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Forever 21

2001 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA
Do Won Chang
(213) 741-5100
(213) 741-5161
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Til - 1 d ago


It's almost be a month I placed an order that I didn't get the first time I talk to someone I asked of they could reship my package back out the lady told me that not the company policy spoke with someone else that said I could they hung up the phone in my face like they don't have to worry about getting my money again I will go over and beyond to let the world know about this unprofessional company I never had to call a police to see the steps about taking someone to court

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Valerie Contreras - 5 d 18 h ago


This is such bullshit. Don't fucking order anything from them. It's been months since I've ordered a bikini that was 40$ and never got it! Stealing my money fuck you

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Til - 1 d ago


Did they give you your money back because I'm going through the same thing I didn't know they was like this they have been nothing but rude and disrespectful

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Jaclyn - 2 d 13 h ago


One thing I will say is I work at forever 21 and they treat their employees like shit, and still expect us to give good customer service. Been working for forever 21 for 6 months and I'm done with this company. Human Resources doesn't do anything about their rude ass management

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Anonymous - 2 d 15 h ago


The Forever 21 in Tacoma Washington mall has the worst customer service. I would love to continue shopping with them but they just don't provide good customer service. They do less than substandard work. I tried to call and see if they could look up a item for me, and instead of helping me she just hung up. They lost a customer for life.

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J Sande - 2 d 19 h ago


I just had the worst customer service in a store that I have EVER had at the Four Seasons Town Center in Greensboro, NC. I am a avid shopper at Forever 21 with my twin girls and a card holder. I will never shop at ANY of these stores again.

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Mary Sims - 3 d ago


Bought a pair of pants took them home try them on they did not fit so I can return them for another pair of pants but when I got to the store talk to the manager she said they were final sale it's not trying to get any money just trying to find the right size pants to fit them on the run to work cuz I needed a pair of pants and they didn't fit in turn they would not take them I could not where I left them at the store I hope they make a big profit off of those one pair of pants that I bought and could not wear will never shop there again the policies is full of boo boo

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Anonymous - 3 d 12 h ago


I am disgusted with this company!!! I will never shop online or purchase any items from this company ever again. I place an order online on May 5th package had incorrect address. Not my fault! Somewhere between forever 21 and fedex someone made a mistake. Now I have to be inconvienced because an error the company made.I provided all the correct information for shipping and paid my money and still no dresses. I've been calling customer service for a week they're horrible and inconsiderate. And dont give a damn about the customers. Ask for a supervisor she was even worse. This is not how a company should operate. Forever 21 is horrible and your customer service SUCKS!! Someone needs to handle all these escalated issues and treat the customers how they should be treated.

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Marie - 3 d 12 h ago

Hi I was at your store in the Galleria in White Plains NY and had the greatest experience with one of your co managers I ask for her name ( Nicole Errico) I was there with a few people she took care of all of us it was a pleasure dealing with her at first I asked for the manager but he was no help at all and couldn't be bothered. I just want to let someone know how wonderful it was to have someone like Nicole help us out

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Lisa Dempsey - 3 d 17 h ago


Horrible , horrible company. Will never shop , will never order online again!!!

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James - 4 d 12 h ago



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Ur Mum - 4 d 12 h ago


This sucks

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Disappointed Customer - 4 d 17 h ago


I placed an order on May 9th and paid for the next day saver shipping. It stated that my expected delivery date was for the 11th of May. Contacted customer service after speaking with a representative at FedEx and the representative was very nonchalant and had no intentions on helping me. I asked for a supervisor and she was just as bad. Telling me that she couldn't cancel the order because it had already been shipped, but the package wasn't scheduled to be picked until Friday the 11th. Called back on the 12th and spoke with a different agent who was somewhat helpful after seeing that the delivery date would be for the 14th. After speaking with him I spoke with another representative about canceling the order and he stated that his supervisor would call FedEx in 24-48 hours it intercept the package. Contacted FedEx after agent hung the phone up on me and had the package interecepted. Called today because they package was delivered back and they representative by the name of Lindy stated she couldn't issue my refund until after 5-10 days when it has been scanned back into the warehouse and that once they send an email stating that it was received I could call back in to discuss receiving my refund. I asked her for their corporate number she stated that they aren't allowed to give it out and I could try googling it to find it. This company has very poor customer service and I will be spending my money else where.

