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Giant Eagle, Inc.

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Pittsburgh, PA
Laura Karet
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Was a Giant Eagle Shopper - 3 d 17 h ago

I have shopped at the Giant Eagle store in Columbus Ohio for several years and have seen the up and downs of this store. However last week i bought some top round roast that was on sale it is the worst piece of meat i have ever got at this store even after slow cooker of it for 10 hours it was so tuff i thought i was chewing gum i had to throw the whole thing in the trash.For some reason the meat department has closed in this store they only cut meat a package it in the cool case in the last 6 months after buying other meats at this store it has gone down hill in the type of meat from good to very bad to cut meat. I will no longer shop there at this store as the store shelves are most time empty and there answer is sorry out of that item even if its on sale.Service is becoming very poor and not as freindly as it was at one time and helpful. I will be shgoppimg somewhere else from now on to get better types of meats.

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AMG - 9 d 4 h ago


My card number was stolen after being used at the Norton Rd Stow, Ohio store and when I called to speak to the store manager a gentleman came on but didn't give his title. I described what happened and he said he doesn't know because he's not received any other calls like that but his store manager would be in soon. I asked who I was speaking with and advised it would've been nice for him to have let me know he wasn't the store manager when he got on the phone. He seemed to not care at all that my credit card number was stolen after being used at his store. Not a very friendly response. I'll call back and speak to the store manager when she arrives but I hope she has a different attitude than he did.

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Jay - 10 d 24 s ago

Gaint eagle bolivar for s breaking news story about a employee stealing ham and salami slices as she worked in the meat department for the last 8 years. As a corparation you should be a shamed for letting a employee do this for 8 years fire the manager that over sees this, did you ever here of disciplining the employee you are a laughing joke in this community. Hope the employee Sue's you.

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M. DeSimone - 11 d ago


Leave the gal on Ohio alone! You're going to prosecute somebody.... one of your own... for eating three to five slices of ham a day?

What a lousy company

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J. Whitman - 14 d ago

Your company reported an 8 yr deli employee that was snacking on a few deli slices to law enforcement? Really? That couldn't have been handled informally at the company level? Now she is facing felony charges. I personally won't be shopping at your chain any longer. Poor judgement and clearly no heart.

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Carla Lovejoy - 16 d 14 h ago


I was harassed, disrespected and humiliated by your supervisor, Logan, at the Market District in Solon, Ohio. On Tuesdays, with an adult meal, you get a child's meal free. At the cashier, he called over Logan and Logan asked me loudly where are my children? I told him at home. He said they are supposed to be with me. I told him I have never had a problem before over the past year. There is nothing in the sign indicating that. Also my child is disabled and not able to come with me. Logan walked away and came back and said he would allow it this time!! Next time he would not! WOW! The power of a title! I have been shopping at Solon's GE for 25 years and I don't need to steal chicken nuggets! Teach your people some customer service skills. He interaction with me was totally unacceptable. Maybe because I was black, he thought he could talk to me any kind kind of way bu I have a loud voice. This is my second my second letter with no response from the first.

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CATHY LABBATE - 17 d ago



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Was a Giant Eagle Shopper - 19 d 15 h ago


Bought nutmeg, the price was $6.99 thought it was high priced, bought it because I needed it . Checked another store on the way home and found the same size nutmeg was only $3.99. I don't

Want to pay for the remodeling they are doing? Are all the prices

In the store up like this one? I might just thinking about shopping somewhere else! Seniors can't afford to pay these prices.

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Baffled and Angry - 26 d 22 h ago


