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Flash Market Inc

PO Box 2389
West Memphis, AR
Harold Patterson
(870) 732-2242
(870) 732-0454
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 13 d 18 h ago

Sat outside your store at 1621 Missouri for 30 min while a sign was in the door saying in the restroom and the person was sleep contact me at (hidden) something needs to be done I literally ran out of gas waiting on him.

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Casey Jones - 56 d 11 h ago

I visit the flash market in conway often. Store 31, I believe. The older black lady I think her name is Charline is hands down the rudest cashier ive ever come in contact with. She is rude and unhelpful just about every time I go. The other cashiers are wonderful and nothing but nice. Ive hesrd several people complain about her. She needs to go.

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Loyal customer - 65 d ago


Someone really needs to tell the girl that works at flash market 13 in west memphis on Missouri street that she should treat every customer the same. She is down right rude to the white customers that come in except for the ones she knows is friends with her boss. I've even heard that her and her boss are too close..he gives her money all the time and basically let's her get away with murder while blaming any mistake on whoever is the newest employee or whoever can be the scape goat as long as it isn't her. Not sure of her name but they call her Z

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So disappointed - 65 d ago


Oh yes. I know who you are talking about. The guys at that store are wonderful, esp the guy that works the night shift. They are all very friendly and helpful but I hate to even stop there in the morning when I know she will be there. I've even heard she takes whole cartons of cigarettes out of there and sales them on the street for cheap and that she gets away with that too. She should have been fired a long time ago

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Kim - 65 d 9 m ago

Yea she b a bitch sometimes but that's my gurl she can run dat mf if they let her!

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FLASH OIL - 96 d 8 h ago


Robert Rakestraw driver for Flash oil is a very unsafe driver. He has sleep apnea and does not sleep under his machine. He does drugs on Sunday and Monday nights leaving out tuesday mornings very ill and tired from being up all weekends. His physical for this year is false the doctor he seen did not read his sleep apnea machine card.

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Karen farmer - 104 d 8 h ago


I have been a customer at flashmart # 25 in forrest city arkansas for years.i buy gas and cigarettes several times a week.all the cashiers see me every week and know me when they see me and they all are the most RUDE bunch of people i have ever dealt with.I mean they are horrible. They are rude to me, my husband ,my daughter and everyone that I know. I think it's because they are racists. Seriously every time i go in there i say to myself when i leave that im never going back in there. You people must make so much money that you don't care if you have any customers or not. I'm 50 yrs old and I have worked in a few convenient stores and the manager always trained me to be polite pleasant and friendly to all customers for if not for them you all wouldn't make the money that you do. Someone needs to train every one that works in this store how not to be down right rude.and ugly .

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Anonymous - 132 d 19 h ago


I visit your store located at

Flash Market / 6505 Memphis Arlington Rd.

Barlett, Tennessee 38135. Frequently. An. Notice that your assistant manager. Kayla Does nothing but complain about other employees and her personal life as well ,, I've seen her vape smoking as she walking In to cooler. Talks to her husband an throws stuff at each other ,on Sunday night July, 25 she threw a tobacco can at him which he threw back at her and almost hit two other lady customers , very

Un professional. As an employer. In my opinion,!!!!!!! She is nomore fit to be assistant manager then her ass in those yoga pants she be wearing. I don't care about your personal life i just want my gas

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Boss - 147 d 19 h ago


Since when do the doors lock and store is closed for cleaning reasons????

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Boss - 147 d 19 h ago


By the way I'm in Forrest City, Ar at 2:05 am

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Paula Kemavor - 169 d 9 h ago


Saturday the 18th 2016 I came to the flash Mart on I-35 and 10th Street. Went into the store and ask the cashier for change and she told me no she could not give me any change. I proceeded to walk out of the store and as I was going out I said well that's sad that you can't give change and she started screaming across the store at me texting me calling me names as I was walking out because I made that comment that I was sad for them that they could not give change. I will never go back into that store and I will let all my friends know to never go back in there again because of the service. It was about 11:30 a.m. when I went to that store. Maybe you should look at your workers a little better before you hire them.

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Anonymous - 211 d 10 h ago


To Whom It May Concern Your Marion Arkansas Female Manager Is A Racist Because She Seen Me Ask My Cousin for A Quarter and She Went Off On Me For Asking Now After Coming Into Your Marion Arkansas Location to White Female Cashier told me That I have Been Banned From the Store Simply because I asked Another Customer for a quarter

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Anonymous - 171 d 11 h ago

Quit asking for money and get a JOB!!!

