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Fandango Inc.

12200 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 150
Los Angeles, CA
Chuck Davis
Chairman and CEO
(310) 451-7690
(310) 451-7861
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Anonymous - 4 d 7 h ago


I ordered tickets on fandango never received a confirmation email and used PayPal so theater had no way to look up tickets. Used the live chat and was disconnected twice before talking to someone who told me to call customer service. Customer service told me they could not refund me. Talked to supervisor who said the same thing because the show had already started. Total bs because I was trying to make my show and would have if I got my tickets!

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Janet - 6 d 5 h ago

This web site took my money and will not give it back I have been contacting them for a month and get bullshit answers I will be deleting my app and stick with amc at least when u have an issue they resolve it right away

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Anonymous - 15 d ago


This is the shadiest company on earth! Your corporate number is fake. No one in customer service has a phone number, it's all automated emails so you can steal hard working Americans money. I will post on every social media outlet of which I have over 800,000 followers on letting them know the documented B.S. that is fandango. I tried every means possible to cancel before my show but your app was unavailable so I couldn't and now I'm not due a refund. That is simple theft and I will do all I can to make sure every person knows it!

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Completely P***ssed in Alabama. - 7 d 4 s ago


Could not agree more. Gave me a $6 reward but then when I tried to use it, would not accept my credit card payment though I used it before and after the attempt on the same day. Balance paid every month. Then spent an hour talking directly and then to chat with Fandango rep trying to get it working. And they will not give you an email to complain to anyone in headquarters!

I will never use Fandango again.

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kimberly - 21 d 10 h ago

Do Not purchase fandango giftcards, I bought a package of three 15.00 giftcard from sam's two of them were fine and the third there is a problem i SENT a picture of the front of back to them and they are giving excuses why they cannot fix it and that I have spent 3 hours on the phone trying to resolve the problem when I told the supervisor he was not doing anything and incompentant he hung up on me

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Anonymous - 31 d ago


I spoke with the supervisor of Fandango and he was very rude and kept interrupting me when I was explaining my issue on the website with a purchase I had made. He didn't act like he cared at all that my card was charged twice and hung up on me instead of assisting me. He had an attitude the whole time. This was by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. The manager should not talk to customers this way. I will no longer be using Fandango.

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Jose Luis Estrada Jr - 53 d 5 h ago

I forgot to put my email address here's my adress (hidden).

Jose Estrada

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Jose Luis Estrada Jr - 53 d 5 h ago

Hello I do graphic design I was curious if ya'll could use my logo for your design. If yall can just let me know.

Jose Estrada

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Michael L - 57 d 8 h ago


Fandango - TERRIBLE Service: My car broke down en route to movie and was not able to contact Fandango until after the fact. When I messaged "customer service", I was denied the exchange and the $8.00 service fee. Talk about POOR customer service that would not even give a refund of $8.00.

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ANGANDERSON2002@YAHOO.COM - 59 d 9 h ago



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Kayla laird - 59 d 6 h ago

I totally agree with you. They are very rude.

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Kayla laird - 60 d 2 h ago

fandango is absolutely the worst website ever do not by tickets from them. They're refund policy in very inconvenient.

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Don't use Fandango - 60 d 11 h ago

Let me start by saying I ordered tickets from Fandango quite a bit, but on March 28th 2018 I had a problem with order my tickets so I got my tickets went to the movie theater and the seats that I bought where handicap seats and when I say handicap I mean there was no seats there they were empty spaces for wheelchairs. Call Fandango to put in a complaint ask them to be compensated in some kind of way, and they told me that there was nothing that they can do sorry for the inconvenience. Try to talk to someone at the corporate office but they said that there is no number or anyone that I can talk to. Now I don't know about anybody else but I can't deal with a company that doesn't allow you to put in the complaint to the corporate office. I'm done with Fandango and I advise everyone to be done with them as well because they're just out to get money and that's it. They don't care anything about their customers

