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Anonymous - 3 h 19 m ago

I love our military, and will continue to honor them in every way possible. That also includes standing for the anthem, to honor the troops and our great flag. I believe drew brees Feels the same , but unfortunately instead of realizing he has a rite to his opinion, he surrenders himself to a group in the nfl. I didn't have any problem with his comments against Kneeling for the anthem. If roger godell allows kneeling for the anthem this year, needs to remember how many of the fans opposed, and that was not a great financial year for the nfl.

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Anonymous - 1 d 31 m ago

Why is the news media throwing more fuel on the fire. It is continuous cover of the riots.

And I think Trump is the strongest person ever. To put up with all the hate on the left, a more noble man for sure. I never liked our last president, but never had this hate we are seeing from the left.

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Re hatred - 1 d ago

Please define the difference between hate and dislike. Has President Trump made hateful comments? Were hateful comments made about Obama?

It's really getting tiring hearing those who simply disagree being accused of hatred. I do not like some of our President's words or actions but I have NEVER hated anyone in my life so please don't speak for me.

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Response to anonymous and the noble man - 1 d 2 h ago

Well, let's take a look. One of the definitions of noble is : having fine personal qualities or high morals and ideals.

Defend your assertion that the President is noble. I'll include only a minute handful of comments he's made that cause me to disagree.

- grab 'em by the p----. When you're a star they let you do it.

- gave H. Stern permission to call his daughter Ivanka a piece of ass

- said women's vaginas are like landmines and that sexually he fought his own Vietnamese war by avoiding STD.

- refers to some in his own party as human scum

- referred to courageous military leaders as dopes and crybabies

- engaged in affairs during each of his 3 marriages

- demeaned some deceased notable lawmakers and veterans by implying they are looking up from hell.

So let's hear your premise as to why you consider him to be a noble man. Please be specific. Thank you.

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4 Response to anonymous and the noble man - 1 d 23 m ago

Yes, President Trumps communication skills often leave much to be desired. At least he doesn't chase interns around the Oval Office -Oh, that's right - Clinton holds that distinction. As far as President Trump's number of marriages, and, or, affairs are concerned - this is an issue taking place before becoming President and is between the parties involved - none of your business (nor mine). Point: The word noble does not come to mind when thinking or discussing D.C., past or present.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Here we go again. Posts bring up opinions about Trump and posters respond about Bill Clinton. Here's the reality for this poster. I vote for the candidate and not simply because they are Republican,, Democrat or somewhere Inbetween. I have voted for all parties over the years and will probably continue to do do. I did vote for Bill Clinton but was disgusted and appalled by his affair with Monica L. and spoke out about it very strongly.

A candidate's past behaviors should be a part of our decision in the voting booth. It is our business and can be a reflection of their character or lack of character as the case may be.

Please deal with the posts rather than diverting and deflecting. P.S. That you believe we're simply talking about Trump's " communication skills" indicates even more diversion. We're talking about character and values.

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Reply to Anonymous - 1 d 42 m ago

You can't have it both ways. What is judgement for one is judgement for the other. The Democrats will never be able to live down or excuse Bill Clinton's WH poor behavior. Conversely, Republicans must live with Trump's boorish language. "Communication skills" was chosen as a way of trying to be polite. You want to talk about character and values - to begin - Hunter Biden - no more needs to be said. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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For reply to anonymous - 9 h ago

So if you were just trying to be polite citing Trump's " communication skills", what did you REALLY want to say? I have never tried to downplay Bill Clinton's behavior despite your accusations. Can you simply comment on and deal with Trump's character and values rather than using euphemisms and blaming others? You're not being forthright. More does need to be said and it appears you're unwilling to say it.

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To for reply to anonymous. - 3 h 21 m ago

I do not read into comments failure to address anything. It is just tiresome to constantly hear whining. How about taking time to look at the accomplishments of the administration? If you think for one second Joe Biden is going to offer upright character and values, I would respectfully submit you give it more thought. Just an idea c

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For, anonymouso - 1 d ago

If a candidates past behavior is relevant then why are the liberal media outlets refusing to report on the perverted, hair sniffers sexual assault? Talking about grabbing some p#$$#9 and actually doing it are two different things.The Democrats tried to destroyed a good man when they went after Kavanaugh. It was sickening to watch, but when it comes to one of their own, well it's just Joe Biden, nothing to see here. Nobody is deflecting anything, people just want to point out the obvious double standards or make a point for comparison reasons. What's good for the goose, is good for the gander. Both sides divert and deflect. I could care less if the President wants to dress like little Bo Peep and get spanked in the oval office, it's the accomplishments that matter to me. When has our country had a President who has done everything they promised? When has a President accomplished so much in such little time? Nevermind the obstacles he's had to deal with, or the daily attacks by the liberal media. If Republicans treated Obama like how this President is treated it wouldn't be tolerated, but it's Donald Trump we're talking about so it's perfectly acceptable. If this country puts a Democrat in the Whitehouse in November you can kiss our country goodbye!

