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Kathleen Graham - 3 d ago


We have a Fleetwood diesel motorhome, with a Freightliner chassis with 21,000 miles on it. This is the second Freightliner we have owned and until this service we have always complimented Frieghtliner's service. Between this motorhome and the last motorhome we have all our work done without complaints. But with the service we received today we are totally disenfranchised with Frieghtliner's service. We had our oil changed today, Friday, 10/13/17, at Freightliner (Lonestar Truck Group), Waco, Texas. Now for my complaint.

We had stopped at the Waco, Texas Freightliner service location on Wednesday, 10/11/17 to see about having our oil changed on Friday, 10/13/17. They said they do not make appointments but they open at 7 AM and it is first come, first serviced. So, on Friday we arrived at 7:04 AM. There were 3 or 4 trucks ahead of us. At 11 AM they drove Truck #1 into a Bay. They drove our motorhome into a Bay around noon. At 3:00 they finished the oil change, we paid, and were able to leave. Here is my issue. Had they told us at 7:04 AM that they would not be getting our rig in anytime soon, we would have said we didn't want to wait (oil changes are not emergencies). But they didn't. I asked how long it would take and they said oil changes take about 2 hours. Never mentioned it would be 5 hours before we got into a Bay. At around 11 AM my husband asked at the desk what was up (after having been there for 4 hours and the motorhome was still sitting in the lot) and the person behind the desk said we could leave if we couldn't wait. I have to say my husband was shockingly calm and polite until we paid to leave. Then he told them exactly what he thought of their system.

All they would have had to have done is tell us it would probably be hours before we got into a Bay. We assumed (and I know that is a mistake) that they would have a couple of bays for drop ins. It appears they were all working on rigs that had been there overnight - I say this because the trucker who was #1 in line didn't have his truck pulled in until 11 AM, as I mentioned earlier. A little communication goes a long way. When we left we had been there 8 hours for an oil change and no one said they were sorry for such a delay. If this is the kind of service we can come to expect from Freightliner we are through with them.

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Anonymous - 3 d 12 h ago

LEMON! We purchased a 2012 Freightliner in January of this year and it has been nothing but problems. We had to replace the Engine and other major repairs to the Drive Axle. We have spent $25,000.00 in REPAIRS in the last 9 months! This is the last Freightliner I will ever purchase. Going back to Mack Trucks.

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Zoryana Stefanovych - 49 d 5 h ago


In December of 2016, we had bought a 2016 Freightliner Cascadia, from Valley Freightliner in Brookpark, OH. This was our first purchase with Freightliner, and our last purchase. We are very disappointed and upset with the service we have been getting from Freightliner. In the month of May, one of our drivers, who is a female, and a single mom of 3 kids was on a trip to California, and while driving down the steep California mountains, the drivers steering wheel started locking up. The driver could not turn left, and each time the wheel locked up, it would lock up for a few seconds and then jerk to the left. There were very strange noises coming from the gear box. All this was happening while driving down extremely steep mountains. The locking up of the steering wheel stopped for a short time, and she was able to come back home to Ohio. As soon as she came home, we scheduled an appointment at Hans' Freightliner of Cleveland. They held the truck there for 2 days, and called us that the truck was all ready, and done. When the driver came to pick up the truck, they told her everything is fixed. They also told her that they had taken it for a test drive prior to calling her. When she got to the truck, and started to drive our of their driveway, she couldn't even turn the steering wheel to get out of the drive way. She took the truck around the block, and brought it right back and told them that nothing was fixed and it was even worse than it was. They did not take it for a test drive, because if they did, they would have clearly felt that something was wrong. So they kept the truck there for one more day. Thats 3 days total to fix a gear box. Thats 3 days, of lost business and money. All these 3 days, the driver and our company was not making any money. BUT we were still making payments for a broken down "new truck". After picking the truck up, she's been driving it, until today. AND ONCE AGAIN ITS THE SAME PROBLEM. She had to do 2 deliveries for our customers. She completed only one, because she started hearing the same noises coming from the gear box. The turns started getting harder to turn the wheel again. Same exact problem. We think that Hans' Freightliner of Cleveland, did not change the gear box as they told us that they would, or they did it completely wrong. She had a few drivers at our company that have been driving for several years, look at the situation and as soon as they looked at what she was saying, they all told her that the steering gear box is lose and not completely tightened to the frame. They did not tighten the gear box when they were first working on it. This whole time she has been driving, she could have gotten herself killed because they did not properly fix her truck. This is absolutely ridiculous. This is a brand new truck and to have to take it to a shop twice in such a short amount of time. We only have 73,000 miles on the truck. Before we bought the truck, we were trying to decide if we should buy Volvo or Freightliner. We decided to go with Freightliner. Now, all the next trucks we plan on buying will not be with Freightliner, and we will make sure to tell everyone the problems we have been having. And again, we cannot service our customers needs because the horrible service we have been getting from Freightliner. We missed a second delivery today and were charged $500. Now my driver is sitting in Fontana, CA at Freightliner waiting for a spot to become available to be able to take a look at the truck. And they dont know if that will get done today. If not, our driver needs a hotel room to stay in and also she's going to have cab charges to take her to and from the truck. We are loosing money and business with this truck. Something needs to be done about this. I would like to speak to someone who is in the corporate office for Freightliner regarding this matter because I tried to call Valley Freightliner in Brookpark, OH where we had bought the truck, and they did not do anything. Please give me a call about this matter at (hidden).

