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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Steve McKinney
(623) 936-2100
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 13 d ago

It is disgusting to open your sour cream and see that someone dipped fingers in it.It happens on 35 th ave and T-bird,also that store have discriminatore employees ,I hope you do something about it because I already complained to the store manager. HAVE A BLESSED DAY....

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Current employee - 8 d ago

Your accusation is absolutely ridiculous, but I'll address it.

If the product was sealed, then there is no way this could have happened at the store. We have no way to re-seal product. If the product was NOT sealed, it is much, much more likely that a customer opened the lid and pressed the seal to test it, punctured it, and returned it to the shelf, then an emoloyee deliberately sticking their fingers in sour cream. Who does that? Maybe a 10 year old?

In any case, if the product seal was broken, then you should not have purchased it. You check your eggs before you buy them, right? You should be checking your factory sealed product for factory seals as well.

Think like someone with an i.q. above 80 please, and take responsibility for your laziness and failure to inspect what you are buying.

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Mike - 6 h 22 m ago


Wow.i work for Fry's and I see employees all the time doing stuff like's not the customers job to make sure our products are safe and is our job..yes that includes obviously do not like or care about the customers..and you should never insult someone's i.q..i think the lazy person here is u inspect the inside of an engine when you buy a car? Not likely...

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Deborah Linderman - 1 d ago


Hello Friday's Food Stores Representative, We have been long time customers. However, your new policy of making customers weigh and check out their own food, then bag the food, then load the food into the car, is difficult for senior citizens. You no longer seem to have check out people that are available, nor do you seem to have baggers's, also, no one to offer to help take out the groceries. You may have forgotten that half the population of Phoenix are senior citizens. It is very disappointing that you have lost all all personal contact with customers.. I think I will try some other stores to see if they have better customer service relationships . You will be losing $250 a week times 4 equals $1000 dollars a month, equals $12,000 dollars a year in. Thank you, Deborah Linderman

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Current employee - 2 d ago

You need open availability for everything except bagger which is kind of annoying and they don't care that you go to school. Personally I believe that the culture here is crap and if you don't kiss management's ass they hate you. It's a shame. Also working your way up here is harder than getting accepted into Harvard, it's not worth it here.

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EX CUSTOMER - 21 d 21 h ago


.I notice STEVE MCKINNEY never answers any comments posted here. This is an indication of why FRY'S sucks. Not even the President of Fry's gives a cr@p.

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charlie - 19 d ago


I am also a very unhappy Fry;s shopper. All I can say is, we need to keep calling in complaints to Krogers heasquarters the phone number is 1(hidden). Perhaps if they hear from enough of us they may listen. I had one of the employees at self-check refuse to run my 3 items thru the register, instead he wants only to show me how to do it.

I am elderly I have no interest in learning how to do self-check. The employee left me standing there as I asked for the manager that never came. A customer in front of me put my items thru for me. I proceeded to find out the employee's name and called Kroger's and filed a complaint. Will it help? Not unless enough of us keep complaining. They also need to brings back an express lane with live help.

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Current employee - 8 d ago

Continue to file complaints, but use the customer survey. Give the front- end service a rating of 1, and explain why. A few unique instances with names given will create a change.

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Current employee - 8 d 3 h ago


McKinney is not frys president anymore. Maybe that has something to do with it. The president is currently Monica Garnes, and the company continues to spiral downhill at an astounding rate. Culture is nonexistant, and the company does nothing but micromanage to hell and back with absurd mandatory daily garbage work that only takes time away from work that actually needs to be done. Stretch goals have turned this company into a blame or be blamed society of useless ass kissers and useless management that blindly follow whatever the latest peice of paper says should work with no knowledge or experience in the field. UFCW union is worthless, probably been infiltrated by Kroger and ignores nearly all that is wrong with frys, protecting all the useless staff and doing nothing for the workers- but thats a seperate issue. This company was a 8/10 to work for 7-8 years ago. It is now a 2/10.

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Anonymous - 4 d 21 m ago

I just called, phone rang 17 times, no answer or voice mail!

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R Hodgman - 4 d 17 h ago


I was just in the store at 19th /Union HIlls and a punk in the store slapped another customer in the face. The punk was in there with his father and the mousy store manage did nothing, the ridiculous female security guard is worthless and the other woman employee seemed to know the punk who attacked the other customer. The other customer kept saying he did nothing to provoke the punk and from what I saw he did not. The punk starts yelling about disrespect, like the punk deserves any, respect is earned NOT given. My point is ... those 3 women did NOTHING to assist that customer who had a family waiting for him outside in the car. That store needs a male manager at night. A real security guard and a an employee who does not try to look the other way because someone she knows is in the store causing issues. Just an observer ... imagine that ...

