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Ford Motor Company

1 American Rd.
Dearborn, MI
Alan Mulally
President CEO and Director
(313) 322-3000
(800) 392-3673
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Unhappy with my ford - 1 d ago

I have been a ford vehicle owner of 3 Ford Focus and one Ford Taurus for 30 years and was a ford fan until purchasing my newest 2016 Ford Focus. I have been stranded three times in one year Whenever it rains a sensor goes out. I'm so dishearten over the lack of dependability that I'm gonna sell it and contact the nearest Mazda dealer.

I'm noticing that since ford has merged with Kia that they are not as good as they use to be.

No longer a ford fan in michigan

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David - 1 d ago

Tonight, 8/17/17 I called into ford credit's customer service line to makle a payment on behalf of my father in law, I spoke with a customer service representative named "Hector" who on 3 occasions, denied my escalation requests, citing that I was not Ford's customer.

Our conversation started around 21:25 Central time and ended shortly after 21:27. I informed him that I had been added to the account on a previous call, he stated "as happens with many other customers" in a sarcastic tone. With this he was completely disregarding the value of the customers he is speaking with and removing the point of ever having an account holder adding anyone other than himself to your account information. I informed him that if it is not documented to where he could see that I was given permission to make payments on my father in laws behalf, it was not at the fault of my father in law nor myself. Still he refused to speak with me and was continually attempting to close his call. I asked on three occasions to speak with someone higher than himself and he denied all three requests stating that I was not even a customer of yours, so he not no reason to provide either his name or employee information.

This is clear call avoidance and has left me with a clear feeling that your employee "Hector" needs to be trained again on how to properly handle a call of someone trying to give your company money.

please call me back to (hidden) so that I can process a payment with someone more professional that "Hector."

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David M. Burdick - 2 d 6 h ago

I got a 2012 FORD FOCUS SE, WHY cant I get the TRANSMISSION fixed AGAIN, this is the 4th time the TRANSMISSION is acting up.. I think its the T.M.C. AGAIN, my locial FORD DEALERSHIP wont fix it.. My " JUNK" has 107,000 + on it and the dealer said too many miles, BUT, I have PAPERWORK from FORD said I have EXTENDED

TRANSMISSON coverage, HELP..... David M. Burdick.

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me - 1 d 10 h ago

ive had mine worked on 6 times its 2014 mine is junk too with only 67k miles

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Glen - 1 d 13 h ago


I'm pretty sure this is a waste of my time but here we go I'm Glen Sylvia from Phoenix Arizona and I go to the car dealership on Bell rd. Bell ford. My wife and I have purchased several cars and have been loyal customers forever. After having our Ford Focus there for 8 years and all of Services done there we bought a Volvo. Ford owns it we should be good. We took it in for an oil change several months ago and went home everything good. Several months later I put some windshield wiper fluid in from My Wife and noticed there was no engine cover on the car. I called Bell Ford and they said come down we'll look for it will take care of it no worries treating me great. I get a call a day later saying my car doesn't come with an engine cover the model doesn't have it in other words, calling me a liar. I told him to look at the cameras and find out who took my engine cover what mechanic it was and find out and take care of this problem he said okay we'll look at the cameras and that's the last I've heard of them and now it's been 3 weeks no call backs. Everytime I call no matter what the time of day it is managers are in a meeting even the receptionist knows me and has my number in the system. I spent more on an oil change then the cost of the engine cover but now it's become personal what do I need to do bring the police there make a police report and start this way this needs to be escalated. I have been blatantly ignored and this is how you guys treat loyal customers over a $50 plastic engine cover they want me just to let this go and I'm NOT. I expect my car to be returned intact with all its parts just like anyone else. My wife's name is Melissa Sylvia. It's a 2005 SI Volvo in perfect condition. The car is in her name in your system. My phone number is (hidden). Please rebuild my trust in your company and take care of this thank you sincerely Glen Sylvia

