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Giant Eagle, Inc.

101 Kappa Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA
Laura Karet
(412) 963-6200
(412) 968-1617
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Kaye Brown - 8 d 17 h ago


What a rude bunch of employees at the Squirrel Hill Giant Eagle on Murray Ave...especially the incredibly hostile manager Bob and Linda in the Lottery..I will never patronize the Giant Eagle again..disgusting rude service from rude sarcastic employees..vile .

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There's to many to name - 10 d 3 h ago

My family has shopped in Giant Eagles from the day you came into the northeast ohio area. The prices use to be great. We used to be able to buy the Giant Eagle Brand but now most of those are disappearing and there are more high priced but not better products. You pick the types of coffees YOU want us to buy even though they sit on the shelves until it overflows. The seafood department in the BEREA store sells UN-FRESH seafood...the store stinks from the front door to the back. The employees seem irratetated and unhappy. The PARMA store has a HUGE LIQUOR SECTION, LIKE IT'S A BEVERAGE STORE, instead of a grocery store. The SNOW rd location in Brookpark sells even less choices in the othe stores. You act like you have STOCK IN MCCORMICK PRODUCTS, which is WAY OVERPRICED. YOU CHANGED THE LAYOUT of the stores, WHICH WAS CONVENIENT FOR THE CUSTOMERS WHO SHOPPED AT VARIOUS LOCATION FOR, with the lie that you want ALL THE STORES TO BE UNIFORMED....THEY ARE NOT!!! NOW, people spend even more time SEARCHING FOR PRODUCT and most times GIANT doesn't sell it anymore. You have made shopping a torture instead of a a store where someone could find EVERYTHING they wanted or needed at a great price. My family is NOT alone in this thought as we used to see other REGULARS in the stores. Well...for my family, along with quite a few's NOW GOING TO BE DAVE'S SUPERMARKET OR MARC'S....BETTER QUALITY FOOD AND MORE BANG FOR THE BUCK...........

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Doug Sinton - 10 d 17 h ago


I would like to bring a matter to your attention. I regularly visit your getgo location and love the food, the people and the atmosphere. However, My friends and I may start going to other stores such as sheetz or 7-11 due to the problem of your coffee. It is great when it's available and that seems to be never when I arrive every day between 3 and 5 pm. Almost regularly all varieties are down for cleaning all at the same time every day. Today the only 2 that were available were decaf and columbian and the columbian poured about 1 oz before it ran out leaving me with only decaf. This seems to be the situation everyday between 3 and 5 pm and the coffee is not available for a long time during this time causing me to leave and look elsewhere. I know I've heard other customers complain and leave as well for the same reason. It is even becoming somewhat of a joke around bridgeville. "Wanna go to getgo? It depends, what time is it?" I just wanted you to be aware of this situation. Can't the coffee be cleaned or replaced at other times and not almost all at the same time?.

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Weston White Sr - 12 d ago


It's extremely frustrating when you order 96 pieces of chicken for a cookout and when it's time to eat, it's not fully cooked. Well that's what happened at the North hills location

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Catherine Dauk - 26 d 24 h ago


It's extremely frustrating to me when items/brands that I regularly purchase are no longer carried.

If the item was one that did not sell very well, I could understand however in this case it sold extremely well. Often there was an empty shelf because it sold. I'm referring to Baileys Creamers

This is the most recent item that I purchased but over the past two years there have been several.

By no longer carrying products, you are forcing your loyal customers to shop elsewhere for them.

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Anonymous - 26 d ago


I continue to have bad shopping experience with Giant Eagle in Leechburg, pa because I use printable coupons and they dont scan. The employees get frustrated and slam the coupons down! Not coustomer friendly in the least!

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Westerwashere - 35 d ago


Giant Eagle's brand of cellophane tears shredded and my box came apart where it was hot glued.

The blue carry out bags tear at the slightest sharp edge and caused me to lose a personal valuable item that was later retrieved in the store after it fell out unnoticed by me at the time.

GE,s 4 pack of T.P. doesn't perforate until you have unwrapped a couple layers of the wasted t.p. There is hard minerals in your brand name Spring water in the gallon jugs.

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kattamenne - 41 d 21 m ago


I usually am very happy with the produce in Giant Eagle stores, however, the black cherries do not have any taste. It was very dissappointing because they are beautiful but might as well be wax. Try before you buy. I would usually give the GE 4 stars but these stars are for the cherries.

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R A - 42 d ago


As elderly people still truck to the stores, before we get used to ordering on line, may I present a small problem. At your deli departments the employees are about six feet plus, away from us when we are trying to place our order a lot of old people ears (hearing) are not as good as the younger employee, and even with hearing aids the worker might be stating something sometimes not understand, due to the worker not speaking loudly enough, clearly, or directly facing the customer. I would like to point out that old people should be talked to face to face as close as possible and using a clear speech.

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Joe DeAngelo - 55 d 20 h ago

Laura Karet,

My wife Kathy and I do our shopping at Giant Eagle in the Yorktown Center in Erie Pa.

We usually shop once a week and really look forward to purchasing the fresh stir fry for our supper.

Our daughter has a masters degree in nutrition and says that it is the perfect food to eat except for the salt in the sauce.

We understand that you are shutting down this venue.

What a shame. I hope you reconsider, or move the stir fry to a different store so that people like my wife and I, and many others can enjoy eating healthy again.


Joe and Kathy DeAngelo

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Anonymous - 59 d 22 h ago

why does giant eagle in mcdonald always run out of a giant eagle product i have heard so many excuses ?? i they say it is a whse problem I was a retail manager for 38 years so i know need curb side shopping

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AnneCDuds - 5 y ago

@Giant_Eagle So far, @vitacoco but need to try the others!

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JamesDudt - 5 y ago

@Giant_Eagle today is August 21 and I still have not been contacted. Is three weeks your typical response time?

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nickharger - 5 y ago

I can't find Florida oranges at the store only African. They aren't as good. Sorry @giant_eagle

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AnneCDuds - 5 y ago

Love that @Giant_Eagle now has 4 brands of coconut water! Needless to say I just spent 15 bucks on water & apples. :) So excited.

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rapturesrevenge - 5 y ago

@Giant_Eagle Thanks! It will be nice to have a piece of home in my new home!

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rapturesrevenge - 5 y ago

@Giant_Eagle Can you guys open a store in Bozeman, MT?

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wienbar - 5 y ago

7 employees @ @Giant_Eagle stand behind counter yacking while numerous potential customers fume & wait at Waterfront Pittsburgh. #FAIL

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wienbar - 5 y ago

7 employees @ @Giant_Eagle

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DougGreen1974 - 5 y ago

Off to work @Giant_Eagle Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay said no one ever!! lol

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