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Ford Motor Company

1 American Rd.
Dearborn, MI
Alan Mulally
President CEO and Director
(313) 322-3000
(800) 392-3673
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Philip Martin Ret. USA - 1 h 32 m ago


I was watching TV and a commercial came on completely in Spanish. I live in Inverness Fl. We are a red neck town in central Florida. If you wish to be an American company selling trucks here I would do your commercials in English. I was not pleased and very disappointed in The Ford Motor Company.

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Wingo - 3 h 2 m ago



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Mario Rodrigues - 3 h 18 m ago


WARNING Found On Road Dead (F.O.R.D) I wanted to share my story and give you the same warning to stay away from this company until they take responsibility for their product. Just because its American made is no reason to purchase a poorly made product. My wife and I bought a house and since I was going to do some renovation I decided to buy a truck, prior to this I've always bought Honda Accords because of their engine reliability and good gas mileage. I started looking at different truck manufactures and fell in love with the F-150 design. I found a 2004 Ford F-150 Lariat at a small local dealership with 103K miles with 1 owner. I checked the car fax and looked up the dealers reviews and both were clean. I financed and within 6 months after my warranty expired the truck started misfiring while I was on the highway. I found a nearby Ford dealership and had it tested and they found one bad ignition coil cost me $300. The manager told me nothing else was wrong with the truck. 1 month later it started doing the same thing, I took it to a local mechanic and they recommended I switch all 8 ignition coils and spark plugs cost $1000. Truck ran fine for another couple months then the engine started violently shaking when I would come to a red light. I took it to a Ford dealership to have it checked out and the diagnostic fee was $130 . I went to work and at the end of the day I received a call and they told me they couldn't find the problem and needed another day another $130 total $260. 2 days later when I went to pick up the truck they told me both CAM PHASERS needed to be replaced for $4000. I told them "No thanks". I know about engines and I know cam phasers are not easy to replace, but I was not financially able to replace them at that time. I started looking online too see if anyone else was having this issue. I not only found that every F-150 built from 2004-2008 had faulty cam phasers but there was also a class action law suit pending against Ford for this. I also found complaints that the dealer pulled the "We can't find the problem and need another day" routine. The truck eventually broke down and I had no choice but to repair it, but I took it to a private mechanic and not the dealership. The cam phasers will brake again within a couple of months or years because the phasers are built poorly. Because of this I traded my Ford for a Toyota pickup. Not only did I feel like I bought a junk on four wheels but that I got hustled out of diagnostic money. They refuse to do a recall because it will be too costly, but their to short sighted and greedy to realize its costing them their reputation. I refused to give Ford any more of my money and will NEVER buy again. P.S Against my warning my wife bought a brand new 2017 Found On Road Dead Fusion and she's received 2 recalls. 1) Seat belt malfunction 2) Faulty Stealing wheel mount. So if you have this car get it fixed before the steering wheel comes of in your hands and you go flying out the windshield because your seat belt didn't work.

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Mand - 3 h 43 m ago


Vehicle was purchased from DLR aprox 2 weeks ago, Came to DLR at 4:30PM final sale at 10:30PM. Sales Agent smothered me, during negotiating Sales MGR Mark Rahn sat down next to me, his presence felt as though he was attempting to intimidate me to buy the VEH and I informed Salesperson of such. I wound up purchasing the VEH and finalized sale around 10PM but didnt have an ample amount of time to inspect VEH due to lack of sunlight but found rust pitting on hood and scratch on rear tail gate. DLR agreed to fix scratch on tailgate, re-paint hood and detail VEH. I drove VEH off lot around 10:30PM to return next day. Hood had rust perforation in the paint, DLR agreed to repaint hood, I came back to pick up few days later, I inspected hood found it wasnt painted correctly, body shop missed a spot on hood, DLR took back VEH, DLR called next day, VEH ready next day, I inspected hood and found bodyshop poorly painted missed area, air pocket in paint, no quality control on DLR end, i refused to take VEH. I informed Sales MGR Mark Rahn that I refused to take VEH and felt that I wasnt being taken care of properly as he informed that everything was going to be handled properly. When I spoke to Mark Rahn in a separate office to over an embarrassment, I informed him that I was unhappy with the entire sale of the VEH and this issue, at some point in the conversation, Mark stated "That's why I workout and something about people dont mess with him" I stated to him that he wasnt intimidating me and that I want my VEH repaired correctly. Mark left office to goto Service Dept. I also left a message for the Owner of the DLRSHP but hasnt returned my call as a yet. Mark had me pull VEH around to Service Depart, DLR had VEH for additional 3 days. I came back to pickup VEH, inspected hood, informed Salesperson that DLR poorly detailed VEH and it was unacceptable since DLR agreed to have VEH completely detailed. I informed Sale Manager Mark Rahn. Salesperson gave me some BS about wax marks can take a days to come off. After I left the DLR. went to auto supply store, bought Back-to-black compound and wax marks came off. I dont appreciate being insulted like this. I have worked for many auto retails and never have heard anything this asinine. In addition, as I drove VEH off lot, I finally was able to pay complete attention to the rest of the VEH. Mind you this a Certified Pre Owned VEH and Sales MGR informed me this VEH was gone over with a fine tooth comb due to the 172 point inspection the VEH went through to be Certified. I found the Driver and Passenger side weather strip molding to be shredded and cracked through. Under the hood, The battery has acid or yellow dried liquid all of the battery area. The positive battery terminal has a 2 inch by 2 inch chunk of blue corrosion on the terminal. This morning 11/13/2017 at 6:30AM, its was 35 degrees outside and the VEH emitted a hard start condition. These concerns has been brought to the attention of Sales MGR mark Rahn and Service MGR. Service MGR informed me the Driver and Passenger weather strips and Battery will be replaced as 11/13/2017. In summary, the entire purchase of this VEH as been a nightmare and I feel like I have been taken for a ride (literally). I fell ripped off, ran around and the sales tactics of the DLR are poorly executed. I have never in my life of purchasing VEHs have felt intimidated. Bullying tactics arent cool at all. This account of my experience I have described above is truthful and as accurate as I can attest. Since I have purchase an Extended Maintenance Service Agreement and Extended Warranty on my Explorer, I would like to continue bringing my VEH to Golf Mill Ford but Im hesitant due to treatment and lack of detail I have received.

