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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Michael Donnelly
(623) 936-2100
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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Kevin your operations manager at frys 609 is a person who lacks empathy and overall human decency. I have seen him on multiple times disrespect his employees and treat his vendors even worse. Frys has a lot of valuable assets when it come to its store personal but he is definitely not one of them. If it had to choose between him and Hitler I'd save Hitler. Someone needs to explain to him he isn't god and everyone eventually falls from their high horse.

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Highlander - 9 d 15 h ago


The Frys store on Thornydale in Marana is falling apart. It used to be an awesome place to shop, but now it has very bad produce, not as fresh as before. The olive bar broke 3 months ago and is still not repaired. The bulk food has empty cylinders, and appears to be unclean. This area is developing rapidly and one would think that the store would be improving, but it's going downhill fast over the last 6 months. The staff is still wonderful and always helppful, but the condition and appearance is unacceptable.

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Leslie Brekke - 12 d ago


"You're doing it wrong," Steve the cashier, scolded my mother. My Mom attempted to try again, the machine beeped. Steve, grabs the card out of her hand, bends the credit card, shoves it in the machine twice. Steve then tells her, "You've got a bad card, you better report it." My mother attempted to explain to Steve she had just used the card less than a half hour earlier in a different aisle, same Frys store. Steve kept repeating and talking over her voice, "it's bad, doesn't work, report it and get a new card." She paid with cash.

Steve then started to ring up my order, with his continued foul attitude, dropped a nectarine on the floor and bagged it (watch the video Frys) I proceeded to pay with my card. Guess what, same problem!!! Told Steve to call cashier manager for a bad card key pad. While waiting for her to come over, told Steve he was rude and disrespectful to me and my mother. "No I wasn't," he repeated. When the cashier manager came over, I was already in the process of paying with cash. Told her what had just transpired with Steve, he said no less than five times, "that's a lie" "that's a lie." My mother and I spent about $150. I don't care if I spent $1.50. Great or even simple DECENT customer service was absent in our experience this morning. Steve was unapologetic, rude and accused me of being a "liar"!!!

Delivering my 82 year old mom into the car, I went back and requested the store manager to report Steve's unwarranted, rude comments and unsatisfactory job performance. She assured me it would be taken care of and apologized for his poor representation. I have to believe her at her word.

I have been a Registered Nurse, close to thirty years, I have never witnessed such a disturbing lack of respect to an elderly person my entire career. (not everything said, written) In my opinion, this person should not be allowed to serve the public and tarnish Frys', otherwise, stellar reputation. Shame on you Steve. Frys, don't allow this type of behavior to continue, and happen to others. Thank you. I live in Tucson, here visiting parents. Frys 11203 E. South Frontage Rd. Yuma, Az.

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Anonymous - 12 d 15 h ago


My daughter passed away on May 19th. Your corporate office people is still giving my grandson, her next of kin, the run around and has yet to release her last paycheck to him as Arizona law states. The way you treat the survivors of your deceased employees is horrible. No one responds to phone calls or emails and won't allow me to speak to anyone higher up. It's been almost a month since I last heard from Pete. Here is the last email he sent.

Dear Ms. Gould,

The Company is in receipt of the documents you have referred to in this email and they have been forwarded to the Kroger payroll department for review. Kroger is currently in possession of the forms and will determine whether they are able to release the funds to the listed beneficiary.

I most certainly understand this process has taken some time and you are hoping for a speedy resolution. Fry's truly has no intentions on delaying this process any longer than as is necessary. I would expect that you should have a response from Kroger relatively soon and I am hopeful that Ms. Smith's legal beneficiary will receive any funds he or she is entitled to as soon as practical. I am happy to discuss the situation with the listed beneficiary if there are additional questions pertaining to this matter.


Pete Tremoulis

Human Resources Department

Division Total Rewards and Associate Relations Manager

(623) 907-1942 Office

(623) 907-1951 Fax

(602) 818-9765 Cell

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Sheryl Bailey - 16 d 9 h ago


Never again. Fry's at 59th and the 102, Phoenix. Thanks for realising the inconvenience you put me through today and offering nothing to calm my spirit but what you flatly owe me. My time is valuable even if yours isn't.

