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Tio442 - 10 h 20 m ago

My truck a 2019 Chevy Colorado was at the Bomnin Chevrolet Dealer at 8455 S. Dixie Hwy in Miami Florida for a schedule appointment on February 11th to 20th, 2019. During this time, I had a Courtesy Loaner Vehicle; a 2019 Chevy Equinox VIN 3GNAXHEV8KS558605 Lisense No. PI327N with 3/4 Tank/Full Gas, which I left a deposit of $45.00 against Gas and Toll. The Loaner was returned February 20th, 2019 with a Full Tank of Gas, and the person that inspected it told me that "Everything is Okay" and I would receive my $45.00 deposit back, minor any Toll used in two (2) weeks. Since I did not use any Toll, it was my surprise when I received a credit of only $16.32 on February 27th. I had called the Service Dpt. several times and spoken to three (3) different people; one (1) man and two (2) ladies, one named Stephany and twice with Chris Rodriguez at the Loaner Dpt. asking about the difference charged and nobody could give me an answer. Then I sent an email to Omar Varona, VIP Manager explaining my situation, which he responded, by giving me Chris Rodriguez phone number to talk to. I called Chris, thinking that everything has being resulted to find out that he did not still have an answer and instead, give me the name of another person what was not at the Office at the time to call him later.

It's clear to me that nobody is doing their job and I'm demanding to know what really happen with the $28.68 missing

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William Johnston - 17 h ago


So I have a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ Midnight edition. Fully loaded. This is my 7th! Chevy since 2003. And last night while driving my engine decided to make some funky sounds(valves train or lifts) and my oil pressure is now acting like an over excited RPM gauge. Now this morning I called around to find a dealership which I did-an hour away. The dealership wants my truck for a few days so I stated to them I am on Military travel 600 miles away from home. So the dealership told me to get someone to pick me up. I contacted corporate and they referred me back to the dealership. So know I wonder how will I get around?The moral to the story is that I have been loyal to the brand for 20 years and I have had nothing but problems after problems Here are a few.... 2005 Suburban axle seals and electrical problems. Constant problems 2008 Silverado blown transmission at 30000 miles 2012 Camaro SS laundry list of problems 2015 Silverado would stall out while driving. The problems was never fixed. Oh My wife was charged at the dealership for bs repairs. 2017 Silverado engine noise and oil pressure and who knows... I am now to the breaking point. How can I be loyal to a brand if They are not loyal to me? Vin# 3GCUKSEC6HG437874 Cell # 1(hidden) call me please

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Tom - 3 d 8 h ago


Went Into Whisler Chevrolet Cadillac in Rock Springs Wyoming.

Wow, just wow...... Popped into a few days ago, In the market for a used diesel truck. Told them that I was interested in a diesel. Road tested one I liked. Left dealer and told them I would call. Called the next day from work and told them I was interested, and would be there following day, which I did. The salesman told me that I had to put a non-refundable $500.00 deposit to hold the vehicle or he was gonna sell it, 'cuz there was some other people wanting the truck. Said he was being pressured by the Sales Manager. (I have texts to prove this). I talked to Sales Manager Gary, and he told me Craig was just following policy. WHAT KIND OF POLICY PRESSURES A PROSPECTIVE CLIENT INTO ANGER I asked. He just said he would see me there. Showed up at dealer, and the truck was in Service Department (not for sale yet). Waited for my wife to get me information on how much a fifth wheel trailer weighs, (a pretty important piece of info I think) before purchasing a TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLAR product. When I found out that the truck would not pull it, I backed out, and the Salesman Craig D. Hawks told me, "Thank you for wasting my time, get out of here." Then told me that I was, "A lying sack of shit!" for not buying the truck. At this point I held up my phone to record him since he aggressively was walking fast towards me as I was going to my car, then he clammed up when I told him he was gonna be on youtube. DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS BUSINESS!!!! Never been treated like this, not even at McDonalds.

