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OOPS!! Lugenpresse CNN caught on tape... - 1 h ago

Hey FOX, how 'bout THIS?? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #2 on Trending American Pravda: CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative "bullsh*t" Published on Jun 26, 2017 In the recent video footage obtained by Project Veritas, John Bonifield a Sr. Producer at CNN, admits to several beliefs that are in direct conflict with the official CNN narrative that Trump has colluded with Russia, and that Russia has interfered with the 2016 election. Bonifield expresses clear doubts that there is a fire behind the Russia smoke, stating, "I haven't seen any good enough evidence to show that the President committed a crime." He also confirms suspicions that CNN staff is ideologically biased against Trump, stating, "I know a lot of people don't like him and they'd like to see him get kicked out of office" Bonifield even further confirms CNN's bias against the President, stating, "I think the President is probably right to say, like, look you are witch hunting have no real proof." Bonifield exposes that Russia has been great for CNN's ratings, and that orders from CEO Jeff Zucker himself have directed CNN to pursue Russia leads at the expense of other stories. Bonifield states "And the CEO of CNN said in our internal meeting, he said 'good job everybody covering the Climate Accords, but we're done with it let's get back to Russia.'" He further comments on Russia, "it's mostly bullshit right now. Like, we don't have any giant proof...if it was something really good, it'd leak." _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOPS!! I forgot. NO SOURCING!! Trying to bring TRUTH from multiple sources so no one can claim "It's only your opinion..." James O'Keefe knows, #truthmatters (Project VERITAS)

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I HATE it when the truth comes out!!! - 1 h 1 m ago

James O'Keefe for President!!!

CNN lying? NAAWW!!! Say it isn't so!!


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More... - 1 h ago

CNN Producer John Bonifield admits CNN is Very Fake News

Tomi Hanzek 15,215 views 494 9 .

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A Real American - 2 h 19 m ago

You know what I'm sick of? I'm sick of people apologizing for America in other countries. We shouldn't be going on an apology tour around the world. Other countries need to be held responsible for their actions instead of America bearing the responsibility. Other countries don't apologize for the citizens stealing our jobs, entering our country illegally or causing acts of terrorism. Real Americans know to take responsibility for their actions, and make others take responsibility for their actions. Real Americans are taking action, and getting politicians out of office who won't hold other accountable.

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A Real American - 1 d 10 s ago

I remember a time in America when you would go grocery shopping at the local store. The employee at the end of the counter would bag your groceries, give you a big smile and thank you for shopping with them. But now, that employee said anything to you at all, you wouldn't understand a word coming out of their mouth. For too long, we've accepted that. We have allowed these people to into our country, and bastardized our language. When I call a company, English isn't the first language option. They force our children to learn Spanish in schools. If someone wants to earn a living, raise a family or reap the rewards of our country, they need to learn proper English! You can understand Real Americans when they speak. English is our language for our people in our land. We, the Real Americans need to take a stand before we lose that land to outsiders.

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Traditionalist - 1 d ago

This is exactly people need to hear! They may not like it, but it's true! We have put up with being politically correct too long, and give into the mainstream media agenda. Real Americans will start taking back this country now!

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Trump/Pence 2020 - 1 d ago

I'm sick of political correctness. It seems that labels are offensive no matter what you say. If I refer to someone by their gender, I'm sexist. If I refer to someone by their race, I'm racist. Every word and letter is now used as an excuse to upset over nothing. We are Americans, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters!

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Reply to "A Real American" - 15 h 38 m ago

Not sure where you shop, but the employees in my local stores still bag my groceries and purchases, give me a smile and a thank you. I've found this to be true even if English is their second language. Not all, but most people if treated with kindness and respect will respond in the same way. Do you think that your attitude that you and yours are the only Real Americans has anything to do with the way you perceive yourself to be treated?

I live in an area that has much diversity, with many immigrants from all over the world. Most are trying very hard to make a life for themselves and to learn the language.

Our ancestors were all "outsiders" at one time.

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Re reply to Real American - 4 h ago

Our ancestors were all "outsiders" at one time.

