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Ford Motor Company

1 American Rd.
Dearborn, MI
Alan Mulally
President CEO and Director
(313) 322-3000
(800) 392-3673
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Jennifer - 13 h 34 m ago


No one can read the code on 2013 Ford Expedition??

Problem started in July 2018. Wrench light came on instrument panel and car lost power. Fortunately, we were able to limp straight to a Ford dealership in Guymon, OK, but they were unable to "read the error code" on the computer. (what good is a computer if Ford can't read the code?) They said maybe it was the gas pedal sensor. Restarted car and wrench light didn't come back on, so we continued our trip. Wrench light reappeared several times during the trip, but we were able to coast to side of the road and restart car. Upon returning home, my husband ordered the gas pedal sensor from Bill Knight Ford. He received the wrong part (for a Ford F150) and had to reorder. I was with my husband when he reordered the correct part from Shawn @ Bill Knight Ford parts department. (I cannot find the receipt for the reordered part)

No problems until about June 2019. Wrench light reappeared. Drove straight to Bill Knight Service dept, where tech couldn't read computer code. (again: what good is a code if computer if Ford techs can't read it?) I had just received recall notice for something else, so I scheduled that work to be done while I was there.

Within a few weeks, the wrench light reappeared, right before our vacation. This time I went to Matthews Ford in Broken Arrow, OK, where "code" was identified. I rented a car for $178. because Matthews Ford had no loaner cars available. They replaced a throttle body, purge valve sensor, spark plugs and boots. They also cleaned the injector system. (Cost over $1900.00) It drove fine for 2200 miles on our vacation, but when we were 1/2 mile from home, the wrench light came on again and it lost power. Limped home at 10 mph.

Our car has been at Matthews Ford for 4 days. Lonnie in service dept. told us the gas pedal sensor had failed. This was the part my husband replaced less than a year earlier. Lonnie said if we had our receipt for it, the gas pedal sensor could be covered under parts warranty. I called Bill Knight Ford and spoke with Shawn in parts. He has no record of the exchange transaction. Since we can't produce the receipt, there will be no warranty reimbursement on this gas pedal sensor. (cost about $300)

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Mike - 26 d 15 h ago

Charon ford in chatom Alabama is promoting God, Guns and freedom. This really does not look good for ford. What do u think?

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Greg K Thompson - 1 d 14 h ago


We like to hunt, we believe in GOD, and we support our country. What is wrong with that ?

It's the southern way. Stay up north then.

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Mustang Joe - 1 d 11 h ago


Greg K Thompson ,

Question, do you hunt to feed your family or do you hunt for sport?

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Mustang Joe - 1 d 11 h ago


Mike, they are promoting God, Guns and Greed.(777)... (not freedom).

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Concerned American - 16 d 6 h ago

To the Ford family, I have been long time Ford owner because you fouder was a true American. You are pumping up your company as work and outdoor related then an Alabama dealer does something that wouldn't hurt your company a bit by giving out certificates for a gun a flag and a bible. That is great in this great country but eveadently you have a bunch of chicken livered gun hating liberals running you company. You need to cater to the people who work and use your products not a bunch of snowflakes that cut you off if something was on environment or PC ENOUGH FOR THEM.


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Gary Bruce Kempf - 10 d 12 h ago

That's the problem with this country today, People like you!

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Greg K Thompson - 1 d 14 h ago


No, she is right. The real problem is people like you.

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Alan Mulally President/ CEO - 4 d 8 h ago


I'm having A lot of. Transmission trouble with my 2014 Ford Focus since 2017. I have taken it to Sanders Ford in Jacksonville N.C. several times;No Help at ALL!! Very disappointed with your car service.I am seriously considering contacting the Better Business Bureau or my local TV station.Thank you Ms. Elizabeth Miller (hidden))

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John G. - 4 d 4 h ago


Ms. Elizabeth Miller,

Try this Gov. website. Check for any recalls on your car. Also report a problem with them.

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frank - 5 d 10 h ago

I love my suv payed $70K+ and they want me to pay to get the direction to fix it!!!!

