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Libby - 11 d 19 h ago

Fox is propaganda!

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2 Libby - 11 d 16 h ago

Then watch another channel

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Jake - 11 d 13 h ago

I would, but what CNN? They all B.S..


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Anonymous - 11 d 12 h ago

So what else is new?

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Anonymous - 11 d 7 h ago

For those who bragged that Trump would drain the swamp, you were correct. Too bad they're all his appointees. 18 out and I'm sure more to come. This administration is dragging our country into the gutter.

Take your pick. Some engage in bullying, abusive behaviors both verbally and physically, and others are wimps too cowardly to speak up when they are aware of disgraceful actions.

But of course it's all part of Making America Great Again.

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for Anonymous post - 11 d 6 h ago

The few who do speak out are vilified and branded as traitors for not being loyal. That's if you are a Republican. If you're a Democrat, you're simply labeled as a hater. No middle ground anymore. And heaven forbid that we promote diversity. Fox executive now claiming the Olympic athletes are becoming "darker, gayer, different."

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Ted - 11 d ago

What about brucie jenner? After being such a mockery to the US, old confusing, (what gender am I), haggard he/she needs to return his medals; how despicable "it" is..

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Ted???????????????????????????????? - 11 d ago

Explain why the medals should be returned. Regardless of gender identity, were they fairly won or not?

Your comments count as despicable, not Jenner. To refer to another human being as "it" is low.

Only people who despise themselves make hateful comments like that. Hope you can learn to accept yourself.

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Ted's, excellent adventure - 10 d 17 h ago

Oh too funny! I am not in the market for a sex change therefore I am very happy with being me. However, did hear "it" contemplated suicide after the sex change. Goes to show these born males and females who swear they are meant to be another gender ( against God's plans of course) are truly mentally ill.

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For Ted - 10 d 17 h ago

Little Ted. You didn't answer the poster's question. Jenner's Olympic medals fairly won or not?

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Ted - 8 d 4 h ago

No. He won them as a male. He switched sexes. Needs to give them back! He never competed as a woman, much less an "it".

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Moderators suck - 8 d ago

I answered several. Looks as though there is bias on this forum. Allow ass comments from the likes of you but anyone replying gets omitted.

I see how it is here.

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excellent advice for Ted - 10 d 4 h ago

one of the characteristics of someone with a mental disorder is experiencing religious delusions. You apparently think you are the spokesperson for God's plans, so I'll play that game with you. Maybe part of the plan is to rid you of your nasty bigotry for those whom you refer to as "it". On a lesser scale, maybe move out of Mommy and Daddy's basement, wipe off the Cheeto dust and get on with your life. Good luck!

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Ted says You are a fool - 8 d 3 h ago

This is coming from a projecting Atheist as yourself? That's funny. Perhaps you should really be fearful of the gates of hell but that's your problem all on your own.

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Proud conservative - 8 d 23 h ago

Don't need luck with God on my side.

Whatever happened to tolerance from the left? Lol.

Oh that's right. You pick and choose.

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Keisha - 8 d 23 h ago

Do you allow people to speak of Allah?

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Sandra Crofton - 6 d 3 h ago

I read Ted's remarks and you addressing Ted in the manner you did was sheer wickedness. You are by far the evil entity in this forum as you put up a false face of kindness.

As to the gates of hell, you should worry. We all should be concerned and a person does not only get to Heaven for being kind speaking of those in the world who are, but a person has to take Christ as their Savior. People get to heaven through the Lord.

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DLOW - 8 d ago

Just another republican punk

Flagged for review. 
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4 DLOW - 8 d 23 m ago

Why would you call Republicans punks? You might enjoy listening if you have it a try.

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Keisha - 8 d ago

Republicans rule- literally.

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Randy - 4 d ago

Get TRUMP a sex change.. back to a man.

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Azrebel - 10 d 39 s ago

On this I agree with ted?????

Let's give Bruce the benefit of the doubt. He is confused about his identity but let him deal with that. He earned every medal he got

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to Azrebel - 9 d 7 h ago

Absolutely. Jenner's gender identity issues had nothing to do with the fact that the medals were earned by a superb athlete and those skills should always be honored and respected.

