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Flash Market Inc

PO Box 2389
West Memphis, AR
Harold Patterson
(870) 732-2242
(870) 732-0454
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Rebecca Wilson - 23 d 9 h ago


I got fired from flash market. Is there a way I can be rehired? I made a mastake. I worked there less than a year, the ABC sent a teenager that looked in his upper 20s. And I sold to him without carding him, I was told I didn't get a chance to try again, I had to go. I really like the job and the manager didn't want to let me go. Is there a way I can get my job back?

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Anonymous - 56 d ago


The girl working at the gas station locked the door in my face at 810 am and laughed at me at the greenwood and north O location in fort smith

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concerned patron - 167 d 8 h ago


One of your employees and the flash market number 169 is a complete pothead and she does not hide it from anyone, she's even had her weed at work with her and I'm sure there is a policy about that. If these are the type of people you employ then your store is going to go down quick. Someone better drug test that entire staff or next time I will have Bartlett Police there in a heartbeat. What a disgrace to a nice store.

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Stoned Patron - 132 d 16 h ago

You should remove the stick from your ass.

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Stoned Random - 59 d 19 h ago


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A regular customer - 63 d 3 h ago


I come into the Bartlett location every single day and more than once. The new man that sits in his office watching his phone is a perverted man. He is unprofessional. Him and the African American woman worry about eating. When she's told to do anything she tells the man no. They talk sexually. They are both unprofessional. All the employees except one is on there phone and sitting down instead of worrying about the store. The one is professional and will ask how the customers day is going and is very sincere with her customers. She will go out of her way to help a customer. She is always busy. She would be perfect for the managers position. Please as a bunch of us customers wants her to be the manager. She certainly deserves to be the manager. That guy is just there to make a check along with all the other employees except that woman stacie or Tracy. It was the smartest move on whomever part to bring her back. She is one hell of a worker. I tried to get her to come to my business with more money. But she wants to give yall a chance. It wouldn't be wise to mess her over cause she doesn't have to have a job she said. So from a lot of us customers please bring her to the management position not the assistant manager. Have her drug test all those employees as well. Including the dude in office. Thanks for yall time. Im sure no one from the company reads these.

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Anonymous - 71 d 18 h ago

I think it's funny that your gas station in Jacksonville Arkansas you pay for your gas you have your signature on it and you're literally told the lady exactly what you want and she says okay and I even get a pack of cigarettes she tells you the title I sign it I say I don't need a receipt because I'm in a hurry I'm already late for work and she sits there and argues with you then she didn't just do it I suggest that you really do drug screens before you hire someone

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Kev Ray - 78 d 5 h ago



My names Kevin I was at your Flash Market in Memphis #6505 *Had to locate that to be specific here.

I was picking up few items at about 6:45 am on Apr 4. There were 3 employees near the register and one was a blonde female I am not sure think her names Stacy or Tracy. and a Guy don' know his name

The manager guy Joe says out loud

to them "How can you tell if a customers a man or a woman?" They kinda look baffled and say HUH? This man then takes his clipboard and proceeds to hit the female staffer in her crotch multiple times. and says Oh yea she is definitely a woman! That poor lady did all she could to not let it show but she was very uncomfortable. When I go in there (which is pretty often last year and now) that lady is always working and real nice. I feel it was highly unprofessional and if a man did that to my wife or daughter I would definitely have a real issue. I don't know if she has said anything to anyone , But I couldn't just let it go its been bugging me all week. Please look in to this situation. you can lose good staff with one bad situation.


A concerned customer.

Kevin Ray

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Jonni Claybern - 78 d 5 h ago


I agree dude I was in there too! I was gettin some energey drinks That fool str8 up touched that chick on her shit! bro he lucky not outside that store!

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A lost customer - 83 d 11 h ago

I've done business at this store (Marion the gas station rite off the exit for NI55) for many years all the staff (correction except for one) is friendly, he's the most hateful rude is saying it nicely he acts like your customers are beneth him and it's such a bother to wait on us he slams our items around like a child throwing a temper tantrum.he was so rude today I asked "excuse me is something wrong did I offend you or something?" His reply was "NO! I'm just sick of being here" "I don't wanna be here why" I asked well could you please stop being so rude like I'm asking you go out your way to help me " he replied those weren't my tickets anymore they were his and he could do as he pleased" my final response was may I speak to your manager and no sir those aren't yours til you cash them out and that yes I will be speaking to someone because your rude and hateful Everytime your here he started mouthing some other stuff I couldn't understand him and I'm sure when I left I probably said something I shouldnt have cause I realized as I was walking out the door I didn't get gas the whole reason I stopped would like to say that was that but as I hot in my car and started pulling away he comes out the store after me hollering and carrying I won't be going there anymore while he's there

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bad cash year - 91 d 8 h ago


justeen at flash on Missouri is so rude she rolls her eyes and yanks money out of your hand she needs a to go she is terrble she makes u not even wanna go inn there pls get rid of her hatefull self !!!!!

