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Ford Motor Company

1 American Rd.
Dearborn, MI
Alan Mulally
President CEO and Director
(313) 322-3000
(800) 392-3673
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Gus - 2 d 5 h ago

2017 Ford Fusion head gasket was replaced 25,000 miles ago and guess what Ford ? My 2017 Ford Fusion has antifreeze in the oil!!!

I have every receipt from my required maintenance at from the dealer I purchased the car from brand new.

So, I guess I need to contact a lemon law lawyer?


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Jo An - 4 d 5 h ago

Since you have chosen to fund Black Lives matter, I suppose you do not believe that All Lives matter, so you will not need patronage of those of us who find B LM extremely distasteful so when we do not patronize you, it will not bother you at all. Good. I think if you had read their web site you might find that they are not a very good organization. As a matter of fact, I am white and they wish me all kinds of ill will. You caved to stupidity. Whoever is heading your organization is stupid and ignorant.

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J. Shelton - 32 d 8 h ago


I bought a 2020 edge april 23 2020 in benton ar. they financed me with bbva a spainish bank when I cant understand why not fomoco credit?? Why give a foreign bank business when we need American business?? Could you tell me why anyone would do that?

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Jhart - 4 d 6 h ago

Where and how you get financed has a lot to do with the deal they have on the car at the time and your credit if it does not match ford motor credit then they farm it out to a bunch of different banks that the dealership partners with. Kinda like throwing a fishing lure into the water whoever bits with the best interest rate is who you get at that point

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Extremely aggravated - 10 d 9 h ago


I bought a 2003 ford f350 and the bed is shot its completely rotted away, all the ford trucks I have seen in my area all have done the same thing so much for being ford tuff more like gram cracker tuff. I have had other trucks and never had this problem needless to say I'm never going to but another ford in my life time and going to make sure none of my friends or family do either.

General profile image - 11 d 6 h ago


Purchased a brand new 2020 Ford Explorer st it has a bunch of quality issues first the paint had dirt under the clear coat had for repaint the doors,now the brake light,headlight and fog lights assembly's get moisture whenever I wash the truck ,the carpet inside you can see the seams and the radio bezel and surrounding trim doesn't fit correctly the quality is horrible I called customer service and they said it has to be diagnose what is there to diagnose it's bad quality this car was put together in pieces and the quality is horrible!!!

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Anonymous - 12 d 44 s ago

Have been a huge Ford fan and owned many and have been a fan of Nascar for fifty years and attended many but am totally done with it due to giving in to blackmail at it's worst!

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Anonymous - 12 d ago

If Ford can build a nice vehicle, why can't they develop a Ford emblem that doesn't fade?

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Chris - 16 d 5 h ago


Very disappointed with Ford's customer service and their inability to stand by their product. The radiator on my Ford F-250 blew and after taking my vehicle to a certified Ford dealership and having a brand new radiator installed at the price of $1,369 approximately two and a half years later there is a fracture in one of the welds lines in the radiator. After spending well over four hours on the phone with six different customer service Representatives I am being told that I just need to buy another radiator( from them or it will void any warranty) and that they will not stand by their product. Was informed by a service manager at the dealership I had the work done that Ford has the worst warranty policy and very low grade parts. And that he recommended biying another brand because Ford will not stand by their product.. I've been a loyal Ford customer my entire adult life but this is unethical and wrong.. I cannot imagine any other brand where a product would malfunction after two and a half years and the company tells you that you need to buy another of their parts out of pocket. Will not be buying Ford again..

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Max - 16 d 20 h ago


Ford is releasing their new Bronco on OJ birthday. Unbelievable, what a cold hearted marketing ploy. Never ever will I buy Ford.

