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Ford Motor Company

1 American Rd.
Dearborn, MI
Alan Mulally
President CEO and Director
(313) 322-3000
(800) 392-3673
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Curtis A. Shinsky, formly from Dearborn Mich. - 10 h 26 m ago


Advertising Dept, Your new ad for Lincoln is a disaster. You show someone rowing a boat of sorts, not much about the Lincoln. You have a beautiful new Lincoln Navigator but very little of it is seen in the ad. What in that add is going to make me want to go look at a Lincoln?

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Jason Gaskins - 1 d 9 h ago


I bet no one ever hears back from these reviews but I'll try

I have a 2015 f150 with 39,000 miles and starting around 30,000 miles my truck started smelling bad. I thought maybe it was the guys next doors cat pissing in my wheel well causing the smell to come in to the cab. But no I found that the roof skin has a leaking seam in the rear of the roof and it was water mildew that I was smelling. I contacted my local Ford dealer to look at it to cover it under warranty since it was due to poor workmanship. And was told it was not going to be covered and would cost me up to 5000 to fix it. I should not have to fix it myself. I find this unsepatable. If you read the ford warranty guide that comes in the truck. On page 11 it reads # 3 your vehicle's body sheet metal panels are covered for an extended corrosion coverage period which last for five years regardless of miles driven. It even talks about factory supplied materials or factory workmanship. So if the seem did not hold together and is letting water leak in. Id say that falls in that with all that. SO WHY IS MY TRUCK NOT COVERED MY ROOF SKIN SEEM IS LEAKING WATER INTO MY CAB. THIS IS BS. I could keep on typing but this just pisses me off the more I think about it.

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Anonymous - 1 d 12 h ago


I had a 2004 Ford F-150 that got wrecked. Contacted Ford because the Air bags didn't deploy @ a Frontal Hit @ 55 mph. I Just now heard back from Ford Motor Company. They said the Frontal Impact of 55 mph was not enough to deploy airbags. Wth is up with that? That's plenty enough to make airbags deploy. I'm gonna go on the next step now. There's always someone over someone else. I was a proud Ford owner. But now I've got tons of medical bills from the crash and a loan on my truck that I'm still paying on and I don't have my truck. I won't own another Ford unless they make this good. No reason @ all that the airbags shouldn't have deployed.

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Lynn - 1 d 17 h ago

I just purchased a new Edge SEL yesterday. Now I feel real bad. I looked up Oakville and see I did not support American workers. I would not have purchased it if I would have known it was made in Canada. This is what Pres. Trump is trying to straighten out. Sad.. I have purchased many Fords and still own a 2015 F-150 4x4 with Ecoboost and a 2016 Taurus Limited. I like Ford so I hate to rate it. Ford generally great, buying vehicle from Canada POOR

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Luis Negron 305-608-3060 - 3 d 21 h ago

We own and operate a company that transport passengers to and from the airport. We do have a FLEET number with ford and have bought plenty of transit vehicles in the past from SAWGRASS ford and many others. I must add that every time we visit the dealer employees are quick to want to sell us a vehicle. Unfortunately the same could not be said about the service department. We now have a 2016 ford transit with 59,000 and a blown engine in the dealership and NO ONE can help to cover their warranty repairs the warranty they offer once you buy the vehicle and mention so much for us to sell our Mercedes sprinters and change over to ford Vans. We have serviced the vehicle and done other services like tires and maintenance on the dealership (SAWGRASS FORD). I must add how unprofessional the service manager is to go as far as to ask us to remove our vehicle from the dealership. After consulting that information with the fleet manager he was stunned and apologetic and promised to talk to service manager. Manager then called and said its out his hands. We need someone from executive office to contact us to honor our warranty.

Luis Negron (hidden)

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Marlene Hodges - 3 d 9 h ago


I am currently going through your required vehicle program. I was told I would have a check by April 10th. Nothing I surrender the car almost two weeks ago on April 7 and was told I would have a check by Friday. Again nothing as well as my bank has yet to receive their pay off. The case handler and the supervisors are inaccessible and do not return emails or phone calls. We would like our case and check expedited immediately!

