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Forever 21

2001 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA
Do Won Chang
(213) 741-5100
(213) 741-5161
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Disgusted - 6 d 17 h ago


I went to your website for the first time today and it asked me if I'd like 20% off and I clicked it put in my info and received a code via text. I shopped for 2 dresses put in my cart sizes XS and S and put all my info in ( address and credit card) and shipping. Then your website wouldn't take the code you provided. Called CS in India ( horrible service) 45 mins in she couldn't help me. Transferred me to order center in LA and your rep proceeds to tell me my sizes are not available. Also your style codes should be on the order in cart instead of having to sift back two pages. Spent an hour with your company and didn't get the dresses. I rather pay more then ever try to buy something from your company again. How stupid a company can you be. Wake up CEO your have morons running the website and your phones.

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treat me right - 26 d 9 h ago


For anyone interested, I found this number for Forever 21 corporate. (hidden).

I made a purchase online. Just as I hit the final purchase order button, I remembered I wanted to use a gift card not my visa. In the order, it specified that I had one hour to cancel my order. It was my intention to cancel the order and re-buy with the gift card. Unfortunately there was no place to cancel online at the website and the offices were closed. Buyer beware. Though it says you can cancel, it gives you no place to actually do it. Or at least not that I could find. I did send an email within the hour letting my intentions known. And I called customer service the next day during business hours to attempt to straighten this out and inquire how I was to cancel within the hour when there is no place to do it. The man who answered the phone was rude demeaning and unhelpful to say the least. He kept saying I couldn't cancel and when I tried to ask questions, he got louder. I told him the order said I could cancel and could he transfer me to a manager or higher up who knew more about this. The man continued to raise his voice at me and wouldn't transfer me. I asked him if he didn't have the ability to transfer me or if he wasn't willing to transfer me at which time he got louder and ruder.

It was a very unpleasant experience. I called corporate and the phone kept getting disconnected before anyone came to the phone. I ended up very frustrated without any of my needs getting met and without any questions answered. At this point, I have no problem returning the items and using the gift card because I already have it. And, then never ever shopping at Forever 21 again. I have no intentions of supporting a company that treats me badly, gives me no way to resolve a problem, , says I can cancel but gives me no way to do it, and moreover, takes my money but gets mad at me when I try to resolve an issue about how it was taken. No thanks.

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dissapointed fraud - 8 d 12 h ago


please share the number as i dont see it on your post.

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Jane Thomas - 10 d 14 h ago


Forever 21 needs to get rid of their credit card company like Walmart did. This is why I stopped shopping there because I'm not going to be talked down to as a paying customer. More importantly, the interest rate is too high and they refused to waive one late fee. Really? Guess what then, I don't need to shop at Forever 21. That'll make up for the late fee I lost. I love Forever 21, just hate their credit card company and I still shop there every now and then. But not as much as I used to.

General profile image - 17 d 18 h ago

Corporate... don't leave us... just restructure

Go to Classics that never go out of style, basics that all women need in wardrobe in all sizes solid, good structure, color, design, versatility, become the go to store for classic yet affordable elegant sophisticated design in clothes.. the ones that we all need, all the time... make the textiles used

Strong, real , but affordable , from lingerie to business and all in between ... look back at Chanel

They are still here for that reason but not affordable

Enough of trendy comic book styles in the wind

We need classics and fun together with taste...

You could have a dept. completely separated for

Handmade artistic pieces made by women around the world, with few of each design pieces

and % of those purchases goes to supporting women in crisis....

This way women will shop there and even as they age and their role in life changes they can and will buy and use their classics from forever21 because in their minds they are forever "21"

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Anonymous - 15 d 19 h ago

how can we contact the ceo of forever 21

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LynnetteC - 18 d 11 h ago


Recently I was at the Forever 21 store at Opryland Mills mall in Nashville, TN. I was appalled at the condition of the store!!! I have never seen a store in such condition. I cannot begin to tell you how much clothing was strewed all over the floor. I actually took pictures but cannot see where to post them for you to see that I am not exaggerating in the least! I could not even shop because I was completely turned off. I spoke with a sales associate and told her I felt sorry for her with the condition of the store! She seemed not to be too bothered. What a shame for your customers. I would be happy to forward the pictures to you if you'd like.

