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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Michael Donnelly
(623) 936-2100
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pb - 4 d 8 h ago


Several days ago, for the second time in a row, there was a customer with their dog in the store, which was NOT a service animal. I went online and did the online survey and did not give a good review. I drive past several other stores because I've liked Fry's. However, tolerating pets in your stores is not acceptable. The store manager contacted me via email and gave the ADA Guidelines. She was very nice and outlined what is legally allowed. On the allowed list is asking two questions: 1. Is the animal required because of a disability? 2. What work or task has the animal been trained to perform? Who is even trying to follow up on these questions? It quite disheartening after talking to my granddaughter, who works for your chain of companies in the southeast, to learn they have the same issues. Obviously, the company isn't concerned enough to do anything about this growing problem. My reply to the manager was this: "Thank you for your reply. While I understand the limitations put on by the ADA I also have to wonder if those two questions are always asked when an animal is in the store. Hypothetically speaking, someone could enter the store with a potbelly pig or a long haired cat and nothing could be done? Would it be acceptable for animal hair to be found on produce or perhaps, while picking up an item from a bottom shelf, to find an animal had turned up its leg on that item? There is no issue with a service animal but if the other two questions are not asked, what keeps anyone from bringing their pet into the store? I am a very tolerant person, to a point, but if I see another animal in your store, you can be sure I'll ask those two questions and report it if they aren't answered correctly. Wanting to feel confident about the food I buy in your store. . ." Considering all of this, it's easy to understand loss in market share. I can buy the majority of my groceries online and have it magically show up at my door.

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Joan Braten - 12 d 5 h ago


WE are totally irate with the service we receive at your Fry's Food Store located at the corner of Baseline Rd and 24th St. that we are considering shopping elsewhere. #1. The store is always out of Club Gin Martinis. They are the martini's that come in cans., Aside from being excellent martinis, they are the perfect size to carry on a camping trip. #2. In the past,I have complained about the lack of personnel in this store that are supposed to bag my merchandise. Today, 8-11-17 at approximately 2 pm, while checking out, there was ONE - JUST ONE person doing her job. I complained to the checker (who by the way was very nice) and said every time I come to this store, unless I have complained, the Checker does that work. It not only does double duty for the checker, but slows down the lines to barely a crawl. TODAY MY HUSBAND BAGGED OUR GROCERIES. He is totally angry, he told me to tell you he is pissed off, (I prefer to use the word indignant) by the lack of bagging personnel, The nice checker gave me the same excuses... 'people call in sick on Friday. They get trained and then quit. I told her if I were boss, the 2nd time they called in sick on a Friday that they are fired, I have never heard of such a cock and bull story that they try to explain the lack of people who are supposed to be employed. Guess I'll have to shop at the Fry's on Baseline & 7th Sts.. For the past 3 years, or more, they have the same people who bag groceries. I notice there were at least four General Managers in this store in the past three or so years, Each time I corner one, I get the same old story... "I just was assigned to this store and I will make sure it gets better." HA -- when hell freezes over. I must say I know most of the 'peons' by name and we greet each other, but I have come to the conclusion if I want good service I should go to the Frys on 7th St. except they don't have the wide array of Deli foods nor do they have a selection of meat and seafood like the store on 24th & Baseline. Guess I will have to start shopping Bashas.

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MR - 11 d ago


As a customer, I frequently, and happily, bag my own groceries. First world probs, sorry they were out of you favorite martinis...

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Anonymous - 5 d 3 h ago

Well, I have shopped at Fry's plenty of times and am fully understandable when a store is low on their associates and sometimes the managers have to work with what they have, and sometimes I have to bag my own groceries with no problem. Either way, if I bag or an associate bags it, I could care less and am not going to be picky as long as it gets bagged and into my cart so I can take it home. Now, I have a few questions for you Joan. #1: Are you and your husband so used to getting your way, that when you were kids Mommy and Daddy spoiled you rotten and never once taught you the meaning of the word no? #2: Are you and your husband used to having your own butler and having people wait on you hand and foot? #3: Do you and your husband live in a "Bel-Aire type" mansion and used to to your "rich and snobby" lifestyle? With that being said, I think your story of living off of Baseline Rd and 24th is "Cock And Bull", so here comes the 4th and most important question. #4: Do you and your hubby ACTUALLY live in Bel-Aire California? If you have answered NO to any of these questions I would suggest to just be happy with what you have at the time and stop complaining about the little things in life, because this life is just too short to be complaining about something as trivial as not having a bagger around to do your bidding.

