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Forever 21

2001 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA
Do Won Chang
(213) 741-5100
(213) 741-5161
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Beth - 2 d 17 h ago


I placed an order and had it expedited as it is a birthday gift. I received the package yesterday and went to wrap everything today to find out one of the dresses is defective. I called customer service only to be transferred to the Phillippines and treated like crap by both the representative Lindy as well as the supervisor Raymond. All I was asking was for the defective item to be replaced and in my hands before Friday which is what I paid for and they kept telling me they couldn't do anything until I returned the item. I have no problem returning the item but I paid to receive the dress by Friday - your company sent the defective merchandise. Why do I lose out because of your poor quality merchandise. You refused to do anything and your customer service representatives were beyond rude and unhelpful. Hoping your company folds and goes bankrupt - you don't deserve anyone's business.

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Travianna - 7 d ago


I ordered a jumpsuit and cardigan yesterday but I cancelled the order less then 5 minutes after I placed it because I changed my mind I called customer service and the man told me that the order had been cancelled. I just received a email today that said my order had been shipped ! I didn't want the order there's no reason why it shouldn't have been cancelled when I asked for it to be I shouldn't have to wait for the package to get to my house then have to go have it shipped back to you guys I should be waiting on my refund right now not that damn order! I want my money I'll never shop in your online store again!!

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Christine A - 7 d ago


I have been dealing with trying to get a redelviery or refund for a $345 package I placed with forever 21. The package was claimed to be delivered along with a package from pacsun to my house and neither ever came. The next day I reached out to both companies on the issue after spending the previous day on the phone with usps and filing a case and pacsun responded promptly offering me the option for either a refund or a redelivery so kudos to pacsun. Forever 21 on the other hand, told me they had to call usps and told me to call back at 3 different dates each time avoiding the situation. I emailed customer service 4 times. Not one response. I called and asked to speak to someone above customer service. Said it was impossible. Then when they tell me today is when itll be resolved they said yeah usps said they delivered it so we cant refund you...its on usps but then when i call usps they say its on the company which makes sense on usps end?? I will tell this story to whoever will listen and post it anywhere until this is rightfully resolved. You do not get to scam someone of 345 dollars worth of merchandise, especially when they were a very loyal customer to the company. Since customer service has dodged the 4 emails and pushed me around for 6 different calls hopefully this will work. Someone needs to contact me on this because I will not let it go until it is fixed

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Anonymous - 11 d 12 s ago

There's a girl at the phone who work at the Willow been more when I talk to her she responded in a disrespectful tone that was very sassy and disrespectful. I asked her single question and she responded like I had asked the worst question in the world that no one could answer

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Anonymous - 11 d 23 h ago


we need your store in NY to answer their phone! Can you please contact them and ask them to please pick up the phone .

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Was - 15 d 19 h ago

The store at the mall st Mathew in Louisville Kentucky is a mess.

Clothes all over the floor, racks stuffed with any size. Tried to shop the plus section they always move it. Shoes where everywhere. The check out line was long and slow. The fitting room was full of clothes people have left and no one removed. Loved the store when it first opened now it's a pigsty.

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Jude - 20 d 12 m ago


Shopping with granddaughter today in Poughkeepsie galleria mall the back 2/3 of store was fillrhy dirty. Clothes at least three feet high stacked on chairs, benches. At least 20 hangers laying on floor of all Deessirooms. Hugh dust clumps laying all over place. Lothes off hanger and racks laying on floor. The manager said they had no staff on Friday to clean up. Something should be done. I was not the only person who. commented on the. condition of the store. Had to leave without buying anything. Just felt dirty and not appealing Shame on store

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Anonimo - 23 d 4 h ago


Realmente una BASURA de corporacin. Como trabajadora, la peor experiencia que he tenido hasta ahora trabajando con gente INEPTA que dicen llamarse SUPERVISORES.

por otra parate, no entiendo como la gente puede invertir comprando la porqueria de ropa que esta tienda de 5ta vende.

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Anonymous - 24 d ago

This is the third time I have been in this Forever 21store in a week and a half and I have to say that as someone in Health and Safety this store is a calamity waiting to happen. There is clothing and footwear all over the floors not to mention dirt and debris. In this day and age a store in this condition is a disgrace and a safety hazard for cutting and employees.

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Skip Williams - 23 d 20 h ago

That was supposed to be customers and employees.