The letter below is one I sent, (copied and pasted to this forum), to the mayor of my town, Bexley, in Ohio, detailing recent difficulties I have had with he Giant Eagle store, (known there as Market District), and what I am seeing about how I can deal with those events. Ben, In speaking with Market District store leader, Chris, (do not know last name), just now, he indicated a couple things which may be significant to you: 1. He said, "We have cameras everywhere..." Everywhere? He said that Market District had tapes of me "...following people to the smoking area...and, following people to their car..." I am anxious to see these tapes. I never did either thing, period. In the event I walked behind a person who ended up in the smoking area, it was coincidence, and an insult to me to speculate to me I was following the person(s). As for following anyone to their car, I never, ever once came close to anyone's car. The tapes will show that. Chris has to have speculated exactly this: Based on the fact that he has tape(s) showing me leave Market District and go outside, it can reasonably be concluded that, (especially if I did this when any other person also left), I was following someone to their car. Take my word for it, but also PLEASE demand to see the tapes. I have looked into the legal definition of defamation of character. There are many subtleties pertaining to the laws. One, quoted from the legal article I read, below, indicates that an accusation of criminal conduct constitutes defamation of character. Significantly for me: The article articulates prior to this that defamation of character has to involve publication, and sharing with a third party. While it seems that as the below quote is worded an accusation of criminal conduct would not need to be so published or shared, I do not know the fine point on this. (Also, though, the false accusation may well have been shared, by now, with all employees of Market District.) Nonetheless, I quote the article for you below: "An accusation of criminal conduct also is presumed to be defamatory." The legal definition of defamation of character indicates the accusation or false statement must be shared. Well, in this case, wouldn't the fact that it was shared with no less than every employee at Market District qualify? The law also indicates that harm as a result of the false statement must be proved, and usually requires witnesses. Even psychological harm can be constituted as legal basis for seeking damages. I have, in my past, incidents which have compromised my opinion of myself, and my reputation. I take particular care, in the interest of not repeating mistakes, or doing further self-damage, not to repeat bad self-conduct. I said exactly these things to Chris, and indicated my priority to know what I had done which caused discomfort, and asked could he not feel any sympathy for, at least, my wanting to know exactly my offense, so as to never repeat it, and Chris said, "No." So: Today's decision by Market District has, I feel, already harmed me in a legally actionable way, and there are witnesses to the action which caused harm, if there may not be, at his point, witnesses to attest to evidence in my declining composure that I have been so affected psychologically so as to have been harmed in a legal sense. Further: Again: With respect to my understandable interest in not having my reputation damaged and also in the interest of identifying what I have done to offend or make persons uncomfortable, I asked, explicitly, of Chris that he relate to me if any employee has revealed to him any particular action of mine, or statement of mine, which resulted in said discomfort. As I said, he explicitly said he could feel no sympathy for my determination not to repeat any mistake, and then he simply said he would not discuss it. I can tell you: In my dealings, verbal, with Market District employees, I have never once come close to indicating social or personal interest in any employee in anything I ever, ever, ever said there, to anyone. The barista, (first name, 'Soli'), who is the one who indicated she was made to feel uncomfortable by me, which was the reason the police officer who visited me said was the basis for Market District issuing me a 'no trespass' order, has never heard me say anything which so much as indicated curiosity about her personal life, beyond, if it can pertain, the question, "What career would you like to be involved in, if you could pursue a dream job?" Soli replied that she was interested in working in cosmetics. (The is the spirit of any talk I ever had with Soli: Trivial, not-pertaining to any detail about personal life, not indicating an interest in contact outside our 'barista'-'customer' relationship, etc. etc. etc.--I at first was baffled, and surprised, and now feel I really need to encounter some justification for these things.) When she casually mentioned her husband, once, I thereby learned she was married, and when the young man she is there with on occasion was next at Starbucks when I was, I politely introduced myself. Soli would need to have interpreted the one time I commented to her that her necklace was, 'nice' as constituting a reason for seeing alarming interest or obsession of some degree, on my part, so as to have any basis to feel uncomfortable, then to complain of her discomfort to store authority, and accomplish my being removed from her universe, and permanently banned from even buying cheese at Market District. I intend to pursue what I may be able to do legally about these things--I am, at least, now looking into it. Ben, this event may place you at a crossroads between concern for what a wealthy corporation sees as its prerogatives, and as in its interest, and in what is fair for a member of the community you represent. If so, it will be entirely your judgement as to what is best for the standing and integrity of your job and office. Thanks very much for your time, and VERY much for reading this. Best, Pete Skrade

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Suzanne - 28 d 13 h ago


I walked in the giant eagle Barberton, Ohio store tonight. The loud speaker announces they are closed so I go to get my 2 things I needed and the security guy comes up to me and kicked me out. I will never shop at a Giant Eagle ever again!

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Anonymous - 32 d 14 h ago


Just bought Market District candied pecan halves. I had purchased awhile back and they were delicious (not sure they were MD brand). Today they taste like plain pecans. Very disappointed! Especially because they are expensive and I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income. This was at Edinboro PA store.

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Anonymous - 35 d 16 h ago

Canfield they don't watch the dates of the items they put on the shelves come home with outdated products all the time when you're buying something you love and so is everyone else they give it a small space and they don't realize that they need to give it more and then it disappears So frustrated of coming home with expensive items that are out dated someone needs to really pay attention to what selling and what's not and rotating the products and taking out all products and always replace saying products that people live with giant eagle and then it disappears Hope they get new competition soon meat selection is awful

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Canfield - 35 d 16 h ago


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No more Get Go - 45 d 3 h ago


The so-called store leader at Massillon Get Go is pathetic. Her name is Lisa. She's phony and lazy. Every week the coolers are empty for days. I will not be going there anymore. She's on her phone every time I go in there. She allows the younger employees on their phones. The one guy is continuously on his phone, and don't even realize customers are there. Lisa flirts with men all the time. Even married men. She is disgusting. Will take my business elsewhere.

