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Joanne - 31 m 26 s ago


Fox News Badgers guest until they agree with newscasters view on news. Seems Fox is a Democratic New Media. Not my station for news BIAS reporting. Asking how is Washington going to get anything done with this Impeachment Hearing. Answer STOP and do the job AMERICANS hired you to do or leave NOW!!!!!?

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Biden spoke. - 10 d ago



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To, Biden spoke. - 10 d ago

I agree, if people are watching Fox News channel they get the whole truth. If you're watching other news stations, you're being lied to and NOT told the complete truth. We're seeing proof of this in the so called polls.

Soon the American people will have no question as to who is actually responsible for wrongdoing. These Democrats think they have the President by the short hairs, they don't, the President has the Democrats right where he wants them, in straight jackets. As far as Mr. Biden goes, he's been sacrificed by the Democrats.

The country has been lied to for the past three years, nothing the Democrats do will change that, what's sad is they didn't learn anything from the Mueller investigation. That's typical of them.

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To to Biden spoke - 10 d ago

Have you read the Fox News polls? Are they lying to you?

They're not real favorable for Trump.

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Reply To, to Biden spoke - 10 d 21 s ago

If I understand Brookings analysis of the impeachment polls reported on October 7, 2019:

(1) "All polls from 2017, until the beginning of Ukraine issue, "support for impeachment averaged 38.5%, with 55.7% opposed".

(2). "The release of new information has had a measurable, but not decisive, impact on public support for impeachment". Further, "the six surveys of registered voters since September 23 find an average of about 47% now support impeachment - among eight surveys all adults, regardless of registration status, 44% support and 40% oppose". Implication: Impeachment enjoys less than majority support with margin between the two factors being narrow.

(3) "Response to post-September 23 developments divide sharply along partisan and ideological lines". Analysis revealed support of impeachment was "78% among Democrats and 38% among Independents compared to only 13% among Republicans".

There are other factors pointed out in the research, but as space here is limited, I have chosen not to provide them - they are worth reading for your consideration.

In short, "although the past two weeks have shifted the political terrain on which the combatants stand, the Democrats continue to face high odds against succeeding, and there is no guarantee" that a failed effort to remove the President from office will serve their electoral interests.

We are a year from election - it would probably serve our, the voters, best interest if we withheld judgment, stopped relying upon biased Media and began a little research of our own utilizing the many avenues available to us. It is certain Congress and media combined cannot be counted upon to give us non-partisan information from which to base our individual decisions. We have been through worse - we will get through this also as long as we stick together.

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To reply to, to Biden spoke - 9 d 20 h ago


Thanks for your comments and the data.

I don't want the President removed from office. I do want fair, bipartisan investigations of some of the current issues that are dividing us. And as you said, no rush to judgment until we have some factual information. This includes all of us regardless of political preferences and also the President. I don't approve of him claiming the whistleblowers are spies, liars and that it is a hoax.

That's why we need to wait. No one should assume there will be articles of impeachment declared and on the other hand, there should be no assuming that there won't. And if they are, the process continues to a trial in the Senate presided over by Chief Justice John Roberts. Democrats hold the House but Republicans have the Senate majority. Seems pretty balanced to me.

Totally agree with you that it is so important to research as there is some bias on all networks.

Thanks again.

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Reply To, Reply To, To Biden...... - 9 d 19 h ago

Good to hear from you - I appreciate your thought process, along with an, obviously, open mind. Like you, I do not want our President to be impeached, but do have concerns over the seemingly lack of respect for our Constitution and fair actions as being presented to us on a daily basis. Like no other predecessor, this President has faced adversity and, yes, harassment from day one. As a proud American, I feel we should all be ashamed that we have condoned, as well as participated, in his behavior. Our country has, and continues to be, a light at the end of the tunnel for many in the world - we are presenting ourselves as the same intolerant society large numbers of people want to leave behind in their search for freedom and self-government.

