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Fox News Network, LLC

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Danny proctor - 10 h 22 m ago


Megyn Kelly needs to go. I am changing my channel as long as she is on Fox. Her personal agenda and hatred for Trump is over the top. Send her to MSNBC

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Placida Florida couple - 1 d ago

We agree about Megyn and Shepard, DO NOT intend to watch them anymore. It is like they can not come up with anything new. Fox Hannity is the best!!!!!!! Hannity is a wonderful American who loves this country just like Donald Trump. To Sean Hannity if you would please set the record straight about the amount of funds that the Clinton Foundation gives to charity, we understand that only 5-10 percent goes to charity, Killery said that 90-100 percent went to charity. The people of Haiti do not like the Clintons and their crooked ways. We have already voted for Trump. Trump for America!!!

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Anonymous - 14 h 20 m ago

Haitian born Bishop Jean-Pierre of Seattle, Washington, has requested grant funding for the four schools he supports in Haiti for poor children. The Clinton Foundation was allegedly going to fund the building of new hospitals. This was denied by CLINTON FOUNDATION, and reportedly says there is not any documented proof to substantiate the allegations. Investigating Clinton's acceptance of Foreign Government donations is not only illegal but also criminal since this activity was during her time as Secretary of State. Time for Fox News to do TV Special on Haiti and Clinton Foundations Broken Promises. Getting the attention of media is the biggest hurdle. Any ideas?

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DiAnne Slater - 14 h 11 m ago


Haiti Rebuilding and Clinton Foundation re Bishop Jean-Pierre lives in Seattle, And have worked with him on trying to achieve the impossible for getting assistance of Clinton Foundation. Sorry that I did not enter my name to display to original post. Trump for America.

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Phone mail boxes are full, I am an investigative journalist in CA with documents and audio evidence of the FBI/DOJ conspiring with local Democrat Officials and Union to manipulate elections, and cover up the sex predator crimes of those officials, Prosecutors, and rapes by law enforcement. The Clinton FBI Election Fraud Conspiracy is not the first. (hidden) I would appreciate a contact to transfer documents and info.

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Chartergirl - 14 h 12 m ago


I would go right to the Republican Headquarters and also contact Fox Headquarters and also as a backup a Conservative Senator..One out of three should be interested...If what you have is true and you have proof it's important to get it out into the open...Just like a good lawyer does..They say something in front of a jury knowing it will be stricken out but guess what it can't be undone the jury has already heard it...the old saying you can't unring a bell....PS make copies of everything and put it in a safe place..not with a lawyer etc..can't trust anyone..everyone is for sale..including a Senator....

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Jane Bowles - 16 h 17 m ago


I am incredulous that Chris Wallace spent more air time on the women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual advances which are NOT proven to be true. The leaks of Hillary's managers who are clearly on tape talking with an expert on inciting violence at Trump rallies was dismissed so quickly saying the tapes were edited, , end of discussion.

I thought I could count on FOX News to be completely fair to each candidate, Chris Wallace, whom I respect, let me down HARD. Then there is the media who cover positives on Clinton and negatives on Trump.

Yes, based on what I have heard, read, the campaign is rigged. Shame on you and shame on the media.

Sincerely, Jane Bowles

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Chartergirl - 16 h 35 m ago


Just on the news..Hillary was given the questions for the debate. The one before this last one....This was on TV today Thursday..She was given the questions from Donna Brazile.. I agree with people who are tired of Megan Kelly but at least last night she brought this question up to Donna B. and of course Donna B. lied EVEN though Donna B. had said she herself gets the questions ahead of time...Now we know why Hillary was ready with her answer about seeing the movie that Speilberg made...Yea I'm sure she goes and sees she has time.So quit bitching about Megan Kelly which I completely agree with and worry more about getting Trump into office..Don't sit on your butt and not vote because if Hillary gets into office we will have a dictator in office..I will be voting next week and I will vote Trump and I will not vote "none of the above."

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Barbara - 17 h 22 m ago


Soooo disappointed in Ms. Kelly. Another "journalist" who doesn't see the facts. Just spouts her opinion with vengeance. Not a pretty thing to watch.

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R. West - 1 d 7 h ago



I once was a huge Kelly fan. She is so unfair and strident we hate to listen to FOX.

She has been on the same anti-trump theme for weeks. Sometimes she's subtle, somettimes not. But she just keeps hammering Trump. Over and over. She turns many news stories to anti Tru,p when the real news just sits there. She turns her guests heads to her antiTrump theme over and over.