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Help - 44 d 14 h ago

I need help from corporate. My wife and I recently purchased a used 2015 Ford Taurus from Mark Thomas Ford in Cortland, OH. We had an issue right from the start with the car shutting off and not starting back up they could not find the issue and sent my wife home with the car not 10 min later the car shut down while driving it down the road. They got it in change a part it seem ok then recently it did it again. The dealer has had the car for 3 weeks now and they still dont know what is wrong with it. We informed them that we no longer want to deal with this and want a different car. They dont seem to want to work with us and told my wife that she need to come pick up the can and basically good luck there is nothing they can do. Can someone please help I want this resolved with out have to contact legal help. Ryan (hidden)

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Regina - 18 d 5 h ago

Hi, I am also looking to contact Ford Corporate Office concerning my NEW 2019 Ford Ranger which I purchase in July 2019. Started having Navigation Sync3 problems about 3 months later. I took the truck to the dealership 4 times only to hear, Ford is working on the problem with a New Updated Version. Meanwhile I have almost had 2 accidents depending on a Navigation/Bluetooth system that's not working properly. One dealership was able to duplicate the issue ONE time but said there's no repair for it at this time. All I'm asking for is for Ford to Replace the Navigation System which I was told they couldn't do because they can not get the vehicle to give a fail code. I use my truck EVERY DAY for my job. I am praying I am not killed in an accident because of Fords neglect to replace the system.

I have owned 5 Ford Truck. 4 of which were Rangers and 1 Ford Explorer Sport Trac which I still have . The Explorer Sport Trac has over 500000 miles on it and the original engine. Runs Great, with that being said I know Ford is capable of making a good vehicle however Service is proving to be a disappointing Act. If anyone can help me it will be Greatly appreciated. Thanks

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MSlaten - 22 d 8 h ago


Hello, first I want to start by saying that I love ford and have always purchased ford. Never had a problem with them, always been very reliable vehicles. But, last June I bought a 2016 Ford Fusion SE and two in a half months ago it started acting like the battery was dead (dash lights flashing, beeping, hazards, and not starting). So of course I replaced the battery but the car was still doing the same thing, at this point I took it to a mechanic but the mechanic couldn't narrow it down either. Next step was taking to the ford house, they kept it starting off at three weeks just for a diagnostic on what was going on. From this point they told me it would be a ridiculously high price for something that the part itself was only $200. So, I told them I would come get it. Well, when I arrived at Prestige Ford to pick up my car, it no longer ran at all. I personally drove it there so I knew for a fact it still ran. They informed me it was the PCM issue, so I went and replaced the PCM- it still didn't run. At this point I told them they need to fix whatever they did to it and get it running the correct way.

Now here we are TWO months later with still no progress on anything. They told me Thursday that my vehicle was ready for pick up and that it was fixed. Went to get it, paid and drove it home but the car is no where near fixed. They pretty much got it running to just get it home at that point it doesn't run at all anymore now. Ive tried contacting Prestige Ford multiple times, asked them what they plan on doing since now over all I've spent around $437 for nothing. They have done but fix whatever they did to make it not run at all anymore. It's in the exact same condition it was when I DROVE it to Prestige Ford. The service department manager, Wayne Osborn, hasn't done anything to help me either but flip the blame back on me. I'm extremely disappointing in Prestige. I want my money back and I want my car running again. I haven't had this car a year yet and I haven't even been able to drive it for almost three months now. I would never recommend Prestige Ford to anyone. They truly conduct horrid customer service. Seems like they would rather just get your money and get you out of the building. I want Ford to do something to fix this car.

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Sam Elmendorf - 23 d 5 h ago

My name is Samuel Elmendorf. The past 5 new cars I've owned were Fords. I am trying to get the paper work for the 2019 Frod Edge I purchased 03/27/2019 forTax purposes. I no longer have the paper work for this auto as I traded it for another new 2019 Ford Edge in January 2020. Long story. anyway I am in Indiana and trying to file my Indiana state tax's and I fine I need the paper work for this car for my tax's. I have been calling the Ford of Ocala where I purchased the past 3 new Fords with no luck. They don't seem to want to get back with me. PLEASE HELP ME, PLEASE.

