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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Michael Donnelly
(623) 936-2100
Annual Sales Est
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Margot McKinnon - 2 d 4 h ago


I would like to advise you of an employee you have at Store number 20 (W. Ajo Way and 16th, Tucson, Arizona). Her name is Nadia - Manager of the Liquor section.

She goes out of her way, to make sure the customer receives the product that they want and the deal that should be given. She is always very helpful, so I wanted to send this to you for a recommendation that she be honoured for Employee of the Month, or whatever incentive your company may have.

She is wonderful!!!!!!

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SO DISAPPOINTED - 3 d 5 h ago


You need to fix the management problems at the Frys Market Place on 1311 E Bell Rd. Not sure what is going on at the 13th street and Bell Rd Frys Marketplace - Management ( J***my and L**a) are not very respectful or nice to employees and frontend personal. Employees are constantly scheduled on unavailable days and the store refuses to correct even though it the scheduler who did not follow or acknowledge unavailable days. The employee gets written up and threatened by management that they will be terminated if they call out when this happens. So basically this management team schedules people when they are unavailable and then punishes the employee for it. Most of the front end personnel are students so maybe the management team thinks its okay to bully them?? Frys was known in the industry for working with students schedules and recognizing working around their school activity schedule so they could work when available and be able to participate in the school functions. There have been a lot of recent management changes at this store, great managers have been moved out, and the ones brought in are not very nice, difficult to work with, and teach them to schedule personnel properly. There are some really great frontend personnel there, but how they get treated sucks the life right out of them which causes everyone to want to leave. Fix this stores management problem, bring people in that are people friendly and know how to schedule.

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NOYB - 6 d 17 h ago


My name is NOYB.....I spend/as a single man over $6/7,000 at your store. Sick and tired of over rings and time wasted to retrieve what you steal from pocket/and 100's of other folks!. Either you get back with me and explain how you GIVE ME BACK my time and money or I'll help you with Gov't agency. 928 425-9714 Highly recommend you help me to help you. You're better than this. Just wasted 20 minutes on phone for some jack-off to tell me it's not his dep't!!!. I have 5 of your PHONE NUMBERS! Help me or believe me....I'll help you. THIS IS MY STORE!

DON'T CALL MORNINGS! Work nights and sick of this crap. You have fair policies and don't educate your staff to know these?!?

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GoFu - 6 d 17 h ago


LOL M.Donnelly phone nimber is F******* did-connected.....using cell! Other phone after 25 minutes-'Our Svc Rep's are helping other customers' LOL-Total bullshit as they .....some SOB just picked up LOL, and asked for my CODE NUMBER! I said what does that have to do with complaint or you helping me w/over charges?!?

His Answer LOL- That's not my dept. You don't want to know what I told him!

FRYS.....Highly recommend you call me as Sate Enforcement will or Office of Inspection will or FTC/FCC will.

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NOYB - 6 d 17 h ago


Pathetic! over rings-40% of the time/on hold now for 20 minutes-as they have no intentions of fixing! I'll have state/fed agencies help them! IT'S CONTINUOUS as I went through this 7 years ago-then would get crap from bitchy women....had enough and KEN gave me a gift card, AND FIXED PROBLEM!

They do this on purpose-take an AD and charge 100's of folks and pad there

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Apparently we are not valued customers - 10 d ago


Fry's 48th St and Baseline

Parking lot looks like a dumpster; trash everywhere.

Parking allowed in fire lane; NO SECURITY.

Vagrants sleeping, hustling, et al in front of store.

One young woman wandering through parking lot collecting carts one by one, as slowly as she could possible go. Probably better at this than when I saw her bagging groceries and the perishables perished before she was done!

This is a disgrace; where is management?

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Scott A Hunter - 10 d ago



About 30 % of Americans are now "None" with NO Church Affiliation. We now have large % of other faiths including Native American, Muslim, Hindu , Buddhist.

This is offensive to all others not Christian bible thumpers. Please remove these racks from stores. ( it appears few are even sold )

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Tina K Fosnaught - 14 d 8 h ago


Dear Mr.Donnelly,

My name is Tina Fosnaught and through alot of marriage problems and life struggles I just moved to San Tan Valley Az. I had to leave everything behind including transportation and I desperately need a job. There is a Fry's store about two blocks away 542 East Hunt Highway that I walk to and have applied there I do have experience in alot of areas in the store even though some was a while ago.

Please Consider me for a job, I'm a hard worker, will always show up on time and will try to be one of your best employees. My phone number is (hidden). Thank You

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His Lady - 14 d 19 h ago


I just found out Kim Finn ( dept. Mngr)s having an affair with a cashier at a store she is no longer at.

...I guess a lot of that stuff goesa on at Grocery stores. Isn't she married?

