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Ford Motor Company

1 American Rd.
Dearborn, MI
Alan Mulally
President CEO and Director
(313) 322-3000
(800) 392-3673
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leo - 12 h ago


Gary Yeomans Ford. Don't purchase here unless you want to be lied to, ignored or told to be patient as you have to continually call to follow up with

Today I was informed on my 2016 Lincoln MKC Vin#5LMCJ3C95GUJ19731 I was denied by the BBB and the Attorney General because I do not have the car in my possession and their suggestion was to take Gary Yoeman's Ford/Lincoln to small claims court for compensation refund of $5000.00 for selling me a defective vehicle. I had the vehicle for two years and it had a rattle in the frame which they couldn't repair.

So hear we come to small claims court.


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Pau (I hate Ford) Curtis - 13 h 30 m ago


Just try to get anyone in the Ford Motor Company on the phone; impossible. When you do find someone on the line at the customer care center they can't do anything except take your complaint and tell you there is nothing they can do. What a shame, I took driver's education in a Ford, my first car was a Ford, I worked for Ford, Now I am at the age to buy the unit I want and I get it with a defect that ford know about in the timing chain and variable valve timing, running boards that ill never work and now needs a pat in one of the turbos and ; of course, they can't get the part. How can one of the manufacturing giants of the entire world get a part to a dealer for repair?

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Ford K T - 1 d 31 s ago

Hello I'm facing a problem to get my car Kuga Titanium model 2018 Licence because the Egyptian Police (Traffic Department) insisting that car is as 2017 model, which means that Ford lie to me when sold to me a previous model by higher price that its actual price. The problem here is Ford legacy credibility with its customers in Egypt

Can you confirm with that this number is 2018 model manufactured at 14-Nov-2017


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Ford escape - 1 d 10 h ago


I have had Ford's for a long time but my Ford Escape2011 has been throwing a wrench light and stopping in traffic and when I take it to the Dealership it will not throw the light or tell them what is wrong. One day it stopped 4 times within 25 miles. You turn the key off and it restarts, but it clears the wrench . I feel it could be a death trap waiting to happen. Ford has a known issue but will not fix the throttle issue unless it will give them a light/issue reading.

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Rhett - 1 d 12 h ago

To the main person at ford I have a 2014 Ford Fusion it has been in the shop since July of 2017 for the same problem they act like that they cannot fix I have been makeing my payments on it and I can't even enjoy driving it even the service Tex said it needs to go to the scrap yard my name is rhett

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Diana E - 8 d 13 h ago


Ford Corporation Executives

Dear Sirs

I am taking time to compliment Ford Corporation on its SUV, Ford Edge. I am very impressed both with the functionality and performance of the SUV.

Twice when exchanging a foreign manufacturers SUV both to Hertz and Enterprise car rental companies and extremely angry, I was given a Ford Edge. I was extremely surprised at the car with all its options

Now I am going to reveal the brand of the car I own. I own a 2016 Lexus RX350. Your Ford Edge not only resembles my Lexus SUV but performs and rides the same!!!

I am thrilled that an American car manufacturer has taken the time to produce such a fine car.

Now when I lease a car it better be a Ford Edge. I would even consider buying your SUV

Diana Ekizian

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Paul Curtis - 1 d 13 h ago


Bullshit---you work for Ford

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Robert Simpson - 6 d 28 s ago