They certainly were. Some of mine came over in the 1600's from England, others later from Germany and France. Those ancestors didn't speak the language and lived in areas where there many others were also learning English and had dreams of a better life. I realize the population is much larger today and with many more countries represented. Just don't understand why this is considered to be a negative thing. I enjoy the blend of cultures, different foods, customs and many are willing to share their traditions.

I still haven't heard a definition of what a "Real American" is. Wow, I'm a little concerned that I don't fit into that category.

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Rob Bullfinch - 8 h 41 m ago

Do you know that our school systems in our largest cities have to deal with over 100 languages and dialects. Now all you lefties please tell me how we can run an effective school system with this problem. My feeling is that we can't. That's why we have ineffective schools. This started with Ted Kenned's immigration reform bill and ended with Obama's open door policy. Given a chance, the Democrats will give the country away. They will do anything for a vote.

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For Robert Bullfinch - 7 h 32 m ago

Cheers for you!!

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To: A Real American - 7 h 34 m ago

While I understand your frustration, there is one avenue we probably should pursue. You are correct that our children learn Spanish in school, however, we do need to recognize that in many countries, more than one language is learned/spoken. My concern here is that our children do not rank in the top 10 countries for basic subjects. Our students rank 28th in Math, while remaining flat in Reading & Science (not in the top 10). With this being said, additional languages sound great, but in reality we should concentrate upon increasing our capabilities in the basic subjects mentioned above.

I do believe English should be officially our language & anyone wanting to live/work here should be required to learn/speak it. You are correct-- the PC nonsense is out of control!

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Eric Boling The Specialist - 1 d 5 h ago

Just watched part of The Specialist with Eric Boling. How refreshing to have Lisa Boothe on the program today -- "Kat Trimpf" no where in sight !!! Yeah! Lisa Boothe offers objective thoughts in a mature and consice manner. Would be nice if she replaced "Kat" Trimpf permanently.

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Zeb - 8 h ago

Lisa Boothe is an accomplished woman. Kat is truly a fish out of water. She is not right for this program. I don't want to sound mean, and she is fine on the Gutfeld program, but not right for The Specialists. Eric did a good job developing The Five because he had the right talent on air with him. This new show presents a real challenge because Roger is no longer around to select the talent. Regardless, Kat has got to go.

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Sage - 5 d 12 h ago

This copy and paste process is making this site impossible to use. Post YOUR thoughts in your own words and knock off all the source crap. If you are so insecure that you can't speak for yourself, go into your dark closet and stay there. If you wander out into the world learn to speak for yourself. You might also consider doing research work at the Library of Congress. I, for one, am interest in your thoughts, not some compilation of others views. Get with it man/woman and speak for yourself.

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Sorry, Sage... - 5 d 5 h ago

Guess it's all that PTSD from Grad School, all that "cite your sources" stuff! TWITCH!! TWITCH!!

Anything else might be construed as PLAGIARISM...

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tapes - 5 d 5 h ago

After 41 days, President Trump finally ends his Comey tapes game. There are no tapes. Greta VAn Susteren just said at the worst it's intimidation of a witness and at the best, immature, childish bullying behavior.

I think both are true.

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Intimidation of a witness usually occurs IN COURT by a hostile attorney... - 5 d ago

"There are no tapes. Greta VAn Susteren just said at the worst it's intimidation of a witness and at the best, immature, childish bullying behavior."

IN BASEBALL, it's called a "brushback pitch" i.e. if a batter is crowding the plate to intimidate the pitcher, the pitcher usually throws a fastball high and inside, about eyeball level, to see if the batter REALLY wants to be that close to the strike zone.

Sounds like "Hardball" to me...

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Sage responds - 5 d ago

I think it was a brilliant move by Trump to insure that Comey was truthful in his Congressional testimony. As for Greta, she is a lovely person. Her problem now is that her audience consists of you and about three other people. When she left Fox, she became irrelevant .

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To sage responds - 5 d ago

I wouldn't care if I was Greta's only viewer. She's intelligent, fair and objective and I love her show. Much better than listening to Hannity whine or having to watch T. carlson's facial contortions.

If Trump.'s brilliant move ensured that Comey told the truth, I'll remember that when and if the investigations come down to who was truthful re: the meetings they had.

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Sage - 4 d 11 h ago

Since you are so enthused with Greta, I would like you to respond to one question. Why didn't Greta come forth to support the women who claimed harassment at Fox News? I await your reply.

