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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Steve McKinney
(623) 936-2100
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Anonymous - 12 h 58 m ago


Hi. I have been a customer of Frys on Ray Road, Store #27 for quite a few years. The last 2 years or so, I have seen changes in the management that are impacting the service and satisfaction there. Prior to that, Jack was the manager and it was run very well. The managers today do not seem to care about the employees or customers. Everyone is unhappy. There is one manager that is an exception to this. Her name is Ruby. I have seen her helping in the deli when they are backed up as well as helping in other areas of the store. She cares about all the employees.

This store is a smaller store, not a Marketplace. The majority of the customer base is retirement age. There have been changes recently that do not work well with this group. They put in self-service and Scan and Bag registers and eliminated a lot of cashiers. The customer base at this store do not want to check out their own groceries and complain all the time.

In talking with some of my friends that work there, Sara is an extremely demotivating manager that is greatly impacting the employee moral. I've personally seen her at the deli when they are overly busy and short of help and her not get in there and help them. The deli at this store has some very good employees, however, they are extremely overworked. A lot of them quit because they feel the lack of support from management to help get additional employees or help out themselves. There are always lines at the deli area and the deli workers telling everyone they are sorry, but they are short on help. I have heard that the deli employees will sometimes be required to work for 4 hours straight without a break. This does not seem like a very encouraging and good place to work. I will not shop at that store anymore until I hear that things have changed.

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Very up setting! I received a potted plant from my daughter for Mother's Day she bought it at Fry's on Thunderbird and 59th. She shops there every week sometimes more. Well the plant died in 2 days. She did not keep the receipt.

She told me to take it back there would exchange it. That they were very nice.

I did the florists girl was rude and so I took it to customer service and she was rude and told me to go to the manager on 10. He said no receipt I could not get and exchange for another plant. I told him it was a Mother's Day present and I do not have a receipt. That I don't want any money just an exchange. He DID NOT Have customer service experience at all. Finally he said ok. Got another plant went back to the customer service girl and she was rude and had to call the manager again. This is not right!!

Bad mangement and now we have a bad feeling about Fry's.

Un happy customers

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


Rosa. Had a bad experience at the Fry's Market place store in Apache Junction.

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S Williams - 5 d 9 h ago

I have been a customer of Fry's Food for at least 25 years. I have always paid with my personal checks.

I have NEVER written a bad check. Tonight I wrote out my check, gave my driver license as ID and was told that they could not process my transaction. Thank goodness I had another means to pay for my groceries. It left me terribly embarrassed as well as holding up the line only to be told by the manager "Sorry, we can't take your check. Here;s a number your can call if you want to dispute it". I went home so upset and got on the internet to find out why. Certegy's (your check verification website) wanted way too much information. I am not about to give out my bank account number to a company I have never heard of when there wan't any reason for my check to be declined. The money was in my account and I have never had a problem using my personal checks to pay for my purchases. Am I going to have to change grocery stores? I'm sure I am not the only person who experienced this major inconvenience.

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Anonymous - 6 d 13 h ago

Having shopped at Fry's for decades, I write to strongly protest your policy of restricting some specials for digital coupons only. I have only a simple flip phone and do not have the money or desire for an iphone or smart phone. I spoke to the manager of one of the local Fry's and although he was very polite, he stated Corporate has instructed employees to make no accommodation for technological dinosaur customers who want to buy these specials. The managers and employees I've spoken to about this agree with customers that this new practice is not customer-friendly and Corporate is being rigid prohibiting them to make allowances for customers in this situation. I'll go to other grocery stores rather than being denied specials or sales that are available to other customers. You can also predict that I am sorry that mailed, paper coupons have been discontinued.

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Thomas Simpson - 42 d 16 h ago


Dear Steve,

I am very confused about the hiring practices of your company. At the store on 40th and Thunderbird I was hired by Carl for Front End Customer Service or Night Stocking, my choice. I chose Night Stocking since that was Carl's last day and he would not be running the front end. I signed the background check paperwork I was told someone would call me in a few days. A week later no call so I went down to the store to check on the status. The new manager Angela just got back from vacation and would contact me shortly. A week later, I went back and Angela was off work and came in at noon. I again left my name and number. THREE weeks later I still did not have a call I again went down to see Angela. Again Angela was too busy and a lady at customer service took my number, a third time, for Angela. And once again, I never got a call but an EMAIL was sent that day stating they went with other application.

