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General Motors

GM, GMAC, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac, Saturn, Oldsmobile
300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI
Daniel Akerson
Chairman and CEO
(313) 556-5000
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Michele - 2 y 148 d ago


Absolute worst of big three auto makers. The telephone number listed is a sham; doesn't work. Have an ongoing complaint with Cadillac dealership and get promises that a real person will contact me but no one does. Even got a blank email from Massey Cadillac South Orlando with no content. And these folks really work for GM? Please spare me.

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nathan idea atm 23 hill - 2 y 275 d ago


Its 303 dead from car cutting off while driving, POS almost got me on freeway too . these losers will pay severely, in blood too. GM coming for that ass :)

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Jill Howes - 4 y 147 d ago


This is both a compliment and a plea to General Motors. Back, before the whole financial crisis began, I owned a Saturn, part of GM. I loved my Saturn, and I loved the customer service that went along with it. GM had really made the Saturn brand about having and enjoying a basic, normal car, for normal people. I don't know anything about cars, and at Saturn, they understood that, and sold and serviced my car just like a retail store, and not like traditional car companies.

Now, I know that Saturn is gone, and it's not coming back. But I hope that GM takes some lessons from the Saturn brand experience, and implements them throughout the rest of their brands. Not all of us know things about cars, and we don't want to be treated the way we are normally treated at dealerships.

Please, I hope that GM continues to make regular cars, and sells them to regular people like me in ways that we can understand. If my next experience with a GM car is like the experience I had owning my Saturn, I will be a very happy customer, and continue to buy GM cars in the future. I hope they understand that.

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CPiplak - 4 y 154 d ago

@GM That s the greatest cars in the World!!!

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rwsyps - 4 y 154 d ago

@GM Screwing over 20K DelphiSalariedRetirees + impacting their families & friends = GM's loss of market share. GM do you get it now?

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NydiaDoesIt - 4 y 154 d ago

Been all day at @GM CTE online training :)

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carli039 - 4 y 155 d ago

@GM U r exploiting human rights when u neglect to pay what is due to injured employees. I bet u don't have insurance & that's y u won't pay

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carli039 - 4 y 155 d ago

@GM who regulates your insurance? Why don't u protect your employees & yourself w insurance? Not a smart fiscal move. Bad global publicity.

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chrisprice - 4 y 155 d ago

Kill Hummer, kill @Pontiac, give the UAW stock, and steal money from poor Delphi employees. Shame on the Administration. Vote people! @GM

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chrisprice - 4 y 155 d ago

Delphi pensions were torched in the auto bailout while the UAW got to supercede bond holders and take controlling stakes in @GM #bailout

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chrisprice - 4 y 155 d ago

Why won't the Auto Task Force czars comment on the theft of Delphi employee pensions? #outoftouch @GM

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Troy_Terry - 4 y 155 d ago

On the plane bound for DC and dinner @GM's green program peeps and Dan

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