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General Motors

GM, GMAC, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac, Saturn, Oldsmobile
300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI
Daniel Akerson
Chairman and CEO
(313) 556-5000
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Anonymous - 1 d 18 h ago

I have a 2005 equinox why in the ever loving HELL !!! would you put the trans check stick in a place that you have to pull half the car apart just to check the fluid level you guys are straight MORONS!!! this is my wife's car I'm working on she will never own another one I my self own a DODGE!!!! an so will she from now on no FORDS OR CHEVYS DODGE ONLY MOPAR OR NO CAR

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Wendy - 38 d 17 h ago


2017 Chevy Malibu was taken into Bayway Chevrolet in Pearland, TX. with the check engine light on and the stabilization light coming on. I was told that it would be $140 for discovery work. After 2 hours I was called and told that the only issue was the oil needed to be changed. They changed the oil. Before I even pulled off the lot the engine light and stabilization light came back on. I pulled back in and had the maintenance manager come out to look at it. He told me that was from the fuel that I was using. I was only supposed to be using Chevron. He said he would clear all the codes again, which he did, and told me it was good to go. I asked what I should do when the light comes on again. He told me to bring it in and he would clear the codes again. Within 2 months the engine seized on us in the middle of the freeway. We had it towed to Ron Carter Chevrolet. The maintenance manager looked at the engine and said there was no oil in the engine. The warranty manager had him pull apart the engine because they could not find an oil leak. They then would like to charge us $9,000 for a new engine. Bayway Chevrolet did not address the issue that was presented to them and now my car is toast. It is 2 years old. Ron Carter Chevrolet was able to get the warranty manager to lower the amount to $3,000, but this is an issue that Bayway Chevrolet caused by not doing their job. If they would have done their job they would have found the issue and it would not cost me a new engine. We called customer service on April 29th to get some help with the way Bayway Chevrolet did not do their job. It has been 2 weeks and we still have not gotten a call back. We have called every day for a week and we keep getting the runaround. Now we have to return the loaner car but have not gotten the issue resolved. Our family will be without a vehicle until they resolve this or we raise the $3,000 to get our car out of the dealership.

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American consumer - 2 d 41 s ago


Hi Wendy. It is pretty obvious to me that GM doesn't care about their customers. Oh, they say they do, but really do not. And then they wonder why people buy competitors. Shameful!!!

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American concerned - 2 d ago

Wonder why GM stock doesn't go anywhere? Most serious investors are more on the conservative side of things. Since you embrace and promote sexual perversion by proudly displaying the gay flag at you manufacturing facilities, maybe, just maybe they understand that the God of creation will not bless GM's slap in His face.

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To whom concern from top guys in GM - 2 d 13 h ago

My name is sarhan

I need u guys to contact me ASAP at


It's important issue

It's regarding my serious problem I experienced with one of your dealership in NV - LAS VEGAS.

It's important and u need to hear me .

Otherwise I let my legal advisers to reach u .

Am trying to solve in person as I hope .

I am a customer for your cars Caddalac brand since many many years me and my family.

Thanks a lot


(hidden) Las Vegas NV

Email:- (hidden)

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Faye James Gardner - 13 d 13 h ago


Bait and switch

Hello, my name is Faye Gardner. I am the owner of a Saturn Vue 6 cylinder. I called the GM dealership in Baton Rouge, LA after an ignition switch malfunction . They confirmed a recall for this problem and I had my van towed to them for the repair. After two days on their property I checked on the progress I person at the dealership. I was then told they needed another key which I provided. The next day I was told that the ignition switch recall didn't apply to my vehicle and the cost for repairs would be $805 .00 I thought I heard wrong since the part was only $95.00 without a recall. Is this a common tactic to inflate fees. My desire was to purchase a new vehicle next year. Is this your standard customer service tactics? I believe in American Made.


Faye Gardner


Please respond!

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Sue - 4 d 13 h ago

Sue I have a 2003 Saturn Mt key dose the same thing and plus I have a gas leak I call they told me it's not on the recall list but I know that some ate on the recall list

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Butch - 6 d 16 h ago


From Austin ,Tx: I recently purchased a ZR1 loaded to the max. MSRP. 146k. Drove and noticed a blemish on Zkt wing. Reported stat to dealer at Capitol. It's been over 3 weeks and still no resolution. Nothing but BS from dealer and GM. Should of bought the GT 3 instead. I am and never again. I don't like liars.

