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Giant Eagle, Inc.

101 Kappa Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA
Laura Karet
(412) 963-6200
(412) 968-1617
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Nancy - 1 d 7 h ago

Very disappointed in my Giant Eagle Canfield, OH. Only 1 register open, but every "self check out" available!!!

What has happened to talking to the customers!! I was a cashier for Valu- King many years ago .. I had conversations with everyone!! Shame on you!!

Very, very disappointed in what Giant Eagle has turned into!! I'd rather go to my local Sparkle and be acknowledged!!!

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Thompson Family - 3 d 10 h ago


It's obvious that Laura Karet and giant eagle administration does not care about their customers or employees, the fact that they don't even bother to respond to your complaints proves that. All the negative comments and bad experiences by customers and ex-employees and its still business as usual. Will not be spending anymore of our hard earned money at giant eagle.

Very unprofessional.

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Andrea Palmer - 5 d 33 m ago

I am a cutomer that has used the pharmacy for years. My prescriptions are usually filled in 15 to 20 minutes. Today i dropped off my prescriptions at the giant eagle i frequent (crafton-ingram) and the pharmacist told me 25 minutes. I wait 30 minutes go to the pharmacy and i am told it will be another 40 minutes. This is ridiculous if it was going to take an hour just tell me. I waisted my time waiting . Nobody offered me an explanation i was just told there is niothing i can do. I will take my busiess elsewhere if this is how business is going to be conducted in the future

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D.E. Fulton - 12 d 10 h ago


Since you folks have SEVERLY limited the time that your coupons can be used [A MARKED reduction of the time] they can be used PLUS quantitatively reduce the amount either reduced on the specific coupon and or removed items which HAD received points in the past.

The net effect is to significantly reduce the price advantage of shopping at Giant Eagle as opposed to our local Kroger store.

Sensing that we may be ale to save more shopping with Kroger, we are now starting a one to three month trial at Kroger in purchasing our groceries there. Following our purchases at Kroger we will take the Kroger Register tape and comparer it to the shelf prices [including your published discounts] for the same items and the amount we can save on gasoline purchased at Kroger versus the Discount at Get Go for the same fuel.

Should this pan out showing we can save money on groceries AND save more at the Kroger fuel pump, this long term Giant Eagle customer will be leaving you establishment and shop exclusively at our Local Kroger. By the way, the Giant Eagle store is across the street [4 lane highway] from Kroger, therefore it is the same cost in gasoline from our home to either of these stores .

Prices and quality of products and services will determine where we shop. Since the Quality of the items at both Giant Eagle and Kroger are comparable, our total cost of all items at Kroger compared to Giant Eagle[ including groceries, medications and other normal Household items will make the decision for us, We have been shopping at Giant Eagle for Food, Drugs, and other needed items for 16 years. If, however there is a saving to be made by abandoning Giant Eagle to shop Kroger, we shall make that change with no feeling of "letting the Giant Eagle Company down.

As most people realize, retail food marketing is a "dog eat dog" business. The next month will determine where we shop in the future for these household items.

Time and family budget will make the decision for us.


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Glenda Miles - 13 d 7 h ago

Hello. I am very disappointed and very frustrated . I have been a Giant Eagle customer and pharmacy customer for Giant eagle for years. I must say Giant Eagle in Madison

Jennifer the Pharmacy manager was nothing short of rude and degrading and just simply unprofessional. I went to the pharmacy which I have used for years and years , To fill my daughters new prescription for her ADHD. Her Dr gave me a special coupon for her medication to help the cost . Instead of trying everything in her power because it's her job! Jennifer proceeded to Argue with me . In front of my child I might add. She told me I was wrong . My Doctor didn't know what he was talking about and if I wanted the medication for my daughter I would just have to pay the $221.00 . I tried to have a rational conversation step by step what the doctor told me to do for the medication to go through by taking the steps needed to make it work to get the free trial and the cheaper price! In her rudeness she raised her voice and came nothing short than making me look like an idiot and I was asking her to commit fraud! Which made no sense . It was ridiculous how rude she was. I even had my doctors office call her to explain And she was even more rude to them. I just feel if you choose to work in the public. If you choose a profession where people come to you sick ? Or with mental dissorders? And they don't always understand the factors of filling perescriptions . Maybe explain things in a more professional manner. Do everything in your power to make the situation work the Beat you can ? You should know how to treat the customer . It's not that hard or find another profession. Even when my husband went back because she mysteriously made it work!!! She had no apology and was rude to him saying "well I didn't have all the information" well then maybe she should of taken my number and got back to me when she did instead of being the very rude Bitch she was . I don't know if I will use GE pharmacy in

