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Frys Food Stores

P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Michael Donnelly
(623) 936-2100
Annual Sales Est
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Raul - 1 d ago


Hello I am writing to let you know the poor performance of reciving in tolleson az. Arrives at 1200 the day are medium and 802 and do not give me the papers yet. I can not explain why take so please take action on the matter thanks

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Kay Stailey - 2 d 4 h ago


While I don't live full time in Phoenix anymore, you can rest assured I will be telling all my retired friends about your Store #75, and their disgusting manager. (Per the message below from Jeff Mitchell.) They will find it hard to believe that you have such idiots running your stores, and will certainly stop shopping with you! Shame on you Fry's for sure!!

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Jeff Mitchell - 2 d 8 h ago


I've been a shopper at Fry's Food Stores for pretty much a lifetime.

I'm *not* pleased to see their blatant disrespect for law enforcement.

Within the past few weeks alone, we've had an MCSO Deputy shot in the leg. A Phoenix Police Officer, husband, and father of two small children, gunned down and killed in the line of duty. Another Phoenix Police Officer shot at. And an MCSO station and Officer fired upon as well. The same type heroes who put their lives on the line last week to stop a mad man from killing citizens by gunfire on the BeeLine Highway. It's a disturbingly dangerous time for those in uniform, even in our own Valley. A price officers pay to protect the public, which makes it all the more unfortunate to see such blatant acts of disrespect from the private sector.

*Last November* My son told us about the graffiti he saw in the Fry's restroom, which said "Kill Cops". My significant other is a Law Enforcement Officer and he did not want anything bad to happen to her and it really upset him, bringing him to tears. At that time, (November 2015) I reported the graffiti to the store, and they thanked him for pointing it out. Reported it a second time in December 2015.

Six months later, I checked the restroom again to find, Fry's sanded off every bit of graffiti in that restroom *except* for the message that said to "Kill Cops", which is easily a foot tall.

I spoke with Bobby Vasquez, the store manager of Fry's #75, (Higley Rd / Pecos, in Gilbert) who was well aware of the graffiti, down to its message and location. In fact, he stated that he was the store employee personally responsible for sanding off all the other graffiti and *leaving* the message: "Kill Cops".

Shame on you, Fry's. It's time to find my new place to shop after more than three decades!

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SAM - 14 d 7 h ago


I have tried and tried to talk to someone about the Fry's Food store on Baseline and 7th Ave. There shelves are ALWAYS out of stock on items I need. There is no excuse for this to be a continual problem like it has been. I have spoken to mgmt in the past about this. He said (assist mgr) that they are working on it. I go on senior day and usually spent 200 to 300....that is WHEN I can get what I want. I also make multiple other trips during the month. You are very close to losing my business can you get a senior discount on food when you don't have what I need??? Maybe on purpose so I can't save my 10%...When I go back after you are OUT OF STOCK, I have to pay FULL Price. How fair is that. You are continually out of ad items, and the store does not like to give rain checks...they expect to inconvenience us further by 'come back tomorrow' we will have it then. This is NO WAY to do business. I have totally pulled my pharmacy business from this store as well do to poor customer service and lost, yes LOST rx's that I dropped off only the day before. I would estimate that I spend 5k plus a year at your stores, but the Safeway, Bashas, Walmart and Costco are going to shortly become my stores of choice. At least I can get what I want there....I am so frustrated.

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Lisa Martin - 11 d 7 h ago


Frys/ Kroger Corporation, does this on purpose, it's a money saving ploy for them. It's also illegal,

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Obvious - 3 d 11 h ago


Try shopping earlier... They don't have an unlimited supply in the back.