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AKTruckGuy - 23 d 15 h ago

I have been a die-hard GM guy my whole life. I have driven all GM vehicles and was even a fully certified GM technician at a GM dealership for over 20 years. I have been having friends and family buy strictly GM vehicles, particularly trucks, for decades. My neighbors have often asked if I only hang out with people who buy Chevy. I bought a 2018 Duramax for nearly $70K last May, my dream truck and the single most expensive purchase my wife and I have ever made besides our home - feeling confident in the GM product and knowing it would last me forever. Loving it so much, I have since convinced 4 of my friends and my father in law to purchase the same truck. I recently noticed that my beautiful and supremely expensive truck is covered. and I mean COVERED in rail dust, causing rust spots EVERYWHERE - the entire body, all of the chrome, the roof, the rims, the whole dang thing. I contacted the dealership who agreed it was rail dust from shipping and then was passed along to GM corporate. My thanks from GM after being an employee for the majority of my adult life, for being a loyal customer and for bringing them an unnumbered amount of new customers? Nada. Nothing. The finger. Basically, too bad, so sad, your $70K is rotting away and we will do nothing to help you. I even know other people who are having the same issue with their 2018 Duramaxes, even a Camaro with only 300 miles on it!!! I can see all over forums online that its a problem and GM is refusing to deal with the problem. Shame on you GM if this is how you repay your customers. I'm sick, disappointed and embarrassed that I've sent so many people to GM. I guess I will have to reconsider the Cummins, something I thought I'd NEVER say. Also won't be the end of my battle with GM. I'm not eating this. I guess it's no wonder why GM is struggling so much.

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GM owner - 10 d 13 h ago


Easy fix, buy a $35 bottle of IronX by CarPro's and the rust specks will turn purple and melt off. I have a white 2015 duramax and white 2015 impala, I apply this annually and they look like new.

Personally I wouldn't expect GM to cover industrial fallout on your vehicle, since they cannot control the environment your vehicle is in.

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Plain John - 11 d 13 h ago

I writing this in regards to the new vehicles being produced today. I went to my local car dealer looking to buy a new truck, I was surprised at the cost of one. The lowest cost was around $50,000.00 and the highest was around $70,000.00. Who can afford this. What happened to the vehicles that don't have all that computer crap all over the dash and push buttons everywhere. I just want a simple truck without all this high priced crap. GM is going to out price there selves out of business.

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Aaron Smith - 13 d 11 h ago


I am writing to tell you about chevrolet new turbine motors coming soon. They are back to back 3 phase motors chaindriving a electromagnetic turbine in turn charging a hybrid battery. For compensation of my invention:

Aaron Smith

810 east c st lot 14

Burner nc 27509

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Paul R Staeps - 15 d 14 h ago


Hello, my name is Paul Staeps. I have been a Corvette lover as far back as I can remember. I own a pristine 1989 Corvette and a 2001 Trans Am. The C-6 Corvette looks like a Mazda. The C-7 looks like a modified Camaro. When are you going to make a car the actual looks like a sting ray agian. Looks truly are your biggest seller's. Everyone wants a car that nothing else looks like it. It is distinct looking. A mean machine that you know that's a Vet. I'm not the only one that feels this way. Soooo many people are talking about it.

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La - 15 d 18 h ago

We should start a class action lawsuit

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Marge bilke - 15 d 18 h ago


Dear Mr Akerson: In the lst month and a half I have had my 2012 Chevy Sonic in for repairs at Boucher Chevrolet in Waukesha, WI. The engine light was on. Boucher replaced the radiator sensor and the push valve for emissions. Prior that in less than a year I had replaced the ignition coil as sometimes it would start other times it would not and had to fight with the key to get it started, the trunk would open by itself at times, the radio would come on by itself or would not and sometimes the lights would dim when just turning on a blinker. I paid for all these services to be repaired. 3 wks ago I picked up my car after the push valve and radiator sensor was fixed. Drove it across the street and when I returned to my car it was dead again. I took it immediately back to Boucher. GM then replaced the ignition coil again. My care was returned to me a week later. I drove it for 3 days and on that 3rd day the engine light came on again and then had trouble starting it again. I then called Boucher Chervolet again, took it back to them. They have had it every since and have informed me they do not know what is wrong with it and that they had contacted GM Technical support.