My sister and I would like to share this with everyone. It's about our elderly dad who has dementia going and buying a car. Please take care of the elderly in your family. Life comes full circle. We've sent this letter to the news stations and really want to get the story out there. February 16, 2018 Dear Editor, Our father, is an 87 year old Korean and Viet Nam War veteran with Stage II lung cancer, dementia, and has significant hearing loss. On December 16, 2017 he traveled from his home in Chicopee, Massachusetts to Family Ford in Enfield, Connecticut without our knowledge. Dad had done business with Family Ford in the past, so he was familiar with the location, and trusted the dealership. Despite all of his medical complications, he purchased a 2014 Ford Taurus for Twenty Eight Thousand and 00/100 ($28,000) Dollars. According to Kelly Bluebook, the vehicle was worth approximately Thirteen Thousand and 00/100 ($13,000.00) Dollars. He gave a deposit of One Thousand and 00/100 ($1,000.00) Dollars, and they afforded him Five Hundred and 00/100 ($500.00) Dollars on the trade of his vehicle. They then arranged for a six year loan with monthly payments of Three Hundred Sixty Nine and 00/100 ($369.00) Dollars. When dad told us he had purchased a new care we questioned what he had agreed to. He was confused and unable to tell us the details of the deal. We were shocked when we found the paperwork in the vehicle and saw the terms. The following day we drove to Enfield and met with the manager, Mike Moriarty who was unsympathetic, and told us there was nothing he could do. In that conversation we made it clear as to Dads limited capacity, and we requested that any further contact be through us as dad's attorneys in fact. Notwithstanding our communication, we were dismayed to discover that after we left the dealership, they called our dad, summoned him back to Enfield, and had him sign legal documents necessary to consummate the deal. We returned to Family Ford the following day with our dad because we knew he could not afford the payments, and we were appalled by their actions. Mike Moriarty was not available, and we discussed our issues with another salesman. We were told we would need to discuss the issues with Mike, and again our concerns fell on deaf ears. Out of frustration we contacted dad's attorney. He eventually was able to reach Christopher Sarat, the owner of the dealership. Mr. Sarat indicated to him that there was little he could do because sales tax had been paid, the dealership had paid the salesman a commission, and they had invested money into refurbishing the trade. He maintained that they were not the kind of dealership who would knowingly take advantage of a customer with limited capacity, but when questioned why they would have summoned our dad back to the dealership to sign legal documents after having been notified of his situation, his only response was the he only had to sign "a lost title affidavit". Eventually, Chris Sarat offered to take the vehicle back for an additional fee of Two Thousand Five Hundred and 00/100 ($2,500.00) Dollars saying that was the best he could do. He did offer to assist us in applying for an abatement of the sales tax. After discussing the offer with us, our attorney counter offered to allow Family Ford to keep the trade they had invested money into, and the One Thousand and 00/100 ($1,000.00) Dollar deposit. When he suggested to Mr. Sarat that they could obtain the sales tax rebate themselves, the response was that the state would never refund the sales tax because the vehicle had been driven off the lot. Obviously, the offer to assist us with applying for the abatement was therefore shallow and insincere. Our counteroffer was rejected, and now our only recourse is to allow the loan to go into default, and having the vehicle repossessed. It is tragic that our dad's credit will be ruined at his age, but since he lacks the financial resources to make the payments, we have little choice. We are working with dad's doctors to have him surrender his license, but it saddens us that he will lose his car this way and that it came about not out of his choice, but because he was victimized by someone he trusted. At this point, we wanted to have our situation with Family Ford known. Sincerely, Linda Monahan Diana Monahan-Brown

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Anonymous - 3 d 7 h ago

You didn't write enough you need to write some more damn... I could have some that up at 25% of your damn column

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Another badly treated customer - 2 d 12 h ago

Rude comment to people who have had bad experience with dealership!

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Paul Curtis - 1 d 13 h ago


You are an asshole and probably a ford salesman!

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Another badly treated customer - 2 d 11 h ago