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Sheryl Bailey - 16 d 9 h ago


If Fry's believes it endears loyalty from customers by first overcharging them, then refusing to refund a cash payment but issues a store credit out of ignorance of store policy, and finally offers only to refund in cash upon requiring the customer make a third trip to their store in one day, I can only say "NOT"! So it is, I ready myself for my third trip to Fry's, 59th and the 101, Phoenix, to receive $16.10 cash for first the cashier not asking for my Fry's card but proceeding to charge me $2.99 each instead of .99 each on 5 packs of blackberries (plus other discounted items) at 4 p.m. when she surely had awareness of the blackberry sale, and then the under informed but persistent customer service rep who seeing my receipt and my frys card and that I had paid cash, would only give me store credit, and finally to the manager who so graciously offered me to make a third trip back to get my credit turned to cash. Bravo. It will be my final trip to your store ever.

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Anonymous - 16 d 9 h ago


If Fry's believes that putting a customer through having to make two additional trips to their stores to collect on an overcharge of $16.10 endears their customers to them, they need better customer service training. THREE trips to the store located at 59th Ave. And the 101 in Phoenix today to collect $16.10 in cash, as was paid in cash because the cashier, who had to have been aware by 4p.m. that blackberry's were on sale for .99 cents but proceeded to charge $2.99 each for five packages, and who did not request my Fry's card, then an undertrained customer service rep who refused to giv

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Anonymous - 20 d 5 h ago


Let me first start by saying:

I can not believe the way I was treated by frys pharmacy. The "customer service" I received was by far the WORST I've ever dealt with. I will be contacting cooperate and ANYONE else I have to. This is not the first time I've had bad service by this pharmacy but it is most definitely the last time I will allow anyone to treat me this way. I am a nice person, I was well mannered every single time I've had to associate with them. They truly do not care about their customers. But before I go any further, allow me to explain what I've gone through within the last week.

Wednesday: my doctor called in my prescription around noon. 3pm I call frys they say they didn't receive it. No problem, I know it takes time.

Thursday: I call frys again, they say they still haven't received it. So, I call my doctors office who tells me that they've sent it. I asked if they would call frys themselves, my doctors office calls back and explains that frys has it, everything is good to go, and I can pick it up in a hour. 4 hrs later I call frys to make sure it's ready before I drive 30 mins to go get it. AND they tell me the doctor messed up my prescription, that I would need my doctor to call them before they can give it to me. EVEN THOUGH I've been on the same medication for 2 years AND I've used their pharmacy for a long time, so it's not like they don't know that I'm supposed to have this. AND If there was. Problem they should've told the nurse who called them hours earlier, OR the doctor who called them the day before. But anyways, I called my doctors office and of course they're closed until Monday, as I'm on the phone with my Dr office trying to get through, my husband calls frys to see if there's something else we can do, the lady was so rude to him telling him "she already explained the situation" in a nasty tone, raising her voice and everything. Then he asked if they could give me enough medication to last until we can get a hold of my doctor she says NO. and hangs up on him.

Friday: I called to see if they had possibly gotten a hold of my doctor, not only was I put on hold 3 times and had to wait a minimum of 5 mins each time JUST to be transferred and put on hold again, I also was hung up on, and was told " you need to wait until you hear from your doctor, calling us isn't going to help you, it's out of our hands, have a good day, bye" I'm already frustrated at this point but, whatever. If there's nothing they can do.

Monday: I call my doctors tell them what's going on, they were astounded that the pharmacy refused to help, I mentioned what pharmacy it was and the nurse says "that explains why, a lot of our patients have the same problem with that pharmacy" so she calls and fixed whatever the "problem" was. I call frys, wait on hold forever, they tell me my script would be ready by 6 and AGAIN HUNG UP ON ME. not once did they even try to be nice or friendly. I'm not exaggerating at all, when I tell you these ppl treated me like shit. So, I call my husband and tell him that it'll be ready by 6 and asked him to pick it up. Because, I'm at home sick, recovering from a c section, with two children. He stays at work later so he didn't have to drive back and forth (we live 30-45 mins away) before he leaves work he calls them to make sure it would be ready, they say yes. He goes in there only to be told that they're completely out of the medication. He asked the pharmacy tech if they could give me some of the medication to get tthrough until they got more, that's when the pharmacist comes over looks him dead in the eye and says "we're completely out sir, have a good day" he comes home, tells me everything, so I call them. I explained that I've been trying to get this medication since Wednesday and surely there had to be something they could do. The pharmacy tech puts me on hold, comes back and says the pharmacist says they will give you a one day supply. I then asked, when they would be getting more of the medication so I know if I have to call my doctor or figure out another option. She then tells me that they would be receiving more of the medication tomorrow. So i have my husband go get the one day supply. Even though the pharmacist looked him dead in his eyes and told him they were completely out.

