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Ford Motor Company

1 American Rd.
Dearborn, MI
Alan Mulally
President CEO and Director
(313) 322-3000
(800) 392-3673
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Marilynn M. - 28 d 3 h ago


Maybe we should all collaborate and file a class-action law suit against Ford!!

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D. Andersen - 23 d 11 h ago


I'M DOWN TO BE PART OF THAT!!! My 2016 Ford Flex is in the shop with transmission problems. Luckily, the problems started just before 60,000, when the power-train warranty is up! The mechanic has ordered 29 parts for it and it's been out of service for 2 weeks now, with NO indication of when it will be complete. I can just imagine now that all warranties are up, it will be ALL down hill from here. My co-worker has advised me to sue the CEO in small claims court for the maximum amount allowed. He is confident that the CEO will settle and/or NOT show up in court.

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Jessica Galati - 5 d 7 h ago


Please inform me of when this will take place because I want to be apart of it. I had purchased a 2019 Ford EDGE on April 19, 2019 and had it 3 weeks. It's been at Crown's Ford shop since May 31, 2019. I'm just wanting FORD to pay off my loan so I can take my business elsewhere!!!

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LEMON LAW - 4 d 6 h ago


that should fall under the LEMON LAW !!!!!

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Jessica Galati - 3 d 9 h ago

According to FORD they are offering a buy back. However, after reading the buy back rules which is "When the manufacturer buys back a vehicle because of a warranty defect, the buy back consists of the following: a refund to the consumer of their down payment, all of their monthly payments, the current registration fee, any out of pocket expenses related to the defect (such as towing fees or rental car fees), and the entire loan balance is paid off in full by the manufacturer," Ford is still wanting to charge me $9152.04.

And after doing more research this is what FORD will do after they do what they should do (which is the right thing): In the Ford Dealership "buy back" program, the dealership is going to turn around and sell the defective vehicle to another unfortunate consumer.

This is why I will NEVER BUY A FORD AGAIN!!

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Jessica Galati - 3 d 8 h ago

There is also 2 different buybacks that FORD offers:

Buyback/ replacement -or- Lemon Law buyback. They offered me the buyback/replacement but does NOT stick by their own rules. They just want to get the vehicle back so they can put it out on the lot and sell it again.

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Anonymous - 31 m 10 s ago

same here. im down.

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Anonymous - 2 d 5 h ago


Kay s.

count me in !!

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meg - 3 h 59 m ago

my 2016 ford focus has almost caused 3 car accidents and stalled on the on ramp trying to get on the freeway. They couldnt fix it until it popped a code. so i had to drive around with it until it was soo bad that it would stall or get stuck. It finally popped a code (tranmission friction element A stuck on) they replaced my transmission control module and not even 48 hours later it started doing the same thing. I had to pull over on the side of the road and wait 15 minutes with my car off. I called ford customer service all they said was the dealership would be in contact with me. Meanwhile the dealership said they had no rental for me and no appointment until monday. I now cant do my second job and have to sit and wait. I just want them to buy it back I dont want to keep taking in for repairs. especially cause my car is a 51,000 so at 60,000 im doomed.

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Eneida Castanedas - 2 d 10 h ago


Previously I had some issues with my car. I gave a very bad reviews about Ford and the service department where I took my car. My service Advisor Kim , at Courtesy Ford in Conyers, GA has gone above and Beyond to fix and resolve all my issues and I am very grateful for her work. She has dealt with my attitude and all my questions that i have had. She has resolved all the concerns I have had and is still working to make me happy with my car again. Ford Motor sent me a RE Invite review and I can not find it in my email. Please accept this as a second Review.

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Jamie - 3 d ago


I bought a 2013 ford fx4 brand new. The first set of problems started occuring right after the 60km watrenty and they did not honor the warranty even though it was only a few hundred km past the warranty

Then at 124000km the cam phasers went. They said that cam phasers are something i did and not fords problem. Then i looked and there are thousands of similar trucks across the country that have the same issue

No mechanics want to touch it because they say its not worth it because the engine is going to go due to this and they all said the same thing

I cant even find cam phasers theough vehicle part companies so basically im left with a piece of junk that i still have to pay for and a repair cost of minimum 5000k with zero garuntee it will solve the problem

I want to sue them since they do not want to even admit they are at fault

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Gary Molnar - 3 d 8 h ago

My beef is with Ford, not the dealership.