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Vp - 2 d ago


Restaurant chain with ford fleet treated like trash

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Harvin Gill - 2 d 17 h ago


I need some help from Ford Customer Service Head or Management team. Im based in Malaysia and bought a Ford Mondeo brand new from Ford Malaysia. I have had a problem with the GEARBOX since day one. There is a jerking of knocking in the gearbox that causes it to jerk quite a lot especially during traffic jams. I have complained to Ford many times and the car has been in and out occasionally during these first 2 yrs. After my continuous complaints, pushing, begging and pestering, Ford decided to open the gearbox and said the problem was the Damper Assy Kit and they changed it. This part cost around RM15K (USD3.7K). This reduced the jerking but did not eliminate it. 2 years down the road, the same Damper Assy Kit now has worn and the gearbox oil is leaking. This was a quick fix and not a solution. They put a plaster on a hemorrhaging wound. The main problem is still the knocking/jerking of the gearbox which is not fully fixed. This is proven by the fact that only after 2.5years, the damper assy has AGAIN worn out and now it needs to be changed yet AGAIN. Once its changed, I will probably have another 2yrs before I have to change it again.

I went back to Ford and they said they can't do anything about it as the part warranty has expired and insurance no longer covers it. I have been arguing with them and they also said they took this up to their principal in Thailand and the answer still came back negative. I strongly disagree with this decision as the GEARBOX has been problematic since day one. Ford has all the records showing that this gearbox was bad. I have been complaining about it for 2 years. I feel Ford Malaysia being the big company is screwing me the individual.

This is why Im bringing this problem up to you hoping for some help in resolving this problem. I believe Ford is responsible for this gearbox that is completely unreliable and I should not be the one penalized with the cost of fixing it. My car has been with Ford for 4 weeks now and I don't have a vehicle to move around. This is disrupting my business and also my private life. Ford has given me unnecessary stress and anger.

Pls assist me in resolving this situation as Ford Malaysia and Thailand are not helping.

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Helen Gallaher - 3 d 9 h ago

My 2017 Escape screen goes black then comes on a second then goes blank again. This makes the backup screen black and of no use. Dealer says it is due to radio sync updating. Ridiculous. I don't want the screen to go black. I go on short local drives and I understand it will probably never stop doing this unless i take a long drive. Bad bad feature. First ford I disliked. Certainly will be much more careful on next purchase and have been ford lincoln owner for 60+ years.

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Tracey - 4 d ago


I always thought that Ford Motor Company was an upstanding Company. Unfortunately, I have been very disappointed. Over the last 7 years we have purchased at least 9 vehicles from Ford. All but the last 2 were good purchases. My 2014 Escape always shifted hard at high speeds on the interstate. By hard I mean like hitting a speed bump hard. It took a few years before they looked at this problem, I had mentioned it to them a few times but they would tell me they could not get it to duplicate the problem. They put a flight recorder on the vehicle. This definitely caught their attention. That car was in the shop for 11 weeks over a 6 month period of time. I am no longer comfortable driving it far from home. I was going to give it to my daughter for college but I can't trust it.

When my husband wanted to get rid of our Ford Fusion he talked to me several times about a new Escape. I eventually told myself that the problems with the 2014 were just problems with that vehicle. I agreed and we purchased a 2017 Titanium Escape. When the 2017 reached 435 miles (yes that was 435 miles) it displayed a message saying "Engine is too hot, shut off, and pull over". I called the dealership. The brand new 2017 Titanium Escape was towed to the dealership. They found that the coolant hose was routed incorrectly at the factory which caused a hole in the hose. At this point they should have just swapped me for a different vehicle. Again my trust in Ford has been shaken. I was told that my problems don't fall under the Lemon Laws of my state. Ford needs to stand up and do the righ thing or this family is going to drop their relationship with them.

