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Marijane - 2 h 28 m ago


For everyone who voted for Donald Trump we will never watch your channel again until you get Snoop Dogg to apologize to our president if not you were racist and he is a racist

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George - 5 d ago

Rob, Lynne, Nancy, et al. I had, what I thought, was a great idea. But, after spending an hour or so Googling last night, I couldn't find anything close enough to what I was looking for. As always, (Haha!) I'm open minded as to comments and suggestions.

I love to cook and have worked in a few restaurants. I have tweaked recipes and even come up with several recipes on my own. And, unlike many I have associated with in the past, I DON'T KEEP SECRETS! I love to share my ideas and recipes. It is SO satisfying to go to a party, pot luck, reunion, etc and be approached with a comment such as, "Oh George, I sure hope you brought us some of your World Famous (Recipe name here)" . It's my personal joke that all of my original and revised recipes are titled, "George's World Famous........" .

Anyway, Rob, I believe you will recall me trying to sneak my World Famous Peanut Butter Pie recipe into this forum by accusing Red Drummond of "stealing" it from me. Unfortunately, nobody came back here to tell me that they had "restolen" my recipe and have been making it to the delight of family and friends. So, my attempt kinda just slipped by. Oh well. So let's try again.

I know your anonymity is important to you, so how can I share with you? To this point, I have relied on calling your attention to things such as new recipes posted by Cajun Aces, etc. Although some do, (not advised) we cannot post addresses, phone numbers or email addresses. What about an On-line Recipe Exchange where one could post ideas and recipes for on-line "friends" while protecting identities? As I mentioned, I spent last night Googling and found nothing like I wanted.

Yes people, I know there's an animal out there named Pinterest, but I'm looking for a smaller forum where a smaller group could participate. Remember when ALL had Chat Rooms for participants of like mind? That's kinda what I was looking for. Then, I could post a favorite recipe and say, "Rob, Lynne, Nancy et al. Check out this recipe and tell me what you think." I would appreciate your thoughts, comments and suggestions toward achieving this end.

P.S. I'm going to try this another way to do this. Wait to see what I come up with. I'm the meantime, what do you think of dishes using various types of Dried Beans? Exs: Red Beans and Rice, Hoppin' John and Great Northern Beans with Ham and CornBread?

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George - 5 d ago

Spell Check is @#$%&!!

"AOL had Chatrooms"

"In the meantime" .

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George - 5 d ago

Not to dominate the conversation, but I'm hyped up about this. In minutes I found an excellent example of what we can accomplish here. First, Google "All Recipes Peanut Butter Pie". It's almost exactly the same as my recipe. Except, I use closer to 8oz Peanut Butter. Additionally, the Powdered Sugar can be adjusted slightly to taste. Try using an Oreo Crust. And, garnishes are not limited to Reeses PB Cups. Try Oreo Crumbs, Magic Shell, Minced Salted Peanuts, etc.

How's that? I hope you'll try it. It's SO easy, after you make it oncd, you won't need a printed revipe. You'll be able to make it in your sleep. And, it freezes well!

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Lynne - 4 d ago

George, I do like the idea of sharing recipes and giving feedback- only drawback is I more than likely won't have some of the products on hand right now. All of our extra $$ is going towards a trip to see kids and grandkids in the near future. Business is slow and our bills don't wait until customers decide to pay their bills.

I'm utilizing what we have in freezer, pantry and fridge right now to keep from having to shop (except for milk ) I'm not a big fan of drinking powdered milk at all.

I might even dig into food storage for the powdered (dehydrated) eggs!

You might have a good recipe for powdered eggs?

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George - 4 d 22 h ago

Hey Lynne! I DO have a suggestion for powdered eggs. Google it! I just Googled "Recipes using Powdered Eggs" and there are a Bunch of ideas. I was specifically looking for Egg Salad, because it's go good, quick and easy. I found Homemade Mayonaise using Powdered Eggs. I'd bet you'll find plenty to work with. Good Luck!

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Lynne - 3 d 4 h ago

Thanks for the great idea! If it gets down to having to use pdrwd eggs- I'll let you know what I found and how it turned out.

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George - 2 d 18 h ago

Lynne, here's another idea for your excess powdered eggs. I once worked at a Bakery where Omelettes were served every Sunday for Brunch. While Crab, Sausage and Ham, choice of veggies and cheese were the official offerings, I quickly changed it up, went home and began to make myself Hellacious, Pepperoni and Supreme Pizza Omelettes and Fritattas. I haven't made those in awhile. I need to get to the store!

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Rob - 4 d 28 s ago

George. As always, I appreciate your inspired exuberance, but I'm not a cook, just a Food Network fan. I have exactly one recipe that I regularly prepare, and I got it from a restaurant chef 15 years ago. One of the great regrets of my life is that I never got my mom to show me how to make her incredible cornbread before she passed. I was just too consumed by my career in those days. As to sharing, if you find a place like this one, where you can post your recipes and receive replies without any personal info required, including email, I will certainly check it out and offer some feedback, but don't expect me to try your recipes myself. I sincerely hope that this does not remove the wind from beneath your wings. Keep flying, my friend!

