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Manuel Sims - 25 d ago


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Anna - 20 d 13 h ago

Looking for a loan to purchase a freightliner cascadia

Please contact me (hidden)

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Rhyno Antonio - 25 d 22 h ago



I brought my truck to get fox and it's been a month long. I called yesterday and was told it was bright to the body shop. I called body shop today and truck wasn't there. I called four star freightliner and see why it's not there and why I was told it was. I been out of work for a month and getting behind on my Bill's. My experience with service at four star freightliner is really bad. Four star freightliner at Midway, FL should be looked at and have better service. Thank you

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Anonymous - 25 d 15 h ago


Excel Freightiner, roenoke VA, owner operator truck been there 5 days and still can not diagnose problem, 6000 dollars in revenue lost so far, the worst shop I've been at

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Danko and Son's Inc. - 38 d ago


I am filing a complaint against doggett freightliner in van buren, ar.. I took my 2015 Cascadia Freight liner to them on Oct 23 2018 for a throw out bearing in my clutch. They told me that they would have it back to me on the 25th. That did not happen. No matter how many times I called about my truck I was given a day that it would be done and it never happened. I got my truck back on the night of 11/6/2018. 2 weeks down for a clutch job. And a I started out with a $5200 dollars bill and after complaining about it the discounted it to $4521.47. This is unacceptable practices. It still cost money to operate a un operable piece of equipment. Lots of money ! And if Doggett was not able to get the truck out in a timely manner they should of never accepted the job. They also agreed to have a conversation with Eaton about the clutch to fight for us to have Eaton pay for it and they did not. And this was another reason that we left out truck with them. Do not ever take you truck to Doggett Freight liner in Van buren, Ar unless you are going to take a vacation. Because you will not have a truck to do anything with. And the service manager is a coward ! This place need's to work together to get things done and care that they are costing trucking companies a lot of money !

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Anonymous - 50 d 30 s ago

Today I called 3 velocity freightliner dealers in southern California starting at 7am in the morning and could not get through. It took me an hour and a half to get through to someone in the parts department. How do you stay in business? The dealers I called are otay, San Diego and Whittier. I'm a mechanic and people ask me what tricks are good. In going to tell them it's harder to get parts through freightliner

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Earl fowler - 68 d ago


Freightliner dealership in sharonville ohio are no good at there jobs they lie about parts they are lazy and I will never take my truck back there worst people I have ever dealt with

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Fritz Human - 79 d 17 h ago


Freightliner of Augusta sold me a 2013 Freightliner Cascadia with a 90 day warranty. First load the truck coded

Then as soon as I got on the highway the codes went away

One month later it started coding again took it into Smith Power Products in Salt Lake City.Freightliner of Augusta,GA says they will only pay half of the repair bill.I did buy a 1 year Warranty from TruNorth.Warranty was denied as tests showed it's a pre existing code before truck was sold.My question is why is the seller not taking full responsibility? I told them I'm willing to pay half and they agreed to pay half now they don't even want to pay half only quarter then quarter when I get truck title verification done at home.They only notified me last week about verification of title.I can't just drop my load and drive home,home time is based upon load availability! I never want to do Business with them!!!

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Jacek Seroka - 85 d ago



Im company driver and few days ago I started to drive brand new Cascadia Truck .I was driving previously Freightliners trucks only with on guard system .The newest version is giving me very serious problem with stability control message. It can lead to termination of employment. Three times of hard braking or stability control incident or combination in one month means six months probation with one error only. In recent 5 years I had 2 stability errors but on brand new Cascadia in 2 days I had 2 .I'm getting letters from my company via email with warnings. The stability errors occurred on straight sections of the road ,not on the ramps ,not on curves ,just on straight line.My questions is where I can find the help ,who is a developer of this sensors. I can't afford to loose a job with this record as a unsafe driver

Great Regards Jacek Seroka.

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My opinion, : this collision sensor is ok for rookies...on dry roads..but my cascadia just about threw my through the windshield when it slammed on my brakes on own.. said collision warning yet NOTHING was in front of me... I was thinking maybe a bug set of the sensor ?

My point: I had NO control of the brakes at that moment and thought to myself, if this was winter , on icy roads, it should would of caused an accident. Maybe jack knifed the truck or something.. I mean, what's going to happen when a snow plow tosses road ice in front of his sensor? I feel this feature on these trucks are more dangerous than anything ..and most likely freightliner didn't think it through enough before putting this anti collision sensor on these trucks..

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Skyline - 92 d 11 s ago


I have four Freightliner trucks and I am experiencing serious service problems. I took one of my trucks into a dealership to fix a loosing power problem. They claimed to have fixed it but ever since then I keep having the same issue.The truck is now in the dealership again for the same problem again and of course they claim the problem is different. No one in these Dealerships seem to have the right answers for my truck's problem.I am loosing money and employees as a result of my truck being down for indefinite time. I need help from some Freightliner or Detroit manufacturing official.Does anyone have a number to their Headquarters?

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Stephanie - 95 d 18 h ago


Absolutely absurd issues. We have been down almost a month now bc of an air leak!! Truck is at H&H Freightliner in Hope Mills, NC. I have been told it was fixed X 3. The truck has literally never left the property bc on exit - it happens again and I take it back. I purchased Freightliner in Feb and got truck in March this year. I can't tell you how upset I am with my choice.

