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Flash Market Inc

PO Box 2389
West Memphis, AR
Harold Patterson
(870) 732-2242
(870) 732-0454
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Private - 9 d 5 h ago


The absolute WORST company to work for. Beware if they buy the store you work for go ahead and start looking for a new job asap. Theses people are terrible and make it obvious that they don't care about any of the employees.

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Disappointed and worried - 14 d 16 h ago


The employees are not wearing masks.

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Journeyman Electrician - 15 d 14 h ago


The manager who runs the store in Marion behind Sonic has got to be the rudest woman ever. Now I stop in there several days a week at different times. One morning I stopped in to get a drink, but she had cooler door open so I was not able to open the door so that I can get the drink I was wanting. I said excuse me ma'am do you mind if I grab a drink, she very rudely said damn I guess I will move so you can get your fucking drink. I guess she didn't think I heard her because she was talking under her breath. Well I was able to see her name tag and it said Linda she's a older lady with blond hair. Then a couple other times I went in one day was like 2pm and another day around 3pm she was berating 2 girls that work there which is very unprofessional in the first place and second you treat your workers with respect. Because I am a supervisor and I always treat my guys with respect and let them know they are appreciated because they work twice as hard and always wanna be there. What sad the 2 girls she was berating are always the ones that are always smiling, welcoming and so helpful when I always go in. I wanna give the store 5 stars because of the 2 girls who are always so sweet but at the same time their so called "manager" who is suppose to lead by example just sucks and never seems to be there when she's needed. So I am only gonna give 2 stars and that's a star for each of the 2 cashiers who are always smiling and sweet and always there after 2pm

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Michelle Mendenhall - 20 d ago

Store #157 5522 poplar ave....Went today about 1 pm not sure what the older lady's name was behind the counter with the bright blue eyeliner but she was very unprofessional she had her phone on and very loud kept giving the customer in front of me the wrong amount of things or the wrong thing period because they could not hear each other she then blamed the customer saying its because he is trying to speak over the glass when infant it was because her phone was far to loud then as I was trying to get my stuff and go because I was on a lunch break she proceeded to complain to me and talk about the customer in front of me being wrong when in fact it was due to her phone being to loud

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Anonymous - 21 d ago


The store in Jackson, Tn all pumps not working women running register very very very rude and acted like she was being bothered by you trying to spend money at that place. To lazy to put a sign on pumps saying they won't except a card.

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Anonymous - 56 d 4 h ago


Store # 179 in Siloam Springs arkansas the manager is very rude. She always smells and wears dirty clothes her hair is nasty and never pulled up. She is rude to all of us customers. She talks about the employees in front of us all the time and yelled at customers she talks about customers to other customers

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Local customer - 95 d 16 h ago


Flash#150in Fairveiw Tennessee the gentleman named Johnny was the only great thing I experienced. The manager disheveled unvaried girl named "Jenny" would not assist my daughter and me she was MAKING OUT with some man by the front door. CashierJohnny helped us instead . Be wanted of management fornicatig by the front doors..I found out before we left the managers name is Jenny Norman.

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successistheremaningfactor - 99 d 6 h ago


Great employment opportunities as a new clerk in a strong advance environment with cash grow and skills

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Anonymous - 128 d 4 h ago


I am a former employee. I'm not saying any if this because I was fired. First of all I truly believe that I done my job as I was trained to do. I went above and beyond when I worked. Other employees there were allowed to do whatever they wanted and he never said anything to them. He would allow ex employee in the office with him while he done deposits. Oh and let's not forget when it came time for inventory... We would all get a big lecture about how GM was outrageous but if you looked in his office you would find over half the shortage. He never pays for anything. I was fired for doing the exact same thing the other employees were doing

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DRaymond - 205 d 19 s ago


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John Gemermin - 1 y ago


The atm at the flash market on MLK in Fayetteville AR has been out of order for 3 weeks now except on the weekends, can anyone get it back in order anytime soon? I stop there every morning on my way to work and it's always says no cassette loaded. The manager must not care since its been 3 weeks. Please look into this!

