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Ford Motor Company

1 American Rd.
Dearborn, MI
Alan Mulally
President CEO and Director
(313) 322-3000
(800) 392-3673
Twitter IDs
General profile image - 9 h ago

I am the ascendant of Hadadzadeh, I am from Iran.

I have an idea of how to increase the power and speed of riding cars.

Without increasing high-efficiency fuel consumption.

If you would like to know my idea, send me a message to my email address.

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Ricky Lynn - 15 h 47 m ago


Mr. Mulally,

I only have one question. When are you (FORD MOTOR CO.) going to have the seat belt parts for the new 2017 King Ranch trucks? I purchased one 13 days ago and still have not been able to take possession of it. I was told by YOUR recall division the parts would be available on 16 Oct. I called again today (18 Oct) and was told the same thing, and then the gentleman realized it was now the 18th. He informed me the only change was they are going to send a letter out to all the affected truck owners in the next few days. Somehow no one at Ford seems to be worried about this little problem. I have even requested for a regular seat belt to be installed temporarily until the airbag can be ordered and installed. The airbag seat belt is an option on the King Ranch. All the other new trucks are using regular seat belts, so why not this one until the parts are in? I have been a Ford man for forty years. I am a retired USAF service member. But I am beginning to wonder if I made a mistake. This is a big black eye for Ford. You are not taking care of your customer base and it is starting to show! So, back to my question...when are the parts going to be available so I can get my truck? Or are you waiting for me to make my first payment....huummmmmm. I will be cancelling my purchase before then and I wonder if you will still have my traded-in truck. You are the CEO...not act like it and get this fixed before it is too late.

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LR Freemount - 1 d ago


This weekend, my husband will be trading in his F150 for a new CHEVY Silverado, and is quite happy to do so. We have owned 6 ford vehicles, but NEVER again. Instead of waiting for the Ranger to come out, my son is purchasing a CHEVY Colorado.

Ford has made their decision, and so have we.

NEVER ford.

PS - Ironic address you have. Change it to 1 Soros Rd to be more appropriate.

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Joe Micko - 1 d 39 s ago

I have purchased all Ford vehicles with the exception of one over the last 35 years (I have 3 right now.) I am shopping for a vehicle and won't even think of looking at another Ford as long as you support a company that allows its EMPLOYEES to disrespect our Flag and our Country by kneeling. If they protest it should be done on their time not a work. Your RIGHTS are not the same when you are working for a company and receiving a pay check. The players are disrespecting all the sacrifices made by OUR Military so these Millionaires can play a game. No more NFL and no more Ford!!!

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R. Simpson - 1 d ago


I did not watch any NFL football this week, so I didn't see many of your usual ads. I know you think you can with impunity disregard the feelings of the people who buy particularly your trucks, but you can't. Your company regularly wraps itself in the flag in your commercials. Now you want to remain neutral? Shame on you Ford. I was a Ford and NFL fan. Now I'm neither.

General profile image

JERE - 1 d 24 h ago

I must express my anger at the NFL for its disrespect of the American Flag and the National Anthem by boycotting its advertisers and all of their products. Because of your support of their "right" to use our symbol of freedom for their so-called injustices, I will never buy another Ford product again. This even includes t-shirts for worthy causes that show your company logo on it ( example: current cancer awareness campaign ). Sometimes having the "right" to do something is not the right WAY to do it. By supporting that attitude you are adding to the hateful division in this country that I don't want to be part of. The Flag and the Anthem represent the UNITED STATES, not the divided states. Your company could have made a STAND FOR THE FLAG, but you didn't.

General profile image

Doug crum - 1 d 1 m ago

Why in God's name would you get involved in the football issue you know how many poor white folk and rednecks by your trucks this was an idiotic decision stay neutral and you will continue to sell trucks as I have a brand new truck and a brand new Mustang don't piss your core base off that buys your vehicles Ford F-150 trucks this was a dumb decision

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Respect our Nation. - 1 d 4 h ago

I bought a new Ford f250 IN 2017, my son inherited the 2010 f150, now I am already checking with GMC and Dodge about a trade. Ford motor company should have kept their opinion on NFL to yourself, you will not be the #1 selling truck for long, most pick up truck drivers love and respect the USA. Sorry you had to do this.

