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Ford Motor Company

1 American Rd.
Dearborn, MI
Alan Mulally
President CEO and Director
(313) 322-3000
(800) 392-3673
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Robin - 16 d 14 h ago


We purchased a 2019 Ford Flex from gullo in November of 2019. We started off good and while my husband was finishing financing paper work the owner ended up backing up into our new car and was so scared we were going to back out. He promised to fix it and we were already set on it so went ahead with it. (Must of been a sign of what to come) After having it for a couple of weeks we noticed we could hear air coming in through the passenger window and when it rained water leaked all in the back. They scheduled to look at it the time I dropped it off to have the scrape repaired from when the owner hit me the first time. I showed up with my baby at the collision center that morning and it was cold and raining. They had me walk to the enterprise building for a loaner with my child and car seat and diaper bag while it's raining. When I got there I waited for about 45 minutes only for them to tell me they had nothing to lend me. So I called Sabrina in which she came and picked me up and had a car ready from Ford. So for a week they had it only for them to tell me they mounted the door better, fixed the scrape and could not drive in the car and fix the sound of air because they are not allowed to drive in a car without the owner. (Never heard of that BS) I mentioned it to the GM and they said that they would keep thier ear out and if we had any problems let us know. So in august I sent another email to gullo's Gm because now that sound was accompanied by the whole panel coming off while driving and more water creeping in. Also at this point the left blinker gets stuck when turning, our keyless remotes don't always start the car and the ac doesn't always work. I told willie about that in which he said because it's so hot in Texas that will cause the ac to act up. Then Willie, contacted me, asking what the issues were and they would schedule to take a look and fix, in which At this point we are ready to trade in. The Gm in the first email said I could do a trade, I was even willing to do an even trade for a used expedition with high miles , he then said no. As my 2019 that they over sold me, would probably not appraise for that. It has less than 10,000 miles on it. So I take it in and Willie tells me it should be Monday when it's done. Mind you I have a very ill daughter who has encephalitis in the brain and can't even be exposed to mold all this as we are waiting to hear from her dr of approved treatment in San Antonio. So they give me a rental with the conditions that we can't leave 200 miles out of gullo. This was infuriating as we have been waiting for approval for a year and a half. I also let Ford Corp know everything up until this point as well. I then heard from willie on Monday stating it would be Tuesday and he did say if we had to go get treatment we would just have to take the loaner. Then we heard from him Tuesday saying they wouldn't have parts until Wednesday. My husband then called the GM and wanted the GM to call him back in which Willie called back instead. My husband talked to willie and he just expressed how important it is to be updated with the cars turn around time because of our daughters condition. I'm also very sure mold is not even something they have checked. We honestly thought thier motto "Treating You Like Family" was what they were about. Not at all. Not only have we been sold a high priced car, but they are not honoring trading and they are truly less than in service. Of all of the affiliations they proclaim to be apart of, you would think that they would consider the health of my daughter through all of this. We pay our car note ahead of time and this vehicle and buying from them seems to have been horrible from the jump! After picking my car up Thursday, Willie did not speak or acknowledge me! And they didn't fix the loud noise which is the ORIGINAL issue we had! Also bought my car already tinted and decked out with rims, they put it in sales contract and now being in a bbb dispute with them, they said they tinted it for us. No they didn't we left dealership that day.

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Melissa - 4 d 13 h ago


Well it sure sounds like your getting treated like I am. I had a recall two to be exact. The first one Derrick at Beau Townsend didn't fix it correctly and also charged me for a faulty wire he said was six hundred dollars. Said that had to be fixed before he could fix the recall I paid him took my car thinking it was fixed it was. Not. Then a new recall came along and the old recall was not repaired properly and he tried the wire stuff on me again saying it would be 400$ , fixed the new recall and we complained to ford about the wire trick so we still had to pay 100$ He could not figure out how to fix the brakes! A ford dealership cannot fix the brakes on there own product wow amazing! I've bought fords since 1992 and don't believe I ever will again! Just sickening service! Here I sit without a car while a brake company fixes my brakes. Oh yeah Ford had my car for a month because if I did not pay the 400$ they refused to give my car back. Until I called the croton involved I didn't have a faulty wire and he released my car. What and idiot.

