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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Michael Donnelly
(623) 936-2100
Annual Sales Est
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family with no son to help son slave - 2 d ago


My son works phx bell 48tatum he has disability boss take advantage working two weeks stiat no days off. alway scedawle change at last minute to work 1 day he might have off hes in uion should have 40to days off been there 26 years still part time .and all waysslaveing for boss needs

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Darlene Grover - 2 d 19 h ago

Operation Manager,

Many grocery store electronically places their weekly ads for the current and their next week concurrently. As I must be driven to the store, I at least shop on Wednesdays. Because you don't do this electronically, I can not built a shopping list for menu planning ahead am forced to do so at others stores. Your store is the closest to me and I prefer it.

Please consider making this change.

Thank you,

Darlene Grover


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David Emerick - 4 d ago


Dear Michael Donnelly,

For the past 3 years I have purchased Flat Iron Steaks 'from Fry's , 985 E Riggs Rd,,chandler,Az. I personally eat 1 Flat Iron Steak daily. I am in and have been in a stringent Body Building program which require 2 grams of protein/day to sustain my muscle mass. My acquisition is consistently with the aforementioned store. I typically buy in quantity ranging from 30 up to 100 steaks in any given buy. Today, I purchased qty 75, totaling $630.80, reference receipt # 01629c. . For ease of family budgeting purposes, I have set up a special account to cover this expense. Today, in order to draw from that account, I wrote a check and provided the usual appropriate identification. The cashier required management approval, which took an additional 10 minutes to get anyone's attention. The manager tried to approve the check and a code came back which was reported I had exceeded the number of checks written. This was the FIRST check I have written at any Fry store. This gentlemen called the week end store manager for direction. I was told---bear in mind -I am the customer-I had to call Corporate to obtain approval--not them--me !!!! I asked if this particular policy of not accepting checks over a certain amount was advertised or perhaps a sign posted to inform the customer base --Checks exceeding a certain amount will not be accepted.....the answer given---"we don't necessarily post corporate policy" Mr Donnelly, this is totally unacceptable practice. The Staff manager should have called corporate if that is the policy--not ME> The line behind me was filled with irate customers and I am certain they believed I was trying to pass a bad check-who knows what they were thinking after about 15 minutes of waiting. I paid, using my credit card which is a total inconvenience to me. I would certainly appreciate your position.


Dr. David Emerick

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Elsie - 7 d ago


I use the store at 92nd Ave & Union Hills. I have no complaints against the employees. They help you anytime you need help. My complaint is how cold you keep that store. I have even seen employees wear sweaters. It is very uncomfortable. Turn up the cool and save money.

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Anonymous - 9 d ago

Riggs and McQueen have a bunch of racist workers also all managers are in it for themselves. Not a good store.

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Mari - 12 d 1 h ago


As a early morning shopper , I run into the stocking crew @ Avondale Blvd and mc 85 frequently friendly and always willing to help with what I maybe looking for Julia especially deserves recognition glad to see a smiling happy attitude every time I run into her . Great team you have Clint

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Josh - 32 d 3 h ago


When do lawyers need to be called in to talk to an employee?

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Anonymous - 16 d 4 s ago

My question also!

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Sunny - 23 d ago


You have any employee in your tucson store on ajo and I-10 who I think her name is Raquel but she goes by rcee. Anyways I'm sure your store policy is that your employees should remain drug free and doing and seeing marijuana unless it's ok on their off time.

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Glen B. - 24 d 19 h ago


Re: Manager works on days ( name was either Joe or Jose) Fry;s on 35th Av & Peoria Av in Phoenix, Az. and store policy!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought groceries and was on my way out and forgot to buy a phone card. I stopped at the courtesy counter and asked the employee if they could have a clerk run and get me a $35 Verizon card. The store clerk gave it to the person at the customer courtesy counter to ring up, I actually didn't see the card and it was put in a bag and I proceeded out the store. I was putting my groceries in my car and put the small bag that my phone card was in on my car seat and it fell out. I looked at it and it was a $35 Virgin card, not Verizon. I went back in the store to the customer courtesy counter and showed them it was the wrong card and if they could take it back and get me the correct one. I was told I couldn't , once the card is bought there is no exchanging it or refund. I asked to see the store manager and I told him what happened. He told me once the card is activated when it is paid for the money is sent to the merchant, You can't get a refund or exchange. Sorry! I told him I never seen the name on the card to begin with. Again, guess what he said. Sorry! I told him I shop and spend a lot of money in the store monthly, can't you make an exception its only $35, I am sure you could get it back from Virgin. The reply was: SORRY, and the way he said it he couldn't care less, I am sure I am not the only person this has ever happened to.

