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Republicans - 5 d ago

Dear Fox News

We are requesting with a ASP to remove Senator McCain's daughter from the Outnumbered program. You have other beautiful ladies.

John McCain is not a POW he is a Traitor

Of War and now an attacker on our President Trump. The American people deserve to see the records of his debriefing and read the statements made against him by other POWs, including and specially Colonel Ted Guy his POW commander. Thank you

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Anonymous - 3 d 18 h ago

I agree. Meghan McCain needs to leave Outnumbered. She does not add anything of interest to the conversation. She most of the time has to bring the conversation back to how she is young and a Millennial (who cares)!!!.

I have stopped watching Outnumbered when I find that she is on.

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Zeb - 3 d 12 h ago

You need to tell us more about this fellow Ted Guy. If McCain is so bad how has he been re-elected so many times. The Democrats have great opposition research, so why have they not exposed his failures if they are true.

I disagree vehemently with him usurping the President's authority to conduct foreign policy. His big mouth running to the news media, and denigrating other Republicans on the Sunday News Shows, is also disgusting. But I will need more proof before calling this man a traitor. Try to put yourself in that Hanoi prison for 5 years, not knowing what might happen to you at any moment. I can't imagine what I would do.

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CG - 3 d 11 h ago



Ted Guy was a Colonel in the Air Force who was held prisoner in Viet Nam during the war...

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Zeb - 3 d 13 m ago

CG...... Thanks for the info. You know from our previous discourse that I am no supporter of John McCain, and I, like many others, get very frustrated with his antics. His failure to be a team player is most upsetting. However to call a person a traitor without incontrovertible proof, is out of line. If these accusers can prove this charge, it is their sworn responsibility to go public in the press. Character assassination is easy, but it should be disregarded until proven. That process is the only thing that protects you, me, and everyone from lies and innuendo. In this time of fake news, the best approach is to be skeptical of everything you see or hear or read.

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Anonymous - 8 h 21 m ago

He is living in a dumpster outside of Rockford.

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Republican 2 - 3 d 9 h ago

I'm sure the Democratis have proof of the allegations made against McCain, but why make it public when he is useful to them. Why would they want to discredit McCain? As far as McCain getting elected so many times. Everyone loves a hero. The Nixon administration falsely made a hero out of him. The truth didn't suit their agenda. There were seven other POW's besides McCain that were preferred for treason charges by POW, colonel Ted Guy.

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Republican 2 continued . . . - 3 d 9 h ago

An audio recording surfaced in 2016 proving that U.S. Senator "songbird", "traitor,""Hanoi John" McCain collaborated with the North Vietnamese by recording "Tokyo Rose"-style propaganda messages that were broadcast on North Vietnamese radio in 1969. For many years, American former P.O.W.s who were in the "Hanoi Hilton" North Vietnamese prison with John McCain called him a "Songbird" who collaborated with the enemy against his own country. They accused him of turning against them and against his own country in exchange for preferential treatment while many of the actually brave and honorable American P.O.W.s endured torture and denial of medical care and food for refusing to collaborate. The P.O.W.s branded McCain a traitor who was no hero, but nonetheless has used his fake hero status to rise to political power. McCains POW commander, colonel Ted Guy, and many other POW's have accused McCain of treason. Colonel Earl Hopper of army intelligence accused McCain of providing military secrets to the enemy including but not limited to flight paths and altitude information to the north Vietnamese gunners to help them shoot down American planes. Other POW's recalled well over 30 incidents of McCains propaganda broadcasts being used to demoralize them.

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Republican 2 continued - 3 d 9 h ago

But until this past year, we only had their word against McCain's. From the U.S. National Archives albeit one recording came the proof of their allegations; McCain, by his own words, WAS in fact a traitor who collaborated with the enemy by recording a "Tokyo Rose" statement condemning his own nation by admitting "crimes" against the North Vietnamese people, stating "I, as a U.S. airman, am guilty of crimes against the Vietnamese country and people." McCain's recorded statement also painted a picture of humane treatment of prisoners even though he knew many of his fellow Americans were being tortured and denied medical care and adequate food. In the recording he is heard to say "I received this kind treatment and food even though I came here as an aggressor and the people who I injured have much difficulty in their living standards. I wish to express my deep gratitude for my kind treatment and I will never forget this kindness extended to me."

Google it, and listen to the recording yourself.

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Zeb - 3 d ago

Republican.... Your list of particulars is impressive, and if they are true, what is the next step. Why aren't Ted Guy and these other prisoners of war going public in the news media. Their are plenty of news sources that would take this story and run with it. The "Swift Boaters" came forth during Kerry's run for the presidency, and dealt him a mortal blow. Remember, John McCain also ran for President and I never heard about these allegations then. If the people making these charges really know that McCain is a traitor, as veterans, they have a sworn duty to defend the US against enemies foreign and domestic. If they don't have the courage to see justice done, they ought to go fishing and stop the gossip. Even if these charges are true, who is the traitor, McCain for his collusion with the enemy or these patriots who refuse to take pro-active action to bring justice to this matter. I love and admire all Veterans and I do all I can do financially support their organizations. I'm also very protective of those who are accused of wrongdoing. I want to see the undeniable truth, including the pardon that was allegedly given by Nixon.

