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Diane - 13 h 33 m ago

Sunny Anderson looks like a clown on the kitchen. They need to calm down her look. It's hard to take her seriously and she looks like that . No one wears lipstick that color

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Vickie - 14 h 17 m ago

I agree with all the comments about Sunny. She looks absolutely awful and can't believe you let her get away with that. Don't even want to watch when she has outlandish lipstick, nail polish and wild hair. She looks terrible!

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Grams - 14 h 27 m ago


I love watching The Kitchen. ..but when Sunny is on with her wild hairdos and ABSOLUTE AWFUL lipstick on it is distracting and I CAN'T watch. I am so disappointed that you would allow her to do this. I will check back and see if she is under control and I can watch but for now .....

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Sunny Anderson is awful - 15 h ago

Please have someone tell Sunny Anderson to cut out the clown makeup and try to be more classy on The Kitchen. She is nothing more than a distraction.

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No more painting with food! - 1 d ago

Please remove nathan wyburg and artists painting with food.

As a South Africa, it is insensitive, we live in a world of starving children, and someone is actually painting with their food.

Really needs to be pulled from tv!

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Good show lover - 2 d 7 h ago

Please please get rid of Sunny Anderson, she is so dam loud and has no social class. I have stopped watching the kitchen because of her. She is ridiculous and looks like a clown but her loudness and interrupting BS is just too much. It's bad enough listening to Katie Lee talking through her nose but the no class clown really causes me to change the channel

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Chef Vicki - 5 d 13 h ago

I agree with all the others.....Please bring Ina back with the other cooking shows in the pm. You

are losing a long time viewer. Stop with the competition shows already!

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Brittany Leach - 3 d 8 h ago


AGREE!!! AGREE!!! AGREE!!! This used to be a 5 star channel. Now it's just like every other channel with the so called "reality" shows.

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Margie - 4 d 10 h ago

why is the music louder than the dialogue on all your programming!!?

PLEASE turn the music down! We have a Sony tv with all the trimmings and cannot make any changes to the volume to help this terrible problem!

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Julia - 5 d 11 h ago

I live Wirst Cooks in America, so I thought I'd give Worst Bakers a try.

I am underwhelmed by the hosts, especially by Lorraine's bland personality and her kind of surprised or kind of stand-offish reactions to some people's personalities.

Although I would have stuck with this show because it seems to be a valid

theme, I was really shocked that on the

wedding brownies episode, BOTH of the

wedding couples were men and women and both were white. Really?! Same sex marriage is a legal, federally governed

right and not having any diversity at all, with both race and sexual diversity with these two couples told me everything I needed to know, which is that there is no one conscious at the helm of this show.

You lost me as a viewer and you could have done so much better.

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Recently retired - 6 d 9 h ago


So pleased to see Ina back on the Food Network this morning (10/16/16)!!! Yeah!!! So happy to see Sandra Lee back on Food Network too, both as the judge on the Halloween Baking Championship and her show today also!! So glad she's feeling better! I missed both of these wonderful women!! Keep The Kitchen too - my favorite show on the Food Network now! Also enjoy Giada, the Pioneer Woman and Farmhouse Rules. Please keep this type of programing and not so much of the competitions and these celebrities thinking they're cooks!

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Susan - 6 d 10 h ago

The best thing was coming home in the afternoon to Gaida, Ina, the pioneer woman, so many more. I am so disgusted by what I see. All of these competitions etc. Nothing I will be watching. Sorry you're loosing a good audience by putting on these cupcake wars. I think it is nonsense. Aren't we supposed to be promoting good eating and health. You've lost me as a viewr on both channels.

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Cindy - 6 d 15 h ago

I agree with other comments. I rarely watch the Food Network anymore. I miss The Barefoot Contessa which is only televised on Sunday mornings. I used to look forward to watching her everyday. Id like to see less of The Pioneer Woman and more of Ina Garten.