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I am the owner of a 2015 model Chevrolet Sail sedan car. Most of the time I'm on tour and hence the car has run a distance of only 38500 km's. > To my surprise today while driving today, the gear got stuck at neutral suddenly. I towed the car to Chevrolet service station only to find that the entire clutch system broke down and has to be fitted with a new one at my expense. > > I find it unbelievable, how a car of Chevrolet reputation would need a clutch replacement at 38500 km of run. This looks like a case of faulty car part of poor quality fitted into a brand new car. > > Through this mail I would like to request Chevrolet management of India and US to look into my case and compensate me with a free replacement of the required part. > > The brand of Chevrolet and the reputation it carries internationally is the sole reason I purchased this car. Therefore I am deeply dissatisfied with the incident today. My car is at the service station of Delhi (Sparsh) and they have refused any financial assistance neither any free replacement of the faulty part. > > Details of car are as follows: > > Model: Sail Sedan 1.3 TCDi LT ABS > > Engine Type: Diesel > > Engine No.- 970185 > > Chassis No.- 000697 > > Year Of Manufacturing: 2015 > > City of purchase: New Delhi > > Dealer: Sparsh Chevrolet, Dwarka, New Delhi Regards,

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Michael payne - 13 d 17 h ago

Hello, I have emailed corporate office and was helped to get in contact with a GM service provider here in south korea. The service provider is very nice and tries to be helpful but the issue still exist 10 MONTHS LATER. I have a 2018 ZR2 Diesel Colorado. The? "POOR DIESEL EXHAUST QUALITY" alert will not go away. The service center replaced some parts and cleared the alert for 1 mile. Yes. ONE MILE ONLY AND THE ALERT CAME BACK. I have been without my truck most of the year I have owned it. I am stationed here in South Korea and bought this truck hoping it would be dependable but it has been the opposite. I am wishing now I bought another Toyota 4 runner or Tacoma at this time. I still cant drive over 55mph. At one time I couldnt drive over 5mph for 4 months. So my new truck stayed in my drive way for 4 months while i took a taxi to work then i finally got it towed to GM service provider in Suwon South Korea and hour and a half from my house. I have had this issue since the week I bought it in June 2018. Im thinking it is a lemon right now. So sad GM would push this product out. I welcome any call or email from GM. Michael payne 010-3404-8023 (hidden)

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Mike - 13 d 17 h ago

Michael. alan. payne37@gmail

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Tom R - 4 d 11 h ago


Mike- I feel your pain! I have a 2016 Colorado Duramax. I, too, have had issues with the DEF issue in the exhaust system. In the little over 2 years and 23,000 miles I have owned the vehicle, it has been back at the dealer service center 5 times for the exact same issue. Mine doesn't go quite into the same mode as yours, just the "check engine light" turns on and/or I get a recall to service via OnStar. This truck is a Z71 with all the bells and whistles possible, a $40k vehicle that I had hoped to last 10+ years JUST like my last Toyota Tacoma. In 10 years with the Tacoma, it was NEVER in the shop except for routine oil, filters, new tires and wipers. I switched to Chev in the hopes of a decent, well-running, good mileage, good power and towing diesel. At this point, I have gotten ZERO help from either GM Headquarters or my local dealer. They don't even have the courtesy of replying to phone or email. Lemon? Probably. They have all the file numbers and important info, but continue to ignore. Reading the blogs of other owners, it seems pretty much the same with this vehicle. Considering the brain power at GM, I am pretty sure there would/could be a fix IF they chose to do it.

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Anonymous - 11 d 9 h ago


I own a 2019 corvette. After 500 miles the paint started to peel off the front bumper where it wasn't lined up correctly. It rubs on the fender and headlight. GM will repair the paint.

But I had paid to wrap the car in paint protection film, they refuse to give me $500 to replace the film which will need to come off to perform the repair.

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Ron - 11 d 11 h ago

I own a 2011 Equinox. It has 93000 miles. The motor was making noise, I took it to the local Chevrolet dealership. They told me that motor in my vehicle was know by GM that it looses oil without any evidence of leakage. They also told me that the motor needed to be rebuilt or replaced. They told me nothing would be covered by GM. This is the last time I'll purchase a GM product.

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Kenn and Angela - 12 d 14 h ago


We own a 2014 Chevy Silverado with 50,000 miles on it. The air compressor on it went out along with the heated seats. I called GM and talked to a rep for cost assistance with these repairs on this and she offered no cost assistance because we were 2 months past this.