Our President does not always approach issues in a manner to my liking, however, we all knew he was unorthodox - we accepted that - and, I am not convinced we were wrong (neither am I always convinced we were right). Point: He deserves an attitude of bipartisanship. He verbalized his desire to "drain the swamp" - this presents a danger to the hard-core establishment who have, in my opinion, become too entrenched with Lobbyist, back door agreements, personal financial gains, etc. I would appreciate your thoughts on Congressional Term Limits.

Thank you again. Looking forward to your comments.

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To, reply to, reply to Biden - 9 d ago

Hi again,

As always I appreciate your posts and thoughts. Even though we may differ in our opinions, you are always respectful and kind. Thank you for that!

Interesting question about Congressional term limits...hadn't really thought much about it. I guess right now I don't feel limits are necessarily needed. We have had some wonderful, stellar elected officials , both Republican, Democrat and Independent who support bipartisan compromise and working together. Some with long terms have been kind of stuck in their ways but others have benefited from the changes and knowledge they have experienced in their decades of serving. On the other hand, it is good to have fresh faces . I guess in the long run it comes down to the choices of voters in their states or districts as to who they wish to represent them. And hopefully when there are rogues like Joe Mc. In past decades with his paranoid accusations, their fellow legislators and the citizens will rein them in.

What are your thoughts ?

Take good care and looking forward to your opinions.

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Reply To: To, Reply, Reply To Biden..... - 8 d 6 m ago


Hopefully, you have not thought your view on term limits has been overlooked. Quite to the contrary - time has simply gotten away from me the past couple of days.

It is a pleasure to have a conversation, while offering opposing views, with someone who shares respect for others. It brings new avenues to the table for consideration. Thank you for that opportunity.

My tending toward term limits has evolved over time and years. I do appreciate good faith efforts made by many Congressional or State Legislature members. Unfortunately, it seems that longevity promotes less than sincere personal agendas rather than those of constituents. These matters are often a result of financial enticements, lobbyist quid-for-quo agreements, putting political strategies or party leadership above voters, travel on taxpayer money, financial or business gains for family/friends (I am referring to successful business investments in foreign nations as a result of governmental connections - not any particular individual), etc. New, fresh ideas are important - as long as they hold our values, Constitution and freedoms near and dear - anything else is unacceptable on any level. Somehow I wonder if our wise Constitution framers intended for elected offices to be permanent, life-long jobs. What do you think?

It is obvious you make an effort to be informed - sadly, many (too many) voters do not. Consequently, I do still lean toward term limits as a solution.

Thank you again. Looking forward to further conversations with you.

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Fort Worth, Texas - 6 d ago

I think it's sad what happened to the young lady in Fort Worth, Texas. From what I've heard the officer was approaching hi second year with the department. With all the weight that's been on their shoulders lately is unheard of. These men and women have enough to worry about without the putting labeling law enforcement the bad guys. I have worked hand in hand with cops, I have some as friends, when they are trained in the use of firearms, they're trained to identify the threats.

The bodycam footage showed lights on, in my opinion the officer panicked and didn't identify the threat. Why he discharged his firearm so quickly will be scrutinized heavily as it should be. It looks like fear controlled the officers judgement, not his eyes. Sadly this happenes, my heart goes out to the victims family and the officer's family. They all need our prayers!

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Fort Worth, Tx - 5 d 20 h ago

I'm a tow truck driver, not good at spelling, sorry for the mistakes

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To Fort Wirth, Tx - 5 d 15 h ago

Being a tow trick driver has nothing to do with spelling - don't sell yourself short. I have known lawyers and doctors who were not necessarily good at spelling. Your comments regarding to the officer in Texas, as well as all law enforcement officers in general are well received.

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Support dirty cops? - 5 d ago

They need more than our prayers. How about we get these hair trigger cops off the force. Ridiculous in America to be shot in your home.

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To Support Dirty Cops? - 2 d 17 h ago

Just as there are some "hair trigger" cops as you say, there are questionable people in every profession. The amount of "good" cops in our country, who protect us on a daily basis, far outweigh the "bad" ones. Be grateful for this protection afforded to us, by supporting our Law Enforcement. You, like myself, never know when they might save/help us, our loved ones or friends.