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For, response to anonymous.......... - 1 d ago

You're pathetic, all's you do is try to degrade the President, he doesn't go after anyone unless they deserve it. Telling someone to defend their assertion is ridiculous. We don't need you to define noble, calling the President a noble man is their prerogative. Who are you to demand an explanation of how someone feels? You've been posting the same BS for months and to be honest you do come off as someone who's obsessed. So quickly people forget what the man has done for our country and the very same people who voted him in office will without hesitation do it again, regardless of what you say. Not everyone sees life as you do, ( thank goodness ).We finally got someone in the Whitehouse who actually cares about this country and it's people and what do those on the left do? Shun him, belittle him, how dare he put America first. Who does Trump think he is to defend himself? He's supposed to sit there and let people like you constantly disrespect him right? Wrong. Not this man, I admire our President for standing up to those who attack him, You don't see people throwing shoes at him do you? Instead they throw insults and call him a demagogue whenever he asserts himself. You are definitely no Sage so stop pretending to be one. If you can't see the good in the man then you're a fool just like the rest of the idiots. He's trying to make this country a better place for everyone and for doing so he's had to endure years of ridicule and disrespectful from the Democrats and the corrupt media. President Trump put a big spotlight on the corruption that takes place in the media. For years Americans had suspicions of the liberal media's corrupt intentions and finally we have a President who called them out for it. That's why they hate him so much. Oh, what happened to your boy Biden today? He had another shinning moment where he was lost for words, Poor Joe, maybe Jill will secretly give him an earpiece and she can tell him what to say? I wouldn't be surprised. He can hire the best speech writers and the best advisors, nothing is going to save the guy. If he's the best the Democrats have, they're in big trouble.

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Not a hater - 1 d ago

I agree with you on media being no help but "strong" and "noble," that is maybe a bit of a stretch - but have a good evening. I am NOT a hater.

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Anonymous - 3 h 45 m ago

The Washington DC mayor is a disgrace. Kicking the national guard out of there hotel was pitiful, and unpatriotic. Maybe she could have used the money that she used to paint streets, and put new street signs up to take care of the people who were called in to protect the city, such as the national guard. They were called to protect the city from violent anarchists, but I guess the mayor would rather paint streets, and put up street signs, than taking of people who were protecting the streets. That street sign, and paint on the street should say all lives matter!

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AOC - 3 h 29 m ago

Seems AOC is supporting defund police. Defund police is stupid on its merits, but her involvement proves what a dumb idea it is.

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Abolish, ANTIFA & BLM. - 7 h ago

During the Pandemic Americans showed their appreciation for our first responders, Police, Fire and EMS.

Now we have several cities calling to either defund, or abolish their police departments. I find this absolutely hard to believe this is actually even being considered by some politicians in those states. These foolish people who started this insanely bad idea are people who have no understanding of how important the roles these people play in maintaining law and order in our country. They think that armed militias are capable of replacing the police officers, lol. I'm sorry for laughing but that's hilarious. We watched these peaceful protests get ramped up to setting fires and smashing windows, to looting, to beating innocent civilians, throwing bricks at police, to then shooting and killing police officers who had absolutely nothing to do with the death of George Floyd. All who were involved have been arrested and charged. So why are we seeing more people in the streets? ANTIFA has been named a domestic terror organization, what about BLM? They want you to think they're just innocent people who are peaceful protesters. Nothing can be further from the truth.. BLM is just as bad as ANTIFA and they should be included on the domestic terrorists list. Both of these organizations must be investigated and shut down before they do anymore damage to our country. Even the name black lives matter comes off as being racist imo. I've heard some disgusting chants coming from BLM, kill the cops, kill white people. BLM is the black people's version of the KKK.... Instead of burning crosses they burn cars and businesses. Nice people huh? BLM is doing nothing for black people in the United States, they're making things worse and many black people know it.

I really don't have to explain how dangerous ANTIFA is to our country, we've seen the cowards who cover their faces so mom and dad and the police can't identify them when they're caught on video beating innocent civilians, smashing the windows of businesses, setting fires, creating chaos.

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Reply To Abolish .......... - 3 h 38 m ago

I enjoyed reading your comments. Thank you. For those who believe militias are the answer to actual law enforcement need to either find a good shrink or move to say - Venezuela, Iran, N. Korea, etc. Are there some bad apples in the apple basket of law enforcement - absolutely. Are there some bad apples in the apple basket of government - definitely. Are there some bad apples in the apple basket of journalism or media - no doubt. Point: There are people in every walk of life whose actions could possibly be questioned at any given time. To give into mob control, militias or activists intent upon turning us into a third world country or one totally controlled by government, such as socialism, is a danger we must address and stomp out. History has proven the failure of such paths.

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A Gulf vet - 20 h 20 m ago

Trump wants to send in military but the generals disagree. There is a reason. Read your history. Bless the Generals.

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To a Gulf war vet - 9 h 10 m ago

Thank you. Bless the Generals indeed, although our President degrades them and has claimed he knows more than they do.

The President and many of his supporters not only don't familiarize themselves with history, they don't have an informed view of current news. That's what happens for one channel viewers who have closed minds and respond with outrage when facts are revealed.