I am very confused. This can be easily verified. Carl hired me but Angela fired me before starting? She never once returned my calls or spoke to me in person. I would like to know what changed? I know my background check was clean so what changed? My age, not young enough? Race? Why would Angela not speak to me and change Carl's decision without even a discussion or another interview?

I was out of the job market for three weeks and turned down one job thinking I would start at Fry's anytime. I am not sure if Angela is new or inexperienced, or both, but should return calls and honor the hirings of a previous manager.

Thomas J. Simpson

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Thomas Simpson - 41 d 10 h ago


Dear Mr. McKinney,

I did receive a call tonight and there was a few paperwork issues that should be resolved.

Thank you,

Thomas J Simpson

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Customer who insists on being professionally accommodated, appreciated & respected with no exceptions!! - 25 d 21 s ago


Hello, I am a Frye's customer and I can tell you from that experience, that unfortunately not all of Frye's employees are professional-some of these individuals are clearly unreliable contradictions to the word: Competent, and if you have any issues with frye's that have occurred in Arizona, then clearly your dealing with issues that involve, favoritism, undertraining, prejudicial factors, inadequate education even in the most fundamental sense-and more often than not: Alcoholism or other similar forms of substance abuse as inebriation of the brain is a routine way of life for most of the state of Arizona-especially southern Arizona. I very recently had an unsettling circumstance at a Frye's location in South Tucson, where I was literally running out of gas and when I arrived at the Frye's gas station it was completely closed down with absolutely no attendant present which put me in a precarious situation. I voiced my complaint to the store manager who looked to be in his early 20's and I couldn't help but wonder how does someone so young as this even become a store manager in the first place??!! Well this seeming novice under qualified individual had no reasonable acceptable answer for me and the answer that he did provide only served to irritate me to a point that my thoughts became transparent, He informed me that the person who was to be working the Frye's gasoline station had an issued and called in that she would be in hour late and I found this to be so preposterous of an excuse that I flagrantly stated to him a suggestion that he hire more reliable and competent people. How dare this pathetic individual presume for osecond that all of Frye's customers be inconvenienced and compromised because his solution to an obvious unreliable employee provided no additional backup relief: I.E. -another employee to take her place and maintain the continuity of professionalism and patronage for FRYE's customer-to their accommodation and convenience and not his own. This grossley-and in my opinion, unqualified manager also elected to condescend me and disrespectfully talk down to me even though I have been an extremely dedicated and loyal FRYE's customer, I am also a U.S. Veteran and I'm also old enough to be his grandfather. Well, at that point I maintained no more reluctance to make my displeasure known to him in carefully chosen words that should have revealed my upset dissatisfaction perfectly obvious and in the final analysis all he accommodated me with was immature smart-mouthed rudeness and punkish contempt. I am now VERY Seriously considering never shopping at FRYE's again unless I am provided with an appropriate, acceptable written apology from the main corporate office of FRYE's. In the United States of America, we as Americans are free to shop and spend our hard earned dollars anywhere we choose and above all stores and places of commerce, I chose this particular FRYE's store as my specific location to do business and spend my hard earned money. Therefore, never in an infinitillion light years of bleam will I ever allow myself to be mistreated, unrespected and unappreciated for the loyal customer patronage and financial support I provide a merchandise location of my choosing. Never, will allow this-PERIOD!!

There is a very old saying and popularly known idiom that states: ' The Customer is always right ' Well, this happens to be absolutely correct especially in situations when the customer Truly is in the right, Amen.

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Mkl - 10 d 20 h ago


Undereducated... ect ect... seems like you make a lot of assumptions. Obviously you have never worked retail, a world where the general public feel they have the right to treat the employees however they like because they are "always right". The customer is seldom right. Btw its FRY'S not "Fryes" its right at the top of the screen.

