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Giant Eagle, Inc.

101 Kappa Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA
Laura Karet
(412) 963-6200
(412) 968-1617
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Denise bickle - 4 h 28 m ago


I would like to comment on Deb from the bakery at giant eagles in Parma Ohio on day drive. She absolutely goes the extra mile when decorating cakes. She made me a cake with 60 different color roses and it was stunning.She always does an awesome job. I won't go anywhere else for our cakes,as long as Deb does them. Always an excellent job.

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Anonymous carmelindiana 46032 location - 1 d 20 h ago


Charles the night supervisor that was working at about 9 pm was very rude to us the customers, threatened police, was rude to his employers, was rude to Adam who was calmly and nicely doing his job, Charles had barked at his employers working at the registers and told them to move to a different area. All the employers I could tell we're just disgusted by how they were treated by their supervisor. Adam was told by Charles to go away when I had politely asked him to explain to Charles who was rudely not paying attention to my questions as to why everything was happening the way that it was when Adam was trying to nicely fix the situation but didn't have authority. I don't know why but they need better management. They need to stop hiring ass holes and keep any nice person that is worth sacrificing dumb stuff over.

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Carmel, in - 2 d ago


Produce in the vegetable isle at market district is never fresh. Produce out of all stuff can be almost never fresh when buying from the Carmel, Indiana location shelf and cold items are good. Bakery is yummy. Produce horrible

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Murrysville, PA Giant Eagle is filthy - 12 d 9 h ago


Murrysville Giant Eagle is awful, filthy, produce is rotten, meat (especially chicken) is inedible, and many items are expired. I've complained multiple times and they have done nothing to address or improve the problems so I've stopped shopping here. It's gross. If they would allow photos to be posted here, I would post a ton of them to prove my point.

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Terry Walker - 6 d ago


I started accumulating pics at specifically my local neighborhood G.E. such as having grey ground beef on the shelves, empty shelves at times of strawberries, blueberries and other fruit on sale but just not there - Now at store #63 They have been constantly out of THIER BRAND of any gallon water (Spring, Distilled) Yet the leader (Manager there states that the same problem exists at other Josh Shapira run stores such as the Waterfront and IT JUST WASN'T THE TRUTH Which for me is EVERYTHING: TRUTH A Core Belief for this Vietnam Era USAF Vet who continues to have problems including deplorable customer service from an employee who's first name is Colleen who can curse and insult customers to this day and get away with it just by using the *Union* will save me excuse. Corporate needs a new CEO or some shake up because Laura's underlings are not making Giant Eagle look good no matter how they portray themselves as charitable - Well NOT IF you are doing switch and baits on products (my opinon) outdated product (including meat and dairy) on your shelves not rotated in a timely fashion. Josh Shapira's excuse was that he was overwhelmed having to oversee 9 stores and keeping the night staff on top of things without stretching the day crew out too much. Excuses....Well, You know what they are.....Mr. Reed Fleming is the only man of real honor in (Corporate, I don't count some of the Leaders who's hands seem tied by Mr. Shapira's incompetence of being a good Regional Manager. I would have fired him!!!

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Keith woodley - 10 d 6 h ago

On multiple occasions said TX tech Mary and pharmacist unknown hv withheld my Nicoli be I'm a few days early dispite t fact that my insurance was willing to pay the claim. Yeah Mary and blond pharmacist even lied when I asked them if they attempted to see if the my insurance W accept it be it a few days early. I know this bc the latest incident happened on July 6 and when I phoned my insurance on the 7th, they told me it had been approved on the 5th. When I arrived to pk up meds on 6th they told me insurance W not pay for it. I'm African American, so perhaps that is a factor! Bottom line is I shouldn't have had to run 400 blood sugar and fast for 24 hours, miss 3 days of work bc I was denied medicine my insurance was willing to pay for. It probably doesn't matter to giant eagle but you lost a customer today. I will discourage every person I know from dealing with your Pharmacy. My fiance will also discourage everyone she knows from dealing with your pharmacy. Your customer service is a joke.

Keith woodley

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rcharles - 12 d 1 h ago


June 26 2018 I went to the Get Go at the waterfront, Homestead, Pa. At the time I had $3.59 on fuel perks. Premium gas is $3.59 per gallon but I wanted regular which is $3.10 per gallon. I scanned my advantage card, and It said I have to insert debit or credit card. I went inside of the store and talked to the cashier, he told me I had to use a debit /credit card or ly out cash to cover the 30 free gallions I was attempting to get. I explained to him and spoke very slow the circumstances of this transaction. Agin he told me I have to pay to prevent me from driving off without paying. I had the transaction canceled, got to a phone and called the regional manager and explained the same thing to him, and again I was told to pay cash to begin the process. I waited a week because I was contacted by a Josh Shapiro. He left a message saying he would call me at 5pm on June 29, No call no nothing I am up to $3.91 per gallon and guess I'll have to take a loss on the so called free fuel perks because I refuse to use a debit card that will be billed for something that is free/earned.

I would hope that giant eagle would hire an I.T. person to program their computer system to avoid this in the future. They lost my business nd I would advise any and everybody to look elsewhere for better service.

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ROBERT LAW - 20 d 6 h ago


I have shopped at the West View giant eagle for approx 7 months now, every time I go there i have to use the self check out line simply because there is only 2 cashiers on duty, one is working the 12 and under line, is possible to hire more cashiers at this location to make my shopping experience a little less stressful, thank you for your time

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LVP - 23 d ago


Shitty place to work. Fine to better than average place to shop.

