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Forever 21

2001 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA
Do Won Chang
(213) 741-5100
(213) 741-5161
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Joyce - 3 d 15 h ago


The store located in Union Square in New York City has to be one of the worst managed locations I have ever been in. There was a young lady trying to return a dress. The manager on duty (an Asian woman) was extremely rude to her and on top of that had another employee (a thin black male) double teaming her. Your management has a lot to be desired. I was so disturbed at how your employees treated her that I put down the items that I was going to purchase (about $300 worth of merchandise) and left the store. If this is how you're going to treat a customer, I will not do business with your company and ESPECIALLY NOT at this location. If these were my employees, they would be shown the door. Customer service at this location is pathetic.

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Bree - 1 d 13 h ago

What the hell does their race have to do with anything? You could've simply said they were rude employees has nothing to do with their race.

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Anonymous - 2 d 4 h ago

No one who works here has any kind of customer service skills. It's like you have to be stupid and/or rude to get hired here. Corporate should go undercover and check out some of their stores, especially Chandler Fashion Center in Chandler Arizona.

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Anonymous - 2 d 14 h ago


I returned 3 different items from 2 different orders through USPS in the same package. I was refunded for one item but not the other two. How is that possible if I sent them in the same package. I sent Forever 21 the tracking number and I also have the receipt with what I paid plus the weight of the package. They lost the items on their end and I have to pay for it. They're just being evasive and wont admit that this is a problem. Major corporation stealing from me is ridiculous.

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Angry in Mass - 2 d 20 h ago


To whom it may concern I ordered a dress for a wedding I am in on tues June 20 payed the extra 23 to have it over night did not receive dress I need the dress by the 23 when checking the order status it says dress will be delivered the 27 this is not acceptable I want a refund of my shipping. Cost and need the dress Asap horrible cust service when you call none of the reps speak proper English and lie to you about when package will be delivered it's there pacific standard time just ridiculous

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Jeff - 5 d 9 h ago


The store at Fox Valley Mall, Aurora, IL is horribly maintained. There are clothes all over the floor on the majority of the racks. The staff allows the store to look absolutely horrible. A lot of merchandise is eft all over the floors throughout the entire store and they do not maintain the appearance of the clothes. My daughter brought me into the store. I was so appalled I told her there is no way I'm buying her clothes at this location. They take zero pridemaintaining their product and allow it to look like a three-ring circus in the store.

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Jamie - 6 d ago


The Manager Ashley in the Northridge Mall is absolutely horrible, made feel so small and stupid.

I believe the workers feel the same, I talked to a few of the workers they treat them like crap.

She gave them points, and being very unreasonable she doesn't treat them like people, and very hypocritical she's late most of the time for example about two and half hours late and gives right ups for being a few minutes late and they giving a valid excuse and also they called the store before hand.

This is no place for any person to work under her is very unreasonable person, she even doesn't care about anybody.

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neena - 8 d 12 h ago


I started not to write but what this company has done is despicable. I placed an order in the total of 183.00 with this company and never received my merchandise I stayed home that day to receive my clothes and no one ever showed up I called the carrier company which was FedEx and I was directed to call rue 21 to file a missing package. well as most companies do the blamed each other and FedEx clearly stated since this was a package that didn't require signature that they could not be responsible for it, that alone you think would allow Rue 21 to replace this package or return my money but they made me go through the process again and I clearly asked how there would be a difference in the discussion since the information had not changed and after speaking with a snide customer service rep I was hung up on after being told I would have to wait another two weeks I spoke to every suppose manager and like I suspected FedEx gave the same information due to package not needing a signature they are not responsible for it. this wasn't my first package from the company and clearly I spend over a 100.00 dollars each time and didn't understand why the company would not replace my package or return my money this was unbelievable to me I had never dealt with a company who wouldn't want to satisfy their customer to any satisfaction I felt like I had been stolen from which I was, if I give you my money for a product and don't receive it and I inform you and you don't rectify this your million dollar company has stolen from me a consumer and I will continue to report to every place possible to inform people the type of company this is.

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Anonymous - 8 d 1 h ago

They have young kids apparently Thieves

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

I bought a jacket for 19.99 and the sign said 30% off now I was distracted cause when issac at the rockaway NJ mall , told me it was 18.93.. it didn't sound right .. he gave me 1.06$ change..

tonite I found the receipt and realized the coat was 13.93$ now this means he robbed me 5$ .. I feel stupid and angry at the same time... i wasn't some action taken

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Syed Ahmed - 12 d 13 h ago


I have 20 Acre industrial Vacant land on Morro Road in Apple Valley California

Close to I-15 Freeway easy In--Out available for the long term lease call me (949) 910-4953


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Very Upset - 17 d 6 h ago


The managers Jessica and Andy need to be FIRED, Very Rude and Discriminating also made Forever 21 lose a $92.00 sale

Just to let you know I have a video that I can make go viral, I have called the complaint line it's been 4 days no one has gotten back to me .

