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Fox News Network, LLC

1211 Avenue Of The Americas
New York, NY
Roger Ailes
Chairman and CEO
(212) 301-3000
(212) 301-8588
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Robert Methvin, Redding, Ca 96003 - 1 h ago

I live in Redding, Ca 96003 but watch Fox KTVU from Oakland to get my local Bay Area news (I own properties there)- of course Big Fox for national news.

Your company needs to look at the left wing bias this station pukes out on a continuous basis. How can you let them destroy your trademark

un-biased news? I became really upset today as, they slanted every national story to the left. I can't watch it any more. Please fix for your own sake.

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William from Georgia - 5 h 52 m ago

I wish Fox would bring back O'Reilly. I enjoyed listening to him and he was so knowledgeable about our country. He truly set people straight. Like now, people are so confused about the Civil War. The ones who are trying to change and omit History probably never read one chapter on it. They just mimic others who are ignorant and hell bent to lie. I am very bored and tired of the same rhetoric about it being all about slaves! No it was not! If anyone wants to know the summary of it-----the south was the bitch of the north!!!! The north basically had its farmland, "the south" and the north made the south grow its food, (the north's food) and also made the south grow cotton, which it did not want! South was taxed by the north and was only able to sell to the north! The north wanted to be more industrialized as the south wanted their land, their family, their religion, and wanted to keep it simple. States had decided to secede before Lincoln. They were fed up with the north! As for slavery, blame Africa and Europe!

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Ignat Cuomo - 2 h 29 m ago

Blacks and most Jews are trying to destroy elect government in country. Open your eyes

Flagged for review. 
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To Ignat Cuomo - 1 h 39 m ago


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FOX???? - 1 h 41 m ago

FOX what is the matter with you? House guest was watching The Specialist today -- Eboni Williams interruped and told another guest to "be quite" as she wanted to talk. Who does this rude, inexperienced, uninformed woman think she is? By the way, I grabbed the remote and turned TV off!! Williams and whoever hired her should be fired. Bring Eric Bolling back and get rid of Williams and Kimpf.

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Joe- - 3 h 34 m ago

I wrote a rap for Hillarys new book "what happened" I call it "Denial it's not just a river that flows through Egypt." It was Putin, It was Comey, Barack was not my homie. WikiLeaks, RNC, they had it in for me. DNC they were broke and I mean it that's no joke. Had to give them money just to keep'em all afloat. Benghazi, Loretta with Billy on a Plane. ya all just need to stop it cause its drivin me insane. So while everybody's sayin take responsibility. When I look in the mirror damn I know it wasn't me! Main stream media, Rightwing press, always bustin on me cause I wouldn't wear a dress. I got Kankels for ankles and now that's makin me depressed. It was sexist and racists and a bit misogynistic. Faulty data sayin a President Trump was just not realistic. Stupid voters, suburban bitches, Bob Bannon and his crew. I'm asking all my peps what the hell was I to do. So while everybody's sayin take responsibility. When I look in the mirror damn I know it wasn't me! Collusion, mass confusion, and the FBI. Fake news stories sayin I was sick and gonna die. Netflix, Twitter, and the information age. Always portrayin me on the verge of rage. It was a two term president named Barack Obama and content farmers in Macedonia. My server and emails was all a load of crap I bleached bit the sucker and that took care of that! It was Bernie and Weiner and Citizens united. That's the real reason why the country's so divided. So while everybody's sayin take responsibility. When I look in the mirror damn I know it wasn't me! Yo Obama, your momma! H.R.C. Out! (drop the mike)

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Reply to Joe..... - 1 h 49 m ago

You are a GREAT!! I had a smile on my face the entire time while reading your rap. It is so true. Maybe you should put it on YouTube. Please keep them coming!!

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george - 4 h ago

long time fox listener ,years--no more --over the last 9 months -fair & balance -has become a joke --trump won ,bret lost --trump today would win 75 million votes--washington is a swamp & fox is part of that swamp--only hannity is solid--suggest you dump these panels--we do not need these clowns telling us what we just heard or seen--cover the fairly--fox is now in bed with cnn-what a fall--you need another roger a --also we are tried of seeing 4& 6 pairs of women thighs --be professional ?? your rating are down --start showing re-runs --all in the family--you will have more viewers --

i will tweet trump to not do a interview with brett--


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Helen - 7 h 37 m ago

Kapernick is such a fool. This so called cause he thinks he's created is only reinterating the fact that he is such a loser, he truly is desperate for attention. This was all his girlfriend's idea anyway. She has ties to Black Lives Matter. Well, to all the anti- American Black NFL players, crying for nothing---------you were Made in the best country in the world and your salaries are beyond imaginable. The majority were picked from the ghetto and offered a better life in which you all gladly accepted!!! You sniffling crybabies are fakes. You follow the fools who don't have an understanding of what this country is.