General profile image

John - 1 d 14 h ago

My parents only bought Fords. I inherited that tradition and currently have a 8 year old F250 and was planning to buy a new F250 in 2018. That is not going to happen due to your sponsorship of the NFL. Anyone, no matter what color their skin is, can make it in this country if they make wise choices like staying in school, staying away from drugs and staying away from gangs. Why do millions of people cross our borders illegally for a better life?

General profile image

Anonymous - 1 d 15 h ago

B. Hubbard,

I was planning on trading my 2015 v6 mustang for a 2018. No v6 so I will have to look at a Camaro, which still offers a v6.

I do like my mustang, too bad you have eliminated the only powerplant I would consider. Thanks

General profile image

Dave - 1 d 16 h ago


Since 2000, I have purchased or leased 8 Ford products. I see you support the people who disrespect our nation, military, and peace officers. Yes everyone does have the right to protest. Will you let your workers wear KKK teashirts to work? Why not they just want to protest. These folks can protest on their own time and not at the work place.

They want to disrespect our country, let them do it but not at the work place. They want to strike, let them strike. Why would Ford Motor Company sponser people who bow

to our flag (they stood for Great Britian flag and anthem). By paying adds with the NFL you are furnishing support for those who disrespect our flag, our military, and our peace officers. You are a black life matters supporter. Well you lost my business which I;m sure makes no difference to you.

General profile image

Ex Ford Owner - 1 d 18 h ago


Mr. Mulally,

I have been a loyal Ford owner since my first purchase in 1981. The communications company I own has a fleet agreement with Fremont Motors and we have only owned and operated Ford vehicles. On the personal side, my ranch only uses Ford vehicles. I was extremely proud of Ford Motor Company for holding strong during the 2008 "To Big To Fail" GM/Obama period. However, your stance on the NFL and your statement "We respect individuals' rights to express their views, even if they are not ones we share. That's part of what makes America great," I am in the process of liquidating all our Ford Vehicles both professionally and personally and have just executed and Fleet Agreement with Dodge Motor Company. My sons, my Father, my Uncles, and my Grandfathers served in the Military as well as me. Right is Right.......period! Take a stance for your country or would you rather knell?

General profile image

Fran leshnock - 1 d 19 h ago


Dear Mr dually.,. Very sad , I have been waiting since 8 18 2017, for an answer. My auto smoke, Thank God, I was not burn, or defaced\ blinded..Please call me..Left message this date to the Exchange. off..

General profile image

Bill - 2 d ago

Dear Mr. Mulally and his executive staff, We are a new international trading company located in Southern California, having decades-long relationship in Middle East, Asia and Africa regions. Currently one of our clients like to import the model Taurus 2017 standard, but we are not authorized dealers planning to export 150 units of Taurus 2017 basic standard as our initial order. Destination: Middle East ports. Few questions to you: To build a long-term relationship, the fact is that we are not like dealers, we are international volume traders. How can we obtain the privilege of selling Ford's vehicles without any hassle? 1. would it be limited to your distribution system if I deliver it to countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE etc.? 2. How do I go about to establish the purchase for export purpose with a special trading terms? 3. Do I need to set up an account? would it be friendly enough for any capable exporter like us to move on with Ford Motor? 4. Can Ford accept letter of credit ( irrevocable, non-transferable at sight) as payment tool advised by Citibank? 5. What is the lead time to deliver 150 Taurus 2017? what is my best price and what is the warranty? 6. The shipment can be shipped via Ro-Ro or 40' containers from East Coast or West Coast? for example: Can you accept CIF Jeddah term? or just FOB USA ports? We prefer CIF basis as the final payment term. My Email: (hidden) We shall appreciate it if you could prompt your definite and precise response! Have a profitable day! Yours sincerely, Bill Peng, CEO of PRH PRO, Inc.