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Anonymous - 6 d 9 h ago

Unhappy customer!!!

I was charged $145.00 by Frys (Tatum and Cave Creek) for $98.00 worth of groceries!

I asked the manager on duty (Ryan) about refunding me the difference ($45.00), he told me to take it up with his vendor, he didn't care...

My wife and I are furious and are going to keep escalating this until Frys returns our stolen $45.00.

Call me if you care...

Mark Nye (hidden)

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Pinina in Phoenix - 7 d 30 s ago

I just called the Frys store at Tatum and Shea in Phoenix . I was looking to find out about a product in order to drive there and buy it . guess what ? Press zero for operator no answer at all . did it again press zero no answer at all . Press the number one for bakery department no answer at all . how pitiful is all of this lack of ability to call a store and find out if you have a product in stock very sad very bad .

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the Mast family - 16 d 4 h ago


Horrible experience in Fry's at 4204 W Cactus in Phoenix!!! Ashley and Shereen in that store should be Fired right away!

Me and my husband have been fry's and kroger's loyal customers for over 10+ years. That store is very close to our house and we treat it as part of our home. I'm very sensitive about the food safety so I always check the expiration date when I buy the food. Two weeks ago I found they were selling Expired Kombucha so I told the store supervisor Ashley of my findings. She didn't do anything about that. Several days later I found they were still there and told her again, she still didn't remove. Last Friday I shopped there and found the expired kombucha were still there, with some were already sold. I reported to another supervisor Shereen but unfortunately she didn't take any action either! So I called the 800 customer service and reported my findings. When I was checking out, Ashley and Shereen probably heard what I talked to the customer service. After checking out, they stopped me and told me I am not allowed to come back to that store again! They said they would call the police to arrest me if I come back. I was totally shocked by them, asked them to give me a reason. They said it was because I was threatening them cos I mentioned about their names. I never said anything threatening them! I simply reported to the customer service of my findings and my purpose was to improve the food safety and their service quality. Of course I knew their first name as I saw them wearing the badge every day! I have to tell the customer service whom I talked with. Those two women have ZERO respect to their customers and have ZERO work ethics! They hate me because I reported the expired food and they were the two I contacted previously to remove but they didn't do. They did that threatening me as revenge of my reporting the FACT! Ashley and Shereen should be FIRED right away!!!

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Current employee - 8 d ago

A agree. That is totally ridiculous and they should be termed immediately.

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Barb - 12 d 31 m ago

I just do dishes shopping at Lk Pleasant Rd in Peoria. I have been shopping at Frys for 22 yrs !

I was at the deli today and it was so annoying. Apparently they have a new system where you get a # wait till they call it(as before) but now you can no longer wait to get what you order ! They write down what you want , have to pick a # so they know how you want it sliced, well how the F do I know ? I never worked in a deli ?

Then you do your shopping , have to go ba k to the deli which is on then other side of this BIG store, to pick it up ! All my meats were cut way to thick ! What a pain. ! Waste of my time, my energy, everyone was so annoyed I go shopping almost everyday, your loosing my business over this ! The girl said if I stand and wait for my order, I have to wait while all the other orders are do e cutting ! I wonder what brain child thought of this ? Not so smart, will take my business elsewhere !

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Current employee - 8 d ago

I have no idea what you are explaining. There has been no change to deli procedure. It is likely that you were told you may continue shopping while they fill your order, or you can wait but you are not next so it may take a while.

It sounds like they were trying to grab multiple orders so they can cut in bulk and fill them faster, rather than cut each order individually. It was an effort to reduce wait times. If you had specific instructions, you should have waited.

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Gary - 57 d ago


Unfortunately, for the last year and a half I have had to use Fry's pharmacy because that is the only one supported by my insurance. It has been a miserable experience, they are slow, expensive, and unprofessional. Often times when I call in a refill, I do not get notified when it's ready so after several days of not hearing from them, I stop by to check on it. Either some of the refills are ready and others aren't, or, they are out of stock and tell me they get their deliveries on Wednesday evenings. I am a diabetic and if they cannot fill my prescription, then I need to know about it. Since they have a computerized database of every customer's prescriptions along with the dates those prescriptions expire, there is absolutely NO excuse for running out of supplies for an existing patient since the automated inventory system should be re-ordering according to the demands in the database.