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Star - 11 d 9 h ago


Im very disappointed I went to Fry's on 4230 w McDowell Rd at 903pm to put gas and the fuel center was closed I tried to call the store to complain and someone answered the phone without saying Fry's and hung up on me this is the second time I've been to Fry's fuel center and it was closed early

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Anonymous - 11 d 10 h ago


Steve Mckinney, My wife and I continually have issues along with terrible costumer service at the pharmacy in san tan.valley on the corner of combs rd and fantzel. We are flying tomoroow evening to NY foe a family fumeral. I called to refill wifes prescription for her diabetic test strips. We are told she has no refills and the nees to contact the doctor. 1. In march after the cluster B.S I went throughfpr 2 weeks of nonsense regarding he said she said. Frys claims they contacted thr doctor and are wating on his reply. The doctor office has no record of contact. I personally made at least 6 calls in the course of 2 weeks. 2. Thr prescription us finally filled for TEST STRIPS.. I call today and i am told no refills avsilable they need to u blew a gasket. I am holding the prescription un my hand dates marchn2017. It CLEARLY reads Refills:3. 3. I drive to the frys and inquire who does the pharmacy report to. I get a B.S reply fornthe assistant manager claiming that ultimately the pharmacy reports ro Kroger/Frys BUT the us nothing he can do as he cant force them to do anything based of the pharamcy laws. Sreve, this is complete incompetence. You dont show the 3 refills were ever filled and yet i csn not have a retill.imlees they have contact from the doctor. I am requesting tge name telephone and point of contact for WHOMEVER has decision making authority over the pharmacy. Not only did both rhe assistant manager display a "care less" attitude and was not going ro exert any effort whatsoever to assit in the resolution the pharamcy employee were just do right rude My request from you is simply...get me to WHOMEVER has authority to step in and assit your customer's concerns. I do understand we all.have bad days but over the last year or so this store and its.employees regularly demonstrate to its customers that Kroger core values are nothung more than words . As part of senior management this should raise a reg flag to somone!! BUT if none is watching over the store then why should I expect somerhing to change!! I have written before regarding you new order online and pick service you are offering. In any given day you can wlak in amd watch how the shoppers/pickers are a pure waste of labor costs. I have continually viewed these employees gathered in the crowed aisles just chatting with fellow employees or on there cell phone talking or texting. Steve, you should be embarrassed to be in the same ranks as so many other businesses the show total.diregard for its customers. Let me apologize right now for the pool ground and or spelling errors in this as I'm sitting in the car in your parking lot frustrated and typing on a phone as I tried to call the corporate office I even did a name look up and it can't even locate your name to leave a message. I can be reached vua email (hidden). if like the zest a direct email I would be more than happy to give you my telephone number but since this email or posting is going to some Department that might or might not oversee consumer issues I'm not willing to put my phone number in here. Regretfully Craig B.

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Anonymous - 12 d 11 h ago

You have a major problem with deli service at your Sierra Vista store. It is ridiculous that anyone should have to wait 30 minutes plus to give a deli order!! I took a number and decided I would take a chance and continue shopping. I kept running back to see what number they were waiting on. Other people didn't have more shopping to do....stood there the whole time waiting for their number. People in wheelchairs waiting. This isn't a freak, busy day! It has happened many times before. Find myself shopping Safeway down the street more and more because of this. I talked to a "manager": she really wasn't one but said she would talk to management. I told her the big deli sign hanging over the deli touts its' deli workers as having special training and the six names listed were not any of the two workers . This "manager" didn't know what I was talking about. Darlene Oetgen

