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Rod - 6 d 7 h ago


My 2015 Cascade was driven /towed to the freightliner location at 4747 Sherwood Common Blvd, Baton Rouge , LA 70816 for a break assembly problem. The truck stayed in the shop for over a week. The first day the dealer did not look or investigate the problem. Since it was in the shop, I had to keep calling them on the status. The only concern they had is if it was an insurance claim or if it was under warranty. My residence is in Houston, Tx and while my truck was being repaired, I waited at my resident for them to call but, I ended up calling them again. After a week, my truck was finally ready. I ask if they could leave the truck outside their gates for pick up since they would be close when I arrived. They assured me ( talked to two people) that they would leave it out since the bill was taken care of through my company. When I arrived at 8 pm, the gates were licked and I had no way of contacting anyone! I will never bring my truck to this dealership again, nor will I recommend them to my company or anyone. I waited 11 hrs for them to open in the middle of no where!

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Anonymous - 6 d 18 h ago

i have a brand new CASCADIA ( 2016 ) Model 125SLP W/ 500 ISX CUMMINS Engine, when do i need to get first oil change? i put in about 20,000 Miles on it so far, please advice.

Thank you in advanced.


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Sugrim - 8 d 7 h ago

My DEF Light began flashing on my 2013 Cascadia took it to Ft Pierce Fl freightliner . Changed some Valves. Problem not solved. A day later on the road lights are back on. Have taken this truck to Freightliners in Jackson GA . And 3 different Freightliners in TX. Thousands of dollars later I was told yesterday I needed a master mechanic to look at the truck. I have a Check engine light on now as well . Please advise on where there is a competent mechanic that can actually tell me WHAT is WRONG with my truck. So far no one seems to know.

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Tatiana - 16 d 8 h ago


This is bs drove from Los Angeles to Fontana to pick up a truck at a place that claims their 24hrs yeah righ had to sit for who knows how long Still sitting here change your recordings about hours of operation and web information

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Melanie Grech - 20 d ago


Hi, I just spent 8 days waiting for parts and repairs in Dothan, AL. The repair was for a high pressure fuel pump, fuel injectors, abs lights, air leaks. 70 miles later the abs lights came on, the airleaks were not fixed and 900 miles later I leaked 2 gal of oil from 3 locations related to the work done in Dothan, AL. All the revenue loss, time, expense, I am now sitting at the Memphis TN Tag center worrying that I will be sitting here another week. I experienced the same thing from the Dallas Freightliner earlier this year. If there is anything you can do to help, I would appreciate it. Melanie Grech. Glen"s Diesel. (hidden)

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Phil k - 35 d 16 h ago


Been sitting in freightliner St Louis mo for 11 hours for a recall on slack adjusters was told to come in at noon and it'd take an hour and a half. Been here 11 hours and they are still not done. I could not imagine there being a worse repair facility or a slower repair shop pathetic To say it's pathetic would be a compliment.

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Earl - 38 d 38 s ago


I had an air compressor blow up on my 2011 Cascadia with the DD15. I has 557,000 miles on the truck. It literally blew the side out of the compressor. I was towed to Four Star Freightliner in Tifton, GA. They put on a new compressor. I left and drove 200 miles where I would load and went to bed. I woke up in the morning and the truck would not build air. After pumping it down several times it finally started building air pressure. I went to Four Star Freightliner in Montgomery, AL to have them look at the truck and they could not find any problem. I left there and loaded and drove another 300 miles when I noticed that power steering fluid was leaking under the truck. I went to Harrison Freightliner in Elkader Run IA. They found the fitting on the power steering pump was loose. They charged me to tighten it up. Then I am proceeding home when it stops building air. Now I am in Broadus MT. I had to have the air dryer rebuilt and a new air govenor. I think Tifton should have checked this.