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Suhas S Gowda - 23 d 19 h ago

Sir I got a message of winning in a lucky draw in the ford motor work of rs 1cr and 13 lakhs and they are requesting to pay 13500 for the processing charge is it fake or real

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Ambrose - 29 d 6 h ago


Just purchased a 2020 f150. Beautiful truck and drive very nice. I've had it for one week. When it was purchase the led bed lights did not work. I'm taking it back again because the cruise control does not work. I know things can go wrong in the assembly process and parts vendors can deliver faulty products. I have worked in a auto manufacturing assembly plant for 30 years. So far your quality is not impressive. The dealership is bending over backwards to make things right. I'm hoping this will be the end of unnecessary and time consuming trips to the service department. I like the truck and hope that at some point I can recommend your f150 to friends.

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lynette - 31 d 7 h ago


Have a 2017 escape eco boost. Radio quit and needs a audio control module. Ford cannot supply as they are junk. Whats worse they have not recalled or repaired the issue in new products. I guess the company has become a POS

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Last ford family member - 33 d ago


Service is no longer in Ford Dealship vocabulary.

Son's car was recalled when he took it in he had requested a loaner so he could get to work and return home was told they didn't have any loaners. Now in this time when we are battling an epidemic and all necessary workers are working nonstop 6 and 7 days a week he was put in a situation we loaned our car to him but on days we have to work it is very difficult. Customer service is no longer in ford vocabulary.

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George A gross - 39 d 9 h ago


I was an employee of ford for 30 years. I have master certified in several areas. It really sucks that I get no benefits after that amount of time and investment. Not even employee pricing. Went to a local ford dealer to buy a truck. Didn't even get a call from the sales person after I left. I'm now going to buy a Chevy Colorado because they showed interest. That's really sad

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Anonymous - 40 d 19 h ago


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J.L. - 44 d 7 h ago


Totally dusgusted with Ford...Your lack of concern for your workers by inviting President Donald J. Trump into your plant for "The Trump Reality Show" You knew he would make the show about masks but you persisted. Yes, if we are to believe you, he wore the mask for a short period but with no concern for your workers when he took it off. You do not know if he is a carrier and can infect others without showing symtoms.You and he were happy to undermine your State Gov....So in light of your "show" yesterday you will understand my decision to not purchase another Ford ..

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MegaSarge - 42 d 5 h ago


Retired US Army; I agree with your post. Much more polite than the one I had composed. .."So in light of your "show" yesterday you will understand my decision to not purchase another Ford" product.

When you come to my, private, house I expect you (you will) obey our rules, no profanity, no smoking and take off your shoes. I'm not afraid of you, but you're afraid of a draft dodger ?

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Maureen - 44 d 15 h ago

Well just wanted ford to know that i have made a decision to sell my stock, i have lost my faith in you. I stayed w you all these years even when your stock was falling, because i had faith in you, things would turn around, just wait it out.

Not anymore. When trump wouldnt wear a mask you should have kicked him to the curve! Its not like he wasnt warned, its not like he is anyone of importance. You have put a stupid, fat, old man, who has no idea how to be a human, in front of your hard dedicated workers. Therefore i am giving up on you. He put your workers ar risk for a photo op. Not cool. Not cool of you guys letting him.

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MST - 45 d 29 s ago

It's really a shame that Ford is so afraid of a cheating, narcissist, bully of a president that you let him into your business without a mask on. Unfortunately, I own a Ford, but when it's time for a new car I certainly will NOT be buying a Ford again.

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Bmang - 45 d ago


I have lost a great deal of respect for FMC. I've always viewed this company as a leader in their industry, but now see it as an unethical corporation run by nothing but spineless wimps. The President works for the people, and should at all times be expected to show a level of respect especially for their health and well-being. FMC knowingly put their workers in danger! Ford disrespected the Governor, the AG, and the courts because Trump is a vain ass. There's a pandemic going on and Ford allowed that man to walk around its plant without a mask on. He's been around people that have/had the virus. Disgraceful. I will NEVER considered buying FMC products ever. What a joke of a corporation.

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