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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Michael Donnelly
(623) 936-2100
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Eva Marcus - 2 d ago


One on Rural Road in Tempe is a huge rip off the cashier purposely double-charged my daughter on her credit card over $134 I will never go to Fry's again it was horrible they gave her a hard time it was a dirty filthy store and I will never ever go there again and I'm going to post this everywhere so everybody knows that there's one Pacific cashier the one on Rural Road in Tempe I'm going to put her name up as soon as I get it and post it everywhere

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Anonymous - 2 d 10 s ago

My daughter went to the Fry's Food tonight and one of the cashiers double-charged her on her receipt she didn't realize it till she got home she called the manager and the manager said we'll take care of it in the morning and my daughter insisted no I'm coming down there again and getting it taken care of this one was on Rural Road in Tempe watch it because the cashier is there will try to double charge you it's a horrible horrible horrible store I will never go there again they've totally last lost me as a customer and my daughter

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Disappointed Consumer - 5 d ago


I would like to comment on changes made at the Fry's store

At 59th and 101 in Glendale. I realize change can be good however the change in self service check out reeks of lack of customer service. If I wanted to work for Fry's I would. I feel the removal of a manned check out lane is a lack of reguard for your customers and part of what is wrong today in the fact that customer service is dead. As a consumer I will shop where there is customer service and an interaction that shows my business is important to the company providing that service. The decision to go to this business model has to have affected employees or the lack there of and certainly has disappointed a long time customer. I will not be back.

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No name - 7 d 8 h ago


When is the Fry's at 4815 Carefree Hwy in Cave Creek Az going to be remodeled? It really needs it. It's not the cleanest store and I will no longer buy from the deli ( food isn't fresh, doesn't last). Also the day manager needs a customer service class (he's very rude). I now travel 30 minutes to go to the Fry's at Thompson Peak. It's clean, the deli food fresh and tasty and the manager and employees are friendly and helpful . I am handicapped and sometimes need assistance shopping. The Cave Creek store can't be bothered so they no longer get my business. I only shop at competitors weekly and once a month at TP location.

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Roger Lawrence - 53 d ago


There's a big dog problem going on in Frys Store , I have nothing against pets I'm a dog lover my self I have one but when I'm going food shppping I would not think about bringing my dog into the store working dog I'm OK today I was at my local store 611 and there's a lady in the store every day with her dog in the shopping cart with nothing underneath can I have the dog was taking a piss in the cart it was all over the floor and nothing was done about it if it's not a working dog please Frys have a sign on the door No Pets in the store unless it's a working dog Basha has the sign why can't you guys follow their lead . I have another example I was at fries 65 and there was a guy in the store with a litter of pups in the Children basket with three pups in the basket come on Frys is that normal that is for a child . If I continue to see this kind of activity I am going to file a complaint with the health department and I will find another place to shop . I brought it to the attention of several employees and I was told they are not allowed to say anything .

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Me - 25 d 11 h ago

Get over it. Go somewhere else.

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Anonymous - 7 d 8 h ago


The law states that employees can ask if the animal is a service dog. If it's not then they can be asked to leave. I have a service dog that I put in the seat on a pad. I wont let the dog walk in a store because people don't pay attention and can run into my dog and injure him. I am ADA complient by having the pad on the seat. He's a lot cleaner than most infants/children with their dirty diapers and runny noses.

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Shade T - 8 d 7 h ago


I left the office to return an item at Store #29 and the manager left us standing for over 35 minutes. I complained and my legs were aching as no chairs are provided and was ignored. I asked for him to put another associate on another register and he snapped at me. This is very unprofessional and unacceptable as time is money and the line up was up to the entrance. Some people left but I drive 35 minutes to return and buy other stuff and had to wait. The manager's Name is Mateo. I'll appreciate a response as this is discouraging and I don't feel like shopping at Frys again.

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Anonymous - 11 d 12 h ago



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Gabby - 20 d 9 h ago


I will not go back to shop at your store in casa grand az on Florence I hade the worse customer serves ever. I'm a single mom of 5 living payck to payck on a really small budget. I look for the best sales and use coupons I don't have a car so I have to find a ride I do my shopping at night time close to closing time so people won't stand in line waiting for me I don't over coupon it's just what I need for my family of six to be able to extend my money as much as I can. I went in Friday night at 10 the 3 people that were there gave me the worse service ever by looking down at me because I'm a Mexican single mom using my coupons and looking for savings they looked at me like I was stealing from them when I said a few ecupons had not come off the man in a really bad way asked me so what do u want me to do I said ck it plz he said it not my job if it don't come off there's nothing I can do about it... when I ask to speak to the manager he moved his head for me to look over and see her when I asked her she replied if he all ready told you no there's nothing I can do .. like really so then i just left it alon then i I ask for a rain ck and was also denied for it.. Living in casa grande we have a vey small selection we're we can shope so I guess I will take my money some were also if my money is not the same because I use coupons or because I'm Mexican I will find some were else we're I feel welcome to shop.