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Bill Etter - 5 d 10 h ago


We have been loyal Fry's Shoppers for many years and after our experience last Tuesday August 14, we no longer feel we should be loyal to Fry's because you evidently take loyal customers for granted. I been in own businesses that did well over $10 million dollars a year and found it worth while never to lose a loyal customer in restaurant business, in looks like Fry's do not care. Can not reach any higher up management that might want to know what going on in store operations. Again, that is impossible! Did talk to Pat the manager at time of my bad experience, but she gave me about 30 seconds then went to talk to friend employee in Customer Service. So with this being said we bid farwell to Fry's and Welcome Safeway and Abertson's into Etter Family Get With it I JUST READ THE MAIL BELOW AND IF I WAS THE PRESIDENT I WOULD BE CONCERN ABOUT THE FRY'S BUSINESS AND MY JOB! AS PRESIDENT If anyone would like to defend my position on Fry's please call 480 986 5200

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Jennie - 20 d 9 h ago

I have shopped at Fry's on 19th Ave and Glendale, in Phx Az for many years.

It is becoming an increasingly frustrating, to be in line behind people with the many WICK coupons and food stamps, etc. I was in line for 20 min this am,and there was ringing up and re-reinging up with items and so many for this and that, the customer signing papers over and over..

May I highly recommend a line just for these transactions.. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

Anthony, the checker, was so efficient, and kind, but had quite a task in front of him.

He was apologetic to me when it was finally my turn. It was not his fault..fault of store for not being more efficient.

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Anonymous - 6 d 6 h ago

Maybe u could build an island for them to live on Stores problem, not for the people that have cards, that are most ovisly down on their luck. Grow a heart.

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nancy mcinerney - 14 d ago


i go to deli when ever i go there they never do anything the way i want when i check out the clerk wont let me slide my card use chip when i cant remember mt pin they want change it to credit and i know they can do that they just dont want to i used to shop frys all the time but now i will go else were .I know you will not responed to this just let me say your clerks are not trained very well .

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Courtney Sutton - 13 d 6 h ago

Hello Nancy,

I'm sorry you've had bad experiences at Fry's. I have worked for them for 15 yrs as a deli clerk. If you would like to try again at Fry's, I would like to let you know that deli employees are supposed to show you the slice of cheese or meat so you may taste it and see if you like the thickness of it. If they did not do this, it could mean they are new employees, might of forgotten or just didn't do this important step because it may have been very busy (not an excuse by all means) but, you should have come first. You as a customer have the right to ask them "may I see the slice?" I know this is not excusable, but I would like to apologize again. As far as your chip on your debit card, Fry's implemented a new system when the banks came out with the chips on their cards. As far as I was told, customers can no longer choose the credit option one chipped cards because the system does not support it anymore. I may be wrong, but I'm told that when I work and when I purchase my own personal groceries. The credit option is only available for credit cards that can not be used for debit purchases. I myself find this frustrating as well.

I hope I answered your concerns and ask you kindly to please give us another try. Don't be afraid to ask the clerks in the deli to see and taste your purchase. Have a wonderful day!

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Anonymous - 6 d 6 h ago

She wasnt asking a quedtoon, she stated she was unhappy with the whole thing. Let's get real, you sound stupid.

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Angry - 6 d 6 h ago


To the point, I have been going to frys forever. Maybe that's the problem. I will never shop at frys again. All products that are on sale or coupon price never in stock, and if that isn't enough try to get in touch with someone in a position of power. I asked for help for something on sale in dairy. No respones, dairy again I ask for help in dairy nope. Beer, out of stock of beer on sale.i asked for assistance. No reply, try again nothing. Ask for a manager, loud speaker, Jason ( i think, big lazy man 32snd and bell) liquor department. Waiting waiting, nothing. They wanted to give me a rain check. I ask why, u never have in stock, worthless.

