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Ford Motor Company

1 American Rd.
Dearborn, MI
Alan Mulally
President CEO and Director
(313) 322-3000
(800) 392-3673
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Jean Pagan , grateful nurse - 4 d ago

I was standing at the Emergency Room nurse's station today and noted my friend Maritza, our lab tech, standing in front of the door of a possible COVID-19 patient. She'd been standing there about 15 minutes and I asked her what she was waiting for. She said she was waiting for a face shield so she could go in and draw some vital bloodwork from our patient.

We were out of shields and our nurse manager was searching the hospital for one. Suddenly she came around the corner with a great big smile and a stack of face shields. She announced to us that Ford Motor Company had just donated 3000 face shields to our small rural hospital.

THANK YOU so very much Ford Motor Company- we were down to our last shields and you gave us an amazing and timely gift!! We are most grateful!!! Sincerely, Jean Pagan ER Nurse. Small town USA

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Mary Robinson Webber - 5 d 8 h ago

I need to talk to somebody from Ford corporate about a Ford dealership in New Jersey refusing to accept an lease car back they dealership. My lease ends on 4/8/2020. I try to return to car on 3/30/2020.The manager ( Matt ) from Tom's Ford in Keyport ,NJ said the dealership is close and they are only doing car maintenance. I call Ford Credit company and talk to Jeff who states that I have a 10 grace period. Which that do t help me. The car payment come from my checking account. If I can't get them to take this car , I'm afraid that your company that money out of my checking account.

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Webb - 6 d ago


Dear Mr William Ford,

As a Detroit native with a father that served in the Pacific Theatre from 1942-45..and as a 41 year career Respiratory Therapist whose first job was at Henry Ford Hospital in 1979..suffice to say I drive Ford tough! I am here in a hot zone in Santa Clara County Ca. Working on the front line at Stanford Hospital against Covid-19. I retire in two weeks and my first big purchase will be a Ford Ranger Raptor when I arrive in my new home in the Philippines. By seeing Ford & the UAW team up to save lives by producing the pneumatic ventilators in 100 days..I and your father and Henry Ford himself would be so proud of you.

To the Ford Motor Company's finest moment!



East Sider Detroit proud

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Amy Jones - 6 d 6 h ago

Dear Mr. Mulally,

I want to express my appreciation to the Ford Motor Company and General Electric for making ventilators for our country in this time of need. Thank you.

Amy Jones

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John Matthews - 6 d 12 h ago


Dear Sir,

I started work for FMC almost 50 years ago and was very proud of the VAST Company and all it's achievements.

Now I see MERCEDES will produce a 1000 CPAP breathing assistance machines per DAY to defeat Wuhan Flu for Europe.

The Willow run MADE a few planes to change the history of WWii; perhaps FORD Motor Company might consider using the same manufacturing brilliance with this TYPE of CPAP machine but BUILD enough to satisfy WORLD NEEDS, putting the 'FORD v Ferrari' and Mercedes seriously into shadow.

Public Relations is a very fragile feeling so perhaps the Whole Company and then the World would BREATH easily.

Kind Regards

John Matthews (21593 UK)

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Andrew Wilson cas25790293 - 39 d 12 h ago

The engine of my 2015 Fusion needs to be replaced with only 40k miles. Problem first occurred while vehicle was under warranty but now is denied 45 days out. I need help to resolve this and will wait to post reviews of my experience.

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Palmer - 7 d 21 h ago


Technically speaking if the problem was reported before end of warranty then it is still covered. The dealership has to make it happen. Plus fusions had 60k power train warranties so it should be covered.

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K. Maroney - 14 d 6 h ago


I am sending you a letter regarding the horror story we have recently experienced at a local Ford dealership. I did make a complaint to your 1-800 number (and have a case number) for consumer help, however I did not really see where they did anything to help us. Our truck was taken into Hodges Ford in Darien GA on Feb 24, 2020 and I did not get it back until March 20. The reason for the visit was for two simple recalls. Once in their shop they reported the mechanic found a leaking transmission and leaking shock at that time they called me and said this needed to be fixed. I questioned them and then visited the dealership the next morning to talk to them in person and told them this truck is only 8 months old and we are not having any issues like that. Our truck is a King Ranch 2019 and was only 8 months old when it went into their shop. The story is very long as to why they could not fix our truck as you may have figured out by the dates they had it so I will not bore you with all of their lies they told me.

