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General Motors

GM, GMAC, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac, Saturn, Oldsmobile
300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI
Daniel Akerson
Chairman and CEO
(313) 556-5000
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DR Stone - 7 d 8 h ago


As GM shareholder I would like General Motors to stop advertising an NFL football until NFL over paid players stop taking a knee during our national anthem. As a former Marine who attended many dead military funerals draped in American flag I find it very disrespectful. I will be at the next shareholder meeting and express my displeasure if General Motors does not pull their advertising until this nonsense stops. God bless America our president and our military to defend us. My father was the top Chevrolet salesman in the central zone for 38 consecutive years and I have a Chevrolet legion a leader ring he passed away at 94 and would not be happy with what the NFL is doing today.

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JMoss - 2 d ago

DRStone please advise JMoss (above) of their response. I did receive an email (form letter) from corporate informing me that they were forwarding it on for review. I am anxiously waiting to hear back from General Motors and Chrysler. No respons from Chrsler yet..

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ctwebb - 2 d 6 h ago


My HHR drives like a hazard after the recall work. You owe me a new vehicle and compensations for breach of trust for bad work causing physical and emotional afflictions to the vehicle and myself. My experience with you has been a disaster and too traumatic for future sales! Your joke promos are not funny either, e.g., you say I am pre-approved for a $35,000 auto with Covert Buick GMC, 11750 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78759, (hidden), through CapitalOne, PO Box 269007, Plano, TX 75026-9007. However, when following the promo instructions online, my name was not recognized. When I called the research office to address the issue with Julie Broomhall, I was connected to her answering machine. My thought is that she will not return call.

Chevrolet-GM is a real disappointment!

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JMoss - 3 d 22 h ago

The Ford Motor Company has taken a stance and decided to support the NFL and the protests made by the professional athletes. What say, General Motors??

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Joe K - 3 d 3 h ago


is there a main number for Milford proving ground facility, (hidden), 5911, 5148, 6171 don't work---GM used to have fantastic corporate operators

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Camille Popple-Werth - 7 d 8 h ago


In Lockport Ny at Gm Delphi is a Man working on the Assembly Line. Since 2008. Robert Frank Werth.716 480 1821.Hes known as. Crsckhead Bob. I was. Married to him jan 4 2014. In six months time He left me with 18 disabilities. I also filed. A CPS case. Against him. Case number. CP 8920895.inNiagara County Ny. He also was found having sex with his Dogs. Baily n Shelby.

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Cymaria J. - 9 d 8 h ago


Repeated engine problems with 2013 Chevrolet Equinox, rough jerky idle at low red lights (vehicle feels like its about to stall out) then check engine light comes on. I purchased the vehicle new and after just 4 years started experiencing horrible issues with the engine. Vehicle only has 82,294 miles, even less when I initially started experiencing issues with the engine. GM customer service and dealership service is ineffective and unhelpful. DO NOT PURCHASE A CHEVROLET EQUINOX. GM does not stand by their product.

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Andrea H. - 58 d 10 h ago


Do not purchase a Chevy Malibu I have had nothing but problems out of mine. The brake lights will light up while driving and when I push the pedal they will not light up. GM refused to fix the problem. People are dying because of this!!

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Deborah B - 55 d 11 h ago


I purchased my 2017 Malibu in February 2017. My car completely shuts down going 35 mph in traffic. No lights, no faults. I was told it was impossible! Then it happened when my husband was driving over the Jacksonville bridge. Immediately called the service department while waiting to be rear ended! It has happened twice since and the dealership can find no problem. Now I am being told I have to pay for them to replace the car! Why is this problem my problem to pay for when I am being told the car will be shipped to Detroit and placed out of service! Calling the corporate offices today! Cars are sharp looking but it is substance not appearance!

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Anonymous - 13 d 5 h ago

That is a factory recall go to the dealer and get it fixed smh

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Donald Pitts - 63 d ago


I bought my truck in 2016 brand new might I add. It was a left over 2015 got a great deal and love the truck. 18 months later this truck leaves my wife and son stranded because of a dead battery. Now GM refuses to replace the battery or help with the cost of the battery. Now I could buy a new battery but its the principle of the matter. Even the dealership I purchased this new truck from says its not their problem once I buy it. I could understand completely if I purchased a used truck and this happens but for this to happen from a brand new truck. GM says they don't cover the 12 volt battery system since they are not the original manufacture of the battery that I would have to contact the manufacture of the battery. I have been a life long Chevrolet fan, but this weekend I will either become a Ford or Dodge man. Me and my wife buy new vehicles every 2 years and GM doesn't care about how much money they will loose by loosing me as a customer. I know its not a lot of money but its still 70-80 thousand every two years that they are willing to loose over a 200 dollar battery. The customer service rep told me that if I was going to go to another brand of vehicle then for me to trade it in cause they couldn't help me anymore.....ABSOLUTELY THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER HAD....I own my own business and if one of my employees treated a customer of mine like this I would have a come apart and someone would be looking for another job.......

