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Giant Eagle, Inc.

101 Kappa Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA
Laura Karet
(412) 963-6200
(412) 968-1617
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Dallan F. Stumpr - 19 h ago


contacted Giant Eagle Pham and requested renewal however refills had expired an they offer contact my doctors.that day to get a new one and get it filled. I told the person that I only had a few days left and it was Nitro a life saving med an I was averaging one per day. She acknowledged that and told she would call herself. I heard nothing for 3 days and I went to call however didn't because I knew I had to shop there would stop an ask. However I shopped at a difference GE and was literally in bed the whole weekend due to my neuro muscular skeleton disease and being in pain. I call this morning to find out the med still NOT on order since my doctors office did not respond to initial request. NO ONE ever called to tell me this I had already used two of the three pills I have left. An I am sure the third will be need after what GE has put me thru. This is NOT customer service, your dealing with peoples lives NOT groceries here! All that branch wanted to do was explain why it was not their fault. That does not justify if my life is no longer since I did not receive the Nitro I could have an would have contacted my doctors office directly if your person had not promise to contact my doctors office that day. Why, why could you have not called me? I want this corrected before you take someone's life! Your suppose to be helping saved lives.

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Mrtell - 4 d 17 h ago

I think you should change your name from Giant Eagle to Giant Rip-Off. You changed your mini-sandwich platter buns to the size of golf balls and kept the price the same, in effect doubling the price of the platter. Walmart here I come.

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Shorty - 10 d 4 h ago


I have been coming to getgo on west Patrick st in frederick md for several years up until recently. The is a male there by the name Nigal who I assume is new to the store. I have overheard him making degrading remarks about and to customers as well as employees, he does not wear getgo uniforms as the other employees do, I have seen him inappropriately touching customers and stealing store product. I will not be coming back to this location again unless he is gone.

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Anonymous - 13 d 12 h ago

I bought a Google play card at the Store in Brookville PA When it was used it said this card has already been used and I want my $50.00 back because the store told me I have to get a hold of you people on here. I called the number and it told me I will have a long waiting time. Please send it back to me at 5 Geist Way Brookville, Pa 15825. Sinecerely Donna Anderson

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Fed up customer - 19 d 11 h ago

The giant eagle at southgate in maple hts ohio is terrible customer service is horrible I just left the store and this is the second time that I have been standing in line at customer service and they have turned the lights out and closed the counter today they said they were closing early because they had no relief no relief was needed the window closed at 730 so myself and other customers were forced to go to another giant eagle ten minutes away and why? If you dont like the job leave. #BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE AT SOUTHGATE MAPLE HTS. GIA NT


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Curbside - 26 d 13 h ago


The Giant Eagle Glenshaw PA curbside is constantly sending the wrong items or worse rotten items that I guess no one else wants to buy. Each time I order produce it looks like its been laying around for a week. And several times I ordered something in cans, they are dented. I have a feeling they take the stuff that doesn't sell and they put it in the pack for the curbside customers. I guess they figure if you don't have a way or ability to come there and shop then you won't be able to return it! I wish I could add pictures to this complaint because I started documenting and taking pictures of everything I buy that is rotten or dented. I even write in the note area of some items and kindly ask that they make sure my produce is not overly ripe or my avocado was so overly ripe it had a huge dent and the overripe avocado was oozing out! yuck. I ask that my cans are not dented and a few weeks ago I received a can of pineapple where half of the can was totally!y dented way they didn't notice that! I think they need a new group of curbside employees that is properly trained on how to shop. Thank you.

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Paul - 25 d 13 h ago


@ Curbside,

Why do you do your own shopping?

I can't believe you're that lazy.

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Jim Herald - 25 d 15 h ago

Your store at Hanna and East St is not giving free drinks to Veterans. Has this policy changed??

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Susan - 34 d 11 h ago

The Giant Eagle store in Heath/Newark is a disgrace. I have shopped for years at Giant Eagle but after moving to this area started shopping at the Heath store. It is not clean, the handicap equipment never works, even is it says "charged" , the milk I purchased was outdated (did not realize until I got home), and they do not have enough cashiers or general workers. So sad as I believe management just does not care!!!!

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JHM - 34 d 13 h ago


Good luck on almost doubling the price of soda pops at former Indiana Rickers Gas Stations now that you have bought them all.

You just lost half of your business. If anyone from your company did any prior research they would have known that's how Jay Ricker made his fortune....selling pops for cheap and still making a profit. Almost doubling the price is sheer greed.

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Jerry Nelson - 34 d 12 h ago


@ JHM,

"GREED IS GOOD" per Michael Douglas aka Gekko .

Get it?

Got it?

By the way, you don't need pop to live.

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Julie - 38 d 16 h ago


Giant Eagle brand Buffalo Chicken Dip chips are the bomb! I've bought them for people to try hoping to keep them in circulation since they are limited edition which I have never done. Well done Giant Eagle!

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Ripped off worker - 42 d 14 h ago


I work for giant eagle and have notice they have no understanding of the lives of their employees, its all about the money! No love shown, firing and taking away benefits of special needs people. Its all about the profit!

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Anonymous - 42 d 14 h ago

They also don't care about their customers either.

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Joseph - 68 d 17 h ago


I live in Columbus Ohio. I don't understand why the Giant Eagle In Bexley doesn't have a larger Kosher section, at least around the high holidays. Bexley has a very large Jewish community. It is just days before Passover. I called the Bexley store meat department and the don't carry fresh chicken livers , or schmaltz which are Jewish staples especially around the holidays. GE is definitely missing the mark at that store.