I Love Forever 21, But I will not be shopping at the one at UTC mall in LA Jolla, CA

I took my aunt who was from out of town to buy her something nice. We went into the store I asked one of the workers a question she took me to this 40% rack, it has a sign up that says 40% and they had some nice dresses on the rack so I took 4 of them up to the register with some other stuff I wanted to buy .

Jessica was the cashier name she was very nice she rung up the dresses but the 40% did not show on the register she rung the bell and a manager came not sure if it was the manager Jessica or Andy .

She walks up and the cashier says this is not ringing up and it was on the 40% rack, the Manager with an attitude said "theres no 40 % rack, I said yes it let me show you, so we walked over she said ok we went back to the register she gave me the discount then she walked away.

The cashier proceed to ring up my merchandise the next dress didn't ring up with the discount, so the cashier pushed the bell again , a different manager may be Andy came. The cashier says this is not ringing up and it was on the 40% rack also, With an attitude she says there's no 40% rack , now I frustrated because 2 of the employees managers at that are begin very rude , so I take her to the rack.

She says to me if it's not multiple on the rack we can't give you the discount as if she is saying I put the dresses on the rack to be able to get the discount, I looked at her as said are you telling me if I bought this dress (I picked a dress that was on the rack) up and showed her its only one on the rack and the sign says 40% off you will not give it me that's not right . With and attitude she says ill make an exception, I told her it's not an exception if it was on the rack and the sign was up that said 40%. so we went back to the register and gave me the discount and walked away .

So the dress that she gave me the discount on ranged up for $5 I said o well I want the other two which was a different color, I went to the rack got them brought them back to the register Jessica rings the bell, no one comes we waited about 4 mins , I see both managers talking so I walked over .

I said hello sorry it's me again , but I want the other two dresses the price was good , they both looked at each other and one of them said no you can't have it , I took the sign down and its policy

That made me so angry because now its discrimination to me , know, I am not a new customer , I didn't leave the store and I am still at the counter paying for my stuff. And iam the one who should them the sign, Not sure which one of the Managers walked over , but I have her on video removed my dresses off the receipt and said can't give it to you .

I told her that I am filming I have my total of $92 on how much she is making the company lose for a $10 discount and begin very rude I have her face on camera and if I release the video she will lose her Job ,

Forever 21 should not have people working for them that is rude and discriminate, I would like a verbal apology and my merchandise I want at 40%. I love people and know everybody needs a job to survive so I want request they get fired but some training on how to treat people or maybe a step down to cashier .

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Roemello Brown - 12 d 14 h ago


Maybe you shouldn't record people without their permission and ifthose dresses were all on the same rack you should've brought them to the counter altogether rather than being one of those customers that hold up the line because you're indecisive. Granted you won't always get what you want.

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Farhin Azad - 12 d 15 h ago


Literally the worst customer service ever!

I ordered stuff for over $100 on May 9th and I never got my package. When I called for the first time, they opened an investigation with FEDEX and they denied the claim saying it was left on my front door. I called twice after that and I was told the same thing. Each time, forever 21 keeps opening new investigations and each time I keep hearing the same thing from different people. It has been over a month and I have called over 4 times already. I've gotten hung up on a bunch of times after I explained to them what's happening. No one seems to want to help and they're making me run round in circles. They say they'll get back to me by email and phone but no one ever gets back to me. I keep having to call and try to get something on the phone who won't hang up on me. I'm just so frustrated and do not know what to do. I don't know who to turn to for help at this point so I found this site online and I'm just trying everything at this point now for someone to listen and help!

Farhin Azad

Order # 67852333


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Miranda - 15 d 14 h ago


I am so upset at the cashier at the Santa Barbara store. She asked if I wanted to sign up for the Forever 21 rewards program. Halfway through my sign up process, it asked for my social security number, which I don't give out lightly. She then said "oh, um, do you want to apply for the credit card?" With a firm "NO" she told me to put (hidden) as my social and it won't apply or affect anything. I should have known better and just stopped right there, but I finished signing up for this so-called rewards program. Five days later, there's a hard inquiry on my credit report from Forever 21. I am so mad!!

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Frustrated - 16 d 10 h ago


My daughter purchased product online, we returned the product the next day after receiving it. It was delivered to your returns department one day later. It took me multiple phone calls to your customer service (who were rude and totally not equipped to deal with), one lie after another over a 2 week period after you had our product back for longer than the required return time for the refund. I finally got frustrated with your customer service and called the store where the product had been delivered and had my refund with 1 day. I don't understand why your customer service department couldn't do the same thing I did. They kept saying give us 24 to 48 hours someone will call you, supposedly they escalated the call to the region manager and we still didn't get a call back or an apology as to why it was taking so long to receive our refund. the people in your call center were hard to understand, they were extremely rude, unhelpful, unapologetic, etc.......why did it take me calling your store to get my refund instead of your customer service people just doing it. they put us through a lot of headaches for something that could have been so easy.......