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Steelers964 - 55 d 15 h ago

Please bring back Bear Claw ice cream!!!!!!!!

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Giant Eagle tolerates child predators - 59 d 6 h ago


I have two concerns about our local giant eagle on 7th Street in Frederick MD. It is habitually understaffed often with over 10 people in line in the 3 open check-outs. They seem to also be encouraging the self-checkout as a way to get out quicker but that is really an excuse not to pay a person a wage. The one attendant at the 6 self-checking stations also has to help the other checkers with any coupon, register and customer issues.

THE MAIN ISSUE- the most important one- is that my daughter was approached by a creepy guy that lived in the neighborhood while waiting for her father to get out of the bathroom. He rushed off when my husband came out and hurriedly checked out (self check out), to leave the building just before us. As of today, we have had no response from the store. Often, I find that stores are MORE CONCERNED ABOUT SOMEONE STEALING A PACK OF GUM THEN HOSTING CHILD PREDATORS. His legal status has been checked by local law enforcement in the past but his current behavior has become more brazen because it has all been just on that line, just before an arrest-able offense. Does Giant Eagle want to be responsible for tolerating such creepy behavior? Is the local grocery store compliant for child molestation? I hope we will hear from Giant Eagle legal soon or I will have to call the local newspaper.

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Cathy Rudzinski - 63 d ago


What the heck? Always go Giant Eagle I'm South Fayette twps, and all of a sudden no baggers?

It gets very busy (since you have few cashier's) it's difficult for them to cash/bag too, especially if someone has a large order. Are you guys that cheap? No wonder people don't stay in your employment long!,

I can't stand there and not help the cashier and bagy groceries! At least there should be a discount button on register to show appreciation to those bagging they're own groceries. People get inpatient and speak horribly to cashier.

It's just disgusting how cheap GE is.

I am paying outrageous prices at your store and have to bag my groceries too! I definitely may start going to Shop n Save.

You guys need to show appreciation to your employees/customers!!

Maybe the media would like to do a story on giant eagle arrogance!??

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Anonymous carmelindiana 46032 location - 68 d 14 h ago


Charles the night supervisor that was working at about 9 pm was very rude to us the customers, threatened police, was rude to his employers, was rude to Adam who was calmly and nicely doing his job, Charles had barked at his employers working at the registers and told them to move to a different area. All the employers I could tell we're just disgusted by how they were treated by their supervisor. Adam was told by Charles to go away when I had politely asked him to explain to Charles who was rudely not paying attention to my questions as to why everything was happening the way that it was when Adam was trying to nicely fix the situation but didn't have authority. I don't know why but they need better management. They need to stop hiring ass holes and keep any nice person that is worth sacrificing dumb stuff over.

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Not needed - 65 d 10 h ago

I also witnessed this, being a business owner of several companies over the years I would have fired Charles on the spot! Not only did he talk down to several of his employees in front of approximately 15 customers. Adam who was trying to wrecktify the situation and called Charles in for an override. Charles did not listen to the issue at hand but voided the transaction out which was the problem. My Girlfriend and I had just comeback from a couple day vacation and we stopped at Market District to use there PNC bank atm depositing a check into her account. Issue was that my girlfriends account would only let us pay for $6.41 worth of the items we attempted to purchase due the check having not posted. Adam the extremely helpfull employee and he has answered many questions on numerous occasions for me. Very professional and hardworking young man. Charles did not listen to Adam about what he was trying to do so we at least we could at least pay for 6.41 worth of groceries and we would've comeback the next day for the remaining items and more. We shopped at this store almost daily. Charles by voiding out the transaction still put the money into pending so she now could buy anything . My wallet was not on me but Charles was explaining to my girlfriend that we had not enough funds, we called Adam up so he could actually explain what the real root issue had been in the first place. Charles a Manager yelled at Adam from about 12ft away saying "Adam I do not want to talk to you and get back to work!". I could and my girlfriend could tell that Adam looked shocked and scared. Charles also yelled at another employee to open another register from about 25ft away and his tone was the issue.

I will be the first to admit after a few mins of Charles explaining what he did and is telling us we had paid for 6.41 in groceries which he said since the transaction was voided we couldn't have which I understand that. I did raise my voice to Charles for about 15 seconds not yelling but talking loud. I did end up apologizing to him for this which he did say thank you. We left the store and when we got to the car I decided I wanted a copy of the receipt that Charles had been showing us. I walked up to Adam and explained what and why. He did tell me there was a barcode on this receipt that they would need and could not leave the store, I asked if he could make a copy and blackout the barcode just so we had something to show that we paid and he voided it out because he did not listen to a single word the employee was trying to bring to his attention. Charles walks up and I ask him the same thing for the receipt with the barcode omitted. He said "I don't have it anymore and I am calling the police on you if you do not leave" I said corporate will be hearing about this issue and left peacefully!

