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Farmers Insurance Group

18444 N 25th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Evelyn Lederman
(602) 863-8100
(602) 863-8108
Annual Sales Est
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Evan Novick - 123 d ago


Farmer's Insurance is a money hungry fraud based company who billed me for a Homeowners policy without my approval. When I called customer service they said there computers were down and I should call another time!Shouldn,t they call me back .My computer was n't down.

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Sam - 1 d 17 h ago

Hello Evan. My name is Sam and I work for a law firm that is currently representing a client that has had a similar issue to yours. Would you be so kind as to give me a call? You may have some important information we can use. I can be reached at (hidden)

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Anonymous - 3 d ago

Hello my name is Machelle dam I have a complaint can u call me (hidden)

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Norman Hembree - 10 d 16 h ago


Hi My name is Norman Hembree this is a copy of a e-mail that i sent to my agent, as usual no response. Farmers Ins. needs to reevaluate who they are allowing to represent them. So far on a scale of 1 to 10 my experience is about a 1 minus...

Jason Suemoto, Farmers Ins. Las Vegas NV.

I wanted to let you know that your staff is very rude, I'm talking about Jeremy. I was handed off to him without being told and he was very rude is the only way I know how to put it. He wouldn't allow me to talk and when he was done talking he simply said good by and hung up while i was trying to talk to him. I was being told that i had to return my declarations page from my new insurance carrier in order for the underwriters to date my termination on 8/16/2017, I was trying to tell them that if they needed proof that i had ins. at the time than they should have simply said so instead of trying to tell me they didn't know why the underwriter needed the declaration page. I did what Dawn asked me to do during the cancellation process and someone in your office dropped the ball. I'm not sure if the e-mail accidentally got deleted by Dawn or what. I still don't understand what business is it of the underwriter who I have insurance through at the present time. Honestly I have never had so much trouble trying to get things done as I have had with your agency, just a simple policy change took an act of congress to get it right, these are a few of the reasons why we cancelled.

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Anonymous - 21 d ago

good job! you didn't mount the ram in your latest commercial

next to the Moose!!! yea Farmers!

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KB - 35 d 13 h ago


I have.....HAD been a Farmers Insurance customer (Motor Vehicle) for about 20 years. In that time, they had 2 opportunities to validate the enormous amount of my hard earned money that I have paid for the coverage.

They failed both times


The first time was in 2008 just after my daughter was born. I was leaving the children's hospital where she was in some jeopardy, and an out of control driver came off the freeway and rammed the car I was driving midway on the driver's side. He left the scene....... Despite repeated pleas for assistance, the farmers representative supposedly in charge of my case never got back to me, and after much pursuit, my agent found out that they just considered it unrecoverable and closed the case. There was no effort, and I lost all deductibles, rental fees, etc.

I stayed a customer because I had too many other things to do at the time to pursue other options and the quotes I had from others were not great.

Then this year in February, I had a driver pull out of a driveway and hit my car on the side. I was in the far right lane of a major street and had recently entered the traffic, so I was going slowly at that moment. Her damage front bumper, mine midway and scraped all down the side. The police report showed her at fault, yet just recently and after a FULL 6 MONTHS OF WAITING AND PUSHING FOR A CONCLUSION, the Farmers subrogation agent declared that some panel decided that the responsibility was 50/50. I am to receive 50% of my $1,000 deductible, NOTHING FOR $450 in rental cost, and NOTHING for lost wages of course. They seem to feel that this was OK.

I have begun posting my experience on different rating sites, contacted BBB, Attorney General and will pursue other actions as appropriate.

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Anonymous - 60 d ago

Hi my name is mark Floyd. I have had a bad experience with farmers ins and I have contacted an attorney for the harassment and over charging. I was told to fax copies of transactions at the corporate office, legal office and the local better business burea. we applied for auto ins. was charged for two months, had the ins for 29 days and we should be getting a refund and that has been denied too, wehave been sent multiple bills. will be filing legal action if the harassment doesn't stop

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Ken D - 61 d 14 h ago


By far, dealing with Farmers was the worse experience ever. I won't go through the details of he stupidity I had to deal with. However, I did write a lengthy review the other day which I don't see here. They owe me money for over payment of premiums and there is a claim pending that they never even acknowledge receiving. I dropped them at he first renewal. I would have been wiling to pay more for coverage just to not have to deal with these people. However, I ended up saving over $1,200.00 a year.That ought to tell you something, Based on the reviews I have read I am amazed that they are still in business and that the state of Texas has not thrown them out

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Anonymous - 66 d 19 h ago

your commercial with the moose leaves a person to believe the campers killed the moose and mounted his horns. Not good.