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Republican 2 - 2 d 18 h ago

Respectfully, Zeb. I for one, clearly remember that President "tricky dick" Nixon gave a blanket pardon to some returning POW's. I have no firsthand personal knowledge or recollection as to how many POWs were listed, or whether McCain was indeed at the top of the list. However, such a pardon existed, and it has been said to have been the main reason that John McCain III was not brought up on treason charges inspite of his traitorous propoganda recordings.

Colonel Ted Guy, and many of the others are no longer alive to continue the fight for justice. He and others spoke out about McCain. Interview statements and audio recordings are available for you to research if you care to. These returning POWs were up against many detterants to justice, including but not limited to the classifying of information that proved what they were saying. Yet, they courageously spoke out against who they knew to be a traitorous POW, John McCain III, of whom was the son of 4 star Admiral John McCain Jr. head of the Navy fleet, and the grandson of yet another highly respected 4 star Admiral John McCain Sr

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Republican 2 continued - 2 d 18 h ago

Respectfully, Zeb.

Continued. . .

These brave POW's were up against an administration that hid the truth from the American people. The 32 songbird John McCain propoganda tapes were classified, as is John McCain III's 636 page military file. McCain has claimed that he only gave his name, rank, serial number, and date of birth to the North Vietnamese, thereby branding these brave POWS as liars. The tape discovered, and released last year of a 1969 recorded propoganda broadcast of "songbird" McCain supports their claims, and contradicts McCain. Mccains pardon by Nixon is likely the only reason that he's not being charged with treason since the tape was discovered. In the least, McCains lying about it should be an ethics violation.

Senator John McCain III owes it to the country to release his complete naval records so that all Americans can see his documented military history and decide if the facts contained within prove him to be the traitor these patriots accused him of being, or the war hero image that the crooked Nixon administration portrayed him to be. Just saying.

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James Cope - 2 d 12 h ago

Republican 2,

Senator John McCain III is the chairman of the Senate Armed Services committee. I'm in my sixties, and I remember a pardon given by then President Nixon to returning POWs. Henry Kissinger the national security advisor for President Nixon and afterwards for President Ford was in support of the pardon. Notably, Kissinger was also in support of President Ford pardoning President Nixon. I have no idea as to whether the pardon covered all returning Vietnam POW's. I've personally researched out what is being posted on this site about McCain. Personally, I feel that if he was pardoned for treason he still shouldn't be allowed to hold an office that gives him access to classified information of any kind. Listening to the tape that refutes McCains statements about only giving his name, rank, serial number and rob convinced me that McCain needs to be thoroughly investigated before he is allowed to continue to represent in any way, shape or form the security and foreign policies of our country.

McCain should be required to declassify his military records and release the information to the American people. After his speech at the Munich security conference we should all be concerned. We should all be calling for an investigation into McCain

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Zeb - 2 d 2 s ago

Republican..... Thank you for your further input on this very important question. It is obvious that you have done a lot of research on this subject. I will acknowledge that the information is convincing. My thoughts at this point are, since everything else in Washington is either hacked or leaked, why hasn't something this important been exposed. As we both know, not all military personnel are walking lockstep with him. Some of his positions on his Armed Service Committee, are obviously not endorsed by all. Therefore he is vulnerable to leaks.

Secondarily: I am not sure the President has the authority to pardon traitors. I didn't research this issue of pardon power but you are more knowledgeable than me, so please advise.

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Republican 2 - 2 d ago

Zeb, thank you.

Albeit everything in Washington does appear to be hacked or leaked, it is possible that there is information being used for leverage. After all, that 1969 McCain propoganda recording wasn't released until 2016. And only one of an alleged thirty some tapes surfaced. Could be that the information was being, and maybe is currently being used to leverage McCain politically. Certainly makes him vulnerable to leveraging. Anything is possible. McCains actions since the election, and especially of late certainly have me for one questioning

As for the Presidents authority to grant pardons for treason. According to our US constitution, "The President of the United States shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment."

(Article II, Section 2, Clause 1). Treason is considered to be an offense against the United States. Our constitution gives any President unlimited authority to grant pardon for any offense against the United States. The pardon can only take place after the offense (crime) has been committed. The individual(s) being pardoned don't have to necessarily have been accused, prosecuted or even convicted prior to pardon. Nor do they have to accept the pardon for it to be official.

For those who may choose to believe that Nixon wouldn't cover up treason or anything else, just look to his part in the "Watergate" scandal. Further, rather than be impeached for his offenses, and then not be eligible for a pardon, Nixon resigned.

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Typical Aging Fox viewer - 9 h 43 m ago

She is in her 60's, or what Fox News calls.. the YOUNGER demographic!

