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Tolleson, AZ
Robert Cunningham
(623) 907-9900
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General profile image - 6 d 9 h ago

one star rating, freightliner builds a great product you just need a little help with a few things to get to five stars. if you have a interest in a few recommendations let me know.

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Anonymous - 10 d 12 h ago


Plz send me freightliners head office email id plz

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Allen morrow - 11 d 8 h ago


We came to fyda in sharonville ohio to have the truck fixed they said that it was not fixed that the check engine light was still on which its not and it keeps stalling out which it doesnt they just wanted to suck more money out of us for work they say they are going to do and dont we will never buy a freightliner again plus we are taking it to our friend that works for freightliner and having him check it .he is very honest now they say what we have fixed is not under warrenty because the job was not complete they lied to us about check engine light and stalling

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J.D - 12 d 4 h ago


looks like freightliner dealerships are a disaster in all North America! I have my truck often in Mississauga Ontario Canada and every time I go in for service the truck is there for at least 4 days or a week! and the thing is their mechanic never get it right the 1st time! you have to go back 2-3 times for the same problem!

if you have a problem on a trip good luck finding a dealer who will take care of you!

shame at freightliner for selling a product they can`t service! shame!

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Mel. G - 13 d ago

Floyd's Freightliner dealership in Cheyenne Wyoming their mechanics and their service department are nothing but ripoffs I put my truck in there to get it fixed they charge me $1,000 and still did not get fixed end up having to go to a caterpillar shop to get it fixed

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Edward - 14 d 7 h ago


January 08, 2017

To Freightliner Management and P.R. personal,

I have sat in the Springfield, MO service and parts department for 3 days, because my Freightliner is linking air and the clutch was not working correctly. I have spent over $3000.00 and stayed in The Freightliner location, 3020 E. Division St.-Springfield, Missouri. As of today, Sunday 01-08017 my truck is linking air from the transmission. I was told by the service manager," Oh you still here?"

I'm hoping the personal from Freightliner's corporate office will help improve their managers and service mechanics attitudes; especially when servicing toward truckers who own their trucks.

Especially Paul, the daytime service manager was very rude and had a trouble attitude towards me by getting my truck service properly. He told me, "We not going to look at the Air Leak in your truck. You need to leave!"

Is this the type of respect and service you're showing trucker who are owner-operators?

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Anonymous - 14 d 15 h ago

Joe Raker ats. Driver

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Anonymous - 18 d 5 h ago


Hey name es ray...i something to share with you guys..firts ,i like to say sorry about you guys service,my opinion about you guys service totally change,because i think the service is not good not more,i have at good experience with the freight liner before ,but loke i say ,that here in chayenne Wyoming since 25 of december because i have at problem with my freighter liner ..and the problem was air im the fuel lines ..,and after that with find out something else come out,and that was a transmition bearing need to

Be change and 3 u joins to,and the result is ,that i still weating ,they dont get done ,and everyday they come with excuse ,im not recomend anyone to that dealer ship to try to get fix with anything happen in the in the truck driver asociation that over 1200 driver and im goint to tell then ..that not one can go to chayenne wy freeightliner dealer ....thanks ..

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Driver25 - 34 d 7 h ago

Would you be interested in letting some one design a better sleeper for your trucks i have been driving a truck for 25 years and would like to design a more driver friendly sleeper my name is james Caudill 606 854 8308 thank you

General profile image

Melanie Grech - 67 d 6 h ago


Hi, I just spent 8 days waiting for parts and repairs in Dothan, AL. The repair was for a high pressure fuel pump, fuel injectors, abs lights, air leaks. 70 miles later the abs lights came on, the airleaks were not fixed and 900 miles later I leaked 2 gal of oil from 3 locations related to the work done in Dothan, AL. All the revenue loss, time, expense, I am now sitting at the Memphis TN Tag center worrying that I will be sitting here another week. I experienced the same thing from the Dallas Freightliner earlier this year. If there is anything you can do to help, I would appreciate it. Melanie Grech. Glen"s Diesel. (hidden)

General profile image

Mechdriver - 36 d 8 h ago


During the gold rush it was said the only people who really made money were those that provided services to the miners. Same thing goes for trucking. As a guy that "pulls wrenches" as well as drives, I dont know how anyone can make money at this withou doing a lot of their own work.

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Anonymous - 54 d 1 h ago

i have a brand new CASCADIA ( 2016 ) Model 125SLP W/ 500 ISX CUMMINS Engine, when do i need to get first oil change? i put in about 20,000 Miles on it so far, please advice.

Thank you in advanced.


General profile image

Driver - 36 d 8 h ago


I think Cummins says first oil change within 100 hours! Maybe less. Normal service interval (offroad applications) is 300 hours.

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What!!?? - 36 d 8 h ago


Why did a dealership in Surrey BC demand to see the registration for the truck to get a service done. The only people can demand registration are the police. I told the girl "Kenworth or Peterbuilt dont demand that, the snarky response "we're not Kenworth or Peterbuilt". No you most certainly are not! Needless to say I will never ever try to take my business there again. Normally Freightliner dealers are awesome and have always been very helpful.