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anonymous - 13 d 25 s ago

Ma'am. I feel sorry for you, I do. I really do. I used to work at that store and all the managers and associates all work like busy idiots with a very FEW HANDFUL of people that actually know what they're doing, and you should not have been treated that way. I would name one of the managers, I THINK gave you that attitude, but for legal reasons, I cannot at this time. What I would suggest doing is try calling corporate or even mailing them a letter letting them know how you feel as a customer as well. Info is at the top of this forum. I hope at some point you have read this and this information is helpful.

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Embarrassed - 15 d ago


Until today I was a faithful frys customer. I usually shop at the Baseline 48th st store but due to my work schedule I went to Baseline and McClintock and will never shop another Frys as long as I live. I just had a client pass away and was to say the least distracted. I realized I had forgotten water and asked the gentlemen assisting the self checkout customers if he could charge me for 2 waters. He then informed me they were at the back of the store . I asked if I could leave my cart full of groceries there and took a empty cart and got my two waters. Apparently he charged me for the 2.49 waters and I grabbed the package with 32 instead of 24 . I said oh Im sorry Im new to this store Ill gladly pay the difference.. He then tells me he needs to check all items in my bags 102.00 worth of groceries as he thinks I didnt scan everything. I was embarrased and offended. I stood there like a thief while he checked through each bag . He humiliated me for a 2.50 cent 12 pack of coke I thought scanned twice. Another gentlemen who was watching this said I seen her scan that item twice . I apologized and paid for the coke. The gentlemen who said he seen me scan helped me as I left the store in tears. Not one Frys employee. My husband has called to speak to a store manager and hasnt had anyluck yet. If the employee was aware I missed the coke why not just say Mam you missed a coke. Im at a loss for words.

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Linda bates - 15 d 7 h ago


I shop at Frys on 43rd. Ave and W. Northern been shopping there since 1962 there is no other Frys that I would go to everyone is so friend and polite I know a lot of the employees by name they know mine and husband also we receive hugs kisses on the cheek etc they would bend over backwards for us I found out I had to go in for surgery 23 surgerieslater and a amputation all of them stood by us with love and concern they are the best thanks for listening have a great day your people are. The greatest and this does include the managers.

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Sandy V. - 15 d 7 h ago


I had a dilemma and I needed to talk to someone from the corporate office to help me figure out the best way to go about handling a delicate matter. I am so happy I called.

When I think of all the times I've called corporate offices of vendors/stores I have used or patronized throughout my half of a century of life, I have never been treated so compassionately as I was by everyone I spoke with at Fry's in the Tolleson, AZ office.

My issue is somewhat unique, which required a few telephone calls. Everyone I spoke with listened intently. When I first called the number listed on their home page, the receptionist Pam answered and she has such a beautiful voice, I thought I encountered a typical recording most companies use these days. However, I was pleasantly surprised to realize I was actually talking to a live person. Pam very kindly listened to assess my situation so I would be transferred to the correct department.

I then spoke with Leslie D. who not only listened to my long story she put me at ease when I apologized by saying, "I'm here to help." Leslie and I have had a few wonderful conversations that left me with the feeling that Fry's cares very much about their customers and doesn't want anyone to have a stressful experience.

Leslie put me in touch with Adam B. who works in the field going to meetings and stores in a particular district. He's a very busy man but he took the time to listen and talk with me about a variety of subjects all the while making me feel I was his top priority. Adam and I have spoken several times. He always called me promptly and I appreciate his concern for my exceptional situation and just overall well being.

It was a pleasure to have been helped by such lovely, empathetic people. Thank you Pam, Leslie D. and Adam B. for your help with my issue and making my family and me feel very important.

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Anonymous - 18 d 34 m ago

now I am stating tell ever one I know about fry in flagstaff what was done to me it won't be long it is a small town before you see what the word of mouth does hear tell me you

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Anonymous - 20 d 17 h ago

I will not use your store anymore in flagstaff az if you have people that work in your store that say a man is a rapes and he has never even been charged with a sex crime then i need not shop at your store or even buy your gas

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R Wells - 21 d ago


Not really a review, just a request or question. We live in Show Low where we have a very limited choice of grocery sources. Basically a couple of Safeway stores and a Walmart. Is there a remote possibility of Kroeger-Frys building a store in our area? I believe it would be a very profitable choice. I spent most of my life in the Valley and never shopped at Safeway till we moved here. Competition is a good thing and I think Safeway would suffer if we had a choice.

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Sky - 21 d 10 h ago

I shop at your store in sun city west which is only 3 years old. We go the the Starbucks daily and sit by windows. The blinds and windows are filthy and to my knowledge have never been cleaned. Please clean store. You advertise the cleanest store. I would not agree with that statement. When management visits the store look at windows and blinds at the Starbucks sitting area.