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Anonymous - 2 d 8 h ago

You are so right. Plenty of good cops. But just the same, be careful everyone. It could even happen to...... you.

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Shameful. - 1 d 14 h ago

Well it seems that the NBA commissioner said China's Xi Jinping wanted the coach fired for his tweet about Hong Kong. If the Chinese government is willing to interfere with the NBA for something like this, what else have they been up to in our country?? These are questions we should be asking, the media would rather sit in front of a computer screen and dig up dirt on our President , than go out and do actual journalistic work.

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Tad - 3 d 11 h ago

I'm in love with the Donald...absolutely obsessed with his irritating fat but oh so orange arse!!

Flagged for review. 
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Correction: Reply To, Reply To, To Biden...... - 9 d 19 h ago


Should read:

Participated, in this behavior


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Reply To reply to, To Biden spoke - 7 d 4 h ago

I see our continued conversation has been cut short by whomever monitors this site. Maybe our discussion on term limits will reappear.

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To reply, to reply to, to Biden spoke - 6 d 7 s ago

Good morning,

Just saw your post this morning.

Have been out of state for a couple days but will definitely resume our discussion about term limits soon!

Thanks for bringing up the interesting topic. As I mentioned, had not thought a lot about it or have not formed a definite opinion yet. Need to sort out the pros and cons.

Take good care.

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Response To reply, to reply, ........ - 6 d 10 s ago

Thank you for your reply. I hope you had an enjoyable trip. Looking forward to your views and our continued conversation.

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Anonymous - 5 d 11 h ago

Trump is psycho y'all.....

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To, anonymous. - 4 d ago

No, Democrats are Psycho. Trump is the sane one! Medicare for all, FREE tuition, the green old deal, this will cost trillions of dollars we don't have. Who's the psycho?

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Anonymous - 15 h 47 m ago


Sure, pal. Whatevah you say.

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For, 2, 2, Biden spoke. - 9 d 2 h ago

Ahh, so quickly you Dummycrats forget. Polls don't mean doodles when it comes to this President. Did you forget about what the POLLS said in 2016?

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

Polls looking bad for the orange cretin. Oh well, Another greedy criminal of a president. And a retarded one at thst!

Flagged for review. 
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Reply 4 Anonymous - 8 d ago

2016 polls also looked bad for our President. How did that work out for you? One year away from election - relax - don't take Media opinions or polls seriously at this point - no matter which way they lean.

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Anonymous - 7 d 16 h ago

These jackass Democrats don't know what the hell they're doing.

This impeachment BS has them Crats all fired up. Too bad there's something coming really soon for these nut jobs. The hammers coming down. So let them have their impeachment fantasies, we always knew they were going to try.

Look at what they're doing, hiding the identity, holding meetings behind sound proof walls. The Democrats finally drank the Kool-Aid. If there's someone in this country who has information that can be used to impeach our President, the American people better damn well hear from this person in a public forum. Otherwise forget it. The day that someone can have a President removed from office without knowing the person or hearing from them, then we have LOST CONTROL of this country, the liberals have WON.

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For anonymous - 1 d 21 h ago

Impeachment is an investigative process to determine if the evidence merits bringing actual articles of impeachment. If so, it heads for a Senate trial. This process is bipartisan even though you continue to blame Democrats.

Schiff has said that once completed, there will be transcripts available to the public of all the testimonies.

There are still many people who are scheduled to testify. In the meantime, Trump has no basis, legal or otherwise, on which to demand knowing the identities of the whistleblowers....and neither do you.

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To, for anonymous - 16 h ago

Democrats have got to be the stupidest people on the planet.

What part of the constitution says you can hold Impeachment hearings BEFORE you have something that's equivalent to high crimes and misdemeanors? Something that can be used for indictment? Adam Schiff is playing with fire and Nancy Pelosi gave him the matches. Only the Democrats would do something like this, the Republicans would never stoop that low. Democrats & the media say they have control, so they can do whatever they want. We on the Right will remember that comment when we take the house back.

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To, to for anonymous - 14 h 49 m ago

You need to do some serious research about the impeachment process and what the Constitution says. The initial phase of impeachment has to do with investigations.

