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Anonymous - 3 h 10 m ago

During my working career we, at the large company I worked for, were not permitted to let out personnel political beliefs enter the workplace. We were paid do our jobs void of nonsense. The restaurants and movie frequented by lsdies in our government are an extremely poor ex

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Anonymous Correction - 3 h ago

Anonymous continued:

extremely poor examples.

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Disgrace - 3 h 16 m ago

Maybe on this Sunday, a day to give thanks and reflect, we might want to consider the disgraceful actions of those, in our free society, who do not subscribe to the rights of other American citizens. I am referring to the low tolerance of restaurants, as well as other places of business, who feel they are morally above all others. Many people frequent restaurants, theaters, etc in an effort to relax, enjoy the company of family and friends and perhaps enjoy a good meal or movie. Listening to or being treated by owners and/or protestors as someone "below" them is a disgrace. Examples: Sarah Sanders, Pam Bondi, Kirstjen Nielsen. Their political affiliation has absolutely nothing to do with their choice of family outings. However, there is one thing these ladies share that the restaurant owner, hecklersand protestors do not possesse and that is - CLASS.

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Anonymous - 5 h 16 s ago

Fox, In your attempt to be fair and balanced your overlooking the fact that Republican's are sick and tired of having false narratives shoved down our throats.

You continue to provide political platforms for certain individuals that have only one thing in mind, and that's to sell the American people on their twisted, demented views. It's quite obvious that they will never accept the fact that Donald Trump is the President. The Muller investigation has nothing on the President whatsoever ! Now it's back to accusations that are false , obstructing , resisting and now verbally attacking employees of the Whitehouse. what's next physical violence ???

Something needs to be done NOW ! Before it's too late and people get hurt . Stop the madness !! Everyone !!!

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Disgusted in Ohio - 6 h 36 m ago


In Fox News attempt to be "fair and balanced " your shows are actually allowing uncivil discourse to become the norm. My wife and I have been faithful viewers of Fox but more and more we change channels when your liberal contributors seemingly just rant from a pre-scripted set of "non facts"! It's an insult to our intelligence.

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None - 5 d 5 h ago


I will discontinue watching any of your shows on your network,because of your fox news programs , why can't you just tell the truth not a one sided propaganda machine , it is truly disgusting.your people are hypocritical and have no morals,I am a veteran and I served my country proudly but what you are doing is beyond contempt. Your reporting on taking away children ,babies innocents in all this this is evil and your just promoting it to make money , shame on you and may God have mercy on you.

Flagged for review. 
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2 None - 5 d 4 h ago

You probably enjoy CNN.

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For 2 None - 3 d 7 h ago

Who wouldn't enjoy CNN? Some hosts are better and more objective than others but they have diverse panel discussions and are actually capable of listening to opposing views without interrupting or engaging in snarky, disgusted facial grimacing when someone with opposing views dares to speak. I agree with the esteemed military analyst who was a Fox contributor for years. He now refuses to be included in any shows as he feels they have become simply Trump propaganda.

Flagged for review. 
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Reply For 2 None - 3 d 47 m ago

If your posting was meant to be provocative, please know you have got to be kidding"! Watch CNN or whomever you wish, but try many avenues in your efforts to gain insight into the events of today. Insight, professionalism and unbiased information is certainly not offered by the tabloid reporting of today. Ex: CNN & MSNBC

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To reply for 2 none - 2 d 8 h ago

Never said CNN was only channel watched. I listen to all, including Fox. Many posters repeat verbatim the Fox anchors opinions ( as does President Trump) and that's a clue that they are one channel viewers. Also some often claim they've never heard of news that other posters discuss. Another clue that they are not seeking multiple sources for their opinions?

And there are many who only watch CNN, MSNBC. They are also lacking objectivity.

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Me - 1 d 9 h ago


Fuck fox

Flagged for review. 
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Stephen John Herrera - 1 d 9 h ago


Yes... true new's...