This past Saturday 9/14/19 we incurred a flat tire on our 2013 SEL Ford Escape. The wrench provided with our spare tire jack did not fit the aluminum coated lug nuts to allow us to change the tire. We were forced to call AAA. The AAA service person tried unsuccessfully as well as his complete set of wrench sockets did not fit the lug nuts. Consequently our vehicle had to be towed to the local Ford Dealership.

We were advised by the Service department who are very nice people that the lug nuts "swell" after years, and, that this is a common problem with Ford. So, they replaced them for $100. WHAT !!! This is CRAZY. This is something that should have been replaced for N/C by Ford

When is Ford going to correct this problem? This occurred on a Saturday evening and we were without our vehicle for 3 days due to new tires and parts needing to be ordered. Quite an inconvenience in a one car household!

We have been loyal Ford customers since 1980. Once again, the dealership has been wonderful to deal with and this is a FORD corporate issue.

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Paul Rhoton - 5 d 11 h ago


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I had my 2015 Ford Explorer service at FiveStar Ford here in Warner Robins. In May of this year I took my Explorer in to be service. Couple months back my wife notice our Hood latch Cable was broken, which the Service Tech broke it while serving my car. I took it in on 12 of Sept and the Service Adviser T.J. what happen, he inform me oh well that happens. He inform me that it would be covered under the Maint. Agreement. I didn't have a Maint agreement with them I bought the car from Riverside Ford in Macon. They replaced the the Cable and gave me the bill N/C. The next morning T.J. Called me and said I owe him $100.00 DED. My complain he lied to me and I didn't have a Maint. agreement with them or with Riverside Ford. This Dealership is very dishonest with their customers, something needs to be done. I will not deal with this dealership any longer.

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ZERO STAR - 4 d 6 h ago



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Clintona Lindsey - 4 d 6 h ago


I have had the worst service with ford, I purchased a 2015 F-150 Lariat August 2015. I started having problems with the truck making an extra stop when I would come to a complete stop. Took the truck in to be service November 2018, they(Ralph) said it was the transmission and that they only had one transmission tech he had such a nasty way of talking to me, so Johnathan the service manager took over my vehicle and called and said he would handle my vehicle and they would have my truck back before Christmas , I didn't get my truck back until January 17, 2019. I got a call from Ms. Green customer service with blah...blah...blah. When I picked my truck up, a week later nit was doing the same thing. I took it back in January and didn't get kit back until march 6, Ralph was back on the case and was lying about they were talking with the manufacture about the transmission. they also stole my personal tag off the front of my truck i had to threaten them that i was going to call the police and have them to look at the cameras, they did pay for the tag. Then customer care called and had me take it to another ford dealer five star worst mistake , they had it for almost a month and said it was my brakes and they were in the RED metal to metal and said it was going to cost me 1210.00 for repairs, I picked my truck up and still having the same issues after I finished with them I didn't pay anything and customer care is trying to get me to give 5 star another chance, I wouldn't let them work on my grandson bicycle . I so done with FORD customer service and the managers are horrible. please don't let Joshua at 5 star work with you he lied about my breaks. NO...NO...NO....

