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General Motors

GM, GMAC, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac, Saturn, Oldsmobile
300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI
Daniel Akerson
Chairman and CEO
(313) 556-5000
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Curtis - 26 d 10 h ago

I own a 2016 Chevy duramax LTZ with 34k miles. I bought the truck with rebuilt title it had light damage in front. I repaired the damage " I am a body man,been building silverados since been a kid" after the sheet metal was replaced I started the truck and it has a bad knock in the motor. The local dealer said it was a injector! They replaced it at the cost of $1,345 and did not fix the knock! It's a dam shame they can't build a motor they will run 30k miles without a bad failure! I have seen several late model duramax with bad engine failures! So I'm asking myself this ?..... are they junk! Does GM not care that people are paying 50k plus for truck and it won't run more than a year without serious prob? It's awful! So I'm hoping someone high up will see this and offer some help. Witch I highly doubt! If they would honor her warranty on rebuilt title my problem would be no more. But the rebuilt title is just ther way of getting outa fixing ther mistakes! The slight accident did not cause the problem. It just fender bender. No frame damage! No engine damage! So is that really fair? I use to respect GM as a company but after this I'm thinking of changing brands. Now if they would honor my wannrty and fix this failure witch is most def caused by a part failure or human error,but still yet they won't. Pretty sad that a company like GM treats us this way. So for all the GM people reading this.... I've built dozens of silverados 5.3 liters,love them!!!!!!' But your duramax is junk!!! Period!! Unless you can prove me wrong. Feel free contact me anytime for more details(hidden). Curtis Howard

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Curtis - 24 d 11 h ago

I recently wrote a review about 2016 duramax LTZ that had a knock in the engine. Since then I've fixed the problem myself. Turbo bypass boost valve was stuck from sitting. But I'm still disappointed with the GM dealership here " Dutch Chevy" because they charged me $1,350 for a fuel injector and assured me 100% it would fix the knock. Well that was BS. I regret to say I knew better but I did. I've run a body shop since I been a kid and done all my own repairs the only reason I took this truck to dealer was because it was disel and I wasn't familiar with the duramax engine. But I fixed it myself when the GM certified mechanics could not. So I want to make sure people understand that these so called mechanics at dealerships are just kids fresh outa school in a lot of cases and the rest only know what the computer tells them. I've had 25yrs of self experience and clearly the GM techs do not! I told them what the problem was and they said.... they never herd of that!!! Hahahahha. Remind you this is ther best certified disel mechanic. Lol joke!!

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Anonymous - 7 d ago


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ANTHONY WARREN - 16 d 12 h ago


I purchased a 2016 Chevy Impala from John Thornton chevrolet in 2017 and now my air conditioner does not work due to a manufacture defect and my bumper to bumper warranty has expired. I've never had to buy a new vehicle and within 1 year the a.c. stopped working and GM NOR THE DEALERSHIP JOHN THORNTON CHEVROLET WILL FIX MY VEHICLE. I DO NOT HAVE $2300.00 DOLLARS TO PAY TO HAVE MY VEHICLE FIXED. THE DIAGNOSTIC REPORT SAID I NEED A EVAPORATOR AND A HEATER CORE SMH THIS IS UNHEARD OF.

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RICHARD. ROSS - 7 d 21 h ago



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Anonymous - 19 d 6 h ago

Hello name is Harlynn Patterson i'm an employee of General Motors (Wentzville) Assembly local 2250. I have a issue within my local which i believe is not being resolved correctly. Can you or someone in corporate reach out to me, to let me know what my routes should be if i can't come to a reasonable resolution within my Local 2250. I have tried to correspond with my local 2250 chairperson Alan Chambliss on the matter, but i believe my time, interest, and concerns are not being met. I also have any/all proper documentation for this matter at hand.

Thank You in advance for any type of assistance..

Harlynn Patterson

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Carol D Long Island New York - 22 d ago

I purchased a 2018 RST Tahoe in April and found 3 months later the truck has Rail dust all over it. I brought it to a GM approved body shop to confirm the rail dust with rust coming thru. The dealers manager and service manager also confirmed rail dust. My dealers sales rep is trying to work a trade deal. I wrote to GM and have a rep that has been given confirmation of extensive rail dust on the truck!!! Clay bar and repaint is not a solution as there is rust in several places from the base metal. If I trade my truck in I will loose $15,000.00 on my 3 month old truck with 3000 Miles! Why should I loose when it is no fault of mine as it occurred during shipping. I am waiting to see what GM will do to Make it right!

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Curtis McElroy - 22 d 6 h ago


I purchaseda 2018 Colorado Mine is a small problem What are the plugs in the bed of the truck for. No one at the dealer can explain what they are for. Mine keeps poping out and at $7.00 each I woule like toi know what the perform. I am ready to super glue them in.

