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Forever 21

2001 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA
Do Won Chang
(213) 741-5100
(213) 741-5161
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Marcy - 70 d 10 h ago

Who in your organization thought it would be a great idea to sell swastika earings? Please know that social media is being inundated with pictures of these earings and promises never to step foot in your stores. There's enough hate out in the public as it is, now you walk in to a clothing store and it's right in your face? I thought forever 21 was better then that. I guess I was wrong!

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Stephanie - 286 d 18 h ago

This address is not correct. We tried to send a letter and it was returned stating that it was undeliverable.

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JosefaPozo - 4 y 66 d ago

@LauraRiveraE @Forever21 gringaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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madisonmonett - 4 y 66 d ago

RT @alyssarheann: I swear, @Forever21 has the coolest music, workers, and clothes

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alyssarheann - 4 y 66 d ago

I swear, @Forever21 has the coolest music, workers, and clothes

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noobmummy - 4 y 66 d ago

Can't wait to go to @Forever21 and shop like crazy!

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Maia_Luna22 - 4 y 66 d ago

@Forever21 @ohteenquotes @GLEEonFOX. Everyone follow me, I will follow back <3

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JustFlowers_ - 4 y 66 d ago

RT @Forever21: How are you gearing up for the end of summer? #LaborDay is approaching fast and fall will be here before you know it! #countingdownthedays

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SmileILoveYou - 4 y 66 d ago

Name 2 Store's I can live in Forever! @Sephora and @Forever21

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jaswil14 - 4 y 66 d ago

Got the cutest pink blazer from @Forever21. And a pair of sparkly flats too

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ATrippyChick - 4 y 66 d ago

why have prices at @Forever21 gone up? #ThatsThatShitIDontLike

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