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Chad Diel - 19 d 5 h ago


Our truck has been at Freightliner in Pompano Beach,Fl for over a month and they have put 3 different sets of injectors in the truck. Stating faulty injectors. The bad part is the communication is very bad and no sense of urgency on fixing it. Then trying to get in contact with someone in management is horrible. I would love from someone in corporate office to call me to at least here us out and to feel the they care about the small companies to.

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Robert Whisman - 20 d ago


I just used River state truck in la cross wi it was service call to replace red airline took mechanic about 15 min and bill was 567.00 and change that ridiculous I'm a owner operator and you guys just rape us every time I'll never deal with frightliner again you got me once but never again

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Gurpreet - 22 d 9 h ago


Helo sir I m Small Onwer Oprater I bought 2017 Frieghtliner Cascadia Avol I have a Problem in my truck didnt get Prop Feul avrg and have axel weight Prob I got that truck from Bakersfield Truck Center every other week truck going thru the shop but they cant fix the prob and said we coudnt find the Prob and they didnt send or contect the menufaturing dep my truck feul ave 5.9 how do I solve that Prob I have realy bad expernc with Bakersfield truck Center

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Kenny - 25 d 16 m ago


My wife and decided last year to buy a Snap On Franchise. I had driven a truck for a 13 years, and we were ready for me to come home. As a part of the deal we made with Snap On we had to lease a van through a company that partners with Snap On called LDV. We took delivery of the van at our home on May 21st 2018. The van had 6300 miles on it at that time. The van has the Cummings ISB engine in it. I have had nothing but trouble from this vehicle. It has a cooling system overpressurizing issue. The first time I took it in to Premier Truck Group in Chattanooga TN the changed the overflow tank which took 4 days. Mind you 4 days in which I'm without my store. My customers are looking for the experience every week of getting on that truck to buy the best tools money can buy. So the issue is not fixed after the surge tank was replaced. I take it back to them,and they decide to change out the air compressor still didn't fix it. Now they've decided to pull the head off and send it out to Cummings to pressure test it. So this is now two weeks I haven't had my mobile store. My customers are getting furious about this. Freight liner and Cummings could very well put me out of business due to the lack of they're slow we don't give a damn attitude. So thanks a lot freightliner you're warranty doesn't really mean anything if you can't uphold it in a timely manner. I'm cut deep and bleeding out and you all could really care less.

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Sparrow - 28 d 1 h ago


Been sitting at the Des Moines shop for 4 days. These people have no idea how to run a business and their attitudes are completely unprofessional. They treat drivers like were the scum of the earth. This is the worst FL I've ever been to. Corporate needs to give these employees a attitude adjustment!!

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Azov express Inc. - 32 d ago


Hi Guys, I bought a new truck for my fleet for 220,000.00 CAD so Smart Park System doesn't work , 3 times I tried to fix it with your dealer Warner Ind. in Regina SK Canada, but they are playing with appointments, I can't stop my truck for a week or more and be waiting to get an appointment, looks like I got a headache for 220,000.00 CAD and nobody care.

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VV - 33 d 13 h ago

I have a 2018 truck freightliner in Redmond, OR. The transmission burned at 205000 miles and the warranty doesn't want to cover because the truck got towed. Now they are trying to find someone to blame. I talked to their service people, their managers, etc those people are just lame. I payed the truck payment of $2850, Insurents of $1500,and towing $1433 plus hotel $1000. Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks of the truck staying in the shop.

Total: 16,315.95

Misc Supplies* 475.00

Labor: 2,775.00


I now have to pay over $20000 for the transmission because warranty doesn't want to cover on a truck a little over a year. VIN# JS8539, Invoice SE253000398.

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Brian - 35 d 19 h ago


I wonder if these people really read these messages, I don't see any comments from them, do they really care.

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pittse - 36 d ago


Took my RV to freightliner in bridgeport NJ for a look over before my trip

never again- they did nothing to my RV after I was told they did a major 152 point check up- overcharged me $1,400.00+/- then I drove 500 miles down RT95 and low and behold it throws the belt due to belt tensioner was weak. So after 9 hrs stranded on the road I got it repaired, 700.00 cash, my next stop to a independent RV shop to get it looked at , the man tells me nothing was touched, brakes out of adjustment, drive shaft and front end dry of grease, It was true now because its the way it suppose to be.

I checked the 152 point check up and #1 and #2 is belt tensioner and belt checked????

never again-watch out over there people!

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Anonymous - 36 d 17 h ago


I have had problem after problem at the Raleigh NC shop . I made an appoiment one week in advance to have a problem fixed ,dropped truck off the service man called me back at two hours later and said they don't have the part, he cant find where anyone ordered it. The service man said it will be Monday before they can get one, i call around and found one they went and got it and charged me $200.00 more then i could have bought it for,. Just a shame that i had to find the part for them. The worst service ever, and this is not the first time but i assure you its the last time Freightliner will do this to me.

