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Fox News Network, LLC

1211 Avenue Of The Americas
New York, NY
Roger Ailes
Chairman and CEO
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Ed - 4 h 19 m ago

No one is expendable. But I read recently that Shepard Smith had signed a muti-year contract in 2018 with FOX. I also read he'd thought about leaving FOX, but felt like the American people needed him. After all, who else would report the FACTS on FOX but him! How arrogant!! First of all, I hate to break it to Shepard Smith, but the American people don't need him!! And FOX would be better off without his services!! And how dare he incenuate that he's the only one who delivers the FACTS!! The facts?? Or HIS facts?? Well, here's a FACT!! Shepard Smith is full of himself!! Wish the CEO of FOX News realized Smith is replaceable, and WOULD replace him! In my opinion, Shepard Smith brings no significant value to FOX news network. He's more of a personal commentator than a reporter from my perspective! And we already have plenty of those on FOX. I think Smith would have done himself a favor to graduate. Those 2 additional credits he needed in order to obtain his diploma would have served him well. Unfortunately, I think his mindset is more in tune with CNN. And I think he'd be happier there!!

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Anonymous - 6 h 29 m ago


Laura Logan is a great reporter.

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Bud Cohan - 6 h 50 m ago

Hire Lara Logan, . . .

PERFECT fit for the TEAM

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Robert - 13 h ago


When the queer Shepard Smith comes on, with his CNN-based, faggot news agenda, I turn off FoxNews and tune to Bloomberg. I watch FoXNews most all day. How are your ratings with queer Shepard?

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dutch - 7 h 41 m ago

queers, faggots,, bring back the good old days - Make America Hate Again!

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Carole Closs - 9 h 40 m ago


For Tucker Carlson, you are the stupidest asshole on the face of the world, not counting lying Trump.

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Anonymous - 10 h ago

Siir ;

I enjoy watching the 5, however there is one person on the 5 that takes away from the program. His name is Juan . He is so negative that it takes away from the other fox new contributors ,reducing the effectives of the program . Please consider someone else .


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Kikicocotomateo - 13 h 10 m ago


Is this the Vixen News Network??

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Gene - 5 d 7 h ago


FS1 can't break into the truck race when thry have an incident. Just krpt on showing the commercials. That sucks

You will lose veiwers

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Emergency? - 5 d ago

Trump declares National Emergency to get more $$ for his wall. He cites Homeland Security stats even though they refute his claims.

How about a National Emergency on gun violence and firearm deaths? Another mass shooting in Illinois with 5 lives lost and many injured. Yet nobody does a thing to change this or to challenge groups like the NRA. And by the way, for NRA supporters, nobody wants to take away your precious handguns. Sick of hearing that argument!

Now Kentucky is advancing existing legislation that gun owners are not required to have permits OR training. We have to have training to acquire a drivers license but anyone can purchase a firearm?

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D. T. - 5 d ago


@ Emergency?,

Check yourself into ER. You psycho babbler from bagel land.

Flagged for review. 
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Belinda reply to D.T. - 3 d 19 h ago

I don't need to check myself into ER. I've worked in the ER of a major Midwestern hospital for almost 31 years. Maybe you should visit one, talk with the employees and hear of the number of gun related injuries they treat on a daily basis. Many don't survive. And the impact on all, victims, families, health care workers, first responders, is devastating.

Blame cannot be placed on any one of many contributing factors. People seem unable to connect on a personal level, can't compromise, and feel they have the right to respond with physical rage over minor slights. We see this in politics and in our communities. I have read at least 3 accounts recently of fast food workers being assaulted by customers who didn't get their soft drink, or attacked because the place ran out of ketchup.

Ours is a wonderful nation but we are becoming a violent country in many ways and it's not getting better.