We had a similar situation, but with a different Ford dealership. My husband was in early stages of dementia but was able to drive around town. Without me knowing it, he went to the dealership and made a deal to trade his big pickup in for a small pickup. The day we picked it up I told salesman this would be last truck he would sell my husband because of his health. We both enjoyed driving this small pickup and it was easy for him to drive and park. Approximately 11 mos. later, I returned home on a Friday night from a short trip, only to find a large Explorer in the garage. Asked my husband where small pickup was and he said the salesman had called him and said he had a customer who really wanted small truck but they couldn't find one. He told my husband they would give him good deal if he would let them have small truck for this customer. Monday I went to dealership and told salesman that I previously told him not to sell my husband another truck. The salesman laughed and said he didn't sell him a truck... that Explorer was considered a station wagon. I noticed small pickup still sitting on the lot and asked about it and he said deal fell through. I told him they could have Explorer back and I wanted small truck back. He said there wasn't anything he could do for us as paperwork was finalized. I talked to General Manager and he told me the same thing! I wrote a letter to the owner, since he was never available to talk to in person. He called me and said the only thing he could do get us back into the small pickup would be for us to give them the Explorer and pay an additional $5000. I told him where he could put his dealership! I also wrote a long letter to Ford Motor without any success. I told everyone I dealt with at Ford that we were getting rid of their dam Explorer as soon as possible and would tell everyone we know about how we were treated. Approx. 4 mos. later we took the Explorer to a different dealer. Vehicle had less than 200 miles on it and dealer offered us a terrific price. My husband didn't drive after this. Original dealer would call periodically asking to talk to him and each time I told them we no longer owned their vehicle and to quit bothering us because we would never own another Ford!

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Paul Curtis USMC Veteran - 1 d 13 h ago


Have a very pretty 2013 Ford F150, Platinum. Loaded with extended warranty. Take it in for service and it has sat at the dealer going on 18 days waiting for a part. I can get a part for a 1973 MG in 4 days; why does it take over 4 weeks ( 4 weeks -28 days) to get a part on a regular production domestic car. Now, for the Important stuff, I call Ford customer service line, get a girl with a heavy accent that finally admits she is in a call center in Manila, Philippines. After being on hold for 20 minutes she tell me that my truck in in the service department at the dealer and is waiting for parts. Guess what, I knew that when I called. I knew that for 18 days. My question is why? My next question is why can't you contact anyone at Ford that has the knowledge or authority to do something ? My first Ford was a 1963, had several of them, family has several of more. I can buy a car made in Korea nd get parts on the shelf at a discount auto store. .

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Fred - 1 d 19 h ago


I have a 21st century Edsel , Ford built and sold a badly engineered transmission and put it in their Freestyle, Five Hundred, and Montego. They discovered the defect when owners of the cars had problems with the transmission within the first year of ownership. They replaced the transmission under warranty but with the same defective transmissions and continued to produce these cars for 2 years never correcting the transmission issues and continued replacing the transmissions under warranty WHEN they went out and then discontinued production of those vehicles and swept the problems under the rug never recalling the transmission or fixing the problems. Now they don't even produce parts for them anymore. Those of us who own these vehicles are stuck with them WHEN the transmission inevitabley fails. I contacted Ford customer service and was informed I needed to write a letter ( no email or phone number available) to Philip Perry in customer relations as HE was the only one who could or would do anything for me. So I did. About 2 months later I get a form letter back not from Mr. Perry who I told I had to write to directly but from a customer service representative who stamped her first name at the bottom Dorothy stating that " they were supporting the previous decision " which to my knowledge there was no previous decision which was why I HAD TO WRITE A LETTER DIRECTLY TO PHILIP PERRY WHO DIDNT EVEN TAKE THE TIME TO RESPOND TO ME HIMSELF I TRULY DON'T THINK HE EVER EVEN SAW THE LETTER! So basiclay FORD said SCREW YOU TO ALL OF US WHO ARE STUCK WITH THESE CARS! There is even a class action lawsuit pending for years that they haven't done anything about. They just waited 10 years and discontinued offering parts for the bad transmissions in hopes people would just give up on them and buy new cars and Ford would never need to deal with these issue! Like I said a 21st century EDSEL ! I always thought Ford was better than that . Look what they did with the Pintos, and when SUVs were rolling over they addressed those issues BECAUSE PEOPLE WERE GETTING HURT OR WORSE ! They won't do anything about these cars until people get rear ended on the freeway when the transmission fails and their speed drops and they can't accelerate or the car lurchesfor or back causing serious accidents. DO PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO GET HURT BEFORE FORD WILL ADMIT THEY BUILT AND SOLD A DEFECTIVE TRANSMISSION AND NEVER RECALLED IT OR MADE IT RIGHT WITH THEIR CUSTOMERS?! Shame on you Ford Motor Company ! YOU SHOULD BE BOYCOTTED Maybe this needs to go to the media then they might do something before someone gets hurt or killed! What do you say FORD MOTOR COMPANY??