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Penny Falgout - 5 d 13 h ago


I am going to vent. I bought a 2015 Explorer with 300 miles on it. I was driving and the steering went out at 13,000 miles. Luckily I didn't wreck. I now have 28,000 miles on it and it has another recall (3rd or 4th) on it. This recall is because of a toe joint that if it breaks it can cause the rear suspension to go out and cause a crash. It will take two weeks to get the part I drive it.....I still owe a year on it . I just tried calling Ford Motor Customer service. I was asked the nature of the call and after the phone rang twice it went straight to a survey about how they handled my call. They won't talk to their customers.

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J - 7 d ago


The Future Ford of Roseville (4625 Madison Ave, Sacramento, CA 95841) is dishonest and deceptive. The salesperson we were wirking with sent us text confirmation of a deal we had worked on the night before and followed up with a phone call also affirming the same. My wife and I went to the location thinking we were only going to sign papers. Even the salesperson was under the same impression because he had called to say he had the vehicle getting a full tank of gas and cleaned.

We arrived and was introduced to some finance guy (very condescending and dismissive) and he proceeded to say he can't continue with the purchase. We even showed him the texts exchanges between the salesperson and general nanager confirming the deal and he continued to say he couldn't do the deal.

It was embarrassing and a waste of time. How can a dealership agree to a deal and back out? How can you have your salesperson send texts confirming the deal and follow up with a phone call? Very dishonest, distrustful and bait and switch location. Avoid if possible!!!!!

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Sandra Griffin - 8 d 8 h ago


I am going to get a lawyer, and start sharing your treatment of me everywhere, and get others to join me, because I am sure I am not alone....The (Advanced Trac?) power steering system went completely out on my 2010 Ford Fusion. You know it is a sealed system. I went to Duval Ford on Cassat Avenue, in Jacksonville, Florida, and they assured me it was covered. I was given a loaner car and sent home. Sometime later, they called me and said they told me incorrectly, that it wasn't covered after all, and that it would be $2300 to repair. That's complete bullshit. First of all, the dealership lied to me, and your corporate office refused to help when I called. They never should have told me it was covered and request that I leave the car, which I did, because it is a safety and driveability issue. The issue was covered for other years, but they reneged and decided not to cover mine, after assuring me they would. So now they had me risking driving the car only to be lied to, now I have to risk myself and my kids again, to pick up a car that is unsafe to drive, because they lied to me. They had plenty of chances to check my warranty coverage, which they said they did, and claimed it was covered, without the risk of me driving the car to them. They still claimed it was covered under my apparently worthless extended warranty long after I was home. If I can't get some help to fix this issue, I will have no choice but to lawyer up and start sharing my story everywhere. The dealership lied to me, in front of my son, the corporate office was heartless and unhelpful when I called them for help. I hope the dishonesty and greed are worth the publicity you are about to get. I paid $11,000 for my car, I deserved some help and honesty from this company, neither of which I received. So now I have no car to drive, and have to take social, and legal action. All they had to do was the decent thing, they weren't even honest with me

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Nearly 3 Months Later - Still No Airbag - I Need My Car Back - 10 d 9 h ago

Attention: Ford Motor Company and/or !!! PLEASE HELP !!! Date: 7/12/2019 Attention: Ford Dealership and/or Attention: Ford Parts Department and/or Attention: All Ford Employees REGARDING: MY FORD CAR HAS BEEN IN THE REPAIR SHOP SINCE 4/23/2019 (NEEDS A FORD ISSUED AIRBAG). Steering Wheel Airbag Replacement Needed [since car accident on April 22, 2019]. Airbag is currently on backorder and recall. I NEED AN STEERING WHEEL AIRBAG SO MY CAR CAN BE ADEQUATELY FIXED AND RETURNED BACK TO ME ASAP. PLEASE HELP ME. Vehicle Information: 2010 Ford Fusion SEL Vin #: AVAILABLE WHEN NEEDED My vehicle was in an accident on Monday, April 22, 2019 and my car is still NOT COMPLETELY FIXED. During this accident my steering wheel airbag deployed and now it is in need of being replaced. My vehicle was previously serviced during the initial Airbag Recall in which a new airbag was previously installed. Since having a car accident on Monday, April 22, 2019, a new Airbag is in now needed to be installed in the steering wheel again. My car has been at the repair shop since Tuesday, April 23, 2019. Except for the installation of the Steering Wheel Airbag, all other repairs have been completed. I have been without my vehicle since Tuesday, April 23, 2019. When inquiring about the Airbag, I am being told by the repair shop that the Airbag is on a national backorder and is still on recall with no estimated release date. I am in need of my vehicle to be fully repaired and returned to me ASAP because I still need to drive to work, drive my child to school, transport an elderly family member, go grocery shopping, etc. , etc. Why is it taking so long for an Airbag to be available for release?! I need my vehicle back! I need an indication of a date!