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To, Belinda - 2 d 6 h ago

Hello, when you get those victims at the ER, you're in a controlled environment, myself on the other hand have witnessed first hand as a Paramedic of 28 years the actual scene where these shootings take place, I got to see the types of people who do these things and most are criminals who carry handguns, now they have just as much firepower as the cops, SWAT teams. Yes, in emergency medicine you see awful things sometimes, but you deal with it. However that may be. If you can't do that, your time will be limited in that field. People need to start being more responsible and start turning in these nut jobs that have weapons when they shouldn't. Maybe starting some kind of reward but restrictions need applying, like must be convicted , to help prevent false reporting. Guns aren't the problem, people are. Oh by the way, the comment that was directed at you by DT was uncalled for and ignorant.

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To, to Belinda - 1 d 19 h ago

Appreciate your response and opinions. And thank you for your years as a paramedic. Our daughter is also a paramedic. It is such an important and honorable career. Those of us in the ER have formed close and valued professional relationships over the years with those in your field, law enforcement and other first responders.

We all have sometimes treated the same victims in different ways.

Any violence is traumatic but some of the most devastating cases I have seen are innocent children killed in drive by shootings. Some sleeping in their beds when the shots blasted through the house.

I hope we can all work together to reduce this useless violence.

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John - 1 d 18 h ago


Something to thank about - If one feels they are a bad ass and are going to show the public how bad they are have to take a moment and thank, who in the Public is Armed and my shoot the Bad Ass when they act out. Also America needs to go back to public Hanging for some crimes.

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Foster - 15 h 19 m ago

You are sooo right. I agree with you , we need MORE GUN CONYROL . Thank you for your comments

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To Emergency? - 4 d 16 h ago

While I am not an NRA member, or necessarily, a proponent of this organization, I do believe we all have a tendency to feel the need to tie the hands of organizations/groups possibly by emotion or a combination of emotion and clouded thinking. Yes, the loss of life due to firearms is heartbreaking - Absolutely no question. It is my view, that several factors should be taken into consideration when addressing this subject. No one organization, collective group or individual can be blamed - a focus upon mental health issues, as well as lack of care in this area, very detailed and lengthy background checks, firearm training in use and storage, type of ammunition restrictions, stricter laws upheld by courts not choosing to establish their own laws, but adamant in enforcing laws as written and far less agreements between defense/prosecutors could help. All this, while keeping in mind, that in the big picture, those bent upon destruction will get the guns and ammunition they want from wherever and whomever they can obtain them. We can only make it more difficult. Guns (just like cars) do not kill/harm people - people kill/harm. Thus, people must be educated and held accountable.

The "wall or barrier" or whatever one wishes to call it is necessary and long overdue. Our immigration laws are a mess perpetuated by Congresses over many years. Legal immigration is welcomrd - illegal immigration is not. From the beginning our laws are being disrespected and ignored. Perhaps living in sanctuary cities/states would result in one understanding the need for this barrier. Or better yet, talk to or listen to those who have lost a loved one due to an "illegal" immigrant , especially one with a criminal or gang background.

I agree with you that the firearm issue is one that should be seriously addressed. With this said, abortion is also a very serious subject. They go hand in hand as they both involve lives. Recent laws passed that accept abortion of babies during very late periods of time and on the "whim" of parents, is called murder in my book.

A first reaction, it seems to me, is to blame the NRA for loss of life, but I do not hear the outrage over groups such Planned Parenthood.

Above just my thoughts. Thank you for your views.

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D.T. - 4 d 13 h ago


The huge loss of life and limbs due to automobiles every week is truly heartbreaking

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To D.T. - 3 d 17 h ago

Yes, those losses and injuries involving automobiles are absolutely heartbreaking. Especially the ones that could have been prevented , caused by drunk drivers and those who engage in road rage. Not to mention some who are ignorant and uncaring enough to think they can text and drive at the same time.

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Reply to emergency - 4 d 14 h ago

If you Liberal FREAKS think your going to save the world from Guns & Climate change then you're crazier than most people think. Wake up, guns save lives, people kill people! As far as the Big climate problem goes, it's been disproven by science. Natural changes are taking place, fact. Emergency is at the border, 60k a month illegal crossings, not to mention the dope. That's not an emergency??? The 12 million they say are here is more like 20 million and climbing fast, oh but that's not an emergency, right? Unbelievable!