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Thirsty - 40 d 13 h ago


I would just love to hear the explanation why there are no cup holders on the passenger's side of the truck. There are plenty of good questions like why the automatics run so poorly while Volvo's drive like a car but I thought I'd keep it simple. The last purchase I thought I'd make in 2016 was a portable cup holder.....smh

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Tag trucking - 59 d ago


Is there any corporate officials that over see your dealerships ? Currently have a truck at your dealer in Fresno California , it was towed in with transmission problem and was told they could get it right in . But two days later nothing even diagnosed so called to have it towed out to another shop and convinced me they would get right on it . So I trusted them ( huge mistake I guess ) drain the oil and found chunks , called me and told me , my first question was was it full of oil and was told yes . Two days later , several more lies about when the transmission would be out , they called to say that it has torn out gears but looks like classic lubrication failure and must of been low on oil . So now I'm furious and asked exactly how much oil was in it . Was told they don't know and even accused of bringing it to another shop before I brought it to them . Even though was towed off the freeway directly to them . And point blank they said they don't think warranty will cover it because of a so called lube failure . Always dealt with local dealer that has been honest and great to work with . And thought the freightliner name came with certain values and customer service but am getting proved wrong . If any one from freightliner could help I would appreciate it . (hidden)

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Michael Gregory - 74 d ago


Bought a 2017 Freightliner Cascadia and where they assembled the truck didn't do a good job. With 160 miles on the truck I had to get it towed because a foreign object was in between the connection where the oil line and engine block meets. I lost all my oil. Michael Gregory

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ks - 83 d 5 h ago

hello sir i have 2012 cascadia with 740000 km and need to change water pump i want to know that is it under warranty pls let me know

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Bert Wilson - 89 d 5 h ago


I have been driving a 2014 Cascadia for 354000 miles and it has set 2.5inches lower at the steer axle than the front drive axle when loaded. All axles are air ride. It's set up for a truck on springs and I'm now chewing up the tread on the right rear tire. The truck is on super singles.

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ownerop!! - 103 d ago


I had a 2012 freightliner cascadia for a 4 year term with Diamler truck finance. Ran for a good company for 1 year and a half and had nothing but issues!! Check engine light every week or so and in and out of super 8 hotels that kept me giving all my money to bed bug hotels and mechanics. We are paying $$$ for their lack of education on their own product!! I had a 2001 columbia that i bought in 2007 and paid my 4 year term with another bank!! I had to voluntary surrender my 2012!!! I'm so pissed off !! Killed my credit on a line of poor product!!! I feel like a test mouse because the more I went to the mechanics the more they even said " it's a big mess"!!!! You could be waiting for a week before you get your truck back and that means more money to the hotels!! Tried to gain ground over and over but it just became a cycle of no end!! I had to give it up and value my life more than to run behind a new piece of junk! Looking for a class action lawsuit!!! this is so wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Neka - 104 d 28 m ago


After having my truck for a whole week and not initially truly knowing what was wrong, I'm just glad to not have to deal with the people at the Dallas TX location anymore. I spoke with 3 mechanics and after telling them what was wrong with my truck, they INSTANTANEOUSLY knew the clutch was the issue. WHY did it take the freightliner mechanics so much of my time, MY MONEY to figure out the issue. I tried to reach out to the manager and basically, he was never available. I'll NEVER deal with them again. How can you charge someone for your mistakes while "figuring" out the issue. YOU'RE the manufacturer!

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Ron Little - 104 d 7 h ago

My wife and I both drive 2017 C-2 Frightliner school buses. I would suggest you change back to the steering radius that was on the older C-2 . The new 2017 make it very difficult to do some of the turn arounds that are required . This is a setback for the industry. Wish I had my 2015 back.

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Kindly to any Corpo. Manager or Head Chief - 117 d 18 h ago


Thank you Ms. Cindy!

you were so kind and helpful assisting me over the phone today. I was telling you about the issue we are passing with our truck that was repaired in Amarillo, TX( Freightliner )we spend a lot of money and broke up again after that reparation with the same issue here in Houston, TX and now no one wants to help us with this big issue. I hope that with the phone contacted number that you provided to me some one so helpful as you will have a solution for our situation. ( I would like Corporation be involve because sometimes for the english barrier I feel discriminated.

