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Giant Eagle, Inc.

101 Kappa Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA
Laura Karet
(412) 963-6200
(412) 968-1617
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Paulette Novak - 1 d 15 h ago

Your Legacy Village store has gone downhill dramatically!

I used to buy food at gourmet is horrible

The meat department is still good...if not, I will be gone.

Gourmet needs to go back to original foods. Gourmet tuna made w white albacore (not pink cat food)...crab cakes w mustard sauce, etc. I am sooo disappointed

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G Anderson - 7 d ago


sa sa -- (To the people that shop at Dick's)

*****Heads up people,****

Just learned that Dick's Sporting Goods will be filing for bankruptcy and are planning to close 235 stores by June.

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Jane Miller - 2 d 8 h ago

Just not true. Check with stockholders. Dick's is doing great!

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G. Anderson - 2 d 1 h ago


Jane Miller, Dick's is blowing smoke up your ass. Wait until June.

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Becky - 7 d 6 h ago


I watched the ad regarding the new program showing a Giant Eagle employee shopping for someone - then loading it into their car to deliver it to their home. First of all - all the groceries were in large brown paper bags - I've never seen those in any Giant Eagle store - but the kicker was the large bag of Blue Buffalo dog food -- also never have seen Blue Buffalo dog food being sold in any Giant Eagle store. Certainly misleading advertisement.

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Jenny(customer) - 10 d 10 h ago


To whom it may concern;

Hi, my name is Jeni and I was in your Lakewood,OH store on Monday March 6th,2018 around 10:30p.m. I was dropped off by Westlake Cab company to do some quick shopping as I looked on ur website and seen your store closes at 11p.m. it was also my first time shopping at that location. At 10:45p.m. a lady got on loudspeaker and announced that we had 15 minutes left to do shopping at 10:50 p.m. She got on and then ounce that we had 10 minutes left to do shopping and again at 10:55 p.m. and again at 11 p.m. we were told to bring our items up to the front to go ahead and cash out because the store is now closed. So I proceeded to do that I noticed that there was like nobody in the store and there were three men standing at the front by the doors, nobody was at any of the registers I walked all the way down the aisle passing each register looking to see if there was a cashier seeing none so I stood there for a minute about to approach the man and ask him you know what I'll or what register I should cash out at as he was coming at me using a very very mean tone and attitude almost yelling at me telling me that I need to get out of his store and what was I still doing it in there that the store was closed. I said it the lady just got on a second ago and said it was 11 I looked at my phone it was only 11:02 p.m. He said all of the cashiers are already gone they clocked out and they left and you need to get lost you need to leave too and you need to leave your groceries in the basket right where it is you're not taking anything with you. And that's when I was I started crying because I didn't understand how I had just heard a female voice on the loudspeaker and it was only 11:02P.m. so since it was too late to call anybody at the store that night to complain, I just called and left a message with the manager, Jeff. that was 20minutes ago.

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Rose - 14 d 16 h ago


I was an employee with Giant Eagle for roughly seven days. I was in the Meat/Fish Department and I had to quit, but not because of anything Giant Eagle did. See, I was hit by a drunk driver in the year 2000, I wont go into details but I have seven screws and a titanium plate in my right foot. Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control my ankle began to swell and I could no longer walk or stand on it and had to leave Giant Eagles employ and ice my foot many days till the swelling went down. But my testimony is this..the manager they gave to teach me was EXCELLENT!! Her name was Kelly and she should be commended. Not just her but that whole store in Boardman, Ohio. From the woman who hired me, to the butchers I met, I just learned so much from them all. Kelly was absolutely wonderful to me and if there are awards or acknowledgements PLEASE see that she gets some kind of commendation for she was wonderful. Normally I dont write to companies, especially when I'm a former employee, but not only were they so kind and tried to work out something for me perhaps in another dept. but I got a lovely card from Kelly today and it made me smile. I dont know future wise with this ankle, but I had to write and tell the Corporate office just what kind of wonderful people you have working AND training other people on your staff. at the Boardman, Ohio store. Thank you for listening to me.

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Deborah Schuessler - 18 d 32 s ago


Hello, my name is Debbie Schuessler. On Monday, February 26; my husband and I went to the Harmerville Getgo. I got very ill and collapsed by the salad bar. I just want you to know that you have the most wonderful staff working there. They rushed over to help my husband and I. I just wanted to go to our car and go home. They did want to call 911 but we said no. So they took over and helped me to the car. I could not walk, let alone stand. They pretty much carried me. They were so very kind and gentle. It warms my heart, knowing that there are still good caring people out there. I will forever be grateful to the wonderful man and young women who helped me. I hope that you will find out who these 2 are and recognize them for being such wonderful employees. And please tell them thank you from my husband and I.

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Sue - 18 d 16 h ago


Hello, I have been a customer of Giant Eagle as long as I can remember.

When the Market District opened in Robinson Twp, it was exciting.

I moved to Bethel Park, so I frequent the South Hills store now.

Twice, I have planned dinner parties, spoke to the meat dept (South Hills both times), was assured the main item, the most recent was duck breast, the other escapes me now, would be ordered and arrive in time. Both times, the order was not in when I needed it. Same guests, 2x, pretty embarrassing.