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4 Reply to emergency - 4 d 12 h ago

Your points are well taken. Let's not overlook the sex and child trafficking that takes place across the Southern border.

General profile image

To, 4 reply to emergency. - 4 d 9 h ago

Fox is getting pretty good at showing us the nut cases, only there giving them way to much face time. How many conservatives are on CNN or the other one everyday?

Not many at all. you're correct I neglected to mention the sex trafficking, child trafficking.

What is wrong with some people? Are they blind and dumb? For these crazy Democrats to actually say there is no emergency at the border will just help ensure that President Trump will be reelected. Thanks, DummyCrats!

Have a great night.

General profile image

To 4 reply to emergency - 3 d 20 h ago

You are correct that the sex and child trafficking should NEVER be overlooked. Having said that, many in our nation on this side of the border certainly overlooked the sexual abuse of tens of thousands of children , particularly in the Catholic Church, didn't they? After decades of cover ups, more information is being released currently, particularly in Pa. and Il. And the numbers are rising.

Also recently, Michigan State U. President Engler was fired after he stated that many of Dr. Nassar's victims seemed to be " enjoying the spotlight". What an obscene comment. Nasser abused hundreds of young girls , minors, while working as an appointed Olympic and sports physician. It is heartbreaking that over the years many of these victims told their parents and school authorities about the abuse. None were believed , even by their families, and Nassar's denials were taken as credible.

"Overlooking" with many issues is a cowardly way to avoid the truth.

General profile image

Reply: To 4 Reply To emergency - - 2 d 10 h ago

No question the sexual abuses inflicted by some of those in the Catholic Church are disgusting. Those guilty should be held accountable by the Church, but more importantly they should answer to our laws. There are many issues in our country that require serious attention, along with appropriate actions. Due to many years of Congressional and previous Presidents (this includes all members of every political bent) inaction, the plate is full - we now must address and resolve each infraction of duty one by one - total success cannot be done all at once - but over a concentrated period of time. Perhaps Congress not taking so much time away from D.C., elimination of "excursions" and actually doing their jobs, void of self-serving, childish bickering, would be helpful.

I have always been a proponent of Term Limits until the immaturity and Socialist tendencies of many new Congressional members have come to light - their proposed "government cradle to grave" control of our lives is very frightening. We must be vigilant and careful- as I see it - our free Democracy is at stake.

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For reply to emergency - 4 d 21 h ago

There are many issues and "emergencies" in our country that deserve attention and action, including border security and gun control.

But we keep hearing that people kill, not guns. Yes, guns can save lives. But some people with guns kill many people. How many more massacres will it take to get bi partisan representatives in Congress to do something?The killer in Illinois should never have been able to purchase a gun. He was a convicted felon and then went on to have 5 arrests after he had the gun.

With immigration, gun issues and other concerns, they will never be totally prevented or solved and both involve many factors. We should be working together toward any and all actions, legislation, etc. that can perhaps make a difference. They are not one solution problems.

General profile image

Reply, For reply to - 3 d 17 h ago

Read above post "4 Emergency". You might find it interesting, as well as address the obvious obstruction and self - serving of various Congressess throughout the years.

General profile image

For, For reply to emergency - 2 d 7 h ago

That's right something needs to be done, the person and business who sold the guy his weapon should be accountable. During the purchase someone failed to do their job and be a responsible, reputable gun dealer??? But, if the guy isn't truthful on his application that" should be " picked up by the background check? I don't care what you say, if you take away guns from the law abiding citizens who follow the laws, then that will only put more weapons in the hands of criminals. Law enforcement and criminals would be the only ones with firearms, is that what you want? Do your research, you'll find that having the American people armed, helps ensure the safety of our country!

You definitely won't be taking my guns away, not in this life.

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