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Jenny - 5 d 7 h ago


rude cashier at Frys at 10660 Grand Ave, Sun City Az named Kenneth. Bought raspberries - rang up $2.99 - I said they are on sale today - cashier responded - "it'll ring up at end - if you have any questions about anything ask me at the end and we'll see about it". He then proceeded to make comments to the bagger (BTW - she dresses and makes up like she is a clown in a circus) "I always get people like this 1st thing in the AM - makes my whole day - God bless America". I spend a lot of $ every month at this particular Fryes' and do not appreciate snide remarks being made about me just because I questioned the price of an item. Also, there are several employees in the deli section that could stand an attitude adjustment - they certainly work at a snails pace, "bunch" cold cuts up instead of laying them out nicely in the plastic baggie, all the while yawning and yawning. Occasionally when I order cheese to be sliced, they will tell me to go to the cooler where where are cold cuts and cheese already cut. If I say, "I want you to cut it fresh for me", I have gotten some really nasty looks. I am certain that the Boars Head folks would be most unhappy with their attitude. There are also some very good deli clerks.

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Cindy Posey - 6 d 5 h ago

The Fry's at 2727 E Broadway needs the riding carts real bad to many people need them they just have 3 alot of people like leave because they don't have any

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Anonymous - 9 d 5 h ago

Fry's gas station on 95th ave and union hills has the most races person ever .... she is a white female who totally hates latinos...

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David bolton - 11 d 1 h ago

Found worm in pork chop taday 5-19-2016 and your store manager wants it back with an exchange im spreading the word asap via news if youll do not contact me involving this matter. Im in knoxville tennessee and my name is David bolton i have pictures and i still have the pork chops and worm in my freezer.

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Anonymous - 13 d 14 h ago


I found Fry's on Apache Blvd in Apache and Mckellips/Stapley to have great customer service, employee's happy and appear to like to help the customers, even on Senior Weds. I go past multiple stores to shop these two locations, will continue to do so. It is not easy to serve the public, however, this is not demonstrated by the affect of the staff. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, give these two locations a chance, you will NOT be disappointed.

I would like to suggest a change at the register, i would suggest the monitor on the self check out not show the VIP number on the screen in large numbers when using the alternative ID numbers. I have been hacked at the pump with my gas points, this is extremely disturbing point about shopping with ID numbers.

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Josh - 14 d 8 h ago


I go to frys every single day for the past seven years every one there is so nice. Just about a month or two ago they got a new manager, wow is he the most un friendly manager I have ever seen he looks so un happy everytime i come in. Today I tried to say hi and he completley ignored me like i wasnt even there. I dont no his name but he is the general manager and has a bald head and wears glasses. I think that frys needs a GM that repersents that store well. I will not go back to that frys on 107th and Indian school again! I spent over$ 20,000 there last year I will be spending my money else where.

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Tiffany - 15 d 5 h ago


I've been shopping at Frys for 18 years. First at the store on 40th Street and Thunderbird ,then the store at 19th Ave and Union Hills. I'm about to call it quits with Frys altogether. The service at 19th Ave and Union Hills has continued to decline in the 6 years I've been shoping there. The mobility carts are never charged and if they are, the battery doesn't last half way thru the store. How can I shop if the cart is dead? They move these mobility carts anytime there is a holiday and,they want to sell more plants and flowers. Yay. My cashier today got my bill wrong and didn't know how to fix it. The manager came over and was rudely interrupted by a bag boy. I've had it. Things had better change or this customers going somewhere else. This is not my first time being frustrated with this particular store. Ugh.

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RandyL Gage - 15 d 9 h ago


I have been goimg to the pharmacy at rancho sahuarita blvd sahuarita,az. I also communicate with the phoenix office. Why in the hell can they not figure out I pick up my prescriptions on the 13th of the month per them the pharmacy.

I am sick and tired of going there anbd my prescriptions are not ready wrong ones ready no prescription current and every other unforsacan thing there is !!

I'm sick of it .I get a migrane headache just thinking of having to pick up my meds.