Until then, I'd suggest that you refrain from calling others stupid. That comment may come back to bite you in the ---.

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Re to for anonymous - 2 h ago

The Constitution doesn't define high crimes and misdemeanors, pal. In the past it has generally been defined by Congress as any abuse of public trust.

Read the articles of impeachment that were brought against Johnson, Nixon and Clinton before you call someone stupid.

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To, reply 4 anonymous - 7 d ago

You're a real class act pal, truly tasteless comments. It shows just how intelligent you are, equivalent to an ice cube!

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Anonymous - 7 d 10 m ago

No, Trump is the REAL class act, folks!!!

(Tee-hee : )

Flagged for review. 
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Reply: To, reply 4 anonymous - 6 d 19 h ago

Actually, I am not your pal as you refrrred to me. We obviously disagree on many issues (and rightfully so) but, on a personal level, I appreciate those who offer constructive opinions/ thoughts to ponder. Insulting one of opposing views does not offer anything to a conversation.

I hope you have a pleasant day

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To, reply 2 reply 4 anonymous - 6 d 13 h ago

I apologize, my comments were directed to the post authored by Anonymous. The one calling the President an Orange cretin and then when on to use a word that offended myself and a few others. Respectful dialogue is always welcome. Unfortunately we have a few bad apples here. As you mentioned the name calling we can do without but, kids will be kids.

I screwed up on who the post was for. Once again my apologies.

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Response To, Reply 2 Reply 4 anonymous - 6 d 12 h ago

Thank you for your reply. We all mess up once in awhile. We both atr offended by someone being called retarded - Inexcusable. It is nice to have respectful dialogue - looking forward to hearing from you again.

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To response to, reply 2' reply 4..... - 6 d ago

Thanks to both of you for a refreshing exchange of posts. A sincere apology given and the apology graciously accepted.

We don't see that much anymore.

Thanks again.

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Anonymous - 1 h ago

I think that many of the vulgar posters on this board are also on other forums which are listed to the right of this website. Have read almost identical language, with the f--k, a-- comments, word for word.

These posters seem to just want a release for their rage. Doesn't matter if the subject is about politics, fast food chains, various stores, they use them as an excuse to respond with anger and hostility.

Meanwhile the real source of their rage remains.

Seek help and quit exposing the rest of us to your unresolved issues.

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Anonymous - 7 d 16 h ago

( Polls, We don't need no stinking Polls )

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TRUMPY - 6 d 12 h ago

Trumpy the Orange Clown is coming for you Democrats. Don't close those eyes, he's gonna get you! Check the closest, under the bed, in the!

Flagged for review. 
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Sexy Donald drives the old gals crazy - 6 d 23 h ago

Clowns are creepy. But Trump is double creep!

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 2 d 19 h ago

The way the Democrats are disrespecting the President has made some in other countries feel they can do the same. I will never forget the Democrats for what they've done to our country. All because the crybabies didn't win the 2016 election. They make excuses daily for their behavior, telling bold face lies to the people of our country. I don't expect you Democrats to understand anything I'm saying. But it's all about respect.

On to another topic, the Diplomat that accidentally killed a teen in the U.K. The media is making a huge deal about it, even Fox is pandering to the hype.

Diplomats have immunity, it was sad that a life was lost but it was an accident an

unintentional one at that. The family was wrong for the way they behaved.

The President had no bad intentions by asking them to the WH. But the devious Democrats got to the family and filled their heads with hatred for our President.

This BS must stop, it's not good for the country. Democrats could care less. The only thing they care about is removing a duly elected President.

General profile image

Anonymous - 1 d 20 h ago

The family was not wrong for the feelings they had. I don't think the President had any bad intentions but the parents are going through an unimaginable heartbreak. I don't see any reason to blame the Democrats for any of it.

General profile image

For anonymous - 1 d ago

Nothing new. The Democrats are blamed for everything.