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anonymous - 8 d 7 h ago

I no longer get food network on my cable package.I had to pay extra and since I don't really watch anymore I took it off.It makes me sad as I have been watching food network for years.I always loved Paula Deen,Ina,Rachael Ray,Sandra Lee and others.They are never on anymore and have been replaced by marathon DDD and triple G.Also all the children competition shows and adults for that matter.Unfortunately,food network is not about learning how to cook anymore it's all about competition.They don't answer any of these posts,it's like they don't even care anymore.I am going to see what PBS offers for cooking shows,maybe I will like them.Please start listening to your viewers food network as you are losing alot of them.

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Joanne - 8 d 11 h ago


So disappointed in food network! Thought that after the summer slump you would return to the cooking shows that brought many of us to your network! But sadly, all we see are endless marathons of silly contests and diners, drivesins and dives. I rarely watch this network any more...only tuning in to see if you have restored the cooking shows that many of us love to watch. Such a shame!

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Ruth - 9 d 14 h ago


If it wasn't that my granddaughters like this magazine, I would not subscribe to it for them. I have never experienced a company where it is impossible to contact. The phone # listed is not in service.

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Dissatisfied viewer - 18 d 9 h ago

I have watched the Food Network for many years and enjoyed cooking shows such as Ina Garten's shows and Giada. However, all you seem to have on during weekday afternoons are the inane reality competitions. Enough of these!! How about some regular cooking shows again? Do any of the Food Network executives read these reviews and make adjustments to programming as many viewers seem to want from the comments I have read here. Needless to say, you have lost my viewership until your programming changes.

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Karen - 10 d 21 s ago

I doubt if they care at all, actually, as long as they keep getting the advertisers. Maybe we should start writing to them.

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anonymous - 14 d 9 h ago

I have been a food network viewer for years.I sadly am changing my cable package and will not be watching food network anymore. The marathon programming is awful and all the good chefs are gone.Where is Ina and Rachael Ray among others I use to watch. These kids competition shows are horrible,they are only kids and the judges make them cry.I don't understand why you are not listening to your viewers.Why are you not answering any of our comments? It's like you don't even care what we all think.I thought about it a lot and am doing away with food network.I think I will try PBS and see if they have any good cooking shows that actually teach you how to make things.Maybe if enough of us switch away from food network,maybe you will start caring and at least start answering some of these posts.

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Anonymous - 10 d 18 h ago

Exactly !! Could not agree more

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Karen - 10 d ago


I agree with everything you said. It's like the people who watched and made FN what it is don't matter anymore. The reality shows are ridiculous. I try to watch the videos and they stop halfway through and won't resume. Or they won't start at all and say need to reauthenticate - whatever that means.

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joan - 10 d 10 h ago

There is very little left on food network that I am interested in watching. Bizaare foods is sickening, kids programs, like chopped junior are boring, and I find all the cupcake/cake programs very uninteresting. and while I'm at it, cutthroat kitchen is very juvenile.

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Karen - 10 d ago


I hear ya. There are only a very few shows I watch anymore. Pioneer Woman for sure.

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Sueanna - 14 d 14 h ago


We ALl HATE!!..HATE!! The new cooking shows..aLL have missing ingredients measuments to constantly try toforce people to search for missing ingredients...THAT GETS OLD after awhile....IF we have to hunt for a complete recipe..why waste time setting an watching..the's a waste of our makes home cooks mad so we are telling every one just go on pintrest or AllRecipes an find what they are looking for instead of wasteing their time watching parts of recipes...Foodnetwork is loosing a lot of home cooks watching's sad the shows used to be good now getting like other channels...bad

an I totally agree with many others...Sunny Anderson .....looks like a clown most the time an a loudmouth drunk...what's wrong with you all..havnt you noticed!!!!!!!.or don't you care...because Corp. Sure are not listing to feed back from what viewer are still watching sometimes in hopes it will straighten back up an become the great network it used to be...but most of us don't think that will ever happen......I like many..other ..turn the channel...she needs to go!!! Or quite down an improve her look...Is she drunk or high on something most of the shows?????

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Mk - 10 d 18 h ago

Her own show I liked. On the kitchen, she is a loud mouth but I don't think they should be doing cocktails anyway..jmo. they do all talk over each other, at times loud...not my fave show and no, I don't think food network cares about our opinion.

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