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Carol - 1 h 14 m ago


What a great article on Ina and Jeffrey! Now let us see her back on her cooking show in the afternoon. She is a great cook and we learn alot and she is a lady . WE want her back!

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Whisky - 6 h ago


I "used" to like the food network but there's hardly anything that I care to watch now-a-days. Junk programs like Cutthroat Kitchen, Worst Cooks, Chopped, Cupcake Wars and all the other "reality" bologna shows aren't of interest

and then the RERUNS (reruns reruns reruns reruns reruns.....!)

and then "the new" batch of hosts you have make me hurry to find the tv;s remote - Nancy Fuller, Guy Fieri, Damaris Phillips and Patricia Heaton.....who's the moron that decides to use these people ?

The Kitchen is the ONLY segment I watch - that that for what it's worth.....

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Chef Graham - 6 h 11 m ago

I have a new show concept I would like to share with you the name of my show is call stir the pot.

Please contact me at ML Graham (hidden) thank you.

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Lynda - 8 h ago


The food network keeps playing the same programs over and over. I have seen Ree Drummonds 16 minute meals and the cowboy program many times now as well as Trisha Yearwood. Do you not let new items to be cooked anymore. Further more I am watching the same programs over and over. I'll have to find something else to watch.

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meme cole - 11 h 11 m ago

What in the world have you all done to your Food Network schedule. The shows you have on are absolutely silly and boring!!! I have watched your network for years to watch excellent cooks prepare recipes, and I have learned from them. I am not going to waste my time by watching what looks like you fall schedule! You may be saving money, but you have lost me as a loyal viewer.

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Anonymous - 18 h 17 m ago



Enjoyed the Food Truck competition...but was bowled over by the show that followed

Vinny and Ma Eat America was so charming and heartwarming. I wanted to program it but couldn't find episode 2. I hope you will continue the series for a while. The mother son relationship is wonderful...he's a great guy and she's a hoot. Great for middle America to experience a funny liv loving Italian mamma.

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MO - 1 d 5 h ago


Please tell bethsny franks on beat bobby flay that she needs to be less sexist. What she did to the italian chef was appauling. I was ashamed for everyone on that show. You need to apologiaze

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Jackie - 2 d 4 m ago

PLEASE stop the "kids" and "teens" shows at night. I have stopped watching your network, which I have watched for YEARS, due to this in which I am not interested. These should be showing daytime.

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Anonymous - 2 d 21 m ago

your kids next foodnetwork star show is a shame. you have "mentors" who do not know how to mentor and have little skills when it comes to food prep and you have judges (Lonnie) from worst cooks judging their food. It's the lamest show so far and if you continue you will lose the true foodies who watch your programs.

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Sandbardan - 2 d 7 s ago


Every time my wife nd I tune in , there is some silly game of cooking, or endless shows of children cooking.

I can't imagine why I would wnt to see a show called "wort cooks"

They only shows we wtch are Diners drive in & dives, Barefoot Contessa, and Giada.

Bring back the cooking shows.

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SANDY - 2 d ago

Is anyone managing Food Network these days? I've tried every phone number to inquire:


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Noreen - 2 d 4 h ago


I am so disappointed with the number of shows showing children cooking. It is dangerous and many are just too young. Please stop adding shows with 10 year olds cooking. They are underage and I am surprised you have yet to be sued. not right. What happened to your network? And what happened to the amazing chefs that once had shows? How many pioneer woman, Giada, Guy and Bobby can one see? and now celebrities disappointed.

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Cheryl and Robert - 3 d 12 h ago

The Kitchen is entertaining and informative. We

enjoy GZ, Jeff, Katie and Marcella, but Not Sunny Anderson. Sunny chews with her mouth open and

smacks her lips and makes "yummy" sounds...

all of which is quite disgusting and rude. Why is

she allowed to continuously do this on TV? It's

enough for the viewer to change the channel.

Please pass this critical comment on to The Kitchen. Sunny Anderson needs to be made aware of her repeated rudeness while on camera.

Thank you.

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Renee - 3 d 12 h ago

I agree about Sunny. Quite awful to watch her

carry on with a mouth full of food.

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Brought Up Right Girl - 2 d 6 h ago

You are Correct about Sunny on The Kitchen! She is very nauseating in general and add to it her obnoxious eating with her mouth open and the lip-smacking sounds...Awful!!!!!! What do her co-hosts think of her? They are well-mannered and do not chew with mouths open.

