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Ken Ferster - 22 d 16 h ago


My 2014 Chevy Silverado has been at Stiver Chevrolet, Columbia South Carolina dealership since 12 June 2019 for Powertrain Warranty repair. This has dragged on for over SIX WEEKS. They state they cannot proceed with repair unless given specific steps to follow by Southeast GM Regional office for Warranty to be covered. However, this has been going on for over six weeks and I feel they are being deceptive and dishonest with me. How would you feel if it was your vehicle being at repair shop for over six weeks? I have been on the Web but unable to find telephone number for SE GMC regional Office. I need help from General Motors Corporate Headquarters office to resolve this issue. This is extremely poor customer service. Why would I want to buy any brand of vehicle from GMC if treated this way? Please call or email me to discuss this issue.

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Kate - 9 d 12 h ago


I feel your pain!!! Having trouble with GM customer service myself. Lies; ineptitude; gross misunderstandings after CAREFUL explanation. I live in the south now but as a native Detroit- area person, this stuff makes me sad. Was always so proud of my automobile state.

Good luck. Hope you make progress.

Did you try

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Anonymous - 2 d 9 h ago


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Anonymous - 2 d 8 h ago

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M Stephens - 1 d 7 h ago


WOW!! I am dealing with the same issue! My daughters car has been in sitting at Steve Rayman Chevrolet for over 6 weeks as well for a Powertrain Warranty repair that GM has rejected however we have disputed this based on warranty exceptions that GM has in its warranty manual. I have been assigned a "Senior Advisor" who has not followed up with me after I've placed what must be over 20 calls. I am NEVER able to reach her. Each time I call I have to leave a message and I am promised that I will get a return call. I even asked that her Surpervisor contact me and I was told only she(the senior advisor) could only make that request. As of 2 days ago another random uninformed of the details person from GM called me and promised to call me back to do a cc with the dealorship to further explain our circumstance...we had a scheduled time and everything....NO CALL BACK! This was my first GM purchase and I have NEVER experienced this level of poor customer experience with any other company. I to am asking for a call from someone who has authority to help me with my resolve.

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Gary B. Houston Texas - 2 d 10 h ago


I have purchased a total of 8 Chevrolet in the last 10 years. I currently own a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 z71 LTZ Midnight addition. Transmission went out at 72k Dealer fixed it and said the sending pump went out to include had lot of metal in the fluid which they drained and replaced. Truck ran another 70k miles and transmission is out again. dealer stated that I new a new transmission and would be $6300 total to replace. I asked why Chevrolet would not back there product when it had to be fixed at 72k. They said not covered. I of course like anyone with internet started doing research, found out that Chevy has basically replaced the current transmission several times trying to fix the wide issue they are having with it include the Cadillac's, Tahoe's, Silverado's and etc. Then come to find out the 2014 Chevy Silverado's had a bad vibration traveling speeds between 55-75mph, of course no one could figure out why it vibrated so bad. I changed the tires twice and rims but could never get the truck to stop shaking. So I traded it in on the 2015 Silverado 1500 Z71 Midnight addition. I have had this vehicle now in the shop for 1 week and 1 day with the Customer service finally calling me (I have called twice a day trying to reach the senior rep. handling my case for 1 week with no response) Note every time I have called in with the case number they tell me my rep will be reaching out to me that day. Well of course nothing. I did receive a call today 8-14-2019 from a rep telling me that my rep will be out today and they will not have an answer for a few days (today Thursday) So now we are into next week. This is crazy. So, just for the record I have purchased these Chevrolet vehicles in the last 10 years or so:

Chevrolet Avalanche (NEW) 2003

Chevrolet Silverado (NEW) 2009

Chevrolet Corvette (USED) 2008

Chevrolet Corvette (USED) 2009

Chevrolet Silverado (NEW) 2012

Chevrolet Silverado (NEW) 2014

Chevrolet Silverado (NEW) 2015

So would this make me a loyal customer to Chevrolet?

