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Forever 21

2001 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA
Do Won Chang
(213) 741-5100
(213) 741-5161
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Horrible experience - 12 d 19 h ago


I placed an order #64586991 over a month ago and have yet to receive it or a refund. I have called customer service 9 times! Each time I call i am told to call back the following day or i would be contacted from a supervisor. NO RESPONSE! I was told to wait business days for an update. After the 12th business day and a 45 min conversation with their supervisor "Raymond" I wastold to wait another 10 business days for answer! Customer service at its LOWEST! The worst experience I ever had! DO NOT ORDER ONLINE FROM THIS COMPANY! To think, I have been a faithful customer for years.... Not anymore!

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Fighting Back, this is America!!! - 5 d ago


We are doing business with a company, not trained in

the American way, of customer service. Since December,2nd,

2016, I've been waiting for a refund of $300.00, for

merchandise not received. They promise, ever so sweetly,

that that they are in the process of righting the wrong. Don't

believe them, it's a delay tactic. They are brilliant in the art of

bullshit. Find a lawyer, call the better business Bureau,or

Your local t.v. Advocate. Put this company ' on Blast, expose

Them for who they are. That's what I'm doing. They can't

Keep my hard earned money.

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Lost customer - 12 d 19 h ago


I pl

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Lucy - 15 d 2 s ago


I just wanted to bring to your attention that I called on my order Friday 01/06/2016 that I placed on Thursday 01/05/2016, to inquire about if the order had been processed because I had not received any confirmation of a tracking number. I 1st called in about 10:00 am to inquire the rep in the customer service dept. was rude and was trying to rush me off the phone due to I was at work I decided to call when I was off which was about 3:30 pm EST, talked to Christina who lied multiple times about the order being processes to it was packed and it wasn't for my only question to her was if the dress that I ordered that was no longer available online was the reason the order had been processed she couldn't answer because she was too busy rushing me off the phone and cutting me off each time I tried to speak so when I asked for a manager she said hold on then came back to say there was only 1 manager available and he don't take calls but he was on a call but then she hung up on me... So I called back and got Frannie who's solution to the issue was well if you cant be patient to see if it is going to processes then why don't you just cancel the order. So at this point I was pissed off because I order with you all the time and never had any issues till now but if any of them was listening I was wanting to confirm because this item was being order for my birthday so all the rudeness and disrespect is not good and I did inform them that they needed to be trained on how to speak and tell the customer the truth. This type of service makes me not want to order.

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Patricia - 15 d ago


This is my first and last experience shopping at Forever 21. After spending 148.00 , I returned two items that didn't fit only to be told that I could Not get my money back only a store credit for the amount.(42.80) This is outrageous!!! You can take my money but not honor your merchandise by returning my money when I return your merchandise !! I will be sure to tell all my friends not to shop at Forever 21 !!

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Laura K - 25 d ago


My Niece asked for a gift certificate from Forever 21. On December 7 I ordered one to be emailed to her school address. She did not receive it. I called back and it was sent again. She did not receive it. I called today 12/30 and was told a manager would call me back in 24-48 hours with a number she can use online. This is not a satisfactory solution as she needs to try things on to see that they fit. She is very short for her age.

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Anonymous - 27 d 16 s ago

Dear Sir, We had bought a leather jacket and to my surprise it has got BUBBLES all over the sleeves, The jacket is not wearable and is of no use to me now. We are very loyal customers and did not expect a brand like FOREVER 21 to have made such a product. We are totally shocked at this. We would want an immediate solution to this failing which we will have to take action against the company as well as the mental harassment we are going through, Regards Aman Bahri SILVER SPRINGS Block 2/7B 5 JBS HALDEN AVENUE, Kolkata 700105 Ph +(hidden)80 +(hidden)77

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Jooooanne - 43 d ago


For being a billion dollar company. You have poor/ unprofessional customer service! Lost package and not helpful at all. I have shopped online and in store for many years and will no longer shop at Forever 21! Ladies/ shoppers Be aware! Cute clothes and cheap prices but customer service isn't there. I'll will rate you negative if it was on here! I'm done!!

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Anonymous - 49 d 18 h ago

I work across the street from your store in Chicago on North Avenue and I've noticed that for over a year now your front sign and outdoor building lights have been completely out.

This is a pretty basic thing, so I have to tell you I would fire the manager of that store if I was you.. Shows a gross lack of awareness of their responsibility.. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 50 d 5 h ago

why does it say customer service 24 hr but no one is unable to answer the phone....

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Kass - 52 d ago


CRYSTAL HERNANDEZ at Roseville Galleria CA needs more training in being a manager. She couldn't help me the first1 time we talked, but after asking for her name she decided to call me back 15 mins later to stike a deal. No thanks. Get your information right the first time. You can see kissing $40.00 on my defective boot. Well you'll never see a penny from me again. Just lost a customer CRYSTAL HERNANDEZ.

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swtone - 60 d ago


Your customer service is unprofessional and they completely rude.

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elizabeth arredondo - 75 d ago


Hello need to speak with someone regarding my unfair ness uneloyed

Flagged for review. 
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Marcy - 161 d 10 m ago

Who in your organization thought it would be a great idea to sell swastika earings? Please know that social media is being inundated with pictures of these earings and promises never to step foot in your stores. There's enough hate out in the public as it is, now you walk in to a clothing store and it's right in your face? I thought forever 21 was better then that. I guess I was wrong!

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Stephanie - 1 y ago

This address is not correct. We tried to send a letter and it was returned stating that it was undeliverable.

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JosefaPozo - 4 y 156 d ago

@LauraRiveraE @Forever21 gringaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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madisonmonett - 4 y 156 d ago

RT @alyssarheann: I swear, @Forever21 has the coolest music, workers, and clothes

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alyssarheann - 4 y 156 d ago

I swear, @Forever21 has the coolest music, workers, and clothes

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noobmummy - 4 y 156 d ago

Can't wait to go to @Forever21 and shop like crazy!

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Maia_Luna22 - 4 y 157 d ago

@Forever21 @ohteenquotes @GLEEonFOX. Everyone follow me, I will follow back <3

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JustFlowers_ - 4 y 157 d ago

RT @Forever21: How are you gearing up for the end of summer? #LaborDay is approaching fast and fall will be here before you know it! #countingdownthedays

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SmileILoveYou - 4 y 157 d ago

Name 2 Store's I can live in Forever! @Sephora and @Forever21

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jaswil14 - 4 y 157 d ago

Got the cutest pink blazer from @Forever21. And a pair of sparkly flats too

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ATrippyChick - 4 y 157 d ago

why have prices at @Forever21 gone up? #ThatsThatShitIDontLike

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