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Long-Tme Disappointed Biewer - 2 d 10 h ago


I am so sad to have to write this review. I have watched the Food Network for a thousand years. I work during the day so I can't watch the only "teaching" chef shows you ever have on by the time I turn on the tv at around 6:00 it's Guy, Chopped or worse yet, know-it-all children trying to pretend they can cook. I just want those wonderful cooking shows back on. Where is Ina? I want to be inspired to try new recipes and techniques. By programming 10 shows in a row or cupcake wars, cake wars, DDD, or Chopped has made me turn the channel. You are losing us....

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Jim, Nancy and family - 2 d 19 h ago

Question: Why does Guy Fieri monopolize

the network?! Diners,Drive-ins & Dives is

repeated in marathon sessions. Nauseating!

His other shows are on so much...does he

Own the network?

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Sad - 3 d ago


It makes me so sad to read comments here, most saying the same thing.about how this network has become a mockery of what it once was. My friends, family and I have posted, emailed, written letters and absolutely nothing has changed and probably won't. The handwriting is on the wall as to what their "new" audience wants. And it's a reflection of what's "in " now....reality based drama, no personal connections, nastiness, disrespect and competition. I just never thought these "values" would be featured on the Food Network.It's obviously working because it only continues to become more obnoxious. We don't get the Cooking channel, but as others have said, are now fans of the PBS shows. They're creative, dignified and truly involve joy of cooking and learning. They're also starting the season in the next week or so with new shows. I recommend folks check them out if you're through watching Food Network. I am.

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Naga - 4 d 34 s ago

I am so very, very, very disappointed that food network has forgotten what your long time viewers have loved. We want cooking techniques from great chefs and cooks. We could not care less about a contest, a competition, or watching people eating their way around the US and the world.

I have to say that I have moved on. PBS seems to be the only informational and educational resource that remains. So sad -- too bad. Food Network used to be a good station. But no more.

I hope you will realize that cooking (maybe farm to table, using seasonal farmers market offerings, cooking from scratch, etc.) and not contests or gluttony are what your viewers really want to watch.

It's time to pay attention to home cooks who whant to prepare non-chemically enhansed/non-prepackaged ingredients for their families.

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Anonymous - 4 d 2 h ago

Food Network is not listening. I think instead of all of us complaining (me included) we should fully boycott watching (which is what I am doing) and either turn to PBS or the internet. Eventually loss of ad revenue will catch up with them.

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Vilma - 4 d 8 h ago

Please pass along this suggestion. The Kopper Kitchen is a mom&pop restaurant at St. Pete which has been around for almost 40 years. Actually their 40th anniversary will be in two or three months. This is an amazing place that would be worthy of a visit. Their food, atmosphere, customer service and historical/cultural representation of St. Pete life style is outstanding!! My husband and I just had breakfast there this morning and we were amazed with the place!! Very vintage!! Please, come and check it out!! Here is their online address:

Read more at:

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Very disappointed - 5 d 8 h ago


I used to love the Food Network and looked forward to seeing those beautiful cooks in their lovely homes making great food for their families and friends. Now I just hate the shows. Food fights, nasty comments, ugly surroundings. What are you thinking of to ruin this channel?

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Disappointed - 5 d 9 h ago


Switched to PBS. I thought the new lineup was temporary. Must be less costly to produce

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Disappointed - 6 d 19 h ago


Food Network: are you even reading all these comments? Apparently not, because the same tired competitions are the only shows on. You're also rubbing off on the Cooking Channel, which used to be a channel that actually taught you something

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Sassy - 9 d ago


Seriously need to stop all the CHOPPED episodes. I want to see real chefs..every time I have an opportunity to watch this network..chopped is on...sorry ..can't watch this junk

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Leah - 7 d 18 h ago


Food network was my number one television station growing up. It was a network that educated viewers on cooking, entertaining, decorating and creating varieties of food. I'm born in the 90s. Unwrapped, Emeril, Rachel Ray, and Alton Brown were the best! Now food network has become reality tv and a game show. If I wanted that I would watch Family Feud not cooking. What happened to the Julia Child's of cooking?!!! The programs are boring. I'm a millennial generation. Adapting to change is part of our culture, but I cannot adapt to this. Please listen to your viewers and stop the game shows/ food wars/ etc. It's boring and prohibits me from watching your channel.

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