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9600 W Roosevelt St
Tolleson, AZ
Robert Cunningham
(623) 907-9900
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Melissa Colbert - 2 d 18 h ago


They make trucks that want idle.But that is a problem. The truck want idle.If it's hot and the Apu unit want run .or cold .The maker of such is going to get sued.And the attorneys will be glad to hit Freightliners pocket You can die due to weather conditions.And truck want idle

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moe - 6 d 23 h ago


the worse dealer ship we ever dealt with charging for diagnose and they couldn't find out whats wrong with the truck

freightliner dealer ship in mount Vernon wa

don't ever go there again

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Michael(504)701-2326 - 13 d 9 h ago


This concern/complaint is address to whom it may concern.

In April of 2018 my company (Ricks Towing), purchase an M2 out of Mississippi. Since the purchase of this vehicle I've been refuse service from the service department in Slidell,La. , and the complaint of other problems. Each problem is beginning to cost money. I'd like to speak to someone that can help me.

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A pissed off owner - 24 d 11 h ago


Frieghtliner trucks sucks shity repairs haven't found one honest dealer to fix my truck only thing they know to do is throw parts at it and mess it up more then when they do repairs and a sfu49 code comes up they say it wasn't anything we did. Well bullshit it wasn't there before u guys put your sticky little fingers on it now my truck is doing all kinds of weird shit it never done before. Thanks for your incompetence and for hiring back yard mechanics

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Rt - 31 d 19 h ago

Freight liner is the biggest pile of crap I have ever drove...the new trk rides so bad the drive shocks poured out all the short of a wheel base... overall a piece of crap.. why don't they ask the driver about the Turks??? Not the pecker head maintainer director with a attitude dude...

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Jeremiah - 32 d ago


I love the new cascadia...except the steering wheel tilt! Already just about took off my thumbnail and a couple more scrapes besides. Why do such a thing?!? That's what I ask myself 5 times a day when I raise my foot up in the air and catch nothing but the realization I'm about to possibly be really unhappy again.

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Templetrucker - 35 d 7 h ago


Freightliner in El paso texas sucks!!! I have been here almost two weeks and the truck still aint fixed every time my boss calls them its a new part. They cost us the load i was under. They just keep giving us the run around. This is no way for them to run a business. My boss is pissed and so am I.

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TSP Fleet Manager - 59 d 8 h ago


Absolute worst Service I have ever had to deal with. ZERO customer Service skills, Service is inept at best, Diagnostic skills are non existent. only used Northwest Freightliner Palatine Il. because of the backlog in our shop. after getting pounder for over 12K on a truck repair and finding out they NEVER TEST DROVE THE UNIT AFTER REPAIRS MADE. found bell hpousing bolts to be incorrect and falling out, ECM replaced that it didnt need and being told too bad you bought it when asked how they troubleshot the unit and came to the conclusion MATT the Service manager couldnt explain (which I already knew because of the flawed diagnostic procedures they used) Thought how interesting it was that they screw up the Diag and I still get left holding the bag.

over 6 weeks sitting in your facility now my inhouse technicians can get it right.

thanks for providing a 100% useless and UNSAFE unit.

Wish I could upload pictures of the work performed by this JOKE of a dealership.

Spoke wth the leadership (Lack there of) at this branch and they decided to not do anything to correct the issue.

not the First time having these issues with your service dept BUT I CAN promise it will be the last. ALSO WILL BE THE LAST FREIGHTLINER PURCHASED BY THIS 65 Million per year company!

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Michael - 59 d 9 h ago


I was wondering if someone could reach me back in regards to work done on a truck. We've been to 3 Freightliners to get the AC fixed during hot weather while on road but each time the truck AC has had issues afterwards. It has oddly costed everytime to have work done on it and no shop would honor warranty of work done at either shop. Our guys have been through quite a bit without AC in various states over this and we have spent out a significant amount of money. Thank you for any and all help.

First Class Moving Co.

Plantation Florida

+1 (hidden)

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Jay Clark - 67 d 10 h ago


I have a Freightliner M2 business class. It has transmission issues, and Freightliner here in Lake City Florida refuses to work on it. They say they do not have a program to diagnose any faults. Can I get any kind of help with this issue?

