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Fandango Inc.

12200 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 150
Los Angeles, CA
Chuck Davis
Chairman and CEO
(310) 451-7690
(310) 451-7861
Twitter IDs
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Crystal - 97 d 4 h ago


First, I have spent a lot of money over the years through Fandango. I have stuck with them through their business transitions with AMC, etc. I have been a loyal customer. Recently, I planned a family outing to the movies. My sons and hubby would see Spiderman and me and my toddler daughter would see Despicable Me 3. It turns out that I accidentally bought Spiderman tickets for me and our little girl instead of Despicable Me. We were in route to the movie when I realized this and prior to the movie starting I tried to open the Fandango app and it would NOT open. I tried over and over again and nothing. My son tried and it didn't work for him either. By the time I could get into the app, it was too late to cancel. So I quickly bought two tickets to Despicable 3 at a nearby theatre around the same start time because by now the theatre we'd all planned to attend was sold out for that movie. That said, I contacted the live chat and was number 24 in the que. I waited over 30 minutes to live chat only to be told they can't help me and it's up to corporate to make a decision. Over two weeks later I called and waited 37 minutes for a rep to get on the phone to tell me he couldn't make the decision and it was up to corporate. I asked for a supervisor and waited another 10 minutes to speak with a woman about my situation. She informed me that your systems have been overloaded due to some new addition (or something) and you were behind on things. She also said I probably couldn't get through due to it. If you check my Fandango history, you will see that I bought an adult and child ticket to Despicable Me 3 near the same movie time as Spider man so me and my daughter can't be in two places at one time! I got on live chat today to find out the status of my issue, a MONTH later, and they wrote back to say corporate decided not to refund me because I cancelled after the movie time! Your system was the issue, not me. So I called and asked to speak with a supervisor. I held on for 43 minutes and 29 seconds, then finally hung up. I called back and finally got a representative who seems to really care. Her name was Leyna. I recounted this story for the fourth time. She spoke with the supervisor. She took notes and sent me an email with an incident number on it ((hidden)84). I'm still left with waiting another 24 hours for a decision. Seems to me Corporate does not care about what their customers are going through. You have cushy jobs and $26 is a drop in the bucket for you! My husband is out of work and I'm the only one with an income at this time so for us, it is a lot. We are honest people, but I feel as if I'm being treated as if I'm not. Empower your front line!! Let them resolve a simple issue like this. I tried to cancel, YOUR system was down, issue a refund or exchange. I've spent $100's through Fandango. If this is resolved in my favor, I'm done. And, yes, Corporate Giants, I know you can careless. You've already demonstrated that. Leyna should be running your company. She was the first one out of the 5 people I spoke with at Fandango customer "care" who actually truly did care for me... even though I'm still stuck without an a refund or decision.

My suggestion is that you get a great metric to measure "why" you are not doing well with being customer centric. If you'd like solutions, call me. I'm in marketing. I know some good ones. Fandano desperately needs it. (770) 906-6037.

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Anonymous - 81 d 5 h ago

Please don't contact the number in the review above. I cannot delete it. Thanks.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


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Better Service Expected - 2 d ago


I was happy to purchase tickets from Fandango until just today. They won't refund my money for a show I can't go to (because my daughter is sick). Because someone at Marcus theater printed my tickets from other upcoming movies, they said I had to go to the theater for the refund. Really? I just told you my daughter is sick!!!! Forget about their customer service when dealing with Alexandra and whoever supervisor Michael is (who wouldn't give me a full name or contact phone number to follow up). I have never dealt with such incompetent customer service. To go even further, I tried to contact Marcus theater for help and couldn't get a live person. No wonder the movie industry is losing money. People are staying home to watch Netflix, Hulu and HBO. Go figure.

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Stephen Moore - 4 d 17 h ago


Total lack of customer care. Forced to spend 45 minutes trying to purchase 2 tickets on Fandango. Had to open VIP account. Placed order - 2 days in advance. Special surprise for my wife. 5 attempts and would not process my order. 4 Live Chats. Told to change browswers, emails and on & on. Nothing. Alias 'Kat" 3 times + 'Alfred" once. Latter finally said he had escalated and sent to Corporate; I should wait for reply. I immediately went to Cinemark website; got tickets in less then 2 minutes. From now on, Cinemark YES! Fandango NO!

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Incident # 171021-001437 - 5 d 5 h ago


I thought my issue with Fandango was an isolated incident, obviously I was wrong. Even though this is redundant, I feel the need to post:

On October 21, 2017, using Fandango's website, I ordered 4 tickets to see Boo 2. Twenty minutes before the movie started, we needed to change the time....not the movie, not the date, JUST the time. Using their recommended method, we kept receiving error messages. At 5 minutes to start of movie, we contacted Fandango customer service. Kat needed 1 to 3 minutes to review our issue taking us past the start time.

