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9600 W Roosevelt St
Tolleson, AZ
Robert Cunningham
(623) 907-9900
Annual Sales Est
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Disappointed Driver - 6 d 9 h ago


Freightliner Vegas: customer service needs improvement. Shop manager needs training in work schedule, break times and duration time scheduled per job. Shop needs stronger communication with office of competition time window. I am disappointed with this shop and hope an audit is in the near future to solve the discrepancies listed. Please inform public when completion to where I will consider returning.

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Irritated - 7 d 9 h ago

Flagstaff AZ has kept truck down for 10 days and still waiting. First was 5 days time then 7 days time now 10 days in and still no truck. Management does not know how to run this shop and has no regard for the fact that this out of state driver has no income when this truck is down. Someone needs to investigate management because it all trickles down hill. Unbelievable!

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Anonymous - 23 d 15 h ago


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David kozianowski - 26 d 9 h ago

Just about every Freightliner dealership just don't care ...I strongly believe it's better to take to a private garage than use any dealership...I would just once to be proven wrong about this .if there is any real good dealership....Alot of times my truck was in a dealership it took them over 8-10 hrs just to do a hr 1/2 job's all about the mighty repair bill.$$$$$$.

We need people to step up and write reviews either good or bad and maybe just a sliver of a chance these dealership owners will listen .... wishful thinking ..yeah I know .....

Pharr Texas Freightliner.gets a terrible review from me ..poor service all around

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PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS - 105 d 6 h ago


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David kozianowski - 26 d 9 h ago

Great comment .I couldn't say it better

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Ray yoiel - 30 d ago


Hi my name is Ray I have problem with frighliner branch in hunting wood Sydney they rip me off any time I take my truck there and I can prove that with all my papers I have...I need someone to call me from head office of USA my email is (hidden)

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David kozianowski - 26 d 9 h ago

Good luck on that .. corporate don't care .it's all about the mighty dollar

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AAAAA - 28 d 5 h ago



Yes I posted the AAAAA from the State OF Utah

this location is about 4 years old if you want to know more have the person,

President Robert Cunningham contact me at (702)767-7203

But think you will say this is wasting you time.

thanks for reading if you take the time.

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AAAAA - 28 d 5 h ago


Jobs/ Employment

I thought Freight was a equal opportunity employer,

This must not be the case where we live, I have hand delivered 4 resumes

Each time the we put in the trash, your company had openings, and gave them to friends

and family. No consideration for the other people who live he that really need a job, and we

are also well educated, with computer skills.

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Justin Joseph - 28 d 10 h ago

Got a clutch change at Neely Coble Freightliner in Nashville $3,072 labor charged me 23 hours for a 10 hour job. Just had to go back there unfortunately for emissions code the work on the bill shows 52 minutes clocked in to Bill out time. $507 labor I cannot see how Freightliner can justify this b*******. You're the Reason only big companies can make it in the trucking industry and owner-operators get screwed. Had work done before and Amarillo and got charged Fair straight prices Neely Coble Nashville is a f****** rip off.

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cjw - 28 d 12 h ago

we took our truck in the shop at Freightliner in Tampa fl, because all the light in the cab would start flashing and would loss power, they first told me it was the battery, we replace them, then it was the computer, we replace it, we are down $3000, they say the problem is fix, 15 miles down the road the problem came back, we took it back, they charges us to re-diag the problem that we took it in for the first place, now its the Power distribution box with $600 to fix it plus charges to re-diag.

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J. Scott - 36 d 13 h ago


I'm having my 2013 Frtlinr truck eng overhauled. The dealership is Laredo, TX

Chking in takes days, diagnosis takes days, repair work takes 5 to 6 wks, and the final invoice takes days. Sum total 8wks.

I am telling every trucker I know don't go there for repairs period. The levels of incompetence is staggering to the imagination.

What ever happened to ppl that give a crap.

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J. Scott - 37 d 15 h ago

Freightliner in Laredo, TX is the worst experience any customer can possibly have. I'm a trucker and my truck has been in for overhaul for 7wks.

From day one nothing but incompetence, wrong invoice, no parts, can't work yet, wrong charges, double billing, phony promises, disorganized/poor/no follow thru on most requests. I NEED MY TRUCK NOW. PERIOD.

J. Scott 6o3-275-9478

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JEEP Transport Inc. - 48 d 11 h ago


Houston Freightliner, had a DPF filter problem came in , had to wait 3 days for diagnostics, after that 2 days for DPF filter, and 2 more days for repairs and still waiting, being told veryday its going to be done but no luck yet.

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Eric - 57 d 6 h ago


I have been dealing with Sacramento Truck Center for years with the same old problems.

