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Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago

So Ree Drummond

i love her, but enough is enough, i feel her time is done. all the food net work does is runher episodes over & over again. i feel her new ideas are not that great. i would love it if the food network would find some new chefs and give them shows. food net work needs to kinda clean house and redecorate (so to speak).we have had enough of Giada-bobby-ina-Guys show are ran way too much as well as bobbys even molly is a bit annoying. i am not a fan of Chopped or grocery games you need new Blood

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Tony - 2 d 8 h ago


I absolutely agree with you. Can't believe the Food Network wouldn't have an army of chefs ready to take on a show. Now when I see Pioneer Woman is on I simply change the channel.

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Kat - 2 d ago

Totally agree! It's way overdue, if you can't find any new chefs to share food recipes with us, some other channel will!

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Unhappy customer - 2 d 10 h ago


Sorry Are used to use your app all the time I'm not interested in the cooking classes I just like to be able to look at the TV and then go to the recipe you made it almost impossible now so I'm going to delete your app until you can figure out to make it more user-friendly

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Think first - 2 d ago

If you delete the app how will you know when they make your suggested changes?

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Tony - 2 d 7 h ago


What happened to "Southern at Heart" with Damaris Phillips? She has so many great recipes and is very entertaining.

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kel - 3 d 5 h ago

The Kitchen

i love the show but could u please ask Sunny to stop yelling!!! when she talks it sounds as if she is yelling every time she talks-a bit too loud. she also takes over the show a b 2 much as wells as is always extreme in whatever she does. either talking or making a ice cream sundae, she always has to be better than her co host. she is enough to make u mute the TV and wait until her segment is done. Jeff is a little loud as well sometimes.

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Anonymous - 3 d 5 h ago

Halloweens Wars I LOVE

BUT...... Last year & this years competitors are not up to par. , the quality of "pumpkins and the decorating "that is put out is not as good as all the other past seasons. i am really disappointed in the contests and the quality of work. i feel that the show is not choosing good strong competitors and then when the judging time comes the judges act as if the dont see the shitty work

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Tony - 3 d 11 h ago


Listening to a woman talking is much like eating jalapeo peppers. After the first few, it gets damned torturous.

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Anonymous - 3 d 8 h ago

A woman needs to tell you that jalapeo peppers do not exist. I bet listening to you talk is killing brain cells.

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Maui Beach Vegan - 4 d 5 h ago


We love you!!

Here's our new cooking show on Maui...check it out:

Much A L O H A!

Maui Beach Vegan

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Anonymous - 4 d 5 h ago

Please take Pioneer Woman and Trish Kitchen off for awhile. We are tired of seeing them. There are many other cooks chefs that you to show.

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Pam Salcine - 16 d 8 h ago


Hello,I have a family recipe I would love for you to try it's a 2 ingredient cake

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

2 ingredients? A box of cake mix and water?

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Melody - 18 d 25 m ago


Hello my name is Melody Hawkins I watch the Food Network channel all the time right I'm not please with the network you guys are showing Halloween shows when Bobby Flay should be and when Chopped should be on you still Halloween shows me personally don't want to see any Halloween shows I want the shows that come to be own I'm one disappointment viewer I'm not please at all

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Frank - 16 d ago

Hey Melody, instead of watching so much tv, maybe you should work on your spelling and grammar?

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Lynne - 5 d ago

Frank- you should be pleased that Melody had the interest of posting in English - obviously it's not her first language, and she tried. There are so many people in the United States who don't even bother trying to learn English. I'm glad she posted in English.

Melody, I don't like the Halloween shows either, but I'm not a fan of Bobby Flay either. I love Guy's Grocery Games and most of the Chopped episodes.

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Sue - 39 d ago

With current shows it becomes apparent that your creative show development needs assistance. My suggestion is to have selection team come to Omaha Nebraska and to interview and try the food of : Glenn Wheeler Executive Chef at Spencers, Randy Walters Executive Chef at Doubletree Hilton, Brian Reilly Executive Chef at Spezia, Tony Constantino Owner at Mangia Italiana, Dan Watts BBQ King, Enzo Zurlo owner of Enzo's Italian. It is time to bring new blood into the network or you lose the opportunity to grow with your audience, which is getting bored with current scheduling. You child program has run its coarse time to shelf the kids. Also to little to much Guy being constantly on on the station tells this viewer you have no one else to bring forward.

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Sheila - 29 d ago

I agree with almost everything Sue writes. I am so sick of all of the Halloween shows. Halloween is for kids! Not a bunch of wakie dressed up adults and ugly recipes that none of us will ever make! Limit the Shows! Cut the kids competition. It should be about eating healthy and starting gardens at home and school. I am fed up with the scheduling!! I do like Gui. He is refreshing after turning off all of this Halloween junk. Sheila

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Melody - 18 d ago


I agree with you Shelia take all of these HALLOWEEN SHOWS OFF

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Frank. - 16 d 16 s ago

How about taking all the kids off, all the themed shows, go out in the real world and find new fresh faces and have them cook. Julia Childs, the galloping gourmet, those kinds of shows need reviving, In today's times of course. There are plenty of exciting new chefs out there, go find them and liven up the network.

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Cathy s. - 14 d 32 s ago

Too much reality cake wars ! The title is food network! Doesguy & bobby own shares of food network? Where are all the other shows? Micheal symon is great personality &excellent chef quite entertaing! Alton brown makes cooking interesting!

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Lynne - 5 d ago

I agree- gory, hideous cakes and scenes are not part of any Halloween fun of anyone I know. Halloween is one season I don't even bother watching on Food Network.

But I do love the kids competitions! Probably because I love seeing the creativity of food items from such young minds.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

The change in the ap is very frustrating! Not user friendly

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Disgusted!!!!! - 12 d 6 h ago

The repeats of Pioneer Woman are ridiculous! Same shows for the last 3 months every week!!!!!!!

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Haz - 9 d ago

All the shows on this network now suck!! Everyone change your channel! Nothing's changed in YEARS!!!!

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