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Giant Eagle, Inc.

101 Kappa Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA
Laura Karet
(412) 963-6200
(412) 968-1617
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Mario - 11 h 56 m ago


The pharmacy in Penn Hills, PA 15235, abuses their ability to fill a script that a DR. Ordered. I have had several complaints about this pharmacy, but today 5/21/2018 was the last straw, I'm moving my business, and so are my sisters, their relatives, my friends and other family, to a pharmacy that cares.

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Tom Miller - 2 d 20 h ago

I agree with John Williams comment regarding purchasing wine or beer at Giant Eagle. I am 69 year old male and I would be more than happy to produce my identification for verification of my date of birth. I believe it is a violation of my privacy to have my driver license information scanned into the Giant Eagle system. This is a ridiculous request. I will not purchase wine or beer at a Giant Eagle store. This is a real and serious violation of privacy, the upper management should focus on customers and how to improve their stores. If I owned Giant Eagle, I would fired who ever came up this idea. I shop at both Giant Eagle (very close to my home) and Heinen's (much further away from my home), I prefer Heinen's because the are customer focused and have a very friendly staff, they also recognize that I well above the age of 21 and I am not required to even show my drivers license. I recommend that Giant Eagle upper management shop at Heinen's to better understand how a better store focuses on their customers. Please note, I have both Giant Eagle and Heinen's cards that I scan when I check out -- no need to scan my drivers license. I will shop less and drive further to shop at Heinen's because of the ridiculous rule to scan my drivers license. The wine and beer sections of grocery stores have higher levels of profitability than many other products (nice job upper management in reducing revenue/profits).

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eugene Hvizdak - 8 d 16 h ago

i have just come home from my giant eagle in sharon pa. i have waged an ongoing war with the produce dept.and mangementabout keeping hartville ranch salad dressing in stock. onthis last trip i found that there was no hartville salad dressing at all .

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John Williams - 20 d ago


To whom it may concern:

I recently shopped at your store to purchase a twelve pack of beer in Ohio. I was instructed that I need to have my driver's license or state identification card scanned to complete this purchase. I refused to produce any identification to be scanned. I would like you to know that I am 56 year old male and I would be more than happy to produce my identification for verification of my date of birth. I believe it is a violation of my privacy to have my encrypted information scanned into your system of my buying habits. I will not shop Giant Eagle any longer. I will, from now on, buy my milk, bread, eggs, meat and other staples, as well as my beer at another grocery store. Trust me on this one, I'm not the only one who will be boycotting Giant Eagle over this violation of privacy policy! Kudos to the upper management!!! I take my personal information very seriously. Hello Acme, Wal-Mart, and convince stores and goodbye Giant Eagle.

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Anonymous - 12 d 19 h ago

Haha shut up

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Mad in Greensburg, PA - 18 d 17 h ago


Dont ever use the drive thru Pharmacy!

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Jim Schade - 22 d 12 h ago


Giant Eagle (N. Huntingdon)

For the life of me I don't understand who was the brain surgeon that elected to make a Hardware Store out of beautiful Grocery Store. I just see, drills, saws, and etc. in isle 10. Last week I was in the store, already starting to hunt items that have been moved making room for the hardware. This is the most insane action I ever imagined. The people that can up with this idea, you should send for a urine test. You are chasing people to Wal-Mart, which I will be one.

Good Luck

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Matt Sr. - 22 d 15 h ago


I would like to know why is every Get Go air compressor in the Pittsburgh, Pa area broken. I am a loyal gas consumer of GetGo due in many ways the free air offered. But now ever air compressor in Pittsburgh is broken and GetGo doesn't fix them once they break. I have been to Six(6) location just today and not one had an operating air compressor. What is up with that?

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Joan - 23 d 5 m ago


To whom it may concern: (Laura Karet) This concerns the Giant Eagle in the West View plaza in Pittsburgh. The customer service is awful. So disrespectful to customers. Never a "good morning" or " hello" out of them and always late to open on time because staff was running alittle late. Never a "thank you" afterwards. When you say "good morning" first, you expect an answer back but no just a straight poker face. Always carrying conversations with each other and letting customers wait. Something needs to be done,seems it gets worse instead of better.can't believe Giant eagle hires such awful people

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Anonymous - 24 d ago

My daughter has worked for this company 10 plus years! I agree with previous posts! Managers need more training! She is a hard worker does customers service, self check outs and cashier. People love her, always complimenting her! Managers will cut staffing hours to make it look good on them for saving money. But who gets the brunt! Not the manager. The cashiers, because they are already short! Then you have call offs and the managers don't step up and help! That's why people get upset and never have enough lines open! My daughter has had her named called over loud speaker "open register 7 now! And say her name! As if she was 5 years old! I also don't understand why workers are not allowed to accept tips or gifts at Xmas time, she goes above and beyond and people want to acknowledge that she is a good worker! She tells them she can't accept and advises them to call corporate and give a good word for her! They give her a $5.00 gift card for their store! A nod now she says they don't even do that anymore! Personally I tell her everyday to get another job, McDonald's pays hirer wages!