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clancy - 93 d ago


that hit me that should read. Sorry auto correct.

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clancy - 93 d 19 m ago


Terrible. Even if an accident is not your fault you suffer. If your car is out of action they only pay for the car rental but will not cover damage waiver on a rental vehicle. My car is out of action and now I'm up for $250 in damage waiver fees . The person I got also had the best coverage with Farmers. State Farm pay all costs.. So shop State farm!!

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TJG - 140 d ago


Would never consider Farmers Insurance Group as long as they are a sponsor of Stephen Colbert. He is a vulgar, left-wing loon. I have never seen his show and never will, but I've seen the profane clips of his sick "humor" and that is enough.

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Farias5 - 140 d 17 h ago

Drop Colbert now! My family has 10 policies with Farmer's Insurance which we will move elsewhere if you continue your support of Colbert and his CBS show.

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Anonymous - 142 d 3 h ago


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Anonymous - 172 d ago


Bad representation from David Cox in Amarillo Texas Farmers telling his customer X customer one thing and leading them to believe something else

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Michael Anderson - 214 d 12 h ago


Really tired of your Truckcycle commercial.

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Acg520 - 226 d 19 h ago


My mother changed to farmers insurance and evert month they took a different amount out of her account. When she called to ask them what they were doing they just told her some bull to get her off the phone. They always said they call her back and never did. They were nasty and rude. I would let a dog take that insurance and if I can possibly shut down that office I will. They have no right to sell anything let alone advertise these great rates they are full of it!!

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Themoreyouknow - 235 d ago


I just saw my old boss wally Cox kissing a Farmers employee in his district office allison feinholtz he is married with children. Someone who works there said he is living with her now. We caught him this summer with her. Gross he is like 30 years older than her.I guess that is why he has 100 pairs of underwear in his office drawer with Trojans.He can't keep staff for more than a month. Some of us were afraid he would want us to have sex when we found all of his sex pills and stuff in his office. He is mentally unstable.

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IA - 300 d 12 h ago


We always paid for car insurance ones a year. This year our agent Peter Lindholm didn't let us pay for entire year as we usually did. He divided total amount by 2 and assured us that there would not be rate increase on the second half of the payment. He lied, the only purpose of splitting our bill in half was to increases amount of our next bill. 6 months later original amount of $427 turned into $473. Outrages! Farmers are very greedy and unfair to their loyal customers. They cann't be trusted!

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AG - 241 d 16 h ago


Call the bastard Lindholm over to your place and split his head open with a broad ax..

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JD - 241 d 16 h ago


Evelyn Lederman is a transgender beast with a dicklet.

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Anonymous - 242 d 47 m ago


what a joke. My wood floors throughout my home are completely ruined due to a leaky shower pan. Farmers claims I am not covered, due to new generation insurance. But I am covered for war, terrorism, tidal waves and tsunami's?????????????? Thanks alot. You cover murrmutts, hamsters up the pants but not a totalled out floor?

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David - 254 d ago


Terrible customer service and refund is incorrect when cancelled.

I am at this minute calling the CFO to find out why they did not refund me all my money. No matter how you cut it, even if you do not prorate by the number of days, you would have to at least prorate by the month, so 63 days is two months. Take the premium, divide by 12 months, multiply by two and the shortage is almost half a month difference in what they refunded.

Geico is the only way.

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MH - 254 d 10 h ago

ATTN: Farmers Corporate, Farmers website entity, and/or any Farmers employee(s) monitoring these comments


Farmers stated purpose of Ref1 is to provide easy quick access to understanding status of a claim. Unfortunately, Ref1 contains no explanations as to the meaning of various symbolism, color coding, abbreviations, codes, etc that Farmers uses there. The entire status bar is green even though my claim isn't complete. There are "circles" on the status bar drawn in various colors that contain various icons including: arrows, check marks, and concentric circles. What do those symbols/color codes mean??? Ref1 also contains various alphanumeric codes and apparent abbreviations (e.g., "MD", "PD") none of which is explained. I called the Farmers 24 hr number. The rep there could not explain any of the preceding. If the reader of this represents Farmers, for the sake of myself and any others, please reply/explain here (this comment board).

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mike foley - 261 d 20 h ago


I know it wont affect farmers cause we are changing ins. Been with farmers for 30 years. but our agent doesnt listen to what we want in coverage . thanks for the LAK OF SERVICE.

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