Now the truck is a LTZ-Z71, it is not your base model, for something like this to go out with the low mileage that is on this vehicle should not happen if it is truly 'quality'.

Apparently GM does not stand behind their product.

We have owned Nissans, Fords, Pontiacs, Cadillac, Acura, BMW, and Saturn, all of which we drove till the mileage became too high and never had to replace our air compressor or heated seats. This is not a maintenance issue, it is definitely a quality control issue. All we are asking is for GM to stand behind their product.

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AM - 15 d 7 h ago


2015 Yukon had accident in Dec 2018 airbags did NOT deploy & brakes didn't work either. Had recall on vehicle Oct 2018 and had other reports into GM before accident happened.

Someone from GM come out and run CDR {crash data retrieval report}.I was given a BLEEP BLEEP claims agent, who is SOOOOO rude arrogant, Called him several times leaving messages to call me, my truck was done in the body shop {3 months later} from insurance companies. Now waiting to hear what GM is going to do about my truck. called him again he answered I told him I was going to be without a vehicle, because I was going to drive my truck until GM fixed it..

He told me, he didn't care, it was my truck and I could do what I wanted with it. I called back later that day to a GMs different #, and some girl answered {Crystal} I did NOT give any information {name, #, case # blocked my phone #} just asked to speak to someone higher up about a situation I was dealing, about 25 seconds in I could tell she was playing games. She put me on hold and then came back and said the only # I have is........... and she gave me the Claims Agent direct # that I was having problems with. I said "Really Crystal, WOW..." and hung Up... So Good to know that GM thinks that this is a GAME!!!!

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Brian from texaa - 15 d 11 h ago

What the hell is going on at gm. The new Silverado looks just like ford dodge and nissan. I have only driven gm my whole life. I am 48 now. I have been a gm man because of the style and looks. Weell now ut looks like you have shit on that to. Will absolutely not ever but a new gm vehicle again if you are going the way of the other manufacturers. Thanks for hiring the wrong people to run your company. Dumb asses

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Anonymous - 19 d 16 h ago


My name Lutfi i owned 5 gm vehicels one was oldsmobile staion wagon , Chevy cavalier, Pointiac Montana, Chevey vanture and now i have GMC Yukon 2017.

I never file complaint now I have to becouse The GMC YUKON 2017 that i bought in November 9th 2017

Transmition is no longer good. I noticed an isue

And I took back to the dealer that bought from

Lafontain GMC BUICK in Ann Arbor MI on Mar fourtren 2019 and ask them to check the transmition and chenge oil. The service adviser came and told the truck was on automatic four weel dr and he change to 2 weel drive.

At that time it had 586. Miles. The problem still was the

Last Monday April 1st 2019 i took the truck back to the dealer and they told me transimition is no good

Need t be overhall or put to remanufactor on.

Now truck have 61700 miles.

I bought the truck new les the 1 year and 1/2

It is unbelievable $60. 000 dollar truck transimition can not last more then the tites that i bought with the truck.

I took my compliant to lafontain GMC where I bought the Truck and GMC castumer service. and did not do any thing

I requesting the company tobgg take look my this isue

and something about it. I know more then 20 owners of GMC YUKON and CHEVY SUBARBAN eho have transimition isue.

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AngryCustomee - 21 d 5 h ago

I have been a loyal GM customer. I bought my first GM vehicle when I 20 years old. I'm 50 now. I have a GM vehicle right now...Acadia. It will be my last. As soon as I can I will be trading it. I think you closing plants in America to outsource jobs in other countries is disloyal to the country that made you and bailed you out when you were in financial trouble. I no longer can support an American made company that has turned its back on its own country. Btw my children have also elected to no longer by GM vehicles. It may not seem like much but we aren't the only loyal customers you are losing.