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courtney - 35 d 18 h ago


Giant Eagle #59 needs to retrain the management employees on how to be customer service representatives. Specifically Pam. I would like to say, I am not usually this person. I have shopped at this store since it opened and work for a corporate company right above the store which orders cakes monthly. I ordered a Unicorn cake almost a month in advance and was reassured that it would be a simple cake. They actually had a bunny one that was similar in that case at the time that I ordered. Fast forward about two weeks I went in to add cupcakes to my order. My ordered cake was chocolate with buttercream, so I ordered yellow cupcakes with whipped icing. Now first when I went to order the cupcakes the employee didn't know in what numbers cupcakes came in, so I said I need 20, but if they come in dozens I'll take two. She said she would note that along with that the cupcakes should match the cake. Great! So imagine my surprise when I came to pick up the bakery items. Number 1 the cupcakes were chocolate and yellow and marked as buttercream. They also didn't necessarily match. And the cake, ha! I couldn't even figure out the cake and I wasn't shown the cake with lid off. So I knew at pick up that at least the cupcakes were off from the order, also they gave me 20 cupcakes in an obvious 24 cupcake container. I didn't have time to argue about the cupcakes and since I wasn't shown the cake unboxed I couldn't really tell how bad it was. I had my three kids in tow and couldn't really argue the day before the birthday party and Easter Sunday. Once I unboxed the cake the next day I was horrified. How do I show this to my daughter! I chalked it up to it is what it is and we will have this too look back at and laugh. I posted it on my personal Facebook as a good laugh. With a lot of pushback I was strongly encouraged to call the store. So I did just that on Monday April 02, 2018. My daughter's birthday. I called and kind of hemmed around, I hate making calls like that. Pam Bleigh answered and said I could speak to her that she is a manager. After trying to get out that I wasn't exactly thrilled with my order, she informed me I could come for a refund on the cake, didn't want to hear about my cupcakes and scolded me when I asked if she would like me to bring in pictures. She shamed me instead of apologizing as any customer service representatives do. She shamed me " I don't need pictures, We are well aware of this cake because you posted it all over social media! You should have at least called us before blasting it on social media!" Pam said. She then very quickly said I could come for a refund and hung up. I was FURIOUS! Not about the cake or cupcakes. About her shaming me, as a customer instead of apologizing. NOT ONCE did she apologize. I quickly made a trip down to the store, with my poor daughter in tow , ON HER BIRTHDAY! I'm not proud at my anger and the fact that I said a curse word in public, in front of my child on her birthday. BUT, I am more than let down by your employees lack of integrity, support and customer service! To shame a customer about her own PERSONAL social media! And then instead of apologizing tell me "oh the employee who made the cake was in training." WHAT A TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE COP OUT! Where was her manager or any customer service rep to check over and manage what goes out to the customer. Shame on your employees for not having respect for customers and blaming a poor trainee. I hope you find this letter and re train your employees. I have never been so mistreated.

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Rachel Martin - 24 d 17 h ago


Yep, that sounds about right. *sighs*

Personally, I've found that I can eliminate at least 95 percent of my shopping -- that I used to do at Giant Eagle -- through a combination of Aldi and Big Lots. (And I save money, yay.)

[I tried to work for Giant Eagle, earlier this year, and I found out a few things firsthand, about the company -- how its nice-sounding corporate policies aren't at all reflected in how stores are run.

Well, at least at the location I had the misfortune of being recruited to, I should say. Employees don't seem nearly as unhappy in the other stores ... such just happen to all be unionized. I'm sure that's a coincidence. ;-) ]

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Anonymous - 24 d 19 h ago

I worked for Giant Eagle #1219 in Warren OH almost 5 years. The store mgr knows everything thru psychology books not leadership. They fired a grocery manager and saved over $30k a year yet i got $2 an hour more to take his place. This store GROSSLY underpays and cuts hours to avoid any full time employees yet has no problem making the full timers work and make unnecessary overtime. I for one worked 6 sometimes 7 days a week just because of no help. And others still do. The labor board needs contacted about this location

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Mandy Whitehair - 27 d 15 h ago

So I normally go to your store and get my dog's antibiotics for $4 each. It would have been very kind if we would have got a notice that you guys weren't doing that no more.not kool....& i love ur store& pharmacy........