Agree that I don't think the President had any bad intentions. But for some in his administration to try to force a meeting with the woman responsible, even if the boy's death was an accident, is unacceptable. Especially since they seemed to be pushing for a photo op after, complete with hugs,

This family is grieving and their lives are forever changed. The same I'm sure is true for the diplomat's wife. But grieving is a personal journey and should not be dictated by anyone other than those involved, especially without their permission.

General profile image

Anonymous - 15 h 46 m ago

Democrats are finally being blamed and hopefully held accountable for their actions. Just like you vultures did to Manafort, you won't get Flynn in prison but the Democrats already have cost him and his family unimaginable grief. The day is coming soon for the corrupt Democrats to be exposed for the corruption they've plagued our country with. The people in this country have given the Democrats enough chances to prove themselves. The only thing they proved is that they will destroy our country with their liberal friends in the media. Oh and raise you taxes. Tic tok the Republicans rock!

General profile image

Reply to anonymous - 14 h 32 m ago

I am not being critical but realistic when I say that I wonder if you and a few other posters even read the news or are aware of the facts ?

The "vultures" didn't do anything to Manafort. He reached a plea deal and admitted guilt on at least 7 counts of bank fraud and bank fraud conspiracy. If you object, take it up with him or the courts instead of blaming Democrats.

Corruption is being exposed. You won't be happy about the results.

It's tic toc, not tok.

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Anonymous - 7 d 1 h ago

Proofread when calling someone retarded or you are the one that looks not too intelligent.

General profile image

Different styles. - 5 d 13 h ago

Obama was slick, he did everything on the down low. He got away with unimaginable corruption for the Democrats, the media did nothing. Do you want to know why Obama didn't accomplish anything? Because he was to busy doing things for himself, then his party. He was trying to set the Democrats up for life. He wanted to make sure no Republicans ever get back in the Whitehouse and to set up Hillary Rodham Clinton when she took over. That's why emails were deleted, phones smashed, anything tied to Obama was destroyed. The media was not as bad as today because they were feeling the waters to see how far they and others could disrespect the President. Polls were seriously inflated and why hasn't anyone looked into the real reason those polls were dead wrong? Oh, that's right the double standards. It's pathetic. Trump will easily get another term. The radical left has no place in our country. Socialism has no place either. Americans will never give in to having the government run their lives.

Trump should start a fund for the fruity tooty liberal Democrats that want these radical things. This fund will pay for a one way ticket to the liberal, communist, Dictatorship, Socialist country of your choice. The only thing you have to do is give up your citizenship. Heck I'd donate to that fund!!!

General profile image

Anonymous - 4 d 11 h ago

You just posted how it's disrespectful to the office of the President to state negative opinions about the person serving as President. Are we only supposed to forgo our freedom of speech if it applies to Trump?

General profile image

Patriots - 4 d 18 m ago

I think those current and former State Dept. employees who are testifying, , many with decades of experience, are true patriots. Their concerns and actions have shown they care more about this country than blind loyalty to any party or person. There seems to be corroboration of what was said in the original Whistleblowers report.

The Congressional committees have every right at this point to conduct closed door hearings. That is done to prevent any alignment of the witnesses. Schiff has said these testimonies will be made public in time.

The WH can continue their attempts to obstruct and ignore subpoenas but the facts and truth will be revealed in time.

Those to whom truth doesn't matter will keep up the blaming and lashing out.

General profile image

Response to Patriots - 3 d 23 h ago

With respect, the current and former State Department employees who are testifying should not, at this point, be called patriots. Proof needs to be offered that they are not part of the "deep state" that is being unraveled.

General profile image

For response to patriots - 2 d 4 h ago

Please explain why and how you think these State Dept. employees might be part of the "deep state." And how can or will that be proven?

Thank you.

General profile image

To For response to patriots. - 1 d 19 h ago

It is my understanding these State Department employees, at least a good portion, are previous administration holdovers. My suggestion is to wait before labeling anyone a patriot or otherwise until transparency of all information is before us.

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To anonymous - 4 d ago

Their mantra does seem to be that freedom of speech doesn't include Democrats although some complain that Democrats aren't respecting the Constitution.