Thank you again for your service!

Flagged for review. 
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For, to a GWV. - 5 h 48 m ago

You're a freaking idiot with a capitol I. Who are these generals you claim he degrades? The one's who couldn't do their job? Or the ones who degraded and disrespected the President? You post nothing but stupid, idiotic remarks. Since you seem to have vast knowledge of everything, why are you locked in your house? You should be in Washington D.C. working in a consulting position.

General profile image

For, gulf war vet - 5 h 40 m ago

What part of the President is the commander in chief do you not understand. If you were in the military then I'm sure you're familiar with the chain of command? The Generals aren't the one's the American people voted for to run our great country. President Trump has been spot on with almost every decision he's made so far.

Too bad we have people who can't seem to respect our Presidents very difficult decisions.

General profile image

To A Gulf Vet - 5 h 57 m ago

While I have great respect for our generals and military, our form of government and Constitution save us from decisions being made by generals. Having our National Guard as assistance for law enforcement is a good idea. Ex: Had National Guard not been present, the chances of national monuments and statues being damaged or defaced would have been worse - it is obvious the Mayor of D.C., which is America's City, could not offer this protection.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

Way to go trump. Great speech last night. I love the walk to honor the church. By the way, someone needs to send a box of tissue to capital hill, so crying chuck can dry his tears, since he is so upset about our president being a leader. All crying chuck, and the New York leaders know how to do is wine, not lead.

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Observation on humanity and DJT - 4 d ago

A picture of class. I don't think I've ever seen a guy with so little class for so much wealth.

Flagged for review. 
General profile image

For, observation on yada, yada, yada - 4 d ago

The ignorant one line idiot strikes again. You know nothing about the President but you toss out your little infantile remarks about class. PDJT has more class in his pinky than you'll ever have.

General profile image

Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago

Hey Trump, open the Bible you clueless f---.

Flagged for review. 
General profile image

Jim Laquist - 20 h 16 m ago

He never claimed to believe in God. Trump is agnostic and not a man of faith. Not criticism just the way it is. I will not vote for him again.

General profile image

To, for observation... - 3 d ago

I know more than you'll ever know about DJT, having researched his actions and words for many decades. This President has no class. What does it take for some to see his manipulation and mistruths ? And only a handful of Republicans have the guts to confront him. You can still support him in ways without falling for some of his BS. Ted Cruz now backing him even though during the campaign he implied that Cruz's father was involved in the the JFK assassination plot. His pathetic sharpie altered maps of the devastating hurricane path, defying experienced meteorologist's reports, the altered photos of his inauguration day crowd ...he just couldn't tolerate the size of Obama's crowd and that it was massive compared to his..more examples than could ever be listed. We have a narcissistic man in the Oval Office, folks and one also who seems to be incapable of genuine compassion. But keep backing him and making excuses for him. That is what others have done all his life and why we now have so much of the fear, hatred and division. He thrives on that and so do some of you.

General profile image

For, 2,4,observation ( the stalker ) - 2 d 18 h ago

Nobody knows the President like you huh? You've researched his actions for decades right? I bet the Secret Service would love to meet you? What happened to all those concerns of yours about people not social distancing? You obviously have nothing to say about the thugs in the streets who you call protesters, right? I guess you have no compassion for the 77 year old RETIRED police chief who was killed trying to protect his friends pawn shop in St Louis? Did you see the video of him dying in the street, taking his last breath? Dozens of civilians beaten, police officers shot numerous times, several were ran over with vehicles.

This is the kind of country you want to live in? Be my guest, I hope you get your wish. If Biden get in the Whitehouse you'll get to see this action on TV more than you care to see it. This is a taste of what our country will look like if the Democrats win in November. Be listening for that knock from the SS.

Trump/Pence 2020

General profile image

To, for observation... - 2 d 10 h ago

Don't be ridiculous. Anyone who votes for a candidate for the highest office in the land without reading and researching their past actions and decisions is not a stalker, but an informed voter. Donald a Trump has a history going back many years of treating others poorly especially in some of his real estate dealings. Charges of discrimination in housing, not paying contractors, his crude remarks about women and his attempt for years to degrade Obama with the fake birther conspiracy theory. I have every right to disagree with him and you have every right to support him.

We also have every right and a responsibility to know about a candidate's past, regardless of their political party.

I have commented several times about the violent thugs who have brought such destruction. Don't try to tell me what I feel, believe or have posted.

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Anonymous - 2 d 8 h ago

Well why is the fake news not reporting about the hair sniffing racist pervert Joe Biden? The liberal media refuses to report the truth in our country. Obviously they have you brainwashed. You know they say if people hear the same things over and over eventually they begin to believe what they hear. You're the one who's been hoodwinked.

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Micro mini - 1 d 4 h ago

I prefer pussy grabbed to hair sniffer. By just a hair.

Flagged for review. 
General profile image

Pick a power perv - 1 d 4 h ago

I'll take the hair sniffer.

General profile image

Correction to to for observation - 1 d 8 h ago

Sorry for error. Should read that those who research information on candidates before voting are the informed voters.

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