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Vinny Sacramento 281-648-9551 - 3 d 13 h ago

I am 80 years old and have a Ford Escape which left me abandoned on the side of the road with a dead battery try to get someone to come out and take care of it and they said oh we can't change your battery it is too difficult whatever person organized a battery that is so hard to get at that even a truck driver can't help me

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Brigitte - 3 d 19 h ago


Dear Mr. President/CEO/Director of Ford Company,

My Case # is CAS-14574342. I bought a 2012 Brand New Ford Mustang GT 5.0. On Mar 7, 2018, we brought our car which is running so smoothly and no problem to Ford Poway Dealership here in San Diego, CA. It suppose to be a routine change oil maintenance and next day after the dealership service department has our car, John, one of their mechanic called us that we need to have out tires replaced and brakes replace and the quote was $1200.00. So, we did authorized them to have it done. Next thing we know, after they have our Mustang in their shop for a week, they called us to pick it up. Labor alone costs us $1910.85. Total altogether that we paid was $3591.11 for a supposed to be only a simple oil change maintenance. What a shabby business Ford Poway dealership is running. Not a good refection for the Ford Company. Two weeks after we picked up the car, on April 10, 2018, my son was driving the Mustang and in the middle of the road, the steering wheel locked and stopped. Why is that? The car was only 5 years old. I had the car towed to the Ford Poway and they said they will look at it. This is a freaking safety issue. My son was so traumatized and so scared of what had happened. On April 10, John the mechanic called me and told me that he need to replace the steering wheel for $1400.00. The car is only 5 years old, we have no issues on the car until we brought it to Ford Poway. Again, on April 10, John called again and asked me what will they do with the car. He told me that the steering wheel needs to be replace and the cost is $2200.00. Two days ago, I was given a $1400.00 replacement cost and the same thing is happening again like the first time the Mustang was brought to them for an oil change. Tell me Mr. CEO, how shabby one of your dealership is doing business preying on people. Right now, I will be calling the National Highway Transportation and Safety Board to look into this safety issue and also the Better Business Bureau for how your dealership is doing business. If I had known that it will cost me $6000.00 for all the repairs that they said they had done, I could have used this money for a down payment to a brand new car. Right now, my car is sitting in their shop because I don't have the money to replace a steering wheel. Please look into this because for me this is a safety issue. Car steering wheel just don't get locked while driving. Also, my son is stucked and can't get to work because of this unfortunate situation. I am just thankful to God that nothing happened to my son while he was driving it. You can contact me at (hidden).

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Antonio - 4 d 13 h ago

To whom it may name is Antonio,

I have been part of the Ford company for a long time and wish to discuss financial matters over services renderd.

Please take time to schedule an appointment for me.

Wish to hear from you soon...

Sincierly, Antonio .


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Angela Reeves - 4 d 18 h ago

Mr. Mulally

I have been a mustang lover for years. I have owned quite a few my family is a ford family ! My last purchase was a 2015 Ford Mustang but on March 11, 2018 I totaled it when it hydroplaned I hit a mile marker sign, I also took out a couple of 8 inch cedar trees along with a 100 yards of fence anyway to make a long story short! My car was a total loss !!! Although upon further inspection the State Trooper noted that no air bags went off and my seat belt did not work !!! So my husband and I contacted the Ford Customer Service center and it was hard to understand the representative his English was not the best but when I explained the situation to him and how I was a mother of a young child and how my older children had a mustang and this concerned me for not only my families safety but for the safety of other families although I didn't die someone could have and the next family might not be so lucky, the representative said What do you want us to do about it ??? I then lost my exposure and ask is that all you have to say what if I had died or someone else dies that is what you're gonna say to someone's family!!! I mean I didn't receive any recalls nothing to the nature of a faulty air bag system or faulty seat beats !!!! So I ask if someone else could call me I had no response!! I called again with no luck so I then called a local Ford Dealership and then we're going to have a representative contact me as of yet nothing .,, This is a serious issue people could die and I all the representative could say is What do you want us to do about it ??!!! I would really appreciate a phone call from someone in authority Please!!!!