Bottom line is Chevrolet knows about the transmission problem on this vehicle and many others, to include knew the 2014 Silverado issue. Basically if Chevrolet does not back there Dealers work or there product and I have to replace the transmission at a cost of $6,300 at the dealership with assuming I will have transmission issues every 70k miles. Then it Chevrolet will loss me as a customer for life! (Note the 2015 Chevy having issues with transmission has never pulled anything nor have I changed anything on it as it's factor through an through, even the tires where replaced with the factor tires, had every oil change, brake fluids, brake pads, rear differential fluid, grease fits, etc.)

Slogan changed from "Chevy Runs Deep" Becomes "Find New Roads"

Well how can anyone "find new roads" with a defective transmission that has had over a dozen super seeded transmissions so called fixes?

Chevrolet you and I are at the crossroad which way are you taking?

Possible Loyal Customer, hanging in limbo

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Bonnie - 4 d 4 h ago

2017 Chevy colorado ZR1 4 wheel drive ....3 busted oil hose s tranny issues still , torque convertor replaced bearings not fixed yet or tranny ,Going in this week again missing and jerking and key stuck in ignition.. Should i keep it or dump it ????? Issues since 5,000 miles now 20,000 miles ..

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Rhonda Ratliff - 5 d 12 h ago


What happen to the Silverados, y do all trucks rust behind the shocks on both side of the back of the truck. And behind front passenger wheel. GMC use to produce a number 1trucks. What r u using cheaper steel. I love Your cars and trucks.lJust don't know y all the rust on the frame.someting needs to be done. My husband getting rid of my truck. I love that truck. 2003 Silverado. Please make sure everything is fine when u bluid a truck. Thank u Rhonda Ratliff

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NEIL DISCALA - 5 d 13 h ago

I am trying to reach the right people to find out a simple answer................. WHEN WILL THE PARTS BE AVAILABLE TO FIX MY ARCADIA ????? WATER INTRUSION !!

I purchased a 2016 ARCADIA from NORTH BAY BUICK GMAC . we love our truck!!!! Now for the problem!!!

We received the letter dated APRIL 2019 first week of JUNE . That stated " DIC will display alert messages due to water intrusion" and loss of driver interface functions !!

The problems hit hard on 6/4/19. Dash board lite right up , as was told. lost back-up camera , side impact warning and all the functions that were stated .

Went to our trusted dealer ship . They had no idea when the PARTS MGR will have the parts....... They gave us a loaner car . nice but i dont want your truck & you dont want mine !! its now AUGUST 12TH, 2019


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Mann - 9 d 6 h ago


I'm trying to get in touch with some one This McDonald's we went to today was really crazy they told us they don't want I'm kind in there store want looking thug out or like a bum shirt and ties in Eugene or 2855 williamette at can we eat together still in America and I'm black. Sad

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Curious - 9 d 4 h ago

What does that have to do with GM vehicles?

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vicki landers-hood - 12 d 8 h ago


I am a die hard Chevy van. My 1st was a 69' Camaro.

95 I had became disabled in 2000 i found a 92 Chevy astro with 80, 000 miles for $3,500. I drove it for 19 years( rebuilt transmission)

Still runs, 280, 000 miles. Looking for a 2018 3 row vehicle. Chevy Transverse No Chevy in my price range

I bought a 2018 dodge caravan 44,000 miles,


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Nate huber nj - 23 d 10 h ago

How can there be no recall on gm dash 2o13. Tahoe cracked. Bought it certified Chevy wants 1500 to fix not happy 1st Chevy i bought. And the last. Paying it off going to Toyota they care about their customers thanks for nothing

