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Fandango Inc.

12200 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 150
Los Angeles, CA
Chuck Davis
Chairman and CEO
(310) 451-7690
(310) 451-7861
Twitter IDs
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TPH - 15 d 16 m ago


I had a gift card for fandango and tried using it on 2-9. Never received a confirmation back

Tried using it a few days later and after spending over an hour on the phone , I was told that the card was charged and he was going to get charmain to get in touch with me in reference to a refund. I finally went on line with the reference number that was given to me

After three attempts back and forth they had sent me a phone number to call. Called them today and was told that the original purchase confirmation was sent to a email address different from my wife why was this told to me by the three previous knuckleheads and corporate will not approve the credit. Nice scam on fandango part

Nice that you purchased rotten tomatoes since that is appropriate description for the entire company NEVER will I recommend your gift card to anyone

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Anonymous - 22 d 5 m ago


I went to see Black Panther at your location last sunday in folsom 14 on iron point in ca. I was told i could not bring my purse into theater for safety reasons which was fine but as i enter the theater i saw women with backpacks and purses i believe i was treated unfair and will not attending this movie theater

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VANESSA - 22 d ago

they're horrible do NOT USE THEIR WEBSITE

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Cheated by Fandango - 24 d 2 h ago


Their website is horrible and they take forever to answer the phone. Once they do they put you on hold forever. Customer service beyond poor and you will be cheated out of your hard earned money.

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MICHAEL - 30 d 6 h ago


SO YESTERDAY,i order tix through fandango to see BLACKPANTHER. However when arriving to AMC Woodhaven 10 in BENSALEM PA, the lady at the counter couldn't find my tix. I give her a confirmation number and still couldn't find my tix. My tix was for a 3:30 showing. It is 3:29pm... then i show her the confirmation and she says that my tix was for an AMC Woodhaven 10 in WOODHAVEN MICHIGAN!!!!!! wtf??!?!

Yes I googled AMC woodhaven and this popped up so it was an honest mistake. They gave me a number to contact regarding a refund. I tried to call and the phone lines were busy... "all circuits are busy, please try your call later...." Frustrated i tried to go online to see if there was a way to refund... at this time it is now 3:35pm.... so when i go on Fandango i try to request a refund. The app then says "we cannot process a refund after showtime. please contact support if you have any questions. Frustrated more i call and call and call again! No ring. "Just the same all circuits are busy"

I finally call this morning again and got through. Now after waiting 1 hour and 20 minutes i finally get a hold of someone. When I state my case, the rep tells me she cant process the refund because it is after showtime and they do not have the funds any longer. WTFFFFF!!! YOU can easily take my money but you cant give it back????

I am in the hospitality business and i know if i accidentally made a reservation for a hotel and i made it through a 3rd party, I call the 3rd party first and then they will contact the property an issue a refund. Most likely it will be no problem because it was a honest mistake. Why cant FANDANGO do the same.

NOW the only option is escalating to corporate which will take 7-10 business days. Really??? Oh and it is not guaranteed?


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Michael Spencer - 29 d ago


Wow my name is Michael too ! And the same thing happened to me ! Fandango sucks

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Karen - 25 d 7 h ago


Simular thing happen to me .We should all go on social media, must be more people out there with similar or exactly the same experience

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Angela Robinson - 27 d 8 h ago


There needs to be a change in policy. I bought 3 tickets to a movie on the wrong date. I contacted your company BEFORE the air date. Due to high volume I didn't connect in time with a limited English speaking Rep who informed me that I would NOT receive refund due to it being after showtime. I spent an additional $35 on another set of 3 tickets which is not right. All I wanted was an exchange for the correct date. This policy is wrong and based on reviews this is an ongoing problem. I will not use Fandango due to these practices and horrible customer service. I want my $35 back that you're sitting on. I should not have spent damn near $70 to watch 1 movie. The BBB needs to investigate your business practices

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Karen - 25 d 7 h ago


I am a VIP customer brought my tickets accidently at a theater I never been to, found out when I arrived,the mistaken theater was way to far to make it in time to watch the movie.Was on live chat for almost 2 hours, I couldn't get a refund waiting for a response from Corporate it's been 5 days,will never use fandango again.We all should go on social media and Yelp with our experiences.I know I am

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Ely - 28 d 20 h ago


I have never had such a horrible experience with customer service. After waiting over two hrs for someone to assist me online I was "helped" out by attitude Allan who disconnected while I was in the process of responding. Just to be clear, I have NEVER written a review but this guy has got to be the rudest person on the planet and don't understand how he has a job in customer service.

