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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Steve McKinney
(623) 936-2100
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 1 h ago

Leave food for others too so we can stay home. Please stop hoarding. Frys should only allow people to buy a few items on everything

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Carrie Shreder - 1 d ago


I just shopped at Fry's on Cooper and Warner in Gilbert. They are not mandating their staff wear gloves. When I saw my cashier and bagger did not wear gloves! I spoke to the manager and he said, very nastily, that they are not required to wear gloves! I am no longer a Fry's customer. I bagged my own groceries and frankly, the Manager Brian said I was the one taking the risk by shopping! The nerve of this man.

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Anonymous - 1 d 46 m ago

I was just shopping at the Surprise Fry's on the corner of Reems and Bell. A customer service person was coughing into his hand. I brought it to his attention and he just said I AM! I told him to cough into his elbow and that he should go wash his hands. He along with a nearby clerk just glared at me. He then went to the customer service desk. I waited til I was checked out and decided to report the issue. I asked for the manager and was told that the customer service person I was concerned about WAS the Manager and his name is Bud. Obviously he thinks he is above taking precautions for the safety of customers like me who are taking preventative steps to stay safe. I will not be back to this store and will tell others to stay away also.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Please stop hoarding!

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Anonymous - 1 d 16 h ago

I hope you read these. Please stop people from hoarding. You could do that if they were only allowed to buy a few of each item. I shop for the month for 2 you dont need to buy that much and I cook. Also for senior citizens day you should have half a day for seniors so we can get what we need. 6 to 7 am is awfully early for older people to get up and dressed. Please be kind and make there's enough food for all of us. For older people and so children can have what they need too

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Anonymous - 1 d 16 h ago

A good suggestion for people to stop hoarding would be to only let them buy so many items. I go every 1st Wednesday of the month for the 10 percent discount. They should give half a day to seniors next month so we can get what we need. 6 to 7 am is awfully early for elderly people. Some have a hard time getting up that early and getting dressed like me. Please be kind and think about this. Please stop people from hoarding. You dont need to buy that much to hide behind closed doors for a month. I buy for the month for 2 all time

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AZJETSFAN - 2 d 14 h ago


Tried tp goto the store at 1245 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201. I got there at 8:40pm only to be told they close at 8:30pm even though their website says they close at 9:00pm like the rest of the Frys stores. when I questioned them about being open until 9:00pm, they stared at me like a deer in your headlights. They knew they were supposed to still be open. I was not the only person they turned away early as there was a few other people they turned away. I can understand closing early due to the Coronavirus but closing even earlier then they are supposed to be is simply unprofessional on the store managers behalf. At times like now when store hours are reduced, we shouldn't have to worry about store managers deciding on their own to close even earlier casusing us to not be able to go somewhere else. Very Unhappy Customer!!!!!

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John - 3 d 25 s ago


Visited 40th & Chandler today

The changes in this store are amazing

It looks a lot less cluttered

Your staff is always friendly

The store has a clean fresh look

I am totally impressed

Everyone is doing an outstanding job

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Anonymous - 4 d 18 h ago


I had bagels and bread in my cart because I work 18 hour shifts and like to have breakfast and you know sandwiches for lunch. They told me I couldnt buy it because of the stupid ass pandemic going on. So now because yall want to be absolute fucking ass holes I wont have a way to have lunch for both of my jobs. So thanks for that. Oh also when they took my entire order away I had tampons in there which are hard to find rn so I'm currently using TP that I barley have. You're a pathetic ass business who needs to get their shit together. Absolutely ridiculous for us people who dont have the money until we get paid and cant even get the shit we need. I'm overly disgusted with your business and you need to make some kind of changes. Plenty of reasons why I never shopped here and definitely wont be back.

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Sasha Ellis - 3 d 14 h ago

Why the hell did they stop you from buying bagels? Got to be more to your story going on here than that!?

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Anonymous - 7 d 15 h ago

I was fraded over 750 dollars today at a Fry's on Thomas Rd 4505 and was told to just call the police never too any information or name or anything that was my truck payment for this month

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Dr. Will Anderson - 3 d 14 h ago

WTF. Can't you write a complaint that makes sense? What the hell is "fraded" mean? Is that a word or...? How did they "fraded" you out of $750? I'm sure the police will help you if they can figure out what happened.

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Natalie M. - 5 d ago


I am utterly DISGUSTED in the flawed logic your company displays!!!

You will only accept RETURNS and EXCHANGES for MEAT, DELI, AND SEAFOOD????!!!!??? How does this make ANY SENSE in slowly the spread of a VIRUS that can SURVIVE on pretty much ANY SURFACE for 24-48 hrs.....??? Fresh food is MORE OF A RISK!!!!