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Kendra - 5 d 18 s ago


WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPEREINCE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!, was talked over and not helped by rep by name of Marcus, Im very upset I didn't get the prev rep name, I placed an order on Friday 5/11/18 to ship to my local store, I called to see how long it would take so I would know if I needed to reorder with expedited shipping as I was going on a trip 5/21/18, the rep told me it would arrive by 5/17/18, called back to check because I had no tracking confirmation and that's when I spoke to Marcus who said I was basically out of luck, I had to wait for package and could arrive up to 5/22/18, I advised I could risk it and to please cancel my order and allow me to reorder with expedited shipping or ask their carrier to expedite and I pay extra fees, he advised me both against company policy so I requested a supervisor, the supervisor was just as unhelpful, how do you not help customers who have an issue because of your company's business failure, the first rep lied to me and made up a date!!!!! Anyway I reordered with overnight shipping as of today 5/17/18 but needed someone to know you have the worst reps in AMERICA!!!

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Madass customer - 5 d 12 m ago


I'm so disgusted with forever 21 i express order two pairs of sneakers one comes with big black scraps on the front i call customer service to have one of them tell me it's nothing they can do and hung up in my ear he was very disrespectful to call back to have another tell me that i would have to wait two to three weeks to get something i paid express shipping for no one ever contacted me or anything i will never ever shop with forever 21

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Lynn Keys - 5 d 10 h ago


I was in the forever 21 store in Arden Mall Sacramento and the shoe department was an absolute mess and very dangerous

This unacceptable and needs to be cleaned up.

I am unable paste the picture

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KId - 5 d 19 h ago


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Rayyansh Cubedy - 5 d 19 h ago



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Forever 21 has the worse of all stores customer service and should be boycott. They have customer service workers that have no knowledge of anything and very rude. The online order service is the worse of all stores, they use a courier service that loses the majority of the items. I have to call my bank to complain about them. I can see why they have a low score. I will put this on social media every chance I get. Bad services DO NOT ORDER ONLINE BEWARE

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Dave and Rita Cross - 9 d 10 m ago

Dear Mr. Chang,

Numerous PETA expose's of wool suppliers around the world have documented that workers beat, stamped on, kicked, mutilated, threw and even killed sheep as they sheared them! How these people sleep at night is anyone's guess! We assume they are without any consciences and that cruelty to animals is OK!

We are asking you today for your help! This vile cruelty must be stopped. In the meantime, you have an opportunity to take a humane stand against it! How? By ending your purchases and not selling products made with wool. This humane decision will be heard everywhere, and your reputation will improve with likely more business!

Many thanks for your serious consideration of our requests!


Dave and Rita Cross


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Suzanne Richards - 12 d ago

While I sympathize with all those who have complained about some aspect of your customer service, their inconvenience pales in comparison to the appalling cruelty of the Angora-goat shearing industry, which provides mohair for Forever 21.

If your customers have any doubts about this, they should Google "PETA Angora goat cruelty." If they then watch the videos, they will see goats thrown, cut, and killed for their mohair. I hope the humane among your shoppers will stop being complicit supporters of the horrors to which the goats are subjected. Are mohair sweaters, blankets, balls of yarn, and so on -- all of which can be found made of other materials -- really worth it?

Anthropologie has agreed to stop offering mohair products, as have Arcadia Group, Gap Inc., Abercrombie & Fitch, and several others. When will Forever 21 join them?