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Sage - 3 d 5 h ago

4 something to understand about the 2014 Obama and Mormon Matt Romney.Who brought 1st talked about Russian.also who rumes the United States NSA more to come Embassys of Canada ,United States of America,UK are at this time in violation of the People of Guatemala Centro America. Cuba, Ecuador,Venuasuela ,Bolivia,Guatemala,Mexico, Nigeria Peoples Republic of China,Tibet,and the people of the united states of America Illegally Wired a Chip NSA (National Security Agency)LDS,MORMON CHURCH Technology When a 5-micromillimeter microchip/nanochip (the diameter of a strand of hair is 50 micromillimeters) is placed into optic nerve of the eye which the optic nerve of the eye sends signals to the brain, it draws nerve impulses from the brain that embody the experiences, smells, sights, and voice of the implanted person. Once transferred and stored in a computer, these nerve impulses can be projected back to the person's brain via the microchip to be reexperienced. Using a RMS (Remote Monitoring Station), a land-based computer operator can send electromagnetic messages (encoded as signals) to the nervous system, affecting the target's performance. With RMS, healthy persons can be induced to hear voices in their heads keep in mind not everyone that is chiped or wired hears voices in there head on a communication bases or experiences any symtoms described due to the fact it's used to easedrop until one day someone makes it work on a two way bases. Also known as a intel wire it can be used as a true intel device, as in communications between RMS station and different individuals that are wired aka chipped. Also working off of a person's vision and hearing it proves as a intel device due to the fact that everything can be recorded, along with being a gps signal so people can be tracked.It's used for major corruption inside the Federal and Government system and in the civilian word. Also rumor has it that there is major idenity theft and bank fraud that stems around the technology today, but due to who is in control of the technology it makes it hard to prove. Every thought, reaction, hearing, and visual observation causes a certain neurological potential, spikes, and patterns in the brain and its electromagnetic fields, which can now be decoded into thoughts, pictures, voices, hearing, vision along with photographic memory. Electromagnetic stimulation can therefore change a person's brainwaves and affect muscular activity, causing painful muscular cramps experienced as torture. Also due to frequency being adjustable a person's body can be pumped with so much frequencies to cause tumors and frequency sickness along with amping a person to be unable to sleep and cause insomnia, along with nerve damage, and other illnesses. With this technology NSA can imitate different sensations and illnesses to cause misdiagnosis and malpractice for those doctors that don't know this technology exist and also change a persons emotions. Also the technology can be used to effect a persons respiration and heart rates. Also in the works is programing that is tieing into peoples ligaments to try and control actual body movement. All this is done by the technology working off of the brain which in turn ties into the nerves and so on. The NSA's electronic surveillance system can simultaneously follow and handle millions of people. Each of us has a unique bioelectrical resonance frequency in the brain, just as we have unique fingerprints. With electromagnetic frequency (EMF) brain stimulation fully coded, pulsating electromagnetic signals can be sent to the brain, causing the desired voice and visual effects to be experienced by the target. This is a form of electronic warfare. U.S. astronauts were implanted before they were sent into space so their thoughts could be followed and all their emotions could be registered 24 hours a day. The NSA's Signals Intelligence Group and NSOC (National Security Operations Center) and US Cyber Command Army located at Ft. Meade, Maryland can remotely monitor information from human brains by decoding the evoked potentials (3.50 HZ, 5 milliwatt) emitted by the brain. Prisoner experimentees in both Gothenburg, Sweden and Vienna, Austria have been found to have evident brain lesions. Diminished blood circulation and lack of oxygen in the right temporal frontal lobes result where wired implants are usually operative. A Finnish experimentee experienced brain atrophy and intermittent attacks of unconsciousness due to lack of oxygen. This "silent war" is being conducted against unknowing civilians and soldiers by Department of Defense under one of many directives DOD Directive 5240.1-R Human Testing of U.S. Humans and under appendix Human Experimenting for Intelligence, military branches and intelligence agencies, with these listed agencies being able to have it done are CIA, NSA, FBI, and DHS, along with CIA, DHS and FBI having offices in NSA Ft. Meade, MD according to National Geographics Welcome to NSA episode, along with University of Southern California in conjunction with Department of Homeland Security and Penn State University Neuroscience Labs in conjunction with U.S. ARMY, United States Air Force ISR Agency and HAARP. The one agency that actually admits or advertises the technology is NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California where they also have a Neuron Science Laboratory working on what they call brain chips for how the technology works but not to confuse they get implanted into the eye on the optic nerve and allow the brain frequency technology to work. In other words every agency has there hands into the technology so to say and uses it for various purposes. Since 1980, electronic stimulation of the brain (ESB) has been secretly used to control people targeted without their knowledge or consent. All international human rights agreements forbid non consensual manipulation of human beings even in prisons, not to speak of civilian populations. Also turning into a epidemic is people being wired over falsified behavioral/terrorist reasons after September 11th 2001 the 911 terrorist attacks. Today's super technology, connecting our brain functions via microchips (or even without them, according to the latest technology) to computers via satellites in the U.S. or Israel, poses the gravest threat to humanity. Spiritually Dr Gary Lee Munroe Barney PhD United Nations Staff /UNV VIANNA Cultural Development Specialist /Scientific /Education Field Opperations What has been spoiled through man's fault, can be made good again through man's work. It is not immutable fate that has caused the state of corruption. Then we must see to it that the new way is safely entered upon, so that any re-currances may be avoided. The same with debasing attitudes, and fashions, that corrupt human society. To do away with this corruption, in such a way it unfolds in orderly sequence Spiritually Open your eys

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chips? - 3 d 5 h ago

checking to see if Sage really posted this?