Yet even AFTER bringing (w/sanitizing wipes to ENSURE CLEANLINESS and sanitation) an UNOPENED RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE $6 QUART of MILK which I was pretty much FORCED to PURCHASE because I was told that's ALL your company had and was ALL you were getting in until further notice....only to find out the NEXT DAY you received full gallons for 2.19!!!) I was DENIED an exchange or upon buying it I get home.... to find out IT WAS ALREADY EXPIRED!!!! AND I had to pay a 2 dollar DEPOSIT on the BOTTLE ALONE..





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Sophie Jemi - 3 d 14 h ago

Sounds like a bad time. I had a similar story and talked to the manager and got everything settled very fast plus he gave me coupons worth $25.

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Rebecca Jones - 3 d 17 h ago


I am sympathetic to this crazy virus and understand the mad rush grocery stores are under, but to offer delivery times/windows and not be prepared to address questions for failures, is a failure. You have my money on hold with my check card, promised grocery delivery 3 days after order placed, then you don't show up with the goods. Pathetic! To top that off, the CS department is not able to check on any order other than that it was acknowledged. After waiting 2 times on hold for more than 30 minutes. Don't order online for delivery at Fry's.

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Tamra - 4 d 13 h ago


I have been trying to two days to shop at Fry's for groceries, but the parking lot is jam packed everytime I go so I turn around and go home. I didn't want to go inside because Fry's is letting everyone in at one time. Finally, this morning I was desperate and went in (even though the parking lot was completely full) and I wish I had not. There were so many people in the store that it was impossible to use social distancing of 6 feet like the Govenor recommends. The product section and check out lanes were especially crowded with people getting way way to close to each other to maintain the 6 foot "distance" between people. There is a simple solution... control how many people get in the store at any one time so as to no over crowd the place. Take a lesson from other grocery stores that are already doing this. Please!

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John Boyd - 6 d 1 h ago


Remove all Snow Fox Sushi from your stores. They are Not USDA Approved and they sell to SNAP Recipients, knowingly they are are not USDA Approved. The Snow Fox Sushi display in San Tan Valley, 85140, does not meet Health standards and is filthy. Its employees do not speak English (or pretend they don't) which is a Snow Fox Franchise requirement and therefore consumers cannot Ask relevant questions about the product. Its employees do not adhere to State Health Standards and do not know how to wash their hands with soap and water, were seen using the moist towels outside Fry's before coming in to work. Overall these SnowFox employees are very rude and inconsiderate to the American consumer. Replace them before some files a lawsuit against their practices and Fry's will get caught in the middle. Replace with a chips and salsa display! Thank you.

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Family of your Employee - 6 d ago


Kroger / Frys Food and Drug To whom it may concern, *if not addressed by tomorrow March 23rd I am going to every social and TV media outlet that will listen. * Sending to the store and corporate today I have a dear family member who is a front line employee at Kroger / Fry's Food and Drug and I am disgusted by the treatment of their employees at this terrifying time. I have so many complaints that I don't even know where to start. You are NOT protecting your employees and it sickens me to see how little you care about them. Next to healthcare professionals the grocery store employees, mainly your cashiers, are at extremely high risk being exposed to thousands of customers per day. They have not been provided masks, disinfecting wipes or spray for their work space and have even been told that masks are NOT ALLOWED due to the perception and fear it might cause. I'm not even sure that's legal to prohibit. Your front line employee barely make minimum wage or a hair more they are not paid or compensated not did they choose a profession that puts them at risk like doctors and nurses. Healthcare professionals are at least protected with a sanitary environment, clothing, masks, and protocols. My family member is over 55 and has an inhaler already not to mentions cares for my 82 year old grandfather. Even if she contacts the Covid-19 virus and survives my grandfather is likely to die from your gross lack of employee consideration and protection during this pandemic crisis. At the store my family works at there are NO cashiers NONE until 7am and then just one from 7 to 8 with no bagger or help. So the busiest first two hours of the morning you are grossly understaffed and have not appropriately adjusted hours and staffing. It seems to me that the stores are adjusting as the more money they make and the less they adjacent hire or pay OT the bigger the profit and bonus will be. There should never be less than two cashiers and two baggers at all times during this pandemic; especially during the first few hours of opening! Now we can we get into the emotional turmoil this is causing your cashiers; they are being asked to take food and place limits on items. Although this might be necessary can you just imagine taking bread and hotdogs from a mother of 6 with all kids out of school and at home. The mother is crying at your register because she can't afford to feed all of her children during the school shut down and what she can afford you ask your cashier's tip take from them. Or the 87 year old lady crying because she's terrified to come to the store as she says she knows her and her husband will die if they get the virus yet you're the 4th store she's been to looking for toilet paper her heart is breaking because your store is out! It's not your management team it's not the owner and it's not your VP that see this and feel this; it's your cashier's, baggers, and customer service employees. I think they should ALL go to the doctor and get stress leave! Their measly $12-$16 an hour, no help and understaffed, and lack of health and protection, and disinfectant supplies isn't worth it. My family member, when asked if they were going to have a bagger that morning to help, was basically told it's a right to work state and if they don't like it they could leave. How callous and uncaring your management team has to be to respond in that manner is beyond my comprehension. My ask for consideration is the following: 1. Immediately supply of appropriate disinfectant spray, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer to every register and customer contact spot. 2. Provide gloves AND MASKS to every employee who wants them. Forget about perception PROTECT your employees and customers. 3. Offer immediate overtime, all hands on deck, and hire more. Never have less than two cashiers and two baggers on shift. 5. Offer more pay during this pandemic. I've seen other states and stores do this. ($2.00 - $5.00 more per hours) Consider hazardous pay! 6. Be considerate and kind to your front line employees; they are at highest risk and sacrificing the most for your company.

