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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Steve McKinney
(623) 936-2100
Annual Sales Est
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Billi Fiddler - 7 h 19 m ago


Hello, My name is Billi Jo Fiddler I've been going to Fry's Food store for years. I lived at Grant/ Alvernon for 10 years. Never once did I have an issue or complaint against any of your employee's until recently when I moved to Rita Ranch Tucson Az, I picked the store off of 22nd/Kolb because my son goes to school near by. Recently there has been a issue in the Pharmacy Dept. I am upset & hurt. I feel unfairly treated! I have multiple prescriptions that I have field through you guys. A few of them are narcotics and I understand there's a protocol. Recently starting April 2018, I had to start looking for a new pain management doctor. Which this is been a process that my doctor and I are on top of and trying to resolve. I been in patient that has chronic pain, multiple surgeries, as well as a breast cancer patient and just recently broken left ankle. The last time I was there at the pharmacy the pharmacist was very rude and stated that this was going to be the only time she would fill the prescription not knowing my medical history. It was stated that there was an issue saying that I jump around to Pharmacy to pharmacy which is not true. I've been with Fry's at Grant and Alvernon as well as the Walmart on Grant and Alvernon for years. Only time that I would go to a different Pharmacy is when the medication was not in stock. I recently moved to 7740 South Lions Spring Way Tucson Arizona in Rita Ranch and decided to have my prescriptions transferred to 22nd and Kolb my prescriptions stayed at 22nd and Kolb until recently when they were closed and I hurt myself and had to go to the Urgent Care and I end up using Walgreens. I've I've been struggling with the idea of changing my Pharmacy until today when the same pharmacist was rude completely out of line and wouldn't even listen to anything I had to say, did not ask any questions. So as of today I am moving my Pharmacy to Walgreens and I want this complete noted.

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Tired of poor customer service! - 6 d 9 h ago


I have been a customer of the same Fry's for 17 years. However, I will not continue to spend my hard earned money at this or any other Fry's. I try to be understanding since I have also worked in customer service. I am tired of the poor customer service I receive and the store being consistently out of sale items. I also cannot stand the Deli anymore. I am not only getting poorer quality items from the hot case, but also more bad customer service. In fact, I've waited in line and watched other customers being treated poorly. Winco is actually closer to my house and at Walmart I can get equally bad customer service and my items at a lower price. There are other options.

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Not right and fair - 6 d 10 h ago

Vanessa Jarnigan should be fired for job conflict. Also she only is concern about herself.

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Upset customer - 6 d 10 h ago


My friend was a cashier and got fired for working another grocery job that conflicted with her current job. I reported Vanessa Jarnigan who is a assistant store manager at Frys. She has a side job of her own baking cakes. Isn't she taking business from Frys steering customers to buy her baking goods instead of Frys? And using Frys supplies as well? Well.. according to what I was told... she was not breaking any policies. Wasn't okay for my friend but okay for Vanessa? Double standard and not right. Steve McKinney needs to know it's not right

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Anonymous - 18 d ago

Ioved here from CA. I totally love your prices. You all MUST consider online ordering and delivery's and pick-ups. I am disabled and was in too much pain to leave the house and was forced to order from Safeway....I would have preferred to order from Fry's.

My name is Channa Newbern email address (hidden). please feel free to respond to my comment.

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John Doe - 52 d 20 h ago

have any of you noticed, not sure if corporate reads any of these or not, but I have never seen one reply back from corporate in these forums. not saying they should reply to all of these, but it would be nice if they could reply to some of these.

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Pat - 19 d ago


.that is why I am going to call the corporate offices tomorrow..not sure if anyone looks @ an e-mail.

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Jdude - 30 d 4 h ago


I just had all my prescriptions transferred from Frys to the Walmart across the street. The Fry's pharmacy employees under the new direction of a new younger pharmacist (7-18-18; 1:30p.m.) were rude and perpetually lied to me about the readiness for a scrip of low dosage antibiotics. I was in the store yesterday and told that they had not finished filling the scrip. I called in advance today and was told that it still was not ready because the pharmacist (P) wanted to check with the prescribing NP regarding interaction with another drug. Despite my informing the P that I had discussed the issue with the NP and the NP knew about it and did not have a problem, the P did not want to fill the scrip. I also informed the P that I had not taken the supposed "interacting med" for seven days. The P said she did not care. While at the pharmacy, I was told on 7-17-18 that the scrip would be ready to pick up in the a.m. on 7-18-18. I went and the told me that they still had not completed the filling of this minor order. I have transferred all scrips to another pharmacy nearby. Frys loses money bec some pharmacists are sadists.

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Couting on Corporate to do the right thing - 22 d 16 h ago


Terrorism at pharmacy,

On 07/12/18 my husband confirmed my scripts for a Monday Med. review with pharm. manager. He was told , I could pickup one script that night.

The next day we went grocery shopping with my 8 yr old son and night began with a hostile temp. floter who resented working at the 35th and Peoria store .