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Sage responds to 'none' - 5 d 4 h ago

I am tired of veterans using military service as a basis for spouting off about matters that have nothing to do with military affairs. If you believe in the message that you espouse in your posting, just state your case. If you can see farther than your nose, you might recognize that our country is being illegally invaded by people who have no right to be here. If these illegal invaders choose to hide behind their children in order to gain access to the US, they are responsible for the separation that occurs. You, as a former member of the military, should remember the oath you swore too, that says you swear allegiance to the United States, its laws, and to defend this nation from adversaries. How can you as a self proclaimed military veteran, hide behind your status as a veteran, and fail to defend this Nation from an invasion of people who you know nothing about. You sir, do not know if these children were brought into this country by parents, or others who bring them for nefarious purpose. Did you ever consider the treatment these children endured on the trekk from Central America to the US border. Do you think they had a mattress to sleep on, three meals a day, an air conditioned facility, medical care, and Personnel from The US Dept of Health and Human Services to take care of them. If this procedure doesn't satisfy your high standards, open up your home and you take care of some kids. I'll even go 1 step further and say that these kids are probably receiving the best care that they have seen in their lifetimes. Now you have said your view and I have said mine. Have a good day.

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Reply to Sage - 5 d 4 h ago

Sage, very well said.


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Felicia - 5 d ago

response to Sage....and that makes it right because this maybe better than what they've endured before...these children....these are children....may God have mercy on your soul

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Reply to Felicia - 5 d 22 s ago

If illegal parents were so concerned they would not send their children by themselves across dangerous terrain - yes, many of those involved are alone, with someone they are not related to who use them in an effort to gain entrance (think gang members) or are being part of human trafficking. Do not believe all the hype - the law forbidding children to be in prison with their parents has been in effect since Bush days. Obama continued the policy - where were you then? Only children of criminals are separated from parents. ALL are illegal - we are a country of laws - laws have been broken by virtue of entering without going through the proper process.

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Sage to Felicia. - 4 d 18 h ago

And may God give you the ability to see what is really happening, and an understanding that emotionalism does not always provide the correct answer. You fit the description of a shallow thinker who oversees your own destruction, while criticizing the acts of others.

These children will be reunited with their families when the immigration court can investigate the authenticity of their claim for asylum protection from their original home country.

A question for you Felicia. Would you welcome an unknown street person into your home? If your answer is yes, I then understand why you have the position that you expressed above. I will be more prudent in welcoming strangers, just as our government is doing.

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Felicia - 4 d 17 h ago

Sage - I am not the shallow thinker you accuse me of being but I will not be distracted by the insult. It is obvious that you're gathering your info from one single news source. I don't know you but would ask you to reflect on your education. You cannot write a paper in college or prepare for a debate or truly understand an author's perspective if you don't conduct the proper research and use multiple sources to draw your conclusions.

I am fully aware that the process should allow for families to reunite but it is hard evidence that parents have been deported without being reunited with their children.

In spite of how the process should work, it is also hard evidence that all the separations have not been parents entering the US illegally. Those seeking asylum can legally enter according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ( Read it for yourself.

It's highly unlikely I would invite a complete stranger into my home (or an unknown street person as you referenced), but I certainly have enough compassion for humankind that I would help them in a decent and humane way.

Should kids have to pay for the wrongdoings of adults. Should we treat the children like wild animals because of adult actions. Should we forbid comfort and decency to these distraught children because of the action of the adults? To do so make us as wrong, immoral, irresponsible. There are currently at least 3 "tender age" shelters in Texas....just babies who are not responsible yet are having to pay a hefty price.

I will admit, I do have a heart. I am very intelligent. I am prudent. I know how to agree to disagree.

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Reply to Felicia - 4 d 7 h ago


Thank you for your post and wise thoughts.

Some posters continually say they respect the views of others and that they agree to disagree. Those are shallow words. What they often do instead is to regurgitate their belief that you are allowing "emotions" to cloud your opinions. They will challenge and demand fact checking on any issues you may bring up, demand to know where this news originated, blah, blah, blah. Of course they do not respond to the daily barrage of lies and distortions from our president nor do they challenge his disgraceful tweet attacks on anyone who dares to withhold unquestioned praise. You will then be labeled an evil socialist, Dem Trump hater who is only out to discredit him, in addition to other assumptions about your character and intelligence.

Thank you again for your compassionate words.

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For reply to Felicia - 4 d 6 h ago

Some who write comments demand fact checking because they believe and parrot the "news" they hear from only one source and can't accept or tolerate the idea that there is more than one side to any reporting. This is equivalent to state run media. And is frightening to witness. The "news" is nothing more than the opinions of t.v. hosts who can't think outside the box and some are simply political hacks. Those who dare to question are treated with outrage, such as the multitude of nasty posts about Shep Smith.

