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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Steve McKinney
(623) 936-2100
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Al - 2 d 17 h ago


WATCH OUT for the Fry's CC scam from USBank!!!! USBank has conspired with Fry's to make rewards points offers for online purchases that will not be honored!!!! If you buy online from Fry's, they code it as if made in the store, and USBank screws you out of the transaction credit. Way to treat loyal customers Fry's and USBank!!!!

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Mary-Lane - 15 d 9 h ago

I have been a committed customer of the Glassford Hill Store , in Prescott Valley for several years. This afternoon, about 4:15 pm , Nov 30 I was in a long line ( 9 people in front of me) at the Service desk. I waited patiently to send a Western Union gift to my son in Australia. The service desk employee- JUDY- asked me for my telephone number and then asked for my Drivers license. I explained that it was in the car and that I had sent many Western unions to Australia and had even done one last night at this store. I always gave the ladies my telephone number and they immediately had access to my information in the computer. She then said to me " I don't care how many you have sent or who has helped you in the past, you are NOT sending any money any where without your drivers license!! You are now dealing with ME!! She then held up her name Badge!!! This employee was very condescending and RUDE! I will be lodging a complaint with the corporate offices. ( not that I couldn't send my gift to my son but rather that this employee should never be at the service desk working with customers.) Clearly JUDY is very unhappy in her compacity as a Frys service representative and may be of service somewhere behind the the scenes where customer service is not necessary. I was able to send my Western Union at Safeway, and was treated with the upmost respect by their service representative. Maybe it's time for a change. I certainly will never be using the service desk at Frys, if this employee is ever behind it again. Frys at Glassford Hill has always prided itself in good, customer service. Hopefully they will find a position for JUDY that is less stressful and one where she I'll be happier.

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Misty - 5 d 14 h ago

It's actually a western union policy not a frys policy that you HAVE to show your drivers license regardless of how many times you've sent. In fact those employees not asking for it could lose their job if they are caught not asking for it. Just an fyi, tho she shouldn't have been rude about it.

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Charlene Smith - 7 d 20 h ago

I am a former employee of Fry's #83 and suffered an on the job incident on April 2, 2018. I have REPEATEDLY brought ambulance bill to HR rep to no avail. Now I received a bill from a collection agency. What the hell do I have to do to get this damn bill paid?

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Richard - 14 d 17 h ago


Store 60

59th ave & 101

I'm truly disappointed with the management at Vilida and asked her why she was so rude to her employees? I stated that its completely unprofessional as a manager to talk that way to her employees especially in front of customers. Vilida was rude to me as well and did not apologize for her actions. I have decades of managerial experience with major corporations and what i witnessed was despicable. Vilida needs to be demoted and attend training on her management skills. I requested to speak to her manager and was told she's not available, so i asked for her name. This manager needs corrective actioned or it will destroy morale.

All the other Frys stores ive shopped have been a great experience. My rating is based on Vilida the manager only, however my rating on the employees is excellent .


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Bea - 25 d 14 h ago


I cannot say enough about the outstanding customer service I received at Frys store 124. I was assisted by Cheryl Miller and Julia Cummarde, both went ABOVE AND BEYOND. Due to a miscommunication, ON MY PART, our company Thanksgiving luncheon almost didn't happen. I went to pick up my holiday dinners at 10:00 am, lunch was at 11:30, and found that the food was not "cooked" but only prepared, I missed this on the website. I had about 40-50 people waiting on lunch for and nothing to serve them. In a bit of a panic, both Cheryl and Julia stepped up to help. They quickly were able to go out of their way and take sides as needed and put them together as well as cook them for me. We ended up grabbing chicken as our main dish and in I was out of the store by 11:15! They did not have to do this for us but I am beyond happy they did. They saved tour Holiday Luncheon by simply stepping outside the box. They completely changed my experience around and made what could have been a really bad experience into an amazing and successful lunch! I was absolutely amazed on how they made the customer first and found a solution. I left the store giving everyone a hug. Thank you is not enough to show my gratitude for what you 2 amazing ladies did. Since being back 3 hours ago I have already shared this story with at least 10 people, we will certainly be back, but a bit more organized next time =-) Thank you again!