The next afternoon my GF and I went in and spoke with Iris and Patrick about the situation and also at this time I once again apologized for raising my voice to Charles. He said thank you. The managers listened to our complaint and said they would talk to employees and look at cameras. We gave them our info also informing them that the 6.41 that was taken from us had not been returned and our bank said it showed nothing about a credit which it the bank said it typically would have. About 5 hours later I get a call from a police officer asking me to comedown to the station because he wanted to hear about the issue. I informed him to speak with my lawyer and I said I would never shop there again. He obviously had to say ok because I told him to speak to my lawyer but the fact that the other managers after supposedly doing there investigating sided with Charles. They obviously did not talk to any employees or even listen to us. All we were asking for was for an apology. I thought very highly of this particular grocery store telling many people try this place out. I have been out of town but I will be calling there corporate office tmw to explain how rude we were treated, other customers who over heard this had to think "wow" after the way he addressed his employees, and last I feel bad that the employees were treated like that and it sounds like there general manager's think that is an acceptable practice.

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Dee - 66 d 22 s ago

Giant Eagle renovation MISTAKE, North Royalton, Ohio. New entry door not wide enough for 2 carts....1 exiting & 1 entering. If you intend to designate 1 door enter & the other door exit (20 feet away), big mistake. Shoppers want to enter & exit the door closest to their car; especially elderly & handicapped. I for one will think twice before stopping at that store. So sad, it was my favorite.

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Denise bickle - 67 d ago


I would like to comment on Deb from the bakery at giant eagles in Parma Ohio on day drive. She absolutely goes the extra mile when decorating cakes. She made me a cake with 60 different color roses and it was stunning.She always does an awesome job. I won't go anywhere else for our cakes,as long as Deb does them. Always an excellent job.

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Carmel, in - 68 d 15 h ago


Produce in the vegetable isle at market district is never fresh. Produce out of all stuff can be almost never fresh when buying from the Carmel, Indiana location shelf and cold items are good. Bakery is yummy. Produce horrible

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Murrysville, PA Giant Eagle is filthy - 79 d ago


Murrysville Giant Eagle is awful, filthy, produce is rotten, meat (especially chicken) is inedible, and many items are expired. I've complained multiple times and they have done nothing to address or improve the problems so I've stopped shopping here. It's gross. If they would allow photos to be posted here, I would post a ton of them to prove my point.

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Terry Walker - 72 d 20 h ago


I started accumulating pics at specifically my local neighborhood G.E. such as having grey ground beef on the shelves, empty shelves at times of strawberries, blueberries and other fruit on sale but just not there - Now at store #63 They have been constantly out of THIER BRAND of any gallon water (Spring, Distilled) Yet the leader (Manager there states that the same problem exists at other Josh Shapira run stores such as the Waterfront and IT JUST WASN'T THE TRUTH Which for me is EVERYTHING: TRUTH A Core Belief for this Vietnam Era USAF Vet who continues to have problems including deplorable customer service from an employee who's first name is Colleen who can curse and insult customers to this day and get away with it just by using the *Union* will save me excuse. Corporate needs a new CEO or some shake up because Laura's underlings are not making Giant Eagle look good no matter how they portray themselves as charitable - Well NOT IF you are doing switch and baits on products (my opinon) outdated product (including meat and dairy) on your shelves not rotated in a timely fashion. Josh Shapira's excuse was that he was overwhelmed having to oversee 9 stores and keeping the night staff on top of things without stretching the day crew out too much. Excuses....Well, You know what they are.....Mr. Reed Fleming is the only man of real honor in (Corporate, I don't count some of the Leaders who's hands seem tied by Mr. Shapira's incompetence of being a good Regional Manager. I would have fired him!!!

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Keith woodley - 77 d ago

On multiple occasions said TX tech Mary and pharmacist unknown hv withheld my Nicoli be I'm a few days early dispite t fact that my insurance was willing to pay the claim. Yeah Mary and blond pharmacist even lied when I asked them if they attempted to see if the my insurance W accept it be it a few days early. I know this bc the latest incident happened on July 6 and when I phoned my insurance on the 7th, they told me it had been approved on the 5th. When I arrived to pk up meds on 6th they told me insurance W not pay for it. I'm African American, so perhaps that is a factor! Bottom line is I shouldn't have had to run 400 blood sugar and fast for 24 hours, miss 3 days of work bc I was denied medicine my insurance was willing to pay for. It probably doesn't matter to giant eagle but you lost a customer today. I will discourage every person I know from dealing with your Pharmacy. My fiance will also discourage everyone she knows from dealing with your pharmacy. Your customer service is a joke.

Keith woodley

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