I will tell you this dealer is a crook, a liar and you should not want someone of this caliber selling your product. I asked to speak to the owner and was only provided an email. I contacted him 3 times before he would respond. He only responded once I told him I was going to the local TV stations in Jacksonville Florida and Savannah GA and ask if their investigative reporters could find out what was going on at this dealership. At that point and only at that point did he email me back. Long story short the truck was finally given back to me on 3/20/2020 and he did not want me coming to the dealership so he had the truck delivered to me. I asked several times to speak to him in person and he would not meet with me. Moving on, once I got the truck back I inspected this truck and the paperwork they provided and they had the audacity to type that "Customer complained of leaking transmission and leaking shock." I had the employee that delivered it to me Lucy, the supervisor of the service department, sign the work order regarding this statement showing her this was false, I DID NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS. We were not having ANY problems with this truck no signs of any leaking material on ground at all and it never showed up in the Ford Pass telling us we had an issue; we just had the oil changed for the first time at this dealership in December and nothing noted from them at that time either. The mechanic Jarrett Jumper ( which needs to be fired) and the owner Dan Hodges were trying to line their own pockets with either our money or Ford Warranty. The customer rep that I spoke to when I filed our complaint with Ford Consumer told me she hopes that this experience has not ruined us with the Ford brand. I told her we have a 2000 F-250 so this is why we went back to Ford. Our issue is with this dealership and she reported they are individually owned and my response to this is he is an embarrassment to the Ford brand and someone needs to hold him accountable so maybe someone needs to call him and find out why a crook like this is allowed to sell your brand! We are beyond disappointed!

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Palmer - 7 d 50 s ago


Hi. I have had something like this happen to me before as well. Keep pushing bad press on the dealership or an open apology. The dealership should answer for this and i would also take your truck to a second shop be it another ford dealer or even a transmission shop and have it checked to make sure that dealership didn't purposely damage or leave a bolt loose to cause farther issues. I got a lawyer and sued my dealership because they left my oil pan loose after telling me the gasket needed to be replaced even though i never bottomed out or missed an oil change. After getting it back i took it to 3 service stations to verify the bolts were loosened and had them write a report on it and then took it to a lawyer. It is unfortunate some dealers only want quick money and not the loyalty but ford has to honor the contract with them for the years they agreed too.

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Jack - 13 d 4 h ago


Hello, I've been a 3 generation ford owner for years now and have been disgusted lately at their service. Friday past I heard a grinding noise in my work van (2016 ford transit 350) I called them ahead of time and purchased a bumper to bumper warrantee at purchase just to be covered. In explaining my issue to the service dept. they said it would be covered except a 100 deductible. I said ok and brought it in. Roughly 4 hrs later they called and said that the boots on my rear calipers broke off and damaged the brakes and caliper. They then said that it was gonna cost 475. I repeatedly asked how isn't that covered? The guy said that everything is covered but the bolts??? Are you kidding me? This is how you treat your long time customers! How can only the bolts not be covered??? If ever a time I felt completely ripped off it was this time. This doesn't sit right with me at all and I need a solution ASAP!

Thanks Jack

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Palmer - 7 d ago


Hey i hope you read this. I looked into your case by asking my local ford dealership what they would do and they said if the van was purchased from them they would eat the cost of the bolts but the bumper to bumper warranty covers all parts and it is rare for bolts to snap off but this was a dealerships decision. Also if you encounter something like this again with any vehicle walk into the parts department and ask for the price of the bolts. The service department orders parts from their parts department and the upcharges it to make more profit. For example your mounting bolts are 10 to 20 dollars on ford parts website. Meaning if you bought them and then gave them to the service department you would have saved that much. I hope you find an honest dealership close to you but always check part prices against the parts department and you will find the service department likes to charge extra for them to write a piece of paper.

