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Dan - 6 d ago

Why do I have to listen to Sheppard Smith's opinion and interpretation of the law. He is clearly biased and will eventually loose you viewers.

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Anthony wassil - 6 d ago


Shepard Smith needs to go or I'm dropping watching Fox News I just had it with this guy. He's a clear Trump hater why is he on the air let him go to CNN where he belongs

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Anonymous - 5 d 16 h ago

You don't have to.

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Anonymous - 5 d 7 h ago

So predictable. Often when there is any news event that involves questions or controversy related to the President, we then see a barrage of posts raging about Shep Smith and any other Fox hosts whom they label Trump haters. Whining and threatening to stop watching Fox.

If you can't tolerate opinions that don't agree with your own, then stop watching, switch channels, whatever it takes. Every station, liberal or conservative, has anchors we enjoy listening to and others we don't.

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To,anonymous - 5 d 15 m ago

Yes the Democrats on fox are predictable, you obviously have no problem with Shepard Smith, which is perfectly fine with me. What you can't seem to understand is, how things are said by him. The ignorance is bliss on the left. Most are expressing their disdain for Shepard Smith and how he speaks. Frankly, he's been on his best behavior lately, he exploded yesterday, I knew he couldn't help himself to cut loose and resort back to his old ways. Not many people know that he was gone for over a month. He more than likely was suspended by Fox for running his liberal mouth. After coming back he was restrained. That changed yesterday. In my opinion the release of this report will do more harm than good. Democrats will use their vivid imaginations to spin the findings to suit them. I hope Mr Mueller does testify and hopefully he will advise Nadler that there was NO BREADCRUMB TRAIL left for the dems. They seem to think he did. The country needs to realize that a normal person would not have been able to withstand the two year Hoax. Our President did, that in itself is a major accomplishment. He didn't do anything wrong! He defended himself, just like most people would do. Bottom line, No collusion was found. Obstruction is a joke, what did he obstruct??? There has to be a crime for someone to obstruct justice, what was the crime???

If the Democrats decide to pursue obstruction, it will guarantee another term for Trump. The real lawbreakers who used the FISA COURTS to open this investigation lying, and yes spying on our duly elected President. The Democratic party went too far with this one and you can bet your last dollar this whole thing will be coming down hard on the real conspirators, the Democrats! They will put the tinfoil hats on and try to continue their Presidential Harassment. It's so much easier to investigate, rather than govern. I find it appalling that we have idiots representing certain States, most of which are from the now destroyed State of California. Eric Swalwell, Maxine Waters, A. Schiff, Pelosi. Just a few of the people who have no business representing anyone! Same up CA.

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Reply to, anonymous - 5 d 35 s ago

I could not agree with you more - what a group of embarrassing individuals. Be assured the Tech community in N. CA and the Hollywood crowd in S. CA undoubtedly were there for them front and center.

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Correction for, to anonymous - 4 d 19 h ago

Last words should be smarten up CA.

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To Anonymous - 4 d 12 s ago

Not all California's are an embarrassment, uninformed or ill-informed just the majority of those in the high tech and Hollywood "elite" crowd who vote by who they like, which "party for donors" they will be invited to, as well as which candidate will not "upset their apple cart". Being informed or living in the real world is not part of their DNA.

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To, to anonymous - 3 d 6 h ago

If you don't understand what the President attempted to obstruct, then you haven't read the Mueller report.

What also seems clear is that many of the media reports that Trump ranted were lies and fake news, were actually accurate. Some of his lies are crystal clear, but what else is new?

Sarah Sanders is a political hack. She can't even own up to her mistruths and yet we are expected to trust her word as the official WH spokesperson.

She claims a slip of the tongue even though she repeated her statements in other interviews. A slip of the tongue is spontaneous on one occasion. Repeating it more than once is not.

She also stated her claims were unfounded. Is that not the equivalent of lying?

These excuses are ridiculous.

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4 To, To Anonymous - 3 d 31 m ago

Obviously , you could handle the everyday nonsense created by others, when positives are not acknowledged, much better. Good luck - we will be watching your debut!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 19 m ago

The President just stated on t.v. " Nobody disobeys my orders."

Lewandowski, former WH counsel McGahn and Comey all testified under oath that they each had refused his demands and also wrote contemporaneous notes and/ or told colleagues at the time about their decisions.

And then as always, we as citizens start taking sides about who is telling the truth , usually based on our political leanings rather than facts, argue with one another, and round and round it goes.

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Reply to Anonymous - 2 d ago

It would be nice if everyone took a deep breath, not always took everything at face value, made an effort to consider the big picture, possible long range value or lack thereof, potential unintended consequences and forgot their political leanings in the process. Yes, it is a lot to consider, but, maybe we would, as people with common sense, be better off - who can say. Guess I am asking too much. Good old days?? Possibly!

General profile image

To 4 to - 2 d 22 m ago

What is the "everyday nonsense" and who are the "others" who created it?

These generic little accusations are ridiculous. That is unless you mean some of the nonsense created by the President that Saras Sanders has to defend?

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4 the obstruction artists. - 2 d ago

Do you even understand that DJT is NOT your average President? Of course things will be misinterpreted and misunderstood and yes slip ups. King Obama had his problems also, I'm not going to play tit 4 tat like many others, keep in mind also that President Trump communicates at least 80% more than Obama did.

Look, if you don't know the " everyday nonsense " then you are blind & deaf. You know exactly what is in question, you just want to argue with the person, as does your question about the " others " the author was trying to be polite in their comments, but you can't even give them that. If this NONSENSE continues in the direction it's going, our country will suffer grave consequences! The Liberals and the Democrats are determined to unseat the President, they know it won't happen at the ballot box, that's why we have the Mueller report, that investigation should have ended after vo. 1 was finished. The Democratic party somehow got to Mueller and convinced him to keep going.