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Joey M Lacey Sr - 68 d ago


I was at ur dealership in little rock ar for 2 days to get my truck diagnose and possibly service no one tried to see about my truck. Everytime i ask about my truck they said i was next in line. I ended up leaving to go elsewhere my time is money

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Anonymous - 71 d 8 h ago


If you are smart people dont buy a Freightliner. You will not get any service

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Nathalie - 73 d 5 h ago


To our truck which we just purchased from your dealership in Cornwall. $250,000 investment brand new. 2018. We had a problem with it. We are still waiting for our truck. Your service is the worst i have ever seen. Your sales representative Gilles is a incompetent guy. We want our truck. When will we get good service. You are a disgrace.

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David Craig - 75 d 8 h ago

My wife and I took our Tiffin Pheaton motor home to Lancaster Freightliner last Thursday for a sensor code issue , frontend alignment and trany fluid change . Needless to say it's still there . Told them last night to call it quits on it , it'll be done by 8:30 pm . Got there at 7:45 pm , sat there until 10:39 pm , still wasn't done . They are messed up bunch .

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Randy Hall - 76 d 6 h ago


Recently took my 2017 Winnebago Forza in for warranty work to Stoops Freightliner in Dayton Ohio. The issues displayed on my dash were low coolant and shift inhibit, also a belt tensioner bearing was bad. My motorhome has 3100 miles and is relatively new. Strips charged me over $400.00 in labor, needless to say i voiced my dislike and provided a survey indicating my displeasure from this shop. I contacted the corporate office and talked to Todd who resolved the matter immediately - Big thanks to Todd! As for Stoops, they are not concerned with the customers satisfaction. The service manager didn't even have the courage to come out and discuss why I was being charged.

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Unhappy costumer. - 90 d 5 h ago


Jimmy castro. I came for a water pump to change it was dropping cooling they charge for a diagnostic that i now and i got the truck back with a nose on my pulling common serially and now im hoping they won't come with the truck was like that berry bad service and pleople are not nice at all.

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Anonymous - 91 d 5 h ago

All i needed was a new t fitting to get washer fluid onto Windows. And of course ya cant buy that from freightliner. Gotta buy an entire kit with hose assembly complete backwards design. Lack of respect for the industry and owner operators. 2011 cascadia garbage.

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Anounmous - 101 d ago


Anonymous. I work for truckmover and they are the worse company charging us for fuel that freightliner pays for to deliver their trucks, charging us for our flights and things missing off the truck so far over 300 drivers have quit because they refuse to fly us home when we want off. They left me stuck with no money in Mississippi. I sleep in the driver lounge at the dealership. The give us a incentive just to take it away from us. The power is a billionaire and doesn't know his limits of being rich. You have to take care of the drivers. I'm a subcontractor and I don't deserve to be left out in the streets after driving and working to deliver the trucks. I don't know how this own Tom Deval. Can sleep at night knowing that he is screwing over the drivers that made him what he is today because yesterday he was broke just like the rest of us.

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Anonymous - 104 d 7 h ago

The seats are the most I'm comfortable as seat I've ever set in 2016 Freightliner Cascadia that wide seats sucks

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Mike Tirelli - 165 d ago


Freightliner has to have the worst shops in the industry. When you put your truck into a dealer shop it's like going into a black hole. we have had 4 trucks go into 4 different shops this past month. They go in and you never know when they will get fixed. Had 2 drivers quit because they got tired of sitting in a motel room waiting for the ruck to be fixed. As of today we have 2 trucks in 2 different dealers and there is no end to when they will be fixed. Terrible operation.

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Mike tirelli - 159 d 10 h ago


I still have a truck in the shop since Monday 3/5 and they are telling me it may not be done until next week and they have all the parts. Incredible.

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felix - 152 d 5 h ago

Felix 1st busines finance - 562 ms ago

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Anonymous - 108 d 10 h ago

My husband had the truck engine replaced, insurance covered for half the bill but can't cover the rest maybe you can help us he has clean title John txs

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Anonymous - 118 d ago


Thad Bennett

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Howard - 122 d 7 h ago


I went in for a simple pinion seal on drives and they took 2 days to do it but I understand about that because they had to order the part but when I went back to check on my 2006 Freightliner cascadia 10 speed auto they told me now they having issues getting truck in gear and starting it but I did not go in for my engine, no engine problems what's so ever my truck been driving well starting well no problems but now their saying they are looking into the transmission they don't know what it is something don't add up I'm at the Freightliner in stantan,pa

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