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Over it! - 1 d ago


The shows on Food Network have become so completely unprofessional and boring. The "chefs" are irritating, to say the least, and have become uninteresting because they all say the same thing in different ways -- how to crack an egg, peel a clove of garlic, and whatever other pieces of information we don't need anymore. Please tell Giada to tone down that ridiculous grin of hers (talk about irritating!) and that her Aunt Raffi needs to get a new hairdo - does she really think that mullet is becoming to her? All in all, I've become a nonwatcher these days. Get some new people who want to teach cooking and not be TV food network "STARS". We don't need any more stars. Enough already!!! From a former watcher who is over it.

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Bye Bye FN - 1 d ago

My family, friends and I are now former watchers also. With a few exceptions they act like a bunch of self centered bufoons. And so sick and tired of seeing marathons of Guy F's shows that are broadcast for hours on end.. This guy is so loud and irritating, never cooks, and is paid to stuff his face on food other people prepare.

Sorry for the rant and the criticism but it's disheartening to see this formerly very special channel resorting to this nonsense.

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Pat - 5 d 13 h ago

So sad! A network that used to teach people how to cook! Now I see Alton Brown putting puppets on people's hands who are supposedly chefs. What a disgrace. You sold out

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Change Food Network to Fool's Network - 1 d ago

Yes, they sure have sold out.

FN used to be an absolutely wonderful series of shows. No longer. Sad thing is I guess it reflects what some viewers want and the quality, or lack thereof, of the shows that must bring the most profits.

It also is sad that simple pleasures, like watching someone prepare a special meal and learning from them, aren't as important. Now it has to be mixed with drama, competition and screeching hosts who don't even cook.

I guess it comes down to this. Since it probably won't change we have a choice to continue viewing or not. I choose to no longer support this network.

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Grandmother of two - 1 d 17 h ago

Grandmother of two under 11 years old....

My grandchildren and I watch Kids baking championship together. Our family is totally shocked and outraged that u had a promo for a reality show about sex...the people in the promo asking about how may times another person had sex recently just to mention one line said. I am soooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed in your usually upstanding network. Shame on you. If it's a kids baking are watching. I can't believe my grandchildren were subjected to this so someone can make money. Outraged.

Get your act together. Or is money more important than our youth.

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Former Fan - 1 d 18 h ago

The quality of Food Network is deteriorating. Does this have to do with a new management who is interested in publicizing certain programs for their friends, like cupcake wars, cut throat kitchen, kids baking, and the likes. Where are the good quality programs with top rated chefs? Of course it is nice to include program that encourage kids learning to cook or bake, the content of this "kids baking" program is poor, the approach is non-constructive and the people who run it are not appropriate.

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bored - 2 d ago

So many reruns! So many stupid shows that have nothing to do with teaching anyone to cook! And apparently it's cool for your "stars" to attack your viewers on Twitter if they disagree with their politics! #sunniAnderson needs to run for office I guess... And leave the cooking and entertaining to people without a chip on their shoulder!

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Momma Trumbo - 5 d 15 h ago


Beat Bobby Flay seems rigged since he wins the majority of the times. Too much diners drive in and dives. Giada needs to dress appropriately for a family show instead of dressing for sex in the kitchen instead if cooking in the kitchen. Her tops are too revealing her dresses too tight too short and too revealing also! I loved Paula Deen and those that took her show off the air most definitely should examine their own lives under a microscope!!! The network is getting boring - same old same old! Even my family has expressed a great dissatisfaction with the network shows! It's gone downhill quite a lot and I find myself going to the four network channel and looking for another more interesting channel and program to watch! Very disappointing to say the least

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Cindy - 6 d ago

Why are all the shows on Food Network not chefs but entertainers? What is happening to this channel? All the old shows I loved are gone, Charm City Cakes, all the cake making contests, Emril all those shows. I don't like the changes.

General profile image - 6 d 14 h ago


I just left a review but totally forgot to say this. Bobby Flay and that big head Giada are a waste of my time. Since they both broke up 2 marriages, Bobby Flay is pathetic, hope his show ratings start falling off the cliff. And Giada, big head and horrible smile, go with Bobby Flay, you guys deserve each other. Both of you are so pathetic.............Bobby your not handsome, your girl friend for the moment Giada, is short, square jaw smile and her head is way too big for her body. Giada shows her chest most when Bobby is with her on the can see right thru her. Apparently, she seems desperate to get more attention from Bobby the wife cheater.................

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General profile image - 6 d 14 h ago


totally agree with you........just a mess of a network now. I stop taking their magazines and hardly ever watch their show.