Tuesday: i call this morning to make sure my prescription would be filled. They say yes, around 6. So AGAIN i ask my husband to pick it up, he calls around 2:20 to make sure they would have it ready and they tell him they're out and would not receive more until Thursday. I am so irritated but i keep my cool, i call, (being completely polite the whole damn time, even though they didn't deserves my politeness) i explain that I've been trying to get this medication for a week. And they keep telling me different things. Before i could even finish my sentence, i was cut off, put on hold 5 times. Then someone finally talks to me, being completely rude she tells me they're out of the medication, they don't know when they'll be able to get more, and no other pharmacy in the area has it. I asked yesterday and today for them to transfer my prescription and i was told no, that they couldn't do that. The lady tells me to call around to find another pharmacy that has the medication and to have my doctor call in ANOTHER prescription. I explain that my doctors office is now closed and that i really needed this medication. She tells me there's nothing they could do, that i would have to wait. Blah blah blah. Completely rude. i asked if they would please just transfer my prescription to another pharmacy. She then, again, tells me to call other pharmacies and find one that has this medication. I told her i already have one. She then says in the loudest, rudest, voice, " well then call them back and have them call us, good bye" so i do, and i also called my doctors office emergency line and was able to get through. As I'm in tears explaining to the, other pharmacy and my doctor what frys put me through, they were both in shock and went above and beyond to help me. I got my prescription within a hour of contacting the other pharmacy.

What i would say to the pharmacy staff is, i know you're judging me based on the medication I'm on. You shouldn't be a pharmacist if you can not look past someones flaws. I've had so many problems with your staff and i continued to give you hope. I continued to think that maybe that person was just having a bad day. But i can not believe the way you all have treated me. I will be going to cooperate and ANYONE else I have to. I never complain about bad service. But you demeaned me, you made me feel like less of a person. You treated me terribly. That's not okay. You will be held accountable for your actions. And I'm going to tell everyone the way you treat ppl.

This was frys on fair st. In Prescott az.

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Former customer - 21 d 8 h ago


The manager from grant and 1st in tucson az was very direspect and rude.He threw coupons back at me, he stated I couldn't use them .After today I will no longer shop at that frys. I will inform everyone of my family and friends. We are Mexicans and we have lots of family... Just remember that when you hire racist pigs.....

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Rebecca - 24 d 10 h ago


I am completely shocked, appalled & disgusted with the Frys Marketplace on Ray & Rural Road. In the past 6 months the staff and management had declined and do not show any customer care or support when there is an issue. The restricting of the store is ridicules and they want you to use the Fry App but have absolutely no connectivity within the store to use the App.

I was in the store tonight, 9/22 and spoke with Doug & Daniella regarding an issue with a Visa Debit card and they did nothing to resolve the issue and offered no compensation for an issue at the Frys Gas Station.

I have been patronizing this store since it was built as a Smitt's and then converted to a Frys. I have never received such poor quality service than I have in the past 6 months. Not sure where Corporate got these "managers" but they need to do a walk in and see what shoddy service they supply at this location. I can certainly spend by hard earned money at another store for better quality service & support.

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Godmother - 27 d 4 h ago


You need to look at your managers. My God daughter was just hired by Fry's. Her new boss came to her home. Her mother was very sick. Her dad followed the ambulance to the hospital. Leaving my God daughter alone with her new boss. You know the rest of this story. Yes this new boss raped my God daughter. Yes she is 18 yrs old, but she is a very sheltered child. She only wanted a job. Your company really let her down by letting this caliber of man to represent your company. If I could I would close your company down. You allow anyone to represent you.

