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Ford Motor Company

1 American Rd.
Dearborn, MI
Alan Mulally
President CEO and Director
(313) 322-3000
(800) 392-3673
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TAURUS OWNER - 7 h 24 m ago



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Babyboomer - 1 d 7 h ago


Here is a review. Was saving for a new Broncos. If this bronco is not rear wheel or 4wd with a V-8 almost identical to the 289 platform, I will not purchase. Must have same character as the early 70s model. Instead will go Chevy, or Dodge.

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Anonymous - 3 d 10 h ago


Sad days, Ford Escape 2014 with nothing but recall issues standard run around from dealership. After explaining problems with A.C. and Heat along with the recalls we get told some parts have to be ordered. First have to fix the recall issue. That was in February it Augest never called by the dealership. So we call and they say "When do you want to bring it in" well first You the dealership in Elizabethtown Ky was supposed to call us. Oh and there were no parts orderd to address the A.C. issue. So if you have a recall and require a follow up for work or another recall they will never call you. We are just going to trade the vehicle for another vehicle other than Ford.

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michael elmore - 13 d ago


so why didn't ford recall all the 6.0 diesle and just a few and they know they had prombles or to have them and ford new they are a leamo to start

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Katt - 5 d ago

Why didn't Ford recall the 6.0 Diesel? Have a nightmare of a 2005 ,Original owner and under 145,000 miles. $15000 plus in Repairs with in 3 years.

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Iheanyichukwu Ikeji - 5 d ago


I bought new Ford Focus from your dealer here in Nigeria. From the date of purchase the vehicle has been developing one problem to another. The dealer had had to truck the vehicle more than four time to their workshop. I have requested earlier for a change since the vehicle is on warranty but they refused and said it was a minor problem. But to my surprise the vehicle now has broken down and was trucked to their office only to contact me to pay 2.65 million Naira Nigerian currency because the gear box (transmission gear) is bad for new vehicle less than 4 years with 20k kilometers. II have email evidence from inception and would want you to intervene before before we proceed to further action.

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Robbie McMeans - 5 d 10 h ago


I've had my 2013 Ford Focus since 2014. Bought it from one previous owner. It's been a great little car with one recall on the driver's door. Got out to my car after work last Friday and the steering just wouldn't work. Dummy light came on and quickly flashed 'faulty steering'. I had to call insurance and get a tow to Ford dealership in Fort Worth, TX. They keep it for three days before saying 'they've never seen this happen'. That's probably a lie since I'm reading everywhere about this faulty steering problem that is NOT on the recall list YET. It has become a death trap to drive. Luckily I was in the parking lot and couldn't drive it out of the parking lot and wasn't on the freeway! Yea me.

The dealer is still saying 'that'll be $2700; we've never seen this before & it's going to be pretty expensive for you."

Tell me, Ford - you got about $2700 I could borrow? Just tack it onto my loan. Ford: basically I'm thinking today that you suck since this is not a new issue. You are stalling and sucking people like me dry by not fixing the problem. Never again will I buy from FORD. Any comments on that Mr. Mulally? I need some help here. You at work today, sir??????

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Thomas Reynolds - 10 d ago

I will fight Ford's efforts to roll back President Obama's emission standards with every inch of my existence. My next vehicle will be an electric vehicle and NOT a Ford product.

Just look out side of your window to see what global weather changes are at hand. All due to carbon emissions.

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pa - 6 d ago

your a idiot

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No name - 6 d 8 h ago


Henry Ford would roll over in his grave !!!

Ford has out sourced their call cent over seas.

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Anonymous - 6 d 10 h ago


I contacted your talk2us email in an attempt to have Ford compensate me related to a flaw that was repaired before the warranty expired. This flaw was that the alarm indicating the vehicle was not in park when it was indeed in park. The original flaw was repaired. Once again,the parking alarm came back again and your company would not repair this even though it broke at 35k miles and again at 70k miles, then a module failed and the control panel is non-functional. i requested many times to contact me directly, nobody has. I am no longer the owner of your faulty product (2013 Explorer). I am going to sell my 1995 Ford PU as well. I will never own a Ford product again in my life.

Your unwillingness to comp the $1500 for repairs to your flawed vehicle have ended a long line of Ford ownership in this Family (Grandfather, Father, etc.)