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Diana - 29 d ago


Where is my pay check?? I'm doing all the work and no pay no discount! Thursday night I had to make a quick trip to grocery store after working 12 hours . It was 7pm I live within walking distance of WALMART literally walking didtance, but like a fool I decided to go to Frys as I needed potatoes. I went in the store picked up lettuce, 10lbs of potatoes and a couple other items. When i went to get in line I thought I was dreaming. I could not get to the line! There was only 1 cashier, one cashier only theat line was long. But the self server line was deep into the aisle, I am talking about 15 people deep maybe more. I went to customer service and asked where the manager was, and told the clerk that the lines are out of control and they need more cashiers. They had ONLY TWO PEOPLE MANNING THE CHECK OUT!!!!!!! The clerk seemed to not care. So i went back to get in line in order to do this I realized I had to walk down and around an aisle to join the line that would take more than twenty minutes to get to the point wher I had to unload my card run each item through the scanner then pack it up. Not only was I taking someone's job that supports my neighborhood BUT i was doing all the work without being paid or getting a discount. TYhen i remembered SAFEWAY was across the street and I left my groceries and went to Safeway, sure I paid 29 cents more for my potatoes but I was in and out, and guess what they had more than two people manning the store.

FRYs on Waddell in Surprise I quit you, my time is worth more than the 20 cents I would have saved. You take jobs , take advantage of customers and you simply do not care.

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Kathlyn Cramer - 33 d 13 h ago


I have purchased Turkey or Ham dinners with potatoes & gravy, cranberries, dressing, pie, rolls & green beans for years. Jyst put them in oven or microwave and your ready to eat.

Now you have kits for dinner where your giving me a loaf of bread to make the dressing or cook potatoes. If i wanted to cook a whole dinner i would. The whole point of pre cooked is less time and energy for me. Plus $9.00 for an extra kit. I can buy 2-3 bags if potatoes for that. I ask to buy pre cooked turkey alone and was told same price $79.99 with or with trimmings. This is not what elderly people want to do for dinner. Your new idea sucks. Next year i will go to Albertsons or Safeway. You raised the price and made it harder to cook. Extremely disappointed in your new idea.

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Jill - 34 d 8 h ago


Hey upper management I've read some of these reviews when are you going to open your eyes? Other than your new investments of fancy frys in very well to do neighborhoods you forget about your local stores drug invested nothing done about it rude workers I won't even go into our local store 19th & Glendale drugges pan handlers filthy parking lots and no one does anything these reviews should open your eyes but wait when your sitting in your million dollar house and probably don't shop there or allow your family in one oh wait you probably have a fancy frys and can go have a glass of wine or beer while you wait for them to shop for you REALLY DO SOMETHING sick and tired of it

Flagged for review. 
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AZ Susan - 37 d 18 h ago

Many of us in Oro Valley are ready to boycott both the Lambert/La Canada as well as the Tangerine/Thornydale Fry's food stores as it is obvious that they are trying to 'FORCE' the

self checkout lanes. There are ALWAYS too few human attended check out lanes available.

Does the company not care what their customers want???

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Anonymous - 40 d 17 h ago

I have been shopping at the frys on willow creek rd in prescott az for 18 years. I went in on Halloween dressed up with my husband and my 14 year old daughters. We were stopping to get a veggie tray and a beer for a party. We went through self check with bot of our drivers licenses in hand. The checker phyllis p. Was the rudest lady I have ever met. She asked for my daughters identifications I told her their only 14 they dont have one. She ripped the beer out of my hand and said I guess your not getting any liquor then. I asked for the manager. As she walked over she proceeded to call me a man multiple times and when my husband said that's my wife your talking about she said I dont care. I have never been treated so rudely by a customer service person before. The manager ended up selling us our beer. But I will never go there again. That was not customer service at all. Phyllis p you can go to hell.