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Never buying Ford again - 15 d ago


To whom it may concern:

No one will even read this. They honestly don't care.

I took my 2009 F-150 into the dealership for an oil change and service this morning. I was told that while it was up on the hoist, they saw that my frame is "rotted out" and urged me to replace my truck. I came home and made a phone call to Corporate Customer Relations. I was told I had to get a second opinion because they didn't have a Tech department and to talk to another dealership because there was "nothing they could do". I went ahead and called a second dealership and they flat out refused to look at my truck because since it was frame issue they couldn't do anything to fix it. A third dealership was contacted and I was told the same thing and that it's a lost cause. No dealership will have any part in frame issues.

I've only had the truck for a little under 2 years and still owe a huge amount on it. The truck is 8 YEARS OLD!! There is NO reason why the frame should have holes rusted into it already. The truck is UNSAFE to drive but I'm told nothing can be done about it. Trading it in would be pointless. If it is indeed junk I would lose THOUSANDS of dollars.

Somebody better come up with a solution.

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F-ix O-r R-eplace D-aily - 9 d 12 s ago


Did you check the truck yourself to see if ford isn't blowing smoke up your ass???

If you have "rust holes on the frame" take it to a weld shop and see how much they charge to fix.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

Yes sir I did look myself and it is indeed "rotted". I took pictures of it. Not only that but the steering arms are rusted through and the hub assembly is shot. I still owe $16,000 on it.

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Michelle Lavassuer - 5 d 5 h ago

i just bought a 2011 explorwr for 11,500. 36 hours latrt i had to ha e it towwd to the dealer. it has 152,000 miles. rhey told me the water pump went out. a 2200$ fix. but bexause its iaide the enfine, it sumped coolant into the motor, and its mixed in the oil. so i need a new enfine. 9000$. i called xorporate and they gabe me a case number to escalate it to the swrvice manager for special conxideration. but the service manager didnt care. they just tried to sell me a different vehicle. no help at all.

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Anonymous - 5 h 2 m ago

I feel your pain and I'm in the same boat. Luckily for me I owe 4,000 and after I'm done paying it off I will NEVER buy another Ford again. Just the logo itself makes me sick.

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mohamad javad - 1 d 2 h ago


Name of God


I am Mohammad Javad, I am a 17-year-old boy from the age of 13 when I started making handmade things, and so far I've created a special water pump for a single-cylinder 8-wheel drive rear-wheel drive ... I'm looking for if I can work at one of Ford's factories because I'm interested in super sports cars and Ford cars. Meanwhile, I am from Iran.

I said if it could help. (hidden)

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Jeff Weiner - 1 d 19 h ago


My name is Jeff. In my youth, I owned Fords. My Dad was a auto dealer, selling used cars. As I grew up, I learned to respect the Ford Motor Company, and the product they produced. Any opportunity I had to drive a Ford from my Dads business, I took. Early on as a young father I bought a Mustang Convertible. It was a cool car. Eventually my eldest daughter got it and she became hooked. Currently she owned a 1968 rag top 'Stang! My Son had a 2011 California Special. He was hit in an auto accident and the insurance company provided him with enough to replace it with a 2017 'Stang 8 cylinder. It smokes!