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Anonymous - 23 d ago


I shop at the store on Hatcher in Phoenix 85020. I do not have a car, so I have a scheduled trip each week with my son's nanny and I so we can shop. Once a month on Sundays right around the first week of the month I need to purchase a money order for rent. Well several months ago, this location started closing their customer service counter at 8 instead of 9. This is a HUGE inconvenience since it is way out of my way to go to any other place that sells money orders after I get off work. (By the way, I work on customer service all day and would never shut down an area early consistently as this store does) I could understand if it was just once or twice this happened but it's been at least four months and who knows how many other days they do this. There was manager that would make an employee begrudgingly print my money order but I guess tonight he wasn't there. When I arrived at 8 I was excited to see the poles still up and there were three people in line. I waited five minutes then a guy came up and said it would be a while. I asked him if I could start shopping since we obviously had much time left before the counter closes and he said yes. I chose this because again I came with a ride and I didn't want to waste their time either..well 15 mins later, I come back and the poles have been taken in and the counter closed. The same man that said I could come back now said that the manager told him no. I explained my situation and how this is part of our weekly routine to shop this location and monthly to get my rent money order. He went back to the manager and came back and told me that he was refusing to do it. I then asked if they valued me as a customer that little and he just shrugged and said the manger refused to listen to him. I left my cart of groceries and walked out. I work for a large chain store....we would never ever treat customers this way!! I was fired from a fast food restaurant in my younger days for shutting down the dining room a half hour early and only operating the drive thru when we were so under staffed there were literally two people. I know what proper customer service is and this store does not have it!! Shame on you hatcher store!!

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Carol R - 32 d 10 h ago


Really upset!!!

This am, I arrived at Frys at Via Linda an Scottsdale and a oh man approached me and asked what kind of dog I had. I have a bichon 15 pound. She was on a leash. He said I was not allowed in the store even though I had a doctors certificate for an emotional support animal I am partially blind and a senior. I have Lambchop in that store numerous times.

I was told to leave the store as I had only a return item at CustomerService. I could not ccomplete my transaction. I may have to stop frequenting FRYS. I THINK THE POLICY IS OUT OF BOUNDS AS HEAT IS N AZ IS UNBEARABLE AND IN NO WAY WOULD I LEAVE MY BESTIE ALONE N THE CAR. FRY WAKE UP.....

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Joyce - 25 d 11 h ago

. I have paperwork from my doctor's office that says my dog must be with me at all times for medical reasons if they ever once tell me that I need to leave the store that would be the end of my shopping with frys. I was also a jewel customer back in Illinois so I've been a customer for almost 50 years .they better never tell me that cuz I'd land up calling the police.its against the law.

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Joyce Kotzamanis - 25 d 11 h ago

I spoke with Victor the manager at Silverbell and Cortaro and I found out that you're not going to have clicklist there I'm very disappointed I've been a customer of yours for over 20 years I am really disappointed. I understand that the reason is cooler space. There's plenty of space behind the store.Please rethink this decision and make Click list available. I have used your Thornydale and Ina but it's totally inconvenient...traffic,trains,and road construction make shopping there a nightmare...

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Jenny - 26 d 5 h ago


I shop at the Cotton/Greenway location in Surprise. I have been shopping at Fry's for 22 years and I am very upset that Fry's has changed the way they package their meat. It used to be that you could either get the ground beef/chuck in the different sizes and different lean/fat in the roll. You have taken that away! I can only get the ground beef in the trays now! When it comes to cooking with that, it makes a huge a difference! You can't crumble the ones in the trays. It is stringy and it looks like your eating worms. It makes taco's, spaghetti or anything that needs to be crumbled or browned normal. I am forced to go somewhere else and it ticks me off. There is no reason why they can't continue with what they have been doing for 22+ years!!

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Dennis OHara - 28 d ago


Good afternoon,

My Name is Dennis OHara, I leave in Tucson AZ went to the frys store on Silver Bell and Cortaro. As I was shopping I seen a display with cases of Corona, Heineken and DosXX. the sign said something like by 2 and get them at $9.99, I put 2 in my kart. was I was going though the check out I was charged 13.99 for the 2 12 packs of beer. I told the cashier that I though it was 9.99 if you bought 2 or more. she looked it up and could not find it, she called a customer service person, she said she would go look. She came back said it was for Heineken and DosXX, I said I was sure that it was for Corona as well. long short of it, I went out put my groceries in my car and came back in to the store to look for myself. This display was in the middle of the store, 1/2 the store away from the beer is placed. As I was taking a picture of the display where only the 3 types of beer were show in front of the $9.99 sign, I said you put corona with the other only 2 displayed, I said that I thought it was crap and you are falsely advertising with this display. This person had shirt on that said Customer Service, she did not respond did not say a word, turned and walked away. I spend about $4080 a year, second time I was taken advantage of!

Dennis OHara

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aileen - 31 d 5 h ago


I have a very sick husband who is a heart patient dialysis patient Etc and he had gone into pick up his own prescriptions but we're told they won't be ready for another hour I then went in for hours later to get his meds and they tell me that it was too soon to fill them I want to know why they couldn't tell him that in the first place because when I called him and told him he got so upset his blood pressure went through the roof and he is a heart patient and he has been sick for 2 days since I do not know how people can do that to other people knowing what their condition is in we have been dealing with the Fry's Sierra Vista Pharmacy for 10 years or more and this is not the first time that this has happened to him since he's been so ill in 2005 he gets 10 different meds since he's been so ill and I do not understand how people can do this to people that are so ill with that many medications I want to know what can be done about it and how fast

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