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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Steve McKinney
(623) 936-2100
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 6 d 13 s ago

Need to have employees go through customer service training. I waited a meat counter and emp said are you just looking or do i need something. I said well why would i be waiting here just to look. He was offensive and rude said well some people just stand there. He was extremely rude with eye contact. I asked for mgr. He never bothered to call one. I called store and asked for one well 7 minutes later a cocky mgr. Comes up i explained he didnt care either...

.emp name was cullen or i dont rember. Mger. Rude speedway store. You need to follow up. I will not shop ther. Oh. The emp. Rude 2 other times before to other customers.

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Pat - 1 d 1 h ago


I went to fry Yuma foothills to pick up my 2 pain medications. They said they were out til tues on one med and tried to overcharge me for $36 on the other . I pay 1.25 as I'm low income. I waited at window for a car in front of me 20 min then there got 4 cars behind me . They told me I would have to leave n get back In line as my other wasn't ready . I told them

No an refused. I told them I cannot do without my meds til tues an refused to move back in car line. She came back an wanted my ins card ( been going there for 2 or 3 yrs an they have it on file . Well lo an behold after I sat n complained she came back after arguing an said well we have 25!pills we can give you . I said fine . I had my script called in 3 days ago. I told her I had to have it or go into withdrawals. This isn't first time but 2 Nd when they didn't have my meds. I called dr office n told them n they called a frys 15 miles away an they had the meds so why do they run out? I've been going at least 3 yrs . Take the same meds every month an they run out? This is crap . Then insisted I pay the 36$ . I told them no . Well lo next behold they come back with what meds they had an yeah you guessed it , they messed up n was trying to

Overcharge me after arguing that it was $36 . The pharmacy should never an I mean never run out of a pain med that could cause withdrawals as I've went thru it before an I knew I could not wait 4 more days for my meds . They gave me the 25 plus my other meds an they were $1.25 each . The pharmacy needs people who are competent when dealing with peoples lives . This is not acceptable !

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David - 1 d 19 h ago

Just wondering how long it takes to replace a broken trash container in front of East door at Frys 19th Ave and Glendale in Phoenix Arizona. It's only been like this for 6 months. The store manager evidently doesn't walk the front of his or her store. This pebble cylinder container is ready to fall into 2 pieces. It will hurt maim or potentially the unthinkable kill someone when it falls apart. Most troubling to you at corporate should be the trash has been dumped at least 180 times during the time this has been cracked in half. No employee of this store took the time to correct the problem. Pathetic. Let's see how long it takes to replace it now. No excuses. You've been told about the problem. Now fix it. After all SAFEWAY is right down the street.

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Darby Kala - 7 d 46 s ago

Just want to make comment on behalf of all the hard working truck Drivers who stay away from there families for the whole week to provide better life for the family.

But on the other hand it is frustrating when after all the hard work they reach Frys Foods with there loads to deliver and they have to wait hours before getting un loaded.

Families wait for there loved once to come home at least spend time with them but no it does not happen because they waisted there precious family time to get unloaded at Frys warehouses.

I hope the Frys management take some positive steps to change this unloading pattern. We live in the modern world time is important for all.


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Roger Olsson - 46 d 5 h ago

Shopping at your store in Prescott, on 3198 Willow Creek rd. on 11/30/19, I ended up almost arguing with the checkout Lady because of this issue. I picked up a 6 pack of Pepsi at the fresh good looking sign $1.88 ea with card. I went back to the sign and took a picture of "the scam" you seem to do quite a few times nowadays. Showing the picture to the manager on call, didn't do diddly squat. He didn't even looked embarrassed. Well, he said, that is the price When you buy 4 6 packs. He's correct alright, BUT WHY do you guys REALLY have pull these SCAMS ?? It's not funny at all. When I do cross word puzzle or Sudoku I expect TRAPS, but not when I go shopping. You also very cleverly put the PRICE signs up awkwardly either on top or at bottom, just to fool the shopper. Wish I could send the picture along

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Chris - 42 d 10 h ago


It's not a scam! A lot of people don't pay attention to the fine print they only see the price

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Fed Up - 7 d 4 h ago

We are talking about buying food. There should be NO FINE PRINT! I agree with Roger, Kroger is trying to fool people.

