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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Steve McKinney
(623) 936-2100
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Bill - 17 d 14 h ago


Shop at Watson in Buckeye today Saturday at 10am only 2 checkers and your quick check which isn't very because 1 person handling can't keep up. Also you have the dirtiest parking lot in the area. Maybe try to be a good neighbor like Lowe's and clean it up.

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sue roberts - 21 d 12 h ago


Store # 682 Queen Creek, Az Today was my preschool's field trip with this store and I have to say it was a great experience for all the kids! This will be my 6th as a preschool and the trips are a little bit different each year. Vera was our guide this year and she, along with all the staff we met along the way helped to make the children's day amazing! This field trip is one they will remember all year long! I know taking a group of preschoolers thru a busy store is not on anyones top list, But Vera, Bill in Produce, Teesa in the Bakery, and Bob in grocery Pick up with Alisa, made us all feel so special! The Parents were Very impressed as well. This is my favorite grocery store to shop at and its always my favorite trip with the kids. Thank you Frys. For Hiring caring and compassionate people who today, went above and beyond to make the day of some very special preschoolers!

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Mario - 22 d 14 h ago


I went to Frys today 3421 W Thunderbird and they were completely out of 18 count eggs they had another brand of 18 count the only one on the shelf I got it and usually they match the price the guy who waited on me said we don't do that but I've been doing it for years shopping at Fry's the ID on my receipt 660-132-119-40-6-125 now I'm going to call the district manager and complain.!!!!

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I went to a freight store on 16th St. and Bell Road in Phoenix Arizona went to the deli and the lady refused and said you have a cut meat to make a sandwich at the deli I waited there 10 minutes and he walked around and I laughed because I was wearing a red hat don't make any sense does it I'm 72 years old and I went over there to buy a sandwich I will never shop at fries again - 23 d 12 h ago

I went to a freight store on 16th St. and Bell Road in Phoenix Arizona went to the deli and the lady refused and said you have a cut meat to make a sandwich at the deli I waited there 10 minutes and he walked around and I laughed because I was wearing a red hat don't make any sense does it I'm 72 years old and I went over there to buy a sandwich I will never shop at fries again

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Julie cruz - 25 d 18 h ago


I have been going to the Fry's on around 74th Street and McDowell for 26 years and it's always been a good place to go here lately the lines they don't have any cashiers they put a good cashier quick cashier on the self-help I do not like the self-help I don't know what's going on but I've had a lot of other people complain to me about what is happening at that Fry's nobody wants to be there today I stood in the line and waited for 10 minutes this is ridiculous there's a cashier named Marie who they put on the self-help she's one of your quickest cashiers and always so courteous and always helps everybody in her line and now she's on self-help when I'm in there

spending a hundred forty-two $200 a week I do not want to be on self-help Check Line. Today a gentleman in front of me said he was shopping on the Indian School and Miller but he didn't like it because it was too slow now here they're starting to do the same thing got a bunch of employees running around and one cashier. Hopefully things will change back to the way they were.

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Pissed off mother fucker - 26 d 10 h ago


I dont know the employees personally only by going in the store .and for the last couple days walking in the store I've been rudely stared at constantly with giggles and grins now today with 5 employees starring and laughing at me with out knowing why is pissing me off and going thru self checkout the cashier guy kept giving me a shit eatin grin and the new black girl mumbled something and kept saying see see now I dont know what's being said or spread about me because I dont know anybody which is really really rude the next time those bitches fuck with me I'm punching the fucker in the mouth I promise you I WILL NOT TOLERATE BEING TREATED LIKE THIS IN THE STORE I SHOP AT BY ABOUT 8 EMPLIYEESS SO WHSTEVER BEING SAID NEEDS TO STOP OR IM GOING TO FUCK SOMEBODY UP I PROMISE FUCK THESE BITCHES and the store I'm talking about is the ghetto store with bitches for employees is on 67 th ave and bethany home so you whoever's you are can help or I will take care of it myself I'm going to punch that bitch right in front of everybody I FUCKEN PROMISE YOU I WILL

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EX CUSTOMER - 74 d 8 h ago


.I notice STEVE MCKINNEY never answers any comments posted here. This is an indication of why FRY'S sucks. Not even the President of Fry's gives a cr@p.

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charlie - 72 d 14 h ago



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Current employee - 61 d 13 h ago

Continue to file complaints, but use the customer survey. Give the front- end service a rating of 1, and explain why. A few unique instances with names given will create a change.

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Current employee - 61 d 15 h ago


McKinney is not frys president anymore. Maybe that has something to do with it. The president is currently Monica Garnes, and the company continues to spiral downhill at an astounding rate. Culture is nonexistant, and the company does nothing but micromanage to hell and back with absurd mandatory daily garbage work that only takes time away from work that actually needs to be done. Stretch goals have turned this company into a blame or be blamed society of useless ass kissers and useless management that blindly follow whatever the latest peice of paper says should work with no knowledge or experience in the field. UFCW union is worthless, probably been infiltrated by Kroger and ignores nearly all that is wrong with frys, protecting all the useless staff and doing nothing for the workers- but thats a seperate issue. This company was a 8/10 to work for 7-8 years ago. It is now a 2/10.

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Anonymous - 57 d 14 h ago

I just called, phone rang 17 times, no answer or voice mail!

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Anonymous - 26 d 14 h ago

Steve is not the president any longer...hasn't been for quite a while

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William Doc Jones - 40 d ago


I have been a Fry's customer for over 25 years and I would like to give back. April is Jazz Appreciation month and I would like to make sure Fry's customers get some free tickets to the 2020 Jazz Day AZ Festival in Scottsdale on April 4th, at the Scottsdale Center of the Arts.