We explained the problem with their website and her delay in responding, but it fell in deaf ears. We even told her our intent to see the movie at the later time, so there was no loss to Fandango....I stupidly purchased 4 more tickets, to so good faith, to no avail. Due to there vey poor problem solving ability, I ended up spending $25.00 per ticket.

I do not expect any results to my problem, but it will make me feel better to share this with everyone logging onto their website. I also intend to write a letter to their CEO, Chuck Davis.

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disappointed former Fandango user - 5 d 18 h ago


I reserved/paid for movie tickets while I was visiting my army soldier son in Georgia. I mistakenly reserved tickets for a theatre in NYC. I was sure I chose a theatre in Georgia but maybe NYC times popped up on my phone because that is where I live. I called Fandango and they said I needed to contact them before the movie started to get a refund. I explained that I was made aware of the mistake a few minutes before the movie started when the guy at the ticket window told me the problem. But, I DID have a few minutes to request a refund! So, I tried but because I didn't sign up for an account when I reserved the tickets (I reserved them as a "guest"), I had to create a new account. By the time I finished the process of opening an account, the movie start time had passed :( I had a live chat with Fandango and told them about my situation. The first guy on the first chat was rude and said no refund and disconnected the chat without giving me a chance to respond and not "thanking me for choosing Fandango"! I tried again and had a live chat with a different person who was very courteous and professional and he said he would elevate my request to "corporate". Never heard from anyone.Will never use Fandango again.

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Seed - 16 d 19 h ago


Been waiting for a refund for months. Let's all reach out to the CEO's together?

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Steve - 41 d 15 h ago



I thought that my minor complaint was just a hiccup.

This organization is just garbage, apparently.


Feel much better now.

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Anonymous - 41 d 15 h ago

Actually, I take that back. I may have some business ties to this organization.

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Dan - 23 d 24 h ago


Definitely garbage.

Too bad I can't give negative stars.

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Carolyn - 36 d 1 s ago


Your website continues to malfunction - grrrrr! FIRSTLY, even with an "x" the annoying ad banner will not close the always-on-top-the-entire-time ad - the previews merely have long commercials - grrr! THEN the previews themselves are malfunctioning every time I'm online -- grrrrrrrrrrr! What's the purpose of being on your site? Shame on you!

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Serenity - 52 d ago


I purchased a movie ticket on 9/18/17 and was anxiously waiting to go last night on 9/26/17. To my dismay, as I'm trying to leave I discovered I had a dead battery. I called for AAA assistance first to make sure I was safe with my car then proceeded to contact Fandango and explained to them the emergency that I had. I was told that in order to receive a refund that I needed to contact them 2 hours before the show time. How was I supposed to know 2 hours before show time that my car wouldn't start? This was an unforseen emergency and I have proof. I contacted customer service and was advised that a car emergency is not a valid reason for a refund/exchange? REALLY? They mentioned it would be escalated to the corporate office for further review? SMH No worries, I'll dispute it with my credit card company and recoup my funds regardless!!!!!

I will make sure that me or none of my friends use this awful service again. It seems like you just want to take the customers money and run. I'm sure they will see there was an empty pre-paid seat and my ticket was not used.

I now understand why movie theaters are losing money to Netflix, RedBox, and Kodi!!!!! You Fandango are the perfect example why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 68 d ago


I purchased movie tickets on Sept 10th for a 1:55p show at the Cinemark The Palace. When I clicked on the policy for kids. All I saw was kids under 17 must be with parent. Once I arrived at the theater I received my tickets. & As I was trying to enter the theater was told you have to be 21 & up. My daughter is only 17. Back at the front desk I am told I have to contact Fandango to receive my refund. I go online find cs #. I call at 1:39p. As I'm on hold it tells me to go online & the steps to obtain my refund. I go thru the steps it tells me I can't receive it cause there was a problem. Directs me to a email page. I email CS. All while still on hold on the phone. I hold for 57 minutes. Noone ever comes on the line. I have proof of the call & wait time. I finally hang up. I go on Twitter & send a tweet. I go on FB leave a post & I also message on FB. I do a live chat this morning. I was on hold more than a hour. I know this because I watched 2 shows both 30 minutes long. & 15 mins of another. Ashley comes online. I explain to her what happened. She says I cannot receive a refund because it is after the show time. I tell her again. The show started at 1:55 I called at 1:39 it is not my fault that I was on hold for 57 mins & I had to hang up. She says that's their policy. I tell her it's not fair to take people's money & just leave them in hold. She says she will forward it to corporate. This was my second time using your service. I am very disappointed. I will never use it again not recommend it to anyone.