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Bill Davis - 24 d 8 h ago


I am hoping my response will reach the President of General Motors. Last week, general motors presented the new C8 corvette for 2020. This new vette will be priced below 60k per the President of General Motors, my concern is that the z51 package will not be at 60k and the base vette will not run those 0-60 in under 3 seconds. I grew up in a family which only believed in general motors cars and trucks, therefore, I purchased many gm products, but in 2011, I went to Ford because of the engine issues and steering issues I had on my Malibu's, impala's, corvettes and camaro ss. In 2016, I purchase my first c7 corvette, what a mistake, burning oil, very sluggish performance, so traded that corvette and went back to a mustang gt 5.0, I enjoyed the mustang so much, but I said to myself, mass produce vettes, maybe a lemon I had purchase, so I decided to buy another c7 corvette and the same issue, not good performance and 18 mustang gt's beats them at the track, including my corvette? come on now, no car that is 1/2 the price should outrun a corvette which is double in price. I want to buy a c8, but unsure because of my experiences. I feel that general motors DO NOT price corvettes for the average JOE, but now they are concern because the generation who purchased these vettes either are dead or on the way out, I feel general motors deserved the loss in sales on corvettes because they catered for so long with that generation. My opinion with this c8, u need to give real rebates and incentives, not the one you currently have at 3k off 2019 corvettes only if you owned a corvette presently, worst incentive to get the new generation buyers on these corvettes. I am pretty sure the c8 rebates and incentives wont add up to make a purchase, not including the dealers will mark up just to make more money. I am 49 yrs old, not in my 60's that the President stated on who buys corvettes. Corvettes were never priced for the average JOE to purchased and if so, it was the bare bones of a corvette, the same will be for your new c8 corvette. Do better this time GM on these new corvettes, because you stated yourselves, the corvette generation of the past is gone! You want young buyers to purchase so they will become the next new generation of buyers, so price ALL CORVETTES at a great price and they will come and they will buy. On another note, 2019 corvettes sitting everywhere on lots, throw some good incentives to these dealers so they can sell them, so they can have your new c8 corvettes on their lots.

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Brian Murphy - 26 d ago


I recently bought a gmc 2018. Worst mistake i made. When the winows are closed it leaks air . The doors are not lined up. I have heated / cool seats and they dont work properly. Tona cover leaks really regretting purchasing this truck. Next time i will not buy a GMC ILL BUY A FORD.

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Edwin Jacob - 26 d 6 h ago


Have a claim number (hidden)1, after my dealer (who has tried everything to get this taken care of) had my 2016 camaro in there service bay after installing new torque converter for several weeks, pressure would not come up and the were not gotten response from tech support. They had General Motors contact me in which I was told that I was going to be issued accessory certificate for $500.00. Waited several months and no certificate , I contacted call center and said it would be reissued, and to give it 3-5 weeks to arrive. After not receiving the certificate for 2nd time I called back and also asked my dealer to look into it for me. We both were told different stories, one said it was mailed twice and dealer was told it was emailed to me. But we both were told it would not be reissued and I was just out. I would like to say that I will be working with another dealer to rid myself of both my Camaro and my GMC truck by end of this week. I will not continue to be lied to by General Motors anymore

General Motors are nothing but a bunch of dishonest people who will string you along with continuing misrepresentation and then just decide to do nothing.

Please, if there are any out there like this, leave General Motors as I am doing.

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David Black sr - 29 d 11 h ago


Truck went into limp mode and died, said change fuel filter. Towed to Stockton Tx. dealership. Two weeks later said they didn't have a diesel mechanic. Was told l had to pay 600. Dollars to have it towed to Big lake Tx dealership. ( two tow bills now) a week later got a call needed two new batteries (600 dollars ) so they could check it. Got call trash in system needs complete fuel system injectors, pump...

I bought this 2016 3500 Silverado certified.

Had me stranded two other times/ dep heater/ dep heater and injector/ now this/ certified my ass.

I just bought 2018 Buick Enclave and 2018 GMC Sierra

I f I would of known all this l would of bought Fords

I'm still waiting on my truck from 6/28/19 to now .

General Motors customer care senior advisor is a joke.

Or he's lying and is not a senior.

Aramando ext 5910826 case number 9(hidden)

Phone (hidden)

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John maroni - 30 d 4 h ago

I'm very unhappy with gm.cant talk to co .cant get a rear axle for my 2019 chevy trax. Different stories.please get in touch with me . Cell (hidden)

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J.P.Mprgan - 36 d 12 h ago


The profits are down, so seize General Motors. Not enough autos being sold. The solution is simple: Let another tidal wave of mestizos and asians flow into the country and sell the cars to them. (The honkies are going broke supporting millions of dead beats so let them drive the old wrecks.) The invaders won't be able to pay, but the banks will lend them the money if federal subsidies aren't sufficient. They'll also need medical care and housing and Burger King morsels. Just think of all of the benefits. Everyone wins - except for the poor saps who pay the bills. Then again, to bleed and suffer for your enemy's benefit is the highest goal one can ever hope to achieve. It guarantees a miserable life on earth but just think of the rewards in heaven.