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I have a 2017 Ford Edge Titanium with 57k miles and the power steering went out. I thought I had a 60k power train warranty according to the owners manual. Why is my 2017 Ford Edge Titanium not covered under warranty for power train? I called 888 number and it was the Philippines and they said go to local dealer. Local dealer said not covered. It will now cost $3,000 to get it fixed according to local Ford. I am now driving around in a car barely 3 years old with no power steering. I am almost 60 and always been a Ford person but now questioning my loyalty. Any help? Warranty? Recalls?

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dave - 49 d 1 m ago

I have a 2017 Ford Edge Titanium with 57k miles and the power steering went out. I thought I had a 60k power train warranty according to the owners manual. Why is my 2017 Ford Edge Titanium not covered under warranty for power train? I called 888 number and it was the Philippines and they said go to local dealer. Local dealer said not covered. It will now cost $3,000 to get it fixed according to local Ford. I am now driving around in a car barely 3 years old with no power steering. I am almost 60 and always been a Ford person but now questioning my loyalty. Any help? Warranty? Recalls?

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Palmer - 7 d ago


Hi dave i dont know if anyone gave you an answer but i can try. Your power train warranty is only for keeping the vehicle to move forward and backwards in example the engine, the transmission, drive axles, and the differential. The power steering fluid is like your oil because it is oil it needs to be changed or else it can lead to a faulty rack and pinion or pump. I would service outside of ford but ask to use MoCo parts it would drop that bill a little bit. And if you can look up extended bumper to bumper warranties you will pay a little up front but it would cover all work on your car in the future.

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I have a 2009 ford fusion with 2 recalls on it 1 being the air bag (which parts are in for) 2. The brake system (which parts are not available yet and they dont know when they will be available) I have reached out to the executive office for almost a month now with no response! I am concerned because nobody can guarantee me that the brake system wont fail and the dealership has no new information on it and just as clues as I am!! Iv asked to be placed in a rental due to me being scared to continue to drive it with myself and my kids and I was told by 3 different places including the dealership that was not possible. My question is when will someone contact me and address my issue (when something bad occurs)?!Let's hope not!!! Requardless of milage and year make model of car I am still a customer of the FORD family and need awnsers ASAP!! SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE! there are over 164,000 people who work there not including dealerships and still cant get awnsers!!

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Palmer - 7 d 40 s ago


Hey i dont know if anyone has answered you yet but your recall on the brakes is incase you have changed your brake fluid to a non ford fluid which has shown problems letting the abs work properly. Your brakes will still work as it dies not affect the pump but the resolution for this is just a brake fluid flush and replacement fluid. The dealership should know this and be able to do the work. There is no replacement parts.

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MAX PIERRE - 17 d 7 h ago



I am Max Pierre. I'm the Executive person for the Lee County Refugee center, inc located in Fort-Myers, Florida. we are a Humanitarian Agency that combats homelessness, reduce the unemployment rate, improve credit, fight illiteracy, help refugees and Immigrants insure a safe transition. I'm asking your company a donation of a pick up truck or 12 passenger's Van to run our programs. The Lee County is a not for profit 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) Tax exempt organization, all donations, gifts , and contributions can be claimed from Your Income Taxes with IRS. A copy of our Exemption Consumer Certificate is available to you. Hope you give consideration to our request. Max Pierre (hidden); (hidden) Thank you