The whole thing STINKS of corruption. The damn report should have never been written, nor should the investigation have been opened! Corruption? You bet! When it's revealed how this sham started, we will have many questions answered.

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To. 4 the obstruction artists. - - 2 d ago

I am not saying I agree or disagree with President Trump's chosen method of communication, and I certainly am not making excuses, but, one thing is for certain, the media communicated for and on behalf of former President Obama. They do not extend this same courtesy or professionalism to President Trump, thus, tweets. Instead the media has chosen to express their personal opinions, which in turn, has all but eliminated the "press" as we once knew it to tell us unbiased versions of daily events.

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To 4 the obstruction artists - 1 d 4 h ago

Blah, blah, blah.

Trump is the victim and communicates more than Obama? And how does he communicate? With nasty and demeaning tweets, lies and totally unfounded accusations.

Such paranoia! The Democrats got to Mueller, a Republican, and convinced him to keep it going?

You are correct that he is not the average President. He falls far below that standard and polls support this evaluation.

We'll learn eventually just who was guilty of obstruction, won't we?

General profile image

To, blah,blah,blah. - 1 d ago

President Trump will be recognized as one of the best Presidents this country has ever had, regardless of what you haters say. Blah, blah, blah, that's what you sound like ingrate. Polls, ha, ha, ha, those polls sure did work for you in 2016 didn't they? You can take your polls and do you know what with them.

People like you are what's wrong with this country, obstructionist. That's all you idiots are. Hate to burst your bubble bud, but you're going to have to do better than that. Oh, what's that? You don't know how? Aww, that's just too damn bad.

General profile image

To, to blah, blah, blah - 2 h ago

They sure worked in the 2018 midterms, didn't they, "bud". One step at a time.

Talk to Trump about obstructing. He still thinks he can go it alone, doesn't respect or acknowledge the other 2 equal branches of government. He also is attempting to impede the right and duty of Congress to investigate areas of concern.We need to hear from Kline about why 25 denied security clearances, some for serious issues, were overruled. Trump thinks he can prevent him from testifying. Say hello to contempt of court charges that may be enforced.

So much for wanting to protect our country.

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Anonymous - 4 h 36 m ago

I thank God everyday that most Presidents are not like this racist, lying, bullying, miscogynous bafoon.

General profile image

Indie Voter - 2 h 30 m ago

presidents? I've never met at human being that was such a moronic dick. Crazy like a fox but dumb as a sack a bricks.

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2 Anonymous - 1 h 9 m ago

I thank God everyday that most people are not negative and do not rely upon insults to express themselves, as you seem necessary.

General profile image

Anonymous - 8 m 36 s ago

But yet you have no problem with a President that does nothing but insult others?

General profile image

For 4 the obstruction - 1 h 47 m ago

I think you've been hoodwinked.

Maybe one day you'll recognize what the real "sham" is and has been. But like many of the loyal base, you probably will never admit it.

Good luck in the meantime.

General profile image

Reply 4 the obstruction artists. - - 1 h 23 m ago

Regarding your post 2 d 22 h ago - Very well said. Thank you

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Nonsense? - 1 d 16 h ago

The Democrats know that they cannot beat Trump in 2020 at the ballot box. Therefore

They will bring impeachment, count on it. President Trump has already been preparing for this, that's why he said " Not even a little bit " when asked if he was worried about impeachment. I hope the left is proud of the leadership?

Wether you're Dem or Rep, you should be pissed off about the taxpayers money being wasted on such nonsense! What's it going to take for some people to just realize, that Donald Trump ain't such a bad guy. Think about what we could get done by working together, yeah dream on! Beware, the Democrats are jumping off the cliffs, don't be foolish and follow them!

General profile image

To the Trump interpreter - 1 d 7 h ago

What did he mean by "This is the end of my presidency. I'm effed?"

General profile image

For, to the interpreter. - 1 d ago

If you don't know by now, your living in a cave!

What do you think he meant?

What would you have said if someone dropped that in your lap?

General profile image

Anonymous - 1 d 28 m ago

It means his stupid ass fucked up.

Flagged for review. 
General profile image

To , for, to the interpreter - 7 h 11 s ago

Nothing was dropped in his lap. Why would he think that an investigation into Russian attempts to interfere would be "the end" of his Presidency and add "I'm f----d"?Any information related to those intrusions by another nation should have been welcomed.

Common sense would indicate that his remarks were based in fear of what would or could be revealed about himself or his aides and associates.

General profile image

Anonymous - 4 h 33 m ago

When idiots don't have a decent answer they reply "your living in a cave" while using your incorrectly. That's the best they can come up with because there aren't any answers for the lunacy we're living through.

General profile image

To anonymous - 1 h 34 m ago

Or they name call and accuse others of being responsible for "the destruction of our country." Not to mention that anyone who disagrees that Trump is the greatest President ever, is a Trump hater and Socialist.

I've watched more credible and respectful debates from middle school students.

General profile image

2 anonymous - 1 h ago

If you are so unhappy, move

General profile image

Anonymous - 6 m 16 s ago

Ok, I think I will or I may stay here and ride out these next 2 years and hopefully the world will be great again.

General profile image

Alternative - 18 h 10 m ago

Just think of the alternative presented to us in 2016 Hillary! If you think for one minute our economy would be as good as it is or the accomplishments realized with her as President - you are sadly mistaken!

General profile image

Anonymous - 4 h 32 m ago

To dream of anyone else being president is a useless fantasy, we're stuck with what we got.

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