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Forever 21

2001 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA
Do Won Chang
(213) 741-5100
(213) 741-5161
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Angry as hell - 3 d 11 m ago


I"ve been fighting with them for a month over 2 lost packages. Today, FedEx Advocate called me. BOTH pkgs Forever 21 put claims in for and FedEx paid BOTH claims to Forever 21. Over $200 in merchandise Im paying on with nothing to show for it SOOOOOOOO not only do they have my money, they also have FedEx"s. Now the shits about to hit the fan!!!! PIECE OF SHIT COMPANY WITH CALL CENTERS IN PHILLIPINES WITH REPS WHO DONT SPESK AND UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!

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Angry Women - 13 d 19 h ago


So before Christmas I placed an order for my love ones and it was left in front of me for while I was at work I put in a claim and they said the carrier left it YES THEY DID IN FRONT OF THE DOOR now after almost a month I hear they closed my case so just steal my package and money WOW FOREVER 21 NEEDS TO CLOSE DOWN ASAP ASSHOLES

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Anonymous - 13 d ago

i am going threw the same excited thing right now! i am beyond pissed

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Lisa J - 12 d ago


I am going thru the same thing - I swear!!! I made an online purchase Dec 14th, post office said it was delivered but I never got it. I can't get an English speaking person on the phone to help me nor can I seem to get my money back!! I have even filed a complaint with the BBB. Piss poor customer service!!! How do you make folks pay for items they didn't get???

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Disgusted - 18 d 13 h ago


Store in Fresno CA needs to be closed immediately! They have severe plumbing problems that makes the whole store smell like a Sewer! How is a business able to be open having only one bathroom that both sexes are to use when California State Law states "All operating businesses must provide clean and sanitary facilities for customers and employees during open hours." Everytime I entered the store, I always overheard customers say the same thing, "This store smells like a sewer!" Or, "How can a store be operating with only one working restroom for customers and employees?" I will be talking to Cal Osha and demand an investigation and immediate closure of the store. This store stinks, literally!

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Anonymous - 19 d 27 s ago


These upsetting the way customer service handles issues regarding order very careless and unprofessional I refuse to shop her anymore one unsatisfied customer. Gave me the run around concerning my package..

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Megan - 30 d 18 h ago


at your store in destiny USA at the Syracuse mall, the two assistant managers working on 12/27 at 4pm as well as 4 other employees are EXTREMELY out of line and have no business to be working in a customer service position let alone TOP MANAGEMENT. I asked your assistant managers if they could take boots off a mannequin in the middle of the store for me because i knew they would fit and they were the absolute last ones in the store, the manager told us they can not take off shoes on weekends. 1. it is a friday

2. i believe that it was out of strict laziness

after that encounter my mother and i were laughed at by your employees for simply asking to BUY something from your store.

After a while of contemplating and getting in line to buy a different pair of shoes, i see your same assistant managers who said "absolutely not" to me, taking off the boots to give to someone else!!!!! this is absolutely asinine and should never happen to a loyal customer EVER again. I am disgusted the way my mother and i were treated. I expect something to be done about this.

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Anonymous - 19 d 14 h ago

That's just horrible.

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Asiaasia - 19 d 15 h ago


Still haven't got my money back or my clothing. Placed order in November. Should i get a lawyer and sue? I have consumer rights!

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Tonya Scott - 31 d 38 s ago


I fell in Forever 21 store in Oglethorpe Mall on December 14, 2019; the store was a mess. The assistant manager apologized and stated " We are short on help and apologize for the mess." No one from the corporate office called me, and I can't reach no one at the corporate office. We are cardholders and we are planning to cancel our accounts.

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Tia - 30 d 46 m ago

Sue them! No questions ask

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Pam - 49 d 19 h ago


I can not talk to anyone. I call no answer. I use chat the discussion is ended before it starts. I email and the email cant be sent. I did not receive my order and no one wants to answer.

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Anonymous - 48 d 17 h ago

same thing happens to me! its ridiculous!

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Anonymous - 48 d 16 h ago

Try calling between 8am-5pm. You might be on the phone for a while but they will answer.

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Tanya - 31 d ago


I suspect they're about to go out of business. My package never arrived and I've tried contacting customer service about ten times, but never received a reply. I'm going to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

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Anonymous - 31 d 14 h ago

You sent me the wrong item! Then expect me to send back this crap jacket I did not order. Then not bother to replace my jacket that I purchased?!?!?? The worst policy and customer service. No wonder your going out of business. I've spent so much money online and at your stores. This is beyond unacceptable and a complete waste of my time over the holidays. Your mistake!!! You should make it right!