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Suzann Cales - 3 d 4 h ago


MOUNTAINEER AUTOMOTIVE WILL RIP YOU OFF . We bought a Toyota van in Nov. Less than a month noticed that the tires were wearing they did an alignment. In Jan took car in for an oil change and tire rotation. Friday the low tire light was on and took it in for air. Yesterday the low tire light was on again. Took car in. They said needed a valve stem kit but also needed needed 4 new tires. It should not have needed tires with less than 6000 miles in it. NEVER WAS IT MENTIONED THAT THE TIRES WERE BAD. IT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SOLD WITH BAD TIRES. They did pay for 2 of the tires BUT THEY SHOULD HAVE PAID FOR ALL OF THEM RIP OFFS.

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Don Henderson - 3 d 7 h ago


I've got a 2016 F-150 4 by 4 Platinum truck I like that ask you how do you check the oil in your Ford truck...

I'm 6ft tall and I have to use a damn step stool !!!

Why in the hell didn't they design a oil dipstick tube that comes back towards the front of the truck where you can check your oil ??? You got one dumbass designer that works for Ford

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Dustin Dailey - 3 d 11 h ago


I recently bought a brand new Ford Focus ST 2017 with 4 miles on it the car has been in a shop 11 times I have opened several cases with the Regional customer service manager By the way which does nothing and never returns my calls anyway as I was saying my car's been in the shop 11 times and shows on my car's service history that It's been service for steering alignment and tires and other services I repeat that it's been in service for those things 4 times in 4 different service centers and you guys still have done nothing not fixed it not bought the car back and I cannot believe the terrible service that your customer service representatives give All they've ever done has told me that they can escalate the call and some one would call me in 24 to 48 hours and I've never received any calls back and like I said the customer service regional manager I think her name Starleigh Is terrible And for as long as Ford's been around you would think that by now that they would have it down and that when someone pays $30000 for a vehicle that they should you know back their vehicle up maybe fix it I mean they are the ones that say They warranty the vehicles right

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CR - 3 d 16 h ago

After reading all these reviews it sounds like I will not be purchasing a Ford. It appears that the dealerships are not trustworthy.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

Hi I just do not understand you pay so much for a loaner car for me while you were giving me a car while my car is in the shop because you do not have the parts for the airbag and it is dangerous no one can ride in the passenger seat and as simple as it could be I would sell the car back to you and you would not have to furnish me with a car and waste your money I don't know what else to say I'm just trying to save you money thank you my name is Louis Watkins my phone number is (hidden) have a good day thank you.

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neet - 4 d 16 h ago


I bought a 2016 Ford Escape in November of 2015. It has the Sync 3 system and it is HORRIBLE!! I have had problems with that system since about a month after buying the car. I have repeatedly taken my car back to the dealership trying to get it fixed. They keep lying to me and telling me it's fixed, I continue to have the same problems they "fixed" and as time goes by, I keep having new problems on top of the old ones. I have tried doing the updates with and those don't work either. I have connected my car to my home WIFI and let it do the updates that way.....things just keep getting worse!! I have called Ford customer service and they gave me the run around....I just want my damn system fixed, why is that so much to ask for?!?! Give me a new system if it's broken, just STOP LYING to me!! I had an article regarding the Sync 3 system and it stated in that article that an executive with Ford Motor Company was so angry with his Sync3, that he actually punched his screen, why has there not been a fix for the system??? We spend thousands of dollars to have vehicles, why is it too much to ask Ford to have everything in proper working order???

