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Roger Ailes
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steve from California - 2 d 6 h ago


I would love to see an equivalent to Saturday Night Live on Fox News. I think this format of new would be great for Fox viewers, I know I would appreciate it and it would be much appreciated. The weekend format seems to have a lot of repetition and I know people watch during the weekend.


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Zeb - 1 d 19 h ago


Great idea! It would be fun to watch actors portraying the nutty Democrats such as Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Nancy Pelosi, Gov Jerry Brown and a host of others. Come to think of it, their are so many blabbering Dems, you would never run out of material. Harry Reid would have been a great subject with his unfounded accusations, but he's gone home to Nevada. Good riddance!

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CG - 1 d 15 h ago


Thanks alot we don't want Reid either.

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Zeb - 1 d 11 h ago

CG. I thought you told us that you left New York so you could be represented by Harry in Nevada. Now you can be even closer to him every day. Good Luck!

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chartergirl - 1 d 9 h ago



Please read the posting again..Never said I left New York to be closer to Reid..In fact I never heard of him until I moved here. I did say he's just down the road from me. His office is in my bank building,,

I can't stand the old windbag.. You may have mixed me up with someone else..

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Zeb - 1 d 5 h ago


It was written in jest, and I do enjoy our exchange of dialogue. I am well aware of your views of Mr. Reid and I just wanted to provoke an animated response.

I have been a proponent of the return of Bob Beckel and I stated so on this site many times. Today I was thrilled that Fox made the decision to bring him back to replace Juan on The Five. What do you think?

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CG - 15 h ago


Sorry.... if I could see you face to face I would have known you were kidding..You scared me because I can't stand Reid.. and if I had posted anything besides my dislike for the person I would have to bow my head in shame.(very conservative where I live). Yes I do love our exchanges..I'm Irish and German so I can get really animated fast... I too was very happy to see Beckel back but I wonder how sick he really was..He seemed to a bunch of us who watched his return like he had a stroke or something. The way he was speaking his words etc.compared to the tapes they showed when Beckel was on before..I hope he's well and up to his old self.. His swear jar will be filling up fast.....

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Zeb - 6 h 35 m ago

Thanks CG. Irish and German on this end too, with a little Johnny Bull from my maternal grandmother.

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ZEB on Reid - 1 d 9 h ago


I remember her post from awhile back and that is not what CG said..

Please get your facts straight..CG is a conservative from her postings and she said that Reids office is in her bank building. She never said she moved to be closer to Reid..what a stupid comment.

Plus she only has good comments on your postings.

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Zeb - 1 d 5 h ago

You are so right. Above is my explanation to CG. She and I do have a wonderful dialogue and I look forward to her postings. My post was an attempt to tweak her a little bit. If I'm not mistaken, I'll be getting a tweak back that ups the ante. I think both of us are very similar in our political views.

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CG - 14 h 48 m ago


ZEB..Our views are the same except you have a better grip on sentence structure than I do. But I admit we have fun and it's really great to post back and forth with you...

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alexandria - 13 h 35 m ago

happy megyn kelly is gone now get rid of shepherd smith and juan williams dana perino and bob bechel

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CG - 9 h 35 m ago


Shep is annoying and Juan is a question mark but why don't you like Dana??? and Beckel just got back..what's wrong with him????

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Zeb - 7 h ago

CG...I also like Beckel and I find Dana to be caring and honest in her commentary. What do you think?

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CG - 6 h 37 m ago


I agree with you. I find Dana is very caring and honest but just a little too naive....which isn't a bad thing. She would never hurt anyone's feelings...Beckel just cracks me up especially today when he confused Trumps wife with his daughter... I'm sure is swear jar will be full soon..

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Semperfi68 - 6 h 41 m ago


Bob's back on The Five. No more Five for me. Juan was bad enough but Bob is simply a no talent left wing loon. His only claim to fame is that he was the campaign manager who engineered the worst defeat in presidential history. He lost 49 out of 50 states and that makes him a political guru. Come on Fox you can do better than this. He is very divisive and knows about as much of middle America as a pig does about Sunday.