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Kathleen yopp - 7 d 9 h ago


Your dealership in Chiefland FL is very poor in their service dept. They have a VERY bad reputation. I will be buying Chevrolet next vehicle so I have follow up service I can count on!! You folks need to get down there and either fix the dealership or close it.

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Vicki - 9 d 13 h ago


Purchasing (still owe) a 2014 Ford Fusion SE; the roof is falling in the rear and my vision is impaired by this defect. Have seen many of the same complaints. I went to dealership and said they would fix the problem but I would have to pay for the service; their defect but at my expense. I'm 64-years-old and draw SSDI so my budget does not cover this expense; as I'm still making car payments. My backup camera has also tilted and I'm very concerned that I will be in an accident that may hurt someone or myself because of Fords defective roof issues.

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james - 10 d 17 h ago


brought a ford ecosport was never told that it does not come with a spare tire trued calling bartow ford in fl got no replies this the worst company I will never buy ford ever again

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Steve - 11 d 18 h ago



I have a 2016 GT Mustang in competition orange and love my car

Are you able to advise me how many of the FM series were painted this colour in Australia right hand drive

Regards Steven Chillmaid

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Dennis long - 14 d 14 h ago


Should follow police buy Dodge not washed up ford try to make us pay there bills by not honoring warranty will never buy another lincoln ever crap cars

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Uni - 42 d 12 h ago

Ford Customer relations are cold hearted clones who will not work with their customers. There is no record of any maintenance done to my car and I've been told my warranty has expired, in which I didn't know i had an extended warranty. Because I was told that my warranty was for only 75,000 miles and not 100,000 which was brought to my attention, when they told me it would cost $10,000 to fix the car.. I've only gone 5,000 miles over the warranty but no one was willing to work with me, given this current situation. Fords are not great in quality and i was advised this by a family member who is a mechanic. They will require a good amount of maintenance and i found this out the hard way. I would not recommend ANYONE TO EVER PURCHASE OR LEASE A FORD VEHICLE!!!!

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Dennis Long - 14 d 14 h ago

Same issue here they pushed me off till warranty expired never again

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Denice Kounalis - 15 d 11 h ago


I need your help! I have been a loyal Ford customer since the 1990's. Presently I have a 2016 Ford CMax Energi which I leased. I love it! My lease was up in August 2019. I extended my lease because I ordered a Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid in January 2020 and was told it would be delivered in Spring 2020. Then COVID it. I appreciate that the plants shut down or converted over to build PPE. Last month my dealership, Sunrise Ford of North Hollywood told me my vehicle was in process and they would be receiving it by mid-September. Ford Finance informed me that my vehicle need to be turned in to the dealer by 9/11. Final date - no more extensions. I have now been told from Sunrise Ford that my vehicle is not being built and won't be built until possibly October! I would like to continue to lease by CMax Energi and am willing to make the payments. I have been told I can't and must turn it in. I have no other vehicle to drive. I need someone's help who can escalate this to the next level. My dealership is unable to do anything, Ford Finance is unable to do anything. If you check my name, my then husband's name and my son's name you will see that we are long-term Ford owners. My email is (hidden).

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DANNY HARRIS , - 20 d ago


today driving my well taken care of 2013 f 150 XLT with tow package ,the steering stopped working on the interstate while pulling a trailer ,this was not funny at all how is it you give up safety over fuel mileage ,the steering gear was made in china and im told the common with this truck and for did not have a recall even knowing this is a safety problem ,and lets talk about the coast of repair for ford to excuse the as just a break down is a slap in the face ,thirty years in a ford truck and this was a deal breaker for me ,checking today with dodge truck before the 1100.00 dollar part gets here this is the said part have always loved my ford trucks but you have let me down with this gas save the planet crap over the tried and proven steering you used before the city boys started driving a truck ,and a dealer asked to pay them a 150 dollars just to tell me my steering does not work this is as low as a company can get ,DANNY HARRIS

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Pissed - 44 d 14 h ago


Ford is doing business with a company called Adient which will not allow their employees to wear a mask with the American flag on it. Pretty sure Henry Ford is turning over in his grave. Don't buy Ford. They are anti-American!!!!!