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Anonymous - 25 d 8 h ago

im a former empoyee want to send a good resume real fast to the headquarters. Resume Darius (hidden) The obligation of this resume is to show that the consumer has the ability and experience to function properly in the world of business with others and self's consumers Experience 6/2017-12/2018 Mona Lisa Lyrics (Boss Entertainment) Performing Artist The focus of this position is to listen and respond to the business Business transitions attended, and if all fell the performing artist will not get the proper pay or can be relieved of position. Practicing and adapting to make the show professional makes the producing station and show days look satisfying and intriguing. 5/2013-8/2014 Croswell Opera House Stage Constructer it's helpful to be prepared to build the scenery for a show properly. Lack of information can slow the task down. Knowing the how, and having the proper tools, batteries. Working as a body and having professional rotations are important when the que is called. Financial Assistant Ford Motors Company 6/2004-8/2005 The main campus of Ford is very strict because every worker has to take notes. Collared shirts and full shaves are recommended. Skills Software skills Writing Music Singing and Reading Music Notes Education Jackson College Major: writing Minor: culinary Arts Siena Heights University Major: Speech Communication Minor: Music My activity and honors were issued to me at different exaggerate moments but my resume should help show that I'm not a failure

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Fred - 30 d 10 h ago


Hello, I live in Colorado Springs Colorado and I am writing to get a sense of how your company handles problems from ordinary people like myself. I am a ford f150 owner and through out my life I have always owed ford vehicles for several reasons, reliability, American made, the pride the makers of the ford products have had over the years. My first car I bought for myself was a 1990 ford escort pony, and as soldier in the military and not making much money it was the most practical car I could purchase at the time. This car set the tone for my future as a proud ford owner, so over the years I have owned several other ford vehicles and early on it was minor repairs a few major repairs but nothing to overwhelming initially, however as the years started to pass I found I was spending more and more on repairs that were costing me I whole lot of money. Well almost 2 years ago I decided to make a very well thought out plan and purchase me a newer model ford vehicle, so I did my research and found I couldn't afford a new diesel vehicle like I desired, so after talking to a mechanic friend of mine I went with the 2014 ford F150 ecoboost, it had the towing power that I need to haul my camper and trailers and it was very economical on gas so this would be a awesome purchase. So after dealing with some of the poorest customer service I have ever dealt with I went on and purchased the vehicle from the Phil Long Ford Lincoln dealership 1114 Motor City Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80905. The vehicle had 34K or so miles on it and things were good with it until I hit about 70k or so on it. I was driving down the highway and all of a sudden my steering column became stiff and i could barely turn it then the vehicle just violently did a right turn and ran into a curb, fortunately there was no oncoming traffic or it would have caused a accident. I called a tow truck and had the vehicle towed to my mechanics shop to see what could be wrong. After looking at it he said your rack and pinion is not working and I said what do you mean I didnt hit anything and the truck has such few miles how could that be, well he started doing some research online and found quite a few people were having the same issue for this year of truck. With all this being said on the February 7, 2020 I was driving to Denver with my grandkids and the truck started to smoke really bad and started shaking really bad, so I pulled over, there was smoke in the cab with me and my grandkids so we got out in the cold and had to stand on the side of the road in the Colorado cold weather until help arrived. I had the vehicle towed to a repair shop and was told now that the truck had thrown a rod, so again i am puzzled because I checked my oil religiously being that I was constantly having problems from this truck. So now I here I am with 13k left to pay on a vehicle that I cant drive. So my question to you gentlemen is, what has happened to ford's reliability and dependability? I would say this is a isolated incident but one of my best friends is a mechanic here in Colorado Springs and every time he gets a truck in for the same problems as mine has he calls and tells me. So I am just wanting to hear from you gentlemen as to what is going on and for people like myself who spend larges sums of money for a vehicle that isnt worth the money we are paying for thses vehicles? I have a beautiful silver ford f150 sitting in my driveway that I owe money on and it cant be driven and I still pay a $500 car note on what has changed with ford products?

I eagerly look forward to your response.


