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anonymous - 8 h ago

What's next on this ridiculous channel? A "new" competition type show featuring preparing meals wih road kill? FN has lost all credibility and it just gets worse each week. Now resorting to hours and hours of reruns and slowly removing any shows ( even older ones) that are even remotely connected with cooking.

It's offensive and irritating to viewers who used to love FN that those in charge have dumbed down the programming to this extent. And sad that if this continues we'll have a whole generation of viewers who may not appreciate what cooking is truly about.

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Farm Friend - 19 h ago


Please continue to air Monsanto ads.. consumers need this education. Do not back down.

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Concerned Viewer - 5 d 15 h ago


WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET BETTER PROGRAMS TO REPLACE "DINERS ,DRIVE- INS AND DIVES"???!!!! Why have the standards been lowered on this channel? ??

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I miss the old Fn channel - 4 d 38 m ago

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET BETTER PROGRAMS TO REPLACE "DINERS ,DRIVE- INS AND DIVES"???!!!! Why have the standards been lowered on this channel? ??

Just our opinion in re: to your question. My husband and I have been trying to figure it out also. We watched FN for many years. We both love to cook share meals and recipes with friends and family and have hopefully passed this on to our children and grandchildren. While we appreciate the advances in social media I think it's taken some of the pleasure and true human connections from our lives and I think this is reflected in the "new" programming on FN and other channels. People don't seem to take time to reflect anymore or enjoy quiet time. It's like they feel everyone needs to know what they're doing 24/7 and they want drama and excitement, without truly being involved. Twitter is limited to few characters and so some folks don't have the patience anymore to sit and "listen" or engage in in person conversation.

We think this is apparent in FN. No more calm, quiet preparation of meals or learning from the chefs. Seems to be loud, competitive and the flashier the better.Sick and tired of Giada really thinking that viewers want to see her pumped up cleavage and/or Guy F. screaming into the camera, not to mention the obnoxious competitions. That's not how I was raised about the true joys of cooking.

Anyway, just our opinion but FN doesn't seem to care. Audience preferences have changed and my family rarely watches the channel anymore. We miss it.

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KC1 - 1 d ago


What happened to the teaching show, Giada, Ina, Ree, and others. I dislike

Guy nad hIs DDD shows, I dislike the marathon competition shows, we learn nothing. Get your act together because I am not watching you anymore.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


I, too, am so sick of DDD. What is the networks

fascination with this guy!

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Bye bye FN - 1 d ago

Was just reading some of today's posts and I checked our t.v. guide. They're absolutely right. DDD reruns started at 2 this afternoon and are on marathon style until 4 a.m. It was bad enough when the only cooking shows were a couple hours of repeats in the afternoon but now even those seem to be gone.

I probably sound a little paranoid, but it's almost like FN is thumbing their nose at viewers. As someone said, probably an employee there who sticks in old DVD's and sets them to play for hours. It reminds me of that movie "Groundhog Day"! Same thing over again the next day.

I'm so done with this network. We don't have the premium cable to watch the Cooking Network but we love the cooking shows, test kitchen recipes on the Create channel. They have an Italian chef and others who are great and so refreshing to watch someone actually cook and to get tips from them.

They also occassionally replay Julia Child episodes or feature a chef who trained with her. Great travel episodes also.

Absolutely refuse to watch FN anymore. Doesn't matter to them but it does to me. I won't support the garbage they're expecting viewers to be contented with.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


You have gone to the dogs. I am sick of all things chopped. Your have totally worn it OUT. Other shows are interminable repeats of the same thing over and over. Nothing fresh and new and certainly nothing in the least inspiring. You need to start all over again and either have your "stars" do something new-a lot new, or find some new people. Boring, Boring and more Boring!

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Randy Jones - 1 d ago


I am giving up on Food Network! I like Guy Fieri but I DO NOT want to see him for 26 episodes in a row and the same for Chopped and Chopped Jr. What have you all done with Ina Garten and Barefoot Contessa? Where is Pioneer Woman gone? Tyler Florence? At one time you had to watch Barefoot Contessa on Sunday mornings at 730am to see a new episode. Now, that is gone. If the best that you can do is run the same person all day and evening into the early morning hours, then I'll watch Paula Deen on my tablet! You guys have really gone downhill. There's no variety and the fan favorites (Ina, Ree, Tyler, Trisha) don't have new episodes. You've gone the route of cheapness -- you don't provide fresh programming anymore. It's as if someone at FN sticks a few DVD's in and goes home! I'm disgusted with your programming and I don't care to watch Giada anymore. How many ways can you create a mascarpone dish and add "spuh-geety"?! I'm done!

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food fan - 1 d 6 m ago

so tired of the same old rerun of diners drive ins and dives. and chopped. can't they just find good chef's who teach us how to cook? i like $10 meals, alton brown, etc. in this whole world of food, what happened?

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Enraged - 1 d ago


Hey food network are you reading those comments, I think you do not, because nothing have changed, always the same boring, rerun DDD or chopped. Are you READING the comments.?? Clo

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Clo - 1 d 2 h ago


I am sick and tired of triple D, he is a nice guy, but WHERE are our chef we love. Barefoot Contessa. THe Pioneer woman, Giada, Trisha, etc........ F...... Tired of chopped, etc..... It,s not a competition channel, it is a FOOD channel with chef who help you to become a cook, help you with recipe.... PLEASE bring them back. Thanks. Clo

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anonymous - 3 d ago

Well, just got home and checked today's t.v. guide listings for Food Network. Once again, marathon of DDD re-runs from 2 until 8! And I'm sure these will be repeated again later this week along with more hours of Chopped reruns and people behaving like fools on their competitive "cooking" shows.