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Joe Gallagher - 44 d 11 h ago


My fiancee and I, are both disabled and wonder if Fry's Foods offer a discount on food purchases such as they give to Senior Citizens. After all, my fiancee and I, and many Seniors are living on a fixed income.

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Customers for better service - 46 d 5 h ago


83rd and Indian, manager Draradas is un professional and cares not act as a management or portray as such nor handle matters or resolve, Kroger check him out....

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Debbie Leeper - 48 d 17 h ago


I have been shopping at the Frys at Broadway and Ellsworth in Mesa for over 20 years. This store has completely gone down hill in the last 4-5 years. It is nothing but a drug infested store that has riff raff in the parking lot waiting to rip you off at any time. Then when you are accosted in the parking lot by one of these people you are just told that they are sorry there is nothing they can do. Ridiculous. I think you would be better served to shop at Winco, Safeway or Albertsons.

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Anonymous - 50 d 8 h ago


I called frys pharmacy to have a prescription filled. They were out of my medicine and wouldn't be getting any for almost a week, so we transferred to a different pharmacy to fill because I needed the script so hot flashes would stop.

I ended being to late when I did go try to pick it up so the following day I called my regular pharmacy to see if they had it in and they didn't still even though the person said they would have gotten it in today. They girl Ellana who I spoke asked me to call the pharmacy to cancel it and then call them back making it 5 phone calls to get a script filled that I had been getting for 2 years already. I said to Ellana "why wouldn't you make the call? It's faster easier and would only take 1 phone call versus my 3 that day and 5 total. She say I really think you should. I told her that I wasn't the one who called the first time and that I shouldn't have to when it is part of her job and it would take me more than twice as long. So Ellana says ok I'll do it and hung up on my without doing the job and making sure that they even had the product in yet. So I called and spoke to the Manager Connie who was so dismissive of the rudeness of Ellana and after all that they screwed up the script and got it pulled off the shelve at the other pharmacy forcing me to wait 30 min for a script that should have been ready for 3 days. Connie the manager the whole time wouldn't even let me finish a sentence and continually spoke over me and pretty much ignored everything until I told her I was contacting corporate office.

I'm tired to going to places with no customer service anymore. What is wrong with people do don't care about their jobs or how they treat they humans.

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Denna - 51 d 14 h ago


Big shout out to Fry's on Cave Creek and Hatcher. I've been a loyal customer for 5 years now. Today, I decided to start my morning grocery shopping. My first trip I checked out with an actual cashier. Ordered my Lyft and it was 4 minutes away. I forgot a few items, so I ran back in, grabbed the 3 items and PAID. Grabbed my receipt as well. As I'm leaving, the "self checkout" lady yells at me telling me I stole 3 items. Security comes over, mind you he saw when I swiped my card and grabbed my receipt. He clearly told the lady that accused me of stealing that I paid BOTH TIMES. I even showed her both receipts and she wouldn't let it go. Total assassination of my character. After security told her again that I paid, she apologized and security helped load my groceries. Now I feel horrible. Thanks a lot

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Billie L Cox - 102 d 13 h ago

I have been a loyal Fry's customer since the '70's when Fry's bought out Smitty's in the Phoenix area. When I moved to Flagstaff from Tempe, AZ, I was pleased to find another Fry's and have been shopping there weekly. Last week as I waited in line with a cart full of groceries, a clerk directed me to the self-check-out line. AUGH! I had help from clerks, but with all my groceries, checking out took considerably more time than I would have spent at the counter with a clerk. Today, only one line was open. Customers stretched for yards as clerks approached and tried to direct them to the self-check-outs

Okay, I get it. Having customers check themselves out will eventually save the corporation money. After all, fewer clerks means eliminating many wages, insurance, etc. It will also mean eliminating many customers. Fry's has won loyalty from many due to the helpfulness of their clerks as well as clean stores, etc. For those of us who shop weekly or monthly, we get to know those clerks and appreciate their cheerfulness and efficiency.

I'm sure my concern will mean little, but I feel better having aired it. Much as I prefer Fry's to Safeway, I guess I will be changing my habit.

