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All good things come to an end - 1 h 10 m ago

Trump: The end of an era.

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Anonymous - 4 m 49 s ago

To: All good things come to an end

Why the end of a Trump Era? Because Biden picked Kamala Harris! A women who at the age of 29 had an affair with a 60 year old Married man Mayor Willie Brown to further her career. Impressive! She was vicious & ruthless not only to Biden but to Judge Kavanaugh. Impressive!

She will follow any path that benefits her, her career only, not the American people. So Biden you better watch out, ruthless people will throw anyone to the mob, that includes you.

A Despicable Radical!!

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C'mon Man! - 4 d 15 h ago

Biden is his own worst enemy. Look at footage from two to four years ago and decide for yourself. I was shocked at the difference. I mean no disrespect to Mr Biden, but the guys time has ran out. Biden should be at his home in Delaware with the birds, ducks, geese, deer and other wildlife that's found in a Zoo. No wonder he doesn't want to leave his basement, what a view? Winters must be a Hoot? Wake Up!! Joe Biden will never be our President, Trump will be re-elected easily. So all the haters out there better find something to keep themselves occupied for the next four years and the American people will not tolerate more Harassment of our President either. The Democrats should be ashamed, Congress especially, they can be passing laws to stop these attacks on our police departments and officers, ANTIFA. & BLM, these young dimwitted brainwashed snowflakes who think they can break the law and get away with it need to be taught a lesson. Throwing a rock at a cop is assault, setting fires is Arson, large groups without a permit to demonstrate is breaking the law, beating someone with sticks is a crime, they should be convicted and sentenced within 3 days, No bail for rioters, anarchists, radical activists. Mandatory 5 years in prison. Then see how many of these little thugs show up and get violent, set fires, throw bottles, use lasers that BLIND PEOPLE. Republicans must take the majority in Congress and hold the Senate. Then we will see our country get back to normalcy. I see Nancy Pelosi is thinking she has the Republican party on the ropes? She is more interested in showing off her new Dentures than she is cutting a deal with the President on a stimulus , or solving real life issues. What a disgrace the Democratic party has become. An elderly woman in Portland was assaulted by BLM thugs, they threw paint on her. If that was my grandmother the punks that did that would be in a world of trouble. This is the deal, most of these kids are punk cowards who would never say or do the things they do without the crowd behind them. They are brave when they have 25 - 50 people. One kid hollered at the elderly lady who was trying to protect her prpoerty, " this isn't your world anymore " shame on the leaders in Portland, they should be used for letting this crap happen. They truly are spineless cowards.

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Executive Orders - 4 d ago

Bet Nancy Pelosi wishes she was back in CA today near her overpriced refrigerator/freezer stocked with overpriced ice cream so she drown her sorrows. She and Chuck Schumer's overreach has resulted in Executive Orders being signed to assist citizens during this pandemic, as well encourage employment, assist relief for renters, homeowners and student loans. Nancy and buddies do not get to stall any longer, hoping for taxpayers to pony-up money for poorly managed Democrat State Treasuries. Of course, Nancy and House can pass a bill trying to block these Executive Orders, but the President can and undoubtedly will veto. Don't be surprised if this process begins early tomorrow or Monday.

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Washington Wackos - 3 d 20 h ago

Pelosi & Schumer need to get the hell out of Washington!! They make stupid decisions for Everyone, especially for the American people!

Go Away & Stay Gone Forever!!!!!!!

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To Washington Wackos - 3 d 20 h ago

Out of curiosity - why do voters in California and New York keep voting Pelosi & Schumer back into office? They do nothing for the American people.

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Anonymous - 3 d 19 h ago

Re: Washington Wackos

They were not going to vote for them last time & Pelosi started pulling in her favors, she was determined to be Speaker of the House. I bet there is a Large blackmail list & the Democratic Party did not want to air their dirty laundry & Pelosi & Schumer play dirty, evil dirty!!

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Washington Post - 1 d 18 h ago

Columnist Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezo- Amazon) wrote an op-Ed questioning the need of the Republican Party. While she is entitled to her opinion, I ask:: Are Jennifer Rubin and the biased media needed?

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Call respond - 2 d 16 h ago

I will take. the bait and answer your question. I am a Call voter who doesn't like rich Pelosi but I hate crooked Trump more.

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Reply Call respond - 2 d 15 h ago

What is your proof that Trump is crooked?

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Cali Respond - 2 d 13 h ago

My eyesight

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Anonymous - 2 d 6 h ago

Re: Call Respond!

Get some glasses!! Trump is not crooked, far from it. I believe everything that is coming out w the Obama-Biden administration, FBI, Susan Rice, etc. Now we are talking About The people & Party Who Are CROOKED!!

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smartperson - 2 d ago

I bet you can't even name one legit reason why you hate Trump.

There is none. he has done more for this country than any other president in

4 decades.