the future? I do love to grocery shop at your store and will continue to do so. I just feel you should always be aware of the employees your company has . And maybe in the future train them on customer service and respect. Or give them a job of stocking shelves if they can't be nice by dealing one on one with people.

Sincerely ,

Glenda Miles

Madison oh,


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Dissatisfied and disappointed! - 13 d 13 h ago


The Giant Eagle located in Uniontown, PA has lost my service along with my respect! The pharmacy techs along with the pharmacists and management have belittled me and treated me as if I am a burden to them! Any time I have a question about a medication the pharmacist gives me issues. I have stood and waited countless times while the pharmacy techs gossiped and saw that customers were waiting. I was recently supposed to receive a refund for a medication I had purchased. It's been almost over a month and still have not received it. The employees at the pharmacy act as if they do not know what I am talking about and also asked to see my bank statement to prove that I did not receive my refund. After driving over 20 minutes to the Giant Eagle Pharmacy in Uniontown PA to show documentation, the tech and Pharmacist refused to look at it. Management has treated me horrible and acted as if I am incompetent.

After years of having my prescriptions filled at that location I am gladly switching. Being a nurse I could never treat people the way they have treated me. I have worked in retail as well and no excuse is needed for this behavior!

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Sexy Pappas John L - 13 d 7 h ago


Change to Walgreens pharmacy, they'll treat you much better. I know this for a fact, because I switched from Giant Eagles to Walgreen because of poor conduct.

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Trish - 17 d 14 h ago


Giant Eagle Market District in Robinson is not giving me my hard earned vacation pay. Celebrated one year anniversary on 9/12/17 in curbside. Quit 10/4/17 because of poor management. One employee hung up on me because she did not want to be bothered. My next steps are not going to be pleasant. Either you can call me at (hidden) regarding this or I will contact you.

Although the pay is important to me, the idea that this is going on in your stores will be exposed to the public.

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New Shop N' Save Customer - 45 d 10 h ago

Pine Creek Giant Eagle in Pittsburgh, PA has gone way downhill in the last 2 years. I try to avoid this place as much as possible as they have two cashiers on a Saturday and no baggers. I do not work for Giant Eagle and I am not about to ring myself out on one of the dozen self checkout lines. When I go shopping I have a full cart that has to be rung and bagged and I stand in a long line to be checked out by one of the only employees on a register. From the past reviews I have read on various sites it is useless to talk to a manager. I will not go back as I have gone through torture the last three times I have shopped there spending over 30 minutes in line. How greedy does a Corporation have to be to have the customers wait on themselves!

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BeCareful - 17 d 14 h ago


I worked for Giant Eagle Market District in Robinson and the managers are nowhere to be found when you need them. Who wants to work for a corporation that treats employees and customers like crap. Very humiliating and demeaning.

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Anthony Thomas - 34 d ago


The giant eagle on 1305 W 7th St, Frederick Md, 21702. Today at 2140 hrs. I attempted to purchase four items. The cash register light was on and the cashier was standing in the aisle speaking with a contractor. She turned looked at me and went back to talking. I stood in the lane for approximately 3 to 5 minutes waiting for her. When one of the other ladies called her to tell her she had a customer she continued to talk. I placed the items I had back in the racks, and departed your store. I drive by five other stores to shop at your store because I loved the service I received at that store. In the past three months this is the sixth incident that has occurred and this lack of service is now the norm. Apparently bad leadership has infected it. I will share my experiences at that store with my neighbors and my coworkers.

