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Forever Living Products US

P.O. BOX 29041
Phoenix, AZ
Rex Maughan
(480) 998-8888
Annual Sales Est
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Shorove Roy - 42 d ago


Need Solutions


Problem...Irregularity in menstrual cycle..Each time, 2/3 months gap have been occurred.And the consequences of its are weight gain (almost 8-10 kg in a year), too many pimples in face and severe stomach pain in last 1 month.

I hv some test report. Please communicate with me via email.

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Sweet mom needs to live - 176 d 13 h ago


am from Nigeria please need your help I have stopped school because know money and no work in the conutry and my mum is lying down in the hospital bed I'm the only child I'm 18 years old I lost my Dad when I was 10 have nobody to help me that's why I contacted you guys from the internet so that you can assist me I have no money to save her life please help me save my mum's life

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Mom is the only one I have - 176 d 12 h ago


pleas I need your help I need your assistant I have no one to go to have no one to run too I have no father have no siblings just only me in the world I have been asking for help from different people in Nigeria but no one to assist me please ma don't let my mum die i know you're a woman you know how it is to lose a mother

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Mira - 3 y 277 d ago


Belle there how can i contact the compeny !

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Pritishkar - 3 y 172 d ago


Hi Belle

Greetings from us at Forever Living. I am Mr. Pritishkar from India one of the FBO in FOREVER.

I appreciate that you would like to contact us, to simplify your query please write to me at (hidden). We would be happy to assist you. Please mention where you locate and reason for contacting us.

Pritishkar Paricha



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Sumit - 2 y 304 d ago

Mira You Can Whatssap me +(hidden)74 I am from India One Of the FBO in Forever How Can I help you

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nees help - 1 y 92 d ago


+(hidden)42 .

my WhatsApp number .

please contact me

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Ashna - 185 d 4 h ago

Hellow sir I really need to talk to you and tell you what actually going on (hidden) pls drop me a text if you can

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Anupama choufhary - 1 y 263 d ago

Hi mira,u can contect me for flp. M from india. (hidden)

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Anonymous - 1 y 263 d ago

(hidden) anupama choudhary

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Anonymous - 1 y 189 d ago

Good evening mis I argent job

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Vikram Gupta - 1 y 234 d ago


Contact me for any problems

In Forever Business


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Juan - 211 d 15 h ago


Hello Sir

I m in Ghana and i have a customer in Colorado, he wants to use the products with his family,Kindly forward Colorado office Number to my email (hidden)

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fathima - 1 y 124 d ago

Hello i am fathima from sri lanka. i want to join ur USA company for work.. can u please send ms the details to (hidden) please

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Anonymous - 224 d 10 h ago


Hi Fathima if you join forever living products company and get more info then plz msg me.

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Parminder Kaur - 262 d ago

Hello sir We are trying to attach ID from California but we are helpless to attach that please give us suggestions to get that ID its urgent

FBO ID (hidden)41

FBO Name Parminder Kaur

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M Ruknuddin - 1 y ago

Hi Rex Moughan

Good afternoon. I like to share an important issue about Forever living business in Bangladesh. I am one of the FBOs in here. I am so much surprised and astonished that business like forever living has a massive products shortage in your all sells centers. Its is true this country has problem clearing from customs department. Its not a new problem. According to this problem there was no precautions ... if any initiative had taken earlier as making an estimate how much products need to be ordered in advance. So before inventory finished all SKU would be available.

Right now more than 60% products are not available last one month and no more mother product as no Aloe vera gel...Atric avocado soap... no shampoos.

FBOs are hopeless how to fil up target ....?

New comers would not feel interest to join in this business where products are not available.

First reason I think....products need to be ordered at least 4 months early and to reach in time before products finish.

I request you select from your corporate office an expert on inventory and order and who understand check a balance about members purchase flow as well as selling increment rate.

We don't want Business will fall down or make members feeling shocked due to 60% over products are out of stock.

Your cordial cooperation is extremely high in demand.

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Abhishek Kandwal - 1 y ago


Hi is there any RDO in Maine in United States... thank you

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Anonymous - 1 y 87 d ago


Its a fraud a company.Products are very costly.

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Vikram Gupta - 1 y 234 d ago


This is vikram Gupta

Forever Business Owner

Contact me For India


Call and whatsapp

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Mandy - 1 y 142 d ago


General profile image

Patsy M Dsouza - 1 y 184 d ago

When will Bepropolis n Royal Jelly be available in Bandra West(India)

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Bonita Mackenzie - 1 y 187 d ago


I am unable to order forever living shake online

I receive an error code (hidden)0339

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Radka - 1 y 198 d ago


Dear Forever,

I would like to kindly ask you if there is a possibility to write me a place where in Stocklholm is Global Rally 2018 going to be held. I would like to arrange an accomodation somwhere nearby. Thank you very much for your answer.

Best Regards,

Radka Zimanova

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Thomas Jardiah - 2 y 119 d ago

How can i become a member?

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7289950410 - 1 y 263 d ago

Hi thomas. M from india. If u want to be with flp, contect me. (hidden).u can whatsapp me also. Thanks

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