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3 Reasons I'm not voting for Trump again: - 2 d ago

1.Trump admin plans to water down Social Security payments that I paid into all my life.

2. No coordinated federal response to covid. No consistent testing available. Why? If you have grandparents or children, you worry.

3. Unlimited federal spending like a drunken sailor. See Rand Pauls comments.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Re: 3 reasons!

1. Untrue statement

2. I'm a grandmother, yes I worry about Covid but I don't blame Trump, even the scientist don't have the answers yet.

3. Go back & see what party has spent the most money over the years. The country is going thru an unexpected crisis.

Sooo, I guess when you vote for socialism, the government spends zillions of dollars & they take all your money & your social security money away, Then what will be your 3 reasons?

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smartperson - 2 d 48 m ago

I have heard their district is basically all these wealthy people, who don't care one way or another.

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Anonymous - 1 d 4 h ago

Trump is one of those wealthy fuckers.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 1 d ago

The President isn't the only wealthy person in the country, Hollywood elites, sports figures, I guess only Those on the right are wealthy? Yeah right.

Your vulgarity shows how ignorant you are. Grow up!

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Fuck you Trump apologist. Go die.

Flagged for review. 
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For smartperson - 3 h 56 m ago

Do you believe everything you hear? If it's just hearsay how do you know " these wealthy people" don't care?

Time to think for yourself.

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Anonymous - 3 d 15 h ago

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters along with Steny Hoyer have been riding the gravy train way too long. These people and their way of thinking has literally destroyed the Democratic party. Then they try to appease the younger radicals in the party by supporting their idiotic ideas thinking it will get them respect from the left-wing activists. Do they even understand what they've done to the American people? The President gave them plenty of time to do the right thing and instead they choose to do nothing but play games with the lives of the American people. Well the President wasn't going to stand for it, he took care of the problem. We all know the Democrats are going to be bouncing off the walls trying to figure out how to get some kind of revenge on the President for signing 4 executive orders, how dare he interfere with the scheme Pelosi and Schumer we trying to pull off? Many Americans are making more money sitting on the couch watching tv, than they would make working their regular jobs. The left wanted this to be the beginning of the introduction of socialism in our country. Sorry Democrats, not in this country, it's not going to happen. We have people in Venezuela telling Americans that socialism doesn't work, they actually show us what it's done to their country and we still have people who are pushing the socialist agenda! Hmm, why do you think that is? Because they want to destroy America and everything we stand for. Maybe we should start deporting these Anti-American people and organizations? Stripping them of their citizenship may make them think twice? If some people "Hate" our country so much, why do we put up with them? You can see the results of the hate in places like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, "Washington" LA , and the S-Hole city of NY.

If we continue to do nothing about these extremists, we will eventually lose our country!

I'll be dead and gone by that time but while I'm here, I will fight the fight for our great country. Think about all those who died for this country, do their sacrifices not mean anything? We live in the "Best" country in the world, millions want to come here and many have died trying to do so. The Un-American idiots who hate this country must face consequences, especially when they start thinking they're above the law. Many are breaking laws and are systematically trying to destroy America from within while we stand by and do nothing because some Democrats decide they aren't going to enforce the laws on the books. That in itself is a crime if I'm not mistaken? There was a time when we the American people would have put a stop to all this before it got out of control, what happened? We better fix the problem before it's too late, the longer we wait, the worse things get. I sure don't want my kids and their kids to wind up living in a extreme Socialist society in this country, I'm sure most of you agree? We must fight back for the good of this country of ours. God Bless America!

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Insight spot on! - 2 d 16 h ago

You got one thing right. You WILL be dead and gone by then.

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Re Executive Orders - 3 d 21 h ago

Guess Nancy & the Dems are hyperventilating over President Trump helping out Americans with his Executive Orders yesterday - even Hillary (she never misses a chance to get her two cents in) is screaming at the sky. Of course, the Dems are yelling unconstitutional, with Nancy Pelosi calling them "unconstitutional slop" - such a classless individual. Gee, guess Nancy and all should have not stonewalled negotiations while demanding their pet projects be paid for by taxpayers - you know - funds to give States such as California, N.Y. and Illinois who have mismanaged their budgets.

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smartperson - 2 d ago

just like Trump could not undue Obamas exec order reg DACA.

The court states that

Trumps executive orders cannot be reversed either or undone,

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For: smartperson - 1 d 15 h ago

As I understand it, the Democrats can pass a bill in the House trying Tom block President Trumps recent Executive Orders. Of course, President Trump would veto it. They can also try to block the Orders in the Supreme Court. This avenue would provide Republicans with political talking points by saying the Democrats do not care about the American people in need of some financial assistance due to COVID 19. The Democrats are in a corner, they know it, they might (and I stress the word might) go to the negotiation table as adults, instead of petulant children. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer may have to give up some of their wish lists that have absolutely nothing to do with the pandemic. We will see

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Correction: For: smartperson - 1 d 14 h ago


Should be: trying to block

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