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Elaine - 13 d 6 h ago


The Fry's I shop at is on 4351 E Highway 90, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635. I moved from Maine to Sierra Vista, AZ July 25, 2013 and was shocked to find some of the same exact food items I bought in Maine were literally double the prices here. We have 4 grocery stores here; Safeway, Food City, a Super Wal-Mart, and Fry's, so my 1st year or so, I'd shop at the different stores to calculate the price differences. I've only been to Food City 3 or maybe 4 times only to find nothing worth buying due to cost, freshness, and what they never had available. Safeway is outrageously expensive, customer service was horrendous for 4 years until they weaned out the worst and unacceptable management staff/team, and there is always a huge line at check out. I was very surprised to see Wal-Mart's produce prices are extremely high but I will buy simple items like trash bags, cereal, chip type snacks, tuna fish, soups, gluten free foods, toiletries, and a few other items that are a bit less expensive than Fry's. For some reason you're no longer mailing paper coupons and when I was receiving paper coupons I would buy the above mentioned Wal-Mart items at Fry's because the coupons did make buying those items cost effective. Why aren't you mailing out paper coupons as I've not seen the same savings has been transferred to the digital coupons you offer? I want and I have to say THANK YOU so very much for CONSISTENTLY being the BEST grocery store I've ever shopped at for 50 years!! Looks like our Fry's is the best Fry's in the whole state of Arizona!! Where this Fry's is located you're serving people from Mexico, Bisbee, Hereford, Palominos, Sierra Vista, Huachuca City, Whetstone, Benson, and area's like Tombstone. Your one store is supplying food to more towns and a large number of families that live on or just over the Mexico boarder and you are still able to keep all fresh, frozen, boxed, and canned items very well stocked, each department and isles are the cleanest, and I've only seen a mess in the restrooms one time, which was being taken care of as I was leaving that area. July will be 5 years that I've been shopping here I am totally amazed by how positively consistent every aspect of our Fry's is!! Fry's in Sierra Vista, AZ goes above and beyond all expectations from employees who truly do care, get to know customer's by name, know what items we usually buy, help us figure out which produce item is freshest or sweetest based on color and textures, are aware if we shop on a different day or a different time of day than when we normally shop. It's very apparent your employee's love working for you, that they really do enjoy taking time in getting to know customers, if we want to chat with them, to how quickly an employee who's not at the register will scour the isles or back rooms to see if an item that's not on the shelf is out back, and how the managers will make exceptions on the price of a sale item we wanted wasn't out back in the warehouse and will honor the sale price of the item that wasn't in stock. Our Fry's is always clean, produce workers are constantly restocking, answering questions or leading us to an employee who can answer our questions, and every manger, cashier, and person who makes this Fry's the Best of the Best!!! From what I read in the comments, each Fry's store, franchise, or chain of grocery stores affiliated with Kroger need to duplicate exactly what the Fry's in Sierra Vista is doing!! I was surprised to see so many negative reviews as my experience with our store would not tolerate and allow any employee to have the privilege of working at Fry's with such blatant incompetence and lack of sincerity!! Thank you again for providing Sierra Vista with the greatest team of employees. I can not stand any kind of shopping, whether food, clothes, or even shopping online. Yet I very much enjoy shopping at this Fry's Food Store!! Very Happy Customer, Elaine

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unhappy at 054 - 14 d 9 h ago


I am being treated unfairly at my store since new management came in and been ignored by corporate human resources I would like a response asap

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Anonymous - 16 d 19 h ago

Mr McKinney,

I have used the Fry's in Oro Valley, AZ since 1994 (it was Smitty's then). I have used the pharmacy all that time. I am a pain care patient with numerous medical issues. Over the years I have followed doctor's orders and requested information from the pharmacists to further my knowledge on how to take meds, warnings, and how to decrease usage. My current concern are the BIG RED STICKERS. I believe these are not only an invasion of my privacy, but they make me a target. I am disable and use oxygen. This is not only dangerous to me, but for every disabled person who uses your facilities.