During this last two weeks they have told me that they would furnish me a car. which as of yesterday (5/31/19), Joseph in service told me to call Ron in service to have a car for me to drive, that they were expecting one to be returned. This man told me he knew nothing about it and that if this was the case Joseph should have provided me with one yesterday and that there were no cars available. Hard to believe with all the cars that are on the lot. I need a car for transportaion for work as I work full-time plus my brother is going thru chemo. He needs transportation to and from treatments and appointments. I have all my oil changes, maintenance and repair. I have always swore by Boucher's service and maintenance. I was very upset with this situation this morning as that is why I am writing you.

I contacted boucher back and spoke to Mr. Jim Paelo. He is arranging for a loaner car for me by noon today. And if this is the case you can put this in your records of service as a compliment vs a complaint.

'til then . . . I will keep you informed.

Regards, Marge Bilke, Mukwonago, WI 53149

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Davina Nunez - 17 d 15 h ago


I have had the worse service at GM. I have contacted a senior advisor to help assist with my warranty coverage on my vehicle 2015 Buick Regal T. I have spoke to a DLisa and was told I would get a call back in 2 days and it is now 2 weeks with no call back or response. My car has been sitting at a Buick Dealership for 2 weeks now and I am paying out of pocket for car rentals. I cannot believe how horrible, stressful it has been. There is no solution, just hung out to dry.

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Angela - 22 d 8 h ago


I took my customs truck to Capitol cadillac in greenbelt md to get the pipes rewelded a new system that changed my truck back to the factory model without asking me and messed my truck up they suck

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Mary Asch - 23 d 14 h ago


As long time buyers of GM vehicles and a 40 yr employee (late husband) we are horrified that GM is closing numerous sedan plants an relocating to Mexico to build SUV an truck plants. We taxpayers not only bailed them out but alsolost thousands of dollars in GM stock acquired over 40 yrs! Come on GM greed is going to come right back at you. Build America not Mexico! Negotiation fair prices an benefits with yr American workers an retrofit yr existing plants. Especially if yu want us to keep buying yr products!! If not, don't expect us to buy your products!

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rick p. - 40 d 8 h ago


i ordered a new silverado last november, 2018. in january,'19 the dealership called me and said i had to pick a new color, because the limit had been reached for the color i had chosen. i did so. in late february, the dealership called with the good news that my truck would soon be shipped from mexico. in late march, the dealership reported that my truck had been selected for quality control inspection, but would soon be shipped by train to ohio. now, april has come and gone, and still no truck is in my driveway. my order number is WQF ZM3. the dealership is Woods Chevrolet, in Plumville, Pa. could you please track down this truck, and send me an e-mail with some information pertaining to it's present locale, and a plausible delivery date. i'd like to have it before summer is over.

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AKTruckGuy - 23 d 15 h ago


Shipment by train...........yikes. Watch for rail dust which will cause the body to rust all over. Happening to me right now on my $70K Duramax and GM refusing to do anything about it.

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Ray - 25 d 7 h ago

I purchased a new vechical on 5/22/19 from Gordon Chevrolet in Garden City Michigan from Mr. Steve Maurer. He is a fantastic salesman and a all around great person.

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scott - 26 d 9 h ago


I have a tech question, My 2007 GMC Sierra had new brakes put on by a local Chevy dealership. Two months later my front brakes completely burnt, melting the GMC cap off the rims. Had truck towed to another dealer and all parts replaced at a heavy price. Four months later, today same results as before. Are you aware of any problems from other owners, if so, do you know what the solution may be? No one seems to have any clues. Thank you

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Rob - 32 d 9 h ago

Robert I would like to know what is the deal with the accumulator and 05 Chevy Silverado transmission your company discontinued them and then public wasn't notified of this why what is the problem with him besides cracking leaking and not be able to fix it properly