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R Westmoreland - 8 d 5 h ago


There is an ongoing problem with the pharmacy at the Sierra Vista Fry's. They are chronically short staffed, and often do not fill prescriptions within the time they promise. My wife and I both fill prescriptions there. Monday she had her doctor renew a prescription. We went in Thursday to pick it up. The pharmacy claimed they never got the renewal. She contacted her doctor, and they said the renewal had been sent Monday, but would submit it again. She called Fry's about two hours later and they said they still hadn't gotten the renewal. They put her on hold to double check, and then said they found it in " A pile of stuff." Really? A pile of stuff! This kind of behavior can kill people. I have had pharmacy employee tell me that a prescription would be ready at a certain time only to show up and be told Sorry, come back in two hours. The excuse we get most often is "we are swamped." If they are swamped...hire more workers. It is not uncommon to see six customers waiting for them to fill prescriptions. This leads to haste. haste leads to mistakes. Staff your pharmacy at adequate levels or you will lose customers, or worse even, kill someone.

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Michelle - 8 d 19 h ago


I have shopped at Fry's located at 43rd Ave & Bell Rd for at least 25 years. I believe I'm now done!!!! My latest grievances, which barely scrape the surface, are that your shelves do not stay stocked with essentials.

Around Christmas I went in to purchase russet potatoes, the stands were completely empty of loose or bagged russets. I bought them somewhere else.

A week or so later, I went in to purchase chicken breasts. All the store had for sale was marked down chicken, which I won't purchase.

Yesterday I went in to purchase 80/20 hamburger, completely out except for 3lb packages. No thank you!

I went to the customer service desk and nobody was there to help me. At this point I left my cart where it was and walked out.

There are constant changes to this store that do not benefit the customers, only Kroger. There is a WalMart, Winco, Safeway, and Sprouts within 1.5 miles of my home. Why would I want to shop at Fry's any longer? Your store is no longer worth my effort.

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Kathie - 9 d 4 h ago


I have ordered THREE TIMES, a special order from my local store in Prescott Valley,AZ.

So far, I have not received my order, OR, a phone call about it. Every time I go into the store, I ask about it, and no one seems to know ANYTHING about it.

I have asked to speak to the manager, and no matter how many times they page, he never responds.

WHY can't I just get my order????

The item is Mahatma Long Grain and Wild Rice 4.5 oz.

Bar code # (hidden).

I even gave them the package.

I am so disgusted with this particular location!

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Roxanne g - 9 d 15 h ago


Ive shopped at Frys for 20 plus years . Why are you charging .50cent for cash back? / it just seems wrong

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Kathryn - 11 d 17 h ago


Really am very disappointed that Fry's Corporation sells fireworks to the west side Phoenix residential neighborhoods in their stores. Keep in mind that your purchasers of fireworks do not care that the 4th of July is over. The fireworks purchasers that are mentally 10 years old living in adult bodies think it's a real kick to awaken responsible neighbors in a sound sleep because they have leftover fireworks they feel like lighting off after new years. Newsflash: PEOPLE ARE MORE AGRESSIVE THESE DAYS AND WILL START FIGHTS AT THE DROP OF A HAT! THIS INCLUDES LIGHTING THE LOUD ROCKETS THAT SOUND LIKE SHOTGUNS WHENEVER THEY FEEL LIKE IT. Do we really need to make more laws, ask the police to make house visits to stop this? Don't they have enough to deal with in this violent society? So how about this, HAVE SOME LOYALTY AND APPRECIATION TO YOUR CUSTOMERS FOR A CHANGE AND STOP THE SALE OF FIREWORKS!!! Do continue is corporate greed at it worst!

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Shocked Customer - 14 d 20 h ago

The store on John Wayne Highway. Maricopa. In all my life I have never ever heard a store manager call their Department heads or employees pieces of shit. I was applauded by the way she was treating them. I know these workers I've been shopping there for a long time and the morale in that store is horrible. I know many of the workers and management there and they are hard workers. That GM manager needs to be replaced. She is loud, nasty and very cruel to her works. Investagate. You will see.

