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Fox News Network, LLC

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New York, NY
Roger Ailes
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Dragonlady - 15 h ago

Fox News in my opinion is not doing the correct thing by keeping Hannoty on tthe air. He needs to be released at least until all the facts come out. What are you hiding Fox. Get rid of this loser.

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Ronny Jackson? - 12 h 16 m ago

I just read that Dr. Jackson withdrew his nomination. It seems that when allegations arise, whether they're related to sexual harassment, unethical behavior or other charges , they are almost always denied. So, how do we determine the facts and truth?????

In his case, reportedly 23 past and former employees came forward to reveal allegedly concerning behaviors. I'm not defending or accusing him. My question is that these are very serious charges, some when when he served in prior administrations. Did anyone come forward at the time to report these? If not, why not? Maybe they did and that information was never revealed to the public. If true, was he disciplined?

Anyway, very confusing and how do we determine what is credible and where the truth lies?

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Reply to Ronny Jackson - 9 h 25 m ago

You have brought up good points, however, my concern (I am not excusing any possible misbehavior in this case) is that allegations were made, proof of allegations were not brought to the forefront and a hearing, permitting Dr. Jackson to address the situation, was permitted. It seems we have become a country of pointing fingers, obstruction, and self-promotion. If, and I say IF, the charges against Dr. Jackson are true, like you, where have the accusers been? Dr. Jackson has honorably, with distinction, served our country, along with caring for at least three presidents and their families. Are those accusers correct, jealous, or maybe pawns of those who simply do not like/hate POTUS? Why did not Senator Tester take his charges to the White House to discuss potential problems instead of immediately looking for a "camera" - could it be because he is facing re-election in his state of Montana?

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Re reply to R. Jackson - 4 h 30 m ago

Thanks for your reply. We don't know the truth, maybe never will.

As mentioned before, my question is : did the 23 employees commenting on alleged past behaviors report this at the time? If , and only if, there were indeed incidents of drunk driving or being intoxicated while on official call, then why weren't charges brought and why didn't these people speak up at the time? They would have been against any private citizen and may have resulted in firing or probation. In one of my jobs years ago, it was prohibited to drink alcohol 24 hours or less before reporting for work.

Who knows what is truly going on or the motivation(s) of those involved. I sure don't.

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Correction to: Reply to Ronny Jackson - 9 h 21 m ago


Should read:

and a hearing, permitting Dr. Jackson to address the situation, was not permitted.

Sorry for error.

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Sage - 7 h ago

Dr Jackson became another victim of Democrat Politics Of Personal Destruction. The Dems didn't want Jackson in the job because he wanted Vets to be able to get care in local hospitals if it was more convenient. The Democrats was afraid this might cause some layoffs in the VA system, and we know Democrats are all about protecting government employee jobs. So they prepared a two page list of alleged wrong doing, and Sen Tester circulated it to the Press. If the list was legitimate, why release the info to the Press? Ordinarily this type of information would be kept quiet, and used at the proper time during the questioning at the confirmation hearing. The fact that it was released in this way indicates that the list was used to smear this Doctor, before he could confront his accusers. Senator Tester is a slime ball, who should not be re-elected in November, and likely won't be. He can go back to his pig farm and oink, oink all day long, with his piglets.

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Reply to sage - 6 m 20 s ago

Jackson had every opportunity to confront and go public about the allegations and chose not to. And once again, it's all the Democrats fault.


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Sage to Dragonlady - 7 h 29 m ago

Hannity scares the britches from you libs. He just keeps hammering away in his investigations of the Hillary campaign. You tried to silence him but he was too powerful for you losers. Soon he will divulge the scurrilous activities of the DNC and Hillary's campaign. When he does, the Democrat Party will either clean house, or be consigned to that ash heap in history where other Socialist societies reside.

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Anonymous - 3 h 11 m ago

Hannity doesn't scare anyone but he disgusts many.

Whining, sniveling little Trump puppet. Like Trump, plays the victim and blames , blames, blames.

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Steve - 3 h ago


Sean Hannity is the ONLY political show on cable TV that tackles the corruption/crime issues now associated with the anti-Trump politicians and media. Kudos to Sean but mediocre to Fox by their lukewarm support of is noticeable....palpable.

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Anonymous - 5 h 38 m ago

Bill Cosby news just came did Shep Smith.

I immediately went to CNN to avoid Shep, as usual, when Shep comes on.

Shep is NOT an unbiased journalist and should be avoided if one wants the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

CNN is not much better, but even CNN is better than Shep.

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To anonymous - 5 h ago

So what does the fact that you don't like Shep Smith have to do with Cosby being guilty?

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Anonymous - 4 h 3 m ago

Explain your unfounded are the one who brought up Cosby being found guilty.