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Hanging out - 8 h 19 m ago

Anybody want that half eaten donut over there?

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CG - 2 d 11 h ago


If I was McCain I would have done or said anything to stay alive. Guess I'm not as brave or tough as the people posting about McCain. Maybe we should let you get tortured a few times. You all cry if your cell phone doesn't work..As I posted before if McCain said the same thing after he was a free man then I would accuse him of being a traitor...Personally I can't stand him or his me me me daughter but I didn't walk in his shoes.

The same people calling McCain a traitor probably have gone to see Jane Fonda movies or watched her video doing exercises..Now there's a traitor....For you younger people look her up.

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Zeb - 2 d 24 h ago

CG......Well stated! The term traitor is universally accepted as a crime so horrible that death is the penalty. It also leaves the family of a traitor marked with disdain for generations. Placing anyone in the company of Benedict Arnold is really serious stuff. I cannot believe that anyone, even Nixon, would cover this up. To your point, this name, rank, serial number business sounds like something from the long past. In the modern world maybe name, rank, serial number and lie like hell might be more appropriate.

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James Cope - 1 d 4 h ago


President Nixon's part in "watergate" is proof that he would participate in a "cover up". There are recordings of conversations between Henry Kissinger and president Richard Nixon in which they discussed giving a blanket pardon to the returning POWs who were being accused of treasonous aka traitorous acts by other POW's in their debriefing statements. I believe these were part of the watergate tapes. I recall hearing them in the 90's. The POWs debriefing statements remain classified, as does 617 of the 636 pages of McCains military record. As I recall, the 19 pages were released to the New York Times for a puff peice on McCain. We expect and deserve the truth from our government, and the press. Unfortunately, we don't always get it, but we certainly need to keep asking for it. Regardless, of whether or not it is comfortable.

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Republican 2 - 2 d ago

CJ, Agree with you on Jane Fonda. Not a fan.

However, the difference between her and McCain, and even her and Benedict Arnold is that she was a civilian, and did not as military personnel pledge to behave otherwise. Even inspite of the fact that she like most other non military American citizens have pledged our allegiance to the flag, etc. Benedict Arnold was a patriot turned traitor, presumably like McCain. Was Benedict Arnold subjected to threats or torture? Couldn't say that he was or wasn't. Would it have mattered? Highly unlikely. As for McCain, he knowingly chose to enter the military, and "freely" take the oath. He knew he could be shot down, captured and tortured, even killed. An army intelligence officer, colonel earl hopper alleged that the information McCain gave the enemy was used to shoot down, capture, torture and kill other US military pilots. Those same brave military pilots were counting on McCain and all the other POWs to not break that oath under any circumstance, and become traitorous songbirds. They deserved better. As a so called free man, it doesn't look like McCain is making any better choices.

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M French - 18 h 35 s ago

His fellow prisoners alleged he sang like a canary!! He is taking money from the Saudis and George Soros! Need I say more?!!!! And his daughter is no asset to Thr Zfibe! Her arrogance is obnoxious and radiates a sense of entitlement! I now turn off both Shephard Smith and The Five! What's next! People here in The Villages are becoming disgusted with Foc! Please get rid of these people!!

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Zeb - 16 h 44 m ago

What is your source of this information. Were you a prisoner? What payments is he receiving from Soros, and how do you know about them. I do not want to appear argumentative, and I don't mean to be so, but I do not understand how all this derogatory information has come to a flashpoint almost 40 years after the war. Do you have any first hand knowledge.

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Republican 2 - 12 h 29 m ago

I can't speak to the accusations about McCain taking money from the Saudis. It's the first that I have heard of it. I do recall reading that George Soros donated to MCCains 2016 election campaign. I would love to research about the Saudis giving McCain money, if M French would direct us to the sources.

With the questionable stances that McCain has taken against his fellow republicans administration, his speech at the recent Munich security conference, and McCains secret trip to Syria. Of which included a sit down with both Turkey and the Saudis to discuss foreign policy it is reasonable for anyone to question under who's monetary influence McCain is operating As McCains not the president, and he's against president Trumps foreign policy it certainly begs one to question who's policy or policies McCain is pushing. As Soros heavily donates to Democrats, and McCain is alledged to be the first republican candidate that Soros has supported, it's not a huge leap for M French or anyone else to believe McCain is doing Soros and the democratic parties bidding. Was McCain paid off in advance with campaign contributions?

As far as to why all the derogatory McCain information appears to be coming to a flashpoint some 40 years after the war . . . It is simply because it has never gone away, and has yet again become relevant due to the actions McCain has taken that call into question who his alliegance is to. You can suppress the truth by burying it in classified documents, files,etc. However, and in McCains case, you just can't always make it go away.

As far as his daughter Meghan McCain is concerned, would she even have the job at Fox if her father had not been declared a war hero by President Nixon who knew otherwise? Based on what I've seen, I sincerely doubt it.

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Anonymous - 9 h 42 m ago


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