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General Motors

GM, GMAC, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac, Saturn, Oldsmobile
300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI
Daniel Akerson
Chairman and CEO
(313) 556-5000
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Dan - 15 h 4 m ago


I took my 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo in for a recall on the ignition and safety valve cover gasket oil leak issue to Masters Chevrolet in Aiken, SC. There were absolutely no problems or issues with my vehicle, except being 14 years old, when I took it to Masters, not even an oil leak. I bought the car new in 2004 from Henna Chevrolet, now Masters Chevrolet and have taken very good care of it. Again, there were no mechanical or electrical issues or problems with the Monte Carlo. I took the vehicle to Masters Chevrolet because of a recall, not because it needed work. After dropping off the vehicle, the dealers advisor called my on the phone and attempted to sell me plugs and plug wires for $400, they were working fine when I went in and they did not need replaced. Being a former "HONEST dealer auto mechanic I told him, aside from PM, if its not broke don't fix it. When I picked up my vehicle and started home, I did not make it two miles down the road when my vehicle began to cut out, miss, spit and sputter, there appeared to be an electrical ignition issue. I immediately returned to Masters Chevrolet and addressed the issue with them. The mechanic that worked on my vehicle was summoned and came to the vehicle and I asked him what electrical components did he mess with when he changed the valve cover gasket. The mechanic said, "Oh just a minute, it might be the coil", left, came back with a wrench and did something to the coil. That corrected "THAT" issue. I then drove home and parked the vehicle. After that issue I thought I better check the oil; I found the oil level was about a half quart above the full line on the dip stick, I never allow that to happen. Moving on; the next morning I started the vehicle and the rocker arms rattled like it had no oil pressure. I immediately checked the oil pressure, it was good and I knew the oil level was over full - for some reason??? It ran for about 15 seconds and quieted down to normal. I drove to Walmart and purchased oil and oil filter, went home and immediately changed the oil and filter, I don't know what they put in my oil, but it was something to be over the full mark on the dip stick. My vehicle has 180,000 miles and very well taken care of and you don't put oil additives in the engine to clean it, which it appeared that is what the dealer did, knowing what would happen. When I drained the oil it did have an odd color and also had a yellow foam floating on top??? I have kept the oil for later analysis if need be. I started the vehicle, the rocker arms again rattled but stopped when the oil began to circulate. There is one of two things they could have done, loosened the rockers very slightly or put something in the oil. During that time my wife was standing next to the vehicle on the drivers side near the engine compartment and pointed out to me a bolt that was about 90% unscrewed, it was a bolt to the front motor mount. I looked closer and found two bolts that were not screwed in on the front motor mount, "SABOTAGE". So, I did not start the vehicle for a couple of days, thinking the issue had been resolved by changing the oil and filter, not so, when I started the vehicle a couple of days later, the same issue persisted. I had enough, I went inside and wrote a letter to GM Corporate with a list of complaints, this has been several weeks back, I have not heard a word from GM. I informed them I was not going to drive the vehicle, if I did it could cause damage, I also informed them I was not taking the vehicle back to Masters Chevrolet because they cannot be trusted. These issues just do not suddenly happen in a 5 hour period, What did they do to my vehicle? Something to drum up business? I informed GM I wanted my vehicle corrected ASAP, it was their people that screwed it up and I want it fixed. I will allow a couple more days for reply, then I will go to the media (Press and TV) and seek legal council on the matter. By the way, I have two other vehicles a 2009 Silverado and a 2018 Dodge Journey, so the Monte Carlo will stay parked until GM repairs it.

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Shirley - 5 d 17 h ago

My Father passed away 5-10-2018 i need a number to call about his life insurance and any thing else that might be need.

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Patsy - 4 d 10 h ago

When my husband 3 years ago and I went through GM benefit Department I sure hope this helps you if not they should tell you who to contact good luck

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Mad former GM Employee - 45 d 11 h ago


Call General Motors!!! For what? Help? Advice? Problems?? DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!! It's like call the Swamp in Washington DC, "It's not my job", "It's not my department", "I can not give you that information" and if you get "I have to transfer you" don't as they ends in a disconnect.