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Brenda - 172 d ago


I visited this facility off of Hollywood ( the subway) it took us 15 mins to get our food through drive thru the lady was so rude Ann Marie I told her to just give me my money back and she said that she didn't know how to do it. And then she said do you want your food or not I said I need to talk to the manager she said no one was there. And then I asked her what's your name and she said Ann Marie and that is all one word. I told her I will come talk to the manager and she said good

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Kim Hood - 275 d 5 h ago

Flash-Phillips 66 are rude and mess up ringing up a lot! Don't think I will be giving this store any More of my business

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leroy walker - 293 d 8 h ago


There is a rude cashier at the Wynne flash market. I don't now her name she wasn't wearing a flash market short like the other cashier. Instead of helping me she stood there talking about other employees. Seem to me the other cashier was doing all the work. I wish I had her name . she has dark should length hair ,no flash market shirt and was a white lady. If I go back in to Wynne store and she is there I simple walking back out. I will not deal with rude disrespectful people and listen to the drama of flash market.

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Random Customer - 293 d 14 h ago


at flash market 189 there is a very hateful clerk with white hair rude demeanor very unhappy to be here

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Mark B. - 300 d 6 h ago


FYi.. at the Flash Market in Fayetteville, Ar. on Martin Luther King Blvd, there are so many homeless people camped outside, you can't get in the building without getting harassed. Fix it.

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Venisa Jones - 302 d 4 h ago

Today at 2;55pm at the Citgo located on hwy 69 I am standing in line no one else was in line . I am having to listen to their personal issues before I recive aany regonition the I made a comment that their personal business this customer was not interested in hearing she becomes very rude. I just wanted my fuel and leave and personal business the public did not need to know a skinny guy working with the femaales ask me to leave the store I am a custer aand so outraged at this storre employee hass cost you any further business from me! I do still believe the employees should be addrressed on discussing their peersonal life history out of the work place. thank you for allowing me to express my self in this complaint issue.

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Leroy walker - 1 y ago


Im a customer at flash market in Wynne Arkansas one of the employees brings her child to work this child asking for money . I have seen him behind counter , ect. This child follows everyone around bugging them . I'm afaid going get hurt or somthing

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David Burnett - 1 y ago


I think it very unfair( and illegal) you made employees work thanksgiving and didn't pay holiday pay. SHAME on you

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Concerned Employee - 1 y ago


Dear Mr. Patterson,

I have worked at Flash Market #39 for a little under a year now. I like what I do

and I am currently enrolled at Black River Technical College in Pocahontas, Ar.

I have a couple of concerns and I would just like to put them at rest.

I feel that pump four could possibly be very dangerous to customers and staff.

It leans very noticeably. I am afraid that with a strong wind it will fall and crush

a car or worse a customer. Pump Four also will pump about 3 cents over when

a customer decides to pay inside. I am sure it adds up and will probably cost

you a couple hundred dollars by the year is over.

I very much like my job and just need some reassuring about the issue.


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Disappointed customer. - 1 y ago


Imboden, Arkansas. Store #333

This week the store received a new manager. She is very impolite. Her workers are very rude to everyone and gossip about them to other people. I'm extremely embarrassed to go in there because of her. I always go in here on a daily basis but she is firing employees who are extremely awesome at their job. If she continues to do so this business will loose a ton of business. Thanks.

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Chris nixon - 1 y ago


Flash market in Forrest city ar on Washington is closed for cleaning when it is a 24 hour store please explain

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Greenwood, AR Customer - 1 y 268 d ago

I would like to address the attitude of the manager who is rude to the customers who come in the store to purchase fuel or other products. I, personally, feel like I am wasting her time on assisting me when I am there to purchase my fuel and other products the store offers. I will only go in when the Assistant Manager Victoria and the Employees Julie and Ashley works because the treat me and everyone who goes in with respect and like a customer should be treated. I know these girls by name as they know me by name since they ask me how I am and 9/10 they have the products I always get already on the counter for me. That's the greatest convenience a customer(s) can have in a store. It's nothing for me to be in that store 3-4 times a week when those girls are working and spend $110-180 just in fuel alone and another $20-$40 in the store. if that manager is rude and inconsiderate to the customer's then she must be to the Employees. If those 3 employees leave, then I will take my business else where.

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