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Fresh Air - 7 d ago


I was at the frys on 67th and Indian school and while im in line getting rang up i smelled an oder that seemed to be marijuana coming from the caahier it was disgusting i dont know how you guys run your store are even if u do a drugtest before hiring but i felt that was really unprofessional and felt i couldnt breath worst experience ever you guys should run a thorough rug test before hiring...

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Secret shopper - 7 d 3 h ago


Secret shopper

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ED C. - 18 d 23 s ago


At 8:30 PM Saturday store CODE 5411 @ 22SD N KOLD TUCSON, AZ

Aug. 05, 2017 I got in the express lane. No one was ahead of me. I asked the young man in the other express lane if there was anyone one manning the one I was in (the lite was on in my lane). I asked the man in the other lane if my lane was indeed open. He said yes and looked around and called Sandra to help check me out.

She was sacking for the checker in that lane. She did not acknowledge me for about 8 seconds n when she did said "I will rite with you. ANOTHER 8 SECONDS AND SHE CAME OVER N I ASKED IF THIS LANE WAS OPEN "YES". I SAID IF NOT SHE SHOULD TURN OUT LITE. She said I could go some where else! I said excuse me she said I could go to another lane or self check out. I said does her manager fell the same way?

she said asker identifying the checker she was helping ( 5'6" +/_ squad built shoulder length hair no name tag The manager? looked at me n I repeated what

Sandra would said.

she laughed and could have care less what was going on. pretty caviler.

Sandra either on purpose rang up on my bill the lady's item behind me. Interesting she had already sacked my order n charged me n after this sacked this item. it was Bug spray. I caught it n she called the manager? over to do refund. In doing this she asked for my Fry',s card I said Sandra already had asked for it. She rudely said she needed it for my refund. Then Sandra accused me of having had a problem with either her or yr store in the past. I live in Phoenix n 1st time in store. Some one decided to open both Express lanes. Not me. I under stand these lands are for person\s with about 15 items (I had 4) n for persons in a hurry. I saw Sandra was helping her friend.

While she was helping her get her customer out quickly she was ignoring her assignment. Counter productive.

both Sandra n the manger has smart mouths n big bad attitude problem. The represent your store, And to top it off she had the gull to say may god bless me. IF SHE REALLY BELIEVES IN GOD SHE SHOULD ASK FOR HIS FOR GIVENESS. N HELP HER MAKE CORRECTIONS TO TREAT PEOPLE WITH DUE HONOR N RESPECT.

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Unsatified and worried customer. - 19 d 9 h ago


I got a Rx for pain meds and when I got home I noticed there was 5 pills missing. I called your pharmacy and told the pharmacist who filled it and said she would check on it and I asked for her name so I could tell her manager and she refused and hung up. She stole my medication. It's the fry's pharmacy on camelback and litchfield road. The pharmacist was a female with short blond hair. I should call the police and the news stations. I just might do that anyways. Fox 10 would love to get this. Thank you and hope you follow up on it because I really used to like fry's......

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Anonymous - 59 d 4 s ago

My daughter went to the Fry's Food tonight and one of the cashiers double-charged her on her receipt she didn't realize it till she got home she called the manager and the manager said we'll take care of it in the morning and my daughter insisted no I'm coming down there again and getting it taken care of this one was on Rural Road in Tempe watch it because the cashier is there will try to double charge you it's a horrible horrible horrible store I will never go there again they've totally last lost me as a customer and my daughter

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Anonymous - 44 d 8 h ago

Hello there I am any employee of the frys on rural Rd in tempe, please oh please give me the name of the cashier of you can and I will absolutly inform my managers about it

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Anonymous - 43 d 38 s ago

This is written 16 days ago, and your just NOW wanting to take care of it? You sir are slow. I would hate to see how the rest of your store and its associates operate.

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Late Shopper - 31 d ago


I bought a shredder there that was on sale for a quarter of the price it normally was. They charged me the full price and I had to wait 20 minutes for them to "check" on the item and make a refund on my credit card which shows up days later. Is this the norm there now? Bad.

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Anonymous - 21 d 23 h ago

I honestly couldnt tell you, Im a customer out in the Casa Grande area. BUT... You might wanna ask the associate that wanted to help a customer 16 days after, he might be "on to something". lol

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Joseph Thomas - 21 d 2 h ago


Disabled Persons BEWARE of SHOPPING at FRY'S ----- They ABUSE Handicapped Shoppers !