General profile image

Sage - 1 d 31 m ago

ALERT: The above is not my post. Who knows, maybe from Russia.

General profile image

DLO - 8 d 9 s ago

Now there is a real republican cronie

Flagged for review. 
General profile image

Azrebel - 10 d ago

U joke. We have been pushing diversity for 50 plus years with many programs from education to other. Lol.

And allowing illegals to enter country with no check and balance is not major diversity. Lol

The fact that we should want immigrants but how about legal immigrants. Following our laws passed by Congress not Trump,

But even discussing the issue will brand the person a racist.

You are so blinded. Sad

General profile image

Unite America Again? - 10 d 29 s ago

John Kasich (spelling?) could be a uniter. We need common sense whether you are dem or repub!

General profile image

Kasich isn't fit - 8 d 3 h ago

He is all for Amnesty. No thanks.

General profile image

Next up? - 8 d 12 s ago

Well then.. let's find somebody that can get er done without being a flaming ninny of a fool like the Orange one.

Any other suggestions, then.. anybody?

Flagged for review. 
General profile image

Mind's eye - 7 d 18 h ago

The next President will be named, Thomas, and he will be a conservative as well.

General profile image

2 Next Up? - 5 d ago

Getting "er" done as you stated falls upon Congress to you pass legislation so it can go to the President (any President) for signature. Our problem now is the fact that Democrats/liberals in the Senate refuse to cooperate in any way. The fact that 60 votes are needed in the Senate falls solely upon the voters who did not place more Republicans in the Senate Majority - thus eliminating the need for the progressives who have proven the lack of interest in bipartisanship. There is not any way, as I see it, that Chuck Schumer of the Senate and Nancy Pelosi of the House are going to vote in the best interest of our country as opposed to their personal agendas and quest for power. Remember, the Democrats controlled the House, Senate and WH for several years - they did nothing except pass Obamacare which was/is a drain upon everyday budgets. No doubt many will disagree we with me - so be it. As Ronald Reagan said " Are you better off today than you were four years ago?"

General profile image

for: 2 Next up - 4 d 7 h ago

You present some good points. It is shameful the direction Congress has taken, regardless of which party is in office. It seems the pattern is to do anything to win a majority, bow down to the lobbyists, often ignore the people they're elected to represent and focus only on upcoming elections and maintaining power and control. Then once they have the majority, use that to obstruct any proposed legislation from the "other side." Again, this has happened with any and all parties. It was evident during President Obama's administration and is continuing with President Trump's.

Being willing to compromise is something we all are faced with in our daily lives. Why does Congress seem incapable of this? Compromise involves mutual concession and does not mean anyone gets everything they want. This my way or the highway mentality we witness today results simply in stalemates, anger, blaming and nothing ever gets resolved.

General profile image

Jake - 4 d ago

Why not Paul Ryan?

General profile image

Tony B. - 2 h 16 m ago

Paul Ryan wants to kill my pension that I worked for all my life. RYAN CAN GO TO HELL!

General profile image

2nd Amendent - 1 d ago

Kaisach acts unstable himself. He can't even govern Ohio, much less the USA.

He is a phony. The buckeyes with a half a brain know that.

General profile image

re 2nd amendment - 19 h 11 m ago

Kasich has been a great governor. He is one of the few honest, straight forward politicians whose loyalty to our country isn't tied to simply being a Republican. He has the courage to voice his opinions. even if he disagrees with his own party. We need more like him rather than some of the gutless members of Congress, and I include all sides.

General profile image

Ted - 11 d 18 m ago

Or you can praise Hilary in making Iran and Russia great.

General profile image

Ian in denver - 11 d 5 m ago

Get over Hillary already. Jeez, who gives a toss?

General profile image

To Ian - 10 d 17 h ago

Ian, the trump supporters will never get over Hillary. They have to divert attention to her to avoid dealing with the miserable misogynist who plays at being president.

General profile image

Max - 10 d 14 h ago

As a famous person once said, a little misogyny keeps women in their place, and makes life more enjoyable for the guys.

General profile image

4 Ian - 9 d 16 h ago

Trump is far from perfect and sometimes offensive, but he has not been at the root of incompetence which resulted in four brave heroes dying in Benghazi.

General profile image

to: 4 Ian - 8 d 5 h ago

So do you speak out when he is offensive or give him "mulligans" like the Family Research Council and others do?

