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Giant Eagle, Inc.

101 Kappa Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA
Laura Karet
(412) 963-6200
(412) 968-1617
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Andy - 2 d 17 h ago


The hartville ohio store is the absulte worst never enough people working the cashier. It's not right for people to use self checkout after paying top price for there groceries staff the stores property Hartville store is horrible!!!!!

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Carla Lovejoy - 75 d 11 h ago


I was harassed, disrespected and humiliated by your supervisor, Logan, at the Market District in Solon, Ohio. On Tuesdays, with an adult meal, you get a child's meal free. At the cashier, he called over Logan and Logan asked me loudly where are my children? I told him at home. He said they are supposed to be with me. I told him I have never had a problem before over the past year. There is nothing in the sign indicating that. Also my child is disabled and not able to come with me. Logan walked away and came back and said he would allow it this time!! Next time he would not! WOW! The power of a title! I have been shopping at Solon's GE for 25 years and I don't need to steal chicken nuggets! Teach your people some customer service skills. He interaction with me was totally unacceptable. Maybe because I was black, he thought he could talk to me any kind kind of way bu I have a loud voice. This is my second my second letter with no response from the first.

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Mike Oxbig - 4 d 18 h ago


Yes, they mistreated you because you were black. Giant Eagle just hates black people. Thanks for using identity politics to fail at making a valid argument.

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M. DeSimone - 69 d 19 h ago


Leave the gal on Ohio alone! You're going to prosecute somebody.... one of your own... for eating three to five slices of ham a day?

What a lousy company

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Mike Oxbig - 4 d 18 h ago


It is still stealing you idiot. If I go work for a bank and steal 50 cents a day every day I work, am I all of a sudden okay because I work there? No. So shut up.

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Mary - 57 d 9 h ago

I went shopping at Giant Eagle in Berea ohio.I was with my Grandchildren.We stopped at the bakery to purchase 2 decorated cookies after waiting awile the employee asked if she could help me .i bought the cookies .We were looking at the decorated pumpkin cupcakes saying how pretty they were. The employee then came around the glass counter and sprayed cleaning solution right at my grandchilds eye level and stated she just cleaned the glass and told me .You should not let kids touch the glass .all they were doing was looking and pointed at the decorated items .And she said "Look im trying to get out of here" Yes it was 7:20 PM AND IM SURE SHE WAS SCHEDULED UNTIL 8 . I TOLD HER SHE WAS VERY RUDE AND SHE SHOULDNT TREAT CUSTOMERS SO RUDELY.I TOLD HER I WAS GOING TO TELL THE MANAGER AND SHE SAID "GO AHEAD AND AS I WALKED AWAY SHE SAID I WAS STUPID .I REPORTED IT TO THE MANAGER VINCE HE WAS VERY NICE AND SAID HE WOULD TALK TO HER .A CUSTOMER AND HIS WIFE APPROACHED ME AND SAID .THE EMPLOYEE WAS VERY RUDE TO ME .I ALWAYS SHOP AT THIS GIANT EAGLE .I LOVE THE STORE AND EMPLOEES ARE VERY NICE .BUT THIS INCIDENT REALLY UPSET ME AND IM CONSIDERING NOT GOING BACK TO SHOPPING THE BAKERY.OUR ENTIRE FAMILY GETS OUR BIRTHDAY CAKES FROM THERE ABOUT 7 CAKES A YEAR .I UNDERSTAND HAVING A BAD DAY BUT YOU DONT TELL A CUSTOMER TO NOT LET KIDS TOUCH THE WINDOW GLASS BECAUSE SHE JUST CLEANED IT AND THEN BE RUDE .THE MANAGER COULD CHECK THE CAMERAS AND SEE HOW SHE SPRAYED THE CLEANER AND SIDESWIPED MY 7 YEAR OLD GRANDAUGHTER.I DID TELL HER IF SHE DOESNT LIKE HER JOB TO QUIT AND LET SOMEONE ELSE HAVE IT .THANK YOU VERY MUCH .

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Mike Oxbig - 4 d 19 h ago


Wow. Your life just sounds terrible. Maybe just let the employee do their job and do not touch the glass? The food is 3 inches inside the glass. You can clearly point to things without touching it. Watch your kids.

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Rgroberts - 6 d 14 h ago

I went to a gaint eagle in Pittsburgh PA to pick up a birthday cake, I inquired about getting something written on the cake when I told her what I wanted she then asked me if I wanted written in black icing, when I told her no she said oh I was just joking. I didn't find it funny, I found it offensive because I felt if I hadn't been African American lady she wouldn't have made that comment, it's bad enough they don't take care of this store because it's in a predominantly black community, when you walk in the store sometimes you can smell rotten meat, with all this I don't think we should have racial remarks made towards us.

