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Food Network

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New York, NY
(212) 398-0255
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Anonymous - 9 d ago

Why no shows for handicapped challenges or chefs?

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Anonymous - 16 h 47 m ago

I know right!

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ComeON! - 2 d 12 h ago


I'm really tired of watching Chopped. There is an absolute pattern in the judging -- and it's beyond disturbing.

In competition when it's down to men versus women -- the men win 9x out of 10 even though their dishes looked like crap.

In competitions when it's down to a person of color (2- women or 2 men) the person of color loses.

It's to the point where I'll say to my kids -- watch -- they'll chop the black chef (white or black) even though the judges' comments are more favorable for the person they chop.

I don't like it.

I'm a white 59yo woman.

It's should be called: Crap.

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Betty - 3 d 24 h ago

Please stop running so many re-run shows of Chopped and Cup cake wars, from 12 noon till evening thats all that is on. Boring and useless

Please bring back on cooking shows not game shows,

Love Farmhouse Rules...need more shows like this. My friends and I have almost stopped watching Food Network at all.

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Sandra - 18 d 21 h ago

I was such a fan of both your food channels. Now I've quit watching. The last few years you've gone from cooking with chefs to game show status.

My friends and I are absolutely stunned that you didn't bring back Extra Virgin. Not only was it a good family show they actually cooked.

Even tho you seem to be looking for "celebrities "

You had that with Debi, but you had Gab who is a chef.

There are at least 30 people that I know of that's not watching. Kids could watch Extra Virgin and enjoy it.

I have no desire to watch any of your shows.

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Disappointed - 3 d 14 h ago

Agree. Hate the game shows. Put on more great cooking programs that are interesting and informative! I am canceling my food channel on cable till it changes. Apparently most people agree with me!

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amy - 10 d 15 h ago

Several years ago I could not get enough of Food Network. Now no matter when I turn to the channel the shows are horrible with Chopped Odom all versions always being on. Please get back to good real cooking shows.

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Ann - 3 d 15 h ago

Amen!!! Too many silly shows! People want to learn cooking skills. Isn't that the cooking network should be about?

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Joan - 17 d ago

I was an avid fan of your network when you had "cooking" shows. Most all that you have now in programming is game shows! I used to enjoy your late afternoon shows with Ina Garten and many of your other great cooks or chefs. Why did you change? You completely lost me as a viewer !

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Anonymous - 10 d 15 h ago

I agree completely.

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Anonymous - 10 d 15 h ago

All versions of Chopped are horrible.

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Former fan - 3 d 15 h ago

I agree! Hate the Chopped and Cake Wars. Too many competition shows... just show us how to cook great recipes!

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jen - 4 d ago

I have been watching Food Network since them mid 90's and recently have been quite disappointed with the programming. I miss the cooking shows in the afternoon especially. I tend to watch between 11-4 then 730- 10ish and the afternoon programs are mostly game shows. I miss Barefoot Contessa, Alton Brown, etc. I used to enjoy Chopped and such but it is over played. Please bring back cooking instructional shows.

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Judy from Salt Lake - 4 d ago


I am a food network junkie and have been watching for years. I especially like The Kitchen. Except for one thing....Sunny Anderson. I'm sure she is a nice person but to watch her on this show makes me use the mute button way too often. She is loud and and eats like she hasn't for years. I am not a person who can't wait to complain and submit derogatory reviews but felt very compelled to say something. Can't she tone it down and act like a professional? It's too's a great show otherwise

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Arlene J B - 6 d 33 s ago

I noticed again on chopped that a chef drank from the beer bottle while preparing the food and I have seen others taste the food and use the same spoon to finish the dish, and I think this is just as important as declining food possibly tainted with blood from cuts. Why is this allowed?????

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Anonymos - 8 d 17 h ago

I am writing to Food Network!!

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Donna - 9 d ago


Hi I watched the christmas cookie challenge with host Allison Sweeny and saw a quick recipe the already made chocolate wafer made witj filling and crushed candy canes but can't find it like it said please help. Thanks Donna

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green on Okra - 9 d 12 h ago


Can't bl

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Mr Wade - 9 d 17 h ago


I used to like your network but it has gotten to be a joke. That bobby flay clown make me ill" I wish you would put some of the older shows back on like two fat ladies, and the Japanese version of iron chef. The fake iron chef America is a joke. Guy fieri is a joke also. What a phony" Also Giada flashing her boobs all the time. She wears low cut blouse which makes her look cheap" Many friends don't watch your channels either and say the same thing.

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Melissa - 10 d ago


What the heck is going on with your show line up during day and even in night. All day long "carnival eats"?? Following Master Chef Canada?? Where is the awesome cooking shows??? Especially during this holiday season.

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Joan - 11 d 3 h ago


GENTLEMEN, I purchased the Food Network measuring cups. I like them very much, HOWEVER, one measurement is missing. The 2/3 cup is not there. I use this measurement most of the time and would like it included in the set of cups. When you start manufacturing the 2/3 cup to be included with the set of cups would you please mail me said cup.

I do hope you include this measurement with the set of cups soon. Thank you

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Natali - 12 d ago


I gope that this is food networks real adress becaause i am going to mail them a letter. I am even going to call them, so this all should be true

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Angie - 12 d 6 h ago


Food network... What's happened to you ????? Wake up and listen to your viewers who keep you in business !!!!!!!!!! Please Please put Pioneer Woman's Show back on at the 4:00-6:00 p.m. slots !!!!!!! As well as Trisha's Show's, Barefoot Contests and Giada's Show in the mid afternoon slots !!!!! We working people used to come home from work.... knowing we had these shows to watch when getting home....Now it's more... BORING Shows of....Diners Drive-ins and Dives and Chopped !!!!!!! I realize the shows I mentioned above....are at times re-runs....but they are entertaining , you learn things, and they are funny. Please Food network....listen to your viewers...and have some self-respect for yourself, and respect what....WE, YOUR VIEWERS ARE WANTING FROM YOU....Your ratings have fallen...All... aren't listening to us...or to be honest....YOU COULD CARE LESS ABOUT WHAT YOUR VIEWERS ARE BEGGING YOU TO CHANGE !!!!!!!

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Norm Garland - 12 d 20 h ago


Guy is giving people the impression of being a pig! He goes into all the kitchens and puts his hands into the food, he eats over food being prepared, and he is never seen washing his hands. I have seen him have pizza dough land on his head, pull it off his head, make pizza out of it, and serve it to paying customers. How gross can you get?

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Boom! - 15 d 20 h ago

I've being saying it for to long now!.. While I enjoy FN, I don't see how in this world on Beat Bobby Flay that the last round is a BLIND taste test when ANY1 CAN SEE whose dish is whose by the chefs (& Bobbys-Chef ) facial expressions while judges are critiquing each chefs dish they're tasting!!! Get REAL!! Make it a REAL BLIND taste is, IS WAY TO OBVIOUS TO ALL!

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