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Luis Herrera - 36 d 16 h ago


Dear Sir or Madam: The one subscribing this document, Luis Herrera, asks in the most respectful manner your valuable collaboration to resolve a situation that in particular has affected my relationship as a client of General Motors. I bought a CHEVROLET CRUZE 2017 in December of 2016. Its general performance had been wonderful, (currently it has 42000 km) until recently it began to present a failure: the engine at a traffic light went dead, as if it didn't have any gas, in automatic the check engine light turned on and in the computer dashboard appeared something related to the service. With the confidence of being a relatively new vehicle and having the current warranty since it has all its services carried out at the GM AGENCY of Chihuahua, Mexico, I was attended by --------- I received back the car on the 9th of July of 2019 at 9:40 am. Until today as of July 11th, the staff told me that the computer flagged several malfunctions, however to diagnose with certainty it was necessary to disassemble the pump of the gasoline, and the expense would run on my account in case that it presents dirt due to "the gasoline that is used in Mexico". I asked the person in charge to please report that in writing, that the guarantee would not be applicable in that case, and the GM CHIHUAHUA personnel refused to unless I paid the diagnosis of 100 USD approximately. It is intolerable that a new vehicle presents such faults and even more so that GM personnel are not willing to put on the shoes of the customer, I do not agree that I have to pay for something that is supposed to be customer service and guarantee of your company. Here at home we all put gasoline in the same place, we have a Volkswagen 2005 and a Jeep 2004, and never have had a similar issue. It is not the first time that I have displeasures with this agency, in the services of 12,000 24,000 and 36,000 km they have wanted to charge me more than what it says on the website that these services cost. They have made the adjustment after demonstrating with a screen capture of its own internet page, I do not know how many clients have been tricked with this, I am sure to everyone that is unaware of the prices online. Moreover, in the last service I unfortunately found out that the agency personnel took money from the glove compartment. I acknowledge that it maybe was a mistake on my side, but in the end, nobody did anything. As you can see, there have been several situations that I have been through and that I have passed by, but not anymore, and therefore I ask for your help so that this issue is resolved and my car fixed by warranty of the brand as well as to have the ease of a vehicle while the necessary fixing process takes place. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to your reply and resolution to my problem. I will wait until next week before contacting my attorney general. Please feel free to contact me at this email address: (hidden) Sincerely, LUIS HERRERA Chihuahua, Mexico.

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Ivonne S - 43 d 9 h ago


I have never owned a GM vehicle before, I was more of a Toyota, Honda type of person, but due to a very long story, I ended up with a Buick Enclave. I have to say that at first I was super impressed and loved everything about it. I still like the car, but my experience with Tyler Automotive GM service in Niles has been the very worst that I have ever experienced in my life. I had heard of the timing chain recalls for the 2009 Enclave vehicles. Of course mine is a 2010 but I do also know, that some of the earlier 2010 models use parts of from the 2009. I did read about all the negative reviews GM was getting due to know wanting to extend the recall to the 2010 cars that had a 2009 motor in it. Well, here I am. My timing chain needed repair, and that's were the saga begins.

