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Farmers Insurance Group

18444 N 25th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Evelyn Lederman
(602) 863-8100
(602) 863-8108
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Annmarie - 13 d 4 h ago



General profile image - 9 d 36 s ago


Right on Annmarie. I am currently fighting a claim that should be paid. If I am finally denied, I have great attorney in the wings, waiting. I've been with Farmers for over 30 years and have had some minor claims that I had to fight for. This is Horrible Company, and despite what the talking head actor says on their commercials, they DO NOT stand behind you in your hour of need , other that push you down. Horrible Company. I am in the process of looking for another.

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annmarie grinstead - 13 d 4 h ago


This is the worst insurance company ever, don't waste time or money.

They completely know how to screw up a policy. They don't pay out to where the monies are supposed to go.

Two years im still in a flipping rental

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Yelp - 35 d ago



worst customer service ever. Robert Ervin & Kathleen are the worst people to deal with.

They make you feel like you are no customer. Super high rates. RUDE People.

Office of Jenny Harrison

Farmers Insurance

5808 Woodrow Ave

Austin, TX 78756-1420

(hidden) (Office)

(hidden) (Fax)


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Anonymous - 36 d 17 h ago


I give farmers an F FOR A F&$ked up company they never pay claims. I was with them 20 years I had a great agent. He left all hell broke loose worst company to get claims paid. They are QUICK to grab your premuims they fail to pay out on claims. After my agent left they jacked up my premiums house and car go else where your premiums will be lower as well as you will get claims paid out.

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Barb - 40 d 10 h ago

I am in MN and was given wrongful information regarding my auto coverage which resulted in having to pay $878 out of pocket which I am going to attempt to collect.

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Evan Novick - 1 y 153 d ago


Farmer's Insurance is a money hungry fraud based company who billed me for a Homeowners policy without my approval. When I called customer service they said there computers were down and I should call another time!Shouldn,t they call me back .My computer was n't down.

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Sam - 1 y ago

Hello Evan. My name is Sam and I work for a law firm that is currently representing a client that has had a similar issue to yours. Would you be so kind as to give me a call? You may have some important information we can use. I can be reached at (hidden)

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Robin - 1 y ago

I am in Illinois and am having trouble with farmers on a repair that was 10000 and the car is not right,, seeking an attorney, Please help if you can any referrals would be helpful

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Daughter - 265 d 6 h ago

Evan, I think my elderly Mother is being ripped off by Farmers Ins. Her bill goes up $20 to $30 everytime without out notice. Just went and got another quote and it was $400 cheaper with the exact coverage! Please help

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Ren - 187 d ago


If everyone charged the same premium, we would only need one insurance company. But they don't. The increase in rates could be an overall rate increase (for all policy holders) approved by your state insurance commissioner. Or it could be many other things. Surprisingly, insurance carriers have to get approvals for their rates.

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SO - 108 d 5 h ago


Their rates have always been high. I've had bad experience as employee and customer.

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Dawn - 264 d 7 h ago

Sam, could you please provide contact information regarding a situation that I dealing with with Farmers. Thank you.

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Tom - 107 d 18 m ago


I also have an issue, i purchased a new car and had a loan on it, requiring 1000 deductible for collision and comprehensive. They put my car in as a used car and cancelled my collision and comprehensive 3 days later, I got into my first accident in over 5 years of being both the company and they said I don't have collision and will not change it.

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dinah - 93 d ago


Hi Sam IAM reaching out to you to see if you may have any I'mformation that may can support me and my daughter framers and W&A collection agency scamming us over a car accident that money has been taken from us

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Not a farmers fan - 55 d 38 m ago

Could I have Atty contact information

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Gary - 45 d 24 s ago


Hello I'm not sure when this is from but I am having issues with good faith claims with Farmers Insurance as well my name is Gary I can be reached at (hidden)

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Debbie Holt - 44 d 28 m ago

Can I please have your info. I am being bullied by Farmers after I cancelled my homeowner's insurance and autos. They took it upon themselves to make up their own cancellation date of March. Kathleen Boyd is the farmers employee who I specifically asked to cancel my insurance on 6/25 NOT 3/25. Now they say I owe them $253. I am not paying it.

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Deborah - 44 d 45 s ago


Can I please have your info. I am being bullied by Farmers after I cancelled my homeowner's insurance and autos. They took it upon themselves to make up their own cancellation date of March. Kathleen Boyd is the farmers employee who I specifically asked to cancel my insurance on 6/25 NOT 3/25. Now they say I owe them $253. I am not paying it. I need help suing them.

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Stabbed in the Back by an Agent - 45 d ago


Wow!!!! The number listed above "is not in service"! Well, that's ok - I just filed a complaint against you and your agent with AZ Dept of Insurance.

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Elva Arellano-chavez - 55 d 7 h ago

I recently sold a property and am carrying the loan. The buyers chose Farmers for their hazard insurance. The agent has made one mistake after another and as a consequence the deadline for paying the premium is approaching in four days and because of her writing two policies instead of one, the buyers have not received billing statements and worse yet, she does not follow through with what she agrees to do.

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adrienne - 176 d 4 h ago


I also went through a couple of months of hell as Farmers threatened to take me to collection for 5 policies that I HAD NOT RENEWED. After my policies expired, I went with Horace Mann, but Farmers continued to bill me. They demanded proof of insurance in order to stop the billing. I sent proof to make them go away, then the collection agency threats began to arrive. My agent had nothing to do with this. He offered to pay what Farmers was demanding. NO WAY! I owed them nothing. Finally after a couple of months of me waiting on hold and being transferred from one person to another - they decided that they would stop their attempted theft.

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Kim - 172 d 4 h ago

If this story is true, then they must be the first insurance company to keep insuring you even when you don't pay!

Every other insurance company on the face of the earth just cancels you immediately...

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Miserable - 133 d ago


Farmers doesn't cancel until they have verification of other insurance. I worked there. It was awful

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MN Farmers Agent - 67 d 16 h ago


It's called earned premium...they covered you for a certain amount of time until the policy cancelled...legally. Therefore you still need to pay at least that time period they were covering you...usually 30 days worth. It sounds to me like a lot of these people on this forum just had crappy agents in my opinion. I mean....we take care of all of these issues in our office before anything escalates to these types of situations. Simply ridiculous. -Minnesota/Iowa Farmers Agent

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