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To Sage - 4 d 10 h ago

Why didn't Greta come forth to support the women who claimed harassment at Fox News? I await your reply.

Greta did come forth and apologize for not supporting Gretchen Carlson. She stated that when she read the depositions and information filed by the lawyers, she was aware that much information re: Roger Ailes had been hidden, covered up and not made available to her or other Fox employees.

I recall when I first started reading this board, there was so much anger and uproar about the women who claimed sexual harrassment by O'Reilly and Ailes. Many posters discredited and described them as gold diggers, bimbos, etc. etc. etc. who were out to ruin the two men and were responsible for their firings. Think they supported those women? Did you believe any of their stories?

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Sage - 4 d 9 h ago

Two points,

Greta left Fox because she had an escape clause in her contract that if Ailes left Fox, she was able to leave before her contract expired. She actually supported Ailes and left Fox as an expression of solidarity with him.

Where and when did she apologize to Gretchen Carlson for not supporting her? As I have stated before, these women's allegations should have been decided in a court of law.

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To Sage/ Greta V. - 4 d 7 h ago

Where and when did she apologize to Gretchen Carlson for not supporting her? As I have stated before, these women's allegations should have been decided in a court of law.

Both Greta and Geraldo Rivera reversed their original positions, apologized and expressed regret for not initially supporting or believing G. Carlson. They also withdrew support for Roger Ailes. Their comments were on their individual Facebook pages as well as in various media articles. She also stated that Mr. Ailes was not well supervised and that his behaviors should have been monitored more closely. They were the only two anchors on Fox that I'm aware of who expressed support.

Probably the best thing to do is for you to research some of the articles because a few are with media outlets many on here regard as "fake news." Ridiculous. Check Fortune magazine, CNN, Yahoo and others. Their statements were public knowledge.

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Sage - 4 d 3 h ago

Was Greta or Geraldo witness to Ailes alleged harassment, or just formulating opinions based on Carlson's statements. Gretchen was singing Ailes praise a year earlier, and credited him with developing her broadcast career and her success. Her feelings certainly changed when she was informed her contract wasn't being renewed.

You mention Geraldo. He is a likeable chap with the emotional stability of a knat. From day to day, and sometimes from hour to hour, Geraldo aligns with countervailing sides on a single issue. His greatest moment was his escapade with Al Capone's vault.

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Re: Sage/Greta - 3 d 15 h ago

Sage, Obviously I can't answer for either Greta or Geraldo. All that was in the media regarding their statements indicated that they reversed their opinions and apologized. Time magazine also had an article quoting some of their reasons for doing so.

Greta's feelings about crediting Ailes with helping her career I'm sure are still valid. She can maintain those while still changing her mind about whom she supported or believed.

Geraldo can be a bit of a kook but I like him in some ways. He used to do a great job with his investigative reports back in the '70's. I also enjoyed his sparring with Bill O'Reilly.

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Disgusting - 3 d 12 h ago

I just can't believe the hateful rhetoric I've been reading in past weeks, and this goes to the individuals, not political affiliation.

Supposedly a Democratic official from La. was caught on tape saying he was glad Rep. Scalise was shot and wished that he were dead. Those statements are hateful enough but then, as many others have done, he gives the p--- poor excuse that his comments were "taken out of context."?????

It seems as though people feel they can spew whatever vile words they wish and expect us to believe they really didn't mean what they said, even if it's caught on tape or video.

Think I need to take a break from reading the news.

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anonyous - 2 d 13 h ago

Where and when did she apologize to Gretchen Carlson for not supporting her?

How many times I've read a similar defensive comment, about other topics, i.e. where did you read that, I never heard that report, I don't believe you....???

Broaden your horizons and read and listen to other media outlets,in addition to Fox news. Somewhere in the middle may bring us all closer to the truth.

So weary of hearing POTUS and his supporters blabbering about fake news. Now no cameras allowed in press conferences. There's validity in many sources and many times Fox conveniently omits any constructive criticism of President Trump or his WH staff.

