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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Michael Donnelly
(623) 936-2100
Annual Sales Est
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Janis Conlee - 12 d 19 h ago


I expect a call back from the corporate office. My daughter was working at the location at 51st Ave and baseline. The management was accusing her of stealing even though she didn't put no money her pocket. I was upset but then she found a better job because I could argue it on all facts but we thought we would move on since they had issues of hethigh school and college schedule. Then my daughter is getting messages on Easter from hourly employees saying they saw the cameras of her stealing and calling her a theft. First off why would a manager give a hourly employees permission or access to look at cameras on other employees??? Second now it is the talk of frys slandering my daughters name with no proof or investigation professional is this??? I expect for someone to contacted me right away about this matter or I will take legal actions..

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Sylvia - 1 d 14 h ago

If I was u I would take action If u have done so

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Walter T. - 8 d 8 h ago


Fry's Food Store in Fountain Hills had no cashiers on duty at 9 PM today. Two ladies where standing by a checlout register and after tryING to get their attention twice they said they would get someone. Some dI'd show in a few minutes. Lazy personnel. Will be doing my grocery shopping at Safeway from now on. Extremely poor customer service.

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Sylvia - 1 d 14 h ago

I agree the staff there is horrible

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Don - 1 d 15 h ago

someone used my credit card to purchase gas April 8. What should I do to have this changed?

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CB - 2 d 11 h ago


What is going on with building a frys store in show low az.? We (residents) have been waiting forever.

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Lee - 5 d 5 s ago


Don't know what has happened to Frey's. Prices have skyrocketed and things on sale have disappeared. What's up. May have to check out new place to shop.

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Martian - 8 d 18 h ago


My spouse applied for a credit card with Fry's and they were nothing but dumb jerks. At first they let her get the line of credit, but because she was wanting to put me on the account, Fry's questioned her about my relationship to her. Since she was calling them every day, letting them know the info they had requested in order for us to use the credit card, the manager and Maria over at the credit card place denied her of credit. Just a waste of time. I highly recommend not applying for a Fry's Credit Card.

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John Doe - 10 d 18 h ago

I used to work at Fry's store #48 in Casa Grande. That store is deplorable! I suggest anyone wanting to work at Fry's to stay away from this store at all costs. Management is nothing but a joke there. I have given them numerous complaints about a fellow employee not doing his job at 100% capacity when I closed after him, and all they could do was give me excuses for why the back dairy room was trashed and nothing done when I got there. This is the same employee who will not only tell you that he doesn't care, but if he doesn't like you, he will actually tell you to your face that you are a "piece of sh!t". I also got fired for being accused of "pushing" a fellow employee when I was working in produce for a night. When i turned around, he was still standing on his own two feet and even had enough energy to storm out, stomp his feet, throw a tantrum and tell me to "F*CK OFF". Furthermore I would like to add that this fellow employee works in the same department as his father. If I'm correct, isn't that a conflict of interest in any company? I remember reading in that in the Fry's handbook somewhere during orientation. I've seen the bonus there ONCE while I was employed. Its highly unlikely that this store will never see, or even surpass the bonus ever again.

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Chris - 10 d 20 h ago


Frys food store on 43rd ave and bell rd in glendale az is a haven for drug dealers and dope users even when the managers are told about the problem they do nothing if you have familiy and kids do not go to this store they dont care what happens to people on there property i am taking my business else where and probly taking legal action for what is going on at this location

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Mollie Levy - 13 d 18 h ago


On Monday, April 10th I was grocery shopping at your Fry's (1311 E Bell Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85022) and I'd like to acknowledge some extraordinary customer service. Aaron in the dairy department shopped all of my dairy groceries for me that day. If I try grocery shopping on my own, I would be there from open to close. He took my list into his hands and went to grab the items I needed. I can't express how that made me feel. I'd also like to acknowledge Manager Nate, for his kind heart and thoughtful ideas. I asked Nate to follow me home as I was a little worried driving that day. I didn't know what answer I was going to get when I asked this question, but Nate followed me home and helped me unload my groceries into my house. I have never in my life experienced such customer service at any retail store. I wanted to take the time to acknowledge not only these two gentleman but all of the employees at this Fry's, for I have never been treated with such care and respect.