I am retired from General Motors, and after my experience I will not own another General Motors car again, from ounce being on the top the bottom is now where I see them.

I had to go Lemon Law on my GMC as it could not be fixed and no one seem to care either. At first when I asked to see a GM Rep I was told he was on vacation, and his "boss" was covering for him and since the "boss" felt I didn't have a safety problem he was not going to look any further into the matter. Since I left my employ at General Motors I have purchased 13 cars and had never had a problem till the 2015 GMC, all my cars had navigation if it was available and all worked great. The navigation in the GMC one could not understand when speaking and could never guide to your location, were told to make U Turns on Highways, and guided to the water instead of the bridge, let us into the heart of a Sanctuary City, which I feel is a safety problem. My Dealer was fantastic in trying to fix the problem and worked with GM Technical the reprogrammed the system four times and replaced it completely twice all to no avail.

I went Lemon Law and won the Arbitration hearing we did have over 20 videos of the navigation's performance, rather non performance. GM's attorney appealed the decision after waiting the full 30 days allowed. We now landed in Superior Court and I was advised to hire my own attorney, The case was won and I was fully awarded the Arbitrators decision. I started this May 3, 2017 and here it is April 6, 2018 and the Lemon is still in my garage.

Called and called and called GM, and got passed all over the place. They have no record of the decision, and are not willing to help me resolve this. All I here is what I stated above.

GM seems to have a lot of employees, and they use voice mail to screen all calls, no one picks up a phone all can do is talk to a machine. I continue to press forward. If they treat retired employees this way how do they treat the consumer???? Sad state of affairs

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David Howard - 4 d 12 h ago

I certainly agree. I made a complaint about my 2013 Chevy Equinox oil consumption problem. I was transferred to a senior advisor. That senior advisor gave me no assistance only to tell me that my warranty had expired. I explain to them that my warranty was not expired during the time frame in which I made several complaints to the General Motors retailer. The senior advisor told me that I could have the oil consumption test for my car but the consumer would have to pay for the test. The senior advisor also told me that the dealership did not have any record of me coming in to the dealership to talk to them about the problem. I explain to them that I had been in there numerous times to complain about this problem and it was not my fault that they did not document me coming in to talk with them. Seems that I'm at a rock and a hard place with this GM company. GM was at the top of my list also but now no more GM for me. I understand that there are numerous problems with this 2013 Chevy Equinox engine and oil consumption. However GM would not own up to it when they know there should be a recall on this engine. We will see what will happen from here good luck to me right?

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Anonymous - 5 d 11 h ago


Dear GM, I have always loved your product and style. I have always purchased your product and have been a loyal customer. I'm a 1st Gulf war veteran and work for a living. Back in October of 2017 I was so excited to buy my 2018 Colorado ZR2 diesel. I currently drive 40 miles one way to work, so I wanted reliability and got a Chevy. I wanted durability, so I got the Duramax diesel. I also wanted good fuel economy, so I got the 2.8 liter 4 cylinder. Needless to say, the only reliable vehicle I get is when I take my vehicle to the dealership for service, which averages once a month, and receive a loaner. Thus far my vehicle had the L/F speed sensor replaced the L/F hub assembly replaced the electronic brake control module "EBCM" replaced the #1 fuel injector replaced the #2 fuel injector replaced and is currently in dealership getting the #4 fuel injector replaced. This is my second request to GM, a billion dollar company, to buy back or replace my vehicle with an identical new one minus the flaws. I'm trying to work with you directly, which you describe on your website to give you the opportunity to make it right and to keep customer loyalty. The last time I inquired I was denied and thrown a bone of a $500 gift card for GM accessories. Now I'm having problems with fuel injectors and requesting once again for GM to do the right thing and replace my defective vehicle. I'm avoiding going to a lemon law lawyer but have consulted with one, and they informed me that I have a case. My current GM claim number is 8(hidden). I cannot reach my senior advisor. I always receive her voice mail. Integrity is a lost quality nowadays. The dealership I work with treats me better than GM. Honor your vets, your product, your word. Regards John Spiteri