Go to for more information or email (hidden) for your free tickets. Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane endorsement

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Anonymous - 41 d 10 h ago

I've been going to the same price store for 15 years. And the past 3 months lampreys have been giving me dirty looks. I had one employee yell at me 3 weeks ago in the store and then a week ago I went to take cherries back I stood there for an hour and 20 minutes I finally asked are you going to wait on me she said I don't want to. She took the next customer I approached her again asking her to please wait on me again taking another customer third approach I told her seems like you just don't want to wait on me at all she said I do not why don't you go to another store she left the older gentleman customer at the counter storm. From behind the counter and screamed at me in front of other employees and customers go shopping another store you're not welcome here.

This has all over a few of their employees and oxycodone I can prove it there all over my phone I have stage 4 lung cancer why do I need to be emotionally and verbally abused in the store by their workers I've tried to tell them what's going on and they ignore me and get angry. I honestly am so upset at them to have to shop at other stores I feel like suing them for emotional and verbal abuse.

Her manager saw her act this way screaming at me and always said his can I help you with something and then he refused he didn't even talk to the woman about her behavior. Any suggestions out there

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Anonymous - 42 d 23 h ago


I have been going to Frys for 20 plus years. They usually have the food I want. Not because they are customer friendly. However I have recently been going to the Cactus an 43rd ave Store because it is usually a clean store. Labor day it was in disgusting shape. Bathroom has one comodo an it was stopped up along with one urinal not working. Mop in corner an everthing was filthy. Garbage cans literally overflowing in parking lot. I approached customer service, the lady was on a personel call an leaning on her elbows. She looked up an I ask if she was a manager, she said yes. Sti keeping her phone call. I doubt if she listened to me plead for her to clean place up, that you sell food

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Deborah Linderman - 54 d 14 h ago


Hello Friday's Food Stores Representative, We have been long time customers. However, your new policy of making customers weigh and check out their own food, then bag the food, then load the food into the car, is difficult for senior citizens. You no longer seem to have check out people that are available, nor do you seem to have baggers's, also, no one to offer to help take out the groceries. You may have forgotten that half the population of Phoenix are senior citizens. It is very disappointing that you have lost all all personal contact with customers.. I think I will try some other stores to see if they have better customer service relationships . You will be losing $250 a week times 4 equals $1000 dollars a month, equals $12,000 dollars a year in. Thank you, Deborah Linderman

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Current self check employee - 49 d 12 h ago

For the last 5 years, Baby Boomers have been reaching retirement age at a rate of 10k per day. This will continue for another 10 years. They are the largest demographic ever on the planet. When they leave the workforce, it causes huge consequences. There are simply not enough younger unemployed workers to fill the gap. Fry's has been moving more to technology to help and self check out is part of it. Fry's hires every day and has signs up in every location. The hiring has become impossible and this will continue for the next 10 years. Any company that doesn't have a hiring and retention plan for this time frame will not survive. Fry's can ask you to scan your own groceries but they can't ask you to stock the dairy. They have to find employees for the vital functions and as employees get scarce, they also get expensive.

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La La - 42 d 12 h ago


Deborah, I agree, no baggers, no help in the store, one worker in the deli. No management! Try Trader Joe's and Sprouts. Also Safeway. Very friendly and helpful. Otherwise, you can order groceries online and pick up or deliver from Fry's, Walmart and Bashas. Maybe you can have a tech savvy family member to help you set that up! Unfortunately, our world is going to technology and taking out the worker to help with costs. Sad but true. Just like the gas stations. Have a nice day!

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Disgruntled Employee - 48 d 14 h ago


Do not work here unless you have nothing else to live for. The pay is abysmal and there is no flexibility unless you're a bagger. You have to be the worst kind of person to be promoted and they do not give a damn about you going to school or if you have personal emergencies. Prices are fine and you do run into the occasional helpful employee but otherwise, everyone just looks like they are going through the motions because they made some questionable life choices that led them to their inescapable fate in the retail/grocery business.

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Anonymous - 66 d 10 h ago

It is disgusting to open your sour cream and see that someone dipped fingers in it.It happens on 35 th ave and T-bird,also that store have discriminatore employees ,I hope you do something about it because I already complained to the store manager. HAVE A BLESSED DAY....

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Current employee - 61 d 13 h ago

Your accusation is absolutely ridiculous, but I'll address it.

If the product was sealed, then there is no way this could have happened at the store. We have no way to re-seal product. If the product was NOT sealed, it is much, much more likely that a customer opened the lid and pressed the seal to test it, punctured it, and returned it to the shelf, then an emoloyee deliberately sticking their fingers in sour cream. Who does that? Maybe a 10 year old?

In any case, if the product seal was broken, then you should not have purchased it. You check your eggs before you buy them, right? You should be checking your factory sealed product for factory seals as well.

Think like someone with an i.q. above 80 please, and take responsibility for your laziness and failure to inspect what you are buying.

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Mike - 53 d 17 h ago


Wow.i work for Fry's and I see employees all the time doing stuff like's not the customers job to make sure our products are safe and is our job..yes that includes obviously do not like or care about the customers..and you should never insult someone's i.q..i think the lazy person here is u inspect the inside of an engine when you buy a car? Not likely...

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Diporable - 51 d 10 h ago


Current employee, you're an idiot!!

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Anonymous - 51 d 10 h ago

With your IQ around 80 when you typed then instead of than you agreed that an employee is the guilty party.

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Nicer Current Employee - 48 d 14 h ago


I can see why you work for Fry's. Keep up the rude comments towards YOUR CUSTOMERS and you'll be a manager in no time!

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