General profile image - 24 d 9 h ago


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Horrible experience - 106 d 18 h ago


I placed an order #64586991 over a month ago and have yet to receive it or a refund. I have called customer service 9 times! Each time I call i am told to call back the following day or i would be contacted from a supervisor. NO RESPONSE! I was told to wait business days for an update. After the 12th business day and a 45 min conversation with their supervisor "Raymond" I wastold to wait another 10 business days for answer! Customer service at its LOWEST! The worst experience I ever had! DO NOT ORDER ONLINE FROM THIS COMPANY! To think, I have been a faithful customer for years.... Not anymore!

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Fighting Back, this is America!!! - 99 d ago


We are doing business with a company, not trained in

the American way, of customer service. Since December,2nd,

2016, I've been waiting for a refund of $300.00, for

merchandise not received. They promise, ever so sweetly,

that that they are in the process of righting the wrong. Don't

believe them, it's a delay tactic. They are brilliant in the art of

bullshit. Find a lawyer, call the better business Bureau,or

Your local t.v. Advocate. Put this company ' on Blast, expose

Them for who they are. That's what I'm doing. They can't

Keep my hard earned money.

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Wendy - 25 d 14 h ago


I hope you charged this to a credit card. Just contact them with above info to open a dispute. It should be easy to have the charge reversed.

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Anonymous - 86 d 43 s ago

The same thing is happening to me and I don't know what to do.

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Wendy - 25 d 14 h ago


If above reply does not show up, just dispute charge if you hopefully used a credit card. Most of them can deal with this much faster than dealing with their horrific excuse for customer service.

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Fuck You Forever 21 - 84 d 1 h ago


You're right! This company is a SCAM selling inferior products... Cheap Shit from CHINA...

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Anonymous - 24 d 20 h ago

This happened to me also. They will not give my money back at all.

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Jazelle Cantillo - 61 d 12 h ago


I experienced the worst service at forever 21 in garden state plaza mall in Paramus NJ, not only was what I think the manager yelling at people to leave but one of the cashiers was arguing with a man on line to pay for an item he then decieded to leave and she told him that she did not need his money and told him to leave then the same girl who was yelling at people to leave was fighting with someone else and in the middle of my transaction the same cashier who was fighting with the man on line left and didn't even bother to come back to finish my transaction then we asked another girl if she could finish it and she claimed she wasn't a cashier they were also throwing things from across the store this place is very unprofessional I'll make sure anyone I know does not go there because that's ridiculous

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Wendy - 25 d 14 h ago


As I said in my review, this entire company feels they are too big to fail. Their day of reckoning will come....

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Anonymous - 53 d ago


I have 8 years experience in retail field .3 years working in pantaloons retail India Ltd after 5 years working in landmark groups in gulf country after 6 month working in otto showroom in chennai now I want to work in forever21 in express avenue pls help (I have employee of the month certificate also)

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Wendy - 25 d 14 h ago

Sounds like you've been working in third world countries, so this must seem like a big improvement. I really don't want to rain on you're parade because it sounds like you work hard, and congratulations on being employee of the month.

Just don't try to get through to anyone higher up then your store manager, if they treat their customers so horribly, and don't think they would even allow their employees to return anything. By the way, do they even give you an employee discount? I hope so.

If you feel like it, read my review to see why I will no longer spend hundreds of dollars with F21. Good luck.

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Wendy - 25 d 15 h ago


Worst customer service ever. They must think they are too big to fail, but someone better, smarter, and with good customer service will blow them away. Bought sunglasses in store. Went to return within time limit w/receipt. Was told could not accept due to price tag missing, however they were able to ring it up. I never removed any tags They have a massive plastic thing attached to the glasses, which was still on so obviously not worn. I was in another store and noticed at least 40% of the sunglasses are missing the same tag. I took photos and sent to customer service asking for a gift card. They replied how sorry they were about my negative experience and cared so much about there customers blah blah blah. I wrote back saying $7.00 was not important, it was the point. They then told me the stores and website are different, so they couldn't send credit. Interesting because you can return items bought online to store. Wrote them back, the person answering actually compared their business to fast food chains that are franchises. They were really digging the bottom of the barrel for excuses. I replied that it was well known that the entire business is run by one family. At this point it was almost fun. I responded that with all the time they spent on my problem, it cost them way more than $7.00. Also said heading immediately to h&m and Zara....

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forget 21 - 29 d 6 h ago


its funny how i came on here to contact higher management and see all these bad reviews so a lot of people must go through what i have went through and obviously forever 21 is making the money they need to and they dont care how they treat their customers. i will never purchase anything else again which is too bad b/c i purchase a lot of this crappy store but not anymore.

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RIDICULOUS - 30 d 35 m ago



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