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Michael - 23 d 11 h ago


I live in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and the Market District Giant Eagle is shady. Several times I had gone in to purchase some doughnuts and they had the ones still out from the day before with the icing melting off of them and sitting in the case. You can tell they were not fresh but yet they are selling them to customer's at full price. These should be pulled and never put in the display case at all. They would have them stacked up on top of each other crammed .

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Bonnie - 27 d 8 h ago

What is your policy on purchasing items after you leave the store and find they are two months expired. Should not only the money refunded but at least a gift card for the inconvenience of going back to the store.

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Laurie Raible - 32 d 20 h ago

I am the mother of an employee who has worked for you for nearly 25 years. She has an autistic 11 year old child. You have transferred this mother an hour away from her son after numerous requests to stay close . If she is needed she is an hour away in good traffic. You proclaim all over TV you are family oriented . I am pleading with you to step in and help your employee. Stand behind your words. She desperately needs to be closer to home. This will go further if no response HELP US

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Laurie Raible - 29 d 5 m ago


I see you do not deem this important enough to respond. So much for family importance. And we all wonder what has happened to family life. Two hours drive time makes a 10-12 hour day away from home. In winter leave in the dark, arrive home in the dark. Family priority not present at Giant Eagle.

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S Stevens - 53 d 16 s ago

I am really outraged that a photo ID is now required to buy wine. I am 69+ years old, spend a lot of money in Giant Eagle and was told they will not sell me wine without showing my license. I do not usually drive to the store so I don't carry it with me. The Giant Eagle store where I have shopped since the day it opened is located in Legacy Village, Lyndhurst, OH. If this is not changed I will start shopping elsewhere.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 29 d 3 h ago

I would imagine this is the law not a Giant Eagle policy only!

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David - 29 d ago

I am a customer at North Huntingdon Giant Eagle and noticed that Bryers Lactose Free chocolate ice cream is not being carried any longer--or at least I can never find it? I would like to know why not and if you can resume carrying it? Yes I know you carry Lactaid ice cream but it is not as good or as sweet as Bryer's. Very frustrating to only have one flavor of Bryer's lactose free ice cream (vanilla) to chose from. I have tried Bryer's non dairy ice cream and it is not very good. I also would like to request Philadelphia Brand cream cheese in the lactose free as I see it on Kraft's website but cannot find in stores.

Thank You!

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Fred. W. Campbell Dickson - 29 d 8 h ago

I for one cannot understand how you short change customers who wish to buy fresh meat.

You weigh the Product which includes the weight of the packaging that is the paper, next the plastic

that the product is put on., and call it a lb. THE COST OF THE PRODUCT IS THE ACTUAL WEIGHT EXCLDING ANY PACKAGING.

Any where in the world you have weights and Measure County Inspectors., eldewhere ypu would be prosecuted and fined.

The Next Item Ground Beef is it brought in from outside or is it ground inhouse ????? Bought Ground Beef Premium

from both Giant Finleyville and South Park Shopping my Cat will not eat it !!!! how do you expect humans to eat, some thing which could be weeks old under refrigeration.

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Anonymous - 31 d 3 h ago

Was wondering why you discontinued giant eagle chipped ham

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Carol - 32 d 3 h ago


I am a regular shopper at your N Huntingdon Store in

Irwin, ,PA. I noticed that for a long while you were short staffed at this store but I wanted to commend you on the type of employees you are hiring. Bernie; a manager in the dairy dept was extremely helpful and personable. He actually helped me find a new product that I really liked . (The new Greek Yogurt that doesnt taste like chalk).

I also wanted to tell you that there is a young man named Mike in your new Ace Hardware dept that was equally as helpful and polite. Nice to have kids who are like them. Thanks.

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LC - 33 d ago


I shop at Giant Eagle in my neighborhood in Frederick, MD, and although I have no complaints about the store itself, I am appalled at how many of their grocery carts litter the entire neighborhood around the store. Have never understood why grocery stores don't make regular sweeps around their stores and retrieve all of their "stolen" carts or better yet, put in the electronic devices that prevent the carts from leaving their parking lots. I've recommended to my apartment management that they fine any tenant who brings a cart into the complex and that they charge Giant Eagle for every cart that they round up and return to the store. Wish that the grocery chain was a better citizen of the community they do business in..

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Paula - 35 d 8 h ago


It was SO refreshing to shop Giant Eagle, while visiting in Ohio. Your selection of so many products and your prices were great. I live in Florida, and Publix has a monopoly in the grocery chain. They are so inferior compared to your supermarket. PLEASE COME TO FLORIDA - we need YOU!!!

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Ex is air force - 36 d ago

Being ex military I'm very concerned with the cleanliness and false sense of security with gloves used at the deli,my wife worked at bothe the deli and bakery while I was in the service and giant eagle methodsbare sub standard they touch the meat then weigh and punch out tickets to wait the next customer to do the same ,military they had to clean the slicer after each cut could not touch meat answer phone and touch the meat again ,pathway for disaster with listeria and other food born pathogens ,

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Please commend Eric C Miller from Finleyville pharmacy, going out of his way to give customers advice

More than ever, knowing one's circumstances he goes beyond the call of duty.

I am so blessed to deal with people like him.

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M1D2I3V4 - 40 d 6 h ago


Thank you for resuming stocking Vale Wood Farms products in the Johnstown area stores. I was very pleased to see that story on our local news.

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Michael P. Hornick, HM2, FMF, Vietnam - 50 d 8 h ago


Using the top of a weekly advertisement page " Happy Memorial Day" is tasteless. There is nothing happy about a day intended for reflection and as a memorial to those who died in service of their country. Save "happy" for celebratory holidays!

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Love our Veterans - 44 d 8 h ago

Thank you Michael P Hornick for your service to our country. You are absolutely spot on that there is nothing Happy concerning this sacred holiday for our fallen men and women. Bless you.

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