Please advise

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Paulette - 62 d ago


I'm writing so others will NOT make the mistake of purchasing a Chevrolet Trail Blazer. My husband has mistakenly purchased two of them. Both vehicles (2004 & 2005) models have had continual and unrepairable transmission problems along with head gasket issues. My husband's brother has recently bought a Chevrolet Trail Blazer and his too has had transmission problems. We knew of his purchase much too late to advise him. I am appalled that Chevrolet an American owed company would allow such a poorly made car be placed on the market to sale. I can assure Chevrolet that Inwill never own another Chevrolet product. It is disgusting that Honda and Nissan (foreign products) are marketing quality vehicles and frankly kicking Chevrolet's tail. I pray that anyone thinking of buying a Chevy Trail Blazer read this and decide not to buy a Chevrolet product in particular a Trail Blazer. In addition, Chevy Corporate overseers should recall the Chevrolet Trail Blazers immediately.

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No - 24 d 18 h ago


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Angel - 26 d 37 m ago


I have a 2018 Buic Encore and have had issues since driving it off the lot. Most of my issues are with the "safety features" I paid thousands of extra dollars for. The touchscreen has also frozen and gone black twice. It has been to the dealership 3 times and I was told that's just the way it is and that it it perfectly normal for the safety features to work sporadically and that I shouldn't rely on them. Then why the heck are you selling these features. I called GMC and I was supposed to hear back no later than 72 hours, that passed about 3 hours ago. Disgusted by the whole thing, the dealer says call GMC and GMC said contact the dealer. GMC should be embarrassed and ashamed to sell such pieces of junk.

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Kevin C. - 27 d 5 h ago


I lease a 2017 Acadia Limited. I recently went to a new GMC dealer, Staten Island GMC, in Staten Island, New York for an oil change and tire rotation. Just prior to completion of the service, the service advisor came to me informing me that the mechanic informed her that my vehicle had a "safety Issue", needing both front and rear brakes. She went on to tell me that my front brakes had just 2mm (less than 500-1000 miles) of wear remaining, while my rear brakes had just 3mm (less than 1500-2000 miles) of wear remaining.

I questioned the fact the brake sensors never alerted me to brake fatigue, in addition to stating that the vehicle had just 18,000 miles. I informed her that I have leased and returned at least 6 prior SUV's, including a 2014 Acadia, all with close to 30,000 miles, with "none" ever needing brakes.

I left the dealership and purchased AC Deacon Professional front and rear pads from a different dealership. I took my vehicle to a local a reputable local auto service center. When the mechanic removed my wheels and calipers he informed me that what I was told at the dealership was not true. He found that my front brakes had another 7,500- 8,500 miles remaining and my rear brakes were showing hardly any wear, with at least another 20,000 miles.

I urge anyone who deals with GMC service centers, especially Staten Island BUICK, GMC to not believe a word that these liars are trained to tell customers.

In addition, GMC Customer Service, specifically Senior Advisor Courtney is another farce. Even though I had photo's of the brake pads to substantiate the fraud that is being perpetrated at Staten Island GMC, they closed my complaint case, stating that it was my word against the Service Managers word.

I Will NEVER have another GMC vehicle or product.

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John rodger - 28 d 4 h ago


My uncle James (jim) rodger left Dysart ,fife Scotland in 1954 to work at gm Detroit ,he was a young man whom I was told was sponsored by someone in those days to go to USA work in gm Detroit, I only met my uncle twice in my life once when he came home to take me to hampden park to see scotland v England , another time was when he was near retiring , he went back to states died few years later , we as a family never got to hear much about him ,so as I am now retired and doing family tree ,was wondering if any ex employee can remember him , I still stay in Kirkcaldy which now takes Dysart into its boundaries, out of a family of 10 kids Jim's sister Ella is still alive 96 years young , please if you can help either with any info or maybe old works photo email me , many thanks

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Elaine V. - 33 d 6 h ago


My husband bought a 2009 GMC Sierra 150 (brand new). In 2015 driving to Myrtle Beach with our 9 year old granddaughter. We stopped for gas and when we left the rest area, the truck started making a strange noise. First we thought perhaps it was the road. But when the noise continued to get worse we found a truck stop on I95 in NC. Someone there advised us that there was a full station at the next exit. We stopped and thank goodness we did because, the front wheel barrings went. We ended up having to pay $900.00 CASH (because they wouldn't take credit cards. And didn't have too because they were the only full service station around on a major highway and thank goodness they were open and able to get parts.) When we returned home from our trip we contacted GM, they said they would look into it, and finally advised that there was nothing they could do..But perhaps our situation could help someone else!! What kind of an answer is that????

My brother (who is slightly autistic) bought a 2012 Chevy Cruze (brand new) and his vehicle has been at the dealership (Barton Chevrolet in Newburgh, NY) for over a month waiting for a transmission. We contacted GM to find out if perhaps there was something they could do for my brother, (even a little something) and after waiting days again was advised "sorry there is nothing we can do, but thanks for being a GM customer and perhaps this will help the next person". Again what kind of answer is that?? Are they kidding. My brother works at Shoprite pushing shopping carts and makes minimum wage. GM has billions. I would advise anyone to think twice before buying a GM product, because they don't back up there products. And will tell you after waiting "well perhaps your situation will help someone else, and thanks for being a GM customer". NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVER BUY A GM PRODUCT!!!