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Jessica Galati - 5 d 7 h ago

I had purchased a 2019 Edge from Crown Ford. After asking the finance manager to stop running my credit (which he ran 3 more times of asking) I finally went home with the vehicle. I had the vehicle for 3 weeks and it started making a rattling noise. I had called Crown Ford (Fayetteville, NC) and they told me that the first available appointment is May 31st. I had taken my car in and haven't seen it since. They have replaced both strut bearings, both CV axels, and a sensory on the left wheel and the vehicle rattles. I had brought this situation up to the general manager named Brian McCullen and he stated he would look into this-never heard from him to this day! The shop foreman LOU stated that that was normal with the sto start and he told what he "preferred" for me to do. I explained to him that I don't care what he prefer for me to do, it's what I feel safe doing. He didn't like that answer. I had talked to 2 other techs and they had told me that the rattling noise is not normal and they have NO idea where or what is causing it. They stated that the sto start is connected to several other parts of and they would have to start taking apart everything that is connected to the sto start. Well, to this day they can not find out why this vehicle is rattling. It's sitting in the back of the shops parking lot. I had contacted Ford Corporation in hopes that they would buy the Edge back and I can take my business elsewhere, but now they are wanting me to come up with $9152.04 and they would pay the rest off. Considering that they are putting me under such stress it is affecting my health and my body is having anxiety attacks and breaking out into hives. Everyone at Ford lies and when you call them out in those lies they pass the buck to someone else. I don't want to deal with FORD anymore or Crown FORD. This is what I'm wanting to send to the CEO, however, we all know it won't get to him.

As a customer I would had never imagined that your company would treat me as if my case did not matter, but also snickered in my face because what I thought was a major issue is "not that serious" according to some of your employees. I even presented my issues to the General Manager at Crown and he told me he would get down to the bottom of things, but never heard anything from him. My vehicle is still in the shop and I've been getting nothing but the run around. No one knows why this vehicle is rattling, however, no one (not even Ford Helpline) can fix it either. They have replaced parts after parts and wanted me to take the vehicle back even though the vehicle was not fixed. I refused to take the vehicle back because I feared for the safety of my family. It seems like no matter what they try and fix and/or repair the rattling noise is still there.

I would have assumed they would have offered to replace the vehicle (which I was wanting in the beginning of July, but now not so much). However, this process was unbearable and one should never go through without an attorney. The way they tell you one thing vs what they actually want you to do is beyond me. The run around that your company has put me through with no one knowing what the other is talking about proves to me that everyone is not on the same page. I've been lied too, given the run around and my stress level has hit its peak. Now I am dealing with anxiety attacks and my body is breaking out into hives which is embarrassing when I'm out in public. My father has always taught me "let your word be your word" but not everyone goes by that rule. And to think that I was trying to save your multi-million dollar company money by not hiring an attorney, because we all know your company would have had to pay for my attorney costs which could have exceed much more than $9152.04.

Due to how your company has treated me throughout this whole process is unimaginable and is the reason why I refuse to replace the vehicle I had purchased with another one. If this is how your company treats their customers, then I prefer to take my business elsewhere.

This whole process has taken away time with my son and almost got me fired from my job. I have lost hours at work and at times was struggling to put food on the table for my son and I. I am a single mom. I'm not asking to get rich quick, however, I can turn that way if needed, but I am asking you to pay off the loan in full.

DON'T EVER BUY A FORD. Go elsewhere. I know I learned my lesson!!

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Antonio Alvarez - 6 d 7 h ago