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Michael Doyle - 16 d 12 h ago


I've been a loyal customer, for very long time. I have also endured but the health consequences of having to walk through employees cigarette smoke everytime I enter one of your stores. Today Saturday May 14th as I attempted to shop in your store at 19th/ phx. I was welcomed by not only the usual one employee smoking in front of the building but TWO!!!!

I entered the store and asked to speak to a manager and I was told there was not a manager on duty... however I could speak to Josh the floor supervisor... And due to the fact that Josh was one of the employees outside smoking and he had to be called in from his cigarette break... When he presented himself to me Not only was his dress and his demeanor barely more than one of the transients that congregate outside of the store on a regular basis. He then proceeded to apologize to me for putting my health in jeopardy while he was reeking of the cigarette he had just smoked... This is not an isolated incident at this particular store and it's also common place at any Fry's that you walk into in Arizona... So although as one individual consumer I realized that the impact of my loss of business to you is inconsequential. However, I am not the only one who has experienced this. Your direct store Representatives ,your employees have so much respect for your company and your business and your customers, that they stand in the front of your buildings and blow smoke at your customers.

Michael Doyle

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L.L. - 17 d 8 h ago


Today, when in my local Fry's, I saw a man going through the self-check out area, carrying a basket. In the basket was a small dog. I find this absolutely disgusting! I need to note that I am a person who loves dogs, however, allowing non-service dogs in the store is enough to make me shop elsewhere. I've been going to this store for 29 years due to it's close proximity. In the past I've seen all sorts of dogs in the store - large, small, some in carts, some just walking on leashes and now this, in the basket! I've spoken with management at least three times and they shrug their shoulders saying they're not able to do anything about it, that possibly the dog is there for "emotional" support. I understand and agree that service dogs should be allowed in however these were clearly NOT service dogs. On one occasion, the dog was a breed that automatically caused some concern and the owner had a choker with prongs (used for extremely aggressive dogs). If anything had happened, you can be assured that legal actions would have been initiated! How sad that your administration does not have the nerve to provide rules for the other shoppers who feel this is questionable regarding health and safety standards.

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Myopinion - 17 d 6 h ago

Get over it

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Giana - 18 d 19 h ago

Frys is the store I shop at the most since it's close to my home but I am so upset because I weent there around 11pm after working all day to find out they cannot check me out at the check out. I had a lot of groceries and it took forever for me to do this myself. The guy at the self serve was so busy and manager couldn't check me at the regular check out. You need to do something about this.

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anonymous - 19 d 13 h ago

Why doesn't your new chip readers read all chip cards ?

Mine is from Canada and I've used it in Europe for the past 10 years.

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Solia vargas - 28 d 12 h ago


Why is Food City Corpirate in ARIZONA placing Mexico FLAG in the food city STORES

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Anonymous - 21 d 11 h ago

wrong company

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Gone - 23 d 3 h ago

Will never shop at Fry's again. Especially the store by Val Vista and Baseline. Extremely rude personnel. They will loose my $ 6000 a year for their over priced products. Their deli dept. is the worst in the state.

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JACK - 29 d ago




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Claire Newby - 30 d 4 h ago


You should be ashamed of the Fry's on Riggs & McQueen in Chandler. This store is never stocked. I went for corn on the cob and there were only 4 ears. The produce department was very scarce. In going down aisles of the store, the shelves were very empty! When I asked the cashier why the shelves were so empty, the response I got was "I just check people out, I don't know". Don't your employees even care???? I'll go to the store on Alma School in Chandler. That store is stocked pretty well and the employees care about the store more. Also, on senior day, they are ALWAYS out of advertised products. Come on! This is a senior community. Use your heads for more then a hat rack!!!!

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Stella - 40 d 5 h ago


The deli counter employees at the Frys on Grand Ave in Sun City need some customer service training. While four customers stand there waiting to be helped, three out of the four employees behind the counter are huddled together talking and laughing it up. Some customers trying to get there attention were totally ignored. Most of the employees there hustle but there are always a few that ruin it for the others.

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