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Zeb - 2 d 12 h ago

The question still remains, WHY did they change their stories? You state that you have seen reports that they did change their stories, and I have no reason to doubt that they did. Since I am a hide bound troglodyte with narrow horizons, I would like to know what reasons they gave for the change. Of this I am certain, Mr Ailes never was given an opportunity to defend himself, nor was Mr OReilly. Fox trumped "no pun intended" up a case and fired these fellows without an opportunity to defend themselves. That is wrong! Courts of law should be the decision maker in these cases, not the two G's, Greta and Geraldo. With all your broadened horizons, please consider this. What if you were accused of being a child molester? Would you want an opportunity to defend your reputation, or just let the report go unanswered? To further complicate this issue, let's consider that you are a well known public figure in the broadcast industry. You go to work one morning, and your boss calls you into his office and says you're fired. I sure wouldn't want this treatment.

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Zeb / re: Greta - 1 d 15 h ago

Courts of law should be the decision maker in these cases, not the two G's, Greta and Geraldo.

Greta and Geraldo were not the primary decision makers in this case. Their decisions were strictly personal and based on information they both reportedly learned after they initially supported Mr. Ailes. Fox Network also issued an apology to Gretchen Carlson voicing regret that she was not treated with the "dignity and respect" she deserved.

I agree that the ideal would be for courts of law to render these decisions. But for many, many reasons this has not always been possible.I agree also that it may result in unfair results for both the accusers and those whom they accuse. When not possible, decisions sometimes are made on information we are not privy to. This was one of the reasons Greta gave. She felt she and other employees were kept in the dark about issues that were hidden or covered up.

Some of the articles citing reasons for their decisions can be researched and will give more details.

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Sage - 1 d 11 h ago

Poor excuse from Greta. She is a lawyer and therefore knows that human resource issues require confidentially. Big liberal government requires these issues to be kept private. As a self proclaimed expert on women's proclivities, I can't believe that this alleged activity was not discussed "among the girls". My experience, working with, and supervising, thousands of women, is that they don't have a history of being secretive. Their are some exceptions however. I remember one situation where a HR clerk was having a secret romance with the married HR manager. Again, due to my astute powers of observation, I knew what was going on. She never talked about that affair with the girls. It all worked out in the end. He divorced #1 and married #2, they have three adult children, and they are wonderful friends of my family. So every once in a while a woman does keep a secret, but I can't get my wife to adopt this idea. She's out to lunch twice a week with the "girls", and you wouldn't believe the stuff they talk about.

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To Sage - 1 d 8 h ago

Poor excuse from Greta. She is a lawyer and therefore knows that human resource issues require confidentially.

Sage, I have watched Greta's shows for years. Yes, she is an attorney and I have always found her to be very respectful of the law.. She gives credit where credit is due but also raises issues for concerns. It doesn't sound like private HR info was her source. She worked at Fox for years and also had access to other information.. She stated in one interview that she felt Mr. Ailes was not properly supervised and that she also had data from files that were not privileged information. She felt there had been a cover up on some levels and that's one of the reasons she reportedly changed her mind.

Who cares if this alleged activity was discussed "among the girls."? Did HR support any of the claims or was it a good old boys network that fluffed off the allegations?

We may never know. But I also have had much experience with "womens proclivities". I worked for over 25 years with survivors of sexual abuse, both women AND men and I am very aware of how often their stories weren't believed. Does this mean all accusations are true ? Of course not. But to dismiss them in their entirety is not realistic.

Men who were sexually abused or harassed as minors by older females, teachers, family members or friends, had a rough go also. Most of the time if they told someone, they were reminded how "lucky" they were to have "had sex" ( it was legally rape, not sex) with such a "hot" lady. Few men I worked with were ever reminded that it was abuse, betrayal of trust and a power/control issue....the same as males raping or abusing females.

Anyway, will close. I do hope any future allegations can be settled fairly and if needed, legally, for all. But that's going to involve major changes in families and workplaces.

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Zeb - 1 d 7 h ago

Sage, thanks for your learned views and experience with supervising women. They do talk a lot about personal things. My wife is on the phone every evening talking with her friends, sometimes about things that are no one else's business. I know you tried to help me with this on going discussion about Greta and what she knew and when she knew it. This debate partner of mine has a great deal of experience dealing with rape situations, and I have no experience. I do know about fair treatment in harassment cases. I believe that many accusations are true and some are not. The problem seems to focus on the wealth of the person being accused. These cases are just like the political problems in Washington DC. We should just follow the money. I'm getting old, and my memory may have slipped a cog or two, but darned if I can remember any lower income person being sued for harassment. In fact, I suppose in some cases, that were a one night fling ten years ago, is now a million dollar retirement program.