09.15.19 To Whom It May Concern: After deciding for several years on a 2nd vehicle to purchase, we waited for the release of the new Ford Ranger to help finalize this decision. We decided on the Ford Ranger and visited the local AUTOSVEGAS dealer in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to proceed with our much-awaited purchase. The only memorable moment of this purchase was the day (August 24, 2019) when my wife signed the contract and the vehicle was taken away to be outfitted with a (Sports Rack / lights, Rims / Tires and a 2 inch lift kit) all purchased truck accessories through a Ford Dealer accessory vendor / installer (Auto Accessories located in Cupey, Puerto Rico) and from there on the horror story begins. The salesman promised us the vehicle would be ready in two days (August 28, 2019) for pickup. Given an approaching tropical storm, the salesman later called in the week and said that the storm had delayed our install by one day and the vehicle would not be ready for pickup until Friday August 30th. On Friday the salesman called and said the vehicle will not be ready for pick up till Saturday (August 31st). On Saturday (August 31st, 2019) the salesman once again called and said that given an auto show taking place over the holiday weekend the vehicle would not be ready for pickup until Tuesday (September 3rd, 2019) at 9:00 am, because they would be working on the truck that Labor Day (Sept 2) and the vehicle would be ready for pick up at 9:00 am the next day in the morning. My wife and I arrived on Tuesday (September 3rd, 2019) at 9:00 am to pick up the vehicle and the salesman had not yet arrived. When he arrived, he promised that the vehicle would be ready for pick up at the end of that day (September 3rd). Before leaving the dealer, we asked where the vehicle was, and he responded that it was located at the accessories shop since (August 24). Given that fact that we live a few minutes away from the shop we had already payed the shop daily visits during the previous week to verify that our vehicle was there and we never placed eyes on it (leaving many unanswered questions behind) was the vehicle in an accident, was it being repaired and if the vehicle had been stolen etc... At the end of the day on Tuesday (August 3rd) the salesman called and again stated that the vehicle was not going to be available for pick up and promised the vehicle for pickup on Wednesday (August 4th) in the morning. On Wednesday August 4th we received another call yet this time from the accessory shop owner (which he was rude and disrespectful to my wife) stating that the vehicle was not going to be ready because they had just started working on it and that the vehicle would be ready on Thursday August 5th by the end of the day. On Thursday August 5th my wife receives another call this time from a different Ford dealer sales representative in the morning stating that the vehicle would not be ready for pickup till the end of that day (August 5th). At the end of the day August 5th the same sales representative that called earlier now stated the vehicle would not be ready for pick up till the end of that day. At the end of that day the original Ford representative called and stated the vehicle would not be ready for pick up till August 6th in the morning. Shortly after lunch on August 6th the original Ford sales representative calls and says the vehicle would not be ready for pick up till the end of the day. At roughly 4:45 pm the Ford representative calls and says the vehicle is ready for pick (two weeks longer than the committed two days). On August 6th we leave the dealer with the vehicle and drive home. On Saturday morning August 7th the Ford Pass Application displayed four Fault codes and two yellow lights ignite inside the vehicles dash. Hill Start Assist o The Hill Start Assist System has detected a Failure Park Aid Malfunction o The Park Assist or Sensing System has detected a problem FORWARD COLLISION o The Collision Warning system has detected either a system Failure ANTILOCK Brakes o The Anti-Lock Brake system has detected a fault. Shortly after these codes are displayed inside the dash the center screen went dark and the only item displayed was the FORD Logo. We also noticed that the steering wheel was roughly +/- 20 degrees off center towards the left (clearly not centered). We proceed to park the vehicle that Saturday morning and on Monday (September 9th ) in the morning we drove it back to the dealer. My wife called the FORD representative to inform him of the new issues and he proceed to assist with the service department. On Monday Sept 9th, my wife wrote down all the issues on the claim ticket to include the steering wheel misalignment. The FORD dealer representative stated that there were too many issues and that the vehicle would be required to stay two days and should be ready for pick up during the day Wednesday (September 11th). On Wednesday throughout the day my wife verified if the car would be ready and the service department stated no, that it would not be ready for pick up till Thursday Sept 12th because (1. The service representative was out sick and gave her the wrong day and 2. FORD only had one software update representative available and they were busy). On Thursday my wife was dropped off in the morning to pick up the vehicle and the service department told here the vehicle was not yet ready for pick up after having communicated with her the day before that the vehicle was ready). The service department stated that they did not align the trucks steering wheel because the tires and rims were not OEM, yet we had purchased all the upgrades through AUTOVEGA Ford. After arguing that point with the service department, the vehicle would not be ready for pick up until the end of the day. The vehicle was finally ready for pick on Friday Sept 14 (Five days after taking it in to the service department, leaving it 3 additional days than the requested) yet the sales representative called towards the end of the day stating that one remaining item (accessory) arrived and asked if they can install the accessory on Saturday 09.14 and return the vehicle to us that day, to which I agreed. On Friday Sept 13, I requested that AUTOSVEGA GM contact me to discuss all these issues, delays and lies that we had been living since the purchase of the vehicle and the assistant manager called. He began apologizing with the delay of the repair stating that my wife had not disclosed the steering wheel misalignment, which is when I abruptly ended our conversation after calling him out for lying to me about what my wife had written down because she had written that item down in the service record. This individual was extremely disrespectful and accused my wife of lying even though she had literally documented the issue on the service record. Before hanging up I requested that AUTOVEGAS GM contact me before the vehicle would be dropped off. Roughly 45 minutes later a gentleman by the name of Vasquez claiming to be the GM contacted me. He stated that he had no knowledge of what was happening. I proceeded to begin to vent all my frustrations with our purchase and recent treatment from the FORD Dealer personnel and in the process decided to no longer waste my time in conversation but only requested he commits to three simple items, 1. Personally ensure the vehicle is repaired 2. Ensure the vehicle is transported to our destination after repair and 3. Personally ensure that any pending accessories be installed and not forgotten, to which he agreed, and our conversation ended. On Saturday 09.14 the vehicle was delivered after allegedly being repaired, my wife loaded the car up with our kids ready for a trip and the vehicle remained with a blank center screen (which was one of the items documented in the repair service order), so she drove the car back to the dealer and the FORD dealer placed her in a loaner vehicle that has roughly 47,000 miles and nowhere near the caliber of vehicle we had originally bought. Demonstrating that even the GM, is a liar and deceiver thus leading by example as to all the lies we were told by his direct hires. In this letter a skip the daily lies and excuses that were given to use by FORD Representatives as we have lost track of the many that were given. I write this letter to inform you that AUTOVEGA Ford in San Juan, Puerto Rico has literally single handedly destroyed any and all positive and or happy emotions any one individual will have when purchasing a new vehicle. Their management and upper management are completely disengaged with the consumer. We received no phone calls from anyone in the management position during this process to personally apologize for the agony, pain and suffering they have caused. In closing, this experience with a FORD product, leadership, repair and management approach has been totally appalling and one that I never thought I would experience. The vehicle as of 09.15.19 remains in the shop or repair going on a month since our purchase and the best part is that the only miles driven have been from the dealer to the garage and back to the dealer. The vehicle remains at the dealer for repairs given the fact that I no longer believe anyone at that dealership, I expect a phone call from an area Director (FORD Motor Corp) of sorts to receive their commitment on the repair of the vehicle. Regards, AA ARB