S. Dockter


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Paula L. - 17 d ago


Is Tyler the best you can do for a manager? Been shopping there for 20 years and have always had a pleasant experience until yesterday. Sad! Unacceptable!!!! Reaching out to Corporate Office

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Gloria - 19 d 7 h ago


I love shopping at fry's store, the deals, coupons, etc. My favorite store is located on Pinal Ave, in Casa Grande, But there is an associate, can't remember her name, she is in charge of the liquor section, this individual is so rude; yesterday she was over heard cuzzing at another employee and you just don't do that in front of customer; complaints after complaints have been addressed with the manager, by the way the manager is so immature, no leadership skills, the rude associate also lacks hygiene skills, her clothing is most of the time dirty and it looks nasty because the shirt is supposed to be white but not even close. she doesn't carry herself as a professional and she definitely needs customer service skills. The store also needs a new manager with character, welcoming; many of the employees do not seem happy.

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Aida Happ - 19 d 18 h ago


I love my Fry's in Buckeye!! All the employees are really great and go out of your way to please you. Especially the one's working in the bakery! But I have a complaint!! Why have have you stopped selling The Diet and regular Sunkist Orange soda. It is the number one selling drink in US and you Stopped carrying it??

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Unanymous - 20 d ago


There's a associate name Carolyn she is very rude when I go in there looking for items she just looks like she only there to ask me if I wanted to help find something I shop at store 622 where she is and she brushes me the wrong way I talk to many other associates that are genuinley nice I was told she was going to get promoted I tell you she is the wrong person for a promotion I think you should reconsider her for a promotion you should promote Robert Courtney or anybody who is better Carolyn is very rude and nasty hope you will consider if nothing gets done about this then I have to post on social media thank you

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Anonymous - 20 d ago

Continuing I also think your associate like Courtney Robert pammy and joe at store 622 should get High recommendations when I go shopping and I walk and browse around they know me by name and ask how you are and start a conversation that's what you need in a grocery store I will keep shopping in that store cause of them

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Anonymous - 20 d ago

Continuing when I shop at stapely and mckellips frys I get greeted by Courtney and cashier joe cashier pammy they are my favorites they always make you feel welcomed and know you by name this is why I shop there over and over again they are super and store is always clean of debris and that's also another reason to shop

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Mac - 21 d 17 h ago


Three Items for Lake Pleasant/Happy Valley Store:

1. Please advise female checkers how unsanitary it is to continually be running their hands through their hair, as well as licking their fingers to open bags, then handling our food. Bad habits to spread diseases, and we don't want their saliva on the food we eat.

2. Both produce employees and checkers are roughly handling fruits and vegetables - pears, tomatoes, peaches and lettuce come home bruised and with cuts in them. We see them toss and drop produce as they're stocking and bagging. Please provide some education on proper food handling.

3. Today's visit to the gas pump could be our last. The loud, loud noise pollution while we're captives using the pumps is not how you should be treating your customers. Stop the loud "music." We're there to get gas, not be entertained or tortured with that racket.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Kathy A - 22 d 15 h ago

I have shopped at your store in Sun City, AZ on Grand avenue for the last year. I don't know if here has been a change in management, but this store has changed and not for he better! This is the 4th weekend I've shopped the sales and they do not restock. I am sitting in the parking lot right now. There were 4 different items I came for that had bare spots and couldn't even find anyone to ask if the product was sold out or if there was more in back. When the cashier, Cynthia, asked me if I found everything I needed, I told her about my dilemma and she said "we'll, they're on sale"!

Didn't even ask if she could get someone to find out about the items. This was not a one time occurance. I think you need to be aware of the situation. Ive been a loyal customer since I moved here in 2017 but I will be shopping at a different grocery chain from now on. It's a shame because I really liked this store in the beginning.

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Lisa Wilson - 77 d 15 m ago


Every time I go to Frys I will find at least one item that rings up wrong after I get home. Sometimes I have time to go back, sometimes not. Today the manager advised me that they have so many items that they cannot keep track of this. I will NEVER go back to frys

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John Doe - 76 d 15 h ago

As a customer, you also have to pay attention to what the price said on the shelf and what it rings up at when you get to the cashier. If it rings up wrong, I would call them on it. If you didn't catch it on time, that's on you. This is a situation that can happen at any store you shop at, not just Fry's.

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Anonymous - 62 d 13 h ago

Oh my! It's so hard for them to be professional. Lol. As a manager you Never admit defeit to a customer! Omg!!!

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