If you or your clientele continue to support this industry, what will you tell your grandchildren when they ask what you did to stop this abomination, what will you say? Will you be proud of your answer?

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Anonymous - 12 d 12 h ago


The managers at Monmouth Mall are highly disrespectful and takes their job for granted and the manager is Brianna she tried to leave an employee in the store by themselves and is on her 24/7 while working and she is highly rude to the employees

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PISSED TF OFF! - 19 d 10 h ago


I don't think there's a word to describe how furious I am with Forever 21 right now. On Monday April 30 I placed an order and paid for next day air shipping; I was aware that because the order was placed after 11am I wouldn't receive it until Wednesday May 2nd - I was completely fine with that; in fact I called a few times to verify that i would definitely receive the order in time because I was traveling May 3rd and needed these items for my trip - I was told yes definitely you'll have by the end of the day May 2nd. Well May 2nd comes and I received a text notification from FedEx that the package was JUST picked up from the shipper (Forever 21) and I would receive it May 3rd - TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! I called and the rep was not willing to help - I asked for a supervisor, she wasn't willing to help get this corrected either - not even willing to refund the money I spent for next day air shipping because "your system" shows SHIPPED but per Fed EX system that is FALSE! She told me she could send me a code for 10% off my next order, NEXT ORDER? no way! (I called fed ex on 3 way to see what the options were) Fed Ex confirmed that there was no way possible I would receive the package today because Forever 21 didn't ship it before the cut off time and therefore it was just picked up today. I was willing to cancel this order so that it could be returned to you all and place a new order, asking the supervisor if she could use your fastest shipping as a courtesy to ship a duplicate order to my hotel - she said no! UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE! I'm shocked at the customer service received! I dont normally shop Forever21 online, I shop for me and my teen daughters in store - but that ends TODAY! You've lost a good customer - no more will i give my money to a company that treats me like this. This supervisor was unwilling to make this right - her only offer other than the 10% off my next order after I refused that was, to intercept the order, have fed ex return the package to FOREVER 21 and cancel my order - I told her yes, cancel my order and process my refund NOW! But of course, she can't cancel & process my refund until the package is received back from Fed Ex - God knows how long that will take - why if you know you're getting the package back from Fed Ex and it's not coming to me WHY do I have to wait for your error to be corrected on your end this is not fair to me, the consumer; we're talking about over a $150 not just $20 - I want my refund IMMEDIATELY! Cancel the order and refund my money. I am FURIOUS, I'm definitely taking this to social media and voicing my opinion. THIS IS COMPLETE BS!

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Amber - 13 d 23 h ago


They did me the same way except I've never received my items and it's been two months. Every time I call it'll be 8-10 business days to complete the investigation. I purchased 140.00 worth of stuff and still haven't received them. I should not have to suffer bc they screwed up.

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anacruz - 13 d 17 h ago


PLEASE!!! Superiors of Forever 21 or TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

my name is Ana Cruz i am so ungrateful regards to the supervisor Shannon #1177

as she mentioned. Ms Shannon # 1177 coud'nt wave my late fee if she only knew my situation financially. I have a good record in paying on time with all my bills and unfortunately we all go thru financial problems or forget or miss rarely a payment which i did with Forever 21.

I called to PLEASE wave the $38.00 late fee and which i had already had one wave a little over a year in 2/2017. I am very carefull in paying on time because i am trying to buy a home so i need my credit good. This Lady Shannon didnt even try she only replied I'm sorry we are unable due too its less than 18 months since we waved the last one. knowing she has a little more power to help customers in this situation. she didnt try knowing she has the ability to do so as a supervisor. I am not a customer that calls every other month for this same reason. I really need help someone to at least lower the late fee. I am sorry for the late payment but i am paying what i owe and please review and check the past payments and realize im always on time. Can someone read and take action to your staff on behalf of us customers that we all need help now and then and emergencies do come up. Thank you!

my email is (hidden)

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