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Friends of sage - 1 d ago

Glad your friends are still together. Often the mistress or man having an affair with someone who is married becomes the next one they are unfaithful to. Patterns do tend to repeat themselves. How did you feel about thr HR head having an affair with his or her employee?

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Sage / HR - 14 h 12 m ago

I remember one situation where a HR clerk was having a secret romance with the married HR manager. Again, due to my astute powers of observation, I knew what was going on. She never talked about that affair with the girls

Curious. With your astute powers of observation, you felt it was o.k. for an HR manager to be having an affair with his/ her employee because it all worked out in the end?? You also say it was kept a secret. Don't be so sure that other employees weren't aware. In most companies that would be a violation of workplace ethics to cross those boundaries, especially when the person is under his/her supervision re: their job performance, evaluations.

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Sage - 9 h 13 m ago

Reply to Sage / HR

I never said it was OK. I said it all worked out. Actually, I confronted the HR manager and reminded him of corporate policy. The clerk resigned, the manager filed for divorce, the romance continued, they were later married, and there lives moved on. This was nearly 40 years ago. Their children are all grown. One is a musical director in a school system, the second son is an MD, the third child is a daughter who graduated from NYU with a Performing Arts degree. All great kids that are doing well. That's why I say it all worked out in the end. Regards

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Zeb the enlightener - 1 d ago

Re: Broaden Horizons

You have the gall to advise other people to "read and listen" to other media. Why would we need to do that. You have no knowledge of what we read and listen. Look what all that reading and listening has done for you. You are so narrow minded that you can't see the writing on the wall, in spite of all your reading and listening. A few facts that you need to consider: Trump is the President, The left wing attempts to destroy him with a fake story about Russian collusion has failed. In fact it has boomeranged back to the Obama Administration and Loretta Lynch. Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Perez look like bafoons when they appear on TV blathering their unfounded lies. Your Democrat party is undergoing a schism with Bernie on one side and rational people on the other. If you are unable to see these facts, then any amount of reading and listening won't help you. You are a member of the "don't confuse me with facts" club. Their's hope for you, but first you need to accept the reality of the mess your in. Regards,

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Re to tapes - 1 d 5 h ago

Comey said he hoped there were tapes. Trump gets flustered when trying to manipulate honest people.

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Re Comey - 1 d ago

We now know that Comey leaked info through a friend to the NY Times (this by his own admission) -- wonder how much else he did. So much for honesty.

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Re Comey - 1 d ago

Comey didn't leak secrets. He leaked items involving his own words. He didn't trust Trump and I don't either. Comey admitted this and that's honesty, something that seems to be very lacking in the character of Potus.

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Re Comey & Tapes - 1 d ago

We now know that Comey leaked info through a friend to the NY Times (this by his own admission) -- wonder how much else he did. So much for honesty. Thought he was supposed to be above politics!! Guess not.

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Zeb - 1 d 1 h ago

Trump backed your man Comey into the corner. Comey had no choice but to tell the truth because Trump had the upper hand.

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To: tapes - 1 d 5 h ago

Smart move on President Trump's part. Sounds like a good poker player -- forced Comey to "show his hand"! Of course, this would be beyond liberal/progressive capabilities.

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Zeb - 1 d 30 m ago

The libs are playing checkers and Trump is playing chess. It's really an unfair match. Dems should read his book.

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read Trump's book? - 12 h 12 s ago

If Democrats should read Trump's book, then Republicans should read some interviews with his co author/ ghost writer, who spent hundreds of hours with him. He had some interesting observations about T's personality and character.

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Zeb responds - 11 h 34 m ago

Since you are so informed on Trumps book, why don't you give us an overview of your allegations and observations. Trump is doing quite well in the opinion of the people who voted for him. If you didn't vote for him, you have every right to be deranged. Last time I checked you have a lot of company.