Goodbye and good riddance

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Dee - 6 d 11 h ago


I have been a loyal FOMoCO vehicle owner for 30 yrs and was a employee for 10 yrs. In the past year my husband and I spent over $100,000 in Ford vehicles. In Aug of 2017 we purchased a 2017 Escape SE 1.5 ecoboost from Bell Ford in Adrian, MI. Within one month the vehicle was in service for damaged sensor. Three months later took it back for outside temp reading 90-100 degrees and it was 45 out. Then I had not heat. Dealership had to call Ford Engineer to figure out how to fix it. Two months before the car would have been a year old my husband finds a oil leak near the turbocharger. We took it once again to service. They tell us well we do not know where the leak is coming from. We put color dye in the oil drive it 800-1000 miles bring it back unless it gets worse. Went into service on 6/21/18 went right back on 7/11/18. Oh it gets better at initial cold start the car idle roughed and the whole car shook. They tell my husband yes the turbo charger is bad however, that is not your worse problem "YOU NEED A WHOLE NEW ENGINE"..... WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW..... Oh yeah we have three other escapes with that engine with the same trouble. So yes I went through the same process CSR make a case etc.... When it got to the point of telling Ford Motor Company Lemon Law its your problem now. Their RAV dept 2 weeks later has not resolved my issue so I can purchase another vehicle. I have the dealership wanting their car back the lent us. An every time my salesperson and myself have submitted the requested paperwork they want they keep saying "oh well we did not get it" ... Oh but the best response was " she locked herself out of her computer"... So once again today I will be going to call the executive offices and I'm not going to be nice this time... I have been without a car for 2 months have made payments on a vehicle that has a damaged engine.... I will not every buy a 1.5L ecoboost engine again. I will stick the reliable V-6 or V-8, or even a diesel for that matter. EcoBoost engines are junk. F150 and Escape are great examples of the junk they are.

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Vanessa - 7 d ago


Biggest mistake of my life was purchasing a 2012 Ford Focus . Everyone has a messed up transmission ! Whoever made these cars did a horrible job , now we have to pay for a car that feels like it's about to brake down everyday ! They have had recalls specially for the transmission modules and clutch ! The customer service i have got has been terrible . I explained to them how i called in to see if my car had any recalls they said ya well guess thrrr has been recalls on my car got a long time i didn't get anything mailed to me and yes they had the wrong address in the Sustem but the dmv had my correct address so i don't know why i never received anything so now since they have extended the warranty for the module and clutch I'm out of luck because i went over mileage ! First off what makes ford think that i wouldn't have wanted to bring my car in for this issue it's a known issue! A issue that ford should have fixed along time ago it's not the customer fault that they made such a messed up transmission for these cars from 2012-2014 . Now we are paying for a car we all dislike investing in a vehicle that we had no idea was going to fail on us . When i first got the car i went to six flags on my way back my car said transmission malfunction! I tried taking the car back to fiat because that we're i made the mistake purchaseing the car at they didn't let me turn in back in after having it for only a month so many issues with this car i have took it to ford more than once for the same issue now I'm out of luck on the recalls due to them never mailing me recalls i contacted ford spoke to a supervisor spoke to corporate no one seems to care all i wanted was to be able to qualify for the car recall extended warranty I wasn't asking to do anything extra I'm a very upset customer who believe ford was a good company but have realized that they do not care for theee customers all they care about is making a sale ! Now us as customers are screwed with these type of cars worst experience ever ! To bad i didn't know about these cars sooner as soon as i googled i saw everyone had the same issue

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Cynthia - 7 d 8 h ago


Twin pine ford dealership/ephrata, pa/0 stars/ do not go there/ location: reading, road

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Craig Gruwell - 7 d 10 h ago


F1 50 issues 2017 problem after problem reach out to Ford same thing a case number that goes nowhere spent $50,000 on a truck

That I am nervous to drive because you don't know when you're going to be stranded

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Garry Turner - 15 d 32 m ago


42 years as a loyal customer NO MORE! F150 issues that the dealer can't fix. But they tried their best and get No help or response from Ford. Call customer relations get a case number and that's where it ends. They never do anything, nor do you get a call back. You might call 1-800-good luck because ford does not care! They got your money Ford has screwed themselfs! Watch the stock go back under $2.00 You can't screw your loyal customers and expect to stay in business,you can reinvent your company but nothing from nothing without loyal customers!

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Krystal Wilson - 13 d 2 h ago

Could you tell me the issues? They have had ours for 8 weeks now and still cannot figure it out. I'm having the exact issues with Ford customer relations. Ours is still under warranty and we are in the same situation. The dealership cannot fix it and Ford will not respond to them either.

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RICK SIMS - 7 d 10 h ago


I am also in the same position. 2016 F-150 with Roush Stage II power pack with error codes P006DD & P0002. Have contacted Ford by snail mail, email, phone. Even have a Regional service manager involved. What a JOKE! have waited 6 weeks for a plan to repair. Just keep getting a canned email thanking me for my patience. Just completed my final letter, Ford had 10 days, then attorneys be come involved. All they have to do is the right thing FIX the problem under warranty!