No one is denying the mistakes that Hillary made or the disgusting sexual escapades of Bill Clinton. But we have yet another example of "yes, Trump has been offensive. but............".and then of course it reverts to what the Clintons have done.

I feel for some of the President's staff. I'm not sure what's going on with them but they continue, voluntarily, to cover for him, have to deal with complete reversals on his tweets and policies and seem to engage in contradictory and embarrassing remarks. Kellyanne Conway just remarked that Trump has "great compassion for women."


Donald Trump has for years made humiliating and misogynisitic comments about women, including his own daughter, who seems to have much more grace and dignity than her father. Reread all the nasty comments Trump has made about women over the years, including an interview with obnoxious Howard Stern. In that interview, Stern asked Trump if he would mind if he referred to Ivanka as "a piece of ass" and of course, Trump said it was o.k. and their conversation included I's breast size, voluptuosness, ad nauseum. How would you feel if your father had these conversations about you on a public station?

Even within the last week he can't offer comments against any type of domestic violence but talks about what a great man Rob Porter is and how "sad" that he has to go through this ordeal. Not one mention of the women this abuser was married to.

So keep touting what a strong leader POTUS is and boast about the economy. There are moral issues and values that I feel are equally as important.

General profile image

Not the Me too sheeple - 8 d ago

Porter's ex wife said he was a great guy herself and this was the supposed victim.

General profile image

Rights - 8 d 16 m ago

After reading this site for sometime, I find it interesting the focus of attention placed on optics. No one ever seems to be engaged in conversation about the emphasis being placed on illegals vs citizens, such as bloviating over illegals "rights" while, just as one example, ignoring homeless in our nation. Illegals have no "rights" - try going to other countries and demanding "rights" - see what kind of reception they give you!

General profile image

Teply: To 4 Ian - 6 d ago

Actually I have read very few comments stating POTUS is a STRONG leader although he has proven better for our country than several past Presidents. I have read where many do not approve or condone his communication skills

- rightfully so. Yes, morals and values are important - not even up for debate. National security, economics, infrastructure, the DACA/immigration mess, our military/veterans and, most importantly, our Constitution with allegiance to our flag bring at the top of the priority list. The ONLY reason I did not list morals and values at the top of this list is because too many people retire to their personal political corners when these subjects come into any conversation. Morals and values are a given - not political pawns to be used as an excuse to overlook positives. On a personal level, I am tired if the negatives. Enjoy your day

General profile image

4 to Ian - 4 d 20 h ago

The point, as I understand it, is not to necessarily rehash the questionable Clinton's, but to remind everyone to clean their own house" before casting judgement on others.

General profile image

Anonymous - 6 d 13 h ago

I am a gulf war bet. Bengjazi was like any other foreign counsalate in a third world: a powder keg ready to ignite- you have to be crazy to work security!

General profile image

Facts and truth? - 6 d 7 h ago

I am asking this in all seriousness and would appreciate any replies. How do we determine the facts and the truth, about any issues, including those currently in the news? And I am not placing blame on any person or political party.

Re the Rob Porter saga. The FBI says one thing about the timeline, Gen. Kelly says another, the President just says Porter denies the charges, Sarah Sanders comes in with vague, mixed and sometimes contradictory statements.

With the Russian investigations: There are two facets. One involves collusion and I'm not referring to that. The other is simply Russian interference. All intel agencies confirm there was and will be more hacking and intrusions. The President continues to deny this took place.

Even going back to the s--thole comments, a handful of men all sitting in the same meeting. 2 confirm the remarks were made, 2 others "don't recall" and some remain silent.

What and who are we to believe?

General profile image

The stupidity is ridiculous - 8 d ago

To: To Ian:

No one gets over Hilary because that old hag stays in the news by choice.

General profile image

Dlow - 5 d 19 h ago

And Trump won't let anyone forget. Ifhe would focus on the real issues. And get over the Clintons, he is just as dirty as any other politicians. Ask Russia

Flagged for review. 
General profile image

Anonymous - 4 d 14 h ago

I love hillary.

General profile image

Dlow - 5 d 19 h ago

How true republicans can't handle the real truth

Flagged for review. 
General profile image

AZREBEL - 10 d 2 h ago

It's not about Hillary. It's about what she and others were doing to the constitution of this country. I wouid not take lightly what went on. Collusion but within our own govt. I am just happy she did not win or all wouid have been swept under the rug and what wouid have been next in corrupt future.

General profile image

4 Ian in Denver - 9 d 16 h ago

Can't ignore Hillary, as much as we would like to. She keeps herself in the limelight.

General profile image

Anonymous - 6 d 17 h ago

I think you have a thing for her.

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