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Louise - 21 d 15 h ago name is louise...I bought a 2015 encore from Buick dealer in new port richey,Florida in 2015....I drive a lot of miles for my job,so of course I have my Buick serviced every 5thousand I brought my vehicle in at 88thousand miles marcn 15th...I never used the vehicle over the weekend...on Monday march18th on my way to work my engine light comes I take it to Buick service dept on Tuesday 19th and they tell me the pistons are shoot...I said that was impossible I just had it serviced on Friday and nothing was the lady that does the paperwork for the technician's tells me it's going to cost me around 3 800 dollars...I told her that was impossible....she said that she would check with general motors and see if they could do a better deal in the mean time she advised me that I could rent a car at enterprise at Buick dealers amount which was 30dollars a I rented the car for over a week and a half...she then texes me to say that they can do the repairs for 1400dollars and they will pay the other I tex her back and say ok and go ahead and do repairs.....then I get a call from her to return the rental to the Buick dealer and they will loan me a car, but still my car has not been repaired...I told her I should have called a lawyer,then she says we cannot continue to do the repairs if you are going to get a lawyer, I told her never mind just get the car repaired...I go home and receive call from enterprise rental and they say I don't owe them the mean time the service lady says it's rings on the pistons, I checked with 5 different mechanic's and they say that is impossible that the piston rings went bad on my encore,then I find out there other buicks that have had the same question why hasn't this been looked into or why hasn't their been a recall on this car....sincerely...louise

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Scott - 22 d 10 h ago


There is no reason for you to deny your own dealership the unlock code for my truck so I could upgrade my mirrors from the DL8 to the DL3 version.

What I had to do to circumvent your ridiculous policies was out of line.

I also just found out that I would have to take my truck in to have my remote reprogrammed, and you charge quite a bit for that.

There was no reason you had to do an of this except to force owners to go to your dealer.

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tiffany williams - 25 d 16 h ago


my air bags deployed on their own. my car was inspected by a GM dealer as per the GM product assistance department. no findings were found as to why the airbags deployed, the airbags are discontinued and they are refusing to assist me they're going to give me the car back with no airbags. They told me an option would be for them to buy the car out for the Kelly blue book value of it then they declined that offer. I don't know what to do at this point. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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DFrench - 29 d 15 h ago


I am so disappointed with GM right now about how the headquarters treated Franks's Auto Service & Tow Service and myself. I have been a loyal (Chevy) customer ever since I was able to drive since the age of 16. I am now 31 years of age.

While my wife was driving home from work, oil just started dumping from underneath the vehicle between the transmission & engine by the oil pan. I took my 2013 Chevy Captiva Sport LS took several auto shops but had to keep purchasing and putting 15 quarts of oil in it just to get it there because it was coming out as fast as I was pouring it in and they did not want to work on my vehicle due to it previously having a special warranty that was issued in 2015. It was a Campaign warranty #14882; PCV Orifice Plugging Warranty Extension on March 4th. I called Heartland Chevy and they agreed to tow the vehicle to them to start working on it because it only had 96,102 miles on it. Once they received the vehicle, they called me the next day to tell me that there was never a recall on the vehicle, but there was a special extended warranty that not is covered on my vehicle because it has a different engine. Only "ecotech" engines were accepted for this warranty. My engine was a dual cam. I was told to come and get it but they would not release it until I paid for the towing to get it up there to them because it only was covered if it was under warranty. When I went to go retrieve my vehicle, the battery was completely dead with the keys in the ignition so I had to leave it there. Frank somehow, someway got the vehicle from up there at Heartland to his shop and fixed it. I had to buy a new battery which also cost me $180. The repairs cost me $1,100 plus the $105 for the towing. I actually called you guys and you guys told me that there isn't anything that you can do for me and suggested that if an X amount of other customers call with this existing problem, a recall will be issued for this specific engine and I would be able to be reimbursed. I don't understand why there isn't a recall for ALL engines pertaining this issue. It's the same year, same vehicle and faulty material within the engine that is causing this problem! The faulty PCV caused it to damage the Rear Main Crank Seal as stated in the special warranty.

I know I will never purchase Chevy vehicle again in my lifetime based off the treatment from this issue. My vehicle only has 98,000 miles on it.