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roger short - 54 d 35 s ago


went freightliner Birmingham al first thing on Monday open at 07.00 am was first in door was told it would be one before they get too me 7 hours later was told there was two ahead of me . trucks came behind me went straight too the shop was told they had priority I know this is a first come first serve company I have did business with lots of dealers over the years . I left took too company shop in little rock Arkansas. problem was insulation rubbed off wire causing check engine light staying on truck never got into there they left parked out in front of building . will never return there again

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Timothy Paschal - 73 d 5 h ago


I have a 2012 that had to go in the shop before l could book my first load and it has just gotten worse. I have had this truck 5 months and it has been in the shop 5 times. It was purchased at the Freightliner in Charlotte NC, they said it take 2 or 3 weeks to get it ready. When l picked it up and went to orientation l had to put it in the shop and get fixed what should have been fixed before I picked it up(AC, DEF cleaned, line up,and other suff) On breakdown number 4 the Freightliner shop in Norrcross Ga kept it 35 days( injector replaced, head replaced, cam replaced, turbo replaced, water and oil pump replaced,radiator replaced) a week later I had to go back and get some more work done on the turbo that was not covered on the warranty. This time I think the the moter is unrepairable

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Manuel Sims - 119 d 28 s ago


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Anna - 114 d 18 h ago

Looking for a loan to purchase a freightliner cascadia

Please contact me (hidden)

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Frederick - 75 d 15 h ago

Don't do it, because when its time to get repairs you will be held hostage by there shops

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Anonymous - 73 d 6 h ago

H yea, l have had this truck 5 months, been in the shop 5 times, the last was 35 dayes

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Frederick - 75 d 15 h ago


I have a Freightliner Columbia and need to have body work done.It was a three day job and I'm on week 2 of the repair. And it is still sitting outside of the dealership in Sioux City. I am tired of them holding me hostage. This is the second time they have done this to me on bodywork. Who do I beg for help. I will never buy anything from your company again. I believe your a racist company and I am deeply saddened by your work ethic and how you treat people of color.

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Francis Edwin Roe Jr - 78 d 9 h ago


I have a new invention for any size tred or tires on any of your Semi Trucks & machinery equipment. I have a manufacture also, or could work with your current tires manufacture few different styles as applications. Overall better traction snow, ice, rain, mud in general rough terrain.

If interested in hearing more about my invention that as far as I can see through my research there is nothing else like it on the global market place.

Thank-you for your consideration with this matter, Investment Company Belleview Florida USA!

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Anonymous - 90 d 5 h ago

They are holding me truck hostage over here in Dallas freightliner!!! These nuts won't do there job

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Essien E. - 93 d 4 h ago


I have very very bad experiences with Freightliner Peach Tree Truck Center in Norcross GA. I couldn't help but think they are either of this two: staffed with unqualified persons or intentionally damaging clients equipment to get them to come back. Once they misquoted service and increased the cost out of their own accord, without consent from the customer, by a ridiculous amount and compelled customers' acceptance. You would only be lucky to speak with a decent rep if you call in.

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Rhyno Antonio - 119 d 41 s ago



I brought my truck to get fox and it's been a month long. I called yesterday and was told it was bright to the body shop. I called body shop today and truck wasn't there. I called four star freightliner and see why it's not there and why I was told it was. I been out of work for a month and getting behind on my Bill's. My experience with service at four star freightliner is really bad. Four star freightliner at Midway, FL should be looked at and have better service. Thank you

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Anonymous - 120 d ago


Excel Freightiner, roenoke VA, owner operator truck been there 5 days and still can not diagnose problem, 6000 dollars in revenue lost so far, the worst shop I've been at

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Danko and Son's Inc. - 132 d 5 h ago


I am filing a complaint against doggett freightliner in van buren, ar.. I took my 2015 Cascadia Freight liner to them on Oct 23 2018 for a throw out bearing in my clutch. They told me that they would have it back to me on the 25th. That did not happen. No matter how many times I called about my truck I was given a day that it would be done and it never happened. I got my truck back on the night of 11/6/2018. 2 weeks down for a clutch job. And a I started out with a $5200 dollars bill and after complaining about it the discounted it to $4521.47. This is unacceptable practices. It still cost money to operate a un operable piece of equipment. Lots of money ! And if Doggett was not able to get the truck out in a timely manner they should of never accepted the job. They also agreed to have a conversation with Eaton about the clutch to fight for us to have Eaton pay for it and they did not. And this was another reason that we left out truck with them. Do not ever take you truck to Doggett Freight liner in Van buren, Ar unless you are going to take a vacation. Because you will not have a truck to do anything with. And the service manager is a coward ! This place need's to work together to get things done and care that they are costing trucking companies a lot of money !

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Anonymous - 144 d 4 h ago

Today I called 3 velocity freightliner dealers in southern California starting at 7am in the morning and could not get through. It took me an hour and a half to get through to someone in the parts department. How do you stay in business? The dealers I called are otay, San Diego and Whittier. I'm a mechanic and people ask me what tricks are good. In going to tell them it's harder to get parts through freightliner

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