. All I am asking for is the $38.20 be refunded to my credit card as they promised, as they stated they could clearly tell that the bar code on my Fandango had never been scanned, and as much, the tickets were never used. I have now filed an official complaint with the BBB - hopefully they can get something done. Fandango used to be a good business, but according to my experience and the comments below, they are now just running a racket.

General profile image - 181 d 8 h ago


Fandango is the worst and you should not be allowed to operate as a business. I will be calling a BBB to make a formal complaint. You are a rip off not issuing refunds to people. Your system does not issue confirmation numbers and you wont give the refund back. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Management stop letting your employees take this stuff from angry employees you pay them peanuts and you make all the money. FANDANGO employees there are better places to work I promise you. In-and out pays more than you make and they don't have to take what you take cause of unfair policies, while all the hire ups get paid big bucks. After reading all these horrible reviews I am sure there will be a class action law suit soon.

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pissed - 219 d 30 s ago


AWFUL. Fandango allowed me to purchase tickets to a showtime that didn't even exist! They failed to update their schedule to reflect the theater's schedule and the movie was no longer showing YET THEY ARE REFUSING TO REFUND. What the hell is wrong with this company?

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s - 200 d 17 h ago


same thing happened to me. And not even this website lets me write that without giving an error "This comment already exists in datastore. Please enter something that is unique.


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Neti - 202 d 10 h ago


I called fandango customer service to be put on hold for a total of 8 HOURS! I explained we had a family emergency and needed a refund mind u I called 3 DAYS BEFORE OUR MOVIE!!! Karen told me they would have it credited to my account only to find out 2 weeks later my fandango account it still $0.00!!!! I've been told repeatedly that head quarters would be calling me back yet I haven't received a call!!!!!! I have NOT seen one good review about fandango! It's just sad that people work so hard to take their families out to see a movie and get rob of their hard earned money! The movie tickets are not cheap either!!!

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