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Former employee. - 100 d 11 h ago

Clarkton store needs to be checked out. The manager is rude to employees and customers. She is never there because of her other job. I hope she isn't salary paid because she is screwing you out of money. She lets her boyfriend get everything free. Ask any employee or previous employee. They will tell the truth. Yes I am a former employee but I think the employees are treated unfairly.

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Anonymous - 2 y ago


To Whom It May Concern Your Marion Arkansas Female Manager Is A Racist Because She Seen Me Ask My Cousin for A Quarter and She Went Off On Me For Asking Now After Coming Into Your Marion Arkansas Location to White Female Cashier told me That I have Been Banned From the Store Simply because I asked Another Customer for a quarter

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Anonymous - 2 y ago

Quit asking for money and get a JOB!!!

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Anonymous - 132 d 16 h ago

How do you know they don't have a job? Maybe they just needed a quarter.

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been there to - 1 y ago

Which Marion location was this at there 3 different ones there

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Anonymous - 285 d 19 s ago

I go into the Trumann flash market every day,there is a rude worker in there,she wouldn't sell me any gas because I had a$100.00 bill and she told me not to come back in there with a $100.00 any more.shes very rude and it's not the first time either,I want something done about or I'm getting a lawyer.

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joe - 296 d 7 h ago


II go in the Bells Tn. store at two in the afternoon . You three or four employees standing in front of the door smoking or playing with their phones. They never move to let customers jn. I hope you know how much this cost you're company. The parking lot has holes that you can lose a car jn .

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one less customer - 1 y ago


The flash market in Marion with the mc Donald's in it is horrible the manager is always late and very rude the girls that work mornings are always coming in late and rude as hell I stood in a line a mile long the other day while the girls behind the counter were playing with paper work and it took one the guy standing behind me saying something before the new girl would explain what was taking so long. I understand her not knowing what to say but the other girl I kn9w has been there for years and she didn't say anything and when the other cashier spoke up all all the old cashier could do was role her eyes. And the assistant manager is either always on her phone talking or playing and acts like our presence is disrupting her facebook update. Not all the girls are bad but they could really use some new employees and the manager should take more pride in the appearance of her store

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

well if you all are going to be closed at different times every night you shouldn't advertise that you are open 24 hours a day.I'm here at forrest city store it's 1 am and door is locked last night it was locked at 12 o clock.sometimes it 2 or 3

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Karen - 1 y ago


This is a complaint not a review.,the little young guy in forrest city store has the door locked for a cigarette break i was told, it was locked at 11:00pm I went back at12:00 still locked but he jumped over the counter and unlocked it for a young lady.I walked on up to door .I could tell he didn't want to let me in.but he did then locked it back when I walked out. There were a couple ladies in the store with him. It's getting to where every time I shop there I swear it's will be the last time.

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Donna - 1 y 65 d ago


I was just in Siloam spings flash market on South Lincoln Street. Brenda Andrews was really hateful to Christina. Told her she's fat and lazy. Everytime I'm in there Christina is working her butt off and is really nice. Something needs to be done Brenda is supposed to be an adult she has no respect for her fellow workers. She needs to be fired or wrote up.

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Disgruntled employee - 1 y 106 d ago


Very cowardly they way they treat employees, Middle of winter with no hope for jobs and they close the Subway in Marshall with no notice.

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Anonymous - 1 y 123 d ago


Your Fairview tn sucks. They ban ex drug dealers(to your employees) laughable. I've seen some seriously funny thing s there do an audit. Worst customer service is third.

Good luck to new management

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No weapon formed against me shall prosper - 1 y 149 d ago

Lisa in Blytheville is a crook. She hired a underage worker and she still is the Manager. I am a customer and Lisa is crooked as hell. She needs a lie detector test because she has been there 12 years and ain't no telling how long she been embezzling money from the company. She has a well known Gambling problem . She has been a customer at Bancorp Bank for years and they are looking into the possibility of suing her for harassment.So that should say a lot about her as a person let alone a manager. It's not a good look for Flash. But I'm not the Owner.

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