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Be careful - 17 d 14 h ago


Here here. I worked at the Curbside Express-Robinson. Very bad leadership at this store.I since quit because I was sick at the beginning of shift.and told one of management trainees I was going home. I was always on the floor shopping everyday and believe that I didn't want to vomit or sneeze and infect shoppers. I was suspended for three days for leaving the store to go home. Some people care, and a lot don't. I agree that it is management all the way. Threatened me with a three day suspension.

Let me tell you about a customer that called me "a f******* idiot" and management did nothing about the abuse. Another threat to send me home. I have never, in all of my adult life, have been humiliated or demeaned in that manner. For $8 hr, no thank you. Now I am fighting for my vacation pay they owe me that I earned.

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No name needed - 22 d 13 h ago

Hello, I am a regular customer of both your grocer and get go/gas stations. I always have a pleasant or above average experience. But today was different, you have a manager named Brian at the get go on rt. 228 in cranberry twp/ seven fields Pa. It is not the one in front of the giant eagle on 228. I'm not sure if people called off or if he is just having a bad day....but he really should have a better attitude when dealing with paying customers. Just thought you would like to know he is a sour kraut :) happy thanksgiving

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Sandra - 23 d 19 s ago


I shop at the Giant Eagle in the Crafton-Ingram Shopping Center. I love this store! The people who work there are all so friendly and accommodating. The management is always available, and seems to really care about the customers. And the store seems to be well-stocked with a good selection of items.

I also shop at Market District in Settler's Ridge in Robinson, and am happy with some of the upscale items they have. This store is open 24 hours a day, which makes it nice to be able to stop by the store late at night, at the end of a long day.

I'm very happy with Giant Eagle ... especially when I can fill my Jeep's gas tank for just a few dollars!

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Vickie Boden - 24 d 6 h ago


I have a complaint. I belong to the local auxiliary post 3491 in Carmichaels PA. We asked for any contribution to our children's Christmas Party on December 10th. The person there told our person that they don't contribute to private organizations. What a shame to not support local veterans and their families. If this is true shame shame shame on Giant Eagle. I will never shop there again.

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Loyal customer no more - 25 d ago


I am a longtime customer of Latrobe Giant Eagle. I stopped in 7 days before Thanksgiving to order a holiday turkey meal at the prepared hot foods counter. The lady there said : "We are not taking anymore orders for turkey dinners" . I was so disappointed. Was an order deadline ever announced for turkey dinners? I decided to shop elsewhere this holiday season, and in the coming new year. The store has changed over the past few years

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sara gorby - 25 d 14 h ago

I was at the Giant Eagle in Greenfield and witnessed a heart warming discourse between a Giant Eagle

clerk and a customer. Agee ,the clerk, was checking out a man who seemed a little confused and was

questioning the total bill. Agee gave the man her attention and respect. She called another clerk,Josh, to help

and together they repriced every item. They did it cheerfully and with tact. The customer left with

dignity. I was so impressed with both clerks.

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Eileen - 27 d 11 h ago


I am a long time customer of GE and do try to take advantage of the card specials and coupons. I purchased $300.00 of Home Depot cards at the Johnstown Scalp avenue GE on Nov. 1st. After I paid for the cards and received my receipt, the cash register spit out a coupon which read - $25.00 off your grocery basket when you spend $250.00 or more on The Home Depot gift cards. I was thrilled with what I thought was a bonus, however when I tried to use it at my Somerset GE, I was informed I need to purchase another $250.00 in gift cards. Really, I've just spent $300 and you want me to spend another $250. What a joke!!

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Anonymous - 27 d 12 h ago


We received a letter stating the fuel perks would end Dec 2017 . I truly hope whoever made that decision realizes the majority of people in the Youngstown Ohio area shop Giant Eagle because of fuel perks.