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Anonymous - 15 d ago

Did GM respond to you? I'm experiencing the same issue.

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Anonymous - 13 d 5 h ago

Donald Pitts the truck comes with a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty if it is beyond either the battery is not covered. Same for all manufacturers. If it is with in its factory bumper to bumper period it is covered. Please next time you want to complain put all the facts on here.

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A Frustrated Sister - 16 d 7 h ago


Per Capita General Motors has more idiots working their then anywhere else in the world! Daniel Akerson, you should be ashamed of allowing faulty vehicles off the assembly line and when a customer comes to you the problem are told "We are just the manufacturers"! Just in case you and other idiots employed there don't get it, the manufacturer is who would be responsible when a vehicle is made properly!!!!!!

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Dave and Kimberley figueroa - 19 d 7 h ago


Hello this is David Figueroa, I am reaching out to you and desperation due to the fact of on satisfactory responses and efforts from Lestor Glen Buick dealership in Toms rice River New Jersey. There is a long history of issues pertaining to a Buick Encore certified preowned vehicle that we have purchased. The history can be looked up by referencing The history can be looked up by referencing document number 81-9 11 7631 in which we have reached out to various avenues and regards to GM dealership we have spoken to many representatives of your company and have not been satisfied. We have recently had a new issue or a newly addressed issue better said that was just corrected according to Lestor Glen Buick Ship as of today which is Saturday the 30th. upon leaving the dealership my wife and my younger daughter were in the car and the car begin to smoke from the engine and the check engine light had went off. To be honest with you and this is the last straw this car just has not been the car that we were promised. And we experienced a lack of empathy in regards to our situation to our situation. nothing that has been promised to us or any solution that has been given has been satisfactory and it's long-term outcome. We are now at a point where we feel unsafe and not confident in the vehicle that we're driving. And we have felt this way throughout duration of Owning this vehicle. We are pretty much at our wits end and are looking to go to the highest level to get the type of response that we feel due to us as a loyal customer who has already purchased two other vehicles in addition to the one that were complaining about. Let it be noted, these are purchases made from the same dealership.

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Anonymous - 28 d 8 h ago

Please call me at (hidden). Thank you

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Ray R. Swann - 181 d 6 h ago


Dear Daniel Akerson, On 4/20 /17, the salesmanship was so bad that I would never buy another GM product ever again. I was a very great customer,not any more ! my first chevy was 1951 #2 1954 #3 1961 #4 2003 hummer #5 van # 6 van # 7 p/u # 8 van #9 09cts #10 04 vett #11 08 vett #12 14 vett # 13 p/u #14 van etc. this was Moss at Moreno Valley , ca. 92555. (951)309-2910 dealer's #

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Dennis Grim - 97 d 32 s ago

I bought a 2016 Canyon in June 2016 and the body is out of alignment by 3/4 of an

Inch .Now the GM engineers are trying to figure out how to fix it.this is not the

Only one I've counted over a dozen in my town with the same problem.GM doesn't

Care about quality just quantity. All I say is hello Toyota. Also I should I should

Inform you I am a UAW GM retired.

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Former GM Engineer - 71 d 4 h ago


OMG in this day and age, should be a millimeter off not 20 - GM get your shit together please and stop embarrassing yourself. When I worked there, they had 42 percent market share, now what they got, 16 maybe. So sad the management there should be taken outside and shot like they do in China, then maybe something would change.

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Anonymous - 31 d 5 h ago

Agreed!!!! Power tripping to the Fullest!!!

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Anonymous - 31 d ago

Your retirement and livelihood depends on GM sales and success. If you are GM retired employee and you buy a Toyota, then you are not very intelligent to say the least.

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Bshortridge - 43 d 10 h ago


I have 2014 silverado 73000 mile condensor out eleven hundred dollares to replace company refuses to help in any way thought chevy was the way to go second thoughts now

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alan winters - 57 d ago

Is there a number at the GM Corporate office I can contact?

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Anonymous - 57 d 7 h ago

Why do GM support race,age discrimination.At one of your dealship know that dealship work for GM,GM NEED TO DROP THIS DEALSHIP

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Angry SammyJ - 72 d 8 h ago


I am a very disappointed person, I bought a 2014 Cadillac XTS with low miles, thought I had a good deal less than two month I had to pay $732 for a compressor replacement,

the service person was so cold and unconcern if I could drove my car I would have driven to another dealer ship, and he was worst when I return, this was a Cadillac dearship

here in Morrow GA. Now my trunk wont stay up.

I have been buying General Motor for yes, I have a 2012 Chevy Tahoe, but after this I might make my next buy another auto maker.

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