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perry - 4 d 6 h ago


if anyone out there is considering the purchase of a used ford I'm here to tell you that you may want to think that over before doing so!!!!! in December we bought a used 2013 Ford Edge limited and from suburban ford of Sterling Heights. I thought I checked out the vehicle pretty good, but I didn't. just above the windshield on the passenger side I found some. thats right! RUST. didn't see it before because they did a pretty good job of covering it up. brought the vehicle back and after a week of hearing not a word from them I went back up there. ford refuses to fix stating: "please note that the 5 year corrosion warranty only applies to body sheetmetal panels. the vista roof sliding panel assembly (#50056) is not considered to be a body sheetmetal panel." the part that is rusted is sheetmetal. so basically, I'm screwed. I left the ford family for about 3 yrs. before I came back. what a mistake. I'll never again purchase a ford. so now I'm thinking about scrapping the Ford Edge and dropping it in their drive way. ford, you are truly a piece of shit!!!

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Denise A. Bouchard-Foxen - 4 d 6 h ago


Mr. Alan Mulally, please help!!!!!!!!

The Syosset Ford Lincoln of Huntington Dealership is giving your Company, Ford, a most unfavorable name.

Not only is the service manager a despicable human, his customer service skills are null and void. The work performed by his subordinates are incompetent and have emergency service needs as a result.

I have made several attempts to obtain help from the GM, Joel Flax, and have yet to have the courtesy of a return phone call.

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Jim - 4 d 6 h ago

Just wanted to express my disappointment in a truck I've always dreamed of having. After only 6k miles my brand new (not so cheap) Ford Raptor started making horrible grinding sounds loosing power and giving me codes on a daily. It's now in service department 6 days at ford in fort myers FL off boyscott rd. They have been kind as to tell me they have no idea why it's doing all these things but just can't believe I bought a expensive vehicle and feel like my hard earned money is sitting in a shop with me not being able to enjoy it as I spent that kinda of money to do so. At this stage I'm not sure how to react and trying to wait it out but just really feel let down by the company and product.

James R Nardone

18049 Phlox dr

Fort myers do 33967


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Maureen Burns - 4 d 16 h ago


On July 24 I walked in to Fredericks Ford in Seaford Delaware, I was approached by a young man named Keith Jerman, Who was very friendly but also respect full . I went back to Frederick's because three years prior I had bought on a 2013 edge which I loved always have had my service done there as well .... in the service department I always had this a young lady named Bonnie as my service technician very friendly as well and a world of knowledge of my car another reason why I went back to Fredericks to buy a second car . As Keith explained to me all the props and updates on the new 2017 Ford and I had decided to purchase one right then and there , the general manager Mark I'm sorry I do not know his name was also very helpful in securing my car forr that day it was approaching five o'clock and they told me to go home and they would deliver the car to me so around seven Keith approached my house he parked in my driveway got into the new car with me and explained all the functions with that the navigator and the phone was not working so Keith wasn't sure whether he did something wrong or there was something wrong with the car . He asked me if I can stop by the show room the next day which I did it was some chip in the navigator and the phone that had to be replaced , (I think it's called an apron I'm not really sure ) took about four days , that was defective as well . That's when I decided that I did not want this car and everybody at Fredericks was wonderful to me , what I didn't understand is it cost me more money to get rid of a car that was defective before I even started driving it .......on both my bill us, I was charged $399 a administration fees, I think that Ford should've stood behind their car and should have taken the loss not me cost me another $3400 to trade in the new car to get another car I always thought that Ford was an upstanding company but I don't understand is why I had to take the loss instead of you ..... The first car was more expensive then the second so how did I wind up paying almost $6000 more . My husband passed away in February 2017 I thought I should buy a new car just to protect myself since I am alone ....another reason why I went back to Fredericks , they were always so concerned so I feel secure there. i'm a person that tells the truth , I have a tense to believe others are as well, but $6000 more I just don't understand .....Fredericks rate is a five but the Ford company itself I think are disrespectful to the customers... obviously it's all about the dollar ....

I would like to hear from someone in the executive office , explained to me this whole scenario, Maureen Burns Seaford, De.......