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Ex-customer - 7 d 18 h ago


Very disappointed. Fry's is very quick to sell out of product daily due to COVID-19, but refuses to advance or even play their own part to combat the sread and ensure customer health.

The supermarkets are pretty much the only place allowable for large groups. In addition the supermarket is one the few places where everyone touches everything (Fresh produce, product, carts, and touchpads). That being said why the hell would Fry's be so cheap and reckless not to offer/install hand sanitizer wipes or machines? Especially with whats going on these days to combat the spread.

In a packed store, i mentioned to my local Frys that the cart wipes were empty. Then asked why they are not mounting commercial type sanitizing units in every department. ($67 ea) Not only did they say no, not a chance, but argued the need in an oblivious manner and blamed the customer for using too many of the cart wipes. You guys are fools to think your store isnt a cesspool for the virus. Wake up and advance your practices.

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Anonymous - 7 d 18 h ago

Is Headquarters going to extend using gas points for March to at least April 30th. Concerned Sierra Vista, AZ customer,

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Frank - 8 d ago


Basha, Albertsons and Safeways during this Coronavirus crisis are ALL have senior citizen shopping days how come fries is not having it this way the seniors can buy what they need and necessitiesit seems like Fry's does not care about the senior citizensi Albertsons Safeways bashas are turning away the people there are not 60 or older doing the senior citizen shopping days the hours are the first two after they open and the days and the days are Tuesday and Thursday.

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Veronica Zawodniak - 8 d 20 m ago


This is just a suggestion.. I'm elderly & disabled. I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE my Downtown Phoenix Fry's. But the digital coupons can be a big hassle at this time with the Coronavirus. Until this time can you just streamline the sales and just put them on sales and put the digital coupons on hold till further notice. This way people won't spend extra time into the store. We can get in there get the wonderful things that we need at Fry's wonderful prices but without spreading the coronavirus or getting your employees at risk anymore. It's just a thought. I love & cherish my FRY's family. Be blessed

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Adela H - 8 d 6 s ago


I just had the witnesses the WORST examples customer service from a manager by the name of Emily at the location on 16380 W Yuma Rd. A lady was shopping with her six children which is understandable everyone is out of school and as the lady tried to ask her a question she proceeded to roll her eyes with her hands on her hips, and I overheard her say we don't want your food stamps here take your tribe and go?.. She yelled it loud enough for the lady's children to be visibly upset so the lady decided just to leave for her kids sake I am sure. is not the first time I have seen her be rude but it certainly will be the last time as I will never patronize that location as long as I know she works there. I'm sure that is not regular Frys practice to allow managers to be not only assumptive but disrespectful when having to assist people,as it is their job. We are all going through stuff during this epidemic and I would hate to think that even if that young lady had been on food stamps that she would have been made to feel as though her duty to get her children through this time where is less important to Kroger than anyone else just because someone assume she might have been receiving food stamps. Some people out there have large families because they can afford. SHAME ON YOU EMILY

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Steve - 9 d 23 h ago


I frequent the stores on 83 and Deer Valley, 67 and Happy Valley and 59 and the 101. The Team, the Managers and customers at all three locations seem to be making the best of this current environment. Great Job Frys!

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Diana Stephens - 9 d 4 h ago


an employee yesterday said I could come back early 6 in the morning to get the items that I needed ... I was wanting angus sirloin, bread, eggs.... there was this huge line around the building... I just wanted those three items... so I stood in front by the door with no shopping cart ....they would not let me enter until all the others went through so finally got in went back to the meat, no meat it never came in, no bread, no eggs ....the same as yesterday.... frys is a liar ..... they advertise they re stock but nothing is really coming in... just some cambells soup and cheap toilet paper...... and they employees are rude, but the management is even more rude.... the waddell and litchfeild store... its the fat manager with some kind of growth coming from his stomach.... man get that fixed.... or be hidden from public view until you do....

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