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Lesa - 4 d 17 h ago

We just bought a 2014 Ford edge have had it for 3months and the entire transmission is shot it has 62,000 miles and is sitting in my drive way on drive able and is going to cost 5 to 6 thousand to fix and Ford will not do anything to help us. We also put alot of money down. We were sold a lemon and they get a way with it. Never buy a Ford again.

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Anne Horton - 5 d 18 h ago


Customer bought a certified pre-owned F150 pickup with only 17k miles on it. After 1 week, driver side door was not able to be closed - latch would not catch so customer had to hold the door shut just to drive to work with the stupid truck beeping the entire way. When vehicle was taken to the dealer for repair, the dealer informed the customer that Ford (after taking 2 days to respond) requested that this vehicle be returned to the customer with no repair. Great!!! I get to drive a vehicle that could potentially eject me out of my seat onto oncoming traffic and get run over and I am paying $350 bucks a month for this unique opportunity.

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Linda O - 6 d 19 h ago


Two major issues: First notice received on defective airbag was in 2016 with promise of replacements in spring and then fall of 2017. Nothing. Then I receive a second notice stating spring of 2018 and until then nobody should sit in the passenger seat. So exactly what does a family of five do - put one person in the trunk?

January 2014 I received a notice saying there were issues with the throttle body and it would need to be repaired. I took it into Sam Galloway Ford in Fort Myers, FL and rather than replacing it they calibrated it. Fast forward to mid-December 2017. I was driving down the road and suddenly the car is all but stalling out. I was close to the local repair place so pulled in there and left it. They called me later saying the throttle body would need to be replaced. I contacted Sam Galloway and was told they couldn't get me in until January 30. I stated it was under a recall and I was fearful to be driving it in that condition and wanted it repaired. She told me there was no way they could do it until January 30 so I had my local mechanic fix it. I then contacted Ford, sending all the necessary documentation, and requested a refund stately surely they didn't expect me to drive an unsafe car for 6 weeks. Early in February I received a form letter from them saying they wouldn't reimburse me the cost since it wasn't done at a Ford dealership. So in essence, they too expect me to drive an unsafe vehicle for six weeks. Guess they figure since I can't have a passenger with me due to their faulty airbags that if there was an accident only one person would be injured. I will NEVER purchase another Ford product and I will pass the words to friends, relatives and strangers on the street not to do so either.

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Zoliswa Ngqengqeza - 7 d 20 s ago


Good day

I have experienced a problem of my car not starting or taking long to start. However I took it to FORD IMPERIAL IN GEORGE and was expected to be the battery fault.

I tried to call George Craul

Pre owned Sales Manager

Jaguar Land Rover George

How could it be battery fault if I got the car last year October? Isn't supposed to still in good condition?

Please advise, what should I do in this instance?


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Gary Jones - 8 d ago

Bought a 2017 F250 in Nov. With 600 mIles on it Tire pressure monitor system light came on warning of a low tire. Checked tire looked fine. Called Ford after checking pressure which was good. Was told to take it to the dealer and let then inspect the tires. I did but was told I would have to pay for it wow. I have since been keeping an eye on it and it continually is wrong and setting off warning lights. 4 trips to the dealer and not fixed. Ask Ford to buy it back since it has 3700 miles on it. They first said it did not meet the requirements for my state which I proved them wrong in Va it only has to be in the shop 3 times for repairs or if it is a safety issue which tire pressures are 1 time. So then after they figure out I knew what I was talking about they claimed it was not eligible due to the weight of the truck. I Va the law states a motor vehicle to include cars pickups and panel trucks plus motor home chassis so again they are proved wrong. I get a call from a supervisor and he tell me they are not going to buy it back and he has the final say. No one above him can or will do anything . FORD SELLS JUNK Don't buy rent or lease anything from Ford . If you die because of their neglect and unwillingness to do the right thingthey don't care.

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