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Giant Eagle, Inc.

101 Kappa Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA
Laura Karet
(412) 963-6200
(412) 968-1617
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Ron davies - 2 d 4 h ago


I worked for ok grocery.. warehouse for giant eagle stores. I got hurt on the job. Was out for 2 months and was cleared to go back to work when I clearly still having issues with the injury. They cut me off workman's compensation immediately and I ended back up in the emergency room not once but twice. They are refusing to pay my medical bills.

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Carolyn Reynolds - 23 d 4 h ago


To Whom It May Conern :

Giant Eagle in South Euclid, Ohio has serious employee issues. Many of these employees are extremely rude and unprofessional. This problem is prevalent at Get Go on Mayfield and Belvoir in South Euclid, Ohio.

The rudeness I encountered on several occasions with pharmacy personnel was particularly horrible. I had to change to a different company because I did not want to experience such horrible behavior.

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GDub - 2 d 7 h ago


That is the truth. I worked at that Giant Evil for just a couple weeks and had had enough. I believe in SUPERIOR customer service, and these people (dept. clerks) are an abomination! They are so kind to some and horribly rude to others. They are BEYOND lazy, have the WORST attitudes and are an embarrassment. When I realized how much seniority they have and that they will more than likely never suffer consequences for their horriible behaviors, and that I cannot possibly make a difference, I quit. I worked for GE back in 2000, and it was much different. Perhaps if their pay scale was better, they'd employ folks who actually gave a crap about customer service. These clerks are LOUD and obnoxious and just plain rude. Giant Eagle does not care about customer service any more, but rather the big dollars they make. It's shameful.

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Kacote - 4 d 9 h ago


Vot's new Ivan? The jews are still sticking it up your babushka.

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Pikevick - 4 d 9 h ago


More benefits of diversity - A Tamil gang in Toronto, CanZOG, attacked a group leaving a shop and one fellow had his hand lopped off. I guess old fashioned stabbing is on the way out. I am waiting for the popularization of decapitation.

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Lee Phillips - 33 d 3 s ago

To Laura Karet

My name is Lee Phillips and a former employee, not buy choice, i wast terminated by the Manager of the Giant Eagle ,Maple Hts. store(6414) 44137 for no call no show, i was lifting and got strained groin, which now i need surgery on 8/8/2019, I had brought a letter in from my Dr. Nathan Beachey, Metro Health, Cleveland Ohio, stating I was not to return to work until I was seen by surgeon to to determine extend of surgery needed, when i brought the letter from my Doctor in he was and stated" damn it,Iyou people, you should of brought the letter in before i terminated you, I am in the union but he also stated" the union can't help,".can you please look into this matter, Im 65 retired, and need someone to fight for me.

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Pro.union man - 4 d 18 h ago

Call your union rep and ask to file a grievance also ask to fill out an incident report

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Michael Kokolis - 6 d 4 h ago


Mrs. Laura Karet,


Are for lease, My name is Michael Kokolis with Coro Professional Services. Please contact me for use of these internet domains. Currently they are for lease and we are reaching out to you first; however, the delivery services are growing and we are marketing these domains.

Your corporate headquarters refuses to transfer any call without a contact name. We have attempted to contact Giant Eagle first and were unable to reach anyone of decision making authority.. Most importantly Laura we wanted to kindly let you know that we reached out to you first.

Michael Kokolis

Coro Professional Services



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Sandra Rae - 7 d 41 s ago


Hello Giant Eagle

I just wanted to let you know about a Market District pasta. I bought the Semolina Fettuccine #9. It's expiration date is Dec. 22 2020. I cooked it according to package instructions and it disintegrated into 4 inch shards of pasta. It tasted fine but in no way resembled Fettuccine. I have always found Market District products as good if not better then known brands. This one needs to be removed from the shelves.

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Jeff Young - 17 d ago


Good and bad - Bad: Kind of dismayed here. Bought almost $200 of salmon and salesperson told me to fill out the survey and I would be eligible for a $500 gift card drawing. I went online and completed the survey and noticed 2 things. 1) Even though I referenced a salesperson during the survey, there was no place to commend or criticize the person. The comments only asked why i was not highly satisfied. Past that - no place to add anything. I would have added that without your salepersons interaction, I would have downgraded my overall satisfaction to middle. Jenn (Seafood) was very helpful, personable. 2) After I finished the surveyy, I looked at the feedback request I got at the counter and it said I would only be eligible if I answered 'HIGHLY SATISFIED'. WOW WOW WOW. SO there is NO value to critical, constructive comments, only 100's? That so totally defeats the purpose of a customer satisfaction survey under any type of quality system. I want to believe tyou are ISO 22000 certified but the auditors must never have seen your survey promotional handouts!

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Not Happy - 17 d 3 h ago


I was just in the get go on Andrews Road in Mentor on the lake, Ohio 44060. I went into the get go today and the pump was declineing my card so I went in because I knew I had money on my card. So I go in to prepay and the woman behind the counter would not wait on me. I asked her why with no response so the manager rang up my order. My problem is that I am in customer service myself and if I would tell someone that I will not wait on them I would be fired on the spot. There are people that come into my job and sure I do not like what they say and do but that is part of customer service if she can't handle that she is in the wrong profession. I am not asking for her to be fired but she should at least be disaplinded or wrote up. To me that is very bad customer service and she can't take the good with the bad she needs to get a different job. I was in there on 8-4-2019 @ 1:02pm and the manager Michael waited on me very respectfully. I don't ever write a review but she at least should have told me why so at least I could rectify the situation. She really lacks with her actions customer service responsibility.