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Mohit - 5 d 6 h ago

I want to talk to ford ceo for talking about flying car manufactur

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Barrie Barnardt - 6 d 26 m ago

Mr Mulally - your intervention is required please. Ford South Africa has essentially brushed me off concerning a matter related to vehicle safety. The matter is this - the Ranger Wildtrak 2017 has been equipped with sub-standard headlights and I have attempted to engage with Ford SA in a constructive way, even to the point of doing a direct nighttime comparison of headlamp performance with another vehicle in your stable, i.e. the Ford Ecosport which has excellent headlights (and this in a vehicle less than half the price to boot) Ford SA have basically shown me the door and have thrown technical jargon at me related to lighting codes and the like. These do not interest me - I have been driving since 1970 and believe me, I know when headlights do not measure up. Apologies for bring up the disastrous Kuga episode here in South Africa, but I feel the same dismissive attitude is being displayed in my case. Social media platforms over here are replete with negative comment about the sub-standard Ranger headlamps, not to mention all the off-road and 4x4 forums alike. I am yet prepared to conduct an objective test in the spirit of fairness. Your comment would be appreciated. Regards, Barrie Barnardt. My e.mail address is as follows: (hidden)

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Anonymous - 8 d 14 h ago


I purchase a F 250 from

17340 E. Gale Ave.

City Of Industry, CA 91748

The salesperson was great and helpful but once deal was made it was all down hill.

They did not pay off my vehicle for 2 months leaving me with making payment. They promised to cancel this warranty plan and refund my money that I purchased and finance did not explain what the hell I was buying.

just sign. To top it off I just caught that the truck payment was going to be taken out by two different banks for the loan. I really luv my F 250 but there so screwed up once you leave the salesroom its unreal. Still have not heard back on refund which I will probably never see with these crooks and will just keep posting go to different dealer. Ford is a great vehicle but crappy dealership.

If you ever read this and want to know peoples names I have them


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Thomas Rosato - 8 d 16 h ago


Dear Alan, thought I should send this email pretty quick while you are still employed by Ford. Just wanted to let you know that your company has finally produced a winner, the Transit Connect Passenger Van. That's the good news, the bad news is they are impossible to purchase. OK, they are made in Spain, that's problem #1. Then it's April 12th and they have already closed the orders for 2018, that's problem #2. Then price, you go on line to Fords site and Build/Price and the price you come up with is no where near any dealer price, that's #3. three strikes and you are out.

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Breonna - 9 d 13 h ago


Worst dealership ever!!! Not enough staff to accommodate clientele. My car has been there somce the 31st of march it is now the 11th of april and my car is still there anna and Steve with the service department are rude. Anna was suppose to call me on april 2 as she told me my car was next in line to see what was wrong!! She never called back so i called april 3rd and spoke with steve and he said the mechanic is at lunch they will call me back well noone called me back so i called back two hours later anna then said the mechanic had a accident so he had to leave . So you telling me there is only one mechanic fixing on all the vehicles in your dealership. I also been asking for a loner vehicle and they are telling me they dont have one how can you not have one for 11 days!!! So Wednesday I called my warranty company as the dealership is horrible at communicating and to follow up with anything warranty said the dealership had just called them with the claim at 11:31am and that they will be sending a inspector out there in the next 24-48 hours anna gave them a phone number for the inspector to contact them at before they show Thursday comes the inspector calls the number anna provided as they have to call a hour before they show he called at 11:00am to be there at noon however no answer or callback so i found this out by contacting warrenty because speaking with anna she was saying the same thing i havent heard anything they havent called so Friday the inspector had to just show up however there was no technician to assist the inspector only the advisors and that is unacceptable as they are not mechanics so the inspector left and it left my claim in jeopardy... Saturday comes and Sundays comes then it's Monday Tuesday claim was approved I called them to tell them no follow up I had to call them here it is Wednesday and anna still hasnt called the warranty to give the ok to ship the part so they can get it tomorrow and my car can get fix!!!! Please to leave a email to contact or a phone number i dont want anybody to ever have to go through this ever!!! Ive contacted corporate just now and Samantha Chatman with channel 5 news !!!! I have no car!!!!!

