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Farmers Insurance Group

18444 N 25th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Evelyn Lederman
(602) 863-8100
(602) 863-8108
Annual Sales Est
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Evan Novick - 1 y 307 d ago


Farmer's Insurance is a money hungry fraud based company who billed me for a Homeowners policy without my approval. When I called customer service they said there computers were down and I should call another time!Shouldn,t they call me back .My computer was n't down.

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Sam - 1 y 185 d ago

Hello Evan. My name is Sam and I work for a law firm that is currently representing a client that has had a similar issue to yours. Would you be so kind as to give me a call? You may have some important information we can use. I can be reached at (hidden)

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Robin - 1 y 116 d ago

I am in Illinois and am having trouble with farmers on a repair that was 10000 and the car is not right,, seeking an attorney, Please help if you can any referrals would be helpful

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Daughter - 1 y ago

Evan, I think my elderly Mother is being ripped off by Farmers Ins. Her bill goes up $20 to $30 everytime without out notice. Just went and got another quote and it was $400 cheaper with the exact coverage! Please help

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Ren - 1 y ago


If everyone charged the same premium, we would only need one insurance company. But they don't. The increase in rates could be an overall rate increase (for all policy holders) approved by your state insurance commissioner. Or it could be many other things. Surprisingly, insurance carriers have to get approvals for their rates.

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SO - 262 d 34 s ago


Their rates have always been high. I've had bad experience as employee and customer.

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VF - 59 d 20 h ago


Me too! Worked for an agent for 20 years was let go. Now at American Family still saving over $100 a month 5 years later! This Company does not care about their clients anymore was told that to my face at corporate office!

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Dawn - 1 y ago

Sam, could you please provide contact information regarding a situation that I dealing with with Farmers. Thank you.

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Tom - 260 d 19 h ago


I also have an issue, i purchased a new car and had a loan on it, requiring 1000 deductible for collision and comprehensive. They put my car in as a used car and cancelled my collision and comprehensive 3 days later, I got into my first accident in over 5 years of being both the company and they said I don't have collision and will not change it.

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dinah - 247 d ago


Hi Sam IAM reaching out to you to see if you may have any I'mformation that may can support me and my daughter framers and W&A collection agency scamming us over a car accident that money has been taken from us

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Not a farmers fan - 208 d 18 h ago

Could I have Atty contact information

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Gary - 198 d 16 h ago


Hello I'm not sure when this is from but I am having issues with good faith claims with Farmers Insurance as well my name is Gary I can be reached at (hidden)

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Debbie Holt - 197 d 15 h ago

Can I please have your info. I am being bullied by Farmers after I cancelled my homeowner's insurance and autos. They took it upon themselves to make up their own cancellation date of March. Kathleen Boyd is the farmers employee who I specifically asked to cancel my insurance on 6/25 NOT 3/25. Now they say I owe them $253. I am not paying it.

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Deborah - 197 d 15 h ago


Can I please have your info. I am being bullied by Farmers after I cancelled my homeowner's insurance and autos. They took it upon themselves to make up their own cancellation date of March. Kathleen Boyd is the farmers employee who I specifically asked to cancel my insurance on 6/25 NOT 3/25. Now they say I owe them $253. I am not paying it. I need help suing them.

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Anonymous - 59 d 19 h ago


contact your insurance commissioner and file a complaint, that usually takes care of it!!!

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Matthew zugsberger - 10 d ago

Please call me at (hidden) I'm needing a good attorney to sue farmers also

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Tif - 3 d ago


I need an attorney help getting a rear end claim resolved and settled immediately! Their client/policy holder but me from behind and they have not settled or compensated me for my vehicle, items in my vehicle that could not be retrieved, loss of wages, injuries /pain & suffering, and medical bills. Please need help or any referrals/suggestions would be more than greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance I NEED FAIR COMPENSATION AND THIS RESOLVED WITH GOOD FAITH AND WITHIN GOOD REASONABLE EFFORT!!!

GOD bless all!!!

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Anonymous - 14 d ago

Farmers pulled their ad from Tucker Carlson, I will pull my business from Farmers.