General profile image

jtforbes2004 - 38 d ago


Ive been a driver class A with all endorsements for 35 years was wondering if you might have a posistion in sales or teaching dealers how pass smart can be applied to selling the option for cascadia evolution i drove a 2016 with device and loved it was able to combine your application with with my experiance with automatic transmission and utilizine the different settings for cruise control to optimal sucsess..My email is (hidden) email me if you find a opening. James Forbes Taylor

General profile image

Anonymous - 38 d 11 h ago


We purchased a fitting elbow def line and its defective we had to modify the part

and it was over $30.00 for the small part.

Does anyone know where to get Freightliner parts other than Freightliner? This

is ridiculous.

General profile image

Anonymus - 41 d 5 h ago


I had my truck at the Freightliner in Little Rock, Ar and it was the worst service ever. It took them forever to look at it, and once they did they didn't even diagnose it right or try to fix the real problem but where just messing with my truck. They told me the second day they would order a part that would come in the 3rd day and when the 3rd day came the part never came in because they forgot to order it. My home is in michigan and I was staying all day there for 5 days waiting for them to fix it. They didn't even end up fixing my truck but wanted to replace some other parts and charge me a lot.

DONT ever take your truck there.

General profile image

Rod - 53 d 13 h ago


My 2015 Cascade was driven /towed to the freightliner location at 4747 Sherwood Common Blvd, Baton Rouge , LA 70816 for a break assembly problem. The truck stayed in the shop for over a week. The first day the dealer did not look or investigate the problem. Since it was in the shop, I had to keep calling them on the status. The only concern they had is if it was an insurance claim or if it was under warranty. My residence is in Houston, Tx and while my truck was being repaired, I waited at my resident for them to call but, I ended up calling them again. After a week, my truck was finally ready. I ask if they could leave the truck outside their gates for pick up since they would be close when I arrived. They assured me ( talked to two people) that they would leave it out since the bill was taken care of through my company. When I arrived at 8 pm, the gates were licked and I had no way of contacting anyone! I will never bring my truck to this dealership again, nor will I recommend them to my company or anyone. I waited 11 hrs for them to open in the middle of no where!

General profile image

Sugrim - 55 d 14 h ago

My DEF Light began flashing on my 2013 Cascadia took it to Ft Pierce Fl freightliner . Changed some Valves. Problem not solved. A day later on the road lights are back on. Have taken this truck to Freightliners in Jackson GA . And 3 different Freightliners in TX. Thousands of dollars later I was told yesterday I needed a master mechanic to look at the truck. I have a Check engine light on now as well . Please advise on where there is a competent mechanic that can actually tell me WHAT is WRONG with my truck. So far no one seems to know.

General profile image

Tatiana - 63 d 15 h ago


This is bs drove from Los Angeles to Fontana to pick up a truck at a place that claims their 24hrs yeah righ had to sit for who knows how long Still sitting here change your recordings about hours of operation and web information

General profile image

Phil k - 83 d ago


Been sitting in freightliner St Louis mo for 11 hours for a recall on slack adjusters was told to come in at noon and it'd take an hour and a half. Been here 11 hours and they are still not done. I could not imagine there being a worse repair facility or a slower repair shop pathetic To say it's pathetic would be a compliment.

General profile image

Earl - 85 d 9 h ago


I had an air compressor blow up on my 2011 Cascadia with the DD15. I has 557,000 miles on the truck. It literally blew the side out of the compressor. I was towed to Four Star Freightliner in Tifton, GA. They put on a new compressor. I left and drove 200 miles where I would load and went to bed. I woke up in the morning and the truck would not build air. After pumping it down several times it finally started building air pressure. I went to Four Star Freightliner in Montgomery, AL to have them look at the truck and they could not find any problem. I left there and loaded and drove another 300 miles when I noticed that power steering fluid was leaking under the truck. I went to Harrison Freightliner in Elkader Run IA. They found the fitting on the power steering pump was loose. They charged me to tighten it up. Then I am proceeding home when it stops building air. Now I am in Broadus MT. I had to have the air dryer rebuilt and a new air govenor. I think Tifton should have checked this.

General profile image

Thirsty - 87 d 20 h ago


I would just love to hear the explanation why there are no cup holders on the passenger's side of the truck. There are plenty of good questions like why the automatics run so poorly while Volvo's drive like a car but I thought I'd keep it simple. The last purchase I thought I'd make in 2016 was a portable cup holder.....smh

General profile image

Tag trucking - 106 d 10 h ago


Is there any corporate officials that over see your dealerships ? Currently have a truck at your dealer in Fresno California , it was towed in with transmission problem and was told they could get it right in . But two days later nothing even diagnosed so called to have it towed out to another shop and convinced me they would get right on it . So I trusted them ( huge mistake I guess ) drain the oil and found chunks , called me and told me , my first question was was it full of oil and was told yes . Two days later , several more lies about when the transmission would be out , they called to say that it has torn out gears but looks like classic lubrication failure and must of been low on oil . So now I'm furious and asked exactly how much oil was in it . Was told they don't know and even accused of bringing it to another shop before I brought it to them . Even though was towed off the freeway directly to them . And point blank they said they don't think warranty will cover it because of a so called lube failure . Always dealt with local dealer that has been honest and great to work with . And thought the freightliner name came with certain values and customer service but am getting proved wrong . If any one from freightliner could help I would appreciate it . (hidden)

General profile image

Michael Gregory - 121 d 8 h ago


Bought a 2017 Freightliner Cascadia and where they assembled the truck didn't do a good job. With 160 miles on the truck I had to get it towed because a foreign object was in between the connection where the oil line and engine block meets. I lost all my oil. Michael Gregory

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