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Kim - 53 d 14 h ago

Totally agree. If I have to check myself.out, I want a MINIMUM 10% discount on my total order.

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Carol Cox - 69 d 12 h ago


Hugely disappointed with Sun City West AZ Fry's. All garbanzo, kidney beans, any bean protein has bean removed from their salad bar. :( :( :( Another location avoiding vegetarian needs. Won't eat here again. :( :( :( :( :(

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Anonymous - 71 d ago



My complaint about your store on Highland was we were in line to cash out on #18 register and the cashier was having trouble running gift cards for another customer so he called over I think she was a Manager her name is Melissa she could not assist either then another Frys employee was there trying to assist. So you have three employees attending another customer we had to put our groceries back in the cart and go to another register. We were never acknowledged or given apologies. This is not good customer service!

Your employees need to be more considerate of us we are the consumer giving you business.

This incident was on 10/3/2018 between the hour 5:00p and 6:00p

From a

Displeased customer

Delfina R.

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Debby - 72 d 4 h ago


Don't shop at Fry's much because of the games they play. They pull stuff all the time. My friend was there and and I told her to ask if Bud Light Orange on sale before she walked out. They said yes, 12 pack bottles $9.99. I drive over to my Fry's and purchase (well, didn't end up purchasing) because it rings up $13.99. I bring to their attention and they say Bud Light orange is not on sale! WTF?!?!? All the Bud Light bottles are same regular price 12 pk. WHY are they pulling the crap that orange is not on sale??? Also, you can count on, if you pay attention, that at LEAST one item will ring wrong. Most times, if I stop at Frys, I am only purchasing no more than 6 items. Many times 2 or 3 ring incorrectly. Fry's sucks. Hence the rating above 1-1/2 stars. NO KIDDING! They don't even deserve that much!

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Margie - 72 d 19 h ago


I wonder if corporate reads these comments. They never seem to answer. I would just like to say that I love your Clicklist. It is so easy to shop online and pick up.

My request is that you install a cover over the pick up area for Clicklist. I shop at the Fry's in Tucson at 1795 W. Valencia Rd. The store and the employees are great - especially the Clicklist employees which is why I am requesting a cover. In the heat of the summer these kids are out there in 110 plus weather which is made even hotter on the tarmac and they are super busy at that store. Also during Monsoon, they are out there getting drenched. And yet, they always have a smile on their face and something nice to say to the customer. A cover would be awesome and would show not just the employees but the community, how much you care about everyone. Any store that does this kind of service should install cover for the employees. Be the first to show how much you care about those who work so hard for you.

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Anonymous - 74 d 15 h ago

The Frys off of Dove valley in AZ never loaded the 100 dollars onto a gift card and pretty much told me that there is nothing they could do, and that it was an issue between me and the gift card vendor. Probably one of the most rude managers I have ever dealt with. Frys pretty much stole 100 dollars from their customer!

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James Hunter - 76 d 6 h ago


Hello my name is James Hunter .

On 09/30/2018 at approximately 6:15 pm I purchased about $85.00 worth of crabs legs from the Fryes location in Tempe , AZ on McClintock rd and Baseline. I took them home and prepared them. They had a bit of a weird smell to them but nothing overwhelming. After cooking them we proceeded to indulge in them but they had a funny taste to them and smelled like ammonia. I took some of the cooked cans legs back to the store to address my concern. Several employees acknowledge the foul smell but the manager told me to come back tomorrow when another manager was available to look up my purchase . I told him I did not want to wait until tomorrow so I went back home dug through my trash and recovered my receipt. When I returned to the store I was refunded my money however I am still disatisfied because of the time I had to spend to prepare the food only to find out it was spoiled also because of the time I had to spend driving back and forth to the store to get a refund. Also not to mention that we had to go to McDonalds to replace our meal for not being able to enjoy our crab legs that we were eager to have for dinner. My concern now is that I may get sick from thE crab legs that were ingested and I feel that there should have been something other than just a refund for the inconvenience. Someone please contact me at (hidden) to discuss and resolve my concerns.

Thank you

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