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Gary in Michigan - 28 d 10 h ago


There has been a recall on some vehicles with e-assist. Check and see if your brother's car has it. My daughter was quoted for a new transmission on her 2013 Regal, and 4 other shops said it wasn't even the transmission. I paid $420 to have the Throttle Body replaced, but the generator/alternator -- which is under a recall anyway -- failed during taking it to other shops for a second opinion. So GM caused the problem by misdiagnosis, and still refusing to fix the part when a recall has been issued. They want me to pay $1887 for it to be fixed.

Report the problem to your Secretary of State, or other repair shop regulator. Also report the problem to NHTSA. These are dangerous issues, and GM should be held accountable. They are supposed to call me back to see about straightening this out, but I don't have faith. Complete one sided customer service so far.

In addition, the dealership told me they didn't even want my business, and don't bother coming back, when I complained about the misdiagnosis. I've never been more aggravated in my life, over warranty and customer service issues. GM customer service has lied to me on 3 occasions, telling me the problem could not be escalated, even when I asked that it be handed off to a new customer service person. When I called back the new customer service person confirmed they lied to me.

I'll update when I have a final resolution.

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Qumber - 32 d 18 h ago


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Anonymous - 31 d 2 h ago

what a looser

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JoJo - 28 d 10 h ago


Get a job

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Anonymous - 28 d 16 h ago


I am Naser Kintaj, inventor of a new technology engine that wins several international awards and wants to work with your company to build this engine. If you would like to have an email or a contact, thank you.



Documents are attached

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Janetprince - 30 d 20 m ago






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Sherman Volkman P O'd - 35 d 6 h ago


I leased two vehicles from Seacoast Chevrolet and purchased a third and planned on either lease another or possibly purchase when lease on my 2017 Equinox is up I had to purchase last vehicle from dealer stock because I could not wait for delivery if ordered vehicle of 8 to 12 weeks I bought a 2018 Chevy Trax LT salesman Gene McFadden told me that this LT was equipped same as the Premier I wanted except for chrome accents on mirrors I was the weather that day and was at dealership for four hours which made it worse went home and slept next day I got a good look at vehicle and noticed no fog kites which are standard on a Premier so either salesman told a fib or when they peeped vehicle they removed fog kites asked for a remedy and got no satisfaction so hope you can help me with this situation.Sherman Coleman.

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Debra Feik - 44 d 35 s ago

We were tricked into a Chevrolet equnox LS by woodhouse in Missouri valley IA. And after we brought it home it I got in it and notice a water stain on the drives side then it a day or two later it rained and when I was going to work I noticed water on the in side of the front passenger side door and floor. And now I find out that there is some recalls on the one I have. One of them is the driveshaft can come apart and some of the window's are not tempered right who knows what else is wrong with that car. I don't know if I will ever buy a Chevrolet again. I do know I will never buy any car or pickup from woodhouse!!!!

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Meechee - 46 d 3 h ago


People, remember, GM was saved by the taxpayers along with many jobs here in America. We're a vested stakeholder who is paying three times; once for saving them, twice for purchasing a vehicle, and third for using their finance if you chose to finance through them. GM should be made responsible for not treating the customer right. There would be no dealerships and or GM if we didn't purchase vehicles and it certainly doesn't excuse GM from unfair business practices. Take your concerns beyond these postings as they do nothing with them. Take them to the top and that includes the elected officials put in those positions by us in Washington, DC who should know how the consumers are being treated after saving this company along with others.

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J Brookes - 46 d 6 h ago


I work for Classic GMC in Texarkana, Texas. We located a truck for my husband in Boise, ID at Dennis Dillon GMC. The only one in the country that was what he wanted. When the dealer was contacted they would not dealer trade. That is understandable. However, our dealership offered to purchase the truck from them to get it to Texarkana for my husband to purchase. They would not do that either. Nor would they allow us to sign out here in Texarkana. My husband was in a major accident in November which caused him to lose his right leg and limited use of his right arm. He is on many medications and is unable to travel thousands of miles at one time. We explained this to salespeople and the sales manager at Dennis Dillon GMC, however, they were not willing to work with us to make this purchase happen. They had this truck for at least 351 days. We had to have family that was traveling through Idaho from Alaska add a day to their trip home to go to Dennis Dillon, purchase the truck in their name, and tow it home on a U-Haul trailer. This was the first vehicle my husband has ever had. He feels cheated out of the buying experience as well as having lost thousands in discounts because we were unable to use the GM Employee discount. Is there a possibility of us still financing with GM to get any kind of discount on this vehicle? We are just so disappointed in the whole experience. Is there anything that can be done to make some brightness of the situation?

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Truth be told - 52 d 3 h ago


I'm a former employee at Adams Buick gmc in richmond ky. I was lied to by the owner and the management of the dealership. Promises were made and not kept. They are a bunch of liers and drunks and drug users. They treat employees and customers like crap while telling them anything but the truth. This place needs to be shut down.

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