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Lakewood AT&T customers! - 11 d 11 h ago


I am a AT&T employee in Lakewood,Ohio who frequents your store regularly.We love your store.The issue is cashing lottery winnings.Co-workers and myself have had winning lottery tickets and had problems cashing them in.Either they claim they were counting their draw or insufficient funds.Your establishment is open 24/7,with a Huntington bank.I should not be inconvenienced trying to cash a 500.00 lottery ticket.I will report this to the lottery commission next I or a co-worker come in there to redeem a lottery ticket and have a problem.Or maybe I should just refer this to the Giant Eagle Inc. CEO,Laura Karet.

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Ed - 26 d 18 h ago


Today is THE day that I'm "pissed off" enough to bring this to your attention. I'm a regular shopper (3-4 times a week) at your Monroeville store. Again,there were NO riding carts available.I have brought this to the attention of your store manager on more than 1 occasion. NOTHING seems to get done about it. You have many handicapped and elderly people that need these in order to be able to shop in your store. Yesterday, I waited about 25 minutes and finally left and went to Walmart(spent $112.65 there!!!). Today I waited again for about 25 minutes and finally left and went to Shop n,Save (SPENT $87.53 there!!!). By the way, the carts that you do have aren't working that great. In fact, I was almost hit by a car a couple weeks ago when the cart I was riding in STOPPED DEAD. You do know that if I had been hit, I would have been able to purchase a bunch of these carts and donate them to the store with my SETTLEMENT $$$$. Thanks for letting me vent. Your store can afford it. Don't be so cheap. you probably average a MILLION $$ a week in that store. store. .

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Denise Nemunaitis - 26 d 18 h ago


I bought $200.00 of gift cards to get $.30 fuel perks and I got jipped. It only did 1 gift card $50.00.

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wake up - 28 d 4 h ago

I can't believe the petty reviews. These are not major issues people. The worlds on fire and your worried about the cost of nut meg and run away shopping carts

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Suzanne - 87 d 10 h ago


I walked in the giant eagle Barberton, Ohio store tonight. The loud speaker announces they are closed so I go to get my 2 things I needed and the security guy comes up to me and kicked me out. I will never shop at a Giant Eagle ever again!

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Wake up - 28 d 4 h ago


Closed means closed not, hurry and grab your shit while the employees wait as their shift is now over but they can't go home until you get your shit.

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Louise Fiszer, Broadview Heights - 37 d 18 h ago


Well, I have read most of the reviews, mostly complaints. People never take the time to say nice things, LIKE I DO. If you weigh the "good comments not heard" against the complaints, you will see a super-store. I have shopped here many years (Parma, Broadview Hts) and simply adore my shopping experiences. Never once was anyone rude or not helpful. Always kind and willing to go that extra mile.

I would like to point out that GE has gone way, way above in all charity programs. They have been extremely generous from all the various charities that have asked. I know for fact as I work with two charities and have received either gift cards or food products to help our causes. Every time I attend a fund raiser somewhere, or sponsor our own, there is ALWAYS Giant Eagle there. I highly commend you on your community support. People just don't realize how much you give.

Last note, I loved the past commercials with CEO, Laura Karet speaking. I thought she was honest and loved her presentation. My only disappointment was that I wanted to write her a letter and no one would give me her name - kept passing me somewhere else till I gave up. I really wanted her to know the impact she had. Many of my neighborhood switched to GE after her commercial. I just found out today when I went to write this. Thank you for listening.,

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Anonymous - 44 d 23 h ago


Yes I will never again walk into any giant eagle store. And I will spread the word to family and friends. I tripped and fell in the crafton store. I wasn't seriously hurt. I went to the upmc urgent care. Took exrays and just a sprain. Problem was when I fell, I was explaining to a manager on what happened. An older gentleman came over and said he witnessed what happened. They took his name and number. Unfortunately I didn't get that information. Now I git a letter from giant eagles insurance company saying there were no witnesses. What bothers me is that they are lying. Fortunately I'm OK. But the lying by the manager and the insurance company is inexcusable.