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Anonymous - 14 d ago

You pedophiles stick together.

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Anonymous - 14 d ago

You need to be removed from this site.

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Anonymous - 13 d 18 h ago

What did Farmer's Insurance do to make you feel that way?

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Anonymous - 39 d ago


I attempted to just get auto quotes from two representatives in Montgomery, AL. They were Bill King and Bill Arthur. Both gentleman said it would not be worth their time. After expressing that I would consider moving my other policies as they expired, Mr. Arthur still refused to even give me a quote. I have since found a very helpful rep in the area but believe these two gentleman need updates on their customer service skills. It's discouraging at best to call someone for help on Insurance and to be made to feel like you aren't worth their time. I thought you should be aware of my experience.

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CJ - 52 d ago


This is an attempt to remove both my husband and my phone numbers from your database. We receive 3-4 calls daily, from different robo call numbers, where you have people soliciting service. I have asked, and demanded, every time to be removed from your database and obviously my requests have been dismissed. I go on record stating I do not want your product and given the way you do business, will never want your product. I have begun recording dates, numbers and times these calls come through our phones, and if this does not cease, I will file a harassment suit against your company. This is NOT a way to get business.

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mrs meiners - 74 d 22 h ago


Home Automotive Car Insurance Updated on 01/08/2019 Farmers Auto Insurance Overall Satisfaction Rating Based on 67 ratings submitted in the last year SHOW RATING DISTRIBUTION Farmers Auto Insurance ConsumerAffairs Unaccredited Brand Farmers Insurance offers discounts when you combine your auto policy with another policy from them, but it is not a verified InsuraMatch partner. InsuraMatch provides consumers with quotes from all their partner insurance companies in one short and simple phone call. *ConsumerAffairs insurance program, powered by InsuraMatch. GET QUOTES BOTTOM LINE Farmer's Auto Insurance offers a variety of coverage for every stage of a driver's life. Positive reviewers appreciate the customer service and level of coverage and say that the reliability is worth the potentially higher cost compared with other companies. Original review: Jan. 8, 2019 Just to read the complaints of your own clients I understand now how this adjuster Kelleigh ** is giving her response that is a 50/50; is a nightmare since I have to help to do her job provided pictures how her negligent client hit my car. She is on Oklahoma. I'm in Missouri. How she can give that fraud result if I take to the police or anyone can see was not my fault. The old men did reverse with his old truck that use for business for being on a hurry without notice we did reverse first. When he was not moving or use the hazard lights as we did. Or used the horn when he hit the side on my car for don't put attention to any of the advice I use before when he hit with his bumper and because his friend or client told her a lie that we hit each other on the sides. VIEW MORE HELPFUL Be the first one to find this review helpful Rated with 1 star harry of Oklahoma City, OK Verified Reviewer Original review: Oct. 9, 2018 The company in Oklahoma is awful. They employ the trashiest claims adjusters. They literally find the slimiest most morally bankrupt people they can. I can't even believe these people are employed ANYWHERE. My family was hit by one of their drivers head on. The ridiculous tactics they have used to delay paying the claim would be laughable if we hadn't almost died. I have heard horrible things about this company but would have never imagined they would be this disgusting. Children were injured and instead of honestly helping, their adjusters are manipulating the situation and trying to create more stress to avoid paying a single dime. They have falsified signed documents, 'lost' medical records, anything they can do to stall the claim. Do yourself a favor and get an attorney early on. The things my attorney has uncovered are shocking. Their adjusters are very dishonest and will do anything to receive their 'bonuses' which I am told are as low as $50 and a pizza party. Yes... a pizza party. They have put a good family through hell in efforts to win a pizza party.

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Bob - 93 d 18 h ago


Our agent --- over 5 years with him --- retired Oct 31 & never advised us. I wouldn't even know TODAY if I hadn't gone in to pick up yearly calendar about 10 days ago. I was told I'd have a letter updating us "in a few days". 10days

After I called , just now, & was told "we just got our computers so we can access customers and e-mails". Letter is again forthcoming...really? I'm calling "corporate" here shortly. Signs of mismanagement and/or inefficiency, at the l it seems to me.

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