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Rachael - 10 h 42 m ago


Tony Schwartz, the ghost writer of Trumps, Art of the Deal, book is a left wing schmuck. He wrote the book based on lengthy interviews with Trump. Trump provided the details of his life in Queens before moving to Manhatten and his success after the move. Trump detailed his methods for his success and Schwartz dutifully put his comments into writers prose. The book deal was a 50/50 split on book revenue between Trump and Schwartz. The book has become the best selling business book of all time, selling millions of copies. Revenue received by Mr Schwartz has made him a wealthy man.

Everything was fine between the two of them until Trump announced his run for the Presidency as a Republican. Mr Schwartz, with the encouragement of other left wing Jewish Democrats decided to undermine the Trump campaign. In Mr Schwartz's mind politics trumps friendship.

In the Jewish culture he is a schmuck. If Mr Schwartz knows so much, why isn't he in the White House with trillions of dollars net worth. Maybe he was so busy writing the book, that he didn't have time to understand it.

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Re sorry - 5 d 4 h ago

It's not plagiarism when you comment using your own words and opinions.

Would sincerely like to hear yours.

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Dear Re: - 5 d ago

Dear Re and Sage, I try to bring outside sources to prevent this site from becoming an insular "echo chamber" limited to a couple of grumpy posters going back and forth. That's usually the final common path of these sites where "opinion" is king. Look, I will do my best to behave. It's so DIFFICULT sometimes, especially with the rest of the universe out there. I actually AGREE with most of Sage's posts, even the LONG ones. Zeb also brings solid views. I usually cite sources that bring perspective, and even a contrary viewpoint. It's good to keep oneself informed from multiple lines of thought. The quotes and citations are there to MAKE MY POINT, along with what I happen to think about it. Can't resist a quote with a citation: "Learning carries within itself certain dangers because out of necessity one has to learn from one's enemies." Leon Trotsky [!] ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Sorry, couldn't help it. I have two graduate degrees, one of them a Doctorate.] #truthmatters

General profile image

Re dear re - 5 d ago

I've learned much from "grumpy" posters. We all have our life experiences, favorite sources for news, books and such that impact our posts. I really don't want to see all the web links, book summaries in your posts. It feels like being back in college and being given a required reading list by the professor.

Several people have said they are interested in your opinions without all the cut and pastes with quotes from others.

step away from academia and share your thoughts.

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Re Re Re - 5 d 31 s ago

Maybe my OCD is showing.

My opinion? All the "Russia" stuff is a brilliant attempt at triple-counterpropaganda. The American Academic Left has been influenced and dominated by the Frankfurt School (escapees of Nazi Germany from the university at Frankfurt) where Marx and Engels held sway.

Oh, the irony! Leftists, many of them openly Marxist, accusing Trump of being influenced by "the Russians" when it was Putin's predecessors in the KGB using influence agents to drive opinion and thought in our "engines of culture" including news organizations, Academia and Hollywood to toe the Leftist-to-Marxist Party Line.

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Sources matter, because Academia drives culture... - 5 d ago

Where'd I get all this, you ask? Several sources including CIA Case Officer Kent Clizbe's "Willing Accomplices" [ANDEMCA Press, 2011, available on Kindle from]

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Re sources matter - 5 d 2 m ago

No one asked where you got "this". You finally posted your opinion and immediately put out another post citing your sources. Why are you so reluctant to own your words?

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Reply: sources matter, because Academia drives culture.... - 4 d 6 h ago

If "academia drives culture" as you commented, we had better hope someone is looking out for us! The academia lessons for our youth today seems to consist only of one-sided liberal view points with all others excluded. Proof in point: Safe spaces, lack of permitting opposing views being shared by conservatives, property damage during protests (even those including professor participation), disrespect shown to political leaders who are not liberal/ progressive enough by "academia" standards?, etc.

Those who have gained their knowledge through hard work and experience are not only worth listening to, but to be commended.

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Sage - 3 d 12 h ago

Well stated and completely true. It's urgent that Federal Government investigate the funding source of these liberal leaning, brain washing, institutions of higher learning. Many of these colleges and universities are undermining our Republic. The US Dept of Education should be repurposed to oversee curriculum in these learning institutions. I think it's rediculuos that the students are now dictating how these schools are run.