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tammy brown - 10 d 9 h ago


I am just trying get respond but from Tyler Galliher who been handling my case. my name is Tammy Brown Case #21890999B3B415. Ive tried calling emailed everything for over a week. He suppose to be helping with some car notes since my ford escape been in the shop every month for weeks and weeks off and on since January for same problem. Roundtree ford where bought the car says car was lemon and that happens sometimes they get bad one. I am just asking for help with car notes since my car was in the shop every time car note was due going back till November of 2018.

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DBarley - 13 d 5 h ago


I'm sending a special request to FMC asking for assistance in solving a problem of getting reimbursed for the replacement of spark plugs in my 2005 F150. A few years ago just as I was planning a vacation, my truck began to miss out so I went to the local Ford garage for an estimate to get it repaired. They said I needed new spark plus with an estimated cost of over $1,300. I was never informed that FMC was in the process of announcing a plan to repair this problem with guidelines and a reimbursement program. So I went to a local certified mechanic who replaced the bad plugs for $730.00. Soon after I heard on the news about the FMC plan (I was NEVER contacted by the local ford dealer or FMC). So after hearing of the plan, I sent copies of my repair costs in to be reimbursed but have been denied because I did not use a Ford Garage. First I was not aware of the Ford plan until after I'd already had it repaired. 2nd, I used a well known certified mechanic and have not had one additional spark plug problem, indicating he did a great job. I am requesting once again to be reimbursed for my expenses. Copies of all communications and invoices are available upon request (if you can't find all previous information).

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Mike - 11 d 11 h ago


Try them.