Interesting also that some don't think the rules apply to them. Rep. Matt Gaetx was angry that he was asked to leave the interview of Fiona Hill. He is a member of other committees but not any of the 3 who were involved. House rules (which are not partisan ) do not allow non committee members to sit in and he finally left after the parliamentarian intervened.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

You damn Democrats are something else, you bitch and moan about everything this President does or says. Personally I really don't care what you have to say.

Conservatives are silenced daily in this country, Republicans have had a uphill battle to make our country better for EVERYONE. Democrats in Congress haven't done one thing in the year they held the majority so far. That's all going to change when the Republicans graciously take the house back thanks to the Democrats. Americans want results, not conflict. The only Democrats that are supporting this side show are the ones that can't think for themselves. The ignorant people simply put. America has plenty of them. I believe that this behavior from the Democrats will have lasting effects on our country, Republicans can easily do the same thing to the Democrats in the future. How is that good for the country? We as a country must condemn the Democrats actions so we can protect our future. I can't imagine that someone would want to be harassed every damn day like how President Trump is being treated.

The Democrats have been searching for anything bad that this President has done. No President should have to undergo that type of treatment. I can see if there were good reasons. Not one excuse Democrats have given is acceptable or deserving of being harassed daily. Democrats reasons are purely political.

General profile image

4 anonymous - 3 d ago

Thought to consider:

Freedom of Speech and Press does not mean Abuse of Speech snd Press.

General profile image

For 4 anonymous - 1 d 23 h ago

What do you think qualifies as "abuse of speech and press?"

General profile image

Anonymous - 4 d 3 s ago

Ironic you say that Americans will never give into having the govt. run their lives and that Obama did things only for himself.

In case you haven't noticed, we have a President who wants complete control and has said in public statements that being President means he can do whatever he wishes.

For years he has lashed out at our right to a Free Press, criticizes even Fox News when some hosts counter his claims or his decisions, saying they're not working for "us." Who does he mean by us? I think it's obvious.

He demands to know testimonies of witnesses , and yet orders some who have been subpoenaed not to testify. Accuses legislators of treason and labels legitimate investigations as coups and hoaxes.

He talks about "falling in love" with dictators while degrading some of his own appointees and agencies.

He even mocks them when talking with foreign leaders. Bragged and laughed about firing Comey with his Russian pals in an Oval Office meeting and told the Ukraine President that Marie Yovanovitch, our own ambassador, was "bad news."

Double stands indeed.

General profile image

To, anonymous - 4 d 4 s ago

You're a fool pops, go have another beer. Most Americans don't even know who the hell those people are that Shifty Schiff has testifying. We don't know anything other than what the corrupt Schiff leaks. That shouldn't be, these hearings should be public and you know it. If the table was turned you would be saying the same damn thing.

General profile image

To to anon. - 3 d 17 h ago

"Those people" have been previously and are currently in the news. Obviously like Trump, you don't read. So, where do you get your news?

The results from the hearings will be made public. You'd better get used to hearing the names you claim not to know because you're going to be earring a lot more about and from them.

P.S. Think you know it all? I'm not Pops or male and I'm not old. And I don't like beer.

Who's the fool? Go do your homework little pseudo psychic punk.

General profile image

For,2,2, anon - 3 d 12 h ago

Then you must be a little bitch then?

Adam Schiff will get his, believe that. Granny Pelosi the old hag along with Schumer, Nadler and Cummings all will be held accountable for what they've done and are currently doing to our country. We don't hold meeting or hearings in secret when it comes to saying this is an official impeachment inquiry. It's not, what their doing is reckless and goes against precedence set in three prior cases. Stunts like that are done in Russia. Has Adam Schiff been colluding with Putin? I think we should open an investigation into shifty Schiff.

General profile image

To, for 2, 2 anon - 3 d ago

Your true colors are showing with every post.

It's obvious that you don't respect the elderly whom you've mocked in several of your comments.

It's obvious that you can dish it out but can't take it.

It's obvious with your bitch and old hag comments that you have some issues with women.

It's obvious that you are ignorant of how the impeachment process works.

And it's always obvious that you continue to misspell the same words.

It's what they're doing, not their.