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fox - 1 d 8 h ago


To Bill O'Reilly /FOX

Couldn't believe when Mary Ann Marsh came on your show Monday the 16th,and she made the comment that Trump tanked the stock market. You never said boo. After Trump won.. the market went down but then the stock market hit all time highs ...wake up Bill you make a lot of errors in speaking but you'll never admit it..

Welcome back Beckel but Fox has absolutely no class when they get rid of people. When Bob left The Five the rest of The Five must have been told not to say anything about him..Now it's a repeat with Juan Williams. No mention of his name at all. Same way with Andrea Tantaros they are just gone like they never existed.

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Zeb - 17 h 34 m ago

It was disgusting treatment of Tantaros. She knew her facts and expressed her positions clearly. She made valuable contributions to Outnumbered and The Five. She was unceremoniously dumped allegedly because of a book she was promoting without Fox permission. If this is the real reason, it certainly is unfair, because it seems someone at Fox is always promoting a book these days. The on air time Megyn Kelly was given to promote her book was outlandish, and she screwed Fox in the end. Fox needs to get out of the sex and book business, and get back in the news and entertainment business. That's what made them the choice of Conservative viewers.

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CG - 10 h 15 m ago


On Tantaro's it was reported in the news she has a 50 million lawsuit against Ailes which at the time was Fox..Who knows if she filed while on Fox which would or could have lead to her being fired. Or the suit was filed after she was fired..Then again it could be FALSE NEWS...Could have been the book. I really miss her and I agree Fox shouldn't try to become Barnes and Noble..

Watched Beckel on The Five today..He was so funny. He had Trumps wife and daughter completely mixed up.. and KG was very slowly explaining to Beckel who was who...Having Bob back is going to make this show funny again like it use to be..

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Zeb - 6 h 41 m ago

CG.... It is great to have Beckel back. The interaction between KG and Bob is precious, and the show is fun to watch again.

Tantaros is a sad situation. From my research, the book was a factor but Fox blamed her departure on a contract dispute. I believe the lawsuit came later, after Gretchen and the other accusers went public. Whatever the reason, she is missed, and if possible should return.

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Charles Martel - 10 h ago

A.B. Stoddard is another Genius who claims the United States is a democracy. She is undeserved of a position on any panel on Fox. The United States is a Constitutional Republic, always was and hopefully always will be.

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Zeb - 7 h 11 m ago

Charles... These media people attend liberal journalism schools. They don't know much about government and seem to care less. If asked if the US was a Constitutional Republic, ninety percent would say no. This Democracy business is being sold to the public by the Democrats in an effort gin up support for doing away with the Electoral College. They want direct election of the President so California can decide who is elected.

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black not like me - 8 h 37 m ago


Lamont Hill I hope you read this..Calling Steve Harvey a mediocre negro is funny. In reality you are the mediocre negro. Steve Harvey is more well known and makes more money and has worked very hard to get to where he is.. Who are you GOD. You think you have the right to tell people who they can talk to.. I am black and you make me sick to think you and I are of the same race...As for liberal Hollywood you just love us black folks until your son or daughter wants to marry one of us. You're all a bunch a phony's...

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Zeb - 7 h 32 m ago

Dear Not Like Marc,

You are sooo right. It is inconceivable that Marc Lamont Hill apparently sees himself as an upper level or perhaps an aristocratic negro. What is more surprising to me is that he is a college professor. This guy is a racist black man with mediocre talent, who has achieved his success by race baiting. I doubt if his IQ breaks 100. Sadly, he will infect many students with his hyper-liberal ideas.

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Djordan - 7 h 50 m ago


To all Fox News casts members.

I have herd the words 2 times God D...

If you keep this up you will loose many viewers especially Christians. This is something that I would expect out of CNN. We love Fox News please don't get lazy. You guys are doing a great job.

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