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Anonymous - 29 d 15 h ago


Here we go again. A busy Sunday afternoon and only 4 registers open. As always the lines are long, only a couple of the self serve registers are open and people with full carts are in those lines because the lines at the 4 open ones are so long! The new layout of the store is horrible! Who puts the sports drinks in the cereal aisle??????

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Richard W. Bradley - 35 d ago


I waited in a checkout line yesterday (around noon) at your Elyria, Ohio store for approximately 12-15 minutes. The ONLY reason I didn't walk out the door and leave the ten items in my cart to spoil and/or melt is that I was tasked with buying a $200 Home Depot gift card. Two registers open, each with at least four people waiting in line. 12 item or less checkout closed. A few peripatetic employees wandering about, none of which could be bothered with what they saw. Please don't ask me to use the self-serve checkout unless Giant Eagle is going to take 25% (or more) off of my bill for doing their work. If the powers that be are unable (or, more to the point, unwilling) to staff one of your locations properly, then close that location. STOP WASTING MY TIME!

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Anonymous - 35 d 10 h ago


I recently visited this store #6388 i am an everyday handicapped customer that loves all the employees i have been shopping here for 5-6 years and i just overheard that the store manager had told an employee to STEP-IT-UP!!!!! That is ridiculous to say to the meat and seafood dept when there is only 2 employees working at night running 2 departments all by themselves and i feel very bad. I assume they get bitchy customers that make there day even worse. The other day i walked in and seafood smelled horrible i had asked questions about where the shrimp was from and every answer i got was no one is trained in the seafood department there is only 1 person who works in seafood that is sad... management needs to STEP-IT-UP AND HIRE SOMEONE who is trained.. 2 people should not be forced to work 2 departments!!! WHAT A SHAME i think it's time to gather many people and spread the word to not go to this giant eagle anymore. This goes the same with kitchen there is NEVER anyone around i waited almost 15 min for customer service all 5 years and this happens and managers telling there poor employees to step it up when there the only ones with no help doing stuff alone. STEP IT UP MANAGEMENT GROW UP AND HIRE

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Ann - 41 d ago


Sorry, but the management of Giant Eagle appears to have lost its collective corporate minds. Stopped shopping at Giant Eagle long time ago after they built the new, poorly designed store on Butler Plank Road store in Shaler Twp. Many folks I have spoken with have also found other places to shop.

Now, in their desperation to slow the customer bleed, they plan to add a hardware store venue to a few select stores. I go to a grocery store to buy primarily groceries. Other soft commodities, e.g. greeting cards, party supplies, etc. might be purchased but I do not specifically go to Giant Eagle to buy those items. Similarly, I certainly would not head to Giant Eagle to buy wallpaper, paint, nuts, bolts, screws or whatever! Personally, I believe Laura Karet has a few loose screws she should attend to. Perhaps she can find replacement screws at an Ace Hardware store just down the road and, oh yes, I hear they are having a sale on avocados. Pick me up a couple. They're in the aisle right next to the paint buckets!

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John Webb Sr - 41 d 42 m ago


It's ludicrous that you call the corporate office phone number trying to speak to Laura karet and you get a recording no matter what time you call that tell you to call back! Your better off going to MARC'S WHERE YOU CAN SPEAK TO A PERSON RIGHT AWAY IF YOU HAVE A CONCERN.P.S.THE SAME BRAND NAME PRODUCTS THAT GIANT EAGLE IS MUCH CHEAPER!!!!!

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Wowls - 42 d ago



I recently was employeed by store43 in Wexford,Pa. applied for bulk foods and interviewed and asked to work in the catering dept.. due to my background experence. they opened up a position full time with benefits. After my 9h day.. I was told by my supervisor that .. not to read anything into it but they were no hours for the next available week .. to find out another lead person in the department worked 6 full days and at least 4 hours over during that same week they had no hours for me the new hire. Is that how Giant Eagle treats employees? I also asked after my first few days of not wanting in the catering department if I could move into the bulk foods dept which I had originally applied for.. I was told my name was submitted but heard nothing back.. to my knowledge no one is in that department cus u can clearly see it needs attention, I have never written a bad review ever.. here I beleive I am justified! Again is this how Giant Eagle treats their employees? I am sorry to say... I no longer work there. I took Employment else were!