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JIMF - 9 d 15 h ago


I purchased this Truck at AutoNation Ford Orange Park on 3/6/18. Since then the Truck has had 4 issues. The 1st issue was the AC was not blowing cold which was repaired. The 2nd issue is the AC will intermittently not blow any air out of the vents. Since it is intermittent and does not show error codes the Ford service department has not figured out the issue yet. It has happened multiple times to me. The 3rd issue was the moon roof was leaking water which ran down the A pillar. This issue was fixed by the Ford service department. The 4th issue was my "check engine" light just went off today. It is currently at the Ford service department and they are investigating. All of these issues have been documented and are on file at the Ford service department.

The truck has under 700 miles on it and it has been in the repair shop almost more then in my driveway for the first month I have owned it. This is unacceptable for a brand new Ford truck.

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jake - 10 d 7 h ago


Ive been trying to download the sync software update for over a week but keep getting this error message.

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. BlobNotFound The specified blob does not exist. RequestId:5fe7570c-701e-0116-3042-d1632f000000 Time:2018-04-11T03:10:20.6841676Z

please fix this its very annoying. or tell me how to fix it.

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BOB PECHER - 10 d 11 h ago


I had brakes put on my 2013 ford escape they said I needed new wheel lug nuts because the ones on the car were swellen it cost ne 160.00 dollars for lug nuts I dont think its fair that I have to pay for lug nuts that are defective after 5yrs I had my work done at LAKESHORE FORD IN BURNS HARBOR INDIANA I think I should be compensated on the price of the lug nuts my address is 25 rushingwater dr PORTAGE INDIANA 46368 THANK YOU !

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Sam Philippi - 12 d 9 h ago


The 2017 explorer a nice size suv, drives nice, but low quality seating for a $50,000. Car. Lowest quality workmanship.

It's my first Ford and I guess my last, yes going back to European cars at the end of this lease.

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Anonymous - 10 d 16 h ago

Most cars are built by European engineering, reason why it $50 k people back unions, your paying for them to build it most car builders make $35 per hour

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Anonymous - 10 d 16 h ago


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Michael Geisler - 11 d 15 h ago


ford of port richey florida owes me money they wont return my phone calls genral mgr wont talk to me my name is michael geisler

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TJ Moreno - 12 d 6 s ago


I purchased a 2014 Focus on 8/31/13. The clutch wad replaced in the transmission and a year later the car started to again shimmy and shake when accelerating from a stop. The vehicle is no longer under warranty and it will cost $1600-2000 to repair the transmission AGAIN. This car is not safe to drive in traffic! Ford has been aware of this issue and continues to sell the car to unsuspecting customers. It should be a crime to sell a vehicle with known safety issues without disclosing it to the customer. I have purchased my first and last Ford and will make sure I tell my nightmare story to anyone who will listen. Thinking about letting this car go back to the lender since I don't have the money to repair and other dealers don't want it as a trade in. Ford you suck!

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DeWitt D. Smith - 12 d 16 h ago


You guys screwed me on your agreement to sell me a GT. I was beside myself with the shabby way I was treated. Then you sold the cars to vetted buyers with all kinds of stipulations. It's my guess that, unlike me, few of the folks that had the $450k to shell out for one are loyal Ford owners. So you stepped over your own customers. Brilliant! Great customer loyalty program!

Although I will never buy another Ford product I am no longer angry about the way I was treated. Why? Because you're vaunted half million dollar car got waxed on the track by the new $125k Corvette. Can you imagine how angry I would be if I was a half million dollars light when I read that news?

You got your 15 minutes of fame. Congratulations. And now you and your car are being laughed at. Loudly. The GT is yesterday's news and the only reason they will appreciate in value is because so few were made. Not because they were great cars and priced accordingly. Nice job.

Thanks again for saving me a bundle and the derision of my friends.

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Screw ford - 12 d 19 h ago


Ford is a cheap skate. Screwed working class people with the worst ford focus clutch/transmission/ .and now look at 350,000 Ford f150 2018 models transmission more recalls than chevy lmao karma gone handel it

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