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Giant Eagle, Inc.

101 Kappa Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA
Laura Karet
(412) 963-6200
(412) 968-1617
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Anonymous - 9 d 8 h ago


I'm a frequent shopper at the giant eagle on Cedar Ave and their employees are freezing to death. What I and other shoppers are confused about is how is it extremely cold to where myself and few others froze while shopping there. You guys should really take the time to investigate this issue it's an ongoing issue maybe you should arrive without anyone knowing and witness how they're treating their employees. Just a concerned shopper giving my advice on how to keep employees from what employees I have conversed with their turnover is extremely high and they're not getting paid as well as other Giant Eagle stores which is outrageous. We'll hope you take care of this concerning issue

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Betty meade - 11 d 5 h ago


Carlene was very helpful.ahtabula ohio

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Anonymous - 13 d 14 h ago

South Side location Dry Cleaner lost over $3,000 worth of clothes which cannot be replaced.

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Ham - 25 d 8 h ago


Bunch of ugly whites and jews all over the place

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Linda Taylor - 33 d ago


Giant Eagle and it's enployees are so racist against black people it's crazy I don't understand it, I would rather your company just put a sign up that says no blacks allowed

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Annette - 43 d 15 h ago


I have purchased many Giant Eagle brand products over the years and liked them. However, the Wet Mopping Cloths are very disappointing. I used them on many different flooring types. They streaked on all of them and dried to a very dull finish. I have two dogs and use a product like this everyday. It would have saved me money if this was as good as other Giant Eagle products have been.

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Michael Marzley - 45 d ago


Your Westerville Store on north state street is disgusting. I've shopped there multiple times and Im not going back. Moldy Sun Kist oranges consistently litaerally falling apart and white,

Old fresh ground hamburger grey not red inside this is old ground beef disgusting. Corporate needs to review management here the one woman manager plain does not give a hoot.

Whoever runs the South Wexterville store should run this store like night and day selection and quality of products. Bad management an attitude at this store!,

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Martin - 64 d 12 h ago


I go to your Willoughby store before work frequently when i noticed the high number of vehicles in their parking lot at 3am in the morning. But there was not any customers in the store. This is an inconvenience because i had to park beyond the shopping cart holders. Not only is this an inconvenience for me but my elderly retired mom who fell down in their poorly maintained parking lot. My mother is a retired head nurse who has a titanium hip. So, one morning i stayed in their parking lot to see if my assumption was correct regarding employees parking in parking spaces intended for customers (actual people who pay their salary). Turns out there is many employees who do this. One employee even parks his white mini van in the handi-cap space. He has a remote starter that has a hard time for that junk. Another heavy set woman parks her Lexus right up front. Another really old obese woman parks her Jeep up front. I wont mention the old obese man in white who limps who also parks in the same cluster. If you make your store an inconvenience and Amazon makes their drones a convenience then your employees wont have to bother trying to find a place to park. Willoughby Commons store.

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Anonymous - 46 d 13 h ago

Is it really necessary to complain about obese people? The core of your bitching session was about parking spaces for customers.Find something viable to rant aboit.Who cares about their age or weight? That really should be a concern of yours.In fact,it's none of your business!!