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Angry customer - 15 d 6 h ago


The store at 7th Ave & Camelback, Phoenix, AZ, never has product on their Friday/Saturday sale items. Been in 3 times since Thanksgiving for sale items---Friday morning around 9:00 a.m. and sale product on the shelf---Will not give rain checks--expects the customer to go to other Fry's to obtain the product. I believe this may be illegal and am going to check with the Attorney General's office--but really poor, poor customer service----I will probably start shopping at Bashas and Safeway for more items. Guess the Manager does not need my sales to get his bonus each year.

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Another Ignored senior citizen - 17 d ago


Just when I thought frys was actually listening to people's comments I get screwed again. Came into fries again after a small boycot and saw the digital coupons again. Why do you guys hate old people? These are great discounts, but you can't get them without downloading something. I see Fry's has 1 1/2 out of 5 stars. Please get rid of the damn Digital Coupons. It's a slap in the face when We shop in the store. I have spoken with Literally dozens of people while shopping. 50 years old and above hate the fact you discriminate against them.

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mary - 20 d 17 h ago


your frys in rita ranch has very rude emploees the assistant manager and one employee name cami I made a remark about all the registers closed and very little help on the self check out all I seen was 5 emploees being lazy so they all banned me from frys for mu comment u really need those registers opened after 10 pm I will not shop in your store with very rude employees if my opionion doesn't matter I will stay away from all of you stores

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Charles Gibson - 25 d 17 h ago


The Fry's in Sun City West is simply spectacular! All of the members are so polite. I was there the first day five yeas ago when they first opened. The only not so good thing is the waiting in lines with but a few cashiers on duty. Today I waited fifteen minutes to get thru the line. I called the store and told them they needed to open a couple of registers. No one came. I was extremely surprised at this. Not the norm. 10 stars to this location.

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jay - 26 d 50 s ago


Hello, I was a loyal customer who spends $1,000.00 per month and more at times for the past 20 years. (over $200,000K) I have always purchased my meat at your stores Until this past weekend. Your butchers have ALWAYS cut my meat IN fact they have known me by the guy who gets all his steaks cut inch and three quarters or 2 inch. They don't stay employed very long there though. Your past butchers never gave me a problem to cut my rib eye or holiday roast by cutting a portion for 2 or 3 steaks and the rest for the roast because I always purchase the largest one. Your butcher wouldn't do it because he said corporate wont allow it and will have to charge me more for the 3 steaks. about 3 bucks? I went to the manager on duty and she said that wasn't your policy and you cut for free for your customers. Plus YOU HAVE BUTCHERS?? I dont I need to quote the definition of a BUTCHER. Maybe you need to call your employees who work in the back meat heads instead. Well the large man in the back (I cant call him a butcher so cut his pay) (haha) wouldn't even do it for your manager. Your manager should have provided customer service and been bullied by the large meat man. Then he tried Lying to me by saying that that's the way its always been because hes been there since 1987. Well that was a lie to my face because I have been going there for 20 years and hes not been there. I confronted him and then he back out of the lie by saying with the company that long. Well Bashaws and Safe Way DOES cut all there meat they have on sale. In fact check there add this week same sale on rib eye a few cents more than you but it says and I quote "CUT AND WRAPPED FREE" I normally wouldn't care or write this but he was unprofessional. And he couldn't cut 3 steaks off a 12 /15 lb roast but could waste his on clock time and argue about it twice for about 15 minutes? MAkes no common sense. You lost money, wages paid, workmans comp, taxes, insurance.It cost corporate about $20 for his pay to not do it when it wouldn't have cost anything if he did do it and you wouldn't lose $1,000 a month customer. Do your managers, employees, management understand CUSTOMER SERVICE? I don't think so and he has forced me to go down the street to Safe Way. Merry Christmas

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Eric - 28 d ago


I have had rain checks for 5 weeks for pork shoulders from frys here is Sierra vista. Manager says they never receive orders.

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Todd - 26 d 4 h ago

Have been waiting since 19 Nov no Pork Roasts to include Butts and Shoulders.

Will not waste any more time shopping at Frys. I was going there every 2-3 days checking if in stock. No one seems to know anything.

