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New York, NY
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Anonymous - 1 h 34 m ago

Take a look at all the different nationalities that are behind the socialist Sanders. Is this what some immigrants are planning for our country? The American people that back Bernie are obviously people who don't like our country the way it is, so why do they stay here? This is why we must know who is in our country. How many of those people are here illegally? We don't know because Democrats fight the government on everything related to immigration. Sure all nationalities make up America, but we know who they are and most love this country. Americans must fight for traditional American values, if we lose that we just might lose our country!

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Wallace must go..... - 2 d 17 s ago

Fox News Sunday, I caught this guy talking about what's going on with DNI personnel. He was talking about how he feels about the President putting these acting people in these positions. The Director and Deputy director aren't qualified according to him. Sorry, I didn't catch his name but whoever he is he's an idiot. Don't these people understand that they don't have any say in what our President does? Democrats are not in charge anymore. They just can't get that through their Neanderthal brains.. While I'm in the mood when will Fox cut Chris Wallace loose?? The man is a very rude person that has no understanding of how Trump does things. There's something about the guy that turns my stomach. I tried watching five minutes and threw up all over the living room after hearing him spew his Democrat opinions. I have to ask, why is everyone making a big deal about Russia interfering with our election? The United States does it all the time. I'm waiting for the day someone reaches over to Wallace and punches him in his face. He insults his guests by badgering them. Wallace needs to get his ass off television and shame on Fox News for continuing his employment. I don't watch him and never will because of his demeanor, he's a JERK..

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to: Wallace Must Go - 1 d 19 h ago

What IS 'the big deal' about Russia and Trump?

Trump wants to get rid of NATO and nucleur alliances so Putin can invade new turf.

In return, Putin's Russian bank loansharks Trump money to pay off his real estate debt. Not so complicated, really.

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To Fox News: - 1 d 19 h ago

That is nothing but fake news. Trump would never do that. He is too smart to put his self in that position To

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4 To: Wallace must go - 1 d 14 h ago

Your documented proof of Trump wanting to get rid of NATO and nuclear alliances in return for debt relief is?? Don't forget that President Trump has managed to get NATO members to finally begin meeting their financial obligations, rather than our country footing the monetary load for this organization. As far as your reference to nuclear alliances, not only are you wrong, but it is important to remember Hillary Clinton, while Sec. of State, sold part of our uranium supply to Russia, through her Canadian friend.

As you say, "Not so complicated, really".

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Why do you Democrats feel it necessary to lie so much about the President? You can't find any crimes, you can't win in court, can't win at the ballot box,. So what do Democrats do? Spread lies, impeach him and complain all the time. Democrats need to really take a good look at how bad they look constantly harassing the President. We have much more important things that need attention and the left could care less. They care about themselves and acquiring power. They can't stop what they're doing because they have nothing else. That's just too bad the people in their party don't care about the country either. If they cared, they would be demanding better from their party. Fear of being attacked by their own party is the only thing protecting the Democratic leaders. What a shame.

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For, Wallace must go - 1 d 15 h ago

I saw Chris Wallace harassing his guest in the beginning of his lame show. I don't think he will have to worry about people lining up to be on his show to be belittled on camera by him. I have to give some people credit for tolerating his abuse, I wouldn't be so nice if it were me. Wallace thinks he's in a damn courtroom. I can't believe Fox let's this fool harass guests the way he does. I have heard others say they will never go back. Wallace is the most ignorant reporter on FNC, what a reputation to be proud of? He has panels now all Democrats, what is going on at Fox News?? Guess it's payback for Trump complaining about them at his rally the other night?

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For , Wallace must go.... - 2 h 32 m ago

Oh, the drama. So listening to Wallace made you throw up all over the living room?

Turn the t.v. off if your delicate body can't handle listening.

And think about your comment that you don't understand why Russia interfering with our elections is such a big deal. Unbelievable.

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Drop everything!! - 11 h 37 m ago

OMG, President Eric Swalwell of California says that Trump is working with the Russians to make sure he gets the person he wants to run against. I have to say that if those people in his district re-elect this ingrate for another term then they are just as mentally challenged as he is. He does have that look in the eyes if you catch my drift?....

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All talk, no action. - 14 h ago

The Governor of California must be visiting the dispensary? This guy thinks that Doctors should be writing prescriptions for housing. Is this guy crazy or what? Doctors have enough to deal with without having to get involved in politics. Gavin Newsom makes moonbeam look like a saint. Most Californians don't care as long as he doesn't take the weed away. Do that and California will burn to the ground. Pass the buck, that's what Newsom wants, so he doesn't have to deal with the homeless population. How about trying some ground breaking new ideas like building small condo units 250 sqft each? Small enough to keep up with, these would be built away from the city and there must be strict guidelines that are to be followed. There doesn't have to be kitchens in these units, build a cafeteria in the middle of the building, employ people to work there. The government can provide the meals thus eliminating the need for food stamps. Keep the cafeteria open 24 hours. Theres so many things that can be done for these people but nobody wants anything to do with them. We have people like Bloomberg throwing billions down the toilet. Think of what a billion dollars could do for the homeless. 25/30 million could build four buildings each with a fifty units and a building in the middle for the cafeteria, laundry room, small store, a gym and media room. Each unit will be like a hotel room, Nobody wants to try to help. I blame the state's for the homeless problems, they can help but refuse to do so. Services can be offered on site, drug counseling, mental health and so forth. The money these states are spending dealing with the problems could be used differently to help these people. There are solutions but no one wants to be the first to try anything.