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Fred Golen 314-4269 - 14 d 11 h ago


You have serious problems at the seafood counter at your location at 90th street and Shea in Scottsdale.

1. One person working the counter and 4 people waiting. Could see employees thru the window and no one came out to help.

2. More important... I attempted to buy a 2 pound bag of frozen cooked shrimp (8 to 12/pound)and the guy could not weigh and price them by the pound. He went in back for instructions and came out to tell me that he had to open the bag and count them and charge per each. Open the bag and TOUCH them. No way. They need training of customer service. I have made this purchase monthly for a few years and never had this stupid problem.

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Lorraine - 14 d 19 h ago


Your Frys in Litchfield Park will not take my debit card, so I'm forced to use credit. This has been happening all winter long. You realize this costs you the transaction fees for credit card being used. Grant it it is a Canadian debit card but I do use it elsewhere with no issues. Costs you not me!

Otherwise I like shopping at this location and have no other issues.

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Cynthia Rocksvold - 15 d 16 h ago


I just returned from you Fortuna location. I am completely dusturbed at the way I was treated. I am dusabled due ti cancer. I had over a 200.00 order. I went to self chwckout because I have had to much of my foid destroyed due to poor bagging. I was down to the last sux items so I put one of the bags in my cart to complete my order. The clerk came over and said very rudely you can't do that. I explained to her why I did it and she repeated herself. I said that rediculous ill leave first and her rwsponce was " what ever makes you happy" so I waked out. Your loss not mine. I find it hard to believe that a company as large as Kroger would allow this behaviour to go on. No manager was there till tomorrow

I know what customer service is about as I retired from Safeway Foid and Drug after 35 years and 20 of that as a stor manager. The clerk that i encountered need disciplinary action and should not be alowed to manage in any capacity.

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Mrs Rouse - 16 d 11 h ago


Shame on you!!! I was in line about 15 minutes ago and first of all congrats Frys for hiring adults with disabilities but when your in line and the cashier is so annoyed by the guy bagging the groceries that is written all over her face when he talks to her she responds with no eye contact and very quiet mm hmm WTF is wrong with you!!!! You think that guy doesn't see that or feel it!! You think a disability makes him blind to that shit!!! That is the exact kind of person that makes me fear my daughter going out into the world!! When I told the manager what did he say...thanks for pointing that out! STFU!!! #shameonyou #frys #fryslakeviewvillage #fryscorporate #fryscorporateoffice #frysfoodstore #frysfoodanddrugstore #fireher #sesitivitytrainingforthebitch I will be taking my business elsewhere #boycottfrys

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Annoying - 16 d 12 h ago


I am writing this due to the unfairness from your corporate

One gentleman gets hired for AFM after they transfer two others to this store he is getting no training

All he does is run register because greed gets corporations with the warner store closing the store on ray and Dobson has more than doubled

You all did not give budget or make sure we had enough product. The store manager favorites answer I h don't know and doesn't help

Never enough closers

No moral huddles are a joke

They do not rotate food

Bakery and deli need a new manager they are very verbal abusive to employees

Worst team ever

Fitore and marisilla upfront management only have a clue

You all need to stop worrying about bonus and work with your so called team

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Anonymous - 18 d 5 h ago


we shop at the Watson ave store in Buckeye and have for the last 12 years but it is so sad to see such a wonderful store change and begin to slide down hill

seems as though since Tony the assistant manager left that store about four years ago then the grocery manager was replaced then Mr. Flora passed away and slowly the store is not managed as it was the shelves and not filled cheese not available certain days short on employees and employees not friendly any more either It is easier to cross the road and go to Walmart where you always seen to find what you are looking for