Looking for a perceived fake problem or something?

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Dragonlady - 14 h 40 m ago


Typo.... Hannity. By the way I would never watch Fox. I am a CNN person. At least their fair and balanced. Unlike Fox.

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2 Dragonlady - 7 h ago

You sound like an uninformed CNN advocate. Try another channel.

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Sage to Dragonlady - 6 h 50 m ago

You didn't need to tell us you are a CNN viewer. It was quite apparent from the tone of your message. I suppose you think Jim Acosta is a real news person.

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William Hunter - 22 d 8 h ago


Keep Laura Ingraham on the air........don't allow liberal bullies to prevail

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Orange Rot - 22 d 7 h ago

What's a matter? Can't the phony macho Trump lovers handle those terrible liberal bullies? Oh my.

Flagged for review. 
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To Orange Rot - 22 d 6 h ago

Hmmm...Still haven't gotten ove the election? At least we're not wearing vulgar hats and screaming at the sky.

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Re to orange rot - 21 d 12 h ago

Agree that the screaming at the sky was ridiculous. But the "vulgar" hats in the women's march were in response to a vulgar comment made by the now president and captured on audio. No fake news claims about that one.

Flagged for review. 
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Bret modern cowboy - 21 d 10 h ago

So they had to out-vulger him in the thousands? Classy. Not.

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Joe New York - 20 d ago

You poor ignorant trumpsters you actually think you're right I guess it's going to take until you're screwed to realize how horrible this Administration is what happened to I'm going to replace Obamacare with something really really great at a fraction of the price what a f****** liar you guys are fools

Flagged for review. 
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Re: Joe New York - 20 d ago

You know that Obama's "You can keep your insurance" actually WON the title of "Lie Of The Year"? I would follow that with "You can keep your doctor" or "Your costs won't go up." It must have been hard to decide which lie to choose.

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Amy - 15 d 8 h ago

.. So what do you do for insurance? Just don't get sick in USA!

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Calvin F to Amy - 15 d 7 h ago


You should know better. Healthcare is available from clinics and hospitals. It's called charity care. If you need healthcare, contact your local social services office, or office of the aging if you are older. We did have healthcare in America before Obama. His, ACA program was a fraud which misrepresented a healthcare plan for healthcare coverage. Many people were shocked to find that they had 5 or 10 thousand dollar deductibles, and therefore the insurance was worthless to someone with a broken arm or a need for joint replacement. Obamacare provided an open door to Medicaid which forced the costs of this program to the states, while at the same time promising healthcare that is often unavailable because Doctors will not accept the insufficient payments.

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Cliff - 8 d ago

Heh Calvin,

So I wish I was a rich Republican who didn't have to worry about paying ridiculous costs for health insurance or having my social security and pension gutted. Must be nice.

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To Cliff - 8 d 37 s ago

There aren't any rich Democrats? You should check Nancy Pelodi's financials just to name one.

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To Cliff - 6 d 4 h ago

Greed knows no boundaries. For those with mega bank accounts, often it's never enough. Just a few more dollars. Sadly, sometimes but not always, those who receive assistance may feel entitled also to more and more benefits without having to contribute. Again, there are many hard working citizens who need help....many of us have been there. I do wish that we would confront the wealthy, whether in politics or not, who take advantage of the system or their lofty positions. The same for those who can never distance themselves from public assistance. I have worked with many people who are below the poverty line.. Those whom I have met have much to contribute. Programs that use people's skills and talents in exchange for financial aid , benefit all. We all need to feel we are contributing...with some exceptions of course. The "entitled" will always be a part of our society.

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No Pelosi lover - 1 d 4 h ago

I am a Democrat but no fan of Pelosi. Stop painting everything white or black.

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To Cliff Correction - 8 d ago

Spelling correction

Nancy Pelosi's financials

Sorry for error

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Calvin F - 7 d 8 h ago


Let me try to understand you. The cost of health insurance is a result of Obama's ACA program that gutted the existing employer paid healthcare system. You got the over priced health care plan that Democrats put into place. Of course your other two grievances are similarly incorrect. Their have been no changes that affect Social Security or Pensions.

You might not be aware of this, but all Republicans are not rich. What Republicans do believe is that this country should not be a welfare state. In order to accomplish this we follow the advice of John F Kennedy said, "ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country". If you feel short changed, maybe you need to look in a mirror and determine what you could have done differently to improve your situation.

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Anonymous - 6 d 9 h ago

Heh Calvin,

So if I pay into social security, it is welfare. You are a Republican TOOL not an American.

My point is not that repubs are rich, you simpleton. Fuck you right right wingsr.

Flagged for review. 

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