Xenia Contreras.

Thank you!! you were so amazing when you heard me crying over the phone. I really appreciated. Blessings!

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Frieghtliner user - 109 d ago

Do u have corporation ph number??

General profile image - 109 d 14 h ago


I am a company driver, so I won't mention my company for fear of being fired for a negative review against the TRASH that we purchased in 2013.

The 2013 Freightlineler Cascadia's that my company purchased in June of 2012 have had nothing but problems since the day they were delivered from the factory.

My company bought 11 Cascadias that year, and EVERY single one of them had to be sent back to the dealer because the roofs were leaking.

The headlights were adjusted in the freaking trees, quantity control valves on the fuel system were bad.

The DEF systems are JUNK and keep breaking down.

Water pumps, EGR Sensors, Fan motors, Steering King Pins, Coolant systems, Inside Driver Cabnets that fall apart, Buttons on the steering wheel that short out, Clutches, Water Pumps, Exaust Systems, Nuts and Bolts falling out of the overhead compartments, A CB antenna system that is pure crap, etc, etc, etc.

All of this in the first 300,000 miles!

If you are thinking about a Freightliner Cascadia as your next purchase, RUN Far, Far away!

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Richard - 110 d ago

I told Rex Maneger on service that the truck was having the same problem that I brought it for then 3 mechanics and 3 day later could not find the issue . After that" Rex" got on the truck and told me that the injectors was the issue . But took two other days when he said 4 hour and change me again for the same labor . That it should be warranty . Because I brought it for the same problem.

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Ashley - 110 d ago


Couple days ago I replaced my dash valve, which came from the Freightliner Dealrship in Lexington Kentucky. That still didnt fix the problem of my trailer valve. So, the next day I took my truck to the dealership to let them try to find the problem. After my truck sat in the shop for 2 days, they found that it was the dash valve. Freightliner has sold me a faulty part and they admitted to that. Even though they sold me the faulty part, I was still charged $441 for labor. In my opinion Freightliner should stand behind their products and they should have replaced it for free, considering all the trouble because of a faulty part they sold. VERY disappointed with their service. Also, Customer Service is very disrespectful when you call with a concern. Ridiculous.

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Anonymous - 110 d 8 h ago

Freightliner in Fort Pierce, Fl don't seems to know what they are doing. Can't fix a simple brake lock on an axle wheel. I have spent over $4,000 in parts and labour from July to August 15th and the the problem has not been fixed. Customer service is very poor. You never ever get an update of your truck; you have to go in person to see what is going on and they lie to you with lots of false information. This Freightliner dealership has been a nightmare

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James L. - 122 d 17 h ago


I drive a 2015 cascadia and love it. Hitting my 200k mark soon. It does eat starters thou. Only problem I have is loves yellow crap fuel. It makes my engine lights come on and regens 3to8 times daily. The more I use loves fuel the more it wants to takes 5to7 weeks using pilot or flying j fuel to clean out trucks system at which point the truck uses def as it should, when driving as the manual says it will. I'm 100% sure loves is costing freightliner money. Also when running loves fuel my truck is sluggish on take off and doesn't climb hills worth a crap. Its completely opposite if I stay away from loves fuel. I used loves fuel 2 months straight when 1st got truck and 2months ago. That's when I loose power, mpg and it would regen at any given minutes. James L.

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Sam - 157 d 4 s ago

Does anyone have anything good to say about Freightliner??

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Jose - 122 d 18 h ago


Nope theyre money grabbers and dont care about customers

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timely freight - 125 d ago


had my trruck at freightliner atlanta spoke to manager steve because tech forgot to put fuses in sam cab on prior job,they charged me over $600.00 for their mistake.then on top of that when picking up truck all my gauges are not working and they are wanting to charge me $290 for diognostics wow.

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