My car was taken in early this past April by that local mechanic to Tyler Automotive shop to do the work since you are supposed to be good, I NEVER received a call from the service consultant. I called several times but always had to leave a message with no return call. My 82 year old father had to make two trips to the dealership and my daughter also had to make a trip there just to find out what was going on (I still had to work and now being out of a car I depended on other people for rides etc.). Almost 3 weeks later, on April 24 and over $3000 my car was "fixed". The very next day I called to let them know that the car was still driving a bit rough. I was told that I needed to give it time to for the car to "relearn" whatever it was to supposed to "relearn". April 28 the engine light goes on again. Drove it straight to autozone so they could see what code it was giving. Next day I called Tyler again, told them the engine light had come on that the car was still driving rough told them the code it gave (P0302) at autozone. Was asked to take it back in. Another week goes on with NO COMMUNICATION. My daughter had to stop by again to try to get some information, (keep in mind that I do have to work and that is my only vehicle so is not like I can go anytime to see what is happening) she was told that it was something completely different and that it would cost another $1500-$1600. I wanted a second opinion as I had just spent a whole lot of money and the car was still not running right. I picked up my car, it is May now. Engine light was off and it stayed off. Car drove fine except for the continuing hesitation (as it was doing prior to getting the timing chain changed). About two weeks later, I ran over a small animal on the highway. AAA recommended Tylers but heard the hesitation on my voice. They recommended Carstar (which I found out was the same owner as Tyler). Finally I was able to take my car in. The receptionist was very kind and took the full report which included that there was a noice under the car and that it sounded like something might be rubbing against the back tire. Again, NO COMMUNICATION! I dropped off the car on a Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday I had to get something out of the car the car was already inside the shop, however they had not had a chance to look at it. They were very polite. They said they would look at it latest the following day and they would write up the estimate. Silence for the rest of the week. I had to ask my father, once again, to go and see what was going on. They printed the estimate which did not address the under car issues or the rubbing against the tire. They were waiting for parts. I called them and I asked about it, they were very polite but their exact words were "oh, maybe we need to lift the car up and see what is going on under there" had I not called, that issue would not have been addressed even though it was written on the report the receptionist made when I dropped off the car. Bottom line, my car was there for about two weeks. I got the car back and a few days later June 16th the Engine light went on again. Drove it to autozone again same code it had always given P0302. I asked a friend of mine to look at it and on Tueday I drove it to work so that he could look at it... except that the car died on the highway. Called Tyler and they said I had to call CARSTAR as they were the last ones to work on the car. CARSTAR says its not a body issue so it's not them. (This is literally the same company fighting as to who gets to see the car...) I do have to say, that Kurt from the body shop was very nice and polite. Not the same can be said about the service consultant from the mechanical shop. Kurt called a tow truck and had then take the car to the automotive shop. When I got there, the first words were, why did you not take it to the body shop? really? I dropped my car off on Tuesday June 18. on Friday after 5:00 I received a call from the service consultant to say that they were going to have to remove the engine cover to see where the noice is coming from. Are you kidding me? it took them three days to figure that out? I am no mechanic and I could have told you that. Of course, being Friday and after 5:00pm they were going to have to wait until Monday to do it. His words were, "we will look at it first thing Monday morning and I'll give you a call hopefully around noon". Well, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday go by with nothing. Friday, June 28 I get a call from my father to let me know that he had stopped by and that they had told him that I needed a new engine and that they had not called me because they were trying to price engines. But they reassured my father that they would call me that same day. Did not hear from them. July 3 I leave work early so that I can try to make it to Tyler before they close and see what I can find out. Only service consultant there is not the one that is dealing with my car. But I do have to say that Don was extremely polite and very professional. He said he would have Dale, the service manager call me on July 5. Today, July 5 I did from Dale. His explanation, is that something broke in the engine and now I need a new engine. They are willing to discount some of the labor fees but I am still looking at probably another $3000-$6000. I don't believe that I should pay for anything, since I believe that they never did the job right in the first place. On top of that, they never addressed the concern that I kept telling them (code P0302). Again, I have NEVER experienced something like this with any mechanic. Starting the 4th month of this ordeal and the technicians can't seem to get it right! I DON'T EXPECT TO HAVE TO PAY A SINGLE PENNY MORE THAN WHAT I HAVE ALREADY PAID because the car had NEVER worked right since it left their shop. As i see it, I will have to take time off work to have to go there to figure things out. I am sure Tyler is not willing to pay my work wages so that I can sit there until I get answers. This is completely unacceptable business and customer service. If GM is supporting this shop, then the corporate offices are just as responsible. Some people, like me, depend on their card for their everyday lives to be able to put food on their table. You cannot sit there and hold a car for weeks with no even a word to the customer. If the job was too hard to do, then be honest and don't touch the car and let the customer take it to some place where the people are confident they can do a good job. I am more than happy to meet with whoever i need to and speak with the owner if necessary to get tot he bottom of this. I am usually a pretty flexible person, but this is beyond ridiculous and wrong.