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To Sage - 1 d 6 h ago

While I agree, for the most part, with your comments regarding our schools, I actually believe the U.S. Department of Education should be eliminated. This is an area, I feel, better served by individual States as they are aware of the needs prevailing within their jurisdictions. The major challenges, as I see them, with our educational system is, as mentioned, Federal Government interference/control, alumni who just send money without requiring accountability, Unions and tenture. In the real world, if you lack in job performance, you are replaced and looking for a new job. We should not overlook the weak, ineffective administrations of our learning institutions. Allowing students to dictate and control these schools is inexcusable. When these students start "paying the bills" they will have the right to demand curriculum, safe spaces (whatever that nonsense is), as well as some of their outlandish requirements. Bet they will look at things differently when they enter the real world as tax paying citizens. (Yes, there are those who pay their own way now -- they are to be commended).

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Sage responds - 10 h 38 s ago

Response to To Sage

I agree completely. You have really done some serious thinking on these issues involving primary and secondary education. What do you suggest is a course of action needed to be taken in our college and universities. The tuition prices are unaffordable, students are in charge of running the schools, the Presidents are ineffective left wingers, the boards of directors are unwilling to demand discipline and non partisan professors and curriculum, and parents have no where to turn to correct these problems. Do you agree, and if you do, what ideas can you offer to help solve this mess. I, for one, believe schools exist to teach, not coddle students.

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Zeb - 2 d 12 h ago

Geez, I thought academia was supposed to drive learning. Maybe I misunderstand the meaning of culture, but I think a great deal of our culture is determined outside of academia. Please enlighten me.

Flagged for review. 
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Sage responds - 5 d 23 s ago

I have no graduate degrees. I do have a relatively long list of lifes experiences, an inquisitive mind, and the guts to say what I think. I listen to others, form my own opinions, and share them here and at other venues, in my own words. When my posts get lengthy, it's because some of the subjects are rooted in history that I have personally experienced. I then develop my responses, in my own words, on these topics that I personally encountered. If I quote someone, it is usually a phrase or title, and I show attribution. An appendix is not needed because I speak for myself in my own words. That's how I do it, for a readers enjoyment or scorn. Of course you are free to use your own method.

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Sage - 4 d 10 h ago

My goodness, two graduate degrees and one of them a Doctorate. Well, as I have said previously, I do not have two graduate degrees. In fact, I have no undergraduate degree or Associates degree either. My education consists of public school grades 1 thru 6 in a two room school, where grades 1, 2, and 3 were in one room, and the other three grades were in the second room. This worked very well 70 years ago because we had totally committed teachers. They were underpaid and non union, but they came to work early and stayed late, when any student needed help. I moved on from there to a real High School in a building with 30 rooms. The teachers there were just as committed to their work. So it all worked out for me. So here I am chatting with you after a 40 year business career, and ,believe it or not, I even taught a college business class as an Adjunct Professor. All in all, not bad for a guy with a two room school degree.

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To Sage - 4 d 6 h ago

So it all worked out for me. So here I am chatting with you after a 40 year business career, and ,believe it or not, I even taught a college business class as an Adjunct Professor. All in all, not bad for a guy with a two room school degree.

Not bad at all, Sage! I admire you and sounds like you've had the best type of education. We have disagreed on some issues but I've always valued your wisdom and experiences and will look forward to reading more on this board.

I think we learn more from those who aren't necessarily in agreement with us. I've mentioned here before, a comment that I think is one of the highest compliments. It's " I never thought of it that way before." Let the learning continue.

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Sage responds - 4 d ago

Well said. I use your quote everyday. My wife insists that I think of things in her way. It is a good way to improve family peace. And every now and then, but not to often, she is correct. The secret is, to not tell her when she's wrong. Regards

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To Sage responds - 3 d 15 h ago

My wife insists that I think of things in her way. It is a good way to improve family peace. And every now and then, but not to often, she is correct. The secret is, to not tell her when she's wrong.

I bet you have some interesting conversations!

One of my brothers is about as far "right" as is possible. His wife works directly for a very liberal state senator. I always enjoy being part of their discussions. Lively, spirited but respectful. And also have to have some humor mixed in.

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Trying to read more posts - 2 d 6 h ago

Trying to read more posts

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