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Kendra - 26 d 11 h ago


Hi , I would like to applaud your meat department employee Daniel at Fry location 2727 W Bell Rd Phx., AZ. , He was pleasant and knowledgeable . I have not ate red meat in 10 years and he took the time to explain the types of steaks and quality. He was awesome.. Good customer service is so hard to find , he is on point! Cheers to you Daniel please reward this guy monetarily he deserves it!

PS : The stakes were yummy!

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WILLIAM COOK - 27 d 22 h ago


Fry Has Military and First Responder Discount Day. What a joke, the add came in the mail on Wenesday the 31st only good on Wenesday the 31st. It's a tiny add on the first page not not even noticeable all the way to the very bottom. Nothing very special about the add at all. Now the same day we also receive the Albertsons add and at the top of the first page has a great big discount coupon for the same people only its starts on Saturday, September 3rd. Wow they want us to shop there don't they. Frys on the other had obviously dose not. You know what you don't look good just saying something you need to really mean it. My wife and I have shopped just Frys for years but that might be changing real soon. I'm a disabled combat veteran from Vietnam. My military brothers have put up with allot of crap overs the years and they know what I mean. But Frys if you don't want to have a for real Military or First Responder Sale don't do it. But don't BS us like this you aren't making any fiends with it.

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Maria avechuco 520 3582563 - 28 d 18 h ago


Una cosa espantosa en el frys de la 902 W Irvington Rd, Tucson, AZ 85714 como pueden tener peronal de esta indole. Fui victima de discrimacion. La cajera se atrevio a sacar cosas de mi carrito ke porke ya habia comprado. Y no podia comprar mas exijo ke por favoe me llame y en espaol y no fui a la unica ke ella hizo esto

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gary - 34 d 21 h ago


in reguards to your kroger coffee 100% columbian, it has gotten awful in taste. we have used that product for years, but in the last 8 months it just is not the same. for the amount of money you make, you should give us a better product.

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Evon, Scottsdale Az - 35 d ago


I have bad experience buying meat from Frys store on Tatum and bell , I know it's a new policy that they have to grind any type of meat, steaks or roast beef but I like to pick the package myself not and have them pick whatever from the back and grind all the fat and none selling items and handing it over to us, please bring back the old policy or else you will loss customers including myself

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Alice , Scottsdale Az - 35 d ago


Hi Michael, I am not in favor of having the meat department grind the meat he chooses in the back I like to pick up my meat package and handed over to them, I had so much fat in the meat they grinded for me this past Sunday

Alice, Scottsdale Az

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Geralyn Tafoya - 37 d 24 h ago


I have had enough of your Frys on 24th St & Baseline & 7th St & Baseline!!! I moved into the area & have begged & begged the managers, for the two stores to please Request the 18pks of Coors Banquet CANs, (they have bottles only). Today after the store manager Henry promised weeks ag, that he would make that happen, I went today & To my surprise he lied! I talked to two staff this Am told them the situation, and again the same old line, I will let someone know!! I had it, so I left my grocery cart in the isle & told the guy he can have my items, & I left the store I also told him I will shop at Safeway! Like I have told the managers, we just moved to area & this is what we drink, give it a chance, my household will buy them!! 18 pack Coors (regular)banquet CANS!! I have had it with Frys, why should I shop at Frys if I am going to have to stop at a different store just to get our beer!! Well today I went to Safeway & bought my groceries & my Coors banquet Cans 18 pk!! Maybe it's not a big deal to those managers or you, but come on, what ever happen to making the customer happy!! WHY WHY Why do I have to beg!!! The manager at 7th st & FRYS all they do is sit in that little office eating chips & not responding to the overhead call, the cashier had to call twice while I watched him (Greg I think his name older tall white man) just sitting & eating chips!!i also told this lazy manager that I did not appreciate having to buy full price bell peppers & celery that were all wrinkled & going bad!!

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Pat Rogers - 37 d 18 h ago


First I must tell you that I an a long time Fry's customer and Kroger shopper from the days when I lived in IL.

Today, Aug. 21, I visited the newest Fry's Marketplace in my area.......Litchfield Park, AZ. What a wonderful experience! The store was busy, it was day 3 of the Grand Opening Celebration. I spoke with numerous Fry's employees, all whom were smiling, friendly, and asked if they could help me find what I was looking for or, did I need any kind of assistance or have a question. I know there were added staff, some from other Fry's locations to assist with this opening. You did a great job with the staff, making sure that they all knew how important a 1st experience can be.

I had a very nice conversation with Celeste & Bereniz (they introduced themselves to me) at the Customer Service Desk and they helped me with my question, even wrote down their names for me in case I had a question/issue in the future. You did your job! I went to see the new location with 1 item on my list and left spending $79....not that I am complaining. Everything looked so good, fresh, I just couldn't pass it up!