I tend to be a pretty understanding person and u know that as humans we all make mistakes. However, when people don't own up to their errors and evade responsibility and straight up lie about calling or about the work they have done I lose all respect for them. I am not about bringing people down or trying to shut businesses or anything like that, but I do expect an honest, professional and well done job from a professional business.

The lack of professionalism and honesty, not only puts Tyler's reputation on the line but also the reputation of other mechanics who like in my case recommend them and send them customers. It also puts GM's reputation on the line. Based on the reviews that I am seeing on this page, I fear, I am not an isolated incident and that GM has a really big problem in their hands if they don't quickly turn things around and start holding their service centers accountable.

It is my hope, prayer, and expectation that things can be resolved quickly, efficiently, and without the need for further intervention.

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James Paul Smith - 44 d 11 h ago


Bought my last GM product ( and not just me , Ripple effect happening already thru Friends, Family and Colleagues ) I bought a GMC ( INDUSTRIAL GRADE ) Sierra 1500 DENALI loaded . Truck is a total let down ( this coming from a GM loyalist for nearly 40 yrs )

At around 32,000 Front AWD TRANS AXLE blew out ( never pulled anything or ever done a days work in it life ) I had to pay out pocket part of the cost , over a grand . The Stability Traction control senor has failed , Which they said the Axle repair would fix and it didn't . ,( three trips to actually get the Axle repair done properly ) ( they want another 3 to 4 hundred to fix that ) this thing is turning on and off whenever it wants to . Vehicle just now turned 36,000 on this vehicle and the DASH BOARD HAS CRACK ( What a piece of CRAP ! ) The expensive Specialty Chrome Wheels are peeling off Chrome like Cheap Paint On A OLD HOUSE . I couldn't imagine having actually used this Truck to do a days work . Truck has been Pampered , Well cared for , Best of Everything , High Test Gas ., Synthetic OILS , K & N Filter , always washed and waxed , I guess it need allot dirt to hold it together ( MY BAD ) . GM calls this Normal Wear and Tear , LOL Now that takes allot of Gaul , or just plain Stupidity from Customer Service to say that . Like I said they will lose allot of customer over this lack of support , The ripple effect is always more costly than doing your loyal customer right !!!! GM = CM China Made , Ever wonder GM is offering now up to 9 grand off their SO CALL BEST SELLING TRUCKS ???? , because the word is getting out and people are telling everyone about their experience . People know they are making them Cheaper and they don't stand behind their products . Nice looking truck , but Reliability , Dependability , and " Customer Service " are the staple of returning customers . which it seems GM has totally could careless about !!!!

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Gwen Gumaer - 47 d 7 h ago


I have a 2003 Gmc Sierra 1500 . This truck is a daily driver. It has 308976 Mike's on it and still going. This truck runs better then my new vehicle. We plan on driving it until we can't.

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Eric T - 50 d ago


Proudly sent my 07 Grand Prix to the wreckers this week. I am proud bc now I can say that I will never own another GM product and that I just got one off the road. While I was please with this vehicle I am disgusted with the operations of gm management. Proudly can say I just purchased a new Honda built in Canada, proudly supporting Canadian automotive jobs. Last month I also got a new work truck through ARI fleet company. my options were a GM or Dodge. Told my fleet supervisor I would not drive a GM. Got a new Ram which is not built in Canada but at least the company is still manufacturing in Ontario. Two other employees just followed my lead. Proud to have recently prevented 4 gm vehicles from recently entering Canadian roads. No loyalty, no sales....

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juliette Hughes The gym in North Carolina has their employees purposely typ ... 

Dillard's Inc
AFEPD I worked for Dillard's for a year and three months and I re ... 

Avis Rent A Car
Marks Avis is the worst car rental company!

Google Inc.
anonymous Dummies just because people look at dealership vehicles on  ... 

Cricket Communications, Inc.
Chris capozzi Im at cricket address 1020 b in aberdeen md. They are suppo ... 

Frys Food Stores
Anonymous Unhappy customer!!!