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Anon - 20 d 11 h ago


I'm speaking on behalf of my teen daughter. She applied to forever 21 in May of 2019, she was hired a week later as part time not seasonal. From the very beginning terrible team work on the part of employees and management. My daughter was so excited to have a "real" part time job that she could look forward to paying her college needs etc. Well her 1st week there, she was scolded bossed around spoken rudely to written up talked about amongst management and employees all very childish why they did this I don't know, no one ever trained her they just put her in the floor and would tell her to hurry up and clean a station. Then would have her move somewhere else then purposely scold her in front of customers about the place she was told to move from getting messy and why she moved (even though someone told her to clean a different area) she also signed up for direct deposit and it has never happened her checks were still going to the store and none of the employees would contact her to tell her it was there. Also to this day they have never set her up for clock in she has to write her time on a piece of paper and then the management will sometimes lie or accuse her about being dishonest about the times she gets to work because they know they can since she is not properly clocked in. And about that part time shift she was hired for well they put her on the schedule for the first few weeks til the middle of June then decided to take her off the schedule and one day in August called her an hour before her shift and said didn't you know you had to work today 2 months after the stopped putting her on the schedule. The rushed her to come in within an hour. After she got to work the assistant manager calls me asking if my daughter left for work I said yes she is already gone. Not knowing my daughter had already arrived at work and was on the floor already. Apparently the assistant didn't know that so she goes to the manager and says my daughter arrived late to work because her mom said she just left what lies and do the assistant and the manager in a sense hanged up on my daughter accusing her of lying about the time she arrived (remember this is 3mo after she got hired and she is still having to write down what time she comes and goes) so they didn't believe her and was rude to her that entire day. So far she has since not been put back on the schedule again. I'm sorry to say most of these young people don't know how to treat employees and they like to embarrass them in front of customers making the customers feel awkward and uncomfortable. They only care about their titles and do not know what they are doing . How come my daughter wasn't trained but was getting written up for not knowing what to do. How come she was hired as part time but only worked for 3 1/2 weeks? How come she still can't proper clock in? How come she still doesn't have her direct deposit set up? How come she is still hired but can't get on the schedule she has called every week asking to be put on since the middle of June. I am very disappointed in how forever 21 handles who they hire and how they treat their employees or allows management to treat them.

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Gisele Morin - 21 d 8 h ago

I went to the south shore mall in Braintree Massachusetts to a forever 21 store this evening around 6pm . While at check out I ask the cashier is there any other store discount that may apply to me he start working on the discount my total drop from 188.50 to 159.5 I put my card in and paid the transaction midwhile another employee accidentally dropped something the cashier left the register to help pick up the rack of the floor when he continues on picking up the clothes from the floor I called him and said ( I need to go please come and give me my stuff the other employees can pick up the clothes from the floor there are at least 5 customers waiting on you) he return canceled the transaction I already paid for and add all the discount he previously gave me and move my total back to 188.5 he went and get the manager who sided with his co worker and said my transaction didn't completed I opened my phone check my bank account to show the manager the money already removed from my account I can I do that if it wasn't completed I walk out without the clothes I bought and I have to contact my bank to stop the payment. I know I will have my money back I have been to the store many times it's the first time I was mistreated with such a poor customer service because that employee ago was up on his sleeve. I have confidence someone will follow up with the store on my behalf because I don't in anyway believe this is the customer service expected from any employee by forever 21

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Anonymous - 22 d 16 h ago


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Regina Belmonte - 25 d 13 h ago


Forever21 posts 20% 30% off your purchase if you open a Forever21 Credit Card today. False!!!!

I opened a Forever 21 Credit Card, got approved & the representative said I had to wait until I got my card in the mail, my 30% Coupon would be with it.

Well today I received my credit card from them, NO Coupon!!! I called & got nowhere with there customer service people who didn't understand the problem....

I have never experienced business like this & would like to know who I can contact to further escalate this matter.

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Anonymous - 38 d 5 h ago


Me and my friends today was accused of shoplifting at the sawgrass mills mall forever 21 the cops was called out we was humiliated in front of everyone in the store. they was saying we was in the store to long shopping and we was stealing. Since when we have a time limit on shopping. We wasn't there that long. Anybody else this his happen to come out and let your voice be heard there's no telling how many people they accuse..My friend had an Panic attack we just felt so embarrassed in front of everyone out shopping for our trip this week and this happen to us Justice for me and my friends

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Anonymous - 32 d 16 h ago

You just humiliated yourself again....