I spoke to a manager, Patty, did not get her last name, at the SH store. She spoke to Sean, the guy who took my order, and assured me it would be in, and who is also the asst. manager of meat dept. All she could say was, "It was ordered and he didn't know that item, duck breast, took a week to be delivered. He made a mistake. " I ordered a case, so it wasnt going to be cheap.

If this is the customer care that you allow, I will take my business to Whole Foods.

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.P.M... - 22 d 14 h ago

Need to discuss my problem with regional manager for Lincoln Village store in Columbus 43228 .

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Anonymous - 24 d 10 h ago


Georgia Hopkins

I purchased stuffed cabbage as it looked really good. I have to say I was disappointed that the cabbage was not completely done, too crunchy, the cabbage core had not been removed, and the sauce tasted like marinara. Being Romanian, I doubt I will ever purchase another one.

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John Garcia - 24 d 13 h ago

Hey folks...........Am looking to find an outlet where I can purchase "Giant Eagle" brand fruit spread called "Wildberry Fusion". Our local Grocery Outlet store here in Grass Valley, Calif. does not appear to carry this product on a regular basis. It is a product from Canada. and is excellent. Comes in a 15.5 oz jar. Grass Valley is a smaller town in Northern Calif. above Sacramento. If not available thru any grocery store

can I order a small case (maybe 12 jars?) directly from you folks? Any help here would be appreciated.

Thank you


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Anonymous - 25 d 17 h ago


I wish you would change the labels on your prescription drugs. I cannot read the labels after a few uses. I sure these labels must save your company a good bit of money, but the old ones never did that. please consider hanging back.


Emily Gorman.

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J. L - 25 d 17 h ago


When will and at what store can I buy Oprah's soup, O THAT'S GOOD?

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Anonymous - 26 d 12 h ago


I would like to know why giant eagle in Montrose ohio stopped the discounts on the brownies and the different breads in a shopping cart- giant eagle is a great place to shop otherwise.

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Laura hinkley - 28 d 15 h ago

Once daily plus iron

Doesn't include trace elements FYI

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Desi - 62 d 7 h ago

$19.99 LB for black bass fish, why? $6.99 LB for white bass fish, please tell me why?

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Anonymous - 28 d 17 h ago

Two different species of fish

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Dave - 28 d 19 h ago


Recently in Sheffiled, Ohio you have changed your automated prescription default. This is infuriating! Every time you call the default tells you your prescription will be ready tomorrow. This is OK I guess, but then they give you an option to pick it up earlier. Here is where incompetence turns into cruelty or just a joke. The automotive system GIVES you the exact same time. Then you have to wait and hold to talk to a representative. This is not a fluke! This level of complete and total incompetence has been going on for over a year and nobody has done anything to correct it.

It is at best negligence and at worst a cruel joke to those in need of prescriptions.

Please I beg you fix your frustrating incompetence!!!

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Anonymous - 34 d 4 h ago

I am writing to you because Carla Simmson should not be a manager at camphorn road giant eagle. She is very rude and has zero RESPECT for me or anyone else she favors certain people and she dislikes certain people and I was the one that she targeted on the most. I would come home sick every day with a migraine headache from the stress. She wouldn't let me gave water at my register mean well every one else had a bottle of water at there register. And there were times that I would get light head and when I took a sip of water she said with a smart attitude to put it my the time clock . In summory she has no business being a manager and I have no clue who in there write mind would hire Carla . But I would tell you this much I sill not be shopping at giant eagle camphorn ever again and in neather will my family and friends I sill tell every one I know not to shop at giant eagle because how horrible it is and how I got treated by Carla so I just want to tell you that I sill do everything in my power to remove you from being a manager or a team leader what ever the heck you want to call it

But please she shouldn't be a manager

Thank you.

General profile image - 39 d 10 h ago


I lve in NE Ohio, usually shop at Willowick, or Willoughby store. Needed 1 Jalapino pepper for a dip, they have changed all their pepper produce to a bag of a pound,... REALLY, I only want ONE! Where do I have to go to buy One not a lb. This is nuts, if I have to shop other places to get what I want, I will do all my shopping there. Maybe Heines, would be better will drive further to get what I need. So tired of GE changing up produce and products to put their brand on the shelf instead of what I buy. You are loosing a very important customer that spends about 800.00 or more each month, Think About It!

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Sandi - 39 d 18 h ago

I emailed Giant Eagle a few times and they didn't even respond.

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mik - 42 d 14 h ago


worst pharmacy ever.the staff is rude and never has my medicine when i need it.tried to order a week in advance & was told insurance wouldn't cover it for another week.the day the insurance would cover it .I went to pick up & was told out of it for at LEAST 1 more day.thid is ridiculous!In december was told they weren't sure when it would be in.drove 30 miles to DR office to get sample.only for it to happen again.

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Sally - 45 d 12 h ago


The pharmacy in Massillon have the worst teck people ever, they talk bad about customers and other customers have to hear it and about their social lives. Someone needs to clean this place up. I am sending all my prescriptions to a different pharmacy. I hate Giant Eagle

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Colleene Carosone - 49 d 15 h ago


Giant Eagle Pharmacy in Hermitage PA is the worst. The pharmacists there are ignorant and don't care anything about their customers. The manager of the pharmacy even had nerve enough to call WalMart pharmacy to ask questions about me. They look down on you and won't listen to the circumstances involved. The are a bunch of smart asses. This is the second time I had a big problem with them.

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