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Mike - 6 d 8 m ago


I was travelling from Colorado and my battery light came on in my 2000 Expedition. I made an appointment online with Corwin Ford in Pasco, WA to test my battery and I wrote in the remarks that I would like an alternator test too. When I showed up, "Quick Lane" advised me that I had made the appointment with them. There was no place on the website that advised me I was using the quick lane for service. They said they would be able to do a battery test for me, but I would need to go to the regular service department for the alternator check. I let them start the check on the battery and walked across to the service department. I explained to them what was going on with my vehicle and the fact that their "Quick Lane" couldn't do anything but check the battery and they told me for an alternator check I would have to wait 4 weeks! I was taken aback and had the service person repeat that and he said, "Yes, 4 weeks. We are doing a ton of recalls and we are very backlogged." I advised him I was travelling with my family and all he could say is that he wished he could help. I went back over to the quick lane side and waited for my battery test to finish. Just as I had expected, the battery was fine. I went back over to the service side and asked to speak to the service manager. I was told he would be right with me. I waited about 20 minutes and finally Marcos Blanco showed up. I advised him of my situation and all he could say is that he was very busy and his techs had all the work they could handle. After letting him know I was travelling, all he could say that he wished he could help. This is just so sad. I purchased 2 new Ford vehicles in 2000. I have them serviced only by Ford in my hometown and they have both been good vehicles. I assumed all Ford dealers were quality operations. I do pay a bit more for their service, but I feel the quality is worth the extra. Being stranded on the road, I was forced to go to a local repair shop that, obviously, I knew nothing about. I was treated very fairly and the price was reasonable to replace my alternator. I will think twice before I go back to a Ford dealership and will definitely reconsider purchasing another vehicle from any company that would leave me stranded like that.

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Curt Hilderbrant - 10 d 12 h ago


Ford Motor Company should have fixed the cam phaser issues on all 5.4 L engines. Its now costing me 2500 dollars to fix this problem. They have had thousands of complaints across the country and nothing has ever been done. I'v bought my last Ford!!!!

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Whites university motors - 6 d 11 h ago


It's because ford redisgned them in the later years , if you are able to replace them yourself you should, they are really easy and it will save you a ton of money. The ford techs are worthless and Ford wants people to take their cars and trucks to their dealerships for repair because they think the average Joe is too stupid or lazy to fix it on there own. I used to work for whites university motors in Laramie, wy Iam well aware of the problems you are having , the Triton motors 4.6 5.4 and 6.8 all have problems. One of the techs I worked with would often times break something else and write it on the work order and then have the service writer talk to the customer and lie to them and charge them for a part he broke in the process of making the initial repair . Iam angry because of the decitfulness and could no longer stand to work there. I hope this helps you and gives you knowledge so that you don't continue to victimized by Ford's crooked dealerships.

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Whites university motors Laramie, wyoming - 6 d 12 h ago


Ford motor company needs to investigate whites university motors , the employees that work there are of questionable character, there are mechanics that have major temper flares and service porters that damage customer vehicals . There is one mechanic in particular that has zero integrity ,he will break parts and instead of owning up to it , claim it was broke and charge the customer for it , he also cheats Ford motor company out of labor times on warranty claims whites has a time clock that is time stamped on the work order and will cheat the time ! This dealership sales new and preowned vehicals that are supposed to be certified pre owned and are not ! Dealerships like this is the reason you guys have a bad reputation for poor service and I'm sure whites university motors isn't the only one ! Quality is not job one 1 when your techs are cutting corners to make more money ,for all of you people wondering ford,gm , dodge and many other companies pay there technicians flat rate which means they have to haul ads on your vehicle and Ford motor company has a pre determined number of hours for that repair that means the tech that's working on it most of the time will do a sloppy job so he can get on to the next customer I have witnessed this practice several times on a day to day basis. I also know ford has had trouble with vehicals such as the ford fusions ,the have transmission failures and the taurus and Ford explore all wheel drives with ptus , going bad , the eco boost family of engines and powerstorke diesels are a huge problem child for ford . This isn't even the top of the iceberg folks ,when you buy vehicals that are flawed ,flawed in terms of miscalculated planned obsolescence you have problems and those problem get bigger when you go to a flawed dealership like one Stated above or others like it . Ford motor company does not give a shit! They will continue to fuck people through their crooked ass dealerships! They know they can because there is just another fool right around the corner! I just wanted to warn all the good people of Laramie , wyoming DON'T GO WHITES UNIVERSITY MOTORS!!!! And for everyone else stay away from yours as well ! We need to boycott ford and stop buying their piece of shit cars and trucks , who in their right minds wants to pay 90,000 for a beer can aluminum truck that ford builds in mexico? It is probably costs more to have it shipped back to the states than it does to build them lol! Ford used to make the ford econoline vans but they noticed they last too long so now we have to buy their shitty ford transit made in Turkey ! The mustang gt the transmission is made in China ! I'm sure my anger and my ranting doesn't make sense to the overpaid cocksuckers at ford BUT FUCK YOU FORD AND FUCK YOU WHITES UNIVERSITY MOTORS!!!! GO TO HELL!!!