Then today the biggest shocker went to see a relative she had to go to the store asked if I had seen the new Fry's I said no and told her how bad Watson is becoming she took me to her store WOW IT IS GORGEOUS !

now if Fry's would build one of those out here in Tonopah right there on Wintersburg Rd, so you can catch all the employees going and coming from the big power plant Palo Verde right at the interchange of I-10 you would have a gold mine and then you could continue to let Watson dwindle into hell and you would have one great very busy new store out in this area which is begun to Grow once again

But just had to write and tell you how sad we are because we use to love your store and Rick and Tony always kept every thing full and every one happy and now I have never seen the manager out on the sales floor trying to find some one to do a certain job where Tony was always on his little cell phone getting some one to fill a hole or change a display and Rick not only kept the men busy but also worked along side of them which you don't see at your store any longer

So Sad because if managed properly your store even though it is so small could be a show place like it use to be

Thanks for listening

Paul from Tonopah AZ

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107 employee - 19 d ago


I work for store 107 & am fed up with working with a manager named Celeste. She is completely unprofessional & passive aggressive with both employees & customers. She creates problems in order to yell without making herself look like the instigator. She says nasty things about all of her front end cashiers & courtesy clerks. She called one of my friends a "hoe" & told everyone how "easy" my friend is, all because she confided in her about something personal & asked for advice. Celeste knows nothing of confidentiality. Anything you tell her in confidence, she will tell whatever employees are around her during her shift. If you do something she doesn't like, she makes working a living hell. She will give you nasty looks, & when your back is turned she starts calling you nasty names. Nothing is a secret with Celeste. Favoritism plays a big part at store 107. And Celeste is the main one picking favorites. She has her group of cashiers that also gossip about everyone & they stand around talking shit about everyone that isn't around or isn't working. Celeste & the two other cashiers have a nickname given by everyone else, which is "the snakes". People call them that because they will tease people, tell each other & others around them, personal things about others. Nothing is a secret with them either. This behavior has gotten so bad that myself & 5 other employees are contemplating quitting so as not to deal with the disrespect & bullying from Celeste.

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Anonymous - 31 d ago


I work at store 107 and I am not happy at all. I was scheduled to run self checkout and they called Sharon Wallace in because we were short a cashier. They made me get off of self checkout because she won't go on a regular check stand. Their excuse is she is better and her numbers are better. I do not know how if she is never at self checkout. I don't think it is fair for the rest of that they cator to her

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Store 107 employee - 20 d 14 h ago


Sharon is the worst for self checkout. She's always rude to both customers & employees. Her attitude is shit as is her choice of hairstyle.

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Nancy - 21 d 22 h ago


Hi my name is Nancy. I shop at store #628. I'm writing in regards to complimenting an employee. Her name is Dawn. She works in the nutrition area in the store. She works night shift. I always shop late hours because I get off of work late. I look forward in seeing her. She's warm, welcoming, educated, and genuine. She's very helpful! She's alway's smiling and cheerful! I never met someone quite like her. She's different from others. She really actually cares. I hope she get's the recognition she deserves. I'm sure many other people feel the same but don't know where to send compliments or she would have many. Thank you, Nancy

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Dennis - 33 d 18 h ago

Not happy with your lack respect and total disregard for health regulations when it comes to people bringing their dogs into the store. I do not want to put my food in the cart after some dog's ass has been sitting on the cart

I will be notifying the health department. As a customer more than 40 years if there is nothing done about this myself and all my friends will no longer visit your store! !!

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Anonymous - 31 d 10 h ago

Relax,usually it's a service dog.get a grip.

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anonymous - 24 d ago


Not always. I was just in the Casa Grande store this past weekend and that was no service dog.

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Daniel - 21 d 16 h ago

As an employee at a different fry's, I can say for a fact fry's policy does not allow any animals with the exception of a few specific service animals (Basically dogs and one or two others) and, if those are brought into the store, the owner is required to have documentation of the animals status as a service animal. If the store doesn't properky enforce the policy, that's another thing, but rest assured that is a problem occurring at the store level.

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