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Jennifer Lakes - 18 d 31 m ago


We have been loyal giant Eagle customers for 13 years. Our store was in a very convenient location across from the mall in Mentor Ohio.

I'd like to personally thank you for moving our store 15 minutes away. We no longer have a decent grocery store to patronize.

We no longer shop at Giant Eagle, instead we go to Heinens. It's equally difficult to get to but at least you don't have to contend with a train and 6 red lights. You suck!

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K Largent - 19 d 3 h ago


My husband and I regularly shop at the Giant Eagle on Goucher St, in Johnstown, PA. Being that it's the only Grocery Store near us, we don't have a lot of choice. Today I went to buy fruit for a family picnic. There were moldy strawberries and rotten watermelons. When we buy bread or rolls, the are stale the next day. Oh and today they had one checkout line and the express lane open. Everyone else was using self-checkout. So you have lousy produce on a regular basis, stale bread and buns, and are putting people out of a job. This store no longer carries many products we normally use. So the moral to this story is, you have lost 2 customers. We will make the 20 minute trip to Walmart or Market Basket (local store) to buy our groceries. What a shame, when this store was privately owned, everything was fresh, it carried a large variety of products and had all the checkout lanes open. Take a lesson Giant Eagle!

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Louie R - 24 d 5 h ago

The larger prescription bottles are a waste of money and are certainly worse for the environment!!! They are 3 inches tall and most of my pills come up 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. One of my prescriptions comes up to 1/4 of an inch. Whoever decided to do away with the smaller, and YES sufficient sized bottles, needs to rethink their decision.

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Glenn R. Friedman - 30 d ago

I am a regular customer at the Giant Eagle in Warren village 44111. The store is convenient and in walking distance for myself, family and those in the neighborhood. However they seem to be short staffed with many products they have and which I shop for not being re-shelved. I do go to other Giant Eagle stores out of the neighborhood by car when needed but prefer not to. IF THE GIANT EAGLE STORE AT WARREN VILLAGE/EDGECLIFFE 44111 IS CLOSED I WILL NOT DRIVE TO THOSE STORES BUT GO TO HEINENS, WHOLE FOODS OR OTHER ALTERNATIVES.

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Janeen M. - 36 d 23 h ago


I have shopped at Giant Eagle for 15 years in North Ridgeville, Ohio.

The last 6 months I have had to shop at other places just for frozen goods and produce.

Their freezer has burnt everything, ALL of the ice cream is covered in ice, I have purchased frozen veggies only to come home and open a frozen block of burn.

Now for the produce.... everytime I come to Giant Eagle I check the produce. Strawberries are displayed with fuzz and rot, the bananas are always near rotten and the prices go up.

A Market District opened recently in the next city that is beautiful and nothing is rotten. For me to shop there I have to spend even more due to the city sales tax difference.

After all of these years, there is NOTHING that will keep me shopping here.

I will make sure I spread the word as well.

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J.P.Morgan - 35 d 11 h ago


Janeen M, welcome to the hebes New World Ordure.

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PF - 38 d ago


Giant Eagle's produce is so bad- rotten and outdated. Broccoli limp and brown and they want $2.99 for a bunch. 90 percent of the corn has worms and they want $2 for four. You buy four peaches and half of them are rotten inside. Cucumbers soft, mushy and slimy. Lettace two weeks past its sell-buy date. What the hell??

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Anonymous 2 - 37 d 11 h ago


PF, you are a fool for shopping in that dumpster.

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Cyndee K - 38 d ago


Why did this company discontinue Salsa Fiesta....OMG bit mistake!! That was the best dip ever made. I tried to duplicate it and was unsucessful and I'm a good cook. Please bring it back

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Lee - 49 d ago


My problem with giant eagles is that they ask you to sign up for automatic medication refills and they will contact you when ready ,my wife signed up too .Now my wife get notification when ready but i have to do a resign-up thing everytime i get a new scrip,but my wife don't my question is why and when asked to speak with pharmacy's manager no ever available (Giant Eagles on center ave._pgh.'pa Shadyside)

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Ryan - 51 d 5 h ago


Does the Morgantown pharmacy hire anyone of color ?

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Jeo - 51 d 5 h ago


@ Ryan,

Only tri-racial


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Martin Staniland - 55 d ago


I was recently talking with a check-out assistant at one of your stores and asked how long her shift that day was (until, from the middle of the morning). I said that her feet would probably be very tired when she she got home ("Sure"). This got us talking about why Giant Eagle (and other stores) don't provide some kind of high stool to enable staff to sit on and rest their feet while working.. She said that she had never heard an explanation and didn't think that being seated would impede checking out and bagging customers' purchases. I asked her if her union had ever raised the issue.

Could you explain why, in fact, Giant Eagle doesn't provide this comfort for their employees? Would it be impractical or too expensive to do so? Has the union concerned ever sought such seating for employees engaged in checking-out and bagging?

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Ibbir M. - 51 d 5 h ago



Martin Staniland,


Greed is a formidable torpedo.Isn't that right, fellow hawgs?

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