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anonymous - 42 d 12 h ago


I was at the Giant Eagle Store in Hermitage PA, where I have shopped for almost two decades. It was Friday early afternoon, and typically I am not one to take the time to complain about anything but I was appalled by what I witnessed. There is a very rude manager there named Abby. She is always rude and I am not sure I know of any of my friends that shop there that have ever had a good experience with her, but this takes the cake. There is a young girl that doesn't work for Giant Eagle but rather is a rep for magazines. The manager Abby in a fit of panic started telling her to move her magazine buggies because they were getting a visitor. Obviously the visitor was two corporate heads as we saw within a few minutes of checking out with our groceries. The young girl tried her best to combine the magazines she was displaying into one buggy. Abby just kept very rudely stating that she needed to get those buggies moved and it was coming from the big boss Don or Dan or something like this. We shop mainly on Fridays and we see this rep changing out magazines every Friday when we are there and she is very nice and respectable. She then went over to an employee that was quickly moving the 10 buggies full of Easter Sale Candy out of the way, as he was directed to do, while Abby grabbed a feather duster and started dusting shelves. This magazine girl went to the employee and told him that she was leaving one buggy there so she could consolidate the other one in the backroom. Well this manager, Abby came over and literally started yelling at her telling her to quit complaining to this employee that he isn't the manager and she is and to move her buggies NOW. Then she started yelling, literally at another customer because she had her buggy parked in the same area full of coffee but was looking at the Easter Candy. She told the customer to buy the coffee, put it in her car and come back in and finish shopping if she wanted but she wasn't to leave her buggy in the isle. How very rude this manager was and I still can't get it off my mind how embarrassing it must have been for the woman that were disrespected by her. Obviously she wasn't prepared for the VISITORS (Corporate). I will say that I am thinking about shopping somewhere else until someone decides to give this lady an attitude adjustment. Just horrible.

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Lsulzbach - 43 d 15 h ago


I would love to know how a simple can of tuna can have a price increase of 10 cents over a weeks time. I buy about fifty cans a week to help feed the ferel cats in our area, now it will be a hardship. I live in a small town ,Canal Fulton, Ohio, and being the only grocery store a lot of the prices are outrageous, compared to other stores.We get taken advantage of at the grocery, gas station, etc.

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Debra Moeller - 45 d 17 h ago


My experiences with your Elizabeth PA store's pharmacy has been very frustrating . Last month and again today when I stop to pick up my prescriptions, the pharmacist claims they received no faxed orders from my doctor. I find that very suspicious since I sat beside the office nurse yesterday, who faxed the orders while I was SITTING RIGHT THERE!!!!!! I did not need the medication today, but did for the weekend. Of course same as last month, my doctor's office is closed for the weekend. I am finished bringinut God only knwsg my business to this pharmacy. I should not have to check with the pharmacy to make sure they get the orders every time. So this weekend I will go without the medication to treat my RLS, Requip and Tramadol, which means I will not sleep this weekend!!!! Not to mention the other medications I needed for an allergic reaction! I have called my doc's answering service, hopefully she will call in the prescriptions tonight. This is the last straw, OK last month I may have understood there was a mix up somewhere, BUT 2 MONTHS IN A ROW IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! If I could give this pharmacy a negative 100 stars I would!

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Miss Equality. - 47 d 17 h ago


I have a complaint about the Giant Eagle at 9001 Frankstown Road. Since the former owner Mrs. Debbie Hickman retired and it's now managed by corporate the price have gone up drastically and the merchandise is not what most of us in a most Black community want. Just a word to the unwise Corporate Giant Eagle, stop raising your prices in lower income area's. And you lower your prices in a higher income areas why is that? you will lose customers with this practice continues.Here's an example,there were Easter flowers priced at $50.00 and $75.00 in the Black community, the same bouquet of flowers in the White community were priced at $30.00. A 2 or 3 ounce container of ham salad is price at $4.99, are you people kidding me? we have been taking notes on your practice of oppression.

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Sherry R. - 50 d ago


How sad, I moved from Solon Ohio to Beachwood Ohio (9 miles apart). Yes, I know that the Solon store is a District Market, so I am not comparing on that respect. You should be ashamed as to your management of the Beachwood store, from the rusty carts, to food with hair, to empty shelves, to the fact I have to wait longer in line than it takes to actually shop.

The staff is very nice but understaffed. I use the self register but that line is long too.

I blame you and cannot understand why you put do little care into that store. I actually have avoided shopping there unless necessary.

Is it the clientele? What will you do?

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