General profile image

Anonymous - 3 d ago

I think Cummings will get out of this free and clear.

General profile image

For, the anonymous crybaby. - 4 d ago

The Democrats just don't know greatness when they see it, Trump is the best thing that's happened to this country in decades. Democrats should only wish they had someone like Donald Trump. Everything you cry about Obama did.

Double standards indeed!

General profile image

Rebuke - 3 d ago

129 Republicans broke rank to vote for a formal rebuke of the President's removal of troops from Syria. But the self proclaimed stable genius President states that his decision was "strategically brilliant."

Someone is delusional.

General profile image

To Rebuke - 3 d 36 m ago

Personally, I think credibility would be in order if Congress worked as a cohesive unit rather than spoiled frat boy or girl sorority house occupants.

General profile image

To, rebuke. - 3 d ago

So what, what Congress says is meaningless. The President has the final word, like it or not, that's the way it is. Rebuke? Are you even aware that Obama is responsible for what's happening in Syria? Ten years we've been there, for what?

ISIS? Trump destroyed their hold on innocent people. Turkey was going to do this with or without our approval. The kurds are not official partners, unfortunately Turkey is. It doesn't matter what the President does, the Democrats still would argue his actions. Too bad for them. Those 129 Republicans names have been recorded. They have the right to their opinions. What the Republicans did to the President is exactly why many are going independent. Republicans cannot stick together. It's sad.

Lastly, Nancy Pelosi had 275k votes, Trump has 63 million. Her words mean nothing. She should get dentures that fit her mouth. Maybe a shave also. Her mustache is thicker than mine.

General profile image

Anonymous - 2 d 12 h ago

Wow, pretty brutal on Granny Pelosi aren't you? She's a millionaire, they get electrolysis done. As far as the moving her mouth around she could have TD or a tick?

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To, for the anonymous - 2 d ago

Most people recognize greatness when they see it. And many are recognizing that greatness is absent from President Trump's administration.

It has been pure chaos for almost 3 years.

Rick Perry just resigned, one of Pompeo's top aides left after acknowledging his concern about the Ukraine situation.

There have been 4 National Security advisors, 3 press secretaries and 3 Chiefs of staff. Trump continues to degrade those he formerly praised. Now he refers to General Mattis (whom he once called " the General of all Generals) as " the world's most over rated General.) He has taken to demeaning the Kurds, 11,000 of whom fought alongside our troops.

He and his appointees can't even agree on their public statements. Now Mulvaney is walking back on comments he made yesterday and Trump is reportedly angry with him. Will he be the next one to be booted out?

Oh well, at least we can find comfort in the fact that we have the Kushners and Rudy to represent our country in important diplomatic decisions, right?

I don't think the impeachment process will result in the President's removal from office but it will allow the facts to emerge, especially if it advances to a Senate trial.

General profile image

Re, to for the anonymous - 2 d 20 m ago


Should be over 11,000 Kurds died fighting alongside our troops

General profile image

Anonymous - 13 h 27 m ago

You must be on another planet jackass? Stop wasting your time on this board. Nobody cares what you think, I sure as hell don't. You come on the board and spill the same shit everyday, you and the other idiots nit picking everything Trump does. Get a life loser!

General profile image

To the a-- fanatic - 1 h 45 s ago

Just running scared?

I doubt that you care what anyone thinks. The mark of a narcissist.

Are you the board monitor, if in fact there is one?

We all have every right to post here, something you don't control.

Another eloquent a-- label. In your post, something you are incapable of commenting without.

Talk about losers. Ha!

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The Donald: Mental! - 1 d 23 m ago

Stay Classy, America!

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Response Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago

You state our President "has lashed out at our right to a Free Press". When? I have heard him lash out to Fake News, which is true, but never fringe upon a Free Press. You must be confused with Obama having former Fox "James Rosen spied upon, collecting his phone records, tracking his movements in and out of the State Department, as well as two days of his personal emails. Obama's administration also seized two months of telephone records of reporters and editors at the Associated Press".

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Klue Tang Klux - 2 d 8 h ago

DJT is godhead. Obama is a black devil.

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