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Sage - 4 d 3 h ago

To Reply,

You sound like a committed member of the Progressive Left. I would appreciate your views on why women have so few successes in leadership. We see some of these leaders like Thatcher, Kirkpatrick, Merkel, Haley, Pelosi, Clinton, and a score of others, who have risen to the top. However, their are too few women rising to top positions. The primary reason is that women are seen as weak and emotional. When women learn to use the Scientific Method to make decisions, they will finally achieve the equality that they so fervently seek. Women who play the victim card only make them appear weak and incapable of making the tough decisions that are made at the top levels.

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Reply from reply to Sage - 3 d 6 h ago

Why are you bringing up the topic of women in leadership again ? It has nothing to do with the current discussion and has been talked about on this board many times previously.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but your views , past and present, seem to reflect that women are weak and too emotional, that you doubt many of the accusations of sexual harassment and abuse and feel they are fake victims, gals, babes and gold diggers who are out to destroy the reputations of fine men. .

Nothing more to be said. Maybe you can discuss this over lunch with Bill O'Reilly. That is if he has any $ left over from his 32 million dollar non disclosure agreement. He paid out but denies any of the claims are true.

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Sage - 2 d 17 h ago

To Reply from Reply.

The earlier discussion centered on many women making emotional decisions without thoroughly investigating the consequences of the decision.

To further establish this process I will introduce you to the Benjamin Franklin Method. He taught a method that was both deliberate and thorough. His system was to examine a problem by using a T analysis. On one side of the T he listed all the benefits that could be derived, and on the other side of the T he listed the negatives. After completion of this exercise he analyzed the pros and cons, and made his decision.

As I said above, this is a scientific approach that results in a better decision. I also said that sometimes, when a bear confronts you in the woods, forget Ben, and run like hell. In this situation, the emotional fear/flight response may save your life.

Now if you want to continue this discussion, I am available for further instruction. As an in residence and highly acclaimed expert on women, I will freely provide guidance on how to break the glass ceiling. You may not realize it, but my only purpose is to help women achieve their full potential. Best Regards.

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Benjamin Franklin method - 1 d 7 h ago

I have used a similar method and it's helpful in some ways. But in no way is it scientific or devoid of emotion. What each person categorizes as benefits and negatives are based on individual opinions and often, feelings and in no way would the results be objective or unbiased.

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Sage responds to BF Method - 1 d 4 s ago

Au contraire,

The BF method relies on fact based input and the most reliable information that is available. It's purpose is to eliminate or reduce to a minimum, any emotional influence in the decision making process.

All of this leads me to think of the basis of knowledge. Do you think knowledge is a collection of the views and teaching of others that have accumulated over time, or a collection of emotional feelings that well up within each of us, or a combination of both. Perhaps you don't agree with either of these possibilities, and therefore I would appreciate hearing your view.

As for myself, I am a student of the Alisa Rosenbaum Philosophy of 'Objectivism'. This theory, as you may know, believes that Reason is the only method of acquiring knowledge. Briefly, Objectivism can be reduced to a comparison of Inductive vs Deductive reasoning.

In the use of the BF Method, objective reasoning must be the criteria used in determining the pro vs con entries. Have a good day!

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Reply to Felicia - 4 d 4 h ago

Felicia, take off the blindfold dear, I can't understand you people, your more interested in making this political rather than solving the problem at hand. You call yourself intelligent ? Really ? Those kids have it better where they are vs being dragged across the country of Mexico. The kids have no say so on this issue,they can't say I don't want to cross the border, the so-called parents are the ones responsible go after them not President Trump.the kids are being taken care of very well unlike your wild animal comment. Let me ask you, do you watch Fox to get more information so you can make a informed decision ? I think not. You say that you have a heart ? That may be true, but common sense you truly are lacking.

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Francie - 4 d ago

Everyone has their opinions my heart aches for these innocent children, just heard report from a dr that actually went to a detainee site, she said the children was clean, being fed well had beds, toys....lots of people to take care of them only thing that bothered her was she couldn't hold them.... we have heard how dangerous, unsanitary, and little food these children have experienced before coming to USA... I'm thankful these children are at least being taken care of...Not ideal life but better than they had in their home countries.

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Sage - 2 d 17 h ago

Francie.... you got it right. While all the goody two shoes are so appalled by these kids treatment, they ignorantly overlook the US children that are living in far worse conditions. If they stopped in any ghetto in our large cities, they would have a stroke. Most of this emotional reaction is caused by pictures shown on TV, that are now discovered as coming from detention centers during the last administration. A second source of this reaction is again coming from Russian trolls who foment unrest in the US, and also from the Pope, who advocates for open borders, except at the Vatican.