What this is leading to is that I have a 2010, 8 cylinder "rag top"! I bought it 2012 with about 10,000 miles on it. It runs great, everyone I know including my kids love it.

A couple of years ago, I was notified of a recall on driverside airbags. Ford notified me to contact the local dealership and have it replaced. I did, and it was! Happy car owner! Around a year and a half ago, I was notified that the passenger side airbags were being recalled. Shortly after I learned that the Airbag Manufacture was going out of business. Calls to the local dealers for support in replacing the bags was met with "we don't have control over this, we don't know when we'll be able to address this problem, Ford doesn't have the parts and will not say when the will get them"

Now my Pride Mustang is almost 8 years old and the mileage is building up. I can't even think about trading this car in on another Ford or other manufacturer, because of the parts problem. I couldn't get what this car should be worth. I'm retired now, money is tight. What do I have to do to get some resolve for this continuing problem


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Stephen Kings - 3 d 18 h ago


RE: Case CAS-13696368. I took my 2012 F150 to Folsom Lake Ford with an oil pressure warning light flashing whenever I came to a stop and the RPM of the motor dropped below 1000. I was contacted by the service writer who told me the oil pressure sending unit was the problem (leaking profusely) and needed to be replaced. Upon completing the job, the oil pressure did not improve and after talking directly to the technician on the phone (strange procedure to say the least I was informed that the oil pump was not in range and producing a low PSI. The technician told me to "start warranty claim as this is not a common problem and should not happen to a properly maintained vehicle (such as mine)". The vehicle has 62,550 miles.


Here is where the story gets interesting. The service writer spoke to the technician and asked me to wait a few minutes while he saw what they could do for me. 30 minutes later, I found the service writer and was informed that my vehicle was ready to go and the cost would be $344.00 (the cost of the sending unit). How in good conscience they would allow a customer leave their shop with a failing oil pump is beyond me. I was told by the service that the oil pump is functioning properly and should be fine to drive. I objected and decided to leave the vehicle while a decision was being handed down from the ivory that is Ford's warranty rep. I am not able to speak with this person or contact him or her in any way shape or form. I find this practice to frustrating at best and am not going to give up trying to rectify the situation. The claim was denied with Ford stating the vehicle was out of warranty and there was nothing they would do to help my cause. I have been a customer of Ford for over 35 and have purchased many (13) vehicles during that time for both my company and personal use. My confidence in Ford is at an all time low and I am afraid when vehicle shopping in the near future, I will shop and buy other ANY AND ALL other companies vehicles. Please contact me at (hidden). I hope this heartfelt message does not fall on deaf ears. Thank you.


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Chuck Prim - 4 d 1 s ago


I have a question concerning a possible purchase of a 2018 exployer platinum.

I have attempted to get an answer from two ford dealerships in the Richmond VA area as well as from your Detroit customer service department to no avail.

My question is this, yesterday I looked at two 2018 exployer platinum vehicles. One had what appears to be a horseshoe type fog light configuration and the other with one single light with black plastic covering below it, Are these both fog lights?? I can imagine even considering spending over $50,000 for a vehicle when I can't get a simple question answered.

The comment I got from your Detroit customer service employee was that they have no way of finding out?? My question was maybe I should just stay with my GMC acadia denali to which there was no positive comment!!

Appreciate if you can answer this questions. I suspect one has the 2017 configuration the other a 2018 configuration?

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BOB ARTH - 5 d 4 h ago

Dear Mr. Mulally: I served in the military back in 1968 for two years. I bought a ford truck 350 two years ago after owning twenty or so general motors vehicles. I am looking at an F150 and an explorer to replace my traverse. I asked the dealer about the military discount and was told i am not eligible because it is only for people who served in the last two years. Home depot gives 10% every time i purchase something not like lowe's where it is only on veterans day. I would like to understand why Ford does not consider those who served during vietnam, iran or iraq not eligible. I hope it is not just because people have short memories. bob arth cleveland, ohio (hidden) (hidden) Happy December 7, pearl harbor day. Sorry survivors some of you are not eligible.

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Michelle Lavassuer - 5 d 5 h ago


I just bought a ford, this is the 1st ford iv owned in 15 years. i have always drove pontiacs with the 3800 motor. awsome cars. sadly they stopped making my grand prix. so i decided to get the 2011 explorer. BAD idea. I owned it for 36 hours with about 3 hours of driving time on it. i have too much money and repairs into it now. i will drive it until it dies and never buy a ford again. they made an enclosed system with the water pump INSIDE THE ENGINE!!! so when the water pump failed, guess where all that trapped coolant went? yup, right through the engine, into the oil. now the engine is junk. good job ford. you really know how to screw people into throwing money at you. And the manager just wants to sell me another ford!!! NO!!!