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Lynne - 3 d 15 h ago

Hi Rob- don't feel bad about not being a cook..... I'm about as novice as it gets, I just play around with various recipes and love to try new things for church potlucks. I keep a bevy of recipes in a folder to try out on my kids or grandkids when they decide to visit. I may be in that contest of "He/she who dies with the most recipes wins" Never said I will, could or would try them all! :)

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George - 2 d 18 h ago

Lynne, Rob, did either of you even check out that site and the recipe I listed for you? Actually, at it's most basic, it can be made with 5 ingredients, the cost is minimal and Rob, there is no cooking involved. You don't have to drop everything and run to the store right now. Simply save the recipe, if it interests you, and make it if/when you have the opportunity.

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Lynne - 1 d 16 h ago

George- I looked at the recipe and drooled.... it looked that good! I have it saved in my recipe folder to try in a month or two..... I always have peanut butter and pdr. sugar in pantry and cream cheese in freezer.

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Rob - 1 d ago

George, I did check out no-bake peanut butter pie, and now I can't get it out of my mind, you evil person! (Just kidding abou the evil thing.) I am familiar with no-bake cheesecake, at least as far as eating it goes, but no-bake PB pie looks far superior to me. Thankfully, I am not allergic to peanuts or other nuts, but I've known some people that were, and it was not a pretty sight if they dropped their guard!

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George - 15 h 39 m ago

That's all I wanted was for you (and others) to check on the PB Pie Recipe. I was pretty sure it would sell itself after that. I call it Red Neck Gourmet! Get this, at the last restaurant where I worked, I made them for approx $7 total cost. Then, sold it at $6/serving x 8 servings/pie= $48. Now that's a nice profit.

And Rob, even if you had said you were allergic to peanuts (as so many are these days) I was already prepped with a response. The base recipe for this pie can be converted to virtually any reasonable flavor profile you wish. I've already made Black Forest, Banana Pudding in a Nilla Wafer Crust, Toasted Coconut Cream, Grasshopper and an awesome Low Fat, Low Cal, Diabetic version. I'm now working on a new version. Pumpkin Cream, in a Ginger Snap Crust with a Caramel Pecan Drizzle just in time for the upcoming holidays.

I need to contact Red Drummond to see if she will re-steel my idea about the multiple possible conversions of this recipe and pass it off as her own.

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Anonymous - 2 d 20 h ago

The worse thing you did was put Martha Stewart on chopped as a judge. I no longer watch the show when she is on. She is just a very nasty person and is not a chef.

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kay - 2 d 19 h ago

. i agree. i was very disappointed in how rude she was to that young man, who was obviously excited to meet and see her. terrible way to treat young chefs that are trying hard. ive changed my opinion of her.

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Lynne - 1 d 15 h ago

And most people have agreed with both of you.... dozens of posts of distaste for Martha Stewart last month, or was it 2 months ago?

Most viewers can't stand her.

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George - 7 d 16 h ago

Nancy, Rob, Lynn, et al. The Heirloom Rye Biscuits recipe to be featured on Saturday's Cajun Aces has already been posted. They serve their biscuits with Strawberry Preserves, BUT, I know I'm already going with Ham and Swiss Sliders on Heirloom Rye Biscuits. I'm on a mission.

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Lynne - 7 d ago

Thanks George, you know a smear of that strawberry preserve on the ham side of the biscuit may add a tiny bit of sweetness with that savory rye. Mmmmm

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George - 6 d ago

Lynne, I must admit that I am a childish weenie when it comes to mixing Sweet and Savory. In my cloistered world, Rye does not go with Jelly, Monte Cristos don't get Jelly OR Powdered Sugar AND, there is no such thing as Mince Meat Pie. I just can't do it. People where I live put Jelly on a Sausage Biscuit while I look on in horror. But, I am going to make Ham and Swiss Sliders on those Biscuits. It just makes sense.

Finally, I copied the Cajun Aces Etouffee recipe. I can already make hellacious Red Beans and Rice, and a Shrimp, Chicken and Sausage Creole with Bow Tie Pasta but I have never spent the time to master an Etouffee. Now, I'm on a mission.I

P.S. I'm aware that a traditional Creole is served over hot rice, but the pasta is my Fusion Cuisine twist. My friends love it!

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Lynne - 3 d 16 h ago

LOL, you make your Ham and Swiss Sliders George, and enjoy! But in my world, Cajun food has me running for Xtra Strength Tums. I'm a childish weenie when it comes to anything spicy or fatty.... sucks to get old(er) :)

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Rob - 3 d ago

Lynne, I'm a slightly better cook than I expressed in my previous comment to George. I do not live on fast food, but I'm really not INTO cooking. As to Cajun food, too much cayenne pepper is a problem for me too. Try Prilosec OTC, if you haven't already. And I agree that getting old(er) is no picnic, but I've figured out that it's better than not getting the opportunity to grow old(er). Just saying.

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Lynne - 1 d 16 h ago

Been saying that for years!

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Namcy - 3 d 8 h ago

The #cobbler airs this weekend on Cajan Aces. If you only cook one thing from this will want to try this recipe!

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Lynne - 3 d 3 h ago

mmmm cobbler! I will look for that one! Thanks!

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