I was rudely told my scripts were not ready, and when I stated that they were confirmed the day before, she turned her back and bitchily said " WHATEVER! ".

15 minutes and 3 customers later ,Iwas fed-up and demanded service when she comented to Robert, the pharmarst, that I was a " bitch " . Robert then threatened to call the manager in some juvenelle attempt to intimidate me.I have dealt with this masochistic narcissist before, and I said " PLEASE DO,ROBERT,and let's finish this!". He then began to read out loud my scripts for every one in the lineup to hear. I recently had heart surgery and also take 2 psych.meds, and he clearly intended to

sham me by repeating my psych. meds emphatically . I didn't cry,and the manager,

Ryan, finally showed up and so did my husband. Ron, my husband, is a disability advocate of 15 yrs. and due to incompetence and lost or neglected refill faxes has

had to witness this insane abuse all to often by Robert.

Seeing me in my frantic state, he dealt with Ryan, the manager, and picked up my meds and guided me away from further aggravated emotional duress.

My husband is blind,and this was so traumatic I couldn't drive home for an half hour and my son is now afraid for me to go to Fry's.

We have yet to hear from customer service or Ryan.

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Anonymous - 28 d 9 h ago


I just recently worked for Frys company in Cottonwood, have had good service through frys throughout the years ub

ntil started working with them it was a complete nightmare. First off they throw you on a register after a class and expect you to know what your doing and if you ask for help your shunned and treatedlike crap because you dont know everything about the codes yet . Worked in fuel with an employee who grabbed my arm while I was trying to help a customer had told a manager and I was the one pulled off fuel and asked why I smelled like cigarettes . Really that what they had a problem with me smelling like cigarettes not the fact an employee is physical towards another but cigarettes? Then I had a problem with Frys not wanting to pay for any of the hours I put in. I think they broke every rule in the handbook of Frys. When I started working there was asked to come in 3 or 4 times off scedule which I did

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Fran - 31 d ago


Scottsdale AZ: I go into my store where I always go, and I am finding it is harder to Simply Light Lemonade. You have tons of other Simply Lemonade but the light is disappearing. I am also noticing this with Daisys Lowfat Cottage Cheese (large container). It is very disappointing when it has always been there and we are use to it and then all of a sudden it disappears. You had plenty of Krogers brand which I do not buy.

Thank you


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Stressed employee... - 32 d 38 s ago

I don't understand how a coworker can be fired 13 months ago, now has their job back with senority and going to be back in our department. Doesn't the department's manager or other coworkers have any say? We have had a very happy 13 months without this person, now all the tension and drama, manipulations, gossip, and disruptive behavior from this person is going to start again. So now our happy place of work turns back into a sressful one. This employee always bragged about how they couldn't fire them, well now a whole new "attitude" will accompany the worse. We should not have to put up with this, they were fired for breaking company policy, even viewed on tape...why do I feel we're the ones being punished...they should send this person to the other store. We shouldn't have to sacrifice our good work relationships because tge union forced corporate to take the employee back...ETHICS...WHAT ETHICS..

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1TrickPony - 52 d ago


Frys Fuel, Grand Ave and 107th, Sun City, AZ, Tuesday, June 26, 5:50 PM: I went to get gas at Fry's and decided to get my Mega Millions lottery tickets there as well. I usually go to Circle K down the street, but since I was there getting gas, I would give it a try. I handed the clerk in the booth one PB $4 winner, and 2 filled out Mega Million slips (at $10 each). The clerk fiddles around with the machine, tears up my PB winning ticket and says to me "That will be $30". I said "Oh no it's not. I should owe you $16!" He says "Lady, the machine tells me how much the tickets costs" and I said "Each one of those slips is $10, I gave you two slips which should be $20, PLUS I gave you a $4 winner to cash in!". He argued with me back and forth because the idiot obviously couldn't count or has been ripping people off and pocketing the money. I finally said "You can keep the tickets! Give me my slips back and my $4!!!" which he did. NEVER AGAIN! I took my slips to the Circle K and I asked the gal behind the counter to look at my slips to see if anything was off kilter. She said no, and ran them through for me. It was $20, just like I said. I think the gas attendant might have hit the megaplier WHICH I DID NOT WANT to my tickets and wouldn't admit it. I am filing a formal complaint with Frys Foods and with the Arizona Lottery Commission. :poop: I also want to say that I usually get excellent service from the actual grocery store and pharmacy. I shop at this store at least twice a week and all of my prescriptions are filled there. Maybe this was a "One Off" but someone needs to check out this guy who was on duty at the fuel booth at the time I had this trouble. Maybe more training is in order.

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rr881809 - 36 d 6 h ago

yeah go ahead and file it under 10

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Kathy Devroy - 50 d ago


I have been shopping at the Fry's on 51st Ave. and Olive for 8 years. The clerks and cashier's have always been efficient and personable. When it gets too busy for the few cashiers working another one is called and the problem is solved. I was in the store today and find that now there are 8 Self Scanning areas and one cashier working.