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Mike McCall - 53 d 24 h ago


I thought it important enough someone should know about a consistent issue and now a current issue with your pharmacy in Lewis Center, Ohio. My retail pharmacy bill has regularly run nearly 2000.00 per month. I also used Giant Eagle in Westerville until I moved to Lewis Center. Then the problems started. As one example, I had a script of Butrans I filled every month in Westerville. I guess it wasn't regularly stocked item, but the pharmacy manager arranged to keep one on hand for me so I didn't need to make multiple trips every month. One to drop off the script and get it ordered, and then come back when it arrived to pick it up. Offering to manually keep one on hand I thought was very kind. I moved to Lewis Center and the Manager Stacey refused to even consider it, not wanting to get stuck with it as she put it. There were many more examples of issues from there. Eventually, after just getting tired of wasting so much time there, I moved most of my prescriptions to another pharmacy. Where they were willing to manage all my scripts, getting them all synced to be filled at once, and even ship them to my home. They really wanted my business I guess. The only items I left at your store was my pain medication Oxycodin, because of being controlled, and my Ambien as my Doctor was willing to fill them as a 90 day supply so I didn't have to pick them up every month. Here's the latest Stacey story. While out of town, I left a pill case containing some of my generic Ambien. I explained this to my Doctor and he understood what happened "life happens" and was willing to send in a script letting me get it filled a week sooner than normally would be needed. He understood how critical it was for me to take this nightly. I suffer from a many very painful degenerative issues. I'm on the highest safe dose possible of Oxycodin in addtion to some others to help control the pain, even with all that the pain is often out of control and for me to even hope to get any sleep, the ambein is required. The pharmacist that recieved the script filled it immediately and it was ready to be picked up and I received a text letting me know. Just before it was given to me it was noticed it was filled as 30 day supply instead of 90. The person working the counter was very sorry and said it would be no problem to correct. They first checked on whether they had enough, which they did. Then after it was corrected and was ready to be given to me again, my favorite person Stacey decides she wants to get involved. She states it was a week too early to fill. I went through the whole story and basically she said too bad. I asked why was the origonal pharmacist willing to fill it for me? She stated it was discretionary to do it or not. I stated my Doctor knew the circumstances and thats why he sent the script over early to be filled because of it. Keep in mind also, I pay cash for these, its not run through insurance, so it was not the normal insurance reasoning. She said she would only release them if she actually spoke to my Doctor. Keep in mind it's Friday night at 8:45pm. My doctor would not be reachable until Monday, and because of the holiday, maybe not until Wednesday. I went through the entire story again. She Didn't care. I asked them to redo it as a 30 day supply again, keeping in mind it if I hadn't noticed the 90 day error I would have been long on my way home with them by then. She refused. And not in a kind way. It went back and forth and she had no concern for the effect on my health. She was willing to do nothing to help me. I reminded her the Doctor is the one that sent the prescription in. Anytime there is a concern that a script not be filled earlier than a certain date, my doctors always write on them "Fill after 00/00/00". She still could not of cared any less. Realizing this was a lost cause, I asked for her to give me a business card or write down her name for me. She repeatedly refused to do so. I gave up and left. You have a real problem in there. Customer service or even customer health obviously are not high on her list of priorities. I think the Pharmacy leadership needs some corrective action be taken. I'm completely without my medication until either Stacey , the pharmacy manager, speaks with my Doctor next week, or a pharmacist with a little common sense and some compassion for their customer health and well being is willing to fill it, as they had already done in the first place. Stacey has some major ego and power issues. I'm willing to bet I've been a customer of Giant Eagle for much longer than she has worked there and depending on the outcome of whether I get the script filled that my Doctor authorized will pretty much be the deciding factor for me of whether or not Giant Eagle cares about me, my health, or my business.

Very upset and disappointed,

Mike J McCall

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Anonymous - 58 d ago


i will report gary hemminger and others at eastgate giant eagle for making fun of me

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people. Harris - 63 d ago


Just recently giant eagle in biddolph plaza 6300 biddolph a black person was denied the right to cash his pay check even though he had all his credentials at Huntington bank inside giant eagle I have had similar problems at that giant eagle I have been followed while shopping. Once I asked the cashier a question who refused to even look at me.the whole atmosphere is anti black, and a terrible place to shop for black pepple.

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MATHEW TURNER - 91 d 11 h ago


Today i went to get my free turkey at the Harborcreek Giant Eagle. They were all out. I went to the meat counter and asked if there were any more...the gentleman said he would go get his supervisor. She came out and said they would have more at 2 if i wanted to come back. I said, so you get a truck at 2? She says, "no, we have them in the back but no one comes in until 2 to stock". I asked..can't you go back and grab one for me? It's getting really bad outside. her response "that's just not how we do things here". It is absolutely ridiculous that she could not walk back and grab me a turkey and save me the inconvenience of traveling back to the store with the weather as bad as it is outside. So is this your policy? Or another lazy supervisor who didn't want to be bothered or helpful?????