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James Whatley - 38 d ago


Yesterday, the 20th of August, I was shopping at the store on Baseline west of the one on 24th street and Baseline. It's a smaller store close to me. While in the produce department, I observed an older woman sitting on one of those scooters gorging herself on the grapes like she was having dinner. She would rifle her hands in one bag and then another until she was satisfied. I then spoke to one of the employees and pointed out the woman and told him was I saw. My remark was that apparently this woman did not consider that she was stealing and contaminating the grapes. I then asked the fellow to relay to management which he said he would. Then, I went to the one on 24th street because that one did not have what I wanted. While there, I spoke to another employee about the same issue of open plastic bags that lend opportunity for contamination. I also expressed concerns about the packaging and that packaging should be sealed to avert what I've described. Yes, holes for ventilation, but should have sealed or taped top. Please tell me that repacking will occur.

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Stacey - 38 d 16 h ago


I just went to the store on 1575 N. Dysart Road in Avondale, Arizona 85392 and they made me bag my own groceries while another employee was talking to the cashier watching me bag my own groceries. When it came to the coupons she wanted to go through the items that did not scan and lost some of my groceries in the transit onf losing my groceries. After waiting on hold for 30 plus minutes to get a manger that spoke ghetto in her tone, after swearing at me and stating "shit", her name was Milly by the way. I told her that I would take all my groceries back for a refund and she just was rude and disrespectful. I purchased 500 dollars worth of groceries and now I have to go through what is missing so they can replace it. What kind of nonsense is this? This is not the first time that I have had a problem at this store and they never resolved the first issue when a cashier disrespected me in front of other customers. Then I called another store at a different location and got no answer and waited on the phone for an hour to talk to a manger that I never got to speak to. You need some serious employee check on your employees!

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Lan - 42 d ago


I had the most unfortunate experience at your 7050 E 22nd Street Tucson AZ store. I was in the quick check line #5, when the cashier refused to stop looking at photos and acknowledge me for check out. When I asked if she was open the response was yes. However the cashier did not stop looking at photos. I took my items to another line. The manager on duty observed this poor customer service.

I am an Asian local business ness owner. Is it the policy of your store to treat Asian customers with such disrespect? The cashier told me, "remember my name Liily Anna. This is a formal complaint.

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Anonymous - 43 d 17 h ago


Alma School & Warner

2075 N Alma School Rd

Chandler, AZ, 85224



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Anonymous - 45 d ago


On 8/14/16 I went into Fry's, on 32st & Bell. As I was at self checkout, the screen froze. I kindly got the attendant assistance. Only for her very first response to be "WHAT DO YOU WANT"? I told her my problem and I also requested her manager. I told her manager about her inappropriate verbiage towards me. He agreed, but a part of me thinks nothing will be done. I refuse to support a business that would continue to let a person like that represent them. Her name is Lee, and she is an older "lady" and should know better! I will continue to shop there, but if she still works there I will not! I will tell all my family and friends about this offense damn near racist ass associate, and let them know not to support this business either. If LEE continues to work there, I'll take it that this corporation supports her behavior. I can not support a business that would allow her to continue representing them.

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Ron W - 46 d 15 h ago


Fry's phamacy at 75 Ave and Cactus has the mmost incompitant works I have every see and the people who are suppose to take care of customers needs have no idea what the hell their doing they have totally screwed up most of my perscritions. All are on auto refil and they never get filled on time. They tell me to call my Dr and request new scripts because they don't know which dr to call bullshit so many times I have explained to them who the Dr is on scripts they look and a week latter I get the same bullshit info that the dr they fax is wrong ang has not returned the fax. Well do you think you have the wrong Dr? why not call the client and ask them insteat of waing for me to come iun and not have any scrips left.I will be taking my business else where thanks to these stupid people. I would never tell anybody to use ,them no way no how.

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S. Ladd - 77 d 18 h ago


My daughter and son-in-law went into the store at 43rd Ave and northern today to buy 40 pieces of chicken for the family because his Dad had just passed away this morning. The lady working in the deli area rolled her eyes and said they couldn't sell that much at one time without a n advance notice order. There was plenty of chicken cooked. When brought to attention of the manager he simply said "I'll talk to her.". You know under the circumstances, the manager should have given them the chicken for free for being treated so rudely!

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Who died?and why do we care? - 67 d 16 h ago

Bunch of fucking whiney ass people people have nothing better to do,then comment on stores you had a bad experience at?Jesus folks,find a hobby, and just because someone you know died,does not mean everyone has ri bow down to your demands.Go to KFC next time shit bag,they can handle big UNPREORDERED MEALS for you and your mutt friends.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 50 d 13 h ago

#getarealfuckingjob u twit. Bottom end of food chain must hurt to u.

Flagged for review. 

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