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Joanna - 18 d 7 h ago


As I drive about, I see more health clinics and therapy joints than I do Mac Donald's, Dairy Queens and gasoline filling stations. We believe we have the best food in the world. If so, then why as a population, are we so damned infirm and sickly? Moreover, if the food is that great, then why does it have to be "enriched"? And how, pray tell, does a natural food become "improved" by taking substances out? Logic states that if 2% milk is better for you than 3.5% whole milk, then 1% would be better yet. How about 0% and then - reductio ad absurdum - leave only the water?

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George - 15 d 8 h ago

What the hell are you talking about. Your entire post is so unorganized and discombobulated it makes absolutely no sense.

Finally, your logic with regard to milk fat is faulty and arguably ignorant.

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Joanna - 15 d 8 h ago


@ George,

The elderly woman in the check-out line, glanced at my carton of milk clearly bearing the label "milk", not 2 percent, not 1 percent, not skimmed, but whole milk with all of its deadly 4 percent fat. "That," she cried in a helpful way, "is full of fat and that's not good for you." "How do you know," I asked. From that point on I heard little other than gossip, hearsay and the supposed testimony of "experts" which generally was in the nonsense category. Let me say a bit about the three-letter F word - fat.

The assembly-line fats and heart faults, that is, hydrogenated whatchamacallit such as Crisco, margarine and other crap which only starving rats would consume. Warnings were all over but the government, in cohorts with certain lobbies, went along, and even promoted, the sales push for "just as good as butter" yellow axle grease. It has been doing it for decades. Junk food - and that means about 90 percent of everything in a super market - is big business and big business doesn't like milk fat (butter). It goes rancid in a short time. The next time you happen to be staring off into space, ask yourself where all of that missing milk fat is going.

"Low fat" milk does not supply the same level of calcium as does whole milk.

Why not try using your God-given brains instead of blindly following the advice of those who need YOUR GULLIBILITY as an avenue for THEIR INCOME.

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George - 5 h 14 m ago

My "God-given brains" tell me that you need to work on your presentation. You're rants are all over the board.

Instead of throwing out a discombobulated manifesto of Lord only knows what, may be you could spend a bit more time organizing your thoughts into a logical presentation which might actually get your point across, as opposed to having many of us wondering if all the missing Milk Fat is being secretly stored in your brain.I

I'm concerned that you're the type of person who we will soon see on the evening news for jumping off a building into a giant Butter Pat in protest of Lord knows what! Then, the rest of us will shake out heads in disbelief, saying, "Yep!.That was Joanna!...still don't know what got her so into the crazy talk!

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Joanna - 3 h 26 m ago


One cannot change anyone's mind with a presentation of facts, much less, any silly debate. A person changes his own mind if indeed that is at all possible. People have a vested interest in maintaining a belief that their noggin holds only truth. To admit sincerely that one has believed something in error, takes a courage which is noticeable by its rarity.

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Debbie - 11 d 11 h ago

Joanna who said we have the best food? We may have the MOST food but with all the chemicals, additives, pesticides, growth hormones, dyes etc, I highly doubt it's the best.

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Joanna - 5 d ago


Food fads, food fads, dear old stupid food fads.

Low fat, no fat and nothin' sweet; adding nicely to the profit sheet.

Hey man. Remember when chocolate was out? Now it's in, anti-oxidants and all. Eggs were once poison but now they're great. Fat was in, now fat is out. Once we were mad to eat starch and now we're glad to eat the same. Left and right, back and forth; up and down and in and out. One wonders what these idiots really have in mind. It was oscillation I know .....

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Jeri Grissom - 32 d 6 h ago

I wish you would stop with the Beat Bobby Flay. It's on way to much. I know your filling space for summer but come on it's ridiculous. Can't stand that show. Please, please, STOP.

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Demi - 18 d ago


@Jeri Grissom - yes, make them stop. Lolol

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George - 15 d 7 h ago

Yes! The funniest part of the "LoL" is that you people believe that Food Network manages, monitors or even reads this forum. I guarantee you, THEY DO NOT!

This is simply a forum for Food Network fans/viewers to converse with each other on issues relating to Food Network. Nobody participating in this forum has ANY power to make any decisions or enact changes in behalf of Food Network.

