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Jean H - 19 d ago

What happened to all of the Ina garden programs? Some of the new fill in programs aren't as good as her reruns. Don't get me wrong ,new Barefootcontessa programs would be great but don't lose her like you did the Ten Dollar Meal programs! You are fazeing out Ina like you did the Ten Dollar Meals before they disappeared!

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anonymous - 18 d 5 h ago

What happened to all of the Ina garden programs? Some of the new fill in programs aren't as good as her reruns. Don't get me wrong ,new Barefootcontessa programs would be great but don't lose her like you did the Ten Dollar Meal programs! You are fazeing out Ina like you did the Ten Dollar Meals before they disappeared!


Sad to say, seems they've already phased her out. Her only shows are reruns for an hour or so some afternoons. My husband and I had to give up our cable channels for a couple years, to save money. When we had them reinstated again last month we couldn't believe the change in FN! One night it was all "chopped", which is fine in moderation. But the biggest shock was the hours they aired DDD with that man Guy? My husband was saying he kind of remembered that G. had won some type of FN chef contest....but he never cooks and seems a little loud and uncouth.

Can anyone offer any insight into what caused the changes? If so, we'd appreciate it and thank you!

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Totally disappointed. - 10 d 22 h ago


I totally agree with you about about DDD and Guy Fieri. I hate seeing him eat in the different restaurants . He eats like a kid w/ no manners. When you look at some of the shows he is stuffing his mouth and has juice running down his hand. COME ON. GIVE ME A BREAK. He tries to hard to make you laugh. He is not a comedian. I also want to comment on his dress attire. I don't think he should be going to different restaurants and meeting different people w/ shortsand sandals on. He is representing FoodNetwork not his son Tyler's school soccer team. Don't even get me started on him and his son going to Europe. Guy seems to still be a kid and act like his son's friend not a parent.

I am African- American and would like to see more respresetation of our culture . I see they have gotten more people to have a cooking show such as Valerie, Trisha and Nancy and where are the African-American chefs. In case you didn't know, but a lot of this cooking that these people are doing is coming from the African-American culture. I see that Food Network will find any Caucasian person and put them on Tv and give them a show. I am sick of this and if I don't see change w/ more of a variety of cooks representing our rich culture I will begin a campaign to stop watching Food Network . I work in a hospital and believe me I meet and see a lot of patients,staff, and doctors.I will tell them to stop watching your Network and the reason why and I am so sure this will have an impact on your ratings.

Look at how many shows Bobby Flay has now I am fed up with it. I think this is boosting his ego. Please appeal to the minorities in your line- up or lose us all together. HOW DISAPPOINTING YOU HAVE BEEN. Look at the gentleman who won the new cooking show. He won the new show but who is barbecuing in the winter. DO YOU THINK WE ARE STUPID?

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Totally Disappointed. - 10 d 38 s ago

I was watching the Chopped Junior Championship and I see they eliminated the Affrican -American young lady for serving a small portion and the young man had hard noodles and the one judge showed they were burned. You could not eat that needle ,but you could eat the young ladies noodles.They let the young man continue. Where was the fairness in that?

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wotc - 4 d ago


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wotc - 4 d ago

yesyes you are

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wotc - 4 d 2 m ago

yes we do

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wotc - 4 d ago

yes yes yes we know you are

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Marjorie - 2 d 23 h ago

I am Caucasian and completely agree with you. I am sick of Guy Fieri.

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anonymous - 9 d 8 h ago

Can anyone offer any insight into what caused the changes? If so, we'd appreciate it and thank you!

To whomever wrote this. I'm still trying to figure out what happened to this network also! I don't know if this is a forum that FN staff read or if it makes a difference even if they do read it. Nothing seems to be changing with their shows.

As others have mentioned, there's not as much diversity with the chefs and minimal cooking. I really think part of it is a reflection of the type of shows many people are watching today, which isn't too promising! I"m

very open to positive change but FN changes haven't been uplifting.

Instead of the pleasures of learning and calm meal preparation, it seems to be all about drama, competition, uncouth and disrespectful hosts, etc. which is what so many of the "popular" reality shows offer today. Yuk!

Sad to say, but I don't think it will change much. And as a result FN has lost or will lose many of it's loyal, long time viewers, including me.


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Marjorie - 2 d 23 h ago


Why is Guy Fieri the only show on weekends? There are too many Fieri shows. He might be a nice person, but I don't choose to watch him.

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CHANCY - 30 d 4 h ago



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Judi - 27 d 7 h ago

Two words for you, Chancy:

Madison Cowan.

Ted is awesome.

Please stop shouting.

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wotc - 4 d 22 h ago

shame on you sounds like you are racist

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wotc - 4 d ago

you must be racist

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chancy - 4 d ago

chancy is the racist

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Brownsugar - 61 d 4 h ago

I am so disappointed in the lack of diversity on the foodnetwork. It is a disgrace, the food network refuses to have any other host than white women on their cooking shows. Where are the black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian and others that can present cooking from another perspective, even your southern cooking is done by a white woman. Does anyone know the history of food in America? I guess it's more important that you just keep the status quo. Why even bother to introduce us to the diverse palates that exist, because maybe then you would have to leave your comfort zone to groom someone who doesn't look like you, oh how uncomfortable that would be. Or you can leave them alone, so they would just fail, there by confirming the story you want to tell, "they just aren't good at this." What happened to the Nellie's, and the rare appearance of Sunny or Gavin, or "big daddy."

The only glimmer of diversity is on Chopped, with Marcus on his rare appearance and the Hispanic guy and Indian woman, thank God!

Of course you feature us on the "worst cooks" shows, why of course, you got to show us in failure acting like the stereotype.

And oh the poor children shows, always have us set up to fail, and when we are on the camera rarely shows us, oh, I feel so sorry for those kids and their families.

Well it's only 2016, maybe you will check the restaurant stats to see that people like diversity in good eats.

Feeling sorry for you!

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browensugar - 4 d ago

brownsugar is racist

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Frustrated - 31 d 15 h ago

I miss "Iron Chef America" show. Why doesn't FN train another chef to do the commentary if Alton Brown is too busy with his devilish cut-throat show?

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Kelsey - 24 d ago


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Totally Disappointed - 10 d 44 m ago

I agree w/your comment about Alton Brown and him hosting all theses shows as well and Guy Fieri. We forgot about about Bobby Flay. Listen to what we the public is saying or you will lose your ratings and I don't think you all want that to happen.

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wotc - 4 d ago

what are you ? a ghost

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wotc - 4 d ago

you are not a ghost stop saying ditto

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me - 4 d ago

you are a ditto dumbass

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Cat - 77 d 7 h ago

I was very disappointed to see that Worse Cooks has joined the rest of the cooking competition shows as RACIST! Yes...I said it! They allow a couple of blacks on the shows and then weed them out so the whites can win! There is NO way Nick should have won on Sunday Feb. 14th finale! The judges said it tasted as if he poured a box of salt on his duck and it was inedible! They also said his squash was oily! They claimed to have LOVED Lawrence's chicken AND his deviled eggs. His dessert fell a little short but they still liked the ice cream he made. Now 2 bad of which was deemed inedible versus 1 bad dessert that the ice cream was good.....and the ieedible food WINS?

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Lafoofoo - 75 d 3 h ago

Hey Cat they let Eddie win on FN Star!! They have their token black for the next two years!! A gay person or couple will be next! Watch!! I have their predictability down to a science now. They are disgusting.

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