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Anonymous - 32 d 16 h ago

Yo tengo choro.

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Momto5cats - 50 d ago


I am to old for your clothing but I just wanted to inform you about the store located at Arrowhead Town Center in Glendale AZ. Yesterday I walked through this store on the way to another store and this place is disgusting. Filthy. Stains are everywhere. I don't think the floor had been cleaned in months maybe years. I know the same stains are still there from the last time I walked through. The escalator was sticky and each stair was black and covered in filth from dropped beverages. They took the carpet out awhile ago and now it bare concrete with cracks, stains and uneven areas. While I'm thinking about it there is a brick missing from the pavers right outside the store going into the parking lot. It's a decent sized hole. I'm surprised someone hasn't tripped in it. It's been missing for well over a year. The paint on the walls is dirty and dingy also. This store is a health and safety hazard.

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Anonymous - 50 d 15 h ago

I got double charged at my local Forever 21 around a week and half ago. I still have no received my money back when I was promised a call in 2-3 business days. I am very upset and will most likely never again shop at forever 21.

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Anonymous - 50 d 16 h ago


Worst Customer Service Ever!!! I had 2 different returns with a considerable amount in each box that I sent back via UPS. Both returns were WRONG on their end. I sent back 24 items they only counted 14. I called in 3x to speak with them about this and they said "Oh well" nothing we can do!!!! Are you kidding me????? The person checking in my returns should be fired because at this point it is obvious that they stole from me. And F21 shame on you for not trying to work with me, your customer!!!! I do a lot of shopping as I dress people for a living and am a very busy shopper. I will now go elsewhere!!!!

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Sierra - 124 d 13 h ago


Never again will I ever shop/online shop at Forever21 again. I ordered something from them about two weeks ago and changed my address to my current one and still somehow it got send to my Edgewater address which I haven't lived in, in years. When I got an email showing this I emailed and called right away they told me they couldn't do anything and call fedex so I did and they told me that forever 21 doesn't allow address changes once it leaves the warehouse so my package would be delivered to the wrong address and to call forever 21 and ask them to file a claim so they could go try to retrieve it. So I did and forever 21 told me they won't file a claim because basically it's my fault the old address is on there and I can try to go get it myself. I asked to speak to a supervisor three days ago and was told I would get a call back and never did. I called again today was told the same thing so I told the lady no I will wait until one becomes available so then it was really funny how within ten minutes one became available. He proceeded to tell me the same thing he won't resend my package or refund me the $122 dollars because it's not their fault it went to the wrong address and once it leave the warehouse they won't change the address, which baffles me because then how would it ever have came to the right place? He would not give me corporates number or email and told me if I cared that much I would go try to get it myself. I have never been so angry in my life or dealt with such poor customer service. Long story short guess I'm not getting my clothes or money unless I drive to Edgewater and ask someone random for my package back.

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Did you get corporate number ? I'm having so much problems - 90 d 13 h ago


Did u get corporate number?

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Anonymous - 90 d 10 h ago

Sadly No I did not get corporate number

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Anonymous - 69 d ago

Everyone here seems to be having trouble with Google. (hidden) This is the magical corp number that seems to be eluding everyone. They are headquartered in CA

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Anonymous - 69 d ago

I posted that damn number 8 8 8 - 4 9 4-3 8 3 7 lets see if they hide it this time.

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Anonymous - 50 d 16 h ago

Thats not the corporate number. Thats customer service

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Anon - 55 d 18 h ago


You guys seriously need to check in on the forever 21 in Arlington tx! The employees are getting treated like garbage. They hired 16-20 people and everyone single of those new hires hated it there. The managers are too busy taking their job to another level when it comes to talking to their employees. They treat you like literal slaves . Don't let you go to the restroom for long, can't even take a sip of water without them in your face asking what you're doing. They ask people to leave 2 or 3 hours before their shift ends because they have to cut hours. Did I mention promising your check on a certain day and then not actually giving it to you that day? The managers themselves don't actually do much except for a few but for the most part they aren't friendly at all.

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Anne Feldman - 62 d ago

forever21 in hamilton township new jersey is the filthiest store i have ever seen. clothes on the floor,trash ,food ,empty food wrapers ,dust bunnies .who ever works there should be fired. Corporate should do a spot check on this store. i would never buy anything from this store

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