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Epictatus Fan - 23 d 11 h ago


business is focused on demonstrating their "patriotism" every moment of the day. You might want to pull back and understand what true patriotism is - it's sacrifice. Being a volunteer in schools, in hospitals, helping people in a disaster, being a current or former member of the military, etc, etc. The flag is a symbol - not an end in itself. And hard working, sacrificing Americans know some people like to hang their patriotic hat on the flag and do little else. Sources please! And if true, what reason did they give? Maybe there's a good reason. Not every

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Beth - 23 d 15 h ago


We would like to speak to someone at Ford Corporate about service we have received recently on 2 Ford vehicles (1 is brand new 2020 with 300 miles on it )and one is a brand new 2020 Lincoln vehicle and one is a F150 with 11,000 miles on it all bought at Lithia. We are a Ford family and very disappointed in the service received lately. We contacted the service manager at Lithia and he was argumentive and very rude to all of us. As a last resort we are reaching out to you in hopes of a resolution. Please have someone contact us regarding our troubles as we give them a 1 star rating and are very unhappy especially being we picked Ford over all other car manufacturers. My phone # is (hidden) or you have my email! Thankyou, Beth

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Anonymous - 29 d 13 h ago

RE: Case #CAS-26995953-L9Y9P7

I am writing this letter regarding the ongoing issues surrounding my vehicle and the lack of compassion and customer service I have received since engaging with representatives of the Ford company.

On June 23, 2020, I took my 2010 Ford Edge to the Landers Ford Dealership in Collierville, Tennessee. The Service Advisor, Jonathan Edminston, stated he could have the tech look at it by Thursday, June 25th. Please note, that I have not had any problems with my vehicle prior to my bringing it into the dealership. The air in my vehicle was blowing, but not blowing out cool. I was told that I needed a condenser to fix the problem and the total cost would be $1,135.74.

After picking up my vehicle on Friday, June 26th, the Service Advisor, Jonathan, stated, "He didn't know that the new tech did, but your air still isn't cooling. I'm going to keep your car over the weekend and have him look at it on Monday." Johnathan confirmed the vehicle was "ready", I was told the issue was, it just needed some refrigerant. On Tuesday, June 30th, I picked up my vehicle from the dealership, and the same day, the car started jerking, stalling, and shut off with my children in the backseat! I had to pay out of my pocket to tow the vehicle back to Ford Collierville Wednesday, July 1st at which point I asked to speak with a manager. After speaking with the Service Manager, Doug Arnold, on Thursday, July 2nd, he informed me that my vehicle would cost over $7,500 to repair because it now needed a new engine and there was no warranty on the vehicle so there was nothing they could do. This news was preceded by them trying to hassle me into buying a new car as an option. I informed them that there is no possible way that my vehicle came in for condenser for close to $1,200 worth of repairs to now I need an engine. My car was serviced in April 2020 but another authorized Ford Dealership for an oil change and there were no indication of engine leaks or repairs needed (see documents enclosed). Not only was I confused, but mind blown that this had happened. I've heard stories of individuals taking their car to get serviced for one thing, and then something else gets broken, but I never thought it would happen to me! And especially not with me taking my vehicle to an authorized Ford dealership. They gave me a loner car for $150/week; a 2020 Food Explorer. So far, I have racked up charges of $410 for the loner vehicle plus the increase of amount of money spent in gas.