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Sweetie - 1 y ago


The flash market in Desha , Arkansas , a girl name jacky works there she called me a bitch when I came out of the bathroom because I accidentally opened the door to fast and she was standing there . Very rude ! I stop in the every single day and she gives me go to hell looks ! If she isn't fired then I will no longer go to that store !

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Nater's - 1 y ago


This lady is crazy, the store is combined with a McDonalds so pretty sure they don't depend on customer service. Flash Mart 1414 S Santa Fe Ave, Edmond, OK Edit your review 1.0 3 reviews Michelle Natermaldonado 4 reviews just now-Edit I've been a customer for about 6 years, almost every day I go. And everyday I always try to avoid the old lady that works there. Avoid her if you can, she's mean and she'll treat you like shit. Today was the last time I could handle her More Mark Morrell a month ago this lady is absolutly crazy if your having a good day dont go here she will ban you from her store because she is mighty and powerful i guess my thousands of dollars spent on gas and energy drinks will go a block father never velero ever they have zero custermer service TheTrueKing 1234 a year ago I hate this place don't go there. Here is why I went there and bought 2 monster drinks for 3.25 and I go to the person at the counter and pay 3.25 for my drinks in change and the worker there got so mad that I payed in change that she banned me from the flash market and I can't go back.

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-100 Stars - 1 y ago


So I went to Flash Market on Old Greenwood&the cashier that was there was nice&gave me the quarters I needed for the air machine but when the other guy that works there named Solomon came in to I guess chat it up with him i had foundout that the air machine apparently hasn't been working so after my husband&I wasted over $4 on it I wentback in&asked him what was wrong with it he said I made a call early to get it fix I said ok why wasn't there an out of order sign on it he said it's not my job ok well if its your job to run a store&so let people know that your air machine doesnt work atleast cause thats a waste of my money&our time&ontop of this that store wasn't very clean &I know he was on something as slow as he was being so please drug test your employees more often or before you hire someone on drugs that make them act so slow&sleepy looking. Sorry so long but I'll be also contacting the corporate office to on this matter.

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Anonymous - 1 y 90 d ago


The cashier in fort smith Arkansas on oldgreenwood rd and Phoenix her name is Jennifer is rude and very hateful. Poor customer service I will never go in there when she is there.

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Jennifer - 1 y ago


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Theresa - 1 y ago


Flash market in clarkton Missouri needs new management!!!!! Call and order pizza and go to pick it up and they haven't even started on it, said the cook went home she didnt make the pizza because it was close to getting off but to have to wait over an hour for a pizza that's bad business

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Anonymous - 1 y ago



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Anonymous - 1 y 117 d ago


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Tabitha - 1 y 135 d ago


Monette location has a fat slob of a manager. His pants are always open and his fat rolls hang over in the food he preps.. Nasty... Store has a smart ass cashier Kristy. She is so rude. And the assistant manager flirts with every man that comes in there. The rest are ok. Those are the wrk I see the most tho

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Terri - 1 y 212 d ago


Terri huddon

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JAyJo - 1 y 135 d ago


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Restaraunt Manger disgusted - 1 y 167 d ago

Boone Iowa store on South Store gets a fat 0! Putting pizzas in a box on a trash can get health violation code there! Pizza was cold and nasty! Employees looked like they were homeless wearing slip on toeless shoes pants looked like they had been caught in a snare trap to many times they were so frayed shirt had holes in it! Very rude cashier!

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Kristen - 1 y 170 d ago

As a previous manager with the company, it just makes me so sad to see so many negative reviews regarding this company. I left to take time off with my first child, but its still Sad to see so many rude and hateful employees with no work ethic anymore. As a manager, that was my biggest struggle was the crew. Its hard to find good people to work anymore. Not all stores and employees are bad.... so sad :(

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Anonymous - 1 y 182 d ago

I worked here for three weeks n was an excellent employee where on the second day they decided to train me for assistant manager.... I accidently read an ID wrong just bc i was in a hurry and got fined... The officer even told the manager she really just made a mistake I watched her n they let me go anyway..... Even tho it was a mistake I would never make twice.... However now it's been three weeks n they will not pay me for the two weeks I worked....n my paycheck card is now negative $14 and I never had a chance to use it....... I am not in a situation where this is okay!!!!!!!!!!!

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