She goes back to talking about these women accusing Trump as if that is the Lincoln's death story of the century. She then ignores the real journalists breaking news we all want to hear about. SO MANY GOOD BREAKING NEWS TO LEARN ABOUT AND SHE JUST BEATS THIS DEAD HORSE, LIKE SHE THINKS SHE IS THE WOMENS RIGHTS SAVIOR.

I am writing this to ask you to talk to her correct this, or fire her, or we will contact your sponsors and let them know every ad they place we will boycott. We will be done with FOX. All of it.


I am on several FB closed pages where we watch the news together and comment...we are talking about hundreds of people, all kinds of people, all over the nation. It is very universal that Kelly is despised and it is getting worse. Honestly.

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Max - 1 d 7 h ago

Agree, I have not watched Kelly since the first Republican debate. It is hard to watch Fox News. I do that know of a fair and balanced news organization any more

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Anonymous - 18 h ago

I agree. Get rid of Megan and Sheppard and others who are always brining Donald trump. I too no longer will be watching your channel.

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Sandy Dunham - 1 d 8 h ago

If you don't fire Megan Kelly after tonight, I will no longer watch Fox News. She was injecting her personal and biased opinion immediately after the debate. Time for her to go to CNN.

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R. West - 1 d 7 h ago

Couldn't agree with you more.

R. West

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Max - 1 d 7 h ago


Agree, but I. Am sure Hillary has a spot for her

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Anonymous - 1 d 6 h ago

I totally agree!!! Trump won this debate and all she has to to say is he won't agree with the outcome.. like that's the biggest issue

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Anonymous - 18 h ago

Yes Fire her or you will lose a lot of supports.

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Johnsonm - 1 d 5 h ago

Fire Meghan Kelly

We no longer watch during her hour, nor that of Shepherd Smith. Drama hounds

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Carolina Girl - 1 d ago


We are disgusted with Meghan and Shepherd Smith. She keeps bringing up the Trump tape, not even understanding, right or wrong, the man wasn't thinking of running back then, If you listen to it, he was being egged on by Billy Bush. I don't defend him, but you hear far worse in rap songs, and at the movies. Bill Clinton is many interns, so little time.... No comment from Meghan. Now they are after Trump about his statement of possibly not accepting the outcome of the election. He is right! Fox has

undercover video's of operatives who have started riots at Trump rally's, and admit to busing people into other states that don't require ID. I will not watch her or Shep any more. She is shaping the news against Trump. Besides, FOX had Roger Ailes, right?

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harry - 18 h ago

Fire Megan Kelly and Shepard Smith. They both do no good for your station. Both anti trump and need to move to CNN where they wil fit in

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Marjorie - 1 d 23 s ago


Megyn Kelly should be fired. Whose side is she on anyway? Shame on her and SHAME ON YOU for continuing to have her represent a " CONSERVATIVE TELEVISION CHANEL". She's become more smug and arrogant as the days go by. My husband and I have stopped watching Fox when she on. Hannity is great and so was Greta. Why not replace Megyn with Greta so Megyn can go to CNN??

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pepe - 18 h ago

yes Megan Kelly needs to be fired. She is so anti trump its sickening. How can you let her remain on your channel. :You have good staff like Hannity and Dobbs and others, but she doesnt fit in with them. We are certainly not watching when she is on. She is disgusting. Before the debate she questioned Gov. Pence about donalds allegations with these women and Pence answered but she continued questioning him about it. Then after the debate I forgot who she was tallking to but she went on and and asked the same question again. Once this person answered she continued with her damn questions about the same issue. She is such an irrogant and better than thou person.

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Carolina Trumpster - 19 h 29 m ago

What has happened to fair and balanced Fox News? Megyn Kelly is sooooo anti-Trump, she needs to go! With Charles Krauthammer, George Will and Stephan Hayes beating him up, what are you thinking? We have switched to Fox Business; at least Stuart Varney, Lou Dobbs and others there are willing to stand up for Trump and the American people. Are Murdock's liberal children making the decisions now?

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char - 18 h ago

You are correct. Megan Kelly is so anti trump. She needs to leave FOX and go to CNN where she will certainly fix in. Charles Krauthammer needs to go also. Get rid of them both. they are doing nothing for the channel but belittle Donald Trump.

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Okie - 19 h ago

Makes one proud to have a burned out Lesbo for President and a first husband prdophile and sexual pervert.

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