On July 6, 2020, I reached out to Client Relations at Headquarters (Case #CAS- 26995953-L9Y9P7) and spoke with Dajah Parish. After calling back several times and waiting for the her to follow up with me, I requested to speak with a different rep and spoke with Ailin Perez July 16, 2020. She sent an email to her supervisor, Irene Trevizo, copying me on the email which I never received an email or a returned call back. I called back again to request a supervisor and got a returned phone call from Toynisha Fitzgerald on July 21, 2020. She left a voicemail and sent an email. I emailed her back and said, thank you, I've called back to return your phone. I am available to speak. I NEVER HEARD BACK.

During this time, I reached out back out to Jonathan Edmiston at Ford Collierville, to get a copy of my service paperwork. When he forwarded me the paperwork, he sent falsified paperwork to say that I brought my car in because my check engine light was on, that I paid cash for refrigerant, and other falsified things that did not happen. I had to reach out to the Service Manager, Doug, to receive the original and accurate paperwork.

This situation has been a nightmare for my family and I. As the mother of two young children, I not only need transportation, but I need reliable transportation. Maintaining during

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Mustang Salley - 26 d 5 h ago


I am having a similar experience with my 2010 mustang. A/C was blowing warm, then engine started cutting out. Dealership in Los Angeles, claimed i needed a new compressor and oxygen sensor. After paying $2500 the car still blew hot air and cut out. The dealership has had my car for over a month now and they don't even return my calls. They don't know what is wrong with it. I am now writing letters up the chain of command.

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DJ - 29 d 3 h ago

i would like to find some information on a 2015 f150 lariat that has a manufacturer buyback title . need to know what was wrong with the truck and why it cant be fixed . it overheats when pulling a trailer . it has a 3.5 ecoboost

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Annette - 31 d 12 h ago


I have been a Ford owner since 2007. I had previously owned a 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid. I was so pleased with how well this car ran that I purchased another Ford. My currrent 2017 Ford Escape ( titanium) was lovely but at 39,000 miles while out of State taking my daughter on a road trip to look at Unversities the engine blew and needed to be rebuilt. We are from Florida and this occured on Saturday the 25 July 2020. The nearest Ford to me was in Wilmington NC. I had the car towed there and rented a car. The only dealership available was at the ariport and the dealership opened on Monday. The dealership confirmed it was a engine rebuild and did not have a loner car but may get one in the next day. With only a week vacation and places booked ( that I would loose money on if I canceled) I continued on our planned trip in the rental. Then returned to get the loaner with the car still not available on Thursday 30 July. I have the loaner with me in Fl now. I have repeatedly asked for assistance from your corporate office to cover the cost of the rental and the hotel costs for the time I was in Wilmingon , Sat- Sun and then Thursday when I returned to get the loaner to drive back to Flordia. I am constantly getting no response to my call or email. I have had promises of Ford covering the costs for reimbursement ( verbally) of hotel and rental from corporate ( sherondra) but they also say they are waiting on the dealership to get the forms they need ( Colleen) and the dealership says no one from corporate has contacted them. I have to drive back to Wilmington and get my car and that is 19 hours so I have also asked for the costs to cover one night in a hotel ...This is the most disappointing and worst case of bad mangement I have ever seen for customer service. The cost I am asking for is minimal for Ford. Can you please help me understand why this has been almost a month and nothing has been resolved or why Ford would not cover this cost and deal with each customer with respect and clarity of the situation. I honestly have no idea how an engine blows at 39,000 miles except to assume that something went wrong in the manufacturing of this car and if this is the case why wouldn't the customer service representatives try to maintain thier loyal customers by supporting reasonable requests.

