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General Motors

GM, GMAC, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac, Saturn, Oldsmobile
300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI
Daniel Akerson
Chairman and CEO
(313) 556-5000
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Michael Mills - 3 d 13 h ago


My 2018 Chevrolet Silverado Tuscany was stolen on January 28, 2020. They did not have my keys, there was no glass broken and the useless OnStar meant to protect my vehicle was disabled before it left my parking lot. I worked hard to buy that truck only to be let down by your service and products. My truck has been the focus of every news cast along with every social media outlet. I can promise I will continue to pursue any and all legal action available against General Motors and OnStar. I will also continue to contact all media outlets and social platforms to bring light to the lack of product service and security. Look on NBC 5 and you will see what was left of my truck or contact me at (hidden).

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Need a Sunroof - 4 d 16 h ago


I can't seem to relate this to the Customer Service agent I chatted with, but maybe you will 'GET IT'.

The Cadillac website has an issue. On the Build and Price part of the site there is only one way to see the Sun Roof option to ad to the build - that is by selecting the Platinum Package. (and believe me, no one will buy that package with that interior color -it's awful). I couldn't get it through to the CS agent even after a dozen back and forth messages, they strictly go by the "script" that's in front of them.

Do you think you can get this issue fixed with the webmaster, so I can ad a Sun Roof to my build?

There may be other items not listed, too, I just don't know every item on the car.

General profile image - 6 d ago


Dear Chevy ,I have buying your products for 50 years but the last one a 2015 Colorado and now in the the last 3 days i have had the radio not work and cant go to a dealer just for them to pull the radio fuse and say all fixed and than for the same thing to happen again and this has been going on for 5 years . Whats the fix or CHEVY dosen't care .

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Gary P Bricken - 6 d ago


I had a new 1993 GMC pickup that the radio was defective. Repeated trips to the dealer didn't fix it and the dealer said it was. n't really replaceable under warranty, it needed to be constantly defective. While the service writer was standing there I smashed the radio with my fist and he said, "ok we can see the defect now and can replace it under warranty."gu

Go figure!

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Peter West. Adelaide Australia - 7 d 4 h ago


Dear General Motors, You did a chapter 11 when the GFC hit killed off Pontiac a major part of Holdens export plan. Left Opel to Daewoo = crap. Great decisions. Haha. Now you have killed an Australian Icon. Don't bother sending any cars here because Holden people who once loved Chev nearly as much as Holden will not buy your product. I would rather buy a Ford. Rot in hell Detroit may your slums grow larger. Vale Holden

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Ross Osborn - 7 d 8 h ago


Daniel Akerson

Dear Sir,

I have supported General Motors Holden in Australia ever since I was old enough to drive,53 years this year,but also have supported them since they started racing.More importantly Australia has supported the brand HOLDEN since before 1948 and the first early series 48 FX Holden,please don't give me platitudes about financial outcome and only a minor part of the market,right hand drive cars produced by GM accounted for 25% of GM's production,it seems it was okay to take our money and accept our support for about 160 years in total.I find your decision to axe the HOLDEN brand abhorent,don't be surprised if the rest of your brands fail here,if you had put a better plan of action in place the situation would not have gotten to this disgusting point,huge marketing mistakes by you,the parent company have to answer for a major part of the brand's demise.I was considering buying a Comaro,but will now be voting with my feet and money and going elsewhere,you've destroyed our most amazing Bathurst race and sullied the name of the hero's who helped build the brand to it's pinnacle,your failure to support the Australian motoring public will be the end of GM here in any form,we are very loyal here but your disloyalty haslost us,if you'd have introduced the Comaro here to counter the Mustang,things may have turned around.Vale Holden.Shame GM.Please reply to my email address (hidden).05 the late Peter Brock's racing number,retired in honour of his services to Motorsport,You sir have no honour and you've lost our trust.

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Mike - 8 d ago


Mike - Greensburg, KY 42743. I have purchased 3 new Chevrolet vehicles in the last sixteen years. I have always been a loyal GM customer, but today the bait and switch and the online price/real price has become a joke. I want to purchase a new truck, but when I get down to numbers with (0) trake or I have the money to purchase the price changes around 7,000 - 8,000 dollars. Tell me how you guys can fix this or just go completely on line and do away with the dealerships. I have been to five dealerships in Kentucky trying to purchase a Truck and everyone is either an asshole or like Don Franklin they have purchase about 80% of dealerships in the state, playing name my price. Let me know how to purchase from Chevy and I will.

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Durivad - 8 d 23 h ago


I am very discouraged and disappointed with GMC. I purchased my GMC Acadia All Terrain on 8/24/17.