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Debbie - 11 d 11 h ago

I totally agree. Feel the same way about Guy's Grocery Games.

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Debbie - 11 d 11 h ago

Definitely DO NOT enjoy FN as much as I did in the past. Practically every show is a cooking competition - complete with a panel of judges (a la American Idol). The great chefs I used to watch are now judges or "game show" hosts. Tyler Florence has food trucks racing from one place to the next. Guy Fieri has people racing up and down supermarket aisles. Can the professionals just get back to doing what they do best??? COOK - in a calm, pleasant setting. At least have more of a balance on this network. You've gone too far in one direction.

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Yummy - 32 d 6 h ago


We love Beat Bobby Flay. My husband and I do think it is unfair to judge in front of the contestants because Bobby's expression always gives him away!

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George - 15 d 9 h ago

Or, possibly the fact that he uses Calabrian Chilies in almost every dish. It's a dead giveaway! I wonder if he owns major stock in Calabrian Chili Farms and companies or gets kickbacks. I'd never heard of them before he started using them or at least mentioning them in nearly every show.

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Julie - 14 d 12 h ago

I've noticed that too. He does the same thing with pomegranate. Makes me wonder if he's being paid by the pomegranate growers.

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The Bell Family - 19 d 12 h ago

We watched Chopped faithfully. Last night on Chopped grill masters the cowboy lost and myself and my family will no longer watch. If at best it should have been a tie. We feel the cowboy was discriminated against!!

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The Kennedy Family - 18 d ago


@The Bell Family, we agree with you. There is so much discrimination not only on Chopped but the entire network.

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George - 15 d 8 h ago

To the Bell and Kennedy Families. Simply because you disagree with the judges verdict in a contest where the winner is a subjective decision, does NOT mean "discrimination" was a factor. A charge of discrimination is a very serious accusation, especially these days. It is NOT a term which should be used without significant thought and proof. Both of your families need to be more careful when accusing others of discrimination. Misuse and overuse of the term only serve to dilute it's importance.

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Yolanda - 14 d 18 h ago


@ Georga,

Your ass sucks wind.

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To Yolanda - 14 d 16 h ago

Classy comment.

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Anonymous - 15 d 7 h ago

Cowboys are often the victims of discrimination.

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diane - 31 d 4 h ago


So here is another celebrity paying an attorney to get her child Off the hook with a small FINE for public intoxication and possession SHAME ON YOU REE DRUMMOND

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To Diane, hopefully you don't have children - 31 d 23 h ago

Her daughter's charges were very minor. I think most parents don't just leave their kids hanging over the first, very common. mistake they make. Have you ever met a 19 year old college student? Very few perfect ones out there.

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Sam Wane - 30 d 16 h ago


@ To Diane, hopefully you don't have children

Not all young people are concerned over the world they live in. It's a playground just for them and they care not what they leave to the future generations. Knocked up? Hell, let mom and pop take care of it as they still are taking care of me. Can't find a job? What's the diff as long as mom and pop still want me around as a house guest? After all, they brought me into the world and they should pay for it. They should even send me off to college where party time is all time - just can't wait for the 'spring break' orgy. Good ol' mom and pop. They'll always bail my ass out.

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Anonymous - 30 d 10 h ago

my parents raised me to own up to my mistakes and pay the consequences that went with my mistakes enough said

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Lynne - 28 d 10 h ago

Diane- Just what did Ree Drummond do to bring shame on herself?

I don't blame Ree Drummond for anything regarding her daughters arrest.

Most any parent would help their child on a first minor offense charge of alcohol.

Especially a good kid.

Paige is a good kid- she deserved a break.

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Julie - 28 d 10 h ago

I agree with Lynne.

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George - 15 d 9 h ago

Agreed! She didn't do a damn thing for her daughter that any other decent parent wouldn't have done for their own child. Everybody makes mistakes. And, I'm absolutely certain that Drummond's daughter was appropriately disciplined at home.

If it was anybody other than a celebrity's child, you holier than thous wouldn't even be talking about this. I wonder what we would learn if we researched every mistake somebody in YOUR perfect family made. Get a life!

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