Enjoy your stupidity now because in a few years you won't be looked up to---more line down to, much less even recognized of doing anything worthwhile. You're nothing special, just a dime a dozen of the same persistent, idiotic idealisms and falseness.

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To Helen - 5 h 15 m ago

WOW!! Good for you. In few years these ungrateful, disrespectful football players won't even be remembered. They are an embarrassment!!

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Sage - 1 d 6 h ago

Looking forward to POTUS rally tonight in Phoenix. Also predict that ANTIFA and other anarchist groups will be there along with other left wing protesters. I hope the police are well staffed and prepared to deal with the demonstrators, who usually attack the attendees when they leave after the rally. I have said and say again that anyone wearing masks to cover their face should be detained and questioned. We need to get the names of these people so their activities can be monitored. This includes those on both the right and left.

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Phoenix Speech - 1 d ago

POTUS speech Monday night was a home-run!! Looking forward to Phoenix.

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Disgusted with trump - 1 d 37 s ago

5 minutes into his speech and he's already starting his fake news garbage and panning the media. This right after his patriotic b.s. Anyone who thinks this man wants to unite us is delusional.

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Sage to disgusted - 1 d ago

I'll bet your heart is broken to see and hear from all those Trumpers in

Phoenix. Rx: sip a little brandy, say your prayers, go to bed, and sleep soundly. You'll feel better tomorrow when you watch what DIDN'T happen on CNN.

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To: Disgusted with Trump - 10 h 9 m ago

Last night was a "rally" for his ardent followers. Be concerned with the presidents agena, accomplishments, jobs, etc. Be concerned with obstructionist who will continue to try to prevent any agenda accomplishments. Be concerned with fringe groups & progressive liberals attempting to destroy and eliminate our history. Be concerned with biased media -- we deserve better than their bloviating nonsense -- give us true reporting -- we are smart enough to reach our own decisions.

As suggested by someone else on this site: "sip a little brandy, say your prayers, go to bed and sleep soundly".

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B. from R.I. - 7 h 49 m ago

All the talk about need to pay attention to the president's agenda.

His agenda will not be successful if he himself continues to sabotage it. Today he was calm, talked about healing.Last night, another story. I had the exact same reaction as another poster said. My family and I started watching, heard him make a positive, unifying statement and were looking forward to the rest of his speech. Then wham; it morphed into a long, angry, accusatory tirade that went on and on and only served to divide us more.

This isn't anything new. But the trend I'm seeing now is that, in addition to his usual targets, he's beginning to turn against those in his own party. He reportedly is in a cold war with Mitch McConnell and isn't on speaking terms with him. He continues to demean and publicly criticize others and we've seen a succession of firings and resignations. I think there will be many more to come.

We are also hearing from well respected men and women within the GOP who are concerned about his behavior. Many have years and years of experience, in Congress, and as WH , intel and military advisors. Senator Corker, most recently who stated that the president needs to come out of himself and think about the best interests of our country.

Trump and his "base" are not the only ones who love this country, despite what you may believe.

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Reply to: B. From R.I. - 6 h 40 m ago

There is no doubt POTUS should remember he is not in a board room where his dictates are acted upon immediately or, at least, within a reasonable time frame. Is he frustrated? I don't know - one thing for certain - I am. Should his disagreements with Mitch McConnell, Senator Flake and Senator McCain be addressed by phone or in a private setting - probably. How do we know some form of personal communication has not taken place or, even what was discussed? We don't -we cannot rely upon most of the media to tell us the truth. POTUS has surrounded himself with extremely talented, well respected military advisors whom he listens to -- a trait Obama did not have. As far as congressional members having years and years of experience -- both sides of the aisle -- what has that "experience" done for us? Low GDP, high taxes, 16 years of war (which now needs to be cleaned up), VERY high National Debt, and on and on. These "experienced" congressional members, again both sides of the aisle, should remember who they work for, the status quo is no longer acceptable, childish obstruction and personal objectives will no longer be tolerated. Mitch McConnell is probably a very nice gentleman, but his lack of passion, along with acceptance of the "way it has always been done" attitude does not, any longer, denote a good leader. Senator Flake is trying to sell a book. Senator McCain, as a Senator, whose military sacrifices are separate from his Senatorial service and whom we wish only good health with a long life, is not certain whose platform he aligns himself with -- Republican or Democrat. One thing is definite -- we, as citizens are responsible for setting the divisions that face us aside - governments job is to protect us, not hold our hands.