4/4/19: Michelin tires were worn down to 2/32. I was offered a discount for continental tires and replaced 4 tires. I still had to pay $600.

5/23/18 - Vehicle had to be towed. It stopped moving while driving. It made a growling noise when put in drive due to left front wheel drive half shaft inner cv joint failure.

8/30/18 - Multiple lights flashing in vehicle, reduced power, shift to park error. Replaced shifter assembly.

9/10/18 - Vehicle had to be towed again. Multiple lights flashing in vehicle, shift to park error and vehicle would not move. Replaced shifter assembly again from new manufacturer.

12/5/19 - When pushing steering wheel, hard to get sound. Replaced new designed wheel horn.

8/30/19: I got hit on the passenger front by someone, which was no fault of mine. GMC was on strike and waited for wheel until 1/03/20. Had rental car from 8/30/19-1/3/20. Body shop told me my tires were worn and found a bad ball bearing joint. They said it should have been found when tires were replaced. Took to Goldstein and they found no abnormal wear. They would not do anything about my tires.

I am totally disgusted with the GMC. I was told by Corporate GMC that I would be compensated after my vehicle was repaired. After not having my vehicle for over 4 months, I asked for an extended warrantee, but was only offered a year of OnStar, which I declined.

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Brenda - 15 d ago


I would like to know how many people are in need of a rocker arm control valve for their Malibu. I returned my Malibu to the dealership on December 2 and it is still sitting there. I just received a call from GM telling me that they don't know when the part will be available since it is no longer being produce but that the plan is to start producing this part "sometime this year." In the meanwhile the car sits, I'm making payments, and I can't drive the car. At this point I don't know what can be done. Have been trying to find out if there are any class action law suits regarding this.

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seana - 13 d 19 m ago

hi brenda I'm having the exact same issue. 2014 chevy Malibu. engine light on need the rocker arm cannot find it no where. this has been going on since August of 2019.

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Brenda - 8 d ago


Seana, there are no parts available. I was contacted by GM a week ago and was told they will probably start manufacturing this part "sometime this year. In the meanwhile our vehicles just sit. I am contacting an attorney today. I'll try to update you later.

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Gale BK - 53 d ago

My 2014 Chevrolet Malibu LS which other than a mechanical problem which apparently was inherent in the 2014 LS model had been in very good condition. The Malibu has 111,000 miles and has been sitting in the auto body repair shop since 9/21/19.After my mechanic's attempt to obtain a GM manufactured Rocker Arm Oil Control Valve, through multiple GM dealerships and parts companies, I reached out to GM Customer Care (hidden)). After multiple phone calls and calls backs from their center, I was unable to get a answer as to if and when this part would be made available. I finally contacted a business specialist at and received a straight answer- GM has discontinued the Rocker Arm Oil Control Valve. When I confronted the Customer Service Representative at GM Customer Care, Jenny with this information, she at this point did tell me that the part was not available and that GM was providing no information as to when and if ever this part would be available. She informed me that GM would provide me with $2,500 to use toward the purchase of another GM vehicle. The Kelley Blue Book value of my Malibu for a 2014 Malibu in very good condition is $8,674.00. GM is fully aware of the inherent flaw with the Malibu that necessitates replacement of the Rocker Arm Oil Control Valve. They are shirking their responsibility to the consumer. This may be the tip of the ice berg as I am confident there are other GM cars that are experiencing mechanical problems due to GM's inability to produce a reliable vehicle that has longevity.

I will be brining forth a formal complaint to both Mary Barra, CEO of GM as well as Alan Batey, Executive Vice President and CEO; Senator Deborah Dingell of Michigan of the House of Representatives Consumer Protection and Business Committee ; The Federal Trade Commission and the State Attorney General for Michigan.

My request is that either GM supply the part or I want to be fully compensated for the Kelley Book Value of my 2014 Malibu based on "very good condition."

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Will- TiA - 53 d 28 m ago



I have the same vehicle, the same issue, the same run around. My vehicle has been @ the dealership since Aug 19

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Kathy - 36 d 18 h ago

file a complaint as Gale spoke about. I am filing my this week.

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Anonymous - 52 d 18 h ago

Wow I believe that's what our car needs for over 4 months now and they are also trying to get us in another vehicle. We have only over 50,000 miles on our Impala and it would be paid off in 4 more months. This is disgusting!!!

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Kathy - 36 d 18 h ago

file a complaint as Gale, myself and others are. This needs to be dealt with now.

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Heidi - 8 d ago


Same exact thing. 2015 Malibu sitting un-drive-able since 09/13/2019

We have gone to the BBB, the Attorney General, it's like nobody can help? all the while we have a really nice 2015 Malibu sitting in a dirt lot behind the auto body place....