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Hardworking single mom - 33 d 6 h ago


Very disappointed and i was very disrespected by manager Cody in Tucson Arizona on Valencia I am a hard-working single mother one of my sons went with me to work our Insta cart order I was done with my shopping and my son had went and got a Starbucks I circled back to check to see if he was done his order was not so on the way out I asked Cody as he was coming in from the main entrance if I could use that door because some of the doors locked the carts if you use the wrong entrance/exit I was told it would be fine lo and behold as a pastor threshold my cart locks mind you I am working and this is time sensitive this is why I had asked I turn around and I called Cody and I'm telling him the cart is stuck that I need help and I let him know before that it's time sensitive the minute he found out that I was working with a partner he took it upon himself to pull me to the side ask me my name didn't even fix the problem was in my face and yelling at me I am 5'3 he's over 6 foot And I merely asked for him to call somebody so I can transfer the groceries I am in such a state of anxiety and he's doing all this tying up my time when all he had to say is look man we don't need anybody to transfer your cart I'll just have somebody unlock it instead he proceeds to throw me out of the store well my minor child is still in there and tells me to leave even though my groceries are stuck obviously in the threshold between the exit in the entrance to the store I've never felt so disrespected and helpless in my life later to see that he filed a complaint and I lost my business with frys and I merely asked for him to call somebody so I can transfer the groceries I am in such a state of anxiety and he's doing all this tying up my time when all he had to say is look ma'am we don't need anybody to transfer your cart I'll just have somebody unlock it instead he proceeds to throw me out of the store well my minor child is still in there and tells me to leave even though my groceries are stuck obviously in the threshold between the exit in the entrance to the store I've never felt so disrespected and helpless in my life later to see that he filed a complaint and I lost my business with frys I had talk to a A manager Michael and I had told him I was thrown out and told I could not come back I asked if that was true and I told him what happened he told me that it was clearly not going to happen I never heard back from anybody instead I was blocked from my app and working with the company I took pride in my job I shop for my customers from their request to filling in substitutes leaving it where they're comfortable whether it's at the front door their threshold or at their kitchen counter and I think for somebody just to have had an ego trip along with the power trip Should not be tolerated and now has cost my Family what would've been the business relationship of that company I have lost all my clientele from that company I'll because Cody felt like he was being told what to do when I merely asked can you please help me I have to go

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Nicki L - 35 d ago


Went to the Frys on Gantzel in San Tan valley , AZ today & couldn't believe how rude & unprofessional Denise the manager was. She was disrespectful to not only me but the cashier. my items were being added multiple times & when Ed the cashier went to void out the duplicates it added them again. He politely asked her to come over & assist & she snapped @ him saying just a minute there's others before you. she then came over & told him it was happening because he wasn't paying attention. It was not true there was clearly an issue with the scanner. She was extremely rude to him, I started to speak & she waved her hand @ me & walked away. I was in complete shock. I still cannot believe they have someone like her in a management position.

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Robert Romero - 37 d 23 h ago


Very disappointed in Fry's right now! I shop there all the time and recently bought a giftcard from the kiosk they have in the store. I bought a Quiznos card for my brothers birthaday only to find out from him that they closed ALL the Quiznos here in Tucson. I didn't know that! I knew he used to eat there a lot when it was opened. That's why I chose that card. Fry's won't accept it back because it's been activated, well why in the hell do you have them there in the first place? They're slowing closing all stores left over in the Phoenix area. This is completely wrong! The integrity they have for their customers is completely negative. This is not MY fault they sell this stuff.

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anonymous - 37 d 1 h ago


thank god for freedom of speach

Frys in itself is a joke i shop on camelback and litchfield location

bought some wine on sale along other items noticed on my receipt after checkout something was not right i was charged the wrong price on wine that was on sale had to go to customer service twice to get it right all in all the cheated me with an bread item that i did not even had bougt abouts 24 $ total in wine and bread

after getting home i still felt not right about a the receipt total

l then i noticed i bought some brats that where on manager special the charged reg price 6$ more

all in all i was out almost 30$i tried to reach corporate office thats a joke in itself about 5 calls they said they where too busy too many phone calls today 12 12 19 had to go back to the store

to get it again corrected and a refund all in all i spent 2 hrs

people read ur receipts before u leave the store

unbelievable but true

i think im looking for another grocer

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Anonymous - 38 d 21 h ago


This dc is the most horrible place ive been to. Trucks hv to wait 12 hours or more to get unloaded and wait for their paper work. Something is not right about this place. I will never come back to this place. This needs to be addressed. This is sickning. Maybe u need to chk ur unloading staff out because they are not right. Really sad.

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