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Anonymous - 26 d 15 h ago

If I were you, I'd sue the company for damages. Ever since Steve came in the company, Fry's has not been the same. They have managers and associates running rampant, not only thinking, but knowing they can get away with anything because they feel they are special. This is BS, and this is the kind of stuff that will put their company into the ground. I hope companies like Walmart and Safeway put Fry's out of business. I walk into Walmart and Safeway and see that their associates care want to be there, they want to work. Your associates are there to "party" and stab each other in the back. Thats how cut throat Frys has gotten.

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Anonymous - 26 d 15 h ago

just wanna add one more thing. This "Friendly And Fresh, Customer Service" gimmick is complete bullshit. You customers are feeding the associates the illusion that Frys associates are awesome when they really are not. I dont reccomend anyone working at a Fry's, I dont even reccomnd that to my worst enemy.

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Anonymous - 26 d 15 h ago

just wanna add one more thing. This "Friendly And Fresh, Customer Service" gimmick is complete bullshit. You customers are feeding the associates the illusion that Frys associates are awesome when they really are not. I dont reccomend anyone working at a Fry's, I dont even reccomnd that to my worst enemy.

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Anonymous - 113 d 10 h ago

My daughter went to the Fry's Food tonight and one of the cashiers double-charged her on her receipt she didn't realize it till she got home she called the manager and the manager said we'll take care of it in the morning and my daughter insisted no I'm coming down there again and getting it taken care of this one was on Rural Road in Tempe watch it because the cashier is there will try to double charge you it's a horrible horrible horrible store I will never go there again they've totally last lost me as a customer and my daughter

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Anonymous - 98 d 17 h ago

Hello there I am any employee of the frys on rural Rd in tempe, please oh please give me the name of the cashier of you can and I will absolutly inform my managers about it

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Anonymous - 97 d 8 h ago

This is written 16 days ago, and your just NOW wanting to take care of it? You sir are slow. I would hate to see how the rest of your store and its associates operate.

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Anonymous - 28 d 10 h ago

Wow! I for one just now found this site. Maybe it took him 16 days to respond because he has just seen the post. I would have responded to this right away if I had known about this site. At least he was trying to do something for all you "snowflakes " who feel entitled.

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Sane Person - 27 d 1 s ago

THIS, thank you for being the voice of reason. I don't work for Fry's and getting double charged happens more than just in Fry's stores. It happens, thats why you pay attention at check out and look at the receipt before you leave the store. Scanners can be very sensitive and can pick up the slightest hint of a UPC code.

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Late Shopper - 85 d 6 h ago


I bought a shredder there that was on sale for a quarter of the price it normally was. They charged me the full price and I had to wait 20 minutes for them to "check" on the item and make a refund on my credit card which shows up days later. Is this the norm there now? Bad.

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Anonymous - 75 d 7 h ago

I honestly couldnt tell you, Im a customer out in the Casa Grande area. BUT... You might wanna ask the associate that wanted to help a customer 16 days after, he might be "on to something". lol

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Anonymous - 27 d 5 h ago

You know, I'd like to know exactly how your managers are running your stores. Arnt these people suppose to flexible with their associates? Im hearing stories, from friends, your store managers are not very flexible. One associate is telling me, because he is going to college, he feels as if the store managers are squeezing him out by making him choose between working at Fry's or going to school. To me, that almost feels like a slave driver. Fry's.... you guy better get your act together or company will be a revolving door for workers.