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Donna Popkey - 11 d 13 h ago

Ok, I just watched a video of A woman that could not get in her car because a man was following her. Every time she got to her drivers door and tried to unlock her door with her fob the man would run to the passenger side door to get in when she unlock the doors. Would it be possible for Ford to come out with a key fob that a woman could push a button that would only unlock the driver side door and the other doors would stay locked. This would be a tremendous safety feature for women driving alone. Thank you

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DBrown - 43 d 4 h ago


I need to find a contact to help resolve an ongoing issue with my 2014 Ford Edge. I took the vehicle into the dealer while it was still under warranty for an issue coming from the rear of the vehicle. I was told it was a tire which I didnt truly think it was but let the Ford dealer put on 4 new ones a bit later to resolve the issue. Still had noise and took back to dealer who stated they couldnt find issue. Well once vehicle went out of warranty the dealer found the issue and told me it would cost hundreds of dollars to repair. I told them this is nuts as when the problem occurred it was under warranty. They basically said to bad so sad.. After this I reached out to Ford to open a claim. A couple weeks later dealer called back and reduced cost to fix down to around $300.00. As a loyal ford owner who just recently purchased another 2 Ford F450's I can tell you with this issue my next vehicle will not be a Ford as they should fix my vehicle for free, again it was under warranty when I took it in the first time. I cannot find proper contact people to help resolve which again is frustrating. There needs to be an easier way to resolve issues. Who can give me the contact info for the CEO, President or someone who can help a long time loyal customer who currently owns 6 fords but without resolution of this issue will not be buying another one.I believe the current issue resides with my local Ford dealer Friendly Ford in Roselle IL, but need help from higher up to resolve.

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Marilynn M. - 28 d 3 h ago


Nick - I'm having similar issues. Have a 2016 Focus, purchased in Sept. of 2017. I've had the same array of issues: Windshield wipers (especially left side) would not pull back with light rain (read "pretty dry windshield"), but worked fine with heavy rain. Transmission / clutch was ready to go out 6 mos. after purchase; Talk about being in danger without this information (which I feel should have been detected at the previous oil change); going down a busy highway 2 wks. ago, the car began shaking all over the place; I was terrified! Service told me car may need a reboot, because it's technology related. I'm so sick of this! Ford-Corporate Offices are at 1 American Dr., Dearborn MI 48126. I've copied all my invoices and the sales contract and am almost ready to send in my history, demanding a full refund of car cost and all service fees. Someone also told me to cc the state attorney general, so I will so do. Hope this helps. I may need to get a lawyer to intervene.

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Anonymous - 22 d 6 h ago

You should go to CAP motors site. There's is a class action lawsuit on the 2016 Focus due to the faulty clutch. Mine was repurchased in February.

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Grrrr - 15 d 11 h ago


Marilynn, I previously had a 2014 Ford Focus that did the exactly same thing with the transmission. After a short period of time after purchasing it brand new, the transmission started doing that. So I took it to the dealer and it was under warranty so they "fixed" it. They informed me that it was a gear issue inside the transmission because they put standard transmission parts in an automatic transmission. That made no sense whatsoever to me, but they're the mechanics not me. All was well and good for a few months, but it started doing it again. Found out Ford had extended their transmission warranty on 2012 or 2013-2016 Ford Focus' and Ford Fiestas that were automatic transmissions because it was an issue with the parts they had put in them. So know that when you bought your vehicle, and even when I bought mine in 2014, Ford knew about the issue and didn't care. I only had my car for 5 years and in that 5 year span, I had to have it in the shop for transmission issues at least 4 times!! It's absolutely ridiculous. They knew about it and didn't, still don't, care. When I took it in for the very last time around August 20th or so of this year (2019), they informed me that would be the very last time they'd fix it. I said how is that possible when I have a 100,000 mile, 5 year warranty as well as bumper to bumper!? All they could tell me was that they were relaying the message that Ford had told them. Bunch of crap is what it is!! So I was forced pretty much to purchase a new vehicle because I knew the "fix" they would make wouldn't truly fix it.

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