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Kerry ann - 39 d 7 h ago


I placed a order on 4/22/2017 order claimed to be delivered on 4/27/2017 i never received the package. I reached out to forever 21 they sent me an affadavit to fill out and because its missing a 1a they are not processing my paperwork. Reguardless if i put 1a 2 3 or 4 its the same house its not a building. I reached out to customer service for assistance and someone by the name of lindy says she cant help me and the manager on duty is the only go to person so she cant come to the phone and continue to recite that she xant come to the phone ask for the manager name shes not allowed to give that info ask for a dm or regional or corporate information shes not allowed to give me any info so here i am a month later no package no refund and no help

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Vee - 33 d 14 h ago

Same thing happened to me, so so disappointed! $90 gone!

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JoAnne Curran - 17 d 3 h ago

I have NEVER seen a retail store with such awful reviews. By the way they have an F grade at the BBB. My granddaughter had an awful experience today with customer service online and judging from the comments YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE stinks. We are going to review your company on Yelp and Facebook and I would strongly suggest you start serving your customers or I can see Forever 21 being Firever GONE!

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Camille - 18 d 13 h ago


I ordered $180 worth of merchandise including expedited fees. The same day I received the order I had to return one of the pieces to the store due to the thread busted in the seat of the black romper. Major inconvenience because the local store did not have the romper that I needed for the next day. I missed my EVENT! Later that week, I went out of town. I took everything I ordered with me out of town because it was for that purpose. I tore the tag off the shorts I'd planned to wear that day thinking I paid a lot of money, I'm going to get quality wear out of my shorts. Why was I walking around with shorts on and the zipper would not stay up to save my life! I called customer suck service for some type of resolution. One Rep laughed at me and the so call Supervisor Joyce approached the phone call with the attitude of being unable to help me. All I ask for either my express fee back or the money I paid for those unquality shorts that had me embarrassed and pulling on to keep the zipper up. I spend tons of money with Forever21 online and in the store. Maybe if the store had more of what's online ( the good stuff) I wouldn't deal with online at ALL! I am highly disappointed! Forever21 is not the only plus size store. I was treated with such disrespect from Joyce (so call Supervisor). The only thing she offered me was a phone call back from another supervisor who is going to tell me the same thing within 24hrs. When I wear y'all clothing I make it look damn good! people are always asking me where did you get this and that from? But you better believe I won't tell nan nother soul Forever21! Bad quality clothing, Bad quality customer service! (hidden)

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I'm - 23 d 1 h ago

I placed an order a month ago and still haven't got it and I have got in touch with alomost everyone involved in your company so since I haven't got a answer I'm going to take things in my own matter YES I'm thinking about law suite cause this is happening to way to many people but first I'm going to go to one of your stores and see can we come to a understanding but if not we are going to have much bigger problems

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Anonymous - 25 d 15 h ago



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Anonymous - 30 d 14 h ago

There's a poster in the men's section with a pair of jeans with a flaming graffiti on them...but none of the stores sell them!! Isn't this false advertising?even the corporate office is lost as to where these jeans are!!! This is so unprofessional

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Anonymous - 32 d 4 h ago

Mr. Chang

I appreciate you taking the time to read this email, as someone who's worked in customer service all her life, I understand the importance of feedback. Therefore, I am writing to express my great dissatisfaction with your company's online shopping process and policy.

I ordered two items 9 days ago, order number 68014872, it was suppose to arrive today. I have been tracking it because I needed the items for this weekend. It stated it was delivered but I did not receive it. I checked with USPS and my neighbors, nothing. I called customer service and they stated I had to fill out a form, send it back and then wait 3-5 days. In all my years of online shopping I have never been asked to go through such a process but fine. I agree to fill it out, its emailed to me. The form allows you to fill it out electronically but you cant sign it electroncially which means i have to print it sign it and then scan it because of course the form has to be emailed back. If it were to be mailed it would take even longer. To top it all off, customer service stated they could not reship my items until the claim was completed in 3-5 days from the day they get the letter. Mr. Chang, this process is simply unacceptable. This has been the worst experience of online shopping ever. I also placed an order with a different retail company and had the same problem, they reshipped my items express while they investigated what happened to my package. That Mr. Chang is true customer service, not what your current company is providing. I even tried to reorder the items and was willing to pay express shipping because of my urgent need, essentially paying twice for items i dont have but of course the item is no longer avaliable. I will fill out the form that is requested but then I expect a full refund for the items I did not receive. I dont want a gift card because I will NEVER shop with your company again. I am beyond disappointed at the way this whole situation has been handled. Be assured I will be sharing this horrific story with all my social media friends so they are aware that when they shop with forever21 they better pray their package doesnt get lost.

Jessica Vazquez

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Dissatisfied Customer - 32 d 7 h ago


We are in forever 21 at springfield mall in Springfield, Va.. What is the guideline for cashier's? There was 1 Cashier, several floor associates and 4 people in line. I almost decided against my purchase based on the lack of interest to tend to the customers in line.

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