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Screwed by Volvo - 47 d 12 h ago

I know it is hard when you are losing money in an industry that is very unforgiving. But, things could be so much worse. We bought a top the line Volvo three years ago. Now, three years later (due to Volvo deliberately delaying the inevitable), our truck was legally declared a lemon and we are just now completing the repurchase that the court ordered Volvo to do. We have suffered severely for the last three years. In our opinion, Volvo's promise that "customers come first", only applies while you are buying. Once you have bought, you are on your own if you have a severe issue Volvo can't fix. We are going back to Freightliner. If this is your first issue in 75000 miles, that is not too bad given the big picture. Usually a truck has a bunch of annoying bugs to work out when they are new. This might just be a problem at the specific dealership and not with Freightliner as a whole. I pray your issues get resolved soon. Best of luck.

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Ronal - 5 d 12 h ago

Hi, did you heard from freightliner about your issues with steering. I have a 2017 and going through the same problem.. thanks Ronal

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George Burkett - 10 d 14 h ago


I would like to start by saying that I love my truck 97 sports chassis, and all the fire dept units I drive. But the repair service at Orlando Freightliner in Apopka makes the corp look bad. Took my truck in for repair in April. The quote changed after the repairs started, 5 trips back to get it corrected, and having a mechanic other than Freightliner fixing it, then the area rep, Bob Diroff, making promises to fix the cost and didn't. I am over it. He has not done anything, nor returns calls nor emails. I hope they are not that way to everyone because it is giving a bad name to your company and product. Thank you

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Anonymous - 20 d 14 h ago

Now that I'm reading this is no surprises. 2016 Coronado is a lemon . Will never buy another one

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ajaypal singh - 24 d 6 h ago


they are a most worst customer service in my life and can u believe I have a freight liner 2016 and the air tank damage they don't have in shop they order and said its take a one week I move my truck to jack lube in fontana they fix in one day so please don't go to wittier freight liner dealership they don't know what they doing nobody help u go for Volvo

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tom - 27 d 6 h ago


I purchased a brand new freightliner less than a year ago.It has less than 1300 miles on it and has a electrical transmission problem.Its been over a month and nobody from freightliner has been here to help me.Poor company and poor customer service.

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Anonymous - 29 d 9 h ago


What is the deal with the freaking cruise control On Cascadia's it only seems to work when it wants to WTF

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STRADA_TOWING - 33 d 9 h ago


Hi I have a 2016 freightliner m2 that I got brand new as a flatbed tow truck... andas long as I can remember this truck has has DEF problems and has been to the dealer so many times that I can't even keep track.. and each time no parts are changed and they come up with something like we flashed the computer and it should be ok now after it sits at the shop for few days at a time... I am getting sick and tired of the same results having to drive 140+ km each time and stay off work and get absolutely no resolution.. I also have 3 other trucks I go from HINO and not one has this problem and this has changed my thoughts on getting any more products in the near future from freightliner unless someone can explain why the dealer is not fixing the problem with this truck!

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Anonymous - 35 d 1 h ago


Been here since 930am came to get ac compressor and hoses put on truck at 530pm they tell us our truck is ready yet to go outside and turn our ac on and it's not Working! Turns out they replaced the starter??? We are very frustrated, after being here so many hours for your errors, they apologized for the mistake and it would now take 2 more hours to have the problem fixed; it is now 8:08pm to be told they don't have the part until tomorrow. I have notified them to give me a corporate number so now I have been asked to wait 15min to get this number!!! I will be calling the media if someone can not help me here...

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Lori Q - 35 d ago


Does anyone even reply to customers concerns? @ Freightliner of Arizona????