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Anonymous - 35 d 16 h ago

This goes out to any future Fry's employees. Please stay away from Store 48 in Casa Grande off of Florence Blvd. The associates there are very cut throat and have a very tight knit friendship over there and if they do not view you as someone who would belong in there circle, then you will forever be on the outside looking in. I got fired from that store on April 1st 2017. (I know... horrible April Fools Joke, but this was as real as it got) The reasoning for my firing was due to the fact that I "pushed" an employee in the back produce room while I was working with him. I know it's wrong to name people when complaining about grievences, but in this case I feel that it is completely necassary due to the fact that if you choose to work at this store, then these are the folks you need to stay away from. The person who I supposedly "pushed" was a kid named Daniel, who works at that stores produce dept. Now, I have talked to Laura (and yes, Im going to name a certain UFCW Union rep as well) many times about this and feel that she has done nothing to represent me properly and get my job back. The only thing she knows how to do is be a good talker and a good bullshitter. If you choose to go with the Union, maybe ask the head boss for a different rep. Back to Daniel. Now, the night I was working with him, I had supposedly "pushed" Daniel in the back produce room, yet there are no cameras recording the said "push", so he decided to take it upon himself to go screaming down the hallway "IM GOING TO TELL A MANAGER, F*CK YOU -----!!! F*CK YOU -----!!!". So the next day I found out I got fired for something I didnt do. Come a couple weeks later, Im fighting for my unemployment benefits, and reading through all of the progression letters and between both stories from Miguel and Daniel they turned out to be the same. Now I find it strange how Miguel wrote out the same exact story that Daniel wrote, yet Miguel wasn't working there. This was a comlete setup as I have shown one of my friends, who has a background in law enforcement, and she 100% agreed with me. As I have told her, there were no cameras around at the time of said "push", and she had also noted due to that fact it is nothing more than a he said she said story. So between the two, they had both set me up. Even Laura agreed with me, but she did nothing to help me win this case, as I feel as a Union Rep she is totally useless and cannot do her job properly. Now those are 3 people to stay from while working at Fry's 48. Let me name another. Bobby (Daystocking Clerk) is a lazy worker and and is another good talker who virtually gets away with murder at that store. People have always told me, "If you can't find Bobby, you know where to find him... under a manager's desk". This guy would constantly make me fall behind in my work when I was a daystocker. Everytime I clocked in and went to the back dairy room, crates, upon crates, upon crates would be stacked, along with the back dairy room trashed with almost no milk and eggs on the shelf which caused me to consistantly fall behind in my work. I would tell management about this on an almost everyday basis, and they would do nothing to help the situation. All management could do was feed me excuse after excuse after excuse as to why Bobby couldnt do his job with smile and a laugh on their face and could care less about having to help their assocites. Judy, is another bastard of a manger. she is a lying bitch that could not 100% care about you at all. If you were behind on a task because someone before you couldnt do there job and she knew about it, oh well. Goodluck trying to explain that to her, because her dumb@ss is right everytime! Buddy... O'Man! What can I say about Buddy..... He's a little p*ssy b*tch. I feel sorry for the folks out in Maricopa that have to deal with him now, because your positive morale factor just went down a bunch of notches. Get ready for fun "stress" times. Enough said. (At the time of this writing, I hear Buddy works at a Fry's in Maricopa) Then there's Mike, the produce manager. He's big, tall and he may look like someone who's tough and you don't wanna meet in a ally-way at night, but on the inside, he's just as much as a p*ssy as Buddy is. Rumor has it, he one day he wants a to become a store manager. I laugh at that, here's why. To be a store manager, you actually have to have THE BALLS to fire someone when they're not performing their job properly. Johnna (Produce Clerk) is almost as lazy as Bobby and she never got fired ONCE because she can't perform her job properly, and, as Mike would say it "I don't like firing people". Now, if he were store manager... I'd hate to shop at that store and be with a bunch of idiots that havn't had a generous thought since Saint Swivens Day. (as of this writing, Mike works at another Fry's in Casa Grande) As of this writing, during my time I have been a Fry's associate, I have only seen Store 48 recieve it's quarterly bonus ONCE!! I would also like to note I have heard such "WONDERFUL THINGS" about the new Paul that is there. I hear that things have gotten worse since my departure. Rumor has it that this new store manager Paul loves stabbing his associates in the back. Meaning, he'll love you one minute and throw you under the bus the next. If this is the type of employment Fry's wants, then the entire company is sorely f*cked.

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ANYNOMOUS - 37 d 14 h ago



First, I would like to know why it's so difficult to send an email to FRYS CORPORATE ofc.? Second, WHY does FRYS deli departmt. continue to use the SELL by date as the SAME date as the deli meat.was bought? This is the THIRD time it's happened to me. The manager has told them and it's still being done. Since I can't get through to FRYS corporate, I will just buy all my deli meats at SPROUTS. SPROUTS never does this, they are more aware of dates and more careful !

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Bev - 42 d 11 h ago


That was we visited lil abners last Sat.

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