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Patrick. - 44 d 19 h ago


Went to try your getgo subs at your Parma hts location. West 130 and pearl rd. They had one person working. I decided to go some where else

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Mad mother - 45 d 3 s ago


My son works for giant eagle as a cashier and hasn't gotten paid in two weeks someone keeps messing up the numbers for his account payroll I guess,he has talked to Human Resources his job the bank everyone keeps giving him the run around it's a bunch of bull crap,he is working for free,he is 17,trying to work and got to school ,he is such a good kid polite and nice really kind hearted he doesn't deserve this,it makes my blood boil,but he is all calm about it,we don't know what to do,it's ridiculous,it's the giant eagle on sawmill road in Ohio. I'm bout to call news people,Pickett out front of the store don't shop here they don't pay their employees,if it were their child they would do something about it!!!!!!!!!!!,

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*Ty - 54 d 17 h ago


I ordered a cupcake cake for my grandsons birthday around the 17th SEP 2018 to pick up on the 22 SEP 2018. I had it special ordered with block gold or turquoise letters of my grandson name, green grass, a brown volcano with red and orange icing and small dinosaurs. The bakery's customer service representative acted like he really wasn't interested in what I was stating, but took my order anyway. The total cost was to be $38.99, which it was. When I picked up the cupcake cake the grass was somewhat green with white, the letters were purple and cursive, the volcano was green and white with a red gel running down it and was handed 2 big dinosaurs that was $9.00. I had to settle with it because the birthday party started at 3:00 pm and I picked it up around 12:45 pm. Totally disappointed with what I had to pay for and I went to the Giant Eagle on East Broad St., Columbus, OH instead of the Pickerington, OH store because I thought I'd get better results.

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Disappointed And waiting for clarification - 55 d 11 h ago


I was at the Baum Blvd Getgo on 9/25/2018 and had yet another refill drink policy. This happened last year and I AM STILL WAITING TO GET CLARIFICATION FROM HOME OFFICE. I drive all over city for work I save my large GetGo cup and refill 2-4 times per day. I've been in Baum Blvd store and employee there have charged me the $.99 refill and it's $1.06 with tax. Daily for over a year stopping. No issue tonight I'm told no refills in GetGo cups cool I see no sign you saw me walk in with my empty cup. Joann the assistant manager with an attitude said well it's policy and they are following it. I can accept that if it's clearly posted. I had the $1.06 if this was case good customer service would be apologize say I will take your $1.06 today. Or better yet just said sir I'm sorry go ahead and take it. Instead I dumped it out in the soda fountain drain and left with my empty cup. I made sure to ask manager her name and position. I shared with her what could customer service would be. This may seem like what's loss of .99 well take that time average of 2 refills a day $723 a year I'm not spending. Not to mention the food, and gas. I need to refuel 3-4 times per week so I spend a lot of time at convenience stores. Plenty of competitio. Your poor service, and lack of follow through clarifying customer concerns brought me to share my thoughts.

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Bob - 55 d 14 h ago


I work at the Firestone in the bethel park Shopping center when my car was parked where I've parked the car for several years now was hit by a shopping cart did a bit of damage when I stopped in the giant eagle the manager on duty told me that there was nothing that they could do I wasn't even in the parking lot where shopping carts should be an my car was hit giant eagle is responsible but will not do anything about it I also have 4 witnesses that saw it if the employees would do their jobs and empty the cart returns I wouldn't be having this issue today I wasn't even shopping there and this happened to me zero stars for customer service

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Was a Giant Eagle Shopper - 62 d 14 h ago

I have shopped at the Giant Eagle store in Columbus Ohio for several years and have seen the up and downs of this store. However last week i bought some top round roast that was on sale it is the worst piece of meat i have ever got at this store even after slow cooker of it for 10 hours it was so tuff i thought i was chewing gum i had to throw the whole thing in the trash.For some reason the meat department has closed in this store they only cut meat a package it in the cool case in the last 6 months after buying other meats at this store it has gone down hill in the type of meat from good to very bad to cut meat. I will no longer shop there at this store as the store shelves are most time empty and there answer is sorry out of that item even if its on sale.Service is becoming very poor and not as freindly as it was at one time and helpful. I will be shgoppimg somewhere else from now on to get better types of meats.

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AMG - 68 d ago


My card number was stolen after being used at the Norton Rd Stow, Ohio store and when I called to speak to the store manager a gentleman came on but didn't give his title. I described what happened and he said he doesn't know because he's not received any other calls like that but his store manager would be in soon. I asked who I was speaking with and advised it would've been nice for him to have let me know he wasn't the store manager when he got on the phone. He seemed to not care at all that my credit card number was stolen after being used at his store. Not a very friendly response. I'll call back and speak to the store manager when she arrives but I hope she has a different attitude than he did.

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Jay - 68 d 19 h ago

Gaint eagle bolivar for s breaking news story about a employee stealing ham and salami slices as she worked in the meat department for the last 8 years. As a corparation you should be a shamed for letting a employee do this for 8 years fire the manager that over sees this, did you ever here of disciplining the employee you are a laughing joke in this community. Hope the employee Sue's you.

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J. Whitman - 73 d ago

Your company reported an 8 yr deli employee that was snacking on a few deli slices to law enforcement? Really? That couldn't have been handled informally at the company level? Now she is facing felony charges. I personally won't be shopping at your chain any longer. Poor judgement and clearly no heart.

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