General profile image

22 Devil Himself - 2 d 10 h ago


Will never buy another Ford product due to their support for the unpatriotic NFL players.

General profile image

Roger - 2 d 11 h ago


I am totally against Ford's stand to support the NFL players that are disrespecting our flag and country. Further the Ford families Trump hate is unacceptable. I will be shopping elsewhere.

General profile image

Tom Pearson - 2 d 12 h ago


I have driven Fords and owned Ford stock for over 55 years. I purchased a new 2017 Lincoln Continental this year. Your unpatriotic stance on the NFL flag issue will turn a pleasant driving experience into one that I can't wait for my lease to expire so I can replace my car with anything but a Ford Motor Company product. My father flew B-24s during World War Two and always spoke so fondly of the Ford Motor Company war effort and their great planes. Your management team by their actions have destroyed many years of supporting our great country and those who have served it.

General profile image

Geoff from Long Beach - 2 d 18 h ago


Mr. A. Mulally:

Well why in the world would Ford weigh in on the side of the NFL players in regards to their disrespect for our national anthem and the contempt for the fans....As a veteran I can assure the Ford Motor Company that I or my family will "not" buy another Ford product until their position is publicly reversed. Leave the politics outside the stadium. I personally don't give a crap about what these overpaid morons feel about anything, couldn't care less. Do you actually think Pro Athletes purchase Ford products when they can buy his and hers Mercedes. Anyway take this for whats its worth...Three of my last Four cars have been Fords, "I'm done"

General profile image

Dennis - 2 d 18 h ago


I have lease and bought ford products for the last thirty years but this will be my last one. As long as your players take a knee during the National Anthem I will no longer lease a Ford. I will be looking at your competitors for my next vehicle. Dennis

General profile image

Vehicleforsale - 2 d 19 h ago


I am a current Ford Explorer owner who will be trading in my vehicle. I'm completely disgusted with your company and your complete un-American values. You should be ashamed. My husband is a proud Navy veteran fighter pilot. We have 4 children - one who currently drives and 3 others who will be drivers within the next 5 years. You've lost us all. Not ONE of us will ever purchase a Ford product again and I will do my best to persuade others to follow my lead.

General profile image

Blood Runs Red - 3 d 23 h ago


shame on you ford I can't believe your company is siding with the kneelers there won't be another ford car or truck bought by this household ever again.

your company is un-American and I hope all true Americans sell every ford car or truck they own.


Rick-Caseyville, Illinois

General profile image

HermQueeg - 3 d ago


Complete and utter FAIL! I was so proud of Ford for not taking the bail out that I switched from being a staunch Chrysler-Man to being a proud Ford owner. I loved your products and have purchased and/or leased 7 brand new Fords since then, also making several referrals. But I am an American and I want to drive an American car. I'm a United States Marine Corps Veteran and spent 30 years as a First Responder. Therefore, I am now ashamed to be seen driving a Ford and will immediately begin researching whether or not GM and Chrysler have abandoned their responsibilities as American automobile manufacturers. If they have, as you have done, then I might as well support the japanese and/or korean economies, just like the rest of the enemy. FAIL!

General profile image

JoeKopp - 3 d 42 m ago


Lifelong Ford customer and current owner until now. When will you people learn to keep your mouths shut and stop driving away half of your customer base? My list is growing rapidly of companies I won't do business with and celebrities I will never watch again. Watch how your support for this NFL nonsense affects your car sales. So disappointed.

General profile image

sammy - 3 d 1 h ago


ford you just gave up best selling truck for 40 years. your CEO is not an American. you let money come before honor shame on you.

General profile image

Bill - 3 d ago

As a sponsor of the NFL you should know that many of us fans were offended by the player/owner protest. The NFL protest broke the unity of us as Americans and us as fans and us as consumers. Personally, principle is more important than the NFL entertainment value or any company's product line. I will be declining any future purchases from the Ford Motor Company and support of our imperfect republic. Thank You for hearing me out, respectfully, Bill - Skippack, PA

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