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Fandango Inc.

12200 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 150
Los Angeles, CA
Chuck Davis
Chairman and CEO
(310) 451-7690
(310) 451-7861
Twitter IDs
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Daniel Soto - 1 d 8 h ago


I am extremely upset with fandango. I will never use their services again. I ordered tickets and never received them. I called to get a refund and they said we should be refunded within 5-7 business days. 8 business days passed and still no money. I called again and they said it would take 10 business days. Where the hellnis my money fandango! I will be calling again tomorrow. I'm going to spread the word. Do not use fandango! This is unacceptable! There is no reason why I should not be refunded by now.

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jessica g - 2 d 8 h ago

i purchased tickets to a movie ten minutes before the movie started with fandango gift cards. something was wrong with the app because everything was right up until i paid and it confirmed me to the right movie but to a completely different theater in a city thats about 40 minutes away. to "refund" ypur money you can ONLY do it before showtime. well when j look for a phone number to call on my way to the right theater there isnt one. my only option on the website is live chat. well it said it would be at least 18 minutes to talk to someone. the movie was already starting so there was no way. i paid with my debit card to watch the movie and did a loooong live chat after the movie. they told me the only way to MAYBE refund the money, because it HAD to be before showtime, was if i signed up for the VIP account. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT ON FANDANGO FOR A REFUND!!!! it is not my fault the app screwed up! and i bought tickets ten minutes before showtime and couldnt talk to anyone until after the movie started. i fought n fought but the person was not helping me at all. i dont need a ton of emails, i dont want to be VIP and why should i go through all that trouble for a refund?

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Margo - 4 d 10 h ago


I am highly disappointed in your customer service and policies. I payed for 5 tickets to see a movie totally approximately $60. When I ordered the tickets from Fandango there was no information telling me that the theatre would be closing its doors for business at 11:15, when the movie, Girls Trip, was scheduled for 11:00. I left with my mom, sister, and two disappointed kids after being told by Marc that Fandango would reimburse me. I then spoke with your agent Toya who said refunds and exchanges were not allowed after the start time. I think it's poor communication and business to not inform your customers of these details when buying a ticket. I will NEVER purchase tickets from this company again. It appears you don't care about customer service or communicating to them effectively. I've ordered tickets before and never had this issue.

I'm so disappointed and plan to do whatever I can to discourage people from getting robbed by your scam business.

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Tina - 4 d 12 h ago


I just had the worst experience with fandango I purchased tickets to see the movie girls trip went to the theater and the movie wasn't even playing I spoke to the manager they told me that fandango was adding shows to boost up ticket sales so I called fandango I was put on hold for 55 mins to speak to crystal who was very unprofessional basically told I had to wait 3-5 businesses Day to get an email regarding my refund when I ask to speak to a supervisor she told me I couldn't and I ask for the Ceo name and she told me she can't give me that please don't use this app it's a rip off

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notofandango - 53 d 17 h ago

terrible company! I am never using fandango again! They do not give refunds even if you never use the tickets due a mistake on their website! DO NOT USE! This company does not deserve any stars.

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Deirdre - 6 d 21 h ago


You are so right. They SUCK!

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Shitty company - 9 d 16 h ago


This company is the worst. You have to love it when your kid gets on your account and buys tickets without your knowledge and then exchanges over and over and over. You take the big step and ask fandango to close the account that was mis used and create a new one. Fandango says fuck you in your face and doesn't let you use the new account because you decided to add the same debt card. I'm glad that regal entertainment is moving away from fandango. They realize how shitty this company truly is. I guess they actually care about their customers and their reputation. Wanna contact me assholes? (hidden)

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Nicki montoya - 9 d 16 h ago


I am very unhappy with your service they will not refund my money to credit card. Told them that i was not going to use the site anymore they put the credit to my vip account what is that going to do for me i have more people in my family .

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Robin - 14 d 21 h ago


You have to to be the worst company I've dealt with. Given a gift card as a present. The poor should that bout it couldn't have known that you require purchases online and then charge fee's. I am thinking this is a class-action waiting to happen. Sent my child to the theatre with gift card only to be called to come back with cash because it doesn't work. Then tired 3 times to call and was disconnected before the call connected. You know exactly what you are doing!

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Jane - 27 d 15 h ago


Newbie here and will never use Fandango again. The movie theatre charged my card fandango charged my card and fandango keeps disconnecting chat.they want my bank statements!!!!!!! Fu fandango

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Andrew - 34 d ago


The phone number (310) 451-7690 does not work. Make sure your information is correct please.

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Jackie - 36 d 18 h ago


I purchased tickets for a movie that I didn't even see called right away to get my refund back or get tickets for a different date and time. I was on the line 45 minutes before the line dropped me and then I called back again and the machine said to call back the next morning due to they were closed already even though on your website it states you guys are open 24/7 which is not true. So I called the next morning and the lady that helped me said that my money was lost (WHAT!!) Oh NO! I told her what had happen and she basically said that the theater was had already taken it so they got my money . She said she would send it to Corporate office and till this day I haven't gotten an email or phone call.