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Sage - 4 d 4 h ago

Felicia... you have convinced me that you are not only a shallow thinker, but also a person driven by an emotional over reaction to what ever your sources of information are providing. You may have a heart but your brain is failing. Problems must be addressed by thought and analysis. Emotional reaction is nearly always wrong, except in the case of a bear chasing you through the woods. Then you can use your emotional response to run like hell.

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Felicia - 4 d ago

Sage (and others) -

1. I see you refuse to research for yourself and would rather rely on the giant propaganda machine.

2. I occassionally watch Fox that's how I know you do too because you're repeating the false reporting (not factual based)

3. I never once mentioned policital affialiation, politics, any paticular news source or the president. This is not a political issue, it's an American issue.

4. Though these camps may provide better living conditions than what the kids have previously experienced, it doesn't matter if they cannot experience it with their parents. And it doesn't make our treatment of separating them right!

5. I agree to disagree

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Sage to Felicia - 4 d ago

Felicia, at the risk of being patronizing, I must say you are a delight. Just as I have never mentioned Fox News you accuse me of using Fox as my source of news. In this matter you are incorrect. I have a wide variety of information sources that I view during the day. Much of this information is obtained on my I-Pad that I am also using to communicate with you.

Secondly, you are correct in saying you did not bring political affiliation into this conversation, and neither did I. Referencing Progressive Left ideals has nothing to do with affiliation.

You can tune in the President tonight at the rally in Minnesota

He may surprise you.

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maryanne - 1 d 9 h ago

I was watching abc news and saw a child being reunited with his mother. I though it interesting that the mother huged the child. But the child did not hug the mother back. I have never seen an child that has been seperated from a parent that when her or she find them that they do not hug and kiss and cry with. joy. and when he left with the police man and his mother he was holdingthe hand ofthe policeman and not his mother . I find this very strange. Was that his real mother ? I don't know. poor child

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To Maryanne - 8 h 39 m ago


One of the effects of trauma for children (and adults ) is emotional numbing. It may seem strange but it is a normal reaction and a protective one.

General profile image

To Maryanne - 8 h 39 m ago


One of the effects of trauma for children (and adults ) is emotional numbing. It may seem strange but it is a normal reaction and a protective one.

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Patriot - 4 d 6 h ago


Although you use the name "SAGE", you are NOT so smart. It's your eyes that are BLINDED FROM THE TRUTH. You need to open your eyes and really see what's happening at the Southern Border. Yo need to open your eyes and look at FOX NEWS in a different light. FOX NEWS has become a PROPAGANDA MACHINE and "None" is absolutely correct. You owe "None" an apology and you should also THANK him/her for their Military Service to this country. Who are YOU to call ALL these migrants "ILLEGAL INVADERS". Sounds to me like you are an intolerant BIGOT and not open to others opinions and viewpoints. You need to SHUT UP and keep your opinions regarding other American citizens to yourself !! In your own words, Have a Good Day !!

General profile image

Sage - 4 d ago

Patriot? You write a post without knowing me or anything about my sources of information. You call me a bigot and tell me to shut up. I see you are a person of extreme capability. You are unique in your analytical ability to read these revelations from your crystal ball. Have a good Day.

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Anonymous - 3 d 8 h ago

So Sage accuses a poster of writing a post without knowing anything about him ? At the same time he describes Felicia as a shallow thinker whose brain is failing and who is overly emotional?

Your hero Trump has taught you well in the fine art of blaming.

General profile image

Sage - 2 d 17 h ago


It works this way! The over emotion, leads to partial brain immobilization, that results in shallow thought processes. Generally this condition is mitigated in women with higher levels of testosterone. High levels of estrogen contributes to high emotional responses.

About Trump being my teacher, I have quite a few years on Trump, so I like to consider myself as his teacher. I did a darn good job too, as is reflected by Government Statistics and public satisfaction polls.

General profile image

Rob - 4 d ago

Patriot, whether they would admit it or not, I very much doubt that ANY regular reader of this forum, be they on the right OR the left, would truly be pleased if Sage ever does choose to SHUT UP. I don't care if you love him, or just love to hate him. He keeps things interesting here.

General profile image

Sage to Rob - 3 d ago


Damn straight! We all need a little laugh and sometimes a wake up call. But it's always more fun when the gals take off their aprons, pick up their computers, and give me hell. It makes my day. Best Wishes.

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