Those in charge should be ashamed that they have allowed this once fantastic channel to resort to this level of lazy, stagnant programing. My 5 year old son is more creative and imaginative than they seem to be.


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Disgusted - 1 d ago

Well, just got home and checked today's t.v. guide listings for Food Network. Once again, marathon of DDD re-runs from 2 until 8!

It's even worse today (Wednesday) than when you posted your comment. My husband just checked and Guy F''s obnoxious DDD has a 12 hour marathon of reruns starting this afternoon. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse. FN is a lazy, sluggish shell of what it once was. They have totally lost our support, both in watching and/or ever buying any of their products again.

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Cheryl Young - 1 d 6 h ago


Need a chopped junior redemption episode

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Jamie - 1 d 17 h ago


OMG!! I can't believe you have now ruined our weekdays, with these silly, ridiculous competition shows. I don't know who is in charge of what is aired, but I will say the FN has gone so far down hill. It is sad. The Food Network use to be so enjoyable, watching the good cooking shows. We use to at least have a few shows a day, to watch Barefoot Contessa , Pioneer Woman, Trisha, Valerie. Now you have taken that away. You must not pay any attention to your viewers. You have a 1 1/2 star rating. Doesn't that tell you anything. We are sick of DDD, Chopped , Bobby Flay, Giada. Dear God, please give us the old Food Network back. The good wholesome cooking shows, I can't believe you are now airing, mind numbing , repeated , repeated, repeated DDD, Chopped on the few weekday hours we had to enjoy the network. You people need to listen to unhappy your audience is !!!!!!!!!!!

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Animal lover - 1 d 18 h ago

I am very disappointed that Food Network magazine chose to run a photo of chef Robert Irvine holding a tiger cub in their June 2016 edition. These "photo ops" or "pay to play" condemn these cubs to a very cruel life. Check out this link and the information following. I hope the magazine, Robert Irvine and anyone who watches it will think twice before supporting those venues.

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Anonymous - 2 d 6 h ago

Reading the comments it looks like so many people are disappointed in the turn the Food Network has chosen to take. I wonder if the programmers read these comments or is there another website to voice complaints? Or maybe they're not interested in viewer's opinions. This channel has turned into a mockery of what it formerly was. Our grandson said many of the shows come across like what Saturday Night Live spoofs and satire of cooking shows would be. It's embarrassing for former viewers and I would imagine a bit humiliating for some of the hosts, with the exception of the ever present Guy F.who seems to enjoy the attention he gets from feeding his face and trying to talk at the same time.

If anyone ever watched the award winning movie "Babettes' Feast", it's a wonderful example of the true meaning of preparing food with love and appreciation, sharing, and teaching others in the process. All these qualities are now gone on FN and that is incredibly sad to me.

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Inspiring chef - 2 d 18 h ago

Alton brown gave me the confidence to cook thanksgiving dinner and if I do say so myself it was the best turkey I have ever ate or cooked. Yet you're channel dumbs down such talented cooks chefs etc. why? I don't understand I'm not going to go on a game show. I'm cooking for family and friends. I watch to learn not compete. Please reevaluate you're perspective. Thank you

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Bring education back - 2 d 19 h ago


Am I the only one or does anyone think they should be ashamed of what they did to alton brown? This intelligent chef with so much to teach us now has a circus of a show. You can see the cringe in his eyes as he doles out these rediculous challenges. When is the last time this channel has actually given us information we can use in our kitchen instead of who wins what challenge?

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Panda - 2 d 19 h ago


im tired of seeing guy fieri mush his face into a huge burger that he says has the perfect texture and all that other crap. don't you think he dislikes things sometimes??

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Tanner Blake - 3 d ago


It seems that many intelligent viewers have already expressed the same sentiments about the excessive look of cleavage and idiotic shouting of Fieri comments while restaurants amuse him while dumping spices into pots while he expresses his uncouth amazement at the flavours as he wraps his big mouth around the too thick sandwiches.

I am totally bored with a wonderful medium such as television which seems to be deliberately abused by executives who waste time and deprive an intelligent nation who discovered due to Julia Childs that cooking shows were a valid source of education and entertainment.

You who are in control ought to be scrutinized in the manner the rest of us are in the wotking world.

I really don't feel that any of us could still be working if we were this careless in our decision making with how effe tive our tools and capabilities were handled.

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Mary Kay - 3 d 40 s ago


I like Guy Fieri but his shows are 90% of your network. These are reruns that have been rerun over, and over, and over. There are plenty of shows other than Guy that could be rerun. Pioneer Woman, bearfoot, Robert Irvine, etc. I love the food network, but fine myself looking around for variety.

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pacwill2@yahoo - 3 d ago

This makes me sad. I watch Food Network and that is the basic cable. Everyone is sick of the fact that the over use of your original stars is making you richer but making people like me feel like you are just about the money.

Then you have to invest in the the more expensive channel to see the new guys. I think you have enough money.

Way more than the rest of us who started watching this channel to learn how to cook.

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Concerned viewer - 3 d 40 m ago

What I've noticed about food network is that they set the African Americans up for failure on the network what happened to big daddy's house the black guy and last year food network star Eddie but all the other ones that have won oh they have show's the only one i see on there is sunny anderson so keep your fingers crossed sunny.

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