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Any Berman Jackson. - 15 h 5 m ago

This judge Amy Berman needs to be removed from the bench. Her comments about Roger Stone we're appalling, especially when she implicated the President without any proof whatsoever. She's clearly a very biased person and frankly speaking shouldn't even be a judge with an attitude like hers. She refused to recuse herself from making the decision on a re-trial for Stone. This is a perfect example of how the Democrats do things, she obviously is a Democrat that has issues with the President. I hope people see just how screwed up and unfair our justice system is???? If she refuses to grant another trial for Stone, everyone in this country better be scared, very scared. Judge's like this woman literally are on power trips and feel as if they're above everyone else. She needs to be removed from her position. She's out for anyone close to the President. So sad we have people like this woman in such positions of power. If the woman wants to be involved in politics, she should run for Congress,. Then she can spew her rhetoric as often as she wants and get away with it.

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Why??? - 16 h 38 m ago

Bernie supposedly had 12 thousand people at his rally in Texas, he thought that was a whole lot of people. For Trump that's a drop in the bucket. I can't possibly image why anyone would want to vote for a man that wants to turn our country into the spitting image of Russia??? They are either very gullible people of they don't know any better? The thought of everything being FREE has definitely clouded their minds.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Trump is a giant orange dick poised to be sucked by his faggit right wing admirers!

Flagged for review. 
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2 anonymous - 2 d ago

Trolls are awake. One can tell by the profane language & immature comments they offer.

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Anonymous - 1 d 3 h ago

And the punk trolls can't even spell the profane words they post.

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For, anonymous - 2 d ago

And you're an uneducated simpleton who can't express themselves without using vulgar, disgusting, remarks.

What's wrong with you? TDS getting worse? You're real brave behind that computer screen aren't you?? There's a name for people like you. Cowards. One day soon i'm sure you will mouth off to the wrong person and whatever happens you'll deserve it.

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To, anonymous - 1 d 20 h ago

Look at the troll acting all tough, you're nothing but a punk. So, the Democrats do have homophobes within their party. What's wrong Tinkerbell can't think of anything intelligent to say?

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Richard Bayliss - 1 d 19 h ago

You don't think the right has a monopoly on uneducated cretins, do you?

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For, Richard - 1 d 19 h ago

No I don't, most on the right are respectful, decent people who don't have to post sick comments like the one above. The one you're taking up for. It could be you for all I know?

Two peas in a pod huh? You Democrats are all alike.

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Democrat not in name - 1 d 19 h ago

Trump brags that he was a life long Democrat and basically still is..with all his liberal new York friends like the Clinton's. You guys are suckers! Funny. You are all getting played like a fiddle!!!!!!!!!!!!

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To Democrat not in name - 1 d 14 h ago

Personally, I do not feel it is important whether anyone has Democrat or Republican attached to their name. What is important is results, success and accomplishments on our behalf. Far too much identity politics - not essential in the scope of the big picture.

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For, Dem not in name - 1 d 21 h ago

You're spreading even more misinformation. The President doesn't brag about once being a Democrat. Sure he's mentioned it, but far from bragging about it.

I do agree with the other poster. It shouldn't matter if someone's a Democrat or Republican, what should matter are the results of the person in the Oval office.

Democrats don't really know why they dislike the President. Fox needs to go out and stick the microphone in people's face and ask them why they don't like the President. The answers Fox News will get will be well worth watching. I would rather hear what ordinary Americans have to say than listen to some of the panels Fox uses frequently, it would definitely be more entertaining!!!

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Clay - 1 d 11 h ago

Actually, were not.

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For Clay - 1 d ago

Were not what?

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Just in. - 1 d ago

Now it's being reported that the person who stated that the RUSSIANS are trying to help President Trump may have overstated their comments.. Oh really? It may also have been done intentionally. The story is just coming in now. It seems that it was definitely confirmed the Russians were helping Sanders. Our intelligence told their campaign about it and they say on it. Trump was never approached by our intelligence agencies. So maybe the President has every right to be ticked off? Democrats are scattering like a school of bait fish being attacked by a much bigger predator. They don't want madman Sanders getting the nomination. Two reasons, 1, these Democrats don't want socialism in our country. 2, they know without a doubt that Trump will annihilate the socialist madman. Stay tuned, i'm sure it will get better. Would you like butter on your popcorn?

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Correction to just in. - 1 d ago

Should say,

and they sat on it.

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