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Karan - 35 d ago

Hi this is the God Light Towing Calgary Alberta I have 2018 Freightliner truck Vin- 1FVACXFD5JHJM1667-which is only have 2000 km and the roof is leaking water comes in the cab and a very bad air noise comes in the cab,Diesel tank gaj not work properly,I leave Today morning 8 am appointment ,the truck @ New west truck centre Calgary 9-11-2017 whole day my truck at the dealership and didn't done any job now this is sorry I have only one tow truck, I'm losing all day many Business calls, I have to be instalment for this truck ' please help me out for all other job I need to done on my truck at the time my phone number is (hidden) my email address (hidden)

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Anonymous - 38 d 7 m ago


I had a eec 61 code on my truck. Took it to Floyd's freight liner and they said the acu and def meter needed to be replaced. Got that done and 300 miles down the road same code again. Take it to delta truck center in California and they say its the nos injecctors. Some one has ripped me off. Same problem 2 different solutions

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Don - 54 d 5 h ago


very disapointed in freightliner,any parts a person buys that needs a gasket,the gasket is extra,that has to be ordered.once apon a time the gaskets all came with at no extra cost,but not now.guess thats the cost of growth in our new world.....

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FloridaDave - 54 d 13 h ago


Went to Freightliner to get my AC fixed. $1300 dollars later, it was fixed, so I thought. AC breaks again so I take back my truck only to have to pay $600 more dollars for a diagnostic. They fixed the problem which was under warranty but had to pay the fee. A third time, my AC breaks and they want me to keep paying a diagnostic fee while the problem still remains. Horrible service and there is no customer service. They take their time and make you all their mercy. The AC is still broken and getting a diagnostic for a problem they can't fix and charging me every time is a CRIME. I would not recommend this place to anyone in who owns a Freightliner. They are in the business of ripping people off.

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Anonymous - 140 d 37 m ago


Beaumont Freightliner and Western Star. I was charged $713.04 for a PM service on a 2012 Cascadia. I was extremely disappointed with this cost, because I could have paid $300 less at a Freightliner service point at TA/Petro. I sincerely believe this is a case of price gouging, because this cost is not charged other drivers who had PM services performed by the dealership. I recently had fuel filters replaced and was only charged $202. I will file a formal complaint on that service department and demand proof of this cost being charged other drivers with very similar trucks. I was not told beforehand the cost would be this high, and had I been told this, I would have preferred "crappy" customer service and lower cost over this astronomical price for service...regardless.

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Hell NO! - 55 d 12 h ago


I agree. I have been lied to every single time I've had work done there. They tell you what they think you want to hear (Yes, we can get you right in and we have a man to fix it) then they take a week to finally look at it, another 2-3 days to decide what to do, another week to fix it and two days to QC the job. None of those parts changers could ever afford the prices they charge and the service departments attention to detail is non-existent. I have had to put on clamps, tighten bolts and nuts and take back for same repairs over and over. And every time you take it in, they press for an up-sale and quote a price and then find a reason to double it during the repair. These guys need substantial training and motivation to do a job in a prescribed time frame. I'm certain the total lack of concern from the staff is a result of a never ending line of crap to repair and are so burnt out from working on crap they just don't give a damn anymore. Much like the lifer in prison who gave up on ever being anything decent because he feels it's a useless cause.

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Disappointed Driver - 67 d 7 h ago


Freightliner Vegas: customer service needs improvement. Shop manager needs training in work schedule, break times and duration time scheduled per job. Shop needs stronger communication with office of competition time window. I am disappointed with this shop and hope an audit is in the near future to solve the discrepancies listed. Please inform public when completion to where I will consider returning.

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Irritated - 68 d 7 h ago

Flagstaff AZ has kept truck down for 10 days and still waiting. First was 5 days time then 7 days time now 10 days in and still no truck. Management does not know how to run this shop and has no regard for the fact that this out of state driver has no income when this truck is down. Someone needs to investigate management because it all trickles down hill. Unbelievable!

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Anonymous - 84 d 13 h ago


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David kozianowski - 87 d 7 h ago

Just about every Freightliner dealership just don't care ...I strongly believe it's better to take to a private garage than use any dealership...I would just once to be proven wrong about this .if there is any real good dealership....Alot of times my truck was in a dealership it took them over 8-10 hrs just to do a hr 1/2 job's all about the mighty repair bill.$$$$$$.

We need people to step up and write reviews either good or bad and maybe just a sliver of a chance these dealership owners will listen .... wishful thinking ..yeah I know .....

Pharr Texas Freightliner.gets a terrible review from me ..poor service all around

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PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS - 166 d 4 h ago


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David kozianowski - 87 d 7 h ago

Great comment .I couldn't say it better

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