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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Michael Donnelly
(623) 936-2100
Annual Sales Est
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Sally Smith - 126 d 3 h ago


In regard of Fry's Food Store in Foothills, Yuma: Every year for the entire months of November and December we who reside in the vicinity of your store have to contend with the "TURKEY TRUCK". Apparently there isn't enough room in the store for all the turkeys so a truck is parked permanently down one of the ramps & it runs on and off (mostly on & very loudly) consistently. It is refueled regularly and is causing us serious problems. The realtors won't show homes for sale this time of the year due to the noise. Those of us with family flying or driving in for the holidays end up spending all our time inside as we can't carry on conversations or enjoy the AZ weather due to the noise. No outdoor activities, cookouts on the patio, playing with the grandkids, visiting with family & friends, etc due to the noise. The noise also inhibits the ability to sleep. Isn't there an electric alternative available?

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DR. SHARON W - 146 d 5 h ago


The person who should be Manager at the location on MacDowell Rd. In Scottsdale is Eric Brebiech who is presently the Assistant Manager. He far surpasses the professionalism and knowledge of the present Manager. Long story short: A gift card for a return should have been left after a long conversation with John the present Manager. Returned a Turkey within 24 hrs of purchasing because of the date expiration. The rep in customer service only allowed $ 10. Credit when I paid $36. John swore he was so very sorry and would DEFINITELY leave the gift card..... Still waiting. Customer Service needs help ....the girls are rude and quite frankly couldn't care less. The line is ridiculous a world where everyone is looking for a job. Eric followed through and had the gift card waiting. Frys definitely needs to step up and acknowledge his capabilities. I am also forwarding this letter to the Corporate office. Eric should be promoted for sure.

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Bob and Sheila Appleton - 272 d 40 m ago


Visited Frye's store #66 today and were greeted by two very pleasant ladies in the Deli Section. Both Victoria and Katrina helped us with two different orders of cold cuts and your $6.00 meals (entre and two sides). These ladies were both professional and personable as they prepared our orders as we requested. It was a pleasant change from previous visits to your competitors. Victoria and Katrina truly like serving customers and their prompt efficiency was amazing. Both ladies make fine examples of positive Frye's employees and we wanted to thank you and them for my wife's and my experience today.

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