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James Searles - 7 d 15 h ago


I am an upset customer and relative of an upset customer. My mother purchased a 20187 GMC Terrain in January 2018 and this car has had nothing but problems. On May 4th 2018 the car was taking to Jim Causley GMC for repairs which to us seems to be severe the car stopped in the middle of a busy intersection and an error message came across the dashboard which read this car is unsafe to drive and the car stop working and was driving erratic. After the vehicle was towed back to Jim Causley GMC they kept the vehicle for approximately one week and I asked the service adviser the extent of the damage and he stated that he was informed by the service manager that he was not at liberty to disclose this information and they released the vehicle to me. I proceeded to drive the vehicle a few miles and the vehicle stopped on me in the middle of a busy intersection and once again I received the same error message which read that this vehicle is unsafe to drive. I can not believe that the technicians at Jim Causley GMC worked on this vehicle for a week and claimed that it was safe and road ready and yet again I am having the same mechanical issues.

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Laura odom - 9 d 15 h ago



3566 tucson az.

I was yelled and called a lier. Manger yelled at me..threw me out store in front of customers. Sales person i was speaking with..agreed on my side then of complaint. Manger of 3566 speedway tucson az.

Handle speaking with me in most unprofessional.. He blow up loudly! I stool out side with with him a dealership man who o spoked first. They handled me most way..insulting way. Came home hurt cried..shocked to be mishandled.

Monday 5/18/18 . i plan to for being mental abused and called lier in front many. They handled emotional , and manger let employees laird. L.O.. tucson, Az(hidden)

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Laura Odom - 9 d 13 h ago



Ad i received by mail. Reading the conditions stated under printed."..Scratch to of 25,000...if you have 4 numbers same..under numbers reads..Luck Winner.." WIN..under word gold arrow point to cash. Says WON 25,000!!!

It didn't read "you could of won from these prizes!"

Faults advertisements. Also, being hurt by the manger..lied to by sales person.

We should take to Court. How would u like it handle? Sincerely

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Laura - 9 d ago


Attention: are you allowing the people who work for you mistreat the once who come in dealership. I have the ad showing winner of cash. Will you contact me. (hidden). Help me to understand why an Ad says i won cash yet , Ad was misprinted. To have me come in to buy a car. Sale person, agreed should received cash, by the way it was printed. He said so. Manger, didn't feel that he need to explain, his conducted was hurtful. I had a person hearing as much, because i was specking on phone. Didn't have time during manger behavior...rattled me. All because of miss quoted Ad. My health can't handle stress ,as my doctors, has told me. I'm no means threat to anyone. Sincerely

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Ray Tuck - 9 d 16 h ago


GM needs to close down the chevy dealer in Flint for good. This is bad business for GM and Flint. Pull their licence and shut them down. SINCE they were ordered to shut down and can't buy, sell or trade for 15 DAYS THAN something is really really wrong.

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Lynn - 10 d 4 h ago


As a "Baby Boomer" I would like to offer the following suggestion. First, the Impala SS was a grave mistake. NO ONE wants to have a souped up family car!!! However, do you realize how many Baby Boomers are out here?!?!? And every one of us has fond memories of the Chevelle SS!!! I wonder, oh how I wonder, how many of us would purchase a new Malibu SS, 2-door hardtop with trim very similar to the Chevelle SS. Take the current body; add some buckets, a console, super sport trim and paint, and a V-8, and put it in the showroom. My bet is that it wouldn't stay there very long!!! I would be among the first to purchase one!!!

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LongliveGM - 10 d 9 m ago


Why dont you just build one Lynn, be the first on your planet. It would be awesome and with the engine options GM has I'd be willing to bet it would smoke a vintage SS.

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Scott allen - 11 d 7 h ago


I will be contacting my attorney General here in Missouri and my attorney if my 2011 Chevy impala is not fixed! (hidden) I tried to call the corporate office and huh....they no longer answer phone calls. I am just as pissed as everyone else about the traction control issue! And the fact under warranty GM has replaced 2 transmissions and yet I'm still having issues!