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Anonymous - 71 d 20 h ago

This company likes to screw their customers and take their money! I had a promotional offer which I used to purchase movie tickets. It clearly stated that I was entitled to my full refund because I am a VIP customer as long as I requested my refund before the show time. I am now not able to make the show due to a family emergency and they refuse to credit my account for the promotional amount of $20. The Supervisor Steven G. and Nisha refused to give me a credit for the promotional amount. They are keeping my $, this is false advertisment and they are misleading their customers. I will report FANDANGO to Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau.

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Lwatkins - 74 d ago

Do NOT buy Fandango!! We received two gift cards as Christmas gifts and the numbers on the card are not valid! We called customer service and was promised that the issue would be resolved.... two months later, NOTHING. We called back And now they tell us there is nothing they can do. Please save your money and give it to a company that CARES FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS. Fandango definitely doesn't!

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Anonymous - 80 d 4 h ago


This company is a huge fraud!!!! I have spent over 50 dollars and every time the same thing it skips over and over!!!!! I have called multiple times and get the same answer over and over with nothing done!!!! They wont put a supervisor on the phone and refuse to give the corporate number saying they dont have access to that information!!!! Complete crap! The number above is not valid!!! Im turning them in for fraud and i suggest if you also are having the same experience to due the same!!!! Worst customer service ever!!!!!

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Jean - 88 d 17 h ago


Stuck with a gift card that was given as a gift. Purchased in my hometown - no theaters accept it. Why are they allowed to sell a product that nobody can use - there should be a warning or list!

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Daniel Soto - 115 d 14 h ago


I am extremely upset with fandango. I will never use their services again. I ordered tickets and never received them. I called to get a refund and they said we should be refunded within 5-7 business days. 8 business days passed and still no money. I called again and they said it would take 10 business days. Where the hellnis my money fandango! I will be calling again tomorrow. I'm going to spread the word. Do not use fandango! This is unacceptable! There is no reason why I should not be refunded by now.

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Anonymous - 101 d ago


I have been waiting for 10 days for a refund. They have THE WORST customer service ever. I am a big movie goer and always use Fandango but not anymore. Beyond disgusted with them. I call and chat with them everyday and get the same BS answer.

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Adriane S - 99 d 25 m ago


I just was ripped off by them, I will post all over

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Skip their website and ad dollars! - 109 d 21 h ago


Never have I ever experienced such b**** over a couple dollars. I use Fandango all the time and yes I have multiple emails associated with me. Maybe my newest email doesn't show my business history or something but they treated me like C***. I have a redemption code and it expired yesterday. I tried to use it yesterday and when it failed and gave me an error. I said. Forget it. I will try again tomorrow. Obviously, I didn't call at that time because I was so annoyed it wasn't working. I called today and they said if I would have called yesterday, they could have done something but not today. They told me that they have no control over redemption codes with partners. (it has their logo all over it). The first guy said that the manager would not be able to help me. Got to the "manager/supervisor" and he tells me that they only have the associate and then the supervisor and nobody else that they let the customers talk to. The only way I got him to submit my complaint to corporate was by saying that I already googled and found out where they are based. They are based in Los Angeles. I am in Los Angeles. I told him that I would send emails, calls, and letters to this office. That is when surprise surprise... another option of him issuing my complaint opened up. This is normally followed up in 3- 5 days. Wow... so you tell customers that there is nothing you can do. You tell customers that, as the highest manager that a customer can talk to, you have no ability to make any adjustments even if you see fit. You tell me to have a great day and that you can't help. Then.... when someone asks for the name and reference number to the call and mentions corporate... all of the sudden.... oh, well we do have another way of handling problems. SMH fuck them. I will go straight to the AMC, Regency websites... hopefully that will skip their advertisement pay and I will buy straight from the theater.

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HMFIC - 107 d ago


Peter Hall and Chuck Davis - no threat, your so-called "chat" people can't even speak ENGLISH or on the telephone either. I'm glad I do not live in fagot California, where all of the "gook's" live.

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Pamela Scire - 169 d 5 h ago

Fire Peter Hall NOW! What kind of company would keep someone who attacks and insults a child! Get rid of him. Americans have had more than enough and we will no longer tolerate this kind of behavior nor support the companies that do.

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HMFIC - 107 d ago


Chuck Davis (CEO) of Fandango is History.

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