Frederick Wells, MFT

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Craig - 31 d ago


I brought my vehicle there due to a airbag recall. While I was there I purchased all new tires, oil change etc. When the worker replaced the airbag they had broke pieces on my dash along the way. The wood molding was broken and hanging off and the leather piece surrounding the base of my gear shift was broken/torn off. I had also asked for someone to check my drivers door window switches as I thought the connections may be loose. In the process of doing that they broke the housing the switches in. Nobody mentioned these defects to me nor did they think it was important to return my Vehicle back to me in the state of which I left it. When I did receive my vehicle back that day it it wasn't anywhere close to that. Everything from my glove box was thrown about the car. Papers and receipts from previous services thrown onto the floorboards of my back seats as well amy insurance card and other important documents. Everything that was in the cup holders (change etc) all over the front floor boards and seats. Multiple pairs of sunglasses that were in the glove box were thrown about the car. One of which I found broken and one I found completely missing. I immediately spoke to the gentleman who conducted my service and told him who then Told management. I've been TRYING to work with Brittany Davis and she was very accommodating at the start but This entire experience has been nothing but terrible. I told Brittany as well as the gentlemen who had serviced my vehicle and the other workers that were there that a pair of my sunglasses was missing as I searched the entire vehicle and reorganized it before I left after my airbag recall service was complete. I still have yet to find my sunglasses and Brittany had informed me that they would be replaced. I asked to speak the whomever worked on my vehicle but I was told by Brittany that he was fired. Only later to then hear from Brittany that he wasn't fired but demoted. None the less they were taken from my vehicle and Brittany said she had received the replacement sunglasses and would get them to me. For the past 2 months I've tried to retrieve my replacement sunglasses. I've had Brittany tell me to come to ford on at least 5 separate occasions each time a different excuse as to why she couldn't get them out of her car for me. She then Said multiple times she would bring them by my place during her lunch break or after she was off work. But it never happened and today was the last day I come up to ford to get my sunglasses just to have Brittany Davis come up with ANOTHER excuse. Not the mention two separate incidents of sexual harassment that I experienced from Brittany Davis while at Ford Lincoln NoHo while workers were around which was very embarrassing. I need to know if I need to file police reports to retrieve my property or of this is something you think you can take care of? I've literally been trying to work with Ms. Davis for 4 months now and i personally want this terrible experience over and done with. I would really appreciate a resolution to this issue at hand Am I being treated this way because I'm a veteran? I don't understand how everyone else comes in for a simple service and mine gets drug out into a 4+ month ordeal. ? I don't get it I've had enough This why I'm attempting to speak to you whom which I am under the impression is in charge of Ford Lincoln NoHo. I appreciate your time and assistance with the matter at hand

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Customer - 36 d 5 h ago


The sales manager at Jackson ford of Decatur shows favoritism towards female sales persons in return for sexual favors. His name is Rob Utinski and he should be fired!! HR won't do anything

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Concerned customer - 36 d 6 h ago


The sales manager at Jackson ford of Decatur shows favoritism towards female sales persons in return for sexual favors. His name is Rob Utinski and he should be fired!!

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Concerned customer - 36 d 6 h ago


The for dealer in Decatur Il (Jackson ford of Decatur) has a sales manager who shows favoritism towards the woman sales people in return for sexual favors, his name is Rob Utinski and he should be fired immediately

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Ford Rapcrap - 38 d 6 h ago


Case#323838 - Lemon Law Repurchase

Is this the venting platform? OMG, We bought a Ford Raptor. Suppose to be an amazing care right? Nothing but issues. Finally we got Ford to agree to repurchase it. You would think the buy back process would be smooth. Not that lucky! a $75K crappy truck. Boys and their trucks! That is why I drive a German car.

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Mrs. F - 41 d 13 h ago


I just want to say my Ford 500 sedan is about to clock 226,000 miles and am saddened to know 500s have gone the way of the Dodo. Right now the power steering is beginning to 'sing' and I know my car wishes to become yet another Ford. Here in New England it is wonderful to know my 500 starts each and every time regardless of the cold. It has braved Scout trips, hockey games, Scout camping, Gal pal trips, visiting back forth to Wallingford's Gaylord Hospital, trips to doctors, ER runs with the boys, and so much more. I LOVE MY 500. Oh, to have another. A very happy Ford family (husband has an Edge; son has an Edge and is a sales rep for Ford).

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