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Never Again - 37 d 11 h ago


Can you say sinking? Good, I knew you could.

This company needs to have its entire executive team fired and bring in executives that want to work as well as fire the entire Customer Service Team and start with specialists in this field. If they know how to tie their own shoes I would be surprised. Most of them couldn't get out of a wet paper bag to save their lives. They are not nice nor do they seem to want to help you. My bet is this company will be bought by another company for cash on the barrel head and laid six feet under.

I plan on removing my account information.

They are a submarine with screen doors.

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Anonymous - 44 d 10 h ago

Spoke with rep for help using my gift card rep I could not understand his accent and was clueless. I asked for a manager Corey came on and told me I had to wait to use my gift card I told him about the rep. He said sorry I asked for corporate he said there is not one for customers to call. I said can I talk to your manager he said I am t h e top supervisor . I googled Corp. The number does not work.

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Syed Ahmed - 45 d ago


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LENGLISH - 45 d ago


My experience is the same as most others who wrote about this horrendous service. I sent an email and called about a movie purchase I immediately wanted to cancel due to finding it in a double feature at a better price and I never viewed my purchase. They keep feeding a bunch of lies about they sent it to corporate office (who are unreachable) and it is now over 10 business days but they claim you will hear back within 5 business day if not 2-3 business day. I feel like they are really a bunch of crooks and I will be filing a dispute.


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rainersnow - 48 d ago


Complete and utter lack of customer support. This may well be the WORST company I have ever had dealings with. Use Atom Tickets instead.

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Nicole - 50 d ago


They can only be contacted on chat, which takes 15 minutes to get through and the customer service people have no power whatsoever to resolve any customer issues. Everything has to be emailed to the corporate office. If this is your solution, then what's the point of having a customer service team?!!! If tickets are not used, Fandango keeps your money? Not good at all. I will now be ceasing my purchasing tickets ahead with Fandango.

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USA - 54 d 45 s ago

Fandango should FIRE Peter S Hall immediately for his vile public comment about an 11 yr old child. If Fandango supports this kind of behavior you will lose a large portion of your customer base because most Americans have had enough of this disgusting behavior

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FDK'13 - 54 d 19 h ago


I could not care less about Peter Hall or anything he writes. What I do care very much about is making a purchase through the app with the app indicating our purchase was for the following night only to find the tickets were actually processed for the night of the purchase. This resulted in (1) having to purchase a second set of tickets in order to see the movie at all.

Customer service interaction consisting of three separate calls, two of which disconnected me before even gathering half of the information relevant to my issue.

I was never provided a confirmation number for the "escalation" of my issue. I was stonewalled by CST supervisor who insisted there was no way of filing a formal complaint before he hung up on me.

After calling back, I was told by another representative complaints could be filed via the website, information the superior who hung up on me insisted did not exist.


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Pamela Scire - 55 d ago

Fire Peter Hall NOW! What kind of company would keep someone who attacks and insults a child! Get rid of him. Americans have had more than enough and we will no longer tolerate this kind of behavior nor support the companies that do.

General profile image - 55 d ago


Never ever will I buy tickets from Fandano

Terminate Mr peter Hall.

Children do not deserve to be insulted.

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Willsee - 57 d 11 h ago


Wow... if you've dealt with Fandango CS and you thought these guys are almost as bad as Comcast.... well YOU'RE WRONG. They ARE as bad as Comcast because they ARE Comcast.

After 20min wait I chat support rep disconnect me in mid-sentence after explaining that I could now switch the time of my tickets. So much for the "worry-free guarantee" being a Fandango VIP customer (VIP... lol). Guarantee excludes any purchases made with any promo codes. I simply wanted to swap 7PM tickets for 9:50PM tickets within 1 hr or initially placing my order and 2 weeks before the ticket date... same movie, same theater. My request is impossible with the amazing "worry-free policy" I exclusively get as a "VIP" customer. I screen-grabbed the chat to report the incident and then contacted phone customer service. FYI phone customer service is (hidden). After another 20min wait the rep that answered the phones was the same rep manning the chatroom. I wonder if twitter request will result in same rep. I kinda feel sorry for the rep. She has to put up customer compaining constantly and probably has little power to do anything about it. Yet another reason why comcast is evil.

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JANICE - 58 d 24 h ago



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Patricia Ann Rizzo - 64 d 18 h ago


FandangoNOW....what a pest. I have, or had an account with them and was being deluged with stupid emails every day or so. I unsubscribed and have been unsubscribing and complaining for the past six no avail. They keep sending senseless responses as though they are just playing with me and not even reading my complaints. My original "unsubscribe" was simple enough...don't they have enough real work to do or do they just play around?

I have files of every "unsubscribe' letter they've answered senselessly.....and most of the spam they keep sending! If the company wants them they need only ask!

I'll never ever do business with this company again...and will spread the word at how bad they are!

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