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Davegilbert - 13 d 16 h ago


I have a complaint and I can't seem to get ahold of anyone by voice mail but I wish I would have bought a key instead of this Impala LTZ because it's a piece of s*** I'm tired of being on a first-name basis with your service department Rockford Illinois my name is David Gilbert I have a 2015 Impala LTZ and I'm tired of knowing your f****** service department call me at (hidden) I'm mad as hell I'm going to go buy a Kia

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Munaswamy - 17 d 15 h ago


Hello GM.. I am writing this by considering thousands of Chevrolet customers in India(I am one of them). Data:: .In 20 years, one million units of total sales .introduced 20 models and 10 were withdrawn from them Pros:: .As a chevrolet customer and analyser, I have very good opinion on the quality and safety of the chevrolet cars .India has very biggest market share to prove .There is a huge demand for compact sedans and compact utility vehicles Cons:: .Need an improved marketing strategy to improve the market share in India .Need to improve customer care model that you have followed CONCLUSION:: .I am ready to manage Cheverolet in India and can get upto a milestone in Indian market. you can contact me on my email: (hidden) or can contact me on my mobile: +91(hidden)

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mansana - 24 d 27 m ago


Good morning:

Can you tell me when the international claims of Motors Liquidation Corp (General Motors Holding international) will be satisfied?

To avoid confusion I clarify:

old GM shares:

-CUSIP: 62010A105 (USA) traded OTC ,they changed the nominal value ,$0.01 USD,(100shx1sh)

-ISIN: US62010A1051 (INTERNATIONAL) traded NASDAQ, they didn't change the nominal value,

1.666 USD,(1ShX1Sh)

INTO USA.The shares CUSIP: 62010A105 (these shares had split reverse (1: 100) in USA and they Change nominal value from $1.666 USD to $0.01 USD (shares motors liquidation company)

ISIN: US62010A1051 (International Securities ),these shares had no split as USA. The nominal value never changed . They were redeemed for the offeror Motors Liquidation Corporation. General Motors Holding LLC at $1.666 USD per share).

It is about, what happened after this event or When we will have News about ours assets.


Julio Claudio

old Shareolder from Spain

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Dangerous Trailers.Org - 24 d 17 h ago


Why do you let people tow a "Homemade" trailer that your company has never tested or approved to be used on a Chevy Tahoe? The family needs to sue your company!

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Mike - 26 d 8 h ago


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Petra Schmitt - 27 d 5 h ago


I am trying to get a hold of Daniel Akerson, Chairman and CEO. I would like for someone to contact me via (hidden)

This is concerning a former employee of yours.

I have been trying to contact you since April 6, 2018. But no one ever returned my phone call

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Anonymous - 28 d ago

Please may I have the email ID of Daniel Akerson.I am a Chevrolet Spark owner.

Located in India , I have no proper response to my complaint.

Thank you

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Barbara Smith - 28 d 10 h ago

Thought I'd let you know I own a 1994 GMC 1500 Serra pickup an it just rolled over to 400000 it has the original motor an transmission drove every day loving my pickup!

General profile image

Rob Taylor - 29 d 13 h ago


The best vehicle I ever owned was a 1955 Chevrolet BelAire 2 Dr hard top.If I could, I'd buy a brand new one today if possible. All care companies have gone into the toilet as far as making quality cars and trucks. Japan rules the car market, and all GM,Ford,and Chrysler can do is give us more and more and more AIR BAGS, plastic and expensive electronics.The 283,and 327 CI engine was the BEST engine GM ever made, and that's why they did away with it..I am so sick of the way America has gone with making cars and trucks.

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Lydia Davis - 41 d 6 h ago


I'm loyal to Cadillac, driving them since , 1983

, just bough 2014 xts, RUNING perfect until

I needed an oil change, took it to white cad. My problems began when I agreed to a wheel

Alignment , all kinds of noise in the front end, please call , I pd cash for this car, I have bought a bout 7 cads. Phone number (hidden). My original dealer went out,

Lydia Davis , Rocky mount, n. C. Love the car ,just have rep to come fix the car. thank you

Please have Brown and wood a temp to fix it again

General profile image

michael smith - 42 d 18 h ago

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