General profile image - 64 d 3 m ago

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Jennifer Schusterman - 64 d 5 h ago


I am a little disappointed in your company. 12/13/18 I was in your Solon, Ohio store when a lady in her electric scooter RAN over my foot! I was taken to the hospital right away. The store managers were so beyond kind to me and told me "Joe from claims will be contacting me". When I saw them again Saturday I was told again "Joe will be calling you Monday"

I would think you would have reached out to me by now and I am a little bit annoyed you have not. I have pictures to show you how bad my foot is and I can't even get a phone call from "Joe"

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Anonymous - 65 d 22 h ago

im making a call and will have giant eagle shut down soon because of hating me

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Michael doerfler 412 377 5146 - 65 d 14 h ago


Well Thursday I was in your west view giant eagle 15229 a women name Linda work there and she was talking to another co worker they were busy and Amy was banging on number 11 Linda she yelled at Amy for no reason in front of the customers I told the manager wrote her up but Amy was ready to cry she was embarrassed I think until linda is transfer or fired I and my family will not shop at giant eagle westview until she gone.

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Jimmy Seidner - 66 d 14 h ago

I worked at Tamarkin Co in Austintown Ohio for approximately 14yrs , excellent wage's , healthcare , I knew about a local murder & went to the people in the front office about it and was more less told to shut up about it ? After I already talked to 3 Columbiana County Detective's ? I have been harassed because of my mother Cleona Matthews hiding my stepfather medicine under the workbench in the garage & I have had other false accusations brought against me of rape & murder = in which I had done nothing ? All of this started when I was working at Tamarkin Co in Austintown Ohio Teamster local 377 Ken Sabo knows about this ! I always thought that Giant Eagle was a stand up Co to work for and stood behind their employees with support over situations ? I am from Lisbon Ohio , I have a email , pH #(hidden) , While I was working at Tamarkin Co I was receiving all type of Harassing phone calls and it caused me major problems with family & a group of attorneys ? I would appreciate to talk to someone from Tamarkin Co !

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William M Stubbs - 72 d 15 h ago

I put my leather coat and Giant Eagle Cleaners they ruined coat by shrinking it and couldn't wire hangers on the shoulders which make the shoulders of a coat stand up and I can't take it out I told him about it but they refused to see that is not my fault I did it inside my coat it has a tag it says this coat when professionally cleaned need special chemicals now if they washed it anyway other kind of way that's why I shrunk I know my clothes anybody considering say I didn't do something when I'm putting it on and no that is not it's not right I even tried the coton with just my underwear on and I still couldn't fasten the coat Mass got to be really tight you can ice victim to compensate me for my coat and standby cleaning and I don't know who they sending out to clean it by and I don't care all I know is I gave my money to Giant Eagle and entrusted my leather coat to Giant Eagle my name is my name is William Stubbs my Giant Eagle Advantage card is 343877081

I paid $91 for them to ruin my coat

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Anonymous - 73 d 9 h ago


I am a giant eagle worker being discriminated against for being pregnant and the HR people are being rude and unhelpful

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Oliver Manley - 75 d 8 h ago

It seams as though you are treating my Giant Eagle store in Medina Ohio differently than the others. A while ago you had advertised an offer to buy $100 Kohls gift cards for $85. I could not get that deal at my Medina store because corporate did not allow it for reasons I still don't understand. I had to travel out of my way to get that deal .Today I had an advertisement from our local paper to get energizer batteries for a discounted price. Again my store new nothing about it and they had to override the system to give me that price. ALL of your customers should be entitled to these discounts. VERY AGGRAVATING!

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Dennis wik - 75 d 12 h ago


Well on thanksgiving day went into Brighton rd store and got sexual discrimination against me. And no calls no help im Disabled.and this is why i don't like treatment.giant eagle sucks.

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Anonymous - 77 d 12 h ago

Hello, We have tried 4 times at Giant Eagle at Yorktown in Erie PA to stop you and from sending out flyers addressed to our current address. This is harassment and it will be reported if YOU DO NOT STOP IT! We already stopped our weekly grocery shopping with you. Thank you, Kelly Brady Sent from my iPhone

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Adam blaskowski - 83 d ago

Organic milk is too be placed in all retailing grocery stores in your state and naton wide north America. Executive order usda, dept of interior federal meat inspectors act food safety modernization act, equal pay act, fair housing act. Consumer protection act.

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