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NMG - 62 d 20 h ago


I really only use Fandango to see show times, I have used the actual service a couple times for an obscure movie theater that shows random "older" movies and have not had a problem in that arena. I would definitely advise skipping their support and just having your bank reverse the transaction to save you time and headache. My story focuses on FandangoNOW, as they sometimes have good deals on digital 4K UHD movies for purchase. I ended up buying a couple of gift vouchers recently off of Groupon and Living Social since it was a decent deal. Coincidentally, a sale for Oscar-nominated films came up on FandangoNOW just a day or two later. I went ahead and perused their sale and decided I would try to grab a couple of movies in 4K UHD. I was unaware the coupon code related to the sale was only good for a single use and ended up choosing the Phantom Thread for pre-order. When I realized this, I decided I would rather use the coupon on a different movie as I had originally thought I could reuse it for others. I called FandangoNOW support and explained the situation. The guy had a hard time finding my account by my email as he had misspelled it. Once we got that situation resolved, he was finally able to cancel the pre-order. I should mention pre-orders can only be canceled via phone support... When it was done I forgot to ask how long it would be before I got my credit refunded. I called back and got an unenthusiastic woman who told me it should have gone through immediately and she had no idea why. Because their SUPPORT HAS NO ABILITY TO CREDIT AN ACCOUNT, she had to send a message to corporate. I was told, by her, it would be 3-5 business days (this being a Saturday that I called); as well as that there is no other way to contact corporate. I also had her send me an email to verify the situation, which I had to have her resend (yes, I kept her on the phone), because it described nothing of the situation... A couple of days later I receive an email stating that it has been 48 hours since I have responded to the woman's email and that if I did not respond the case would be closed!? I call FandangoNOW and talk to some guy who sounds like he could give a brick wall a run for its money. He assures me that the case is still open despite the email and that he will send me an email of our discussion. When I tell him I will wait for the email while he is on the phone, he proceeds to tell me that he does not have that ability because of where he is. I call pure BS because I never got an email (not that I'm doubting they have very limited capabilities, take that as you will). A few days later I get another email stating that Corporate has not yet responded, and that it will be 5-7 business days for a reply from Corporate. I decide to call FandangoNOW and admittedly get irate, one for having some of the worst customer support, and two because I get the exact same woman who told me it would be 3-5 business days! I talk to her, she states all she can do is some sort of "nudge" to TRY to get a faster response. I ask how they are going to compensate me for having to waste so much time to get what I am owed, not what I would like, what is rightfully mine. She tells she can give me a free rental, which I quickly dismiss as I don't rent, I buy, I own; it's not food, I'm going to keep it. I then get moved up to an alleged manager, and of course this idiot is of no help. I question the title because if you have only the same abilities as your "subordinate", how are you any different from the people beneath you? Sure, you could "manage" people, but without any power, your just a glorified CSR. The manager tries to offer me the same BS spiel and the rental. I cut him off so many times that if we were driving cars, he would already be balls deep in a pylon. He first tries to tell me that it sounds like I don't hear "no" a lot, to which I retort that of course I have, all I've heard from FandangoNOW support is, 'no they can't credit me, no the case's status hasn't changed, no we have no way to contact corporate.' I ask to talk to his superior and he quickly says that he does not have one. I question him on this asking if he owns Fandango, because there is no way he does not report to anyone. He then tells me he won't give me his manager's phone number--of which I never asked for--unsurprising me with the obvious lie he just revealed. I ask him how many times has Corporate not responded, and he states he count on his hands how many times, never revealing an actual number. I tell him that doesn't mean much when I don't know any of the information behind it, where then he goes into some junk about a busy time and having 500 Corporate responses. Even if this minute amount were true, it just means that Fandango/FandangoNOW has lots of issues and support can't handle any of them. I imagine they are varied for Fandango, but FandangoNOW is really just buying or renting digital movies (they no longer have a rewards program). How hard is it to setup support for buying or renting? You credit, you fix a purchase issue, I can't think of anything else..? Anyways, I ask this "manager" what happens if they do not respond within the now changed 5-7 business days? (He denies 3-5 business days was ever stated and that I even talked to the woman previously, even though I have an email from her that he seems ill-equipped to find, among other things.) He tells me they do their 2-day "nudge" process. I ask him, 'and if that doesn't work?' He literally tells me to "get a lawyer." FandangoNOW must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel if a support "manager" has no other recourse while be questioned than to say that. Since I know that they AT LEAST have the ability to write emails, I tell him to write me an email about what we discussed, the situation at hand, and what he has stated about Corporate in relation to their reply times. He refuses to do so and throws a hissy fit. I get the fit, I really do, because when your called a "manager", but aren't a real "manager", it's like being Pinocchio. Your a boy, just not a real boy. Beyond that, it amazes me that the one thing he can do he refuses to do. But I could be wrong, when your illiterate, I imagine you go to long lengths to keep it a secret. He asks if I would like an emailed survey, to which I honestly tell him he can do so but nothing positive will come from it (on my end of from his). The conversation eventually ends with him asking if there is anything else he can help with, and me answering, "Obviously not." The 7 business days pass and I call on the 8th as no credit has come back to me. AGAIN, I get the same lackluster woman. Of course, the status has not changed, so all she can do is her "nudge". I ask her if they have a small employee size (as what are the chances of getting the same person twice, letalone three times, if they have a large center or centers). She does not really say, but pretends to also find that odd. During this time I am planning on what is my next course of action if all else fails. I could give up and lose the credit, which more than offsets the deal on one gift voucher. I could hope that their pathetic Corporate comes through. Or I could plan on how to get my money back. I go with the latter and plan to go through a bunch of phone calls in order to get my money back. It entailed me contacting Groupon/Living Social, explaining the situation, more than likely being told there was nothing they could (at no fault to their own other than selling items from a company with shoddy support), but stating my piece so that it was on record, including that I would be contacting my bank and getting a refund for all gift vouchers. I know I wouldn't lose as Groupon would have no way to prove that FandangoNOW skirted their responsibilities, however, it would probably force me to open up another Groupon and Living Social account. The 9th day rolls around and I am ready to make the call to Groupon to begin my plan on the following day. In the afternoon, before I get a chance, I get an email stating I have been credited the (correct) amount. It only took 9 business days, just a couple days shy of two weeks, to get what was always rightfully mine. I could care less about the money, but don't try to screw me out of it by crippling your support to underhandedly keepy my money. If I had bought a movie that was not on pre-order, and then regretted it, I could see that being my fault. But when your support screws up whatever little they can actually do, then screw you. My lesson is to never pre-order anything from them, and only buy when I am absolutely certain of the terms.