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Pgh Rabbi - 55 d 17 h ago

Giant Eagle is owned and managed by Jews, I know them personally, it not the company it's the store, talk to the manager. Giant Eagle Store should offer you a chance to order from an other Giant Eagle if need be from pittsburg.

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Ha Shem - 55 d 14 h ago


@ Pgh Rabbi,

Can you name one thing that is not owned and managed by Jews in the US??

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Jerry Flemming - 51 d 13 h ago

my house

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Ha Shem - 51 d 10 h ago


@ Jerry Flemming ,

Are you really sure??

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Angry, Disappointed Custoer (as usual) - 52 d 7 h ago


Today (5/3/19 @ 5pm) I visited the Chagrin Ave, Beachwood, OH store to take advantage of a 4 day ad item- specifically for the advertised chicken in the prepared food department. I saw none and asked if they were going to put more out. The two workers at the time informed me that nothing was on sale in their area, and "anyway, do you see any? So you can't buy any, anyway." They also informed me that they were not going to have any. Their attitude that they displayed was in essence "tough, Buddy". I immediately went to the front service desk and asked if I could have a raincheck and was informed "No. Not on 4 day sales." and turned to the next person inline- no apology. They in no way felt that they were responsible for helping me. I asked to speak to the manager "Willie". When I pointed out their failing to him to meet their advertised special I asked for a raincheck, which he said he would do that for me. When he approached the desk and asked for a raincheck they (2 employees) said that they had already told me they wouldn't. He then said to me that he couldn't do it- obviously they outranked the store manager3. I found this strange that the store manager couldn't do this for me. He also informed me that the supervisor of that department had just left for home and had left two new employees to serve the customers. He then said that he would look into it and gave me his phone number to call back in awhile and see if he had the item, so if they did he suggested I come back to the store and purchase the chicken. So, I was to go home and possibly drive back if they could accommodate me for a single item (ridiculous- I'd rather stop at KFC). I have shopped in that store and the store on Mayfield Rd in Mayfield Heights and have always had disappointing experiences when I needed customer service. They normally are not friendly and find it a labor to help customers, and when I do get friendly help I am totally surprised and shocked. I will tell this story to everyone I know and suggest they go to Heinen's to visit well stocked stores with friendly service and will always try to help the customer. I can't believe these Giant Eagle Stores are still in business, obviously customers ignore the poor store performance. I left there and went to a close Heinen's to do my shopping- they had fried chicken. YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED AND EMBARRASED, BUT I DOUBT IF THAT WILL HAPPEN- IT SEEMS TO BE GIANT EAGLE'S SOP. I have often heard of the poor behavior and customer service. IT ALL IS TRUE. GO TO HEINEN'S AND BE CAREFUL NOT TO VISIT THE OTHER GIANT EAGLE CHAINS THEY HAVE (e.g. Aldi and others), I'm relatively sure they will give the same poor service. Heinen's prepared food is much better anyway and I'm sure if Giant Eagle could mess up regular grocery items, they would.

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Susan M Backherms - 53 d ago


Giant eagle in ravenna some of the rudest employees I have ever encountered and my sweet itlain sasuage did not ring at buy one get one so they stole four dollars from me you need to watch how they ring up stuff wont return to that location cant afford to lose money on a sale

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Ray D. - 53 d 18 h ago


I purchased gas last evening (5/1/2019) and a car wash. It was approximately 7:30 PM. After refueling, I proceeded to the car was and saw a "Closed for Maintenance" sign. I asked an employee about it and he replied that it closes at 7:30 PM. I asked what I am to do with my car wash receipt. He said i can come another time or another location. I asked him what the hours are and he replied that it opens at 7:30 AM. There was no offer to reimburse me .

This is very poor customer service and I will never purchase gas or a car wash again at Get Go.

1. The car wash hours should be posted at the pumps. They were not posted anywhere that I saw. How would one know not to buy a car wash?

2. If it was truly down for maintenance, that should have been posted as well.

3. The employee did not apologize or offer any possible solution. He just assumed that I can make another trip back for the car wash.

4. This is false advertising! Do not offer a service for sale that is NOT available at the time without posting hours of availability.

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C. Maddox - 58 d 19 h ago


After a years-long absence, I accompanied a friend to GE @ 5321 Warrensville Center Rd., Maple Hts., Oh. It was an unpleasant experience to say the least. One is met by a really filthy store entrance; this is followed by a dingy front-of-store. Most upsetting was the check-out experience during which the conveyor belt was absolutely covered with a sticky substance that had obviously been there for some time. The customer ahead of us remarked the cashier could clean it, but the young lady had no idea how to do that! Overall store appearance: sub-par; general deportment of staff: fair; cleanliness of checkout area(where foodstuffs are handled): deplorable. Chance brought me to this store....choice will NEVER bring me back.

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Rene - 65 d 6 h ago

I would like to how much money Giant Eagle has lost due to customer complaints. I happen to know that customers can, and will, go into any Giant Eagle store, complain about bad service (after cussing out employees for upholding Giant Eagle policies) , then get rewarded for bad behavior by getting a free gift card. Hmmm...

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Val Wilber - 65 d 7 h ago


Discussing to see customers grocery shopping with a glass of beer in there hand per the Market District Giant Eagle Perimeter Drive in Dublin Ohio 44037.

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