Stay away Kim. He is taken! He is not ur shoulder to cry on and stay out of our home . Wait...don't u have a husband with / had cancer u should be taking care of?


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Lisa - 20 d 15 h ago


Dear Mr. Donnelly, the purpose of my letter is twofold. I write you as a former (part time) employee at Fry's Store #668 at Riggs & McQueen. I was hired as a greeter by Bob Zimmerman and he was an excellent, hands on store manager. He was very much a "team leader". He did not sit behind his desk all day but could be found anywhere in the store working away whether he was stocking the cheese wall or cashiering. When the greeter program was eliminated, I re-applied and was hired as a courtesy clerk same store and the manager then was Dennis who was the complete opposite of Bob. Dennis was a desk man. The morale in the store was in the toilet and there was a lot of turnover. I was employed at Store #668 part time for approx 8 yrs all the while also working full time for another company. The then assistant store manager mishandled a HR issue with disrespect (failing to take into consideration the many times I was asked and agreed to stay after my shift when the front end manager was in need of help at night). I returned to the store the following day and quit. I rarely shop Store #668.

When I shop at Fry's, I now go to the new store at 2929 E. Ocotillo Rd. where I run into a lot of former 668 customers who have also switched. I have to "compliment" Bruce, the manager, (former manager of the Chandler Heights and Higley store). Every time I see him (and I was in today) we speak. He reminds me of Bob Zimmerman. He is also a hands-on manager and recognizes the need to be visible to his customers and employees. The store is clean and organized, employees friendly and helpful, and you feel the "welcome" when you walk through the doors. Please be sure pass on this message to Bruce so

he can share with his staff. Let's keep the positive morale at this new, BEAUTIFUL store.

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Teresa - 21 d 6 h ago


Can someone please tell me where I can get my w2s from last year from please?

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Anonymous - 21 d 4 h ago

Go to

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T - 23 d 16 h ago

I have been trying to load the app to my new phone it won't allow it cause it is on my other phone that is dead. I have emailed asking for help and that was no help. Can u please allow at least 2 phones to share this app.

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Anonymous - 27 d 4 h ago


I have attempting to reach someone to speak to for 2 days and cannot get anyone to speak to me so I am going to resort to negative reviews (which I have never done). I used the click list recently for Frys #36 in Tucson. When I arrived to pick up my groceries they had not received my order but they charged my bank account $200. The employee argued with me making me even more upset. I was told by the Assistant Manager that he would follow this through and make sure we got it sorted out, I waited 6 days and did not hear anything so I then called them and the other assistant and the clicklist manager were able to help me but not after I waited 6 days and spend hours on the phone to get it sorted out. The store manager was aware of the situation but made no attempt to call me or see if there was anything she could do to help. Thankfully I had more than $200 in my account so I was able to feed my family. I have called the district office who said they would call me back but did not. I have been shopping at Frys my whole life and spend a lot of money there but now have been treated horribly through this whole situation, nobody cares and obviously they do not want me as a customer. I guess I will go the Walmart that is across the street.

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Fry's Stinks - 37 d ago


The worse online experience of my life. . Followed online promo on a 65" LG advertised in Dallas Morning News today. Free Same Day local delivery if ordered by 2 PM. I was online at 11 AM, went through entire process including adding my credit card info then got to submit order and noticed it said "Delivery Monday 10AM - 6PM) for and additional $39.95!

WHAT? So I canceled and I hope Frys didn't keep my credit card info. Then I called you help center and OMG, Fry's Stinks Part 2! On hold for 30 min then explain my story and on hold another 20 minutes then get to leave a voice message for someone at Plano TX facility. They never called back. Then I went through contacting Fry customer service again, then, Guess What? Same result.

Just spent over $1500 at other Dallas Frys store over the past 40 days and if this isn't resolved by today, everything will be returned and my reviews certainly won't be pleasant. Well...ball is in your court Fry's!

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Sheri - 27 d 17 h ago

I think you have the wrong company, this is for Frys Food and Drug, there are no stores in Dallas, are you referring to Frys electronics? Thats a different company.

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Anonymous - 28 d ago

I was at 35ave and Peoria this last Saturday night I had a cashier that had told me and the man behind me to catch our breath.We were only trying to tell him that stuff he was ringing was not mine.Never did we yell or be ugly all we said was hold on that's not mine and the man behind me said hold on that's mine.The cashiers name was Daniel .He was so busy singing and dancing and showing off for the bagger.He never looked up his boss could have been standing there.When I was done I thanked him and told him to have a nice evening he said uhh and keep on singing and dancing.I will never enter that store again and I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years.I spoke with management and he said he will talk to him.But I think you all should know so it gets taken care of.Thank you for your time.