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Jenese or Loren Primmer. - 10 d 13 h ago

Could you please,help with changing my password, so can pull up my account and get a new password.

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robert oconnell, - 10 d 16 h ago

i have a 2016 e450 that has been out of service for 2 mounths while ford is trying to get a tool to test the steering,this is an emergency response vehicle for a small village ,we don't have spares


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John & Mar4y Ann Baker - 35 d 3 h ago


Big mistake eliminating the Taurus models. For retirees, the compacts are too small, and the SUV's are cumbersome to maneuver. We have a Taurus SEL, and we\ve been all over the country. It's an amazing vehicle.

Big mistake not making the Taurus models.

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Anonymous - 11 d ago

Ford I am a con out of prison looking to start an auto company Warren Smith (hidden) phone

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DK - 12 d 5 h ago


I am a life long Ford enthusiast's I have always use their trucks because they are the strongest number one work truck in the world, So couple months ago I decided to buy a brand new one for the 1st time in my life And it was the worst experience I have ever dealt with in regards to a vehicle, I will save the long-drawn-out explanation but after being reviewed by a regional supervisor I was kindly offered a month's payment off of my vehicle actually 2 I declined one not wanting to be greedy And I thought this is awesome bad experience but they did good to Rectify the Situation... Or did they, I shoulda took.the 2 months. I purchased my new vehicle on May 1st After having the issues and being promised the payment I was told 6 weeks or so Clearly we're well beyond that still no paymentI reached out multiple times over the last 2 or 3 weeks to this supervisor through email and phone call and have not received any information on the whereabouts or even was acknowledged, So the same treatment that I received from the original dealership seems to be how you get treated anywhere when it comes to dealing with a Ford product I guess terrible customer service is their motto... And the icing on the cake and total separate incident but still with Ford Is I'm waiting on the refund of my extended warranty that I purchased on a vehicle that I bought 3 years ago at another Ford dealership I've waited the time was told I would have that check also 2 weeks ago and have not received that already phone calls explaining why and these dealerships have nothing to do with each other go figure, So my wife that needs a new vehicle soon and all of our kids growing up that are starting to drive it's really gonna make us think long and hard where we sit down to spend our money after this experience or somebody's gonna be for a government bail out if they keep treating their customers this way...

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tc - 15 d 8 h ago


when are we getting the baby raptor? as life time buyer, i am truly disappointed, that you chose to sell overseas, before in your own country. that is not patriotic! FORD!....GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!. WE'RE COUNTING ON YOU, NOT TO DISAPPOINT THE AMERICAN CONSUMERS. WE ARE THE LIFE LINE OF YOUR EMPLOYEES. WE WANT THE DAMN TRUCK!!!!!!!

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Susan Credle - 17 d 41 s ago


Just wanted to give Ford Motor Company a shout out concerning the incredible customer service provided to my husband & myself by Kenly Ford in Kenly,NC...from the time we entered until we finished up the sales process , we were treated like royalty by Joe Husick and husband bought a 2018 Taurus & what impressed me is the time that Joe spent making sure my husband was familiar with the technology & operation of the vehicle before we left...we've bought many vehicles from GM, but we are now very impressed with this Kenly dealership. Their customer service is just phenomenal! Ford Motor Company is very lucky to have these great employees!