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Celia Garcia - 36 d 15 h ago


To Mr. Alan Mulally: We are the owners of a 2015 Ford Escape Eco Booster, 2.0. We have owned a Ford Escape before. My daughter Loves them but after a few months of purchase in 2019 the back passenger handle fell and we took it to Ford here in Harlingen, Texas but they stated their was a high charge to replace it. My daughter was a student at the time with limited income so since it locked from inside we haven't replaced it yet. Now last week it started to throttle, stall, humming noise coming from gas tank (sounds like) and engine light went on. We call Ford again and they stated they charged to check it before they could say if it had a recall since we did not have a letter. I looked at the recalls on and it seems like there is a door latch Recall and this other systems of stalling and throttle the car has, are in your Recalls also. We take care of our vehicles with oil changes and inspection so they are kept up. We have always liked Ford and given Ford a high rating, hopefully the rating will be a 5 after informing Ford Company with this note to you. I hope you can stand behind your Ford motto. Please help we are both senior citizens and hope we can continue buying Fords after this experience. Thank you, hope to hear from you soon with some kind of resolution.

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John - 37 d 15 h ago


We are the owners of a 2007 f150 5.4. We have replaced the original engine through a valid Ford dealer. We were driving and the oil pressure suddenly dropped and now there is a loud tapping in the engine. We sent our Vin number to ford and they are telling us there is no recall on our engine. I find that impossible. We have taken very good care of our truck. Something has to be done for us. So your motto is: At Ford Motor Company, your satisfaction is important to us. We're here to help.

Well we are asking for help. We are senior citizens on a limited income, and have been Ford owners since forever. We have owned a 65 & 69 Mustang, a Bronco and a Ford Ranger. Always loyal to ford. We think our Vin number should be on the recall list for a faulty engine. There must be something that can be done to put this vin number on the recall list.

Please stand up to your motto and help us. This pandemic has hit all of us hard, including our pick up problem.

Hope to hear from someone soon. We are rating 5 stars.. hope we can feel the same way.

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Rich for PATS - 38 d 19 h ago

My dealer and other dealers, Customer service, can't help

I am a loyal Ford customer. -- Have a 99 Expedition XLT 4.6 that runs great and I want to keep it.

My PATS transceiver (1L3Z-15607-AA) needs to be replaced and the part was discontinued.

Is there any other PATS part that will functionally work (even if mounts different --as in the F-150) that I can use?

I did pull an XL3T-150607-AD off a 99 Eddie Bauer (for 1999-2001), Will that work

Someone from engineering needs to give me an alternate part number or find one in a parts heep there.

Please help me out. This is rediculous.


R May


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Gabriel - 39 d 8 h ago


We need your assistance! We purchased a 2020 F-350 Lariat from David McDavid Ford in Fort Worth Tx and within 4 days the truck broke down. I am a truck driver and had to leave my truck in San Angelo Tx at Jim Bass Ford. In the beginning they tried to tell us that they couldn't help us since we didn't but it from them. Then When they agreed to finally look at it, told us they could give us a replacement or rental. Mind you, this is a brand new vehicle still under warranty. So then once the mechanic took a look at it, they first tell us that it a pressure sensor , then they told us it was some other sensor, then told us it was the oil pump and when that didn't fix it, have now told us they would have to replace the entire engine but that they can't get gaskets for a new engine.

They have had our truck since July 6th and no fix or solution in place. About 2 weeks into this, they finally give us a vehicle to drive and then yesterday they asked us to pay for the rental and they would reimburse us! Mind you still no fix in place! We have asked them to just find us another vehicle just like the one we have with the added features that we paid for, they told us that there are none. Our first payment is due and we still have no truck and no fix in place. Please help us resolve this.

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John - 43 d 8 h ago


My 2019 ford F250'viberates while driving... Open case with ford motors... They instruct me to take my truck to another dealer now they are advising me I have to take the truck back to the dealer who case my problem. Amanda phone extension 79419 at the Ford quality center was no help at all, can not advise her supervisor. This is the worst quality assurance you could possibly have.

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Contact James via email - 43 d 8 h ago


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Anonymous - 43 d 14 h ago


Are employees at all plants making sure they quarantine,for fourteen days,once they return from vacation?I know a neighbor of mine that just returned from Florida and he went back to work right away.We live in the Cincinnati area.

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