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Anonymous - 99 d 1 h ago


Wow, and i thought that I was the only one that has had a poor experience with the Freightliner people. I work in the insurance industry, and have for over forty years. While I used to have a wonderful working relationship with Freightliner of Harrisburg, things have gone down hill since the dealership was taken over by Larry Hufford. Their parts department these days refuses to provide me with prices to assist in evaluation damages to a Freightliner truck, unless i am willing to pay them $150. Now this does put me in an awkward position, and makes it impossible to perform my job. It certainly does not inspire me to have wrecks towed in to their shop, as used to happen frequently. The least that the manufacturer can do is provide a public web site where one can go to get prices on their own. Unless this situation is corrected, i must continue to steer anyone that i speak with to stay away from the Freightliner product.

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Rosalee Carmichael - 101 d 19 h ago


Rosalee Carmichael I don't know what you did to these brakes but they squeal like crazy tired and sick of listening to the brakes where and who thought it was fine to have the brakes squeal like the way they do should be a recall and change them sounds like you killing 100 cats everytime you apply the brakes please change this racket noise

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Dan and Sue - 108 d ago


Dear Sir/Madam:

I would like to express our appreciation to Dean O'Toole, Shop Forman, at Fargo Freightliner and technician, Dustin for assisting us with a windshield wiper issue on our motorhome which is on a Freightliner chasis. They were both professional and extremely helpful to us while we are traveling in the North.

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Melissa Colbert - 119 d 8 h ago


They make trucks that want idle.But that is a problem. The truck want idle.If it's hot and the Apu unit want run .or cold .The maker of such is going to get sued.And the attorneys will be glad to hit Freightliners pocket You can die due to weather conditions.And truck want idle

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moe - 122 d 13 h ago


the worse dealer ship we ever dealt with charging for diagnose and they couldn't find out whats wrong with the truck

freightliner dealer ship in mount Vernon wa

don't ever go there again

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Michael(504)701-2326 - 130 d ago


This concern/complaint is address to whom it may concern.

In April of 2018 my company (Ricks Towing), purchase an M2 out of Mississippi. Since the purchase of this vehicle I've been refuse service from the service department in Slidell,La. , and the complaint of other problems. Each problem is beginning to cost money. I'd like to speak to someone that can help me.

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A pissed off owner - 141 d ago


Frieghtliner trucks sucks shity repairs haven't found one honest dealer to fix my truck only thing they know to do is throw parts at it and mess it up more then when they do repairs and a sfu49 code comes up they say it wasn't anything we did. Well bullshit it wasn't there before u guys put your sticky little fingers on it now my truck is doing all kinds of weird shit it never done before. Thanks for your incompetence and for hiring back yard mechanics

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Rt - 148 d 9 h ago

Freight liner is the biggest pile of crap I have ever drove...the new trk rides so bad the drive shocks poured out all the short of a wheel base... overall a piece of crap.. why don't they ask the driver about the Turks??? Not the pecker head maintainer director with a attitude dude...

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Jeremiah - 148 d 13 h ago


I love the new cascadia...except the steering wheel tilt! Already just about took off my thumbnail and a couple more scrapes besides. Why do such a thing?!? That's what I ask myself 5 times a day when I raise my foot up in the air and catch nothing but the realization I'm about to possibly be really unhappy again.

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Templetrucker - 152 d ago


Freightliner in El paso texas sucks!!! I have been here almost two weeks and the truck still aint fixed every time my boss calls them its a new part. They cost us the load i was under. They just keep giving us the run around. This is no way for them to run a business. My boss is pissed and so am I.

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TSP Fleet Manager - 176 d 19 m ago


Absolute worst Service I have ever had to deal with. ZERO customer Service skills, Service is inept at best, Diagnostic skills are non existent. only used Northwest Freightliner Palatine Il. because of the backlog in our shop. after getting pounder for over 12K on a truck repair and finding out they NEVER TEST DROVE THE UNIT AFTER REPAIRS MADE. found bell hpousing bolts to be incorrect and falling out, ECM replaced that it didnt need and being told too bad you bought it when asked how they troubleshot the unit and came to the conclusion MATT the Service manager couldnt explain (which I already knew because of the flawed diagnostic procedures they used) Thought how interesting it was that they screw up the Diag and I still get left holding the bag.

over 6 weeks sitting in your facility now my inhouse technicians can get it right.

thanks for providing a 100% useless and UNSAFE unit.

Wish I could upload pictures of the work performed by this JOKE of a dealership.

Spoke wth the leadership (Lack there of) at this branch and they decided to not do anything to correct the issue.

not the First time having these issues with your service dept BUT I CAN promise it will be the last. ALSO WILL BE THE LAST FREIGHTLINER PURCHASED BY THIS 65 Million per year company!

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Michael - 176 d 2 s ago


I was wondering if someone could reach me back in regards to work done on a truck. We've been to 3 Freightliners to get the AC fixed during hot weather while on road but each time the truck AC has had issues afterwards. It has oddly costed everytime to have work done on it and no shop would honor warranty of work done at either shop. Our guys have been through quite a bit without AC in various states over this and we have spent out a significant amount of money. Thank you for any and all help.

First Class Moving Co.

Plantation Florida

+1 (hidden)

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Jay Clark - 184 d ago


I have a Freightliner M2 business class. It has transmission issues, and Freightliner here in Lake City Florida refuses to work on it. They say they do not have a program to diagnose any faults. Can I get any kind of help with this issue?

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