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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Michael Donnelly
(623) 936-2100
Annual Sales Est
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Robin C. - 9 h 43 m ago

Robin C very bad experience last week at campbell ca store im perm disabled no assistance with purchasing cell phone stood in aisle 25 min at least after reqyluestung assistance got followed all thru out store by loss prevention lpst a receipt for a cash purchase recently of a surveillance camera talked to manager there extremely rude would not give store credit thats all i wanted i paid cash your stores are loaded with security and im not a thief was treated so poorly im reporting this to better business bureau and consumer affairs and american disabilities activists if compensation and a apology are not made to me promptly i will discontinue my business in all stores and let my friends and family know best buy im sure doesnt treat people like i was treated it was a horrible humiliating experience

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Avoid Like The Plague - 6 d 9 h ago


A pharmacist at 64th st and Higley apparently thinks she can denigrate subordinate employees of other companies. Your job is to fill prescriptions. How about you do your job?

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Jim n Hanson - 12 d 9 h ago


Fry's store at 5100 s McClintock, Tempe Az was remodeled several months ago with mostly good results except for 1 thing. There was an isle going north to south for the entire store. On the frist Wednesday of the month the number complaint among all of older people, the isle has been removed. This really has the older people upset. This is a older store, older people live in the ares and shop there. We would like to have the isls put back the way they were. This is completky different than you have i Phx area. The employees of the store know alot of people by the names, by their names ask about each othet family's ect. I have voived my complaint to Kroger customer service many times, but it has come on to deaf ears. We have spoken to the store manager Cinger, but says it out of her hands.

ALSO.many items have been removed.

My family has been shopping at Fry2for at least 34 yrs at this location. I pass another grocery store in oder to get to Frys.

We are there 3 or 4 times a week,.that mycell phone tells me how long it will take me to get to work at Frys.

I do beleive I should receive an answer since it affects so many people running back and forth.

Warmest Regards

Jim Hanson Tempe

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Anonymous - 29 d ago


It's about damn time you guys start paying employees actual money. Overworked and underpaid. 10$ dollars starting January 2017 and boy does it feel good to take the greed away from this scumbag company. Spoken from a fry's employee

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Dick Duncan - 24 d 14 h ago

Being anonymous nullifies your bad commentary..........Is someone making you work there ???? Anyone that works for an outfit that doesn't like it,........,walk out the door..........

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Frys employee - 21 d ago

Dick, ask any employee and they'll tell you how horrible the pay is. 10 cent raise for 800 hours worked. Really now!?!? This company can open up 3 or 4 new stores every year spending millions but Yet they can't pay employees actual living money. Do you work there? Because it sure doesn't sound like it.

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Kyle - 12 d 18 h ago

Then get a real job? No one is forcing you to work at a grocery store as an adult.

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Anonymous 1 - 14 d 13 h ago


Oh yeah brother! Couldnt have said it better than that. Glad to pay these hardworkers better than 8 bucks. This is spoken from an hourly manager.

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Anonymous - 13 d 7 h ago

I usually don't have a need to do this, but after going to two seperate locations I feel the need to express my concern. While on on leave from deployment i was in town in aTucson AZ and stopped in at the Irvington and Campbell location.

I went to the self checkout and didn't a card for discounts so i used my mom's who shopped frequently at your store. It worked once on a prior purchase but this time it did not. The male cashier at this post was very rude when I asked for his assistance, made rude comments as to not being present with me on my earlier purchase so how could he know it worked. I simply addressed his remarks and he walked away. There was a female standing at the register and I asked her for help and she also began exhaling in an upset manner because I was interrupting her texting on her phone.. I regret getting their names but it was the 1st of January late evening. I know what it feels like to be away on or work on Holidays, but honestly there is no excuse for how I was treated.

I am amazed how people are looking for work and there are individuals like these young people with no regard for their job and very unprofessional working for your store.

I stopped in at the 16th and Irvington and it was not much better beginning with the night manager who was present this day at 1900 hours. I realize you have a need for security ,but when I asked for a waiting area for my elderly father who cant walk to well to wait while I purchased some items for him, I didn't expect to speak to someone with a mouthful of food while standing at his post, pointing to a small chair so close to the employees bagging food. It was an awkward chair and by itself in a very uncomfortable area. . I personally have enjoyed shopping at your stores in the past while living in Tucson, never had such a horrible experience and at more than one locations. Thank you for allowing g me to share this with you.

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Emilio Fernandez - 15 d 5 h ago


Frys Maricopa,AZ this used to be a great when first open first few years then gone down hill store is dirty dairy department is a filth many of time all we get is I'm sorry about that from evening management they have gone at least 10 managers in the last few years no one cares is a shame it looks like the dollar store I wish I could post pictures on here hope some one Frys cares.

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Water rotting produce - 18 d 7 h ago


Dear Mr Donnelly,

It is my hope you read this simple request. The only FRYS in Sierra Vista AZ has courteous and hardworking staff.

My issue is the produce, it is being saturated to the point of rot due to the never ending intermittent sprinklers. An employee said they had no say a cashier said corporate runs it all and that leads me to you.

Have your store revise the damaging waters that are not keeping the vegetable healthy but sending them to the garbage faster than it should happen. It's a shame.

Please look into this. I love this store but cannot continue shopping there with this mess.