On Tuesday of this week my primary sent a prescription over to Frys for a new medication and a glucose meter. When we hadn't heard anything by Thursday afternoon, my wife stopped by to see what was the problem. The prescription was ready for pickup, (no call), but my wife was handed a stack of papers to fill out before I could get the meter, (Medicare + supplement). Since they had never contacted me about filling out these papers, (or email them to me), it has created a delay in getting the meter. We returned the papers and were told we could pick up the meter & supplies in about 15 minutes. We returned and were then told they needed forms from the Dr. (which they told my wife earlier they had already received). Then they called and told me either the doctor would have to submit more forms, or, I could pay for the meter, or, I could go to the Onetouch website and print out a coupon for a free meter. I went to the website and the only free meter available was an upgrade meter and was not the One Touch Ultra my doctor had prescribed. The pharmacy employees act like they have never provided a glucose meter before and were completely ignorant about how to do it.

All I expect is for employees to do their jobs in a professional and efficient manner and apparently that is too much to ask. At this point I am concerned for my safety, if they cannot accomplish the basic tasks professionally and without error, how can I expect them to accurately fill my prescriptions, (which requires a higher level of skill)?

My wife just handed me my 2019 "Medicare & You" guide and at the top of page #37 it states: "Medicare covers blood testing monitors, blood sugar test strips, lancet devices and lancet, blood sugar control solutions, and therapeutic shoes, (in some cases). So I am asking you, what is your pharmacy's problem in filling the prescription for a glucose meter and strips? I have filled out the forms, provided my Medicare & supplement card, and you have a valid prescription from the doctor, yet after 2 days, they are still playing games.

Prior to being forced by my insurance to use Frys Pharmacy, I had used Walmart for many years and never had these kinds of issues.

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Marianna - 44 d 8 h ago


Take this experience I had. I went to pick up my monthly prescription took it home took a pill that I have been taking for 20 years & just this time I got violently ill. They had changed brands without telling me that they did. It is a more cost efficient to them rather than for me. I thought I was going to die. I called them & they said SORRY??????????? that doesn't help me, why didn't you notify me of the change? At least I could have said no to that drug change. I will not stand idly by & let them get away with this. This is the store on First & Grant. TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! aLSO EVERY TIME i GO TO THE PHARMACY THERE ARE NEW PEOPLE EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to die on this new drug brand change I AM LUCKY I HAVE NOT. I AM 65 YEARS OLD & DO NOT WANT TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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layla - 37 d 16 h ago

USA epidemic: With holding All Facts to client paying salary of the Psychopath.

Your store sounds like it is driven by GREED of a Psychopath.

Someone without the brain workings for caring about what their actions have upon others. They do not physically have the brain function.

MRI's , psychiatrists and the medical community have proven this.

Try to shop elsewhere until you find somewhere the corporation is led by an ETHICAL leader.

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Anonymous - 37 d 10 h ago

Pharmacies use different name brands all the time. You had to notice they looked different. This happens at all pharmacies and on all medications.

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Current employee - 8 d 46 m ago

This is unfortunate, but likely only part of the whole story. Regardless to what the rest of the story is, you should put your health and safety in your own hands, no one elses. Always read your labels and ask questions before taking medication.

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Sick of being sick - 11 d 6 h ago


I too am having similar issues and am curious to know at what store you had these issues? I'm sorry to hear about your situation and had hoped I was the only one that had to go through this. My issue is with the pharmacy on 43rd ave and Cactus. I was wondering since your experience is almost identical to mine if you also use this same pharmacy?

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Current employee - 8 d ago

Pharmacies are heavily regulated. Each script they fill has a list of requirements that must be met including insurance and state, local, and federal reqs. If any one thing is not met but the script is distributed, the pharmacist can lose their license and the person who filled it can lose their job. In the case of a controlled substance, they can also go to jail and face fines up and above $10,000. They are simply following procedures that protect the company and employees from these fines and penalties.

Put yourself in their shoes- Would you risk your job and/or face jail time in this situation? No.

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Lillian Banwart - 9 d 5 h ago

Been chopping at the Glassford Hill Store for 20 years and today I tried to sign in for Ad and Coupon was Asses Denied ,dont understand

that , need your help , not very happy. ,please help send reply to (hidden)

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Current employee - 8 d 2 h ago

Sounds like wrong password. Create a new account, go to service desk and give them your card and new account info. They will link your card to your new account and you will keep all your points and etc attached to your old account. If this does not work, call the number on the back of your card.

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