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Would someone please tell Guy to quit putting his fingers in the food when he's on Drivers Diners and Dives. Its beyond unprofessional and especially unsanitary. He never washes his hands, he screams when he speaks. Will someone teach this dude some basic manners. What in the world is he thinking plus he double dips. You can see most of his guest he visits are not impressed. He is over exposed and just so annoying. I am pretty fed up with him and that Ann Burell character. Who does her hair anyway, what a slob she is. She needs to loose about a 100 lbs or more, get her off the air!!!

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Anonymous - 8 d 20 h ago


tried all your web sites to e-mail you a question couldn't get thru,they all said no such address.

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Sal - 9 d 31 m ago

Anne Burell is unwatchable ! So annoying. Does she really need to "woo hoo"when straining potatoe's ?? Or give high fives after she seasons meat? She is so beyond over the top that I don't care what she is Actually cooking. I thought I was watching Wendy Williams not a cooking show.

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grownupwhodoesntwanttowatchkidscooking - 36 d 19 h ago

Please! We are grown-ups who enjoy cooking and learning about food and new recipes from other grown-ups! There are many channels dedicated to children's programming...why are they over-taking the FN??? It's horrible. And I agree with Kelsey... we don't want to watch celebrities and especially not their kids, neighbors, sisters, ex co-stars, church folks, band members, school mates, ranch-hands, grocery store owners, etc. She's right, there are SOOO many awesome chefs that would love to have a chance to be on television to share their professional cooking knowledge with us and who we would actually learn something from. FN had such amazing chefs who made us love food even more than we thought we we have a (what used to be) well-respected chef telling people to run around like idiots wearing lobster claws and evil managers spying on disgusting employees through hidden cameras. This is not the FN that we all fell in love with and definitely not a channel I want to continue watching. Hopefully 2016 brings in a whole new programming line-up that once again celebrates the art and joy of cooking good food instead of reality TV nonsense.

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Anonymous - 30 d ago

I agree enough of the kids leave the kids on a childs show. I want to see real cooking

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Vi - 25 d 4 h ago

Watch something else...

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Anonymous - 25 d ago

Watch pbs on Sundays. The shows are much better and actually show you how to cook.

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Unhappy - 9 d 18 h ago



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Tuning out and turning off FN - 24 d 20 m ago

This is not the FN that we all fell in love with and definitely not a channel I want to continue watching. Hopefully 2016 brings in a whole new programming line-up that once again celebrates the art and joy of cooking good food instead of reality TV nonsense.

Well said! l The channel so many loved watching is no more and I don't think it will return. Am so tired of watching angry chefs throwing temper tantrums in the kitchen, and loud mouthed, narcissistic hosts, some of whom never cook.

There are still a couple worthwhile shows and chefs but these are few and far between and most are reruns.

We don't get the Cooking channel but have loved watching Create, I believe it's a PBS station. Great meals, lots of learning and meal preparation tips, product taste tests and most of all, reflects the pure joy of cooking which FN has lost with it's focus on reality shows and competition.

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Unhappy - 9 d 19 h ago


I used to love the "Chefs" on Food Network. Now there are actors and people that make it annoying. All there is now are repeats of non-chefs that are just well known people. I guess it's called Food Network and not Chef Network for a reason. Good job for screwing up a good thing with replacing it with 10,000 past episodes of Diners Drive Inns and Dives, Rachel Ray, Tia, and all those other people. Ina is great, as are many of the real chefs. I'm unsubscribing like so many other of the people I know. What a waste.

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Disappointed - 10 d 5 h ago


Can't stand some of the fake celebrity chefs such as Rachael and Giada. Especially when I hear first hand how horrible RR can be to people. And Giada needs to button up. This is a cooking network and she cheapens the look of your network with her boobs hanging out. Food network is not what it used to be and that's not a compliment.

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Anonymous - 11 d ago


Please tell Giada that we are not interested in seeing her boobs. She obviously thinks we are. She is all around annoying.

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Stopped watching a formerly great network - 11 d 3 h ago

Done with these ridiculous changes and it seems to be getting worse. No real cooking except for the competitive shows. These are fine once in awhile when balanced with others, but that seems to be all they air, along with the irritating marathon Diners with Guy which gets really old after awhile. The only worthwhile ones are reruns which come on in the afternoon when many people aren't home.

It's such a joy to watch people who love to cook and wish to share their meals and skills with others but that has disappeared.

Guess I'm getting old and cranky but it's sad to see this happening with a network that was fantastic at one time.

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