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Kathy - 37 d 23 m ago

I have the same problem with the Rocker Arm Oil Control Valve. GM Customer Service refuses to return my phone calls after my diagnosis of the oil control valve that is not available. My car shudders and shakes and I have had to pull off the highway due to engine light flashing and loss of power. Cannot get any help at dealership or GM. I also will bring forth a formal complaint to GM as you, Gale, will be doing with the same request for the part, covered under power train as there is a GM technician bulletin that was issued in 2017 showing that this was a faulty part with loose components in the rocker arm valve. I have 77,000 miles on my 14 Malibu and just went off power train this year. The GM Tech bulletin states "drive ability concerns" due to the malfunction of this part.

I will file my complaint also to the above executives.

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Rocky - 32 d 27 m ago


I am having the same exact issue. I purchased a 2014 Malibu in September of 2019 and the service light was on. I was assured the vehicle would be fixed and it went in the shop at the dealership the very next day. I have never even had my vehicle and it is sitting in the shop to this day waiting on the same exact part that you are. I have been offered the 2500 credit towards another vehicle and I have not even drove the one I purchased.

This is not acceptable and I am looking into bringing a complaint as well and acquiring an attorney.

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Christyn Hall - 31 d 19 h ago


Please let me know where you get with this! I'm having the same exact issue with my 2014 impala

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Holden Commodore - 8 d 6 h ago

You are a disgrace General Motors for getting rid of The Holden brand. We made better cars here in Australia than the garbage you Americans make . We had to put up with rubbish from Opel and vehicles made in Thailand.

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Anonymous - 8 d 8 h ago

Disgusted with the closing of Holden, poor choice of cars imported to Australia that everyone hates.

Whoever chose these models should be sacked!

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Edward Campbell - 11 d ago

CustomerCare (hidden) SR:9(hidden) GMPart No. 20785622 Vin: 2GKFLXE36E6241657 Customer Care. We have spoken regularly with Customer Care, mainly Destiny, Seems she is very busy because many days we wait for a call. Today, a call came on a cell phone. Please reply on house phone (hidden) or 2 cells (hidden) or (hidden). We have been trying to get this part for several weeks. We have no heat in our GMC Terrain or Air Conditioning because of this little part. We ourselves have criss-crossed the country via phone calls searching for this part. We have asked friends to check their dealers too. Yes, dealers have it but will not sell it to us as they are saving for a GMC customer. I AM A GMC CUSTOMER. We own a GMC vehicle. Perhaps you could call these number and perhaps they will sell it to you, a GMC Customer Care Representative. You try. We have spent an enormous about of time and energy begging for this part. We live in Illinois. It is COLD here. We had planned to drive to Georgia to see my young grandson graduate from "boot camp". "Are you, Gram and Papa coming, " he asks. We are registered in the parts department at Ettleson GMC in Hodgkins, IL waiting for the part. Here are the recent numbers given to us by a dealer in Florida Will you check with them.? By the way, what is customer service all about? Just asking if we found the part or are you people available to search and find? Sincerely hope that is your role (hidden) (hidden) (hidden) (hidden) (hidden) Sincerely Mr. & Mrs. Edward (Marilynn) Campbell

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Shawn life time gm owner no more - 11 d ago

My 2017 Malibu with 38000 miles on it started to say car is not in park when it was so I took it to dealer they charged me 285.00 to fix it I said I see you have thousand of complaints about this very issue they told me I should have bought the extended warranty.ilook at that dipshit and said your car shouldn't have problems with 38000 miles so I call gm southeast district after two weeks run around of unanswered calls they offered me 100.00 service voucher I said I will take it because I will probably need it . But of course I haven't received the voucher yet it's been a week how long does it take to email a voucher. Oh well there loss I guess I'll buy a honda

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T. Miley - 49 d ago


I have a 2018 Buick Enclave which I brought 1 Jun 2019 with only 500 miles on it. The middle of Jul my radio began to have a popping noise and went out for a day. Because the radio came back on the problem couldn't be duplicated but I was told to bring back of it happens again. It did and I took it back and a part was supposed to be ordered in Aug for repair. I called the dealership in Nov for an update and was told GM is on strike and no parts are being sent out. Here it is Jan 2020 Im on a road trip and my speakers went completely out; no sound nothing and I am being told GM is still on strike and there is no part available to fix my issue. I am highly upset to be dealing with a brand new car and issues as such. I cant give them half payment so why do I have to deal with a half of a functioning car. I am a travel agent on the constant go. I am highly dissatisfied with the service of GM at this point! Fix my car or give me a new one!

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Anonymous - 29 d ago

Dont hold your breath u will never get a call from them. They already have your money

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