While your opinion and views are important, as well as accepted with respect, I do question your "Trump and his "base" are not the only ones who love this country, despite what you may believe". Differences of opinions, with open dialogue and debate will only benefit each of us. I do hope you didn't mean "despite what you may believe" the way it came across. To my knowledge no one is questioning anyone's "love" for our country. Regards

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in reply to reply to B. - 5 h 46 m ago

to reply to B from RI

I am not B. but did read his or her comments. You have made some valid ones also.

I have a little difficulty with mobility in my hands so it's sometimes hard to type. So I have only posted a few times on this board but have been reading it for awhile and enjoyed that.

I have to counter though when you said no one is questioning people's "love" for our country. i have read several times posters described as haters, traitors, out to destroy the president and this country, not true patriots,as a disgrace to the U.S. and many other less than kind replies. there have been profane posts also but these were not in response to those. they were to people who just disagreed with what someone else had said.

just my observation. I send regards to you also.

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Reply to reply to B - 5 h 24 m ago

How true your comments are. I, too have read the posters you are referring to. Unless I am misunderstanding, I think those using haters, etc as you mentioned, don't reflect the overall attitude of the country -- I could be very wrong. Members of the fringe groups, such as KKK and others like them, do spew hatred, bigotry and racism. Fortunately they are not the majority. There are other comments that I think are probably spam or just posted to create havoc and dissent. As long as we stick together we will be fine -- we have been through worse.

Thank you for your comments. I hope your hands are better -- your thoughts are welcomed. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Regards

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re to disagree with Trump - 7 h ago

Last night was a "rally" for his ardent followers.

With all due respect, I think that is one of the problems. These rallies do connect him with this group and he has every right to continue having them. But there are many other citizens whom he should be including in his speeches and referring to with more respect. Among them are those who may not have voted for him but support him as President and want him to succeed. There are those who did vote for him but do not agree with everything on his agenda.

The pep rallies would be a wonderful opportunity for him to receive support, promote his plans, but also focus on helping to bring us all together. Instead they're often used to generate angry us vs. them tirades against any individuals or groups, media or otherwise, whom he feels are the "enemy" ,and he's used that term to describe many.

He is the President for all and it's sad when there is encouragement to think of our fellow citizens as enemies.

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Reply re: disagree with trump - 5 h 18 m ago

I agree with your comments completely. With that said, POTUS is exactly the same as he was when we all went to the polls. We knew what we were getting. Do we cringe occasionally when he tweets or speaks --yes!! Is this going to change --probably not. At the end of the day, are we better off with someone like us or a professional politician?

Thank you for your reply. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Regards

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Allan Forester - 7 h 10 m ago

Short and sweet:

ESPN should go under. They can not stay out of politics. I grew so sick of their snowflake attitude, I haven't watched them all year and didn't miss a damn thing.

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Anonymous - 8 h 50 m ago

Due to Shepherd Smith's ongoing need and propensity to demean, degrade and disparage Trump I will recommend that everyone within our corporate offices should not watch or support Mr. Smith any longer.

In addition, I will not allow any employee to record his show. Right now I allow all FOX News Shows to be watched or taped within our corp offices. I also will no longer watch Mr. Smith. If I want to hear the far left news, I can simply tune to CNN and/or MSNBC.

As of now, I prefer to switch to the Golf Channel and forego watching Smith, CNN or MSNBC till I again see Mr. Smith being fair and balanced.

Flagged for review. 
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Fox Follower - 9 h 16 m ago


I love Fox News but find myself turning Fox off when Shep Smith is reporting. He is clearly against President Trump and goes out of his way to bring up negative material.

I realize Fox is "fair and balanced" in its programming, but having Shep Smith in a host position is driving viewers away.

Fox follower,

Jean Jakubowski

Flagged for review. 
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To Fox Follower - 9 h ago

With respect, Fox used to be "fair and balanced" -- no longer -- they are becoming clones of CNN , MSNBC & other liberal outlets. Sad!!

Note: I too reach for the remote when Shep Smith is on.

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