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Tawzer - 9 d ago


Recently bought a 2016 mustang. Beautiful car, but 2 months after the purchase the car doors both driver and passenger side won't stop making noises. It's coming from inside the doors. As well as the a.c. vibrations and conceal. On top of that if you get up on the car it smells like a firework just went off. I shouldn't listened to my dad and got a Chevy.

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Michelle Lavassuer - 5 d 5 h ago


this is the 1st ford iv owned in 15 years. i have always drove pontiacs with the 3800 motor. awsome cars. sadly they stopped making my grand prix. so i decided to get the 2011 explorer. BAD idea. i have too much money and repairs into it now. i will drive it until it dies and never buy a ford again. they made an enclosed system with the water pump INSIDE THE ENGINE!!! so when the water pump failed, guess where all that trapped coolant went? yup, right through the engine, into the oil. now the engine is junk. good job ford. you really know how to screw people into throwing money at you.

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Pam - 6 d 24 m ago


I'm a consumer and feel like I have been FRAUDED!

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Michelle Lavassuer - 5 d 6 h ago

me too and they dont care

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Anonymous - 7 d 5 s ago

I purchased a Ford Mustang in Oct of 2016

I started noticing water leaking in the car around Feb 2017

i have taken it back to the dealer 6 times and i am still having problems

i filed a claim with Ford Company and i have done everything they told me

to do. I was told by one dealership was advised it was manufacturer issue with the body

i informed the lady over the claim and i was then told i need to just deal with the dealership that i bought it from. Since then i have taken it to this dealership 3 more times and having the same issue. I was recently told by a service advisor that worked on the car that it manufacturer body seam. I have not heard back from the claim manager and i'm at my whits end.

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Rodolfo Grajales - 7 d 10 m ago


Dear Friends, I am writing to you from Argentina, where I have bought several FORD vehicles, all very good both in their design and in their quality.

In 2015 I bought in Focus III registration OMK150 and I am happy; I annoy you for a small problem that your representatives ignore, it is not to recognize the manufacturing failure of a shock absorber that began to discharge at 22,000km and already at 26,000km it has to be replaced. I can not believe that a FORD has this problem and does not cover the warranty.

I would appreciate your intervention, so that they recognize the error.

Best regards

Rodoflo C Grajales


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Tom S - 7 d 2 m ago


Ford Program Headquarters

I've called numerous times. I uploaded several of the same document. I've faxed the documents. I've done everything that you asked me to do.... and still nothing. Every time I call, seems like employees are trained to give me the run around. Seems like I'm to blame for you changing your systems during this. I'm to blame for selling your product that you promised spiffs on. I'm to blame for trying to claim the spiff owed. Doesn't seem like you want me to sell your product. Doesn't seem like you want to honor your programs. I just got off the phone with one of your agents and she said the reason I didn't get paid was because I didn't put "sales" in front of "manager". Good to know. I know where I won't be putting Ford, on the one you want list. Been in sales all my life and the level of disrespect you show salespeople is absolutely ridiculous. Looking for treasure in the ocean for treasure is easier than getting paid by Ford, attitude shared by all my co-workers. A joke. Laughable. Guess they'll just sell themselves huh? Sure the head of the motorhome division will be real proud of how you guys have handled this. My next email goes to him or her.

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Suzanne church - 7 d 4 h ago

Jan 2017 went and purchased 2017 Ford Fusion this was while My 2013 Ford focus transmission was all over the service department for (wow was this a huge faux pas)That should've been my moment of realization anything back from Fort was going to be a big mistake since my purchase of the fusion six times my battery has died one battery replacement after six months now I'm trying to go through by back which is turning out to be a nightmare ....extraordinarily disappointed....

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Premier - 7 d 6 h ago


I purchased a 2018 Transit Connect on April 21, 2017. The VIN (NM0LS6F74J1348259) and build was completed on September 14, 2017. The vehicle was received in the United States and cleared customs on October 28, 2017. As far as I can tell the vehicle is sitting at Port Newark for over one month. When will the vehicle be delivered to my dealer in Denver?

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Deon van Rensburg - 8 d ago


Good day.

I have a 2005 Ford F-250. I live in South Africa & I'm having a huge struggle getting replacement parts! I require a new exhaust manifold gasket for the 4,2L Diesel engine. I was told by Ford South Africa "the parts I require have been discontinued" ???????? what do I do now? There are no aftermarket parts available here in South Africa! I am hoping to get some response from Ford Motor Company USA!

Thank you

Deon van Rensburg

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