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DWESSEL - 32 d 19 h ago


I am beyond angry. My daughter bought a car in 2008. A cobalt which you people did not disclose the issue that caused deaths from stalling out while driving, I cannot even remember the all the details, but you didn't admit it until there were numerous deaths and it hit NATIONAL NEWS. SHAMEFUL. WE ARE NOT RICH AND CAN JUST GO OUT AND BUY A NEW CAR MAIGHT I ADD. IT WAS FIXED BUT SHE HAS HAD MAJOR PROBLEMS AND HAS KEPT FIXING IT AND THOUGHT OK I'LL FIX THIS AND NOTHING ELSE CAN HAPPEN. SHE WANTED TO WAIT TO BUY A NEW CAR WHEN SHE COULD AFFORD THE CAR PAYMENTS BUT ONCE AGAIN IT HAS BEEN IN THE SHOP. THE WHOLE EXHAUST SYTEM BROKE DOWN, FRIED THE CATALYTIC CONVERTER AMONG OTHER THINGS AND WE ACTUALLY GOT A DEAL IF you want to call it that and paid 1495. to get it fixed only to find out NOW THE STEERING KNUCKLE JOINT is about to break in 2 and if that had not happened we may have not know until it broke which she could have been driving and lost all control of the car as you well know, NO STEERING IN THE WHEEL!!!! My friend also found out that there has been many complaints of this happening yet once AGAIN, you people did not do a RECALL> how dare you!!!! I'm going to say one thing, she cannot afford a new car, I can't afford to buy her a new car, and you people continue to have issues with this car and refuse to do any recalls unless you are caught. you are putting peoples lives in danger and don't even CARE. With that said I suggest you do a recall and fix the problem because if anything happens to my only daughter because of that car and your neglect to do the right thing and do a recall, I will sue the holy shit out of GM!!! As a matter of fact I suggest you contact me because I am going to spread this all over social media and any blog to alert everyone al that doesn't know about this issue so they don't die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHAME ON YOU, YOUR COMPANY, YOU SINCE YOU ARE THE GREAT CEO, MAKING MILLIONS OF $$$$$$$ AND DONT EVEN CARE FOR YOUR CONSUMERS ENOUGH TO DO A RECALL ON THINGS YOU CLEARLY KNOW ABOUT. HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL OR HAVE DIED OVER THIS?? SO NOW WE HAVE TO GET THIS FIXED, SHE HAS TO GO TO WORK 6 DAYS A WEEK, I WORK, I AM DIVORCED, AND I HAVE HAD TO GET OUT OF MY JOB EVERYDAY TO TAKE HER TO WORK, TAKE HER BACK HOME AFTER WORK EVERYY DAMN DAY FOR THE OTHER ISSUE WITH THE EXHAUST SYSTEM,JUST GOT THE CAR BACK FRIDAY5/10/19 AND NOW WE HAVE TO PAY MORE MONEY TO GET THIS FIXED. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GM CAR NOR WILL SHE EVER AND I AM, AS I SAID GOING TO SMEAR THIS EVERYWHERE I CAN!!!!!!! YOU CLEARLY CANT DO YOUR JOB AS A CEO, AND NEED TO GO. YOU HAVE MADE MILLIONS PER YEAR IN YOUR POSITION, AND TO NOT DO RECALLS WHEN NEEDED TO SAVE LIVES ID TOTALLY BEYOND SHAMEFUL. PEOPLE DONT MAKE THIS KIND OF MONEY TO KEEP SINKING IN THIS CAR THINKING NOTHING ELSE CAN POSSIBLY HAPPEN AGAIN, BUT ITS BEEN NOTHING BUYT MAJOR WORK OVERTIME. LAST YEAR WE HAD TO REPLAY ALL THE FUEL LINES, AND BRAKE LINES. IT'S RIDICULOUS. PURE INCOMPETENCE AND YOU CARELESS CLEARLY FOR YOUR CONSUMERS.

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Karen - 33 d 14 h ago


We always buy GMC but that's beside the point of me emailing you can you please have some kind of voice indicator put in all your cars to tell all these parents that are forgetting their kids in the cars to remember to take them out of the cars l can't believe all these deaths l had 5 kids and had a big SUV an never forgot them. You must think this is crazy an maybe think l am but i guess people need to be told or reminded to not forget their little angles. Please and thank you Karen Leonard from Maumee, Ohio

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