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TPH - 81 d 5 h ago


I had a gift card for fandango and tried using it on 2-9. Never received a confirmation back

Tried using it a few days later and after spending over an hour on the phone , I was told that the card was charged and he was going to get charmain to get in touch with me in reference to a refund. I finally went on line with the reference number that was given to me

After three attempts back and forth they had sent me a phone number to call. Called them today and was told that the original purchase confirmation was sent to a email address different from my wife why was this told to me by the three previous knuckleheads and corporate will not approve the credit. Nice scam on fandango part

Nice that you purchased rotten tomatoes since that is appropriate description for the entire company NEVER will I recommend your gift card to anyone

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Anonymous - 88 d ago


I went to see Black Panther at your location last sunday in folsom 14 on iron point in ca. I was told i could not bring my purse into theater for safety reasons which was fine but as i enter the theater i saw women with backpacks and purses i believe i was treated unfair and will not attending this movie theater

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VANESSA - 88 d ago

they're horrible do NOT USE THEIR WEBSITE

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Cheated by Fandango - 90 d 5 h ago


Their website is horrible and they take forever to answer the phone. Once they do they put you on hold forever. Customer service beyond poor and you will be cheated out of your hard earned money.

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MICHAEL - 96 d 9 h ago


SO YESTERDAY,i order tix through fandango to see BLACKPANTHER. However when arriving to AMC Woodhaven 10 in BENSALEM PA, the lady at the counter couldn't find my tix. I give her a confirmation number and still couldn't find my tix. My tix was for a 3:30 showing. It is 3:29pm... then i show her the confirmation and she says that my tix was for an AMC Woodhaven 10 in WOODHAVEN MICHIGAN!!!!!! wtf??!?!

Yes I googled AMC woodhaven and this popped up so it was an honest mistake. They gave me a number to contact regarding a refund. I tried to call and the phone lines were busy... "all circuits are busy, please try your call later...." Frustrated i tried to go online to see if there was a way to refund... at this time it is now 3:35pm.... so when i go on Fandango i try to request a refund. The app then says "we cannot process a refund after showtime. please contact support if you have any questions. Frustrated more i call and call and call again! No ring. "Just the same all circuits are busy"

I finally call this morning again and got through. Now after waiting 1 hour and 20 minutes i finally get a hold of someone. When I state my case, the rep tells me she cant process the refund because it is after showtime and they do not have the funds any longer. WTFFFFF!!! YOU can easily take my money but you cant give it back????

I am in the hospitality business and i know if i accidentally made a reservation for a hotel and i made it through a 3rd party, I call the 3rd party first and then they will contact the property an issue a refund. Most likely it will be no problem because it was a honest mistake. Why cant FANDANGO do the same.

NOW the only option is escalating to corporate which will take 7-10 business days. Really??? Oh and it is not guaranteed?


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Michael Spencer - 95 d 6 h ago


Wow my name is Michael too ! And the same thing happened to me ! Fandango sucks

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Karen - 91 d 10 h ago


Simular thing happen to me .We should all go on social media, must be more people out there with similar or exactly the same experience

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Angela Robinson - 93 d 11 h ago


There needs to be a change in policy. I bought 3 tickets to a movie on the wrong date. I contacted your company BEFORE the air date. Due to high volume I didn't connect in time with a limited English speaking Rep who informed me that I would NOT receive refund due to it being after showtime. I spent an additional $35 on another set of 3 tickets which is not right. All I wanted was an exchange for the correct date. This policy is wrong and based on reviews this is an ongoing problem. I will not use Fandango due to these practices and horrible customer service. I want my $35 back that you're sitting on. I should not have spent damn near $70 to watch 1 movie. The BBB needs to investigate your business practices

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Karen - 91 d 11 h ago


I am a VIP customer brought my tickets accidently at a theater I never been to, found out when I arrived,the mistaken theater was way to far to make it in time to watch the movie.Was on live chat for almost 2 hours, I couldn't get a refund waiting for a response from Corporate it's been 5 days,will never use fandango again.We all should go on social media and Yelp with our experiences.I know I am

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Ely - 95 d 5 m ago


I have never had such a horrible experience with customer service. After waiting over two hrs for someone to assist me online I was "helped" out by attitude Allan who disconnected while I was in the process of responding. Just to be clear, I have NEVER written a review but this guy has got to be the rudest person on the planet and don't understand how he has a job in customer service.

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Tom - 96 d 9 h ago


Waiting on line for a rep and was told that it would exceed 5 minutes. It is now 30 minutes later. Pretty crappy customer service Stayed tuned

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