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susan - 7 d 9 h ago


I would like to know what ford is going to do about the 2007 ford fusion pcm/coil problems?

my car has 56,000 miles on it and it is falling apart. I have spent nearly $2000 so far. the a/c blows hot air. I have had to rent 2 rental cars, had the car in the shop 3 times, so far . I have seen many complaints on these problems, but ford doesn't seem to care, they don't seem to stand by their work. I did report it to the ntsb

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Floyd robertson - 7 d 9 h ago

I would like to know who will contact me in regards to my complaint against Avis Ford in Southfield Michigan I posted my comment today 8:11 2017 two p.m. my email is Floyd Robertson 43 at I would really like to be contacted in regards to my problem thank you

General profile image

Floyd robertson43@gm - 7 d 9 h ago


I have a problem with Avis Ford in Southfield Michigan I had $2,000 worth of work done at their dealership the paint painting and mechanical work they said that they would sell the car on consignment on their lot since that time the owner called me and told me I must be crazy and come and get my car I have called repeatedly because I do have to get a person my AAA to get the car and they need a time no one will call me back I have to called Edmund Douglas who runs the operation I would say 5 times I'm 75 years old and I don't think that I should be treated this way nor am I to run after someone that I've done business with and paid them and it's your company and I have to find ask you first before anything else what can you do to help me Floyd Robertson thank you in advance

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Floyd - 7 d 9 h ago


Floyd Robertson Jr

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Diane Putnam - 9 d 5 h ago


My ex husband bought a 1999 ford explorer in 2002. In 2003 he died in a car accident

His vehicle exploded and hit a rock and he was burned beyond recognition. His two kids had to grow up without a father and i believe itwas the recall of that particular vehicle is what caused it to explode and burn him to a crisp. I never owned a ford before and i definitely will not ever buy one today. Thank you

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Mark - 10 d 7 h ago

I have found a way to drop the starter, and the flywheel from each car made, and still start the vehicle. The electrical system can be made cheaper, and the weight of the car goes down, and even the design can change due to the flywheel being left out of the equation. I can be reached @ (hidden) if you are interested.

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abonite - 11 d ago


TO: William Clay Ford Jr. Executive chairman of Ford Motor Company "Ford Motor Company is grateful for your honorable service to our country and would like to salute those who serve. That's why we're proud to offer you and your families a Military Bonus Cash Offer! ($500) This exclusive offer is good toward the purchase or lease of an eligible new Ford or Lincoln vehicle." ** **"No matter what your level of service to our country, we have an offer for you." (VERY MIS-LEADING STATEMENT WHAT IT REALLY MEANS) **Exception to the above is that if you served your country as a Veteran more than two (2) years ago, Ford Motor Company does not recognize any service to our country. You are nobody, in the eyes of Ford Motor Company. Purchased a 2017 Ford Escape Titanium $36.000+ "Cash" and getting cheated out of a mere $500. (hidden)

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Dave - 11 d 8 h ago


When will the SYNC3 Navigation Maps get updated. Its been over 20 months and no updates.

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