Thank you

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Thea - 26 d 16 h ago


I don't know what happened with Fry's grocery store. I used to LOVE shopping here, but since they went to ecoupons it seems they have gone down hill fast. Every time I shop some of the ecoupons do not get taken off. I usually shop a large order at a time so there's no way to check out all the coupons there. When I get home, I find there's at least 1.00 to 2.00 dollars worth that wasn't taken off. This last time, I even printed out 5 pages worth (a lot of cost of my ink) and discovered nearly $5.00 wasn't taken off. And there was one that if you spent $200 you would have $20.00 taken off w/in the next 4 days as long as you kept the receipt w/the bar code. I went back the 4th day, recouped my money at customer service for ecoupons that hadn't been taken off, spent another $75 & gave them my $20 off coupon & they said I hadn't spent $200! What good is $20 when you spend $350???? I must say, they did honor it in the long run after complaining to Corporate by adding to my fry's card, but why is there such a hassle with these ecoupons. It's enough to make me want to shop else where. They need to send out the coupons like they used to.

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May - 24 d 5 h ago


I agree that the coupons need to be done in print. I don't know how to use a smart phone.

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PDF - 18 d 15 h ago


Thea, so glad i'm not the only one who has this issue. I've raised to the manager about the constant problem of digital coupons not getting applied and the customer service representative usually shifts the blame with comments like 'are you sure the used the right card, are you sure you have the right product, are you sure the coupon was added on the site" despite showing them the printed list from their site ! When I ask if other customers have complained the representative usually says it's the first time anyone has reported, which I just don't believe. I would estimate at least $100 a year of missing credits since using these digital coupons, and we go to Frys about 3 x a week. Might be necessary to report this to the AZ agriculture dept of weights and measures or if enough people are affected get a class action going for consumer fraud.

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Sherry - 18 d 16 h ago


I just came from Frys in Prescott (willow Creek Store). I did my shopping and went to self check out. I had a problem with a couple of the items that needed scanning. I nfor the attendant who was standing a couple of feet from me. He was busy talking to someone that he knew. He was having a personal conversation. He turned the buzzard off. He did come over but I already took the item and placed it up on the top of self check out. problem with 2nd item. rebuzzed-still talking to his friend/family member. I moved to a 2nd register. He got mad and said it will do the same thing at this register. I said no I left the 2 items up above. He said I have been busy. To busy for you. He said what have you done today? looking at my handicap cart. Than he said what are you going to be doing today making reference to the handicap cart. He called the supervisor over who basically stood and listened taking his side. He said I will give you my name,,,,,Jeremiah Creegal. Call corporate. I am beyond reproach. Nothing will be done. Then come back and let me know how it will be done. Very cooky, I will not return to a store that openly and willfully discriminates.

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Anonymous - 18 d 16 h ago


Training with the corporate office is awful. Instead of helping you correct any mistakes the managers just fix it themselves. Or they have no idea what to do so they send someone else to train you then get upset that you didn't meet their expectations. Some of the managers also can't seem to communicate with each other. I would not recommend working for frys corporate office retail operations unless you like managers who planned at the last minute, can't communicate with you, very picky and you must save excel documents in a certain spot.

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brenda - 20 d 7 h ago


I buy Fry's gift cards every year for my brother. This year it was stolen. I had the receipt and the card I had charged the gift card on. I had also bought my sister in law a gift card from Victoria Secrets. I went to Victoria Secrets and They were able to verify the card had not been used, with my ID and the mode in which I bought the gift card they replaced the card right then and there. You would think that a electronic store is as efficient or better. It is very disappointing to discover the bad attitude and the knowledge that they are so far behind a store selling underwear. I was told by the assistant store manager that they will need to make a copy of the receipt, fax it to corporate, where they will route it to the right department. Then they will verify the card has not been used. I it has not been used then a replacement card will be mail to the store. They will call me if/when they receive the card. I was told it would take anywhere from 24 hours to 60 days. I am contacting corporate in hopes of escalating this and to find out how I can get the card sent straight to me. The service at the Arlington store was terrible and the management is sub par. Not one of the employees treated us like they liked their jobs or cared if we were satisfied. There were at least 9 employees walking around in circles doing nothing but trying very hard not to help anyone.

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James Young - 21 d 12 h ago


Michael you need to install gutters on your store in Prescott Valley Store , ice cycles were hanging over the front entrance and water was draining on us as entered your store and the cement was icy and slippery FYI Jim

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Bengie - 21 d ago

you got a little wet... ohhh noo!! Cry me a damn river.

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Dennis - 42 d 13 h ago


For everyone that rates this company poorly just go else where like Walmart their attitude is the same as yours.

Fry's associates are the best they treat you like family and appreciate your business.Their stores are clean fresh and instock

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Bank manager - 35 d 19 h ago


Dennis you are number two!

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John - 30 d 18 h ago

They need to hire people that have a clue!

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Assistant vice president - 30 d ago

Only if your white

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Retired frys employee - 22 d 19 h ago

Which one do you shop at? I would drive extra miles to get good customer service

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Pissed off Frys Mom - 27 d 9 h ago

Called and complained about them making my child's schedule unavailable after a 3 day suspension that was a pure accident but no complaint on that, time was served. No it seems like they are trying to either fire her or make her quit. I'm thinking of telling her to file a complaint with her union rep. Could be that the manager doesn't like her because she is transgender, and I have no problem telling her to call corporate and report this as discrimination.

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Schedule reply - 22 d 19 h ago

Did she try looking at the posted schedule that is always hanging on the wall?

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