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Tom - 30 d 6 h ago


Waiting on line for a rep and was told that it would exceed 5 minutes. It is now 30 minutes later. Pretty crappy customer service Stayed tuned

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carl - 31 d 6 h ago


Looks like everyone is having the same experience. And it's only for $24 . I waited on hold for an hr call disconnected and it was getting late so I called back the next day and finally got someone on the phone after an hour. Still didn't get anything done . What type of company has to escalate a $24 matter? This company is piss poor morally. Hopefully they'll get a massive law suite. It's a shame to treat your customers this way. After going through all this I should be refunded my money, get an apology and a free movie. And why is there no way to speak with. Anyone on the corporate level? Worst company to do business with. Now I see why I don't support or go to movies often. Too expensive and worst that too much of a headache

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Iesh - 31 d 1 h ago


I agree! The chat online takes over an hour!

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MIKE - 30 d 7 h ago



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Anonymous - 30 d 8 h ago


Hello Fandango, I am a VIP customer. I bought 2 tickets to see Black Panther at the Palisades mall for Feb 17, 2017. Due to a snow storm I was unable to attend. Hours before showing I went on you app to request a refund. The app would not allow me to complete my request. I tried several times to no avail. I then went on the live customer service chat and kept getting disconnected. I tried again the next morning and customer service rep on the live chat told me that he couldn't give me a refund. Can you please assist me in this matter? I have ordered tickets throughout the years using your service s a VIP

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Angela Robinson - 31 d 12 h ago


I ordered tickets for a movie and reslized I bought them for the wrong date. I. live 2.5 hrs from where I plan yo view movie. After 45 min if waiting to be connected to an online CSR before I could finish typing I was disconnected. Tried calling after an hour wait I finally get a CSR on the phone who says they couldn't exchange them because it was after showtime. Of course it is, its now 2 hrs later. Now instead of an exchange, I want a refund as ive already purchased the correct tickets. The "supervisor" said it would be "expedited" to corporate in whether I could get sn exchange. Too late. I would like my refund now, pleasure


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I just went online and purchased tickets to a show in cary nc. when we get to the theater the attendant said the tickets were for a theater in VA. by the time i get done talking to the manager the movie already started. I chad to do am online chat with the dick head named allen that said i cant get you a refund because the movie already started and there was nothing he could do. These Fucking corporation think they can write a bunch of bullshit fine print and screw everyone else well i wil tell everyone who i know and whoever will listen that fandango will fuck you over and dont give a shit about their customers. i would rather rip off my left nut than give this company another penny.

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Fandango's Bitch. - 35 d 16 m ago


This is exactly what happened to me and i just got off the chat with some ghetto hoe named Tyshamika C. First of all, are there really that many cracked out Tyshamika's working for Fandango customer support that she needs to have the initial of her last name after her first? I looked up where the headquarters are and it's in Los Angeles, that explains it. They arent going to go out of business to refund the goddamn customers or at the very least only give them fandango credit if the movie already started. They are "forwarding" my response to corporate. I will raise hell until someone gets back to me and gives me the refund i deserve. I will see to it.

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Also annoyed - 40 d 7 h ago

I feel the same way. Fandango cheated me out of 22.45. Not twitter..

Write to the Los Angeles attorney general office.

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Cheated customer - 47 d 21 h ago


Cheated customer I think someone one should get the TV news people involved they told me charge didn't go thru but did .then told me I have to send in my bank statement so they can see the charge your personal information

Every other company can look and see if they got your money it's a lie they tell you cause when I called my bank they said the money was definitely coming out and it did Fandango said it shows didn't go thru do they even reinvestigate? There charges that have gone through couldn't work for a company that lies to it's customers Channel news should get involved to let world know about their DISHONESTY!!!!

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Britt - 54 d 4 h ago


Gerald was my online customer service rep, horrible and rude. Seemed very condensing in texts. Could not help. Said he will send an email to corp to esculate my concern and I should hear back in 3 to 5 business days. I holding my breath on that. I lose out on a $25 gift card. I dont want money I just want it to go towards another movie. Such bull. I will never use fandango again, no empathy.

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Regenia bell - 65 d 5 h ago



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EXHAUSTED - 58 d 20 h ago


Start leaving complaints on their twitter account about how terrible this company is. I registered with MGO in 2014 and had 1850 points before Fandango bought MGO. I just wanted my points back and they have been escalation my request for over a year...I just called today AGAIN..... and they said your points have expired... NO,KIDDING, SERLOCK....I been trying to get my points back onto my account for over a year....REALLY! SERIOUSLY! Fanango is the worse company EVER. Twitter, facebook, google and snap chat is about to know just how AWFUL THEY ARE!

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Ceedee - 60 d 8 h ago



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