You sent me the wrong item! Then expect me to send back this crap jacket I did not order. Then not bother to replace my jacket that I purchased?!?!?? The worst policy and customer service. No wonder your going out of business. I've spent so much money online and at your stores. This is beyond unacceptable and a complete waste of my time over the holidays. Your mistake!!! You should make it right

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Sabrina - 40 d 20 h ago

I ordered a package in October , The package stated it was delivered. I called customer service immediately bc i did not receive the package. Customer Service says they were going to do a dispute with the carrier to see what happened. Two weeks passed by and I got not follow up after I was promised. I called back and they said they had to dispute it again.. I waited and got no follow up to call them now in December for me to get the response that weve done what we could and the carrier says it was delivered. I explained i live in an apartmnt and it seems that it was misdelivered or stolen. I asked what the next step was, and the rep said there is nothing left to do, we have our answer you "received your package". Frustrated with the run around and sarcastic attitude, I asked if i need to file a police report for stolen package, she said it will not work. I asked for resolution since I have no package of the things I bought two months ago or my money back she said there is nothing she can do. I asked if i am supposed to just swallow the loss bc i am getting no where but long periods of wasted time on the phone and no one wanting to help me. the rep jus kept saying weve done all we can , i asked for a supervisor and she left me on hold for thirty min did not come in to check back on me. Determined and flustered trying to find a resolution for myself i waited through my work to get someone who can help me, AND THE REP HUNG UP! I called back to have to wait 40 min to GET HUNG UP ON AGAIN! not being able to waste more time playing phone tag, i attempted to reach out via chat and guess what .. NO REPONSE! I AM NOT SURE WHAT KIND OF ORGANIZATION ALLOWS THERE REPS TO BE RUDE AND HANG UP, OR PROVIDE NO RESOLUTION TO CUSTOMERS; BUT I AM NOT TWO MONTHS INTO NOT GETTING MY PACKAGE, MY MONEY OR ANY SORT OF HELP!!!!! I NEED SOMEONE FROM HIGHER UP TO HELP ME , AND I WILL NOT STOP MOVING UP THE LADDER UNTIL I GET SOME HELP!

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Lakiesha Jackson - 39 d ago


I HAVE HAD THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM.. MY ORDER WAS PLACED IN OCTOBER as well.. the same waiting back and forth and no money back.. over 250 dollars in my order and nothing ..

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Shanson - 34 d 46 s ago

This happened to me! Did they find a resolution?

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Shanson - 34 d ago


I made an order and fedex claims they delivered the order, I had no order. I waited and asked all neighbors and my complex. FedEx was not supposed to deliver to my door so I spent 126 on a forever21 order before Christmas... and needed the items. I placed an order and re bought everything.... let forever 21 take a month!!! Filing a claim and dispute for them to tell me they will not refund me bc fedex claimed delivered and my account shows me rebuying all the items. Customer service is terrible

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KAYBRI - 35 d 14 h ago



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Annoyed with ur bs service - 38 d ago


I ordered a jacket to be delivered to the store. First they refunded money and then charged me again for the jacket. This was 3 weeks ago, its supposed to be delivered yesterday and it is still not there. No answer on the 888 number, no info nothing smh.

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sue - 40 d ago


I was away from the country for few months came back to canada in november , Forever 21 has my store credit over $260 canadian as they closed the retail store and business in cad and since over 2 months they are lying that IT will convert from cad to USA and i can shop on line or store...customer service & chat is saying these statement which is misleading to loyal customer for many years. Your co could have let the customer use the store credit till end of ur store closing, poor management.

I will ask my lawyer to file a law suit if this is not fixed soon.

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Bah Humbug, Forever 21 - 41 d 10 h ago


Placed an order on 12/3 and have yet to receive it. I have emailed customer service a number of times and have yet to get a reply. Much of my order was Christmas gifts which I planned to mail out of state. Looks like I'll be buying replacements as I doubt I'll see my package before Christmas. Lesson learned- don't shop online at Forever 21 again!

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Syreeta - 42 d ago


If they dnt pay me my money I will sue them I'm sick of reaching out and never spoken to anyone cause the phone somehow keeps getting disconnected on me get my money I work for

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