First you never get any updating calls on progress. Then when you call them it goes right to a voice mail box and they may call you back that day if luck is on your side (but don't hold your breath). I dropped a truck off for a A/C problem and after four days I never heard anything on what was up with the truck. I tried calling four times but never got a hold of anyone in service. Also left several messages with no return calls. It took me calling our parts representative to get a answer. It turns out they just checked the A/C level after day two of being there and it was full. They then put it at the back of the line and told my parts rep it would get back into the shop in the next six days.

I Finley got a hold of the Service Manger (Jason Lucero) and he had no empathy at all and on top of it very rude. He told me that I could just pay the one hour check and advise charge and take the truck if I didn't like the service (GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE).

I am buy 11 tractors next year and they will not be the Freightliner because of this dealership.

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Anonymous - 60 d 13 h ago


We spent $2,000 to have our dash air fixed in our motorhome and it is still not working after 2 visits to Orlando Freighliner in Apopka, FL. We cannot bet the Service Director Bob or the Manager Mr. Taggart to return our email. I am beginning to think THIS IS BECAUSE WE ARE TWO GAY MEN and we are protected in FL. I request you take ownership of this situation and have someone call us for a September 19 appointment date. John Rosselle, CTFA (hidden)

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Can you please look into your sparks nv sales department. We purchased a service truck 3rd party from San Diego Ca and nothing was tested came with a seized air compressor the rear dog house was full of oil and trash. This is unprofessional . My boss may be a small local co. However spends a lot of money as other companys in the area . In my opinion i will push going with Peterbuilt because they are being more professional. Id like to see your company do better business in this area. Sincerely Jonny Bagula

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ONE PISSED OFF DRIVER - 105 d 6 h ago

There is a major problem I see that keep occurring here iam in the same situation been sitting at the freightliner dealer in Phoenix for 3 days now. You are a dealer/repair shop but for some reason not one person knows how to fix not one single problem on a freightliner truck. What is the issue here? Hiring machanics that know little about the shit you build now a days or the shitty machanics with little knowledge of the high tech equipment you build now a days?

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Jodi - 63 d 11 h ago

Love that comment lol! Sorry that happened to you but love the sense of humor. I don't work at freightliner FYI. Just googled them to try and sell them something and couldn't help but read all of these horror stories. Good luck -Jodi

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Dale - 63 d 15 h ago


While traveling across the states, it is sometimes hard to find parking. We spend lots of money at Freightliner. In Trucker path where you can see all the available places to park is awesome. At all of the Freightliner sites lists overnight parking, so we pulled into a Freightliner to park only to be woke up in the middle of the night telling us we couldn't park there. If you don't offer free parking then don't list it on trucker path!

We were not very happy

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Daniel Armstrong - 64 d 15 h ago


It's not clear to me if anyone reads these comments however..... I recently post this on Facebook and Google about a sales/service dealer in Springfield, follows

Please God give us a decent alternative. 2 weeks, $4000 in cost already paid out, $12,0000 in lost revenue, and they don't know what's wrong? Multiple calls to service department and it's still not done. This is the fourth time we've had problems here costing our business thousands. If there was an alternative with regard to location, time, and brand we would take it! We have already turned several owner-ops away from this business. DO NOT TAKE YOUR BUSINESS HERE! IT WILL COST YOU AND THEY WON'T FEEL A THING! In the past they have damaged fuel injectors, turbo's, wiring, exhaust systems. We have history with this. Every time it goes in I'm on my knees praying it won't be like the last time. Every time we get it back I'm finding bolts missing, wiring messed up, things not put back...... that's when the problems we brought it in for are even fixed! It's nothing personal here....just frankly they shouldn't be working on trucks.....they don't know how. I could go on but I also need to contact corporate about this and let them know before someone's business is ruined....good luck to all.

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Anonymous - 79 d 38 m ago


Beaumont Freightliner and Western Star. I was charged $713.04 for a PM service on a 2012 Cascadia. I was extremely disappointed with this cost, because I could have paid $300 less at a Freightliner service point at TA/Petro. I sincerely believe this is a case of price gouging, because this cost is not charged other drivers who had PM services performed by the dealership. I recently had fuel filters replaced and was only charged $202. I will file a formal complaint on that service department and demand proof of this cost being charged other drivers with very similar trucks. I was not told beforehand the cost would be this high, and had I been told this, I would have preferred "crappy" customer service and lower cost over this astronomical price for service...regardless.

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agt 31021 - 90 d 13 h ago


The shop in Baton Rouge La. Is so slow.and win you asks a question.they get snippy with driver. These shop close. At 500pm.and then don't let you know.what is going on with your are left to fend for your self too find a motel.and a ride too get there.I will not recommend this shop too any driver on the road today.the shop manager is mouthy and rude.

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Anonymous - 92 d 14 h ago

Danny Ray Edwards jr

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