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thranx - 29 d 5 h ago


I notice that a bank of Tesla superchargers are currently (12 Nov 17) being installed at the Deer Valley Center. It might be worth considering installing some at some or all appropriate Fry's stores. Tesla takes care of the details and Fry's would benefit by adding a benefit to draw upscale shoppers. Furthermore, since charging (even at a supercharger) takes time, patrons utilizing the chargers would be more inclined to spend more time in the relevant store, which equates to....

The cost of such installations to the hosting property is minimal. Marriott has already benefited from doing so, as have assorted forward-looking truck stops throughout the country. Something for Fry's to ponder.

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Paul - 29 d 5 h ago


I have been told several times by managers that they would hold a certain product for me because they never have it on the shelves they always run out and every time I ask for that product it is never put aside for me. This is frustrating it makes me lose total faith in the management when they tell me they're going to do something and they don't. And it happened several times.

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KC - 29 d 5 h ago


Products advertised are not available ! false advertising

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Sue - 29 d 5 h ago


I shop at the Fry's on Gantzel and Combs..... when I went to buy my Polly-O Mozzerela Cheese and Ricotta - the spot was empty - so I just figured they were out of them until Tuesday or Friday when it usually gets delivered..... well to my surprize on the next trip to Fry's noticed still empty -- not only empty but something else was in the spot...... then found out it has been deleted from Fry's..... we just love POLLY-O....... and now with the holidays - I use a lot of that cheese.... for cooking, and salads.....

I shop at this Fry's all the time and always find what I need-- but the past few weeks have been unbelievable shopping there -- I don't know if it is new management or what --- but not the same.....something has changed.....

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James Brennan - 34 d 4 h ago


I have applied to work for Kroger twice in the past 8 weeks. I find it interesting that that have lost my background check and drug test both times. I have spent nearly 40 minutes trying to find a phone number for human resources this morning. NOT. I have decided to just walk away. I will never do business with this company again.

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Randy Sneed - 35 d 5 h ago


I have been using the Pharmacy at the Combs & Ganzel store for many years. The last year or so there has been a shift in attitude and customer service to an all time LOW. I refill my scripts via the online app from Fry's. Three weeks ago I wished to refill a script that had expired and the Pharmacist said they would FAX my PCP for a new script. The online program told me it would be ready in 48 hrs. When 2 days passed I checked to see if it was ready and the program indicated it was "in process", I called to get some clarification They said they would FAX again. A week later (now three weeks) they said they would FAX again. I gave up with the pharmacy and called my PCP who indicated that they never received a FAX from Fry's Pharmacy. Upon further investigation, I discovered a new law had been passed requiring a physical paper script renewal from the PCP. SO, why did Fry's pharmacy not know of this law and kept shining me on about FAXing for a refill. This has cost me a month without a needed medication( I have 10 scripts with Fry's) and I do all my grocery shopping there. Late next year there will be a new Safeway opening close to Fry's and I will take my annual grocery and medication expenditure which amounts to $9K per year to them.

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The Fry's at RIggs & McQueen has the WORST customer service I've ever experienced in any grocery store in my life. It's pretty hard to get that rating when all one does is go in, get their items and check out, most usually don't need any employees help, but when you do you will find that they won't even look up at you, and if you politely try to ask for their attention they will snicker and giggle at you, roll their eyes and continue ignoring you (DELI!!!!). I have had family come in from out of town to tell me the same. This has gone on for years, since we started going to this Fry's in 2011. Okay, so we just don't buy anything from the deli, ever. Oh, but don't ask them to refill their coffee carafes ether, nope, the deli handles that too. My family and I actually had an intervention with the store manager in 2011 about it, he was nice, but just made excuses for them, asked us to be understanding, which is pretty hard to do when they snicker at blowing you off. I recently had to switch to their pharmacy. Oh my goodness! When you call through the automated system to refill a prescription, it doesn't tie the RX # to your phone number, the pharmacy staff is inundated with phone calls (no wonder!), so you will have to wait on hold forever and if you're fortunate enough that they CAN pick up again, they will tell you that your phone # is in the system and should be recognized, they're not sure why. Fry's Corporate, really?! Then when you call the district office, you get a very cold voice mail message that basically relays, "... We couldn't really give a rip about you, all we want is your money, please leave a message and you will most likely never hear back from us, AHAHAHAAAA!" The old ownership was so friendly and your neighborhood grocer that everybody knew and loved. The meat and deli guys were like the guys you see on sitcoms that greet you with a warm friendly smile, hand you a sample and appreciate you for saying hello. Not this place, I highly recommend avoiding this store, vote with your dollar until they realize that return customers are a good thing!

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Marla Swindell - 39 d 35 m ago


This is the 4th or 5th time today I've had to bag my grocery order. I hurt my finger in the process. There needs to be better courtesy clerk organization.

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