I understand the concept of raising the minimum wage somehow eliminates the extra cashier or two but with the Safeway closing a few years ago and Fry's picking up most of that business you would think that a corporation as big and successful as Fry's could afford to consider customer relations and give us a human face to deal with. I know I am not the only one who prefers a real person. As I live two blocks from the store I find it is convenient, but if all I have to look forward to is waiting in line to scan my groceries while another employee is losing their job I will go another store.

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rr881809 - 36 d 6 h ago


Yes I'm a play they work for your store yes I do work at your store

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SusieQ - 49 d 7 h ago


SusieQ customer service #86 helped me get your app on my phone.She was.very patient with me.She is the epitome of customer service real asset to your store.Thank you Gary Gibson Surprise.

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Rudy rosete you staying rr881809 - 36 d 6 h ago

This is about the GS farms for food stamps apply for food stamps

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Kathy - 42 d ago


This is a compliant against the Fryes store on Grand Ave and 107th st in sun city Arizona on fri evening at 930 pm.

I was trying to buy a 12 pk of root beer and pick up my free Swedish fish with my card. I was having trouble understanding how to get my digital coupon. The lady at self checks was very very rude to me and told me to hurry up and pay so it would stop beeping. Told her not until I could find coupon for root beer. She said you have to buy 4 to get that price. I told her I didn't know that and did not want it then. She said well take your fish and get out of here then. I have experienced this in this very same store before. So rude and down right nasty. I complained to mgr one night on another similar situation. He was very kind but the service does not change!! I will NEVER EVER do business with your store again. It's sad because you are so close to where I work and convenient on way home. You shouldn't even be in business if that's how your employees treat older people who just needed a helping hand. I will express my feelings to everyone I know about what kind of business you are running and I sincerely hope you are not in business for long.

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rr881809 start21 - 36 d 6 h ago


Fry's food store's Des social stats and I applied for food stamps and I need to know my the mineral the wages of the hours I work Tucson Arizona 85705 start 21

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25 year Fry's customer - 42 d 4 h ago

As a customer, I recently had to talk with the manager about a concern. After she efficiently assisted me, I asked her about why there was such a high turnover of managers. She told me it was Fry's Policy to move managers around so that fresh eyes could better address problems.

Well, as a retired Chief Student Affairs Officer at a university, I find that policy counter-productive. Read about any major corporation that has fulfilled their mission and you will discover leadership that seeks to build trust with employees. Constantly changing managers does not allow any type of trust relationship to develop over time.

I suggest: find a good manager and leave him or her at the same location for an extended period of time to see the long-term value!

Do not move a poor manager to a new store to create frustration there.

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Disgruntled Employee - 44 d 9 h ago

Frustrated Employee

The Maricopa Fry's manager Lisa is at again the last two days yelling at everyone and making sure that moral stays at an all time low. The deli manager walked out a few days ago because she could not take any more of her. Yes she has called black customers nigger twice and another employee was asked to give a statement in Lisa's favor in the liquor department and then she quit because she did not want to go thru an investigation about Lisa, because she felt either way it would come back on her. Her daughter has been promoted and giving better jobs in this store over the past year three different times, while other employees with years of service could not even apply for the opening. Lisa is constantly screeching at employees with no results or help from corporate. Please do something so we are not forced to choose crazy and can keep working at a great company. Thanks

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John Doe - 52 d 20 h ago

have any of you noticed, not sure if corporate reads any of these or not, but I have never seen one reply back from corporate in these forums. not saying they should reply to all of these, but it would be nice if they could reply to some of these.

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Jena s - 57 d 13 h ago


The fry's stores in 4505 e Thomas:: disgusting:: BRING YOUR own Lysol: bleach wipes to wipe down the toilet seats before u use their bathrooms :: always filthy mirrors look like somone puked on them the floors are greasy and can see dirt all over and toilet seats are filthy;; HEADS UP to the public

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Susan - Mesa & Gilbert Az - 61 d ago


Normally I have good service at my 2 Fry's store ( one is at Val Vista & Baseline and the other at Lindsay & Broadway). Fry's ran an ad for Stella Artois & Kiltlifter beer for 12 pak of bottles at $10.99 each if you buy 2. The Kiltlifter has a big sign saying $19.99 & save $6.00 if you buy two. However the Stella Artois has another sign including the Kiltlifter with the same pricing but it mentioned Kiltlifter by name in small print. When the cashier rang me up he said "No" its $13.99 after the discount. We walked to the aisle display of Stella Artois & he knew I was right. He deleted the items from my total but had to MANUALLY add the correct pricing for the 2 beer items into the sale. Why isn't this automatically entered into the system like any other sale item if you have a card??? It seems Fry's is intentionally hoping the customer won't be aware of the additional discount & seeing one ad sign & not the other is confusing to them. Last time Fry's ran this same special in mid May you had to ask a clerk to go into the stock room for the Kiltlifters. None were on the shelf. A friend of mine said the same thing happened to him. I don't blame the cashier for not knowing all the special combinations. I think this is an intentional move from the corporate office or from the individual managers trying to rip off their loyal customers. Shame on You!!!

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