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S. Nalley - 33 d 15 h ago


Dear GM,

I have been a loyal GM customer for over 30 years but you have now lost my business. I was looking at purchasing a new vehicle and you have installed this Stop/Start on new cars. You have also not given the buyer the option to turn this off and I will NOT purchase a car with this on it that I cannot turn off and or disable. It's clean to me that GM is not concern about what their customers like or want on their vehicles. To be clean on this even if I have to purchase an older car and have a new motor and transmission install in it that is what I will be before I have a new one with the Stop/Start on it.

Have A Nice Day,

Steve Nalley

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Anonymous - 33 d 15 h ago

What's all this cleanliness you're talking about?

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Lillie M Shaffer - 48 d 16 h ago


I have filed a formal complaint regarding my 2013 GMC Terrain. I experienced again 2 episodes where my car stalled and muttered in high traffic. Saturday, March 2nd at 4:30pm I was coming off I-64 ramp into Grayson while I was breaking my car stalled and would not take fuel. Sunday, March 3rd, I was driving down Carol Malone Blvd., I braked to get into the turning lane and AGAIN my car begin to stall in traffic. My motor sounds like it's going to explode. When I'm setting idle or taking off my car has a terrible rattle coming from the engine. My computer dash failed several times to display or power on. Once again my driver window is failing to go up on it's own. I have to hit the power button, let off and it inches up. I only have 63,000 miles on my car. I really need a resolution to my multiple issues I have reported. I'm so disappointed in my purchase of this vehicle. This car is not SAFE to drive!

Sincerely, Lillie Shaffer

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CcmC - 48 d 13 s ago

Could be your timing chain. Something may not be getting proper air? I am not a mechanic ..Experienced from Cam Shaft, timing Chain, Excessive oil consumption.

Jeep checking your oil weekly or more so you do not blow up your engine

Good Luck Hometown lady from Huntington WV

General profile image - 39 d 16 h ago


How do I file a complaint the same thing happen to mines.Then the converter went out and blocked my engine .The service tech stated that it cause air to blow back into my engine and it doesn't work .I contacted GMC dealer ship and they offer to sell me a engine for 2999 and then their tech wanted 2800 to repair and that is more than what I owe on the truck.I called gearheads to price the engine he explain that he went through 75 in one month and they were scarce due to parts not being available .Now I'm paying for something that doesn't work .

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Logen - 33 d 16 h ago


My Chevy Cruze did that 5 times in the year I've owned it it has 25,000 on it

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Anwar AlFulaij - 34 d 6 h ago


My name is Anwar AlFulaij from the state of kuwait I am a customer and a cars owner of GM cars since 1988 I have owned a Chevrolet Caprice broghem then I purchased a GMC suburban in 1990 the I purchased Chevrolet Impala ss 1995 then I purchased hummer h2 in 2005 then I purchased a GMC pickup truck HD 2500 in 2015 the I purchased Chevrolet pickup truck in 2015 then I purchased two Chevrolet Tahoe in 2016 this is where I stared having problems with GM deals in Kuwait plus with the car I am useing right after the warranty have expired every time I take the car to the dealer for regular service the service people start to give nonsense about what I should do to the car and what fix and what to change and I believe them and tell them to go a head and fix it and I pay for what they ask but 45 days ago when I took the car regular service they asked me to fix certain issues in the engin I said yes they fixed it and last bill I paid was US$1630 right the following day after I received the car from the dealer it brok it doesn't run I took it to them I asked them what's wrong with it toke them 6 days to call me to tell me they need my permission to open the transemition to see what's wrong with it and let me know but just to check and see what's wrong they will charge US$ 890.00 minimum then any additional cost the will tell me later I said go a head and do it then after 6 days passed they called me they said it will cost you to fix the trans emission US$6800.00 I said no thank you don't do anything I will send a towing truck and scrap a 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe has only KM 190,000 and throw it in junk yard they said no don't do it we will reconceder the charges they brought it down to US$ 5600.00 I said to them no thank you I am taking it else where to Scrab it the they said OK you can take it but you have to pay the US$890.00 which you agreed to pay in the beginning I said OK I will pay it and take the car but I will tell my story to every car owner about my experience with your GM dealer in Kuwait and avoid to buy a GM cars , my name is Anwar AlFulaij

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