Vets Direct U.S.

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Martin Sanchez - 21 d 15 h ago


Ok my morning has started and time to post my opinion and thoughts.

I am a newbie to this Senior World will be 57 young later this year. I am a retired USPS postal employee half of it in customer service and also APWU Union Official most of those 25 years.

Arrived at Frys early for Senior Day, I don't like to be rushed. All Parking close to the entrance taken by the employees this does not help our Elderly. First stop the fruit area unlit and dark but picked up alot of fruit and vegetables great prices and Grandkids love fruit.

I finished all my shopping with a full cart and then it happens. All checkout lines are closed except for self service which was backed up. I know one thing we the Mature Crowd like simple things and most of us do not like doing new things especially self check out with a full cart. I asked for a manager but does not start till 6 then asked for a supervisor, none that's the manager. How do you open a business with no one in charge amazing. The customers doing self check out were not happy but had to use it. It took about 10 minutes for me to do someone else's job due to staffing. If Frys is going to cater to the Seniors they should have parking and staff to help our Seniors in all they need and I did get my 10% Senior Discount

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Anonymous - 22 d ago

Surprise, Az store at Waddell and Litchfield

Vickie goes above and beyond for customers. I accidently purchased a $100 gift card thinking it was a much smaller dollar increment of $20. It was the end of a rough day and I just went in to grab a few things for my family and this gift card for a friend. When the cashier told me my total I asked her how it could be so high, and her response was she didn't know. I figured I'd just pay and review my receipt because I can't really tell at the checkstand or review my purchases to figure out why my total is off. I complete my transaction and immediately see the 100 gift card purchase on the recipt. I was told gift cards are non refundable final purchases. I explained the error on my part I thought I was purchasing a $20 total but that it was actually 5 gift cards $20 each. Panic ensued because I had an $80 error on my part I couldn't see at the register. Vickie stepped in and took control, she promised me she was going to get this fixed. She recognised this was an honest error on my part, and that I was unable to determine what went wrong until I could look at my recipt. I was in a panic as that is a huge unexpected expense I was being told I can't recoup. Another one of her co workers even came over and pretty much said I'm just going to be out of luck and out of the money. I am pregnant and was getting a gift card to a coffee shop for a friends birthday so I can't even consume that much coffee safely. I felt terrible like I was putting her in an unfair position and her co workers/ piers were walking away leaving her to fix it alone. She did it! Brainstorming and thinking outside of the box she started calling whoever she thought could give her authorization. She went above the call of duty. She helped fix flawed rules and get my purchase reversed. I've shopped at this store since I moved to surprise in 2008 and I'm so grateful this particular store has her as an employee. Your company needs more employees like Vickie! Thanks again to a compassionate Fry's employee that calmed an overly emotional pregnant woman and fixed a huge issue for me with such polite grace.

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Anonymous - 23 d 24 h ago


I would just like to say that I can not believe they way some manager's treat and talk to their employees. Its disrespectful how some of the employees are scolded are talked rude inf front of customers . I could not imagine working in that type of negitive environment where I'm getting talked down to as if I'm nothing. Baseline and 48th st. Tempe. Female Front end manager and female store manager really need to be retrained on how to deal with ppl and talk respectfully to their employees. Dont treat employees like their stupid.

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Joseph Thomas - 23 d 10 h ago


My Wife is certified by the State of Arizona as having "Serious Mental Illness". And has been under the care of an MD Psychiatrist most of her adult life. She was hit by a high speed police car chasing a robbery suspect years ago and nearly died.

However, on July 14th, 2017. She unknowingly and unintentionally walked outside of the Fry's Store on Baseline at Gilbert with her cart. Family is usually with her but, not this particular time.

The store security apprehended her right away and without any decency, they had the Gilbert Police handcuff her and arrest her. The officer was very nice and told her that he was surprised because he did not even have a parking ticket on her record prior for the past 50 years!

Abuse of a mentally disabled and elderly person at its most horrific happening! We have confronted them and been told to bad, so sad, in so many words. So now she goes to court, the family pays and if necessary is prepared to take this case all the way up the the highest court. We have little doubt that this was an act of wrong actions. The more we pay, the more we will bring against Kroger in damages. This SHOULD NEVER happen to a disabled and elderly shopper - person.

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