While your stores have quality products , many others in the area also do .. At considerably cheaper prices. Once the fuel perks end I for one , along with several people I know . Thank you for reading this. Sharon Brown

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Disgusted - 29 d 6 h ago

It is hard to trust a company that doesn't get back to you about a bug that was found smashed in the cheese from the deli.

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Lorraine - 29 d 6 h ago


Willoughby, Ohio Please be advised that I am a long time customer of Giant Eagle. Painesville, Willoughby, Mentor , Mentor on the Lake & Willowick, Ohio. But I frequent Willoughby the most. At least for now.... When The Willoughby store opened its doors I was so impressed, as I am sure many other customers. One of your biggest draws was your prepared hot food section. It was so wonderful to purchase food already prepared either for one's lunch, snack or dinner. The food bins served up delicious selections, were hot and continuously filled until the lunch period ended. I would say approximately 11:00am to 1:00pm. Well, I must say it has certainly gone down hill this past year. And , even more so since September 6th when you now charge your customers a piece of chicken by the pound. I use to be able to purchase a breast for $1:99. And, if so chose, a side dish by the pound. At theses prices one could afford a delicious, hot lunch or dinner $4-$6. Now, GE charges a piece of chicken by the pound which means if it is a decent size piece of chicken breast + a side dish I could spend $10. I have to tell you...there is a large senior apartment, housing facility close to the store . These seniors are brought by a van to shop. Many of them are single so your prepared food section at reasonable prices afforded these seniors to purchase a hot meal at prices they could afford . Well now, not only are your chicken prices expensive but the bins are mostly empty from 11:30am . The women there are doing 3 jobs at a time.. Today there were only two (2) women running the whole food section that not only were the hot food bins empty but so was the salad bar. No lettuce out of three lettuce choices. We asked th3 women and they said they no time to refill between running cash register, making requested sub sandwiches and keeping on top of the salad bar & hot foods. Also, there are many a time when there is insufficient plastic silverware & condiments to eat with...AND, at times forks are in the holder but unsanitized as they are not in any kind of plastic wrap. Several customers left that section because they couldn't get anyone to check them out, I am about to start shopping elsewhere. I would like to see the chicken charged per piece instead of per pound. I could by a small whole chicken for just about the price of a chicken breast give and take. $1 ot $2. I don't know what happened but since Ron and the other young lady ( who went to Market District) the store had gone downhill in certain areas. The people there are wonderful. Helpful, friendlly and most I know are very conscientious; but obviously there is a problem. Whether it is headquarters, store manager, etc...things need to change in some areas, Thank you for hearing me out. When I rate you below, it will be on all 5 stores in my area. Right now your Painesville store rates a #5.

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Sara - 33 d 34 m ago


I went to the giant eagle in shaler township at 1230 am, it is supposed to be 24 hours but the store is closed. They have power but the store isn't open? Ridiculous now I have to find another store

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Jamie - 40 d 14 h ago


I had ordered chicken backs from the store on Scalp Avenue in Richland for making itialian wedding soup for Thanksgiving I was told that they would be in on or around the 31st to the 1st of November. I called to be sure that they were in on the morning of Nov. 2nd and I was told they had to be put out in the case and they were sold. Why was I not called I gave my phone number and name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting disgusted with Giant Eagle and the customer service I am getting!! I pay top dollars for these groceries and half the time I have to pack my own bags because there are no packers on busy days!!!!!!!!

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Becca - 42 d 10 h ago

I tried to call Laura Karet from Corp Thank you for calling me Not no one called me back and it happen Oct 30, 2017 I left a message early enough the lady to hat transfer me she said Laura will get back in touch within the day and now it's Oct 31,2017 on my COMPLAINT ...Laura short wear Glasses older lady should not be working in Customer Service Dept at all Sheffield Ohio very SAD

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Becca - 43 d 10 h ago


Giant Eagle in Sheffield Ohio This Lady Name Laura I check her Name was working Customer Service Desk everyone else is nice she was very Short ,Nasty DOES not belong where People are you have to have GOOD People skills need to work somewhere else(OLDER lady )this is the THIRD time she have did this to me ENOUGH is ENOUGH

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