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Kristi & Aaron Karnas - 19 d 5 h ago


HELP US FORD!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! We have an ongoing issue with multiple documents & paperwork to prove we were sold a wrecked 2014 Ford Explorer Sport for almost 50K. We tried to fight this in court ourselves at one point and the dealership's lawyer found issues with our paperwork but never denied it wasn't wrecked (we have court documents). We were unable to afford the 7-10K the local lawyers wanted to fight and did everything possible, but WE AREN'T GOING AWAY. Haldeman Ford in Allentown, PA sold us a severely wrecked (but covered up the damage) car with a warranty in 2015 (car only had a couple thousand miles, paid almost $50,000). We were so proud, we finally had such a nice car that we worked so hard for, at least we thought. Initially, when taking it in for service for a tailgate issue, their service man accidentally said "This car is wrecked! We can't fix this tailgate!" not knowing it was purchased from their dealership only months before with a CLEAN title & Carfax. After a battle with multiple people at the dealership, they decide to "fix it" on their dime (tailgate once and back again for a sunroof issue). We were never able to actually get ahold of that service tech after that either, everybody denies this. The service tech even told us the sticker in the door jam was missing and just "stuck" one on. It's such a conspiracy. The dealership manager called leaving a rude & arrogant message claiming it wasn't wrecked, that we were crazy. I believe we still have that message. The sunroof was getting water, tailgate not working, check engine light on and off (we had to have the sunroof repaired from the same dealership too). We went through h*** fighting with Haldeman who got it thrown out of court eventually, but we aren't done. We have been through Ford customer care, two other Ford dealerships who refuse to work on it, and now have a 2014 Ford Explorer with 63000 that is JUNK the newest dealership said with cam/driveshaft issues & more...and still owe $17000. It's 3000 miles over the powertrain warranty with the SAME issues we've been trying to get all the dealerships to FIX UNDER WARRANTY for two years. Other dealerships don't want involved, it's that simple. They know it's fraud. "It isn't even worth fixing", the latest guy claimed today. There are so many internal problems, most recently the cam & driveshaft issue. We had a mechanics tell us at TWO other locations (not Ford) about these issues with Ford acknowledging NO issues...and that the "recalls" should take care of it. WE have photos of bodywork, statements from non-Ford garages, different paint panel colors, rust under seats, and caulking at incorrect locations. We have tons of photos of this and have spent countless amounts of money on diagnosis'. We can't get ANYBODY to just say, you were sold a wrecked car. No sealant on one side of the vehicle was claimed by a service tech at another dealership at one time which also refused to fix the recalls due to "issues" with the car, only to stop taking our phone calls and report to Ford Customer Care the recalls were rectified (Ford customer care claims the recalls are in their system as "fixed"). We are now looking to hire a lawyer to help, FORD CORPORATE IS DOING NOTHING! My husband is a 100% DISABLED USMC VETERAN with two prosthetic hips & a pericardial window, he also has a PTSD diagnosis. He fought for these people!!! We do not need this stress! He's honest and true, he's a PROUD MARINE. My husband can barely function with the stress, he's lost 100 lbs. I finally decided to write this letter to somebody, anybody who might care. This is our ONLY car and now we are in such a predicament that the PA attorney general, Josh Shapiro, has been left messages to get back to us and is involved. Ford Customer Care does not want to help, we are also dealing with the Lemon Law Group in PA, hoping they pull through after contacting them today. We need FORD'S help. Is there no accountability? We have a lot of info and are confident WE ARE 100% BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. We have nothing but time to make this KNOWN, my husband is a recon marine, all he knows how to do is fight & wait. We have always been told nobody can help us at FORD. So, I am taking to social media & all accounts including news outlets to try and get this rectified. Please Ford, help us!

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Jerry - 21 d 7 h ago

Well, it has been three months now since our 2014 explorer limited started dieing on the road. We are in.our fourth shop for help of any kind. They have called and said the problem is a bad wiring harness. It will cost over 1100.00 to replace it. Do I have any hope for help on what i would say was a very unusual.circumstane. I have been driving my 1998 ford explorer during this ordeal and it just keeps running. Tks.

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Mira damayanti - 21 d 16 h ago

Bagi mobil dong bingung kerjaan dak ada nih

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