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Al - 7 d 14 h ago


Below is there email from Marketing which apologize for confusion which cost me $4000: From: Nickols, Carmell (C.) Sent: Friday, August 03, 2018 12:34 PM To: (hidden)' Subject: Ford Marketing Program Headquarters Mr. Gillmore, Below is the email John sent out to you on 7/18/18. Dear Mr. Gillmore, Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company. Per our recent conversation, I wanted to reach back out to you regarding your case. We in the Marketing Program Headquarters are here to assist as an informational point of contact, and I doapologize for the confusion, but after reviewing the terms and conditions of your Military Appreciation Incentive we do show that it is not able to be combined with any other private offers. For complete incentive information - especially regarding compatibility- we do advise checking with your dealership at the time of purchase to see what is currently available. They will be sure to apply any and all applicable rebates to your purchase. Should you have any other questions regarding this matter, our Marketing Program Headquarters is here to help. Please visit us online at or give us a call at 1(hidden), we are available from Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST. Thank you for being a part of the Ford Family. Sincerely, John Marketing Program Headquarters Ford Motor Company ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Below is my response: Below is an email from Ford Customer Service and my response. Very unhappy and frustrated with the Rebates-Discounts department-Marketing. Be careful what they say and not trust it to be accurate My response to be email below from Ford: I still can't quite understand how Ford Customer Service - Incentive and rebates gave me such bad information. You need to retrain your people. I can't believe anything your department says. You should be the experts. All three times I was told that I could stack Military and Customer Cash. The timing of all this was critical; but with all the miscommunications with Ford and the dealer. I was out of luck. How convenient. At the time we couldn't find my Military Discount certificate, however, it was approved when I went through USAA. What I thought was that the dealership was having problems with their Spreadsheet. Further it seemed I was telling the dealer who to call to get it clarified. I was the source of information. I will remember this and in future not be so trusting in your department. Ford did send me an email after 3 attempts apologizing which is above.

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Anonymous - 8 d 9 h ago


I have a well taken care of 2013 Ford F150 with 45,000 miles on it. I have noticed paint bubbling with rust forming underneath the paint on the drivers side rear quarter panel. I have contacted Ford corporation which put me in contact with Mat a regional manager at Ford. I explained my situation to him and he had told me to get an estimate at a Ford body shop to see what they can do. I wound up getting the estimate where I have my Ford delaership, and the supervisor of the paint and body shop looked at my truck he seen the paint bubbling and told me that there is nothing that I could have done to prevent this he said he seen it before and sometimes from the factory Ford misses spots with the rust Inhibitor. So with that thinking its definitely not my fault and it was an oversight from the factory I figured for sure Ford would either pay for or pay something towards my repairs which totaled $740.00 dollars. Mat calls me back and tells me Ford will not pay for or give me anything towards the repairs.So now I speak with another manager Peter who tells me well let's see what we can do, and he calls back and tells me the same thing. I have two Fird vehicles Ford demonstrated to me how much they care for their customers I'm so disgusted by them.

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richard - 13 d 10 h ago


hey sick of getting recall letters from you guys I have taken care of my airbag recall thank you very DAMN much so please stop those recall letters to my house !?!?

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Anonymous - 11 d 47 s ago


They pay $45/day for a rental car.

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Tom - 13 d 7 h ago

Anyone please,

After replacing the PTU and a failed drive shaft (all known for potential premature failure) I now have brake issues. It is shows signs of a failed brake booster (almost had an accident on the freeway); is this covered by warranty or customer satisfaction? I see certain Edge vehicles have extended coverage to 10 years or 150k miles for those built at Oakville Assembly Plant. The manufacture date of my vehicle is 04/10 has 89,990 miles and 8 years old and I believe built at Oakville which fits the criteria for satisfaction guarantee except the build date; could be one day short of the May 2010 cutoff. Could my vehicle have one of the possibly defective boosters? How did they establish this breakpoint? Tom

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Mary Davis - 11 d 28 s ago

Oy, the Edge PTU. fo for

PTU failures: , these thing leave black spots on the driveway and bleed for months. Manufactured to fail just past the 75K mile mark on the Edge..

Beat on Ford, ask for the District Manager (they will tell you that they don't have those anymore, but that is crap), get his cel #.

I got the PTU done at the dealer for less than $600, with Ford and dealer intervention.

Now, would like me get started on the Takata airbag recall, and the 19 year old I share(d) the Edge with can't drive anything comparable Ford will sanction

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M. Hope - 12 d 18 h ago


Fords failure to produce the new Ranger in a single cab variant, AS ORIGINALY PLANNED ... insures that my family will NEVER buy a another Ford product!

Now I read that some asshole at Ford has decided to drop most of their sedan products ... You should hand over the keys

to the building to someone who knows what to do with them ... ie Toyota, Honda, VW.

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